October 1970

Episode 1114
Tape Date: September 25, 1970 (ABC #199-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 1, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas tries to go through the door but finds that something is
holding him back and screams, “I can’t move! I can’t move! “. Stokes,
fearing that something terrible might be happening, shakes him out of the
trance. Barnabas asks why he did that. Stokes replies that he feared
something terrible might happen to him if he did not. He asks if he saw
anything. Barnabas tell him about the tombstone. He notes that October
6 is only 3 days away, and that he’s got to get back to save her before
then. Stokes asks him how he knows the tombstone wasn’t just his
imagination. Barnabas tells him there’s one way to find out.
Barnabas and Stokes to the cemetary and go to the section where the
burials for the mid 19th century are located. They loacate a tombstone
bearing the name “Julia Hoffman Collins, Died October 6, 1840”, just as
Barnabas had seen. Stokes asks why the surname is Collins. Barnabas
theorizes correctly that Julia may have pretended to be a distant relative
to gain acceptance by the family. After Barnabas and Stokes leave, a
plaintive voice comes from the grave saying, “Barnabas? Where are you?
I need you….”.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Julia is holding a mirror and saying
“Barnabas? Where are you? I need you.” A voice from behind her says, “Do
you always speak to inanimate objects”, the speaker thinking she is
speaking to the mirror. Julia turns and is shocked to see that it’s
Roxanne Drew. Roxanne introduces herself as Samantha’s sister. Julia
notices that a dour looking man has also entered the room. Roxanne
introduces him as Lamar Trask (Jerry Lacy), an old friend of her father’s.
She asks Julia, “I bet you can’t guess what his occupation is”. The man
gets angry and remarks,”I’m sure Miss Hoffman doesn’t want to play games”.
Julia says,”I’m not very good at guessing.”. Roxanne answers,”He’s
an undertaker. You can tell by the way he never smiles. I’ve never known
an undertaker who smiled”. Trask reminds Roxanne they have a matter to
discuss and asks her to come out to the terrace with him. She rolls her
eyes and says, “How could I possibly forget…” Roxanne and Trask leave.
Julia thinks to herself, “How different she is from the Roxanne of 1970,
and how terrible it is to know what fate will befall her. If only I could
warn her, but how can I when I don’t know who her attacker will be?”
Outside on the terrace, Roxanne tells Trask that the answer to his
question is no, she will not marry him. She describes her ideal man –
mysterious and courtly – and brusquely tells him he is not it. From behind
the trees, Barnabas is spying on them. Julia comes out to the terrace and
tells Roxanne that her sister Samantha has returned to Collinwood and would
like to see her. Roxanne leaves. Julia asks Trask if he’s any relation
to a Reverend Trask who live just before the turn of the century. Trask
replies that he is, that he’s the son of Reverend Trask and asks Julia
how she knows of him. Julia replies that her own father the original
Barnabas Collins had spoken of him. Trask remarks that his father
disappeared mysteriously the same year that her father went to England.
Julia asks, “Wasn’t he involved in some big trial?”. Trask replies,
“Yes. He was responsible for having a witch convicted and hanged”. He
tells Julia that he is convinced his father met with foul play, that he
was last seen by a villager entering the gates of Collinwood, and that he
has vowed to find out what happened to him and make sure that those
responsible, if still alive today, be punished.
Trask goes inside. Roxanne comes back downstairs from talking to her
sister and finds Trask in the drawing room. She asks him to take her
home. Trask angrily accuse her of plotting with her sister to convince
her father he is not the right man for her. He reminds her that he and
her father have an agreement about them marrying each other. Roxanne
angrily replies that she doesn’t care about the agreement, that she
resents being treated like a parcel of real estate, to be bought and
sold. She tells him she doesn’t need him to take her home, and asks “why
don’t you go bury someone. You seem to enjoy that!”. Trask storms off.
Roxanne goes out onto the terrace again. Barnabas comes out of the
shadows, startling her. He tells her not to be afraid, that he Barnabas
Collins, a member of the family from England. He tells her not to tell
anyone about him, that he wants his arrival to be a surprise. They talk.
They seem attracted to each other. Roxanne invites him to visit her at her
house, saying her father is away and they would be alone, that they have
a houseguest, but she (the houseguest) always goes to bed quite early.
After Roxanne leaves, Barnabas, who seemingly seems to like her, thinks
to himself, “No. I must stay away from her!”.
Roxanne, at home dresses for bed. She thinks to herself that Barnabas
will be staying at Collinwood and she’ll therefore be able to see him
again. Barnabas comes in through the window. She turns and sees him
there. Shocked, she asks what he’s doing there. He says, “I tried to stay
away but couldn’t. I kept hearing your voice and seeing your face before
me” and bites her…
Episode 1115
Tape Date: September 21, 1970 (ABC #200-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 2, 1970 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

In the drawing room at Collinwood, Gabriel and Samantha get into another
argument about who will inherit Collinwood. After Gabriel leaves, Gerard
comes into the room. He notes that Samantha does not seem happy and
says, “I know what it is. You still miss Tad.”. Samantha admits that that
is it. She pulls out a letter. It is the last letter she ever received
from Tad, and tells him she’s been reading and re-reading it ever since.
Gerard comforts her by telling her about how he always used to see Tad
writing to her on deck, and that Quentin used to talk about her often
too. They kiss… Gabriel comes back into the room. Samantha leaves.
Gerard says to Gabriel, “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll leave too. I’m tired
and am going to bed” and starts to leave. Gabriel replies, “But you’re
not excused, Mr. Miller”. Gerard, looking shocked, turns around and says,
“What did you call me?”. Gabriel replies, “Your real name, until you
changed it about 10 years ago, Mr. Ivan Miller.”. Gerard asks “How do you
know this?”. Gabriel takes out a sheaf of papers and replies, “I know
everything about your past, Mr. Miller. I have here records of you rather
infamous past”. He then reads from the papers a litany of crimes,
embezzling, gun-running,smuggling, etc., committed in various places
like North Africa and even a murder charge in Portugal. Gerard protests,
“If you would look more closely, you will note that I was cleared of
that charge.” “Yes,” Gabriel retorts, “but only because the body
‘mysteriously’ disappeared, leaving no evidence”. Gerard tries to grab the
papers, but finds an unpleasant surprise – Gabriel has very strong arms.
Gabriel intercepts Gerard’s hand, holding him by the wrist. He then
forces Gerard to the ground, then releases him. He then throws the papers
to the floor and says, “Here. You can have the records. Or a copy of them,
to be more precise. I have another in my safety deposit box and, of
course, if anything should happen to me, they will fall into the hands
of the police.” Gerard asks Gabriel what he wants. Gabriel tells him
that he’ll keep what he’s learned about him secret if he does a few
‘favors’ for him. He tells him that his first duty will be to get a
large amount of arsenic for him. Gerard asks why. Gabriel tells him
there’ll be certain ground rules for him to follow, and the first is to
do as asked without any questions.
Samantha goes to visit her sister Roxanne. She notices that something
is strange, that Roxanne seems happy, unconcerned about what their father
will think of her refusing to marry Lamar Trask. Samantha remarks, “It’s
dark in here” and goes to open the curtains, but Roxanne stops her,
saying the light hurts her eyes. Samantha asks Roxanne if she’s refused
to marry Trask and is so happy because she is involved with another.
Roxanne replies that she is. Samantha asks who it is but Roxanne refuses
to tell her.
Gerard returns to Collinwood and gives Gabriel the arsenic he has
procured, saying “Here. There’s enough for you to kill an entire army.”.
Gabriel replies, “Oh no, I’m not going to kill anyone. YOU are. There
must be no possibility of any evidence pointing to me.”. He adds that the
poisoning is to be done slowly, so that it will look like a natural
illness. He also adds that he picked arsenic for a reason, because it
causes a lot of suffering. Gerard asks who the victim will be. Gabriel
looks at his watch and says, “As usual, your timing is impeccable, Gerard.
Your victim will soon come through those doors”, gesturing at the
closed drawing room doors. Seconds later, the doors open and Samantha
comes in. She and Gabriel argue again.
After Samantha leaves, Gerard tells Gabriel that there must be another
way to get the inheritance other than killing Samantha. But when Gabriel
tells him he’ll get 10% of what he inherits, Gerard’s attitude changes
totally and he becomes quite willing to do it.
Barnabas writes a letter to Ben,

I beg you to forgive me for what I am about to do.
I can no longer endure the loneliness of this life. I pray
that you will someday understand why I must do this.

signs it and leaves.
Barnabas goes to the gazebo and summons Roxanne there. She comes.
He asks her, “Are you willing to do anything to be with me for all
eternity?” She answers “Yes”. He bites her. It is a long lingering bite.
When he is finished, he gently lowers her to the ground and says,
“Do not fear death, for beyond is a life you never dreamed of, a life
where we can be together for all eternity. Tomorrow, they will find
you dead here and grieve, but at dusk you will be mine!.”
Episode 1116
Tape Date: September 28, 1970 (ABC #201-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 5, 1970 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Julia comes into the foyer of Collinwood and goes into the drawing
room. Samantha is in there. Samantha asks Julia, “You met my sister
Roxanne yesterday, didn’t you? Did you notice anything strange about
her?” She tells Julia she’s concerned about her sister, that her sister
is acting strangely, that she went to talk to her yesterday and found her
sitting in the dark, that she would not let her open the curtains,
complaining that the light hurt her eyes. She tells Julia that Roxanne
had told her that there was a new man in her life, but would not tell
her who it was, that that was strange because they had always been very
close and confided everything to each other. Julia recogizes the signs
that Roxanne has been attacked by a vampire, but does not say anything.
In the middle of the night, the grandfather clock in the foyer strikes
3:30. Barnabas sneaks into the foyer, puts a letter on the table and
The next morning, Gerard is in the drawing room. He holds the packet of
arsenic and thinks to himself that Gabriel is a fool to want to do it
slowly, that this one dose will do the job. Samantha comes in holding a
coffee service and asks Gerard if he would like some. He answers that he
Julia and Ben come out of the bedroom hallway onto the stair landing.
Ben asks, “Do you really think that Barnabas has attacked Roxanne?”.
Julia answers, “Yes, she has all the symptoms.”
In the drawing room, Gerard is about to poison Samantha’s coffee while
she isn’t looking, but quickly stops when he sees Julia enter the room.
Julia and Samantha talk for awhile, then Julia leaves. A little later, Ben
comes into the drawing room. Samantha says to him, “Oh, Ben. Someone
left a letter for you on the table in the foyer.”. Ben goes into the
foyer, opens and reads the note. A look of shock crosses his face and he
quickly leaves.
Ben shows the letter to Julia, saying he thinks Barnbas is planning
to do with Roxanne what he tried to do with Josette. Julia tells him
they’ve got to find Roxanne and stop him.
At Collinwood, Gerard reads Samantha’s palm and tells her all her
troubles will soon be over. After she leaves, he tosses the packet of
poison in the air and laughs.
Samantha takes a walk to think. At the gazebo, she finds Roxanne lying
on the ground unconscious. She runs back into Collinwood to get help. She
finds Gerard and tells him Roxanne is lying injured in the gazebo, that
she appears to have been attacked by some kind of wild animal. They go to
the gazebo but find that Roxanne is gone. Gerard finds a piece of jewelry
belonging to her there and theorizes that she got up and walked away.
Julia and Ben are at the old house in a bedroom. Lying in bed is
Roxanne. Julia is treating her, trying to stop the bleeding.
Gerard and Samantha are in the drawing room at Collinwood. Gerard tells
Samantha not to worry, that he’s called the police and is sure Roxanne
will be found soon.
At the old house, Julia finally manages to stop Roxanne’s bleeding. Ben
remarks, “Maybe we should call a doctor.” Julia replies that she IS a
doctor (no doubt surprising Ben, as women did not become doctors in 1840).
She tells Ben that Roxanne is going to need some new blood and gives him
a list of things she needs. Ben asks, “Is she gonna live?” Julia replies
that she doesn’t know. Ben leaves to get the things on the list.
Later, after Ben has returned, Julia is giving Roxanne a transfusion
using some jury-rigged equipment. Ben remarks, “You’re giving her some of
your own blood! I’ve never seen anything like it!”. Julia tells Ben
she’ll need some alcohol and tells him to go to Collinwood to get it.
He leaves.
Julia hears someone come in downstairs and goes to investigate. She
is surprised to find Gerard there and asks what he’s doing there. He
replies that he was about to ask her the same thing. Julia lies that Ben
had told her that there was a lot of memorabilia from the late 18th
century dealing with her father and that she’s been here going through
old trunks all afternoon. Gerard explains to her that Roxanne had been
attacked by a wild aniimal but had disappeared, that he was helping the
police search the grounds and saw candlelight in the old house and came
to investigate. He warns her to be careful and leaves.
While Julia is downstairs, Barnbas enters the bedroom where Roxanne is
and prepares to bite her again, but Julia comes in and exclaims, “NO!
STOP! You must not do this. It’s wrong!”. Barnbas snarls, “So, it is you
who has done this. You will not interfere with me again!”. He grabs her
and prepares to bite her, but suddenly lets go of her and grabs his head
and screams as if in great pain and collapses to the floor.
Episode 1117
Tape Date: September 29, 1970 (ABC #202-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 6, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas regains consciousness and gets up. Julia, frightened, gets a
cross and holds it in front of her to ward him off. Barnabas explains to
her that he is not the Barnbas of 1840, but the Barnabas of 1970, that he
has used the I-Ching to get back to 1840. Julia, not knowing if he is
telling the truth or not, keeps the cross in front of her. Barnabas tells
her that Carolyn is insane and that Quentin is now in Windcliff and asks
her if the Barnabas of 1840 would know that. Julia, convinced, puts the
cross away and they warmly embrace. Barnabas sees Roxanne and realizes that
the 1840 version of him must have done this. Julia tells him that
something’s got to be done about her.
A man carrying a box covered with a cloth goes into Collinwood.
At the old house, Julia tells Barnabas that she’s sent Ben out for
some alcohol but he hasn’t come back yet for some reason. Saying it’s
imperative that she have the alcohol now, she leaves to get it herself.
Roxanne awakens, sees Barnabas and welcomes him. He tries to explain to
him that he is different now, but she does not seem to understand. Julia
returns. She tells Barnbas she’s going to try hypnosis to make Roxanne
forget. Barnabas tells her he’s got to go meet the family. Julia tells
him about the cover story she’s been using, that they are the children
of the original Barnabas Collins from England and that she has come here
first and is waiting for him. Barnabas leaves to meet the family, leaving
Julia to hypnotize Roxanne.
At Collinwood, Flora goes into the drawing room. A man jumps out from
the shadows. Flora, frightened, screams, but then sees who it is and
exclaims, “Desmond! I didn’t expect you back so soon!”. He returns her
greeting, “Mother!”. They go into the drawing room. Sitting on the table
is the box Desmond was carrying earlier. It is still covered by the cloth.
Desmond tells Flora, “Look what I’ve got. You’ve never seen anything like
it before!” He takes the cloth off, revealing a glass box with what
looks like a human head, that of a balding man, inside. Flora finds it
frightening, so Desmond covers it with the cloth. He tells her that he
bought it to give to Quentin because of Quentin’s interest in the occult.
Flora has a funny look on her face. Desmond says, “There’s nothing to
be afraid of. I covered it again”. Flora replies, “It’s not that.
Desmond, Quentin is dead!” Samantha comes into the drawing room, sees
Desmond there and greets him. There’s a knock at the door. Samantha
answers. It is Barnabas. He introduces himself as Barnabas Collins, a
cousin from England, saying he understands that his sister has come to
Collinwood too and is waiting for him. Samantha apoligizes to him for the
somber atmosphere, saying her sister Roxanne has been attacked by a wild
animal and is missing.
In the old house, Julia hypnotizes Roxanne. She hears a noise
downstairs and goes to investigate but finds nothing. When she goes
back to Josette’s room, Roxanne is gone…
Julia rushes to Collinwood. When she gets inside, Samantha sees her
and tells her “Julia! Your brother is here!” She and Barnabas hug and
pretend to greet each other as if they had not seen each other for a long
time. Julia whispers to Barnabas that Roxanne is missing.
The front door opens and everyone looks. It is Roxanne. Samantha, Flora
and Desmond rush to her. Roxanne sees Barnabas and exclaims, “I know you!”
then weakens and faints. Flora and Samantha bring her upstairs. Julia goes
along, saying she’s a doctor. Desmond, suspicious, asks Barnabas what she
meant by “I know you!”. Barnabas lies that he doesn’t know, that maybe
she saw the portrait of his father, to whom he bears a startling
resemblance, and confused it with him.
Later, Barnabas and Julia are in the drawing room alone. Barnabas
nervously asks Julia if the hypnosis worked. Julia replies that she
doesn’t know, that they’ll both know when Roxanne regains consciousness.
Samantha comes down the stairs. Julia rushes out to the foyer to see
what’s wrong. Samantha tells her that Roxanne has regained consciousness,
that she remembers leaving to meet someone, but that she can’t remember
who it was, and doesn’t remember anything after that. Barnabas hears this
from the drawing room and is relieved.
Flora and Desmond are at Rose Cottage. The box is also there, sitting
on a table. Flora tells Desmond that she doesn’t like it and wishes he
hadn’t brought it to Rose Cottage. He takes off the cloth and tells her
there’s nothing to be frightened of, that it’s nothing but a carving of
a head. But she tells him that she gets a feeling of dread from it and
runs off in terror. Desmond turns in the direction in which Flora ran
off and call for her to come back, saying there’s nothing to be afraid
of. While his head is turned, the head opens its eyes…
Episode 1118
Tape Date: September 30, 1970 (ABC #203-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 7, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

But when Desmond turns back, the eyes are closed. He puts the cloth cover
back on. Ben comes into the room and asks what happened to his mother
Flora, that he came to give her a note from Barnabas but she was too
distraught to talk to. Ben tells him he shouldn’t frighten his mother by
playing jokes on her. Desmond replies, “All I did was show her this!”
and whips the cover off the box. Ben is shocked by the head. He tells
Desmond that it gives him a feeling of dread, that it makes him remember
something, but can’t remember quite what. Desmond dissmisses his fears,
saying it’s impossible that he could remember it because he’s just brought
it back from the Orient.
Ben tells Barnabas he can’t get over how different he is than how he
was just a few days ago. Barnabas promises to explain it all to him some
day, but tells him he has more important things to talk to him about
right now. He asks him to tell him everything about Gerard. Ben tells him
Gerard has been living here for the past few months, that he came to
report the deaths of Quentin and Tad. He tells Barnabas that Gerard seems
to have almost fooled everyone else, but that he himself does not trust him,
that he things he is up to no good, but doesn’t know what. Barnabas tells
Ben that he has to meet Daniel Collins. Ben warns him that that might be
dangerous, that Daniel Collins is the one person who might recognize him
for who he is, and adds that he’s gone insane. Barnabas tells him he
doesn’t care, that he’s got to have him on his side.
Ben goes up to the tower room. He finds Daniel writing something and
asks him what he’s doing. Daniel replies that he’s writing a note to
Quentin. Ben reminds him that Quentin is dead, lost at sea. Ben tells him
that there’s a relative downstairs who’s come to see him. Daniel refuses,
saying that relatives usually show up to try to borrow money. Ben tells
him the visitor is Barnbas Collins. Daniel replies, “Oh, that’s
Barnabas is waiting in the drawing room. Desmond comes downstairs and
goes into the drawing room. Barnabas asks how Roxanne is. Desmond tells
him that she’s better, that Samantha and his sister Julia are up there
with her right now, that she’s conscious but doesn’t remember anything.
He remarks that he doesn’t believe it was a wild animal who attacked her
because the bite marks don’t match those of any animal in the area.
Barnabas asks him what he thinks it was then. Desmond replies that he
doesn’t know. Desmond, still suspicious of the newly arrived relatives
from England, starts to question Barnabas about England. Ben brings Daniel
into the room. Daniel sees Barnabas and exclaims, “Amazing! I’ve been
waiting for you to come back for a long time! You look just as you did
when I was a boy!”. Barnabas tells him he’s mistaken. Daniel notices
Desmond there and asks what he’s doing there. Desmond replies that he
came to see Roxanne was and leaves. Daniels asks what happened to Roxanne.
Ben tells him he’ll tell him later. Barnabas explains to Daniel that he
is the son of the Barnabas Collins he remembers. Gerard comes into the
room. Daniel asks who he is. Gerard explains he was the one who brought
the new of Quentin and Tad’s deaths. Daniel shocked, gasps, “Tad too?!”.
Ben explains to him that he didn’t tell him because he thought the double
shock would kill him and was going to tell him about Tad later. Daniel
asks how it happened. Gerard explains that they were on the ship the
“China Seas”, and that they had just crossed the straits of Magellan when
they were hit by a large storm. He tells them that Quentin was on the
deck and that he could clearly see that he was in danger, buffeted by
the winds and the waves, that he ran to him to help him, but when he was
just 20 feet away from him, both Quentin and Tad, who had run to his
father’s side, were swept off the deck by ‘one of the biggest waves I’ve
ever seen’. Gerard tells them he took a lifeboat and went to look for them
but found no trace of them. Daniel tells him he is grateful to him for
risking his life trying to save them. He complains of being tired. Ben
and Barnabas take him out of the room and up the stairs. As soon as they
are gone, Gerard smiles and pours himself a drink. Ben and Barnabas bring
Daniel to the tower room. Once they get to the tower room, Barnabas leaves
In the tower room, Ben asks Daniel if he remembers anything about the
“Bedford Murders”, the ones where a petrified head was involved in some
way or other. Daniel replies, “Oh, yes. The Bedford Atrocities. I remember
reading about them in a book some time after”. He tells him that Millicent
showed him the book, and to go to her and ask for the book if he wants to
know about the murders. Ben reminds him that Millicent is long dead.
Daniel tells him to go look in the attic storeroom, then, that she always
stored everything in the attic storeroom.
Ben goes to the storeroom and finds the murders mentioned in a book
called ‘The Relics of the Anti-Saints’ and exclaims, “I’ve got to go to
Master Desmond and show him this. He’s got to destroy that head before
it destroys all of us!”.
In the drawing room, Barnabas asks Gerard about Quentin and Tad,
asking if their bodies were ever found. Gerard replies that they never
were. Barnabas sees Ben come down in the foyer and go toward the front
doors. He goes to him and asks him what he’s doing. Ben tell him there’s
something he’s got to go and do. Barnabas asks what. Ben replies, “The
less said, the better!” and leaves.
Ben goes to Rose Cottage but finds no one there. He writes a note to
Desmond and puts it in the book. He looks at the head, sees that the
eyes are open. Startled, he drops the book. He goes up to the head and
boldly tell it, “I know all about you! I’m going to tell everyone so
you’ll be destroyed. You can’t stop me!” and leaves.
Ben is in the woods on his way back to Collinwood. A huge ghostly head
that looks just like the one in the box materializes in front of him.
Ben yells, “No! Stay away from me!”, but the head keeps coming closer
and closer. Ben screams….
Episode 1119
Tape Date: October 1, 1970 (ABC #204-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 8, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

At Collinwood, Samantha comes in throught he front doors and finds
Gerard in the drawing room. She tells him that Roxanne has been brought
home and is much better now. She tells him she’s tired and is going up to
bed. He tells her to wait a moment and takes something out of his pocket
and gives it to her. She opens it and finds that it’s a piece of jewelry
and asks him why he’s giving it to her, then puts her hand to her forhead
as if to say, “How could I have forgotten!”. He tells her that yes, it’s
a birthday gift. They hug. Gabriel comes in, sees them and makes some
snide remarks. Samantha goes up to him and tells him that she’s just
showing some gratitude to Gerard because he was the only person in the
house who remembered her birthday. Gabriel asks, “Do you always show
gratitude so physically?”. She slaps him and leaves. Gabriel tells
Gerard he’s supposed to be poisoning her, not giving her gifts and asks if
he’s started yet. Gerard answers that he hasn’t. Gabriel asks why not.
Gerard responds that he’s got to deflect suspicion from himself first,
that’s why he gave the gift to her, so she would show people. He adds that
he’s not going to do it slowly with arsenic, but with a single dose of
a South American poison he’s procurred, saying that it kills without a
trace several hours after ingestion and that the death looks just like a
stroke. He tells Gabriel he plans to do it tomorrow, taking Samantha to a
public place so it witnesses can see she died of a stroke.
Samantha goes to the playroom and finds Edith Collins, Gabriel’s wife,
there. Edith reprimands Samantha, saying she’s told her never to come in
here. Edith retorts, “You’re not the mistress of Collinwood.” Samantha
replies that she soon will be.
Edith goes downstairs to Gabriel in the drawing room. She tells him
that they must leave Collinwood. He remarks, “You’ve only been back from
Boston one day and something’s happened already?”. She tells him that
she had an argument with Samantha, that Samantha’s always hated her and
been cruel to her, and that it’ll get much worse once she inherits
everything. Gabriel tells her not to worry about that, that Samantha
won’t inherit the money, that he has a plan…
Gerard goes to the playroom and finds Samantha there. He realizes she
must be thinking of Tad, whose playroom it was, again. He tells her she’s
got to try to stop thinking so much about the past and start thinking
about the future. He tells her he’ll help her.
The next day, Gerard comes downstairs. From the drawing room, Edith
sees him and comes out to the foyer to talk to him. She tries to seduce
him but is unsuccessful. He tells her he has to go to town and leaves.
Gabriel rolls by the playroom and finds Samantha in there. He is
surprised to find that all of Tad’s toys have been put away. He remarks
on it to Samantha. She tells him she has decided to stop thinking about
the past and concentrate on thinking about the future. Gabriel makes
the cryptic comment, “Maybe you should start thinking about today. One
never knows if there’ll be a tomorrow”.
In the woods, Gerard finds the body of Ben Stokes.
Gerard returns to Collinwood and tells the bad news to Gabriel and
Edith, who are in the drawing room. He tells them he has already
reported it to the police. He tells them that Ben apparently took his
own life, that the knife was still in his hand, that he had apparently
tried to decapitate himself. They decide they must tell the rest of the
family. Gabriel decides that he will tell Flora, Gerard will tell Samantha
and Edith will tell Ben’s granddaughter Carrie. Edith leaves to tell
Carrie. Gabriel asks Gerard when he plans to poison Samantha. He replies
that he’s going to do it afternoon, that he’s going to take her to town to
ensure that there are witnesses to see she is having a stroke. He tells
him that he should be home by 6:00 tonight, alone. Samantha comes into the
room, ready for her ‘date’ with Gerard. Gabriel, wanting to see the
poisoning himself, suggests they have drinks. They tell him there’s no time.
To get her to drink, he tells her, “You’d better have a drink. You’ll need
one. Ben Stokes has been found dead, by his own hand.”. Samantha, who liked
Ben, is heartbroken. She vows to spend as much money as is necessary to
give him the best funeral possible. Gerard pours some drinks. He turns
briefly and holds the vial of poison so Gabriel can see it. Gabriel nods.
Gerard turns back to the drinks. He gives a drink to Samantha and she
drinks it.
Episode 1120
Tape Date: October 2, 1970 (ABC #205-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 9, 1970 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Gabriel anxiously awaits Gerard’s return…alone. At 6:00, Gerard does
return, alone. He tells the anxious Gabriel, “It is done.” Gabriel
excitedly asks where it happened. Gerard tells him “First we went to the
police station to take care of the matter of Ben’s death.” Gabriel,
shocked, asks, “It didn’t take place there, did it?” Gerard replies
that it didn’t, then says, “Then we went to the bank to talk to Samantha’s
father.” Gabriel asks, “Did it happen there?” Gerard replies that it
didn’t, then says, “We then went to the courthouse. That’s where it
happened.” Gabriel asks, “Were there any witnesses?”. Gerard replies that
there were. The front doors open and Samantha comes walking in. Gabriel,
thinking her dead, is shocked. Gerard announces that they have been
married. This is really the “it” he has been talking about. Gabriel,
furious, tells him Gerard he has done him a great favor and leaves.
Gabriel goes to the tower room to see his father Daniel. Daniel asks
where Ben is, why he didn’t come to see him today. Gabriel tells him that
Ben Stokes is dead. Gabriel tells him that he has something important to
tell him, that Samantha has married Gerard and is no longer a Collins,
hoping that this would cause him to change his will. But Daniel replies,
“I know. Gerard came and asked me and I gave him my blessings.” Gabriel
is shocked and exclaims, “But he’s a criminal! I have proof!”. Daniel
accuses him of telling jealous lies.
At Rose Cottage, Desmond is wondering why Ben Stokes killed himself.
He reflects on how Ben died, thinking, “It’s almost as if he tried to
decaptitate himself!”. He looks at the head and wonders if it had
connection to Ben’s death, as Ben was so adamant that he get rid of it.
He finds a book lying on the floor. He picks it up and looks at it. It
is entitled “The Relics of the Anti-Saints”. He finds a note sticking
out of it, takes it out and reads it. It is signed “Ben Stokes”. The
note tells him that if he reads the book he’ll know why the head must be
destroyed. Desmond sits down and starts to read the book. While he is
reading the book, the head opens its eyes. When Desmond finishes reading
and looks up, the eyes are closed again. He goes to the head, looks at it,
exclaims, “Why, I’ve been a fool!” and leaves. The eyes open again….
Gabriel tells Samantha that Gerard isn’t the man she thinks he is,
that he has an investigator’s report with the truth about him. Samantha
refuses to listen to what he has to say and leaves.
Gerard, seeing Samantha run out of the drawing room, comes in and
gloats to Gabriel that they’re nothing he can do to ruin their marriage.
Gabriel rolls out of the drawing room and runs into Desmond. He tells
Desmond he need his help, telling him that Samantha and Gabriel have been
married. After going to Gerard, admonishing him for marrying Samantha with
so little regard for Quentin’s memory and getting into an argument with
him, Desmond goes back into the foyer and asks Gabriel how he can help him.
Gabriel tells him to go to the bank and get his safe deposit box. Desmond
asks why, but Gabiel merely replies, “You’ll see. Soon the whole family
will see!”.
Gerard goes upstairs to the tower room to see Daniel. Daniel
congratulates him on his marriage. Gerard invites him to come downstairs
for a glass of champagne to celebrate. Daniel greatfully accepts his
invitation, saying, “No one has wanted me downstairs for such a long
Samantha finds Gabriel in the foyer staring at the door and asks,
“Are you expecting anyone?”. Gabriel replies that he’s waiting for her
wedding gift, that it’s coming tonight. Gerard and Daniel come down.
Gabriel is shocked to see Daniel and asks Gerard, “ARE YOU CRAZY???”.
Desmond arrives with the safety deposit box. Gabriel takes it and
announces, “My weddng present has arrived.”. He opens the box and is
shocked to see that it is empty. Daniel gets angry with Gabriel for trying
to plot something and tries to attack him. Desmond takes the agitated
Daniel back upstairs to the tower room. Gabriel, infuriated and
suspecting that Gerard must have something to do with the paper’s
disappearance, angrily leaves. Samantha and Gerard are now alone in the
drawing room. They close the door to talk in private. Samantha asks
Gerard, “By the way, why did you spend so much time in the bank with
my father yesterday? Did you have anything to do with any papers
disappearing?” Gerard replies, “Of course not.” They embrace and
kiss. After they finish, Samantha opens the door and gasps. She is
shocked to see a man there. He says, “Hello, Samantha. I’m home!”
It is Quentin…
Episode 1121
Tape Date: October 6, 1970 (ABC #206-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 12, 1970 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Samantha asks Quentin if Tad is alive too. Quentin answers that he is.
Screaming to Gerard, “Tell him! Tell him!” she runs upstairs. Gerard
tells Quentin that he and Samantha have married. Quentin goes upstairs.
Samantha, who had rushed upstairs to see Tad but not found him there,
asks where he is. Quentin tells her that Tad is in Boston with Lou Simms,
the man who saved them. Samantha asks Quentin why he never wrote to him
that he was alive. He replies that he did, but that apparently none of
the letters have arrived. He blames it on the postal services of the
South American towns he was in. Samantha asks him what she is to do. He
tells her the decision is hers, whether to stay with Gerard or come back
to him. She tells him she is not ready to make a decision now, that she
has to think about it. She starts to pack and tells him she is going
to Boston to see Tad. Quentin remarks that he’ll go see his father.
Samantha warns him that there have been some changes while he was gone,
that his father is now insane and is being kept in the tower room, and
that Ben Stokes is dead by his own hand.
Barnabas goes to the undertaker and asks the undertaker, Lamar Trask,
to be allowed to see the body of Ben Stokes. Trask tells him that he can’t
do that, that no one is allowed to see the body till tomorrow, that the
funeral is tomorrow. Barnabas protests that he won’t be here tomorrow. Trask
asks, “Are you a family member?”. Barnabas replies that he is and identifies
himself as Barnabas Collins. Trask remarks that he must be the the son of
the original Barnabas Collins and that he’s wanted to meet him for a long
time. Trask introduces himself and asks Barnabas if he’s familiar with
the name “Trask”. Barnabas asks, “No. Why? Should I be?”. Trask replies
that his father was a man of God who worked to rid Collinsport of a witch,
that he and his father Barnabas knew each other but that the original
Barnabas was not a man of faith. He adds that his father disappeared
mysteriously and he doens’t know what happened to him, but that he’ll
find out some day. Barnabas remarks that he finds it hard to believe that
Ben killed himself. Trasks tells him he finds it hard to believe he
could have become so so familiar with Ben in the short time he’s been
here. Barnabas replies that his father talked of him often. Trask tells
him there’s no doubt Ben killed himself, that he was found in the woods
with the knife in his hand. Barnabas asks who found the body. Trask
replies that Gerard Stiles did.
Samantha and Gerard are in the drawing room. Gerard tells Samantha that
he’s thinking of having their marriage annulled. Samantha starts to cry and
goes to the window. Suddenly, she exclaims that she sees someone walking
outside in the woods. Gerard goes to the window to look but doesn’t
see anyone. He asks her what she saw, if it was a man or a woman. She
replies that she didn’t see clearly.
Barnabas goes to Collinwood and finds Gerard in the drawing room.
Quentin comes into the room. Barnabas exclaims, “Quentin!”. Quentin remarks
that he knows who he, Barnabas, is because because he’s seen the portrait
of his father, whom he so resembles, in Ben’s room . He asks Barnabas, “But
how did you know who I was?”. Barnabas lies that he had seen a drawing of
him by Ben’s granddaughter. Gerard tells Quentin that he’s going to live
in Rose Cottage until Samantha has made her decision. Samantha comes
downstairs with her bags. Quentin helps her outside with them to take her
to the train station. Gerard, in a suspicious voice, remarks to Barnabas
that he didn’t know Ben’s granddaughter was such a good artist.
Barnabas leaves Collinwood. In the woods, he hears someone walking and
asks, “Who’s there?”. The person hears him and flees. Barnabas gets a
glimpse of the person, recoginizes who it is and gasps, “Daphne!”.
Episode 1122
Tape Date: October 5, 1970 (ABC #207-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 13, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas catches up to Daphne, grabs her and demands to know what
she’s doing there. Daphne tells him her carriage broke down on the
road. Barnabas tells her he doesn’t believe her and accuses her of
being there to meet Gerard Stiles. Daphne denies this and tells him
she doesn’t know any Gerard Stiles.
In the foyer at Collinwood, Desmond tells Quentin he’s gotten a gift
for him, something from the Far East he’ll find fascinating and tells him
to come by Rose Cottage sometime to pick it up. Desmond leaves.
Barnabas continues to question Daphne. Desmond comes upon them. He is
entranced by Daphne’s beauty. He asks what’s going on. She tells him her
carriage broke down on the road. Desmond admonishes Barnabas for being
rude to her and takes her from him and tells her he’ll help her. Barnabas
and Desmond briefly discuss Quentin’s plight. Daphne seems to get quite
interested when the name ‘Quentin’ is mentioned.
Barnabas returns to Collinwood and tells Julia about Daphne’s arrival,
saying he doesn’t believe her story about her carriage breaking down
because if that had happened, she would have come to the house to ask
for help, not stand in the woods just staring at it.
Desmond is with Daphne in some establishment drinking tea and talking.
Thinking that Daphne suspects his motives, he tells her not to, that the
Collins are an honorable family. He starts to talk about the family.
Daphne seems to be particularly interested in Quentin and asks Desmond
to tell her more about him. He does. He tells her he’ll put her up at
the Inn tonight.
Julia brings a tray of tea and muffins into the drawing room. She
offers Gabriel, who is in the room, some. As they drink and eat, he asks
her about her being a doctor. He tells her maybe one day she can take a
look at his crippled legs. She asks how they came to be crippled. Gabriel
starts to say, “It was an accident. My brother Quentin…”, but suddenly,
a look of shock comes across his face and he drops his teacup. Quentin
has walked into the room. Gabriel did not yet know he was still alive…
At Rose Cottage, Desmond is looking at the head. There’s a knock at
the door, and a voice saying, “Desmond. It’s me, Quentin. I’ve come to
get my gift”. Desmond seems reluctant to answer and doesn’t say
anything. Quentin continues to knock, saying, “Desmond? Are you in there?
Flora told me you were.” Desmond quickly draws the curtains in front of
the alcove where the head is, hiding it, and lets Quentin is. Quentin asks
about the present he told him about. Desmond gives him some books and
tells him they are the gift he talked about. Quentin sits down and starts
to look through one of them, but Desmond tells him they’ve got to go, that
it’s almost time for Ben’s funeral. They leave.
Desmond returns from the funeral to Rose Cottage. Barnabas asks him
what he learned from the girl last night. Desmond tells him he didn’t
learn much. Barnabas asks where she is now. Desmond replies, “I wish I
knew. I left her at the Inn last night, but when I checked there today,
she was gone and left no forwarding address.”
Later, in the drawing room at Collinwood, Julia tells Barnabas that
she’s checked every boarding house in Collinsport and found no trace of
Daphne. While they are talking, unbeknownst to them, Daphne sneaks in
through the front door and leaves a letter on the foyer table. Barnabas
and Julia briefly discuss telling Quentin that they (Julia and Barnabas)
are not who they pretend to be and telling him the truth, but quickly
veto the idea.
Quentin comes into the foyer. He finds a note on the table in the
foyer addressed to him. He opens it and reads it. He bursts into the
drawing room, finds Barnabas and Julia in there and demands, “Who left
this here for me? Who?”.
At Rose Cottage, Desmond dozes off in a chair in his study, where the
head is. While he is sleeping, the head sends him a message, “You must
help me! You WILL help me!”.
Episode 1123
Tape Date: October 8, 1970 (ABC #208-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 14, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Desmond awakens and wonders where the voice come from. He thinks briefly
that it might have been his imagination, but then decides that it couldn’t
have been, that it was too real. He looks at the head… Flora comes in
and asks, “Desmond! Who were you talking to?” She sees the head and
exclaims, “You’ve got that uncovered again! I can feel it’s evil
presence everywhere, and now you’re talking to it. You’ve got to get rid
of it!”. She asks him why he’s acting so strangely, why he hasn’t seen
more of Quentin, saying, “You and Quentin used to be such good friends.”
Desmond shocks her by saying “An outcast has no friends!” She asks him
what’s wrong with him. He tells her nothing is. She asks him to join her
at Collinwood, saying that they’re going to have her bring Daniel down from
the tower room to meet Quentin, that it was quite a shock for him to learn
that Quentin was dead, now it’s going to be quite a shock for him to find
he’s still alive. Desmond exclaims, “The fools! Didn’t I tell them that
death was just an extension of life?” Flora asks him why he’s acting so
strangely. She remarks that she hasn’t seen him acting so stranglely since
the time he was so enamored of the Carson girl. He asks her if he’s met
a girl. He replies that that’s it, he’s met a girl he’s attracted to.
Daphne writes in her diary, “I should not have run away from Desmond
Collins. I could have used him, but I was just so frightened by his
attraction to me. Perhaps I still can use him..”
At Collinwood, Flora brings Daniel down from the tower room into the
drawing where Quentin and Desmond are standing. A joyous reunion occurs.
Daniel asks if Tad is alive too. Quentin replies that he is, that he’s
ill, but not seriously, and has been left in the care of a friend in
Boston. Quentin tells Daniel he won’t be living in the tower room anymore,
that he’s going to have his old room prepared for him. Quentin and Flora
leave to get the room prepared. Daniel tells Desmond that he has noticed
that he’s been acting strangely and asks what’s wrong. Desmond replies
that he’s just been thinking about Ben’s strange death, that’s all.
Daniel replies that he found Ben’s death strange, that he has trouble
believing the police’s claim that it was suicide, that it was just like
the Bedford atrocities that happened so long ago. He adds that the
strange thing is that Ben had talked about the Bedford atrocities and
the strange, disembodied head that was rumored to be involved with them
the day he died. Desmond asks Daniel to tell him about the Bedford
atrocities. Daniel recounts that they happened in the fall of the year
1803, just as he had turned 20. He tells him that all the murders occured
within a short span of time, that each victim was found decapitated.
Desmond asks him about the strange disembodied head that was supposedly
involved in the case. Daniel replies that he doesn’t remember, but
remembers reading about it in the papers, that the newspapers at the time
were filled with all the lurid details. Desmond mutters to himself, “Yes,
the newspapers!”
Desmond goes to the offices of the “Collinsport Star” and knocks on
the door. He is surprised to see who answers the door. It is Daphne. He
asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she is working there, that
she needs the money and it’s respectable work. She asks him what he’s
doing here. He tells her he’s doing some research and asks her for some
copies of the paper from October of 1803. She gives them to him. He sits
down at a desk, looks through them and finds an articl entitled, “Fourth
Victim Found!”, then another entitled “The Strange Case of the Pagan
Head”. He reads it. It states that “Today in the courthouse, Otis Green
told the court that he was in contact with the Devil’s son and was under
the control of some sort of Pagan head.”. Desmond asks if he could borrow
the papers. Daphne replies, “Sure.” and gives him a checkout slip to
sign. He signs it and gets up to leave. Daphne reads the slip and asks,
“Mr. Collins. Is this a joke? You’ve signed the name ‘Judah Zachary'”.
Desmond looks at it and explains, “Oh. I write sometimes, and that’s my
pen name. I guess I just wasn’t thinking.” He invites her to dinner,
mentioning that Quentin will be there. She accepts.
Returning to Collinwood, Desmond asks Daniel if he knows anything about
an ‘Otis Green’. Daniel replies, “Oh yes. I remember now. There were four
murders. Otis Green confessed to them all. He claimed that he was forced
to commit them by a mysterious head that got control of him.” Daniel asks
him what happened to this head. Daniel replies, “It was never found. Green
claimed that a young handyman working for him had stolen it, but there was
no proof of that, so the police didn’t arrest him. Shortly afterwards, the
handyman left town. A year later, it was learned that he was found
murdered in Macau, his throat slashed, his head nearly cut off”. “Like
Ben?”, Desmond asks. “Why yes, like Ben!”, Daniel answers. Desmond asks
what happened to Otis Green. Daniel tells him that he was committed to
an insane asylum, but was released about 10 years ago and now lives
quietly on a farm near town where he sells antiques now.
At Rose Cottage, Desmond talks to the head, saying, “Tomorrow Otis
Green will visit me, and he will tell me everything I want to know!”
Desmond takes Daphne to Rose Cottage for dinner and introduces her to
Flora. Quentin comes into the room, and is introduced to Daphne. Flora
notes that it 8:00 and exclaims, “It’s time for dinner!” They all go
into the dining room and have dinner.
It is 9:30. Dinner is over. Everyone comes back into the drawing room.
Flora, remarking that Gerard has such remarkable psychic powers, tells
them he has taught her how to read tarot cards and deals some on the
table, saying she will read Quentin’s future. She does not find the
configuration pleasing. She turns over the last card and is shocked to
see that it is Death. She interprets the entire configuration as meaning
that someone close to Quentin has died. Quentin tells her that that is
not the case, and seems quite unconcerned about what she has read. Noting
this, Flora asks, “Quentin, aren’t you the least worried about this?”
He replies that he isn’t, that perhaps he she hasn’t quite learned how to
read the cards correctly yet. She remarks, “Oh. I hadn’t thought of
Later, in his room, Quentin re-reads the letter he had found on the
table in the foyer and exclaims, “NO! It can’t be! It’s impossible!”.
In her boarding room, Daphne writes in her diary, “Today I finally
met the man I am going to kill!”.
Episode 1124
Tape Date: October 7, 1970 (ABC #209-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 15, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Desmond is writing in a journal he has started which bears someone
else’s name, “The Journal of Judah Zachary”. There’s a knock at he door.
He quickly hides the journal and opens the door. Leticia comes in. She
senses something and exclaims, “Evil! There’s evil in this room! I can
feel it!” and faints. Desmond revives her and tells her it must be her
Later, when Desmond is not in, Leticia sneaks into his room to
investigate. She mutters to herself that she can still feel the evil.
She sees a deck of Tarot cards sitting on a table. She lifts the top card,
and gasps, “The Tower of Destruction!”. She draws the curtains open, see
the head and exclaims, “Evil! Evil!”
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Barnabas tells Roxanne he’s glad to
see she’s well again. Lamar Trask arrives, saying he’s heard Roxanne’s
well again. He remarks that maybe now she’d follow his advice about not
being out alone so late at nights now that the attacks are happening again.
Barnabas nervously asks, “Again?” Trask replies, “Yes. Again. I’ve
made a most important discovery that should help the police greatly in
the investigation.”. He pulls out an old yellow letter and offers to
read from it, but Roxanne starts to mock him and Trask asks Barnabas to
leave so they can speak in private. He does. Roxanne and Trask get into
an argument and Roxanne storms out of the room. Leticia comes in just as
Roxanne is storming out and tells Trask he shouldn’t be speaking to her
like that. Trask replies that he needs no advice from a music hall
performer. Leticia retorts that she’s not a mere music hall dancer, but
has second sight. To prove it, she tells him she can sense that he’s
seeking revenge, not for himself, but for someone else. Trask, intrigued,
tells her he’d like to find where his father’s body is. Leticia tells him
she’ll need something that belonged to his father. He takes out the
letter and gives it to her. She gets a vision of the old house, then
starts to describe the cellar. Barnabas, coming down the stairs, hears
this, rushes into the drawing room and deliberately breaks Leticia’s
trance by exclaiming, “Leticia! What’s wrong?”.
Desmond writes in the “Journal of Judah Zachary”, “Soon, Otis Green
will be here and I will know where my body is!”.
Barnabas finds Trask sneaking around in the old house and throws him
Otis Green goes to visit Desmond. Green, an antique dealer, starts
admiring all the old furniture. He looks at a chair and remarks, “Why,
this would fetch at least $100!” Desmond points out a table and suggests
he look at that instead, saying it’s much more interesting than the chair.
He tells him it was bought by Augustan Collins in Bedford. He sees that
this gets a reaction from Green. Desmond adds, “You know, Bedford, where all
the witch trials were?”. Green replies that he knows it, that his
grandfather was an executioner there. Desmond tells him he has something
else he think he will find interesting. He draws the curtain, revealing
the head. Green sees the head, gasps, and tries to run, but Desmond grabs
him and demands, “Where is the body?” Green refuses to tell, saying his
grandfather had cut the head from the body to prevent the evil, and that
he would not reveal it. Desmond continues to shake him and demand to know
where it is. The old man, frightened, starts to tell him in cryptic
phrases, “The noose…,the unmarked stone…, the ring…, the stairs..,
top of hill, straight line, unmarked stone… Desmond does not understand,
but before he can force the old man to clarify, Green dies of a heart
Episode 1125
Tape Date: October 9, 1970 (ABC #210-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 16, 1970 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Desmond puzzles over what Green said. Leticia comes in, sees Otis
Green’s body and screams. She then remarks, “I know you didn’t do it.
That thing did. I know about it. I came back here when you were away
and saw it!”. Desmond claims that Green had died of a heart attack.
He asks her to help him with a problem he can’t solve. She refuses,
saying she knows it’s something the head wants. He yells, “All right,
don’t help!” He adds, in a threatening tone, “But you’d better not
tell anyone about this!”
Leticia goes to Collinwood and tells Gerard that she needs his help,
that she doesn’t want to live at Rose Cottage anymore, that things have
changed there, that there’s an evil spirit there now. At first, he laughs
at her, but then embraces her. Gabriel comes into the room, sees this
and snidely remarks, “Well, well, your sympathetic shoulders are always
available, aren’t they, Mr. Stiles?” Gerard tells Leticia to go back
to Rose Cottage, that he’ll join her there in a while. She leaves.
Gabriel gloatingly tells Gerard that he knows he married Samantha just
for her money, and now what Quentin has returned and will get the money,
he’s afraid Samantha will choose to stay with him and he’ll be saddled
with a woman he does not love and not getting the money he was really
after. Gerard tells him that is not true, that he does love Samantha.
Desmond goes to Collinwood and tells Gabriel he needs his help with
a problem and telling him he has clues which lead to something he wants to
find. He tells Gabriel he came to him because of his great knowledge of
the Collins lands and history. Gabriel asks Desmond what he is looking
for. Desmond refuses to tell him. Gabriel tells him it must be worth money
and asks for fifty percent of anything he finds. Desmond agrees. Gabriel
tells him the clues. Gabriel tells him he thinks he knows what some of
them mean. He tells him ‘The noose’ and ‘the hilltop’ probably refer to
“Gallows Hill”, a place where witches were once hung, and ‘The unmarked
stone’ probably refers to a cemetary at the base of the hill.
Gerard goes to Rose Cottage and asks Leticia to foretell his future.
Using a crystal ball, she tells him she sees a vision in which a woman
is talking to him. She tells him she cannot see who the woman is because
her back is toward her. She tells him that in the vision, she sees a
strange look come over his face, that the woman has told him something
to make him very unhappy.
Desmond goes to Gallows Hill. He follows a straight line down into
the cemetary and finds an unmarked headstone. On another nearby stone, he
finds a ring. He pulls it and a panel opens in the ground. He looks into
the hole and sees a flight of stairs. He goes down the stairs and finds
a coffin. The coffin lid is held down by a very large wooden cross and
cannot be opened. Desmond finds a smaller lid just for the head. He
opens it and sees a jewel encrusted mask.
Episode 1126
Tape Date: October 12, 1970 (ABC #211-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 19, 1970 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Desmond tries to lift the cross but finds that he can’t. He exclaims,
“I’ve got to go get help!”.
At Rose Cottage, Gerard ponders Leticia’s vision. Flora comes in, sees
him sitting in front of the crystal ball and remarks, “Looking into your
future?” Trask comes in and asks for Leticia, saying she demonstrated
her second sight to him yesterday and opened up a whole new world to him.
Flora leaves to get Leticia. While Flora is gone, Trask asks Gerard what
he knows about Barnabas Collins. Gerard replies that he doesn’t know much,
but is in a position to find out – for a price. Trask agrees to pay him
to find out about Barnabas. He tells Gerard he’s learned one thing about
Barnabas, that he checked the passenger list of the ship he claimed to
have sailed on from England and didn’t find his name on it. Flora returns.
She tells them she looked in Leticia’s room and didn’t find her there and
has no idea where she is. Trask tells them he’ll wait for her to come
Desmond goes to the Eagle and offers a drunk named Tim $20 to do a
job for him.
Trask continues to wait at Rose Cottage for Leticia. Trask remarks on
what a remarkable woman Leticia is. Flora asks, “What did Leticia do that
impressed you so much?”. Trask explains how his father had mysteriously
disappeared in 1795, how he was last seen entering the gates of Collinwood,
that he thinks he was the victim of foul play. He tells them that he had
asked Leticia to help him find out what had happened to his father and
that she had had a vision of the old house. He tells them he suspects
that the original Barnabas Collins had something to do with his father’s
disappearance. Flora Collins remarks, “But Daniel told me the original
Barnabas was a gentle man, much like his son”. Trask tells her he doesn’t
trust the son either, that he had gone to the old house to search and
Barnabas wouldn’t let him. Gerard tells him they don’t have to wait for
Leticia to return, that they can hold a seance to contact Trask’s father,
that Leticia had shown him how.
Desmond brings Tim to the old cemetary. Desmond pulls the ring and
opens the secret door in the ground. They go down. Desmond tells Tim his
job will be to take the heavy cross off the coffin and leaves to get a
carriage to take the body back to Rose Cottage. Tim sees the head door,
opens it, sees the mask and exclaims, “Diamonds! Emeralds!”
At Rose Cottage, Gerard, Trask and Flora start the seance. The elder
Trask’s spirit appears and says, “Evil! I can feel evil in this room!
You are surrounded by evil!”. Lamar Trask asks, “Who murdered you?”.
But the spirit does not answer this question, saying instead,”The cross!
Beware the cross!”
At the cemetary, Tim manages to pull the cross off the coffin. He takes
a large rock and uses it to smash open the lock on the coffin.
At Rose Cottage, the door blows open. Trask’s spirits voice exclaims
“Evil is joining evil! Evil will walk again, NOW!”.
At the cemetary, Tim, probably planning to steal the jewelled mask for
himself, exclaims, “I’m rich!” and takes the mask out of the coffin. He
is shocked to see that the corpse is headless. He turns to leave, but when
he turns back to look at the coffin, he sees something that terrifies him.
He picks up a large rock, apparently to defend himself.
At Rose Cottage, the seance is over. Trask asks Gerard to try to
contact his father again, but Gerard tells him that won’t be possible
right now.
At the cemetary, a headless body climbs out of the secret room…
Episode 1127
Tape Date: October 13, 1970 (ABC #212-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 20, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Desmond returns to the Gallows Hill cemetary and goes down into the
secret room. He finds Tim dead and the body in the coffin gone. He
exclaims, “Oh no, the Bedford Atrocities! If the head and the body get
together, it’ll kill us all!”.
Samantha returns to Collinwood and goes into the drawing room, where
she finds Gabriel. She asks where Quentin is. Gabriel remarks, “You’ve
come back to announce your choice, haven’t you?”.
Desmond returns to Rose Cottage and goes to the drawing room, carrying
an axe, thinking, “If I destroy the head, the body must die!”, but when he
opens the curtains, he finds that the head is gone. Samantha comes in. She
sees the axe and asks what it’s for. Desmond lies that he was chopping
firewood. Samantha asks where Gerard is. Desmond goes to find Gerard and
runs into him in the hallway. He tells him Samantha is here and wants to
see him.
Samantha tells Gerard she has returned but not yet made a decision.
She tells him she will always love him whatever her decision turns out
to be. They kiss.
Desmond goes to Leticia and asks her if she took the head, saying he
knows how badly she had wanted to get rid of it. She tells him she didn’t
take it. Hoping that she did, he begs her to tell the truth. She still
tells him she didn’t take it.
Desmond goes to the drawing room of Colllinwood. He finds Gabriel there.
Desmond asks where Quentin is. Gabriel replies that he doesn’t know, then
demands to know what he found at Gallows Hill. Desmond replies, “Nothing”
and turns to leave. Gabriel grabs his arm and holds him in a hammerlock and
yells, “You found something and want to tell Quentin about it, don’t you.
What did you find?” Quentin walks into the drawing room and asks what’s
going on. Gabriel lets go of Desmond, smiles and says, “Oh, nothing. Just
a family quarrel.” Gabriel tells Quentin that Samantha has returned with
Tad, that Tad is upstairs in his rooma and Samantha is at Rose Cottage and
rolls out of the room. Desmond tell Quentin, “I need your help! You know
that thing I told you I brought back for you from the Orient? Well, I
didn’t give it to you at Rose Cottage. I kept it.” Quentin asks what it
was. Desmond replies, “The head of Judah Zachary.”
At Rose Cottage, Gerard and Samantha continue to talk. They kiss again.
Leticia comes in and catches them. Samantha leaves. Leticia asks what’s
happening. Gerard replies, “She was just kissing me goodbye.”.
Desmond finishes his story to Quentin and says, “The head has found the
body! We’ve got to do something!” Quentin tells him, “We’ve got to find
it.” He opens a drawer and takes out a gun. Desmond says, “That won’t do
anything!”. Quentin replies, “We won’t know until we try”. They leave.
Samantha returns to Collinwood and runs into Gabriel in the foyer.
Gabriel mockingly tells her that Quentin had returned to Collinwood and
that he had told him of her return, but that that didn’t prevent him from
leaving again anyway.
Quentin and Desmond go to Rose Cottage to see if they can find any
clues about the head. Desmond tells Quentin about the awful sight he
found at the tomb, Tim Braithwaite dead, his head torn from his body.
Quentin asks him what he did with Tim. Desmond replies that he “got rid
of it”. Quentin remarks, “Good. With his reputation, no one will question
his disappearance.”.
At Rose Cottage, Leticia brings a note to Gerard and tells him it’s
from Samantha. He opens it, quickly reads it and rushes out of the room.
Quentin returns to Collinwood and goes into the drawing room. Gabriel,
who’s in there, asks, “What’s wrong with Desmond? He’s acting strangely.
Did he find something at Gallow’s Hill?” He is interrupted by the
arrival of Gerard, then seconds later, Samantha. She tells Gabriel she’d
like to talk to Quentin and Gerard alone. Gabriel leaves. Samantha tells
Quentin and Gerard, “I’ve come to a decision. I now know with whom I must
spend the rest of my life.”
Episode 1128
Tape Date: October 16, 1970 (ABC #213-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 21, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Samantha prepares to tell them her decision, but then says, “I thought
I had prepared myself for this, but I cannot face both of you alone.” She
asks to speak to Gerard alone first, then Quentin. Quentin leaves, saying
he’ll be waiting for her in their room. Samantha tells Gerard she has
picked him. Gerard is shocked. She tells him he was certain she would
select Quentin. Samantha leaves to go tell Quentin. Gabriel rolls in.
He laughs and tells Gerard that he can see from the glum expression on
his face that Samantha had selected him and he is now saddled with her
without the Collins money. Gerard tells him that that’s not true, that
she did select him, and he’s happy about it, that they’re in love.
Gerard asks him if that’s true, then why the look of gloom on his face.
Gerard replies that he feels sorry for his friend Quentin, that’s all.
Samantha goes upstairs and tells Quentin she has picked Gerard. Quentin
is shocked, angrily saying he was sure she’d pick him. She asks him why
he gave her a choice and now becomes angry over it. He tells her he only
gave her the choice out of gallantry because he was certain she’d make the
only reasonable choice. She asks for her freedom. He gives it to her.
She tells him she’ll go get Tad ready to leave. He tells her he’s giving
her her freedom, but he’s not letting her take Tad. This time, she is
shocked. They get into a loud argument. She tells him he’s got to let her
take Tad. He replies that he doesn’t, that “Tad is as much my son as he
is yours”. She exclaims, “No he isn’t!”. Shocked, he asks her what she
means. She replies, “You are not Tad’s real father!” Quentin, shocked,
remarks, “I don’t believe this. You’re just saying this to get Tad,
aren’t you?” Samantha replies that it’s true. Quentin asks who the real
father is, then. Samantha refuses to tell him. He grabs her, pushes her
around and throws her on the bed, demanding to know who Tad’s real father
is. She still refuses to tell him. Quentin tells Samantha it doesn’t
matter, that she can go, but he loves Tad even if he isn’t his real
father and won’t let her take him. She leaves.
Samantha runs into Gabriel in the foyer again. Gabriel remarks, “You
look upset. Quentin must’ve reacted to your decision nonchalently.” She
replies that he’s wrong, that Quentin reacted to her decision with anger
and wouldn’t grant her her freedom, that she’s trapped to rot in this
house, “just like you”. Hortense, the governess, comes out of the door
under the stairs. Samantha tells her she’d like to speak to her alone,
takes her into the drawing room and closes the doors. She tells Hortense
to prepare Tad, that she’s leaving and taking him with her. Hortense
asks,”But I thought you told Mr. Gabriel that you were staying.” Samantha
replies that she’s doing this secretly. She tells her to pack Tad’s things
and bring him to Rose Cottage at 7 o’clock tonight. Outside, Gabriel has
his ear to the door and is eavesdropping…
Gabriel tells Quentin what her heard…
At 7 o’clock, Quentin catches Hortense taking Tad’s luggage down to the
foyer. He tells her he knows what she’s trying to do. He tells her to
tell Samantha that Tad is staying, that she’ll never set eyes on him
again. He also tells her to pack her things because she’s fired.
Hortense leaves Collinwood to go to Rose Cottage to tell Samantha what
happened. In the woods, she is attacked by the headless man…
Episode 1129
Tape Date: October 15, 1970 (ABC #214-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 22, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas and Julia are walking through the woods. They hear a sound,
and follow it to where it sounds like it’s coming from. By the time they
get there, they hear the sound go off into the distance and decide it
must have been a wild animal. Then they find Hortense. Barnabas exclaims,
“It looks like something tried to tear her head off!” Julia examines her
and finds, to her astonishment, that Hortense is still alive, barely. She
tells Barnabas to go to her room at Collinwood and get her medical bag.
At Collinwood, Quentin is pacing around in the drawing room, an angry
scowl on his face. Barnabas comes in through the door. Seeing the look on
Barnabas’ face, Quentin asks, “What happened?” Barnabas replies that
something attacked Hortense in the woods, that she’s almost dead, that
Julia’s with her and he’s come to get her medical bag. Barnabas starts up
the stairs, but Julia comes in through the front doors and tells him it’s
too late, that Hortense has died. She tells them that Hortense had
regained consciousness briefly before she died, and said something very
strange, that she had said she had been attacked by a headless man.
Quentin exclaims, “NO!!!”, and rushes off. Barnbas and Julia are puzzled
by the look on Quentin’s face. It seems to them to indicate that he knew
about what attacked Hortense. Barnabas goes to tell the police what
happened while Julia goes to tell Samantha.
Julia tells Samantha what happened. Samantha takes out a gun, vowing
to go to Collinwood and take Tad to Rose Cottage herself.
Quentin returns to Collinwood and finds Samantha there. He exclaims,
“So you’ve decided to take Tad yourself!”. He tells her he knows all
about her plans and adds that it’s the lowest thing she’s ever done. He
tells her even if she had been successful, she’s only have him for a
short time because he would’ve had the police in every state in the area
looking for them. He tells her she won’t be successful in taking him now,
that he has two servants standing guard in front of Tad’s room, two servants
more loyal than Hortense. He adds that they’re lucky that Hortense wasn’t
successful in taking Tad, that there’s a wild animal of some sort in the
woods, that if she had, he would’ve been killed too. Samantha tells
him that if she can’t take Tad, then she won’t leave Collinwood, that
she’ll stay and do everything she can to make his life miserable. She
leaves the room.
Barnabas comes into the drawing room and asks, “What did Hortense mean
when she said she was attacked by a headless man?”. Quentin asks,”What
makes you think I would know?” Barnabas replies that both he and Julia
saw the look on his face when Julia told of Hortense’s last words.
Quentin replies that they both must have been imagining it, that he knows
nothing about any “headless man.” Barnabas, not believing him, tries to
convince him of the seriousness of the situation and tells him that this
could lead to the destruction of Collinwood, that if what Hortense said
is true, then they’re dealing with something supernatural, and if he’s
not telling them something about what he knows, he could be jeopardizing
the lives of everyone at Collinwood. Quentin tells Barnbas the story of
the head of Judah Zachary, adding that he and Desmond had thought the body
had already found the head but Hortense’s story indicates that this is
not true. Barnabas asks when Judah Zachary lived. Quentin tells him that
he lived in 1692 in Bedford, that he was executed for being a warlock.
Barnabas asks why he was beheaded and the body and head kept apart.
Quentin tells him the people were so afraid of his powers, they feared
that even after death he could exercise his powers and seperated the head
from the body to keep this from happening. He tells Barnabas that the
body was buried in a secret location but that the head was put on public
display, but soon disappeared. He tells him that the head has surfaced
several times, each time accompanied by a series of horrible murders.
Barnabas tells Quentin they’ve got to find both the head and body and
destroy them.
Barnabas tells Julia about Judah Zachary, that he and Quentin searched
the woods but couldn’t find anything. Julia asks, “You realize what
Hortense’s death means, don’t you?” Barnabas replies, “Yes, the position
of governess is now vacant.” They realize that if they can prevent
Daphne from filling it, they might change history.
Julia goes to Daphne’s hotel room. She tells her she must leave
Collinsport right away. Daphne asks why. Julia replies, “If you stay,
you will probably die!” Daphne asks her what she means. Julia tells her
“Sometime soon, you will be offered the position of governess at
Collinwood. If you accept, it will lead to your death!” Daphne does
not believe her.
Julia returns to Collinwood and tells Barnabas she failed. They realize
that sometime soon, Quentin wiil offer Daphne the position of governess
at Collinwood. While they are talking, they see Quentin go out the front
Quentin goes into town and to Daphne’s hotel room. He tells her she
was recommended to him by his cousin Desmond and has come to offer her
the position of governess at Colllinwood. Daphne is shocked, but, in
spite of Julia’s warning, accepts.
A mysterious figure in a hooded cloak walks through Eagle Hill
cemetary. It goes into the Collins family tomb, pulls the ring on the
middle lion, opens the secret door and goes into the secret room. It is
Angelique. She sees that Barnabas’ coffin is gone and exclaims,”He’s
gone! I would never have believed it!” She vows, “But I will find
him! He will never get away from me!”
October 23, 1970 Friday – No show aired. Pre-empted by broadcast of
speech to United Nations by President Richard Nixon. (ABC #215-DRK-70)
Episode 1130
Tape Date: October 14, 1970 (ABC #216-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 26, 1970 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

It is the anniversary of the night Angelique turned Barnabas into a
vampire. Every year since, she has been visiting the secret room on the
anniversary. But this year, she finds him missing.
Angelique calls out “Laszlo! Come in here!” A gypsy comes into the
secret room. He looks around, sees that the room is empty and exclaims,
“Nothing! There’s nothing in here! Every year, you make me bring you here
and make me wait outside the tomb, and there’s nothing in here!”.
Angelique orders Laszlo to go to an estate called Collinwood owned by a
man named Daniel Collins who has two sons named and find out what he can
about a man named Baranbas Collins. She warns him though, to not mention
the name Barnabas Collins until someone else mentions it first. He asks
why. She refuses to tell him.
Barnabas goes to Leticia’s room and asks her to use her second sight
for him. She remarks that she has the strange feeling that he has lived
a long, long time and knows many things. He replies that he doesn’t, for
example, he doesn’t know where the head of Judah Zachary is and tells her
that what he came here to have her find out. She replies that she knows
nothing about the whereabouts of the head. Barnabas tells her he thinks
she does, but will not tell because she thinks it has a bad effect on
Desmond. He tries to convince her of the importance of finding the head,
telling her that the body is now roaming the woods, that it killed
Hortense earlier, but she still insists she knows nothing about the
whereabouts of the head. After Barnabas leaves, Leticia opens a closet
door. Inside is the head of Judah Zachary…
Laszlo goes to Collinwood and introduces himself to Gabriel as a
wandering Gypsy and offers to tell his fortune. Gabriel agrees to let
him try. Laszlo starts to read Gabriel’s palm. He tells him he has a long
lifeline. Gabriel replies that there are many people who would be
disappointed at this. Barnabas walks into the room. Gabriel introduces
Barnabas and Laszlo to each other. A strange expression comes over
Laszlo’s face upon his hearing the name “Barnabas Collins”. He continues
to read Gabriel’s palm, offering more meaningless generalities. Gabriel
is not impressed. Laszlo offers to read Barnabas’ palm, but Barnabas
declines the offer. Laszlo leaves.
Leticia, who apparently took the head from Desmond because she saw it
having a negative effect on him, is now herself under the power of the
head. She tries to use her second-sight to find the body. She gets a
vision of the body lying in the woods and tells the head, “I know what I
must do now, Judah Zacary!”.
At Collinwood, Gabriel asks Barnabas if he really believes Hortense’s
story sbout being attacked by a headless man. He remarks that he does
not, saying Hortense is unreliable and is the one of the reasons he sent
his children away to school. Barnabas replies that he does and that he’s
going out to join the search for it.
Leticia finds the headless body in the woods. It attacks her, but she
exclaims, “I’ve been sent to find and help you!” and it lets go of her.
She takes it by the hand and guides it away.
Leticia takes the body back to it’s underground tomb and tell it to
stay there and wait for her (it is unexplained how she knows about the
tomb. Either she used her second-sight or the body led her there.).
Laszlo returns to the secret room to a waiting Angelique and tells
her about meeting Barnabas, saying he was introduced as a cousin who has
recently come from London.
It is 9:15 at Collinwood. There’s a knock at the front door. Gabriel
answers. It is Angelique. She introduces herself as Mrs. Barnabas Collins
and asks for her husband. Gabriel tells her Barnabas is not there, that
he lives at the old house. Angelique asks how to get to the old house,
pretending she doesn’t know where it it. Gabriel tells her it’s on the
estate, but warns her that it wouldn’t be wise to go there right now,
that there has been an attack in the woods, and that a search party is
searching for the attacker right now. He adds that Barnabas isn’t at the
old house, anyway, that he’s helping with the search. Anglique tells
Gabriel that Barnabas doens’t know she’s come and she can’t wait to see
the expression on his face when he sees her. Gabriel tells her Barnabas’
sister Julia is living in the house and might still be up and asks
Angelique if she would like to see her. Angelique replies that she would,
that she’s never met her before. Gabriel goes upstairs to get her.
Leticia goes to her room at Rose Cottage and gets the head.
Gabriel comes back downstairs and tells Angelique that Julia is not
in her room and he doesn’t know where she is.
Leticia takes the head to the tomb and puts it on a table. The body
goes to the table and reaches for the head….
Episode 1131
Tape Date: October 19, 1970 (ABC #217-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 27, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Leticia tells the body, “No! It’s not time yet!”. The body stops and
goes to the middle of the room. Leticia asks the head,”Master. Tell me
what I am to do now.”
At the old house, Barnabas and Julia wonder if the body and head have
managed to get together yet. Barnabas wonders,”If Judas Zachary is so
important to what happened in 1840, then why didn’t Daphne mention it
in 1970?” Julia remarks that maybe she never got the chance to. Barnabas
tells her they’ve got to learn more about Judah Zachary and asks her to
go to Bedford to find out.
In the underground tomb, Leticia says,”Someone must come first. Yes, I
understand, Master.”
At Collinwood, Daniel goes into the drawing room and finds Angelique
there. She introduces herself as Valerie Collins, wife of Barnabas.
Daniel remarks,”Oh yes, Desmond mentioned you.” He looks at her for a
moment and says,”You know, you remind me of someone, but I can’t remeber
who.” He thinks for a moment and gasps,”You’re name’s not Valerie! I
remember now. It’s…it’s impossible! You’re Angelique! You’re the
witch. Ben said so at the trial, but no one believed him! And if you are
as you were then, is Barnabas?”. Angelique compliments on his memory,
saying he was only a small boy at the time. She closes the drawing room
doors and tells him she’s going to make him forget. She conjures up the
spirit of his dead wife Harriet. She tells him she knows all about how
he murdered her on Widow’s hill and has conjured her spirit up to get
vengeance on him. The ghost starts to approach. Daniel, terrified, shrinks
against the wall and begs Angelique to stop. Angelique orders the spirit
to stop. It does. Angelique tells him her will neither remember her nor
the spirit, but that the memory of the spirit will stay in his subconscious
and come back to stop him every time he starts to remember Angelique. She
asks him if he understands. Sobbing, he answers yes. Leticia, hearing the
sobbing coming from the drawing room, goes in to see what’s the matter.
But when she opens the door, she sees no one sobbing. She finds only Daniel
sitting peacefully in a chair. A blond woman is in the room with him.
Daniel introduces them to each other, introducing Angelique as “Valerie
Collins”, wife of Barnabas. Leticia asks where Julia is. Daniel replies
that he doesn’t know, but that she’s probably at the old house with
Julia returns from Bedford to the Old House. She tells Barnabas there
were no surviving records or newspaper accounts of the trial, but she did
manage to find an article written by the prosecutor many years later as an
old man. She tells him that the prosecutor called Judah Zachary “the most
evil man who ever lived”, that he referred to himself as the “son of the
devil”, that he was deeply involved in the black arts had totally corrupted
the town in which he lived, a small village near Bedford, that he had
organized a nightly witch’s coven, that there were mysterious murders and
rumors of human sacrifice, that Zachary claimed he could not be killed
as long as he possessed the “Mask of Ba’al”, a jewelled mask he wore
during ceremonies, a mask he claimed was given him by the Devil himself.
Barnabas remarks, “Yes. Desmond mentioned finding a jewelled mask with
the body”. Julia continues that Judas Zachary was finally brought to
trial for witchcraft, but that not one witness could be found to testify
against him. Finally, as the authorities had just about given up, on the
last day of his trial a follower of his, a woman known only as “Miranda”
came forward and agreed to testify against him in exchange for immunitity.
She told the court of Zachary’s activities and told them that the only way
to stop his evil was to sever his head from his body and make sure the two
never came together again. Julia tells Barnabas that after this was done,
the three judges who formed the tribunal who tried the case died
mysterious deaths. She continues, “Now this is the important part,
Barnabas. Their families died mysterious deaths too. This is important
because one of the judges was a Collins, an Amadeus Collins.” Barnabas
exclaims that he remembers hearing about Amadeus Collins when he was a
child, that Amadeus Collins was a great uncle of his who died
mysteriously, and that Amadeus’ wife and son died in a strange accident
too, but that’s all. Julia remarks that the article had said that the
deaths of the family members stopped suddenly and no one knew why.
Barnabas exclaims, “Of course. Desmond brought the head back from the
Far East. It had been stolen and taken there. The deaths must have stopped
when it was taken from this country.” Angelique walks into the room and
announces, “Well, I’m glad to finally meet my sister-in-law. Hello,
Barnabas. Aren’t you going to welcome me home?”. Barnabas asks to speak
to Angelique alone. Julia leaves. Barnabas asks Angelique what she’s
doing here. She tells him she loves him, that she’s changed and wants to
be with him. He asks, “And do what? Share this so-called life of mine,
this life you gave me?”. Angelique says, “I gave you immortality!”.
Barnabas replies, “You gave me a thousand nights of agony…”
Barnabas tells her he’s going to tell everyone about her. Angelique
replies, “If you, they’ll find out about you too and you’ll be destroyed”.
Barnabas points out, “But Daniel surely remembers you”. Angelique
replies, “I’ve taken care of Daniel”. Barnabas asks, “WHAT DID YOU DO
TO HIM?” Angelique replies, “I didn’t harm him. I was thinking about
you. I always think about you. Can’t you find it in your heart to
forgive me? You’re always so kind and gentle with everyone else”.
Barnabas snarls, “I cannot be kind and gentle with my enemies!”
Julia returns to Collinwood. She runs into Leticia in the foyer. Leticia
excitedly tells her she’s found the headless body, that it’s not moving
and appears to be dead. She tells her to come quickly and take a look at
it. Julia says, “Let’s go tell Quentin” and starts up the stairs, but
Leticia grabs her and says, “Quentin’s not home. Nobody is.” Julia
thinks of going to tell Barnabas, but then realizes that she can’t
interrupt him now. She tells Leticia that she thinks it’s best to wait,
but Leticia manages to convince her the body is harmless now and Julia
goes with her.
Leticia takes Julia to the underground tomb. Julia examines the body and
says,”You’re right. It’s not moving.”. Leticia replies,”Not yet”. Julia,
puzzled, asks what she means. She sees Leticia take the cover off a box
on the table and sees that it’s the head. She gasps,”Oh no, you’re under
it’s power!” and turns to run. Leticia exclaims, “Julia, look!”. Julia
turns back briefly to look and stops running. The eyes of the head are
open. It is putting a spell on her…
Episode 1132
Tape Date: October 22, 1970 (ABC #218-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 28, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Leticia asks Julia if she knows what is to be done. Julia replies,
“Yes. The head and the body must be joined.”. She tells Leticia that
they have a great deal of work to do before they can do this.
At Collinwood, Quentin, holding the mysterious note that he received,
thinks to himself, “Soon I will know if this is true”. He reads to himself
from the note, “Joanna is dead and you are responsible”. There is a knock
at the door. Quentin answers. It is an older woman who introduces herself
as “Mrs. Purdy”. Quentin, who has apparently asked her here, asks, “Is it
true? Is Joanna dead?”. The woman replies sadly that she is. She tells
him that she was nothing but Joanna’s landlady and didn’t really become
friends with her until “you stopped coming to see her”. She tells him
that Joanna became quite depressed after he stopped coming to see her,
that she could talk of nothing but him. Quentin explains, “But I couldn’t
help it. I couln’t get a divorce…” Mrs. Purdy continues that Joanna’s
mind eventually went, that one night she found her setting the table
saying Quentin was coming to see her. She goes on to say that she reminded
Joanna that Quentin had stopped coming a long time ago. She tells him
she should probably not have told her this, because she visited the
cottage later and found her unconscious with her wrists cut. She tells him
that Joanna survived, but was put in an asylum for the insane, that she
escaped about 3 months later and that her body was found a month later,
swept ashore by the tides, an apparent suicide victim. Mrs. Purdy sadly
adds that there was no one at the funeral but her. Quentin shows her the
note and ask, “Then who could’ve written THIS?”. Mrs. Purdy looks and
replies that she doesn’t know.
It is 5:10 in the afternoon at Collinwood. Samantha walks down the
stairs into the foyer. There’s a knock at the door. She opens it. It is
Daphne. Daphne introduces herself, saying that she’s the new governess,
that Mr. Collins hired her and is expecting her. Samantha bellows, “MR.
COLLINS HIRED YOU!???”. Quentin walks into the foyer, sees Daphne and
says, “Yes. I hired her.” He tells Daphne to go into the kithchen to see
the cook, that the cook will have a room prepared for her and later he’ll
introduce her to Tad and show her his schoolbooks. Daphne leaves.
Samantha and Quentin get into an argument. She tells him it is her right
and responsibility as Tad’s mother to hire the governess, as it is to
make all decisions regarding raising him. Quentin tells her not anymore
it isn’t, and if she doesn’t like it she can leave…
In her now prepared room, Daphne writes in her diary, “I am finally in
his house. I must be careful not let him know how close his death is…”.
She fingers a derringer and puts it in a small purse…
At Rose Cottage, Gerard is fooling around with some Tarot cards.
Samantha comes in. She tells him that although she cannot leave Collinwood,
that does not mean they cannot see each other. She opens her arms and
asks him to hug her. He tells her,”No. We cannot”. Shocked, she asks him
why. He replies that he has come to the decision that because Quentin was
still alive, their marriage was never real, that he has decided this out
of loyalty to Quentin. He speaks to her in an emotionless monotone. His
whole attitude to her seems very cold and uncaring. She replies that she
knows that what he has said is not true, that she knows him well enough
to know that nobility is not one of his good traits and exclaims that she
now knows he never loved her, that he married her only for the Collins
Later, in the drawing room at Collinwood, Quentin tells Gerard,”I wish
you hadn’t told me that”. Gerard replies that he had to, that they’re
friends. Daphne comes into the room. Quentin introduces them, then takes
Daphne away, saying he’s going to show her Tad’s schoolbooks. Gerard
watches them leaves then, entranced by Daphne’s beauty, mutters, “Lovely!
Truly lovely!”. He notices that she has left a small purse in the room.
He opens it, looks inside and is surprised to find a derringer inside.
He closes it and puts it back on the table and goes to the sideboard and
pours himself a drink. Daphne come back, picks up the small purse and
explains, “I left my reticule here.” Gerard asks her why she has a gun
in there. Daphne exclaims, “YOU LOOKED INSIDE?!” He replies, “Yes. I am
completely shameless. I was interested in you and wanted to find out
about you”. He arrogantly tells her he is sure they will become lovers.
She pooh-poohs the idea and tells him she has a gun because she heard
about what happened to the previous governess and doesn’t want the same
fate to befall her.
In the secret tomb, Leticia comes back with bandages and wood alcohol,
but tells Julia the pharmicist didn’t have the other drugs she wanted.
Julia tells her she’ll have to go to Bangor to try to get them.
At Collinwood, Quentin looks at the letter and ponders who it could
possibly be from.
At 9:10 in the evening at Collinwood, Samantha runs into Gerard in the
foyer, exclaims, “What are you doing here!?” and orders him to leave.
He replies that she has no right to order him to leave, that only Quentin
does. But he looks at the clock and leaves anyway, saying he has an
appointment to play whist with Flora.
Quentin finds another mysterious note addressed to him. He is shocked
to see that it is in Joanna’s handwriting. In it, she tells him how happy
she is that they can finally be together again. Quentin wonders where the
note could’ve come from if Joanna is dead.
Episode 1133
Tape Date: October 21, 1970 (ABC #219-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 29, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Lamar Trask goes to Collinwood. He finds Quentin in the drawing room.
Quentin asks Trask if he ever does any work in Roxbury. Trask replies that
he does. Quentin asks if he’s buried anyone named “Joanna Mills” in the
last year. Trask thinks back and replies,”I did bury a Mills, but it
was a Frank Mills.” He tells Quentin he didn’t come to discuss the dead,
but the living. He tells him that he’s done some investigation into
Barnabas and has found some strange things. He tells them there is no
record of a Barnabas Collins dying in London in the year 1821. Quentin
replies that maybe he didn’t die in London. Trask insists that Julia had
told him that the original Barnabas had died in London in 1821. Quentin
suggests that maybe she misspoke. Trasks tells him he’s also checked the
real estate records for Curduggan Square in London and found that none of
the properties there was listed as owned by Barnabas Collins, although he
claimed to have lived there. Quentin suggests that perhaps he sold it
before he came to America. Quentin dismisses Trask’s suspicions about
Barnabas, saying he resembles the original Barnabas too much to be an
imposter, and suggests that Trask’s suspicions about Barnabas are based
more on their rivalry for Roxanne’s affections than fact. Quentin leaves.
Trask goes out into the foyer and stares at the portrait of Barnabas. He
turns and is startled to see Angelique staring at him and says, “My name
is Lamar Trask. Have we met?”. Angelique replies, “No. It’s just that you
so resemble someone I used to know.” She introduces herself as Valerie
Collins, wife of Barnabas Collins. Trask exclaims, “Barnabas Collins is
married?!”. He excuses himself and quickly leaves.
Quentin goes to a Roxbury cementary and finds a gravestone bearing the
name “Joanna Mills, died November 15, 1839”.
Lamar Trask goe to Roxanne and tells her that he’s discovered something
very interesting about Barnabas, that he’s apparently been living a double
life. He tells her, “All the time he’s been smiling at you he’s been
concealing one very important fact. He’s married. I met his wife today.”
Roxanne doesn’t believe him.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Angelique asks Barnabas about Julia.
Barnabas refuses to tell her anything. Finally, she asks him,”Is she in
your power?”. He replies that she isn’t. She asks, “Are you planning to
put her in your power?”. Again Barnabas replies no. Angelique then says,
“That means you’re not in love with her. She’s in no danger from me.”
Roxanne comes. Barnabas meets her in the foyer. Roxanne asks Barnabas,
“Is it true? Are you married, Barnabas?”. Barnabas sadly replies, “Yes”.
Angelique comes out of the drawing room. Barnabas introduces her to
Roxanne as his wife Valerie. Roxanne excuses herself to go upstairs to
see her sister Samantha. Angelique hisses at Barnabas, “So, she’s the
one!” She tells him not to try to deny it, that she’s seen that look in
his eyes before. Barnabas begs her to leave Roxanne alone, but Angelique
leaves angrily. Quentin comes into the room. Barnabas points at a table
and tells him there’s a note there for him. Quentin opens the note. He
finds it is from Joanna and asks him to meet her at the old Oak tree.
Roxanne returns home and finds Trask there. She sadly tells him he was
right, Barnabas is married.
At Collinwood, Angelique takes a doll she has made of Roxanne and
sticks a pin in its neck.
Roxanne grabs her neck and falls to the ground. Trask finds throat
wound has reopened and is bleeding.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Quentin muses to Barnabas that he
once had a theory about building a staircase with which you could travel
through time, that using it, one would be able to travel back in time and
change events that have already happened. He tells Barnabas that,
unfortunately, the staircase was never built and leaves.
Quentin goes to the old oak tree. He finds a note there from Joanna
saying, “I waited for you for a long time, but you didn’t come.”
Trask goes to Collinwood and tells Samantha and Barnabas about Roxanne.
Barnabas begs Angelique to spare Roxanne. She tells him Roxanne’s fate
is in HIS hands. He asks her what she means. She tells him that she’ll
spare Roxanne if he will live with her as man and wife.
Episode 1134/1135
Tape Date: October 20, 1970 (ABC #220-DRK-70)
Air Date: October 30, 1970 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Angelique continues her outlining her deal, saying she will not even
allow him to see Roxanne, that he is to write a letter to her saying
goodbye if he accepts her conditions. She leaves.
In the secret underground tomb, Julia is preparing some equipment. She
hears the secret door open. Leticia comes down. Julia asks her if she’s got
the instruments. Leticia replies that they’re going to be delivered to
Rose Cottage. Julia asks, “Rose Cottage?”. Leticia replies, “Well, I
couldn’t very well have told them to deliver them here, could I?”
Leticia goes to Rose Cottage and finds that the instruments have been
delivered. She examines them. She hears someone coming and quickly closes
the box. Gerard comes into the room. He angrily asks her where she’s been,
saying Flora has been looking for her for hours, that Flora is writing a
book about her and needs to asks her some questions to finish the chapter
she’s writing. Leticia replies, “No. I’ve got something I’ve got to do.”.
Gerard, furious at her reply, yells, “Flora is our only source of income
now. We must not do anything to upset her!” But Leticia insists she
has something inportant to do, tells him to use his charm on Flora and
leaves with the instruments.
Julia returns to Collinwood. In the drawing room, Barnabas tells her
about Angelique’s ultimatum and tells her he’s come to the conclusion that
there’s nothing he can do but accept it. He sits down to write a goodbye
note to Roxanne. Julia walks out into the foyer. There, she sees
Angelique. She glares at Angelique and goes upstairs. Angelique goes
into the drawing room, sees Barnabas writing the goodbye note and remarks,
“Good. I see you’ve made the right decision.”
Julia, holding her medical bag, comes back down into the foyer and runs
into Angelique there. Angelique asks, “Is it possible that we’ve met
before? At the old house, your expression seemed to indicate that you
knew who I was already before anyone said anything.” Julia denies ever
having seen her before, but says she knows a lot about her because
Barnabas has talked about her. Angelique tells her she knows she’s not
really Barnabas’s sister and asks who she really is. Julia refuses to tell
her. Angelique replies,”Well, it doesn’t matter that you won’t tell me.
I’ll find out sooner or later.” She adds that now that she’s mistress of
the old house, she, Julia, is no longer welcome there. She leaves.
Barnabas comes out into the foyer and is surprised to see Julia there
with her medical bag. He asks her where she’s going. She replies that
she’s going to see Flora. Barnabas asks, “With your medical bag?” She
replies that she’s dropping by to see Roxanne too. Barnabas tells her it’s
dangerous out there with the headless man roaming about and offers to
accompany her. Julia tells him they’d better not, that Angelique might
see them together, come to the wrong conclusion and become angry. She
tells him she’ll get a servant to accompany her.
In the secret tomb, Leticia, waiting for Julia, falls asleep and has
a vision. In the vision, she and Julia are in the tomb. Julia has just
finished reattaching the head to the body, but for some reason, the body
does not come to life. Julia tries to find out why it hasn’t worked, but
can find no reason. She is stumped. Suddenly, Leticia notices that
something is starting to materialize in the now empty box where the head
was. It is a jewelled mask.
Julia returns with her medical bag. Leticia tells her about her vision,
saying it is a message from Judah Zachary telling them they must find the
mask to make the operation work. But she tells Julia she has no idea where
the mask might be. Julia replies that she knows where it is, that Desmond
has it at Rose Cottage. Leticia asks her how she knows that. Julia
replies that Barnabas had told her Desmond had told him about finding the
mask. She tells Leticia must go and find it tonight. Leticia asks “Why
tonight?”. Julia replies that there’s going to be an electrical storm
tonight, and they’re going to use the electricity to infuse life into the
Leticia goes to Rose Cottage and goes into Desmond’s study. She finds
the mask and steals it. As she walks out the room, she is confronted by
Gerard, who asks her what she’s been doing in Desmond’s study with the
lights out. He sees the box, takes it from her and opens it. He takes out
the mask and demands, “What is this? Where did you find it?”.

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