November 1969

Episode 876
Worldvision Rerun 654
Tape Date: October 21, 1969 (ABC #221-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 3, 1969 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin tries to tell Beth he’s really Quentin, that they’ve switched
again, but Beth doesn’t believe him. She backs up, slips and falls off
the cliff…
Quentin returns to Collinwood and tells Barnabas that he is Quentin
again and tells him what happened at Widow’s Hill. Barnabas tells Quentin
he should make prepartations to leave Collinsport immediately. Quentin
tells him he can’t leave without the portrait. Barnabas tells him he
must leave, saying he’ll continue to look for the portrait.
Aristide shows up at Charles Delaware Tate’s studio, looking very
dirty and ragged. He tells Tate that he nees to rest for a while,
explaining that he saw the vampire, who somehow came back to life,
and had been hiding in the woods for a week without food or rest because
the vampire had vowed to kill him. Tate laughs, saying that if that’s
what he’s been doing, then he’s been wasting his time because it’s
not the same Barnabas he saw, that this was a different man, that it’s
certain he’s not a vampire because he’s around during the day. Aristide
is shocked. He begs Tate to intercede on his behalf with Petofi and
explaine why he ran off. Tate refuses, saying that’s not his business.
Quentin goes to Widow’s hill and thinks about what happened, wishing
Beth could know it was not his fault and forgive him.
Tate is busy pinting over Quentin’s portrait with a coat of white
paint. He finishes just as Barnabas coems in and asks to buy a painting.
Tate asks which one. Barnabas replies, “The portrait of Quentin”. Tate
replies that that’s in Quentin’s room at Collinwood. Barnabas replies
that it’s been stolen, and that he, Tate, was at the house the night
it was stolen. Tate replies that he didn’t steal it, if that’s what
he’s implying, and him he’s welcome to search the studio for it if
he’d like.
Quentin returns to Collinwood. As he is about to open the front door,
Aristide shows up. Quentin tells him to go away, he doesn’t want
to have anything to do with him. Aristide, thinking Quentin is still
Petofi, begs forgiveness for running away and tells Quentin he’ll
do anything to get him to take him back. Quentin, getting an idea,
pretends to be Petofi and tells Aristide that maybe there IS something
he can do and tells him to come in. In the drawing room, he tells him he
no longer needs his old body and orders him to go and kill ‘Quentin’.
Aristide is puzzled, and remarks that he thought he wanted the gypsies
to find Quentin and think it was him. Quentin tells him that he’s decided
that it’s better if they just found the body. Aristide smiles and, thinking
he understands, says “Dead men don’t talk, eh ?” “Exactly”, Quentin replies.
Petofi shows up at Tate’s cottage and tells him he’s decided to
restore his talent in view of his good service. Tate, thinking it’s
really Quentin, tells him he doesn’t know what his game is, but that
he knows he’s really Quentin and has no power to restore his talent,
and orders him to leave. Petofi explains that the minds hae been
swithed back, but Tate tells him he doesn’t believe him. Petofi replies
that it doesn’t matter whether he believes him or not, he’ll prove it
to him and takes hold of his hands. Tate feels his talent come back
and exclaims, “It’s true !”. Petof tells him that this time if he
wants to keep his talent, he’ll have to be the perfect servant and
follow his orders without question. Tate gladly answers that he will.
Petofi tells him to be a good host and get him a drink, preferably
brandy if he has any. Tate tells him he does, but finding none on
the liquor table, tells him he’ll have to go into the kitchen to get
some. Unbeknownst to both of them, Aristide is outside spying throught
the window. When he sees Tate leave the room, he sneaks in through the
front door and walks quietly up to Petofi, who’s occupied looking at
one of Tate’s paintings. He looks up and sees Aristide just as Aristide
gets to him. He is shocked when Aristide stabs him in the chest and
falls to the floor.
Episode 877
Worldvision Rerun 655
Tape Date: October 24, 1969 (ABC #222-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 4, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Petofi gasps, “You’ll pay for this !”, and loses consciousness. Tate
comes back into the room, sees Petofi lying there with a knife in his
chest and asks Aristide why he did this. He checks Petofi and finds that
he’s still alive. Aristide replies that it’s not Petofi, that there’s
something he, Tate doesn’t know, that Petofi had switched bodies with
Quentin, and it’s Quentin, not Petofi, lying there and explains that it
was the real Petofi, in the body of Quentin, who told him to do this.
Tate replies, “There’s something YOU don’t know. Petofi came here and
told me they switched back.”. Aristide tells him he doesn’t believe this,
that it was probably just Quentin lying to him. Tate tells him that
that’s what he thought at first too, but that Petofi had proved who he was
by restoring his talent to him, that it wasn’t Petofi who ordered him
to do this, but Quentin fooling him. Aristide angrily vows to kill Quentin
for what he did and leaves. Petofi regains consciousness and asks Tate
why Aristide did this and where he is. Tate tells him Quentin had fooled
Aristide into doing this and that Aristide had left to kill Quentin for
it. Petofi tells Tate he still needs Quentin and that he must go and
prevent Aristide from killing him.
Aristide goes to Collinwood and tells Quentin he’s stabbed Petofi.
Quentin turns to pour a drink to celebrate. While his back is turned,
Aristide pulls a sword from the wall, points it at him, tells him he
knows how he tricked and tells him he’s going to kill him, but Tate
rushes in, points a gun at Aristide and stops him, saying Petofi sent
him and wants him to tell him to go back to the studio to talk. Quentin
realizes that Petofi is still alive.
At the studio, Petofi has a dream about his first meeting with
Aristede. In it, he runs into a fugitive running throught the woods.
He informs the fugitive that he’s been watching him for some time and
that he’s running in circles. He assures the fugitive he means him no
harm and tells him his name is Count Andreas Petofi. The fugitive
replies that his name is Aristede. Petofi asks what he was in jail
for. Aristede replies that he stabbed a man in Liverpool because they
had a disagreement. Petofi asks how he managed to escape from Dartmoor
prison (they must be near it). Aristede asks if he’s ever heard of a
‘Garth Blackwood’. Petofi answers that he’s acquainted with him, that
he knows he’s the master of Dartmoor. “Not anymore”, Aristede replies,
“He’s dead”. “How did you kill him ?”, asks Petofi. Aristede, surprised,
asks Petofi how he knew he killed him. Petofi replies that it was the
way he said “He’s dead”. Aristide explains that he wasn’t the only one
who wanted Blackwood dead, that all the prisoners did because of his
cruelty, that he always carried a length of chain with him with which
he beat them with whenever he felt like it, that last month alone three
prisoners died from his beatings, and that last week, several prisoners
drew lots to see who would kill Blackwood, and he was the lucky man, and
a few days ago when Blackwood raised the chain to strike him, he pulled
a knife and stabbed him in the heart, killing him, and escaped. Petofi
remarks that he is a lucky man to have escaped from Dartmoor. Aristede
replies that he is not, that he is being haunted by the ghost of Garth
Blackwood, that every day, he hears Blackwood’s rattling chain and
scraping wooden leg coming closer every day. Suddenly, he screams that
he hears Blackwood approaching right now and prepares to flee. Petofi,
hearing nothing, realizes that it’s all in Aristede’s mind and hypnotizes
him and stops him from imagining it. Aristede stops hearing Blackwood and
– possibly thinking Petofi has really exorcised a ghost, thanks him
profusely and vows to be his obedient servant forever.
Petofi awakens and finds Tate standing over him. Tate tells him the
stopped Aristide and asked him to come here, as requested. He asks
Petofi why’s he’s being so lenient with Aristede, why he just didn’t
let him shoot him. Petofi replies that he isn’t being lenient, that
a normal death would be too good for Aristede and he has something
special planned for him, that he’s going to let the man Aristede fears
most kill him. He tells Tate he’s going to have him sketch a man named
‘Garth Blackwood’. Tate protests that he doesn’t know what this man
looks like. Petofi tells him he’ll guide him.
When Aristide returns, he finds Petofi lying on the sofa with Tate
sketching something beside him. Petofi tells Tate to go into the other
room, finish the drawing there and bring it back in when it’s done. Tate
leaves. Aristede begs Petofi for forgiveness, saying it was a natural
mistake anyone could have made. Petofi replies that he understands, and
is anxious to forgive him. Aristede is overjoyed. Tate comes back and
gives Petofi the drawing pad. Petofi tells Tate to leave, saying he wants
to speak to Aristide alone. Tate does. Petofi shows Aristede the sketch
and asks, “Do you recognize this ?”. Aristede, horrified, gasps, “Garth
Blackwood! What do you plan to do with THAT ? I thought you said you were
anxious to forgive me”. Petofi replies that he does forgive him, that it
would be bad to dispatch him without having done so. Aristide asks what
he means by ‘dispatch’. Petofi replies that Charles Delaware Tate has a
remarkable talent that even he, Petofi, discovered by accident, that
whatever he sketches takes physical form, and that Garth Blackwood will
soon be taking physical form and will come to get him, Aristide.
“With my blessing..”, he adds. Aristide whines “But that’s impossible!
You’re just punishing me by frightening me, aren’t you, excellency?
Well, you can stop. I’M FRIGHTENED!! PLEASE STOP!!”. Aristede then
hears the sound of a scraping peg leg and rattling chains approaching.
Episode 878
Worldvision Rerun 656
Tape Date: October 26, 1969 (ABC #223-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 5, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Aristide begs Petofi to stop it, but Petofi refuses. Aristide runs out
through the back door. Garth Blackwood comes in and announces that
there’s been an escape from Dartmoor Prison and that the escapee has been
seen coming into this house. Petofi replies that a man did break in to
the house, but escaped out the back door. Blackwood gives pursuit.
At Collinwood, Judith tells Evan if he’s found out anything yet. Evan
says not yet. She tells him why not, she had requested that he hire a
private detective to find out what Trask was really doing all the times
he said he was visiting her. Evan replies that instead of hiring a
detective, he hired Tim Shaw, who knows but hates Trask and has a better
chance of success, that information should be coming soon. Judith tells
Evan to be sure to be in his office tomorrow because she’s going to drop
by to change her will. As Evan is leaving the house, Trask, from the
stairs, sees him, and Evan sees Trask. Trask goes into the drawing room
and asks what Evan is doing here this late. Judith tells him she’s
going to change her will giving all her money to ‘charity’. (It’s not
clear whether it’s Charity or charity..). Trask is shocked, and shows
it. Judith asks what’s the matter. He tells her nothing, he’s just
surprised, that’s all. Judith goes upstairs, and Trasks rushes out of
Collinwood as if he has something urgent to do.
Aristide runs through the woods, hearing the sound of chains following
Trask goes to Evan’s house. Evan tells him if he came to ask him
what he was doing at Collinwood with Judith, he’s not going to tell
him because of laywer-client confidentiality. Trask replies that he
already knows about Judith wanting to change her will because she told him.
Trask asks Evan to try to convince Judith not to do this, but Evan
refuses, saying that he likes to be on side of the winner, and he can tell
that Trask is going to lose. Trask, saying if he will not do this, asks,
Evan if he could at t least delay it for a few days.
In the woods, Aristide realizes that if he stays there, Blackwood will
eventually catch him, and decides he must find someone to hide and help
Evan,saying “Why? So you can have time to take care of her like you
took care of MInerva ?”, refuses to delay. There’s a knock on the
door, and Evan opens it. Aristide comes in, explains what’s happening and
begs Evan, with his knowledge of the occult, to help him. Evan refuses,
saying he’s afraid of Petofi and doesn’t want to interfere. Trask tells
Aristide that he, a man of the cloth, can help and volunteers his services.
Evan, not wanting to be involved, tells them both to leave, but Trask
convinces him to give them 15 minutes alone to discuss the matter.
Trask tells Aristide he’ll help him, but for a price.
After a commercial break, Aristide is looking at a map. Trask tells him
where Judith’s room is on the map and tells him it’s got to look like a
Trask returns to Collinwood and apologizes to Judith about his earlier
behaviour, admitting that he did weaken momentarily and want the money
for himself, but quickly realized that he was wrong.
At Evan’s house, Aristide hears chains and flees out a window. Blackwood
barges in through the front door, saying that he knows a fugitive came
to this house and demands to know where he is. Evan says he doesn’t know,
and demands that Blackwood leave his house. Blackwood refuses, saying
that the penalty for harboring a fugitive is severe, and says he will
search the house. Evan tries to stop him, but Blackwood strangles him
with the chain. Peeking in from the outside, Aristide sees this..
Episode 879
Worldvision Rerun 657
Tape Date: October 17, 1969 (ABC #224-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 6, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Aristide goes to Collinwood and tells Trask that Evan Handley is dead,
that he’s been murdered. From the stairs, Judith hears this..
From another room, Judith calls Tim Shaw and tell him she’s got to
talk to him about something important, too important to talk about on
the phone. She goes to the Collinsport Inn and tells him about Evan. She
tells him Evan had told her he was working for him, and asks him if he’s
found out anything about what Trask was doing. He tell her he found out
that the was going to Fall Rivers, where he was seeing a widow named
Mrs. Curry, that he had told her about being a widower, but had not told
her that he had remarried. He continues that it’s all stopped now because
Mrs. Curry had learned the truth and committed suicide because of it.
Judith tells Tim she has a plan to get even with Trask and asks Tim to
help her with it….
Trask shows Aristide to Judith’s room and tells him that he is to
hide behind the curtains, that after he has killed Judith he is to
take her jewelry to make it look like a robbery. He tells him if he does
his job correctly, he will exorcise the ghost for him. He gives him a
Trask waits downstairs nervously for Judith to return. He hears a
carriage outside, quickly picks up a book and pretends to be reading it.
Judith comes in. She tells him she has some important letters to write,
and asks him to read in the study instead. After he leaves, Judith turns
off the lights and lets Tim Shaw in. She tells him they will do it in
Quentin’s room, that she’s had all of Quentin’s things removed from
there and that she’s sure Quentin won’t be home tonight. They go upstairs.
Judith goes to her bedroom. After she has been in there for a while,
Aristide summons up his courage and comes out from behind the curtains
and points the gun at her..
Downstairs, Blackwood comes in, looks in the drawing room, sees no one
there, and starts up the stairs.
Aristide is about to shoot Judith when he hears the sound of chains.
Blackwood comes in. Aristide, terrified, begs for mercy, but Blackwood
replies, “It’s too late for that now, justice must be done..”, and walks
toward him with the chain and starts to put it around his neck, but
Aristide manages to break free and flees out the window (the writer seems
to have forgotten that the bedrooms are on the second floor…). Trask,
hearing the commotion and probably thinking Aristide has done his job,
comes to Judith’s room. Blackwood runs out the door, brushing past him.
Judith tells him about the two men that were in here, that they did not
seem to be together, that the first wanted to kill her and that the second
seemed to be chasing the first. She tells him she needs a brandy, and he
pours her one. She tells him he should have one too, in view of the
stressful circumstances. He pours one and drinks it. She does not drink
hers… Trask starts to feel dizzy and collapses onto the bed unconscious.
Trask awakens and finds himself in Quentin’s room with Tim Shaw.
He tries to leave, but Tim prevents him by pulling a gun on him. Trask
angrily tells him when Judith finds out about this, she’ll have him,
Tim, locked up in jail forever. Tim laughs, saying it’s funny that he’s
talking about being locked up forever. Tim leaves, locking the door.
Judith calls the sheriff and says that two men broke into her house
and that her husband had scared them off, but that he gave chase and
has been gone for over an hour, and that she’s worried that something
may have happened to him…
Trask, thinking that there might be another key to the door in the
room, searches for it. Outside is a strange scraping sound. Trask does
find a key, and opens the door, only to find a brick wall blocking his
way. It is nearly completed, with only two more bricks needed to finish
it. He looks through the hole and sees Tim and Judith outside. He begs
them not to do this, but Judith merely remarks, “You tried to have me
killed tonight, didn’t you ?”. Tim puts in the last two bricks….
Episode 880
Worldvision Rerun 658
Tape Date: October 16, 1969 (ABC #225-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 7, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

A long time later, Trask thinks he hears noises, someone outside.
He calls out for help, but there is no answer.
Quentin returns home to Collinwood and starts toward the stairs.
Judith comes out of the drawing room and tells him to wait. She tells
him not to go to his room, that she’s decided to close off the West
Wing because it’s becoming too expensive to maintain a house this large,
that she’s had all his things moved to another room. Judith tells
Quentin about the two men who broke into the house, explaining that
Evan has been killed and that these are probably the same men. Quentin
tells her he heard about Evan’s death in the village. Judith tells him
that Trask went after the men and hasn’t returned. Quentin tells her
he’ll go search for him.
Trask desperately looks for a way out. He looks at the window, but it
turns out that this room has no windows, that the curtains are just
ornamental and that there’s nothing but a wall behind them. He then
realizes that Quentin has a phone in his room, and opens the rolltop
desk and finds it. He tries it, but finds that it doesn’t seem to work.
All he hears is a buzz..
Aristide, still running from Blackwood, runs into Quentin, who’s
searching for Trask, in the graveyard. He tells Quentin he’s no longer
working for Petofi, that Petofi’s sent someone after him, and begs for
help. Quentin refuses. Blackwood, from outside the gate, sees them.
Aristide hears Blackwood’s chains and flees. Blackwood comes in and
tells Quentin that Aristide is a fugitive and asks if he has anything
to do with him, if he knows where he’s going. Quentin says no and
Blackwood leaves to continue his pursuit.
The phone rings in Quentin’s room and Trask answers. It’s Judith.
She tells him she knows that he was trying to kill her, and taunts him,
saying he always said that he wanted to stay at Collinwood forever, and
now he’s going to get his wish. He begs her to relent, saying she just
can’t do this. She tells him that she can, that if he thinks she isn’t
the type of person to do this, then he obviously never took the
opportunity to really know her. She hangs up.. Trask hears a noise.
Beth’s ghost appears and asks “Where’s Quentin ? I’m looking for
Quentin..”. Trask replies. “Yes. Look for Quentin. Tell him I’m here..”
Beth’s ghost disappears.
Quentin, in the foyer, hears his music playing in the drawing room
and goes in there. Beth’s ghost is there. He tells her he’s sorry
about what happened. She tells him she forgives him, that she came to
him to tell him that because she couldn’t rest until she did, and then
Aristide, tired and not knowing what else to do, goes to the Mill
Building to hide. A woman comes out of the other room, screams, “I’ll
kill you !”, and attacks him with a knife. He manages to grab her hand
and disarm her, and asks her who she is. She tells him she is the widow
of King Johnny Romano, and she’s here to avenge him and complete his
work. Aristide tells her he’s had a falling out with Petofi and is no
longer working for him, that Petofi’s sent someone to kill him. He tells
her he’ll help her to get Petofi if she’ll get the gypsies to protect
him. She replies that the gypsies will gladly protect anyone who helps
them to get back the “Hand of Oshden”. He tells her Petofi is wounded
and recuperating at the house of an artist, and draws a map telling
her how to get there. He offers to help her, but she tells him she’s
got to do this alone and tells him to stay here.
Judith comes into the drawing room. Quentin notes that the portrait
of Amanda isn’t in there anymore and asks her about it. She tells him
she decided she didn’t like it and destroyed it. He notes that it
seems strange that she hasn’t asked him if he found Trask, that it would
seem that that would be the first thing a concerned wife would want to
know. She tells him she just assumed that if he didn’t say anything
about it, that it must mean he didn’t find him. Quentin remarks that
it almost seems that she knew he wouldn’t find him, that they won’t
ever see Trask again and she knows it. He tells her she’ll be much
happier without him… He obviously suspects she had something to do
with Trask’s disapperance and thinks it’s a good move..
In the woods on the way to Charles Delaware Tate’s house, the
Widow runs into Garth Blackwood, who grabs her and wraps his chain
around her neck…
At the Mill Building, Aristide is terrified to hear chains rattling.
Garth Blackwood comes down the stairs….
Episode 881
Worldvision Rerun 659
Tape Date: October 22, 1969 (ABC #226-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 10, 1969 Monday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Aristide runs around the room, trying to get away, but Blackwood
catchs him and wraps the chain around his neck. Aristide, desperate,
tells Blackwood that he can’t do this, that the only reason he’s here
is to kill him, and that once he does, those who summoned him will
destroy him. Blackwood tells him that that’s no problem, he’ll
destroy them first.
Charles Delaware Tate, apparently having been sent by Petofi to
get something, goes to the Mill Building and finds the front door
open. He hears a horrible scream and a voice shout “Justice is done!”.
He quickly hides behind some bushes. After he sees Blackwood leave,
he goes downstairs and finds Aristide dead.
Tates returns to his cottage and tells Petofi what happened at the
Mill building. He tells Petofi that now Blackwood has killed Aristide,
they must get rid of him, that he’s too dangerous, that he’s been killing
other people as well, that on his way to the Mill Building, he found a
woman in the woods who had been strangled the same way Aristide had been.
Petofi replies that he doesn’t care, that if the woman is dead, she must
have had something to do with Aristide. Tate replies that he’d better
care – the woman was a gypsy, and that she must have known he was here
because he found her near here. Petofi tells Tate that even though he’s
still weak, he must accelerate his plans and go to the future immediately.
Tate asks him what he plans to do about Blackwood. Petofi replies,
“Nothing. The people of this time will just have to fend for themselves”.
Blackwood bursts throught the front door and tells them he’s sentenced
them both to death. He grabs Tate and wraps the chain around his
At Collinwood, Charity walks into the drawing room and finds
Quentin there, going through the contents of a trunk. Sensing that he
is indeed Quentin, she happily beams, “You’re you again ! You’ve defeated
that evil man!”. He tells her he may have done so temporalily, but
must leave Collinsport to get away from him, that that’s what he’s doing,
going through his belongings to see what he’s going to take with him.
He shows her a picture of himself at the age of ten, and gives it to her.
She tells him she has a somewhat racy picture of herself which she’ll
give him.
At the Mill Building, Petofi uses the hand to force Blackwood to
release Tate and keeps him at bay. He tells Tate to get a gun and
destroy Blackwood as he did with his other creation. As Tate searches for
his gun, Petofi tell him to hurry, that Blackwood seems to have some
sort of power to resist the hand and he’s having trouble holding him.
Just as Blackwood breaks free of the hand’s control, Tate finds the
gun and shoots him. Tate is puzzled, telling Petofi that his other
creation disintegrated after being shot, but that Blackwood isn’t.
Petofi tells Tate to get a rope and tie him up. Tate does. But
Blackwood regains consciousness, breaks free of the rope and, telling
them he’ll be back to kill them later, leaves. Petofi tells Tate he
must start the trance immediately, that the switch will occur as soon
as Quentin goes to sleep and his mind is unguarded.
At Collinwood, Quentin groans and touches his forehead. Charity
asks what’s the matter. Quentin replies that he’s just sleepy, that
he hasn’t been to sleep for two days. She tells him that he should
get some sleep, but he tells her he can’t, that he has to leave
Collinwood quickly and has to finish his packing. Saying she’s sleepy
too, she says goodnight and goes up to bed.
In bed, Charity, still in love with Quentin, dejectedly thinks to
herself that he’s going to leave forever and that there’s nothing
anyone can do to stop him. Suddenly she senses somethin with her
psychic powers and says, “Wait… Someone is trying to stop him…”.
She has a vision in which Quentin, sitting in a chair in the drawing
room and sipping from a snifter of brandy, dozes off briefly and then
awakens. Charles Delaware Tate walks into the room, and ‘Quentin’
tells him that it worked just as he told him it would, that as soon
as Quentin went to sleep, he made the switch. He asks Tate if he
brought what he wanted. Tate responds that he has and hands him the
rods. Petofi tells him he has no time to spare and is going to do it
here. The vision stops, and Charity quickly gets out of bed to go
downstairs and prevent this from happening.
In the drawing room, Quentin, sitting in a chair sipping from a
snifter of brandy, starts to doze off…
Episode 882
Worldvision Rerun 660
Tape Date: October 19, 1969 (ABC #227-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 11, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Charity rushes downstairs and wakes Quentin up. With her psychic
powers, she can tell that the switch has not occured and he is still
Quentin. She tells him about what Petofi is trying to do, and tells
him he must stay awake until he leaves and asks when the train leaves.
He tells her it leaves in four hours, and that he’s been awake for two
straight days and is going to have difficulty staying awake for four
more hours. She walks him around, trying to keep him awake. Barnabas
comes to see Quentin, and Charity explains what’s happening to him.
Barnabas tells Charity to go upstairs and get Quentin’s luggage while
he keeps Quentin awake. When Charity comes down with his luggage,
Barnabas, who’s been walking Quentin around, tells her that Quentin’s
so sleepy that it’s probably not going to be possible to keep him
awake for four more hours, and tells her to stay here and keep him awake
while he goes get someone he thinks can help.
Barnabas goes to Angelique, explains the situation to her and asks
her to help. She tells Barnabas she knows Quentin’s going to New York to
look for Amanda and refuses to help. Barnabas asks her why she’s so hung
up on Quentin. She tells him that she had been living in the “everlasting
pit of hell, like the rest of her kind “, but did not like it there and
asked her master to let her live on Earth, that he agreed to let her do
this if she could make some human fall in love with her without using any
magic. Barnabas tells her that if she does not help, Quentin will be
destroyed and no one will have him.
Charity walks Quentin around and keeps him awake by getting him to
sing the “Pansy song” with her. Barnabas returns with Angelique.
Barnabas tells Charity to leave the room while they discuss the matter.
Angelique tells Quentin she will help on one condition – that he lets
her accompany him to New York. He refuses. Angelique decides to help
him anyway, saying that he’s going to live a long, long time, and that
they’ll both still be here long after Amanda is gone and she’ll get her
chance at him. Angelique looks into the fire. She finds that Petofi
is at Charles Delaware Tate’s studio and starts to cast her spell, but
finds that Petofi is in too deep a trance for her to be able to affect
his mind. She tells Barnabas that she cannot do anything, that it
might help if she had something of Petofi’s, but that it would have to
be something he’s wearing now, still bearing his essence. Charity,
eavesdropping from behind the closed doors, hears this and decides to
help by going and stealing something from Petofi. Barnabas, deciding
that it’s not going to be possible to steal something from Petofi, tells
Angelique that they must get a carriage and drive Quentin to Bangor,
where there are earlier trains leaving for New York. He goes into the
foyer to tell Charity to get a carriage , but cannot find her. Saying
that there is little time left, Angelique rushes out to get a carriage.
Charity sneaks into Tate’s studio and tries to steal his tie, but
Petofi awakens, grabs her, and tells her he is going to punish her..
Episode 883
Worldvision Rerun 661
Tape Date: October 23, 1969 (ABC #228-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 12, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Petofi asks Charity what she knows. She refuses to tell him, so he
touches her with the hand and forces her to tell him everything. He
ponders what to do, taking off his glasses and putting them on the
table to rest his eyes. Charity, seeing an opportunity, grabs them and
starts to run. Petofi tries to give chase, but with his poor vision
has trouble seeing and runs into furniture. Charity runs toward the door.
But Charles Delaware Tate comes in and stops her. Petofi tells him what
happened. He tells him to expedite matters by going to Collinwood and
telling Quentin that he has Charity hostage and will kill her if he
is not here within an hour, that with Quentin here, he’ll no longer have
to wait for him to fall asleep, he can put him to sleep.
In the woods, Tate hears Blackwood’s chains in the distance…
Tate goes to Collinwood and delivers the message. Barnabas tells him
Quentin is no longer in Collinsport, and that there’s no way to reach
him. He tells Tate he’ll go with him to deal with Petofi.
Barnabas and Tate go the cottage. Barnabas tells Petofi that Quentin
is already gone, and that killing Charity won’t serve any purpose.
Petofi tells Barnabas that he doesn’t need Quentin anymore, that he’s
just gotten another idea, an obvious idea that’s been under his very
nose but which he has not seen until now – that Quentin is not the only
person who will still exist in 1969, that Barnabas will too and he will
use him instead. He touches Barnabas with his hand and puts him to sleep.
Petofi sits down and goes into the trance. But Garth Blackwood bursts
through and bellows that he’s here to arrest two criminals. Terrified,
Tates runs out through the front door and escapes, but Petofi, in the
trance, does nothing. Blackwood handcuffs him and awakens him by slapping
him several times. Barnabas then also awakens. Blackwood tells Petofi
that he is here to carry out justice, that Petofi helped his murderer
Aristide to escape and the penalty for that is death. Petofi tells
Blackwood he should not kill him because he’s made up for that by making
it possible for him to catch Aristide. Blackwood seems convinced by this
argument, but Barnabas interrupts, saying that after Petofi helped
Aristide escape, they spent years travelling the world together, doing
evil. Blackwood replies that that settles it, he will have to punish
Petofi with death and tells Barnabas and Charity to leave. They do.
Blackwood looks around the studio and finds a cannister of something
flammable, and splashes it all over the studio, and sets it on fire.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Barnabas and Charity talk about
how lucky they were, how everything seems to have worked out all right
and Quentin has escaped. Suddenly, Charity has a vision and exclaims
that Quentin has not escaped, that he’s in the cottage, and that there
are flames everywhere and he’s in danger of burning to death. Barnabas
replies that that’s impossible, that Quentin is on a carriage on his
way to Bangor. She looks closer and replies that it’s not Quentin there,
but his portrait…
Episode 884
Worldvision Rerun 662
Tape Date: October 27, 1969 (ABC #229-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 13, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas goes to Tate’s studio and finds the place gutted by fire*. He
Looks through the ashes and finds Petofi’s watch and Blackwood’s chain.
He then finds Petofi’s glasses. A hand touches him on the shoulder, and
he turns to find that it it Charles Delaware Tate, who angrily tells him
he holds him in part responsible for the destruction of his studio and
work. Barnabas asks him again if he really had Quentin’s portrait, and
this time Tate admits that he did, but that it must have been destroyed
with everything else. Barnabas asks Tate to paint another portrait of
Quentin to prevent him from becoming a werewolf, for humanitarian
reasons. Tate reluctantly agrees.
Trask is watching his last candle burn down. The phone rings, and
he answers it. It is Judith. She taunts him, then tells him there’s
something behind the curtains he should enjoy. He looks and finds the
portrait of Amanda. He angrily destroys it.
Judith goes down into the foyer and finds Kitty and her luggage there.
Kitty tells her she has decided to leave Collinwood forever. Judith asks
what about her planned marriage to Edward. Kitty responds that
something’s wrong with her mentally and she doesn’t want to burden Edward
with it and gives Judith her engagement ring, telling her to give it to
Edward. Judith leaves, saying she’ll get a carriage for her. Kitty
looks at Barnabas’s portrait and defiantly tells it that she’s leaving
forever, but then finds herself compelled to go to the old house.
In New York, Quentin finds Amanda, but tells her that they cannot be
together yet until he gets the portrait..
Judith writes a letter to Tim Shaw, telling him her plan is working
perfectly, that he is to come tonight to remove the bricks and cover up
the doorway so that no one will know a room is behind there.
At the old house, Kitty talks to the portrait of Josette, saying that
she must forget all about Josette DuPres. But the portrait talks back to
her, saying, “Kitty Soames. It is Kitty Soames you must forget all
about..”. Barnabas comes in, saying he knows she is planning to leave
because he saw her bags at Collinwood, and begs her not to leave. He asks
her to marry him. She accepts. He tells her they should do it as soon as
possible, tonight. She agrees.
Trask watches the candle burning down. There is only about an inch of
tallow left. He remembers punishing students by locking them in the
dark closet and starts to go crazy and screams, “Please let me out!
I’ll be good..”. Judith calls, and tells him to look in the right hand
desk drawer, that he’ll find something there that he’ll find useful.
He looks, and finds a gun.
Barnabas goes to Collinwood. Judith is in the foyer with Kitty’s bags,
wondering where she could’ve gone. Barnabas tells her she’s at the old
house, and that they’re going to be married, and that afterwards, they’ll
both leave Collinwood forever. Judith is shocked.
Barnabas goes to the studio. There, he finds a note to him from
Charles Delaware Tate telling him that “things haven’t been going well
for me here and I’ve decided to leave. Sorry about the portrait. I won’t
have the opportunity to do it.”.
Judith calls Trask again. There is no answer. Trask has shot
Kitty is holding Josette’s wedding dress. Suddenly, she finds herself
wearing it without having put it on. She starts to float in the air
and finds herself pulled into the portrait of Josette. Barnabas gets
there just as she is almost completely pulled in. He grabs her, and
finds himself pulled in too.

* Wait a minute. It’s still there in 1966! Maybe someone rebuilt
Episode 885
Worldvision Rerun 663
Tape Date: October 28, 1969 (ABC #230-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 14, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas awakens and finds himself in the woods. He hears someone
call out his name, and finds that it is Ben Stokes. He realizes he must
somehow be in 1795 again. He questions Ben, and finds that this is the
night that Josette dies at Widow’s Hill. He vows it will not happen this
time. Ben is puzzled at what he’s saying. He tells Ben to first go and
check up on Josette at Collinwood, and then go to the shed where he’s
stored the two coffins, that Angelique will be coming there, and he is
to tell her to meet him at the old house.
Natalie is watching over a sleeping Josette at Collinwood. She notes
that it’s 10:00, and there’s only two hours left for the curse to be
fulfilled. Josette awakens, and tells Natalie that she’s just had a
strange dream where she was in the future, where everyone was wearing
strange clothing. Ben comes and sees that everyting is OK.
Angelique meets Barnabas at the old house. He tells her he knows what
she plans to do, that she plans to lure Josette to Widow’s Hill and
cause her to jump. He begs her not to, saying he’s changed his mind and
is no longer planning to turn Josette into a vampire and take her with
him. Angelique jealously remarks that he must really love Josette and
tells him how much she’s longed for him to use the word love in reference
to her, Angelique. She refuses and vanishes. Barnabas thinks to himself
that the must rush to Widow’s hill and stop it from happening again.
At Collinwood, things happen pretty much like the first time. Josette
notices that Barnabas’s onyx ring is missing and tells Natalie she must
go to old house and find it. (There are some differences, though. This
time, Josette knocks over a vase instead of a lamp, for example.)
Natalie attempt to keep Josette from leaving the room but is unsucessful.
Angelique fakes Barnabas’s voice and tells Josette to go to Widow’s Hill.
Josette goes to Widow’s Hill. Angelique tells her Barnabas is one of
the undead and plans to make her one too, and show her a vision of
herself as a vampire (But it is a different vision than the original one).
There is the sound of running footsteps approaching, and Angelique
tells her that it’s Barnabas coming.
Episode 886
Worldvision Rerun 664
Tape Date: October 29, 1969 (ABC #231-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 17, 1969 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

But it’s not Barnabas this time. It’s Natalie. She manages to drag
Josette away from the cliff. Josette wails, “You don’t understand !
You don’t understand!”. Natalie replies, “I do understand. Someone
who is supposed to be dead is still alive..”.
Natalie takes Josette back to Collinwood and brings her to Millicent’s
room and asks Millicent to look after her for awhile. Natalie explains
to Josette, “HE told me to come and get you. I must go and tell him..”,
and leaves the room.
Natalie goes to Josette’s room. Barnabas is there. She tells him she
has gotten Josette. Thinking Barnabas is some kind of ghost, she tells
him he should leave Josette alone from now on. Barnabas refuses and asks
her to go get Josette. Natalie refuses, so Barnabas bites her.
Millicent finds a vial of something in Josette’s purse and asks her
what is, but Josette snatches it from her without answering. Natalie
comes in and tells Josette to go to her room.
Josette goes to her room and finds Barnabas there. She shrinks from
him, saying she knows what he wants to do, but Barnabas explains that
Angelique was lying. He tells her he has found another way for them to
be together, that they will both be alive 100 years from now, she in the
body of a Kitty Soames. At first, Josette thinks this is ridiculous, but
then remembers the dream she had. Barnabas tells her it will be simple,
that all they will have to do is to go to the old house and stare at
her portrait together. He tells her they cannot do this just yet, that
he must go and get Ben to stand guard over them while they are doing
this. He tells her to go to the old house and he will meet her there
at midnight. He leaves. Josette takes out a quill pen and a piece of
paper and starts to write a note.
Walking through the woods, Barnabas is startled to find a mysterious,
pagan-like altar where there should be nothing but a clearing. The altar
consists of a slab, a stone bearing a carving of a four-headed serpent
and is surrounded by flaming braziers. Puzzled, he decides that, impossible
as it may seem, he has somehow gotten lost, lost at Collinwood, of all
places. He looks around, trying to find the right path, but suddenly
finds that a man and a woman, both wearing monk-style cloaks bearing
insignias which look like three-leaved swastikas , are standing in his
way. He tries to escape, but finds that he cannot. Remembering that he
is a vampire, he tries to vanish, but finds he cannot.
Josette, at the old house, is looking at her portrait. She begins to
have doubts about what Barnabas told her and starts to think about what
Angelique told and showed her.
Millicent and Natalie find Josette missing. They find her note, which
says she is going away with Barnabas forever. Millicent says that this
is impossible because Barnabas is dead and decides that Josette must be
losing her mind and says they must go and find her. Natalie, under
Barnabas’s spell, does not go with her.
It is past midnight, and Josette, wracked with doubt, thinking that
perhaps Angelique was telling the truth, takes out the vial of poison
and commits suicide.
Barnabas is lying unconscious on the altar. The woman puts some leaves
under his head. She tells the man that everything is ready and he
replies, “Good. When he awakens he will know who he is and who we are
and show us the way to everlasting life..”
Episode 887
Worldvision Rerun 665
Tape Date: October 30, 1969 (ABC #232-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 18, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

The man gives Barnabas something to drink, and then performs an
incantation over him. Barnabas awakens and gives a little speech. He
seems to be someone else. The man and woman, referring to him as their
‘master’, introduce themselves as Oberon and Haza, respectively.
Barnabas asks them if everything is ready. They reply yes, and give him
a box which they call the ‘Leviathan box’. It is an elaborately
engraved box on which the four-headed snake logo appears. He tells them
that ‘it is written that this box is all I can take’. They reply that
they will nevertheless be with him in spirit. The man and woman
gleefully say that they will soon have a new, powerful master..
In 1969 at the old house, Julia is writing the entry for today,
November 18, 1969, in her diary. She notes that it has been over a month
since she returned from the past, that when she first returned, she
heard voices from the past, but that they have since stopped, and she
despairs that Barnabas may have died. Unknown to her, a man is spying on
her from outside the window. Having finished her diary entry, she puts
out the light and leaves the old house. The man follows her…
Julia goes to Collinwood and finds Carolyn in the drawing room
wrapping a small gift. She remarks, “Doing your Christmas shopping
early, Carolyn ?”. Carolyn replies no, she found a ‘divine’ new antique
shop that just opened in town, and found something there her mother would
really love. Julia, noting a downcast tone in Carolyn’s voice, remarks
on this and asks what’s the matter. Carolyn replies that nothing, that
she’s just in a depressed mood she can’t explain, since nothing has
happened to cause it, that it’s an ominous feeling that something
terrible is going to happen. Both she and Julia dismiss it a probably
nothing. Carolyn invites Julia to come with her to the antique shop
tomorrow, but Julia replies that she can’t, that she has to go wait in
the old house for Barnabas again. Carolyn tries to convince Julia that
it’s unnecessary for her to do this everyday, that when Barnabas returns
he’ll know where to find her. She decides to go make some tea for Julia,
who appears somewhat distraught.
While Carolyn is away, Julia starts to hear voices from the past.
She hears Charity telling Magda that Edward wants to see her because she
lives at the old house and might know what happened, explaining
that he learned about Kitty and Barnabas’ tryst at the old house, went
looking for them and saw them going into the old house, but that when he
went in, he found the house empty with no trace of them. Julia runs into
the foyer, screaming that Barnabas is dead. Carolyn hears her and comes
rushing in, asking what’s wrong.
The mysterious man walks through the woods into a clearing. The
altar magically appears there…
Carolyn, having calmed Julia down, asks her what happened, why she
thinks Barnabas is dead. Julia explains that she heard voices from the
past. Carolyn asks, “Did they say Barnabas was dead ?”. Julia replies
“No. They said he went into the old house and disappeared”. Julia
suddenly realizes that she had panicked and reached the conclusion that
he was dead, that it probably meant he was returning to the present and
might appear at the old house at any time. She rushes out to go to the
old house.
The mysterious man, having lit a candle, is snooping through the
old house. He sees the portrait of Barnabas and pauses to look at it.
Julia arrives at the old house, sees a light and realizes that someone
is in there. She looks through the window. The man finishes doing
whatever he’s doint and comes out of the house. Julia demands to
know who he is…
Episode 888
Worldvision Rerun 666
Tape Date: October 31, 1969 (ABC #233-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 19, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

The man answers, cryptically, “I’m here to meet someone. Don’t you
know who I am ? “. Julia answers no, and threatens to call the police.
Caroline approaches and calls, “Julia ?”. When she gets there, Julia
turns to her and says, “I’m glad you came. This man was snooping around”,
but when she turns back to the man, he is gone. They go inside and
find that nothing has been disturbed. Carolyn remarks that maybe Julia
interrupted him before he could do anything, but Julia replies that
she confronted him outside, that he was finished doing whatever he
was doing inside. Carolyn remarks, “Didn’t you come here to see if
Barnabas has returned ?”. Julia tells Carolyn that Barnabas, when he returns,
must do so in the same place he disappeared, in the cellar, which she is
keeping locked to prevent anyone from going down there and disturbing the
rods. She goes downstairs and checks, but Barnabas is not there.
While Julia is downstairs, Carolyn sees the man lurking outside through
the window and screams for Julia. Julia comes back upstairs and Carolyn
tells her about seeing the man outside. Julia looks out the window but
sees no one. She tells Carolyn Barnabas has not returned. Carolyn tells
Julia they’d best spend the night here, that it might not be safe going
back to Collinwood with the strange man lurking about.
In the morning, Carolyn tells Julia she had a dream about Chris. Julia
asks why that would happen all of a sudden. Carolyn tells her Chris had
called her yesterday and told her he would be coming to see her tonight.
Julia tells Carolyn she’d like to drop by Collinwood before going
‘antiqueing’ (apparently, Carolyn has convinced her to go.)
At the antique store, a man and a woman are unpacking some articles.
Carolyn and Julia come in, and Carolyn introduces the man and woman to
Julia as Megan and Philip Todd. Carolyn remarks to them that it looks
like they’ve made some new acquisitions. They reply that they’ve just
returned from and auction. Philip unwraps a painting of the beach.
Carolyn grimaces, saying it’s not to her taste. Philip replies that
it’s a genuine Charles Delaware Tate. Carolyn asks, “Who?”. Megan
remarks that Philip is an expert on obscure New England painters. Julia
looks VERY interested and asks him if he’s sure. Philip replies that he
is, points out the signature and says that he knows Tate’s signature
when he sees it, then remarks that this looks like one of Tate’s later
works, dating from about 20 years ago or so. Julia is surprised,
saying that she was under the impression that Tate lived around the turn
of the century. Philip replies that he did, but was only in his late 20’s
then and was still painting long after that. Julia asks if Tate is still
alive. Philip replies that he doesn’t know, but that it’s very unlikely
since he would have to be about 100 years old. Julia remarks that it’s
Tate’s portraits she’s really interested in and asks him if he has any.
Philip says he doesn’t, that Tate’s works are pretty rare. She asks him
where he got this one. He replies that the got it at an auction at the
Anderson Auction House in Rockport. Julia tells him she’d like to buy the
painting and asks how much it is. Philip replies, “300 dollars”. Julia
tells him she’ll take it and writes him a check. Carolyn looks surprised.
($300 was a lot of money in 1969, worth about $1800 today).
Back at Collinwood, Julia looks through a phone book. Carolyn asks
what she’s doing. Julia tells her she’s seeing if Charles Delaware Tate
is listed, but he isn’t. Carolyn remarks that her sudden preoccupation
with this Victorian painter is strange. Julia thinks to herself,
“Charles Delaware Tate cured Quentin of being a werewolf by painting a
portrait of him. If he’s still alive, maybe we can get him to paint
a portrait of Chris Jennings..”.
Julia calls the Anderson Auction House and asks where they got the
painting. They reply that it was from the estate of a Matthew Smith, and
add that there was someone else interested in it too. She asks if they
have any more. They say no.
Carolyn, walking through the wood, comes across the altar and wonders
how it got there, sure she has never seen it before. The man shows up
and Carolyn realizes that it’s the same man she and Julia saw. She
demands to know who he is and what he’s doing there. He is evasive, and
Carolyn tells him that he’s trespassing on Collins’ property and had
better leave. He asks, “Are you a Collins ?”. She replie that she is,
that she’s Carolyn Stoddard. A funny look comes across his face, and
after staring at her for a long time, tells her she’s very beautiful
and leaves, saying he looks forward to seeing her again.
At the antique store, Philip totals up the day’s sales and says it’s
their best day so far, that it’s too bad they can’t get a customer like
Julia Hoffman every day. He leaves the room to get some drinks to
celebrate. A very strange look comes across Megan’s face, and she goes
and locks the door and draws the curtains. Philip returns and asks her
why’s she’s closed up, saying that it’s not yet closing time . She tells
him that she’s just had a strange feeling all of a sudden, a premonition
that if they stay here, something terrible will happen. She shocks him
by saying that she thinks they should sell the shop and leave. He tells
her it’s just her imagination…
The man, who has returned to the altar, leaves. It splits open…
Episode 889
Worldvision Rerun 667
Tape Date: November 7, 1969 (ABC #234-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 20, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas appears in the split, carrying the box. He makes a funny
speech “The waters will wash each grain of sand….The flesh will be
restored” then leaves.
At Collinwood, Julia show Stokes the painting. The clock strikes, and
Stokes says he has to leave, that he has a patient he has to see. He tells
her it’s a very interesting case, a woman who underwent some sort of trauma
so great that her hair went white and that she lost the power of speech,
a woman named Sabrina Stuart. Julia, shocked, tries to stop him by
telling him that she’s familiar with the case, that she had tried to
treat Sabrina Stuart but had no luck and is of the opinion that the
case is hopeless. But Stokes replies that he’s already made great
progress, that she’s now speaking a little.
After Stokes leaves, Julia hears a heartbeat, and finds that it’s
coming from Barnabas’ portrait. There’s a knock at the door, and Julia
opens it to find that it’s Chris Jennings. She asks him what he’s doing
out of Windcliff. He replies that he checked himself out, that he just
couldn’t stand it there anymore. She tells him she may have found
someone who can help him. Carolyn comes downs the stairs and Julia
leaves to let them talk.
Stokes tries to get Sabrina to talk some more and seems to be
succeeding magnificently, but when he tries to get her to talk about
the fateful night, she clams up and suddenly says, “I want to talk
to Carolyn Stoddard.”. Stokes is surprised, and asks her how she knows
Carolyn Stoddard and why she wants to talk to her, but Sabrina does not
answer, she just keeps repeating “I want to talk to Carolyn Stoddard”.
Carolyn is talking to Chris, angry with him for just disappearing.
The phone rings, and Carolyn answers. It’s Stokes. He tells her that,
strange as it may seem, he’s treating patient and needs her help and
asks her to come over to the ——– rest home.
Julia returns to the old house and is overjoyed to see Barnabas
come down the stairs. She hugs him. He has a very strange look on his
face. She asks him how he returned. He tells her he got back the same
way he left – with the rods. She starts to say “But…”, but then stops.
She asks him what happened, remarking that the fact that he returned must
mean that everything has been resolved. He replies yes, that he thinks
Petofi died in a fire, and Quentin went to New York. She asks him what
happened to the portrait of Quentin, but he complains that he is tired
and wants to go get some rest. He goes to the mantle and picks up the
box. Julia sees it and asks him what it is, where he got it from.
He tells her he got it from the past. She reaches out to touch it, but
he pulls it away, saying it’s very old.
Carolyn arrives at the rest home. Stokes tells Sabrina that that’s
Carolyn Stoddard. Sabrina tells him she wants to talk to Carolyn alone.
Stokes replies that he thinks it would be better if he stayed, but
Sabrina insists “ALONE!”, and Stokes reluctantly leaves. Carolyn asks
Sabrina how she knows her. Sabrina replies that her brother Ned told
her about her. Carolyn asks what her brother told her about her. Sabrina
replies that he told her enough for her to know that she was in great
danger. ‘Danger from what ?’, Carolyn asks. ‘Chris Jennings’, Sabrina
replies. Carolyn asks her to explain what she means, but Sabrina refuses
to elucidate. As Carolyn turns to leave the room and get Stokes, Sabrina
grabs her by the hand and asks her to promise not to tell Stokes any of
what she said; Carolyn promises.
Julia suddenly remembers and tells Barnabas she may have found a way
to help Chris, that she learned that Charles Delaware Tate was still
alive as late as 20 years ago and may still be alive, and that if he is,
they may be able to get him to paint a portrait of Chris to cure him as
he did Quentin. Barnabas pooh poohs the idea, saying that even if Tate
were alive, he’d have to be about 100 and would be senile an of little
use to them. Julia starts to rebut, “But I have a painting of his that
proves he still had full control of his faculties 20 years ago..”. Chris
comes through the door. He sees Barnabas and asks him what he learned.
Barnabas replies that he learned absolutely nothing, that there’s no
way they can help him further. Both Chris and Julia are shocked, as
much by the matter of fact, uncaring manner in which he said it as by
what he said. Barnabas again complains that he’s tired and would like
to go upstairs to get some sleep. Julia tells him to go ahead, saying
she’s going to walk Chris back to the cottage.
Outside, Julia tells Chris that something is wrong with Barnabas,
that a frightening change seems to have come over him, that Barnabas
had lied to her about how he returned, that he couldn’t have used the
rods to return as he said because if he had, he would have come back
in the same place he left, in the cellar, but that she had locked the
cellar door to prevent anyone from going down there and disturbing the
rods, and if he had come back there that’s where she would have found
him, but that in fact when she returned to the old house, he was
upstairs*. She tells Chris to go back to the cottage alone, that she had
said she was going with him just for Barnabas to hear, that she has
some investigating to do…
Julia goes inside and finds the living room empty. The box is
lying on a table, Barnabas apparently having left it there thinking
it was safe because she was going to Chris’ cottage. She picks it up
and hears a strange breathing noise emanating from inside. She tries
to open it but finds it locked. She sees a key lying on the table,
picks it up and inserts it in the lock..

*What about the secret passage down there?
Episode 890
Worldvision Rerun 668
Tape Date: November 6, 1969 (ABC #235-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 21, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas comes into the room and shouts, “Julia ! What are you
doing !?” He is furious and orders Julia to leave the house, saying
he wants to have nothing more to do with her. Julia refuses, saying
she considers him a friend and must find out what’s wrong. He
apologizes, explaining his odd behavior by saying it must be an
after effect of time travel, reminding her of how sick she was when
she arrived in 1897. Julia explains that she was going to open the
box because she thought she heard something inside. Barnabas replies
that it must have been her imagination. Carolyn comes in and tells
them about Sabrina’s strange warning. Julia tells her not to worry
about it, lying that Sabrina is still in love with Chris and is just
At the antique shop, Megan is looking at a telegram and wonders if
it’s too late to call Julia about it. After discussing it with Philip,
she calls and tells Julia that she has something important to discuss
with her regarding the Tate painting she had bought. Julia asks what
it is, but Megan tells her it’s too important to talk about over the
phone and asks her to drop by tomorrow.
At the old house, Barnabas, looking at the box, thinks to himself
that Julia is too curious, and wonders “when it will be time”.
At the antique shop, Philip, looking at an old fashioned wooden
rocking cradle, tells Megan he was stupid to buy it at $30, that
it’s too expensive and will be hard to sell. Julia comes. Megan
tells her that they’ve received a telegram from a ‘Mr. Corey’ in
New York who’s interested in buying the Tate painting, so interested
that he wrote that ‘price is no object’. Julia replies that she
isn’t interested in selling. Megan, surprised, tells her they’ve
better telegram back telling him not to come. Julia tells her not to,
saying she wants to meet him.
Barnabas goes to Collinwood and tells Carolyn he doesn’t agree with
Julia, that he doesn’t think it’s jealousy on Sabrina’s part, that he
thinks there really is something odd about Chris and recommends that
she no longer see him. He gives her a gift, saying he found it in
the old house. She opens the box and finds that it is a piece of
jewelry, a five-pointed star. He tells her to wear it always, that
it will bring her luck.
At the antique store, Julia is paying Philip for some trinket she
has bought. Carolyn comes in and asks to see some necklace chains for
a piece of jewelry she has just got. Julia sees the pentagram and asks
where she got it. She replies that Barnabas gave it to her and told
her she should always wear it for good luck. Julia excuses herself
and abruptly leaves.
Julia returns to the old house and asks Barnabas why he gave Carolyn
the pentagram. He replies that he thought she needed protection against
Chris. Julia tells him about the telegram from the man in New York,
saying she thinks the portrait of Quentin may still exist and hence
Quentin may still be alive, that she thinks that the man in New York
might be Quentin, tracking down every Tate painting he learns about,
searching for it. Barnabas pooh poohs the idea, saying the painting
burned. Julia asks him if he actually saw it burn. He admits that he
didn’t, but thinks it likely that it did, and tells her that he has
more important things to worry about than this. Julia is shocked that
Barnabas is so uninterested in the fact that Quentin may still be alive
and wonders again what happened to him…
After Barnabas leaves, Barnabas looks at the box and exclaims,
“It is time!”. He falls asleep and has a dream in which he is at
the altar. Oberon appears, and Barnabas asks him, “How will I know
them?”. Oberon replies that the ‘chosen’ will come to him, that
they will come to the old house and knock at the door, that he will
know it’s them because one of them will be wearing the Naga symbol
(the camera pans to the four-headed snake panel, indicating that this
is the Naga symbol), that he will know what to do.
Barnabas is awakened by a knock at the door. He gets up, exclaims
“The chosen!” and goes to open the door..
November 24, 1969 Monday – Pre-empted by coverage of Apollo 12
(ABC #236-DRK-69) Splashdown
Episode 891
Worldvision Rerun 669
Tape Date: November 5, 1969 (ABC #237-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 25, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas opens the door. It is Philip and Megan Todd. They come
in, introduce themselves and explain that they’re the owners of the
new antique store, that they’re friends of Carolyn’s and that
she thought he might have some old things he might want to sell
and recommended that they come and see him. They apologize for
coming uninvited, but explain that they couldn’t call because he
has no phone. Barnabas helps Megan off with her coat, and sees
she’s wearing a locket bearing the Naga symbol. He pretends to
admire it and asks her where she got it. Philip answers that he
it came in a box of miscellaneous items he bought at an auction,
but isn’t sure. Barnabas tells them that by coincidence he has
a box bearing the same insignia, and shows the the Naga box. They
remark that it looks very old, and ask him how old it is and what
country it came from. Barnabas replies that he doesn’t know, that
it was given to him by a friend. Megan asks Barnabas if he’d be
willing to sell the box. He replies that he’ll have to think about
it. Barnabas tells them to go upstairs and look around and see
if there’s anything that strikes their eye. Megan is fascinated
with the box and Philip literally has to pull her away from it.
Megan and Philip go upstairs. There’s a knock at the door.
Barnabas opens it. It’s Elizabeth. She comes in and pretends to
remonstrate him for not coming to see her as soon as he returned.
She thanks him for getting rid of the ghosts, saying it’s so good
to be living in Collinwood again, and invites him to dinner. He
asks if Carolyn will be there. She answers, “Of course”. He asks
if Chris will be there. She replies that that’ll depend on Carolyn.
Barnabas tell Elizabeth that he thinks Carolyn’s been seeing too
much of Chris, that he thinks he’s not good for her, that he thinks
Chris has something to hide and remarks that Chris seems to disappear
for long lengths of time with not explanation, and that perhaps she
should try to find out what he does during those absences. Elizabeth
thanks him and leaves.
Outside, the mysterious man, hiding behind a column, see Elizabeth..
Philip and Megan come back down. Barnabas tells them he’ll make a
list of things he wants to sell and give it to them later. Megan
once again becomes preoccupied staring at the box and has to be
pulled away by Philip.
When Elizabeth gets back to Collinwood, she finds Maggie in the foyer,
dressed to go out. Maggie tells her she has to go get the Evan’s cottage
ready for some tenants who are about to move in. The phone rings.
Maggie answers. It is the mysterious man. He asks to speak to Elizabeth.
Maggie gives the phone to Elizabeth. She says “Hello ?”. Receiving no
answer, she asks “Is anyone there ?”. The man, without answering,
hangs up…
Barnabas goes to the antique store and tells Megan that he has
decided to give her the box as a gift. The Todds tell him they
couldn’t possibly accept it as a gift, but he tells them there is
a legend associated with the box, that if you give it to someone
as a gift, you will get what you want in return. They accept it.
Maggie is cleaning up at the cottage. There’s a knock at the door.
She opens it. It is the mysterious man. He asks to see Sam Evans.
Maggie replies that she’s sorry, but her father died over a year
ago. The man offers his condolences and says, “Then you must be Maggie.
You probably don’t remember me, but I certainly remember you.
Only, the last time I saw you, you were only a little girl.”.
He explains the he was an old friend of Sam’s who’s been away
from Collinsport for a long time. He asks her if she lives here with
her husband. She replies that she’s not married, and lives at Collinwood,
where she works as tutor for David. He asks her who’s living at
Collinwood now. She tells him. He asks her what’s Carolyn’s like.
She tells him he’s asking too many questions, and she’s not going
to answer anymore. He tells her he’ll tell her a secret if she
promises not to tell anyone…
At the antique shop, Barnabas, having given Philip the list of
things he wants to sell, tells him to look it over to see if there’s
anything he wants and come by when he’s decided. Philip, holding the
manila envelope containing the list, tells him he will.
Maggie returns to Collinwood. She is beaming and it is clear that
she is extremely happy about something. She asks Elizabeth if Carolyn
is home. Elizabeth replies that she is not. Elizabeth tells her it’s
very strange, that she thought that the man who had called earlier had
been cut off and would call back, but he hasn’t…
At the antique shop, Megan tries to open the box but finds it locked.
Philip tries to pick the lock, but cannot. Megan picks up the box and
tells Philip she thinks she hears something moving inside. Philip tells
Her it must be her imagination, that it must be the old wood creaking.
Megan continues to try to open it, but Philip tells her to give up,
that they don’t have the key and he couldn’t pick it. He opens the manila
envelope to look at Barnabas’ list and finds the key in there. They open
the box, but when they lift the lid only a crack, there’s loud whistling
sound as if a lot of wind has been released. Philip quickly shuts the
lid and remarks, “What’s that ? It’s almost as if something came out.”
But they decide that it must have been their imagination and open the
lid all the way..
Episode 892
Worldvision Rerun 670
Tape Date: November 4, 1969 (ABC #238-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 26, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

They find inside the box a very old book. They open it to see what
it is but find that the book is not in English. Thinking that perhaps
Barnabas had not meant to give the book to them, that perhaps he had
forgotten he had left it in there or did not know it was in there in
the first place, decide they must bring it back to him sometime.
They also find a scroll in the box. This is in English, and says the
same thing Barnabas said when he reappeared at the altar, “The waters
will wash each grain of sand….The flesh will be restored”.
In the foyer at Collinwood, Maggie is looking at a new dress she
had bought. Carolyn comes down and admires it. Maggie tells her that
they’re having a sale in town and suggests that they go shopping.
Carolyn replies that she can’t, that she’s helping out at the antique
store and it’ll be too late by the time she’s finished. Maggie, with
a sly smile, tells her it won’t be too late for what she has planned..
In the bedroom at the antique store, Megan has a dream in which
Barnabas comes to her and tells her that soon it will be time, and
that the book will tell her what to do. Megan asks how they will
explain it to everyone. Barnabas replies that they’ll tell everyone
that it’s her sister’s, and she’s taking care of it for her. He tells
her that now that they’ve read the scroll, they have become the chosen,
and that this has become the chosen room. He tells her they must
prepare it, that all the windows must be sealed so that no light can
come in, and that all unnecessary furniture must be removed. He tells
her they will not remember that it was him who came in the dream, but
that they will remember what must be done.
Megan awakens and is surprised to find that Philip is not in bed.
She calls for him. He comes in, carring an armload of wooden boards.
She asks him what he’s doing. She tells him he’s going to board up all
the windows in the room so that no light can come in, that it must
be done. She gasps, “We had the same dream !”
Carolyn arrives at the antique shop and starts work. She sees the
book, opens it and finds that it isn’t in English, and wonders who
would ever buy it. The phone rings, and Carolyn answers it. It is a
woman asking if the cradle is still available. Carolyn goes and looks
at the price tag, sees that it’s still available and tells her.
Megan comes downstairs and Carolyn tells her that she has some
good news, that a woman just called and bought “Philip’s folly”, the
cradle. Megan tells her she can’t sell it, that they’ve decided not
to sell it.
Maggie comes to pick up Carolyn. Carolyn, looking somewhat perturbed,
tells Maggie she doesn’t feel like going shopping. Maggie asks
Carolyn what’s wrong. Carolyn asks Maggie if she’s ever had people she
thought she knew suddenly change and seem almost like they were different
people, saying that the Todds seem to be acting like that today.
Maggie replies that if she doesn’t feel like shopping, then they can
just go to the Blue Whale and asks her if she’s ready to leave yet.
Carolyn tells her not yet, she still has a few things to do. She calls
the woman who wanted to buy the cradle and tells her she’s sorry but
she made a mistake, the cradle had already been bought.
Upstairs, Philip and Megan are looking at the cradle, which is now
in the “chosen” room. Philip tells Megan that it’s almost time, and they
must get rid of Carolyn early and close up the shop.
They go downstairs and finds Carolyn totaling up the day’s sales.
They tell her she doesn’t have to do that today and tells her to leave
early. After she does, they close up the shop.
Maggie and Carolyn are at the Blue Whale drinking. Carolyn tells
Maggie that she feels like going home. Maggie smiles slyly and tells
her not yet, she wants to stay just a little longer.
Philip and Megan are in the antique shop, staring upstairs. Philip
says, “It is time”, and they go upstairs. In the room, the cradle
begins to rock by itself…
At he Blue Whale, the strange man comes in. Carolyn sees him and
tells Maggie nervously, “That man. I’ve seen him before. He’s been
trespassing and snooping around Collinwood. Once, I ran into him and
asked him who he was and what he was doing, but he wouldn’t tell me.”
The man starts to walk toward the table, and Carolyn tells Maggie,
“Oh no! He coming here!”. Maggie smiles slyly again and replies,
“Well, maybe this time he’ll tell you..”. When the man gets to the
table, Maggie gets up and, saying she’ll let them talk in private,
leaves. Carolyn is shocked. The man, who’s bought two drinks, sits
down and puts them on the table. Carolyn asks what he wants. He remarks
“It’s so difficult finding a way to tell someone she’s your daughter.
I’m Paul Stoddard, your father..”
November 27, 1969 – Thanksgiving day. Pre-empted for Football.
(ABC #239-DRK-69)
Episode 893
Worldvision Rerun 671
Tape Date: November 3, 1969 (ABC #240-DRK-69)
Air Date: November 28, 1969 Friday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Carolyln angrily tells him she wants nothing to do with him, and adds
that she’ll never forgive Maggie, who obviously knew about this and arranged
this. She tells him she can never forgive him for what he did to her
mother and tells him she spent 18 years a prisoner in Collinwood because
she thought he was buried downstairs. He asks her how she, Carolyn,
know about this. Carolyn explains that Jason McGuire had come to
Collinwood a couple of years ago and had tried to blackmail Elizabeth
into marrying her, and recounts what happened. Paul replies that
he was just a much of victim of Jason’s duplicity as Elizabeth, then,
that when he regained consciousness 20 years ago, he found himself
in the cellar with Jason, who was digging a hole, that Jason told him
Elizabeth had paid him to ‘finish him off’, that Jason then told him
he would be nice and let him go, telling Elizabeth he had killed him
and take the money. Carolyn forgives him and asks him what happened
after he left. He tells her he went to California, where everything
he tried his hand at succeeded, and that he became rich and had
everything he could ask for…except his daughter…
In the ‘chosen room’, Megan and Philip look at the cradle. Megan
has with her some food. Philip asks her how she knows it’s hungry, that
it hasn’t cried or anything. Megan replies that she just knows…
She tells him he has to go and give Barnabas the list of what they want
to buy, and do the other thing they must do too.
Paul takes Carolyn back to Collinwood. Outside the door, he tells her
it took all his courage to come to the Blue Whale to see her, that he’s
too afraid to face Elizabeth now. Carolyn tells him she’ll try to pave
the way for him. He tells her it would be best if he not come to or call
Collinwood just yet, and asks if there’s a place where he can see her
and contact her. She thinks, then tells him about the antique shop.
He kisses her on the cheek and leaves. When Carolyn goes inside, she
finds that David has been spying on her through the keyhole. He tells her
he saw her with her new boyfriend, that he heard her tell him she’ll try
to make it all right with Elizabeth, and saw hem kiss. Carolyn makes him
promise not to tell anyone.
Philip comes to Collinwood. Carolyn asks him if it would be allright
for a friend of hers to leave messages at the antique shop once in a
while. He tells her it would be perfect, that the reason he came to see
her is that they’ve decided they need full time help at the shop and
asks her if she’s be interested. She tell him she is.
The next day, Carolyn is working at the shop. Megan comes down,
holding a baby. Carolyn asks whose it is. Megan replies that it’s
her sister’s, that her sister is on a long trip and she’s going to take
care of it for awhile.
David and Amy come into the shop. David explains that Mrs. Johnson
came to town to do some shopping and that they came along to see where
she worked. He remarks that his father was not sure it was proper for
a Collins to be doing this sort of thing. David and Amy start to explore
the shop. Carolyn warns them to be careful, that if they damage anything,
Roger will have to pay for it. Paul comes in. Carolyn quickly says,
“Oh. Mr. Smith. The things you wanted to look at are in the back room”.
Paul, getting the hint, goes into the back room. Carolyn tells David
and Amy she thinks it’s time for them to leave. David, strangely,
quickly agrees and leaves with Amy.
Paul comes out of the back room and asks Carolyn why the need for
secrecy. She explains that the boy was David Collins. He asks her if
she’s talked to Elizabeth yet. She replies not yet, that Elizabeth
was already in bed when she got home last night.
Later, after the shop is closed, the Todds look for the book but
cannot find it. Thinking it must have been misplaced, they desperately
search for it.
Amy, in David’s room, looks at the book and asks David why he took
it. David replies that he had to, that when he was looking at it in
the antique shop, he accidently tore a page, and Carolyn has said that
if they damaged anything, his father would have to pay for it. Amy tells
him he’d better return it..
The Todds have searched the entire shop and not found the book.
Megan decides that someone must have taken it and angrily announces,
“Whoever took it will pay for it with his life!”. Suddenly, she
reverts to normalcy, looks at Philip and says, “What? How could I
say that? How could I threaten someone with death just for taking
a book?”. But the reversion is brief, and, changing, she growls,
“But that was before. We’re different now.”, and repeats, “Whoever
took the book will pay for it with his life…”

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