August 1968

Episode 549
Worldvision Rerun 336
Tape Date: July 18, 1968 (ABC #154-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 1, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas and Julia return to the Old House. Outside the
front door, they pause to discuss what to do with the body.
But when Barnabas and Julia, they find that Angelique’s body
is gone… They wonder what could have happened to it.
Julia theorizes that maybe Angelique was lying, that she hadn’t
lost all her powers and is still alive, but Barnabasa tells her
he’s sure Angelique’s dead, that he can “feel” for certain that
she is. They wonder if maybe Nicholas came and took the body,
and if so, why.
Carolyn brings Adam his breakfast, bacon, eggs and toast.
She apoligizes for burning the toast, saying she’s not used to
getting up so early. Adam tells her that last night a dark-haired
woman with eyes that burned through him had tried to kill him but
Nicholas stopped her. Carolyn doesn’t believe Adam and tells him it
must have been a dream. When Carolyn leaves, she finds Nicholas
outside. She tells him what Adam said and asks him if it happened.
Nicholas replies that it did not, that it have been a dream, as
she suspected. Nicholas tells Carolyn that Cassandra has left
permamently. Carolyn leaves. Nicholas leaves goes in to see Adam.
He tells him to let Carolyn go on thinking what happened was a
dream. Adam asks, “But that would make me a liar!” Nicholas
asks, “You care a great deal what Carolyn thinks about you,
don’t you?” Adam replies, “Yes”. Blair explains, “If you told
her the truth, it would only upset her, and only a child goes
around upsetting people. You are no longer a child, Adam.
One look in the mirror is enough to see that! Adam, you must
start behaving like a MAN.” Adam asks, “How?” Blair asks,
“You’re in love with Carolyn, aren’t you?” Adam, looking very
embarassed, does not reply. Blair continues, “Oh, you don’t
need to be embarassed, Adam! All men are allowed to fall in
love. In fact, it’s expected of them!”. Adam asks, “And what
do they do?” Blair replies, “Make the woman love them! Show her
how much stronger he is than she is! Adam, you must learn to
TAKE what you want!”. Adam asks, “How?” Blair replies, “By
GRABBING it! By DEMANDING it! If necessary, by LYING and CHEATING!”
He pauses then adds in a jaunty tone, “It’s the ONLY way!”.
Adam echoes, “TAKE what I want! GRAB it!” Blair tells him,
“Let no one stop you!” Adam echoes, “I will not let anyone stop
Roger shows Blair the house in which – coincidently – Lang
had once lived and tells him it’s for rent. Blair replies that
he’d prefer to buy the house rather than rent it, but Roger
tells him that he can’t do that without Elizabeth’s consent,
that he’ll have to wait until she’s recovered. Blair agrees
to rent it for the time being, saying he will talk to Elizabeth
about it when she’s out of the hospital.
Adam is taking Blair’s advice to heart. He looks in the
mirror, clenches his right fist and mutters, “GRAB IT! Yes!
You are a MAN. Men fall in love! Nicholas says so! It is
true! TAKE what you want! Carolyn! Carolyn! Carolyn! Carolyn!”
and leaves leaves his hiding place and goes into the main house to
look for Carolyn. Luckily, Carolyn is in her room right outside
the entrance to the West Wing and no one else sees him. Furious,
Carolyn takes him back to his hiding place in the West Wing
and starts scolding him. She tells him, “I’ll call Professor
Stokes. Maybe he can come and see you today”, but Adam replies,
“No!” Carolyn asks, “Why are you angry with him?” Adam replies,
“He taught me to be polite!” Carolyn tells him, “There’s nothing
wrong with that. On the contrary…”, but Adam says, “No one gets
what they want by being polite!”, goes and locks the door and takes
the key. He tells Carolyn he loves her and tries to kiss her.
Carolyn tells him it would be impossible for them to love each other,
struggles free and tries to open the door, but finds that it’s
locked. Adam screams, “You don’t love me because I’m ugly!!!” and
grabs her, saying, “You will love me! You WILL love me!”.
At Blair’s house, Blair goes into a room in a basement where
he has secreted a coffin and speaks to it, “Here you are, Angelique,
at you resting place. Your husband asked me if I knew where you
were. You are here, where many things will happen that you have
never dreamed of. Sleep in peace, Angelique, sleep in peace,
for unlike yours, my plans will become reality!”
Episode 550
Worldvision Rerun 337
Tape Date: July 19, 1968 (ABC #155-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 2, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Carolyn, having escaped from Adam, telephones Stokes and tells
him that Adam can no longer stay at Collinwood.
Stokes comes to Collinwood and asks for Carolyn. Vicky tells
him that Carolyn is busy in the kitchen with Mrs. Johnson. She
also tells him that Cassandra has left permanently. Stokes tells
Vicky that he thinks this is just another one of Cassandra’s
tricks, but Vicky tells him about how figure of Angelique in the
portrait at first aged, then disappered completely. Stokes
triumphantly annouces, “Then her reign of terror is finally over!”
and pours himself a sherry to celeberate. But then he asks if
Cassandra’s “brother” is still here. Vicky tells him he is.
Stokes dejectedly remarks, “The queen is dead. Long live the king”.
Carolyn comes and Vicky leaves. Carolyn tells Stokes that Adam
is “growing up”, that Adam has fallen in love with her. She tells
Stokes about how Adam tried to force himself on her and announces
that Adam can no longer stay at Collinwood.
Vicky and Jeff Clark meet in the garden. Jeff asks Vicky
what her favorite month is. Vicky replies, “September”. Jeff
then asks her what her favorite number is. Vicky replies, “24”.
Jeff takes out a notebook and writes the date “September 24” on
it. Vicky asks why. Jeff replies that it’s an important date,
that it’s going to be the date they’ll be married. Jeff then
proposes to Vicky, asking her to marry him on September 24th.
Vicky accepts. Jeff puts an engagement ring on her finger. They
kiss. From an upstairs window, Adam watches…
Stokes goes to Adam’s hiding room and tries to tells him that
Carolyn can never love him. He starts by telling Adam that it’s
because Carolyn is rich, but when this doesn’t work, Stokes tells
Adam it’s because he’s different. Adam asks how he’s different.
Stokes is at first reluctant to tell him, but Adam insists that he
be honest with him and tell him the truth, saying, “You taught me it
is wrong to lie!” Stokes tells Adam he was artificially created.
Adam is devastated. Stokes tries to console him, telling him that
only he, Barnabas and Julia know this. Adam tells Stokes, “You are
no longer my friend!” and orders him to leave.
Stokes goes downstairs and tells Carolyn that he tried to
talk to Adam, but that it did no good, and that it will be a
little while before he can take Adam away because Adam is
angry with him. Carolyn tells Stokes that she can no longer
go into the room with Adam. Stokes asks if there’s anyone else who
can take Adam’s food to him. Carolyn tells him she will have Harry
take Adam his food until he can take him away.
Upstairs, Adam, looking very dejected, moans that no one can
love him because he’s different, takes a knife from his breakfast
tray and raises it, preparing to stab himself…
Episode 551
Worldvision Rerun 338
Tape Date: July 22, 1968 (ABC #156-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 5, 1968 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Jack Sullivan

The door starts to open. Adam quickly hides the knife behind
his back. Harry comes in carrying Adam’s lunch. Harry tells Adam
that in his rush to get out of the kitchen without being seen,
he had forgetten to get fresh silverware, but that he can use
the silverware from breakfast. He goes to get them from the
breakfast tray and notices that the knife is missing. He asks
Adam where it is and, noticing that Adam is hiding his hand
behind his back, asks him what he’s hiding. Adam raises the
knife and prepares to stab himself, saying, “Carolyn hates me!”.
Harry grabs his arm and prevents him from stabbing himself,
telling him that Carolyn doesn’t hate him, that if she did, she
wouldn’t be giving him food and shelter. Adam stops and gives
Harry the knife.
Harry goes downstairs to find Carolyn, but finds only Blair
there. Blair notices that Harry’s holding a knife and asks him
about it. Harry lies that he found it outside the kitchen, that
someone must have dropped it there. Blair tells Harry that he
can tell he’s shaken and asks if it has anything to do with Adam.
He tells Harry that Carolyn’s told him about Adam. Harry tells
him what happened. When Blair learns that Adam has tried to commit
suicide, he tells Harry to stay and wait for Carolyn, who has
stepped out with Stokes, and rushes upstairs.
Upstairs, Blair asks Adam what’s wrong. Adam tells him that
he’s just learned that he’s different from everyone else, that
no one can love him because he’s different, and is lonely.
Blair tells him, “There’s a very simple solution to this!”.
Carolyn returns. Harry tells her about Adam’s suicide attempt
and tells her that Blair is upstairs talking to Adam. Carolyn
rushes upstairs.
Upstairs, Blair is asking Adam if he’s understood all that
he’s told him. Adam replies that he has. Carolyn comes in and
asks Adam what’s wrong. Adam replies that nothing is, that he is
very happy. She asks him why he tried to kill himself then.
Adam replies that there’s nothing to tell, that everything is
different now, that soon, everything will be better. Very soon.
Carolyn and Blair go downstairs. Carolyn asks Blair what he
did. Blair replies that he just had a man-to-man talk with
Adam, and tells her, “Now that I’ve helped Adam, maybe we can
be friends”.
Adam goes to the old house and confronts Barnabas, accusing
him of hurting him. Barnabas apoligizes for having locked him
up, explaining that he had to because he was dangerous at that
time. Adam tells Barnabas that that’s not what he’s talking
about. He tells Barnabas that he hurt by creating him, by
making him different from everyone else, by making him a creature.
Barnabas tells Adam that he did not create him, that Dr. Lang
did, but Adam does not believe him, saying he does not remember
a Dr. Lang, that he remembers that the first person he saw
was Barnabas. He tells Barnabas, “I do not intend to stay lonely
forever! Ordinary people cannot love me because I am different.
But someone different like me could love me and stay with me.
That is why, Barnabas, you will create for me a woman!”
Episode 552
Worldvision Rerun 339
Tape Date: July 23, 1968 (ABC #157-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 6, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Jack Sullivan

Barnabas tells Adam that that would be impossible because he
didn’t create him and doesn’t know how it was done. Adam asks
where he can find Lang. Barnabas tells him Lang is dead. Adam asks
when Dr. Lang died. Barnabs tells him Lang died 2 days before
he, Adam, was brought to life. Adam responds that this must
mean that he, Barnabas must know how to do the experiment,
as Lang couldn’t have because he was dead. Barnabas tells Adam
that he didn’t complete the experiment, that he was part of it.
Adam asks who did complete the experiment. Barnabas tells him
Julia did. Adam says that Julia must therefore know how to do
the experiment, but Barnabas continues to insist that it would
be impossible for them to repeat the experiment. Adam does not
believe this and promises Barnabas that if they’ll create a mate
for him, he will take her and leave Collinsport forever and go
far, far away. He also starts to make a threat, saying “But if
you refuse, I’ll…”, but is interrupted by Willie coming up from
the cellar. Willie, seeing Adam, becomes frightened, but Adam tells
him not to be, that his business is with Barnabas, not him. He tells
Barnabas he will give him till 9:00 to come to a decision. The
clock reads 8:40.
At Collinwood, Jeff comes on a surprise visit to tell Vicky
he’s come to take her on a surprise date. Vicky tells him that
unfortunately, she’s made other plans, that she’s going to the old
house to tell Barnabas about their engagement. Jeff becomes
very upset, but Vicky manages to calm him down. He asks,
“How long will this take?” Vicky replies, “About an hour”.
At the old house, the clock now reads 9:00. Barnabas tells
Adam, “The answer is still ‘no'”. Adam just says, “Then I will
leave”. Barnabas asks him to stay a little longer, to wait until
Julia comes, that she will tell him why it would be impossible for
them to do the experiment again. But Adam is cynical and tells
Barnabas, “Julia is your friend. She will lie for you”. He tells
Barnabas “You have the power to give me what I want, but you
refuse. You will be sorry, Barnabas, very sorry!” and leaves.
Willie grabs a rifle and says Adam is dangerious and must be
destroyed. But Barnabas stops him, saying they still need Adam
alive because Adam knows the message Lang left on the tape.
Vicky is walking through the woods on the way to the old house.
Adam happens to see her, and starts following her, unobserved.
He spies through the window of the old house as Vicky and
Barnabas talk. Inside, Vicky tells Barnabas about her engagement
to Jeff. Barnabas – seeming to take this well – congratulates
her and kisses her on the cheek and wishes her happiness.
As Vicky is walking through the woods on her way back to
Collinwood, Adam kidnaps her…
Episode 553
Worldvision Rerun 340
Tape Date: July 24, 1968 (ABC #158-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 7, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Jeff is waiting in the foyer for Vicky. The clock reads
11:35. Carolyn comes downstairs. Peter explains to her that
Vicky had gone to the old house to talk to Barnabas and said
she’d be back in about an hour, but that it’s already been
over 2 hours. Carolyn tells Peter not to worry. She tells
him that Barnabas and Vicky are very good friends, that
Vicky just probably lost track of time. But Jeff is still
worried and tells Carolyn he’s going to the old house to
check. Carolyn tells him she’ll show him the way to the old house,
but Jeff tells her that’s not necessary because he already
knows the way to the old house. Carolyn remarks, “I didn’t
know you’d ever been to the old house”. Jeff remarks, “I haven’t”.
Carolyn asks, “Then how could you know the way there?” Jeff
becomes puzzled at how he could know. After a long pause, he
tells Carolyn that Vicky must have told him some time or other.
Upstairs, Adam has Vicky tied up in his bed. She starts
to ask him where she is, then recognizes the room. Adam explains
to her that he needs her to help him and will not hurt her
unless she screams or tries to get away – in which case he’ll
kill her.
Jeff goes to the old house and asks Barnabas to see Vicky.
Barnabas replies that Vicky had left some time ago. Jeff tells
Baranbas that Vicky never returned to Collinwood, and that he
did not run into her on the path between the Collinwood and
the old house. Barnabas, remembering Adam’s threat but not
saying anything about it, tells Jeff that they must search for
Vicky. Jeff, seeing the worried look on Barnabas’ face,
accuses him of knowing more than he’ll admit, but Barnabas
denies this. They leave to search for Vicky.
As Jeff and Barnabas search the woods for Vicky, they reach
a point where there is a fork in the path. Barnabas explains
that the main path leads directly to Collinwood, while the
smaller path is a more circuitous one which leads to the back
garden. He tells Jeff to take the side route while he searches
the main one.
Baranbas arrives at Collinwood and tells Carolyn that Vicky
has disappeared, that Adam had been at the old house earlier
and that he suspects that Adam had kidnapped Vicky. He demands
to know where Adam is, but Carolyn continues to deny that she
knows anything about Adam’s whereabouts.
After Barnabas leaves, Carolyn rushes up to Adam’s room
and knocks on the door. Adam comes out. Carolyn questions Adam,
but he lies to her that he did not go to the old house and knows
nothing of what happened to Vicky. Carolyn demands to look inside
his room. Adam lets her in. Vicky is nowhere to be seen.
After Carolyn leaves, Adam opens a closet door. Inside
is Vicky, bound and gagged.
Episode 554
Worldvision Rerun 341
Tape Date: July 25, 1968 (ABC #159-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 8, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Jeff and Barnabas continue to search the woods. In the
distance comes the sound of howling dogs. Barnabas wonders,
“I am no longer a vampire. Why are they howling?”
At Blair’s house, Blair is in the basement room where he’s
keeping Angelique’s coffin. He comes out and runs into a handyman
outside. He quickly closes the door and asks the handyman,
a Tom Jennings, who had been doing some work upstairs, what
he’s doing downstairs. Jennings replies, “I’ve finished the
wiring upstairs and I wondered if you had anything else you’d
like me to do”. Blair tells him that he doesn’t. Jennings says,
“I thought the cellar might need work. You never know with
these old houses. I’d better check the foundation”, opens the
door to the coffin room and goes in before Blair can stop him. He
sees the coffin and asks Blair what it’s doing there. Blair
lies that it was there when he moved in and that it’s empty.
Jennings leaves. Blair thinks to himself, “Too bad you saw that
coffin, Jennings. I could almost pity you knowing what’s in store
for you!”.
As he is walking through the woods, Jennings thinks to himself,
“The Collins family wouldn’t keep a coffin in the basement of
one of their houses. Blair must have been lying. He’s been living
in that house for days. He would’ve had it removed if it had
really been there when he moved in. Something WEIRD is going on.
I’m going to tell the sherrif about this!” Suddenly, he hears the
crunching of footsteps, then sees someone and says, “Who are
you? …What are you doing out here? …Why don’t you answer me?
…Why don’t you say anything?”
Nearby, Peter, searching the woods for Vicky, hears a series
of blood-curdling screams. He runs towards them and finds
Jennings unconscious with two holes in his neck. Jeff leaves.
Nicholas Blair steps out of the shadows, looks at Tom Jennings
and says, “And so it has begun! I had not intended it to begin
with you. Too bad you had to find Angelique’s coffin. But you
are not the only one who will suffer. Another will know far
greater suffering than you!”.
Barnabas goes to Collinwood and sits in a chair in the foyer.
Julia comes into the foyer and talks to him. Barnabas looks
up and is surprised to find himself at Collinwood, “What am I doing
here?! A moment ago I was in the woods, now I’m here!”. Julia
tells him he must have had some sort of blackout and asks to
examine him, but he tells her that there isn’t time for that,
that he must search for Vicky. He tells her of Vicky’s disapperance,
about Adam’s visit to the old house, Adam’s demand that a mate be
created for him, and his threat that he would retaliate when
refused. Blair happens by. Barnabas tells him about Vicky’s
disappearance. Blair remarks that that must explain the strange
look on his face and his strange behavior, saying that he saw him
running in through the woods as though he were running away from
something with a strange, distorted look on his face at the time
he took to be a look of panic, which he now thinks was probably a
look of fear for Vicky. Jeff comes running in through the front
doors, saying, “I’ve got to use the phone!”. He calls the sherriff
and tells him that he found a man in the woods who was either
dead or unconscious. He also tells the sheriff that Vicky has
disappeared and he fears that whoever attacked the man in the
woods may also have kidnapped her. After Jeff hangs up, Julia
asks him what happened to the man he found in the woods. Jeff
tells her that he had gaping two holes in his throat. Jeff leaves.
Barnabas and Julia notice that Blair is gone too. Julia asks
Barnabas if he’s responsible for the man in the woods. Barnabas
swears that he has not reverted to being a vampire and is not
responsible for the man in the woods. Julia then states the
frighteningly obvious – “If you’re not responsibe, then there
somewhere in our midst there must be another vampire…”
Episode 555
Worldvision Rerun 342
Tape Date: July 26, 1968 (ABC #160-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 9, 1968 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Blair goes to Adam and asks if he knows anything about Vicky.
Adam lies that he doesn’t, but when Blair tells him he knows it’s
part of his plan to get Barnabas to create a mate for him and tells
him he approves, Adam opens the closet door revealing Vicky, who
is bound, gagged and asleep. Blair tells Adam that it will not
be safe to keep Vicky at Collinwood because sooner or later
Carolyn or Harry will find her. He tells Adam he will take
Vicky to his house when he’s able, but that for now he’ll have
to do his best to keep her quiet. He gives Adam a bottle of
a drug to put in her food to do so.
Blair goes downstairs and talks to Carolyn. He tells her he’s
talked to Adam and is convinced that he has nothing to do with
Vicky’s disappearance. Carolyn asks Blair about Barnabas’ claim
that Adam had been at the old house. Blair replies that he is
convinced that Adam had not been at the old house, that Barnabas
is lying, that it is a ruse by Barnabas to discover Adam’s
whereabouts. Carolyn asks why Barnabas would want to know
where Adam is. Blair replies, “For the reward, of course!”.
Jeff Clark comes in and announces that the sheriff has arrived
to search. He also tells them that the man in the woods is Tom
Jennings, that he’s still alive and has been taken to the hospital
and given a transfusion. Carolyn mentions that she knows Tom,
that he’s a local handyman and is a very nice guy then leaves,
saying she will help the sherriff with the search as she is more
knowledgeable about the grounds. After Carolyn leaves, Blair
tries to cast more suspicion on Barnabas, telling Jeff that he
saw Barnabas running from the woods as if he were running away from
something with a look of panic on his face. Jeff agrees that
there’s something suspicious about Barnabas, that Barnabas was
acting very strangely earlier when they were searcing the woods
for Vicky.
Carolyn brings Adam another bacon and egg breakfast. After
Carolyn leaves, Adam drugs the coffee with the drug Blair gave
him and gets Vicky to drink it. Vicky falls asleep. Blair comes
and tells Adam he can now take Vicky to his house. Telling Adam he
has a plan which will force Barnabas to perform the experiment
TONIGHT, Blair takes Vicky away.
Vicky awakens and finds herself in a strange room. She tries
the door but finds it locked. She notices that she can hear
the ocean.
Blair goes into the coffin room and says, “All right, my dear
You may arise again. I ahve further plans for you!” He opens
the coffin. Inside is Angelique, as young, blond and beautiful
as ever. But the lips are parted, revealing a pair of fangs.
She is now a vampire…
Episode 556
Worldvision Rerun 343
Tape Date: July 29, 1968 (ABC #161-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 12, 1968 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Angelique asks Nicholas why he’s done this to her. Blair
replies that it’s punishment for disobeying him. He smiles and
remarks that he thinks it’s poetic justice in view of what she
did to Barnabas. Angelique asks him how long he plans to keep
her a vampire. Blair replies, “I haven’t decided yet. Maybe
indefinitely”. Angelique asks how she can get him to lift the
vampire curse. Blair replies, “Obey my orders. Attack only who
I order you to attack, and no one else, no matter how strong your
urge to, and leave Barnabas alone!”. She asks why Barnabas is
so important to him. Blair replies that he needs Barnabas for
his plans. Angelique asks what his plans are. Blair tells her,
“I want to create an army for the Master!”. He tells her he plans
to create this army by creating a mate for Adam and having them
procreate. He tells her he can force Barnabas and Julia to
cooperate because he’s taken Vicky hostage.
Later, a deputy comes to Blair’s house. Angelique answers
the door and introduces herself as Blair’s secretary and invites
him into the sitting room. The deputy tells Angelique he’s come
to ask Blair a few questions about Tom Jennings. Angelique tells
him that Blair’s busy at present, but that she can tell him about
Jennings. She tells him Jennings was a handyman who was doing some
work around the house for Blair. She tells the deputy that he’s
very handsome and seduces him. She is just about to bite the deputy
when Blair walks into the room. Angelique stops. The deputy asks
Blair about Tom Jennings, asking what time he left on the night of
the attack. Blair tells him. The deputy tells Blair that Jennings
is in a coma and will probably not survive. He leaves. Blair tells
Angelique he saw what she was about to do and ought to punish her,
but that he won’t because he has a job for her to do, that he wants
her to see Vicky.
Vicky is asleep. Angelique appears in the room. Vicky
awakens and, seeing Angelique, thinks she’s seeing a ghost.
Angelique assures her that that’s not the case, and touches her
hand to prove she is solid. Vicky asks if she’s back in 1795.
Angelique answers, “No. You are in a place of limbo, neither
present nor past. I have come to help you out”. Vicky is
suspicious, but tells Angelique she will accept her offer of
help because she has no other choice. Angelique asks Vicky for
her engagement ring, saying, “I will take it to the man you love,
and he will come and get you”. Vicky refuses. Angelique
threatens to leave, saying neither she nor anyone else wil
ever come to this room again. Vicky, frightened, reluctantly
gives her the engagement ring, saying, “Hurry! Give it to Jeff
Clark!”. Angelique laughs, saying, “There is no Jeff Clark! There
is only Peter Bradford!” and leaves.
Blair meets Adam in the woods. He gives him Vicky’s engagement
ring and tells him to go to the old house and show it to Barnabas.
Adam goes to the old house and shows him Vicky’s ring, saying
it’s proof that he has Vicky. He tells him he’ll give him until
tomorrow night to come to a decision about creating a mate for
him. He adds that if he refuses, he’ll kill Vicky.
Episode 557
Worldvision Rerun 344
Tape Date: July 30, 1968 (ABC #162-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 13, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Barnabas tells Adam his actions are monstrous. Adam
disagrees, saying he thinks he’s being fair, that all he
wants in life is some love. He tells Barnabas, “Think of what
your life would be without love. Give me what I want or
you will never see Vicky alive again!”.
A little later, Adam having left, Julia comes to the old house.
Barnabas tells her about Adam’s visit. Julia tells him she cannot
help, that she only completed the final stage of the experiment,
that she wasn’t involved in the earlier, more complicated stage –
the creation of the body. Barnabas argues the she has all of
Lang’s journals and can learn how, but Julia still refuses,
saying she will not participate in creating a mate for Adam
as that will enable Adam to spawn an entire race of monsters.
Barnabas asks, “Then are you willing to just stand by and let
Vicky die?” Julia says no, and tells him there’s an alternative,
that they can try to find her, that someone must be helping
Adam, and she thinks it must be either Stokes or Blair.
Barnabas tells her he’ll take care of this, and tells Julia
that he has something he wants her to do. He tells her to go
to the hospital and ascertain whether Tom Jennings has really
been attacked by a vampire, saying he had tried to go to the
hospital to do so but was not allowed to see Jennings, that he
thinks that she, as a doctor, might have better luck. There
is a furious knocking at the door. Barnabas opens it. It is
Jeff. He tells Barnabas and Julia he’d like to talk to them
about Adam. He tells them he now suspects that Adam may be
Lang’s creation, that although he’d heard about Adam before,
it’s only now that he’s made the connection, that there are
two reasons he thinks Adam is Lang’s creation: First, Adam fits
the description of Lang’s creation, and is apparently superhuman,
as Lang’s creation was to be. And second, that there were no
reports of a strange body found at Lang’s house after Lang’s
death. He accuses Barnabas and Julia of finishing Lang’s
experiment and bringing his creation to life, but Julia denies
this, lying that no body was found because she and Barnabas
disposed of Lang’s creation after Lang’s death. Jeff tells them
that he has no choice but to believe them now, but adds that
he needs only one look at Adam to know whether he is Lang’s
creation or not and leaves angrily.
Barnabas goes to Stokes’ house and tells Stokes about Adam’s
abduction of Vicky and demand for a mate. He accuses him of
misleading Adam, turning him evil and telling him of his origin.
Stokes denies misleading Adam, but admits to telling him of his
origin, saying he thought it was right that Adam should know
his true origins. He also admits to knowing where Adam is.
Barnabas demands to know where, but Stokes refuses to tell him,
saying it would be better if he, Stokes, handled this.
Stokes goes to Collinwood to see Adam and asks him about Vicky.
Adam at first denies he knows anything about her, but Stokes
tells him that he’s spoken to Barnabas and knows he, Adam, must
have kidnapped her, and also tells him that he knows about about his
demand for a mate. He tells Adam what he’s doing is wrong, but Adam,
parroting Blair, replies that he’ll do whatever’s necessary to get
what he wants. Stokes tells Adam he did not teach him to be so evil
and asks who misled him and filled his mind with such ideas. Adam
denies having ever spoken to anyone but Stokes and Carolyn. Stokes
asks Adam why he’s kidnapped Vicky when she’s never done anything
to him. Adam replies that Barnabas has hurt him by creating him,
that Barnabas cares for Vicky, and that if Barnabas does not create
a mate for him, he’ll punish Barnabas by killing Vicky.
Episode 558
Worldvision Rerun 345
Tape Date: July 31, 1968 (ABC #163-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 14, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Stokes again asks Adam who’s been leading him astray, if it’s
Nicholas Blair. Adam again denies that anyhone is misleading him.
Stokes tries to convince Adam that kidnapping Vicky is wrong by
telling him that it’s Jeff Clark that Vicky loves, not Barnabas.
He tells Adam Barnabas is not the only person who cares for
Vicky, that killing her would hurt other innocent people.
Stokes asks Adam how he would feel if someone kidnapped and killed
Carolyn, “Think of how you’d feel if you could never see Carolyn
again. That’s how everyone who loves Vicky Winters feels now”.
At the old house, Julia tells Barnabas that she was not allowed
to see Tom Jennings either, but that a doctor friend of hers did
see had and described Jenning’s wounds to her as looking like
“bites from an animial with fangs”. Barnabas tells Julia what
transpired with Stokes, saying, “We’d better hope he succeeds. He
may be the only hope we have…”
Stokes goes to the old house and tells Barnabas and Julia
about his talk with Adam. He tells him he thinks his last
appeal might have some effect. He also tells them that Vicky
was not at Adam’s hiding place. He tells them he suspects that
Blair is behind everything and is holding Vicky somewhere else,
but that Adam denied this.
Adam contemplates what Stokes told him and comes to the
conclusion that Stokes is right, that what he’s doing is
wrong. He goes to Blair’s house and and tells Blair he wants to
release Vicky. Blair asks why. Adam replies that he now thinks
holding Vicky is wrong. Blair remarks, “I see someone’s been
giving you the ‘do unto others’ bit”. He asks Adam who told him
this. Adam replies that Stokes did. Blair manages to convince
Adam that it is Stokes who is misleading him, that Stokes is
Barnabas’ friend and is trying to trick him. He tells Adam, “If
you let Vicky go, you will live the rest of your life in loneliness.
You won’t really have to harm Vicky. Barnabas will do whatever you
want as long as you have her. This is a test of wills! Who’s
going to give in first? You or Barnabas?” Adam replies, “Barnabas!”
Adam goes to the old house and demands an answer from
Barnabas. Barnabas asks why Stokes’ appeal did no good.
Adam replies, “Stokes is trying to trick me. He’s your friend”,
and again demands an answer. Barnabas turns to Julia and tells
her they no longer have any choice. Julia reluctantly agrees to
try to do the experiment. Barnabas demands that Adam release Vicky
before they begin the experiment. Barnabas is firm, and refuses to
begin the experiment until Vicky is released. Adam reluctantly
agrees to this, but issues another threat. He tells Barnabas
if he and Julia go back on their word, he will not only recapture
and kill Vicky, but that he will kill the entire Collins family,
“everyone who bears your name” one by one (Carolyn excepted,
Episode 559
Worldvision Rerun 346
Tape Date: August 1, 1968 (ABC #164-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 15, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

At Blair’s house, Blair is looking at himself in a mirror.
Angelique asks, “Admiring yourself?” Blair replies that he is,
that according to plan, that Barnabas and Julia have agreed to
create a mate for Adam and that he has therefore decided to release
Vicky. Angelique tells him that he cannot do this because Vicky
knows too much, but Blair replies that he will make Vicky forget
everything. Speaking as if he were Barnabas, he casts a spell
convincing Vicky that she is still at the Old House two days
ago and must hurry back to Collinwood because Jeff is waiting
for her then releases her.
Blair goes the the Evan’s cottage and tells Maggie that he
has rented a house and is prepared to buy the painting he was
admiring. He asks her about Joe. Maggie tells him that Joe
has recovered and is to be released from the hospital
tomorrow. There is a knock at the door. Maggie answers it
and is surprised to find that it’s – Joe! Joe tells Maggie
that he managed to convince the doctors to release him a
day early. Maggie pours some sherry to celebrate. Blair
toasts Joe’s future, saying, “May it bring you what you deserve!”
Jeff is in the foyer at Collinwood, talking to the sheriff
on the phone. The sheriff tells Jeff that there’s still no
sign of Vicky. Jeff hangs up and leans against wall, disconsolate.
Vicky comes in through the front door and calls to him. Startled,
Jeff asks her where she’s been. Vicky replies, “You know where
I’ve been – at the old house”. She apoligizes to him for having
been a little longer than she’d expected. Jeff exclaims, “A
LITTLE longer?! Everyone’s been looking for you for TWO DAYS!”
Vicky replies, “That’s impossible! I only left a few hours ago!”.
Jeff notices that Vicky’s engagement ring is missing and tells
After Blair leaves, Joe asks Maggie about him. He appears
to be a little jealous and upset that Blair has been seeing her
while he was in the hospital, but Maggie assures him Blair
is interested only in a painting.
Blair returns to his house and finds Angelique very upset.
He notes, “You seem upset”. She snaps, “Stop it!”. Nicholas
asks, “Now, tell Nicholas what’s the matter”. Angelique replies,
“You KNOW what the matter!” Nicholas answers, “You feel confined
here. You want to go out”. Angelique replies, “Why not? You
get to go out.” Nicholas tells her, “Maybe if you’re a good
girl, I’ll let you go out soon”. Angelique asks, “When?”
Nicholas replies, “Not tonight. We may have a vistor tonight.
A young man named Joe Haskell”. Maggie asks, “Maggie Evan’s
fiance?” Nicholas replies, “Yes. Have you met?” Angelique
replies that she has. Nicholas tells her, “Well, you’ll meet
him again. He will come tonight. If he does not, you may have
to go out and seek him. In any event, your next victim will
be Joe Haskell!”
Episode 560
Worldvision Rerun 347
Tape Date: August 2, 1968 (ABC #165-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 16, 1968 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Julia comes to the old house and tells Barnabas that Vicky
has returned to Collinwood but remembers nothing of her ordeal.
Barnabas replies that they must then start the experiment.
Julia starts to have second thoughts about this, but Barnabas
reminds her that if they do not do the experment, Adam will
kill the Collins family one by one. Willie, who had been sent
to get Lang’s journals, returns with them. Barnabas tells
Willie he’ll have to help with the experiment. Willie protests
that he has no medical training. Barnabas tells Willie that
his job won’t require medical training, that his job will be
to rob graves for body parts. Willie, shocked, vehemently
refuses to do this. Barnabas threatens to have him sent back
to Windcliff if he doesn’t, but Willie still refuses and stalks
away. Julia leaves too, saying she’ll go study Lang’s journals.
There’s a knock at the door. Barnabas answers. It’s Joe
Haskell. Joe thanks Barnabas for saving his life, for finding
him in the woods and taking him to the hospital. He then asks
Barnabas what he knows about a man named Nicholas Blair. Barnabas
replies that he knows little about Blair save for the fact that
he’s Cassandra’s brother. Joe tells him that he met Blair
at the Evan’s cottage, that they quickly developed a mutual
dislike for each other, but that, strangely, he received a
note from Blair inviting him to his house at 7:00. Barnabas
asks, “What does the note say?” Joe replies, “Just ‘Please
be here at seven’. It doesn’t say why”. Barnabas asks Joe to
do him a favor, to come to the old house after his visit to Blair
and tell him what happened.
Down in the cellar, Willie tells Julia he can’t take the idea
of making a being out of dead bodies, saying, “It’s wrong”.
Julia replies, “I no longer know what’s right or wrong, just
what’s necessary”. Willie telle her he’ll leave to avoid
having to help. Julie replies that she won’t stop him.
She asks, “But where will you go?” Willie replies, “I don’t
know, but I can’t stay here and watch this. It’s just too
horrible, too horrible!”
Up in the living room, Joe tells Barnabas he’ll drop by as soon
as he’s done, probably around 8:30. Willie comes upstairs. Joe
thanks Willie for saving his life and apoligizes for beating him up.
They shake hands. After Joe leaves, Willie venomously tells
Barnabas he wishes they had let Joe die, that because they
didn’t, Joe will now marry Maggie soon. He then tells Barnabas
that he will not rob graves and will leave. Barnabas reminds
him that he was only released from Windcliff into Julia’s care
and cannot leave without her permission. Willie replies that
he already has it. Barnabas then tries another tactic. He
tells Willie that when Adam learns that they cannot do the
experiment because of him, Adam will become angry and seek
vengeance by hurting Maggie, that Adam had seen them together
at the Evan’s cottage and knows he cares for her. Julia comes
back upstairs. Barnabas asks, “Found anything?” Julia, holding
one of Lang’s notebooks, replies, “I’ve found a journal describing
the start of the experiment. I think I understand what to do.
There’s only one thing missing: a cadaver”. Barnbabas looks at
Willie and asks, “Well, Willie?”. Willie, faced with the possibility
that Adam might harm Maggie replies, “I guess I’ll have to,
to save Maggie. But I don’t like it Barnabas, I don’t like
Joe goes to Blair’s house. Angelique lets him in and tells
him Blair is not home, that he has stepped out for a few minutes.
She tells him she is being help prisoner by Blair, that Blair has
been doing terrible things to her and breaks down in tears. She
asks Joe to help her escape and protect her from Nicholas. Joe
agrees to do so. He holds her to comfort her. He assures her, “No
harm will come to you. Not as long as I have anything to do with
it”. Angelique, unfortunately, has different ideas about letting
any harm come to Joe. She bites him…
Episode 561
Worldvision Rerun 348
Tape Date: August 5, 1968 (ABC #166-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 19, 1968 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Blair returns. Joe wakes up with two holes in his neck.
He is now under a vampire’s spell. Blair tells Angelique to
send Joe home and tell him to tell no one about what happened
to him. She does as instructed, but when Joe learns that it
is almost morning, he moans that he’s missed an appointment
with Barnabas and also a date with Maggie. Blair asks Joe
what he means. Joe tells him about Barnabas asking him to
drop by the old house after coming here and telling him
what happened.
Barnabas walks into the old house. Julia asks him where
he’s been. Barnabas replies that he’s been at the Collinwood
trying to telephone Joe Haskell. Julia asks why. Barnabas tells
her about Joe’s visit to Blair, and his promise to come by
afterwards. He tells her that he’s worried because Joe never
showed up, that he called the cannery and found that Joe did
not show up for work either, and that he called Joe’s apartment
and no one answered the phone.
Joe, sitting in his apartment (No. 24), is wondering what
happened and why he can’t stop thinking about Angelique. There’s
a knock at the door. It’s Barnabas. Barnabas tells Joe he looks
terrible, that he’s extremely pale. Joe replies that he
probably left the hospital too soon. Barnabas asks Joe about
what happened his visit to Blair. Joe replies, “Nothing. He
just wanted to talk”. Barnabas asks, “Just to talk?” Joe
replies, “Yes. He wanted to get better acquainted”. The phone
rings, but Joe doesn’t answer. Barnabas asks Joe about this strange
behavior. Joe replies that he’s not answering the phone because
he knows it’s Maggie and he doesn’t want to worry her by letting
her know he’s sick. Barnabas tells Joe he should see a doctor,
but Joe refuses and asks Barnabas to leave, saying he needs to
Barnabas returns to the old house and tells Julia about
Joe’s strange behavior and suggests she go and examine him
as he refuses to go to a doctor. Julia tells him she has
to prepare for the experiment. Barnabas agrees that the
experiment comes first and tells her to stay and prepare for
it instead of going to see Joe. Julia tells Barnabas she is
almost ready to begin the experiment but cannot do so until
she has a body.
In his room, Joe vows not to go to Angelique after sunset.
At the old house, Barnabas orders Willie to go get a body.
At Blair’s house, Angelique awakens. Blair orders her to
summon Joe. She does as instructed.
Joe resists Angelique’s summons as long as he can, but
eventually breaks down and leaves his room.
Willie is in the cemetary digging up a grave. Joe, on his
way to Blair’s house, walks through the cemetary and stumbles
on Willie. He accuses Willie of grave robbing and tells him
he’s going to turn him in to the police. Willie looks terrified.
Episode 562
Worldvision Rerun 349
Tape Date: August 6, 1968 (ABC #167-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 20, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Joe tries to take Willie with him, but Willie refuses to
go along with him and struggles with him.
At Blair’s house, Angelique tells Blair that something is
interfering with her calls to Joe. Blair tells her to try harder.
She does.
At the cemetary, Joe hears Angelique calling and suddenly
stops struggling with Willie. He starts talking to himself
about hearing voices. Willie, puzzled, says, “I don’t hear
any voices”. Joe abruptly leaves.
Willie returns to the old house and tells Barnabas what
happened at the cemetary. Thinking that Joe must have gone to
the police, he tells Barnabas that they’ve both got to pack up
and flee, but Barnabas tells Willie that he’ll just tells the
police that he, Willie, had a slight relapse of his mental problems
and is not responsible for his actions.
Joe arrives at Blair’s house. Joe wonders what he’s doing here,
why he can’t resist coming to Angelique, saying, “I love MAGGIE”.
Angelique replies, “But you need ME!”. Joe agrees, “Yes, I need
you…” Angelique bites him and feeds on him for awhile.
Afterwards, she tells him he is hers now and must not try to
resist her in the future. Joe tells her he should not be here,
that he should be with Maggie, that he should be visiting his
cousin Tom who’s in the hospital. Angelique asks Joe what
interfered with her call. Joe starts to tell her what happened
at the cemetary when suddenly out of nowhere Blair appears and
tells Angelique to leave. She goes. He asks Joe to tell him what
happened at the cemetary. Joe tells Blair he is upset he has been
eavesdropping and that he ordered Angelique away, but Blair tells
Joe that if he does not cooperate, he will never let him see
Angelique again. Joe tells Blair about finding Willie digging
up a grave, and tells him he’s going to go to the sheriff about it.
Blair tells him not to do that, and tells him to do something else
At the old house, Willie comes down the stairs carrying
a suitcase. He tells Barnabas he won’t be able to stand
any questioning by the sheriff and is leaving. Barnabas
starts to argue with him, but there’s a knock at the door.
Barnabas, thinking it’s the sheriff, tells Willie to go
upstairs, saying he doesn’t want him panicking and saying
something stupid. Willie goes upstairs. Barnabas opens the
door and finds that its not the sheriff, but Joe Haskell.
Joe tells Barnabas that he saw Willie robbing a grave
at the cemetary, but that in view of the fact that Barnabas
and Willie saved his life, will not go to the sheriff with
the information but will instead let Barnabas handle Willie’s
crime. Barnabas gives Joe the story about Willie having had
a slight relapse, adding that Willie is basically harmless.
Joe agrees. Barnabas thanks Joe and tells him he’s looking much
better than he did in the morning. Joe tells Barnabas he
wasn’t as sick as he thought he was and leaves. Willie comes
back downstairs and tells Barnabas he heard what Joe said.
Barnabas tells Willie that Joe is acting strangely and he is
worried about him.
At Blair’s house, Blair tells Angelique that he has just
called the hospital and learned that Jennings is recovering
and might soon come out of the coma and tells her they’ll have
to do something about it before he tells anyone about seeing
the coffin in Blair’s basement.
August 7, 1968 – August 13, 1968 No shows taped. No reason given.
Episode 563
Worldvision Rerun 350
Tape Date: August 14, 1968 (ABC #168-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 21, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Blair tells Angelique he will try to take care of Jennings
before Jennings can tell anyone anything, but if he fails,
he’ll let her take care of him.
Blair shows up at the hospital and asks to see Tom Jennngs,
saying he’s Tom’s lawyer, but the nurse refuses to let him into
Tom’s room, saying only family and close friends are allowed to
visit him. Maggie shows up, and the nurse lets her right in.
Inside, Tom is semi-conscious and keeps saying, “House….room…
coffin…” to Maggie. She tries to tell him that Joe will be
there to see him in the evening.
When Maggie comes out, she tells Blair about Tom’s strange
words. Blair tells her that they probably mean nothing, that
Tom was probably frightened by seeing a coffing when he was
a child or something like that, and is having memories of it
right now. Maggie tells Blair that Joe is Tom’s cousin and
that she and Joe have been visiting Tom every day since he’s
been in the hospital. Blair’s face lights up and he tells
Maggie, “I’m sure Joe will take good care of Tom!”.
Joe and Maggie meet at the Blue Whale. They start to
argue about his not showing up for their date last night.
Joe gives Maggie a lame excuse about being tired and falling
asleep. He looks out the window and notes that it’s getting
dark and starts to act very strangely. Maggie asks Joe what’s
wrong, but Joe, banging his fist on the table, shouts, “NOTHING!”
In her room, Angelique awakens and calls Joe.
At the Blue Whale, Joe gets up suddenly and leaves, leaving
Maggie worried and puzzled. Blair comes in and tries to hit
on her.
Joe shows up at Blair’s house and tells Angelique he shouldn’t
be here, the he should be visiting his cousin Tom at the
hospital. Angelique tells him not to worry – they’ll both
be visiting Tom at the hospital soon. Joe suddenly realizes
that Angelique is responsible for Tom’s condition, grabs her
and shakes her angrily, shouting, “You’ve done this to Tom!”,
but her power over him prevails and he ends up embracing her.
Joe goes to the hospital and finds Tom completely conscious
and coherent. Tom tells Joe what happened to him, about seeing
a coffin at Blair’s house and being attacked by a woman in
the woods. He tells Joe he wanted to tell him first because
he was afraid someone else would think he was crazy. Joe tells
Tom he believes him and will talk to the police. He then goes
over to the window and opens it. Tom asks why he did that Joe
replies that it is hot in the room and the cool air will do him
good. He tells Tom to get some rest, turns off the lights and leaves.
At 2:00, the sounds of a bat flying are heard. A few seconds
later, Angelique appears in Tom’s hospital room near the window.
She goes to the bed and bites Tom…
Episode 564
Worldvision Rerun 351
Tape Date: August 15, 1968 (ABC #169-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 22, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

It is morning. Julia goes to the hospital and finds Joe
sitting in the waiting room. She asks him if Tom has regained
consciousness. Joe replies, “Yes”, but then he tells her Tom
has died. Julia tells him she is surprised, that she had
called the hospital last night and was told Tom was recovering
nicely. Julia, seeing how devasted Joe looks, tells him he
should go home and get some rest, but Joe replies that he
has to attend the Tom’s funeral, that Tom is being buried today.
Julia is surprised that Tom is being buried so quickly, but Joe
tells her that Tom had talked to him a few hours before he died
and told him he wanted it that way. Julia tries to question Joe
about this, but Joe suddenly gets angry at her. Julia tells Joe
she is surprised in the change in him and leaves.
At the old house, Barnabas goes down to the basement laboratory.
Willie is there, standing over the body he had stolen last night.
It is covered with a blue, fabric sheet. Willie tells Barnabas
the experience traumatized him. Barnabas tells Willie that Julia
will give him a sedative next time. Willie replies, “There’s not
going to BE a next time!” They again argue about grave-robbing and
continuing the experiment. Barnabas reminds Willie they must, or
Adam will kill everyone in the Collins family. Willie asks who
will furnish the life force for the body. Barnabas replies that
he doesn’t know yet. There’s a sound upstairs. Barnabas tells
Willie to go up and see who it is.
Julia comes down into the cellar and tells Barnabas that
Tom Jennings has died, and that the medical report, which
a doctor friend of hers had let her see, recorded the cause
of death as loss of blood caused by an animal bite on the neck,
that the doctors were puzzled by the bite and could not identify
the animal that caused it. She tells Barnabas that Joe is having
Tom buried today. Barnabas tells Julia that this must mean
Joe knows about Tom being bitten by a vampire, but Julia replies
that she doubts it. Barnabas tells Julia that, the medical report
having pretty much proven that Tom had died of a vampire bite,
they must stake him before he awakens and spare him the agony
of being a vampire. He calls Willie down and tells him to fashion
a sharp stake.
At the cemetary, Joe is standing over Tom’s grave (Thomas Jennings,
1944-1968). Angelique calls to him, but Joe does not go. He is
depressed about Tom. Barnabas, Julia and Willie arrive at the
cemetary. Seeing a man standing at Tom’s grave, they hide behind
some trees. Julia recognizes that the man is Joe and tells Barnabas
she’ll get rid of him. She goes to Joe and talks to him. She
tells him the worst thing he can do is be here, and invites him
to Collinwood to have dinner.
Barnabas and Willie see Joe walk away with Julia. They run
to the grave and start digging.
In the woods, Joe suddenly tells Julia that he can’t go to
Collinwood, that he’s suddenly remember there’s somewhere he
has to go. Alarmed, Julia asks Joe if he’s going back to Tom’s
grave. Joe replies, “No” and leaves.
Barnabas and Willie dig up the coffin and open it. It is
empty. Barnabas exclaims, “We’re too late! He’s gone!”
Episode 565
Worldvision Rerun 352
Tape Date: August 16, 1968 (ABC #170-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 23, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Julia is in the basement lab at the old house. Barnabas comes
down and tells Julia that the coffin was empty. He wonders
who could’ve been responsible for the attack on Tom, whether it
could’ve been Cassandra or Blair. He tells Julia she must
proceed with the experiment alone for awhile, that he has to
track down and destroy Tom.
At Collinwood, Jeff Clark arrives to take Vicky out on a date.
He arrives early and finds that Vicky isn’t ready to go yet,
that she’s going to the old house, having received a note from
Barnabas saying he wants to talk to her. They argue for awhile,
but eventually calm down. Dogs howl outside. In view of what
happened last time, Jeff tells Vicky he’ll drive her down and
wait for her in the car.
At the old house, Julia is in the living room reading one of
Lang’s journals. She tells Barnabas she is puzzling over a part she
doesn’t quite understand. There’s a knock at the door. Barnabas
answers. Vicky comes in. Barnabas, worried that Vicky might have
noticed Julia reading one of Lang’s journal, lies to Vicky that
he and Julia are working on a book about Lang. He tells her why he
sent for her. He tells her he wanted to surprise her. He gives
her her engagement ring and tells her Willie found it in the
woods. Vicky is overjoyed. She thanks Barnabas, then tells him
she has to leave. Dogs howling outside and the sounds of a
storm approaching, Barnabas tells Vicky he doesn’t want her
going through the woods alone and volunteers to accompany her
back to Collinwood, but Vicky tells him Jeff drove her down
and is waiting for her in his car.
Jeff and Vicky return to Collinwood. Jeff pooh-poohs Barnabas’
story about Willie having found the ring in the woods. Looking
hurt, Vicky tells Jeff she thought he would be overjoyed that
she got his ring back and is upset about his attitude. She
accuses him of jealousy, saying that he’s only acting like this
because it was Barnabas who gave her the ring back, that if it
had been anyone else – Carolyn, for instance – he wouldn’t be
so suspicious. Jeff apoligizes, saying he was only upset because
because the ring made him think of the three days she was
missing. Looking at the ring, Vicky’s memory starts to return.
She tells Jeff she’s having fragmentary memories of being locked
up in a room where she could hear the sound of the waves pounding
the cliffs. Jeff is convinced that this must mean she had been
kidnapped and kept prisoner somewhere rather than having suffered
a memory lapse and been wandering in the woods. Saying that the
place she described sounds like the old house, he accuses Barnabas.
Vicky replies that that cannot be, that she clearly remembers
leaving the old house. Jeff is unconvinced and, saying he thinks
Barnabas is either responsible, or at least knows more that he’s
admitting, leaves, saying he’s going to the old house to
question Barnabas.
At the old house, Barnabas tells Julia that he and Willie have
to find more body parts and are leaving for awhile to do so. Julia
tells Barnabas that she’s going to be working late down in the lab
tonight. Barnabas leaves. Julia goes down into the lab and starts
writing some notes while reading one of Lang’s journals, listening
to a radio on the table playing an instrumental version of “Our love
is here to stay”. While she is down there, Jeff arrives at the old
house and knocks at the door. Getting no answer, he opens the
unlocked door and goes in. He looks around and notices Lang’s
journal lying on a table. He picks it up and wonders what
Barnabas is doing with it. He flips through it and reads a
line from it, “If I assemble a body with the strongest limbs,
the sturdiest heart, then I will have to get a brain of genius
caliber to match them”. This explains Adam’s extremely rapid
learning. Upset at being reminded of this part of his life,
Jeff remarks, “I had hoped never to see that handwriting again!”,
and quickly puts the journal down and stares out the window,
still wondering what Barnabas is doing with Lang’s journal.
Julia, having heard the knocking, finally comes up. She sees
Jeff and asks what he wants. Jeff tells her he wants to see
Barnabas. Julia tells him Barnabas and Willie have gone to
Bangor and won’t be back for some time. Jeff tells Julia he
noticed Lang’s journal on the table and asks why it’s there.
Julia lies to him that she and Barnabas are working on a book
about Lang. Jeff remarks, “I’d be very interested in reading your
book on Lang” and leaves, and Julia goes back downstairs.
There is a flash of lightning, revealing someone looking in
through the window.
Downstairs, Julia writes a note to Barnabas saying, “Barnabas,
I thought that you should know that I found Jeff Clark in the
drawing room. He saw Eric Lang’s journal. I don’t know what he
thought, but he obviously didn’t believe my story about the
book – your story really”. She hears the sound of footsteps
coming down the stairs and calls, “Barnabas?” But it is not
Barnabas. It is Tom Jennings, whom she’s never seen before.
Julia asks, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”. The man
doesn’t answer. Julia repeats, “Who are you? What are you doing
here? Answer me!” The man opens his mouth, revealing a
pair of fangs. Julia screams, “Oh no! I know who you are!
Stay away from me! Stay away from me! AHHHHHH!!!!!”
Episode 566
Worldvision Rerun 353
Tape Date: August 19, 1968 (ABC #171-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 26, 1968 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Willie returns to the old house, goes downstairs and finds Julia
lying on the ground unconscious. He revives her and asks her what
happened. Julia replies that she just fainted, probably as result
of overwork. Noticing that Julia is holding her hand to her neck,
Willie asks why. Julia replies that she has a stiff neck. She tells
Willie not to tell Barnabas about what happened, saying she doesn’t
want to worry him, then leaves to go back to Collinwood.
Barnabas returns to the old house and asks where Julia is.
Willie lies to him that she just felt tired and went back to
Collinwood to rest, but Willie is a very bad liar and Barnabas
tells Willie he can tell from his voice that he’s not telling
the truth, saying, “I can always tell when you’re holding something
back”. Barnabas presses Willie to tell the truth, and eventually
Willie tells him about finding Julia unconscious. Barnabas goes to
Collinwood to see Julia.
At Collinwood, it is morning, and Mrs. Johnson goes to Julia’s
room to clean. She is surprised to find Julia there, as Julia has
usually left by this time of day. But today, Julia is still there.
Julia explains to Mrs. Johnson that she’s not feeling well and isn’t
going out today. She asks Mrs. Johnson to have some heavier curtains
put in, as the ones currently on the window let in too much light
to let her rest. She also tells Mrs. Johnson not to let anyone
visit her, saying that she wants to rest.
Barnabas arrives at Collinwood and asks Mrs. Johnson to see
Julia, but Mrs. Johnson, following Julia’s instructions, refuses
to let him go up and see her. Barnabas writes a note and asks
Mrs. Johnson to bring it up to Julia.
Mrs. Johnson brings the note up to Julia, but Julia tears it up
without even reading it.
In the middle of the night, Willie, on Barnabas’ orders, sneaks
into Collinwood and into Julia’s room. He tries to get her to come
to the old house, but she refuses. Outside, dogs start to howl.
Willie leaves. In the woods, Tom Jennings calls telepathically
to Julia. She gets up, leaves her room and goes downstairs into the
foyer. Mrs. Johnson sees her exiting through the front door and
calls out, “Miss Hoffman, where are you going?”, but Julia doesn’t
answer and just leaves. Mrs. Johnson remarks, “She doesn’t know
whether she’s sick or not!”. Julia goes into the woods to Tom
Jennings. He bites her and feeds.
Willie returns to the old house and tells Barnabas that Julia
refused to come to the old house. Barnabas decides that if she will
not come to him, he will go to her.
In the woods, Jennings, having sated himself, tells Julia that
she is to come to this same place to meet him every night.
Barnabas goes to Collinwood. He sees that the drawing room doors
are closed and is going to knock when he hears the front door opening.
He turns and looks and is surprised to see it is Julia coming in. He
tells her he thought she was too sick to go out. She replies that
she’s feeling a little better now and went out for a breath of fresh
air. He asks her, “Where? Just outside?” Julia replies, “Yes”.
Barnabas asks her, “Then why didn’t I see you when I came? You must
have been walking in the woods.” Julia says, “Excuse me, I’ve go to
go up and get some rest”, but Barnabas won’t let her, saying, “Not
before you answer a few questions!”. He asks, “Why were you walking in the
woods? Why were you unconscious yesterday? Why wouldn’t you see me when
I came earlier, and why are you wearing that scarf?” Julia replies
“It’s cold outside”. Barnabas tells her, “It’s not cold in here.
Why don’t you take it off?” Julia says, “Barnabas…”, but can’t think
of anything to say. Barnabas demands, “Take it off!”. Julia begs,
“No, Barnabas”. Barnabas reaches over and pulls the scarf off, revealing
the two fang marks.
Episode 567
Worldvision Rerun 354
Tape Date: August 20, 1968 (ABC #172-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 27, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Barnabas, realizing that Tom Jennings must be responsible, vows
to find and destroy him. She asks Julia to help him do this, but
Julia tells him she cannot, that Tom has too much power over her,
that he Barnabas should know this better than anyone else. He admits
she is right. He tells her he will take her back to the old house and
lock her up so Jennings cannot get to her. Julia reluctantly agrees.
He tells her she must go on with the experiment, but Julia replies
that she is too weak to do so.
Outside, in the garden of Collinwood, Adam is lurking about. Jeff
and Vicky, returning from their date, run into him. Vicky screams,
“It’s Adam! Jeff! That’s the man who kidnapped me! I remember now!”.
Jeff growls, “Why you…” and unwisely attacks Adam. Adam easily
overpowers Jeff, knocks him to the ground out and runs away. Hearing
Vicky’s screams, Barnabas and Julia rush outside and ask Vicky what
happened. She tells them they saw the man who kidnapped her, that Jeff
tried to fight him. Barnabas remarks that he thought she didn’t remember
what happened to her when she was missing. Vicky replies that she’s
starting to remember a little. Jeff regains consciousness. His is not
injured badly, suffering only some bruises. He and Vicky go inside.
Barnabas and Julia theorize that Adam may have gone to the old house
to check on them.
Inside, Jeff calls the police. The sheriff tells him he has
only 6 men available, but will send them all to Collinwood.
Jeff goes into the drawing room and asks Vicky how much she
remembers. Vicky replies that she doesn’t remember much, only that
it was Adam who kidnapped her, but little of what happened after
that. Jeff tells her that the fact she called the man “Adam”
partially confirms a suspicion he’s had. He tells her he will
go to investigate this suspicion. Vicky asks what this suspicion
is, but Jeff refuses to tell her.
Barnabas and Julia return to the lab and find Adam already there.
Adam tells them he is angry with their lack of progress. Julia
tells him that there have been delays, that she’s been sick. Adam
asks how much longer it will take. Julia replies, “Several weeks”.
Adam demands a more definite answer. Julia replies, “Maybe four weeks”.
Adam tells them he has decided to make 4 weeks a deadline, and
tells them he will start killing Collinses in four weeks if his mate
is not finished by then. Barnabas tells Adam it might expedite
matters if he, Adam, stayed away and did not interfere, but Adam
refuses to do so, saying he doesn’t trust them and wants to drop
by every once in a while to check up on them. He leaves.
Jeff, spying on the old house from behind some trees, sees Adam
leaving the old house.
Inside, with the deadline hanging over them and Julia unable to
work because of the vampire attack, Barnabas tells Julia that it
is imperative that he find and destroy Tom Jennings so she can work
effectively. He tells her that he will lock her in Josette’s room
to keep her safe while he’s gone. He takes her upstairs, then goes
downstairs and starts snuffing all the candles out.
Later, after all the lights are out at the old house, Jeff sneaks
in through the same window everyone always sneaks in through. He
goes downstairs and finds the lab. Recognizing Lang’s equipment and
seeing Lang’s journals, he realizes that Barnabas and Julia had lied
to him, that they did not destroy Lang’s creation, but in fact finished
the experiment. He wonders, however, why they moved everything to the
old house. He then sees the covered body. He walks over to it,
peeks underneath the cover, and gasps, in a choked voice, “Oh no!
They’re going to…”. But he doesn’t have chance to complete the
sentence. Barnabas, who’s come down the stairs and interrupts him,
completing his sentence, “Yes, Mr. Clark, we’re going to create
another one!”.
Episode 568
Worldvision Rerun 355
Tape Date: August 21, 1968 (ABC #173-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 28, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Jeff gets Barnabas to admit that they finished Lang’s experiment,
that Adam is indeed Lang’s creation. Jeff threatens to go to the
police with this information, but Barnabas warns him that if he
does, Adam will retaliate by killing Vicky, that Adam wants a new
mate and is using the threat on Vicky to force him and Julia into
creating one for him. Jeff replies that he will tell Vicky to
pack up and leave Collinsport. Barnabas tells Jeff that Adam has
threatened to kill not only Vicky if they don’t create a mate for
him, but the entire Collins family. He tells Jeff if he goes to the
police and prevents them from creating a mate for Adam, he will
be responsible for what happens to the Collinses. Jeff has no
answer to this. Barnabas tells Jeff that Julia is sick and needs
an experienced lab assistant to help her and asks Jeff to assist.
Jeff is reluctant to do so. Barnabas asks him to think about it.
Later, Roger comes to the old house and asks Barnabas where
Julia is, saying she’s not in her room at Collinwood. Barnabas
lies that Julia’s been staying at the old house for the past few
days because she needs to use his library for some research.
Roger tells Barnabas to get her, saying he’s just gotten a call
from Windcliff Sanatarium that Elizabeth’s escaped. Barnabas refuses,
telling Roger that Julia is sick, that there’s not much she can do
about finding Elizabeth anyway. But Roger is insistent, and Barnabas
finally goes up to get Julia.
Barnabas goes up to Josette’s room. He finds Julia looking very
tired. Julia tells him she hasn’t slept at all, that she can think
of nothing but Tom Jennings. Barnabas tells Julia that Jeff Clark has
learned about the new experiment, but tells her not to worry, that
he has everything well in hand. Barnabas tells her about Elizabeth’s
escape. He asks if she can go downstairs and talk to Roger about it.
Julia replies that she’s feeling so bad she can’t see Roger or
anyone else. She tells him to tell Roger that she is too ill to
even to see him. Barnabas goes downstairs to try to get rid of Roger.
Later at the lab, Barnabas and Julia are working on the experiment.
Julia notes that night is about to fall. Jeff comes and tells them
he has decided to help them. Julia asks Jeff if he knows how to
hook up an oscilloscope. Jeff replies, “I’ve done it for Lang”.
Julia points to a couple of oscilloscopes, and Jeff goes to hook them
up, thinking to himself, “I hope Vicky never finds out about this…”
Barnabas takes Julia upstairs into Josette’s room. He tells her he will
stay there with her. Julia suddenly realizes that if she doesn’t go
to Tom, he may come to her. Barnabas tells her that’s exactly what
he wants, and pulls out a pistol. Julia, puzzled, says, “That won’t
do any good. YOU, of all people, should know THAT!”, but Barnabas tells
her he has melted a silver candlestick, made some silver bullets,
and loaded the gun with them. Julia looks up and tells Barnabas she
can feel that Tom Jennings is nearby somewhere. Barnabas tells her
to sit down in a chair. She does so. Barnabas goes and hides in
a closet, keeping the door slightly ajar so he can see into the
room. Tom appears and asks Julia why she didn’t answer his summons.
Barnabas comes bursting out of the closet and aims the gun at Jennings,
but Julia stands up and deliberately puts herself in the line of
fire. Barnabas yells at her, “Get out if the way!”, but Julia refuses
to do so. Jennings vanishes. Julia apologizes to Barnabas for
not letting him destroy Jennings, but tells him she couldn’t help
it. Dogs start howling outside. Barnabas looks out the window, remarks
to Julia that he can see Jennings in the distance waiting for her. But
when he turns around, he sees Julia is gone…
Downstairs, the front doors are open…
Episode 569
Worldvision Rerun 356
Tape Date: August 22, 1968 (ABC #174-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 29, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Blair comes to Collinwood and asks to speak to Roger. Mrs.
Johnson tells him that Roger isn’t home. She tells Blair about
Elizabeth escaping from Windcliff, saying she’s very worried
about her. She tells Blair about Elizabeth’s condition that
caused her to be put into the sanatarium, her strange obsessiong
with death and delusion that she was Naomi Collins of the 18th
century. She tells Blair that she thinks it’s all some sort of
evil spell, that Evil Forces are at work at Collinwood, but Blair
pooh-poohs the idea, saying it’s nothing but a simple mental illness.
Roger returns to Collinwood and tells Blair and Mrs. Johnson that
he’s talked to the police and that there’s still no sign of Elizabeth.
Julia stumbles in through the front door. She looks terrible. She
appears delirious and keeps saying she couldn’t find Tom. Roger,
puzzled, remarks that the only Tom he knows is Tom Jennings. Julia
replies that that’s exactly who she’s looking for. Roger tells
Julia that Tom Jennings is dead. Julia faints. Roger and Blair
take her into the drawing room. Roger tells Mrs. Johnson to go call
a doctor. She leaves to do so. Roger goes to get some brandy to
revive Julia. Blair peeks under Julia’s scarf and sees the vampire
Julia is revived. She is no longer delirious. She is told that
she had been ranting about wanting to find Tom Jennings, in spite of
the fact that she was told he was dead. She explains her strange
behavior by saying that she had been walking through the woods and
happened to pass the spot where Jennings had been attacked and
became frightened and delirious. When she learns that a doctor has
been called, she manages to convince Roger that it’s unnecessary
and gets him to cancel the call. Mrs. Johnson takes Julia up to
her room to rest. Roger tells Blair that being reminded of Jennings
has made him uneasy, that he fears that the maniac who attacked Jennings
may still be in the area, that he’s afraid that Elizabeth may have
wandered back to Collinsport and be in danger from him. He tells
Blair he fears that Elizabeth may be coming back to Collinsport
because one of the nurses at Windcliff told him that just before
her escape, she kept saying she wanted to come back to Collinwood to
die. Roger and Blair go outside to search for Elizabeth.
Elizabeth has indeed returned to Collinsport and is wandering around
in a cemetary. She now has a new fear – she keeps talking about
premature burial. Suddenly, Tom Jennings appears in front of her.
Elizabeth asks him who he is. Jennings doesn’t reply, standing
there silent. He raises his arm and opens his mouth. Elizabeth
screams. Roger and Blair, nearby, hear the screams and come running.
By the time they get to Elizabeth, Jennings has disappeared. Roger
asks Elizabeth why she was screaming. Elizabeth replies that she
saw a strange young man “smiling” at her. Roger looks around and
says he sees no one.
Roger and Blair take Elizabeth back to Collinwood. Roger thanks
Blair for his help. Blair leaves. Roger takes Elizabeth into the
drawing room to ascertain her condition. He finds that she no longer
thinks she’s Naomi, that she recognizes that he’s Roger and not
Joshua. She seems quite well, but then suddenly starts to babble
hysterically that she’s afraid that she’ll be buried prematurely.
Roger manages to calm her down, then tells her he has to leave
for a short time to do something, but assures her he’ll return
Exiting the drawing room and closing the doors behind him, Roger
tells Mrs. Johnson that for a moment he thought Elizabeth had
recovered, but she hasn’t. He tells Mrs. Johnson that he’s going
to get his car and drive Elizbeth back to Windcliff, and asks her
to call Windcliff and tells them to be expecting him. Unknown to
them, Elizabeth is inside the drawing room listening to them through
the doors. Roger leaves to get his car. Mrs. Johnson goes into the
drawing room to use the phone (Note: Plot hole! There’s a phone in
the foyer. Jeff used it to call the sheriff just a few days ago!).
Elizabeth tells her not to bother calling Windcliff, saying that
she heard what Roger had said and has pulled the wires out. Julia
appears at the doorway. Elizabeth sees her and begs her to tell Roger
not to send her back to Windcliff. Mrs. Johnson leaves, saying she’s
going to use the phone in the study. Outside, dogs start howling.
Julia goes into a trancelike state, says, “He’s calling me!” and
leaves. Elizabeth, seeing her only hope for staying out of Windcliff
walking out the front door, follows Julia. Mrs. Johnson returns and
finds both Elizabeth and Julia gone, the front door wide open…
Julia goes to where Jenning’s has hidden his coffin. Seconds
later, Elizabeth comes through the door. Seeing the coffin, she
asks, “A coffin! Is it for me?” Julia is furious at Elizabeth that
she’s followed her and orders her to leaves. Elizabeth obediently
leaves. Jennings appears from the shadows. Julia takes her scarf
off in anticipation. Jennings walks up to her and bites her.
Episode 570
Worldvision Rerun 357
Tape Date: August 23, 1968 (ABC #175-DRK-68)
Air Date: August 30, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

It is 3:00 AM. Barnabas and Willie return to the old house
after a fruitless night of looking for Jennings. Barnabas reiterates
to Willie why it’s so important that they find and destroy Jennings
quickly: the need to do the experiment quickly in view of Adam’s
threat to kill Vicky and the entire Collins Family. Willie adds
another reason – Julia, saying to Barnabas, “I think you care more
about her than you’ll admit. Barnabas admits that this is true.
There’s a knock at the front door. It’s Elizabeth. She tells
Barnabas she wants to speak to him in private. Barnabas sends Willie
away. Elizabeth begs Barnabas to let her hide at the Old House, saying
“They’re planning to bury me alive!”. She tells Barnabas about
following Julia and finding where “they” have hidden the coffin
“they” plan to bury her in, that Julia screamed at her to get out
because she found the secret. Barnabas asks her where it is.
Elizabeth tells him that it’s in an unused crypt at the edge of
the Collins Family Cemetary.
Barnabas goes to the crypt Elizabeth told him about. There,
he finds Julia lying on the floor unconscious.
At the old house, Willie comes upstairs and finds Elizabeth alone
in the living room. From outside, Barnabas calls loudly, “Willie!”.
Willie opens the door finds Barnabas standing outside carrying an
unconscious Julia. Elizabeth, seeing this, says with great certainty
“She’s dead! She’s dead! Everywhere I go, death surrounds me!”.
Barnabas tries to tell Elizabeth that Julia’s not dead, but Elizabeth
remains hysterical and won’t believe him. She panics and runs from
the room. Willie suggests to Barnabas that they take Julia to the
hospital for a transfusion, but Barnabas tells Willie that it’s 4:30 AM,
that it’s almost dawn. He tells Willie that he’s found Jennings
hiding place and they must go and destroy him. He tells Willie to
go and fashion a stake. Willie goes to do so, and returns with a
sharpened stake. They leave.
Elizabeth, wandering around in the old house, goes to Josette’s
room, where Barnabas has put Julia. Julia stirs and Elizabeth
sees that she’s alive, but convinced that she’s dying, tells her
she forgives her for her part in the plot to bury her alive, saying
she’s sure Roger forced her to become part of it.
Barnabas and Willie go to the crypt where Jennings has secreted
his coffin, but arrive a few minutes too early. Willie notes
that the sun has not yet risen and becomes afraid. Barnabas opens
the coffin. It is empty. Willie, terrified, screams, “He’s not in
there! Barnabas! We’ve got to get out of here! He’ll be back any
minute!” and runs off. Willie is right. A few seconds after he
runs off, Jennings returns. He knocks the hammer and stake from
Barnabas’ hands and struggles with him, trying to bite him.

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