March 1967

Episode 178
Tape Date: February 21, 1967 (ABC #43-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 1, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Seeing the shocked look on Joe’s face, Guthrie explains,
“The only way to test certain theories I have is to open
this grave.” Joe tells him, “I’m not a body snatcher!” Guthrie
replies, “We won’t be snatching any bodies. I just want to
see what’s in this grave.” Joe asks, “Whose grave?” Guthrie
replies, “Laura Murdoch Stockbridge, died by fire, 1767”.
He tells Joe about his theory of Laura Collins being a
reicarnation. Joe is astonished. He tells Guthrie he’s changed
his mind about helping, sayihng “it just doesn’t sit right with
me.” Carolyn begs him to help, saying it might be the only way
to help her mother. Finally, Joe agrees to help. He tells her,
“All right. I’ll help. I still don’t think it’s right, but I’ll
help. I don’t think this is legal.” Guthrie replies, “I did
call Frank Garner to see if it could be done legally. He told
me it could, but it would take a long time to cut through
the red tape. We don’t have the time for that.”
Roger goes to the cottage. He asks Laura, “You wouldn’t by
any chance have a drink around here, would you?” Laura replies,
“I could make you a cup of tea.” Roger remarks, “Tea? That’s not
a drink. That’s just a liquid.” Laura tells Roger, “I’ve almost
won over David, but not completely yet. I’ve got to hurry.
I’m running out of time.” Roger remarks, “Liz is in the hospital.
I don’t see why you don’t just take him and leave.” Laura
replies, “You don’t understand. He’s got to go of his own free
will!” Roger tells her, “I have no idea what you’re talking
about!” Laura tells him, “This Dr. Guthrie. He’s getting in the
way. What do you know about him?” Roger answers, “Not much. Just
that he’s a psychologist and Carolyn wants him here.” Laura tells
him, “He’s not a psychologist. He’s a parapsychologist.”
Roger exclaims, “WHAT?!” Why didn’t anyone tell me?!”
Carolyn asks, “What about the old man Vicky said was the
caretaker?” Guthrie replies, “I’ve checked on him. He lives in
a house on another part of the property.” He tells Carolyn,
“We’ll need tools.” Carolyn tells him, “We have plenty of tools
in the toolshed. It’s right by the cottage.” Guthrie replies,
“Well, we can’t use those. We can’t take any chance of Laura
seeing us taking them.” Joe tells him, “I have some tools at
home. Meet me there later. It’s the white clabber(?) house on
the end of North Main Street.” Joe and Carolyn go into the
foyer. Joe jokes, “If we’re caught and I end up in jail, remember
my favorite pie filling is a file!” Roger storms in and asks
Carolyn, “Where’s Guthrie? I want to speak to him. To you too!”
Joe leaves. Carolyn takes Roger into the drawing room.
Roger confronts Guthrie with what he knows. He implies that
Guthrie is a fraud and asks, “So just what have you learned with
all your investigating?” Guthrie replies, “I don’t have definitive
proof yet, but I think your wife is involved in all this.” Roger
blows up and shouts, “Get out! I don’t ever want to see you in
this house again!” Guthrie leaves. Roger asks Carolyn, “Why didn’t
you tell me the truth?” Carolyn replies, “I didn’t think you’d
understand.” She asks, “What if Dr. Guthrie has found somehting?”
Roger replies, “He’ll have to prove that to my satisfaction.”
Carolyn tells him, “I had to try everything to help my mother!
I couldn’t have lived with myself if I didn’t try everything
that had even the slightest possiblity of helping!” Roger tells
her, “All right. Let him do his investigating if it’ll help ease
your mind.” He adds, “I’m dubious about this, though.” He then
adds, “There HAVE been quite a few strange things happening around
here, though. Maybe there’s just the SLIGHTEST possibility…”
Joe and Guthrie go to the crypt. They find the door locked.
Guthrie asks, “You don’t think there might be anyone in there,
do you?” He knocks on the door with a knocker to see. There is
no answer. Guthrie tries to break the door in with his shoulder,
but the door doesn’t budge. Joe tells him, “Let me try.” He
does, with equally little success. Guthrie takes something out
of Joe’s toolbox and says, “Here, try this.” Joe turns to take
the tool. While they are both looking at the tool, the doorknob
turns by itself and the door begins to open all by itself. When
Joe and Guthrie look up, they are surprised to see the door
slowly opening.
Episode 179
Tape Date: February 22, 1967 (ABC #44-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 2, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Joe tells Guthrie, “I’m not going to go in there. There’s
someone in there.” Guthrie sticks his head in and looks around.
He tells Joe, “There’s no one in there.” Joe replies, “That makes
it even worse, then. I didn’t touch that door!” Guthrie replies,
“Well, maybe you loosened it up.” They go in. After they do, the
door closes slowly all by itself.
Inside, Joe remarks, “Stuffy in here.” Guthrie starts to look
for the grave of Laura Murdoch Stockbridge. Joe remarks, “I can’t
believe it. I know it sounds silly, but I’m really scared.”
Guthrie replies, “Don’t you think I am?” Joe protests, “But we’re
both grown men.” Guthrie replies, “Yes, but even grown men are
afraid of the unknown.” Guthrie, moving the beam of his flashlight
around, finally finds what he is looking for, the grave of
“Laura Murdoch Stockbridge, 1735-1767”. He tells Joe to start
helping him open it. Joe is reluctant, saying, “I didn’t know
I’d feel this way.” Guthrie asks, “Are you afraid?” Joe replies,
“No, it’s not fear. It’s respect. Respect for the dead.” Guthrie
convinces him to help by saying, “Well, there’s another kind of
respect. Respect for the living. What we’re doing, we’re doing
to help Mrs. Stoddard. Her life may depend on it. I’m going to go
on. With or without you.” Joe replies, “With me…” They take
out some tools and start to work on the wall-plaque covering
Laura Murdoch Stockbridge’s grave.
Garner comes to Collinwood and asks Carolyn where Guthrie is.
Carolyn lies that she doesn’t know. Garner tells her, “I can
tell you’re lying. It’s written all over your face! I drove
all the way here to see Guthrie. It’s important.” Carolyn
protests, “But I promised not to tell anyone…” Garner tells
her, “Pete Guthrie’s a good man, but I’m afraid he might be
going too far. If he breaks the law, he won’t be able to help
your mother anymore. He phoned me a little while ago to ask
me something. I think he’s going to try to break into a crypt.
Now tell me, is that what he’s doing?” Carolyn admits, “Yes.
With Joe Haskell.”
Guthrie and Joe continue to work on the slab, with little
luck. Joe jokes, “All we need is a stick of dynamite!” They
continue to try. The placque doesn’t budge. They stop to rest
for a moment, then give it another try. This time, the placque
starts to move. They pull the placque out and put it on the ground.
They then pull the coffin out and put it on a table. Guthrie
notes that the top is nailed down. He tells Joe, “We’re going
to have to pry it open.” He gets a hammer and wedge from Joe’s
toolbox. Giving the hammer to Joe, he inserts the wedge under
the coffin lid and tells Joe to hit it with the hammer. Just
as Joe is about to do so, they hear someone shout “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!”
They turn and see the caretaker standing there. He screams,
“NO! NO! NO!” He tells them, “How fortunate you are! I stopped
you just in time!” Guthrie asks, “Could you help us?” The
caretaker replies, “I already have! I stopped you from opening
that coffin! Do you know how everyone in this crypt died? They
died by violence, and the violence may still be in there after
all these years!” Guthrie tells the caretaker it’s imperative that
they open the coffin, but the caretaker refuses to let him, saying,
“No. It’s too dangerous!” Guthrie and Joe talk, trying to think
of what to do. Garner comes running in, sees them and exclaims,
“I knew I’d find you here!” He tells the caretaker, “I apoligize
for my friends.” The caretaker tells him, “I helped them. I
stopped them!” Guthrie tells him he’s grateful for that.
Garner tells Guthrie, “There are ways of doing things legally!”
Guthrie protests, “But that would take too long.” Garner asks,
“What do you think you could do to help Mrs. Stoddard behind
bars?” They argue for awhile. Guthrie finally admits, “I know
when I’m beaten.” He goes to the caretaker and offers to put
the coffin back in the wall. The caretaker declines, saying,
“That can wait till later. I’ll just let her rest where she is
for a while.” Guthrie and Garner turn to leave, but Joe suddenly
exclaims, “Wait! I smell something! Flowers. No, it’s more like
perfume!” Garner asks, “Is it Jasmine?” Joe replies, “I don’t
know. I don’t know what Jasmine smells like. All I know is that
it smells like it does on a hot summer night with lots of
flowers.” Guthrie exclaims, “Josette!” They hear a loud creaking
sound. They turn and are startled to see that the coffin is
opening all by itself. Guthrie goes and takes a look inside. He
exclaims, “Come here! Look at this!” Joe remarks, “I’m not sure I
want to.” Guthrie announces, “It’s absolutely empty! The body’s
Episode 180
Tape Date: February 23, 1967 (ABC #45-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 3, 1967 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Joe asks, “Could it have disintegrated? It HAS been 200 years”.
Guthrie replies, “No, if it had, there would be dust remaining.
One thing’s for sure. Josette wanted us to see this. Now there’s
one more thing we have to do.” He asks the old man where Laura
Murdoch Radcliffe is buried. The caretaker tells them she is
buried outside in the old section of the cemetary near his
shed*. Garner tells Guthrie he knows what he intends to do,
but does not object this time. He is starting to believe that
Guthrie may be on to something. Guthrie tells the old man they’ll
be back and he, Joe and Garner leave. The old man looks at the
empty coffin of Laura Murdoch Stockbridge and remarks, “Laura
Murdoch Stockbridge, died by fire. She couldn’t find peace.
She’s out there somewhere, but where?”
Joe, Garner and Guthrie search through the old part of the
cemetary the old man described. Finally, they find a headstone
that reads, “Laura Murdoch Radcliffe, 1840-1867”. Garner remarks,
“How are we going to dig it up without shovels?” Guthrie tells
him, “We passed by a tool shed on our way up here.” Joe volunteers
to go get some shovels.
Back at the crypt, The old man mutters, “I wish they hadn’t
gone. I think I’d prefer the company of the living tonight. They
didn’t have to go. I could’ve told them about Laura Murdoch
Radcliffe. Died by fire, in her own room at night. Something else
about it, thought. What was it? I can’t remember.” He goes to a
bookshelf, pulls a book out and starts to leaf through it,
remarking, “It’s got to be in here somewhere, everything about
the Radcliffe’s is in this book.”
Joe returns with the shovels and they start to dig. Suddenly,
Joe stops and says, “What was that? I heard a sound.” They all
stop and listen, but hear nothing. Joe remarks, “Must’ve been
my imagination” and they start digging again.
The old man finds what he’s looking for in the book. He
mutters, “Yes. This is it. A child. A boy…” Suddenly, the
caretaker exclaims, “Someone’s in this room! Who is it? Who?”
He turns around and sees Laura standing there. He asks, “Who
are you? What do you want?” She tells him, “I’m looking for
someone. A man named Guthrie.” The caretaker tells her, “There
were three men here, but only one of them told me his name,
a Mr. Garner.” Laura sees the open coffin. The old man tells
her, “They came to disturb the dead. Laura Murdoch Stockbridge…”
Laura asks, “Did my friends tell you where they were going?”
The old man replies, “Yes. To the grave of Laura Murdoch
Radcliffe.” She asks, “When I came in here, I heard you saying
you found something.” The caretaker replies, “Yes. It’s very
interesting. It’s about the death of Laura Murdoch Radcliffe.
Would you like to see it?” Laura answers, “Yes, please.”
Joe, Garner and Guthrie lift the coffin out of the ground,
Joe remarking, “This thing must weigh a ton!” They put it down
and start to open it.
The old man asks Laura, “Interesting, isn’t it?” Laura replies,
“Yes it is.” The old man tells her, “Your friends will find it
interesting too. I’m going to show it to them when they get back.”
He thinks a bit then remarks, “Strange, now that I think about it.
Laura Murdoch Stockbridge and Laura Murdoch Radcliffe, both with
the same maiden name, and both dying by fire 100 years apart.
Must be a most horrible way to die. I don’t like to think about
it.” Laura tells him, “I’m not afraid of fire. I like it. So
very beautiful” She starts to describe the beauty of fire.
At the cemetary, the coffin is opened. It is empty…
Laura continues to describe the beauty of fire, the colors, etc.
She remarks, “There’s sadness about fire, too. Every fire must
eventually die out. But another one always kindles, in some
other place, some other time…” The old man suddenly complains
of feeling strange. He suddenly notices that Laura is gone and
exclaims, “Miss? Miss?”
Joe, Guthrie and Garner rebury the coffin. Garner remarks,
“THREE missing bodies. Laura Murdoch Stockbridge, Laura
Murdoch Radcliffe and the woman in Phoenix. There’s got to be
a connection!”
Joe, Guthrie and Garner return to the crypt. The old man,
surprised, remarks, “Back already? I though you’d be away for
quite awhile.” Guthrie tells him, “But we have been away for
quite awhile.” The old man replies, “No you haven’t. You just
stepped out the door a moment ago.” Guthrie questions him and
finds that the old man has had a memory lapse. He asks the
old man, “What happened after we left? Did anyone else come here?”
The old man replies, “No.” Guthrie asks, “What did you do after
we left?” The old man replies, “Let’s see, I went to get a book
over there…” He complains that he’s not feeling well and leaves.
Garner sees a book open on the table and remarks, “Maybe this is
the book he was talking about. It’s a history of the Radcliffe
family.” They find that it’s open to a page taken from the
Collinsport Courier, dated October 26, 1867, but that only
the masthead is visible, the rest of the ink having faded away.
Guthrie exclaims, “But that’s impossible! Ink couldn’t fade
away like that unless it’s been exposed to the light of a
bright fire!”
Episode 181
Tape Date: February 24, 1967 (ABC #46-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 6, 1967 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Vicky and Carolyn are in the drawing room. Carolyn complains
that with Roger in Boston and Mrs. Johnson gone, she’s frightened
to be in the house with only Vicky and David, who’s upstairs. She
wonders, “Why hasn’t Guthrie or Garner called to tell us what
happened?” Vicky tells Carolyn she hears the sound of someone
coming up the walk. There’s a knock at the door. Vicky asks,
“What if it’s Laura?” They go and answer the door with trepidation.
But it’s not Laura, it’s Guthrie and Joe. Vicky asks, “Where’s
Frank? Did he find you?” Guthrie replies, “Yes.” Carolyn apoligizes
for telling Garner where they were. She asks, “Did he manage
to stop you?” Guthrie replies, “Yes. But…” He tells them what
happened, about how Josette helped them. Vicky asks, “What did
you find?” Guthrie replies, “Nothing!” and explains how the graves
were empty. He shows them the book, saying the caretaker lent it
to them for a few days. Vicky looks at the page Guthrie has
opened the book to and exclaims, “1867! The year Laura Murdoch
Radcliffe died! But it’s blank!” Guthrie replies, “This copy
is. But Joe is going to do some research at the library and try
to find another copy.” Vicky asks, “Anything I can do to help?”
Guthrie tells her, “We might have to have another seance. One
thing I can tell you, though. Try to keep David away from Mrs.
Collins!” Vicky tells him that may not be so easy to do because
Roger wants David to see his mother. Guthrie tells her, “I’ll try
to talk to Roger when he gets back. In the meantime, do what you
can to keep David away from his mother.”
Carolyn goes into David’s room to check on him. David gets
angry, saying he doesn’t like her coming into his room. He
reminds her that they made a promise to each other, that he would
leave her alone and she would leave him alone. She tells him she’s
concerned about him. He tells her he finds this hard to believe
and reminds her she told Vicky that he was a spoiled monster,
a menace to the civilized world. She tells him she feels
differently about him now. He asks, “Why are you being so nice
to me? Has something happened?” She replies, “No, nothing has”,
kisses him on the forehead, says goodnight and leaves. David
is puzzled…
Joe is at the Collinsport Public Library looking through old
volumes of bound newspapers. He finds the page corresponding
to the faded one and starts to read…
Vicky is giving David his lessons in the drawing room. She
tells him, “No, the verb is in the right tense, but something
else is wrong.” David looks and finds the mistake. Vicky tells
him, “It’s a good composition, but I told you to write about a
real person, not an imaginary one. You don’t have a sister,
David!” David starts to muse about what it would be like to have
an older sister. He remarks, “I bet Carolyn would be different
if she had a brother…”
Joe telephones Collinwood. Vicky answers the phone. Joe asks
if Dr. Guthrie is there. Vicky can tell from his voice that he
is very excited. She tells him Guthrie isn’t there. Joe asks,
“Would you mind if I came to Collinwood and waited for him?”
Vicky tells him that that would be all right. She asks, “Have
you found the article?” Joe replies, “Right here in black and
white. I’m on my way!”
Vicky asks David, “Where are your arithmethic books?” David
replies, “I think I left them in the kitchen.” Vicky tells him,
“I’ll go get them. You look through your composition.” Vicky
leaves. David sits down by the fire and looks through his
compostion. He look up into the fire and is shocked to see a
ghostly head in there – his own! He screams, “Help! Help!
Mother! Miss Winters!” He runs out of the room and smashes
into Dr. Guthrie, who’s just come in. Guthrie asks him what’s
the matter. David screams, “In there! In there! ME! I saw myself
in there!” Vicky comes out through the door under the stairs
and asks, “What’s wrong?” Guthrie replies, “I don’t know. He
said he saw himself in there.” David screams, “I saw myself
in the fire, burning up! Help me! I’m on fire!”
Joe arrives at Colinwood and finds Guthrie in the drawing
room. He shows him a photostatic copy of the article. Vicky
comes back down. She asks Garner, “Please, Mr. Garner, could you
go up and see David? I’ve tried everything, but he’s frightened
out of his wits. I don’t know what to do.” She tells Joe about
how David said he saw himself burning in the fire and now
keeps shouting, “I’m on fire! I’m on fire!” over and over again.
Joe remarks, “Maybe it’s a vision of the past.” Vicky asks,
“What?” Joe tells Guthrie, “Tell Vicky what’s in that article.”
Guthrie tells her, “It’s about the woman who died in the fire,
Laura Murdoch Radcliffe. The article also tells about a child
who died in the fire. The child’s name was David. He died in the
fire in his mother’s arms…”
Episode 182
Tape Date: February 26, 1967 (ABC #47-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 7, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

David and Vicky are in the drawing room. David is sitting on
the sofa doing his homework. Vicky notices that David is working
really slowly and asks, “What’s the matter, David? Having
trouble?” David replies, “No, I’ve just been thinking. Miss
Winters, I’ve made up my mind about going away with my mother.
I’m going to go with her.” Vicky is shocked. She asks, “Don’t
you think you should wait till your Aunt Elizabeth comes home
and talk it over with her before you make your decision?”
David replies, “No. She said it was up to me.” Vicky asks David
why he’s made his decision. David replies, “I’m afraid. Seeing
myself burning in the fire frightened me. I think it’s a warning
for me to leave Collinwood”. Vicky, interpreting it differently
and thinking it’s a warning for David to stay away from his
mother but not wanting to just come out and say so, tries
to lead David to her conclusion. She tells him, “Maybe
it’s a warning about something else. Now think, where else
has fire turned up recently?” David thinks and says, “Well,
my mother standing in fire in my dream, and me and her in fire
in the painting.. Wait! You mean you think my mother is in
danger too?” He has not reached the conclusion Vicky intended.
Guthrie, who’s just come into the room, asks, “Danger? What
were you saying about danger?” Vicky explains to Guthrie.
Vicky tells David she thinks he shouldn’t go with his mother.
David gets angry and shouts, “It’s up to my father, not you!”
and runs off. Guthrie tells Vicky, “We’ve got to stop Roger from
letting David go with his mother.” Vicky asks, “How?” Guthrie
replies, “By giving him all the information we have on all the
Laura Murdochs and hoping he listens. Once we’ve got Roger
convinced, most of our worries will be over. He’s the one who’s
pressuring David to go with his mother.” Vicky tell him, “No,
there’s someone else. Burke Devlin.
Roger returns from Boston and is in the drawing room going
through his mail. Guthrie tells him he wants to talk to him.
Roger, who doesn’t like Guthrie, refuses to talk to him.
Guthrie asks, “Mr. Collins, do you want your son to die?”
This gets Roger’s attention. Guthrie tells him about all the
Laura Murdoch’s, and about finding the graves of Laura Murdoch
Stockbridge and Laura Murdoch Radcliffe empty. Roger asks,
“So? what does all this have to do with David?” Guthrie tells
him, “It’s very possible that Mrs. Collins will try to burn
David alive.”
In Burke’s room at the Collinsport Inn, Burke exclaims,
“Burn David alive?! I know there’s no love lost between you
and Laura, but Vicky, you’re going too far! She’d have to
be some sort of inhuman monster that!” Vicky tells him all
the evidence, about all the Laura Murdoch’s, about the article
detaling how the second one burned to death in a fire with her
son David, how people tried to rescue them, but she refused to
let them, holding her son in her arms and burning to death
together. Burke tells her, “OK, I’ll think about it.” He admits,
“If it were anyone but you who told me this, I’d call them crazy.”
Guthrie has less luck with Roger. Roger just plain dismisses
what he tells him as fantasy. Guthrie gives up. He gestures
toward the book from the crypt and tells him, “Please. Look
at the evidence for yourself” and leaves. Roger ignores him.
Roger and David are sitting together in the living room.
Roger asks David, “Did anything happen while I was in Boston?”
David tell him about seeing himself burning in the fire. He
tells him he’s decided to go away with his mother. Roger replies,
“We’ll see. Run along now.” David leaves. Roger goes to the
liquor cabinet and pours himself a drink. While he is doing so,
he is startled to see the book from the crypt open all by itself.
He goes and takes a look. He finds the photostatic copy of the
article from the Collinsport Courier in the place the book
opened to. He reads it and starts screaming, “VICKY! VICKY!”
Vicky comes running into the room and asks what’s the matter.
Roger replies, “This article! It’s about that woman who burned
to death a hundred years ago. A boy named David burned to death
with her!” Vicky asks, “Didn’t Dr. Guthrie tell you about that?”
Roger replies, “Yes, but he forgot to mention one thing. It says
here that they tried to rescue the boy, but he didn’t want to be
rescued. He stayed in his mother’s arms. He didn’t want to be
saved! He wanted to burn!”
Episode 183
Tape Date: February 27, 1967 (ABC #48-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 8, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Mrs. Johnson is cleaning in the foyer. The front doors opens
and Laura comes in. She tells Mrs. Johnson she’s come to see David.
Mrs. Johnson replies, “He’s not here. He went into town with
Miss Winters to buy new shoes.” Laura protests, “But WE were
supposed to do that! When he comes back, tell him to come
see me at the cottage.” Mrs. Johnson replies, “He can’t
do that. He’s not supposed to leave the house without Miss
Winters or Miss Carolyn.” Laura asks, “Why?” Mrs. Johnson
replies, “I don’t know. I’m just following orders.” Laura
asks, “Whose orders? Miss Winters’? Carolyn’s?” Mrs. Johnson
replies, “No. Your husband’s.” Laura is shocked and asks,
“My husband? Why would he give such orders?” Mrs. Johnson
replies, “I don’t know. He didn’t tell me and it’s not my
place to ask.” Laura asks, “Where is he?’ Mrs. Johnson replies,
“Upstairs with that Dr. Guthrie.” Laura exclaims, “I’ve got to
talk to him!” Mrs. Johnson tries to stop her, saying Roger’s
busy. They argue. Roger comes out onto the landing and
says, “You can stop shouting, Laura, I hear you.”
Roger and Laura go into the drawing room. Laura asks, “What’s
going on? Why isn’t David allowed out without Vicky?” Roger
replies, “Vicky told me David was way behind in his lessons
because he was spending too much time with you.” Laura tells
him, “Oh, that’s just an excuse and a limp one at that. You’ve
never cared about David’s studies before.” Roger tells her, “A
lot of strange things have been happening around here. I think
it would be best for you to leave for awhile.” Laura exclaims,
“Without David? I won’t!” Roger tells her, “I won’t let you have
him.” Laura asks, “Are you accusing me of causing all these
strange occurances? Who filled your head with all this nonsense?
Dr. Guthrie?” Roger replies, “No, I make my own decisions, and
I’ve nearly made up my mind that David will stay with me.”
Laura threatens to tell the truth about the manslauther charge.
Roger tells her, “Go ahead.” Laura asks, “You think I’m bluffing,
don’t you? You think I won’t.” Roger replies, “That’s right.”
Laura tells him, “We’ll see. One way or another, David will be
Burke Devlin is in his hotel room talking on the phone. He
speaks into the receiver, “Buy as many shares of stock as
you can. Do it immediately before the market changes!” There’s
a knock at the door. It’s Laura. She comes in. She notices that
Burke is acting very coldly towards her and asks why. Burke
replies, “Let’s just get to the point. What’s the purpose of
this visit?” Laura tells him “I’ve got to get David right away.
Roger is impossible. He wants me to go away without David. I
need your help. I need you to get me the best legal experts.”
Burke refuses to help her. She protests, “But this is for our
future!” Burke replies, “OUR future? I don’t think we have one.”
He tells her she’s changed, that she’s no longer the woman he
used to know, that she’s a stranger to him now. He tells her
he can’t help her because he doesn’t trust her anymore. Laura
tells him, “But I need you. Without you I’m so alone” and
starts to cry. Burke tells her, “Stop the phony tears, Laura.”
She stops crying. He tells her, “I don’t trust you anymore and
that’s a fact. You can’t talk your way out of it. Not anymore.”
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Guthrie tells Roger,
“Believe me, Mr. Collins, you’re doing the right thing. David’ll
be safe away from his mother”. Roger replies, “I’m not sure I’m
safe. Laura threatened me.” Guthrie asks, “Threatened? How?”
Roger replies, “Oh, that doesn’t matter. But if she carried out
her threat, it could cause me some harm. I don’t think she will,
though. She made the same threat a few weeks ago and didn’t
carry it out.” Guthrie asks, “A few weeks ago? But why? You
weren’t opposed to her taking David then.” Roger tells him,
“She wanted to take David right away, but I wouldn’t let her.
I wanted all the legal things taken care of right first so
there would be no trouble later. But she was adamant about
taking him right away. Kept saying she was running out of
time. I didn’t understand what she was talking about.”
Guthrie muses, “Interesting. I wonder what she meant.”
Mrs. Johnson comes in and asks Roger if he’d like some lunch.
Roger declines, saying he has to go to the office. He asks
Guthrie, “Would you like a lift back into town?” Guthrie
replies, “No, thanks. I have my own car.” Roger tells
Mrs. Johnson, “Now remember, I don’t want my wife coming in
the house to see David” and leaves. Mrs. Johnson grumbles,
“Orders, orders. It’s easy enough for him to give them, but
who has to carry them out?” Guthrie laughs and remarks, “You
have a hard life, Mrs. Johnson.” Mrs. Johnson remarks, “I
hear Mrs. Collins is leaving soon. At least I won’t have to
clean up after her anymore.” Guthrie asks, “Oh, you clean up
the cottage. Tell me, have you noticed anything peculiar about
Mrs. Collins?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “I don’t usually make it
a practice to gossip about the people I work for. But I will
tell you a couple of things. One, she’s as neat as a pin, which
is unusual around here. Then there’s her fire. She has it going
all the time. One time when I was going to put it out so I
could clean the fireplace she got awful angry and wouldn’t
let me.” She asks, “Could you take me along with you on your
way back into town? I have some shopping to do.” Guthrie tells
her, “Sorry, but I’m not going back just yet. I’ve got see
about a theory. I’m going to see Mrs. Collins right now.”
Guthrie goes to the cottage and tells Laura he’d like
to talk to her. Laura angrily asks, “Are you responsible
for filling Roger’s head with all those silly ideas?”
Guthrie replies, “I told Roger to keep David away from
you for his own safety, if that’s what you mean. I told him
you wanted to destroy him.” Laura exclaims, “You’re crazy!
Your accusations are too ridiculous to even discuss! I love
my son. Why would I want to harm him?” Guthrie wanders over
to the fire and remarks, “Nice fire. I understand you have it
going all the time. But it’s a little too warm in here right
now. Mind if I put it out?”. He takes a poker and start to
put it out. Laura screams, “Yes I do!” and stops him. Guthrie
tells her, “You get your power from fire, don’t you?” Laura
replies, “I can’t answer your questions when they don’t make
any sense.” Guthrie asks, “WHO are you?” Laura replies, “A
woman who loves her son.” Guthrie tells her, “You don’t have
to tell me. I already know who you are. Laura Murdoch Collins,
you are the undead.”
Episode 184
Tape Date: February 28, 1967 (ABC #49-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 9, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Laura asks, “What do you mean by that?” Guthrie replies,
“That you have lived and died before, but still walk the
earth”. Laura exclaims, “I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous!”
Guthrie replies, “I’m a man of science. I wouldn’t make a
statement unless I meant every word of it. Mrs. Collins, do
you deny that you are the undead?” Laura replies, “What if
I am?” Guthrie replies, “If you are, then this is a singular
moment for science. We could learn a lot from you.” Laura
exclaims, “You really are serious, aren’t you? This is
ridiculous. Get out!” Guthrie tells her, “I have evidence.
Soon, I’ll tell everyone and expose you for what you are.”
Laura replies, “We’ll see.”
Joe Haskell goes to Collinwood and meets Guthrie outside.
Guthrie tells Joe, “I’ve got Laura cut off from just about
everyone now. I feel she’s ready to lash out, to fight back,
but I don’t know how. I’ve got to contact Josette and find
out what she’s been trying to tell us.” He tells Joe he plans
to have a seance in the old house where Josette’s power seems
to be stongest. He tells him that he’ll only have those people
who Josette seems most friendly to there, David, Vicky, and
Sam. Joe asks, “Sam? He hasn’t seen Josette before, has he?”
Guthrie replies, “No, but I think Josette painted those pictures
through him.” Guthrie asks Joe to ask Sam to come. Joe replies
that he’s very doubtful Sam will agree to come, but promises
to do his best to convince him to. He asks, “When will the
seance be?” Guthrie replies, “Tonight, at the old house.”
He adds, “Oh yes, I’ll need the table and four chairs taken
down to the old house.” Joe replies, “I’ll take care of that.
I’ll take one of the company station wagons and move them
down there.”
Guthrie goes inside and runs into David, who’s coming down
the stairs. He asks him how he’s doing. David replies that Vicky’s
given him a lot of homework. He tells Guthrie he’s sneaking into
the kitchen to steal piece of cake. Guthrie asks, “Why do you have
to steal it?” David smiles and replies, “Because I’ve had two
pieces already!” Guthrie remarks, “Oh, David. I’ve arranged a
little fun for you tonight for you. Vicky will take you, but
you’ve got to keep this our little secret. Don’t tell your father
or Mrs. Johnson.” David promises that he won’t.
Joe goes to the Evans Cottage. Maggie complains to Joe that
he’s late for their date tonight and asks, “What’s the excuse
this time? Your watch fell into a net full of mackeral again?”
Joe tells her he’s going to have to cancel their date tonight.
Sam excuses himself, saying, “I think I’ll leave you two here
to discuss it alone”, but Joe tells him, “No. It’s you I came
to see.” He tells Sam about the seance. Sam laughs and exclaims,
“You’ve got to be kidding!” Joe replies, “No, it’s going to be
at the old house. Guthrie’s going to try to contact Josette
Collins. He thinks she’s been trying to tells us something.”
Sam asks, “Why do they want me there?” Joe explains, “Guthrie
thinks you’re receptive to Josette. He thinks she used you to
paint those paintings.” Sam tells Joe, “I’d like to help,
but this is preposterous!”
At the cottage, Laura sits down by the fire and starts to
stare into it.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Guthrie, who’s sitting at
the desk making some notes, starts to feel dizzy.
Joe continues to try to convince Sam to participate in the
seance, telling him, “This might help Mrs. Stoddard. It might
also answers some questions. For example, how you burned your
hands. What you claim might be true. ” Sam replies, “That
Laura Collins burned my hands? I still believe that!” Joe tells
him, “Well, you might find out the truth at the seance.” Sam
agrees to participate in the seance, over Maggie’s objections.
Laura continues to stare into the fire. Guthrie gets dizzier
and dizzier. There’s a knock on the door at Collinwood. David
comes out from the door under the stairs and answers it. It’s
Joe. He asks for Guthrie. David replies, “He’s in there”,
pointing towards the drawing room.
Joe goes into the drawing room. He tells Guthrie that Sam
has agreed to participate in the seance. Noting that Guthrie
looks somewhat ill he asks, “Are you all right?” Guthrie replies,
“Yes. Just a little tired. I’ll have a cup of coffee and I’ll be
OK.” Joe remarks, “I’ve got the station wagon here. If you have
nothing else for me to do, I guess I’ll be taking the table and
chairs down to the old house” and leaves.
At the cottage, Laura continues to stare into the fire.
At Collinwood, Guthrie, now feeling much worse, gasps, “NO!
NO! Don’t let it happen to me now!”
David comes out into the foyer from the door under the stairs,
holding a plate with a piece of cake on it. He senses or smells
something and exclaims, “Josette! You’re here!” Josette’s ghost
appears on the stairs. David asks, “Josette, what do you want to
tell me? You want me to go somewhere? Where?” Josette points to
the drawing room and vanishes.
David goes into the drawing room, finds Dr. Guthrie slumped
on the floor and exclaims, “Dr. Guthrie! Dr. Guthrie!”
Episode 185
Tape Date: March 1, 1967 (ABC #50-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 10, 1967 Friday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

David asks, “Dr. Guthrie! What’s wrong?” Guthrie begs,
“David! Please help me! Save me!” David shouts, “Vicky!”
Guthrie continues to beg, “David! Please save me!” David
replies, “But I don’t know what to do!” Guthrie continues
to beg for help. While doing so, he reaches out for David.
As soon as he touches David, the dizziness immediately stops.
Guthrie exclaims, “David! You’re the key!” Vicky, who’s heard
David shouting for her, comes running into the room and asks
what’s wrong. David tells her, “Josette appeared and told me
to come in here!” Guthrie tells Vicky what happened, saying,
“David seems to be the key to the whole thing somehow.” He
tells her about the seance and instructs her to take David
to the old house and leaves, saying he has to go back to
town to get his tape recorder.
Vicky gets David dressed to go out. She leaves him in the
foyer, saying, “I have to tell Mrs. Johnson I’m taking you
somewhere.” David stands there, waiting. The doors open.
It’s Laura. She exclaims, “David! I’ve been looking for you!
I haven’t seen you in quite a while!” David explains, “I’ve
been busy EVERY MINUTE the last couple of days. Homework,
shopping, you name it!” Laura asks, “Would you like to spend
the night at the cottage with me again?” David asks, “When?”
Laura replies, “How about tonight?” David replies, “I can’t,
not tonight. I have something to do.” Laura asks, “What?”
David tells her, “I don’t know yet. They haven’t told me.”
Laura asks, “Who?” David replies, “Dr. Guthrie and Vicky.”
Laura, looking surprised, remarks, “I would’ve thought Dr.
Guthrie wouldn’t be doing anything for quite a while.” David
tells her, “He was a little sick earlier, but he’s OK now.
He said I saved him, but I don’t know what he means. I wouldn’t
even have gone into the room if it weren’t for Josette. She
appeared and told me to go there.” Laura tells him, “Why don’t
we go to the cottage right now?” David replies, “I can’t. I
promised Miss Winters to stay right here.” Vicky, coming back,
remarks, “I did. And it’s good to see that David can follow
instructions so well.” Laura asks if David can spend the night
with her. Vicky replies, “He can’t. I’m taking him somewhere.”
Laura asks, “Where?” Vicky replies, “It’s a surprise for David.”
Laura tells her, “I’d prefer that David be with me tonight”,
but Vicky replies, “Well, maybe tomorrow night, or the next”
and leaves, taking David with her.
Mrs. Johnson comes into the foyer and finds Laura standing
there. In a very irritated voice, Mrs. Johnson gripes, “I don’t
like the way things are here with that Dr. Guthrie having the
run of the house. All that whispering and secrecy, I don’t like
it. They think I don’t know where they’ve taken that table and
those chairs, but I do. They’ve taken it to the old house. It’s
just my guess, but I think they’re going to have another one
of those seances. Dr. Guthrie’s gone back to town to get that
tape recorder of his, so I guess I must be right. If you ask me,
I think he ought not to meddle with forces stronger than he is.”
Laura replies, “You’re right. I don’t think he should.”
Vicky takes David to the old house. As Joe has promised, the
table and chairs are set up in the living room. David notes
that there are four chairs and asks who else is going to be
there. Vicky replies, “Dr. Guthrie and Sam Evans.” David asks,
“Why?” Vicky tells him, “Dr. Guthrie feels it’s time for another
seance.” David exclaims, “OH BOY! I’ve always wanted to be at
a seance!” Vicky explains, “Dr. Guthrie wants to contact
Josette. He thinks she wants to tell us something. Everyone here
has been contacted by her one way or another.”
Laura returns to the cottage, sits down by the fire and starts
to stare into it.
In Collinsport, Guthrie, having gotten his tape recorder from
wherever he’s staying, gets into his car and starts to drive
back to Collinwood.
Vicky and David wait for Guthrie to return. There’s a knock
at the door. Sam comes in and asks, “Where’s Guthrie?” Vicky
tells him that Guthrie is on his way.
Guthrie is driving on the road now. At the cottage, Laura
continues to stare into the fire.
Vicky and David show Sam the portrait of Josette, explaining
to him that she’s who they’re going to try to contact tonight.
Sam looks at the picture and remarks on the good quality of
the work. He tells them it seems to have a nice three dimensional
effect, that it’s in extrememly good condition considering it’s
age and the less than ideal condition it’s been in. He tells
them the artist must have used the best of materials, as it shows
absolutely no signs of cracking. (Strangely, the one thing he DOES
NOT remark on is how much it looks like his daughter…)
At Collinwood, Laura continues to stare into the fire.
On the road from Collinsport to Collinwood, Guthrie suddenly
starts to see a bright light. At first he assumes it’s coming from
the high beams of a car coming the other way and flashes his
light to tell the other driver to turn them off, but nothing
happens. Suddenly, he exclaims, “The light! It looks like fire!
Why should it look like fire? Laura Murdoch! Got to stop! Can’t
see! Light blinding me! Oh, no!! Car speeding up! Losing control!”
He tries to stop the car, but exclaims, “The brakes won’t
stop the car! NO!!!!!” and crashes into a tree. The car bursts
into flames…
Episode 186
Tape Date: March 2, 1967 (ABC #51-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 13, 1967 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Vicky, Sam and David are at the old house, waiting for Guthrie.
Sam, to make conversation, looks at Josette’s portrait and remarks,
“So this was her house, huh?” David replies, “It still is.”
Joe, at the Blue Whale, puts a coin in the jukebox. It starts
to play. Joe goes and sits back down. Burke comes in, sees him,
and joins him. Burke tells Joe, “Vicky told me about your
‘adventure’. She told me about you helping Guthrie opening those
graves and finding them empty.” Joe, shocked that Vicky would tell
him, asks, “Why would Vicky tell you?” Burke tells him, “She
needed my help keeping David away from his mother.” The phone
rings. The bartender answers and tells Joe it’s for him. Joe
takes the phone and says, “Maggie?… What?! …Now wait, say
that again!…Yes. I guess I’d better.” After he hangs up,
Burke asks, “Anything wrong?” Joe tells him, “He’s dead. Dr.
Guthrie. There was a fire. His car crashed and burst into
flames. He burned to death. Maggie heard two state troopers
talking about it in the coffeeshop.” He tells Burke that
Maggie and David are at the old house, waiting for Guthrie,
that Guthrie was planning to hold another seance and adds,
“I can’t for a moment believe it was an accident. I’m going
up there”. Burke tells him, “Wait! I’m going with you!”
At the old house, Vicky, Sam and David continue to wait for
Guthrie. Sam begins to get impatient. David suddenly starts to
feel something in the air. Vicky hears the sound of a car
coming up the drive and exclaims, “Dr. Guthrie!”. But it is
not Dr. Guthrie. Joe and Burke come in. Joe starts to tell Vicky,
“I’ve got something to tell you…”, but Burke interrupts before
he can finish, saying, “This is a fascinating old house. You’ve
never had a tour of it, have you, Joe? Maybe David can give you
the tour.” David, happy about being able to show Joe the house,
takes him upstairs. Vicky asks Burke, “All right. Why did you
want to get David out of the room?” Burke tells Vicky about
Dr. Guthrie. Vicky, stunned at the news, says, “He was our friend.
He’s dead because he tried to help us. He was more than a friend.
He was our only hope to save David. Now no one can help us!”
Burke tells her, “I’ll get Joe and David and we’ll go home.”
Vicky replies, “No! Wait! Guthrie thought it was important, that
it would help David. I think we should go through with the
seance!” Burke asks, “Do you know how?” Vicky replies, “I think
so.” Burke calls for Joe and David to come down. They do.
Sam, frightened, refuses to participate, saying that too many
strange things have happened. Burke tells him, “Sam, in a few
moments, an innocent little kid is going to come down thoses
stairs. Take a look at him, then decide what you want to do.”
Sam moans, “Oh, that’s not fair!” Joe and David come down.
David remarks, “Spooky, was’t it?” Joe replies, “Oh, it wasn’t
THAT spooky. Medium spooky, maybe.” Burke tells Joe that they’ve
decided to go through with the seance. He turns to Sam and asks,
“Sam?” Sam replies, “Oh, all right.” Burke asks Vicky, “Do you
want Joe and me to participate?” Vicky replies, “No, Dr. Guthrie
thought it would be best if only we three were here.” Burke tells
her, “All right. Joe and I will wait outside.” Vicky warns him,
“If you should hear anything strange happening, don’t come in,
no matter how much you want to!”
Burke and Joe go outside. Vicky starts the seance and calls for
Josette. After a few moments, David stiffens and starts to moan.
Vicky asks, “Josette?” David replies, “No. David. David Radcliffe.”
Vicky asks, “The son of Laura Radcliffe?” David replies, “Yes.”
Vicky asks, “Why are you here? What do you want to tell us?”
David replies, “I am in my mother’s arms. I am in her room.
I am happy. I am not afraid. The wind blows the curtains agains
the candle, and they catch fire. There is fire everywhere.
Mother holds me. I do not run. I do not want to run. There
will be another fire soon. In a house, a little, little house
by the sea. Someone else will die!”
Episode 187
Tape Date: March 3, 1967 (ABC #52-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 14, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Carolyn is in the drawing room. Burke and Vicky return. Burke
is holding David in his arms. David tells him, “You can put me
down now! i’m OK”, but Burke jokes, “Come on, Davey, I’ve got
to find some use for all this weightlifting I’ve been doing!”
and does not put him down. Carolyn tells Vicky, “Tell me what
happened.” Burke, not wanting David to hear, tells him, “I
think it’s time you were in bed” and takes him upstairs.
Vicky tells Carolyn, “I have some bad news for you. Dr. Guthrie’s
dead.” She tells her what happened. Carolyn remarks, “Another
death by fire. What does it mean?” Vicky tells her, “It’s too
much to be a coincidence.” Carolyn exclaims, “Laura Murdoch
Collins!” Vicky agrees, saying, “She’s got to be stopped.”
She tells Carolyn about the seance, saying that she thinks
what happened at the seance is a warning that David is in
immediate danger. Burke comes back downstairs and tells Vicky
that David wants some hot chocolate. Vicky leaves, saying
she’ll talk to Mrs. Johnson about it.
Vicky goes into David’s room with an extra blanket. David
complains that he’s feeling strange and asks what happened at
the seance. Vicky lies, “Nothing.” David tells her he remembers
hearing a strange voice, a voice he never heard before, calling
him. Vicky lies, “You fell asleep at the seance. It must have
been a dream.” David tells Vicky, “I want to see my mother.”
Vicky replies, “It’s late. I’m sure she’s asleep tonight”. David
tells Vicky, “Tomorrow, I’m going to my mother and I’m going to
ask her to take her away from here.”
Burke and Carolyn discuss what to do about Laura. Carolyn
remarks, “She’s cut off from everyone now. She has no support
anymore. Maybe she’ll just leave.” Burke replies, “No she won’t.
Laura’s never walked away from a fight before”. Roger comes home.
Carolyn tells him, “I have some bad news to tell you..”, but
Roger tells her, “I already know. It’s Dr. Guthrie. It’s all
over town.” Burke remarks that he thinks Laura is somehow
responsible. Roger replies, “Well, if her marksmanship is as
good as you say, I wonder which one of us is her next target.”
Carolyn asks, “Do you think the police could do anything?” Roger
tells her, “They could laugh.” Burke announces, “If there’s
nothing anyone else can do, it’s in our hands.” He tells Roger
it would be best if they called a temporary truce to their feud.
Roger agrees. Vicky comes back. She tells Roger about David
saying he’s decided to go with his mother, then about the seance.
Burke announces, “Laura must be told to go! She must be thrown
out! But David must be kept away from her.” He tells them, “I
think David will go with me on that fishing trip I promised
to take him on.” Roget tells Burke, “Come on, Burke. We’ve got
to talk to David right away.”
Burke and Roger go up to David’s room. Roger asks, “How was
the hot chocolate?” David replies, “Great. Except there wasn’t
any whipped cream.” Roger tells him, “I’ll have to talk to
Mrs. Johnson about that, then. David, Burke has something he
wants to talk to you about.” Burke asks, “Doing anything
tomorrow?” David replies, “Yes. I’m going to tell my mother
I’m going to go away with her.” Burke tells him, “Too bad.
Remember that fishing trip we were talking about? I’ve already
made plans to go tomorrow.” Roger adds, “Yes. I’ve already given
Burke permisson to take you.” David tells them, “Sorry, I’d like
to, but I can’t go.” Burke tries to entice him, “Come on, Davey.
You’ll love it. The lake’s up near the Canadian border. We’ll
be staying in a cabin, a real log cabin, with two bunks. And the
best part is that you can only get there by seaplane!” David
still declines. Burke continues, “Are you sure, Davey? There
are Muskies up there.” David exclaims, “Muskies?”, his eyes lighting
up. Burke replies, “Lots of them. Big, too. The world’s
record was caught up there.” Seeing that David is wavering,
Roger tells him, “Come on, David. A few days couldn’t hurt. You
can tell your mother when you come back.” David agrees to go.
Vicky is looking at the photostatic copy of the 1867
newspaper article, an uneasy expression on her face. Carolyn
asks, “Why do you keep looking at that?” Vicky replies, “Something
about it bothers me, but I’m not sure what.” She continues
to stare at it. Burke and Roger come back downstairs and tells
them David has agreed to go fishing with Burke. Suddenly,
Vicky exclaims, “No! The date of this newspaper! The date of
the fire was exactly 100 years ago tonight! Something’s going
to happen to David tonight!”
Episode 188
Tape Date: March 5, 1967 (ABC #53-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 15, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Vicky exclaims, “Exactly 100 years ago tonight, Laura Mucdoch
Radcliffe died in the fire! And I’m sure if you look up Laura
Murdoch Stockbridge 1n 1767, you’ll find she died on this
date too!” Roger is dubious, saying it’s nothing more that
a coincidence. Burke remarks, “I know it seems illogical,
but we’re not dealing with normal events.” Roger decides to
go and order Laura to leave right away. Vicky begs him to wait
till tomorrow when David’s gone, but Roger will not listen,
saying, “I want to tell right now while I’m good and mad!”
Roger goes to the cottage and tells Laura, “I’ve got dreadful
new to tell you. Dr. Guthrie’s been killed in a car crash.” Laura
does not react at all. Roger remarks, “You don’t care at all,
do you?” Laura replies, “Well, I can’t pretend I liked the man.”
She tells him, “Roger, I have something to tell you. I’ve come
to a decision. It’s obvious that I’ve become persona non grata
around here. In view of this, I’ve decided to leave. I’d
like to take David with me, but with the opposition against it,
I know that’s impossible.” Roger asks, “When are you leaving?”
Laura replies, “Tomorrow morning. I’m taking the bus to Boston.”
Roger tells her, “I’ll give you a ride into town.” Laura tells
him, “That won’t be necessary. I can take a taxi”, but Roger
insists, saying he wants to finalize the divorce and he has
some papers for her to sign anyway. She agrees. Roger remarks,
“You surprise me. I’d have sworn you’d be bitter”. Laura replies,
“That just shows how much you’ve misjudged me.”
Burke tells Vicky to pack David’s things for their fishing
trip tomorrow. Vicky remarks, “I just wish you could take him
tonight”. Burke replies, “Don’t worry. It’s only a few hours
till dawn.” Vicky tells Burke she’s still convinced that something
will happen to him tonight and intends to sit up and watch over
him all night. Roger returns. He tells Vicky and Burke that
something amazing happened while he was at the cottage, that
he was just about to tell Laura to leave but didn’t have a
chance to because Laura told him she had made the decision to
leave. Vicky and Burke are dubious and think Laura is up to
something. Burke remarks, “Let me go and talk to her. I’ll
know if she’s lying.”
Burke goes to the cottage and asks Laura, “Are you really
leaving?” Laura replies, “Yes. Why are you asking?” Burke
replies, “I just wanted to reassure myself that you were
really going. Why are you giving up?” Laura asks, “Didn’t
Roger tell you?” Burke tells her, “I want to hear the REAL
reason.” Laura tells him what she told Roger is the truth,
adding, “I think the bad atmosphere caused by my presence
is having a bad effect on David.” She starts to cry…
Burke leaves. Laura immediately stops crying. She sits down by
the fire and starts to stare into it.
Vicky goes up to David’s room to check on him. Finding him
sleeping peacefully, she leaves, locking the door as she does.
Burke returns and tells Roger and Vicky he thinks Laura is
telling the truth, that she’s leaving tomorrow. Burke and Roger
are now both convinced that Laura is telling the truth, but
Vicky is still dubious. Roger assures Vicky, “I’ve reserved her
a seat on the bus to Boston. I’m going to make sure she’s on it.”
Burke remarks, “I guess there’s no need to take David on that
fishing trip now that she’s leaving”, but Vicky begs him to do
so just to be safe. Burke agrees to do so. Vicky, still afraid
of what might happen tonight, tells Roger, “I’m going to go
upstairs and watch over David all night tonight!”
Laura MATERIALIZES in David’s room and calls to him. David
wakes up. Laura tells him, “I have something I want to tell
you. We’re going to go away together.” David asks, “When?” Laura
replies, “Tomorrow. Late at night.” David protests, “Tomorrow
night? But I can’t. I’m going to go on a fishing trip with Burke
tomorrow and we’re going to be away for several days.” Laura tells
him, “But we have to go tomorrow, David. There’ll be plenty of
fish where we’re going.” David asks, “Muskies?” Laura replies,
“Yes.” David tells her, “OK, I’ll go with you. Will you tell
Burke I can’t go with him?” Laura replies, “No, you’re going to
have to tell him. We can’t let him know you’re going with me.
We can’t let anyone know. We’ve got to keep it a secret.” David
asks, “Why?” Laura replies, “Your father is planning to send you
to a boarding school.” David exclaims, “No! He can’t!” Laura tells
him, “You won’t have to if you come with me. Meet me at the old
fishing shack at 11:30 tomorrow night, then I’ll take you to
a wonderful, wonderful place.” She adds, “Oh, one more thing.
If they tell you I’ve gone away tomorrow, don’t believe them.
I’ll be waiting for you at the old fishing shack at 11:30.
Now sleep, David, sleep…”
Vicky comes upstairs and, unlocking the door, goes into
David’s room. She finds him alone in there sleeping peacefully…
Episode 189
Tape Date: March 8, 1967 (ABC #54-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 16, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Dawn arrives. Vicky, sitting in a chair in David’s room, looks
relieved. David wakes up. Mrs. Johnson comes in and asks Vicky
about breakfast. She mentions, “Mr. Collins has left with Mrs.
Collins already”. Vicky says, “Shhhh! We’ll talk about that
later!” Mrs. Johnson leaves. David tells Vicky, “My mother’s left,
hasn’t she? You don’t have to hide it from me. I know.” Vicky
tries to talk to him about it, but he tells her, “It doesn’t
bother me.”
Maggie is wiping the counter at the diner. Burke comes in.
Maggie pours him a cup of coffee. Burke remarks, “The bus for
Boston’s left.” Maggie replies, “And the next sound you hear
will be sigh of relief from your’s truly”. Joe Haskell comes
in. Maggie remarks, “A little early for your coffee break, isn’t
it?” Burke remarks to Joe, “You were here for the same reason I
was, weren’t you?” Joe admits that he was. Maggie remarks, “You
should have seen my father sleep last night. I haven’t seen him
sleep that well for a long time. I checked in on him at 2:00
in the morning and he was sleeping like a baby. He was really
relieved when I told him Laura was leaving. Anyway, everything’s
OK now. Whatever was supposed to happen to David was supposed to
happen last night.” Joe suddenly gets a strange look on his face.
He mutters, “I have the feeling something’s not quite right, but
I don’t know what.” Burke tells him, “You saw the date on that
paper. Don’t worry. It’s over. Now, I’ve got to take David
fishing” and leaves. Joe continues to look like he’s thinking
about something. Suddenly, he exclaims, “2:00 in this morning,
2:00 last night. It’s the same thing! I’ve got to check on
something. See you later, Maggie” and leaves.
At Collinwood, David tells Burke he doesn’t feel that well
and doesn’t want to go on the fishing trip. Burke says, “Come on,
Davey, you’ll enjoy it.” David finally agrees to go if they cut
it short and come back by tonight. Burke tells him, “I’ll have
to. I have to be back to take Vicky out to dinner tonight. I’m
going to get her the biggest steak the Blue Whale has to offer.”
Vicky is surprised at this. She tells Burke she doesn’t want to
go, saying she has to stay and take care of David. Burke tells
her, “Mrs. Johnson can look after David tonight.” David agrees.
Finally, Vicky agrees to go. Burke and David leave to go fishing.
Burke, having gone fishing with David and brought him back,
is having dinner with Vicky at the Blue Whale. Vicky is very
nervous and tells Burke she feels like calling Collinwood to
see if David’s all right. Burke tells her not to worry so much,
saying, “Mrs. Johnson promised to call if anything happened.
She hasn’t called, so that must mean nothing’s happened.”
David is at the desk in his room, surrounded by open books,
writing on a piece of paper. Mrs. Johnson tries to get him to
go to bed, saying, “It’s way past your bedtime. In fact, it’s
way past MY bedtime”, but David tells her, “Vicky told me to
finish all this by tomorrow.” Mrs. Johnson protests, “Miss
Winters didn’t tell ME anything about this.” David exclaims,
“Oh! I just realized! I left one of my books downstairs” and
gets up, intending to go down and get it, but Mrs. Johnson
stops him, saying, “Oh, no young man, you’re not going anywhere
but to bed!” David begs, “Just one more problem! Please! If
I don’t finish this problem, I won’t be able to go to sleep
thinking about it! I promise! After I finish this problem, I’ll
go to bed.” Mrs. Johnson agrees to let him finish one more
problem. She sits down in the armchair by the window and waits
for him. David complains, “Mrs. Johnson, I’m hungry. Can I go
and get a snack?”, but Mrs. Johnson refuses to let him, saying,
“You didn’t finish your dinner tonight, and you know my rule.
No clean plate, no late night snacks!” David looks at his clock
nervously. It is now 10:15.
At the Blue Whale, Vicky, laughing and in a very good mood,
tells Burke a story about how she fainted at an assembly at
the foundling home when she was announced as the winner of a
short story contest. Burke tells her, “I’m proud of you”. Vicky
asks, “For what? Winning the short story contest?” Burke replies,
“No. For having fun for the past half an hour.” Suddenly, Vicky
starts to worry about David again, and Burke realizes he shouldn’t
have said what he just said. Joe comes into the Blue Whale and
sits down at their table. He appears to be in a very excited
state. He says, “Now, I don’t want to unnecessarily worry you,
Vicky, but I’ve thought of something. Now, when we read that
newspaper article and saw that it said the fire was “last night”,
we assumed that it meant the night of the date before, but it
occured to me that it might have meant early in the morning of
the same day, like 2 or 3 in the morning. Now, I looked at the old
death records and found that Laura Radcliffe and her son are
listed as dying at 2:30 a.m. The date was todays, not yesterdays!”
Vicky exclaims, No! I’ve got to call Mrs. Johnson!”
David’s clock now shows 10:30. Mrs. Johnson, now very angry,
tells him, “Now enough is enough!”. She grabs him by the ear and
drags him over to his bed and tells him, “Now get into your
pyjamas and go to bed!” The phone starts to ring downstairs.
David asks, “Aren’t you going to answer it?” Mrs. Johnson
tells him, “While I’m down there, you’d better be changing
into those pyjamas!” David promises that he will.
Mrs. Johnson goes down and answers the phone. It’s Vicky.
Vicky asks, “Where’s David?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “I left him
up in his room to answer the phone.” Vicky asks, “You did lock
the door, didn’t you?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “No. But he’s right
up there changing into his pyjamas. He promised.” She shouts,
“David, you’re up there, aren’t you?”, but gets no answer.
Hearing this, Vicky nervously tells Burke, “She’s calling him,
but there’s no answer.”
Mrs. Johnson goes up to David’s room and is shocked to find
it empty. David is gone. His pyjamas are lying on top of his bed
right where she put them, untouched…
Episode 190
Tape Date: March 6, 1967 (ABC #55-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 7, 1967 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Mrs. Johnson looks around for David but cannot find him. She
comes back downstairs into the foyer, picks up the telephone
receiver and exclaims, “He’s gone! He’s not in the house! I
can’t find him anywhere!” but receives no reply. On the other
end, the phone receiver hangs there, Vicky and the men having
left hurriedly.
The clock in the foyer reads 11:00. Mrs. Johnson is pacing
about nervously. Vicky, Burke and Joe come in through the front
doors. Mrs. Johnson tries to apoligize, saying, “I shouldn’t
have left him there alone!”, but Vicky tells her it isn’t her
fault, saying, “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have telephoned
you. I didn’t know you were the only person in the house to
answer.” Mrs. Johnson asks, “Do you think David is in danger?”
Vicky replies, “Yes. Could Mrs. Collins have come into the
house and taken him?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “No, all the doors
were locked.” Joe suggests, “Maybe she arranged for him to go
meet her somewhere else.” Mrs. Johnson replies, “Maybe. David
was on edge all night, always looking at his clock.” Vicky
remarks, “It could be the cottage. A little house by the sea.”
David goes to the fishing shack but finds that Laura is not
there yet.
Joe and Burke go to the cottage and look around. Joe goes
into the bedroom while Burke looks around out in the living
room. He notices that the fire is burning. Joe comes out of the
bedroom and remarks, “Looks like no one’s been here.” Burke
replies, “She’s been here all right. Look at the fire. Laura
left this morning. If no one’s been here since then, then
it would be out.” They decide to split up and search the grounds.
Vicky and Mrs. Johnson are in the drawing room at Collinwood,
both looking very worried. Vicky gets an idea. She tells Mrs.
Johnson she’s going to call the bus company to see if Laura
really got off at Heartland as she was supposed to.
Joe and Burke run into each other in the woods. Both have
found nothing. They discuss where to search next. Joe suggests,
“The beach?” but Burke tells him he thinks there’s a better
place, “The old fishing shack. David likes to play there. I found
him there once.”
They go to the fishing shack. Outside, they call out, “David!
David!”. David, hearing them, hides inside a box lying on it’s
side. Joe and Burke come in. They look around, but don’t manage
to find David. Joe asks, “What time is it?” Burke tells him, “It’s
a few minutes to 11:30″. Joe remarks, “That means we only have
about half an hour left.” They leave. David comes out of hiding.
The clock in the foyer strikes 11:30. The phone rings. Vicky
answers in the drawing room. It’s the bus company, returning her
call. Vicky listens, then says, “Are you sure?!…But I don’t
understand…Yes, I see. Thank you.” then hangs up. Mrs. Johnson
asks, “What did they say?” Vicky replies, “Mrs. Collins didn’t
get off at Heartland.” Mrs. Johnson asks, “Where did she get off?”
Vicky tells her, “The driver never stopped anywhere to let her
off. Mrs. Collins was sitting next to an old lady. They had a
brief conversation, then the old lady dozed off. When she awoke,
Mrs. Collins wasn’t there. The bus hadn’t made any stops. She
just dissappeared!”
At the fishing shack, David is startled to find Laura in the
shack with him. He remarks, “I didn’t hear you come in.” She
tells him, “I’ve come to take you away. We’ll be together,
always.” David complains of being cold. Laura hands him the
lantern she’s holding. He complains that it’s not giving out
much heat. Laura tells him to look into the flame. He does.
Laura starts to talk to him soothingly, and David appears to
start to fall into a trance.
Vicky and Mrs. Johnson are still in the drawing room. Mrs.
Johnson remarks on how frustrating it is to be able to do
nothing. She tells Vicky she’ll go make some coffee and leaves.
Vicky suddenly smells something. She exclaims, “Jasmine! Josette,
you’re in here! What is it you want to tell me? What? You want
me to remember the seance? Something about the sea. Something
David said. He spoke of fire. A little house by the sea. Is
that what you want me to remember?”
At the fishing shack, Laura tells David, “I’m going to take
you to a place where you’ll never be cold again. David complains
that he’s getting sleepy. Laura replies, “Then go to sleep, then”.
David’s hand starts to get tired holding the heavy lantern, and
he tells Laura, “Mother, my hand is getting tire. My fingers are
going to sleep. I can’t hold onto the lantern much longer”, but
Laura doesn’t take it from him and he drops it. It breaks, setting
the sawdust on the floor of the shed on fire. David shouts, “FIRE!
FIRE! RUN!”, but Laura tells him, “No, David, don’t be afraid
of it. Look at it, isn’t it pretty?”
Vicky continues to speak, “Fire? Fire in a little house by
the sea? But where? Wait. What’s that I smell? Salt air from the
sea. David is in a little house by the sea…The fishing shack!
Is that where he is? Josette! Don’t leave me now!”, but Josette
is gone.
Laura tells David, “Stare into my eyes”. David does. Laura
asks, “You aren’t afraid anymore, are you?” David replies, “No”.
Laura tells him, “Come into my arms and we’ll be together
Episode 191
Tape Date: March 7, 1967 (ABC #56-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 20, 1967 Monday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

David complains, “But the fires are getting higher, mother!”
Laura replies, “Don’t worry, David. Fire is a friend. Come to
Carolyn is at the hospital sitting in Elizabeth’s room. A
doctor comes in and tells her, “I think it would be best for
you to go back to your hotel room now, Miss Stoddard. It’s
almost midnight.” Carolyn moans, “I feel so helpless”. The
doctor tells her, “The whole staff here feels that way, Miss
Stoddard. Her vital signs are stable, and tests show no sign
of brain damage. The only thing we can do is wait and watch.”
He tells her he thinks she’s done enought waiting and watching
for today and suggets she go get some rest and leaves. Carolyn
looks out the window. While Carolyn’s back is turned. Elizabeth
suddenly opens her eyes, blinks a few times, then looks around..
Carolyn turns around and is surprised to see her Mother’s
eyes open. She goes to her and exclaims, “Mother! Can you speak
to me?” but receives no reply. She calls, “Dr. Franklin!” The
doctor comes back into the room. He looks at Elizabeth and tells
Carolyn, “I think she’s coming out of it!” He examines her,
shining a light into her eyes. Elizabeth moves an arm. The
doctor asks, “Mrs. Stoddard, can you hear me?” Elizabeth moves
her lips, as if trying to say something. Carolyn exclaims,
“Look Doctor, the expression on he face! Something’s frightening
At the fishing shack, Laura tells David, “David, it’s time
for the fires to surround us. It’s time for you to come to me!”
David replies, in a robot like tone, “Yes, time for me to go to
you.” Laura tells him, “Once you’re in my arms, nothing can
hurt you.” She tells him to recount the story of the Phoenix to
her. He starts to do so. Suddenly, Vicky’s voice shouts, “David!”
Vicky tries to open the door, but finds it locked from the inside.
She bangs on the door and shouts, “David! Open the door! David!”
She looks in through a window and shouts, “David! What are you
doing in there? You’ve got to come out! The whole shack is going
to burst into flames in a few minutes!” Laura remarks, “Yes, a
few minutes!” David continues to recount the phoenix story.
Vicky screams, “Mrs. Collins, what are you doing?” Laura replies,
“No! Not Laura Collins. I’m Laura Murdoch. Haven’t you and Dr.
Guthrie managed to find that out?” Vicky screams to David, but
Laura tells him, “It’s useless Vicky, he can’t hear you. In a
few minutes, it’ll be all over and will begin again somewhere
else. I’m going to give him eternal life. Like me, he’ll be
reborn, century after century.” David continues to recount the
Phoenix story…
At the hospital, Elizabeth starts to toss and turn, then starts
to say, “Day…Day…Day…David! David! David! Fire! David in
At the shack, Vicky, sensing that David’s recounting of the
story is necessary for what Laura is trying to do, shouts,
“Don’t finish the story, David, don’t finish the story!”
At the hospital, Elizabeth shouts, “Fire! I can see it!
Fire is all around David! Help David!”
Elizabeth’s recovery seems to have an effect on David. At the
fishing shack, David starts to slow down and falter in his
recounting of the Phoenix story. Laura tells him, “Finish the
legend, David. It’s almost time to go.” David finishes the
story, haltingly. Laura is now almost completely surrounded
by fire. The roof above her is ablaze too. Laura shouts, “Come
to me NOW, David! There are only a few seconds left!” But the
spell seems to have been broken. David does not come to her.
Vicky shouts, “No, David. You’ll burn! You’ll burn!” David just
stands there, not going to Laura. Laura exclaims, “It’s too late!”
As the fires start to consume her, she shouts, “From the ashes,
the Phoenix is reborn! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”.
Vicky shouts, “Unlock the door, David! THe whole place is
about to go up in flames!” David unlocks the door and runs into
Vicky’s arms.
Episode 192
Tape Date: March 9, 1967 (ABC #57-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 21, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

From a safe distance, Vicky and David watch the fishing shack
burn. David keeps saying, “That’s my home…” Burke comes
running up to them. He tells Vicky, “I saw the fire from the
beach! Anyone in there?” Vicky replies, “No.” Burke asks,
“David was in there alone?” Vicky replies, “No. She was in
there with him.” Burke exclaims, “Maybe she’s still in there!”,
but Vicky replies, “No. I saw her…vanish!” David seems to
snap out of it and remarks, “That’s the fishing shack burning,
isn’t it?”
Carolyn is sitting by Elizabeth’s bedside. Elizabeth is
continuing to get better. She starts to remember what happened
to her that night, “Laura is in the room, not the Laura we know,
but Laura in some other form…horrible!” Carolyn tells her,
“Don’t worry. She’s gone now. And no matter what the doctors
say, THAT’S why you’re better.” Elizabeth exclaims, “Gone? Not
with David?” Carolyn assures her, “No, not with David.” Relieved,
Elizabeth asks, “That Dr. Guthrie you were talking about. Did he
do a lot of prying around at Collinwood?” Carolyn replies, “We
did give him the run of the house.” Elizabeth asks, “Did he
go to the old house? The closed off sections of the house?
How about the basement?” Carolyn replies, “He never mentioned
going down to the basement, but I don’t know if he went there or
not.” Elizabeth tells Carolyn, “I’ve GOT to go back to Collinwood!
I’ve GOT to see if everything’s all right!” Carolyn assures her
that David is all right. Elizabeth asks, “David?” Carolyn asks,
“Yes. David. That was what you were talking about, isn’t it?”
Elizabeth answers, “Oh. Yes…”
Vicky is putting David to bed at Collinwood. David asks, “My
mother, she’s gone, isn’t she?” Vicky replies, “Yes.” David
remarks, “I was supposed to go away with her, but it didn’t work
out, did it?” He clearly has only vague memories of what happened.
Vicky answers, “No”. David tells her, “I’m glad I decided to stay
here. I don’t ever want to leave Collinwood!”
Roger returns to Collinwood and finds Burke and Vicky in the
drawing room. Roger, pouring himself a drink, remarks, “I was
in town when some idiot told me there was a fire at Collinwood.
I came running all the way back!” Burke leaves to let Vicky tell
him. Vicky tells Roger, “I have something to tell you. There WAS
a fire. At the old fishing shack. Laura was in there when it
burned.” Roger exclaims, “But that’s impossible! I put her on
that bus myself! I saw her leave with my own eyes!” Vicky tells
him, “I was there. I saw her in the shack”. Roger asks, “She
didn’t escape?” Vicky replies, “No.” Roger asks, “You couldn’t
help her?” Vicky answers, “Roger, no one could have helped her.
She didn’t want any help. I managed to get David out of there
just in time…” Roger remarks, “She wanted to take David with
her? Just like the story of Laura Murdoch Radcliffe. David… She
wanted to kill him. She wanted to burn him. I don’t know what to
say..” He asks Vicky where David is. Vicky tells him that he’s
up in his room. Roger goes up to check on him.
The telephone rings. Vicky answers. It’s Carolyn. Carolyn tells
Vicky that Elizabeth is much better now, that she’s pretty much
recovered. Vicky tells Carolyn, “Laura Collins burned to death
tonight. David’s all right.” Carolyn tells Elizabeth then remarks
to Vicky, “Are we really finally free, Vicky? Can we really
stop being afraid now?” Elizabeth tells Carolyn, “I’ve got to
go home! I’ve got to go to Collinwood!”
Roger checks up on David and finds that he appears to be all
right. David asks, “Did you hear about the fishing shack? It
burned down! All my fishing gear was in there, including my
favorite rod, the one Matthew helped me make!” Roger realizes
that David has no memory of what really happened.
Burke returns to Collinwood and tells Vicky that the fire
has now pretty much gone out, that he has left Joe there to
watch over it just to be safe. He tells Vicky, “But we looked
through the ashes and found no sign of a body, just some old
fishing gear.” Vicky tells him the story of the Phoenix, how
every 100 years, it burns itself up only to be reborn from
the ashes. Burke exclaims, “That’s not possible!” Vicky tells
him, “I was there. I SAW her disappear!”
Burke tells Vicky, “Oh, yes. There’s one other thing we found.”
He shows her a locket. It is the locket with David’s picture and
lock of hair inside. Vicky tells him, “That’s what the woman in
Phoenix was wearing. There’s only one like it in the whole
world.” Burke asks, “Then how could the woman in Phoenix have
been wearing it?” Vicky replies, “Because she was Laura Murdoch
Collins.” Burke remarks, “Whatever that was.” Vicky echoes,
“Yes. Whatever that was…”
Episode 193 (Kinescope)
Tape Date: March 10, 1967 (ABC #58-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 22, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

It is the middle of the night. There is a knock at the door
of the Evan’s cottage. Maggie, dressed in a bathrobe, answers it.
It is Joe. He comes in and sits down on the couch, looking very
tired. Seeing that his hands and face are covered with soot,
Maggie asks, “Something happened at Collinwood, didn’t it?
Something happened to David!” Joe tells her, “There was a fire
in the old fishing shack. David was in there, but he’s all right.
Vicky saved him.” Sam comes into the room and remarks, “I thought
David was supposed to be safe with Laura gone.” Joe replies,
“She came back.” He tells them the details of what happened,
then adds, “After the fire was out, Burke and I searched the ashes
but found no trace of a body.” Sam asks, “You mean she got out
somehow?” Joe tells him about Vicky claiming she saw Laura
just vanish. Sam gasps, “Then she wasn’t human!” Maggie tells
them about the story Laura told her the first day she saw her
in the coffee shop, the story about the Phoenix. Joe mutters,
“Laura Murdoch Stockbridge. Laura Murdoch Radcliffe. Laura
Murdoch Collins….” Sam protests, “Are you saying she’s the
same person? That’s impossible!”
It is the next day. Sam is in the Evan’s cottage alone,
looking at his hands, which are unbandaged and appear to be
all right now. There’s a knock at the door. Sam answers. It’s
a dark haired, somewhat “artsy” looking woman. She comes in
and identifies herself as a Mrs. Portia Fitzgerald. She is
surprised to find that Sam does not seem recognize the name,
and says, “You’re an artist and you don’t recognize that name
Portia Fitzgerald? I own a large art gallery in New York.”
Sam replies that he did, but couldn’t believe it was her. She
starts to look at the paintings Sam has lying about. Sam points
one out to her and tells her, “I did that one just a few months
ago.” Portia looks at another and tells him, “Then this one must
be from about 5 years ago.” Sam replies, “Yes. Five and a half,
in fact. How did you know?” The woman explains, “Well, I’ve seen
some of your work from about 10 years ago, and you just showed
me a recent one. The style of this one appears to be just about
halfway between those two.” She tells him, “You know why I’m
here, don’t you? You’ve just been too afraid to ask because
you were afraid that it was too good to be true. I want to
arrange a showing of your work. I saw a couple of your paintings
in – well, I’m kind of embarrased to say.” Sam prompts her, “You
mean a junk shop?” Portia Fitzgerald continues, “Umm, yes. They
were selling the frames. The pictures came free if you bought
the frames.” Sam jokes, “Well, I’m glad someone took the trouble
to frame them.” Portia tells him, “The frames were terrible, but
the paintings were quite good. The time and style are just about
to come into style. Now if you have any more paintings from about
that time, I could make you rich and famous, and me rich.” Sam
replies, “I’ve never cared much about fame. It’s always seemed just
like a little extra seasoning to me. Portia replies, “So is salt,
but meat and potatoes aren’t any good without salt. If you could
get those pictures together, you’ll soon have the meat and potatoes
with more salt than is probably good for you.” Sam protests, “But
I’m afraid I don’t have any more paintings from that period!”. The
woman tells him, “Too bad. If you could get, say, 12 more of them,
we could both make quite a profit.” Sam tells her, “Well, maybe I
could find some.” The woman tells him, “You have one week.”
Maggie and Joe are sitting at a table at the Blue Whale.
Maggie tells Joe, “…and I left him there, just staring at his
hands.” Joe remarks, “They just healed all of a sudden, just like
that, huh?” Maggie asks, “It was Laura Collins, wasn’t it?”
Joe tells Maggie, “Carolyn called me this morning and told me
that Mrs. Stoddard’s much better now.” A middle aged man in an
overcoat and a cap comes over and asks, “I couldn’t help
overhearing, but were you talking about Mrs. Elizabeth Stoddard
Collins?” Joe replies that he was. The man asks, “Has she been
sick?”, speaking with a light Irish accent. Joe replies, “I don’t
think it’s my place to discuss that with a stranger”, but Maggie
tells Joe, “Oh, tell him, Joe, everything that happens up at
Collinwood is going to be the talk of the town in no time
anyway.” Joe tells the man, “Yes, she’s been sick but she’s
much better now.” The man tells them, “I’ve been away for a
long time. My name is Jason McGuire. Could I buy you both a
drink?” Joe declines, saying, “Thanks, but Maggie and I were
just leaving.” The man asks, “Oh, just one more thing. Is Mrs.
Stoddard well enough to receive visitors?” Maggie tells him,
“She’s not at Collinwood. She’s in a hospital in Boston.”
McGuire asks, “I’ve heard rumors that she was involved in
some kind of scandal a little while back. Maybe it’s just a
rumor. Do you know anything about it?” Maggie replies, “The
only thing I know about Mrs. Stoddard is that she’s a recluse.
Before she went to the hospital, she hadn’t set foot off the
Collins estate for 18 years.” The man remarks, “So she stayed
close to Collinwood all this time. How sad…”
Sam goes to Collinwood to see Roger. Roger angrily tells him
he doesn’t want him bothering him. Sam tells him, “I came here
for my paintings.” Roger asks, “What are you talking about?”
Sam replies, “The paintings I gave you 10 years ago.” Roger
answers, “Oh, you mean THOSE preposterous paintings. I don’t
know where they are.” Sam tells him, “Well, find them. I want
them and I want them in five days!” Roger protests, “But
they’re mine! I paid for them!” Sam replies, “No you didn’t.
You never paid me one penny for them.” Roger tells him, “Yes
I did. I paid you $15,000 for them”. Sam replies, “That wasn’t
for the paintings. That was for someting else. That was because
I saw you behind the wheel of that car.” Roger says, “SHHHH!
I told you never to talk about that!” Sam demands that Roger give
the paintings back to him. Roger remarks, “I won’t give them
back to you, but I am willing to SELL them to you. The way
you’re acting, they must be worth something.” Sam tells him,
“I’ll give you $15,000 for them”. Roger declines, saying,
“If you’re willing to give me $15,000 for them, they much be
worth much more than that. Art prices usually rise with time –
if the artist is any good, and I think you’re exceptional. The
price is $50,000″. Sam exclaims, “Where am I going to get
$50,000?!” Roger sarcastically remarks, “Well, if you can come
up with $15,000, you can come up with $50,000. Just get $35,000
more. The price is $50,000, Evans. You give me $50,000 and I’ll
give you the paintings.” Sam angrily tells him, “I’ll give you
something. I’ll give you 48 hours to give me those paintings or
I’ll go to Burke Devlin and tell him you killed that man and framed
him for it!” Roger protests, “But I really don’t know where they
are…” Sam repeats, “48 hours, Roger, and that’s my rock-bottom
offer!” and leaves.
Episode 194 (Kinescope)
Tape Date: March 12, 1967 (ABC #59-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 23, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

David is in the drawing room, all dressed up in a little
suit, looking out the window. Vicky comes into the drawing
room. She asks David, “Nervous?” David lies, “No.” Vicky asks,
“Then why are your hands shaking?” David admits that he is indeed
nervous. Vicky asks why. David replies, “Because the last time
I saw Aunt Elizabeth, she looked dead!” Vicky assures him that
she no longer does. They see the car come up the road.
Carolyn brings a weak Elizabeth in. Vicky goes and greets
Elizabeth. Elizabeth sees David and greets him. David exclaims,
“You’re OK, you’re really OK!” Roger comes in and tells Elizabeth,
“You’ve greeted everyone, now go to bed! Doctor’s orders!” He
tells Vicky to take Elizabeth up to bed. She does. Carolyn asks
Roger, “Can I speak to you for a moment?” They go into the
drawing room and close the doors to talk in private. Carolyn
asks, “Is there something wrong with the business I don’t know
about?” Roger asks, “No, why?” Carolyn explains, “The moment
Mother came out of the trance and found she was in the hospital,
she was in a panic to come home. I figured it had something to
do with the business.” Roger tells her, “No, there’s nothing
wrong with the business. You can look at the latest financial
statements if you don’t believe me.” Carolyn asks, “Why was
she in such a panic to come home, then? And before she fell into
the trance, the most important thing to her was that she not
be taken from the house, and then there’s the fact that she
hadn’t left the house for 18 years before that…”
David is up in Elizabeth’s room talking to her. He is telling
her about all the new things he learned about boats, explaining
that his mother Laura had taught him, that her father was the
captain of a fishing boat. Vicky comes in and tells David his
dinner is ready. David asks, “Can I have it up here on a tray?”
Elizabeth tells him, “No, I think I’d like to speak to Vicky
for awhile”. David goes downstairs to eat dinner. Elizabeth
tells Vicky, “I’m so glad David has no memory of what really
happened. I’m so grateful to you for saving him from his
mother.” After talking about this for a bit, Elizabeth remarks,
“Sorry to hear about Dr. Guthrie.” Vicky replies that she’s
sorry about him too, that he was a good friend who was just
trying to help. Elizabeth remarks, “I understand he did a
lot of investigating in the house.” Vicky replies that he did.
Elizabeth asks, “But why? Laura was staying in the cottage, not
the main house.” Vicky explains, “This was before he knew it
was Laura who was behind everything.” Elizabeth asks, “Did he
look through the closed off part of the house?” Vicky replies,
“Yes.” Elizabeth asks, “The attic?” Vicky replies that he did.
Elizabeth asks, “And the basement?” Vicky replies, “Yes.”
Elizabeth asks, “What did he expect to find there?” Vicky
replies, “I don’t know. I just know he went down there several
times.” Elizabeth looks uneasy…
Later, Elizabeth is in her room alone. She gets out of bed,
puts on a bathrobe, and goes to the door and opens it, only
to find Roger out there preparing to come in. Roger exclaims,
“Ah ha! Caught you! You know your doctor ordered you to stay
in bed for awhile!” Elizabeth protests, “I was just going to
check on David. I’m all right”. Roger replies, “No you’re not.
Look at you. You’re so wobbly you can hardly stand up.” Elizabeth
goes back to bed. She asks, “Roger, those things I had on before
I went to the hospital. Where are they? I remember I had on a gold
bracelet and gold necklace with a key on it.” Roger tells her,
“In the night table drawer. I had the nurse put them there just
before you went to the hospital.” Elizabeth opens the drawer and
takes them out. Roger asks, “By the way, I was curious about that
key. What does it open?” Elizabeth refuses to tell him, saying
it’s none of his business.
Carolyn and Vicky are in the foyer. Carolyn tells Vicky,
“I think there’s something’s wrong, something my Mother isn’t
telling me, something’s that’s causing her to stay here all the
time.” Vicky remarks, “I used to wonder too, but she told me it
was to wait for your father to comes back.” Carolyn replies,
“I used to believe that too, but I don’t anymore. You didn’t
see her when she came out of the trance and found out she
was in the hospital, Vicky. She was in a panic. It’s as if
Mother carried some burden and just had to get home. I’ve
got to find out what it is so I can take it off her…”
It is 2:30 in the morning. Elizabeth sneaks out of her room
and goes down into the basement. She unlocks the padlock locking
the door Vicky had heard the crying behind a long time ago, opens
it, and goes in, and closes the door.
The clock in the foyer now shows 2:40. Down in the cellar,
Elizabeth comes back out of the room behind the door, closes
the door, and relocks the padlock. As she turns to turn off the
light, a voice calls, “Mrs. Stoddard?” Startled, Elizabeth turns
around and sees Vicky standing on the stairs. Elizabeth tells
her, “You startled me! What do you want?” Vicky explains,
“I heard noises down here.” Elizabeth tells her, “It was just
me. I came down here to check around.” Vicky asks, “In the
middle of the night?” Elizabeth replies, “I couldn’t get to
sleep.” Vicky remarks, “I’m sure no one was in that closet, if
that’s what you’re worried about.” Elizabeth angrily snaps,
“Who says I’m worried about anything?” then quickly apoligizes
to Vicky for snapping at her. She tells Vicky, “Please promise me
you won’t tell anyone you saw me down here.” Vicky asks, “Why?”
Elizabeth replies, “I have my reasons.” Vicky agrees not to
Episode 195
Tape Date: March 13, 1967 (ABC #60-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 24, 1967 Friday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

It is the next morning. Elizabeth comes down the stairs,
dressed normally, and goes into the drawing room. She sits
down at the desk. Vicky, who’s in the drawing room preparing
Elizabeth’s mail, remarks, “You’re up early.” Elizabeth replies,
“I’m all right now. I’m ready to resume my normal duties.” She
reminds Vicky about her promise last night, saying, “Don’t
tell anyone what I was doing down there.” Vicky replies, “Mrs.
Stoddard, _I_ don’t know what you were doing down there last
night! When I found you, you looked frightened. Mrs. Stoddard,
why should you be frightened of ME?.” Elizabeth replies, “I was
just startled”, but Vicky counters, “But even AFTER you saw it
was me you looked frightened.” Elizabeth replies, “Well, I just
got back from the hospital..”. Vicky says, “But what I saw
wasn’t tiredness, it was fear!” Elizabeth tells Vicky, “Let’s
not discuss this anymore.”
Carolyn comes into the room and announces that she’s just
delivered David to Burke and that they’re happily off to go
fishing. She tells Elizabeth, “I’m a little tired. I was awakened
several times by you coming out of your room.” Elizabeth denies
ever having left her room last night, saying, “It must have beein
someone else.” Carolyn replies, “No, I’m sure it was you. You’re
door makes a very distinctive squeak.” Elizabeth tells her, “Oh,
it must have been Vicky you heard. She came into my room several
times to check up on me. Isn’t that right, Vicky?” Vicky pauses
then says, “Yes.” After Carolyn leaves the room, Elizabeth
thanks Vicky for lying for her, saying, “It was necessary.”
Vicky asks, “Why?”, but Elizabeth just answers, “Please trust me,
Vicky. Please.”
At the diner of the Collinsport Inn, Maggie turns on a
radio and listens to some jazz. Jason McGuire comes in and
asks Maggie, “Remember me from the Dead Whale?” Maggie
corrects him, “You mean the BLUE Whale!” McGuire jokes,
“Well, it looked pretty dead to me.” He asks Maggie for a
cup of coffee. She pours him one. He asks for a lemon peel.
Maggie exclaims, “A lemon peel?! This isn’t the Blue Whale!”
McGuire explains that he got the habit of putting lemon peel
in coffe while he was in Italy. He remarks, “Years of travelling
have left me with some rather exotic habits.” Maggie asks him,
“Are you a seaman?” McGuire replies that he is. Maggie remarks,
“Having lived in this town all my life, I can tell. You looking
for a job? Lots of boats come in here.” McGuire replies, “Fishing
boats, you mean. No, actually I’m not a fisherman. I’ve been
first officer on more ships that I can remember. I’ve probably
sailed into just about every port you can name.” He jokes, “In
fact, I’ll give you $100 if you can name a port I haven’t sailed
into.” Maggie replies, “How about Collinsport, Maine!” McGuire
exclaims, “AH! I owe you $100” and shakes her hand. He
compliments her coffee, saying, “It’s the best I’ve ever tasted,
and I’ve been to the land of the coffee bean. I’ve hauled many
a ton of coffee bean from Brazil.” Vicky comes into the diner.
Maggie goes over to her. Vicky tells Maggie, “Well, Mrs. Stoddard
is out of the hospital and is up and around.” McGuire asks,
“Excuse me, did I hear you say ‘Mrs. Stoddard’?” He goes over
to them and remarks, “Sorry, but I couldn’t help overhearing”.
He starts to ask Vicky questions about Elizabeth and the family.
Vicky, suspicious, asks McGuire why he’s asking so many questions
about the Collinses. McGurie replies, “I used to know Mrs.
Stoddard. And how’s Mrs. Stoddard’s husband Paul?” Vicky
gives a start. McGuire asks, “What’s wrong?” Vicky replies,
“No one in the family’s ever mentioned his name to me, and
it was a surprise hearing it from a stranger for the first
time.” She explains to him that Paul Stoddard has been gone
from Collinwood for a long time. McGuire tells Maggie, “Be
seeing you” and leaves.
There’s a knock on the door of Collinwood. Carolyn answers.
It is Jason McGuire, whom she does not know. He asks, “Is Mrs.
Stoddard in?” Carolyn replies, “Yes”. McGuire remarks, “You
probably don’t know me, but I remember you. When I last saw
you, you were about this high”, holding one hand about three
feet off the ground. He comes in, looks around and remarks,
“The place hasn’t changed a bit!” Carolyn asks, “Who ARE you?”
McGuire tells her, “An old, old acquaintance.” Carolyn asks,
“But WHO? What’s your name?” McGuire refuses to tell her,
saying, “I don’t want to ruin the surprise your mother will
get when she sees me.”
Carolyn goes to get Elizabeth, telling her, “There’s a man
here to see you.” Elizabeth asks, “Who?” Carolyn replies,”I
don’t know. He wouldn’t tell me his name. He said he wanted
it to be a surprise.”
In the drawing room, McGuire is pouring himself a drink.
Elizabeth comes into the drawing room and sees McGuire, but
cannot see his face as his back is towards her. She asks,
“Yes?” McGuire turns around and nonchalantly says, “Hello,
Liz”. Elizabeth exclaims, “JASON!”, a look of pure shock
on her face.
Episode 196
Tape Date: March 14, 1967 (ABC #61-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 27, 1967 Monday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Carolyn comes into the room and asks who it is. Elizabeth
replies, “Jason McGuire, someone I used to know.” Elizabeth
asks Jason, “What do you want?” Jason replies, “Why Liz,
surely you know. Didn’t you get my letter? I mailed it to
you a few months ago.” Elizabeth replies that she received no
letter. Jason remarks, “Well, I mailed it to you from Tierra
del Fuego. You know how the mail there is.” He looks around
the drawing room and remarks, “Why this room hasn’t changed
at all. It’s exactly like it was that night 18 years ago.”
Elizabeth asks Carolyn to leave so she and Jason can speak
alone. Carolyn leaves. Elizabeth asks Jason, “What do you
want?” Jason replies, “Nothing, I was just passing by and
dropped by to say hello.” Elizabeth asks, “Where are you
staying?” Jason replies, “Nowhere, actually. I was hoping
for an invitation from you to stay here.’ Elizabeth
exclaims, “You can’t be serious!” Jason replies, “I am.
There are lots and lots of empty rooms here at Collinwood.”
Elizabeth tells him, “I can’t ask you to stay here!” Jason
replies, “I can, Liz, and I will.”
Vicky walks into the study (located behind the door
under the stairs) and finds Carolyn reading a letter in
there. She asks, “The drawing room doors are closed. Is
someone here?” Carolyn answers, “Mother’s in there with an
old friend named Jason McGurie.” Vicky asks, “Does he have
an Irish accent?” Carolyn replies, “Yes.” Vicky tells
her, “He must be the man I ran into at the coffee shop.” She
tells Carolyn about the man who asked all the questions.
Elizabeth tells Jason, “You can’t force your way into my
house!” Jason replies, “Liz, recall what the basis of our
relationship is. We’re not enemies. We’re allies. Have
you forgotten the most important event in your life?”
Elizabeth replies, “I haven’t forgotten. How long are you
staying?” Jason replies, “Long enough”. Elizabeth tells him,
“I can give you a room on the main floor.” Jason exclaims,
“Main floors?! You mean in the servant’s chambers? No, no,
that won’t do. I want a room on the second floor, with a
view of the sea.” Roger opens the door and comes into the
room and, seeing Elizabeth and Jason there, apoligizes,
“Oh, pardon me. I didn’t know anyone was in here”. Elizabeth
introduces Jason to Roger, “Roger, Jason McGuire.” Jason
remarks, “Nice to meet you again”. Roger remarks, “Again?
I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to remember meeting you before”.
McGuire remarks, “Oh, I wouldn’t expect you to. We only met
once, 18 years ago”. Roger asks, “Brandy?” McGuire replies,
“Not now, maybe later”. Roger asks, “Later?” Elizabeth
explains, “I’ve asked Jason to stay over a bit”. Jason remarks
to Roger, “I hope it’s not too much of an inconvenience”. Roger
replies, “Oh no, there’s plenty of room”. Jason remarks, “I’ll
go collect my gear” and leaves.
Roger asks Elizabeth, “Why are you letting him stay here?
I thought you disliked strangers around the house”. Elizabeth
replies, “Jason’s not a stranger. He was a friend of Paul’s”.
Roger remarks, “That’s not much of a recommendation. How long
is he staying?”. Elizabeth replies, “I’m not certain”.
Carolyn and Vicky come into the drawing room. Carolyn asks,
“Where’s Jason McGuire?” Roger tells her, “He’ll be back. You’ll
be seeing a lot more of him”. Carolyn, puzzled, asks, “What?”
Elizabeth explains to her that she’s letting him stay at
Collinwood for awhile. Carolyn, puzzled, asks Elizabeth,
“I’m surprised. You didn’t look happy to see him.” Elizabeth
replies, “That was just a look of surprise you saw”. Carolyn
remarks, “It didn’t look like surprise.” Elizabeth explodes,
“I will not be cross examined!”
From a telephone somewhere, Jason McGuire makes a telephone
call and tells the person on the other end, “Of course it’s me.
I just wanted to tell you that everything’s going beautifully!”
Episode 197
Tape Date: March 15, 1967 (ABC #62-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 28, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

It is the next morning. Jason and Elizabeth run into each
other in the foyer. McGuire remarks, “That was the best sleep
I’ve ever had! I’ve never slept on a pillow that soft! I
could get spoiled!” Elizabeth replies, “Well, don’t. Don’t
expect to stay here that long”. McGuire asks, “Now Liz, is
that any way to talk to a guest?” Elizabeth retorts, “You’re
not a guest. You’re an intruder!” McGuire remarks, “You should
be glad I’m not easily offended”. Elizabeth asks, “How long DO
you intend to stay?” McGuire replies, “I’m not sure”. Elizabeth
asks, “Would it shorten it if I were to be difficult?” Jason
replies, “If you were difficult, I would be forced to
retaliate! I don’t know what’s wrong with you! You were in
trouble and I helped you!” Elizabeth takes him into the drawing
room and closes the doors. She asks, “Why did you come
back? Don’t you have a conscience?” McGurie replies, “If I
had a conscience, I would’ve gone to the police! And you, what
about YOUR conscience? Why haven’t YOU gone to the police in
these 18 years?” Elizabeth asks, “Why are you back? I thought
I gave you enough to last you a lifetime”. McGuire replies,
“All gone. The high cost of living, you know. I have nothing
left. Not even clothing. I have nothing more that what I’m
wearing right now. All my other clothes were stolen when I was in
Panama. Now Liz, I was thinking, maybe you could make a call
to that haberdasher in town and tell him to be expecting me…”
Elizabeth snarks, “So THAT’S the way it’s going to be !!!”
Sam calls Collinwood. Roger answers. Sam asks, “Have you found
those paintings yet?” Roger replies, “No. They weren’t where I
thought they were, and I haven’t had the time to look for them.”
Sam tells him, “Well, make the time! Find them, and soon, or
I swear, I’ll blow the whistle on you!”
Roger goes down to the basement and looks around using a
flashlight. Hearing footsteps coming down the stairs, he hides.
Jason McGuire comes down the stairs. Lighting a match to use as
a light, he starts to look around. He goes and examines the
padlock on the locked door. Suddenly, Roger comes out of hiding,
shines his flashlight on the lock and remarks, “Will that help?”
McGurie turns and sees Roger standing there. Roger sarcastically
remarks, “Welcome to the basement” and asks, “What are you doing
here?” McGuire replies, “I’m lost. I was in the hallway, made
a wrong turn and found myself here.” Roger asks, “Why were
you looking at that padlock so closely?” McGuire replies, “I
have an interest in old padlocks.” Roger tells him, “Oh, get
serious. What are you doing down here?” McGuire asks, “Would
you believe, curiosity?” Roger replies, “I might”. McGuire
tells him, “I thought the family treasure might be behind that
door. Just curious”. Roger replies, “A wealth of dust, maybe.”
Elizabeth is in the drawing room. Roger comes in and says,
“Oh, Liz, I’ve combed this house from top to bottom for some
paintings I picked up about 10 years ago. I’ve looked everywhere
except for one place, the locked room in the basement. Could
I take a look in there?” Elizabeth refuses to let him, saying
“There are some personal items in there I’d like to keep private.
Anyway, I sure your paintings couldn’t be in there.” Roger
remarks, “I guess they must be very private, judging from that
special padlock you put on it. It’s a very interesting padlock.
I found your houseguest down there looking at it.” Elizabeth
exclaims, “WHAT?!”
Roger goes to the Blue Whale and meets Sam there. Sam remarks,
“Your arms are empty. I thought you were supposed to be bringing
something to me.” Roger replies, “I’ve looked everywhere for them.
I couldn’t find them. Maybe someone threw them away.” Sam exclaims,
“THREW THEM AWAY?! How could anyone throw away PAINTINGS!? You
know how long it took me to do those paintings? Some of them
took me MONTHS!!!!” Roger replies, “Well, you shouldn’t have
given them away so readily”. Sam angrily replies, “I HAD to give
them to you to make our transaction look legitimate!” He tells
him, “This is the biggest chance I’ve ever had! If you don’t
find those paintings soon, I’m going to start talking to Burke
Devlin and I won’t stop until you’re in jail!” Roger admits,
“All right, there IS one place I haven’t looked yet.”
At Collinwood, Jason McGuire comes into the drawing room
and remarks to Elizabeth, “I’m going to go into town to pick
up a few suits, and maybe a couple of pairs of shoes. I hoped
you’ve made that call we talked about”. Elizabeth replies, “I
have. I have something to talk to you about. What were you doing
down in the basement?” McGuire replies, “I was just checking how
you had things down there. I have rather a big stake in what’s
down there too, you know. I hope that door never gets opened.
Roger sneaks downstairs with some tools and starts to try to
break the lock open…
Episode 198
Tape Date: March 16, 1967 (ABC #63-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 29, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Elizabeth comes down and screams, “Roger! What are you doing?”
Roger replies, “I would think it all too obvious” and continues
to hit the lock. Elizabeth screams, “STOP!”. Roger turns to her
and tells her, “All right, give me the key and I will”. Elizabeth
tells him, “No”. Roger tells her, “You give me no alternative,
then” and turns back to the lock. Elizabeth tells him, “You
give ME no alternative again. Touch that door again and I’ll
have to ask you to leave Collinwood. For good!” Roger gasps,
“You can’t be serious!” Elizabeth replies, “I am”. Roger tells
her, “But it’s important that I find those paintings.” Elizabeth
assures him they’re not in there, saying, “The only things in
there are some things of Paul’s”.
At the Evan’s cottage, Sam groans, “He won’t find them!
I know he won’t!” Maggie asks, “Who?” Sam replies, “Just
the man I sold those paintings to.”
In the drawing room of Collinwood, Jason McGuire is talking
on telephone to someone named “Willie”. He tells “Willie”,
“The trouble with you is you have no faith in me. When I tell
you I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it. You and me
meet later and I’ll tell you more about how Mrs. Stoddard and
I are getting along”. He hangs up.
Elizabeth comes into the drawing room. McGuire tells her,
“Elizabeth, there’s something I’d like to talk to you about.
You know how much I’ve been enjoying my stay at Collinwood.”
Elizabeth sarcastically remarks, “I’ve noticed”. McGuire
continues, “Good, then I guess you’ll understand what I
have to tell you next. Transitions, Liz. I want to talk to
you about transitions. I find the transition between the
way I’m living here and the way I’m forced to live in town
due to lack of money difficult. I’d like to ask you for…
let’s call it an allowance”. Elizabeth angrily shouts,
“I’m not going to give you anything!” McGuire calmly replies,
“Oh, Liz. I had hoped you’d agree. I had nothing to lose in
asking you. I only lose an allowance because of your refusal.
You could lose a great deal more. How about it, Liz. For
old times sake?” Elizabeth looks very uncomfortable…
Roger goes to the Evan’s Cottage. Sam asks him, “Haven’t
you found them yet?” Roger replies, “No. Have you any idea
how large Collinwood is? I’m sorry, but I just can’t find them.”
Sam threatens, “Well, I guess I’ll just have to go to Burke,
then”. Roger replies, “Go ahead. Enough is enough. I’m calling
your bluff. I don’t think you’ll really go to Burke. You’re
involved too.” Sam retorts, “You mean I might go to jail too?
So what? I don’t care. I might risk it just to have the pleasure
of seeing YOU go to jail for a long, long time.” Roger remarks,
“Maybe you’re not afraid of going to jail, but how about losing
the love and respect of your loving daughter?” Sam angrily
shouts, “GET OUT!” Roger replies, “I wouldn’t give you those
paintings even if I did found them now, Evans” and leaves. Sam
angrily throws his whiskey glass at the door.
Maggie comes home and finds Sam sitting in a chair drinking.
Sam moans, “Rocognition, I could have had recognition. My whole
life, wasted. The chance of a lifetime, gone!” Maggie checks the
bottle and is disappointed to find that he has drunk almost all
of it. She tries to reassure Sam, “Don’t worry. He’ll find them.”
But Sam replies, “No he won’t. He’s already been here. He told
me he couldn’t find them. He was standing right there, looking
at me with his beetle eyes, telling me he’s searched Collinwood
from top to bottom and couldn’t find them.” Maggie exlaims,
“Collinwood? That must mean the man was Roger Collins.” Sam
tries to lie, “Collinwood? I didn’t mean to say Collinwood…”,
but Maggie doesn’t believe him and Sam admits, “All right!
It was Roger Collins”. Maggie asks, “Then these were the $15,000
worth of paintings you sold 10 years agos, weren’t they?” Sam
admits that they were. Maggie asks, “Then why have you been lying
to me about who you sold them to all this time? That $15,000,
it wasn’t for those paintings, was it, Pop? It was so you
wouldn’t testify at the trial, wasn’t it? You saw Roger driving
that car that night, you saw Roger kill that man and he paid you
not to say anything. Why’d you do it, Pop? Why?”
Episode 199
Tape Date: March 17, 1967 (ABC #64-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 30, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Sam tries to explain to Maggie, “I didn’t do it for myself.
I did it for you, and for your mother. Those last two years
before your mother died, she was very sick. We needed money
desperately, and I wasn’t making enough to barely even survive,
much less take care of her. I found a way to make a lot of easy
money quickly, and I took it…” Maggie asks, “Then what Burke
said was true!” Sam replies, “Yes. I was out for a walk. A car
came down the road. It was going too fast and was swerving.
It was obvious that the driver must’ve been drunk. Suddenly,
this man appeared, walking down the road. The car swerved and
hit him. The car stopped, for just a few seconds, then drove
off, but in those few seconds, I saw Roger behind the wheel”.
Maggie asks, “He didn’t even come out to help the man?” Sam
replies, “No, the man was obviously dead.” He continues, “Roger
must’ve seen me, because the next day, he came to the house and
offered me $15,000 for some paintings. Neither of us said
anything about the accident, but we both knew what that $15,000
was really for…” Maggie exclaims, “But you let an innocent
man go to jail for five years!” Sam shouts, “Don’t you think
I haven’t felt guilty about that? I’ve felt guilty every day
of the past ten years! But I had to do it. For your mother.
Please try to understand…” Maggie replies, “What do you
want me to say, Pop? I’m going for a walk”. Sam tries to explain
to her, but Maggie just says, “Please, Pop, don’t try to say
anything more. There’s nothing more to say”. and leaves.
Burke and Vicky are at a table at the Blue Whale. Burke
remarks, “McGuire? I don’t think I’ve ever heard the name”.
Vicky explains, “He’s an old friend of Paul Stoddard’s” Burke
remarks, “If he’s a friend of Paul Stoddard’s, I’d think he’d
be poison ivy at Collinwood”. Vicky tells Burke, “At first, I
thought he’d only be staying a few days, but now it looks like
he’s going to stay for a long time. I’m worried about Mrs.
Stoddard. She’s been acting strangely ever since she returned
from the hospital.” Jason McGuire comes into the Blue Whale.
Seeing Vicky, he comes over to her table. She introdues him
to Burke. They talk for awhile. A man in his mid 20’s comes
into the Blue Whale, comes over to McGuire and greets him,
“Jason!” McGuire replies, “There you are!”, excuses himself,
and takes his friend to another table. Burke remarks to
Vicky, “I wonder why McGuire was so anxious to get his friend
away from us.” He looks over and sees that the man is staring
at Vicky. He tells Vicky, “I don’t like the way he’s looking
at you. I think I’ll go over there and take care of him”,
but Vicky stops him from doing so.
At the other table, McGuire tells his friend, “Willy! Stop
staring at her!” Willy Loomis refuses to do so, saying, “I like
the scenery”. McGuire tells him, “Stop staring! You’ll cause
trouble! We have bigger fish to land!” Willie stops staring at
Vicky. McGuire tells him, “Mrs. Stoddard’s starting to come
around”. Willie asks, “How much do you think you’re going to
collect?” Jason replies, “Plenty”. Willie asks, “What do you
have on her anyaway?” Jason refuses to tell him, saying, “That’s
my secret”. Willie asks, “How about asking Mrs. Stoddard to
invite me up to the big house? I’m getting tired staying in
a boarding house in this hick town.” Jason refuses, saying,
“No! If you come up to Collinwood, people will start asking
questions, and the fewer questions, the better off we’ll be.”
An old man walking past accidently brushes into Willie. Willie
shouts, “HEY!”, and goes crazy, grabbing a beer bottle and
raising it to hit the old man, but Jason manages to grab him
and calm him down. The old man quickly walks away.
Vicky asks Burke, “Did you see that?” Burke replies, “Yes.
I saw it. Whoever this McGuire is, he sure has a strange choice
of friends.”
Maggie comes back to the cottage. She says, “Hello, Pop”, to
Sam in a rather blank voice. Sam replies, “Hello.” He shows her
the bottle and tells her, “Look. I haven’t had a drop. I’m going
on the wagon. For good, this time”. Maggie replies, “That’s
good”, again in a blank voice. Sam begs, “What can I do to
make it up to you, Maggie?” Maggie replies, “There’s one thing
you could do. You could go to Burke Devlin and tell him”. Sam
exclaims, “That’s too drastic! I couldn’t do that!” Maggie
replies, “It’s up to you. It’s your decision”. Sam pleads,
“Don’t! Don’t look at me like that! I can see the disappointment,
the hurt in your eyes. Maggie, what can I say?” Maggie replies,
“Nothing. There’s nothing left to say” and goes to her room.
Sam pours himself a drink then looks at the telephone for
a long time. Finally, he goes to it, picks up the receiver,
and makes a call, “Collinsport Inn? Let me have Burke Devlin’s
room, please”.
Sam is pacing around the living room, drinking and smoking a
cigarette. There’s a knock at the door. Sam answers. It’s
Burke. Burke asks, “I got your message at the Inn. What is it,
Sam?” Sam replies, “I want to tell you something. I had a talk
with Maggie this morning”. Burke asks, “What does that have to
do with me?” Sam replies, “The talk was about you”. Burke asks,
“But your message said it was an emergency.” Sam replies, “It
is.” Burke asks, “What is it?”, but Sam, instead of answering,
pours himself a drink instead. Burke asks, “What is it, Sam?”,
but Sam tells him, “Wait. I need this first”. Sam dawdles for
a long time, then finally tells Burke, “It’s about the accident
10 years ago.” Burke exclaims, “You saw it, didn’t you?” Sam
replies, “Yes. I saw it. I saw who was in the car. You, Roger
and Laura”. Burke asks, “And I wasn’t driving, right?” Sam
replies, “Right. You weren’t driving. You were in the back
seat, passed out.” Burke asks, “Then who WAS driving, Sam?”
Sam seems reluctant to say. Burke asks, “Say it, Sam, say it!
Who WAS driving?” Sam replies, “Roger Collins. It was Roger
Episode 200
Tape Date: March 19, 1967 (ABC #65-DRK-67)
Air Date: March 31, 1967 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Sam explains why he did it. He tells Burke that his wife
was sick. He tells him about the paintings and the money. He
tells him, “With the money, I finally took my wife to a hospital
in Boston, but it was too late. She died there. That’s when I
started to drink.” Burke growls, “But you sent ME to prison
for FIVE years! Do you know what it’s like in prison? It’s hell,
and you sent me there for FIVE YEARS!” Sam whimpers, “Don’t you
think I haven’t agonized over that every day for the last ten
Maggie comes home and finds Burke there with Sam. She goes
to Sam and asks, “You told him?” Sam replies, “Everything.”
Maggie hugs him and tells him, “I knew you would. I’m proud
of you.” She asks Burke, “What are you going to do now? Are
you going to send him to prison?” Burke replies, “Why not? He
sent me to prison for five years”. Maggie begs him not to,
saying Sam’s suffered enough, that she’s seen him suffer every
day for the past ten years. Burke doesn’t say anything. Maggie
asks, “Determined to get even, aren’t you?” Burke replies, “I
don’t know. I’ll have to think about it. I’ve waited 10 years
for this moment, now I’m going to have to think about what I’m
going to do with your father, and Roger Collins, and Collinwood…”
At Collinwood, the foyer clock reads 10:55. Roger, who doesn’t
like Jason staying at Collinwood, argues with Elizabeth about
it, saying Jason is strutting around like he owns the place.
Sam asks Burke, “Do we have to go to Roger tonight?” Burke
replies, “Right now”. Sam and Maggie argue that it’s late, but
Burke insists, “Right now. I can’t wait to see the expression
on Roger’s face when I tell him I know”.
Roger goes into the drawing room. He finds Jason McGuire in
there enjoying a brandy. McGuire tells Roger he really enjoys
staying at Collinwood. Roger asks, “But doesn’t it make you miss
your travels?” McGuire replies that it doesn’t. Finding that
sublety isn’t working, Roger tells McGuire, “All right, I hope
you’ll excuse my bluntness, but I’m asking you to leave”.
McGuire replies, “I will”. Roger, surprised, asks, “You’ll leave?”
McGuire replies, “No. I’ll pardon you for your bluntness”. Roger
complains, “Your presence here is a terrible imposition!” They
argue. Elizabeth comes into the room. Roger tells her that he’s
had enough of McGuire, that Jason’s just taking advantage of her
and demands that she evict him. Jason remarks, “I’m just taking
advantage of her graciousness and hospitality”. Roger explodes,
“Can’t you see that he’s mocking you?! Why are you letting him
stay here?!”” Jason announces, “I’ll leave if you want me to, Liz.
All you have to do is say the word. I just figured you liked
having me here for old times sake, because I brought back
certain memories of Paul. Now Liz, do I stay, or do I leave?”
Elizabeth tells him, “You can stay”. Roger, furious, stomps out
of the room. Jason tells Elizabeth that Roger’s attitude is
affecting his enjoyment of Collinwood and tells her to do
something about it. He says, “Goodnight” and goes upstairs.
There’s a knock at the door. Elizabeth answers it and finds
it’s Sam and Burke. Sam tells Elizabeth, “We want to talk to
Roger”. Elizabeth refuses to get him, saying it’s late. Burke
insists, saying it’s important. They argue. Roger, hearing
voices arguing, shouts, “What’s going on down there?” and comes
out onto the landing from the bedroom hallway. Burke says, “Hello,
Roger”. Roger asks, “What do you want?” Burke replies, “We want
to talk to you, Roger. Both of us…”

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