September 1970

Episode 1092
Tape Date: August 26, 1970 (ABC #177-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 1, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Julia follows Maggie out of Collinwood and into the woods, but
loses her.
David finally finds Hallie. She is sitting on the stairs reading
something. David tells her “I’m glad I’ve finally found you.” She tells
him she’s read something in tomorrow’s entry in Elizabeth’s horoscope,
“loved ones will finallly reach home “. She tells him she thinks the
‘loved ones’ mean them, since ‘loved ones’ turned out to be them
in the reading about meeting the strangers. David, puzzled, says it can’t
mean them because he IS at home. He tells her not to worry about it, that
they’ll soon know everything they want to know. He tells that Carrie has
promised to tell everything. Hallie becomes frightened and refuses to
go, saying she fears it would anger Gerard if they do.
Julia, desperately trying to find Maggie, runs into Barnabas in the
woods and tells him what happened. He tells her he’ll take it from here
and tells her to go back to Collinwood, saying that it’s too dangerous
out here.
Hallie and David are sitting on the stairs. They are still discussing
whether to go see Carrie or not. Suddenly, they hear Carrie’s voice
calling to them to come. They get up and turn to go. Julia comes in,
sees them and asks what they’re doing still up. They lie that they
couldn’t sleep because of the dogs howling.
Barnabas finds Maggie in the woods lying on the ground unconscious.
He brings her back to Collinwood. He and Julia bring her up the her room.
David and Hallie go to the playroom , but find that there is no one
there. Hallie becomes frightened and exclaims, “Gerard has stopped
her!” Suddenly, the carousel starts to play…
Julia and Barnabas are in Maggie’s room. Julia is examining Maggie,
who is still unconscious and lying in bed. She tells Barnabas that
Maggie’s lost a lot of blood and will need a transfusion. They discuss
the matter and decide that they can’t take her to the hospital because
there’ll be too many questions. Julia tells Barnabas she’ll go into town
and get the required equipment and she’ll give her the transfusion here.
After Julia leaves, Maggie regains consciousness and Barnabas tries to
hypnotize her to get her to tell him who attacked her, but without
In the playroom, David and Hallie are wondering who made the carousel
start playing. Suddenly, they are shocked to see the lights in all the
upper story of Rose Cottage light up. David goes and looks into the
doll house to see what has happened, but finds that nothing has changed.
Julia returns and gives Maggie a blood transfusion.
In the playroom, Hallie and David are sitting around trying to figure
out what to do when Hallie tells David that she feels a presence, a
coldness, as if something just passed her. He asks her what direction it
was going. She tells him it was going toward Rose Cottage. They go and
look into Rose Cottage. They are shocked to see that a tiny model of
a ship just like the one in David’s room, only smaller, has appeared
in the ‘birthday party’ room. Hallie tells David that she bets this is
the same ship, that if they go look in his room, they’ll find that the
‘Java Queen’ is not there. David asks, “How can it be the same ship?
It’s so much smaller.” Hallie reminds her that they were in that room
once too. David replies, “But that was only a dream!”. Nevertheless,
he tells her they had better destroy Rose Cottage, but then decides that
it’ll do no good, remembering what happened when they tried to burn the
Barnabas and Julia are in Maggie’s room watching over her. Julia is
reading a book. Barnabas suggests that Julia go get some sleep and let
him stand watch during the night since she’ll have to be awake tomorrow.
Julia agrees and prepares to go, but suddenly exclaims that she has
found an interesting entry in the diary of Quentin Collins of old. She
reads, “October 14, 1839. Tomorrow I will finally have to do what I
dread so much. I will have to go visit G. at the cottage.”. She wonders
if G can mean ‘Gerard’, and could the ‘cottage’ be Rose Cottage?
Her interest piqued, she tells Barnabas she’ll go into town and look
through more real estate records to see if she can find ‘Rose Cottage’.
Barnabas remarks, “Maybe the cottage means the Collinwood cottage. I
wonder who Gerard was, if this really refers to him. He couldn’t have
been a servant, else he would have lived in the servant quarters, not in
some cottage.”
David and Hallie decide to leave the playroom. As they are leaving
Hallie glances at the dollhouse and exclaims, “David! Look!”. He does so.
The dolls are gone. Frightened, they quickly exit the playroom. But
outside, they hear Hallie’s voice saying, “Don’t go! We’re ready for
you now! You wanted to know what will happen to you. Look into Rose
Cottage and find out!”. They go back into the playroom and look in
Rose Cottage. They are shocked to find that in place of the dolls are
miniatures of themselves sitting at the table….
Episode 1093
Tape Date: August 31, 1970 (ABC #178-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 2, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Hallie, frightened, asks David, “What does this mean ?”. David
replies, I think it means we’re going to end up trapped in Rose Cottage”.
They ponder what to do. The carousel starts playing. David listens to
the music for a while and a change comes over him. He no longer seems
concerned about what’s going to happen. Carolyn comes walking by the
room and hears the music playing. She wonders where it’s coming from.
She opens the door to the playroom, but finds only a small linen
closet. Continuing to look for the source of the music, she goes into
Daphne’s room to check, but finds nothing and comes back out. She stands
in the hallway, trying to hear where the music’s coming from. David,
hearing her outside, opens the playroom door, peeks out and sees Carolyn
standing in the hallway, her back to him. He quietly comes out, closes
the door and asks her what’s she doing there. She asks him where the
music is coming from. “Music?”, he replies, “Oh. That must be coming
from the other wing. Someone must be playing a radio with the window
open”. Carolyn tells David he shouldn’t be playing in the West Wing and
they leave. Inside the playroom, Hallie listens to the music and a
change seems to come over her, too.
David and Carolyn are in the drawing room. Hallie comes down.
Carolyn leaves. Hallie tells David, “There’s something we’ve got to
do.” David asks what, but she merely replies, “You’ll find out soon
David and Hallie are in a room somewhere. On the table where David
is sitting, there is a bunch of cloth and clothespins. Hallie,
apparently having told David ‘offstage’ what they are to do, tells
him he’ll have to do it himself because her wrist still hurts. She leave,
saying she’ll get something else they need. David picks up a clothespin
and starts to wrap some cloth around it.
Carolyn is in Maggie’s room, looking over her. Maggie complains that
the light is hurting her eyes and asks Carolyn to close the drapes.
Hallie returns with some green cloth. She draws a pattern on it and
asks David to cut it out.
David and Hallie are now in the drawing room. There’s a knock at the
door. David answers. It’s Sebastian Shaw. He asks to see Maggie. Hallie
tells him she’ll go upstairs and see about it. Shaw tells David he’s sorry
he couldn’t do his horoscope. David surprises him by saying , “Oh. I
don’t want it anymore. I’ve decided that whatever is going to happen in
the future will happen anyway.” and leaves. Carolyn comes downstairs and
tells Shaw he can’t see Maggie right now. Shaw asks what’s wrong. Carolyn
tells him Maggie’s been bitten by some kind of animal.
David and Hallie are finishing the dolls. David asks who they are.
Hallie replies that they’re going to accompany them when they go live
in Rose Cottage. David asks when that’ll be. Hallie replies, “Soon.”
Shaw asks Carolyn, “Did Maggie say she didn’t want to see me?”.
Carolyn replies, “Yes.”. Shaw replies, “Well, I’ll be back. I don’t
give up that easily.”
David finishes a doll in a green dress and yellow hair. David asks
who that is supposed to be, saying it seems familiar. Hallie replies,
“It looks a little like Leticia.” David asks who “Leticia” is. Hallie
replies, “I don’t know. But we will soon. Come on. We’ve got to go to
the playroom!”
It is night. Carolyn is with Maggie. The sound of dogs howling
outside fills the air. Maggie gets restless and gets out of bed.
Carolyn tells her she should get back in bed. She tells Maggie to wait
a moment while she makes it more comfortable, then starts to fix the
sheets and pillows.
The playroom is dark. The carousel is playing. The upper floor of
Rose Cottage is lit up.
Carolyn, still fixing up Maggie’s bed, starts to hum the carousel
The children go to the playroom and put the doll of ‘Leticia’ in the
A strange feeling comes over Carolyn that causes her to leave Maggie’s
room and goes to the playroom. She is surprised and remarks to herself,
“This room. It can’t be here. It was a closet before!”. She senses a
presence and exclaims, “Who’s there?’
Episode 1094
Tape Date: September 1, 1970 (ABC #179-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 3, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Gerard appears. Carolyn is terrified and tries to get away, but finds
the door locked. Gerard strokes her face and a change appears to come
over her and she says to him, “Why, I know you! And this, this is the
playroom, and… “, pointing to the dollhouse, “That is Rose Cottage.
Leticia! I’m Leticia! Oh, Gerard, how could I have forgotten?”
Julia goes into the drawing room. Elizabeth is in there, reading a
book. Julia demands to know where Carolyn is, saying she had told her
to keep an eye on Maggie, but that she’s just looked there and found
Maggie alone. Elizabeth asks, “Why is it so important that someone always
be watching Maggie? She should be getting better. Why isn’t she?”.
Julia sidesteps the first question by not answering it. She lies to
Elizabeth that physically, Maggie is getting better, but mentally, she’s
still in shock. Elizabeth remarks that she’s reading a book on astrology,
that she’s developed quite an interest in it. Julia makes a few skeptical
remarks about astrology. Elizabeth retorts, “It makes more sense than
you and Barnabas claiming that you were in the future and learning
about a disaster that’s going to happen “. Julia reminds her that three
of the six clues they brought back have already occured. Elizabeth
pooh poohs this, saying that it must be just a coincidence. She points
out that one of the clues that supposed to happen is that Carolyn will
sing “her song” one night. She tells Julia, “I can tell you for certain
that that will never happen because Carolyn has no song. In fact, Carolyn
cannot sing.”
In the playroom, Carolyn promises Gerard, “I’ll make you happy just
like I did in the past.”.
In the drawing room, Julia is looking through some old books.
Elizabeth asks what she’s doing. Julia answers, “I’m looking through
some old books I found.” She points out one and says, “This one, for
example, is the diary of the original Quentin Collins.” She opens
it and, surprised, remarks, “Oh. What a coincidence! The place where
I’ve opened it happens to be the entry for today’s date in the year for
1839.”. Elizabeth asks what it says. Julia replies that Quentin talks
about some visions he had of the future, but that they aren’t very
interesting. She reads the next day’s entries and remarks, “Quentin
seems to have been very much intereseted in the occult. He writes the
next day that he received a delivery of books on witchcraft from his
booksellers in Boston.” Carolyn comes into the room and starts to
rummage through drawers and cabinets. Elizabeth asks her what she doing.
She replies that she’s looking for a present. Elizabeth asks, “For who?”.
Carolyn replies, “For everyone!” and leaves, apparently not having
found what she’s looking for. Elizabeth, worried by her strange behavior,
follows. Julia continues to read the diary and reads a passage where
Quentin talks about a ‘wonderful party that everyone enjoyed, with
champagne being drunk and whist being played’.
Carolyn goes into an attic room and opens a chest. She some old
clothes out, including an old-fashioned bonnet, which she puts on.
Elizabeth comes in and asks what she’s doing in here. Carolyn retorts,
“What are YOU doing in here?”. Elizabeth replies that she followed her
because she was worried because she was acting strangely and so she
followed her. Carolyn gets angry and tells Elizabeth she’s an adult now
and is tired of being treated like a child, as if she were David or
Hallie. She tells Elizabeth that she’s developed an interest in the past,
that’s all, and asks to be left alone. After Elizabeth leaves, pulls a
small box or book from the trunk and exclaims, “Ah! Here it is!
Gerard’s surprise!”.
Sebastian Shaw comes again. Julia answers the door and lets him in.
He’s trying to see Maggie again. Julia leaves, saying she’ll go see
how she is. Carolyn comes into he drawing room, sees Shaw and abruptly
cover her eyes as if it shocks her. Shaw, surprised, asks “Mrs. Hawkes,
I thought you were over my resemblance to your late husband.” Carolyn
replies, “Oh. It’s not that. It’s just that I sense such a sadness in
you”. Shaw denies this and asks why she didn’t feel it when she first
met him, that he hasn’t changed since then. Carolyn replies, “No, but I
have. I’ve developed a kind of second sight. “. She continues to insist
that she senses a sadness in him, that the sadness is caused by his
dependence on someone. Julia comes back down and tells Shaw he can’t
see Maggie right now. Shaw leaves the room. Julia tells Carolyn she
overheard what she said about second sight and asks what has happened
to her. Carolyn lies that nothing has. Julia tells her she doesn’t
believe her, that she knows something must have happened to her and asks
what it is, but Carolyn continues to insist that nothing has.
Shaw talks with Elizabeth on the landing, asking about Maggie. They
both walk downstairs and Elizabeth goes into the drawing room. Carolyn
comes out of the room under the stairs, sees Shaw in the foyer and asks,
“Why don’t you tell her that the horoscope is all lies?”. Shaw, shocked,
denies that it is, saying it’s all true, that he used the best of his
abilities to draw it. He leaves.
Carolyn goes into the drawing room and exclaims, “I’ve got to hurry!
It’s almost dusk.” She takes a candlelabrum and puts it on a table.
Elizabeth asks, “Late for what?”. Carolyn replies, “For my surprise for
Gerard!” She lights the candles and starts to rearrange the furniture,
turning all the chairs to face forward toward the fireplace. She tells
Elizabeth, “Hurry. Call everybody!” Elizabeth , worried about Carolyn’s
mental condition, cries out, “Julia! Come here!”. Carolyn goes to the
front of the room in front of the fireplace and announces, “I’ll start
my concert now. I’ll start with my very favorite song.”. She starts to
sing the ‘Pansy song’, “I’m going to dance for you, I’m going to dance
the night away, I’ll do the hoochie-koo, and ta ra ra boom tee yea!”.
Julia comes out of the bedroom hallway out into the landing. She is
shocked to hear Carolyn singing and exclaims, “NO, CAROLYN, STOP!!!”
Episode 1095
Tape Date: September 2, 1970 (ABC #180-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 4, 1970 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Julia runs into the drawing room to stop Carolyn, but it’s too late.
Carolyn has finished her song. Elizabeth asks, “What’s the matter?”.
Julia exclaims, “Carolyn’s song! One of the clues!” She runs off to
check the children. Carolyn faints. Elizabeth runs out of the room into
the foyer and yells for Julia. Julia comes out of the bedroom hallway
and comes back downstairs to check Carolyn. They go into the drawing
room. Carolyn regains consciousness, sees Julia and remarks, ‘You didn’t
like my song. Why?”. Julia replies, ‘It’s one of the clues! You’ve seen
Gerard!”. Outside in the foyer, David and Hallie overhear this and run
back upstairs. Carolyn pretends not to know what Julia is talking about.
Upstairs, Hallie tells David that she thinks Carolyn must be Leticia,
adding, “It’s beginning…”
Julia runs upstairs to check up on the children. She asks them how
they’re doing. David replies, “Terrible!”. Julia asks what he means. David
replies, “It’s the middle ages. I don’t know why we have to study
history in the summer, anyway.” He and Hallie pretend to complain about
their homework. Julia, taken in by their act, leaves. The children talk
about how it’s too bad they can’t tell anybody about what’s happening,
about what happened before when they tried. David gets an idea and tells
Hallie, “Hey! Maybe there IS a way we can tell!!!”.
At the old house, Barnabas awakens and comes up from the cellar. He
finds Julia waiting there for him. Julia exclaims, “Barnabas! Carolyn has
seen Gerard!”. Barnabas asks how she knows. Julia answers that another one
of the clues has happened, that Carolyn has sung her song. She adds that
Carolyn also claims to have developped second-sight. Barnabas asks about
the song Carolyn sang. Julia pauses, tries to remember, then sings an
approximation of a couple of lyrics. Barnabas sings a couple of lyrics
from the song. Julia, surprised, asks, “Barnabas! How did you know?”.
Barnabas tells her that it’s the song Pansy Faye sang, who he reminds her is
the woman Carl Collins married in Quentin’s own time in 1897. He puzzles
over how Carolyn could have known it, since Pansy couldn’t have been
alive in 1840.
Julia and Barnabas go to Collinwood. Barnabas questions Carolyn about
her alledged second-sight, saying he doesn’t believe she really has it.
She claims she has. He challenges her to see something. She sees a
vision of the playroom and describes it. Julia recognizes it as the
playroom. Suddenly, Carolyn’s vision stops. Julia exclaims to Barnabas,
“We must get the children out of the house tonight !!!”.
In David’s room, Hallie asks David, who’s holding a doll of Barnabas
he’s made, “Do you really think Barnabas will find the playroom if you
put this in Rose Cottage?”. David replies that he thinks he will, just
as Carolyn must’ve made her way to the playroom after they put the doll
of Leticoa in the dollhouse. Hallie tells him she’s dubious that it’ll
do any good, saying that even if Barnabas DOES learn about the playroom,
she doesn’t think he can do anything against Gerard. David replies that
it’s worth a try.
Julia examines Carolyn. She and Barnabas argue with Elizabeth about
taking the children out of Collinwood. Julia tries to convince Elizabeth
to do this by saying what happened to Carolyn is caused by what’s
happening in the house, that it’s proof that something IS happening.
Elizabeth pooh-pooh’s this, saying Carolyn’s condition is caused by
shock over losing Jeb and refuses to take the children out of the house.
David and Hallie go to the playroom and put the doll of Barnabas in
Rose Cottage.
Elizabeth, Julia and Barnabas are now in David’s room, continuing
their argument about the children. Apparently they have gone there to
check on the children and not found them there. David and Hallie come
back in. David, seemingly irritated that there are so many people in
his room, says, “Hey! What is this? A convention?”. Suddenly, Barnabas
complains of feeling a presence and a cold feeling. Julia says she feels
the same thing. The children suddenly run off.
Hallie and David, knowing something has happened, run back to the
playroom. They find that the doll of Barnabas is on the floor, having
been ejected from the dollhouse.
Julia tries to make a phone call to Professor Stokes, but there is
no answer. She says, “I should have remembered! Of course he’s not home
tonight. Tonight’s his lecture night at the college.” Julia and Barnabas
decide to evacuate the children themselves. Elizabeth, who has finally
agreed to this, asks, “What am I going to tell them?”. Julia tells her
not to worry about that, to let her and Barnabas handle this. Barnabas
and Julia go upstairs to get the children. Elizabeth goes into the
drawing room, closes the door and says, “Gerard? Are you here? I
didn’t know what else to say ….”
Barnabas goes into David’s room, but finds that he isn’t there.
David walks down the stairs into the foyer. He starts to hear the
carousel music and goes outside. There, he asks, “Are you going to
punish us?”, then says, “Yes. I know what I must do. I must follow
Episode 1096
Tape Date: August21, 1970 (ABC #181-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 7, 1970 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

David begs to be allowed to go back to Collinwood, but Gerard will not
let him go, insisting that he keep following him.
In the drawing room, Julia asks Hallie what happened to David. Hallie
tells her that she doesn’t know and asks to be allowed to go back to her
own room. Julia refuses, saying that there she’ll be under the control of
Gerard and Daphne. Hallie lies that she doesn’t know who Gerard and
Daphne are, that she and David haven’t seen any ghosts. Julia asks, “How
do you know they are ghosts, then? I didn’t mention anything about
ghosts!”. Daphne appears behind Julia. Hallie runs off in fear, but
Julia catches her just as she reaches the front doors, saying, “You’re
going to where David is, aren’t you?”. From the stairway landing,
Quentin sees this happening.
In Daphne’s room, Daphne appears and takes a drawing of Rose Cottage
from a drawer. Quentin comes in. Hearing him, Daphne puts the drawing on
the desk. Quentin goes to her and demands to know what happened to David.
But Daphne disappears without answering. Quentin finds the drawing of
Rose Cottage on the desk and wonders, “Why does this picture seem
familiar?”. He notes that the drawing appears to have been made by a
child and remarks, “Daphne used to be a governess here and took care of
David and Gerard get to a clearing in the woods. David is shocked to
see a house that looks just like Rose Cottage.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Julia tells Quentin to watch over
Hallie and leaves for a moment. Suddenly, the room is filled with the
scent of lilacs. Quentin exclaims, “Lilacs! Daphne, are you here?”.
Hallie exclaims, “You’ve seen her too, and didn’t tell anyone!”. Daphne
appears. Quentin goes to her and asks again about where David is. Again,
she disappears without saying anything. Quentin turns around and finds
that Hallie has disappeared too and exclaims, “It was a trick!!!”.
Daphne leads Hallie through the woods.
Julia returns and learns that Hallie has escaped from Quentin. She
asks how this happened. He lies that he felt a presence behind him,
turned to look, saw nothing there, turned back around and found that
Hallie was gone. He leaves, saying he’s going out to look for both of
the children. After he leaves, Julia picks up a handkerchief she finds
on the floor, smells it and says, “Lilacs!”.
Gerard and David are inside Rose Cottage. They stand in a hallway,
clearly waiting for something. David asks, “What are we waiting for? Is
it Hallie?” Gerard mentally tells him that it is. David starts to get
drowsy. He sits down in a chair and starts to nod off.
Daphne and Hallie reach the clearing in the woods. Hallie sees the
house and is as shocked as David was.
Inside Rose Cottage, David has a dream in which he and Hallie are in
the birthday-party room again. The dolls are there too. They find that
the dolls are crying, and wonder how that can be happening. Voices start
to come from the dolls. The girl doll says, “We’re going to die, I know
it!”. The boy doll replies,”Yes, we will, but don’t worry. We die so
we can live again!”. The children wonder what this can mean. David turns
and finds Daphne there, arms open to embrace them. He awakens in fear and
is startled to find Daphne actually there in front of him. Hallie is there
Quentin finds the clearing in the woods and sees the house. He takes
the drawing from his pocket and sees that it’s the same house.
Gerard opens the door to the room they are in front of. David and
Hallie sees that it is the ‘birthday-party’ room. They get frightened and
refuse to go in, but Gerard takes hold of David and Daphne of Hallie and
they force them to go in and force them to sit at the chairs. Gerard
strokes David’s face with his hand and David suddenly stops moving. He
sits there, unnaturally still, as if he cannot move. Gerard then strokes
Hallie’s face and the same thing happens to her. Gerard and Daphne
leave. The ghosts of Tad and Carrie appear. The ghost of Tad walks up
to the immobile David and walks into his body and says, “Good-bye,
David.” The ghost of Carrie walks into the body of Hallie and says,
“Goodbye, Hallie…”
Episode 1097
Tape Date: August 27, 1970 (ABC #182-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 8, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

One of the children exclaims, “We’re alive!”. The other replies,
“Yes! Daphne kept her promise!”. Carrie wonders where Daphne and
Gerard are. Tad replies that they’re not here because this is another
time from the one they had lived in. Tad tells Carrie they’ve got to
get used to calling each other ‘David’ and ‘Hallie’, and try to talk
like the people of this time.
Barnabas tells Julia that he’s searched the entire grounds and can’t
find the children. Julia asks, “What if they’re not on the grounds?
What if they’ve been taken somewhere else?”. Barnabas asks, “Rose
Cottage?”. Julia replies, “Yes”. Barnabas remarks, “But you’ve looked
everywhere for it and haven’t been able to find it. It doesn’t exist
anymore.” Julia replies, “Not necessarily. Maybe it stll does, but is
now known under another name, or no name at all.”.
Quentin goes inside Rose Cottage but finds nothing. The inside of
Rose Cottage, strangely, appears different from the one the children
were in. Whereas the children were in a well-lit, well-kept room,
Quentin is inside a Rose Cottage that is run-down, dark and full of
cobwebs. He takes out the drawing, looks at is and thinks to himself,
“There MUST be a connection, but what?”.
Julia continues looking through some old books for some mention of
“Rose Cottage”. She tells Barnbas she thinks Rose Cottage is important,
that it’s destruction must be a major event. Carolyn comes in and asks
why they look so glum. Barnabas asks, “Haven’t you heard? The children
have disappeared.” Carolyn nonchalantly replies, “Oh, that.”. Shocked,
they ask her how she can be unconcerned. She merely replies cryptically,
“They’re just gone.” When asked what she means, she merely replies,
“They’re alive and well. There’s no need to worry”. But when asked if
she knows where they are, she replies that she doesn’t know. After
Carolyn leaves, Julia decides to read Elizabeth’s horoscope to see if
could shed any illumnation on what’s happened, but finds that the entry
claims that “the night will end in peace”. Barnabas suddenly gets an idea
and tells Julia, “What if we’re wrong about them going outside. What if
they’re inside the house. Maybe they’ve found the playroom!”. He leaves
to search. Quentin returns and tells Julia he found no trace of the
children. Julia accuses him of lying about what happened when Hallie
escaped. She shows him the handkerchief she found and tells him Daphne
must’ve been here, that he must have seen her and lied about it.
Quentin replies that he’s never seen that handkerchief before and
insists that he’s never seen Daphne.
Barnabas goes to the door that leads to the playroom, but when he
opens, he finds that it’s still nothing but a linen closet. When he comes
out, he runs into Carolyn in the hallway and asks her what she’s doing
here. Carolyn replies, “Oh, I just had to get something from my room.”
Barnabas, puzzled, says, “But your room isn’t here in the West Wing”.
Carolyn, acting equally puzzled, replies, “Yes it is. My room has always
been in the West Wing. And why are you calling me Carolyn ? My name is
Leticia…” Barnabas asks, “We’ll, Leticia, where are the children?”.
Carolyn replies, “My, you asks some silly questions. They’re in their
rooms sleeping, of course!”.
Quentin is in the drawing room alone. He asks himself, “Why can’t
I understand my own behavior? Why couldn’t I tell Julia the truth?”
Barnabas goes to David’s room and is astonished that “Leticia” was
right, that David is right in bed asleep.
Julia goes into the drawing room and tells Quentin that Barnabas
found David right in bed, and that she then looked in Hallie’s room and
found her right in bed too. Quentin asks where they were. She tells him that
Barnabas is questioning them right now.
In David’s room, Barnabas is questioning David and Hallie. They lie
that what happened was that they became upset that Julia was going to
take them away to Professor Stoke’s house and ran away briefly, but
decided to come back. Barnabas asks, “Are you sure you went of your
own will?”. The children pretend to act puzzled and asks, “Who could
have made us go?”. Barnabas replies, “Daphne and Gerard”. The children
pretend not to know who he’s talking about. Carolyn comes in, saying she
came to say good night to the children. Barnabas leaves. Outside the door,
he is shocked to hear Carolyn say, “Good night, Tad. Goodnight, Carrie”.
The children reply, “Goodnight, Leticia!”.
Barnabas goes back in and exclaims, “You’re all possesed!!!”
Episode 1098
Tape Date: August28, 1970 (ABC #183-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 9, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Henry Kaplan

They pretend not to know what Barnabas is talking about. Barnbas
tells them he heard them referring to each other as “Leticia”, “Tad”
and “Carrie” from outside. Tad replies, “Oh! That was only a game!”.
Barnabas replies,”Yes? Then let me play one with you too. David, what’s
your mother’s name? What’s your birthday? Who was your governess before
Maggie?”. Barnbas askss Carrie, “Why are you living here? How long have
you lived here?”. The children don’t get a very good score on his
‘quiz’. The only question ‘David’ can answer is that he was born in 1956,
and ‘Hallie’ can only answer that she came to live here because her
parents were in an accident, but cannot ‘remember’ how long she’s been
here. Carolyn remarks, “They don’t know yet!”. Julia comes in. Tad
admits that they’ve possesed the bodies of the children, but boldly
tells Barnabas that there’s nothing he can do about it.
Barnabas and Julia go downstairs to the drawing room. Julia is
depressed, saying Gerard seems to be winning. Barnabas replies,
“Not necessarily”, saying that he thinks that posession of the
children is only part of a larger plan of Gerard’s, and if they can
find out what the larger plan is, maybe they can stop it. He suggests
that they contact Stokes immediately.
Tad and Carrie wonder what to do next. Tad tells Carrie to stay
here while he goes to the playroom to try to find out.
Carolyn goes into Quentin’s room. He asks her what she wants. She
pauses a bit and says, “I don’t remember!” She then tells him she sees
a great sadness in his eyes, “a terrible pain, a great burden, a great
feeling of guilt”. She asks, “Quentin, what could you have done?”. He
becomes extremely angrily and shouts, “I haven’t done anything!!!”.
In the drawing room, Barnabas remarks that in spite of their best
efforts, four of the six clues have already come to pass, that it’s
astonishing Gerard is winning so easily. Julia replies that she doesn’t
think the spirits are doing it all alone, that she thinks they have
human help. Barnabas asks, “Who?” Julia reminds him about how Quentin
in 1995 was so smitten with Daphne and tells him she’s thinks Daphne’s
already started to exert control over Quentin. She tells him about what
happened when he was watching over Hallie and says she is sure he’s seen
Daphne, but keeps lying that he hasn’t.
Tad returns from the playroom. He tells Carrie he knows what they
must do now, and that either Gerard or Daphne will appear, but not as
a spirit. Carrie asks what he means. Tad replies, “We’re going to
bring them back alive!”. He tells her he already has something of
Gerard’s, and that she must go to Daphne’s room to get something of
Julia and Barnabas confront Quentin about Daphne. Quentin insists
that he’s never seen her. Barnbas begs him to tell them the truth,
saying it’s important because the children have been possesed.
Quentin blurts out “No harm will come to the children! She told me
that! She gave me her word!”. Having made this faux pas, he breaks
down and admits that he has seen Daphne, and will try to help them
get rid of her.
Tad and Carrie begin the ceremony. A pentagram has been drawn on the
floor and lit candles put on ths points. The model ship, apparently
Gerard’s, and a shawl that belonged to Daphne are put in the pentagram.
Tad casts the spell.
Quentin tries to burn Daphne’s handkerchief in a candle flame, but
a wind suddenly comes from nowhere and blows it out. The handkerchief
Tad and Carrie are in the foyer. There’s a knock at the door. Carrie
asks, “Could that be Daphne or Gerard?”. Tad replies, “We’ll know
soon” and goes to open the door.
Episode 1099
Tape Date: September 3, 1970 (ABC #184-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 10, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Tad opens the door. It’s Daphne. She comes inside. They talk to
her and find that she is confused, at first not even knowing who they are.
Finally, she remembers and hugs them. She tries to say someting, starting
“No one….”, but seems too weak to finish the sentence. They bring her
into the drawing room and sit her down in a chair to rest. She tells them
‘No one must know!”. Realizing that she means “No one must know that I
am here .”, Tad suggests that they hide her in the playroom where no
one will find her, but Daphne vetoes the idea, saying that it must be
Gerard who decides what is to be done. They hear the sound of the door
to the bedroom hallway close and quickly hide Daphne behind the drapes.
Willie comes downstairs and into the drawing room. He asks them what’s
going on, saying he heard a sound down here. Tad lies that they thought
they heard someone at the door and came down to see who it was, but that
there was no one there. Willie tells them he doesn’t believe them,
thinking something must be going on (he is made suspicious by the
fact that Tad call him “Mr. Loomis” instead of Willie) and tells them
to sit down, that he’s going to stay until they tell him the truth.
Quentin questions Carolyn about her new-founded second sight. Instead
of telling him about it, she tells him “Someone’s here in this house
tonight.” He asks if she feels she means she feels the presence of
a spirit. She tells him no, that this is a flesh and blood human being.
Willie, unsuccessful in getting anything out of the children, finally
gives up and allows them to go upstairs to their rooms, warning them,
“Mr. Barnabas told me to keep an eye on you two. I’m going to tell him
about what happened here tonight.” As they go up the stairs, Carrie
asks Willie, “What’s are you doing here tonight, anyway ?”. Willie replies
that he’s watching over Maggie, that there’s always someone watching over
Maggie at night. Carrie asks why. Willie replies, “I dunno. She’s sick or
After Willie and the children leave, Daphne comes out from behind the
drapes. But she soon hears footsteps coming and hides back behind the
drapes again. Carolyn and Quentin come downstairs. They are searching
the house for the mysterious stranger Carolyn senses. They go into the
drawing room but find no one there. Quentin suggests that maybe someone
might be hiding behind the drapes, but Carolyn vetoes the idea, saying
that would be so obvious no one would hide there. (Her second sight
does not appear to be that good…) She tells him she DOES feel that
the stranger has been here though. He asks “You mean that the stranger
is no longer here?” She tells him she cannot tell. Smelling the scent
of lilacs, he wonders, “Why can’t she smell them?” He quickly takes
her out of the room to search some other part of the house.
Daphne comes out from behind the drapes and asks, “Gerard, are you
here? Can you hear me? I’ll bring you back tonight, I promise!”. She
hears the bedroom hall door close and hides behind the drapes again.
Quentin comes into the drawing room and asks, “Daphne, are you here?
Are you the stranger?” Daphne comes out from hiding. They embrace. He
tries to question her, asking why she’s there, but she tells him that
she can’t answer any of his questions. Quentin hears someone coming
and quickly goes out into the foyer and closes the drawing room doors.
Willie comes down into the foyer and asks, “Who were you talking to in
there?”. Quentin replies, “No one. There’s no one in there.” Willie
tells him he knows he’s lying, saying he’s sure of what he heard.
Quentin becomes angry and and reminds Willie of his lowly position by
saying, “Who made you master of Collinwood?” Willie leaves, warning
Quentin that he’s going to tell Barnabas about this.
Carrie goes into David’s room carrying some clothing. She tells Tad
that they belonged to a governess who used to work here named “Victoria
Winters” and look like they’ll fit Daphne. Daphne comes in and tells them
they’ll have to hold another ceremony to bring Gerard back to life
Carolyn finds Quentin in the drawing room. She senses something and
accuses him, “You know!”. But then she senses something else and smiles.
In David’s room, the children and Daphne hold the ceremony to bring
Gerard back to life….
Episode 1100
Tape Date: September 4, 1970 (ABC #185-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 11, 1970 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

There’s a knock at the door. Tad asks who it is. A voice answers
“Willie”. The children quickly hide Daphne and start to erase the
pentagram, but before they can finish, Willie comes in and asks what
they’re doing. Tad lies, “We’re playing a game “, but Willie replies
that he doesn’t believe them, that he’s seen pentagrams before and
knoww they have something to do with the occult, that he knows they’re
possesed, that Quentin told them. He forces them to go with him, saying
he’s going to take them to see Barnabas. After they leave, Daphne
comes out of hiding and wonders what to do.
Willie is in the drawing room with Tad and Carrie, waiting for
Barnabas. The air is filled with the noise of howling dogs coming
from outside. Willie sees Maggie coming down the stairs and quickly
goes to her, closing the drawing room doors behind him. She tries to
go out the front doors, but he prevents her from doing so and takes
her back upstairs.
Meanwhile, Tad and Carrie in the drawing room listen to the howling of
the dogs outside and note that not all of the howling sounds like it’s
coming from dogs. Tad notes that it sounds like something he heard
in “our own time”. The ghost of Gerard appears. They apologize to him,
saying they tried to bring him back, but were interrupted by Willie.
Daphne comes into the room. The ghost of Girard telepathically orders
them to try again, but Daphne tells him that they can’t, that the stars
are no longer in the right positions and that they’ll have to wait till
tomorrow night. Gerard disappears. Tad, worried, tells Daphne she can’t
hide in David’s room anymore because Willie might look there and wonders
where to hide her. Daphne replies that that’s no problem, she’ll hide in
Rose Cottage. Tad tells her to wait, they’ll get her some modern clothes.
Willie is in Maggie’s room with her. He asks, “Where’s Mrs. Johnson?
She was supposed to be looking after you tonignt.”. Maggie does not
answer. Willie asks her who’s calling, who was she going to, but she
won’t answer that question either.
Later, the children go to Maggie’s room and tell her that Barnabas and
Julia are planning to send them to Windcliff and beg her to stop them.
Wille comes in, sees them and tells them to stop bothering Maggie. They
leave. Maggies asks why they are being sent to Windcliff. Willie tells
her they’re not David and Hallie, that they’re possessed.
Tad and Carrie go to David’s room. On his bed, they find David’s
suitcase, all packed and ready to go. They figure that Hallie’s suitcase
will probably be on her bed, packed and ready to go too. They decide they
must do something, that if they’re sent to Windcliff, they won’t be able
to bring Gerard back and he’ll be very angry with them. They go
downstairs and sneak out the front door.
Daphne is at Rose Cottage. She is dressed in modern clothing. She has
a picture of Quentin she has taken from the drawing room with her. She
looks at it muses that she’s fallen in love with Quentin, then puts the
picture down on the table. Gerard appears. He finds the picture on the
table and becomes furious. He starts to strangle Daphne, but then
disappears. Daphne,frightened by her anger, thinks to herself, “He’ll
destroy everything and everyone! He must not be allowed to come back!”.
The children come. They tell Daphne that Barnabas and Julia were
planning to send them away to a place called Windcliff, but they ran
away. Daphne tells them to go back to Collinwood. The children, shocked,
protest that if they do, they won’t be able to help bring Gerard back.
Daphne tells them not to argue, to just do as they’re told. They leave.
At Collinwood in the playroom, Gerard goes to the dollhouse and casts
a spell there with a match.
At Rose Cottage, the room Daphne is in bursts into flames. She goes
to the door.
At Collinwood, Gerard puts his finger on a door of the playhouse.
At Rose Cottage, Daphne tries to open the door and get out of the
burning room, but the door won’t open…
Episode 1101
Tape Date: September 8, 1970 (ABC #186-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 14, 1970 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Carolyn is in Maggie’s room watching over Maggie. Suddenly, she gets
some kind of vision and exclaims, “Someone’s in trouble! Someone’s going
to die! I’ve got to go help!!!”.
At Rose Cottage, Daphne, unable to open the door, screams for help
and begs Gerard for forgiveness.
Carolyn goes to the playroom and finds Gerard there in front of the
playhouse. She angrily demands to know what he’s doing with the
dollhouse, saying she gave it to Carrie as a present and he’d better not
do anything to harm it. He stops whatever he is doing.
At Rose Cottage, the fires go out. Daphne tries the door. This time it
opens and she runs out.
Julia returns to Collinwood and finds Barnabas in the drawing room.
She tells him she’s just taken the children to Windcliff and that they
were strangely cooperative. She asks him how Maggie is. He tells her
he’s just gotten here and hasn’t had a chance to see her yet. They go
upstairs to see her.
Upstairs, a bat appears outside Maggie’s room. She gets up and starts
to go to the window, but Barnabas and Julia come in and the bat
disappears. They put Maggie back in bed. Julia examines her and tells
Barnabas her condition has gotten worse. They wonder if she’s been
attacked again, and wonder where Carolyn, who’s supposed to be watching
over Maggie tonight, is. Julia tells Barnabas Maggie is going to need
another blood transfusion and leaves to get some blood.
Julia is in the foyer. She’s just gotten back with the blood. She
sees Carolyn come down the stairs and prepare to go out through the front
doors. Julia demands to know where she’s going, saying she’ss supposed
to be watching over Maggie. Carolyn replies that she has something much
more important to do, that she’s going to Rose Cottage. Julia, surprised,
says, “But when I asked you before, you said you never heard of a Rose
Cottage.”. Carolyn, acting puzzled, replies, “Now why would I have ever
said a silly thing like that?”. Julia asks, “Well, where is Rose
Cottage? Who lives there?”. Carolyn replies, “Now why do you ask that?
You know very well know that no one’s lived there since she died!”.
Julia tries to ask her more about Rose Cottage, but Carolyn becomes angry
at her for asking so many “silly” questions and refuses to say anything
more. Seeing that she will say no more about Rose Cottage, Julia asks,
“You’re going out the main gate, aren’t you? Could you wait here?
I’ve got an important letter to mail. Can you mail it on your way out?”
Carolyn agrees. Julia leaves, saying she’s going upstairs to get the
Julia goes upstairs to Maggie’s room. She tells Barnabas what happened
downstairs. She writes stuffs some paper in an envelope, addresses it
and gives the fake letter to Barnabas and tells him to give it to Carolyn
then follow her and see where she goes. Barnabas leaves. Julia starts the
Barnabas goes downstairs and gives Carolyn the letter. She leaves.
He follows.
In Maggie’s room, Maggie tries to get up and leave, but Julia stops
Carolyn arrives at Rose Cottage. Inside, she calls out for Daphne, but
finds no one there. Barnabas arrives just a little after her. He
exclaims, “So this is Rose Cottage! I wonder why anyone would call it
that!” Carolyn explains to him, “For a long time, Carrie wanted a doll
house. She wanted it so much, she had even picked out a name she was
going to name it when she got one. So one day, Quentin, who’s so
wonderful with his hands, built her a model of the big house and gave it
to her. She called it Rose Cottage anyway, in spite of the fact that it’s
hardly a cottage. After a while, everyone started calling the big house
Rose Cottage too.” Barnabas asks, “When was this?”. Carolyn gets angry
about being asked so many questions again, accuses him of being rude and
Barnabas returns to Collinwood and tells Julia, “I’ve found Rose
Cottage. It’s the old McGruder mansion.” The dogs continue to howl
outside. Julia tells Barnabas that Maggie’s so weak that another attack
will probably kill her. Barnabas leaves, vowing to prevent this by
finding and destroying the vampire.
It is now late at night. Maggie is lying in bed, resting comfortably.
Julia is sitting in a chair reading a book. A man in a hat appears
outside the window. Julia, facing away from the window, does not see.
Suddenly, she starts to get sleepy. She is puzzled at the suddeness of
this, noting that one moment she was wide awake, the next she’s so
sleepy she can hardly keep her eyes open. Obviously, the man outside is
casting a spell on her. Julia falls asleep. Maggie gets out of bed and
starts to go to the window….
Episode 1102
Tape Date: September 7, 1970 (ABC #187-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 15, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Just as Maggie gets to the window, Quentin comes into the room and
the man in the hat disappears. Maggie gets distraught and screams,
“He’s gone! It’s your fault! You made him go away!”. Quentin tries
to awaken Julia and has some difficulty doing so. He realizes that this
is no ordinary sleep. He finally manages to awaken her and tells her
that the vampire has been here and must have cast a spell to make her
go to sleep. Julia injects the still distraught Maggie with a sedative
and puts her to sleep. She asks Quentin what he came up here for. He
tells her that he came to tell her that there’s an important call from
Windcliff for her.
Downstairs, Julia finishes talking to someone at Windcliff and hangs
up the phone. Barnabas asks her what’s wrong. Julia tells him that
both children have suddenly come down with high fevers. Barnabas tells
her that Gerard must be responsible. She tells him she’ll go to Windcliff
to see what she can do and tells him to go watch over Maggie, saying that
now that they know the vampire has the power to put people to sleep, it
would be unwise to have anyone else but another vampire, who would be
immune to his powers, stand watch.
Barnabas goes up to Maggie’s room and tells Quentin that he’ll stand
watch. Quentin asks him if he’s found out anything new. Barnabas tells
him he’s found Rose Cottage, that it’s the old McGruder mansion.
Quentin decides to go to Rose Cottage to see if Daphne is there.
He finds her there. He asks her what she was doing with the children,
with the pentagram and the candles, saying Willie told himr about it.
He adds that the children are sick and asks if that anything to do
with it. She refuses to tell him, saying she’s told him once before that
she can’t explain anything to him. She begs him to leave, saying that
Gerard is already angry and his staying here will only make things worse.
He leaves. Daphne says, “Gerard? Are you here? You can see that I
sent him away. Please, Gerard, don’t punish the children for what I’ve
Julia is at Windcliff at Tad’s bedside. Tad cries out in feverish
delirium, “I musn’t go to sleep! I musnt’t go to sleep!!” Julia asks him
why he musn’t go to sleep. He looks at her and replies, “I don’t have to
talk to you. You aren’t my doctor. Dr. Whittaker is my doctor. He ride
in from town with Gus to see me .” She tries to question him but gets
no more from him. After Julia leaves the room, Tad takes out a piece of
chalk and starts to draw a pentagram on the floor, saying he’s got to
bring Gerard to life.
Daphne goes to Collinwood to see Quentin. She finds him in the drawing
room. She tells him he’s got to help her to save the children. He asks
how she plans to do this. She tells him she cannot tell him how, but
tells him he must take her to Windcliff to do it. He refuses, saying
it’d be too dangerous, that Julia is there and might see her and would
recognize her because she’s already seen her as a ghost. Daphne tells him
she MUST go to save the children, that they’ll die if she doesn’t and if
he won’t help her, she’ll go there by herself. Quentin reluctantly tells
her he’ll take her there.
Tad finishes drawing the pentagram, but then realizes he needs some
candles and has none. He is about to leave the room to get some when
Julia comes in through the door and sees the pentagram. She asks what
he’s doing, saying there Willie had said there was a pentagram in his room
too, but he refuses to tell her. Quentin comes into the room. Julia asks
what he’s doing there. Quentin replies that he just came to see how the
children were. Julia points the pentagram. She leaves to check up on
Hallie/Carrie, saying that it seems that recently the whatever happens to
one happens to the other. Quentin brings Daphne into the room. She
orders him to leave, saying he needs to be alone with Tad. He does. She
takes out some candles she’s brought with her and they start the ceremony.
Julia returns from checking up on Carrie. He asks if Carrie had drawn
a pentagram on the floor of her room too. Julia replies that she hadn’t,
but that she laughed when she learned that Tad had, as if she had
expected it. She tells Quentin she’d like to take a look at David/Tad
again. Quentin tells her that won’t be necessary, that he’s sleeping
peacefully now. Julia remarks that she’d like to take a look at him
anyway. Quentin tries to block her way. She exclaims, “What’s the matter
with you, Quentin ?” and manages to push past him and open the door. She
looks inside and exclaims, “DAPHNE !!!”.
Episode 1103
Tape Date: September 9, 1970 (ABC #188-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 16, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

She goes in, sees that Daphne is no longer a ghost and exclaims,
“You’re alive!!”. She asks if Gerard is alive now too. Daphne
replies that he isn’t. Julia turns to Quentin and says, accusingly,
‘You knew about this…”
Julia, Daphne and Quentin go to the old house. Julia tells Quentin to
go get Stokes. She remarks that she’s also curious to know what’s going on
with him, if any reason has arisen for him to go to Europe. Quentin asks
her why she’d like to know that. She explains that when she and Barnabas
were in the future, the Stokes of 1995 had told them that he had been in
Europe when the disaster at Collinwood had happened in 1970, but that
when they came back they had mentioned this to Stokes and he had told
them he had no plans to go to Europe anytime this year.
At Windcliff, Tad tells Carrie that they aren’t safe from Gerard
here and have got to escape.
After Quentin leaves, Julia tries to question Daphne, but doesn’t get
much from her.
The children, having escaped from Windcliff, are now in the woods.
The have apparently walked a great distance and are sitting on the
ground resting. Carrie asks how far they are from Collinwood. Tad replies
that Collinwood is only a few miles away, but that they’re not going
there, that the only way they can be safe from Gerard is go far, far
Quentin returns to the old house. Julia asks him if he’s talked to
Stokes. Quentin replies, “No. I talked to his housekeeper. She told me
Stokes took a plane to Europe this morning.” Julia is shocked.
Julia again tries to question Daphne, saying it is imperative she
help them in order to prevent the children from dying and a disaster
from befalling Collinwood. Daphne refuses, saying that she (Julia)
can’t do anything against forces that are too powerful for her to battle.
Night is about to fall. Tad and Carrie are walking through the
cemetary. Tad tells Carrie they’ve got to find a place to stay for the
night. They go into an old tomb in which they find a coffin lying in the
middle of the floor. They hear a creaking sound and quickly hide. The
coffin opens. A cloaked figure comes out of it, closes it and leaves the
tomb. Tad and Carrie wait for awhile until they’re sure that the man is
no longer around, then come out and run out of the tomb.
In the woods, Tad and Carrie find a dead man. Tad notes that he has
two holes in his neck, and his face is completely white, as if he had
been drained of blood. Carrie exclaims, “Tad! Don’t you remember? The
same thing happened in 1840, and no one ever found out what caused it!”
At the Old Houes, Julia, unable to get anything out of Daphne, decides
to trick her. She takes out a pendant and asks Daphne she thinks it is
very old and asks her if she’s ever seen anything like it. Daphne replies
no. Julia waves it in front of her face and tells her to continue looking
at it and see if she can remember seeing anything like it. As she does
this, Julia hypnotizes her. Daphne hypnotized, Julia asks her about the
two remaining clues. She asks her “Who will be murdered?” Daphne pauses
then replies, “The person who will be murdered is ME!” Julia asks when
this will happen. Daphne replies that it will happen after a green banner
waves in a window. Julia remarks, “I found David waving a green banner in
the window of the tower room when I followed him…”. Realizing that this
has already happened and wanting to pinpoint the time further, she asks
if the murder will happen before or after the destruction of Rose
Cottage. Daphne replies, “After..”. Julia, relieved, mutters, “Good.
Then we still have time to prevent it. When will Rose Cottage be
destroyed?”. Daphne answers,”Rose Cottage will be destroyed tonight…”
Episode 1104
Tape Date: September 11, 1970 (ABC #189-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 17, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Julia goes to Maggie’s room where Barnabas is watching over Maggie
and tells him what Daphne said under hypnosis. Barnabas tells Julia he’s
going to get Sebastian Shaw for help and leaves.
Barnabas goes to Sebastian Shaw’s house. He finds Roxanne there and
asks for Shaw. She tells him he’s not at home and she doesn’t know where
he is. Barnabas tells her to tell him when he comes back to meet him at
the old house on Cumberland Road.
Barnabas returns to Collinwood. Julia tells him she’s received a call
from Windcliff saying the children are missing. Barnbas figures Girard
must be responsible for this, and that the children are probably at
Rose Cottage.
Barnabas goes to Rose Cottage. In the hallway, he hears the carousel
music. He goes into a room and finds the carousel in there. He thinks
to himself, “This wasn’t here when I was in this room before! Gerard
must have brought it here to lure the children here” He shouts,
“Gerard! Where are you! Show yourself!”. Gerard materializes. Barnabas
tells him he knows what he’s planning to do, that he’s planning to
destroy Rose Cottage then murder Daphne. He vows not to let him.
At Collinwood, Mrs. Johnson, in the foyer, thinks she hears a noise
in the drawing room. She goes in there to see what it is. Gerard is in
there. Mrs. Johnson, shocked, gasps, “Who are you?! What are you
doing here?”. Gerard stares into her eyes, and Mrs. Johnson becomes
quiet. Then she says, “You want me to do something for you. Tell me
what it is and I’ll do it…”
Julia is watching over Maggie. Mrs. Johnson comes into the room.
Julia, surprised, remarks, “Mrs. Johnson, you’re turn isn’t for another
hour. What are you doing here so early?”. Mrs. Johnson replies, “I
came here early because I couldn’t sleep. I was awakened by a terrible
dream, a terrible dream about Mr. Barnabas. In the dream, he was in
a house somewhere. He was screaming. Something dreadful was happening
to him. There was someone else there, a man…”. Julia asks her to
describe the house. Mrs. Johnson describes it as a large house fronted
by lots of columns. Julia, realizing that this must be Rose Cottage,
quickly leaves to go there and help Barnabas. After she leave, Gerard
appears and smiles.
Julia arrives at Rose Cottage. Barnabas, surprised to see her, asks
what shes’s doing there. Julia tells her about Mrs. Johnson’s dream.
Barnabas exclaims, “It must be a trap by Gerard!” They quickly go
to the door, but find it locked. A fire bursts out in the room.
Someone opens the door from the outside. It’s Roxanne. They leave
Rose Cottage.
Outside, they ask Roxanne what she’s doing here. She tells them that
she got a call from Sebastian Shaw saying he wouldn’t be home tonight,
that she told him about Barnabas asking him to meet him here and he told
her he wouldn’t be able to make it. She tells them that she came to tell
Barnabas Sebastian couldn’t make it. Meanwhile, Rose Cottage burns to the
Barnabas and Julia return to Collinwood. Julia remarks to Barnabas
that they’ll check on Maggie first then go to the old house to check on
Upstairs, Maggie is getting dressed as if she’s going somewhere.
Julia and Barnabas go into Maggie’s room. They find Maggie gone and
Mrs. Johnson lying on the ground unconscious.
In the cemetery, Maggie rendezvous with the man in the hat and cape…
Episode 1105
Tape Date: September 16, 1970 (ABC #190-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 18, 1970 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas goes to the window, opens it and shouts for Maggie, but
gets no answer. Julia, having examined Mrs. Johnson, tells Barnabas she
was hit on the head and will be all right. Barnabas wonders how Maggie
got out of the room, saying the window was still locked from the inside,
then says, “Of course! The secret passage!” He opens the secret
passage. Julia asks where it leads. Barnabas replies, “Out the far side
of the house onto the beach. “. He exits throught the secret passage to
Julia goes downstairs to the foyer. There, she hears Carolyn’s voice
in the drawing room, the doors to which are closed, talking to someone
saying, “But they’ll find out! They’re pretty intelligent…”. She
opens the door and finds Carolyn in there alone. She asks who she was
talking ot. Carolyn replies, “No one. “. Julia tells her she knows she’s
lying, that she must have been talking to Gerard. Carolyn denies this.
She abruptly changes the subject and asks Julia, “Why haven’t you told
the family about this?”. Julia, realizing Carolyn had no way of other
way of knowing knowing this, asks, “How do you know they’re missing?
Did Gerard tell you? Is that it? Does Gerard want to know where they
are?” Carolyn replies, “I know Maggie is missing, too. I know where
she is. I had a vision and saw her. ” Julia asks where. Carolyn replies
that she’ll tell her where Maggie if she, Julia, tells her where the
children are. Julia tells her that that’s impossible, that she doesn’t
know where the children are. Carolyn tells her, “Well, if you won’t tell
me where the children are, I won’t tell you where Maggie is”.
Barnabas goes to the old house and shouts for Willie. Willie comes
down the stairs. Barnabas tells him Maggie is missing and that they’re
going to have to search for her. He tells him to first go to Collinwood
to see if Julia has learned anything from Mrs. Johnson.
Willie goes to Collinwood. He sees Carolyn in the drawing room singing
and laughing. He goes to her and asks her what’s so funny. Carolyn
replies “Julia and Barnabas are looking for Maggie, and I know where she
is!!” Willie asks where Maggie is. Carolyn refuses to tell him. Wille
turns to leave, remarking derisively that she’s crazy and doesn’t really
know where Maggie is. Carolyn becomes furious and denies that she’s
crazy. She tells Willie he’s stupid, and to prove it she’s going to
tell him where Maggie is, but with a riddle, and she bets he’s so stupid
he won’t be able to figure it out. She tells him “Go to where the North
Road narrows. It’ll be at the sixes and the sevens, but find the H and
follow the arrow which points to where Maggie is. “
Willie goes to the North Road and finds the place where it narrows.
He follows it and finds himself in the cemetery. He wonders what to do
and despairing that the cemetary is so big he’ll never find Maggie if
she’s here, sits in despair onto the ground. He notices to is surprise
that he’s sitting on the grave of a “Jeremy Harrow” and realizes that
this must be what Carolyn was talking about, “Harrow” being the “H” and
the “arrow”. He looks and finds that the end of the word points to a
tomb. He goes into the tomb and finds a coffin. He opens the coffin and
finds it empty. He closes it. He looks behind the coffin and finds
Maggie lying there unconscious, a terrible bite wound on her throat.
Maggie is back in bed. Julia is giving her a blood transfusion.
She remarks to Barnabas and Willie that Maggie’s lost so much blood
she’s going to need at least two transfusions. Barnabas angrily remarks,
“She was left there to die, and she would’ve if Willie hadn’t found her
and brought her back here!” He then remarks, “Tomorrow it’ll be over.
I only wish I could be the one who drives the stake into his heart!”.
Julia replies, “You know that’s impossible”. Barnabas sadly agrees,
saying, “Yes. One of you will have to do it.” Julia reminds him that
the tomb might be guarded. Barnabas says, “Well, then both of you go”.
It is almost dawn. At the old house, Willie has prepared a stake and
puts it into a bag with a hammer. Julia and Willie leave to kill the
vampire. Barnabas goes downstairs to the cellar to sleep.
Julia and Willie go to the tomb. They are surprised to find that there
is no one guarding it. Julia opens the coffin. A look of shock comes over
her face and she exclaims, “Oh no! Oh no! “

Episode 1106
Tape Date: September 10, 1970 (ABC #191-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 21, 1970 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Willie asks, “Who is it?”. Julia gasps, “It’s Roxanne Drew!!!”.
Willie asks, “The one Barnabas keeps talking about?” Julia answers
“Yes”. Willie takes the hammer and stake and prepares to destroy Roxanne,
but Julia stops him. Willie protests, “We’ve got to do this. Barnabas said
to do it no matter who it is.”, but Julia tells him they can’t, that they’ve
got to talk to Barnabas about this, that Roxanne, being a vampire, is what
Barnabas has wanted all along, someone who can be with him for all eternity.
Wille protests that she’s different from him, that Barnabas himself has
remarked that “this vampire is vicious”. Julia still refuses to destroy
Roxanne and tells Willie to get Quentin.
Sebastian Shaw is at the old house. Julia returns and asks what he’s
doing there. Shaw tells him he’s here to talk about Maggie. He asks why
she’s still keeping her here at Collinwood and suggests she be taken away
to a hospital far away somewhere. Julia replies that she knows what she’s
doing and asks, “By the way, how’s Roxanne?” Shaw replies that Roxanne is
fine. Shaw asks permission to see Maggie. After Shaw leaves, Willie comes
in and says, “Quentin and I have gotten it. Should we bring it in now?”.
Julia says yes. Willie goes back outside. Julia goes and opens the
bookcase to the secret room.
Shaw goes to the tomb and finds Roxanne’s coffin gone.
Julia and Willie are in the secret bookcase room. Also in there is
Roxanne’s coffin. Willie tells Julia they’d better chain the coffin, but
then suddenly remembers that he had left the hammer and stake in the tomb.
Worried that Shaw might find them there, he quickly leaves to get them.
At the tomb, Shaw finds the stake and hammer on the floor. He notes that
they are unused and Roxanne might still be alive. He hears a noise,
drops them and hides. Willie comes into the tomb, retrieves the hammer
and stake and leaves.
Willie returns to the old house and chains the coffin and asks Julia,
“How are we going to tell Barnabas about this? He’ll be devastated.”.
They come out of the secret room behind the bookcase and close the door.
Barnabas wakes up, comes up, sees Willie and Julia there and asks, “Is it
done ?”. They tell them they couldn’t, that they’ve brought the coffin back
here and put it in the secret room. Barnabas asks who it is. The question is
met with an uneasy silence. Finally, Julia tells him sadly, “It’s Roxanne
Drew.” Barnabas, completely shocked, goes into the secret room. He sees
that the coffin is chained and screams, “UNCHAIN IT !”. Willie does.
Barnabas opens the coffin and is immediately attacked by an infuriated
Roxanne. Julia pulls out a cross and sticks it in Roxanne’s face. She
lets Barnabas go and collapses back into the coffin. Julia puts the cross
on Roxanne’s chest, immobilizing her in her coffin. Willie shuts the
coffin and begins to put the chains on it again. Barnabas and Julia go
out into the drawing room. Julia tells Barnabas that Roxanne must be
destroyed, that she’s not like him, that she’s vicious, her attack on
him proving that. Barnabas rationalizes Roxanne’s actions, saying if he
awoke and found himself chained in his coffin, then suddenly the coffin
opened and he found himself in a strange place, he’d probably
instinctively attack too. He remarks that perhaps if he let Roxanne knows
that he too is like her she’d react differently. Julia is shocked that
he’d consider letting her know his secret, picks up the stake and says,
“This is the only answer!”. Barnabas grabs the stake and hurls it into
the fire. He tells Julia and WIllie to leave, saying he needs some time
alone to think about what to do.
Barnabas is in the secret room with Roxanne’s coffin. Someone sneaks
into the old house.
In the secret room, Barnabas is pondering what to do. He decides to
go out and take a walk. After he goes out, the man who snuck in comes out
of hiding and goes into the secret room. He breaks the padlock on the
chains on the coffin with the hammer that Willie had brought to use
with the stake, opens the coffin, pulls out a gun and prepares to shoot
the immobilized Roxanne. The man is Sebastian Shaw….
Episode 1107
Tape Date: September 14, 1970 (ABC #192-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 22, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Suddenly, Shaw notices that there’s another man (Gerard) standing in
the room. He asks, “WHO ARE YOU? HOW DID YOU GET IN THE ROOM?”. He
shoots. It has no effect… Barnabas returns and finds Shaw in the secret
room with the coffin. He asks what he’s doing there. Shaw, still in a
state of shock, answers, “There was a man in here. I shot him, but nothing
happened and then he disappeared..” Barnabas mutters, “Gerard….”. He asks
Shaw how he knew to come here. Shaw replies, “I followed Willie”. Barnabas
asks what he knows about Roxanne. Shaw pulls his neckerchief off,
revealing the characteristic bite marks. Barnabas remarks, “You’re under
her power…” Shaw replies, “NO ! Not any longer, not since she attacked
Maggie. I’ve got to destroy her to save Maggie!”. Barnabas tells him
he’s not going to let him do that and orders him to leave. As Shaw turns
to leave, Barnabas asks, “One more thing. Did Roxanne ever mention a
Gerard Stiles?”. Shaw replies that he thinks she did mention that name,
but that he can’t remember what she had said about him.
Later, at the Old House, Julia asks Daphne, “Do you know anything about
a Roxanne Drew?” Daphne answers that there was a Roxanne Drew who lived
in her own time, that something mysterious happened to her. Suddenly,
Daphne senses something, exclaims “GERARD!” and stops talking. Julia and
Quentin, who is also in the room, decide that it is too dangerous for
Daphne to stay here at the Old House where Gerard can get at her and tell
her they’re going to send her far away. Daphne is reluctant, saying she
doesn’t want to leave while the children are missing, but they tell her
she’s got to go.
Daphne finishes packing. Quentin is in the room with her, apparently
having helped her pack. He pours two drinks for a last toast before she
leaves. They drink. Suddenly, Daphne falls to the ground. Quentin
collapses to the ground too and gasps, “Gerard… He’s responsible for
Barnabas and Julia wonder what’s taking Daphne and Quentin so long.
They go in to check and find Daphne unconscious on the floor. Quentin is
not in the room. Julia stays to treat Daphne, while Barnabas leaves to
find Quentin.
Barnabas goes to Collinwood and runs into Carolyn, who appears to
be dressed in black mourning clothes, in the foyer and asks “Have you
seen Quentin?”. He then notices what she is wearing and asks, “Why are
you dressed like that?”. Carolyn replies, “How else should I be dressed
for a funeral?”. Barnabas asks, “Whose? Quentin’s?”. Carolyn replies
cryptically, “You mentioned Quentin, not me….”
Quentin is with Gerard’s ghost in the cemetary. He tells him,”Now I
realize you’re not my enemy…”
Daphne regains consciousness at the old house.
At the cemetary, Quentin notices an unmarked grave and asks, “Now why
is this grave unmarked?”. He then notices the grave next to it and
reads the headstone,”Silas Lorch. I remember him. He used to be the ship’s
chandler. He was a good man…until he met you!”, looking at Gerard.
He then sees the headstone next to it and reads, “Miles Pardoe. He used
to drink with you at the Eagle.”. Then he reads the date, 1840, and
wonders how he could know about all this. He then starts to wonder about
the unmarked grave and says, “I know I know about this, but I can’t
remember. I’ve got to find out. “. He starts to dig it up.
Quentin digs up the coffin and says, “Now I remember. It’s Quentin
Collin’s coffin.”.
Barnabas returns to the old house and asks Julia if Daphne has said
anything. Carolyn shows up, holding a package, and asks to speak to
Daphne alone. Barnabas and Julia decide to let her, planning to eavesdrop
Carolyn gives the package to Daphne. She opens it. Inside is a dress.
Carolyn tells her to put it on. Daphne gets quite distraught and runs out
of the room through another door. Barnabas and Julia, hearing Daphne,
demand to be let in. Carolyn unlocks the door, lets them in, laughs and
says, “I pity you. You think you can stop everything, but you won’t be
able to stop anything! Gerard will wave his green banner and you won’t
be able to stop him!”.
Daphne, in another room, screams, “He knows! Oh, he knows!”.
Carolyn joins Quentin and Gerard at the cemetary. Quentin looks at her
and says, “Hello, Leticia”. He then looks at Gerard, says, “What ever
made me think I could ever get away?”. He opens the coffin and gets in.
At the old house, Daphne screams, “OH NO! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO HAPPEN
In the cemetary, Quentin is in the coffin, buried alive….
Episode 1108
Tape Date: September 17, 1970 (ABC #193-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 23, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas and Julia are in the old house. They are wondering what’s
happened to Quentin. Barnabas tells Julia that the children, who have
returned to Collinwood after spending two days in the woods cold and hungry,
told him they didn’t know anything about where Quentin is. Barnabas figures
that Carolyn probably knows, but they don’t know where she’s gone. Having
noticed that sometimes things have paralleled what happened on 1840,
Julia looks in the original Quentin Collins’ diary to see if she can find
a clue as to what happened. She is shocked to find that the diary stops
at this date in 1840 and thinks that perhaps the original Quentin died on
this date, and therefore perhaps this Quentin has too. Barnabas tells her
there’s only one person who can help them.
At Collinwood, Maggie awakens to find Sebastian Shaw watching over her.
She tells him she’s had a strange dream, that in the dream she saw some
sort of object that she couldn’t quite identify bound in chains, and that
she kept hearing a woman calling to her, begging for help. Shaw tells
Maggie she’s got to leave Collinwood and go far, far away. Maggie
refuses, saying she’s got to stay with the children.
Barnabas and Julia go to Collinwood to telephone Sebastian Shaw, not
knowing he’s right upstairs. (Recall that there is no phone in the old
house in this time, though there is in paralell time). They find a card
next to the phone and are shocked to find that it reads, “Quentin Collins,
1808-1840. May he rest in peace.”. Julia notes that it’s very old and
must be one of the cards the Collins family sent to friends to notify them
of the original Quentin’s death in 1840. Barnabas remarks that Gerard
must have put it there for them to see. Julia tells Barnabas that she
feels a presence. Someone comes out of the bedroom hallway onto the
landing. They are relieved to see that it’s Sebastian Shaw. He comes
downstairs. They tell him they’re glad to see him, that they were just
going to call him. He tells them they’ve go to get Maggie away from
Collinsport immediately. He tells them about her dream and tell them it
must mean that Roxanne trying to call to Maggie to release her, and that
she’ll succeed sooner or later. Barnabas tells him he agrees with him,
but there’s something they’ve got to do first, that something’s happened
to Quentin, that he’s missing, possibly dead, and he’s got to help them
find him. Shaw tells them if the agree to take Maggie away from
Collinwood immediately after he helps them, he will. Barnabas agrees to
the deal. Shaw closes his eyes and starts to have a vision. He tells
them he sees a high window somewhere in Collinwood, and in the window
he sees a green flag, that someone is waving it but he cannot see who.
He then tells them that the vision has changed, that he nows sees a
cemetary, that something is happening there, that the dirt on top of
the graves seem to be shaking. Julia interrupts, asking what any of this
has to do with Quentin. Shaw replies, “Nothing. I see no sign of Quentin”.
He then says, “Wait. The vision is changing again. I now see Collinwood
in flames. Maggie is coming down the stairs. She leaves. Now I see
Roxanne’s coffin in the secret room in the old house. Maggie comes in.
She breaks the chains, opens the coffin and lets Roxanne out! We’ve got
to get Maggie out of here just like I’ve said!!!”. Julia, puzzled, asks
what these visions mean. Shaw replies, “It’s the beginning of the
destruction of Collinwood!”. Barnabas asks when this is destined to
happen. Shaw replies, “Tonight!”. Barnabas remarks that there’s one thing
they can do: prevent the murder of Daphne, which is to precede all this,
and they must also take Maggie to Windcliff. Julia goes to call Windcliff.
Barnabas goes upstairs and tells Maggie they’re going to send her to
Downstairs, Julia tells Shaw she’s arranged for Maggie to be admitted
to Windcliff and asks him to drive her there while she and Barnabas take
care of things at Collinwood. Barnabas comes down with Maggie. Maggie,
holding a box, tells them she can’t go to Windcliff because she’s got
something she’s got to give to the children. Julia takes the box and
promises to give it to the children. Shaw takes Maggie away.
Barnabas and Julia go into the drawing room. Julia puts the box down
on a table and turns to talk to Barnabas. Suddenly, she turns back and
exclaims that she recognizes the box, that it’s the same kind of box
Carolyn took to Daphne that caused her to cry and become distraught.
She opens it. Inside are two sets of old clothes, a dress for a girl and
a suit for a boy. They recognize them as the clothes they saw the ghosts
of the children wearing in 1995. Barnabas tells Julia, “Unless we can find
a way to prevent the children from wearing these clothes, I’m afraid
they’re destined to die in them tonight!.” He looks at the fireplace and
exclaims, “We’ll burn them!”. This causes Julia to turn and look at the
fireplace too. But when they turn back to the table, the clothes are
Sebastian Shaw is driving Maggie to Windcliff in a two-seat convertible.
Maggie suddenly tells him he’s got to turn back and take her back to
Collinwood, that she’s got a strange feeling that if she doesn’t, she’ll
never see Collinwood or the people there again. Shaw refuses, assuring her
that when she gets well, he’ll take her back to Collinwood and everything
there’ll be just fine*.
At the old house, Barnabas tells Julia that he’s checked on the
children and they’re fine. He leaves the room. Julia starts to hear a
heartbeat. Thinking it must be Roxanne trying to summon one of her
victims, she opens the bookcase to check, but finds that the heartbeat
is not coming from there. Barnbas runs back into to room and exclaims,
“The hearbeat !” and starts to the bookcase. Julia tells him she assumed
it was Roxanne too, but checked there and found it wasn’t coming from
there. They listen more carefully and find that the sound seems to
be coming from upstairs. They go upstairs and follow the noise. They
finally end up in the room where it seems to be coming from. Barnabas
takes the covering off of Quentin’s portrait. It seems to be coming from
there. Barnabas remarks, “If Quentin can only communicate to us using
the portrait, then that must mean he cannot communicate with us directly,
that Gerard must have him prisoner, perhaps buried alive!”.

*Thus exits Maggie Evans and Kathryn Leight Scott from Dark Shadows.
We will never see her again.
Episode 1109
Tape Date: September 15, 1970 (ABC #194-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 24, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

The kids come to the Old House and into the room where Quentin’s
portrait is. Tad exclaims to Carrie, “Everything’s happening like it
did the first time! First Gerard kills Quentin, then you and I die!”.
Barnabas desperately asks where the first Quentin was buried. Tad tells
Daphne puts some flowers on the grave of Quentin Colllins. She hears
someone coming and quickly leaves. Barnabas and Julia come and find
Quentin’s grave and know that Gerard must have buried Quentin alive here
since it it the only fresh grave in a no longer used part of the cemetary.
Barnabas starts to dig.
The children are still at the old house. Gerard appears and beckons to
them to follow him. They do.
Barnabas has dub up Quentin’s coffin. He opens the coffin and finds
that Quentin is still alive.
Gerard takes the children to Collinwood and to the tower room. Daphne
is in there. The children are at first delighted to see her, but then Carrie
notices what she is wearing and exclaims, “Why are you wearing THAT dress
again!?”. Gerard takes a box out of a cupboard and gives them to
Daphne. She begs Gerard not to do this, to take only her and leave the
children alone. Gerard appears unswayed. Finally, Daphne tells the
children that in the box are new clothes for them and asks them to put
them on. They ask why. Daphne tells them to just put them on and ask
no questions.
At the cemetary, Quentin explains what happened to him. He tells
Barnabas and Julia that for a moment there he seemed to have the mind of
the original Quentin Collins, that he knows what Gerard plans to do,
that he had a vision of Gerard waving a green banner in the tower room
window three times, and that this would be followed by the deaths of the
children and Daphne and the destruction of Collinwood. He asks where the
children are. Julia replies, “The old house”. Quentin replies, “I can
guarantee you they’re not there any more” and tells them to quickly
follow him.
They go to the old house. The children are not there. Quentin tells
them the children must be in the playroom. They go to Collinwood and the
playroom. Julia reaches for the doorknob and prepares to open the door,
but Quentin tells her, “NO! It’ll only be a closet if you open it. Let
me”. Quentin opens the door. Barnabas and Julia are shocked to see that
inside is indeed the playroom, just as they saw it in 1995. But the
children are not there.
They go to the tower room and find Daphne and the children there.
Quentin tells Barnabas and Julia that he can stop the disaster from
happening, but that he needs to be alone with the children to do this,
that he doesn’t have enough time to fully explain. Barnabas and Julia
take Daphne away. Quentin issues a challenge to Gerard to show himself.
Nothing happens. Quentin takes the children to the window and tells them
to look at a star. He casts a spell, and Tad and Carrie gasp that they
can feel themselves start to leave the bodies, that they can feel David
and Hallie returning. Apparently Gerard does not like this. He appears.
Quentin triumphantly announces, “You have lost,Gerard !”. But he is
wrong. Gerard strokes Quentins face, and Quentin loses consciousness and
falls to the floor. The children run off. Gerard waves the green banner
three times in the window. At the cemetary, the dead in the “bad” part of
Collinwood come out of their graves.
Barnabas and Julia go the the tower room and find Quentin there. They
ask him what happened. He tells them, “I’ve failed. The destruction of
Collinwood is starting now” They tell him Daphne got away from them.
Quentin says,” We’ve got to find Daphne and the children. It’s our only
Daphne goes to the playroom and finds the children there. Gerard
appears and walks ominously toward them.
Downstairs, the evil dead come in through the front doors of
Quentin goes to the playroom to look for the children. He finds them
lying on the floor. He then sees Daphne nearby and goes to her. He
manages to bring her to consciousness and they talk briefly, but she soon
Downstairs, the dead start to destroy Collinwood. Barnabas and Julia
come out of the bedroom hallway onto the landing and see them. The dead
see them and persue them. Barnabas and Julia flee back into the hallway.
Quentin comes out of the playroom. Barnabas and Julia come into the
hallway, the dead in hot pursuit. They try to talk to Quentin. He tells
them that the children and Daphne are dead. Now crazed, he runs off.
Barnabas and Julia look into the playroom and see that the mysterious
staircase has reappeared. They run to it, but the dead burst through a
door and grab Barnabas. He tells Julia to go, saying he’ll follow. Julia
sees Barnabas break free from the dead and she runs up the staircase.
Barnabas runs toward the stairs but when he gets in the playroom it
is too late, it has become a closet again. The dead catch him and grab
Julia, wondering where Barnabas is, goes back down the stairs to
the playroom. She finds that it has become strangely quiet. She looks
out the playroom door and sees Carrie dressed in old clothes. She notices
that the corridor looks very different too and realizes that she must be
in the 19th century.
Episode 1110
Tape Date: September 18, 1970 (ABC #195-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 25, 1970 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Spying on Carrie from inside the playroom with the door open a crack,
Julia sees a young man in a wheel chair who looks like Sebastian Shaw
roll up and ask the Carrie let him in to see her grandfather. She tells
him not to go in there. He angrily tells her that both she and her
grandfather are guests in this house and that she has no right giving
orders to a Collins and demands that she let him in there. She reluctantly
opens the door and he rolls in.
Outside, a woman finds Carrie outside her grandfather’s room’s door,
obviously upset. The woman tells her she’d like to go into the playroom
now finally. They go into the playroom. Julia is hiding. The woman talks
to Carrie in a sad voice, saying she’s hadn’t had the courage till now to
come into the playroom since Tad died with Quentin in a boating accident.
In the other room, Gabriel Collins, the man in the wheelchair, awakens
Ben Stokes and demands that he do something for him, that he tell Daniel
Collins that his son Quentin has died, something apparently no one has
told him. Ben refuses, saying the old man should not be troubled with
this. Gabriel insists, saying that if the old man does not change his
will, all the Collins money will go to his dead brother Quentin’s wife
Samantha Drew Collins. Ben asks Gabriel why he doesn’t go and tell him
this himself. Gabriel replies,”You’re the only one who can talk to him,
Ben.” Ben still refuses. Gabriel tells Ben that soon both he and Daniel
Collins will be dead, and with them gone, Carrie might not find life at
Collinwood so pleasent… Ben reluctantly agrees to tell Daniel Collins
about the death of Quentin.
In the playroom, the woman continues to reminisce about Tad. Carrie
tells the woman about Gabriel forcing his way into her grandfather’s
room. The woman tells Carrie that she knows what he probably wants there
and tells Carrie she’s going to go help Ben Stokes. Julia hears the name
and realizes that it must be the same Ben Stokes that helped Barnabas
in 1795.
The woman goes into the other room and finds that she’s too late.
Gabriel is in the room alone, Ben having gone to talk to Daniel. The
woman and Gabriel have a loud argument and the woman leaves.
A little later, Julia goes into Ben’s room and finds no one there.
She notices the portrait of Barnabas hanging over the fireplace. She
hears someone coming and hides. The woman brings Ben back and leaves.
Julia come out of hiding and identifies herself to Ben, saying she is
a friend of Barnabas from the future…
Downstairs in the drawing room, Gabriel is studying a chessboard.
The woman comes in and gloats to him that he didn’t get what he wanted,
that Ben has told Daniel about Quentin’s death, but that Daniel didn’t
change his will. Gabriel angrily sweeps the pieces off the chessboard.
The woman leaves.
In Ben’s room, Julia is having difficulty convincing Ben that she is
telling the truth. She asks him if there’s a governess named Daphne
working here. Ben tells her no, the governess is named Hortensia, not
Daphne. Julia asks him if there’s a Gerard Stiles here. He tells him there
is, but before she can ask him any more, there’s a knocking at the door.
Julia begs him to hide her, for Barnabas’s sake if not hers. Ben does so
then opens the door. It’s Carrie. She asks him who he was talking to,
saying she heard voices. He lies that he was talking to himself. She
remarks that she knows he wasn’t. Ben asks what she means. She tells him
she knows he was really talking to Gabriel in abstentia, saying all the
things he would like to say to him but dares not to.
Downstairs, Gabriel writes a note saying “I have something urgent to
discuss with you. Come to my room when you return from Rose Cottage no
matter how late it is.” He seals it and write the name “Gerard” on it.
Ben tells Julia to go hide in the playroom, saying hardly anyone ever
goes in there now and she’ll be safe there. He tells her he’ll bring her
some period clothes and food tomorrow.
The woman, Samantha Collins, runs into the drawing room and exclaims
to Gabriel that she went to tower room to see “him” and found that he
had escaped. Gabriel quickly goes upstairs to find him.
In the playroom, Julia hears Gabriel roll by, yelling for Ben to come
and help him. After she hears him rolls off into the distance, she comes
out of the playroom to see what’s wrong. A pair of hands grab her.
Episode 1111
Tape Date: September 23, 1970 (ABC #196-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 28, 1970 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

An aged Daniel Collins puts one hand over Julia’s mouth to keep her
from screaming and drags her into the playroom. In there, he calls her
“Harriet” and accuses her of being his dead wife come back to haunt
him. He is obviously insane. Saying, “I’ll have to kill you again like
I did the first time”, he grabs her by the throat and starts to strangle
her. In the struggle, one of Julia’s earrings fall off. Ben Stokes comes
into the playroom, sees what’s happening and pulls Daniel off of Julia.
Julia runs off and hides somewhere. Daniel tells Ben he saw his dead wife
Harriet. Ben tells him he must have been seeing things and tells him to
look around. Daniel looks around the room and sees no woman.
Ben takes Daniel out into the hallway. They run into Gabriel out there.
Daniel tells Gabriel he saw Harriet in there. Ben tells Gabriel Daniel’s
seeing things and takes him away. Gabriel goes into the playroom and finds
an earring on the floor.
Ben takes Daniel back to the tower room. Daniel complains that this
isn’t his room. Ben reminds him that it was his decision to move here,
because he didn’t want to stay in the room where “that” happened.
Ben goes to the playroom and gives Julia some period clothing. He
tells her to go hide in the old house, which is deserted in this period,
until 8:30 this evening, at which time she is to come to Collinwood and
introduce herself as “Julia Collins” and say she’s waiting for her
brother Barnabas. He asks her if she remembers the story he gave her to
tell about her background. She says yes. She wonders where the Barnabas
is, and theorizes that perhaps the staircase disappeared before he could
get to it. She tells Ben that if that’s the case, he might use another
method of coming here and explains the I-Ching rods to him, saying that
Barnabas’ spirit would come and inhabit the body in the coffin. She tells
him that if that’s the case, then Barnabas will try to contact her to
come and unchain the coffin. Ben warns against this, saying she must not
release the vampire from his coffin. He tells her she’s got to be careful
in this period and warns her about Gabriel, Gerard and Cousin Flora, who
lives in Rose Cottage.
Downstairs, Flora Collins (Joan Bennett) comes in through the front
doors. She goes into the drawing room and findss Gabriel in there. She
complains that she has a terrible migraine headache and asks where
“the healer” is. Gabriel tells her he’s somewhere in the house. She
discusses her new novel, “A Summer’s Death” with him. She shows him a copy.
Gerard comes in Flora ecstatically greets him and gives him the copy of her
book to read. Gabriel remarks, “Ah here he is! The hero, the healer!”.
Flora tells him about her headache and asks him to heal her. He tells her
he doesn’t heal anyone, that he causes them to heal themselves. He sits
her down on a chair and asks her to close her eyes. She does. He starts
to massage her temples. She tells him she’s starting to feel very warm.
He tells her to look around and tell him where she is. She exclaims, “Why
I’m in the desert!” without opening her eyes. She tells him she feels he’s
brought her to some past life. He stops. She opens her eyes and exclaims
that her headache is gone. She leaves, saying “Come to Rose Cottage to
see me when you’ve finished the book.”
Gabriel compliments Gerard on his apparent powers and asks if he can
heal his legs. (His tone is somewhat sarcastic). Gerard replies that he
can’t, that he can only heal ailments caused by the mind, such as
headaches. Gabriel asks what other powers he has, saying he’s heard he’s
clairvoyant. Gerard replies that he is. Gabriel gives him the earring he
had found, gives it to him and tells him to use his powers to see who it
belongs to. Gerard takes the earring, concentrates a moment then says,
“I see a tall woman, a woman, but not dressed as one should be…”.
Gabriel, thinking this ridiculous, laughs. Gerard becomes infuriated
at the laughter and grabs Gabriel by the lapels. Gabriel stops lauging.
It is 8:25. Gabriel and Flora are in the drawing room talking. Flora
remarks to Gabriel that he’s so glad Gerard has introduced them to
Leticia, that she thinks she’s going to write her next book based on them,
that they both have such heavenly powers. Gabriels scowls that he thinks
their powers are hardly heavenly, that he thinks they come from the
black arts instead. Ben comes into the room. They are both surprised to
see him there, saying they don’t see him much anymore. Ben nervously
looks at the clock. It is 8:30.
Julia is, however, not on her way to Collinwood. She is instead headed
for the Collins family mausoleum. She thinks to herself that she hears
Barnabas calling, that he must have used the rods to send his spirit back
to 1840. At the entrance to the secret room, she pauses and thinks to
herself, “What if I’m imagining it and he’s not calling me?” She opens
the secret door and goes in. At the coffin, she pauses again and thinks,
“What if his spirit has not made the journey through time? It won’t be
my Barnabas in there. He won’t know me…”. She then decides that she
can feel that it is Barnabas in there and prepares to open the coffin…
Episode 1112
Tape Date: September 22, 1970 (ABC #197-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 29, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Julia picks up a large rock from the floor, and smashes open the lock
on the chains.
At Collinwood, Gabriel is studying the earring. He tells Gerard that
he now believes his curious vision of it belonging to a “woman not dressed
as a woman should be”. Gerard reminds him that he laughed and thought it
ridiculous earlier and asks what caused him to change his mind. Gabriel
replies that he’s decided that the earring is not something the average
woman in Collinsport would wear, and that any woman who would wear this
earring would probably also wear clothing just as strange. Gerard asks
where he found the earring. Gabriel tells him he found it in the playroom.
Julia unchains and opens the coffin. Barnabas springs out, grabs her
and shouts, “You know my secret! No one else must know it. You must die!”
Ben comes in and stops Barnabas from harming Julia, saying she’s a friend.
Barnabas looks at Ben’s aged visage and gasps, “How old… How old?…”
Ben tells him it’s the year 1840. Ben tells Julia to leave. Barnabas stops
her, saying she must not leave. Ben tells him to let her, that he’s his
friend and he can trust him. Barnabas reluctantly lets her go and asks Ben
why, saying he’s afraid she’ll let his secret out and his family will
know. Ben tells him he doesn’t have to worry about her telling and tells
him Julia’s story about knowing him from the future, that sometime in the
future someone will come and release him from his coffin. He also tells
him that everything’s different now, that almost everyone he knew in 1795
is dead. Barnabas asks, “Surely Daniel is still alive..”. Ben replies,
“He is, but he’s an old man now, near death”. Ben asks Barnabas to go back
into the coffin so he can chain him in again. Barnabas refuses, saying
he’s going to go get some blood. Ben warns him against this, saying
Collinwood has changed since 1795, that it’s too dangerous and he’ll get
caught. Barnbas refuses to listen and leaves.
In the woods, Samantha Collins hears a noise. Someone is following her.
She runs…
Samantha bursts through the front doors of Collinwood. She runs right
into the arms of Gerard and gasps that a tall man was chasing her through
the woods and asks him to call the police. From the drawing room, Gabriel
tells her it’s not neccesary to call the police, the the woods are already
swarming with men, that earlier a woman was found dead near the road, her
throat bitten. He tells her there’s some sort of wild animal out there,
that that’s what must have been chasing her, that it she must have
imagined that it was a tall man. He remarks that a certain servant claims
to have seen the animal. Samantha goes to talk to that servant.
There’s a knock at the door. Samantha answers. It’s Julia. She
introduces herself as Julia Collins, a relative from England. Samantha
invites her in and, gesturing toward Gabriel, tells Julia, “I’ve never
heard of a Julia Collins, but talk to my brother-in-law, he’s the expert
on the family.” Julia goes in, nervous at being confronted by an “expert”.
She remarks, “Brother Barnabas is not here yet?” and explains that she’s
surprised they didn’t seem to know she was coming, saying she had sent
them a letter telling them she was going to come here, that her brother
Barnabas was coming from England too to meet her here. She explains that
she and Barnabas are the children of the original Barnbas who moved to
England. Samantha asks why she has an American accent if she is from
England. Julia explains that she was sent to live in Pennsylvania at an
early age and has lived there for most of her life. Ben comes into the
room and introduces himself. Julia warmly greets him, saying he must be
the Ben Stokes who was a friend of her father’s he talked about so much.
Sherry is poured, and everyone has a drink and toasts the finding of a
new member of the Collins family.
It is the next morning. The grandfathere clock in the foyer shows 5:55.
Julia comes down the stairs and sees Ben sitting on the bench beneath the
stairs. Ben remarks to her, “I know why you’re awake at this hour. You’re
awaiting the dawn, same as me, to go and chain the coffin…” Julia
replies that this is true, that if they don’t go and chain Barnabas back
into his coffin, there’s a chance he’ll be caught and destroyed and the
Barnabas she knew in the future will cease to exist.
They go to the tomb and into the secret room but find that Barnabas has
anticipated and outsmarted them. The coffin is no longer there. He has
moved it and is sleeping somewhere else…
Gerard is walking down the stairs at Collinwood. He looks at the
earring Gabriel had found and puzzles to himself,”This was found in the
playroom two days ago, so how can its mate be on her dresser?”. Julia
comes in through the front door. Now in the foyer, Gerard remarks, “Up
early today, aren’t you?”. Julia replies that she just wanted to see the
grounds in the daylight. Gerard nonhalantly asks her about a famous
restaurant on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. She deftly parries the
question by saying she never went into town much and has never heard of
the restaurant referred to. Gerard remarks, “I have something that belongs
to you” and shows her the earring. She starts to say “My …” intending
instinctively to say “My earring!” but pauses and realizes this must have
been the one she lost earlier instead says “My word! What an interesting
piece! Why do you say it’s mine?”. Gerard replies, “Because I found one
just like it on the dresser in your room?”. Julia angrily asks, “What were
you doing in my room?”. Gerard replies,”Your luggage had arrived from
the Inn. I was taking it in there when I noticed the earring on the
dresser. Now, this earring was found in the playroom two days befors
you supposedly came here last night for the first time. WHO ARE YOU AND
Episode 1113
Tape Date: September 24, 1970 (ABC #198-DRK-70)
Air Date: September 30, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Julia manages to explain the earring by saying that she found the one
in the room already there when she got there. Ben comes into the foyer
and Julia warmly says to him, “I’d love to hear any stories you might
have about my father when he was young.” Gerard excuses himself and leaves.
Julia and Ben go into the drawing room. Julia tells Ben about the earring
and Gerard suspecting something is amiss. Ben tells Julia he’s looked
everywhere for Barnabas’ coffin and couldn’t find it. He tells her they’ve
got to find Barnabas, that the town is all riled up about the attacks,
that there are even some people who remember the attacks in 1797. He tells
her he knows one place Barnabas will surely go.
After dusk, Barnabas goes to the old house and goes to Josette’s room.
There, he stares at her portrait and talks to it. Ben comes in. Barnabas
remarks, “You know me well enough to know I’d come here.”. Ben asks
Barnabas to let him chain him back in the coffin. Barnabas refuses, saying
he wouldn’t be able to stand it any longer. Ben tells him he’s got to or
he’ll be caught and destroyed sooner or later. Ben tells him he should
listen to what the woman from the future says. Barnabas replies that he’s
not as naive as he, Ben, is, and does not believe what the woman says, and
besides, if she’s telling the truth, then the fact that she knows him from
1970 means that he will not be caught and destroyed. Ben retorts, “But
she said you were found in 1967 still chained in your coffin. She changed
history when she let you out yesterday!”
Gerard is in the drawing room with Leticia. He is holding a note from
Flora. He holds it to his forehead and in a mocking tone says, “I can tell
you what it says. It says, ‘Come over and see me at Rose Cottage’. You
don’t need to be a psychic to know that!”. They both laugh. Leticia
complains about having to live at Rose Cottage with Flora. Gerard replies
that it must be better than the sideshows she used to work at. They
discuss a plan for getting a lot of money from Flora. Julia comes in.
Gerard introduces Leticia to her, saying she’s a professional psychic
who lives in Rose Cottage with Flora. Gerard leaves. Julia asks Leticia
to demonstrate her psychic powers. She asks her to try to see what the
drawing room will be like in the year 1970. Leticia tells Julia that
that’s too far into the future for her to see, that she can only see a
few days into the future at most. She asks why she would pick such a
remote date anyway; no one would live long enough to know whether she
were right or not. Julia lies that she had a dream in which she saw the
drawing room in 1970 and asks Leticia to try to look anyway. Leticia
does and says, “I see smoke, and dust..”. She abruptly stops and says
“That’s all I see.”. Julia realizes that she must have seen the
destruction of Collinwood. She wonders where Barnabas could be…
In 1970, Barnabas is at the old house with Professor Elliot Stokes.
Stokes asks Barnabas why he didn’t attend the funeral at noon. Barnabas
lies that he didn’t feel well enough to go. Stokes agonizes over that
fact that he was in Europe when all this happened, explaining that he
had gone to see the one man he knew was capable of exorcising the spirits
but that when he got back he found it was too late. He tells Barnabas he
could hardly stand it at the funeral, seeing Elizabeth, Daphne, David
and Hallie buried. Barnabas tells Stokes he’s got to follow Julia to
where she went. Stokes remarks that if she used the same stairway they
had used to return from 1995, then she’s probably in 1995. Barnabas
tells him he’s got the feeling this isn’t the case, that he feels she
probably went back to 1840 when all this started. He tells Stokes that
it he can’t use the stairs to go back to 1840, he’ll use the other way
he knows, the I-Ching rods. Stokes warns that that’ll be risky. Barnabas
replies that he’ll take the risk. Carolyn comes down the stairs. She
thanks Barnbas for letting her stay here at the old house while Elizabeth
and the children are away on vacation, but tells him she’d rather go live
in the beach house while they’re gone. She is clearly insane. After Carolyn
goes back upstairs, Stokes remarks sadly to Barnabas that she’s clearly a
hopeless case since they saw her in 1995 the same way she is today.
Barnabas remarks, “But she’s harmless”. Stokes asks, “Yes, but what about
the other one?”.
Upstairs in Josettes room, Quentin studies a noose he has made and
attached to something on the ceiling. He pulls a chair up to the noose,
stands on it and prepares to hang himself. Carolyn comes into the room,
sees this, grabs Quentin to prevent him from stepping off the chair and
screams for Barnabas. Barnabas and Stokes rush upstairs and overpower
Quentin and prevent him from hanging himself. Quentin begs them to let
him hang himself because he wants to join Daphne. Barnabas and Stokes
sadly conclude there’s only one thing they can do with Quentin for his
own self-protection.
After taking Quentin to Windcliff, Barnabas and Stokes return to the
old house. Barnabas takes out the I-Ching rods. Stokes goes upstairs to
check on Carolyn. Barnabas goes into the secret room where Roxanne’s
coffin lies chained and speaks to it, saying, “I’m going back to your
time. Perhaps I can prevent this from happening to you”. Barnabas exits
the secret room and closes the door. Stokes comes back downstairs. He
tells Barnabas that he’ll need someone to watch over his body while his
spirit goes back to 1840. Barnabas tells him Willie Loomis will do that.
Barnabas throws the rods. Stokes looks at them and remarks, “The 49th
hexagram. The hexagram of change…”. Barnabas stares at the rods and
concentrates. He gets a vision of a door with the 49th hexagram on it.
The door opens, revealing a tombstone bearing the inscription,

Julia Hoffman
October 6, 1840

Barnabas exclaims, “No! It can’t be! It can’t be!”

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