July 1968

Episode 525
Worldvision Rerun 313
Tape Date: June 19, 1968 (ABC #131-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 1, 1968 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Joe manages to struggle free. Jeff, realizing what he has been
doing, apoligizes, saying he thought Joe was Nathan Forbes because
he looked just like him. Joe, puzzled, tells Jeff that this is
the second time someone called him “Nathan Forbes” recently.
Jeff suddenly realizes that if he know Forbes, then he must
have lived in the past, that he must be Peter Bradford.
At Collinwood, Blair tekes the portrit into the drawing room
and starts to say incantations to get Angelique to tell him where
her ashes are but stops when Vicky comes into the room and asks
him what he is doing with the portrait, telling him it’s hers.
Blair tells her that Roger lent it to him and did not tell him
it was hers. He asks Vicky if he could borrow it, but Vicky refuses
to lend it to him and takes it to her room.
Roger returns and tells Blair that he has just been to speak
to the sheriff and found that there’s still been no sign of
Cassandra. Blair tells him, “Don’t worry. She’ll show up.”
Blair tells Roger that Vicky doesn’t seem to like him and asks
him about her. Roger tells him that Vicky is a very strange girl
with a strong imagination and tells him about Vicky “imagining”
that she had gone back to the year 1795, about her claims of
being persuted and hanged by a witch hunter named Trask. Blair
asks if she ever claimed that this Trask had ever tried to
exorcise her. Roger replies that Vicky had claimed that he had
once tied her to a tree and tried to exorcise her.
Blair realizes the Trask might have used the same tree both
times. In the middle of the night, he casts a spell causing Vicky
to lead him to the tree where Trask had tried to exorcise her.
Blair, seeing coils of rope around the base of the tree, decides
he must have been right. He tells Vicky to go back to Collinwood,
telling her that when she awakens, she will remember none of this.
Vicky leaves. Blair starts to perform a spell.

Note: Wait a minute! Angelique destroyed that tree back in
Episode 526
Worldvision Rerun 314
Tape Date: June 14, 1968 (ABC #132-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 2, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Blair reverses Trask’s work and Cassandra materializes. Blair
admonishes her for letting it happen, saying, “Your powers are
stronger than Trask’s.” He tells her the only reason Trask got
the better of her is that she must have let her emotions weaken
them, that she must still love Barnabas Collins. Cassandra
swears that this is not true, that she hates Barnabas and can
only think of vengeance against him. Blair tells her, “You’d better
be telling the truth, because I’m not going to help you if you
get into this kind of trouble again.”
Near Collinwood, with Collinwood looming in the background,
Blair reminds Cassandra that she had a bargain with him, and
that the only reason he helped her was so that she could fufill
her bargain with him. He tells her what story to tell the people
at Collinwood and tells her that he told them he was her brother.
Jeff goes to Collinwood and finds the front door open. He
knocks anyway. Roger comes down, furious at being awakened at
two in the morning. Jeff asks to see Vicky. Roger reluctantly
goes up to get her, but when he comes back down, he tells Jeff
Vicky isn’t in bed, though her bed has been slept in. Jeff tells
Roger that the front door was open when he came and, saying
something must have happened to her, leaves to search for her.
Roger puts on his coat and is about to join Jeff, but Cassandra
suddenly appears in the doorway. Roger asks her what happened
to her. Cassandra tells him she felt a great deal of hostility
at Collinwood, panicked, and went to stay for awhile in
Philadelphia, the city she grew up in. Roger tells her he’ll
try to rectify the situation.
Jeff finds Vicky wandering in the woods. She still appears to
be in some sort of trance. Jeff, thinking she is sleepwalking,
shakes her and brings her out of it. He finds that she has a
button clutched in her hands. She tells him she does not know
where it came from. Jeff pockets it.
At Collinwood, a “surprised” Blair comes downstairs and greets
his “sister”. Jeff returns with Vicky. Vicky reacts strangely
to seeing Cassandra. Jeff explains that he found Vicky sleepwalking,
Jeff takes Vicy upstairs. Blair takes Cassandra into the drawing
room and asks her why Vicky is so suspicous of her. Cassandra tells
Blair that Vicky has been suspicious of her ever since she came and
that she cannot do anything about it. Blair tells her he’ll take
care of Vicky.
Upstairs, Vicky tells Jeff she is afraid of Cassandra because
of her resemblance to Angelique. Jeff tells Vicky about what
happened at the cottage and tells her he nows believes that he
is Peter Bradford. But Vicky tells him that the events in the
dream never happened, that Peter Bradford never escaped from jail
to confront Nathan Forbes. She tells him he must have had the dream
only because she talked to him about the past so many times, that
the dream therefore doesn’t prove anything. She again asks him
to go to Stokes to be hypnotized. This time, he agrees. Blair,
probably hoping to find Vicky alone, comes in and asks Vicky how
she is and if there’s anything he can do for her. While Blair is
talking to Vicky, Peter notices that Blair has a button missing
from his coat, and that the buttons that are left match the one
Vicky was clutching…
Episode 527
Worldvision Rerun 315
Tape Date: June 21, 1968 (ABC #133-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 3, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Jack Sullivan

Blair remarks, “Everything’s all right. Miss Winters has
been found, Cassandra’s returned, and even the colors in the
painting have returned to normal”. Jeff is puzzled and asks
how that could have happened. Blair replies, “I often find
that the most interesting things in life are the most
unexplainable.” Blair leaves. Vicky remarks, “There’s something
strange about that picture”, then, noticing that there’s a
strange expression on Jeff’s face, asks, “Jeff, what’s wrong?”
Jeff replies, “You weren’t sleepwalking and that man knows it.”
He shows her the button, tells her it matches the ones on
Blairs jacket, which is missing a button, and tells her,
“That man has something to do with what happened! If he’s
Cassandra’s brother, he might have the same powers she has,
perhaps even more”. He asks her if she remembers anything
about what happened to her now. Vicky replies that she doesn’t.
Peter tells her, “Now you know how frustrating it is for me
not to know anything about my past. I want you to take me to
Professor Stokes tomorrow! I’ve got to go through with it!
I want to get a complete and final answer!”
Nicholas Blair is down in the drawing room gloating at
how well everything’s turned out. Peter comes into the
room and angrily tells him, “Stay away from Vicky! I know you
had something to do with what happened to her!” Blair replies,
“That’s an amazing assumption!” Peter says, “No it isn’t. I
notice you have a button missing”. He shows Blair the missing
button and tells him that Vicky was clutching it in her hand
when he found her wandering in the woods. Blair nonchalently
says, “I must have lost it while walking in the woods, and
she must have found it and picked it up”. Jeff dismisses
this as improbable, and warns Blair, “She’ll remember where
she got it!” Blair asks, “And then?” Jeff replies, “Then
I’ll do whatever’s necessary!”
At Stokes’ house, Professor Stokes is continuing to tutor
Adam, teaching him words out of a very large dictionary.
Adam is amazed at how many words there are and says, “So
many words!”. Stokes asks Adam about his past before he found
him at Sam Evans’ house. He asks him what the first thing he
remembers was. Adam, who can now speak rudimentary English,
says, “Barnabas. Bed, like table. Straps. I open eyes, see
Barnabas. Dr. Hoffman. Hurt Adam.” Stokes asks, “Where was
this? The old house?” Adam replies, “Old house. Willie live
there. Room. Chain. Chain to wall. Willie bad! Tear chain,
run!” Stokes asks, “What happened then?” Adam replies, “Barnabas.
Hurt Adam!” The doorbell rings. Stokes tells Adam that Vicky and
Jeff are here and he’ll have to go to the next room and stay
quiet. Adam picks up the dictionary and starts for the door
to the next room. Stokes adds, “And Adam, try to remember why
they chained you”.
Stokes tells Vicky, “I don’t want to appear inhospitable,
but I’d prefer you go back to Collinwood”. He tells her it would
work better if he could hypnotize Peter in private. Vicky leaves.
Jeff says nervously, “All right. I’m ready”. Using his monacle,
dangling from a string, and waving it like a pendulum, Stokes
hypnotizes Jeff. Stokes asks, “Who are you?” Jeff replies,
“Jeff Clark”. Stokes asks, “Has that always been your name?”
Jeff replies, “Since the hospital. In Portsmith”. Stokes
asks, “And before that?” Jeff replies, “I was lost. It was
raining. I didn’t have any money. He gave me food.” Stokes
asks, “Who?” Jeff goes on, “Dr. Lang. I hate Dr. Lang.
He made me do things I didn’t want to do”. Stokes asks, “What?”
Jeff replies, “Nothing anymore. He’s dead now. It was almost
finished. He was never able to make it live. He was going to use MY
face!” Stokes asks, “For what?” Jeff explains, “He thought he
was God. He was going to make a human being from parts. Parts
I brought to him. I didn’t want to do it”. He explains to
Stokes how Lang blackmailed him by lying to him that he was
a murderer. Stokes asks if there was anyone else helping Lange.
Jeff replies that he doesn’t know, but Barnabas and Julia were
always around the lab. Stokes asks, “If you saw Lange’s creation,
would you recognize him?” Jeff replies that he wouldn’t recognize
the face because he never saw it, but he would recognize the
rest of it. Stokes brings Adam into the room. Jeff inspects
one of Adam’s arms. Stokes asks if it’s Lang’s creation.
Jeff says, “Yes! He’s alive! They made him live!” Stokes
sends Adam back to the next room, then tells Jeff, “Forget
Adam. Let’s continue with you. What do you remember before
Lang?”. Jeff is unable to remember anything at all. Stokes
awakens Jeff. Jeff, not remembering what’s just happened, asks,
“All right, Doctor. Tell me who I am!”
Afterwards, Stokes goes to Collinwood to seee Julia, but finds
that she is not there. While talking to Vicky, he learns that
Cassandra has returned. Blair walks in and introduces himself
to Stokes. Stokes tells him that they have met before, that he
recognizes him as the man who sold the portrait of Angelique
to the antique shop, but Blair replies that he must be mistaken,
that he has never been in Collinsport before.
After Blair leaves, Stokes talls Vicky that now Cassandra is
back, she, Vicky, must leave Collinwood or she will have the dream,
that the next person who will have it if she does is Barnabas, and
that he will die from it.
Episode 528
Worldvision Rerun 316
Tape Date: June 25, 1968 (ABC #134-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 4, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Jack Sullivan

Vicky tells Jeff about Stokes’ warning and tells him she plans
to leave Collinwood briefly. Jeff tells Vicky he thinks she’s
being foolish, that Stokes is nothing but a quack. As proof,
he tells Vicky that Stokes managed to learn nothing from his
hypnosis session. After discussing the matter for awhile, Jeff
tells Vicky that even if she must believe all this, she needn’t
leave Collinsport, that all she need do is tell Cassandra that
she’s going to Boston but come stay at the Evan’s Cottage
instead, where she can be close to him. Cassandra comes into
the drawing room looking for David.
Vicky tells Cassandra she’s going to go to Boston. Cassandra
becomes very upset and tells her she can’t leave on such short
notice. Vicky replies that she must. Cassandra threatens to have
her fired. Just then, Blair, at the gazebo, summons Cassandra
and she leaves.
Cassandra goes to the gazebo and meets Blair there. Blair tells
her he is very upset that she is taking so long. He tells her that
he “let her go” because she had pleaded with him to release her
briefly to take care of Barnabas, who had escaped from the curse,
but that he is now convinced that she is dawdling, that she really
wants to stay at Collinwood for awhile. Cassandra swears that this
is not the case. She tells Blair it’s taking a long time because
she’s having trouble with the dream curse, that the next link
in the chain, Vicky, is about to leave town. She asks Blair to
help her and, producing a vial of potion, asks him to somehow get
Vicky to drink it, explaining that it will cause her to go asleep
within an hour and have the dream. Blair deriviesly remarks,
“Your methods are rather crude”, but agrees to help.
Blair returns to Collinwood and waits in the drawing room.
When Vicky comes down, Blair asks her to come in and join him
for a drink. Seeing that she is holding a suitcase, he tells her
it will be a “bon voyage” drink. He pours two drink, pouring the
potion into one. While pouring the drinks, he remarks that he
would think it preferable to take a vacation in the winter
(This episode originally aired Summer 68) to get away from the
harsh Maine cold in that season. He adds that he himself likes
hot weather and hates the cold (Is he old Nick?). He gives the
drugged drink to Vicky. As she is about to drink, Jeff arrives to
pick her up and Vicky leaves without having drunk any of it.
Cassandra comes down and finds that Blair has failed. Blair
tells Cassandra he fears her powers are weakening. He tells her
to find Vicky, saying, “It’s a simple spell”. His tone of voice
implies that she will be in big trouble if she fails. She tells
him she needs privacy to do her work. Blair leaves. Cassandra
stares into the fire, casts a spell and sees a vision of the
Evan’s cottage.
At the Evan’s cottage, Vicky is in bed, ready to go to sleep.
Maggie tells her that she and Joe are planning to get married
soon. After Maggie says goodnight and leaves, Vicky goes to
sleep. The clock shows 11:00. An hour later, Angelique, in her
old blond hair, materializes in the room. She is holding a bottle
of rosewater. She puts a spell on the sleeping Vicky, telling her
that when she awakens, she will find the rosewater on the dresser
and use it, that it will cause her to fall asleep and have the
dream. Maggie comes into the room, sees Angelique standing there
and screams…
Episode 529
Worldvision Rerun 317
Tape Date: June 26, 1968 (ABC #135-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 5, 1968 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Jack Sullivan

Vicky is awakened by Maggie’s screams. She sees only Maggie
standing there, Angelique having vanished. Vicky asks, “What’s
wrong?” Maggie replies that she saw a ghost standing over her
talking to her. When Maggie describes the ghost to her, Vicky
realizes that Angelique has found her and fears that she might
have been telling the dream to her. Maggie, frightened, telephones
When Joe comes, they tell him about the ghost and dream curse.
They ask him to stay the night. He tells them he thinks they are
being silly, but agrees to stay.
Vicky goes back into the bedroom and sees the bottle of
rosewater on the dresser. Thinking that it’s Maggie’s and that
Maggie won’t mind if she uses some, she decides to put some on.
Just as she is about to do so, Maggie comes into the room. Vicky
remarks, “I was just about to borrow some of your rosewater. I
didn’t think you’d mind”. Maggie tells her it isn’t her, that
she’s never seen it before. Vicky realizes that Angelique must
have left it, that it will cause the dream curse to continue,
that when Maggie saw Angelique talking to her, she must have
been planting a compulsion to use the rose water. She tells
Maggie to destroy it.
Maggie and Vicky rejoin Joe in the living room and discuss
the dream curse again. Vicky remarks that she think Prof. Stokes
might be able to help, but Joe tells her he doesn’t trust Stokes,
He tells Vicky about the stickpin and tells her that he intends
to find out what Stokes is up to.
At Stokes’ house, Stokes is giving Adam a word association
test. When he says the word “hate”, Adam repile, “Willie!”; when
he says the word “kill”, Adam replies, “Barnabas!” Stokes asks
why he wants to kill Barnabas. Adam replies, “Barnabas hurt Adam!”.
Stokes points out, “But you said Willie hurt you too. Why don’t
you want to kill him?” Adam starts to cry. Stokes theorizes that
Adam wants to kill Barnabas because Barnabas rejected him, that
Adam, for some reason, has a strong emotional tie to Barnabas. He
wonders why. There’s a knock at the door. Stokes tells Adam to go
to his room.
Stokes opens the door and finds that it’s Vicky, and that
Joe Haskell is with her. He lets them in. Vicky tells Stokes about
what happened last night and asks for his advice, but Stokes can
come up with nothing better than tells her to leave Collinsport
and go as far away as possible. Vicky refuses to do this, teliing
Stokes Jeff needs her. Joe sees Adam’s flash cards lying on
the coffe table and asks Stokes about them, remarking, “I thought
you taught at the college level.” Stokes replies that he is
teaching a precocious 3 year old nephew. There’s the sound of
footsteps upstairs. Jeff remarks, “I thought you lived alone”.
Stokes lies that it’s his housekeeper. Joe tells Stokes that he
found his stickpin at the Evan’s cottage. Stokes replies that he
must have dropped it the night he came to visit Sam, but Joe
replies, “That’s impossible. I found it very near the spot
where Sam fell after he was struck by Adam. I would have seen
seen if it were there. You must have come to the cottage sometime
AFTER that and dropped it then.” Stokes thinks then says, “Oh,
yes. I remember now. I came to the cottage to offer my condolences
to Maggie, not knowing she was staying at Collinwood. I found the
front door open and came in. I called for her, but receiving no
answer, left. I must have dropped it then”. Vicky and Joe leave.
Joe returns to the Evan’s Cottage and gets Sam’s rifle. Maggie
asks him what for, but he refuses to tell her. Leaving a worried
Maggie, Joe returns to Stokes’ house with the rifle and confronts
him, saying, “I suspect you’re harboring a dangerous fugitive here.”
He tells Sam the madman who attacked Sam hasn’t been caught,
that someone must be hiding him since he’d have been caught by
now if he were still wandering in the woods. He tells Stokes he
suspects he’s hiding him. He tells Stokes that he intends to search
the house. Stokes tells him he has no right to do so, and refuses
to let him do so, threatening to call the police. Joe replies, “Go
ahead. I’m sure they’ll be interested in what you have here too.”
Stokes demands that Joe leave, but Joe refuses. Stokes grabs Joe
and tries to throw him out. There is a struggle. Adam, hearing this,
comes to help Stokes. Joe points the rifle at Adam. This frightens
Adam, and Adam stops. Joe picks up the phone and starts to call
the police, but Adam throws the book he’s been reading at him
and runs out the front door. Joe runs out the door after him. Stokes,
looking out the door, screams, “Haskell! No!!!”. The sound of
a shot is heard.
Episode 530
Worldvision Rerun 318
Tape Date: June 24, 1968 (ABC #136-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 8, 1968 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Jack Sullivan

Joe searches the woods for Adam.
Vicky goes to the old house to talk to Barnabas. Barnabas
remarks that he has not seen her for several days. Vicky tells
him that she’s been staying at the Evan’s cottage because she’s
afraid Cassandra will cause her to have the dream if she stays at
Collinwood. Barnabas asks, “Why? Cassandra is gone.” Vicky tells
him she has returned.
Adam, wandering through the woods, approaches the old house.
He looks at it and growls, “Barnabas HURT Adam! KILL Barnabas!!!”
Just then, Joe catches up with him and orders him to freeze.
Adam, frightened by the rifle, does. Joe tells him he’s going
to take him to the police. Adam says, “Police hurt Adam!” and
is clearly terrified by the idea. He panics, snatches the rifle
from Joes’ hands, and knocks him out with the butt.
At the old house, Vicky tells Barnabas about Angelique’s ghost
and tells him she has come to the decision that the only way
she can break the dream curse is to leave Collinsport for awhile.
While they are talking, they hear a gunshot outside. Barnabas
goes outside to investigate.
At the cemetary, Cassandra is standing in front of a gravestone
that reads “Samuel Evans, 1915-1968”. She raises Sam’s ghost and
tells him his job isn’t finished. She orders him to go and tell
the dream to Vicky. Sam refuses. Cassandra tells him she won’t
allow him to return to the grave and rest until he does. Sam
tells her she doesn’t have the power to prevent him. She tells
him she does, that if he doesn’t believe her, to try to return
to the grave. Sam tries to do so, but finds he cannot.
Vicky is at the old house waiting for Barnabas to return.
Sam’s ghost appears. Vicky is shocked. Sam tells her that he
came to tell her the dream. Vicky begs him not to, saying,
“If I do, Barnabas will be the next to have it, and he’ll
die!” Sam remarks, “In his case, that may be a blessing”. Vicky
asks what he means. Sam refuses to explain further. He tells her
he doesn’t want to , but must tell her the dream because if he
doesn’t, Angelique won’t allow him to return to this grave and
rest. He starts to tell her the dream.
Barnabas runs into Cassandra in the woods and asks her why
she has returned. She replies, “I live here!”. After Barnabas
leaves, Cassandra thinks to herself that when she saw him, she
felt stirrings of her old love for him, but vows to think only
of vengeance. She exults, “Barnabas will be brought to his fate
by the woman he loves!”
Barnabas returns to the old house, having found nothing
outside. Sam’s ghost, having told Vicky the dream, has
disappeared. Vicky tells Barnabas what happened. She is
hysterical. Barnabas tries to calm her down, but is unable
to. Barnabas suggests going to Stokes again, but Vicky replies
that it would be of little use, pointing out that Stokes was
only able to stop the dream curse temporarily last time. She tells
him she must go far, far away and runs out the front door. Barnabas
runs out after her.
Barnabas, having been unable to catch Vicky, returns to the
old house. There, he finds Joe lying on the floor. Hearing
maniacal laughter, Barnbas looks and sees Adam looking in through
the window, laughing.
Episode 531
Worldvision Rerun 319
Tape Date: June 23, 1968 (ABC #137-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 9, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Jack Sullivan

Julia happens to come to the old house and finds Barnabas
there with Joe. Shocked, she asks, “Did you do this?” Barnabas
replies that he didn’t and tells her it was Adam who killed Joe.
Julia examines Joe and, finding a faint pulse, tells Barnabas Joe
isn’t dead, but alive, though barely. She tells Barnabas
that there’s little she can do for him here, that Joe must be
taken to the hospital. Barnabas tells her he’ll get Willie to
help him. Julia tells her that that won’t be necessary, that
she can take him to the hospital, but Barnabas tells her he
needs to have her do something else. He tells her about Sam’s
ghost telling the dream to Vicky, and tells her to go to
the Evan’s cottage and see if there’s anything she can do for
Vicky. Julia leaves.
Barnabas tells Willie to take Joe to the hospital. Willie –
who hates Joe – refuses. Barnabas threatens to call the police
and lie that he, Willie, did this to Joe if he does not. Willie
is shocked. Barnabas tells Willie he has 10 seconds to come to
a decision.
Julia goes to the Evan’s cottage and offers to take Vicky
to Windcliff, where she will be away from Barnabas and cannot
tell him he dream. But Vicky refuses, despairing that it’ll
do no good, that no one could defeat Angelique in 1795, and
no one will be able to defeat her now.
Julia returns to the old house. Barnabas tells her that he and
Willie have taken Joe to the hospital, lying that they found him
unconscious in the woods. Julia tells Barnabas what happened at
the Evan’s cottage. She tells Barnabas that the only thing they
can do now is to have HIM go far, far away where Vicky cannot
tell him the dream. Barnabas refuses to do so. He explain that
it probably won’t work, that Angelique would probably be able to
find him no matter where he goes, and even if it did work, there’s
another reason he cannot do this. He starts to explain, “You know
how I feel about Vicky”. A jealous look crosses Julia’s face.
Barnabas continues, “You know what happens to those who cannot
tell the dream to the next person. They’ll have the dream night
after night and be continually terrified. I can’t do that to Vicky.
I will stay here and face my destiny”.
At the Evan’s cottage, Vicky has the dream. The beckoner, as
expected, is Barnabas. Behind her door is the sun. Barnabas’
voice repeats the phrase, “And one door leads to the point of
return…”. Vicky asks, “What does that mean?”, but there is no
answer. Vicky enters the doorway, and eventually finds herself
in the old house. She is shocked to find Barnabas lying on
the floor, apparently dead, two bleeding holes in his neck…
Episode 532/533
Worldvision Rerun 320
Tape Date: June 27, 1968 (ABC #138-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 10, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

At the Evans’ cottage, Vicky awakens and tells Maggie that she’s
just had the dream. The telephone rings. Maggie answers. It’s Barnabas.
He tells Maggie about Joe. Maggie and Vicky rush to the hospital.
Barnabas goes to Collinwood, where he runs into Blair. He asks
to see Cassandra.
Maggie and Vicky arrive at the Collinsport Hospital and go to
Joe’s room. Joe is conscious, having suffered only a concussion.
The sheriff comes in and tells Joe he has to ask him some questions.
Joe tells him what happened. The sheriff tells Joe he’ll go and
question Stokes.
At Collinwood, Blair brings Cassandra down. Barnabas asks
that they be left to talk in private. He and Cassandra go into
the drawing room. He tells her she has won. He tells her that
Vicky will never tell him the dream, no matter how much she
suffers, that her strength of character and depth of feeling
for him won’t allow her to. He tells her that he doesn’t want
Vicky to suffer like this. He tells Cassandra that, to prevent
this, he will agree to be hers for all eternity if she will lift
the dream curse. He leaves, saying he will be at the old house
awaiting her decision. Cassandra thinks, “Could you ever really
love me, Barnabas. I wish I could believe that! You don’t know
how much I wish I could believe that!”
Vicky and Maggie go to Collinwood. Vicky tells Maggie she
intends to go to her room and lock herself in there. Blair meets
Maggie and seems entranced by her beauty and volunteers to drive
her back to the hospital.
Maggie returns to the hospital and is surprised to find
the sheriff coming out of Joe’s room. He tells her that
Stokes verified most of Joe’s story, but claimed that he had
not been harboring Adam, that Adam had only gotten there
about an hour before, that he felt sorry for him and gave him
some food. Sheriff Patterson admits that he doesn’t believe
Stokes’ story, but tells Maggie that there’s nothing he can do
because he has no proof Stokes was lying.
Blair returns to Collinwood. There, in the foyer, Cassandra
tells him it may no longer be necessary to continue the dream curse.
She announces, “I’ve won! After all these years, I’ve won!” She
tells him about Barnabas’ offer. Blair is furious. He tells
her he released her to come here for one reason only – revenge –
not to fall in love. He orders her to continue the dream curse.
Vicky happens to come downstairs. Blair goes into the drawing room.
Cassandra lies to Vicky that Barnabas wanted to see her. Vicky
tells Cassandra that she knows she’s lying, saying, “You’re a liar,
and evil, and selfish, and wicked! It isn’t going to work! Your
dream ends with me! I’m never going to tell Barnabas, no matter
how many times I have it, no matter how terrified I am. I’d
die before I tell him!” and runs back upstairs.
Cassandra goes into the drawing room. Blair remarks, “She has a
strong will. I think I like her”. Cassandra says, “Barnabas warned
me she’d react just like that”. Blair tells Cassandra that if
Vicky will not go to Barnabas, they must bring Barnabas to Vicky.
He orders her to forge a letter to Barnabas in Vicky’s handwriting.
Episode 534
Worldvision Rerun 321
Tape Date: June 30, 1968 (ABC #139-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 11, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Weaver

Barnabas receives a letter in which Vicky says she can no
longer stand the terror of the dream curse and will kill
herself to avoid telling it to him. Shocked, Barnabas rushes
to Collinwood to stop her.
In the foyer of Collinwood, Vicky is suffering the effects of
the dream curse, hearing Josette’s music playing over and over in
her head. Barnabas comes rushing in through the front doors.
Vicky asks him what he’s doing there. He tells her he came because
of the note she slipped under the door of the old house. Vicky
tells him, “I didn’t slip any note under the door at the old house”.
Barnabas produces the letter and gives it to her. She looks at it
and, looking puzzled, says, “Incredible! It IS my handwriting, but
I didn’t write it!” Barnabas realizes that the letter must be a
forgery, a trick of Cassandra’s. Julia comes down into the foyer,
and shocked to see Barnabas and Vicky there together, orders
Vicky to go into the drawing room. Vicky does so. Barnabas tells
Julia about Cassandra’s forged letter. Julia tells him to go back
to the old house. Barnabas leaves. Carolyn returns to Collinwood
and tells Julia she’s been visiting Joe at the hospital.
She tells Julia that Joe had told her he had been fighting
with the madman in the woods. Saying that she finds it difficult
to believe that anyone could survive a fall from Widow’s Hill,
she tells Julia she’s curious about where Adam might be if he
were indeed alive. Julia warns her against such curiousity.
Carolyn goes to the root cellar where Adam had kept her.
She finds Adam there. She tells him she came to help him because
she’s grateful that he saved her life at Widow’s Hill. She
finds that he can speak much better now, and asks him where
he learned to do so. He tells her Professor Stokes taught
him. Carolyn now realizes that Joe’s claim that Prof. Stokes
had been harboring Adam is true. She asks Adam why he does not
go back to Stokes’ house. Adam tells her he’s afraid that Stoke’s
might be angry at him because he did not obey his orders to stay
in his room. Carolyn assures Adam that Stokes isn’t mad at him
and tells him he should go back to Stoke’s house, but Adam
refuses. Carolyn decides that if Adam will not go to Stokes,
she’ll bring Stokes to Adam.
Julia returns to the old house and asks Barnabas how he feels.
Barnabas replies, “How do you expect me to feel? How does any
man awaiting execution feel?” He tells her that he can no longer
allow Vicky to suffer from the dream curse, that he can’t allow
her to be tortured slowly to death by it and has decided to
go to Collinwood and force her to tell it to him and risk
becoming a vampire again. Julia tries to argue with him against
doing this, but Barnabas is fatalistic and insists on doing so.
He tells her of his offer to Angelique and concludes that the
fact that she has not come to the old house must mean she has
rejected it and is bent on revenge, and that nothing can stop
her. He tells her the only thing they can do now is let Vicky
tell him the dream and let whatever’s going to happen happen.
He walks away, leaving Julia with a pained look on her face.
Episode 535
Worldvision Rerun 322
Tape Date: June 28, 1968 (ABC #140-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 12, 1968 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

At Collinwood, Vicky is pacing nervously in the drawing room,
worrying that Barnabas may come and she will weaken and tell him
the dream. Someone comes in through the front door. Vicky,
alarmed, looks, but finds that it’s Julia. Julis comes into
the drawing room and tells Vicky that Barnabas has decided to
come to Collinwood and force her to tell him the dream in order
to end her suffering. Vicky tells Julia she does not want this
to happen. Julia tells her the only way she can prevent it is
to leave Collinsport. They leave the drawing room to go upstairs
and pack, but it is too late. The front door opens. It is
Barnabas. Not wanting to tell him the dream, Vicky retreats into
the drawing room. Julia tries to prevent Barnabas from following
Vicky into the drawing room. She suggests to him that there may
be another way, that Professor Stokes may be able to help, that
Stokes broke the dream curse once and may be able to do it again.
But Barnabas vetoes the idea, saying no one can defeat Angelique
and that the only way to end it is to have Vicky tell him the
dream. He goes into the drawing room, where he finds Vicky
cowering besides the cabinet near the fireplace. He forces
her to tell him the dream.
Barnabas exits the drawing room. He tells Julia that Vicky
has told him the dream and is in the drawing room crying. He
tells her to go in there and comfort Vicky then leaves.
Vicky is sitting on the sofa in the drawing room crying.
Julia goes in, sits down by her, and tries to comfort her,
“Vicky, you’re going to be all right now. You won’t be
frightened anymore”. Vicky replies, “Is there anything we
can do for Barnabas now?” Julia sadly replies, “No”.
Vicky moans, “We can’t just let him die!” Julia replies
philosphically, “Time’s his enemy now. It’s always been
his enemy”. Vicky asks, “You were very close to him, weren’t
you?” Julia replies, “Yes”. Vicky apoligizes, “I’m so sorry!”,
but Julia tells her, “Don’t be. He was right. He couldn’t let
you go on suffering as you were”. Cassandra comes downstairs,
goes into the drawing room, sees Vicky and asks, “Vicky, why are
you crying?” Julia gets up, walks up to her, and slaps her HARD.
Cassandra, shocked, says, “You’ll be sorry you did that!”,
but Julia leaves without saying a word. Vicky gets up, walks
up to Cassandra, says, “You deserve far more than a slap!”
and goes upstairs.
At the old house, Barnabas takes a red pill. Julia comes
in, carrying her medical bag. She tells him she’ll give him
something to keep him awake, but Barnabas tells her, “You’re
too late. I’ve already taken something to make me sleep and put
me out of my misery. I don’t want to delay the inevitable”. He
tells her he gave Willie instructions to drive a stake through his
heart after he dies to prevent him from becoming a vampire. He
sits down and prepares to go to sleep. Julia sits down on the
settee and watches helplessly.
Barnabas falls asleep and has the dream. The knocker is
Cassandra. Barnabas bravely announces, “Cassandra, I no longer
fear you or what is in that room!” His door is the same as Vicky’s,
with the sun behind it. He enters and finds himself at the old
house, as Vicky did. But he finds nothing there. He boldly
challenges Angelique to do whatever she’s planned for him, but
nothing happens.
Barnabas awakens. Julia asks, “Did you have the dream?”
Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Julia asks, “What happened?” Barnabas
replies, “Nothing!” Julia says, “I don’t understand…” Barnabas
recounts the dream to her and asks, “You didn’t jostle me awake and
prevent the dream from finishing, did you?” Julia replies that she
did not. Barnabas triumphantly announces, “The dream curse didn’t
work! I’ve won, Julia! I wasn’t meant to survive that dream, but
I have!”. He tells Julia to go downstairs and get Willie.
There’s a knock at the door. Barnabas asks, “Who is it?”, but
there’s no response. He opens the door but finds no on there.
He steps outside and looks around. Suddenly, a huge bat appears.
Barnabas screams, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”. The bat attacks him,
biting him on the throat. The sound of Angelique’s laughter
fills the air…
Episode 536
Worldvision Rerun 323
Tape Date: July 1, 1968 (ABC #141-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 15, 1968 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Weaver

Carolyn goes to the root cellar to see Adam and finds him
clutching his neck in pain. Adam keeps moaning incoherently
“Barnabas…Barnabas…”. He tries to walk, but collapses.
At the old house, Julia comes back upstairs and finds
Barnabas lying outside, semiconcious. She screams, “Barnabas,
no!!” Barnabas says weakly, “Angelique has won…”. Julia
shouts, “Willie!” Barnabas tells Julia, “I’ll be as before.
You know what to do…” and loses consciousness. With Willie’s
help, she gets him into the house.
Stokes arrives at the root cellar, having been contacted
by Carolyn earlier. He examines Adam and finds that his pulse
is very weak, barely detectable.
At the old house, Julia examines Barnabas and finds that he’s
dead. She tells Willie that they must carry out Barnabas’ final
wish. Willie, crying, tells her he cannot go through with it.
Julia tells him it must be done, and tells him if he cannot do it,
she will. She orders him to bring her the hammer and stake.
At the root cellar, Stokes tells Carolyn that Adam has died.
At the old house, Willie returns with the hammer and stake
and gives it to Julia. Julia places the stake over Barnabas’
heart, raises the hammer and prepares to strike, but then stops.
She finds that she cannot do it either. She tells Willie,
“I promised Barnabas he would never have to live again as a
vampire. I will keep that promise”. She tells Willie she’ll
do it in a different way, that she’ll immobilize him in his
coffin with a crufix as Joshua did but bury him in the woods
where no on can find him, the secret room being too risky
now because too many people know about it now – Vicky, Jeff
Clark, David…
At the root cellar, both Stokes and Carolyn are in shock,
unable to believe Adam has died.
Julia and Willie are in the woods, standing before an open
grave. They mourn Barnabas. Julia tells Willie that Barnabas
was always a good person, that, “Even when we were against
each other, I knew he only did what he was driven to do, what you
or I would have done if the same thing had happened to us…”
Willie says, “He was so different after I came back from
At the root cellar, Stokes and Carolyn mourn Adam.
In the woods, Julia and Willie stand before a now filled
grave. Two roses, one pink and one yellow, lie on the grave.
Episode 537
Worldvision Rerun 324
Tape Date: July 2, 1968 (ABC #142-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 16, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Weaver

At the grave, both Willie and Julia decide that, now that
Barnabas is dead, there is not much reason for them to stay
at Collinwood anymore and decide to leave. Julia tells Willie
she is returning to Windcliff, and invites him to come with
her – this time not as a patient, but as an employee, that
she’ll find a job for him as a gardener or something. Willie
asks Julia why she’s doing this. Julia gestures at the grave
and says, “He would have wanted me to”. Willie tells Julia
he’ll pack and take Barnabas’ clothes to make it look like
Barnabas has left on a trip.
Willie goes to the Evan’s cottage to see Maggie one last
time. He tells her he’s leaving town because he’s found a
better job elsewhere. Maggie asks, “What about Barnabas?”
Willie answers, “He’s left on a long trip”. Maggie asks,
“Where?” Willie suddenly breaks down in tears and admits that
Barnabas is dead. He begs her to keep it a secret, but Maggie
refuses, saying that people have got to know about it. She
tells him she’ll do one thing for him, though. She promises
not to tell until he’s out of town.
Julia returns to Collinwood to pack. She runs into Cassandra
in the foyer and tells her, “You’ve won!”, but Cassandra
pretends not to know what she’s talking about. There’s a knock
at the door. It’s Stokes. He tells Julia that he was playing
chess with a friend when the friend was suddenly taken ill.
He tells her she’s the only doctor he could find at this
hour and asks her to come. Julia, devastated by Barnabas’ death,
refuses and tells him to find another doctor. Cassandra excuses
herself and goes upstair. Stokes takes Julia into the drawing
room and tells her the truth, “It’s Adam. I think he’s dead,
but I can’t believe it!”
Stokes takes Julia to Adam. Carolyn has apparently left and is
not there. Julia examines Adam and confirms that he is indeed dead.
Stokes remarks that he finds it difficult to believe that such a
robust person as Adam could have died for no apparent reason. He
tells Julia about Carolyn finding Adam clutching his throat in pain
and calling for Barnabas. Julia asks what time this happened. Stokes
tells her it was at about 11 o’clock. Noting the look on Julia’s
face, Stokes asks her what the significance of that is, but Julia
doesn’t respond. Suddenly, Adam comes back to life. Stokes exclaims,
“Doctor! A miracle!” Adam gasps for air, as if he has difficulty
breathing, and seems to be pushing with his arms on something
invisible above him. A shocked Julia exclaims, “The experiment
succeeded! There IS a connection between Adam and Barnabas!
Barnabas! I buried him alive!”
Episode 538
Worldvision Rerun 325
Tape Date: July 5, 1968 (ABC #143-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 17, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Stokes asks Julia what she means. Julia tells him she buried
Barnabas because she thought he was dead, but the fact Adam is
alive means that he is too. Stokes asks what the connection
between Barnabas and Adam is, but Julia moans that Baranbas
had only about 30-40 minutes of oxygen in the coffin, and it’s
been an hour since they buried them. Stokes points out that
this would mean he still has 29-39 minutes of oxygen left,
that if this bizarre theory of hers is correct and there is
some connection between Adam and Barnabas, Barnabas would have
started breathing at the same time Adam did, about a minute ago.
As they are leaving, Carolyn returns. Stokes hurriedly tells
her, “Look after Adam! He’s alive! He’s alive!”, then leaves
with Julia.
Stokes and Julia rush to Barnabas’ grave. There has not been
enough time to get Willie, so Stokes has to do the digging.
He grumbles that he’s not used to this kind of work. Stokes
asks Julia what this is all about. Julia promises to tell him
when Barnabas is free.
As Stokes is laboriously digging, inside the coffin Barnabas
runs out of air and loses consciousness.
At the same time, in the root cellar, Adam loses consciousness
and stops breating.
Finally, Stokes digs Barnabas up. Julia examines Barnabas and
finds that he’s almost dead, but that there is a faint heartbeat.
After a few moments, he gets stronger and starts to breath. At the
same time, Adam gets better and starts breating too. Stokes starts
to ask Julia what this is all about, but Julia tells him to go
and see how Adam is. Stokes leaves.
When Stokes gets back to the root cellar, he finds that Adam
is up and walking as if nothing had happened to him. Adam says,
“This place make Adam sick!”. Thinking it was the root cellar that
made him sick, he demands that Stokes take him back to his house.
Stokes him that that would be impossible, that the police have
already been there once and he fears they will be there again.
Adam refuses to continue staying in the root cellar. Stokes moans,
“I don’t know where else you can go”. Carolyn suggests that they
move him to the unused West Wing of Collinwood, saying that no
one will ever find him there because no one ever goes there.
Stokes tells her he’s afraid Barnabas will find Adam. Carolyn
asks why Barnabas would want to find Adam. Stokes repiles,
“Neither of us knows the answer to that question…”
In the woods, Baranbas has regained consciousness and asks
Julia why she let him come back as a vampire, why she did not
carry out his last wish. She tells him he is not a vampire.
He does not believe her. To prove it to him, she takes a mirror
out of her purse and tells him to look in it. He does,
sees his reflection and exclaims, “Free! Free!! It can’t be!
The curse! The curse did not work! How is that possible?”.
Julia replies, “I don’t know, but it didn’t. You’re not a vampire”.
Barnabas starts to say, “Angelique…”. Julia interrupts,
“Angelique did not count on Adam”. Barnbas asks, “Adam?”
Julia tells him, “He had the same symptoms as you.” She tells
him what happened at the root cellar and concluces, “The experiment,
it did something. There’s some connection between you and Adam”.
Barnabas asks, “Where is he?” Julia replies, “With Stokes. You
can’t go to him right now. Stokes was asking a lot of questions.
We’ve got to think of something to tell him”. Barnabas remarks,
“I owe my life to a man I vowed to kill…” He vows to make it
up to Adam.
Julia goes back to the root cellar and finds Stokes there
alone. He tells her that Carolyn had gone home, and Adam had
escaped. He asks her again what the connection between Adam
and Barnabas is, but Julia stalls, telling him she’s tired and
promising to tell him later.
It is dawn. Barnabas goes to Collinwood and finds Cassandra
in the garden. He gleefully raps on the fence with his cane.
Cassandra looks and asks, “Who is it?” Barnabas enters the
garden and replies, “Barnabas”. Cassandra is shocked to see him.
He taunts her, telling her her curse did not work. The sun starts
to rise. He looks at the dawn and announces, “It is the first
dawn I have seen in a long time without being afraid of you. You
no longer have any power over me, none at all!” and leaves. Cassandra
vows, “I will have power over you again, and soon! I swear it!”
Episode 539
Worldvision Rerun 326
Tape Date: July 3, 1968 (ABC #144-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 18, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Weaver

Carolyn sneaks Adam into Collinwood and hides him in a
room in the unused West Wing.
Downstairs in the drawing room, Cassandra is wondering why
the dream curse did not work. She theorizes that something or
someone interfered with it. David comes in and asks her how
to use the tape recorder Julia had given him. He explains
that he had broken it, that Carolyn had sent it to be fixed,
and now that it’s back, he wants to know how to use it
properly so he doesn’t break it again. Cassandra impatiently
tells him she’s busy and has a headache and tells him to go
away. David goes upstairs.
On his way to his room, David sees Carolyn come out of the
door to the West Wing and lock the door. He asks her to show
him how to use the tape recorder properly. She tells him she
doesn’t have the time to. He asks her what she was doing in the
West Wing. She takes him into his room and lies to him that she
went to get some old photographs to show Vicky. David asks, “Why
did you lock the door?” Carolyn replies, “Because of YOU. Your
Aunt Elizabeth doesn’t want you wandering around in there”.
David asks, “You said you went to get some pictures. Where are
they?” Carolyn replies, “I couldn’t find them”. To stop his
questions, she tells him she’s changed her mind and will show
him how to use the tape recorder. She starts the tape. The
strains of Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” fill the air.
Carolyn leaves. A few seconds later, Lang’s message plays,
“Julia, when…when you do the experiment again, if both
Barnabas and my creation live, Barnabas will be free and healthy
as long as Adam lives. Adam will drain Barnabas’ affliction
from him, but will not suffer from the disease itself because
he lives. But if Adam dies, Barnabas Collins will be as he
was before”. David is puzzled.
Down in the drawing room, Vicky learns from Maggie on the
phone that Barnabas is dead. Devastated, she sits down on
the couch and cries. Nicholas Blair comes in and asks why
she’s crying. Nicholas, turned towards the liquor cabinet,
smiles. Vicky blames his “sister”, callilng her “the greatest
enemy this family’s ever had!”. Carolyn comes in, sees Vicky’s
tears, and asks what’s wrong. Vicky tells her Barnabas is
dead. Carolyn, shocked, exclaims, “That’s not possible! I don’t
believe it! Who did you hear it from?” Vicky tells her that
Maggie told her, that Willie told Maggie. Carolyn remarks
that Willie is an unreliable source of information and tells
Vicky she’ll go to the old house and see for herself. Just as
she is about to leave, Cassandra comes in through the front
doors. Blair tells her that Barnabas has died. Cassandra
replies, “That’s not true! I just talked to him!”. Vicky and
Carolyn are relieved. Carolyn says, “I told you Willie wasn’t
reliable”. Blair asks to talk to his sister alone. Vicky and
Carolyn go upstairs.
Blair takes Cassandra into the drawing rooom and asks her what
went wrong. She tells him she doesn’t know, that someone or
something must have interfered with her curse. Blair tells her he
thinks he knows what interfered. He once again accuses her of still
loving Barnabas. Once again she denies it. Blair tells Cassandra
he’ll give her until midnight to find our what went wrong. He tells
her if he doesn’t, “My bargain, my pact with you will be over.
I will destroy you!”. He complains that he’s not giving her
enough time. Angry at her whining, he tells her he’ll give her
a taste of what failure will be like. He tells her to look down
at her left hand. She does. It is a skeleton hand. She screams…
Episode 540
Worldvision Rerun 327
Tape Date: July 4, 1968 (ABC #145-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 19, 1968 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Weaver

Cassandra, having bandaged her hand – which has remained
skeletal – tries to dissuade Blair from destroying her by
reminding him that he came to Collinwood to carry out HIS
plans, that the only reason he’s being allowed to stay is
that he’s supposedly her brother, that he’ll be unable to
stay further if she’s gone. Blair replies that he can, that
he’s on very good terms with Roger, that he’ll just tell Roger
she’s dissappeared again and Roger will let him wait for her
indefinitely. Cassandra ponders where to start, and decides
Willie might know something.
David shows up at the old house carrying the tape recorder.
He asks Willie, “Is Miss Hoffman here? There’s something on
this tape I’d like her to listen to”. Willie tells him that
Julia’s not there. David asks, “Will you tell her I was here?”
Willie promises that he will. David, turning to leave, asks,
“Who’s Adam? What’s the connection between him and Barnabas?”
Willie, alarmed, lies that he doesn’t know and tells David to go.
Cassandra casts a spell calling Willie to the garden. Willie
goes to the garden. Cassandra asks him what happened to Barnabas.
Willie tells him about finding Barnabas unconscious, Barnabas dying,
and his burying Barnabas. Cassandra asks, “Then how did he come
to be alive again?” Willie tells her, “I don’t know. I went to
the old house, and there he was. I asked, but he told me not to
worry about such things”. Finding that he really doesn’t know
anything more, Cassandra tells him he will forget what happened
here and sends him away. Nicholas Blair steps out of the shadows
and says, “Well, Cassandra, another failure”. Cassandra tells him
she thinks she learned some useful information from Willie. Blair
disagrees. Cassandra again begs for more time, saying he hasn’t
given her enough. Blair says, “All right. I’ve come to a decision.
I won’t destroy you at midnight if you don’t find out”. Cassandra
says, “You won’t?” Blair replies, “No, your pitiful pleas have
caused me to change my mind”. Cassandra is greatly relieved and
asks, “You’re giving me more time?” Blair replies, “No, I’m giving
you LESS time”. He tells her he’s tired of her whining and will
now give her only about another hour to find out what went wrong.
He tells her, “It’s now about 8:00. I’ll give you till 9:00”.
Cassandra complains she can’t possibly find out in that short
a time. Blair tells her, “Then spend your last hour preparing
to be destroyed, then”.
Cassandra is standing in the foyer at Collinwood, looking
at the grandfather clock, awaiting her fate. The clock reads four
minutes to nine. David comes into the foyer and asks her to
listen to something on his tape recorder he doesn’t understand.
She tells him she’s busy and has more important things to do and
orders him to go up to his room. As David is going up the stairs,
he turns and asks, “Do you know much about Barnabas? Do you
know what his affliction is?” Cassandra, suddenly interested, asks,
“His affliction?” David tells her, “It talks about it on this tape”.
She asks to listen to it. David comes back down and they go into
the drawing room. David starts the tape. The strains of “Eine
Kleine Nachtmusik” fill the air. Cassandra complains, “But there’s
only music on that tape”. David replies, “You have to wait for
the music to end before you get to the talking part”. The clock
reads almost 9:00. Cassandra, very impatient, “I don’t have time!
Speed it up!” David replies that he doesn’t know how to. Cassandra
points to the fast forward button and says, “Press that!”.
David does, and fast forwards the tape to Lang’s message. The
message plays. “Julia, when…when you do the experiment again, if
both Barnabas and my creation live, Barnabas will be free and healthy
as long as Adam lives. Adam will drain Barnabas’ affliction from
him, but will not suffer from the disease itself because he lives.
But if Adam dies, Barnabas Collins will be as he was before”
Cassandra listens to it and is amazed. She orders David to go up to
his room. David leaves. The grandfather clock strikes the hour of
nine. Cassandra runs out into the foyer and calls, “Nicholas!
Nicholas! NICHOLAS!!!”
Episode 541
Worldvision Rerun 328
Tape Date: July 8, 1968 (ABC #146-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 22, 1968 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

The clock is striking nine. Cassandra is in the foyer calling,
“Nicholas! Nicholas! Nicholas!” She is surprised to see Blair
step out of the drawing room into the foyer. Blair tells Cassandra
her time is up and he has come to destroy her, but she tells him she
has learned the reason why the dream curse did not work. She plays
the tape for him, “Julia, when…when you do the experiment again,
if both Barnabas and my creation live, Barnabas will be free and
healthy as long as Adam lives. Adam will drain Barnabas’ affliction
from him, but will not suffer from the disease itself because
he lives. But if Adam dies, Barnabas Collins will be as he
was before”. Blair is VERY interested in Adam, remarking
that the fact that the voice on the tape referred to him as
“my creation”. He tells her that if someone has in fact learned
to create life, he must find out how it was done, as it might
be very useful to HIS plans. He asks her if she recognizes the
voice on the tape. She tells him that she thinks she may have
heard it once or twice before, but cannot remember who it was.
He asks her about Adam. She tells him he was last seen attacking
Joe. Having learned from Maggie the first time he met her that
Joe is Maggie’s fiance, he decides to go see her to see what
she knows.
Blair goes to the Evan’s cottage on the pretext of wanting to
buy a painting and learns from Maggie that Joe had suspected that
Professor Stokes had been harboring Adam, but that Stokes claimed
that Adam was just a beggar who happened to drop by a little before
Joe got there. She tells him that the police later searched Stokes’
house but found nothing.
David comes down to the drawing room to retrieve his tape
recorder, but Cassandra will not let him have it, saying she does
not want him staying up late playing with it. He starts to complain,
but she tells him he must obey her since she’s his mother now,
and orders him upstairs. He replies that he thinks she’s acting
strangely and says he thinks she understands what was on the tape.
She denies this, saying what was on the tape is meaningless and
orders him up to his room. He leaves, but instead of going up
to his room, sneaks out the front door.
David goes to the old house and finds Julia there. He tells
her he found something strange on the tape in the tape recorder
she gave him, a man’s voice talking about Barnabas and Adam.
Julia realizes that this must be a message Lang told her to
listen to and asks David what the man said, but David can remember
is “If Adam lives, something will happen to Barnabas, but if he
dies, something else will happen to him”.
At Collinwood, Blair asks Cassandra about Professor Stokes.
Cassandra tells him about Stokes. Blair chatises Cassandra for
being so careless as to let Stokes find out she’s a witch. He
also learns from Cassandra that Stokes has some considerable
occult powers. While they are talking, they hear the front door
open, then David’s voice telling someone that the tape recorder
is in the drawing room. Blair and Cassandra go out into the
foyer and find David and Julia there. Blair tells Julia he and
Cassandra are going out for a walk, then exits through the
front doors with Cassandra.
Julia and David go into the drawing room and find the tape
recorder sitting on a table in there. But when they turn it on,
they find that there’s a different tape with different music on
it (“Dies Irae” from Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantistique). David wonders
aloud who could have changed the tape. Julia asks if anyone else
has heard the message on the tape. David replies that he played
it for Cassandra and that he thinks she seemed to understand it.
Thinking that perhaps Cassandra may have wanted to listen to
some other music and put another tape in the machine, he wonders
if she might not have put his tape in his room and goes up to
look for it. Julia thinks to herself, “Cassandra has that tape!
She knows about the experiment, and she knows how to detroy
Barnabas, and there’s nothing I can do to stop her, nothing
at all!”
Episode 542
Worldvision Rerun 329
Tape Date: July 9, 1968 (ABC #147-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 23, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Julia returns to the old house and tells Barnabas that she thinks
Cassandra knows about Adam and the experiment. Barnabas asks how
Cassandra could know. Julia tells him about what happened, that
Cassandra now has the tape and that David remembers very little
about the message. They discuss the matter and decide that since
the tape said something would happen to Barnabas if Adam should
die, they must find Adam before Cassandra and Blair do.
At Collinwood, Harry Johnson comes home from a night of
drinking. His mother takes him into the drawing room and tells
him that food has been missing from the kitchen and asks him
if he’s been taking it. He tells her he hasn’t.
Carolyn brings breakfast to Adam in the West Wing. She is
startled to hear him say, “The tears of two”. She asks him
what it means. He shows her a love sonnet entitled “The Tears
of Two” in an old book he’s found in the room. Carolyn reads
the poem aloud,

Go from me. Yet I feel that I shall stand
Henceforward in thy shadow. Nevermore
Alone upon the threshold of my door
Of individual life, I shall command
The uses of my soul, nor lift my hand
Serenely in the sunshine as before,
Without the sense of that which I forbore–
Thy touch upon the palm. The widest land
Doom takes to part us, leaves thy heart in mine
With pulses that beat double. What I do
And what I dream include thee, as the wine
Must taste of its own grapes. And when I sue
God for myself, He hears that name of thine,
And sees within my eyes the tears of two.
(Note: From “Sonnets from the Portuguese by Elizabeth
Barret Browning)

Carolyn congratulates him, saying only a few days ago
he could only read the simplest of sentences. Adam explains
that he spends the time he’s alone reading, then asks her what
the sonnet means. She tells him it’s about the love between a
man and a woman. Adam starts to stroke her face. Carolyn is upset
by this and tells Adam they can be nothing more then friends.
Barnabas comes to Collinwood and asks for Carolyn. Harry,
who’s answered the door, tells him she’s upstairs somewhere and
goes up to fetch her.
Upstairs in the bedroom hallway, Harry sees Carolyn coming out
the door to the West Wing and lock it. Upset at having been caught
coming out of the West Wing, she angrily tells Harry he is not
allowed to roam the house at will and tells him not to come
upstairs in the future. Harry tells her that Barnabas has has
come to see her and is downstairs waiting for her.
Carolyn goes downstairs and meets Barnabas in the drawing room.
He asks her where Adam is. Carolyn lies that she doesn’t know.
Barnabas tells her she MUST know, as she and Stokes were in the
root cellar with Adam. Carolyn lies that Adam ran off and neither
she nor Stokes knows where he is now. Barnabas replies that he
doesn’t believe her and accuses her and Stokes of hiding Adam
somewhere. Carolyn denies this.
Harry happens to walk by outside in the foyer and hears Carolyn
and Barnabas arguing bout “hiding Adam”.
Later, Harry tells his mother to expect some “static” from
Carolyn about his having gone upstairs, explaining what happened.
He asks her what the door at the end of the hall leads to.
She tells him it leads to an unused part of the house and is
always locked up because Mrs. Stoddard doesn’t like anyone going
Harry goes upstairs, picks the lock to the door to the West
Wing and goes inside. Wandering around, he happens by the room
Adam is hiding in. Adam, now lovestruck, is holding the book
of love sonnets cooing, “Carolyn!” Harry hears a sound and
stops outside. Adam, hearing noises outside, opens the door and
grabs Harry.
Episode 543
Worldvision Rerun 330
Tape Date: July 10, 1968 (ABC #148-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 24, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Adam asks Harry what he’s doing there. Harry lies that Carolyn
sent him to see how he is. Hearing the name “Carolyn”, Adam
releases Harry. Harry pulls out a switchblade knife and holds
it on Adam. He tells Adam he read about him in the newspapers
and plans to turn him in to the police for the reward.
In the drawing room, Cassandra listens to the tape again.
She excitedly calls Blair and tells him she now remembers who
the voice belonged to. She tells him it was a Dr. Lang who
had been helping Barnabas and Julia in some way, that Barnabas
and Julia used to spend a lot of time at his house, that she
never managed to find out what they were doing there until listening
to the tape. Blair asks her where he can find Lang. She replies
that Lang is, unfortunately, dead. Blair replies, “That presents
a slight problem – but not an insurmountable one”.
Adam wrestles the knife from Harry and is about to kill him
with it when Carolyn comes into the room and stops him. Having
told Harry to go outside and wait for her, Carolyn gives Adam
a lecture about killing, telling him it’s wrong under any
circumstance. Adam complains that Harry had tried to kill him
with the knife. Carolyn tells him he should only have disarmed
Harry and stopped there.
Carolyn goes outside and asks Harry what he was doing there.
Harry tells her the truth, that he found out about Adam and plans
to go to the police and get the reward. Carolyn replies that
his mother had told her EVERYTHING about him when she asked for
permission for him to stay at Collinwood, including some things
that could get him sent back to prison. Stalemate! Carolyn tells
Harry that he will now work for her, that his duties will be
to bring food to Adam. She tells him she will pay him a weekly
salary and tell his mother, who has been complaining to Harry about
his not finding a job – that she has hired him as a chauffeur.
Carolyn goes back inside the room to see Adam and tells him
that from now on, Harry will sometimes be bringing him his food.
Adam, very upset, says, “Carolyn no want to see Adam!”. Carolyn
tells him that she’d like to, but that it’s not always possible.
Adam calms down. He shows her an old book with a picture of a
man and woman kissing, and asks what they’re doing. Carolyn
explains that they’re kissing, that that’s what people do when
they’re in love. Adam grabs Carolyn and tries to kiss her.
She manages to struggle free and shouts, “NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!”.
She tells him that they’re just friends and can never be anything
more than that and leaves. Adam is upset and moans, “Carolyn
hate me…”.
Blair is at a cemetary, standing in front of a tombstone that
reads, “Eric Lang, 1913-1968. He raises Lang’s ghost and asks him
how he managed to create life. Lang tells him he created Adam out
of dead body parts. Blair asks how he gave Adam life. Lang tells
him he didn’t, that he died before he could do so. Blair tells him
it’s been finished and asks who could’ve done it. Lang tells her
Julia did.
Blair returns to Collinwood and tells Cassandra he now knows
how to find Adam. Cassandra is ecstatic and tells her that when
he does, she can kill him and bring the vampire curse back to
Barnabas. Blair tells her she is not to harm Adam, that Adam is
more important to him than her silly curse is. He tells her if
she tries to destroy Adam, he will destroy her.
After Blair leaves, Cassandra vows to outwit him. She vows
to kill Adam after Blair finds him in spite of Blair’s orders,
and bring her plans to fruition.
Episode 544
Worldvision Rerun 331
Tape Date: July 12, 1968 (ABC #149-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 25, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Professor Stokes comes to Collinwood with a stack of books
for Adam. Blair answers the door and lets Stokes in. Stokes
lies that the books are for Carolyn. After a bit of small talk,
Blair stuns Stokes by asking him, “What do you know about a man
named Adam?”. Stokes tries to joke his way out of it, saying, “I
once knew a man named Adam. He was, strangely, married to a woman
named Eve. They were missionaries…”.
Carolyn comes downstairs. Blair excuses himself, saying he’s
going for a walk, and leaves. Carolyn tells Stokes she doesn’t
think hiding Adam at Collinwood is such a good idea. She tells
him about Harry Johnson finding Adam, and what happened. She
assures him Harry won’t tell, but tells him that she’s afraid
that Adam is becoming unmanageable because he’s falling in love
with her. She asks Stokes to take Adam back to his house, but Stokes
tells him that would be impossible because the police are
suspicious. He tells her he will try to talk to Adam.
Stokes goes up to see Adam. He gives him the books, and
explains to him that killing is wrong, that if anyone should
find him in the future, not to kill him, but tell Carolyn
instead. He tells him not to like Carolyn too much, that at
this point the most important thing for him to do is to study
so he will eventually go out into the world as a normal person.
Adam promises to do this. Carolyn comes in and tells Stokes
that Julia is downstairs, that she asked where he was, having
recognized his car in the driveway. She tells Stokes that she
lied to Julia that he was in her mother’s private library.
Stokes goes downstairs to allay Julia’s suspicions. Carolyn
asks Adam is Stokes talked to him. Adam replies that he has,
and that he will study hard. Carolyn leaves. Adam writes
something on a pad of paper. But he is not studying. On the
pad is a single word, in large letters: CAROLYN.
Downstairs in the drawing room, Julia accuses Stokes of
knowing where Adam is and tells him it’s urgent that he tell
her. But Stokes tells her that since she will not answer his
questions about Barnabas, he will not answer hers about Adam.
Julia agrees to answer his questions, but when Stokes questions
her about why she felt it necessary to bury Barnabas so secretly
and quickly, and why there seems to be a connection between
Barnabas and Adam, she is very evasive and doesn’t really answer
his quetions very satisfactorily. Julia asks Stokes where Adam is.
Stokes refuses to tell her. Julia complains, “But you promised
to tell me if I answered your questions…”. Stokes replies
the he found her answers evasive and unsatisfactory. As he is
leaving, Stokes turns and stuns Julia by telling her that he
knows Adam is an artificial human being, that he suspects
the Barnabas had something to do with his creation, that he thinks
Adam now hates Barnabas because he holds him responsible for
his creation and all his subsequent misfortunes.
In the gazebo, Blair summons the spirits of those whose
body parts comprise Adam. Two appear, one missing its head,
and one missing its right arm. The one missing its head is
dripping a lot of blood.
At Collinwood, Adam tells Carolyn, who’s brought him his
dinner, that his head and arm feel strange.
Blair asks the spirits where Adam is. They both point
to Collinwood.
Episode 545
Worldvision Rerun 332
Tape Date: July 11, 1968 (ABC #150-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 26, 1968 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Blair returns to Collinwood and, finding Cassandra in the
foyer, tells her he has found Adam. She tells him she is
anxious to learn where, but just as he is about to tell her,
Roger comes in through the front door. Blair remarks that
he will leave them to talk as they are “man and wife”, and
goes upstairs.
Roger tells Cassandra that his trip to Windcliff Sanatarium
was a depressing one, that Elizabeth’s condition shows no
improvement, that she still thinks she’s Naomi Collins living
in the 18th century. Cassandra, however, is not really listening.
She is more concerned with what Nicholas is doing.
Adam is getting a book from a bookshelf when suddenly he
hears a voice. He turns and finds Nicholas standing in the room.
Nicholas seems to have appeared out of thin air. Adam asks
Nicholas who he is. Blair lies that he’s a friend of Stokes,
that Stokes sent him to teach him. He tells Adam, “You are a
very special person who, with the proper guidance from me, will
alter the course of history”.
Blair returns downstairs and tells Cassandra – who is now
alone – that he has found Adam, that he is being hidden in a room
in the West Wing . He warns her not to harm Adam. Cassandra asks
Blair why he shows so much concern for Adam’s well being. Blair
tells her he has special plans for Adam.
Adam comes out of the West Wing and goes to Carolyn’s room.
Following Stokes’ instructions to tell Carolyn if anyone should
find him, he tells her that a man named “Nicholas Blair” had come
to his hiding place and said many things to him he did not
Carolyn goes downstairs and finds Blair in the drawing room
alone and confronts him. Blair lies that he has an interest in
the architecture of old houses and found Adam accidently while
inspecting the West Wing. Carolyn tells him she doesn’t believe
him, that one does not break down doors because of an innocent
interest in architecture. She tells him him that the door to the
West Wing is always locked. Blair replies that maybe it should
have been locked, but was unlocked when he tried it, that
obviously, someone must have forgotten to lock it. He tells
her that since he is guest in the house, he will respect her
privacy and not reveal what he has learned accidently, that
he will consider the fact that she is harboring someone whom
the police believe to be a dangerous fugitive to be her business
and promises not to inform the authorities.
Later, at 2 in the morning, Cassandra is in the drawing room
listening to Lang’s message again, “…but if Adam should die,
Barnabas Collins will be as he was before”. She thinks to herself
that this is her last chance to bring the vampire curse back to
Barnabas. She goes upstairs and goes into the West Wing, opening
the locked door with a wave of her hand. She goes into Adam’s room
and finds Adam asleep. She thinks to herself, “Adam must not die by
magic. If he did, Nicholas will know I did it. I must make it look
like he was killed by another human being”. She picks up an axe,
raises it over the sleeping Adam, and prepares to strike…
Episode 546
Worldvision Rerun 333
Tape Date: July 15, 1968 (ABC #151-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 29, 1968 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

As Cassandra prepares to strike, Blair appears behind her and
stops her by saying, “Do you never follow orders, my dear?”. Adam
awakens and knocks the ax from Cassandra’s hands and grabs her
by the throat. Blair tells Adam that Carolyn wouldn’t like it
if he killed Cassandra. Adam releases Cassandra. Blair orders
her to go downstairs and wait for him. Cassandra leaves.
As she is walking down the stairs, she thinks to herself that
that Nicholas can’t destroy her because he really needs her in order
to be able to stay at Collinwood and carry out his plans, in spite
of his claims to the contrary. She thinks to herself that this
is her last chance to bring the vampire curse back to Barnabas.
She decides it’s worth taking the risk and decides to destroy Adam
against Nicholas’ orders. She goes into the drawing room, takes out
a doll of Adam and starts to stick pins into it. Just as she is
preparing the killing thrust, Nicholas appears and grabs the
doll from her. He tells her he will punish her by taking her occult
powers away and turning her back into a normal human being. He
touches her forehead and makes some incantations. He tells he she
no longer has any powers and doesn’t have much longer to live,
that she is now a normal human being, “Born in Martenique in the
year 1774, died…We shall soon see!”. He tells her that her
husband Roger is coming down to see her. Blair goes out into the
foyer. Roger is coming down the stairs, dressed in a bathrobe.
Blair says goodnight to him and goes upstairs. Roger – no longer
under Cassandra’s spell – comes walking into the drawing room and
tells Cassandra he wants to speak to her. He tells her that he’s
suddenly realized that their marriage is a mistake, that he
realizes she doesn’t love him. She tells him that that’s true,
that she’s only been using him. He asks, “For what? FOR WHAT?” She
exclaims, “For what I’m about to do!” and storms out the front door.
Cassandra goes to the old house. Barnabas asks her what she’s
doing there. Cassandra replies that as she was once the mistress
of the house, she thinks she has a right to be there. She tells
him she cried when she first came as Cassandra and saw how little
it had changed from how it was in 1795. Barnabas asks her why she
is finally admitting she is Angelique. She tells him she has come
to say goodbye, and asks him why he never loved her. Barnabas
replies, “I loved Josette”. Angelique says, “I hate you!”. She
tells Barnabas that Nicholas Blair has taken her powers away,
that she’s now human and and will soon die. She tells Barnabas,
“But if I must die, so must you! So must you!”, pulls out a
snub-nosed revolver, and points it at him…
Episode 547
Worldvision Rerun 334
Tape Date: July 16, 1968 (ABC #152-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 30, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas tells Angelique he doesn’t believe her and tells her
it must be some sort of trick. Angelique tries to pull the
trigger, but is suddenly wracked with pain and falls to the
floor. Barnabas grabs the gun from her and puts it on the
mantel. When he goes to help Angelique up, he finds that she
has pulled the hood of her cloak over her head. He looks at her
face and a look of horror crosses his face…
At Collinwood, Vicky awakens in her room and notices that
the portrait of Angelique is pulsing with light. Suddenly,
the portrait ages 200 years, even the dress, which acquires
a mouldy, motheaten appearance. Vicky calls Julia and shows
her. Saying that there is a connection between the portrait
and Angelique, Julia tells Vicky that she is going to the old
house to tell Barnabas.
When Julia gets to the old house, she starts to tell Barnabas
about the portrait and tell him something must have happened to
Angelique, but Barnabas interrupts her and points to a hooded
figure cowering on the coach and says, “She is here. She says
she is dying”. Julia starts towards Angelique, saying, “I may
be able to help”, but Angelique screams, “There’s only one
person who can help me!” and runs out the door. Julia tells
Barnabas they must follow her and destroy her while she is
vulnerable, that in spite of the fact she appears to be dying,
she will manage to recover as she did before, but Barnabas tells
Julia that he had his chance. He shows her the gun on the
mantel and tells her that he could easily have killed Angelique,
but now that he’s human, he’s different and found that he could
not murder her in cold blood in spite of everything she’s done
to him. Julia takes the gun and tells Barnabas that she won’t
let this chance get away, that if he won’t kill Angelique,
she will.
At Collinwood, Vicky shows Roger the painting and tells him
that she wants to get rid of it. Roger tells her he wants to
show it to Blair, that it may be the result of the chemicals
he used to restore it. Vicky refuses, saying she doesn’t like
or trust Blair. Roger tells Vicky that Blair might not be at
Collinwood much longer. He tells her about the argument
that he, Roger, had with Cassandra, telling her his marriage
might be at an end. Vicky tells Roger that she’s afraid of the
picture and would like to sleep in another room tonight.
They are interrupted by a furious knocking at the front door.
Roger goes down to answer it. A cloaked figure comes in and
collapses in pain on the floor. The hood falls off, revealing a
very, very old woman. Barnabas and Julia show up. Roger tells
them that the old woman has just shown up, and that he doesn’t
know who she is. He asks Julia to help the old woman. The old
woman starts to say, “I want…”, but does not have enough
strength to finish what she’s trying to say. The old woman is
taken into the drawing room. Julia orders everyone out, saying
she wants to examine the old woman in private. Barnabas is
reluctant to leave, knowing that Julia intends to murder Angelique,
but Roger says, “Come on, Barnabas”, and Barnabas, not knowing
what else to do, leaves with him. Roger closes the drawing room
Roger tells Barnabas he is puzzled by the woman, wondering
how she got to Collinwood, noting that Collinwood is about
a quarter mile from the road.
After a very short time, Julia comes out of the drawing
room into the foyer, closing the doors behind her. She tells
Barnabas and Roger that there’s nothing she can do for the
old woman, that the old woman’s heart is so weak she has only
minutes left to live. Barnabas asks, “So you did nothing?”
Julia replies, “Nothing”. Barnabas asks, “Honest?” Julia
replies, “Yes”. Roger suggests that they rush the old woman to
the hospital, but Julia tells her that that would be futile, that
she would be dead by the time they got her there, but Roger insists
on trying. They go into the drawing room. The old woman is gone.
The window is wide open…
Episode 548
Worldvision Rerun 335
Tape Date: July 17, 1968 (ABC #153-DRK-68)
Air Date: July 31, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Roger goes off to search for the old woman. Julia tells
Barnabas that Angelique must be looking for Nicholas Blair
to try to patch things up with him, and suggests they go upstairs
and see if she’s in Blair’s room.
Upstairs, Angelique goes into Vicky’s room (Josette’s room
at Collinwood in 1795) via the secret entrance to the right
of the fireplace. (Vicky, afraid of the portrait, is sleeping
elsewhere). She goes to the portrait and starts trying to
cast a spell, but Nicholas steps out of the shadows and reminds
her she no longer has her powers. She begs him for forgiveness,
promising to obey him in the future. He tells her she must
prove this to him. He tells her he wants Barnabas to remain
alive, that she is to do nothing to him, that it was he who
prevented her from killing Barnabas by causing her to be
wracked with pain. Angelique asks Nicholas why he is suddenly
so concerned about Barnabas’ welfare when it was he who insisted
she kill Barnabas earlier. Nicholas replies that he wants Barnabas
alive because Barnabas might know about Adam’s creation. He tells
her that the one thing he doesn’t know how to do is create life,
something Barnabas might know. He tells her he’ll be needing
Barnabas’ cooperation and tells her to go to Barnabas and beg
him for his forgiveness, that if she obtains it, he, Nicholas
will restore her youth and powers.
At Collinwood, Barnabas comes back downstairs and tells Julia
that there was no one in Blair’s room. Julia tells him thay must
continue to search, but Barnabas is fatalistic and says whatever
happens will happens and leaves. When he get to the old house,
he is surprised to find Angelique there waiting for him. She
tells him she is about to die and begs him to forgive her for all
she has done before she does. Barnabas refuses, saying that while
he may be able to forgive her for what she has done to him, he
cannot forgive her for what she has done to others like Josette
and Naomi. Angelique expires.
At Collinwood, Roger tells Nicholas Blair about the mysterious
old woman. Blair tells Roger that Cassandra had come by while
he was out searching for the old woman and left a letter for him.
Roger opens the letter. In it, Cassandra writes that she has left
and will never set foot in Collinwood again.
Roger tells Blair he is still welcome to stay at Collinwood,
but Blair replies that he wouldn’t think of imposing. He tells
Roger he plans to find a house in Collinsport to live in.
Roger tells him that the Collins family owns several and offers
to show him some tomorrow. Nicholas leaves, saying there’s one
thing left that he has to do.
Julia comes out of the door under the stairs and runs into
Roger coming out of the drawing room. Barnabas enters through
the front door. Roger tells Barnabas and Julia that Cassandra
has left for good. After Roger leaves, Barnabas tells Julia
about Angelique dying at the old house.
Meanwhile, Blair goes to the old house and takes Angelique’s
At Collinwood, Barnabas and Julia wonder if Angelique is
really dead. Julia realizes that the portrait might give a
clue, that previously, whatever’s happened to the portrait is
what happened to Angelique. They go upstairs to Vicky’s room
and look at the portrait. Barnabas looks at the portrait and
exclaims, “Julia! Look!” The canvas is completely blank. Barnabas
exults, “She’s gone! Forever! I’m free! I’m free!!!”.

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