May 1970

Episode 1005
Tape Date: April 22 1970 (ABC #90-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 1, 1970 Friday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Lela Swift

Quentin awakens screaming, “No, Dameon, No!”, but then thinks to
himself, “It’s only a nightmare. Better get it out of my mind. I
think I’ll have a drink and forget about it”. He goes to the liquor
cabinet, but just as he is about to pour himself a drink, he thinks
to himself, “The note – ‘I had to do this to be with the one I love'”
and calls out, “Dameon! Was it only a dream? Dameon? Dameon?”
but receives no answer. He thinks to himself, “Up in the attic room.
What will I find?” and goes upstairs. As soon as he does, the ghost
of Dameon Edwards appears and watches him go.
Quentin goes up into the attic room. He calls out, “Dameon! Dameon!
What are you trying to tell me? Are you here? Dameon, what are you
trying to tell me?” but receives no answer. He looks around the room
but sees nothing amiss.
In the drawing room, Hannah is with Angelique, telling he, “I tried
the Tarot cards. They told me nothing at all. Their silence frightens
me more than anything”. Angelique replies, “You don’t need the Tarot cards.
I will tell you what to do.” Hannah notices the expression on Angelique’s
face and asks, “What is it? You look frightened too”. Angelique replies,
“Frightened? Don’t be ridiculous!” Hannah remarks, “You look distracted”.
Angelique replies, “Annoyed, perhaps. Charming Dameon, he annoyed me so
much when he was alive, and he’s annoying me now”. Hannah asks, “Is he
here?” Angelique replies, “I can sense him in his house. I can sense his
presence here, can’t you?” Hannah replies, “He’s very, very near, but
there’s nothing I can do about it”. Angelique says, “I can!”. Hannah
protests, “But it’s dangerous, Angelique”. Angelique admonishes her,
“Don’t ever call me that! You are only to call me Alexis! Now listen
to me…” Quentin comes into he room, sees Hannah and remarks, “Hannah,
I’m very glad you’re here! I was just about to telephone you. I’d like
to speak to you. Alone. Alexis, do you mind?” and takes Hannah away.
Angelique says out loud, “Yes, you are very near, and I have the feeling
you are going to show yourself, very soon!”
Cyrus is in his lab, sitting in a chair, holding a parcel and
signing a check. He gets up, hands the check to Horace Gladstone
and says, “And I’d like another delivery tomorrow”. Gladstone
asks, “Another? So soon?” Cyrus asks, “Can you do it?” Gladstone
replies, “Of course. Your experiments must be moving along very nicely,
if I may judge by the amount of compound you are using. Am I correct?”
Cyrus just replies, “The experiment is continuing”. Gladstone asks,
“Successfully?”, but Cyrus doesn’t answer, just saying, “The delivery
tomorrow can be accepted by Miss Stewart. I won’t be here tomorrow”.
Gladstone remarks, “You still won’t discuss your project, will you?”
Cyrus says, “Obviously not”. Gladstone continues, “Let me ask you
one question, it’s about the purity of the compound. Earlier, you
said the compound caused amnesia. Is this still the case?” Cyrus
replies, “The compound is working successfully”. Gladstone asks,
“Are you always adverse to giving direct answers?” Cyrus snaps, “I’m
always adverse to having my work disturbed!” Gladstone looks at the
wall and remarks, “That delightful painting. It’s gone. I rather
liked it. I hope it wasn’t stolen”. Cyrus says, “Do you always
see a crime in the simplest action? I moved it to another room.
Can I rely on your delivery tomorrow?” Gladstone replies, “You
can always rely on me, Dr. Longworth”. Gladstone shows him to
the door. As soon as Gladstone is gone, Cyrus opens the parcel,
takes out a test tube of white powder, pours the powder into
a beaker, pours some red liquid from a flask into it, and watches
it bubble and smoke…
Quentin has brought Hannah up to the attic room and is telling
her, “Now I know it was just a dream, but it had a reality lacking
in dreams”. Hannah asks, “Dameon Edwards brought you here?” Quentin
replies, “Yes. He showed me myself hanging from a beam.” Hannah
asks, “What do you want me to do?” Quentin replies, “I want you
to summon the ghost of Dameon Edwards”. Hannah replies, “No! Quentin,
there are some things better left alone!”, but Quentin says “I’ve got
to find out what he wants to tell me. He has prophesied my death,
suicide by hanging. I must find out the truth! You must summon the
ghost of Dameon Edwards.” Hannah tells him, “I don’t have the power!”
Suddenly, she gets a strange look on her face and says, “But I don’t
have to summon him! He’s here!” Things start happening. The lights
go out. The lamp starts swinging by itself. Things start to fly around
the room. The ghost of Dameon Edwards appears. Quentin calls out,
“Dameon! Listen! Is it a true prophecy? What are you trying to tell
me?”, but the ghost just waves his hands. Quentin asks, “What are you
trying to say? Can’t you speak? Is there a way I can communicate with
you? Is the prophecy true?”, but the ghost vanishes…
Cyrus is with Angelique in the drawring room saying to her, “I’ll
be away for just a few days. I wanted to make sure everything was all
right after what we did to Angelique’s body. She assures him,
“Everything’s all right”. He says, It’s just that I wanted to be sure
we did the right thing”. She asks, “Are you?” He replies, “Yes”.
Quentin is coming down with Hannah, warning her, “I warn you not
to say a word about this to Alexis. She’s afraid enough already”.
They go into the drawing room. Alexis tells Quentin, “Cyrus says
he’s going away for a few days”. Quentin says he wants to speak
to Cyrus in private. Angelique and Hannah leave.
In the drawing room, Quentin asks Cyrus, “I wonder if you would
consider postponing your trip. The spirit of Dameon Edwards is back.
He’s trying to tell me something, but I don’t know what”. Cyrus
tells Quentin it’s an important trip that has to do with his work.
Quentin asks, “Are you leaving tonight?” Cyrus replies that he is.
Quentin says, “Then I won’t hold you”, pauses, then continues, “Oh,
Cyrus, there was something that puzzled me earlier. The other evening
when you had to leave so abruptly….” Cyrus interrupts, “Didn’t
you get my note?” Quentin replies, “Yes, but Amy found another note.
The handwriting in the two notes were similar, but different”. Cyrus
explains, “I was in such a hurry that I found that I had scribbled the
first note illegibly, so I wrote a second note”. Quentin starts to
says, “The handwriting wasn’t so much illegible as…” then stops.
Cyrus asks, “As what?” Quentin continues, “You’re right. How very
stupid of me. You scribbled it so the writing was different. Have a
good trip”. Cyrus replies, “Thank you” and leaves. Quentin takes the
two notes out of a desk drawer and examines them again…
Hannah and Angelique are in Angelique’s room. Angelique is saying,
“So, that’s what Dameon is trying to do, tell Quentin the truth! Well,
we’ll stop him!” Hannah asks, “How?” Angelique tells her, “Go to your
house and get the Candles of the Seven Secrets”. Hannah exclaims, “No!
If we use them and fail, I could be destroyed!” Angelique commands,
“You will bring them here! Or have you forgotten our bargain?”
Hannah leaves to get the candles. Angelique remarks, “Yes, Dameon, you
are here! Soon it will be more than a feeling. Soon we will meet face
to face – at your grave!”
Cyrus is in his lab, studying a beaker of the compound under a
magnifying glass. He holds the beaker up and thinks to himself,
“I tried to resist, but I can’t anymore. I’ve got to be John Yaeger
again tonight! But what about my friends who need me, Quentin, Alexis?
And what about Sabrina? And the work I should be doing to bring out
all that is good in man? What has become of that? Why don’t I just
drop this beaker and watch it shatter? Why? Because I don’t want
to!”. He drinks the liquid and goes into convulsions…
Hannah, who’s returned to Collinwood, is following Angelique down
into the cellar. Angelique directs, “This way! I can tell! We are
coming closer to where they put the body! This way! Follow me!”
Cyrus has transformed into John Yaeger. He is about to go out for
the evening when there is a knock at the door. He answers it and finds
it’s Horace Gladstone, who introduces himself, “I’m Horace Gladstone.
I wonder if you would be so kind as to tell Dr. Longworth I’m here.
He’s expecting a delivery”. Yaeger replies, “Tomorrow, not tonight”.
Gladstone asks, “How would you know that?” Yaeger replies, “He told
me”. Gladstone asks, “And who may I ask are you?” Yaeger replies,
“John Yaeger. I’m working for Dr. Longworth as an assistant in his
experiment”. Gladstone remarks, “I thought Dr. Longworth told me he
worked alone.” Yaeger says, “Maybe that was his way to telling you
to mind your own business!” Gladstone asks, “Is Miss Stewart here?
Dr. Longwort authorized her to accept the package”. Yaeger reaches
out and says, “I can take the package”, but Gladstone refuses, “I
can’t give it to you without Dr. Longworth’s approval”. Yaeger
snaps, “I don’t give a hoot about Dr. Longworth’s approval! What
if I just take if from you?” Gladstone calmy continues, “If you are
his assistant, you will know how important this synthesis is to his
experiment. If I am threatened in any way, my assistance will stop
immediately! Do I make myself clear?” Yaeger replies, “Yes”. Gladstone
says, “Then I’ll say good night” and leaves.
In the cellar room at Collinwood, Angelique is at the door Dameon’s
ghost walked through. She examines it, then remarks, “Yes, I remember!
There is a secret panel!”. She feels around the frame and announces,
“Yes! Here it is!”. She opens the secret panel, revealing a skeleton
inside. Angelique orders Hannah, “Bring me the candles”. Hannah gives
her a candlebrum of seven lit candles. Suddenly, they blow out. Hannah
cries, “I can’t stay here! It’s too dangerous for me!” and flees in
terror. Angelique says to the skeleton, “Watch, Dear Dameon, as I light
the candles. After I light the seventh one, you will appear to me! We
will be here face to face, you and I! Watch closely!”. She starts to
light the candles one by one. As soon as she lights the seventh one,
Dameon appears on the skeleton…
Episode 1006 (Kinescope)
Tape Date: April 29, 1970 (ABC #91-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 4, 1970 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Angelique tells Dameon, “I gave you every opportunity to go away and
leave us alone, but you refused! I did what had to be done!” Dameon
replies, “You mean you had Bruno and Trask do it”. Angelique says,
“Bruno loved me the way I wanted to be loved”. Dameon says, “No man
ever loved you the way I loved you”. Angelique commands, “Don’t come
any closer! Look into my eyes! I know you want your death avenged,
and I cannot blame you, but I cannot allow it. I’ve made too many
plans to allow you to ruin them.” Dameon says, “And I will not rest
until Quentin knows the truth!” Angelique tells him, “The candles
brought you here because the have control over life, and they can send
you back because they have control over death! I will snuff out the
candles, and when the seventh candle is snuffed out, you will return
to your tomb and never come back”. Dameon begs, “No! You can’t do
that!” Angelique remarks, “Dameon, just as charming and handsome
as in life, and just as meddlesom, but not for long!” She starts
snuffing out the candles. When she snuffs out the seventh one,
Dameon screams, “AHHHH!” and his flesh vanishes, leaving only a
skeleton again. Angelique gloats, “Nothing is in my way now! The
house will be mine, and Quentin will be mine, and nothing can stop me!”
Buffie is at the Eagle wiping off a table. Yaeger is hovering around
her harrassing her. Buffie complains, “I have work to do! I’ve got
to make a living, do you mind?” Yaeger replies, “Not as long as you
make time for me!” They argue. Buffie calls Yaeger “The most evil
man I’ve ever met”. Yaeger replies, “And I bet you’ve met many!”
A man dressed in a suit comes into the bar. He introduces himself
to Yaeger as, “Larry Chase, Chris’ legal partner”. They sit down
at a table to discuss business. Chase places a document onto the
table and tells Yaeger, “I need to get your signature here”. Yaeger
signs it. Chase continues, “I would like to know why Cyrus would
put so much money into a bank account with your name”. Yaeger asks,
“I thought Dr. Longworth explained it to you”. Chase replies, “Yes,
he said it was for services you rendered for his experiment, but I don’t
believe that”. Yaeger remarks, “Are you suggesting I have some kind of
hold on him, that I’m blackmailing him? That’s absurd!” Chase asks,
“But do you deny it?” Yaeger replies, “I most emphatically do! How
can anyone blackmail the good Dr. Longworth? He’s a vegetable! He
doesn’t even smoke or drink. He has no sense of adventure. In short,
the man is a cloistered bore! How could anyone blackmail a man like
that?” Chase growls, “You’re not only arrogant and disgusting, you’re
a man of ingratitude! Dr. Longworth has been more than generous with
you!” Yaeger calmly replies, “I only speak the truth as I see it”.
Chase says, “Well, I’m going to see Dr. Longworth tonight, and I’m
sure he’ll be very interested in the low opinion in which you hold him”.
Yaeger remarks, “You’ll be disappointed. Dr. Longworth knows what I
think of him. He and I are very frank with one another. That’s why
he values my services”. Chase replies, “I’ll see him tonight, and
I’m sure I can convince him not to go through with this. I’ll show
you how confident I am”. He picks up the document and tears it in
half. Gladstone happens to come in the door right at this time.
He asks Yaeger, “Have you seen Dr. Longworth? He wasn’t at his lab”.
Yaeger slaps Gladstone on the chest and says, “Well, as the good
Doctor might say, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, eh?”
and leaves.
Chase goes over to the bar and orders a scotch on the rocks. He tries
to ask Buffie about John Yaeger, but Buffie tells him, “He just comes
around here once in awhile. I don’t know much about him”. Chase
says, “But I do know one thing about him. He’s good at intimidating
people”. Buffie asks, “What do you mean?” Chase accuses her of
knowing more about Yaeger than she will say, but is too intimidated
by him to say anyting. Buffie denies this and refuses to answer any
more questions, saying, “I’ve got to close up. I have no time to
talk”. Chase leaves. Gladstone sneakily goes over to the table
where Chase and Yaeger were sitting, picks up the torn paper, puts
it in his wallet, smiles, and leaves.
Yaeger is back at the lab. He opens the safe, takes out the
bottle of antidote, thinks to himself, “I don’t relish the thought
of being Cyrus Longworth again, but that lawyer must be brought in
line and soon!” He takes a swallow of the liquid, has some convulsions,
and reverts to Cyrus Longworth. He opens a desk drawer, takes out
a pair of glasses and puts them on.
Cyrus, now dressed in a lab coat, is taking the flask of red
liquid and putting it in a cabinet. There’s a knock at the upstairs
door. Cyrus goes to see who it is. He comes back down with
Buffie Harrington. He tells her, “Well, I didn’t expect a visit
from you at this hour”. Buffie tells him, “Maybe you’d like it better
if you didn’t see me.. Cyrus asks, “What do you mean?” Buffie remarks,
“My, aren’t you the innocent one. Butter wouldn’t melt in your
mouth”. Cyrus says, “I don’t understand”. Buffie continues, “Yes
you do. Why did you have to go to John Yaeger and tell him all those
awful things about me, that I made advances to you? Why did you have to
tell him I was here at all?” Cyrus explains, “Yaeger saw you leaving the
last time you were here. He came to me and questioned me”. Buffie
asks, “Why didn’t you just tell him I came to see about the check?”
Cyrus replies, “I did, but John Yaeger’s a very suspicious man. Maybe
I should talk to him about this”. Buffie begs, “No! He’ll beat me
up again!” Cyrus asks, “He beat you up?” Buffie replies, “Yes, and
I still have the bruises to prove it”. Cyrus apoligizes, “I didn’t
know John Yaeger could get so angry. I’ll do anything I can to make
it up to you”. Buffie remarks, “You’re a strange one. Maybe we could
get to know one another better sometime”. There’s a knock at the upstairs
door. Cyrus tells Buffie, “I’m expecting a business appointment”.
Cyrus takes Buffie back upstairs and lets her out and brings Larry
Chase back down into the lab with him. Chase tells Cyrus, “You must
end your relationship with this man John Yaeger! I met him tonight,
and I’m appalled at what you want to do! After meething him, I tore
the papers up!” Cyrus gasps, “Tore them up?!” Chase continues, “Surely
you can find someone else to do whatever this John Yaeger is doing for
you!” Cyrus says, “I want the bank account opened for him, and further,
I want my will changed. In the event of my death or disappearance,
everything is to go to John Yaeger!”. Chase asks, “But why do you
want to bequeath everything to someone you hardly know, a foul and
evil man at that?” Cyrus replies, “As my lawyer, you are obliged to
do as ask, not question my motivations”. Chase says, “I’m not just your
lawyer, I’m a friend, and I’m concerned about you”. Cyrus reiterates,
“Your duties are to open the bank account and change my will, and to do
it as soon as humanly possible”. Chase sighs and says, “All right, I’ll
start on both of them tomorrow” and leaves.
Buffie is in he apartment. There’s a knock at the door. She opens
the door. The caller identifies himself, “Good evening, Miss Harrington.
I’m Horace Gladstone. We saw each other earlier at the tavern”. Buffie
says, “Oh yes, I remember you. What do you want?” Gladstone replies,
“Just to talk to you for a few minutes, and to ask you a question or
two.” Buffie asks, “What kind of questions do you want to ask me?
You’re not a cop, are you?” Gladstone replies, “No, just a very
curious man.” Buffie asks, “Curious about what?” Gladstone replies,
“About Cyrus Longworth”. Buffie tells him, “He’s a friend of mine”.
Gladstone asks, “What kind of friend? Would you say he’s an admirer
or yours?” Buffie gets angry, “I see! John Yaeger must have sent you
to ask me these questions! He must have sent you here to spy on me!
You’d better go!”. Gladstone happens to look at the wall and sees the
painting from Cyrus’ lab. He exclaims, “It’s here! That picture! It’s
quite extraordinary! Where did you get it?” Buffie replies, “A gentleman
friend gave it to me”. Gladstone asks, “Dr. Longworth, perhaps?” Buffie
replies, “No, I don’t know him that well. Seeing how nosy you are,
I’ll tell you. It was John Yaeger”. Gladstone gasps, “John Yaeger!”
Buffie asks, “What of it?” Gladstone replies, “Nothing! Nothing
at all!” and leaves hurriedly.
Cyrus is in his lab looking through a microscope. There’s a
knock at the basement door. Cyrus calls out, “Who is it?” A voice
replies, “Horace Gladstone”. Cyrus asks, “What do you want?” Gladstone
replies, “It’s about a very urgent matter, Dr. Longworth”. Cyrus opens
the door and lets Gladstone in. Gladstone remarks, “Well, well, always
burning the midnight oil, aren’t you?” Cyrus complains, “I’d prefer you
come the the front entrance. That door is for private use only!”
Gladstone replies, “I thought it would be more appropriate to use this
door in view of what I have to say”. Cyrus asks, “What?” Gladstone
asks, “Don’t you know? About you and me and our little secret”.
Cyrus asks, “What do you mean?” Gladstone continues, “You didn’t really
think you could keep it a secret forever, did you? You led me to
the truth”. Cyrus asks, “What truth?” Gladstone replies, “THAT
Episode 1007
Tape Date: April 27, 1970 (ABC #92-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 5, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Cyrus just stands there. Gladstone remarks, “You’re going to deny
it, of course.” Cyrus replies, “Why should I?” Gladstone, somewhat
surprised, says, “Oh? Good!” Cyrus continues, “Why should I bother
denying anything as ridiculous as that?” Gladstone says, “You know,
that compound I sold you, it can be used to effect the rearrangement
of the chromosomes”. Cyrus counters, “But that is not its main use”.
Gladstone says, “But that was what you used it for, to find a lust
for life and love!” Cyrus replies, “All of which I have already found in
my lab and my work!” Gladstone asks, “Where is John Yaeger tonight?”
Cyrus replies, “I haven’t the foggiest idea”. Gladstone replies, “Yes
you do. I have what I consider proof”. He takes out a notebook and
says, “Earlier, you complained that inpurities in my compound were
causing amnesia. John Yaeger made his first appearance the night
before that. I reworked the formula. The next day, John Yaeger
appeared again. Some damage was made to a tavern. John Yaeger
pays for it with a check from Cyrus Longworth. And the painting that
was hanging there is now in Buffie Harrington’s apartment, a gift
from John Yaeger”. Cyrus warns Gladstone, “John Yaeger’s not going
to like you inteferring!” Gladstone replies, “I know. When you see
John Yaeger, tell him I’ve taken precautions. I’ve written it all
down in case anything should happen to me. If you want to keep this
secret, I’m willing to allow that”. Cyrus asks, “You want something,
don’t you?” Gladstone replies, “This synthesis is very costly and
time consuming to make. I’m woefully underpaid.” Cyrus prompts him,
“What do you want?” Gladstone replies, “$10,000!” Cyrus asks, “That’s
ridiculous! Why should I give you $10,000?” Gladstone replies, “To become
John Yaeger, you need my compound. Without my compound, John Yaeger will
never walk again. $10,000, or someone close to you is going to read a very
interesting story!” Cyrus remarks, “You blackmailed before, haven’t
you?” Gladstone replies, “Of course! That’s why my address was in
Angelique’s book. She’s led many lives!”
Angelique is taking Quentin down into the cellar room. Quentin
is asking, “I don’t understand. How could Hannah have gotten rid of
the spirit of Dameon Edwards? She said he was too powerful for her”.
Angelique explains, “She found his grave”. Quentin grumbles, “Now
why wasn’t I told of this?” Angelique replies, “Why Quentin, I thought
you knew. I thought it was you who told her to get rid of the ghost”.
Quentin asks, “Is he gone?” Angelique replies, “Yes”. Quentin asks, “Why
didn’t Hannah tell me herself?” Angelique says, “She was tired, so I told
her to go home. Why do you find this so difficult to accept?” Quentin
asks, “How did she know where to find him?” Angelique opens the secret
panel. Quentin exclaims, “I didn’t know about that! How did she?”
Angelique replies, “She sensed it, that’s all.” Quentin says, “We’ve got
to go to the police!”, but Angelique points out, “How are we going to
explain how we know it’s Dameon Edwards? The story’s too incredible to
believe!” She adds, “Angelique was murdered. Why don’t you do something
about that?”
Elizabeth and Julia are in the drawing room, both just having returned
from their trips. Elizabeth is grumbling that Quentin forgot to send a
car to pick her up. Elizabeth asks Julia, “How was your vacation?”
Julia replies, “I missed this house”. Elizabeth remarks, “I don’t
know how Quentin can live here. If I were him, I’d close it up and
live in the city. I don’t know how he can stand it. It’s so depressing”.
The phone rings. Angelique answers it in the foyer. It’s Hannah.
Angelique tells her, “Yes, Hannah, Quentin believed everything. He
wasn’t at all suspicious….I know we took a chance, but you and I will
have to take many more chances…”
Inside the foyer, Elizabeth asks Hoffman, “Julia, please get Quentin”.
Angelique is saying to Hannah, “Don’t worry, no one’s going to suspect
a thing.” Hoffman comes out from the drawing room into the foyer. Both
Hoffman and Angelique appear surprised to see one another. Angelique
asks Julia, “What are you staring at, Miss Hoffman?” Julia just stands
there. Angelique prompts her, “Miss Hoffman?” Julia finally replies,
“Hello, Miss Stokes”. She tells Hannah, “I’m going to have to call
you back later” and hangs up. She and Anglique greet one another
nervousley. Quentin comes out into the foyer.
Quentin is with Elizabeth in the drawing room. Elizabeth complains
that no car was sent for her. Quentin apoligizes. He asks, “Did you
enjoy your stay in New York?” Elizabeth replies, “Yes. I saw Maggie
there”. Quentin growls, “I’m not interested in talking about her?”
Elizabeth tells him, “She wants you to go to New York”. Quentin
sarcastically replies, “How? On my hands and knees?” Elizabeth
suggests, “If you love her, go!” Quentin asks, “Did she send a list
of demands?” They argue about Maggie for awhile. Quentin finally
states that he will not go to Maggie, saying, “I don’t want a child
for a wife. Only a child would run away and sulk. You tell her that!”
Quentin brings Cyrus down to the cellar room. Cyrus examines the
skeleton of Dameon Edwards and announces, “My opinion is that this
man did not die of the bullet wound. He died of loss of blood.”
Quentin asks, “Should I call the police?” Cyrus replies, “That’s
your decision, not mine”. Quentin muses, “My guess is that Angelique
didn’t kill him. Bruno did. If I called the police, I would have to
relive last year, and so would Daniel, and Dameon Edwards would still
be dead”. He decides not to call the police. Cyrus asks, “And Bruno?”
Quentin replies, “I’ll take care of Bruno myself”. He asks Cyrus to
help him bury the skeleton.
Julia Hoffman is in Angelique’s room talking to the portrait of
Angelique, “I really thought when I got back you would he here.
Perhaps I’ve come back to make things ready for you as I always
have”. She turns and sees Angelique standing there watching her.
Thinking it’s Alexis, she explains, “I’m sorry. I just came in to
see if the maid has turned the bed down”. Angelique asks, “You
miss Angelique a lot, don’t you?” Hoffman replies, “She was my
friend”. Angelique says, “I need a friend in this house very much.
I want someone to help me find my sister murderer”. Hoffman gasps,
“Murder?!” Angelique explains, “My sister was murdered”. Hoffman
says, “No one would murder her!”, but Angelique replies, “Someone
did”. Hoffman asks, “How do you know this?” Angelique replies,
“While you were away, there was a seance, a seance exactly like the
one where Angelique died…”
Quentin and Cyrus are in the drawing room. Quentin pours himself
a drink and tells Cyrus, “I have a feeling someone’s trying to reach
out to me. Have you ever heard of a Barnabas Collins?” Cyrus replies,
“Willie Loomis wrote a book about Barnabas Collins”. Quentin continues,
“And now he’s writing another one. Why? And why did Amy go into a
trance when she saw the portrait of Barnabas? And why when I look into
that room do I see it empty? And what force is keeping me from entering?”
Cyrus asks, “What are you talking about?”, but Quentin just continues
to babble, “Amy and David were in there, wearing clothes I’ve never
seen before discussing Barnabas Collins. It doesn’t make any sense!”
Cyrus suggests, “Go away for awhile. Get away from this house.”
Quentin complains, “You don’t believe I saw that room, do you?”
Cyrus replies, “In your mind. Go away and get some rest!”, but
Quentin refuses, saying, “I can’t leave Hoffman and Alexis”.
Quentin goes to Angelque’s room and opens the doors. Once again
he finds it unfurnished and dark. This time he sees Julia and
Elizabeth in there. Elizabeth is saying, “I must admit that at
first I didn’t believe in time travel when Roger told me about this”.
Julia says, “We must believe it now”. Elizabeth remarks, “Maybe I
should have this room closed off”, but Julia says, “No, this room
is Barnabas’ only chance of coming back.” Elizabeth says, “Let’s
go. Standing here will do no good.”, but Julia refuses to go, saying,
“I feel closer to him here”. Elizabeth leaves through the back
entrance. Julia starts saying, “Barnabas, can you hear me?” She
walks up to the door and says, “Are you in the hall on the other side
of this doorway watching me unable to make me hear or see you? Or has
your curse, your terrible curse, been discovered? If only I knew!
If only I knew!” Quentin shouts, “Hoffman! Hoffman!” A voice
behind him replies, “What is it, Mr. Collins? Is anything wrong?”
He turns around and sees Hoffman in the hallway. Hoffman asks,
“What is it Mr. Collins?”
Episode 1008
Tape Date: April 28, 1970 (ABC #93-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 6, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin tells Hoffman, “It happened once before, with Amy and Daniel.
It just happened again now.” Hoffman asks, “What happened?” Quentin
replies, “I want you to look into that room and tell me if you see
what I saw.” Hoffman looks. Quentin asks, “What do you see?” Hoffman
replies, “A room”. Quentin asks, “Is it empty?” Hoffman looks and
replies, “Of course it’s empty. Miss Alexis is in the drawing room”.
Quentin turns back and looks into the room and is shocked to see that
it’s brightly lit and furnished again. Quentin says, “A moment ago,
this room was empty of furniture, and you were in there and so was
Elizabeth. You were both dressed differently. I called to you but
you couldn’t hear me. You were talking about Barnabas”. Hoffman asks,
“Barnabas? I don’t know any Barnabas”. Quentin tells her, “Barnabas
Collins, one of my ancestors”. Hoffman asks, “The one Willie Loomis
wrote about?” Quentin replies, “No, I think it was another Barnabas,
it’s the one living now, but he disappeared in this room. No, not
this room, it’s another room, but these same doors open to it. You
said something about a curse, that Barnabas Collins was under a curse”.
Hoffman asks, “A curse?” Quentin says, “What’s the use? It’s impossible.
I couldn’t have seen what I thought I saw in that room. I suppose
I shouldn’t have brought it up.” Hoffman asks, “Mr. Collins, is there
anything I can get you?” Quentin replies, “No, nothing at all”.
Daniel and Angelique come into the foyer through the front doors.
Daniel is holding a bag with him. He says, “I haven’t found anything
worth adding to my collection for a long time! Thanks for suggesting
that we go shell collecting!” Angelique replies, “I just wanted to
do something that you used to enjoy doing with your mother”. Daniel
takes a huge shell from the bag and says, “This conch shell is amazing!”
Angelique says, “I bet you can hear the ocean in it”. Daniel replies,
“No, not the ocean”. Angelique asks, “Aren’t you supposed to hear
the ocean in shells?” Daniel starts to says, “Yes, but..”, then
stops. Angelique prompts him, “But what?” Daniel replies, “This
is probably going to sound silly, but when I was little my mother
used to tell me I could hear her whisper to me in shells when she
was near. But I’m not little anymore”. Angelique suggests, “Why
don’t you listen?” Daniel listens to the shell. Angelique asks,
“Isn’t that her voice you hear telling you she’s near, very near?”
They are interrupted by Quentin coming down the stairs calling
loudly, “Alexis! I’d like to have a talk with you!” Angelique
replies, “Why, of course, Quentin”. Quentin says, “Good. Let’s
go into the drawing room.” He’s about to take her into the drawing
room when he happens to see the portrait of Barnabas hanging next
to the front doors and shouts, “Who hung that picture there!?”
Hoffman, who’s just walked into the foyer, replies, “Trask did”.
Quentin asks, “Why?” Hoffman replies, “Well, it was in your study.
I thought you wanted it put up”. Quentin growls, “I want it taken
down immediately!” Hoffman replies, “I’ll get Trask” and leaves.
Quentin turns to Angelique and says, “Alexis! In the drawing room!”
Angelique tells Daniel, “Take the shell upstairs. I want to see your
entire collection later!” Daniel goes upstairs, and Quentin and
Angelique go into the drawing room.
In the drawing room, Angelique asks, “Quentin, what is it?” Quentin
replies, “I’m very sorry if I seemed short just now. I haven’t had
much sleep.” He pauses then corrects himself, “No, that’s not it.
I’m not well, and I don’t mean physically. Many things have happened
around here, strange and disturbing things”. Angelique remarks, “You
mean Dameon Edwards”. Quentin replies, “Yes, but there’s someting
else.” Angelique asks, “What?” Quentin starts to say, “Well, it’s…”
but then stops, mutters, “No, It’s going to sound ridiculous.” then
continues, “I just wanted to tell you I’m leaving Collinwood for
awhile”. Angelique asks, “Leaving Collinwood? Why?” Quentin replies,
“Well, it’s happened more than once. Twice, I’ve opened your door…”
Daniel is in Angelique’s room arranging some shells. Hoffman comes
in and asks, “What are you doing in here?” Daniel replies, “Leaving
some shells for Aunt Alexis”. Hoffman replies, “Oh. Have you seen
Trask?” Daniel replies, “No”. Hoffman remarks, “You’re leaving those
shells the way you used to leave them for your mother”. Daniel replies,
“Aunt Alexis likes them just as much. A couple of times on the beach
today…”, but suddenly stops in mid-sentence. Hoffman asks, “You
thought she was your mother?” Daniel replies, “No, I know she’s my
aunt.” Angelique comes into the room and Daniel runs off. Angelique
asks, “What’s was that all about?” Hoffman replies, “He’s just confused.
It’s not just that you look like Angelique. He cares for you like he did
his mother”. Angelique says, “Let’s not discuss that right now. Mr.
Collins told me he was leaving Collinwood”. Hoffman says, “Oh?”
Angelique explains, “He told me what he saw in that room. He says
he told you too. He seems very disturbed”. Hoffman remarks, “Maybe
it would be best if he did leave for awhile”, but Angelique replies,
“He needs our help. How are we supposed to help him if he’s not here?
You do understand, don’t you?” Hoffman replies, “Yes, I think I do”.
Daniel comes down the stairs into the foyer. He looks at the
portrait of Barnabas and suddenly stiffens and says, “Yes! I hear
you! I will follow! I will find! Follow! Find!”
Hoffman is with Quentin saying, “If I may say so, Mr. Collins, you
haven’t even tried to understand”. Quentin replies, “Perhaps I don’t
want to understand”. Hoffman continues, “You say you saw this woman
Julia in the room talking about someone named Barnabas Collins. Willie
Loomis wrote a book about Barnabas Collins. Perhaps you should try
talking to him. And the portrait has had a disturbing effect on you”.
Quentin replies, “I have tried talking to Willie Loomis. He won’t
see or talk to anyone.” Hoffman suggests, “Why don’t you go to the
Loomis house and insist he talk to you? Tell him about the portrait,
and about the room and the people in it”, but Quentin replies, “No!
I don’t want to know anything more about it! I want to forget it!
That’s final! I will not go to the Loomis house!”
Daniel goes into the Loomis house and calls out, “Cousin Willie?
Carolyn?” but receives no answer. He remarks, “There’s no one here.
Why did I come here?” He sees some sheets of blue typewriter paper
on a table, picks them up and reads them,

“For a long time the world has been in ignorance of the
terrible truth…”

He remarks, “This must be part of Cousin Willie’s book”. He sits
in a chair and continues reading,

“…and perhaps it were just as well. How many would have
come in search of the locked door, not suspecting that if
it were to open to their touch a fate awaited them that is
so devasting that…”

Daniel suddenly exclaims, “I remember now! Follow! Find!”
Angelique is going to her room. She opens the door and is shocked
to see that the room is darkened and empty of furniture. She exclaims,
“He didn’t imagine it! He didn’t imagine it!” She sees Julia come into
the room and calls out, “Hoffman!”, but Julia doesn’t respond. Julia
looks around and calls, “Barnabas?” Angelique continues to call,
“Hoffman! Can’t you hear me?” but Julia doesn’t respond. Angelique
gasps, “He was telling the truth! It’s true! He really saw it!”
and shouts, “Quentin! Quentin!”
At the Old House, Daniel is saying, “I’m trying to follow! I’m
trying to find! Locked door! Beyond the locked door!” He sees a
vision of the chained coffin and continues, “Follow! Find locked
door! Follow! Find locked door! Find locked door!” He goes to the
cellar door and tries to open it but finds it locked. He says, “Locked!
Break the lock! Find! Break!”, then goes over to the fireplace and
gets a poker. He goes back the door and is about to break the lock
when Quentin comes in through the front doors and exclaims, “Daniel!”
Daniel collapes unconcious onto the floor. Quentin asks, “Daniel!
What’s happened? Daniel?”
In the drawing room at Colliwood, Angelique asks Hoffman, “You haven’t
seen Mr. Collins?” Hoffman replies, “Not since he left this room. May
I ask what’s wrong?” Angelique replies, “I saw it myself, the room!
With YOU in it!” Hoffman asks, “You saw it?!” Angelique replies, “Yes.
I opened the door, and the room was empty! I wonder where Quentin is.
He DIDN’T imagine it! He was telling the truth!” Hoffman asks, “And
I was in it?” Angelique replies, “Yes, and you said one word -‘Barnabas'”.
Hoffman remarks, “‘Barnabas’? That’s the same word Quentin said I said!”
Quentin brings Daniel in through the front doors. Daniel is telling
Quentin, “The last thing I remember is looking at the portrait”.
Angelique quickly goes out, embraces Daniel and asks, “What happened?!”
Quentin replies, “I found him at the Loomis House”. Hoffman looks
at Angelique holding Daniel with a suspicious look in her face. Quentin
tells Angelique, “He’s all right. He’s not hurt”. Realizing what she’s
doing, Angelique quickly lets go of Daniel and explains, “Of course.
I wanted to know what happened, that’s all”. Daniel explains, “The
last thing I remember is looking at that picture of Barnabas Collins”.
He gestures towards the wall, sees that the portrait is gone and asks,
“Where is it?” Hoffman tells him, “I had Trask remove it”. Daniel
asks, “What does this all mean?” Quentin assures him, “We’ll know
tonight”. He orders Hoffman to take Daniel to his room.
Angelique asks Quentin, “What’s this all about?” Quentin replies,
“It has something to do with Barnabas Collins”. Angelique asks,
“The same Barnabas Collins Hoffman talked about in that room, that
strange empty room? Yes, Quentin, I saw it too.” Quentin asks, “You
saw it?” Angelique replies, “It was just as you described”. Angelique
asks, “Did you see Willie Loomis about this?” Quentin replies, “No, but I
doubt he would know anything. Only one person would know anything, one
obvious person – Barnabas Collins”. Angelique starts to asks, “But
isn’t he…” Quentin finishes her sentence for her, “..been dead for
over a hundred years? Yes. I intend to talk to him tonight. In
a seance in the drawing room. We will finally meet Barnabas Collins!”
The clock in the foyer reads 11:30. Quentin holds the seance in the
drawing room with Angelique and Hoffman. They sit in a circle in the
darkened room and join hands. Quentin intones, “It is our ancestor Barnabas
Collins I call on! If his spirit can hear me, please come! Come to us,
Barnabas Collins! Speak to us, Barnabas Collins”. An eerie sound fills
the room. Julia get frightened and starts to get up, saying, “I can’t!
I can’t help it!” Quentin commands, “Don’t break the circle!’, but
Julia shouts, “I don’t want to, but I can’t!”, and flees in terror.
Quentin and Angelique quickly form a new, smaller circle. Quentin
intones, “Barnabas Collins, come to us!”, but Angelique says, “Something
was here, but it’s gone. The circle was broken”. Quentin begs, “No!
Don’t leave!”. Angelique suddenly gestures towards the foyer and
exclaims, “Quentin! Look there!” Quentin looks and sees a shadowy
figure silohoutted in the dim light…
Episode 1009
Tape Date: April 30, 1970 (ABC #94-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 7, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin asks, “Are you Barnabas Collins?” The figure replies, “No,
I am Joshua Collins, Master of Collinwood, father of Barnabas Collins”.
Quentin asks, “Can you tell us about Barnabas?” Joshua replies, “You
know all that there is to know about him”. Quentin asks, “Then why
did you respond? Why did you appear to us?” Joshua replies, “You must
be warned! There is an evil come into this house. An evil that has
disturbed the graves of all who have lived here.” Quentin asks, “What
evil?” Joshua replies, “You have not seen it yet, but it exists, and
it will appear.” Quentin begs, “Tell us more about it”. Joshua replies,
“I cannot, for I know not what form it will take. I am dead and you are
living. This evil will be both!” Quentin begs, “You’ve got to tell us
more!”, but Joshua replies, “I can tell you no more. I can do no more
than warn you. You are the Master of Collinwood now! It is up to you
to remember the dead and allow them to rest in their graves! You must
find this evil and destroy it and restore respect and pride to this
house before it is too late!” Joshua starts to fade away. Quentin
begs, “Please! Don’t leave us!”, but Joshua just says, “I have warned
you! Heed my warning!” and vanishes. Quentin wonders, “How are we
to begin?”, then says, “This has got to have something to do with
Barnabas Collins and your room. I have a feeling Willie Loomis might
know something about this. He’s writing another book about him. Why
another one? And that portrait and its effect on the children. What
was it the apparition said? That there was an evil here, an evil that
has disturbed the graves of all who have lived here? What did he mean?
I’ve go to talk to Willie Loomis. The problem is finding him.” Roger
comes into the room and asks, “May I ask why the lights are out?” Quentin
replies, “We were having a seance”. Roger asks, “Just the two of you?”
Quentin replies, “Hoffman was here, but she became frightened and left”.
Roger asks, “Frightened of what?” Quentin replies, “We contacted a
spirit, Joshua Collins, once Master of Collinwood”. Roger remarks, “I
know. Willie Loomis wrote about him in his book about Barnabas Collins.”
I understand he’s writing another one. I can’t imagine why. Barnabas
Collins had a singularly dull life. I find the first book an improvement
on sleeping pills.” Quentin says, “I think there’s more to the life
of Barnabas Collins than any of use realize. I’ve got to find out all
I can about Barnabas Collins!”
Cyrus is in his laboratory. There’s a knock at the basement door.
Cyrus asks, “Who is it?” A voice replies, “Horace Gladstone!”. Cyrus
lets him in. Gladstone looks around and remarks, “What’s been happening,
Doctor? The lab’s so clean”. Cyrus replies, “I haven’t been doing
much work lately”. Gladstone remarks, “You’ve run out of the compound?”
Cyrus replies, “Yes”. Gladstone says, “Well, you’ll be able to get back
to work very soon. I’ve brought you a fresh supply. I trust you have
the payment of $10,000″. Cyrus replies, “No! I refuse to be blackmailed!
Now get out of my laboratory and never come back!” Gladstone remarks,
“I hope this isn’t your idea of a joke”. Cyrus replies, “No, it isn’t.
I don’t want your compound, and I’m not going to pay you a penny”.
Gladstone says, “Come to your senses before it’s too late and certain
people find out who John Yaeger is!” Cyrus replies, “I don’t think
you have as strong a case as you think.” Gladstone asks, “Oh, why not?”
Cyrus replies, “John Yaeger has decided to go away and is not coming
back. There’s no way ouy can prove John Yaeger is Cyrus Longworth and
Cyrus Longworth is John Yaeger. Gladstone replies, “Oh, I can! John
Yaeger has not gone away completely. An important part of him remains
with me”. Cyrus asks, “What are you talking about?” Gladstone replies,
“I still have both your signatures.” He takes a receipt from Cyrus, and
the torn document from the Blue Whale out of his pocket and tells Cyrus,
“Compare the signatures, yours and John Yaeger. Any competent handwriting
expert would be able to tell they were written by the same man”. Cyrus
again says, “I’m not going to let you blackmail me!”. Gladstone says,
“Why must you continue calling it blackmail? I call it a useful service.
You LIKE being John Yaeger. He’s everything you can’t be. You can’t
live without John Yaeger.” Cyrus insists, “I can!” Gladstone tells
him, “I’ll give you 24 hours to reconsider. I’ll give you until 9:00
tomorrow night, or your secret will no longer be a secret, and your
career will be over!” and leaves.
In the drawing room of Collinwood, Quentin is sitting at the desk
signing some documents. Larry Chase is with him. Quentin asks, “How
many more?” Chase replies, “Not many”. Quentin asks, “What about the
Conway contract?” Chase starts looking through his briefcase and remarks,
“They must be in here somewhere. Chris left town so suddenly he left
everything rather disorganized”. Quentin notices the new will Chase has
written for Cyrus and asks, “Larry, what is this all about?” Chase
replies, “Oh, that’s a new will Cyrus had me draw up”. Quentin remarks,
“That’s very strange. Cyrus is a very methodical man. He leads a very
fixed life. It’s not like him to suddenly change his will like that”.
Chase agrees. Quentin continues, “I’m concerned about Cyrus. His behavior
has become very strange ever since he hired a man named John Yaeger to
assist with his experiment”. Chase says, “I’ve tried to talk him out of
this, but with little success. John Yaeger is freom the lowest part of
humanity. He must be of some use to Cyrus, but I don’t know what”. The
phone rings. Quentin answers and finds that it’s for Chase and gives the
phone to him. Chase says, “Hello?” The caller replies, “Mr. Chase, my
name is Horace Gladstone. I have a document I believe you will be greatly
interested in reading.” Chase tells him, “I’m conducting business right
now. Why don’t you call me at my office later?” Gladstone asks, “Can you
meet me in Collinsport later?” Chase says, “I don’t even know you”.
Gladstone tells him, “This has to do with a man named John Yaeger”. Chase
asks, “Where do you want to meet?” Gladstone replies, “In front of the
Eagle at 10:00″. Chase says, “All right, in front of the Eagle at 10:00”.
Gladstone says, “I’ll be looking forward to it!” and hangs up.
Later, in the drawing room, Angelique is sitting staring into the
fire. Roger is at the doorway staring at her. Angelique turns around
and asks, “Why Roger, how long have you been standing there?” Roger
replies, “Oh, just a few minutes.” Angelique remarks, “You know, I
could feel you there staring at me. Do you believe me?” Roger replies,
“Then you must have the same sixth sense Angelique had.” Angelique
asks, “May I ask why you were staring at me?” Roger replies, “It’s
just that you look so much like Angelique”. Angelique remarks, “At
least no one thinks I really am Angelique anymore”. Roger says, “I
never doubted it”. Angelique remarks, “You were a very good friend
of hers, weren’t you?” Roger replies, “Yes. I remember the first
time she came across that threshold as Quentin’s bride. I looked
into her exquisite eyes and my heart stopped. Here, I thought,
was an irreplacable woman. She was Quentin’s wife, but I knew and
I think she know that but no man appreciated her more than I did.
I loved her more than I think it’s possible to love someone.”
Angelique says, “I’m glad to see you were her friend. The only
reason I’m staying here is Angelique. I’m determined to find her
murderer”. Roger asks, “You believe she was murdered?” Angelique
replies, “Yes, don’t you?” Roger says, “No one would have murdered
her!” Angelique replies, “I think someone did”. Roger tells her,
“I was at the seance where she died. She died of a stroke”, but
Angelique says, “I need someone to help me find her murderer, someone
who loved and understood her, and I think that someone is you”.
At Cyrus’ laboratory, Larry Chase gives Cyrus his new will, saying,
“Well, here, Cyrus. I drafted it as you requested. Now everything
will go to John Yaeger in case of your death or disappearance. I wish
I could persuade you to change your mind”. Cyrus mutters, “I may have
to”. Chase, not hearing him, asks, “What did you say?” Cyrus tells
him, “I’m thinking it over. I might change my mind”. Chase
exclaims, “Good! Have you and Yaeger parted company?” Cyrus replies,
“Not exactly”. Cyrus asks, “Would you like to discuss it over dinner
with me?” Chase replies, “I can’t. I have an appointement at 10:00
with someone at the Eagle. I don’t know exactly who he is, but he says
his name is Horace Gladstone and he has some urgent information for me.
I’ll call yo tomorrow and maybe we can meet for lunch”. After Chase
leaves, Cyrus takes out the flask of red liquid and a beaker with some
of Gladstone’s compound…
Horace Gladstone is walking on his way to the Eagle. He is in front
of the entrance to the “Greenfield Inn”. John Yaeger steps out of the
shadows into the street blocking his way. Yaeger remarks, “You were
right, Mr. Gladstone, I DO like being John Yaeger!” Gladstone says,
“I thought you ran out of my compound!” Yaeger replies, “I had just
enough left. I’ve got your payment for you!” Gladstone, sounding
frightened, replies, “No.. no, we’ll settle that some other time.
I’ve got an appointment with someone”. Yaeger says, “I know all
about it. You seem to have run out of patience with me. We’ll, I’ve run
out of patience with YOU!” Gladstone, now sounding terrified, asks,
“What are you going to do?”
Inside the Eagle, Larry Chase hears someone scream, “No!!! No!!!
Don’t get near me! Stay away from me!!!!”
Outside, Gladstone screams, “Someone, help me!” Yaeger says, “Maybe
Cyrus Longworth can tolerate the likes of you, but not John Yaeger!”
and hits Gladstone with his walking stick, knocking him to the ground.
Yaeger pushes the button on his cane unsheathing the hidden knife.
Gladstone begs, “No! I’ll give you anything you want!” Yaeger asks,
“How about some peace of mind?”, and stabs him to death. A voice in the
distance calls out, “What’s happening? What’s going on?” Yaeger quickly
hides behind some crates. Larry Chase comes running onto the scene and
finds Gladstone’s body. He notices a shadow and calls out, “I can see you
hiding there! Come out so I can see your face!”
Episode 1010
Tape Date: May 1, 1970 (ABC #95-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 8, 1970 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Chase demands, “I said, come out or else!” Yaeger steps out from
behind the boxes and replies, “With pleasure, Sir!” and runs at Chase
aiming his sword at him. Chase quickly jumps out of the way and Yaeger
races by him and runs off. Chase gives chase!
Yaeger runs to the lab and enters through the basement door. He goes
to the safe and is about to get the antidote when he hears Sabrina’s
voice upstairs saying, “Larry, you must tell me what you want”. Chase
replies, “I’ve got to go down into that laboratory! Where is Cyrus?”
Sabrina replies, “He left earlier tonight”. Chase tells her, “I’ve got
to go down into that lab!” Sabrina reminds him, “Cyrus doesn’t let
anyone down into his lab without his permission”. Chase replies, “This
is a true emergency! I’ll take all responsibility!” Yaeger quickly
goes back out the cellar door. Sabrina and Chase come downstairs.
Chase looks around the lab and remarks, “Nothing’s been disturbed”.
Sabrina asks, “Larry, what’s happened? What did you expect to find
here?” Chase replies, “A man. I chased a man all the way from the
docks into Cyrus’ courtyard. I thought for sure I’d find him here”.
He goes and checks the cellar door and finds it locked. Sabrina informs
him, “Cyrus always keeps that locked. The key’s upstairs. I could get
it for you”. Chase replies, “No, he’s probably miles away by now. I’ve
got to call the police”. Sabrina gasps, “The police? Why?” Chase
explains, “There’s been a murder”. Sabrina asks, “Murder?” Chase
replies, “Yes, I heard someone call for help on the docks, and when
I got there, I found someone already dead”. Sabrina asks, “And the
murderer, did you see him?” Chase replies, “I got a fleeting glimpse
of him. It might be that man who knows Cyrus, John Yaeger”. Sabrina
asks, “Are you sure?” Chase replies, “No, I’m not sure. I think it was
him, but I couldn’t swear to it in a court of law”. He continues, “I
think I’d better go to the police. I want you to wait here until Cyrus
gets back. Undoubtedly, the police will want to question me at the scene
of the crime, but I’ll be back.” He picks up the telephone, calls the
police and says, “Hello, I’d like to report a murder”. Outside the cellar
door, Yaeger, who’s outside listening through the cellar door, thinks to
himself, “I can’t risk going back in there. I must get the antidote
and become Cyrus Longworth again. But how can I get it? How?” A smile
crosses his face as he gets an idea…
Buffie Harrington is exiting the Eagle after a hard night’s work.
Jaeger comes up to her. Buffie asks, “What are you doing here?”
Yaeger replies, “I want you to do me a favor. You wouldn’t mind doing
a favor for an old friend, would you?” Buffie asks, “What kind of favor
did you have in mind?” Yaeger replies, “I’m in need of something rather
desperately. I was wondering if you could get it for me”. Buffie asks,
“Couldn’t you find someone else? I’ve had a hard night and I’m tired”.
Yaeger growls, “Look, I don’t have time for gentle persuasion!” Buffie gets
angry and says, “You don’t own me, you know! I’m not a piece of furniture!
I told you I was tired!” Yaeger replies, “Tired is better than dead”.
Buffie, shocked, remarks, “You can’t really mean that, can you?” Yaeger
replies, “I need this desperately, and I will go to any extreme to get it.
Now what is your answer?” Buffie asks, “What is this thing you need?” Yaeger
replies, “You wouldn’t understand if I told you, but you don’t need to
understand. All you have to do is follow my instructions”. Buffie asks,
“What do you want me to do?” Yaeger replies, “I knew your good sense
would prevail. I want you to go to Cyrus Longworth’s laboratory and
get something for me.” He hands her a key and says, “This key will
let you in through the side door of the lab”. Buffie protests, “This
is illegal! I’ll get caught!”, but Yaeger assures her, “You won’t
get caught. When you get inside, you’ll see a picture on the wall
opposite the door. Take the painting down and you’ll find a safe. This
is the combination to that safe”. He hands her a slip of paper and
continues, “Inside the safe you’ll find a bottle of green liquid”.
Buffie exclaims, “THAT’S what you need?!” Yaeger tells to stop asking
questions and tells her, “First, I have to prepare your way”.
Sabrina is pacing around in the lab. The phone rings. Sabrina answers
the phone and asks who it is. On the other end of the line is Yaeger,
calling from a phone booth on the docks. He mimics Cyrus Longworth’s voice
and replies, “Sabrina, this is Cyrus”. Sabrina asks, “Cyrus, where are
you?” Yaeger lies, “I’m calling from a pay phone in Rockport. I’m on
my way to Portsmouth for the evening. I ran into a colleague. We’ve
been discussing his work. I’m most anxious to see what he’s doing”.
Sabrina asks, “When will you be back?” Cyrus replies, “Oh, sometime
tomorrow morning”. Sabrina asks, “Cyrus, are you all right?” Cyrus
replies, “Of course. Why?” Sabrina replies, “You just don’t sound like
yourself”. Yaeger lies, “I’m just tired, that’s all”. Sabrina asks,
“If your tired, why are you going to Portsmouth? Why don’t you come
back here and rest?” Yaeger replies, “Don’t start worrying about me.
I’ll be all right.” Sabrina asks, “Cyrus, you haven’t by any chance
seen John Yaeger, have you?” Yaeger replies, “No, why?” Sabrina explains,
“There was a murder in town earlier tonight. There’s a possibility that
John Yaeger committed it”. Yaeger lies, “I don’t see how. I talked to him
just yesterday and he told me he would be out of town today”. Sabrina
says, “Maybe he changed his mind. I wouldn’t put anything past him”.
Cyrus tells Sabrina, “Listen, I want you to lock up the lab and get
some rest. Now do it right away! Good night, my darling!”
At the docks, Yaeger tells Buffie, “She’ll have it locked up in ten
minutes.” Buffie asks, “Where do you want me to bring it?” Yaeger replies,
“You know that beach below the Collins Estate? There’s a cave there. I
want you to bring it there”. Buffie remarks, “This gets crazier and
crazier!”. Yaeger replies, “Miss Harrington, now what would life be
without its share of mystery and adventure?”
Larry Chase returns to the lab and asks Sabrina, “Have you heard
from Cyrus?” Sabrina replies, “He called about ten minutes ago. He
said he was with a colleague and wouldn’t be back till tomorrow.”
Noticing the worried look on Sabrina’s face, Chase asks, “Sabrina,
what’s wrong?” Sabrina replies, “He didn’t seem himself. He seemed
almost like a different person”. Chase remarks, “Well, you know how
distracted Cyrus can be”. Sabrina says, “It’s not just that. He
called me ‘my darling’. He’s never called me that before. The only
term of endearment he’s ever used is ‘my dear'”. Chase remarks, “I
don’t think that’s anything to worry about”. Sabrina replies, “I
suppose you’re right. What happened with the police?” Chase tells
her, “I told them what I saw. That’s all I could do”. Sabrina asks,
“Did you find out the name of the man who was murdered?” Chase replies,
“Yes, Horace Gladstone”. Sabrina exclaims, “Horace Gladstone!” Chase
asks, “Do you now him?” Sabrina replies, “Yes. I met him several times
in this lab. He was a friend of Cyrus'”. Chase asks, “Were Cyrus and
Gladstone close?” Sabrina replies, “I don’t think so. They had a
professional relationship. Gladstone was a chemist. He supplied Cyrus
with certain chemicals he needed for his experiment”. Chase remarks,
“Well, this is getting more and more interesting. I got a call from
Gladstone saying he wanted to meet me at the Eagle at 10:00. That’s
why I was so close to the murder taking place.”
Buffie arrives at the cellar door and is about to open it with the key,
but stops when she hears Sabrina and Chase speaking inside.
Sabrina asks Chase, “What did he say he wanted to see you about?”
Chase replies, “He said he wanted to talk about John Yaeger”. Sabrina
asks, “Larry, what is this all about?” Chase replies, “I’m almost
afraid to speculate. Were Cyrus and Gladstone on good terms?” Sabrina
says, “I think so. Why?” Chase replies, “Just wondering.” He continues,
“When Cyrus gets back, call me” and starts to leave. Sabrina says, “Oh,
wait. I’ll go with you”. She gets her coat and they go up.
Buffie unlocks the cellar door, goes to the painting, takes it down
and is about to open the safe when she hears Sabrina upstairs saying,
“Larry, you go on ahead. I left something in the lab”. Buffie quickly
hides. Sabrina comes back down and gets whatever she forgot and goes
back up. Luckily for Buffie, she does not notice that the painting
is off the wall. Buffie quickly goes and opens the safe, takes out
the bottle of antidote, closes the safe, puts the painting back up
and leaves.
Yaeger goes to the cave to wait for Buffie. Inside, he sees footsteps
in the sand leading to a pile of rocks partially blocking a hole in
the wall of the cave. He thinks, “Interesting. I wonder where that leads
to. She won’t be here for at least a half an hour. As I told Miss
Harrington, what’s life without a little mystery and adventure?” He
starts removing the rocks.
In the lab, Buffie finally opens the safe, gets the bottle and leaves.
Yaeger has gone through the passage and exited into the coffin room
of the Old House. He thinks to himself, “This has to be a building on
the Collins Estate. The only building that could have a cellar this size
is theLoomis House.” He sees the coffin and thinks, “I wonder what deep,
dark secret Willie Loomis is keeping from the rest of the world. I must
find out! Perhaps it’s something that might come in handy some day!” He
starts to unchain the coffin…
Episode 1011
Tape Date: May 4, 1970 (ABC #96-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 11, 1970 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Upstairs, Carolyn is looking through the grate in the door to the
cellar. She hears noises downstairs. Willie comes up behind her and
asks, “Still trying to rescue him?” Carolyn replies, “That’s not true.”
Willie says, “It’s all right for me to be fascinated with the vampire.
I’m going to get a book out of it!” Carolyn tells him, “I thought I
heard something down there”.
Yaeger has taken all the chains off the coffin and is about to open
it. Willie comes up behind him holding a pistol and pistol whips him
before he can. Yaeger falls to the floor unconscious. Carolyn comes
down and asks, “Who is he?” Willie looks for some ID but can’t find
anything and replies, “I don’t know”. Carolyn asks, “How did he get here?”
Willie snaps, “Stop asking so many questions!” Carolyn exclaims, “He
knows!” Willie replies, “Knows what? That we have a coffin down here?”
Carolyn points out, “He’ll come to, and he’ll ask questions!” Willie
replies, “I have some questions for him, like what’s he doing here?”
Carolyn asks, “Did he get the coffin open?” Willie replies, “No, or
Barnabas Collins would have taken care of him. Carolyn asks, “What are you
going to do?” Willie replies, “Protect my interests! I’m spent a lot
of time onmy book, and I’m not going to let some stranger interfere now!”
He starts dragging Yaeger by his feet.
Buffie arrives at the cave and looks around for Yaeger. Not seeing
him, she calls out, “John? John?” but receives no answer. She thinks
to herself, “Something’s happened to him! Why did he have me steal this
from Longworth’s lab? Why is he hiding? What has he done?”
Yaeger regains consciousness and finds himself on a couch in the living
room of the Loomis House. Carolyn is sitting in another chair holding a
gun on him. Carolyn warns him, “Don’t move!” Yaeger replies, “Why Mrs.
Loomis!” Carolyn asks, “How did you know my name?” Yaeger replis, “I make it
my business to know all the pretty ladies”. Carolyn calls out, “Will!”
The clock chimes. Yaeger remarks, “You’re keeping me from a very important
appointment, Mrs. Loomis”. Carolyn asks, “What are you doing in this house?”
Yaeger replies, “Where there’s a secret, I make it my business to know
about it. You have a very interesting secret. What do you have in that
coffin downstairs? Why is it chained?” Carolyn lies, “I don’t know what
you’re talking about!” Yaeger says, “So, you’ve decided to bluff. That
knock on the head didn’t make me forget what I saw! There’s someone in
that coffin, isn’t there? Why isn’t your husband here? He’s moving the
coffin, isn’t he?” Yaeger gets up from the couch. Carolyn shouts,
“Willie!” Yaeger knocks the gun from her hand and runs out the front
Carolyn continues to shout for Willie. Willie finally shows up.
Carolyn shouts, “I couldn’t help it! Go after him! He’ll go to the
police!” Willie calmly replies, “Going to the police is the last thing
a man like that would do.” Carolyn points out, “He knows! Willie, let
Barnabas Collins go! That man will be back!” Willie complains, “You want
me to go back to what I was, a writer who never writes? Even you’ve
remarked on the change in me. This book is going to be BIG! The critics
will all respect old Willie. ‘His most imaginative work. A classic’ that’s
what that’s what they’re going to say! And no one will guess it’s really
the truth! What a joke!” Carolyn replies, “One person will know! That
man who came here tonight!” Willie snaps, “Forget about that man!” and
thinks, “Now where can I hide Barnabas? That secret room back there,
that’s where I’ll hide him!” Carolyn continues to babble about Yaeger,
“That man who was here! He’s evil! He’ll come back! I know it!”
Buffie is still waiting at the cave for Yaeger. She hears a noise
and calls out, “John?” again. Yaeger shows up and replies, “At our
service!” Buffie asks, “Where have you been?” Yaeger replies, “Oh,
on another adventure. Did anyone see you come?” Buffie replies, “No”.
She holds up the bottle and asks, “What is this?” Yaeger replies, “You
have no right to ask any questions”. Buffie snaps back, “Yes I do!
I stole it for you!” Yaeger remarks, “But you enjoyed it, didn’t you?
I know you better than you know yourself!” Buffie asks, “If you and
Cyrus Longworth are such good friends, why didn’t you go and get it from
him yourself?” Yaeger refuses to answer, growling, “Go back to town!
If anyone asks you, say you didn’t see me tonight!” Buffie asks, “What
did you do?” Yaeger lies, “Nothing!” Buffie says, “I don’t believe you”.
Yaeger says, “I merely defended myself! Every man has the right to
defend himself! Now leave!” Buffie replies, “I will. And from here
on end, don’t come around! I don’t ever want to see you again” Yaeger
confidently says, “You will!” Buffie insists, “I won’t”. Yaeger repeats,
“You will! I’ll see to that!” Buffie leaves.
Willie and Carolyn are down in the cellar of the Loomis House. Both
are holding crosses. Willie assures Carolyn, “There’s nothing to be
afraid of”. Carolyn, sounding frightened, asks, “This is the only way
to move him?” Willie assures her, “He has no power over us! Just hold
on to the cross! We have got to do this, Carolyn!” He opens the coffin.
Lying inside is Barnabas. Willie tells him, “Now, Mr. Collins. Certain
things have happened. We have to move you. It is necessary. No tricks,
Mr. Collins!” He orders Barnabas, “Now will you please get up. Carolyn
also has a cross. Now you will follow me, Mr. Collins! We are taking
you to a place that will be much safer. Come!” Barnabas comes out of
his coffin, and Willie and Carolyn, using their crosses, force him
up the stairs.
In the cave, Yaeger thinks to himself, “Why must I become Longworth
again? I don’t want to go back to that dull, miserable life! It’s
that fool Gladstone! He’s making me do this! Even in death he dictates
what I must do!” He pauses, then continues, “I must play it safe. I must
hide in Longworth until it’s safe to walk the streets again”. He takes
a swig of the antidote.
Willie and Carolyn take Barnabas to the secret room behind the bookcase.
Willie remarsk to Barnabas, “In your own time, you must have spent plenty
of time in this room”. Barnabas begs, “You must let me go!” Willie
replies, “No!” Barnabas continues to beg, “You must let me go back to
my own time!” Willie points out, “You don’t know how to go back to your
own time”. Barnabas says, “If only I could go to that room!” Willie
says, “Nothing would happen”. Barnabas begs, “Let me try! I have friends
in my own time who protect me! Let me try!” Willie refuses.
Cyrus returns to his lab via the cellar door. He hears a voice call,
“Cyrus? Cyrus?” Cyrus finds Larry Chase in this lab. Chase remarks,
“I was just about to leave. The upstairs door was open. I was sure
you’d be here”. Cyrus replies, “I went out for a walk. I changed my
mind about going to Portsmouth tonight”. Chase asks, “Hear about
Gladstone?” Cyrus says, “I don’t want to hear about it”. Chase continues,
“What a terrible death. He was run through with a sword”. Cyrus angrily
shouts, “I don’t want to hear about it!” Chase looks at him, looking
puzzled. Cyrus calms down and says, “It’s just that Gladstone was
a fine chemist, and a good friend”. Chase apoligizes, “Sorry I described
it so graphically”. Cyrus asks, “Any idea who did it?” Chase replies,
“There’s a possibility it was John Yaeger”. Cyrus exclaims, “Impossible!”
Chase says, “The man I saw had the same build as John Yaeger”. Cyrus asks,
“Could you swear it was John Yaeger in a court of law?” Chase admits,
“No”. Cyrus says, “Then you shouldn’t accuse him of doing it”. Chase asks,
“You don’t think he’s capable of murdering Gladstone?” Cyrus replies,
“He wasn’t even in Collinsport last night. I sent him away yesterday”.
Chase asks, “Why?” Cyrus replies, “That’s my business”. Chase says,
“Cyrus, you’ve got to get rid of John Yaeger!” Cyrus replies, “For the
first time, Larry, I agree with you. I’m going to sever my relations with
him. You have my word, Larry, John Yaeger will never walk the streets of
Collinsport again. Never!”
In the secret room, Willie, taking notes, is prompting Barnabas, “Now
let’s talk about Josette”. Barnabas replies, “I don’t want to!” Willie
says, “We must! The book is nothing without her!” Barnabas says, “You’d
never understand my relation with her”, but Willie says, “I’ll try”.
Barnabas starts, “Josette and I were to marry, as in your time band.
If only I could have had the pleasure of the years with her, I would have
had that memory to sustain me”. Willie asks, “Why did you not you try to
make her like yourself?” Barnabas replies, “I’m ashamed to admit I did.
But fate has always been cruel to me. Fate was against me…” Taking
advantage of the fact that Willie is looking down at his notebook writing
this all down, Barnabas walks over to him, grabs the chain holding the
cross pendant around his neck, and starts to strangle him with it, shouting,
“No, Will! I will not bow to fate this time!”, then throws Willie to the
floor and bares his fangs…
Episode 1012
Tape Date: May 5, 1970 (ABC #97-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 12, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Willie has been bitten. Two holes dripping blood on his neck attest
to this. Willie tries to open the door. Barnabas asks, “You’re leaving,
Mr. Loomis?” Willie whines, “I’ve got to get out of here!” Barnabas
replies, “I’ll let you leave, but first we have to have a brief talk.”
Willie whines, “Why did you do this to me?” Barnabas counters, “Why
did you do twhat you did to ME? Hold me in my coffin, force me to tell
you my story, make me reveal to you night after night the depths of my
shame?” Willie whines, “I only wanted to tell the truth about Barnabas
Collins”. Barnabas replies, “Barnabas Collins in your time band is lying
peacefully in his grave. His name and his spirit should be left in peace!”
He tells Willie, “You will gather all the material you have written, all
the notes and all the chapters, and you will burn them!” Willie begs, “No!
I can’t do that! You don’t know what a book means to a writer!” Barnabas
derisively replies, “A writer?! All you did was copy down what you forced
me to tell you! Now you will gather the book together and burn it!” Willie
says, “No!”, but Barnabas glares at him and asks, “Is that your final
answer?”, and Willie meekly replies, “All right. I’ll do it. I’ll do
anything you say”. Barnabas says, “You must not sully the name of that
other Barnabas Collins who died in this time band. Come! We will burn it
Quentin is sitting in the drawing room of Collinwood drinking.
Angelique comes in and asks, “Quentin, what have you been doing? You’ve
been so quiet lately”. Quentin just sits there without answering.
Anglique continues, “Could you at least give an indication of what’s
you’re thinking?” Quentin remains silent. Angelique says, “All right!
At least give me permission to go to the Loomis house and talk to
Willie myself!” Quentin continues to remain silent. Angelique
continues, “Quentin! Willie Loomis has got to tell you everything
he knows about Barnabas Collins!” Quentin just sits there. Angelique
exasperatedly says, “Quentin, please!” Quentin gets up. Angelique asks,
“Where are you going?” Quentin replies, “To Loomis House. And this time,
I’m going to make him answer my question!” He angrily throws his glass
into the fireplace, shattering it, then storms off.
At Loomis House, Willie throws the last pages of his book into the
fire and remarks sadly, “It’s gone. It could’ve given me everything
I wanted”. There’s a knock at the door, followed by Quentin’s voice
shouting, “Willie, open the door! I know you’re in there, so open the
door!” Willie asks, “What are we going to do?” Barnabas replies, “Let
him in. I’ll hide. Don’t mention my name!” Barnabas hides around a
corner while Willie lets Quentin in. Quentin grabs Willie by the lapels
and growls, “Willie! You’re going to answer my questions if I have to
choke every word of it out of you!” Willie whines, “I don’t know what
you’re talking about! Why do you keep coming here?” Quentin replies,
“Because you know something about Barnabas Collins, and I want to know
what it is!” Willie lies, “I keep telling you, it’s just a story I’m
writing!” Quentin says, “You’re lying!” Willie insists, “I’m not!”
Quentin continues, “And what about the effect the portrait has on the
children, Daniel and Amy?” Willie replies, “I know nothing about that!”
Quentin continues, “And what about the other things that have been happening,
those strange people appearing in that strange, empty room, and talk of a
curse that was put on Barnabas Collins?” Willie replies, “I don’t know what
you’re talking about!” Quentin demands, “Now you let me know what it is you
do know about Barnabas Collins”. Barnabas steps out from hiding and says,
“I too would like to know more about that Barnabas Collins, for that is
my name as well!”. Quentin is shocked.
As Quentin stands there stunned, Barnabas continues, “I could have
interruptede arlier, but it was my impression it was a family
matter. But when I heard you discussing Barnabas Collins, I thought
I’d introduce myself”. Quentin asks, “You’re Barnabas Collins?” Barnabas
repliies, “Yes, descendant of one of the sons of the man Mr. Loomis wrote
so interestingly about a few years ago”. Quentin gasps, “The resemblance!”
Barnabas replies, “Yes. I saw the picture of the portrait in the book.
Extraordinary, isn’t it?” Quentin says, “Yes. Forgive me if I seem tongue
tied. Why haven’t we met before?” Barnabas replies, “If you’ve read
Mr. Loomis’ book, I’m sure you’re read about one of the sons of Barnabas
who went into the Andes in search of gold”. Quentin replies, “Yes, he
died in Pery”. Barnabas says, “I’m happy to tell you he survived. He
lived in poverty, but with sufficient vigor to sire four sons. One of
those some was my grandfather”. Quentin asks, “Why have we never been
contacted by any of them?” Barnabas replies, “Fortunately for you, you
have never known what it is like to be poor”, and explains that the South
American branch of the family lived for generations in poverty and was
too ashamed to contact the main branch. He adds, “I have amassed a fortune,
so I wanted to renew those ties that were severed so long ago. Are you a
cousin?” Quentin replies, “I am Quentin Collins”. Barnabas asks, “Am I
welcome at Collinwood?” Quentin replies, “More than welcome, but there have
been a few disturbances there lately.” Barnabas remarks, “Yes. I heard you
discussing a curse of some kind earlier. What do you know about that?”.
Quentin replies, “Not much”. Barnabas continues, “You heard them discussing
it in that strange, empty room? Can I see that room sometime? It seems
to have something to do with a Barnabas Collins”. Quentin at first says no,
but then immediately changes him mind and says, “Yes, I don’t see why not”.
Barnabas asks, “Can I see it tonight?” Quentin replies, “Tomorrow morning
might be better”, but Barnabas says, “I can’t. I have business in town
tomorrow morning”. He adds, “I’m sure there must be other cousins. I’m
anxious to meet them tonight”. Quentin remarks, “Quite a coincidence.
I come here to ask Willie about Barnabas Collins, and I happen to find you
here”. Barnabas says, “I don’t want to interfere in private matters, but
I do know when Willie is telling you the truth when he tells you his latest
work is a work of fiction. He showed me a few pages before he burned it”.
Quentin asks, “Burned it?” Barnabas explains, “He found it was unworthy of
him, didnt you Willie?” Willie lies, “Yes”. Quentin says, “Welcome to
Collinwood” and leaves.
Willie asks, “Why did you let him know you’re here? He suspects!”
Barnabas replies, “Let him suspect! That room is one way of getting
back to my own time”. Willie asks, “What are the others?” Barnabas
replies, “You’ll find out in time. Now, I want you to take me to the
grave of Barnabas Collins. I feel we are kindred spirits. If anyone
can help me, he can”.
Roger and Angelique are in the drawing room of Collinwood. Anglique
asks Roger, “Have you given much thought to what I said?” Roger replies,
“I don’t know what to make of it.” Angelique remarks, “Perhaps I asked
the wrong person”. Roger continues, “I was devoted to Angelique more
than you can know. But seance or no seance, I’m certain she wasn’t
murdered. I wish I could persuade you to believe so, because it’s true”.
Angelique snaps, “Can’t we stop dicussing this? I find it painful”.
Quentin comes into the room. Angelique asks, “Quentin, did you talk to
Willie Loomis?” Quentin replies, “Yes”. Angelique asks, “Did he tell
you anything?” Quentin replies, “Not much. But he didn’t have to.
Barnabas Collins was there”. Angelique exclaims, “What?!” Quentin
replies, “Please, I don’t want to answer any questions. It was all so
strange. All I can tell you is that you’ll meet Barnabas Collins – tonight!”
Barnabas and Willie are in a cemetery in front of a gravestone reading,


May He

Barnabas muses, “I, and she, should have been buried in a grave like this in
my time. Peace should have been mine, and hers”. He calls out, “If there
is a spirit here who looks kindly upon me, I beg his help! I am a stranger
lost in this time. I don’t want this curse to affect anyone here. Help
me if you can!” A shadowy figure appears. Barnabas calls out, “Speak,
whoever you are! Speak, I beg you!” The voice of Joshua Collins replies,
“Who is it who disturbs this grave?” Barnabas exclaims, “Father!” The
ghost replies, “Father? You are no son of mine!” Barnabas says, “Forgvive
me, Joshua Collins. Is that to whom I speak?” Joshua replies, “I am the
spirit of a man dedicated to protecting the members of his family, both
living and dead. I command you to leave this place, and trouble the spirit
of my son no more!” Barnabas begs, “I am in trouble. My name is also
Barnabas Collins, and my father is Joshua Collins”. Joshua snaps, “Do not
profane those names! Leave, and never come back!” and vanishes. Barnabas
begs, “Please! I am a Collins!”, but to no avail. Barnabas dejectedly says
to Willie, “There is only one hope left. The room!”
Julia, Angelique and Quentin are in the drawing room of Collinwood.
Julia is saying, “That man is a fraud! His whole story is ridiculous!
There hasn’t been anyone in your family named Barnabas in years!”
Quentin replies, “You can say that because you haven’t seen him”. Hoffman
asks, “The resemblance is that strong?” Quentin replies, “You’ll soon
see”. Angelique asks, “Are you sure he has nothing to do with the Barnabas
they keep talking about in that room?” Quentin replies, “I’m sure of
nothing. I’m depending on his reaction to the room to give me some clues”.
Barnabas comes into the room, saying, “Trask sent me here”. Quentin
makes the introductions. He asks Barnabas, “A drink?”, but Barnabas
replies, “Thank you, but I’m so fascinated about that room I’d greatly
prefer to see it first”. Quentin takes him upstairs. Hoffman exclaims,
“Quentin is right! That man IS Barnabas Collins! He looks just like
the portrait!” Angelique asks, “The people in the room mentioned a curse.
Does he look like he’s under a curse?” Hoffman replies, “I don’t know.
How can anyone ever know?”
Outside the door of Angelique’s room, Quentin explains to Barnabas,
“My first wife used to use this room, but now it’s used by her twin
sister Alexis”. He warns Barnabas, “It’ll probably be just an ordinary
room”, but when he opens the door, the room is empty of furniture and
Julia is standing inside saying, “It can’t be hopeless! Sometime, somehow,
you will hear me! Oh, Barnabas!”
Episode 1013
Tape Date: May 6, 1970 (ABC #98-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 13, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas and Quentin come down the stairs into the foyer. Quentin
remarks, “I wish I could understand what’s going on in that room”.
Barnbas asks, “How many times have you witnessed this?” Quentin replies,
“A total of four times. I don’t know who those people are, and why the
room is always empty whey they’re in there.” Barnabas remarks, “I’m
afraid I don’t have any explanation either”. Quentin continues, “And
there’s an even more disturbing question. Why is it impossible to enter
that room when those people are in there?” Barnabas remarks, “I find the
question as disturbing as you do”. Quentin says, “Well, that’s odd. I
have the distinct feeling that you found it less so”. Barnabas says, “I
don’t understand”. Quentin continues, “I believe you are the Barnabas
Collins thoe people are talking about!”
Barnabas stands there silent. Quentin prompts him, “You haven’t
answered my question”. Barnabas remarks, “It sounded more like a
statement to me”. Quentin asks, “Are you the Barnabas Collins those
people are talking about?” Barnabas lies, “I am not”. Quentin remarks,
“I’ve only known you for a few hours. How do I know you’re telling
the truth?” Barnabas asks, “If I were that man, why would I lie about
it?” Quentin says, “There’s a very good reason. The Barnabas Collins
those people are talking about is living under a curse”. Barnabas asks,
“What kind of curse?” Quentin replies, “I don’t know, but that would
be an obvious reason for you not to reveal yourself”. Barnabas says,
“I can assure you I am not that Barnabas Collins. You’ll have to take
my word for it”. Quentin decides to trust him, “All right. I’ll give
you the benefit of the doubt”. Barnabas thanks him and says, “May I
give you a word of advice? I don’t understand the phenomenon in that
room any more than you do, but I think it might be dangerous for anyone
to be in that room should it happen again.” He tells Quentin he thinks
Alexis should be moved to another room. Quentin replies, “I talk to her
about it tonight”. Barnabas continues, “I understand Alexis is your
first wife’s twin sister. What was your first wife’s name?” Quentin
replies, “Angelique”. Barnabas remarks, “A lovely name”. Quentin replies,
“She was a lovely woman.” Barnabas asks, “How long ago did she die?”
Quentin replies, “A little over six months ago”. Barnabas remarks, “It
must have come as a great shock to you and Alexis”. Quentin tells him,
“Alexis wasn’t living here then. She’s only been here about a month.
She’s been living in Italy for several years”. Barnabas asks, “Have you
ever met her before?” Quentin replies, “No. I see you’re very interested
in Alexis. Any reason?” Barnabas replies, “It’s just that I find her
very attractive”. Angelique comes into the room and announces, “Quentin,
Trask says a package has arrived for you. He put it in your study”.
Quentin asks, “Did he say where it was from?” Angelique replies, “Yes.
Paris”. Quentin quickly excuses himself and leaves. Barnabas remarks to
Angelique, “Quentin says you’ve spent quite a lot of time in Italy”.
Angelique replies, “Yes. Have you ever been there?” Barnabas replies,
“No. Where are you from originally?” Angelique says, “I was born right
here in Collinsport”. Barnabas asks, “Are you planning to stay?”
Angelique replies, “Well, Quentin has asked me to stay here temporarily,
and I agreed. Why?” Barnabas says, “Oh, mere curiosity”. Angelique
asks, “Now why should you be curious about me? You’ve only known me
since tonight”. Barnabas replies, “It’s just that I was looking at
your sister’s portrait, and you look so much like her. I wondered whether
your presence here meant that Quentin was over her death”. Angelique
snaps, “Or that he’s keeping me here to remind himself of her? No,
we’re very different!”
Barnabas is standing outside the front doors of Colllinwood, thinking
to himself, “Is she really Alexis, or is she the Angelique that I know?
I must find out about her sometime! Right now, I must go back into that
room while no one is in there! It is the only way I have of getting back
to my own time!” and vanishes.
Angelique goes to Quentin’s study and says, “I hope I’m not disturbing
you, but I couldn’t contain my curiousity! Do you have any idea what’s
in the package?” Quentin replies, “A portrait of Maggie. I commissioned
it while we were vacationing in the Riviera.” Angelique says, “I can’t
wait to see what it looks like!” Quentin replies, “I can. I’m not sure
I still want it”. Angelique asks, “Why not?” Quentin replies, “When this
was painted, we were two people in love without a care in the world. Now
she’s gone. Why should I keep this here?” Angelique says, “Well, it
depends on how you feel about her, Quentin. How do you feel about her?”
Quentin takes the portrait out. It’s of Maggie with her hair tied back
in a pony tail, standing beside a tree with a lake or ocean behind her.
Angelique remarks, “Oh, she’s very beautiful!” Quentin agrees, “Yes,
she is”. Angelique suggests, “You know, you must hang that portrait
above the fireplace in the drawing room! Face it, Quentin, you’re very
much in love with her and you won’t be happy until she’s back with you
again”. Quentin snaps, “Alexis, there’s no point in even discussing
Maggie! It’s obvious she’s made up her mind. She has no intention of
coming back here”. Angelique asks, “Do you want her to come back?”
Quentin asks, “What difference does that make?” Angelique replies,
“It makes a great deal of difference. If you want her back, you’ll
find a way to get her back”. Quentin asks, “How? Should I go and drag
her back here? I’ve tried calling, I’ve tried sending telegrams, and she
won’t answer”. Angelique says, “You could try again.” Quentin stares
at the portrait. Angelique remarks, “You miss her, don’t you?” Quentin
replies, “Maybe I do”. Angelique asks, Then why don’t you call her again?”
Quentin replies, “I’ve made enough overtures to her! I’m not going to call
her again! I appreciate your concern, but I don’t want to talk about this
anymore!” and leaves. Angelique looks at the portrait of Maggie and says, “
We’ll get you back, my dear. We’ll get you back very soon!” She picks
up the telephone receiver and starts to dial…
At Hannah Stokes’ house, Hannah answers the phone. Angelique tells
her, “I want you to come to Collinwood, immediately!” Hannah asks, “You
sound upset. Has something happened?” Angelique replies, “No, we’re
going to make something happen.” Hannah asks, “What do you mean?”
Angelique replies, “I’ll explain later. Just come here with all you
herbs and amulets”.
At Collinwood, Angelique takes Hannah to Quentin’s study and says,
“This is what I brought you here to see”, pointing out the portrait
of Maggie to her. Hannah guesses, “She’s very beautiful! I don’t think
I need to ask who she is. I take it she and Mr. Collins have reconciled
and she’s returniing to Collinwood, and you’re worried, and understandably
so”. Angelique replies, “No, she has not decided to return, and Quentin
is very stubborn about persuading her to come back, so that leaves it
up to us, doesn’t it? We’ll have to use OUR methods to bring her back”.
Hannah remarks, “I don’t understand. You WANT her to come back?”
Angelique explains, “Quentin can think of nothing but her, and as long
as she’s in New York, I can’t fight her.” Hannah asks, “but how are
we going to get her here?” Angelique replies, “We’re going to put a
spell on Quentin which will go deep into his heart and make him long
for Maggie so much he can’t bear it”. Hannah warns her, “A spell on
the heart can be very dangerous! You don’t know how he’ll react!
He may even become violent!” Angelique says, “Not if we control it”.
Hannah says, “But what if we can’t? You might lose him!” Angelique
confidently says, “I will not lose him. Quentin will be mine again.
It’s just a matter of time. Now we must prepare some marigold, and some
spring water for the potion. We must have it ready by the time
Quentin returns!”
Barnabas is in Angelique’s room thinking to himself, “I was in this
room when it changed before. Let it change again! Let me get back to
my own time!” He hears a voice call “Aunt Alexis?” He turns and sees
that Daniel has come into the room. Daniel exclaims, “I know who you
are! You’re the man in that portrait! You’re Barnabas Collins!”
Barnabas replies, “Yes, I’m Barnabas Collins, but not the man in the
portrait. That was my Great-great grandfather”. Daniel says, “I don’t
believe you. How’d you get in here?” Barnabas replies, “Your father
brought me here earlier”. Daniel says, “Stay away!” Barnabas asks, “Are
you afraid of me?” Daniel replies, “Yes”. Barnabas asks, “Why?” Daniel
replies, “I don’t know. I’ve got to go see my father”. Barnabas says,
“Don’t tell him you saw me here”. Daniel says, “He doesn’t know you’re
here, does he?” and starts to leave, but Barnabas grabs him and orders,
“Look into my eyes! Look into my eyes and tell me what you see!” Daniel
looks into his eyes and replies, “I see myself”. Barnabas continues, “Keep
looking into my eyes, Daniel, and you’ll see your reflection grow smaller
and smaller!” Daniel replies, “Yes, smaller and smaller”. Barnabas tells
him, “In a moment, you’re not going to see yourself at all. When I let you
leave this room, you’ll remember nothing of what you’ve seen or heard,
understand?” Daniel replies, “I understand”. Barnabas tells him, “You
may leave this room now”.
Quentin is in the drawing room, looking at the portrait of Maggie, which
he’s had hung above the fireplace. Angelique comes into the room holding
a pitcher of water, apparently for watering plants. She sees the portrait
and remarks, “I see you’ve decided to hang the portrait. I’m so glad”.
Quentin replies, “Yes. She’s a very beautiful woman”. Angelique asks,
“May I offer you a drink?” Quentin replies, “Yes. Would you care to join
me?” Angelique begs off, “No, I still have some correspondence to catch
up on”. She puts some ice cubes in a glass, pours some liquor into it,
the pours some water from the pitcher into it and gives it to Quentin.
She gestures towards the portrait and adds, “Besides, I think you two should
be together, alone” and leavees.
Hannah is in Angelique’s room. She fans the fire higher with some
bellows. Angelique returns. Hannah asks, “Did you fix the potion?”
Angelique replies, “Yes. I put it in his drink”. Hannah again warns
her, “We don’t know what this will lead to!” Angelique replies, “All
I want is for the longing in his heart to bring Maggie back here”.
She looks at the fire and remarks, “You’ve built a find fire, Hannah!”
She announces, “I’m ready for the communication to begin”, kneels in front
of the fire and intones, “Let these flames convey my thoughts to he who is
ready to receive them! Quentin, hear my thoughts! You are in love with
Maggie! You can think of nothing but her! Without her, life is not worth
living! You made a mistake letting her leave Collinwood! You must bring
her back! You can no longer bear the guilt you feel! You must do something
about it very soon!” She turns to Hannah and says, “He should be ready to
do what I want him to do now. You stay here. I’ll go see” and leaves.
Meanwhile, Quentin is in the drawing room staring at the portrait of
Maggie with a vacuous, dazed look on his face. He walks towards the portrait,
but then stops and wanders over to the desk instead. There, he stares at
a letter opener lying on the pink blotter. Angelique comes into the room
and asks, “Quentin, are you all right?” Quentin replies, “No…No, I’m
NOT all right!”, picks up the letter opener, and advances toward her.
Episode 1014
Tape Date: May 7, 1970 (ABC #99-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 14, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Lela Swift

Angelique screams, “No, Quentin, No!!!!”, but Quentin changes direction,
goes over to the portrait of Maggie and slashes it, then sits down onto
the couch and puts his head in his hands. Angelique asks, “Quentin!
Why did you do that? Tell me! You miss Maggie, don’t you?” Quentin
replies, “Miss her?”, then laughs and says, “You just saw how much I
miss her!” and starts for the door, but Angelique shuts them and says,
“No, Quentin, I won’t let you leave until you understand what you did”.
Quentin asks, “You know?” Angelique replies, “I have a theory. You let
Maggie leave Collinwood. You can bear the part you had in that leaving.
You’re past blaming yourself, now you’re blaming her!” Quentin says,
in a mocking voice, “Miss Alexis Stokes, psychiatrist”. Angelique asks,
“Won’t you let anyone help you?” Quentin apoligizes, “I’m sorry. I
know you mean well. Now excuse me”, but Angelique still refuses to
unblock the doors, saying, “A moment ago, when you were coming at me
with that knife as if you were going to kill me, what were you thinking?
You owe me an explanation!” Quentin ponders, “What was it? Hate? For
the portrait? For Maggie? No, I don’t think so. It was as if I were
finding out something, something I couldn’t understand.”

Quentin with Cyrus in Cyrus’ lab seeking Cyrus’ advice. He asks,
“Cyrus, answer me one question. Am I losing my mind?” Cyrus replies,
“Quentin, don’t be ridiculous”. Quentin asks, “Then why did I slash
Maggie’s portrait?” Cyrus replies, “There could be a number of causes.
Don’t forget all the strain you’ve been under lately”. Quentin remarks,
“Well, I may have been caught off guard by meeting Barnabas Collins, but
that’s no reasono for…” Cyrus interrupts, “You met Barnabas Collins?
The man they were talking about in the empty room?” Quentin replies,
“No, he’s a descendant of the original Barnabas Collins. He just showed
up a few nights ago. You’ll meet him soon. He’s staying with Willie
and Carolyn Loomis”. Cyrus says, “Oh?” Quentin asks, “Why do you find
that surprising?” Cyrus stutters, “No, nothing Quentin, no reason”.
Cyrus starts to remark, “Quentin, isn’t it strange that that man Willie
Loomis, no one ever knows what he’s up to?” Quentin asks, “Why do you
say that?” Cyrus starts to say, “I was…”, but then stops and thinks
to himself, “I was John Yaeger when I saw that coffin at the Loomis
House. But I can’t tell him that!” Quentin asks, “Cyrus, what is it?”
Cyrus replies, “Oh, I was just busy analyzing why you’re feeling this
way. Is it possible Alexis is right? When you rejected Maggie, it was
the same as killing her, and now you feel guilty?” Quentin remarks,
“But to act it out in such an extreme way!” He wonders if he should
ask Maggie to come back in view of all the strange things happening
at Collinwood. He says goodbye to Cyrus and is about to leave when
suddenly he gets he vacuous, dazed look in his face again. Cyrus asks,
“What’s wrong?” Quentin replies, “I don’t know!” Cyrus asks, “Are you
in pain?” Quentin replies, “Pain?…Yes! But not a physical pain.
What’s happening to me? Why am I acting this way?” Cyrus says, “Tell me
what it is”. Quentin replies, “It’s pain, a terrible deep pain! But
what, Cyrus, what is it? Oh God, what is it?”
Cyrus and Quentin are in the foyer of Collinwood. Quentin seems back
to normal. Cyrus asks, “You have no reasonable idea what caused it?”
Quentin replies, “no, no idea at all”. He tells Cyrus, “It was a
yearning, a very deep yearning. I’ve never felt like that before”.
Cyrus asks, “A yearning? For what?” Quentin replies, “I don’t know,
but the feeling was so deep it caused me pain!”. Angelique comes into
the foyer. Cyrus tells her, “I think he’s all right now. He just needs
some rest”. He tells Quentin to go up and get some rest. Quentin replies,
in a strange monotone, “I must admit I’m exhausted. I’ll go and lie down
and get some rest.” and goes upstairs. Angelique asks, “What happened
at the lab?” Cyrus replies, “He had what he could only describe as
a yearning.” Angelique asks, “For Maggie?” Cyrus replies, “He couldn’t
say. He just said he felt something so deep he couldn’t describe it”.
Angelique remarks, “Don’t you think feeling can run deep?” Cyrus starts
to babble, “Who knows what emotions lurk at the core of us all, ready
to burst out…” He stops when he notices that Angelique is staring
at him strangely and says, “All I’m saying is I think Quentin wants
Maggie back but is afraid to admit it”. Angelique asks, “And what do
you think we should do about it?” Cyrus replies, “Nothing. He must
make the decision himself”.
Hannah is in Angelique’s room playing with a deck of Tarot Cards.
Quentin wanders into the room. Hannah says, “Quentin, I was worried
about you! Alexis said you weren’t feeling well!” Quentin replies,
“I’m feeling better now”. Hannah asks, “Where is Alexis?” Quentin
replies, “Downstairs”. Hannah says, “You must excuse me, but I’ve
got to go now. Please be careful, Quentin” and leaves. Quentin notices
that Hannah has left her deck of Tarot cards on the table. He picks
them up and wonders, “Is it true that you can really see the truths
that are hidden in the future? I’m certain that the things that have
been happening are leading to something, but what? Does the answer lie
here?” He sits down and deals six cards face up, then a seventh face
down, saying, “This is the card that will tell me what I want to know”.
He turns the card over – it is numbered “XII” and has the French name
“Le Pendt”. Quentin gasps, “The Hanged Man!”
Angelique is looking at the portrait of Maggie, which is now sitting
on an easel. Hannah comes hurrying into the room and exclaims, “Alexis!
You must end the spell!” Angelique asks, “End it? Why?” Hannah replies,
“We gave gone too far! We have touched something in Quentin that may
cause him to destroy himself, or us! I’m afraid!” Angelique responds,
“There’s nothing to be afraid of. The spell will end when Maggie steps
into this house!” Hannah announces, “Then I will do nothing more to
help you!” Angelique says, “You will do as you are told!”, but Hannah
replies, “I refuse to do anything more for you as long as Quentin is
under this spell!” and leaves.
Cyrus Longworth is in his lab staring at the bottle of his compound.
thinking to himself, “John Yaeger is gone, and he must never come
back! He must be forgotten! But how? Can I rid my mind of him?
Maybe I can. Maybe I can work harder, help people. No more experiments!
I’ll be a doctor again. I’ll forget everything Yaeger saw and did!”
He looks at the bottle and thinks, “I’ll never think of this again!”
Quentin is wandering around Collinwood. He has that dazed, vacuous
expression on his face again. He ends up in the drawing room and asks
himself, “What is it? What am I feeling? What is it I must do?” He
looks at the portrait of Maggie and moans, “What have I done?” The
portrait starts to bleed. Quentin gasps, “I’ve killed you! Oh, I’ve
killed you!” He goes over to the desk thinks to himself, “I understand
it all now. I knwo what it is I must do!”. He takes out a sheet of paper,
uncaps a fountain pen and writes something.
Angelique is dealing some Tarot cards, saying, “The cards will tell
me what will happen, they will tell me if there’s any danger”.
Quentin walks up the stairs. He pauses at the top and reads the
note, “I must do this to be with the one I love”, then thinks, “Yes!
In the first dream! That was the meaning of the first dream! That’s what
the Tarot cards saw! It’s all so clear now, all so clear!”
Angelique deals out some more Tarot cards.
Quentin is now in the attic room. A noose has been looped over a
beam, and a chair positioned under it. Quentin steps up on the chair,
then starts to put the noose around his neck…
Episode 1015
Tape Date: May 8, 1970 (ABC #100-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 15, 1970 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Angelique deals out the Tarot cards, remarking, “Will Quentin send for
Maggie? The cards will tell me!” Hoffman comes into the room. Angelique
asks, “What is it?” Hoffman replies, “I wanted to see about having your
things removed from this room”. Angelique replies, “I take care of it
myself”. Hoffman says, “They said it’s not safe to be in here”. She
notices the Tarot Cards. Angelique, looking nervous, says, “Oh, Aunt
Hannah brought these. She was teaching me how to see into the future.
I’m not as good at it. I understand as Angelique was. I don’t really
believe in them”. Hoffman remarks, “But you’re beginning to?” Angelique
replies, “It’s still just a game to me”. She tells Hoffman, “Don’t let
me stop you from doing whatever you came here to do”. Angelique continues
to deal the Tarot cards while Hoffman putters around the room. Suddenly,
Angelique lets out a gasp of horror as she deals out the “Hanging Man”
card. Hoffman asks, “Miss Stokes, what’s wrong?”, but Angelique just runs
off without saying a word. Hoffman picks up the Hanging Man card, looks
at it, then looks at the portrait of Angelique, a suspicious look on her face.
Just as Quentin is about to step off the chair, Angelique comes rushing
into the room, grabs his legs and stops him and gets him off the chair.
Quentin moans, “You should have let me die! I had to join her!” Angelique
asks, “Join who?” Quentin replies, “Maggie!” Angelique tells him, “Maggie’s
not dead!” Quentin insists, “Yes she is! I slashed her portrait! She’s
dead!” Angelique tells him, “The portrait has nothing to do with Maggie!
She’s not dead! Call her and you’ll see”. Quentin suddenly seems to
get back to normal and says, “What’s happening to me?” Angelique replies,
“I don’t know, but I know it will all be solved when Maggie comes back to
this house”. Quentin moans, “My life, my life is all wrong!”. Angelique
says, “Because you miss Maggie! Or is it Angelique you really miss?
It would help if you told me”. Quentin replies, “It won’t” and leaves.
Angelique moans, “Oh, why can’t I control Quentin? Every other man is
so easy. Quentin, what must I do?”
Quentin is in the drawing room thinking, “Why did I think slashing the
portrait would actually harm Maggie? What made me go to that room? I’ve
lost control of myself!” Hoffman comes into the room, gestures towards the
portrait and says, “You’ll want that restored, of course. It was an accident,
I assume”. Quentin snaps, “Now how could that have been an accident?”
Hoffman asks, “Then who did it, Sir?” Quentin replies, “It’s not important
who did it.” Hoffman says, “I’ll have Trask take it into town to be
repaired”, but Quentin replies, “No! I’m tired of looking at it! Have
it put away!”
Angelique telephones Hannah and tells her, “No, Hannah, you were right.
The spell didn’t work… He still refuses to bring Maggie back. We’ll
have to try something else…You will not stop helping me now!” Hoffman
comes into the room. Angelique tells Hannah, “I’ll talk to you later!”
and hangs up. Angelique asks, “Have you come here to discuss moving my
things again?” Hoffman replies, “No. I saw the portrait of Maggie in
the drawing room, so I’ve brought you something that you’ll need”.
She holds out a voodoo doll and a pin. Angelique feigns ignorance,
“What are those? I don’t know what those are”. Hoffman says, “They
are necessary right now”. Angelique asks, “Necessary for what?” Hoffman
replies, “For Maggie to come back”. Angelique quits pretending, “Oh,
Hoffman! You know! Of course you know. How could I ever think I could
keep it from you?” Hoffman asks, “I don’t understand. Why did you have
to pretend with me”. Angelique replies, “I was afraid”. Hoffman asks,
“That I would tell?” Angelique replies, “Because we’re friends. Quentin
might have noticed if we spent too much time together. Now I’m glad you
know, because I’ve missed you. You’ve always known what I needed before
I asked. And now you’ve brought me this, and you were right to do so”.
Hoffman remarks, “I’m not so sure”. Angelique asks, “Why?” Hoffman
replies, “Perhaps I’m afraid of you for the first time.” Angelique asks,
“Why?” Hoffman replies, “Because you’re dead!” Angelique tells her,
“Touch my hand”. Hoffman does so. Angelique asks, “Do you feel the
warmth of life?” Hoffman asks, “How did you come back? You were murdered,
you know that, don’t you?” Angelique replies, “Yes, I remember feeling
the pain at he back of my neck, I felt the hand pressing the pin in here.”,
touching the back of neck to illustrate. She continues, “We must find out
whose hand that was!” She continues, “I don’t remember being in the grave.
All I remember is the terrible cold, and a voice saying someone will come.
I was never aware of being dead. It’s as if some unknown power meant for
me to come back”. Hoffman asks, “Who?” Angelique replies, “I don’t know”.
Hoffman remarks, “You were not saved from the grave for nothing. You are
in someone’s debt. Someone will come for payment”. Angelique asks, “Who?”
Hoffman says, “We will not know until he comes”. Angelique confidently
says, “Whoever it is, we’ll outwit him, you and I, won’t we, Julia?”
Hoffman replies, “Yes. You still want Quentin, don’t you?” Angelique
replies, “Yes, very much”. Hoffman says, “Then Maggie Evans will have to
be brought back here”. Angelique asks, “Will she be hard to handle?”
Hoffman replies, “For you, no”. They both laugh.
Barnabas is outside the door to Angelique’s room and wonders, “They’ve
moved Alexis by now. Perhaps this is my chance to go back to my own time.
There, at least I’ll have friends who will protect me. When I open this
door, will the room be empty? Will I be able to get in?”. He opens the door
and goes in, only to find Angelique and Hoffman in there. He quickly
apologizes, “I’m sorry. I understood you to have changed rooms”. Angelique
asks, “Then who did you came to visit?” Barnabas replies, “I was just
intrigued by what’s been happening in this room”. Hoffman tells him
coldly, “Well, you can see nothing’s happening right now” and leaves.
Barnabas says to Angelique, “Alexis, there was a person in Willie Loomis’
book that fascinates me, a servant girl Angelique who came to this country
with Josette DuPres”. Angelique asks, “You mean Angelique?” Barnabas
replies, “Yes. Was she and ancestor of yours?” Angelique replies, “Yes”.
Barnabas continues, “I wonder so much about what became of her. Willie
says he doesn’t know”. Angelique replies, “As far as I know, she got
married and to a ripe old age. My father Timothy Stokes is also the
descendant of someone who once worked at Collinwood”. Barnabas asks,
“Do you know where she was buried?” Angelique replies, “Yes, in the
family crypt”. Barnabas remarks, “I’d like to visit it sometime”.
Angelique remarks, “I must read this book of Willie Loomis’ sometime
to see what’s so interesting about my ancestor”. Barnabas then changes
the subject, “I understand you and your sister were identical twins”.
Angelique replies, “Yes, we may look alike, but we’re very different”.
Barnabas remarks, “You speak of her in the present tense as if she were
still alive”. Angelique replies, “It’s just that I have difficulty
accepting that she’s dead. She died too young.” She remarks, “You’ve
been told it’s dangerous to be in this room, yet you insist on keeping
me here. You’re a curious man, Mr. Collins” and leaves. Barnabas thinks
to himself, “There is no Angelique in this time band, no supernatural
creature. I’ve been spared that, at least. All I can think is that
perhaps Julia is standing in that hallway in that other time trying to
talk to me. Julia, I must get back, but how? How?”
Angelique is in an attic room. Hoffman comes into the room. Angelique
asks, “Did anyone see you come here?” Hoffman replies “No” and hands
Angelique something, saying, “Quentin’s handkerchief”. Angelique wraps
it around tne voodoo doll. Hoffman turns to leave but Angelique says,
“No, pleases stay!” Hoffman protests, “But I have to be outside to see
if anyone comes”. Angelique insists, “Stay with me!”. Hoffman asks,
“Why? You’re afraid!” Angelique admits, “Yes”. Hoffman points out,
“You’ve never been afraid before”. Angelique replies, “I’ve never felt
the coldness of death before. I’ve never been able to control Quentin.
I’m afraid I might go too far. He’s never reacted the way I expected”.
Hoffman says, “You only have to make him sick enough to send for Maggie.
You must do it, if you are to get Maggie back here!” She holds out the pin
and says, “Start! Now!” Angelique takes the needle, then stops. Hoffman
asks, “What’s stopping you?” Angelique muses, “The pin. Maybe that’s why
I’m afraid. I was killed by a pin like this”. Hoffman asks, “Now you want
Maggie Evans here, don’t you?” Angelique replies, “Yes”. Hoffman continues,
“You want to get rid of her so you can have Quentin all to yourself”.
Angelique replies that she does. Hoffman says, “Then begin the incantation,
now!” Angelique starts to chant,

Oh, Black gods that are hidden in the great depths of hell! Let this
pin touch this doll, and let Quentin feel the pain!”

In the drawing room, Barnabas asks Quentin, “Is something wrong?” Quentin
replies, “Is anything ever all right around here?” Barnabas says, “Surely
you can’t mean that”. Quentin replies, “I do. You know, if I didn’t know
better, I would say this house was under a curse. If I didn’t believe
you’re not the man those people in the empty room are talking about, I would
think you brought this curse with you”. He then pauses and says, “Sorry
if I was being rude. This all started before you came”. Barnabas asks,
“When did it start?” Quentin replies, “The moment I returned to Collinwood”.
Barnabas asks, “I understand your late wife was very interested in the
occult”. Quentin replies, “Who told you that?” Barnabas replies, “I
think it was Willie Loomis”.
In the attic room, Angelique is holding the pin aimed at the doll’s
chest, chanting, “Guide my hand! Do not let it go too deep! Guide my
hand carefully!” and inserts the pin.
Quentin suddenly grabs his chest. Barnabas asks, “What’s wrong?”
Quentin replies, “My heart!”
Angelique chants, “Quentin, you must bring Maggie back here! You
Quentin screams and falls to the floor. Barnabas exclaims, “Quentin!
For God’s sake…”
Episode 1016
Tape Date: May 11, 1970 (ABC #101-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 18, 1970 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Elizabeth comes running into the room. She asks, “What happened?”,
then sees Barnabas and asks, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”
Barnabas tells her, “Get a doctor!” Quentin manages to call out,
“Call Cyrus!” Barnabas repeats, “Call a doctor! He’s had an attack!”
Barnabas tells Quentin, “Don’t try to move! We’ll get a doctor”.
Elizabeth is on the phone saying, “Yes, Cyrus. Immediately, please!”
Alexis comes running into the room asking, “Is something wrong?”
Barnabas replies, “It’s Quentin, he’s had an attack”. Alexis says,
“There must be something we can do!”, but Barnabas says to her and
Elizabeth, “I think it would be best if you both left the room. The
last think Quentin needs is hysterics”. Elizabeth asks Barnabas,
“Who ARE you? Who put you in charge?” Barnabas replies, “I’m Barnabas
Collins”. Elizabeth says, “Barnabas Collins is dead!” Barnabas explains,
“I’m a distant cousin”. Quentin moans, “Alexis! I want you to take
care of Daniel! Get me Chris…My will…” Alexis moans, “No, Quentin!”
Out in the foyer, Elizabeth is apologizing to Barnabas for thinking
he was an interloper. Barnabas replies, “That’s perfectly understandable”.
Cyrus comes in through the front doors and asks, “Where is he?” Barnabas
replies, “In the drawing room!” They go into the drawing room. Cyrus
asks, “Was the attack sudden?” Barnabas replies, “Yes. He was talking
to me. Then he said he had a pain in the chest”. Cyrus tells everyone
to leave the room, saying, “I prefer to examine my patients in private”.
Everyone leaves. Quentin tries to say something, but Cyrus tells him,
“Don’t try to talk”, but Quentin manages to say, “Chris! My will!
Get Chris!”. Cyrus replies, “Let me decide when it’s time to talk about
your will”. Quentin says, “It’s pretty bad, isn’t it?” Chris replies,
“Let me decide”.
Barnabas, Elizabeth and Angelique are in the study. Barnabas is
pacing around nervously. The clock strikes. Elizabeth moans, “What’s
taking so long?” Barnabas replies, “I’m sure the doctor is doing a
thorough diagnosis”. Alexis suggests, “Call for Maggie. If I were
Quentin, I’d want Maggie to be here”. Cyrus, who’s just come in,
says, “That would be a futile gesture.” Elizabeth gasps, “He’s dead?”
Cyrus replies, “No, but he doesn’t have much time left”. Barnabas
asks, “Was it a heart attack?” Cyrus replies, “Yes. A very severe one”.
Elizabeth says, “You must be able to do something!”. Cyrus replies,
“I wish there were”. Angelique suddenly says, “Excuse me!” and runs
from the room.
Angelique holds the doll and asks, “Why have you failed me? Oh,
God, let me undo what I have done. Let me make him well again!” and
pulls the pin out.
In the drawing room, Cyrus gives Quentin and injection. Barnabas
and Elizabeth come in, but Cyrus says, “Mrs. Stoddard, please!” and
sends them back out. Angelique comes into the foyer and asks, “What’s
happening?” Barnabas says, “He tried to say something”. Alexis heads
for the drawing room. Elizabeth says, “Cyrus doesn’t want us in there!”,
but Angelique goes in anyway. She says, “He’s not going to die! He
can’t!”, but Cyrus tells her, “I wish I could help, but these attacks
keep occuring, each one worse than the last. He only has a few minutes
Barnabas and Elizabeth are in the study again. Barnabas picks up
a cup and offers it to Elizabeth, saying, “You haven’t finished your
tea”. Elizabeth declines it, saying, “I can’t”. She moans, “If only
Maggie were here”. Barnabas asks, “What made them part?”, but Elizabeth
babbles, “Quentin’s always been such a complicated person. I thought
Maggie could make him happy.” Barnabas suggests, “Perhaps if you called
her in New York…” Elizabeth replies, “Yes, maybe seeing her would
Maggie is sitting at a desk in New York writing a letter,

Dear Quentin,
I haven’t heard from you. I know what this must mean.
Tomorrow I will talk to my sister’s lawyer. There’s no
point in continuing this marriage this way…”

but then she crumples it up. The phone rings. It’s Elizabeth,
“Maggie, this is Elizabeth Stoddard. You must come to Collinwood!…”
Cyrus and Angelique are in the drawing room with Quentin. Cyrus
examines Quentin and notes, “His pulse is weak”. Angelique says,
“But he’s still alive! Five hours ago, you said he had minutes to
live! It means we have hope, doesn’t it?” Cyrus mutters, “Some”.
Angelique continues, “I’d never thought I’d see him like this.
Quentin was always so strong.” Cyrus, looking puzzled, notes, “You
speak of him as if you’ve known him for a very long time”. Angelique,
realizing her mistake, replies, “Oh, it’s just that we got to know one
another very quickly”. She looks at Quentin and says, “I wish there
were something someone could do”. Cyrus replies, “The only possibility
now is for some hidden resource he he may have inside to help him”.
Outside in the foyer, the clock strikes 6:00. Elizabeth tells Barnabas
“It’s time to send a car for Maggie”. Angelique comes rushing out into
the foyer. Elizabeth tries to tell her, “There’s
something I must tell you”, but Angelique replies, “There’s no time!”
and runs upstaits.
Angelique tries another spell. She lights the candles in a
candlelabrum and then blows out the candles one by one as she chants,
“Fire, you have always been my friend! You and I share a kinship like
no other! Now be like a kin and help me! Burn the spell from
Quentin and make him well! Free him from what I have done! Make him
well again!” Just as she blows out the last candle, the door opens
and Elizabeth comes into the room. Elizabeth asks, “Alexis, what
are you doing?”
Elizabeth asks, “What are you doing with all the lights out?”
Angelique replies, “I was just sitting here in the dark. I thought
it might make me feel better. I don’t know why”. She asks, “Has there
been any change?” Elizabeth replies, “No.” Angelique remarks, “Somehow,
I thought there would be”. Elizabeth tells her, “Cyrus was called back to
the hospital on an emergency. He’ll be back as soon as possible.
Barnabas is watching Quentin”. She tells Angelique, “Alexis, this
isn’t easy for me to tell you, but Maggie’s coming back”. Angelique
asks, “You called her?” Elizabeth replies, “Yes”. Angelique says,
“I’m so glad”. Elizabeth continues, “I know you don’t want to cause
trouble, but I can’t help remembering that it was your presence that
was in part responsible for Maggie’s leaving. I think it would be best
if you left and spent a few days at your Aunt Hannah’s.” Angelique
refuses, “I think it would be best if I stayed until there’s some
change. Surely you must understand that, Mrs. Collins”.
Maggie returns, entering through the front doors. She is greeted
by Barnabas. She asks, “Where is Quentin?” Barnabas replies, “Inside
the drawing room. We haven’t been able to move him”. Maggie asks, “How
is he, Doctor?” Barnabas replies, “He’s been given an injection. He’s
sleeping. And I’m not a doctor. I’m Barnabas Collins, a distant cousin”.
Elizabeth comes down into the foyer. Maggie tells her, “I’m so glad you
called me!” She asks, “Does he know you called me?” Elizabeth replies,
“No, the attack was very sudden, and he’s been in severe pain” Maggie
worries, “Then maybe he doesn’t want to see me”. Barnabas assures her,
“I’m sure he’ll want to see you”. Elizabeth says, “I’ll go check and
see if he’s awake”.
From up the stairs, Angelique hears Maggie and thinks, “I must see
Angelique goes to Maggie and says, “You have all my sympathies”.
Maggie thanks her. Angelique looks like she wants to talk to Maggie,
but when Elizabeth comes back out from the drawing room and says,
“He’s still asleep”, Maggie says, “I’d like to sit with him anyway”
and goes into the drawing room. Barnabas goes in with her.
Quentin starts to waken. Barnabas tells him, “Maggie is here”.
Quentin shouts, “No! NO! She must not stay in this house! Get her
out! Get her out!”, but Maggie says, “Quentin, I’ve come back to stay”.
Episode 1017 (Kinescope)
Tape Date: May 12, 1970 (ABC #102-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 19, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Lela Swift

Maggie goes to Quentin. Quentin tells her, “Maggie, you can’t stay
here!” Maggie replies, “Please don’t say that!” Quentin says, “It’s
not safe here!”, but Maggie says, “The only place I’m safe is here with
you!” Quentin says, “Maggie, no!”. Maggie says, “I love you!” Quentin
says, “Maggie, it’s too dangerous…” Barnabas interrupts, “Mr. Collins,
if you’d excuse me…” Maggie tells him, “Mrs. Stoddard told me how
kind you were to Quentin. Thank you”. Barnabas replies, “Quentin’s
recovery would be thanks enough for me. Now if there’s nothing else
I can do, Good Night”. As he is turning to leave, Quentin tells him,
“Barnabas, I don’t know if I’ve told you yet, but you’re welcome to
stay at Collinwood”. Barnabas leaves.
Maggie asks Quentin, “Is there anything I can get you?” Quentin
replies, “I’d feel much better if I knew you weren’t in danger”.
Maggie asks, “Is that the only reason you didn’t call me?” Quentin
replies, “Yes”. Maggie, very much relieved, exclaims, “Oh, how we’ve
been fools! We’ve been acting like children!” Quentin suddenly exclaims,
“Maggie!” Maggie asks, “What’s wrong? Is it the pain?” Quentin replies,
“Yes, it’s the pain”. Maggie says, “I’ll call the doctor”, but Quentin
tells her, “The pain, it’s gone! It’s gone! All of it, it’s gone away!
I can breathe much easier now!” He embraces Maggie, saying, “I can really
hug you now! I’m all right! WE’RE all right! I can take care of you,
and we can be together forever, and nothing’s going to come between us
again!” Outside in the foyer, Barnabas is listening with a jealous
look on his face…
At the Loomis House, Willie and Carolyn are coming down the stairs.
The are arguing vociferously. As they get to the foyer, Carolyn says,
“YOU can be Barnbas’ slave if you want to…” Willie replies, “I
don’t want to be! I don’t have a choice, and if you keep it up, he
can do it to YOU again!” Carolyn replies, “Not if I reveal the truth!”
Willie warns her, “He’ll find out!” Carolyn replies, “Not until it’s
too late!” Willie says, “He might find a way to get back to his own
time!” Carolyn replies, “And he might not! I’m not going to wait
another minute!” A voice replies, “I would suggest that you do”. They
both turn and see Barnabas standing there. Wilie asks, “How long have
you been there?” Barnabas replies, “Long enough to hear words I would
have preferred not to hear”. He begins to approach Carolyn. Willie
screams, “Barnabas! No!” Carolyn shouts, “Stay away from me!” Willie
shouts, “Tell him you won’t say anything!” Barnabas says, “She meant
it, but she will remain silent. There have already been enough
disturbances at Collinwood. Quentin is sick. His wife has returned.”
Carolyn sneers, “You care nothing about Quentin!” Barnabas replies,
“I do. He’s my cousin”. Carolyn points out, “Not in THIS time!”
Barnabas replies, “In this or any other time. He is a Collins,
just as you are a Collins and I am a Collins”. Carolyn says, “You’re
not a Collins, you’re not even human!” Willie shouts, “CAROLYN, SHUT
UP!”, afraid of Barnabas’s reaction, but Barnabas just calmy remarks,
“One does not always choose the conditions one has to live under”.
Carolyn asks, “Why don’t you just leave here and leave us alone?”
Barnabas replies, “Because the room I must use to get back to my own
time is here. Now, if I may speak to your husband in private”. As
she is leaving, he says, “One word of warning. Say anything and it
will mean the death of you and your husband”. Carolyn exclaims, “You
wouldn’t!” Barnabas replies, “I would, without hesitation”.
After Carolyn leaves, Barnabas tells Willie, “Open the secret panel”.
Willie does so. They go inside the secret room. Barnabas tells Willie,
“You must not allow me to leave this room tonight”. Willie asks, “How
can I stop you?” Barnabas replies, “I will give you power over me this
one night only. Do you still have that cross?” Willie replies, “Yes”.
Barnabas tells him, “Bring it back here. You will not show it to me
unless I try to escape”. Willie says, “I don’t understand”. Barnabas
tells him, “You don’t need to understand. Get that cross and bring it
back here!”
At Collinwood, Quentin and Maggie are coming down the stairs. Quentin
tells Maggie, “I’m perfectly all right. You can see that for yourself”.
Maggie replies, “The doctor said to tal you to the hospital for tests
and that’s what I’m going to do”. Quentin insists, “I feel better”,
but Maggie says, “There’s only one way to know for sure and that’s to
go to the hospital and have those tests”. Quentin muses, “Maggie,
how can it be? One moment I’m near death, then the next I’m fine”.
Maggie replies, “Let’s wait and see what Doctors say. Come on”.
They leave. The foyer clock reads 1:30.
At the old house, Willie looks at a mantle clock as it strikes
2:00. He is holding the cross. He opens the secret door and goes
into the room behind the bookcase. Barnabas asks, “You have the
cross with you?” Willie replies, “Yes” and pulls it out with a look
of vengence on his face. He obviously plans to have Barnabas under
his control again. But Barnabas orders, “Put it away!” and Willie,
having been bitten, has no willpower and does as ordered. Barnabas tells
him, “You will use it only when necessary!” Willie asks, “Why can’t you
leave this room? Why?” They hear the front door and Maggie’s voice
outside calling, “Mr. Lommis? Mr. Loomis? Is anyone here? Carolyn?
Mr. Collins? Hello?” Carolyn comes into the room, “Hello, Maggie,
Barnabas mentioned you were back. How’s Quentin?” Maggie replies,
“Much better now. I just brought him to the hospital for some tests.
Anyway, he seems to be all right now.” Carolyn remarks, “You must
be very excited”. Maggie replies, “I am. Sorry to call on you so late,
I just wanted Barnabas to know everything’s all right”. Carolyn replies,
“I’ll tell him when he comes back”. Maggie remarks, “I’d hate to think
what might have happened if Barnabas weren’t there. He was so calm.”
Maggie leaves.
Inside the secret room, Willie says, “It’s she you’re hiding from,
isn’t it? When I was writing that book, you mentioned how much she
reminded you of Josette in that other time! This Maggie reminds you
of that one, doesn’t she?” Barnabas orders, “Open the door, Willie”.
Willie asks, “What?” Barnabas repeats, “I said, open the door!”
Willie says, “You don’t want to leave here. You told me to stop you”.
Barnabas says, “You’re not stopping me!” Willie takes the cross out
and bars his way. Barnabas growls, “Willie, let me out! I warn you!”
Willie replies, “I’m only doing what you told me to!”. Carolyn opens
the secret door and comes in. Willie is distracted for just a second.
Barnabas takes advantage of this. He picks up his cane and attacks
Willie with it, knocking him out and escaping.
Willie regains conciousness and moans, “I’ve got to warn Maggie!”
Carolyn asks, “What are you talking about?” Willie explains. Carolyn
tells him, “You can’t go anywhere. I’ll warn her!” Willie says,
“Carolyn, you be careful!”
Barnabas is lurking around outside Collinwood. He hears footsteps
coming and hides. Carolyn walks up to the front door and is just about
to knock when Barnabas comes out of hiding and remarks, “Isn’t it a little
late to be making a social call?” Carolyn exclaims, “Barnabas!” Barnabas
asks, “May I ask you the reason for your visit?” Carolyn lies, “I wanted
to ask Maggie if she’s heard anything more about Quentin”. Barnabas
remarks, “Isn’t it Barnabas Collins you wanted to talk to her about?”
Carolyn says, “No, you warned me not to”. Barnabas growls, “Apparently
not strongly enough!” At that moment, there’s a noise inside, and
Barnabas quickly hides again. Maggie opens the front door and sees
Carolyn there. She asks, “Is something wrong, Carolyn?” Carolyn
replies, “I felt so bad after you left the house. I forgot to ask
if there’s anything Willie or I could do for you”. Maggie replies,
“There’s nothing to do but wait for the results of the tests. Thanks
anyway”. Carolyn suggests, “Wouldn’t it be better if you went to the
hospital and stayed with Quentin?”, but Maggie replies, “I said that
to Quentin, but he told me to go home”. Carolyn dejectedly says,
“Well, you know best” and leaves.
It is later. Maggie is in bed asleep. A bat flutters outside
her window, then vanishes Barnabas appears in the room. He walks
up to the bed, looks down on Maggie, bares his fangs and prepares
to strike…
Episode 1018
Tape Date: May 13, 1970 (ABC #103-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 20, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

But Barnabas quickly stops and vanishes when he hears the sound
of the doorknob turning. The door opens. Hoffman comes into the
room. Maggie wakes up and asks, “Hoffman! What are you doing in here?”
Hoffman replies, “Sorry, Mrs. Collins. I didn’t mean to upset you”.
Maggie replies, “You HAVE upset me, and you haven’t answered my
question. What are you doing in here?” Hoffman replies, “I knew
you’d retired for the night, but when I walked past here, I thought
I heard someone in here. I thought perhaps it was a prowler”. Maggie
says, “Well, you can see there’s no one in here”. Hoffman insists,
“I DID hear something”. Maggie points out, “I heard nothing”. Hoffman
says, “That would depend on how soundly you sleep”. Maggie counters,
“I heard YOU”. Hoffman remarks, “Too bad Mr. Collins had to go to the
hospital and leave you alone”. Maggie replies, “Only for one night.
Do you think I wouldn’t be safe here for just one night?” Hoffman
says, “Everyone’s been on edge lately”. Maggie asks, “Why?” Hoffman
replies, “So many things have happened, so many things no one understands”.
After Hoffman leaves, Maggie gets dressed.
Hoffman is on the phone saying, “I’m sure she thought I was in the room
for some other reason. I think she was frightened, just as we planned…
You’re staying in town?…Good…Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything
Quentin is in the hospital dressing in his street clothes. Cyrus comes
into the room. Quentin jokes, “What’s the bad news, Cyrus?” Cyrus tells
him, “The tests have proven most fascinating”. Quentin quips, “What is
it? Don’t tell me I have some kind of rare, tropical disease!” Cyrus
replies, “I almost wish that you did. Then I’d know what to do”.
Quentin asks, “Then what is it?” Cyrus replies, “Quentin, there’s nothing
wrong with you”. Quentin says, “There must be a mistake!” Cyrus replies,
“There’s no mistake. You’re in perfect physical condition”. Quentin says,
“I can’t be. I was in pain. I couldn’t breathe! I was near death!”.
Cyrus replies, “These tests don’t lie”. Quentin suggests that maybe
something’s wrong physchologically. Cyrus rules this out too. Quentin
says, “There must be some reason. It must be either physical or mental.”,
but Cyrus says, “There could be a another reason. The way the symptoms and
disappeared so quickly, it could be supernatural”. Quentin says, “Cyrus,
I’ve heard some surprising things, but this beats them all! You mean
a ghost or some sort of spirit did this to me?” Cyrus replies, “No,
not a ghost or a spirit. Your symptoms were very similar to those
resulting from the practice of Black Magic”. Quentin asks, “And how is
this done?” Cyrus replies, “There are a number of ways to practice
Black Magic. The most common is the fashion a crude doll or figure
representing the likeness of the victim. Pins inserted into the doll
will cause intense pain. I once saw a man die that way. There are
other methods as well”. Quentin says, “So, what you’re saying is
what happened to me was not caused by a supernatural creature, but by
a person”. Cyrus replies, “Yes, using supernatural means”. Quentin
continues, “I find it hard to believe. Who could have done it? Cyrus,
do you think it could have been someone close to me, someone living at
Collinwood?” Cyrus replies, “It could have been anyone”.
At Collinwood, Maggie opens to door to go and gasps, “Oh! Mr.
Collins!”, as she is startled to see Barnabas standing there. Barnabas
says, “Sorry if I startled you. Leaving the house at this hour?”
Maggie explains, “Yes. I’m going to see my husband”. The phone rings.
Maggie goes and answers it, “Hello?…Quentin?…Where are you?”
Quentin replies, “I’m at the hospital. Cyrus gave me a clean bill
of health”. Maggie asks, “Then you won’t be staying in the hospital?”
Quentin replies, “No, I’m coming home tonight”. Maggie exclaims, “Please
hurry!” Quentin asks, “Is something wrong?” Maggie says,”Let’s
discuss that when you get back”.
Barnabas says to Maggie, “I take it Quentin is coming home. What
did the doctor diagnose?” Maggie replies, “He’s going to be all right”.
Barnabas notes, “But something is troubling you”. Maggie replies,
“It doesn’t concern you”. Barnabas says, “But I am concerned”.
Maggie asks, “Why?” Barnabas explains, “Because Quentin is a friend
of mine, and you’re his wife”. Maggie says, “You’re very kind”. Barnabas
says, “If you don’t want to discuss it, don’t. But would you feel better
if I stayed here until Quentin returns?” Maggie replies, “I’d like that
very much”.
Unknown to them, Hoffman is listening to their conversation outside
the drawing room doors…
Maggie thanks Barnabas for staying with her, saying she needed
someone to stay with her. Barnabas remarks, “Anyone in the house cold
have done that”. Maggie replies, “I know you almost better than
anyone else in the house except Quentin. I’ve actully spent very little
time here”. She explains what happened and tells him, “If there had
been anyone as kind as you here, I don’t think I would have left”.
Finally, at 4:30 in the morning, Quentin returns. They thank Barnabas
and he leaves. Quentin asks, “What’s the problem?” Maggie replies,
“The problem is Hoffman!” Quentin asks, “Hoffman? What about her?”
Maggie replies, “I want you to get rid of her – as soon as possible!”
Quentin asks, “You want me to do that?!” Maggie replies, “Yes”.
Quentin asks, “Why? What happened while I was in the hospital?”
Maggie tells him what happened. After hearing the story, Quentin
says, “I can’t fire someone just for walking into a room. I know
Hoffman is difficult to get to know, but she’s been a fixture here
for years”. Hoffman comes into the room, saying, “Sorry, but I
couldn’t help overhearing you talk about me”. Maggie says, “I was
telling Mr. Collins about finding you in my room tonight! I told
him I didn’t believe your story”. Hoffman repeats her story about
hearing someone in the room and insists that she’s telling the truth.
She and Maggie get into a vociferous argument. Quentin breakss it up,
“I want you two to drop this right now! I want you both to go to
bed and you’ll both have a fresh start tomorrow!”
Hoffman goes to another room and makes a phone call.
Maggie and Quentin are in their bedroom. Maggie remarks, “I don’t
know what it is that frightens me so much about that woman”. Quentin
asks, “But do you feel safe with me?” Maggie replies, “Yes”. Quentin
jokes, “If you didn’t, we’d both be in a lot of trouble! Now why don’t
we just go to bed?” Maggie goes to undress. Quentin starts to undress
when suddenly he sees something Maggie’s suitcase – a doll. He picks
it up, examines it, and recalls what Cyrus told him,

“There are a number of ways of practicing Black Magic.
A crude doll used to represent the victim is the most common.
A pin can be stuck into the doll, and the victim will feel intense
pain. I once saw a man die that way.”
Quentin glances at Maggie, and the sentence, “I once saw a man die
that way”, echoes in his thoughts.
Episode 1019
Tape Date: May 14, 1970 (ABC #104-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 21, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Maggie turns around and, seeing Quentin just standing here, asks,
“Aren’t you going to bed yet?” Quentin replies, “Soon. I’m just
thinking”. Maggie asks, “Is anything wrong?” Quentin replies, “I don’t
know”. Maggie comes over, sees the doll, and asks, “What’s that?”
Quentin asks, “Don’t you know?” Maggie replies, “It looks like a doll”.
Quentin replies, “Yes”. Maggie asks, “Where did you get it?” Quentin
replies, “Out of your suitcase”. Maggie exclaims, “Out of MY suitcase?”
Quentin asks, “Haven’t you seen it before?” Maggie replies, “No, I
haven’t seen it before. I don’t know where it came from”. Quentin
mutters, “Neither do I”. Maggie asks, “Quentin, why are you getting
so angry?” Quentin replies, “I’m not. I just want to find out how
something you’ve never seen got in your suitcase”. Maggie says, “All
I can tell you is that it wasn’t there when I left New York”. Quentin
asks, “You think someone here put it there?” Maggie replies, “That
could be what happened”. Quentin asks, “Maggie when you woke last night
and saw Hoffman in this room, where was she?” Maggie asks, “You think
she could have put it in there?” Quentin replies, “I don’t know”.
Maggie says, “I think you should talk to her”. Quentin replies, “I
will, tomorrow”.
Hoffman is in the drawing room turning off the lights. The sound
of the front door opening and closing is heard. Angelique comes into
the drawing room and asks, “Did they go to bed?” Hoffman answers,
“Mr. and Mrs. Collins went to the master bedroom about half an hour
ago”. Angelique asks, “And did anything happen before they retired
to bed?” Hoffman replies, “Exactly what you said would happen! You
know the second Mrs. Collins very well!” Angelique remarks, “Whenever
a woman lacks imagination, she’s very predictable! Tell me what happened.”
Hoffman replies, “She told Mr. Collins she didn’t believe what I said.
She said she thought I lied about why I was in that room”. Angelique
remarks, “Good! The more hysterical she gets, the better!” Hoffman
asks, “What do we do next?” Angelique remarks, “You just can’t wait
to get her out of this house, can’t you?” Hoffman replies, “She’s
so out of place here! I can’t stand taking orders from her!” Angelique
says, “We must move slowly. We must make her think we’re her friends.
By the time we’re finished with her, Quentin won’t think of her the
way he does now! She’ll either leave, or he’ll tell he to leave!
You’ll see!”
It is the next morning. The foyer clock reads 10:15. Someone knocks
on the front doors. Hoffman answers. It’s Cyrus Longworth. He tells
Hoffman, “Quentin’s expecting me”. She tells him to wait in the
drawing room. Hoffman gets Quentin. Quentin tells Cyrus, “I’m very
glad you could come!” He hands the doll to him and asks, “Have you
ever seen this before?” Cyrus asks, “Where did you find this?”
Quentin replies, “I’ll answer your questions later. Just tell me
what it is”. Cyrus inspects the doll and replies, “Obviously hand made,
also obviously a doll used in the practice of black magic”. Quentin
gasps, “Black Magic! Are you absolutely sure?” Cyrus replies, “I’ve
seen many of these dolls, and they’re more or less all the same. Crudely
made, but very effective if properly used.” Quentin says, “I don’t want
you to say a word of this to anyone”. Cyrus asks, “Where did you find it?”
Quentin replies, “In Maggie’s suitcase”. Cyrus exclaims, “In Maggie’s
suitcase?!”, but Quentin assures him, “No, I don’t believe Maggie is
practicing Black Magic”. Cyrus asks, “But could it be someone wants you
to think she does? I want you to investigate this and see how it got
into your wife’s suitcase!” Quentin assures him that he will. Cyrus
excuses him, saying he’s got to get back to the lab, but Quentin says,
“Oh, Cyrus. There’s something that’s been bothering me. Larry Chase
was here a few days ago, and by accident I saw a copy of your will.
It was changed. Why?” Cyrus replies, “I just decided to change it,
that’s all”. Quentin asks, “Does your changing your will have anything
to do with John Yaeger?” Cyrus replies, “John Yaeger is gone forever.
I no longer have any need for him. I sent him away. In fact, I’m going
to call Larry Chase and have my will changed back. Does that answer
your question?” Quentin replies, “Yes, and it also pleases me very much.
Let me walk you to the door”.
Maggie is in her room unpacking a suitcase. There’s a knock at the
door. It’s Angelique. She asks Maggie, “Are you busy?” Maggie replies,
“Not very. I was just putting some clothes away”. Angelique says, “Now
that Quentin is better and the crisis has passed, I was thinking we should
have a talk”. Maggie asks, “About what?” Angelique replies, “About us.”
Maggie says, “I don’t understand”. Angelique replies, “You don’t have
to put up any pretense with me. I want you to tell me what you feel
about me. Ever since you went away, I’ve been feeling guilty”. Maggie
asks, “About what?” Angelique replies, “I was responsible for you
leaving”. Maggie tells her, “That’s absurd. I had a lot of time to
think while I was in New York. I have no one to blame by myself for
my seperation from Quentin. I behaved childishly”. Angelique says,
“If my presence here is disturbing you in any way, let me know and
I’ll gladly leave”. Maggie says, “Alexis, please. Now that I know
you’re Alexis and not Angelique, I should be the one to apologize”.
Angelique says, “I just want us to be good friends”. Maggie replies,
“And I want you to stay at Collinwood for as long as you want”.
Angelique tells her, “I don’t really know how long that will be”.
Maggie asks, “What do you mean?” Anglelique explains, “At first,
I thought I’d only stay for a week or two, but now I don’t feel I
can leave until I find out who murdered Angelique”. Maggie exclaims,
“What? Murdered?!” Angelique asks, “Haven’t you heard? Angelique
was murdered!” Maggie gasps, “Angelique murdered?!” Angelique says,
“Why, I thought someone would have told you by now”. Maggie replies,
“No, I didn’t know.” Angelique remarks, “How strange no one’s told
you”. Maggie asks, “How did it happen?” Angelique recounts, “She was
at a seance at this house. At one point, the lights went out. There
was a great deal of confusion. When the lights came back on, she was
slumped on the table, dead. The cause was said to be a stroke”. Maggie
asks, “Then why do you say she was murdered?” Angelique replies, “When
you were away, there was an re-enactment of the seance with everyone
who was there before. Sabrina Stewart revealed in a trance that Angelique
was murdered”. Maggie asks, “Who was at the first seance?” Angelique
replies, “Elizabeth and Roger, Sabrina, Cyrus Longworth, Bruno and of
course, Quentin”. Maggie asks, “Do you think someone there murdered
Angelique?” Angelique replies, “I’m sure of it. I didn’t know my sister
that well, but I do know she was too young and healthy to hvae died of
a stroke. That’s why I…” She suddenly stops talking. Maggie asks,
“Angelique, what the matter?” Angelique replies, “I feel a chill,
that’s all”. Maggie says, “I’ll get you a sweater”, but Angelique
replies, “It wouldn’t help. I get these chills every now and then.
I’ll just go to my room and lie down”. Maggie asks, “Anything I can
do for you?” Angelique replies, “No” and leaves. Maggie thinks to
herself, “I wonder why Quentin never told me Angelique was murdered?
Why didn’t ANYONE tell me?”
Quentin is in the drawing room. Hoffman comes out from the door
under the stairs, goes into the drawing room and says, “You asked to
see me, Mr. Collins?” Quentin replies, “Yes, I want to know about your
appearance in the Master bedroom last night”. Hoffman remarks, “I thought
that subject was closed”. Quentin replies, “I’m reopening it! When you
were in that room, did you leave anything there?” Hoffman says, “Leave
anything? I don’t understand”. Quentin says, “The question is clear!
Did you put anything in the bedroom?” Hoffman replies, “May I reiterate
why I was in that room? I was concerned about Mrs. Collins”. Quentin
snaps, “You are not answering the question!” Hoffman replies, “No, Sir,
I did not leave anything in the room. And if I may say so, I’m beginning
to feel sorry that I was felt so concerned about Mrs. Collins safety.
In spite of whatever shortcomings I may have, my integrity and my
motives have never been questioned before! I thought at least you
considered me honest. Will that be all, Sir?” Quentin replies,
“Yes. You may consider the matter closed”.
It is later. The foyer clock reads 7:00. Angelique comes scurrying
down the stairs wrapped in a shawl. She calls, “Hoffman! Hoffman!”,
the goes into the drawing room and sits by the fire. She complains,
“Hoffman, what’s keeping you?” Finally, Hoffman comes out from the
door under the stairs, goes into the drawing room, and says, “Yes?”
Angelique complains, “Where have you been? I’ve been calling you!”
Hoffman explains, “I was in the servant’s quarters. What’s wrong?”
Angelique replies, “It happening again! I feel cold all over!
Remember how I told you I needed warmth to survive? Julia, help
me!” Hoffman gasps, “No!” Angelique continues, “If I go back to the
tomb, I’ll never arise again! I have very little time left! The
next person who walks through those doors will give me the warmth
I need. Unless you bring someone back, YOU will be the next victim!”
Julia leaves. Angelique waits, thinking, “Julia, please! Find someone
to give met he warmth I need! Send him here, now! Julia, please!
Hurry!” The doornob to the left front door starts to turn. Angelique
says, “Who will it be? Who will it be?” The door starts to open…
Episode 1020
Tape Date: May 15, 1970 (ABC #105-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 22, 1970 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

The door opens. It’s Larry Chase! Seeing that Angelique looks like
she’s in some distress, Chase asks, “Miss Stokes, is something wrong?”
Angelique replies, “I don’t know”. Chase notes, “Why, you’re frightened!”
Angelique continues, “Suddenly, this house is as cold as a tomb. I’m
afraid!” Chase asks, “Where’s Quentin?” Angelique replies, “Away for
the evening. Could you stay here for awhile?” Chase replies, “I’ve
finished my work at the office. I just has some papers I wanted Quentin
to sign”. Angelique asks, “Is your wife waiting for you?” Chase replies,
“I’m not married. I am the last of the bachelors – and proud of it!
Can I get you something?” Angelique says, “No, just being here with you
is making me feel better”. Chase remarks, “That’s the effect I like to
have on a woman!” Angelique asks, “Could you hold me?” Chase replies,
“I’ve wanted to do this ever since I first met you!” and embraces her.
They start kissing…
Willie is outside the front doors of Collinwood, about to come in,
when he hears a bloodcurdling scream come from insides. He quickly
opens the doors and goes inside, where he finds Larry Chase lying on
the floor with Angelique standing over him. He examines Chase and
says, “He’s dead! It’s as if he’s been dead for hours!” Angelique
says, “It can’t be! He just died!” Willie says, “I’ll call Cyrus!”
Cyrus is in his lab. He opens the safe and takes out a bottle of
red, translucent liquid – the Yaeger compound. He asks himself,
“What am I doing?! Do I miss being John Yaeger so much? No, this
time will be different! This time I’ll just go see Buffie!” The
telephone rings. It’s Willie. Willie asks Cyrus, “Can you get to
Collinwood as soon as possible?” Cyrus asks, “What’s happened?”
Willie replies, “It’s Larry Chase. He’s had some sort of attack.
He’s dead”. Cyrus replies, “I’ll be there immediately!” hangs up.
He looks at the bottle of solution and says, “Saved! Saved!” and
puts it back in the safe.
Willie and Angelique have been joined by Barnabas if the foyer of
Colllinwood. Larry Chase is now lying on the couch in the drawing room.
Angelique asks, “When will Chyrus be here?” Willie replies, “Soon”.
Barnabas remarks, “Maybe there’s someone else we should notify- the
police. His death was most mysterious. What a time for this to
happen, now that Mrs. Collins has returned. This house has an affinity
for death”. Angelique protests, “Why do you look at me when you say
that?” Willie gets between them, “He didn’t me anything by that,
did you, Barnabas?” Barnabas replies, “I was just thinking of the
mystery here.” Angelique replies, “And are you one of those mysteries?”
They are interrupted by the arrival of Cyrus. Angelique says, “Cyrus
will probably want to ask me some questions” and takes Cyrus into the
drawing room where the body of Larry Chase is now lying. Willie asks
Barnabas, “Why did you come to this house?” Barnabas replies, “To
visit, of course. Anyway, I don’t have to account to you. You are
no longer in charge of me”. Willie says, “I won’t have you harming
anyone here! I saw the way you looked at Alexis!” Barnabas replies,
“I have no intention of harming her. Meet me at dawn in the secret
room”. Willie asks, “Where are you going?” Barnabas replies, “I
don’t have to account for my actions to you” and leaves.
Outside Collinwood, Barnabas exclaims, “Lust! Lust! I must find
someone! I must find someone tonight!”
In the foyer of Collinwood, Angelique is asking Cyrus, “Is an autopsy
necessary?” Cyrus replies, “Yes. Are you positive about the time of
death?” Angelique replies, “Yes”. Cyrus remarks, “It’s highly unusual
for a body to get rigor mortis so quickly”. Angelique asks, “Cyrus,
will you be performing the autopsy yourself?” Cyrus replies, “No, but
don’t worry. It’ll be someone competent”.
After Cyrus leaves, Willie and Angelique go into the drawing room.
Willie pours himself a drink and asks Angelique if she’d like one.
She declines. She asks Willie, “You know Barnabas Collins well, don’t
you?” Willie replies, “I wouldn’t say that”. Angelique continues, “You
know him better than anyone else in this house. Why did he come to you?”
Willie lies, “He read my book about his ancestor”. Angelique asks, “Do
you understand him?” Willie replies, “No. Why should I?” Angelique
notes, “You seem very nervous right now”.
Barnabas is at the Eagle with Buffie Harrington. They are alone in
the tavern. Buffie asks, “Will that be all, Sir?” Barnabas replies,
“Yes. Would you care to join me? The night is so lonely”. Buffie
says, “I never thought of a night being lonely. I guess I’ll join
you” and sits down. Barnabas tells her, “I’m Barnabas Collins”.
Buffie remarks, “I thought I knew all of the Collinses. Are you
visiting here?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Buffie asks, “Where are
you from?” Barnabas lies, “South America”. Buffie remarks, “I’ve
always wanted to travel, but I’ll never be able to”. Barnabas muses,
“I’ve heard that there’s another time band where we all live different
lives because we’ve made different decisions. Maybe there you’re
travelling”. The door opens. Buffie exclaims, “Oh, a customer!”
and quickly gets up. It turns out to be Cyrus. Buffie says, “Dr.
Longworth, we meet again. Would you like to join us?” Cyrus replies,
“No, I’ll just be here a few minutes”. Barnabas asks, “Do you know
exactly what happened to Mr. Chase yet?” Cyrus replies, “No, not yet”.
Buffie asks, “Want a drink?” Cyrus replies, “No, I just wanted to
if you’ve seen John Yaeger lately”. Buffie remarks, “I thought you
told me he’s never coming back again”. Cyrus replies, “Yes, but he’s
not a very responsible fellow. I guess I’ll be going. Would you like
a ride back to Collinwood, Mr. Collins?” Barnabas declines, “No,
Thank You”. Cyrus leaves. Buffie, puzzled, asks, “Do you know why
he came in here?” Barnabas replies, “To see you, of course.” Buffie
says, “Oh, don’t be crazy!” Barnabas points out, “You’re a very pretty
girl”. Buffie says, “Oh, keep on saying that and maybe I’ll just get to
believe it!” Barnabas asks, “Will you be closing up soon?” Buffie
replies, “In about an hour or so”. Barnabas says, “I’ll be back” and
turns to leave. Buffie says, “You can stay here with me and keep me
company”, but Barnabas says, “I don’t think that would be wise. I’ll
be back” and leaves.
Cyrus is in the drawing room at Collinwood. Angelique asks, “How much
longer until the autopsy results are out?” Cyrus replies, “Not until
morning”. Cyrus gives Angelique some sleeping pills to help her sleep.
Willie jokes, “If you had had a drink when I asked, you wouldn’t need
those”. He holds up a glass full of liquor and comments, “Greatest relaxer
in the world!” Angelique asks Cyrus, “Would you mind if I called you in
the morning to find out what happened to poor Mr. Chase?” Cyrus replies,
“Please do”, and Angelique leaves. Willie complains that no one will
drink with him, saying, “What’s wrong with everyone? It used to be that
this was about the time we’d all mosey down to the Eagle…” Cyrus
interrupts him, “I’m afraid you wouldn’t find much company at the Eagle.
Tt’s empty except for Barnabas Collins. I was there earlier tonight.
He was in there with the woman who works there. They were alone.”
Willie mutters, “Buffie!”, then tells Cyrus, “I’ll see you later!”
and leaves abruptly.
Willie arrives at the Eagle and is relieved to find Buffie there,
alone and unharmed. Buffie remarks, “Oh, Willie, you’re just in time
for a last drink”. Willie asks, “Where is Barnabas Collins?” Buffie
replies, “He’ll be back”. Willie asks, “How do you know?” Buffie
explains, “He’ll be taking me home”. Barnabas comes into the tavern.
He sees Willie and asks, “What’s wrong, Willie?” Willie stands there
mute. Barnabas asks, “What’s wrong, Willie? Tell me! What did you want to
tell Miss Harrington?” Willie replies, “Nothing. Nothing at all. I just
heard that you were here and I thought you might want to go back together”.
Barnabas replies, “That won’t be necessary. I’m not going back yet.
Thank you for your consideration. You understand, I’m sure”. Willie
reluctantly says goodbye and leaves. Barnabas asks Buffie, “Time to close
up?” Buffie replies, “I’d better, before someone else comes”. Buffie
closes up the Eagle and leaves with Barnabas.
Willie is visiting Cyrus at his lab. He is nursing a drink and starting
to get drunk. He starts to babble, “I remember once you and I were talking
about good and evil. I accused you of not knowing anything about evil”.
Cyrus replies, “You were wrong. We all have good and evil inside us if
we would only admit it and let it out”. Willie says, “Like your friend
John Yaeger!” Cyrus asks, “You know John Yaeger?” Willie replies, “I
ran into him once. I described him to Quentin and he said that’s who
it must be. He never mentioned me to you?” Cyrus replies, “No”. Willie
asks, “Where is he now?” Cyrus replies, “He’s waiting”. Willie asks,
“Waiting for what?” Cyrus replis, “Waiting somewhere. Waiting to come
back. You know, he and I are much more alike than you think. The only
difference is I work and he plays. I do what I should, and he does what
he wants”. Willie remarks, “You could try it yourself. You could stop
working and have fun, start to have a ball”. Cyrus says, “I wouldn’t
know where to begin”. Willie replies, “You do it by just doing what
you want, for once!” Cyrus says, “You’re right! I should! I will!”
Buffie takes Barnabas to her apartment. Barnabas notices Cyrus’
landscape on the wall and remarks, “Lovely picture”. Buffie replies,
“Do you really think so? I don’t know if I like it or not. I keep changing
my mind. Someone gave it to me, and when I think of him, I don’t think I
like it too much. But I didn’t bring you here to hear about my problems.
Would you like a drink?” Barnabas replies, “No”. They embrace. Buffie
says, “You have the strangest eyes I’ve ever seen, it’s like you’re looking
right through me…” He bites her… There’s a knock at the door. Barnabas,
startled, lets go of Buffie, who slumps to the floor unconscious. The door
opens. It’s Cyrus. He sees Buffie lying on the floor and exclaims, “Buffie!”
Episode 1021
Tape Date: May 18, 1970 (ABC #106-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 25, 1970 Monday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Cyrus asks Barnabas, “What happened?” Barnabas replies, “I don’t
know. I brought her home and was just leaving when I heard her scream
and found her like this”. He quickly kneels down beside Buffie and
covers her throat with her scarf as he talks, hiding the bite marks.
Buffie groans and starts to come to. Barnabas asks, “Are you all right,
Miss Harrington? Miss Harrington, can you hear me?” Cyrus says, “Let
me have a look at her”, but Barnabas says, “She’s coming to!” He asks Buffie,
“What happened? What frightened you? Was there a stranger in this room?
Someone at the window?” Buffie, under Barnbas’ spell, lies, “Yes, it I
thought I saw someone at the window looking into the room”. Cyrus quickly
goes to check the window. Barnabas asks, “Cyrus, is anyone out there?”
Cyrus replies, “There’s no one there right now, and there wasn’t anyone
there outside earlier when I passed by either”. Barnabas asks Buffie,
“Are you sure you didn’t imagine it?” Buffie replies, “I guess I did.
I’ve been a little upset lately. I hope I haven’t caused anyone any
trouble”. Cyrus replies, “No trouble. We’re just happy you’re all right”.
You ARE all right, aren’t you?” Buffie replies, “Yes, I’m just a little
shaken, that’s all”. Barnabas offers, “If you may allow me to stay
with you until you feel better, I’d be glad to”. Buffie replies, “That’s
very considerate of you.” Cyrus says to Buffie, “Let me examine you”,
but Buffie says, “No, I’m fine, thank you”. Barnabas turns to Cyrus and
says, “Beside, you have that special business to attend to”. Cyrus asks,
“Special business?” Barnabas says, “Surely you must have had some sort of
special business to bring you to this part of town at this time of night”.
Cyrus, not wanting to admit that he came to see Buffie, says, “Oh, yes.
I forgot. The special business”, says goodnight and leaves.
Buffie asks Barnabas, “What happened? Why do I feel this way?” Barnabas
replies, “You know the answer to that as well as I do”. Buffie admits, “I
do”. Barnabas continues, “You’ll do as I ask, won’t you?” Buffie replies,
“I will”. Barnabas orders, “And you won’t go near Cyrus Longworth, will you?”
Buffie replies, “Whatever you say”. Barnabas says, “Good. Now go to bed
and get some sleep. Buffie replies, “Yes.” Barnabas tells her, “We’ll we
be seeing one another again – very soon!”
At Collinwood, Maggie is pouring some coffee for Quentin in the drawing
room. Maggie is complaining, “Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Quentin
replies, “Why should I have?” Maggie continues, “I know you don’t like to
talk about it, but don’t you think you should have told me Angelique
was murdered?” Quentin replies, “NO!” Maggie asks, “Why?”
Angelique happens to come into the foyer from the front door holding
a bunch of yellow flowers. She can hears Maggie and Quentin arguing louldy
through the closed drawing room doors.
Quentin replies, “Why should I tell you something that isn’t true?”
Maggie counters, “Why would Alexis tell me something that isn’t true?”
Quentin replies, “Because she believes it is true. I don’t!” Maggie
asks, “Why not?” Quentin replies, “For the simple reason that Angelique
wasn’t murdered!” Maggie starts to say, “But Alexis said…”, but
Quentin interrupts her, angrily shouting, “Let Alexis believe whatever she
wants! Just because Sabrina got hysterical at a seance doesn’t mean someone
killed Angelique, so please stop talking about it!” Maggie meekly replies,
“Of course, Quentin, whatever you want”.
Outside in the foyer, Angelique opens the front doors then slams them
shut loudly to make it seem as though she’s just come in and calls out,
“Maggie! Maggie! ” Maggie and Quentin come out into the foyer. Anglique
shows them the flowers she’s picked and says, “Aren’t they beautiful?
I couldn’t resist picking a handful! Wait until you two go outside!
It’s the most beautiful morning!” She tells them, “I’ll see if I can
find a vase for the flowers”, gives them to Maggie and leaves. There’s
a knock at the door. It’s Cyrus. Maggie says, “I can tell you want to
talk to Quentin alone. I’ll be upstairs if anyone wants to talk to me”.
She places the flowers on the table in the foyer and leaves. Cyrus
and Quentin go into the drawing room to talk, closing the doors behind
Inside the drawing room, Quentin asks Cyrus, “What is it?” Cyrus replies,
“We’ve just finishes the autopsy of Larry Chase”. Quentin asks, “What were
the results?” Cyrus replies, “Inconclusive. But there was one thing. The
body was incredibly cold”. Quentin remarks, “Why shouldn’t it be? The
man was dead”. Cyrus replies, “It was colder than it should have been.
The body was so cold that if I had to list the cause of death, I’d have
to say the man froze to death!” Angelique, who’s come into the foyer,
listens through the doors and hears this. She goes over to the flowers
lying on the table and thinks, “Dear, sweet Maggie, what is it about you
that makes something peculiar happen to flowers after you’ve held them,
and what will Quentin think when he sees what’s happened?” She passes
her hands over the flowers a few times. Suddenly, they all wilt and
turn brown and dead in a fraction of a second… Angelique leaves.
The drawing room doors open, and Quentin and Cyrus come out. Quentin
walks Cyrus to the front door. Cyrus promises, “If there are any further
results, I’ll let you know”. Quentin asks, “Cyrus, you don’t think
whatever happened to Larry Chase had any relation to what happened to
me, do you?” Cyrus replies, “You mean was there any unseen force involved
at all? I don’t know. I wish I did know. I wish I knew a lot of things”
and leaves. Quentin sees the dead flowers on the table. Maggie comes
down into the foyer, sees the flowers and asks, “Quentin! What happened
to the flowers?” Quentin replies, “I don’t know”. Angelique comes back
and says, “I couldn’t find a vase large enough”, then pretends to see
the dead flowers for the first time and says, “It couldn’t be! I just
picked them myself not more than half an hour ago! When Maggie held them,
they were so lovely and fresh! But not they’re so cold it’s as if they
froze to death!” Quentin, hearing this, looks at Maggie with a strange
expression on his face. Angelique continues, “But it doesn’t matter.
I can always pick more from the garden”.
The alarm clock in Buffie Harrington’s apartment reads 12:05. Cyrus
has come back. He tells Buffie, “I just came by to see if everything
was all right”. Buffie replies, “There was nothing wrong in the first
place. I just have an overactive imagination, that’s all. Now, doctor,
I’ve got things to do”. Cyrus dejectedly says, “I remember the time when
I thought you enjoyed my company”. Buffie complains, “Please, Doctor!”
Cyrus continues, “Do you find Barnabas Collins more interesting?”
Buffie reiterates, “Please, I’ve got things to do!” Cyrus says, “As
you wish”. As he is about to leave, Buffie asks, “Have you heard anything
from John Yaeger?” Cyrus asks, “Why? Do you miss him?” Buffie replies,
“No, just curious”. Cyrus says, “I haven’t heard from him, but if I do,
you’ll be the first to know” and leaves.
Buffie sits down at her bureau. She hears a voice say, “So, John
Yaeger still interests you”. Buffie looks and sees that it’s Barnabas
Collins. She remarks, “You were standing out there all this time?”
Barnabas replies, “Tell me about John Yaeger. Tell me everything you
know”. Buffie replies, “I hardly know anything about him at all.
Dr. Longworth is the one you should be asking. He knows more about
John Yaeger than anyone else”. Barnabas remarks, “Oh?” Buffie continues,
“Yaeger used to help him with his experiments. I bet he could tell you
where John Yaeger is right now”. Barnabas remarks, “So you still want to
see John Yaeger?” Buffie exclaims, “No!” Barnabas says, “Well, I do.”
Buffie asks, “Why?” Barnabas replies, “I have certain questions to ask
him. They concern a certain basement room. I want you to find out whatever
you can about John Yaeger from Cyrus Longworth”. Buffie points out, “I
thought you told me to stay away from him”. Barnabas replies, “That was
before I found out he knew John Yaeger. I must find that man!”
Maggie is in the drawing room of Collinwood. Angelique comes rushing
into the room excitedly announcing, “I think I may have found a way to
find out who killed Angelique! If you murdered someone, what would you
do?” Maggie guesses, “Try to place the blame on someone else?” Angelique
replies, “Perhaps, but there’s something even better than that. Deny that
a murder even took place!” Maggie asks, “Deny it?” Angelique continues,
“Yes. It’s the perfect solution. If you could get everyone to believe
that no murder took place, you would be in the clear. So if there were
a person who denies that a murder took place…” Maggie gasps, “This
morning Quentin…” Angelique interrupts, “Oh, Maggie, I didn’t mean
Quentin! He’s the last person I could have been talking about! Angelique
was his wife, and he loved her very much. He couldn’t have murdered his
wife if he loved her, could he?” Maggie has a very worried look on her
Maggie is in her bedroom. She has just changed into her nightgown.
Quentin comes into the room. Maggie asks, “Coming to bed?” Quentin
replies, “I have some things I have to do downstairs before morning.
I hope you understand”. Maggie replies, “I don’t mind. Quentin?”
Quentin says, “Yes?” Maggie says, “I just wanted to tell you I’m happy
I’m back. I’m sorry I went on and on about Angelique being murdered.
I’ll never mention it again”. Quentin in turn says, “And I’m sorry
I blew up. And I want you to forget what happened to the flowers”.
Maggie replies, “I wasn’t upset about that. Just puzzled”. Quentin
promises, “I’ll be back soon”. Maggie replies, “I’ll be waiting”.
Cyrus is again in Buffie Harrington’s apartment. He is telling
her, “I must admit, Miss Harrington, I was surprised to receive your
invitation”. Buffie explains, “I have some things John Yaeger gave
me and since I don’t want to see him again, I thought you might give
me his address.” Cyrus, looking upset, says, “So, it’s John Yaeger you
really want to see”. Buffie lies, “No, I just want his address so I can
give him his things back”. Cyrus says, “I have the feeling if you
wait you’ll be seeing John Yaeger fairly soon” and leaves. Buffie
wonders, “he knows more about John Yaeger than he’s letting on.
But why is he protecting John Yaeger? I’ve got to try again”.
Maggie is lying in bed asleep. She starts to dream…

It is the first seance. Quentin is sitting to the left of
Angelique. Suddenly, Quentin gets up, grabs Angelique by the
throat and starts strangling her… A voice says, “Murder! Murder!”

Maggie awakens screaming, “No, Quentin, no! She’s your wife! She’s
your wife!!”
Episode 1022
Tape Date: May 19, 1970 (ABC #107-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 26, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Maggie screams, “No, Quentin, no!” Quentin comes running into the
room to see whats wrong, but Maggie screams, “Stay away from me! Don’t
touch me!” Quentin says, “Maggie, I heard you calling, what’s wrong?”
She shrinks from him. He asks, “You’re frightened! What is it? You’re
not frightened of me, are you?” Maggie, now somewhat calmer, replies,
“Quentin! I had a dream!” Quentin assures her, “It’s all right now”.
Maggie says, “I was so afraid!” Quentin asks, “What was the dream about?”
Maggie replies, “I’d rather forget it”. Quentin asks, “Was it about
something you’d rather not talk to me about?” Maggie replies, “No, I’d
just like to forget about it”. Quentin asks, “Do you want me to stay
with you?” Maggie replies, “No, you have work to do”. Quentin says,
“All right” and leaves. Maggie thinks to herself, “How could I ever
think he would hurt anyone? It was only a dream! How could never
do anything like that, never!”
A clock in the drawing room reads 1:12. Angelique goes to a pile
of four books on a table, puts aside the top two, and takes the
third one – “The Seventh Level of Witchcraft” to the table, where
she sits down and starts to read from it. She hears someone coming,
quickly puts the book back on the table she got it from, and puts
one of the other books on top of it to hide it. Maggie comes into
the room and says, “Alexis! What are you doing up so late?” Angelique
replies, “I couldn’t sleep. I thought I’d come down and find something
to read”. Noticing that Maggie is acting strangely, Angelique asks,
“Are you all right?” Maggie replies, “Yes, I couldn’t sleep, that’s
all”. She notices the round table and starts to get hysterical,
“This was the table where Angelique was killed, wasn’t it? Quentin
was sitting here, and Angelique was sitting there, and just before
she was killed, he went and strangled her!” Angelique comments,
“Maggie, you sound as if you were there and saw Quentin strangling
Angelique!” Maggie replies, “No, I just had a dream. He couldn’t
have killed her, he couldn’t!” Angelique assures her, “Of course he
didn’t. You’ve got to stop thinking about it”. Maggie points out,
“How can I forget about it when I dream about it? Where did that
dream come from? How can I dream something that didn’t happen?”
Angelique replies, “I don’t think anyone knows where dreams come
from”. Maggie continues, “Alexis, perhaps you know. Why DID Quentin
attack Angelique that night?” Angelique replies, “There was a voice
that talked about Angelique and Bruno. Everyone knew it wasn’t true,
but Quentin loved Angelique so much it drove him mad. Quentin didn’t
kill Angelique. He loved her far too much”. Seeing the hurt look on
Maggie’s face, she stops and says, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that
to you. Why didn’t you stop me?” Maggie replies, “Why should I? It’s
the truth, isn’t it?”
It is the next morning. The clock in the foyer reads 9:00. Quentin
is in the foyer with the mail, opening envelope after envelope, glancing
at the contents, and throwing them angrily onto the table. He storms
into the drawing room and complains, “I told Elizabeth I didn’t want
a costume ball this year, so what does she do? She’s sent out invitations
and everyone’s accepting!” Angelique, who is alone in the drawing room,
replies, “I’m afraid I’m partially at fault. I helped her with the
invitations”. Quentin growls, “The last thing we need is a costume ball,
With all the trouble there’s been here!” Angelique replies, “All the more
reason she said we should have it. Everyone enjoys it so much, and this
is the perfect opportunity for Maggie to meet your friends”, but Quentin
replies, “She’s had enough trouble, and a party now is absurd!”
Maggie is at Cyrus’ lab. Cyrus is reassuring her, “Maggie, Angelique
was not murdered! She had a stroke! I signed the death cerificate myself!”
Maggie looks distraught. Cyrus asks, “What’s the matter?” Maggie replies,
“It’s just frightening. I don’t know who to believe anymore”. Cyrus says,
“You could at least believe me”. Maggie replies, “Of course I do.” Cyrus
says, “I just hate to see you so upset”, and takes her hands in his to
comfort her and continues, “You’ve been through so much, I just wish there
were more that I could do”. Maggie tells him, “Just talking to you makes
me feel much better”. Cyrus says, “I’m glad to hear that”. Maggie says,
“You don’t realize how kind you are”. Cyrus says, “If there’s anything more
I can do, don’t hesitate to come back”. Maggie thanks him, then asks, “Is
something wrong? You keep staring at me”. Cyrus apologizes, “Oh, that’s
just me, absent-minded Cyrus, staring at something and not knowing what he’s
staring at!” Maggie says, “Good Night, Cyrus, Thank you again” and leaves.
Cyrus notices that Maggie has left her gloves sitting on a table, picks them
up and calls out, “Oh, Mrs. Collins!”, but he’s too late. Maggie is gone.
Cyrus looks at the gloves for a second, then holds them to his face. An
adoring expression comes onto his face…
Later, Cyrus is busy working, looking through a microscope. Buffie
comes down into the lab and says, “Look here, when I’ve got something
on my mind, I can’t get if off until I get it solved”. Cyrus asks, “What
is it you have on your mind?” Buffie says, “You know where John Yaeger
is!” Cyrus lies, “I’m afraid I don’t”. Buffie continues, “You know
much more than you let on. I’m not a fool, you know. What kind of work
could he do for you? He’d break any test tube he touched. I know what
John Yaeger does for you. He lives”. Cyrus exclaims, “What?!” Buffie
continues, “He lives while you work, while you make pretty colors in
those test tubes. You wouldn’t need John Yaeger if you’d tried living
for yourself.” She notices the gloves on a table, picks them up and
asks, “Who do these belong to?” Cyrus says, “Put the down!” Buffie
says, “Touchy, aren’t we? Whose are they?” Cyrus replies, “Mrs. Collins”.
Buffie says, “Funny, I used to know her when she lived here before they
moved away. Then she married and came back Mrs. Quentin Collins”. Cyrus
asks, “Did you know her well when she was a child?” Buffie replies, “I
always knew she’d be something special. She was so bright, so pretty,
so lady like!” She looks in the mirror and continues sadly, “I bet she
doesn’t look in the mirror before she goes to bed and hate herself.
Now there, Cyrus, you have the clue to Buffie Harrington. Not a lady
at all.” She takes a pearl necklace off and says, “Yaeger gave these
to me. The first time I wore them, he got angry and yanked them off,
that’s the kind of ‘gentleman’ he is. I just had them restringed. He
tried to make me a lady.” She hands the necklace to Cyrus and says,
“Give them back to him. Let Maggie Collins stay in her league, and I’ll
stay in mine”.
Maggie is sitting in the drawing room reading “The Seventh Level of
Witchcraft”. Quentin comes in and asks, “Where’s Elizabeth?” Maggie
replies, “I think she’s in town for the day”. Quentin says, “Coward.
She’s hiding from me!” Maggie asks, “What are you talking about?”
Quentin starts to says, “The costume ball, oh, never mind”. He notices
the book she’s reading and asks, “You reading that?” Maggie replies,
“Yes”. Quentin shouts, “Well you can stop right now! I’ve told you
again and again I want this subject ignored and forgotten!” Maggie
replies, “How can I with everything that’s been happening around here?”
Quentin orders, “Maggie, I want this obsession with the occult
ended, once and for all! And I mean it!” and stomps off angrily.
There’s a knock at the door. Maggie answers. It’s Cyrus Longworth.
She exuberantly welcomes him, “Cyrus! Come in!” Cyrus steps inside
and replies, “Just for a minute.” Hand hands her her gloves, saying,
“You left these this morning. I was just driving by and I thought I’d
return them to you”. Maggie replies, “How thoughtful of you! I can’t
tell you how much I appreciate it!” Cyrus, looking bashful, says, “As
I said, I was just driving by”. Maggie asks, “Can you stay?” Cyrus
replies, “No, I have work to do”. Maggie jokes, “As usual! Good night!”
The clock in Cyrus’ lab reads 4:30. Cyrus returns and goes immediately
to the picture on the wall. He takes it down and starts to open the safe,
but stops and thinks to himself, “No! I must not! I know I mustn’t!
She’s Quentin’s wife! Quentin’s my friend! Has been all my life!”
Then he thinks, “Buffie’s right! So soft, so uiaet, so special!
Maggie, oh!” Then he thinks again, “No! I can’t do it! There’s got
to be limits even for John Yaeger!” Then he thinks, “No! There are no
limits for John Yaeger! He would never give in so easily! He wouldn’t
keep saying no, no, no, no, no. His word is YES! Nothing stands in
his way! Nothing!”
The phone rings at Collinwood. Maggie answers, “Hello?” Yaeger
replies, “Mrs. Collins! We’ve not met, but I think it would be valuable
if we met on another.” Maggie asks, “Who is this?”, but Yaeger just
continues, “I’ve heard that you’d like to hear the details of exactly
what happened at a certain seance.” Maggie again asks, “Who is this?”,
but again Yaeger just continues, “I understand there was something
that happened during that seance. Isn’t this the opportunity you’ve
been waiting for?” Maggie lies, “These answers are no longer of any
importance to me!”, but Yaeger continues, “You can meet me at the docks
at 6:00″. Maggie replies, “The docks?! I have no intention of meeting
you at the docks!” Yaeger replies, “Would you rather that we meet
somewhere where we can be heard? At the docks! Six o’clock!” and
hangs up.
Yaeger is waiting at the docks. Buffie comes walking along.
Yaeger says, “Well, if it isn’t Miss Harrington! Do you always walk
the streets alone at this time of night?” Buffie replies, “I’m on
my way to work at the Eagle”. Yaeger, not wanting her there, says,
“Maybe you should be on your way, then”. Buffie replies, “I certainly
am!” As she is turning to go, Yaeger says, “Thank you for returning
that necklace!” Buffie replies, “I didn’t want it anymore”. Yaeger
cruelly says, “Of course you didn’t want it! It wasn’t cheap enough
or vulgar enough for you, was it? I tried to make a lady out of you, but
I concede my defeat!” Buffie leaves in anger. Yaeger looks at his
watch. Soon, Maggie comes. Yaeger greets her, “Well, Mrs. Collins!
Good evening!” Maggie asks, “Are you the gentleman who phoned me?”
Yaeger bows, “At your service!” Maggie asks, “Who are you?” Yaeger
replies, “Your friend, Mrs. Collins, your friend!” Maggie says, “Please
tell me whatever it is you have to tell me”. Yaeger says, “Your husband
was seen strangling his first wife at the seance”, then stops. Maggie
prompts him, “Go on”. Yaeger replies, “I’m doing you a great favor
giving you all this information. I was wondering if you could do me
a favor in return”. He grabs her and puts her hand over her mouth.
Maggie gives a muffled cry, “Let go of me!” Yaeger replies, “Soon,
Mrs. Collins, soon!”
Episode 1023
Tape Date: May 20, 1970 (ABC #108-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 27, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Joe Caldwell
Director: Lela Swift

Maggie gives muffled cries, “No! No! Help” through Yaeger’s hand.
Buffie, not far away, hears the commotion and comes running, shouting,
“Let her go!” Yaeger unhands Maggie and starts to approach Buffie.
Buffie threatens, “Take one step closer and I’ll call the police!”
Yaeger replies, “Go ahead! Call the police! I’m sure Mrs. Collins
would like them to hear her sordid story! I think she’ll love telling
them why she’s meeting a stranger on a deserted street. I’m sure her
husband would like to know too”. Maggie tells Buffie not to call the
police. Yaeger remarks, “Now that I’ve met Mrs. Collins, I can’t
wait for a second meeting! Mrs. Collins, until we meet again!” and
Yaeger returns to the lab. He looks at his hands and says, “Oh,
Maggie! I touched you with these hands!” He touches his mouth and
continues, “And someday these lips are going to touch you too, and
nobody’s going to stand in my way, not even Quentin Collins!” There’s
a knock at the door upstairs. Yaeger gasps, “The police! Perhaps I
underestimated her!” He goes to the basement door and is about to
leave by it, but then thinks, “They may be out there too. I can’t
take the chance!” He goes to the safe, gets the antidote, takes a
swig, and goes into convulsions…
Cyrus is now Cyrus again. He has changed into Cyrus’ blue suit.
He goes up and answers the door, apologizing, “I’m sorry I didn’t
hear you knocking. I was napping”. Maggie apoligizes in turn,
“Sorry, Cyrus, I wouldn’t have come this late, but your friend, John
Yaeger, he phoned me. I don’t know how I could have been so stupid!
He said he knew something about the seance! Cyrus, you didn’t tell
him anything, did you?” Cyrus replies, “Of course I didn’t, Maggie!”
Maggie continues, “He said if I met him on the docks, he’d tell me
something I wanted to know. But when he saw me…” She is unable
to say what…She asks, “Is it true he’s a friend of yours?” Cyrus
lies, “No! It’s true that at one time he did help with some experiments,
but now I consider him my enemy, very much my enemy!” Maggie continues,
“Cyrus, I can’t tell Quentin! I’d be too ashamed! Cyrus, you’re the
only person who can help me! You’ve got to get rid of John Yaeger!”
Cyrus promises, “I’ll do my best”. Maggie continues, “Do you know what
John Yaeger did? He was holding me, and touching me, and laughing.
If it hadn’t been for Miss Harrington…Oh, it was horrible!” Cyrus
promises, “Maggie, you have my solemn word! You’ll never see John
Yaeger again!” Maggie remarks, “I’d like to believe that”. Cyrus says,
“Trust me!” Maggie replies, “I do trust you, Cyrus! I trust you more
than anyone else! Thank you, Cyrus”. She says goodnight to him and
leaves. Cyrus thinks to himself, “Become Yaeger and go after her!
He’d never miss an opportunity like this! You can have her! Now!”
Later, Cyrus hold the flask of red solution and looks at it. He
pours some into a beaker with Gladstone’s compound and watches it foam.
He brings it up to his lips and is about to drink it, but stops and
thinks to himself, “No! I’m not going to do it! Maggie! I can’t let
Yaeger hurt you! I remember how you looked when I tried to force you
to… He’s evil! I’m not going to let him touch you, Maggie!” He pauses,
then thinks to himself, “But I am Yaeger. I made myself into John Yaeger
because I line being Yaeger. There is no distinction between us. Whatever
is done by John Yaeger is done by Cyrus Longworth. I was the one who was
so cruel to Buffie. I was the one who killed Horace Gladstone. I was
the one who lured Maggie to the docks and almost…” He cannot bear to
finish the sentence. He angrily smashes the mirror on the wall and says,
“Destroy John Yaeger! I’ve got to destroy John Yaeger forever!” He
sweeps some glassware off a metal tray, then uses the tray to destroy
his elaborate distillling setup. He then takes the tray over to a
table, puts all his scientific notebooks on it, pours some flammible
liquid on them, and sets them on fire with match, saying, “Now, John
Yaeger is destroyed! Forever!”
At Colliwood, Maggie comes into the foyer through the front doors.
She is about to go upstairs, but Roger comes out from the drawing room
into the foyer and calls out, “Ah, the Mistress of Collinwood! Just
the person I wanted to see!” Maggie tries to say, “Please, Roger, I’ve
got things to do” and go up, but Roger will not be put off, “It’ll only
take a minute. I wanted to express my opinion about this costume ball.
I think it is in highly questionable taste considering the traditional
association”. Maggie asks, “Tradional association? I don’t think I
understand”. Roger says, “You wouldn’t”. Maggie counters, “Anything
about the costume ball doesn’t interest me right now. Where’s Quentin?”
Roger replies, “My cousin seemed to be buried more deeply than usual in
one of his famous moods.” Maggie asks, “Does it have anything to do with
me?” Roger replies, “Don’t flatter yourself! These moods come from something
that affects him much more deeply than his affection to you. I say this not
to be unkind, but I do have an affinity for accuracy”. Maggie snaps, “Or
is it just your need to be cruel?” Roger says, “Pleasant dreams” and leaves,
just as Angelique comes into the foyer. She asks Maggie, “What’s wrong?”
Maggie replies, “Oh, just Roger being his usual self”. Angelique asks, “Is
there anything I can do?” Maggie replies, “Perhaps. Could you come into the
drawing room for a minute”? Inside the drawing room, Maggie asks, “Did
Angelique ever write to you when you were travelling?” Angelique replies,
“Sometimes she did”. Maggie continues, “Well, you can see how Quentin’s
moods can me. One moment he can be so warm and loving, the next cold
and distant. Was he always like this? Did Angelique ever mention it in
her letters to you?” Angelique replies, “No. In her letters she always
wrote about how loving he was. She wrote of all the things he did for
her”. Maggie, upset, says, “That’s enough! I don’t want to hear anymore!”
Angelique says, “Maggie, you know how happy she and Quentin were”. Maggie
says, “You know, I think I could stand anything but this, to be shut out
of Quentin’s life, and I am shut out” and leaves. Angelique smiles and
thinks to herself, “You will learn more about Quentin, my dear, but only
what I want you to know. And what you will learn will not help you.
Just the opposite!”
It is some time later. Roger is in the drawing room drinking. Angelique
comes into the room. Roger gives a start. Angelique asks, “Did I startle
you Roger?” Roger replies, “Forgive me, but I thought for a moment
Angelique had come back to life. I’ll never get over your resemblance
to your sister, especially in this dim light after a few brandies.”
Maggie comes into the room and asks, “Has Quentin returned?” Angelique
replies, “I don’t think so”, but Roger says, “I don’t expect him to be
back for some time. There are times when a man wants to be alone with
this thoughts”. Maggie complains, “Roger, you always say things like
that, but you never explain what you mean”. Roger replies, “All right.
I’ll be crystal clear. Today is the anniversary of his marriage to
Angelique. That has affected him, I have no doubt”. Angelique complains,
“Roger! That was cruel and unneccsary!” Roger calmly replies, “I merely
told the lady what she wanted to know.” He turns to Maggie and says,
“And to relieve any anxiety, I don’t expect him back until tomorrow.
Pleasant dreams!” and leaves.
It is midnight. Maggie goes to bed.
Down in the drawing room, Angelique turns off all the lights and
goes to the fire, where she starts an incantation, “Sleep, Maggie,
sleep! And while you sleep, you will hear my voice, but you will
not know it is mine. You wil hear and obey me, and I will lead you
to what you want to find, I will lead you to the secret of Quentin’s
Maggie is lying in bed asleep. She has a dream…

She hears a voice, “You are asleep, but you hear me! Follow
my voice! Follow! Follow! Follow!” She gets up and follows
the voice, which keeps repeating, “Follow! Follow! Follow!”
She follows it out of her room to Angelique’s room. The voice
says, “Come in, Maggie! Come into this room and learn the secret!
The table holds the secret!” Maggie goes over to an end table
with a large vase on it. The voice tells her, “Underneath, beside
the ornament, press the button!” Maggie does do. A secret panel
flips open. The voice tells Maggie, “There, you will find the

Maggie awakens and thinks, “It was only a dream!”. But curiousity
gets the better of her and she gets up and goes to Angelique’s room.
As in the dream, she presses a button on the end table and a secret
compartment pops open. She reaches inside and takes out a bundle of
letters tied together with a string…
Episode 1024
Tape Date: May 21, 1970 (ABC #109-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 28, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Maggie unties the string and looks through the letters. She notes,
“They’re all from Quentin to Angelique. They’re his love letters to her
from before they were married!” She takes on and reads it,

When I left you last night I walked to the docks, sat
staring at the sea and thought about how incredible it is
to have found you, and to know that as long as I live, I will
want no other woman but you….

In the drawing room, Angelique continues to chant, “See how much
he loved me, Maggie, how much he adored me! Read them all, and wonder
how much chance your marriage has!” Barnabas comes in, turns on the
lights and asks, “Why are you sitting in the dark, Miss Stokes”,
interrupting her. He remarks, “You’re alone. I thought I heard you
talking to someone”. Angelique laughs and says, “Now I’ve been caught,
haven’t I? I’m afraid you’ve discovered one of my deepest, darkest secrets”.
Barnabas remarks, “Indeed?”. Angelique continues, “I love the fire, I
always have, ever since I was a child.” Barnabas asks, “Weren’t you ever
afraid of it?” Angelique replies, “No, why should I?” Barnabas points
out, “Most children are, at one point or another”. Angelique replies,
“I feel a kinship with it. The flames, leaping higher and higher,
changing their form and design. It’s like looking at a strange picture
that keeps changing and changing. Angelique never understood my fascination
with fire. People were the only thing she was interested in. People
frightened me. I was always shy. But I felt when I looked into a fire,
I could voice my deepest thoughts. You probably think I’m sillly”.
Barnabas replies, “No, I understand completely”. He asks, “Where’s
Quentin? I was hoping to see him”. Angelique replies, “He’s not here”.
Barnabas asks, “Is something wrong?” Angelique replies, “How perceptive
of you. He and Maggie had a quarrel. He has such black moods. She
tries so hard, but somehow everything she does comes out wrong. It’s
so heartbreaking. They need each other so much, but they keep missing
and getting into trouble…
Upstairs, Maggie is reading another letter,

“…the baby looks so beautiful through the glass in
the hospital. I now know why I wanted a girl so desperately,
my dear, so she could grow up to look exactly like you”.

Downstairs, Quentin has returned. Seeing Barnbabas there, he says,
“Company! Good! I think I need it. Barnabas, are you feeling bright
and amusing? Entertain me with stories of your adventures! I’ve just
spent the evening staring out at the ocean, thinking of the past and
the present. Wherever did I get the idea that being alone for an hour or
two could solve all one’s problems?” He asks, “Where’s Maggie?”
Angelique replies, “She went upstairs”. Quentin jokes, “Ah, sleeping
the sleep of the innocents, eh?” Angelique replies, “I don’t think
she’s sleeping. She was worried about where you were”. Quentin remarks,
“You don’t know what tonight this is, do you? I guess no one does. I’ll
go upstairs and tell the bride the spouse has returned”.
Up in Angelique’s room, Maggie reads the final letter. She notes,
“This is the last one before he left for Boston”.

“My darling,
I know now that I will never be able to love anyone else.
If something were to happen to you, I would be haunted with
my memories of you for the rest of my life…

A voice calls out, “Does that interest you, Maggie?” Maggie
looks up and sees Quentin standing in the room, an angry expression
on his face. Quentin remarks, “Well, I seem to have been wrong
about you. I was just talking about your innocence downstairs.
It seems that that was just a creation of my deranged imagination!
Maggie, go to your room!” Maggie refuses, “Not until you listen to
me!” Quentin continues, “Maggie, you couldn’t bear it. You came
here and pried.” Maggie says, “I had a dream about them! I know
it sounds crazy!” Quentin replies, “It does. You’d better tell me
a better story”. Maggie asks, “How did I find the drawer?” Quentin
sarcastically replies, “You saw it in the dream?”. He asks, “How
did you find out how to open it?” Maggie replies, “It was in
the dream!” Quentin sarcastically comments, “Quite a talent you have
there!” He goes on, “Maggie, I’m positive you’ve been through every
drawer and shelf in this room! You know how I hate for you to be in
this room! So why did you come here?” Maggie replies, “Quentin, I want
to understand you!” Quentin says, “I thought you did understand me – before
we got married and came to this house. I guess I was wrong”. Maggie
tries to say, “Quentin…”, but Quentin just shouts, “Get out,
Maggie! Get out!” Maggie leaves.
Down in the drawing room, Barnabas and Angelique are playing chess.
Barnabas has the white pieces, Angelique the black. Barnabas says,
“I understand you were a sculptor, Miss Stokes”. Angelique replies,
“Yes”. Barnabas asks, “Did you bring any of your work with you? I’d
be fascinated to see them” Angelique replies, “No, I left everything
in my studio in Italy”. Barnabas asks, “You’ve done no work since
you’ve been here?” Angelique replies, “No”. Barnabas remarks, “Isn’t
that a little unusual?” Angelique replies, “I thought I needed a
vacation”. Barnabas asks, “Do you plan to start again?” Angelique
replies, “Eventually”. Barnabas asks, “Have you ever had a showing
of your work in New York?” Angelique replies, “No, I haven’t”.
She moves a piece and announces, “Check!” Elizabeth comes into the
room saying, “I should never try to give a party! I think 14 people
haven’t returned RSVP’s yet. I think their invitions may have been
lost. Angelique was always so good at this”. Angelique says,
“I’d be glad to help you go through the list, Mrs. Stoddard” and
leaves the chessboard and goes to the couch to help Elizabeth.
Elizabeth says, “I want his prty to be a success, for Maggie’s sake!’
Barnabas picks up a chess piece, a pensive look on his face…
Maggie is lying in bed in the dark. The lights come on. It’s Quentin.
Maggie says, “Quentin, I’ve been trying to find something to say to make
it possible for us to be together again”. Quentin replies, “Then we’d
better forget what happened”. Maggie says, “Do you think you can? I
don’t think I can”. Quentin says, “Then we’ll have to go on quarrelling.”
Maggie says, “I think we should start being more open with one another”.
Quentin asks, “You or me?” Maggie replies, “You”. Quentin becomes
angry and says, “You still haven’t admitted yoiu lied to me about that
dream!” Maggie insists, “I did have that dream!” She sadly notes, “Now
we’re back to where we started!” She says, “Quentin, I know you’ve been
upset. I know that today is the anniversary of your marriage to
Angelique. I also know that the Costume Ball started out as a
celebration of that anniversary.” Quentin shouts, “We are not going
to talk about it, and that’s all!” and storms off.
Barnabas, Elizabeth and Angelique are in the drawing room. Quentin
comes down the stairs and shouts, “I want this party cancelled! Call
it off!” Elizabeth protests, “I can’t! It’s tomorrow!” Quentin replies,
“I don’t care! I won’t have it!” and storms off. Elizabeth turns to
Barnabas and says, “Maybe you can talk to him”. Barnabas goes out
into the foyer, but it’s too late. He hears the sound of a car driving
off. Maggie comes out onto the stairs. She asks, “Is he gone?” Barnabas
replies that he is. Maggie looks desolated.
It is the next day. Maggie is looking out the window of the
drawing room. Hoffman comes into the room with a huge bouquet of
flowers in a vase. She goes to Maggie and asks, “Have you chosen
a costume yet?” Maggie replies, “No, not yet”. Hoffman continues,
“I really think you should begin thinking about it. Miss Stokes
has gotten a trunk down from the attic. There are many elegant
gowns there. I’m sure you’ll find something that suits you”. Maggie
asks, “This ball has always been a costume ball, hasn’t it. Do you
know why?” Hoffman replies, “The first Mrs. Collins always loved
constumes. It became a tradition”. Maggie complains, “Everthing
she did seems to have survived”. Hoffman says, “She so looked forward
to it” Hoffman hears the front door open and close and goes to see who
it is. Maggie hears Quentin’s voice saying, “How’s everything going for
tonight?” Hoffman replies, “Very well, I think. Mrs. Stoddard is trying
to calm cook’s nerves.”
Quentin comes into drawing room. Maggie asks, “Did you have a busy
day?” Quentin replies, “Oh, So-so”. Maggie remarks, “I guess I was asleep
when you came back last night. Did you leave very early?” Quentin
replies that he did. She comments, “Mrs. Stoddard said you wanted to
cancel the party”. Quentin replies, “I’ve decided to live with it.
Maggie, we’re going to try to have a pleasant evening and forget
about what happened.” Elizabeth comes into the room holding a large
decanter of liquor. Quentin asks, “How are cook’s nerves holding up?”
Elizabeth replies, “Very well, with the help of some sherry”. The
clock strikes the hour. Quentin says, “I’d better go get dressed.
And you too, Maggie” and leaves. Elizabeth remarks to Maggie,
“I understand you haven’t selected a costume yet. Alexis has had
a trunk brought down. I’m sure you’ll find something there”.
In a room upstairs, Angelique is holding a grayish white dress
in front of herself and looking in the mirror, saying, “I remember
wearing this dress and coming down the stairs. Bruno applauded. How
melodramatic he is! He should have been a character in an opera!”
Hoffman, behind her, says, “I was looking at Quentin. How beautiful
he thought you looked!” Angelique muses, “It was only a year ago!”
She looks at the dress again and says, “It suited me well”. Hoffman
says, “It still suits you well. Are you going to wear it?”
Angelique puts it down and picks a blue dress, “No, Hoffman, tonight
I’m going to wear this one”. Angelique asks, “It’s getting late. Do
you think Maggie will come?” Hoffman replies, “Positive.” Angelique
remarks, “I hate leaving things to chance”. Hoffman replies, “She’ll
come. Mrs. Stoddard told her to”. “But chance and Mrs. Stoddard are
identical twins!” They hear the door open and quickly change subjects.
Holding the blue dress in front of her, Angelique asks Hoffman, “Do you
think the color suits me?” then to Maggie, “Oh, Maggie, perhaps you can
help me. What do you think of this dress?” Maggie replies, “I find that
color quite pretty”. Angelique says, “Then I’ll wear it!” Maggie remarks,
“I haven’t decided yet”. Angelique says, “Then help yourself! There are
so many dresses here”. Hoffman excuses herself and leaves. Angelique
remarks, “She’s really indispensible. Do you know she ironed all these
dresses all by herself?” She picks out a bright orange dress and gives it
to Maggie. Maggie holds it in front of herself and looks in the mirror.
Maggie says, “I like it”, but Angelique says, “No, I don’t think it suits
you”. Maggie says, “You think so?” Angelique replies, “I’m sure you can
find something better”. As Maggie looks for another dress, she asks
Alexis, “Were you ever in the States after Quentin and Angelique were
married?” Alexis replies, “Yes, of course”. Maggie asks, “Did she ever
invite you to one of these parties?” Angelique replies, “No, Angelique
wouldn’t have wanted me to come. We didn’t really get on, and she didn’t
like having other pretty women around, especially one who looked so much
like her”. Angelique picks up the white dress. Maggie sees this and
says, “Oh, that’s a pretty one!” Angelque says, “Oh, you like it?
Then you will wear it!” Maggie holds it up to herself and looks
in the mirror, saying, “Many beautiful women must have worn this dress”.
Angelique says again, “Then you will wear it too!”
Barnabas and Elizabeth are in the foyer, both dressed in 19th century
clothing. Elizabeth remarks to Barnabas, “How handsome you look! This
period really suits you! I don’t see why men don’t realize how much
more dashing they look in these clothes”. Quentin comes into the room.
Elizabeth asks, “Quentin, look at Barnbas! Would you recognize him?”
Quentin replies, “Of course. The face conquers the period!” Angelique
comes down. Everyone compliments her on how beautiful she looks.
Elizabeth says, “What a perfect choice!” Barnabas annouces, “The period
suits you too!” Angelique says, “Wait till you see Maggie!”. Quentin
grumbles, “Where IS Maggie?” Elizabeth begs, “Quentin, don’t be difficult”.
Quentin replies, “I’m not being difficult! I just want her down here!
After all, it is her party!” and goes into the drawing room to fix himself
a drink.
Maggie finally comes walking down the stairs wearing the grayish
white dress. Barnabas says, “Maggie! Don’t move! That dress is
perfect!” Maggie stands on the stairs. Barnabas calls out, “Quentin!
You must come and see how lovely your wife is!” Quentin comes out into the
foyer, takes one look at Maggie, and angrily shouts, “MAGGIE!” Maggie
asks, “What’s wrong?” Quentin replies, “THAT DRESS! YOU CAN’T WEAR IT!
drink to the floor, smashing the glass, and storms out of the house.
Everyone stands there with a shocked expression, except for Angelique,
who smiles…
Episode 1025
Tape Date: May 22, 1970 (ABC #110-DRK-70)
Air Date: May 29, 1970 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

The party is over. Maggie is sitting dejectedly by herself in the
drawing room. Roger comes in and remarks, “Waiting upfor Quentin? Oh,
I wouldn’t if I were you. Frankly, the party would have been a disaster
even if the host had been here, not like last year. Last year there was
joy and laughter – genuine laughter, not those forced, uncomfortable sounds
last night. I think it’s time you took off that dress. It doesn’t suit you.
You must have learned a lesson last night. No one can take Anglique’s
place. You should know that by now. No one!”
Maggie goes to her room. She flops down on the bed and looks at
a picture of Quentin on the night table. She then gets up, takes off
her tiara, and starts to undress. There’s a knock at the door, followed
by a voice calling, “Maggie? Maggie?” Maggie doesn’t answer, but
Angelique comes in anyway and calls, “Maggie?” Maggie complains, “I’m
changing”. Angelique apoligizes, “I’m really so terribly sorry. I had
no idea when I showed you that dress it was the one Angelique wore to
the party last year. What an awful mistake! I blame myself.” Maggie
replies, “You had no way of knowing. I understand.” Angelique replies,
“I’m so glad you do”, but Maggie continues, “But Hoffman knew!” Angelique
admits, “That’s right. She did, didn’t she?” Maggie says, “This isn’t
the first time she’s tried to hurt me”. Angelique points out, “But
Hoffman wasn’t in the room when you picked that dress. I don’t think s
he could have put that dress in that trunk deliberateliy. If she had wanted
engineered a plot against you, she wouldn’t have left so much to chance.
I think you were just the victim of an unfortunate accident. I’m going
to tell Quentin everything as soon as he returns”. Maggie begs her not to.
Angelique says, “I can’t leave him mad at you for somethings that’s not
your fault. He’s much too difficult a person anyway”. Seeing the look
on Maggie’s face, she continues, “Oh, Maggie. I didn’t mean to be
disloyal to Quentin. I like Quentin, but he had no right to run out of
the house like that. I felt so sorry for you, going on with that party
trying to act as if nothing had happened. I’m sure no one noticed anything
wrong. How clever of you to say that Quentin had taken suddenly ill!”
Maggie replies, “What else could I say?” Angelique remarks, “All I can
say is that if I were in your position, I wouldn’t have handled it so
well”. Maggie says, “Roger said I didn’t. He said the whole evening
was a fiasco. He said Angelique wouldn’t have handled it so badly. What
hold did Angelique have over everyone?” Angelique says, “No need to talk
about Angelique now”. Maggie says, “But that’s what Quentin is probably
thinking about now. Why hasn’t he come back? I wonder where he is.”
Angelique replies, “Probably sitting on the beach staring at the waves”.
Looking surprised, Maggie asks, “How did you know? That’s probably where
he is. I found a letter where he wrote of sitting on the beach staring
at the sea.” Anglique doesn’t answer. Maggie asks, “What will I do when
he comes back?” Angelique assures her, “You’ll know what to do, because
you love him, because you want to make his life happier and simpler for
him”. Maggie says, “I’m not sure I can do that anymore”.
A little later, Angelique and Hoffman are downstairs. Hoffman laughs
and says, “How typical of her to blame me! If you hadn’t gone to her,
she would have told Quentin when he came back.” Angelique remarks,
“When he gets back, she’ll act the martyr again, she’s hurt, but she
won’t say anyting to upset Quentin”. She sneers, “If last night was
hell for her, can you imagine what it was like for me? What a fiasco
of a party! Seeing all my friends trying to make her feel at ease!
But next year I will be the hostess again, and it shall be my party
again!” They hear a man’s footsteps upstairs and think it’s Quentin.
They hear the footsteps going into Angelique’s old room.
But it is not Quentin. Roger walks into Angelique’s old room
holding a glass of champagne. He goes up to the portrait of Angelique
and talks to it, “I feel your presence so, so strongly it almost frighten
me! How different it was from last year. We met here after the party
sharing the last of the champagne, laughing at all the idiocy we had seen
and conversations we heard. Why do I feel you’re here, making Maggie wear
that dress? You would have done that, I know. I know you so welL! Is
your spirit still here, and if it is, what else are you going to do?
What?” Anglique comes into the room. Roger looks and sees her.
Roger pauses for a moment, then says, “You are the reason she’s in
this house! You make it seem as if the last six months never happened,
as if she weren’t dead”. Angelique replies, “But you know she is dead”.
Roger growls, “I know. I have the second Mrs. Collins to remind me”.
Angelique continues, “You did so many favors for Angelique. Could you
do one for me? Find Quentin.” Roger replies, “If Angelique had been
here, he would never have left. And if by chance he had, he’d be back
by now begging her forgiveness”. Angelique says, “But Maggie needs him
so”. Roger replies, “I’m not interested in her needs!” He continues,
“Well, perhaps she’ll leave sometime. Of course, she can’t stay on
here. Quentin doesn’t want her here”. Angelique happily asks, “Did
Quentin tell you that?” Roger replies, “He didn’t have to. You can
see it in his face, comparing her to Angelique. It’s like a mouse
opposed to a sable! Maggie’s presence embarasses him! He won’t admit
it, but he’d be relieved if she left!” Angelique remarks, “You make
him sound so cruel!” Roger replies, “You wouldn’t say that if you knew
him as well as I do. I saw him grow up. No, I’m not going to find
Quentin. I’m going to wait for him to come to his senses, which is
what you should do if you have any sense.”
In the drawing room, Maggie is agonizing, “Why doesn’t he come back? He
must know how terrible this is for me! Is he so obsessed with Angelique
that I don’t matter at all?” Roger comes in and asks, “Still waiting
up for Quentin? Oh, that’s bad form, you know. Most husbands don’t like
their wives waiting up for them – especially in a marriage like yours!”
Maggie angrily explodes, “You don’t know anything about our marriage!”
Roger replies, “Oh, but I do. I was here during the last one, and I
know what this one is like by comparison”. Maggie complains, “Roger,
you’ve been against me from the moment I stepped into this house. I
know Quentin doesn’t listen to you, and neither will I!” Roger retorts,
“He may not listen, but he thinks as I do! How little you know him!
How very little!” Maggie, upset, goes upstairs.
Hoffman is arguing with Angelique, “You can’t do it! You can’t
even think of doing it! Your first plan is working! Maggie and Quentin
are seperated! Soon, he’ll be finished with her!” Angelique says,
“Roger already thinks he is”. Hoffman retorts, “Roger is a fool!”
Angelique replies, “No, he isn’t, not always. It’s the perfect time!”
Hoffman says, “I will have nothing to do with it!” Angelique says,
“Do you really think you can walk away from me after all this time?
You will do as I tell you!” Angelique picks up the receiver of a
beige telephone and starts to dial…
Maggis is in her room. The black phone in her room rings. She
exclaims, “Quentin!”, and answers it. But it is not Quentin. She
hears the voice of a woman laughing hysterically. She asks, “Who is
it?”, then thinking she recognizes the voice, asks, “Alexis?” but
receives nothing but laughter in return. She hangs up and wonders,
“What does that mean? Who would do a thing like that? You know
very well who! Someone who was at the party! But why did it sound
like Alexis?” The phone rings again. Again she exclaims, “Quentin!”
and answers it. Again she hears nothing but a woman’s hysterical
laughter. She shouts, “Who is it? Stop! Stop it!”, then puts
the receiver on the table and goes out of the room.
Maggie goes to Angelique’s new room and barges in without knocking and
shouts, “Alexis!”, but is surprised to find Angelique sleeping in bed.
Angelique awakens and asks, “Maggie! What is it? Are you all right?”
Maggie can only stammer, “Yes, I…”. Angelique notices, “You’re trembling!
Maggie, something’s wrong! Tell me what it is! Did Quentin call?”
Maggie replies, “No, I thought it was Quentin, but when I answered,
it was a woman laughing. I hung up, but then she called again!”
Angelique asks, “Do you have any idea who it was?” Maggie doesn’t answer.
Angelique prompts her, “Well, who was it, Maggie, tell me! You can tell
me, I’m your friend”. Maggie finally replies, “The voice… It sounded
like yours! I know it sound ridiculous, but the voice sounded like
yours!” Angelique explains, “My sister and I had exactly the same
voice!” Maggie points out, “But Angelique is dead”. Angelique replies,
“But I’ve heard of voices from the dead”. Angelique offers to go to
Maggie’s room and stay with her, but Maggie declines, “NO! I want to
be alone when Quentin comes back.” and leaves. Angelique smiles…
The clock in the foyer reads midnight. Hoffman comes down the stairs,
locks the front doors, then goes into the drawing room to shut the lights.
Roger is in there. He asks Hoffman, “What’s the secret, Hoffman?”
Hoffman asks, “Secret?” Roger continues, “Something happened since you
returned from your vacation.” Hoffman lies, “Nothing’s happened, Mr.
Collins”. Roger insists, “Something’s happened – to you! I don’t
like secrets, unless I’m in on them, and I will be! I will be!”
Hoffman lies, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Roger
promises, “I’ll find out!”
Maggie returns to her room. The laughter on the phone, which she
had left on the table, no longer emits laughter, only a busy signal.
She hangs the phone up. Suddenly, the door to the room opens by
itself. She hears “Angelique’s Theme” playing. She follows the
music and finds that it’s coming from Angelique’s old room. She
goes in and finds it’s coming from the piano – but no one is playing
it. The music suddenly stops, and a voice comes from Angelique’s
portrait, “Maggie!” Maggie exclaims, “You!” The voice repeats,
“Maggie!”, the laughs. Maggie says, “It was you!” The voice replies,
“Yes, I’ve been watching you, watching you all the time!” Maggie
turns to leave. The voice says, “You can’t run from me!” Maggie
replies, “I’ll stay, I’ll stay and fight you!” The voice replies,
“You can’t fight me! It’s all over! Quentin loves me, not you!”
Maggie says, “That’s not true!” The voice says, “It is! Look in
the mirror! Look at what you are.” Maggie looks in the mirror.
The voice continues, “A poor substitute!” Maggie covers her face.
The voice goes on, “Gauche, awkward little girl who no one wants around
here, especially Quentin!” Maggie screams, through her hands, “No!”
The voice orders, “And now look at me!” Maggie turns, uncovers her
face, and looks at the portrait. Angelique’s face seems to come out of
the portrait. The voice says, “You saw the look of disgust on Quentin’s
face when you came down the stairs in my dress. He doesn’t love you
anymore. He can’t bear the sight of you.” Maggie screams, “I WON’T
LISTEN!” and runs to door, which slams shut in her face by itself.
The voice says, “That’s why he ran from the house. Now he knows what
a mistake he made. Without his love there’s nothing for you to live for
anymore, is there? The window, Maggie!” The center window swings open by
itself. The voice intructs Maggie, “Go to the window.” Maggie does so.
The voice orders, “Look down. It would be so easy, wouldn’t it? To end
everything quickly. All your suffering. Go on, Maggie, let go!” Maggie
steps onto the window sill and holds on to the window rrame. Her gown
and ivy growing on wall outside window wave in the wind. The voice
continues, “Let go. Fall. There’s nothing for you to live for without
Quentin’s love. Nothing to live for when he has shut you out of his
heart. Let go, Maggie. Let go!!!”

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