January 1968

Episode 396
Worldvision Rerun 184
Tape Date: December 26, 1967 (ABC #1-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 1, 1968 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Angelique shouts, “I did not summon you! Who has brought you
here? Who has the power to make you appear?” The ghost continues
to approach menacingly. Angelique, terrified, screams, “Why don’t
you answer me? Leave me alone! Leave me alone!” and grabs a
pillar. When she looks up again, the ghost is gone. She looks
around and asks, “Are you still in this room? Can you hear me,
Jeremiah Collins? You are never to appear in this house again
unless I summon you! Can you hear me?” Barnabas returns. Noticing
that Angelique looks shaken, he asks her, “Has something happened,
Angelique? You look so pale”. Angelique replies, “No, I’m just
acting like a fool. Did you get the minister?” Barnabas replies,
“He’s coming. Are you sure you’re all right?” Angelique replies,
“Yes. Must we live here after the marriage?” Barnabas asks, “Why
do you ask?” Angelique replies, “There’s been so much tragedy
here, maybe it would be better to start our marriage somewhere
else.” Barnabas tells her, “That would make us look ungrateful
to my mother”. Angelique goes upstairs. Ben comes in and starts
to say to Barnabas, “I need to talk to you…”, but Barnabas
interrupts and tells him about the wedding. Ben congratulates him.
Barnabas asks, “What did you want?” Ben tells him, “Trask has been
snooping around the stables. He’s gone now, but I have a feeling
he’s going to be back. The stables won’t be safe for Miss Winters”.
Barnabas tells Ben, “Bring her here. This is my house now. If Trask
comes here, I won’t let him in.” Ben points out, “But Angelique
will be living here. She’ll know about her too”. Barnabas assures
Ben, “She will be as protective of her as I am. After you bring Miss
Winters here, you will be staying here for the wedding ceremony”.
Ben, surprised, asks, “Me?” Barnabas explains, “I need a witness”.
Ben says, “I’m very honored. I hope your marriage will bring an end
to all this tragedy”. Barnabas asks, “What is that supposed to
mean?” Ben replies, “It’s just my way of saying I hope you and
Miss Angelique will be very, very happy”.
Angelique is in a room upstairs (not the servant’s room
she used to live in, but a much larger, fancier room). She
has put on a white dress that looks something like a wedding
dress. She looks in the mirror to see how it looks and is
shocked to see in the reflection that the dress is covered with
splotches of blood. She looks down on the dress and is
surprised to see that there is no blood on the dress, that
it exists only in the reflection.
Ben returns with Vicky and tells Barnabas, “Here she is, Sir”.
Barnabas asks Vicky, “Miss Winters, are you all right?” Vicky
replies, “Yes”. Barnabas asks, “Are you hungry?” Vicky replies,
“I’m starving!” Barnabas asks, “How long has it been since you’ve
eaten?” Vicky replies, “Yesterday” Barnabas exclaims, “Yesterday?!
Ben, find some food for Miss Winters and bring it to her room”.
Ben leaves to do so. Barnabas asks Vicky, “Have you had any
sleep?” Vicky replies, “I’ve been too frightened to. Once, I dozed
off, but woke up when I heard a voice…” Barnabas asks, “Trask’s…”
Vicky replies, “Yes. I was so afraid!” Barnabas says, “Poor
child! You can stay here. The house belongs to me now”. Vicky
asks, “Why are you so kind to me?” Barnabas replies, “Because I
hate fanatics, and that’s all Trask is”. Vicky asks, “How do you
know I’m not what he says I am?” Barnabas replies, “I don’t believe
in witchcraft, and even if I did, I couldn’t believe you were
a witch, not after seeing how you were with Sarah when she
was ill”. Vicky points out, “But there’s so much about me that
you don’t know. Who I am and where I came from…” Barnabas tells
her, “I trust you.” Vicky says, “Then I think I should tell you
the truth about me, who I am and where I came from”. Barnabas
asks, “What is the truth?” Vicky replies, “I came from another
time.” Barnabas asks, “Another time?” Vicky tells him, “Before
I came here, I lived in the year 1967″. Barnabas exclaims,
“What?!” Vicky continues, “I was working for a governess for
a Collins Family that will be your descendents”. Barnabas asks,
“How did you get here?” Vicky replies, “We were having a seance
at Collinwood. The last thing I remember was losing conciousness,
then finding myself here”. Barnabas exclaims, “Incredible!”
Vicky asks, “Remember the first day I was here when I saw you I
thought I recognized you?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Vicky
explains, “That was because I knew a man who looked just like
you, your namesake, a descendant of yours”. Barnabas says, “I see”.
Vicky asks, “Do you still believe I’m telling the truth?” Barnabas
replies, “Yes”. Vicky says, “You can see why I couldn’t tell
anyone”. Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Ben comes back and tells
Barnabas, “I’ve prepared a tray and put it in Miss Winter’s room”.
Barnabas tells Vicky, “Better go to your room now”. Vicky says,
“I can see you’re shocked, but I had to tell you”. Barnabas
replies, “I’m glad you told me. Now go to your room and get some
rest. Sleep well”. Vicky goes upstairs. Barnabas asks Ben,
“Ben, is it possible she IS a witch?” Ben asks, “Why do you say
that?” Barnabas replies, “She told me something so incredible, I
don’t know what to believe!” Ben assures him, “I’m sure she’s
not a witch”. Barnabas asks, “Why do you say that? Do you know
something I don’t know?” Ben replies, “No, but I don’t think
she’s the kind of person to be a witch. I’d better go see if she
has enough food”. Barnabas says, “All right, Ben”
Upstair in her new room, Angelique is throwing her clothes
into a suitcase, packing to leave. Barnabas comes in and
says, “Oh, Angelique, there’s something I must to tell you”
Seeing that she is packing, he asks, “What are you doing?”
She replies, “Packing”. Barnabas asks, “Why?” Angelique replies,
“Because we’ve got to get out of here, out of Collinsport.
Immediately!” Barnabas protests, “But the minister’s on his way”,
but Angelique says, “I don’t care! I just want to get out of this
house!” Barnabas asks, “Why? What’s the matter?” Angelique
replies, “I’m frightened!” Barnabas asks, “Of what?” Angelique
replies, “I’m not sure! I’ve felt a strange feeling of evil ever
since I got into this house, a feeling that there’s an evil force
here!” Barnabas asks, “Evil?” Angelique continues, “We must
marry somewhere else!” Barnabas starts to say, “Well…”, but
then happens to glance into Angelique’s suitcase and is surprised
at what he sees in there. It’s Sarah’s doll. He takes it out and
asks, “What’s this?” Angelique, surprised to see it there,
exclaims, “Sarah’s doll!” Barnabas asks, “What’s it doing in
your suitcase?” Angelique replies, “I don’t know! There’s nothing
in my suitcase but clothes”, but Barnabas tells her, “There’s no
clothes in here. Nothing but the doll and some pins lying beside
the doll. What does this mean?” Angelique replies, “I don’t
know!” Barnabas continues, “It must mean something…” Angelique
says, “It mean something strange is happening in this house! It
means we must leave immediately!” Barnabas reminds her, “But the
minister’s here. What should I tell him?” Angelique replies, “Tell
him we’ve changed our minds. Tell him we’re going to be married in
town!” Barnabas replies, “All right” and turns to leave, but
Angelique then says, “No! Wait! Don’t tell him to go away. Tell
him we want to be married tonight! The sooner we’re married, the
sooner I’ll stop being frightened. We must be married tonight!”
Barnabas, surprised at the sudden change of mind, remarks, “If
you’re sure that’s what you want”. Angelique replies, “I’m sure”
and tells Barnabas she’ll be down in a minute after she checks her
veil. Barnabas leaves. A few seconds after, the door suddenly
slams shut. Angelique asks, “Who is it? Barnabas?” and goes to
open the door but finds it locked. She demands, “Who has locked
this door?” She senses something and exclaims, “Something is in
this room with me! I can feel the presence of someone! Who is it?
Where are you?” She turns and sees the ghost of Jeremiah standing
by the window and demands, “What do you want? Why do you haunt
me? Why? Why? Can’t you speak?” The ghost replies, “You summoned
me!” Angelique replies, “No, I did not summon you! I did not
want you here tonight”, but the ghost says, “You summoned me!
You summoned me from my grave! You disturbed my rest! You called
to me! You disturbed my rest!” Angelique tells the ghoust, “I do
not need you! Return to your grave and rest!”, but the ghost
replies, “You robbed me of my rest! I was at peace when you called
to me…” Angelique again tells him, “I do not need you now! Go
back to your grave and rest there!”, but the ghost replies, “I
cannot! My rest has been disturbed! You brought me back from the
land of the dead. You disturbed my rest. You must be punished!”
Angelique screams, “No!!!!!”, but the ghost tells her, “You showed
me no mercy, I will show you none!”
The clock on the living room mantel shows 9:00. Barnbas,
Ben and the Reverend Bland wait for Angelique. Barnabas,
tells the Reverend, “I don’t know what’s taking her so long.
She said she was just going to check her veil”
Jeremiah, laughing maniacally, takes Angelique to his grave.
Barnabas, Ben and the Reverend Bland continue to wait.
Barnabas is pacing around nervously.
The ghost of Jeremiah commands, “Angelique, open your
eyes!” Angelique does so and asks, “Where…” Jeremiah tells her,
“You are in my grave!” Angelique exclaims, “Grave?!” Jeremiah
says, “I was at peace here until you disturbed me!” and starts to
throw dirt on her. Angelique screams, “NO! NOOOOOOOOOO!”
Episode 397
Worldvision Rerun 185
Tape Date: December 27, 1967 (ABC #2-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 2, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

At the old house, Barnabas, Ben and the Reverend Bland
continue to wait. Barnabas is getting very agitated. The
Reverend tries to reassure him, “Now, now, Mr. Collins, in
all the wedding I’ve performed, and there must have been over
a thousand, I’ve never known the bride to be on time. I can’t
start yet anyway. None of the guests have arrived”. Barnabas tells
him, “There will be no guests”. The Reverend startst to say,
“But your mother and father…” Barnabas tells him, “They won’t
be here”. The Reverend remarks, “That’s unusual. Are they away?”
Barnabas replies, “No”. The Reverend asks, “Is one of them ill,
perhaps?” Barnabas replies, “They’re quite well. I must see what’s
keeping Angelique” and goes upstairs. The reverend asks Ben, “Is
there any reason the parents aren’t coming?” Ben replies, “Aye”.
The Reverend asks, “Perhaps they disapprove of the union?”, but
Ben just replies, “It’s for them to tell you.” Suddenly, Ben hears
Angelique’s voice calling him, “Ben! Ben! Help me, Ben!” Ben
asks, “Where are you?” The reverend, who does not hear Angelique’s
voice, thinking Ben is talking to him, replies, “Right here,
of course. Have you been drinking spirits?” The voice continues
to call, “Help! Help!” Ben sees an image of Angelique at
Jeremiah’s grave and runs off. Barnabas comes back downstairs.
The Reverend exclaims, “Mr. Collins, I demand an explanation!”
Barnabas asks, “An explanation for what?” The Reverend explains,
“Your man, he just ran off!” Barnabas replies, “I have no
explanation for anything anymore. There will be no wedding here
tonight”. The Reverend asks, “Does the bride agree with that?”
Barnabas replies, “The bride is not in her room”. Naomi comes.
Barnabas tells her, “Angelique is gone”.
Ben goes to the cemetary. Angelique is lying on the ground
besides Jeremiah’s grave crying. Ben touches her. Angelique
gives a start, then sees it’s Ben and says, “Oh! I thought it
was him! Oh, Ben! Oh, Ben! The ghost! The ghost!” Ben asks,
“Mr. Jeremiah?” Angelique replies, “Yes. I summoned him, and
now he won’t go back! He won’t leave me alone! He brought me
here!” Ben laughs, but Angelique warns him, “You’re my servant.
He’ll turn on you too!” Ben, frightened, says, “You’ll make him go
away!” Angelique tells him, “I can’t control him!” Ben, frightened,
says, “Let’s go, then!” Angelique announces, “Oh, Ben, I’m going
to change, I’m going to be different. I won’t ever make anyone
unhappy again! I swear!” Suddenly, the air fills with laughter.
Angelique exclaims, “He’s back!” Jeremiah’s ghost materializes
and slowly rises from behind a gravestone. Ben and Angelique flee.
The ghost calls after them, “Come back! You cannot escape me!
Angelique is back at the old house. Naomi is in the room with
her. She tells Angelique, “I would never have believe you if I
hadn’t seen that bandaged face in the window. Why is this
happening? Are you sure you want to go through with the wedding?”
Angelique replies, “There WILL be a wedding! Can’t you see if
Barnabas and I must marry tonight before something else happens?
I’ll make him very happy!” Naomi says, “I believe you. That’s why
I’m here. Now what are you wearing?” Angelique shows her the dress
she’s planning to wear and says, “This. It’s the closest thing I
have to a wedding dress.” Naomi opens a box, takes out a wedding
dress, and hands it to Angelique, then gives her some jewelry to
wear. Angelique starts to cry. Naomi tells her, “Don’t cry. Try
not to think about what’s happened”. Angelique replies, “I’m not
crying because of that. I’m crying from happiness. I’m happy for
the first time in my life. I’ll never forget your kindness!”
Downstairs, the Reverend remarks on Joshua’s generous donations
to the church and tries to get Barnabas to tell him why Joshua
isn’t going to be at the wedding, but Barnabas is evasive. Suddenly,
there is a gust of wind from the window. The Reverend remarks,
“It’s just the wind” and goes to close the window, but then
exclaims, “But the window is closed!!!” More supernatural
things happen. Furniture is knocked down by an unseen force.
The chandelier rattles. The Reverend exclaims, “Something’s
very wrong in this house, Mr. Collins! I don’t think I can
perform the service here!”, but Barnabas sternly tells him,
“There will be a wedding and you will stay, Reverend!”
The wedding ceremony starts. The only people there are
Barnabas, Angelique, the Reverend, Naomi and Ben. The Reverend
marries Barnabas and Angelique with the usual ceremony, asking
Barnabas, “Do you, Barnabas Collins, take this woman….”.
Barnabas replies, “I do”. The Reverend then asks Angelique,
“Do you, Angelique Bouchard, take this man…”. Angelique
replies, “I do”. Barnabas puts a ring on Angelique’s finger.
The Reverend announces, “With the powers vested in me, I now
pronounce you man and wife”. Barnabas and Angelique kiss. The
Reverend says, “I congratulate you both”. Naomi tells Barnabas,
“Love her, Barnabas, and be happy!” Barnabas says, “Champagne!
Ben, get some champagne!” Ben leaves to do so. Barnabas tells
the Reverend, “Stay and drink with us, Reverend!”, but Reverend
Bland replies, “No, I’d best be getting back. The wife will
be missing me. Best wishes” and leaves.
Angelique is babbling to Naomi, “We should have had flowers.
I love flowers. There are so many flowers where I come from”.
Naomi replies, “I should have brought some”, but Angelique protests,
“No, I should have arranged for some. Anyway, it couldn’t have been
more beautiful. I’m so happy!” Ben returns bearing a tray with a
bottle of champagne and some champagne glasses on it. Barnabas
takes the bottle of champagne and tells Ben to distribute the
glasses. Ben does so. Barnabas opens the champagne. He goes to
Angelique to give her the honor of the first glass. But when he
pours, a red liquid comes out. Barnabas takes Angelique’s glass,
inspects the red liquid it contains, and exclaims, “This isn’t
champagne! It’s blood!!!” Angelique exclaims, “Blood?!?!?”
She hear’s Jeremiah’s laughter, which no one else seems to
hear, and runs off.
Ben and Naomi are alone downstairs. Ben is telling Naomi
he’ll escort her back to the new house. Barnabas comes back
downstairs. Naomi asks, “How is she?” Barnabas replies, “All
right”. Naomi moans, “Why is this happening? Why do we deserve
this?” Barnabas replies, “We don’t”, but Naomi continues, “We
must be guilty of something to be punished like this! Pride…”
Angelique is up in her new room pacing around nervously.
Suddenly, the room is filled with a tinkling music. She asks,
“Who’s playing that?” and looks around puzzled. She remarks,
“It’s in this room, but it can’t be! There’s no music box in here.
I would’ve seen it before”. Thinking it might be Jeremiah’s
ghost, she calls, “Are you in this room? I must not be afraid!”
She notices a gift box sitting on a table and remarks, “I’ve
never seen that before! It wasn’t in here this afternoon!” She
opens it and find a music box inside. She takes it out and wonders,
“A music box! But how did it start playing in the package?” Barnabas
comes in, sees Angelique holding the music box and exclaims,
“Where did you get that?” Angelique replies, “It was there on
the bureau”. Barnabas angrily demands, “Give it to me!” Angelique
asks, “Why?” Barnabas replies, “I don’t need to give you a reason!
Give it to me!” Angelique asks, “It’s hers, isn’t it? It’s
Josette’s!” Barnabas replies, “It’s mine!” Angelique continues,
“But you bought it for HER! Why is it here?” Barnabas replies,
“I don’t know! It won’t be here for long!” and takes it from her.
Angelique angrily says, “You bought it for her, didn’t you? You
still love her!” Barnabas leaves. The door slams behind him. Angry,
Angelique runs after him and opens the door, only to find
Jeremiah’s ghost standing outside. Angelique tries to cast a
spell ordering him back to the grave in the name of Be’elzebub,
the the ghost replies, “No! He has no power over me!” Angelique
asks, “Who has? Who has power over you now?”, but the ghost just
announces, “You will not rest!” Angelique demands, “Tell me!
Who has power over you now? Tell me!”, but the ghost vanishes…
Episode 398
Worldvision Rerun 186
Tape Date: December 28, 1967 (ABC #3-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 3, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Angelique is in the living room. She thinks to herself, “I will
not be able to sleep until I find a way to sent the ghost of
Jeremiah back to his grave. Why did he turn on me? He must be
under the control of someone else! But who could it be? I must
try to rest or I’ll lose my mind!” She goes up the stairs.
Vicky is hiding in a room upstairs. Angelique comes by outside
in the hallway. Hearing someone outside, Vicky becomes frightened
and accidently knocks something over. Outside, Angelique hears
the noise and calls, “Who is in there? Jeremiah? Why don’t you
go away? Why don’t you leave me alone? I am not afraid of you,
do you understand? I am not!” She opens the door, goes in and
exclaims, “Vicky! What are you doing here?” Vicky replies, “I’m
very sorry if I startled you.” Angelique tells her, “You didn’t
startle me. I just didn’t know you were in this room”. Vicky asks,
“Who did you think was in here? I thought I heard you say
‘Jeremiah'”. Angelique replies, “That’s absurd! Jeremiah’s dead!”
Vicky asks, “Didn’t Barnabas tell you I was here? He’s letting me
hide here from Reverend Trask”. Angelique remarks, “Very kind of
him. Strange he didn’t tell me. Barnabas and I are married now”.
Vicky exclaims, “Married?! When did you get married?” Angelique
asks, “You seem shocked and surprised. Why?” Vicky replies,
“I suppose because it’s happened so suddenly” and asks,
“Angelique, are you upset about something?” Angelique replies,
“No, why should I be upset?” Vicky replies, “You seem different.
I hope it’s not because you’re unhappy I’m in the house”.
Angelique replies, “I have no say in that. Barnabas is the
master of the house, and I only the mistress. But I don’t object
to you being here. I’m sorry if I made you feel unwelcome.”
Vicky tells her, “I’m very glad I can stay here. If I had to
leave, I don’t know where I’d go”. Angelique says, “I’m very
happy you’re here. I want you to stay as long as you want. I’ve
been quetioned by Reverend Trask too, and I know what an ordeal
it can be. I want you to have refuge here as long as you want.
Trask will never find out you’re here. Unless someone tells him,
and no one will do that”.
Barnabas comes down into the living room and finds Angelique
sitting there. He asks her, “How long have you been up?”
She replies, “All night. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t, so
I spent all night roaming the house. Barnabas, I discovered
you have a guest here”. Barnabas replies, “I see”. Angelique
continues, “I was quite shocked to find out you were hiding
another woman in the house”. Barnabas tells her, “I was going
to tell you, but so much has been happening I didn’t get the
chance to”. Angelique asks, “Why is she here?” Barnabas explains,
“I’m hiding her from Reverend Trask”. Angelique asks, “Are you
sure that’s the only reason?” Barnabas replies, “What other
reason could I have? Could it be you’re jealous of Miss Winters?
That’s absurd!” Angelique asks, “Then why are you hiding her?
Why are you taking the risk?” Barnabas replies, “Because I don’t
like fanatics like Trask and because I do not believe in witchcraft.
Even if I did, I wouln’t believe she’s the witch. Even a witch
needs a motive, and she has no motive to harm the family. You don’t
believe she’s the witch, do you?” Angelique replies, “I wouldn’t
know. I know nothing of witches”. Barnabas asks, “Then why are
you so upset she’s here?” Angelique replies, “I’m only upset you
didn’t tell me”. He apoligizes to her. They make up. Barnabas
remarks, “Now that you know about Miss Winters, I trust you won’t
tell anyone”. Angelique replies, “I won’t”. Barnabas tells
Angelique he has to go out to look for work, but will be back
in a few hours. They kiss. Barnabas leaves. As Angelique looks
out the window watching him go, she thinks to herself, “No,
Barnabas, I will not tell a soul that Vicky is here. But that
does not mean that no one will find out…
Ben is tending the fire at the old house. Angelique is
pacing around behind him. When Ben finishes, Angelique tells
him, “Ben, there’s something I want you to do. I want you to
go to Collinwood, go into Abigail’s room, and get that black
ribbon she uses to tie her hair”. Ben protests, “I can’t do
that! I’ll be caught! Going into Jeremiah’s room is one thing.
I could talk myself out of that if I were caught, but Abigail’s
room is different! I can’t take a chance like that!” Angelique
complains, “Why do you always try to get away from it? You know
you have no choice!” Ben asks, “What’s so important about a
black ribbon? What are you going to do now?” Angelique replies,
“I’m going to cast a spell on Abigail. I want her to have a
dream”. Ben asks, “A nightmare?” Angelique replies, “No, a
dream that will be a revelation. In the dream, she will see
one of the rooms in this house, and in the room she’ll see the
witch she’s been looking for. She will see Victoria Winters!”
Ben asks, “Why? What has she ever done to you?” Angelique
replies, “It may surprise you, Ben, but maybe Victoria Winters
IS a witch! Strange things have been happening in this
house…” She tells him about losing control of Jeremiah’s
ghost, and her suspicion that someone else has wrested control
of him from her. She adds, “And as long as she’s free, the
witch hunt will go on”. Ben remarks, “And there’s a danger
they’ll find the real witch around here – you!” Angelique replies,
“Yes, Ben, but as soon as they catch Vicky, the witch hunt will
be over. Go get the ribbon, Ben! I will protect you!” Ben leaves.
Angelique senses telepathically what Ben is doing, and
tells him, “Do not be afraid Ben! Remember, be in and out
of the room quickly, and bring the black ribbon back to me!”
Ben sneaks into Collinwood through the front doors (!).
He listens at the closed drawing room doors to hear who’s
inside, looks around a bit, then goes upstairs.
Ben knocks at the door to Abigail’s room and, receiving
no answer, goes in, knowing no one’s in there. Once inside,
he starts to search through various drawers for the black
ribbon. Finally, he finds it and mutters, “This must be
what she wants”. He turns to leave, but just as he does,
the door opens and Abigail walks into the room.
At the old house, Angelique senses, “Something has happened!
Something is wrong! Ben is in some kind of trouble, but what?
What has happened to him? He is not alone in the room! Someone
has discovered him!!!”
Abigail demands, “Ben Stokes! What are you doing in my
room?” Ben stammers, “Nothing, Miss Abigail…” Abigail asks,
“You came here to steal something, didn’t you?” Ben replies, “No!”
Abigail asks, “What is that you have there in you hand?” Ben
replies, “Just a piece of ribbon”. Abigail asks, “And how much
have you stuffed in your pockets?” Ben replies, “Nothing! I’m
telling you the truth!” Abigail asks, “If you tell the truth,
then why are you a convict? If you’re not stealing, then what are
you doing in this room?” Ben begs, “Miss Abigail, have a little
mercy!”, but Abigail replies, “I show no mercy to thieves”.
Ben says, “I can’t tell you why I’m here even if I tried!”
Abigail replies, “If you can’t tell me, you can tell my brother
Joshua”. Ben begs, “Please! No! He’ll have me sent back to
prison!” Abigail replies, “He’ll do more than that. He’ll have
a few years added to your sentence”. Ben begs, “Please, Miss
Abigail, I had to come here! I had no choice! The witch!
She made me come here! She wanted me to…” Suddenly, his
vocal cords freeze up and he is unable to speak. Abigail asks,
“Ben! What did the witch tell you! Ben, speak up!!!”, but to no
avail. Ben cannot speak.
Angelique is looking out the window of the old house,
Episode 399
Worldvision Rerun 187
Tape Date: December 29, 1967 (ABC #4-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 4, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Angelique thinks to herself, “I stopped him just before
he said my name! But he said one word before I stopped him,
one word which no one must ever associate with my name:
Witch!” She takes a stick, lights it in the fireplace,
lights some candles with it, then proceeds to cast a spell.
“There is one name I will make ready to receive the word witch.
And what is that name? Answer me!” A ghostly female voice
answers, “Victoria. Victoria Winters!” Angelique echoes, “Yes!
Victoria Winters! And now, let me hear her voice call a little
Sarah is in the foyer of Collinwood. Suddenly, she hears
Vicky’s voice calling, “Sarah! Sarah! Can you hear me?” Sarah
asks, “Miss Winters?” The voice replies, “Yes. It is Miss Winters.”
Sarah asks, “Where are you? I can’t see you”. The voice replies,
“Come to the old house!” Sarah protests, “But I’m not supposed
to”, but the voice continues, “Come! Come to the old house! Come!
At the old house, Angelique is saying, “Yes, come! Come!”,
imitating Vicky’s voice and causing Sarah to hear it.
A little later, Joshua and Abigail come into the foyer,
which is empty, Sarah having left it. Joshua says, “Of course
I heard what Ben said, I’m not deaf!” Abigail asks, “And what
are you going to do about it?” Joshua replies, “I’ve just done
it. I’ve locked him up”. Abigail complains, “But he said…”,
but Joshua interrupts, “I know, he said the witch sent him”.
Abigail asks, “And you’re not going to do anything about it?”
Joshua replies, “He was prepared to say anything to save himself
from a charge of stealing”. Abigail points out, “He was in my
room, trying to steal something from me, the black ribbon I use
to tie up my hair at night. Something as personal as that is
exactly what is needed to cast a spell on someone!”, but Joshua
just replies, “Come on, Abigail! He was probably just looking for
something valuable and happened to be moving it out of the way!”
Abigail says, “I know where the witch must be! Ben came from the
old house! We must search there”, but Joshua replies, “I can’t go
to the old house! I’ve sworn never to go there!” Abigail sees
Sarah come down into the foyer, dressed to go out. She goes out
into the foyer and asks her, “Where are you going?” Sarah replies,
“To see my governess, Miss Winters”. Joshua, who’s come out into
the foyer too, tells her, “Miss Winters has gone away”. Sarah
protests, “But she called me. I was playing here and I heard a
voice call me and tole me to come to the old house”. Abigail asks,
“You heard her voice calling you but you didn’t see her?” Sarah
replies, “Yes.” Abigail asks, “And the voice told you to come to
the old house?” Sarah replies, “Yes”. Joshua tells his daughter,
“Sarah, go back to your room”, but Abigail tells him, “No, Joshua.
Let her go. Here is our chance!” She turns to Sarah and tells
her, “Run along, child! Go find your governess!” Sarah leaves.
Abigail excitedly says, “Come, Joshua!”
At the old house, Angelique is snuffing out the candles
she lit to cast her spell. Barnabas returns and is surprised
to see her doing this. He asks, “Angelique, what on earth are
you doing? What are you doing with all those candles in the middle
of the day?” Angelique replies, “Snuffing them out, of course”.
Barnabas asks, “But what were you doing lighting in the middle of
the day?” Angelique laughs and replies, “If you could have seen it,
you wouldn’t have believed the spectacle. Your wife was crawling
about like a cat, looking for a brooch. I lit those candles so
I could see better. I was frantic! I love that brooch so much!
It’s a gift from the mother of my loving husband”. Sarah comes
in through the front doors calling, “Miss Winters! Miss Winters!”
Barnabas asks, “Sarah! What are you doing here?” Sarah replies,
“I came to find Miss Winters”. Barnabas asks, “Miss Winters?”
Abigail and Joshua come in. Abigail says, “Yes. Miss Winters”.
Barnabas says to Joshua, “Hello, Father”. Angelique asks, “Would
you like to sit down. I could prepare some tea for everone”, but
Abigail replies, “No, we did not come for tea. Where is she?
Tell them, Sarah, tell them who you came to find”. Sarah replies,
“Miss Winters”. Barnabas tells Sarah, “But Sarah, you know she
went away!” Sarah protests, “But I heard her calling me! She told
me to come here!” Abigail asks, “Is she here?” Barnabas replies,
“Of course not!” Abigail tells him she doesn’t believe him and
demands to be allowed to search the house. Barnabas denies that
Vicky is there and refuses to let her do so. They argue. Suddenly,
they notice that Sarah is gone. Abigail exclaims, “Where is she?
Where has she gone?” Joshua asks Barnabas, “I’m sure you’ll allow
us to look for my daughter.” Barnabas reluctantly replies, “Of
course”. Abigail contines to talk about witches, and tells Barnabas
about catching Ben in her room.
Upstairs, Sarah has found Vicky and is talking with her in the
room she’s hiding in, telling her, “I heard you! I heard you
calling me! I missed you. Why are you living here? Why can’t you
live with me and give me my lessons?” Vicky replies, “I can’t
explain that to you right now”. Sarah begs, “Please, I’ve been
so lonely, I never see my brother Barnabas anymore, and I never see
you”. Vicky replies, “I’m sorry, but I can’t”. Sarah asks, “It’s
because of Aunt Abigail, isn’t it? I shouldn’t have told her you
were here”. Vicky exclaims, “You told her I was here?!” Sarah
replies, “Yes. She and Father are downstairs right now”. Vicky,
hearing this, becomes terrified. Sarah, seeing Vicky’s fear, tells
her, “I know a place where no one will find you. It’s a little
room in the attic everyone’s forgotten about”. She checks outside
to see that no one’s in the hallway. Vicky tells her, “Promise to
to tell no one you’ve seen me. Especially Aunt Abigail”. Sarah
replies, “I promise”. They leave, Sarah leading the way. They are
just in time. A few seconds later, Abigail’s voice comes calling,
“Sarah! Come here, child!”, followed by Joshua’s voice calling,
“Sarah! Where are you?”
Later, Abigail has found Sarah and is questioning her upstairs,
“You know what happens to little girls who tell lies, don’t you?”
Sarah replies, “Yes, Ma’am”. Abigail continues, “You know
terrible punishments lie in wait for little girls who tell lies,
especially to their elders, don’t you?” Sarah replies, “Yes,
Ma’am”. Abigail asks, “I will ask you one last time, have you
seen Miss Winters?” Sarah lies, “No, Ma’am”. Abigail gives up,
“Very well. I hope for your sake you’re telling the truth.
I shudder to think of what happens to little girls who don’t
tell the truth”.
In the living room, Barnabas tells Joshua, “You can see Miss
Winters is not here”. Joshua replies, “I apoligize for the intrusion”.
Barnabas remarks, “I’m surprised you share Aunt Abigail’s hysteria”.
Joshua replies, “My children are very important to me. I hate to see
a child of mine come to harm.” He glances at Angelique and adds, “Or
disgrace”. This clearly upsets Angelique. Abigail comes down with
Sarah. She announces, “Trask must be sent for immediately!” Barnabas
exclaims, “Trask?!” Abigail continues, “In spite of what the
child has said, I believe Miss Winters is in the house.” Barnabas
protests, “But you searched it yourself and didn’t find her here”.
Abigail replies, “A witch has powers to hide herself. The rite of
exorcism must be perfomed to drive her out!” Barnabas refuses,
“I will not let that fraud in my house!” Abigail exclaims, “He
is not a fraud! He’s a man of God!” Joshua suggests to Barnabas,
“Let him come and perform his mumbo jumbo and get it this all over
with. When it fails, he’ll have to go”. Angelique tells Barnabas,
“Your father’s right, Barnabas”. Barnabas finally agrees, “Very
well, it’s against all my priniciples, but I’ll agree”. Abigail
trimphantely announces, “It will save us all!” Joshua says,
“Thank you, Barnabas. Goodbye” and turns to leave. Sarah asks,
“Can we come back some other time?” Joshua replies, “I think it
would be best not to. Come along”. They leave. Angelique grumbles
to Barnabas about how badly Joshua treated him, then asks,
“Are you going to let them go through with it, the exorcism?”
Barnabas replies, “Yes” and goes upstairs. Angelique lights a
stick and lights some candles once more and thinks to herself,
“What a surprise it will be for all of them, especially for that
fraud who calls himself a Reverend. Won’t they be surprised when
they find someone who appears to be the witch”. A ghostly voice
says, “Vicky! Vicky Winters!” Angelique echoes, “Yes, Vicky
Episode 400
Worldvision Rerun 188
Tape Date: January 1, 1968 (ABC #5-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 5, 1968 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Angelique is in her old room in the servant’s quarters
doing something with a deck of Tarot Cards. She talks to the
cards, “It’s been a long time since I’ve had work for you!” She
starts to build a house of cards, and continues to talk to them,
“With your help, I will rid this house not only of a young and
beautiful enemy, but of all suspicion to myself. The Reverend
Trask will find his witch! She will come running to him. The
moment is almost here!”
Barnabas and Vicky are in her room. Vicky exclaims, “Reverend
Trask is coming to this house?!” Barnabas replies, “He’ll be here
any moment”. Vicky asks, “You’re not going to turn me over to
him, are you?” Barnabas replies, “No”. Vicky asks, “Then why is
he coming here?” Barnabas explains, “I’m going to let him go
through with his rite of exorcism. I’m going to let him go
through with his mumbo jumbo. When it fails, he’ll have to admit
defeat and this will be all over”. Vicky tells Barnabas, “I’m
afraid to be in the same house with him. I wish I could get back
to my own time”. Barnabas asks, “Are you sure you didn’t imagine
all that?” Vicky insists it’s true, then says, “I’d better get
back to the secret room in the attic”, but Barnabas tells her,
“That won’t be necessary. Trask will not be coming up here. The
ritual will be performed at the threshold. According to the belief,
all witches in a house must cross the threshhold at the climax of
the ceremony. You will be safe when this is over”. Vicky suddenly
gives a start. Barnabas asks, “What’s the matter?” Vicky asks,
“Didn’t you feel it? A sudden cold..”, but Barnabas replies, “No,
I didn’t feel a thing”. Vicky remarks, “I suppose it’s because I’m
frightened”. Barnabas assures her, “Remember, you are completely
Angelique is in her old room saying, “First the chilling cold,
then the fire!” Looking at the house of cards she’s built,
she remarks, “That room is here, completely in my power!”
Trask has arrived and is arguing with Barnabas in the living room
of the Old House. He demands, “Surrender the witch to me!” Barnabas
replies, “As far as I know, there’s no witch in this house”.
Trask insists, “Miss Collins has convinced me there is.
Surrender her to me before I am forced to expose and catch her!”
Barnabas asks, “Don’t you want to go through with your exorcism?
I thought you’d enjoy it”. Trask angrily exclaims, “The rite of
exorcism is a terrible thing! Surrender the witch to me!”
Barnabas insists, “There is no witch in this house!” Trask
replies, “Then I must perform the rite of exorcism!” Barnabas
tells him, “You will not go past this room”. Trask replies,
“There is no need for me to. From here, my power reaches to
the utmost reaches of this house!” He goes to the front doors,
opens them and announces, “The next person to cross this
threshold will be one who possesses the power of evil!” Barnabas
disdainfully says, “If you’ll excuse me, I have better things to
do” and leaves.
Trask takes out what looks like some sort of divining
rod and starts the exorcism, “I give warning to the powers
of darkness that the powers of light are at hand! Victoria
Winters! Victoria Winters! The powers of light have come to
do battle with the powers of darkness! Your destruction is
at hand!” He takes out a piece of yellow chalk and draws
a circle on the pavement outside the front doors. Inside
the circle he writes a “V”.
Upstairs in her room, Vicky hears Trask shouting, “Victoria
Winters! Victoria Winters! Come forth! Surrender yourself to
the powers of light! Victoria Winters! Let the witch come forth!”
In Angelique’s room, Angelique starts to cast a spell, “I call
upon the heart of fire that burns within the heard of ice, the
fire that freezes and does not consume itself. I call it into
this room of my own construction. Heart of fire, heart of ice,
freezing in eye of coldest evil, burn! Come to me and burn!”
She sets the house of cards afire and commands, “Burn! Burn! Burn!”
In Vicky’s room, Vicky peers out the window and fearfully
listens to Trask shouting, “Vicky Winters! Let the witch come
forth!” A fire starts behind her.
Outside, Trask writes a “W” in the circle beside the “V”
and shouts, “Vicky Winters! The dust now has your name! Come
forth to the threshhold! Cross from the darkness into the light!”
In Angelique”s room, Angelique continues to chant,
“Eye of fire, heart of fire! I command you, burn, burn, burn!”
In Vicky’s room, Vicky turns around and is startled to
see a fire in her room. She take a blanket and manages to
smother it. She hears Trask outside shouting, “Come forth before
the consuming fire drives you out!” She turns and sees another
fire, screams, “No!!! It can’t be!!!”, and tries to smother it
with a quilt, but the fire won’t go out.
Barnabas is walking through a hallway outside Angelique’s
old room in the servant’s quarters. He hears a voice inside
chanting, “Heart of fire that burns in the heart of ice!”
Puzzled, he mutters, “Angelique?”, but before he can can investigate
further, he hear Vicky’s voice shouting, “HELP! FIRE! FIRE!”
and runs off to help her.
Outside, Trask has lit the ends of his divining rod and
calls, “Victoria Winters! Your name is now known to the fire!
Come forth! You will be…”
Barnabas runs into Vicky’s room shouting, “What is it?”,
but finds that the room is empty.
Trask shouts, “Come forth! Come forth! You are summoned by
the fire of everlasting light!” Vicky comes running down the
stairs screaming, “Fire! Fire” and runs out the front door. Trask
grabs her, triumphantly announces, “I have the witch! I have the
witch!” and drags her off.
Angelique and Barnabas are standing outside the front doors.
Barnabas remarks, “I don’t understand. I just don’t understand.
Where is Reverend Trask? He’s gone”. Angelique suggests, “Maybe
this foolishness is over”. Barnabas tells her, “But Miss Winters
is gone, too. Where is she? I heard her call, ‘FIRE!’, but when I
got to her room, she wasn’t there. There was no evidence of a fire,
and now I can’t find her anywhere in the house”. Angelique
remarks, “You don’t think…No, that’s impossible. There’s
no such thing as a witch. But so much has happened that can’t
be explained”. Barnabas replies, “I just don’t believe in
witchcraft. But it would explain everything so easily. Miss
Winters, a witch? Did you hear her shout ‘Fire!’?” Angelique
replies, “No, I was on the other side of the house in the sewing
room. I couldn’t hear her from there”. Barnabas, looking puzzled,
says, “But I thought I heard your voice coming from your old room”.
Angelique replies, “Old room? Why would I be in there?” Barnabas
insists, “I thought I heard your voice”, but Angelique replies,
“No, I was in the sewing room”. She sees that Barnabas has a
funny expression on his face and asks, “What’s the matter,
Barnabas?” Barnabas replies, “Nothing. I thought I heard your
voice coming from your old room, but I must have been mistaken”.
Angelique says, “We’re both exhausted. I think I’l go up and rest
for awhile” and goes upstairs.
Barnabas thinks to himself, “Heart of fire burning in the
heart of ice. Such strange words. She was in there, saying that.
I heard her. She said she was in the sewing room, but I
searched the sewing room when I was searching for Miss Winters,
and she was not in there. Why did she lie to me? Is it possible?
NO! I can’t believe that! Not my wife! That strange girl who says
she’s from the future, yes, but not my wife! Not my wife!”
Angelique returns to her old room, and remarks to the
ashes of the cards, “You have done well! You heard the
reverend. ‘I have the witch! I have the witch!'”.
Barnabas continues to think, “‘I was sent by the witch’.
That’s what Ben said when he was caught. Does he know who
the witch is? Can he tell me? I’ve got to find out! There is
a witch. I know that now. But who? Who is she?”
In her room, Angelique remarks, “Victoria Winters is the
witch! Everyone believes that now, even Barnabas!” She takes
a handful of card ashes in her hands, crushes them and says,
“Perhaps some old customs should be revived. We all know what
the fate of witches should be! Ashes! Ashes!”
Episode 401
Worldvision Rerun 189
Tape Date: January 2, 1968 (ABC #6-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 8, 1968 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas goes downstairs to the cellar of the new house,
opens the door to a cell, and steps inside. Inside, he finds
Ben sleeping and awakens him. Ben asks, “Mr. Barnabas! What
are you doing here?” Barnabas replies, “I have to talk to you”.
Ben protests, “But your father ordered you never to set foot
in this house!” Barnabas explains, “I bribed a servant to let
me in”. Ben asks, “What for?” Barnabas replies, “I have a
question for you. I want you to answer truthfully. What were
you doing in Aunt Abigail’s room? You said you were sent by the
witch. What did you mean?” Ben lies, “Nothing. It was only an
excuse I made up to cover stealing”. Barnabas asks, “You only
went there to rob her?” Ben lies, “Yes”, but Barnabas replies,
“I don’t believe you. You were sent by the witch. Who is she? There
are only two possiblities, Vicky Winters, a girl we know little
about, or Angelique, my wife!” Ben asks, “How can you suspect your
own wife?” Barnabas replies, “Because of something that’s
happened.” Ben asks, “What?” Barnabas replies, “Never mind.
Who sent you to Aunt Abigail’s room?” Ben insists, “No one. I
went to rob her”. Barnabas points out, “But what has Aunt Abigail
have to steal? She has no jewelry. She believes they’re the Devil’s
temptation.” Ben replies “Money”, but Barnabas replies, “But Aunt
Abigail has none. She’s the poorest member of the family. Why are
you afraid, Ben?” Ben likes, “I’m not afraid”. Barnabas asks,
“Are you afraid of the person who sent you?” Ben says, “You don’t
believe in witches. You said so yourself”, but Barnabas replies,
“Strange things have been happening. I’m beginning to believe
in the forces of evil”. He asks again, “Is Vicky Winters the
witch?” Ben does not answer. Barnabas tells him that Vicky’s
been arrested for witchcraft and tells him, “If Trask has his
way, she’ll be sentenced to death. Is she the witch?” Ben refuses
to answer. Barnabas grabs him and tells him, “If you know otherwise
and don’t tell, you’ll be responsible for her death.” Ben shouts,
“I know nothing! Leave me alone! Let go! Let go!”, panics, grabs
a bottle, hits Barnabas over the head with it, knocking him out,
then apoligizes, “I didn’t mean to do that, but I had to!” to the
unsconcious Barnabas, then flees.
Joshua goes down to the cellar and into the cell. Barnabas,
who has now regained consciousness, says, “Father!” Joshua replies,
“I couldn’t believe my ears when Riggs said you were locked in the
cell! I can’t believe it! You helped Ben escape!” Barnabas replies,
“I did not come to help Ben escape. I had to talk to him.” Joshua
asks, “Why do you want to talk to a thief? He was in Abigail’s
room with no explanation”. Barnabas points out, “He did give an
explanation. He said he was sent by the witch”. Joshua asks,
“What are you suggesting? Are you saying you believe him? Are
you telling me you believe in witches, black magic and voodoo? I
thought I raised you to have more sense than that!” Barnabas
counters, “You must admit the possiblility of the supernatural
exists”. Joshua says, “If there is a witch, she has been caught”.
Barnabas exclaims, “Father! You can’t seriously believe Miss
Winters is a witch!” Joshua replies, “I’m not sure of anything
anymore. All I know is that this family has been seized by madness,
and I want to put an end to it!” Barnabas exclaims, “Trask is a
charlaton! Are you going to let a girl be put to death on the word
of a charlatan?” Joshua replies, “Her guilt or innocence is up to
the court”. Barnabas begs, “You are the most influential man in
the community. You can use your influence to help her”, but Joshua
refuses, says, “Now, good night, son!” and leaves.
Barnabas is pacing around in the courtroom. The jailer
brings Vicky out. Vicky exclaims, “Mr. Collins! It’s so good
to see you!” Barnabas asks, “Are you all right?” Vicky replies,
“Yes”. Barnabas notes, “You look pale”. Vicky replies, “I’m
frightened. I don’t know what going to happen. They’re talking
about a trial”. Barnabas assures her, “I will do everything I
can to help you”, and asks, “Did Trask harm you?” Vicky replies,
“No, he only brought me here. He kept saying, ‘I have the witch!'”.
Barnabas tells her, “I will help you, but you must do something
for me. You must tell me everything that happened after I left
you in the room”. Vicky tells him about the fires. Barnabas tells
her, “I heard you shouting, ‘Fire!’, and ran to your room, but saw
on evidence of a fire, no ashes.” Vicky insists, “But there was a
fire! The whole room was burning!”, and dejectedly says, “I know
what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I ran from the room because
I AM a witch and Trask made me see the fire!” Barnabas replies, “I
don’t know what to believe. I only know you say you saw fire and I
found no evidence of a fire”. Vicky remarks, “Now that I think of
it, there was something strange about that fire. When I was trying
to put it out, I accidently put my hand in it, but I wasn’t burned.
There was a coldness there. I felt as though I was touching a cake
of ice”. Barnabas, a strange look suddenly appearing on his face,
asks, “What did you say?” Vicky replies, “There was no heat, just
the feeling of cold”. Barnabas mutters, “Fire and ice. Fire like
ice. Heart of fire burning in the heart of ice”. Vicky asks,
“What?” Vicky replies, “Never mind. I know now that you are not
a witch. I had my doubts about you, but I have them no longer. I
will do everything I can to help you”. The jailer comes and takes
Vicky away. Barnabas thinks to himself, “Heart of fire, fire that
burns in the heart of ice. Those were the words Angelique was
saying just before Vicky shouted ‘Fire!’. Then Angelique lied about
being in her room. Why was she saying those words? Why would she
lie? Unless… I don’t want to believe that! But only one man
knows the truth. I’ve got to find him! I’ve got to find him!”
Ben is in a shed on the waterfront, drinking something from
a jug. He hears a noise and calls out, “Who is it? Who’s there?”,
but then decides it’s nothing and says to himself, “There’s
nothing out there. No one can find me here. When it’s light, I’ll
go somewhere far away where no one can find me, not even HER, not
even the witch.” But Ben is wrong. Someone comes through the door.
Ben exclaims, “Barnabas!” Barnabas tells Ben, “Don’t be afraid,
Ben. No one’s with me.” Ben asks, “How did you know where to find
me?” Barnabas replies, “I guessed. No one ever comes here. I was the
one who showed you the place, remember? I came to tell you you’re
safe from the witch. She’s been caught. There’s nothing for you
to worry about.” Ben asks, “Who are you talking about?” Barnabas
replies, “Victoria Winters, of course”. Ben asks, “Is everyone
sure she’s the witch?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Ben asks, “Has
she confessed?” Barnabas replies, “She didn’t need to. The
evidence against her is overwhelming”. Ben asks, “Will she burn
or hang?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Ben remarks, “What a terrible
way to die”, but Barnabas says, “She will suffer, but she’s a
witch and must be destroyed”. Ben reminds him, “But you weren’t
so sure she was a witch when you were in the cell”. Barnabas
explains, “I had thought Angelique might be the witch, but now
I know she can’t be”. Ben asks, “Why?” Barnabas explains, “Because
of you, Ben. If she were, you would have told me. You’ve been a
loyal friend, and I know you wouldn’t put the family in danger. If
Angelique were the witch, you would’ve told because if you didn’t,
I would still be in danger, and so would everyone else in the
family – Sarah, Mother. But now we’re safe because the witch has
been caught”. Ben asks, “Supposing, just supposing, I knew who the
witch was but couldn’t do anything about it”. Barnabas asks, “What
do you mean?” Ben replies, “Supposing she had the power to stop me
if I tried to say her name?” Barnabas asks, “You mean if she had
some sort of power over your power of speech?” Ben replies, “Aye.
I would still be loyal, wouldn’t I?” Barnabas points out, “You
could still tell me. I’ve been teaching you to read and write.
Write her name. V. V for Victoria Winters.” Ben exclaims, “No! I
can’t!”, but Barnabas gently tells him, “Don’t be afraid, Ben. On
this dust on top of this barrel. Name the witch. Make her initial
in the dust on top of this barrel. ‘V’ for Vicky, ‘A’ for
Angelique”. Ben writes a letter in the dust. It is a “V”. Barnabas
asks, “V?”, but then Ben puts another stroke on the letter, a cross
stroke. Barnabas remarks, “A. A for Angelique!”
Episode 402
Worldvision Rerun 190
Tape Date: January 3, 1968 (ABC #7-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 9, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Barnabas says, “Do you know it’s true that Angelique is the
witch? You’re not just saying it to protect someone, are you? Of
course not. Sorry, Ben. Yesterday, when I was outside her
doorway listening to her say those words, I think I knew. My
wife! All she’s done, and no one’s ever suspected her! Victoria
Winters is sitting in a cell, and my wife is still practicing
witchcraft! Tell me all you know about her!” Ben replies, “I can’t
answer any questions! I’ve already told you that I can’t!”, but
Barnabas prods him, “You must! I must stop her!” Ben warns
Barnabas, “You can’t! No one can stop her!”, but Barnabas
replies, “I’ll find a way. How much of this is she responsible
for? Was she responsible for Josette and Jeremiah falling in
love?” Ben replies, “Aye.” Barnabas continues to question Ben
and learns that Angelique has been responsible for everything.
Barnabas moans, “I killed Jeremiah, my friend. I killed him
because of a love potion. And he never knew. Yet his ghost haunts
her, so he must know now. Now he knows. But it is too late.
Why has she done this?” Ben replies, “Because she loves you”.
Barnabas exclaims, “LOVE?! SHE TORE MY FAMILY APART!!”.
He turns to leave, but Ben calls out, “Wait! Be careful!”
Barnabas replies, “I don’t care what happens to me anymore”,
but Ben warns him, “Be careful, or she’ll still be with us,
harming people!” Barnabas agrees, “Yes, I’ll be careful.”
Ben tells him, “I’ll go with you”, but Barnabas replies, “No,
you must stay here, she must not suspect”. Ben asks, “Let me
do it for you! I could hide in the woods with a gun! I know the
route she takes! I’ll head west after that and start a new
life”, but Barnabas replies, “No, I must do this myself. She
has taken away my reason for living. I must do this. Tonight!”
Barnabas returns to the old house. He calls out, “Angelique!”
Receiving no answer, he takes out two glasses, then a bottle from
out of one of his pockets. He looks at the bottle and thinks to
himself, “One drop. It is said that one drop is enough to cause
death. Once she drinks it, no amount of witchcraft will save
her!” Angelique comes downstairs and asks him where he’s been.
Barnabas replies, “Running an errand in the villiage”. Angelique
remarks, “I was frightened being alone in the house. What did you
do in the village? Did you go to the shipyards?” Barnabas replies,
“No”. Angelique asks, “What did you do?” Barnabas replies,
“Nothing”. Angelique protests, “That’s not true. You must’ve
done something. You’re supposed to tell me everything now that
we’re married, you know!” Barnabas replies, “And so are
you. You start. I got chilly coming back from the village.
I think I’ll have a sherry. Will you join me?” Angelique replies
that she will, then tells Barnabas, “There is something about me
you don’t know”. Barnabas pours two glasses of sherry, his body
obscuring what he is doing from Angelique. He pours some
poison in one of them. Angelique continues, “I always thought
that once we were married…” Barnabas interrupts, “Were you
certain that that would happen?” Angelique replies, “No, I wasn’t
certain at all. I hardly dared dream it. I’m not used to asking for
things…Let’s get away from here! I want to get away from
everything that’s happened!” Barnabas replies, “I can never
forget what’s happened”. Angelique promises, “I can make you
forget! I will love you…” They are interrupted by a knock at
the door. It’s Naomi. Barnabas lets her in. She asks Barnabas, “Are
you all right? Joshua told me about Ben’s escape!” Angelique asks,
“What happened?” Naomi asks Barnabas, “You mean you didn’t tell her?”
Barnabas explains, “I was with Ben in his cell when he escaped”.
Angelique feigns ignorance and asks why Ben was incarcerated.
She tells Naomi, now seated in a chair, “We were just about to have
some sherry. Please join us” and offers her glass to Naomi, saying,
“Barnabas poured me a glass, but I really prefer port”. Barnabas,
horrified, tries to prevent Naomi from taking the glass, saying,
“I’ll pour you a fresh glass!”, but Angelique gives it to her,
saying, “I haven’t touched it”. Just as Naomi is about to take a
sip, Barnabas exclaims, “Wait! There’s a chip in the glass!” He
reaches out to take it, “accidently” knocks the glass out of her
hand and remarks, “Oh, how clumsy of me.” Angelique picks up the
glass and says, “I’ll get something to wipe it up”. As she is leaving,
she feels around the edge of the glass and is surprised to find that
there’s no chip. She then smells the glass, and a funny expression
crosses her face.
As Angelique is wiping up the sherry, Naomi and Barnabas
continue to talk. Naomi tells Barnabas, “I also came here for
another reason. A package came for you from Paris”. Barnabas
remarks, “It must be a wedding present for me and Josette”.
Naomi says, “Oh, I thought you had ordered something”. Barnabas
replies, “No”. Naomi remarks, “We’ve had so many difficult
moments lately”. Barnabas tells her, “We will have no further
difficulities now, Mother”. Naomi asks, “What do you mean?”
Barnabas replies, “I just meant that we’ve already had more than
our fair share”. They discuss Ben’s attempted theft of Abigail’s
hair ribbon. Barnabas notes that a hair ribbon is exactly the sort
of thing a witch would need to cast a spell and asks, “What do you
think, Angelique?” Angelique replies, “I wouldn’t know. The only
reason I know for a man wanting a ribbon is to give it to the woman
he loves. But then I’m a romantic”. As Naomi turns to leave,
Barnabas tells her, “Oh, mother, have Riggs bring that package in
here”. While Angelique shows Naomi to the door, Barnabas goes to
the desk and takes a knife out…
A little later, Barnabas is in the living room alone. He has
opened the package. It is the portrait of Josette. It pains
Barnabas greatly to read the note Josette had written that came
with it, “Father insisted that this be his wedding present to us.
At first I laughed and said, ‘Papa, Barnabas will have me. Why will
he need a portrait?” He crumples the note into a ball and throws it
into the fire. Angelique comes downstairs and asks, “What’s that?”
Barnabas replies, “A wedding present”. Angelique asks, “For us?”
Barnabas replies,”No”. Angelique comes around to the front of the
portrait, sees what it is, and says, “I’ll put it in the storeroom”,
but Barnabas replies, “No! Andre might want it”. Angelique asks,
“Why do you keep looking at her? I wouldn’t think you’d want to
after what she did to you”. Barnabas asks, “What did she do? Tell
me.” Angelique replies, “She fell in love”. Barnabas asks, “Did
she fall in love, or was she under a spell?” Angelique notes,
“You’re much kinder to her than you were a month ago. Then, you
called her fickle and conniving”. Barnabas replies, “Perhaps I’ve
changed my mind”. Angelique asks, “Why? Do you still love her?
Perhaps I’m just jealous, that’s all! I just love you so much!”
Barnabas ask, “Angelique, what do you think love is? Do you really
know?” Angelique replies, “Of course I do”. Barnabas coldly remarks,
“Do you?”, and walks away.
It is later. Barnabas goes into their bedroom, takes out
the knife, and stabs down into the form under the blankets…
Episode 403
Worldvision Rerun 191
Tape Date: January 4, 1968 (ABC #8-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 10, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Noticing that what he has just stabbed feels strange,
Barnabas flings aside the sheets and finds that what appeared
to be Angelique in bed was nothing but a pile of pillows
arranged to look like a body. Angelique comes out of the
shadows in the corner and asks, “Do you really hate me that
much?” Barnabas replies, “You are the witch! I know that now!
I was listening outside the door when you said those words to
make Vicky Winters run from her room. I think I know everything
now!” Angelique asks, “Do you know that I love you? I will always
love you, remember that!” Barnabas raises the knife, but Angelique
stops him with magic. Barnabas says, “Then you and I define love
differently! I am able to kill you without a second thought!” and
raises his arms to strangle her, but once again, she stops him
with her powers and tells him, “You cannot harm me! I have powers!
I never wanted you to know that! You can put your arms down now.
I could have made those arms embrace me, made you love me, but
that is not how I wanted you. I wanted a man, not a puppet. I
could not be so cruel.” Barnabas exclaims, “CRUEL?!” Angelique
tells him, “I will stop using my powers if you want”. Barnabas
moans, “You made Josette turn away from me!! You destroyed all
our lives, yet you have no remorse?!” Angelique replies, “I
never wanted Jeremiah to die”, but Barnabas tells her, “You are
as responsible for his death as if you’d pulled the trigger!
When Aunt Abigail said there was a witch responsible for
everything, I just laughed. What did you do? I want to know
everything, just for the record!” Angelique protests, “If you
had loved me the way you loved me in Martenique, none of this
would have happened”. Barnabas exclaims, “I loved Josette!”
Angelique replies, “And I hated her! I wanted what she had!
That first night, I wanted you dead, but when I saw you lying
there suffering, I couldn’t stand it”. She confesses to everything.
Barnabas angrily tells her, “I am leaving this house tonight!”
Angelique begs, “No, Barnabas, stay!”, but Barnabas replies,
“Nothing you say can make me stay. I’m going to take you into
Collinsport and turn you in to the authorities!” Angelique warns
him, “No! You will never do that! If you leave me, if you say a
word to anyone against me, something may happen to Josette! I
could show you a vision of her dying!” Barnabas says, “No!”
Angelique continues, “It would not be real, but it COULD BE!
For Josette’s life, you will remain with me!”
Nathan and Millicent are out in the garden. Millicent is
worried about someone seeing them alone, something highly improper
in the 18th century. She complains, “You are breaking all the ruls
of courtship!” Barnabas comes into the garden and Millicent,
terrified at being caught alone with Nathan, exclaims, “Oh, I
am ruined!” She lies to Barnabas, “I was taking a stroll and
just happened to run into Lt. Forbes”. Forbes backs her in her
lie. Barnabas asks, “May I beg your help?” and asks, “I must see
Josette tonight”. Millicent replies, “But she’s asleep. Everyone
is”. Barnabas asks, “Could you wake her up? I must see her
tonight! Will you do this for me?” A voice replies, “That won’t
be necessary”. Everyone turns to see who it is. It’s Natalie. She
tells Barnabas, “She doesn’t want to see you”.
Back at the old house, Angelique says to herself, “He has left
the house. My eyes cannot follow him. Where have you gone? He
would not dare! He knows I would kill Josette if he went to see
her! I msut have eyes to follow him! I must hae eyes to show
me everything he sees!”
Barnabas and Natalie are arguing inside the new house. Barnabas
insists, “I must see her!” Natalie asks, “What do you want to
tell her? That you’re sorry you married her maid? She is unhappy
enough! You have no right to cause her more sleepless nights!”
Barnabas tells Natalie, “I must talk to her! She is in danger!”
Natalie asks, “From whom?” Barnabas replies, “I cannot tell you”.
Natalie says, “There’s been so much trouble. Who are you talking
about?” Barnabas replies, “The witch!” Natalie asks, “Miss
Winters? Are you saying she’s still practicing voodoo in her
cell? I find that hard to believe”. Barnabas replies, “If you
knew what I’ve discovered, you’d find it impossible to believe!
You must pack your bags and leave with Josette!” Natalie refuses.
Barnabas insists, “It’s a question of saving her life!”, but
Natalie refuses to believe him and refuses to let him see Josette.
Barnabas warns her, “If anything happens to Josette, I hold you
At the old house, Angelique has drawn a picture of a pair
of eyes on a piece of paper. She starts to cast a spell,
“Eyes of the night, there is a body you can borrow and be my
eyes in the night. Through these eyes, I will be able to Barnabas
wherever he goes, see whoever he sees. Find him now at Collinwood
where he must be! Find him!”
In the garden at Collinwood, Millicent is crying over having
been “discovered”. She blames Nathan, “It is completely your
fault, sir! If you had been a gentleman, you would have known
better”. Nathan acts offended and replies, “You should not have
seen me at all if you think I am not a gentleman”. Millicent
apoligizes. Barnabas comes back out and asks Millicent, “Cousin
Millicent, will you be seeing Josette in the morning?” Millicent
replies, “Of course”. Barnabas asks, “Could you tell her I’ll be
in the garden at 9? Could you tell her to meet me there?” Millicent
replies, “That’s not proper!” and refuses, but Nathan tells her,
“Don’t be old fashioned. Perhaps Barnabas can do you a favor in
return”, clearly implying that in exchange for her favor, Barnabas
will not tell anyone about seeing them together alone. Millicent
agrees to try. Barnabas says, “Good. I’m going to be in the garden
at 9 o’clock. Please tell her that”. Millicent gives a sudden
start. Nathan asks, “What’s wrong?” She replies, “I just felt a
sudden chill. Something is watching us!” Barnabas asks, “Where?”
Millicent replies, “Over there!” Nathan looks and tells her,
“There’s nothing there”. Millicent, also seeing nothing, admits,
“No, there isn’t”. Nathan tells her, “Perhaps you’d better be
going in”. Millicent agrees and goes in. Nathan sees something
and says, “There IS something out there! Eyes, watching us!” There
is a squeaking sound. Nathan asks, “What’s that?” Barnabas
suggests, “A bird?”, but Nathan says, “No it isn’t”. They
continue to talk. Nathan asks, “Something wrong?” Barnabas replies
that there is but doesn’t tell him what. Nathan, thinking it’s
just marital problems, volunteers to help him, saying, “I’ve had
more experience with women like Angelique than you.” Suddenly, he
exclaims, “Barnabas! Look! A bat, watching us!” From outside
the fence, a very large, very ugly bat is indeed watching them…
Episode 404
Worldvision Rerun 192
Tape Date: January 5, 1968 (ABC #9-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 11, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Barnabas is in the garden waiting for Josette. He thinks to
himself, “Why doesn’t she come? I must find a way to persuade her
to leave Collinsport immediately! But I can’t tell her the truth
or Angelique will kill her. Where is she? Why doesn’t she come?
Josette! You must come! You must listen to me or you will die! You
will die!”. Someone finally comes. But is it Millicent, not
Josette. Barnabas asks, “Where’s Josette?” Millicent replies,
“She refused to come. The countess has forbidden her from seeing
you, and Josette refuses to disobey her. But I really believe
Josette must be afraid”. Barnabas asks, “Afraid of what?”
Millicent replies, “Of herself and what might happen. I believe
she still loves you. And I think the countess believes it too.
Why else would she forbid her from seeing you?” Barnabas says, “I
must speak to her. She’s in danger, and she’ll be in danger until
she leaves Collinsport. I must talk to her”. Millicent protests,
“But I’ve already told her and she refused”. Barnabas replies,
“Then we must meet by ‘accident'”. He asks her to take Josette
out on a walk so he can ‘accidentally’ run into her. Millicent
complains, “But that’s not proper! Your mother wouldn’t approve
of that!” Barnabas asks, “Would she approve of Nathan Forbes
sneaking you into Collinwood in the middle of the night?” Millicent
replies, “Nathan and I have become quite close”. Barnabas warns
her, “Be cautious. Other women have found Lt. Forbes attractive
and found him, somewhat less than dependable”. Millicent refuses
to listen to Barnabas’ warning, saying, “I’ll form my own opinions
about Lt. Forbes”. Barnabas tells her, “Whatever transpires
between you and Nathan is your own decision, but I must ask you
to help me! I must speak to Josette!” Millicent agrees to help.
They agree on a time and place the ‘accidental’ meeting is to
At the Collinsport Gaol, a young jailer takes Vicky into the
visiting room. Barnabas arrives. With him is a man of about
fifty, gray haired and distinguished looking. Barnabas introduces
him as Judge Madigan. He tells Vicky the judge wants to defend her.
Judge Madigan explains, “Miss Winters, I myself do not believe
in witchcraft, but many people around here do. I know the Reverend
Trask, and know he is nothing but a complete fraud. I would
like the chance to confront him in open court and expose him for the
fraud he is.” He tells Vicky he’d like to ask her some questions,
“Do you have any reason for wanting to harm the Collins family?”
Vicky replies, “No”. The judge asks, “Before you came to
Collinwood, were you acquainted with any member of the Collins
family?” Vicky pauses for quite awhile, then answers, “No”. The
judge asks, “Trask bases much of his case on your mysterious
arrival. What do you have to say about that?” Barnabas tries to
answer for her, “Her carriage overturned…”, but the Judge
tells him, “Please, I’d prefer to hear it in Miss Winter’s own
words. Where did you live before coming to Collinsport?” Vicky
doesn’t answer. Barnabas pipes in, “She lived in a foundling
home in Boston”. The judge once again admonishes Barnabas,
“Please! I’m asking Miss Winters!” He continues his questioning
and asks Vicky, “You say you lived in a foundling home before
coming here?” Vicky replies, “Yes”. The judge asks, “What is
the name of the foundling home?” Barnabas asks, “Why is that
necessary?” The judge explains, “I must contact them and find
someone willing to testify on Miss Winter’s behalf”. Vicky tells
him, “That would be impossible”. The judge says, “But surely you
must have had friends there”. Barnabas says, “I will testify on
her behalf”. The judge protests, “But you’ve only known her for
a short time!” Vicky interrupts, “He might as well know the
truth!” The Judge asks, “The truth?” Vicky blurts out the
truth about coming from the future. The judge exclaims, “What
are you saying?!” Barnabas tries to lie that Vicky’s saying
strange things because was injured in the carriage accident, but
Vicky says, “No! He has to know the truth!” The judge says, “I
hardly know what to say. I can’t take a story like this into
court. It’s too incredible. Miss Winters, I’d like to help you,
but…” Vicky moans, “You can’t help me. No one can help me.
No one”. The judge leaves. Barnabas promises, “Don’t worry, Miss
Winters. I’ll find someone to help you. You’ll be free very soon”.
Vicky asks, “What do you mean?”, but Barnabas just replies, “I
just have to do something and you’ll be safe” and leaves without
explaining further. The young jailer, who’s been watching quietly
in the background, tells Vicky, “Don’t cry.” Vicky tells him, “I
forgot you were here. You can take me back to my cell now”. The
jailer tells her, “Wait a minute. I have something I believe is
yours” and gives her a piece of jewelry. Vicky exclaims, “My
locket! Where did you get this? They took it away from me when I
got here”. The jailer tells her, “I saw the expression on your
face when they took it away from you. It must mean a lot to you”.
Vicky replies, “It does. It was given to me by someone I really
care for”. He tells her he paid a guard to give it to him so he
could give it to her. She asks, “Why?” He replies, “Because I
think you’re innocent. I know you’re not a witch”. Vicky asks,
“How?” The jailer replies, “I’ve heard you crying at nights”.
Vicky asks, “And that proves I’m not a witch?” The jailer replies,
“It proves it to me. It proves that your just a frightened girl
who couldn’t harm anyone. I might be able to help you. If Mr.
Collins can’t find anyone to defend you, I can try. I know a
little about the law. I’m studying to be a lawyer. That’s why
I’m working here.” Vicky exclaims, “That’s very kind of you!”
The jailer tells her, “At least now you know someone here believes
in you. For what that’s worth”. Vicky gratefully tells him, “It
means a great deal! More than you know!” The jailer tells her,
“I’m going to have to take you back to your cell now, but remember,
I’ll be right outside if you need anything”. Vicky replies, “Know
something? I’m not afraid to go back there now. I’m really not
Barnabas is lurking about outside Collinwood. Josette and
Millicent come walking along. Josette sees Barnabas and exclaims,
“Barnabas!” Barnabas tells her, “Josette! I must speak to you!”,
but Josette replies, “That’s impossible! My aunt has forbidden me
from seeing you!” Barnabas tells her, “You must break you promise!
I must speak to you! Only for a moment! It’s urgent”, but Josette
replies, “I cannot believe it could be that urgent”. Barnabas
tells Millicent to go. Millicent leaves. Josette begs, “Barnabas,
please, it is better for both of us if we do not see each other”.
Barnabas tells her, “Josette, you must leave Collinsport
immediately! There’s a great danger to you here! You must leave
Collisport tonight!”, but Josette replies, “As I have told my Aunt
Natalie, it is not proper for me to leave Collinsport until a
proper period of mourning for Jeremiah has passed. I owe at least
that to my husband”. Barnabas tells her, “But Jeremiah was not
really your husband. You two were under the spell of a witch”.
Josette asks, “What?” Barnabas explains, “Jeremiah did not really
steal you from me, and you did not really betray me”. Josette
remarks, “I do not believe in witchcraft”. Barnabas tells her,
“Then answer me one question. Did you really deceive me?” Josette
pauses, then says, “It all seemed like a dream. It didn’t seem
real”. Barnabas tells her, “It doesn’t seem real bacause a witch
cast a spell on you. She’s plotting against you this very minute”.
Josette asks, “How do you know all this?” Barnabas replies,
“Because I have discovered who the witch is!” Josette asks, “Who?”
Barnabas replies, “I cannot tell you. You would be in even more
danger than you are now if I did. I can only tell you this. If
you do not leave Collinsport, you will die! Even now the witch is
watching us and plotting your death!” They suddenly hear a squeak
and notice that a big, ugly bat is hovering nearby…
Episode 405
Worldvision Rerun 193
Tape Date: January 8, 1968 (ABC #10-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 12, 1968 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Josette is in the drawing room at Collinwood. Natalie comes
downstairs, goes into the drawing room and asks Josette,
“What did you want to see me about?” Josette replies, “I must
ask you to do me favor. There is not time for me to say a proper
farewell to everyone. The carriage is coming in an hour”. Natalie
asks, “Carriage?” Josette explains, “I’m leaving Collinsport”.
Natalie asks, “Why? Is it Barnabas? What did he say to you?”
Josette replies, “It makes no difference what he said. I’ve made
up my mind to leave Collinsport, and nothing you or anyone else
says can stop me!” Natalie exclaims, “Josette! This is insane!
I forbid you to leave Collinsport tonight!”, but Josette replies,
“You cannot stop me. I must leave here as soon as possible!” Natalie
asks, “Because of what Barnabas told you? What is it?” Josette
tells Natalie that Barnabas had warned her that she was in danger
if she stayed here. Natalie asks, “What do you mean? What kind of
danger?” Josette replies, “He did not tell me. He just told me to
trust him”. Natalie asks, “Why must you leave tonight?” Josette
replies, “Barnabas said to leave immediately”. Natalie protests,
“It’s not safe for a woman to travel alone at night”, but Josette
replies, “I won’t be alone. Barnabas is sending a servant to
accompany me”. Natalie exclaims, “A servant?! To accompany a
lady?!” She tells Josette she’ll accompany her instead. Josette
goes upstairs to pack. Abigail comes into the drawing room and
tells Natalie, “The Reverend Trask was here a little while ago
to discuss how we should best proceed with the witchcraft trial”,
but Natalie informs her, “Tell your brother we had to make
arrangements on short notice. We are to leave Collinsport tonight”.
Abigail exclaims, “You can’t be serious! You can’t leave right
now that legal proceedings against the witch have started! The Rev.
Trask considers you and Josette to be important witnesses!”, but
Natalie replies, “There are more important witness. Angelique,
and the Rev. Trask himself. They were both in the house during
the exorcism”. Abigail asks, “What am I to tell my brother? Why
are you leaving?” Natalie replies, “I don’t know”. Abigail
asks, “You mean you’re leaving immediately and don’t know why?”
Natalie explains, “Josette’s decided to go, and I can’t let her
go alone. I have no choice but to go with her”. She tells Abigail
she’s got to go pack, excuses herself and leaves.
Barnabas and Josette meet again in the garden. Josette plays the
music box, which Barnabas has just given her and tells him, “It’s a
beautiful gift, Barnabas!” Barnabas tells her, “I was going to give
it to you as a wedding present. I want you to keep it with you as a
reminder that I’ll be with you soon. The witch has no power over
you at a distance. You’ll be safe”. Josette tells him, “I’m
worried”, but he tells her, “There’s no need to be. You’ll be
safe”. Josette tells him, “I’m worried about YOU”. Barnabas tells
her, “You needn’t be. When I’ve done what I have to do here, I’ll
meet you in Boston”. Josette asks, “But what about your marriage
to Angelique? How can you meet me in Boston when you’re still
married to her?” Barnabas replies, “By the time I next see you,
I will no longer be married to Angelique”. Josette asks, “Does
this have something to do with Angelique”, but Barnabas refuses to
tell her, saying only, “Remember, I love you very much” and kisses
her gently.
Abigail goes to the old house and knocks on the doors.
Angelique answers. Abigail exclaims, “I must talk to you at
once! Where’s Barnabas?” Angelique replies, “Upstairs. Do
you want me to get him?” Abigail tells her, “No, I’d prefer
to talk to you alone.” She looks into the living room, sees
the portrait of Josette hanging above the mantel and asks, “Well,
what is THIS doing here?” Angelique explains, “It came from Paris.
It was to be a wedding present for Barnabas”. Abigail replies,
“I know that, but why is it hanging there now?” Angelique explains,
“Barnabas hung it there the other evening. Over my objections”.
Abigail asks, “What was he thinking of?” Angelique replies, “I’m
afraid he still thinks of her”. Abigail remarks, “Well he should
stop! His obligations are to YOU now. The trial is about to begin.
Are you still willing to testify against the witch?” Angelique
replies, “Yes”. Abigail tells her, “Good. Your testimony is more
important than ever now. Two of our most important witnesses are
no longer available. Josette and the countess have left town”.
Angelique exclaims, “Left?!” Abigail tells her, “The carriage
left an hour ago”. Angelique asks, “Why?” Abigail replies, “I
don’t know”. Barnabas coming down the stairs, sees Abigail and
asks, “Did you come to see me?” Abigail replies, “No, I had
something to discuss with Angelique, but we’re finished now”
and leaves.
Barnabas comes downstairs, carrying a wooden box with him. He puts
the wooden box on a table.
Angelique, furious, tells Barnabas, “You have made a great
mistake, Barnabas! You have tried to betray me, but you shan’t
succeed! By sending Josette away, do you think you’ve made
her safe? I have more powers than you think! Look behind you,
look!” Barnabas does so. He sees the portrait of Josette
slowly turn into a skeleton. He tells Angelique, “I will not
be frightened by your tricks, Angelique. You will not decieve
me! You may have the power to distort paintings, but you cannot
harm Josette. In order for you to harm her, you must know where
she is!” Angelique asks, “What other plans do you two have?”
Barnabas lies, “None”. Angelique says, “You’re lying to me!”
Barnabas remarks, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”.
Angelique exclaims, “Stop! I’m no fool! You sent her away so
you could go to her after you kill me!” Barnabas replies, “There
is no reason for me to do that now. Josette is gone and you can
no longer harm her”, but Angelique replies, “Your Josette may be
safe, but no one else is”. Barnabas asks, “What do you mean?”
Angelique replies, “I’ll show you!!” and runs upstairs. Meanwhile,
Barnabas opens the box and checks a duelling pistol inside, then
puts the pistol back in the box and closes it. Angelique comes
running down the stairs holding something. Barnabas sees what it
is and exclaims, “Sarah’s doll!” Angelique explains, “This is what
I’m going to do to keep you here, Barnabas!” She starts to stick
pins into the doll. Barnabas orders, “Give me that doll!”, but
Angelique replies, “Don’t come any closer, Barnabas! This pin is
aimed right at her heart, and I’ll kill her if you come any
closer!” Barnabas begs, “No! Please! I won’t leave Collinwood”.
Angelique replies, “I’ll make certain you won’t leave. As long
as she’s on the brink of death, you won’t leave. She will not die
unless you deceive me again, but she will come close…” Barnabas
suddenly takes the gun out of the box and shoots Angelique with it,
then runs up to her and grabs the doll from her. Angelique collapses
at the base of a pillar and gasps, “What have you done?!” Not yet
dead, she puts a curse on Barnabas. She tells him, “You didn’t do
your job well enough, Barnabas. I’m not dead yet, and while I can
still breathe, I will have my revenge. I set a curse on you,
Barnabas Collins. You wanted your Josette so much, well you shall
have her, though not in the way you would have chosen. You will
never rest, Barnabas, and you will never be able to love anyone,
for whoever loves you will die. That is my curse, and you will live
with it through all eternity!” then expires. The sound of breaking
glass is heard. A bat flies into the room and attacks Barnabas,
biting him on the neck. Barnabas screams.
Episode 406
Worldvision Rerun 194
Tape Date: January 9, 1968 (ABC #11-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 15, 1968 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Josette and Natalie area at an Inn called “The Three Bells.”
At the moment Barnabas is bitten, Josette starts to feel a strange
feeling in her throat. Noticing that Josette is acting strangely,
Natalie asks, “Are you cold?” Josette replies, “No”. Natalie
asks, “Are you feeling ill?” Josette replies, “No”. Natalie
continues, “Something’s wrong. What is it?” Josette replies,
“I just felt some strange vibrations. I just had the strange
feeling that someone or something was trying to communicate with
me”. Natalie assures her, “You’re just tired from the trip”,
but Josette insists, “No, it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before.
I have the feeling it has something to do with Barnabas”. Natalie
tells her, “You just need a good night’s sleep. We’re both exhausted
from the coach ride and have another exhausting ride tomorrow”,
but Josette continues, “If Barnabas saved us only to put himself
in danger, I’d never forgive myself!” Natalie assures her that
Barnabas is all right and tells her, “To ease your mind, I’ll read
the Tarot Cards for you and show you that it has nothing to do with
Barnabas. Will that make you feel better?” Josette replies, “Yes,
much better”.
At the Old House, the bat has left. Barnabas is bleeding profusely
from two small holes in his neck. Ben comes in and finds both Barnabas
and Angelique both lying on the floor. He exclaims, “He’s killed her!
Somebody’s finally managed to kill her! But she’s killed Mister
Barnabas too!”. He examines Barnabas and corrects himself, “No
she didn’t! He’s still alive! I’ve got to help him, but how?
I can’t bring him back to Collinwood. Joshua would have me locked
up again. I’ll bring him up to his room, then I’ll get a doctor,
that’s what I’ll do!”
At the Three Bells Inn, Natalie looks at the Tarot cards and
tells Josette, “I don’t understand it. I’ve never seen an
arrangement of cards like this.” She explains to Josette that
the card of the lover is surrounded by ominous cards. Josette says,
“Barnabas is in danger!” Natalie, noticing that Josette is holding
her hand to her throat strangely, asks, “Josette, why are you holding
your hand like that?” Josette replies, “That’s where I felt the
vibrations earlier”. She pulls her hand away. Natalie exclaims,
“Josette! You’re bleeding!”
Barnabas, now in bed, explains to Ben, “She put a curse
on me! A wicked cruel curse! A bat! She made a bat appear and
attack me!!” Ben tells him, “I’ll go get a doctor”, but Barnabas
replies, “It’s too late for a doctor! The bat! Ben, watch out for
the bat!” Ben tells him, “I saw no bat”. Barnabas tells him,
“There was a bat! It came broke through the window, swooped down
and attacked me! Angelique, where is she?” Ben replies,
“Downstairs. She was lying a few feet from where you fell. What
happened to her?” Barnabas replies, “I shot her”. Ben remarks, “I
didn’t think it was possible for anyone to kill her”. Barnabas asks,
“She’s dead?” Ben replies, “She must be. Anyone who’s lost as
much blood as she did must be dead”. The door suddenly opens. Ben
is wrong. Standing there is Angelique. She announces, “I’m not
dead, Ben, and I’m not going to die. I want to see Barnabas”. Ben
replies, “Well, he doesn’t want to see you. He almost died because
of you”. Angelique starts to say, “He must not die! If he does….”,
but abruptly stops. Ben asks, “What?”, but Angelique just replies,
“Never mind”. Angelique looks at Barnabas, who’s now lapsed into
unconsciousness, and says, “I want him to hear me! I want him to hear
how sorry I am.” Ben asks, “First you cast some fiendish spell on
him, and now you’re sorry?” Angelique explains, “Did you see what
he did to me? I thought I was going to die! Now I will try to lift
the curse if I can. I’m going to take care of him”. Ben says, “I’m
going to call a doctor to do that”. Angelique tells him, “No doctor
can help him.” Ben asks, “What happened? What kind of curse did you
put on him?”, but Angelique refuses to tell him. She tells Ben,
“We must find a way of keeping him alive. If he dies, there will be
no way of removing the curse. After he dies, something much worse
will happen to him. If he dies, he will become one of the living dead!”
Ben protests, “People don’t come back to life after they die”, but
Angelique tells him, “Yes they do, Ben. And when they do, they are
cursed with eternal life!”
At the Three Bells, Natalie is trying to wipe the blood from
Josette’s neck but cannot. She exclaims, “Incredible! Every time
I wipe the blood away, it comes back. Yet there is no wound!”
Josette says, “I must go back to Colliwood immediately! Barnabas
needs me! The vibrations I felt earlier must mean something! So
must the cards!” Natalie reminds her, “But Barnabas sent you away
for your own safety”, but Josette insists, “I must return
immediately!” Natalie manages to convince Josette to at least wait
till morning. Josette agrees to wait, “All right. But only till
daylight!” Natalie tells Josette she’s going to bed, but Josette
says, “I’ll stay here awhile. I can’t sleep right now”. She goes
and sits by the fire.
At the old house, Barnabas is lying in bed, alone in the room
now. He regains consciousness and, delirious, says, “I must go
to Josette! I must go to Josette immediately!” He gets out of
bed, gets a suitcase and starts to pack, saying “I am coming,
Josette!”. Angelique comes into the room and exclaims, “Barnabas!
What are you doing up?!” Barnabas exclaims, “Stay away from me!
Don’t touch me!” Angelique begs, “You’ve got to let me help you!”
Barnabas asks, “What did you do to me?”, and continues to pack,
again saying, “I must go to Josette”. Angelique tells him, “Josette
can’t help you. Only I can!”, but Barnabas just continues to pack.
Angelique tells him, “Tell me where Josette is and I’ll send for
her!!”, but Barnabas replies, “I will never tell you! She is safe
from you!” He continues to drone, “I will come to you, Josette.
Nothing can stop me! Nothing!” But he is wrong. He collapses.
Blood continues to flow from the wound…
At the Three Bells, Josette has fallen asleep next to the
fire. From the same spots on her neck, blood flows too…
There is a squeaking sound. A large bat has appeared outside the
Episode 407
Worldvision Rerun 195
Tape Date: January 10, 1968 (ABC #12-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 16, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

It is the next morning. At the old house, Angelique is trying
to wipe up her blood from the floor, but it will not come off. There’s
a knock at the door. Angelique panics and does not know what to do.
She goes and looks out the window. While she is doing so, the
door opens and Naomi comes in, announcing, “I knocked several
times, but you didn’t answer. I came to see Barnabas”. Angelique
replies, “I’m afraid that’s impossible”. Naomi asks, “Why?”
Angelique lies, “Because he’s not here.” Naomi tells Angelique,
“I’ll wait”. Angelique tells her, “I do not know when he’s coming
back. He’s left town”. Naomi asks, “Where did he go?” Angelique
replies, “He didn’t tell me”. Upstairs, Barnabas lies ill. Naomi
asks Angelique, “Are you sure Barnabas didn’t say where he was
going?” Angelique replies, “I asked him several times, but he
refused to say”. Naomi asks, “When did he leave?” Angelique replies,
“Last night”. Naomi asks, “And he didn’t say where?” Angelique
replies, “He said nothing about where or why. It must have been
something urgent or he wouldn’t have left so abruptly”. Naomi tells
Angelique she can’t stay in the old house all by herself and asks her
to come stay at Collinwood while Barnabas is away. Angelique refuses,
saying she wants to be home to greet Barnabas when he comes back.
Upstairs, Barnabas hears voices downstairs…
Naomi sees the bloodstain on the floor and asks, “What’s this?”
Angelique lies, “I spilled a decanter of wine”. Naomi remarks, “It
looks like blood!” Angelique replies, “Mrs. Collins, you’re just
trying to frighten to get me to come to Collinwood!” Naomi asks,
“Are you certain nothing’s happened?” Angelique replies, “I just
spilled some wine. Barnabas will be furious! It was one of his
favorites”. She refuses to go to Collinwood, saying, “I’m safe
here. The danger is past. The witch has been caught”
Upstairs, Barnabas gets up and tries stumbles over to the door.
He doesn’t quite make it, and ends up falling against the bureau,
knocking a bottle off it onto the floor.
Downstairs, Naomi hears the noise from upstairs and asks, “What
was that? I thought I heard something”. Angelique replies, “I didn’t
hear anything”. Naomi listens and, hearing nothing further, says,
“It must have been my imagination”, says goodbye and leaves.
Upstairs, Barnabas manages to open the door and say, “Mother!”,
but then collapses onto the floor.
Angelique comes upstairs and sees Barnabas lying on the floor
and asks, “Oh, Barnabas! Where were you trying to go?” Barnabas
replies, “I heard my mother’s voice!”, but Angelique tells him,
“You heard nothing” and helps him back to bed, then tells him, “You
should never have gotten up! You must rest quietly!” Barnabas
moans, “Something terrible is happening to me!” Angelique tells him,
“I’m going to help you”. Barnabas asks, “What has happened?”
Angelique tells him, “Only I can help you.” Barnabas continues to
asks, “What has happened to me? Tell me!” Angelique tells him,
“Nothing is going to happen to you. I won’t let it” Barnabas moans,
“Help me!” Angelique gets a tankard and tells Barnabas, “Barnabas,
you must drink this. It will help you”. Barnabas moans, “Yes…Help
me!” Angelique tells him, “You must drink it very slowly”. Barnabas
asks, “What is it?” Angelique replies, “It’s the only thing that
can help you now”. Barnabas asks, “Will it stop this terrible thing
that’s happening to me?” Angelique replies, “Yes, it’s supposed to”.
Barnabas drinks it as instructed. Angelique remarks, “If only you
hadn’t tried to betray me, none of this would have happened.”
Barnabas asks, “What’s going to happen?” Angelique replies, You’re
going to get better”. She tells him to close his eyes and open
them when she tells him to. She then goes to the windows and draws
the closed drapes back, flooding the room with sunlight, then tells
Barnabas, “Open your eyes now”. Barnabas opens his eyes and screams
in pain, covering his eyes with his hands. Angelique closes the
drapes again and moans, “The medicine, it should have worked! I had
hoped that it would! Oh, Barnabas, why did you try to betray me?
What has been done cannot be undone! Why did you do it?”
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Naomi is discussing
Barnabas’ strange, sudden departure with Joshua. Joshua voices
his theory, “You know as well as I do where he’s gone. He’s
gone to see the wife of the man he killed. We’ve seen the last
of Barnabas, just as we’ve seen the last of Josette”. Naomi
refuses to believe this. There’s a knock at the door. Naomi
goes and answers it. It is Josette and Natalie. Naomi exclaims,
“It’s you!” Josette replies, “Yes”. Joshua, seeing Josette,
exclaims, “Josette!”
Everyone goes into the drawing room. Natalie says, “Please.
I can’t explain any of it. Are you sure nothing has happened?”
Naomi assures her nothing has. Natalie continues, “I have a
foreboding, an ominous feeling”. Naomi asks, “Of what?” Natalie
replies, “I wish I only knew!” Naomi asks, “Why did you suddenly
leave Collinwood?” Josette replies, “Barnabas said I was in danger
here”. Naomi asks, “What kind of danger?” Josette replies, “He
didn’t say. But last night, I felt he was in danger. I must see him.”
Naomi tells her, “He’s not at the old house”. Natalie remarks,
“Perhaps it is Barnabas this is all happening to…”. Josette
abruptly gets up and starts out of the room. Naomi asks, “Josette!
Where are you going?” Josette replies, “To the old house”. Naomi
protests, “But he’s not there”. Josette replies, “Then I will find
out where he is”. Naomi tells her, “Angelique knows nothing”.
Josette replies, “We shall see!!” and rushes off. Natalie goes
after her. Naomi asks Joshua, “Well, are you worried about where
Barnabas is now?” Joshua coldly replies, “Not in the least”, but
after Naomi leaves the room, a worried look comes onto his face.
Josette and Natalie have gone to the old house and asked
Angelique where Barnabas is. She tells them, “Even if I did know,
I would not tell you”. Natalie gasps, “He’s here! I can feel
it!” Angelique lies, “He’s not here. Now, I’d rather you left”.
Josette tells her, “Barnabas was supposed to meet us”. Angelique
becomes upset and says, “Please leave! Both of you! Why are you
telling me this? You only want to hurt me!”
Upstairs, Barnabas can hear Josette’s voice downstairs and
moans, “Josette! Josette! I can hear your voice! Come to me!
Josette! Come to me! Don’t leave me! Josette!”
Josette and Natalie are about go out the front door, but Natalie
stops and ponders, “Wait! What is it I feel in this house?”
Josette hears a voice upstairs say, “Josette!” and exclaims,
“Barnabas! He’s here! I can hear him!” and starts running up the
stairs. Angelique shouts, “No! You can’t go upstairs!”, but
Josette doesn’t stop.
Josette finds Barnabas lying on the floor of his room and says,
“Oh, Barnabas!” Barnabas, delirious and not recognizing her, continues
to moan, “Where is Josette? I heard her voice!” Josette tells him,
“I’m here”. She sees the wound on his neck and exclaims, “Oh!
Barnabas!” Barnabas continues to moan, “Where are you, Josette,
where are you? Josette??”
Episode 408
Worldvision Rerun 196
Tape Date: January 11, 1968 (ABC #13-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 17, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Josette tells Barnabas, “I am Josette!”, but Barnabas replies,
“No, Josette is far away by now”. Josette again tells him, “I
am Josette!” Barnabas replies, “Then you must go far away!”
Josette asks, “You said there was a witch. Who is it? You must
tell me now!” Barnabas is about to tell her when he sees that
Angelique has appeared at the door. He faints…
Barnabas has been put in bed. Angelique, Josette and Natalie
are in the room with him. Angelique complains, “You should not
have disturbed him!” Josette says, “You said he had gone away!”,
but Angelique does not answer, speaking instead to Barnabas,
“Darling, can you hear me? You must have some rest”. She turns
to the Countess and Josette and tells them, “You should not
be here. Both of you!” Natalie remarks,, “He is obviously very
ill. What happened to him?” Angelique replies, “I wanted to
protect him”. Natalie asks,, “Protect him? I insist on knowing
the truth!” Josette tells her, “He said something about witchcraft.
He was about to tell me more when he collapsed”. Angelique tells
them, “I’m afraid it’s something worse than witchcraft. It’s the
plague” Natalie exclaims, “The plague?! Is that what the doctor
said?” Angelique replies, “I have not called a doctor”. Natalie
exclaims, “What?!” Angelique explains that she doesn’t want to
call a doctor because he’ll have Barnabas taken away and put him
somewhere in quarantine to die all alone, that she knows something
about medicine and would prefer to treat him herself here. Natalie
says, “This is no time for amateur remedies!” and insists on calling
a doctor. Angelique tries to argue her out of it, but to no avail.
Natalie insists on calling a doctor and leaves to do so. Josette
looks at the bite marks on Barnabas’ neck and asks, “These terrible
gashes! What could they be?” Angelique replies, “They should be of
no concern to you, and I must insist that you leave immediately
– for you own safety, of course”. Josette refuses, “No! I’ve got
to stay and see what the doctor says”. Angelique insists that she
leave Barnabas. Josette agrees to a compromise, “I’ll wait down-
stairs, then, and if that offends you, I beg your forgiveness!” and
leaves. Angelique mutters, “You will beg me for more than forgiveness
when I’m finished with you!”
A doctor comes and examines Barnabas. Natalie asks, “What
are your conclusions?” The doctor replies, “Frankly, I’m at
a loss to explain his condition”. Natalie asks, “What CAN you
say?” The doctor replies, “Obviously, he’s been bitten by a
rodent of some kind. The bite is very fierce. Most likely, the
rat or whatever animal it was is crazed”. Angelique exclaims,
“The plague!” The doctor says, “That is my surmise”. Natalie
asks, “And now you will proscribe the proper treatment for him?”
The doctor replies, “There is no treatement for the plague”.
Josette, who’s just come into the room, says, “I heard what you
just said! You’re saying there’s very little hope!” The doctor
tells her there isn’t and says, “He must be removed from this house
and put in quarantine”. Natalie asks him to leave Barnabas here.
At first the doctor refuses, citing safety reasons, but Natalie
points out to him that his diagnosis is uncertain, and that he
would have “the gratitude of the Collins family” if he leaves
Barnabas here. The doctor reluctantly agrees and leaves. Natalie
leaves to to tell the Collinses about Barnabas. Angelique tells
Josette, “You have heard what the doctor said. My husband should
be isolated!” Josette replies, “There is witchcraft here. He
almost named the witch before he collapsed. And I think I know
who the witch is! I will return shortly! I think I know how to
save him!”
Josette is at Collinsport Gaol visiting Vicky. Vicky asks,
“The doctor said there was no hope whatsoever?” Josette replies,
“Yes, but we both know better than that, don’t we? What do you
want? What must I do?” Vicky, puzzled, replies, “I don’t know
what you’re talking about”. Josette begs, “Raise the spell,
please!” Vicky asks, “You think I’m the witch, don’t you?”
Josette tells her, “If you can save Barnabas, perhaps I can
save you!” Vicky replies, “I have no powers! I am not a witch!”
Josette promises her, “Within an hour of his cure, you will be
escorted safely out of Collinsport!” Vicky insists, “I have no
power. I am not a witch!” Josette begs, “Please! I beg of you!
He’s dying!” Vicky says, “Perhaps there is something I could do
for YOU.” Josette replies, “It is not I who needs help, it’s
Barnabas”, but Vicky continues, “You must leave here! You are in
great danger. You must go away from here”. Josette asks, “Why?”
Vicky replies, “Because a terrible fate awaits you, a terrible
death.” Josette exclaims, “You ARE a witch!” Vicky replies, “I am
not. In my room, there is a book that tells the future of the
Collin family.” Josette again exclaims, “You are a witch!” Vicky
replies, “No. Find the book. Read it and leave Collinsport now
Barnabas is lying in bed. Angelique is alone with him.
She asks, “Barnabas! Barnabas, can you hear me?” Barnabas replies,
“Yes”. Angelique tells him, “Now listen well. You almost told
Josette about me, didn’t you? The countess has told your family
about you. They will insist on seeing you. You must not tell them
about me. Josette’s destruction is assured the moment you do!
Her death is assured the moment you say one word to anyone,
understand?” Barnabas replies, “Yes. Save her. Save Josette, I
must save her…”
Natalie and Josette are searching Vicky’s room. Natalie
exclaims, “Her story is so incredible! This story about coming
from the future!” Josette reminds her, “The 20th century, she
said”. Josette finds the book and exclaims, “Aunt Natalie! Look!”
She reads the title, “The Collins Family in America”. Natalie
says, “Well, open it”. Josette just stands there. Natalie asks,
“Are you afraid?” Josette opens the book and exclaims, “1965!
That’s when it was published!” Natalie, reading over her shoulder,
looks at the publication location, “In Bangor, Maine. But Bangor
is in Massachusetts”. Josette leafs through the book and finds her
page and exclaims, “Natalie! Look! It’s my portrait! But it just
arrived from Paris last week! How could it be?” Natalie replies,
“I don’t know”. Josette starts to read the text, “Josette DuPres
Colllins, wife of Jeremiah Collins. She was born in Martenique..”
She pauses and exclaims, “She has to be a witch!”, and continues
reading, “Born in Martenique, she came to Collinsport in 1795
to marry Jeremiah Collins…” Suddenly, she stops reading and
exclaims, “No! I would never do that! Never! Never!” Naomi asks,
“Do what?” Josette finishes reading, “…came to Collinport in
1795 and died by her own hand in the winter of the same year.”

(Note: Nice bit of historical accuracy. In 1795, there was no
state of Maine. Maine was then a part of Massachusetts. It
didn’t split off to become a seperate state till later).
Episode 409
Worldvision Rerun 197
Tape Date: January 12, 1968 (ABC #14-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 18, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Josette asks, “Died by my own hand! Why does it say that?!”
Natalie remarks, “Miss Winters is a devil!” Josette asks Natalie,
who’s taken the book, “Give it to me!” Natalie replies,”No!”
Josette says, “You must! I can’t believe what I’ve just read!”
Natalie tells her, “Then don’t. It’s all lies. I know you would
never take your own life”. Josette asks, “Do you?” Natalie replies,
“Yes. Even after all that has happened here, you are very strong”.
Josette demands, “I insist you give me the book! I must know if
Barnabas lives or dies!” Natalie refuses, “No. If you find one
fact here, one thing that is true, you will believe the whole thing
is true. Let me read it”. Josette agrees, “OK”. Natalie starts
reading from the book, “Jeremiah Collins met Josette DuPres while
on a trip to Martenique…” Josette exclaims, “That’s not true!
Jeremiah never came to Martenique! Barnabas met me while on a trip
to Martenique! I didn’t meet Jeremiah till I came here”. Natalie
remarks, “See? All lies”. She continues reading, “Josette DuPres,
daughter of Andre DuPres, owner of the largest sugar plantation in
Martenique, came to Collinsport to marry Jeremiah…” Josette
exclaims, “That’s not true either! I came to marry Barnabas! It’s
as if it was written by someone knew some of the facts, but got
others wrong”. Natalie continues reading, “Once in Collinsport, the
marriage between Josette and Jeremiah became unhappy. It was rumoured
that Jeremiah’s nephew Barnabas was attracted to Josette, but
realizing the futility, moved to England and lived a long and
prosperous life there”. Josette is relieved to hear this. But
Natalie continues to read, “After Barnabas’ departure, the marriage
between Jeremiah and Josette suffered…” She abruptly stops reading
and slams the book shut, saying, “The book is wrong!” Josette,
knowing what the next part must be, embraces Natalie and cries,
“Help me, Aunt Natalie! I don’t know what to do!”
Joshua is at Barnabas’ bedside, watching sadly. Barnabas
tells him to try to be strong, reminding him, “Father, remember
during the war when they carried you into the house, you did not
even recognize me. But I did not cry because I knew you would
be angry if I did…” He becomes delirious again and cries, “The
bat! The bat is in this room!” Joshua tells him, “There is no
bat in this room”, but Barnabas, delirious, insists, “The bat is
in this room! The bat is coming for me! Help me! Josette! It’s
the bat, coming for me, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Joshua tells him,
“Barnabas, Josette’s here. But you should not see her right now.
Wait till you get stronger”, but Barnabas says, “I must see her!
Seeing her will give me strength! Where is Angelique?” Joshua
replies, “Downstairs”. Barnabas exclaims, “Keep her away from me!”
Joshua promises, “I will, son”. Barnabas demands, “Now, Josette!”
Joshua lets Josette in and leaves, saying, “I will wait outside”.
Josette tells Barnabas, “You are getting better!” Barnabas replies,
“Because I see you”. Josette says, “If that’s what it takes to
make you better. You will get better, you know! That’s what the
future holds”. Barnabas asks, “The tarot cards?” Josette lies,
“Yes. Aunt Natalie saw in the tarot cards that you will live in
England and be very prosperous and happy!” Barnabas starts to
become delirious again and cries, “The bat! Get it out of here!”
Josette promises, “I will”. Barnabas tells her, “I love you still.
I never stopped, no matter how hard I tried. I will come back. Do
you believe me?” Josette replies, “Yes”. Barnabas asks, “Will you
wait?” Josette promises, “Yes, I promise. Listen to me, don’t leave
here or I’ll have no one. I love you”, but Barnabas dies…
Josette shouts out, “Mr. Collins!!!!!”
Natalie and Naomi are in the living room downstairs. There’s
a squeaking noise. Naomi remarks, “I hear something!” Natalie
shouts, “It’s a bat!” A large bat flutters around the room
then vanishes. Joshua comes walking down the stairs very slowly.
Naomi runs up to him and, seeing the expression on his face,
asks, “Barnabas? Is he dead?” Joshua nods sadly. Naomi cries,
“Barnabas is dead!” and embraces Joshua.
Josette regains consciousness in bed, and puzzled, asks, “What
am I doing here?” Natalie tells her, “We brought you here”
Remembering what happened, Josette exclaims, “Oh! He’s dead!
He’s gone! What am I going to do? What?” Natalie tells her,
“When you’re feeling better, I’ll take you to the new house.
We’ll make plans there. After that, it will get better”, but Josette
cries, “No, I love him! I love him! I do! I love him! I loved him
the very first time I saw him! He can’t be dead! He can’t be!”
Natalie tells her, “He is. The book is wrong. It’s nothing
but a vicious joke”. Josette replies, “I don’t care what it
says about me, but I had hoped Barnabas would get well and go
to England”. Natalie reiterates, “The book is wrong”. Josette
tells Natalie, “I must see Mrs Collins…”
Naomi is in the living room alone. Joshua, who had gone out,
returns. Naomi asks, “Have you sent for the Reverend Taylor?”
Joshua replies, “No”. Naomi asks, “Why not?” Joshua replies, “I
don’t think tonight is the time to discuss this. I will stay here
tonight. You will go to the new house with Natalie and Josette.
I will take care of everything tonight”. Naomi asks, “What do you
mean?” and insists he tell her. He starts, “I had a decision to
make. I had to take into account my son’s illness. What would the
people from the village think if they knew one of us had died from
the plague? You think they would come to work in the shipyards?
No, they would run the other way!” Josette and Natalie come down.
Joshua tells Naomi to take them to the new house, but Naomi refuses,
saying, “I’m not leaving until I understand!” Joshua tells her,
“For various reasons, I have decided to keep our son’s death a
secret.” Natalie asks, “A secret? Why?” Joshua replies, “I have
my reasons. Tonight I will spread the word that Barnabas left on
a business trip to England”. Josette turns to Natalie and says,
“England?! The book! It’s true!” and embraces Natalie…
Episode 410
Worldvision Rerun 198
Tape Date: January 15, 1968 (ABC #15-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 19, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Angelique tries to argue Joshua out of his desire to bury
Barnabas secretly, to no avail. Joshua leaves. Angelique calls
out telepathically to Ben, “Ben! Wherever you are hiding, come
to me! Come to me at once! I need you, more than I have ever
needed you before! You must come to me, Ben, at once!”
Natalie is sitting in the living room of the old house
reading the family history. She thinks to herself, “All my life
I’ve played the Tarot cards to see the future, and now I see it
in this book. Published in Bangor, Maine, 1965. But Bangor is
in Massachusetts, and 1965 is 200 years away! Can Miss Winter’s
story be true? Could she really come from another time, or is
this book a monstrous joke to frighten us away from here?”
Josette comes into the room and remarks, “You keep reading that
book…” Natalie asks, “How’s Mrs. Collins?” Josette replies,
“Asleep. For now” Natalie remarks, “We should go to the new
house. You’re exhausted”. Josette tells Natalie that she’s glad
she stayed to talk to Naomi, to talk about Barnabas, saying, “We
will never forget him. Neither of us”. Natalie suggests, “It’ll be
easier once we get back to Martenique. We must leave immediately”.
Josette asks, “You do believe that book, don’t you?” Natalie
replies, “There’s no reason for us to stay now”, but Josette tells
her, “I must stay to settle Jeremiah’s estate”. Natalie tells
Josette, “You can let the barristers do that”. Josette asks, “You
do believe that book, don’t you?” Natalie replies, “We should take
no chances. We should pack immediately”, but Josette refuses,
“No. I promised him I would stay”. Natalie asks, “Who?” Josette
replies,”The one person and one person alone who could ask me to
stay. Barnabas”. Natalie protests, “But he’s dead!” Josette
tells her, “He promised to come back to me”. Natalie asks, “How?”
Josette replies confidently, “He WILL come back to me!”
The coffin bearing Barnabas is brought down the stairs by
several workmen. Josette cries, “No! No!” Joshua tells the workmen,
“Go on. I will follow you there shortly”. The workmen take the
coffin out the door. Joshua remarks to Josette, “I thought you had
gone”. Josette asks, “Where are you taking him?” Joshua replies,
“I’d like to tell you, but I can’t. His death is to be a secret.
Now go back to the new house”. Ben appears outside and peers in
through the the window. Josette begs Joshua, “Tell me! I’ve got
to know!” Suddenly, seeing Ben at the window, she shouts, “Who’s
that!?” Joshua asks, “Who?” Josette replies, “The face in the
window!” Joshua looks, but by this time Ben is gone. He tells
Josette, “There’s no one there. You’re upset. You must have
imagined it. Let me see you to your carriage”. Everyone leaves.
Ben, who has apparently come in through the back door, comes out
into the living room through the door to the left of the fireplace,
thinking that everyone has left for awhile, not know that Joshua is
only seeing the DuPres’ to their carriage. Joshua comes back in,
sees Ben, and exclaims, “I might have known it was you! Have you
come to see Barnabas? He is dead! My son will never intercede on
your behalf again!” Ben exclaims, “Barnabas, dead?!” Joshua asks,
“Come back to steal his valuables?” Ben replies, “He was my friend.
If you have any love for your son, let me grieve for him”.
Angelique, who has just come down the stairs, pipes in, “Yes. We
will let him!” Joshua prepares to leave and asks, Angelique,
“Will you be frightened to be here alone with him?” Angelique
replies, “You forget we were once servants together”. Joshua
caustically remarks, “THAT I will never forget!” and leaves.
Angelique tells Ben, “I need your help…” Ben asks, “How can
he be dead? I thought you loved him…” Angelique replies, “It’s
because I love him that I do what I must! You must do three things
for me. First, follow Mr. Collins and the workmen and tell me where
they go…” Noting that Angelique seems to be uncharacteristically
frightened, Ben asks, “Are you scared?” Angelique replies, “Yes”,
and continues, “Next, you must cut a holly stake. It must be
10-12 inches long, thick enough to be hit with a hammer, and one
end must be sharpened till it’s needle sharp.” Ben asks, “Why?”,
but Angelique just replies, “Do it! Or we will all die when night
Joshua returns to the old house. Angelique is alone there,
Ben having left. Joshua offers Angelique $10,000 in gold to
leave Collinsport forever. Angelique refuses, saying, “You
offered me that much not to marry your son”. Joshua replies,
“15,000, then”, but Angelique still refuses. Finally, Joshua
says, “All, right, $20,000 in gold in promissory notes payable
to the bearer” and Angelique finally accepts. She asks, “And all
I have to do is leave?” He takes out a legal document and tells her,
“And sign this paper. It states that you will make no further
claims on the Collins family, and that you will never return to
Collinsport as long as you live”. Angelique replies, “I will
think about it. Leave the paper and the book of promissory notes”.
Joshua complains, “How do I know you won’t take the book without
signing the paper?” Angelique replies, “You would trust Josette,
wouldn’t you? You must trust me! You must treat me as a lady!”
Joshua exclaims, “I will not!”, but Joshua replies, “You must! You
have no choice!” Joshua, looking defeated, leaves. Angelique takes
the paper over to the bureau desk, takes a quill pen and signs the
It is later. Ben has returned with the stake as instructed.
He gives it to Angelique and asks, “Is this right?” Angelique
replies, “Yes. It will do.” Ben asks, “What for? That’s what I
want to know”, but Angelique just tells him, “I want you to go to
the stables and return with a carriage by 6:00. That’s nightfall,
isn’t it?” Ben again asks, “What for? I want to know!”, but
Anglelique just tells him, “I will tell you then. Now go! We
have little time!”
Angelique is in her room packing frantically. Ben returns and
asks, “How did he die?” Angelique replies, “I did not want him to
die, Ben.” Ben asks, “How did it happen?” Angelique replies, “He
was bitten by a bat”. Ben accuses, “You did that!” Angelique
replies, “He shot me, Ben! He shot me! Did you tell him about me?
Did you tell him?” Ben replies, “I didn’t say a word”. Angelique
believes him, “You would have become mute if you had tried.
Is it getting dark?” Ben replies, “No, it’s just the storm coming.
What happens when it gets dark?” Angelique replies, “He will come
alive at nightfall. This night and every night for all eternity.
That was my curse. He will do terrible things, and the only way
to stop him is to drive this stake into his heart. Why is it
getting so dark? You must take me there quickly!”
Ben takes Angelique to the tomb. He explains to Angelique,
“Joshua built the secret room during the Revolutionary War to
hide guns. Hard to think of him as a patriot, isn’t it? I know
about it because the first day I was here he had me clean it
up”. He pulls the ring in the lion’s mouth. The door opens and
they go in. Inside, a coffin lies in the middle of the room.
Some candle holders bear still burning candles. Ben remarks,
“I’ve never heard of anyone coming back from the dead before”.
Angelique asks, “Have you ever heard the word ‘vampire’, Ben?
Open the coffin, Ben”. Ben refuses, “No”. Angelique, desperation
in her voice, exclaims, “Hurry, Ben! He’ll come back to life!”
Ben shouts, “If he comes back to life, he’ll settle you, then!!”,
runs out the door, and closes it, locking Angelique inside.
Angelique, with some difficulty, manages to open the heavy coffin
lid. She takes the stake, places it above Barnabas’ heart, raises
the hammer, and prepares to strike…
Episode 411
Worldvision Rerun 199
Tape Date: January 16, 1968 (ABC #16-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 22, 1968 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Ben, who had run out of the tomb, changes his mind, goes back
in and puts his ear to the wall and listens.
Inside, Angelique opens the coffin, puts the stake over Barnabas’
heart and prepares to strike. Suddenly, Barnabas opens his eyes,
sees Angelique, and grabs her throat. Angelique cries, “AH!” and drops
the hammer. Barnabas lets Angelique go and gets out of the coffin.
Angelique cowers by the wall. Barnabas demands to know, “What
were you trying to do to me?” Angelique begs, “Please let me go!”
Barnabas asks, “Where are we?” Angelique does not answer. Barnabas
demands, “I asked you were we were!” Outside, Ben hears Barnabas’
voice and gasps, “He’s speaking! He’s come back to life!” Inside,
Barnabas again demands, “I asked you where we were!” Angelique
replies, “In the Collins family mausoleum”. Barnabas asks, “The
Collins mausoleum? What are we doing here? What was I doing in
the coffin?” Angelique replies, “Let’s go back to the old house.
I’ll tell you when we get back to the old house”, but Barnabas says,
“NO! You will tell me here!” Angelique again remains silent.
Barnabas thinks and says, “Perhaps you don’t have to tell me.
The fever…I was afraid I was going to die… I was in that coffin
because I was dead, wasn’t I?” Angelique replies, “Yes”. Barnabas
continues, “I have returned from the dead. Why? Tell me!” Angelique
exclaims, “I can’t!”, but Barnabas demands, “Tell me!” Angelique just
replies, “You will know soon enough”. Barnabas asks, “You have set a
curse on me, haven’t you?” Angelique replies, “Yes” Barnabas asks,
“You tried to remove it, but you couldn’t, and you tried to prevent
me from returning. Why? What are you afraid of? Why are you
afraid of me?” Angelique lies, “I am not”, but Barnabas can see
that she is and continues, “I have never known you to be afraid of
anything. Why are you afraid of me now? Why?” Angelique again
denies that she is. Barnabas asks, “What of your curse. Tell me!”
Angelique replies, “You have become one of the living dead, but one
who can only live at night. Each dawn, you must come back to your
coffin.” Barnabas asks, “And what about that other part, that
everyone who loves me will die? Is that why you came to destroy me?
You always said you loved me.” Angelique replies, “I do!”. Barnabas
tells her, “Then according to the curse, YOU MUST DIE!” He grabs her
by the throat and strangles her.
Angelique is lying dead on the floor. He eyes are wide open
but unseeing. Barnabas looks around and says, “This room. I know
it. Yes…” He pulls back the leftmost stone on the second step,
reaches inside, and twists the knob. The secret door opens.
Barnabas exits the secret room to find Ben outside and exclaims,
“Ben!” Ben exclaims, “Barnabas! Is it really you?” Barnabas asks,
“What are you doing here?” Ben replies, “I didn’t want to help
her! She made me do it!” Barnabas asks, “Angelique? She can’t hear
you. She’s dead” Ben asks, “You killed her?” Barnabas replies,
“Yes”. Ben remarks, “I never thought anyone could kill her”.
Barnabas notes, “She brought you here. You must know what she
was planning to do”. Ben explains, saying, “She said the only way
to make you stay dead was to drive a stake through you heart”.
Barnabas remarks, “She got here a little too late for that”,
then tells Ben, “I’m afraid your presence here presents a little
problem for me. There has been a slight change in me. I am no
longer a human being. The world thinks I’m dead. No one must know
otherwise. I’m afraid I’m going to have to kill you.” Ben begs,
“I promise not to tell! I’ve always been loyal! If what Angelique
said is true, you’ll need someone to help you, to make sure no
one finds you during the day”. Barnabas replies, “Very well, Ben.
I will let you help me. You must begin at once. Go get Angelique.
We must bury her somewhere”. Ben suggets, “In the woods.” Barnabas
suddenly says, “I hear someone outside! Listen!”
Outside in the cemetary, Joshua is walking towards the
mausoleum. Inside, Barnabas opens the secret door, goes back
inside, and close the door, leaving Ben outside. Joshua comes
into the mausoleum, sees Ben there and exclaims, “Stokes! What
is the meaning of this? What are you doing in this place?
Up to something? What is it?” Ben replies, “I was paying my
last respects.” Joshua asks, “How did you know my son was buried
here?” Ben lies, “I saw some workmen coming out of the house…”
Joshua asks, “You followed them?” Ben replies, “Yes”. Joshua
angrily announces, “You will be thrashed for this!” Ben promises,
“I promise never to tell anyone”. Joshua remarks, “You mean
besides the person you’ve already told. Who is it? What are you
planning? Grave robbery?” Ben replies, “I’ve told no one”, but
Joshua says, “Don’t lie to me, Stokes! I heard you talking to
someone”. Ben lies, “I was saying a prayer”. Joshua says,
“You’ve never said a prayer in your life!” Ben asks, “If I had
been talking to someone, where did he go? You would’ve seen him
coming out on your way in.” Joshua points at the secret door and
says, “Or he could be in that room”. Joshua pulls on the ring.
The door opens. A bat flies out. Joshua tries to hit it with his
walking stick, but misses, and the bat flies off. Joshua remarks,
“I wonder what other surprises await me in there”, and looks in,
but sees nothing but the coffin in the room. He is surprised. Ben
is even more surprised. Joshua tells Ben, “You will close the door
and come with me”. Ben asks, “Could I stay here a little longer?”
Joshua asks, “What for?” Ben replies, “To pay my respects to
Barnabas”. Joshua says, “But you’ve already done that”, but
Ben says, “He was good to me. I’d like to stay here and offer
him another prayer”. Joshua replies, “Very well. You will report
to me in the morning. You are no longer needed at the old house.
I have new duties for you” and leaves. Ben goes into the secret
room, looks around and finds nothing. He then opens the coffin
and finds not Barnabas but Angelique lying in there, quite dead.
Later, Ben is walking back towards the mausoleum from the woods.
Barnabas suddenly materializes in front of him. Ben exclaims, “Mr.
Barnabas!” Barnabas asks, “Where are you going, Ben?” Ben replies,
“Back to the mausoleum. Where did you come from?” Barnabas replies,
“In my new life, I’ve found I have some new and rather remarkable
powers.” Ben asks, “What kind of powers?” Barnabas replies,
“You’ll find out soon enough. Where have you been?” Ben replies,
“In the woods digging a grave for Angelique”. Barnabas notes,
“It will be daylight soon. We must go inside the mausoleum”.
They do so. Once inside, Ben notices that there is blood dripping
from the corners of Barnabas’ mouth and exclaims, “Blood! Have
you been hurt?” Barnabas replies, “No”. Ben points out, “But
there’s blood on your mouth! What happened to you?” Barnabas
replies, “To me, nothing, but to some unfortunate villager. I’ve
learned something else about my new existence tonight. I cannot
survive without blood. Without other people’s blood. You will hear
talk about an attack on a villager tomorrow. From the marks on the
throat, they will think it was a wild animal. But I’m the guilty
one”. Ben asks, “Why?” Barnabas moans, “Because I have the
need for blood! When I awoke tonight and saw Angelique standing
over me with a stake over my heart, I should have let her kill
me! I would rather be dead than go through eternity as what
I have become, doing what I did…”
Episode 412
Worldvision Rerun 200
Tape Date: January 17, 1968 (ABC #17-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 23, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Natalie is in the drawing room at Collinwood. She sees
Josette come down into the foyer dressed to go out, goes into
the foyer and asks, “Josette! Where are you going?” Josette
replies, “There’s something I must attend to in the village”.
Natalie asks, “What is so important?” Josette replies, “I must
see Miss Winters in gaol”. Natalie asks,”Why?” Josette replies,
“I want her to know that I will personally see to it that she will
never be free! I begged her to save Barnabas, but she refused.
Now I will not rest until I see her hanged as a witch!”
Josette is at the Collinsport Gaol. Vicky is brought out.
She exclaims, “Mrs. Collins!” Josette remarks, “You look surprised
to see me”. Vicky replies, “I am”. Josette tells Vicky, “You made
a most serious mistake when you rejected my pleas last week”.
Vicky asks, “I thought you were taking my advice and leaving
Collinsport”. Josette asks, “You expected me to leave with
Barnabas in such serious condition?” Vicky asks, “Is he better?”
Josette asks,”How could you ask such a question? Why are you
pretending you don’t know he’s dead?” Vicky exclaims, “Dead?! But
the family history said he went to England!” Josette says, “That’s
what you wrote in your book of deception! You had it in your power
to save him. I begged you to save him, but you wouldn’t! I am going
to testify at your trial. I am going to bring that book with me and
use it as evidence against you! That book will convict you and send
you to the gallows!” Vicky exclaims, “You can’t do that!”, but
Josette replies, “Miss Winters, you took away the one person in
the world I care about. I’m going to personally see to it that you
are punsished for that”. Vicky begs, “But you must go! The book
says you’re in danger…” Josette replies, “Yes. It says I will
die by my own hand. Perhaps that’s the way I want it. My life is
meaningless now without Barnabas. But I will not die until I see
you hanged as a witch!” and leaves. Vicky asks Peter Bradford,
the young jailer who gave her back her locket who’s been in the room
the whole time, “Still want to defend me now?” Peter replies, “Yes”.
Vicky asks, “Even after you heard what she said? If she introduces
that book as evidence, I’ll have no chance. The only way I stand a
chance is if I can get that book. I’ve got to find it and I’ve got
to find it tonight!” Peter asks, “How are you going to do that?”
Vicky replies, “You’ve got to let me out so I can go to Collinwood!
As soon as I get the book, I promise to come back!”, but Peter tells
her, “No, I can’t do that!” Vicky asks, “Do you doubt my word?”
Peter replies, “No, it’s not your word I’m concerned about. It’s
your safety. In the last two nights, there have been two savage
attacks on women from the village.” Vicky points out, “If I don’t
get the book, my safety won’t be worth much”. Peter finally agrees,
“All right, I’m going to let you go to Collinwood, but you’re not
going alone!”
Natalie is in the drawing room of Collinwood with Josette, who
has returned. There is a knock at the door of Collinwood. Natalie
answers. It is Trask. Trask announces, “I have just attended an
emergency meeting at the village this evening. They are most
concerned in the village about the savage attacks that have
taken place the last two night. The villagers thought they were
animal attacks, but I managed to change their minds that as long
as the witch were alive the attacks will continue”. Josette asks,
“You think the witch is responsible for the attacks?” Trask replies,
“Yes. I urged the elders to advance the date of the trial, that the
sooner the witch is hanged, the sooner the attacks will stop”.
Natalie asks, “Did they?” Trask replies, “No, they only agreed
to deliberate the matter”. Natalie tells him, “I think we can help
you to convince them to advance it. My niece has decided to stay
and testify, and to present a piece of evidence that proves beyond
the shadow of a doubt that Miss Winters is guilty!”
Meanwhile, Vicky has snuck into Collinwood and is upstairs
in Josette’s room (the same room that will be hers in 1966)
searching for the book.
Trask asks Josette, “How did you come by this book?” Josette
replies, “Miss Winters told me where to find it last week when I
visited her at the gaol”. Trask asks, “Why did you go to the
gaol?” Josette replies, “To ask hrr to save Barnabas’ life, but
she seemed more concerned about my life than his. She told me to
leave Collinsport or die”. Trask exclaims, “So she threatened your
life!” Josette replies “She told me to look in the book, that it
foretold my death”. Trask asks, “And Barnabas’?” Josette replies,
“For some reason, it was wrong on that point”. Trask asks, “Is
the book in Miss Winters’ hand?” Josette replies, “No, it’s
printed”. Trask tells her, “I’m very anxious to see that book”.
Josette says, “I’ll get it”, but Natalie stops her, “No, you
rest here. I’ll get it”
In Josette’s room, Vicky finally finds the book. Just as she
does so, the door opens. It’s Natalie. Natalie gasps, “AH!!!!”
and goes back out into the hallway, closing the door behind
her. Terrified, she screams, “Reverend Trask! Reverend Trask!
Come quickly!” Trask and Josette come running upstairs. Trask
asks, “Countess, what is it?” Natalie exclaims, “The witch! She
was in the room when I went in! She has the book!” Trask prepares
to go in. Natalie warns him against it, but Trask confidently
says, “I am not afraid of the witch! It is she who is afraid of
me!” He opens the door, goes in, and checks around. There is no
one in there. He calls out, “It’s all right. You may come in now.
There’s no one in here”. The countess and Josette enter the room.
Josette says, “Aunt Natalie. You must have imagined seeing her”,
but Natalie insists, “I saw her! She was in here!” Josette asks,
“Then how did she get out?” Natalie replies, “What’s more important
is why she was here!” Josette exclaims, “The book!” and opens the
drawer where she put the book. She exclaims, “The book! It’s gone!”
Peter Bradford and Vicky return to the jail. Peter asks, “Are
you sure the Countess saw you?” Vicky replies, “Positive”. Peter
says, “But you said they were outside the door. How did you get
out?” Vicky replies, “I know that house inside and out. There’s
a secret panel in that room”. Peter tells Vicky, “We’d better do
something about this book. Now that they know you have it, they’re
going to come looking for it. I’ll put it somewhere where they won’t
find it”. There’s a knock at the door. Peter quickly takes Vicky
back to her cell, then returns and puts the book inside the
writing stand, then opens the door. Trask, Josette and Natalie
come in. Trask asks, “What took you so long to open the door?”
Peter lies, “I’d fallen asleep”. Trask tells him, “While you
were sleeping, the witch has escaped!” Trask explains what
happened. Peter announces, “Impossible. I happen to know Miss
Winters is in her cell right now”. Trask asks, “How would you
know that? You said you had fallen asleep”. Peter replies, “I only
dozed off for a few minutes. Besides, the cell is securely locked.
She couldn’t have gotten out”. Trask remarks, “I see you don’t
know the powers of witchcraft”. Peter replies, “I don’t believe
in witchcraft”. Trask remarks, “We’ll convince you otherwise soon”.
He demands to see if Vicky is in her cell. Peter opens the door to
the cellblock and lets him in.
A few minutes later, Trask returns and announces, “She’s in her
cell asleep”. Peter remarks, “Just like I said”. Josette asks
Trask, “Are you going to try to get the book back?” Trask replies,
“No. I assume she has it where we can’t get it. But we no longer
need it”. Josette protests, “But that book was important evidence!”
Trask replies, “We have more important evidence now. Mr. Bradford,
are you willing to testify to it that Miss Winters was here all
night tonight?” Peter replies, “If necessary, yes”. Trask says,
“Good. Because we three are going to testify that she was at
Collinwood. Only an act of witchcraft could enable a person to
be in two places at once! I’m confident now that there will be
an earlier trial, a conviction, and an excution by hanging! Good
night, Mr. Bradford!”
Episode 413
Worldvision Rerun 201
Tape Date: January 18, 1968 (ABC #18-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 24, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Later at the jail, Vicky asks Peter, “Peter, is something wrong?”
Peter replies, “There will be if I don’t act quickly. I’m going to
go find Reverend Trask and tell him I let you out last night”. He
explains why, but Vicky tells him, “Peter, I can’t let you
go through with that!” Peter tells her, “It’s my decision”, but
Vicky says, “It’ll cause trouble for you”. Peter tells her, “What
happens to me is not as important as what will happen to you if
you’re convicted”. Vicky begs, “Please! Don’t go through with
this!” Peter asks, “Why are you so concerned about what happens
to me? Your life is at stake, not mine”. Vicky replies, “You’re
the only person who’s shown any concern for me. I don’t want to see
anything happen to you”. Peter asks, “You really care what happens
to me?” Vicky replies, “Yes”. Peter asks, “Why?” Vicky replies,
“Because you’re a very special person. When I found myself
transported, I was frightened and miserable, till I met you.
Thank you for everything you’ve done”. She kisses him on the cheek.
Peter remarks, “I guess you are from somewhere else. Women
around here don’t do that”. Vicky apologizes, “Sorry”, but Peter
tells her, “I didn’t say I minded”. He take the book out and tells
Vicky, “I’ve been reading this most of the night. It’s hard to
believe”. He puts the book on the stand on leafs through it.
Suddenly, Vicky asks, “What date is it?” Peter replies, “The 24th,
why?” VIcky replies, “In two days, Sarah Collins will have
her 11th birthday. According to the book, Sarah Collins will
die on her 11th birthday!” She finds the passage on Sarah’s
death and reads it aloud, “On her 11th birthday, Sarah Collins,
daughter of Joshua and Naomi Collins, died of a fever contracted
through exposure”. She exclaims, “Peter! We’ve got to do
something!” Peter asks, “What?” Vicky replies, “The book
says she contracted the fever through exposure. Peter, please, go
to Collinwood and tell Mrs. Collins I want to see her.” Peter asks,
“What do you want to tell her?” Vicky replies, “I want to warn her.
If she refuses to come, tell her it’s a matter of life and death!”
At the foot of the stairs in the foyer at Collinwood, Sarah asks
Naomi, “Mother, do you know where Josette is?” Naomi replies,
“She’s gone to Bangor”. Sarah asks, “When will she be back?” Naomi
replies, “Sometime this evening, but you’ll be in bed by then”.
Sarah holds up something wrapped in a cloth and remarks, “Then I’ll
have to leave this in her room”. Naomi asks, “What is it?” Sarah
replies, “Josette’s been so sad lately, I made her a present”.
Naomi asks, “What kind of present?” Sarah replies, “Open it and
see”. Naomi unwraps the bundle and remarks, “It’s a candle”.
Sarah explains, “Riggs taught me how to make it and told me
Josette would like it. He told me if someone you love has gone
away, if you put a candle in the window of your room, they’ll
come back. I think Josette still loves Barnabas”. Naomi says,
“I think so too”. Sarah says, “I miss Barnabas. I want him to come
home”, but Naomi tells her, “Barnabas has gone away for a long time.
He might not come back until you’re grown up”. Sarah tells her,
“I don’t want to wait that long. I’ll put the candle in Josette’s
room and Barnabas’ll come back to us. You’ll see!”
The sun is about to set. Ben is waiting in the mausoleum.
The sun sets. Inside the secret room, Barnabas awakens and comes
out of the coffin. He opens the secret door and exits into
the mausoleum. Ben tells him, “Barnabas, I’ve got to talk to you”.
Barnabas asks, “What do you want to talk to me about?” Ben asks,
“Are you going into the village tonight?” Barnabas asks, “Why?”
Ben replies, “I wouldn’t if I were you. Everyone’s worked up about
the things that have been going on there. If you keep taking
chances, you’ll be caught sooner or later”. Barnabas protests,
“It’s not as if I had a choice, Ben”. Ben asks, “Couldn’t you
stay here for a few nights?” Barnabas replies, “I’m not going
into the village tonights. I have other plans”. Ben asks,
“What other plans?” Barnabas replies, “I promised Josette I
would come back to her and see her again. I’m going to fufill
my promise” Ben exclaims, “Tonight?! It’ll be a mighty shock
to her!”, but Barnabas says, “If I know Josette, she’ll be
expecting me”. Ben points out, “Telling her you’ll come back
and actually coming back from the dead are two different things!”.
Barnabas replies, “Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps I should prepare
her first. Yes, that’s it. I will go to her room tonight and
leave something to let her know my return is imminent”.
Peter has brought Naomi to the Collinsport Gaol. Vicky tells
her, “I’m glad you came”. Naomi tells Vicky, “This young man
said it was important”. Vicky offers her condolences on Barnabas’
death. Naomi asks, “How did you know?” Vicky replies, “Josette
told me”. Naomi says, “She shouldn’t have. Joshua wanted to
keep it a secret. He’s told everyone that Barnabas has gone to
England”. Vicky exclaims, “Then that’s why it says that in the
Collins family history!” Naomi asks, “What are you talking about?”
Vicky replies, “Never mind. Sarah is in very serious danger. In 2
days, it’ll be her 11th birthday. You must not let her out of the
house until after her birthday has passed. If you do, she will die.
When I came here, I had a book with me. It told the future of the
Collins family”. Naomi exclaims, “I don’t believe it! What they
say about you could be true!” Vicky begs, “Please, please trust
me and do as I say!” Naomi points out, “But you said the book also
predicted that Barnabas would go to England”. Vicky replies, “The
books contains history as people wanted it to be written. What
harm would it do to keep Sarah indoors for a few days?” Naomi
replies, “All right, I’ll keep her indoors for a few days”. Vicky
says, “You won’t regret this! I promise you! Believe me!” Naomi
replies, “That’s the strange part. I do believe you, and I don’t
know why”
Sarah goes to Josette’s room and puts her candle in the window.
Just as she is about to light it, see looks outside and sees
Barnabas looking up at the window and exclaims, “It’s Barnabas!
Riggs is right! He’s come back to us! Barnabas!” Barnabas,
seeing Sarah, hides behind some trees. Sarah looks again but does
not see Barnabas and says, “It had to be Barnabas! I saw him! I’ve
got to find out!” She runs off. Barnabas comes out of hiding and
looks up at the window again. Sarah runs outside and sees him.
She exclaims, “It IS Barnabas!” Barnabas says to himself, “Sarah!
No, Sarah! You must not see me!” and flees. Sarah gives chase,
shouting, “Barnabas! Why are you running away? We want you to come
back! Plase come back!”
Peter has taken Vicky back to her cell and has returned to the
visiting room. Naomi asks him, “Mr. Bradford, you heard everything
Miss Winters said to me tonight. Do you think it’s possible?” Peter
replies, “I know what she said about the book is true. I’ve seen it”.
Naomi asks, “You’ve seen it? What does it say about Sarah?” Peter
replies, “Exactly what Miss Winters said”. Naomi exclaims, “Then
I must get back to Collinwood before anything happens to Sarah!”
Sarah is wandering through Eagle Hill Cemetary, calling out,
“Barnabas, where did you go? I saw you come into the cemetary!”
She walks up the the Collins mausoleum and shouts into it, “Are
you in there? Barnabas! If you are, answer me! It’s so cold, and
I’m scared!!” She goes inside and shouts, “Barnabas! I’ve come to
find you! Barnabas! Barnabas!”
Episode 414
Worldvision Rerun 202
Tape Date: January 19, 1968 (ABC #19-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 25, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Sarah continues to call, “Barnabas! Don’t you hide! Barnabas!
Why don’t you let me catch you? Please, if you’re in here, tell
me!” Suddenly, the gate slams shut all by itself. Sarah tries
to open it but doesn’t seem to know how.
Nathan and Millicent come back inside Collinwood. Millicent
exclaims, “Thank you very much! I enjoyed watching that eclipse
of the moon very much!” She notes that it’s late and tells him
good night, but instead, Nathan closes the drawing room doors.
Millicent is frightened of being found in the drawing room alone
with Nathan with the doors closed. Nathan remarks, “You could be
more modern in your approach to life. I expect will expect you to
be after we’re married. Will you marry me?” Millicent replies,
“I didn’t know your intentions were so honorable!” and accepts.
Nathan tells her he’s thinking of leaving the Navy after they’re
married, but warns her it might take him some time to find a
suitable job. Millicent is still worried about being found alone
in the closed drawing room with him. In particular, she is worried
about Joshua finding them. Nathan reminds her, “Joshua’s away in
Portsmouth”. The doors open and Naomi comes in. Millicent quickly
explains, “We just got back from viewing the eclipse”. Naomi asks,
“Was Sarah with you?” Milliecent replies, “No” Naomi tells them,
“I’ve looked everywhere for her! Upstairs… She’s gone! She’s gone!”
At the Collins mausoleum, Sarah continues to shake the gate
and shout, “Let me out! Let me out!”
Naomi explains, “I had to go into town, and when I came back,
Sarah was gone! Her bed’s been turned down, but no one’s in it.”
Millicent asks, “Are you sure she isn’t somewhere in the house?”
Naomi replies, “Riggs has even checked the basement”. Nathan
volunteers to search for her, “I’ll take Ben and Riggs. We’ll find
her. Don’t worry!” and leaves. Millicent gushes, “He’s so masterful!”
Naomi moans, “These terrible things keep happening to us! When are
they going to stop? If only Miss Winters…” Millicent remarks,
“The witch?”, but Naomi replies, “She’s not the witch. Witches don’t
warn people”. Millicent asks, “You saw her tonight?” Naomi replies,
“Yes”. Millicent asks, “And she warned you?” Naomi replies, “Yes”
Millicent asks, “About Sarah?” Naomi recounts to Millicent Vicky’s
warning that Sarah is to die on her 11th birthday. Millicent
remarks, “Miss Winters is very, very cruel!” but Naomi tells her,
“Miss Winters told me so I could stop it from happening”. Millicent
asks, “Stop what?” Naomi says, “Sarah’s death”. Millicent tells her,
“You mustn’t believe her!” Naomi says, “When I got back and found
Sarah gone, I got the feeling that Miss Winters knows the future
and is trying to warn us”, but Millicent is not so sure. She tells
Naomi that she thinks it’s a ruse, that she herself cast a spell to
make something happen to Sarah, and pretended to “warn” Naomi
beforehand to win her favor and perhaps her help.
In the mausoleum, Sarah cries, “Barnabas! Barnabas! Please find
me!”. She then slumps dejectedly against the wall and says,
“Barnabas! Why don’t you find me?”
Barnabas is walking along the docks. He runs into a woman there.
The woman is at first frightened, but then sees who it is and
says, “Why it’s Mr. Collins!” Barnabas asks, “Do you know me?”
The woman replies, “I’ve seen you. What a fright you gave me!
You scared me half to death! Well, if it isn’t Mr. Barnabas Collins
himself. I heard you’d gone to England”. Barnabas remarks,
“England? Well, you can see that isn’t true.” The woman asks, “What
are you doing here?” Barnabas replies, “Taking a walk”. The woman
asks, “Mind if I walk with you? It’s no fun walking alone. Wait
till the girls at the Eagle hear about this! My name is Ruby Tate.
Ever heard of me?” Barnabas replies, “No”. Ruby says, “Then
your one of the few people in the village who hasn’t. Do you know
that Reverend, the one that looks like a duck”. Barnabas asks,
“Reverend Bland?” Ruby replies, “Yes. He wrote a whole sermon on
me once”. She notices that Barnabas is staring at her and asks, “Is
something wrong? You’re looking at me so funny like…” Barnabas
replies, “It’s just that you’re so pretty”. Ruby gushes, “Wait till
the girls hear you said that!”, but Barnabas tells her, “You mustn’t
say you saw me”. Ruby asks, “Why are you staring at me?” Barnabas
replies, “I must be going”. Ruby begs, “No, please stay”, but
Barnabas replies, “It’s late”. Ruby points out, “That means no
one will be bothering us. You don’t really want to go, do you?”
Barnabas replies, “No”. Ruby says, “Then don’t”. Barnabas opens
his mouth and prepares to bite. Ruby Tate screams, “No!!! You’re
the one!!!”
Nathan is searching for Sarah. He is surprised to run into
Millicent, who’s also looking for Sarah. Millicent explains that
Naomi insisted on coming out and searching for Sarah, but she
convinced her to go back inside and let her search instead.
She points over at Eagle Hill cemetary and asks, “Have you searched
over there?” Nathan replies, “No, that’s the graveyard. A child
would be terrified of a graveyard. I’m sure she didn’t go in there”.
Millicent suggests, “The woods, then”
Barnabas returns to the graveyard. He pauses at Jeremiah’s
grave, where he remarks, “Jeremiah! Jeremiah, how we used to laugh
at the idiocy of others. But what idiots we both have been. One
woman killed us both and left us as we are. At least you are at
rest. I am not. How can I do the things I do? Is eternity to be
like this? Is there no escape to this?” He lets out a long moan
of despair, AHHHHHHH!”
From the woods, Nathan and Millicent hear Barnabas’ moan.
Millicent asks, “What’s that?” Nathan suggests, “A dog?”, but
Millicent says, “No, it sounded almost human!”
Barnabas enters the mausoleum. Sarah asks, “Who’s there?”
Barnabas exclaims, “Sarah?!” Sarah tells him, “Barnabas! I’ve
been waiting and waiting!” Barnabas tells her, “You should
be home”. Sarah begs, “Take me home! Please carry me home! I’m
so sleepy!”, but Barnabas replies, “I cannot. You must not say
you saw me.” She sees the blood dripping from the corners of his
mouth, screams, “No!!!” and runs out of the mausoleum, terrified.
Barnabas moans, “Oh, no!”. The cock crows.
Episode 415
Worldvision Rerun 203
Tape Date: January 22, 1968 (ABC #20-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 26, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Naomi is pacing around nervously in the drawing room of Collinwood.
The sound of the front doors opening is heard. Millicent comes into
the drawing room. Naomi asks, “Found her?” Millicent replies,”No”.
Naomi asks, “I don’t understand. How could Sarah get lost on our
own property? She knows every inch of it”. Millicent suggests that
maybe Vicky put a spell on Sarah. They again argue about whether
Vicky is a witch or not, Millicent insisting she is, Naomi insisting
she isn’t. Millicent apoligizes to Naomi for arguing with her at
a time like this, saying, “I have a habit of speaking my mind”, and
tries to reassure her that Sarah will be all right.
Barnabas is searching for Sarah, calling out, “Sarah! I didn’t
mean to frighten you! I’ll take you home!” He hears a voice
calling, “Sarah! Sarah Collins!” A figure comes out of the shadows.
Barnabas sees who it is and exclaims, “Ben!” Ben asks, “Barnabas!
What are you doing here?” Barnabas replies, “Looking for her too”.
Ben tells him, “You shouldn’t be here. One of the others might run
into you”. Barnabas replies, “It’s my fault Sarah’s lost!”. He
explains what happened, how Sarah had seen him when he was looking
up at the window of Josette’s room and ran out to find him. Ben
asks, “Where did you go? Did she follow you to the mausoleum?”
Barnabas replies, “I don’t know. I went there but didn’t go in.
I went into the village instead. Ben, don’t look at me like that.
What happened to me is not my fault”. Ben replies, “I know. It’s
near dawn. You’d better go back.” Barnabas responds, “I know.
How well my wife knew me to put such a curse on me to force me
to exist at night! What a mockery of an existence!” Ben tells
him he’d better go back to the mausoleum, promising to continue
searching for Sarah.
Sarah is hiding behind Jeremiah’s tombstone. Barnabas, on
is way to the mausoleum, passes right by her but doesn’t see
Ben finds Sarah and says, “Sarah! It’s me, Ben! Glad to see
you! Your mother is going to be so happy! You’re not frightened
of Ben, are you? Remember that doll I whittled you? Want another
one? Tell me what’s wrong!”, but Sarah doesn’t answer. Ben tells
her, “I’ll take you home. Everything’ll be all right!” The storm
breaks and it starts raining heavily.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Naomi looks out the window
and notices it’s raining. She asks, “It’s raining. How long has
it been raining?” Millicent tells her, “About an hour.” She notices
that Naomi is staring intently at something and asks, “What is it?”
Naomi replies, “Ben, and he’s carrying Sarah! Let her be all right!
Please! Let her be all right!”
Ben comes in carrying Sarah. He exclaims, “Better get a doctor
for her, quickly!”
It is the next day. Sarah lies in bed very ill. Naomi remarks,
“If she could only speak…” Millicent, trying to sound
optimistic, remarks, “She looks less feverish. Has the medicine
helped? I think it has! It looks like she’s breathing easier to
me! Sarah, you are feeling better, aren’t you?”, but Sarah doesn’t
answer. But Naomi is not fooled and says, “I nursed Joshua and
Barnabas through their illnesses last year, and they were nothing
like this. She has pneumonia, I know it. The doctor knows it too,
he was just too kind to tell me.” Ben comes in and asks, “How is
she?”. Sarah smiles. Naomi tells Ben, “Ben, she’s trying to thank
you for saving her”. Sarah moves her lips, apparently trying to
talk, but is unable to. Naomi asks, “What’s she trying to say?”
Millicent gets a bright idea, “She can write it!”. She leaves and
returns with a slate and a piece of chalk. Sarah writes, “BARNABAS”.
Millicent tells her, “But he’s away, cousin Sarah. But he’ll be
back”. Sarah reacts to this with fear. Naomi says, “She’s afraid!
What is she afraid of? Sarah, you mustn’t be afraid! You mustn’t!”
Sarah loses conciousness.
The sun sets. Barnabas awakens and exits the secret room out
into the tomb. He calls, “Ben? Ben, come! I must know about Sarah!
I must know! Ben!”
Ben is in Sarah’s room watching over Sarah with Naomi and
Millicent. He hears dogs howling, Barnabas calling him, and says,
“I beg your pardon, I have something I must do…”, but Naomi
tells him to stay. Ben mutters, “I guess it can wait. It’ll have
to”. Naomi remarks, “Strange Sarah should connect you with
Barnabas”. Ben replies, “We were good friends. Mr. Barnabas was
very kind to me”. Naomi asks, “I wonder why Sarah should be afraid
when Millicent said Barnabas would be back.” Ben suggess, “A
nightmare, perhaps”. Naomi replies, “Yes, it must’ve been. She
loved Barnabas. She would never be afraid of her own brother”
In the tomb, Barnabas wonders, “Where is he? I can’t wait
here not knowing! Could I go to the house? No, it would be too
Ben finally manages to get away and comes to the mausoleum.
Barnabas asks, “Ben! Where have you been? Is Sarah safe?” Ben
replies, “I found her in the graveyard, hiding behind Mr. Jeremiah’s
tombstone”. Barnabas asks, “Is she all right?” Ben replies, “The
storm. We were caught in it…” Barnabas asks, “Why are you
telling me all this? Is she all right?” Ben replies, “She’s very
ill”. Barnabas asks, “How is she?” Ben replies, “The doctor said
the turning point would come at dusk. He said she’d either get
better or…” Barnabas moans, “She’ll die, and it’ll be my fault!”
Ben says, “No, it’s the curse!” Barnabas says, “I must see Sarah!”,
but Ben tells him, “Please don’t! She can’t speak. She hasn’t said
a word since I found her. The doctor says there’s no reason for it.
Except maybe fright…” Barnabas insists, “I must see her! If she
sees me the way I was, perhaps she’ll know not to be frightened”.
Ben says, “You’ll need my help”. Barnabas replies, “Thank you,
In Sarah’s room, Millicent tells Naomi to go have dinner,
promising to look after Sarah while she’s gone. Naomi tells her,
“Come tell me if anything changes” and leaves. Ben comes in
and tells Millicent, “If there’s anything you need to do, I’ll
watch over the child. You and Mrs. Collins will be awake all
night. It’s only fair for us to take turns”. Millicent replies,
“There IS a letter I have to write to my lawyers. I know Sarah’s
fond of you. I’ll be right back” and leaves. Ben tells Sarah,
“Sarah, you’re going to have a visitor. Your brother. He wants
to know if you’re all right”. He lets Barnabas into the room.
Barnabas says, “Hello, Sarah”. Ben excuses himself, saying, “I’ll
be right outside”, and leaves. Barnabas tells Sarah, “Sarah,
I’m sorry you were frightened of me. Very sorry, Sarah. I want
you to get better. Promise me you’ll get better. Please, Sarah.
Forgive me. I love you”. Sarah finally manages to speak, “Hold
me!” Barnabas does. Sarah says, “I love you, Barnabas. I always
will”, and expires. Barnabas moans, “Sarah, No! No!”
Episode 416
Worldvision Rerun 204
Tape Date: January 23, 1968 (ABC #21-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 29, 1968 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

It is morning. Naomi is in the drawing room of Collinwood
drinking. Joshua come in through the front door, returning
from his business trip to Portsmouth. Coming into the drawing
room, he is irritated to see that Naomi is drinking so early
in the morning and sarcastically remarks, “Well, I’m happy to
see you up and busy at this early hour”. Naomi remarks on a little
bird she saw outside when the sun rose. Joshua exclaims, “You mean
to tell me you’ve been like this all night?! If I knew what I’d
come home to, I would’ve stayed away!” Naomi tells him, “There’s
something I must tell you.” Joshua replies, “I’m sure it can wait”.
Naomi replies, “Yes, it can wait. It can wait forever, because
nothing can change it. She’s gone. Sarah, our daughter, is dead”.
She tells Joshua what happened, then tells him, “I was so relieved
when it happened”. Joshua asks, “How can you say that?” Naomi
replies, “She was suffering so”. Joshua exclaims, “I can’t believe
it!” Naomi says, “Please, go away. Leave me alone. Miss Winters
was right”. Joshua asks, “Miss Winters? What does she have to do
with it?” Naomi replies, “She warned me. She warned me Sarah would
die on her 11th birthday”. Joshua asks, “She knew Sarah would die?”
Naomi replies, “She warned me”. Joshua exclaims, “She killed
her!” Naomi replies, “No, she tried to save her. I tried to save
her”, but Joshua says, “How can you save a child once a witch has
put the mark of doom on her?” Naomi asks, “Why would she warn me
if she did this?” Joshua replies, “She told you to divert suspicion
from herself”. Naomi continues to believe Vicky innocent and
refuses to discuss it any longer, saying, “There’s nothing more
to say”. Joshua replies, “Nothing more except retribution and
revenge!” Naomi asks, “For Sarah or yourself? Because you loved
Sarah, or because she was yours, your property?” She adds, “Joshua,
if you’re interested, Sarah’s in her room. I dressed her in the
light blue dress she was to wear on her birthday. She’s upstairs,
if you want to say goodbye to her”.
Joshua goes to the Collinsport Gaol to see Vicky. Vicky is
in her cell. Joshua is outside the cell, talking to her through
the bars. He tells Vicky that Sarah has died. Vicky remarks, “Then
my warning didn’t help”. Joshua replies, “Not in the way you meant,
I’m afraid. Why did you kill my daughter? What has the Collins Family
done to you that you should do that?” Vicky insists, “I tried to
save her! I tried to warn her! I thought the past could be
changed!” Joshua asks, “That’s what my wife said you said. What
do you mean?” Vicky replies, “You wouldn’t understand. Least of
all, you”, but Joshua insists she tell him. Vicky tells him, “I
come from another time, another century. I come from a time in the
future and somehow found myself trapped here in the past. From what
I read in the Collins family history, I know Sarah was destined to
die on her 11th birthday.” Joshua remarks, “I see you have a window
in your cell. It’ll be dusk soon. Do you like watching the sunset?”
Vicky replies, “Yes”. Joshua tells her, “I suggest you look at this
one carefully. Enjoy your precious sunrises and sunsets. I will
see to it you have precious few of them left! May the colors remind
you of the fires of hell to which you’ll go!”
It is sunset. Ben goes to the Collins family mausoleum and
goes into the secret room. Barnabas awakens and comes out of
his coffin . Ben tells him, “The funeral is over. Everyone’s gone
back to the house”. Barnabas moans, “I knew she’d die”. Ben
tells him, “Everyone’s blaming Miss Winters for it. There’s a
terrible hullabaloo brewing in town.” Barnabas moans, “The
murderer stands right here. I blame myself”. Ben tries to reassure
him, “That’s not how Miss Sarah saw it, I’m sure”. Barnabas tells
Ben he’s decided to give himself up to save Vicky, but Ben tells
him, “No, there’s another way. I could help her escape.” Barnabas
dismisses the idea, “No, you must not. She might be caught, and you
too. No, there’s only one way. I must go into the village tonight
and give myself up”. Ben exclaims, “No! I can’t let you do it!”,
but Barnabas tells him, “You cannot stop me”. There’s a noise
outside. Both Ben and Barnabas suddenly become very quiet.
Outside, Naomi has come into the mausoleum to see Sarah
again. Sarah has been put in her sarcophagus. A wreath of fresh
flowers still lie on it. Naome cries, “Sarah! Sarah!” Inside
the secret room, Barnabas says, “My mother!” Joshua comes into
the crypt and says, “Naomi! You should not be here!” Naomi replies,
“I came to be with Sarah. Please let me stay”. Joshua tells her,
“I must take you home”. Naomi replies, “This is my home now.
They’re here now. Both of them.” Joshua exclaims, “Naomi! No one
must know Barnabas is buried here! If they knew, they’d exhume
his body, cremate it and scatter it out at sea!” Naomi moans,
“I failed to save them from their destiny. I failed to save them
from YOU, your coldness.” Joshua begs, “Naomi, you must not stay
here.” Finally, he too breaks down, “My children! My poor lost
children!” He then tells Naomi, “We must leave, never to return”.
Inside, Barnabas says quietly, “Mother! Father! Don’t go!”
A little later, after Joshua and Naomi have long gone,
Ben and Barnabas exit the tomb. Barnabas tells Ben, “No, I can’t
go into the village now. It would disgrace teh family forever.
I can’t have that.” Ben assures him, “I’ll see to it Miss Winters
escapes. No harm will come to Miss Winters.” Barnabas replies,
“Good. I’ll wait till sunrise here, then you’ll come back to
me then”. Ben, puzzled, asks, “Don’t you mean sunset?” Barnabas
replies, “No, sunrise”. Ben says, “I don’t understand”. Barnabas
looks at Sarah’s grave and says, “She’s at rest. She’s at peace.
So will I be at sunrise. Find a branch of a tree, a holly tree.
Make it into a stake long enough to pierce a man’s heart…” Ben
gasps, “What are you saying?!” Barnabas replies, “You know…”
Ben exclaims, “I can’t! I won’t!”. Barnabas replies, “You must!”
Ben protests, “But it’ll destroy you!” Barnabas replies, “I’m
already destroyed. You will save me from an eternity of agony.”
Ben again says, “I can’t!”, but Barnabas begs, “I you are my friend,
you will do it. End my torment! Please, I beg you! I beg you!
Let me hear you say the word. Say it! Yes!” Ben says, “Yes”.
Episode 417
Worldvision Rerun 205
Tape Date: January 24, 1968 (ABC #22-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 30, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Ben says, “I’m sorry, Mr. Barnabas”. Barnabas tells him, “Don’t
be”. Ben remarks, “To do what you want me to do, I don’t want to
think about it. You’ve been my friend”. Barnabas tells him,
“You’ll be giving the greatest gift one man can give to another,
the gift of peace”. Ben says, “I’ll try to think of it that way”.
Barnabas tells him, “I know you won’t fail me. See to it you do
everything you can to save Miss Winters. You know where the money
is. Use whatever is necessary to help Miss Winters escape. Keep
the rest of it for yourself, and use it to get as far away from
Collinwood as you can. Josette. I must see her one more time”.
Ben exclaims, “You can’t!” Barnabas replies, “I must!” Ben protests,
“You can’t let her know what you are!” Barnabas replies, “She won’t.
I only want ot look at her. I’m only going to go in her room and
look at her while she’s sleeping. I must see her one more time”.
Ben points out, “But you might harm her like you harmed that girl
last night!” Barnabas promises, “I won’t”. Ben says, “You might
not be able to help yourself!” Barnabas replies, “Nonsense. Go
now, Ben. Don’t come back until after sunrise”. Ben begs, “Don’t
go to her!”, but Barnabas just says, “Go now, Ben”.
Josette is sleeping peacefully in her room. A squeaking sound
is heard. A bat flutters around in the room, then suddenly
turns into Barnabas. Barnabas stands there, looking at Josette.
He says, “Goodbye, Josette, my dear Josette. I must not awaken her.
I must not come any closer. I mustn’t! Josette! How can I say
goodbye? How can I ever say goodbye to you? But I must! I must!”
Natalie comes into the room. She sees Barnabas and screams, “AHHHHH!
Barnabas!” Barnabas vanishes into thin air…
Josette awakens and says, “Who’s there? Aunt Natalie! Is
something wrong?” Natalie lies, “No, nothing”. Josette asks, “Why
are you here? What is it?”. Natalie replies, “Nothing, nothing’s
wrong. Josette, I’ve come to a decision. I’ve decided we must
leave Collinsport as soon as the arrangements can be made”. Josette
replies, “You know I cannot. Before Barnabas died, he said he would
come back to me”. Natalie exclaims, “Nonsense!” Josette replies,
“It may be to you, but I’m not asking you to stay. You can go back
to Martenique as soon as you wish”. Natalie remarks, “I’m
frightened. You should be frightened too. Your death has been
fortetold by a witch. You’re not afraid?” Josette replies,
“Perhaps I am. Yet I cannot leave Collinwood until Barnabas
fufills his promise and comes back to me”. Natalie asks, “And if
he never does?” Josette replies, “Then I will wait here until I
die”. Natalie says, “Then you force me to tell you something I did
not want to tell you. I saw something”. Josette asks, “What did you
see?” Natalie lies, “I saw the moment of my own death in the
Tarot cards. I will die if I don’t leave Collinsport. But I won’t
leave without you!” Josette says, “Yes, of course. We will have
to leave here as soon as possible”.
Josette is in the garden. Ben passes by and is surprised to
see her there, as it is very late at night, almost dawn, in fact.
He asks, “Miss Josette, is everything all right?” Josette replies,
“Yes, of course. Why ask?” Ben tells her, “Becauss I was worried
about you. I was worried because of all the things that have been
happening”. Josette replies, “Please don’t worry about me. I’m
perfectly safe. Ben, I’m leaving Collinwood soon”. Ben asks,
“Leaving?” Josette replies, “Yes, Aunt Natalie and I are returning
to Martenique as soon as the arrangements can be made.” Ben tells
her, “Go! You should leave! There’s something about this house
that makes people who live in it unhappy”. Josette asks, “Ben,
you were very close to Barnabas. Before he died, he said something
I can’t forget. He said he’d come back to me. That’s why I haven’t
left yet”. Ben tells her, “He’s dead! He can’t come back!” Josette
replies, “I know it’s not rational, but I just can’t forget his
promise! When I awoke, I thought I heard his voice calling me
from far away”. Ben tells her, “It must’ve been your imagination.
Get away from Collinwood. It’s the best thing you could do! Believe
me!” He notices that Josette is listening intently to something and
asks, “What is it?” Josette replies, “I thought I heard something.
It sounded like laughing, coming from far away”. Ben says, “It
must’ve just been the wind”. Josette says, “Goodnight, Ben”. Ben
replies, “Goodnight”. Josette leaves. The cock crows. Ben says
to himself, “In a few minutes, it’ll be light, and I’ll have to go
and do what I have to do. I don’t want to do it, but I’ve got to,
I’ve got to!”
The sun has risen. Ben goes to the secret room. He has with him
a hammer and a sharpened stake. He opens the coffin, places the
stake over Barnabas’ heart, but pulls back, overcome with emotion.
He steels himself and places the stake over Barnabas’ heart again.
He raises the hammer and prepares to strike, but stops when the
room suddenly fills with a woman’s laughter. He asks, “Who’s there?
Who are you? Who?” A woman’s voice replies, “Ben!” A giant
ghostly head appears, the head of Angelique. Ben exclaims, “You!”
Angelique asks, “Did you think I’d allow you end my curse?” Ben
tells her, “You can’t stop me from doing what I have to do!”, but
Angelique replies, “I can and I will. Where is your stake, Ben?”
Ben looks down at his hand and is shocked to see that the stake has
disappeared. Angelique continues, “I will never allow you to do what
Barnabas wants you to do! Every time you try, I will come back
from the grave to stop you! Now leave this place, and when Barnabas
awakens, tell him what I told you! Go! Now!” Ben leaves. Angelique
looks down on the coffin and says, “Did you really think you could
escape my curse, Barnabas? You shall never escape, nor shall your
Episode 418
Worldvision Rerun 206
Tape Date: January 25, 1968 (ABC #23-DRK-68)
Air Date: January 31, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas awakens, and is very surprised to do so. He is furious
with Ben for not having destroyed him, but Ben explains to him
what happened. Ben remarks, “She remembered your promise”, speaking
about Josette. Barnabas asks, “What?”, but Ben just says, “Nothing”.
Barnabas says, “You talked to her, didn’t you? What did she say?” Ben
replies, “It’s best if you don’t think about her”. Barnabas demands
to know, “What did she say?” Ben replies, “She says she feels near
to you”. Barnabas tells Ben, “I must see her again. From a distance”.
Ben tells him, “She’s going away. Because you wanted her to go away”.
Barnabas replies, “Yes. She must go away. Far, far, away, as soon
as possible”. He opens the secret door. Ben asks, “You’re not
going to her?!” Barnabas replies, “I’m going to where the night
takes me, but not to Josette” and leaves. Suddenly, the secret
room fills with a woman’s laughter. The ghostly head of Angelique
appears again. Ben, terrified, screams, “Go away! Please! I ain’t
done nothing!” Angelique replies, “Ah, but you have, Ben. Do you
think you and Barnabas can stop my curse?” Ben tells her, “She’s
going away, and Barnabas will not go near her!” Angelique replies,
“If Barnabas refuses to go to Josette, then she will come to him!”
Ben asks, “What do you mean?” Angelique replies, “You will see,
Ben. You will see…” She starts to say “Josette! Josette!”. First
the voice is hers, but then it turns to that of Barnabas…
Josette is in bed sleeping. She hears Angelique’s voice and,
thinking it is Barnabas, says, “You have returned to me!”. Angelique
causes her to have a dream, “Dream! Dream! In your dream, you will
see me, but only as a shadow. You will hear me, but only as a
disembodied voice. Dream! Dream!” Josette dreams. In the dream,
she is in a nondescript place outdoors. Angelique is with her.
Angelique tells her, “Do you want to find Barnabas? Your first
and greatest wish is about to be fufilled!” Josette replies, “I
can’t find him”. Angelique assures her, “You will find him”.
Josette asks, “Where?” Angelique replies, “I will show you. When I
say the word, you must turn. See and remember. Turn!” Josette
turns and is startled to see a cemetary. She screams. Angelique
reminds her, “See! See and remember!” Josette awakens and screams,
then remembers and says, “Barnabas! No! You’re there!”. She hears
what sounds like Barnabas’ voice calling her, and says, “You’re
there!” and goes out.
Josette continues to follow the voice. On the road just outside
Eagle Hill cemetary, she runs into Ben. He asks, “What are you
doing out this time of night? You shouldn’t be here. What are you
doing here? You must’ve gotten yourself lost!”, but Josette replies,
“No, Ben. I’m all right. You go along”. Ben asks, “Do you know
where you are? You’re at the edge of a graveyard!” Josette replies,
“I know where I am”. Ben asks, “Why are you going there?” Josette
replies, “I don’t think I have to explain myself to you”. She hears
the voice again and asks, “Do you hear that?” Ben replies, “I don’t
hear anything”. Josette exclaims, “It was his voice!” Ben replies,
“His voice? It wasn’t his voice, no matter how much it sounded like
him. It may have sounded like Mr. Barnabas’ voice, but it was
really…” The giant ghostly head of Angelique appears behind
Josette and glowers at Ben. Ben finishes his sentence, “…the
wind”, and starts to act strangely, clearly under Angelique’s
control. He tells Josette, “Good night. Just keep on the way
you were going, pay no mind to anything I’ve said” and leaves.
The voice continues to call, “Josette! Josette!” Josette exclaims,
It isn’t just the wind! No!”
Josette is now in the graveyard. She asks herself, “Why am I
here? It’s only a dream!” She goes into the Collins family
mausoleum. Inside, she looks at Sarah’s nameplate. Suddenly,
she hears the gate close. She turns and sees Barnabas standing
there and exclaims, “Barnabas! You’re not a ghost!” Barnabas asks,
“Why have you come to this place?” Josette replies, “I heard you
calling me”. Barnabas says, “I? I never called you.” Josette
protests, “But you did! I followed your voice!” Barnabas tells her,
“You must leave this place. You must go far, far away. You must not
see me”. Josette asks, “Why do you say that? You promised to come
back to me and now you have”. Barnabas again tells her, “You must
leave at once!” Josette asks, “Why do you say that? You don’t mean
it!” Barnabas replies, “I mean it with all my heart and soul”.
Josette protests, “But I love you!” Barnabas replies,”If you love
me, you will go. There is a power over both of us you do not
understand”, but Josette says, “I DO understand, and I know what
that power is. That power is your love for me, and mine for you.
We will start a new life together!” Barnabas tells her, “You do
not know what that new life will be like. Just leave! I beg you!
If you love me, you will go! Forget you ever saw me!” Josette
starts to walk towards him, but Barnabas exclaims, “You musn’t
come near me!” Josette begs, “Please, whatever it is, I’m not
afraid. Just hold me! Please, Barnbas!” Barnabas weakens and
embraces her. Josette says, “At last, I’m safe. I’m safe at last.
Oh, Barnabas!” Barnabas, weakening even further, opens his mouth,
baring his fangs…

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