February 1971

Episode 1201
Tape Date: January 21, 1971 (ABC #26-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 1, 1971 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Gabriel rushes into the study and tells Quentin that Morgan has
decided to have the lottery tonight. Quentin replies that tonight’s as
good a night as any, that there’s no use in delaying the inevitable.
He tells Gabriel, “And there’s one thing you haven’t considered. Maybe
whoever it is will survive sane this time.” Gabriel pooh poohs this,
saying that the fact that all six who have spent a night in the room
have come out dead or crazy make that highly unlikely. He tells Quentin
that he has the feeling that it’ll be him, and asks Quentin to kill him
if he comes out like Justin, saying he’d rather be dead than live like
Catharine comes to Collinwood. Morgan asks why she’s there. She tells
him she heard about his father and came to offer her condolences. He
tells her that he has a duty he must do and asks her to promise him
that if something happens to him tomorrow, if he should become changed,
not to marry him. She demands to know what he’s talking about. At first
he is reluctant to tell her, but she presses him and he finally tells
her about the locked room and the lottery. Catharine gasps, “The rumors
in the village are true!” He replies that they are. She asks what’s in
the room. He tells her nobody knows. She asks, “What about the people
who have spent the night in the room. Don’t they know?” Morgan replies
that they’ve all ended up dead or crazy. Catharine asks, “So Justin’s
condition, it was a result of the room and not an accident?” Morgan
replies, “Yes.” Catharine demands to be allowed to stay for the lottery.
Quentin and Gabriel come in for the lottery. Gabriel asks for another
drink. Quentin opens the liquor cabinet for him. Morgan picks up a large
blue vase and tells them that the slips are in there and holds it out
for them to select. When no one does anything, Morgan says, “Perhaps
we’ll have to decide on an order.” Gabriel suggests age order. Quentin
remarks to him, “So you’d be last, eh?” They are startled by a woman’s
voice say, “Stop! No one’s going to pick in any order yet!” They turn
to see who it is. It is Flora, who’s just walked into the room. She tells
them they’re not going to have the lottery until they prepare two more
slips, one for her and one for Julia. She tells them she’s decided that
they should exempt Melanie because she already went into the room once
to get Justin when he went in there. Morgan argues that he’s the eldest
son and has already decided that only men will participate in the
lottery. They argue. Suddenly, Catharine grabs the slips, throws them
into the fire and exclaims, “This is ridiculous, this is nothing but
superstition!” They assure her emphatically that it is not. She asks
Morgan to do one thing for her, to delay the lottery for one night so
they can marry tonight, that she wants to stand by him as his wife when
he goes through with the lottery. He agrees. Catharine tells him she’ll
have to go get her sister Daphne to attend the wedding.
Gabriel goes into the study, where Quentin is, and, overjoyed that
the lottery has been delayed, exclaims, “Hurrah for Catharine!” Quentin
remarks that if awards were given for cowardice, he’d be rich…
Flora walks Catharine outside. They run into Bramwell. He tells Flora
he’s heard about Justin and came to offer his condolences. Flora tells
Catharine, “You’d better hurry up and go get Daphne. The minister will
be coming soon.” Catharine gets a funny look in her face and tells Flora,
“I’d better tell him…” Flora leaves. Catharine tells Bramwell about
her wedding being moved up. Bramwell kidnaps her and takes her to
the old house. He tells her, “I’ll never let you go! I’ll never let you
marry Morgan!”
Episode 1202
Tape Date: January 22, 1971 (ABC #27-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 2, 1971 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin is talking with Melanie. Morgan comes into the room and tells
Quentin that Catharine has been away too long, that he’s afraid that
something’s happened to her and is going to go out to look for her.
A mysterious man (we only see his feet), lurks outside Collinwood.
It looks like he’s about to sneak in, but quickly hides behind some
bushes when he hears the door start to open. Morgan comes out and leaves.
The man sneaks into Collinwood. In is Kendrick Young, Stella’s brother.
At the old house, Bramwell reminisces about old times to Catharine.
She admits that she still loves him.
Melanie catches Kendrick looking through the drawers of a desk in the
paralell time room. She demands to know who he is. He explains that he
is Stella’s brother Kendrick and that he’s looking for something that
will tell him what happened to his sister. Melanie tells him Stella
left Collinwood about two weeks ago. He tells her he doesn’t believe
this, that his sister isn’t the kind of person who would leave without
leaving a forwarding address. She tells him she’ll help him find out
the truth.
It is 1:20. Morgan returns and tells Quentin, “I was right! Something
did happen to Catharine! I went to her house and found that she never
got there, and her carriage is still by the gate!” Quentin remarks,
“Then she must still be on the estate somewhere. Of course! Bramwell!
Mother mentioned that she and Catharine ran into Bramwell as they were
outside and he learned about the wedding being moved up!” Morgan goes
into the room under the stairs. He returns with a gun and exclaims,
“Bramwell’s as good as dead!” Quentin convinces that it would not be a
good idea for him to go in his emotional state. He tells him he’ll go
instead. Morgan gives the gun to him.
At the old house, Catharine tells Bramwell that although she still
loves him, she loves Morgan too and is still planning to marry him.
Quentin goes to the old house. Barnabas asks him what he wants.
Quentin tells him he suspects he’s kidnapped Catharine and has come to
get her. Barnabas tries to stop him from going upstairs, but Quentin
pulls the gun out and Barnabas lets him pass. Quentin finds Catharine
and takes her back to Collinwood.
At Collinwood, Morgan tells Catharine, “Bramwell will pay for this!”,
but Catharine makes him promise not to take any reprisals against
Bramwell. There’s a bad storm outside. Morgan tells Catharine that in
view of the weather conditions, it would be better for her to spend the
night at Collinwood. She agrees.
It is late at night. Quentin runs into Melanie in the foyer. He
remarks, “Shouldn’t you be in bed at this hour?” She replies, “I’ve
got to put out all the candles in the house first. It’s such a big
house! There are so many rooms!” Puzzled by her behavior, he asks if
she’s all right. She assures him that she is.
Catharine is lying asleep in a guest room. The door opens, and a
woman comes in. It’s Melanie. She has a strange, maniacal look on her
face and a knife in her right hand. She goes to the bed where Catharine
is sleeping, raises the knife and prepares to strike…
Episode 1203
Tape Date: January 26, 1971 (ABC #28-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 3, 1971 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Episode 1204
Tape Date: January 27, 1971 (ABC #29-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 4, 1971 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan


From the Dark Shadows Program Guide:

Stella, who really hasn’t left Collinwood but is being held prisoner
in the Tower Room, is killed by Melanie in her crazed state.
Episode 1205
Tape Date: January 28, 1971 (ABC #30-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 5, 1971 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Julia goes into the drawing room and asks Morgan if he happens to know
where Melanie is. He tells her he doesn’t know. He asks her what’s wrong.
She lies that nothing is, but Morgan realizes that something must be and
presses her on it. She finally tells him about Stella, about how she
was threatened by Justin, how she and Flora has saved her from him, how
she and Flora kept her prisoner in the tower room because she knew too
much. Morgan, shocked, exclaims, “What!? We’ve got to let her out NOW!”
Julia replies that they can’t, that Stella is dead, that they found her
strangled and think Melanie did it in one of her crazed spells. Morgan
remarks that he thinks it’s time for them to put Melanie in an insane
asylum. Julia asks him to help by getting rid of the body while she and
Flora look for Melanie.
Bramwell goes to the cottage. Catharine tells him to leave, saying,
“I don’t want to see you again.” Bramwell reminds her about what happened
last night and tells her she does love him and wants to see him. Catharine
is overcome by her feelings for him and they kiss. They start to go to
the bedroom together, but just as they are about to enter, Catharine
pulls away and tells him they can’t do this and asks him to leave.
Bramwell leaves, saying, “You want me more than anything! I’ll be back.
I’ll be back because you want me back!”
Melanie awakens outside the door to “the room”.f She exclaims,”What
am I doing here? How did I get here?” and runs off.
Morgan and Julia both return to the drawing room. Julia tells
Morgan that they haven’t found Melanie. Morgan tells her that he’s taken
care of Stella’s body, remarking “She’s one of us now. She’ll be among the
Collins forever now.” Suddenly, Julia exclaims “Melanie!” Morgan turns
to look and sees that Melanie has come into the room. Morgan angrily
scolds Melanie for what she did to Stella. Melanie, puzzled, replies that
she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, that she wasn’t aware anything
had happened to Stella, that the last thing she remembers was talking
to her in the tower room. Julia asks to speak to Melanie alone. Morgan
leaves. Julia tells Melanie about what happened to Stella, saying they
suspect her of doing it. Melanie replies that she’s had a memory lapse
and can’t remember what she did. Julia asks her how she got out of her
room, saying they had locked her in there, that it was still locked when
they found her gone. She replies that she can’t remember.
Catharine comes to Collinwood to see Morgan. Frightened by her
reawakened feelings toward Bramwell, she asks him to marry her tonight.
Melanie meets Kendrick Young in the gazebo. She lies to him she has
investigated and found that Stella had indeed left Collinwood two weeks
Melanie returns to Collinwood and is surprised to find Bramwell
in the drawing room. Seeing that she is very distraught, he asks her
what’s wrong. She starts to tell him, but is interrupted by Morgan’s
entrance into the room. Morgan asks Bramwell what he’s doing here.
Bramwell explains that he came to tell Flora that his mother has arrived
from Boston and is staying at the old house. Morgan remarks that he’s
heard that he, Bramwell, has a ship arriving from the Orient tomorrow,
that when it arrives, he’ll be a wealthy man. He wishes him luck.
Bramwell is surprised. Morgan cryptically remarks, “Things will be very
different for you tomorrow…” and leaves.
The grandfather clock shows 9:10. Julia and Catharine are in the foyer.
Julia asks Catharine if she’s sure this is such a good idea. Catharine
replies that she is. They open the doors to the drawing room. Inside
are Morgan and a minister. They go in and close the doors.
The marriage begins. But when they get into the part where the
minister asks, “Is there anyone who will give any reason why these two
should not be bound in holy matrimony”, the doors suddenly open. It is
Episode 1206
Tape Date: January 29, 1971 (ABC #31-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 8, 1971 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Bramwell walks up to Catharine and announces, “Yes. I have a reason.
Catharine loves me, not Morgan!” He grabs her and kisses her. Morgan,
infuriated, pulls Bramwell away and they fight. Bramwell knocks Morgan
out. Catharine, in tears, goes to Morgan. Bramwell starts to say,
“Catharine…” but Catharine screams, “Get out of here! I never want to
hear you say my name again!” He leaves.
Melanie goes to the old house. She meets Bramwell’s mother Josette
there (played by a Mary Cooper, not Kathryn Leigh Scott.) She tells
Josette that she’s been having memory lapses and fears that she may be
going crazy. She tells her that she fears that it might be hereditary and
needs to know about her real parents. She asks, “You were living here
when I was adopted, weren’t you? Do you know anything about my real
parents?” Josette replies that she was living here at that time, but
knows nothing about the identity of her real parents. Bramwell returns.
Seeing Melanie there, he remarks, “Good. We can finish our conversation
here. I feared we might never have the opportunity to do so. From this
day on, I will never be allowed to set foot in Collinwood again…”
Morgan regains consciousness in his bedroom. Julia is in there with
him. He angrily vows to get Bramwell and gets up. Julia tries to stop him
but is unsuccessful. When he gets to the door, however, he is intercepted
by Catharine, who stops him from going.
At the old house, Bramwell remarks, “I should’ve married Catharine
seven years ago. Instead, I stupidly thought it was necessary for me
to obtain money and a position in the world first. Oh, what a fool I was
to think I could leave for seven years and expect to come back and expect
everything to be the same! I should’ve killed Morgan! That’s the only
way this will end!” Melanie and Josette are shocked.
At Collinwood, the doctor, having examined Morgan, leaves. Catharine
tells him, “The doctor says you’re all right. We can get married
tonight!” Julia, who’s in the room, leaves. Catharine tells Morgan,
“After we’re married, Bramwell won’t be able to make us unhappy anymore!”
Morgan angrily replies, “No he won’t!” After Catharine leaves the room,
Morgan gets up and leaves the room, an angry look on his face.
At the old house, Josette forbids Bramwell from any more talk of
killing, saying there’s already been enough sorrow at Collinwood.
Catharine goes to Morgan’s room and find him gone. She calls out for
Julia. Julia comes and Catharine tells her Morgan’s gone, that he must
have gone to the old house. Julia starts to say, “That’s impossible,
we were in the drawing room, we would’ve seen him leaving the house..”
but then realizes, “He must’ve gone out through the back door!”
At the old house, Melanie having left, Josette tells Bramwell, “You
must try to forget Catharine!” Unable to convince him to do this, she
goes upstairs. Morgan comes in, slaps Bramwell on the face with a glove
and challenges him to a duel. Bramwell accepts. They decide to have it
in the gazebo. They decide to keep it secret and have no seconds, that
that way, no one will be able to stop them. Morgan tells him the choice
of weapon is his. Bramwell chooses pistols. Suddenly, they hear
Catharine’s scream “NO!” Morgan turns and sees that Catharine and Julia
have come into the room and heard them talking about the duel. Morgan
orders Catharine to leave with him. Before going, she screams at Bramwell,
“You! You caused all this!” As Morgan, Catharine and Julia are leaving,
Julia sees Josette coming down the stairs. She goes to her, tells her
about the duel and begs her to try to talk Bramwell out of it.
At Collinwood, Catharine begs Morgan to marry her tonight, leave
Collinsport with her and forget about the duel. Morgan refuses.
Julia sees Catharine in the foyer going toward the front doors and
asks her where she is going. Catharine tells her that she has been unable
to talk Morgan out of the duel, she’s going to try to talk Bramwell out
of it.
Catharine goes to the old house and begs Bramwell to stop the duel.
He refuses. She threatens to commit suicide if he kills Morgan, saying,
“If you kill him, I be dead before he’s buried. I’ll kill myself!”
Bramwell and Morgan meet in the gazebo. Morgan opens a box containing
two dueling pistols and tells Bramwell he gets first choice. Bramwell
takes one of the pistols. Morgan takes the other. Bramwell remarks, “I
believe ten paces is traditional.” Morgan replies that it is. They take
up the initial position, standing back to back. They start to count and
walk away from each other, one… two…. three…..four… five… six..
seven… eight… nine…
February 9, 1971 Tuesday – Pre-empted for Apollo 14 Splasdown (ABC #32-DRK-71)
Episode 1207/1208
Tape Date: February 1, 1971 (ABC #33-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 10, 1971 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Bramwell recalls Catharine’s promise, “If you kill Morgan, I will
kill myself!” The count reaches ten. Morgan turns and aims his pistol
at Bramwell, but Bramwell just stands there. Morgan shoots Bramwell.
Daphne rushes to Collinwood and meets Catharine in the drawing room.
She tells her she got her note telling her about the duel and rushed
here as fast as possible. Daphne exclaims, “Somebody’s got to stop them!
Where is the duel being held?” Catharine replies that they can’t stop it
because no one knows where it is begin held. Daphne looks out the window
and notices that the sun has come up and remarks,”It’s over now. One of
them has won…” Daphne remarks that she always felt sorry for Bramwell,
that the Collins family treated him horribly. She remarks that the real
cause of all of this is the fact that Bramwell loves her, Catharine, and
she, Catharine really still loves him but won’t admit it. Catharine
angrily denies that she still loves Bramwell. They get into an argument.
They hear the front door open and both rush out into the foyer to see
who it is, to see who’s won. It is Morgan. Catharine runs up to him and
embraces him. Morgan remarks, “You thought it would be Bramwell, didn’t
you?” Daphne asks, “Is Bramwell dead?” Morgan replies, “No, I only
wounded him.” Daphne asks what happened. Morgan explains, “You know, I
thought it would be Bramwell who’d win too. He was always much better
with a pistol than me. But a very strange thing happened. When we turned
to shoot, he just stood there…” Daphne asks where Bramwell is. Moragan
answers, “I had two servants take him to the old house.” Daphne exclaims,
“You shouldn’t have moved him! You might have caused more injury that
way!” Morgan angrily replies, “I don’t care whether Bramwell lives or
dies!” Daphne shouts, “I DO care! I’m going to go take care of him!”
and leaves.
At the old house, Bramwell regains consciousness and finds Daphne
sitting by the bed. He asks, “What are you doing here?” She replies,
“Taking care of you. I dressed your wound.” He remarks, surprised,
“You?” She replies, “Yes. You forget. My father was a doctor and I often
helped him.” Bramwell asks how it looks. Daphne replies that she’s
dispatched a servant to get Dr. Fletcher, and he’ll have to wait for him
to examine him to get an answer to that questions. Bramwell remarks, “I
suppose Morgan is boasting about his great victory.” Daphne replies,”No.
He explained what happened, that for some reason, you just stood there
without shooting.” Bramwell angrily says, “Are you suggesting I let
him win? If you are, that’s not true!” Daphne replies, “You believe what
you want to believe, and I’ll believe what I want to believe.” Bramwell
tells Daphne that it’s all over between him and Catharine now.
Kendrick Young is sitting at a table at the Blue Whale. Gerard Stiles
walks in, sits down at Kendrick’s table and introduces himself, “I’m
Gerard Stiles.” He asks, “I’m curious. How did you find out about me.
You’re not a resident of Collinsport.” Kendrick replies, “I made some
inquiries and learned about your psychic powers.” Kendrick tells Gerard
about his sister Stella’s disappearance, about how he doesn’t believe
what he was told at Collinwood about her sudden leaving. He asks Gerard
if he will use his powers to help him find her. Gerard replies, “Certainly.
If the price is right…”
Daphne is in the drawing room of Collinwood. Catharine and Morgan
come in through the front doors and into the drawing room. They are
laughing and smiling. Catharine angrily asks, “How can you too be so
happy with Bramwell lying wounded?” Morgan remarks, “You know, today
I think even I could summon up some sympathy for Bramwell!” Daphne
asks what he means. Catharine announces, “We just got married!” Morgan
leaves, saying he’s going to get some champagne to celebrate. Daphne
asks Catharine how they could be so callous to get married while Bramwell
was wounded. Catharine angrily replies, “It’s the perfect time. What did
you want us to do? Wait for him to recover so he could stop us again?”
They get into an argument about this. They stop when Morgan comes back
with the champagne. As he is pouring it, he is interrupted by a knock
at the door and goes to answer it. It is Kendrick Young and Gerard
Stiles. They come in and introduce themselves. Kendrick announces that
he has come to look for his sister. Morgan thinks for a second then
realizes from Kendrick’s surname that he must be Stella’s brother.
He angrily tells him, “You’ve been told that your sister left here
two weeks ago. Now when will you stop bothering us?” Kendrick angrily
replies, “When I find her!” It looks like they are about to argue, but
Gerard takes Kendrick by the arm and says, “He’s right. We have no right
to be here. We don’t have a warrant.” and takes him out of the house.
Outside, Gerard tells Kendrick that he took him out of Collinwood
because he could sense that his sister wasn’t in there, that she was
there recently but was no longer there. He suggests that they search
the rest of the grounds.
Daphne goes to the old house and tells Bramwell about Morgan and
Catharine’s marriage.
As Gerard and Kendrick search, Gerard abruptly stops Kendrick and
tells him to look for a toolshed.
At Collinwood, Catharine tells Morgan that she’s noticed he’s been
upset ever since those two men came and asks him what’s wrong. He lies
that they were some drinking companions of Gabriel’s, and Gabriel has
some very unsavory drinking companions.
Gerard and Kendrick, each holding a shovel borrowed from a toolshed
somewhere, stand at a spot in the woods. Kendrick asks what they’re
doing. Gerard replies that he senses that there is a grave here. Kendrick
moans, “Oh no!” They start digging.
Episode 1209
Tape Date: February 2, 1971 (ABC #34-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 11, 1971 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Gerard and Kendrick dig up the body. It is Stella. Kendrick, grief-
stricken, moans, “NO!!” Gerard tells him, “I’m sorry, Kendrick…”
Kendrick asks, “Who could’ve done this?”
“I killed her!”, cries a distraught Melanie to Flora in the drawing
room of Collinwood. She cries and tells Flora she’s certain she killed
Stella during one of her memory lapses. Flora tries to comfort her,
saying they can’t be certain she did. There’s a knock at the door. It’s
Gerard and Kendrick. Flora asks what they want. Kendrick replies, “It’s
about my sister. She’s dead. I’d like to ask a few questions. This time
I’d like the truth!” Flora feigns anger and exclaims, “That implies that
you think I wasn’t telling you the truth before!” Gerard explains that
they found Stella’s body buried in the woods on the estate, that that
would appear to make her story of Stella leaving abruptly suspect.
Suddenly, Melanie breaks down and cries. Kendrick goes to her and tells
her, “Your the only Collins I trust. Now tell me the truth. If you tell
me that my sister left Collinwood abruptly without telling anyone, I’ll
believe you and leave.” Melanie pauses, then tells him, “Yes. That’s
what happened.” Kendrick and Gerard leave. Melanie, reconsidering what
she’s told Kendrick, exclaims, “NO! I’ve got to tell him the truth!”
and starts to run out of the room, but runs into Quentin just as she
gets to the door. Flora exclaims, “Quentin! Stop her! She’s going to
go tell!” Quentin grabs Melanie and asks, “Tell what?”
Flora tells Quentin about Stella. Quentin is shocked and asks, “Now
why wasn’t I told about this? There must have been a better solution
than locking her in the tower room!” Flora apoligizes for not telling
him, saying she wasn’t thinking straight at the time. Quentin remarks
that the police will be here soon and they’ve got to figure out what to
tell them. Flora suggests that she protect Melanie by saying she, Flora,
killed Stella, but Quentin vetoes the idea, saying they should tell the
truth, but try to find a way to tell it without incrimination anyone.
Melanie goes to Stella’s grave and weeps. Gerard finds her there.
At Collinwood, Quentin tells Flora they’ve got to stop all this
misery. He tells her that “the room” is responsible for everything that
has befallen them so they’ve got to solve the mystery of the room. He
tells her they’ve got to look at Brutus Collins’ letter more carefully
to see if there’s anything in it they haven’t noticed before. Flora
is doubtful and remarks, “But we’ve read that letter a thousand times”,
but Quentin takes the letter out and starts to study it anyway. As he
is reading it, Melanie suddenly comes in and grabs, it from him, looks
at it briefly and exclaims, “He got much less than he deserved! He
thought he was so powerful, but he found out there are those whose
will’s are just as strong as his, just as you’ll find out, and all
the Collins from now till eternity will find out!” Quentin asks what
she’s talking about. Flora warns, “Quentin. She’s not herself right now”
Quentin tries to question Melanie, but she exclaims, “I’ll never tell
you anything!” and runs. Quentin runs after her and catches her in the
foyer and grabs her and again tries to question her, but she snaps
back to normal.
Gerard and Kendrick have just returned from showing the body to the
police. They have been told that Stella appears to have been dead for
no more that two days. Kendrick moans, “Two days! If I had found her only
two days earlier, she would’ve been alive!” Suddenly, he realizes, “Wait
a minute! If she was alive as recently as two days ago, that means that
everyone at Collinwood, including Melanie, are lying!”
Quentin tells Flora that he’s concluded the only person who knows what
they want to know is Brutus Collins, that they must hold a seance to try
to contact him. He tells her to go get Melanie.
It is 10:54. Quentin, Flora and Melanie are sitting at a table in
the drawing room. The seance starts. Suddenly, Melanie jerks and gives
a cry. She has become possessed by a spirit. She exclaims, “Lottery now!
Lottery now or all will die! Plague! Die! Plague! Die!. She keeps
repeating “Plague! Die!” over and over again…
Episode 1210
Tape Date: February 3, 1971 (ABC #35-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 12, 1971 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin asks Melanie what she means. She tells them the plague will
decimate the village, that carts carrying the dead will roll through
the streets unless they have the lottery. Quentin asks the spirit in
Melanie who she is, but she just replie cryptically “He was cruel.
He killed!” Quentin asks who she is talking about and why must a member
of the family in each generation go into the room, but she does not
answer. Melanie reverts to her normal self. While they are discussing
what happened in the seance, there’s a knock at the door. Melanie goes
to answer. She runs back into the drawing room and exclaims, “It’s the
police! They want to talk to us about Stella’s murder!”
Morgan and Catharine are enjoying married life. They are in the room
discussing their future. Catharine mentions wanting to have children.
Morgan suddenly becomes grim and announces, “That is out of the
question!” He tells her he refuses to have children because he doesn’t
want to put them through the lottery. They have a big argument about
The police have finished their questioning and have left. Melanie
is worried that the police don’t believe their claim that Stella left
suddenly two weeks ago, that they don’t believe Quentin’s claim that
he saw her leave. Quentin tells her not to worry, assuring her that
the police wouldn’t doubt the word of a Collins. But after Melanie
leaves, Quentin tells Flora it’s obvious they weren’t totally convincing
and they can expect more questions from the police.
Catharine, alone in her’s and Morgan’s bedroom, is unpacking her
belongings. In one suitcase, she finds a bundle of old letters. She takes
one, opens it and reads it. It is from Bramwell. In it, he tells her
he’s going leave Collinsport for awhile so that he can make enough money
so he can come back and marry her. He tells her that it will be very
difficult, but that he knows that with her love, anything is possible.
Melanie comes in and apoligizes to her for what happened.
Downstairs in the drawing room, Morgan is trying to talk to Quentin,
but Quentin is engrossed in an old book, trying to find any reference of
the plague in Collinsport. He finds in the book that the plague, which
started with an extremely high fever and got worse from there, had
struck Collinsport in 1680, that it started at Collinwood, four people
dying there, then quickly spread to the village, where so many died that
carts carrying the dead rolled through the streets. The book states that
the plague stopped as suddenly as it started and that the villagers
attributed this to some sort of supernatural occurance. Morgan thinks
this is all very silly and tells Quentin he has something more important
to discuss. He tells him he wants Bramwell and his mother out of the
old house. Quentin remarks “Isn’t it enough you shot him in the duel?”
and refuses to support him in this.
Morgan goes to Catharine in their bedroom. While they are talking,
Morgan finds Bramwell’s old letter, which Catharine had left on the
mantel while she was talking to Melanie. He sees who it is from and
becomes furious. Catharine tells him that it’s an old letter, that he
can verify this by looking at the date. Morgan, however, remains angry,
asking why she brought Bramwell’s old letters, accusing her of still
loving him. She assures him that this isn’t true, that it was her maid
who packed Bramwell’s old letters in her luggage, not her. He throws the
letter into the fireplace and burns it. They get into an argument, but
quickly make up and embrace.
Melanie has a dream. In it, Flora is bemoaning the fact that so much
misfortune has struck the Collins family, asking, “Will it never end?”
Quentin walks into the room. He is carrying a body. It is Melanie. He
tells Flora, “She is dead.” Flora exclaims, “Then you must have her body
burned immediately! She had the plague!” Melanie awakens, screaming.
Quentin, hearing Melanie’s screams, runs into her room and asks her
what’s wrong. She replies, “I’m burning up!” He touches her forehead and
finds that she has an extremely high fever. Flora, who has also heard
Melanie’s screams, comes running into the room. Quentin orders her,
“No! Get out of the room! The plague! It’s back!”
Episode 1211
Tape Date: February 4, 1971 (ABC #36-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 15, 1971 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Julia comes through the front doors into the foyer. Flora sees her
and exclaims, “Julia! Where have you been?!” Julia asks, “What’s
wrong?” Flora tells her, “It’s Melanie. She has the plague!”. Flora
tells Julia she’s going to call a family meeting.
In their bedroom, Morgan tells Catharine that Melanie has the plague
and that the curse is resposible. Catarine is dubious. Julia comes and
tells them Flora has called a family meeting.
Flora, Gabriel, Morgan, Catharine and Julia meet in the drawing room.
Quentin comes in and tells them that the doctor has examined Melanie and
found that she does in fact have the plague, just as they have feared.
Flora announces that, that being the case, they must have the lottery
immediately, tonight. Catharine objects, saying it is all nonsense, but
is voted down. Gabriel asks, “Why don’t we just all leave?” Quentin
tells him that that’s already been tried, but the family that tried to
flee was “chased down” by the curse, how almost all of them had died
of the plague. Flora says, “All right. I’ll go and prepare the six slips
required for the lottery.” Morgan objects, saying he has already decided
that only men will be required to participate in the lottery this time.
Flora tells him that she has a say in this too and insists that women
participate as they always have. A vote is taken. All the women vote
that women should participate too. Quentin and Morgan vote that only men
should participate. Quentin asks Gabiel, “Hurry up. We’re waiting for
you to vote that only men participate.” But when Gabriel finally does
vote, he votes that women participate too. Everyone leaves the room to
let Flora prepare the lottery slips.
Flora takes out a sheet of violet colored paper and cuts it into
six equal slips.
Gabriel goes to the study to get a drink. Morgan follows him there
and angrily accuses him of being a coward, of voting that women
participate to lessen his chances of being chosen. Gabriel counters by
arguing that the only reason that he, Morgan, wants only men to par-
ticipate is so that his wife Catharine won’t be in danger of being
chosen, that if Flora and Aunt Julia were the only women involved, he’d
feel differently.
Flora takes a quill pen, dips it into an ink bottle, and writes a
large “X” on one of the slips. She folds the slips up and puts them in
a large blue vase.
In their room, Morgan asks Catharine to let him stay in the room
instead of her should she be the one chosen. She refuses.
Quentin goes to the study and tells Gabriel if they gave prizes for
cowardice, he’d win. He asks, “How are you going to feel if mother picks
the slip? How are you going to feel when she goes into that room? How
are you going to feel when you know it was your vote that put her there?”
Gabriel replies that he has a feeling it’s not going to be Flora, that
he’s had the premonition that it’s going to be him. He tells Quentin
that, should he be chosen, he’ll go into the room like a man. Quentin
laughs and replies, “Knowing you, I’ll bet we’ll have to drag you in
there kicking and screaming.” Gabriel replies that that’s not the case.
He tells him that the thing he fears most isn’t dying, but ending up
crazy like Justin. He asks Quentin, “If I turn out like that, promise
to killl me!” Quentin replies, “After the way you voted, that won’t
be very hard to do…” Julia comes in and announces that Flora has
prepared the slips and the lottery is ready.
Everyone goes back to the drawing room. Flora holds up the blue vase
and asks, “Who wants to be first?” After a long pause, Quentin says,
“I will”, reaches into the vase and takes out a slip. The rest of them,
in turn, then reach into the vase and take out a slip.
Episode 1212
Tape Date: February 5, 1971 (ABC #37-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 16, 1971 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Everyone stands holding a folded slip. Flora opens her and announces
that it is blank. Quentin opens his and announces that it too is blank.
Julia opens hers. It is blank. Morgan opens his and finds it blank too.
Now only Catharine and Gabriel are left. Catharine opens hers,looks
at it and shows it to Morgan. They embrace. Gabriel, not knowing if
this is an embrace of pity or relief, asks hopefully, “She’s picked it,
hasn’t she.” Morgan looks at him and answers, “No. Open you slip.”
Gabriel refuses and flings it on the floor. Quentin picks it up and
opens it. It bears the “X”. He tells Gabriel he’ll be the one who’ll have
to spend the night in the room. Gabriel exclaims, “No I won’t! You won’t
be able to find me!” and runs off, closing and locking the drawing room
doors behind him. Morgan and Quentin find another key, open the door and
give chase. Catharine announces that she thinks this is all a lot of
superstitious nonsense, and she really fells sorry for Gabriel.
Morgan and Quentin finally catch Gabriel in the woods. He begs them
to let him go, offering to give them his part of the inheritance if they
do, but they refuse and drag him back to Collinwood.
When they get back to Collinwood, they meet Julia in the foyer. She
tells Gabriel, “You should be ashamed of yourself!” Morgan asks, “What
are we to do with him? If let him go, he’ll just run off again. They
decide to lock him in the tower room until the time comes.
Julia goes to Catharine and admonishes her for her dubious attitude
about the curse. She implies that it’s her attitude that has caused the
lottery to be delayed and that she is thus resposible for Melanie’s
condition. Catharine once again voices her views that the belief in
the curse is nonsenes. She tells Julia that she thinks the way they’re
treating Gabriel is cruel, and sarcastically remarks that they might as
well take him out and shoot him to death, that it would be less cruel.
Julia tells Catharine that it almost seems that she thinks that she is
the mistress of Collinwood already and wants to make decisions for
Quentin and Morgan take Gabriel to the tower room and lock him in
there. They go down the the drawing room and tell Flora. She tells them
she wants the key, that she wants to see Gabriel. They tell her they
don’t think that that’s such a good idea, but she insists and they
reluctantly give the key to her. After she leaves, Quentin goes to
pour himself a brandy. Suddenly, he complains of being dizzy.
Flora goes into the tower room and tries to comfort Gabriel. She
tells him he must do his duty. She gives him a book, telling him it was
his father Justin’s favorite book of meditations, that he took it with
him when he spent the night in the room. Gabriel replies, “Fat lot of
good it did him!” He runs to the door, trying to flee, but when he opens
it, he finds Morgan standing outside blocking his way.
Julia goes into the drawing room and finds Quentin lying on the floor.
He gasps, “Julia! Stay away! It’s the plague!”
Morgan and Catharine are in their room. Catharine tells Morgan what
Julia has accused her of. Julia comes in. Morgan angrily tells her, “I
have something I want to talk to you about!”, but Julia replies, “There’s
no time to talk. Quentin has the plague!”
Everyone but Quentin is in the drawing room. The doctor has been
called and found that Quentin does indeed also have the plague. Someone
suggests that they quickly put Gabriel in the room tonight to prevent
this from happening to anyone else, but Flora vetoes the idea, saying
it’s already midnight and far too late for that, that whoever spends the
night in the room must spent the whole night in there. They decide that
Gabriel must be told about Quentin getting the plague.
Julia and Morgan go the the tower room to tell Gabriel about Quentin,
but when they open the door, they are shocked to find that he is not
Episode 1213
Tape Date: February 8, 1971 (ABC #38-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 17, 1971 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Morgan and Julia wonder how Gabriel could’ve escaped. They look
around and find that he has made a rope out of some sheets, tied them
to a curtain, and climbed out a window. Julia says, “Oh, no, we’ll have
to have another lottery and choose someone else!”, but Morgan tells her
that Gabriel couldn’t have gotten far and they have a good chance of
finding him. He tells her he thinks Gabriel might have gone to Bramwell
for help. Julia tells him, “You go to the stables to see if he’s taken
a horse and fled, and I’ll go the the old house to see if he’s there.”
At the old house, Daphne, who’s still there taking care of Bramwell,
hears a horse galloping. She looks out the window and tells Bramwell that
it’s Gabriel going by on a horse, that he has a look of terror on his
face. Not knowing that this is anything important, they start to talk
about other things. Daphne tells Bramwell that she’s surprised to find
that it doesn’t feel much different being an adult than being a child.
Bramwell asks her about her life. He asks her if she has a boyfriend.
She tells him she doesn’t, that it’s not easy to find one in Collinsport,
that all the men leave as soon as they reach adulthood to find a better
living elsewhere, that the ones who do eventually return usually return
with wives. She tells him that she did date Gerard Stiles for a while,
though. Bramwell tells her he doesn’t know who Gerard Stiles is. She
tells him he’s the man who claims to have psychic powers. She tells him
he taught her how to read palms and offers to read his. He gives her his
palm. She tells him she sees great happiness soon. He tells her he
doesn’t believe her. Julia comes in and tells them about Gabriel and
asks if he’s there. Bramwell tells her he isn’t and says, “So Morgan
thought he might have come here for help! Well you can tell him that
had he come here, I would’ve helped him!”
Morgan goes back inside the house and tells Catharine that a horse
is missing, that Gabriel must have taken it. Catharine tells him she
feels sorry for Gabriel, but Morgan just says, “I must go to town and
find him before tonight!” As Morgan is dressing to go, Julia comes in
and tells him that Gabriel is not at the old house, but that Daphne saw
him riding by. Morgan asks, “What’s Daphne doing at the old house?”
When told that she is there taking care of Bramwell, he angrily demands
that she be forced to leave the old house and taken to Collinwood, that
he doesn’t want her at the old house treating Bramwell.
Morgan goes to town and finds Gabriel sitting at a table at the Eagle,
drinking. He tells him he’s come to take him back. Gabriel tells him to
sit down. He tells him he has something to tell him, something that will
surprise him. Morgan sits down. Gabriel tells him that he’s not fleeing,
that if he had wanted to flee, he’d be miles away from here by now. He
tells him that he’s concluded that he can’t run from the curse, that
it’ll follow him wherever he goes. He tells him that he left the Tower
room not to flee, but for one last free day before going into the room,
that he’s ready to go back with him now.
Catharine has brought Daphne back to Collinwood. Catharine tries to
convince Daphne not to see Bramwell anymore. They start to argue. Morgan
returns with Gabriel. Gabriel, quite drunk, asks Daphne, “Why don’t you
give the condemned man a kiss?”, but Morgan drags him into the drawing
room, saying, “Stop making a fool of yourself!” In the drawing room,
Julia, seeing Gabriel, reprimands him for fleeing and tells him that by
doing this, he has caused Quentin to become infected with the plague.
She tells him that should Quentin die, he will be guilty of murder.
The clock strikes 6:00. Morgan tells Gabriel that it’s time to go.
Morgan and Julia escort Gabriel to the room. Morgan unlocks and opens
the door. Gabriel steps inside. Morgan closes and locks the door.
Episode 1214
Tape Date: February 9, 1971 (ABC #39-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 18, 1971 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Morgan and Julia linger outside for awhile, seeing if they can hear
what’s happening inside, but hearing absolutely nothing, they leave.
It is now 7:00. Morgan goes and tells Catharine that he’s quite
surprised by the courage Gabriel showed when he went into the room.
Julia is watching over Melanie. Melanie, delirious, starts to talk
about Brutus Collins. Julia, realizing that she is not Melanie right
now, tries to question her to see what she can learn, but Melanie only
says, cryptically, “No! He’s dead! He killed him!”
Catharine goes to the locked room and starts to try the door, but
Julia comes up from behind her and tells her not to interfere.
Catharine goes outside into the garden and is surprised to find
Bramwell out there. They talk for awhile, but then Morgan comes out,
sees Bramwell and orders him off his property.
Julia is still watching over Melanie. She is sleeping peacefully now.
There’s a knock at the door. Julia answers. It’s Josette. She tells Julia
she’s come to see how Melanie is. Julia tells her, “She seems to be
getting worse. She was delirious a little while ago.” Suddenly, Melanie
awakens, sees Josette and Julia and says, “Cousin Josette! What a
wonderful surprise to see you! And Aunt Julia! What are you doing here?”
They are surprised to find that she is completely well now, with no signs
of having the plague, that she has no memory of what has happened. Julia
asks Josette, “Are you going to be here for awhile?” Josette replies
that she is. Julia leaves, saying she’s got to go see how Quentin is.
Julia goes into the drawing room and excitedly tells Morgan that
both Melanie and Quentin have both miraculously recovered from the
plague now that Gabriel has gone into the room. She wonders what could
be happening in the locked room. Morgan replies, “We’ll know soon. It’s
almost dawn…”
The sun rises. Morgan goes to the locked room, unlocks the doors and
goes inside. He sees a man lying face down on the bed, motionless. He
goes and turn him over and exclaims, “It’s not Gabriel! It’s not
Episode 1215
Tape Date: February 10, 1971 (ABC #40-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 19, 1971 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Morgan tells Flora that the man he found dead in the room was not
Gabriel, but Tim Braithwaite, one of Gabriel’s drinking buddies. He
tells them that he found a check from Gabriel for $1000 on Braithwaite’s
body, that Gabriel had probabably paid him to stay in the room in his
stead. (Apparently the door can be opened from the outside). Melanie
starts to laugh hysterically and exclaims, “But the plague left me and
Quentin! Gabriel was right and we were wrong! It doesn’t have to be a
Collins! They just want a human sacrifice. Anyone will do! What fools
we’ve all been! Justin needn’t have spent the last years of his life
crazy!” Quentin slaps her and brings her back to her senses. She leaves
the room. Quentin and Flora discuss what to do. There’s a knock at the
door. Quentin answers. It’s Carrie Stokes. She tells them that she saw
Gabriel last night. Flora asks when. Carrie tells her it was about half
an hour after sunset. She tells them he gave her a letter to deliver
to them, but told her not to deliver it before sunrise. She gives the
letter to Flora then goes upstairs to see Melanie. Flora reads the letter
aloud. It says, “Greetings from Free Gabriel. I am free! I am free of
the room. I am free of Collinwood. I am free of all of you. I will
never enter Collinwood again. The half hour I spent in that room before
Tim came was a hell I’ll never forget!” Morgan tells Flora, “Then
he saw something! We must find him and find out what he saw! It might
help us end the curse!”, but Flora replies that he’s probably miles away
from here by now and they’ll never find him. Morgan replies, “Maybe we
can. Remember when the McManus girl was missing? Carrie and Gerard Stiles
used their powers to find her. Maybe we can get Carrie to help.” Carrie
walks into the room and says, “I got the feeling Mr. Collins wanted me.”
Morgan tells her what she wants. She is reluctant to try, saying she’s
never done it before without Gerard’s help, but Morgan convinces her to
try, saying there’s no time to go look for Gerard. Carrie gets a vision
of “Trees… A forest… A stream running inot the sea… A rope bridge”.
But the vision suddenly stops. They ask her if she knew where the place
she saw is. She replies that she does not. Morgan rushes out of the room
and comes back with a painting. It shows a rope bridge and is entitled
“The Bridge at Biddleford creek”. Carrie tells him that that’s what she
saw. Flora, puzzled, says, “But that picture was painted before I was
born. That rope bridge isn’t there anymore. It was replaced by a stone
bridge a long time ago.” Morgan tells her he’s going there to search for
Gabriel, but Carrie tells him, “No. He’s not there anymore. I get the
feeling that you won’t have to look for him. He’ll come to you…”
Flora goes to visit Justin’s tomb. She finds his plaque lying on the
floor, broken…
The clock in the foyer strikes 7:00. Melanie comes down the stairs
into the foyer. She shivers and exclaims, “Why is it so cold in here?”
She goes into the drawing room. She sees Justin’s ghost in there. He
tells her, “No rest! They will not let me rest! The lottery must be held
again! They are not satisfied! The lottery must be held again!”
Episode 1216
Tape Date: February 11, 1971 (ABC #41-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 22, 1971 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

The clock in the foyer shows 7:10. Julia and Quentin go into the
drawing room. They find Melanie in there, a look of shock on her face.
Quentin asks her what’s wrong. She replies, “He was in here! He spoke
to me!” They ask her who she’s talking about. She tells them about
seeing Justin’s ghost, and what he said to her. Quentin announces, “We’re
going to have another lottery.”
Quentin, walking through the woods, hears a noise. He calls out, “Who
is it?” but gets no answer.
Carrie is sitting in the cottage, reading. Suddenly, she gets up and
opens the door. Quentin is standing outside. Surprised, he exclaims,
“I was just about to knock!” He comes in and closes the door. Carrie
asks, “Did someone come with you?” Quentin replies, “No”. Carrie tells
him, “Well, there’s someone outside waiting for you. I can feel it.”
Quentin parts the curtains and looks out the window. He tells her she’s
right, someone must have followed him. He tells her he saw someone out
the window, but whoever it was ran when he saw him. He tells her he came
here to ask her some questions. He tells her that when Melanie was sick
and delirious, she kept repeating the name “James Fletcher” over and
over again. He asks her to use her powers to find out who James Fletcher
is. Carrie uses her powers and sees a vision. She tell him, “I see
Collinwood. I see two people approaching the house. The man is James
Fletcher. I don’t know who the woman is. James Fletcher, he is young
and handsome and lives at Collinwood. The woman he is with, he loves
her and she loves him, but she belongs to someone else. They’re walking
arm in arm. They are about to enter the house.” The vision abruptly
stops. Quentin is puzzled. He tells her no one named James Fletcher ever
lived at Collinwood. She tells him she gets the feeling that James
Fletcher is somewhere near Collinwood.
On the way back to Collinwood, Quentin hears a noise again. He turns
and finds Kendrick Young walking behind him. He demands, “All right!
Why are you following me?” Young replies that he wasn’t following him,
that he’s just walking to Collinwood. Quentin asks why. Kendrick replies
that he heard in the village that Melanie was sick and wants to visit
Kendrick finds Melanie in the garden at Collinwood. She tells him
she’s all right now. Julia comes out and finds them kissing. She angrily
tells Melanie to go inside. Melanie refuses, saying she’s old enough to
see whoever she wants. Julia asks to speak to Kendrick privately.
Melanie replies, “All right. I’ll go inside if Kendrick can join me
later.” Julia agrees to this. Melanie goes inside. Julia tries to bribe
Kendrick. She asks him how much money it’ll take for him to agree never
to see Melanie again. Kendrick refuses to agree to this at any price.
Kendrick goes inside. He runs into Quentin in the drawing room.
Quentin remarks, “I don’t care if you come here. Just don’t ask the wrong
questions” and leaves, closing the doors behind him. Kendrick sits in
the drawing room, waiting for Melanie. The secret panel to the right of
the fireplace opens. Gabriel looks out and sees Kendrick. Gabriel comes
out and goes to Kendrick. He raises a knife threateningly. Kendrick
tries to run to the doors, but Gabriel gets there before him and locks
them. He points the knife at Kendrick and says “So you’re back, with
more of your questions! Do you know what’s going to happen to you? The
same thing that happened to your sister!”
Episode 1217
Tape Date: February 12, 1971 (ABC #42-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 23, 1971 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Kendrick manages to kick the knife out of Gabriel’s hand. They fight.
From out in the foyer, Morgan hears first Gabriel’s voice, then the sounds
of a fight. He tries to open the drawing room doors, but finds them
locked. He rushes to get a key. Inside the drawing room, Gabriel manages
to recover his knife and stabs Kendrick. Morgan comes back with a key,
opens the drawing room doors and comes in. He finds Kendrick lying there
wounded. He asks where Gabriel went. Kendrick gasps, “Through the door in
the wall…” Catharine comes and asks what happened. Morgan tells her
that Gabriel stabbed Kendrick, that he appears to be crazy now. He tells
her that Kendrick only has a flesh wound and tells her to take care of
him while he goes and tries to find Gabriel. Catharine calls for Daphne.
Gabriel is wandering through the secret passages. He goes into a room
and finds a portrait of Brutus Collins hanging on the wall. He angrily
exclaims “It’s all your fault! You’re resonsible for everything that’s
happened to this family!” and slashes it with his knife. He then remarks,
“That’s not enough punishment for you, Brutus!” and sets the portrait on
fire. Morgan, searching the secret passages, walks by the room and hears
sounds inside. Opening the door and going in, he sees the portrait
burning and quickly tears down some curtains and starts to smother the
flames. While he is busy doing this, Gabriel runs out of the room and
locks Morgan inside.
Catharine and Daphne are in the drawing room. Kendrick has been taken
to a bedroom. Daphne tells Catharine that now that Kendrick has been
treated, she’s going to go back to the old house to take care of
Bramwell. Catharine tells her not to return to the old house. They get
into an argument. Eventually, Catharine, unable to convince Daphne,
runs from the room in tears. Gabriel comes out of the secret panel and
threatens Daphne with the knife but runs off when Bramwell comes into
the room. Catharine comes back in and asks what happened. Daphne tells
Kendrick, his wounded treated and bandaged, is walking through the
woods on his way out of Colllinwood. Gabriel, hiding behind some trees,
hears him coming and raises his knife, preparing to ambush him. But when
Kendrick comes by, a change seems to come over Gabriel. He lets Kendrick
pass then asks himself, “What was I about to do?”
Catharine releases Morgan from the room in the secret passage.
Daphne returns to the old house. Bramwell is already there. They
talk. Bramwell asks, “Daphne, do you love me?”
Catharine is talking with Morgan in the drawing room. Unable to
convince Daphne not to return to the old house, they have let her go,
sending a servant to accompany her in view of the danger of having a
crazed Gabriel out there somewhere.
The clock in the foyer shows 12:30. Catharine is sitting in the
drawing room alone. There’s a knock at the front doors. She gets up and
answers it. It is Daphne. Catharine starts to reprimand her for coming
here alone with Gabriel lurking out there somewhere, but Daphne tells
her, “I had to come. I have something important I’ve got to tell you.
Catharine, I’m going to marry Bramwell.” Catharine exclaims, “NO!”
and runs from the house.
Bramwell is at the old house, drinking a snifter of brandy. Catharine
comes in. Bramwell remarks,”So you’ve come. I knew you would. But you’re
not going to be able to stop this marriage, any more than I was able to
stop yours!”
Episode 1218
Tape Date: February 17, 1971 (ABC #43-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 24, 1971 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Catharine tells Bramwell, “You don’t really love Daphne. You’re
marrying her to spite me!” and asks him not to go through with it.
He denies her accusation and refuses.
It is 12:50. Carrie, who’s been visiting Melanie upstairs in her room,
comes downstairs and finds Daphne in the drawing room. Carrie abruptly
says, “Something’s bothering you. They don’t want you to do it.” Daphne
asks her what she means, but Carrie replies that she doesn’t know, she
just gets these “feelings” sometimes. Catharine returns. She says to
Carrie “Good night, Carrie” in a tone of voice that indicates that she
wants to talk to Daphne alone. Getting the message, Carrie says “Good
night” and leaves. Catharine annoucnes, “I will do everything in my
power to stop you from marrying Bramwell Collins!” They get into an
argument. Catharine tells Daphne that Bramwell doesn’t love her, that
he’s only marrying her to get back at her, Catharine. Daphne tells her
she doesn’t believe this and accuses Catharine of being upset because
she still loves Bramwell. Catharine denies this.
At the old house, Josette tells Barnabas she doesn’t think it would
be wise for him to marry Daphne. Daphne returns. She tells Bramwell that
Catharine’s reaction wasn’t what she hoped it would be. Josette tells
Daphne she thinks she should take some time to think this over and
leaves. Daphne tells Bramwell, “You know, Bramwell, you’ve never told
me that you love me.” Bramwell angrily asks, “It was Catharine who put
this doubt into your mind, wasn’t it?” Daphne asks, “Why do you show
so much emotion when you talk about her, Bramwell? You still love her,
don’t you?” Bramwell denies this, saying the only emotion he feels about
Catharine is anger. He tells Daphne, “I love you.”, but she tells him
she’s going to have time to think about whether she want to go on with
the marriage or not.
Josette goes to Collinwood to talk to Catharine. She tells Catharine
that she too is opposed to the marriage, but tells her that she should not
have reacted the way she did, that that’s exactly the reaction Bramwell
wanted to get from her. She tells her that there’s still a chance that
Daphne and Bramwell won’t marry.
Daphne goes to the cottage to visit Carrie. She tells her that she’s
heard about her powers and wants her to tell her what lies in her future.
Carrie agrees to try. She gets a vision. She tells Daphne, “I see
Bramwell. He has a very sad look on his face. He is standing in a
cemetary looking at a grave. I can’t see whose it is, he’s standing
in the way.” In the vision, Bramwell moves, revealing the headstone.
It reads, “Daphne Harridge Collins. Born 1818, Died 1841.”
Episode 1219
Tape Date: February 18, 1971 (ABC #44-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 25, 1971 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

This episode has been lost, but the script survives. The Sci-Fi Channel
gave a synopsis:
Bramwell announces that he and Daphne have been married.
Catharine faints. A doctor is called.
Catharine tells Morgan that the doctor said nothing was wrong with
her. She tells him that the fainting was probably causes by stress, by
Daphne’s marriage and fear of another lottery.
Catharine goes to the old house and tells Bramwell that she is
pregnant – by him.
Episode 1220
Tape Date: February 15, 1971 (ABC #45-DRK-71)
Air Date: February 26, 1971 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Bramwell, shocked, tells Catharine he’ll take her away, that they’ll
go to Paris or somewhere and live together, but she refuses, saying she’s
going to lie to Morgan that the child is Morgan’s.
At Collinwood, Morgan tells a surprised Flora that Bramwell and Daphne
have been married. She remarks, “We must give them a wedding gift”.
Quentin returns. He tells them that he has had no luck in finding
Gabriel. He tells them he has searched everywhere, that he went to the
police station to see if a body matching his description might have been
found but found that none had. He tells them Kendrick Young was at the
police station, still trying to get them to investigate his sister’s
death, but without success, the police refusing to take the word of a
stranger over the word of the Collins. Morgan remarks, “Where could he
be? Someone’s got to have seen him. He’s got to eat and sleep!” Quentin
replies, “Not if he’s dead…” Flora tells them, “We must have another
lottery.” Julia asks, “Tonight?” Flora replies, “No. We can’t wait till
then. I have a feeling that this is urgent. We must have the lottery
this afternoon. Julia remarks, “If only we had some clue as to what
Gabriel saw in that room…” Morgan remarks, “Maybe there’s a way to
out.” He recounts to them how Carrie had shown him a letter she had
found in the basement addressed to James Fletcher signed only “A”,
how the letter had burst into flames while he was trying to read it,
how Carrie said a spirit had joined them and caused this. He suggests that
if there was one letter to James Fletcher in the basement, there might
be more papers that might tell them more about him. Flora tells them
they’d better hurry, that they are to meet back here at 3:00 for the
lottery whether they find anything or not.
At the old house, Catherine tells Bramwell she’d better leave, that
a family meeting had been announced and she’s probably late for it
already, that she thinks they are going to have another lottery. Bramwell
asks if she intends to participate now that she’s pregnant. She shocks
him by telling him she does.
Morgan and Quentin search through the basement. At first, they do not
find much, only old dance bills and other junk, but finally they find
a ledger of James Fletcher’s dated 1679. They go through it and find
that it doesn’t contain much information useful to them, mostly just
figures for profits and losses, but that it does contain an occasional
marginal comment. One of them mentions being “in league with Brutus
Collins”. They leaf through the pages and find sandwiched in the book
another letter to James Fletcher signed only “A”. They read the letter
but find the contents cryptic and incomprehensible. They wonder who “A”
might be. They notice that several of the entries in the ledger are
to someone named “Amanda”. They wonder if this could be “A”, and whether
it could be Brutus Collin’s wife, who was named Amanda.
Catharine returns to Collinwood and finds Julia alone in the drawing
room. Julia tells her she has missed the family meeting, that it was
decided to have another lottery. She asks, “I heard that you fainted and
a doctor was here. What did he say?” Catharine lies to her that the
doctor had said it was only stress. Julia tells her she does not believe
her, that she’s known her since she was a little girl and knows that
she’s too strong to have fainted just because of stress. She demands to
be told the truth. Catharine insists that what she told her IS the truth.
In the foyer, Morgan and Quentin tell Flora they found a journal
belonging to James Flether, but that it didn’t tell them anything about
the curse.
It is 3:00. Morgan, Quentin, Julia and Catharine are in the drawing
room. Flora comes in carring the blue vase. She tells them she has
prepared the lottery slips. Everyone draws a slip from the vase. Flora
opens hers and announces,”It is blank” . Quentin opens his and says,
“Blank”. Julia opens her and says, “Blank” too. Catharine opens hers.
She says nothing. Morgan opens his, looks at it then turns to Catharine
and says, “Oh no, Catharine, it’s you…” She replies, “Yes. I have
drawn the ‘X’!”

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