January 1967

Episode 136 (Partial Kinescope)
Tape Date: December 29, 1966 (ABC #1-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 2, 1967 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Roger is pacing around in the drawing room. There’s a knock at
the front door. Roger quickly goes and answers it. It’s the Garners,
father and son. Roger is surprised to see the younger Garner there
and remarks, “I didn’t know Frank was coming.” Richard Garner tells
him, “Frank thought he could help. We got here as quickly as we
could.” Roger tells them, “I want to start divorce proceedings as
soon as possible.” Richard Garner asks, “You said on the phone that
there were complications. What are they?” Roger replies, “I’m in
trouble, Garner, the worst trouble of my life!” Richard Garner asks,
“What?” Roger replies, “Let’s talk about that later. Let’s talk
about the divorce first.” They go into the drawing room and talk
about the divorce. Richard Garner asks, “What kind of financial
settlement does she want?” Roger replies, “None. She just wants
David” He abruptly says, “Oh, yes, Frank. It’s good that you’re
here. Vicky would like to see you.” He goes out into the foyer and
shouts, “Vicky!” Vicky comes downstairs. Roger tells her, “Frank
Garner is here. Perhaps you two would like to go into the other
room and talk.” Frank and Vicky go into the room under the stairs.
When Roger goes back into the drawing room, Richard Garner remarks,
“I get the distinct impression you were trying to get rid of Frank.”
Roger replies, “I was. I have something I’d like to discuss with
you in private. It’s the manslaugther charge. Burke’s trying to
prove his innocence. He might try to use Laura. I want to get her
out of town as soon as possible. I want to give her the two things
she wants – a divorce and David – and get her out of here.”
Frank tells Vicky, “We’re thinking of opening a branch office in
Collinsport. I’ll be living and working there. Too bad you might not
have a job here anymore.” Vicky, puzzled, asks, “What do you mean?”
Frank tells her, “Mrs. Collins wants to take David with her.” Vicky
is surprised. She tells Frank, “I hadn’t been told.” Though the
expression on her face is sad, she says, “I’m happy for David if
she can give him the kind of love he needs.”
At the Evan’s cottage, Sam is painting. He hears a car come up
the drive and quickly covers the painting up. Maggie comes in.
She asks, “How’s the masterpiece?” and is about to lift the cover
when Sam snaps at her, “DON’T!” Maggie tries to ask him what’s wrong
but can’t get a straight answer from him.
Richard Garner remarks to Roger, “I get the feeling you’re hiding
something about that old manslaughter charge from me.” Roger denies
that he is. Richard Garner asks, “You have been telling me the truth,
haven’t you? You are innocent?” Roger replies, “Of course I am! I’m
innocent and have nothing to fear!” Richard Garner asks, “Then why
the hurry to get Laura out of town?” Roger replies, “I just want it
settled as quickly as possible. I have reasons of my own.” Garner
remarks, “Well, if that’s all, I’d best be going back now. It’s a
long drive back to Bangor.” He goes out to the foyer and calls,
“Frank!” Frank Garner comes out of the doorway under the stairs.
The Garners leave.
Vicky goes into the drawing room and tells Roger, “Frank tells
me I may not have a job here much longer. He says Mrs. Collins is
going to take David, and with David gone, you’re not going to need
a governess.” Roger replies, “I suppose we won’t. I’m sorry about
that.” Vicky replies, “As long as David is happy. I’m worried about
David, though. He’s been having some very strange, frightening
dreams.” She tells him about David’s dreams, about how she once
found him in the middle of one saying, “Fire! Fire!” over and over
At the Evan’s cottage, Sam mutters the word, “Fire.” Maggie asks,
“Fire? What are you talking about?” Sam replies, “Oh, nothing. It’s
just that there are some wonderful colors in fire.” Maggie tells him,
“Goodnight. I’ve got to get up early tomorrow.” and goes into her
bedroom. Sam goes to the painting, lifts the cover and looks at it
briefly. He then goes and pours himself a drink and drinks it. He
then puts out the light and leaves. Maggie, dressed in a nightgown,
comes back out into the living room and asks, “Pop? Pop?” Not
finding him anywhere, she goes to the picture, lifts the cover and
takes a look.
Roger dismisses David’s strange dreams and behavior as just
nervousness about his mother coming back. He tells Vicky that his
refusal to see Laura is probably because he doesn’t know what to
say to her. He tells her, “Talk to him, Vicky. You have a lot of
influence over him. Try to get him to see his mother.” He adds,
“I’m sure we can keep you on after David’s gone. We’ll find something
else for you to do.” The clock strikes midnight. Vicky remarks, “I’d
better get to bed.”
Maggie is sitting in the living room, a strange expression on
her face. Sam returns. He turns on the lights and notices Maggie
sitting there. He remarks, “I thought you went to bed.” She replies,
“I did, but I heard the front door and wondered where you went. Pop,
I saw it. I saw the painting.” Sam replies, “I thought I told you
not to!” Maggie replies, “But I did. Why did you paint, it, Pop?
Why did you paint something like that? It’s horrible!” Sam replies,
“I don’t know, I really don’t know. It’s as if I had no control of
myself, as if some outside force is forcing me to paint it.” Maggie
tells him, “That doesn’t make any sense. This is starting to scare
me, Pop.” Sam replies, “It more than scares me. I’m terrified…”
Episode 137
Tape Date: December 23, 1966 (ABC #2-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 3, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Sam is sitting at the bar at the Blue Whale, drinking. The sheriff
comes in and asks Sam is he knows where Roger is. Sam replies that
he doesn’t. The sheriff leaves. Sam places a telephone call.
At Collinwood, Roger answers the phone in the foyer. Sam asks,
“What’s going on, Roger? The sheriff was just here looking for you.”
Roger replies that he doesn’t know. Sam tells him, “Come down here,
Roger, there’s something I’d like to show you somethihgn strange.”
Roger asks, “What?” Sam replies, “I can’t tell you over the phone.
I have to show you.” Carolyn comes down the stairs into the foyer.
Roger suddenly says, “Yes. I’ll do that. Thank you for calling me.”
and hangs up. Noticing that Carolyn is dressed to go out, Roger asks
her where she’s going. Carolyn replies, “Laura has decided to start
staying in the cottage tonight. I’m going into town to get her things
for her.” Carolyn looks at herself in a mirror on the wall to the
right of the front doors* and asks, “What’s the story? Are you and
Laura getting back together?” Roger replies, “No, she’s just going
to be staying here temporarily.” Roger puts on his coat. Carolyn
asks, “You going out too? Maybe we can go in the same car.” Roger
declines, saying he’s going elsewhere. They both leave. The sheriff
calls Collinwood, but no one answers the phone.
Burke goes into the Blue Whale. He sees Sam sitting at a table
and sits down at Sam’s table. He tells him, “This is your last
chance, Sam. The roof is going to fall in on you soon. For Maggie’s
sake, I don’t want to see you go to jail.” He explains, “This is
your last chance to come forward with what you know. I don’t really
need your testimony anymore. Laura’s back.” Roger arrives. Burke
remarks sarcastically, “Good luck on your reconciliation with your
wife!” Roger warns him to stay away from Laura, saying, “She may look
like she’s well, but she’s her condition’s still very delicate. Any
little thing could cause her to break down again.” Burke refuses to
believe him. Roger tells Burke that Laura is moving back to
Collinwood. Burke is dumbfounded. He doesn’t believe it. Carolyn
comes in. Roger tells her, “Carolyn, tell Mr. Devlin why you’ve
come to town.” Carolyn replies, “To bring Laura’s luggage to
Collinwood.” Roger tells Burke, “See, Burke? How does it feel to
lose?” Burke is speechless, thinking his plans to use Laura are
kaput because Laura and Roger are getting back together. Roger
remarks, “I’d better be going now. I have some things to do.” He
asks Carolyn, “Coming, Carolyn?” Carolyn replies, “No, I think
I’ll stay here for awhile.” Roger remarks, “It looks like Mr. Devlin
needs some cheering up!” and leaves. Sam remarks, “I think I’d
better be leaving too” and leaves. Carolyn sits down with Burke and
tries to talk to him, but finds him uncommunicative.
The sheriff calls his office from a telephone booth somewhere and
asks, “Mike? Get confirmation on that teletype from Phoenix yet?
You did? I’m going to continue to look for Roger Collins.
Roger and Sam enter the Evan’s cottage. Sam is explaining
to Roger why Burke was sitting with him at the Blue Whale, “But I
didn’t invite him to sit down. He just did.” Roger asks, “What did
you bring me here for?” Sam replies, “Let’s discuss Laura first.
Is she going to help Burke?” Roger replies, “She has no intention of
helpng Burke. She’s just back to get David. Now what do you want?”
Sam replies, “I want you to look at a picture.” Roger angrily
tells him, “That’s it? You dragged me all the way down here just to
look at one of your pictures?! I have no desire to look at any of
your pictures!” Sam replies, “You’ll want to see this one. Something
strange is happening. It’s like I have no control over what I’m
painting, as if something is using me, forcing me to paint it.”
He uncovers the painting. Like his “first draft”, it is of a blond
woman surrounded by fire, but unlike the first painting, which had
a generic, nondescript blond woman, the identity of the woman in
this painting is clear. It is Laura. Roger exclaims, “That’s my
wife!” Sam asks, “What’s happening, Roger? Can you tell me?”
Roger angrily replies, “You’re nothing but a drunken fool” and
leaves. Sam picks up a knife and raises it, preparing to destroy
the painting, but finds he cannot and drops it.
Burke remarks, “I just can’t believe Laura is going to share a
room with Roger again…” Carolyn tell him, “But she isn’t! She’s
staying at the cottage, not the main house.” Burke cheers up.
There is a knock at the front doors of Collinwood. Roger answers.
It’s the sheriff. He remarks, “I’ve been looking for you, Mr.
Collins.” Roger replies, “Well, you’ve found me. What do you want?”
The sheriff replies, “I’ve just received a teletype from the Phoenix
police department. The report says that a body identified as Laura
Collins was found burned to death in a fire…”

* The mirror is where the famous picture of Barnabas would later

Episode 138
Tape Date: December 28, 1966 (ABC #3-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 4, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

The sheriff tells Roger, “Sorry to break the news to you like
this, but I’ve heard that Laura was back in town and staying at the
Inn. I looked her up there, but found that she had moved here. She
had registered at the hotel 3 days ago, the time the fire in Phoenix
was.” Roger replies, “This is preposterous. There must be an error.
Anyone can see that!” The sheriff tells him, “That’s what I thought
at first, so I called Phoenix to confirm it. They say their ID is
positive.” Roger asks, “How? Who identified the body?” The sheriff
replies, “No one. The body was burned beyond recognition. The fire
destroyed the whole apartment building, but enough remained so they
could clearly see that it was in her apartment. The body was of a
woman of the right age, and she was the only resident of the building
not accounted for.” Roger, not satisfied with this, tells the sheriff,
“It must be some sort of mistake.” The sheriff agrees, saying, “Yes,
it might be. She might have been letting someone stay in her
apartment. I’d like to speak to your wife.” Roger tells him Laura is
staying in the cottage.
Roger and the sheriff go to the cottage. The sheriff tells Laura
he’d like to ask her a few questions and asks “Where do you live?”
Laura replies, “443 Mesa St, Arizona.” The sheriff asks, “When were
you last there?” Laura replies, “about 8 or 9 days ago.” The sheriff
asks, “But you arrived here only 3 days ago. What were you doing all
that time?” Laura explains, “I took the train to St. Louis and spent
a couple of days there. Then I took the train to Boston. From there,
I took the bus here.” The sheriff tells her, “There was a fire in
you apartment building 3 days ago. The whole building was destroyed.
Everyone got out safely except for one person. The body of a woman
burned to death was found in your apartment. Was there anyone staying
in your apartment?” Laura replies, “No.” The sheriff asks, “Do you
have any idea who it might be?” Laura replies, “No, no idea at all.”
Burke Devlin and Carolyn arrive outside the front doors of
Collinwood. Burke remarks, “I guess it would be best not for me to
go in there.” Carolyn jokes, “You’d better not. They’ve got the whole
place booby trapped against you.” He kisses her goodnight. She opens
the door and asks him to come in for a few minutes. He jokes, “What
about the booby traps?” They go in. No one is around. They go and sit
by the fire. Carolyn remarks, “How nice and warm! Too bad I’ve got
to go back out in the cold later to take Laura’s bags to her.” Burke
tells her, “No need to bother. I’ll save you the trouble and take
them to her for you.”
Roger returns to Collinwood. He sees Laura’s bags nad Burke’s coat
in the foyer. He goes into the drawing room and find Burke and Carolyn
there. Furious, he shouts, “Carolyn! This man is not welcome in this
house! He represents the destruction of this family and you with it!”
Burke retorts, “I represent honesty and truth!” Roger orders him to
leaves. Burke nonchantly remarks, “I was just leaving anyway.”
Laura stares into the fire at the cottage. There’s a knock at the
Roger tells Carolyn, “Don’t forget to take Laura’s bags to her.”
Carolyn replies, “I don’t need to. Burke volunteered to do it.”
Roger shouts, “WHAT?!” As soon as Carolyn goes upstairs, Roger goes to
a gun rack.
Burke asks Laura about what she plans to do about the manslaughter
charge. Laura tells him, “I already told you. I can’t do anything
about that until I’ve got David.” Suddenly, the door bursts open
and Roger comes in holding a shotgun.
Episode 139
Tape Date: December 29, 1966 (ABC #4-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 5, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Roger shouts, “Stay away from my wife!” Burke replies, “And if I
refuse?” Roger replies, “I’ll kill you. Nothing would give me more
pleasure.” Burke replies, “Then shoot me!” He starts to walk toward
Roger. Roger warns him, “One more step and I’ll shoot!”, but Burke
keeps approaching, saying, “Go ahead! Shoot!” Burke grabs the gun
from Roger. Laura begs Burke, “Please go. For my sake.” Burke replies,
“OK. I’ll go. For you.” Roger asks Laura, “What did he want here?”
Laura replies, “Nothing. He was just bringing my bags here.” Roger
asks, “What were you talking about? His manslaughter charge?” Laura
tells him, “We were talking about David. All I want is David. I have
no interest in the past. It’ll be the happiest day of my life when I
get David and leave.” After Roger leaves, Laura stares into the fire
again. In David’s room, a voice calls, “David… David…” David
tosses and turns in bed.
The next morning, Vicky awakens David. She tells him, “It’s time
you got up! It’s 10:30 in the morning!” David groggily explains,
“I kept waking up last night! I kept having that dream again. My
mother was in the middle of a room, surrounded by fire, calling,
“David… David…” Vicky tells him, “I think I know why you keep
having those dreams. It’s because your mind is on your mother. In
the back of your mind, you really want to see her.” Roger comes into
David’s room and tells David, “Your mother is staying in Matthew’s
cottage. You and I are going to see her.” David refuses, saying,
“There’s something scary about her!” Roger replies, “That’s
ridiculous! Now come with me or I’ll give you a sound spanking!”
David goes and grabs Vicky. Vicky tells him, “It’s all right. Go get
washed up, David.” David shouts to Roger “I’m not going to see her
and you can’t make me!” and runs off. Roger asks Vicky, “What am I
going to do?” Vicky replies, “I don’t think spanking is the answer. I
think I know why he’s afraid of his mother. What he’s really afraid
of is that she’ll reject him. I saw a lot of this a the foundling
home. I think the best thing to do would be to arrange to have them
meet ‘accidently’.” She volunteers to engineer such a meeting, then
asks, “The sheriff was here last night, wasn’t he?” Roger replies,
“Yes. How did you know?” Vicky replies, “I saw his car parked outside
from my window. What did he want? Is there a problem” Roger replies,
“No, it was just another example of his incompetence. It would appear
that a body was found in a fire in Laura’s apartment and the Phoenix
police department thought it was her. It would seem that the Phoenix
Police department is as incompetent as ours…”
Vicky takes a tray holding breakfast and coffee to the cabin.
Noticing the fire, she remarks, “I see you’ve built a fire.” Laura
replies, “Yes. I always like a nice fire.” She asks, “Does David
want to see me yet?” Vicky replies, “No, not yet, but I’m sure he
will after he gets over his stage fright.” Laura asks, “Does he ever
talk about me?” Vicky replies, “All the time. He was always talking
about how much he loved you and wanted you to come back.” Laura asks,
“Could you do me a favor? Could you get me a lock of his hair?”
Vicky, puzzled, asks, “A lock of his hair?” Laura shows her the
locket she’s wearing and explains, “I have a lock of his baby hair in
this locket. It’s an heirloom. Roger gave it to me on our wedding
night. I want a lock of his hair now to go with it.” Vicky tells
Laura her idea of having her and David run into each other
“accidently”. She tells her, “I take David out for a walk every day
after his lessons are done from 4:30 to 5:00. I think the greenhouse
would be a good place.” Laura suggests Widow’s Hill instead. Vicky
asks, “Widows Hill?” Laura explains, “When he was a little boy, I
used to take him there to look out at the ships. I think it he
might accept me more easily if we went to a place he had fond
memories of.” Vicky agrees and tells her, “He needs you.” Laura
replies, “And I need him. You have no idea how much. Nobody does…”
Vicky takes David on his usual afternoon walk. They go to Widow’s
Hill. After walking around for awhile, David starts to get bored and
tells Vicky, “Let’s go somewhere else.” Vicky tries to keep him there
until Laura comes by pointing out into the distance and asking, “Hey!
Isn’t that a ship?” David looks and replies, “I think so!” Vicky
asks, “Where do you think it’s going?” David replies, “Maybe it’s
an ocean liner going around the world to all sorts of places!” Laura
pops out and asks, “Like Madagascar? You remember how we used to talk
about far off places, how you asked me about Madagascar because you
liked the sound of the name, don’t you? I know all about far away
places now. Please come to me, David!” She stretches out her arms and
starts to walk toward him. David shrinks back in fear. Vicky, seeing
how close David is to the edge of the cliff, shouts, “David! Watch
out!” David falls off the cliff, just managing to grab the edge as
he goes over. Hanging on for his life, he screams, “Help me!”
Episode 140
Tape Date: December 30, 1966 (ABC #5-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 6, 1967 Friday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Vicky screams, “DAVID!”, grabs his arms and pulls him up. She asks,
“David! Why did you do that?” David replies, “I don’t know. Something
about her eyes scare me.” Vicky tells him, “David, look how much
you’ve hurt her. She came so far to see you and you won’t see her.
Look. She’s crying.” David looks at Laura. Laura is indeed crying.
Vicky tells David, “She needs you, David. Go to her and give her the
love you both need.” David pauses then goes to Laura.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Roger puts a tray bearing a
pitcher of martinis he has just made on the coffee table and sits
down on the sofa beside Elizabeth. He pours one for himself and one
for her. Taking a sip from his, he remarks, “I wonder what the
Phoenix Tom-Tom or whatever they call the paper out there is
saying today.” Elizabeth asks, “Phoenix? Why?” Roger tells her about
the body found in Laura’s apartment. Elizabeth starts to talk about
David and Laura, but Roger interrupts, “It’s your daughter you should
be worrying about right now.” He tells her about Carolyn bringing
Burke into the house again and Burke going to Laura’s cottage.
He concludes, “I’m sure he used Carolyn to get close to Laura.”
David, Laura and Vicky come in. David excitedly tells Laura, “Come
up and see my room!” They go upstairs. Vicky goes into the drawing
room. Roger asks, “How did you do it?” Vicky tells them about what
happened, about how Laura broke down and cried and David went to
her. She concludes by saying, “I was afraid he was going to say
what he said after the first time he saw her but he didn’t.”
Elizabeth asks, “And what was that?” Vicky replies, “That she wasn’t
his mother.” Elizabeth remarks, “Why on Earth would he say a thing
like that?”
Everyone is sitting at the kitchen table having dinner. David has
just finished his desert, some kind of ice cream or pudding in a
long goblet. Elizabeth remarks to Laura, “Is something wrong? You
haven’t touched your dinner.” Laura replies, “No, I’m just not very
hungry tonight.” Roger jokes, “Maybe I should get Mrs. Johnson a more
up-to-date cookbook.” David exclaims, “Yeah! Maybe we could have
hamburgers for dinner every night!” David and Roger, both having
finished, excuse themselves and leave. Elizabeth tells Laura of
David’s strange statement that she wasn’t his mother. She then warns
her against seeing Burke Devlin, saying, “He’s out to destroy the
family. Seeing him could endanger your chances of getting David.”
Laura assure her, “He was a good friend of mine at one time, but
I have no intention of becoming an ally of his now.”
In the drawing room, Roger tells Vicky, “I thought I told you
not to mention what David said to Elizabeth.” Vicky replies, “David
was so insistent that that wasn’t his mother that I thought it would
be best to bring it out into the opens to clear it up.” Roger remarks,
“I’ve got a way to do that .” He calls to David, who’s busy poking
into the fire with a poker, and tells him to come to the sofa.
He asks him, “Why did you that wasn’t your mother?” David replies,
“I don’t know.” Roger opens a photo album and shows David a picture
and asks, “Is that your mother?” David replies, “Yes.” He shows
David a few more picture, asking each time, “Is that your mother?”
Each time David replies, “Yes.” Roger concludes, “Granted, those
picture are 10 years old, but surely you’ve got to see that the woman
staying here is the same woman, that she is your mother”. David
replies, “Yes.” Laura, who’s standing outside in the foyer, hears
this. She walks into the drawing room and says, “Oh! Family
pictures!” She sits down to look at them with David. Roger tells
Vicky, “I think we should leave them alone.” They exit the drawing
David asks Laura, “What it like where you come from?” Laura
replies, “Some people call it paradise. It’s very warm there, not
cold like it is here. There are flowers everywhere, and the smell
is wonderful. You can even smell cinnamon in the air.” David remarks,
“MMMM! I like cinnamon toast!” Laura continues, “And there are lots
of tall pine trees everywhere, perfect nesting places for the
phoenix.” David asks, “The phoenix? What’s that?” Laura starts to
recount the legend of the Phoenix to him. When he hears the part
about how old the phoenix gets, living to 100 years*, he exclaims,
“Wow! That’s old!”, Laura tells him, “But it never looks old. It
looks beautiful to the end, then after a hundred years…” Vicky,
who’s outside in the drawing room, possibly eavesdropping, hears this,
the drawing room doors being ajar a few inches. Laura explains
to David how the phoenix builds a fire and burns itself up when it
feels itself getting old and is reborn from the ashes. Suddenly,
a mysterious wind blows the front doors open, then the drawing room
doors. Laura looks and sees Vicky standing there.

*This is inconsistent with the story she told Maggie where it
was 500 years.
Episode 141
Tape Date: January 2, 1967 (ABC #6-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 9, 1967 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

It is the next morning. Vicky goes into the drawing room and finds
David in there drawing on a piece of paper, using the top of the
piano as a tabletop. Vicky takes a look at the drawing and asks,
“What’s that?” David replies, “It’s a bird, a phoenix bird. My
mother told me a story about it.” Vicky asks, “What that all around
it?” David replies, “Fire. That’s the best part of the story. Every
100 years the phoenix burns itself to death and then comes back to
life from the ashes!” David asks, “Do you think my mother really
loves me?” Vicky replies, “Of course she does.” David remarks, “Well,
I have a way to prove it.” Vicky tells him, “Come on, it’s time for
your lessons.” As they leave the drawing room, they run into Laura,
who is just coming in through the front door, in the foyer. Laura
remarks, “Up early, huh, David?” David dejectedly tells her, “Miss
Winters is taking me up to give me my lessons.” Laura asks Vicky,
“Could you do me a favor? Could you give David a day off and let
him spend the day with me?” Vicky, certain that Roger and Elizabeth
would approve, replies, “Sure. I could use a day off. I have a friend
in town I haven’t seen in awhile.” Vicky leaves. Laura and David
start to discuss what to do. David tells Laura, “There’s a place
I’d like to show you.”
Maggie walks into the living room of the Evan’s cottage, probably
from the kitchen, as she is carrying a cup of coffee. She is dressed
in a housedress. There’s a knock at the door. Maggie answers. It’s
Vicky. Vicky tells her, “I have a day off today and thought I’d drop
by.” Maggie replies, “Perfect timing! Today’s my day off too!” Vicky
asks, “Where’s your father?” Maggie replies, “Out taking a walk. I’m
a firm fan of morning constitutionals.” She explains, “That’s because
the Blue Whale doesn’t open until 12:01. I don’t like it much when
he takes an afternoon walk. How are you?” Vicky replies, “Good, but
I might not have a job at Collinwood soon.” She explains that Laura
might be taking David away soon, leaving no need for a governess
there. Maggie asks, “And how’s Roger getting along with Mrs. Collins?”
Vicky tells her, “Fine.” Maggie asks, “He doesn’t act like he’s under
a lot of pressure?” Vicky replies, “No. Why are you so interested in
Roger?” Maggie explains, “It isn’t really Roger I’m interested in,
it’s my pop. Ever since Mrs. Collins came back to town, he’s been
acting strangely. I wondered if Roger was too. And strange things
have been happening.”
David takes Laura to the old house. He asks, “Ever been in here
before?” Laura replies, “No, but I’ve heard of it.” David tells her,
“I took you here to meet my friends.” Laura, puzzled asks, “Friends?
But no one could possibly live here.” David explains, “My friends
are ghosts.” Laura, not seeming to like the place much, tells him,
“Come on, let’s go. I don’t like this game.”, but David insists,
“Come meet my friends.” He points the flashlight at the portrait
of Josette. Recognizing it, Laura remarks, “Why, that’s Josette
Collins.” David replies, “Uh-huh. She’s one of my friends.” He
calls to the portrait and asks Josette to appear, but nothing happens.
Laura tells him, “Come on, let’s go.” David, disappointed, turns to
leave, but suddenly gets an idea and tells Laura, “I know what’s
wrong! I know why she didn’t appear. There’s two of us here. She’s
never appeared when there was more than one person here! I’ll leave
you alone here and she’ll come!” David runs off. Suddenly, the
portrait of Josette starts to glow. Laura stares at it. We hear the
sound of the front door as David comes back in. The portrait suddenly
stops glowing. David comes back into the room and asks Laura, “Did
she appear?” Laura replies, “No.” David asks, “Did you see ANYTHING?”
Laura lies, “No. Not a thing.” David is very disappointed. They leave.
As soon as they do, the portrait starts to glow again.
Vicky asks Maggie, “What strange things?” Maggie tells her, “He’s
been painting a picture. A strange, disturbing picture. He claims
he isn’t painting it of his own free will. He says he feels like
something’s forcing him to do it.” Maggie uncovers the painting on
its easel and shows it to her. It is the painting of Laura standing
surrounded by fire. You can now clearly see another aspect of it.
In front of Laura, a little to the right of center*, is an unpainted
spot about chest high in what looks like the shape of a child’s
head, as if something is to be painted in there later. Sam returns
from his walk. He sees that the painting is uncovered, becomes
furious, and yells at Maggie, “You showed this to Vicky, didn’t you?
Didn’t I tell you not to show this to anyone?” Vicky tries to defend
Maggie, saying, “It’s my fault. I was curious.” Sam asks, “Promise
me, Vicky, don’t tell anyone about this.” Vicky promises not to.
She asks, “Is it true what Maggie says, that you feel as though some
force were forcing you to paint this?” Sam repies, “Yes.” Maggie
tells Sam, “Tell her when it started.” Sam replies, “It started the
first time I saw Laura Collins.”
Back in the drawing room at Collinwood, David is showing Laura his
drawing of the phoenix. He asks, “Do you know any other stories?”
Laura replies, “Yes, and I might tell them to you if you ever visit
me after I leave.” David asks, “You mean you’re not staying here?”
Laura replies, “No, I’m going back to that place I told you about.”
David asks, “Is it a long way there?” Laura replies, “Yes, hundreds
and hundreds of miles away.” David asks, “Is it hard to get there?”
Laura replies, “No, all you have to do is really want to be there.”
Back at the Evan’s Cottage, Sam stares at the painting.
Episode 142
Tape Date: January 3, 1967 (ABC #7-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 10, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Sam asks, “What is it? What’s making me do this?” Maggie assures
him there’s a logical reason, that he’s been painting Laura because
he’s had her on his mind. Sam exclaims, “I’m going to destroy that
painting! I’m going to throw it into the sea!” He takes it from the
easel and moves to go outside and do just that, but Vicky stops him
and says, “Wait! I want that painting!” Sam asks, “Why?” Vicky
replies, “I don’t know. There’s something about it.” Sam tells her,
“Your right. There’s something about it. That’s why I want to destroy
it.” Vicky begs, “Don’t destroy it. Let me buy it!” Sam gives it to
her, saying, “You want it that badly? Here it is!” Vicky asks what’s
supposed to go in the unpainted spot. Sam replies, “I don’t know”
and leaves. Vicky tells Maggie, “I think this painting is important
for some reason, I think there’s some meaning behind it.” Maggie
replies, “I wonder what Laura Collins will say when she sees it.”
David and Laura are sitting in front of the fireplace in the
drawing room. David remarks, “You’re pretty beautiful for a mother.
You’re more like a movie star!” He remarks that he really likes
Burke Devlin and asks her why she didn’t marry him. She tells him,
“Things didn’t work out.” She asks him, “How do you feel about your
father?” David replies, “I don’t like him so much.” Laura asks why.
David replies, “Because I don’t think he likes me.” Laura tells
him, “David, soon you’ll have to make an important choice…”
They are interrupted by Vicky coming in through the front door.
David runs into the foyer to greet her. Laura follows him. David
sees that Vicky is holding a package. He asks her what it is. Vicky
replies, “Something for my room.” David remarks, “It looks like a
painting!” Vicky replies that it is. David asks, “Let’s see it!.
Laura echoes, “Yes, lets see it.” Vicky unwraps it. Laura is shocked.
David exclaims, “It’s my dream!” Laura asks, “Where did you get it
from?” Vicky answers, “From Sam Evans. He gave it to me.” David asks,
“How did he know about my dream?” Laura asks, “You had a dream like
this?” Vicky tells her, “Yes. He first had it the first night you
came here.” Laura asks Vicky, “Why did he give it to you?” Vicky
explains, “He was going to throw it away so I took it. It seemed
like a waste to throw it away.” Laura asks, “What are you going to
do with it?” Vicky replies, “I don’t know.” David asks, “Can I have
it for my room?” Laura objects that it’s a horrible painting and not
something for his room. They argue. Finally, Laura gives in and David
happily runs up to his room with the painting. Laura tells Vicky,
“I’m very upset about that painting.” Vicky replies, “I don’t know
why I brought it here. It’s almost as if I were compelled to…”
Laura asks, “I want you to do me a favor. When the opportunity
presents itself, I want you to take it away from David!”
Vicky goes upstairs and tries to convince David not to hang the
painting up in his room, saying it would upset Laura. David protests,
“But she said it was OK.” Vicky explains, “She only said OK because
you wanted it, but she’s really not happy about it.” David, not
listening, hangs it up over his dresser anyway. He remarks, “It
almost looks like it belongs here…” Laura comes in. She tells
David, “I’ve given it a second thought and I’ve decided it’s not a
good idea for you to hang this in your room” and starts to take the
painting off the wall, but David stops her, shouting, “Don’t take
it! If you take it, I’ll never speak to you again!” Laura replies,
“Very well, David. I guess you’ll just have to learn for yourself…”
and leaves.
Sam comes back to the Evan’s cottage from a walk. He excitedly
tells Maggie, “I’ve just got this great new idea for a seascape! I
saw a battered old hulk, half in and half out of the sea! I’m going
to get started right now!” Maggie protests, “Isn’t it a little late
for that?” Sam replies, “No, I want to get just a few lines down
before I go to bed.” Maggie tells him, “Goodnight, Pop” and goes to
bed. Sam goes to his easel and starts to make a preliminary sketch.
Suddenly, a look of horror crosses his face. He drops his brush.
The sketch he has made is not of an old hulk, but of a woman
surrounded by fire…
David is sleeping in bed. The painting of Laura suddenly starts
to glow. A ghostly head of Laura materializes from it. It starts to
get bigger and bigger and starts to float toward David. He wakes up,
sees it and screams, “STOP IT! NO! STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY!”
Episode 143
Tape Date: January 4, 1967 (ABC #8-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 11, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

David screams, “Aunt Elizabeth! Come here!” Elizabeth comes
running into the room. The head is no longer there. Elizabeth asks,
“What’s wrong?” David tells her, “It’s that painting!” Vicky comes
in and asks what happened. Elizabeth explains, “Something in that
painting scared him.” David explains what happened. Elizabeth
remarks,”It must have been a dream.” David insists, “No it wasn’t.
I was wide awake when it happened”, but Elizabeth concludes it
must have been a dream. Elizabeth asks where the painting came from.
Vicky replies, “Sam Evans” Elizabeth asks why he would paint something
like that. Vicky replies, “He says he doesn’t know.” Elizabeth tells
David she doesn’t think he should have such a painting and starts to
take it, but Davdi refuses to let her, saying, “I have a feeling I
need it!”
Vicky and Elizbeth go down into the drawing room. Elizabeth tells
Vicky that she’s worried about the effect the painting is having on
David and asks why she gave it to him. Vicky replies, “I don’t know.
It was almost as if some impulse compelled me to.” She asks, “By the
way, Miss Stoddard, I understand that David will be leaving with
Mrs. Collins soon. That means you’ll no longer be in need of a
governess here…” Elizabeth replies, “He might not be leaving with
her. I agreed to let her take him under two conditions, that he
wanted to, and that she could show that it would be better for him.
I’m not so sure now. These dreams…”
In his room, David is staring at the portrait.
Sam is home alone, Maggie having gone to work. There’s a knock at
the door. Sam opens it. Vicky tells him, “I’ve brought you a
visitor. David wanted to say thank you for the picture.” David thanks
him and asks, “Why did you paint my mother standing in fire?” Sam
replies, “Never asks a painter why he painted something. We never
know.” David asks, “But why did you paint my dream? It’s exactly like
it. Even my mother’s expression’s like in the dream!” Sam asks, “Tell
me more about your dream.” David tells him, “In my dream, my mother
is standing in the middle of a room, surrounded by fire, calling me.
The fires are everywhere, and they keep getting worse. Finally, the
fire and smoke get so bad I can’t see her anymore and the dreams
end.” Sam jokes, “David, I know how I painted your dream. We must
be on the same psychic wavelength. In fact, I know what you want
right now. Apple cider and cookies. You like apple cider and cookies,
don’t you?” David replies that he does. Sam tells him there’s some
in the kitchen and sends him in there. After David leaves the room,
Sam tells Vicky, “I didn’t want to say this while the boy was here,
but his dream matches the visions I’ve been having EXACTLY!” He
tells her, “I painted another painting yesterday. Another horrible
painting. It was supposed to be a landscape, but didn’t end up as
one.” He shows it to her. It is of another woman standing in fire,
this one dressed in a toga like dress, wings sprouting from her back,
an unpainted spot in front of her. This time, it doesn’t look like
Laura. Vicky asks, “Is this one going to end up looking like Laura
Collins too?” Sam replies, “The first one didn’t start off as Laura
Collins. It just ended up that way…” Vicky points at the unpainted
spot and asks, “What’s going to go here?” Sam replies, “I don’t
know.” Vicky remarks, “It looks like she’s holding something. I
wonder what it is?” She tells Sam that she doesn’t know why she
showed and gave the first one to David, that she feels as though
something compelled her to do it. Sam replies, “That’s just the
feeling I’ve been having”. He tells her he’s determined to stop and
will destroy the painting.
After Vicky and David leave, Sam pours himself a drink. He then
looks at the painting on the easel and goes to it, as if compelled.
He picks up a brush and starts painting…
Vicky and David return to Collinwood. Elizabeth tells David, “Mrs.
Johnson has been looking all over for you! It’s time for lunch!” She
sends David to the kitchen to eat lunch. Elizabeth asks Vicky, “Where
have you two been?” Vicky replies, “I took Davdi to see Sam Evans.”
Elizabeth tells her, “I don’t think that was such a good idea…”,
but before she can finish, there’s a knock at the front door.
Elizabeth answers. A man introduces himself as, “Lt. Dan Reilly.
State Police” and asks “Is there a Laura Collins staying here?”
Elizabeth replies, “Yes she is. What is this all about?” Reilly
replies, “I have a few questions to ask her. There was a fire at her
residence in Phoenix.” Elizabeth replies, “Yes. I heard about it.
She’s staying in the cottage. I’m her sister-in-law.” Reilly
remarks, “Sister in law? Then perhaps you could help too. I have
some personal effects from Mrs. Collins’ apartment. Maybe you could
identify them. They go into the drawing room. Reilly remarks,
“This’ll only take a few minutes. There’s not much that survived
the fire. Only a few pieces of jewelry.” He empties them out of an
envelope onto the desk. Elizabeth starts to go through them. The
first four, she doesn’t recognize, “No… No… No… No…”, but
on the fifth one, she tells Reily, “Yes. This one I recognize. It’s
a family heirloom. I’d recognize it anywhere. Roger gave it to Laura
on their wedding night.” Vicky, recognizing something, asks, “Mrs.
Stoddard, could I have a look at that?” Elizabeth hands it to her.
Vicky looks at it for a second then says, “There must be two of
these. I saw Mrs. Collins wearing on just like it.” Elizabeth
remarks, “That’s impossible. There’s only one of these in existence.
You must be mistaken.” Vicky replies, “No, I remember it clearly. I
remember because Mrs. Collins and I talked about it. She said there
was a lock of David’s hair in it.” Elizbeth remarks, “Yes, that’s
true. Laura clipped a lock of David’s hair just after he was born
and put it in the locket. I remember.” Reilly says, “Let’s see if
there’s a lock of hair in this one”,and tries open the locket. At
first, he has trouble opening and remarks, “The fire fused the
catch pretty good.” Finally, he manages to open it. Inside is a
lock of hair….
Episode 144
Tape Date: January 5, 1967 (ABC #9-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 12, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Inside the locket is a lock of hair and a picture of David
when he was much younger. Elizabeth tells Vicky that this is the
locket and that she must have been mistaken when she thought she saw
Laura wearing it. As Elizabeth and Reilly prepare to go to the
cottage, Vicky asks to go too, saying, “I want to see the look
on Mrs. Collins’ face when she sees this locket!”
They go to the cottage. Lt. Reilly tells Laura, “I have a few
questions to ask you about the fire in Phoenix.” He tells her there’s
some jewellry that survived the fire which he’d like her to look at.
She looks at and identifies all the pieces and signs a statement to
that effect. Reilly asks, “Did anyone else have keys to your apart-
ment?” At first Laura says, “No,”, but then thinks awhile and says,
“Oh yes, I had a cleaning woman. Her name was Margeret. I don’t
know her last name. I let her go 2 months ago. She had a key. I
don’t remember if she ever gave it back.” Lt. Reilly asks Laura to
describe her. Laura tells him, “She was of medium height, blond hair,
slender, of Scandinavian background, I think.” Lt. Reilly remarks,
“You mean pretty much like you.” Laura answers, “Why yes, except
she was about 10 years older.” Lt. Reilly asks for the housekeeper’s
full name, but Laura replies, “I don’t know it. I don’t think I ever
did.” Reilly, satisfied with this, leaves, and Elizabeth goes with
him, but Vicky stays, saying, “I want to talk to Mrs. Collins about
Vicky asks Laura, “Weren’t you wearing that locket like this one
the other day?” Laura denies that she was, saying, “How could I when
it was in Phoenix?” Vicky remarks, “But I’m sure you were wearing
it. I remember you telling me a lock of David’s hair was inside.”
Laura replies, “Yes, I do remember talking to you about that, but
I wasn’t wearing the locket. Perhaps you remember the conversation
and imagined the locket.” Vicky says, “Yes, that must be it” and
leaves, but she doesn’t really look satisfied with the explanation.
Vicky, on her way back to Collinwood, runs into Lt. Reilly, who’s
just leaving, outside the front doors of Collinwood. She asks him
about the body. He tells her it was burned beyond recognition. Vicky
asks him what he’s going to do next. He tells her, “Try looking for
the cleaning woman. That’s about all we can do.”
Vicky goes inside and is surprised to find Frank Garner in
the drawing room with Elizabeth. Frank jokes to Vicky, “I brought
some advertising contracts for the cannery for Mrs. Stoddard to sign
– actually an excuse to see Miss Vicky Winters!” As Elizabeth signs
the contracts, Vicky and Frank talk. Vicky tells Frank, “Strange
things have been happening since Mrs. Collins came back.” She tells
him about the locket and tells him, “I think Mrs. Collins lied to
me.” Elizbeth gives the signed contracts to Frank and tells Vicky,
“Excuse me, but I couldn’t help hearing what you were saying. You
must be mistaken about seeing her wear it. There’s only one locket
like that and I’d recognize it anywere.” She offers to prove this
to Vicky by showing her a photo album and showing her all the Collins
women wearing it down through the centuries, but Vicky declines,
admitting, “I must have been mistaken if you’re so sure.” Elizabeth
leaves to see David. Vicky tells Frank, “It’s not just the locket.
Other strange things have been happening too.” She tells him about
David’s dreams, and about how she showed and gave him the painting,
having seemingly been compelled to do so. Frank invites her to have
dinner with him at 7:00, saying she needs to get out of the house.
She sees him to the door and he leaves. While they are out of the
room, the photo album mysteriously opens by itself.
Elizabeth comes back downstairs, having finished talking with
David. Vicky, on her way up, tells Elizabeth that she has a dinner
date with Frank, who’s left. Vicky goes about three fourths of the
way up the stairs, then for some reason comes back down and walks
into the drawing room, joining Elizabeth in there. Elizabeth remarks,
“I thought you had gone up to your room.” Vicky seems to snap out
of a trance and says, puzzled, “I don’t know why I came back down
here. It’s as if I were compelled to…” Elizabeth remarks, “Maybe
you had that locket on your mind. I see you did look at that book.
It’s open to a picture of Josette Collins”, gesturing at the open
album. Vicky swears, “But I didn’t! No one touched that book! I can
swear that it was closed when Frank and I left this room! Josette
Collins?” Elizabeth replies, “Yes, Josette Collins what the first
to own that locket. It was given to her at her wedding.” Vicky
wonders, “Could this be a sign from Josette Collins? When I was
being held prisoner at the old house, I felt she was looking over
me…” Befuddled, she tells Elizabeth, “I think I need to take a
walk and get some fresh air.”
Vicky goes and takes a walk on the beach. Unknown to her, Laura
is spying on her from behing some trees…
Episode 145 (Very Poor Quality Kinescope)
Tape Date: January 6, 1967 (ABC #10-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 13, 1967 Friday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Laura goes into David’s room and finds him staring at the picture.
She tries to get him away from it by asking him if he’d like to join
her for lunch, but he refuses and continues to stare at the painting.
He tells her, “It’s strange, but I think this picture is trying to
tell me something. Some kind of warning.” Laura replies, “Nonsense.
It must be your imagination.” David tells her about seeing the
ghostly head. Laura snaps, “Let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s
go for a walk.”, but David replies, “I don’t feel like going for a
walk. I feel like being alone.” Laura, in a disappointed voice,
replies, “Perhaps later”, and leaves.
At the Evan’s cottage, Maggie offers the newspaper to Sam, asking,
“Read the paper yet?” but Sam replies, “No. In fact, I haven’t read
the paper for a week. I have other things on my mind.” Maggie asks,
“What? Another painting?” Sam replies, “No. Every painting I’ve
tried to do lately turns out the same, no matter what I try to paint.
Imagine me putting on an exhibition of my work. Fifty paintings,
all of Laura Collins standing in fire. I think I’ll go take a walk”,
and leaves.
Maggie dresses for a date and prepares to leave. There’s a knock
at the door. Maggie answers. It’s Laura. She asks for Sam. Maggie
tells her, “He’s not home and I don’t know when he will be.” Laura
looks around and remarks, “This place hasn’t changed in 10 years.”
Maggie laughs and tells her, “And it didn’t change much in the 10
years before that. Pop believes in keeping furniture forever.” Maggie
tells Laura, “You know, ever since you came back, strange things
have been happening.” Laura replies, “I have no idea why.” Sam
returns and is surprised to see Laura there. Maggie tells them she
has to get going and leaves. Laura asks Sam, “Why did you do that
atrocious portrait of me?” Sam replies, “I don’t know. I’d like YOU
to tell ME why. What’s going on?” He shows her the painting on the
easel, the one of the woman with wings. He tells her, “I seem to
have lost control. Every time I do a painting, it ends up YOU. I
thought maybe you would know what’s compelling me to do this.” Laura
replies, “I have no idea, but the fact remains that YOU are doing
these paintings. I want you to stop.” Sam replies, “I can’t.
Everytime I paint, it ends up YOU.” Laura tells him, “Stop painting,
then.” Sam tells her, “I can’t” Laura tells him, “Then perhaps I’ll
have to see to it aht you stop.” Sam asks, “Is that some kind of
threat?”, but Laura just replies, “You WILL stop!” and leaves.
Maggie and Joe return from a date. Maggie notices Sam isn’t
home and moans, “He must be at the Blue Whale…” They go to get
Maggie and Joe return with Sam. Joe says goodnight and leaves.
Sam is very, very drunk. He lights a cigarette. Maggie helps him
to take his coat off, as he is too drunk to do so himself. Sam
staggers to the sofa, grabs the newspapers lying about on it,
pushes them to the floor, then lies down. Maggie tells him, “I’ll
go make some strong coffee” and goes into the kitchen.
At the Collinwood , Laura goes and sits in front of the
At the Evan’s cottage, Sam is lying on the couch, smoking his
At the Collinwood , Laura stares strangely into the firs.
At the Evan’s cottage, Sam falls asleep. The cigarette drops from
his fingers onto the newspaper lying on the floor. Smoke starts to
come up as they start to smoulder.
Episode 146
Tape Date: January 9, 1967 (ABC #11-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 16, 1967 Monday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

At the Evan’s Cottage, the newspaper starts to burn.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth goes into the drawing room, sees Laura
sitting by the fire and calls, “Laura? Laura?”, but Laura, who seems
to be in some sort of trance, doesn’t respond.
At the Evan’s Cottage, the newspaper catches and really starts to
At Collinwood, Elizabeth goes up to Laura and taps her on the
shoulder. Laura snaps out of it.
At the Evan’s cottage Sam wakes up and screams, “FIRE! MAGGIE!
FIRE!” Not thinking clearly, he grabs at the fire with his hands,
perhaps trying to put it out, and burns himself. Maggie comes into
the room and smothers the fire with the blanket Sam was covered with.
Sam screams, “My hands! She burned my hands!”
At Collinwood, Elizabeth asks, “Laura, what is it?” Laura replies,
“Nothing, you just startled me, that’s all.” Elizabeth asks, “What
were you doing?” Laura replies, “Nothing. Just thinking, that’s all.
My mind was a thousand miles away.” Elizabeth remarks, “That
expression on your face…” Laura replies, “I hope it wasn’t too
unflattering. As I said, I was thinking.” Elizabeth tells her, “It
was more than unflattering. It was frightening.”
Sam’s hands are now wrapped in cloth. Maggie has called the doctor.
Sam tells her, “She said she’d get me. She kept her word!” Maggie
asks, “Who?” Sam replies, “Laura Collins. She kept her word. She
did this to me!” Maggie replies, “That’s ridiculous. She had nothing
to do with it. It was your own fault. I told you to be careful with
that cigarette”, but Sam continues to insist that Laura was
responsible. Maggie gets upset with Sam’s unrational claim.
Elizabeth tells Laura, “I had something I wanted to talk to you
about. I’m not pleased with the way you’re progressing with David.
He’s been avoiding you. He seems apprehensive, afraid of you.”
Laura replies, “That’s just a phase”, but Elizabeth continues, “He’s
been having nightmares.” Laura counters, “Those are just dreams”,
but Elizabeth replies, “Recurring dreams are evidence of disturbance.”
Laura blames it on the portrait and insists that it be removed. Roger
comes into the room and asks what they’re talking about. Elizabeth
tells him. Roger remarks, “He’s always had dreams. This isn’t anything
new.” Laura insists, “It’s the painting.” Elizabeth continues,
“David’s relationship with Laura isn’t progressing. I’m having second
thoughts about letting her have him.” Laura again insists that it’s
the painting that’s affecting David. Roger tells her, “I’ll take care
of it.” Laura tells him, “Sam Evans has painted another one.” Roger
tells her, “I’ll go to him and make him stop.” There’s a knock at
the door. Roger answers. It’s Maggie. She asks to speak to Laura.
Roger takes her into the drawing room. Roger remarks, “I was just
about to go to your house to speak to your father.” Maggie tells him,
“That wouldn’t be such a good idea right now.” She tells them about
the accident and says, “That’s what I came here to talk to Mrs.
Collins about.” Roger asks, “Why?” Maggie explains, “My father is
convinced that Mrs. Collins is somehow responsible for the fire.”
Laura exclaims, “That’s absurd!” Maggie replies, “Yes it is, but I
didn’t know who else to go to. He’s obsessed with you for some
reason.” Roger leaves, saying, “I’ll talk to him.” Maggie tells
Laura, “My father claims you threatened him, he claims that you told
him you’d make him stop painting those paintings of you.” Laura
replies, “Yes I did.” Elizabeth asks, “And did you do anything to
make him stop?” Laura replies, “Yes. I told Roger about it.”
Roger goes to the Evan’s cottage and confronts Sam. He asks,
“Now what’s all this nonsense you’re saying about my wife?” Sam
replies, “She’s somehow responsible for this fire. I know it.”
Roger asks, “What do you mean? Are you saying she snuck in here and
lit that newspaper on fire?” Sam replies, “No, but I think she did
it. I don’t know how, but she did it.” Roger dismisses his claims,
calling them, “The ravings of an alcohol filled mind of a fool.”
He asks, “I understand you’ve made another painting of my wife.
Where is it?” Sam points at the covered painting on the easel and
replies, “There.” Roger remarks, “Good. I’ll destroy it.” He goes
to it, uncovers it and says, “Oh, I see that won’t be necessary.
It’s already been destroyed.” Sam, surprised, says, “What?” and goes
and looks at the painting and sees that the middle of the picture
has been burned. He gasps, “How can that be? Roger, the fire! It
wasn’t anywhere near the painting!”
Episode 147
Tape Date: January 10, 1967 (ABC #12-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 17, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Roger goes to David’s room and finds that David isn’t there. He
goes and starts to take the painting off the wall. David comes in
and asks, “What are you doing?” Roger replies, “Taking this down and
putting it in the rubbish where it belongs.” David shouts, “NO!
IT’S MINE” and refuses to let him take it down. He tells him,
“I have the feeling that I’m supposed to have it, that it’s somehow
important, that it means something!” Roger asks what he means but
David can’t give a coherent explanation of what he means. Roger
tells him, “This is grotesque. I don’t wan’t you thinking of your
mother this way, I wan’t you to think of her as the kind, loving woman
she is.” David shouts, “You want her to take me away, don’t you? You
just want to get rid of me!” and plops down in bed, crying. Roger
tries to convince him that this isn’t true, that he just wants what’s
best for him. David tells him, “I don’t want to go with her.
Something about her scares me!” Roger replies, “It’s just the picture
frightening you. I’ll get rid of it.” David shouts, “No! If you do,
I’ll never speak to my mother again!” Vicky comes in and asks,
“What’s going on?” David shouts, “He wants to take my picture away,
and if he does, I’ll never speak to my mother again!” Roger gives up
and tells him, “All right. I’ll let you keep it.” Vicky tells David,
“Your lunch is ready. Go and eat.” David leaves. Roger asks Vicky,
“What do you make of all this?” Vicky replies, “I think David is a
very disturbed boy.” She tells him she thinks the painting is having
a bad effect on him and asks, “What could have made Sam Evans paint
such a thing?” Roger remarks, “Sam Evans won’t be painting anything
for awhile” and tells her about the fire at the Evan’s cottage.
Vicky remarks, “What is it about fire? Something strange is going
on. Everything seems to be happening with fire lately. The fire in
Phoenix. David’s dreams. Sam’s paintings. And now this. And it all
started when Mrs. Collins returned.” Roger dismisses it as coincidence.
Laura comes in and asks, “Where’s David?” Roger tells Vicky to take
Laura down to David. After they leave, Roger reaches up to take down
the picture but suddenly stops, a strange expression crossing his
face. He leaves without taking the picture.
Vicky and Laura walk down into the foyer. David, having finished
lunch, comes out of the door under the stairs. Laura asks, “Would
you like to come and spend the day with me ?” David replies, “No,
I have a lot of schoolwork to do.” Laura tells him, “I’m sure Miss
Winters will give you a day off.” Vicky replies, “Sure”, but David
shouts, “I can’t!” and runs upstairs to his room.
In his room at the Collinsport Inn, Burke Devlin is looking at
a photograph of Laura. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Vicky.
Burke lets her in and asks what she wants. Vicky replies, “I need
to talk to you.” Sitting down on the couch, she sees the photo Burke
was looking at on the coffee table. She looks at it and asks “Isn’t
that Mrs. Collins?” Burke replies, “Yes. It was taken a long time
ago.” Vicky asks, “You knew her very well, didn’t you?” Burke replies,
“I was in love with her.” Vicky asks, “What happened?” Burke replies,
“She married Roger.” Vicky tells Burke, “I don’t trust Mrs. Collins.
She lied to me.” She tells him about the locket. Burke, who’s
interested in something other than the locket, asks, “How’s Roger
been getting along with her? Has he been acting nervous?” Vicky
replies, “No, not at all. They’ve been getting along very well, in
fact.” Burke remarks, “Now, THAT’S interesting.” The phone rings.
Burke answers. It’s Laura. She tells him, “I want to talk to you. Are
you alone?” Burke replies that he isn’t. Laura asks, “Let’s meet
somewhere else, then. Remember where we used to meet at the pier?
Yes? See you there in an hour.” After Burke hangs up, Vicky continues,
“I don’t know why I have these doubts about Mrs. Collins.” Burke
replies, “I have some doubts about her myself – ones I intend
to clear up. Soon.”
Burke is waiting at the pier. Laura finally shows up. Burke asks,
“What do you want?” She tells him, “I need your help with David.”
He asks, “How could I help you with David?” She tells him, “For some
reason, he seems frightened of me. Now, he admires you a lot. He
talks about you constantly.” Burke remarks, “Yes, he does get along
well with me. Better than with his own father.” Laura replies, “There
might be a reason for that.” Burke asks, “What do you mean by that?”,
but Laura refuses to elaborate. She continues, “You have a lot of
influence on him. I want you to talk to him.” Burke asks, “And what
will I get in return? Would you testify at a re-trial?” Laura replies
that she would. Laura starts reminiscing about the old times when
they used to meet at the pier. Burke remarks, “I should hate you,
but I don’t. Everytime we meet, something happens to me.” He kisses
Episode 148
Tape Date: January 11, 1967 (ABC #13-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 18, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

In Frank Garners’ office, Lt. Reilly is talking with Frank Garner.
He tells him, “It’s an outside possibility, but the Arizona Police
think that it’s possible the woman found in Laura Collin’s room was
murdered. They think she might have been incompacitated BEFORE the
fire.” Frank protests that it seems far-fetched, but Reilly replies,
“No, not really. We have several facts. First, Mrs. Collins has a
history of mental illness and is capable of violence. Second, they’ve
found that the fire started in Mrs. Collins’ apartment. Third, no one
saw Mrs. Collins leave when she said she did.” Frank protests,
“Thousands of people travel every day. Just because no one rememberes
seeing her at the train station doesn’t mean she wasn’t there.” Lt.
Reilly replies, “Yes, but there was a witness who saw her in the
apartment building on the day of the fire.”
Vicky goes to Burke’s room, having received a call from him.
Burke tells her, “I was worried about your doubts about Mrs. Collins.
I was wrong about her. She’s a wonderful woman. I think the best
thing for David would be to go with her. I want you to help bring
them together.” Vicky is shocked at Burke’s sudden change in
Frank Garner and Lt. Reilly continue to discuss Phoenix. Frank is
still doubtful about what Reilly is saying. The phone rings. Frank
answers and tells his secretary, “Tell her to wait a minute.” Lt.
Reilly finishes talking to Frank and leaves. Vicky is sent in. She
tells Frank, “I came her to ask your advice about something.”
She remarks, “Was that Lt. Reilly I just saw leaving?” Frank replies,
“Yes. As the Collins family lawyer, I feel it’s my responsibility
to keep abreast of the investigation in Phoenix. I’ve learned a few
new facts, and I don’t like them.”
In his hotel room, Burke is talking to someone on the phone,
probably Blair, telling him, “No, I won’t be in Logansport tomorrow,
or the next day, and probably not the day after that either. YOU take
care of it. That’s what you’re paid for!” Carolyn comes in. Burke
finishes his phone call and hangs up. Carolyn complains to him about
how he hasn’t seen her for awhile.
Frank tells Vicky, “They think it might have been murder. They
even have a suspect. However, the witness, a Mrs. Hensworthy, is
elderly and her eyesight isn’t very good.” Vicky asks, “Is it someone
Mrs. Collins knows?” Frank replies, “Yes. It’s Mrs. Collins.” Vicky
exclaims, “That’s impossible! She said she left Phoenix five days
before the fire!” Frank replies, “That’s what she says, but is she
telling the truth?”
Burke tells Carolyn, “I think it would be best if we didn’t see
each other anymore.” Carolyn asks, “Best for who? Laura Collins?
Maybe my mother and Uncle Roger were right. Maybe you WERE just
using me and now you’ve just found someone else!” They get into an
argument. Burke tells Carolyn, “Sorry. I don’t anything more to say
to you. Just goodbye…”
Frank asks Vicky, “Oh yes, you said you wanted my advice on
something. What was it?” Vicky tells her about what Burke Devlin
asked her to do. She tells him, “But I’ve made my decision now that
I’ve heard what you have to tell me. I may be wrong, but I’m going to
de everything I can to keep her AWAY from David!”
Episode 149 (Kinescope)
Tape Date: January 12, 1967 (ABC #14-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 19, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

It is now night. At the Evan’s cottage, Sam Evans is pacing
around nervously.
Carolyn returns to Collinwood, slamming the front doors in anger
as she comes in. Vicky, who’s in the foyer, asks, “What’s the matter?”
Carolyn tells her about her breakup with Burke.
Sam is still pacing around nervously. Maggie comes home from work.
She tells him, “Had to work late. We had a late rush. Three people!”
She asks him if he wants something to eat. He declines, saying, “I’m
not hungry.” in a very depressed tone of voice. Maggie tries to cheer
him up by telling him, “Cheer up. You’ll be painting again soon”, but
Sam sarcasatically replies, “Painting what? Seascapes? Landscapes?
Or a thousand more interpretations of Laura Collins standing in
fire?” He tells her that strange things are still happening. He
show her the burned painting and asks, “How could this have happened?
The fire was all the way across the room and nowhere near the
painting!” Maggie suggests, “Well, a spark could have floated across
the room”, but Sam asks, “Yeah? Then why wasn’t the cover burned? The
painting was covered by this cloth, but the cloth wasn’t burned, only
the painting under it.” He tells her, “I’ve been getting a strange
feeling. I have a feeling the other painting is going to be destroyed
by fire soon too. I feel the urge to go up to Collinwood to see it.
I get this strange feeling that it’s going to be finished soon, that
that blank spot on it won’t be blank much longer.”
Vicky and Carolyn are still in the drawing room talking. Roger
comes in. Vicky excuses herself, saying she has to go see what David
is doing. Carolyn tells Roger about her breakup with Burke. She
tells him, “I lost the Burke Devlin derby, and you won’t guess who
I lost it to.” Roger replies, “Laura” right away. Carolyn asks him
how he knew. Roger replies, “Laura’s up to her old predictable self.”
In David’s room, the ghost of Josette Collins appear. She goes up
to the picture of Laura and lifts her right arm up, as if to touch
Vicky returns to the drawing room and tells Roger that she’s
managed to convince David to go shopping with Mrs. Johnson. Roger
asks, “How did you manage that?” Vicky replies, “It’s going to cost
you a set of toy soldiers.” Roger tells her he’s glad she’s managed
to get David away from that “horrible painting.” There’s a knock
at the front door. Vicky answers. She’s surprised to see it’s Sam
Evans. Sam comes in and asks to speak to Roger. Vicky takes him into
the drawing room. Sam tells Roger, “I’d like to see that painting.”
Roger asks, “What for?” Sam replies, “I don’t know. I just get this
strange feeling that I have to see it. Can I?” Roger replies, “I
suppose so. David’s not home so I supposed we could borrow it.
Vicky, could you go and bring it down please?” Vicky goes up to
David’s room. There, she seems to smell something strange and sniffs
the air. She then looks at the picture and is shocked to see that
the blank space has been filled in – with David’s image. She screams.
Downstairs, everyone hears Vicky scream. Carolyn asks, “Wasn’t
that Vicky?” They start out of the drawing room to go upstairs to
see what’s wrong, but see Vicky running down the stairs with the
picture. She shows it to them. Sam exclaims, “I knew it!” Roger
asks, “What does this mean, Evans?” Sam replies, “I don’t know.”
Roger remarks, “But this space was blank just this morning.” Sam
touches David’s picture and remarks, “Dry. It couldn’t have been
blank this morning. Oil paint takes days to dry.” Vicky tells him,
“I saw it too this morning. It WAS blank.” Roger asks, “Who could’ve
done this?” Sam replies, “The same power that forced me to paint it
in the first place…” Vicky tells them, “I think I know who did it.
Up in David’s room, I smelled something. Jasmine perfume. No one in
this house wears jasmine perfume, but I’ve smelled it once before.
When I saw Josette Collins at the old house.” Roger dismisses this as
her imagination. Vicky asks, “I wonder what David’s reaction will
be when he sees what’s happened to the portrait.” Roger replies,
“I don’t intend for him to ever see it.” Sam asks, “What are you
going to do?” Roger replies, “This!” and throws it into the fireplace.
As the painting burns, the room suddenly fills with the bloodcurdling
sound of a woman screaming.
Episode 150
Tape Date: January 13, 1967 (ABC #15-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 20, 1967 Friday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Sam has left and Carolyn has gone upstairs. Vicky asks, “Where
could that scream have come from? It sounded like it was coming
from the fireplace!” Roger replies, “Oh, it was probably just the
wind in the chimney. There’s got to be a logical reason, Vicky!”
Vicky asks, “Then what logical answer is there for David’s face
being painted in the picture?” Roger replies, “I’m sick of hearing
about that painting! Let’s just forget it!” Vicky replies, “It won’t
be that easy to just forget about it. What’s David’s reaction going
to be when he finds out you’ve destroyed it? How are you going to
tell him?” Elizabeth, who’s just come into the room, asks, “Tell
David what?” Roger tells her he’s destroyed the painting. Vicky
suggests, “Maybe you should tell her the whole story”, excuses
herself and leaves. Elizabeth asks, “Whole story?” Roger tells her
about David’s face being in the picture. Elizabeth asks, “How did
that happen?” Roger replies, “I don’t know.”
David returns from shopping and goes to his room carrying a large
gift-wrapped box. He notices that the painting is missing and shouts,
“My painting! My painting!”
David runs down into the drawing room and asks Roger, “Where’s my
painting? You took it, didn’t you?” He demands, “It’s mine! Give it
back to me!” Roger refuses, saying, “That picture is bad for you.
Look at the nightmares it’s been giving you.” David insists, saying,
“It’s important! It’s trying to say something to me! I know it!
Give it back to me!” Roger tells him, “I can’t. I destroyed it.”
David moans, “No… No… You burned it, didn’t you?” Roger asks,
“How did you know that?” David runs to the fire and moans, “You
burned my painting! I’ll never see it again.” He shouts, “You hate
me! You all hate me!” and runs off. Vicky, who’s just walked into
the foyer from the door under the stairs, asks, “What happened?”
Elizabeth tells her.
Elizabeth tells Roger, “I don’t like the effect Laura is having
on David. I think I’m going to tell her she can’t see David anymore.”
Vicky goes up to David’s room and tries to calm David down.
Elizabeth goes to the cottage and tells Laura she doesn’t think
she should see David anymore because of the effect she’s having on
him. They get into an argument. Laura insists that David’s behavior
is just a phase and asks to talk to him. Elizabeth tells her, “That
wouldn’t be a good idea right now. Roger’s just destroyed his
painting and David is quite distraught.”
David asks Vicky to tell him the story of the phoenix his mother
had told him. She tells it. David starts to fall asleep.
Elizabeth returns to Collinwood and tells Roger what happened at
the cottage. Vicky comes down and tells them she’s managed to put
David to sleep.
David is sleeping. Suddenly, Laura appears in the room and says,
“David! I’m here, David! I’ve come to you!” David awakens and is
surprised to see her there. She asks, “Why are you crying?” He
tells her it’s because his painting has been destroyed. She gives
him her handkerchief to wipe his tears. She tells him, “We’re going
to spend more time together! I’m never going to leave you. I’m
going to take you with me!” David asks, “Are you leaving?” Laura
replies, “I might have to, but don’t worry. I’ll never leave without
you!” David turns to get the handkerchief, which he’s put on the
pillow, and wipes his nose. When he turns back, Laura is gone…
Episode 151 (Kinescope on last scene)
Tape Date: January 16, 1967 (ABC #16-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 23, 1967 Monday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

It is the next morning. Elizabeth goes to David’s room and
tells him, “Time to wake up!” David wakes up and explains why
he’s slept so late, “I didn’t get to sleep for a long time last
night. I was pretty upset until my mother came and visited me.”
Elizabeth tells him, “She couldn’t have. It must’ve been a dream.”
David insists it wasn’t and tells her, “I’ll prove it!” He hands
Elizabeth Laura’s handkerchief and tells her, “This is her
handkerchief.” Elizabeth looks at it and remarks, “Yes it is.”
Elizabeth and Roger are having breakfast in the kitchen.
Elizabeth exclaims, “I won’t have it! I won’t have her seeing
David!” Roger replies, “It’s not your decision. David is my son and
hers. And I think it would be good for David to go with his mother.”
Elizabeth angrily warns him, “While your living here, you’re going to
abide by my wishes. Don’t force me to make you leave.” They get into
an argument. Carolyn comes in for breakfast. Roger leaves. Carolyn
asks Elizabeth, “How’s David?” Elizabeth replies, “Fine. He’s in
an excellent mood.” Carolyn is surprised and says, “I thought he’d
be quite distraught because of the painting. He had a strange
attachment to that painting.” Elizabeth replies, “I don’t think it
was so strange. It WAS a painting of his mother.” Carolyn remarks,
“She’s not much of a mother.” Elizabeth tells her, “Don’t talk
that way about your elders!” Carolyn replies, “She’s not that much
older than me. We enjoy the same playmates.” Elizabeth asks her what
she means. Carolyn tells her about Burke and Laura. She remarks,
“They both have grievances against this family. Now what do you think
would be the best way for them to get at us?” Elizabeth exclaims,
“David! The last of the Collinses. Laura must leave! She must go
Roger goes to David’s room and talks to him about things “only
a mother can give him.” He is clearly preparing him for the idea
of his leaving with Laura.
Roger is in the drawing room doing a crossword puzzle. Carolyn
comes in. She asks, “What are you going to do about Burke and Laura?
It’s clear they’re plotting against us.” Roger replies, “I’ll put
a stop to that. You just watch!”
Episode 152
Tape Date: January 17, 1967 (ABC #17-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 24, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

(Overslept, missed about 5-10 minutes)
Frank Garner goes to the cottage to talk to Laura about the
After Frank leaves, Vicky shows up at the cottage. She tells
Laura that Elizabeth is very angry that she visited David after
she told her not to see him. She tells her, “Mrs. Stoddard has
told me to keep David away from you.” Laura remarks, “Vicky, I
know you don’t like me…” Vicky interrupts, “That’s not true.
It’s just that ever since you came back, so many strange things
have happened.” She enumerates them. Laura protests, “But I have
nothing to do with them!” She reaches out to tend the fire. With
her bare hands. Vicky screams, “Watch out! You’ll burn yourself!”
Laura pulls her hand back and replies, “Yes. I’ll have to be more
careful. I wasn’t thinking.” She tells Vicky, “I thought you of
all people would realize how important it is for David to see his
mother, what with you coming from a foundling home. Maybe you could
arrange some more ‘accidental’ meetings. Mrs. Stoddard would never
have to know.” Vicky replies, “I’ll have to think about it!” and
leaves. She seems somewhat distraught. Laura’s words have hit home.
Vicky returns to Collinwood and tells Elizabeth, “Mrs. Stoddard,
I can’t do what you told me to do. I just can’t keep David from his
mother. It’s wrong.” Elizabeth tells Vicky she thinks she (Vicky)
is wrong and sternly tells her to do as told. Vicky nods. Roger
comes into the room and asks, “Well, what’s going on here?” Elizabeth
replies, “Nothing. Just clearing the air.” Vicky leaves. There’s a
knock at the door. Roger answers. It’s Frank Garner. Frank tells them
that he’s talked to Laura about the divorce. He tells them that Laura
doesn’t want any financial settlement, that all she wants is David.
He tells them that Laura wants it done right away because she fears
there might be an investigation in Phoenix and she might have to
leave and she wants to have it done before that. Roger tells him
to do so and get the papers drawn up, but Elizabeth tells Frank,
“No. Wait. I don’t want to give David to her until we find out
the truth about what happened in Phoenix.” Roger protests, “But
this is MY divorce”. But Elizabeth is insistent that nothing be
done until the matter in Phoenix is cleared up. They argue. Roger
appears to give up and says, “Very well. Come on, Frank. I’ll show
you to the door.” At the door, Roger whispers to Frank, “Frank, you
just draw up those papers.” Frank protests, “But Mrs. Stoddard…”
Roger tells him, “I’ll take care of her. You just draw up those
papers.” Frank leaves. As Roger is walking back to the drawing
room, the phone rings. He answers. He exclaims, “That’s impossible!
I don’t believe it! OK, we’ll be waiting for you.” After he hangs
up, Elizabeth asks, “What was that?” Roger tells her, “The Phoenix
police have positively identified that woman who died in the fire.
They say it’s Laura Collins.” Elizabeth gasps, “Then who’s that
woman staying in the cottage?!”
Episode 153
Tape Date: January 18, 1967 (ABC #18-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 25, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Roger tells Elizabeth, “That IS Laura staying at the cottage.
It’s obvious that the Phoenix police have made a mistake.”
There’s a knock at the door. Roger remarks, “That must be Reilly
right now. Let’s get this all sorted out.” He lets Reilly in. Reilly
shows them a report from the Phoenix police department showing that
the woman’s blood type and, more importantly, dental charts match
those of Laura Murdoch Collins. Roger remarks, “That’s absurd!”
Reilly tells them, “I’m going to have to ask Mrs. Collins a few
Vicky and Frank Garner are having dinner at the Blue Whale. Frank
sips at his glass of wine and remarks, “I developed quite a taste for
this stuff when I was in Paris.” Vicky asks, “You’ve been to Paris?”
Frank replies, “Yes. I went to school there.” Vicky remarks, “When I
was little, I used to dream about going to far away places like
Paris.” Frank tells Vicky he has a lot of reservations about Laura.
Roger, Elizabeth and Reilly go to the cottage to talk to Laura.
Roger sarcastically tells her, “Laura, how does it feel to be a
dead woman?” Laura asks, “What?” Roger explains, “According to the
Phoenix police department, you died in that fire in Phoenix a couple
of weeks ago.” Reilly tells her about the physical evidence. Roger
tells Reilly, “This is all nonsense and I’ll prove it. ” He asks
Laura, “Laura, before David was born, what were we planning to
name him?” Laura replies, “Charles Andrew.” Roger turns to Elizabeth
and asks, “That’s right. Remember, Liz?” Elizabeth replies, “Yes.”
He then asks Laura, “What was our address when we lived in Augusta?
Laura replies, “427 Hilldale Ave.” Roger says, “Right” and asks,
“We used to have a dog. A cocker spaniel. What was its name?”
Laura replies, “We just called it ‘dog’ because that’s what David
called it.” Roger turns to Reilly and tells him, “This proves that
this is Laura. An imposter couldn’t possibly have known the answers
to these questions. The Phoenix police must be mistaken.” Reilly
replies, “Yes, they probably are, but I’ll still have to asks Mrs.
Collins to submit to a physical examination.” Laura replies, “Yes,
of course.” Reilly tells her, “All right. I’ll pick you up tomorrow
at your convenience. I’ll call you first to arrange a time.” Roger
tells Elizabeth to take Lt. Reilly back to the house, saying he’d
like to talk to Laura in private. After Elizabeth and Reilly leave,
Roger tells Laura, “I have the feeling you know something you’re
not telling.” Laura denies this.
Frank is driving Vicky back to Collinwood. Vicky asks, “Tell me
more about Paris.” Frank starts to tell her about his student days,
“Well, first of all, I lived on the right bank, not the left, where
students are traditionally supposed to live…” He notices she
doesn’t seem to be listening, stops and asks, “Vicky. You’re not
listening. What’s the matter?” Vicky replies, “Jasmine! The smell
of jasmine! It’s all over!” Frank sniffs and remarks, “I don’t smell
anything.” Vicky suddenly tells him, “Take a right at the next
road.” Frank, puzzled, asks, “But why? That’s not the way back to
Collinwood.” Vicky replies, “That’s where we’re supposed to go.”
Frank takes the right. Vicky tells him, “All right. Stay on this
road and take a left when I tell you.” Frank asks, “Where are we
going?” Vicky replies, “I don’t know. I just know this is where
supposed to be on this road. We’re going where we’re supposed to
Vicky tells Frank, “Stop! Right here. This is where we’re
supposed to go!” She points to a small building in the distance
and says, “There. That house.” Frank looks and says, “Vicky. I don’t
think that’s a house. Look at those things behind it. Those are
gravestones. We’re at the edge of a graveyard.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth and Roger argue about Laura, Elizabeth
wanting to evict her immediately.
Vicky runs up to the door of the building and starts to bang on
the door. Frank comes running up behind her. He asks, “Vicky! What’s
the matter? Why did you burst out of the car like that?” Vicky
replies, “I don’t know. I just know I have to be here.” She continues
to knock on the door. Frank tells her, “Come on, Vicky. Let’s go.
This isn’t a house. It’s a chapel or something. There’s not going
to be anyone here at this time of night.” Vicky replies, “No. Wait.
I hear footsteps.” The door opens…
Episode 154
Tape Date: January 19, 1967 (ABC #19-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 26, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

A very old man opens the door and invites them in. Frank asks,
“Where are we?” The old man asks, “Didn’t you see all the names?”
Frank asks, “Names?” The old man replies, “Yes. On the headstones.
The name ‘Stockbridge’ is on almost all of them. This is the
Stockbridge family graveyard.” They go in and look around. It is
dark and dusty inside. Vicky sees a book lying on a table and asks,
“Is that a record of everyone buried here?” The old man replies,
“Yes. Date of birth, date of death and where they’re buried. But
that’s not all. The rest is up here.”, pointing to his head.
He opens a page at random and reads, “P. Agthorn Stockbridge,
Born 1713, died 1731.” He adds, “Trampled by a horse.” Frank remarks
to Vicky, “It’s musty in here”, but is surprised when Vicky replies,
“No it isn’t. It smells like jasmine.” Vicky points to a door
and asks, “What’s in there?” The old man replies, “Oh, no. You
mustn’t go in there. I’ve never let anyone in there.” He explains
that it is a special tomb for those who have died a violent death,
like the young man he referred to earlier. Vicky begs to be let in
there. Finally, the old man relents and takes them in there. Frank
coughs and tells Vicky, “It’s so musty in here I can hardly breath!”
But once again Vicky tells him it smells like jasmine to her. The
old man points out the grave of P. Agthorn Stockbridge on a wall.
Frank asks, “What did the P. stand for?” The old man replies, “I
don’t know. The Stockbridges were never very interested in first
names, just their own family name and the names of the families
that married into them.” The old man reads out a few other graves
to them. “V. Spencer Stockbridge. 1687-1780. Died by murder….
L. Murdoch Stockbridge. 1735-1767.” Frank interrupts and asks, “Who
was he?” The old man corrects him, “Not he. She. L. Murdoch
Stockbridge. Died by fire.” Suddenly, Vicky starts to cough and
complains, “The air! It’s so musty! But how can that be? Just a
moment ago, it smelled like jasmine!” But Frank is not listening.
He exclaims, “The name! I knew there was something familiar about
it! I’ve seen it hundreds of times! Laura Murdoch! Laura Murdoch
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Mrs. Johnson is asking Roger if
he’d like a cup of coffee. Roger tells her he doesn’t. Laura comes
into the room. Roger, obviously to get Mrs. Johnson out of the room,
tells Mrs. Johnson that he’s changed his mind and would like some
coffee for his brandy. Mrs. Johnson leaves. Roger asks Laura, “Have
you decided to give ma a full explanation?” Laura insists, “I have
nothing to tell you. I don’t know anything about what happened in
Phoenix.” Roger tells her, “You can lie to the police, Laura, but
don’t lie to me. I’m waiting Laura, and I’m waiting for the truth!”
Laura continues to insist she knows nothing. Roger tells Laura that
Elizabeth is having second thoughts about letting her have David
because of what happened in Phoenix and tells her she’d better start
explaining. Roger adds, “And that’s not all. There’s another thing.
You and Burke Devlin.” Outside, Mrs. Johnson, returning with a tray
of coffee, pauses in the foyer and eavesdrops. Roger asks Laura,
“What are you two plotting?” Laura replies, “Nothing. I’m not
planning to help him in the least. I’m just pretending to go along
with him to keep him pacified. Don’t worry about Burke. I can handle
him.” Mrs. Johnson accidently makes a noise with the coffee tray.
Roger and Laura hear. Mrs. Johnson quickly comes into the drawing
room, announces, “Coffee’s ready”, puts down the coffee, excuses
herself and leaves. Laura asks Roger, “How much do you think she
heard?” Roger replies, “I don’t know.” Laura remarks, “Maybe
nothing.” Roger replies, “Maybe everything.”
Frank and Vicky return to Collinwood. Outside the doors, Vicky
asks Frank, “Are you sure you didn’t smell jasmine at all while we
were there?” Frank replies that he didn’t. Vicky tell him, “I know
what it was. I’m sure Josette Collins was trying to tells us about
Laura Murdoch Collins” Frank asks, “Now why would Josette Collins
want us to know that Laura Collins was the descendant of a Laura
Murdoch Stockbridge?” Vicky replies, “I don’t know.” She invites
him in for a drink. He accepts, saying, “As long as it’s a stiff
one. I need one after all this!” They go in.
Roger, seeing Frank, jokes, “Ah, our legal light.” As Frank pours
himself a drink, Vicky goes and sits beside Laura on the couch and
asks her about her family. Laura asks why she is asking. Vicky lies,
“David often asks me about his ancestors. I can tell him all about
his father’s side, but nothing to tell him about his mother’s
family.” Laura tells her, “I come from one of the oldest and finest
families in town…” Across the room, Roger tells Frank, “Oh, Frank.
Reilly was here earlier. Let me tell you what he told me.” Laura
hears this and tells Roger, “Oh, let’s not talk about that now”, but
Roger insists on telling Frank about it. Roger announces, in a very
sarcastic voice, “The Phoenix Police Department have positively,
conclusively identified the woman who burned to death in that fire
in Phoenix.” Vicky asks, “They have?” Roger replies, “Yes. The
lady who was burned to death in that fire has been proven
conclusively to be Laura Murdoch Collilns.” Vicky mutters, “Laura
Murdoch Collins. Died by fire…” Roger laughs and asks, “I think
that’s absurd, don’t you?”
Episode 155
Tape Date: January 20, 1967 (ABC #20-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 27, 1967 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Mrs. Johnson goes to Burke’s room at the Collinsport Inn and
asks Burke, “You think Mrs. Collins is going to help you bring
down the Collins Family, don’t you?” Burke replies, “Yes.” Mrs.
Johnson asks, “How?” Burke replies, “By testifying at a re-trial
that it was Roger at the wheel.” Mrs. Johnson asks, “How can you
be so sure she’ll do this?” Burke replies, “She told me she would.”
Mrs. Johnson announces, “Mrs. Collins is a liar.” Burke tells her,
“Those are strong words, Mrs. Johnson. You’d better have proof.”
Mrs. Johnson replies, “I have evidence from her own lips.”
She tells him about the conversation she overheard between Laura and
Roger. After hearing her account, Burke angrily shouts, “Pacify me?!
Handle me?!”
David is visiting Laura at the cottage. Laura tells David, “You’d
better be going back. It’s almost dinner time. Now you’re sure nobody
knows you came here?” David assures her that nobody does. Laura
tells him, “Good. Now you mustn’t ever tells anyone about you visits
to me. Especially your Aunt Elizabeth.” David remarks, “I don’t
know why why Aunt Elizabeth doesn’t want me to see you anymore.”
Laura replies, “She just doen’t understand how much we need each
other.” David sees a box on a table and asks, “What’s this?”
Laura explains, “A music box. Would you like to hear it play?”
She opens the top and the music box plays. She tells him, “Like it?
It’s yours.” She pauses, then adds, “But I think you’d better keep
it here.” David begs her to let him bring it back to Collinwood,
promising, “I’ll keep it hidden!” She finally gives in.
David returns to Collinwood and runs into Elizabeth in the foyer.
Elizabeth asks, “Where have you been?” David lies, “At the beach.”
Elizabeth notices that he seems to be hiding something behind his
back and asks, “What do you have there?” David shows her. Elizabeth
asks, “Where did you get that?” David lies, “I found it on the
beach.” Elizabeth tells him, “No, I’ve seen this before. I recognize
it. It belongs to your mother. I’ve seen it on a table at the
cottage. She gave it to you, didn’t she?” David lamely replies, “No.
I found it on the beach. Maybe SHE lost it there!” Elizabeth tells
him, “You’re lying David. Why?” David shouts, “BECAUSE YOU WOULDN’T
UNDERSTAND!” Elizabeth takes him into the drawing room and explains
to him why she doesn’t want him seeing his mother and explains she’s
forbidding him from seeing his mother because she(Elizabeth) loves
him. David shouts, “Well, I don’t love you! You’re mean and I hate
you!” and runs off.
Burke goes to the cottage and confronts Laura. Laura starts to
cry. Burke is affected by this and calms down.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth puts on her coat and goes out the
front door.
Laura tells Burke that she lied to Roger, that she said what she
did to him so he would give her custody of David. Burke tells her
he believes her and kisses her. Suddenly, they hear a voice shout,
“LAURA!” They look and see that Elizabeth has come in. Burke says,
“Let me explain..”, but Laura tells him to leave, saying she’ll
talk to Elizabeth. Burke leaves. Laura starts to talk to Elizabeth
about Burke, but Elizabeth tells her, “It’s not you and Burke I’m
interested in, it’s you and David. I know all about your secret
meeting with him, about how you encouraged him to lie about it.”
She orders her to leave Collinwood. Laura replies, “Tonight? I need
more time.” Elizabeth tells her, “You have plenty of time. I want you
to leave by tomorrow at the latest! You’re never going to get David!”
Laura retorts, “I’m going to get David and you’re not going to be
able to stop me!” Elizabeth asks, “What do you mean?” Laura replies,
“You’ll find out!” Elizabeth shouts, “Leave! Now! Do you hear me?”
Laura replies, “Yes. I hear you.” Elizabeth replies, “Good!” and
leaves. Laura goes and sits down by the fire.
Elizabeth returns to Collinwood and looks for Roger.
At the cottage, Laura stares into the fire strangely.
Elizabeth, having not found Roger in the drawing room, goes into
the foyer. Suddenly, she starts to walk unsteadily, as if she were
dizzy. She starts up the stairs. She seems to get more unsteady with
each step. Halfway up, she stops, shouts, “Roger! Vicky! Somebody,
help me!” and falls all the way down the stairs.
Episode 156
Tape Date: January 23, 1967 (ABC #21-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 30, 1967 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Roger, hearing Elizabeth’s screams, comes running out of the
bedroom hallway. He sees Elizabeth at the foot of the stairs and
runs down to her. He is soon joined by Vicky, who has also heard
Elizabeth’s screams. Elizabeth regains conciousness. Roger tells
Vicky to get a doctor, but Elizabeth insists, “No, that won’t be
necessary. I’m fine. I’ve got a lot of things to do. I’m expecting
a call from Metcalf and I’ve got to give Mrs. Johnson the menu for
tomorrow.” Vicky and Roger are shocked. They tell her, “It’s 10 at
night. You’ve already given Mrs. Johnson the menu for tomorrow, and
the call from Metcalf came at 3:30 in the afternoon.” They find
that Elizabeth can’t remember anything that happened after mid
Joe is at the Blue Whale. Carolyn walks in. She goes to the bar
and asks if Burke has been in and is told he hasn’t. Joe goes up
to her and asks, “Aren’t you even going to say hello?” Carolyn
replies, “I didn’t think you wanted me to.” They strike up a
conversation. Carolyn asks if they could remain friends. Joe
replies, “No. I think it would be better if we stayed away from
one another.” The phone rings. The bartender answers. He tells
Carolyn it’s for her and gives it to her. Over the phone, Roger
tells Carolyn that something’s happened to Elizabeth. Carolyn asks,
“What?” Roger replies, “We don’t know. The doctor is here with her
right now.”
Carolyn rushes home. In the foyer, Roger tells her, “The doctor
left half an hour ago. He doesn’t know what happened to her. All
he knows is that it wasn’t a heart attack or stroke.” Carolyn tells
him, “I’ve got to see her!”
Carolyn goes to see her mother. She finds her in a very confused
state. Elizabeth tells Carolyn that she isn’t sick, that something’s
happened to her. She begs, “Please help me! Why doesn’t someone
help me?”
Carolyn goes downstairs and tells Vicky that Elizabeth keeps
saying that she thinks something’s going to happen to her.
It is 2:00 at night. Elizabeth starts muttering, “The storm…
the cottage… I remember going out into the storm…” Suddenly,
she awakens and exclaims, “I remember! I remember what happened
now! I remember going to the cottage and telling Laura to leave..”
She shouts, “Roger! Vicky! Come quickly! I remember now!” She gets
out of bed, looking very excited, but suddenly stops when she sees
a figure standing in front of the window, silhouetted by the
lightning. Elizabeth demands, “Who is it?”, but the figure doesn’t
answer. Elizabeth screams. The figure disappears. Roger and Vicky
come running into the room and ask Elizabeth what’s wrong. She
mumbles, “The bird. High up against the sky. The fire, the waves
against the rocks. The bird, the fire, the stones…. The bird, the
fire, the stones…” and collapses into unconciousness.
Episode 157
Tape Date: January 24, 1967 (ABC #22-DRK-67)
Air Date: January 31, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

It is early the next morning. Vicky awakens in the drawing
room, apparently having fallen asleep in a chair there. She mutters
to herself, still half asleep, “The stones… The stones…” She
awakens fully and smells jasmine in the air. She exclaims, “Josette!
I know you’re here! Please help me understand those words Mrs.
Stoddard said!… Yes! The stones, those are the headstones in the
graveyard, aren’t they. No, Josette, don’t leave now!!” But the
smell of jasmine disappears.
Vicky comes back down the stairs into the foyer and into the
drawing room. She is now dressed in a coat to go out. There’s a
knock at the door. Vicky quickly goes and answers it. It’s Frank
Garner. He asks, “Why did you call to come down here?” Vicky tells
him, “I’ll tell you later.” Frank protests, “When you called me at
5 in the morning, you’d told me you’d tell me when I got here…”
Roger comes down the stairs and asks, “What’s going on down here?”
Vicky tells him, “I just called Frank to ask him to take me out for
a drive after all that’s happened.” Frank asks, “What’s happened?”
Roger tells him about Elizabeth. Frank asks, “Is there anything I
can do?” Roger replies, “No, just take Vicky out for her drive. It’ll
do her some good.”
After leaving Roger, Frank asks Vicky, “Where are we going? And
don’t tell me we’re just going out for a drive.” Vicky replies,
“We’re going back to the cemetary. Back to the crypt!”
Frank and Vicky go back to the cemetary and knock at the door of
the crypt for a long time. There is no answer. Vicky keeps knocking
and shouts, “Do you hear me?” A voice from behing replies, “I hear
you.” Frank and Vicky turn and see the old man coming up the walk.
He tells them, “The storm knocked over some of the gravestones and
I’ve got to check the records to see where they go.” He opens the
door and lets them in. The old man mutters, “I’ve got to check my
records to see where the stones go.” Vicky asks, “You must have
pretty complete records of this cemetary.” The old man replies,
“Not just this one, but also the other one seven miles up the
road, the one they had to move when the town became too big for
both the living and the dead.” Vicky asks if he has records of any
other Laura Murdoch’s. The old man asks, “What’s the surname? I
can’t do anything for you without the last name.” Vicky tells her
she doesn’t know, just Laura Murdoch with any last name. The old
man recalls, “Yes, I do seem to remember another Laura Murdoch
something, but I can’t remember the last name.” Suddenly, Vicky
remarks that she smells jasmine in the room. No one else smells it.
A book mysteriously pulls out of a bookshelf and falls to the
ground. No one sees it doing so, but Vicky, Frank and the old man
quickly turn when they hear it hit the ground. Frank goes and picks
it up. He remarks, “Laura Murdoch Radcliffe.” The old man exclaims,
“Yes! That’s the one I was thinking of. Laura Murdoch Radcliffe!”
Vicky asks, “Frank, how did you know?” He shows her the book and
tells her, “Look at the page this book opened to.” She looks at it
and reads, “Laura Murdoch Radcliffe.” The old man leaves, saying,
“I think I have some more complete records of her.” Vicky reads the
book and exclaims, “Frank! Look at the dates! Laura Murdoch Radcliffe,
1846-1867! Don’t you see? Laura Murdoch Stockbridge died in 1767,
exactly 100 years before. And…” Frank finishes for her, “And it’s
now 1967, exactly 100 years after.” The old man returns with another
book, saying “Found her! Here she is!.” He reads from it, “Laura
Murdoch Radcliffe, married Robert Radcliffe…” He pauses and
exclaims, “Now that’s strange. It doesn’t list who her parents
were. Now that’s NEVER done!” Vicky asks, “Does it say anything
else about her?” The old man replies, “Just the way she died.”
Frank asks, “How?” The old man hands the book to Frank. Frank reads,
“Laura Murdoch Radcliffe. 1840-1867 Died by fire…”
Lt. Reilly drops by Collinwood and tells Roger that the lab
reports have come back. Roger, who has other things on his mind, is
very irritated that Reilly is bothering him and is trying to get
rid of him. Reilly tells him that the woman in the cottage has been
positively identified as Laura Collins. Roger angrily tells him,
“Of course she is. I told you she was.” Frank and Vicky return.
Roger sarcastically tells them, “Lt. Reilly has come here to tell
us something fantastic. Laura IS Laura!” and leaves. Reilly tells
Frank and Vicky about the reports. Frank asks, “And the body in
Phoenix?” Reilly replies, “Frankly, we’re stumped on that. Both the
woman in the cottage AND the woman who died in the fire identify 100%
positive as Laura Collins. We’re just going to close the case with
with woman in the fire as unidentified.” He remarks, “If I
weren’t a sane man, I’d think there were TWO Laura Collinses.” and
leaves. Vicky remarks, “Or maybe four…”

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