December 1966

Episode 114
Tape Date: November 24, 1966
Air Date: December 1, 1966 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

It is the next morning. Roger is sitting in the drawing room
drinking his morning coffee and reading the “Collinsport Star.”
Vicky is in the drawing room drinking her morning coffee too.
Noticing that Roger has just drank his coffee cup empty, she
asks, “More coffee, Roger?” He coldly replies, “No need to be
solicitous. Your little attempts at being friendly don’t change
anything.” The phone rings. Roger answers. It’s Burke Devlin. He
asks to speak to Vicky. Roger gives the phone to her. Burke asks
Vicky to come to the hotel to speak to him. Vicky replies, “I don’t
think I want to ..”, but Burke tells her, “It’s very important.
Please come.” Vicky agrees to. After she hangs up, Roger asks her,
“What are you two conspiring about?” Vicky replies, “Nothing. He
just wanted to see me. He probably heard about what happened.”
Roger tells her, “I can’t stop you from going to see him, but
Burke Devlin is an enemy of this family who’s trying to destroy us,
and as long as you continue to see him, I’ll consider you an enemy
Vicky goes to the Collinsport Inn to see Burke. Vicky tells Burke
everything that’s happened. Burke asks, “Could Matthew have been
lying to protect Roger and the family?” Vicky replies, “No, that’s
just wishful thinking on your part.” Burke remarks, “I suppose you’re
right…” He asks, “When he admitted to you that he had arranged to
see Bill Malloy at Lookout Point, did he say anything about Malloy
having new evidence about the accident 10 years ago?” Vicky replies,
“No he didn’t. I’m glad he didn’t.” Burke remarks, “I didn’t know
you were so fond of Roger.” Vicky replies, “I’m not. I fond of
Elizabeth. She’s given me a job and a home.” Burke tells her, “Well,
you’ve been very loyal to her.” Vicky replies, “I’m not being very
loyal to her being here. I don’t want to be your conduit for
information from Collinwood, Burke.” Burke tries to protest, “But
Vicky! That’s not why I asked you here, if that’s what you think!”.
But Vicky continues, “You’re trying to destroy the Collins Family and
I don’t want to be part of it. I think it would be best if we didn’t
see each other anymore.” Burke grabs her and kisses her, then says,
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. But I guess we each knew that would
happen sooner or later.” Vicky tells him, “That doesn’t make any
difference, Burke. I can’t see you anymore.” Burke tells her, “All
right. You know where the door is!”
After Vicky leaves Burke’s room, the phone rings. It’s Blair.
Burke talks to him, “Blair?… What is it?…You have?… Well, well,
that IS good news…I only wish I could see the look on Mrs.
Stoddard’s face when she finds out!”
Elizabeth goes into the drawing room and is surprised to find
Roger in there reading the paper. She asks, “Given up working
mornings?” He replies, “No, I’m waiting for Vicky to return. She
went to see Burke. I want to find out what for.” Elizabeth tells him,
“Vicky’s completely loyal.” She sees David coming down the stairs
dressed to go out. She goes to him and asks, “Going out? Didn’t
Miss Winters give you some homework?” David replies, “I’ve already
finished it”, but Elizabeth tells him, “I know you’re lying. You
couldn’t have. She just gave it to you before she left.” David
tells her, “I’ll do it later”, but Elizabeth tells him sternly,
“No. You’ll go upstairs and do it now!” He starts up the stairs, but
after Elizabeth goes back into the drawing room, he quietly sneaks
back down again and goes into the door under the stairs.
In the drawing room, the phone rings. Elizabeth answers. It’s
Burke. He tells her, “I thought you should be the first to
congratulate me. I’m the new owner of the Logansport cannery. They
couldn’t wait for you to come up with a higher bid. Are you ready
for some honest competition? ” Elizabeth tells him, “Don’t think
you’ve won, Burke . I intend to fight you!” Burke calmly replies,
“Good. I like a good fight. You know why? Because I usually win!”
Elizabeth hangs up and tells Roger what’s happened.
David sneaks into the kitchen. He takes out a shopping bag and
begins filling it with cans and boxes of ready-to-eat food from
the cupboards.
Roger tells Elizabeth he thinks she should take the safe way
out, to sell the cannery and keep the money safe. Elizabeth refuses,
saying she intends to go into competition against Burke and fight
him. Roger remarks, “Too bad Matthew wasn’t successful when he tried
to strangle Burke…”
David takes the food and sneaks out of the house.
Vicky returns to Collinwood. Roger, seeing her come in, asks,
“Vicky, could you come here for a moment? I’d like to talk to you.”
He asks her about what Burke wanted. Vicky tells him, “He just wanted
to know how I was.” Roger asks, “Did he tell you about his next move
to destroy us?” Vicky replies, “I don’t know what you’re talking
about.” Elizabeth tells her about Burke’s acquisition of the
Logansport cannery and threat to put the Collins family out of
business. Roger sarcastically remarks, “I’m surprised he didn’t tell
you about it, you two being such good friends?” Vicky replies,
“We’re not such good friends anymore. I’m never going to see him
again. I don’t like his trying to destroy this family and I told
him so.” Roger, surprised, tells her, “If that’s true, I’d be
willing to overlook a great many other things!” Vicky exits the
drawing room. Roger continues to argue with Elizabeth. He tells her,
“Think of Carolyn and David! If you fight, you could lose every
penny! You’d leave them with nothing!”, but Elizabeth tells him,
“I want to leave them with more than the Collin’s money. I want them
to learn that it’s worth fighting in what you believe in!” She goes
out into the foyer and asks Vicky, “I notice that you’re flushed.
Did anything happen while you were with Burke?” Vicky lies, “No, I
just got mad at him, that’s all.”
David goes to the old house and gives the food to Matthew. He
then returns to Collinwood and goes in through the front door. He
runs into Elizabeth and Vicky there. Elizabeth asks, “Where have
you been, David?” David replies, “Out.” Elizabeth angrily says,
“You disobeyed me!” David lies to her, “I had a good reason to go
out. I had to feed the birds.” Elizabeth replies, “Don’t lie, David.
You couldn’t have fed the birds. Matthew keeps the birdseed locked
in the shed.” David replies, “I didn’t say I FED the birds. I said
I was going out to feed them. I found the shed locked. That’s
why I came back. To get the key.” Elizabeth tells him, “You can
feed the birds later. Go up and finish your homework first!” As
David is going up the stairs, he turns to Roger, who has also come
out into the foyer, and asks, “Has there been any word about Matthew?”
Roger replies that there hasn’t. David remarks, “It’s funny how
someone can seem to vanish from the face of the earth, isn’t it?”
Episode 115
Tape Date: November 28, 1966
Air Date: December 2, 1966 Friday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

It is the next day. David brings more food to Matthew.
At Collinwood, Vicky comes down the stairs carrying a plaid cloth
suitcase. She goes into the drawing room, where Elizabeth is writing
at a table, and tells her goodbye. Elizabeth asks, “Do you have any
plans for your weekend in Bangor?” Vicky replies, “Frank is going to
show me the town today, and on Sunday, I think I’m going to go listen
to some music at the conservatory.” Elizabeth remarks, “I didn’t know
you were so fond of Frank Garner.” Vicky replies, “It’s not just
that. I need to be away for a few days after all that’s happened.”
Elizabeth tells her, “I hope you enjoy yourself.” She adds, “I can’t
believe a loyal old servant like Matthew could have been behind all
this. I wonder where he is now.”
Matthew tells David, “Now let an old man have his dinner.” He
looks out the window. David tells him, “You don’t have to worry.
No one followed me. I’m good at sneaking out.” Matthew pulls an old
chair up to an old table.
Elizabeth asks Vicky, “Is David upstairs?” Vicky replies, “No.”
Elizabeth asks, “Do you know where he is?” Vicky replies, “Probably
at the old house.” Elizabeth remarks, “I wish he wouldn’t go there
so late.” Vicky asks, “Would you like me to get him?” Elizabeth asks,
“What about your bus?” Vicky replies, “There’s plenty of time before
it leaves.” Elizabeth tells her, “Yes, I’d appreciate it if you went
and got David. It’s going to get dark soon.”
Matthew spoons up the contents of a can and eats heartily. He
tells David, “You sure know what a man likes. You’ve brought me a
lot of food. You sure no one at the house will miss it?” David
replies, “No. They have so much food at the house they’ll never
miss this. You’ll be able to hide here for years. No one ever comes
here but me.” Matthew tells him, “That’s why I came back here, because
it’s such a good hiding place. And I’ll tell you something. There’s
a secret here that makes it impossible for anyone to find me, a
secret so close you could touch it. I don’t think even you know about
it.” David replies, “Sure I do, it’s the ghosts!” Matthew remarks,
“Then you don’t know about it.” David begs him to tell him, but
Matthew refuses, saying he’ll tell him when he’s about to leave
the old house. Matthew jokes, “Too bad I don’t have some brandy to
go with all this good food you’ve brought me.” David replies, “I’ll
bring some next time.” Matthew laughs, “You’re going to spoil me
while I’m here, David!” Suddenly, they hear Vicky’s voice calling,
“David?” David and Matthew quickly gather up Matthew’s dinner and
Matthew runs and hides in a closet. Vicky comes in, sees David and
asks, “What are you doing here?” David lies, “Looking for ghosts.”
Vicky sees part of a slice of bread lying on the floor. She bends
down and picks it up. She drops her wallet while doing so, but
neither she nor David notices it. Holding the piece of bread, she
asks, “David, have you been eating up here?” David lies, “Yes.”
Vicky remarks, “You should be neater, or else you’ll attract ants
leaving pieces of food lying around like that.” David replies, “Not
ants. Rats. If you stay here, you’ll see the rats come out and get
it!” (It is unknown whether David made up the rats just to scare Vicky
because he wants to get her out of the old house quickly or there
really are rats in the old house.) Vicky replies, “No, thanks. I
have a bus to Bangor to catch. Let’s go.” They leave. A few minutes
later, Matthew comes out of the closet. He finds Vicky’s wallet,
easy to spot because it’s white, lying on the floor.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth calls the sheriff to asks if there’s
been any word on Matthew. Vicky and David return. After Elizabeth
hangs up, Vicky asks, “Was that the sheriff?” Elizabeth replies,
“Yes. There’s been no trace of Matthew. They think he’s probably
going to try to get out of the country. They’ve notified the Canadian
police.” Vicky says, “Goodbye” again and turns to leave. Suddenly,
she exclaims, “My wallet’s gone! I must’ve dropped it somewhere!”
David helpfully suggests, “You probably dropped when we were going
over the old fence on our way back.” Vicky agrees that that’s where
she probably lost it and tells Elizabeth that she will go there to
look for it. Elizabeth tells her, “If you don’t find it, come back
here and I’ll give you enough money to last the weekend.” Vicky
replies, “Oh, I’m sure I’ll find it.” and leaves.
Elizabeth tells David, “Now look what you caused.” David, quite
reasonably, replies, “It wasn’t MY fault she lost her wallet!”, but
Elizabeth tells him, “You should own up to what you’re responsible
for, David.” David replies, “I have a friend who thinks I’m very
responsible!” He asks Elizabeth about “loyalty”.
Vicky goes to the old fence and looks all around, but doesn’t find
her wallet there.
David asks Elizabeth, “How about keeping secrets from someone
you’re loyal to?” Elizabeth replies, “If two people were truly loyal
to each other, there wouldn’t be any secrets between them.”
Vicky, not having found the wallet at the old fence, decides to
go to see if she lost it at the old house. Inside the old house,
she looks around the floor to see if her wallet’s there. She doesn’t
find her wallet, but does find some large footsteps which look like
they belong to a large man. She follows some of them and is surprised
to find that they seem to go into the bookcase. Another set look like
they’re coming out of the bookcase. Suddenly, she hears a deep voice
asking, “Lose something, Miss Winters?” She turns and is shocked to
see Matthew Morgan there holding her wallet.
Episode 116
Tape Date: November 30, 1966
Air Date: December 5, 1966 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Matthew growls, “Wouldn’t stop your snooping, would you?” Vicky,
very frightened, replies, “I wasn’t snooping. I was just looking for
my wallet!” Matthew replies, “It doesn’t matter. You’re here and you
know I’m here. Too bad you had to find out where I am.” Vicky asks,
“What are you going to do?” Matthew replies, “I don’t know. But
there’s one think I know I can’t do, and that’s let you go.” He grabs
her, opens the bookcase, and drags her into the secret room behind
There’s a knock at the door at Collinwood. Mrs. Johnson answers it.
It’s a taxi driver. He asks, “Someone call for a cab?”. Mrs. Johnson
replies, “That would be Miss Winters, but I think she’s already left.”
The cabbie tells her, “Well, she didn’t cancel the cab.” Mrs. Johnson
goes and looks around for Vicky. She comes back and tells the cabbie,
“She’s gone. She must’ve gotten a lift into town. I’m sorry.” The
cabbie remarks, “Me too.” and leaves.
Vicky looks around and asks, “What is this?” Matthew replies,
“Some kind of secret room or something. No one knows about it but
me, not even Mrs. Stoddard. No one’ll ever find you in here!”
Vicky asks, “You never left here, did you?” Matthew replies, “I did.
I drove about a hundred miles.” Vicky asks, “Why did you come back?”
Matthew replies, “Couldn’t think of anywhere to go. Figured this
was the best place to hide. When the search dies down in a few
months, I’ll go up the coast and hire onto a freighter up there
and sail away.” Vicky asks, “But how will you live? How will you
get food?” Matthew replies, “I can get food.” Vicky asks, “But how?
You can’t go the the house and get it, and you can’t go into town
and get it, you’ll be recognized.” Matthew replies, “Someone’s
helping me. A friend.” Matthew blames Vicky for everything that’s
happened, saying “It’s because of you that Mrs. Stoddaard lied to me.
She never lied to me before. If you hadn’t come here and started
snooping around, none of this would’ve happened!” Vicky replies,
“You’re insane!” Matthew lets out a crazed yell, then lunges at her
and grabs her by the throat, but quickly lets her go.
Elizabeth asks Mrs. Johnson, “Where’s Carolyn?” Mrs. Johnson
replies, “I’m not sure, but I think she’s on a date. She asked me to
iron a dress for her earlier.” Elizabeth asks, “Vicky get away all
right?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “Apparently. Did she order a taxi?
One came and asked for her, but she was already gone. She must’ve
gotten a lift into town and forgotten to cancel it.” Elizabeth
wonders if Vicky’s left, then says, “Wait. I remember she left her
suitcase in the foyer. Let’s see if it’s still there.” They go out
into the foyer and look. There is no suitcase. But Elizabeth is
wrong. Vicky did not leave her suitcase in the foyer, but in the
little “pre-foyer” right by the door. It’s still there right now,
a plaid cloth suitcase with the letters “VW” attached to it,
hidden by the one of the little walls between the pre-foyer and the
foyer from Elizabeth’s view.
Mrs. Johnson brings the day’s newspaper to Elizabeth. Elizabeth
glances at it and remarks, “I don’t even want to look at it. All it
talks about is Matthew.” And indeed it does. The headline reads,
“ESCAPED KILLER STILL AT LARGE” with a picture of Matthew below it.
Elizabeth remarks, “I really pity him.” Mrs. Johnson replies, “Pity
him?! But he killed Mr. Malloy!” Elizabeth tells her, “But it WAS an
accident. I can’t forgive what he did, but I also can’t forget that
he was a loyal servant for almost 20 years and that he thought he was
trying to help me. I feel like I’ve lost TWO friends.” The phone
rings. Elizabeth answers. It’s Frank Garner. He tells her Vicky
wasn’t on the bus she was supposed to be on. Elizabeth tells him,
“Strange. She left over two hours ago. Maybe she’ll be on the next
bus.” Mrs. Johnson, who’s heard the phone conversation, helpfully
tells Elizabeth, “Those buses leave every hour.” Elizabeth remarks,
“I’m worried about Vicky. So many strange things have happened to
her lately.”
Matthew tells Vicky, “You’re lucky I didn’t hurt you. Don’t ever
say anything like that again! I lose my temper easily. Why couldn’t
you leave me alone? I’m just a harmless old man. I’ve never hurt
anyone.” Vicky asks, “How about Bill Malloy?” Matthew replies, “That
was an accident!” Vicky tries to convince him, “That’s right. If you
let me go right now, that’s all you’ll be guilty of. Why don’t you
just go drive away in your can and let me go?” Matthew replies, “I
can’t do that. There are police everywhere out there.” Vicky replies,
“No there aren’t. There haven’t been police out there for days.”
Matthew remarks, “And the next thing you’ll be telling me is that
there are no roadblocks out there either.” Vicky replies, “No there
aren’t. The police and roadblocks are all gone. They think you’ve
left the country.” Matthew tells her, “Well, someone else told me
there were police everywhere out there, and roadblocks too.” Vicky
tells him, “Well, whoever told you that lied to you.” Matthew asks,
“Why would my friend lie to me?” Vicky replies, “I don’t know. All I
know is that there are no police out there. If you don’t believe me,
why don’t you go and look?” Matthew just stands there, staring at
Vicky. Vicky asks, “Why are you looking at me like that?” Matthew
replies, “I’m trying to decide what to do.”
Frank Garner calls Elizabeth again and tells her Vicky wasn’t on
the next bus either. He tells her that he’s called the bus company
and found that Vicky hasn’t boarded any of their buses. Elizabeth
hangs up, worried. Mrs. Johnson suggests, “Maybe Carolyn didn’t go
on a date. Maybe she decided to drive Miss Winters to Bangor.”
Elizabeth calls Joe to see if Carolyn is on a date with him, but
finds he isn’t in his room and that his landlady doesn’t know where
he is. Mrs. Johnson gets an idea. She tells Elizabeth, “I think I
know a way to find out if Carolyn is on a date. If her car is still
here, Joe must have picked her up and she must be on a date with
him. If it’s gone, she must be driving Miss Winters.”
Matthew tells Vicky, “You’re lucky.” Vicky asks what he means.
Matthew tells her, “I’ve decide to give you a chance. I’m going to go
out there and take a look. If you’re telling the truth and the police
are all gone, I’ll get into my car and drive away, and that’s the
last you’ll ever see of me. But you’ve got to promise to do one thing.
You’ve got to stay in here for at least two hours before you leave.
You’ve got to give me time to get away.” Vicky agrees to do so.
Matthew opens the bookcase, exits the secret room, and re-closes the
bookcase. He goes to the front door and leaves. From inside the secret
room, Vicky hears the sound of the front door closing. She waits a
few minutes, then opens the bookcase and comes out. She looks around
for a few minutes and then, deciding it’s safe, opens the front door
and goes out. She is immediately grabbed by Matthew Morgan. He drags
her back into the old house and angrily shouts, “I knew I couldn’t
trust you! I knew you were lying to me!”
Episode 117
Tape Date: November 29, 1966
Air Date: December 6, 1966 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Mrs. Johnson returns and tells Elizabeth, “Carolyn’s car is gone.
She must be driving Miss Winters to Bangor.” Elizabeth remarks,
“But why didn’t she tell me? It’s a long trip to Bangor. She always
tells me when she makes such a long trip.” Mrs. Johnson suggests,
“Maybe she didn’t plan to go all the way to Bangor. Maybe she just
planned to drive Miss Winters into town then decided to go all the
way to Bangor when she got there.” But Elizabeth tells her, “I’m
still uneasy. So many strange things have happened to Vicky lately.
She seems to attract disaster.” There’s a knock at the door.
Elizabeth answers. It’s Joe Haskell. He tells her, “My landlady
told me you called. Said it was urgent.” Elizabeth asks if Carolyn
is with him. He replies, “No, I haven’t seen Carolyn for a month.”
Elizabeth remarks, “Then Mrs. Johnson must be right. She must be
with Vicky.”
But she isn’t. Carolyn is with Burke Devlin. Burke pours two
glasses of brandy and toasts, “To many more happy times ahead.”
Carolyn remarks, “Think of the expression on Aunt Elizabeth’s face
if she could see me now!” Burke asks, “Did you tell them you were
coming here?” Carolyn replies, “No. Uncle Roger wasn’t home and
Aunt Elizabeth was busy going over some ledgers. I’ll just tell
them I was with a girlfriend, Cindy Fisher. They never check.”
Burke asks, “Did you tell Vicky?” Carolyn replies, “No, she’s in
Bangor with Frank Garner.” She asks, “That bothers you, doesn’t
it?” Burke denies that it does, saying, “Why should it?” Carolyn
replies, “That’s what I’m wondering, Burke.” Burke tells her, “I
should be the one who should be jealous. About you and Joe Haskell.”
Carolyn replies, “There’s no longer anything between me and Joe
At Collinwood, Elizabeth tells Joe it’s really Vicky she’s
worried about. She tells him why. Joe suggests, “Maybe she’s still
at the Collinsport Inn.” He calls the diner and asks Maggie if
Vicky is there. Maggie replies that she isn’t. Joe asks if she’s
seen Vicky at all. Maggie replies that she’s been on duty all day
and hasn’t. Joe tells this to Elizabeth and suggests, “Maybe Mrs.
Johnson was right. Vicky’s probably driving up with Carolyn.”
But Elizabeth tells him, “There’s one thing that bothers me. Carolyn
asked Mrs. Johnson to iron a dress for her earlier today. Why
would she do this if she were only going to drive Vicky up to
Bangor?” Mrs. Johnson agrees, “She told me she wanted to look
especially pretty tonight.” Joe remarks, “Well, she didn’t have a
date with me.” Elizabeth asks, “Well, then who else could she have
had a date with?” Joe pauses, not saying anything. Elizabeth seems
to get the message. Joe tells her, “I’ll go looking for her if you
want me to, Mrs. Stoddard, but only if you want me to.” Elizbeth
replies, “I hope she’s not there. But I think you should go look for
her, Joe, for Vicky’s sake.”
Burke is romancing Carolyn. He strokes her face and tells her,
“Half the female population would give anything to have skin like
yours. So soft, like a baby’s..” They kiss. There’s a knock at the
door. Carolyn asks, “Expecting anyone?” Burke replies, “No.” He
shouts, “Who is it?” A voice replies, “Joe Haskell”. Burke asks,
“What do you want?” Joe asks, “Is Carolyn there?” Carolyn tells
Burke, “Tell him yes.” Burke lets Joe in. Carolyn sarcastically
remarks, “Spying for my mother now?” Joe replies, “She’s worried
about you. Come on. Let’s go.” Carolyn refuses to go. Burke asks
Joe to leave. Joe sees the lipstick on Burke’s face and remarks on
it. He punches Burke. They get into a fight and knock each other
around a bit. When they stop, Carolyn shouts at Joe, “Quit snooping
on me and causing trouble!” Joe replies, “I’m not snooping on you.
I only came look for you because Vicky’s missing!” Burke suddenly
starts to look interested and concerned. Joe explains. Burke
announces, “We’re going to Collinwood right now!” Carolyn tells him,
“I don’t think that’s such a good idea..”, but Burke tells her,
“No time to argue with you now. Let’s get going!”
The phone rings at Collinwood. Elizabeth answers. It’s Frank
Garner. He tells her Vicky still hasn’t arrived. Elizabeth hears
the front door. She goes into the foyer and finds that Carolyn, Joe
and Burke have come in. She asks Carolyn, “So you were with Burke!”
Carolyn answers, “Yes.” Burke asks, “What’s this about Vicky?”
Elizabeth tells Carolyn to go up to her room, saying she’ll talk to
her later. After some argument, Carolyn goes up to her room. Elizabeth
asks to speak to Burke in the drawing room. Elizabeth starts to talk
about him seeing Carolyn, but Burke tells her, “We can talk about
our personal differences some other time. I want to talk about
what’s happened to Vicky. I’m worried about what might have happened
to her with Matthew still at large.” While Burke and Elizabeth are
talking, Joe goes to hang his coat up in the coat rack in the
“pre-foyer” then goes into the drawing room. Burke asks Elizabeth
when she last saw Vicky. Elizbeth replies, “About 4 o’clock. I gave
her her salary then she left.” Burke asks, “Did you see her leave?”
Elizabeth replies, “No, but I know she left. Her suitcase was in the
foyer and it’s gone now.” Joe asks, “Was this a black and red plaid
cloth suitcase?” Elizabeth replies, “Yes, how did you know?” Joe
replies, “Because I noticed a suitcase like that in the entry hall!”
He goes and gets it. Burke remarks, “Then she never left Collinwood!”
Episode 118
Tape Date: December 1, 1966
Air Date: December 7, 1966 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Asked if she’s sure it’s Vicky’s suitcase, Elizabeth points out
Vicky’s initials on it. Burke tells Elizabeth he’s worried Matthew
might still be around and has Vicky. Elizabeth calls the sheriff
and tells him she has reason to think Vicky is still on the grounds.
She tells him to come back with more men this time. After she hangs
up, Burke tells her he thinks he and Joe should start searching right
away. He asks Elizabeth if they have any guns. Elizabeth replies,
“Roger has some” and takes Joe with her into the room under the
Matthew, having dragged Vicky back into the secret room, shouts,
“You lied to me, didn’t you? I was testing you. You were going to go
and call the sheriff and tell him about me, weren’t you?” Vicky
insists that she wasn’t, that she was telling the truth, that the
police aren’t around anymore. She tells him, “You can’t keep holding
me here. They’ll notice I’m missing soon!”, but Matthew replies,
“They’ll never find you here. I’m the only person who knows about
this place.” Vicky asks, “Are you sure? Mrs. Stoddard knows more
about Collinwood than anyone. I’m sure she knows about it! Soon,
they’ll find out I’m missing and then there will be police all
around, searching for me. This is your last chance to escape,
Matthew!” Matthew starts to tie her up and tells her, “I’m going
outside to take a look. Maybe you are telling the truth.” She
replies, “I am!” He remarks, “You’d better be.” He finishes tying
her up and exits.
Joe and Elizabeth return with a couple of shotguns and a box of
shells. Joe and Burke load the shotguns and open the door to leave.
Elizabeth suddenly remarks, “Wait! Maybe Vicky is just lost!” She
tells them she’s suddenly remembered about Vicky having lost her
wallet and going to look for it. She tells them Vicky thinks she
lost it at the old fence while taking a shortcut on the way back
from the old house. They asks where this shortcut is. Elizbeth
points and says, “Past the greenhouse near that clump of trees.”
Joe and Burke go to the old fence. They find no trace of Vicky
except a strip of cloth on the fence which they think might have
torn from her dress. Burke asks, “How far is it to the old house?”
Joe replies, “About a quarter of a mile.” Burke says, “Let’s go!”
Matthew comes back into the secret room and remarks to Vicky,
“It looks like you’re telling the truth. It might be best to make
a run for it.” Vicky asks, “Then what are you waiting for?” He
replies, “I’m going to take you with me! If I run into the police,
they’re less likely to shoot if you’re with me!”
Burke and Joe approach the old house.
Matthew unties Vicky and takes her out of the secret room. He
takes her to the front door and prepares to open it, but suddenly
stops when he hears something outside. From outside, Joe’s voice
calls, “Vicky!” Matthew quickly covers Vicky’s mouth with his hand
and drags her back into the secret room, closing the bookcase
behind him. Joe and Burke come in. They look around. Burke tells
Joe to search upstairs. Burke searches downstairs.
While they are both out of the room, Josette’s portrait starts
to glow. Joe comes down the stairs. The portrait immediately stops
glowing. Joe calls, “Burke?” Burke comes back into the room. Joe
tells him he’s found nothing upstairs. Burke tells him he’s had no
luck downstairs either. Burke asks, “How much do you know about
this house?” Joe replies, “Well, Carolyn and I used to play here
when we were kids, but I don’t really know much about it.” Burke
tells Joe to go back to Collinwood and ask Elizabeth if there’s any
closed off parts of the old house or any rooms they might have
Joe goes back to Collinwood and asks Elizabeth this. Elizabeth
replies, “Yes! As a matter of fact, there is…”
Joe returns to the old house. He tells Burke, “Mrs. Stoddard told
me there is a place we’ve probably missed.” Burke asks, “Where?”
Joe replies, “An old storm cellar.” Burke tells him, “I’ve already
found and seached there.” He asks, “Is the sheriff here yet?” Joe
replies, “Yes. With about 20 men.” They leave. Vicky manages to
struggle free and shouts, “Burke!!!”, but she is just too late.
Burke and Joe have just left. Her scream comes just as the front door
closes. Matthew tells her, “That was a dumb thing to do, Miss Winters,
real dumb!”
Episode 119
Tape Date: December 2, 1966
Air Date: December 8, 1966 Thursday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Joe and Burke continue their search in the woods.
Carolyn, dressed in a nightgown, comes downstairs looking for
Elizabeth. She is surprised not to find her in the drawing room.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth is outside the house, looking worried. Elizabeth
comes back in and runs into Carolyn in the drawing room. Carolyn
asks what’s happening. Elizabeth tells her that they’re afraid that
Matthew might have Vicky. Carolyn confidently remarks, “Burke will
find her.” Elizabeth asks, “You have a lot of confidence in him,
don’t you?” They get into an argument about her seeing Burke.
Elizabeth is pacing around nervously. Carolyn is leafing through
a large magazine (it looks like “Life”). Roger returns. Elizabeth,
hearing, goes into the foyer to meet him. Surprised she is up, he
jokes, “I didn’t expect a welcoming committee at this time of
night.” Elizabeth tells him about Vicky being missing. Roger doesn’t
seem very interested or concerned. Carolyn tells him about having
gone out with Burke. This bothers Roger. They get into an argument
about this.
In the wood, Joe apoligizes to Burke for taking a swing at him.
Burke jokes, “It’s not the swing I minded. It was the connection!”
He adds, “Don’t worry about it. A man needs to take a swing every
once in a while.” Joe replies, “Well, next time I’ll make sure it’s
for a better reason than Carolyn.” He tells Burke it’s over between
him and Carolyn.
Carolyn is playing “Chopsticks” on the piano. Elizabeth glares
at her and Carolyn stops. Joe and Burke return and tell them that
they’ve found no trace of Vicky. Roger, shocked to see Burke carrying
a shotgun, asks, “What do you have there?” Burke replies, “A weapon.”
Roger exclaims, “That’s mine!” Burke gives it to him. Joe returns
his shotgun to Roger too. Roger remarks, “Vicky’s missing, eh? She
seems remarkably unintelligent for a teacher.” Burke gets very angry
about Roger’s flippant attitude about Vicky’s disappearance and
argues with him about it. Elizabeth tries to cool things off by
asking Burke if he would like some coffee. Roger remarks, “You’ve
never had much discrimation about who you feed here.” Burke tells
Elizabeth he takes his coffee black. Carolyn excuses herself, saying
she’s going to bed.
As Carolyn mounts the stairs, Joe comes out into the foyer and
tries to talk to her, but finds Carolyn is reluctant to talk to him.
He tells her he just wanted to tell her it’s all over between them,
saying, “I’m sorry to see what’s happened to you. You used to be such
a nice girl.”
Elizabeth returns with a tray of coffee. Joe takes his black too.
Burke and Joe discuss what to do next. They decide to search the
caves at the beach in the morning. Joe remarks, “I’ll see if I can
get some fishermen together to help.” Burke says, “I’ll go home and
change out of these wet clothes. I’ll be back.” Roger remarks, “I
hope you haven’t made this your search headquarters.” Burke retorts,
“No, but I might have some other plans for it in the future.”
Elizabeth angrily snaps, “Burke, I appreciate your helping to search
for Vicky, but I don’t appreciate that last statement.” She reprimands
him for his buying of the Logansport cannery and trying to put her
out of business. She tells him he won’t succeed. Burke tells her
he will. Roger remarks, “You’d better watch out, Liz. He knows every
filthy trick in the book.” Burke grabs him by the lapels, pushes him
against a wall and replies, “Yes. I learned every one of them from
you!” and leaves. Roger angrily grabs one of the shotguns and starts
after Burke, but Elizabeth bars his way, exclaiming, “Roger!”
Episode 120 (Kinescope)
Tape Date: December 4, 1966
Air Date: December 9, 1966 Friday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Morning comes. Matthew tells Vicky, “I’m going to take this gag
off you, but if you make a sound, I’ll close your mouth forever!”
He takes the gag off. Vicky does not scream. She asks, “How long
can you stay here? How are you going to get food and water?” Matthew
replies, “I’ve got that all taken care of. I’ve got the best food
and better water! Hungry? Breakfast is on its way!”
Mrs. Johnson is in the kitchen with David, giving him his
breakfast. David eats while Mrs. Johnson sips from a cup of coffee.
She lights a cigarette to go with the coffee. Noticing the look on
Mrs. Johnson’s face, David asks what’s wrong. Mrs. Johnson tells him
about “the mysterious disappearance of Miss Winters.” She tells him
that the police, Joe and even Burke Devlin are out searching for
Vicky. She remarks, “I think we’ve seen the last of Miss Winters.”
David asks why she says that. Mrs. Johnson replies, “They were
carrying guns last night. When I see men carrying guns, I know it’s
very serious.” David asks why they were carrying guns. Mrs. Johnson
explains, “They think Matthew Morgan might still be in the area and
might have Vicky.” Mrs. Johnson tells David she thinks it’s his fault
Vicky is missing, since it was him she was going after when she lost
her wallet. She leaves the table and goes into another room. There
is the sound of dishes being washed. David quickly gets up, gets a
shopping bag out of a drawer, and starts to fill it with canned and
boxed food from cabinets. One of the boxes can clearly be seen to be
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. He turns back to the table and takes some
rolls from the bread basket too. Noticing Mrs. Johnson’s pack of
unfiltered cigarettes lying on the table, he takes them too. Mrs.
Johnson returns and looks for her cigarettes. Not finding them,
she remarks, “I could’ve sworn I left them on this table. I must be
losing my mind. Have you seen my cigarettes, David?” David lies,
“No.” and leaves.
Matthew is looking out the window of the old house. He sees
something. He goes back into the secret room and prepares to gag
Vicky again. Vicky asks, “Do you have to?” Matthew replies, “Yes.
Breakfast is coming.” He gags her and leaves the secret room, closing
the bookcase behind him. David comes in with the bag of food. Inside
the secret room, Vicky hears David talking with Matthew. David tells
Matthew, “There’s lot of trouble at the house. Miss Winters has
disappeared. They’ve looked everywhere. They think something’s
happened to her.” Matthew asks, “What?” David replies, “They think
you have her.” Matthew remarks, “That just goes to show you. They
try to blame everything on me. Next thing you know, they’ll be
blaming every crime in the state on me.” David tells him he blames
himself for Vicky’s disappearance. He asks, “Do you think my father
might have her?” Matthew, taking advantage of the fact that David
suspects Roger of killing Bill Malloy, remarks, “You’d better watch
out about people who have killed, David. It gets easier as you go
along…” Vicky hears this and, interpreting it differently from
David, becomes frightened. Matthew tells David that because of all
the hubbub about Vicky, he thinks it would be better if he came just
once a day with a big load of food enough for three meals instead of
three times a day. David begs Matthew to tell him the secret he was
talking about. Matthew tells him, “That’s serious stuff. Adult stuff.
I can’t tell you about it.” David continues to beg him. Matthew
explodes, “WOULD YOU GET OFF MY BACK!”, but then quickly apoligizes,
telling David, “Maybe I’ll tell you tomorrow or the next day. You’d
better be getting back before they miss you.” David leaves.
Matthew opens the bookcase and goes into the secret room, taking
the bag of food with him. He announces “Breakfast is here!” Ungagging
Vicky, he asks, “Hungry?” Vicky replies that she’s thirsty. Matthew
tells her, “I’ll have to go to the old well and get you some water,
then.” He gags her again and leaves, closing the bookcase behind
David, on his way back to Collinwood, is climbing the old fence.
As he is doing so, he remembers that he has Mrs. Johnson’s cigarettes
in his pocket. He runs back to the old house and shouts, “Matthew?
Matthew? Where are you? I’ve got some cigarettes for you!” He is
surprised to find that Matthew isn’t there. Vicky, hearing David,
starts to make noises through the gag. She tries to call to David,
but only manages, “MMMMMMMMMMM… MMMMMMMMMMM” sounds. David hears
the sounds and listens carefully to try to find where they are
coming from. He listens and finds that the sounds seem to be coming
from behind a bookcase. Meanwhile, Matthew, having gotten the water,
is walking back to the old house…
Episode 121
Tape Date: December 5, 1966
Air Date: December 12, 1966 Monday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

David, at the bookcase, asks, “Who is it? Who’s in there?”
Matthew comes in, sees David near the bookcase and demands, “What
are you doing near that wall?” David replies, “I was looking for
you.” Matthew remarks, “I thought I told you to go back to
Collinwood.” David replies, “I came back to give you some
cigarettes.” He gives them to him. Matthew asks, “What were you
doing by that wall?” David tells him, “I thought I heard something.”
Matthew asks, “What kind of sound?” David replies, “It was like a
voice.” Matthew tells David, “It must have been your imagination!”,
but David insists that he heard it. He asks, “Matthew, does this
have anything to do with the secret of the house? Matthew, what’s
the secret of this house?” Matthew gets angry, saying, “I already
told you, I’ll tell you later!” David continues, “I think I know
the secret of this house.” Matthew is shocked. But David finishes,
“The secret of this house is ghosts.” Matthew suddenly starts
laughing. David asks, “What are you laughing at?” Matthew lies,
“Nothing, David. It’s just that you’re smarter than I thought you
were.” David asks, “You mean I’m right, the secret of this house is
ghosts?” Matthew lies, “Yes. This house is full of ghosts.” He
adds, “And ghosts to be…” Inside the secret room, Vicky hears this.
At Collinwood, Mrs. Johnson tells Elizabeth, “Last night, I heard
them outside, calling ‘Vicky! Vicky!’. If Matthew has her, I don’t
think we’ll see her alive again…” Elizabeth tells her to stop being
so morbid. There’s a knock at the front door. Mrs. Johnson answers it.
It’s the sheriff. He asks to see ELizabeth. Mrs. Johnson asks, “Any
word on Miss Winters?” The sheriff reiterates, “I came to see Mrs.
Stoddard.” Mrs. Johnson, upset he won’t tell her, says, “I guess
that means you haven’t found her. Some police department you are!
You couldn’t solve a crime if you had a hundred clues and fifty
eyewitnesses!” She takes him to the drawing room.
The sheriff tells Elizabeth that they’ve found no trace of either
Vicky or Matthew. He tells her they’ll go search elsewhere, but that
he’ll leave a few men here just in case. He asks for a picture.
Elizabeth tells him Carolyn’s taken some recently. She asks, “Be
brutally frank with me. Do you think there’s much hope that Vicky’s
still alive?” The sheriff replies, “No.”
David returns and runs into Mrs. Johnson in the foyer. David
notices the sheriff’s hat on the table and asks, “The sheriff is here.
Have they found Vicky?” Mrs. Johnson derisively remarks, “No, they
haven’t found a clue. The only clue that sheriff understands is that
the noon whistle at the Collins cannery means lunch. That explains
the size of him.” She tells David, “I want to ask you something.
I remember clearly now that I lit a cigarette while I was talking
to you at the kitchen table earlier and left the pack there. Do you
know what happened to my cigarettes?” David replies, “No.” Mrs.
Johnson grabs David’s hand and inspects the fingers. David asks,
“What did you do that for?” Mrs. Johnson explains, “I wanted to see
if there were any yellow stains on your fingers. I wanted to see if
you’d started smoking.” David laughs, “Oh, you thought I’d stolen
your cigarettes! Mrs. Johnson, if I wanted to smoke, I wouldn’t have
stolen your cigarettes. I would have bought some!” and runs into
the drawing room.
David finds the sheriff sitting in the drawing room. David asks,
“Do you know what the noon whistle means?” The sheriff replies,
“Lunch? Why?” David replies, “Oh, nothing, just asking.” He then
asks, “Found any clues yet?” The sheriff replies, “Not much. We’re
going to go search elsewhere.” He tells him, “Someone might be
hiding Matthew.” David asks, “Who?” The sheriff replies, “I don’t
know, but I feel sorry for whoever it is.” David asks, “Why?” The
sheiff explains, “Well, first of all, Matthew is a very dangerous
and unstable man. Secondly, he’ll get in trouble if he gets caught.
He’d be harboring a fugitive, he’d be an accessory after the fact.”
David replies, “What would happen to him if he were caught?” The
sheriff replies, “He could go to jail.” Elizabeth returns with a
picture of Vicky and gives it to the sheriff. He leaves. Elizabeth
asks David, “Where have you been?” David replies, “Around”. As she
opens a ledger and starts to write in it, David asks, “The sheriff
told me that anyone who helped Matthew would go to jail. I thought
it was good to help people.” Elizabeth explains, “Yes, normally it
would, but it’s different here. Matthew has done a lot of bad and
it would be bad to help him.” David asks, “Do you think Matthew
has Miss Winters? Do you think he would hurt her?” Elizabeth replies,
“David, I don’t want to talk about that.” David asks, “You know a lot
of things about the old house. Do you know any secrets about it?”
Elizabeth asks, “What kind of secrets? Ghosts?” David replies, “No,
secrets about the walls.” Elizabeth doesn’t understand what he’s
talking about. David starts to leave. Elizabeth asks, “Where are
you going?” David replies, “Out” and leaves. As he gets to the
front door, Mrs. Johnson demands, “Where are my cigarettes? I think
you know where they are! I think you’re up to something!”, but David
just shouts, “Quit bugging me!” and leaves.
David goes back to the old house. Matthew asks, “I thought I told
you to go back home and quit coming here so much.” David replies,
“I have someting important to tell you. The sheriff was at the house.
He said he was stopping the search here to search somewhere else and
was just leaving a few men here.” Matthew replies, “Good. That means
I can leave tonight when it gets dark.” David asks, “By the way,
Matthew, where DO you hide when you’re here?” Matthew refuses to tell
him. David asks, “The sheriff said anyone who helped you would go
to jail. Is that true?” Matthew lies, “No.” David asks, “Then why
would the sheriff tell me that?” Matthew lies, “He just wanted to
scare you.” David asks, “If you were caught, you wouldn’t tell about
me, would you?” Matthew replies, “No.” David asks, “Why?” Matthew
replies, “Because I wouldn’t want you to go to jail.”
Episode 122
Tape Date: December 6, 1966
Air Date: December 13, 1966 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Matthew tells David, “You’d better go home now. They might miss
you.” David looks at the bookshelf. Matthew asks, “What are you
looking at? There’s nothing there. Just books and ghosts.” David
remarks, “I thought you didn’t believe in ghosts.” Matthew replies,
“There’s no one else here, so who else could’ve caused the sounds
you heard?” David remarks, “I guess that’s the only explanation.”
David asks, “So you’re leaving tonight?” Matthew replies, “Maybe.”
David tells him, “Then I’ll bring you some food to travel on tonight.”
He leaves. Matthew opens the bookcase, goes into the secret room
and yells at Vicky for making noise and trying to attract David’s
At Collinwood, Carolyn telephones Burke. Burke asks, “Any word
on Vicky?” Carolyn replies, “No.” and tells him the sheriff and his
men have left to search elsewhere. Burke becomes upset by this.
Carolyn tells him, “But that’s not what I called about. I had a
terrible argument with my mother and Uncle Roger this afternoon. They
say I can’t see you anymore.” Burke replies, “I can’t talk right now,
Carolyn. I’m expecting an important call, and I haven’t slept since
the night before last.” Carolyn hangs up, a look of disappointment
on her face. David comes into the room. He asks Carolyn if she’s
seen Elizabeth or Roger. Carolyn tells him they’re both asleep,
neither having had any sleep last night. David asks Carolyn, “What
if Matthew has Miss Winters. Would he kill her?” Carolyn replies,
“I wouldn’t have thought so before, but now, after everything that’s
happened, I think he would. After all, he’s killed Mr. Malloy, and
he’s already tried to kill Vicky several times before.” David tells
her, “Yes, but my father was out the night someone tried to run
her over. It could’ve been him. And I think he could’ve killed Mr.
Malloy too.” Carolyn is shocked and asks, “How could you think that
about your father? Besides, everyone knows it was Matthew. ” David
replies, “Maybe I’m just smarter than everyone else.” Carolyn asks,
“Well, if you’re so smart, explain one thing to me. How could your
father have pushed that urn off the old house? He was in jail at the
time. It must’ve been Matthew.” David exclaims, “Matthew wouldn’t
have done something like that!” Carolyn replies, “Yes he would. And
if he has Vicky, we may never see her alive again.”
In his room at the Inn, Burke Devlin is talking on the phone.
He is angrily telling the person on the other side, “Contact Blair.
It’s urgent! Find him and tell him to call me. It’s urgent. And don’t
waste any time about it!” There’s a knock at the door. It’s David.
Burke asks, “What are you doing here?” David replies, “I have to talk
to you.” He asks, “You still think my father was responsible for that
man’s death 10 years ago, don’t you?” Burke asks, “What about it?”
David replies, “Well, if he killed once, that means he could kill
again, doesn’t it? It would mean he could have killed Bill Malloy,
and be responsible for Miss Winter’s disappearance. What if my
father’s guilty and Matthew is innocent?” Burke tells him, “Look,
David, I don’t have time to talk about ancient history right now.
I have other things on my mind.” David, in a very disappointed tone,
remarks, “I thought you were different. I thought we could talk…”
The phone rings. Burke quickly goes to it and picks it up. It’s
Blair. Burke tells Blair, “I’m not satisfied with the way the local
police are handling things. I want to hire an investigator. The best.
Spend as much money as necessary…” When Burke finishes talking to
Blair and hangs up, he looks around and calls, “David?” but finds
that David is gone.
Matthew gets sleepy. He gags Vicky again so she can’t call out for
help, lies down on the floor in the secret room and goes to sleep.
Soon after he goes to sleep, He is awakened by a female voice calling,
“Matthew! Matthew!” He looks at Vicky and sees that it isn’t coming
from her. He ungags her and asks, “Where did that voice come from?”
She asks, “What voice? I didn’t hear anything.” Matthew shouts,
“You’r lying to me! You must have!” Outside, Josette Collin’s
portrait starts to glow. Matthew tells Vicky, “I’m going to go out
and have a look around.” He opens the bookcase and goes outside. He
hears a female voice calling, “Matthew!” again. It repeats itself,
over and over again. Soon, the room is resonating with calls of
“Matthew!” Matthew shouts, “Who’s that? Who’s calling my name?” The
voice replies, “I’m calling you, Matthew.” Matthew shouts, “Who?”
The voice replies, “Josette. Josette Collins!” Matthew looks at the
portrait and sees that it’s glowing. Terrified, he runs back into
the secret room and screams, “Don’t tell me you didn’t hear it that
time! The voices! The lights!” He grabs Vicky, shouts, “Let’s go!
We’ve got to leave here!” and drags her out of the secret room.
Outside, he looks at the portrait of Josette and exclaims, “But it
was glowing at first!” Vicky tell Matthew, “You had just awoke from
a bad dream. You were probably still dreaming. You must have imagined
it all.” Matthew replies, “Yes. That must be it. I must have been
dreaming. No man ever saw such things. No man in his right mind…”
Episode 123
Tape Date: December 8, 1966
Air Date: December 14, 1966 Wednesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Matthew, having put Vicky back into the secret and having calmed
down somewhat, stares at the portrait of Josette Collins. He mutters,
“Nothing… It’s just a picture someone painted, that’s all.” The
portrait starts to glow again. Matthew screams, “Why are you doing
this to me? Why are you doing this to me! NO!” and runs out of the
old house.
Maggie is working at the diner. Joe comes in. He looks a mess.
His clothes are dirty, and he clearly needs a shave and a shower.
Maggie remarks, “You sure look a mess!” Joe agrees. He tells her he’s
been helping search for Vicky for the past night and day and found
absoulutely nothing. Maggie remarks, “This town is starting to swing!”
Joe replies, “I’d prefer it not swing this way.” Maggie jokes, “I
guess the only kind of swinging you like is a net full of fish
swinging into your boat.” Joe replies, “No. My values have changed.”
Maggie remarks, “I’m sure Miss Carolyn Stoddard had something to do
with that.” Joe tells her, “No, Carolyn and I have broken up.” Maggie
asks, “What happened?” Joe explains, “I found her in Burke’s hotel
room with Burke…” He starts to tells her the whole story. A
beautiful blonde woman in her thirties comes into the diner and sits
down at a table. Joe asks, “Who’s that?” Maggie replies, “I don’t
know.” Joe remarks, “She looks familiar…”
David is bringing food to the old house. From a distance, he sees
Matthew going into the old house. Matthew goes in and looks at the
portrait of Josette again. It is not glowing. He derisively mutters,
“Nothing. You’re nothing!” He goes to the bookcase, opens it, goes
inside the secret room, and closes the bookcase. A few seconds later,
David comes in through the front door. He shouts, “Matthew!” and
looks around, but cannot find Matthew. Inside, Matthew accidently
knocks over a candlestick. David hears the noise. He calls
“Matthew!” a few more times and leaves. Matthew hears the front door
and comes out of the secret room. But David is not really gone. He
is spying in through a window and sees this. Matthew goes to look
out the window. David quickly moves out of view.
At the diner, Maggie goes and gives a menu to the blond woman,
who says, “Thank you.” Maggie goes back to the counter. Joe continues
to wonder, “Who could she be?” but Maggie is more anxious to hear
what happened between him and Carolyn. He finishes the story for her.
He tells her, “When I mentioned that Vicky was missing, Burke seemed
to forget Carolyn existed. I find that very interesting.” He finishes
his coffee and leaves. Maggie goes to the woman and asks, “Would you
like a cup of coffee?” The woman replies in the affirmative and
Maggie pours a cup. Maggie asks if she’s ready to order yet. The
woman replies, “Not yet.” Maggie goes back to the counter. A few
seconds later, the woman goes to the counter and asks, “Could I have
a glass of water?” Maggie pours her one. The woman drinks it and
asks, “Work here long?” Maggie replies, “About 5 years.” The woman
asks, “Does Grace still work here?” Maggie replies, “No, that’s who
I took over for. Are you from around here?” The woman replies,
“Originally.” Maggie asks, “Has the town changed much since you left?”
The woman replies, “No. It’s exactly the same as I remember. The
damp sea air, the fishing boats, the old buildings…” Maggie remarks,
“You sound almost like the chamber of commerce describing the quaint
attractions of Collinsport. Except you sound like you don’t like
Collinsport. Something in the wasy you said it.” The woman answers,
“Oh, if I gave that impression, I didn’t mean to.” She asks, “And
the Collins family, how are they?” Maggie laughs and says, “The town
doesn’t breathe without them!” The woman asks about individual members
of the Collins Family, Elizabeth, Roger, and David. Maggie tells her.
Maggies asks, “Are you back for the holidays?” The woman replies,
“I’m not sure I really know why I’m back. Or if I should be…”
Matthew goes out of the old house and finds David outside. He
asks, “Where have you been?” David lies, “Out in back looking for
you.” They go inside. David gives Matthew the food and asks, “Where
were you, anyway?” Matthew gets angry at this question, but then
quickly apoligizes to David, probably wanting to stay on his good
side, and tells him to go back home before he’s missed.
Matthew opens the food bag, takes a can out and remarks, “I’m
going to need some water.” He goes out to get some. David, from
the woods, sees him leaving. David goes back into the old house.
He goes to the bookcase, opens it and goes inside. What he sees
causes a look of surprise and shock to cross David’s face.
His eyes and mouth open wide.

Episode 124
Tape Date: December 7, 1966
Air Date: December 15, 1966 Thursday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

David exclaims, “Miss Winters! What are you doing here? Are
you all right?” and takes the gag off Vicky. Vicky tells him, “Yes,
I’m all right, but we have to hurry. Untie me! If Matthew comes back,
he’ll kill both of us!” David replies, “Matthew wouldn’t do that. I
know he wouldn’t.” Vicky shouts, “He will! He kidnapped me and kept
me prisoner here!” David replies, “He just wanted to keep you from
telling anyone where he was. He wouldn’t hurt you.” Vicky protests,
“But he’s threatened to kill me!” David nonchalantly explains, “He
just probably wanted to scare you so you’d listen to him.” Vicky
continues to beg David to untie her, and eventually convinces him
to. David tries the knots, but complains, “They’re too tight. I
can’t untie them.” Vicky begs him to try. David continues to try.
Suddenly, they hear a sound. Vicky, frightened, asks, “Is that
Matthew?” David goes out to take a look. He returns and tells Vicky,
“It was only the shutters in the wind.” He continues to try to untie
Vicky. Vicky remarks, “As soon as I get back, I’m going the call the
sheriff!” David suddenly stops trying to untie her. He remarks, “You
will? But if you do, I’ll get in trouble for helping Matthew! The
sheriff tells me what could happen. I could go to jail!” He runs
off, closing the bookcase behind him.
At the diner, the woman is pushing some food around on a full
plate in front of her. Maggie asks, “Is anything wrong?” The woman
replies, “No, just not that hungry, I guess. I don’t know why I
came in here.” Maggie replies, “I guess you just wanted to check out
some old scenery.” The woman asks about the accident 10 years ago.
Maggie tells her, “A lot of people say an innocent man went to jail
for it. He’s back.” The woman asks, “Who?” Maggie replies, “A local
boy. Burke Devlin. He’s made a lot of money since. He’s rich now.
I don’t know if he made it straight or crooked. All I know is he
has plenty of it. He’s staying in what we jokingly call our
‘Presidential Suite’. He’s got quite a chip on his shoulder.” The
woman remarks, “He wasn’t like that when I knew him.” Maggie remarks,
“Well, you seem to know everyone. This is really Old Home Week.” She
asks, “Where are you coming back from? Boston?” The woman replies,
“No.” Maggie asks, “New York? I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard
it’s exciting.” The woman replies, “No. I went about as far away
from here as I could. Arizona.” Maggie asks, “Really? What city?”
The woman replies, “Phoenix.” Maggie remarks, “Phoenix. I like that
name.” The woman explains, “Yes. It comes from the name of a mythical
bird, a bird which, when it feels it’s dying, builds itself a funeral
pyre. It then sets the pyre afire, fanning the flames with its wings
and burns up, but returns from the ashes to live another 5000 years.
It’s an old Egyptian myth.” Maggie asks, “Did you spend all your time
away in Phoenix?” The woman replies, “No, just the last part.” Maggie
asks, “Where were you before then?”, but the woman is evasive and
doesn’t seem to want to answer the question, instead asking, “Could
I have another cup of coffee?”
From the woods, Matthew sees David coming out of the old house.
He waits and confronts David when he get to the woods. He asks,
“What were you doing in there?” and grabs him, but David manages to
struggle free and runs off.
Sam comes into the diner and goes to the counter. He remarks to
Maggie, “Sounds like a storm coming up.” Maggie remarks, “You got
home late last night.” Sam replies, “Yes. I had quite a night. Did
you thank whoever took me home?” Maggie replies, “It must have been
quite a night! You brought yourself home, don’t you remember?”
Sam replies, “No.” Maggie complains, “When are you going to get
yourself together? It’s painful to see all your talent going to
waste.” Sam claims, “It isn’t! I’m planning a 40-50 painting set
right now. I’ll start on it soon…” Maggie suggests, “Maybe a
change of scenery would help.” Sam protests, “But it was Collinsport
I was planning to paint!” Maggie tells him, “Oh, I just thought a
change of climate would help. I was thinking of Phoenix, Arizona.”
Sam asks, “Phoenix? What do you know about Phoenix?” Maggie replies,
“Nothing. I mentioned Phoenix because I was just speaking to a woman
who just came from there.” Sam asks, “Who?” Maggie points out the
woman sitting at the table. Sam looks and asks, “Who is she?” Maggie
replies, “I don’t know.” Sam remarks, “There’s something familiar
about her.” He looks at her for awhile then remarks, “The hair’s a
little different, but… No, it couldn’t be!” Maggie remarks, “She
seems to know everyone. She asked about the Elizabeth, Roger and
David, and she seems to know Burke Devlin.” Sam asks, “Where’s she
staying?” Maggie replies, “At the hotel.” Sam tells her, “Let me know
if you find out her name.” He tells her he has something important
to do and leaves.
Matthew returns to the old house, opens the bookcase and goes into
the secret room. He finds that Vicky is ungagged and asks, “How did
that happen?” Vicky lies, “It came off.” Matthew tells her, “I don’t
believe you. It was too tight to just fall off by itself. It must’ve
been David!” Vicky tries to lie, “No..”, but Matthew holds out his
hands ominously and remarks, “I can’t take any more chances. I’ve
to to do something and I’ve got to do it now!”
David runs into Collinwood and screams, “Father! Father!”
Episode 125
Tape Date: December 9, 1966
Air Date: December 16, 1966 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

David continues to scream “Father! Father!” Roger finally comes
out of the bedroom hallway and comes downstairs. David asks, “Where
have you been?” Roger replies, “In the East Wing, securing the
windows. There’s bad storm coming up. What is it, David?” David tells
him, “I’ve got something important to tell you!” Roger asks, “What?”
David asks, “You’ve got to promise before I tell you that I won’t get
into trouble.” Roger asks, “What have you done now?” David refuses
to tell him, repeating, “You’ve got to promise I won’t get into
trouble first.” Roger angrily replies, “I’ll do no such thing!
This is ridiculous! I don’t have time for this nonsense. I’ve got to
go and secure the garage and the greenhouse.” David retorts, “You’ll
be sorry you didn’t! You’re going to be responsible for something
terrible that’s going to happen!” Not believing him, Roger orders,
“Go up to bed! I’ve got to go secure the greenhouse and garage!”
David shouts, “I hope you get pneumonia and die!” Roger shouts,
“To bed!” leaves. David says to himself, “I wish I knew what to do!
I wish I knew what to do!”
In the secret room, Matthew packs up some food and stuff into a
shopping bag. He tells Vicky, “We’re going to clear out of here
soon.” Vicky asks, “We?” Matthew replies, “Yes. I’m taking you with
me. It’ll be safer if I take you with me.” Suddenly, Matthew acts
as if he heard something. He asks Vicky, “Did you hear that? It
sounded like footsteps.” Vicky replies, “I didn’t hear anything.
It must have been your imagination”, but Matthew insists, “I heard
footsteps. Someone’s in the house!” He goes out to check but finds
nothing. Nevertheless, he comes back into the secret room and
announces, “They’re out there, everywhere!” Vicky asks, “Who?”
Matthew replies, “My enemies! There all around me! And you’re one
of them!” Vicky tries to convince him, “No I’m not. I’m your friend.
I’ll help you if you let me!” Matthew tells her, “We’re going to
leave soon.” He gags her again and leaves, saying, “I’ve got to take
this food to the car.”
The clock in the foyer shows 11 p.m. David is sitting in the
drawing room thinking about what to do. Unable to think of anything,
he gets up to go up to bed. In the foyer, The ghost of Bill Malloy
appears (in front of the door under the stairs) and moans, “David…”
David gasps, “What do you want?!” The ghost tells him, “Help Miss
Winters.” David tries to explain, “I can’t. I’ll got to jail if I
do!”, but the ghost repeats, “Help Miss Winters!” and disappears.
Roger comes back in. Seeing David, he angrily shouts, “What are
you doing here? I told you to go to bed!” David replies, “I just
saw Mr. Malloy’s ghost. He was standing right there!”, pointing
to the spot where the ghost was. Roger shouts, “Nonsense!” and
drags him by the arm up to bed.
In the woods, the ghost of Bill Malloy appears to Matthew, moaning
“Matthew Morgan! Matthew Morgan!” Matthew gasps, “Who are you?!”
The ghost replies, “Bill Malloy. The man you killed!” Matthew shouts,
“That’s not possible! You’re dead! The dead don’t come back!” The
ghost tells him, “Someone at Collinwood will die tonight!” and
Collinwood is now dark. All the lights have been turned off.
David, dressed in pajamas and a robe, quietly sneaks downstairs.
He goes into the foyer, picks up the phone, calls the desk at the
Collinsport Inn and asks, “Could you ring Mr. Devlin’s room?” The
desk does so and tells David Burke’s not in. David tells them,
“Could you take a message? Could you tell him to come to Collinwood
right away? Tell him it’s urgent. Tell him it’s about Miss Winters.”
In the secret room, Vicky manages to struggle free from the ropes
tying her and ungags herself. She gets up, opens the bookcase, and
exits the secret room. She goes to the front door and opens it. And
runs into Matthew coming back. She backs away from him, terrified.
Matthew asks, “What’s the matter? You look scared. Sorry if I scared
you. I just came back to say goodnight. I’m all done with my work.
is there anything else you want me to do, Mrs. Stoddard?” Vicky, now
realizing that Matthew has gone crazy and thinks she’s Elizabeth,
replies, “No. Goodnight, Matthew.” Matthew asks, “Is it all right
if I stay here a for a bit until the rain lets up? I’ll get all wet
if I go to my cottage right now.” Vicky replies “Sure. I think I’ll
go to my room now. Goodnight.” Vicky turns and prepares to leave
through the front door, but suddenly Matthew exclaims, “Wait a
minute. This isn’t the main house. This is the old house. What are
we doing in the old house?” Vicky lies, “Don’t you remember? We came
here to look for David but didn’t find him.” Matthew replies, “No.
I don’t remember. Something’s wrong with me. I can’t think…”
Vicky tells him, “You just need to get some sleep. Why don’t you go
and get some sleep?”, hoping to get him to go, but Matthew says,
“No..”, then starting to remember, says, “I saw Mr. Malloy’s ghost…
What was I doing in the woods?” Suddenly, he snaps out of it and
exclaims, “You’re not Mrs. Stoddard. You’re Miss Winters! I remember
what we’re doing here now!”. He grabs her and drags her back to the
secret room.
Burke Devlin comes to Collinwood and bangs on the door. Roger
comes downstairs, answers the door and angrily asks Burke what he’s
doing here at this time of night. Burke asks, “Where’s David? I got
a message from him saying he had some urgent information about
Vicky.” Roger replies, “That’s ridiculous. David doesn’t know anything
about where Vicky is” and refuses to go get David. Burke is insistent
and threatens to “get rough” with Roger again if he doesn’t. They
argue. Eventually, David hears and comes walking down the stairs
all by himself.
Matthew reties Vicky. He tells her, “I’m going to do what I
should have done in the first place. I’m going to kill you.” Vicky
whimpers, “No…” Matthew continues, “They want you dead.” Vicky
asks, “Who?” Matthew replies, “The ghosts. Mr. Malloy’s ghost told
me someone was going to die at Collinwood tonight, and that someone
is going to be you!” Vicky protests, “But Mr. Malloy wouldn’t want
me dead. He was a friend of mine!” Matthew explains, “But the widows
do. They want a third girl, and that third girl is going to be you!
I have to kill you so they’ll stop haunting me! Don’t worry. I’ll
find a good way to kill you so you won’t suffer. You won’t know
what hit you!” Vicky asks, “What?” Matthew replies, “You’ll find
when I get back!”
Episode 126
Tape Date: December 12, 1966
Air Date: December 19, 1966 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

In the secret room, Vicky screams, “Help me! Please, someone help
Burke asks David, “What did you want to tell me?” David haltingly
replies, “I don’t know how to tell you… If I tell you, promise I
won’t get into trouble!” Burke asks, “What kind of trouble?” David
replies, “I’m afraid they might put me in jail.” Burke tells him,
“You don’t need to worry about that. They don’t put little boys in
jail.” David tells him, “I called you here because the ghosts told
me to..” Roger exclaims, “What?! You called him because you thought
you saw some ghosts ?!” David explains, “I saw the ghost of Bill
Malloy.” A look of great disappointement crosses Burke’s face.
David continues, “He told me to help Miss Winters.” Roger asks, “Now
how could you possibly help Miss Winters?” David answers, “I know
where she is. She’s with Matthew.”
Matthew goes to a tool shed. He looks at an axe embedded in a
wooden block.
Vicky continues to scream, “Help! Someone please help me!” Outside,
the portrait of Josette begins to glow. The ghost of Josette Collins
appears in front of it and walks down invisible steps down to the
In the shed, Matthew sharpens the axe on a grindstone.
The ghost of Josette Collins materializes in the secret room and
tells Vicky, “Don’t cry.” Vicky asks, “Who are you? You look just like
Josette Collins.” The ghost replies, “I am Josette Collins. Don’t
be afraid” and disappears.
Burke asks David, “How do you know she’s with Matthew?” David
replies, “I was helping him.” Roger exclaims, “WHAT ?!” David
continues, “I thought he was innocent.” Burke asks, “Where is he?”
David replies, “The old house.” Burke remarks, “But the old house has
already been searched. I searched it myself.” David explains, “You
didn’t know where to look. You didn’t know the secret of the old
house. That’s where he’s been hiding. That’s where he’s been hiding
Miss Winters.”
Matthew returns to the old house, carrying the axe. He goes back
into the secret room. Vicky, seeing the axe, cries, “No, Matthew,
no! I just saw the ghost of Josette Collins!”
Roger remarks, “Oh, that’s ridiculous. I’ve lived at Collinwood
all my life and never heard anything about any secret room at the
Old House.” David insists, “It’s there. Take me there and I’ll show
you!” Burke replies, “No, David. You’re not going. It might be
dangerous. Just tell me where it is.” David tells him about the
secret room behind the bookcase. Burke asks Roger, “Could I borrow
a shotgun?” Roger remarks, “This is all ridiculous.” Burke shouts,
“Even if it’s a one in a million chance I think it’s worth trying!.”
Roger replies, “Yes. I’ll go with you.”
Vicky tells Matthew about seeing the ghost of Josette. She tells
him, “See, the ghosts don’t want me dead. If they did, she wouldn’t
have told me not to be afraid. They don’t want me to die!”, but
Matthew just replies, “Yes they do!” Vicky tells him, “No they don’t.
If you do, they’ll come back and haunt you!”
Roger returns with two shotguns. Burke asks, “Could we load them
here? It’ll save time. Don’t worry, I won’t shoot you, although I’ve
got to admit I’ve thought about doing that a few times.”
Matthew tells Vicky, “You’re lying! You’re just trying to stop
me from killing you. I know the ghosts want you dead. So do I!” He
raises the axe and prepares to kill her. Suddenly, a chorus of
ghostly voices calling “Matthew!” starts. Matthew stops. The voices
stop. He asks Vicky, “Did you hear that?” Vicky replies that she
didn’t hear anything. She begs, “Please, don’t kill me. Let’s just
leave together like you were planning to in the beginning!” Matthew
raises the axe again. The voices start again. Matthew shouts,
“Someone’s in the house! Someone or something. Whatever it is, I’ll
make sure it doesn’t leave this house alive!” He goes out into
the main room and shouts, “Where are you?” A deep male voice starts
to sing, “What do you do with a drunken sailor…” The ghost of Bill
Malloy appears. Matthew shouts, “Why don’t you leave me alone? What
do you want from me?” The ghost answers, “Your life.” Matthew gives
out an animal cry, “AWWWW!” and swings the axe at the ghost several
times, but the axe just passes through it harmlessly. The ghost
laughs. The ghost of four women in very old fashioned dresses
(working class, not high class) appear. (Josette Collins is not
among them.) They must be the Widows. They start chanting, “Your
life…. Your life… ” Matthew swings the axe at them too, with
equally little success. All the ghosts, both Bill Malloy and the
Widows, start to surround Matthew in a semicircle, trapping him
against the corner. Matthew shouts, “Stay away from me!”
Inside the room, Vicky hears Matthew shouting, “I told you to
stay away from me. NO!!!!! NO!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! “, then silence.
She shouts, “Matthew? Matthew, what’s happening?” But instead of
Matthew, She hears in reply Burke’s voice shouting, “VICKY! WHERE
ARE YOU?” Vicky shouts, “I’m in here!” The secret door opens. Burke
and Roger come in. Burke asks, “Where’s Matthew?” Vicky replies,
“He’s around here somewhere. You’ve got to be careful. He’s got an
axe!” They untie Vicky and they all exit the secret room. Roger sees
Matthew sitting slumped down on a chair and exclaims, “Look!” Roger
commands, “Don’t move or I’ll shoot!” He goes up to Matthew, and,
aiming the gun at him, says, “Come on, let’s go. But Matthew does not
move, so Roger nudges him. Matthew falls out of the chair onto the
floor. Roger exclaims, “He’s dead!” Burke suggests, “Let’s get out
of here!” They do.
Episode 127 (Kinescope)
Tape Date: December 13, 1966
Air Date: December 20, 1966 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Elizabeth comes down to the foyer in her bathrobe and calls the
sheriff. She tells him, “David just woke me up and told me the most
incredible story. He says Matthew’s been holding Vicky at the Old
House. My brother and Burke Devlin are searching there right now.”
Mrs. Johnson, who’s come out of the door under the stairs and heard
her talking on the phone, remarks, “I’ve got a bed feeling about
this. The last time I had a feeling like this was the night Mr.
Malloy died.” Burke, Roger come in through the front door. They
have Vicky with them. Burke takes Vicky into the drawing room.
Elizabeth asks Roger, “Roger, what happened?” Roger explains,
“Matthew was holding Vicky at the old house in a secret room, a
room we never knew existed.” Elizabeth asks, “Where’s Matthew?”
Roger replies, “Dead.” Elizabeth asks, “Did you shoot him?” Roger
replies, “No”. Elizabeth asks, “Then how did he die?” Roger replies,
“We don’t know.” They go into the drawing room. Vicky tells them,
“I think the ghosts saved me. I saw the ghost of Josette Collins.
She told me not to be afraid. And when Matthew tried to kill me,
he suddenly stopped for no reason at all and went into the other
room. Then I heard the most horrible scream, then nothing.” Elizabeth
takes Vicky up to bed. Roger remarks, “That’s the most ridiculous
story I’ve ever heard!” Burke replies, “I’m not so sure. Did you
see the look on Matthew’s face? It sure looked like the face of
a man who had been frightened to death!”
Elizabeth comes back downstairs and finds Burke alone in the
drawing room. Burke explains, “The sheriff came. Roger’s taken
him to the old house. I’ve stayed because I want to see how Vicky
is. Can I go up and see her?” Elizabeth answers, “Sure. You care
very much about Vicky, don’t you. I can see it in your eyes.”
Burke vehemently denies it.
Up in Vicky’s room, Mrs. Johnson tell Vicky, “Burke Devlin must
be very fond of you. As soon as he heard you were missing, he dropped
everything and searched for you and never let up.” Burke comes in
and tells Vicky, “I just came to say goodnight.” Mrs. Johnson leaves
to let them talk alone.” Burke recommends that Vicky leave Collinwood.
Vicky refuses, saying, “This is the closest thing I’ve ever had to
a home.”
Roger returns to Collinwood. He tells Elizabeth, “The Sheriff and
his deputy have taken Matthew’s body away. He told me there probably
won’t be an inquest.” Burke, who’s coming down the stairs, asks,
“Why?” Roger replies, “The doctor has already taken a look at Matthew
and says it looks like a heart attack. He says it looks like he saw
something horrible that made his heart stop.” Elizabeth asks, “What?”
Roger replies, “I don’t know. I don’t think I want to know.”
The clock in the foyer reads 2:00 in the morning. Elizabeth goes
into Vicky’s room with a glass of water and some pills. She tells her
they’re some sedatives to help her sleep. Vicky takes them. Eliazabeth
tells her, “Take the day off tomorrow. Stay in bed all day and regain
your strength.” Elizabeth apoligizes for what David’s done, saying
“I don’t know what to do with him.” Vicky reminds her, “Well, it WAS
David who finally told where I was.” She starts to get drowsy. She
asks, “There’s one more thing I’d like to talk to you about. When
I said I saw the ghost of Josette Collins, did you believe me?”
Elizabeth pauses then replies, “Yes.” Vicky remarks, “I think
she was looking over me the whole time. You know, she looked a lot
like me.” Elizabeth protests, “But the pictures of doesn’t look
anything like you.” Vicky explains, “No, but in person, she looked a
lot more like me than the pictures do. I think she might be an
ancestor of mine.” Elizabeth replies, “I don’t think so. That would
make you a Collins. I don’t think you’re a Collins.” Vicky asks,
“Has anyone else in the house ever seen a ghost before?” Elizabeth
replies, “Yes. It was a long time ago. My great aunt. She was taking
a walk one day. She got lost and ended up on a deserted beach. She
almost died of exposure, but was lucky to be picked up by a boat.
It was very strange. It was during a season when fishing boats didn’t
normally go out. The beach was a place the fishing boats never go.
Later, when the fisherman was asked why he went there, he said he
didn’t know. He just felt like going there.” Vicky asks, “And the
ghost?” Elizabeth explains, “My great aunt claimed that just before
the boat showed up, a ghost appeared and told her not to be afraid,
a ghost of a woman with dark hair dressed in a long white dress.”
Vicky exclaims, “Josette Collins!”
Episode 128
Tape Date: December 14, 1966
Air Date: December 21, 1966 Wednesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Maggie is alone in the diner. Joe Haskell comes in and asks,
“How’s the coffee?” Maggie jokes, “If you liked it two days ago,
you’ll like it today. It’s the same coffee.” She pours him a cup.
Maggies asks, “Heard about Matthew Morgan?” Joe replies, “Yes. The
coroner said he died of a heart attack.” Maggie remarks, “I heard
he had a horrible expression on his face. I think Matthew Morgan
died of fright!” Joe rebuts, “Maggie, we’re not kids anymore. You
can’t possibly think he saw a ghost!” Maggie replies that she does,
and points out, “They say Matthew’s heart didn’t just stop. They
say it burst!” They argue about this. Sam Evans comes walking in.
Maggies asks, “Pop! Have you heard about Matthew Morgan?” Sam
replies, “Yes. It’s the topic of conversation everywhere. I hope
you two aren’t going to talk about it. I’m tired of hearing about
it.” Maggie replies, “No, Joe and I have gotten about as far as we
can with that topic.” Sam goes and sits down at a table. Maggie sits
down with him, leaving Joe alone at the counter. Sam asks, “Have you
found out who she is?” Maggie replies, “No, she left soon after you
did and hasn’t come back since.” Sam tells her, “Try to find out if
she comes back. I have to know who she is.” Maggie asks why. Sam
refuses to tell her, saying only, “It could be very important to me.
And others.” He asks, “What did she say when she was here?” Maggie
replies, “Not much. She asked questions, mostly. Then she got into
a strange mood and told me the story of the phoenix.” She recounts
the legend of the phoenix to Sam. Sam tells her, “Try to find out
more about her. If you do, meet me at the Blue Whale and tell me.”
He leaves. Joe finishes his coffee. He tells Maggie, “I left you a
huge tip. Don’t spend it all at once!” and leaves. Maggie picks up
Joe’s cup and saucer, finds a quarter underneath and laughs. She
then busies herself filling all the sugar containers, which she has
lined up on the counter. While she is doing so, the mysterious blond
woman comes in an sits down at the counter. Maggie, who has not
heard her come in, looks up and is surprised to see her there. Maggie
asks, “Menu?” The woman replies, “No, just a cup of coffee, please.”
Maggie pours her one. To make conversation, Maggie talks about
Matthew, saying, “They say he died of fright. They say it was the
ghost of Josette Collins. That’s what the girl he held claims she
saw.” A funny expression comes over the woman’s face. Figuring she
doesn’t like the subject, Maggie decides to change subjects. She
asks, “Have you seen your family yet?” The woman replies, “No, not
yet.” Maggie remarks, “After all this time, I expect they’ll be
quite surprised.” The woman replies, “It’ll be more than a surprise.
It’ll be quite a shock!” The woman lights a cigarette, looking at
the match strangely for a few seconds before putting it out. Maggie
remarks, “You look kinda familiar. Let’s see, it’s Spencer,isn’t it?
The woman replies, “No.” She then pays, says, “Thank you”, and gets
up to leave. Maggie protests, “But you haven’t even touched your
coffee!” The woman tells her, “I’ve changed my mind” and leaves.
Sam is sitting at the bar at the Blue Whale, getting very drunk.
Joe Haskell is sitting beside him. Sam remarks, “You’re a nice kid,
Joe, but you don’t drink enough.” Joe asks, “What’s wrong?” Sam
replies, “The past is catching up with me.” Maggie comes in. Sam
quickly goes to her. Joe comes too, but Sam tells him he’d like to
talk to Maggie alone. Joe leaves. Sam asks, “Did you find out who
she is?” Maggie tells him, “She came back, and I tried to find out
who she was, but she saw right through me and left. She seems to
be a nice lady, though” Sam remarks, “If she’s who I think she is,
you’ll find out just how nice she really is” in a sarcastic tone that
indicates the person he thinks she is really isn’t very nice at all.
Sam remarks, “I’ve got to make sure!” and leaves.
Sam goes to the lobby of the Collinsport Inn. Nobody is at the
desk. Sam calls out, “Mr. Wells? Mr. Wells?” and gets no answer.
Having made sure no one is around, Sam takes the register (a VERY
slim one) and looks through it. One name in it causes a look of shock
to cross his face. He goes to the phone booth to make a call. He
prepares to dial, but sees the blond woman come in through the
front door. He quickly turns so she doesn’t see him. When he sees
that she’s gone upstairs, he makes his call.
At Collinwood, the phone rings. Roger answers the phone in the
foyer. Sam tells Roger, “I’ve got someting important to tell you!
Meet me at the Blue Whale in two seconds flat!” Roger tells Sam,
“You’re drunk!” Sam replies, “Yes, and I intend to get much, much
drunker before the night’s over. The worst possible thing that
could happen has happened!”
Roger goes down to the Blue Whale and meets Sam there. Roger
asks, “What do you have to tell me?” Sam asks, “Roger, what’s the ]
very worse thing that could happen to you right now?” Roger jokes,
“You becoming my social equal.” Sam angrily retorts, “Quite a snob,
aren’t you? Well, let me tell you this. I wouldn’t WANT to be your
social equal. Now what do you think of that?” As Sam takes another
drink, Roger angrily asks, “Are you going to tell me what you wanted
to tell me or are you going to pass out before you can?” Sam replies,
“I want to get as close as I can to passing out before I tell you. I
saw someone I never expected to see again, someone you never expected
to see again, someone’s whose return affects both me and you. Laura’s
back in town.” Roger looks shocked. Sam sarcastially remarks, “Smile,
Roger, your wife is home…”
Episode 129
Tape Date: December 15, 1966
Air Date: December 22, 1966 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Roger gasps, “Are you sure?” Sam replies, “Yes, I saw her at the
hotel. She’s registered there under her maiden name.” Sam remarks,
“You have more reason to be worried than I do. After all, I wasn’t
driving that car.” Roger says, “SHHHHHH! Don’t talk about that in
public!” Roger wonders, “She’s been back for a couple of days now. I
wonder why she hasn’t come to see me yet”. Sam theorizes, “Well, she
IS staying in the same place Burke Devlin is. Maybe he’s behind
bringing her here and they’re busy making plans right now.” Roger
exclaims, “That’s impossible! He couldn’t have found her! The last
place she was was in a sanitorium!” Sam replies, “Don’t underestimate
him. He’d have found her if it was at all possible. You’d better
decide what to do about Laura and fast!”
Joe takes Maggie back home. She tells him what’s wrong, “Some
woman’s got him in a flap.” She tells him about the mysterious
woman and Sam’s interest in her. Joe remarks, “Maybe she’s just an
old friend he’s just interested about.” Maggie replies, “No, it’s
more than that. If she were just an old friend, he’d just go up to
her and talk to her. He seems…afraid of her.” Joe asks, “What’s
she like?” Maggie tells him, “She’s pleasant, but a little bit
odd. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but she’s strange in some
way.” Joe concludes, “She’s probably just one of Sam’s old models
or something. Maybe he had a fling with her once and doesn’t want
you to know about it. I think you’re making a mysterious mountain
out of a molehill.” But Maggie, not convinced, replies, “I’m still
terribly worried…”
Roger returns to Collinwood and goes into the drawing room. He
looks at the phone as if thinking of calling someone, but seems to
change his mind and goes to the liquor cabinet and pours himself a
drink instead. Elizabeth comes into the drawing room and asks him,
“Where have you been?” Roger replies, “The Blue Whale.” Elizabeth
remarks, “I thought you hated the Blue Whale.” Roger replies, “I do,
but Sam Evans asked me there to tell me something.” Elizabeth asks,
“Sam? What about?” Roger remarks, “Wait. Let me pour you a brandy.”
Elizabeth tells him, “But I don’t want a brandy.” Roger pours one
anyway and says, “Here. You’ll need it when I tell you what Sam
told me. We’re going to be receiving a visitor soon. Laura’s back
in town.” Elizabeth asks, “What does she want?” Roger replies,
“That’s the $64,000 question, isn’t it?” Elizabeth asks, “Are you
sure?” Roger replies, “It’ll be easy enough to check. Sam said she
was registered at the Inn under her maiden name.” He calls the desk
and asks, “Mr. Wells, is there a Laura Murdoch staying there? There
is? No, I don’t want you to ring her. I just wanted to know if she’s
staying there.” Elizabeth asks, “What could she want? Money? But
she receives a generous check every month.” Roger remarks, “Maybe
she’s decided it isn’t generous enough.” Elizabeth asks, “Roger, are
you afraid of your wife? You seem to be.” Roger denies that he is.
Elizabeth asks, “Why didn’t you have the clerk ring her room and
talk to her?” Roger repoies, “It’s late and I didn’t want to bother
Joe and Maggie are making small talk about boats. Sam returns
home, quite drunk. Joe says goodnight and leaves. Maggie goes to
Sam, who’s stumbling around, gentley grabs him and tells him, “Come
on, let’s get you to bed.” Sam replies, “No, I’ve got some work
to do. I’ve just got an idea.” Maggie tells him, “Come on, Pop,
you can do that tomorrow. Come on and go to bed.” Sam shouts,
“QUIT NAAGGING ME! I’VE GOTTA PAINT!” Maggie says, in a sad voice,
“O.K. Pop. I give up. I’ll see you in the morning. Good night.” and
goes to bed. Sam lights a cigarette and starts to make a rough sketch
on a canvas.
It is the next morning. Roger and Elizabeth are having coffee in
the drawing room. Roger calls the Inn and asks for Laura, but finds
she isn’t in her room.
Maggie comes into the living room of the Evan’s Cottage. She is
dressed in her diner uniform and is obviously about to go to work.
Sam is lying on the couch, asleep. She goes to him and shakes him
awake. He complains, “Hey! Don’t do that! Let me sleep!”, but she
tells him, “No, Pop, I’ve got to go to work soon and I don’t want
to leave you here in this condition. Wake up and have some coffee.”
Sam gets up. Maggie goes around the room collecting all the glasses
he’s drunk from the previous night. As she is doing so, she happens
by a canvas on an easel and remarks, “Hey, I’ve never seen this one
before. Is this what you were working on last night? It looks like
your style, but I’ve never seen you paint anything like this before.”
Sam goes, takes a look and replies, “You know, I really don’t
remember!” Maggie remarks, “It’s strange. A woman standing in flames.
I don’t like it. Something about it bothers me. I don’t really
know what. And those colors. They’re strange.” Sam remarks, “Maggie,
how about that coffee?” Maggie leaves to get some for him. Sam
takes the picture off the easel and looks at it. We finally get to
see it too. It is of a blonde woman surrounded by flames, only her
head visible. Maggie was right. It IS eerie.
Episode 130
Tape Date: December 16, 1966
Air Date: December 23, 1966 Friday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: Lela Swift

Roger calls the Inn again and asks for Laura Murdoch, but is again
told she isn’t in. He remarks, “Strange. It’s not like her to be
out so early. She used to sleep till noon. I wonder if Burke Devlin
is behind her return.” Unbeknownst to them, Mrs. Johnson is in the
foyer eavesdropping…
Mrs. Johnson goes to the Collinsport Inn and goes to Burke’s
room. He asks her, “What brings you here?” She replies, “I’ve got
something to tell you I think will interest you. Something’s got the
Collinses very nervous.” Burke remarks, “I expect them to be nervous
right now. My Logansport Cannery is putting quite a bit of economic
strain on them.” Mrs. Johnson replies, “No, that’s not it. It’s
something else. Something they think you might be behind. Laura
Collins is back in town.” Burke is left speechless. He finally asks,
“When did she come back?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “It must’ve been
within the past couple of days. Anyway, the Collinses must have just
heard about it. This morning is the first time I’ve heard them talking
about it, and I hear everything. They thought you might be behind it.”
Burke replies, “No, I have nothing to do with it. I did track her down
a few years ago at a sanitarium, but she was very ill and they said
the prognosis was not hopeful.” He asks, “Do you know where she’s
staying?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “Yes. At a place very convenient for
you. Right here at the Inn.” Burke calls the desk and asks, “Is a
Laura Collins staying here?”. He is told there isn’t. Mrs. Johnson
tells him, “Oh! I forgot! I heard them say she was registered under
her maiden name!” Burke asks the clerk, “Is there a Laura Murdoch
staying here? He is told there is. After he hangs up, he tells
Mrs. Johnson, “This could be the break I’ve been waiting for!
You’ve really made my day, Mrs. Johnson. You can expect a little
extra in your next pay packet!” Mrs. Johnson asks, “What do you
plan to do next?” Burke replies, “I’m going to see an old
Burke goes to Room 31 of the Inn and knocks but finds that
Laura Collins isn’t in.
David is playing on some swings at Collinwood. From the bushes,
Laura Collins is looking at him.
It is now night. Mrs. Johnson is putting David to bed. She remarks,
“You didn’t eat much dinner tonight.” David complains, “That’s because
you never make anything I like!” Mrs. Johnson remarks, “Your father
should’ve made sure you ate your dinner.” David replies, “Oh, he
never cares what I eat.” Mrs. Johnson tells him, “Things might be
changing soon. You might be finally gettng the discipline you need.”
David asks her what she means, but Mrs. Johnson just says, “You’ll
see” and refuses to explain further. David tells her, “I got a
funny feeling when I playing on the swings today. I thought I saw
a woman spying on me from behind the bushes.” Mrs. Johnson asks,
“Was it one of the Widows?” David replies, “No, she was different.”
Roger calls the Inn again for Laura and once again finds she isn’t
in. There’s a knock at the front door. Mrs. Johnson answers. It’s
Laura. Mrs. Johnson invites her in. Roger comes out of the drawing
room into the foyer, saying, “I thought I heard…” He then sees
Laura. After a long pause, he says, “Hello, Laura.” Laura replies,
“Hello, Roger.” Roger excuses Mrs. Johnson and she leaves. He tells
Laura, “I didn’t expect you.” Laura asks, “How’s David.” Roger,
using his hands to show her, replies, “He’s about so high. He has
your coloring.” He takes her into the drawing room. She takes a
seat by the fire and stares into it.
Upstairs, David starts to toss and turn restlessly in his sleep.
Laura remarks, “I’ve always loved this fireplace.” Elizabeth
replies, “Yes, so do I. I keep it going almost continuously.”
She asks Laura, “Have you come back to Collinsport to stay?”
Laura replies, “No, I have a home out west now. I’m going to go
back there.” Elizabeth asks, “What do you want?” Laura replies,
“The analysis I went through in the asylum helped me very much.
Now I know exactly what I want. David.”
Upstairs, David, still tossing and turning, moans, “Mother…
Elizabeth asks Laura, “What do you mean?” Laura replies, “I want
complete custody of David. I want to take him away with me.” She
asks Roger, “Well?” Roger replies, “I’ll have to think about it.”
Laura asks to see David, but Elizabeth tells her she can’t right
now because he’s asleep. Roger shows Laura to the door.
Upstairs, David awakens.
Roger goes back into the drawing room and asks Elizabeth, “Well,
what do you make of that?” Elizabeth replies, “I don’t know.”
David comes down the stairs into the foyer, dressed just in his
pyjamas. Roger goes to him and asks, “What are you doing down here?
Get back to bed! You’ll catch a cold!”, but David just stands there
as if he can’t hear him. Suddenly, the front doors blow open. David
runs to the door and shouts, “MOTHER! MOTHER!” Roger and Elizabeth
run and grab him. David, who seems to have been sleepwalking , snaps
out of it. He tells the, “I had a dream my mother was here and was
calling me…”
Episode 131
Air Date: December 26, 1966 Monday

No episode — Christmas. Pre-empted for football.
Episode 132
Tape Date: December 19, 1966
Air Date: December 27, 1966 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Elizabeth takes David back up to his room and puts him back in
bed. But as soon as she leaves, David gets out of bed, goes to the
window, opens it and shouts, “Is anyone out there?”
It is the next morning. Roger, Elizabeth, David and Vicky are
sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast. David complains,
“Do I have to eat my eggs? Mrs. Johnson made them runny again!
I don’t like them runny!” Roger starts to say, “Yes, David, you
do..”, but Elizabeth overrides him and tells David, “You don’t
have to eat them if you don’t want to.” David asks, “Can I go
out and play?”, but Vicky tells him he can’t, saying he has a
lot of math to catch up on. She remarks, “I’ll teach you long
division if it kills me!” David replies, “It’ll probably kill me!”
Vicky and David leave. Roger tells Elizabeth, “I wish you’d stop
undermining my authority with David!” Elizbeth replies that she
thinks David should be given some leeway this morning considering
the terrible experience he had last night. Roger dismisses it as
just a nightmare. Elizabeth tells him she thinks it was more
than that. She remarks, “Quite a coincidence, wasn’t it, David
dreaming about his mother the same night she came here?” Roger
remarks, “You don’t want David to see his mother, do you?”
Elizabeth asks, “Why do you say that?” Roger replies, “Because you
want to take his mother’s place in his life, don’t you?” Elizabeth
denies this, saying, “I don’t think he should see someone who was
totally unbalanced.” Roger reminds her, “But she’s been released
from the sanitarium. That means she’s cured.” Elizabeth replies,
“Well, I’m not convinced she’s totally cured.” Roger remarks,
“You’re just looking for an excuse not to let her see David.”
Elizabeth retorts, “You’re just looking for an excuse to unload
your son.” Roger angrily shouts, “That was uncalled for!”
Vicky corrects David’s math lesson. She tells him, “75%. That’s
not very good.” David asks, “Miss Winter, why don’t you hate me?
Why don’t you hate me for leaving you tied up there?” Vicky replies,
“I understand what happened. Anyway, it WAS you who told Burke
where I was.” David asks, “Miss Winters, would you like your mother
to come back?” Vicky replies, “Of course.” David tells her, “I used
to want my mother to come back, but I’m not sure anymore.”
Roger and Elizabeth continue to argue about whether it would be
a good idea to let Laura see David.
Vicky remarks to David, “But I don’t understand. You used to wish
all the time your mother would come back.” David replies, “I had a
dream about her last night, the scariest dream I’ve ever had! It
still frightens me!” Vicky notices that he’s still trembling. She
tells him, “I think we’d better finish later. I think you should
get some rest.”, puts him to bed and leaves. As soon as Vicky’s
gone, David gets out of bed, goes to the window, opens it and
calls, “MOTHER! MOTHER!”
Roger and Elizabeth continue to argue. Roger tells Elizabeth,
“You’re not being fair to Laura. You’ve never liked her. You didn’t
like me marrying her. You thought she was beneath us.” He adds,
“Somewhat hypocritical considering the your less than ideal choice
of a mate.” Vicky comes into the drawing room and tells them, “I’m
worried about David. He said he had a terrible nightmare last night.
He still seems frightened by it.” Elizabeth tells her, “Yes. He had
quite a nightmare last night. He was even sleepwalking.” But Roger
dismisses it as not very important, saying, “Oh, it was just a bad
dream. Get him down here. His mother’s returned. He’s going to have
to see he sooner or later. We’ve got to prepare him.” Vicky remarks,
“You know, it’s strange. He seems to be afraid of his mother now.”
David is still at the window of his room calling, “Mother, are
you out there?” Vicky comes in and, finding him at the window, asks,
“I thought you were in bed resting!” David replies, “I guess I wasn’t
as tired as I thought.” Vicky tells him, “Your father and aunt
Elizabeth want to talk to you.” David mutters, “Oh, might as well
get it over with.” Vicky, puzzled, asks, “Get what over with?”
David replies, “Never mind” and leaves.
David goes down to the drawing room where Eliabeth and Roger are.
He tells them, “I know what you want to tell me. I wish you’d get it
over with.” Elizabeth asks, “What do you know?” David replies, “My
mother is back.” Elizabeth asks, “How do you know?” David replies,
“Because I saw her in my dream last night. She was wearing a blue
coat. She was sitting right there, staring into the fire. I know it
was my mother because she wanted to take me away.” He leaves.
Elizbeth is shocked. She asks, “How could he have known all that? He
was asleep when she was here. He got every detail right!” Roger,
unconcerned, replies, “Oh, you probably just thought he was asleep.
He must have come down here and peeked.”
David goes back up to his room, goes to the window and starts
calling, “Mother! Mother!” again.
Episode 133
Tape Date: December 20, 1966
Air Date: December 28, 1966 Wednesday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Burke Devlin is in his hotel room, talking to Blair on the
telephone. He tells him, “No, I don’t want to talk about the cannery
right now. Something has happened which changes everything! The one
person who could prove me innocent has shown up!”
Sam is at home, staring at the painting he painted of the woman
standing in fire. Maggie comes in and asks him if he’d like breakfast.
Sam replies that he doesn’t. Maggie complains, “You haven’t had
breakfast for several days now. You need your vitamins.” Sam jokes,
“Vitamins? What’s that? A new brand of bourbon?” Maggie replies,
“No, they look like eggs and they’re on the table. Now come on and
have some.” But Sam tells her again, “I don’t feel like eating right
now.” Maggie remarks, “Oh, I give up” and tells him, “Drop by the
diner later and I’ll give you lunch.” Sam replies, “Thanks, but I
don’t think I’ll have the time. I’m working on another painting.”
Maggie wanders over to the easel to see what he’s working on, but
finds the canvas covered by a cloth. She starts to lift the cloth,
when suddenly Sam grabs he hand and shouts, “NO!!!!” Maggie asks,
“What the matter? You’ve never kept a painting covered before.”
Sam replies, “I don’t want anyone to see it until it’s finished.”
Maggie asks, “Even me? But you’ve always asked my opinion when
you’re doing a painting.” Sam replies, “Well, not this time.”
Maggie remarks, “You’ve been acting straingely ever since you
saw that woman. Did you ever find out her name?” Sam replies,
“Yes. Laura Collins.” Maggie asks, “What’s Laura Collins got to
do with you?”, but Sam doesn’t answer her.
Burke goes to room 31 again, knocks and shouts, “Laura? Laura,
it’s me, Burke!” but receives no answer.
Maggie is working at the diner. She pours some coffee for an
old man sitting at a corner table and goes back to the counter. Burke
comes in and remarks, “I looking for a woman.” Maggie jokes, “A
beautiful blond one?” Burke replies, “Why, yes. Laura Collins.”
Maggie tells him, “She hasn’t been in here this morning, but she’s
been in here several times before. In fact, she mentioned that she
knew you.” Burke asks, “What was she like?” Maggie replies, “Nice,
but a bit strange. She’s never ordered any food, just coffee. In
fact, I don’t think she’s ever finished a cup. She usually just
stares at it.” Sam comes in. Burke tells him, “This town’s about to
come alive! The one person who can change everything’s come back!
Laura Collins. Start sweating, Sam!” and leaves. Maggies asks Sam
what Burke meant, but Sam refuses to tell her. She presses him. He
angrily tells her, “I came here to eat, not to be interogated!” and
turns to leave, but sees Laura standing there in the middle of the
diner. Laura tells him, “Hello, Sam. You look the same as you do when
I last saw you.” Sam jokes, “Alcohol is a great preservative.” Sam
nervously makes some small talk with her then leaves. Laura goes to
Maggie and remarks, “So your Sam’s daughter Maggie. I didn’t
recognize you. At the risk of making myself seem ancient, when I
last saw you, you were this high”, gesturing with her hand. Maggie
tells her, “I have a confession to make. I’ve been trying to find
out who you are. Your arrival in town’s caused quite a stir!” Laura
asks, “What do you mean?” Maggie tells her, “Well, when my father
first saw you, he didn’t quite recognize you and asked me to find
out your name. Burke Devlin’s been asking about you too.” Laura
replies, “Could you do me a favor? If Burke asks you again if you’ve
seen me, could you tell him you haven’t? I’d prefer not to see him
just now.” Maggie replies, “OK”, and returns to the counter.
Unfortunately for Laura, Burke happens to come in right at this
moment, sees her and walks up to her table. She looks up and sees
him standing there. They say hello to each other. Burke asks, “Can
we talk?” Laura replies, “Well, I was just leaving.” Burke protests,
“This’ll take just a minute. I’ve waited 10 years to talk to you.
Strange, I’ve thought about this for 10 years, thought about what
I’d say if I saw you again, but now that the moment has come, I’m
at a loss for words.” Laura asks, “How do you feel?” Burke admits,
“Bitter. I tried to find you. I finally did, but the doctors said
there was little hope of you ever recovering.” Burke strikes a
match and lights a cigarette. Laura stares at the flame strangely
until Burke blows the flame out. Laura tells him, “Well, I did
recover. It was hard, but I did so I could come back to do what I
came to do.” Burke asks, “And what’s that?” Laura replies, “To get
David.” Burke tells her, “Me, I came back to prove my innocence.
You’re the key to that. Will you help me?” Laura tells him, “Maybe.
I have my own concerns. Maybe after I’ve taken care of them.”
Sam is painting. He grabs his wrist angrily and throws the brush.
The painting is another of a woman standing in flames…
Episode 134
Tape Date: December 21, 1966
Air Date: December 29, 1966 Thursday
Writer: Malcolm Marmorstein
Director: John Sedwick

Elizabeth goes into David’s room and finds him staring out the
window. She asks him what he’s doing. He tells her, “Looking for
my mother.” She tells him, “Your mother’s not out there.”, but David
suddenly points and says, “There! My Mother!” Elizabeth looks and
says, “I don’t see anything.”, but David replies, “I know I saw her!”
Elizabeth tells him it must have been his imagination.
Elizabeth goes down into the drawing room. Roger is there. They
discuss what to tell David about his mother. Elizabeth tells Roger it
looks bad that Laura is staying at the Inn, that it might cause talk.
Elizabeth suggests that they let her stay at Collinwood. Roger
agrees, adding, “I don’t like her being so close to Burke.”
Vicky goes into David’s room and is surprised to find him dressing
in a dress shirt and tie. She remarks on it. He tells her, “I washed
my hands, too!” She remarks, “Something must be going on.” David
replies, “My mother’s coming!” He asks Vicky, “What should I say to
her? Do you think she’ll like me?” Vicky assures him, “Of course
she’ll like you. She’ll like you whatever you say.” David tells
Vicky, “I’ve been having dreams about my mother, but they’ve been
getting scary lately. The last one was really scary. There was fire
all over. She was standing right in the middle of it, holding her
arms out and calling, “David! David!” Vicky tells him his dreams
are probably caused by his nervousness aboutt seeing his mother.
David tells her, “I have this feeling something is going to happen.
Something I don’t understand.”
Laura knocks on the front door. Roger answers and lets her in.
The drawing room doors are closed. They remain in the foyer.
Laura asks how David reacted when he learned she was back. Roger
replies, “He has a vivid imagination. He claims that he saw you, but
he couldn’t have. He was asleep.” He tells her, “I’m all for you
taking David. The real obstacle will be Elizabeth. She’s gotten quite
attached to David.” He tells her he knows Burke will be wanting to
use her to prove his innocence. He warns her against doing so, saying
it’ll jeopardize her chances of getting David. Vicky comes into the
foyer. Roger tells her to go upstairs and get Vicky. Vicky goes
upstairs. Laura looks over at the closed drawing room doors and
remarks, “Well, I’m ready for the first obstacle…”
Vicky goes into David’s room to get him but is surprised to find
that he isn’t in there. She looks around further and finds him hiding.
She asks, “What are you doing? Your mother’s waiting for you
downstairs.” David replies, “I don’t want to see her!” Vicky asks
him why, but can’t get a coherent answer from him.
Inside the drawing room, Elizabeth is telling Laura about her
concerns about letting her have David in view of her former mental
instability. Roger remarks, “I’d hate to see David go, but if it’s
best for David, I’m all for it.” Elizabeth tells Laura, “Let’s see
how it works out with David.” Vicky takes David into the drawing
room, apparently having convinced him to come down. David looks at
Laura. Suddenly, he sees her surrounded by flames. No one else seems
to see this. He screams, “No!!!” and runs off. Elizabeth tells Laura,
“I don’t understand. He was so eager to see you earlier.”
Vicky goes up to David’s room and asks, “David! Why did you do
that?” David replies, “THAT’S NOT MY MOTHER!”
Episode 135
Tape Date: December 22, 1966
Air Date: December 30, 1966 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Vicky tells David, “What are you talking about? Of course that’s
your mother!”, but David continues to insist that it isn’t his
mother. He tells her, “I’m not going to go downstairs again. I’m
afraid!” Vicky asks, “Of what?” David replies, “Of her! Somthing
might happen if I go downstairs!” Vicky asks him, “What?” David
replies, “I don’t know. I just have this funny, scary feeling.”
Vicky tries to convince him to come back downstairs, but he
adamantly refuses to do so. Finally, she gives up and leaves.
Vicky comes downstairs and lies, “I think it might be best to
postpone this. David’s just nervous about meeting his mother.”
Upstairs, David is looking out the window saying, “I can feel
you watching me, mother. Stop it! Stop it!”
Elizabeth tells Laura, “David might need a little time to adjust
to you.” Roger explains, “What we mean is we think it might be
best if you stayed here at Collinwood so David could get used to
you.” Laura seems reluctant about the idea and says, “I’d have to
think about it.” Roger tells her, “If it’s your privacy you’re
worried about, you don’t have to stay in the main house. You could
stay in Matthew’s cottage. No one’s living there right now.” Laura’s
eyes light up and she exclaims, “That’s a splendid idea!” Carolyn
comes into the drawing room. They introduce her to Laura. Carolyn
exclaims, “Aunt Laura! You haven’t changed a bit!” Laura replies,
“But you certainly have! The last time I saw you you were 12 years
old!” Roger tells Carolyn, “Laura’s going to be staying with us
for awhile. She’ll be staying in Matthew’s cottage.” Roger tells
Laura, “I’m confident everythings’ going to work out.” Laura replies,
“All I want is to be close to David.”
Upstairs, David is still at the window. He is saying, “Mother,
go away!, Go away! Go away!”
Roger and Elizabeth tell Laura they’ll have the cottage ready
for her by tomorrow morning. Laura leaves with Carolyn to see the
cottage. Elizabeth tells Roger, “I’m worried about David” and goes
upstairs. Vicky tells Roger, “David’s been acting very strangely.
He says that isn’t really his mother.” Roger replies, “That’s
ridiculous!” He adds, “Don’t say anything about this to my sister.
You know how she gets worked up about everything. This is just more
of David’s usual foolishness. I’ll deal with it.”
Elizabeth goes to David’s room. David asks, “Is my mother still
here?” Elizabeth replies, “She’s going to be staying with us.” David
exclaims, “Here?! In this house?”” Elizabeth replies, “No, she’ll
be staying in Matthew’s cottage.” David calms down upon hearing this.
Elizabeth asks David what’s wrong. David replies, “I don’t know. I
just got this funny, scary feeling when I saw her.” Elizabeth tells
him, “You’re just nervous.” David replies, “But I AM scared, and
I don’t know why!” and hugs her.
Carolyn takes Laura to the cottage. She tells her, “Mrs. Johnson
cleaned it up after Matthew died, but as you can see, it still needs
a little work.” Laura asks, “Can you see the main house from here?”
Carolyn replies, “Yes, you can when the leaves are off the trees.”
She points out the window and says, “See? Right there.” Laura asks,
“Where’s David’s room?” Carolyn replies, “That one, the second
window from the left. The one with the lights on.”
Elizabeth manages to calm David down and convince him there’s
nothing to be afraid of. David tells her, “I guess you’re right.
There isn’t anything to be afraid of. I’m just being a big crybaby.
I’ve been acting silly.” Elizabeth asks, “Are you OK now?” David
replies, “Yes. I’ve been acting dopey, but I’m fine now.” Elizabeth
puts him to bed, says, “Goodnight” and leaves.
At the cottage, Laura asks Carolyn, “Do you think your mother and
uncle would mind if I moved in here tonight instead of tomorrow
morning?” Carolyn protests, “But it isn’t ready yet!” Laura replies,
“Oh, that’s no problem. I’ll just build a nice fire and it’ll be
quite cozy here. I can call the hotel tomorrow and have my things
sent here.” Carolyn remarks, “If that’s what you want…” Laura
replies, “If your mother and uncle have no objections…” Carolyn
replies, “I’m sure they won’t. I have to go into town tonight
anyway. I can get your bags for you.” Laura replies, “Could you?
You can just ask at the hotel for them. I’m all packed.” Carolyn,
puzzled, asks, “You are?” Laura pauses then says, “Yes. In fact, I
never unpacked. I wasn’t expecting to stay at the Inn for very long.”
David is in bed, asleep. Suddenly, the room fills with Laura’s
voice saying, “David! David! David, I want you! I need you! You hear
me, don’t you, David?”

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