October 1967

Episode 331
Worldvision Rerun 121
Tape Date: September 21, 1967 (ABC #196-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 2, 1967 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Joan Bennett:
“There is terror in this night. One boy will live through an experience
so terrifying that his mind will reel and for an instant, his heart will
stop beating.”

Roger and Elizabeth are down in the drawing room. Hearing
David’s screams, they run upstairs and find David lying on
the floor cowering in his room. Elizabeth asks, “What’s wrong?”.
David asks, “Is it gone?”. Roger asks, “Is what gone?”. David
replies, “A gigantic bat was in here! It tried to kill me!”. Roger
looks around sees nothing in the room and says, “David, there’s no
bat in the room”. David insists, “It was in here! It must’ve gone
away”. Roger asks, “How could a bat have gotten in to this room?”.
David replies, “It came through the window”. Roger goes to the
window, looks at it, then tells David, “Look at the window, David”.
David goes and looks. It is closed. Roger remarks, “It’s closed and
bolted from the inside.”. David protests, “But it was open! The bat
flew in through it! Nobody believes me! There was a bat in here!
Leave me alone! Leave me alone!”. Roger and Elizabeth decide to
call Dr. Woodard. Roger leaves to do so. David insists, “It was here!
It was! I know why it was here. HE sent it after me”. Elizabeth asks,
“Who?”. David replies, “Cousin Barnabas. He sent it here because he
wants me to die! He wants me to die!”. Meanwhile, at the old house,
Barnabas stares out the window…
Roger goes to the old house. Barnabas answers the door and
exclaims, “Roger, what a pleasent surprise!”. Roger asks, “Can I
speak to you for a moment?”. Barnabas replies, “Come in”. Roger
comes in. Barnabas asks, “What did you want to talk to me about?”
Roger replies, “David, I’m afraid”. He explains about David’s
strange behavior and adds, “This evening, he imagined he was
attacked by a bat”. Barnabas suggests, “Perhaps something did come
into his room”. Roger replies, “No, that would’ve been impossible.
His window was closed and bolted. He was so upset we had to call
Dr. Woodard. I’m thinking of calling a psychiatrist. I owe you an
apology”. Barnabas asks, “For what?” Roger asks, “Didn’t Miss
Hoffman tell you? She found David prowling around here this
afternoon”. Barnbas lies, “Oh yes, she did mention it to me. What
was he doing here?”. Roger replies, “It’s so absurd I hesitate to
mention it. He thinks you’re hiding something scary here, something
in the basement”. Barnabas remarks, “There’s nothing down there but
a lot of odds and ends”. Roger says, “Of course there isn’t. I don’t
know what to do about David. His fantasies are getting wilder every
day”. He tells Barnabas about David claiming that Sarah appeared
in his room at night and tells him “She warned him to stay away from
this house. There was danger here for him, she said”. Barnabas asks,
“What else did he say she said”. Roger replies, “That’s all, as far
as I know”. Barnabas says, “It must’ve been a dream”. Roger says,
“Of course. He’s had a series of dreams. One of them was about you.
Don’t laugh, but he told me he dreamt he saw you rising out of a
coffin”. Barnabas says, “I have a suggestion. Have you ever thought
about sending David away to school? The legends of Collinwood
seem to be affecting him adversely”. Roger replies, “Liz would never
allow it”. Barnabas suggests, “Perhaps if we talked to her about it
together”. Roger is dubious, “We could try but I can predict what
she’ll say”. Barnabas suggests, “Perhaps we could convince her that
it’d be best for David…and everyone else involved”
Dr. Woodard is in David’s room with David. David exclaims,
“I didn’t imagine any of it! There was a bat in here, mean,
terrible and huge! It tried to attack me! I’m not imagining it!
I did see that bat, and Sarah WAS here!”. Woodard, looking very
interested, asks “Sarah?”. Woodard asks about Sarah. David tells
him she appeared in his room. Woodard asks, “What did she say to
you?”. David asks, “You believe me?”. Woodard replies, “I think
it was possible she was here”. David asks, “Do you believe she’s
a ghost?”. Woodard answers, “I don’t know what to believe. What did
she say to you?”. David replies, “She warned me to stay away from
the old house. She said there was some kind of danger there”.
Woodard asks, “What kind of danger?”. David replies, “She didn’t
say, just that there was some kind of danger”. Woodard asks, “Did
she say anything else?”. David replies, “She told me that Willie
Loomis is innocent, that he didn’t do any of the things he’s supposed
to have done.”. Woodard asks, “Then who did?”. David replies, “I
don’t know. She didn’t say. I think she knows. She knows a lot
of things. I think she just won’t tell me”. Woodard asks, “David,
did she say anything else?”. The sedative Woodard has given David
starts to take effect and David replies, “No. I’m getting sleepy”.
Woodard tells him, “Then go to sleep”. David falls asleep, muttering,
“It’s true… It’s true…”. and drifts to sleep.
In the drawing room, Roger begs, “Won’t you even consider it,
Liz?”. Elizabeth replies emphatically, “NO. Sending him away is
not the answer! He needs us more now than ever before and I won’t
consider sending him away!”. Woodard comes into the room and
announces, “He’s sleeping peacefully now”. Roger asks, “Would you
suggest a psychitrist? These fantasies he’s been having…”.
Woodard interupts, “I’m not so sure they’re fantasies. It’s possible
that David isn’t imagining these things. I find everything David says
strange, but interesting, extremely interesting…”
David is, as Woodard said, sleeping peacefully, Sarah appears
in his room and calls, “David! David!”, but he does not awaken.
She shakes him awake. He sees her and exclaims, “Sarah!”. Sarah
replies, “Hello!”. David asks, “Is it really you?”. Sarah replies,
“Of course it’s really me”. David says, “Sarah, it really IS you!
It isn’t a dream! Why are you here?”. Sarah replies, “Because I’m
mad at you.” David asks, “Why?”. Sarah replies, “Because you did
what I told you not to do. You went to the old house”. David asks
“How did you know that?”. Sarah replies, “I just know”. David
explains, “I had to. I had to prove I wasn’t a liar”. Sarah tells
him, “Well, don’t go there again, David. Stay away from the old
house! You’ll get into trouble if you go there!”. David asks, “What
kind of trouble?” Sarah replies, “Just trouble, that’s all”. David
guesses, “Whatever’s there is in the basement, isn’t it? The basement
door is locked. It never was before”. Sarah warns, “Don’t go near
the basement of the old house, David! It’s not safe!”. David asks,
“Why?”. Sarah replies, “I can’t tell you, David. You ask too many
questions. But I have something for you, a present”. She gives
David an old fashioned wooden toy soldier. David says, “You don’t
have to give me a present”. Sarah replies, “This is a special
present! Keep it with you all the time. It’ll keep you safe”.
David remarks, “I didn’t know little girls played with toy soldiers”.
Sarah replies, “They don’t. It belonged to someone else”. David
asks, “Who?”. Sarah, evasive as usual, replies, “To someone who
used to play with it. Promise to keep it with you all the time”.
David promises to do so, then asks, “I want you to promise me
something. I want you to promise to stay here while I go get my Aunt
Elizabeth to prove to her I wasn’t imagining you”. Sarah replies,
“I can’t”, and fades away….
Episode 332
Worldvision Rerun 122
Tape Date: September 19, 1967 (ABC #197-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 3, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Grayson Hall:
“A beguiling and deceptive calm prevades the night air that has settled
over Collinwood. And even the mild autumn chill holds no hint of the
dangers locked within the dark. But evil, like a savage beast, shows its
full cruelty only when threatened. And through this night, and the day and
night to come, the threat will mount, and the evil will feel itself forced
to exercise the fullness of its power.”

Barnabas is at the Old House staring out the window.
Barnabas leaves the window. Julia, who’s come into the room,
says, “Barnabas, I’ve prepared another injection for you. I’d like
to give it to you now.”. Barnabas doesn’t move. Julia asks, “Did
you hear me?”. Barnbas replies, “I heard you”. Julia asks, “Then
why aren’t you preparing yourself for the treatment?” Barnabas
growls, “Perhaps it is I who should be giving YOU a treatment!”.
Julia asks, “What? I don’t understand”. Barnabas says, “I require
loyalty above all else, Doctor”. Julia says, “I’ve been loyal”.
Barnabas says, “I disagree, and I don’t think I should take any more
chances with you”. He grabs her by the throat and starts to choke
her. Julia gasps, “Barnabas, No!”. Barnabas lets her go and says,
“You know how vulnerable I am during the day, yet you left me
unprotected!” Julia lies, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”,
but Barnabas says “Someone was here. Someone came to the basement
door!”. Julia replies, “Oh, is that what you were talking about?
David? You weren’t in any danger, Barnabas.”, but Barnabas insists,
“I WAS in danger, and you didn’t tell me! I had to learn from cousin
Roger!” Julia insists, “You were in no danger”. Barnabas asks, “You
were afraid I’d do something to David, weren’t you? Well, I did!”
Julia asks, “What?”. Barnabas replies, “You needn’t worry. I didn’t
touch the child”. Julia remarks, “Good. Everyone thinks Willie is
the kidnapper. If you harm David, they’ll realize he isn’t. You’re
safe right now”. Barnabas asks, “How can safe can I be when someone
comes right up to the cellar door?” Julia remarks, “The only way
you’ll ever be completely safe is for these treatments to work.”
Barnabas says, “I’m frightened. I’ve come such a great distance.
Even now, I’m far from my quest. I have to find my bride, my
Josette. Nothing must stop me now”. Julia says, “Trust me. If you
don’t believe I’d do anything to protect, then believe I’ll do
anything to protect myself. Now, your treatment is ready”. Barnabas
rolls up his sleeves.
Julia, having returned to Collinwood, is in the drawing room
with Roger having coffee or tea. She remarks that she hasn’t seen
much of David for awhile and asks, “Is he sick?”. Roger replies,
“No, he’s had another one of his nightmares. Or it might have been
a hallucination”. Julia asks, “What happened?”. Roger explains,
“David claims he was attacked by a bat”. Julia asks, “A bat?”.
Roger replies, “Yes. We heard him screaming, and when we went up
to his room, we found him cowering in a corner”. Julia suggests,
“He could have seen a bat. I’ve seen them outside at night”. Roger
dismisses this, “No, he described one of an impossible size that
disappeared. I wish I knew what to do. All these nightmares, and
now signs of paranoia”. Julia asks, “You mean his fear Barnabas
wants to kill him”. Roger replies, “It’s more than just a fear,
it’s a conviction.” Julia says, “He’s just high strung and
imaginative. I think it might be a good idea to send him away
to school”. Roger remarks, “Funny you should suggest that. Barnabas
suggested that last night too. I went to the old house to apoligize
for David’s intrusion, and happened to tell him about David’s
nightmares”. Julia gasps, “You told him?!”. Roger replies, “Yes,
I know you told me not to, but I didn’t think it would do any harm”.
Julia explains, “I just thought it would hurt Barnabas…”. While
Roger and Julia talk, David is coming down the stairs. He hears Roger
says, “When you suggested sending him away to school, did you really
think it was a good idea?…”. David a look of shock in his face,
goes back up to the landing. He thinks to himself, “They’re going
to send me away! They didn’t believe me! I’ll prove to them I’m
right! I’ll find out what’s in the basement of the old house!”.
Suddenly, he hears Sarah’s voice saying, “Don’t go near the old
house. Danger…danger!”. David says, “But I’ve got to go!”.
Taking the toy soldier out of his pocket, “You said this would
protect me. I don’t know how, but I’ve got to get into the basement!
Sarah? Sarah, will this really protec me? Sarah?”. But there is no
The grandfather clock strikes the hour. David emerges
from the door under the stairs into the foyer. He his
holding some keys, which he puts in his pocket. Vicky sees
him and asks, “David, what were you doing in the study?”. David
replies, “Nothing. I was looking for aunt Elizabeth”. Vicky asks,
“Are you sure that was what you were doing? Didn’t I see you put
something in your pocket?”. David replies, “Yes”, and pulls out
the toy soldiier. He explains, “It’s a wooden soldier, a very old
one.” Vicky asks, “Where did you find it?”. David lies, “I was
kicking through some leaves and found it in the dirt”. Vicky,
still not trusting him, asks again, “You haven’t fully answered
my question. What were you doing in the study”. David exasperatedly
says, “I already told you! I was looking for Aunt Elizabeth. I wanted
to show this to her”. Vicky asks, “Why don’t you show it to Miss
Hoffman? She’s interested in anything old”. David begs off,
saying “No, some other time. I have to do some studying now”.
Vicky remarks, “Well, you won’t hear me complain about that!”.
David goes upstairs.
Vicky goes into the drawing room. She sits down with Julia
She tells Julia about David’s toy soldier. As they are talking,
David sneaks back down the stairs and goes out through the front
doors. Vicky describes the toy soldier to Julia. Julia remarks,
“It is old. I’ve seen something like that in an old family album.
There was a picture of a girl holding a doll, and a boy holding a
toy soldier just like the one you described”. Vicky remarks, “If
you could find the picture, I’m sure David would be very interested”.
Julia replies, “I’d be very interested too. I think I’ll go take a
look at David’s toy soldier.”. She leaves the room and goes upstairs.
David goes to the old house. He tries the front door but
finds them locked. He takes a key from the bunch he has and
opens the door with it.
Julia comes back down into the drawing room. Vicky asks, “Did
David show you his toy soldier?”. Julia replies, “No, he wasn’t
in his room”. Vicky remarks, “Strange. He told me he was going
up to study. Maybe he’s in the kitchen with Mrs. Johnson.”. Julia
suggests, “Or maybe he went to the old house. I’ll go find him. I
have to go get a book from the library there anyway.”. Vicky says,
“I’ll go with you”, but Julia replies, “No, there’s no point in
both of us going”.
At the Old House, David goes to the cellar door. He starts to
insert keys into the lock and try them.
Meanwhile, outside, the sun sets…
In the cellar, Barnbas awakens. He opens the coffin and
sits up.
David finally finds the right key and opens the cellar
door. He checks to see that he has the wooden soldier in
his pocket and then goes downstairs. Downstairs, he sees
an open, empty coffin. He starts to look around the room. His
back is to the coffin. Barnabas comes out of another room.
David is looking in the other direction and does not see him,
but Barnabas sees David. He goes to the coffin and slams the lid
down, an angry look on his face. David turns and sees Barnabas…
Episode 333
Worldvision Rerun 123
Tape Date: September 20, 1967 (ABC #198-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 4, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Grayson Hall:
“A fiery evening sun is setting over Collinwood and in a moment, darkness
will descend. A small boy has broken into the old house on the great estate
determined to discover its secrets. His curiosity is about to place him into
the greatest danger he has ever known.”

Barnbas says, “Hello, David.”. David gasps, “Barnabas!”.
Barnabas asks “What are you doing here?”. David stammers, “I…
I…”. Barnabas asks, “You promised your father you wouldn’t
come sneaking around here. Why did you break your promise”.
David stammers, “I…I…” Barnabas asks, “Why don’t you
speak, David? Are you afraid of me?” David asks, “This coffin,
what’s it doing here?”. Barnabas remarks, “You ask too many
questions, too many for your own good”. David begs, “Please
don’t hurt me!”, but Barnabas replies, “You’ve broken your
promise, you must be punished for you own good!”. He grabs David.
Suddenly, from upstairs, Julia’s voice calls out”David!” Barnabas,
startled, loosens his grasp. David wriggles free and runs up
the stairs.
David runs upstairs to Julia and screams, “Barnabas! He’s going
to kill me!”. Barnabas comes upstairs and tells Julia, “I found
him prowling around in the basement. I was going to give him a sound
spanking”. Julia assures David, “Barnabas isn’t going to hurt you”
Barnabas agrees, “No. Little boys who break promises should be
punished, but I’ll let your father do that”. David asks, “You’re
going to let me go home?”. Barnabas says, “Yes, after you answer
a few questions. How did you get in here?”. David says, “I used
my Aunt Elizabeth’s other set of keys”. Barnabas remarks, “Oh,
there’s another set of keys?” and takes them from him, saying,
“In case you decide to come again”. David asks, “Can I go now?”.
Barnabas replies, “Yes, after you promise never to come back”. David
promises. Barnabas tells him, “All right. You may go”. David runs
off. Julia asks, “What did he see?”. Barnabas replies, “My coffin”.
Julia, surprised, asks, “Your coffin?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”.
Julia says, “But he’ll run right back to Collinwood and tell
everyone!”. Barnabas suggests, “Perhaps no one will believe him”.
Julia asks, “But what if some one does?!”. Barnabas nonchalently
replies, “Then that person will be in posession of some very
dangerous knowledge”. Julia asks, “You’re planning something,
Barnabas. What is it?”. Barnabas replies, “You’ll see, Doctor,
you’ll see!” Julia remarks, “I hope you know what you’re doing”.
Barnabas replies, “I believe I do”
In the foyer of Collinwood, Dr. Woodard asks Burke Devlin,
“Disappeared?”, obviously talking about the bat David claims
attacked him. Burke replies, “That’s what Vicky said. I’m
starting to get worried about David’s fantasies”. Woodard remarks,
“I’m not so sure they are fantasies.”. Burke asks, “What do you
mean?” Woodard says, “Let’s go talk in the drawing room”. They
go into the drawing room. Woodard asks, “Burke, a while back, you
told me you were on to something. What were you talking about?”.
Burke replies, “I had a theory about the madman who kidnappe Maggie.
It turns out I was wrong. We now know it was Willie”. Woodard asks,
“Who did you suspect?”. Burke replies, “I’d rather not say”. Woodard
asks, “Why?” Burke replies, “Because of Vicky”. Woodard asks,
“Vicky?”. Burke explains “It’s a friend of hers”. Woodard asks,
“Was it Barnabas?” Burke admits, “Yes, at the time, I thought that
Barnabas was not all he seemed to be, but I was wrong”. David runs
into the drawing room and shouts, “I’ve found out the secret of the
old house! There’s a coffin in the basement of the old house!”.
Burke asks, “What would Barnabas Collins be doing with a coffin
in the basement?”. David replies, “Because he’s dead! He walks
and talks, but he’s dead! I saw him coming out of a coffin in my
dream!” Julia, who’s just come into the room, says, “You must
forget about your dream. I found David wandering around the old
house, hysterical, imagining all sorts of things”. David shouts,
“Barnabas was going to kill me!”. Julia explains, “He was going
to spank you, that’s all, and he didn’t do even that. Why would he
want to kill you?”. David shouts, “Because I saw his coffin! It’s
in the basement!”. Julia says, “He’s imagining things. I’ve been
to the basement of the old house, and there’s nothing there, nothing
at all”. David shouts, “She’s lying! Burke, there really is a coffin
there! Go to the old house and see for yourself!”. Roger comes into
the room and asks, “What’s all this commotion about?”. Julia explains,
“David says he saw a coffin in the basement of the old house. He’s
imagining things. There’s nothing there. I’ve seen the basement of
the old house”. David shouts, “She’s lying!”. Roger angrily says
to David, “I will not have you talking to Miss Hoffman that way!
Now apoligize!” David insists, “She’s protecting him, she’s his
friend!”. Roger, now furious, shouts, “Go to your room. Now!”.
Roger apoligizes to Julia for what David said. Julia replies, “It’s
all right. I realize he’s highly disturbed”. Woodard remarks, “I
wonder how disturbed he really is. I think we should go the the old
house to check”. Roger exclaims, “This is ridiculous!”, but Woodard
says, “I think the chances are 99 out of a hundred that he’s
imagining it, but I think we should check anyway”. He suggests that
maybe David didn’t imagine it, that maybe Barnabas for some odd
reason does have a coffin in the cellar. Burke agrees. Roger warns,
“You’re making a fool of yourself!”, but Burke replies, “Maybe we
are, but that’s our privilege”. Dr. Woodard and Burke leave. Roger
asks Julia, “Have you ever heard such utter nonsense in your whole
life?” Julia replies, “No, never”
Burke and Dr. Woodard go to the old house and knock at the
door. Barnabas answers and asks, “What can I do for you?” Woodard
says, “We’d like to see you for a moment. I’m afraid we have a
rather unusual request”. Burke adds, “We’d like to see the basement”.
Barnabas asks, “The basement?”. Woodard replies, “Yes. David claims
he saw something down there, something weird. A coffin”. Barnabas
says, in a very surprised tone, “A coffin? Poor cousin David. I’m
afraid his fantasies are really getting out of control”. Woodard
asks, “So there’s no coffin down there?”. Barnabas replies, “Of
course not. What would I be doing with a coffin down there? All
that’s down there are some odds and ends”. Burke asks, “So you
wouldn’t mind if we took a look down there”. Barnabas says, “But
I’ve already told you. There’s nothing down there but some old
trunks”. Burke says, “If that’s all that’s down there, then you
won’t mind us taking a look”. Barnabas gets very angry and asks
“Are you doubting my word?”. Woodard says, “We’d just like to see
what’s down there”. Barnabas angrily says, “I refuse! I consider
this an invasion of my privacy!”. Woodard remarks, “I’m starting
to think you ARE hiding something down there”. Burke threatens,
“We’ll be back. With a search warrant if necessary”. They turn
to leave, but Barnabas suddenly says “Wait! I’ll show you the
basement to end this nonsense once and for all! Come with me!”.
Barnabas takes Burke and Dr. Woodard down into the basement.
Burke remarks, “Its so dark I can’t see a thing”. Barnabas says,
“I’ll light some candles”. He does so, reavealing only some trunks.
There is no coffin. Burke and Dr. Woodard look around, but find
no coffin. Barnabas asks, “Well, gentlemen, do you see anything
that even faintly resembles a coffin?”. Woodard replies, “No. We
apoligize, Mr. Collins. Obviously, the coffin was a figment of
David’s imagination”. Barnabas remarks, “Obviously”, a smile on
his face…
Episode 334
Worldvision Rerun 124
Tape Date: September 22, 1967 (ABC #199-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 5, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Alexandra Moltke:
“At Collinwood, no one is safe from the nameless terror that hovers
so close. Tonight young David Collins has reason to hope that the
fears we’ve all had will soon be put to rest.”

Vicky is with David in his room. David asks, “Vicky, what’s
taking them so long?”. Vicky replies, “When you’re waiting for
something it always seems to take longer.” David remarks,
“They’ll come back, tell everyone about the coffin down there,
and everything’ll be all right”. He goes and looks out the window.
Vicky tells him he reminds her of a character in the story
“Bluebeard”. who looked out the window hopoing for someone to come
help her. David remarks, “Yes, and help did come, and she was rescued
from death”.
Dr. Woodard and Burke reach the front door of Collinwood.
Dr. Woodard is about to knock, but Burke says, “Wait a minute,
Dave.” Woodard asks, “What?”. Burke says, “Even though there was
nothing down in the basement, you must admit Barnabas did act
strangely”. Woodard notes, “Barnabas has a habit of strangely”.
Burke remarks, “I don’t like him”. Woodard says, “We’re going to
have to be very careful about how we break this news to David.
It’s going to make it all the harder to find out what’s causing
his fantasies”. Burke asks, “Are you convinced now they’re just
fantasies?”. Woodard replies, “No, actually I’m baffled”. He
knocks at the front door. Roger answers the door. They go in.
Roger asks, “Well, gentlemen, what do you have to say for yourselves?”
Woodard recounts what happened, how Barnabas at first got very angry,
then finally agreed to let them look in the basement, where they
found no coffin. Roger sarcastically remarks, “I find Barnabas’
reaction understandable. If two hysterical grown men had shown
up at my house claiming there was a coffin in my basement, I’d
have reacted in exactly the same way! David imagined the coffin.
Children imagine all sorts of things”. He looks at the picture
near the telephone and continues, “When I was a child I used
to imagine that all these portraits of dead Collinses were
staring at me, that they hated me. I outgrew it and so will
David”. Burke and Dr. Woodard go up to see David.
There’s a knock at David’s door. David exclaims, “They’re
back!”. He lets them Burke and Woodard in. Vicky asks, “Find
anything?” Woodard asks, “Could we talk to David alone?”. Vicky
replies, “All right, I’ll be down in the drawing room if you need
me”. She turns to Burke and asks, “Is David going to be all right,
Burke?”. Burke replies, , “I don’t know, Vicky, I hope so”. Vicky
leaves. Woodard tells David, “We didn’t see any coffin in the
cellar, David”. David exclaims, “It was there! You must’ve seen
it!”. Woodard says, “David, don’t get upset, but it wasn’t there”.
David insists, “But it had to be! I saw it there! You’ve got to
believe me, or something terrible will happen to me!”. Woodard
says, “I wish I could know what’s going on in your mind”. David
insists, “It’s not in my mind! I’ll prove it to you. There’s
something else. I promised not to tell, but I’m going to have to
break that promise.”. He starts to tell them about the secret
room when suddenly the window blows open. David hears “London Bridge”
playing in the distance. He goes to the window and asks Woodard, “You
hear it, don’t you?”. Woodard replies, “Yes, it sounds like a flute
in the distance”. David says, “It’s Sarah! She’s mad at me!” Woodard
asks about the secret room. In spite of the signs of Sarah’s
displeasure, David tells him about the secret room and the coffin
that was in there and about how he had to hide inside the coffin
when Barnabas and Willie came. Woodard says, “Sit down.” David
sits down on the bed. Woodard asks, “Coffins frighten you a great
deal, don’t they?” David exclaims, “You think I’m imagining it!
I’ll take you to the mausoleum and show you the secret room myself!”.
Woodard says, “All right, David. You show us”. David starts to
look frightened and asks Burke, “You’ll be close to me, won’t you?”.
Burke assures him, “Yes”. David asks, “And Cousin Barnabas, he
won’t know I’m there, will her?” Burke assures him, “He’ll have no
way of knowing.” They leave the room. As they are doing so, the
window blows open again. Woodard, the last to leave, notices. He
goes to the window and looks out, a quizzical look on his face.
In the drawing room, Vicky is sitting on the couch, looking
worried while Roger is pacing around sipping a drink. David, Burke
and Woodard come into the room. Woodard asks Roger, “Roger, I’d
like your permission to take David out tonight”. Roger asks, “Where?”.
Woodard replies, “To Eagle Hill cemetary”. Roger exclaims, “To
what?!”. Woodard explains, “There’s something there David wants
us to see”. Roger refuses. David exclaims, “But we have to go!”.
Woodard tells Roger, “There’s something out there David thinks will
help us find why he’s afraid of Barnabas.”. Roger gets angry and
tells them he’s tired of everyone defaming Barnabas. Woodard recommends,
“Taking the boy out there might ease his mind”. Roger finally gives
up, “All right, but this’ll be the end of it. If there’s nothing out
there, I’m calling a halt to to all this nonsense about Barnabas”.
David insists, “There IS something out there!”. He and Roger start
to argue. Vicky quickly steps in and pulls David away, saying, “We’ve
got to get you a warm jacket to go out on a night like this”. She
takes him away. Roger says to Woodard, in a sad voice, “Dr. Woodard,
I’m not blind to the fact that my son has problems. I’m very concerned.
I think it’s time to talk about his mental state. I’m thinking of
calling in a psychiatrist. Looking in cellars and locked rooms won’t
help. We need to look into David’s mind…”. David comes down.
Burke and Dr. Woodard take him away. Roger asks Vicky about her
plans for marriage, “Are you planning to get married right away?”
Vicky assures him, “I’ll stay here as long as David needs me”. Roger
warns her, “There’s no telling how long that might be. David
reminds me of a high wire walker, ready to fall out of our reach
at any moment…”.
At Eagle Hill cemetary, Burke remarks, “Well, here we are”.
Woodard tells David, “Go on, David, lead the way”. David complains,
“I feel strange, cold”, but Woodard just says, “It’s a cold night,
David”. David remarks, “Guess we’d better go in” and leads them
into the Collins mausoleum. Woodard tells him, “Now show us where
the secret room is”. David replies, “Behind the middle panel. You
open it by pulling the ring in the lion’s mouth”. He steps onto the
middle sarcophagus and pulls on the lion’s ring, but nothing happens.
Puzzled, he says, “It must be stuck”. Burke says, “Here, let me
give it a try”. He pulls on it but nothing happens, and he says,
“That thing’s not going to move”. David exclaims, “I don’t
understand! I did it before, and it was easy! I don’t know what
happened! I know! Barnabas got here first and did something to it!”.
Woodard tries pulling on it too, but nothing happens. Burke jokes,
“I guess we’re not as strong as we used to be”. Woodard remarks,
“Maybe it never did open”. Burke tells David, “Maybe you did
imagine it, David”. David exclaims, “You don’t believe me!”. He
jumps back onto the sarcophagus and pulls frantically on the ring,
but nothing happens. He comes back down, disappointed. Woodard
remarks, “Nothing but four walls and a coffin”. David sees something
lying on Sarah’s sarcophagus. He picks it up and exclaims, “That’s
not all! Sarah’s flute!”. Woodard asks, “Are you sure it’s Sarah’s?”.
David replies, “Yes. She wants me to find it and show it to you to
prove that there’s a secret room!”. Woodard says, “But there is no
secret room”. David shouts, “You don’t believe me!”. and runs off,
upset. Burke remarks, “Roger will be happy to learn we didn’t find
anything.” Woodard replies, “We didn’t find what we came here to
look for, but we did find something. This”. He holds up the flute
and continues, “It must be here for some reason. It’s the only
tangible piece of evidence we have…”
September 23, 1967 – October 3, 1967
No shows taped due to National Association of Broadcast Employees and
Technicians strike.
Episode 335 (Kinescope)
Worldvision Rerun 125
Tape Date: October 3, 1967 (ABC #200-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 6, 1967 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Joan Bennett:
“Within the walls of the great house at Collinwood, there is a frightened
child. Young David Collins is searching desparately for a friend who has
the dark, secret answers to his questions. But his friend is not easy to find
because she comes from a world beyond the world we know at Collinwood.”

(The part of Dr. Woodard will be played by Peter Turgeon
due to the abovementioned strike.)
David is in his room, staring into his crystal ball. He
gets up and says, “Sarah, where are you? I need to talk to
you! I know you’re staying away from me. Sarah, we’ve got
to talk!”. He goes to his desk, takes the crystal ball to
his bed, and looks at it again. “Sarah! Please come and talk
to me! You’ve gotten me into this whole mess! You’ve got to get
me out!” Seeing nothing, he puts his head down in frustration.
Suddenly, he hears the sound of “London Bridge”. He looks up
and sees Sarah there. He exclaims, “Sarah! You took a long time
to come!”. Sarah replies, “I wasn’t going to come at all!”.
David asks, “Because I told about the secret room?”. Sarah
replies, “Yes. When a secret’s not a secret anymore, you know
what it is? Nothing!” David remarks, “Easy for you to say that.
I’m the one who’s in all the trouble”. Sarah asks, “Because you
said the door would open?” David exclaims, “You did something to
it!”. Sarah replies, “No, somebody else did”. David asks, “Who?”
Sarah replies, “Just somebody”. David complains, “You know what’s
going to happen now? Aunt Elizabeth is in the city finding a
psychiatrist for me.” Sarah asks for her flute back. David tells
her, “I can’t. Dr. Woodard has it. He says he wants to study it”.
Sarah says, “You’ve got to get it back! Sometimes it’s the only
thing that keeps me company”. David says, “Stop worrying about
your flute. We’ve got to do something before they send me away!”.
There’s a knock at the door. David turns to look. When he turns
back, Sarah is gone. Elizabeth comes in with a man. She asks,
“Did I hear you talking with someone?”. David replies, “Sarah”.
The man asks, “Sarah?” Elizabeth introduces the man as a Dr.
Fisher. David asks, “Are you a psychiatrist?”. Dr. Fisher replies,
“Yes”. David tells the man, “I’m not crazy”. Fisher replies, “No
one said you were”. David tells him, “That’s what everyone thinks”.
The man replies, “I don’t. What’s this?”. Davied replies, “My
crystal ball. I use it to find Sarah”. Dr. Fisher asks to speak
to David alone. Elizabeth leaves.
Dr. Fisher is asking David, “Is that where the dream ends?”.
David replies, “No”. He tells Dr. Fisher about the part in the
cellar where Barnabas rises out of his coffin. Dr. Fisher asks,
“Think you can answer a few more questions?”. David replies,
“I’ll try”. Dr. Fisher asks, “Do you think about dying often?”.
David replies, “I didn’t use to, but that’s all I think about
now”. Dr. Fisher asks, “Are you afraid of dying?” David replies,
“I’m afraid of Barnabas killing me”. Dr. Fisher notes, “Sarah’s
dead too, you said, but you’re not afraid of her”. David replies,
“No, Sarah’s my friend. The only one I’m afraid of is Barnabas.”
Dr. Fisher asks, “David, tell me once more about your dream, and
give me as many details as you can remember”. David starts to
recount the dreeam again…
Burke and Dr. Woodard are in the drawing room. Burke
starts to talk about David’s delusions. Woodard interrupts,
“I’m not so sure they are delusions”. He recounts all the
solid evidence there’s been, the flute, the doll in Maggie’s
room. “It’s enough to make me believe something’s wrong.
I’m starting to think there’s some connection between what
happened to Maggie Evans and what’s happening to David”
Burke protests, “But Maggie was kidnapped by Willie Loomis”.
Dr. Woodard says, “I’m not sure it was Willie Loomis. When
Maggie was found, she had those mysterious wounds on her neck.
When Willie was sick, he has the same wounds on his arm. Now
if Willie was responsible for Maggie’s wounds, who was
responsible for Willie’s? I think they were both wounded by
the same person or creature, a person or creature that’s still
at large…”
Dr. Fisher comes down. He announces that David is a very
disturbed boy. Woodard replies, “Of course he’s disturbed.
he’s terrified!”. Burke asks, “Doctor, do you think this has
something to do with David’s past?”. Dr. Fisher tells his theory.
He says that he thinks that David’s fears are a result of his
mother’s death, that he thinks the faceless woman in David’s
dream represents his mother. Woodard asks, “What about
Sarah?”. Fisher replies, “She’s his imaginary friend. A lot
of children have imaginary friends”. Woodard protessts,
“Not dead ones!”. Fisher explains, “David is afraid of death.
He’s imagining Sarah to try to make a friend of death, to
reconcile his feelings about it. Barnabas, on the other
hand, represents his fear of death.”. Elizabeth asks, “But
why Barnabas?” Fisher replies, “That’s a question I can’t
answer. It could be a number of reasons. But I have one
theory”. He leads everyone out into the foyer to the
portrait of Barnabas and says, “It might be his striking
resemblance to his ancestor.” Woodard recites the famous poem
about Dr. Fell,

“I do not like thee, Dr. Fell,
The reason why I cannot tell;
But this I know, I know full well,
I do not like thee, Dr. Fell.”*

Dr. Fisher continues, “I don’t know anything about the
real Barnabas, but I can tell you about the David’s imaginary
one. He’s a monster who awaits in his coffin, always ready
to come out, bare his fangs and devour him”. This gets a very
strange reaction from Dr. Woodard. Fisher continues to expouse
his theory aobut David’s fantasies, but Woodard doesn’t appear
to be listening. Elizabeth notices and asks, “Is anything the
matter?”. Woodard snaps out of it and replies, “No, I was just
thinking about something. There’s something I’ve got to go
and do”. Dr. Fisher says he’s got to be going too. They leave.
Elizabeth tells Burke she has something she has to talk
to him about. “I’ve just received a letter from my lawyers.
with some news I’m afraid you’re not going to like at all.”
She takes him into the drawing room. Burke says, “Don’t keep
me in suspense. What’s the news?”. Elizabeth replies, “It’s
about the house. You remember how the deed said no sale? The
house belonged to a Caleb Sayer Collins. It appears he had a
morbid fear of strangers. That house was the thing he loved the
most. He had it put in his will that it couldn’t be sold to
anyone except a member of the Collins family for a period of
100 years after his death”. Burke exclaims, “That’s ridiculous!”.
Elizbeth replies, “I know. I so wanted you and Vicky to have that
house”. Burke asks, “How about breaking the will?”. Elizabeth
replies, “Yes, I talked to my lawyers about that. They said it
could be done, but said it would take years. The 100 year period
will be over in 5 years anyway”. Burke remarks, “Vicky had her
heart set on that house”. Elizabeth asks, “Couldn’t you two get
married and live in another house and wait 5 years…”. Burke is
very upset.
Dr. Woodard goes to Eagle Hill cemetary and goes into the
Collins family mausoleum. He takes out he flute and looks at it,
then muses, “Last night, there was no way into the secret room,
but now I know something I didn’t know last night. Not the way
into the secret room, but perhaps the why, the reason for the
secret room. Something unbelievable, something so terrible it
had to be sealed up away from the sight of heaven and hell. But
if the secret room’s existence is a fact, then the entrance in
is a fact…”. Sudeenly, he is startled to hear a voice from
behind him say, “Hello”. He turns and is startled to see a little
girl standing there. He exclaims, “You’re little Sarah!”.

* This is from “Tom Brown’s Schooldays”, where Dr. Fell accuses
Tom Brown of neglecting his schoolwork and tells him that if he
cannot translate the following on sight (the thirty-third Epigram
of Martial) he will be expelled:

“Non amo te, Zabidi,
nec possum dicere quare;
Hoc tantum possum dicere,
non amo te.”

Literally translated, this is:

“I do not love thee, Zabidi,
I cannot say why,
I can only say this:
I don’t love thee”.

Instead, Tom Brown loosely translates it:

“I do not like thee, Dr. Fell,
The reason why I cannot tell;
But this I know, I know full well,
I do not like thee, Dr. Fell.

He is not expelled.

Episode 336
Worldvision Rerun 126
Tape Date: October 4, 1967 (ABC #201-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 9, 1967 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Alexandra Moltke:
“All of us at Collinwood remain concered about the state of mind of
young David Collins. We are unaware that at this moment at the
Eagle Hill Cemetary, two people are about to meet for the first time.
They will recognize each other, and they will know that together
they may travel a long, dark and dangerous path to help the troubled
little boy who means so much to both of them.”

Dr. Woodard exclaims, “I’m very glad to see you!”. Sarah remarks,
“I knew you’d be here”. Woodard asks, “How?”. Sarah replies, “The
same way I know about everything else”. Woodard asks, “Can you
tell me about some of the things you know the same way you’ve
told David?”. Sarah remarks, “I’m mad at David”. Woodard begs,
“Sarah, you’ve got to tell me some of the things you know”, but
Sarah replies, “I can’t. People don’t keep secrets anymore!”.
Woodard says, “Sarah, you told David you were sick once”. Sarah
replies, “I was sick, a long, long time ago”. Woodard tells her,
“Some people think David is sick and should be put away for
treatment”. Sarah asks, “You mean like Maggie?”. Woodard replies,
“Yes”. He asks, “Would you like that?”. Sarah replies, “No”.
Woodard asks, “Tell me, tell me what you know”, but Sarah replies,
“I don’t think I should do that”. Woodard warns her, “If they put
David away, you’ll be all alone. If you tell me, they won’t put
David away”. Sarah asks, “What do you want to know?”. Woodard asks,
“Is there a secret room in here?”. Sarah tells him there is.
Woodard tells her, “But yesterday David couldn’t get in”. Sarah
explains, “Yesterday someone sealed it, but I wanted it unsealed,
so I unsealed it”. Woodard pulls the ring in the lion’s mouth.
this time, the secret door opens. Woodard muses, “If this exists,
then what about all the other things David’s been telling us?”.
He goes inside, sees the coffin in there and remarks, “Another
thing David didn’t lie about”. Examining the coffin and finding it
empty, he asks Sarah, “Why is the coffin empty? Was there ever any
body in this coffin?”. Sarah replies, “I can’t tell you”. Woodard
finds the chains that once bound the body on the ground and exclaims,
“No! This coffin wasn’t always empty! Someone was buried here!
I know that now. Someone who wouldn’t stay dead. Sarah…”.
He looks up and finds that Sarah’s gone.
Vicky and Burke are in the drawing room of Collinwood. Vicky
asks, “So there’s no way at all to buy that house?” Burke replies,
“Not for the next five years. The crackpot who owned it made sure
of that. I’m going to be out of town for a few days. When I get
back, we’re going to make plans for our marriage and find the best
house in Collinsport. Mr. and Mrs. Burke Devlin are going to need
a nice place to set up house”. Vicky says, “IF we marry. I’m
starting to have second thoughts. This thing about the house.
It’s almost like a message that we shouldn’t get married”.
Burke angrily exclaims, “Well, that’s one message you should
send back!”. Then, his voice softening, he tells Vicky, “I fear
losing you”. Vicky assures him, “You’re not losing me. I want
to marry you, just not right now”. Burke asks, “When?”. Vicky
replies, “When David gets better”. Burke says, “All right, Vicky,
what is it you want?”. Vicky replies, “I just want to wait, and
for you not to be angry with me or David”. Burke says, “All right.
I’ll wait. And I’m not angry with you or David. I’m angry with the
old Caleb Collins, that skinflint.” He admits, “I’m frightened.
Of losing you, of someone taking you away from me”. Vicky assures
him, “Burke, nothing’s going to ever take me away from you”.
The camera pans to the portrait of Barnabas…
There’s a knock at the door of Collinwood. Vicky answers. It’s
Dr. Woodard. He tells Vicky , “I want to talk to Burke. Where
can he be reached?”. Vicky replies, “I’m afraid he can’t, he’ll
be out of town for a few days”. Woodard asks, “Do you know where
he’s gone?”. Vicky replies, “No, he didn’t tell me. Is there
any way I can help?”. Woodard responds, “There might be. Wait.
Let me check out a few things first. Where’s Julia Hoffman?”.
Vicky replies, “At the old house”. Woodard remarks, “Of course.
Could I use the library here? I’d like to look up some things about
the family history”. Vicky tells him, “They’re on the bottom two
shelves in the library. Doctor, you have something very important
to tell Burke, don’t you?”. Woodard replies, Yes”. Vicky asks,
“What?”, but Woodard refuses to tell her, saying, “I don’t think
I should tell you”. Vicky asks, “Why?”. Woodard replies, “Let’s
put it this way. What you don’t know can’t hurt you”. Woodard
goes to the library without explaining further.
Julia returns to Collinwood. She and Vicky talk about David
briefly, then Vicky suddenly remembers, “Oh yes, Dr. Woodard’s
in the study”. Julia asks, “What’s he doing there?”. Vicky tells
her, “He’s looking through some books on the Collins family
Julia goes to the study and finds Dr. Woodard busily looking
through a pile of books. Seeing Julia at the doorway, he says,
“Julia, come in”. Julia asks, “Doctor, what are you doing?”.
Woodard replies, “Just delving into some members of the Collins
family”. Julia asks, “Why?”. Woodard replies, “I’ve just found
out that the original Barnabas Collins had a sister named Sarah”.
Julia asks, “What’s your interest in a girl who left the scene
over a hundred years ago?”. Woodard replies, “I’ll tell you why.
I’ve met her”. Julia exclaims, “Doctor, that’s ridiculous!”.
Woodard asks, “Why?” Julia tells him, “Because your a doctor, a
man of science”. Woodard insists, “I saw Sarah, I talked to her”.
Julia suggests, “You’re working too hard”. Woodard says, “Julia,
I’m sorry, but I saw Sarah Collins!”. Julia notes, “Dave, Dr.
Fisher is a good psychiatrist. He believes David is hallucinating”.
Woodard asks, “What about Sam Evans? He saw her and talked to her
too”. Julia replies, “He’s an artist, a highly imaginative human
being. He was going through a trying time. Besides, he’s been known
to drink”. Woodard says, “I don’t care what Dr. Fisher has to say!”.
Julia suggests, “You need rest”, but Woodard replies, “I’m not
tired. I’m not conjuring this little girl up. I tell you, Julia,
I saw Sarah Collins, I saw her as clearly as I see you now. I
talked to her. Now that I know she exists, I have to find out why”.
Julia asks, “Why?”. Woodard replies, “Yes. There must be extra-
ordinary circumstances that brought her back. Once we find out what
they are, we’ll get to the bottom of all this. I won’t rest until
I find out why Sarah Collins returned to this earth!”
Episode 337
Worldvision Rerun 127
Tape Date: October 5, 1967 (ABC #202-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 10, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

In the Radcliffe mausoleum at Eagle Hill cemetary, the old
caretaker is puttering around. Dr. Woodard goes into the
Radcliffe mausoleum. The caretaker asks, “Why are you here?”
Woodard reminds him, “We met once at Eagle Hill cemetary”. The
caretaker asks, “Why do you come here now?”. Woodard replies,
“You told me there was a curse on the Collins mausoleum. I think
you know why that curse was put on that tomb. I want you to tell
me”. The caretaker says, “No one alive can tell you why that curse
was put on the Collins mausoleum. Only the dead can tell you…”.
Woodard reminds the caretaker, “The night I saw you, you said
Joshua Collins had writen about the curse in the family journal.
Is it here?”. The caretaker replies, “It’s somewhere in the family
archives. I haven’t looked it in years”. Woodard asks, “Can I take
a look at it?” The caretaker replies, “You won’t find what you’re
looking for. It only states that there is a curse, not the nature
of it. Why are you interested in the curse?” Woodard explains, “I
have a theory that the curse on the Collins Family mausoleum has a
bearing on some curious incidents that have been happening around
here”. The caretaker exclaims, “You think one of the bodies buried
in that tomb is responsible?! What can I do?”. Woodard replies,
“Let me look at the records of the Collins family”. The caretaker
replies, “That might take awhile”. Woodard tells him, “Take all the
time you want”.
At Collinwood, Roger returns and runs into Barnabas, who’s
just leaving, outside the door. Roger jokes, “Good to see you.
I would’ve thought you’d have disowned us after all that’s
happened.” Barnabas replies, “I came to see how David was, to
see if he’s still having hallucinations”. Roger tells Barnabas,
“He won’t be telling anyone about seeing halluciations much longer.
I’ve thought about what you said about sending him away to school,
and I’ve found a perfect place, a military school in Boston. I’m
going to try to talk to Elizabeth into it”. Barnabas remarks,”For
David’s sake, I hope you succeed”
At the Radcliffe mausoleum, Dr. Woodard and the old caretaker
are going through a pile of old books. The old caretaker reads,
“Sarah Collins was a very cheerful little girl. When she died,
she was mourned by her mother, father and brother”. Woodard
notes, “It’s the original Barnabas I’m trying to find out about”.
The caretaker remarks, “That was astonishing”. Woodard asks,
“What was?”. The caretaker replies, “The resemblance between
Barnabas Collins and his ancestor”. He tells Woodard about
encountering Barnabas Collins at Eagle Hill cemetary that
night, saying, “You would’ve thought it was the original Barnabas
Collins brought back to life”. A funny look crosses Woodard’s
face. The old caretaker continues to read the book he’s holding
and remarks, “That’s very strange. It says that the original
Barnabas Collins went to England after suffering from a fever
that sapped his strength and changed his personality. It says on
the day the orignal Barnabas Collins went away, his father had
the mausoleum at Eagle Hill cemetary built”. Woodard notes,
“Family records are like any other records. They don’t always
tell the full truth. I don’t think he went to England. I don’t
think he ever left Collinsport…”
In the drawring room at Collinwood, Elizabeth emphatically
tells Roger, “David isn’t leaving Collinwood!”. Roger says, “But
Liz, this military school is the best place for him”. Elizabeth
counters, “The best place for him is here, where Dr. Fisher can
treat him!”. Roger begs, “Liz, at least come with me to see the
military school”, but Elizabeth replies, “As far as I’m concerned,
the case is closed!”. Roger complains, “He’s my son, and I’ll send
him away if I want, with our without your permission!”. Elizabeth
warns Roger about sending David away, implying that if he does,
she may no longer let him, Roger, stay at Collinwood. There’s a
knock at the door. It’s Dr. Woodard. He tells Roger, “I’d like to
speak to David”. Roger notes, “It’s pretty late”. Woodard explains,
“Sorry, I had some patients I had to see”. Roger tells Woodard,
“If he’s still awake, I don’t mind”. Elizabeth says, “I’ll get
him”, and leaves to do so. Roger tells Woodard, “Let’s go into
the drawing room. It’s more comfortable in there”, but Woodard
seems preoccupied, staring at the portrait of Barnabas Collins.
Roger asks, “Is something the matter?”. Woodard replies, “No, I
was just fascinated with that portrait”. Roger asks, “What about
it do you find fascinating?”. Woodard replies, “The eyes, the way
they seem to follow you around. I wonder how painters achieve that
effect”. They go into the drawing room. Roger asks, “What did you
want to see David about?”. Woodard replies, “Nothing in particular.
It’s just that I told him I’d come by to see him”. Elizabeth comes
down with David. They leave him in the drawing room with Woodard
and go to the study to continue their discussion.
Woodard asks David, “Feel better?”. David replies, “Yes”. Woodard
tells him, “You’re going to feel a lot better soon. I came to tell
you I believe everything you said is true”. David asks, “Why?”.
Woodard replies, “I’ve met Sarah”. David asks, “What did she tell
you?” Woodard replies, “Not much, but enough for me to know that
what’s frightening you is real”. David asks, “What are we going to
do?” Wooodard replies, “I’ll go do more investigating and come up
with more answers”. David asks, “Do you believe Barnabas is….dead?”
Woodard replies, “I don’t know. The thought of what he might be
frightens me as much as it does you. David, would you do one thing
for me. Don’t tell anyone about our conversation tonight”. David
promises not to, and warns Woodard, “Be very careful. I wouldn’t
want anything to happen to you”. Woodard assures him, “Don’t worry,
David, nothing’s going to happen to me”
Dr. Woodard goes to the old house. Barnabas tells him, “If it’s
Miss Hoffman you’re looking for, she’s not here”. Woodard tells
him, “Actually, it’s you I’d like to see”. Barnabas asks, “Why?”.
Woodard replies, “I’d like to talk about your cousin David”. Barnabas
asks, “How is the boy?”. Woodard replies, “Healthier than most people
think”. Barnabas asks, “What about his strange aberrations?”. Woodard
replies, “I don’t think thay are aberrations. Why is David afraid
of you?”. Barnabas replies, “I don’t know. Dr. Fisher has a theory
that it’s due to my resemblance to my ancestor”. Woodard notes, “Yes,
but that resemblance has existed for a long time. It’s just recently
that David’s become frightened of you. Something must have happened
recently. Perhaps it’s something he’s found out in the family
histories about the original Barnabas Collins that’s frightened him.
What do you know about he original Barnabas Collins?”. Barnabas
replies, “Not much, I’m afraid”. Woodard says, “But I thought you
were an authority on the family history”. Barnabas replies, “The
family history, yes, but I don’t go looking for skeletons in
closets”. Woodard says, “So you admit there ARE skeletons in the
closet”. Barnabas angrily says, “I’m sick and tired of all this
insinuation!…”. Woodard interrupts him, “I saw your sister Sarah
tonight!”. Barnabas says, “Perhaps David isn’t the only one
suffering abberations. You know as well as I do that I don’t have
a sister”. Woodard says, “Perhaps I heard wrong. Perhaps she said
didn’t say sister. Perhaps she said’ancestor'”. Barnabas tells
Woodard, “You’ve overstayed your welcome, Doctor. Good night”.
Woodard calmly replies, “Good night, Barnabas” and leaves.
Episode 338
Worldvision Rerun 128
Tape Date: October 6, 1967 (ABC #203-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 11, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

As Woodard is leaving the old house, he runs into Julia, who’s
just arriving. Surprised, she asks, “Dave?”. Woodard replies, “I
was just having a talk with Barnabas”. Julia says, “I assumed that,
but why did you come to talk to him?”. Woodard replies, “Curiosity,
Julia, just idle curiosity. It’s obvious that YOU find this house
and what’s in it interesting”. Julia remarks, “Barnabas Collins is
a fascinating man. Dave, I don’t want to keep you from what you’re
doing.”. Woodard says, “Good night, Julia”. and leaves.
Julia goes inside. But Dr. Woodard has not left. He has doubled
back and is spying through the window. Julia asks Barnabas, “What
happened? What were you two talking about?”. Barnabas replies,
“He’s very close to knowing the truth about me”. Julia asks, “What
happened?”. Barnabas tells her, “He asked certains questions”.
Julia remarks, “You must have answered them well. I just talked
to him and he didn’t seem to know anything. Maybe he has some vague
suspicions, but that’s all. He doesn’t really know anything”.
Barnabas reminds her, “He knows YOU. He knows you’re a doctor.
He’ll figure out that something medical here interests you. He’ll
find out about your experiments. He’ll know you must be keeping
notes on the experiment. You are keeping notes, aren’t you?”
Julia admits, “Well, yes”. Barnabas continues, “I want you to
destroy them!” Julia asks, “Why?” Barnabas replies, in an
exasperated tone, “Because I don’t want him to find them, that’s why!”
Julia refuses, saying, “They’re completely safe at Collinwood.
No one knows about them”. Barnabas remarks, “I would like to
believe that”. Julia assures him , “I would never do anything to
put you in danger”. Barnabas tells her, “Sarah. He knows about
Sarah.” He tells her what Woodard said. Julia asks, “What did you
do?” Barnabas replies, “When he said that, I looked at him as if
he were utterly mad. I tried to act calm so he wouldn’t know how
near panic I was. Forgive me, Sarah, for denying you.” Speaking
defiantly to the air, he says, “Yes, Dr. Woodard, Sarah Collins IS
my sister, the dearest creature to ever walk this earth…”
Outside, Woodard hears this…
There is a knock at the front door of Collinwood. Vicky, who’s
in the drawing room, goes and answers it. It’s Burke. They kiss.
Vicky exclaims, “Burke, you’re back! How wonderful!” Burke tells
her, “Not so wonderful. I have to go away again in a few days.”
Vicky asks, “Why?”. Burke explains, “The usual reason. Business.
I may have to be gone several weeks this time.” Vicky asks,
“Where?”. Burke replies, “South America”. Vicky remarks, “So far
away!”. Burke matter of factly replies, “It isn’t that far away”.
Vicky says, “To me it is. I haven’t travelled much”. Burke tells
her, “Soon you’ll be going to many places”. He brings up the
subject of marriage, but Vicky says, “I can’t till David gets
better”. They get into an argument about this. Elizabeth, outside
in the foyer, hears this. She goes in and says, “Forgive me, I came
in here to find a book and instead find two people I care very much
about quarreling because of us”. She tells them she’s thought of an
idea on how they could get married right away and still allow Vicky
to be close to David, “The west wing of Collinwood is free for you
to live in after your marriage. You can live there until the house
you want is available.”. Vicky exclaims, “Mrs. Stoddard, that’s
the most wonderful offer I’ve ever heard!”, but Burke seems less
excited about it and says,, “I’ll let you know our decision as soon
as possible. Thanks”. Elizabeth leaves. Vicky asks Burke, “Burke,
what’s the matter? You act as if you’re suspicious of the offer.
Why don’t you accept it?”. Burke replies, “There’s certain aspects
of it I don’t like, like you working for the people we’ll be renting
from…” Vicky interrupts, “You know I’m more than just an employee
of the Collins family!” Burke continues, “But you’d still be on call
24 hours a day. We have to start thinking of what’s best for you and
me, not other people.” He pauses and admits, “There’s also something
else. Something I feel, something I don’t like. I fear that all the
terrible things that have been happening to the Collins family will
start happening to us”. Vicky laughs, reminding him that it was him
that used to kid her about about being supernatural. Burke tells her,
“Vicky, I love to hear you laugh. Don’t ever let anything stop you
from laughing” and kisses her.
At the old house, Barnabas says, “We must not underestimate
Dr. Woodard. We must find out what he knows, particularly
about Sarah”. Julia asks, “How are we going to find out?”.
Barnabas replies, “WE won’t. You will. By asking him some questions”.
Julia warns, “That might make him suspicious”, but Barnabas points
out, “He’s already suspicious”. Julia agrees, “All right, I’ll go
talk to him”
Julia goes to Dr. Woodard’s office. She tells him she trusts
his judgement and now believes his story about Sarah being a
ghost. Woodard replies, “Funny. You’ve changed your mind to my
point of view, and I to yours”. He tells her he no longer believes
Sarah is a ghost. He continues, “Perhaps we should forget about
Sarah Collins for now and speak about you. What is your interest in
Barnabas Collins? You said you had an interest in him. What kind
of interest would produce a list like this”. He takes out a piece of
paper and tells her it’s a list of all the medical supplies she’s
bought recently. Shocked, Julia asks, “Where did you get that?”.
Woodard replies, “From a friend at Hollywell pharmacy”. Julia asks,
“Why?” Woodard replies, “I wanted to know what you were doing up at
the old house.” Julia tells him, “You didn’t have to do that. You
could’ve asked me about that list”. Woodard asks, “Would you tell me
if I asked you now?” Julia replies, “Yes, but it’s not easy. It’s
not easy for a woman to admit she’s made a fool of herself over a
man”. Woodard asks, “What do you mean?”. Julia replies, “You
guessed it yourself.” Woodard asks, “What?”. Julia repliesl, “That
I’m emotionally involved with Barnabas Collins”. Woodard notes, “When
I look at this list, I feel you’re involved with him as a doctor
as well”. Julia says, “I can’t explain that. I think it would be
best for you to stop asking”. Woodard asks, “Why?” Julia replies,
“You’re probing into an area you don’t understand. For your own
good, don’t ask me any more questions. Don’t ask anyone any more
questions”. Woodard asks, “Julia, are you warning me?”. Julia
replies, “I’m asking you as a friend. Stop now before it’s too
Episode 339
Worldvision Rerun 129
Tape Date: October 9, 1967 (ABC #204-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 12, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

At the old house, Barnabas paces about nervously. Julia finally
returns. Barnabas asks, “What happened?”. Julia replies, “I spoke
to Dr. Woodard”. Barnabas asks, “And what did he say?”. Julia
replies, “Enough to frighten me. He knows I’m performing experiments
on you”. Barnabas asks, “How?”. Julia explains about how Woodard
learned about all the medical supplies she’s been ordering. Barnabas
asks, “What did you say?”. Julia replies, “I said I was treating
you for a rare blood disorder.”. Barnabas exclaims, “You said what?!
Did he ask you why you were keeping everything so secret?”. Julia
replies, “Yes, I explained that you wanted to keep your illness
secret from your family”. Barnabas asks, “Did he believe you?” Julia
replies, “I don’t know what he believes. This time I’m frightened.
Dave acted as if he were close to the secret. If he is, it could be
the end for both of us”. Barnabas angrily asks, “How could you let
this happen? You could’ve been cleverer in getting supplies”. Julia
defends herself, “I had to sign for those supplies. There was no
other way of getting them”. Barnabas tells Julia, “First you must
burn your notes”, but Julia says, “No! No one will find them!”.
Barnabas insists, “Someone might. Dr. Woodard suspects”. Julia
replies, “But he doesn’t know about the notes”. Barnabas remarks,
“He must have been suspiscious for some time now. He must have been
wondering why you didn’t leave Collinwood immediately after Willie
was arrested”. Julia explains, “He was, but he had a theory about
that. He thought I cared for you”. Barnabas exclaims, “He thought
that?! He’s an even greater fool that I thought!” Julia, a somewhat
hurt look on her face, says, “I don’t find that theory so pre-
posterous”. Barnabas asks, “What do you mean?”. Julia just replies,
“Never mind”. Barnabas orders her to destroy her notes. Julia
insists, “Barnabas that isn’t necessary. Nobody can get to them,
There’s a knock at the front door of Collinwood. Mrs. Johnson
answers. It’s Dr. Woodard. He tells her, “I just came by to see
David”. Mrs. Johnson tells her, “I’ll tell Mrs. Stoddard”, but
Woodard replies, “That won’t be necessary. I’ll go see David,
then come down and see her myself. Is Julia Hoffman here?”
Mrs. Johnson tells him, “No, she said she’d be gone most of the
night”. Woodard asks, “David’s room, it’s the last one on the left,
isn’t it?”. Mrs. Johnson corrects him, “Oh no! That’s Miss Hoffman’s
room. David’s is the first on the right. I hope you can help David.”.
Woodard replies, “I may know a lot more after tonight. Tonight
I may find the answers to many questions”. He goes upstairs.
Later, in the foyer, Roger confronts Elizabeth, “Liz, have
you taken leave of your senses?! Burke Devlin living here!? Have
you forgotten he tried to destroy us?”. Elizabeth points out,
“That’s in the past. I consider him a friend now”. Roger replies,
“Well, I don’t!”. They argue. Mrs. Johnson happens to come into
the foyer. She tells Elizabeth, “Dr. Woodard came to see David.
He’s been upstairs with him for about half an hour now. He should
be down any minute.” Elizabeth thanks her. She and Roger then go
into the drawing room to continue their argument. Mrs. Johnson
goes upstairs.
Upstairs, Dr. Woodard sneaks into Julia’s room and starts
At the old house, Julia continues to argue with Barnabas, “I
need my notes, Barnabas. I have to have a record of what I do!”.
Barnabas insists, “Those notes must be burned tonight! Where are
they?”. Julia replies, “In my room in a locked metal box”. Barnabas
orders her, “Let’s go to Collinwood and destroy them now”. Julia
asks, “Why don’t I just go there and bring them back?”. Barnabas
explains, “I want to see for myself if the lock’s been tampered
with.” Julia smiles and notes, “You’re afraid. You’re really
afraid. I never knew it was possible for you to feel any emotion,
even fear.” Barnabas orders, “Come!”
Woodard continues to search Julia’s room. Mrs. Johnson
come into the hallway and starts to dust a table standing
there. Hearing Woodard making noises inside Julia’s room,
she remarks, “That’s strange. I thought she was out”. She
knocks on the door and calls, “Miss Hoffman? Miss Hoffman?
Are youi in there?”. Receiving no replie, she opens the door
and looks inside. Woodard hides behind the door, a frightened
look on his face. Seeing nothing, Mrs. Johnson mutters, “Funny.
I thought for sure I heard noises in here. Guess I was mistaken”.
She closes the door and leaves. Woodard waits a few seconds,
then resumes his search.
In the drawing room, Roger sarcastically says to Elizabeth,
“Next time you’ll be telling me you’ve decided to turn Collinwood
into a hotel!”. Elizabeth firmly says, “I’ve made my decision and
you’ll just have to accept it!”. Roger begs, “Liz, please…”.
Julia and Barnabas come in through the front doors and start up the
stairs, but Elizabeth, seeing them, calls out, “Barnabas!”. Barnabas
turns and says, “Hello, Elizabeth!”. Elizabeth replies, “What a
pleasant surprise”. Julia and Barnabas go into the drawing room.
Julia explains, “I’m showing Barnabas the part of the west wing where
the original architecture has been altered”. Roger asks Barnabas, “I
want you to hear about my sister’s latest brainstorm”. Elizabeth
tells Barnabas her plans to let Burke and Vicky live in the west wing
and asks, “Do you think I’m making a terrible mistake?”. Barnabas
replies, “I’m not sure”. Roger, shocked, exclaims, “Not sure?! A
person like Devlin living here?”. Barnabas explains, “It would be
regretable, but it would be even more regrettable to lose Vicky.”
He speaks glowingly about Vicky. Julia has a very jealous look on
her face.
Woodard searches in the armoire. He finds nothing. Suddenly,
he gets an idea. Pulling a chair over and standing on it,
he searchs he top of the armoire and finds a metal box there.
The takes it down and takes it over to the desk, where he
pries the lock open with a knife. Inside, he finds a red leather
diary-type book with a lock. He cuts the lock strap with his
knife, opens the notebook, and starts to leaf through it.
A look of astonishment crosses his face. He closes the book and
puts it in his coat pocket. He closes he metal box, puts it back
on top of the armoire, puts the room back in place, and leaves.
In the drawing room, Roger pleads, “Barnabas, tell he what
a mistake she’s making”. Barnabas replies, “I wouldn’t presume
to do so. She’s made her decision and I respect it”. Elizabeth
sees Woodard coming down the stairs and calls out, “Dave! What
are you doing here?”. Woodard replies, “Examining David.” Roger
asks to talk to him, but Woodard replies, “Sorry, I can’t. I have
some appointments I have to go to”. He tells Elizabeth, “I’ll drop
by tomorrow to talk to you” and leaves hurriedly. Roger remarks,
“Well, he couldn’t wait to get out, could he?”. Julia tells
Elizabeth and Roger, “I think I’ll take Barnabas up to show him the
west wing now”. She and Barnbas leave. Roger remarks to Elizabeth,
“Liz, did you notice something strange about Barnabas tonight? Is
it my imagination or did he seem nervous, preoccupied? I wonder
Barnabas and Julia go into Julia’s room. Barnabas asks, “Where’s
the box?”. Julia replies, “On top of the armoire”. Barnabas tells
her, “Well, get it”. Julia pulls up chair and does so. She brings
the box to the desk, remarking, “Here it is, all safe”. Barnabas
tells her, “Well, open it”. Julia repiles, “All right”. and puts
the key in the lock. Suddenly, she exclaims, “Barnabas! It’s been
pried open, the lock!”. Barnabas asks, “And the notebook?” Julia
opens the box and exclaims, “It’s gone!!!”
Episode 340
Worldvision Rerun 130
Tape Date: October 10, 1967 (ABC #205-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 13, 1967 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas exclaims, “The Woodard knows everything! He knows what
I am! He must be eliminated, immediately! We must act, immediately,
before Woodard can tell anyone what he knows, and you’re going to
help me!”. Julia says, “Murder isn’t the answer”, but Barnabas
replies, “How can I let Woodard live with what he knows?”. Julia
says, “Something has to be done, but murder…”. Barnabas again
says,”You’re going to help me”. Julia akss, “How?”. Barnabas
explains, “With your knowledge of medicine, you can devise a way
of killing him that’ll look like an accident”. Julia exclaims, “I
can’t!”, but Barnabas insists, “You must! You realize he’ll
implicate you too!”. Julia tells him, “I can’t be an accesory to
murder!”. Barnabas tells her, “You already are. You’ve helped me,
you’ve protected me”. Julia says, “I won’t be part of Dave’s death!”.
Barnabas warns her, “You want to know how Woodard will die if you
don’t? It will be a painful death. I will see to it that Dave Woodard
endures more pain than any human being ever has. By the time I
finally kill him, he’ll be begging for death!”. Julia begs, “No!
Don’t kill him that way…”. Barnabas tells her, “I must, if you
won’t help me”. Julia says, “There is a way he could die painlessly.
A drug could cause him to die immediately. It will look like a heart
attack”. Barnabas says, “Good. At last you are proving to be of use
to me”. Julia tells him, “I couldn’t bear the thought of Dave dying
the way you described”. Barnabas sarcastically remarks, “How
humanitarian of you. You must prepare the injection. Come with me”
Woodard returns to his office and starts to read Julia’s
journal. There’s a knock at the door. Woodard nervously asks,
“Who’s there?”. A voice replies, “Sam Evans”. Woodard lets him
in and asks “What do you want, Sam?” Sam asks, “Did you forget?
You were supposed to see Maggie tonight”. Woodard says, “Oh, I
forgot. Something came up”. Sam tells him, “I came to save you a
trip. I just need a prescription for Maggie’s sleeping pills”.
Woodard tells him, “I can’t, I don’t have the time”, but Sam
insists, “Come on, Dave, how long can it take to write a
prescription?”. Woodard agrees, “All right. What was it for?”.
Sam, puzzled, asks, “You don’t remember?”. Woodard remembers
and says, “Oh yes” and starts to write the prescription. Sam asks,
“What’s the matter with you, Dave?”. Woodard replies, “Nothing.
Nothing at all”. Sam notes, “You seem jittery, like you’re excited
about something”. Woodard replies, “Maybe I am. This is a special
night, very special”. Sam asks, “How?” Woodard replies, “I can’t
explain it to you. Here’s the prescription. Sorry, but I’ll have
to ask you to leave now. I have something to do that’s important,
very, very important”. Sam leaves. Woodard resumes his reading
of Julia’s journal.
At the old house, Julia is filling a hypodermic needle with
some blue fluid. Barnabas asks, “Are you sure that’ll cause Dr.
Woodard to die immediately?”. Julia replies,”Yes”. Barnabas
exclaims, “Splendid!”. Julia holds he syringe out to him and tells
him, “Take it. I don’t want to see it ever again”, but Barnabas
does not take it, saying “Keep it. I have no use for it. You’re
the doctor. You’re the one who’s going to administer the injection.
Julia, shocked, exclaims, “I can’t do that!”. Barnabas tells her,
“Think of it this way. You’ll be sparing him an enormous amount of
pain. Consider it a mercy killing”. Julia reiterates, “I can’t take
a human life, never!”. Barnabas remarks, “We’ll see about that”.
Julia exclaims, “I can’t! Dave Woodard is my friend!”. Barnabas
corrects her, “WAS your friend. Now he’s a much of a danger to you
as he is to me”. Julia again says, “I can’t!”. Barnabas says,
“Then I will have to kill him myself”. Julia suggests, “There may
be another alternative without having to kill him. I could go to
him and talk to him. He’ll understand your value to science. He
might decide to cooperate”. Barnabas agrees, “All right. I’ll let
you have your little chat with Woodard. But take the hypodermic
along, just in case…”
Woodard finishes reading the journal. On his face is a look
of pure shock. He picks up the telephone and telephones the
sheriff’s office and asks for the sheriff, but finds that the
sheriff isn’t in. He tells the deputy, “This is urgent! Get
a hold of him, by radio if necessary! Tell him to be in his
office in 15 minutes! I’ve got to see him RIGHT AWAY!” Julia comes
into the office. Woodard exclaims “Julia!”. Julia replies, “Hello,
Dave”. Woodard asks, “What are you doing here?”. Julia replies,
“I have to talk to you”. Woodard averrs, “I don’t have time”.
Julia tells him, “You’ll have to make the time”. Woodard says,
“Let’s not play cat and mouse.” He holds the journal up and
asks, “It’s because of this, isn’t it?”. Julia asks, “How did
you know about that?”. Woodard explains, “I overheard you and
Barnabas talking about it at the old house”. Julia angrily
demands, “Give it to me! You’ve eavesdropped on my conversations,
and broken into my room at Collinwood!”. Woodard tells her, “It’s
too late. I’ve already read it, cover to cover. Every fantastic
word! I know about your experiments, I know what Barnabas Collins is!
Julia, I know everything!”. Julia asks, “What are you going to do?”
Woodard replies, “I’m going to go to the police!”. Julia begs, “No,
let me talk to you, Dave. I’m trying to make an important contribution
to science”. Woodard says, “You knew what Barnabas Collins was! You
protected him!” Julia replies, “For knowledge!” Woodard says, “You
were willing to sacrifice human livess for this knowledge!”. Julia
tries to defend herself, “I tried to keep Barnabas under control. I
wasn’t always successful”, but Woodard tells her, “There’s no excuse
for you, Julia, there’s no excuse in the world for what you’ve done!”
Julia tells him, “You can’t go to the police. You must cooperate”.
Woodard exclaims, “Cooperate?!” Julia explains, “You must, or
Barnabas will kill you”. Woodard says, “I’ll take that chance.
I believe that Barnabas Collins will continue to kill like the
inhuman creature he is unless someone stops him. I’m going to
stop him!” He walks over to the door and prepares to go out. Julia
warns him, “If you go out that door, you’ll never make it to the
sheriff’s office. He’s out there somewhere, out there in the dark.
He’ll find you and kill you”. Woodard turns back, walks over to his
desk and says, “Then I won’t go. There are other ways to communicate
with the outside world. A few words into this phone and soon the
whole world will know about Barnabas Collins. He can kill all of
Collinsport if he likes. In the end, it will only mean his own
destruction!” He picks up the phone and starts to dial.
Julia begs, “Dave, no!”. Suddenly, Woodard hears a loud squeaking
sound. He looks up and sees on the window shade the shadow of a
large bat hovering outside the window. Suddenly, the bat disappears
and Barnabas Collins materializes inside the room. Woodard gasps,
“Till now, I had hoped it was only a nightmare. Now I know it’s
true!”. Barnabas dryly replies, “Think of it as a dream from which
you will never awaken…”
Episode 341 (Kinescope)
Worldvision Rerun 131
Tape Date: October 11, 1967 (ABC #206-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 16, 1967 Monday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: John Sedwick

Julia begs, “Barnabas, let me talk to him. Perhaps I can convince
him to cooperate”, but Woodard firmly says, “No, never!”. Julia
begs, “You must, to save yourself!”. Woodard asks Barnabas, “What
do you plan to do?”. Barnabas replies, “I plan to do nothing. The
excellent Dr. Hoffman will take care of everything”. Woodard
exclaims, “Julia!”. then says to Barnabas, “So you’re going to
kill me. Good. Death wasn’t my worst fear”. Barnabas asks, “What do
you mean?”. Woodard replies, “I prefer death to being something
like you, something loathsome and evil. I would prefer anything
to being the undead!” Barnabas remarks, “So, you’ve read the
notes. You know I have the power to transform you into something
like myself”. Woodard continues, “My only regret is that I won’t be
able to destroy you”. Barnabas considers turning Woodard into a
vampire, but Woodard vows, “If you do, I’ll turn you in then destroy
myself!” Barnabas grabs Woodard and tells Julia, “Proceed. You did
bring the hypodermic?”. Julia replies, “Yes”. Barnabas tells her,
“Then I turn the patient over to you, Doctor”. Woodard sarcastically
remarks, “Dr. Hoffman, one of the best and, I thought, bravest doctors
I know. The suffering you could have prevented! The lives you
could have saved! How am I to die?”. Barnabas explains the plan to
Woodard. He then turns to Julia and tells her, “I’m waiting”. Julia
replies, “I can’t!”. Barnabas tells her, “You have no choice. You
have to”. Julia again says, “I can’t! He’s my friend!”. Barnabas
tells her, “You no longer have any friends, Julia”. Julia still refuses.
Barnabas, exasperated, tells her, “If you can’t, give me the syringe”.
He takes it from her. He approaches Woodard. Suddenly, Woodard shouts,
“Sarah!”. Barnabas exclaims, “Where?” Woodard points behind Barnabas
and replies, “There!” As Barnabas turns to look, Woodard breaks free
and runs to the door. Barnabas, seeing that Sarah is not there,
grabs Woodard before he can open the door and escape, angrily says,
“Loathsome and evil I am, you can mock me for that, but leave my
pain alone!” and plunges the hypodermic into Woodard’s arm. Woodard
collapses onto the floor. Julia moans, “He’s dead! He’s dead!”.
Barnabas sits Woodard in his chair and remarks, “Death must have
been instantaneous. He didn’t seem to suffer any pain.” and sarcas-
tically adds, “Cut down in the prime of life. Such a good man, too.
He lived only to help others”. Julia, devasted, begs, “Don’t make
fun. Let’s go”. Barnabas asks, “Aren’t you going to examine him?”.
Julia replies, “I don’t need to. He’s dead. I know the medicine I
gave him”. Barnabas, a look of surprise on his face, asks, “Medicine?”.
Julia explains, “In lesser doses, it’s curative.”. Barnabas caustically
remarks, “Ah, but it WAS curative! The good doctor has a fatal
curiousity. He no longer has it! Ready?” Julia replies, “Yes”.
Barnabas asks, “What about the hypodermic?” Julia says, “Oh”, and
picks it up and turns to leave. Barnabas asks, “Sure you’re ready?”.
Julia replies, “Yes”. Barnabas asks, “What about the notebook?”.
Julia remembers and gets it. Barnabas remarks, “Really, doctor,
you’re not your ususl professional self. I thought you’d be used to
death by now”. The phone rings. Barnabas and Julia let it ring.
On the other end, the sheriff mutters, “Come on, Dave. Answer your
phone, will you?”. Finally, he gives up and hangs up. Barnabas
asks Julia, “Have you forgotten anything else?” “No”. Barnabas
remarks, “Just your friend”. Julia moans, “My friend…”. Suddenly,
Julia hears Woodard’s voice saying, “You no longer have any friends,
Julia!”. She exclaims, “He’s not dead!”. Barnabas replies, “I know
a dead man when I see one”. Julia insists, “I heard him speak!”.
Barnabas tells her, “You heard nothing. Now come on”. Julia, now
nearly hysterical, insists, “I heard him! I did! I did!”. Barnabas
has to drag her out of the office.
At the Blue Whale, Sam is sitting at the bar, nursing a drink and
a puffing on a pipe. The sheriff comes into the tavern, goes to
the bar and asks the bartender, “Dr. Woodard show up after I
called?” The bartender replies that he didn’t. Sam asks, “Looking
for Dr. Woodard?” The sheriff asks, “Have you seen him?”. Sam
replies, “Yes, about two hours ago at his office”. The sheriff asks,
“Do you remember exactly how long ago?” Sam looks at his wristwatch
and remarks, with facetious accuracy, “Oh, 1 hour 54 minutes ago. Is
that exact enough for you? Something up?”. The sheriff answers,
“I don’t know. He called the office. I’ve been expecting him, but
he hasn’t showed up”. Sam suggests, “Maybe he’s at the hospital.
Maybe an emergency came up”, but the Sheriff replies, “No, I called
there too. He might be on a house call, but in that case, why didn’t
he contact the hospital and tell them where he’d be? He’s on call
till midnight”. Sam suggests, “Have you tried looking in the most
obvious place, his office?”. The Sheriff replies, “No, but I
telephoned there and there was no answer”. Sam asks, “Dave was
onto something wasn’t he?”. The sheriff replies, “I don’t know”.
Sam remarks, “When I went to his office tonight, he was very excited,
like a man about to discover something he’s been looking for for a
long time”. The sheriff asks, “What?”. Sam replies, “I don’t know”.
Suddenly, there’s a scream outside. The sheriff and several patrons
run outside. Sam stays inside. A few seconds later, the sheriff and
the patrons come back inside. The sheriff tells Sam, “Nothing to be
excited about. A woman saw a bat and became frightened. A lot of
women are afraid of bats. Afraid they’ll get into their hair.” Sam
grumbles, “Well, if she’s afraid of bats, she should stay away from
the waterfront. There are always bats flying around here at night”.
The Sheriff tell Sam, “I’m worried. It’s not like Dave to to lose
contact with the hospital. I think I’ll go check his office”.
Sam says, “I’ll go with you”. Suddenly, he exclaims, “Look”,
pointing at the window. The sheriff does. Outside hovers a bat. It
flies away. Sam exclaims, “It’s gone! How can something be so small,
so harmless, yet suggest something so monstrous?”. The sheriff
suggests, “Perhaps it’s because we have overworked imaginations…”
Sam and the Sheriff go to Woodard’s office. The sheriff knocks
and calls out, “Dave! It’s the sheriff!”. There’s no answer.
Sam says, “I’m for breaking it down”. They discuss it, then break
the door down. They find Woodard slumped down in his chair.
Sam moans, “No! Not Dave…”. The sheriff picks up the phone
and starts to say, “Operator, get me the hospital”, but Sam examines
Woodard and tells him, “No, it’s too late”. The sheriff tells the
operator, “Cancel that call”. and hangs up. Sam moans, “Who could’ve
done it?”. The sheriff notes, “We don’t know anyone did anything”.
Sam says, “He was on to something”. The sheriff says, “Look around
the room. Does it look like there’s been any struggle?”. Sam admits
it doesn’t. The sheriff asks, “Is the room pretty much like it was
when you were here earlier?”. Sam admits it is, but insists, “I
still think he was murdered!”. The sheriff tells him, “We’ll find
out soon enough”. He picks up the phone again and calls the coroner.
Sam, still convinced it’s murder, continues to moan, “Who could’ve
done it, who?”
At the old house, Julia take the syringe and hurls it into
the fireplace. Barnabas remarks, “A very good idea”. Julia, stil
upset, says, “Leave me alone!”. Barnabas remarks, “I’m surprised.
I didn’t think you’d be so upset”. Julia says again, “I just want
to be left alone!”. Barnabas tells her, “You’ll get used to it”.
Julia asks “What?”. Barnabas explains, “Yourself. You’ll get used
to yourself in your new identity”. Julia asks, “What do you mean?”.
Barnabas tells her, “Your new identity as a murderer”. Julia says,
“I’m not a murderer! I didn’t kill him, you did!”, but Barnabas
replies, “You helped. In portioning the responsibility, I have no
trouble giving you one half. In time, you’ll get used to it”. Julia
tells him, “I won’t go on with the experiments! I’ll go away!”.
Barnabas replies, “Impossible. We need each other now more than ever.
Now that Woodard’s gone, I’m your only friend”. Once again, Julia
thinks she hears Woodard’s voice saying, “You no longer have any
friends, Julia!” Julia moans, “No…….No!!!!”
Episode 342
Worldvision Rerun 132
Tape Date: October 12, 1967 (ABC #207-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 17, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: John Sedwick

Sam returns to the Evans Cottage and sits down on the sofa.
Maggie comes out of her bedroom and asks, “Aren’t you going to
bed yet? It’s late”. Sam replies, cryptically, “It’s too late.”
Maggie, puzzled, asks, “What are you talking about?” Sam refuses
to tell her, but Maggie insists on knowing, “Pop, something
happened. What is it?” Sam finally tells her, “Dr. Woodard, Dave,
he’s dead”. Maggie asks, “How did it happen?” Sam replies, “I
don’t know. The sheriff and I went there and he was just sitting
at his desk, dead”. Maggie asks, “The sheriff and you? So you
suspected something was wrong?”. Sam tells her, “Dave had called
the sheriff earlier, but never showed up”. Maggie asks, “Dr. Woodard
was murdered, wasn’t he?”. Sam replies,”We don’t know. It looked
like he fell asleep, that’s all, except his eyes were open. I wonder
what the last thing those eyes saw to be staring like that”. Maggie
asks, “There were no signs of a struggle?”. Sam replies, “No, I
was there earlier, and the office looked pretty much the same as
it did then”. Maggie suggests, “Maybe it was a natural death?” Sam
replies, “No, it would be too much of a coincidence. A man just
doesn’t call the sheriff then die like that. I think Woodard was
onto something”. Maggie starts to worry that perhaps Woodard HAD
discovered who kidnapped her, that it wasn’t Willie and that the
real kidnapper was still out there, that he had killed Dr. Woodard
because Woodard had learned who he was. Suddenly, she exclaims,
“Listen! Hear that? Someone’s outside!”. Sam replies, “I know”.
Maggie asks, “Who is it?”. Sam tells her, “One of the sheriff’s
deputies”. Maggie says, “So you DO suspect the kidnapper’s still out
there”. Sam replies, “No, the sheriff and I just wanted to be on the
safe side”. Maggie says, “Poor Dr. Woodard, he just wanted to help me,
and now he’s dead”. Sam remarks, “He was working to the last….”,
then suddenly remembers something and exclaims, “Wait a minute! He
was reading a book, a little read book, when I went there the first
time. I said that nothing had been changed in the room, but there
WAS a drastic change. The red book. It was gone!”
Sam and the Sheriff go to Woodard’s office and search for the
red book but find nothing. The sheriff remarks, “We’ve searched
everywhere and it’s not here”. Sam says, “Of course not. The killer
took it with him”. He explains, “You didn’t see how he was acting.
That notebook was very special to him”. Suddenly, the sheriff hears
a noise, says, “Wait!” and draws his gun. Burke comes in. The
sheriff asks, “Burke, what are you doing here?”. Burke sarcastically
remarks, “Trying to get myself shot by a trigger happy sheriff”. The
sheriff tells Burke, “Burke, I have something serious to tell you.
It’s about Dr. Woodard”. Burke interrupts, “I already know about it.
The whole town knows about it”. Sam tells him, “The sheriff doesn’t
think it’s murder”. The sheriff explains that he thinks it was
natural causes. Burke tells him that the doctor had recently been
talking about his suspicions that something supernatural was
happening. The sheriff is dubious, “I’m willing to suspect foul
play. The circumstances certainly do look a little suspicious,
but the supernatural, that’s where we’ll have to part company…”.
Unnoticed by the three men, a bat is hovering outside the window…
At Collinwood, Burke and Vicky are talking in the drawing room.
Burke tells Vicky, “I’m afraid I have some very bad news for you.”.
Vicky says, “Yes, I know”. Burke, surprised, asks, “You do?”.
Vicky replies, “You have to go away on that business trip. When?”
Burke tells her, “On Thursday, but that’s not what I’m talking
about”. Vicky asks, “What is it, then?”. Burke tells her, “Dave
Woodard died last night”. Vicky exclaims, “NO!!! What happened?”
Burke replies, “Nobody knows for sure. We’re waiting for the
coroner’s report. It’s possible that he just died peacefully in his
office”. Julia, who’s just come into the room, asks, “Who died?”
Vicky tells her, “Julia, Dr. Woodard died in his office last night”.
Julia feigns shock, “Dave?! Dave is dead?! How? Tell me how he
died!”. Burke tells her, “We don’t know, but it looks like a heart
attack”. Julia moans, “I was always telling him he worked too hard.
How could he die, how?”. Vicky tells her, “Julia, I think you’d
better sit down”. Julia asks, “It WAS a heart attack, wasn’t it?”.
Burke remarks, “I know what you’re thinking. Murder”. Julia, now
looking truly distraught, exclaims, “NO! NO!”. Vicky asks, “But who
would’ve wanted to murder him?”. Burke tells her, “He knew something.
He called the sheriff and said he was going to tell him someting.
Have either of you ever seen him writing in a small, red-leather
covered notebook? He was seen reading a red leather notebook shortly
before he died”. Julia, alarmed, asks, “What was in that notebook?”.
Burke replies, “No one knows. It was missing when he was found
dead”. Julia moans, “To think that someone could do such a horrible
thing! Horrible! Horrible!”
Burke has left. Vicky brings Julia a cup of tea and tries to
console her. Vicky says, “He was a fine man, he never thought of
himself, only others”. Julia tells her, “He was always like that,
warm-hearted and generous”. Vicky remarks, “I hope it wasn’t murder.
I don’t think I could ever forgive the person who did that, could
you?”. This really disturbs Julia, who says, “I don’t think I could
ever forgive the person. Ever!”
Maggie and Sam are at the Evan’s cottage. Maggie continues to
worry that Woodard was murdered, and that that means the kidnapper
may still be out there. Sam exclaims, “That’s enough! I don’t want
to hear you talking that way!”. The phone rings. Sam remarks,
“That must be about the coroner’s report”. and picks up the phone.
He asks, “What is it, Sheriff?… I see….”. After he hangs up,
Maggie asks, “Well?”. Sam tells her, “Dr. Woodard suffered a massive
thrombosis and a large coronary. In other words, a heart attack. He
suffered little if at all. Death was almost instantaneous”. Maggie,
relieved, says, “Then he wasn’t murdered after all! I’m safe!
He died of natural causes, right?”. Sam replies, “Yes, perfectly
natural”, but his tone of voice sounds like he isn’t convinced….
Episode 343
Worldvision Rerun 133
Tape Date: October 8, 1967 (ABC #208-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 18, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Lela Swift

It is twilight. Julia is in her downstairs lab at the old house
working. On a table is an impressive array of testubes and other
scientific glassware all filled with various colored fluids connected
into some sort of still. Next to this is a large metal vat filled with
some sort of liquid. She pours some powder in a vat, watches the
bubbling reaction, then stops. Barnabas, who’s come down the stairs
and has been watching her, exclaims, “Don’t stop now! Why did you do
that? It was magnificent!”. Julia replies, “I was just testing it. No
need to go further. It’s obvious it worked”. Barnabas remarks, “Now
we’re ready for the laboratory treatment!”. Julia replies, “I’m not
ready to do the laboratory treatment yet”. Barnabas says, “But we were
going to do that after Woodard died!”. He asks what the status of
Woodard’s case is. Julia tells him, “The coroner has concluded he died
of a heart attack”. Barnabs remarks sarcastically, “A heart attack.
How sad. How very, very sad. A man in his prime, too”. Julia tells
him, “We can’t take chances yet”. Barnabas says, “You want to dis-
continue the treatments, don’t you?”. Julia says, “I didn’t expect
this to lead to murder. I can’t go on. Please…”, but Barnabas
says, “Discontinue? I couldn’t consider it! I’ve gone too far!”.
Julia says, “I can’t go further.”, but Barnabas tells her, “You have
no choice. You’ve given me one irretrievable gift. The hope of being
human again. I can’t let it go, now or ever”. Julia tells him, “With
humanity comes conscience, and with conscience comes guilt. Are
you prepared to handle the guilt?”. Barnabas replies, “I’m prepared
to take the chance”. Julia remarks, “You only say that because you
don’t know what guilt feels like”. Barnabas replies, “I do. I was
human once. The first laboratory treatment will commence at midnight!
I wonder what I’ll be like as a human being?”
In the garden at Collinwood, Vicky and Burke are arguing again.
Vicky says, in an exasperated tone, “All right, Burke, let’s not talk
about it! Let’s not have an argument now just before you go away!”.
Burke says,”But I thought the matter was settled”. Vicky tells him,
“That was before David started to act so strangely”. Burke tells her,
“We’ve got to think of ourselves. We can’t let David be our
first concern”. They argue. Burke asks, “How did David take the
news of Dr. Woodard’s death?”. Vicky tells him, “No one’s told him
yet. We’ve been afraid to”. They argue about whether to accept
Elizabeth’s offer of the West Wing. Burke asks, “Are you sure it’s
David you’re concerned about, or is it because you want to fix up
that old museum?”. Barnabas, who’s been eavesdropping comes in and
asks, “Did I hear someone talking about fixing up an old museum?”.
Burke excuses himself, saying, “I have some phone calls to make I
should’ve made a half an hour ago”. He glances at Barnabas, says,
“I’ll be back”. Pauses, then adds, “Soon”, and leaves.
Vicky tells Barnabas, “I wish there was some way I could persuade
him”. Barnabas remarks, “I can’t understand a man, especially a man
who loves you, refusing you anything”. Vicky answers, “I can’t
really blame him. It would be like a museum, and Burke’s not the
museum kind of man”. Barnabas remarks, “Someone like you could
make a museum live”. Unbeknownst to both of them, Julia is now
outside the fence eavesdropping. Vicky says, “It’s hopeless, I know
it is”. Barnabas volunteers to help, “I could help you restore the
West Wing the same way I restored the old house. It’ll be alive,
it won’t be like a museum”, but Vicky says, “It’s not going to work”.
Barnabas remarks, “It’s sad to see you give up so easily on something
you want so much”. Vicky tells him, “It’s not that important to me,
Burke’s more important”. Barnabas notes, “But there are other things
here important to you, David, Mrs. Stoddard, the past…”. Vicky
tells him, “Burke has convinced me the past is not important as the
future”. Barnabas says, “I also put great stress on the future and
what it could bring”. Outside, Julia looks very jealous.
Burke is talking on the phone inside the drawing room, “Then
the meeting is scheduled for the following week instead? Good,
I’ll have everything ready by then”. He hangs up, and Julia, who’s
just come in, asks, “Leaving for a few days?” Burke replies, “Yes”.
Julia says, “It’s none of my business, but do you think it would
be wise to go at a time like this?”. Burke asks, “What do you
mean?”. Julia explains, “I was thinking of Vicky. Dave’s death
upset her very much”. Burke replies, “Not that much”. Julia says,
“More than you think. Vicky’s more sensitive that the rest of
us”. Burke says, “Julia, I can’t understand what you’re trying to
say”. Julia explains, “I’m just saying now is not the right time…”
Vicky, who’s just come into the room, asks, “Not the right time for
what?”. Julia explains. Vicky says, “We’ve all been very upset,
but that’s no reason to postpone the trip. Julia, would you like
to go with Burke and me to the funeral? I don’t think you should
go alone”. Julia says, “I’ll have to let you know, excuse me” and
leaves, clearly upset at the mention of the funeral. Vicky remarks,
“She’s really taking it pretty hard”. Burke tells her, “Yes, when
she was talking to me earlier, she didn’t make any sense at all”.
Vicky remarks, “She was very fond of Dr. Woodard”.
Julia goes out into the garden, dips her handkerchief into
the fountain, and wipes her face with it. Meanwhile, the ghost
of Dr. Woodard appears behind her, then disappears. Julia,
sensing something, turns around and screams, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
Burke and Vicky come running out into the terrace. Julia is
screaming, “NO! NO!”. Burke asks, “What’s the matter?”. Julia
screams, “There’s no one there! No one there! I turned around,
but there’s no one there!”. Vicky asks, “Who was there?”. Julia
continues to scream, “No one was there! No one!” and runs off.
Julia is at the old house working in the basement lab.
Barnabas comes down and remarks, “Most prompt. I know I could
find you here at the appointed time.”. Julia says,”Don’t make me
do it, I warn you”. Barnabas asks, “About what?”. Julia asks,
“How do you know I won’t try to destroy you?”. Barnabas tells her,
“I had my doubts about you before, but the past day has put an end
to those doubts. I’ve seen how one murder has affected you. You
won’t commit another”. Julia warns him, “I could”, but Barnabas
doesn’t believe her and says, “You couldn’t. Let’s proceed according
to plan. You’re trying to scare me out of it, but you won’t succeed.
I’m as sure of you as I am of anyone, under my power or not”. Julia
tries a different tactic, “Perhaps after you’ve changed, you’ll no
longer want what you’ve always wanted, Josette”. Barnabas replies,
“There’s someone else equally beautiful”. Julia guesses, “Vicky”.
Barnabas doesn’t respond. Julia continues, “Perhaps you don’t need
to change. Perhaps there’s someone who’ll accept you the way you are”,
clearly talking about herself. Barnabas, not seeing this, asks, “Who?”.
Julia replies, “No one in particular. I was just saying that perhaps
there’s such a person”. Barnabas says, “Then you’re offering me
nothing but a vague hope. Begin!” Julia pours some powder into the
cauldron and begins…
Episode 344 (Kinescope)
Worldvision Rerun 134
Tape Date: October 13, 1967 (ABC #209-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 19, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Lela Swift

Sarah is with David in his room. She asks, “Are you all right
now?” David replies, “Yes, I’m all right”. Sarah says, “I’m sorry
I had to tell you, but I thought I ought to. I have to go now”.
David begs, “No, stay!” Sarah does, and remarks, “I think I know
how he died. It was terrible, terrible”. David asks, “What happened?”
Sarah replies, “I don’t now, but it shouldn’t have happened the way
it did”. David asks, “Tell me”, but Sarah replies, “I can’t!
I can’t!” and disappears.
Elizabeth comes into David’s room and asks him, “Mrs. Johnson
said you didn’t eat your breakfast earlier. Would you like it now?”
David answers, “No”. Elizabeth tells him, “I’m sorry I didn’t come
up to see you earlier, but I had to go into Collinsport”. David
remarks, “I know”. Elizabeth says, “I have something to tell you”
David interrupts, “I know. I think I know what you’re going to tell
me”. Elizabeth says, “No, I don’t think so. It’s something very sad.
It happened a few days ago”. David says, “He’s dead, isn’t he, Dr.
Woodard?” Elizabeth, surprised, asks, “How did you know?” David
replies, “I just know”. Elizabeth remarks, “I suppose you heard us
talking about it. I didn’t want you to find out about it that way”.
David opens the window and looks out, his face full of melancholy.
Elizabeth goes to the window too and tells him, “The whole town came
to his funeral. Everyone was very fond of him. He suffered little or
no pain”, but David contradicts her, “It was terrible, terrible!”
Elizabeth asks, “What do you mean?”, but David just replies, “What’s
the difference? No one believes what I tell them anymore anyway”.
Elizabeth asks, “David, would you like to come down for some lunch?”
David replies, “No, I’m all right up here”. As Elizabeth is going out
the door, David remarks, “I liked Dr. Woodard because he believed me.
Maybe that’s why he’s dead”.
Elizabeth comes down into the drawing room, joining Carolyn
and Vicky there. Vicky asks, “Is David very upset?” Elizabeth
replies,”No, he showed no reaction at all”. Carolyn suggests, “Let
me take his lunch up to him. Maybe I can talk to him”. She leaves.
Vicky asks Elizabeth, “Do you think we should call Dr. Fisher?”
Elizabeth remarks, “I wish one of us who loves him coud get through
to him. How could such a little boy show so much despair?”
Carolyn brings David’s lunch up to him and asks him how he is.
David repliels, “I’m all right”. Carolyn insists, “No you’re not.
I know what it’s like. I grew up in this house too. I made up
imaginary friends too”. David asks, “You mean Sarah, don’t you?”
Carolyn replies, “No, I don’t think you’re imagining her. When I was
9, my best friend was a boy named Randy”. She tells David about how
she and Randy used to play all the time, about how Randy was always
dressed in the same red sweater, even in the hottest weather, and
how, “The last time I saw him was on my 10th birthday. I never saw
him again after that. Even now, I’m not sure if he was real or if I
imagined him”. David suggests, “Or maybe a ghost”. Carolyn echoes,
“Or maybe a ghost. I’ll never know”. David tells her, “Sarah’s real.
I mean, she’s a real ghost”. Carolyn tells him, “I believe you,
David”. Flute music playing “London Bridge” is heard. David asks,
“Do you hear that?” Carolyn replies, “Yes”. David exclaims, “It’s
Sarah! Something’s going to happen! Soon, very, soon!” Carolyn asks,
“What?” David replies, “Nobody knows yet, but it’s going to happen
far, far away”. Carolyn asks, “Where?” David replies, “No one knows
yet, but it’s going to make us all very sad for a long time. No one’s
going to cause it, and no one can stop it. It’s going to be an
accident”. Carolyn asks, “Who’s it going to happen to?” David
replies, “Nobody knows yet”. Carolyn says, “David, none of this is
real. It can’t be!”, but David insists, “It is, and there’s nothing
we can do about it, nothing…”
Burke, Vicky and Elizabeth are in the drawing room. Burke
has declined Elizabeth’s offer of the West Wing. Vicky and
Elizabeth try to change his mind, telling him about David’s
strange behavior and how much he needs Vicky. Burke tells
them, “Perhaps I could give the West Wing some thought while
I’m away.” Elizabeth says, “Thank you!” Burke tells Vicky he
thinks it’s time to go for their walk. They go out into the foyer.
Elizabeth follows, saying to Burke, “If I don’t see you before
you leave, Good bye”. From the landing, David calls down, “Goodbye,
Burke. I was afraid I wouldn’t see you. You are my friend, aren’t
you, Burke?” Burke replies, “Yes I am”. David says, “Thank you
for all the things you’ve done for me. I’m going to miss you, Burke.”
Vicky, puzzled, remarks, “You talk like Burke’s going away forever.
He’s only going to be gone for a few days.” Burke promises David,
“While I’m away, I’ll look for some interesting stamps for your
collection”. David replies, “Thanks, Burke. They’ll give me something
to remember you by. I’ll always remember you, Burke”. Vicky exclaims,
“What’s making you say such things like that?” David moans, “I wish
there were something I could do!” Elizabeth tells him, “David, this
is all nonsense, stop it!” David says, “I didn’t want to upset
anyone. I just wanted to say goodbye to Burke, that’s all”. Burke
promises David he’ll take him on a fishing trip when he gets back,
a fishing trip in which they won’t come back until the holds are
full of fish. He asks, “All set, David?” David replies, “It’s all
set. Nothing can change it, Burke.” and runs off. Elizabeth, Burke
and Vicky look at each other in puzzlement.
Vicky and Burke finish their walk and end up on the terrace.
Burke says, “I was thinking…” Vicky interrupts, “I know. You
didn’t say a word during our walk”. Burke tells her, “Maybe the
West Wing idea isn’t that bad. When you told me about David, I
didn’t know he was this bad. I don’t think you should leave him
right now”. Vicky, overjoyed, exclaims, “I love you! I know how
much you’d really prefer to live somewhere else!” Burke muses, “I
wonder what all that was about”. Vicky says, “I’d prefer not to
think about it”. Burke muses, “Wooodard’s death must have struck
David pretty hard”. Vicky, wanting to believe this, says, “Yes,
that’s it!” Burke asks her, “You’ve been pretty jittery all evening.
You don’t really believe what David was saying, do you?. I’m going
away, but I’m coming back”. Vicky replies, “I’m not worried”.
They hear a funny whistling noise. Vicky remarks, “It sounded like,
you know, the legend of the Widows. They say they can be heard at
night. There it is, again!” Burke tells her, “It’s just the wind,
Vicky”. Vicky raplies, “Yes, it’s got to be the wind. Burke,
please, let’s go inside. It’s got to be the wind, only the wind”.
Burke takes her inside.
Episode 345
Worldvision Rerun 135
Tape Date: October 16, 1967 (ABC #210-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 20, 1967 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Elizabeth is sitting at the desk in the drawing room of Collinwood
reading some blueprints. Suddenly, Mrs. Johnson runs into the room
screaming, “It’s terrible! I just heard a radio report that Mr.
Devlin’s plane just went down over the jungle in the Amazon!” Elizabeth
asks, “How do you know it was his plane?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “Miss
Winters mentioned the company. It had an unusual name, one I’d never
heard before”. Elizabeth says firmly, “It was A plane. Whether Mr.
Devlin was on it or not is something I’m going to find out. You’re
not to tell Vicky or anyone else about this until I find out where
he was on that plane or not!” She calls the airline but finds that
they don’t have a passenger list yet, that it was a local flight
from Belem, Brazil and they’ll have to get the passenger list from
them. Elizabeth tells them to phone her as soon as they get the
Barnabas and Julia are at the old house. Julia is sitting at a
desk busily writing in her little red notebook. Barnabas asks,
“Just what are you doing?” Julia replies, “Just writing a few notes”.
Barnabas remarks, “You exaggerate your audience”. Julia explains,
“They’re for my own use”. Barnabas remarks, “The nights have been
tedious lately”. Julia remarks, “Would you like to do something?”
Barnabas sarcastically replies, “What would you suggest? A game
of card, some cribbage, perhaps? No, I want something else.
Vicky. Once I have her, the room will be filled with perfume
and sweetness, not tedium as it is now”. He tells Julia, “Go back to
your notes. The sooner you succeed in what you’re doing, the sooner
I’ll get what I want”. Julia warns him, “I never promised you you’d
get Vicky”. Barnabas replies, “You do your part, I’ll do mine”. Julia
asks, “How do you think you’ll get Vicky”. Barnabas replies, “I have
a way”. Julia remarks, “She’s not even interested in you, she’s
interested in Burke Devlin”. Barnabas replies, “When I’m finished
with her, she won’t be Vicky Winters, she’ll be Josette”. Julia
asks about Josette. Barnabas says, “You’re always so curious about
Josette, as if she were a rival of yours”. Julia replies, “That’s
nonsense”. Barnabas tells her, “I’ll satisfy your curiousity.
I’ll tell you all about Josette. I will take you to the proper
place, the place where she died”.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth and Mrs. Johnson are in the drawing
room. Vicky comes down dressed in a warm coat. Elizabeth asks,
“Vicky, what are you doing in your coat?” Vicky replies, “I’m going
out for a walk”. Elizabeth asks, “Do you think that’s a good idea
on such a dark night?” Vicky replies, “I’m just going to walk outside
the door, actually. I couldn’t sleep. There’s so many things to
think about. What are these, blueprints of the West Wing?”, pointing
to some blueprints on the desk. Elizabeth replies, “Yes”. Vicky
looks at them and remarks, “I’m not very good at reading these.
Burke would’ve read them easily. He’d know exactly where our bedroom
would be, where we’d be having our breakfast. Such a wonderful man”.
A very sad look comes over Elizabeth’s face. Vicky asks, “Mrs.
Stoddard, is something wrong?” Elizabeth lies, “No, Vicky, nothing”.
The phone rings. Vicky asks, “Should I get it?” Elizabeth exclaims,
“No, Vicky! It’s for me!” and hurredly goes and answers the phone
and talks, “What have you heard?… Oh, I see…. There’s no question
about it?…All right, thank you ” She hangs up. Vicky asks, “Mrs.
Stoddard, what’s the matter? Have you heard some bad news? Who were
you talking to?” Elizabeth replies, “I was talking to the airline
office”. Vicky asks, “Airline office? Has something happened to
Burke? Please, tell me what happened!” Elizabeth tells her,
“They’ve just gotten the list of passengers. Burke was on a plane
that crashed in the Amazon Jungle”. Vicky cries, “No! I don’t believe
it! I can’t believe this is true!” Elizabeth tells her, “I’m afraid
it is”. Vicky goes limp, and Elizabeth has to support her. Elizabeth
tells Mrs. Johnson to go to her room and get some pink pills
on her dresser, saying they’re sedatives.
Later, Elizabeth is sitting alone in the drawing room, a sad
look on her face. Mrs. Johnson comes in and says, “Mrs. Stoddard,
it’s late, you should go to bed. Vicky’s asleep. I just looked in
on her”. Elizabeth remarks, “It broke my heart to see her talking
about Burke and their plans for the future just before the news came”.
She tells Mrs. Johnson that there’s still hope, that that a search
party has been sent out to look for the plane, that it’s possible
there may have been survivors. Mrs.Johnson warns, “It’s all right
to keept he truth from the girl, but let’s face it. There’s little
chance he’s still alive”. From the door, Vicky, who’s come down,
exclaims, “Don’t say that! You don’t know Burke! He’ll get out!
He’ll come back! He’ll come back!” Elizabeth, noticing Vicky has
her coat on, asks where she’s going. Vicky replies, “Out to walk.
I feel closer to Burke out there.”
At Widow’s Hill, Barnabas reminisces about seeing Josette for
the first time to Julia. Julia remarks, “When you talk about Josette,
you never seem more human. I understand you still love her, but
she’s gone. You’d be happier if you didn’t compare everyone you
meet to her”. Vicky comes to Widows Hill. Barnabas and Julia are
surprised to find her there. Julia asks, “What’s wrong, Vicky, you
look sad”. Vicky explains, “We’ve just gotten a report that Burke’s
plane crashed in the jungle. They haven’t found the plane or any
passengers”. Barnabas says to Julia, “It’s cold here. You should go
back to the house. Let me stay here with Vicky”. Julia says, “It’s
all right”, but Barnabas insists, “It’s chilly. You know how
concerned I am about your health, dear”. Julia leaves.
Vicky tells Barnabas, “I came out here wanting to be alone,
but I’m glad you’re here. I wonder what it’s like in Brazil. I
wonder if it’s quiet, or full of the sounds of birds and animals.
I’ll ask Burke when he comes back. Mrs. Johnson says he won’t get
out alive, but he’ll come back! What do you think?” Barnabas replies,
“I think if it were me, heaven and earth couldn’t stop me from coming
back to you”. Vicky tells Barnabas about their plans for the West
Wing. Barnabas remarks, “It’s the most beautiful part of the house”.
Vicky asks, “Have you ever been there?” Barnabas replies, “No, but
I’ve heard about it. Would you like me to show it to you?” Vicky
declines, “No, I’d rather wait until Burke returns.” A whistling
sound fills the air. Vicky remarks, “I’d always thought the stories
about Widows HIll were just legends, but…” She looks over the cliff
and continues, “Barnabas, if I really thought Burke really were
gone forever, I’d..” Barnabas exclaims, “Vicky, stop! I don’t ever
want to hear you talk that way again! You mustn’t be that foolish!
You mustn’t be as foolish as…” He stops. Vicky says, “He’ll
come back, and well get married”. Barnabas assures her, “You will
be a bride, one day very soon. Yes. One day very soon”
Episode 346
Worldvision Rerun 136
Tape Date: October 17, 1967 (ABC #211-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 23, 1967 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

At Collinwood, Vicky is lying on the couch, asleep. She has a
In the dream, Vicky is in Josette’s room at the old house.
She is wearing a wedding dress. Barnabas comes in and asks, “Are
you ready, my dear?” Vicky replies, “No, not yet”. Barnabas remarks,
“You look very beautiful” Julia, who’s come into the room as well,
remarks “All brides look very beautiful”. Barnabas says, “Doctor,
I think you’d better go. It’s chilly in here”. Julia obediently
leaves. Vicky asks, “I will be a bride, won’t I, Barnabas?” Barnabas
replies, “Is there any question about that?” Vicky asks, “One
question. Burke, where’s Burke?” Barnabas replies, “He’s here. Look
on the bed”. Vicky looks, and sees a body wrapped in a shroud. She
asks, “Why is he covered like that?” Barnabas replies, “Because
he’s dead”. Vicky says, “Then I’ll never be a bride!” Barnabas
asks, “Why not?” Vicky screams, “Because he’s dead. How can I be a
bride when he’s dead? No! He has to be alive! He has to be alive!”
and runs out of the room.
In the drawing room of Collinwood, Vicky screams out loud, “I’ll
never believe he’s dead! He has to be alive! Burke’ll come back!”
Carolyn comes into the room, wakes her up and says, “You must have
been dreaming. Mother told me the news. I’m so sorry, Vicky”. Vicky
asks, “Sorry? Why? Burke’s just missing, that’s all. They’ll find
him, then everything will be as it was before”. The phone rings.
Vicky answers. After she hangs up, she tells Carolyn, “They still
haven’t found the plane yet. They cautioned me not to get my hopes
up. They cautioned me to realistic and realize how little chance
there is…”
Julia goes to Josette’s room and looks around. She sits down
at the vanity and wonders, “Josette’s comb, her brush, her powder
box. Things every woman has. What’s so special about Josette?
Why must every woman Barnabas loves be a shadow of Josette?
She’s dead. Why can’t she stay that way?” Suddenly, Julia is
startled by a noise. She feels a presence and calls out, “Who’s
in this room?”, but then, talking to herself, says, “Ridiculous.
No one else is in this house but Barnabas, and he’s sleeping.
Josette? No, it couldn’t be Josette. But suppose it is. If she’s
here, perhaps I can find out what it is about her that possesses
Barnabas.” She calls out, “All right, I know you’re here and I’m
not afraid to face you!…No, it’s not a woman, it’s a man. Dave?
Dave? Speak to me” Suddenly a woman’s voice from downstairs
calls “Barnabas?” Julia calls downstairs, “Vicky? That you?”
Vicky replies, “Yes”. Julia tells her, “Come up to Josette’s room”.
Vicky comes up. She asks for Barnabas, but Julia tells her he’s not
at home. Vicky asks Julia, “Doing research on Josette?” Julia replies,
“Yes. Any word on Burke?” Vicky tells her, “No. But I’ve decided
what to do”. Julia asks, “What?” Vicky replies, “I’ve decided to
restore the West Wing of Collinwood. I wanted to talk to Barnabas
about an offer he made to me last night about helping”. She looks
around and remarks, “He really has such exquisite tastes”. Julia’s
manner suddenly becomes very cold, almost angry. She responds, “Yes.
Exquisite tastes, but also other things to attend to.” Vicky, shocked,
remarks, “You sound angry”. Julia replies, “People think nothing of
taking advantage of Barnabas. Understand?” Vicky says,”I’m afraid
I don’t understand”.
Vicky is at Collinwood. There’s a knock at the door. She answers.
It’s Barnabas. He asks, “Any news?” Vicky replies, “No, they’re
still searching. I’m sure there’ll be news soon. I’m sure of that.
How was your day, busy?” Barnabas replies, “Busy?” Vicky explains,
“I went to the old house today and you weren’t there”. Barnabas
asks, “What did you come to see me about?” Vicky at first pauses,
as if reluctant to tell him, but then tells him what she went to
the old house to talk to him about and about Julia’s strange
reaction. Barnabas exclaims, “She had no right to say that!” Vicky
replies, “Yes she did. If it was true. If you were just being polite
and really are very busy..” Barnabas assures her, “No, you’re very
dear to me. I meant it when I offered to help you” Vicky says, “I’m
troubled about Julia’s reaction. Maybe she’s been working too hard”.
Julia comes into the room holding a bouquet of yellow flowers. She
apoligizes to Vicky for the way she behaved towards her earlier,
saying, “I’ve been working too hard”. Vicky leaves to get a vase
for the flowers. Barnabas grabs the flowers from Julia and angrily
flings them onto the table. He angrily says, “I think, Dr. Hoffman,
we have some talking to do! I know exactly what it is you’re trying
to do and why! The crux of our relationship is doctor and patient,
no matter what delusions you have”. Julia replies, “It’s more than
that”. Barnabas asks, “Are you speaking of your late colleague Dr.
Woodard? I recommend you stop thinking about that.” Vicky returns
with a vase. She looks at the flowers on the table and exclaims, “I
can’t believe it! I left just a few minutes ago! They were fresh
and beautiful. Look at them! They’re dead!” The flowers, fresh just
minutes ago, are now brown and dead…
Julia is in her downstairs lab working. Barnabas is sitting
in a chair waiting patiently. He asks, “How much longer will your
preparations take?” Julia replies, “A few minutes”. Julia, fiddling
with a syringe, accidently presses the plunger and ejects the fluid.
She refills it and snaps, “Don’t stare at me! You’re making me
nervous!”, then apoligizes,”Sorry I shouted. I’m working too hard”.
Barnabas remarks, “If you keep telling yourself that often enough,
even you’ll start to believe it. Perhaps you’re still thinking about
Dr. Woodard”. Julia replies, “No, it’s because I’m working too hard”.
Barnabas says, “I think you haven’t been working hard enough.” He
explains that he wants things to move much faster. Julia asks, “Why
the need for speed?” Barnabas explains, “Burke Devlin’s gone. It’s
the perfect opportunity. Vicky is vulnerable right now”. Julia
asks, “And suppose Burke Devlin comes back?” Barnabas replies, “By
then, it won’t matter. If we make haste”. Julia snaps, “All right,
let’s go”. Barnabas angrily grabs Julia’s arm. Julia asks, “What’s
the matter?” Barnabas angrily says, “I don’t like that edge in your
voice. I don’t want your jealousy to get in the way. If you have any
plans to slow down your work, or not bring it to a successful
conclusion, stop them now.” He reprimands her on how she acted
towards Vicky earlier, remarking “She has forgiven you. She is a
good and gentle creature. I am neither good nor gentle. I do not
Episode 347
Worldvision Rerun 137
Tape Date: October 18, 1967 (ABC #212-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 24, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Lela Swift

Julia asks Barnabas, “Are you sure you want it that way?”
Barnabas replies, “The treatments must be accelerated”. Julia
warns, “I recommend against it. I’m taking no responsibility
for the consequences”. She straps him in the chair and says,
“All right, I’m ready”. Barnabas replies, “And so too, Doctor,
am I”. Julia turns on some apparatus, then spoons some powder
into the large cauldron. Barnabas sits strapped in the chair,
waiting nervously. Julia fiddles around with the knobs on some
electrical equipment. Chemicals bubble, and sparks fly. Finally,
the treatment over, Julia unstraps Barnabas and asks, “How do
you feel? Can you speak to me?” Barnabas stutters, “Y…Y..Yes.”
Julia asks, “Do you feel any pain or numbness?” Barnabas replies,
“Numbness”. Julia asks, “Where?” Barnabas replies, “Here in my hand”.
He holds up his left hand. Julia remarks,”I knew we shouldn’t have
accelerated the treatments!”, but Barnabas says, “Wait! It’s gone.
I’m going to be all right! I can feel a difference. I’m changing,
all through me, as if new blood were rushing through all my veins.
Julia tells him, “I’d like to do some tests”, but Barnabas says,
“No, not now, I want to go out into the fresh air”. Julia insists,
“Not until I do some tests”. Barnabas asks, “Do you know where I
shall go first? There’s a room on top of the house. It faces the
sunrise. I shall go there and see the sun rise, I shall watch
the sun come out of the sea”. Julia says, “I warn against it. It
could mean your destruction. You’re tempting your own destruction”.
Barnabas asks, “How long must I wait, then?” then gets an idea,
“Yes, tomorrow! I can’t waste this moment by being alone! I shall
share it with one person!” Julia guesses, “Vicky…” Barnabas
continues, “The sun will shine on the two of us together!”
At Collinwood, Carolyn is in the drawing room with Vicky.
Carolyn accuses Vicky of having stayed awake all night waiting
for information on Burke. Vicky denies it. Julia comes in and
remarks to Vicky, “I didn’t think you’d be up this early”. Carolyn
says, “She won’t admit it, but I think she’s been awake all night”.
Remarking that Mrs. Johnson’s away today, she volunteers to make
some coffee and leaves. Julia assures Vicky, “Burke will be back, I
know he will.”, but Vicky says, “I don’t want to talk about it”.
Julia tells her, “I’ve found what I think is part of the chandelier
in the foyer of the West Wing”. She takes out a crystal and shows it
to her, then suggests, “Let’s look at it over in the light where
you can appreciate it”. She takes it over to the lamp. Vicky
follows. Julia asks, “Have you ever tried to find the exact center
of a crystal? Look deeply…” She hypnotizes her, then tells her,
“You will see things you won’t remember seeing. Is that clear?” Vicky
replies, “Yes”. Julia tells her, “Come, I have something very
important to show you, something very few people have seen and
survived. Follow me”.
Julia takes Vicky to the old house and down into the cellar. Vicky
sees the coffin and asks, “A coffin. Why is there a coffin in here?”
Julia replies, “Because it’s necessary”. Vicky asks, “But whose
coffin is it?” Julia explains, “That’s what I brought you here to
show you. Open the coffin”. Vicky says, “I’m afraid”, but Julia
tells her, “You have nothing to fear. Now open the coffin”. Vicky
refuses, “No, I don’t want to!” Julia sternly tells her, “You must!
Open it and tell me what you see!” Vicky opens the coffin. Lying
inside is Barnabas, his skin a sickly green color. Vicky averts her
eyes, but Julia orders her, “You wil look!” Vicky does. Julia
continues, “And you will never forget, and you will never remember!”
Julia shuts the coffin and asks, “Now tell me what you saw”. Vicky
replies, “A coffin”. Julia asks, “And what was in the coffin?”
Vicky replies, “A man”. Julia asks, “That’s all? Don’t you know
his name?” Vicky replies, “His name…No!” Julia commands, “Tell me
his name!” Vicky replies, “Barnabas!” Julia, seeming very satisfied,
says, “Splendid. Now we can make our journey back. Follow me”
Julia brings Vicky back up to the drawing room of Collinwood, snaps
her out of the trance and starts to talk about the crystal again, “It
IS fascinating, isn’t it? I only hope it matches the chandelier in
the West Wing”. Carolyn returns with the coffee and leaves them to
talk. Julia continues to talk about the crystal and asks, “Shall we
take it to the West Wing and see if it matches?” Vicky replies, “No,
I’d rather wait till…” but stops abruptly in mid sentence. Julia
asks, “What were you about to say?” Vicky replies, “Only that I wanted
to wait till B…B…Barnabas saw it”. She seems to have great
difficulty saying the name Barnabas. Julia asks, “Something the matter?”
Vicky replies, “No, nothing. I hope you don’t mind waiting. I just
thought it would make B…B..Barnabas happy if I waited till he came”,
again having trouble saying the name Barnabas.
Later, after nightfall, Barnabas comes to Collinwood. He finds
Vicky in the drawing room. Vicky tells him, “I have something to
show you”. Barnabas tells her, “I have a special request to make
of you”. Vicky asks, “What?” Barnabas tells her, “Tell me what you
have to show me first”. Vicky shows him the crystal and explains
that it might match the chandelier in the West Wing. She adds that
she wanted to wait for him to come so they could check it together.
Barnabas says, “How thoughtful of you, how exquisitely thoughtful of
you”. Vicky asks, “What’s the request you mentioned?” Barnabas tells
her, “A rather stupid one. This superstition of yours about Widow’s
Hill. If only you could think of it as a place of happiness and light.
I suggest that you could do something as simple as watch the sunrise
from Widow’s Hill. It could give you a whole new perspective on
Widow’s Hill.” Suddenly, Vicky exclaims, “Barnabas! You’re hand!”
Barnabas looks at his left hand and quickly hides it from view.
He tells Vicky, in a shaky voice, “I injured it this afternoon.
I had forgotten about it”. Vicky says, “Let me put something
on it”, but Barnabas replies, “No, that’s very kind of you” and
abruptly leaves.
Barnabas rushes back to the old house. Julia is down in the lab
writing in her notebook. Barnabas goes downstairs. Seeing Barnabas,
Julia remarks, “I thought you were going to see Vicky”. Barnabas
replies coldy, “I have returned”. Julia says, “So I see”. Barnabas
asks, “What else do you see?” Julia, puzzled, asks, “What else do
you expect me to see?” Barnabas says, “Look at me. What do you see.
Do you see anything different?” Julia replies, “You seem to be upset
about something, that’s all”. Barnabas tells her, “Well, look again.
Maybe you will see me age before your very eyes”. He takes out his
hand. It has become extremely wrinkled. He exclaims, “My hand, the
hand of a very old man!” Julia screams, “OHHHHHHH!”
Episode 348
Worldvision Rerun 138
Tape Date: October 19, 1967 (ABC #213-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 25, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Lela Swift

(We see Carolyn’s room for the first time. The decor has a modern,
feminine look and is radically different from the rest of the house).
Carolyn is in her room, sleeping peacefully. David comes in
and shakes her awake. Carolyn, surprised, screams, but stops when
she sees it’s David. She exclaims, “David!” David explains, “I
just wanted to make sure you weren’t dead”. Carolyn, shocked, asks,
“What makes you think I was dead?” David replies, “I don’t know”.
Carolyn asks, “Can you tell me what you’re afraid of? Bad dream?”
David repiles, “I don’t know”. Carolyn tells him, “I’ll take you
back to your room”, but David tells her, “I want to give you this”
and hands her the toy soldier Sarah had given him. Carolyn, puzzled,
asks, “A toy soldier? Why?” David explains, “Sarah gave it to me.
It protects people”. Carolyn says, “I don’t need protection”, but
David insists, “Yes you do. Take it”. Carolyn replies, “All right”
and takes it. Elizabeth comes in and asks, “What happened? I thought
I heard a scream”. Carolyn explains, “Nothing. David just came in
here to give me this toy soldier”. David remarks, “I can sleep now
that I know you’re safe” and leaves. Elizabeth asks what that was
all about. Carolyn moans, “There’s nothing we can do for him!
Nothing!” and explains what happened, telling her mother about
David’s strange behavior. Carolyn recommends sending David away.
Elizabeth exclaims, “I can’t send him away!” Carolyn tells her, “It
would be best for him”. Elizabeth sadly says, “I thought being
around people who loved him would be best”. Carolyn remarks, “Love
isn’t always the answer”
At the old house, Barnabas is sitting in the treatment chair,
looking at his hands. By now, both hands are old and wrinkled.
Julia comes in and remarks, “It’s almost morning”. Barnabas replies,
“I know”. Julia asks, “I hope you’ve given up the idea of seeing
the sunrise”. Barnabas replies, “I have”. Julia asks, “Do you think
it wise to sit here?” Barnabas replies, “I’ll go in a minute. It’s
been an interesting night. I’ve been granted a privelige given few
men. For most, time is slow, but I’ve seen it as a raging torrent.
Listen to time howl…” Julia says, “Maybe it’s only a temporary
reaction”. She blames it on the accelerated pace of the treatments.
Barnabas angrily grabs her by the throat and says, “There’s power
in these hands still, so be careful, very careful! I will give you
till tonight to find an answer!” Julia promise to find a counter
reaction. Barnabas sadly comments, “Or I wll age to the years since
I was born, almost 200 of them…”
Carolyn is in her room sewing on a small sewing machine.
She picks up the toy soldier and looks at it. She is startled
to hear a voice from behind say, “David must’ve given you that.”
She turns around and exclaims, “Sarah!” Sarah is standing there.
She asks, “He told you my name?” Carolyn asks, “Sarah, how did
you get in here?” Sarah asks, “Didn’t David tell you about me?
He thinks I’m a ghost. As a matter of fact, I’m sure I am. You’re
not afraid of me, are you?” Carolyn replies, “No. What do you want?”
Sarah says “Don’t send David away”. Carolyn replies, “We have to
send David away. That’s the only way he’ll be able to get help”.
Sarah complains, “If David goes away, I won’t have anyone to play
with!” Carolyn remarks,”Maybe it’s not so good for him to play with
you. He keeps telling all these unbelievable stories”. Sarah
says, “They’re true”. Carolyn replies, “No, they’re too fantastic”.
There’s a knock at the door. Carolyn goes to answer it, “Yes, who
is it?” Elizabeth’s voice replies, “May I come in?” Carolyn turns
around to look at Sarah and finds that she’s gone. She lets Elizabeth
in. Elizabth asks, “Is Vicky in here? I thought I heard you talking
to her”. Carolyn replies, “No, I was talking to myself”. Elizabeth
tells Carolyn, “I haven’t told Vicky about my decision to send
David away yet”. Carolyn suggets, “Maybe we shouldn’t send him away”.
Elizabeth is surprised at Carolyn’s change of mind. Carolyn
continues, “Maybe we should delay it a day or two”. Carolyn hears
a flute playing London Bridge in the distance. Elizabeth asks,
“Carolyn, what is it?” Carolyn replies, “Nothing, I just think you
made the right decision”.
David is in his room playing with a mobile. Carolyn goes to
David’s room. She hands him the toy soldier and says, “I just
wanted to return this to you”. David tells her, “I want you to
have it”. Carolyn tells him, “I don’t need it”. David insists,
“You do!”. Carolyn asks, “If anything were going to happen to me,
wouldn’t Sarah have told me? I saw her today!” David gets very upset
at this and says, “She shouldn’t have come to you, she shouldn’t!”
Carolyn asks, Why? I thought you’d be happy I saw her. I know
you’re not imagining her now”. David remarks, “She came to Dr.
Woodard, and now he’s dead!” Carolyn says, “But I believe the
things you’ve been saying now”. David shouts, “I don’t want you
to believe me! Dr. Woodard believed me, and now he’s dead! Don’t
believe me! Everything I said was a lie!”
At the old house, Barnabas, sitting in the treatment chair,
tells Julia, “Hurry!” Julia remarks, “If my calculations are
correct, this treatment should be successful. Whatever happens,
I’ve always wished you well”. Barnabas caustically remarks, “You
never wished me anything. The only things you’ve ever been
interested in are your experiments”. Julia insists, “That’s not
true,” and starts the treatment.
Julia conducts the treatment, busily monitering various
electronic devices. Electricity crackles, and chemicals bubble.
Finally, Julia shuts everything off and announces, “It’s over!”
She looks over at Barnabas and exclaims, “Barnabas! NO!!!”
Barnabas has become an old, old man…
Episode 349
Worldvision Rerun 139
Tape Date: October 20, 1967 (ABC #214-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 26, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Julia runs upstairs. Barnabas runs up too and demands, “Why
did you run from me? What’s the matter with you? Why did you
scream when you looked at me?” Julia gasps, “The experiment…
The dosage was too powerful!” Barnabas asks, “What about it?”
Julia mutters, “You’re face…” Barnabas asks, “What about
my face?” He touches his face and screams, “Oh no! Oh no! OH NOOOO!
You did this to me, you! Is this your revenge for me not letting
our relationship be all you wanted?” Julia replies, “No, it was an
accident! I may be able to counteract this. Give me time”. Barnabas
replies, “I have no more time. It never occured to me that becoming
human would make me the man I was, a man who should have been
long dead. It never occured to you either, did it? I can no longer
trust you. I must take matters into my own hands”. Julia asks,
“What do you mean?” Barnabas replies, “I must become what I was”.
Julia exclaims, “Revert? No! You’ll go back to destroying, and every
time you do, I’ll be partially responsible”. Barnabas orders her,
“Go to Collinwood and tell Vicky I won’t be coming tonight”. Julia
caustically remarks, “Foregoing an appointment with Vicky must be
a bitter pill”. Barnabas tells her, “Spare me your sarcasm and go!”
Julia opens the door. Barnabas adds, “Oh, give her a message. Tell
her I’m leaving tomorrow and won’t be back for a while”. Vicky,
who’s just arrived outside the door, says, “You won’t have to tell
her. Where’s Barnabas going”. It’s Vicky, standing outside the door.
Julia answers, “Away on a business trip”. Vicky asks, “How long?”
Julia replies, “I’m not certain”. Meanwhile, while Julia and Vicky
are talking, Barnabas, out of view, takes a highbacked armchair,
turns it to face away from the front door, and sits down in it.
Vicky comes in. Julia tries to stop her, “Vicky, don’t go in there!
Barnabas isn’t feeling well!” Vicky stops and asks,”What’s wrong?”
Barnabas, hidden from view by the chair, replies, “Nothing serious.
I don’t want you coming close. I wouldn’t want you to catch it.
I’m going to have to cancel our appointment. You’d best go back to
Collinwood”. Vicky leaves.
Julia exclaims, “That was close!” Barnabas angrily asks, “Why
did you let her in?” Julia explains, “I couldn’t help it. She was
outside when I opened the door”. Barnabas remarks, “If she had seen
me, she would have fled in horror. I would have been loathesome in
her eyes”. Julia jealously mutters, “In HER eyes”. Barnabas continues,
“To think that all your noble experiments have come to this. I shall
never forgive you for this”. Julia tells him, “Vicky can still be
yours”. Barnabas asks,”How?” Julia replies, “You said you were going
to revert to what you were before. Use Vicky”. Barnabas exclaims,
“No! I can’t use her that way! Vicky must come to me willingly!”
Julia tells him, “Vicky may never come to you willingly. You want
her and would be a fool not to get her. Tonight”. Barnabas insists,
“I couldn’t! Not to her!” Julia says, coldly, “You say that, but
you know you’re tempted, very tempted…”
Vicky, in her room, takes her coat off and hangs it in her
armoire. There’s a knock at the door. Carolyn comes in. She tells
Vicky, “I’m glad you’re back. I have to go out and didn’t want to
leave David alone”. Vicky asks, “Where are you going?” Carolyn
answers,”To the Blue Whale to meet Joe. I have something I want to
talk to him about”. Vicky asks, “Have there been any phone calls?”
Carolyn replies sadly, “No”. Vicky confidently says, “I know it’ll
come when I least expect it. They’ll call and tell me Burke is
alive. Burke’s alive, Carolyn, I know it”. Carolyn asks, “Where’s
Barnabas? I thought he was coming to see the West Wing”. Vicky
replies, “He’s sick. He was acting very strangely. He said he was
going to be away for a few days on business. I wish he didn’t have
to go. I’m going to miss him. He’s been such a good friend since
this happened I’ve come to rely on him, his strength…”
At the old house Julia tells Barnabas, “You can have her,
Barnabas, she can be yours.” Barnabas shouts, “Stop it!” Julia
says, “All right, but you’ll think about what I’ve said, and
you’ll know I’m right”
Carolyn is sitting at a table at the Blue Whale with Joe Haskell.
Joe asks, “All right, what’s on your mind, Carolyn?” Carolyn replies,
“Sarah! I saw her, Joe!” Joe asks, “When?” Carolyn replies,
“Yesterday! She appeared in my room! I even talked to her! The point
is, she exists. David didn’t imagine her. And if she’s not imaginary,
maybe all the other things he’s said are true too!” Joe remarks,
“You mean like the coffin in the basement? We checked. There was
nothing there at all”. Carolyn asks, “I want you to do something with
me. I want you to go to Eagle Hill Cemetary with me. David said there
was a secret room in the mausoleum there. I want to see if it exists”.
Joe reminds her, “But Dr. Woodard and Burke already checked and there
was nothing there”. Carolyn tells him, “I want to check again”. Joe
thinks Carolyn’s being ridiculous and refuses. He asks, “You don’t
really believe there’s anything suspicious about Barnabas Collins,
do you?” Carolyn replies, “No”. Joe concludes,”Then you’ve got to
chalk all this up to a child’s imagination. That’s all it could be”.
Carolyn returns to Collinwood and tells Vicky, “Vicky, I
have a confession to make. I’ve had some doubts about Barnabas
because of what David’s been saying about him. Maybe what he’s been
saying is true”. Vicky, shocked, says, “It’s not true! Barnabas
would never hurt him!” Carolyn contiues, “He was right about Sarah.
Maybe he’s right about Barnabas too”. Vicky angrily says, “He’s not
right about Barnabas. Forget about your doubts. He doesn’t deserve
them!” Carolyn says, “It’s late. I think I’ll go to bed” and leaves.
At the old house, Barnabas paces around, thinking about
what Julia said, “Vicky may never come to you of her own
free will. You want her and you would be a fool not to get her.
Vicky is in bed, sleeping peacefully. A bat flutters outside
the window. Barnabas materializes inside the room. He walks up
to the bed and stares down at Vicky, then says to himself, “She’s
so lovely. So innocent. I can’t do it. I can’t!” Outside, Carolyn’s
voice calls, “Vicky?” Barnabas vanishes. Carolyn comes in. Vicky
awakens and asks, “What is it?” Carolyn tells her, “You were
asleep? I thought I heard something. I must have been mistaken.
Sorry I woke you”. Vicky tells her, “It’s all right” Suddenly,
Carolyns shouts, “Look! At the window! A bat, a giant bat!”
Outside flutters a giant bat…
Episode 350
Worldvision Rerun 140
Tape Date: October 23, 1967 (ABC #215-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 27, 1967 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Carolyn is in the drawing room of Collinwood. David comes in
holding the toy soldier. Carolyn remarks to David, “Glad to see
you. You don’t come out of your room much anymore”. David holds out
the toy soldier Sarah gave him and tells Carolyn, “I came to give
you this. You should have it with you at all times to protect you
from danger”. Carolyn replies, “I’m not in any danger”. David
tells her, “Well, just keep it with you, OK?” Carolyn takes it and
replies, “OK”. David says, “I’ll go back up to my room now”, but
Carolyn asks, “No, stay. Let’s talk”. David suddenly sees an old, old
man outside the French windows and screams, “UHHHHH!” Carolyn asks,
“David, what is is?” David points toward the window and shouts,
“Over there! Outside the window!” Carolyn looks, but the old man
is gone. Carolyn says, “I don’t see anything”. David tells her,
“There was something out there. An old, old man. He was looking at
you. The way he was looking at you scared me”. Carolyn remarks, “I
don’t see anything at all”. David insists, “He was there, I tell
you!” Elizabeth comes into the room and asks, “What happened?” David
tells her, “I saw an old, old man, looking through the window, the
oldest man I’ve ever seen. He was over a 100 years old!” Elizabeth
asks Carolyn, “Carolyn, did you see anything?” Carolyn replies, “No.”
David insists he saw what he says he saw and grumbles, “You don’t
believe me! Nobody believes anything I say anymore! Terrible things
are going to happen, and there’s nothing I can do about it!” Elizabeth
tells him, “Maybe you did see something, only it wasn’t what you thought
you saw. Maybe your eyes were playing tricks on you”. David dejectedly
says, “I think I’ll go up to my room” and leaves. Carolyn suggests,
“Maybe it’s not his imagination”. Elizabeth replies, “It must be.
Maybe I should do what I should have done a long time ago. Send him
away”. Carolyn asks, “What if he’s not imagining all this? What if
he’s really seen what he says he’s seen?” Elizabeth asks, “What do
you mean?” Carolyn explains, “The little girl he keeps claiming
to see. She exists! I’ve seen her. She’s real, and she IS a ghost!
I talked to her. She told me not to send David away because she
wouldn’t have anyone to play with. But she also told me something
else. She told me that everything David says is true!” Elizabeth
accuses HER of imagining things now. She dismisses what she has
to say, saying, “Why would Barnabas want to hurt him? Why would
he have a coffin in the basement? Where was it when Burke and
Dr. Woodard went there? It’s all David’s imagination. David is
mentally disturbed, and something must be done about it before
he loses all contact with reality. I have no choice but to send
him away”. Outside in the foyer, David is eavesdropping…
Julia is in the living room of the old house. Barnabas returns.
Julia asks, “Where have you been?” Barnabas sarcastically replies,
“Out taking a walk, contemplating the success of your noble
experiment and what to do about it”. Julia asks hopefully, “Then
you didn’t do anything yet?” Barnabas replies, “No, or my appearance
would not still be as it is. But I must do something tonight before
the years come crashing down on me”. Julia asks, “”Who will it be?”
Barnabas replies, “I don’t know”. Julia asks, “Then it won’t be
Vicky?” Julia replies, “No, I don’t want Vicky like that. It
will be someone I meet in the dark…” Julia remarks, “Then it will
be a stranger”. Barnabas replies, “Yes. What are you driving at?”
Julia says, “There might be an alternative”. Barnabas asks, “What?”
Julia suggets, “Don’t you think it possible that there may be someone
who would come to you willingly, someone who might accept what
you are and submit to you willingly?” Barnabas asks, “Who?” Julia
replies, “Me.” Barnabas, shocked asks, “You?! Would you, willingly?”
Julia replies, “Yes” Barnabas asks, “Even knowing what it would
happen?” Julia answers, “Yes”. Barnabas tells her, “You are a
strong-willed woman. You would do this even knowing you would be
left with no free will of your own?” Julia again answers, “Yes”
Barnabas asks, “Why?” Julia replies, “Why do you need to ask? Isn’t
the offer good enough?” Barnabas refuses her offer, saying, “I
must refuse. If you submit, you will no longer be able to function
as a doctor”. Julia points out, “But you said you no longer
wanted to continue the treatments”. Barnbas tells her, “There may
be other things I need you for”. Julia, looking upset, excuses
herself and goes down into her lab.
Carolyn is in the drawing room of Collinwood examining the toy
soldier David gave her. David comes into the room. Carolyn tells
him, “It’s late. You shouldn’t be up”. but David tells her, “I had
to ask you something”. Carolyn asks, “What?” David asks, “You
think I’m crazy”. Carolyn replies, “No I don’t” David says, “Aunt
Elizabeth thinks so. I heard her say so”. Carolyn points out, “You
didn’t imagine Sarah, that much I know”. David tells her, “But
the things I said about Barnabas were!” Carolyn replies, “I’m not
so sure. If I went to the old house, what would I find there?”
David gets upset and says, “You can’t go there! Ever! Promise!”
Carolyn promises. David insists, “And I made up everything I said
about Barnabas!” Carolyn says, “All right, David. Good night”
After David goes up, Carolyn wonders, “Why is he so frightened?
What if he was telling the truth before? What if something IS
in that house? I doesn’t seem possible. Yet there’s only one way
to find out…”
Carolyn goes to the old house. She finds no one in the living
room and thinks, “Empty. Good. Barnabas must be away.” She is
frightened by a banging sound, but then realizes it’s only the
shutters buffeted by the wind. She tells herself, “Get a hold of
yourself! I’ve got to be very quiet, I’ve got to get into that
basement without making a sound”. She goes down into the cellar.
She sees the coffin and exclaims, “A coffin! It’s here! It really
is! But why?” She opens it. She thinks, “It’s empty. An empty coffin.
What does it mean?” She turns around and looks around the room.
Suddenly, she hears the noise of the coffin lid slamming down. She
turns around and sees that it’s Julia who slammed it down. Julia
asks, “Carolyn what are you doing here?” Carolyn repliles, “I was
about to ask you the same question”. Julia tells her, “There isn’t
any time for questions now. Go!” Carolyn asks, “But this coffin.
What’s it doing down here? Just like David said!” Julia desperately
begs, “Don’t ask any questions, just go, before it’s too late!”, but
a voice from the stairs says, “It’s already too late! What are you
doing here, Carolyn?” Carolyn looks over and sees an old, old man.
She replies, “I came to see Cousin Barnabas” Barnabas tells her,
“And now you see me”. Carolyn says, “You can’t be Cousin Barnabas
…your face!” Barnabas asks, “What about my face?” Carolyn
replies, “It’s so old!” Barnabas says, “It won’t be old much
longer”. He grabs her and bares his fangs. Carolyn screams…
Episode 351 (Kinescope)
Worldvision Rerun 141
Tape Date: October 26, 1967 (ABC #216-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 30, 1967 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Carolyn is lying in bed. Julia wraps a scarf around her neck.
She asks, “Carolyn?” Carolyn replies, “Yes?” Julia asks, “Do you
know where you are?” Carolyn looks around and says, “In Josette
Collins’ room”. Julia asks, “Are you aware of what happened?”
Carolyn replies, “Yes”. Julia asks, “And how do you feel about it?”
Carolyn replies, “I don’t know”. Julia asks, “Do you like being
here?” Carolyn replies, “Yes, this is where I belong. Was it really
Barnabas who…” Julia replies, “Yes. You don’t know why he had to
do what he did.” She explains about Barnabas’ uncontrolled aging and
how his biting her was supposed to reverse the process. Carolyn asks,
“Did it work?” Julia replies, “I don’t know. It may have advanced
beyond the point where anything could be done”. Carolyn tells Julia,
“I want to see him. He may need me”, but Julia refuses to let her,
saying, “No, what he needs now is rest”. There’s the sound of a door
downstairs, then the sound of footsteps coming up the steps. Carolyn
says, “Someone is coming! He depended on me to help him. I hope I
haven’t failed him!” The door opens. It’s Barnabas, young again.
At Collinwood, Roger is in the drawing room pouring himself
a brandy. Elizabeth comes in and asks, “Have you seen Carolyn?”
Roger replies, “No, why?” Elizabeth tells him, “I’ve looked all
around the house and I can’t find her”. Roger suggests, “Maybe she’s
gone out”. Elizabeth says, “At this time of night?” Roger points
out, “She’s been out on late dates before”. Elizabeth says, “But
she always tells me when she’s going out on a date. Anyway, she
hasn’t been out on any dates lately”. Roger tells her, “Don’t be
alarmed. She probably has a good reason for being out”. Elizabeth
explains, “I’m alarmed because getting the impression that she’s
starting to believe some of the things David’s been saying. She
claims she saw Sarah, and Sarah told her that David was telling the
At the old house, Barnabas says to Julia, “You look rather
startled”. Julia explains, “I just didn’t expect it to happen so
quickly”. Barnabas remarks, “This isn’t the first time you’ve
underestimated me, Dr. Hoffman!” Carolyn asks, “DR. Hoffman?”
Barnabas tells Carolyn the truth, that Julia is actually a blood
specialist and not a historian. He adds, “There are many
secrets you haven’t known before, but you will soon know all of
them, because you have become part of them”. He turns to Julia
and says, “Leave us alone, Doctor. There must be something you
have to do downstairs.” Julia leaves.
Barnabas asks Carolyn, “Now tell me, Carolyn, how are you
feeling?” Carolyn replies, “Very relaxed”. Barnabas asks, “Now
you know the true identity of Dr. Hoffman as well as myself,
who will you tell?” Carolyn asks, “Who do you want me to tell?”
Barnabas replies, “No one”. Carolyn says, “Then I will tell no one”.
Barnabas tells her, “Good. There are two things that must be dealt
with, and you will help me deal with them. The first is you must
convince everyone that what David has been saying about me is
nothing but a figment of his imagination. The second is Vicky.
One day, she’ll come into this room and replace the Josette I
lost so long ago. You must help me”. Carolyn asks, “How?” Barnabas
replies, “Vicky must come to me willingly”. Carolyn tells him, “I
will see to it that Vicky comes willingly”. Barnbas says, “Good”.
Carolyn asks, “What about me? What’s going to happen to me?”
Barnabas asks, “What do you mean?” Carolyn asks, “What’s our
relationship going to be?” Barnabas replies, “Since we are
of the same blood, I will give you more status that I gave to
Willie. If you serve me well, I have the ability to grant you
eternal life!”
Barnabas takes Carolyn downstairs. On the threshold, he warns
her, “You must be very careful when you get back to Collinwood.
They will notice a change in you. You must be able to explain it”.
Carolyn assures him, “I’ll be able to answer all their questions.
They won’t know what happened to me”. Barnabas tells her, “I have
every confidence in you. Good night”. Carolyn leaves. Julia comes
into the room and remarks, “You look very pleased with yourself”.
Barnabas tells her, “I have every reason to be. Carolyn’s very
valuable. I don’t know why I didn’t enlist her services before.
Where have you been?” Julia replies, “Downstairs, preparing the
injection. This time, the treatment must follow MY timetable”.
Barnabas, looking surprised, asks, “Is this your bizarre sense
of humor? Do you really think I’d be willing to resume the treatments
after what just happened?” Julia defends herself, “That was your
fault. You insisted on accelerating the schedule, on massive
doses. It won’t happen if you follow the proper schedule”. Barnabas
asks, “Are you sure of that? Maybe I’ll just age slowly instead of
all at once”. Julia tells him, “There are no guarantees in science.
You know that”. Barnabas says, “That’s why I don’t intend to continue
the experiments. It’s been a waste of my time and yours”. Julia
suggests, “We could continue on a conditional basis. If anything
starts to happen, we could stop”, but Barnabas refuses, “No, the
experiments stop. Nothing you say can change my mind”. Julia
gives in, “All right”. Barnabas continues,”And since the experiments
are over, you and I will have very time for each other now. I will
now concentrate on Vicky”. Julia asks, “You mean you have no more
use for me?” Barnabas replies, “Now that the treatments are over, we
have no use for one another any more”. Julia tells him, “You’re
vulnerable during the day. Carolyn can’t protect you”. Barnabas
agrees, “Yes, if Carolyn stayed here too much, it would raise
suspicions. Yes, I must find a servant”. Julia offers to protect
him during the day. Barnabas tells her, “I can’t expect you, a
professional woman, to perform the services of a servant!” Julia
tells him she’s quite willing to do so. Barnabas tells her, “I’ll
accept your offer until such time I find a permanent servant”.
Elizabeth and Roger are still awake worrying about Carolyn.
Elizabeth asks Roger, “What time is it?” Roger looks at his watch
and replies, “It’s almost 2:30”. Elizabeth moans “I’m sure
something terrible has happened”. The front doors open and Carolyn
comes in. Roger and Elizabeth rush into the foyer. Elizabeth
exclaims, “Carolyn! Where have you been?” Carolyn replies, “I went
out for a walk”. Elizabeth asks, “When did you go?” Carolyn replies,
“At about 8:00”. Roger asks, “You’ve been out since 8:00? Why?”
Carolyn replies, “I was upset about my talk with David. I was
trying to think of what I could do to help him”. Elizabeth asks,
“Would you like something to eat?” Carolyn replies, “No, I’m not
hungry. I’ll just go up and go to bed”. Elizabeth takes Carolyn’s
hands and exclaims, “Carolyn! Your hands feel like ice!” Carolyn
replies, “Yes, I’m going to take a warm bath before bed,” and goes
upstairs. The clock strikes 2:30. Roger remarks, “I too think I
shall retire”. Elizabeth says, “Roger, something did happen
to her!” Roger asks, “What are you talking about?” Elizabeth replies,
“She wasn’t herself.” Roger says, “She’s concerned about David”,
but Elizabeth replies, “No, it’s something else. Being concerned
about David wouldn’t make her act like a stranger in her own house”
The clock strikes 5:45. Carolyn comes down into an empty
foyer, looks at the portrait of Barnabas, touches the holes in
her neck, and smiles…
Episode 352 (Kinescope)
Worldvision Rerun 142
Tape Date: October 24, 1967 (ABC #217-DRK-67)
Air Date: October 31, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Carolyn goes to the window and watches the horizon. The sun
rises. She goes back to the portrait and says to it, “You have
nothing to worry about, dear cousin Barnabas. I will attend to
everything for you. Vicky Winters will be yours, and cousin David
will never trouble you again. I’m going to take care of that now.”
She goes upstairs to David’s room and wakes him up. David, surprised,
asks, “What time is it?” Carolyn replies, “About 6:00”. David asks,
“What are you doing up so early?” Carolyn replies, “I couldn’t sleep”.
David asks, “Are you sick or something?” Carolyn replies, “No, why?”
David explains, “I’ve never known you not to be able to sleep before”.
Carolyn tells him, “The truth is, I’ve been worried about you.
David, I have something to tell you, something very important. I
went down to the old house last night”. David, shocked, exclaims,
“I told you not to! You promised!” Carolyn tells him, “There’s no
danger in the old house. Cousin Barnabas showed me the entire
house. I saw the house from top to bottom, and there’s nothing
there.” David exclaims, “He must’ve tricked you!”, but Carolyn
replies, “He didn’t trick me. There was nothing to hide. He’s a
very nice man”. David insists, “He’s NOT a nice man! He wants to
kill me!” Carolyn says, “You’re imagining that”. David reminds her,
“But Sarah told you I was telling the truth!” Carolyn replies, “I
must’ve imagined her, like you’ve imagined the things about Barnabas.
You’d better stop telling these stories before it’s too late”.
David asks, “Too late?” Carolyn explains, “Before they decide
something’s wrong with you and send you to a home for mentally
disturbed children. If you keep telling the stories you’ve been
telling, your Aunt Elizabeth will have no choice but to send you
away…for good.”
Julia is in the drawing room, holding two crystals. Carolyn
comes downstairs into he drawing room and asks, “What are you
doing?” Julia asks, “How are you feeling now?” Carolyn replies,
“Fine”. Julia asks, “No after effects?” Carolyn replies, “No, why
do you ask?” Julia explains, “I’m just concerned about you, that’s
all”. Carolyn says, “You didn’t answer my question. What are you
doing?” Julia replies, “I’m comparing this crystal with one from
the chandelier in the West Wing. You get much sleep?” Carolyn
replies, “Some. I woke up early and did something for Barnabas”.
Julia asks, “What?” Carolyn replies, “I talked to David and told
him he’s be sent away if he kept telling those stories about
Barnabas. Now I have to talk to Vicky. You know Barnabas has plans
for Vicky….” She goes upstairs into the bedroom hallway. Vicky
comes out from the door under the stairs. Julia sees her and asks,
“Oh, Vicky, if you have a moment, I want to show you something.
The crystal I showed you the other day, I think I was wrong about it.
I don’t think it matches the crystals from the chandelier. Here,
take a look for yourself in the light”. Vicky comes into the drawing
room, looks at the crystals and says, “You must have very good eyes.
They look identical to me”. Julia tells her, “Look closer..” Soon,
Julia has Vicky hypnotized again. She tells her, “I want you to follow
me. I have more to show you.” Vicky replies in a monotone, “I will
follow you…” Julia takes Vicky out the front door. Unknown to her,
Carolyn is on the landing and sees them leave.
Julia takes Vicky to Josette’s room at the old house and asks,
“Do you know where you are?” Vicky replies, “In Josette Collins’
room”. Julia asks, “Do you like it?” Vicky answers, “Yes, very much.
Why am I here?” Julia tells her, “This room could play an important
and tragic part in your life if you let it.” Vicky remarks, “Barnabas
took great pains to restore it for Josette”. Julia tells her, “No,
he did it for you. He plans to turn you into a replacement for
Josette. He loved Josette very much, but she’s gone, and he wants to
make you into her”. Vicky asks, “He wants to make me Josette?” Julia
replies, “More than that. He wants to make you his bride”. Vicky
says, “But I don’t want to be his bride!” Julia asks, “Remember the
coffin I showed you?” Vicky replies, “Yes.” Julia asks, “Who was in
that coffin?” Vicky replies, “Barnabas”. Julia asks, “Do you know
why he was in that coffin?” Vicky answers, “No”. Julia explains,
“Because he’s dead!” Vicky exclaims, “No! Barnabas can’t be dead!”
Julia tells her, “He is. He sleeps by day and moves by night. He
is the undead. He has the power to control people. You must try to
resist him. Now we must return to Collinwood. Come, Vicky”.
Later, Carolyn asks Vicky why she seems so distracted. Vicky
tells Carolyn she’s thinking about Burke and feels so helpless.
Carolyn remarks, “Too bad I couldn’t find you earlier today.
I could’ve done something to cheer you up”. Vicky, puzzled, says,
“I don’t know why you couldn’t find me. I’ve been in the house all
day.” Carolyn reminds her, “You mean except for the walk you took
with Julia”. Vicky, puzzled, replies, “You must be mistaken. I didn’t
go for any walk with Julia”. Vicky leaves. Carolyn wonders, “She lied
to me. Why? What’s she trying to hide? Or does she suspect that
something happened to me? No, if she suspected, I’d know it. Why
would she lie? No, Vicky’s not the kind of person who would tell
lies. She was really surprised when I told her I saw her go with
Julia. Something’s happening to her, but what is it?”
Julia returns to Collinwood. Carolyn asks, “Did you enjoy
your walk eariler? I saw you and Vicky leave. Where did you go?”
Julia replies, “Just out for some fresh air. Do I need your approval?”
Carolyn says, “It’s not for me to approve or not”. Julia leaves.
Carolyn stares at the portrait of Barnabas again.

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