December 1970

Episode 1157
Tape Date: November 20, 1970 (ABC #242-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 1, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin asks the constable to be allowed to see his son Tad before
being taken away. The constable agrees. Quentin calls for Tad. He comes
into the drawing room. The constable leaves to let them talk alone.
Quentin tells Tad about his arrest, but assures him that he is innocent
and will be out soon. After they finish, Tad leaves and the Constable
comes back in. Quentin asks to be allowed to speak briefly to Daphne
regarding Tad’s care. The constable agrees. Quentin tells him he doesn’t
know where she is and must go look for her. The constable tells him he’ll
allow him to do so, but must accompany him. They leave to find Daphne.
Tad goes to Daniel and tells him about Quentin and asks him to help
him keep his father out of jail, begging, “Don’t let them take him away!”.
Quentin and the constable walk out of the door under the stairs into
the foyer. They have been unable to find Daphne. Quentin asks the
constable to let him leave a note for her. He agrees.
Charles Dawson goes to Gerard’s room at Rose Cottage and asks him what
reason he would have to kill Randall Drew. Gerard replies, “Randall Drew
learned a little too much. He went into my room and found the golden mask”.
Dawson remarks that he had good reason to kill Randall. Gerard replies,
“But I didn’t do it!”. Dawson asks who did. Gerard replies that he doesn’t
know, that he thinks someone else hates Quentin and is trying to frame him.
At Collinwood, Daniel bursts into the drawing room and demands to be
allowed to speak to Quentin alone. The constable steps out into the foyer
to let him. Daniel asks Quentin about the accusations. Quentin tells him
he’s innocent. Daniel tells him that, in view of the evidence he has
heard and his medding into the occult, he doesn’t believe him. Overcome
by everything, he then has a heart attack. The constable and Gerard and
Dawson, who have just arrived, rush in. The constable and Dawson take
Daniel upstairs. Gerard tells Quentin that he’s heard about what happened
and will do everything he can to help. The constable comes back down and
tells Gerard that Daniel wants to talk to him. Gerard leaves. The
constable tells Quentin he’s sorry, but he’s got to take him in.
Daniel and Dawson are upstairs. Gerard comes in to talk to Daniel.
Dawson leaves. Daniel asks Gerard for help. He tells him he thinks
Quentin is guilty and is thinking of changing his will, but must know
for sure before doing so. Fearing that he will not live to see the
conclusion of Quentin’s trial to learn the verdict, he asks Gerard to
help him find the truth before then. Gerard agrees to help.
The constable brings Quentin in. His wife, who’s in the station, is
shocked to see him and appears to be afraid of him. She warns her husband
that Quentin is a very dangerous man and reminds him of what he did to
her father Mordecai’s cows. The constable locks Quentin in the cell.
His wife sees the ring Quentin is wearing and screams, “The sign of the
Devil! That proves he’s the murderer!”.
Gerard tells Dawson, “You are going to help me”, saying that he’s going
to play a ghost, that he’s going to play the part of Randall Drew. He
explains to him how Daniel asked him to help him find proof of Quentin’s
innocence or guilt, and tells him they’re going to hold a phony seance to
prove his guilt.
Gerard and Dawson hold the phony seance for Daniel. The three of them
are sitting around a table, hands joined. Gerard calls for the spirit of
Randall to communicate with them. Dawson pretends to become possessed by
the spirit of Randall Drew. Gerard asks him who killed him. Dawson replies,
is a phony ghostly voice, “The name of the man who killed me is Quentin
Collins”. Gererd pretends to be shocked and disappointed and sadly says,
“I was sure it wasn’t true…”. Daniel replies, “I thought he was guilty
all along. I just wanted to make sure. Now I am. I must change my will…”
Episode 1158
Tape Date: November 24, 1970 (ABC #243-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 2, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Gabriel is in the drawing room. Gerard comes in and remarks him that
he looks worried, as if he were afraid that Quentin might be found
innocent and released and that since it was his testimony that was most
resposnsible for his arrest, Quentin would cut him off without a penny.
He tells Gabriel he need not worry about this because Daniel has just
changed his will and Quentin is no longer heir. Gabriel asks who is. Gerard
refuses to tell him, but does give him the broad hint that Daniel had
said, “Quentin is no longer my heir, but I do have another son…”
Angelique and Laszlo meet in the gazebo. Angelique reprimands Laszlo
for his failure in letting Julia get away. Laszlo protests that he
couldn’t help it, that Barnabas forced him to tell him where she was.
Angelique asks how Barnabas could possibly have known he had any link to
her and knew where Julia was. Laszlo admits that he had taken a ring from
Julia and that Barnabas had seen the ring. Angelique scolds him for his
greed and stupidity, but tells him she has more important things to worry
about now than Julia. She tells him that Judah Zachary has returned, and
they must be very careful…
At Collinwood, Gabriel tells Daphne about Quentin’s arrest. She rushes
out to go see him.
Angelique finishes telling Laszlo about Judah Zachary. She tells him
she believes that he has returned and now inhabits someone else’s body.
Laszlo asks who. She tells him she suspects Gerard because he had called her
Miranda. Laszlo asks why Judah Zachary would come back. She tells Laslo
that Zachary has come back for revenge, that he vowed to come back and
destroy everyone responsible for his death, and that means the Collins
family and her. She tells him she’s not sure Gerard is Judah Zachary, but
that there is a simple ceremony she can conduct to find out, but that in
order to conduct it, she needs something of Gerard’s. She suggests his
watch bob. Laszlo asks how she plans to steal his watch bob. She replies,
“I won’t. You will.”.
Quentin is in his jail cell. Mrs. Ward brings him a letter. He looks
at it and sees it’s from Joanna. He asks Mrs. Ward who brought it. She
tells him she doesn’t know. He grabs her through the bars and demands to
know. She insists that she doesn’t know, saying it was already there when
she walked into the room. Daphne comes. Mrs. Ward tells Daphne that
Quentin is a dangerous man and warns her against having anything to do
with him. She leaves. Daphne tells Quentin she thinks he’s innocent. He
tells her she didn’t need to tell him that. She asks what the commotion
with Mrs. Ward was all about. He tells her he has received another letter
from Joanna. He opens it and reads it to her. It says, “This crisis shall
pass as all the other ones have. I still love you.”. Daphne warns Quentin
that the entire town is riled up against him. Quentin remarks that Trask
is responsible. Daphne tells him that there’s clamor to dispense with a
regular trial and have a Witchcraft Tribunal instead. Quentin tells her
she doesn’t have to worry that this might happen, that Witchcraft
Tribunals were outlawed years ago.
Laszlo goes to Collinwood and knocks on the door. Gerard answers. Laslo
offers to tell fortunes. Gerard tells him he doesn’t think much of Gypsy
fortune tellers and orders him to leave, but Gabriel sees him from the
drawing room and tells Gerard to invite him in. Gerard and Laszlo go into
the drawing room, joining Gabriel and Angelique, who are in there. Laszlo
reads Gabriel’s palm and announces, “I see a change in you future. A
change for the better.” Gabriel asks if he will be pleased with the
change. Laszlo replies, “Extremely!”. He offers to read Gerard’s palm.
Gerard refuses. Angelique asks, “Oh please, Gerard…” in a playful voice
that makes it sound like she’s asking him not to spoil the fun. Laszlo
pretends to read Gerard’s palm. While giving him nothing but meaningless
generalities, he steals his watch bob.
Daphne has a dream in which Quentin is calling for her from his jail
cell. Mrs. Ward taunts him, saying Daphne won’t come now, that she’s
learned the truth about him. Quentin begs for Daphne to come see him
before his execution. Daphne, nearby, is embracing Gerard, not caring
about Quentin at all…
Daphne awakens from her dream, feeling uneasy but unable to remember
the dream. She wonders why she keeps having dreams she can’t remember
Angelique meets Laszlo at the Gazebo. He gives her the watch bob. He
tells her he is worried, that when Gerard notices it missing, he’ll be the
first person he suspects, and if he is as powerful as she says, he’ll be
in real trouble. She tells him not to worry, that she’ll be finished with
it soon, and when she is, she’ll give it back to him and lie to him that
she found it on the drawing room floor.
Gerard walks into the drawing room and finds Daphne sitting there in
her nightshirt. He remarks that it looks like she had a bad dream and
couldn’t sleep…
Later, at 10:45 P.M., Angelique is in the drawing room alone. Holding
Gerard’s watch bob, she casts a spell at the fire, asking to be shown
“Judah Zachary in the guise in which he now walks.”. She is shocked to
see Quentin appear in the fire. Unbeknownst to her, spying on her from
the foyer is Gerard. He smiles…
Episode 1159
Tape Date: November 25, 1970 (ABC #244-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 3, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Gerard walks into the drawing room and nonchalantly says, “Oh. I
thought I heard someone in here. Ah, my watch bob. Where did you find
it?”. Angelique lies that she found it on the floor. Gerard remarks,”I’m
glad I dropped it in here. I thought I had lost it outside and would
never find it again. I wouldn’t have known what to say to Quentin.”.
Angelique asks, “Quentin?”. Gerard replies, “Yes. It used to be his. He
gave it to me as token of our friendship.”. (Obviously, he’s giving a
reason why she should see Judah Zachary in something of his. She had
said she needed something of Judah Zachary’s). He tells her he finally
realized why he called her Miranda, that he was going through some things
of Desmonds and was reading a book called “The Journal of Judah Zachary”
and read a discription of a woman named Miranda who sounded remarkably
like her. Angelique asks, “A book belonging to Desmond?”. Gerard replies,
“Desmond had it, but I think he borrowed it from Quentin…”. After
Gerard leaves, Angelique thinks to herself, “I’ll do everything I can
to see Quentin convicted and executed. What irony! I will be responsible
for his execution just as I was 150 years ago!”.
Gabriel dotes on Daniel, bring him broth and hovering over him.
Barnabas and Angelique run into each other in the foyer. She tries to
talk to him, but he tells her he won’t have anything to do with her after
what she did to Roxanne and tried to do to Julia. She asks, “You’re
really that devoted to her, are you?” He replies that he is. She tells
him she doesn’t make good choices in friends and offers Quentin as an
Daphne walks into the drawing room and finds Barnabas in there. He
tells her he’s heard about Quentin’s arrest and doesn’t believe he’s
guilty. He tells her he must have a talk with Daniel. She finds a letter
on the table addressed to her from Joanna. She asks Barnabas if he saw who
put it there. Barnabas replies that he didn’t.
Daphne, in the gazebo, reads the letter. It says, “You have not heeded
my warnings. Therefore, I shall watch over you and protect you.” Gerard
shows up. She shows him the letter, saying it’s the most frightening one
yet because it means that Joanna is actually in the house. He tells her
he’ll help her in every way possible. They kiss. Daphne suddenly pull
away and wonders why she did that.
At Collinwood, Gabriel answers the door. It is a messenger. The
messenger gives him a letter from Quentin to Daniel. After the messenger
leaves, Gabriel thinks to himself, “Quentin is probably trying to change
Daniel’s mind about his guilt. If he’s successful, Daniel will change his
will back. Quentin IS quite persuasive… Daniel will never see this
letter!” He turns and rolls back into the foyer. He is startled to see
Barnabas standing at the top of the stairs. Barnabas comes down and
says, “I thought I heard the messenger say he had a letter from Quentin
to Daniel.” Gabriel, holding the letter, replies, “Yes. I was just going
up to give it to him.” Barnabas tells him he’ll save him the trip and
bring it up for him. Gabriel, not knowing what else to do, gives it to
Daniel, having read the letter, lets Barnabas read it too. Barnabas
tells Daniel that the letter has convinced him of Quentin’s innocence.
Daniel tells him that it hasn’t convinced him. Barnabas tells Daniel
that he had visited Quentin in jail and tells him how warmly Quentin had
spoken about him, about how much he said he loved him and how disappointed
he was that he had so quickly decided he was guilty and changed the will.
He begs him to give Quentin the benefit of a doubt and believe in his
innocence until proven otherwise.
Gerard and Daphne return to Collinwood. In the foyer, Daphne is shocked
to smell what smells like Joanna’s perfume in the air. Gerard tells her
it’s probably nothing, probably just some other woman in the house wearing
the same perfume. Daphne goes into the drawing room while Gerard starts
to go upstairs. He hears Daphne scream, “NO!”. He rushes into the drawing
room and asks what’s wrong. Daphne shows him a purse and pair of gloves
and tells him they’re Joanna’s. She tells him she found them on a table
in there.
After Gerard calms Daphne down and she goes upstairs, Gabriel comes
into the drawing room and tells him about the letter from Quentin to
Daniel. He tells him that Barnabas brought the letter up to him and that
he’s worried because he’s been up there with him for over an hour. They
see Barnabas come down into the foyer. Gerard tells Gabriel he’ll go talk
to Daniel and try to find out what happened.
Gabriel asks Barnabas to come into the drawing room. He does. He
remarks that he doesn’t like his meddling and hints to him that when he
gets control of Collinwood, there’ll be retribution.
Gerard comes back down into the drawing room and finds Gabriel in there
alone, Barnabas having left. Gabriel asks what he learned. Gerard replies
that Daniel wouldn’t tell him if he’s going to change the will or not, but
that he told him that he would summon Desmond (a lawyer) in the morning,
and that this must mean that he is planning to change it back in Quentin’s
In his room, Daniel Collins starts to read the new will he has just
written aloud. Gabriel bursts into the room and exclaims, “So, you’ve
revised your will again?”. Daniel reprimands him for coming in without
knocking. Gabriel angrily complains, “You’ve always favored Quentin over
me just because I was crippled!”. Daniel angrily replies, “NO! I favored
Quentin over you not because you were crippled, but because of the way
you handled it! Because of your self-pity, the way you used misfortune to
get people to do what you wanted! If it had been Quentin who had been
crippled, he would have faced it quite differently, he would have fought
it and made the best of it! You’re nothing but a weakling and a coward!”.
Gabriel, furious, stands up out of his wheelchair and yells, “ENOUGH!”.
Daniel, shocked, gasps, “You can walk!!” Gabriel replies, Gabriel
replies, “Yes! I can walk! I’ve been able to walk for years, and
I been waiting for the opportunity to get back at Quentin!” Daniel,
shocked, gasps, “You’re worse than I thought! You mean you’re responsible
for….”. Gabriel replies, “Yes! I killed Randall Drew! Give me that
will!”. He grabs the will and tries to take it from Daniel. Daniel grasps
his chest in pain, gasps for breath and falls to the ground…
Episode 1160
Tape Date: November 23, 1970 (ABC #245-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 4, 1970 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Samantha comes in and asks what happened. Gabriel tells her Daniel had
an attack and tells her to go get a doctor. She leaves to do so. He takes
the will and reads it. It states that everything is to go to Quentin.
Desmond and Gerard are at Rose Cottage discussing Quentin. Desmond,
who’s representing Quentin, wonders who’s trying to frame him. He tells
Gerard that he’s certain that Quentin won’t be tried for the murder of
Randall Drew, that all the evidence is circumstantial and he’s sure he’ll
be able to get the case dismissed. After Desmond leaves, Gerard thinks
to himself,”No, it won’t for murder that he’ll be tried…” and smiles.
Samantha and Gabriel are with Daniel in his room. Daniel regains
consciousness, sees Gabriel and gasps, “Gabriel!”. Gabriel screams to
Samantha to get out, saying he wants to be with his father. But before
she can, Daniel gasps, “Gabriel… A life of lies.. You…”. Before he
can say more, however, he dies. Samantha leaves. Edith comes in. Gabriel
shows her the will, reads her the passage in it leaving everything to
Quentin, then burns it, saying, “There goes Quentin’s fortune in flames!
She asks him if he had anything to do with Daniel’s death. He lies that
he didn’t. He tells her to go to Rose Cottage and tell Desmond and Gerard
about Daniel’s death.
Edith goes to Rose Cottage and tells Desmond and Gerard about Daniel’s
death. Desmond rushes off. Edith tells Gerard that she thought she would
soon be free, but that she’s trapped with Gabriel now that he has
apparently inherited the Collins fortune. Gerard tells her there is a way
out. He tells her she must serve his master, that doing so will give her
a lot of power. To prove that, he holds up his hand and tells her to feel
it, saying it would feel like it was on fire to her. She touches his hand
and, startled, feels fire and pulls her hand away. Gerard tells her to
touch it again. She does. This time it is cool. She agrees to join. He
has her take an oath. They kiss…
At Collinwood, Desmond, Samantha and Gabriel are in the drawing room.
Desmond tells them how much it hurt Quentin when he told him of his
father’s death. Gabriel asks Desmond to get the will and read it. Desmond
is shocked that Gabriel would be so callous to want it read so soon after
his father’s death and tells him it’s customary to wait until after the
funeral. Samantha insists that he read it too, and, confronted by two
Collins’ demanding that he read it, goes to get it. After he leaves,
Gabriel, confident that he is the heir, tells Samantha that she’s welcome
to stay at Collinwood as long as she likes, that he will show the same
kindness to her that she showed to him when she thought she was going to
inherit the Collins fortune, namely, little. He tells her he is going to
let her and Tad live in a very, very small room and give them a very,very
small allowance.
Edith returns to Collinwood. Gabriel scolds her for staying with
Gerard rather than returning with Desmond. She tells him she’ll stay
with whomever she likes. Gerard comes in. Gabriel orders Edith to go up
to her room. She leaves. Gerard suggests to Gabriel that he should reward
him for his services to him when he gets the inheritance. Gabriel tells
him he’ll be rewarded all right, the be rewarded by being ordered to
leave Collinwood and never return. Samantha comes into the foyer, sees
Gerard and exclaims, “How dare you come into this house!”. Gabriel tells
her Gerard is his special guest to listen to the reading of the will.
Desmond and Edith come down. They all go into the drawing room. Desmond
unseals the will, which he has not seen, and starts to read it. When he
gets to the part telling who the heir is, he abruptly stops. Gabriel
prompts him, “Come on! Who gets it? Who?”. But Desmond can only say,
“Oh my God!”.
Episode 1161
Tape Date: November 27, 1970 (ABC #246-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 7, 1970 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Desmond continues reading the will, “To my son Quentin, who has
disappointed me, I give only my father’s watch…” The will states
that the estate is to go to Tad at the age of 21, but that it will go to
a guardian until such time. Everyone waits breathelessly as Desmond reads
on about the guardian, “so I therefore apppoint as guardian of my estate,
all the money, the factories and the fishing fleet, to my son…” Gabriel
smiles gloatingly, but then Desmond continues, “…and I call him my son
because he has become like a son to me, Gerard Stiles…” Everyone gasps.
Desmond finishes reading the will, which goes on to say that should
Quentin be found innocent, the the estate will revert to him. Gabriel is
given nothing but the right to live at Collinwood and an allowance from
Gerard “enough to meet his needs”. Gabriel glares at Gerard and
sarcastically remarks, “And I’m sure you’ll decide my needs are very
little”. He vows to contest the will.
Later, Charles Dawson comes and congratulates Gerard on getting it all.
Gerard replies that he doesn’t quite have it all yet, that Quentin might
still be found innocent and the fortune revert to him. He tells him he
has to go to town to do something.
Gerard and Dawson go into town to visit Quentin. Gerard tells Quentin
about the will. Quentin is surprised. Gerard assures him that he doesn’t
want the fortune and is sure he’ll be found innocent and get the money.
He assures him that he won’t be in jail for long. Quentin remarks,”There’s
one good thing about being in here. Whoever’s trying to frame me won’t
kill anyone while I’m in here.”.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Edith taunts Gabriel about getting
nothing. Gerard and Dawson return to Collinwood. Gerard tells Edith he’ll
give her an adequate suite. After Edith and Gabriel leave, Gerard remarks
to Dawson, “Have a brandy. It’s mine. Everything’s mine!”. Dawson replies,
“For the moment. We must make sure Quentin is tried for witchcraft
instead of murder.” Gerard replies, “Quentin made an interesting statement
to me. He remarked that there would be no more killings while he was in
jail. Now what if someone were to die at the jail while he was there, die
with no visible cause?” Dawson pulls out a scarf, identifies it as Mrs.
Ward’s and says, “I was thinking along those lines when I stole this
while we were at the jail…
Gerard and Dawson go to Edith and ask her to help them. Gerard wraps
the scarf around her neck and tightens it. He chants that this won’t
hurt her, rather it will hurt the real owner of the scarf.
At the jail, Mrs. Ward, who’s bringing dinner to Quentin, strangles
and falls to the floor. Quentin kneels down to examnine her and exclaims,
“She’s dead!”.
Episode 1162
Tape Date: December 2, 1970 (ABC #247-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 8, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Trask comes in and sees Quentin kneeling over the dead body of Mrs.
Ward. He tells him,”Trask, I didn’t do it!”. But Trask doesn’t believe
At Collinwood, Daphne goes into the drawing room and angrily tells
Gerard she thinks he took advantage of Quentin’s friendship and stole
his inheritance. Desmond comes in and tells Gerard he’d like to talk
to him about Tad. Before they can talk, however, Trask rushes in and
tells them that Mrs. Ward has died and that Quentin is responsible for
it. Desmond rushes out to find out what happened.
Desmond goes to the jail to see Quentin. Quentin explains to him what
happened, saying he thinks it was a heart attack. Desmond tells him he
has nothing to worry about, that all the evidence against him is
circumstantial and that he’s certain the judge will drop the case and
that he’ll be a free man after the pre-trial inquest tomorrow.
Desmond returns to Collinwood and tells Daphne he learned what happened
at the jail and is still sure Quentin will be released after the inquest
tomorrow. Daphne is overjoyed. Desmond remarks that someone is out there
trying to frame Quentin and that they’ve got to find out who it is. Daphne
agrees and tells him she thinks it’s Gerard. Desmond replies, “You think
that too?” He asks Daphne to keep an eye on Gerard. Daphne remarks,
“If it IS witchraft, then that means he’s a….”. Unbeknownst to them,
Trask is outside in the foyer eavesdropping.
Trask goes to Gerard and tells him that Desmond and Daphne are plotting
against him.
After Trask leaves, Gerard takes out the occult symbol and casts a
spell on Daphne.
Daphne has a dream in which she comes down the stairway at Collinwood
dressed in a wedding gown. She walks into the waiting arms of Gerard and
they kiss. She awakens, feeling deeply disturbed again, but once again
cannot remember the dream.
The inquest is held. Desmond goes over the evidence and proves that it
is all circumstantial and asks the judge to dismiss the case. The judge
agrees and does so, but stuns Desmond by telling him the inquest is not
finished yet, that there is yet another matter to consider. He calls
Trask up and asks, “Do you have the papers you we talked about?”. Trask
replies, “Yes” and gives him a sheaf of papers. The judge adjourns the
inquest, saying they’ll reconvene after he’s read the papers.
The inquest reconvenes. The judge announces that in view of the
evidence presented by Trask, he has no choice but to try Quentin for
Witchcraft. Desmond vehemently objects, saying no one has been tried for
Witchcraft for 150 years. The judge tells him that the law is still on
the books, that according to a law passed on April 23, 1692, if six or
more depositions are presented accusing a person of Witchcraft, then
that person must be tried for Witchcraft. He tells him that Trask has
presented the required number of depositions against Quentin and that
he must therefore try Quentin for Witchcraft, and if he is found guilty,
he’ll be sentenced to die in the manner prescribed by the aforementioned
law, beheading*…

*So why did they hang Victoria Winters if the penalty for Witchcraft
since 1692 is beheading?
Episode 1163
Tape Date: December 3, 1970 (ABC #248-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 9, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

At Rose Cottage, Flora hears a noise and looks out the window. She sees
a crowd outside and wonders what they’re doing there. Leticia comes
running in and exclaims that she went to the inquest, but found an angry
crowd outside, that someone yelled,”She’s one of them! She has second
sight!” and that the crowd started chasing her, that she ran but they
chased her all the way back to Rose Cottage. Desmond comes in. He tells
them the bad news, that Quentin is to be tried for Witchcraft. They are
shocked. He tells them he suspects someone is trying to frame Quentin and
that he suspects it’s Gerard. Flora tells him that’s ridiculous and leaves.
Desmond asks Leticia about Gerard’s history, about what she knows about
him. She tells him about how they met, how he saw her stage show and was
impressed by her powers of second sight. She tells him that Gerard had
no powers of his own, though. She agrees to help him keep an eye on
Flora, Carrie,Desmond and Leticia are in the cemetary after the
Daniel’s funeral. Carrie sees someone behind the trees and gasps,
“Someone been watching us, over there!”. Whoever it is runs off.
Flora, Carrie, Desmond and Leticia return to Rose Cottage, having been
unable to find who was spying on them. Carrie prepares to leave and go
back to Collinwood, but Leticia stops her and says, “Oh yes, there’s the
perfume I promised to lend you!”. They leave to get it. Flora tells
Desmond she’s worried about his defending Quentin, that with the ugly
mood in the village, people might accuse HIM of being in league with the
devil as well. Desmond tells her there’s no need to worry about that yet,
but that she must not tell anyone about the head he brought back from
Asia, that if people learn about that, they will accuse him of practicing
Carrie is walking in the woods back to Collinwood. She hears a noise
behind her and demands, “Who’s there?”. A young man of about 18 or 20
years of age comes out. He calls her by name. Shocked, she asks, “How
do you know my name?” He tells her, “I know quite a lot about you.
You’re Carrie Stokes, daughter of Amos Stokes and Margaret Bradbury”.
He introduces himself as Jeremy Grimes, son of Mordecai Grimes and
apologizes to her for the trouble his father has caused to the Collins
family, saying he’s embarassed about his father’s ’17th century mind’.
He tells her that he saw them in the cemetary after Daniel’s funeral
and felt sorry for them. Carrie exclaims, “That was you!”. He offers
to walk her back to Collinwood.
At Rose Cottage, Leticia tells Flora that she’s found something
interesting in the old newspapers she’s been having her research for her
book, that there were a series of attacks in 1797 just like the ones
that have happened recently, the victims having two bite holes on their
necks. Flora remarks, “Vampires live forever. Maybe it’s the same vampire
who attacked Roxanne.” She tells Leticia that there are some old family
diaries from that period at Collinwood and asks her to go get it, saying,
“If there’s a vampire in our midst, I’ve got to find out who it is!”
Jeremy and Carrie are outside the front door of Collinwood. He asks her
it they can see more of each other in the future. She says yes.
Barnabas goes to Rose Cottage. He and Desmond talk about Quentin.
Desmond remarks that he thinks it’s Gerard who’s trying to frame him.
Barnabas agrees. They agree that they must find proof against Gerard.
At Collinwood, Leticia walks into the drawing room and finds Carrie
in there. She is smiling broadly, and talks to Leticia of love. Leticia
remarks, “You’ve met someone, haven’t you? I can tell!” Carrie asks
Leticia to read her palm, asksing, “Will I be happy?” Leticia takes her
palm and looks at it. A strange expression comes over her face. She
replies, “Yes. You’ll be very happy”. Carrie asks, “I can tell from
your expression that that’s not what you saw. What did you see?”. Leticia
is evasive. Carrie exclaims, “You saw me and Tad dead, didn’t you? That’s
what I saw in the crystal ball!” She starts to cry and she and Leticia
Barnabas is in the drawing room of Rose Cottage with Flora. Flora
tells Barnabas she is very disappointed that she didn’t see him at
Daniel’s funeral. Barnabas explains that something came up. Flora tells
him that she’s just realized something very important, that if Roxanne
was turned into a vampire, it must have been another vampire that was
responsible, not witchcraft, as everyone is thinking. She tells him about
the attacks in 1797 she’s learned about and that she thinks it might be
the same vampire and has sent Leticia to Collinwood to fetch some old
diaries to see if she can find out from them who is. Leticia returns,
holding a pile of old diaries in her arms. Flora suddenly things of
something and exclaims, “Why didn’t I think of it before? There’s a
very simple way we can find out who turned Roxanne into a vampire! We
can hold a seance and ask her!” She asks Leticia to hold a seance.
They sit around the table. Leticia asks them to join hands in a circle.
She starts the seance. She calls for the spirit of Roxanne Drew to
appear. The door blows open. Roxanne’s ghost appears. Leticia asks,
“Will you tell us who turned you into a creature of the night, into
a vampire?”.
Roxanne’s ghost replies,”Yes! Yes!”
Episode 1164
Tape Date: December 14, 1970 (ABC #249-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 10, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Leticia asks, “Tell us! Tell us who made you into a vampire so that
others may avoid the same fate!” Roxanne’s ghost replies, “Angelique!
Angelique made me a vampire!” and vanishes. Leticia asks Flora,
“Angelique? Who’s Angelique?”. Flora replies, “I don’t know, but I can
tell from the look on Barnabas’ face that he does”. Barnabas replies,
“Yes, but it couldn’t be the same Angelique she was talking about. The
Angelique I knew was my mother.” After Barnabas leaves, Flora tells
Leticia that she doesn’t believe Barnabas, that his entire attitude was
suspicious, that he obviously didn’t want them to hold the seance, that
he intentionally broke the circle just as Roxanne was about to tell who
made her into a vampire, as if he were attempting to end the seance and
stop her from telling. She remarks that Gerard had told her Barnabas was
suspicious and not to be trusted, that after tonight, she believes him.
She tells Leticia that, not trusting Barnabas, she’s going to do some
investigation into “Angelique”. Barnabas, still outside the door,
is eavesdropping through the door and hears this.
Barnabas goes to Collinwood and tells Angelique about what happened
at Collinwood, saying he told Flora “Angelique” was his mother because
it was on record that the original Barnabas had married an Angelique.
He warns her to be careful, saying that Flora has vowed to learn the
truth. He asks her to use her powers to help Quentin. She refuses,
saying, “Quentin is guilty, and the sooner he is executed, the better for
Gerard goes to Rose Cottage. Flora asks him for a favor. He tells her
he’s come to ask her a favor too. He tells her he’d like her to spend
more time at Collinwood. She tells him her favor. She asks him if he’s
seen a book called “The Journal of Judah Zachary”, saying Desmond’s been
looking for it and she thought maybe he took it by mistake when he moved
his things to Collinwood. He tells her he hasn’t seen it. She leaves to
continue looking for the Journal. Leticia come in and looks at Gerard
strangely. After Gerard leaves, Flora comes into the room and, noticing
the strange expression on her face, asks, “Is something wrong?”. Leticia
replies, “Yes. Something’s very wrong. He’s different, very different,
and it frightens me!”.
Gerard returns to Collinwood and finds Daphne in the drawing room.
He assures her that her suspicions are wrong, that he doesn’t want the
Collins inheritance and can’t wait for Quentin to be released so he can
give it back to him. Daphne tells her she is worried about whether that
will happen. Gerard tries to comfort her, but she accuses him of trying
to steal her from Quentin as well and leaves. Gerard takes out his occult
charm and casts a spell…
In her room, Daphne falls asleep and has a dream. It is a continuation
of the last one she had. In it, Gerard puts a wedding ring on her finger.
They are married. They then find themselves in bed, kissing. Daphne tells
Gerard she has never been so happy in her life.
Daphne wakes up exclaiming, “Gerard!”. She wonders why she said his
name. Again she is disturbed but cannot remember the dream.
Downstair, Gerard hears the front door and quickly puts away the
amulet. Angelique comes into the drawing room and asks him if she could
borrow a book from him. She asks if she could borrow the book he had
mentioned earlier, “The Journal of Judah Zachary”, saying it sounded
interesting. He tells her he can’t, that it’s Desmond’s, and that Desmond
seems to have misplaced it. She asks him about Quentin’s past. She asks
what he knew about Quentin when they were on the ship together, about
whether Quentin practiced the occult then. He replies that they were both
interested in it, but neither of them practiced it. He asks why she asks.
She tells him she thinks Quentin has changed lately. Daphne walks into the
drawing room. Angelique leaves. Gerard complains to Daphne that everyone
in the house hates him now. She comforts him. They nearly kiss, but
Daphne pulls away at the last moment. Gerard leaves. She wonders why she
did this. She finds another letter addressed to her on the table. She
opens it and reads it. It says, “I am coming for you now. Please don’t
be afraid. What I am about to do I do because I love you”. It is signed
“Your loving sister, Joanna”. The front doors blow open. Daphne goes into
the foyer and shuts them. When she turns back around, she sees a black
cape lying on the floor. She picks it up and gasps, “Joanna’s cape!” and
screams, “Joanna, where are you?.” She hears a noise coming from the
landing. She looks up and sees a shadowy figure standing there.
Frightened, she runs into the drawing room and closes the doors.
Episode 1165
Tape Date: November 30, 1970 (ABC #250-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 11, 1970 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Daphne cowers in the drawing room. The door knobs turn, and the doors
start to open. A woman walks in. It’s Samantha. She asks Daphne what’s
wrong, saying she heard her screaming all the way from upstairs. Daphne
replies that someone came into the house, that she found a cape out in the
foyer. She goes out to the foyer to show her, but there’s no cape there.
They go back into the drawing room. Samantha tells Daphne she must have
been frightened by her own imagination and tells her she doesn’t think
she’s a fit governess for Tad, that her husband hired her just for her
pretty face. Suddenly, Samantha gasps, “Oh my God!” and points toward
the drapes. Daphne asks her what’s the matter. Samantha tells her she saw
a figure by the drapes, that it just disappeared. Daphne asks, “What did
she look like?” Samantha asks,”How did you know it was a she?” and
accuses Daphne of knowing all about the evil spirit, that she was
responsible for bring it into the house, that it was what she must have
seen earlier but kept secret.
At the jail, Desmond tells Quentin that Judge Vail has denied his
request to have the charges dropped. He adds that the prosecutor, Amos
Fuller, has resigned. Quentin asks, “Who will be prosecutor,then?”
Desmond replies that a new one hasn’t be appointed yet, but that he fears
it might be Lamar Trask. Quentin assures him the court would never allow
At Collinwood, Tad tells Samantha he’s worried about the trial tomorrow
and begs her to testify on Quentin’s behalf. She tells him she’ll do what
she must do. Desmond comes. Samantha asks Tad to go upstairs. He does.
She tells Desmond she’d like to take Tad away. He reminds her that if she
does, Tad won’t get his inheritance when he turns 21.
Daphne goes to visit Quentin in jail. He notices that something is
wrong and asks her what it is. She is reluctant to tell him, but he
presses her and she tells him,”Joanna has returned from the grave!” He
asks her what she means. She reluctantly shows him the letter. Quentin
remarks, “Joanna would never do this!” She tells him what happened.
Quentin asks, “Did you see her?” Daphne replies that she didn’t, but
tells him that Samantha saw something.
The trial begins. Desmond tells the tribunal of three judges overseeing
the case that he has learned why Amos Fuller has resigned as prosecutor,
because he thought this trial was ridiculous, and asks that this fact
be entered into the official record to show that there is at least one
voice of sanity. Judge Vail, the leading judge, allows this. The judge
tells Desmond that a new prosecutor has been appointed and that he should
be here any minute. The door opens and the new prosecutor comes in and
walks to the prosecuting attorney’s table. It is Charles Dawson. Desmond
and Quentin are shocked. Desmond objects, saying according to law, the
prosecutor must be a resident of Collinsport. Dawson replies that he is,
as of last week. Desmond objects, “According to law, the prosecutor must
have been a resident for at least 3 calendar months”. The judge replies
that that is the case in a regular trial, but that this is not a regular
trial and overrules his objection. Dawson goes to Quentin and explains
that he accepted the job because someone’s going to do it whether it’s
him or someone else, and that he accepted to make sure he gets a fair
trial. Quentin believes this. Desmond is skeptical, telling Quentin he
doesn’t trust Gerard and is suspicious of his friend Dawson.
Charles Dawson gives his opening statements. He recounts how mysterious
incidents have been going on in Collinsport and tells the court the he
will prove that Quentin Collins is responsible for them, that Quentin
will be found guilty and given the punishment proscribed by law,
beheading. Quentin, shocked by the vehemence of Dawson’s opening statement,
whispers to Desmond he’s going to talk to Gerard about this.
Dawson continues, telling the court that he had planned to call as
his first witness Lamar Trask, but that a new witness has stepped forward.
He calls to the witness stand Samantha Collins. Desmond, shocked, objects,
saying a wife cannot testify against a husband. Judge Vail once again
overrules his objection, saying again that this is not a regular trial and
the regular rules don’t apply.
Samantha testifies that Quentin has brought into the house an evil
spirit, that she’s seen it. Desmond dismisses it as a figment of her
imagination. Samantha shouts, “I’m not the only one who’s seen it.
She knows all about it!”, pointing to Daphne…
Episode 1166
Tape Date: December 1, 1970 (ABC #251-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 14, 1970 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

To prove this, Dawson pulls out a book and identifies it as the diary
of Quentin Collins. He opens it to a page, gives it to Samantha and asks
her to read it to the court. Samantha reads out an entry in which Quentin
writes about having the seance with Daphne where they attempted to reach
Joanna. Dawson calls Daphne to the witness stand for questioning. Desmond
objects, saying he has the right to cross examine Samantha. Judge Vail
tells him he’ll get a chance to do that later. Desmond objects that
according to law, he has the right to do so NOW. The Judge once again
tells him that the rules governing a regular trial don’t hold here and
orders Daphne to the witness stand. Daphne refuses, telling the court
that she won’t be a witness against Quentin because she believes him
innocent. Judge Vail tells her she must, stating again that the rules for
a Witchcraft tribunal are different from those for a regular trial and
that she does not have the right of refusal that she would have in a
regular trial. Daphne reluctantly takes the witness stand and recounts
the seance. Desmond goes to cross-examine Daphne, telling the court,
“I will establish what my opponent has not, the PURPOSE of this seance.”
He questions Daphne and gets her to tell the court that strange things
had been happening in the house and Quentin was holding the seance to
try to stop them.
Daphne having been questioned, Desmond finally gets to call Samantha
to the witness stand for cross-examination. He asks her why she thinks
Quentin would want to summon the spirit of Joanna Mills. Samantha replies
that Joanna was his mistress, that she would not give him a divorce and
let them marry so he has now summoned up her spirit to haunt her. Desmond
asks that Samantha’s testimony be stricken because her last remarks prove
that she is prejudiced against Quentin and cannot be an unbiased witness.
The court agrees. Judge Vail adjourns the trial till 10:00 in the morning
next Monday.
Daphne returns to Collinwood. She finds Samantha already there in the
drawing room. Samantha asks, “What took you so long getting back here?”
and remarks that she must’ve gone to visit Quentin in jail. She accuses
Daphne of being in love with Quentin and tells her, “You’re wasting your
time. Quentin will be found guilty, then he’ll die!” Daphne remonstrates
Samantha for testifying against Quentin, asking “What would Tad think?”
Samanthat tells her Tad will never find out and fires her.
Desmond is talking to Quentin at his cell. Quentin congratulates him
on getting Samantha’s testimony disallowed. Desmond replies that it’s too
early for congratulations, that there are still many witnesses to come.
He tells Quentin that the way Dawson “crucified” him on behalf of Gerard
proves that he can’t trust Gerard. Quentin replies that he would like to
give Gerard the benefit of a doubt and would like to speak to him first
before condemning him. Samantha comes in. Desmond leaves to let them
speak in private. Samantha tells Quentin she has fired Daphne. Quentin
is furious and tells her she has no right to do that. She tells him he’s
no longer master of Collinwood and can’t stop her.
At Collinwood, Daphne dozes off and has another dream, a continuation
of the one she had earlier. She is one again in her “bridal” room. Her
wedding gown lies on a chair. She starts to talk to Gerard, but looks
around and finds that he’s not in the room. She leaves to find him.
Daphne awakens and once again finds that she has had yet another
disturbing dream she cannot remember. She thinks and finds that she can
remember a room in the dream she has never seen before. She gets up and
goes to search for it. She finds herself drawn to an unused room of the
house and to a certain door. She opens a door and finds a room that looks
just for the one in the dream. She looks on the chair and sees a wedding
gown lying on it, just like in the dream…
Episode 1167
Tape Date: December 7, 1970 (ABC #252-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 15, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Daphne, still unable to remember the dream, thinks to herself, “Where
have I seen this dress before?” Carrie walks into the room and seeing
Daphne in there, remarks, “So, you like to explore the house too!” She
sees the wedding dress, picks it up and asks, “What’s this doing here?”
Daphne tells her to put down, saying, “It’s probably been here for years”.
Carrie, puzzled, replies, “But it looks like it’s in style”. Daphne says,
“Let’s leave”. Carrie remarks that she’s got the strange feeling that
something important is going to happen in this room. Daphne replies that
that’s just her imagination and they leave. Gerard comes out ot the
shadows of an adjoining room, picks up the dress and smiles.
Trask and Gerard are discussing the trial. Trask complains that the
people are getting restless and they’ve got to find a way to end it
quicker. He suggests to Gerard that he talk to his friend Dawson about
this. Gerard replies that he has no influence on Dawson, that he had
nothing to do with his being appointed as prosecutor. Trask remarks that
Quentin should not be alone in the accused’s box, that there is another
who should be there with him, Barnabas Collins. Gerard protests that
there’s no case against him. Trask agrees, but says he still thinks he
had something to do with Roxanne becoming a vampire. Gerard remarks, “But
in order to turn someone into a vampire, a vampire is required, and we
know Quentin isn’t a vampire.” Trask replies, “Well, maybe Barnabas is…”
Gerard suggests that they talk to Flora about this, that she’s writing
a book on vampirism and has done a lot of research into old documents.
Without mentioning any names, of course. Trask leaves. Daphne walks into
the drawing room. Seeing Gerard, she remarks, “Oh. I didn’t know you were
in here. I find it hard to stay in the same room with you after hearing
your friend Charles Dawson tried to do to Quentin in court.” and turns
to leave. Gerard stops her and tells her he has nothing to do with
Dawson’s actions, that in fact when he heard he was going to be appointed
prosecutor, he begged Dawson not to take the position, to no avail. He
concludes by saying, “Charles Dawson is no longer my friend”. Daphne
apparently believes this, and her expression softens. Gerard asks, “Why
didn’t you tell me you saw Joanna’s ghost? Why don’t you trust me?” and
again offers to help her in any way possible. He sweet talks her, then
they kiss…
Jeremy is at Rose Cottage, doing Flora’s accounts. Flora remarks on his
talents as an accountant and how glad she is to have him working for her
part time. She remarks on how glad she is that he is so very different
from his father, then realizing that what she said could be interpreted as
an insult, apologizes for being too blunt. He tells her that he doesn’t
take it as an insult. He asks her about Carrie, asking if she thinks
Carrie is too young to court. Flora replies that he’d have to talk to
her sponsor Quentin about that. Jeremy replies that he couln’t possibly
ask Quentin, being the son of Mordecai Grimes. Flora suggests he talk to
Gerard, who is now master of Collinwood. Jeremy broadly hints, “Don’t you
have an errand for me to run?” Flora, puzzled, replies, “No, I don’t
think so…” Jeremy continues,”You know, an errand to Collinwood?”.
Flora, now getting the hint, replies, “Of course! How could I have
forgotten!” and gives him some books, telling him to take them to
Geard and Trask come to Rose Cottage and ask Flora about her research
into vampirism. Flora tells her that she’s gone through some old
newspapers and found that this is not the first time there have been
vampire attacks before, although they didn’t know what was going on at
the time, that there were vampiere attacks in Collinsport starting in the
fall of the year 1796 and lasting six months. Trask remarks, “That’s the
time my father came here to investigate and disappeared…” Gerard asks,
“Who lived at Collinwood at that time?” Flora replies, “Daniel was a
child at that time and lived there. Ben Stokes was here too, and so was
Barnabas’ father”. Gerard remarks to Trask, “If only Daniel were still
alive, he could tell us about what happened back then, or Ben…”
Carrie is in the drawing room. She is surprised when someone comes up
behind her and puts his hands over her eyes. She is delighted when she
turns around and finds it’s Jeremy Grimes. She remarks, “Your father
would furious if he found out you were here.” He replies, “He’ll never
find out, then”. They hear then front door, then the voices of Gerard
and Trask outside in the foyer. Carrie gasps, “Oh no! Trask! If he sees
you here he’ll tell you father! Hide!”. Jeremy hides behind the curtains.
Gerard and Trask come in. Gerard asks Carrie where Ben’s belongings are,
saying there’s some books he’d like to borrow. Seeing that she appears
nervous, he asks what’s wrong. She explains that she’s still upset about
her grandfather’s death and still gets upset when his name is mentioned.
She tells him Ben’s things are still in his room. Gerard and Trask leave.
Jeremy comes out from behind the curtains. Carrie tells her he’s got to
leave, that Gerard and Trask will be coming back down any moment now.
He leaves, telling her to meet him later.
It is 2:34. Gerard and Trask come downstairs into the foyer. Trask
holding a book, remarks, “I’m surprised Ben kept a diary”. Gerard corrects
him, saying,”Not a diary, a journal, written long after the fact”. He
looks at the portrait of Barnabas and remarks that Barnabas sure looks a
lot like his father. Trask replies,”If he is a vampire, then it IS him.
Vampires live forever”. Gerard remarks, “But we’ve looked all through
Ben’s journal and there’s nothing in there that would indicate that he is
a vampire.” Trask replies that Ben was Barnabas’ loyal servant and would
not knowingly write in the journal that he was a vampire and risk someone
finding out, but might say something by accident. He tells him he’s found
an entry that seems to do this. He reads an entry that says, “On the day
after I testified in the Witchcraft trial, Reverend Trask made the mistake
of learning about the secret in the basement of the Old House…” He tells
him about the sounds he heard in the basement and tells him he now
suspects it was the spirit of his father trying to communicate with him.
They decide to go to the old house to investigate.
Gerard and Trask go to the basement of the old house and tear down the
wall behind which Trask heard the sounds. They find a chained skeleton
behind the wall. Trask exclaims,”My father! What a horrible way to die!”.
Gerard remarks, “We’re not sure it’s your father. We’ll have to find
proof of that”. He goes throuh the pockets of the clothes worn by the
skeleton and finds a folded note. He gives it to Trask. Trask starts to
open it…
Episode 1168
Tape Date: December 8, 1970 (ABC #253-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 16, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Trask reads the note aloud. It says, “If you want to find out who’s
responsible for all the attacks, go look in the basement of the old
house during the daytime. Do not let Ben Stokes stop you from seeing the
master of the house else he will live forever to continue the attacks.”.
Trask remarks that the “original” Barnabas Collins was the master of the
old house at the time. The note is signed “A”. Trask looks at the date
and sees that it bears the date just before the date his father
disappeared. He remarks that the note, though cryptic, proves to his
satisfaction that Barnabas is a vampire. He adds that he’s just realized
that they’ve never seen Barnabas during the daytime, that he did not attend
Daniel’s funeral, that he didn’t even attend Roxanne’s funeral though he
loved her. They turn to leave, but Gerard exclaims, “Wait! We can’t leave
the wall like that!”. They pull a heavy bureau over to cover the hole in
the wall.
Upstairs, Barnabas comes out of his coffin in the secret room behind
the bookcase.
Gerard and Trask start up the stairs but stop when they hear Barnabas’
voice asking,”There’s hope?”. They then hear Julia’s voice reply, “Yes,
there’s hope”. She tells him that the trial has been going well so far,
that Desmond has made some brilliant legal moves. They then discuss
briefly whethere their suspicions about Gerard might be right. Barnabas
then tells Julia, “I’m goint to town to see Quentin. Do you want to come
with me?”. Julia replies that she can’t, that she has to go to
Collinwood. They leave. Trask asks Gerard, “I wonder what they suspect
you of?” Gerard deflects the question by saying he doesn’t know, but
they’ve got more important things to do than try to find out.
Gerard returns to Collinwood. Carrie confronts him and demands, “Did
you and Mr.Trask take my grandfather’s diary?” Gerard replies that they
did. Carrie, clearly upset, asks, “Why didn’t you ask me first?” Gerard
replies that they tried to find her but couldn’t. Carrie demands to know
why they took it. Gerard lies that Flora is writing a book and needed it
for research. Carrie angrily tells him that a diary is personal and they
had no right to take it. She demands he give it back to her. He tells her
it doesn’t have it. She asks, “Does Flora have it, then?” He answers that
she does. She asks him to go get it. He tells her he doesn’t have the time
to do that right now. She tells him she’ll go get it herself, then. He
yells, “NO! IT’S TOO LATE FOR YOU TO GO OUT!” Shocked at his yelling
at her, she asks, “What’s happened to you Gerard? You’ve been acting so
differently lately. You never would’ve screamed at me before…”. He
apoligizes and tells her he’s been acting strangely because of the stress
of all that’s happened lately, Quentin’s being arrested and him being
named heir in the will. She tells him, “But you started acting differently
before all that!” He tells her it must have been her imagination and
leaves. Carrie thinks to herself, “Oh, Gerard, please be like you were
before. I used to like you so much….”
Julia walks into the drawing room and finds Carrie sitting alone in
there. She asks her, “What’s wrong? I can see from the expression on your
face that something is.”. Carrie tells her that she’s upset because
Gerard seems to have changed recently. She tells her that she found out
that Gerard had go to Ben’s room and taken something without asking her,
and that when she had confronted him about it, he lied that he tried to
find her and ask her but couldn’t, but that she know he was lying because
she was in the house the whole time. Julia asks, “What did he take?”.
Carrie replies, “My grandfather’s diary”. Julia abruptly excuses herself
and leaves.
Julia goes to the old house and tells Barnabas, who’s returned from
town, about Gerard taking Ben’s diary. Julia is worried about what Ben
wrote in his diary. Barnabas assures her that Ben was too loyal to him
to ever write anything down to reveal his secret knowing that it might
fall into the wrong hands, but Julia tells him that Ben might have
ACCIDENTLY let something slip out and begs him to leave Collinsport.
Barnabas refuses, saying they have things to do here. Julia tells him to
leave and let her take care of things. He refuses, saying he’d never leave
her here alone. Julia asks, “But Barnabas, what are we going to do?”
The clock in the foyer at Collinwood strikes 1:30. Trask comes in and
finds Gerard in the foyer. Trask pulls out a pistol. Gerard asks, “Is it
loaded with silver bullets?” Trask replies that it is and gives it to
him. Gerard asks him why he’s giving it to him. Trask tells him that he’s
going to have to testify at the trial tomorrow and that therefore he,
Gerard, will have to be the one who destroys Barnabas tomorrow. Gerard
protests, “Ah, but you’ve forgotten one thing. We don’t know where his
hiding place is.” Trask replies, “You’ll have to look for it. We know
one thing. It isn’t in the old house. We searched it from top to bottom.”
Gerard remarks, “Did you ever consider that it might be in a secret room
in the old house?” Trask answers,”If that’s so, how would we ever find
it? Ben’s diary didn’t mention any secret hiding room”. Gerard smiles and
replies, “You would look in the archtect’s original plans. I did, and I
found it. Tomorrow, I’ll go into the drawing room of the old house, pull
open the bookcase and find Barnabas Collins sleepling behind it…”
It is the next day. Julia is at the old house. There’s a knock at the
door. Julia goes to the door and opens it. It’s Gerard. He forces his way
in, holding the gun Julia asks him what he wants. He announces, “I came
here to look!”. Julia asks “Look for what?”. He replies, “You know, but if
you want to continue your game and pretend that you don’t, go ahead.”
Holding the gun on her, he walks over to the bookcase and reaches out for
it, but is startled to hear a male voice call out, “Gerard! What do you
want? A book? Perhaps I could help you.” He looks over toward the
direction from which the voice came and is shocked to see Barnabas
standing on the stairs. He gasps,”Barnabas! But it’s daylight!” Barnabas
nonchalently replies, “Of course it is. What do you expect at 2 o’clock
in the afternoon? Now if you would tell me the name of the book you want,
perhaps I could help you find it. What DO you want, Gerard?”
Episode 1169
Tape Date: December 9, 1970 (ABC #254-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 17, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Gerard gasps,”I can’t believe it! You’re standing here in front of me
in broad daylight!” Barnabas replies, “What’s so strange about that?
What are you talking about, Gerard?”. Gerard replies,”Vampirism, that’s
what!” Barnabas acts puzzled and asks, “Vampirism? What makes you think
I’m a vampire?”. Gerard continues, “I know you are. I don’t know what
you’ve done, but…”. Angelique comes down the stairs, sees Gerard and
says, “Hello, Gerard..”. Gerard, realizing what must have happened,
leaves. Barnabas asks Angelique what she wants in excange for her help.
Angelique replies that she wants nothing. Julia is skeptical and remarks
that she doesn’t believe this, that she’s never done anything out of
altruism before and she doesn’t believe she would this time. Angelique
swears that she helped Barnabas out of love and expects nothing in return.
Barnabas thanks Julia for warning him about Gerard, saying that if she
hadn’t, he’d be lying in his coffin now, dead forever. He asks her to
leave so that he may speak to Angelique in private. Julia leaves. Barnabas
asks Angelique,”Now that Julia is gone, you can tell me the truth. What
do you want in return for lifting the curse?”. Angelique again says that
she expects nothing in return. She tells him she loves him so much that
she would rather see him out from under her control than destroyed. She
tells him everything she’s done she’s done to try to make him love her,
that all she has ever wanted was for him to love her, but that nothing
has worked, so she now releases him. Barnabas tells her, “I’m sorry, but
you can’t will love…”. Barnabas asks Angelique if the lifting of the
curse is permanent. Angelique pauses for a long time and replies, “Yes.
It is”. She asks him to hold her, saying she’s worried about him because
he’s now a normal man and can be harmed or killed like a normal man, and
he has enemies to worry about. He hugs her. He tells her that for the first
time since she came from Martenique, he understands her.
Barnabas goes to Collinwood and talks to Julia in the drawing room.
She warns him against trusting Angelique and blurts out, “Barnabas, I
care for you too much…”, then abruptly stops and rephrases herself,
“You’re too good a friend of mine for me to see you hurt…”. Barnabas,
looking uncomfortable, excuses himself, saying he’d like to take a walk
in the sunlight.
The clock in the foyer shows 4:50. Julia goes into the foyer and runs
into Gerard there. Gerard asks, “When was the last time you saw your
brother in the sunlight?” Julia replies, “About a half an hour ago”.
Gerard asks, “And before that?” Julia replies, “I see him in the daylight
every day”. Gerard remarks,”Then you’re the only one.” He goes to the
portrait and asks, “Who’s that?”. Julia replies, “You know. It’s the
original Barnabas Collins, mine and Barnabas’ father.”. Gerard remarks,
“I don’t believe that. I believe that it’s Barnabas himself, that he’s
a vampire and has survived unchanged all these years.”. Julia nonchalently
replies, “You know, I’m worried about you, Gerard. You seem to have
become caught up in all the hysteria that’s been going around” and leaves.
Gabriel comes in and asks Gerard for his check. Gerard reaches into his
pocket, takes out a check and gives it to him. Gabriel looks at it and
complain,”This is only half of what I’m supposed to get!”. Gerard replies,
“This trial is taking quite a drain on the family finances. While it’s
going on, you and everyone else is going to get only half of your
allowance” and leaves. Gabriel rolls into the drawing room, angrily wads
up the check and throws it into the fire.
Angelique is sitting at a desk in the drawing room of the old house
writing something with a quill pen. Barnabas, having finished his walk,
returns to the old house. He remarks to Angelique how beautiful everthing
is in the daylight and how happy he is. He sees Angelique writing and
remarks, “You’re busy today, aren’t you? What are you doing?”. Angelique
replies, “I’m writing a note to Charles Dawson. He’s asked me to testify
at the trial.” Barnabas asks, “You’re not going to do it, are you?”
Angelique replies that she is. Barnabas, shocked, exclaims, “But he’s the
prosecutor. That means he wants you to testify AGAINST Quentin!
You can’t! Quentin is innocent!” Angelique replies, “NO! Quentin is
possessed by the spirit of Judah Zachary and must never be released!”.
Barnabas, surprised at the mention of the name, asks, “How do you know
about Judah Zachary?” Angelique laughs and remarks, “You’ve known me all
these years and never knew how I became what I am!” She recounts to
him the story of how she was once a member of Zachary’s coven but turned
on him and testified against him at his trial and was responsible for
having him found guilty and executed. Barnabas remarks, “Then you’re the
‘Miranda’ they talked about in the newspapers!”. Angelique replies that
she is, that after the trial, she was relocated to the West Indies, to
Martenique, as part of the deal for testifying. Barnabas asks her, “Why
do you think Quentin has been possessed by Judah Zachary?” Angelique
tells him she first thought Gerard was Judah Zachary because he called
her “Miranda”, but that he came up with an explanation for this. He tells
her how she cast a spell to find out who had been possessed by Judah
Zachary and found out it was Quentin. Barnabas tells her she must have
been tricked, that it is Gerard and not Quentin who has been possessed by
Judah Zachary. She asks him how he can be so sure. He replies that he’s
from the future, and in the future, Collinwood has been destroyed, and is
haunted by the ghost of the man who destroyed it, Gerard. Angelique tells
Barnabas that she is totally confused now and asks him what she should do.
He asks her not to testify against Quentin. She agrees not to.
Julia goes into the drawing room and finds Gabriel in there, very
upset. She gives him a drink. He vows, “I will break the will!” He hears
Daniel’s voice saying “Do not try! Do not try!” Frightened, he asks
Julia, “Did you hear that?”. Julia, puzzled, replies, “Hear what?” and
Gabriel goes to his room. The window blows open and Daniel’s ghost
appears. He drones, “Murderer! You killed me!”. Gabriel whines, “NO!
It was Gerard! He maneuvered me into doing what I did!”. But Daniel’s
ghost apparently does not accept his excuse and continues, “Beware!
I will haunt you, and I will kill you as you did me!”. Gabriel begs,
“NO! It wasn’t me, it was Gerard!”, but Daniels ghost just disappears.
Gabriel angrily exclaims, “Gerard! I’ll make sure you never hurt me
Gerard is in the drawing room of Collinwood, engrossed in analyzing a
chess position. Behind him, the secret panel to the right of the fireplace
opens, and Gabriel WALKS out into the drawing room. He quietly sneaks up
behind Gerard and knocks him out with a blow to the head. He then takes a
cord out from under his coat, wraps it around Gerard’s neck and starts to
strangle him…
Episode 1170
Tape Date: December 10, 1970 (ABC #255-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 18, 1970 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Gabriel, strangling Gerard, hears the front door open and Leticia’s
voice calling “Is anyone home?”. He quickly runs over to the the window
and hides behind the curtains. Leticia comes into the drawing room and
finds Gerard lying on the floor unconscious. She hears a noise coming
from the direction of the window. She goes there and finds the window
open. Gabriel is hiding just outside. Leticia is about to look outside,
but she hears Gerard regain consciousness and start to moan. She quickly
goes to him and asks “What happened?”. Gerard takes the cord from around
his neck, looks at it and says, “Someone tried to kill me! I didn’t see
who it was.” Leticia points out the open window to him and remarks,”I
think he came in through there”. Gerard looks around, sees the open
secret panel next to the fireplace and, getting it backwards, concludes,
“And I think he went out through there…” He goes in there to search.
Leticia screams, “You’re not leaving me here alone!” and runs in after
him. Gabriel comes back into the drawing room through the window.
Gabriel and Leticia wander through the secret passages, trying to
find the attacker. Leticia remarks, “They go on forever, don’t they…”
Gabirel, now back in his wheelchair, rolls into the foyer and runs
into Carrie in there. He notices her staring at him and asks, “What are
you gaping at?”. She replies, “Your shoes! They’re muddy! How did that
happen?” Gabriel looks at his shoes, notices that they are muddy, and
lies, “A clumsy servant was carrying me out of a carriage and dropped
my legs onto the ground.” Carrie is satisfied with this explanation and
goes upstairs.
Gerard and Leticia, not having found anything, come back out of the
secret passage into the drawing room and see Gabriel there. Gabriel sees
them coming out of the secret panel and sarcastically remarks, “Surveying
your domain, Gerard?” Leticia exclaims,”There’s a murderer in this house!
Someone tried to kill Gerard!” Gabriel looks at Gerard and sarcastically,
remarks “Really? I didn’t think you had any enemies.”. Gerard asks, “I
think he escaped through here. Did you know there was a secret passage
here?”. Gabriel replies, “Yes. We all used to play in there when we were
children. Does that make me a suspect?”. Gerard replies that he would
suspect him if it were not for the fact that he could not walk. Leticia,
surprised at Gabriel’s nonchalence, asks him how he can be so calm when
someone has just tried to murder Gerard. Gabriel replies, “As long as
it’s not me..” and rolls off. Leticia asks Gerard, “Aren’t you going to
call the police?” Gerard replies, “No. I’ll take care of it myself.” He
asks, “Why did you come here in the first place?”. Leticia replies, “I came
here to deliver a message from Desmond. He wants to know why you ignored
Quentin’s note requesting that you go and see him. He says that Quentin
is very upset.” Gerard makes some excuse about having been busy and
tells her he’ll go see Quentin right away.
Gabriel visits Quentin in jail and tells him they’ve got to find a
way to break the will, saying he doesn’t trust Gerard and fears that
Tad will not live till his 21st birthday to get his inheritance. Quentin
replies that he’s come to have some reservations about Gerard too, but
will have to talk to him first before coming to any conclusions.
Daphne walks into the drawing room and finds Carrie in there drawing
a sketch of Jeremy. She remarks, “That must be Jeremy Grimes”. Carrie,
shocked, asks how she knew about Jeremy. Daphne replies that Tad told her.
Carrie, upset that Tad told her something she had told him in confidence,
begs Daphne not to tell anyone about this, saying that if Jeremy’s father
Mordecai learns that his son has been coming to Collinwood, he’ll become
furious and disown him. Daphne promises she won’t and remarks, “Yes.
Mordecai Grimes does seem to be part of the general hysteria going around.
I wonder if with all this hysteria Quentin can get a fair trial…”
Gerard visits Quentin in jail. Quentin angrily demands to know why
his friend Charles Dawson is trying to crucify him in court. Gerard tells
him Dawson is now a former friend, that when he found out he was going to
be the prosecutor, he begged him not to accept the job, but that Dawson
refused, that he wanted to make a name for himself, even if was to be
at Quentin’s expense. He tells Quentin he severed their friendship then
and there. He again assures Quentin that he only considers himself the
caretaker of the Collins fortune, and nothing will make him happier than
to give it back to him when he is found innocent and released. He then
tells Quentin that it appears they have a common enemy. He tells him about
the attack and tells him he thinks it’s the same person who’s trying to
frame him. Quentin asks, “Is Daphne still receiving those mysterious
letters?” Gerard replies that she has. Quentin remarks, “You know, every-
thing started about the same time I started to receive those mysterious
letters. I think the same person is responsible for everything.” Gerard
thinks and then says, “Do you remember that there was a pattern to the
notes you received? Perhaps there’s one to the one’s Daphne’s receiving
too. Perhaps I can find out what it is and find out who’s been writing
these letters..”
Daphne walks downstairs into the foyer and is startled to smell
Joanna’s perfume in the air. The strains of Joanna’s music then start to
come from inside the drawing room, the doors of which are closed. She
goes and opens the door, but finds that it’s only Leticia and Carrie in
there. Leticia is playing the piano, apparently playing what sheet music
was already there. Daphne asks, “Has there been anyone else around here
recently, in the last few minutes?” Leticia replies, “No. Just me and
Carrie. Why?” Daphne replies, “Oh nothing. I just thought I smelled
something familiar”. She asks Carrie to let her speak to Leticia in
private. Carrie leaves. Daphne tells Leticia she’s heard about her
second sight and asks her to help her. She tells her she wants to know
if there’s a spirit in the house. Leticia closes her eyes and uses her
second sight. She concentrates for a while then tells Daphne, “No. I
don’t feel anything. There’s no spirit in the house”. Then suddenly,
a strange look comes across her face and she gasps, “Something has
happened! I can feel the vibrations! Yes, there IS a spirit somewhere in
the house now. An evil spirit!” Out in the foyer, Gerard has just entered
through the front door. Obviously, the evil spirit is him. He listens and
hears Daphne saying, “Where is the spirit?” He is relieved to hear
Leticia reply, “I don’t know. It wasn’t here a minute ago, but it’s
somewhere in the house right now”. Gerard rushes into the drawing room
and tells them it must be Joanna somewhere. Daphne, upset, walks out into
the foyer. There, she exclaims that there’s another letter for her on the
table. Gerard and Leticia quickly rush into the foyer. Gerard takes the
letter and reads it out loud. It says, “Tonight I will come. Tonight I
will succeed!” Leticia asks what it means. Daphne fearfully explains that
the spirit of her sister is going to come and kill her tonight. Leticia
tells her to come stay with her at Rose Cottage tonight. Daphne replies
that she can’t, that she’s alone here tonight with the children and has
to stay. Gerard remarks, “Hmmm. Whoever wrote this seems to have known
that you would be alone. Let’s see if we can find out who it is…”
It is the middle of the night. A cloaked figure sneaks into Daphne’s
room. It goes to the bed, where a figure lies sleeping, raises a knife
and prepares to strike. Suddenly, the sleeper sits up and grabs the
hand holding the knife. The person in bed is revealed to be not Daphne,
but Gerard. He looks at the attacker and exclaims, “It’s you! It’s really
Episode 1171
Tape Date: December 14, 1970 (ABC #256-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 21, 1970 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Gerard exclaims, “It’s you! I knew it would be you!”. The attacker is
Samantha. Gerard disarms her and orders her to “Tell me what you’ve been
doing. Tell me it all! Tell me about then notes!”. Samantha denies
having written any notes. Gerard tells her he knew she was behind
everything after she tried to kill him yesterday when he asked himself
who it might be. She denies having tried to kill him and refuses to tell
him anything. He threatens to go to the police if she doesn’t and charge
her with attempted murder. She exclaims that she wasn’t trying to kill
Daphne, just scare her into leaving Collinwood. He remarks, “You’re going
to be very useful go me!” and asks that she tell him everything she knows
about the notes and Joanna. She still refuses. He again threatens to go
to the authorities. He tells her he’ll give her a little time to think
about it.
Trask, having received a note requesting him to come to Rose Cottage
from Flora, goes to Rose Cottage. Flora asks him about the results of his
investigation. Trask tells him that their suspicions about Barnabas being
a vampire turned out to be wrong. She remarks, “You look upset”. He tells
her about finding his father walled up in the basement of the old house.
He tells her that he’s certain Barnabas Collins’ father did it. Flora
defends Barnabas, saying there’s no proof he did it, and anyway, you can’t
blame him for the misdeeds of his father. Trask blows up, shouting, “YOU
CALL COLD-BLOODED MURDER A ‘MISDEED’?!”. He reprimands her for her
interest in the occult. He decries the fact that her son Desmond is
defending Quentin the warlock. He tells her he finds the whole Collins
family suspicious.
In Daphne’s room at Collinwood, Samantha learns that Gerard too is
‘against Quentin’, but tell him she refuses to help him because if he’s
against Quentin, he’s probably against Tad, too. Gerald tells her he isn’t,
that he loves Tad and is only against Quentin. She starts to talk. She
tells him about Joanna, about how she was Randall’s girlfriend, how
Quentin met her, became entranced with her and stole her from Randall,
how Quentin had asked her for a divorce, how he eventually broke up with
Joanna after she refused to give him one. She recounts that Joanna went
crazy and was put in an asylum after Quentin left her. She tells him she
learned of this when Joanna took a turn for the worse and a message was
sent to Collinwood telling Quentin about this, but that she intercepted
the message and Quentin did not find out. She tells him that Joanna
eventually escaped from the asylum and committed suicide, and that all
her effects were sent to Collinwood, that they came when Quentin was not
home and she had them secretly put in a room. She tells him that Joanna
had been writing letters to Quentin while in prison, letters the doctors
didn’t mail, and that these were among her effects. She explains that
these were the letters she was sending to Quentin at first, but that she
eventually learned to forge Joanna’s handwriting and then wrote new
letters to Quentin. She tells him that when she found out that Daphne was
Joanna’s sister, she started writing letters to her as well. Gerard is
shocked to learn that Daphne is Joanna’s sister. Gerard orders Samantha
to keep writing the letters to Daphne.
Later, Gerard is talking with Trask. Trask tells Gerard he has a plan
against Barnabas. He tells him that he’s learned that Flora has invited
Barnabas to dinner at Rose Cottage tonight. Gerard remarks that he’s been
invited too. Trask replies,”Good. I wanted you to be there”. He tells him
to tell Barnabas that he, Trask has been seeing Roxanne’s ghost in the
cellar of his funerary chapel every night at midnight for the last three
nights. Gerard replies, “I can’t do that. If I tell him, he’ll be
suspicious. Remember, I accused him of being a vampire. But I think I
can trick Flora into telling him. What are you planning to do?” Trask
replies, “It is the duty of a son to avenge his father’s death, even it
that act must be carried to the next generation…”
Dinner at Rose Cottage is over. Flora, Gerard and Barnabas retire to
the drawing room. Gerard excuses himself and leaves. Flora tells Barnabas
she’d like to apologize to him. Barnabas asks for what. She replies, “for
suspecting you”. She tells him how she started suspecting him at the
seance, when she thought he had deliberately broken the circle to prevent
Roxanne from telling who made her into a vampire, that she had learned
of similar attacks in 1797 and had suspected HIM of being a vampire, of
being the same man as his father and having committed both the recent
attacks and those 40 years ago. She tells him she now knows that her
suspicions are unfounded. She goes on to say, “All this has had quite an
effect on Trask. He’s now claiming to have seen Roxanne’s ghost at
midnight for three nights in a row in the cellar of his funerary chapel.
I told him I’d like to go and see, that I had some questions I’d like to
ask her, but he warned me not to go, saying it’s too dangerous and even he
doesn’t go there anymore.”
Barnabas takes the bait and goes to the cellar of the Trask’s chapel. He
calls out “Trask?”, but receives no answer and sees no one. He then calls
out, “Roxanne? Where are you?”. Trask steps of from behind a column and
points a gun at him. Barnabas exclaims, “So it’s a trap!” Trask replies
“Yes, it’s a trap”. Barnabas asks, “What do you want?” Trask replies,
“I didn’t think you’d need to ask that. Look at the wall behind you.”
Barnabas turns around and sees that there’s a niche in the wall with
a large pile of bricks next to it. Trask tells him, “I want revenge for
my father. I plan to wall you up as he was walled up!” Barnabas remarks,
“Don’t think you can get away with this!” Trask replies, “Considering
how long it was before my father was discovered, I think I can!” He
orders Barnabas to step into the niche and chain himself in there using
the manacles that are attached to the wall. Barnabas steps into the
niche and starts to put his hands into the manacles…
Episode 1172
Tape Date: December 11, 1970 (ABC #257-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 22, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Trask bricks Barnabas up. As he puts the last brick in, he gloats,
“Not only am I avenging my father, I am preventing you from testifying
in Quentin’s favor!”.
At Collinwood, Julia walks into the foyer and runs into Gerard in
there. He tries to say “Hello”, but she rebuffs him, saying, “Don’t
pretend. I know you tried to kill Barnabas. I will be civil to you when
there are other people around, but that’s all.” Gerard asks, “Are you
looking for you brother?” Julia excitedly asks, “Yes! Do you know where
he is? No one has seen him since yesterday!” Gerard tells her he doesn’t
know where Barnabas is. Julia tells him she’s going to town to see Quentin.
Trask walks in through the front door. He sees Julia leave. He asks
Gerard, “Looking for her brother?” Gerard replies that she is. Trask
remarks, “I know how she feels. Imagine what she feels when days turn
into years…”. Gerard asks, “What do you mean?” and accuses him of having
something to do with Barnabas’ disapearance. Trask denies it.
Julia goes to the jail to visit Quentin and asks him, “Has Barnabas
been here?” Quentin replies that he hasn’t, that he was supposed to
come here to discuss his testimony tomorrow with him and Desmond, that
Desmond waited here for hours, but Barnabas never showed up and Desmond
eventually gave up and left about an hour ago. Julia becomes very worried
and remarks, “He would never have deserted you at a time like this.
Something dreadful must have happened to him!” Quentin agrees and tells
her he thinks it’s the same people who are framing him, that they’ve
done something to Barnabas to keep him from testifying, that they’ll do
anything to make sure he’s convicted.
In the cellar of the Trask’s funerary chapel, Barnabas hears footsteps.
Someone comes down the stairs. It is Trask. He gloats to Barnabas, “Your
failure to appear today and testify was very bad for the defense!”.
Daphne goes into the drawing room at Collinwood, where Gerard is, and
asks him how the trap went. Gerard lies that nothing happened. She tells
him that she can tell he’s lying and demands that he tell the truth.
Gerard lies that Joanna’s ghost appeared, that she approached the bed
holding a knife, but disappeared when she saw that it wasn’t her, Daphne,
in there. Daphne gasps, “The she really does want to kill me!” She is
shocked. Gerard suggests that they try to communicate with Joanna. Daphne
protests that they already tried that, that they held that seance to
contact her and had only very limited success. Gerard suggests that they
have Quentin write a letter to her explaining how he feels about her,
Daphne, and beg Joanna to leave her alone, and that they leave it in the
old oak tree where Quentin and Joanna used to leave notes. Daphne tells
him she’s worried about doing this, that Quentin has already been accused
of communicating with the dead and she’s worried someone might find out
about this. Gerard suggests she talk to Quentin about this.
Trask again goes down to the chapel basement and asks, “Are you hungry
yet? Thirsty? A slow agonizing death is the worst kind!” Barnabas does
not answer, but thinks to himself what a rotten time it was to have had
the vampire curse lifted.
Daphne goes to the jail and tells Quentin about the letter and what
Gerard said happened in her room that night. She tells him about Gerard’s
plan. Quentin tells him he thinks it’s a good plan and that they should
do it.
At Collinwood, Gerard tells Trask that he’s heard from a secret source
who wishes to remain anonymous that he’s learned that Quentin will try to
contact the dead tonight, that he’s lost all hope and will try to enlist
spirit aid. Julia returns to Collinwood and runs into Daphne, who’s
coming down the stairs. Daphne asks, “Any word of your brother?”. Julia
replies, “No. I’ve call the police and they’re searching the woods for
him now.” Daphne excuses herself, saying she has an errand to run and
leaves. Julia opens the drawing room doors and finds Gerard and Trask in
there. She accuses them of being in cahoots and having had something to
do with Barnabas’ disappearance. They deny it. Trask leaves.
Daphne goes to the old oak tree. She takes the letter from Quentin out
and reaches out to put it in a hole in the trunk. Suddenly, Trask comes
out from behind the tree, grabs her wrist and exclaims, “I’ll take that
letter, Miss Harridge!”.
Episode 1173
Tape Date: December 15, 1970 (ABC #258-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 23, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Daphne demands, “Give that back to me! It’s mine!” Trask looks at
letter, sees that it is addressed “Joanna” and refuses, asking, “Is your
name Joanna?” He tells her he knows what it is, that Quentin is trying
to contact the dead. He tells her to expect to be called as a witness
against Quentin and lets her go.
At the old house, Angelique is pacing around nervously, worried to
death about Barnabas. The door opens. Thinking it might be Barnabas, she
quickly turns to look, but finds it’s only Julia. Julia tells her she
hasn’t had any success in finding Barnabas. Angelique woefully remarks,
“If only I hadn’t lifted the curse, he wouldn’t be so vulnerable…”.
Julia comforts her, saying if he hadn’t, Gerard would have staked Barnabas
by now. Angelique continues, “You should’ve seen the look of joy in his
eyes, how happy he was to be able to see the daylight again! I should’ve
known Judah Zachary would never have let me have him!” Julia, surprised,
asks how she knows about Judah Zachary. Angelique recounts to her what
happened 150 years ago, how it was Judah Zachary who made her like this,
how she was one of his disciples but turned against him and testified
against him at his trial. Julia gasps, “Then you must be the Miranda that
all the newspapers talked about!”. Angelique replies that she is. She tells
Julia about how Zachary had vowed vengeance against anyone responsible for
his execution. Julia remarks, “but Judah Zachary has been destroyed!”.
Angelique replies that he has, but that she thinks his spirit has taken
over the body of someone else, that she had thought it was Quentin, but
now knows that it cannot be, for Zachary wouldn’t have done anything to
Barnabas before he testfied for him. Julia exclaims, “Gerard!”. Angelique
replies, “I thought it was him at first too because he called me
‘Miranda’, but he convinced me he wasn’t”. She thinks to herself then
exclaims, “Of course! He was in the house when I saw the vision of Amadeus!
He could’ve made me see Quentin’s face when I asked to see the face of
the man who was now Judah Zachary! It must be Gerard!”. Julia suggests
that she use her powers to try to find out where Barnabas is. Angelique
replies that she has no clairvoyant powers. Julia exclaims, “Of course!
Why didn’t I think of it before! I’ll ask Leticia to use her second sight
to find Barnabas!”.
Daphne goes into the drawing room at Collinwood, confronts Gerard and
accuses him of being in cahoots with Trask in trying to make Quentin
look guilty, saying he was the only person aside from Quenitn who knew
she was going to put the letter in the old oak tree and taht it must been
he who told Trask that she would be there. She tells him, “That means
you are an enemy of Quentin’s! I know that now, and tomorrow Quentin
will know it too!” and leaves.
Trask returns and shows Gerard the note, remarking that they must get
it to Charles Dawson as soon as possible. Gerard tells him he must put it
back in the old oak tree, that he’s thought of a better idea, that it
would be better to prove Quentin guilty of successfully contacting the
dead than merely of trying to contact the dead. Trask asks, “You really
think she’ll appear?” Gerard replies “Twice! Once to take the letter,
and once to leave a reply! The second time, we’ll be hiding there to see
her!” Trask gleefully remarks, “When the court hears testimony of this,
they’ll convict Quentin immediately!”.
After Trask leaves, Gerard orders Samantha to dress like the ghost
of Joanna, go to the old oak tree, get the letter which Trask is on his
way to put there right now, write an answer and put it in the tree. She
asks why. He replies, “To destroy Quentin!”.
After Samantha leaves, Gerard puts a spell on Daphne to make her have
another dream. Daphne, upstairs, has a dream in which she returns from
town and Gerard chatises her for being away so long. She apoligizes, saying
she was thinking about him all the time she was away. They kiss and tell
each other how much they love each other. Daphne awakens, again disturbed
by a dream she does not remember. She goes down and finds Gerard in the
drawing room. Gerard has succeeded. She is now in love with him.
Julia returns to the old house. She tells Angelique that Leticia wasn’t
able to see anything, that it’s almost as if something were blocking her
powers. Angelique remarks, “I must go to Gerard. He doesn’t know that I
know he’s Judah Zachary. Judah Zachary used be in love with me. Maybe I
can use his attraction to me to learn where Barnabas is.”.
Gerard and Trask are hiding behind some trees, watching the old oak
tree. A cloaked figure walks up to the tree, puts a note in the hole, and
leaves. Trask exclaims, “It must have been a ghost! Look how it glided up
to the tree, as if on air!” They go and take the note. It is addressed to
Quentin. They open it and read it. It is cryptic and doesn’t say much.
Gerard returns to Collinwood. He finds Samantha and laughs. He
compliments her on her brilliant performance and mockingly repeats
Trask’s words about how it must have been a spirit because of the way it
glided. Samantha exclaims, “But it wasn’t me! I went to the tree, but
there was no letter there for me to answer! I looked all over for you but
couldn’t find you. I didn’t know what to do!” Gerard, shocked, starts to
say, “Then it must have been…”. Samantha interrupts him, finishing his
sentence,”…Joanna Mills! She’s really come back!”.
Episode 1174/1175
Tape Date: December 18, 1970 (ABC #259-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 24, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Samantha fearfully asks, “What if she’s here in the house? She’ll
come after me! She’ll kill me!” Gerard asks why Joanna would do that.
Samantha replies that it was she who stood in the way of Joanna and
Quentin by refusing to give Quentin a divorce. She adds that Joanna is
no doubt also angry at her for forging letters from her. There’s a
knock at the door. Gerard answers. It’s Charles Dawson. Dawson takes out
a piece of paper and tells them it’s a court order for him to search
Quentin’s lab. Samantha takes him there, going through the door under the
stairs. Leticia, who’s just come in as Samantha and Dawson were leaving,
remarks of Dawson, “That man! He has death in his eyes!” She accuses
Gerard of knowing where Barnabas is, and demands that he tell her. He
denies it.
The grandfather clock in the foyer shows 1:10. Dawson comes back from
the lab holding some books. He goes into the drawing room and remarks to
Gerard, who’s alone in there, “I found some interesting things in there!”
Gerard smiles and replies, “Of course. I put them in there earlier!”
He asks, “Did Trask give you the letter?” Dawson replies, “Yes he did.
He wants to testify tomorrow.” Gerard asks, “Are you going to let him?”
Dawson replies, gesturing to one of the books he’s holding, “No. I have
some much more important evidence to present!” Gerard remarks, “Leticia.
She’s becoming quite a pain in my side.” Dawson replies, “We’ll have to
do something about her”. Gerard adds, “And quickly…”
Desmond is in his study looking through some law books and taking
notes. Leticia comes rushing into the room, holding a piece of paper
which she tells him is a summons she’s just received to testify in court
tomorrow. She wonders what it could be that the prosecution could want
her to testify against Quentin about. She thinks and gasps, “It couldn’t
be about that head, could it?”. Desmond replies, “No. How would they know
about that?” He suggests to her that they probably want to talk about her
second sight and link it to Quentin. He tells her that if she is asked
about her second sight, to tell them it was nothing more than an act,
a fake.
Samantha, still afraid of Joanna’s ghost, begs Gerard to take her
away from Collinsport immediately. Gerard replies, “Not now that things
are getting fun!” He promises to take her away and marry her when
everything is over.
In the courtroom, Desmond tells Quentin that he has the feeling the
prosecutor is going to try something special today. He tells Quentin
about Trask intercepting the letter he had written to the spirit of
Joanna, but that he doesn’t know if that’s it or not.
The trial starts. Leticia is called to testify for the prosecution.
Charles Dawson asks her about her second-sight act. Leticia replies that
it’s not real, that it’s only a trick. Dawson then takes out a book and
asks, “Have you ever seen this book?” Leticia replies that she doesn’t
think so. Dawson continues, “Perhaps the title would help you remember.
It’s called ‘The Journal of Judah Zachary'”. Leticia gasps. Dawson
questions her about Judah Zachary and gets her to tell about the head
Desmond had brought back from the Far East, about how it opened its eyes
and had mysterious powers. Desmond protests that the head of Judah Zachary
is irrevelant, that Judah Zachary has been dead for 150 years. Dawson
replies that that isn’t true. He opens the journal and tells the court
that the first entry is dated July 16, 1688, four years before Judah
Zachary’s execution, but that the last entry is dated November 15, 1840.
He concludes that Judah Zachary is alive today and possesses some living
person. He calls Desmond to the stand. Desmond protests that he is the
defending attorney. Dawson replies that this is a special trial and this
is a special case, that he intends to prove that the spirit of Judah
Zachary has possessed Quentin. The judge agrees. Desmond takes the stand.
Dawson asks him why he brought the head. Desmond admits that it was
Quentin who asked him to get it, but says it was only as a curio. Dawson
gets him to tell the court about how the head opened its eyes and had
mysterious powers. Dawson asks where the is head now. Desmond replies
that it was destroyed in a secret underground tomb. Dawson asks that
Desmond be disqualified as attorney for the defense and be charged with
witchcraft. The tribunal confers, then the lead judge announces that
Desmond is to be disqualified as defending attorney and arrested for
December 25, 1970 – No Show Aired. Christmas. (ABC #260-DRK-70)
Episode 1176
Tape Date: December 17, 1970 (ABC #261-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 28, 1970 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Desmond now sits in a cell, arrested for witchcraft.
At Rose Cottage, Flora tells Gerard she is worried about how the trial
is going. Gerard comforts her, telling her he’s sure Desmond is doing the
best he can. Flora worries about where Barnabas is. Leticia bursts into
the room and tells her the bad new about Desmond being arrested for
witchcraft too. Flora is shocked and asks how that could have happened.
Leticia replies that they somehow found out about that head he brought
back from his travels.
Leticia visits Desmond in jail. Desmond tells her he suspects it is
Gerard who is possessed by Judah Zachary and tells her that if they can
find the head and prove this, they can get Quentin released. He tells her
to go check if it’s still in the secret tomb, that if it isn’t, Gerard
probably has it.
Flora visits Desmond. She tells him not to worry, she’ll hire the best
lawyer possible to defend him. He tells her he doens’t know how the
journal turned up in Quentin’s lab, that he had it. He suggests that it
was Gerard who took it, saying that it disappeared when he had that
mysterious attack, and tells her the only people there at the time were
her and Gerard. Desmond tells her they’re being set up, but that he can’t
prove it.
Angelique, realizing Gerard has been possessed by Judah Zachary and
thinking she can use the fact that he used to love her to seduce him
into telling her where Barnabas is, goes into the drawing room where
he is and tries to seduce him. She asks him, “Have you ever been in love?”
He replies that he was in love with a woman once, a long, long time ago,
but that he eventually came to hate her and that he hates her still.
Angelique, hearing this, gives up, realizing it wouldn’t work.
Leticia returns to Collinwood and tells Angelique and Julia, who are
in the drawing room, about what’s happened. She tells them that she’s
gone to check the secret tomb and that the head of Judah Zachary is no
longer there. She remarks that they must find it and prove that Gerard
is possessed by Judah Zachary. Angelique, saying Gerard has gone to Rose
Cottage, volunteers to go search his room for it. She leaves. Leticia
suggests to Julia that they go look in Quentin’s lab and remove anything
else that might be incriminating. Julia agrees and adds that they’ll
also get to know what’s in there so they’ll know if the prosecution plants
anything there in the future.
In the lab, Leticia sees the “Staircase through time” and remarks on
how strange it is, a staircase in the middle of the room leading to a
door in the middle of the wall. A strange expression comes over her face
and she starts up the stairs. Julia grabs her and stops her. Leticia
snaps back to normal. Julia asks her what happened. Leticia replies, “I
don’t know. I thought I heard something…” Julia asks what. Leticia
replies that she doesn’t know, but that she’s afraid and is going to leave.
Angelique comes into the room and announces that she’s searched Gerard’s
room but found nothing. Leticia, still frightened, leaves. Julia explains
the staircase to Angelique and tells her she had used to to come to this
time. She explains how it had appeared in the playroom the night Gerard’s
ghost was destroying Collinwood, how she went up the stairs, through the
door and found herself in the 19th century.
At Rose Cottage, Leticia offers to read Gerard’s future using an
ordinary deck of playing cards. She deals a few cards and announces,
“You will marry a woman who hates you.” Gerard becomes angry at
Leticia goes to jail and tells Desmond that she’s just read Gerard’s
future and that it’s different from the future she read a few months ago.
She tells him that she’s certain now that Gerard is a different person,
that the future she just read is different because it’s the future of a
different man, that it’s the future of Judah Zachary. Desmond growls,
“OH, I’d like to kill him!” But Leticia replies that it’s not Gerard’s
fault. She reminds him that both he and she were once under the head’s
control too. She tells him they must find a way to save Gerard.
In Quentin’s lab, Angelique leaves, saying she wants to find out if
Trask knows anything about Barnabas’ disappearance. After Angelique
leaves, Julia hears footsteps coming from begh the door at the top of the
“Staircase through Time”. Julia gasps, “Someone’s coming!” The door
starts to open. Julia wonders aloud, “But who? Who?”
Episode 1177
Tape Date: December 16, 1970 (ABC #262-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 29, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

A man walks through the door. Julia warmly calls out, “Elliot!”. It is
Professor Stokes. Stokes tells her that he came to help her because he
had found Flora’s journal in the ruins of Collinwood and read in it that
Barnabas Collins had disappeared and was never seen again. Julia asks him
how he learned about the stairs. Stokes tells her that Barnabas had told
him about them before going back in time. He tells her that he waited in
the playroom for over 36 hours for the stairs to appear. Julia tells him
about Quentin and Desmond being arrested and tried for witchcraft. She
tells him she must give him a complete history. She tells him she’ll tell
everyone he’s a university professor she knew from Philadelphia. Suddenly,
someone starts to turn the doorknob. Gerard’s voice demands, “Who’s in
here? Why is this door locked?”
Julia lets Gerard in. He looks around and sees that she’s apparently
alone in the room. He remarks to her,”I thought I heard you talking to
someone.” She holds up a book and replies, “It’s a bad habit of mine. I
always read aloud when I’m alone.” He asks her what she’s doing here.
She tells him she’s looking for any move evidence against Quentin that
might be here. He asks her what she intended to do with any evidence she
might have found. She replies, “Destroy it, of course. That’s what you
would’ve done, wouldn’t you?” Gerard answers that it is, that that
happens to be why he came here too.
Julia and Gerard, having left Quentin’s lab, are in the foyer. Julia
mentions to Gerard, “Oh, by the way. A friend of mine from Philadelphia,
a Professor T. Elliot Stokes, is coming here to visit me. He’ll be arriving
at 9:30 tonight. I just received a letter from him this morning.” Gerard ,
looking suspicious, replies, “Yes, the mails are dreadfully slow, aren’t
they?” He asks, “Any relation to Ben Stokes?” Julia replies that he is,
that that’s how they became friends at the college, that when he learned
her name was “Collins”, he told her he had to have an uncle who worked
for a Collins family. Gerard remarks, “It’s strange that he wasn’t at
Ben’s funeral”. Julia explains that she sent him a letter informing
Stokes of his uncle’s passing and funeral, but he was abroad and didn’t
get the letter until he returned. Gerard tells her he’ll have a room
prepared for Stokes and leaves.
Angelique comes into the foyer and Julia, telling her she has something
to talk to her about, takes her into the drawing room and closes the doors.
She tells her about Professor Stokes coming. She warns her that he knows
Barnabas from the future, but doesn’t know about his being a vampire. She
adds that he knows HER from he future too, and knows she’s a witch. She
tells her they’ll have to give him some story explaining why she’s here
and married to Barnabas. She tells her she’ll have to lie that she’s
Cassandra and is obsessed with him and followed him here
Julia brings some period clothing to Stokes. She tells her the story
about Angelique. She tells about him everything that has happened. When
she mentions the name “Judah Zachary”, Stokes exclaims, “Judah Zachary!
The warlock?” Julia, surprised, replies, “Yes. You’ve heard about him?”
Stokes replies, “Of course. Occult history is my speciality. Judah Zachary
was tried and beheaded for witchcraft in 1692 in Bedford, Massachusetts.
His head was supposed to retain his powers, but it disappeared.” Julia
tells him about Desmond bringing the head back from the Far East, how it
exerted its power over many people, including her, and how she suspects
that it’s possessing Gerard now, though the court believes it’s possessing
Quentin. Stokes asks what evidence there is against Quentin. Julia
summarizes it. Stokes asks if Daphne is here. Julia replies that she is.
She tells him she’s going to take him into town, where he’s to wait and
take a coach later which will bring him to Collinwood at 9:30. Stokes
asks, “And she’s in love with Gerard?” Julia tells him, “No. She fears
Gerard. She loves Quentin.” Stokes remarks that it’s the most complicated
puzzle he’s ever encountered.
The clock in the foyer shows 9:15. Julia is sitting in the drawing
room. She has fallen asleep. She has a dream in which she awakens to hear
Roxanne’s voice calling to her. She finds Roxanne at the front doorway
begging her, “He’s dying, Julia, Barnabas is dying! Follow me!”. Julia
follows her out of the house and into town. They are standing in a street
in front of a wall bearing a sign saying “Office for rent”. Roxanne tells
Julia, “There is little time! You must hurry!” Suddenly, Julia finds
herself shaken awake. She looks up and finds Angelique standing over her,
saying, “Julia! You fell asleep!” Julia moans, “Oh no! She was taking
me to Barnabas! You ruined it!” She explains to Angelique what happened.
Angelique tells her, “We must go to where she took you!”. Julia protests,
“But it’s almost 9:30. Stokes will be coming soon.” Angelique asks,
“What’s more important, Stokes or Barnabas?” Julia agrees, “Barnabas”
and they leave. Gerard sees them leaving and smiles.
It’s 9:30. Stokes arrives. He meets Gerard in the foyer and they
introduce themselves to each other. Gerard tells Stokes Julia isn’t
here, nor is Barnabas, who has mysteriously disappeared. Gerard tries
to trip Stokes up and asks, “I trust your journey from Baltimore was
pleasent.” Stokes corrects him, “Philadelphia”. Gerard says, “Oh yes,
Philadelphia”. Gerard asks Stokes about Julia’s life in Philadelphia,
saying he’s always been curious about it because Julia’s always seemed
reticent to discuss it.
Julia leads Angelique along the trail Roxanne led her. They find
themselves on the street where Julia and Roxanne were in the dream.
Julia points out the “Office for Rent” sign to Angelique and tells her
she knows they’re in the right place because she remembers the sign.
They don’t know where to go from here and call for Roxanne’s spirit to
come and show them the way. They do not notice that a few buildings down
is a one bearing the sign “Trask Funeral Home”.
In the cellar of the Funerary Chapel, Roxanne’s spirit is standing in
front of the wall where Barnabas is entombed and wails, “Oh, Barnabas,
why doesn’t Julia come? You have so little time…”
Episode 1178
Tape Date: December 23, 1970 (ABC #263-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 30, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Trask goes into the cellar to see if Barnabas is still alive. He finds
he is, but is very weak.
Gerard visits Quentin in jail. Pretending to be a friend, he suggests
that they seek a postponement in view of the fact he has no attorney,
Desmond having been arrested too. Quentin asks if there’s been any new
about Barnabas. Gerard replies, “No, he just seems to have disappeared”.
Gerard leaves. Quentin moans, “First me, then Desmond and Barnabas…”
He wonders if the head of Judah Zachary could be behind this and targeting
them one by one…
Gerard goes to the courthouse, where Dawson is alone working late.
Dawson remarks, “There’s no need to drag this thing on.” He tells Gerard
they can end the trial with Quentin’s conviction very quickly, that all
they have to do is present proof of Quentin’s possession by Judah Zachary.
Gerard asks what kind of proof he’s talking about. Dawson replies that
all they have to do is plant the head of Judah Zachary in Quentin’s lab
and then “find” it there. Gerard looks uneasy. D awson asks him what’s
wrong. Gerard replies,”And what do you think the court will do with the
head after the trial?” Dawson replies, “Destroy it?” Gerard replies,”Of
course” and vetoes the idea. Trask comes in. He remarks that Dawson is
working late tonight and says, “You wouldn’t have to if you’d just call
me to testify. This trial would be over quickly if you would!” Dawson
replies that he needn’t be so anxious, that he’ll get his chance to
testify in 12 hours, that he’s calling him to the stand tomorrow. Dawson
finishes up and leaves. Trask is smiling broadly. Gerard asks him,”Why
are you so happy?” Trask tell him, “I have the pleasure of telling you
that Barnabas Collins is dead!” Gerard asks how he knows, but Trask
refuses to tell him, saying he’d prefer to keep it a mystery.
The trial session begins. Quentin asks the court that the trial be
postponed until he can find a new attorney. Dawson objects, saying Quentin
is a witch and a postponement would give him the chance to cast spells.
The court grants Quentin a postponement – until 1:00. Quentin exclaims,
“One o’clock TODAY?!”. The judge says yes. Quentin complains that that’s
only three hours from now, not enough time. The judge replies that if he
can’t find another attorney, he had two alternatives, either represent
himself, or use a court appoi nted defense attorney, Silas Graham. Quentin
exclaims, “Silas Graham???!!” Dawson asks, “What wrong with Silas Graham?”
Quentin replies,” Everyone knows he’s incompetent!” The judge recesses the
court until 1:00.
Gerard visits Quentin in jail. Gerard tells him he’s searched high and
low for an attorney to represent him, with no luck….
Gerard goes to Dawson and tells him, “I have the feeling that today is
the day for the kill!” Dawson asks, “So Quentin didn’t find another
attorney?” Gerard grins and replies, “Of course not! I’m the one he asked
to look for one for him!”
It is 1:00. The court reconvenes. Dawson asks who his opponent is.
Quentin replies that he’ll have to speak for himself, that he couldn’t
find an attorney in time for the trial. Dawson calls Trask to the stand to
testify. Trask testifies about Lorna Bell, about how he saw her and
Quentin together, how he heard them make an appointment to meet each
other later, how she was later found dead with the mark of the devil on
her forehead, how the mark matches that on Quentin’s ring. He tells the
court that the same mark was found next to Randall Drew’s body, that
Quentin was found kneeling next to the body. He testifies about how Daniel
had a vision of Quentin killing Lorna Bell while he was next to a
“Staircase through time” Quentin had built. Quentin objects, asking “If I
am so powerful, why did I let him have the vision?” Dawson replies, “At
that time you were beneficiary in his will and knew it, and you knew he
had a weak heart and that such a vision would cause an attack. You were
obviously trying to kill him in order to get the inheritance. Luckily,
the heart attack the vision caused did not kill him.”
Dawson asks Trask about Mordecai Grimes. Trask tells the court about
how Quentin had always wanted Grimes’ land, but that Grimes had always
refused to sell. He testifies about how Grimes’ cows all sickened and
died. He tells them that it is obvious that Quentin had caused this,
that Mordecai Grimes had told him that Quentin had threatened him.
Quentin denies this, and asks that the last comment is hearsay and not
admissible. The lead judge agrees and has it stricken from the record,
saying that Mordecai Grimes will have the chance of saying Quentin
threatened him if it happened when he testifies. Trask having finsished
his testimony, the judge asks Quentin if he would like to cross-examine
the witness. Quentin asks for a short delay, saying he would prefer his
attorney to cross-examine Trask. Dawson protests, “This is some sort of
trick! He’s already told you he hasn’t been able to find an attorney!”.
Quentin replies, “I’m sorry if I gave the court that impression. What I
meant was that I found an attorney, but he couldn’t be here in time for
the start of today’s session” He begs the court for a short delay until
his attorney arrives. Suddenly, a voice comes from the back of the room,
“That won’t be necessary, Quentin. I’m here.” It is Barnabas!
Episode 1179/1180
Tape Date: December 21, 1970 (ABC #264-DRK-70)
Air Date: December 31, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Dawson objects, saying Barnabas is not a lawyer, but Barnabas tells
the court that he has researched the law thoroughly and found that in
Witchcraft trials, one merely need to be a citizen and not a lawyer to
defend the accused. The court agrees, and asks Barnabas if he would like
to cross-examine Trask. Barnabas replies that he would, that he would like
to get a copy of Trask’s testimony so he can do so. But Trask suddenly
complains of being ill and tells the court he’ll have to leave. Barnabas
objects, saying he has the right to cross-examine the witness. The court
agrees and adjourns until 10:00 tomorrow morning.
Barnabas accompanies Quentin to jail. Quentin asks, “What happened?
I got a letter from Valerie telling me you’d be here, but where have you
been?” Barnabas answers, “Trask has been holding me prisoner. Julia and
Valerie found me and released me.” Quentin asks, “Why didn’t you go to
the police?” Barnabas replies,”I choose not to.” Quentin asks why, but
Barnabas refuses to tell him, saying he has his reasons. He tells him they
have something much more important to discuss, the trial. He tells him
he’s read Trask’s testimony and says, “If it stands, it’ll be a disaster
for you!”.
Barnabas goes to Trask’s house and confronts him. He tells him he plans
revenge for what he’s done, but not now. He tells him he’ll let him wait
and suffer, knowing that the time will come, but not when…
Dawson goes to court early and asks Trask, who’s there alone, “You
asked me to come early . What do you want?” Trask tell him that he can’t
testify today. Dawson, shocked, tells him “You must! If you don’t allow
yourself to be cross-examined, your testimony will be stricken!” He tries
to convince Trask to testify, saying the prosecution’s case will fall apart
without his testimony.
Barnabas goes to Rose Cottage to talk to Flora. Flora asks him where
he’s been. Barnabas lies that he’s been out of town, that he was called
away suddenly and didn’t have a chance to tell anyone, not even Julia or
Valerie. Flora tells him that Desmond is now in jail too, that they’ve
found out about the head. She asks him to help Desmond. Barnabas replies
that that won’t be necessary, that Desmond is only in jail because of his
association with Quentin, that if Quentin is found innocent, he’ll be
released too. He asks her who in the household had seen the head. Flora
replies that she and Leticia did. Barnabas asks if it is possible Gerard
might have seen it. Flora replies that she doesn’t know and asks if he
thinks Gerard has anything to do with what’s happening to Quentin.
Barnabas replies that he thinks so, but can’t prove it. He asks when
Gerard and Trask became such good friends Flora tells him it was then
nighty Trask discussed his father’s disappearance when he learned that
Gerard claimed to have some occult powers, that he became very interested
in this. Barnabas asks her to tell him everything about that night.
The next day in court, Charles Dawson tell the court that Lamar Trask
is now well and is ready to testify. He calls Trask to the stand for
cross-examination by Barnabas. Barnabas asks, “Is it true that you have
accused Quentin of dabbling in the occult?” Trask replies that that is
true. Barnabas asks “Do you then believe that dabbling in the occult is
equivalent to Witchcraft?” Trask replies that he believes it leads to it
in most cases. Barnabas asks, “Is it true that you have held a seance to
contact your late father?” Trask admits that he had. Barnabas asks,”Were
you successful?” Trask admits that it was, that they heard his father’s
voice warning them to beware of evil. Barnabas asks, “This means you have
successfully practiced the occult. Does this mean you are guilty of
Witchraft?” Trask exclaims, “NO!” Barnabas replies that one can use the
same reasoning with Quentin, that dabbling in seances cannot be used as
evidence to prove that he is guilty of Witchcraft and asks that all
references to seances be stricken from all testimony. The court agrees.
Dawson tells the court that he has a new piece of evidence. He asks
Trask about the letter he found. Trask explains that he learned that
Quentin was trying to communicate with the dead by leaving a letter in
a tree and lay in wait and saw a spirit leave a letter there. Dawson
enters the letter as evidence, along with a self-portrait of Joanna
drawn by her while she was in the asylum, telling the court that they can
use the signature on the portrait to compare the handwriting in the letter
to, and a death certificate to prove she is dead. Dawson remarks, “Holding
a seance to communicate with the dead is one thing, but this proves that
Quentin Collins has actually raised the dead. I move that this PROVES that
he is guilty of Witchcraft since only through Witchcraft can one raise the
dead. I ask that, due to the strength of this evidence, no more testimony
is necessary and the court come to a decision NOW!” Barnabas objects,
“YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”, but his objection is overruled. Quentin whispers
caustically to him, “I’ve been here longer than you have. They can do
whatever they want…”
After conferring with the other members of the tribunal, the lead
judge Judge Vail announces “The court has come to a decision. Due to the
testimony that has just been given….” He suddenly stops when he notices
that a woman has walked into the courtroom. He demands, “What do you
want?” The woman answers, “I have come to offer testimony in this case.
My name is Joanna Mills.”

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