February 1968

Episode 419
Worldvision Rerun 207
Tape Date: January 26, 1968 (ABC #24-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 1, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

But Barnabas comes to his senses, stops and says, “No! I
can’t do it! Josette, you must get away from here and from
me”. Josette says, “I don’t understand”. Barnabas tells her,
“It is best that you don’t understand. I prefer it that way”.
Josette guesses, “Something has happened to you. Something
has made you change”. Barnabas replies, “Yes. There has been a
radical change in me. That is why you must go away”. Josette
asks, “What has happened?” Barnabas replies, “I cannot tell you”.
Josette protests, “But you promised to come back to me”. Barnabas
replies, “If I had known what it would be like, I would never have p
romised”. Josette tells him, “I’ll do anything to be with you!”,
but Barnabas replies, “I will not let you do what you would
have to do to be with me”. Josette again protests, “But you
promised to come back to me!” Barnabas replies, “I have. Now go!”
Josette says, “You must have some reason for saying these things!”
Barnabas replies, “I did not come back by choice. It happened
because of a curse, and we cannot be together. You will go back
to Collinwood and we will not see one another again. Goodbye,
Josette”. Josette exclaims, “I will not let you go!”, but Barnabas
turns his back on her and refuses to speak to her further.
Millicent is in the drawing room of Collinwood with Nathan
Forbes. Nathan is looking intently though a book. Millicent asks,
“Nathan, what are you looking for in that almanac?” Nathan replies,
“A good day”. Millicent asks, “A good day?” Nathan replies, “You
wouldn’t want to be married in bad weather, would you?” Millicent
asks, “Why should the weather be so important? Weddings are held
indoors”. Nathan replies, “Yes, but Nature should bless the wedding
with a day as beautiful as the bride!” Millicent gushes, “Nathan,
you say such beautiful things!” Nathan tells her, “And I’ve found
the perfect day. The 2nd of March. The almanac says that the
weather will be beautiful on that day”. Millicent protests, “But
that’s only a month away! I don’t think cousin Joshua will consider
that a proper mourning period”. Nathan replies, “What’s important
is what we think”. Millicent asks, “Why the hurry?” Nathan replies,
“My duties here in Collinsport end in 2 months. I may be sent
elsewhere after that”. Josette returns though the front door.
Millicent goes out into the foyer and asks her, “Have you been out,
Josette?” Josette replies, “I went for a walk”. Nathan tells
Millicent it’s late and tells her, “Goodnight. I’ll talk to you
tomorrow to decide on a definite date”. Josette asks, “Date?”
Millicent tells her, “I suppose you should be the first to know.
Nathan and I have decided to get married!” Josette asks, “Married?”
in a somewhat dazed sounding voice. Millicent asks her, “Are you
all right? You look pale. Perhaps you should go into the drawing
room and sit down”. Josette replies, “Yes, I could use some
rest”. Nathan says goodnight to Millicent and leaves, promising
to return tomorrow to settle on a wedding date.
Millicent goes into the drawing room. She tells Josette,
“Perhaps a sherry would help. Cousin Naomi says a sherry always
helps…”, but Josette declines. Millicent tells her, “It pains
me to see someone as sad as you. Is there anything I can do?”
Josette replies, “No, it’s too late”. Millicent asks, “For what?”
Millicent replies, “He promised to come back to me. Now he has, but
he doesn’t want me anymore”. Millicent, puzzled, asks, “Who are
you talking about?” Josette replies, “Barnabas”. Millicent
protests, “Barnabas? Barnabas is on his way to England”. Josette
replies, “No, he’s here. I saw him tonight!”
Nathan goes to the bar which will be called “The Blue Whale”
in 1966. Now, it is known as “The Eagle”. He goes to the
bartender, a Mr. Mooney, and asks for, “Rum! The best you have!”
Mooney remarks, “Ah, you’ve settled on a day, have you?” Nathan
replies, “No, but we soon will”. He looks around, sees he’s the only
customer in the place, and remarks on the fact. Mooney explains,
“It’s the attacks. The village women won’t let their men leave
them alone for a moment”. A woman comes into the tavern. Mooney
tells her, “Sorry, but ladies aren’t allowed in here without
an escort.” but Nathan interrupts, “It’s all right. The lady’s
with me”. They sit down together at a table. The woman, young,
blond and very attractive, remarks to Nathan, “Well, I always know
where to find you, don’t I, Nathan? You’re always either in the
arms of a woman or in a tavern”. Nathan asks, “What do you want?”
The woman replies, “I came to see my loving husband, of course”.
Nathan demands, “Get to the point”. The woman replies, “I haven’t
gotten a payment from you in 8 months”. Nathan asks, “How did you
know I was here?” The woman replies, “You’re in the navy. It’s
easy to locate a sailor”. Nathan caustically remarks, “You’ve
never had any problems doing that”. The woman angrily replies, “Are
you going to be civil to me or am I going to have to tell the whole
town you abandonned me?” Nathan tells her, “Tell me what you want.
I’ll get it for you and then you’ll go back to Baltimore”. She
tells him she wants the money he’d promised to send her every month.
He explains to her that he hasn’t been sending it to her because
he hasn’t had any spare cash, explaining, “The navy doesn’t pay
very well”. She doesn’t believe him, saying, “You’re feathering
a nest somewhere, aren’t you? Who is she?” Nathan replies, “Suki,
how much do you want?” She names her price. He agrees and leaves
to get it.
Suke remarks to the bartender, “I take it Lt. Forbes is a
regular customer”. Mooney replies, “Aye. An old friend, are
you?” Suki replies, “You could put it that way”. The bartender
asks, “Are you staying for the celebration?” Suki asks,
“Celebration?” Mooney asks, “Didn’t he tell you he was getting
married?” Suki replies, “He said he had a surprise for me. Maybe
that was it”. Mooney remarks, “Not every man gets to marry a
Collins”. Suki asks, “Collins, as in Collinsport?” Mooney replies,
“That family owns everything there is to own in Collinsport”, Suki
asks, “Does that mean the young lady is wealthy?” Mooney replies,
“There aren’t many wealthier”. Suki remarks, “Isn’t that
Back in the drawing room of Collinwood, Josette says to Millicent,
“You don’t believe me. I DID see Barnabas!” Millicent replies, “That’s
impossible. He left for England two weeks ago. His ship probably
hasn’t even gotten to England yet”, but Josette insists, “He did
not go to England. It’s a story Joshua made up”. Millicent asks,
“Why would he do that?” Josette replies, “He has his reasons, but
I promised to keep them secret”. Millicent says, “You haven’t been
well. With all the heartbreak that’s happened to you, isn’t it
possible what you thought you saw was a dream?” Josette replies,
“I did have a dream earlier, a strange frightening dream. But then
I awoke and went to find him. I knew that when I went to a place
called Eagle Hill cemetary, I would find him there”. Millicent
replies, “Now I know it was a dream. What would Barnabas be doing
in a cemetary?” Josette tells Millicent, “He seemed different.
Something happened to him, but he wouldn’t tell me what it was.
He just kept saying over and over again that I had to leave.
I don’t understand it. But then why did he tell me to wait for
him, why?” Millicent tells Josette, “I think you should go to
your room and rest”. Josette replies, “Yes. If he doesn’t want
me anymore, it’s best that I go on with my plans and leave
Collinwood. Two more days, I don’t think I can stand two more
days”. Millicent takes her up to her room.
In the tomb, Barnabas thinks to himself, “In 2 days, she’ll
be gone, and safe from me. I must make every effort to stay
away from her. If I see her again, I will not be able to resist
making her what I am, and I love her too much for that!”
Episode 420
Worldvision Rerun 208
Tape Date: January 29, 1968 (ABC #25-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 2, 1968 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Josette awakens. She goes to the window and thinks to herself,
“One more day. Tomorrow evening, Collinwood will be just a
memory…” There’s a knock at the door. Josette answers. It’s
Millicent. Millicent asks, “How do you feel?” Josette replies,
“No different from last night, when I saw…him”. Millicent
suggests, “You should get some sleep.”, but Josette replies, “I
can’t. There’s too much to think about. I keep thinking
Barnabas is nearby, somewhere very close.” Outside, Barnabas
comes out of the woods and looks up at Josette’s window. He
thinks to himself, “Come to the window, Josette! I want to see
your face one more time before you leave. That’s all I ask.
One more time…”
Inside in Josette’s room, Josette congratulates Millicent on
her upcoming wedding, apoligizing for not having done so last
night. Millicent worries about whether Joshua will approve,
noting Nathan’s lowly position. Josette volunteers to help her
get Joshua’s approval. Millicent declines, saying, “No, this
is something I must handle myself. I’ve always dreamed of marrying
a man like Nathan. I’m not going to lose this chance”. She
glances out the window and sees Nathan coming up to the house.
She leaves to let him in. Josette goes to bed.
Nathan knocks on the front door. Millicent answers it and
greets him exuberantly, “Good evening, Lieutenant!” Nathan replies,
“Good Evening”, in a rather distracted tone. Millicent asks, “Is
something the matter?” Nathan replies, “When I was walking along
the road, I saw a man in the distance in the woods.” Millicent
asks, “What man?” Nathan replies, “Maybe my imagination is getting
the better of me, but I could swear it was Barnabas Collins!”
Millicent says, “And I could swear that everyone is going mad!
Last night, Josette thought she saw cousin Barnabas. But he’s on
his way to England!” Nathan starts to say, “But if Josette saw
Barnabas…”, but Millicent interrupts, “She’s been under a great
deal of strain”. Nathan replies, “But I’m not, and I saw him.
He was dressed like him, and he looked like him”. Millicent notes,
“But you saw the man from a great distance. You must have been
mistaken. If Barnabas were here, why would he be standing in the
woods in the middle of the night?” Nathan replies, “I guess you’re
right. I don’t know what to make of it”
They go into the drawing room. Nathan asks, “Well, have you
thought about it?” Millicent asks, “What?” Nathan replies, “The
date I proposed for our wedding, the second of March”. Millicent
tells him, “I haven’t had time to think about it. I’ve been with
Josette all day”. Nathan asks, “Why?” Josette replies, “You know
how much tragedy she’s suffered”. Nathan says, “I’m also more
practical than you. She’s still young. One day, she’ll meet
someone else and fall in love”. Millicent says, “I’m afraid
she’ll never recover”. Nathan insists, “She’ll recover”. Millicent
says, “You say that because you’re a man. A man falls in love
over and over, but a woman falls in love only once”. Nathan
exclaims, “What romantic nonsense!” Millicent replies, “No it
isn’t. I expect you’ve been in love many times already”. Nathan
lies, “No, not until I met you”. and embraces her. There’s a
knock at the door. Millicent wonders, “Who could that be this
time of night?” Nathan jokes, “Perhaps Cousin Barnabas has decided
to come in from the woods”. Millicent and answers the door. It
is Suki. Suki starts to say, “How do you do? I’m looking for…”
but then sees Nathan standing at the doorway of the drawing room
and exclaims, “Nathan!” Nathan has a look of complete shock on his
face. Suki continues, “Dear, dear Nathan! Good to see you again!
The last time was quite awhile ago!” She turns to Millicent and
introduces herself, “I’m Suki Forbes”. Millicent, puzzled, asks,
“Suki Forbes?” Suki replies, “Yes, you don’t mean Nathan hasn’t
told you?” Millicent asks, “Told me what?” Suki replies, “That
he had…”
“… a sister!” Millicent replies, “No, never”. Suki remarks,
“He’s always been so terribly forgetful about things”. Millicent
takes Suki into the drawing room to talk. She asks her, “Do you
plan on staying in Collinsport for awhile?” Suki replies, “That
depends on Nathan. I haven’t seen him in awhile. It depends on
how much time he has to see me”. Millicent tells Suki, “I’m sure
I can convince Joshua to give him some time off from the shipyards”.
Suki remarks, “I’m sure we’ll be fast friends!” Suddenly, she
gasps, “OH!” Barnabas is peering in through the drawing room
window. Millicent asks, “Miss Forbes! What’s the matter?” Suki
replies, “I saw a man’s face at the window!” Millicent and Nathan
look, but Barnabas is gone. Suki tells Millicent, “There was
something evil about that face!” Nathan, who had gone out to
investigate, returns and says, “There’s no one out there.” Millicent
tells Suki, “It must have been your imagination, Miss Forbes”. but
Suki insists, “No! I’m sure! I saw it!” Nathan suggests,
“Millicent, perhaps a cup of tea might make her feel better”.
Millicent protests, “But cook has gone to bed!” Nathan asks her
to do him a favor and make the tea. Millicent leaves to do so.
Nathan asks Suki, “All right! What’s your game?” Suki replies,
“What’s MY game?!” Nathan reminds her, “You promised to leave town
on the next carriage”, but Suki replies, “No, Nathan. I’ve found
Collinsport more interesting than I thought it’d be. I’ve decided
to stay here awhile. I’ve found out about the Collins family’s
wealth”. Nathan tells her, “This is different. I happen to be in
love with Millicent”, but Suki exclaims, “Rubbish! You’re in love
with her money. You neglected to tell me you’re about to snare
quite a fortune”. Nathan asks, “How much do you want?” Suki
replies, “I’ll decide later”. Nathan tells her, “I’ll give
you what you want! Just get out of here right away!”, but Suki
refuses. Millicent returns with the tea. She asks, “Nathan, have
you told Suki?” Suki asks, “Told me what?” Millicent tells her,
“Nathan and I are planning to be married!” Suki replies, “Married?
No, he hasn’t told me. Didn’t I tell you he was absentminded?”
Barnabas is outside again, looking up at Josette’s window,
thinking, “Why doesn’t she come to the window? I must see her
one more time before she leaves! One more time! If she does
not come to me, I must go to her!”
The clock in Josette’s room reads 2:00, but she is not asleep.
A bat flutters outside. Frightened, Josette puts on a nightgown
and prepares to exit her room. Barnabas appears inside. Josette
turns and is surprised to see him. He exclaism, “Josette!” She
exclaims, “Barnabas!” Barnabas tells her,” I had to see you one
more time!” Josette says, “Barnabas!” and starts to walk towards
him, but he tells her, “Stay there! I just want to look at you,
then I must go. That’s the way it must be”. Josette tells him,
“I cannot leave Collinsport. I must stay”, but he tells her, “That
cannot be”. Josette asks, “Why?” Barnabas replies, “Josette,
you must leave Collinsport!”, but Josette tells him, “No, now that
I have seen you, that’s impossible”. Barnabas remarks, “Then I
should not have come”, but Josette tells him, “It makes no
difference. I would’ve kept thinking of you and come back”.
Barnabas says, “I beg of you, leave!”, but Josette replies, “No.
Our destinies are one. Nothing can keep us apart”. Barnabas warns
her, “You don’t know what it would be like for us to be together”,
but Josette replies, “I only want to be with you. Please take me
with you!” Barnabas weakens, embraces her and bites her.
Episode 421
Worldvision Rerun 209
Tape Date: January 30, 1968 (ABC #26-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 5, 1968 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

It is morning. Josette is lying in bed, two holes in her
neck. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Natalie, bearing a
tray with Josette’s breakfast on it. She calls from outside,
“Josette? Josette?” Josette replies, “Just a moment!” She puts
a frilly scarf-like thing around her neck to hide the bite marks
then opens the door. Natalie tells Josette, “I saw the maid
coming up with your tray, and I grabbed it from her. Her face
is always so red, it takes my appetite away every morning”. She
puts the tray down and goes to pull open the curtains. Josette
exclaims, “Please don’t do that!”. Natalie asks, “Why not? There’s
so little sunshine around her, you should take advantage of it
when there is. What’s the matter?” Josette replies, “Nothing. Just
a mood”. Natalie remarks, “A morbid one”. Josette replies, “No,
not at all. Quite the opposite. After the day, the evening comes”.
Natalie asks, “Will this evening be different from all the others?
Will we be deprived of Joshua’s Revolutionary War stories?”.
Josette says, “This evening WILL be different!” Natalie asks, “Why?
Is there going to be a party? We haven’t had a party here since
we’ve come, unless you count that tea party they had for the Ben,
Riggs and all the other servants. I found that very charming,
though I must say Ben’s attentions made me nervous. Josette,
you’re acting very strangely. And you’re so pale.” Josette replies,
“I’m not”. Natalie asks, “Do you think you look the way you always
do? Do you think you’re acting normally?” Josette replies, “If
I’m behaving differently, it’s because I’m happy. You probably
don’t remember what I’m like when I’m happy. It’s been such a
long time since I’ve been happy”. Natalie tells Josette, “As
soon as you’re dressed, we’re going down to Mr. Collins’ study
and make arrangements to leave on the earliest boat and join your
father in New York.” Josette replies, “You will join him. I will
not.” Natalie asks, “You’re not coming?” Josette replies, “No”.
Natalie asks, “Why?”, then guesses, “Barnabas! You’re staying for
him! You’re waiting for him to come back!” Josette replies, “But
you know he’s dead”. Natalie remarks, “In this house, strange
things happen. Witchcraft!!” Josette says, “You know me. Can’t
you see I’m all right?” Natalie says, “I don’t think so”. She
turns to leave. Josette asks, “Where are you going? Are you going
to try to do something?” Natalie denies that she is. Josette tells
Natalie, “There’s nothing you can do”. Natalie leaves. Josette
closes the drapes.
Natalie goes to the Collinsport Gaol. Peter Bradford brings
Vicky out. Natalie asks Vicky, “When’s your trial?” Vicky replies,
“Soon”. Natalie tells her, “It needn’t be”. Vicky asks, “What?”
Natalie replies, “There needn’t be any trial if you remove the
spell”. Vicky asks, “What spell?” Natalie replies, “The spell
on Josette. You’re the only one who could’ve done it”. Vicky
insists, “I can’t put spells on anyone”, but Natalie continues,
“You’ve put a spell on Josette. She refuses to leave here now.”
She begs Vicky to raise the spell, “I will give you money! I will
see to it that you are freed! Help me!”, but Vicky asks, “How can
I help you?” Natalie tells her, “You can give me some clues. How
is Josette to die? The book doesn’t say”. Vicky replies, “She
jumped from Widow’s Hill. I can’t tell the future but I’ve lived
in it. I know everything about Josette, all the legends, all the
stories.” Natalie asks, “What do the legends say? Why does she go
to Widow’s Hill?” Vicky replies, “Let me think. Let me try to
remember. She was very calm that day, calmer that she’d been in
a long time. It was a cold, stormy day. The moon could not bee
seen through the clouds. She’d lost her ring, a black, onyx ring…”
Natalie interrupts, “Josette has no such ring”. Vicky asks, “Are you
sure? The legends say she was very upset she had lost it. Then other
things started to go wrong. Glass shattered, doors flew open and
couldn’t be shut…” Natalie exclaims, “When you speak, it is Satan
speaking! Tell your master I will save Josette, even if I lose myself!”
and leaves.
Peter asks Vicky, “Why did you tell her that?” Vicky replies, “I
had to”. Peter tells her, “Don’t you know she’ll use every word
you said against you in your trial?” Vicky replies, “I keep
thinking if I tell the truth, people will start to believe me”.
Peter asks, “Suppose it was 1968 now, and someone came and told
you they were from the 21st century and told you about the future.
What would you think?” Vicky admits, “I suppose I’d think she
was mad”. She finally gets the point and exclaims, “What a fool
I’ve been!” Peter asks, “I suppose you think a lot about getting
back to your own time. How would you feel if you never got back?
Have you thought about staying here? In your time, do you have
broters, sisters? A fiance?” Vicky replies, “I had one, but he
was lost in an airplane crash”. Peter asks, “Airplane?” Vicky
replies, “It flies”. Peter asks, “Is it a sort of bird?” Vicky
replies, “No, it’s a machine, with engines. I can’t explain it
better than that. I don’t really understand it myself, but you
ride in it through the air”. Peter remarks, “For the first time,
I think you are crazy! Ride in it, through the air?!” Vicky tells
him, “There’s so much you don’t know!” Peter tells her, “I wish
you didn’t think anymore about going back to where you came from.
I wish you’d stay here and forget about going back to your own
time”. Vicky tells him, “There’s one good thing about coming to
this time. Meeting you”. He kisses her.
It is night. Barnabas enters Josette’s room through a secret
panel to the right of the fireplace. Josette exclaims, “Barnabas!”
Barnabas asks, “Do you hate me?” Josette replies, “Hate you? I
love you!” Barnabas asks, “There’s nothing I can say to convince
you how impossible it will be for us to be together?” Josette
replies, “There’s only one thing. Say you do not love me”. Barnabas
tells her, “I cannot say that”. He asks, “Then you accept what
you must do?” Josette replies, “Yes”. Barnabas tells her, “You
will be very different. You will be as I am. Do you know what that
is?” Josette replies, “I only know that you’re dead, yet alive. I
am not afraid of death. I only want to be your wife.” Barnabas
‘marries’ her by putting his black, onyx ring on her finger.
There’s a knock at the door. Barnabas says to Josette quietly,
“Be at the old house as soon as possible!” and leaves through
the secret passage. From outside in the hallway, Natalie calls out,
“Josette, are you all right?” Josette opens the door and lets
Natalie in. Natalie remarks, “I thought I heard you talking to
someone”. Josette replies, “No. Why did you come?” Natalie
replies, “I was worried”. Josette asks, “About what? You can see
that nothing’s wrong. Now if you will excuse me, Aunt Natalie…”
Natalie continues, “I’m just concerned. You’ve been behaving so
strangely. This morning, you were so very, very odd…” She stops
when she notices the ring Josette is wearing and exclaims, “That
ring! When did you get it? Where did you get it? You must tell
Episode 422
Worldvision Rerun 210
Tape Date: January 31, 1968 (ABC #27-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 6, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Natalie tells Josette about her conversation with Vicky, “She
predicted your death!” Josette asks, “And you believe her?”
Natalie replies, “I did not believe her until I saw that ring!
Josette, where did you get that ring?” Josette lies, “I’ve always
had it”. Natalie says, “I’m only trying to help!”, but Josette
replies, “I need no assistance of any kind”. Natalie says, “You
did not have that ring a few days ago!”, but Josette insists, “I’ve
always had it. Perhaps you’ve never noticed it”. Natalie reminds
her, “A few days ago, we made a complete inventory of your jewelry
in preparation for leaving Collinwood! It was not among your
jewelry then!” Josette replies, “Perhaps you missed it. I fail
to see why this is so important”. Natalie says, “Everything the
witch has prophesied has come true! We must go back to Martenique
immediately!” Josette replies, “You can go back to Martenique if
you want to, but I’m not”. Natalie exclaims, “I don’t understand
this attitude of yours! It’s almost as if you’re waiting for your
own doom, awaiting it’s embrace!” Josette remarks, “Embrace…I’ll
be all right”. Natalie tells her, “Barnabas is dead! He will not
return! You cannot waste the rest of your life grieving for
the dead!” Josette replies, “I am not grieving anymore.” Natalie
says, “Then there’s nothing making you stay”, but Josette just
replies, “Nothing can make me leave”. Natalie begs, “Josette,
please tell me, where did you get that ring?”, but Josette replies,
“Aunt Natalie, I’d like to be by myself”. Natalie leaves.
Natalie goes downstairs into the foyer. She looks at the portrait
of Barnabas and says to it, “I thought I saw your ghost the other
night. I wish I did see it and could speak to it. I would plead
with you to help Josette, to persuade her to leave this place and
save herself!” Suddenly, she notices something and touches the
portrait. Joshua comes down into the foyer, sees her touching the
portrait and remarks, “Testing to see if the paint is dry? I can
assure you it is. The portrait is several months old now”.
Natalie tells him, “I’m curious about that ring, the ring
Barnabas is wearing in the portrait”. Joshua tells her, “He was
very fond of that ring. It was very special to him. He wore it
all the time. He intended to give it to his wife when he married.
I’m sure Angelique would have loved to get her hands on it. There
was a very sentimental streak in my son…” Joshua suddenly gets
choked up with emotion and stops talking. Natalie asks, “May I ask
you something? Was that ring unique, or was it part of a set?”
Joshua indignantly replies, “The Collins family jewelry, like its
pride, is without equal. It was unique. Why do you ask?” Natalie
replies, “Just idle curiosity.” Josette comes down the stairs,
dressed to go out. Joshua says, “Josette! You’re not going out
at this ungodly hour!” Josette replies, “Yes, I want get some night
air”. Natalie protests, “But you’re feeling ill, Josette”.
Josette replies, “No, I’m fine”, but then faints. Joshua shouts,
“Riggs! Riggs! Bring some brandy! Quickly!” Suddenly, he is
shocked to see the ring on Josette’s finger. Natalie explains,
“Apparently, Barnabas gave it to her”. Joshua exclaims, “He
couldn’t have!” Natalie asks, “Why not? You know how they felt
about each other”. Joshua tells her, “What I stopped short of
saying before was that Barnabas was buried with this ring! It went
with him to the grave!”
Josette has been put back in her room. Natalie stations Riggs
in a chair outside Josette’s room and instructs him, “Do not leave
this door. Josette is not to be let out no matter what she says!”
Josette is lying in bed in her room. She regains consciousness.
She gets out of bed, goes to the door and tries it but finds it
locked. She asks, “Why is it locked? Why am I here in this
room? I was going out. Into the night…Into the night…”
In the foyer, Joshua is dressed to go out. Natalie tells him,
“I don’t think Josette needs a doctor. I think she’s just tired
more than anything else”. Joshua replies, “I wasn’t going to go
to get a Doctor”. Natalie tells him, “I’d prefer you stayed here.
I’m sure when Josette wakes up she’ll have an explanation for the
ring. It must be a different ring”. Joshua remarks, “Yes, that’s
the only explanation”. Natalie again tells him, “I wish you
wouldn’t go”, but Joshua replies, “I have to”. Natalie remarks,
“I’m afraid. I feel this terrible feeling…”, but Joshua replies,
“Nonsense. There’s nothing to fear. Nothing at all” and leaves.
Natalie looks at Barnabas’ portrait again.
In Josette’s room, Josette says, “I want to go to him! I want
to find him! I need him! I must go to him! I must find him!”
She demands to be let out. Riggs tells her through the door,
“Sorry, ma’am, but I’ve been instructed not to let you out under
any circumstance. That was the Countess’ strict orders”. Josette
shouts, “Open the door!”, but Riggs still refuses to do so.
Josette thinks to herself, “The secret panel. Where is it? How
does it open?” She tries to find it but can’t. She goes back to
the door and shouts, “Why is this door locked? Why am I being
treated this way? Riggs! Open that door or I’ll have you
dismissed! Open that door! I warn you! Riggs, please! Open
that door! I must get out! You don’t understand! I must! Please!
Please!”. While she is pleading with Riggs, behind her the secret
panel opens and Barnabas steps into the room. She turns, sees him
and exclaims, “You’ve come back! They tried to keep me away from
you. Nothing can keep us apart now! I should have known you would
come for me! Now we will be together for all eternity. You have
come for me, haven’t you?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Josette tells
him, “Then take me, and we will never return!” Barnabas warns her
that the road ahead of them will be a dark one if she goes with him,
but she tells him, “I don’t care! We will share our eternity
together!” Barnabas asks, “Are you sure? You can still be free
of me. You could live in the world of light, and the living”.
Josette replies, “I don’t want to be free of you! It will not be
a world of death and darkness.” Barnabas take her hand and takes
her out through the secret passage, closing it behind him.
Joshua goes to the Collins family mausoleum. He thinks to
himself, “The ring was here! I put in on his finger myself and
closed the coffin. Who would dare defile the dead?” He pulls
the ring in the lion’s mouth, opens the secret door and goes
into the secret room. As he prepares to open the coffin, he
speaks, “I never gave you love, but I want to give you at least
peace. If anyone has disturbed your rest, I promise revenge!”
He opens the coffin and is shocked to find it completely empty.
Barnabas is not there…
Episode 423
Worldvision Rerun 211
Tape Date: February 1, 1968 (ABC #28-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 7, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Joshua returns to Collinwood and sits down in the drawing room.
He is visibly shaken. Natalie comes into the room and says, “Joshua.
I’ve been looking for you. You must speak to Josette and tell her
to leave Collinwood for her own good. She won’t listen to me.
Perhaps she’ll listen to you”. Noticing Joshua’s demeanor she
asks, “Is something wrong?” Joshua replies, “I went to his grave.
The ring. He was wearing it when he was buried. Now it’s in
Josette’s possession. I don’t understand!” Natalie says, “Neither
do I”. Joshua continues, “I opened his coffin, and there was
nothing there! The coffin was empty!” Natalie exclaims, “The
coffin was empty?!” Joshua replies, “Yes”. Natalie says, “I don’t
understand”. Joshua tells her, “Only one possiblity exists.
Someone, some unspeakable person has robbed his grave! There
are unscrupulous individuals who rob graves”. Natalie points out,
“But no one except you and Mrs. Collins know where he was buried.
Even Josette and I don’t know”. Joshua tells her, “Two servants
knew. The two servants who carried his casket there”. Natalie
remarks, “But those were two servants you trusted”. Joshua adds,
“Ben Stokes also knew.” Natalie remarks, “I don’t think Ben Stokes
would rob Barnabas’ grave. He was so devoted to him. And how
would Josette get the ring?” Joshua says, “There has to be some
explanation, there has to be!” Suki Forbes comes into the room.
She thanks Joshua for letting her stay at Collinwood, then asks,
“Is Mrs. Collins all right? When I went past her room, I heard
her calling someone. She kept repeating the same name over and
over. I believe it was ‘Barnabas’. Wasn’t he the man who went
to England, the man in the portrait in the foyer?” Joshua replies,
“Yes”. Joshua and Natalie go upstairs to check up on Josette.
Suki goes and looks at the portrait of Barnabas in the foyer.
Joshua and Natalie go Josette’s room. Joshua orders, “Unlock
the door, Riggs!” Riggs does so, and Natalie and Joshus go in.
They are shocked to find that Josette is not in there. Natalie
gasps, “She’s gone!” Joshua asks Riggs, “Riggs, Did you let Mrs.
Collins out of this room?” Riggs replies, “No. She pleaded with
me, but…” Joshua asks, “You didn’t?” Riggs replies, “No”.
Natalie asks Riggs, “You were guarding the room from the moment I
left you?” Riggs replies, “Yes”. Joshua tells Riggs, “Round up
the other servants and form a search party. Mrs. Collins must be
found!” Riggs leaves to do so. Natalie moans, “Something terrible
has happened to Josette! How did she get out? How did she get past
Riggs?” Joshua tells her, “There is another way out. I will show
you”. He opens the secret panel. Natalie gasps, “A secret panel!”
Joshua replies, “Yes. The passage behind it leads to the garden at
the end of the house. We were still in the Revolutionary War when
this house was being constructed. I had it built to be on the
safe side”. Natalie points out, “But Josette doesn’t know about
it!” Joshua tells her, “Only two besides myself know about it,
and both of them are dead”. Natalie asks, “You mean Jeremiah and
Barnabas?” Joshua replies, “Yes”. Natalie mutters, “Barnabas…”
Suki is pacing around downstairs. There’s a knock at the
door. Suki answers. It’s Nathan. Suki snidely remarks, “Well,
hello, brother dear! What a pleasant surprise!” Nathan asks, “Are
you alone?” Suki replies, “For the moment. Have you come looking
for your lovely fiancee?” Nathan asks, “Where is she?” Suki
replies, “Up in her room resting. She seems to rest a lot. I
suppose all that money must be quite a burden to her. But I’m
sure you’ll relieve her of some of that burden”. Nathan takes
Suki into the drawing room and tells her, “All right, Suki. It’s
time to stop playing games. How much do you want? There’s a
carriage leaving Collinsport tomorrow morning. How much will
it take to get you on it?” Suki replies, “Shall we say $5000?”
Nathan exclaims, “$5000?!?!?” Suki adds, “In gold.” Nathan
protests, “You know I don’t have that kind of money!” Suki replies,
“But dear Millicent does”. Nathan complains, “How can I ask her for
that much money?” Suki replies, “I’m sure you’ll find a way. You’ve
always had a way with words. Nathan, you underestimate yourself.
Think if what dear Millicent is getting. Surely a handsome husband
like you is worth $5000″. Nathan protests, “But it’ll take time!”
Suki replies, “Take all the time you want”. Nathan says, “But I
want you out of here right now!” Suki refuses to leave. Nathan
asks, “And if I don’t give you the money?” Suki replies, “I’ll show
Millicent a document she’ll find very interesting. Our wedding
certicate”. Nathan exclaims, “You wouldn’t do that! If Millicent
breaks our engagement, I won’t get a penny and neither will you”, but
Suki spitefully replies, “I’d be getting the satisfaction of ruining
your plans”. They get into a heated argument. They abruptly stop
when Natalie walks into the drawing room. Suki tells Natalie, “We
were just having a little family argument. Nathan’s a dear, but he
does get emotional at times.” Natalie tells Nathan, “Josette’s
disappeared! You must help me find her! We must find her! We
must!” and leaves. Nathan tells Suki, “We can’t talk here. But
we must settle this tonight! There’s another house on the property.
No one lives there now”. Suki replies, “I know where it is.
Millicent took me on a tour of the property yesterday.” Nathan tells
her, “I must first pay my respects to the family. I’ll join you
there in a few minutes”. Suki leaves to go to the old house. Joshua
comes into the foyer and says, “Lt. Forbes!” Nathan tells him,
“The countess has just told me Josette has disappeared. Is there
anything I can do?” Joshua replies, “Ride into town and get the
constable to form a search party”. Nathan says, “There’s no need
for that. I can search the property”, but Joshua insists, saying,
“A search party can search more effectively than one man”. Nathan
replies, “All right, sir” and leaves to do as instructed.
Suki goes to the old house and goes in through the front door,
which is unlocked. Inside, there is a man standing in the shadows.
Suki, frightened, gasps, “AHHHHH!” The man comes out of the shadows.
It’s Barnabas. He asks, “Who are you and what are you doing here?”
Suki apologizes, “I didn’t know anyone was here”, but Barnabas
demands, “Answer my question! Who are you?” Suki replies, “My
name is Suki Forbes. I’m visiting here. My brother is marrying
a member of the Collins family”. Barnabas asks, “You’re Nathan
Forbes’ sister? What are you doing here?” Suki explains, “Nathan
was going to meet me here. He promised to show me this house”.
Barnabas says, “You’re not Nathan Forbes’ sister! You are his
wife!” Suki asks, “Wife?” Barnabas says, “Don’t bother to deny
it. Nathan told me he had no living relatives, so you must be his
wife”. Suki retorts, “You know my secret but I know yours! I know
who you are!” Barnabas asks, “Who am I?” Suki replies, “Barnabas
Collins”. Barnabas lies, “I am not. Barnabas Collins is gone”.
Suki continues, “So I’m told. But why do you look exactly like the
portrait in the foyer of Collinwood? You ARE Barnabas Collins,
aren’t you? Your family and everyone else say you’re gone, but
you’re here. I find that curious”. She sees a woman’s cloak
hanging on a chair and continues, “And this cloak, it belongs to
Josette, doesn’t it, the one who’s missing from Collinwood”. She
tells Barnabas that there must be a reason for all this secrecy,
and offers to keep his secret if he’ll cooperate. Suki, who’s been
looking around as she’s been talking to Barnabas, turns and suddenly
notices that Barnabas is gone. Puzzled, she asks, “Mr. Collins?
Mr. Collins? Where did he go? He just disappeared as if… I don’t
want to stay here any longer! I want to get out of here!” She goes
outside and calls out, “Nathan! Nathan!” Suddenly, a bat appears
and flutters around her. Frightened, she screams, “No! Get away
from me! Stay away!” She flees back inside, closes and locks the
doors and moans, “Where is Nathan? He promised to be here in a few
minutes! Where are you? Mr. Collins! Mr. Collins!” She looks out
the window and sees the bat staring at her. She quickly leaves the
window, screaming, “That bat! Staring at me, staring right through me,
as if it were human and wanted to kill me!” She cries, “Nathan,
please come! I’m so frightened! Pleas come, please!” Suddenly,
she notices the bat has somehow gotten inside and is flying around.
Suddenly, the bat materializes into Barnabas. Suki moans, “I don’t
believe this is happening!” Barnabas tells her, “I tried to warn
you, but you wouldn’t listen.” Suki begs, “Please!”, but Barnabas
tells her, “It’s too late to beg for mercy now. Much too late”.
He grabs her. She screams. He grabs her by the throat and starts
to strangle her. Nathan, just arriving outside, hears Suki’s
scream and shouts, “Suki! Are you in there? Open this door! Suki!
Suki!” He breaks open the door and goes in. He finds Suki lying
on the floor. She is still alive, but just barely. Nathan asks,
“Who did this to you?” Suki manages to gasp, “Barnabas, Barnabas
Collins!” and expires. Nathan cries, “Suki! Suki! Suki!”
Episode 424
Worldvision Rerun 212
Tape Date: February 2, 1968 (ABC #29-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 8, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

At Collinwood, Joshua comes down the stairs into the foyer.
Nathan comes in and exclaims, “Mr. Collins! Something’s happened!”
Joshua asks, “Is it Josette? Have you found her?” Nathan replies,
“No! It’s my sister! I was searching for Josette near the old
house. I heard a woman screaming. It was Suki. By the time I
got to the old house, it was too late. She’d been murdered. Someone
had strangled her!”
Nathan and Joshua have gone to the old house. Joshua is alone
in the living room. Nathan comes into he room and says, “I’ve
put her on the chaise lounge and covered her with a sheet”.
Joshua says, “Allow me to offer my deepest sympathies. What was
she doing here?” Nathan lies, “Perhaps she was searching for
Josette”. Joshua asks, “What kind of madman would do something
like this? He’ll hang for this! Mark my words!” Nathan asks, “One
thing puzzles me. What Suki said before she died. How do you
explain the fact that her last words were your son’s name?”
Joshua replies, “It would be useless speculation to try”, but Nathan
says, “Perhaps I can tell you. As I was coming to Collinwood last
night, I saw the figure of a man standing near the woods. I could
swear the figure was Barnabas”. Joshua tells him, “You know of
course my son is in England”. Nathan asks, “Mr. Collins, if the man
I saw in the woods was not Barnabas, then who was it?” Joshua
replies, “At the moment, I’m curious about another question. Is
there any ill feeling between you and your sister?” Nathan replies,
“No, why?” Joshua says, “The amount of grief you’ve shown since
you’ve discovered her body seems to indicate that she meant very
little to you”. Nathan lies, “I’m still in shock, that’s all”.
Joshua suddenly pauses, then says, “Wait! There’s someone upstairs!
Come!” He takes Nathan and they hid behind a pillar. From there,
they see Josette coming down the stairs. They come out of hiding
and go to her. Joshua exclaims, “Josette!” Josette, delirious,
calls out, “Barnabas! Where are you?” and faints.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Naomi waits nervously.
Millicent comes downstairs and goes into the drawing room and asks,
“Cousin Naomi, has there been any word?” Naomi replies, “No”.
Millicent remarks, “Poor Josette!” Naomi replies, “Yes. Poor
Josette. I shudder to think what might have happened to her”.
Millicent reassures her, “I’m sure Nathan and Cousin Joshua will
find her. Have you seen Nathan’s sister?” Naomi replies, “No”.
Millicent tells her, “I just wnt to her room to look for her and
she’s gone”. Naomi suggests, “Perhaps she’s with Nathan and Joshua”.
Milllicent remarks, “Have you noticed something odd about Suki? She
doesn’t look at all like Nathan. Brothers and sisters usually
resemble one another…” They are interrupted by a voice shouting,
“Naomi! Come quickly!” They look into the foyer. Joshua and Nathan
have returned carrying Josette. Joshua says, “We found her at the
old house, barely conscious”. He instructs Nathan to find Riggs and
tell him to go fetch the constable. He and Naomi then take Josette
upstairs. Millicent asks why they need a constable. Nathan
explains, “Suki is dead. I found her at the old house. She’d been
strangled. She was still alive when I found her. She tried to
speak…Sorry, I can’t go on”. Millicent tells him, “I understand.
I’m so sorry!” Nathan says, “I’ve got to go find Riggs. I’ll be
right back” and leaves. Millicent goes upstairs.
Josette has been put in her bed. Naomi and Joshua are watching
over her. Naomi asks, “She was barely conscious when you found her?”
Joshua replies, “Yes”. Naomi asks, “Did she say anything before
collapsing?” Joshua lies, “She said nothing”. Naomi remarks,
“Perhaps she can tell us what happened after she regains
conciousness”. Joshua suggests, “Perhaps some smelling salts
will help”. Natalie tells him, “I have some in my bureau drawer”.
Joshua leaves to get them. Naomi sees the bite marks on Josette’s
neck and says, “AHHHH!” There’s a knock at the door. Naomi asks,
“Yes?” Millicent comes in. She asks, “Is Josette going to be all
right?” Naomi replies, “She’s still unconscious”. Millicent asks,
“Did Joshua tell you about Nathan’s sister?” Naomi replies, “Yes”.
Millicent continues, “She had an aunt in Baltimore. She was her
only other living relation other than Nathan. I thought she should
know. I’ve written her a letter. Could you read it and see if it’s
all right?” Naomi replies, “Yes. How did you know about her aunt
in Baltimore?” Millicent explains, “Suki talked to me about her
this afternoon. She was very fond of her. That’s why I thought
she should know”. Naomi reads the letter and tells Millicent, “The
letter’s all right”. Millicent takes it and tells Naomi, “I’ll go
and see if find the aunt’s address in Suki’s room” and leaves.
Joshua returns with the smelling salts. Naomi points out the marks
and says, “Just like Barnabas’! What do you think caused them?”
Joshua replies, “We’ll ask her when she regains consciousness”.
Naomi says, “Perhaps she never will. When this happened to Barnabas,
he was never rational again”.
Millicent comes down the stairs. In her hands are the letter
she had written and a black wooden box. She goes into the drawing
room and puts the box on a table. Nathan returns, coming in through
the front doors and goes into the drawing room. Millicent asks,
“Did the constable come?” Nathan replies, “Yes. They’ve taken the
body into the village. Do you think your cousin would mind if I
poured myself a drink? I’m still shaken.” Millicent replies, “Of
course not. Nathan, after you’ve poured yourself your drink, could you
read this letter and tell me if it’s all right? Suki told me about
your Aunt in Baltimore and I thought she should know about Suki”.
Nathan notices the box she has on the table and exclaims, “What are
you doing with that box?!” Millicent replies, “I found it in Suki’s
room. It seems to contain all her papers. I thought your aunt’s
address might be somewhere in here”. She takes all the papers out of
the box. Nathan, a look of horror on his face quickly says, “No need
to go to all that trouble. I can tell you my aunts adress! It’s No. 7
Franklin Lane, Baltimore, Maryland”. Millicent starts putting
the papers back into the box, then notices something interesting.
She exclaims, “Nathan! I didn’t know Suki was married!” Nathan asks,
“Married?” Millicent replies, “Yes. There’s a marriage certificate
in here.” Nathan tries to take it from her, “Let me…”, but
Millicent keeps it, saying, “No, don’t you understand? If Suki was
married, I must write another letter to her husband”. She starts
to read the marriage certificate, “…certifies that on the 8th of
April 1792, Suki Welles and Nathan Forbes were married in Baltimore,
Maryland”. Shocked, she exclaims. “She wasn’t your sister! She was
your wife! You’ve been deceiving me!” Nathan begs, “Please! Let me
explain!”, but Millicent says, “Don’t say any more to me!” Nathan
tries to explain, “It was a marriage in name only! I wanted to end
it, but she wouldn’t let me!” Millicent cries, “No! I don’t want
to hear anymore! I don’t want to be anywhere near you!” Nathan begs,
“Millicent, wait!”, but Millicent runs off.
Joshua and Naomi come down into the foyer. Joshua asks, “When
did Madame DuPres leave?” Naomi replies, “This afternoon. I don’t
see what she could do”. Joshua remarks, “There might not be
anything anyone can do”, but then gets an idea, “Miss Winters told
her about a book that foretold the future…” Naomi interrupts,
“Yes, I know about it. She told me about it when she warned me
about Sarah”. Joshua continues, “According to Madame DuPres, that
book predicts Josette’s death. It predicts that it will happen
tomorrow. It predicts that she will die by her own hand. If one
of us could be with her all day tomorrow, maybe we could prevent it.
If we can keep her alive through tomorrow, she’ll be safe”.
Upstairs in her room, Josette has regained conciousness and
says, “Tomorrow! Barnabas, tomorrow! I’ll belong to you forever!”
Episode 425
Worldvision Rerun 213
Tape Date: February 5, 1968 (ABC #30-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 9, 1968 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Ben is in a deserted shack on the Collins Estate, doing some
woodworking. He is working on two coffins. Barnabas comes in
and asks, “You’re not ready yet?” Ben replies, “No, but I will
be soon”. Barnabas asks, “What’s taking so long?” Ben replies,
“I’ve been working day and night!” Barnabas tells him, “The
coffins must be ready by midnight! They must be ready before I
leave!” Ben asks, “But why do you need two coffins?” Barnabas
replies, “I will not be alone when I leave tonight. I will be
bringing someone with me”. Ben asks, “You mean Josette?!” Barnabas
replies, “Yes, and when I bring her tonight, the coffins must be
ready. You will see to it that they are!” Ben tells Barnabas, “If
I knew what you were planning for her, I wouldn’t have helped you!
You promised not to go near her!” Barnabas replies, “I tried, but
I couldn’t resist”. Ben exclaims, “You can’t do that to her!”
Barnabas replies, “I love her”. Ben tells him, “If you love her,
how can you do this to her? She doesn’t know what you’re planning
to make her, does she?” Barnabas replies, “It’s what she wants,
Ben”. Ben exclaims, “I don’t believe anyone would want that!” and
refuses to help any further. Barnabas reminds him, “You forget,
you are my servant, Ben”. Ben protests, “You can’t make me do what
I don’t want to!”, but Barnabas replies, “But there is something I
can do. I can kill you!” He grabs Ben by the throat and threatens
to kill him, and asks, “Will you finish your work?” Ben replies,
“Yes…” Barnabas releases him and says, “Good. I will return at
midnight. You will have a closed carriage waiting to take the coffins
to the ship. Is that understood?” Ben replies, “Aye. Everything will
be ready”. Barnabas leaves. Ben says to himself, “I can’t let him
take her away. I’ve got to find some way to stop him! I’ll find the
countess and tell her what his plans are! Maybe she’ll take Josette
away before he can get to her!” He goes to open the door but finds
that it is locked. He exclaims, “Someone’s locked the door!” The
room fills with a woman’s laughter. Ben exclaims, “Angelique! Where
are you?” A ghostly head of Angelique appears and says, “Here I am,
Ben!” Ben asks, “What do you want?” Angelique replies, “I want you
to stay here and follow Barnabas’ orders”. Ben exclaims, “You don’t
know what he’s planning to do!” Angelique replies, “Yes I do. You
are not to interfere. You are to stay here and let me attend to
Barnabas and Josette”. Ben asks, “What are you going to do?”
Angelque replies, “I would not allow them to be together in life,
and I will not allow them to be together in death. They will not
go away together tonight. I will see to that!”
Natalie is with Josette in her room. Natalie asks Josette,
“How are you feeling, Josette?” Josette replies, “Very relaxed.
The house seems to be very quiet this evening”. Natalie tells her,
“The evening’s not over yet. I won’t relax till it’s over”.
Josette protests, “Oh, Natalie, I’m quite safe”. Natalie admits,
“There does seem to be no chance for the prophecy to come true.
The night is clear, there’s no storm, the moon can be clearly seen,
and none of the other things foretold has happened. Nevertheless,
I will take every precaution. In two hours, it will be midnight,
and you’ll be safe”. Josette insists, “I’m completely safe. It’s
hard to explain, but I feel nothing could harm me tonight. Natalie
remarks, “Josette, I don’t understand your mood tonight”. Josette
replies, “Neither do I” “You still haven’t told me what you were
doing last night”. Josette replies, “I wasn’t doing anything.
I just went for a walk”. Natalie asks, “Did you go on your own
or did someone force you?” Josette replies, “Who could’ve forced
me? I was in the room alone”. Natalie asks, “Why did you go to the
old house? I can’t understand why you would want to go there. That
place has brought you nothing but tragedy”. Josette replies,
“That’s not true”. Natalie asks, “What happened in there?” Josette
replies, “Nothing”. Natalie insists, “Something did. You were dazed
when they found you”. Josette lies, “I was just tired”. Natalie
asks, “They said you were calling for Barnabas. Why?” Josette
replies, “Even if I explained it to you, I’m sure you wouldn’t
understand”. Suddenly, Natalie notices that a look of shock has
appeared on Josette’s face and asks, “What’s the matter?” Josette
replies, “The ring! It’s gone!” Natalie gasps, “The prophecy
said everything would start when you discovered the loss of the
ring!” Josette replies, “It’s nothing. It’s a coincidence, that’s
all! I don’t know where I could’ve lost it. It must’ve happened
while I was at the old house. Yes, the Old house! I’ve got to
find the ring!” and starts to leave. Natalie asks, “Where are you
going?” Josette replies, “The old house!” Natalie exclaims, “I
will not allow it!” and takes Josette’s cape. Josette demands,
“Give me my cape!” Natalie replies, “I will let you go after
midnight!” Josette begs, “Natalie, I must find that ring!” Natalie
asks, “Why?” Josette replies, “Because he’ll expect me to have
it”. Natalie asks, “Who?” Josette replies, “Barnabas!” Natalie
exclaims, “Barnabas?! I will not allow you to go!” They struggle
for the cape. In the struggle, they knock a glass lamp off the
table. It shatters on the floor. Natalie gasps, “The sound of
glass shattering! What the prophecy foretold! It’s comining true,
little by little! You must stay here!” Suddenly, the sound of a
thunderclasp is heard. Natalie glances out the window and gasps,
“A storm is coming up! There is no moon!” The door suddenly blows
open. Natalie tries to shut it, but it will not shut. Josette
seems to be frightened now. Natalie exclaims, “Oh! It won’t close!
You stay here! I’ll call for Riggs!” As soon as she steps out into
the hallway to do so, the doors slams shut all by itself. Natalie
tries to open it, but finds it locked. She screams, “AHHH!
Josette! Open the door! Josette!” Inside the room, Josette’s
music box starts to play all by itself. Josette exclaims, “My
music box! Barnabas!” Barnabas voice replies, “Yes, Josette. It’s
Barnabas. Are you ready yet?” Josette replies, “Yes, my dear,
yes. Where are you? Why can’t I see you?” Outside, Natalie
shouts, “Who is in there, Josette?” Barnabas’ voice continues,
“I’m waiting for you”. Josette says, “I feel so guilty. I’ve
lost the ring you gave me”. The voice tells her, “Don’t worry.
I found it at the old house”. Josette exclaims, “You found the
ring!” The voice continues, “Come, Josette. I’m waiting for you”.
Josette asks, “Where are you?” Barnabas’s voice replies, “I’m
waiting for you here at Widow’s Hill. Go to the secret panel,
Josette, and come to Widow’s Hill.” Outside, Natalie continues
to scream, “Josette! Josette! Let me in! Let me in!”, but
Josette opens the secret panel and leaves. Angelique’s laughter
fills the room. It has been her speaking to Josette, not Barnabas…
Barnabas returns to the shed. The coffins are ready. Barnabas
tells Ben, “You will be rewarded for your service”. Ben replies,
“I don’t want no reward for this!”. Barnabas asks, “Is the carriage
ready?” Ben replies, “It’s in the woods like you asked”. Barnabas
orders, “Bring it here now”. Ben leaves to do so. Josette’s voice
starts to call, “Barnabas! Barnabas! Can you hear me?” Barnabas
exclaims, “Josette!” The voice replies, “Yes. I’m waiting for you,
Barnabas. Come to me, Barnabas.” Barnabas asks, “Where are you?” The
voice replies, “Waiting for you, at Widow’s Hill”. Barnabas exclaims,
“You’re not Josette! Angelique! It’s you! What do you want me
to do?” Josette’s voice continues, “I’m waiting for you here at
Widow’s Hill…” Barnabas exclaims, “No, Josette! You must not go
there! Don’t let her trick you, Josette! Don’t go there!”
Riggs breaks open the lock on Josette’s door. He and Natalie
rush into the room. Natalie exclaims, “She’s gone!” Riggs points
at the open secret panel and says, “She must have gone out through
there”. Natalie gasps, “Widow’s Hill!!”
Josette is at Widow’s Hill, calling, “Barnabas! I’ve come to
you. Where are you?” The air fills with laughter. Josette asks,
“Who is it? Who are you?” The voice replies, “Don’t worry,
Josette. Your Barnabas will be here soon.” Josette finally
recognizes the voice and exclaims, “Angelique! You!” Angelique
replies, “Yes.” Josette asks, “What are you doing here? Why have
you come back?” Angelique replies, “I’ve always been your loyal
servant, Mademoiselle. I came here to warn you”. Josette asks,
“Warn me? Of what?” Angelique’s voice replies, “Of what lies ahead
for you if you go with Barnabas”. Josette says, “He loves me!”
Angelique’s voice continues, “If he loved you, he would not be
planning to change you into what he has become. Do you know what
that is? He’s planning to kill you, Josette, and after he kills
you, he’ll bring you back to life. But you will not be as your
are. He will turn you into a grotesque, bloodthirsty creature. Look
over the cliff and see what you will become! Look into the future
and see what he will make you!” Josette looks and sees a vision of
herself as a vampire, pale, semi-rotted, blood dripping from her
mouth. She begs, “Take it away, please! I can’t look at it! Take
it away, please!”, but Angelique’s voice orders, “Keep looking
at it, Josette! This is what Barnabas will do to you!” Josette
continues to beg, “Take it away, I beg of you!” Barnabas arrives and
asks, “Josette! Are you all right?” Josette screams, “Don’t come
any closer to me! I know what you are! I don’t want to become
what you are! I’d rather die than let that happen!” Barnabas
manages to grab Josette, but she struggles free and throws herself
off the cliff. Barnabas screams, “Josette! Josette! Josette!”
The air fills with Angelique’s laughter…
Episode 426
Worldvision Rerun 214
Tape Date: February 6, 1968 (ABC #31-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 12, 1968 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Ben is at the tomb. He hears someone and asks, “Who’s there?”
Barnabas comes in. Ben can tell from the expression on his face
that something’s wrong and asks, “What’s happened? What’s wrong?
Someone see you?” Barnabas replies, “No”. Ben asks, “What is it?”
Barnabas replies, “Josette…” Ben exclaims, “You’ve killed
her!!” Barnabas replies, “No, not me. She’s dead. I couldn’t stop
it. She stood on Widow’s Hill. She knew what I had become. She
died, hating me…” Ben tells him, “It was the curse!” Barnabas
continues, “I saw Josette’s crushed body on the rocks below. And
now I have eternity without her…” Ben asks, “But she’s not coming
back?” Barnabas replies, “No. She chose to die in another way.
I have no power over her. I will never have power over her again.
That was the curse, that everyone who loves me will die…” Suddenly he
exclaims, She is here! Angelique! I will end your curse! I will
go to the house and tell my father what I’ve become and let him do
what is necessary! I would rather be in a coffin with a stake in
my heart than be the way I am!” Suddenly, the gate slams shut.
Barnabas and Ben try to open it, but find that it will not open.
Realizing that it’s Angelique, that she will not let him escape
the curse so easily, Barnabas says, “You have robbed me of Josette.
I will never love again! I will never show love to another human
being. Your curse is over, so go back to your grave!!” The gate
opens by itself. Barnabas exits. Ben starts out too, but Barnabas
tells him, “No, do not follow me, Ben. If this is what eternity is
to be, then let it begin…” Inside, the tomb fills with Angelique’s
Joshua is sitting at the desk in the drawing room of Collinwood
writing something with a quill pen, dipping it into an inkwell in
a gold inkstand every few words to replenish the ink. Naomi comes down
the stairs and into the room. Joshua asks, “How is Madame DuPres?”
Naomi replies, “She’s cried herself to sleep” and exclaims, “Oh,
Joshua!” Joshua tries to comfort her, “My dear…”. Naomi continues,
“I loved Josette the moment she came here! She was the woman I would’ve
chosen for Barnabas myself”. Joshua tells her, “My dear, you must
not think of him now. You must not think about them now.” Naomi
says, “It seems there’s no name I mention that doesn’t have grief
attached to it.” Joshua continues to try to comfort her, “You must
not think of them. Nothing you can do can bring any of them back.”
Naomi moans, “In a war, you expect to lose members of your family.
But we’re not in a war now…” Joshua says, “Except with the powers
of darkness.” Naomi says, “You’ve been listening to Abigail again.
I will not believe that any of this has been caused by Witchcraft!”
Millicent comes into the room. Joshua tells her, “My dear cousin,
we have some very sad news for you. Josette is dead”. Millicent
coldly replies, “Indeed. Well, at least she died still loving
Barnabas”. Naomi exclaims, “Millicent!” Naomi and Joshua are
shocked at Millicent’s nonchalent attitude. Naomi asks, “Are you
feeling well?” Millicent replies that she is. Joshua asks, “Is
Lt. Forbes going to be coming tonight?” Millicent replies, “Tonight?
No. He will not be welcome here tonight”. Joshua remarks, “I’m
sure Lt. Forbes is grieving his own loss. He seemed extremely fond
of his sister”. Millicent replies, “Yes, fonder than I would have
thought possible” and turns to leave. Naomi asks, “Where are you
going?” Millicent replies, “For a walk”. Naomi warns her, “It’s not
safe out there!”, but Millicent replies, “I’m perfectely safe” and
leaves. Naomi remarks, “She’s acting so strangely”. Joshua replies,
“Death affects each of us differently”.
Barnabas is at Jeremiah’s grave. He says, “Jeremiah! I’m glad
you can’t see me now. Now Josette will lie next to you, the husband
she did not love. Again, the choice was not her own, and again
Angelique has won”. He is startled to hear a voice behind him say,
“Cousin Barnabas! You’re back!” He turns and sees Millicent standing
there. Millicent continues, “How glad I am to see you! I need a
favor from you very much!” Another voice calls, “Miss Collins!”
Millicent turns to see who it is. It is Ben. While her head is
turned, Barnabas vanishes into thin air. When Millicent turns back,
she is surprised to see that Barnabas is no longer there. She calls,
“Mr. Collins! Where are you?” Ben comes up to her and asks, “Are you
all right?” Millicent replies, “No, I am not! I saw Barnabas, but he
ran away from me!” Ben says, “You know you didn’t see Mr. Barnabas.
He’s away”. Millicent insists, “He’s back, but he didn’t send any
advance notice. Or maybe he did, but nobody has told me”. She
tells Ben, “I’m here to see my final resting place”. She orders
Ben to show her the Collins family mausoleum. They go to the mausoleum.
Millicent looks around, then points to the middle sargophagus and
says, “Yes. Right here, besides Sarah. You will remember, this is
the one I’ve chosen, and you will see to it that today is the
date that is engraved here, for today is the day I truly died.
Barnabas would understand.” Ben insists, “He’s in England!”
Millicent says, “Maybe he’s heard about Josette’s death and come
back”. Ben protests, “Josette died only a few hours ago!” Millicent
asks, “Why are you trying to convince me I didn’t see him?” Ben
tells her, “Don’t tell anyone what you thought you saw”. Millicent
asks, “Why not?” Ben replies, “It would only cause his mother more
grief”. Millicent exclaims, “Ah! I see! You do not want me to
know he’s back!” Ben tells Millicent, “Miss Collins, I’ll take you
home”, but Millicent abruptly leaves by herself.
Joshua is still in the drawing room writing something. Naomi
comes into the room and is surprised to see he is still writing.
He tells her he’s written a letter to Andre DuPres in New York
telling him what’s happened to Josette. Naomi asks, “Can I see it?”
Joshua replies, “No, I’ve finished and sealed it already”. He
explains that he’s working on something different now, “a deposition
for the Miss Winter’s trial. The trial starts tomorrow”. Naomi asks,
“Tomorrow?” Joshua continues, “It will not affect us. Abigail will
represent us at the trial”. Naomi says, “I will represent us too!”,
but Joshua says, “Abigail will be the only Collins at the trial!”
Naomi replies, “She will not!” Joshua says, “If this family is to
get out of this without disgrace, we must leave this to the court.
If any of us should get hysterical on the stand, we would lose our
dignity”. They are interrupted by Millicent rushing into the room
and asking, “Where is he? I saw him at the graveyard”. Naomi asks,
“Who?” Millicent replies, “Barnabas!” Joshua exclaims, “He’s in
England!” Millicent complains, “You don’t want to help me either!
Barnabas is the only one who can defend my honor! Daniel is too
young. Barnabas has fought duels before! I saw him by Jeremiah’s
grave!” Naomi tells her, “You couldn’t have! You just have a very
vivid imagination”. Millicent complains, “Why won’t you tell me? Are
you afraid? You’re keeping Barnabas from me and he’s the only one who
can defend my honor now!” Joahua asks, “What do you mean?” Millicent
replies, “Barnabas must kill Nathan”. Naomi exclaims, “Millicent!”
Millicent blurts out, “Nathan is married! Suki was Nathan’s wife!”
Joshua exclaims, “No!” Millicent continues, “Barnabas must do what
my brother would do if he were older! But he ran away from me! Ben
was there too. He saw him too, but he lied to me that he didn’t!”
Joshua asks, “Ben was there?!” Millicent replies, “Yes, and he must
be punished for lying to me”. Joshua replies, “Yes”. Millicent
continues, “If I have seen Barnabas and you have not, then you must
find out why”. Joshua replies, “Yes. I must find out why”.
Episode 427
Worldvision Rerun 215
Tape Date: February 17, 1968 (ABC #32-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 13, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Vicky is in her cell. A guard lets Peter in. Vicky exclaims,
“Oh, Peter! I’m so glad to see you!”, but Peter just stands there.
Vicky asks, “What’s wrong? Tell me, please! What’s happened? I
know something’s happened. Please tell me!” Peter tells her, “You
are going on trial today”. Vicky replies, “Today? Good!” Peter
asks, “Good?” Vicky replie,s “Well, isn’t it? I’m innocent. The
judges will have to believe me! I want to get it over with!” Peter
tells her, “There’s something else you should know. Josette Collins
died last night. She jumped from Widow’s Hill”. Vicky moans, “I
couldn’t stop her…” Peter replies, “No”. Vicky says, “Poor
Josette. I tried to help her. I tried to tell her everything I
knew.” Peter notes, “The fact that you prophised her death isn’t
going to help you at the trial”. Vicky is confident she’ll be
acquitted, saying, “All the evidence is so circumstantial! And Mrs.
Collins is going to testify on my behalf! She’s promised!” Peter
starts to say, “Vicky…” Vicky interrupts, “She won’t?” Peter
replies, “No”. Vicky protests, “But she promised!” Peter tells her,
“I’ve just gotten a letter from Mr. Collins. He’s not even going to
let her go to the trial”. Vicky exclaims, “He’s stopped her! She
wouldn’t have broken her promise! I know that!” Peter manages to
calm her down, then asks, “Ready?”. Vicky replies, “Yes”. They leave
for the trial.
The trial begins. Vicky is to appear in front of a tribunal of
three judges, with no jury. The lead judge starts the trial,
“Victoria Winters, you have been charged with Witchcraft. Do you
plead guilty or not guilty?” Vicky replies, “Innocent, your honor!”
Trask interrupts, “You have one last chance to confess your powers!”
Peter objects, “She’s not in possession of any powers!” Trask remarks,
“A very interesting choice of words, because this case is all about
possession, the possession by evil of…” The lead judge tells Trask
to stop editorializing and call his first witness. Trask calls
Abigail to the stand. Abigail is sworn in. Trasks tells her, “Tell
the court about the true beginnings of this case, the arrival of Miss
Winters at Collinwood!” Abigail starts her testimony, “We were still
living in the old house at the time. The date was October 12. I
remember because I had engaged the services of a Miss Phyllis Wick
of Boston as governess. She had the highest references. She was to
arrive that day.” Trask asks, “And did she?” Abigail replies, “No.
Some evil force prevented her from coming.” Peter suggests, “Perhaps
she changed her mind”. Abigail replies that Miss Wick was on the
carriage which overturned, and but was nowhere to be found afterwards.
Trask asks her to give the court the details of Vicky’s arrival.
Abigail tells the court, “Barnabas was going to go into Collinsport
to pick up Miss Wick. As he was waiting for his carriage, this
CREATURE came towards him. He had never seen her before in his
life, but she came towards him calling, ‘Barhabas! Barnabas!’.
You should have seen the clothes she was wearing! My nephew, a
very nice man, asked her into the house, and with that, sealed
his own fate and that of the rest of family! That night, the
reign of terror started in the house!” Peter objects that there’s
no evidence of any link between the two events. Trask replies, “We
will prove that now”. Abigail continues her testimony, recounting
to the court Joshua’s mysterious disappearance, the mysterious cat,
and Joshua’s magical reappearance in Vicky’s room, the cat disappearing
at the same time.The court asks, “Did he have any memory of where he
had been?” Abigail replies, “None! It is clear, witchcraft had taken
hold of him!” Trask asks her to tell the court about the exorcism.
Peter objects that since it was Trask who performed the exorcism, he
should be the one who should testify about it so he can be crossexamined.
The court agrees. Trask takes the stand. The court asks, “Exactly what
does exorcism accomplish?” Trask explains, “Evil cannot withstand the
power of the Lord and must flee the house.” He recounts how he
conducted the rite of exorcism and how he caught Vicky as she was
trying to flee from the house, saying, “..and the witch came forth!”
Vicky exclaims, “I didn’t run from the house because of the exorcism!
I ran because there was a fire in the house!” Abigail shouts, “I went
into the room soon after, and there had been no fire there!” Everyone
starts shouting. The lead judge shouts, “Order in the court!”
Natalie has been called to the stand and is testifying, “I went
to Miss Winters and begged her to lift her evil spell on Josette, but
she refused. I begged her to give me any information if she could.
She told me what would happen the day of Josette’s death. She said
Josette would lose a black onyx ring. I knew Josette did not have a
ring like that, but when I got back to Collinwood, she had it on.”
The court asks, “Where did she get it?” Natalie replies, “She would
not tell me. That was the first time she’s ever lied to me”. She
then recounts how Josette lost the ring as foretold, and how
everything else Vicky had said would happen started to happen. Vicky
exclaims, “I only knew because I had read it in a book!” Natalie
finishes her account, telling the court how the door blew open and
could not be closed, how it slammed shut as soon as she stepped into
the hallway. She finishes, “And when I got back, Josette was gone.
That was the last time I saw my niece”. The lead judge tells her,
“The court would like to thank you for coming to testify in your time
of grief. We have a few more questions for you. You say this book
published in 1965 according to the frontispiece, was brought here
by Miss Winters. You and your niece read it?” Natalie replies, “Not
all of it. It was hard to read about tragedies that have not yet
happened.” The judge asks, “Where is this book?” Natalie replies,
“It was in Josette’s room”. The judge asks, “It is there no longer?”
Natalie replies, “No” and tells about the night she saw Vicky in
there, and Vicky’s strange disappearance. She continues, “Reverend
Trask and I went to the jail”. The judge asks, “And was she there?”
Natalie replies, “She was in her cell”. Trask exclaims, “This witch
has the ability to be in two places at once! What more proof do we
need?” Peter interrupts, “There’s something you must know!” Vicky
exclaims, “Peter, no!”, but Peter continues, “I let her out of her
cell that night! I also know how she got out of that room!” Trask
says, “If that’s true, then he’s under her spell! He must be relieved
of his duties immediately!”
The session has ended. Vicky is back in her cell. Peter is there
with her. Peter explains, “I just couldn’t let them think you were
in two places at once”. He tells her they’re going to have more
problems the next session, that the judges are going to want to
know more about the book. Vicky moans, “If only Mrs. Collins could
testify! If only Barnabas were alive and could testify! He knows I’m
innocent. Ben does too.” Peter asks, “How do you know?” Peter
replies, “When he came to get me, he said he knew I wasn’t the witch”.
Peter tells her he thinks this is important and asks her to explain
further. Vicky tells him, “When he came to get me at the stables,
I thanked him and asks him why he would go to the risk of helping me
and put himself in danger. He looked at me seriously and said he knew
I wasn’t the witch”. Peter asks, “Did you ask him what he meant?”
Vicky replies, “No, I didn’t think to at the time”. Peter calls out,
“Guard!” Vicky asks, “Where are you going?” “To see Ben. Vicky,
everything’s going to be very different tomorrow. Ben is going to
help us. Don’t worry!”
Episode 428
Worldvision Rerun 216
Tape Date: February 8, 1968 (ABC #33-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 14, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Millicent is in the drawing room of Collinwood. There is a knock
at the front door. Millicent seems to be preoccupied in thought
and just sits there. The knocking continues. Millicent finally
goes to open it. It’s Peter Bradford. Millicent asks, “Who are
you?” Peter replies, “My name is Peter Bradford, and I’m looking
for someone named Ben Stokes”. Millicent tells him, “Ben’s not here
right now”. Peter asks, “Do you know where I can find him?”
Millicent replies, “At a cemetary called Eagle Hill, digging a
grave for Josette Collins”. Peter starts to say, “Thank you,
Miss…”, but Millicent interrupts him, “Are you going to the
graveyard to look for Ben?” Peter replies, “Yes”. Millicent asks,
“Could I impose on you to do me a favor? If while you are at the
graveyard you chance to meet Cousin Barnabas Collins, ask him to come
see me.” Peter asks, “Barnabas Collins?” Millicent replies, “You
see, the family is keeping him from me. But why is a complete
mystery to me.” Peter protests, “But Barnabas Collins is dead!”
Millicent exclams, “What a silly thing to say! Barnabas, dead?”
and laughs.
Peter has left. Millicent is inside looking at the portrait of
Barnabas. She says to it, “Imagining anyone thinking you were dead,
Barnabas! What an absurd young man!” There is another knock at
the door. Millicent opens the door, sees that it’s Nathan and tries
to slam the door in his face, but Nathan manages to force his way
in. Millicent protests, “Sir! You are not welcome in this house!”
Nathan says, “Millicent, I must speak to you!” Millicent orders,
“Lt. Forbes, leave this house at once!”, but Nathan replies, “No. I’m
not leaving until you’ve heard what I have to say”. Millicent
threatens, “I will summon Cousin Joshua to evict you from the
premises!” She goes into the drawing room. Nathan follows her.
He asks, “Millicent, why won’t you listen to what I have to my
explanation?” Millicent remarks, “You still think I’m that innocent
creature you deceived. I am not. I have been shown the facts of
life.” Nathan says, “I had every intention of telling you about
Suki as soon as I was free of her!” Millicent remarks, “I was too
gullible to see that my fortune made me more attractive than I am”.
Nathan lies, “Your money never meant anything to me. If you had
given it all away, I still would have loved you”. Millicent remarks,
“I never thought the day would come when my honor would need
defending.” Nathan asks, “What do you mean?” Millicent replies,
“I have decided that my cousin Barnabas will my honor by fighting
you in a duel”. Nathan points out, “But Barnabas is in England”.
Millicent replies, “No, he is here. I have seen him and Ben
has seen him too.” Nathan asks, “When?” Millicent replies, “I have
the feeling the family does not want me to know he’s back because they
don’t want him fighting the duel! That means all your lies and
deceptions will go unpunished! I cannot let that happen. If no one
else will defend my honor, I’ll have to do it myself!” She picks up
a letter opener lying on the desk, and screams, “I hate you! I hate
you!” and tries to stab Nathan with it, but Nathan manages to grab
her hand. Joshua comes into the room, sees them struggling and
shouts, “Millicent!” Millicent stops, and Nathan takes the letter
opener from her. Millicent starts crying. Joshua takes Millicent
gently and tells her, “Come on, my dear. I will take you to your room”.
He then turns to Nathan and tells him, “You will remain here, Lt.
I have something of great importance to discuss with you”, then
leaves, taking Millicent with him.
Joshua, having taken Millicent to her room, comes back down
to the drawing room. He tells Nathan, “If she had killed you,
the loss would not have been mourned by this family”. Nathan remarks,
“I see she’s told you”. Joshua replies, “She’s told me everything!”
Nathan says, “She didn’t tell you the whole story! I had a reason
for not telling her. I was afraid I’d hurt her. My marriage to Suki
was an unhappy one. Suki was here to draw up the necessary papers to
dissolve it…” Joshua interrupts, “It is very convenient for you
that your wife is no longer here to contradict your story. It is
very convenient for you she was murdered”. Nathan exclaims, “Are
you accusing ME of killing her? How can you think something like
that?!” Joshua replies, “Taking into account your unethical behavior,
it’s easy”. Nathan says, “I swear, I didn’t kill Suki! I hated her,
but I would never have killed her!” Joshua says, “Then maybe you
could answer a few questions for me. Why was it necessary for her to
come here pretending she was your sister?” Nathan replies, “We met
in the village. I told her I had fallen in love with someone. I
told her it would be better if Millicent didn’t know until after the
divorce was final”. Joshua asks, “Why was she at the Old House that
night?” Nathan replies, “We had to discuss some things we couldn’t
discuss here, the terms of our divorce settlement…” Joshua
interrupts, saying, “And she wouldn’t agree to your terms so you
killed her!” Nathan replies, “No! She was already near death when
I got there! What can I say to get you to believe I didn’t kill
her?” Joshua replies, “You don’t need to say anything. I believe
you. I don’t think you have even the crude sort of courage required
to murder someone. But even if you did not kill her, your deception of
Millicent is bad enough! It will not go unpunished! I have every
intention of reporting your conduct to the Naval Department. From
this moment, you are not welcome in this house, or on any of my
properties, including the shipyards!” Nathan protests, “But my
official duties require me to go there!”, but Joshua replies, “That
is the Navy’s concern, not mine. If you are found on any of my
properties, you will be shot!”
Ben is in the graveyard digging. Peter comes and asks, “Ben
Stokes?” Ben replies, “Aye. Who are you?” Peter tells him, “My name
is Peter Bradford”. Ben remarks, “Oh, you’re the one who’s defending
Miss Winters. The family’s talked about you”. Peter remarks back,
“Not favorably, I suppose”. Ben tells him, “They don’t take kindly
to anyone defending the witch”. Peter asks, “You you believe she’s
the witch?” He tells Ben Vicky had said he, Ben, had said he knew she
was not the witch at the stables and asks, “What made you say Miss
Winters was not the witch?” Ben replies, “I was just making a remark!
She was afraid when I found her. I wanted to make her feel better”.
Peter asks, “Do you believe there’s a witch at Collinwood?” Ben
replies, “I don’t know”. Peter asks, “Why did you tell Abigail
you were sent by the witch? What did you mean by it?” Ben protests,
“I’ve got work to do! Mr. Joshua Collins expects me to have this
grave finished…”, but Peter continues his questioning, “Was it
Miss Winters who sent you?” Ben exclaims, “No!” Peter asks, “Then
who?” Ben replies, “I can’t tell you that!” Peter tells him, “No,
but you can go to court and tell them who it was”. Ben protests,
“I can’t! If I testify at the trial, Mr. Joshua will be angry! I
can’t take the chance of making Mr. Joshua angry! He has this
terrible hold on me! He can have me sent back to prison any time
he wants!” Peter says, “But you know she’s innocent! You can’t stand
by and let her be condemned! I think there’s something else you’re
afraid of. What is it?” Joshua shows up and demands, “Mr. Bradford!
What are you doing here?” Peter replies, “Trying to Ben to testify for
Miss Winters”. Joshua says, “If you have coerced and intimidated
him…Ben. Did he?” Peter remarks, “I think you’re the one who has
him coerced and intimidated. Good day, Mr. Collins” and leaves.
Joshua mutters, “Insolent young man!”, then says, “Ben. I have
something very important to show you. It concerns my son, Barnabas”.
Joshua takes Ben into the Collins family mausoleum. There, he
tells Ben, “Several disturbing facts have been brought to my
attention. Strange as it may seem, several people have claimed
to have seen Barnabas wandering through the woods or the graveyard
at night.” Ben exclaims, “That’s impossible! Barnabas is dead!”
Joshua replies, “Yes, but there must be some explanation for what
they saw. Several nights ago, I went into the secret room and opened
my son’s coffin, and you know what I discovered, Ben? I discovered my
son’s body gone! I found the coffin empty!” Ben exclaims, “Mr.
Joshua!”. Joshua continues, “There must be some explanation”.
Ben suggests, “People imagine things”. Joshua angrily replies, “Are
you telling me that I imagined seeing an empty coffin?!” Ben remarks,
“People don’t just get out of coffins and walk away!” Joshua tells
him, “I will show you I wasn’t imagining what I saw, then you will
start answering a good many questions!” He opens the secret door and
takes Ben into the secret room. He tells Ben to open the coffin.
Ben reluctantly does so. Joshua is shocked to see Barnabas lying
in there.
Episode 429
Worldvision Rerun 217
Tape Date: February 9, 1968 (ABC #34-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 15, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

It is now night. Joshua has left. Ben, who had returned to
digging returns to the Collins mausoleum. Barnabas awakens and
comes out. Seeing Ben there, he asks, “Why have you stopped your
work?” Ben replies, “The sun’s gone down”. Barnabas asks, “Is
your task determined by the setting or rising of the sun?” Ben
replies, “No” Barnabas orders, “Then continue your labors”. Ben
tells him, “You don’t want to go out there”. Barnabas asks, “Why
not?” Ben replies, “I don’t want you to see what I’m doing”.
Barnabas starts to become irrational and shouts, “Why? Is it
because you’re afraid? Afraid I might be offended by the sight
of a hole in the ground? Afraid I might be offended by the sight
of the man digging it and hurl him into it?” Ben meekly says,
“Barnabas, I have work to do”, but Barnabas angrily shouts, “Josette
is dead! How dare you dig her grave!” He grabs Ben by the throat and
starts strangling him. Ben manages to gasp, “Mr. Barnabas! Please!”
Barnabas calms down, releases him and tells him, “Go. Finish you
work”. Ben asks, “You’ll stay in here, won’t you?” Barnabas asks,
“Are the stars out tonight?” Ben tells him they aren’t, that a mist
from the sea has covered the sky. Barnabas replies, “Good. I want
this night to be dark. I don’t want the stars to see what is going
to happen tonight. I have deeds to do. They were afraid of the
plague, well, I will give them something to fear! Why should anyone
live if Josette dies? My rage will burst these walls! My anger will
crush them!” He vows to unleash a bloody reign of terror on
Collinsport, but Ben manages to convince him not to hurt innocent
people. Barnabas calms down and says, “I want to see her. I must
look at her one more time.” Ben begs, “No! You don’t know what the
rocks at the bottom of the cliffs did to her!” Barnabas asks,
“Have you seen her?” Ben tells her he has, but only her hands,
as the rest of her was covered by a shroud. Barnabas asks, “Was
she wearing the ring I gave her?” Ben replies, “No, she’d lost it”.
Barnabas says, “Lost it? Then I must find it! It was my pledge to
give it to her. It must be buried with her!” Ben tells him, “You
should never have given that ring to her. Your father saw her wearing
it and recognized it as yours”. Barnabas asks, “What did he do?”
Ben replies, “He came here and opened the coffin. It was dark.
The coffin was empty”. Barnabas gasps, “So he knows! My father
knows!” Ben tells him, “He knows nothing. First, he thought the
body had been stolen by grave robbers. Then when he came here again,
he found you in your coffin. Now he’s satisfied it must have been his
imagination”. Barnabas remarks, “The danger is past, then”, but
Ben replies, “The danger is not past! Let the ring go, I beg of you!”
Barnabas tells Ben, “I can’t let it go. It was my pledge to her, and
hers to me..”
Trask and Abigail are in the drawing room at Collinwood. Trask,
speaking of Josette, says, “Another death more tragic than the
last! I grieve for this poor family!” Abigail moans, “Will it
never end?” Trask replies, “It will end when the evil is destroyed
at its source!” Abigail asks, “Why is that judge prolonging the
trial? She is definitely a witch! Why can’t he see that? Do you
think she’s using her powers on him?” Trask replies, “No, I don’t
think that. Our problem is that young upstart defending Miss Winters.
I’ve made repeated attempts to show him the errors of his ways.”
Abigail asks, “Have you made clear to him the hazards of what he’s
doing?” Trask replies, “I’ve made the dangers to his soul very clear
to him”. Abigail asks, “Yes, but have you made the dangers to him
in THIS world clear to him? I’m sure he wants advancement…” She
tells him that such advancement will not be easy with the emnity of
the Collins family. Trask asks, “You want me to go talk to young
Bradford?” Abigail replies, “You must go further than mere talk”.
Trask tells her, “I believe I see my duty clearly. I will see to it
tonight”. Abigail remarks, “All this would be unnecessary if we
could only get our hands on the book!” Ben comes into the room,
carrying a bundle of firewood. He explains to Abigail, “Mr. Joshua
sent me to get more wood for the fire”. Abigail asks, “Mr. Joshua sent
you? I don’t think so”. Ben protests, “He did!”, but Abigail says,
“No! It was providence that sent you! I have some questions to ask
you!” She turns to Trask and tells him, “Reverend, I will do my duty
here! Do yours with dispatch!” Trask leaves to see Peter.
Abigail tells Ben, “Ben, I have something ot ask of you. I want
you to testify at the trial and tell what the witch forced you to
do”. Ben replies, “She didn’t force me to do anything”. Abigail
protests, “But you said the witch sent you when you were caught in
my room”. Ben lies, “I was just lying when I said that to save
myself!” Abigail tells him, “I don’t believe you. What is your task
tonight?” Ben replies, “Digging a grave”. Abigail tells him, “I
have another task for you”. Ben protests, “This will take me all
night!”, but Abigail tells him, “You can do both at the same time.
As you are digging the grave, think of its purpose. It is for the
dead. Then think of how hard your path to death will be when you
are sent back to the prison you came from for a life of hard labor!
While you’re digging that grave, ponder that!”
Peter is in his room at a cheap lodging house. He is reading
the Collins family history. He thinks to himself, “I don’t
understand it. I wish I understood it…” There’s a knock at the
door. Peter asks, “Who is it?” Trask replies from outside the door,
“Mr. Bradford! I wish to have a word with you!” Peter quickly hides
the book, putting it on a chair and throwing his coat over it. He
lets Trask in and asks, “What is it you want?” Trask replies,
“Strange, I was about to ask you the same question. What is it YOU
want?” Peter snidely replies, “At the moment, your absence”. Trask
gestures at a tin plate with the remains of a half-eaten meal on it
and remarks, “Rather humble food you have to eat, isn’t it?”. He
gestures around the room and continues, “Your logdings, I’m sure this
room gets cold on occasion. I take it you can’t even afford to have
a wench come in and clean”, and, reaching for Peter’s tattered coat
lying on the chair, says, “…and sew”. Just as Trask is about to pick
the coat up and reveal the book, Peter pretends to get angry, puts his
hand on the coat to prevent Trask from picking it up, and demands, “All
right! Enough of this! Just say what you came to say!” Trask continues,
“You’re young. You have a future, but what kind of future depends on you.
The emnity of the Collins family would be a heavy burden on you…”
Peter interrupts, “You’re not going to stop me from defending Miss
Winters!” Trask continues, “Do you want to lead a life of poverty?
This food, not fit for human consumption, these squalid quarters,
these tattered clothes…” Once again, he makes a motion to
pick up Peter’s coat. Once again, Peter pretends to become angry,
puts his hand on the coat, and orders Trask to leave. After Trask
leaves, Peter, frightened at how close Trask came to discovering
the book, takes it and at first makes a motion to throw it into
the fire in the fireplace, but then thinks better of it, wraps
the book in his coat, and leaves.
Peter goes to the graveyard. There, he buries the book. Inside
the Collins mausoleum, Barnabas comes out of the secret room.
He hears sounds outside and calls, “Ben? Ben?” Peter hears this
and calls out, “Who is it? Who’s there?” Barnabas, hearing this,
quickly retreats into the secret room and closes the door.
Peter, who’s come to the mausoleum to investigate, gets there
just as the secret door closes. Peter looks around in the mausoleum.
Ben returns, finds him there, and asks, “What are you doing here?
You shouldn’t be in this place!” Peter explains, “I heard someone
calling. It was a voice I’ve heard before”. Ben lies, “You heard
me calling you”, but Peter says, “It couldn’t have been. Whoever it
was was calling YOU”. Ben remarks, “You must’ve imagined that”.
Peter tells him, “I thought I saw a door closing here”. Ben
remarks, “That must have been your imagination too. Anyway, you
don’t have any right being here in the first place.” Peter lies, “I
was taking a shortcut on the way home”. Ben warns him, “You’d better
get out. The Collins family don’t like trespassers”. Peter asks,
“Are you sure it was you calling me?” Ben replies, “Yes. Now leave.
Mr. Joshua isn’t as likely as I am to accept your story that you were
taking a shortcut. You’d better get out of here quickly!” Peter
leaves. Barnabas comes back out of the secret room and heads for
gate. Ben asks, “Where are you going?” Barnabas replies, “You heard
him! He said he saw the panel closing! I can’t allow him to remain
alive!” Ben protests, “He’s not sure he saw anything!”, but Barnabas
replies, “I can’t take the chance!” Ben tells Barnabas, “He’s Miss
Winters only hope!” Barnabas agrees, “All right, for Miss Winters”.
They come out of the mausoleum. Barnabas looks at the grave Ben has
dug for Josette and remarks, “I see your work is done. I don’t know
what my full powers are, but I will summon them full force to bring
her back!” Ben exclaims, “No!” Barnabas continues, “I have made my
conquest of the grave, now I will bring her back! This I swear!”
Episode 430
Worldvision Rerun 218
Tape Date: February 12, 1968 (ABC #35-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 16, 1968 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Josette’s funeral has been held. The sun has set. Only two
mourners remain at Josette’s grave, Abigail and Natalie. Barnabas
spies on them from inside the Collins tomb. He thinks to himself,
“Josette! Why did you choose to die hating me? Do you hate me still?
I can’t believe you do! You are the victim of a witche’s curse, just
as I am! But her curse has given me powers. Perhaps I can use them
to bring you back. You must return to me, you must!”
Outside at Josette’s grave, Abigail tells Natalie, “Countess!
The others have all gone. Listen to that! It’s going to storm.
We’ve got to go back before the storm starts”, but Natalie replies,
“You go. I want to stay here”. Abigail tells Natalie, “Be sensible.
There’s nothing more you can do.” Natalie replies, “You wait in the
carriage. I’d like to spend a few minutes here alone”. Abigail says,
“I wish I could say something to console you”. Natalie replies,
“There’s nothing anyone can say now. There’s nothing now but grief,
grief and despair for my Josette. Wait a few minutes and I’ll join
you”. Abigail leaves. Natalie moans, “Oh, my dearest Josette, how I
had hopes when we came to this place. Life was not kind to you.
All it brought you was torment. Perhaps death will bring you some
peace”. Ben comes to the grave and tells Natalie, “I just came here
to place the tombstone. I didn’t know anyone was still here”.
Natalie replies, “Just me. The others have all gone”. Ben says
some words of consolation to her. Natalie replies, “Everyone wished
the best for her, but the worst has happened.” Ben says, cryptically,
“Not the worst. She died the way she wanted to” and takes Natalie to
the carriage.
Barnabas, still inside the mausoleum moans, “Lovely Josette, buried
in the earth! Lost forever. I cannot lose her! Josette, you must
return to me, you must! You must!!”
Ben returns and goes to the tomb. Barnabas asks, “Ben?” Ben
tells him, “It is done”. Barnabas moans, “No!!!”, then asks, “Is
anyone still out there?” Ben replies, “They’ve all gone”. Barnabas
says, “Then I will go to her, and perhaps she will hear me. I
refuse to believe she is gone forever. If I have the power to
call her back from the dead, I will”. Ben exclaims, “That’s crazy!”
Barnabas continues, “I’ll call upon all the powers of darkness to
bring Josette back”. Ben says, “Mr. Barnabas! She doesn’t want to
come back! She chose to die the way she did because she didn’t
want to become one of the living dead!” Barnabas says, “She only
did so because she was frightened!” Ben begs, “Mr, Barnabass, let
her rest in peace”, but Barnabas becomes angry and says, “If you say
one more word, I will kill you, I swear it!”
Barnabas goes out to Josette’s grave and calls, “Josette! Hear
me! Hear my voice! Hear me calling to you. I need you, I need you.
You must return to me, you must! Do you hear my voice?” Josette’s
voice cries, “No…” Barnabas exclaims, “Josette! You can hear my
voice! You can hear me, can’t you? You must return to me! You must!”
Josette’s voice starts crying. Barnabas asks, “Josette, why are you
crying, why?” Josette’s voice replies, “Barnabas, leave me!”
Barnabas asks, “Why do you say that? I love you, I need you! You
must return to me!”, but Josette replies, “No, I must rest!”
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Abigail suggests to Natalie,
“Perhaps some brandy will calm your nerves”. Natalie replies, “No,
thank you”. Abigail asks, “Is there anything I can do to help?”
Natalie replies, “No”. Abigail remarks, “Perhaps you will have some
consolation in knowing that the witch who did this is going to be
punished!” Natalie replies, “Yes!” Suddenly, the window blows open.
Abigail tells Natalie, “That’s just the storm”, but Natalie suddenly
exclaims, “Listen!” Abigail does so, but says, “I don’t hear
anything”. Natalie tells her, “I thought I heard a girl sobbing.
That sobbing. I would recognize it anywhere. It was Josette!”
At the grave, Barnabas tells Josette, “Josette, don’t cry. I
cannot let you go, I cannot!” Josette’s voice protests, “I’m dead
now! I cannot come back.”, but Barnabas says, “I cannot believe
that. Nothing can seperate us. Our love transcends time and space!
I will go to the house, the house that was to be ours, to the room
that was to be our bridal suite, and wait for you there”. Josette’s
voice begs, “Barnabas, do not disturb my rest…”, but Barnabas
tells it, “Josette, you will come to me, you will!” Josette begs,
At Collinwood, Natalie insists, “I heard her voice, I know I
did!” Abigail tells her, “You must’ve imagined it”. Natalie says,
“I did not!” Abigail tells her, “I’ll take you up to your room”,
but Natalie insists, “I’ve got to go to her, I’ve got to go to
Josette’s grave! Something’s wrong, I know it!”
Barnabas goes to the old house and goes to Josette’s room. There,
he says, “You hear my voice. I reach to you from beyond the grave.
Listen to me, Josette. I’m waiting for you. Come to me now, come
to me!” At the cemetary, the soil above Josette’s grave stirs…
Barnabas continues, “Come to me, please! Please!” At the cemetary,
Josette has come out of her grave and is walking… At the old house,
Barnabas continues, “Josette, I know you can hear me! You must
respond to my calls! Come to me! Come to me!” Josette continues
walking… Barnabas continues, “Josette, you must heed my call and
answer it! I beg you! I implore you! I command you! Return to me
from the land of the dead!”
Josette enters the old house and starts up the stairs…
Up in Josette’s room, Barnabas wonders, “Josette!… It’s so silent
now. The clock has stopped! Why? What is happening?” Josette
opens the door and comes into the room. Barnabas exclaims, “Josette!”
Josette asks, “Why did you disturb my rest?” Barnabas exclaims, “You
have come back!!” Josette replies, “You forced me to come back. I
am here against my will. I must return to my grave!” Barnabas starts
to walk toward Josette, but she says, “Don’t come near me!” Barnabas
asks, “Why?” Josette replies, “You do not understand”. Barnabas
moans, “You still hate me!”, but Josette replies, “No, I feel
neither love nor hate. I feel nothing now”. Barnabas announces, “We
will be together for all eternity”. Josette replies, “You must
forget me”. Barnabas tells her, “Nothing can make me forget you.
We will be remain together”, but Josette replies, “We cannot”.
Barnabas tells her, “You are back now, I cannot let you go!” Josette
replies, “I must go back to my grave”. Barnabas says, “I will not
let you go”. Josette says, “Don’t force me to lift my veil and
show you why I must go…” Barnabas reiterates, “I will not let you
go!” Josette sadly tells him, “I do not want to lift my veil and
show you what I have become, but I must. Perhaps after I have, you
will let me return to my grave and rest for all eternity”. She lifts
her veil, revealing a face torn and ravaged by the rocks at the base
of Widow’s Hill. Barnabas screams, “No!!! NO!!!!!”
Episode 431
Worldvision Rerun 219
Tape Date: February 13, 1968 (ABC #36-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 19, 1968 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

It is almost dawn. Barnabas is standing by his coffin, which
he has moved to the cellar of the old house. Ben comes and tells
him, “It’s almost dawn. You’ve got to be getting back”. Barnabas
tells Ben, “She came to me, Ben. The power of our love was so
strong that it could bring her back from the grave. Josette came
back. But now I know the power of our love is so strong, I had to
send her back to the grave. I will never see her again! Why do we
never learn to leave the past alone? I must remember her the way
she was when she was alive. Ben, I made her look the way she does
now!” Ben tells Barnabas, “You must remember that she loved you!
You must! You must go back to the tomb now!” Barnabas replies,
“Never!” He tells Ben that he has decided to stay at the old house
now, the house where he and Josette were happy once, albeit briefly.
He tells Ben he refuses to spend the rest of eternity in “solitary
confinement” in the secret room in the mausoleum. Ben warns that
he’ll be discovered here, but Barnabas confidently says, “No, no one
comes here anymore”.
But Barnabas is wrong. Daniel Collins, younger brother of
Millicent, is sneaking around outside the old house. He is about
10 years old. Abigail comes looking for him, calling “Daniel!
Daniel Collins!”, but Daniel hides behind a pillar and Abigail
doesn’t find him. She looks at the door of the old house, prepares
to go in, then thinks, “No, he wouldn’t have gone in there” and
leaves. Daniel goes into the old house. Inside, he runs into
Ben, who’s just coming up from the cellar and is preparing to
lock the cellar door. Daniel asks, “Ben, what are you doing here?
What are you doing? Ben?” Ben replies, “Looking for the right key,
what does it look like I’m doing?” Daniel asks, “Why are you doing
that?” Ben replies, “Because this door has to be locked, that’s
why”. Daniel remarks to Ben that his answers aren’t very good. Ben
sarcastically remarks, “Maybe you’re used to better answers in New
York”. Daniel asks, “What’s down there?” Ben lies, “Nothing”.
Daniel asks, “Then why are you locking it?” Ben replies, “Because
I was ordered to”. Daniel asks, “Who gave you the orders?” Ben
replies, “Never mind. Go back to Collinwood to play”. Daniel
complains, “There’s no one to play with at Collinwood”. Ben tells
Daniel, “There’s no one to play with here either, so go back
to Collinwood!” Daniel looks at the door and remarks, “When Millicent
doesn’t want me to see something, I leave, then wait till she’s gone
and then I come back!” Ben tells Daniel, “Well, you ain’t doing that
here! I’m taking you back to Collinwood!” He grabs Daniel by the
arm, but Daniel manages to wriggle free and runs off. Ben gives chase
and catches him just outside the front doors of the Old House, grabbing
him by the collar. Daniel screams, “I’ll tell you the truth! I’ll
tell you why I’m here! You won’t tell anyone, will you?” Ben remarks,
“Just because I have a tongue doesn’t mean I have to use it”. Daniel
tells Ben, “I’m running away from home”. Ben asks, “Where are
you going? Out west? You’ve gotta plan things like running away.
You need food. Have you got food?” Daniel admits, “No”. Ben asks,
“Do you have an extra pair of boots?” Daniel replies, “No”. Ben
tells him, “Then you won’t get far”. Daniel protests, “I didn’t say
I was going all the way out west”. Ben remarks, “Just far enough to
scare your sister, eh?” Daniel gestures towards the Old House and
says, “I liked it here when we first got here”. Ben replies, “Well,
you wouldn’t like it now. Some people say it’s haunted!” Daniel
retorts, “I don’t believe in ghosts!” Ben tells him, “Go back and
make your preparations. You’ll need food even if you’re only going
this far.” Daniel tells Ben, “I’ll make a list and bring it here for
you to check”, but Ben replies, “No! I won’t be here. I’ll find
you!” Daniel leaves.
A little later, Daniel comes down the stairs at Collinwood very
quietly, dressed to travel. Abigail sees him from inside the drawing
room, goes out into the foyer and calls, “Daniel! Come here! Where
do you think you’re going?” Daniel replies, “Outside”. Abigail says,
“It’s getting dark! I really don’t understand you. I spent the entire
morning looking for you! What do you have there?” She takes his
list from him and reads it aloud, “‘Food, extra boots, $5’. What’s
this?” Daniel lies, “A list of what I wanted for my birthday”, but
Abigail tells him, “I don’t believe you! Boys your age don’t want
boots for their birthdays! Something else is going on. Come into
the drawing room! There’s something I want to talk to you about.
That’s why I was searching for you all morning”. She takes him into
the drawing room, takes out Vicky’s charm bracelet, shows it to him
and asks, “You’ve seen this before, haven’t you?” Daniel replies,
“Yes, it’s Miss Winters'”. Abigail remarks, “Yes it is”. Daniel asks,
“Why do you have it?” Abigail replies, “Miss Winters is in jail right
now. No one else has a bracelet like this”. She points out one of
the figures on it and says, “This is the devil…” Daniel replies,
“I know. She showed it to us”. Abigail asks, “Did she ask you to get
on your knees and worship him?” Daniel replies, “No! That’s silly!”
Abigail asks, “Did she tell you what any of these other symbols
meant?” Daniel replies, “No”. Abigail asks, “I want to know what
Miss Winters taught you and Sarah”. Daniel replies, “She told us one
day we would fly through the air and go 6 or 7 hundred miles in one
hour!” Abigail asks, “What else?” Daniel continues, “She told us one
day we wouldn’t have to learn arithmatic anymore because machines
would do it for us, and she told us one day our voices could go
through the air a great distance, just by magic! I didn’t understand
that last one”. Abigail replies, “I understand it very well! I want
you to go into Collinsport tomorrow with me. I want you to go to
Miss Winter’s trial and tell the judges what you’ve just told me”.
Daniel asks, “Why would I want to do that? I like Miss Winters better
than I like anyone here! She was nice to us. Everyone else around
here is always telling me what to do, even Ben. This morning, he told
me not to go to the old house. He said it was haunted”. Abigail asks,
“You saw Ben at the old house?” Daniel replies, “Yes”. Abigail
remarks, “But he has no right to be there. What was he doing when
you saw him?” Daniel replies, “Locking a door. The cellar door”.
Abigail tells Daniels she’ll go investigate. Daniel points out, “But
it’s getting dark!”, but Abigail replies, “The darkness doesn’t
frighten me! There’s an eternal light in each of us, as I hope
you’ll learn!”
Abigail goes to the old house and runs into Ben at the front door
just as she gets there. She asks, “Ben! Ben Stokes! What are you
doing here?” Ben replies, “Just passing by, Ma’am. I was just
checking to see if the door was locked”. Abigail asks, “Well?”
Ben replies, “This one, it ain’t locked”. Abigail tells him, “I
have my own keys, and I’ll lock it when I’m finished”. Ben asks,
“Finished doing what?” Abigail replies, “Now of your business. Go
back to the new house and wait for the Reverend Trask. He’s coming
soon. When he arrives, tell him to wait for me”. Ben begs, “You
can’t go in there!” Abigail replies, “You don’t tell me where I can and
can’t go!” Ben tells her, “I’m just trying to spare you some grief!
That place is haunted!”, but Abigail replies, “It is not! The Reverend
Trask has exorcised it himself!” Ben tells her, “If you want
something from in there, I’ll get it for you”. Abigail remarks, “You
must think I’m stupid to trust you after catching you in my room!”
Ben warns her, “Miss Abigail, if anything happens to you in there, it
won’t be my responsibility”. Abigail replies, “It’ll be MY
responsiblity!” and goes in. Ben mutters, “You’re right it’ll be
your responsibility. Maybe you’ll get what you deserve!!” and leaves.
Inside, Abigail thinks to herself, “The witch sent him to my room.
Maybe he’s still in league with her! He’s hidden something of the
witch’s in there! Perhaps it’s even the book that would convict her!
I know! She gave it to him to hide!” She takes out her keys, opens
the cellar door, and goes down into the cellar.
Down in the cellar, she sees Barnabas’ coffin and exclaims, “A
coffin! Reverend Trask, I’ll wait for him!” The coffin starts to
open. Abigail, frightened, starts to shudder. The coffin opens up
all the way and Barnabas sits up. Abigail starts to shudder even
harder. Barnabas asks, “Abigail, what are you doing here?” Abigail
Episode 432
Worldvision Rerun 220
Tape Date: February 14, 1968 (ABC #37-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 20, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Abigail exclaims, “You are dead!” Barnabas remarks, “You thought
you knew all about death, didn’t you? Well, you were wrong!” Abigail
maons, “I know you are dead…” Barnabas tells her, “But I am also
alive! No one told you that was possible, did they?” Abigail begs,
“Stay away from me!”, but Barnabas replies, “That is impossible now.
I told you once before it didn’t pay to know everything. You should
have listened to me! It’s too late now!” Abigail fearfully says,
“I don’t understand…” Barnabas says, “It has taken this much to
make you say those words! You used to have an answer for everything!”
Abigail says, “It’s a spell! That’s it! The witch has cast a spell! I
will go tell Reverend Trask!”, but Barnabas tells her, “He can do
nothing! Nothing whatsoever!” Abigail begs, “Don’t give in to the
witch!” Barnabas replies, “I have already given in.” Abigail begs,
“Please! The evil spell can be exorcised!”, but Barnabas replies, “Not
now. Not by anyone”. Abigail exclaims, “The witch just wants to
frighten me! You are just a vision!” Barnabas replies, “If that’s
what you think, then touch me”. Abigail continues to insist, “You
are just a vision!”, but Barnbas grabs her hand and forces her to
touch him. Abigail moans, “No….”. Barnabas tells her, “You were
right about one thing, Abigail. There was a witch in the house”.
Abigail exclaims, “Victoria Winters!”, but Barnabas tells her, “No!
Angelique!” Abigail says, “No! She helped us!”, but Barnabas tells
her, “She fooled you!” Abigail says, “I will not believe Angelique
was the witch!” Barnabas tells her, “I am the way I am because I
killed her! I am the victim of her curse! Look at me! See what I
am now! I will be alive for all eternity! Look at me, Abigail, see
what I am!” Abigail says, “I won’t! I won’t! I won’t!” and averts her
head. Barnabas insists, “You will!!!!” Abigail turns and glances at
him. Barnabas bares his fangs…
Daniel is coming down the stairs at Collinwood. Naomi sees him,
calls him into the Drawing Room and asks him, “Where are you
going?” Daniel replies, “Nowhere. Just wasting time”. Naomi
says, “Well, let’s waste it together, then. Do you play whist?”
Daniel replies, “I’m not allowed to play cards”. Naomi tells him,
“Sit down. I want to talk about Millicent”. Daniel remarks,
“She cries a lot. She never used to cry when we lived in New York.
Maybe if we moved back to New York…” Naomi tells Daniel, “I thought
you might like to stay with Joshua and me here. We’d like you to stay
here. This house needs a boy staying here. Think about it, will
you?” There’s a knock at the door. Naomi answers. It’s Trask.
After some brief greetings, Trask tells Naomi he’s come to see
Abigail and asks, “Aren’t you going to ask me how the trial is going?”
Naomi replies, “You know where my sympathies lie, though I’m not
allowed to speak about them in public. I’ll go get Abigail.” She
goes upstairs to do so. Daniel walks out of the drawing room and
prepares to leave, but Trask asks, “Where are you going? You’re one
of the reasons I came here. It’s about time we had a little chat.
You’ve been touched by a devil! Your only hope is to talk to me.
Yes, a devil has been with you every day. Do you know who that
devil is?” Daniel replies, “The only person around here who looks
like a devil to me is YOU!” Trask tries not to act offended and
continues, “You will learn that a devil does not always look like
a devil. Miss Winters, the witch…” Daniel remarks, “One minute
she’s a devil, the next she’s a witch….” Trask asks, “What do
you think she is?” Daniel replies, “Nice”. Trask replies, “If she
weren’t nice, she wouldn’t be an effective devil”. He tells Daniel
he should learn to follow the path of righteousness like his Aunt
Abigail. Daniel points out, “But Aunt Abigail always seems unhappy,
like she’s eaten something that disagrees with her”. Trask asks,
“What did Miss Winters teach you about God?” Daniel replies, “She
didn’t. She never spoke about Him”. Trask asks, “How is it possible
to teach even one hour without mentioning GOD?!” Daniel remembers,
“Oh yes. There was one time we did talk about God. Sarah asked why
God would create someting as frightening as thunder and lightning”.
Trask asks, “And what did she say?” Daniel replies, “She said it was
caused by atmospheric conditions”. Trask exclaims, “She is a witch!
She was trying to make you doubt! How else did Miss Winters praise
the devil?” Daniel replies,”She didn’t”. Trask tells him, “You just
didn’t know it. She prophesied the future, didn’t she? Did she tell
you she came from another century?”. Daniel replies, “No, but I would
think it would be great if she did!” Trask remarks, “She has done her
duty well! She has you believing in the impossible now!” Daniel
remarks, “She told us the only way to get through life was by being
curious”. Trask exclaims, “That’s the devil’s way!” Daniel asks,
“Why do you keep talking about the devil when I don’t want to have
anything to do with the devil?” Trask replies, “Then you can still
be saved! Go with me to court tomorrow and tell them how the witch
has been deceiving you!” Daniel refuses. Trask tells him, “You have
the devil’s mark on you!”, and tells him the only way for him to get
rid of it is to testify in court. Daniel, frightened, runs to Naomi,
who’s just come back down and is at the doorway and cries, “No! Cousin
Naomi! Cousin Naomi! I don’t have the devil’s mark on me, do I?”
Naomi replies, “No”, then angrily accuses Trask of frightening Daniel.
They get into a heated argument. Daniel runs out the front doors.
Daniel is running in the woods. He tries to tell himself,
“I won’t be afraid! I won’t be afraid!” Dogs howl. Daniel says,
“That’s just dogs…Maybe I should go home. No! I won’t! HE’LL be
Naomi is in the woods too, searching for Daniel, calling out,
“Daniel! Daniel!” Suddenly, she notices someone is there and asks,
“Who is it?” then sees it is Trask. She asks, “Have you followed me
to frighten the child some more?” Trask tells her, “You must go back
to the house! I have a feeling the devil called him! My words did
not drive him from the house. The witch wanted to prevent me from
questioning him!” Naomi says, “He’s running from YOU!”, but Trask
says, “I will find Daniel”. Naomi says, “No you won’t! He’ll see you
and run!” She tells him to go back to the house. He refuses. They
argue. While they are arguing, a little distance away, Daniel
comes upon Abigail, who appears to be sitting peacefully, her back
propped up against the trunk of a tree. Daniel screams, “NO!!!
Cousin Naomi! Cousin Naomi!” Naomi and Trask come running.
Daniel points at Abigail and says, “LOOK!” Trask touches Abigail
lightly on the shoulder. Abigail falls over onto the ground.
She is dead…
Episode 433
Worldvision Rerun 221
Tape Date: February 16, 1968 (ABC #38-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 21, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

At the next session of the trial, Trask tells the court about
how they found Abigail in the woods dead, concluding with, “How I
will always remember the look of unspeakable horror frozen on the
face of a once kind and gentle woman, as if she had confronted evil
itself. That is exactly what she did see, evil, an evil sent to
destroy her by the one person who would want to destroy her, Victoria
Winters!” Peter objects, “Honor! You will have that remark stricken
fromt he record!” A judge asks, “For what reason?” Peter replies,
“For the reason that it is irrelevant! The court has alread seen the
medical report listing the cause of death as heart failure.” Trask
points out, “It also makes clear that she was in perfect health.
She had no history of heart trouble prior to this”. The court
agrees with Peter, saying, “More positive evidence than has been
presented so far is needed. There is not enough evidence to justify
adding an additional charge of murder”. Trask asks, “What would you
consider sufficent evidence?” The judge replies, “A witness who heard
Miss Winters say she wanted to kill Abigail Collins”. Peter adds
another objection, “If she killed her, why would she do so after
she testified and not before?” The judge replies, “That is logical,
but people do not always behave based on logic”. Trask asks for a
recess so that he can find a witness. The court grants him one,
recessing until 2:00 in the afternoon. Everyone leaves except Peter
and Vicky.
Vicky, seeing how worried Peter looks, asks, “Are you really that
worried?” Peter replies, “Yes. Trask seemed very confident about
finding that witness”. Vicky tells him, “I don’t see who he can
find. I never threatened to kill Abigail”. Peter asks, “Abigail
was cruel to you the moment you arrived, wasn’t she?” Vicky replies,
“Yes.” Peter asks, “Did you speak to anyone about her?” Vicky
tells him she did, to four people, Barnabas, Jeremiah, and Ben
Stokes. Peter thinks aloud, “Jeremiah is dead, and Barnabas is
unavailable*”. He tells Vicky he thinks Ben is the person Trask has
in mind, but Vicky dismisses this idea, saying “No. Ben Stokes hated
the sight of Abigail”. Peter asks, “Enough to kill her?”, but Vicky
replies, “No! Ben is really a very gentle man”. Peter decides they
desperately need a witness who will testify on Vicky’s behalf.
Peter and Vicky have gone to another room.
They discuss Nathan Forbes. Peter asks, “Is Lt. Forbes a man of
his word?” Vicky replies, “I think so”. Peter asks, “Why didn’t you
tell me about him earlier? If he’s willing to testify, maybe he’s
exactly what we need”. There’s a knock at the door. Peter opens it.
It’s Nathan, whom he as apparently summoned. Nathan asks, “Why have
you sent for me?” Peter asks, “Are you aware that Abigail Collins is
dead?” Nathan replies, “No, what happened?” Peter tells him. Nathan
asks, “Was it murder?” Peter tells him, “The medical report says it
was heart failure, but Trask is claiming murder. He’s also claiming
Miss Winters did it”. Nathan asks, “But how could she if she was
in her cell?” Peter replies, “Trask is accusing her of being a witch
who can be in two places at the same time. I want you to be a witness
for Miss Winters”. Nathan asks, “What help can I give? I’m sure Miss
Winters didn’t kill Abigail Collins, but I didn’t see her last night.
I was in the village”. Peter tells him, “We only want you to be a
character witness, to answer a few questions, that’s all. You were
one of the few people who helped her. I want you to say you never
heard her say she wante to kill Abigail”. Nathan tells Peter he may
not be as good a character witness as he thinks. Peter asks, “Why?”
Nathan explains, “I’m not in good terms with the Collins Family at
the moment, so any testimony I give may not be seen as unbiased”.
Trask comes into the room. Peter angrily asks what he wants. Trask
apoligizes, saying he didn’t know the room was occupied and leaves,
closing the door behind him. Peter tells Nathan, “It doen’t matter
how you stand with the Collins family, we need you to testify!”
Unbeknownst to them, Trask is outside eavesdropping through the door…
Court reconvenes. Trask calls a witness, “I would like to call
Victoria Winters to the stand”. Vicky takes the stand. Trask remarks,
“Victoria Winters, it was Abigail Collins who first recognized you as
the witch”. Peter objects vehemently, saying it has not been
established that Vicky is a witch. The court agrees. Trask
rephrases the question, “It was Abigail Collins who first suspected
you of being a witch”. Vicky replies, “Yes”. Trask asks, “Did you
hate her?” Vicky replies, “No”. Trask insists, “You hated her! You
hated her enough to kill her!” Vicky exclaims, “No!” Trask continues,
“You must have had some kind of feeling about her. What were they?”
Vicky replies, “I was confused and frightened”. Trask asks, “You
never said anything about wanting to see Abigail Collins dead?” Vicky
replies, “No! I never said anything like that!” Trask hold up Vicky’s
charm bracelet and asks, “Do you recognize this?” Vicky replies,
“It’s my charm bracelet”. Trask introduces it as evidence and shows
it to the judges, “Note that it has all the signs of the zodiac,
each one a sign of the devil!” He then tells Vicky, “I want you to
tell the court where you got this bracelet”. Vicky replies, “I can’t
tell you”. Trask says, “Then perhaps I can tell you. You got it
from Satan himself!” Peter objects that that is conjecture. The
court agrees. Trask continues, “It was found last night on the body
of Abigail Collins!” Peter points out, “Abigail Collins had it a
long time before last night!” Peter complains that he thought
it had been settled that the matter of Abigail had been ruled as
not pertinent to the case unless a witness could be found. Trask
announces, “I have a new witness.” He announces calls his witness,
“Lt. Nathan Forbes!” Peter and Vicky are shocked. Peter objects,
claiming Nathan has been coerced by Trask into being a witness.
The judge asks Nathan if he has been coerced. Nathan replies that
he has not.
Nathan testifies. Trask asks, “Lt, do you know the defendent
Miss Winters?” Nathan replies, “Yes I do”. Trask asks, “When did
you first meet her?” Nathan replies, “At the Collins mansion”.
Trask asks, “Are you aware that Abigail Collins considered
Miss Winters a witch?” Nathan replies, “Yes”. Trask asks, “Did you
ever discuss with Miss Winters her feeling towards Abigail Collins?”
Nathan replies, “She made secret of the fact that she hated Abigail
Collins.” Trask asks, “Did she ever threaten to harm Miss Collins?”
Nathan replies, “Yes she did. She was in the stables behind the old
house, hiding from Abigail Collins and you. I found her there. She
said that if there were anyone who deserved to be dead and buried, it
was Abigail Collins”. Trask asks, “Didn’t she also say that if she
had to power do do so, she would like to see Abigail Collins dead?”
Nathan replies, “Yes. That’s what she said”. Peter and Vicky are
shocked. Peter crossexamines Nathan, “Under what conditions did you
meet Miss Winters?” Nathan asks, “What do you mean?” Peter asks,
“Isn’t it true that you met Miss Winters shortly after she had already
been accused of witchcraft?” Nathan replies, “Yes”**. Peter asks, “And
did you untie her from the tree where Trask had tied her?” Nathan
replies, “Yes”. Peter asks, “And did you hide her in the new house?”
Nathan replies, “Yes, but on the insistance of Barnbas Collins”.
Peter asks, “And did you bring her food?” Nathan replies, “Yes.”
Peter says, “And the reason you did so is because you knew she was
not the witch!”, but Nathan replies, “No! I thought she was the witch
from the very beginning!” Peter asks, “You mean you helped her
even though you thought she was the witch? That makes no sense, Lt!”
Nathan explains, “I had no choice! I helped her because Barnabas
Collins thought she wasn’t the witch. I valued his friendship,
and he made it clear to me our friendship would be jeopardized if
I did not help Miss Winters.” Vicky cries, “You’re lying! Why are
you lying?!”

* Funny, he seemed to know Barnabas was dead before.
** Wrong. He met her before that.
Episode 434
Worldvision Rerun 222
Tape Date: February 15, 1968 (ABC #39-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 22, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

After the trial, Peter goes to Nathan’s lodgings and confronts
him, demanding to know why he lied on the stand. Nathan insists
he was telling the truth. They get into a fight.
At Collinwood, Joshua is in the drawing room brooding. Naomi
asks, “Joshua! I didn’t know you were still at home. Aren’t you
going to the shipyards?” Joshua replies, “No. Please leave me alone”,
but Naomi tells him, “No, I will not. You have not left the house
since Abigail died. I know how affected you were by it. If only you
would talk about it. You would not be weak if you did”. Joshua says,
“There’s nothing to talk about. It was a senseless death…” Naomi
replies, “It was a senseless life!” Joshua, shocked, exclaims, “Naomi,
do you have no respect for the dead?!” Naomi replies, “I have
respect. That’s why I’m thinking about her, thinking how I could’ve
have made her life a better one”. Joshua remarks, “Utter nonsense.
She led the life she wanted to lead. You’re too emotional. That’s
why you’re standing by the witch. I’m going to the shipyards now.
I have an appointment with Trask”.
Trask is in Joshua’s office, waiting for him. Nathan is in there
with him. Trask explains, “I’m to see Mr. Joshua Collins. He’s quite
upset about his sister’s death. I’m to speak to him about it”.
Nathan asks, “Are you going to talk to him about me? He’s going to
write a letter to the navy telling them of my actions. I’ve done that
family a great favor!” Trask exclaims, “I will not be blackmailed!”
Nathan replies, “And I will not forget that promise you made me this
morning!” Trask says, “I may have hinted that I might speak to Mr.
Collins on your behalf…”, but Nathan tells him, “You will do more
than that!”
Joshua comes to his office. Only Trask is there now. Trask
tells Joshua, “I think that if you and Mrs. Collins would make an
appearance in court, it will have an effect on the judges”. Joshua
replies, “Absolutely not! You don’t sound too confident. Do you
think there’s a chance Miss Winters won’t be convicted?” Trask
replies, “I think we’ve made much progress. Especially the testimony
by Lt. Forbes”. Joshua says, “I don’t want to hear about him!!!”,
but Trask tells him, “Lt. Forbes has done the Collins family a great
favor. Surely you’ll reconsider. If Miss Winters is conviceted,
it’ll be because of Lt. Forbes’ testimony”. Joshua replies, “Bring
him in, and leave us alone!”
Trask does so and leaves. Joshua tells Nathan that he will
not write a letter to the navy provided that he get a transfer out
of Collinsport so that he never has to see him again.
Peter goes to Collinwood and tells Naomi about Nathan’s testimony.
Naomi is shocked and asks, “Why would Lt. Forbes lie?” Peter tells
her, “The judges believed him. You have to go to court and testify!”
Naomi protests, “I can’t!” Peter asks, “Would you rather see her
die? That’s exactly what’s going to happen if you’re not willing
to do something!”
Naomi is in the drawing room alone, Peter having left. Naomi is
pouring herself a brandy. Joshua returns from the shipyards. He asks,
“Is that why you suggested I go to the shipyards?” Naomi tells him,
“Joshua, Peter Bradford was here. Lt Forbes lied on the stand!”
Joshua insists, “He didn’t!” Naomi continues, “He testified that
Miss Winters wanted Abigail dead! You know that isn’t true!” Joshua
replies,”I know nothing of what goes on in a witch’s mind!” Naomi
says, “She is not a witch! You forbade me from testifying, and I
have obeyed, but I can no longer! I don’t care about our dignity.
We can not stand by uninvolved!” and gets up to leave. Joshua asks,
“Naomi, where are you going?” Naomi replies,”I’m going to get my
cloak and go to court!” Joshua warns, “You will be locked in your
room!” Naomi replies, “Then I’ll get out, and not only will testify
in court, I will never return to this house!” Joshua exclaims, “This
is madness!!” Naomi replies, “No, the children are gone, and there’s
nothing left for me here”. She puts her cloak on and exits through
the front door. Joshua goes to the front door and shouts, “NO!! COME
BACK HERE! AT ONCE! NAOMI!”. The sound of a carriage leaving is heard.
Episode 435
Worldvision Rerun 223
Tape Date: February 19, 1968 (ABC #40-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 23, 1968 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Barnabas awakens. Ben comes down into the cellar and exclaims,
“Barnabas!” Barnabas asks, “What is it, Ben? Is something wrong?”
Ben replies, “Aye. It’s Miss Winters. Word is that her trial is
going to end on Monday and she’s going to be convicted”. Barnabas
protests, “But you said the trial was going well for her! You said
Trask was having trouble getting the judges to see his side!” Ben
replies, “That was true until Miss Abigail died. She’s not
responsible. We both know that”. Barnabas sadly notes, “Yes, we
both know that”. Ben exclaims, “We’ve got to do something! We can’t
let her hang for something…” He pauses then says, “…YOU did”.
Barnabas asks, “How could Abigail’s death be blamed on Miss Winters?
Ben, that’s impossible! What proof has Trask got that Miss Winters
killed Abigail?” Ben replies, “He got Lt. Forbes to testify against
her”. Barnabas, shocked, asks, “Lt. Forbes testifed against Miss
Winters?!” Ben replies, “Aye, he lied through his teeth”. Barnabas
asks, “Why would he lie?” Ben replies, “I don’t know, but every word
he said weighed against her”. Barnabas tells Ben, “YOU must testify!”
Ben exclaims,”No!”, but Barnabas tells him, “You’re the only person
who can go into court and tell the truth! You must tell them about
Angelique and what she did to my family!” Ben says, “I want to help
Miss Winters as much as you, but I can’t!” Barnabas points out,
“Angelique can’t stop you now”, but Ben says, “She can! I tried to
tell about her before, once to you and once to Miss Abigail, but both
times she stopped me. I’m afraid of your father too…” Barnabas
assures Ben, “If you tell the truth, he’ll be grateful to you”.
Ben remarks, “You make it sound so easy. You make it sound like I
can just go in there, tell the truth, and they’ll believe me. Trask
will tell them I’m a convict!” Barnabas tells him, “I assure you
they’ll believe you. You want to help Miss Winters?” Ben replies,
“Of course I do”. Barnabas tells him, “Then you must put aside your
fears and doubts and be at the courtroom when it opens tomorrow
The next morning, court reconvenes. The court tells Trask to
continue his case. Peter interrupts, “I would like to move that
Lt. Forbes’ testimony be stricken from the record!” The judge
asks, “On what basis?” Peter replies, “Naomi Collins testified
that he lied!” The judge replies, “Mr. Bradford, it was Mrs. Collins’
OPINION that Lt. Forbes lied. I must let the testimony of both
witnesses stand. You can rest assured that the court will review
both impartially”, and refuses Peter’s motion. The judge again tells
Trask he may proceed with his case, but Trask announces that he’s
finished, that he’s resting his case. The judge tells Peter,
“Mr. Bradford, you may now present your case for the defence”.
Peter meekly tells the court that he’s not yet prepared. The judge
asks, “You have no witnesses?” Peter admits, “I have had great
difficulty in getting anyone to testify”. Just as he says this, Ben
enters the courtroom to testify for Vicky. Vicky tells Ben, “I’m
happy you’re going to testify”. Ben replies, “I wasn’t going to, but
when I heard you were being blamed for Miss Abigail’s death, I had
to”. Peter announces, “Your honor, I present my first witness,
Ben Stokes”. Ben is sworn in. Peter asks, “Ben, you know the
defendent Miss Winters”. Ben replies, “Aye”. Peter asks, “After
she was accused of being a witch by Miss Abigail Collins and this..”,
he gestures at Trask and continues, “..gentleman, you hid and proteced
her. Why did you do that?” Ben replies, “Because I knew she was
innocent”. Peter tells Ben, “Mr. Stokes, tell the court how you knew
Miss Winters was not a witch”. Ben replies, “Because I knew who the
real witch was!” Peter asks, “You mean to say there WAS a witch at
Collinwood?” Ben replies, “Aye, she put a spell on me. That’s why
I didn’t say anything before”. Peter asks, “Mr. Stokes, will you
tell the court the name of the witch?”, but Ben just stands there,
silent. The judge prompts him, “Mr. Stokes, speak up, please”.
Ben blurts out, “It was Angelique Collins! She was the witch!”
Peter asks, “You actually saw Angelique perform acts of black magic?”
Ben replies, “Aye. She even forced me to help her”. Peter asks,
“How?” Ben replies, “She made me go into Mr. Jeremiah’s room and
steal a lock of his hair”. Peter asks, “What for?” Ben replies, “So
she could cast a spell on Mr. Jeremiah and Josette”. Peter asks,
“What kind of spell?” Ben replies, “She wanted Mr. Jeremiah and Miss
Josette to fall in love”. Peter asks, “Why?” Ben replies, “Because
she loved Mr. Barnabas and wanted him for herself”. Peter notes, “And
she eventually got him”. Ben replies, “Aye”. Peter tells the court,
“Let’s look at the facts. Josette DuPres came to Collinsport to marry
Barnabas Collins, but then for no reason ran off with a man she hardly
knew. This was clearly the result of witchcraft. Miss Winters had
nothing to gain from all this, but Angelique did! In the end, she got
it! She married Barnabas Collins!” He asks that the court dismiss
the case against Vicky in light of Ben’s testimony, but the judge
replies, “You know we cannot do that until the prosecution has had
the chance to crossexamine the witness”. The lead judge asks Trask if
he would like to cross examine Ben. Trask replies that he would.
Trask asks Ben, “Mr. Stokes, you testified that Angelique Collins
practiced acts of witchcraft at Collinwood”. Ben replies, “Aye”.
Trask asks, “Where is she now?” Ben lies, “I don’t know”. Trask
protests, “You must know. You said you were under her spell”, but
Ben replies, “I’m not under it anymore”. Trask asks, “How is that
possible? You can’t get out from under the spell of a witch!” Ben
lies, “She went away”. Trask asks, “Where did she go?” Ben replies,
“I don’t know”. Trask asks, “When did she leave?” Ben replies, “The
day after Mr. Barnabas…went to England”. Trask asks, “You are quite
certain about that?” Ben replies, “Aye”. Trask asks, “And when did
Mr. Barnabas go to England?” Ben replies, “‘Twas more than a month
ago”. Trask exclaims, “I submit to the court that this man’s
testimony has been nothing but lies! First he says Angelique Collins
is the witch, then he says she left town more than a month ago! But
since then, the acts of witchcraft have continued! Indeed, they have
intensifed! Three more members of the Collins family have died tragic
deaths and Collinsport has been subjected to a reign of terror! Miss
Winters is the witch responsible!” Ben shouts, “No! It wasn’t Miss
Winters! It was Angelique!” Outside the courtroom, Angelique’s ghost
appears and turns SOLID. She walks into the courtroom. Ben gasps,
“Angelique! No! It can’t be! That woman is dead! She’s dead! I
buried her in the woods!” The judge orders the hysterical Ben to
leave the court. Ben does so, covering his eyes in terror as he
passes Angelique. Trask calls Angelique to the stand.
Vicky tells Peter, “It’s true! She is the witch! I never thought
about it before, but it all makes sense now!”
Angelique is sworn in and takes the stand. Trask asks her, “I
believe you were a servant at the old Collins mansion.” Angelique
replies, “Yes.” Trask asks, “What opinion did you have of Miss
Winters then?” Angelique replies, “She was very kind”. Trask asks,
“Shortly after the family moved into the new house, you married Mr.
Barnabas Collins and moved into the old house”. Angelique replies,
“Yes”. Trask asks, “Were you and Mr. Collins alone there?” Angelique
replies, “No”. Trask asks, “Who else was there?” Angelique replies,
“Miss Winters”. Trask asks, “Why?” Angelique replies, “My husband
did not believe she was a witch. He was protecting her”. Trask asks
Angelique to tell the court what she recalls about the exorcism.
Angelique recounts, “I was in the master bedroom. I heard a scream.
It was Miss Winters, shouting that there was a fire in her room”.
Trask asks, “During the rite of exorcism, who was the first and only
person to cross the threshhold?” Angelique answers, “Miss Winters”.
Trask asks, “Afterwards, did you go to her room?” Angelique replies,
“Yes.” Trask asks, “Did you find any trace of fire in her room?”
Angelique replies, “No”. Trask tells the court, “I have no further
questions, your honor”. The judge asks Peter if he’d like to cross
examine Angelique. Peter replies, “No questions, your honor”. The
judge tells Angelique that she may now step down. Angelique leaves
the stand and exits the courtroom. The judge tells Peter, “The
defense may now proceed with its case. Present your next witness, Mr.
Bradford”. Peter meekly replies, “Your honor, I have no witnesses”.
The judge asks, “You are resting your case?” Peter asks for more
time to find witnesses. Trask objects, saying “He’s had ample time!
If he hasn’t found any by now, he won’t find any!”, but the lead
judge tells Peter, “Court will adjourn until 9 o’clock Monday morning.
If you have no witnesses at that time, we will decied on a verdict.
Until then, court is adjorned!” Outside, Angelique vanishes.
Everyone leaves the courtroom. Angelique reappears again and
Episode 436
Worldvision Rerun 224
Tape Date: February 20, 1968 (ABC #41-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 26, 1968 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Peter and Vicky are in Vicky’s cell. Vicky tells Peter that
many things make sense if you assume Angelique was a witch. She
tells him about Barnabas’ choking spell, then says, “And I found
something in Angelique’s room after that. A toy soldier and a
handkerchief that belonged to Barnabas. She was out of the room
when I found them. When she came back and saw me with them, she
acted strangely, she seemed frightened.” Peter asks, “How did she
explain the items in her room?” Vicky replies, “She said that Sarah
had left them there”. Peter notes, “It’s possible she told the
truth”. Vicky admits, “It’s possible, but…” Peter interrupts,
“I’m just asking you the questions Trask is going to ask you. Did
you question Sarah?” Vicky replies, “No, because Angelique asked
me not to. She was afraid if I scolded Sarah, she wouldn’t come
to her room to play anymore. If Sarah hadn’t left them in her room,
what other reason would they be in there?” Peter sadly notes,
“Sarah’s the only one who could answer that question and she’s dead”.
Vicky notes, “Peter, you said someone had to have a reason for a
crime. Angelique had a reason. She was in love with Barnabas. I saw
it in her eyes every time she looked at him. I remember feeling sorry
for her”, but Peter replies, “We can’t go into court and say that.
We have no evidence”. Vicky says, “Except Ben’s testimony…” Peter
says, “Which the court has dismissed as the babblings of a madman”.
Vicky says, “I believe Ben”. Peter protests, “He said Angelique
was dead! Did she look dead to you?” Vicky admits, “I suppose
Ben WAS acting strangely”. Peter tells Vicky, “You’ve made me very
curious about Angelique”. He tells her he think he’ll do a little
investigation into Angelique. Vicky tells him she’s frightened.
Peter kisses her.
Ben is wandering around on the docks, thinking to himself,
“I must have known the witch wouldn’t let me testify! I’ll never
be able to help Miss Winters. What will Mr. Barnabas say? And Joshua
will beat when he finds out I set foot inside that courtroom. I should
run away, but I’d never get away from Angelique no matter how far
I go”. Nathan comes up to Ben and tells him, “I want to have a little
talk with you. I heard about your testimony in court today. I want
to know what you were talking about. Why did you think Angelique
Collins was dead?” Ben replies, “Go away. I don’t like you”. Nathan
continues, “Perhaps you will find a few minutes of conversation very
profitable”. He hands Ben some paper money, remarking, “That’ll pay
for a few nights at the Eagle”. Ben gives the money back to him,
saying, “Take your money and get out of here!” Nathan mockingly says,
“Well, a man of high moral character. I wouldn’t have thought it of
you”. Ben angrily orders, “Take your money and leave!” Nathan replies,
“Sure. Why pay for information I already have? I already know the
truth. I know Barnabas Collins never went to England”. Ben exclaims,
“Of course he did!” Nathan asks, “Are you calling Millicent Collins
a liar? She said she saw him”. Ben replies, “Miss Millicent’s not
right in the head. Everyone knows that. It’s because of what YOU did
to her!” Nathan says, “But the fact remains that she saw him. She
said you saw him too. So did I”. He tells Ben about the time he saw
a man who looked just like Barnabas near the woods. Ben insists, “He’s
in England!” Nathan asks, “What ship did he sail on?” Ben replies,
“I don’t know”. Nathan says, “Because the ship doesn’t exist! I
checked the shipping records and found that no ship left Collinsport
that night for England, nor for several weeks afterwards!” Ben replies,
“He didn’t leave from Collinsport”. Nathan asks, “Where did he leave
from?” Ben replies, “I don’t know, and even if I did know, I wouldn’t
have to tell you!” Nathan remarks, “That doesn’t matter. I can check
in the records for all the ships that left for England from this area
and check their passenger lists”. Ben asks, “Why would you want
to do that?” Nathan replies, “Just curious”. Ben warns him, “You
should stop your poking around if you know what’s good for you!”
Nathan asks, “Why? Are you afraid I’ll find out someting the Collins
family doesn’t want known?” Ben replies, “No, because if you don’t,
I’ll kill you! The Collins family has been through enough trouble
without you poking around!” and leaves. Nathan says to himself, “All
right, Ben. You’ve answered my question. I know Barnabas Collins
never went to England, and you know where he is. I’ll find out the
rest myself!”
Ben is returning to the old house. Just as he is about to go
inside, Peter Bradford comes up to him and calls, “Ben!” Ben quickly
says, “I can’t do anything for you! I tried to help Miss Winters.
I can’t do anything more”, but Peter tells him, “I didn’t come here
to find you. I came here to find Mrs. Collins.” Ben tells him, “You
won’t find her here”. Peter tells Ben, “I’ve already checked all the
boarding houses in town and she isn’t staying at any of them. This
is the only other place she could be”. Ben again tells Peter, “She’s
not here”. Peter asks, “Where is she?” Ben replies, “You wouldn’t
believe me if I told you”. Peter says, “Try me”. Ben tells him,
“She’s in her grave”. Peter exclaims, “Grave?!” Ben tells him, “I
told you you wouldn’t believe me”. Ben turns to leave, but Peter begs,
“Don’t go!” Ben tells him, “What you saw in court today was a ghost.
Angelique’s dead!” Peter asks, “How do you know?” Ben replies, “I
just know!” Peter asks, “How did she die?” Ben replies, “I know for
a fact she’s dead because I buried her!” Peter asks, “Where? I want
to see her grave”. Ben replies, “I’m scared to go anywhere near that
grave!” Peter points out, “You were also scared when you went to
testify today, but you did it because you wanted to help Miss
Winters”. Ben agrees, “OK, come with me”
Ben takes Peter to Angelique’s grave in the woods and tells him,
“I buried her here, under this tree”. Peter asks, “Are you sure?”
Ben replies, “It’s not the kind of thing I’d be likely to forget”.
Peter telsl Ben, “Get me a shovel”. Ben asks, “You’re not going
to…” Peter replies, “I have to! I have to see for myself!”
Ben returns with a shovel. He tells Peter, “I won’t have anything
to do with this.” Peter assures him, “It’ll be my responsibility”.
He notices that Ben is acting strangely and asks, “What is it?” Ben
replies, “I thought I heard her laughing from far away”. Peter tells
Ben, “Ben, give me that shovel!”
Vicky awaits in her cell, thinking, “Peter, where are you? Did you
find Angelique? You’ve got to do something, you’ve got to!”
Peter is digging. He has a dug a hole about 3-4 feet deep now.
Ben tells him, “It’s no use. I didn’t bury her that deep”. Peter
asks, “Are you sure you buried her here?” Ben replies, “Yes”. Peter
asks, “Then why isn’t she here?” Ben replies, “Because she’s
vanished! Vanished into thin air! I should’ve known she wouldn’t
stay in her grave, not her!” Peter says,”Ben, you’re not making any
sense”. Ben exclaims, “She’s nearby! I can feel her watching me!”
Peter says, “There’s no one here”, but Ben insists, “She’s watching
me! Laughing at me! I can tell! I’m getting away from here!” and
runs off.
Peter is with Vicky in her cell. Vicky asks, “You didn’t find
a trace of Angelique at all?” Peter replies, “No, not even a trace
of a body”. Vicky remarks, “I don’t know what to think”. Peter
remarks, “It must have all been a figment of Ben’s imagination”.
Vicky exclaims, “I can’t believe that!”, but Peter points out, “Women
just don’t get out of their graves and walk away! We don’t have a
shred of evidence.” Vicky suggests that they tell the court about
the toy soldier, but Peter recommends against it, saying, “Without
any concrete evidence, it would look like we were trying to cast blame
on an innocent person”. He tells her that would lose any sympathy she
might have with the judges and make her look guilty. Vicky asks, “What
are we going to do?” Peter replies, “There’s only one thing I can do
now. Put you on the stand and have you tell the court the truth, that
you come from another century”. Vicky exclaims, “They won’t believe
me!”, but Peter says, “Maybe they will. Maybe they’ll see what I saw
when you told me. This is our last chance, our only hope”. Vicky
moans, “Our only hope?! Peter!!” Peter hugs her and tries to
comfort her.
Episode 437 (Kinescope)
Worldvision Rerun 225
Tape Date: February 21, 1968 (ABC #42-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 27, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Peter returns to Vicky’s cell. Vicky asks, “Did you get the book?”
Peter replies, “I have it with me”. Vicky remarks, “I wish there were
some other way”. Peter replies, “I wish I could tell you there were,
but nothing else has worked. They’re going to bring in a verdict
today. If we don’t do something, you’ll be convicted and hanged!”
The courtroom is empty except for Trask. Nathan comes into
the room and asks, “Why did you send for me?” Trask replies, “I’m
going to call you to the stand today”. Nathan protests, “I’ve already
testified”, but Trask tells him, “You’re going to testify again”.
Nathan exclaims, “That’s out of the question!”, but Trask continues,
“Today, the judges are going to reach a verdict, but just before they
do, you are going to testify that you helped Miss Winters not because
of your loyalty to your friend Barnabas as you said the first time,
but because you were bewitched!” Nathan exclaims, “No!”, but Trask
warns him, “Your career and prospects are not yet out of danger.
Mr. Collins’ indulgence of you hangs by the thinnest of threads, and
I at the moment have the power to break that thread!” Nathan exclaims,
“I won’t do it!”, but Trask confidently says, “I think you will, Lt.,
I think you will!”
Vicky moans, “Convicted and hanged?!” Peter tries to calm her
down, “We only have a few minutes”. Vicky exclaims, “It has to stop!
It has to stop!” Peter asks, “What do you mean?” Vicky replies,
“Have you ever had nightmares? When I was a child, I used to have
nightmares all the time. I got curious. When I know I was dreaming,
instead of waking myself up right away, I’d wait until the last
moment just before the car crashed or the monster got me. Only then
would I wake myself up. Now! Now! Wake up! It’s got to stop now!”
Vicky gets hysterical. Peter slaps her and calms her down, then hugs
her. He tells her, “They’re coming. Will you be all right?” Vicky
replies, “I don’t know, Peter, I don’t know!” A guard comes and
takes Vicky to court.
Court reconvenes. Trask calls Nathan to the stand again and asks,
“In your last testimony, you testified that you only helped Miss
Winters on the insistence of Barnabas Collins. Is that the only reason
you helped her?” Nathan replies, “No”. Trask asks, “Could you
explain to the court what the other reason is?” Nathan replies, “As
I remember it now, I think I would’ve done the things I did even
without Barnabas Collins insistence. It was as if I had no choice
in the matter. My mind was swimming, it was as if I had to do
what I did.” Trask asks, “Can you offer any explanation for this?”
Nathan replies, “A spell. Perhaps a spell. Perhaps I was bewitched”.
Vicky shouts, “Why are you doing this?! Why are you lying?” The
court orders Peter to control his witness. Peter quiets Vicky down.
Trask continues, “I have more more question. You said PERHAPS you
had been bewitched by the girl. Is that the way you would put it?”
Nathan replies, “No”. Trask asks, “How do you really feel?” Nathan
replies, “I was positive I was under a spell. I was positive I was
Peter crossexamines Nathan, “Lt, would you look directly at
the defendent”. Nathan reluctantly does so. Peter asks, “Would you
say she was attractive?” Nathan replies, “Yes”. Peter asks, “Would
you say she was very attractive?” Nathan replies, “Yes”. Peter asks,
“Remember the conversation you had with her when you first met her at
Collinwood? You said you had a ‘weakness’. Remember?” Nathan
replies, “No”. Peter reminds him, “It was just before she slapped
you in the face when you tried to kiss her!” Peter tells the court
that perhaps it was this ‘weakness’ for attractive women that caused
Nathan to help Vicky.
Peter calls Vicky to the stand, “Your honors, I call Miss Victoria
Winters to the stand!” Vicky is sworn in and takes the stand. Peter
asks Vicky, “Miss Winters, will you tell the court the year in which
you were born?” Vicky replies, “I was born in the year nineteen
hundred and forty six”. The judges look shocked. One of them asks,
“Would you please repeat the year of your birth to us?” Vicky
repeats, “Nineteen hundred and forty six”. The disbelieving judge
asks, “Mr. Bradford! Is this what you intended your witness to say?!”
Peter replies, “Yes”. The judge says, “Proceed”. Peter asks, “Miss
Winters, would you tell the court where you were broght up”. Vicky
replies, “I was raised in a foundling home in New York”. Peter
tells her, “Now tell them the year you left New York”. Vicky replies,
“I left New York in the year 1966. I went to work for the Collins
family, right here, taking care of a boy named David”. Peter asks,
“And how did you get here?” Vicky replies, “I was in the drawing
room of Collinwood when suddenly everything went dark. When I
regained consciousness, I found myself near the old house. It
looked strange”. Peter pipes in, “Because it was 150 years younger!”
Vicky continues, “I saw people there who looked just like the people
I know in my own time, but they weren’t. I thought surely this must
be a dream!” Peter, “Did you have anything in your possesion when
you came?” Vicky replies, “Yes”. Peter tells her, “Tell the court
what it was”. Vicky replies, “It was a book, a history of the Collins
family up to the year 1964″. Peter introduces the book as evidence,
telling the judge, “Note that the publication date is 1965”. The lead
judge takes the book and flips through it. He tells the other judges,
“Look at these pictures at the back of the book! Amazing detail!”
Peter tells him, “Miss Winters tell me those are photographs, made
by a machine”. Peter resumes questioning Vicky. “Miss WInters, are
you a witch?” Vicky replies, “No. I swear it. I am not a witch”.
Peter tells the court Vicky knew the future because she had read
it. Trask crossexamines, “Just before you were whisked back in time,
were you alone?” Vicky replies, “No”. Trask asks, “Who were you
with?” Vicky replies, “Members of the Collins family and friends.”
Trask asks, “What were you doing? Conversing?” Vicky replies, “No,
we were having a…” She pauses then says, “…kind of meeting”.
Trask asks, “What kind of meeting?” Vicky replies, “We were having
a seance”. Trask asks, “What is a seance?” Vicky replies, “A seance
is when a group of people try to contact the spirits”. Trask asks,
“You mean call up the dead!” Vicky exclaims, “No! It wasn’t like
that! We weren’t doing anything wrong!” Trask asks, “Was this the
first time you were involved in a seance?” Vicky replies, “No, but
it wasn’t the way you’re trying to make it look!” Trask remarks,
“Many things aren’t the way they look. You for example, don’t look
like a witch”, then says, “I ask the court that these be added to
the mountain of evidence against her! Flying through time!
Foretelling the future! Calling the dead! She is a witch, your
honor! She is a witch and she must die!”
Peter and Vicky are alone in the courtroom. The clock on the
wall reads 5:00. Vicky asks, “How long has it been?” Peter replies,
“Over an hour”. Vicky asks, “What could they be doing in there?”
Peter tries to reassure her, “The fact that they’re taking so long
could be a hopeful sign. It may indicate doubt. Before today’s
testimony, they wouldn’t have taken 2 minutes to convict you”. Vicky
moans, “I don’t want to die!” Peter tells her, “I love you, Vicky”,
but Vicky says, “Please don’t, Peter. If I get back to my own time,
I’ll never see you again”. Peter tells Vicky, “I can’t choose,
whether this is right or wrong. I love you, and no matter what
happens, I’ll love you always”.
Outside the courtroom, Nathan tells Trask, “I never thought I’d
meet a preacher, even a self styled one like you, who also practiced
blackmail. I feel like telling the judge about you!” Trask replies,
“If you do, it’ll be the end of everything for you!”
The clock on the wall now reads 5:30. Everyone is still waiting
for the judges, Peter and Vicky in the courtroom, everyone else
milling around outside the doorway. The judges return. Everyone
returns. Nathan mutters to Trask, “I hope they free her! I hope they
free her!”
The lead judge announces, “The barrister will place the witness
so that she faces us!” Peter does so. The lead judge announces the
decision, “From the evidence laid down before us, and from the
testimony we have heard from the various witnesses, we have reached
a verdict. We find the defendent guilty of witchcraft as charged.
She is to be taken to a place to be determined by the court and
hanged by the neck until she is dead”. Vicky screams, “NOOO!!!!!!”
Episode 438
Worldvision Rerun 226
Tape Date: February 23, 1968 (ABC #43-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 28, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

(Missed about 20 minutes due to oversleeping)
( When Barnabas awakens, Ben tells him that Vicky’s trial is over,
that she has been found guilty and sentenced to hang. Barnabas finds
it unbelievable that Ben’s testimony did not exonerate her, but
Ben tells him about Angelique’s appearance. Barnabas tells Ben he
plans to avenge Vicky, that he plans to do something to Trask.
Trask goes to Collinwood and asks Naomi for the keys to the old
house so he can destroy all of Vicky’s possessions and “cleans”
it. Naomi reluctantly gives them to him and asks Ben to accompany
him there.
Trask and Ben go to the old house. Night is about to fall. Ben
stays downstairs while Trask goes up to Vicky’s room. Barnabas awakens
and Ben meets him at the door to the cellar. He tells him that Trask
is upstairs, and tells him what Trask s doing up there. Upstairs, Trask
hears voices talking downstairs. He comes down with Vicky’s things and
questions Ben about the voices. Ben lies that he was talking to
himself. )
Trask has brought Vicky’s clothing back to his hotel room.
He places the bundle on the bureau and is about to unwrap them
to burn them when suddenly he hears a loud noise that sounds like
the rattling of chains. Hearing that it’s coming from outside, he
calls out, “Who is it? What are you doing out there?” He opens the
door and looks outside, but becomes frightened and quickly closes it
when he hears a bloodcurdling scream. A deep male voice starts
calling, “Trask! Trask! Trask!” Trask asks, “Who is it? Who is in
this room?” The voice replies, “Your victims, Trask! Your innocent
victims! The tortureed, miserable creatures condemned by you! You
are a fraud, Trask! A fraud!” Trask again asks, “Who are you?”
The voice replies, “You will never live to see!” Trask exclaims, “I
know who you are! The witch! You can’t frighten me, you hear? You
can’t frighten me!” He goes to the bureau to open the bundle when
suddenly he notices his reflection in the mirror replaced by a
grinning skull. The voice laughs loudly and says, “Victoria Winters
will live! She will live!” Trask orders, “I command thee, evil
spirit, cast yourself back to the hell from whence you came! Get
out of here, get out of here, I tell you!” The mirror returns to
normal. The skull disappears and it shows Trask’s reflection again.
Trask gives a sigh of relief, thinking he has won, but suddenly blood
starts to flow from the mirror. The voice says, “She will live
and you will die!” Trask exclaims, “I know you for what you are,
witch! You cannot frighten me with your tricks!” Suddenly, a
disembodied hand appears in the air. Trask, terrified, runs to the
door and tries to leave, but finds that the door is locked. He turns
back. The hand comes closer and closer, and reaches for his face. The
hand can be seen to be wearing a black onyx ring. Trask screams, “No!
Get away from me! Get away from me! AHHHHHHH!” But just as it is
about to grab Trask’s face, it disappears. The voice says, “It will
not happen tonight, or tomorrow night, but soon, Trask, very soon,
you are going to die!”
Episode 439
Worldvision Rerun 227
Tape Date: February 22, 1968 (ABC #44-DRK-68)
Air Date: February 29, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas awakens and comes out of his coffin. Ben comes down
into the cellar. Barnabas asks, “Good evening, Ben. Did you see
Trask today?” Ben replies, “No”. Barnabas angrily says, “I told you
to!” Ben explains, “Your father kept me busy all day”. Barnabas
muses, “Did he sleep well, I wonder, or did he have disturbing
nightmares?” Ben replies, “He probably had disturbing nightmares
if you had anything to do with it”. Barnabas tells him, “It’s going
to get worse until the Reverend Trask stops sleeping altogether”.
Ben asks, “What do you mean, sir? What are you planning?” Barnabas
just replies, “You will see, Ben. You will see!” Ben tells him,
“Scaring Trask is one thing. I’m all for that, but if you go further
than that, you’ll only make things worse for Miss Winters”. Barnabas
says, “Nonsense!”, but Ben warns him, “Whatever happens to Trask,
they’ll blame on her”. Barnabas insists, “Nonsense! Not if I’m
clever! What if he should just disappear one night. What if I should
arrange it so that everyone thinks he’s just gone back to Salem? One
night, he will have a dream, a nightmare, and he will feel compelled
to come here. You will get a large brass ring, large enough to tie a
man’s hands to. You will get bricks, and mortar, or course…” Ben
interrupts, “I can’t go on helping you like this!”, but Barnabas says,
“Of course you will”. Ben begs, “I can’t! I’ve seen about as much
killing as I can stand! You have no feelings anymore!”, but Barnabas
replies, “I can hate!” He orders Ben to do as instructed. Ben
refuses, saying, “Sorry sir, you’re going to have to make do without
me from now on”. Barnabas warns Ben, “I can’t let you go! You know
too much! Sorry, Ben, you have no choice now!” and threatens to kill
him. Ben sadly asks, “You’d kill even me, wouldn’t you?” Barnabas
replies, “If I had to”. Ben tells him, “Well, go ahead, then! I
don’t want to be here when someone finds you. I don’t want to have
to answer all the questions. I don’t want to see what happens to you”.
Barnabas admits, “Ben, I can’t hurt you. You’ll go on with me, Ben.
There’s nothing either of us can do to change things”. Ben leaves.
Ben, appalled at the thought of more killing, goes to the
Eagle. There, he sits at a table busy getting drunk. He calls out
to the bartender, “Rum! More rum!” A woman sitting with him tells
him, “You’ve had enough”. Ben asks, “Who are you?” The woman remarks,
“Fine thing to say to someone who’s been keeping you company since you
came through the door! I’m Maudie!” Ben asks, “Who are you? I’ve
never seen you before. You new around here?” The woman tells him,
“I just thought I’d give a look at what a big city woman looks like!”
Ben warns her about the attacks, asking her if she knows what happened
to Ruby Tate. Maude replies, “Yes, but she talked to anyone.
I don’t.” Ben asks, “What kind of me you talk to?” Maude caustically
replies, “Gentlemen, and a gentlemen, you’re obviously not!” and
starts to leave. Ben begs, “No! Don’t go out there! Don’t let
what happened to Ruby Tate happen to you!” Maude says, “I don’t
enjoy the company of men who prefer rum to me!” and leaves.
Two men have just entered the tavern, Nathan and another man.
They are standing just inside the doorway. Nathan points Ben out
to the other man and tells him, “There he is. Right there. The
large one.” Maude gets to the doorway and engages Nathan in some
flirtatious bantering. Nathan introduces her to his friend Noah
Gifford. Maude disdainfully gestures at Ben and remarks, “If all
the men around here are like him, I’m going back to New Bedford!”
and leaves. Nathan tells Noah, “Find out everything you can about
Barnabas. Barnabas, can you remember that name?” Noah replies,
“Yes”. Nathan tells him, “All right. See you later” and leaves.
Noah goes to Ben’s table, sits down, and says, “You’re Ben Stokes.
You work at Collinwood, don’t you?” Ben asks, “How did you know?”
Noah lies, “Maudie told me. I’m looking for a job. I thought
perhaps the people at Collinwood needed someone. I used to do some
gardening before I went to sea. I thought perhaps I’d stay here for
awhile.” Ben remarks, “I’d like to go to sea. Maybe I’ll ship out
with you! China, that’s where I’d like to go. I can never get enough
tea to drink! I like tea, strong, with lots of rum in it…” Noah
asks, “Are they a good family to work for?” Ben asks, “Who?” Noah
replies, “The Collinses”. Ben exclaims, “NO! You ship out! You
wouldn’t like it! The things he wants you to do. With bricks! And
mortar!” Noah asks, “Who?” Ben replies, “Barnabas Collins! They
ain’t like they used to be…” Noah asks, “How, how have they
changed?” Ben suddenly starts to get suspicious, grabs Noah by
the collar and demands, “Who are you? Why are you asking all these
questions? Are you going to answer my questions or what?”
Meanwhile, Maude has run into Barnabas outside on the docks.
She gushes, “Oh, you’re not like all the provincial men around here!
They frighten me terribly!” Barnabas tries to excuse himself, “I’d
better be leaving”, but Maude begs, “You’re the first gentleman
I’ve met around here! Don’t go! Please!” Barnabas asks, “You
aren’t from here, are you?” Maude replies, “No. A girl needs a
change every once in awhile, and I like to travel”. Barnabas seems
to not want to hurt her and makes a valiant attempt to leave, but
Maude, thinking she’s finally found the rich gentleman she’s been
looking for, keeps delaying him and keeping him there. Barnabas
warns her, “You shouldn’t be out here. It’s not safe”, but Maude
replies, “I’ll take my chances with you.” Barnbas asks, “You will?”
Maude replies, “I said I would, didn’t I?” Barnabas remarks, “Perhaps
you don’t know the chance you’re taking”. Weakening, he attacks her.
She screams, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Nathan, who’s nearby, hears her and
shouts, “Maude?! Maude!” and comes running. By the time he gets
there, Barnabas, who’s heard him, has fled. Maude is lying on the
ground shaken but otherwise unharmed. Nathan asks, “Who was it,
Maude?” Maude replies, “It was the strangler! I know it was! That’s
his cane!” She points to a cane lying on the ground. Nathan picks
it up, looks at it, and in a shocked tone, says, “This couldn’t be the
strangler’s! I know whose cane this is!”
Nathan takes Maude into the Eagle. Nathan tells Maude, “Maude,
listen to me, you should go to the police”, but Maude replies, “I
ain’t going to go anywhere near the police. I’m going to go wherever
the next stage takes me!” Nathan tells her, “Just describe the man to
me, then. I’ll take care of it, and you won’t need to get involved.
You sure the man was carrying this?” Maude replies, “Yes. Outside,
you said you knew whose it was”. Nathan replies, “I was wrong. I
must be. I know someone who owns a cane just like this one, but he’s
in England”. Maude suggests, “Maybe it was stolen”. Nathan asks,
“Was the man tall?” Maude replies, “Yes”. Nathan asks, “Was he dark
or light?” Maude replies, “Dark. Those eyes. Serious eyes that
looked right through you”. Nathan tells her, “Tell me what his voice
was like”. Maude replies, “Deep and very quiet. Very refined. He
sounded somewhat sad”. Nathan asks, “Was he handsome?” Maude replies,
“At first, yes. But then his face, it all changed and became like
a wild animal’s. Then all I could see was that hand choking me,
all I could see was that ring on his finger…” Nathan asks, “What
kind of ring?” Maude replies, “It was gold and had a big black stone
in it”. Nathan asks, “What finger was it on?” Maude replies, “The
first one. I was lucky you got there when you did. He would’ve
killed me!” Nathan asks her, “Promise me you won’t tell anyone.
That’s my price for saving you.” Maude asks, “What are you going to
do?” Nathan replies, “I don’t know yet. I’ve got to find out if I’m
right in my thinking. If I am, you won’t be the only one got lucky

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