September 1966

Episode 49
Tape Date: August 18, 1966
Air Date: September 1, 1966 Thursday
Writer: Art Wallace
Director: John Sedwick

Maggie Evans is talking to her father Sam from the telephone booth
in the diner. Sam asks Maggie if she’s seen Bill Malloy. Maggie tells
him she hasn’t. She exits the telephone booth and finds that Burke
Devlin has come into the diner. He orders a breakfast of orange juice,
scrambled eggs and coffee. He asks, “Seen Bill Malloy?” Maggie replies,
“What is it with Bill Malloy? You’re the third person who’s asked about
him this morninng!” Burke asks who the other two were. Maggie tells him
Carolyn and her father Sam had also asked about Malloy. Joe Haskell
comes in and orders a donut and a cup of black coffee. He too asks
Maggie if she’s seen Bill Malloy. Maggie remarks, “You too? Everyone
seems to be looking for Bill this morning.” Joe asks, “Who else has
been looking for him?” Burke comes up to the counter and says, “I have.”
He asks Joe why he’s looking for Malloy. He asks if Roger told him to
do it. Carolyn comes in and Burke leaves.
At the Evan’s cottage, Sam is pouring himself a cup of coffee. Burke
comes. He asks Sam, “What happened to Bill Malloy?” Sam replies, “How
should I know? I’m as troubled about his disappearance as you are.”
Burke retorts, “Troubled or relieved? His disappearance took you off
the hook, didn’t it?” Sam asks, “If he really knew something, why didn’t
he show up?” Burke muses, “Maybe someone stopped him.” Sam says, “Or
maybe he realized he had been wrong.”
At the diner, Joe, Carolyn and Maggie aree talking about Bill
Malloy’s disappearance. Joe and Carolyn start to argue about her having
had lunch with Burke Devlin in Bangor. Maggie suddenly asks Carolyn,
“You had lunch with Burke Devlin? Did he say anything about my father?”
and leaves.
Sam pours himself a drink. Burke remarks, “That won’t help. That
won’t help at all.” He continues to press Sam about what he knows about
Bill Malloy’s disappearance, saying “You and Roger Collins are the only
one who would benefit.” Sam blurts out, “I’m just as worried about Bill
as you are. He was one of Collinsport’s finest citizens!” Burke asks,
“WAS? What do you mean WAS? You know something happened to him, don’t
you?” Burke is VERY suspicious, but before he can continue questioning
Sam, Maggie comes in. Burke leaves.
Carolyn and Joe return to Collinwood. They make up and kiss. There’s
a knock at the door. Carolyn answers. It’s Burke. He tells her, “I want
to see your uncle!” Carolyn goes upstairs to get him, but doesn’t find
him and comes back down and tells Burke he isn’t home. She tells him to
try the office, but he tells her he already did and they told him he
wasn’t there. Carolyn asks, “Is this about Bill Malloy?” Burke replies
that it is. Carolyn asks, “Do you know where he is?” Burke replies
cryptically, “No, but I know how he got there.”
Maggie tells Sam that in addition to him, Burke Devlin was also
looking for Bill Malloy, and thought Roger might be too. She asks him
how he’s tied up in all this, but he refuses to tell her. Unable to get
anything, she remarks exasperatedly, “Oh, where are we all headed, Pop?”
and leaves. Sam angrily grabs a tube of paint and hurls it at a sketch
of Burke, leaving a streak of paint over it and exclaims, “Death, Maggie.
That’s where we’re all headed…”
Episode 50
Tape Date: August 19, 1966
Air Date: September 2, 1966 Friday
Writer: Art Wallace
Director: John Sedwick

It is night. Vicky decides to take a walk to get some fresh air. She
is surprised to find Carolyn at Widow’s Hill. Carolyn tells her she came
here to think. They talk. Carolyn tells Vicky, “Mother’s very upset
about Bill Malloy’s disappearance. She’s known him for over 25 years,
not only as a business associate, but as a friend…”
At Collinwood, David comes downstairs and tells Elizabeth that there
are ghosts in his room, but she tells him she’s busy and tells him not
to bother her now. He exclaims, “NOBODY CARES ABOUT ME!” and runs
upstairs. Carolyn and Vicky return. Elizabeth changes her mind, says
“I’d better go see David.” and goes upstairs.
Elizabeth comes back downstairs. Asked what was wrong with David, she
replies, “Oh, nothing. He just wanted a little attention, that’s all.”
She paces around, obviously worried, then calls the office but gets no
answer. Carolyn tries to get her mind off Bill Malloy and says, “Mother.
Vicky and I were talking about ghosts. Why don’t we tell her about the
legend about the three ghosts?” Elizabeth gets very upset and tells her
she doesn’t want to talk about that. Carolyn, upset that she has
unintentionally upset her mother even more, says, “This just isn’t my
night, is it?” and leaves. Elizabeth calms down and tells Vicky, “I
shouldn’t have gotten upset.” She explains, “Two people have leapt to
their deaths from Widow’s hill. The legend states that a third will
join them. I got upset because that’s not the sort of thing I want to
think about tonight.” Roger comes in through the front door. Vicky
says “Goodnight” and goes upstairs. Elizabeth tells Roger she wants to
talk to him, but he leaves to go the the kitchen, saying he hasn’t had
dinner yet and is going to get a sandwich. Elizabeth goes into the
drawing room, sits down and waits.
Vicky goes into her room. She is shocked to find the word “DEATH”
written on her mirror in capital letters. She gets David, drags him to
her room, shows him the mirror and asks, “Why did you do that?” David
denies that he did. Carolyn, hearing the noise, comes in and asks,
“What’s going on in here?” David again denies that he wrote on the
mirror, saying, “The Widows did it.” Vicky remarks, “Well, they must
have the same handwriting as you. How do you expain that?” She tells
him, “Wipe it off or I’ll tell your Aunt Elizabeth.” He does and runs
off. Carolyn asks Vicky, “Have you seen my watch? I’ve lost it. The
strap must’ve broken. I’ve got to go look for it.” Vicky asks, “Why
not wait till morning?” Carolyn explains, “Because if I lost it outside,
the night sea are will ruin it.” She asks, “Could you come with me?”
In the drawing room, Roger is ravenously eating a cold chicken
sandwich, washing it down with a glass of milk. Elizabeth tells him,
“I thought I told you I wanted to talk to you. Where have you been?”
He replies, “I’ve been looking for Bill Malloy. I went to his cousin’s
house, but he wasn’t there either and they said they haven’t heard from
him in days.” Elizabeth asks, “Why didn’t you call me and tell me?”
He replies, “I must’ve forgotten.” She asks, “And did you forget Bill
Malloy came here to see you last night? You told me you last saw him
in the afternoon yesterday. What did you talk about?” Roger asks,
“How did you find out?” Elizabeth replies that Vicky saw them and told
her. Roger asks, “And did she hear what we were talking about?”
Elizabeth replies, “Only something about a meeting, that’s all.” Roger
lies, “Yes. It was about a meeting. You probably know that Bill Malloy
and I have been having some differences lately about how the business
should be run. He wanted me to meet him at the office to go over the
books.” Carolyn comes into the room and tells them she’s going out to
look for her watch.
Vicky and Carolyn leave. Elizabeth, going upstairs, finds David
spying from behing the railing on the landing. He asks, “Where’s Miss
Winters going at this time of night?” Elizabeth replies, “She going to
help Carolyn find her watch.” David remarks, “That’s not what she’s
going to find. She’s going to find death!”
Vicky and Carolyn are at Widow’s Hill. Vicky is screaming. The
camera pans to the base of Widow’s Hill and shows why she is screaming.
Down in the shallow water at the base of the cliff is a dead body,
slowly moving to and fro with the waves….
Episode 51
Tape Date: August 22, 1966
Air Date: September 5, 1966 Monday
Writer: Francis Swann
Director: John Sedwick

Elizabeth tells Roger she’s worried about Bill Malloy. Roger tells
her not to, saying “He probable has a valid reason for being away.”
Carolyn and Vicky come running into the room. Carolyn tells them about
the body they saw. Roger asks if they saw who it was. Carolyn tells
him, “You didn’t think we climbed down to take a good look, do you?”
Elizabeth asks Roger to go and look. Roger refuses, saying “Why don’t
you call Matthew? Isn’t that what he’s here for?” Elizabeth calls
Matthew Morgan. She tells Vicky and Carolyn it was probably just a
rock, but Vicky protests, “But it was moving with the waves!” Roger
says, “Then maybe it was a clump of seaweed.” Vicky theorizes, “Maybe
it was one of David’s tricks.”
Matthew Morgan goes to Widow’s Hill, looks down, then starts to
climb down the cliff.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Vicky and Carolyn continue to
talk about the dead man they thought they saw. Roger remarks, “Are you
sure it wasn’t a woman? Two women have already died there. The first,
a young bride who either fell or was pushed, the second a governess.
The legend states that there’s going to be a third woman.” Carolyn tells
Vicky she’s going to have trouble sleeping tonight and asks Vicky if
she can sleep with her. Vicky replies, “Sure.” They go for some cocoa
before going to bed. Roger and Elizabeth talk about what Carolyn and
Vicky thought they saw. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Matthew.
He tells them he investigated and found nothing. Carolyn and Vicky are
shocked. Carolyn asks, “Are you positive?!” Matthew replies that he
is. After Matthew leaves, Elizabeth tells Roger she’d like to speak to
him alone.
In the drawing room, Elizabeth tells Roger she thinks Matthew was
acting strangely and wants to question him further. She leaves.
Roger telephones Sam Evans and asks him, “Any word from Bill Malloy?”
Evans replies, “No.”
Elizabeth goes to Matthew’s cottage. She questions him about what
he saw and finds that he was shaken because he saw something that he
at first thought WAS a body, that he was afraid it was Bill Malloy,
that he had expected to find Bill Malloy down there, that he was
afraid that something had happened to him because it’s so against his
nature to just leave without telling anyone. She asks him, “Why don’t
you show me what you did find so I can put Carolyn’s mind at ease?”
Vicky and Carolyn decide to go to Widow’s Hill again to have another
look. Afraid to go alone, they try to convince Roger to come with them.
Matthew and Elizabeth are at Widow’s Hill. Elizabeth looks over and
gasps, but then looks again and lets out a sigh of relief. Matthew
asks, “See what I mean? It does look like a body at first, doesn’t
Vicky and Carolyn are still trying to get Roger to come with them.
Elizabeth comes in, hears them and announces, “There’s no need for
you to go. I just went to take a look with Matthew. Roger was right.
It was just a clump of seaweed.” Roger remarks to Vicky, “Better not
tell David about any of this.” Vicky replies, “Yes. He already has
death on his mind too much.” She tells them of David claiming to have
seen in his crystal ball that Bill Malloy was dead, that Roger had
killed him…
Episode 52
Tape Date: August 23, 1966
Air Date: September 6, 1966 Tuesday
Writer: Francis Swann
Director: John Sedwick

In Vicky’s room, Vicky and Carolyn prepare for bed. Carolyn thinks
she hears a noise.
At the Evan’s cottage, Maggie comes into the living room and asks
Sam what he’s doing awake at 1:00 in the morning. Sam replies, “I have
too much on my mind. I’m worried about Bill Malloy. There are evil
forces at work at Collinwood.” He tells her he’s not worried about
herself, though, because he has a safeguard – the letter he gave her.
He asks her, “You did put it in a safe place, didn’t you?” Maggie
replies, “Yes, the safest. It’s in the safe at the Inn.”
Carolyn tells Vicky, “I heard it again! I think it’s coming from the
drawing room.” A few seconds later, both she and Vicky hear the sound.
Vicky tells her, “It’s probably just David.”but when she goes and looks
in his room, she finds that he is sound asleep.
At the Evan’s Cottage, Maggie tries to convince Sam to go to bed, but
he convinces her to go to bed instead. Sam then makes a call to
At Collinwood, Vicky and Carolyn are awakened by the phone ringing.
Vicky goes to answer it. Carolyn decides to go with her.
Carolyn picks up the phone in the foyer. Sam whispers, “Collins?”,
but when Vicky asks, “Who is it?” Sam hangs up. Vicky and Carolyn hear
the banging sound coming from the drawing room. They find the window
open and a book lying open on the floor. Vicky picks up the book and
drops it from about waist height. It makes a sound just like the one
they heard. At first they conclude that it must’ve been the book falling
off the table, blown off by the wind from the open window, that caused
the sound, but then realize that the book, which is a large and heavy
one, was some distance from the table, too far to have been blown there
by the wind. They try to think of a logical reason but are unable to.
Carolyn concludes, “Maybe it was ghosts!” Frightened, they leave to go
to Vicky’s room and lock the door. After they leave, the book, which
they have left on a table, opens by itself to a page on which is a
drawing of a woman with the caption, “Josette Collins, Born 1810,
Died 1834.”*
Maggie, having heard Sam place the call, comes out and asks, “Why
did you telephone Roger Collins?” He lies to her, “I wanted to talk
to him about Burke Devlin’s portrait. He’s been trying to try to
convince me to stop.” Maggie asks why Roger would want him to stop the
portrait. Sam replies, “Because he knows a portrait would take time
and doesn’t Burke to stay in Collinsport that long.” Maggie, not
believing him, tells him, “Pop, you’re a terrible liar.” Sam admits,
“Yes, I am,” but refuses to tell her the truth.
Now back safely in Vicky’s room, Carolyn asks, “Who called?”
Vicky tells her, “I don’t know. He just whispered ‘Collins’? then
hung up.” They wonder if it might have been Bill Malloy, and why he
would’ve just said “Collins?” and hung up if it was. Vicky theorizes,
“You know, this strikes me as something someone who was drunk might
do, you know, call someone, forget what he called about and hang up?”
At the Evans Cottage, Sam tells Maggie, “I’d like to tell you, but
I can’t”. Maggie asks Sam, “You won’t tell me what this is all about,
but you did write it in that letter, didn’t you?” Sam admits that he
did. Maggie tells him, “Well, I’ll just have to go and read what that
letter says.” Sam grabs her and shouts, “NO! SWEAR YOU WON’T DO THAT!”.
She swears she won’t.

*This is very different from what is eventually shown, where she
dies in 1796.
Episode 53
Tape Date: August 24, 1966
Air Date: September 7, 1966 Wednesday
Writer: Francis Swann
Director: John Sedwick

It is the next morning. Vicky is in the kitchen with David giving
him his breakfast. David asks, “What happened last night? I heard you
screaming and looked out the window and saw you and Carolyn
running toward the house.” Vicky lies that nothing happened and
refuses to answer him when he asks, “Then why did you scream?”, telling
him, “Why don’t you look in your crystal ball?” He tells her, “I
already have. It told me that someone in Collinsport is going to
kill you. You know, Miss Winters, when you die, I’m not even going to
attend your funeral!” Vickly asks him why he doesn’t like her. He
tells her it’s because she’s come to replace his mother. Vicky
assures him that she hasn’t, that she’s only come to tutor him.
Elizabeth comes into the kitchen and asks Vicky if she’s seen Matthew
this morning. Vicky replies that she’s hasn’t and asks, “Do you want
me to call him?” Elizabeth replies, “No. I’ll walk down to his cottage
and get him myself.” David asks Elizabeth what happened last night.
Elizabeth lies, “Nothing.” and leaves for Matthew’s cottage.
There’s a knock at the door. Vicky asks David to go answer it.
It’s Joe Haskell. David tells him Carolyn is still asleep. He asks,
“How about Mrs. Stoddard?” David tells him she’s not home but will
be back in a few minutes. Joe tells him he’ll wait. Vicky comes into
the room and tells Joe she’d like to talk to him. They go into the
drawing room. Outside, David eavesdrops. Vicky tells Joe about what
happened last night, about finding what looked like a body, about
Matthew Morgan investigating and finding it was only a clump of
seaweed. Joe asks what they were doing out there that time of night.
Vicky tells him they were looking for Carolyn’s watch. Elizabeth comes
in through the front doors and catches David eavesdropping and sends
him upstairs. Elizabeth asks to talk to Joe. Vicky leaves. Elizabeth
asks Joe if there’s any word on Bill Malloy yet. Joe replies that he
still hasn’t shown up. Elizabeth calls the office to talk to Roger,
but finds he hasn’t come in yet either. Joe leaves. Elizabeth calls
the sheriff and tells him, “I’m worried about Bill Malloy…”
Vicky is giving David his geography lesson. David asks Vicky, “Who
was that body last night?” Vicky exclaims, “Hey! You were eavesdropping
on me and Joe! Well, if you had been listening carefully, you would’ve
heard it was a clump of seaweed.”
Elizabeth asks the sheriff to check the hospitals for Bill Malloy.
There’s a knock at the door. It’s Joe. He hands her Carolyn’s watch,
saying he found it less than 100 feet from the house. After Joe leaves,
Elizabeth calls the office again but finds that Roger still isn’t in
Vicky tries to get David to concentrate on his lessons, but David
keeps dwelling on the “dead man”. Vicky exasperatedly tells him, “I
told you, there was no dead body!”, but David continues to speculate,
“I bet it was Bill Malloy!”
Matthew comes to Collinwood and to Elizabeth. He tells her, “I saw
that note you left for me, ma’am.” Elizabeth asks him where he’s been.
Matthew replies, “Mr. Collins wanted me to walk all around the
property with him to make sure the ladies didn’t see what they thought
they saw.” Elizabeth asks, “Did you find anything?” He replies that
they didn’t.
Vicky tries to convince David that there was no body, but David
tells her that he’s already seen in his crystal ball that it’s Bill
Malloy and that his father killed him, that he saw Bill Malloy standing
there and his father coming up and pushing him off the cliff.
Elizabeth, still thinking Matthew is acting strangely, continues to
press him on what he saw. She tells him, “I noticed you chose your
words very carefully last night. You said, ‘I walke from one end of the
property to the other. On my way back, I saw nothing at Widow’s Hill.’
Does that mean you saw something the first time you passed?”
Matthew, who apparently will twist the truth to Elizabeth but not lie
to her, admits that he did indeed find a body but pushed it back out
to sea. Elizabeth asks him if he recognized who it was. Matthew replies,
“Yes. It was Bill Malloy.” Elizabeth asks him why he lied. Matthew
replies, “I thought it would be best that way…” Elizabeth telephones
the sheriff and tells him, “There’s no need to continue searching for
Bill Malloy. I know where he is.”
Episode 54
Tape Date: August 25, 1966
Air Date: August 8, 1966 Thursday
Writer: Francis Swann
Director: Lela Swift

Need summary for this episode…
Episode 55
Tape Date: August 26, 1966
Air Date: September 9, 1966 Friday
Writer: Francis Swann
Director: Lela Swift


Roger returns to Collinwood and finds Elizabeth and Sheriff
Patterson in the foyer. Elizabeth tells him that Bill Malloy is
dead. The Sheriff tells them he’d like to ask them a few questions.
Elizabeth tells Roger about Matthew’s admission.
Sam goes to the diner. Maggie asks him, “What are you doing here?
Don’t you have a sitting with Burke Devlin?” Sam explains that Burke
and cancelled this morning’s sitting. He asks, “Any word about Bill
Malloy?” Maggie replies, “No. That’s what everyone’s been asking.”
The sheriff mentions that when Bill Malloy’s body is found, they’ll
have an autopsy to tell what happened to him. Roger asks, “Why? Isn’t
it obvious that he drowned? If a man fell off a twelve story building,
would you have an autopsy to determine how he died?” The sheriff
replies, “Yes. Maybe he was shot before falling off the building…”
At the diner, Sam asks Maggie about the letter he gave her. He tells
her he’s changed his mind about it. He tells her that it’s good enough
for the person he’s told about the letter thinks it exists. He asks
her to go to the clerk and get it from the hotel safe and give it back
to him. She once again asks him what’s this all about. He again refuses
to tell her. She refuses to get the letter for him.
The sheriff questions Roger. He asks him when he last saw Bill
Malloy. Roger replies, “10:00 on the night he died.” Patterson asks,
“Did he seem normal to you?” Roger replies that he did. The sheriff
remarks, “Then you’re the last person to have see Bill Malloy alive.”
Elizabeth interrupts, “No. His housekeeper saw him at 10:30 that
evening. She said he received a telephone call then.” The sheriff
asks, “Do you know who from?” Elizabeth replies,”No.” Roger explains,
“I was supposed to meet Malloy in my office for a meeting at 11:00.
Bill never showed, so I left and went home.” The sheriff asks, “Anyone
who can confirm this?” Roger replies, “Yes. Sam Evans and Burke Devlin
were there too. Malloy apparently told each of us to come to the
meeting, that he had something important to tell us, but none of us
knew what it was.” Elizabeth tells the sheriff, “Bill might have looked
normal to Roger, but I saw him here earlier that day, and he was
clearly upset. He told me he had something important he had to come to
a decision about.” The sheriff says, “Maybe he made that decision.
We can’t rule out the possibility of suicide…”
Burke calls down to the diner to order food and coffee. He asks
Maggie if there’s any word about Bill Malloy too. Maggie tells Sam,
“Burke must be busy. He ordered food to be sent up.”
The sheriff asks if Bill Malloy had a drinking problem, saying it’s
possible that he was drunk, slipped and fell of the cliff. Elizabeth
replies that he didn’t. After the sheriff leaves, Elizabeth asks Roger,
“How much of what you told the sheriff was true?” She tells him she
doesn’t trust him because he’s already lied to her about the meeting,
that earlier, he had told her it was to be between him and Malloy
alone and that it was to be about some busines disagreement. She adds
that Malloy had earlier told her that he had information that could
clear Devlin, that that was what the meeting must have been about.
Roger tells her he lied to her because he didn’t want to worry her.
He assures her that any information Malloy must have had must have
been wrong. She tells him, “I believe you. I have to…”
The sheriff comes into the diner and orders a cup of coffee and a
donut. He remarks to Sam, “Heard you were doing a portrait of Burke
Devlin.” Sam asks, “How did you know?” The sheriff replies, “Word gets
around.” The phone in the booth rings. Maggie answers. She tells the
sheriff, “Someone looking for you.” The sheriff goes into the booth
and closes the door. Sam, apparently not wanting to talk to the
sheriff, tells Maggie, “I’ve got to leave.” But before he can leave,
the sheriff comes out of the telephone booth and tells Maggie, “Sorry,
you’ll have to cancel that donut and coffee. I’ve got to leave. The
coast guard’s just found Bill Malloy’s body. He’s dead.” and leaves.

Note: This was the last episode taped at ABC TV-2
There was no taping from August 29, 1966 – September 2, 1966
while the show was being moved to the new, permanent studio, ABC TV-16…
Episode 56
Tape Date: September 5, 1966
Air Date: September 12, 1966 Monday
Writer: Art Wallace
Director: Lela Swift

It is noon. Carolyn finally wakes up and comes downstairs.
She finds Elizabeth in the drawing room and apoligizes for sleeping
so late. Elizabeth replies, “That’s all right. You had quite a night
last night.” Carolyn laughs and says, “And it turned out to be nothing
more that a clump of seaweed.” Elizabeth tells her, “No. It really
was a dead body. It was…”. But before she can break the news about
who it was to her, the phone rings and Carolyn answers. When she hangs
up, she tells Elizabeth, “That was the sheriff. He told me to tell you
they’ve found Bill Malloy’s body. Is that who it was?” She is
heartbroken. She asks, “Why did Matthew say he didn’t find anything?”
Elizabeth explains how Matthew had pushed the body back into the ocean
and lied about it, that he thought he was helping her by keeping
publicity about this away. Elizabeth calls Roger at the office, but
finds he isn’t there.
Roger walks into the Blue Whale. Seeing Sam, he remarks, “I thought
I’d find you here.” Sam tells Roger, “I’ve got something to tell you
about Bill Malloy…”
Carolyn goes to Vicky’s room. Vicky is busy making her bed. Carolyn
starts crying. Vicky asks what’s wrong. Carolyn tells her about Bill
At the Blue Whale, Roger, having been told about Bill Malloy by
Sam, calls the sheriff and confirms the story. Sam asks him, “You
didn’t tell the sheriff about the meeting, did you?” Roger replies
that he did. Sam asks, “Are you crazy?” Roger explains, “I had to.
What if I had said nothing about it and the sheriff learned about it
from Burke Devlin? How would that look?”
Carolyn muses philosophically about how ephemeral life is, how
one day you’re here, the next you’re not, remarking, “I guess it
just goes to show you, you’d bette do what you want while you can..”
Elizabeth comes into the room. Vicky tells her that Carolyn’s just
told her about Bill Malloy. Elizabeth asks Carolyn, “Could you do me
a favor? Could you go into town and find Roger? I think he should
be told about Bill Malloy.” Vicky, taking Carolyn’s words to heart,
decides to have dinner with the Evanses tonight.
Sam tells Roger, “We can’t keep on with these lies. It’s lie after
lie, a whole pyramid of lies.” Roger replies that they’ve got to, that
it would mean prison for both of them otherwise. He tells Sam,”You’ve
got to tell the sheriff what I’ve told him, that you had no idea what
the meeting was to be about.” Sam asks, “What will we do when Burke
tells him it was to clear him?” Roger replies, “We’ll say he’s lying
to make trouble for me. It’s his word against ours.”
Vicky asks Carolyn for a lift into town. She asks, “Do you know
anything about Sam Evans?”, telling her that she’s been invited by
his daughter Maggie to have dinner at their house. She tells her
that Roger became quite upset when he learned about this. She asks,
“Why? Does Sam Evans know something about my past Roger doesn’t
want me to know?” Carolyn replies, “All I know about Sam Evans is that
he’s an artist who drinks too much.”
Roger returns and runs into Elizabeth in the foyer. She asks him,
“Have you heard about Bill Malloy?” He replies, “Yes.” Vicky and
Carolyn come out of the drawing room. Roger asks Elizabeth, “Don’t
you think it would be a good idea to close the plant for the rest of
the day?” Elizabeth agrees it would be a good idea and goes into the
drawing room to call the plant. Carolyn sees Roger and remarks,
“Well, I guess I won’t need to go into town.” She gives her car keys
to Vicky and tells her, “Here. You can borrow my car.” Vicky takes
them and leaves the room. Roger asks, “Where’s she going?” Carolyn
replies, “To have dinner with Sam and Maggie Evans. Why? Do you care?”
Roger replies, “Of course not. I hardly know the man.”


Episode 57
Tape Date: September 6, 1966
Air Date: September 13, 1966 Tuesday
Writer: Art Wallace
Director: Lela Swift

At the Inn, Burke Devlin finally comes out of his room and comes
down to the diner for a cup of coffee. Maggie remarks, “Been busy with
a lot of work, huh?” Burke replies, “Yes. It’s better to keep busy than
to keep stewing about a missing man. You know, it was Bill Malloy who
gave me my first job. When he gets back, I’m going to buy him the
biggest, best meal he’s ever had!” Maggie tells him the bad news,
that Malloy’s dead, that his body’s been found in the ocean. Burke
phones the sheriff’s office to find out the details, but no one who
knows anything is in. After talking to Maggie a little more, he leaves
to phone the sheriff again. Vicky comes into the diner. Burke returns
and says the sheriff still isn’t in yet. He says hello to Vicky and
Burke goes to the sheriff’s office. The sheriff is now in, talking
on the phone to the coroner, who tells him the autopsy is finished and
gives him the results. The sheriff asks Burke, “When did you last
see Malloy?” Burke replies, “Between 8 and 9 at the Blue Whale the
night he died.” The sheriff asks, “What did you do after that?” Burke
replies, “Stayed at the Blue Whale and had a couple of drinks.” Burke
tells him, “Bill had arranged a meeting for 11:00.” He tells him it was
to clear him of the manslaughter charge from 10 years ago, that he,
Malloy, Roger and Sam Evans were to be there.
Vicky has gone into town and is in the Collinsport Inn Diner.
She tells Maggie that Roger got very upset when she told him
about her dinner invitation. She tells Maggie that she suspects that
maybe Sam knows something about her past Roger doesn’t want her to
find out. Maggie asks her, “About that invitation. How about tonight?”
Vicky laughs and says, “That’s what I came here to ask you about. If
you hadn’t asked me, I would’ve invited myself!” Maggie asks, “Well,
that’s settled. How about some lunch. Clam chowder, lobster roll and
coffee sound good to you?”
The sheriff asks Burke what he was doing between 10:30 and 11:00.
Burke replies that he stayed at the Blue Whale until 10:45 then left
and drove to Roger’s office. The sheriff asks, “Can anyone confirm
that?” Burke replies that the bartender can. The sheriff shows Burke
Malloy’s old fashioned pocket watch and tells him it had broken and
stopped when he hit the rocks and established the time of death as
10:45. He muses, “Malloy always walked from his house to the office.
It was a half an hour walk. That means it was when he was about halfway
Vicky and Maggie finish lunch. Vicky insists on paying, but Maggie
tells her it’s on the house, saying, “The clam chowder is two weeks
old, and the lobster roll’s from last year. Just don’t send me your
doctor bills!”
Burke returns to the diner. He asks Vicky, “How about taking that
raincheck and having dinner with me tonight?” Vicky replies,”Sorry,
I’m going to have dinner with Maggie and her father tonight.” Burke
leaves. Vicky tells Maggie she’s going to go home to change and
leaves too.
Episode 58
Tape Date: September 7, 1966
Air Date: September 14, 1966 Wednesday
Writer: Art Wallace
Director: Lela Swift

Sam is sitting at a table at the Blue Whale. Joe comes in, goes
to the bar and asks for a drink. Sam sees him and invites him to join
him at his table. They talk about Bill Malloy’s death. Joe tells
Sam that the Collinses have closed the plant for the day. Sam remarks,
cryptically, “Soon there’ll be more things than that closed…”
David is lying face down on the floor in the drawing room, holding a
pencil and working on a clutter of books and maps in front of him.
Carolyn comes into the room. David asks her, “Can you tell me the exact
spot you and Miss Winters saw Mr. Malloy? It was at the bottom of
Widow’s Hill, wasn’t it?” Carolyn gets upset and tells him to stop
asking such morbid questions, but David tells her, “I need to know.”
He tells her he’s working with some maps and tide charts and if he
knew where and when Malloy’s body was found, he would be able to
calculate where he fell in.
At the Blue Whale, Sam asks Joe if it would be possible for the
police to determine where Bill Malloy fell into the sea. Joe tells him
that they can, that using tide charts, they can work backwards to
determine two or three spots it must have been. He remarks, “I imagine
they’re working on it right now.” The sheriff comes in to talk to Sam.
Joe leaves.
At Collinwood, David comes in from outside and tells Carolyh, “I
think I’ve found the spot where you and Vicky saw Mr. Malloy’s body.”
Carolyn again gets angry with him for being morbid. There’s a knock at
the door. It’s Joe. He asks Carolyn out. David asks him to help him
with the tide charts. Carolyn gets upset and tells David not to bother
Joe with it. She goes upstairs to change.
At the Blue Whale, the sheriff tells Sam they can’t talk here and
asks him to come to his office.
Carolyn comes back downstairs and is upset to find Joe in the drawing
room showing David how to read the tide charts. Joe tells David, “I’m
sorry I can’t help you anymore. Maybe you can ask your father to help
you.” David replies, “He’d get scared and tear it up!”
At the police station, the sheriff questions Sam. He asks him about
the meeting. Sam lies that he has not idea what it was to be about.
The sheriff tells him, “Burke claims that it was to clear him of that
manslaughter charge. Do you have any evidence that you didn’t give at
the trial that would’ve cleared him?” Sam says he doesn’t, and again
says he has no idea what the meeting was to be about. The sheriff asks,
“Then why did you show up for a meeting arranged for 11:00? That’s
a rather strange time for a meeting, isn’t it?” Sam replies that Malloy
is a good friend, and the trusts him enough to think it was important.
At Collinwood, David finishes working with his charts and starts up
the stairs to his room. There’s a knock at the door. He comes back down
to answer it. It’s Sheriff Patterson. He tells David he’d like to talk
to his father Roger.
Episode 59
Tape Date: September 7, 1966
Air Date: September 15, 1966 Thursday
Writer: Art Wallace
Director: John Sedwick

(This appears here because it was broadcast out of order.)
The Sheriff tells Roger they’ve fished Bill Malloy’s body from the
water and he has a few more questions to ask. He tells him that though
Malloy died by drowning, he also suffred a blow to his head, that
although the blow probably happened after he fell into the sea, there’s
always the possibility that it happened before, meaning Malloy was the
victim of foul play. He tells him he’d like to talk to him and
Elizabeth comes into the foyer and runs into Vicky there. Vicky
tells Elizabeth she won’t be home for dinner tonight, saying she’s
going to have dinner with a friend in Collinsport. Elizabeth replies
that she’s glad to see she’s made a friend. Roger comes out and tells
Elizabeth, “Oh. I’ve just come to get you.” Vicky goes upstairs.
Having heard the tail end of their conversation, Roger asks, “What
friend was she talking about?” Elizabeth tells him, “I don’t know.
Some friend she’s going to have dinner with.” Roger tells her, “The
sheriff wants to question us again.” He adds, “Remember. I’m your
They go into the drawing room. The sheriff asks Roger, “You said
you last saw Malloy last night at around 10:00?” Roger replies that
that’s correct, that Malloy left at about 10:00 last night. The
sheriff asks, “What did you do between 10:00 and 11:00? Did you make
any calls?” Roger replies, “Yes. One. To the coast guard to check on
the weather forecast. Why?” The sheriff explains, “Bill Malloy’s
housekeeper said he received a call at about 10:30. I was wondering
who it was.” Roger remarks, “It wasn’t me.” The sheriff asks, “When
did you get to your office?” Roger replies that he was a little late
and arrived at about a minute after 11. The sheriff asks, “When did
you leave?” Roger replies, “At about 10 minutes to 11.” The sheriff
asks, “Did anyone see you leave?” Elizabeth demands, “What’s the
meaning of all these questions?” The sheriff explains, “Malloy’s
watch broke and stopped when he hit the rocks at the base of the
cliff. It showed 10:45.” Roger tells him, “No one saw me leave, but
I was still here at 10:45.” The sheriff asks, “Do you know what this
meeting Malloy arranged was all about?” Roger replies that he doesn’t.
The sheriff asks Elizabeth, “You said Bill Malloy was upset earlier
and said he had something important to do. Do you know what?” She
refuses to tell him, saying what they talked at the time is personal,
but the sheriff says, “I think I know. Burke Devlin told me that
he had arranged the meeting to clear Burke of what happened 10 years
ago.” Elizabeth lies, saying Malloy only told her that he was going
to stop Burke from harassing the family but didn’t say how.
Vicky is in her room dressing for dinner. David comes into the room,
holding something in his hand and beaming with happiness. Vicky asks
why he’s in such a good mood. David replies, “After tonight, I’m not
going to see my father anymore. They’re going to take him away and put
him in jail. The sheriff is arresting him right now downstairs”. Vicky
asks, “How do you know?” David replies, “The Widows told me. And I saw
it in my crystal ball. I even figured out where it must’ve happened. I
calculated the tides and ocean currents and figured it out.” He offers
to show her on the maps he’s been carrying, but she declines.
Roger tells the sheriff that Burke is lying, that he wants to
destroy him and will do anything to cause him trouble. The sheriff
remarks, “Well, it’s your word against Burke’s.” Roger tells him,
“Sam was there too. Ask him.” The sheriff replies, “I already have.
He said he didn’t know what the meeting was about either.”
As the sheriff goes to the door to leave, David asks him, “Aren’t
you going to arrest my father?” The sheriff jokes, “I was going to,
but he talked me out of it!”. David gives him his maps, telling him,
“Here. I figured out where it happened.” The sheriff, to humor him,
takes it and leaves. Roger glares at David and goes back into the
drawing room to talk to Elizabeth.
Elizabeth tells Roger that she lied for him, that Malloy did say
he was going to prove Burke innocent and asks him if there’s any
truth to what Malloy suspected. Roger replies, “Yes, it’s all true,
Liz. Ten years ago, it was I who killed the man and framed Burke for
it. Bill Malloy found out about it so I had to kill him.” Elizabeth
gasps and sits down in shock, asking, “How could you…”. Roger
replies, “I didn’t. I just said all this because it’s what you were
thinking, wasn’t it? I just wanted you to hear what it sounded like
out loud. But it isn’t true. It’s just what Burke Devlin’s managed to
get everyone thinking.”
Vicky catches David eavesdropping at the door of the drawing
room and tells him not to. David exclaims, “I heard him! My father’s
just admitted he killed Bill Malloy!” Vicky doesn’t believe him.
Elizabeth and Roger come out of the drawing room into the foyer.
David sees Roger, exclaims, “They’ll get you!” and runs upstairs.
Roger asks Vicky, “I hear you have an appointment tonight.” Vicky
replies, “Yes. With Maggie and Sam Evans.” After Vicky leaves,
Elizabeth asks Roger, “Why? Does that bother you?” Roger lies,
“Bother me? It doesn’t concern me in the least.”
Episode 60
Tape Date: September 9, 1966
Air Date: September 16, 1966 Friday
Writer: Art Wallace
Director: John Sedwick


Vicky and Maggie enter the Evan’s Cottage. Maggie is carrying two
large bags of groceries. Maggie looks around for her father, but finds
that Sam isn’t home yet. She tells Vicky to look around at her father’s
paintings while she puts the groceries away and goes into the kitchen
to do so. Vicky looks around, and sees a stack of paintings leaning
against a wall by the window. She leafs through the paintings.
Suddenly she pulls one and excitedly shouts, “Maggie! Come here
quickly! It’s important!” Maggie comes running into the room. Vicky
shows her the painting she pulled out of the stack. Maggie just
remarks, “Now that’s an oldie!” Vicky exclaims, “No! Look at it
closely, then look at me. Doesn’t it look like me?” Maggie looks at
it, then says,”Now that you mention it, it does. Why, you two could
be sisters!” The picture does indeed look like Vicky. Vicky asks
Maggie if she knows who it is. Maggie replies that it’s an old painting
and she doesn’t.
Burke Devlin shows up at the sheriff’s office again. He asks,
“What are you doing about Bill Malloy’s murder?” He tells the sheriff
that it’s obvious that either Sam Evans or Roger Collins is responsible
and insists that something be done about it, threatening, “If you
don’t do something about it, I will!”
Having finished preparing dinner, Maggie, and Vicky, who has been
helping her, retire to the living room to let it cook. Maggie remarks,
“Nothing to do now but wait!” They make small talk. Maggie asks Vicky
what the kitchen at Collinwood is like. At first, Vicky jokes that
instead of a stove, it contains open fires over which boil huge
cauldrons, then tells her, “It’s just like any other kitchen, just
larger.” They talk a bit about ghosts, Vicky telling Maggie she
thought she saw one one night when the power went out, but that it
might just have been Roger. Vicky asks Maggie, “I’ve heard a lot
of talk about something that happened 10 years ago, about Burke
Devlin going to jail for manslaughter. What happened, exactly?”
Before Maggie can answer, Sam comes home. Maggie tells him, “Vicky’s
going to be our dinner guest tonight.”
At the police office, the sheriff is going about doing his work.
Burke is still hanging around, insisting the sheriff take action.
The sheriff jokes, “Maybe we should get you a desk here, Burke.”
Burke picks up a piece of paper from the sheriff’s desk and asks,
“Is this an example of the work you do around here? It looks like it
was done by a ten year old!” The sheriff replies, “A nine year old,
actually. David Collins. He was trying to do what we’ve done, finding
out where Bill Malloy fell into the water using tide charts. He wasn’t
too far wrong, either. We’ve established that Malloy must have fallen
into the water in one of three places, near his house, Sim’s cove, or
Lookout Point.” Burke exclaims, “Lookout Point! That’s about half
way between his house and the cannery! Desn’t that mean anything to
you?” The sheriff replies, “One thing I know. Someone’s lying.” Burke
asks what he means. The sheriff tells him, “You tell me that Malloy
had arranged the meeting to clear you. Roger and Sam deny this. They
say you’re lying”. Burke replies, “No. They’re lying. Both of them
had a motive for murdering Bill Malloy”. The sheriff remarks, “There’s
no proof it was murder.” Burke turns to leave, angrily saying,”I’m
not going to let them get away with this!” The sheriff warns Burke
against taking the law into his own hands, saying,”If you do, I lock
you up and forget there was a key!”
Vicky tells Sam about her past and about how she is trying to find
out about who her real family is. She shows him the painting she found
and asks, “Do you remember who the model was?” Sam remarks, “Now that’s
an old one! It’s amazing how much your brush stroke can change over 25
years. Hey! Do you know it looks a lot like you?” Vicky replies,
“That’s why I want to know who the model is.” Sam tells her, “It was a
local girl named Betty Hanscomb.” Vicky asks, “Do you know anything
about her?” Sam laughs, “I used to know quite a bit about her” in a
tone of voice that indicates he used to be romantically involved with
her. He turns to Maggie and assures her this was before he met her
mother. He tells Vicky, “She couldn’t possible have anything to do with
you. She left town about 6 months after this was painted, and a few
months after that, I heard she had died.” Vicky asks, “Did she have
any relatives?” Sam replies, “Only her parents, and they’re both dead
now.” Maggie remarks, “Just before you came home, Vicky asked me aboutr
what happened to Burke 10 years ago.” Sam angrily tells Maggie he
doesn’t think that’s a proper subject to entertain a guest with, but
Maggie insists,”Vicky wanted to know, don’t you, Vicky?” Vicky replies
that she does. Sam at first just tells them, “Burke killed a man and
spent some time in jail for it, that’s all.”, but Maggie presses him
for more details. Finally, Sam tells them, “It was one night after
Burke, Roger and Laura, who would later marry Roger, had spent the
night in a tavern. Laura was originally Burke’s girlfriend – until he
introduced her to Roger. You know how these things happen. Roger and
Burke used to be the best of friends. Well, anyway, that had all gone
out together and spent the night drinking at a tavern. They came down
in Burke’s car, and when they left, Burke, who was so drunk he had
to be helped out of the tavern, insisted on driving. He hit and killed
a man, and kept driving. Afterwards, Burke said he didn’t think he was
driving, but was too drunk to be sure. Roger and Laura testified at
the trial that Burke was driving. All these years, Burke has insisted
it wasn’t him who was driving.” The phone rings. It’s the sheriff. He
tells Sam that Burke is pretty angry and might show up at his house.
He tells him if he does, call him. After hanging up, Sam tells Maggie,
“Lock the door. Let’s have dinner.” Maggie goes to lock the door, but
just as she gets there, there’s a knock at the door. Sam exclaims, “NO!
Maggie! Don’t open..”, but it’s too late. She’s opened the door. It’s
Burke. She tells him, “Burke! We were just about to have dinner.” He
comes in and asks, “Do you have room for one more?”
Episode 61
Tape Date: September 12, 1966
Air Date: September 19, 1966 Monday
Writer: Art Wallace
Director: John Sedwick

Maggie, in answer to Burke’s question, tells him, “No.” Burke
remarks, “My, how thinngs have changed. There was a time when all
I had to do was come here and I’d be dragged to the dinner table.
And when you hadn’t seen me for a while, you’d ask around to see if
I was all right.” Sam asks, “Burke, have you considered that maybe
it’s because Maggie didn’t make enough food for four?” Burke replies,
“I’d be satisfied with a sandwich..” They reluctantly agree to let
him stay. Maggie goes into the kitchen to get dinner and make a
sandwich for Burke. Burke remarks to Vicky, “Sorry. I didn’t know
you’d be here tonight.” Vicky asks, “Would it make any difference if
you did?” Burke replies, “No, probably not.” Vicky asks, “What’s so
important?” Burke replies, “It’s the beginning of the day of judgment,
isn’t that right, Sam?” Maggie comes back into the room and, noticing
the silence, asks, “What’s wrong. I hate coming into a room and have
everyone suddenly stop talking…” Burke remarks, “We were talking
about Bill Malloy. Sam remarks, “That’s not subject for dinnertime
conversation.” Burke replies, “So let’s talk about something else.
How about my manslaughter conviction?” Vicky remarks, “We were just
talking about that when you came.” Burke tells Vicky his side of the
story, saying that although it was him driving when they left the
tavern, Roger later made him pull over because he was so drunk and
took his place at the wheel. Vicky asks, “Before the accident?” Burke
replies,”Yes. I thought so then, and I think so now.” Maggie remarks,
“But you can’t be sure. You were drunk.” Sam remarks, “I’ll go get
some more drinks” and leaves the room. Burke and the girls talk a
little bit more. He tells them about the trial, about the feeling
of hopelessness that overcame him when Roger sat down to testify,
how he realized that it wasn’t just Roger up there testifying against
him, but in effect the entire Collins family, the family that was
responsible for over half the jobs in town, how he realized there was
no hope they would take his word over that of a Collins. He tells
them he felt like an ant trying to crush an elephant. After a while,
Burke tells Maggie, “Go get your father. I miss his company.” Maggie
goes to do so, but comes back without him, saying, “I can’t find him.
He’s left the house…”
Sam shows up at the lobby of the Collinsport. He tells the clerk,
a Mr. Wells (Conrad Bain), that his daughter Maggie had left something
in the safe, a letter, and asks for it. As Wells is dialing the
combination on the safe, he remarks, “Too bad about Bill Malloy.
Who’d’ve believed he’d die that way, what with his experience being
around the sea all his life.” Sam replies, “Well, things like that
happen.” Wells opens the safe and takes the letter out. Sam reaches
out to take it, but the clerk doesn’t give it to him, saying “Wait.
I’ve got to call Maggie first and get her OK.” Sam lies, “But she
isn’t home.” The clerk asks, “Do you know where she is?” Sam replies,
“No.” The clerk tells him, “Then I can’t give it to you.” Sam protests,
“But I wrote it!” The clerk tells him, “Sorry, but I can’t give it to
you. House rules. I could lose my job if I did.”
A worried Maggie calls the Blue Whale, but they tell her Sam isn’t
there. She asks, “Why would he run?” Burke replies, “Because he’s
afraid of me. I think he had something to do with Bill Malloy’s
death and ran because he was afraid I came here to talk to him about
it.” He tells them about the meeting Malloy had arranged. Vicky
remarks that Malloy had come to Collinwood on the night of his
death to talk to Roger about some meething. Burke tells them,
“He must’ve asked Sam there because your father must have known
something that would clear me.” Maggie exclaims, “NO! That’s not
possible. If he did, he’d have gone running to the authorities to
tell them. He’s that kind of man…” After Burke leaves, Maggie sobs,
“He couldn’t have had anything to do with the accident…” Vicky
reassures her by saying, “Bill Malloy must’ve been mistaken.”
Burke returns to the Inn and asks the clerk for his key. Mr. Wells
gives him the key and makes a few remarks about Bill Malloy.
He then remarks, “Well, just like Sam Evans said, things like that
happen.” Burke asks, “Sam was here?” The clerk replies, “Yes. About
an hour ago. Tried to pull a fast one on me. Tried to get me to give
him a letter Maggie had left here, but I couldn’t give it to him.
Against house rules.” Sam comes out of the diner and runs into Burke
in the lobby. Burke asks, “Where have you been?” Sam replies, “Here,
waiting for you. You said you wanted to have a private talk. Let’s
have it.”
Episode 62
Tape Date: September 13, 1966
Air Date: September 20, 1966 Tuesday
Writer: Art Wallace
Director: John Sedwick

Burke and Sam go up to Burke’s room. Burke asks Sam why he ran.
Sam replies, “I panicked.” Burke asks why. Sam replies, “I knew you
were looking for an argument and didn’t want to have it in front of
Maggie. I came here. I want to get this thing settled once and for
Vicky returns to Collinwood. Roger sees her come in from the
drawing room. He goes out into the foyer and asks, “Have a pleasant
evening, Miss Winters?” Vicky replies, “No, not really.” Roger asks
her, “What happened? Sam get drunk? I told you he would.” Vicky
tells him she doesn’t want to talk about it. He tries to pressure
her to tell him. Vicky, irritated, asks, “What’s the matter? Are you
trying to find out if we talked about Burke’s manslaughter trial? Is
that what you were afraid of when you found out I was going there?”
She tells him Sam Evans had told her about the trial, and tells him
what he said. Roger tells her, “Sorry Sam upset you with all this.”
Vicky replies, “It wasn’t Sam that upset me. It was Burke Devlin.
He told a completely different story.”
Burke tells Sam, “I know I wasn’t the one driving that car, and
you know it too, Sam.” Sam denies it, saying he doesn’t know anything
about the case except what he read in the papers. Sam asks, “Can’t
you drop all this? What’s done is done. You can’t change what’s
happened and you’re doing a lot of harm by dragging it all out again.
I don’t like you barging into my house. Maggie doesn’t have to know
about all this…” Burke replies, “I’ve already told her.” Sam becomes
furious, saying, “YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO DO THAT!” Burke asks, “Somehow,
you knew it was Collins who was driving that car and not me, don’t
you?” Sam denies it. Burke tells him, “All right. Answer one question,
the one I came to your house to ask you. Did you kill Bill Malloy?”
Sam replies that he didn’t. Burke presses him on it, saying “You had
every reason to do so. If we had had that meeting, you might have
gone to prison for witholding evidence.” Sam still insists he didn’t
kill Bill Malloy.
Roger tells Vicky not to believe Burke, saying, “A jury of twelve
heard his story ten years ago, and not one of them believed it.”
He asks, “What else did he say? I think that since I’m being
slandered, I have a right to know.” Vicky tells him that Burke had
told her that Malloy had arranged a meeting to prove that he, Burke
was innocent of the manslaughter charge. Roger shouts, “That’s a lie!”
Vicky asks, “Why would he lie?” Roger tells her,”Burke is a vicious
man, bent on revenge. He’ll drag up anything, an argument between me
and Malloy or anything else,to destroy me.” Vicky replies, “I’m sorry,
but I’ve already told him about that argument you had with Malloy
the night he died.” He asks, “What did you tell him?” Vicky replies,
“Only that it was about a meeting. After Malloy said something about
a meeting, you two went into the drawing room and I went upstairs.
When I came back down at about 10:30, I heard you on the phone.”
Roger, in a slightly shocked voice, asks, “You heard me on the phone?
Did you hear what I was talking about?” Vicky replies, “Someting about
a meeting again. I went back upstairs. I heard the front door slam
when you left the house a few minutes later, at about 10:35.”
Roger tells her, “You must’ve been mistaken. I didn’t leave the house
until 10 to 11. If anyone asks you, that’s what you are to say. Not
that it matters, but I have a fetish for accuracy.” Vicky leaves the
room, leaving Roger in the drawing room alone with the doors closed.
A few minutes later, Roger comes out of the drawing room and finds
Vicky talking on the phone. She finishes talking and hangs up. Roger
asks, “Who was that? Burke Devlin? Were you reporting to him?” Vicky
gets very angry and replies, “No. Not that it’s any of your business,
but that was Maggie Evans. Her father hasn’t come home and she’s very
worried about him.” Roger apoligizes, saying he was rude and out of
line. He tell her, “Let me make it up to you, Miss Winters. I have a
friend who lives in Florida in a wonderful house by the beach. He has
two children. I’ll talk to him and get you a job there. You’ll find
it much more pleasent there. The weather’s much better and you won’t
have to put up with all the strange goings on here. Vicky refuses the
offer. Roger asks, “What is it? Do you need some money?” Vicky
replies, “No. I’d just prefer to stay at Collinwood.” Roger remarks,
“Miss Winters, you’re a fool!” Vicky replies, “Probably.” and goes
upstairs. Roger puts his hat and coat on and exits the house.
Sam manages to convice Burke that he didn’t kill Malloy. Burke
remarks, “If you didn’t do it, there’s only one other person who
could have…”
Episode 63
Tape Date: September 14, 1966
Air Date: September 21, 1966 Wednesday
Writer: Art Wallace
Director: John Sedwick

Joe and Carolyn go to the Blue Whale. Carolyn starts to talk about
Bill Malloy. Joe tells her, “I feel like a complete failure. I took
you out tonight to take your mind off Bill Malloy. It seems like I’ve
The clock in the foyer shows 9:05. Matthew Morgan enters the house
carrying a bundle of firewood. He goes into the drawing room to
freshen the fire. He finds Elizabeth sitting in there alone, a worried
look on her face. Assuming that she is moping about Bill Malloy, he
tells her, “Thinking about it won’t bring him back.” She asks,
“Matthew, when you found the body at the base of the cliff, were
there any marks on it?” Matthew replies, “No. No marks at all. Why
do you ask?” Elizabeth replies, “There was a bump on his head when
he was found.” Matthew remarks, “That was probably caused after he
hit the water, being thrown on the rocks by the waves.” Elizabeth
replies, “Thank you”, appearing very relieved.
Maggie goes to the Blue Whale to look for her father, but finds
that he isn’t there. She asks Carolyn and Joe if they’ve seen him.
They reply that they haven’t. She asks if they’ve seen Burke Devlin.
Carolyn replies that they haven’t seen him either. Maggie remarks,
“If you see him, tell him to do me a favor and pack his bags and
leave town.” Carolyn asks why. Maggie replies, “You’ll know soon.
It’ll be all over town soon…”
Matthew asks Elzabeth,”Has Burke Devlin been bothering you about
about Bill Malloy?” Elizabeth replies that he has. Matthew leaves.
There’s a knock at the door. Elizabeth answers. It’s Maggie. She
asks to see Roger. Elizabeth starts to go to get him, but abruptly
comes back and tells Maggie, “You’d better tell me what you want to
talk to him about. Does it involve your father?” Maggie replies that
it does. Elizabeth asks, “And Burke Devlin?” Maggie tells her, “I
think I’d better talk to Roger about this”, but Elizabeth demands,
“Answer my question first. Does this involve Burke Devlin?” Maggie
answers, “Yes. He made some accusations against my father. I want
to know if they’re true.” Elizabeth asks, “Why come here?” Maggie
her what Burke had said at the cottage. Elizabeth goes to get Roger.
Matthew Morgan walks into the Blue Whale. Carolyn sees him and
asks, “Hello. What are you doing here? You don’t usually come here,
do you?” Matthew replies that he doesn’t, that he’s looking for
someone tonight. Carolyn asks, “Who?” Matthew replies, “Burke Devlin.
But he doesn’t seem to be here right now. No matter. I’ll wait. He’ll
probably show up sooner or later.” He tells her, “When you get back
to Collinwood, tell your mother everything’s going to be all right.”
Carolyn asks, “What do you mean?” He tells her, “About the Bill Malloy
business. She’ll know what I mean.” Carolyn and Joe leave. A few
minutes later, they return, Carolyn worried about Matthew’s strange
demeanor. She asks him, “Matthew, what did you mean when you said,
“This Bill Malloy business?” Matthew explains cryptically, “Burke
Devlin’s causing trouble for your family. I’ve warned him already
about that, but he has. It’s because of him that Bill Malloy’s
Elizabeth comes back down and tells Maggie that Roger isn’t home.
She tells her, “Don’t worry too much. Burke’s accusations are all
false. He has a grudge against the family”. Maggie asks, “Why does he
have a grudge against my father? He has nothing to do with your
family.” Elizabeth replies,”I don’t know. But Burke is a vicious man,
capable of almost anything, lying, cheating, even slandering an
innocent man.” Carolyn, who’s come in throught the front doors while
she was saying this, asks, “Do you think he’s capable of murder?”
Elizabeth replies, “Yes. Yes I do.” She shows Maggie to the door.
Episode 64
Tape Date: September 15, 1966
Air Date: September 22, 1966 Thursday
Writer: Art Wallace
Director: John Sedwick

Carolyn asks what Maggie was doing here. Elizabeth refuses to tell
her. Carolyn remarks, “I know what’s on your mind. You think Burke
Devlin killed Bill Malloy, don’t you?” Elizabeth replies, “Bill’s
death was an accident. No one killed him.” Carolyn asks, “Then why
did you say you thought he was capable of murder?” Elizabeth replies
that she was angry and shouldn’t have said that, but “He’ll try to
cause trouble about Malloy’s death.” Carolyn says, “Oh, no. I ran
into Matthew at the Blue Whale. He told me he was looking for Burke
and to tell you that everything’s going to be fine and not to worry
about ‘this Bill Malloy business.'” I didn’t know what he was talking
about then, but I think I do now.”
Matthew is still sitting at a table in the Blue Whale, waiting.
Finally, Burke comes in. He sees Matthew, goes up to him and asks
him, “Do you know where Roger Collins is?” Matthew replies that he
doesn’t. Burke thanks him and turns to leave, but Matthew grabs him
by the wrist and says, “I want to talk to you!” Burke demands, “Let
go of my arm!” Matthew does.
Elizabeth calls the Blue Whale and asks if Matthew is stil there,
but is told he isn’t. She hangs up and tells Carolyn, “I had no idea
he’d do something like this. I can’t believe he’d really try to harm
Burke.” The phone rings. Elizabeth answers. It’s the sheriff. He tells
her that Burke is angry and might show up at the house. He tells her
to call him if he does. Elizabeth tells him, “Wait. I’ve got to talk
to you about my caretaker.”
Matthew tells Burke, “You know, telling the waiter to lie to
Mrs. Stoddard is the only time I’ve ever lied to her. I’m going to
kill you if you do anything to hurt her.” He demands that he pack his
bags and leave town. Burke refuses and tells him, “I’m going to do
what I came here to do, and if Elizbeth is hurt by it, too bad. You
think she’s an angel, but she’s not. She’s nothing but a neurotic
woman who’s locked herself up in that house for 18 years and likes
it.” Matthew screams, “DON”T TALK ABOUT HER LIKE THAT!”, lunges at
Burke, grabs him by the throat with both hands, and starts to
strangle him. Matthew appears to be immensely strong, and Burke is
unable to tear him off. The bartender and two customers come to his
aid. The sheriff comes in and also comes to help. Finally, they
manage to tear Matthew off Burke. The sheriff takes them both in.
At the sheriff’s office, Sheriff Patterson asks what happened.
Matthew explains that Burke was harassing the Collin’s family about
Bill’s death. The sheriff sends Matthew outside while he talks to
Burke. He tells Burke, “I thought I told you to stop playing
Carolyn blames Elizabeth, saying it’s her fault all this is
happening. Elizabeth tells her, “All right. I’ll tell you why Maggie
was so upset.” She tells her about Burke’s claim Roger had lied on
the stand, that it wasn’t him, Burke, who was driving the car, and
somehow Sam knows this too, that Malloy had arranged the meeting to
prove this. Carolyn is aghast. Elizabeth asks, “Now which do you
believe? That Burke is a vicious liar, or that your uncle would
knowingly put an innocent man in prison?”
The sheriff asks Burke, “Where did you go tonight?” Burke replies
that he went to see Sam Evans, that he talked to him and was convinced
that it wasn’t Sam who killed Bill Malloy, that therefore it must’ve
been Roger. The sheriff replies, “How many times do I have to tell
you? Nobody killed Bill Malloy. It was an accident!” He warns him,
“I’m the law around here. Stay away from Collinwood, and stay away
from Roger Collins!” Burke demands that he do something about “that
madman Matthew”, but the sheriff replies, “I can handle Matthew. It’s
you that I’m worried about.” He tells him he can go and calls Matthew
to come back into the room. Burke sarcastically remarks, “Remember to
take it nice and easy with him. He’s a member of the Collins
household. They have a lot of influence around here.” and leaves.
The sheriff warns Matthew ,”You want to keep trouble away from
the Collins family? Stay away from Burke Devlin!” Matthew asks, “What
if he comes up to the house?” The sheriff replies, “Don’t worry. He
won’t. After tonight….”
Carolyn decides that Burke must be a vicious liar. She asks, “How
could he say such things?” She asks Elizabeth, “Would you mind if I
went and talked to him about it?” Elizabeth replies, “Would it make
any difference if I said I did?” Carolyn admits that it probably
wouldn’t. Elizabeth tells her, “I’d prefer you didn’t, of course, but
I’m not going to try to stop you from doing so because I know it
wouldn’t do any good.” After Carolyn leaves, Elizabeth makes a call
to try to find out where Matthew is, but there is a knock at the door
and she tells the person she is talking to, “Oh, never mind. That’s
probably him right now” and hangs up. She goes to answer the door,
but when she opens it, she finds not Matthew standing outside, but
Burke Devlin. He says, nonchalantly, “Good Evening, Mrs. Stoddard.”
Episode 65
Tape Date: September 16, 1966
Air Date: September 23, 1966 Friday
Writer: Art Wallace
Director: Lela Swift

Uninvited, Burke walks in. Elizabeth complains, “I didn’t invite
you in. What do you want?” Burke replies, “I want to talk to your
brother.” Elizabeth tells him Roger isn’t home. She then demands that
he leave, saying he had no right to barge in uninvited. He refuses,
saying, “I’m going to wait right here for Roger.” and goes into the
drawing room to do so. She tells him the sheriff had called earlier
warning he might show up, and asked her to call him if he should.
Burke tells her, “Go ahead.”. Elizabeth picks up the phone to do so,
but then thinks better of it and puts it back down without calling.
At the Blue Whale, Roger calls Maggie to see if Sam is home. While
he is asking her if Sam is home, she’s trying to ask him what’s going
on. While they’re talking, Sam walks into the bar. Roger sees him,
tells Maggie, “Never mind. He’s just walked in.” and hangs up. He
goes to Sam and tells him, “I’ve been looking for you. The sheriff
has talked to you about Bill Malloy. What did you tell him?” Sam
replies, “Exactly what you told me to tell him. That I had no idea
why Bill called us to that meeting.” Roger asks, “Why did Burke Devlin
go to your house?” Sam asks, “How do you know he came to my house?
Did you have a bug in the clam chowder?” Roger tells him, “Vicky told
me.” Sam tells him, “Burke thought I had killed Burke Malloy. He’s
on the warpath. He really wants your hide. He’s really upset about
Bill Malloy’s death.” Roger exclaims, “I had nothing to do with it!
Bill Malloy was an old friend…” Sam laughs and interrupts,”The
only time he was a friend of yours is when he did you the favor of
dying just before the meeting!”
Burke and Elizabeth are sitting in the drawing room. Elizabeth is
trying to make conversation, but Burke does not seem to want to talk.
Vicky happens into the room. Elizabeth tells Vicky to keep Burke
entertained while she goes and gets some tea. Vicky asks Burke, “What
are you doing here?” He jokes, “I don’t know. I think I’m going to
have some tea.” She asks, “Have you come here to ask about Bill
Malloy’s death?” He refuses to tell her, saying only, “I’ve come to
settle accounts. I’ve waited 10 years for this…”
At the Blue Whale, Sam tells Roger that he fled after Burke came
to his house, saying, “I panicked!” He continues, “After I did that,
I knew I had to go talk to him or it would look bad. I knew he
came to talk to me about Bill Malloy’s death.” He tells Roger that
he managed to convince Burke he was innocent. He adds, “You’re next
on his list.” He asks, “You know that offer you made to me a while
ago? You said you’d give me money to leave town? I think I’m ready
to accept it now.” But Roger replies, “Sorry. That offer is no longer
After Roger leaves the bar, Sam calls Maggie and tells her he’s
all right. After he hangs up, Sam turns aroung and is surprised to
see Roger there. Sam asks Roger, “What are you doing here? I thought
you had left.” Roger replies, “I’ve reconsidered. I’ve decided to
give you the money to leave town.” But Sam replies, “I’ve reconsidered
too. I asked for the money in a moment of panic. Now that I’ve thought
about it, I don’t think it’s such a good idea. Both the sheriff and
Burke Devlin would find it very interesting if I left town, wouldn’t
it? But it would look very good for YOU if I ran off while I’m a
suspect in a murder investigation.”
Elizabeth returns to the drawing room with the tea. The front door
slams. Elizabeth quickly goes out into the foyer, closing the drawing
room doors behind her. Roger has just come in. Elizabeth tells him,
“We have a guest.” Roger asks, “Who?” Elizabeth replies, “Someone
both of us knew we had to see sooner or later. Burke Devlin.”
Episode 66
Tape Date: September 19, 1966
Air Date: September 26, 1966 Monday
Writer: Francis Swann
Director: Lela Swift

Roger goes into the drawing room and asks Burke, “What are you
doing here?” Burke sarcastically replies, “Having tea.” Roger
tells Elizabeth that he’d like to talk to Burke alone. Elizabeth
replies, “No. I think we should all hear this.”, but Roger insists,
saying he won’t talk to Burke unless they can talk alone. Elizabeth
and Vicky go into the foyer, closing the doors behind them.
Roger asks Burke, “What do you want?” Burke replies, “I want your
hide, Roger!”
Elizabeth, worried, asks Vicky, “When you were talking to Burke,
did he seem in control of himself? I’m not sure it’s such a good idea
to leave them alone like this.” Vicky replies Burke seemed to be quite
in control of himself. Elizabeth asks, “Did he tell you what he
wanted?” Vicky replies, “I think he wants to clear his name.’
In the drawing room, Roger tells Burke, “I could sue you for
slander for what you just said!” Burke replies, “Go ahead. I’d welcome
the chance to bring this all into court again.” Roger asks, “What good
would that do? Do you have any new evidence or anything?” Burke replies
that he doesn’t, but he thinks Sam does, that he thinks that’s what
Bill Malloy found out and what he arranged the meeting for. Roger
tells him, “That’s preposterous. Why can’t you just drop this, Burke?
You can’t get those five years you’ve spent in prison back.” Burke
growls, “It was 5 years, 1 month, 3 days and 7 hours. And every moment
of it, I thought about what I’d do when I came back here. But that’s
not important now. Let me ask you something that is. DID YOU KILL
BILL MALLOY?” Roger asks, “Are you serious? Why would I kill
Malloy? He was a good friend of mine.” Burke replies, “Because he
arranged that meeting to show that it was you, not me, who was
responsible for that accident!” Roger replies, “You’re insane!” and
goes towards the door to exit the room, but Burke runs there before
him and bars the way.
Vicky is in her room writing a letter. Elizabeth comes in. She
tells Vicky, “I’m worried about what’s going on downstairs in the
drawing room.” She sees that Vicky is doing something and apoligizes,
“Oh. I hope I’m not bothering you.” Vicky replies, “No. I’m just
writing a letter.” Elizabeth remarks, “You seem to write a lot of
letters. You must have a lot of friends.” Vicky replies, “No. Not
really. You might find this strange, but all these letters you’ve seen
me writing are to myself!” Elizabeth asks, “What?” Vicky explains,
“It’s a habit I got into in the foundling home. You don’t know how
lonely it can get there. I wrote because it was the only way I’d.
get any mail. It was something to look forward to.” Elizbeth
remarks, “How sad…”
Burke demands, “I want to know your timetable that night!” Roger
refuses to tell him anything, but Burke tells him, “If you want to
get rid of me, tell me everything you did that night!” Roger tells
him, “Bill came to see me to tell me about the meeting. He left at
about 10:00. I worked on some business papers from 10 till about
10 minutes of 11, then left to drive to my office. So you see, I
was here when Bill died at 10:45.” Burke, looking dubious, asks,
“Can anyone confirm your story?” Roger calmly replies, “Yes.” Burke
sarcastically remarks, “Who? Your sister?” in a tone of voice implying
that Elizabeth would lie for Roger. But Roger replies, “No. It was
Miss Winters.” Burke, nonplussed, asks, “Vicky?” Roger replies, “Yes.
Vicky. She came down to tell me something important, about a dinner
she was going to go to. She was talking to me at about 10:45.”
Burke demands that he get Vicky to confirm this.
Upstairs in Vicky’s room, Elizabeth remarks to Vicky, “You must
have a pretty complete record of everything that’s happened in your
life.” Vicky replies, “Yes. I suppose it forms a diary of a sort.
Actually, not much ever really happened in my life until I came here.
Now I really keep a very careful record of everthing that happens.
I never know when something will turn out to shed some light on
my past.” Elizabeth asks, “Is that still so important now that you’ve
found a place here?” Vicky replies, “Yes it is.” Roger comes into
the room and tells Vicky Burke wants to know what time he, Roger, left
the house on the night Bill Malloy died. Vicky replies, “But I’m not
sure I remember what time you left.” Roger asks Elizabeth, “Why don’t
you go down and entertain Burke while I help Vicky remember.”
Elizabeth leaves. Roger asks Vicky, “Now, you came down and heard me
talking on the phone at 10:30. After I hung up, you came and talked to
me about you dinner with the Evans’. Now, as you recall, we talked
about this for some time. It was certainly about 10:45 when you left.
And, as you have said, you heard me leave about 5 minutes later. That
was about 10 to 11.” Vicky replies, uncertainly, “If you say so…”
Downstairs, Elizabeth asks Burke, “What will it take for you to
leave us alone?” Burke replies, “Justice!” I know it was Roger who
killed Bill Malloy, and Roger who sent Matthew to the Blue Whale to
kill me!” Elizabeth asks, “Now why would Matthew want to kill you?”
Burke replies, “Because he didn’t want me dirtying the Collins name.
Well, I’m not very impressed with the Collins name and when I’m
finished, neither will anyone else!”
Roger comes downstairs with Vicky. Burke asks Vicky, “What time did
you see Roger Collins last on the night Bill Malloy died?” Vicky tells
Burke, “As far as I can remember, what Mr. Collins says is true. He
left the house at 10:45.” Burke doesn’t seem to like that answer. He
leaves, saying, “I’ll be back to Collinwood! Possibly to stay!”
Episode 67
Tape Date: September 25, 1966
Air Date: September 27, 1966 Tuesday
Writer: Francis Swann
Director: Lela Swift

Maggie Evans is filling sugar containers at the diner. Carolyn
comes in and asks, “Do you know where Burke Devlin is? I’ve talked
to the clerk and he says he isn’t up in his room.” Maggie replies
that she doesn’t. Carolyn tells her, “Mother told me what Burke said
about your father. She says not to worry about it, that Burke is
nothing but a vicious liar. She also said there was no murder. Bill
Malloy’s death was an accident.” Maggie asks, “So why is Burke
stirring up trouble about it?” Carolyn replies, “Because he’s angry
about my uncle sending him to jail 10 years ago.” Burke comes into
the diner. Maggie mutters, “Speak of the devil…”
Sam is at the Sheriff’s office with Sheriff George Patterson.
The sheriff questions Sam. He asks him, “You said before that you
left your house at about 10:30. Are you sure about that?” Sam replies
that he isn’t, that he might have left at 10:40 or 10:45. The sheriff
asks, “How long does it usually take for you to walk from your house
to Roger’s office?” Sam replies, “Anywhere from 10 minutes to half
an hour.” The sheriff asks, “Why the variance?” Sam explains, “I’m
an artist. Sometimes I stop to look at something that strikes my
eye, some trees, a cloud formation…” Sheriff Patterson asks,”Was
Maggie home when you left? Would she know what time you left?”
Sam replies, “I think she might.” The intercom buzzes. The sheriff
is told that Bill Malloy’s housekeeper Mrs. Johnson is here. The
sheriff says, “Send her in” and tells Sam he’ll talk to him later.
Sam leaves. Mrs. Johnson (Clarice Blackburn) comes in. She demands,
“I want to know how Bill Malloy died!”
Carolyn tries to talk to Burke while he eats. He tells her he
thinks she’s the only person at Collinwood who isn’t a liar, that
everyone else seems to be, even Vicky. He remarks that a bit of
Ananais seems to have rubbed off on her. Carolyn asks, “What?”
Burke explains, “In Greek Myth, Ananais was the first liar. I hope
what happened to him doesn’t happen to Vicky.” Carolyn asks, “What
happened to him?” Burke replies, “He was struck dead…” Burke
finishes eating and excuses himself, saying, “I’ve got some phone
calls I’ve got to make.” Carolyn protests, “But I have to talk to
you!” Burke leaves, saying “Later.”
The sheriff explains, “The autopsy showed that Bill Malloy died
from drowning. It also showed he had suffered a blow to the head, but
that probably happened when the water threw him against the rocks.”
Miss Jonhson remarks, “Probably. But you’re not sure.” The sheriff
continues, “His broken watch showed that he died at 10:45.” Miss
Johnson remarks, “Just a little after I left the house..” The sheriff
asks, “Now he received a phone call at about 10:30. Do you know who
it was from?” Miss Jonhson replies that she doesn’t, but that it made
Malloy quite angry, that he was shouting and arguing with whoever it
was. The sheriff asks, “Was Mr. Malloy depressed? Do you think this
phone call could have upset him enough to cause him to go and commit
suicide?” Miss Johnson replises, “OF COURSE NOT! He’s not the kind of
man who would do such a thing! After that phone call, he told me to
fix his breakfast half an hour early tomorrow morning. He said he
had some things he had to do early. Now would a man who was planning
to go and kill himself do that? I tell you, I think his death has
something to do with the Collins family.”
Sam has gone to the diner and is talking with Maggie. Maggie talls
Sam, “I know what you tried to do. Mr. Wells told me. You tried to
get that letter back.” Sam denies that that was what he was trying
to do, lying, “I only wanted to add a postscript.” Maggie tells him,
“Well, if that’s what you want to do, write it in another letter and
give it to me. I’ll put it with the first one.” Sam asks, “Maggie, do
you remember what time I left the house the night Bill Malloy died?”
Maggie asks, “Why? Who wants to know?” Sam remarks that the sheriff
does, that he’s established that Malloy died at 10:45. Maggie is
shocked and exclaims, “He couldn’t think you had anything to do with
it, could he?” The sheriff comes to question Maggie and asks her what
time Sam left the house that night. Maggie tells him,”10:45″. When
the sheriff asks her if she’s sure, she sarcastically replies, “Yes.
I checked my watch. Then I called the naval observatory to make sure.”
Burke is in his room talking on the phone. He tells someone, “Make
sure you’re ready to come here with those papers at a moment’s notice.
We’re going to see some action soon!” After he hangs up, he lets
Carolyn in.
Carolyn tells Burke, “I hear you’ve claimed that Uncle Roger has
something to do with Mr. Malloy’s death.” Burke asks, “So Vicky
returned to Collinwood and reported what I said at the Evans Cottage,
did she?” Carolyn replies, “No. Maggie did.” Burke remarks, “Maybe I
misjudged Vicky…” He tells Carolyn, “I think Bill Malloy was
murdered to cover something up!”
Maggie insists to the sheriff that she’s certain her father had
left the house at 10:45. Finally, Sam tells her, “No, Maggie. Stop
lying. Don’t get yourself in trouble.” He admits to the sheriff, “I
left at 10:30 and walked around a little before going to Roger’s
office.” After the sheriff leaves, Maggie asks Sam, “What’s it all
about, Pop?” He refuses to tell her. She asks, “Does that letter you
wrote tell me?” Sam replies, “NO! It’s only my last will and
testament.” Maggie protests, “But you said it was protection, life
insurance.” Sam lies, “I meant protection for YOU, life insurance for
Carolyn protests, “But you said you were drunk at the time and
can’t remember!”, Burke apparently having told her about the accident.
Burke replies, “Yes. I was too drunk to remember the accident, but
I’m sure I wasn’t at the wheel.” Carolyn remarks, “But if you weren’t,
then that means Uncle Roger was…” Burke replies emphatically, “YES!”
Carolyn asks, “And what does Bill Malloy have to do with all this?”
Burke replies, “I think he uncovered something that would prove my
innocence and was killed to keep him quiet. I don’t say your Uncle
Roger killed him on purpose, but I think he killed him. Maybe they
were arguing and the argument got heated and maybe they got into
a fight and Malloy fell of the cliff during it.” He apoligizes to
Carolyn for being so blunt, but saying, “Sorry it’s got to be this
way, but that’s the way it’s got to be…”
Episode 68
Tape Date: September 21, 1966
Air Date: September 28, 1966 Wednesday
Writer: Francis Swann
Director: Lela Swift

Carolyn goes to Roger’s office to talk to him. She tells him she
went to talk to Burke Devlin. He growls, “Burke Devlin’s nothing but
a vicious liar!” She tells him, “He actually accused you of killing
Bill Malloy!” Roger completely denies it. Carolyn tells him, “I
didn’t believe you had anything to do with it, but I wanted to hear
you say it.” Roger cotinues, “In fact, I couldn’t have done it. I was
still at home at the time it happened. Miss Winters can confirm it.”
Carolyn remarks, “You know, you should be nicer to Vicky.” Roger
replies,”Yes. Maybe I should.”
In the drawing room at Collinwood, David is lying on the floor
looking through the family history. It is turned to the picture of
“Josette Collins”. When David hears Vicky calling, “David!”, he
quickly goes and hides behind the curtains. Vicky comes into the room
and quickly finds him. David tells her, “If I had really wanted to
hide from you, you wouldn’t have found me.” He tells her he was
just playing, that when he went to school, they had something called
“recess” to let the kids play. Vicky asks, “Was this when you were
living in Augusta?” David replies that it was. Vicky asks, “Did you
enjoy it there?” David tells her that he didn’t, that his mother
and father were always fighting, fighting about Burke.
Roger is alone in his office, Carolyn having left. The intercom
buzzes and Roger’s secretary tells him that sheriff is outside and
wants to come in and talk to him. Roger, quickly taking out a file
so he can pretend to be busy, tells her to let him in. The sheriff
comes in and tells Roger, “Burke Devlin’s decided not to press
charges against Matthew Morgan.” Roger, puzzled, asks, “Charges
against Matthew? For what?” The sheriff explains how Matthew had
tried to kill Burke and how Burke has suspected that he, Roger had
put him up to it. Roger replies, “If I had hired someone to kill
Burke, I would’ve made sure it was someone a lot brighter that
Matthew.” The sheriff , satisfied with the answer, remarks, “Now
that impresses me as much as anything else you could’ve said” and
leaves. A few minutes after the sheriff leaves, Roger does too.
Vicky is talking with David. She remarks, “I don’t think Burke
likes me much anymore. I had to say something he didn’t like. I had
to. It was the truth.” David becomes furious, saying, “You’re only
trying to get between me and Burke.” He starts to throw a tantrum,
pushing chairs over and sweeping things off tables. Roger comes in
and asks what’s going on. David lies, “She tried to hurt me!” When
Roger, who obviously doesn’t believe this, asks, “Now why would she
want to do that?”, David runs from the room in anger.
Roger and Vicky talk. Unbeknownst to them, David is outside in
the foyer eavesdropping on them. Roger tells Vicky, “I wanted to talk
to you. I’ve been very rude to you since you’ve come here. I want to
make it up to you. I’d like to invite you out to dinner some night.
You know, we have the world’s best lobster here.” Vicky accepts his
invitation. He asks what she and David were arguing about. She tells
him David was telling her about the arguments he used to have with
his wife about Burke Devlin.
After Vicky leaves, David comes out of hiding and comes into the
drawing room. He asks, “Why were you so nice to Miss Winters? I
thought you didn’t like her.” Roger mutters, “You can catch more
flies with sugar than vinegar.” David, not understanding, asks, “Huh?”
Roger lies, “I figured if I was nicer to her, she’d be nicer to you.”
David asks, “Why can’t you just fire her?” Roger explains, “Because
you Aunt Elizabeth likes her.” David asks, in a malicious tone, “What
if she did something Aunt Elizabeth DIDN”T like?” Roger replies,
“Don’t tell me about it. I don’t want to know about it…”
Vicky, on her way upstairs, runs into Carolyn, who’s coming home.
Seeing that Carolyn looks depressed, she remarks, “You look like you
lost your last friend.” Carolyn glumly replies, “Maybe I have. I went
to see Joe to invite him to lunch, and he wasn’t in his office. I’m
so mad at him!” The phone rings. It’s Joe. Carolyn brightens up.
Inside the drawing room, Roger tells David, “Now think carefully.
Who would you rather see leave? Me or Miss Winters?”
Episode 69
Tape Date: September 22, 1966
Air Date: September 29, 1966 Thursday
Writer: Francis Swann
Director: Lela Swift

Mrs. Johnson, Bill Malloy’s housekeeper, meets Burke Devlin in
his hotel room, having been asked by him to come there. She tells
him, “I don’t think Mr. Malloy’s death was an accident!” He tells
her he doesn’t think so either and asks her, to “help me track down
the person who killed Bill Malloy!”
Joe Haskell goes to Roger’s office, having gotten a message that
he’s wanted there. But when he goes there, he finds not Roger, but
Carolyn. He tells her, “I got a message that said I’m wanted here.”
She exclaims, “You are!” She asks him to take the day off and spend
it with him. Noticing that she appears somewhat distressed, he asks
her what’s wrong. She tells him, “It was something Burke Devlin said.”
Burke explains to Mrs. Johsnson, “What if I told you I had a plan
to ruin the Collins family, and Mr. Malloy knew about it?” Mrs.
Johnson replies emphatically, “He would never stand for it!” Burke
continues, “No he wouldn’t. When he found out about it, he was
willing to sacrifice Roger Collins to prevent it from happening.”
Burke tells her his plan. He tells her he wants her to get a job at
Collinwood so she can be his “eyes and ears” there for him. Mrs.
Johnson tells him, “I’d do anything to avenge Mr. Malloy’s death!”
He replies, “That’s exactly what I want to hear!”
Carolyn tells Joe what Burke had said about Roger, and asks, “Why
would he say such things?” Joe, obviously comparing it to his own
situation vis-a-vis Carolyn and Burke, says “Obviously, he wanted
revenge. Laura was his girl until she met Roger, then she dropped him
for Roger, seeing he had nothing to offer compared to Roger.” He gets
very emotional about this, saying “I can see how a guy could get very
angry over this!” Carolyn doesn’t seem to get the hint.
Burke tells Mrs. Johnson, “Roger Collins obviously has the
strongest motive for killing Mr. Malloy, but there’s one problem.
Vicky Winters confirms his story that he was at the house when
Malloy died at 10:45. She says he didn’t leave until 10 minutes till
11.” Mrs. Johnson tells him the obvious, “Well, she must’ve lied”,
but Burke replies, “No. I don’t believe she would do that.” Mrs.
Johnson, hearing his tone of voice when he says this, tells him,
“You seem to have some feeling for Miss Winters. We can’t let feelings
get in the way of finding Mr. Malloy’s killer!” He agrees with her
and says, “All right. Maybe Miss Winters was..”. He pauses, then
finishes his sentence, “mistaken.”
Carolyn asks Joe to take the day off and take her to the beach.
Unwilling to take advantage of being the boyfriend of the owner’s
daughter and just leave, he calls around, trying to find someone to
take over for him for the day, but can’t find anyone. Unable to find
anyone to take over, he tells Carolyn he can’t take her to the beach.
Burke tells Mrs. Johnson, “What I want you to do is get a job
at Collinwood.” She replies, “I don’t know how I’ll manage that. They
don’t have any help up there except Matthew Morgan and don’t seem
to want any. Everyone in town knows it’s no use to apply there…”
There’s a knock at the door. Burke asks, “Who is it?” From the other
side, a voice answers, “Carolyn Stoddard” Burke, after quickly hiding
Mrs. Johnson in the kitchen, lets Carolyn in. She angrily tells him
she told Roger what he said, and that Roger denied it was true. She
tells him she believes her Uncle Roger, saying she knows he’s not
the kind of man who would either frame him or kill Bill Malloy to
cover it up. Burke replies, “Yes. I didn’t mean what I said to
you earlier. It’s just that I was so upset about Mr. Malloy’s death,
I jumped to conclusions.” He continues, “There’s only one person who
was affected by Mr. Malloy’s death more than me – his housekeeper,
Mrs. Johnson. She was deeply upset by Malloy’s death.” He tells
Carolyn that Mrs. Johnson needs a job. Carolyn asks, “Does she need
money?” Burke replies, “No. If it were only that, I could give it
to her. She needs a job to get her mind off Mr. Malloy’s death.”
Carolyn’s face brightens and she exclaims, “Hey! Maybe I can help!
Maybe I can get Mother to give her a job at Collinwood!”
After Carolyn leaves, Mrs. Johnson comes out of the kitchen and
remarks, “So you lied to the girl, eh?” Burke replies, “Mrs. Johnson,
EVERYONE at Collinwood is fair game to me.”
Episode 70
Tape Date: September 23, 1966
Air Date: September 30, 1966 Friday
Writer: Francis Swann
Director: Lela Swift

Vicky comes down to the drawing room, having been summoned by
Elizbeth. Elizabeth tells her, “I have something I want to talk to
you about. I don’t want anyone else hearing this.” Unfortunately,
outside, David is eavesdropping through the door. Elizabeth tells
Vicky, “I’d like to thank you for confirming Roger’s story about
the time he left Collinwood that night.” Vicky replies, “I was only
telling the truth.” Elizabeth asks, “What do you think happened to
Mr. Malloy?” Vicky replies that she thinks it must have been an
accident. Elizabeth tells her that’s what she thinks too. Suddenly,
there’s a loud commotion outside in the foyer, and the doors burst
open. Outside, Matthew is struggling with David. David breaks free
and runs to Elizabeth, crying, “Help me, Aunt Elizabeth, help me!”
Elizabeth asks, “Matthew. What’s going on?” Matthew replies that he
caught David eavesdropping outside the door. David denies this, saying
“I was only waiting for Miss Winters!” Elizabeth, obviously believing
Matthew but pretending to believe David, tells David, “Well, here she
is.” Vicky and David leave. Matthew tells Elizabeth, “Mrs. Stoddard,
I have something I’ve got to talk to you about…”
Outside as they are going up the stairs, David starts to talk to
Vicky about ghosts. Vicky tells him there’s no such things, but David
insists he’s seen them, that one of them is a pretty woman dressed all
in white. He tells her, “I’ll draw you a picture of her!”
Matthew tells Elizabeth about trying to kill Burke. He tells her,
“The only thing I’m sorry about is that I didn’t succeed!” Elizabeth
reprimands him for what he did, saying, “You can’t take the law into
your own hands!” She tells him she appreciates the fact that he
thought he was trying to help and thanks him for this, but tells him
he can’t do things like this.
Vicky, holding a sheet of paper in her hands, comes down the stairs
just as Matthew comes out of the drawing room. She hands him the paper
and asks her, “Have you ever seen anything like this? David drew it.
He claims it’s a ghost who lives at Collinwood.” Matthew looks at the
drawing, then glares at David, who’s standing on the landing, and
growls, “So you been playin’ around at the Old House, eh?” Vicky asks,
“The old house? What’s that?” Matthew replies, “It’s old and it’s
dangerous. Stay away from there!”
Vicky goes into the drawing room and shows Elizabeth the drawing,
saying David drew it and said it was a ghost that lives at the old
house. Elizabeth looks at it, then goes to the family album. She
looks at the picture, then compares it to the picture on the page she
turned to and tells Vicky, “Oh, he must have just copied it from the
family history.” David denies this. Vicky asks Elizabeth, “What’s the
Old House?” Elizabeth explains, “It’s the original Collinwood. The
family lived there before this house was built. No one’s lived there
for years.” Carolyn comes into the drawing room to talk to Elizabeth
just as Vicky and David are leaving. She glances down at the family
history, which is lying on the table, still open to the page Elizabeth
had turned it. It’s turned to a page bearing a picture captioned
“Josette Collins”, the page it was opened to when she and Vicky came
in to investigate the noise they heard in the drawing room.
David denies that he copied the picture from the family history.
He tells Vicky, “I’ll prove it to you. I’ll take you to the old
house and show you the ghost. But we’ll have to go at night. That’s
when the ghosts come out!”
Carolyn tells Elizabeth, “You know, maybe it would be nice if
hired a housekeeper.” Elizabeth is cool to the idea, saying she
doesn’t need a housekeeper. Carolyn, undaunted, suggests, “She would
be great company for you.” Elizabeth jokes, “I don’t need company.
I’ve got all of David’s ghosts to keep me company!”
It is 9:30 at night. Carolyn, dressed in a nightgown, comes out
of the door under the stairs, bearing a tray of tea things. She is
surprised to find Vicky and David in the foyer, dressed to go out
and asks Vicky where they are going. Vicky replies, “I’m going
with David to see some ghosts.” in a voice that tells Carolyn she’s
humoring the boy. Vicky and David leave and Carolyn goes into the
drawing room.
Inside the drawing room, Carolyn gives Elizabeth a cup of tea and
broaches the subject of hiring a housekeeper again. Elizabeth
protests, “I thought we talked about that already. I don’t need a
housekeeper.”, but Carolyn tells her, “I’ve even thought of someone
who would be perfect, Mrs. Johnson.” Elizabeth asks, “Sarah Johnson?
What made you think of her?” Carolyn replies, “She was Bill Malloy’s
housekeeper. She’s terribly lonely now without him. We’d be doing
both her and ourselves a favor. I hear she’s a great cook!”
David and Vicky go to the old house. It is built in the Greek
style popular in the 18th century, fronted by many columns. It is
a very large house, though much smaller than Collinwood. David and
Vicky go inside. The interior is in great disrepair, cobwebs every-
where. David takes Vicky to a fireplace in the living room and shows
her a portrait of a beautiful dark-haired woman hanging about the
mantel. Vicky exclaims, “Josette Collins! You must’ve copied the
drawing from here!” David denies this, saying his drawing looks like
the portrait because that’s who the ghost he drew is. He tells her,
“She can’t leave Collinwood.” Vicky asks, “How do you know?” David
replies, “She told me! She told me she was condemned to stay here
until a third girl fell to her death from Widow’s hill. I’m surprised
that she hasn’t appeared to you, because I think that third girl is
going to be YOU!” Suddenly, he stops talking. They have both heard the
sounds of someone walking around outside. Now, heavy footsteps can
heard coming up the front stairs*. The door opens and someone
carrying a lantern comes it. He lifts the lattern to head level,
revealing his face. It’s only Matthew Morgan. He explains, “I saw
you coming in here. I thought it was prowlers.” He tells them,”You
shouldn’t be here. This place is dangerous. It should be torn down.
Maybe I’ll talk to Mrs. Stoddard about having it torn down.” David,
hearing this, becomes very upset and screams, “NO! If you do that,
I’ll have HER kill you!”, gesturing at the portrait of Josette
At Collinwood, Carolyn tells Elizabeth, “I think we owe it to
Mrs. Johnson. She was Bill Malloy’s housekeeper for many years,
so in a way, she was working for us. Anyway, it’s what Bill Malloy
would’ve wanted!”
Matthew tells Vicky they’d better leave the old house. David,
obviously disappointed, tells Vicky, “All right. Let’s leave. She’s
not going to come tonight anyway. She doesn’t like HIM!”, gesturing
toward Matthew. They leave, going out the front door and down the
front steps*, and go back to Collinwood.
Inside the now empty old house. A figure materializes from the
portrait of Josette Collins. It is the ghost of a dark haired woman,
dressed all in white, her face covered by a white veil. She walks
down from the portrait onto the floor, walking down as if there were
an invisible staircase leading from the portrait down to the floor.
She walks out of the room and out of the old house and wanders among
the columns fronting the house…

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