May 1967

Episode 220
Worldvision Rerun 11
Tape Date: April 25, 1967 (ABC #86-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 1, 1967 Monday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. There is a strange illness at Collinwood.
An illness that has caused a collapse and loss of strength, an illness
that appears with the daylight and disappears as the sun sets and the
darkness grows.”

Willie is lying in bed. He awakens. He gets out of bed
and goes to look out the window. He sees that it is night.
He goes back to the bed, sits down and starts to put on
his socks. Jason McGuire comes in and asks, “What are you
doing out of bed?” Willie replies, “I thought I’d get
dressed”. Jason asks, “What for?” Willie replies, “I don’t
know”. Jason asks, “How do you feel?” Willie replies, “Better”.
Jason remarks, “You’re almost your old self again. It’s
hard to believe that just a few hours ago, you were collapsing
from loss of blood. How can that be? Can you explain that to
me, Willie?”. Willie remains silent, offering no explanation.
Jason growls, “Won’t confide in me, will you?” He accuses
Willie of having something going he won’t tell him about.
He tells Willie that if won’t confide in him, their
partnership is dissolved. He adds, “I’m going to have to
send you away from Collinwood”. Willie does not argue.
He is strangely compliant. Jason tells Willie, in a rather
sad voice, “I wish I could help you. You act like a man
who has no hope, like someone who’s dead and buried”.
Willie reacts strangely to this comment. Jason tells him,
“I’ve got the money in my room. I’ll go get it and meet
you downstairs. You’ve become a man of mystery, Willie,
a man who goes to cemetaries and disappears. I wish I knew
what happened to you in that cemetary”. Jason leaves.
A few seconds later, there’s a knock at the door. Willie
opens it. It is Vicky, carrying a tray of food. She tells
Willie, “Mrs. Johnson asked me to bring you dinner. I thought
you’d be in bed”. Willie replies, “I feel better now”. Vicky
puts the tray down at a table and remarks, “The doctor
prescribed a special diet for you. Mrs. Johnson fixed this for
you. She seems to like you. She says that she thinks that
under that coarse exterior you’re really a good person”.
Willie asks, “And you?” Vicky replies, “I’d rather not say”.
Willie tells Vicky, “Vicky. I’m going to leave here soon,
and I just wanted to tell you I’ve been a louse. I sorry for
everything I’ve done”. Vicky remarks, “You’re being awful
remorseful. What’s making you this way? Is it the illness?”
Willie replies, “Yes. The illness is making me remorseful”.
Down in the drawing room, Elizabeth exclaims, “Pleased?
Pleased is hardly the word!” She is ecstatic that Jason has
just told her that Willie is leaving. Willie comes into the
room. Jason remarks, “Well, Liz, he’ll be going now”. Willie
announces, “Wait. I have something I have to tell Mrs. Stoddard”.
Elizabeth replies, “I’m not interested”. Willie protests, “It’s
important!”, but Elizabeth just turns and walks away, not
wanting to hear another word from him. Jason tells Willie,
“Come on, let’s go” and takes him out into the foyer and to
the front doors. There, he asks him, “What were you going to
say to her? Your conscience has been playing tricks on you
lately, Willie. You were going to tell her all about my plans,
weren’t you?” Willie swearns, “No. It was something else”.
Jason gives Willie the money. He is surprised to find that
Willie doesn’t seem to care that much about it. He tells him,
“Now you go to the hotel. Rest up. I’ll be by to see you
before you go”. Willie moans, “What’s going to happen to me?”
Jason replies, “That’s up to you, isn’t it?” Willie replies,
cryptically, “No. It isn’t up to me”.
The clock in the foyer reads 7:30. Barnabas has dropped by.
He apoligizes to Elizabeth, “I seem to have developed a
habit of dropping by unnanounced”. Elizabeth tells him not
to worry, saying, “I wanted to reach you anyway, but didn’t
know your number”. Barnabas tells her why he came, “I’m
anxious about moving into the old house. Have you come to
a decision yet?” Elizabeth replies, “Yes. You’re welcome to
live in the old house as long as you want”. Barnabas thanks
her effusively. Elizabeth asks, “When are you planning on
moving in?” Barnabas replies, “Almost immediately”. Elizabeth
remarks that the old house is a mess and tells him, “You’ll
need someone to help you clean it up”. Barnabas replies, “I’ve
already made preparations for that”. Elizabeth tells him, “I’ll
get you the keys”. Barnabas, puzzled, asks, “But I thought
everything was pretty much open”. Elizabeth replies, “Yes, but
you’ll probably want to lock things up”. Vicky comes into the
foyer. Elizabeth tells her, “Vicky, Mr. Collins is going to
move into the old house”. Vicky, surprised, exclaims, “You
mean he actually wants to live there?!”. Barnabas replies,
in a rather strange tone of voice, “Yes. Live. That’s exactly
what I intend to do”. Elizabeth leaves to get the keys.
Vicky tells Barnabas, “But the old house is in such bad
condition”. Barnabas tells her, “I plan to restore parts of
the house to its original condition”. Vicky remarks, “I’d like
to see”. Barnabas tells her, “You’re welcome to come anytime”.
Elizabeth returns with the keys and gives them to Barnabas.
She wishes him luck. Barnabas tells her, “I must leave now.
I have an awful lot to do”. He says goodbye and leaves.
Vicky remarks, “He’s a curious man”. Elizabeth replies, “Yes
he is”. The conversation turns to Willie. Vicky tells Elizabeth,
“Willie’s gone. It was strange. He apoligized to me before he
left. He seemed different, almost defeated”. Elizabeth remarks,
“Illness often does that to people. In Willie’s case, I have
the feeling he’ll revert to his old self soon”. Vicky replies,
“I don’t think so. I have the feeling it’s permanent”.
Barnabas opens the door to the old house and goes in.
He looks around and smiles, then says, “Where are you? What
are you waiting for?” Willie steps out of the fog outside
and comes in through the front doors, closing them behind
him. Barnabas tells him, “This will be our home from now on.
There will be much for you to do. It’s time for you to go
out. You know what you have to do”. Willie begs, “I can’t”,
grabbing the bannister. Barnabas tells him sternly, “You no
longer have anything say about what you do”. Willie trembles in
terror. Barnabas points to the front doors and orders, “Go!
Now!”. Willie leaves as ordered.
Episode 221
Worldvision Rerun 12
Tape Date: April 26, 1967 (ABC #87-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 2, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. The residents of Collinwood are aware
of a stranger in their midst, a man whose presence is felt by all.
Others far away from the great house are soon to be aware of his
presence, and are soon to be aware of the mystery that surrounds him.”

It is closing time at the diner. Maggie, looking very tired,
takes off her waitress hat and pours herself a cup of coffee.
Sipping the coffee, she goes and locks the front door. She
takes her purse, turns off the lights, then goes out into
the adjoining lobby. There, she puts on her coat and looks
into the mirror and fixes her hair. As she turns away from
the mirror, she is startled to see a man standing behind her
and exclaims, “Oh!” It is Barnabas. He apoligizes for startling
her. Maggie replies, “I didn’t hear you come in”. Barnabas
asks, “Is it too late to get a cup of coffee here?” Maggie
replies, “Sorry, we’re closed”. Barnabas asks, “Is there
anywhere else around here I can get a cup of coffee?” Maggie
replies, “No. Everything else is closed too. Here in Collinsport
we roll up the carpet as soon as the sun goes down”. Barnabas
begins to ramble on about how lonely the night is. After a few
minutes, he apoligizes for rambling on and detaining her. He
tells her, “Goodnight” and turns to leave, but just as he gets
to the door, Maggie shouts, “Mister! Wait! I think I forgot
to clean the other coffeepot!” She invites him back into the
diner for a cup of coffee.
Inside the diner, Barnabas sits down at a table. Maggie
goes to the counter and pours a cup of coffee for him from the
dregs at the bottom of a pot, warning him, “This is going to be
pretty strong!” She gives him the coffee and asks, “Are you
passing through?” Barnabas replies, “No. I’m going to be living
here”. Maggie asks, “Do you have family here?” Barnabas replies,
“I’m related to the Collinses”. Maggie is surprised and exclaims,
“You’re a Collins?!” Barnabas replies, “Yes. Barnabas Collins”.
He explains that he is a cousin of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard.
Maggie remarks, “A new Collins in town. That’s big news! I’m
surprised everyone in town isn’t talking about it!” Barnabas
explains, “I’ve had little contact with anyone except the
family”. Maggie asks, “Are you staying at Collinwood?” Barnabas
replies, “No. I’m staying at the original home”. Maggie,
surprised, asks, “The old house?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”.
Maggie tells him, “You know, there are rumors about that old
house. They say it’s haunted”. Barnabas replies, “I never
listen to rumors”. Maggie tells him, “That makes you unique
around here”. Barnabas makes a cryptic remark, “Uniqueness
is not always good. It sets you apart from other men”.
Maggie notices the cane Barnabas is carrying and remarks on
it. Barnabas tells her, “It’s very old. It’s my most prized
possession. I’d part with my life before I’d part with it.
It’s part of my family tradition”. Maggie goes to heat up
the coffee. Barnabas places his cane on one of the unoccupied
chairs at the table, a sly look on his face. Maggie notes that
dogs are howling outside. Maggie tells Barnabas, “Listen. They
were howling like that last night too”. Barnabas remarks, “Were
they?” Maggie wonders, “I wonder what they’re howling about?”
Barnabas echoes, “Yes. I wonder”.
Both Barnabas and Maggie sip their coffee, Maggie having
poured herself a cup too. Maggie remarks, “I wish those dogs
would stop howling. They’re making me nervous”. Barnabas thanks
Maggie for the coffee and gets up to leave. Maggie tells him,
“By the way, I’m Maggie Evans”. Barnabas remarks, “Evans. Now
why does that name seem familiar?” Maggie tells him, “My father
is an artist. Maybe you’ve heard of him”. Barnabas tells her,
“Goodnight” and leaves.
A few seconds later, Joe Haskell comes walking into the
diner and exclaims, “Maggie!” Maggie replies, “Joe! What
are you doing here? I thought you were working the night
shift tonight!” Joe tells her, “I took off early tonight. I was
worried about you”. He asks, “Haven’t you heard about the
Ackerman girl?” Maggie asks, “Jane Ackerman?” Joe replies,
“Yes”, and tells her a local girl was attacked last night,
but managed to struggle free and get away. He tells her, “I
don’t like the idea of you being here alone with some nut
running around”. Maggie replies, “I wasn’t alone. I had a
customer. I’m surprised you didn’t run into him coming in.
He left about 10 seconds before you came in. There’s a new
Collins in Collnsport. He said he was Barnabas Collins and
was a cousin of Elizabeth Stoddard. He said he came to
Collinsport to live. I felt sorry for him. He seemed
sort of sad, like he’s been lonely all his life”. Joe
suggests, “Let’s go to the Blue Whale”. As they are about to
leave, Maggie notices that Barnabas has left his cane hanging
on a chair. She tells Joe, “He left his cane here!” and suggests
to him that they return it to him. Joe asks, “Can’t that wait
till morning?” Maggie replies, “I wouldn’t feel comfortable
keeping something so valuable overnight. I’d feel better if we
returned it as soon as possible. Come on, Joe, we know where he’s
living and it wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to drive up
there”. Joe gives in and agrees. The dogs continue to howl
outside. Joe wonders, “I wonder why those dogs are kicking up
such a fuss”. Maggie replies, “I don’t know, but I wish they
would stop. They’re giving me the creeps”.
Maggie and Joe go to the old house. Maggie is surprised
to see that no lights are on. They knock at the door, but
receive no answer. They decide that no one’s home and decide
to leave and return the cane in the morning. But just as
they have turned to leave, they hear the door opening. They
turn back and find that it’s open a crack. Joe shouts, “Hello?
Hello?” but receives no answer. They decide it must have been
the wind, but go in to make sure. Inside, they find that the
living room has been cleaned up a bit and is lit by a great
many candles in various candlesticks. Seeing the candles,
Maggie remarks, “Someone must be here”. Joe tells Maggie,
“Stay here. I’ll look upstairs. I know the place better”.
Joe goes upstairs. Maggie looks around the living room.
She turns and suddenly gasps, “Oh!”, seeing a man standing
there. She is relieved to see that it’s Barnabas. Once again,
Barnabas apoligizes, “Sorry if I startled you”. Once again,
Maggie tells him, “I didn’t hear you come in”. Barnabas
asks, “What brings you here?” Maggie gives him the cane and
replies, “You left this at the coffeeshop”. She explains,
“You told me it was valuable, so I wanted to return it
right away. I hope you don’t mind us just coming in here.
We…” Barnabas asks, “We?” Maggie explains, “I came with
my boyfriend Joe. He’s upstairs..” Joe comes back downstairs.
He apoligizes to Barnabas for coming in unvited. Barnabas
thanks Joe and Maggie for returning the cane. He asks, “Can
I offer you anything to drink?” Joe declines, saying it’s
late. He and Maggie leave.
Willie comes into the living room and asks Barnabas, “Why
were they here?” Barnabas replies, “Willie, you’re not supposed
to be here. You’ve got a job to do”. But Willie, now with
a surprising backbone to his voice, asks, “Where did you meet
that girl? What are you planning to do with her? What?”
Barnabas replies, “Nothing”.
Joe and Maggie arrive at the Evan’s Cottage. They discuss
how strange it is that Barnabas would want to live at the
old house. Maggie asks, “What did you think of him?” Joe
replies, “He was very polite”. Maggie tells him, “Yes. He
was polite. That’s what’s odd. When I was alone with him,
for some reason, I felt afraid of him”. Joe replies, “It
was probably just the old house”. Maggie agrees, “Yes.
That’s probably it. There’s no reason for me to be
afraid of Mr. Collins!”
Willie continues to badger Barnabas, “What are you going
to do with that girl?” Barnabas insists, “Nothing!” Willie
tells him, “I don’t believe you. I saw the way you looked
at her when she was leaving. Why did she come here?” Barnabas
replies, “I left my cane at the coffeeshop and she was
returning it”. Willie accuses him, “You left it there on
purpose, didn’t you?” Barnabas, tired of Willie’s questions,
tells him, “You have a job to do”. Willie refuses, saying,
“No. I can’t do that again!”. Barnabas stares at Willie
and orders, “You must”. Willie cowers and whines, “Don’t
look at me that way. I’ll go” and leaves.
Barnabas takes one of the many candles burning in the
room and goes to the window and looks out it.
At the Evan’s cottage, Maggie is staring out the window
too. Joe is talking to her, but suddenly notices that she
doesn’t appear to be listening to him. He asks, “What’s
the matter?” Maggie turns from the window and asks, “What?”
Joe asks, “You look strange. What’s the matter?” Maggie
replies, “I’m not sure. Have you ever had that sense
of being stared at? like someone was staring at you?
I just had that feeling, like someone was staring at me,
looking right through me!.”
At the old house, Barnabas is holding the candle and staring
out the window…
Episode 222
Worldvision Rerun 13
Tape Date: April 27, 1967 (ABC #88-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 3, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. The past and the present have intermingled
at Collinwood and the ancestral home has become a source of strange
occurrences and strong curiosities. A foreboding structure can attract
the least suspecting.”

It is the next day. Willie Loomis is in the old house lighting
candles. There’s a knock at the door. This causes Willie to
look very apprehensive. He does not go to answer it. After
a few more knocks, Vicky come in and asks, “Mr. Collins?”
She walks into the living room and is startled to see Willie
there and gives a start. Willie tells her, “Don’t be frightened”.
Vicky replies, “You startled me. I had thought you had gone
away. What are you doing here?” Willie tells her to go away.
Vicky tells him, “I don’t understand you”. Willie replies,
“Don’t try to. Just get out of this house right away!”.
Vicky asks, “Why?” Willie replies, “It’s just better if you
do”. He adds, “You have no right to be here”. Vicky replies,
“Yes I do. I came to see the man who lives here”. Willie asks,
“Barnabas Collins?” Vicky asks, “You know him? How” Willie replies,
“Yes. I met him on the road. He had a flat tire. I fixed it for him.
I work for him now”. Vicky, surprised, asks, “Work for him?”
Willie explains, “He needed someone handy with tools to fix the
place up for him. Vicky, surprised, remarks, “I’m proud of you!
You’ve changed so much!” She tells him, “Mrs. Stoddard sent me here
to invite Mr. Collins to dinner”. Willie tells her, “He isn’t here”.
Vicky asks, “Will he be back soon?” Willie angrily shouts, “I don’t
know!”, then quickly apoligizes for getting angry. Vicky looks around
and tells Willie, “You’ve done a nice job fixing up the place”. She
looks out the window and remarks, “You can see out the window now.
Nice sunset”. Willie exclaims, “Sunset?!” and gets very agitated.
He tells Vicky, “You’d better go now!” Vicky suggests that she stay
and wait for Barnabas, but Willie tells her, “He won’t be back for
some time! Go! Now!” Vicky, puzzled at Willie’s strange behavior,
remarks, “Sometimes I think I’ll never understand you”. Willie
replies, “I’m not asking you to understand me! I’m asking you to
go!” Vicky leaves. Barnabas comes into the room from somewhere and
remarks, “You’re a polite one, aren’t you, Willie? You were in quite
a rush to get her out of here. What’s the matter? Are you afraid
something might happen to her? How considerate of you, Willie, how
very considerate!”
Maggie opens the door to the Evans Cottage and literally runs
in, quickly closing the door behind her. She seems to be very
afraid of something. She turns on a lamp, then takes off her
coat. She still looks terrified. There’s a knock at the door.
Maggie looks even more frightened. She asks, “Who is it?” A
voice replies, “Barnabas Collins”. Maggie asks, “Mr. Collins?”
Barnabas replies, “That’s right”. Maggie opens the door a crack
and seeing that it is Barnabas, greets him, “Mr. Collins”.
Barnabas replies, “Hello, Miss Evans. The expression on your
face is one of surprise”. Maggie replies, “I didn’t expect to
see you here”. Barnabas asks, “May I come in? I’d like to
speak to you. It won’t take long” Maggie opens the door wider
and lets him in. Barnabas remarks, “You seem disturbed. Is
something wrong?” Maggie replies, “Yes. I think someone was
following me”. Barnabas remarks, “Following you? Let’s look”. He
looks outside and announces that he doesn’t see anyone outside.
Maggie tells him, “I guess I was just nervous after what happened
the other night”. Barnabas asks, “What?” Maggie replies, “You
haven’t heard? A girl was attacked on the waterfront the other
night near where I work. A man came up and grabbed her,but she
managed to get away. And all those animals that have been attacked.
Everyone in town’s on edge right now. but I’m sure you didn’t come
here to discuss the crime rate in Collinsport. What did you want?”
Barnabas tells her, “You mentioned that your father was an artist.
I’d like to see some of his work”. Maggie shows him some of Sam’s
paintings. Barnabas looks at them and announces, “Good! Quite good,
in fact!” Sam comes in through the front door. Seeing Maggie, he
says, “Glad to see you home!” After introducing Barnabas to Sam,
Maggie asks her father, “Why were you so glad to see that I was
home?” Sam replies, “I was worried about you”. Maggie asks,
“Why?” Sam replies, “About an hour ago, another girl was attacked”.
Barnabas asks, “What happened?” Sam replies, “Well, it was very
much like the attack the other night. A girl was walking alone. She
said someone was following her and jumped her. Luckily, a car turned
the corner. The attacker ran when the headlights shone on them”.
Barnabas asks, “Any idea who it was?” Sam replies, “No, the girl
didn’t see her attacker well enough to give a description”. Sam
tells Maggie, “I went to the diner to pick you up, but when I got
there, I found you had closed up and left already. I rushed home as
fast as the station wagon could carry me.” Maggie tells him, “I wish
you did pick me up. I think someone WAS following me”. Sam tells
her, “From now on, you’re not to walk home from work anymore.
You’re going to take the station wagon”. Maggie remarks, “Let’s
talk about something else. Mr. Collins came here to look at some
of your paintings”. Barnabas remarks, “I’ve already seen some and
I like what I’ve seen very much”. Sam asks, “Seen any you’d like
to buy?” Barnabas replies, “Actually, I wasn’t interested in
buying a painting. I was interested in commisioning you to paint
a portrait of me”. They discuss the price. Barnabas asks, “Would
$1000 be satisfactory?” Sam replies, “Very satisfactory!”
Barnabas asks, “When can you start?” Sam replies, “Almost
immediately. Drop by tomorrow morning and we’ll start”.
Barnabas tells him, “No, I’m afraid we’ll have to work another
way. Do you have to do the painting here?” Sam replies, “No”.
Barnabas tells him, “Could we do it at my house?” Sam replies
the he can. Barnabas asks, “Could you start tonight?” Sam
replies that he can. Barnabas adds, “Oh yes. My days are quite
busy. Is it possible for you to work ONLY at night?” Sam
replies that he can. Barnabas tells him, “Good. See you
shortly then. I’m quite lucky to find a man as talented as you
in such a small town” and leaves.
Sam goes to the old house. Maggie has driven Sam there and
come in to help him set things up. Barnabas asks if Maggie will
be staying. Maggie replies, “No, I just drove my father here. I’ll
be back in a few hours to pick him up”. Barnabas tells her, “We
might be here all night. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure your father
gets home safely”. Maggie thanks him and leaves, saying she has
to wake up early tomorrow to get to work. Barnabas remarks to
Sam, “Your daughter is a very attractive girl”. Sam sits Barnabas
in a chair and poses him, his hands resting on his cane. Sam
starts to work.
At Collinwood, there’s a knock at the front door. Vicky answers.
It’s Maggie. Maggie tells her, “I happened to be on the property
and thought I’d drop by and see you”. She tells Vicky about
Barnabas commisioning her father to do a portrait and explains,
“I just dropped my father off at the old house”. Vicky exclaims,
“Wonderful!” Maggie sees the portrait on the wall and remarks,
“It looks just like him!” She remarks that Barnabas seems to
be a very nice man. Vicky agrees, adding, “He’s from the European
branch of the family”. Maggie remarks, “Oh, THAT’S why he’s so
It is hours later. At the old house, Sam is walking around,
stretching his arms over his head and yawning. He remarks,
“I guess it’s time to finish up”. A rooster crows. Sam looks at
his wristwatch and remarks, “Looks like the sun’ll come up any minute
now”. Barnabas tells Sam, “Stop now!”, but Sam looks at Barnabas and
says, “Wait. There’s a line there I haven’t seen before. Let’s get
it in first”. Barnabas announces, rather sternly, “I said we were
finished!” But Sam is preoccupied with his work and doesn’t seem to
be listening. He goes to the canvas and, adding the line he has
just seen in, announces, “Yes! That makes quite a difference!
That’s it. Let’s call it a night”. He looks up and is surprised
to see that Barnabas is no longer sitting in the chair. He calls
out, “Mr. Collins?” and looks around but finds that Barnabas is
not in the room at all. Instead, he sees Willie standing there.
He asks, “What are you doing here?” Willie replies, “Mr. Collins
told me to drive you home”. Sam asks, “You? Why you?” Willie
explains, “I work for Mr. Collins”. Sam asks, “Where’d he go?
He was sitting there a few minutes ago. I need to talk to him.
I have to know when the next sitting will be”. Willie replies,
“Mr. Collins said it will be after sunset tomorrow. Come on.
Let’s go”. Sam leaves with Willie.
Episode 223
Worldvision Rerun 14
Tape Date: April 28, 1967 (ABC #89-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 4, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. There is a fog that clings to the cliffs
that mark the edge of Collinwood, a fog the sun cannot disperse. There
is a man more frightening than the fog, more threatening. A man who was
thought to be gone, but who still remains, a man who clings to Collinwood
with more tenacity than the mists from the sea, a man whose presence
inspires more unrest than fear, more mystery than anger.”

Vicky and Elizabth are in the drawing room. Elizabeth exclaims,
“I don’t understand! Why didn’t you tell me about this immediately?
I told Willie never to set foot on the grounds again! I’ll have
him thrown out immediately!” Vicky tells her, “But I haven’t told
you where I saw him. I saw him at the old house”. Elizabeth remarks,
“Oh, the old house. Then he’s probably gone already. I’m sure
Barnabas would know how to handle someone like WIllie”. Vicky
explains, “No! Willie’s living at the old house. Willie said he’s
working for Mr. Collins. He’s moved in there with him!” Elizabeth
exclaims, “That’s impossible! Mr. Collins wouldn’t want a man
like Willie around! I’d better go tell Mr. Collins what kind of
man Willie is”. David comes dow to remind Vicky that she had
told him she was going to start his geography lessons on the
Southern hemisphere. When David learns the Elizabeth is going
to the old house, he asks to go too. Elizabeth tells him, “No,
I’m going there to talk to your cousin”. She tells Vicky, “Tell
Mrs. Johnson I’ll give her the menu for dinner when I come back”
and leaves. David complains, “It’s not fair! I can’t go there
alone now, and she won’t let me go with her either!” Vicky asks,
“What’s wrong?” David tells her he’s upset that Barnabas has
taken over the old house and is changing it around.
Elizabeth knocks at the door of the old house, but there is
no answer, so she tries the door, and finding it unlocked, goes
in. She calls out, “Barnabas?”, but receives no answer. She walks
around and looks around. She sees the portrait of Barnabas that
Sam has started working on. As she is looking at it, she hears
the front doors open behind her. She looks and is surprised to
see that it’s her nephew. She exclaims, “David! What are you
doing here?” David replies, “I had to! I had to see the changes!”
He looks around and remarks, “It’s so different! It feels
different. It’s like a new house, a new place. The air is
different”. He looks over the fireplace and, noticing that the
portrait of Josette is no longer there, exclaims, “Of course!
That’s what’s different! Over the mantlepiece!” Elizabeth looks
and says, “But there’s nothing there”. David replies, “That’s
what I mean. The portrait of Josette is gone! That’s why it smells
different. It used to smell like jasmine here when the picture
was here”. Elizabeth tells him, “It must be your imagination”.
David starts up the stairs. Elizabeth asks him where he’s going.
He tells her he’s going to look for the portrait. Elizabeth
refuses to let him go upstairs, saying, “Your cousin lives
here now. You can’t go running around here like you used to”.
David moans, “She’s gone. She’s gone. She’s not watching
over us anymore”.
At Collinwood, Vicky is in the foyer with Burke Devlin. She
shows him the picture of Barnabas and tells him, “He looks
exactly like his ancestor!” Burke remarks, “I’m more concerned
with the fact that he hired Willie. He doesn’t seem too bright”.
Vicky protests, “He’s very intelligent!”. Burke replies, “Doesn’t
seem like it”. They go into the drawing room. Burke asks how
Elizabeth is. Vicky replies, “She hasn’t been the same since
Jason McGuire came. What did you want to talk to her about?”
Burke tells her, “She’s done something very strange, something
very unlike her”. Vicky asks, “What?” Burke replies, “I think
I’d better talk to her about that”. He again mutters, “It’s not
like her, not like her at all”.
Elizabeth, having returned from the old house, is with Burke
in the study. Burke asks her, “Why did you sell that parcel of
seaside property just north of town to Hackett?” Elizabeth asks,
“How did you know about that?” Burke replies, “You know neither
your nor I can do a bit of business in this town without the other
finding out. Now why did you sell that land to Hackett?” Elizabeth
asks, “What business is that to you?” Burke replies, “You know
what Hackett will do. He’ll ruin it! Why did you sell it to him?
If you wanted to sell it, why didn’t you sell it to me? So you
needed ready cash. I would’ve given you cash for it.” Elizabeth
asks, “Who said I needed ready cash?” Burke replies, “It’s
obvious! It’s the only reason you would’ve sold it to someone
like Hackett”. Elizabheth denies this and refuses to talk about
it further, telling Burke, “Sorry, Burke, but I’m very busy”.
Burke remarks, “By the way, Vicky said your cousin’s hired
Willie to work for him”. Elizabeth assures him, “Willie must
have managed to fool Barnabas. I’m sure once Barnabas finds out
about Willie, he’ll be gone”. Burke offers to help Barnabas.
Elizabeth assures him, “He won’t need any help. He’ll be able
to handle it. He’s a Collins, a true Collins.”
Burke goes out into the foyer and finds David sitting on
the stairs moping. He asks him, “What’s the matter?” David
replies, “I think I’m mad at my cousin. I like him, but he’s
done something I don’t like. He’s moved into the old house and
changed things”. He elucidates, “I don’t mind him removing the
cobwebs and stuff like that, but he’s taken down the portrait
of Josette. I feel that with the portrait of Josette gone,
Josette’s gone. When I used to go to the old house, I always
felt like she was there with me”. Burke suggests, “If you like
the portrait do much, maybe Mr. Collins will give it to you”.
David brightens up and asks, “Think he will?” Burke tells him,
“Ask him”. David excitedly says, “I think I’ll go there right
now!” Burke tells him that Elizabeth had told him Barnabas wasn’t
home, but David replies, “I’ll go see if he’s back”. He starts
to leave, but then stops and pauses. Burke, looking puzzled, asks,
“David, are you afraid to go there alone?” David emphatically
replies, “No”. Burke asks, “Sure?” David replies, “Positive!” and
leaves. Burke looks at the portrait of Barnabas.
David goes to the old house. He goes in and calls out,
“Barnabas? are you here?” but receives no answer. He looks
around. He sees the portrait Sam is painting and stops to look
at it. Suddenly, the sound of dogs howling starts. David becomes
frightened and exclaims, “Josette! I’m afraid! Josette, where
are you? You’re not here! I know you’re not here!” Suddenly,
the front doors, which David had left ajar, slams shut by
themselves. David runs to them and tries to open them, but
cannot. He turns back around, a look of terror on his face.
Episode 224
Worldvision Rerun 15
Tape Date: April 30, 1967 (ABC #90-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 5, 1967 Friday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. Sunset at Collinwood, and the coldness
of night settles in. This is a coldness that comes not from the air,
but from a place that is still and deep.”

David again tries to open the door, but is unsuccessful.
Not knowing what to do, he wanders around the room, frightened.
Suddenly, the sound of dogs barking stop. David turns and is
startled to see Barnabas standing in the room. Barnabas asks,
“What’s the matter, David?” David replies, “The door! I can’t
get it open!” Barnabas asks, “Can’t you?” He goes to the door,
opens it easily and remarks, “You probably weren’t grasping
it right. Why were you in such a hurry?”. David replies that
the barking of the dogs frightened him. Barnabas tell him, “It
was probably just a stray dog”, but David replies, “It was more
that one dog. It sounded like a whole pack!” Barnabas notices
some moisture on David’s cheeks and remarks, “David. It looks
like you’ve been crying”. David lies, “Not really”, but admits,
“I was scared”. Barnabas asks, “What brought you here this late?”
David replies, “I had something to ask you. The portrait of
Josette. You had it taken down. Why?” Barnabas gesture towards
the portrait that Sam’s been working on and replies, “Because
I intend to put that up over the mantel”. David asks, “Where did
you put the portrait of Josette?” Barnabas replies, “I put it
away in another room”. David remarks that he was quite fond of
that portrait and asks, “If you’re not using it, could you give
it to me?” Barnabas replies, “I can’t. It belongs here in this
house. I’m restoring this house, and I assure you, when I’m done,
I’ll hang the portrait up in a prominent place”. Willie comes into
the room and is startled to see David in there. He asks, “What
are you doing here? It’s getting late! You’d better go!” and
rushes David out the door. Barnabas tells Willie, “You worry
too much. Much too much”. He shouts after David, “Wait, David.
I’ll come with you!”. Seeing a disapproving look on Willie
face, he tells him, “Well, I can’t very well let the child
walk home alone in the growing dark, can I?” and leaves.
Jason McGuire is in the drawing room of Collinwood. Elizabeth
comes into the room. She tells him, “I have something to talk
to you about. Willie Loomis”. Jason asks, “He’s gone, isn’t he?”
Elizabeth tells him, “No. He’s at the old house. He says he’s
working for Mr. Collins there”. Jason exclaims, “Working?!”
Elizabeth asks him what’s going on. Jason tells her, “This is
the first I’ve heard about it”. He promises to look into it,
then changes the subject and asks, “About that transfer we’re
talking about…” Elizabeth tells him, “I’m working on it. It’ll
take a little time to get the Swiss bank account set up”.
Jason gloats, “I’m finally going to get a Swiss bank account.
I’ve always wanted one, and now, thanks to you, I’m going to
get one. I wonder what the number will be. I hope it’s a
lucky one”, and leaves, going upstairs. Barnabas and David
come in through the front doors. Elizabeth goes out into the
foyer to meet them. David exclaims, “I’ve got some good news!
The portrait of Josette isn’t gone! I’ve found out that Mr.
Collins is going to hang it in another room!”. Elizabeth tells
David to go upstairs and study. David protests, “But I’m hungry”.
Elizabeth tells him he can go into the kitchen and get something
to eat. David goes into the door under the stairs. Elizabeth
tells Barnabas, “I want you to do me a favor. Get rid of Willie
Loomis. Immediately!” Barnabas asks, “Get rid of him. Why?”
Elizabeth asks, “What do you know about him?” Barnabas replies,
“I know everything about him”. Elizabeth asks, “Do you know about
all the things he’s done?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Elizabeth asks,
“Then why do you keep him on?” Barnabas explains, “That was all
in his past. I don’t judge a man by his past”. Elizabeth remarks,
“Well, judging from his past, I don’t think his future will be
much different”. Barnabas tells Elizabeth, “Well, he’s been doing
a marvelous job with the house, but I suppose I’ll simply have to
get rid of him, if that’s what you want”. He tells about how well
Willie’s been following orders then concludes, “I can guarantee you
that Willie will never cause any trouble again. I could get rid of
him at the first sign of trouble, but I’ll leave it in your hands.
If you say he has to go, he goes”. Elizabeth, convinced, replies,
“Well, I guess we can give him the benefit of a doubt” and leaves.
Later, There is a knock at the front door of the old house.
Willie answers. It’s Jason, who sarcastically asks, “Is the lady
of the house in?” He pushes his way in and asks, “So, this is where
you work. Exactly what do you do?” Willie replies, “A little bit of
everything. Jason, you’d better go!” But Jason refuses to go and
demands, “I want to know exactly what you’re up to!” Willie
replies, “Working”. Jason is dubious, “YOU working?” Willie
replies, “I’m just trying to find another way of living, that’s
all”. Jason still doesn’t believe him and remarks, “You like
money, Willie, and I find you working for a guy who’s loaded
with it! Now I want to know what you’re really doing!” Jason
is startled to hear a voice behind him say, “I’ll tell you
exactly what he’s doing”. Jason turns around and sees that it’s
Barnabas. Seeing the look on Jason’s face, Barnabas asks, “Did
I startle you?” Jason replies, “I didn’t hear you come in”.
Barnabas tells him, “That’s a tribute to what a fine job your
friend has done with the sqeaky floorboards”. He tells Willie, “I
think it’s time for you to do that job”. Willie replies, “Yes. I
think it’s time” and leaves. Barnabas tells Jason, “As you can see,
he IS working for me”. Jason remarks, “I hope you know what kind
of man Willie is”. Barnabas replies that he does, but that Willie
is working out fine, that he thinks he’s changed. Jason is very
surprised and, still dubious, tells Barnabas, “Well, if he ever
gets out of hand, just call me. I’m the only one who can handle
him”. Barnabas replies, “I can assure you that won’t be necessary.
I can handle him quite well”.
At the Evan’s cottage, Maggie is in her bedroom dressed in
a nightgown, sitting at a vanity, brushing her hair. Sam comes
in, dressed in an overcoat, readly to go to his nightly painting
session at the old house. Maggie asks, “Ready to go?” Sam
replies, “Yes”. Noticing that Maggie seems nervous, Sam asks,
“Something wrong? It’s that series of girls attacked, isn’t it?
I’ll stay home tonight if you want”. Maggie assures him that that
won’t be necessary and Sam leaves. Maggie goes to bed.
Sam is painting at the old house, Barnabas seated in the chair
as usual. Barnabas remarks, “I like the progress you’re making”.
Sam replies, “Painting like this is quite an experience. Are you
sure we couldn’t do this some other way?” Barnabas explains that
it’s important for him to have the portrait done here because
an ancestor of his had one painted here and he wants to carry
on the tradition. Barnabas asks, “Your daughter didn’t drive you
up here tonight?” Sam replies, “No, she’s home asleep”. Barnabas
asks, “She’s a very pretty girl. You must be very proud of her”. Sam
replies, “I am. I’ll be very happy when she gets married and settles
down”. Barnabas makes the cryptic remarks, “You needn’t worry. I
have the feeling that her future is assured”.
At the Evan’s cottage, Maggie has a dream. In it, she is walking
through some eerie, fog shrouded woods. Seeing a coffin in the
clearing, she goes up to it. It opens. Maggie screams. Inside is
herself, dead. Suddenly, the screaming Maggie is a screaming
Maggie wakes up screaming…
Episode 225/226
Worldvision Rerun 16
Tape Date: May 3, 1967 (ABC #91-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 8, 1967 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Note: This episode has a double number to get the episodes
back in sequence after the pre-emption due to the
strike a few weeks back.

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. Night has come to Collinwood and the
country around, and with it has come a terror which has no name and no
known source. It is greater than a fear that stalks the earth because
it is a fear that haunts the mind without shape, without form.
Until in dreams, a form is found, and one is led to it down windless
corridors, and forced finally to look upon its face.”

Maggie telephones Joe and asks him to come over. Joe asks,
“What’s the matter?” Maggie tells him, “I can’t talk right now.
Come over, please!” Joe replies, “I’ll come over right away”.
After coming over, Joe takes Maggie to the Blue Whale. Joe
orders a brandy for her and a double bourbon for himself.
Maggie apoligizes, “I’m sorry for acting this way. I usually
don’t act like this”. She explains, “I had a dream”. Joe,
surprised, asks, “A dream?” The drinks come. Maggie sips hers
and calms down a little. Maggie recounts the dream to Joe.
Joe asks, “Do you know what might have caused this dream,
something that happened at the coffeeshop maybe?” Maggie replies,
“No, nothing at all”. Joe suggests, “Maybe it’s those attacks
that have been happening. That’s enough to give anyone
Sam and Barnabas, apparently having quit early tonight, come
into the Blue Whale for a drink. Maggie sees them and asks Joe,
“Please don’t tell my father about the dream”. Sam sees Maggie
and Joe and and he and Barnabas walk up to their table. Sam
remarks to Maggie, “I thought you were sleeping”. Maggie tells
him, “I had a bad nightmare”. Barnabas says, “Hello”. Maggie
sees him and suddenly knocks her drink over. Sam jokes, “I
thought I brought you up better than to spill good drink!”
Barnabas says, “I think I’ll order for all of us”. He turns to
Maggie and asks, “I hope you don’t mind the intrusion”. She
replies, “No”. Barnabas tells her, “Very kind of you”. Barnabas
and Sam sit down at the table. After a bit of conversation,
Joe and Maggie excuse themselves to go dance. Barnabas tells
Sam, “Extraordinary daughter you have. Kind, gentle, generous.”
Maggie and Joe are dancing. Maggie has calmed down a lot and
tells Joe, “What would I do without you?” Joe jokes, “Well,
without me, you’d be looking pretty silly dancing here all
by yourself”.
At the table, Barnabas remarks, “Joe’s a lucky man”. Sam
remarks, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were getting
interested”. Barnabas replies, “Interested yes. Involved, of
course not”.
Having finished their dance, Maggie tells Joe, “Can we go
to the bar instead of back to the table. I want us to be
alone”. Burke comes into the bar. He strolls over to talk
to them. When he finds out that that is Barnabas at the
table with Sam, he remarks, “Oh, that’s Barnabas. I’ve
heard about him. I’ve wanted to meet him” and goes to the
Barnabas remarks to Burke, “I’ve heard about you from my man
Willie Loomis”. Burke says, “None of it good, I’m sure”.
Barnabas replies, “He did say there was some trouble between
you two, but said it was all his fault”. Burke is shocked.
Sam remarks, “You haven’t seen how much Willie has changed”.
Barnabas agrees and adds, “I can promise you there won’t be
any more violence. Serenity is one of my favorite emotions”.
At the bar, Maggie tells Joe she is ready to go, adding,
“I’m wonderfully tired. I’m sure I’ll sleep like a baby now”.
Joe tells her, “Let’s go say goodnight”. Maggie asks, “Joe,
can you tell them goodnight for me?” Joe asks, “What’s the
problem?” Maggie replies, “There’s no problem”. Joe asks,
“Then why don’t you want to go say goodnight?” Finally,
Maggie agrees to go with him. They go and say goodnight to
everyone. Barnabas tells Maggie, “Sweet dreams”. Joe and
Maggie leave.
Maggie is in her room. She is still awake and still appears
to be nervous. There’s a knock at the bedroom door. Maggie
quickly sits down in a chair and grabs a book, and says, “Come
in”. Sam, who’s just gotten home, comes in. He remarks, “You’re
awake. I thought you’d have gotten to sleep long ago”. Maggie
lies, “I started reading this book and got interested”. Sam
replies, “But not interested enough to turn the book right side
up. What’s the matter? You look frightened”. Maggie denies this.
Sam asks, “What wrong? You’re acting like a little child, afraid
of dreams”. Maggie insists there’s nothing wrong. Sam finally
gives up and leaves. Maggie finally goes to bed.
At the Blue Whale, Burke is admiring Barnabas’ cane. He asks,
“What’s it made of? It looks like pure silver”, but Barnabas
has a far away look in his eyes and does not appear to be
listening. Suddenly, he excuses himself, saying, “There’s
something I have to do” and leaves.
Maggie is sleeping. The shadow of a figure outside appears in
the curtains of the french doors to the outside. The french doors
open. It is Barnabas outside. He comes in and walks up to Maggie’s
bed. He stands there for awhile, then opens his mouth, revealing
a set of very sharp looking fangs…
Episode 227
Worldvision Rerun 17
Tape Date: May 1, 1967 (ABC #92-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 9, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. This is to be a night of horror.
A night that evil will display its terrible power. A night that
an innocent is to become the frightened object of that power.”

It is the next morning. The french doors are wide open and
the room is bathed in sunlight. Maggie is still in bed asleep.
There’s a knock at the door, then Sam’s voice shouting, “Maggie?”
Sam comes in and shouts, “Hey Maggie! Look at the time, will ya?
You’ve overslept by an hour! The coffeeshop called! Didn’t you
hear the phone?” Maggie groans, “Pop, I don’t know what’s
happening…” Sam remarks, “This is the first time you’ve ever
overslept. You’re usually up at the crack of dawn, clattering
around in the kitchen fixing the coffee”. Maggie complains,
“I feel strange. I don’t seem to have much energy. I feel so
cold”. Sam looks, sees that the French doors are open and
tells her, “Oh, that’s because you left these open all night”.
Maggie replies, “I don’t remember leaving them open”. Sam tells
her, “You look pale this morning. Why don’t you stay in bed?”
Maggie remarks, “I didn’t sleep very well. I tossed and turned
all night. I had a bad dream last night, a dream like I’ve never
had before”. She tries to get up but collapses back into bed.
Sam tells her, “I think you should take the day off. I’ll
call the coffeeshop”. Maggie insists, “I’m all right!” They
get into an argument about this. Maggie tells Sam, “I don’t
think I can spend a whole day in this room”. Sam asks why,
but Maggie replies, “I don’t know”.
Maggie is at the coffeeshop, clanking around. She is clearly
very weak. Finally, tired, she sits down at the counter for a
cup of coffee. Joe comes in and, seeing Maggie just sitting there
jokes, “What does a paying customer have to do for a cup of
coffee around here?” Maggie jokes back, “Pour it himself”. Joe
starts to go to do so, but Maggie tells him she was just joking
and gets up and goes behind the counter to pour him his coffee.
As she is doing so, she drops the coffee cup onto the floor,
shattering it. Joe jokes, “I’ve seen how you handle a coffee
cup, now let’s see how you handle a broom!” Maggie replies,
“I’ll get it later”. Joe, puzzled, asks, “You’re just going to
leave the pieces there?” Maggie explodes, “I SAID I’LL GET IT
LATER!!!” She gets him another cup, puts it on the counter, and
pours some coffee. Joe complains that she’s only given him half
a cup. Maggie pours him somemore, but this time doesn’t stop in
time and coffee overflows onto the counter. Joe asks, “First
you don’t give me enough, and now you give me too much. Is
anything wrong?” Maggie replies, “I’m just not up to my usual
self. I must be coming down with something”. Joe asks, “How
was last night? Any more dreams?” Maggie replies, “Yes, and
they were even more real than last time…” Sam comes in,
saying, “Just dropped by to see how you were feeling” Maggie
collapses. Joe manages to catch her and ease her onto a chair.
Maggie is at home in her bed. She is now conscious. Joe
asks, “Why won’t you let us call a doctor?” Maggie replies,
“There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just tired, that’s all”.
Joe tells her, “Get some sleep. Maybe I’ll bring you some
flowers”. Maggie reacts strangely to this. A horrified look
on her face, she exclaims, “No! That dream! You were in it,
Joe, you were bringing flowers to my grave!”
At the old house, Barnabas walks into the old house.
He takes a candle and goes to the window with it.
At the Evan’s cottage, Maggie gets out of bed and looks
out the window. There’s a knock at the door. Sam comes in
and asks, “What? Out of bed already?” Maggie replies, “I’m
feeling much better now. I’m thinking of going out and getting
some fresh air. I’m thinking of driving you up to the old
house”. Sam asks, “How did you know I was going tonight? Willie
just came and told me about 15 minutes ago”. Maggie replies, “I
suppose I overheard him”. Sam tells her, “You must have some
sense of hearing, then. We were outside when he told me”.
Maggie replies, “I guess this illness must have improved my
Barnabas is in the living room of the old house, pacing
around. The sound of a car stopping is heard outside, then
the sound of car doors. A few moments later, there’s a knock
at the door. It is Sam and Maggie. Barnabas lets them in.
Sam asks, “I wonder if Willie could drive me home tonight.
Maggie hasn’t been feeling well all day”. Barnabas asks,
“What’s wrong?” Sam replies, “She’s been feeling weak”.
Barnabas asks, “Any idea what caused this?”. Sam replies, “No.
She woke up that way. Curious”. Barnabas replies, “Yes. Curious”.
Maggie goes home and goes back to bed.
After painting for awhile, Sam tells Barnabas, who’s sitting
on a chair posing, “You can relax now. I have to put some colors
in. I wish I could take this home to work on”. Barnabas replies,
“No. You’ll have to do it here. I have my reasons”. He doesn’t
say what his reasons are, and Sam doesn’t ask. Barnabas gets up,
goes to the window and looks out.
At the Evans Cottage, Maggie tosses and turns in bed.
At the old house, Sam complains that he’s tired and tells
Barnabas he wants quit early tonight, but Barnabas asks him to
keep going, saying, “If you work the rest of the night tonight,
I’ll let you off tomorrow night”. Sam agrees. Barnabas remarks,
“While you’re working, I think I’ll go get some fresh air”. Sam
jokes, “Get some for me too, while you’re at it. This is is
going to take about an hour”. Barnabas remarks, “Just enough
time”. He goes and puts on his coat.
At the Evan’s cottage, Maggie gets up out of bed, goes and
opens the French doors, then gets back into bed. There, she
lies back down and takes off a scarf she’s been wearing,
exposing her neck…
Episode 228
Worldvision Rerun 18
Tape Date: May 2, 1967 (ABC #93-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 10, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. A brilliant morning sun shines on
Collinwood, but it does not seem able to disperse a shadow that
has long hung low over the vast and rambling house. The shadow
of a secret… an insidious secret held by a man who is no longer
a stranger to Collinwood.”

It is morning. Elizabeth and Jason are in the drawing room
at Collinwood. Elizabeth announces, sternly, “It’s out of the
question! I consider the subject closed!” Jason calmly replies,
“Well, let me reopen it, then. I thought the family name meant
a lot to you”. Elizabeth, puzzled, asks, “You asked me for a
job at the family business and I refused. What does that have
to do with the family name?” Jason replies, “Since I’m staying
here more or less permanently, it would look better if I had
a job”. Elizabeth is shocked that Jason intends to stay
permanently. She excuses herself, but Jason tells her, “Not
quite yet! I’m not finished!” They argue. Carolyn comes into
the drawing room and starts to tell Elizabeth, “Mother. Mrs.
Johnson…”. She notices that Jason and her mother have been
arguing. She pauses, then finishes, her sentence, telling
Elizabeth that Mrs. Johnson has a question for her. Elizabeth
tells Carolyn, “All right, tell her I’ll be with her in a few
minutes”. After Carolyn leaves, Jason gives Elizabeth an
ultimatum. He tells her he’s going to go into town and go to
the Collins headquarters. He tells her she’d better have an
office ready for him with the do nothing job, “Head of Public
Relations” and leaves. After a few moments, Elizabeth goes to
the phone, picks up the receiver and starts to dial.
It is later. Roger and Elizabeth are in the drawing room.
Roger exclaims, “I was surprised when Whittaker suddenly told
me you have opened a Department of Public Relations, but when
he told me who was heading it, I was dumbfounded, to say the
least!” Elizabeth counters, “Jason is a very capable
man”. Roger asks, “What do we need with a Department of
Public Relations, anyway? You’ve never mentioned it before”.
Elizabeth lies, “I’ve been thinking about it for a long
time”. Roger remarks, “It’s bad enought that he’s disrupting
the house, now he’s disrupting the business as well! Why do
you let him do these things? First the house, now the business!”
Later, Carolyn and Vicky are in the drawing room alone.
Carolyn tells Vicky how much she hates Jason McGuire. She
tells her about overhearing part of an argument between him
and her mother, and how she was disturbed at how his voice
was filled with sarcasm and contempt. Jason comes into the
room and asks Carolyn and Vicky if they know where Elizabeth
is. They reply that they do not. As Jason turns to leave,
Carolyn asks, “Mr. McGuire, I hate to keep asking questions,
but I still haven’t received a satisfactory answer yet. How long
do you intend to stay at Collinwood?” Jason lies, “Oh, you
should talk to her about that. I told her just this morning
that I was going to leave, but she wouldn’t let me. She
asked me to stay on and help with the business”. He tells
her about his new job at the cannery. Carolyn is shocked.
Carolyn, Roger and Vicky are in the study. They talk about
how strange it is that Elizabeth has given Jason a job at
the cannery. Carolyn asks Roger what he knows about Jason.
Roger replies, “I’d never heard of him before he walked
through the door”. Vicky remarks, “He’s a friend of Paul
Stoddard”, suggesting that that may give a clue to his past,
but Roger tells them, “I don’t know much about him, either.
I was away at school during most of that disturbing period
in my sister’s life”. Carolyn asks, “When he went away, did
he leave anything behind?” Roger replies, “Only what’s locked
in that downstairs basement”. Carolyn becomes curiious about
seeing her father’s things. Elizabeth comes into the room.
Carolyn asks, “Mother, may I have the key to the locked room
in the basement?” Elizabeth refuses, adding, “Nothing’s in
there”. Carolyn asks, “If nothing’s in there, then why can’t
I have the key?” Elizabeth explodes, “Because I lost the key!
I don’t want you ever near that room again, and that goes
for all of you!”
Elizabeth is alone in the drawing room, pacing around. Vicky
comes into the room and tells Elizabeth, “Mrs. Johnson wants
to see you”. Elizabeth apoligizes for getting angry in the
study about the locked room. She explains, “That room is of
absolutely no importance to me. I was just a little edgy
today”. Please tell Carolyn this for me. Vicky looks dubious.
Elizabeth asks, “You don’t believe me, do you?” Vicky tells
her, “I can’t help but believe that that room has something
to do with what’s troubling you lately. I thought it was
because your husband’s things are in there”. Elizabeth tells
her, “Yes. That’s it. My husbands things are in there. That’s
why I would be troubled if Carolyn goes in there”.
Carolyn is in the study, going through drawers, boxes,
etc. Finally, she finds a key in one. She hears a sound and
puts the box back. She turns and finds that Vicky has come
into the room. Vicky asks, “Looking for the key to the basement
closet, aren’t you?” Carolyn admits she is, “I’ll find it if
it’s the last thing I do!” Vicky begs her, “Please, Carolyn,
don’t. It’s painful for your mother. Please, Carolyn, don’t!”,
but Carolyn refuses to listen and continues to search.
Episode 229
Worldvision Rerun 19
Tape Date: May 4, 1967 (ABC #94-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 11, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. Evil reaches deeply into man’s soul,
turning his heart to stone, transforming him into a vile monstrosity.
And it is horrible to observe this process in an innocent and not be
able to recognize it or prevent it.”

Maggie is lying in bed. Again, the french doors are open
and sunlight is flooding into the room. There’s a knock at
the door, and Sam’s voice calling ,”Maggie?” After he receives
no answer after calling “Maggie” several times, Sam opens
the door and comes in. He goes and reaches out for her shoulder
as if to shake her and wake her up, but draws his hand back,
apparently having changed his mind. He turns and, seeing the
french doors open, closes them. He looks at hiw wristwatch, which
he wears on his right wrist, then goes out to the living
room and calls the coffeeshop, “This is Sam…I’m calling for
Maggie…She won’t be in today…She’s about the same…Thank
you…I’ll tell her that…Good Bye…” Inside, Maggie stirs,
tries to sit up and get out of bed, but collapses back into bed.
Sam brings a tray containing a small breakfast and a pot
of coffee into Maggie’s room. Maggie awakens. He tells her,
“I’ve brought you something to eat. You’ve been asleep all day”.
She asks, “All day?! What time is it?” Sam replies, “About 4:00”.
Maggie is shocked that it’s so late. She asks, “What about work?”
Sam tells her he called in sick for her. He asks, “How do you feel?”
She replies, “Not very good”. Sam asks, “Worst than yesterday?”
Maggie replies, “Yes”. Sam asks, “How about a cup of coffee?”. Maggie
declines. Sam asks, “How about some tea, then?” Maggie replies,
“No”. Sam tries again, “How would you like me to open a can of
soup for you?” Maggie again declines. Sam, exasperated, says, “Maggie,
you’re just not taking care of yourself!” Maggie asks, “What do you
mean?” He tells her, “Those doors were open again”. Maggie
mumbles, “I remember something. Yes, I did open them. Why would
I open them?” Sams tells Maggie he’s going to call a doctor. Maggie
shouts, “No! I don’t want a doctor! I’m all right”, but Sam refuses
to listen to her, saying, “You said that yesterday, and I listened
to you yesterday, but today, you’re going to listen to me! I’m going
to call a doctor and he’s going to examine you if I have to tie you
down! Why are you so opposed to me calling a doctor?” Maggie groans,
“Because a doctor can’t help me! I telling you!”
Vicky and Burke are sitting at a table. at the Blue Whale.
The bartender brings a couple of drinks to them. Burke tells
him, “Thank you, Bob” and toasts, “Let’s drink to an evening
free of problems”, but then notices that Vicky seems to be
troubled. He asks Vicky, “Things getting worse at Collinwood?”
Vicky replies, “Deeper and deeper”. Burke asks, “Why is Willie still
in town staying at the old house? He isn’t sick anymore”. Vicky
replies, “He’s working at the old house for Barnabas. He seems to
be good with his hands”. Burke remarks, “I can’t believe Willie
would settle down and become a good member of the community”. Vicky
tells him, “Willie’s changed. Even Jason says so. Jason has changed
too. He’s working for Collins Enterprises now”. Jason asks, “What
does he do?” Vicky answers, “I don’t know. Some sort of
supervisory position, I think”. Burke jokes, “Well, I hope they
don’t give him a job near the cash register”. then says, “At least
the unemployment rate in Collinsport is going down. I wonder what
it all means”.
There is a knock at the door of the Evan’s cottage. Sam opens
it. It is Joe. Joe comes in and asks, “How is she?” Sam replies,
“The doctor’s in the room with her. We’ll know soon”. He adds,
“I don’t know what’s gotten in to her. You should have seen the
angry look on her face when the doctor came into the room”. The
doctor comes out of Maggie’s room. Sam asks, “What’s the word?” The
doctor replies, “She’s a very sick girl”. Sam grumbles, “I already
told you that”. The doctor replies, “But what you didn’t tell me
is that she’s very recently lost a great deal of blood.” Both
Sam and Joe look shocked. Sam says, “You must be mistaken”. The
doctor replies, “Her blood supply is very low and I’d like to
find out why. I didn’t find out from her. She was very un-
cooperative”. Sam explains, “She’s been edgy lately. She’s not
her usual self”. The doctor asks, “Has your daughter had a history
of blood deficiency?” Sam replies that she hasn’t and asks, “What
are you going to do next?” The doctor replies, “I’ve drawn some
of her blood and I’m going to run some tests to see if there’s
a cell breakdown or anything like that.” Sam asks “How soon will
you have the results of the tests?” The doctor replies, “We should
know by tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll prescribe a diet build up
her blood and some pills for her to take, 2 every 4 hours. He tells
Sam, “Don’t let her out of bed, and deep an eye on her and let me
know if there’s any change” and leaves. Sam asks Joe, “What do you
make of that? Blood defiency? How did that happen?” He starts to
pour himself a drink from a bottle, but finds that the bottle is
empty. Joe suggests to Sam that go to Blue Whale to have a drink
and relax a bit, promising to look after Maggie while he’s gone.
Sam at first refuses, but Joe insists and Sam finally says,
“I guess I can’t do anything hanging around here”. Joe tells
him, “Have one for me, will you, Sam”. Sam promised to do so
and leaves. Joe sits down and starts leafing through a magazine.
Maggie is in bed. Dogs start howling outside. Maggie gets
out of bed and opens the french doors. She then goes and opens
the door to the living room. Joe sees her and exclaims, “Hey!
What are you doing out of bed?” Maggie asks, “Where’s Pop?”.
Joe tells her, “You shouldn’t be out of bed!” Maggie angrily
shouts, in a tone very unlike her, “I’m not an invalid!”
Joe replies, “But you are very sick”. Maggie sarcastically
remarks, “Brilliant deduction!” then shouts, Who are you supposed
to be? The babysitter? Baby sitting time is over! How much do I
owe you? 25 cents an hour? 50? Now go!” Joe tries to explain,
“But I promised your father I’d stay with you…”. Maggie shouts,
“I don’t care what you promised! I’m serious, Joe! I want you to
go! I need to be alone right now! If you don’t leave now, I’ll
never speak to you again! I mean that!” Joe tells her, “I know
you’re sick and don’t mean that, but I don’t like seeing you so
upset, I’m leaving here against my better judgement. Please go back
to bed”. Maggie just replies, “Good bye!” in a very rude tone.
At the Blue Whale, Burke selects a song on the jukebox and
goes back to the table. He remarks to Vicky, “Am I imagining
things or is it pretty quiet tonight?” Vicky replies, “Yes it
is. Everyone I’ve talked to recently is frightened by those attacks
on those girls, and the horrible, horrible deaths of those animals”.
Sam comes into the Blue Whale. Burke sees him and calls him over,
saying, “Here, let me buy you a drink”. Sam accepts and thanks him.
Burke asks Sam, “I hear Maggie’s sick”. Sam replies, “Yes she is”.
Vicky asks, “What’s wrong with her?” Sam replies, “The doctor
really doesn’t know”. He explains, “She collapsed yesterday.
I called the doctor today. He doctor said she has a blood
defiency, but he doesn’t know what the cause is”. He adds,
“I thought she was getting better. Last night, she said she
was feeling better and even drove me up to the old house,
but she was worse again this morning”. Vicky gets a funny look
on her face. Sam asks her, “What’s the matter?” Vicky replies,
“It may be just a coincidence, but those are the symptoms Willie
had!” Joe comes into the bar. Sam sees him and exclaims, “Joe!
You were supposed to be at the house”. Joe replies, “Maggie
fired me. She threw me out”. Sam, surprised, asks, “She’s up
and walking around?” Joe replies, “Not just up and walking
around, but quite a spitfire”. Sam complains, “But you weren’t
supposed to leave her alone!” Joe explains, “I was afraid she’d
start slugging me if I stayed any longer”. Sam quickly gets up
to leave. Burke calls to him, “But Sam, your drink!”, but Sam,
looking worried, replies, “I”ve got to go see Maggie” and leaves.
Burke quips, “I’ve never seen Sam leave a perfectly good drink
before”. Joe sits down and replies, “He’s worried about Maggie.
That drink won’t go to waste. I sure need it!” Vicky asks Joe,
“How did Maggie look?” Joe tells her, “Not good, but not as bad as
Sam and the doctor led me to believe she was”. Vicky remarks, “So
much like Willie…”
Sam returns home. He looks in Maggie’s room and finds that
she isn’t there. He comes back out into the living room and calls
out, “Maggie! Maggie!”, but receives no answer. She is not in the
Episode 230
Worldvision Rerun 20
Tape Date: May 5, 1967 (ABC #95-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 12, 1967 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. Nighttime has come to Collinwood and
with the encroaching darkness whisps a fog, blown in from the sea.
Fog that is difficult to penetrate, fog that can hide many secrets.
Far away from Collinwood the approach of darkness has meant the
beginning of a night of terror for one man. For a young girl has
mysteriously and unexplainably disappeared.”

Sam is pacing around in the living room of the Evan’s cottage.
There’s a knock at the door. Sam opens it. It’s Joe. He comes in,
bringing Burke and Vicky with him. He tells Sam, “Burke and Vicky
wanted to come along”. Vicky suggests, “Maybe Maggie just went
for a walk”. Sam replies, “No, she’s too sick”. He adds, “She’s
been acting peculiarly all week, not like the old Maggie. Ask
Joe.” Joe says, “Yes. It was almost like she picked a fight with
me earlier. It was as if she wanted to be alone. It was almost
like she had somewhere she had to go”.
Meanwhile, Maggie is wandering around at Eagle Hill
Burke asks, “Sam, have you phoned the police?” Sam replies,
“Yes. The sheriff and his men are searching the area right now”.
Burke suggests that he, Sam and Joe go and seperately search
some places in town Maggie might be. He tells them where each
of them will search. He tells Vicky, “Stay here in case she comes
back”. The men leave. Vicky looks at an alarm clock sitting on
a table. It is a few minutes before 8:00 P.M. Vicky sits down
and starts to leaf through a magazine.
The alarm clock now reads 8:57. There’s a knock at the door.
Vicky goes and opens it. She is surprised to find that it’s
Willie. She asks, “Willie! What are you doing here?!” Willie
replies, “I was just about to ask you the same question. I have
a message for Mr. Evans from Mr. Collins. Mr. Collins will be
busy until midnight, so Mr. Evans is not to come till then”.
Vicky tells him, “I don’t think Mr. Evans will be doing any
painting tonight. His daughter’s disappeared” Willie exclaims,
“Disappeared?! I’m very sorry about Maggie Evans”. Willie
just stands there. Vicky asks, “Did you have anything more
to tell me?” Willie replies, “No. Just tell Mr. Evans I was
here” and abruptly leaves. Vicky looks at a framed photograph
of Maggie.
Maggie is at the Eagle Hill Cementary, looking not nearly
so beautiful as the photograph. Her skin appears grayish, and
there are dark circles around her eyes. She looks terrible.
At the cottage, the alarm clock now reads 9:11. The phone
rings. Vicky answers and says, “Hello?…Hello?” On the other
end is Willie, calling from a telephone booth somewhere.
Disguising his voice, he says, “Go find Maggie Evans. She’s in
danger. I can tells you where she is”. Vicky asks, “Who are
you?”, but Willie answers, “Just listen if you want to save
your friend. Go to graveyard if you want to save your friend”.
Vicky asks, “Which one?” Willie replies, “She’s in
the graveyard at Eagle’s Hill”. Vicky asks, “How do you know
this?”, but Willie hangs up. Vicky calls the operator and tells
her, “Hello? Operator? Please get me the sheriff’s office! It’s
important!” The operator tries, but there’s no answer at the
sheriff’s office. Burke returns, having had no luck finding Maggie.
Vicky tells him, “Someone called and said he knew where
to find Maggie! He said she was in the graveyard on Eagle
Hill. He said she was in danger!” Burke asks, “Did you
recognize who it was?” Vicky replies, “No”. She adds, “I
called the sheriff, but there was no answer”. Burke explains
that the sheriff and all his men are out searching. He
tells her, “Better not take a chance. I’ll go up to the
graveyard to take a look”. He tells Vicky to stay at the
cottage, but Vicky insists on going with him, saying she’s
afraid to stay alone at the cottage any longer.
Maggie is standing in the cemetary, shrouded by fog. Out of
the fog steps Barnabas. He walks up to Maggie and smiles evilly. He
tells her, “And now we must go somewhere else, my dear. Someone else
might find us here. Come”. Suddenly, a voice exclaims, “Barnabas!”
It is Willie. Willie tells Barnabas, “Barnabas! It’s not safe here!
Her friends know where she is! Come one! We’ve got to leave her
here and go where it’s safe!” Barnabas asks, “How could her friends
know where she is? How could YOU know they know?” They hear Burke’s
voice in the distance call “Maggie!”. Willie exclaims, “Come on,
Barnabas, there’s no time! We’ve gotta leave!” Barnabas tells
Maggie, “Come with me”, but Maggie collapses onto the ground.
A short distance away, Vicky and Burke are looking for
Maggie. Vicky finds a slipper on the ground which she
recognizes as Maggie’s. They know they must be getting close.
Burke calls out, “Maggie!” again. Hearing how close they
are, Willie and Barnabas flee.
Burke and Vicky find Maggie lying on the ground. Vicky is
shocked at how terrible Maggie looks and asks, “Is she…”. Burke,
examining Maggie, replies, “She’s all right. She’s just fainted”.
Maggie revives. Vicky asks, “Maggie? What are you doing here?
What happened?” Maggie looks around, sees where she is and says,
“I’m in a graveyard! What am I doing here? I went to bed, had
a bad dream, and the next thing I know I’m looking up at you
two standing over me”. Burke suddenly exclaims, “Over there!
See anything? I thought I saw something move! The figure of
a man!” Shining his flashlight into the distance, he tells Vicky,
“I’ll go check. You stay close to Maggie” and leaves.
Willie and Barnabas enter the Collins Family Mausoleum.
Barnabas hears a noise in the distance behind them. They
open the door to the secret room.
Burke goes into the mausoleum and looks around, but,
finding nothing, leaves, closing the gate loudly behing him.
Inside the secret room, Willie mutters, “I thought I heard
him go”. Barnabas warns, “Quiet, you idiot!”
Maggie asks, “What am I doing here? What?” Burke returns.
Vicky asks, “Find anything?” Burke replies, “Notthing. Not a
thing. It’s deserted here”. Vicky remarks, “I guess it must
have been your imagination”. Burke replies, “Yes. It must’ve
been my imagination”. He picks up Maggie in his arms and announces,
“Let’s get going!” They leave.
Willie quietly exits the secret room and looks around to
make certain Burke has left. He tells Barnabas, “They’ve gone.
It’s very safe. Barnabas exits the secret room into the tomb.
He tells Willie, “Then you have some explaining to do. How did
they know where to find the girl?” Willie lies, “I don’t know!”.
Barnabas asks, “How did you know they knew?” Willie lies, “When
I went to the Evan’s cottage earlier, I overheard them talking.
I heard them say they were going to the graveyard”. Barnabas
asks, “But how would they know to go to the graveyard? YOU must
have told them, Willie. You betrayed me!! I must punish you,
Willie! You will betray me again!” He raises his cane and starts
to beat Willie mercilessly with it.
Burke and Vicky arrive back at the Evan’s Cottage with Maggie.
Sam and Joe are there. Burke puts Maggie down on a couch.
Maggie grasps at a scarf that’s around her neck, complaining,
“I can’t breath!” Burke says, “That scarf must be too tight”
and tries to take it off, but Maggie refuses to let him. She
puts her hands on the scarf to prevent anyone from removing
it, but soon collapses again. The scarf is taken off. Sam
exclaims, “Joe! Look! Those marks on her neck! Look at them!”
On the left side of her neck are two punctures…
Episode 231
Worldvision Rerun 21
Tape Date: May 7, 1967 (ABC #96-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 15, 1967 Monday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

(Today the part of Dr. Woodard will be played by Robert Gerringer)

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. An overwhelming force has taken
possession of a young girl. Unseen, unsuspected, it withdraws
the life from her. The telltale marks are a frightening indication
of what this girl has been victim to.”

Maggie is sleeping in bed. Sam and Joe are in the room. Joe
tells Sam, “Burke and Vicky have just left. Vicky was pretty
shaken”. Sam remarks, “Lucky Vicky was here to answer the phone.
We would never have thought of looking in the graveyard”. He looks
at Maggie then says, “I’ve never seen her look that bad. Those
marks on her neck. How did they get there, Joe, how did they get
there?” Outside, a dog starts to howl. Maggie starts to stir.
Sam closes the french doors. Joe asks, “What made you close those
doors?” Sam replies, “I thought it was going to come in”. Joe asks,
“What?” Sam replies, “That dog”. He complains, “Why doesn’t
that horse and buggy doctor get here?” Joe assures him, “He’ll
be here, Sam”. Maggie wakes up. She complains, “It’s cold! Like
ice ! Why is it so cold?” and asks, “What’s happened to me?”
Sam asks her, “Don’t you remember about leaving the house?”
Maggie asks, “Leave the house? Where would I go?” Sam starts
to say something, but Joe tells him, “No, Sam”. Maggie demands
“You got to tell me!!!” Sam and Joe tell her she had left
her room and wandered off last night. Maggie asks, “Where did
they find me?” Both Sam and Joe look like they don’t want to
tell her, so Maggie threatens, “I’ll call Vicky and she’ll
tell me!” Sam tells her, “They found you in the cemetary at
Eagle Hill. You were on the ground unconscious”. Maggie
asks, “Was I alive?” Sam replies, “Yes”. Maggie tells them,
“Yes, I think I’m starting to remember now. I remember Burke
and Vicky standing over me. I remember Burke going after someone…”
Joe tells her, “He thought he saw a shadow but he didn’t find
anything”. Sam asks, “Was there anyone with you, Maggie?”
Maggie replies, “No. I was alone”, then again complains, “I feel
so cold. I’ve never been so cold my entire life…”
Dr. Woodard comes again and examines Maggie. Sam is in the
room with them. Woodard takes a thermometer out of Maggie’s
mouth and looks at it. Sam asks, “How’s it read, Doc?” Woodard
replies, “5 degrees below normal”. Sam tells him, “I put all
the blankets I could find on her she was so cold. She was freezing!”
Dr. Woodard takes Maggie’s pulse. As he is doing so, he notes that
her hand is very cold. While taking her blood pressure, he notes
that her skin is gray. He takes out a flashlight to check her eyes.
Maggie squirms around as he does so. The doctor scolds her for not
cooperating. Maggie retorts, “I didn’t call you, my father did”.
The doctor asks her, “Ever sleepwalk before?” Maggie replies, “No”.
Woodard asks, “Ever dream about sleepwalking before?” Maggie replies,
“I can’t remember”. Sam interrupts, “She had that dream last night!”
and tells Woodard about Maggie’s dream where she saw herself in
the coffin. Woodard concludes that there may be a connection, that
dreaming about seeing herself in a coffin might have caused her to
sleepwalk to a cemetary. He concludes, “We can safely assume that
Maggie sleepwalked and didn’t get to that cematarysome other way”.
He notices the holes in Maggie’s neck and asks her, “How did you
get these?” Maggie replies, “I don’t know!”. Woodard remarks,
“You have two punctures in your neck and you don’t remember how
you got them? They weren’t there when I examined you earlier
today, so they must have happened in the cemetary or on the
way there”. Woodard takes out a bottle of alcohol and a cotton
swab and starts to clean the punctures. Maggie pulls away and
shouts, “No! They’ve got to be left alone!” The doctor asks,
her, “What do you mean they have to be left alone?” Maggie
replies, “I meant they’re nothing. They’re not important”. The
doctor tells her, “Every wound is, even if it’s only a scratch,
has got to be cleaned, else it might get infected,” and proceeds
to swab the wounds out with alcohol. Sam asks, “Are they cuts?”
Woodard replies, “No, they’re punctures”. He asks Maggie, “Did
you perhaps stick yourself putting on some jewelry?” Maggie
replies, “No”. Dr. Woodard asks, “Small as they are, they must
have bled. Was there any blood on her clothes when she was found?”
Sam replies, “No, not a drop”. Woodard asks Maggie, “Do they
hurt?” Maggie, tired of it all, shouts, “Leave me alone! Everybody!
You’ve got to leave me alone!”, then collapses into unconsciousness
Sam and the doctor go out into the living room. Joe is out
there waiting. The doctor tells Sam, “Your daughter’s condition
is very serious. She’s lost a tremendous amount of blood twice
in a very short period. I’ve got to do something immediately to save
her life. There’s barely enough blood in her to keep her alive.
I’m going to have to give her a transfusion”. Sam asks, “Are
you going to take her to the hospital?” Woodard replies, “I can’t
move her, not in her condition. But I have to give her that
transfusion or she’ll lapse into state of shock. I’m going to have
to give her the transfusion here. Right away, if possible. Do
either of you have type A blood?” Joe, “Yes, I have type A”.
The doctor asks, “Are you sure?” Joe replies, “Positive”.
Inside Maggie’s room, Joe is sitting with a needle in his arm,
a tube connecting him to a needle in Maggie’s arm. The doctor is
sitting between them holding a squeezing a bulb in his hand doing
the transfusion. Sam is standing in the room watching. A dog outside
starts howling. Maggie starts groaning, then awakens. Seeing what’s
happening, she tries to tear the needle out of her arm. The doctor
stops her and shouts to Sam, “Grab her left hand!” Sam grabs her
arms and holds them down. Maggie screams, “No! No! Don’t take his
blood! Don’t take his blood!”.
The transfusion finished, Sam and the Doctor step out
into the living room. The doctor writes Sam a prescription
for some tranquilizers for Maggie to prevent her from having
more irrational outbursts. He tells Sam, “I want you to do
something that is going to be very difficult. I want you to
keep watch on her constantly. She’s obviously a sleepwalker.
Don’t let her out of bed. Take shifts, you, Joe, friends, a nurse
if you can afford it. We’re dealing with a condition I’ve never
seen before. Until I learn more, that’s all I can suggest for
now. No matter what Maggie may say, no matter what she does,
don’t let her out of your sight”.
Joe is inside with Maggie. Maggie awakens. She remarks,
“Joe. I feel so strange. Where’s Pop?” Joe tells her, “He
stepped out to get some tranquilizers. He’ll be back in a
few minutes”. Maggie shouts, “I remember taking your blood!
I don’t want your blood! I don’t want anyone’s blood! Joe!
Stay out of this!” Joe asks, “Stay out of what?”, but Maggie
doesn’t answer.
Sam returns. He tells Joe to go home and get some rest
so he can be well rested for the morning shift. He remarks,
“I found the keys to those doors. I think I’ll lock them”, and
locks them. Joe leaves. Sam sits down to look over Maggie.
It is some time later. Sam has dozed off in the chair. Maggie
awakens and gets up. She sees that Sam is asleep and goes
over to the french doors. She tries to open them, but finds
that they are locked. The noise awakens Sam, who exclaims,
“Maggie! Stop it!” He grabs her and drags her back to bed.
Maggie screams, “Let me out! Let me out! Let me out!”
Episode 232
Worldvision Rerun 22
Tape Date: May 8, 1967 (ABC #97-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 16, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. If a night wind had not cleared
the mists from the cliffs that lead from Collinwood to the sea,
no one would know that a giant storm was slowly approaching.
It hovers on the horizons, but it’s advance is as inexorable as
the advance of time itself in the journey from day to night.
And there is a woman near Collinwood, a young woman, who seems to
reflect in her spirit the tranquility of the day as it waits
helplessly for the coming storm that the night will surely bring.”

It is morning. Maggie awakens to find Joe watching over
her. Surprised, she asks, “Joe. What are you doing here?”
Joe jokes, “Spilling coffee, making noise, the usual”. He
then tells her, “Go back to sleep”. Maggie asks, “Was I
walking in my sleep again?” Joe replies, “No, you slept
all night”. Maggie remarks, “I must be getting better if I
slept so well”, but Joe tells her, “Actually, you’ve only
been resting quietly since sun up. You had a pretty restless
night”. Maggie asks, “Restless?” Joe tells her, “It’s probably
because you wanted to go out”. Maggie asks, “Go out?” Joe
replies, “Your father said you were so restless he had to
practically tie you down to keep you here”. Maggie groans,
“Joe, I don’t remember! I don’t remember!”
Maggie has calmed down and is sipping a cup of coffee.
She remarks, “I guess I WAS walking in my sleep last night
when I tried to get out”. Joe asks her to try to remember.
Maggie snaps, “Maybe one reason I’m so tired is because
everyone keeps asking me so many questions!” Joe tells
her he’ll let her sleep. He looks at the holes in her
throat. This upsets Maggie. Dogs start to howl outside.
Joe asks, “What’s the matter? Why are you so sore at me
all of a sudden?” Maggie shouts, “Go away, Joe! I don’t
want to see you again. Ever!” Joe, shocked, asks, “What?!”
Maggie continues, “Go away, Joe. I mean it! I’ve made up
my mind! I don’t want us to see each other again! Go away and
don’t come back!”
Joe is talking on the phone with Vicky. He tells her,
“Sam won’t be back until later. I really appreciate your
coming down and helping. I have some things I have to do
at work”. Jason comes into the foyer while Vicky is on the
phone. Having heard part of the phone conversation, he remarks,
“I hear you’re going out. I don’t think that would be wise. A
storm is coming up”. Vicky tells him has to go because a friend
is sick and she has no choice, “She’s been found walking in her
sleep. She could injure herself. As a matter of fact, the other
night she was found wandering around in the cemetary at Eagle
Hill”. Jason asks, “How did it ever occur to them to look for
her in a cemetary?”. Vicky tells him, “I got a telephone call
from someone who said she was at the Eagle Hill Cemetary”. Jason
asks, “From who?” Vicky starts to leaves, saying, “I’ve got to
get there before the storm breaks”, but Jason stops her and asks
again, “Who saw her at the cemetary?” Vicky replies, “He wouldn’t
say who he was”. Jason asks, “So she was sleepwalking through
the cemetary all this time?” Vicky replies, “Yes. She even
cut herself and didn’t notice it. She had two puncture wounds
on her throat when she was found”. Jason asks, “What reason
did the doctor give for them?” Vicky replies, “He didn’t give
a reason. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with her”. Jason
abruptly remarks, “Better leave before the storm breaks” and
rushes Vicky out. A few moments later, he puts on his overcoat
and leaves too.
Jason goes to the old house and knocks at the door. Receiving
no answer, he goes in an looks around. After a few moments,
Willie comes walking down the stairs and asks, “What do you
want?” He is action strangely, keeping his head turned away
from Jason as he talks. Jason replies, “I want some answers to
some questions!” He grabs Willie and whirls him around to face
him. He is shocked to see that Willie’s face is covered with
bruises. He asks, “What happened to your face?!”, but Willie
doesn’t answer, so Jason continiues, “All right, I’m not going
to concern myself with what happened to you. I just want some
answers”. He tells Willie about what’s been happening to Maggie
and how similar it is to what happened to him earlier and
remarks, “She was in the same cemetary you went to. That’s just
too many coincidences!” Willie tells him, “I had nothing to
do with that girl being there! Now go!” But instead of going,
Jason says, “One more thing. You had those wounds on your
arm. That girl had puncture wounds on her neck!” Willie replies,
“Must be just a coincidence”. He starts to say something but
stops. Jason remarks, “What were you about to say, Willie?
You were about to say ‘I even’. What did you mean? Were you
about to say you even tried to protect her? Vicky mentioned
getting a telephone call telling her where the girl was. That
wouldn’t have been you, would it?” Willie denies that it
was, saying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Jason
gives up on getting anything out of Willie. He warns him,
“If you’re up to something, something that would get the police
swarming down on Collinwood, I want it stopped! I don’t want
the police around. It would get in the way of my plans!”
Willie warns Jason not to ask too many questions, not to
snoop around, but Jason replies, “I’m going to find out what
you’re up to. I promise!” Willie replies, “Fortunately you’re
not a man who keeps his promises”. He adds, cryptically,
“Fortunate for you, that is”.
Vicky arrives at the Evan’s cottage. Joe tells Vicky about
Maggie’s odd behavior, about her telling him she never wanted
to see him again. Vicky tells him not to worry, saying, “She
didn’t mean what she said. She’s sick”. Joe tells Vicky, “Yes,
she’s acting very different than her usual self. I’ve been
with her most of the day and I’ve never missed her so much
in my entire life”.
Inside her room, Maggie awakens and groans, “Joe…Joe”.
Vicky comes in and asks Maggie, “How are you feeling?”.
Maggie asks, “Joe’s gone?” Vicky replies, “Yes. I’ve
come to look after you until your father comes back.
Joe said to let you rest. How do you feel?”. Maggie
replies, “Better”. Outside, the storm has broken, and
there is a lot of thunder and lightning. Vicky asks,
“Does the lightning frighten you?” Maggie replies, “No”.
She starts to talk strangely. She tells Vicky how much
she’s come to like the dark. Vicky asks, “Joe told me you
told him you never wanted to see him again. Why?” Maggie
replies, “Joe must never come back! I don’t want to see
him again as long as I live!” Vicky, puzzled, asks,
“I don’t understand”. There’s a lightning flash. Maggie
remarks, “The lightning. Each one is like a quick day
all in a moment, then its night for a long time again.” She
starts to get out of bed. Vicky tells her, “Get back in bed.”
Maggie gets back in bed and lies quietly. Vicky turns off the
light by Maggie’s bed, then sits down in a chair and starts
leafing through a magazine.
It is later. Maggie suddenly sits up. Vicky asks,
“Maggie! Maggie, what is it? What’s wrong?” Suddenly, the
french doors blow open. There is a flash of lightning,
revealing the silhouette of a man standing outside. Vicky
is shocked. The light of the lightning flash fades away, and
she can now no longer see what’s outside. Then there’s another
lightning flash. The man is no longer there. Vicky goes and
closes the french doors, locking them. Maggie cries, “No!
Leave them open! They’ve got to stay…!” Vicky starts
to ask, “Maggie…”, but before she can finish, Maggie
interrupts her, saying, “It’s all right. It’s all right
Episode 233
Worldvision Rerun 23
Tape Date: May 11, 1967 (ABC #98-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 17, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Alexandra Moltke:
“My Name is Victoria Winters. A violent storm rages over Collinsport.
Its ferocity and terror reaches everywhere. And out of the tempestuous
blackness comes a horror that cannot be explained.”

At Collinwood, Carolyn is sitting by the fire trying to
read a book. The storm outside is really bad now. Vicky
returns home. Seeing that Vicky looks frightened, Carolyn
asks, “What the matter?” Vicky replies, “I thought I saw
something prowling around outside. It was probably my
imagination”. Carolyn asks, “Where have you been?” Vicky
replies, “Sitting up with Maggie Evans. What are you doing
up so late?”. Carolyn replies, “I couldn’t sleep”. Suddenly,
the lights start to blink. Vicky remarks on how strong the
storm is. She tells Carolyn, “The lightning lighted up the
countryside in a way that made it seem so unreal. Everything
familiar seemed so strange. I kept thinking I was seeing
things. Several times I swerved the car after thinking I
saw something in the road in front of me”. The lights go
out. Carolyn becomes frightened. After reassuring her that
they’ll probably come back on soon, Vicky goes to a cabinet
and gets some candles.
Vicky returns with some candles. She and Carolyn light
them. Lightning flashes. Vicky thinks she sees something
outside the window, but there is nothing there when the
next lightning flash occurs seconds later. Vicky tells
Carolyn, “It’s been like this all night. It started when
I was with Maggie”. She recounts what happened when she
was with Maggie, remarking, “I thought Maggie would be
terrified, but she wasn’t”. Carolyn suggests, “Maybe she
didn’t see anything. Maybe it was your imagination”.
Suddenly, they both gasp. They have seen a figure standing
in the doorway. Vicky, realizing that the figure looks
familiar, goes up to it, carrying a candle, to get a better
look. She finds that it’s only Barnabas. Barnabas tells
them, “Sorry if I startled you. I knocked, but the sound
must have been drowned out by the thunder”. Carolyn asks,
“It’s a terrible night out there. What brings you here on
such a night?” Barnabas replies, “I wanted to talk to
Miss Winters”. He turns to Vicky and asks, “You were with
Miss Evans tonight. How is she?” Vicky replies, “Better.
The doctor gave her a transfusion and she’s much stronger
now.” Barnabas remarks, “Well, that kind of news makes
the night seem less bad”. Vicky asks, “Why don’t you take off
your coat and sit with us for awhile?”. Barnabas remarks, “This
is an exquisite room. How wonderful it is to be able to see it
this way, by candlelight the way it was meant to be seen”.
Noticing that Carolyn seems very uneasy, he asks her, “The
storm bothering you?” Carolyn replies, “Tonight it does”.
Barnabas remarks, “Surely, you’re used to storms around here”.
Carolyn replies, “I’ll never get used to them, and this is the
worst storm I’ve ver seen”. Barnabas tells her, “There have been
worse storms here, storms that made people huddle here and
at the old house, storms that drove ships onto the rocks
under Widow’s Hill, their masts broken, men crying out as
they were washed overboard, never to be heard again.
And it always seemed as if the winds and lightning always
converged here on Collins property.
“It was on a night such as this that a young beautiful
woman was pressed to her limits. She could no longer accept
what the future held for her. She knew she had to destroy
herself before she became something she did not want to be.
She had quarreled with her lover. She tried to send him
away, but he would not be put off. He tried to put his
arms around her, but she broke away from him and ran off
into the stormy night. Her white dress contrasted against
the darkness. He ran after her as she headed to the one
place on earth that seemed to be designed for the termination
of human life.
“The rain drenched her, the winds buffeted her, blowing
her long hair wildly. Her clothing was torn by the low
branches. Her small, white feet were bruised and mudstained
by the stony, cruel path to the summit of the cliff. The
shouts of her lover were lost in the wind as he ran swiftly
after her. Near the top, she stumbled over a large rock.
Crying hysterically, she limped and crawled to the edge of
the precipice. Her lover reached her, clutched at her, spinning
her around to face him.
“Her eyes were wide with terror as the lover held her tight,
lips pressed against her throat. Soon, she grew limp and he
released her. Suddenly, with a last surge of energy, she broke
free and hurled herself off the cliff. Her screams reacted and
echoed as she plunged downwards. Her body was impaled on the
large, craggy rocks below. Her lover descended to the bottom
of Widow’s Hill and found her body, broken, lifeless, bloodless.
As violent as her death was, the expression on her face was
one of serenity, as if this were the best possible ending to
her life”.
Carolyn, bothered by this story, tells Barnabas, “I don’t
want to hear anymore!” Barnabas apoligizes, saying he didn’t
mean for the story to have this effect on her. Carolyn says,
“Goodnight” and goes upstairs. Barnabas asks Vicky if the
story disturbed her too. Vicky replies, “No. Actually, I’m
curious about it. Is it true?” Barnabas replies, “Every word of
it”. Vicky asks, “That word ‘bloodless’, why did you choose it?”
Barnabas replies, “It’s the way the scene was told to me. I have
no explanation beyond that. Tell me, why did you react like that
to the word ‘bloodless’?” Vicky replies, “Because of some things
that have happened recently. Those animals, drained of blood, Maggie
and Willie, both being ill of loss of blood”. Barnabas asks, “By
the way, how did you ever think of looking for Maggie in the
cemetary?” Vicky replies, “I got a phone call from someone telling
me she was there”. Barnabas asks, “Who?” Vicky replies, “He
wouldn’t say and I didn’t recognize the voice”. Barnabas
remarks, “I wonder who it could be…” He then makes the puzzling
comment, “You’re a very clever girl, Miss Winters. Please take
care that what happened to her doesn’t happen to you”. Vicky
asks, “What do you mean?” Barnabas explains, “Just that I
don’t want to see you with the same illness she has”. Vicky
asks, “How could that happen?” Barnabas replies, “It could
happen to ANYONE”. They are interrupted by a voice saying, “
Pardon me”. They look. It’s Jason, who’s just entered the drawing
room. Jason jokes to Vicky, “You should go up to Mrs. Stoddard
and tell her to pay more attenting to her light bills!” Vicky
says, “Goodnight”, excuses herself and leaves. Jason tells
Barnabas, “I want to have a word or two with you”. Barnabas asks,
“What about?” Jason replies, “About your servant Willie. He’s up to
something. It’s time you took some action”. Barnabas asks, “What?”
Jason replies, “Get rid of him”. Baranbas asks, “What’s he up to?”
Jason tells him, “I can’t quite put my finger on it. I think
it has something to do with the cemetary, but I don’t
know exactly what. I followed him there one night, but he
disappeared”. Barnabas replies, “It looks like I’ll have to
take some steps…
Barnabas returns to the old house. He is furious. He
shouts, “WILLIE! WILLIE! WILLIE!” shaking his cane angrily
in the air…
Episode 234
Worldvision Rerun 24
Tape Date: May 9, 1967 (ABC #99-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 18, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. The night that now shrouds Collinwood
seems to be standing still. Its move toward morning seems to be forgotten,
and even the mist from the sea dosen’t stir in the night air. But within
the night itself all is far from still… and suspended, motionless
within the dark a violence seems to wait… ready to erupt.”

Barnabas has beaten Willie again. Wilie is lying bleeding on
the floor of the old house, Barnabas standing above him holding
his cane. Barnabas tells Willie, “I hope your tongue is looser
now”. Willie whines, “I didn’t do it…” Barnabas continues,
“All I want you to do is admit it. A phone call was made to
Miss Winters”. Willie again whines, “I didn’t do it”, but
Barnabas points out, “No one else could have done it!
I dislike people who betray a trust, and you broke a trust
when you telephoned Miss Winters and told her Miss Evans
was at the Eagle Hill Cemetary”. Willie whines, “I won’t do
anything wrong again. I promise I won’t.” Barnabas tells him,
“I believe you. Now go do something about your friend Jason
McGuire. Make him stop coming here and asking questions.
If you fail… Well, see to it that you don’t fail”. Willie
promises, “I’ll talk to him and see that he stays away”.
Barnabas warns, “One word of advice. Don’t let your persuasion
cause any more suspicion”. Willie complains, “How am I going
to do that?” Barnabas replies, “I consider the problem yours.
Now leave me. I want to meditate”.
Maggie opens the french doors in her room. Sam, wondering
what she’s doing, asks, “Maggie?” Maggie replies, “The storm’s
over now”. Sam remarks, “That’s quite a story Vicky told
me. She said saw a man out there”. Maggie replies, “I didn’t
see a thing. When the doors flew open, her imagination must have
gotten the better of her”. Sam suggest to Maggie that she get
some sleep. Maggie objects, saying, “I’m wide awake. I want to
take a walk outside, the night is beautiful”, but Sam insists she
go to bed. She gives up and does so. He sits down at a chair by
her bed and tells her, “Try to get some sleep”. She replies,
“I’ll try”, then mumbles, “Please, no dreams, no dreams, no
It is morning. Sam and Dr. Dave Woodard are in Maggie’s room
with her. Maggie tells Woodard, “I feel much better, Doc”. The
doctor agrees, “Yes, I’d say you were much improved”. Maggie
asks, “Can I go back to work?” Sam interjects, “Now Maggie!”.
Woodard tells Maggie, “”You are to REST.” then tells Sam, “See
that she gets it”. Sam replies, “I will”. Dr. Woodard starts
to examine the wounds in Maggie’s neck. Maggie remarks, “I’d
forgotten about those”. The doctor tells her, “They’re healing
nicely”. He finishes his examination. Sam tells him, “I’ll see
you to the door”. He tells Sam, “I’ll check by in a day or two”.
Maggie says, “A day or two? I’ll be well by then!”. Dr. Woodard
replies, “We’ll see”. He orders Maggie, “Rest. And when you get
tired of resting, rest some more!!”
Outside in the living room, the doctor admits to Sam, “I
still don’t know what’s wrong with her. Maybe when the blood
tests come back”. He tells Sam to continue with the presciption
he’s given Maggie, and tells him, “The most important thing,
make sure someone is with her at all time”. Sam asks, “Is
there anything you’re not telling me?” Woodard replies,
“No, there’s nothing I’m not telling you. I just want to
be sure until the sleepwalking’s over. Somthing could happen
to her. The last time, it was just those wounds. She may not
be so lucky next time. She might be hit by a car or fall”. Sam
notices that the doctor has a worried look on his face and asks,
“Are you sure there isn’t something you aren’t telling me? You
look worried”. Woodard replies, “Puzzled, actually. I haven’t
the slightest idea how she got those punctures on her neck”.
It is night. Vicky is in the living room of the Evan’s
Cottage with Sam. Sam apoligizes, “I hate to impose on you”.
Vicky interrupts him, “Not at all”. Sam continues, “The
portrait’s almost finished, and Maggie reminded me we can’t
afford to lose the commision”. Vicky asks, “How is she?”
Sam replies, “Much better, but the doctor wants to make
sure she doesn’t go sleepwalking”. He warns Vicky that Maggie
might be resentful about being looked after. He tells her,
“She might try to get you to leave, but don’t listen to
her”. Vicky promises, “Don’t worry. I won’t leave her alone
for a minute”.
Vicky goes into Maggie’s room. Maggie asks, “Are you going
to be staying with me?” Vicky replies, “Yes”. Maggie thanks
her. Vicky is surprised to find that contrary to Sam’s warning,
Maggie isn’t resentful at all. In fact, she seems quite happy
to have her company. Vicky remarks, “You look so frightened”.
Maggie replies, “No, I’m all right now. I’m feeling much better”.
Vicky asks, “Anything I could get you? A glass of warm milk
maybe?” Maggie at first replies, “No”, but after a few seconds
changes her mind and tells Vicky she would like a glass. But
as Vicky is leaving to get it, Maggie shouts, “NO! Don’t leave
me! Not for a minute, no matter what I say!” Vicky, puzzled,
asks, “What is it? Can’t you tell me what’s you’re so afraid
of?” Maggie replies, “I’m not afraid af anything. Nothing!
Nothing! I’m all right!”
At the old house, Sam is painting. Barnabas gets up from
the posing chair. Sam stretches and tells him, “I suppose we
BOTH need a break”. He tells Barnabas he needs to work on the
color for awhile and suggests that he take a walk or something.
Outside, dogs start howling. Barnabas looks out the window and
remarks, “How beautiful the night seems! A night as beautiful
as this should never be wasted!” and leaves, going out the
front doors.
Sam continues to work. Willie comes into the room and asks,
“Is Mr. Collins up in his room?” Sam, startled, asks, “What?”
Willie asks, “Mr. Collins. Where is he? He didn’t go out, did
he?” Sam replies, “I don’t know. Maybe”. Willie asks, “How
long has he been out?” Sam angrily shouts, “Look! Can’t you see
I’m trying to do some work ?!” Willie remarks, “I heard your
daughter wasn’t well”. Sam growls, “I don’t want you talkinga
about my daughter”. Willie continues, “All I want to know,
is she sick?” Sam angrily tells Willie, “I have two things to
tell you! Firstly, I don’t ever want to hear you mention my
daughter’s name! Secondly, I don’t like to be pestered when I
At the Evan’s cottage, Maggie suddenly becomes belligerent.
She tells Vicky, “There’s nothing wrong with me! I refuse to
be treated as if something were wrong with me! I’ve had all
I can stand!” She asks Vicky to leave. Vicky puzzled, says,
“But a moment ago you were glad to have me here”. Maggie
replies, “But I’ve thought it over and it’s obviously not
necessary for you to look after me, so why don’t you go home?”
Vicky protests, “But I promised your father…” Maggie disdainfully
remarks, “An ABSURD promise!” Suddenly, dogs start howling outside.
Vicky, frightened, asks, “What’s that sound?” Maggie asks,
“What sound?” Vicky asks, “Don’t you hear it?” Maggie lies, “I
didn’t hear anything”. Vicky tells her, “It sounds like a dog.
Don’t you hear it?” Maggie lies, “No. I don’t hear a thing. Why don’t
you leave? If you’re scared, why don’t you leave?” Vicky lies,
“I’m not scared”, but Maggie counters, “Yes you are. You’re
trembling. Why don’t you leave?”. Vicky refuses, saying, “No,
Maggie. I’ve go to stay with you”. The sound gets much louder.
It now sounds like a whole pack of dogs is just outside. Suddenly,
the french doors begin to shake, as if someone or something is
trying to get in. Vicky is terrified. Maggie tells her, “Go away.
Why don’t you leave?” Vicky exclaims, “OH MAGGIE! SOMETHING’S
out of the room.
In the living room, Vicky frantically telephones Burke and
tells him, “Burke! You’ve got to come over here! Something’s
happening!” Maggie slams her bedroom door shut. Hearing this,
Vicky runs to the door and tries to open it, but finds that
it’s locked. She bangs on the door and shouts, “Maggie! Let
me in! Maggie!! Please let me in! Can’t you hear me?!”
Episode 235
Worldvision Rerun 25
Tape Date: May 10, 1967 (ABC #100-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 19, 1967 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Alexandra Moltke:
“My Name is Victoria Winters. Darkness hovers over Collinwood like a
shroud, and somewhere in that darkness exsists the presence of a evil
force, someone with the powers of enormous destruction at his
command. He has been waiting to strike… waiting to destroy… and
tonight, perhaps he has. An innocent young girl is a prisoner in a
locked room, and no one knows what fate awaits her.”

Vicky continues banging on the door, screaming, “Maggie!
Maggie! Why don’t you open the door?” There’s a knock at
the front door. Vicky goes and opens it. It’s Burke. Vicky exclaims,
“Burke! Thank heavens you’re here! I think there’s something
in there with Maggie!” Burke breaks open the door. Vicky asks,
“What is it?” Burke replies, “Don’t look, Vicky”, and tries to
keep Vicky from looking. But Vicky does and screams. Inside,
Maggie is lying in bed unconscious, blood flowing from the
holes in her neck…
Dr. Woodard has come and is examining Maggie. Vicky asks, “What
happened, Doctor?” Woodard replies, “I don’t know. All I know is
she’s lost a lot of blood again. The wounds in her neck have been
reopened. The only explanation I have is so wild…” Vicky
asks, “What?” Woodard continues, “The wounds look like bite
marks, as if she had been attacked by some sort of wild animal,
a large dog…” Vicky tells him, “I heard a dog outside the
window earlier”. The doctor asks, “Where’s the phone? I’ve got to
get this girl into the hospital!” Vicky tells him, “Outside in
the living room”. Sam comes home and asks, “What happened?”
The doctor, dialing on the phone in the living room, replies,
“I’ve got to get her to the hospital”. Sam asks, “Is she that
bad?” Woodard replies, “Yes, she’s that bad”.
Sam goes into Maggie’s room, moaning, “I shouldn’t have left
her. I should have stayed here with her”. He grabs Maggie’s
shoulder and tries to shake her into consciousness, shouting,
“Maggie, can’t you see me? Can’t you hear me? Maggie!” The
doctor comes bac in and tells Vicky and Sam, “Better clear out
of here. The ambulance is coming”.
Sam, Vicky and Burke are in the living room. Burke pours a
drink and offers it to Sam. Sam declines it. Burke tells him,
“I think you’d better take it, Sam. I think you need it”. Sam
replies, “For once in my life, that won’t solve anything”. He
asks, “What happened, Vicky?” Vicky recounts what happened. Dr.
Woodard comes out into the living room. Sam asks, “What happens
now?” Woodard replies, “Wait till the ambulance comes. I can’t
do anything until I get her to the hospital. One thing I can tell
you. She’s going to need a sizable transfusion”. Sam asks Woodard,
“How sick is she? What are the chances she’s going to pull
through?” Woodard refuses to hazard a guess, but Sam
pressures him, saying, “Dave, we’ve been friends for a long
time. You can tell me”. Woodard answers, “I’d say if she
makes it through tonight, her chances are good”. Sam, shocked,
asks, “You mean there’s a chance she WON’T make it through
tonight?” The ambulance comes. Woodard assures Sam,
“Sam, you’ve got to believe we’re going to do everything
we can to help that girl, everything!”
Maggie is lying in a hospital bed in the Collinsport
Hospital. Dr. Woodard, a nurse, and Sam are in the
room with her. Woodard examines her and announces, “Her
heartbeat is getting stronger, her pulse is steady. She
seems to be getting a little better”. He tells the nurse,
“Get the oxygen equipment ready outside”. The nurse leaves.
Joe Haskell comes into the room and anxiously asks, “She’s
going to be all right, isn’t she?” Maggie awakens and asks,
“Where…Where…” Sam tells her, “You’re sick, darling.
You’re in the hospital”. Seeing Sam and Joe there, Maggie
tells them, “Glad to see you both here”. Sam asks the doctor,
“Can we talk to her for a minute?” The doctor replies, “Yes,
but just for a minute. I don’t want her to tire herself.”
He leaves. Sam asks Maggie, “What happened to you tonight?”,
but Maggie can remember nothing except, “I had a terrible
dream tonight. It was the most terrible dream I’ve ever had,
but I can’t remember what it was. I’m so scared, so scared!
Joe, I’m sorry for picking that fight with you that other night.
And Pop, promise me something. Promise me you’ll take care of
yourself. Don’t drink too much”. Sam promises, “When you get
well, I’ll go on the wagon”. Maggie says, “I’m not going to
get well. I’m going to die”. Sam shouts, “Don’t talk like that!
You’re not going to die! You’re going to get well!” The doctor
comes back in and tells Sam and Joe to leave and let Maggie rest.
Sam tells him, “I’m not leaving the hospital!” The doctor replies,
“There’s a lounge at the end of the hall where you can stay”.
They leave. Maggie mutters, “What I said is true, true…” The
doctor asks, “What’s true, Maggie?” Maggie replies, “Nothing”
The alarm clock by Maggie’s bed reads 12:10. Maggie is
sleeping peacefully. Dr. Woodard and the nurse are in the
room with her. The doctor tells the nurse, “There’s not much
more I can do for her tonight. Stay here and watch over her.
Call me if anything happens. Don’t leave her alone for a
moment! It’s vitally important that someone be with her
at all times. And one more thing. Make sure the window stays
closed and locked at all times!”. The nurse asks, “Why?” Woodard
refuses to explain, teling her, “Don’t ask me any questions.
Just do it. I’ll be at the hospital all night. Page me if you
need me”.
Sam and Joe are sitting in the lounge. Joe notes, “It’s
2:00.” Sam remarks, “Funny, I was sitting in this very place, in
this very hospital the night Maggie was born. Now I’m sitting here
waiting to find out if she’s going to live”. He begins to cry.
The clock by Maggie’s bed now reads 3:20. Maggie starts to
sit up, but collapses back into bed. The nurse exclaims, “Miss
Evans!” Maggie asks, “Who…”. The nurse tells her, “I’m your
nurse”. Maggie asks, “Do me a favor. Could you open the
window?” The nurse replies, “I can’t do that”. Maggie asks,
“Why not?” The nurse replies, “Doctor’s orders. He was very
emphatic about it”. Maggie starts to complain, “I can’t breathe!
I need fresh air!” Finally, the nurse remarks, “I don’t see
harm in opening it just a little crack, but that’s all” and does
so. Maggie tells her, “Thank you! Thank you!” The nurse asks,
“Felling better now?” Maggie replies, “Yes, much better!”
Joe tries to reassure Sam that Maggie will be all right,
but Sam tells him, “You’re thinking the same thing I am. I
can see it in your eyes”. Joe covers his face as if crying.
Maggie sits up, gasps, and falls back down in bed. The
nurse exclaims, “Miss Evans!” quickly goes and examines her.
She listens with her stethoscope, then runs out of the room.
There, she picks up the telephone to call Dr. Woodard, but
Woodard happens to come into the room. The nurse tells Woodard,
“Quick! It’s Miss Evans! I can’t detect any heartbeat, and she
seems to have stopped breathing!” They rush inot Maggie’s room.
The bed is empty. The nurse exclaims, “I don’t understand! She
was there just a moment ago! There was no heartbeat or breathing!
Every indication was that she was dead!” She sees that the window
is now wide open and says, “And that window! It was only open
a crack!” Outside, dogs howl…
Episode 236
Worldvision Rerun 26
Tape Date: May 12, 1967 (ABC #101-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 22, 1967 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. A distant moon, cold and bright against
a black sky, looks down on Collinwood and the country around. What it
sees is not reflected in its unshadowed gaze. It remains as always
an unblinking eye, passive to the terrors that stalk the earth below.
Indifferent to life and death alike, it watches as a young woman gasps
a final breath. And perhaps it sees from its cold corner of the sky the
fate that lurks beyond the final gasp… and waits… and waits for the
last silence.”

Sam asks the doctor, “Gone?! What do you mean she’s gone?!”
Joe asks, “Do you mean she’s dead?” Dr. Woodard replies, “No,
that’s not what I meant. The nurse left the room briefly to get
me and when we went in there, she had disappeared. I’m having
the whole hospital grounds searched”. Joe turns to Sam and
says, “I think I know where she might be”. Sam asks, “Eagle
Hill Cementary?” Joe replies, “That’s right”. Joe leaves.
Sam tries to be positive and announces, “He’ll find her!
He’ll find her alive!”. Noticing the expression on Dr. Woodard’s
face, Sam asks, “What’s wrong?” Woodard tells him, “The nurse
said when she last saw her, Maggie didn’t seem to have a
heartbeat!”. Sam exclaims, “What?!” Woodard explains, “Maybe
she was in severe shock. In some cases of severe shock, the
heartbeat becomes almost imperceptible”. Sam tries to believe,
“Yes. That must be it”. He then says, “But if it isn’t, that
means someone must have come in and taken her…”
Meanwhile, Maggie is walking through the woods…
Dr. Woodard tries to give Sam some sedatives, but Sam refuses
to take them, saying, “I’m not going to take anything until
Maggie is found!” Burke rushes in and breathelessly says, “I
called earlier they told me something about Maggie disappearing!”
Sam tells him, “She’s disappeared. We don’t know whether she’s
dead or alive”. Joe comes in. Sam asks, “You didn’t find her?”
Joe replies, “No, I was over every inch of Eagle Hill Cementary.
She’s not there. I don’t know where to look next”. Burke
remarks, “There’s one person who might know. Someone knew she
was at Eagle Hill Cemetary last time and telephoned Vicky.
Vicky had a hunch about who it was.” Joe asks, “Who?” Burke
replies, “Willie Loomis”. Joe, dubious, asks, “You really think
it was Willie Loomis?” Burke replies, “I don’t know, but it’s
worth a try”.
Burke and Joe go to the old house. Burke knocks on the door.
Barnabas answers. He asks, “What brings you two at this time
of night?” and invites them in. Joe explains, “We’d like to
talk to Willie Loomis”. Barnabas replies, “I’m sorry, but he’s
not here. I sent him to Bangor to do some work for me, and he
won’t be back until tomorrow”. Burke tells Barnabas, “Maggie
Evans has disappeared again”. Barnabas asks, “What does that
have to do with Willie?” He is told that Maggie was found the
other night because of a phone call to Maggie telling her
where Maggie was, that Willie had come to the Evan’s cottage
just a little before the phone call and became very upset when
he learned that Maggie was missing, that Vicky thinks there
might be a connection. Barnabas replies, “It couldn’t have
been Willie. He came back here right away the night I sent
him to the Evans Cottage, and there’s no phone here. Sorry,
but Willie can be of absolutely no help to you whatsoever”.
Joe notices a funny look on Burke’s face and asks, “What’s
the matter, Burke?” Burke replies, “I thought I heard a board
creak, as if someone was walking in the house”. Barnabas
explains, “No one else is in the house. I’m alone in here. The
house often creaks in the wind. I’ve learned to ignore it”.
Burke and Joe leave. After a few moments, Barnabas says,
“It’s all right now. They’re gone”. Maggie comes out from
behind a door to the left of the fireplace. Barnabas tells
her, “You’re safe, safe here with me”.
Barnabas takes Maggie up to Josette’s room. He tells her,
“Come in. Don’t be afraid. This is YOUR room. It’s just as
you left it, long, long ago. Nothing’s changed, not even us”.
He pauses, then says, “Well, perhaps you have changed. You’re
even more lovely than I remember you, Josette”. Seeing that
Maggie is puzzled, Barnabas explains, “Yes, that will be your
name from now on. In time, you will think like her, act like
her, become her. Together, we will enjoy the life that was
denied to us for so many years”. He pauses, then looks into
the air and says, “Oh, Josette. She should never have denied
herself to me. She should never have dashed her body on
those rocks. I was trying to give her life, not death.
Not life as other men know it, but life nevertheless.”
He turns to Maggie and tells her, “We will live together
Barnabas goes to a chest at the foot of the bed and tells
Maggie, “I have something for you, here in this chest”. He
opens the chest and takes out a wedding gown. He tells her,
“It has survived here, as we have survived all these years”.
He gives it to her and tells her, “It’s your wedding gown.
Soon, you will be my bride!” He tells her, “I have something
else for you”. He goes to a table and gets a box. He brings
it to her and tells her, “I brought it back from the orient
for you. I had intended to give it to you on a very special
day. That day has arrived”. He opens the top of the box.
Beautiful music plays. He asks, “Do you hear it? This is
your music. Listen to it and all fears, all loneliness, all
unhappiness will disappear”.
Episode 237
Worldvision Rerun 27
Tape Date: May 14, 1967 (ABC #102-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 23, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Alexandra Moltke:
“My Name is Victoria Winters. The mysterious disappearance of a girl has
baffled everyone at Collinwood, and those who are close to her. The girl,
seemingly dead, has left no traces. A desparate search is underway to find
her before a horrible fate destroys her forever.”

In the foyer at Collinwood, Vicky and Jason are talking
about Maggie’s disappearance. Jason suggests, “Maybe she just
walked out”. Vicky replies, “But the reason the nurse left
is that she examined Maggie and Maggie seemed to be dead!”
Jason exclaims, “Dead?!” Vicky replies, “She wasn’t breathing.
The nurse went to get the doctor, and when they came back,
Maggie was gone!” Burke and Sheriff Patterson come to
Collinwood. Vicky asks, “Have you found Maggie?” The sheriff
tells her, “Not yet”, then asks that everyone step into the
drawing room to discuss the case. Burke and Vicky go in.
The sheriff asks, “Mr. McGuire?” Jason explains, “I have to
go to work”, but the sheriff insists, saying, “It’s best if
you heard this too”. Jason and the sheriff go into the drawing
The sheriff gives an update on what’s happened. He explains,
“The bloodhounds couldn’t find a trail outside that window.
Their handler said he’d never seen them act so strangely
before. He said they almost seemed frightened. For now, we
have to keep open the possiblity that Miss Evans was abducted
by person or persons unknown”. Burke asks, “Vicky, have you
told the sheriff about that telephone call?” Vicky recounts
the call to the sheriff. He asks, “Did you recognize the voice?”
Vicky replies, “No, it was muffled”. The sheriff suggests, “Then
it might have been someone you knew disguising his voice. Did
anything strange happen before the call?” Vicky replies, “No”.
The sheriff asks, “Did you talk to anyone before the call?”
Vicky replies, “Yes. Willie Loomis came by with a message for
Mr. Evans. He seemed quite disturbed when he learned about
Maggie’s disappearance”. The sheriff asks, “How long after
this did you receive the telephone call?” Vicky responds,
“About 10 minutes”. The sheriff asks, “Now think carefully.
Could it have been Willie?” Vicky replies, “I can’t say one
way or the other”. The sheriff remarks, “I think it’s time for
a heart-to-heart with Willie Loomis” and excuses himself.
Jason intercepts the sheriff in the foyer on his way out.
He asks, “Do you have any grounds for accusing Willie?” The
sheriff replies, “I’m not accusing him of anything. I just
want to ask him some questions”. Jason assures him, “I’m
sure it’s just a misunderstanding”. The sheriff remarks,
“And those incidents in town. Were those misunderstandings?
I’ve checked up on him. He has a police record.” Jason
insists,”They were for minor offenses, misunderstanidngs”.
The sheriff remarks, “I had a check made on YOU too”. Jason
asks, “And?” The sheriff replies, “You’re clear”. Nevertheless,
he asks, “Do you have any information on the case?” Jason
replies, “No”. The sheriff tells him, “In that case, I think
I’ll go down to the old house now and introduce myself to
Willie” and leaves.
Vickly asks Burke, “Where could she be?” Burke reassures her,
“We’ll find her”. Vicky tells him, “There’s one thing that
bothers me more than anything else. It’s what the nurse said,
that Maggie was dead”. Burke tells her, “We’ll go to the
doctor. I’m sure she was mistaken”. Vicky, worried, asks,
“Was she? Was she really?”
The sheriff arrives at the old house. The door is unlocked.
He knocks, but, receiving no answer, goes in and looks around.
After a few moments, Willie comes down the stairs. The sheriff
asks, “Loomis? Willie Loomis?” Willie replies, “Yes I am”.
Seeing that Willie looks a little spooked, the sheriff asks,
“What’s the matter?” Willie replies, “Nothing. I just didn’t
expect to see anyone, that’s all. You took me by surprise”.
He tells the sheriff, “Mr. Collins won’t be back till
night”. The sheriff tells him, “Actually, it was YOU I wanted
to speak to. It’s about the disappearance of Maggie Evans.
Where were you about 9:00 last night?”. Willie replies, “In
Bangor”. The sheriff remarks, “Last night was the second time
Miss Evans disappeared. Where were you the first time? Were
you anywhere near Eagle Hill cemetary that night?” Willie
replies that he was not. The sheriff asks, “Vicky says you
visited the Evan’s cottage that night. Where did you go after
that?” Willie replies, “Back here”. The sheriff asks, “Did
you make a phone call to her?” Willie replies, “No, there’s
no phone here”. The sheriff asks, “Did you make a telephone
call to her anywhere?” Willie replies, “No”. The sheriff,
dubious of Willie, tells him, “I’m going to watch you
like a hawk. If you do anything out of line, I’m coming
after you. And if that girl turns up dead, I’m going to
have you arrested for murder!”
Vicky and Burke are in Dr. David Woodard’s office. They
asks him about the nurse’s claim that Maggie was dead.
Dr. Woodard tells them, “I asked her about that. She was
quite insulted that I doubted her. She’s an experienced
professional. She stated explicitly that, as far as she
could tell, Maggie Evans was dead”. He pauses a moment then
says, “It’s possible that after such a severe loss of blood,
she went into shock and fell into a catatonic state that
reproduced all the signs of death. And with her history
of sleepwalking, it’s possible she just got up and walked
away”. He admits, “I’ve never encountered a condition like this
before. I’m just waiting for the blood test to come back to see
it they tell me anything. I’ve alse contacted some colleagues to
see if they know what it might be”. Vicky reminds him, “But there
was a case like this right here in Collinsport! Willie Loomis”.
The doctor remarks, “Well, Willie’s illness WAS vaguely like
Maggie’s, but he recovered”. He pauses for a moment then says,
“Maybe it WOULD be useful to talk to Willie…”
There’s a knock at the old house door. Willie answers. It’s
Jason. He tells Willie, “I want to have a little chat with you,
Willie!” Willie protests, “I can’t. I’m busy”. Jason replies,
“I’m going to talk to you whether you like it or not. The sheriff
came to question you. What did you tell him?”. Willie replies,
“Nothing!” Jason tells Willie’s that his coming under suspicion
is affecting him, Jason McGuire. He tells him, “He had ME checked
out too!” He orders him, “Quit your job and leave town!” Willie
replies, “I can’t” He raises the hammer he’s been holding and
tells Jason, “Get out of here and never come back!” Infuriated,
Jason knocks the hammer from Willie’s hand, knocks him to the
ground and slaps him hard several times, then tells him, “That’s
a small sample of what I’ll do to you if you don’t get out of
town. If you don’t, I’m prepared to go all the way. You know
I will, Willie boy!”
Jason exits the old house. In the woods, he starts to hear
the sound of dogs howling. The howling gets louder, as if the
dogs are getting closer. Jason looks frightened.
Episode 238
Worldvision Rerun 28
Tape Date: May 16, 1967 (ABC #103-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 24, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. The search for the missing girl continues.
She seems to have vanished into thin air, but, she is hidden in a place
no one would think to look… a place closeby… a place where she is to
play her part in a diabolical fantasy.”

At Collinwood, Carolyn comes out into the foyer and looks
at the clock. It reads 5:15. Carolyn goes back into the
drawing room. Vicky walks into the foyer from the door under the
stairs and goes to the front door. She opens it and picks up a
newspaper lying outside. She opens it up. The banner reads
“Collinsport Star” in old English letters. The headline, in huge
headling is a picture of Maggie. Vicky takes the newspaper into
the drawing room and tells Elizabeth, who’s working at the desk,
“The evening paper’s just arrived. There’s a story about Maggie
on the front page”. Elizabeth asks, “Anything new?” Vicky replies,
“No, it just says she’s missing”. Elizabeth tells Vicky and
Carolyn, “I don’t want either of you going out at night.
If Maggies has been kidnapped, I have a feeling whoever
did it won’t stop at that”. Vicky protests, “But Miss
Stoddard, no one knows she HAS been kidnapped. The doctor
says she might have sleepwalked away”. Elizabeth replies,
“If that’s what happened, she would’ve been found by now.
I don’t want either of you going out alone!” She tells them,
“Dinner will be in an hour” and leaves the room. Carolyn
remarks, “Now this REALLY is a prison”. Vicky suggest, “Why
don’t we go out on a walk together on the grounds and get
some fresh air. Let’s go to the old house and see the progress
Mr. Collins is making”.
Vicky and Carolyn go to the old house. Carolyn remarks,
“It feels 5 degrees colder here!” Vicky explains, “That’s
because we’re closer to the sea here”. Vicky knocks at the
door. They wait, but there is no answer. After a few moments,
Carolyn remarks, “At least we got the fresh air” and they turn
to leave. Suddenly, the door opens a crack. They go back.
Vicky calls, “Mr. Collins?”, but there’s no one there. The
door has apparently opened all by itself. Vicky remarks, “My
knocking must have jarred the door open. Come on, let’s
go in”. Carolyn replies, “We can’t. No one’s home”. Vicky
explains, “Mr. Collins said we could drop by anytime. Come on,
I want to show you how it’s changed!” Carolyn begs, “Please,
Vicky, don’t go in there!” But Vicky goes in and calls,
“Mr. Collins? Willie?”. She receives no answer. Carolyn
reluctantly follows Vicky in. Once inside, she exclaims, “Is
this the same place?!”, utterly amazed at how well the
place has been restored. They admire the furniture and the
chandelier. About the chandelier, now clean and sparkling,
Vicky remarks, “I remember this as a haven for spiders and
cobwebs”. Carolyn agrees, “That’s the way I remember it too”.
Vicky tells her, “The most amazing thing is that Willie did all
this”. Carolyn sees the new portrait of Barnabas being painted by
Sam and remarks, “It looks just like the one in the foyer”.
Vicky notes, “Even the hands held the same way”. Carolyn remarks,
“It could almost be a portrait of the same man!” The portrait does
indeed resemble the one in the foyer, the only difference being the
modern clothing worn in the new one. Vicky remarks, “I wonder what
they’ve done upstairs. Let’s go up and take a look”. Carolyn
warns against this, saying, “This isn’t a museum”, but Vicky
insists, saying, “In a way, it is. A man who takes such a great
interest in the past would want to show it to people. I’m sure
he’d like us to appreciate it”. They go upstairs.
They enter a room furnished in a feminine style. Vicky remarks,
“This seems to be the only room upstairs which has been restored.
I guess he’s restoring them one at a time”. Carolyn sees that the
portrait of Josette is hanging over the fireplace and exclaims,
“Look! The portrait of Josette!” Vicky replies, “Wonderful! David’s
going to be thrilled when he hears about this!” Carolyn remarks,
“Actually, I think it looks BETTER up here”. Carolyn starts admiring
the objects on the vanity, “A comb, a mirror… everything
a woman of that century could want!” Vicky picks up a perfume
bottle and says, “There’s even liquid in the perfume bottle!”,
uncaps it, takes a sniff and exclaims, “I recognize this perfume!
It’s Jasmine!” Suddenly, the door slams shut. Vicky remarks,
“It mus be the wind” She opens it and finds Willie standing
Willie comes in and exclaims, “What are you doing in here?”
Vicky replies, “Mr. Collins said we could come drop by any
time we wanted”. Willie asks, “You haven’t touched anything,
have you?” Vicky replies, “No”. Willie looks at the things
on the vanity and says, “These have been touched!” Vicky
explains, “We were just admiring them”. Carolyn asks, “What is
this room used for? Is anyone staying here?” Willie, suddenly
acting very nervously, replies, “Nothing. It isn’t being used
for anything. No one’s staying here. It’s getting dark. You two
had better go!” Vicky and Carolyn leave. Willie looks around the
room for awhile, then leaves too.
Vicky and Carolyn go downstairs. Carolyn remarks that
the stairs which used to be so rickety are now so solid.
Vicky shouts back to Willie, “When you see Mr. Collins, tell
him what a good job he’s done”. They are startled to hear
Barnabas’ voice asks, “Why don’t you tell me yourself”.
They find that Barnabas is now downstairs. They tell what
a marvellous restoration job he has done. He tells them, “It’s
reactions like that that makes it all seem worthwhile”. Carolyn
tells him she likes the room upstairs, saying, “I’ve never seen
such a feminine room in my life”. Barnabas replies, “Yes. It’s
filled with feminitity. I’ve restored to to the way it used to
be”. Vicky remarks, “I know whose room it was. Josette Collins'”.
Barnabas replies, “Yes. How did you know?” Vicky replies, “I
recognized the perfume”. Carolyn reminds Vicky, “Mother doesn’t want
us out after dark because of what’s been happening in town.”
Unseen in the background, Willie gets a very guilty look on his
face. Vicky asks Barnabas, “One more question. The woman in the
story you told us. Who was that?” Barnabas replies, “Josette
Collins”. Vicky asks, “And the lover who ran after her, who was
he?” Barnabas replies, “I don’t know. It wasn’t recorded”.
After Vicky and Carolyn leave, Willie comes down. Barnabas
remarks, “Very pleasant guests. Willie, you always get nervous
when I talk to people. You’ll get used to it. Now, finish the
preparations for our dinner guest”.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth scolds Vicky and Carolyn for being
out after dark. Vicky and Carolyn gush about Barnabas’
restoration of Collinwood, especially of Josette’s room.
Elizabeth remarks, “I can’t for the life of me understand why he’d
want to restore Josette’s room”.
At the old house, a dinner table has been set in the living
room. Barnabas tells Willie, “Now to show our guest in”. Willie
goes upstairs. A few minutes later, Maggie comes walking down
the stairs, dressed in a bridal gown. She offers her hand to
Barnabas. He takes it, saying, “Ah, Josette my darling, welcome!”
The picture fades from a shot of Maggie’s face to a shot
of Josette’s portrait. Though no one has remarked on it before,
they look very much alike…
Episode 239
Worldvision Rerun 29
Tape Date: May 15, 1967 (ABC #104-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 25, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. A gentle night wind blows over Collinwood
and all is silent and peaceful. For there is no real peace in the night,
for those in the great house and for those beyond it. For one man
especially the approach of nightfall brings with it ever-increasing
desparation, for a search is in progress… a search for a missing girl…
once believed to be dead.”

Sam is at the Blue Whale, pacing around. Joe comes in.
Sam moans, “Where could she be, where?”
At the old house, Barnabas seats Maggie at the table
then sits down opposite her. He orders, “Willie, light the
candles. Josette is ready to dine”. Willie asks, “Why do
you call her that? Her name is Maggie”. Barnabas tells
him, “That is her name now. From now on, you are to call
her Miss Josette and Miss Josette only”. Willie lights the
candles and leaves to get dinner. Barnabas remarks to Maggie,
“You’ve brought your musicbox with you, my dear. You’re very
fond of it, aren’t you? That’s because I gave it to you.
Very soon, you will be my bride. Play it. That was your
favorite tune. Hearing it brought you back to me”. Willie
brings a couple of drinks. Barnabas toasts, “To you, my
dear, forever!”
At the Blue Whale, Joe tries to get Sam’s mind off
Maggie. He asks, “How’s that portrait of Barnabas going?”
Sam replies, “I can’t work until Maggie’s found. In fact,
I was going to go and tell Barnabas that tonight”. Joe
tells him, “My car’s outside” and offers to take him.
At the old house, Barnabas tells Josette, “Look at me,
dear, look into my eyes. All I want to do is make you
happy. You must never be frightened of me. You were once
and ended your life at Widow’s Hill”. Barnabas starts to
reminisce, “When I first met you, you were a dark girl
of 18. You didn’t speak a word of English. It was my
job to teach you…”
Outside, Joe and Sam arrive at the front door of the
old house. Sam knocks. There is no answer. Sam, puzzled,
remarks, “That’s strange. He’s usually home”.
Inside, Barnabas tells Willie, “Tell whoever it is I
can’t be disturbed!” Willie goes to the door and answers
it. He is shocked to see it is Sam and Joe. He tells them
that Barnabas can’t be disturbed, but Sam insists, “It’s
important”. Willie tells him, “Wait here”.
Willie goes in and tells Barnabas, “It’s them! It’s her
father Sam and Joe Haskell! They say it’s important!”.
Maggie seems to react to this. Barnabas decides, “I’d better
see them. I don’t want to arouse any suspicion. Take Josette
upstairs”. Willie takes Maggie upstairs. Barnabas lets Sam
and Joe in. He asks, “Any word of Maggie?” Sam replies, “None.
It’s as if she’s vanished into thin air. About the portrait,
I think we’re going to have to stop temporarily”. Barnabas
replies, “Of course. I understand”. Sam apologizes, “Sorry”.
Barnabas responds, “You don’t have to be. Even if you had the
time, I don’t. I have a plan to start a business of my own
in town, and I find myself increasingly busy”. Sam tells
Barnabas he’ll pack up his equipement. Joe tells Sam he’ll help.
Upstairs, Maggie is wandering around in Josette’s room.
Willie tries to get her to sit down. Suddenly, she hears
a voice from downstairs say, “Sam. Do you want me to take
the easel too?” Another voice replies, “No, I’ll leave that
here”. Maggie bolts up and exclaims, “I heard voices!”
Willie lies, “You didn’t hear anything” Maggie starts to
snap out of her daze and asks, “Where am I?” Willie replies,
“You know. This is your room”. Maggie says, “No it isn’t!
I’ve never been here before. Why am I here? I want to leave!
Voices! I hear voices! I do!”
Downstairs, Sam notices the dinner table and remarks, “I
see I came at a bad time. You have company”. Barnabas asks,
“How did you know?” Sam replies, “The dinner table. I didn’t
know you had any friends around here”. Barnabas replies, “I
don’t, but I have my family”.
Upstairs, Maggie says, “Voices! I hear voices! It’s Pop’s
voice. And Joe! I have to go to them!”
Downstairs, Joe tells Sam, “I’ve put all the gear in the
car. Ready to go?”. Sam replies, “Yes”.
Upstairs, Maggie struggles free and tries to run towards
the door, but Willie manages to catch her. Maggie cries out.
In the struggle, some furniture is knocked over.
Downstairs, Sam, hearing the noise, asks, “What’s that?”
Barnabas explains, “Willie must have dropped something. He’s
not the most adjile of servants”. Joe and Sam, having apparently
heard only the crash and not the scream, accept this explanaion.
Upstairs, Willie is holding Maggie, covering her mouth
with his hand to keep her from screaming. The sound of a
car driving off is heard. Willie lets Maggie go. She screams,
“Pop! Don’t go!”, but Willie tells her, “It’s too late, they’re
gone”. Maggie collapses onto a chair in despair. Barnabas
comes in.
Joe is driving along. Sam is in the passenger seat. Suddenly,
Sam exclaims, “There! That woman! It’s Maggie!”, but then
says, disappointed, “No, it’s not her. Every woman I see, I
think it might be her”. Joe remarks, “I get the strange feeling
that Maggie is close to us, so close we could almost touch
her, but can’t “.
At the old house, Barnabas has gone upstairs to Josette’s room.
He tells Willie, “Get out of here, Willie”. Willie tries to protect
Maggie, lying, “It was my fault! I knocked it over accidently!”,
but Barnabas does not believe him and order him, “Go!” Willie
begs, “Don’t hurt her…”, but Barnabas orders “I SAID GO!”.
Willie reluctantly leaves.
Barnabas asks Maggie, “Why did you cry out, Josette, why
did you cry out? You tried to escape, you tried to leave me.
No. You must never leave me! YOU MUST NEVER LEAVE ME! You’re
never going to leave me, never! I’ve going to have to punish
you!” He walks towards her, fangs bared…
Episode 240
Worldvision Rerun 30
Tape Date: May 17, 1967 (ABC #105-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 26, 1967 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. The evenings at Collinwood are quiet now
and long. But the twilight seems to hold menace in their lengthening
shadows, an omen of rain, and the quiet is disturbed by the strange
disappearance of a young woman. It remains a mystery no search can solve.
And as the evening comes once again… even the strongest hopes falter…
and the night wind says again the word… ‘Lost. Lost.'”

Roger is in the drawing room of Collinwood reading
the Collinsport Star article about Maggie’s disappearance.
He walks into the foyer and finds David and Vicky there.
David excitedly tells him, “Father! Vicky’s found her!”
Roger, exclaims, “What?!” David explins, “Vicky found the
portrait of Josette! If the portrait of Josette is there,
so is Josette” Roger replies, in a very irritated voice,
“You’re too old to believe in such fantasies!” Vicky sends
David off to wash up for dinner. Roger tells Vicky, “I
thought David was talking about Maggie Evans.” Vicky replies,
“It would have been wonderful if she had been found”. Roger
asks, “No word yet?” Vicky replies, “None. I don’t know how
David can get so excited about finding a portrait when a
real person is missing”.
David, instead of getting washed up as ordered, has snuck
off to the old house. He knocks, but, receiving no answer,
goes and looks in through the window. He sees Maggie wandering
around inside dressed in the wedding dress and, thinking it’s
the ghost of Josette, starts shouting “Josette! Please let me
in! Josette!” He runs to the door and starts to bang on it.
There is no answer. David runs back to the window but sees
that “Josette” is no longer in the room. Disappointed, David
starts to leave, but suddenly, the front doors open a crack.
David goes in. There is no one there. The doors seem to have
opened by themselves. David calls, “Josette?” and looks around.
He calls out, “Josette, where are you? It’s me, David! Josette,
where are you?” Finding no one there and getting no answer, David
goes upstairs.
David goes into Josette’s room and sees Josette’s portrait
hanging there. He exclaims, “Josette! I know your ARE here!
I just saw you. But why do you seem so far away?” Barnabas
comes into the room and asks, “David! What are you doing
here?” David replies, “Nothing”. Barnabas asks, “I thought I
heard voices. Did I? Is someone here with you” David replies,
“No, not really, I was talking to Josette”. Barnabas exclaims,
“Josette!?” David explains, “Well, not really Josette, I was
talking to her picture. I thought I saw her again”. Barnabas
asks, “Where did you see her?” David replies, “Downstairs.
I saw her through the window”. Barnabas reminds David that
it’s bad manners to look through someone’s windows. David
apoligizes, saying, “I keep forgetting you live here now”.
Barnabas tells David, “You’ve got to stop this Josette fantasy!”*.
David tells Barnabas, “It isn’t a fantasy, and I have proof!
When I first tried the door, it was locked, but later it
opened all by itself. It must’ve been Josette”. Barnabas
explains, “Old houses are capricious like that. The wood
is warped. One moment, a door may stick, the next moment,
it may suddenly fly open.” He gestures at the portrait of
Josette and tells David, “Stand up. Look at it. What do you
see?” David replies, “Josette”. Barnabas corrects him, “Josette,
or a PICTURE of Josette?”. David replies, “Well, a picture of
Josette. But Barnabas, wherever the portrait is, SHE is”.
Barnabas tells him, “Take a long look at the portrait, David.
Do you feel her anywere near?” David admits, “No”. Barnabas
tells him, “She’s gone, David”. David moans, “Josette…”
Barnabas takes David back to Collinwood and tells Roger and
Vicky what happened. Roger reprimands David. Barnabas tells
Roger not to be so angry with David, saying, “He forgot I
lived there. He was only looking for Josette, but I convinced
him she isn’t there”. Roger tells Barnabas he’d like to talk
to him in the drawing room. They go into the drawing room.
In the foyer, David tells Vicky, “I know Mr. Collins is
probably right, but I can’t help thinking she’s there. She
different somehow, but I can’t figure out how”.
Roger apoligizes to Barnabas and assures him it won’t happen
again. He tells him, “I had thought David had outgrown this
juvenile fantasy”. He tells him he thinks he knows what’s
caused it to re-occur, the atmosphere in the house caused by
Maggie Evan’s disappearance. Barnabas asks how the search for
Maggie is going. Roger replies, “There’ve been no clues, no
clues at all. No one even knows if the poor girl’s dead or
alive.” Barnabas asks, “There must be some hope” Roger replies,
“Less and less every day. There is one slim hope. Dr. Woodard
has some blood samples. He seems to have some suspicions and
thinks they might help him verify them.” He adds, “I’ve never
gotten along with Sam Evans, but I almost feel sorry for him.
David says, “I keep thinking about it, but I can’t figure
out. She was different!” Vicky tells him to go eat dinner
and apoligize for not being there when everyone else was
having dinner. David keeps mulling over how Josette was
different and says, “Next time I go there…” Vicky gets
angry at him and tells him to stop it. She tells him to go
to dinner. He goes through the door under the stairs. Vicky
goes to her room. A few moments later, David comes back out
into the foyer. He looks and sees that Vicky has left. He
then listens at the drawing room doors and hearing Barnabas
still in there, sneaks out of the house.
Vicky and Roger are in the drawing room. Roger tells
Vicky that David didn’t show up for dinner and blames her
for it. Vicky protests, “I can’t keep an eye on him every
minute!” Roger tells her he doesn’t expect her to, but that he
does blames her for her laxity with David, the general lack of
discipline that’s letting David think he can do whatever he wants.
Vicky tells him, “I know where he probably is. The old house”.
Roger tells her, “See what I mean? It’s because of your lack
of discipline that he goes there all the time. I just told
Barnabas half an hour ago he wouldn’t go there anymore”.
Roger tells Vicky that he thinks her concern about Maggie
might be affecting David. He tells her, “I know you’re worried
about Maggie, but try not to show it to David”. This upsets
Vicky greatly. Roger apoligizes for being unfeeling. He
volunteers to go the the old house to get David. Vicky
accepts his apology and insists on going instead. They
decide to go together.
David arrives at the old house. He knock, but there is
no answer. He goes in and calls, “Josette? Josette?”
Maggie comes down the stairs. David smiles and exclaims,

*Now that’s the pot calling the kettle black!
Episode 241
Worldvision Rerun 31
Tape Date: May 18, 1967 (ABC #106-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 29, 1967 Monday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. Two people will face a frigtening fantasy
of an exsistence out of the past. A young boy, who believes that he can
communicate with an apparition, and a missing girl who is unable to
remember her true identity.”

Maggie, who’s still in some sort of daze, asks, “Someone
called me?” David replies, “It’s me, David Collins!” Maggie
remarks, “David Collins? I know that name.” David replies,
“Of course you know me. I come here all the time. Where
have you been?” Maggie replies, “I’ve been away, away to
a place of death, but I’ve come back. I lived here a long,
long time ago”. David remarks, “I was afraid you’d never
come back”. Maggie replies, “I had to”. David hears the
music and asks, “What’s that?” Maggie explains, “Music from
my music box. It’s a gift from someone. It plays music from
long ago. I listen to it all night”. David remarks, “This is
the longest time I’ve ever talked with you!” Maggie tells
him, “Yes. I want to talk. There’s something I must say,
but I can’t remember what it is…” David tells her how
happy he is to have found her portrait again. Maggie
remarks, “I’ve seen that portrait. Something about it.
That face…” David says, “It’s YOUR face. I LOVE that
portrait! I almost cried when they took it down, but
now that I know where it is, I’m much happier”. He points
out the painting of Barnabas sitting on an easel and remarks,
“This is the painting that’s going to hang above the fireplace
in its place. Mr. Evans is painting it”. Maggie reacts to the
mention of the name “Evans”. She remarks, “Evans! I know
that name!” David continues, “It’s Barnabas Colllins. He’s
my cousin”. Maggie reacts to that name too and starts saying,
“Barnabas Collins! No! No! No!” David asks, “You look
frightened. Why are you frightened?”, but Maggie just keeps
saying, “Barnabas…Barnabas…Barnabas…”. There’s a knock
at the front door. David looks over towards the door. He hears
Vicky’s voice calling, “David? Are you in there?”, followed by
Roger’s voice demanding, “David! Open this door!” David turns
back to Maggie and is surprised to find that she is gone. He
asks, “Josette?! Where’d you go?” He goes and opens the
front doors. Vicky and Roger come in. Roger asks, “Where’s
Barnabas. Have you seen him?” David replies, “No”. Roger
derisively asks, “I know why you come here. You come here
to see Josette. Have you seen HER?” David lies, “No”.
Vicky sniffs the air and asks, “Are you sure she hasn’t been
here?” David replies, “Yes”. Barnabas returns home. Roger
tells Barnabas, “Well, Barnabas, I’m afraid your household
is full of unexpected guests again” and explains to him that
David’s come to the old house again and apoligizes to him.
Barnabas turns to David and says, in a rather angry tone,
“Your fondness for this house is insatiable”. David explains,
“I wanted to see Josette again”. Barnabas asks, “And did you
see her?” David lies, “No”. Barnabas asks, “Did you go
upstairs?” David replies, “No”. Roger promises Barnabas, “This
will never happen again”. Barnabas tells him, “No harm done”.
Roger looks at the portrait Sam’s been doing and admires it.
Barnabas tells him, “Sam Evans is doing it. He hasn’t been able
to work on it the last week, as you can well imagine”. Roger
remarks, “It’s remarkably like the portrait of Barnabas
Collins in the foyer! Don’t you think so, David?” David says,
Barnabas Collins…Barnabas Collins…” Barnabas asks, “Why
are you saying my name so strangely, David?”. David stops.
Roger, Vicky and David leave. Barnabas takes his coat off, hangs
it on the coat rack and goes upstairs.
Upstairs in Josette’s room, Maggie sits down at the vanity
and listens to her music box. Barnabas comes in and closes the
music box. He asks, “Josette, there were people here. Did you
see them?” Maggie replies, “I don’t remember…” Barnabas tells
her, “I want you to remember something. No one is to see you”.
Maggie repeats, “No one is to see me”. Barnabas tells her, “If
anyone is to come the house, you are to stay here”. Maggie
asks, “Why?” Barnabas tells her, “They wouldn’t understand
that you’re Josette. You resemble someone else. They might
call you by another name, Maggie Evans”. Maggie reacts to this,
“Evans?” Barnabas tells her, “Your name is Josette Collins.”
Maggie echoes, “Josette Collins. My name is Josette Collins”.
Barnabas continues, “You have always been Josette Collins, no
matter what anyone says. You have always been Josette Collins”.
Maggie repeats, “I am Josette Collins, no one else. I am Josette
Collins. Barnabas hands her her music box. She opens it and
There is a knock at the front doors of the old house.
Barnabas answers. It is Sheriff Patterson. Patterson tells
Barnabas, I wonder if I might talk with you for a few minutes.”
Barnabas lets him in. The sheriff says, “I’d like to talk to
you about Willie Loomis. Do you know what kind of man he is?
Do you know he has a police record?” Barnabas replies that he
knows all about Willie’s past. The sheriff asks, “Where was he
between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. on the night Miss Evans disappeared?”
Barnabas replies, “Part of the time, he spent here. I then sent
him to Bangor where he had to pick up some fabric early the next
day. As you know, I’m doing some restorations here”. The sheriff
asks, “What about two nights ago, the night Maggie Evans was found
wandering in the cemetary? You sent him to the Evan’s Cottage
that night. How long was he gone?” Barnabas replies, “Just the
time it takes to go the Evan’s cottage and come back. Half an
hour, at most”. The sheriff asks, “Are you willing to swear an
affidavit to what you’ve said?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”.
The sheriff tells Barnabas, “Guess that’s all for now.
Thank you for your time”. Suddenly, Josette’s music starts
to play upstairs. The sheriff asks, “What’s that?” Barnabas
tells him, “It’s an old music box I’m restoring. I had just
wound it when you came. Apparently, the staring mechanism
needs my immediate attention. It couldn’t stand the tension”.
The sheriff leaves.
At Collinwood, Roger angrily tells David, “David, I simply
cannot have this happen again!” David replies, “It won’t.
Honest!” Roger tells Vicky to have David write out the word
“honest” and its definition 50 times as punishment. David
sarcastically remarks, “Thanks a lot!”
Vicky is taking David upstairs to his room. On the stairs,
she pauses and asks, “David, what did you really see at the
Old House?” David lies, “Nothing!”, but Vicky tells him, “You
can fool your father but you can’t fool me. The room smelled of
Jasmine. Did you see Josette?” David admits,”I did, and it was
great!” He tells her, “She was different this time, she stayed
a lot longer that she usually does, and we talked. She tried to
tell me something, but couldn’t remember what it was. And she had
a music box this time. She seemed sad this time. She was crying.
Then she disappeared.” David asks, “You won’t tell anyone, will
you?” Vicky promises, “Of course I won’t”. There’s a knock at
the front doors. Vicky sends David up to his room then answers
the door.
It is Sheriff Patterson. Roger comes into the foyer and
says, “Good Evening, Sheriff. Any news?” Patterson replies,
“No, I was just on the property and dropped by to keep
you informed of what’s happening. We haven’t found anything.
In fact, I’ve had to give up on our main suspect Willie
Loomis. Barnabas has given an affidavit giving him an alibi”.
He tells him that he’s going to have cut down on the number of
men he has on the search, that the State police is doing
so as well. Vicky asks, “What’s next?” The sheriff replies,
“Unless a lead comes up, we’ll have to call off the search”.
Roger and Vicky are upset by this, but the Sheriff explains, “I
have no leads, I have no clues, I have no case”. Vicky asks, “And
how do you feel?” The sheriff replies, “Every day that goes by,
the possiblity grows that Miss Evans is dead”.
At the old house, Maggie quietly comes downstairs and
calls, “Little boy! Little boy! Where are you? I need you!
I need you!”
Episode 242
Worldvision Rerun 32
Tape Date: May 19, 1967 (ABC #107-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 30, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. The sun that rose blood red at dawn hangs
brightly over the countryside, but even its fierece glare is not able to
reveal the hidden secrets that mystify the finest minds. And even the
darkness of the night past did not hide the fear these mysteries inspire.
Unconquered by darkness and by light, indifferent to the assults of the
rational mind, terror and mystery continue their terrible union, creating
an ever-deepening mystery… an ever-darkening terror.”

The camera shows a door with a placque saying, “David Woodard,
Dr. Woodard is in his office, looking through the eyepiece
of a microscope and writing some notes in a notebook with a
pencil. The phone rings. Woodard answers and says, “Yeah, send
him right in”. Burke Devlin comes in. Burke tells Woodard, “I
need your help. I’ve just left Sam at his house. He’s ready to
go off the deep end”. Woodard replies, “I’ve tried everything,
sedatives, advice, talking to him, even threatening him.” Burke
replies, “There’s only one thing that’ll help. Finding Maggie. Do
you have anything I can tell him to give him some hope? How about
those blood samples?” Woodard replies, “Those blood samples won’t
help find Maggie. They might help find out what’s wrong with her,
though”. Burke asks, “You still don’t know what’s wrong with her?”
Woodard replies, “Not yet.” Burke remarks, “I told Sam I’d drop
by for a game of chess with him later. If only I had something
to tell him”. Woodard, trying to sound positive, tells him, “I’m
made some slides for Hoffman, one of the best men in the field,
to come examine”, but Burke seeing right through him, says, “You
don’t look too hopeful”. Woodard admits, “There are things in
there I don’t understand. I’m afraid even Hoffman might not
undetstand. The indications are pretty clear that there’s a
battle going on between Maggie’s red and white blood cells, but
there’s something else going on that’s got me baffled. I’m afraid
that even Hoffman will be baffled”. Burke remarks that the case
seems pretty mysterious. Woodard replies that it’s shaping up to
be much more, that if they can’t find out what’s happening soon,
he’d have to use even stronger words to describe it. Burke
asks, “Like what?” Woodard replies, “Frightening, for example.
Even terrifying, perhaps. Closest of all, impossible”. He tells
Burke, “Come back here later, before the chess game. Maybe I’ll
have something to tell you then”.
Roger and Elizabeth are in the study at Collinwood. Elizabeth
complains, “I don’t know WHY Peterson went to YOU with the
accounts! He’s supposed to talk to ME about money matters”
Roger tells her, “Large amounts of money have disappeared withou
any explanation. Peterson said he could not handle the books
the shape they are now”. Elizabeth promises to get the books
into shape, but Roger continues, “I’m sorry Liz, but I’m not
going to let it drop that easily. I know you’re in some kind of
trouble, Liz”. Elizabeth denies this. She tells him, “I’ve been
careless with procedure lately. I’ve been ill. I haven’t been
myself”, but Roger, not believing her, says, “Yes. Ever since
Jason McGuire came back to Collinwood. Have these sizable amounts
of money been paid to Mr. McGuire?” Elizabeth explodes, “That’s
ridiculous! Too ridiculous to even discuss! You think I’m being
blackmailed by Jason McGuire?” Roger replies, “Yes I do. You have
the key to a room in the basement, a room none of us are allowed
to enter. Is the secret in that room?” Elizabeth insists, “There
is no secret, and Jason is not using anything against me!” Roger
continues, “Liz, I know what it’s like to be at the mercy of someone
who knows a secret. I just want to know what’s happening so I can
stand by you”. Elizabeth replies, “Nothing’s happening, and
you don’t have to stand by me. Leave me alone, Roger, I beg of you,
leave me alone!”
Elizabeth goes into the drawing room. Jason is in there
enjoying a drink. Elizabeth tells him, “Jason, I’ve just
been talking to the office in town. Things cannot go on
as they have. I’ve had accounts transfer large amounts of
money in Switzerland. I simply cannot give you any more money
without it being noticed. If I do, the entire matter will
be exposed.”. Jason, pretending not to be paying much attention,
starts to reminisce about a picnic he was once at. He remembers
something a toast he gave at the picnic, “Lovely is the blossom
in the spring tree…”. Elizabeth continues, “I’m not going to give
you any more money, not one cent! Nothing you can say or do or
threaten me with can change this!” Jason nonchalently says,
“Well, if that’s the way it has to be, that’s the way it
has to be”. Elizabeth, suspicious that Jason is so compliant,
asks, “What are you up to?” Jason denies that he’s up to
anything, saying he’s just resigned to the facts. Elizabeth
tells him, “One thing is clear. No more money!” Jason says,
“Now I remember the rest of the quote! ‘Lovely is the blossom
on the spring tree, but even lovelier are the fruits of the
seanson’s change’. I look forward to enjoying those fruits
in the ripness of time”.
Elizabeth and Roger are in the study again. Elizabeth tells
Roger, “I’ve just talked to Peterson. The accounts are all
straightened out. I apoligizing for getting angry with you
earlier”. Roger replies, “I apoligize for the things I said
to you too, but I had to.” Elizabeth stops him, saying, “Let’s
not start again”. Roger asks, “Liz, I’m your brother. Can’t
you tell me?” Elizabeth replies, “No, I can’t”. Roger asks,
“I can’t help you?” Elizabeth replies, “No”. Roger says,
“Then there’s nothing I can do?” Elizabeth replies, “Yes. You
can stand by me. I feel so lonely and afraid sometimes. I would
feel much better if you’ll stand by me”. Roger promises, “I will”.
Burke has come back to Woodard’s office as he promised. He
and Woodard are looking at Woodard’s office in disbelief. It
has been ransacked. Things are broken and scattered everywhere.
Burke exclaims, “What a mess! Who could’ve done this?” Woodard
remarks, “The place is torn apart, as if by a madman! And I
was expecting Hoffman to drop by”. Burke examines a now useless
microscope and remarks, “I hope Hoffman won’t be needing this when
he comes!” Woodard replies, “Hoffman won’t have anything to look at
when he comes. The slides are gone. So are all of the samples of
Maggie’s blood. There’s nothing left to work on, nothing!”. Burke
asks, “Is that all that was taken?” Woodard replies, “Yes. Usually
in cases like this, the first thing you suspect is narcotics, but
no drugs are missing”. He continues, “You know what this means.
It means that Maggie didn’t walk off by herself. She was taken
by the same madman who did this”. Burke asks, “Madman?” Woodard
replies, “Yes, madman”. He gestures towards the window and tells
Burke, “Look at those bars. They’re twisted like pipe cleaners.
Whoever did this has almost superhuman strength, the strength
only madness can give”. He tells Burke, “I think it’s time to
describe this case in the terms it deseves: terrifying,
Episode 243
Worldvision Rerun 33
Tape Date: May 21, 1967 (ABC #108-DRK-67)
Air Date: May 31, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Alexandra Moltke:
“My name is Victoria Winters. Collinwood, even by daylight, can seem
a dangerous and menacing place, for there are many unsolved mysteries
here. And those who seek to solve them, to uncover the mysteries can be
in grave danger. One man, unaware of the danger that exists in the
shadows of the old house, is determined to seek out the truth.”

Dr. Woodard goes to the old house. Willie answers the door.
Woodard asks Willie, “Mr. Loomis, remember me?” Willie
replies, “You’re the doctor who came to see me when I was
sick”. Woodard asks, “How are you feeling?” Willie replies,
“Fine”. Woodard asks, “I’d like to examine those wounds on
your arm again. I want to see if they’re healing properly.
It’ll just take a moment. I’d also like to take a sample of your
blood”. Willie exclaims, “Blood?!” Woodard replies, “Yes, I’d
like a sample for my records”. Willie tells him, “No! Go away!”,
and tries to close the door on him, but Woodard pushes past him
and comes in anyway. Willie insists, “I’m fine!”, but Woodard
replies, “You may not be as well as you think. I have another
patient suffering from symptoms very similar to yours”. Willie
asks, “Who?” Woodard replies, “Maggie Evans. She seems to have some
kind of blood disease. I want to make sure you’re not infected
with it”. He tries to examine Willie, but Willie refuses to
let him, insisting, “I feel fine! I don’t want you to examine
me! Now go away!” Suddenly, he says, “Listen! I think I heard
something! What time is it?” Woodard looks at his watch and
replies, “It’s about 6:30”. Willie looks out the window and
tells Woodard, “You’d better go”. Woodard asks, “Why?” Willie
replies, “The sun will be setting! It’s going to get dark soon”.
Woodard, puzzled, asks, “I’m don’t happen to be afraid of the
dark! What’s wrong with you? You’re acting very strangely!” Willie
abruptly says, “Barnabas!” Woodard looks and sees that Barnabas
has come into the room. Barnabas says, “Hello, Willie”. Woodard
introduces himself to Barnabas. Barnabas asks, “What brings
you here? Someone ill?” Woodard explains that he has a patient
with a rare blood disease, that Willie had the same symptoms
when he was ill. He tells him, “I came to examine Willie, but
he won’t let me”. Barnabas asks Willie, “Why not, Willie?”
Willie replies, “Because I’m not sick! I’m OK!” Barnabas
agrees, saying, “He does the work of three men around this place”.
Woodard remarks, “He might still be infected with the disease”.
Barnabas suggests, “Let the doctor examine you, Willie”, but Willie
emphatically says, “NO!” Barnabas tells him, “All right, Willie,
go to your room”. Willie leaves. Barnabas apoligizes to Woodard for
Willie, saying, “He’s the best servant I’ve ever had, but he’s
nervous sometimes”. Woodard notes, “He seem to be more than
nervous. He seems to be terrified of me! It doesn’t make
sense”. Barnabas notes, “Some people are afraid of all doctors”.
Woodard asks, “Try to use your influence with him and get him to
come to my office” Barnabas replies, “I’ll do my best, but if he
still refuses, I can’t force him to go. I can’t force him to do
anything against his will”.
Jason McGuire comes in through the front door of Collinwood
and goes into the drawing room where Elizabeth is sitting. He
gives her a bouquet of flowers. She asks, “What are these?”
Jason replies, “Violets. I remember how much you used to love
them”. He talks about fond memories of old times. Elizabeth
asks, “What’s behind this act? I know you’re only interested
in yourself and what you can get from of me!” Jason sarcastically
complains, “Oh, Liz, you talk about me so harshly! You brought
me a problem about our arrangement yesterday…” Before he
can finish, however, there’s a knock at the door. Elizabeth
answers. It’s Doctor Woodard. He tells Elizabeth that he’d
like to talk to Jason. Jason, hearing this, comes into the
foyer and asks, “You’d like to speak to me?” Woodard replies,
“Yes. It’ll only take a minute or two”. They all go into the
drawing room. Woodard asks Jason, “I’d like some information
about your friend Willie Loomis. I understand it was you who
tended over him while he was sick. It seems to me you told
me he was most ill during the day, but was better at nights”.
Jason replies, “Yes. Much better”. Elizabeth interjects,
“Amazingly better. In fact, at first I thought he was faking
it”. Jason asks, “What is this all about?” Woodard explains,
“His symptoms coincide exactly with those of Maggie Evans”.
Jason remarks, “Odd”. Woodard continues, “More than odd, it could
be dangerous for your friend. Miss Evans has some sort of blood
disease. I’ve studied her blood, and it has some sort of strange
cell in them. I didn’t know what they were. Your friend might
still be infected with it”. He tells them that Willie refuses
to let him examine him. He tells them that he also needs the
sample because someone has stolen all of Maggie’s, and adds
that Willie might still have the disease and be infectious and
might cause a epidemic. He muses, “You know, I think there’s
some connection between Willie Loomis and Maggie Evans. I
don’t know what it is, but I can’t get it out of my mind
that there’s a pattern to all this, a pattern to all these
events. I can’t see what it is, but that’s what’s driving
me out of my mind”. He speaks briefly about how strange
Maggie’s case was, about her sleepwalking and ending up
at Eagle Hill cemetary. He asks Jason to help convince Willie
to give him a blood sample, but Jason replies, “We’re not close
friends anymore”. Woodard gives up, saying, “Maybe Barnabas Collins
can convince him to be examined. He promised to”. Jason notes
that if anyone can convince Willie to cooperate, Barnabas can,
that he’s never known Willie to listen to anyone except Barnabas.
Jason goes to the old house. Barnabas answers the door.
Jason asks for Willie, but Barnabas tells him, “He’s out”.
Jason asks, “At this time of night?” Barnabas replies, “I sent
him out on an errand”. Jason asks, “Can I speak to you for
a moment about him? I’m worried about him. I had a talk with
Dr. Woodard. He thinks Willie has a disease of the blood, but
Willie refuses to let him examine him”. Barnabas replies, “I
promised to talk to him about that”. Jason remars, “It’s odd
about you and Willie. I’ve never known him to take orders from
anyone, yet he takes them from you. Refresh my memory, how did
you two happen to meet?” Baranbas repeats the story about
his car breaking down, Willie helping him fix it and mentioning
he needed a job, etc. Jason remarks, “Strange coincidence. Him
working for a man whose family was so interested in. He was so
interested in your family he even read books about it. He was
especially interested in the man whose portrait hangs in the
foyer at Collinwood. He must have been shocked when he first
saw you, you looking so much like him”. Barnabas explains,
“Members of my family tend to look alike. Resemblances tend to
run strong in my family”. Jason remarks, “Willie got so interested
in the Collins family, he even went up to Eagle Hill cemetary where
some of them were buried. Have you ever been to Eagle Hill
cemetary?” Barnabas replies, “I’ve heard of it but I’ve never
been there. I must go there some time”. Jason remarks, “I’ve been
there. I’ve even been in your family tomb”. Finally, seeing he’s
getting nowhere, he asks, “Do try to get Willie to go to the
doctor” and leaves.
Jason returns to Collinwood. In the foyer, he looks at
the portrait of Barnabas for a few seconds, then goes into
the drawing room. There, he asks Elizabeth, “How much do you
know about Barnabas Collins? He’s a curious fellow”. Elizabeth
replies, “He’s fromt he English branch of the family.” Jason
remarks that he finds it strange he’s living at the old house.
Elizabeth replies, “He feels it’s part of his heritage”. Jason
continues, “Something about him bothers me”. Elizabeth says,
“That’s because you can’t understand a gentleman”. Jason
continues, “Something doesn’t add up…” Elizabeth tells him,
“Drop it! I don’t want to discuss my cousin with you!” Jason
replies, “All right. There’s far more important problems for
us to discuss. We both have problems that need solutions.
You have the problem of me staying here. It looks bad”. Elizabeth
remarks, “I’m sure you don’t care about that”. Jason continues,
“No, but you do. People are already starting to talk”. Elizabeth
snaps, “You can stop them by going away!” Jason replies, “I can’t.
My source of money has been cut off”. Elizabeth angrily says, “So
that’s it! You want more money! You’re not going to get any!
I want you to go away!” Jason replies, “There’s another solution,
one I’ve been thinking about very seriously, one that will
be very good for both of us”. Elizabeth asks, “What is it?”
Jason replies, “We’re going to get married!”


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