August 1967

Episode 287
Worldvision Rerun 77
Tape Date: July 13, 1967 (ABC #152-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 1, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: John Sedwick

Barnabas opens his mouth, bares his fangs and prepares
to bite Vicky, but then abruptly changes his mind and
backs away. He glances briefly at Josette’s portrait,
then leaves.
The next morning, Vicky awakens and goes downstairs.
There, Willie tells her that Barnabas has left and won’t
be back till night. He offers to make her some breakfast,
but she declines. She tells him, “I had the feeling
someone was in the room with me last night”. Wilie asks,
“Were you afraid?” Vicky replies, “No, it was only a dream
after all”. She thinks for a bit then adds, “Or was it?”,
implying that maybe it was Willie who had snuck into the room.
Willie tells her that it wasn’t him, that he’s not that kind
of person anymore, reminding her, “It was me who wanted to
take you back to Collinwood last night”. Vicky apoliges
for implying that it was him, saying, “I believe you.
When I was in Josette’s room, I felt safer than I’ve ever
felt in my life”.
Elizabeth is at Collinwood with Julia, telling her how
worried she is about Vicky. Vicky finally returns to
Collinwood. Elizabeth tells her, “I waited up half the
night worrying about you!”. Vicky apoligizes, “Sorry.
I had meant to get back much earlier than this”.
Elizabeth chatises her for staying out so late with the
madman still around. Vicky tells her, “I was much safer
staying at the Old House than trying to come back here
in the storm”. Elizabeth says, “If I had known you were
with Barnabas, I wouldn’t have worried”. Vicky replies,
“Yes, I was as safe as I could be with Barnabas”. Julia
looks on with a funny look on her face. Vicky introduces
Julia Hoffman to Elizabeth and tells Elizabeth about Julia’s
desire to do research on the Collins family history. To her
shock, Elizabeth refuses the request, saying she agrees with
Barnabas that the family history is private and should remain
in the family. Vicky tries to argue, but Elizabeth tells her,
“My decision is final” and leaves the drawing room. Julia begs
Vicky to try to talk to Elizabeth, saying, “This is very
important to me”. She adds, “And perhaps someday to someone
else, too”. Vicky asks what she means, but Julia says,
“Perhaps I exaggerate the importance of my work”.
Later, Vicky does as Julia requests and tries to convince
Elizabeth to change her mind, telling her, “The past is
beautiful, it’s something that should be shared”. Elizabeth
replies, “Your getting to caught up in the past”. Suddenly she
gets and idea, “If Hoffman does this book, you know it will
be in a very cold, detached manner. It might show you how
unromantic the past really is. Maybe you should find out
for yourself how unromantic the past really was. Tell Miss
Hoffman she has my cooperation”. Vicky thanks her, but Elizabeth
replies, “I’m doing this for you, Vicky. I’m not sure you’re
going to thank me”. Vicky asks, “Why?” Elizabeth replies,
“I’m hoping this will kill your belief that the past was so
romantic. Has anyone ever thanked anyone for killing a dream?”
Julia Hoffman is in the living room the old house,
apparently having barged in. Willie is nervously trying
to tell her, “You’re not welcome here!” Julia tells him,
“I came here to see Mr. Collins”. Willie replies, “But he
doesn’t want to see you! Anyway, he’s not here!” Julia
sits down and says, “I’ll wait”. She remarks on the
quality of the restoration and says, “Mr. Collins must
have made a thorough study the past. Now, you did the
restoration. Did Mr. Collins have any books or plans to
guide you in the restoration”. Willie answers, “No”.
Julia remarks, “Then I wonder how he could have known
so much about the interior of this house. It’s almost
like he had seen it at the time…”
Willie paces around, nervously watching Julia. Julia
tells him, “You don’t have to watch me. I’m a perfectly
trustworthy person. I won’t walk off with anything”.
Willie replies, “I have orders from Mr. Collins that
no one should be here!” Julia tells him, “Don’t act so
nervous. Is Mr. Collins such a difficult person? If he
is, then why do you work for him?” Barnabas’ voice answers,
“Maybe he wants to”. Julia turns and sees the Barnabas has
entered the room. Willie tells Barnabas, “I told her she
wasn’t supposed to be here….” Barnabas tells him, “All
right, Willie”, and excuses him. Willie leaves. Julia
asks Barnbas, “Do you know why I’m here?” Barnabas replies,
“Yes, Miss Winters told me you were doing research into
the family history”. She asks him if he’d be interested in
helping. Barnabas replies that he isn’t. Julia asks, “May
I ask why?” Barnabas replies, “You may ask, but I don’t
feel particularly obliged to give you an answer”. Julia
tells him she has uncovered some new information about
the Collins history and asks offers to tell him what it
is in exchange for his help, but Barnabas declines, saying,
“You couldn’t possibly know anything about my family I don’t
already know much more about”. Julia tells him, “I’ll see
you again some other time, then”, and leaves, leaving Barnabas
with a worried look on his face.
Episode 288
Worldvision Rerun 78
Tape Date: July 14, 1967 (ABC #153-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 2, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Vicky is in the drawing room, staring out the window.
David comes in and asks, “Miss Winters?” Vicky doesn’t
seem to hear him, so he repeats, “Miss Winters?” Vicky
turns around and says, “Oh, I’m sorry, David. What did
you say?” David asks, “What’s the matter? You were looking
out at the ocean. You didn’t hear what I was saying”. Vicky
replies, “I was daydreaming”. David remarks, “You’ve been
doing a lot of that lately. I don’t think it’s so good.
When I look at you while you’re daydreaming, I get this
funny feeling, like you weren’t you, like you were someone
else, someone strange, and it frightens me”. Vicky asks, “David,
are you serious? I frighten you?” David replies, “It’s just
that you look so strange”. Vicky tells him, “It must be
your imagination”. Julia comes into the room and greets
Vicky, “Miss Winters”. Vicky tells David, “Miss Hoffman
is going to be staying here with us for awhile”. She tells
David that Julia is writing a history of the Collins family.
Julia remarks to Vicky, “I understand there are some privately
published histories of the Collins family. May I see them?”
Vicky replies, “They’re in the study. I’ll go get them” and
leaves to do so. David asks, “Who are you writing the book
about?” Julia replies, “Oh, Joshua Collins, Jeremiah Collins,
the original Barnabas Collins”. David asks, “Would you like
to see some pictures of them?” Julia answers, “I’ve already
seen all the portraits”. David tells her, “No, that’s not
what I meant. There’s an album of pictures. I’ll get it”.
David gets the album. He opens it and starts showing some
pictures to Julia. He shows her a picture of Joshua Collins.
Julia remarks, “The father of the original Barnabas”. David
then turns the page and shows her a picture of “David Collins.
I was named after him”, then turns the page to one of Naomi
Collins. Julia turns the page and reads the caption of the next
picture, “Sarah Collins”. David exclaims, “Hey! I’ve never seen
that one before! She looks just like a kid I’ve played with!
I’ve seen her by the old house. She must like playing there a
lot. That’s the only place I’ve ever seen her”. He adds,
“And one other strange thing. Her name is Sarah too!” Julia
remarks, “Yes. That is a very strange coincidence. Very strange”.
David asks, “Do you suppose it could’ve been a ghost I saw?”
Vicky, who’s just walked into the room carrying four books, tells
David, “Don’t talk like that. I’m sure Miss Hoffman isn’t
interested in ghosts”. Julia says, “Quite the contrary. I was
very interested”, but Vicky nevertheless tells David to go and
do his homework. David asks, “Can I go out and play first?”
Vicky answers yes and David happily trots out. Julia
tells Vicky, “We were just looking at a picture of Sarah
Collins…” Vicky looks at the book and exclaims, “That
looks just like a sketch I’ve seen! It looks just like
the sketch the police circulated after Maggie Evans died!”
Thinking wrongly that Julia knows nothing about that,
she says, “Oh, you wouldn’t know about that”. She explains
to her how a madman had kidnapped a local girl, and about the
picture of the girl and says, “It’s very strange that she
should look so much like this picture”. Julia answers, “Yes”.
Vicky excuses herself, saying she’s got a date. Julia asks,
“I’ve got one more question for you. You were here when
the restoration of the old house was done. I’ve seen a sketch
of the old house interior of the old house as it was originally.
I recall seeing some huge, gilt mirrors in it. Today when
I went to the old house, I didn’t see them there. What happened
to them?” Vicky replies, “I don’t know. Maybe they’ve been
lost. You know, I don’t think I’ve seen any mirrors in the
old house, except for the small one in Josette’s room”. Julia
asks, “May I borrow this album? Perhaps Mr. Collins would be
interested in them”. Vicky remarks, “I hope he decides to
help you”. Julia replies, “He wasn’t interested in helping
me, perhaps he will be interested in this book. Whether he is
or not, I have a feeling this visit will prove to be very
Vicky is at the Blue Whale with Burke Devlin. Burke asks,
“Julia Hoffman? I’ve never heard of her. Why would she want
to do a book on the Collins family?” Vicky replies, “Because
they’re one of the oldest families in America”. Burke tells
her, “I wish you wouldn’t get involved in this. I think you’re
becoming too preoccupied with the past”. Vicky replies, “I
don’t see anything wrong with being interested in history”.
Burke answers, “History, fine. But not the history of
the Collins family with all its ghosts and goblins! I don’t
like the way it’s been affecting you!” He points out
how she’s been seeing things lately, like the little girl
at the old house and Maggie at the cemetary. Vicky says,
“It’s not that. It the things that have been happening that
have affected me”. Burke tells her, “Don’t feed it or it’ll
happen again”. Vicky admits, “Burke, it did happen again”.
She tells him about being awakened by a little girl singing
“London Bridge”, then adds, “Maybe it was because of the
room I was in”. Burke asks, “What room?” Vicky answers,
“Josette’s room at the old house”. Burke exclaims, “You
spent the night at the old house with Barnabas and Willie
there?” Vicky replies, “I was safe. Barnabas is a perfect
gentleman and Willie wouldn’t do anything to me”. Burke
ask Vicky, “Vicky, I want you to promise me something. I
want you to promise me never to go to the old house again”.
Vicky exclaims, “Never go to the old house again?! I can’t
promise you that!” Burke asks, “What is it about the old
house that fascinates you so much?” Vicky replies, “I just
like the old house”. Burke asks why. Vicky replies, “I
don’t know. Maybe it’s because I feel safe there, safe and
secure. I feel like I belong there. I don’t know why,
but I’m not going to agree to stay away from there, and
that’s final!” Burke remarks, “I don’t know what’s happening
to you, Vicky, but I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all”.
Julia goes to the old house and knocks on the door.
Barnabas answers. Julia says, “Good evening, Mr. Collins”.
Barnabas replies, “Good evening Miss Hoffman. I didn’t
expect to see you so soon again”. Julia says, “I’d like
to speak to you”. Barnabas answers, “I don’t see what more
we could possibly have to discuss”. Julia tells him, “I
have a book with some pictures of your ancestors I’m sure
you’ll be interested in seeing. Perhaps you could answer
a few questions for me”. Barnabas replies, “Very persistent,
aren’t you? I don’t intend to answer any questions”. Julia
says, “Well, since I’ve made the trip, perhaps I could show
the pictures to you anyway”. Barnabas tells her, “I can
give you only a few minutes”. Julia replies, “That’ll be
fine” and steps inside.
Inside, Julia sits down in an armchair and starts to
leaf through the book, “This is the original Barnabas Collins.
The resemblance is startling, isn’t it?” Barnabas replies,
“That is often remarked on”. Julia turns the page and
continues, “This is Naomi Collins, the mother of the original
Barnbas Collins. Isn’t she lovely?” Barnabas seems touched
and replies that she is. Turning the page, Julia continues,
“Joshua Collins, the original Barnabas’ father”. Then,
turning the page again, she says, “And this is Sarah Collins,
sister of the original Barnabas”. Barnabas seems to be really
touched by this, and Julia gives him the book to give him
a better look. As Barnabas looks at the picture of Sarah, Julia
keeps talking, “Look at her eyes, and her features. Doesn’t she
resemble you?” While speaking, she takes a compact out of her
purse, opens it, and looks in the mirror, pointing it in the
direction of Barnabas. But instead of seeing Barnabas’ reflected
in the mirror, she sees an empty room. The candlelabrum behind
him, which he should be obscuring, is clearly visiible, but he
is not! Barnabas looks up from the book, sees Julia looking
in the mirror and asks, “What are you doing?!” Julia closes
the compact and replies, “Even a historian has a certain
amount of feminine vanity. I was just checking my makeup”,
then says, “You’ve looked at the portraits. You don’t look
particularly interested”. Barnabas replies that he isn’t.
Julia says, “Good evening” and leaves. Barnabas has a strange
look on his face…
Vicky has returned from her date with Burke and is in
the foyer at Collinwood looking at the portrait of Barnabas.
Julia comes in through the front door. Vicky asks, “Have you
visited Mr. Collins?” Julia replies, “Yes. It was a very
successful visit. I learned a great deal this evening. In fact,
I think I’ve learned everything, everything I need to know,” and
stares at the portrait of Barnabas…
Episode 289 (Kinescope)
Worldvision Rerun 79
Tape Date: July 16, 1967 (ABC #154-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 3, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

It is night. There is a lightning storm. Vicky is in her room,
dressed in a nightgown, looking out the window. She leaves the
window and goes to bed. There is a knock at the door. Vicky
says, “Come in!” Carolyn comes in, saying, “I didn’t know
if you’d be asleep”. Vicky replies, “Who could, with that
storm going”. She tells Carolyn, “Before you came in, I
thought I saw someone standing in the rain outside”. She
takes her to the window to look. There’s a bright flash of
lightning. Vicky points and exclaims, “Look! Behind that
tree! It looks like there’s someone behind that tree!”
Carolyn replies, “It looks like there’s someone behind EVERY
tree!” and manages to convince Vicky it’s just her imagination.
Outside, behind a tree, Barnabas looks up at Vicky’s room.
Carolyn, who, also frightened by the storm, has now calmed
down and apoligizes to Vicky for bothering her, saying, “Just
call me Miss Jitters of 1967″ and leaves. Vicky checks her
alarm clock – it reads 11:40. She plays Josette’s music
box for a few minutes, then closes the lid and goes to
Vicky’s alarm clock now reads 1:35. By the window stands
a figure – Barnabas! He walks up to Vicky’s bed, bends over
her, touches her gently, then seems to change his mind AGAIN.
He walks over to the other side of the bed, opens the lid
of the music box and leaves.
Vicky is awakened by the sound of the musicbox. She looks
around the room and sees that it’s empty. She tries to turn
on her bedside lamp, but finds that it won’t work. There’s
a knock at the door. Vicky asks, “Who is it?” A voice
replies, “Carolyn”. Carolyn comes in and asks, “Did I wake
you?” Vicky replies, “No, I was already awake. What happened
to the lights?”. Carolyn replies, “A power failure. I was
trying to read and they just went out. Now I’m really jittery”.
Vicky tells Carolyn, “My music box woke me!” Carolyn says,
“You must have been playing it and fell asleep”, but
Vicky insists, “No, I clearly remember closing it”. Carolyn
suggests, “Maybe the top popped open”, but Vicky demonstrates
to her that the top locks down when you close it and that
couldn’t happen. She remarks, “I have the strange feeling
that someone was here in the room with me. I have the feeling
that I was in danger, but something intervened.” She opens the
musicbox, perhaps thinking it was Josette who intervened…
Carolyn and Vicky go downstairs. Carolyn telle Vicky,
“A good strong cup of coffee will shake this feeling out
of both of us”. They find Julia Hoffman in the drawing
room reading a book by the light of a candle. Carolyn
remarks that she and Vicky came down to make some coffee.
Hoffman replies, “Mrs. Johnson has already beaten you to
it. It’s probably perking right now”. Carolyn goes to
the kitchen to see if it’s ready. Julia tells Vicky, “I’d
like to ask you a few questions about Josette Collins. I
want your impressions of her. You wore her dress and slept
in her bed.” Vicky answers, “I feel she was a warm person,
someone who loved people, parties and fine clothing”. Julia
asks, “Why is it that you’re particularly interested in
Josette?” Vicky replies, “Well, you know she made contact
through me twice”. Julia asks, “Anything else?” Vicky tells
her that Barnabas talks about her a lot, saying, “I think
Josette is his favorite. He knows so much about her”. Julia
asks, “Was it his idea that you wear Josette’s dress to the
party?” Vicky replies, “Yes”. Julia asks, “Did you want to?”
Vicky answers, “Of course! I felt very honored to wear Josette’s
dress”. Julia notices that Vicky is holding something in her hand
and asks, “What’s that?” Vicky replies, “A musicbox”. Julia says,
“It’s quite beautiful”. Vicky tells her, “It belonged to Josette.
Barnabas gave it to me”. Julia asks, “May I ask why?” Vicky replies,
“He said I made the party a success. It’s the most beautiful
gift I’ve ever received. Listen”. She opens the lid and
music starts to play. Vicky remarks, “I love that tinkling
melody”. Julia, a look of interest on her face, says, “It
does have a tinkling sound. Someone recently tried to describe
a tinkling melody to me, just like this one”. Vicky remarks,
“I love this melody. I play it over and over. Josette did
that too. Miss Hoffman, why are you asking so many questions
about Josette?”. Julia replies, “Because I find her to
fascinating from a historical viewpoint”. Vicky agrees that
Josette was fascinating, saying, “Everything about her was
so distinctive, even her perfume. It was Jasmine”. Julia
remarks, “Isn’t that rather strong?”. Vicky replies, “Very
strong, and unforgettable. Mr. Collins let me wear some on
the night of the party”. Julia says, “Oh, he has some?” Vicky
replies, “Yes”. Julia muses, “Strong perfume, a tinkly music
box. How very interesting! It seems to me Mr. Collins is trying
to recreate Josette”. Vicky gets upset by this, says, “That’s
absurd! I don’t like what you’re implying!” and leaves.
Carolyn comes into the drawing room holding a coffee service
just as Vicky is rushing out. She asks her, “Didn’t you want
some coffee?” Vick replies, “No! I’m tired, I want to go
to bed!”, and goes up the stairs. Carolyn asks Julia what’s
wrong with Vicky. Julia lies, “I think the storm upset her”.
Carolyn replies, “No, I think it was her music box that upset
her”. She tells Julia about Vicky claiming that the music box
starting to play while she was asleep, and adds, “She’s been
edgy all night. She thought she saw someone outside earlier”.
Julia asks, “Would you say she believed in the supernatural?”
Carolyn replies, “I don’t know, but strange things do seem to
happen to her”. The lights come back on. Carolyn excuses herself,
saying, “Now I’ve got to turn off the lights around the house”
and leaves.
At the Old House, Willie remarks to Barnabas, “The storm’s
about over.” Barnabas snaps, “I can see that!” Willie remarks,
“It’s getting close to dawn”. Barnabas replies, “I know, I
always know. It’s something I can’t avert. I wish I could stop
the dawn and make the night eternal, but that power is
something I’ll never have… I want you to go into Portland
today. You have the list of what I’ll need?” Willie replies,
“Yes”. Barnabas tells him, “I want you to keep the house
securely locked and not let anyone in during the day”.
Willie asks, “But I thought you said Vicky was welcome
here anytime”. Barnabas reaplies, “Yes, but she broght that
Hoffman here with her the other time. I don’t like her. She
asks too many questions. I don’t want her around here”.
Willie leaves. Julia, hiding behind a bush outside, sees
him go. The sun comes up. Julia tries the door to the old
house, but finds it locked. She goes in through a window
(the same one Jason McGuire came in through). She goes
down into the cellar and sees the coffin there. She walks
up to it, opens the lid and finds Barnabas lying inside,
sleeping peacefully…
Episode 290
Worldvision Rerun 80
Tape Date: July 17, 1967 (ABC #155-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 4, 1967 Friday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: John Sedwick

It is the next night. Dr. Dave Woodard is in the drawing
room with Julia. He complains, “I’m not sure I believe that.
You were up most of the night and was sleeping when I arrived?”
He demands, “I want an explanation!” Julia replies, “Well, I’m
not going to give you one”. Woodard angrily says, “You leave
me no choice! I’ve got to take Maggie away from your care!
I see evidence of lack of treatment, and you’re here a
hundred miles away from her!” Julia protests, “I’m here
doing research”. Woodard remarks, “It seems to me your
research has become more important to you than the patient!
I’m going to take Maggie out of Windcliff!”. Julia remarks
that she thinks it’s really the fact that she hasn’t been
giving him daily reports that is really bothering him. She tells
him, “I’m not ready to give you a report yet”. Woodard replies,
“That answer is not satisfactory!” Julia starts to look
downcast and moans, “I haven’t been giving you any reports
because there’s been nothing to report. I’m starting to get
discouraged myself. I haven’t made any progress at all”. Woodard,
his tone softening, says, “I’ve never seen you this discouraged
before” and asks, “You never told me what you expected to find”.
Julia replies, “I didn’t expect to find anything”. Julia replies,
“I didn’t expect to find anything. I don’t know what to do. I feel
I’m going up a blind alley. Now you see why I haven’t given you
a report”. Woodard asks, “Are you telling me the truth or is
this just some tactic to keep me out of the way? I know you,
and you know something, don’t you?” Julia replies, “All I
know is that I’m tired, and puzzled, very very puzzled..”
Julia, apparently having convinced Woodard that she’s telling
the truth, asks, “Then you’re going to let Maggie stay at
Windcliff?” Woodard replies, “Yes, for the time being”. Julia
asks, “So you trust me?” Woodard replies, “I do. Maybe I
shouldn’t, but I do”. Julia tells Woodard she doesn’t think
it’s a good idea for him to come to Collinwood and talk about
Maggie. Woodard replies, “All right, next time we’ll meet in
my office”. There’s a knock at the front door. Julia opens
the drawing room doors, and goes out into the foyer to open
the door, but finds Vicky already on her way there and says,
“Oh, Vicky, I was just about to get it…”. Vicky answers the
front door. It’s Barnabas. He tells her, “I’m just making
a social call on Miss Hoffman”. Seeing Julia standing with
Dave Woodard, he remarks, “Oh, I didn’t know you and Dr.
Woodard were friends”. Julia replies, “Yes, we went to
undergraduate school together, then he went on to medical
school and I went on to historical research. Sure I can’t
change your mind about helping me?”. Barnabas replies, “That’s
what I came here to talk to you about”. Julia says, “Oh, I’ll
go get my notebook” and leaves. Woodard leaves too. Vicky
tells Barnabas, “I hope you decide to help her”. Barnabas
asks, “And you, how are you enjoying helping her?” Vicky
replies, “I don’t know.” Barnabas asks, “What do you mean?”
Vicky explains, “Sometimes I feel I’m losing the present
altogether. Sometimes I fear getting trapped in the past”.
She tells him, “This has got to stop. I hope it doesn’t
offend you, but I’m going to have to give Josette’s music
box back to you. It’s affecting me. I keep playing it
and playing it. I can’t seem to help myself”. Barnabas
tells her, “It’s probably because the music is so new
to you. I’m sure if you play it often enough, it’ll become
quite ordinary to you” and convinces her to keep it.
Julia returns with her notebook and Barnabas goes with
her into the drawing room. Barnabas tells her, “I hope I
didn’t mislead you. I just want to apoligize for being so
rude to you before”. Julia tells him, “You can make up for
it by telling me what you know about the original Barnabas
and his sister Sarah.” Barnabas replies, “I know nothing
about them. The original Barnabas was a very uninteresing
person”. Julia says, “I disagree”. Barnabas says, “He went
to England while a young man and died there in obscurity”.
Julia replies, “That’s what the histories SAY”. Barnabas
asks, “Have you discovered something new?” Julia tells
Barnabas that she had told him before he was willing to
exchange what new information she’s discovered and that
the offer still stands. She tells him she’ll come to the
old house tomorrow to talk to him about it and asks, “Is
tomorrow morning all right?” Barnabas tells her he’ll be
busy. “Afternoon?” she asks. Barnabas replies, “I’m afraid
it’ll have to be in the evening”. He tells her, “I can’t
tell you how much I’m looking forward to our next meeting”.
Julia looks at the portrait on the wall and remarks on how
much he resembles his ancestor. After Barnabas leaves, Julia,
talking to the portrait, says, “I don’t I can wait till tomorrow
for our next meeting, and I’m sure you can’t either!”
Julia is in her room preparing for bed. There’s a knock
at the door. Julia answers. It’s Vicky. Vicky comes in and
tells Julia, “I hope I’m not bothering you, but could we
talk for a few minutes? I don’t know what to do. I don’t
know if I should keep working with you”. Julia asks, “Why
not? I thought you were enjoying yourself”. Vicky replies,
“Yes I am”. Julia, puzzled, says, “I don’t understand”.
Vicky tells her about her fears that she’s becoming too
caught up in the past. Suddenly, dogs start howling outside.
Vicky reacts strongly to this, and explains to Julia, “I
heard dogs howling outside the night Maggie Evans disappeared.
I seem to be getting so frightened at everything lately”.
Julia tells her, “There’s nothing for YOU to be afraid of”,
with an odd emphasis on the word “you”, then says, “Get a
good night’s sleep and we can talk about it in the morning”.
Vicky apologizes, “I’m sorry for keeping you awake” and leaves.
Julia checks her alarm clock. It reads 12:46.
The clock in the foyer chimes 2:00. Barnabas enters
Julia’s room through the window. He goes to Julia’s bed and
prepares to attack the figure he sees lying there when
he suddenly hears a voice coming from behind him, “Good
evening, Barnabas Collins”. He turns around and sees Julia
coming out of the shadows. Julia says, “I’ve been waiting
for you for a long time, a very long time…
Episode 291
Worldvision Rerun 81
Tape Date: July 18, 1967 (ABC #156-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 7, 1967 Monday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Barnabas asks, “Have you?” Julia replies, “Yes”. Barnabas
asks, “Why?” Julia explains, “Because I know what you are!”
Barnabas asks, “What do you mean you know what I am?” Julia
replies, “You are Barnabas Collins, the only Barnabas Collin
who ‘died’ over 130 years ago”. Barnabas says, “That’s
absurd!” Julia replies, “I’ve investigated you thoroughly”.
She adds, “And I’ve seen you in your coffin, yesterday at
dawn”. Barnabas growls, “You must be careful when you have
information like that!” Julia replies, “That’s why I took the
precaution of putting the dummy in the bed”. Barnabas retorts,
“But you didn’t take the precaution of being far, far away
from here! I’m going to kill you, Miss Hoffman!” He reaches
out to strangle her, but Julia exclaims, “DR. Hoffman! I can
help you! You don’t have to live this life!” Barnabas says,
“You’re just trying to save yourself!”, but Julia replies,
“Would I put myself in this position if I didn’t think
I could do something for you, and you for me?” Barnabas asks,
“What is the nature of this cure?” Julia explains, “Whole
blood is insufficient to sustain you. That’s why you keep
having to replenish your supply”. She tells him she has
discovered the source of his malady, the destructive nature
of his blood which causes more cells to be destroyed than
created. He asks, “What do you plan to do?” She tells him
she can cure him by introducing new plasma into his blood.
Barnabas says, “You are beginning to intrigue me, Dr. Hoffman,
you are beginning to intrigue me very much!”
Barnabas takes Julia to the old house to talk further.
There, he asks her, “Do others know who you actually are,
what you are really seeking?” Julia replies, “No, they know
me only as a historian doing research into the Collins
family”. Barnabas asks, “Does anyone else know?” Julia
at first is reluctant to tell him, but Barnabas demands,
“There must be mutual trust if we are to work together”.
Julia admits, “Dr. Woodard”. Barnabas asks, “How much
do we actually know?” Julia tells him, “Only that I’m
here investigating. I’ve kept him pretty much in the
dark about the truth”. Willie comes into the room. Barnabas
explains to him that Julia knows the truth. Willie asks,
“What’s going to happen now?” Barnabas replies, “Miss Hoffman
is a very unique doctor. She believes she can cure me of
my condition”. Willie turns to Julia and asks, “Can you?”
Julia answers, “I’m fairly certain I can”. She tells Barnabas
she’ll need a room to use as a laboratory. Barnabas tells
her there are several downstairs she can use and tells Willie
to take her down to let her select one.
Sam and Joe are at the Collinsport Hospital, waiting for
Dr. Woodard to come out of surgery. Sam tells Joe, “This has
gotta stop, Joe, it’s gotta stop!” Woodard comes out of
surgery into the room and asks, “What are you two doing here
so late?” Sam replies, “We’ve got to talk!” Dr. Woodard
complains that he’s just finished delivering twins and
is dead tired, but Sam insists on talking, “I have to ask
you some questions. What’s the lowdown on Dr. Hoffman? There’s
something fishy about her and I want to know what it is!”.
Joe says, “We’ve found out she’s at Collinwood pretending
to be doing research into history. No one there knows who
she is”. Woodard explains, “She has her methods”. Sam
asks, “What good is all this concentration on the Collins
family doing for Maggie?” Woodard replies, “I don’t know
that the Collins family has anything to do with Maggie.
We want to know what’s affected Maggie’s mind, and the
answers could come from anywhere”. Sam asks, “Has Dr. Hoffman
made any progress?” Woodard replies, “Her reports haven’t
been very promising so far”. He asks for more time, saying,
“Answers could be hours away…Then again, they can be years
away”. Sam angrily tells Woodard he isn’t satisfied with his
explanation and demands, “I want an explanation soon or I’ll
blow this thing wide open!” and storms off. Woodard begs Joe,
“Joe, don’t let him do that!”, but Joe replies, “I don’t think
I can stop him. You see, I feel the same way he does”.
At the old house, Willie comes back upstairs alone. Barnabas
asks him, “Where is she?” Willie replies, “She’s still down
there. She’s picked out a room. You sure you trust her?”.
Barnabas replies, “I don’t know”. Willie asks, “Then how
can you let her out of here?” Barnabas replies, “I didn’t
say I was going to let her out of here.” Willie asks, “What
are you going to do?” Barnabas replies, “I’m going to kill
her!” He explains that he went to Collinwood with that
very intention, that he was going to kill her and take the
body back here, but decided to kill her at the Old House
when he found out she was willing to come of her own
free will. Willie asks, “That experiment she was talking
about, could she really cure you? If she could, would you
want it?” Barnabas replies that he would, but says, “It
may be my downfall. She was clever enough to trap me!”
Willie points, “But she didn’t”. Barnbas replies, “Yes.
That’s curious. And her theory of cleaning the blood –
simple and logical”. Willie asks, “Why not give her a chance?”
Barnabas replies, “It may be my last mistake! No, I can’t
trust Dr. Hoffman. I can’t take the chance. I will do
away with her!” They are interrupted by Julia coming
back upstairs. Julia tells Barnabas, “The room is quite
satisfactory. I’ve prepared a list of things I’ll need.
There’s a supply house in Bangor where they can be obtained”.
Barnabas tells her to give the list to Willie, who will get
them for her in the morning. Julia adds, “The room will have
to be cleaned and scrubbed”. Barnabas turns to Willie and
asks, “Hear that, Willie? You might as well start now”. Willie
asks, “You want me to begin now?” Barnabas says, “Yes”. Willie
replies, “OK”, looks at Julia, and leaves. Julia remarks to
Barnabas, “He looked at me strangely there”. Barnabas replies,
“He’s a strange young man”. Julia tells him, “We’ll start the
treatments tomorrow” and goes to the coat rack to get her coat.
Barnabas asks, “Where are you going?” Julia replies, “Back to
Collinwood”. Barnabas bars her way and says, “I think not. I’ve
reconsidered everything, and I’ve come to the conclusion I can’t
trust you.” Julia replies, “You’ll have to learn to trust
me. I represent your whole future!”, but Barnabas replies,
“I believe you to be a threat to me, and I cannot allow you
to continue your existence”. Julia counters, “Alive, I’m hope.
Dead, I’ll be a danger to you! If you kill me, everyone will
know who and what you are!”. Barnabas asks, “How?” Julia replies,
“To kill me is to find out”. Barnabas doesn’t believe her
and reaches out to strangle her. Julia exclaims, “Maggie
Evans!” Barnabas says, “Maggie Evans is dead” and puts
his hands around her neck. Julia shouts, “Is she?” Barnabas
exclaims, “She’s alive!?” Julia continues, “Yes, alive and well
hidden”. Barnabas asks, “What has she said?” Julia replies,
“Nothing as yet. I tracked you down through my own deductions.
Maggie’s suffering from traumatic amnesia and remembers nothing,
but eventually, she’ll recover by herself.” Barnabas says, “She
will whether you’re dead or alive”. Julia explains, “No, as long
as I’m alive, I’m in charge of her care. I can make sure her
amnesia stays. My life is your security. Destroy me and
you destroy yourself!”
Episode 292
Worldvision Rerun 82
Tape Date: July 19, 1967 (ABC #157-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 8, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

It is the next day. There’s a knock at the door of the
Old House. Julia answers it. It is Dr. Woodard. Julia asks,
“What are you doing here?” Woodard replies, “The pertinent
question is, What are YOU doing here? I went to Collinwood
and Mrs. Stoddard told me you were here. What kind of research
are you doing in this musty old place?” He once again
demands to know what’s going on, telling her about Joe
and Sam. Julia replies, “I can’t tell you. It would just
put you and them in danger”. She tells him she’s on the
verge of a great medical discovery and asks, “When you
were in medical school, didn’t you dream of making some
great breakthrough?” Woodard admits he did. Julia tells
her he’ll be part of this breakthrough.
In the woods, Sarah is sitting on a log crying. David
comes into the clearing and greets her, “Sarah!”. Sarah
replies, “Hello”. David asks, “What’s the matter? Why
are you crying?” Sarah replies, “I lost something”. David
volunteers, “I’ll help you look for it”. Sarah replies,
“You can’t”. David asks, “Where’d you lose it? In the
woods, around here? What is it you lost?” Sarah replies,
“I lost a friend”. David asks, “What friend?” Sarah replies,
“Her name was Maggie”. David says, “You mean Maggie Evans.”
Sarah says, “She’s lost and I miss her”. David tells her,
“I’m sorry you miss her so much, but you’ll never find
her”. Sarah asks, “Why not?” David replies, “Because she’s
dead”. Sarah insists, “No she isn’t! She isn’t dead at all!
Just lost!” David points out, “Everyone says she’s dead”.
Sarah retorts, “Well, everyone’s wrong! She’s just gone
away somewhere, but I don’t know where!” David invites
her, “Come to my house with me”, but Sarah declines, saying
“I’m not allowed to go to other people’s houses”, but David
insists, saying, “It’s getting late. Better come to my house”.
Sarah again insists that Maggie isn’t dead, saying, “You know
all about leaves and things, but I know who’s dead!”
There’s a knock at the door of Collinwood. Julia answers.
It’s Burke Devlin. Burke introduces himself, “Hello, I’m
Burke Devlin”. Julia tells him, “Vicky’s gone out for
a moment. She’ll be back soon for her date with you”.
Burke asks, “You’re doing research into the Collins family.
Why the Collins family?” Julia replies, “Not just into the
Collins family, I’m doing research into several families,
I just happened to start with them”. Burke asks, “Why? What
are you looking for?” Julia replies, “I’m hoping to prove
that these families go back several generations further
than most people think”. Burke asks, “Why is that important?”
Julia replies, “If you have to ask that question, I’m afraid
I can’t explain it to you”. Burke remarks, “I grew up in
Collinsport, and I’ve seen people poking around old books
and records all my life. You don’t seem to be that kind of
person. You don’t seem to be the kind of person who would
be satisfied to add another footnote or two to history. You
seem to me to be the kind of person who would be after
something much bigger”. Julia jokes, “OK, I’ll admit it.
I am. I’ve learned that an old sea captain has left a
trunk full of jewels in the basement, and I’m trying to find
it! Is that what you want to hear?” Burke replies, “Not
exactly”, and is about to question her further when suddenly
Vicky comes bursting in through the front doors, very excited,
exclaiming, “The most wonderful thing just happened! I’m in
love!” Burke looks puzzled. Vicky explains, “I’ve just seen
the most charming house! It’s at the end of the North Road, by
the sea!” She babbles about how wonderful this house is and
says, “It was like it was just waiting for me, just for me!”
Burke asks, “What’s it like?” Julia excuses herself, saying, “You
two probably want to be alone”, but Vicky insists, “No, I think
you’d like to hear about it too!” They all go into the drawing
room. Vicky tells them, “It faces the sea. It’s almost more
part of the sea than the land! An old sea captain must have
built it! It’s isolated. There are no other houses around it.”
Burke remarks, “Wow, the place really got to you”. Vicky
tells him, “It’s the house I’ve dreamed of all my life!”
Burke replies, “I’d like to see it”.
While they are inside the drawing room talking about the
house, David comes in through the front door with Sarah.
He tells her, “Stay here, and I’ll go tell Vicky I’ve
brought a guest”. Vicky comes out into the foyer and says,
“David! Where have you been?” David repiles, “I’ve brought
a friend for dinner”. Vicky asks, “Who?” David turns back
toward the doors and is startled to see no one there.
Puzzled, he tells Vicky, “Well, she came in with me. Where’d
she go?” Vicky asks, “Did she tell you where she lived?”
David replies, “I was going to ask her, but she was crying
too much”. Vicky asks, “About what?” David answers, “About
Maggie”. Vicky remarks, “Maggie’s dead”. David says, “I
told her, but she kept saying Maggie was alive”. Vicky
tells David she thinks he imagined his friend, that he
wanted to think Maggie is alive. David shouts, “I did not
make up Sarah! You don’t know anything!” and angrily
runs upstairs. Julia and Burke, who have come out into
the foyer, discuss David with Vicky. Julia tells Vicky
she doesn’t think it’s good to indulge David in his
fantasies, especially his fantasy that Maggie is still
alive. Burke tells Vicky, “I’m hungry. Let’s go out and
get something to eat”. Vicky at first refuses, saying,
“I don’t think I should leave David alone here tonight”,
but Burke manages to convince her to go. Vicky goes to the
coat rack in the alcove to get her coat and suddenly
cries, “Burke!” Burke asks, “What’s the matter?” Vicky
bends down, picks something up, comes out into the
foyer and says, “I found this, a little girl’s bonnet!”,
an old fashioned girl’s bonnet in her hand….
Episode 293
Worldvision Rerun 83
Tape Date: July 20, 1967 (ABC #158-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 9, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Barnabas awakens and gets out of his coffin. Seeing Willie
there, he says, “Good Evening, Willie.” Wille tells him,
“Dr. Hoffman was here today”. Barnabas asks, “What did she
want?” Willie replies, “She moved some things into the room
you gave her. She said she’d be back tonight”. Barnabas
replies, “Pity I won’t be here to see her. I’m going to be
at Collinwood tonight”. Willie asks, “Why?” Barnabas replies,
“Because I have relations there”. Willie asks, “So you’re only
going there for a social visit?” Barnabas replies, “Now why
else would I go?” Willie asks, “Now that’s what I want to know”.
Barnabas angrily replies, “You have the oddest way of confusing
things. I am not beholden to you. You are beholden to me! Don’t
forget it!” They go upstairs. Willie continues, “I wish you’d
leave Vicky alone. Don’t hurt her!”. Barnabas replies, “Willie,
you’re being a bore. Miss Winters is an enchanting woman. She
hears the voice of the past. I simply enjoy her company, that’s
all”. Willie asks, “What are your plans for her?” Barnabas replies,
“I have no plans for her, at least nothing sinister.” Willie says,
“What if I don’t believe you?” Barnabas replies, “You have no choice
but to believe me. Willie, I don’t understand this mood you’re in.
I’d think you’d be overjoyed that Maggie Evans is still alive”. He
adds, “The thought doesn’t fill me with joy”. He warns Willie,
“Keep an eye on Hoffman. Watch her, keep track of her every moment.
At the moment, I have to cooperate with her, but there will come a
time when…” He stops. Willie asks, “What?” Barnabas replies,
“I’m not sure”. He muses, “Interesting, the concern you show for
Miss Winters, but the total lack of interest in what I may have
planned for Dr. Hoffman”. He opens the front doors to leave.
As he does so, he remarks, “How odd it is that people cling
so tenaciously to life, when it is so much better to be
young forever, untouched by time, untouched by anything.”
Willie replies, “Except loneliness”.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Burke sips a cup of
coffee and compliments Vicky, “You make a good cup of coffee”,
but notices that Vicky doesn’t seem to hear him. He tells
her, “You’re a million miles away!” Vicky replies, “Oh! No
I’m not!” Burke replies, “Just at the end of the North Road
and that house you found. That house has really cast its
spell on you”. Vicky admits that it did, that she even went
past a “No trespassing” sign to look inside, then once inside,
looked out a window and saw, “a three masted schooner in the
distance”. Burke exclaims, “That’s impossible! There hasn’t
been a three masted schooner in a hundred years!” Vicky
continues, “But I saw one. It was carrying cashmere, silk
and spices from the Orient, and aboard was the sea captain,
with his young bride from Barbados”. Burke asks, “Vicky, you
don’t mean you looked out the window and saw all that?!” Vicky
asks, “You don’t believe me?” Burke replies, “Of course not!”
Vicky laughs and says, “I guess I’ll have to make up a better
story next time! Well, that’s what I SHOULD have seen from that
window!” Burke suggests, “Let’s drive up and look at the house”.
Vicky replies, “Yes, we can go tomorrow. I can take David and
we can have a picnic”. Burke replies, “No, right now. The way
you talk, I feel as if I had a rival, and I’m the type of guy
who likes to size up his rivals.” Vicky replies, “All right,
let me change first. When I was there earlier, it was cold
inside, very, very cold. I suppose it’s because its been
abandonned so very, very long”. There’s a knock at the door.
Vicky answers. It’s Barnabas. Seeing Burke and Vicky, he says,
“I hope I’m not interrupting”. Burke tells him, “We were just
about to go out”. He explains to him how Vicky found a house
at the end of the North Road, “It’s right by the sea, surrounded
by birch trees”. Barnabas replies, “Sounds charming!” Vicky
replies, “It is!” Barnabas remarks, “Empty old houses usually
are”. Burke asks, “How did you know it was empty?” Barnabas
replies, “Occupied old houses usually lose their charm. People
do the wrong things with them”. Burke, in a slightly snide
voice, remarks, “Like installilng electricity, and heat?” Barnabas
tells Vicky, “I’d very much like to see this house”. Vicky replies,
“You’re welcome to join us”. She suggests they all get together
sometime and go see it toghether. Barnabas asks, “When?” Vicky
replies, “Tomorrow. We’ll get a good view in the daylight.”
Barnabas says, “It’ll give the authorities a good view of us,
too. No Trespassing usually means No Trespassing”. Burke asks,
“Vicky mentioned a no trespassing sign. How did you know
about it?” Barnabas replies, “Almost all empty houses have
No Trespassing signs”.
Barnabas and Burke are waiting for Vicky. Burke gripes,
“I wish Vicky would hurry”. Barnabas says, “Your impatience
surprises me. A man should be willing to wait an eternity for
the woman he loves if necessary”. Burke says, “She’s had more
than enough time to change into a warm dress!” Barnabas muses,
“That’s the difference between modern man and…” He pauses.
Burke asks, “and what?” Barnabas replies, “And the kind of
man who used to live here”. He asks Burke about his mysterious
past, “You were born and raised around here, but you’ve gone away
and made your fortune and now no one knows anything about you”.
Burke replies, “That’s the way I like it”. He remarks that
Barnabas is mysterious too. He remarks on how he never talks
about any friends in England. Barnabas replies, “I’ve never
talked about any friends in England because I didn’t have any”.
Burke, incredulous, asks, “You mean to say you lived your whole
life in England and you didn’t have any friends there? You
didn’t know a single solitary soul?” Barnabas replies, “I lived
with a cousin outside of London. I chose to live a solitary life,
and I did so”. Burke asks, “But you DO know the name of that cousin,
I trust”. Barnabas pauses then replies, “Bradford. Nile Bradford”.
Vicky finally comes downstairs. Barnabas remarks, “You look lovely!”
He slyly adds, “And, I might add, well worth the wait”.
Episode 294 (Last show in Black and White)
Worldvision Rerun 84
Tape Date: July 21, 1967 (ABC #159-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 10, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

In her room at Windcliff sanitarium, Maggie looks out her
barred window and begs, “Somebody help me! I just want to go
home! Somebody! I want to go home!” She hears a voice from
behind her call “Maggie?” She turns and is surprised to Sarah
standing there. Sarah says, “It’s me, Sarah, your very best
friend!” Maggie exclaims, “You’re here!” Sarah replies, “Of
course I am! I didn’t know where you were, so I looked and
looked everywhere, and now I’ve found you, and I’ll help
you go home!” She looks around and says, “What a funny room”.
Maggie tells her, “I don’t like it very much”. She asks,
“You’re going to help me get home?” Sarah replies, “Yes”.
Maggie asks, “How? The door is locked and the windows are
barred”. Sarah replies, “Well, every door has a key. Where’s
the key to this one?” Maggie replies, “Nurse Jackson has it.
The key is on a ring, the ring is on a chain, and the chain
is attached to a belt”. Sarah tells her, “Then that’s how
we’ll get out. Just do as I tell you.” She pauses and says,
“Oh, wait a minute”. She goes to the night table, gets the
doll, and gives it to Maggie, then leads her to the door and
asks her to call the nurse. Maggie shouts, “Miss Jackson! Miss
Jackson!” Nurse Jackson opens the door and comes in. She sees
Sarah sitting on the bed singing “London Bridge” and asks,
“Who are you? Where’s Maggie Evans?” Suddenly, Maggie comes
out of hiding behind the door just opened, runs out, closes
and locks the door with the key, which Nurse Jackson had left
in the lock. Nurse Jackson runs to the door, shouts “Maggie,
Maggie!”, and tries to open it but finds it locked. She moans,
“Oh, you’ve helped her escape!” She turns and looks, but
the little girl is gone! She looks around the room, but can
find no little girl…
Vicky, Burke and Barnabas go to see the old house Vicky found.
As they approach it from a distance, Burke remarks, “Where’s
the No Trespassing sign? I don’t see it”. Barnabas points and
says, “Over there, by the stone fence”. Burke says, “You must
have the eyes of a cat to be able to see so well in the dark!
I can’t even see the stone fence!”
They go inside the old house and make their way around by
candlelight. Vicky tells Barnabas she thinks his idea of
bringing candles and seeing it in candlelight was excellent,
but Burke tells Vicky he thinks it’s dangerous stumbling around
by candlelight. Vicky remarks, “I want to know all about this
house the people who lived here!” and tells Burke she’d like
to go have a look upstairs. Burke warns her against this, saying
it might be dangerous. Barnabas volunteers to go, saying, “I’m
more accustomed to making my way around by candlelight”. He
adds, “Perhaps I’ll find something for you from the past” and
goes upstairs. Burke suggests to Vicky, “Forget about the past
and think about the future. It can be very rosy if you let it”.
Maggie is walking through the woods with Sarah. Maggie tells
her little friend, “I’m frightened out here”. Sarah replies,
“Don’t be afraid. I’ll take care of you and take you home”.
Maggie asks, “You’re a funny little girl. Sometimes, I don’t
understand you. The door was locked and the window was barred.
How did you get in?” Sarah replies, “The same way I got out!”
Maggie asks, “But I locked the door after me when I left. How
did you get out?” Sarah replies, “The same way I got in!” Maggie
laughs. Sarah remarks, “I’ve never seen you laugh before! You
have a nice laugh! Let’s sing as we go along. It’ll make the
time go faster!” They start singing “London Bridge”.
Burke tells Vicky, “We’ve been here long enough. I think
we should be getting back to Collinwood”. He tells Vicky
to call Barnabas. Vicky calls, “Barnabas! Barnabas?”, but
gets no answer. Burke remarks that it’s chilly and says
he thinks they should have central heating installed.
Vicky replies, “I don’t think the people who used to live
her would like that”. Burke thinks this is silly and they
get into a little argument about it. Barnabas comes back
downstairs. He tells Vicky, “The upper floor is every bit
as charming as the main floor”. Vicky tells him Burke thinks
they should be getting back. Barnabas tells Vicky, “I have
a present for you. A lady’s handkerchief, embroidered by
hand”. He hands her a handkerchief. Vicky asks, “Where did
you find it?” Barnabas replies, “In an isolated room upstairs”.
Vicky looks at the handkerchief and reads the monogram,
“F. McA. C. I wonder who it belonged to. Thank you, but do
you think it’s right to take it?”. Barnabas replies, “I’m
sure whoever it belonged to would be glad for you to have
Having seen the house, Burke, Vicky and Barnabas go to
the Blue Whale. Vicky remarks, “A drink would feel good in
this cold weather!” Barnabas volunteers to buy the drinks and
asks, “What can I bring you?” Vicky replies, “A scotch and
water” while Burke orders, “Bourbon”. Barnabas leaves to
get the drinks. Vicky and Burke talk about the old house.
Vicky tells Burke, “It seemed so safe, with you tapping
the beams and testing the floors”. Burke jokes about how
isolated it is, saying, “Well, this is the jet age. It’ll
take no time to fly from there to Collinsport”. Vicky
muses on how different he is from Barnabas. Burke remarks,
“I take that as a compliment”. Vicky replies, “I find his
preoccupation with the past touching”. Burke tells her,
“You’ll forget all about the past once you find the future
as enticing, and I intend to make your future very enticing”.
Vicky, looking at the handkerchief, replies, “We’ll, I’d give
one moment to the past – I wonder who F. McA. C. was”. Barnabas
returns with the drinks. They talk about the house again.
Barnabas tells Vicky, “You have good taste. I found that
house charming too”. Vicky replies, “It’s the only house I think
I could be happy to spend the rest of my life in”. The front door
opens. Maggie Evans steps in. Vicky sees her and and exclaims,
“BURKE!!!”, a look of astonishment on her face. Burke asks,
“What is it? Vicky exclaims, “IT’S MAGGIE EVANS! IT’S MAGGIE EVANS!”
Everyone turns to look, except Barnabas, who keeps his face
averted. Maggie comes in and walks towards Barhabas, who
continues keeping his face averted. Maggie moans, “No…
No…” and faints.
July 24 – July 28, 1967 – No taping due to new equipment being
installed in studio.
Episode 295 (First episode in color)
Worldvision Rerun 85
Tape Date: July 31, 1967 (ABC #160-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 11, 1967 Friday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Vicky exclaims, “Maggie! Maggie! Can you hear me? I can’t
believe it! She’s alive! How can it be?” Maggie starts to
regain conciousness and moans, “No…No…”. Vicky tells
her, “Maggie, you’re all right, you’re safe now!” Maggie
looks up and asks, “Who are you?” Vicky replies, “Vicky.
Don’t you recognize me?” Maggie replies, “I think I do”.
Vicky tells her, “I’m Vicky Winters, your friend”.
Maggie mutters, “Vicky. I know that name. Who am I?”
Suddenly, she cries, “Where is she? Where is she?” Vicky
asks, “Who?” Maggie replies, “The little girl who brought
me here”. Barnabas volunteers to go outside and look for
her and leaves. Vicky asks Maggie, “Maggie, where were you?”
Maggie replies, “Far away. For awhile, I was in a place like
a hospital.” Burke asks, “How did you get here?” Maggie
replies, “A little girl brought me here”. Barnabas comes
back in and announces, “there’s no one out there”. Maggie
says, “Not there? She’s always disappearing. I never know
when she’ll come back”. Burke asks, “Where were you before
you were in the hospital”. Maggie starts to say, “A room…”,
but Barnabas suddenly interrupts her saying, “Shouldn’t we
contact her father?” Maggie forgets what she was talking about
and starts muttering, “Pop…” She looks at Barnabas and
says, “That face…I know that face”. Vicky tells her,
“Of course you do. You know all of us”. Maggie continues,
“Remember it…I can almost remember it…” but faints
before she can finish the sentence.
Maggie has been brought to Dr. Woodard’s office. Woodard
asks Maggie, “Do you recognize me?” Maggie replies, “I’ve
seen you somewhere before. What’s the matter with me?”.
Woodard explains, “You’ve suffered a loss of memory, that’s
all. Otherwise, you’re fine. Even your memory is returning.
You rememeber me, Vicky, Burke”. Burke tells Dr. Woodard
he’d like to talk to him in private. They go outside, leaving
Maggie in the room with Vicky.
Outside, Burke asks, “You knew about this all along! Why
didn’t you tell me?” Woodard explains to him why it was
necessary to lie that Maggie was dead, telling him that
Sam and Joe knew the truth. Burke asks, “What happens now?
The whole town probably knows the truth by now”. Woodard
replies, “Hope we catch the madman before he strikes…”
Maggie tells Vicky, “I’m starting to remember better.
I know you very well, don’t I?” Vicky tells her, “Don’t
be afraid. There are people who love you and will protect
you”. Maggie asks, “Protect me from what?” Vicky tells her,
“We need you to remember. Try to remember”. Maggie tries,
“All I remember is a room, there was a scent in that room,
and a kind of music, a special kind of music…”
There’s a knock at the door of Collinwood. Julia answers.
It’s Barnabas. Julia asks, “What are you doing here?” Barnabas
answers, “I must speak to you about something important, alone.
Anyone else here?” Julia answers, “Yes, but they’re upstairs”.
Barnabas takes Julia into the drawing room and closes the door.
Julia asks, “What is it?” Barnabas exclaims, “You have betrayed
me! Maggie Evans has appeared!” Julia, shocked, says, “Maggie
Evans?!” Barnabas replies, “Here in Collinsport. She’s now
with Dr. Woodard and her friends. Somehow, she’s gotten out
of that secure place you were hiding her”. Julia asks, “Did
she see you?” Barnabas replies, “Yes.” Julia asks, “What
happened?” Barnabas replies, “There was a glimmer of
recognition. I can’t trust you anymore. I’ll have to take
care of Maggie Evans myself!”. The phone rings. Julia
answers. It’s Dr. Wooodard, Julia says, “Oh? Is that so?
Tell me, has the patient said anything? That’s all? Nothing
specific about what happened to her?” She instructs Woodard,
“No one is to question you, not even you. Clear everyone
else out of your office. No one is to see me come there.”
After she hangs up, she tells Barnabas, “Everything is under
control”. Barnabas asks, “What do you mean?” Julia replies,
“I’m going down there, and when I’m finished, there won’t be
the slightest possiblity that Maggie Evans that will remember
In Dr. Woodard’s office, Maggie asks, “Why do I have to
stay?” Woodard replies, “Dr. Hoffman is coming to see you”.
Maggie remarks, “Dr. Hoffman, I remember a Dr. Hoffman”.
Her memory is returning rapidly. She continues, “There’s so
much I want to say! She’s such a strange person. So many things
I’m starting to remember. My father, his name is Sam Evans! I’m
starting to remember my house! It’s by the sea, with a
big bay window. My father paints by that window. Everything’s
starting to come back! I remember another house, an old
house. I was being kept prisoner there. There’s a man, he’s
coming closer, closer! I can’t make out the face. He’s
coming closer. I know that face!” Suddenly, a female voice
orders, “Maggie, don’t say anything more!” It’s Julia, who’s
just come into the room. Maggie tells her, “Dr. Hoffman,
I remember everything, everything!” Dr. Woodard tells Julia,
“She was just on the point of saying who kidnapped her”.
Julia tells him, “I thought I told you not to question her”.
Woodard replies, “We were just talking.” Maggie says, “I want
to say everything, everything!” Julia stops her, “This is the
day we’ve been waiting for. We mustn’t ruin it. We must do
this properly, or you might suffer a relapse and become the
way you were before”. Maggie gasps, “No!” Julia tells her,
“You must do as I say”, then tells Dr. Woodard she needs to
be alone with Maggie. Woodard, very irritated, leaves.
Julia asks Maggie, “Now, Maggie, what is it you actually
remember?” Maggie replies, “Everything! It was horrible!
I remember being in a cemetary, I remember being locked in
a coffin, I remember being held prisoner and I remember who
did it all!” Julia asks, “Who?” Maggie replies, “Barnabas
Collins! He’s some sort of creature from the world of the
dead! He’s not alive! Do you believe me?” Julia takes out
a medallion he has on a necklace and tells Maggie, “Yes,
I believe you. Right now, we’ll have to stabilize your
memory. Look at it, and listen to my voice…”.
Dr. Woodard waits outside. Julia finally comes out. Woodard
asks, “Well?” Julia tells him, “Come in, see for yourself”.
Woodard comes into the office and asks Maggie what she remembers.
Maggie replies, “I remember everything. I remember being at home
sick in bed, and the next thing finding myself in your office.
Now if you could tell me everything that happened in between,
everything’ll be fine”.
Episode 296 (Kinescope)
Worldvision Rerun 86
Tape Date: August 1, 1967 (ABC #161-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 14, 1967 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Dr. Woodard gasps, “But I don’t understand! Just a moment
ago, you said you remembered everything! Maggie, what do
you remember?” Maggie repeats, “I remember saying goodnight
to Pop, going to bed, then the next think I remember is
finding myself here”. Woodard exclaims, “But Maggie, that
was weeks ago! Don’t you remember anything that happened to
you in between?” She tells him she’s told him all she remembers.
Woodard tells her about her having been kidnapped and being kept
at Windcliff for her safety. Sam comes into the room and says,
“Burke told me Maggie was here”. Woodard asks Julia to come
outside for a talk.
Outside, Woodard tells Julia, “Julia, I just can’t figure
this out. One moment, Maggie says she remembers everything,
the next, she remembers nothing at all”. Julia suggests,
“Maybe that’s what she meant”. Woodard tells her, “For a
moment there, I thought she was going tell who was holding
her”. Julia replies, “If that’s so, then she must have
repressed it immediately”. Woodard asks, “What did she say
when you were in there with her?” Julia replies, “She said she
was frightened and I calmed her down”. Woodard asks, “That’s all?”
Julia replies, “Yes, that’s all”.
Inside, Sam asks Maggie to try to remember what happened,
telling her to trace the events of the last night at the
cottage. Maggie does so, and begins to remember a dream she
had that night, “I remember someone coming into the room.
He’s coming into a pool of moonlight.” Sam asks, “Who is it?”
Maggie tries to remember but can’t, exclaiming “I can’t! I
can’t remember! Please, Pop, can we go home?” Sam opens the
office door and asks Drs. Woodard and Hoffman to come inside.
He asks to bring Maggie home. Woodard tells him he can, but
tells him to make sure to call the sheriff for some protection.
Julia, however, disagrees. She tells them, “I’ve made
arrangements for her to be taken back to Windcliff”. Dr.
Woodard and Sam, however, disagree with her. Woodard says,
“There’s no reason for that now. Everyone knows she’s alive”.
He tells Julia that he’s decided to keep Maggie at home, guarded
by sheriff’s deputies, and that she can come there to continue
treating her. Julia, defeated, tells Maggie that it’s important
for her to keep it a secret that she’s a doctor treating her.
Maggie asks, “Why?” Julia replies, “I’m trying to uncover some
information that may be very important to you. If I come to
your house and someone’s there, don’t call me doctor. Say that
I’m a writer working on a book about your father’s paintings”.
After Sam and Maggie leave, Woodard remarks, “I hope she’s out
of the woods”. Julia replies, “She may be safer than you think”.
Woodard asks, “What do you mean?” Julia refuses to elaborate,
saying only, “Some day, you’ll understand. Perhaps very soon”.
Sam takes Maggie back home and into her room. He tells her,
“Everything’s just as you left it, darling”. He asks her,
“Hungry? Want a glass of milk?” She declines. Maggie looks
around her room and remarks, “I feel like I’ve been on a long
trip”. She walks around, then opens the French doors. She
abruptly shuts them and gasps, “There’s someone out there!”
Sam tells her, “That’s a sheriff’s deputy. They’re surrounding
the house. If anything happens, just yell and they’ll all be
here in 10 seconds flat!” There’s a knock at the front door.
Sam asks, “Who could that be?” and goes to open it. Maggie
hears Joe’s voice talking to Sam, “Vicky called me and told
me…”, and a few seconds later, Joe steps into her room.
She exclaims, “JOE!” Joe replies, “Hi! Do you recognize me?”
Maggie replies, “Sure! That’s a silly question! Joe, it’s good
to see you!” Joe exuberantly replies, “You don’t know how good
it is to see you!” and kisses her, then says, “You’ve been
away for so long. I’m going to make sure you never go away
again. Here, you’re safe and secure and you’re going to stay
safe and secure”. Maggie asks, “Why did you ask me if I
remembered you? Was there a time I didn’t remember?” Joe
replies, “Yes, when you were in the hospital”. Maggie asks,
“What was I like?”. Joe replies, “You’re better now”. Maggie
says, “I was crazy, wasn’t I?”, but all Joe will tell her
is “You’re better now, and that’s all that matters”. Maggie
asks, “Was I really kidnapped? Who could’ve done that? Who
would want to do that?”
Meanwhile, Barnabas is at the old house, brooding. There’s
a knock at the door. Barnabas answers. It’s Julia. Barnabas
asks, “Well?” Julia replies, “Everything’s under control”.
Barnabas asks, “What do you mean?” Julia explains, “Maggie
Evans is no longer a threat to you. She’s forgotten everything
you did to her. I hypnotized her. She was about to remember
everything. I got to her just in time”. Barnabas asks, “How long
will that last?”* Julia replies, “I don’t know. Perhaps
indefinitely. I’ve made arrangements to continue seeing her
as her doctor. I’ll make sure she doesn’t remember anything.
As long as you cooperate with me, you’re safe. You mustn’t do
anything to harm Maggie Evans. She can’t hurt you. If you
hurt her, I’ll expose you. You must cooperate with me. You
have no choice. Good night”. She leaves.
The cock crows. Barnabas exclaims, “Dawn! You’re safe
today, Maggie Evans, but I can’t take a chance on your
silence. Tomorrow night, you must die!”
At the Evans’s cottage, Maggie, sleeping peacefully in
bed, is awakened by the sound of dogs barking. She exclaims,
“What’s that?” She then notices Sarah’s doll lying on her night
table. She picks it up and, no longer remembering it, remarks,
“What’s this? It wasn’t here before. I’ve got to ask Pop about
it tomorrow.” She puts the doll back on the table and goes back
to sleep.

*Slight factual blooper here. Barnabas couldn’t possibly know
what “hypnotized” means. The word “hypnotism” and its
derivatives weren’t coined until the 1840’s. Prior to that,
it was known as “mesmerism”, after its discoverer Mesmer.
Episode 297
Worldvision Rerun 87
Tape Date: August 2, 1967 (ABC #162-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 15, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Joe is sitting on the sofa in the living room of the Evan’s
cottage. He looks very tired. Seeing that it’s morning, he gets
up and turns off the lamps. Sam comes into the room with a tray
of coffee and tells Joe, “Here. Get some of this into you”.
They discuss the danger to Maggie from the madman.
Joe warns Sam, “The kidnapper, whoever he is, might not know
that Maggie doesn’t remember him. He might try to get her.
What are we going to do about it?” Sam tells Joe, “I’m thinking
of moving away from Collinsport”. Joe replies, “As much as I’d
hate to see that, that may not be such a bad idea”. Maggie comes
out of her bedroom wearing a checkered bathrobe and says, “Good
Morning! I see the Collinsport Coffee Shop is holding an emergency
meeting!” They tell her how good it is to see her home. Sam offers
her some coffee. Maggie jokes, “Your coffee isn’t fit for human
consumption!” and offers to go make a pot that is. Maggie tells
Sam, “Now that I’m back everything’s all right”. She tells him
she’s thinking of calling her boss and getting back to work at
the coffeeshop, but Sam replies, “No! It’s too soon!” Sam starts
to lie to her about a trip he’s thinking of, but then admits he’s
thinking of moving away from Collinsport for her safety. Maggie
refuses to go.
Maggie is in her room, now dressed. She looks around for
a minute. She looks at the doll again, then puts it down
and picks up a book. Taking the book with her, she goes to
a chair, sits down, and starts reading. She looks up and
is startled to see a little girl standing in the french doorway
and asks, “Hello! What are you doing here?” Sarah replies,
“I just wanted to see you. Is this your room? It’s very
pretty. Are you feeling better now?”. Maggie replies, “Yes
I am, thank you”. Sarah says, “I missed you”. Maggie asks,
“Did you? Why?” Sarah replies, “Because you’re my very best
friend”. Maggie asks, “I am? Where do you live?” Sarah
points out the window and says, “Way, way over there in
a big old house”. Maggie asks, “What’s your name?” Sarah
replies, “Sarah! You act as if you don’t recognize me!”
Maggie explains, “You’ll have to excuse me. My memory isn’t
what it should be right now”. Sarah asks, “Would you like to
play with me?” Maggie replies that she would. She gets up and
they start playing catch. The girl sings “London Bridge” as
she plays and asks Maggie to sing along with her. Maggie
replies, “I haven’t heard that song in a long time”. Sarah
protests, “But you’ve sung it with me lots of times!”
Maggie asks, “When?” Sarah replies, “When you were sad,
when I came to play with you!” Maggie asks, “Where did you
see me?” Sarah asks, “Tell me the truth! Don’t you recognize
me?”. Maggie replies, “No”. Sarah, upset, cries, “You’re
just like everyone else! You’ve forgotten me! I even gave
you my doll!” Maggie gets the doll and asks, “You mean this
is yours?” Sarah cries, “Yes, and I want it!” She grabs
it, says, “Only my doll remembers me! Only my doll!” and
runs out the doors. Maggie looks out and shouts, “Sarah!”,
but no one is in sight…
Maggie is in the living room, looking at the sketch of
Sarah Sam made. She asks Sam about the efforts made to
locate her. Sam tells her, “They’ve checked every Sarah
in town. None of them fits this description”. He suggests,
“You said she liked to play games. Maybe Sarah’s not her real
name”. Maggie tells Sam she’s sure the little girl knows
something about what happened to her and tells him she thinks
it’s very important they find her. She goes into her room.
There’s a knock at the front door. Sam opens it and says, “Oh,
Mr. Collins, hello”. It’s Barnabas. Barnabas says, “I came to
inquire about your daughter. How is she?” Sam replies, “She’s
in excellent physical condition. She even wanted to go back to
work”. Barnabas asks, “Has she any idea what happened to her?”
Sam replies, “She can’t remember a thing. She can remember
being here that last night, then being in Dr. Woodard’s
office, but she can’t remember a thing in between. We’re
completely baffled”. Barnabas asks, “Would it be possible for
me to see her?” Sam shouts, “Maggie, Mr. Collins is here to
see you!” Maggie comes out and says warmly, “Well, hello, Mr.
Collins. How sweet of you to come”. Barnabas tells her, “Would
you mind if I paid you a short visit?” Maggie replies, “Only
if it’s too short!” Sam asks Barnabas, “Will you be staying
here for a few minutes? I have some paintings to deliver.
Could you keep Maggie company?” Barnabas agrees to do so.
Sam leaves.
Maggie tells Barnabas, “I don’t remember anything. If it
weren’t for the calendar, I wouldn’t be able to believe what
happened. They’ve been asking me all sorts of questions,
about Eagle Hill cemetary and such, but I think they’ve
given up. My answer is always the same, ‘I don’t remember'”.
Barnabas asks, “Do you think if you saw the man who kidnapped
you you’d recognize him?” Maggie replies, “I hope so. If someone
did this to me, I think he deserves to be punished”. Barnabas
agrees, “Yes”. Maggie says, “Maybe I will start to remember,
just a little bit”. She tells him about the strange little
girl who visited her in the morning, “She said she remembered
me. She said we used to sing ‘London Bridge’ together”.
Barnabas asks, “How old was this little girl?” Maggie
replies, “8 or 9. She was wearing a strange, old fashioned
dress”. Barnabas asks, “Do you know her name?” Maggie
replies, “She said her name was Sarah”. Barnabas gets
a strange look on his face and repeats, “Sarah…” Maggie
remarks, “If we could find her, I think she could help find who
kidnapped me. Apparently she saw me then. I can only hope
that they find the person who did this to me!”. Barnabas
agrees, “Something must be done!”
The alarm clock reads 11:38. Maggie is in bed sleeping
peacefully. The sound of dogs howling outsideis heard. The
shadow of a figure appears outside the french doors. The doors
open and Barnabas steps in. He walks up to Maggie’s bed. He
takes a cushion from a chair and prepares to suffocate her, but
suddenly stops when he hears the voice of a little girl
singing “London Bridge”. He gasps, “Sarah! Sarah, where
are you? Sarah, what is it that you want, what do you want
of me?” and leaves.
Episode 298
Worldvision Rerun 88
Tape Date: August 3, 1967 (ABC #163-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 16, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Carolyn is in the drawing room at Collinwood pacing around,
looking worried. Elizabeth comes in and asks, “Where’s Vicky?”
Carolyn replies, “She went to visit Maggie Evans”. Elizabeth
says, “It’s wonderful about Maggie, isn’t it?” Carolyn replies,
“I’m so happy she’s still alive. I’m so happy for Joe”.
Elizabeth notices that Carolyn is acting strangely and asks
why. Carolyn replies, “I keep getting this odd feeling,
Mother, I feel sure something terrible is going to happen”.
Elizabeth asks, “Like what?” Carolyn replies, “I don’t know.
I just get the feeling that it’s going to happen very, very
soon”. Elizabeth asks, “What do you mean?” Carolyn replies,
“I don’t know”. Elizabeth takes her hands and exclaims,
“You’re hands are as cold as ice! What is it, what’s troubling
you?” Carolyn again replies, “I don’t know”. They are interrupted
by a knock at the front door. Elizabeth goes to answer it. It’s
Burke Devlin. He asks, “Vicky here?” Elizabeth tells him she’s
gone to visit Maggie. Burke tells her, “Actually, it was you
I came to see. I want to buy a piece of property you own.
It’s called ‘Seaview’ and it’s a few miles down the beach”.
Elizabeth tells him, “I don’t know if that house is still
habitable. It hasn’t been lived in for years”. Burke tells
her, “I’d like to see it”. Elizabeth tells him, “The deed
and key are in the library. You can look at it now if you’ll
wait”. He tells her he will and she goes to the library.
Carolyn sees Burke and greets him, “Hello, Burke”. Burke
replies, “Hello, Carolyn”. They talk about the house.
Burke tells Carolyn, “Vicky loves that house and I was
thinking of buying it”. Elizabeth returns with the key
and deed and says, “There’s something strange about this
deed. It’s marked ‘Not for sale'”. Burke asks, “Does that
mean you can’t sell it?” Elizabeth replies, “No, it’s just
strange”. Burke asks, “Do you know anything about the house?”
Elizabeth replies, “Only that it’s been in the family for
years”. They start to leave. Carolyn insists on joining
them, saying, “I’d love to see the place after all Vicky’s
said about”.
Once inside the house, Carolyn exclaims, “Lovely! There’s
a feeling about it!” She leaves to explore. Burke asks
Elizabeth, “If you decide to sell it to me, what will the
price be?” Elizabeth replies, “I’m not sure. I’ll have to think
about it”. Burke asks, “How long will that take?” Elizabeth
replies, “Burke, you’re sure anxious about this. You surprise me.
You don’t strike me as a man who would want to buy a house”. Burke
replies, “Maybe I’ve decided to settle down”. Elizabeth remarks,
“You don’t strike me as the sort of man who would want to settle
down”. Burke replies, “Maybe I’ve changed. Do I have to spell
it out for you?” Elizabeth replies, “No”, understanding what
he means. Burke asks, “Do you approve?” Elizabeth replies, “Yes.
I didnt’t think you’d care whether I did or didn’t”. Burke replies,
“Strangely, I do”. Elizabeth remarks, “You surprise me, Burke”.
Elizabeth tells Burke she doesn’t share his enthusiasm about
the house, saying she feels something’s strange about it. Burke
asks her how long she’ll take to think about it. Elizabeth
replies, “A day or two. You’re in a hurry”. Burke replies,
“I have reason to be”.
At the Evan’s cottage, Maggie tells Vicky she doesn’t
remember anything about what happened the last night she
was here with her. Vicky tells her, “Maybe it’s just as well.
There was someone or something outside that door”. She recounts
the events of that night for her. Maggie exclaims, “Incredible!
I’ve forgotten weeks of my life!” Vicky tells her, “I know one
place you might have been”. She tells her about thinking she
saw her at Eagle Hill Cemetary. Maggie asks, “What were you
and Burke doing at Eagle HIll cemetary?” Vicky explains,
“I was putting flowers on the grave of Josette Collins, an
ancestor of the Collins family”. Maggie starts to look
strange and mutters, “Josette Collins…Josette Collins…”
Vicky asks, “What’s the matter?” Maggie replies, “I think I’m
beginning to remember something!” Vicky asks, “What?” Maggie
replies, “I’m not sure. Say that name to me again”. Vicky
repeats, Josette Collins. Does that mean something to you?”
Maggie replies, “Yes, but I’m not sure what”. Vicky suggests,
“Maybe you were in the graveyard and you saw the name on a
tombstone”. Maggie says, “Yes, I do remember seeing a grave.
And a coffin… I did see a coffin!” Vicky asks, “Where did you
see the coffin? Try to remember. Take your time…” They are
interrupted by a knock at the door. Vicky answers. It’s Julia
Hoffman. She tells Vicky, “I came here to see Sam Evans. He knows
quite a lot about the old families here. I thought he’d give me
some information”*. Vicky tells her Sam isn’t home, but will be
home soon and invites her in to wait. Julia comes in and tells
Vicky, “You two can continue what you were doing. I’ll just wait
here and look at the paintings”.
Vicky continues to question Maggie, “You were starting to
remember something. A grave, a coffin. Was it the grave of
Josette Collins? Josette Collins, she was a great lady who
lived a tragic life. She’s very much loved by the Collins
family. Barnabas Collins restored her room at the old house
to the condition it was in when she was alive”. Suddenly, Maggie
starts to say says, “Barnabas Collins… Vicky! I…” Julia
interrupts, asking Vicky, “Are you interested antiques, old
jewelry?” Vicky replies, “Yes”. Julia, holding an old medallion,
says, “This is a family heirloom. It was my grandmother’s.”
Vicky remarks, “It’s beautiful”. Julia asks, “Why don’t you
look at it too, Miss Evans?” Maggie looks. Julia asks Vicky,
“Miss Winters, could I trouble you for a cup of tea? The
walk here was quite tiring”. Vicky goes into the kitchen.
Julia tells Maggie, “Look how the facets reflect the
light. Look closely, deeply, hear nothing but my voice.
You will remember nothing, nothing from the time you went
to sleep in your bed and the time you found yourself in Dr.
Woodard’s office. You will remember nothing!” She snaps her
finger and Maggie snaps out of the trance. Vicky returns with
two cups of tea, one for Julia and one for Maggie. She asks
Maggie, “Maggie, what do you remember? You were starting to
remember something”. Maggie asks, “Remember?” Vicky says,
“Yes. You were talking about being in a graveyard”. Maggie
says, “Graveyard? I don’t remember!” Vicky says, “Yes. You said
you were starting to remember being in a graveyard. Maggie. When
were you there, try to think. You said it was starting to come
back!” Maggie again says, “I don’t remember!”. Vicky says, “But
you were so close to remembering something!” Maggie exclaims,
I can’t remember! I can’t remember anything at all!”

* This is inconsistent with an earlier episode (No. 91) where
Sam said he wasn’t a native of Collinsport, having moved
there from Connecticut. Therefore, it is unlikely he
would have a deep knowledge of the old families of
Episode 299
Worldvision Rerun 89
Tape Date: August 4, 1967 (ABC #164-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 17, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Vicky is standing outside in the garden. Barnabas comes
out of the shadows and slowly approaches her. He touches her
and startles her, then apoligizes for doing so, then says,
“Listen to the silence. There’s no sound at all except the
sound of the ocean. I find it very soothing. Perhaps that’s
why I prefer the night to the day. I find the night very
appealing. Does it appeal to you too?” Vicky replies, “It
might, but then I’m a very romantic person. Are you looking
for Mrs. Stoddard?” Barnabas replies, “No, I was looking for
you. I was looking through some trunks and found some old
family histories. I thought perhaps you’d like to come over
and look at them”. Vicky replies, “I’d love to, but I can’t.
I have a date tonight”. Barnabas asks, “With Devlin?” Vicky
replies, “Yes”. Barnabas says, “I see. Tomorrow night, perhaps”.
Vicky tells him, “I’m afraid I have a date tomorrow night too”.
Barnabas remarks, “You and Mr. Devlin have been seeing a lot
of each other lately.” Vicky replies, “You could say that”.
A voice says, “Good Evening”. It’s Julia. Vicky asks, “Did
you find those books you were looking for?” Julia replies,
“Yes. I came out for a breath of fresh air”. Vicky excuses
herself, saying she has to change for her date, and leaves.
Julia tells Barnabas, “You promised to leave her alone”.
Barnabas replies, “I have”. Julia says, “I overheard you
talking. You invited her to the Old House”. Barnabas replies,
“That’s no concern of yours”. Julia retorts, “It is. If
you don’t leave her alone, I’ll stop the experiments”. Barnabas
counters, “You’re bluffing. These experiments mean too much to
you!”. Julia tells him, “I’m willing to sacrifice a lot for my
experiments, but I’m not willing to sacrifice a human life”.
Barnabas replies, “There’s no danger of that! Miss Winters and
I are merely good friends”. Julia tells him, “You and Miss
Winters can never be more that friends, never! Miss Winters is
in love with Burke Devlin”. Barnabas exclaims, “Nonsense!
A sensitive girl like Miss Winters could never be in love
with someone as crude as Burke Devlin!” Julia sternly tells
him, “Just stay away from her. Do you understand me?” Barnabas
reluctantly replies, “I understand you”.
Vicky is upstairs in her room. Two dresses lie on her bed,
a solid light blue one, and a pink one with a floral pattern.
She is trying to choose between them. There’s a knock on
the door. It’s Julia. She comes in and asks Vicky if she needs
any help. Vicky tells her she needs help choosing a dress to
wear for her date. Julia asks, “Is this a special date?” Vicky
replies, “Not really”. Julia remarks, “I guess every date with
this particular man is special”. Julia selects the blue dress.
Vicky agrees that it’s a good selection. Julia says, “Vicky, I
don’t want to be presumtuous, but I’d like to give you a bit of
advice. I couldn’t help but overhear Mr. Collins inviting you
to come to the old house. I think it would be wise if you didn’t
do so”. Vicky asks, “Why?” Julia replies, “It’s because of the
kind of man Mr. Collins is. I’ve worked with Mr. Collins the
past few weeks, and I’ve found that he’s a sensitive person,
easily hurt”. Vicky, puzzled, says, “I don’t understand”. Julia
explains, “He’s a bachelor, and you’re young and very attractive.
Is it hard to guess what I’m hinting at?” Vicky gasps, “You mean
he thinks of me as more than just a friend? I don’t know what
to say!” Julia tells her, “If you don’t want to hurt him, stay
away. Don’t let your relationship develop more than it already
has. I think that would be the best thing for the both of you”.
Burke is with Vicky in the garden of Collinwood. Burke
remarks, “You’ve been in a quiet mood all night”. He looks up
and exclaims, “Oh, look! The Pleiades!” Vicky asks, “What?”
Burke explains, “That cluster of seven very bright stars over
there”. He tells her about how his father taught him the names of
the stars in the Pleiades when he was 7 years old, how his father
had walked out when he was 9 and how everyone said he was no
good. He tells her, “They’re probably right, but that’s how
I want to remember him, teaching me the names of those stars”.
Vicky in turn, reminsces about a kind nurse she remembered
from the founding home, a nurse named Ina O’Donough with a thick
Irish brogue. She tells Burke, “She gave me a doll. I still
have it”. Burke asks, “Vicky, you know how I feel about you,
don’t you?” Vicky replies, “Yes”. Burke asks, “And you? How
do you feel?” Vicky asks, “Do I have to say?” Burke replies,
“You don’t have to say a word” and kisses her. After they
kiss, he says, “I’ve wanted to do that for such a long time!
Strange, it’s been just about a year since I came back to
Collinsport, the only thing I had on my mind was destroying
the Collins family. A little governess didn’t fit into my
plans. I tried so hard to ignore you, but I couldn’t get you
out of my mind”. Vicky replies, “The same was true of me,
Burke, right from the start”. Burke says, “Now that I’ve
found someone like like you, I’m never going to let you
go, never!” They kiss passionately again. From outside a
gate, Barnabas is spying on them…
In the foyer, Burke and Vicky kiss passionately again, right
under the portrait of Barnabas. Burke tells Vicky, “Tomorrow
night, at 7″. Vicky replies, “Yes, at 7”. They tell each
other good night and kiss again. Julia comes into the foyer,
sees them and says, “Excuse me. I was just taking these books
on the Collins family history back to the library. Sorry for
the intrusion”. Burke tells her, “By the way, Julia, I’d like
to talk to you about the book you’re writing”. Vicky says,
“In that case, I’ll see you tomorrow night. Good night” and
goes upstairs. Burke and Julia go into the drawing room to
talk. Julia asks, “What did you want to ask me about my book?”
Burke admits, “It wasn’t really your book I wanted to ask you
about. Actually, I wanted to talk to you about Vicky. She’s
helping you with your book. I don’t think that should
continue. She has a strong imagination and it’s having a
strange influence on her, it’s causing her imagination to
run wild. Twice, she’s thought she’s seen something that wasn’t
there. Once she thought she saw a little girl at a party, and
another time she thought she heard a little girl singing in an empty
room. It seems to me this sort of thing is very bad for her. She
should be living in the present, not the past”. Julia replies,
“I’m in total agreement with you”. Burke, shocked, says, “You
are?!” Julia replies, “Yes. I’ll do my best to discourage
her, to keep her from the family history and the old house”.
Burke tells her, “You surprise me. I thought you wanted her
to work with you”. Jula replies, “Not if it’s hurting her.
I’ve become very fond of her. As you have”. Burke thanks her
for her cooperation, says Goodnight nad leaves. The clock in
the foyer reads 1:00.
Vicky’s alarm clock reads 3:00. Barnabas once again sneaks
into Vickie’s room. Once again, he bends over her briefly,
pauses, then walks around to the other side of the bed,
flips open the music box and leaves…
Episode 300 (Kinescope)
Worldvision Rerun 90
Tape Date: August 8, 1967 (ABC #165-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 18, 1967 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Julia and Vicky are in the drawing room. Vicky remarks,
“Beautiful sunset, isn’t it?” Julia replies, “Yes. You look nice.
Date?” Vicky replies, “Yes”. Julia remarks, “I had a chat with Mr.
Devlin last night. An interesting man.” Vicky asks, “Do you know
anything about dreams?” Julia replies, “No, why?” Vicky tells
her, “I had a strange one last night. I dreamt that someone was
in my room. I felt like I was in some sort of danger, but the
strangest part is that I wasn’t afraid. What do you think this
means?”. Julia replies, “I’m not qualfied to express an opinion”.
Vicky continues, “I think it was more than a dream. When I awoke,
the lid of my music box was open. I think someone was actually
there, and that frightens me”. Julia suggests, “Maybe it was David
playing a practical joke”. Vicky replies, “He said it wasn’t him,
and I believe him”. Julia says, “You know what? I think you did it
yourself! Haven’t you ever been half asleep and done something you
didn’t remember later?” Vicky replies, “Well, I guess that is the
only explanation”. Julia tells her, “I’m sure it’s nothing to
worry about”. Elizabeth comes into the room. Seeing Julia,
she asks, “How’s your research doing?” Julia replies, “Fine,
I have another appointement with Mr. Collins tonight”. She
excuses herself and leaves. Elizabeth tells Vicky, “I just
got a call from Burke. He’s made a firm offer on the
Seaview property”. Vicky asks, “Are you going to sell it
to him?” Elizabeth replies, “Yes, if there are no legal
complications, Burke will own it in a few days. Does this
please you?” Vicky replies, “Yes”. Elizabeth says, “I thought
it would”.
At the old house, Barnabas comes into the living room and
calls out, “Willie? Willlie!” Willie comes down the stairs.
Barnabas asks, “Have you done as I’ve instructed?” Willie
replies, “Yes, I watched the house all day. Devlin didn’t
go in, and Miss Winters didn’t go out”. Barnabas tells Willie,
“They have a date tonight. I want you to follow them and
report on everything they do”. Willie remarks,”You’re afraid,
aren’t you? You’re afraid of losing her to him.” Barnabas
replies, “I’m not afraid of anything!” Willie continues,
“You might as well accept it. She’s in love with him!”
Barnabas angrily grabs Willie and growls, “Next time you
say that, I’ll kill you! Now get out of here!”
Julia is with Barnabas in the old house, treating him.
Barnabas asks, “What does that mean?” Julia replies, “It means
the treatment is starting to have an effect. The structure of
your blood is starting to change.” Barnabas asks, “Are you still
sure you can cure me?” Julia replies, “If you continue to
cooperate with me”. She checks his heart beat and says,
“Normal. Good. I didn’t dream I’d have so much success so
soon”. Barnabas muses, “I wonder what life would be like
it your treatments work! First I was skeptical, but now
I’m not so sure! A normal man, to be able to live the life
of a normal man!” Julia tells him, “You have a chance of
doing that if you continue to cooperate with me. You broke
your promise to me. You were in Vicky Winter’s room last
night”. She tells him what Vicky told her. Barnabas admits
to this. Julia asks, “What were you doing in there?” Barnabas
replies, “I merely wanted to look at her”. Julia tells him
she doesn’t believe him, saying, “I know what you were planning”.
Barnabas admits to almost giving in to the impulse. Julia
tells him, “This must never happen again! Stay away from Vicky!
If anything happens to Vicky, people will start asking questions!
If you want to continue the treatments, you must stay away
from Vicky, is that clear?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Julia
tells him, “I don’t know if I can trust you”. Barnabas replies,
“You must. We must trust each other. We have no choice”.
Burke is with Vicky in the garden again. They kiss passionately.
Burke tells Vicky, “There’s a lot I wanted to say to you tonight,
but I wanted to wait till we were alone. I have a little surprise
for you. I’ve put in a bid for that house on the beach. I think
Mrs. Stoddard is going to sell it to me.” Vicky replies, “I know.
Mrs. Stoddard told me”. Burke asks, “Do you know why I want to
buy it?” Vicky replies, “Because you love it as much as I do”.
Burke tells her, “No, I’m want it for you. I want it to be our
house. I love you, Vicky. I want you to marry me.” Vicky exclaims,
“Burke!” Burke continues, “You know how I feel about you. What’s
your answer?” Vicky just says, “Burke…” Burke says, “Vicky, I
love you” and kisses her again. Vicky says, “Burke, I love
you too, so much”. Burke asks, “Then will you marry me?” Vicky
replies, “I don’t know. There’s so much to think about. There’s
David…” Burke tells her, “They can hire another governess
after you’re gone”. Vicky replies, “It’s more than that.
I’ve become quite close to the family…” Burke tells her,
“You’ll have to leave some day.” Vicky tells him, “I’ll have
to have time to think about it.” Burke jokes, “Well, you know
I’m an impatient man. I’ll ask you again tomorrow, and the
day after that, and the next day until you break down and
say yes!” Vicky remarks, “All my life, I’ve been searching
for an identity, and if I married you, I’ll know who I am”.
Burke remarks, “You’ll be Mrs. Burke Devlin”. Vicky continues,
“In a strange way, my search will be over”. They kiss again.
From behind the gate, Willie watches…
Barnabas goes to Collinwood and talks to Elizabeth in
the drawing room. Elizabeth tells him, “I’m glad you dropped
by. I haven’t seen you for quite a while”. Barnabas apoligizes,
saying, “I’ve been very busy with business matters”. Elizabeth
tells him, “If you’re still intereseted in starting a
shipbuilding firm, I’d be glad to help any way I can”. Barnabas
replies, “Speaking of business, I’ve heard you’ve decided to
sell the beach house to Burke Devlin.” Elizabeth replies, “Yes”.
Barnabas remarks, “It belongs to the family. I think it should
stay in the family”. Elizabeth replies, “It’s not being used
for anything, and Burke is offering a very good price”. Barnabas
asks, “Why do you suppose he needs such a large house?” Elizabeth
hints, “I supppose it’s because of Vicky”. Barnabas asks, “Do
you suppose he’s thinking of marrying her?” Elizabeth replies,
“Yes”. Barnabas says, “Surely Miss Winters wouldn’t think of
marrying Devlin”. Elizabeth asks, “Why not?” Barnabas asks,
“Then you’re not opposed to the idea of her marrying him?”
Elizabeth replies, “I’m in favor of whatever makes Vicky
happy”. Barnabas remarks, “It’s late” and excuses himself.
Willie returns to the old house and calls out, “Barnabas?”,
but there is no answer. Finally, Barnabas returns and
asks, “Well? Did you do what I told you?” Willie tells her
he did, that he followed them to a restaurant on the bay,
but couldn’t follow them in there. He tells him he then
followed them back home to the terrace where he could hear
what they said. Barnabas asks, “What happened there?” Willie
tells him, “He asked her to marry him”. Barnabas asked, “What
did she say?” Willie replies, “She told him she’d have to
think about it”. Barnabas, relieved, says, “Then she might
turn him down”. Willie replies, “No, I don’t think so. I could
tell from the way she was talking. You might as well face it,
Barnabas. She’s going to marry him.” Barnabas growls, “There
will be no marriage!” Willie asks, “What do you mean?” Barnabas
explains, “Mr. Devlin won’t live to take Miss Winters as his
bride. Burke Devlin must die!”
Episode 301
Worldvision Rerun 91
Tape Date: August 10, 1967 (ABC #166-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 21, 1967 Monday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Willie tells Barnabas, “I regret telling you what I heard
them say”. Barnabas replies, “You were only doing your job.
Anyway, there’s still hope. She hasn’t said yes yet”. Willie
replies, “She will. I could tell. She can’t be that important
to you, can she?” Barnabas says, “I usually get what I want.
Devlin is an obstacle, and must be dealt with! Devlin must be
removed, permanently!”. Willie argues, “You don’t have to do
this!”, but Barnabas replies, “Willie, I’m tired of your
objections. I’ll decide what is right for me, and what is
right for you! Burke Devlin must be destroyed!” Willie continues,
“OK, you’ve made up your mind, but listen to me for a few
minutes. When do you figure to kill Devlin?” Barnabas replies,
“Immediately”. Willie asks, “How?” Barnabas replies, “The same
way I dealt with your friend Jason McGuire”. Willie asks, “Are
you sure you won’t be found out?” Barnabas replies, “There hasn’t
been a word about Jason McGuire’s disappearance”. Willie tells
Barnabas, “But that was different. Jason McGuire was on his
way out of town. Everyone hated him and wanted to see him go.
Burke Devlin is something else. He’s one of the most important
men in town. He can’t just suddenly disappear. If he does,
they’ll comb every corner for him. It’ll be worse than with
Maggie Evans. They’ll come and search this house!” Barnabas
remarks, “But his body won’t be in the house”. Willie replies,
“But there’ll be things that ARE here, things you don’t want
them to know about. They’ll find a coffin in the basement
and want to know all about it…” Barnabas agrees to postpone
dealing with Burke, “All right, some other time, but my plans
depend on getting rid of Burke Devlin, and you will help me
do it!”
Burke and Vicky have just returned from a date and are
outside the front doors of Collinwood kissing. Burke asks,
“Vicky, the question I put to you. I wish you could’ve said
yes tonight”. Vicky replies, “I wish I could’ve too. Thanks
for giving me time to think”. They kiss again then go inside.
Vicky asks, “Would you like some coffee?” Burke replies, “No,
I think I’ll go and give you time to think”. Vicky remarks,
“I never thought of myself as being married. I always though
of myself taking care of other people’s children”. Burke
replies, “I’m giving you the chance to take care of your own
children”. While they are talking, Elizabeth comes into the foyer
and says, “Hello. I hope I’m not interrupting”. Burke replies,
“No, in fact, I wanted to talk with you”. Vicky says goodnight,
excuses herself and goes upstairs to let them talk. Elizabeth
takes Burke into the drawing room. Eliabeth remarks, “I’m glad
Vicky’s been going out so much recently. I’m pleased it makes
her happy”. Burke replies, “Vicky’s a great girl. It gives
me great pleasure to make her happy”. Elizabeth replies, “And
now it’s my turn to make YOU happy. I’ve come to a decision about
selling you that house. I’ve decided to sell it to you. Would you
like to discuss the business details tonight?” Burke, exuberant,
replies, “No, I’ll leave that to our lawyers. I think we’ve had
our last conflict”. Elizabeth pours a couple of drinks and toasts,
“Burke, don’t let anything get in the way of your happiness”.
Burke replies, “Nothing could!” and they drink.
Vicky comes downstairs and finds Elizabeth alone in the
drawing room. Elizabeth asks, “Still up? I thought you went
to bed”. Vicky replies, “I couldn’t sleep. I have a lot on my
mind”. Elizabeth tells her, “I’ve just been talking with Burke.
I told him I’ve decided to sell him the house”. Vicky exclaims,
“Wonderful! What did he say?” Elizabeth replies, “Just what
you just said”. Vicky remarks, “He really wants that house
badly”. Elizabeth replies, “He deserves it. He’s changed.
He’s found stability now, something he never had before. You’re
very fond of him, aren’t you?” Vicky replies, “Yes”. Elizabeth
continues, “And he’s very fond of you. I think he’s very
serious about you”. Vicky asks, “Is it that obvious?” She
continues, “I suppose that’s why I couldn’t sleep tonight.
I was thinking about Burke, and about who I am, where I’m
going. Tonight, he asked me to marry him”. Elizabeth asks,
“And what was your answer?” Vicky replies, “I told him I’d
have to think about it”. Elizabeth asks, “What do you want?”
Vicky replies, “I don’t know. Mrs. Stoddard, would you help
me decide?” Elizabeth replies, “I wish I could, but this’ll
have to be your own decision. Marriage is a very important
step”. Vicky asks, “If you were against it, would you tell
me?” Elizabeth replies that she would. Vicky tells her,
“Thank you, you’ve helped me very much”.
Burke Devlin is at the Blue Whale, telling amusing stories
to the other patrons at the bar, “And the last thing he said
to her was, ‘But I’m calling you from Paris!'”. The other
patrons around him laugh. Burke remarks, “It’s one of the
funniest stories I’ve ever heard!”. Barnabas come in through the
front door. Burke tells the guys at the bar, “Excuse me”, goes
to Barnabas and says, “You’re just in time for one drink before
the place closes. What’ll you have?” Barnabas replies, “Brandy”.
They sit down at a table. Barnabas remarks, “You seem to be
in the middle of a celebration. What makes you so happy?”
Burke replies, “The future”. Barnabas remarks, “Your business
enterprises must be going well”. Burke replies, “It’s not
business, it’s personal”. Barnabas asks him what it is, but
Burke tells him he’d rather not discuss it until he’s sure
it’s going to happen. He asks Barnabas, “What about you, what
about your prospects?”. Barnabas replies, “Soon, I might have
something to celebrate”. Burke asks, “Will I be part of this
celebration?” Barnabas replies, “It wouldn’t be the same without
you”. Burke says, “Barnabas, I wonder about something. I
wonder if we really like each other.” Barnabas asks, “Why do
you say that?” Burke replies, “It’s the way we talk to one
another, implying things without saying them, like playing
a high stakes card game”. Barnabas replies, “Or like a duel.
I thrust, and you parry. You thrust, and I parry”. Burke
remarks, “I like my analogy better than yours.” Barnabas
asks, “Why?” Burke explains, “Mine is only a game. Yours
ends in death. To lose a card game is just to lose a game.
To lose a duel is to lose everything, including one’s life”
Barnabas replies, “But that’s the purpose of a duel”. Burke
continues, “You know, Barnabas, you interest me enormously.
You’re a hard man to get to know. You know, when I asked you
about your past the only thing I could get out of you was
that you lived in London with a cousin – what was his name?”
Barnabas pauses then says, “Nile Bradford”. Burke remarks,
“Yes. Nile Bradford. I wonder how I could’ve forgotten
a name like that”. Burke notices that the bar is empty and
the bartender has started putting the chairs on the tables.
He tells Barnabas, “I think they’re starting to close”. Barnabas
says, “Thank you for the brandy” (which he has not touched).
Burke, in turn, says, “And thank you”, pauses, then says, “For
playing the game”. Barnabas leaves. Burke goes to the pay phone,
dials the operator, and says, “Hello, operator? Connect me with
the overseas operator. I want to place a call to London”.
Episode 302
Worldvision Rerun 92
Tape Date: August 7, 1967 (ABC #167-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 22, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas is sitting in an armchair at the old house, looking
through the book of family portraits. Julia comes in and tells
him, “The injection will be ready in 20 minutes”. Barnabas
remarks, “I was beginning to think you’d be down there in that
room forever”. Julia replies, “The injection takes time to
prepare. One mistake could mean your life”. Barnabas replies,
“No, one mistake could mean YOUR life!” Julia remarks, “You
haven’t put down that family album all evening”. Barnabas
replies, “I like looking at the family album. Especially the
last few weeks I’ve been fascinated with the portrait of
Jeremiah Colllins”. Julia asks, “Why?” Barnabas replies, “Because
he bears an uncanny resemblance to Burke Devlin. I loathe both
men. If Burke Devlin could be as dead as Jeremiah Collins,
I would be a most contented man”.
Julia tells Barnabas, “For the sake of the experiment,
nothing must happen to Mr. Devlin. The risk would be too
great”. Barnabas replies, “I merely wished he were dead.
I didn’t say I was going to do anything. Doctor, I wish you
would stop giving me orders. I find it most unbecoming in a
woman”. Julia remarks, “You’ve been particularly interested
in that album lately”. Barnabas replies, “I’ve always enjoyed
looking in it”. Julia replies, “I think it’s something else.
I think it’s a particular member of the family you’re
interested in. Could it be that child? Could it be your
baby sister Sarah?” Barnabas remarks, “Sarah has been dead
for almost 200 years”. Juila replies, “So have you”. Barnabas
says, “She died when she was but 10 years old. She had a
soul of innocence. She was not afflicted with the same thing
I was”. Julia replies, “You have some ego to think that only
your kind can come back. She could be a ghost. We both know
that there’s been talk of a little girl being seen. And
a little girl helped Maggie Evans. The description fits your
little sister”. She tells Barnabas that it’s important that
she know because at first the treatments were going superbly,
that the structure of his blood was changing, but now he
has seemed to hit some sort of emotional block. Barnabas admits,
“She has come back. She made contact with me the other night”.
Julia asks, “Did you see her?” Barnabas replies, “No, but I
heard her singing. I would recognize that voice anywhere”. Julia
asks, “Where were you when this happened?” Barnabas replies,
“That’s not important”, but Julia insists, “It’s important to
know where you were because it might help us find out why she
appeared to you”. Barnabas admits, “In Maggie Evan’s room! I
heard the singing and went to see where it was coming from”.
Julia realizes that he must have gone to Maggie’s room to kill
Maggie and asks, “Why didn’t you kill Maggie before going to look
for Sarah?” Barnabas replies, “I don’t know”. Julia remarks, “I
think you do”. Barnabas, not wanting to talk about it any longer,
suggests, “Isn’t it time for the injection?”, but Julia replies,
“The injection can wait. I want to know what power this little girl
has over you”. Barnabas replies, “She was an exquisite little
child, the sum of everything worth living for. Her heart was
all that is pure and good. I loved her in a way I’ve never
loved any other human being”. Julia suggests, “Has it occured
to you that you might have willed her back back unconciously?”
That you’ve brought back a side of yourself that you’ve lost?”
Vicky is in the drawing room. Elizabeth comes in and remarks,
“I thought you had a date with Burke tonight”. Vicky replies
that she does. Elizabeth asks her if she’s come to any decision
about Burke’s proposal. Vicky replies “I was thinking about
it when you came in. I haven’t reached a decison yet”. Elizabeth
tells her to take her time, “Don’t let me or anyone else rush
you”. Julia comes into the room and greets them, “Good Evening”.
Elizabeth remarks, “You must be very dedicated to your work.
You’ve been spending most of your time at the old house”.
Julia replies, “Blame that on your cousin Barnabas. He’s
an endlessly fascinating man. Once he starts talking, I can’t
stop listening!” Vicky excuses herself, saying Burke is going
to meet her outside. Julia remarks, “Lovely girl”. Elizabeth
asks, “Well, Miss Hoffman, I’m interested in how your work
is progressing”. Julia replies, “There’s something you might
be able to help me with. I was going through some family
histories in the old house and came across the name Sarah
Collins. I wonder if you could tell me more about her”.
Elizabeth replies, “No, she died a little girl and not much
is known about her. Why is she so important to you?” Julia
replies, “She isn’t, it’s just that we historians get sidetracked
by little things once in a while”. Elizabeth says, “I’d like to
know more about your work”. Julia replies, “You’ll be the
first to read my new book”. Elizabeth asks, “What other books
have you written?” Julia replies, “They were dry, scholarly
works. You wouldn’t have heard of them”. Elizabeth replies,
“While I stayed in this house for 18 years, I did a lot
of reading. I might surprise you”. Julia remarks, “You have
surprised me. I heard you were a recluse, but I’ve found
you to be a warm, generous person. Eighteen years. It must
have been a great emotional drain. You survived, and made a new
life…” Elizabeth remarks, “If you’re as nimble a writer
as you are a talker, your book will really be something to read”.
Julia asks, “What do you mean?” Elizabeth replies, “We started
out talking about you, and now suddenly I’m the topic of
conversation. I find that interesting…”
Outside in garden, Burke has come to get Vicky. He remarks, “The
setting couldn’t be more perfect. The garden terrace, the moon,
and the woman I love.” Vicky replies, “And you, Mr.Devlin, are
late!” Burke explains that he had some important business to
talk to Blair with on the phone. Vicky asks, “Is there any time
you don’t work?” Burke replies, “I’m not a 9-5 kind of guy”.
Vicky asks Burke about his past, but Burke refuses to discuss
it, saying, “The future is what’s important, not the past”.
Suddenly, Vicky exclaims, “Yes!’ Burke, puzzled, asks, “Yes
what?” Vicky replies, “Yes, Burke, I’ll marry you!”
Meanwhile, Barnabas has come to Collinwood and has joined
Julia and Elizabeth in the drawing room, where they are
talking about Julia’s historical work. Burke and Vicky come
into the room. Vicky says, “Mrs. Stoddard, I have something
I want to tell you!” Julia turns to leave, saying, “You’ll
probably want to be alone”, but Vicky tells her to stay,
saying, “I want everyone to hear this. Burke and I are
getting married!” Elizabeth congratulates her, “Vicky! I
couldn’t be happier for you! When’s the date?” Vicky replies,
“We haven’t decided on a date yet”. Meanwhile, as Elizabeth and
Julia congratulate Burke and Vicky, Barnabas stands there
turned away from them looking very unhappy. He mutters,
“Jeremiah!” Burke seems to notice.
Barnabas tells Elizabeth, “I promised to take Miss Hoffman
into town. It’s getting late”. He says goodbye and leaves with
Julia. Elizabeth remarks, “I sure don’t understand Barnabas at
all. He was in such a great mood when he got here but when he
left, he seemed so depressed”.
Outside, Barnabas angrily remarks, “The thought of a lovely
girl like Vicky marrying someone as crass and vulgar as Devlin
is appalling!” He asks Julia how long the treatments are going
to take to make him a normal man. She replies, “A few weeks, maybe.
It all depends on how well you cooperate with me”. He promises to
cooperate to the fullest. Julia asks, “Why the sudden change in
attitude?” Barnabas replies, “When I am cured, I will attend to
Vicky and give her the kind of love Burke Devlin could never give
her, and the marriage just announced will never take place!!!”
Episode 303
Worldvision Rerun 93
Tape Date: August 14, 1967 (ABC #168-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 23, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Dr. Woodard lets Burke into his office then leaves to take
care of some pressing matters. Burke sits down and reaches for the
phone and dials. He looks very anxious and plays with the phone
cord as he makes his call. He gets his connection and begins
speaking, “Hello this is Burke Devlin, let me talk to Mr. Blair…
Blair, any word from London yet? … Well, who DID you talk to?…
I see…No, no we don`t have to meet on this, just give me the
notes you took, but tell me something first. Is the guy you spoke
to the last word on birth records in London?…You`re positve he
keeps all the offical records?… OK, Now what about the name Nile
Bradford?… 130 years ago?!… And there has been no one living
by that name in London since then?… Blair, you`re absolutely sure
about this, you’ve got this straight? I can`t afford a mistake
here… OK, OK, Yeah, Thanks! I`ll be in touch”. Burke hangs up,
a look of shock on his face. Dr. Woodard, having finished his
business, enters his office and apoligizes, “Sorry to keep you
waiting”. Burke replies, “That`s all right”. Woodard, seeing the
look on Burke’s face, asks, “What, some bad news of some kind?”
Burke replies, “No, No, in a way it was good news”. Woodard
remarks, “You don`t look very happy about it. Burke replies,
“No on the contray, just mystified. It isn`t everyday I find a 130
year old skeleton in someone’s closet!” Dr. Woodard remarks, “I
hope you haven`t come here to talk to me about a skeleton in
someone’s closet!” Burke replies, “No. I came here to talk to you
about Maggie Evans”. Woodard asks, “What about her?” Burke
replies, “Well, I’d like to review her whole case with you from
the beginning.” Woodard asks, “Why?” Burke replies, “Well, I
have my reasons”, but adds, “I’d rather not get into them right
now”. and asks, “Do you mind?”, rising from the chair. Woodard
replies, No, I don`t mind, It is just that I am pretty busy with
patients this afternoon, Burke”. Burke, disappointed, says, “I
understand. I don`t want to upset your schedule. Look, do you
have any objections against me going through Maggie’s files?”
Woodard, shocked, exclaims, “OH NO, Burke! I can`t let you do
that! I mean a patient’s files are confidental…strictly! Look,
I’ll be glad to help you in any way if you just tell me what
this is all about”. Burke tells him, “It is just a hunch I have
Dave, A way-out hunch. I am not sure I can explain it to you
if I tried, so I’d better not until I have more to go on”. Woodard
asks, “Do you mean that you might have a lead as to the kidnapper
is?” Burke replies, “I don`t know. I`d like you to tell me a
little about more about Maggie`s neck wound if you can”. Woodard
tells him, “Burke listen, you know as much about that as I do!”
Burke asks, “Have you come to any conclusions as to what might
have caused the wound?” Woodard replies, “The blood sample was
never anaylized because, as you know, it was stolen!” Burke
asks, “It was never recovered?” Woodard replies, “That`s right!
My medical opinion at the time was that the wounds on Maggie’s
neck were caused by some kind of animal bite”. Burke asks, “And
you have no reason to alter your opinion?” Woodard replies, “No,
none at all”. Burke points out, “Now you have gone on the
assumption that Maggie was kidnapped, you have to know that that
was done by a human being and not an animal”. Woodard thinks for
a moment, then agrees, “Well, of course”. Burke continues,
“Well, the all important question is, Is the abuction and the
neck wound directly related to one another?” Woodard replies,
“It seems to me that they have to be”. Burke askd, “But Why?
Isn`t it possible that Maggie Evans eacaped from her abductor
and then was attacked by a wild animal?” Woodard replies say,
“Look, I`m willing to accept anything as a possiblity, but
we are still faced with the fact that that the wounds on Maggie’s`
neck were not the bite of any animal indigenous in this area”.
Burke asks, “You`re absolutely sure about this?” Woodard replies,
“100% sure! Burke, listen… if you have any suspicions about
anyone, you are obilagated to go and see the sherriff about it”.
Burke lies, “I didn`t say I suspected anybody”. Woodard remarks,
“Well, you are obiviously aware of something that the rest of us
aren`t”. Burke lies, “No. No, I`m afraid I`m not”. Woodard asks,
“Well, why the sudden interest in reviewing Maggie’s old case?”
Burke replies, “I told you Dave, it was just a hunch.” Woodard
tells him, “I don`t care what you want to call it. I don`t think
you have any choice, you have to take this idea or hunch or
whatever you want to call it and go to the sheriff!” Burke
assures him, “If the right time comes. Don`t worry”. Woodard
exclaims, “Don`t worry?! There’s still a maniac on the loose
somewhere! His next victim could be anybody’s guess! Burke,
whether your hunch is farfetched or not, you have to take it to
the right person!” Burke replies, “I intend to follow this
until I get results or until I`ve decided that I am way off base”.
Woodard says, “I can`t understand why at least you won`t talk to
me about it now”. Burke says, “Dave. Dave, you just refered to
the kidnapper as that wild maniac. I think that everyone`s coming
to the wring conclusion about this case”. Woodard asks, “What do
you mean?” Burke replies, “The image is of some wild, mentally
deranged, horrible monster running around our community. Suppose
that image is wrong, which I think it is, suppose the man we are
looking for is an outwardly calm, sane, respected member of the
community?” Woodard asks, “Like who?” Burke replies, “Like
yourself”. Woodard exclaims, “What?!”, but Burke explains, “Or
like me. Or like a hundred other people we see and talk to every
day. Somebody we wouldn`t think to suspect of kidnapping an
innocent girl”. Woodard, pacing around his desk, looking very
concerned, tells Burke, “You`re hunch is pretty far-fetched.”
Burke replies, “I`m not saying I`m right, Dave, I`m only saying
that the possiblity can`t be overlooked…”
Joe is sitting in the couch of the Evan’s Cottage reading a
magazine. Maggie is looking out through the bay window. Joe,
rising from the couch and going to Maggie, asks, “Hey! How about
a game of cards?” Maggie, looking annoyed, replies, “Please Joe,
not right now”. Joe tells her, “It will help pass the time”,
but Maggie snaps, “I said, NOT NOW!” Joe asks, What`s the matter?”
Maggie sarcastically replies, “What`s the matter?! I`m getting
tired of all the high living and excitement around here!”
Joe tries to calm her down, saying, “All right! Take it easy!”
but Maggie rebuts, “That`s some sound piece of advice! All I`ve
been doing all week is sitting around the house! Pass the time of
day, pass the time of night. To do what? Pass the time of day
again! I`m getting sick of this!” Joe tells her, “Look I know
how boring this must be to you”. Maggie retorts, “You DON’T
know! This was all yours and Pop`s idea! You can`t expect me
to vegetate here! I`ve got to live my own life!”. Joe tells her,
“No one expects you to vegetate”. Maggie replies, “I feel like
a prisoner! No one should feel like that in their own home!”
Joe says, “Maggie, you are not a prisoner”. Maggie says, “Well,
why not? You and Pop never leave me out of your sight!” Joe
explains, “Well, that`s because we don`t want to lose you again.
We just want to protect you”. Maggie asks, “From what?” Joe
replies, “If we knew that, all our problems would be over”. Maggie
continues to argue, “If anything were to happen, it would happen
at night. Everything that’s happened has happened at night. I
could get my job back at the diner and work day shifts. No one’s
going to kidnap me in broad daylight in the middle of Collinsport”.
Joe tells her, “Both your doctors say you’re still too weak to
go back to work”. Maggie snaps, “Well, both doctors are wrong”.
Joe begs, “Trust us”. Maggie replies, “All right, Joe, I’ll
be patient”. They kiss. Maggie asks, “How about that card
game?” While they prepare the cards, Maggie asks, “Say, Joe,
how did Dr. Hoffman get involved in this case?” Joe replies,
“Dr. Woodard thought she was the best person to treat you, that
she could help restore your memory. Why?”. Maggie replies, “I
was just wondering about her, that’s all. She seems like such
a strange person to me. I feel a coldness whenever she comes near
me. But I guess that’s only my imagination”.
Maggie, smiling broadly, throws her cards on the table and
asks, “Now what’s the name of this game?”, pauses, then announces
“Gin!”, laying her winning hand onto the table. There’s a
knock at the door. Joe answers. It’s Burke. Burke says, “I hope
I’m not interrupting anything”. Maggie says, “No, not at all!
You’re a welcome change of pace”. Burke tells Maggie, “I’d like
to talk to you for a few minutes”. Maggie asks, “What do you
want?” Burke replies, “I want to know if your memory’s any
better.” Maggie replies, “No, I still can’t remember anything”.
Burke tells her, “It’s curious. You seem to remember even less
now. I was talking to Dr. Woodard, and he says when he was
questioning you on the night you came back to Collinsport, your
memory was coming back, you came very close to identifying the
kidnapper.” Maggie says, “I don’t remember that”. Burke
continues, “He said he thought the case was about to be blown
right open, but then you retrogressed”. Maggie asks, “Do you know
what I said that night?” Burke replies, “Yes, I’ll repeat it for
you. Maybe it’ll help you remember. You said you were being held
in a special room in a house somewhere, that there was someone
else in the house who wanted you to die. A man who was coming
closer and closer, then the face came into the light and you
knew who it was, knew that face”. Joe asks, “Then what?” Burke
replies, “Then another doctor treating Maggie came in and broke
her train of thought.” He asks Maggie, “Have you remembered
anything in the past week?” Maggie answers, “No, nothing’s
happened in the past week except that a few friends have dropped
by. Vicky, Barnabas Collins”. Burke asks, “Barnabas Collins
dropped by?” Maggie replies, “Yes, he came to see how I was”.
Burke, looking disapponted remarks, “Well, we’re no further than
we were before”. Joe asks, “What?” Burke replies, “Just a hunch”.
Maggie thinks about Burke question and says, “There is something
I think I remember, something in the back of my mind, something
I keep hearing. Some kind of music, a light, playful sort of
tune”. Burke asks, “And you have no idea what it means?” Maggie
replies, “No. Maybe there’s no connection at all. Maybe it’s
just something I remember from my childhood”. Burke says,
“Mayber it means nothing, but at this point, we can’t ignore
the slightest bit of evidence”.
In the drawing room of Collinwood, Vicky is sitting on the
couch listening to Josette’s music box again. There’s a knock
at the door. Vicky shuts the music box, puts it down on the
table and goes to answer the door. It’s Burke. He jokes,
“Your chauffeur is here and is at your service!” Vicky jokes
back, “And he’s also late! This is the second time you’ve
been late in a row! I hope this isn’t going to become a habit!”
Burke replies, “I had a lot of running around to do”. Vicky
asks, “Business again?” Burke replies, “No, I had some private
spadework to do”. Vicky asks, “About what?” Burke says, “You
ask a lot of questions!” Vicky jokes, “I’m practicing to be a
wife!” They kiss. Burke tells Vicky, “You’d better go put
something warm on”. Vicky asks, “Are we going for a seaside
drive?” Burke replies, “No, I was thinking of going to take
a look at the house. We’ve never seen it in the daylight before”.
Vicky, instead of going upstairs, starts in the direction of
the drawing room. Burke asks, “Where are you going?” Vicky
replies, “Just getting something I have to put back in my
room”. Burke asks, “What?” Vicky replies, “My music box” Burke
follows her in. Vicky gets the music box. Burke asks, “Is that
the music box Barnabas gave you?” Vicky replies, “Yes” and
jokes, “You sound jealous”. Looking at the music box, she
remarks, “It’s been acting strange lately, like it has a
mind of its own”. Burke remarks, “All I see there is a plain,
ordinary music box, with no mind at all”. Vicky replies, “Well,
this plain, ordinary music box has been acting funny”. She
explains that it seems to start playing by itself latey. Burke
asks, “Mind playing it for me?” Vicky asks, “Why?” Burke replies,
“I’d just like to hear it, that’s all”. Vicky flips the lid open,
starting the music. Listening to the music, Burke mutters,
“A light, almost playful kind of music…” Vicky asks,
“What?” Burke replies, “Oh, nothing. I wonder why Barnabas
gave that music box to you.” Vicky replies, “I suppose he’s
just a very thougtful man”. Burke remarks, “Yes, a very
thoughtful man indeed”. Vicky says, “What’s the matter? You
said that like you were jealous”. Burke replies, “No, just
curious.” Vicky asks, “About what?” Burke replies, “about
a light, playful kind of music from a plain ordinary music
box”. He reaches over and snaps the lid shut.
Episode 304
Worldvision Rerun 94
Tape Date: August 9, 1967 (ABC #169-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 24, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Opening voice: Victoria Winters
“The Sun has begun to rise in the blue-grey sky at
Collinwood. This is the dawn of a new day. This will
be a day of ever mounting terror for two people.
One woman already possesses a secret that could destroy
her ( shot of Julia in the Collinwood drawing room with
Sarah’s bonnet in her hands). One man is close to learning
that secret, unaware that he is courting his own destruction”.

Burke is knocking on the door of the Old House. Willie looks
out the window to see who it is. Burke continues to knock and
Willie finally answers it, asking, “What do you want?” Burke
replies, “I have to see Mr. Collins” Willie asks, “What? At
this hour in the morning?” Burke replies, ” I know it`s early,
but I have to see him, it`s important”. Willie tells him,
“Well, I`ll take a message”, but Burke replies, “I have to see
him personally”. Willie refuses to let him do so, saying,
“That`s impossible”. Burke asks, “Why not?” Willie lies, “He`s
not here!” Burke asks, “Oh? Where is he?” Willie replies,
“I don`t know , he left early this morning. He didn`t say where
he was going”. Burke, not believing this, exclaims, “You`re
lying!” Willie, surprised, asks, “What?!” Burke explains,
“I said you`re lying! I saw him go into this house before
sunrise this morning and he hasn`t come out”. Willie exclaims,
“You`ve been spying!” Burke replies, “I`ve been watching him”.
Willie asks, “Why?” Burke replies, “Because I find Mr. Collins
a very ODD person and the same goes for you”. Willie, sounding
desperate, whines, “Look…. Neither one of us has ever done
anything to you! Now Mr. Collins isn’t here, so why don`t you
just go away?” Burke refuses to leave, saying, “I`m not going
anyplace! I know Collins is in this house and I`m going to see
him!” Burke walks toward Willie and into the house, jabbing his
finger into Willies` chest, saying, “You’re not going to stop
me!” Willie begs, “Go away!”, but Burke repeats, “Not until I
see Collins!” Willie again lies, “I tell you he ain`t here!”
but Burke just says, “We`ll see about that!” and starts to go
up the stairs yelling out “Collins! Collins!” Willie defiantly
tells him, “Go ahead! Scream your lungs out!” Burke continuing
to call loudly for Barnabus, comes back down the stairs. Willie
tells him, “Yell some more! It won`t do any good! There`s no one
to answer! Why don`t you go and search some rooms!”, trying
to get Burke to search upstairs. Burke replies, “I might just
do that!” Willie sarcastically remarks, “Good! All you`ll find
is some empty rooms!” Burke asks, “Where is he?” Willie again
lies, “I told you, I don`t know!” Burke points out, “If he left
this house I would have seen him!” Willie explains, “Not
neccessarly, maybe he went out the back way.” Burke, not knowing
until not of the back entrance, admits, “Maybe”. Willie
continues, “Yeah, He does that sometimes, maybe he did that
this morning.” Burke asks, “After being out all night?” Willie
replies, “Mr. Collins don`t sleep much. some people don`t, I`ve
seen him go to work without any sleep!” Burke asks, “Work?
Where?” Willie replies, “Clearwater, Bangor… He has business
deals all over”. Burke asks, “What kind of business deals?”
Willie replies, “I don`t know, I only work for him. You would
have to ask him”. Burke tells him, “I have asked him. I can`t
get any answers. Burke walks towards the portrait of Barnabas
that Sam painted, now hanging above the mantel, and looks at it.
Willie asks, “Why are you so curious about Mr. Collins? What
has he ever done to you?” Burke replies, “Nothing, I am just
a very curious guy!” Willie remarks, Curiosity can get people
into trouble”. Burke asks, “Is that a threat?” Willie replies,
“No, I just think it would be a smart idea to mind your own
business.” Burke agrees, “So do I!” Willie begs, ” Leave Mr.
Collins alone!” Burke replies, “I don`t intend to harm Mr.
Collins, I just want to know more about him”. He adds, “and
I will!” Burke walks towards the door and leaves. Willies locks
it behind him.
At Collinwood, Vicky goes into drawing room, finds Julia
already there and says,”Good evening, Julia. Have you had
breakfast yet?”. Julia replies, “Yes, about an hour ago”.
Vicky sees that Julia is studying something and asks, “What’s
that?” Julia replies, “The bonnet that David’s friend left
behind.” Vicky remarks, “Funny how she ran off like that”.
Julia suggets, “Maybe she’s just shy”. Vicky examines the
bonnet and says, “I wonder why her parents would dress her
like that. This isn’t what other little girls are wearing
now.” Looking more carefully at the bonnet, she remarks,
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this was from
another time, another century!” Julia replies, “But it
couldn’t be. It’s brand new”. She asks, “Has David seen
this girl since the other day?” Vicky replies, “I don’t
know”. David comes into the drawing room. Vicky asks, “Finished
breakfast?” David replies, “Yes, except for the toast. You
know how much I hate burnt toast!” Vicky asks, “Are you ready?”
David replies, “Yes”. Vicky tells him, “Let’s go”. Julia
asks, “Where are you going?” Vicky explains, “For a walk”.
Julia volunteers to take him instead, saying she likes
walks. Vicky thanks her and leaves, saying she does have
other things to do. David asks, “Where would you like to
walk?” Julia answers, “I thought we’d look for your little
friend”. David replies, “I don’t know if I can find her.
Sometimes I can’t”. Julia replies, “We can try”. David
remarks, “I think I know we can go”.
David takes Julia to the the clearing in the woods where
he met Sarah before. David announces, “This is the place.
I guess she isn’t around today”. Julia suggests, “Try calling
her”. David calls out, “Sarah!” a few times, to no avail.
Julia remarks, “She might appear. Let’s wait”. David asks,
“Why?” Julia explains, “So we can give her bonnet back to
her”. David protests, “She could come over to the house and
get it if she wants it”. Julia asks David to tell her more
about Sarah. David describes her, emphasizing, “She has very
sad eyes”. Suddenly, he exclaims, “I heard something! Maybe
Sarah’s here after all!” He runs over to the direction where
he thinks he heard the noise, Julia following him. They
find that nothing’s there. David dejectedly says, “I guess
I was wrong”. They go back to the clearing. Julia asks,
“Weren’t you holding the bonnet?” David replies, “I put it
down on that rock there. Hey! It’s gone! I know I put it
down there, but it’s gone now!”
They return to Collinwood. David tells Julia, “You wait
here, I’ll get it” and runs upstairs. Vicky comes into the
foyer and asks, “Nice walk?” Julia replies, “Yes. David and
I are getting along quite well. He’s gone upstairs to get
his stamp collection to show me. He’s a very intelligent
child”. There’s a knock at the door. Vicky answers. It’s
Burke. He tells Vicky, “I’d like to talk to you, but I can’t
talk to you here. Let’s go into town”. Vicky tells him,
“I can’t. I have to look after David”. Julia tells Vicky
she’ll look after David for her. Vicky says, “I’ll get my
sweater” and goes upstairs. Burke tells Julia “Thanks” asks
“How’s your book going?” Julia replies, “Splendidly”. Burke asks,
“You’ve been spending a lot of time at the old house. Tell
me something. What’s your opinion of Barnabas Collins?” Julia
replies, “He’s very kind and helpful to me”. Burke asks, “Don’t
you think he’s kind of odd?” Julia asks, “In what way?” Burke
replies, “In every way”. Julia says, “I don’t know what you’re
talking about”. Burke says, “For example, have you ever seen
him during the day?” Julia replies, “Yes, several times”. Burke
says, “Well, no one else has, and I find that strange”. Julia
replies, “He’s a busy man during the day. He has a lot of
business matters to take care of”. Burke says, “That’s what Willie
said when I talked to him a few minutes ago. I asked him some
questions. His answers weren’t very satisfactory.” Julia asks,
“Just what are you hinting at?” Burke replies, “Nothing in
particular. I just get, oh, ‘strange vibes’ about Barnabas. I
thought you might too. You did tell Vicky to stay away from the
old house”. Julia replies, “That was because she was becoming too
preoccupied with the past. It had nothing to do with Mr. Collins.
If there’s anything strange about Mr. Collins, it’s that he’s a
perfect gentleman, and that IS unique these days. I don’t know
what you’re thinking about, but I’m sure you’re quite wrong”.
Burke looks at the portrait of Barnabas and remarks, “Strange
how much he looks like his ancestor”. Julia replies, “The
family resemblance is quite strong”. Burke says, “It’s more
than strong. It’s almost uncanny”. Vicky comes back down
and says, “All set, Burke”. She tells Julia, “I’ll be back
soon” and leaves with Burke.
Julia goes to the old house and asks Willie, “And he said
he followed Barnabas to the house?” Willie replies, “Yes, he
said he followed him here, that’s how he knew he was in here,
he said he saw him come in and didn’t see him come out. I
told him Mr. Collins went out the back door. He asked some
questions about what kind of buisness Barnabas does, where
he goes during the day. I told him I didn’t know.” Julia
asks, “Why did you say that?!” Willie replies, “I only work
for him. Why would I know what he does?” Julia says, “You
should’ve thought of a better answer to put him off the
track. I’ve got to do something! Devlin could ruin everything,
Burke and Vicky go to the Blue Whale. They order coffee.
Burke tells Vicky, “Vicky, I have to ask you to do something
for me. I warn you, you won’t understand, but I still want
you to do it. Trust me. Vicky, I want you to promise me to
not to go to the old house. I want you to stay away from
Barnabas Collins. I can’t explain, but I have good reason.
You are to stay away from the old house, and stay away from
Barnbas Collins. Stay away from Barnabas Collins!”
Episode 305
Worldvision Rerun 95
Tape Date: August 11, 1967 (ABC #170-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 25, 1967 Friday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

David is out in the woods, holding a branch and pretending
it’s a rifle. He aims it and says, “Pow! Pow!” Suddenly, he
hears a familiar voice say, “David!” David turns and exclaims,
“Sarah! Where have you been?” Sarah replies, “Around”. David
asks, “Where do you live? If you tell me, I could come and
get you”. Sarah replies, “I can’t.” David asks, “Why not?”
Sarah replies, “It’s hard to explain, very, very hard to
explain”. David asks, “Why are you keeping it such a big
secret?” Sarah replies, “Because it has to be. I can tell
you lots of other secrets, though. I told you one before”.
David asks, “What?” Sarah replies, “I told you that my
friend Maggie was still alive”. David agrees, “That was a
good one. No one believed me. You should have seen their
face when it turned out I was right!” He looks around
and says, “It’s getting late. I’ve got to go home”. Sarah
asks, “Why?” David replies, “Because I’ve got to get home
in time for dinner. Don’t you have to go home for dinner?”
Sarah replies, “No”. David asks, “You mean you get to stay
out as late as you want?” Sarah replies, “Yes”. David remarks,
“Boy, are you lucky!” Sarah begs David not to leaves, saying,
“I don’t like to be alone”. David remarks, “That’s strange.
I never see you with anyone”. Sarah continues, “If you play
with me, I’ll take you to a special place to play, a secret
place!” David answers, “I know all the secret places around
here”. Sarah says, “It’s not around here.” David, interested,
asks, “Will it take long to go there?” Sarah replies, “Not if
we take the shortcut.” David asks, “Where is it?” Sarah replies,
“At Eagle Hill”. David asks, “You mean up in the cemetary there?”
Sarah replies, “Yes”.
Night falls. At the old house, Barnabas comes up from the
cellar into the living room and says, “Good Evening, Willie”.
Willie replies, “Good evening, Barnbas. You’re a little later
than usual tonight. Anything the matter?” Barnabas tells him,
“Yes. Where’s Hoffman?” Willie replies, “She said she’d be here
later tonight. Anything wrong?” Barnabas replies, “Yes. I feel
strange. I can’t say what, exactly, only that something’s wrong.
I think it has something to do with the experiment. I have to
make a decision. Should I allow the treatments to proceed or
not?” Willie remarks, “There’s a lot to be gained.” Barnabas
replies, “There’s a lot to be lost, too. I think I’m going to
call it off. I can’t allow anything wrong to happen. It could
lead to doom. There’s something else troubling me, something
more complex that anything else. Sarah. I don’t understand why
she’s come back, I don’t understand it at all.” There’s a knock
at the door. Willie remarks, “That must be Dr. Hoffman” and goes
and answers it. Julia asks, “Is he here?” Willie replies, “Inside”,
and leads her in. Julia asks Barnabas, “How are you feeling
tonight?” Barnabas replies, “Not well, Doctor. Something’s
happening to me. I don’t like it. I’m certain the experiment
is responsible”. Julia says, “Ah, I see the treatments are taking
effect. I’ll do some tests to see what progress you’re making”.
She asks him to come downstairs to her laboratory. Barnabas
replies, “In a moment”. Julia leaves, saying, “I’ll go down to
prepare the tests”. After Julia leaves, Barnabas tells Willie,
“I don’t trust her. You’d best be on guard. I don’t understand
what’s happening. She could be trying to destroy me. If for one
moment you suspect that she may be trying to do something like
that, you are to destroy her, understand?” Willie replies,
“I understand”.
Sarah takes David to Eagle Hill cemetary and tells him,
“This is the place”. David asks, “You play here? It’s creepy!
Does anyone usually come up here with you?” Sarah replies, “No”.
David exclaims, “You come up here alone?!” He asks, “What’s so
secret about this? Anyone who wants to come up here can”.
Sarah replies, “This isnt’t the secret. It’s over there”.
She takes him over the the mausoleum. David exclaims, “Hey!
I know what this is! It’s the Collins family tomb! Your
secret place is in there?” Sarah replies, “Yes”. They go
At the old house, Julia tells Barnabas, “I looked at all
the test results. I’m certain you’ll be pleased”. Barnabas
asks, “Are you pleased?” Julia replies, “Yes”. Barnabas says,
“I knew you’d say that”. Julia asks, “Are you suggesting that
I wouldn’t give you a bad report, that I’d lead you on?”
Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Julia says, “I’m a doctor, I wouldn’t
do that.” She assures him she’s telling him the truth. She
tells him, “I’ve altered the structure of your blood. You’re
feeling it through your entire circulatory system. If you
could only appreciate what I’ve accomplished! Everything I
believe is at stake!” Barnabas replies, “So is your life,
doctor, so is your life!” Julia, exasperated, asks, “Is it
necessary for you to continue threatening me? What can I do
to get you to trust me?” Barnbas replies, “You could tell me
how long these treatments are going to take”. Julia replies,
“I don’t know. I can only tell you your progress”. Barnabas
complains, “I feel weak”. Julia asks, “Why should some
temporary weakness bother you?” Barnabas replies, I can’t
afford to be weak right now. I have something to do, something
that will take all my strength. I have to deal with a person who’s
come in my way”. Julia says, “I assume you mean Burke Devlin”.
Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Julia begs, “Barnabas, don’t risk killing
now, not while we’re so close to success”. Barnabas replies, “He’s
starting to get suspicious. He’s asking questions. He’s got
to be stopped!” Julia aswers, “If it interferes with your
plans, it interferes with mine. Burke Devlin has got to be
taken care of, but violence is not the answer. I believe
Burke Devlin can be taken off track. Let me handle it”.
Barnabas replies, “Then do it! Not only for his sake, but
for yours!”
Inside the tomb, David asks, “It’s interesting, Sarah,
but what can we do in here?” Sarah replies, “I’ll show you.
See that lion’s head? Pull the ring in its mouth”. David
asks, “Why?” Sarah replies, “You’ll see. Just pull it”. David
tries, but can’t reach it. Sarah points to the middle
sarcophagus and says, “Stand on there”. David replies, “I
can’t do that! Naomi Collins is buried there!” Sarah tells him,
“It’s all right.” David steps up on the grave and pulls the
ring. The secret door opens. David exclaims, “Wow! What’s in
there?” Sarah replies, “You’ll see. Come on, David” and goes
in. David asks, “How did you ever find a place like this”, but
Sarah just replies, “I found it”. David exclaims, “Hey! A
coffin! You mean you you’ve come in here with this coffin here?”
Sarah replies, “Yes”. David asks, “Who’s buried in there?”
Sarah replies, “We’ll see”. David asks, “What do you mean?”
Sarah replies, “I want you to open it”. David refuses, so
Sarah starts to try to open it but doesn’t have the strength
to do so. Finally, David says, “OK”, and helps her. They open
the coffin and look inside…
Episode 306
Worldvision Rerun 96
Tape Date: August 18, 1967 (ABC #171-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 28, 1967 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

David looks into the coffin and exclaims, “It’s empty!”
Sarah replies, “I know”. David asks, “Why would someone put
an empty coffin here?” Sarah replies, “it wasn’t always
empty. Someone was in it once, but he went away”. David says,
“Oh, come on. If some had been buried here, he’d still be
here. Dead people don’t just walk away!” Sarah replies,
“Sometimes they do!” David looks around and says, “Let’s go.
It’s cold and creepy in here”. Sarah complains, “Why don’t
you want to play with me? You promised you’d play with me!”
David replies, “I will, I just want to go somewhere else”.
He suddenly realizes the time and says, “It’s late, I shouldn’t
be out of the house”. Sarah tells him, “Promise not to tell
anyone about the secret room”. David replies, “I promise. Let’s
go”. They leave.
Julia is at the old house with Barnabas. Barnabas prepares to
leave. Julia asks him, “Barnabas, where are you going?” Barnabas
replies, “To Collinwood”. Julia asks, “What for?” Barnabas replies,
“To see Miss Winters”. Julia asks, “What do you want to see her
about?” Barnabas explodes, “Don’t give me orders! You are a
domineering woman. I don’t know why modern man tolerates such
woman, but I won’t! Understand?” Julia replies, “Yes”. Barnabas
continues, “We’ve had several crises, and you’ve mishandled
every one”. Julia acts insulted and asks him what he means.
Barnabas replies, “Maggie Evans, for example”. He points out
that she had said Maggie was supposedly securely locked up,
yet she managed to escape and came within 5 seconds of telling
Woodard who kidnapped Maggie before she stopped her. He continues,
“Now we have another crisis. Burke Devlin and his private
investigat of me. This time, I’ll tackle the crisis”. Julia, alarmed,
asks, “What are you going to do?” Barnabas replies, “Take care
of Mr. Devlin”. Julia says, “Violence is not the answer!”
Barnabas replies, “I don’t intend to be violent. I intend to
use finesse. I assure you, before the evening is over, Mr.
Devlin and his investigation will be a thing of the past”.
The clock in the foyer reads 9:30. David comes in quietly
through the front doors. Vicky confronts him, “David!” David
tries to act nonchalent and answers, “Hi, Vicky” as he goes up
the stairs. Vicky demands, “Come down here!” David replies, “I
can’t. I have to go up and change”, but Vicky says sternly,
“Come down here! I want to talk to you! Do you know what time
it is?! When your father finds out about this, he’ll be very
angry!” David, scared, asks, “Are you going to tell him?”
Vicky replies, “It depends on what you were doing”. David says,
“I was out playing with someone”. Vicky asks, “Who?” David
replies, “I don’t know if I should tell you. Last time I did,
you said I imagined her”. Vicky asks, “Sarah?” David replies,
“Yes”. He insists that she’s real. Vicky asks, “She told you
Maggie Evans was alive, didn’t she? Did she tell you how she
knew?” David replies, “No. I asked her, but her answers didn’t
make much sense.” Vicky asks, “Where were you playing at this
hour?” David replies, “I can’t tell you. Sarah showed me a
secret place and made me promise not to tell anyone about it.”
Vicky asks, “What about your promise to me not to stay out
after dark?” David promises not to do it again. Vicky tells him,
“David, I’d like to meet Sarah sometime”. David replies, “I don’t
know if you can. She’s afraid to meet new people. Why do you
want to meet her?” Vicky replies, “I want to know if she really
knew Maggie was still alive, or if was just something she said”.
David remarks, “Sarah’s strange. Every time I meet her, she’s
dressed in the same strange dress”. He describes it to Vicky
and says, “You know that party at the old house everyone went
to a couple of weeks ago? She’s always dressed like she’s
going to one of those parties”. Vicky exclaims, “The little
girl at the top of the stairs!” David asks, “What?” Vicky
replies, “Nothing. You can go upstairs now”.
Vicky is in the drawing room, thinking. There’s a knock
at the door. She goes and answers it. It’s Barnabas. He tells
her, “If you have a few minutes, I’d like to talk to you.”
Vicky replies, “Of course. I have to meet Burke in about an
hour, but we can talk for a little while”. Barnabas assures her,
“It won’t take long”. They go into the drawing room. Vicky asks,
“What did you want to talk about?” Barnabas replies, “Two things.
First, I’d like to apoligize for the way I behaved when you
announced your engagement. I’m afraid I must have disappointed
you with my behavior”. Vicky replies, “Well, I was a bit
surprised at your reaction”. Baranbas explains, “I’ve become
very fond of you, Vicky, and I was just worried about whether you
had made the right decision or not”. Vicky replies that she think
she has and thanks him for his concern. Barnabas continues, “The
second thing I wanted to speak to you about is Mr. Devlin. Something
has come to my attention that I fail to understand and disturbs me.
I’ve been led to believe that Mr. Devlin is having me investigated.”
Vicky gasps, “Are you sure? Why?” Barnabas replies, “If I knew
that, I wouldn’t have come to you now”. He continues, “He’s
been questioning several people about my background, my daily
activities, even had me followed”. Vicky exclaims, “I’m shocked!”
Barnabas replies, “Me too. My character has never been questioned
by anyone before.” Vicky tells him, “I’m not really that surprised
that he’s doing this. Burke has had someone investigated once
before, Jason McGuire. That time, it was justified, but this
time, it’s completly unfounded!” Barnabas asks, “Vicky, what
should I do?” Vicky replies, “Let me handle it”. Barnabas replies,
“Vicky, if you could do anything to stop this unfortunate
situation, I’d be eternally grateful”. Vicky tells him,
“Barnabas, I don’t want you to worry about a thing. I’m going
to meet Burke in half and hour and I’ll talk to him about it”.
Barnabas thanks her. Julia comes back to Collinwood and says,
“Hello, Vicky. Has David come home yet?” Vicky replies, “Yes.
He’s up in his room”. Julia asks, “Where was he?” Vicky replies,
“Playing with his little friend Sarah”. Barnabas feigns ignorance,
“Sarah?” Vicky explains, “David has a little friend named
Sarah. The puzzle is, who is she and where does she come from?”
Barnabas excuses himself, saying, “I’ll leave you and Miss
Hoffman to solve the puzzle” and leaves. Julia says, “Goodnight”
and starts up the stairs. David comes out onto the landing and
complains, “I’m hungry!” Vicky tells him, “I’ll go tell Mrs.
Johnson to fix you something” and leaves to do so. Julia
remarks to David, “Vicky tells me you were playing with your
friend Sarah again. Where did you go?” David replies, “I can’t
tell you. It’s a secret”. Julia continues, “I’d like to meet
Sarah some time”. David replies, “You told me that before. Why?”
Julia says, “She sounds like a fascinating little girl, that’s
all”. David says, “You ask a lot of questions. I don’t mind,
but if you meet Sarah and ask her a lot of questions, her answers
don’t make a lot of sense. Just thought I’d warn you”.
Barnabas is at Eagle Hill cemetary, looking at a gravestone
and looking thoughtful. Suddenly, he is startled to hear a the
sound of a flute playing, “London Bridge”. He exclaims, “Sarah?!”
Meanwhile, Sarah is in the Collins tomb sitting on her own
sarcophagus playing a flute. Hearing Barnabas, she suddenly
stops. Barnabas shouts, “No, Sarah, don’t stop! It’s your
brother Barnabas, here to take you home again!” He runs to
the mausoleum but finds it empty. He begs, “Sarah, come back,
please, come back. I need you, Sarah, I love you and I need
you!” He looks at the plaque on the wall, “Sarah Collins,
Episode 307
Worldvision Rerun 97
Tape Date: August 15, 1967 (ABC #172-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 29, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

At the Evans Cottage, Sam and Maggie are in the living room.
Sam is painting. Maggie puts a sweater on. Sam, seeing this,
asks, “If you’re cold, why don’t you close the window?” Maggie
snaps, “That’s not the reason I’m putting the sweater on. I’ve
got to go out!” Sam tells her, “You can’t. It’s too dangerous”
They have an argument about this, but Maggie will not listen
to reason and says, “I can’t stay cooped up here for the rest of
my life! I’m going to gou out and you can’t stop me!” Sam replies,
“Maggie, I don’t want to keep you here by force, but I will if
necessary!” Maggie whines, “Pop, why are you doing this to me?”
Sam replies, “There’s someone out there who wants to finish
the job he started. You don’t remember what you were like the
night I found you! You seemed drained of life. You were
half dead! Now that you’re recovered and in good health,
I want see you stay that way”. Joe comes in and says, “Hi,
sweetheart”. Seeing the look on Maggie’s face, he asks, “What’s
the matter?” Maggie replies, “This house and being trapped in
it! Joe, would you tell Pop a few minutes in town wouldn’t
hurt?” Joe replies, “Sorry, I can’t tell him that. I agree with
him. I think it’s too dangerous”. Maggie shouts, “Why do you
always take his side? You’re both against me!” and runs to her
room in frustration. Joe whines, “Why can’t she understand
where just trying to help her?” Sam replies, “I can’t blame
her. I’d feel the same way if I were in her position. She doesn’t
remember what happened so she can’t really understand the danger.”
He tells Joe he’s thinking of letting Maggie go into town. Joe is
aghast, but Sam explains, “Not alone, of course. But I don’t see
why she can’t go if I accompany her”. Joe volunteers to come too.
Sam tells him, “You go ahead to the Blue Whale and get a table
and I’ll go calm Maggie down and come later”. Joe replies, “OK,
Sam, I just hope we’re not making a mistake”.
Joe goes to the Blue Whale and finds Vicky sitting alone at
a table. He remarks, “You’re alone, Vicky”. Vicky replies, “Just
momentarily. Burke will be here any minute”. Joe sits down and
asks the bartender, “Bob, bring me a beer, will you?” Noticing
the expression on Joe’s face, Vicky asks, “Why are you so
depressed? Joe explains, “Not depressed. Angry.” He tells her
about Maggie and adds, “I’m also angry that the sheriff is
making so little headway in finding the kidnapper. If only
Maggie could remember something. It could blow this case right
open. All she can remember is a bit of soft, tinkly music, and
she’s not sure if it means anything.” He adds, “And there’s the
little girl”. Vicky asks, “What little girl?” Joe explains,
“She showed up at the cottage one day and told Maggie she had
given her a doll and wanted it back. She was also upset that Maggie
didn’t remember her. She told Maggie they knew each other”. Vicky
exclaims, “That little girl is right! On the night Maggie came in
here, she was looking for a little girl she said was with her”.
She asks, “Did the little girl say what her name was?” Joe replies,
“Sarah”. Vicky looks like she’s thinking hard. Joe asks, “Vicky,
what’s the matter?” Vicky replies, “When I go over everything
in my mind, I find this little girl cropping up everywhere. She
told Sam where to find Maggie, and she also told David was alive
two weeks ago”. Joe exclaims, “Impossible! Two weeks ago, the
only people who knew Maggie was still alive were me, Sam and
Dr. Woodard!” Vicky insists that it’s true and says, “This
little girl Sarah, wherever she is, might know something we
Sam and Maggie arrive at the Blue Whale. Joe asks Maggie,
“Feeling better?” Maggie replies, “Yes. Sorry I blew up”.
They order a round of drinks. Vicky and Maggie order scotch
and rye, Joe orders another beer and Sam orders “the usual”.
Joe announces, “I think Vicky has come up with something
important.” Vicky explains, “I think the little girl you
saw a couple of weeks ago holds the answers to everything”.
Maggie, do you remember her dress?” Maggie replies, “Yes.
It was a very strange dress”. Vicky asks, “Like the kind
you might wear to a costume party?” Maggie replies, “I didn’t
think of it that way, but now that you mention it, yes”. Vicky
says, “That was the dress she was wearing when your father
sketched her, and the same dress she wears when David sees her”.
She continues, “That little girl told David two weeks ago
that you were still alive”. Sam exclaims, “Impossible! She
couldn’t have!” Vicky replies, “She did”. Sam suggests, “She
might have been making it up. Kids make things up sometimes”. Joe
reminds him, “When you made the sketch of her, she told you where
to find Maggie. How could she know that?” Sam admits, “Yes. I’ve
been wondering about that.” Vicky asks Maggie, “Do you remember
anything about the little girl, anything at all?” Maggie
replies, “No, only that she wanted her doll and was upset
I didn’t remember know her”. Vicky reminds her, “I think if you
got your memory back you would remember her. The night
you came in here, you said you were with a little girl”.
Maggie says, “Sarah…Sarah!” Asked if she remembers anything,
she says, “For a moment there, I heard that soft tinkling
music again, but it’s gone now”. Joe asks, “Does it have
anything to do with Sarah?” Maggie replies, “I don’t know”.
Joe announces, “I think it’s very important we find this
little girl! But where do we begin?” Vicky replies, “I think
David could help. He said he plays with her in a secret place,
but wouldn’t tell me where it was”. Joe asks, “Mind if Sam
and I come to Collinwood and talk to him? Maybe we can get
him to tell us”.
Burke comes into the tavern. He walks up to Vicky, says,
“Hi, Vicky”, and kisses her on the cheek. Vicky just sits
there, cold and unresponsive. Burke asks how Maggie is and
asks if she’s started to remember anything yet. Joe says,
“No, not yet. but we think we know of someone who does”.
Sam, Maggie and Joe leave. Burke asks Vicky, “Now, young
lady, would you mind letting me know what’s bothering you?”
Vicky snaps, “You are! You’ve done something you should be
ashamed of!” Burke asks, “What are you talking about?” Vicky
replies, “I’m talking about your private investigation of
Barnabas Collins! I was joking when I said I thought you were
jealous of him, now I’m not so sure!” Burke replies, “Barnabas
Collins is the last person I’d be jealous of”. Vicky asks,
“What reason could you have to investigate him?” Burke replies,
“There’s a lot of things to be suspicious about. I don’t think
his eccentricities are just eccentricities. I think they’re
a cover for something”. Vicky asks, “What?” Burke replies,
“I don’t know. Something weird”. Vicky says, “Then you have
nothing against him, not even a vague suspicion of anything”.
Burke replies, “Have you ever wondered why he never talks about
his life in England? He claims to have spent most of his life
there, but he never speaks about it at all. Last week, I tried
asking him some questions about it. The more questions I asked,
the more fidgity and evasive he got. Finally, he mentioned a
name. Nile Bradford. He said he was a cousin he lived with on
the outskirts of London. I tried looking up Nile Bradford.
You know what I found? There was a Nile Bradford who lived
on the outskirts of London, but he died 130 years and there
hasn’t been anyone living in London by that name since. What
do you make of that?” Vicky replies, “He was probably tired
of your questions and said the first name that came to mind”.
Burkee replies, “From 130 years ago? Strange he’s so preoccupied
with the past”. He adds, “Did you see him the night you announced
our engagement? He looked at me with pure hate in his eyes and
muttered ‘Jeremiah'”. He tells Vicky he does have a reason for
investigating Barnabas, “Maggie Evans. Do you remember the night
she wandered in here? She didn’t recognize you, she didn’t recogize
me, but when she looked at Barnabas, she said ‘No…’, screamed and
fainted. I think there’s some connection between him and Maggie’s
kidnapping”. Vicky shouts, “I’ve heard just about enough! I don’t
like what your implying. If you continue to malign Barnabas this
way, I’ll never marry you!”
Episode 308
Worldvision Rerun 98
Tape Date: August 16, 1967 (ABC #173-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 30, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

At the Evan’s Cottage, Maggie is dusting while Sam is painting.
Maggie looks out the window and says, “Hey, it’s Joe coming”.
There’s a knock at the door. Maggie lets Joe in. Joe says,
“I spoke to sheriff about Sarah. He said he’s checking around”
Maggie exclaims exasperatedly, “He’s always checking around,
he never comes up with anything! Why can’t he find her? It’s a
small town! You’d think she vanished into thin air!” Sam
remarks, “It does seem sometime that she’s vanished into thin air”.
Joe tells them, “The sheriff is going through the lists of the
board of education. Sarah isn’t a popular name in this town.
There are only a few girls with that name, and none of them match
Sarah’s age group. They’re either too young or too old.” Sam
suggests, “Maybe Sarah’s not her real name. Maybe she made it up,
like a game”. Joe asks, “So where do we go from here?” Maggie
suggests, “David’s the one who’s had contact with her”. Joe agrees
that questioning David would be the logical thing to do. Maggie
suggests to Sam that he accompany Joe. Sam refuses, saying, “I won’t
leave you here alone”, but Maggie tells him, “That’s all right.
Vicky’s coming over. She’ll be here soon”.
In the foyer at Collinwood, David shouts, “Carolyn, Hurry!
We’ll miss the bus to Bangor!” Carolyn comes down the stairs
and tells him, “If we do, we can drive up”. David protests,
“But you promised me we’d go by bus. It’s more fun!” There’s a
knock at the front door. David andwers. It’s Joe and Sam . Carolyn
asks, “What brings you two here?” Joe replies, “We wondered if we
could to talk to David”. David asks, “Talk to me? About what?”
Sam replies, “About something urgent, very, very urgent! Something
to do with Maggie. We’re trying to trace that little girl”.
David asks, “You mean Sarah?” Sam answers, “Yes. Since your such
a good friend of her, maybe you could introduce her to us”. David
replies, “Sure, the next time I see her”. Sam asks, “and when wiil
that be?” David replies, “I don’t know. Whenever she wants to
see me”. Joe tells him, “We want to know how she knows about
Maggie. Is Sarah her real name?” David replies, “I think so”.
Sam asks, “We’ve looked all over for her and couldn’t find her”.
David remarks, “Suddenly, everyone’s asking questions about Sarah!
Even Miss Hoffman was asking questions about Sarah!” Joe asks,
“Do you think you could help us find her now?” David protests,
“But I’m going to Bangor today!” Sam tells him, “But this is
important”. Carolyn seconds him, “It is important. We could go
to Bangor some other time”. David protests, “But I don’t even
know where to find her!”. Sam says, “He’s right. He’s just a
child. David, you go on your trip to Bangor. Could you tell us
some places where we might find her?” David replies, “Yes, at
the woods near the old house”. Joe tells him, “If you see Sarah,
could you tell her we’re looking for her?” David replies, “Sure,
but I don’t think it’ll do any good…”
Joe and Sam are searching the woods near the old house. Sam
says “Oh, there’s nothing here! It’s all a waste of time!” Joe
suddenly says, “What’s that?!” Sam replies, “I dunno, it came
from that direction”. Joe runs over there to look. When Sam catches
up to him, Joe points at a swing which is swinging but empty, as
if someone had just gotten off it, and says, “Sam, look! The swing!
She was here! She was just here!” They call, “Sarah! Sarah!”, but
no one replies. They search around. When both get back to the
swing, Sam asks, “Any luck?” Joe replies, “Not a trace”. Sam
says, “Maybe we frightened her coming up here. She’s hiding, I know
it”, but Joe replies, ” Why would she be frightened of us? She came
to your house and stayed long enough for you to make a sketch of
her”. Sam replies, “I don’t know” Joe remarks, “Maybe we’re jumping
to conclusion, maybe it wasn’t Sarah after all. It could’ve been
any kid. Maybe it was just the wind for all we know”. Sam
dejectedly says, “Let’s go home”. Joe suggests, “We’re pretty close
to the old house. Maybe Barnabas Collins knows something about
Sarah”. They leave. The swing, which had become still, starts to
swing by itself…
Sam and Joe go to the old house and knock at the door. Julia
answers. She asks, “What are you doing here?” Joe replies,
“We’re looking for Barnabas Collins.” Julia tells them, “He’s not
here”. Sam asks, “Willie Loomis, then”. Julia replies that he’s
not here either. Sam asks, “What are YOU doing here?”. Julia
replies, “Mr. Collins is allowing me to use his library for my
‘historical research’. It helps me keep my disguise”. Sam remarks,
“I wonder How this is helping Maggie.” Julia explains, “Maggie’s
case is a complex puzzle with many, many little pieces. You have
to look everywhere for these little pieces “. Sam asks, “After
all this effort, you must know something! You must have some
lead!” Julia replies, “I wish I did”. Sam tells her, “You know,
doctor, I’ve just decided something. I’ve decided I don’t believe
you”. Julia calmly replies, “I really should be angry and insulted,
but I’m not. I’m just curious. Why don’t you believe me?”.
Sam explains, “It seems you’re spending all your time in one
area, between Collinwood and this house. You must have some lead
here”. Julia replies, “No, I have nothing concrete to tell you”.
Sam suggests, “I think you are following a lead, the same one
everyone else is following. We’re all looking for Sarah, even
you!” Julia replies, “I did ask David about her, but his answers
were pretty meaningless”. Sam remarks, “She’s the key to the whole
mystery. I know it!” Julia replies, “I don’t know about that”, then
asks, “Why did you come to see Mr. Collins?” Joe replies, “To
see if he knows anything about Sarah”. Julia replies, I’ve already
spoken to him. He knows nothing”. Sam, exasperated, shouts, “You
don’t know anything, Mr. Collins doesn’t know anything! You should
be in the diplomatic corps. You’re a master at evading questions!”
and stomps off. Joe apoligizes for Sam’s behavior. Julia replies,
“I understand. I’m doing everything I can”. Joe leaves. Julia
repeats, in a very strange tone of voice, “I’m doing EVERYTHING
I can…”
Carolyn and David return to Collinwood, carrying lots of
boxes. David exclaims, “Boy, am I hungry!” Carolyn says, “That’s
impossible! You had two hot dogs at the bus terminal in Bangor,
then all that candy on the bus back to Collinsport!” David replies,
“I can’t help it! I am!”, and asks, “When can we go again?”
Carolyn replies, “Not TOO soon!” Julia comes in and, seeing them,
asks, “Home so soon?” Carolyn says, jokingly, “So soon?! I though
it’d never end!” David tells Julia, “Look at all the things we
bought! But before I open them, I’m going to go eat a peanut
butter and jelly sandwich!” and goes to the kitchen. Carolyn says,
“What an appetite! You wouldn’t believe all he ate today! Hamburgers,
hot dogs, ice cream, cake, candy!” Julia jokes, “Sounds like a
healthy diet for a growing little boy!” Carolyn says, “I want to
ask you something. What’s your interest in this little girl Sarah?
I understand you were asking David some questions about her” Julia
lies, “Nothing. Just curiousity. It’s just that everyone’s been
talking so much about her, it made me curious. Professional
inquisitiveness, you might say”.
Sam and Joe return to the Evan’s Cottage. The lights are all
out. Sam goes to the door of Maggie’s bedroom, tries the door
and calls, “Maggie? Maggie?” Maggie’s voice replies, “Pop, is that
you?” Sam apoligizes, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you”. Maggie
says, “I’ll be out in a minute”. Suddenly, the door flies open
and Maggie comes bursting out, Sarah’s rag doll in her hand,
exclaimubg, “Pop! She was here! While I was asleep, Sarah was
Episode 309
Worldvision Rerun 99
Tape Date: August 17, 1967 (ABC #174-DRK-67)
Air Date: August 31, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Barnabas and Julia are at the old house. Barnabas remarks,
“You seem nervous tonight”. Julia replies, “No, not reallly”.
Barnabas asks, “What was that in that injection you gave me?”
Julia replies, “Something to speed up the change in the structure
of your blood”. Barnabas remarks, “I watched as you put the needle
in my arm. Your hands were very shaky. Why are you so nervous
tonight?” Julia again denies that she is nervous, but Barnabas
doesn’t believe her and says, “There’s something bothering you,
something I should know. Wha are you hiding from me?” Julia again
insists that there’s nothing bothering her. Barnabas grabs her
by the throat and shouts, “I will not go for lies! Now tell me
and tell me now!” Julia begs, “Let go of me!” Barnabas replies,
“Not till you tell me the truth!” then lets her go. Julia,
massaging her throat, remarks, “I don’t know why you still don’t
trust me!” Barnabas demands, “I want to know what you’re holding
back”. Julia tells him about Sam and Joe coming up and asking
about Sarah. Barnabas asks, “Sarah? What do they want from
her?” Julia replies, “Information. They want to question
her. They know she knows something about Maggie”. Barnabas
gets a worried look on his face and says, “Sarah knows all about
me. Why has she come back? Why? In my previous life, she loved me
more than any other person. She didn’t understand what I had become,
only that I was different, and the rest of the family despised
me. She loved me until her sad death. She needed me and I failed
her tragically. Now she’s come back, not to me, but to my enemies.
It means she’s come back to destroy me. It means that she’s
become one of them. I know that she’s come back to destroy me,
and I can’t let that happen, I can’t let that happen!”
At Collinwood, there’s a knock at the front door. Vicky
answers. It’s Burke Devlin. Vicky says, “Oh.” Burke says,
“Hello, Vicky”. Vicky replies, in a very cold monotone, “Hello,
Burke”. Burke tries to joke, “You seem overjoyed to see me.
I can’t remember a warmer greeting. I feel the door is going
to close before I come in” Vicky says, again in a monotone,
“Come in”. Burke comes in. Vicky just stands there holding the
door. Burke remarks, “It’s all right to close the door now,
unless you intend this visit to be a short one” Vicky says,
“That depends on you”. Burke says, “No, it depends on you, on how
willing you are to accept my apology. Please forgive me for
being such a suspicious nut. All I care about is our future.
You know I love you”. Vicky replies, “I love you too” and
they kiss. Vicky asks, “Burke, will you do something for me?
It’s not going to be easy”. Burke, very happy at patching
things up with Vicky, replies, “The tougher the better!”
Vicky says, “Will you appoligize to Barnabas?”. Burke, his
face dropping, says, “I said tough, not impossible!” Vicky
tells him, “He was very offended. He’s coming here soon to
bring me a book. I’d like you to apologize to him”. Burke
reluctantely agrees to do so.
There’s a knock at the front door. Vicky answers. It’s
Barnabas. He comes in, holding a book, and tells Vicky, “You’ll
see this book supplements and clarifies the other ones I brought
you in helping you understand the people of the time and the
motivations behind some of the changes that took place…” Burke
comes out of the drawing room and says, “Pardon me”. Barnabas says
to Vicky, ” I didn’t know you had guests, Vicky. I could come some
other time”. Vicky tells him, “It’s fortunate you stopped by. Burke
would like to talk to you”. Burke asks Vicky, “I was wondering if we
could use the drawing room”. Vicky, gesturing towards it, says,
“Please do”.
Barnabas and Burke go to the drawing room. Burke closes the
doors behind them, leaving Vicky waiting outside. Burke apologizes
to Barnabas, “I’m afraid I’ve been overly suspicious and I’m afraid
I’ve caused you much distress. I suppose I’ve been acting like a
snoopy neighbor peeking through the drapes” Barnbas replies, “I
admit I’m a most mysterious person. Perhaps I sought privacy too
hard. You’re no longer suspicious?” Burke replies, “No”. Barnabas
asks, “No longer interested in what I do during the day?” Burke
replies, “No”. Barnabas asks, “Would you like me to tell you what
it is that I do during the day?” Burke replies, “No”. Barnabas
asks, “Is there anything else I could tell you that might help
clarify our relationship?” Burke replies, “That won’t be necessary.
I just want you to accept my apology”. Barnabas does and they shake
At the old house, Julis is looking through some old book.
She feels a presence in the room and asks, “Hello? Hello?
Barnabas? Is that you?” She looks around but doesn’t see anyone.
She calls out, “Who’s there? Who is it? Sarah? Sarah? Is it you?
Sarah?” She opens the front doors, looks outside, then goes
Vicky is waiting in the foyer, reading the book Barnabas brought
her. Burke and Barnabas come out. Burke apoligizes, “Sorry we took
so long in there”. Vicky replies, “That’s all right. I was so
absorbed in this book I didn’t even notice the time”. Burke and
Barnabas announce that they have patched things up. Burke remarks,
“Well, I’ve accomplished more tonight than I thought I would.
I’ll leave you two historians here tonight to study the past”.
Barnabas remarks, “Perhaps you’d like to join us. Perhaps you’d
find the Collinsport of the past as interesting as we do”. Burke
declines, saying, “I find the Collinsport of today interesting
enough”. Barnabas says, “I’ll wait inside”, and goes into the
drawing room to let Burke and Vicky say goodbye. Burke exclaims,
“I did it! I don’t know how, but I did it!” Vicky replies, “I’m
very proud of you! Not every man could’ve done what you’ve just
done!” Burke remarks, “Well, I’m not every man. See you tomorrow
night”. They kiss.
In the woods, Julia is calling out, “Sarah! Sarah!”
Vicky is in the drawing room with Barnabas. She asks him,
“Barnabas, there are some questions I’d like to ask you about
Chapter Two”. Barnabas asks, “Before asking, I’d like to thank
you for playing the role of intermediary between Burke and
myself. Vicky, I’d like to ask you a question. Please be
frank. Of all the suspicions Burke had, were you ever afraid
any of them might be true?” Vicky replies, “No”. Barnabas replies,
“I’m happy you don’t. I offered to answer any question Burke
wanted to ask. Now I make you the same offer”. Vicky replies,
“The only questions I have for you are about Chapter Two”. Barnabas
says, “Thank you for trusting me. Now about Chapter Two…
Julia is back at the old house. Barnabas returns. Julia
exclaims, “Barnabas! She was here! Sarah!” Barnabas asks, “Did
you see her?” Julia replies, “No, but I sensed her presence.
I even went into the woods to look for her after I looked out
the door and thougth I saw her in the trees”. Barnbas remarks,
“It must’ve been your imagination. Why would she appear to you
and not to me?” Julia replies, “I don’t know”. Looking over at
the table next to the chair, she sees that the book she had been
reading is lying open on it. She goes over to the book and
exclaims, ” Look! The book! It’s open! I’m sure I closed it!
She opened it!” Barnabas asks, “How can you be sure of that?”
Julia points at the book and replies, “Because it’s opened to
a picture of her!” Barnabas says, “Then she’ll come back to me!
I know it! Sooner or later, she’ll come to me!”

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