June 1969

Episode 766
Worldvision Rerun 550
Tape Date: May 26, 1969 (ABC #111-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 2, 1969 Monday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Hearing the shot, Barnabas comes running, and finds Magda
standing over the werewolf, who’s lying still on the ground.
He exclaims, “What have you done, you fool??” She replies, “I
killed him, to save my sister’s children!” Barnabas growls,
“But you have killed the children from the future!”, and,
angry for her for killing Quentin, he starts to advance
menancingly at her, but Magda points the pistol at him and
reminds him, “Remember, you too can be destroyed by silver
bullets”. But the werewolf starts to move. It is not dead.
Barnabas tells Magda, “We must take him back to the old house.
If he can survive until he transforms back into a human being,
he’ll live”.
At the old house, the werewolf lying unconscious on the couch,
Barnabas asks Magda why she tried to kill Quentin. Magda, in
a voice full of despair, replies, “It was the only thing I could
think of! I know of no other way to revoke the curse I put on
him and his male descendents”. Barnabas replies, “There must be
a way, and we must find it! During the day, you are to sit here
and try to think of another way!” Barnabas notices that dawn is
approaching and tells Magda, “You must watch over Quentin, and
when he tranforms back, tell him we’ll help him”. Not completely
trusting her, he asks her to give him the revolver. She does. He
opens the chamber and notices that there are two bullets missing
though she had fired only one shot at Quentin. He asks her where
it is, suspecting that she kept it to use in another gun. Magda
replies, “I don’t know. I originally had six bullets, but found
I had only five when I loaded the gun. I must have lost it
somewhere”. Dawn arriving, Barnabas goes to bed.
The werewolf regains conciousness – before transforming
back into human form – and tries to attack Magda, but she
manages to hold him off with a pentagram, and he runs off.
In the woods, the werewolf tranforms back into Quentin.
Quentin hears a mysterious crying sound, but is unable locate
its source. He calls out, “Who is it? Who’s there?”, but
receives no answer.
Quentin returns to Collinwood. There, he hears the mysterious
crying again. The bloody ghost of Dorcas Trilling appears. She
calls him a murderer. He tries to get her to shut up lest someone
else hears and tries to grab her, but she vanishes. Quentin goes
to his room and changes his torn clothing. The ghost appears in
the mirror and continues to call him a murderer. Quentin screams,
“Leave me alone! I didn’t kill you. HE did!” The ghost remains.
Quentin continues, “All right, I did kill you, but it wasn’t my
fault! It was the curse!” Judith, hearing Quentin scream, comes
and asks, “What’s wrong?” Quentin replies, “The girl! The girl in
the mirror!” Judith looks into the mirror but, seeing no girl, asks,
“What girl?” Quentin replies, “I don’t know who she is! I’ve never
seen her before”, having no memory of his activities as a werewolf.
Hearing the ghostly crying again, Quentin asks, “Do you hear that?”
Judith replies, “I hear nothing”. Angered that she doesn’t hear
what he’s hearing, Quentin orders Judith to leave. Thinking
Quentin drunk, she does.
Barnabas awakens and asks Magda, “Where’s Quentin?”. She
tells him, “After you left, he came to. He tried to attack me,
but I protected myself with my pentagram and he ran off. Later,
I went to Collinwood. Quentin was all right. He was in his room
getting drunk”. She continues, “Barnabas, all day I’ve been
doing what you asked me to do, trying to think of a way to end
the curse”. Barnabas asks, “And have you thought of one?”
Magda replies, “No, but I thought of someone who might be able
to help, an old woman who lived with the caravan when I was a
little girl, the old woman who turned Count Petofi into a werewolf.
She knows more about these things than anyone”. Barnabas points out,
“But if she was already an old woman when you were a young girl, she
must surely be dead by now”. Magda replies, “She is, but she had
a daughter – Julianka – she might have passed her knowledge to. I
don’t know where she is, but she is a Romano, and King Johnny Romano
might know where she is. He’s living in Boston”. She tells Barnabas,
“I just want what you do. I want those children of Jenny’s to be
healthy and well”. Barnabas gets a funny expression on his face.
Magda remarks, “I have the feeling you know more than you’re telling
me”, but Barnabas just replies, “We’d better hurry. There’s much to
do”, and leaves.
Quentin is in his room at Collinwood. Barnabas comes in and
tells him, “You needn’t worry, Quentin. There’ll be no full
moon tonight”. Quentin, feigning ignorance, asks, “What are you
doing here?” Barnabas replies, “I thought you might want some
company and some reassurance”. Quentin replies, “I don’t know
what you’re talking about”. Barnabas says, “Let’s not waste time.
I know what’s happened to you. You don’t seem to realize I’m
your only chance”. Quentin asks, “Chance for what?” Barnabas
replies, “To end the curse”. Quentin gasps, “How did you find
out??” Barnabas replies, “That’s not important. I just want to
help you end the curse”. Quentin tells him, “I don’t trust you.
Why would you want to help me?” Barnabas explains, “There are
many people dear to me whose fate depend on yours”. Quentin
says, “All right, Barnabas. Give me some idea of your plan”.
Barnabas tells him, “I don’t have one at the moment, but I do
know there are ways to end the curse. There was a man in France
in the 17th century who was a werewolf, but he was buried in
consecrated ground, so he must have been cured before then.
So there must be a way to end the curse. I will take steps to
find out what it is. Magda says there’s a gypsy who might know.
I will send her to Boston to find her”. Quentin tells Barnabas,
“Barnabas! Promise me one thing. If you find out that there is
no way to end the curse, if you find out that I’m like this
permanently, shoot me in the heart one night…”
In the foyer, on his way out of the house, Barnabas runs into
Judith. She exclaims, “Barnabas! I’d like to speak to you!
Something’s happened to upset Jamison, and I thought you might
be able to help”. Barnabas asks, “Me? How?” Judith replies,
“Because you know so much about the family history. I thought
you might know the name that’s troubling him. A few minutes
ago, Jamison from a dream screaming, ‘David Collins is dead!
David Collins is dead!'”. Barnabas is shocked.
Episode 767
Worldvision Rerun 551
Tape Date: May 27, 1969 (ABC #112-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 3, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas asks, “Are you sure that’s what he said?” Judith
replies, “He said it very clearly”. Seeing the expression on
Barnabas’ face, she asks, “You know who David Collins is, don’t
you, even though he’s not listed in the family histories. This
family has many secrets. Is David Collins one of them?” Barnabas
denies knowing who David Collins is, and asks “May I speak to
Jamison?” Judith goes to fetch Jamison. Quentin comes down into
the foyer and is surprised to see Barnabas still there. Looking
suspicious, he asks, “I thought you were going back to the old
house to send Magda to Boston”. Barnabas explains, “Judith asked
me to stay to help Jamison”. Quentin remarks, “Sometimes I feel
like we’re all specimens you’re looking at through a microscope.
You said my destiny has something to do with people you care
about. Who?” Barnabas replies, “You don’t know them. What good
would it do for me to give you names you’ve never heard before?”
Quentin becomes suspicious that Barnabas is sticking his nose into
family matters and asks him again about his motives. Judith returns
with Jamison. Barnabas asks to be left alone with him in the drawing
room. Judith asks Quentin to leave the drawing room. Quentin becomes
angry, but eventually does leave, and Judith leaves too.
Barnabas tells Jamison, “I heard you had a dream. I’d like you
to tell me about it”. Jamison asks, “Even the awful parts?” Barnabas
replies, “Yes, even the awful parts. It might be a matter of life
and death!”. Jamison gasps, “A matter of life and death?? For who?”
Barnabas replies, “I can’t tell you now, Jamison. Tell me the dream”.
Jamison starts, “It begins in the cellar of the old house”. Barnabas,
possibly fearing Jamison might have dreamed him in his coffin, asks,
“The old house?!” Jamison continues, “I used to play there a lot
before you moved in there. But in my dream, everything was diff-
erent. I saw YOU, cousin Barnabas!” He starts to recount his dream:
The dream starts off in the basement of the old house. Jamison
finds Barnabas sitting motionless at a table on which are some
rods. Jamison shakes Barnabas, and shouts, “Cousin Barnabas!
Wake up!”, but cannot get him to stir.
Upstairs, Carolyn and Roger are setting the table for a birthday
party. Carolyn is playing with a hand puppet and, speaking in a
funny voice through the puppet, says, “It’s ready!”. Roger, who’s
also in the room, growls, “Stop playing with that and listen to
me!”. Carolyn continues speaking, through the puppet, “It’s
ready, the birthday party for him!”. Roger remarks, “He’ll
really enjoy that present”. Carolyn replies, as herself this
time, “It’s not for him; it’s to keep me company after he’s
gone”. Roger angrily tells her, “You’re not to talk like that!
He mustn’t know!”. Carolyn protests, “He’s got to find out about
it some time!”. Elizabeth comes down the stairs with David.
The birthday party commences. Roger, Carolyn and Elizabeth sing
“Happy Birthday” to David. David exclaims, “Thank you!”. Carolyn
remarks, “It’s all you future birthdays rolled into one. Just
think of it that way”. David asks, “What do you mean?” Elizabeth
interrupts, “Nothing. Just cut the cake”. David protests, “Not yet!
Barnabas and Quentin aren’t here yet”. Carolyn tells him, “Barnabas
can’t come. He’s busy”. David remarks, “Maybe he’ll be able to
come next year”. Elizabeth again says, “Cut the cake, David”.
David protests, “But what about Quentin?” Elizabeth tells Roger,
“Look him up, Roger”. Roger picks up an phone book and mumbles
as he thumbs through it, “Quentin. Q…There’s no Quentin listed
here”. David protests, “But you know who he is!”. Quentin appears
and announces, “I’m here!”. David exclaims, “Quentin! You’re
here!” Elizabeth asks, “Who?” David asks, “Quentin is here.
Don’t you see him?” Elizabeth replies, “No one is here but us”.
Carolyn remarks, “And one of us won’t be here for much longer!”
David insists, “Quentin’s here!”. Roger says, “He can’t be.
He’s not listed”. Quentin sits down at a chair. David tells him,
“I can see you, even if they can’t”. He then looks at his
birthday cake and notices something wrong. He exclaims, “Hey!
The number of candles is wrong! There should be one more to
grow on!”. Carolyn tells him, “We’ve decided to dispense with
that custom”. Elizabeth tells David, “Blow out the candles and
make a wish!”. David asks, “Can I wish for anything I want?”
Carolyn remarks, “Almost anything”. David blows out the candles,
but when he looks up, he finds that everyone is gone but Quentin.
David exclaims, “I’m afraid! I’m afraid to be left alone!”.
Quentin’s ghost speaks, “You’re not alone. I’m with you. I’ll
be with you even after it’s over”. David asks, “After what’s over?”
Quentin replies, “Your life. After you die”. David exclaims,
“I’m not going to die! I’m still just a little boy!” Quentin
replies, “You are going to die soon, David. Your family just
won’t tell you. Soon, you’ll be dead, like me. I’m dead. That’s
why the rest of them couldn’t see me”. David moans, “I don’t want
to die!” Quentin assures him, “It won’t be that bad, David. It’ll be
quick and painless”. David protests, “But they’ll miss me!” Quentin
replies, “For awhile, but they’ll get over it after a while”. David
moans, “I’ll be all alone!”. Quentin assures him, “No, you’ll be with
me”. David reiterates, “I don’t want to die!”. Quentin replies, “No
one does. I didn’t want to, but it had to happen”. David asks,
“Why?” Quentin replies, “Because of three things, three things that
happened. If I could have changed any one of the, if I had known what
they meant, I might have been able to prevent my death”. David asks,
“What were they?” Quentin replies, “First, the discovery of a silver
bullet at Collinwood. Then, the one person who could have helped
me was murdered”. David asks, “Who?”, but Quentin replies, “I
can’t tell you”. David asks, “And the third thing?” Quentin
replies, “That was the worst. The one person in the whole
world I really loved turned against me. After that happened,
there was practically no time left for Quentin Collins”. David
exclaims, “Quentin! I’m frightened!”. Quentin assures him,
“It won’t be that bad. Now why don’t we sit down and eat some
cake?” David tries to chop off a forkful of his piece of cake,
which has somehow been cut and placed on a plate, but finds that
he can’t because it’s made of hard plastic or something. He
complains, “I can’t cut it! It isn’t real!”. Quentin replies,
“It’s a made up cake for a made up birthday party. But you must
make the best of it, David, because it’s the last one you’ll ever
have!”. The puppet returns and sings “Happy Birthday” again.
Jamison finishes recounting his dream, “… and when the singing
was over, David Collins was dead!”. Barnabas asks, “And that was
all there was to the dream?” Jamison replies, “Yes. Except one
other thing. Everyone in the dream was dressed so strangely,
all except for Quentin. And he was dead in my dream. Why was
he dead in my dream?” Barnabas replies, “No one can answer
any questions about your dreams”.
Later, Judith and Charity Trask are in the drawing room talking.
Quentin is standing by the liquor cabinet drinking. Charity tells
Judith, “Father wanted me to tell you he prayed to the Lord,
giving thanks you were spared from that animal. Why haven’t they
caught that animal?” Judith replies, “Perhaps there’s not enought
men. I’m paying to have more men put on the hunt, and I’m offering
a reward to the man who kills the animal”. Quentin angrily throws
his drink across the room, shattering the glass on a wall and
shouts, “You make me sick! All this talk about rewards and killing,
as if it were a criminal! It’s an animal! It doesn’t know what it’s
doing! It’s only doing what comes naturally to it!” He starts to
pour himself another drink, but Judith says, “Quentin! You’ve had too
much to drink! I forbid you to have another drink!” Quentin exclaims,
“Forbid?!”, then turns to Charity and says, “Be sure to tell your
father that, Charity. He’ll give Judith another gold star”. Barnabas
comes into the drawing room. Judith anxiously asks, “Who’s David
Collins?” Barnabas lies, “David Collins is no one who exists. He
is someone Jamison created to represent his fear of death. What
happened to his mother has caused it. Notice, for example, Jamison
said that in his dream, the people were dressed strangely, as if
for a masquerade. This is to show what they represent. It shows
that they have nothing to do with reality”.
Edward comes in through the front doors, looking very puzzled.
Judith asks, “Edward! What’s the matter?” Edward replies, “I found
something in the path outside. At first, I thought it was a coin,
but then when I picked it up, I saw that it was a bullet”. He shows
it to her. She exclaims, “A bullet!”. Edward continues, “Yes, but
what’s really curious about it is that it appears to be made of
silver!”. Judith wonders, “Silver?! What would anyyone want with
a silver bullet?” Barnabas is shocked, realizing that this is the
first precursor to Quentin’s death in Jamison’s dream. He recalls
what the ghost of Quentin said in Jamison’s dream, “Because of three
things that happened. If I could have changed any one of the, if I
had known what they meant, I might have been able to prevent my death.
First, the discovery of a silver bullet at Collinwood…”
Episode 768
Worldvision Rerun 552
Tape Date: May 28, 1969 (ABC #113-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 4, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas is alone in the drawing room, pacing around. Quentin
comes in and asks, “What are you doing?” Barnabas replies, “I was
thinking about Jamison’s dream”. Quentin asks, “The discovery of a
silver bullet outside the door of Collinwood doesn’t disturb you?!
Someone’s joined the hunt! Someone’s trying to kill me, and I think
you know who it is! Now who knows enough about me to have it made?
Only a few people, and you’re one of them! It’s quite a coincidence
it was found so shortly after you found out about me!” Barnabas
swears, “It wasn’t me! I’m trying to help you!” Quentin asks, “Then
who was it? I’ve got to find out who’s trying to kill me, and kill
him first!” and angrily leaves the room. In the foyer, he runs into
Beth, who’s just coming into the house through the front doors. He
asks, “Where have you been?” Beth replies, “Out”. Quentin asks, “Out
where?” Beth replies, “I had something to do in town”. Quentin asks,
“What?” Beth replies, “I had to take some things to someone who’s
ill”. Quentin asks, “Who?” Beth replies, “Do you remember that red-
haired girl who used to work here, Alice Ostend? She’s in Portland,
and her mother is ill and all alone”. Quentin tells her, “I want to
talk to you. Meet me in the cottage in half an hour”. Beth leaves.
Judith, who’s been on the landing watching them, comes down into the
foyer. Quentin shouts, “Stop staring at me as if I were some kind of
freak!”, and leaves. Judith goes into the drawing room and asks
Barnabas, “Barnabas, do you have any idea what’s wrong with Quentin?
He’s drinking far too much, and he shouted at Charity and me. He
seems very upset by that silver bullet found outside. Now why should
he be so upset at a little thing like that?” Unknown to them, Dirk
is watching them from outside the window. Judith asks Barnabas to go
talk to Jamison. Barnabas leaves. Dirk comes into the room through
the window. Judith exclaims, “Dirk! Where have you been for the last
three days? You’re employed by this family and have responsibilities
to us!” Dirk replies, “Oh, I know what my responsibilities are! I
know what I have to do, and I’m going to do it now! I’m going to do
exactly what she told me to do!” in a rather crazed tone of voice.
Judith asks, “Do what who told you to do?” Dirk replies, “Laura!
She told me to give you this letter! She told me to tell you to read
it very carefully because it will tell you all about Barnabas
Collins!”. He gives a letter to Judith. Judith asks, “Laura gave
you this letter to give to me?” Dirk replies, “That’s right! Just
open it! She said you’d know what to do when you’d read it!
Barnabas tried to kill her, but she was very clever and escaped!”
Judith protests, “Laura is gone!” Dirk insists, “No! She’ll be
back!” Judith tells him, “She won’t!” Dirk babbles on, “I can
prove it! Jamison knows! Let me talk to Jamison!” Judith tells
him, “I forbid you to talk to the children! Get off this property!
You’re dismissed!” Dirk shouts, “You always hated Laura, didn’t you?
I remember when you used to look at her, I saw those…things pulsing
in your neck. Do you know what I always wanted to do? This!”, and
grabs her by the throat. But Barnabas comes back down, and Dirk lets
Judith go and flees. Beth comes in and asks, “What happened?” Judith
exclaims, “Dirk! He’s gone completely mad! He gave me this letter!
He said it was from Laura”, holding up the letter Dirk had give her.
Barnabas, seeing the letter and looking very worred, exclaims,
“Laura?!” Judith opens the letter and exclaims, “It’s completely
blank!” Barnabas, relieved, says, “He IS mad!” Judith says, “I
think I’ll go up to my room and rest”. Barnabas tells Beth, “I will
need you later, in about an hour, at the old house”.
Dirk is at the cottage staring into the fire, babbling, “Laura! I
gave the letter to Judith, and now she knows all about Barnabas!
That’s what you wanted me to do! Why are you still hiding from
me?” Quentin, who’s just entered through the front doors to
keep his appointment with Beth, replies, “She’s not hiding from
you. She’s gone, forever!” Dirk exclaims, “You’re lying to me!”
Quentin replies, “I’m not lying to you. You’re fooling yourself.
No matter how many times you stare into the fire, she’s not coming
back”. Dirk says, “I made a vow to her, I vowed to avenge her when
the time came, and I think the time is now!”, and attacks Quentin, but
stops and flees when Beth comes into the room and screams. She asks
Quentin, “What did you want to see me about?” Quentin replies,
“You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?” Beth, flabbergasted, asks,
“How could you accuse me of that?!” Quenitin replies, “That silver
bullet found outside Collinwood. Only a few peopld know enough about
me to have had that made. Barnabas, the gypsies, Evan Handley,and
you. I don’t think it was Barnabas or Evan Handley, and I don’t think
it was the gypsies. They put the curse on me. If they had just
wanted to kill me, they would have just done so in the first place
instead of cursing me. That leaves you”. Beth asks, “Why would
I want to kill you? I love you!” Quentin replies, “Maybe you think
the creature doesn’t deserve to live. Maybe you’re trying to protect
society from me”. Beth exclaims, “I’d never think of killing you!”
Quentin shouts, “Liar!”, and slaps her, then says, “Now that slap give
you another reason to want to kill me. Don’t you want to know why I
called you a liar? Red-haired Alice Ostend’s mother died five years
ago of pneumonia! I remember! I had to comfort Alice Ostend on that
sad occasion!” Beth says, “I was confused! It was Alice’s aunt”.
Quentin notices the bite marks on her neck and asks, “What are those
marks on your neck?” Beth lies, “Alice’s aunt has a cat. I was
playing with it. I didn’t know how wild it was. It scratched me.
I swear, I love you, Quentin! I’d never hurt you, and if you love me,
you’d never hurt me!”
Beth goes to the old house and tells Barnabas about what happened
with Quentin at the cottage. She tells him, “He kept asking me
questions about why I was going into town. I almost told him about
the children! I wanted to!” Barnabas tells her, “It’s good that
you didn’t”. Beth tells him, “I told him I went to see a sick old
woman, but then he saw the marks on my neck! I told him they were
cat scratches! Everything’s coming down on me, and soon, I won’t have
a person in the world!” Barnabas says, “Except me!” Beth replies,
“And you’ll have me”. Barnabas gives her some orders, “I will tell
you what you must do. Magda and Sandor have gone to Boston. You must
protect me”. He gives her a pistol and tells her, “There are winds
blowing in from all directions. You must be careful”. Beth promises,
“I will”. Barnabas goes down into the cellar.
Beth sits in a chair and guards. She hears the front door and
asks, “Who’s there?” Then she sees who it is and exclaims, “Dirk!
What are you doing here?” Dirk replies, “I came to see Barnabas
Collins”. Beth lies, “He’s away”. Dirk asks, “Then what are you
doing here?” Beth lies, “I came to pick up some things for Miss
Judith”. Dirk says, “No, you’re his watchdog, watching over him!
He’s down there in the cellar like he is every day!” and starts
towards the cellar door. Beth aims the pistol at him and says,
“Make another move and I’ll kill you!” Dirk calmly replies, “Will
you now?”, and takes the gun from her, remarking, “Didn’t your mother
ever tell you you shouldn’t play with guns and play with dolls
instead?” Beth begins to beg, “Don’t go down there! He’ll kill
you! He’s not…”, but stops in mid-sentence. Dirk asks, “He’s not
what? I knew at one time, but I forgot. I guess that’s good enough
a reason to go down there and find out, isn’t it?” and goes down into
the cellar. Not know what to do, Beth glances out the window and sees
that the sun is just starting to rise.
In the cellar, Dirk thinks to himself, “I’ve been here before!
That coffin was empty! Of course! I remember now! It’s not
empty now! You’re at the wrong place at the wrong time, Barnabas!”
He opens the coffin. Barnabas sits up and grabs him, but Dirk manages
to struggle free and shoots Barnabas repeatedly. Barnabas collapses,
his body half draped out of the coffin.
Episode 769
Worldvision Rerun 553
Tape Date: May 29, 1969 (ABC #114-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 5, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Dirk comes back upstairs. Beth heads for the cellar door,
saying, “I’ve got to go to him!”, but Dirk tells her, “Don’t bother!
All dead things look pretty much alike!” Beth asks, “Why did you do
it?” Dirk replies, “For Laura! She wants revenge!”, then vows,
“Laura! I’m going to kill them all!” Beth exclaims, “No! She
doesn’t want you to kill anyone!” Dirk asks, “What would you know
about what she wants?” Beth tries to run, but Dirk catches her
and says, “Don’t run, Beth! Are you afraid you might be next on
the list? I’ll give you a chance!” He gives her the gun. She
pulls the trigger, but it just clicks. Dirk laughs and asks, “Do
you think I’d give you a loaded gun? No, don’t worry. I’m not
going to kill you. I’m going to have some fun. I’m going to go
and tell Judith about Barnabas!”. He shoves her down into the
cellar and close the door.
Beth, down in the cellar, finds Barnabas draped out of the
coffin, pushes him back in, closes the lid, and starts to weep.
Dirk goes to the cottage and finds Jamison there. He exclaims,
“Jamison! I’ve been waiting for you!” Jamison asks, “Dirk! Where
have you been?” Dirk looks into the fire and says, “Look at those
flames leap high! Your mother is happier tonight than she’s ever
been!” Jamison asks, “What are you talking about?” Dirk replies,
“Barnabas Collins is dead!” Jamison asks, “How did it happen?!”
Dirk replies, “I can’t tell you, because if I did, the enemies of
your mother would come after me, and I wouldn’t be able to tell you
what to do! All I can tell you is that Barnabas Collins is lying in
his coffin in the cellar of the old house”. Jamison asks, “Why would
he have a coffin in the cellar?” Dirk replies, “Because of his
secret! Now promise to tell them the vampire is gone!” Jamison
exclaims, “You’re just trying to scare me! There’s no such thing as
a vampire!” Dirk asks, “Why don’t you go to the old house and see for
yourself? He can’t hurt you because I killed him! The vampire is
Beth is still sitting in the cellar of the old house mourning
over Barnabas. Outside, the sun sets. The coffin opens and Barnabas
steps out. Beth, shocked, exclaims, “NO! It can’t be! I thought
you were dead! I saw you! Dirk came! He shot you!” Barnabas
replies, “I know he did. I saw him. I was in my coffin. I tried
to fight him, but the dawn came and the life force left me”. Beth
says, “I don’t understand! He shot you!” Barnabas replies, “I’m
not like other men”. Beth asks, “But where are the bullet holes?
I saw them!” Barnabas replies, “There are only two ways to kill me,
hammer and stake, or silver bullets. Dirk had neither. That gun was
loaded with regular lead bullets. The bullet wounds regenerated while
I was sleeping.” Beth notes, “But he might have told someone!”
Barnabas asks, “Has anyone been to the house?” Beth replies, “No”.
Barnabas says, “Then he hasn’t told anyone. If he had, they would
have come to the house by now. Now, I must deal with Dirk!” Beth
asks, “What do you want me to do?” Barnabas replies, “Be calm, and
mention nothing to Quentin!”
Dirk is at the cottage alone, begging for Laura to come,
“Laura! Are you here? Give me a sign!” The front door suddenly
blows open. Dirk asks, “Laura! Is that you, or is that the wind?”
The lights go out. Dirk exclaims, “Laura! You’re here! I know it!
You’re here because you’re happy at what I did!” A man’s laugh starts
to fill the room. Dirk exclaims, “Who is it? Who are you? Stop
laughing at me!” A disembodied voice asks, “Are you frightened?”
Dir exclaims, “That voice!” Barnabas’ voice asks, “You recognize it,
don’t you?” Dirk exclaims, “That’s impossible! It couldn’t be you!”
Barnabas replies, “But it is, Dirk!” Dirk exclaims, “I killed you!”
Barnabas asks, “How can you kill someone who’s already dead? You
failed, Dirk, and you know what happens to people who fail, don’t
you?” and appears. Dirk asks, “What are you going to do to me?”
Barnabas asks, “What do you think I’m going to do?” Dirk says,
“You’re going to kill me!” Barnabas replies, “I have no choice.
You went where you shouldn’t have gone, and seen what you shouldn’t
have seen. No one else must know what you saw”. Dirk exclaims,
“That’s where you’re wrong! I’ve already told someone!” Barnabas
says, “You’re lying!” Dirk replies, “No! Laura will have her
revenge!” Barnabas asks, “Who have you told?” Dirk replies, “I won’t
tell you! You’ll find out, in time!” Barnabas growls, “I will find
out now!” Dirk screams, “NO! DON’T DO THAT!”. Barnabas approaches,
fangs bared…
Jamison goes to the old house to investigate. He approaches
the cellar door…
Having been bitten, Dirk, now under Barnabas’ power, tells
him, “Jamison. I told Jamison Collins…” Barnabas exclaims, “You
told Jamison Collins?!” Dirk collapses. There’s a knock at the door.
Barnabas calls out, “Who is it?” A voice outside replies, “Beth”.
Barnabas lets her in. She sees Dirk and remarks, “So he was here,
just as you thought. Is he dead?” Barnabas replies, “No, he’s not”.
Beth asks, “What have you done to him?” Barnabas replies, “Just what
was necessary”. Beth asks, “Did he tell anyone?” Barnabas replies,
“Yes”. Beth asks, “Who?” Barnabas tells her, “Jamison. But it may
be all right. Go to Collinwood. Keep Jamison away form Edward and
Judith. If he tells you what Dirk told him, tell him Dirk’s mad!
Remember! I am Quentin’s only hope!” Beth asks, “What are you going
to do with Dirk?” Barnabas replies, “I have a plan! Now go to
Collinwood and be with the boy!”
Jamison goes down into the cellar of the old house. He sees
the coffin and exclaims, “It’s true! What Dirk said is true!”
Episode 770
Worldvision Rerun 554
Tape Date: May 30, 1969 (ABC #115-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 6, 1969 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas bites Dirk again, then takes him to the old house.
Down in the cellar, Jamison hears footsteps upstairs and becomes
frightened. Upstairs in the living room, Dirk regains consciousness.
Barnabas tells him, “You’re going to sit here, Dirk, and not move.
Is that understood?” Dirk replies, “Yes. Why have you brought me
here?” Barnabas just says, “You have had a long evening. You need
a rest, a good long rest”. Dirk asks Barnabas, “What are you going to
do with me?” Barnabas replies, “After you rest, I’ll tell you”. Dirk
demands, “No! I want to know now!” Barnabas asks, “Why? You’re
not going anywhere”. Dirk asks, “You’re going to kill me, aren’t
you?” Barnabas replies, “If I had wanted to do that, I would have
done so at the cottage”. Dirk asks, “Why didn’t you?” Barnabas
replies, “I have a plan for you, but you’re not strong enough to do
it now”. Dirk asks, “What kind of plan?” Barnabas replies, “You’re
going to find Jamison, and tell him everything you told him before
was a lie”. Dirk asks, “What if I refuse?” Barnabas replies, “You
cannot refuse. You have no will of your own. I am your will. You
will do whatever I tell you to do”. Dirk says, “It might already be
too late”. Barnabas replies, “You mean he might already have told
someone? If he has, the first thing I’ll do is kill you!” Jamison
accidently makes a noise downstairs. Barnabas hears it and notes,
“It appears that we’re not alone! Stay where you are!”, and goes down
into the cellar to investigate.
He opens the cellar door and goes downstairs. Jamison is hiding
right behind the door, shielded from view by it, and Barnabas does
not see him and goes dowm into the cellar. Jamison quickly rushes
out. Barnabas searches the cellar, calling out, “Is anyone down
here? Who is it?”.
Meanwhile, upstairs, Dirk gets up and heads for the door.
Barnabas finds nothing amiss in the cellar and comes back up to
the living room. He finds Dirk trying to escape, grabs him, and
tells him, “You wouldn’t get more than a few feet from the front door
without collapsing!” Dirk begs, “Please, let me go!”, but Barnabas
tells him, “You will go to a place where you can get some rest!”,
and drags him to the bookcase.
Jamison runs back to Collinwood, where he finds Beth in the
foyer. Beth exclaims, “Jamison! Where have you been?! I’ve been
looking for you for hours!!” Jamison replies, “Outside”. Beth
asks, “Where outside?”, but Jamison, instead of answering, says,
“I’ve got to talk to my father!” Beth tells him, “He’s in Collinsport
tonight”. Jamison says, “Maybe I can telephone him!”, but Beth tells
him, “No. He can’t be disturbed. You are to go to bed. It’s past
your bedtime.” Jamison asks, “When’s he coming home?” Beth replies,
“He won’t be back until at least 11:00”. Jamison looks at the
grandfather clock, which reads just before 10:15, and says, “That’s
in an hour. I’ve got to talk to my father TONIGHT!” He goes into
the drawing room, sits down, and announces, “I’m going to stay right
here until he comes through that door!”. Beth looks very worried.
The grandfather clock strikes 10:15. Beth protests, “Jamison!
You’re not the only one your father will be angry with when he
returns. He’s going to be angry with me for letting you stay up
so late after your bedtime. Why don’t you tell me what you want to
tell your father and let me tell him when he returns?”, but Jamison
replies, “No! Father’s the only one I can tell it to!” Beth asks,
“Did something happen to you outside, something to frighten you?”
Jamison replies, “I can’t tell you! I can only tell my father!”.
Beth turns to leave. Jamison asks, “Where are you going?” Beth
replies, “To my room. I have to get something”. But Beth has lied
to Jamison. She sneaks out of the house instead of going to her
At the old house, Barnabas has taken Dirk into the secret room
behind the bookcase. Dirk moans, “There’s something wrong…What
is it?” Barnabas replies, “You should have regained your strength
by now”, sounding somewhat puzzled. Dirk moans, “What’s happening
to me?” Barnabas replies, “I don’t know”. There’s a knock at the
front door. Barnabas tells Dirk, “Rest here. I’ll come back later”,
and exits the secret room, closing the bookcase behind him. He answers
the front door. It’s Beth. Barnabas anxiously demands, “Tell me!
Tell me what happened!” Beth replies, “I finally talked to Jamison…”
Barnabas interrupts, “Finally?? But you returned to Collinwood hours
ago!” Beth explains, “Yes, but Jamison’s just come back”. Barnabas
asks, “Just came back? Where has he been?” Beth replies, “I don’t
know, but he says he has something important to tell his father
when he returns from Collinsport”. Barnabas asks, “When is Edward
returning?” Beth replies, “At 11:00”. Barnabas looks at the clock
and remarks, “It’s too late now for me to do anything”. Beth protests,
“But you said you had a plan!” Barnabas replies, “My plan involved
Dirk, but I went too far with him. He’s dying” Beth exclaims, “Oh
no!” Barnabas remarks, “It’s for the best. He would have killed
everyone”. Beth asks, “What are you going to do now?” Barnabas
replies, “Nothing. I cannot harm Jamison”. Beth asks, “Why?”
Barnabas replies, “My mission here depends on him. I cannot tell
you how”. Beth moans, “Everything seem so hopeless now, so hopeless!”
At 11:00, as promised, Edward returns to Collinwood. Jamison
exclaims, “Father!” Edward says, “Jamison! What are you doing up?”
Jamison replies, “I stayed up to talk to you!” Edward notes, “But
it’s past 11:00!” Jamison tells him, “Something frightening
happened to me! I had to tell you!” Edward says, “Tell me what
happened”. Jamison tells him, “Cousin Barnabas! He has a secret!”
Edward asks, “What?” Jamison says, “You’re not going to believe me!”
Edward says, “Just tell me what it is”. Jamison exclaims, “Cousin
Barnabas! He’s a vampire!” Edward, surprised, asks, “Vampire,
Jamison?” Jamison complains, “You don’t believe me, do you, Father?”
Edaward says, “I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my life!”
Jamison tells him, “I didn’t believe it when Dirk told me either, but
I went to the cellar of the old house and saw the coffin he sleeps
in during the day!” Edward asks, “Coffin?!” Jamison says, “You
don’t believe me, do you?” Edward replies, “I believe that fool
Dirk has filled your head with so much nonsense he has you imagining
that you see things”. Jamison begs, “Please, go to the old house
and see that I’m telling the truth! Please!” Edward replies, “All
right, I’ll go. Right after I take you up to bed”.
At the old house, Edward has told Barnabas what Jamison said.
Barnabas says, “I don’t know what to say, Edward, except to say
I’m surprised you’re giving so much credit to this story. Dirk has
been acting so strangely lately, I’m not surprised at anything he
might have told your son”. Edward replies, “Jamison was too
frightened for it to have been just words. I must give Jamison
the benefit of the doubt. Would you mind if I looked in the cellar?
Jamison said he saw a coffin in the cellar”. Barnabas says, “You
have my word there’s no coffin in the cellar”. Edward asks, “May I
see for myself?” Barnabas asks, “My word is not enough for you?”
Edward replies, “For me, yes, but not for Jamison, and he’s the one
I’m going to have to convince”. Barnabas tells him, “Very well.
Come with me”.
Barnabas takes Edward down into the cellar. There is no coffin
there. Barnabas asks, somewhat caustically, “Well, I don’t see
any coffin, do you?” Edward replies, “No. I don’t understand
what’s happening”. Barnabas says, “I think I do. Dirk must have
been very upset at having been fired, so he told this wild story
about me”. Edward replies, “I’m not so sure it’s so wild”. Barnabas
asks, “What do you mean?” Edward replies, “Before, I would have
thought so, but after what happened with Laura, I’m not so ready
to dismiss the supernatural as wild. There have been several
vampire-like attacks in town. Charity Trask was one of them.
I intend to find out what’s happening!” Barnabas asks, “How?”
Edward replies, “First, I intend to find Dirk Wilkins and find out
what he really said to Jamison”.
Later, after Edward has left, Beth comes down the stairs into the
living room of the old house and asks Barnabas, “What happened?”
Barnabas replies, “I’m safe, but only for the moment. Edward refused
to believe that there’s no vampire. He’s looking for a vampire, so we
are going to give him a vampire!” Beth asks, “How?” Barnabas replies,
“Dirk will not last the night. He will die, then become a vampire.
We must make sure Edward finds him and destroys him! Then the case
will be closed, and I will be safe! Come! You will spend the night
with him!” But when he takes Beth into the secret room, he is shocked
to find that Dirk is gone…
Episode 771
Worldvision Rerun 554A*
Tape Date: June 2, 1969 (ABC #116-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 9, 1969 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Beth asks, “How could Dirk have escaped?” Barnabas replies,
“He must have died sooner that I expected”. He tells her, “My
plan depends on knowing where Dirk sleeps so I can lead Edward
to him. Dawn will soon be approaching. We must find where
Dirk plans to sleep!” They hear a frantic knocking at the front
door. First closing the bookcase, they answer it. Carl Collins
enters. He seems rather frantic. He tells Barnabas, “I desperately
need your help!! On my way home on the train, I was desperate and
did not know what to do, but then I thought of you!” He explains,
“I met a woman while I was away. I plan to marry her. I brought
her with me, but I need time to get the family ready for her.
Could she stay here for awhile?” Barnabas replies that she can.
Carl goes out and returns with a woman whom he introduces as,
“Pansy Faye, Singer, Dancer and Mentalist!” Pansy Faye (Kaye…
) breaks into song. She is a very trashy-looking music hall
type. Barnabas and Beth are obviously shocked. Barnabas interrupts
Miss Faye’s song, telling her, “Beth and I really don’t have the
time right now. A servant, Dirk Wilkins, has disappeared and
we must find him”. Carl takes Pansy aside and happily tells her,
“I have a perfect way for you to get on Judith’s good side!
You can find Dirk!”
Barnabas and Carl leave for Collinwood. Pansy – obviously
a gold digger – asks Beth, “Is the big house really as big as
Carl says it is? Men often tell women in my line of work all
sorts of things”. Beth assures her, “It’s very big”.
At Collinwood, Judith tells Barnabas and Carl that it’s
imperative that they find Dirk so they can find out what he
really said to Jamison. Carl remarks, “I have a plan for finding
him”. Barnabas, obviously not having much faith in jokester Carl’s
idea, excuses himself and leaves, saying, “I’m going to search
the grounds”. Carl explains his idea to Judith, “I met a woman
in Jersey City. I’ve brought her back with me…” Judith
interrupts, “I hope she’s not like the tart you brought back
from Albany last year!” Carl assures her, “She’s not. She’s
a talented mentalist who’s been used by Scotland Yard to help
solve some of their cases. Pansy may be able to help find Dirk”.
Barnabas returns to the cottage and tells Beth, “I’ve searched
the cottage. Dirk isn’t there”. Beth tells Barnabas, “I’m
worried about the fact that Pansy Faye is a mentalist. She may
be able to learn about you…”, but Barnabas dismisses Pansy
Faye as a fraud. He tells Beth to go back to Collinwood and
search for Dirk there. Beth leaves.
Carl and Judith come to the old house. Pansy Faye, who’s
been upstairs resting, hears them and comes down. Carl tells
Barnabas about his plan to have Pansy Faye use her psychic
powers to find Dirk. Pansy asks Carl, “Do you have something
belonging to this Dirk Wilkins?” Carl gives her a cufflink
(which he must have gotten from Dirk’s room at Collinwood).
Pansy asks that the lights be turned down and “her” music,
which she says helps her concentrate, be played. The lights
are turned down and Carl starts playing a record on a
gramophone. Holding the cufflink, Pansy asks where Dirk
is. Suddenly, she loses consciousness. Carl, looking very
worried, rushes to her and exclaims, “This has never happened
before!” Suddenly, with her eyes still closed, apparently
in some sort of a trance, Pansy says, “Dirk is dead! His
murderer is in this room!” She then regains consciousness.
Carl asks her to explain more, but Pansy tells him she remembers
nothing of what happened after she lost consciousness. Judith,
tells Pansy, “This is noting but a very poor joke! I demand that
you apologize!” Carl angrily says, “Don’t speak to the woman I
plan to marry like that!” Judith, thoroughly shocked, leaves.
Carl goes after her. Pansy asks Barnabas, “What did I say while
I was unconscious?” Barnabas replies, “You said someone in the
room was a murderer. What did you mean?”, but Pansy replies,
“I don’t know. I really don’t remember what happened”. Barnabas
tells her, “Stay here”, and leaves. A few minutes later, Pansy
decides, “I’ll handle things with Carl and Judith myself!”, and
leaves too.
Barnabas enters Collinwood. Standing in the foyer, he hears
Carl and Judith arguing furiously about Pansy Faye in the drawing
room, the doors of which are closed. Beth comes from the servant’s
quarters and tells Barnabas, “I’ve searched the entire house.
Dirk isn’t here”. Barnabas tells her, “I know a place he might
have gone”, and leaves.
Pansy, on her way to Collinwood, sees a large bat and screams.
Barnabas and Beth go to Eagle Hill cemetary and search around.
The find an unused tomb Dirk has prepared as a resting place, but
Dirk is not there at the moment.
At Collinwood, Judith tells Carl, “I will give you an ultimatum.
If you marry that woman, I will give you no more money, and I’ll
no longer allow you to stay here at Collinwood!”
Barnabas returns to the old house and finds Pansy Faye sitting
right where he left her. But when he touches her, he finds she
is unconscious. Her head rolls to the side, revealing two puncture
markes. Barnabas groans, “Oh no…”

* This episode in syndication was ran horribly out of sequence in Cycle III
in between episodes 511 and 512. It was subsequently moved to Cycle V
in its proper sequence, but now there is no Rerun 299.
Episode 772
Worldvision Rerun 555
Tape Date: June 3, 1969 (ABC #117-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 10, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

There’s a knock at the door of the Old House. It’s Carl, asking
to be let in, saying he wants to see Pansy. Barnabas quickly hides
Pansy’s body in the secret room behind the bookcase, then lets Carl
in. Barnabas lies to Carl, “She isn’t here. I had to leave briefly,
and when I returned, she wasn’t here”. Carl worries that Pansy might
have decided to leave permanently and go home after seeing Judith’s
negative reaction to her, but then sees that her purse is sitting on
the couch and decides that she must have decided to go to Collinwood
herself and gotten lost. He leaves to look for her.
Carl goes to the school and asks if Pansy had shown up there.
Charity tells him she hadn’t.
Charity goes to Tim’s room at the school and finds Tim busy
translating the (drugged) book Evan Handley had given him. Tim
tells her, “I’ve got to hurry. I’ve got a deadline to meet. I’ve
got to finish this translation by tonight”. Suddenly, he begins to
act strangely and starts muttering, “Queen of Spades…” He pulls
out the vial of poison and looks at it. Charity asks, “What’s that?”
Tim angrily replies, “Leave me alone! Let me do what I have to do!”,
then collapses on his desk.
Barnabas is burying Pansy Faye*. Dawn is approaching, so
he hastily finishes and leaves.
Charity goes to Tim’s room. He is now lying in bed. Charity
awakens him and gives him an envelope, saying, “A messenger brought
it. He said it was important”. Tim opens it and reads it. It
contains only three words, “QUEEN OF SPADES”. Tim silently thinks
to himself, “That’s the signal for me to do it tongiht”. Minerva
barges into the room and tells Charity, “I’ve been looking for you!”,
and admonishes her daughter for being in Tim’s room. Charity
replies, “I just had to deliver a message” and leaves. Minerva
scolds Tim for the amount of time he’s been spending on the
translation and neglecting his duties at the school. They get
into an argument. Tim mentions that he might leave the school
after the translation. Minerva replies, “You cannot until you
have paid your debt”. Tim remarks, “Yes, the famous debt! It’s
strange, but the debt seems to just keep growing and growing. You
must have some very interesting bookeeping practices”. Minerva
exclaims, “Are you accusing us of CHEATING??” Tim replies, “Yes”.
Minerva is very offended.
Carl returns to the old house. He hears Pansy singing, but
cannot find her. Barnabas returns. Carl accuses him of kidnapping
Pansy and holding her somewhere in the house, saying, “I heard
her singing!”. Barnabas manages to convince him that it must
have been his imagination. Carl then theorizes that maybe Dirk
kidnapped Pansy.
Minerva suggests to Charity that maybe it wouldn’t be such a
good idea for her to marry Tim and suggests Carl Collins instead.
Charity agrees that it wouldn’t be such a good idea to marry Tim,
saying, “I love another”. Minerva asks, “Who?” Charity replies,
“Barnabas”. Minerva, thinking of money, says, “But Carl Collins
would be a better choice. He’s a brother; Barnabas is only a
distant cousin”.
Charity goes to Tim and tells her their engagement is off.
At night, Tim goes to Minerva Trask’s office. She is playing
her nightly game of solitaire. Seeing Tim, she makes a motion
to hide the cards, but stops when Tim tells her, “Don’t bother;
we all know you play”. Minerva remarks, “No one can be perfect”.
Tim tells Minerva, “I’ve come to apoligize for how I spoke to
you in my room”. Minerva plays the Queen of Spades. Tim, seeing
this, says, “I notice your teacup is nearly empty. I’ll refill it
for you”, takes it, and goes to the teapot and refills it, poisoning
it in the process. As he is doing so, Minerva drones on, “Don’t
think doing small favors for me will make me forgive you. I cannot
forget how you spoke to me earlier!” Tim brings the tea back to
Minerva and gives it to her. She takes a sip…

*But won’t Pansy Faye turn into a vampire, having been bitten to death
by one?
Episode 773
Worldvision Rerun 556
Tape Date: June 4, 1969 (ABC #118-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 11, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Minerva sips the tea, grimaces, and exclaims, “Oh!”. Tim asks,
“Is something the matter, Mrs. Trask?” Minerva replies, “It’s so
bitter! I shouldn’t have let it steep so long!” Tim helpfully asks,
“Some sugar?” Minerva replies, “No, I’ll just add some hot water
to it. That should make it taste better”. She gets up, goes and
adds some hot water to the tea, sips it, and announces, “That
tastes much better”, then takes a few more sips. She asks
Tim, “What are you staring at me for? Why don’t you go back to
your room and finish that work you keep talking about? What’s
wrong?” Suddenly, she winces in pain. Tim asks, “What’s wrong, Mrs.
Trask?” “I’ve got this pain! Oh! Ah! Phone a doctor!” Tim replies,
“I will” and picks up the phone, but puts his finger on the “button”
to keep it non-operational, then pretends to try to speak to the
operator, “Operator? Hello? Operator?” Minerva moans, “It’s
getting so dark! What’s wrong?” Tim lies, “Our line seems to be
out of order”. Minerva gasps, “But it can’t be! I just placed a
call to Collinwood earlier! It was all right! Why are you just
standing there? Help me! Help me, please!”, then loses consciousness
and falls to the floor. Tim just stands there looking at her
Charity and Rachel are in Rachel’s room, making out report
cards. They argue. Charity tells Rachel, “You can’t fail Alysette
Ainsley! Her father is a very rich and influential man!” Rachel
replies, “I told her I’d fail her if she didn’t finish that sonnet,
and she didn’t”. Charity tells her, “Nevertheless, we can’t fail
her. I’ll give her a D”, and marks it down in the grade book. She
asks Rachel, “Do you have permission to go out tonight?” Rachel,
puzzled, asks, “Excuse me?” Charity says, “I know you’re going out
with Tim Shaw tonight. In spite of what he might have told you, I’m
the one who broke the engagement”. Rachel tells Charity, “I don’t
know what you’re talking about. I haven’t talked to Tim lately”.
Charity tells her about the broken engagement, explaining, “Tim
isn’t ambitious enough. I want a better life, fine dresses and
jewelry. I want to live at Collinwood! Father wouldn’t approve,
but Mother does!”
Minerva regains conciousness briefly and realizes from Tim’s odd
behavior that he must be responsible for her plight. She exclaims,
“You! You did this to me! Why? Why?” Tim replies, “You played the
Queen of Spades!” Minerva shouts, “Murderer! Murderer!”, then dies.
Tim exclaims, “I had to! You played the Queen of Spades! He told me
when you played the Queen of Spades, it would happen!” Evan Handley,
who’s come into the room, asks, “Who told you? I will help you!
As I’ve told you, this is an experiment. We must act like this
is a laboratory. We must be very clinical”. He checks Minerva’s
pulse, finds that there isn’t one and tells Tim, “You’ve done very
well! Now look at me! Stare into my eyes, Tim! I can see you’re
very troubled over what you’ve done. I will help ease your mind.”
He holds up a card and continues, “This is the Queen of Spades, Tim.
When you tear it up, you will remember nothing of what’s happened,
you will forget all those visits to my house, all the conversations
we had, all the plans we made. You will forget about Mrs. Trask.
Tear up the card”. Tim does so, then asks, “What happened?”
Evan gestures towards Minerva Trask’s body and exclaims, “You did
this!” Tim gasps, “Mrs. Trask! She’s dead!” Evan tells him, “And
YOU killed her, Tim! Don’t try to deny it! I saw you do it! I’m
going to call the police!” Tim shouts, “NO!” Evan picks up the
telephone. Tim wrestles the phone from Evan, and they fight. Tim
knocks Evan out and escapes.
Tim goes to the bedroom area. He is about to knock on Rachel’s
room, but stops when he hears Charity’s voice inside.
Inside, Rachel and Charity continue to give out grades. They
also continue to argue about them. This time, Charity complains
that a grade Rachel gives is too high, saying, “Father hates
favoritism in any form!” Finally, they finish handing out the
grades and Charity leaves.
When Tim sees Charity leave Rachel’s room, he goes in and
exclaims, “I’ve got to talk to you! Lock the door! Rachel,
you’ve got to help me, you’ve got to!”
Charity goes to Mother Minerva’s office and is shocked to
find her dead. Evan, who has regained consciousness, tells her,
“Tim Shaw killed her. I caught him doing it, but he got away”.
He asks, “Did Shaw have any motive to kill your mother, Miss
Trask? The police will be here very soon”. Charity moans, “She
can’t be dead! What will father say?” Evan replies, “Your father
will be griefstricken, I’m sure”. Charity asks, “Where is he?”
Evan replies, “He said he was going into Collinsport tonight”.
Charity says, “He should be here!”, and cries. She asks, “Why are
you just standing here? Why don’t you go after Tim?” Evan replies,
“I didn’t have the foresight to bring a gun, and Tim is a very violent
man”. Charity tells him, “I know where he is! He must be with Rachel
Drummond! She hated my mother!”. She opens a drawer, tells Evan, “My
father keeps this around”, takes out a gun, and gives it to Evan. Evan
asks, “Where is Miss Drummond’s room?”
In Rachel’s room, Tim has told Rachel what happened, adding,
“I need some money”. Rachel asks, “Tim, don’t you remember anything??”
Tim replies, “Just walking in the door. I wanted to apologize”.
Rachel suggests, “Tim, maybe it was Evan Handley who killed her!”
Tim asks, “How can I prove that? I have to get out of here!”
Rachel tells him, “You’ve got to go to the old abandoned house
where we hid the first night after we escaped! I’ll bring you
some money tomorrow”. There’s a knock at the door. From outside,
Evan shouts, “Miss Drummond! I know you’re in there! And I only
hope for your sake, you’re alone! Now open this door! Open it!”
Rachel replies, “Wait a minute!” Evan tells her, “Miss Drummond!
If Shaw is in here, I’ll have you charged as an accessory to murder!
Now open that door!” Rachel replies, “I’ll be a moment!” Tim goes
out the window. Rachel lets Evan in and asks, “Mr. Handley! What
are you doing here? What happened?” Evan asks, “Where’s Tim Shaw?
Has he gone out the window?” Rachel lies, “I don’t know where Tim
Shaw is! Please! You’re hurting me!” Evan demands, “Tell me where
he is! I know you’re lying! Did you two plan this together?” Rachel
asks, “What are YOU doing here? You’re not a friend of anyone here”.
Evan asks, “What are you implying? I came to get the translation I
commisioned from Tim. Now tell me where he is!” Rachel again lies,
“I don’t know! I don’t know where he is! Now leave me alone!”
Evan tells her, “All right, Miss Drummond. I’ll let the Reverend
Trask question you when he comes back” and starts to leave, taking
the key to the room with him. Rachel asks, “Why are you taking the
key?” Evan replies, “So you will be safe. Don’t worry, Miss
Drummond. You won’t be alone for long”.
Tim goes down into the cellar of an old, abandoned house.
He lights a candle for illumination. He sees a coffin and starts
to open it…
Episode 774
Worldvision Rerun 557
Tape Date: June 5, 1969 (ABC #119-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 12, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Tim finds that he coffin is empty. He hears someone coming and
hides. He is relieved to see that it’s “only” Dirk Wilkins coming
and comes out of hiding. Dirk asks, “What are you doing here?”
Tim replies, “I was going to ask you the same question”. Dirk says,
“They sent you to look for me, didn’t they?” Tim, not knowing what
he’s talking about, asks, “Who?” Dirk responds, “The Collinses.
They’ve been looking for me for several days. You shouldn’t have
come here. I’m hiding here and don’t want anyone to find me”.
Tim assures him “Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell anyone”.
Dirk tells him, “I know you’re not. You’re not leaving here!” He
points to the coffin and asks, “You did see this, didn’t you?”
Tim replies, “Yes. It’s empty”. Dirk asks, “It is now, but you
know what’s in it during the day, don’t you?” Tim asks, “What?”
Dirk replies, “I am!” Tim asks, “Have you gone mad?!” Dirk
bares his fangs. Tim screams, “NO! NO!” Dirk bites him.
Trask is questioning Rachel about what she knows about Tim’s
whereabouts, “It will go much easier for you, Rachel, if you bare
your soul!” Rachel lies, “I don’t know anything!” Trask says, “My
poor wife is dead, victim of a foul plot concocted by you and Tim!”
Rachel exclaims, “That’s a lie!” Trask remarks, “You do know where
he is now, don’t you?” Rachel lies, “No!” Trask asks, “Would you
rather have the police question you?” Rachel replies, “Yes! Since
I’m innocent, I have nothing to worry about!” Trask tells her, “I
have always been very fond of you. I will give you a chance to prove
your innocence”. Rachel asks, “How?” Trask tells her, “You are to
remain here at the school. If you stay here, it will prove you are
not helping Tim. But if you leave here, I can only assume it is to
help Tim, and I will have you arrested as an accesory to murder!
You may go to your room now!”
Judith comes to the school and offers her condolences to
Trask. Trask tells her, “That’s very kind of you, Miss Collins.
I’m trying to be brave about it. That’s what she would have wanted.
But it’s very difficult. She was my strength. Her passage leaves a
void in me that will be very difficult to fill”. Judith assures him,
“She would have wanted your life to go on”. Trask asks, “But what
about the school?” Judith assures him, “You’ll be able to run it”.
Trask replies, “I am nothing but a competent administrator. She
was the life of she school!” Judith tells him, “I’m sure you’ll do
well”. Trask says, “I’m not deserving of such faith!” Judith tells
him, “I think you are. Now I think you should get some rest”. Trask
replies, “I cannot rest until the murderer is brought to justice!
We have one chance to find out. I think Rachel Drummond knows where
he is, but she won’t tell anyone”. Judith tells him, “I’ll talk to her.
She trusts me. She might tell me where he is, or at least give
me some hint as to where he is”. Trask says, “I’ll bring her to you”.
Meanwhile, Rachel has snuck out of her room and is in the
Trask returns alone. Judith asks, “Where’s Rachel?” Trask replies,
“On the way to see Tim Shaw, I’m sure. I’ve searched the entire
building and she’s not here. I’m sure the next part of their plan
is to leave the state. But they’ll need money. They have none.
They’ll need help from someone with money. Is there anyone at
Collinwood who would help them?” Judith tells Trask, “There’s one
person. Cousin Barnabas. He’s very fond of Rachel. But with my
carriage, I’ll be able to get to the old house before them. When he
finds out the details of what happened from me, I’m sure he won’t help
either of them”. Judith leaves. Trask picks up the phone and asks the
operator, “Collinsport 7453, please”, then after the connection is made,
speaks, “Mr. Handley. Reverend Trask here. I just wanted you
to know everything is going very well…No, he hasn’t been caught
yet, but the powers that be are all on our side. You have kept
your part of the bargain, I will keep mine. Your secret vice will
remain a secret”.
Judith goes to the old house. She knocks on the door, but
receives no answer, so goes in. She calls out, “Cousin Barnabas?”
loudly, but there is no answer. She calls out again, “Is anyone
here?” Dirk comes in through the front doors. Judith exclaims,
“Dirk!” Dirk greets her, “Good evening, Miss Judith”. Judith asks,
“Where have you been? We’ve been looking for you for days!” Dirk
replies, “Why? You dismissed me, remember?” Judith tells him,
“While you are on the estate, you are responsible to me! I want
you to tell me what you said to Jamison that upset him so much!”
Dirk asks, “Don’t you know?” Judith tells him, “Edward told me it
had something to do with Cousin Barnabas, but he wouldn’t go into
details”. Dirk sarchastically says, “I don’t think I’ll tell you.
It would harm the Collins name, and you wouldn’t want that, would
you?” Judith gives him an ultimatum, “I’ll give you 24 hours to
leave my property!” Dirk asks, “And if I don’t?” Judith angrily
replies, “I will have you forcibly removed!” Dirk tells her, “I
don’t think so! A lot has changed recently, and things are going
to change further!” Judith orders him, “Get out of my way!”
Dirk refuses, “Don’t give me orders!” Judith angrily says, “I
will! I am mistress of Collinwood!” Dirk tells her, “The roles
are about to change. I am about to become the master, and you the
servant!”. He bares his fangs and bites her.
Rachel arrives at the old house to see Barnabas. She looks in
through the window first and sees Judith sitting in a chair. Not
knowing whether she can trust Judith or not she leaves. Judith sits
inside, staring blankly into the air, two holes in her neck…
Judith, sitting in a chair, hears someone coming in through
the front door and calls out, “Dirk? Is that you?”. But it is not
Dirk. It is Gregory Trask. He tells her, “Miss Collins, I have
decided to come and offer my assistance”. She doesn’t answer.
Trask asks, “Are you all right? Have you spoken to Cousin Barnabas?”
Judith replies, “He wasn’t here when I arrived”. Trask exclaims,
“Something’s wrong! Something’s happened! There’s been a considerable
change in you since you were at the school! I’d better call a doctor…”
He notices the bite marks on her neck and exclaims, “Good Lord! How
did this happen? Who did this to you?”, but Judith just sits there
silently. Trask begs, “Miss Collins, you must tell me what happened!
Those marks are identical to the ones found on Charity’s neck! You
must tell me how you got them!” Judith replies, “I cannot”. Trask
insists, “You must! I have suffered one loss already! I do not want
to lose you! Please, tell me who did this! There was someone here
when you arrived, wasn’t there? Who was it?” Judith does not answer.
Trask thinks and exclaims, “Wait! When I came through that door, you
weren’t expecting me! You were expecting someone else! Dirk! That
was the name you called out! Dirk Wilkins did this! What kind of
animal is he?”
Rachel goes to the hiding place in the root cellar of the old
abandoned house. There is no one there. She sees the coffin and
exclaims, “A coffin! What is it doing here?” She wonders, “Where
is Tim?”, but then notices the candle burning and says, “A candle.
He must have lit it. He must have been here. I’ll just have to wait
for him to come back. But that coffin…” She opens the coffin
and finds it empty. She hears someone coming down the stairs and
calls, “Tim?” But it is not Tim. It is Dirk Wilkins…
Episode 775
Worldvision Rerun 558
Tape Date: June 6, 1969 (ABC #120-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 13, 1969 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Rachel exclaims, “Dirk! I didn’t expect to see you here!”
Dirk asks, “Who were you expecting to see?” Rachel tells him, “I was
supposed to meet Tim here”. Dirk remarks, “This is a strange place
to meet someone”. Rachel tells him, “There was some trouble at
the school”. Dirk says, “Yes, Tim told me”. Rachel asks, “You’ve
seen him? Where is he?” Dirk replies, “He can’t see you right now”.
Rachel asks, “Why not?” Dirk replies, “Let’s just say he’s not
himself right now”. He bares his fangs. Rachel shouts, “No! Please
stay away from me! NO!””
At Collinwood, Edward hears a knock and closes the drawing
room doors before opening the front doors. He opens the front
doors. It is Barnabas. Barnabas says, “Edward, I understand you
wanted to see me”. Edward answers, “Would you please come in,
Barnabas”. Barnabas asks, “Is something wrong, Edward?” Edward
asks, “May I ask what you’ve been doing?” Barnabas replies, “Looking
for Dirk”. Edward remarks, “But I see you didn’t find him. Do you
think he might be dead?” Barnabas asks, “Why do you ask?” Edward
replies, “I am now convinced that there must be a vampire or some
sort of supernatural creature on the estate. I don’t know much about
these matters, but I do know one thing. The victim of such a creature
would become sort of a zombie, reacting to nothing by the sound or
sight of the vampire himself”. Barnabas asks, “What are you talking
about, Edward?” Edward flings open the drawing room doors and
exclaims, “This!” Inside the drawing room, Judith is sitting in
a chair. She looks at Barnabas and says weakly, “Good Evening,
Barnabas”. Barnabas asks, “Well, Edward? Have you found out what
you wanted to find out?” Edward replies, “Yes”. Barnbas asks, “Tell
me, Edward, what did you expect her to do when she saw me?” Edward
replies, “I didn’t know what to expect”. Barnabas points out, “You
can see she didn’t react to me at all”. Edward says, “I apoligize
for suspecting you”, Barnabas asks, “What happened?” Edward tells
him,”She went to the old house to see you”. Barnabas asks, “What
about?” Edward replies, “I don’t know, but Reverend Trask found
her there this way”. Barnabas says, “And because she was found at
the old house, you suspected me”. Edward moans, “I don’t know what
to do.” Barnabas tells him, “Judith may be of more help to us than
you think”. Edward asks, “What do you mean?” Barnabas replies,
“I’ll explain after we take her up to her room”.
At the abandoned house, Dirk tells Rachel, “I didn’t expect
you to come here, but I’m glad you did. You can help me”.
Rachel asks, “How? I don’t understand”. Dirk replies, “You will.
Before the night is over, you will!”
It’s 12:00 midnight. Judith is sleeping in her bed. Barnabas
tells Edward, “It’s vital you stay with her the rest of the
night”. Edward asks, “What will you be doing?” Barnabas replies,
“Looking for Dirk. You are to stay with Judith. He might come to
her, or summon her to come to him”. Edward says, “I won’t let her
leave!”, but Barnabas tells him, “You will not be able to prevent
her. She is completely under his power. But she may lead you to
his coffin. The sooner we find it, the sooner we’ll be able to
destroy Dirk”.
It’s now 1:00. While watching over Judith, Edward hears a
crashing sound downstairs. He calls out, “Who’s down there?
Wbo’s there? Whoever it is, answer me!”, but receives
no answer. He goes downstairs to investigate. He finds the
front door open, and a flowerpot in the foyer lying broken
on the floor. He searches around downstairs, but finds no one.
On his way back up to Judith’s room, Dirk attacks him on the
landing and strangles him into unconciousness.
Dirk goes to Judith’s room. Judith exclaims, “I knew you’d
come!” Dirk tells her, “I came to tell you there’s something you
have to do”. Judith asks, “Yes?” Dirk tells her, “It may frighten
you”. Judith replies, “I’m not frightened”. Dirk tells her, “Good.
You must listen to me very carefully. You must not tell anyone I
came to see you, and you must listen carefully to every word I say”.
He gives her a revolver and tells her, “At dawn, you will leave this
house, and you will carry this with you”. Judith asks, “You want me
to use this?” Dirk replies, “If necessary, yes…”
Edward regains consciousness, exclaims, “Judith! Judith!”,
and starts for Judith’s room.
Dirk, having finished giving Judith her orders, tells her, “You
know what you must do”. Judith replies, “Yes”. Dirk says, “Good.
I’ll come back for you tomorrow night”, and vanishes into thin air.
Moments later, Edward comes rushing into the room. Judith, hearing him
coming, has hidden the pistol under her pillow. She asks, “What is
it, Edward?” Edward asks, “Are you all right?” Judith replies, “Yes,
Edward”. Edward asks, “Judith! Who was in this room?” Judith lies,
“No one”. Edward says, “There is an intruder in this house! He was
in here, wasn’t he? You must tell me! The intruder tried to strangle
me out on the landing! You must tell me!”, but Judith just says,
“I’m sorry, Edward, but you and I are the only ones who have been in
this room”.
Barnabas returns to the old house. He gets a pistol, loads
it with silver bullets, and places in on the mantel. Suddenly,
Dirk appears. Barnabas exclaims, “You! What are you doing here?”
Dirk replies, “I know you’ve been searching for me. I had to come
here to talk to you”. Barnabas asks, “Talk to me about what?”
Dirk replies, “I have a proposition for you”. Barnabas rejects his
offer, “I’m not interested in any proposition you might have”,
but Dirk continues, “You will be when I tell you. I’m holding
Rachel hostage”. Barnabas asks, “What do you want?” Dirk replies,
“I want Laura! You were the one who sent her away, so you’re the
one who can get her back!” Barnabas tells him, “I can’t do that!”,
but Dirk insists, “You will, or you’ll never see Rachel alive again”.
Barnabas asks, “How do I know she’s still alive now?” Dirk replies,
“You’ll have to take my word for it”. Barnabas again tells him, “I
can’t bring Laura back! She’s dead!” Dirk tells him, “You’d better,
or you’ll never see Rachel alive again. You have till dawn”. Barnabas
tries to grab the gun from the mantel, but Dirk stops him and warns
him, “It would be foolisn of you to destroy me. If you did, Rachel
would be dead by the time you find her”, and leaves.
At Collinwood, Edward, seeing that it’s almost dawn and thinking
it safe, goes downstairs to get Judith something to eat. But when
he returns to Judith’s room with a bowl of soup, she is gone…
At the abandoned house, Dirk awaits Laura’s return. Seeing that
he appears to be waiting for someone, Rachel asks, “Who are you
waiting for?” Dirk replies,”I’m waiting for her to come back”.
Rachel asks, “Who?” Dirk replies, “Laura”. Rachel, puzzled, says,
“But she’s is dead…” Dirk explains, “There are people who have
the power to ressurect the dead”. Rachel asks, “Then what will
happen?” Dirk replies, “I don’t know. But she must come! She
must!” Rachel says, “I still don’t understand. What do you want
me to do?” Dirk tells her, “I want you to be quiet!!” The cock
crows. Dawn comes, and no Laura. Dirk angrily snarls, “He’s
failed! I told him to bring her here by dawn, but he’s failed! Oh,
he’ll be sorry! He’ll be so sorry!” and goes to sleep in his coffin.
Rachel hears someone coming down the stairs. She is happy
to see that it’s Judith and exclaims, “Miss Collins! What are you
doing here?” But Judith, acting like a zombie, says, “I’m sorry,
Rachel, I’m sorry”. Rachel, puzzled, asks, “Sorry? What do you
mean? What’s wrong?” Judith takes out the gun and aims it at
her. Rachel is shocked…
Episode 776
Worldvision Rerun 559
Tape Date: June 9, 1969 (ABC #121-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 16, 1969 Monday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Rachel gasps, “What are you doing?! Miss Collins, what’s
wrong with you?! What are you doing with that gun?” Judith
replies, in a flat, emotionless monotone, “It has to be done”.
Rachel begs, “Please, you’ve got to put that gun down”, but
Judith shoots Rachel three times. Tim, outside, hears the
shots and comes rushing in. He asks Judith, “What’s going on
in here? Miss Collins, what are you doing here? What was that
shot? Who were you shooting at? What’s going on here?”
but Judith doesn’t answer. Then Tim sees Rachel lying on the
floor, very bloody and exclaims, “Rachel!” Cradling Rachel gently
in his arms, he asks Judith, “You! Are you crazy? Why did you do
this?” Judith replies, “I did what I had to do. I had no choice”.
Rachel regains consciousness and groans, “Tim! The pain!” Tim tells
her, “Don’t try to talk! Everything’s going to be all right!”
Rachel says, “I’m so frightened! I feel so cold!”
At Collinwood, Edward and Gregory Trask are in the drawing
room, discussing Judith’s disappearance and the other recent
strange events. Edward is telling Trask, “I seached every room
in the house and didn’t find a trace of either of them”. Trask
tells him, “It’s not your fault. You could do nothing against this
creature of darkness”. Edward asks, “Who is he? What does he want
from us? These questions keep going around and around in my head”.
Trask remarks, “I think a drink would do you good”, and pours him
a drink. The phone rings. Edward answers, “Hello?… Oh yes,
Sherriff. What?… Oh, I see…I understand…Thank you” then hangs up.
Trask asks, “What did he say?” Edward replies, “He said his men have
searched the woods completely without finding my sister or her abductor.
There’s no sign of them. He said he will widen the search and inform
me if they find anything”. He continues, “Everyone seems mystified
about everything except Barnabas. He seems rather knowledgable
about everything, and is certain Dirk Wilkins is the vampire”.
Trask remarks, “I’m not so sure Dirk is the vampire. I suspect
Barnabas has reasons for saying so, reasons that are not good for him
but not for the rest of us”. Edward notes, “You don’t like Barnabas”.
Trask replies, “No. I haven’t trusted him since I met him. I’m
convinced he knows more about this than he’s admitting. I even
suspect he’s harboring Tim and Rachel”. Edward says, “I think we
should drop this subject, Reverend”. Trask replies, “As you wish”.
Judith comes wandering in through the front doors. Edward and Trask
rush to her. Edward exclaims, “Judith! You’re all right! Where have
you been? What happened to you?” He sees the gun and exclaims,
“Judith! What have you been doing?! Let me have the gun!” She does
so. Trask asks, “Who’s gun is it?” Edward tells him, “Hers.
Grandmother brought it back from France”. He opens the chamber and
gasps, “Three of the bullets have been fired! Judith! What’s
happened? You’ve got to tell me!” Trask remarks, “I don’t think
she’ll be able to tell you much of anything at the moment…” Edward
begs, “Judith! At least tell me where you’ve been!” Judith replies,
“It had to be done. I did what he told me to do”. Edward asks,
“Who’s he?” Trask butts in, “The vampire!” Edward asks, “Who is he?”
but Judith just says, “Edward, I’m tired. I must get some rest”, and
goes into the drawing room and sits down. Edward asks Trask, “Do you
think she’s mad?” Trask replies, “Not mad. Possessed. By a will
much stronger than her own”. Edward asks, “What should we do?”
Trask replies, “Take her up to bed. Sometimes, sleep helps separate
the real from the unreal”. Edward says, “I’ll take her up to bed”.
Trask says, “I will first pray to the Lord thanking Him for her safe
return, then I will pray for His help in finding her abductor”. Edward
says to Judith, “Judith, why don’t you come up and get some sleep?”,
and takes her upstairs. Trask goes into the drawing room, closes the
doors, and prays, “I need your help, O Lord. Tonight, we must help
this poor afflicted woman by evicting the spirits of darkness. With
your help, we will drive this evil back to the hell from whence it
Tim takes Rachel to the old house for help and calls for Barnabas.
“Barnabas! Barnabas, are you here?” But it is daytime and Barnabas
is “not home”. Rachel moans, “I feel so weak…” Tim says, “Of
course you do”. Rachel says, “The pain, it’s gone…” Tim exclaimsm,
“That’s good!”, but Rachel replies, “No, I don’t think so. I can’t
feel anything at all…” Tim again calls, “Barnabas!”, but again
there is no answer. He tells Rachel, “You’re hurt bad, very bad, but
you’re going to be all right! All you need is a doctor. He’ll fix
you up!” Rachel says, “No!” Tim tells her, “I’ll go into town and get
you a doctor…”, but Rachel says, “No! If you do into town, they’ll
catch you!” Tim tells her, “I’ll take the chance”, but again Rachel
says, “No!” Tim tells her, “Dr. Brooks’ office is at the edge of
town. I’ll only have to go that far”, but Rachel says, “No! They’ll
see you!” Tim says, “I’m going for the doctor!”, but again Rachel says,
“No!” Tim tells her, “It won’t do you any good if I stay here”. Rachel
starts to babble deliriously, “When we were children, we used to pretend
our fathers were sea captains and sing sea shanties…” Tim begs,
“Rachel! I’ve got to go get a doctor! If I don’t get him soon, you’re
going to die! Do you want to die?”
At Collinwood, Edward is watching over Judith as she sleeps.
Dirk, from inside his coffin, summons Judith, “Judith! Judith!”
Judith, at Collinwood, asks, “Yes?” Dirk calls out to her, “Find
me! Find me where I lie waiting for you! Find me! Find me!
Can you see me?” Judith answers, “Yes. I can see you”. Dirk calls,
“I want you to come to me!” Judith says, “I did what you said”.
Dirk replies, “I know, and you were quiet when they tried to make you
talk. Now come to me so I may reward you! Let nothing stand in your
way! Come to me!” Judith sits up in bed. Edward asks, “Judith, what
are you doing? Where are you going?” but she just leaves. Edward
follows, thinking to himself, “She’s going to him, the vampire!
Barnabas said she would lead me to him!”
At the old house, Rachel continues to babble, “Tim, can I tell
you a secret?” Tim asks, “What is it?” Rachel replies, “My father’s
coming back! He’s going to take me with him! To a big white house
by the ocean! He’s coming soon to take me back, but you musn’t tell
Reverend Trask! It must be our secret!”, but then suddenly lapses
into silence, dead. Tim moans, “Rachel!”
Judith goes to the root cellar. She goes to the coffin and
says, “I have come, as you asked me to” Edward comes down into
the root cellar and shouts, “Judith! Stand away from that!”
Judith shouts, “Edward! You have no right to be here!” Edward
asks, “Is he here? Is this where he lies during the day?”
Judith says, “He didn’t summon you! He only summoned me!”
Edward tells her, “I’m here to help you”. Judith begs, “Please don’t
hurt him!” Edward replies coldly, “I’m going to do much more than
just hurt him”. Judith starts banging on the coffin screaming, “WAKE
out of my way!” and drags Judith away from the coffin. She faints.
Edward opens the coffin and finds Dirk lying in there. He exclaims,
“Dirk! It’s Dirk!”, then remarks, “It’s almost night! There isn’t
much time!” Realizing that sundown is coming and there isn’t much time
left before Dirk awakens, he hurriedly looks around and finds a large
fist-sized stone which will serve as a hammer, but nothing that can
be used as a stake. He runs upstairs, and a few moments later,
returns with a branch cut from a tree crudely sharpened into a stake.
He places it over Dirk’s heart, and raises the rock. Dirk awakens,
screams “NO!!!” and grabs Edward by the throat, but Edward manages
to bring the stone down and hammers the stake into Dirk’s heart.
Episode 777
Worldvision Rerun 560
Tape Date: June 12, 1969 (ABC #122-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 17, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

The next day, Judith, with Dirk dead, is back to normal.
She is in the drawing room of Collinwood telling Gregory Trask,
She moans,”It’s so frustrating not being able to remember anything
that happened!” Trask tells her, “Dirk is dead. He has no hold
on you anymore. Let’s not dwell on the past”. Tim comes into the
room. Trask, pulls out a gun and points it at him, tellind Judith,
“Call the police! Tell them Minerva’s muderer has been found!”
Judith is about to call, but Tim tells her, “I wouldn’t make that
call if I were you. For your own good!” Judith asks, “My own good?
I don’t understand”. Tim explains, “If you tell the police about me,
I’ll tell them about you!” Judith asks, “What do you mean?” Tim
tells her, “You shot Rachel Drummond!” Judith asks, “What are you
saying?!” Tim explains, “Rachel Drummond is dead, dead because you
killed her!” Judith days, “I couln’t have done it! I don’t even
remember seeing her!” Tim tells her, “You saw her! You saw her at
the old abandoned house! I heard three shots. I ran down and saw you
standing over her holding a gun!” Judith asks, “Could I have done it?!”
Trask says, “No! He must have done it himself! He must have turned
on her and killed her like he did Minerva!”, but Judith says, “No.
I do remember something, something in the back of my mind. I remember
coming back to Collinwood with a gun. I remember Edward taking the
gun from me and finding that it had been shot”. She asks Tim, “How
many time was Rachel shot?” Tim tells her, “She was shot three times”.
Judith moans, “And Edward said three bullets were missing! Oh
no! I did kill her!” Trask says, “But she was not responsible!
She was under the spell of a supernatural creature!” Tim says, “As
I was under someone’s control when I killed Minerva Trask! I don’t
know whose, but I intend to find out!” Judith says, “Call the police!
Tell them there are two murderers here at Collinwood!” Tim exclaims,
“She doesn’t know what she’s saying!” Trask tells him, “Perhaps you’d
better let me speak to Miss Collins alone”. Tim goes out. Trask says,
“Now Judith, you must understand, you had no control over what
happened”. Judith says, “How do you think I feel? I can’t bear it
anymore! Call the police and get it over with!” Trask begs, “Listen
to me! I have fought evil for many years! I know what the evil forces
want! They want you to destroy yourself for this crime, this crime for
which you are not responsible! You didn’t kill Rachel! Dirk did!”
Judith says, “But Dirk is dead!” Trask says, “And so is Rachel. Will
turning yourself in restore Rachel? You could die, you could go to
the gallows, and if you did, life would be so lonely and dark for me I
wouldn’t be able to stand it”. Judith asks, “But what will I tell the
police? They’ll have questions”. Trask tells her, “I’ll talk to the
police”. Judith asks, “And what about Tim?” Trask replies, “I’ll
deal with him. There is a way” He picks up the phone and speaks
into it, “Operator, get me the sheriff’s office, please…Sheriff,
Reverend Trask. It’s all right. You shouldn’t look any further.
Tim Shaw has come back. He’s with me at Collinwood right now…He
spent the night at Bangor when Minerva was murdered. He went there
for supplies. In the excitement, I had forgotten that I had told him
to go there when he had the time. Since he was in Bangor at the time,
he obviously couldn’t have killed Minerva. You’ll have to search
elsewhere to find the fiend who murdered my wife”. Judith gasps,
“I’ve never been so honored. To save me, you let your wife’s killer
go free. Do you think Minerva would have understood?” Trask repliles,
“Yes, I think she would have. Now, I must speak to Tim”. He lets Tim
back in and tells him, “I have spoken to the sheriff. I told him
everything’s all right. I told them you were in Bangor the night of
Minerva’s murder. Tell the police that when they question you”.
Tim exclaims, “Gladly!” Trask continues, “After the police have
spoken to you, you are to leave Worthington Hall”. Tim says, “Even
more gladly! Should I speak to Evan Handley about that permanent
job you mentioned?” Trask replies, “I doubt he would still want
you”. Tim remarks, “Then perhaps I should ask Miss Collins for a
job”. Judith tells him, “Edward does all the hiring here”, but Tim
continues, “Perhaps I should go over my qualifications for you. I’m
young, energetic, ambitious, and above all, I have an EXCPTIONALLY
GOOD memory”. Judith, getting the hint, tells him, “I’ll speak to
Edward about it”. Carl, who’s just come into the room, complains,
“I’ve already spoken to Edward, and he didn’t even try to ask Dirk
about Pansy! Everyone here’s so selfish! No one cares about
my Pansy, they don’t care whether she’s imprisoned somewhere or
dead!” Judith tells him, “I don’t want to hear about Pansy right now”.
Trask tells Carl, “There’s been a terrible tragedy. Rachel Drummond is
dead. There was a search party searching for the vampire, and some
member of she search party saw something moving and shot her”. Carl
asks, “Who?” trask replies, “We don’t know. I found her bleeding in
the woods and brought her to the old house.” Carl asks, “The old
house? Why the old house?” Trask replies, “It was the closest.
She died there”. Judith says, “I’ll have her brought here and have
her buried immediately”. Carl asks, “But I thought you were
fond of her. Why are you treating her like she has the plague?
Why the rush?” Trask says, “Why don’t you and Tim go get the police?
The sooner started, the sooner ended”. Tim and Carl leave. Trask
tells Judith, “You must be more careful. Even Carl was starting to
becomes suspcious”. Judith promises, “I will”.
It is some time later at the old house. The police have
apparently come and cleared everything, as Rachel’s body is
no longer there. Tim remarks sadly, “Even now it’s difficult to
believe she’s gone. She was a part of me”. Carl says, “I don’t
believe she died in an accident. There have been too many ‘accidents’
here. Like my poor Pansy! I’m going to the police about her!” He
becomes very upset and says, “Oh, let’s go back to Collinwood”. Tim,
still dejected about Rachel, replies, “I’ll join you in a moment”.
Carl leaves. Pansy Faye’s song fills the air. The wind blows through
the window. Tim suddenly notices a woman in the room. He asks, “Who
are you? Where did you come from?” The woman replies, “You are not
the one I’m looking for”. Tim asks, “Who is the one you’re looking
for? Barnabas?” The woman continues, “I have so little time! I
must find him!” Tim goes out and shouts, “Carl! Carl! There
was a very strange woman in here”. Carl comes running back and
exclaims, “Pansy! It must have been Pansy!! Pansy, my dear, where
are you?” But there is no one there. They search the house, but
find no woman. They rejoin after searching. Carl asks, “No sign of
her?” Tim replies, “None”. Carl asks, “Did you really see her?”
Tim replies, “I saw someone”. Carl exclaims, It must have been my
Pansy!” Tim tells him, “Let’s go. It’s time for the service”,
but Carl refuses to leave, saying, “No, I’m going to stay here! I’ve
got to find her!” Tim points out, “But we’ve already searched the
house!” Carl still refuses to go, so Tim leaves alone. Carl calls
out, “Pansy! Please! Come out! I know you’re upset at the way
Judith treated you, but you’ve got to come out!
At Collinwood, a brief service is held for Rachel. Judith,
Tim, and Carl are there, and Gregory Trask gives the eulogy,
“…Hardly more than a child herself, she had a wonderful way
with children. We will always remember her radiant smile, and
above all, her dedication. Tonight, the angels will have a
lovely new teacher to take care of them….” After the service,
Trask tells Carl and Tim to go to the burial. Tim asks, “Aren’t
you going?” Trask replies, “No, I’m staying here with Judith. S
he’s much to weak to go”.
In the cemetary, after Rachel is buried, Tim tells Carl,
“I’m going into town to get drunk. If you see Barnabas Collins,
tell him about Rachel. He was a very good friend of hers. I’ll
come back later with some flowers. After I get drunk”. He leaves.
Singing fills the air, “I’m going to dance for you, going to dance
your cares away…” Delighted, Carl calls out, “Pansy! Where are
you! Come out! Stop playing games with me! Pansy! Please! You’ll
get frightened in the grave yard at night with all the dead here!”
Then a look of horror crosses his face as he says, “Unless…you’re…
Episode 778
Worldvision Rerun 561
Tape Date: June 11, 1969 (ABC #123-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 18, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas goes to Collinwood and Judith tells him the sad
news about Rachel, though she lies to him about the details,
telling him Trask’s false story that it was an accident in the
woods, “Reverend Trask took Rachel to the old house, but you
weren’t home. She died almost immediately. She had no chance.
I know how fond you were of her. We all were”. Barnabas moans,
“Why do we always destroy the ones we love?” Judith, puzzled,
sayd, “I don’t understand what you’re saying. She died in an
accident”. They are interrupted by Carl coming running into the
room exclaiming, “Pansy is dead!” Judith asks, “Where did
you see her?” Carl replies, “I didn’t! I heard her singing
in the graveyard”. Judith tells him, “You just imagined it.
I’ve already told you. I don’t want to hear any more talk from
you about Pansy. We’ve had a tragedy here!” She asks Barnabas,
“Would you like a drink?” Barnabas declines,”No, thank you”.
Judith says, “Then I’ll walk you to the door”. She takes him
to the door and tells him, “Sorry you had to hear about Rachel
like this. It’s too bad you had to miss the service”. Barnabas
replies, “Yes, too bad. I was out of town”. Barnabas leaves.
Judith goes back into the drawing room. Carl insists, “Pansy Faye
is dead! I heard her voice! That was Pansy Faye, calling me in
the graveyard!” Judith says, “It was just your imagination. She’s
not dead. She’s just gone. She appraised the situation, realized
she couldn’t make a cent out of it, and left”, but Carl continues
to say,””No! She’s dead! And my prime suspect is Barnabas!”
Judith tells him, “Leave Barnabas out of this!” Carl asks, “Whose
house was she seen in last?” Judith, exasperated, says, “If you keep
going on like this, I’ll have to send you away!” Carl says, “I’m
going to find the truth! I’m going to turn the old house inside
out!” Judith warns him, “I warn you! If I were you, I’d be careful
what I do!”
Barnabas returns to the old house and finds that Magda has
returned from Boston. She asks, “Barnabas, what’s the matter?”
Barnabas tells her, “Rachel’s dead”. Magda remarks, “She had
death in her hand.” then asks, “Tell me what happened”. Barnabas
tells her, “Judith told me she was shot. She says no one knows who
did it”. Magda asks, “Would you like me to look into the cards and
tell you?” Barnabas declines, “No. I was responsible. It is as if
I shot her myself”. Magda says, “No! I read her death in her future”,
but Barnabas continues blaming himself, “I failed her, just as I have
failed every other woman in my life”. He notes, “You’re back early.
Good news or bad?” Magda replies, “Good”. Barnabas asks, “Did you
find the daughter of the old woman?” Madga replies, “No, but I found
King Johnny Romano. He told me she was dead, like the old woman who
cursed Count Petofi. But he told me he had a sure way to end the
curse”. Barnabas asks, “How?” Magda replies, “You will see,
Barnabas”. She takes out an ornate box and announces, “The end
of Quentin’s curse rests in this box!” Barnabas asks, “What is it?”
Magda tells him, “This is no ordinary box. Every one of these carvings
has a meaning…” Barnabas interrupts, “Spare me your gypsy nonsense,
Magda, and show me what’s in the box!” She opens the box. Inside is
a dessicated human hand wearing a ruby ring. Barnabas asks, “Magda,
I don’t understand. How can this end Quentin’s curse?” Magda replies,
“It is no ordinary hand”. Barnabas asks, “What powers is it supposed
to have?” Magda explains, “When the moon is full, just before Quentin
becomes the animal, we will lay the hand on his chest, and the curse
will be drained from his body”. Barnabas asks, “It’s as simple as that?”
Magda replies, “Sometimes the strongest magic is also the simplest”.
She takes the hand out of the box and says an incantation over it,
then announces, “There! It is done!” Barnabas asks, “What?”
Magda replies, “His Excellency’s hand will now obey our commands”.
Barnabas asks, “Excellency? Who did the hand belong to?” Madda
is evasive, “In the old country, he was a very important man”.
Barnabas asks, “Who?”, but Magda just says, “It doesn’t matter”.
Barnabas says, “I’m beginning to doubt that it will work”. Magda
insists that it will, “King Johnny Romano promised me it would! One
gypsy would not lie to another!” Barnabas remarks, “Yes, but two
gypsies might like together to fool one who is not a gypsy!”
Suddenly, Magda exclaims, “AHHH! The hand! It moved!”, but Barnabas,
dubious about the hand, tells her, “I saw nothing. I have work to
do”. Magda insists, “NO! It moved! It’ll work!”, but Barnabas
replies, “I don’t believe it”. Magda tells him, “I risked my own
life to get this! King Johnny Romano wouldn’t give me the hand. He
said it was too valuable. We must use it on Quentin and return it
before he finds out, or he will send someone to come get it, someone
who will kill us to get it if necessary!”
At Collinwood, Carl Collins goes to sleep and has a dream.
In the dream, he finds himself in a theatrical dressing room.
Pansy Faye is there, putting on makeup. Carl is overjoyed to
see her, “Pansy! At last I’ve found you!” Pansy repleis, “This
is my farewell performance. I’m going away after this”. Carl asks,
“Why?” Pansy replies, “It’s time for me to retire”. Carl exclaims,
“You can’t go away!”, but Patsy tells him, “I have to. That’s the
way things worked out”. Carl begs, “Pansy! If you stay with me, I’ll
buy you pretty dresses and jewels! I’ll build you a brick house!”,
but Pansy tells him, “You can’t stop me. The show must go on, and
what a show it’s going to be!” Carl asks, “What do you mean?” Pansy
tells him, “Come and see for yourself, love! Come and see!”
The show starts. Pansy is on stage, and Carl is sitting in the
audience. Pansy announces, “There is one answer we all seek tonight,
and it will be found! I need a volunteer”. She point to Barnabas
and says, “You, sir!” Barnabas declines, “Thank you, no”. Pansy then
tries Judith, “How about you, my lady”, pointing to Judith. Judith
volunteers. Pansy says, “Give her a hand!” Everyone claps. Pansy
tells Judith, “Concentrate on the answer! It will come to you,
slowly at first…” Judith asks, “How can I concentrate on the
answer if I don’t know the question?” Pansy tells her, “Everyone at
Collinwood knows the question!” Judith insists, “I don’t” Carl pipes
in, “I do! The question is: Who is the vampire?” Judith exclaims,
“No!” Pansy asks, “You think the vampire is dead?” Judith insists,
“He is!” Pansy tells her, “He isn’t! He walks among us!” Judith runs
off screaming. Pansy announces, “We need another volunteer. You, sir”,
again pointing at Barnabas. He again declines, “Thanks, no. How about
the boy? He seems the brightest of the lot”. Pansy picks Carl. She
announces, “Dead by day, alive by night, stalking his victims, Pansy
will tear away the mystery!” She tells Carl, “Concentrate!
Concentrate! Concentrate! Is there an image forming?” Carl replies,
“Yes”. Pansy commands, “See it! See it!” Carl repleis, “I see it,
but I don’t understand! It’s an image of a mausoleum. What will
I find there? You’ve got to tell me more!” Pansy replies, “There
is no more, tonight, or any other night”. She calls out, “Music!”,
and sings.
The dream ends and Carl awakens saying, “The mausoleum! I must
find out what it means!”
Dawn is approaching. At the old house, Magda asks Barnabas,
“Are you sure you will be safe at the mausoleum?” Barnabas replies,
“Yes. Dirk Wilkins has been destroyed, sooner than I expected. He
wasn’t very clever. No one suspects a vampire at Collinwood anymore.
I will bring the coffin back here and sleep here tonight”. Magda asks,
“Are you sure you’re safe?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Magda remarks,
“I’m not so sure. I have a feeling…”, but Barnabas insists, “No,
Magda. Tbe hunt is over. I am safe”
Carl, in the graveyard, finds the Collins Family mausoleum and says,
“Here! This is where Pansy said I would find the vampire!”
Episode 779
Worldvision Rerun 562
Tape Date: June 10, 1969 (ABC #124-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 19, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

On his way to the mausoleum, Barnabas stops at Rachel’s grave
to pay his respects. He says, “I came to this time, and found you
so like Josette, and lose you. Will I ever have a chance to
right this wrong?” He hears a very familiar voice say, “Very
touching!” He turns and sees that it’s Angelique and asks, “What
are you doing here, Angelique?” Angelique replies, “Watching over
you”. “I must go. It is almost dawn. You are responsible for this,
you and your curse!”, but Angelique tells him, “You must listen
to me! You must leave this time! You have been here too long!
You risk being trapped in this time! Come with me!” Barnabas
refuses to do so, “NO! I am not yet finished! I have not yet found
out what I came to find out. It’s almost in my reach! I almost know
enough to help David Collins and Chris Jennings!” Angelique warns him,
“Barnabas, this is your last change. Just this once, trust me. Forget
about the past, and come with me.” Barnabas asks, “Is it so terrible
what I face?” Angelique becomes angry and says, “You would prefer to
face any risk to committing yourself to me, wouldn’t you? Why did I
think you had changed? Go, Barnabas, go!” The cock crows. Barnabas
replies, “Yes, I must”, and leaves.
Barnabas goes to the mausoleum. Carl sees him going in from behind
some bushes. The cock crows again. Carl goes to the gate and looks
in. He sees Barnabas pull the ring in the lion’s mouth, open the
secret door, and go in. Carl quietly gasps, “Barnabas! Barnabas is
the vampire!”
Magda goes to Collinwood to see Quentin. Quentin sarcastically
says, “So your back! Our gypsy! Come in! Sit down! But quiet,
Magda! The walls have ears! Speak quietly! What you say to me
must be heard by no one else! What do you have to say to me? Where
have you been? Have you been with your tribe, comparing notes on
picking pockets and telling fortunes? How they must have laughed
when you told them you cursed a Collins!” Magda tells him, “I told
no one but King Johnny Romano”. Quentin asks, “And what did he do?
Sign a proclamation ending all curses?” Magda tells him, “I have
brought something back”. Quentin asks, “Is it good news? Is it a
potion to give me? Give it to me now! Do you realize what
it’s like sitting here counting the days till the next full moon?
Give it to me!” , but Magda tells him, “We’ll have to wait till then.
When the moon is full, the ceremony can be performed. It can be
performed at no other time”. Quentin asks, “Why do you want to
help me?” Magda asks, “Is it not enough that I do? I have brought
you a relic, a magic hand that will cure you. I have broken my own
people’s laws to bring it to you”. Quentin asks, “Why don’t you tell
me the real reason you’re now on my side?” Magda moans, “I did not
know! I did not know!”, clearing meaning the children. Quentin asks,
“Didn’t know what?” Magda lies, “I did not remember how much Jenny
loved you!” Carl comes running into the room shouting, “Quentin!
Quentin! I must talk to you alone!” Magda turns to leave, but just
before she does, she tells Quentin, “Oh, Quentin, Barnabas would like
to see you at dusk” and leaves. Carl asks, “Quentin, where’s Judith?”
Quentin replies, “Asleep, dreaming about her money”. Carl exclaims,
“We’ve got to wake her up! We’ve got to do something! I wish I never
had that dream!” Quentin asks, “What dream?” Carl tells him, “Pansy
came to me in a dream and told me where the vampire is hiding!”
Quentin reminds him, “Edward destroyed the vampire”, but Carl tells
him, “No! There’s another one! Pansy told me about him! Quentin,
I know who he is! I swear it!” Quentin asks, “Well, tell me”.
Carl replies, “It’s Barnabas”. Quentin exclaims, “Barnabas?!”, and
laughs uproariously, but then suddenly stops laughing and says,
“Barnabas. Our cousin we never see during the day, our cousin who
always appears at dusk. You’ve got to tell me exactly what you saw!”
Carl tells him what he saw at the mausoleum, then exclaims, “He turned
Dirk into a vampire, and he’s going to do the same to the rest of us!
We must get him! What are we going to do?” Quentin replies, “I don’t
know”. Carl says, “I’ll get a gun”, and goes into the room under the
stairs. Quentin looks at the portrait of Barnabas and muses, “Barnabas,
he’s my only hope. Without him, what am I going to do?”
Carl and Quentin go to the mausoleum. Carl opens the secret
door. They go in and see the coffin. Quentin tells Carl, “Give me
the gun, Carl. Unless you want to do it” Carl gives him the gun.
Quentin opens the coffin. They see Barnabas lying in there. Carl
says, “Do it, Quentin, do it!”, but Quentin closes the coffin.
Carl, puzzled, asks, “What are you doing? You might not have another
chance!” Quentin replies, “Yes, I have another chance, Carl. I’ll
kill you if you run”. Carl exclaims, “What are you doing?!” Quentin
replies, “Only what I must. Do you know how to get out of here?”
Carl replies, “No”. Quentin tells him, “Then you’re going to have be
here at dusk”. Carl shouts, “NO, Quentin, NO! For God’s sake,
NO!!! Why? Why?” Quentin closes the door and leaves.
Quentin goes to the old house. He looks at Magda’s neck. Magda
asks, “What the matter with you? What’s wrong?” Quentin replies,
“So he did not touch you. You have many secrets, Magda, not the
least of which is how you’ve managed to live in a house with a
vampire without him attacking you”. Magda is shocked. Quentin
continues, “Yes, Magda, I know everything”. He tells her about
what happened with Carl. Magda is shocked. She exclaims, “No!
Barnabas must not attack him! People are suspicious already! I
must stop it, or people will find out!”
At the mausoleum, Carl bangs on the secret door and screams,
“No!!!! Let me out!!! Let me out!!!”
At the old house, Quentin has left. Magda has called to
Angelique for help. She has come. She asks Magda, “Help? You
need my help?” Magda replies, “The cards say you love Barnabas.
He needs your help now! In a few hours, he will awaken and kill
Carl Collins. You must go and make Carl Collins forget everything,
now!”, but Angelique refuses to help, saying, “No! I must let
Barnabas Collins learn how important I am to him!” Magda points out,
“But if they find out about him, they will find out about you too!”,
but Angelique still refuses to help, “I will take care of myself,
and this time, Barnabas will have to take care of himself. I will
not help!”
In the secret room, Carl is frantically trying to find a
way out. He notices that it’s getting dark and gasps, “It’s going
down! The sun’s going down! I must get out! I must get out!
There must be a way to open it, there must! I’ve got to go get
Edward, I’ve got to get the police! Come on, figure it out!
It’s just like one of those Chinese Puzzles you’ve got!”
Finally, he manages to find the secret knob under the step,
opens the door and flees, leaving the secret door open as he
hastily runs out of the mausoleum. Outside, he triumphantly
announces, “We’ll get him tonight! We’ll get Cousin Barnabas
Episode 780
Worldvision Rerun 563
Tape Date: June 13, 1969 (ABC #125-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 20, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin is in the drawing room of Collinwoofplaying “his” music
on a gramophone. There’s a knock at the door. Quentin just turns
the music up and ignores the knocking. The knocker opens the
door and comes in by himself and goes into the drawing room.
It’s Gregory Trask. He remarks, “You would be much better off,
Mr. Collins, if you played some hymns”. Quentin replies, “It
is a hymn, Mr. Trask. MY hymn”. Trask corrects him, “That’s
Reverend Trask”, and asks, “Must we listen to this?” Quentin
remarks, “If it bothers you that much, there must be a reason.
Does this music cause you to envision things like dancing girls,
good times and laughter? Does this music bother you because you
really find those things tempting?” Trask asks, “Is your sister
Judith in?” Quentin replies, “No, she’s in town and won’t be back
for some time”. Trask says, “I’ll wait”. Quentin tells him,
“You can wait here for her. I have to go. I have an appointment
to keep – at dusk. I’ll leave this record here so you can imagine
to your heart’s content”, and leaves.
Carl returns to Collinwood, hoping Quentin isn’t there. He
finds Trask sitting alone in the drawing room and asks, “Mr. Trask!
Quentin isn’t here, is he?” Trask replies, “He was”. Carl asks,
“He’s not now?” Trask replies, “No, he left a few minutes ago”.
Carl asks, “Where’s Judith? I’ve got to see her!” Trask tells him,
“She’s in town. She won’t be back for some time”. Carl moans, “Oh,
what am I going to do? It’ll be dark soon! Reverend Trask, can I
trust you? Yes, I think I can. But it’s turned out that all the
people I’ve trusted, I can’t!” Trask tells him, “Trust is my
business, Mr. Collins”. Carl decides to trust him and tells him,
“I know all about the vampire, Reverend Trask! Barnabas Collins,
he’s the vampire!” Trask asks, “Barnabas Collins?!” Carl replies,
“I can prove it! I can show you! Will you come with me and let me
show you?” Trask tells him, “I consider it my duty to investigate
this.” Carl tells him, “Hurry! It’ll be dark soon! He’ll be out
and he’ll be dangerous!” Trask stands there, looking unconcerned.
Carl asks, “Aren’t you afraid?” Trask takes out a cross and replies,
“No. I’ve got the best of weapons. This would protect us from the
Prince of Darkness himself! If what you say is true, this will protect
Barnabas awakens, and is surprised to see that the secret
door is open. He hears a noise outside. Quentin comes into
the secret room. Instinctively, Barnabas bares his fangs and
prepares to attack, but Quentin shouts, “Wait! I know! Yes, you
are my only hope! Now I understand why you want to help me end
the curse”. Barnabas asks, “You can look at me without fear?”
Quentin replies, “Yes. My brother, did you kill him?” Barnabas,
puzzled, asks, “Your brother?” Quentin replies, “Yes! Carl! He
was here! He knows! He had a dream! He learned you were here. He
tried to find Edward or Judith, but they weren’t there” and recounts
what happened. Barnabas tells Quentin, “You find him”. Quentin says,
“But…” Barnabas continues, “There’s something I must do. Go to
Collinwood. Find Carl. If it’s too late, come to the old house.
I’ll be finished with what I have to do. Hurry! Do what you can to
stop him from talking to anyone!”
Carl and Trask go to the graveyard. They are outside the
mausoleum. Carl thinks he hears a noise and asks, “Did you
hear that?!” Trask replies, “If what you say is true, then it is
not likely he would be here. He would be out committing his
nefarious deeds”. They go into the mausoluem. Carl starts
to says, “The secret door…”, but Trask surprises him by saying,
“Yes, the secret door. I’ve already known all about it for months.
The last time I was here, all it contained was Rachel Drummond”
Carl notes that the door is now closed and says, “It was closed
when I left!” Trask tells him, “Well, open it now”. Carl replies
“I will! You’ll find no Rachel Drummond there this time!” He opens
it and is shocked to find it empty. There is no trace of a coffin.
He insists, “It was here!” Trask asks, “Are you much given to
visions, Mr. Collins? Your sister has told me how high strung you are”.
Carl insists, “But it was here half an hour ago! It was here! There
was a coffin in here, and Barnabas was lying in it! Maybe he hid it!”
Trask stares at him. Carl begs, “Don’t look at me like that!”, but
Trask tells him, “The Devil is making you say this”. Carl says,
“I’ll prove I’m right! Somehow, I will!”, and runs off. Trask
remarks, “I must drive the demons of suspicion and delusion from
his mind!”
Carl returns to Collinwood, but finds that no one is home.
He picks up the telephone in the drawing room and speaks,
“Operator! Operator! Please…”. He does not notice that a
very large bat is hovering outside the window. The window blows
open. Carl gasps, “Oh!”, then continues, “Operator! Please! This
is an emergency!”, but then notices to his shock that the telephone
cord has been pulled from the wall. Carl shouts, “Who’s in here?”
The lights suddenly go out. The doors close by themselves. Carl
tries to open them, but finds them locked. He runs to the window,
but finds that it too is now closed and locked. A voice calls out,
“Carl! What have you done, Carl? Who have you told, Carl? No
one will help you, Carl!” Carl begs, “Listen to me! I’ll do
whatever you want! I won’t tell anyone, I promise! Just let me
out of this room and I won’t tell anyone! I promise!” The voice
replies, “You know you will tell”, and Barnabas materializes.
Carl begs, “Don’t come near me!” Barnabas replies, “I must!” then
grabs Carl by the throat and asks, “Who else have you told?”
Carl lies, “No one!”. Barnabas starts to strangle him and demands,
“Tell me the truth! Tell me the truth!”
Barnabas, standing over a dead Carl, hears someone coming and
hides. Quentin comes into the room. Seeing who it is, Barnabas
comes out of hiding. Quentin looks over the body of his dead
body and sadly says, “You had to do it. I know that. But…
Oh God! Will this night ever find an end to all this?” Barnabas
replies, “Tonight may be a new beginning. I had to do it, for your
sake as well as my own. This may save us”. Quentin exclaims, “MAY?!
You mean you did this without knowing for sure it would do any good?!”
Barnabas replies, “He may have told someone else”. They are interrupted
by a knock at the door. Going out into the foyer and closing the
drawing room doors behind him, Quentin answers the front doors. It
is Trask. He asks, “Is your brother here?” Quentinr replies, “No,
Edward is in town”. Trask tells him, “No, I mean your brother Carl”.
Quentin lies, “No”. Trask says, “Then I’ll wait for him”. Quentin
tells him, “You can wait in the study. It’s more comfortable there”,
but Trask says, “No, I’d prefer to wait in the drawing room. It’s
closer to the front door. I’ll see him when he comes in. This
is urgent”. Quentin asks, “Are you in the habit of barging into
people’s houses and doing as you wish? I said you can wait in the
study!” Trask replies, “And I explained why I had to wait here!”, and
barges into the drawing room. He continues, “Your brother was in a
most distressing mental state…What’s the matter, man? Why
aren’t you listening to me?” Carl’s body falls from behind the
curtains onto the floor. Trask exclaims, “You knew about this!”
Quentin pretends to be shocked. He kneels over Carl, examines him,
and exclaims, “Carl! Carl! Carl! He’s dead!”
There’s a loud knocking at the door of the old house. Barnabas
answers it and, finding that it’s Trask, says, “Reverend Trask,
you’re out rather late, aren’t you?” Trask caustically replies,
“As long as it’s still dark, the hour isn’t too late for you,
is it?” Barnabas feigns ignorance and asks, “What do you mean?”
Trask announces, “I accuse you of murdering Carl Collins!” Barnabas,
feigning shock, exclaims, “What?!” Trask tells him, “I know the truth
about you! You are a foul and evil creature! A bloodthirsty spawn
of the devil, a sworn enemy of the Lord!” Barnabas starts to approach
him menacingly, but Trask pulls out his cross and Barnabas stops.
Trask triumphantly announces, “You fear this! Just as all vampires
fear it!” Barnabas says, “You have no proof! Just your suspicions!”
Trask replies, “I did not imagine Carl Collins’ dead body”. Barnabas
poins out, “Nor did you see me kill him. You have no proof. You
merely assumed I killed him”. Trask tells Barnabas, “Carl Collins
told me you were a vampire! He told me he saw you in your coffin!”
Barnabas replies, “But Carl Collins will never speak to anyone again.
Now where is your proof? You have none!” Trask states, “I will get
proof now! If you are innocent, you will have nothing to fear, will
you?” Barnabas replies, “Of course not”. Trask asks, “Even the dawn
of a new day? I challenge you, Barnabas Collins, to stay here with
me and watch the sun rise! If you survive the dawn, then and only
then will I believe you innocent!” The cock crows…
Episode 781
Worldvision Rerun 564
Tape Date: June 16, 1969 (ABC #126-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 23, 1969 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

The cock crows. Trask asks, “Are you getting nervous, Mr.
Collins?” Barnabas replies, “This is your moment. You might
as well make the most of it. But we will meet again, Mr. Trask,
and I will deal with you as I did with your ancestor before you!”,
and vanishes into thin air. Trask gasps, “I was right! You are
a creature of the Devil! But I know your secret, Mr. Barnabas
Collins! You are vulnerable during the day, and I will destroy
you!” Barnabas reappears in the secret room behind the bookcase,
where he has now hidden his coffin for additional secrecy, and
goes to bed.
The clock in the foyer at Collinwood reads 7:10. Edward is
talking on the phone with the police about Carl, saying, “The body
was discovered about an hour ago in the drawing room. That’s all I
know. I questioned my brother Quentin, but he was too distraught to
answer any questions. I’ll be expecting you in about an hour, and
have the coroner with you”. Trask comes in through the front doors.
Edward asks, “Reverend Trask! Where have you been?” Trask replies,
“I had to go to the old house”. Edward angrily tells him, “You had
no right to go there! Having discovered the body of my brother Carl,
you were obliged to stay here!, but Trask calmly replies, “You will
understand when I have told you what else I have discovered!
Let’s go into the drawing room”. They go into the drawing room.
Edward demands, “Well, speak up”. Trask tells him, “Mr. Collins,
the source of the evil that has been plaguing this house is your
cousin Barnabas Collins”. Edward asks, “What are you saying?”
Trask continues, “Your brother Carl is dead because he discovered
Barnabas’ secret. Fortunately, he told me the secret before he died”.
Edward asks, “What secret are you talking about?” Trask triumphantly
announces, “Barnabas Collins is the vampire”. Edward exclaims,
“Nonsense! Dirk Wilkins was the vampire!”, but Trask tells him, “No,
Dirk Wilkins was only one vampire. Barnabas Collins is also a vampire,
probably the one that turned Dirk Wilkins into one. I have seen proof
of this for myself. As you know, a vampire cannot stand the purifying
rays of the sun without being destroyed. I went to the old house and
challenged Barnabas Collins to watch the sunrise with me. He vanished
into thin air to avoid the sunrise. A vampire has that power among
others”. Edward tells Trask, “I believe you. A great many things are
beginning to make sense now”. Trask says, “Mr. Collins, it is
imperative that we find Barnabas Collins and destroy him”. Edward says,
“Yes, but it will not be easy to find his coffin”. Trask says, “There’s
a very good chance it is at the old house”, but Edward disagrees, “No,
now that he knows his secret has been penetrated, he will have moved it
elsewhere”. Trask points out, “No, I was at the old house until the
dawn came. He did not have a chance to move it. I suggest we summon
the police to search the old house”, but Edward says, “No! The police
will be left out of this! We will destroy Barnabas Collins ourselves,
and for the sake of the family, no one else will ever know this terrible
secret”. Trask says, “I understand”. Edward announces, “We must go
to the old house now, and do what must be done”.
Magda is at the old house. Edward and Trask come in. Magda
tells them, “If you want to see Barnabas, he’s not here”, but Edward,
agrily demands, “Tell us where he is!” Magda lies, “He is away for
the day…on business”, but Edward exclaims, “You’re lying! He’s
here somewhere in this house! It’s impossible for you to have lived
here with him all these months without knowing his secret!” Magda
remarks, “Everyone has his secrets”. Trask shouts, “Gypsy! Tell us
the truth! Tell us where he keeps his coffin!” Magda feigns surprise,
“His coffin? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Edward tells
her, “You can lie if you want, but we will search the entire house
for him!” Magda replies, “Go ahead! You won’t find him. He’s not
here”. Edward goes upstairs to search. Trask tells Magda, “I’ll give
you one last chance, Gypsy!” He slaps her hard and continues, “Tell
me the truth, or your soul will burn in hell in eternal damnation!”
Magda sarcastically remarks, “You have made a mistake, mixing yourself
up with the All-Mighty. I will remember this! I will tell you an old
gypsy saying: Walk fast, and misfortune will overtake you. Walk
slowly, and misfortune will catch you! You had better not walk slowly,
for it will never be far behind you!”
Having searched the old house and found nothing, Edward and
Trask have returned to Collinwood. Trask is in the drawing room
poring over some old drawings. Edward, who had gone out, returns.
Trask asks, “Did you have any difficulty?” Edward replies, “No, I
got old Braithwaite to work as fast as he could”. Trask asks, “But
he made you the silver bullets?” Edward replies, “Yes”. Trask
remarks, “Good”. Edward asks, “Did you study the blueprints while
I was away?” Trask replies, “Yes. We would not need to go to all
this trouble if that gypsy woman would cooperate. Your ancestors
were a strange lot…” Edward interrupts, “No need to tell me that!”
Trask continues, “They seemed to have a penchant for secret rooms.
There were a total of four secret rooms and passages in the old house.
I think we should start with the one behind the bookcase in the drawing
At the old house, Barnabas arises and comes out of the secret
room behind the bookcase, greatly surprising Magda, who had not known
he had moved his coffin there. She exclaims, “Barnabas! I did not
know you were there!” Barnabas tells her, “I didn’t have the
opportunity to tell you I had moved my coffin in there”. Magda
tells him, “You’ll have to move it again very fast! Edward and Trask
have discovered your secret”. Barnabas tells her, “I know. It happened
just before dawn. Have they been here?” Magda replies, “Yes. I lied
to them that I did not know what they were talking about. We must move
quickly!” Barnabas remarks, “I find this sympathy suspicious. If
I were destroyed, your Sandor would be free again. Why are you
helping me?” Magda replies, “I would rather help you that that Trask!”
There’s a banging at the front doors. Barnabas says, “I must go!”
Magda points out, “But I do not know where to find you!” Barnabas
tells her, “Don’t worry! I’ll find you!”, and vanishes. Magda lets
Edward and Trask in. Edward announes, “We are here to search the
house!” Magda reminds them, “But you have already searched the
house and found nothing”. Edward tells her, “We are here to search
the places we didn’t know about before, like the secret room behind
the bookcase!” Magda just stands there in front of the bookcase.
Edward warns her, “There are enough silver bullets in this gun
to take care of you as well as him! You can stand there or step
aside! The choice is yours!” Magda steps aside. Edward and
Trask open the bookcase and go inside. They find the coffin in
there. Edward opens it, but finds it empty. He remarks, “Dead
by day, alive by night!” Trask remarks, “He’s away, searching for
another victim”. Edward angrily says, “That woman knows where he
is, and she’s going to tell us!” He goes out into the living room
and calls, “Magda!”, but finds that she has fled. He growls,
“We should have taken her in there with us! Now she’s escaped!”
Trask says, “We have no need of her. It is enough that we have
found the coffin” “But we did not find Barnabas” “He’ll have to
return to the coffin in the morning, and when he does, he’ll find it
unusable. Without a coffin, he cannot exist!”.
Later, at the old house, Trask exits the secret room and closes
the bookcase, having done something to the coffin. Trask asks
Edward, “Are you sure you don’t want me to stay with you?” Edward
replies, “No, This is something I want to take care of myself”.
He hold up the pistol and says, “I am safe with this”. Trask
replies, “Very well. Then I will return at dawn” and leaves,
leaving Edward sitting in an armchair holding a pistol loaded
with silver bullets.
Barnabas reappears in the secret room behind the bookcase.
He finds that his coffin has been chained up with a cross placed
on top. But apparently, he has been careful. It is still quite
a while before dawn and he still has time. He vanishes.
In Charity’s room at the school, Charity hears the sound of
a bat squeaking. Barnabas appears. He tells her, “Don’t make a
sound, Charity!” Charity says, “You shouldn’t have come here!”
Barnabas replies, “I’m sorry, but I had to”. Charity, worried,
says, “If my father sees you…” Barnabas tells her, “He’s already
searching for me. He knows about me. Charity, I’m in terrible
trouble. You’ve got to help me!” Charity asks, “How?” Barnabas
tells her, “Your father would never think of looking for
me here at the school. You’ve got to hide me”. Charity tells him,
“Barnabas, that would be too dangerous!”, but Barnabas replies,
“There’s danger for me everywhere now”. Charity protests, “But
he’ll find you! He always knows when I’m trying to hide something
from him!” Barnabas commands, “Look into my eyes! You don’t have the
will to resist me! Do you understand that?” Charity answers, “Yes”.
Barnbas continues, “Now listen carefully, because you must not fail
me. I must find another coffin to retire to, understand?” Charity
answers, “Yes”. Barnabas adds, “Besides that, I will need some earth
from my grave. That earth is on the floor in the cellar of the old
house”. Charity tells him, “I will get it”. Barnabas warns her, “It
won’t be that easy. Edward is in the drawing room of the old house”.
Charity asks, “Then how will I get into the cellar?” Barnabas tells
her, “I will tell you another way to get into the cellar. He will
never know you have been there”.
Charity goes into the cellar of the old house by way of the
secret entrance. She bends over, picks up a handful of dirt
and puts it in her purse, but when she straightens back up, she
accidently bangs into a box and knocks a candlestick on it over.
Edward, upstairs, hears the noise. He opens the cellar door
and shouts, “Who’s there? Who’s down there? Answer me!”,
Charity quickly hides in one of the alcoves. Edward comes
down into the cellar to investigate. He sees Charity’s shadow
and says, “Come out of there! I warn you! Whoever you are,
I am prepared to use this gun! Now come out!”
Episode 782
Worldvision Rerun 565
Tape Date: June 17, 1969 (ABC #127-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 24, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Edward asks, “Charity Trask! What are you doing here?”
Charity begs, “Please don’t tell my father I was here! He’ll
be very angry!” Edward sternly says, “I asked you a question, I
expect an answer!” Charity lies, “I was taking a walk on a beach,
saw what looked like a tunnel, went in to see where it led, followed
it, and found myself in here”. Edward asks, “And what were you
doing on the beach at this time of night?” Charity lies, “Just
taking a walk”, but Edward says, “I don’t believe you!” Charity
points out, “There is a tunnel!”, but Edward replies, “I already
know about the tunnel! But I don’t think you found it by accident!
I believe you intended to come here!” He stares at her. Charity
asks, “Why are you looking at me like that?” Edward sees the bite
marks on her throat and gasps, “Good Lord! You’re one of his victims!
Why did he send you here? He’s a monster! You’ve got to tell me,
for your own sake, and for the sake of other innocent people!”, but
Charity replies, “I can’t! He’ll kill me if I do!” Edward tries to
assure her, “I promise you he’ll never get near you again”. Charity
moans, “I feel so ashamed! I feel so weak for giving in to him!”
Edward tells her, “It’s not your fault”, but Charity continues to
moan, “It is my fault! My father! I don’t think I could ever
face him again!” Edward tries to calm her down, “Now, Miss Trask,
everything will be all right”, but Charity just keeps on, “I don’t
think I’ll ever be able to live through the humiliation of it all!”
Edward tells her, “You must tell me why he sent you here!” Charity
lies, “I don’t know”. Edward aks, “You don’t know?” Charity replies,
“That’s the terrible part of it! He makes me do things, and I
don’t know why! Mr. Collins, you must help me!” Edward replies,
“I will. I will take you to your father at once”
Barnabas, in Charity’s room at the school, looks at the
clock – which reads 5:20, nervously awaiting for Charity to
return with the dirt. There’s a knock at the door. From outside,
Nora calls, “Charity?” Barnabas quickly hides behind some curtains.
Nora calls, “Charity? Are you awake?” and, receiving no answer,
comes in. Not seeing anyone in the room and not knowing that
Charity has left the house, she assumes that Charity just stepped
out for a moment and sits down on the bed to wait for her.
Edward brings Charity back to the school to her father and
tells him what happened. Gregory Trask is furious at her,
saying, “It’s the most shameful thing I’ve ever heard! My own
daughter, in league with the Devil’s agent!” Charity tearfully
apoligizes, “Sorry, Father, I didn’t know what I was doing!”
Gregory Trask asks, “Is that all you can say? You didn’t know
what you were doing, in spite of all you have been taught?”
Charity apoligizes, “Sorry, Father, I wish I had your strength!
I was weak! Please, Father, help me!” Her father tells her, “Yes,
Charity, I will help you. But you must also help us”. Charity
promises, “I will do anything I can”. Gregory Trask asks, “Tell
us where Barnabas Collins is”. Charity replies, “I don’t know
where he is”. Gregory Trask asks, “When did you see him last?”
Charity replies, “Earlier this evening”. Gregory Trask asks,
“Where?” Charity lies, “In the woods. He summoned me there”.
Her father asks, “Why?” Charity lies, “I don’t remember”. Gregory
Trask asks, “Charity, how could you possibly forget something that
happened only a few hours ago?” Charity replies, “He has the
power to make you forget things”. Gregory Trask asks, “Charity,
he sent you to the old house to get something, didn’t he?” Charity t
oys with her purse. Her father orders, “Charity, stop playing with
that purse! Look at me! I want an answer!” Charity replies, “It’s
no use, Father, he’s made me forget!” Edward pipes in, “Reverend
Trask, if he sent her to get something for him, he’ll have to
communicate with her before dawn. All we have to do is stay by
Charity and wait for his appearance!” Charity has a pained look on
her face.
In Charity’s room, Nora is still waiting on the bed. Barnabas
is still behind the curtains. Edward and Trask take Charity
to her room and find Nora waiting there. Edward asks, “Nora!
What are you doing out of bed?” Nora replies, “I had a bad dream
and came to tell Charity about it”. She sees Charity and exclaims,
“Charity! What’s the matter? Are you sick?” Charity replies, “No,
I’m just tired”. Reverend Trask tells Edward, “Mr. Collins, perhaps
it would be best if you took Nora back to her room”. Edward agrees,
“Yes”. Nora asks, “She’s going to be all right, isn’t she, Father?”
Edward replies, “Of course she is, Nora”. Nora says, “I wouldn’t
want anything to happen to Charity”. Edward assures her, “Nothing’s
going to happen to her. Come”, and takes her away. Rev. Trask asks
Charity, “Are you frightened, my child?” Charity replies, “Not as
long as you’re with me”. Her father tells her, “I want you to pray
now, Charity, pray for the deliverance of your soul”. She puts her
purse on the bureau, then kneels down to pray. From where she’s
kneeling, she sees Barnabas hiding behind the curtain. Charity
prays silently, then gets up and says, “I hope the All-Mighty will
take pity on me and forgive me”. Her father tells her, “It will
take time, my dear, but there is no power more powerful than the
power of prayer. If you had remembered that, you would have been
able to resist Barnabas Collins”. Charity says, “Yes, I know that
now” then asks, “How soon will it be dawn?” Her father tells her,
“In a few minutes now”. She asks, “You’re going to stay here with
me, aren’t you?” He replies, “Yes. I cannot leave you now. If
that creature is to appear to you, he must appear soon”. Charity
asks, “And what if he doesn’t appear?” Rev. Trask replies, “Then
we will have won the first round. We will fight and rout Satan!”
Charity says, “Your strength is so admirable!” The cock crows.
Rev. Trask announces, “Time is running out for him!” Charity tells
him, “I’d like to pray again”. Her father tells her, “Then do so,
my child”. Charity tells him, “But I’d like that book of meditation,
the one mother was so fond of”. Rev. Trask tells her, “It’s in my
study”. Charity asks, “Could you bring it to me, please?” Her
father replies, “Yes, after the sun comes up”. Charity says, “But
I’d like it now”, but her father tells her, “You know I cannot leave
you until the sun comes up. Why are you so anxious to have it
now?” Charity replies, “I want to use it to drive the evil forces
from me. You don’t have to worry about me anymore. You have made
me see the light”. Her father, suspicious, asks, “There is a reason
you want me to leave this room, isn’t there? He’s communicating
with you! You’re not free of his power! Get on your knees and pray!
Pray for your deliverance! I will pray with you!”. They both get on
their knees and pray. Suddenly, there’s a scream from Nora. Trask
exclaims, “It’s Nora!”, and tells Charity, “We must go to her!
Come with me!”, but Edward comes into the room. Trask asks,
“Mr. Collins, what happened?” Edward replies, “I was with Nora in
her room. A large bat appeared at the window” Rev. Trask exclaims,
“A bat! That must be the vampire! Come, Mr. Collins, we have only
a few minutes to get him!”. He and Edward rush to Nora’s room.
Barnabas comes out from behind the curtains. Charity gives him her
purse. He opens it, checks inside and, finding that it contains the
dirt he needs, smiles.
Gregory Trask is in Charity’s room, putting a large cross
on the window. He tells her, “You must stay in this room, Charity”.
She asks, “Do you think he will try to come tonight?” Her father
replies, “I don’t know. There is no way to know for sure, but we
have taken every precaution – garlands of garlic around the door, a
cross in the window”. Charity asks, “Are you going to stay with me?”
Rev. Trask replies, “No, it is time for the evening devotions. I
will pray for your soul”. Charity thanks him, “Thank you, Father”.
Rev. Trask adds, “Perhaps it would be wise if you held a small
cross in your hand as well. The one you keep in your purse will
do. Where is your purse? I saw it here earlier”. Charity lies,
“I must have put it somewhere. Father, you go to the devotions.
I’ll look for it”
Later in the day, Edward returns to the school. Nora says,
“Father, you said there wasn’t anything wrong with Charity”.
Edward tells her, “There isn’t”. Nora asks, “Then why hasn’t
she come out of her room all day?” Edward lies, “I have no idea.
I’m no mood to any questions right now, Nora. Please run along”
Nora asks, “When will I see Charity again?” Edward replies, “I’ll
ask Reverend Trask when he comes back. Shouldn’t you be in class?”
Nora tells him, “Class is over”. Edward says, “Well, run along to
your room, then. I’ll talk to you later”. Nora remarks, “Everyone
seems so upset! I wish someone would explain to me what’s happening!”,
and leaves. Gregory Trask enters the room and says, “Mr. Collins.
I wasn’t aware that you were back”. Edward tells him, “I’ve only
been back a few minutes”. Trask asks, “What did you find at
the old house?” Edward replies, “The coffin hadn’t been touched”.
Trask remarks, “Well, at least we know he didn’t spend the day there”.
Edward sadly adds, “And that’s all we know. I have the feeling he’s
outwitted us”. Trask asks, “How?” Edward replies, “I don’t know,
but I suspect his powers are greater than we’ve thought”. Trask
confidently states, “Mr. Collins, I can guarantee you his days are
numbered!” Edward tells him, “The thing I’m most worried about is
that someone might find out the secret. Our family name would be
ruined!” Trask says, “Yes, the Collins name must be protected”.
Edward tells him, “We have a few more hours until the sun sets.
We must make the most of them!”
At night, Barnabas arises from a coffin secreted in a cave
somewhere. He telepathically contacts Charity, saying, “Charity!
You will hear my voice! Charity, you will hear my voice and do
as I tell you to do! I must see you, Charity! Do you hear me?
I must come to you, but my way is barred! Open your eyes, Charity!
Rise, go to the window and remove the cross! Then I will appear
to you!” Charity rises, goes to the window, takes the cross down,
walks over to the bureau, and puts it in the top drawer. Barnabas
appears in the room. Charity exults, “I thougth about you all
through the day! There was so little time left before the dawn,
I was afraid! I didn’t know if you had found safety or perished!”
Barnabas tells her, “I am safe, thanks to you!” Charity says, “Then
I have pleased you”. Barnabas replies, “Very much”. Charity warns
him, “But you shouldn’t have come back here! It’s too dangerous!”
Barnabas tells her, “Your Father would believe it impossible that
I would come back here. He has underestimated my powers”. Charity
tells him, “But you cannot remain here. You must find another hiding
place, and take me away with you. Oh, Barnabas! That is what I want!”
He bares his fangs and bites her. Nora comes into the room, sees
this happening and screams…
Episode 783
Worldvision Rerun 566
Tape Date: June 18, 1969 (ABC #128-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 25, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas quickly goes and closes the door. Nora, terrified,
runs from Barnabas, exclaiming, “Stay away from me! Don’t
touch me! I heard them talking! They said you were bad!
They said you hurt Charity! They said they’ll find you!
You did something terrible, I don’t know what, but…” Charity
tells Nora, “He won’t hurt you, he won’t!” Barnabas echoes her,
“Nora, nothing’s going to happen to you. Now come to me, Nora”.
Nora refuses, “I won’t!” Barnabas stares at her and orders, “You
must! Just look at me! You can look at me without anything
happening to you. Come to me!” Nora goes to him. Barnabas
continues, “You remember, not too long ago you and I were friends”.
Nora replies, “Yes”. Barnabas tells her, “I haven’t changed, Nora”.
Nora asks, “Then why are they hunting you?” Barnabas orders, “Look
at me, Nora. Look into my eyes. Don’t be afraid. Keep looking
into my eyes and you will see that I won’t hurt you, you will see
that everything will be all right”. Nora looks into his eyes and
replies, “I see that”. Barnabas continues, “Keep looking. I want
you to see something else. When I am gone, you will not remember
that I have been in this room. Close your eyes, and when you open t
hem, you will not remember I was here at all”. Nora closes her eyes.
Barnabas vanishes. Charity exclaims, “Don’t leave me!” Nora opens
her eyes and asks, “Who are you talking to? You weren’t talking to
me, and there’s no one else in this room”. Charity weakens and
almost collapses. Nora exclaims,”Charity! You’re sick! I’ll go
get Father!”, but Charity says, “No! You’ve got to tell me something!
You’ve just seen me in this room. You haven’t seen anyone else here,
have you?” Nora, puzzled, asks, “No. Who else would I see in your
room?” Charity almost collapses again. Nora exclaims, “You’re sick!”
but Charity assures her, “I’ll be all right. Just let me rest”, and
goes to bed. Nora leaves. Charity cries, “Barnabas! Are you here?
I feel so afraid when you are gone! Please come back to me! Please!”
Nora is in another room crying. Evan Handley comes into the room
and asks, “My child, what’s wrong?” Nora moans, “She’s going to die!
She’s going to die!” Evan asks, “Who?” Nora replies, “Charity!
Uncle Evan, help her! Please help her!” Evan promies, “I will”, then
asks, Have you seen her?” Nora replies, “Yes”. Evan asks,”Was she
alone? I’ve talked to your father about this. This is very important,
Nora. Was Charity alone? Was Barnabas Collins with her? Was he?”
Nora shakes her head no.
Magda goes to the cave, carrying the box containing the
hand with her. Barnabas asks, “What are you doing here?”
Magda replies, “I had to see you”. Barnabas asks, “Were you
followed?” Magda replies, “No”. Barnabas sees that Magda is
carry the ornate gypsy box and asks, “The hand! You brought it.
Why?” Magda explains, “Quentin came to the old house and wanted
to see the cure. I told him we could not use it until the moon
was full. I finally managed to make him leave, but I don’t trust
him. He may come back for the hand”. Barnabas notes, “There
going to be a full moon tomorrow night”, then groans, “The
legendary hand of Count Petofi. Oh, Magda!” Magda asks, “What’s
wrong?” Barnabas replies, “I’m afraid. I’m afraid of how it will
change Quentin, and how those changes will change Chris Jennings
in the future. Oh, it seems like such a chance! We know nothing
about this hand, what it can and cannot do”. Magda tells him,
“Legend says it may do good or evil, one or the other”. Barnabas
asks, “How do we know what it which it will do to Quentin? How
do you know it won’t turn against us because you stole it?” Magda
replies, “If you are worried, there is one way we could find out.
We could use it tonight”. Barnabas reminds her, “But you said it
could only be used during the full moon”. Magda explains, “On
Quentin, yes, but we can try it on someone else who needs help
tonight”. Barnabas exclaims, “Charity!”
Evan goes to see Charity. He examines her and notices that
blood is coming from the bite marks on her neck. He calls out,
“Miss Trask!” Charity asks, “What are you doing here?” Handley
asks, “He’s been here, hasn’t he? Barnabas has been here! Miss
Trask, do you know where Barnabas is? Where? Miss Trask! Tell me!
Miss Trask, do you know what you are doing to yourself by not telling?
You will die, Miss Trask!”, but Charity just replies, “I will be
with him!” Evan again says, “You will be dead!”, but Charity just
replies, “No! I will be with him!” Evan warns her, “Barnabas
Collins is dead, and so will you be!” Charity exclaims,”No!”
Evan tell sher, “You can help us by telling us where he is! Do you
want to leave this world, Miss Trask?”
Back at the cave, Barnabas asks Magda, “Can this hand help
Charity?” Magda replies, “If you let it, yes”. Barnabas tells
her, “Of course I’ll let it. I don’t want her to die. But we
can’t take it to her. They’ll see us”. Magda reminds him, “But
you can call to her to come here no matter how sick she is”.
Barnabas calls out, “Charity! Charity! You must come to me in
the cave, the cave under Widow’s Hill! I will guide you through
the forest! You will be safe! Come to me, Charity! Come to me!”
In Charity’s bedroom at the temporary school, Charity
reacts to Barnabas’ calls. Evan notices this and asks, “Miss
Trask, what is it?”
At the cave, Barnabas continues to call, “You must come to me
one last time, Charity! Rise from your bed! Come!
Charity tells Evan, “Leave me!” Evan refuses, “No!” Charity
insists, “You must!” Evan asks, “Why?” Charity replies, “Because
it is time”. Evan asks, “Time for what? For you to go to him?
I will not let you go to him!”, and grabs her and physically
restrains her.
Barnabas continues to call, “Come to me, Charity, you must come
to me! Come! Come!”
Charity begs Evan, “Let go of me!” Evan refuses, “No!”
Barnabas gives up. Magda asks, “Barnabas, what is wrong?”
Barnabas explains, “Someone is stopping her”. Magda suggests,
“Maybe she’s dead”, but Barnabas says, “No, she would be here if
she had died. Someone is stopping her from coming to me, and
there’s nothing I can do about it”. Magda suddenly exclaims, “Oh!
Oh! Look! It’s gone! The hand! It’s gone!”
Chairity continues to beg Evan, “You must let me go! He needs
me!” Evan continues to refuse, “He does not need you! He’s using
you!” Suddenly, Charity stops struggling. Evan asks, “What is
it? Is he out there?” Charity replies, “No”. Evan asks, “Then
what is it?” Charity cries, “He doesn’t want me anymore! He’s
stopped calling to me!” She lies back down in bed, crestfallen.
Evan tells her, “We must get someone to help you!” Charity moans,
“No one can help me!” Evan tells her, “I’ll go for a doctor”, and
turns to leave, but suddenly, Charity screams. Evan turns back and
is shocked to see a hand floating in the middle of the room. It
floats over to Charity, who’s lying face up in bed, and positions
itself above her face, palm down. Charity screams as the hand slowly
floats down to cover her face. It then vanishes. Evan is astonished.
He becomes even more astonished when he looks at Charity’s neck and
exclaims, “The marks! They’re gone!” Charity regains consciousness,
sees Evan, and exclaims, “Mr. Handley!” Evan asks, “Are you all
right?” Charity tells him, “You should not be here in my room!” Evan
asks, “Don’t you remember?” Charity asks, “Remember what?” Evan
answers, “The hand that appeared in this room! The legendary hand
of Osden!” Charity asks, “What are you talking about?” Evan says,
“The hand! He sent that hand to defeat us! You are well!” Charity
asks, “Well? I am well?” Evan tells her, “Miss Trask, look in the
mirror. Get up! Do as I say!” She gets up and goes to the mirror.
Evan tells her, “Your neck! Look at your neck!” She feels the part
of her neck where the marks were. Evan says, “So! You do remember
those marks! What else do you remember? You have been spared, for
the moment. You are safe now, but he will strike again as soon as
he feels secure. What else do you remember, Miss Trask?”
Magda frantically searches the cave for the hand, terrified
of what might happen to her if she doesn’t return it to King
Johnny Romano, but does not find it. She moans, “The hand! The
hand is nowhere to be found! I have lost it!” Barnabas suggests,
“Perhaps it went on a mission. Perhaps it realized what I wanted,
and when Charity didn’t come to me, it went on a mission to her.
Have you ever heard of the hand having that kind of power?” Magda
replies, “Yes, but I did not believe it. But now it is gone!”
She continues to worry about not being able to return it to King
Johnny Romano, “Before, I could bring it back, but now…” Barnabas
interrupts, “Now you can stop worrying” and points to the coffin.
The hand has returned and is lying on top of it again. Magda
exclaims, “It’s a miracle! The hand is all that they say it is!”
Barnabas says, “We shall see. Take it to the old house and hide it
from Quentin. I must go and see Charity. I’ll come back and tell
you what I find out”, and leaves. Magda says to the hand, “You
will help Quentin! I know you will! I know you will!”
But when Barnabas gets to Charity’s room, he finds that she
isn’t there. He wonders, “Where is she? Why isn’t she here?
What has happened? If only I had more time to find out!”, but
the cock crows and dawn approaching, he has no time to find out
where she is and leaves.
Charity is, in fact, downstairs talking with Nora. She
seems to have recovered quite nicely. Nora tells her, “I was
so worried, Charity!” Charity tells her, “But I am well now.
I will not fall into the valley of sin again”. Nora asks, “Is
getting sick a sin?” Charity replies, “No, but giving in to
desires is. Let us pray. It is the only weapon we have against
Barnabas returns to the cave and opens his coffin, preparing
to get in, but he hears a noise and calls, “Magda?” But it is
not Magda. It is Evan Handley, holding a cross…
Episode 784
Worldvision Rerun 567
Tape Date: June 19, 1969 (ABC #129-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 26, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas asks Evan, “What are you going to do?” But it turns
out that Evan is here not to destroy him, but for extortion.
He tells Barnabas, “I will agree not to destroy you and keep
your secret if you will give me the hand that cured Charity
Trask”. Barnabas, seeing no other way out, agrees, but tells
Evan, “The hand is not here in the cave, and I won’t be able
to get it from the person who has it until dusk. Come back
tomorrow night”. Evan agrees to do so.
At Collinwood, Gregory Trask tells Judith, “I have made the
decision to leave Collinwood”. Judith asks, “Why?” Trask replies,
“Judith, it is YOU”. Judith asks, “Have I done something to offend
you?” Trask replies, “No. It is that you are here, ten minutes
away from me, that I must leave. Your faith, your gentleness…I
cannot stand it! I know you would never marry me!” Judith,
surprised, asks, “Marry me?” Trask asks, “Judith, would you marry
me?” There is a long pause. Judith just stands there. Trask
finally breaks the silence, “Forgive me, Judith. I thought I had
learned to control my natural impulsiveness. You are insulted, I
know”. Judith says, “No!” Trask continues, “I know you are. Now
you know why I must leave Collinsport. I have affronted you. I
know it”, but Judith tells him, “Gregory! Stop it! No one has ever
proposed to me before”. Trask exclaims, “I can’t believe that!”
Judith explains, “Grandmother said I frightened men away. She said
I was too strong”. Trask says, “But your family burdens forced you
to be strong! I would like to share that burden with you!” Judith
accepts his proposal, “I will marry you. After a suitable period of
time has passed after Minerva’s death, we will announce it”, but
Trask says, “No! We must not let what others think delay us! You
are thinking of Edward and Quentin, are you not? We must marry
today, before someone tries to stop us! Your brothers would not
let you marry me! Come with me, and when we return, we will be man
and wife, united in God’s eyes”. Judith notes, “It will be such a
shock to everyone!” Trask tells her, “They will eventually accept
it”. Judith protests, “But people will talk!” Trask tells her,
“That is not important. What is important it that we are together.
We have seen examples of the impermanence of life lately! Come!
Let us go into the village now!” Judith replies lovingly,”Yes,
At dusk, Magda, having been telepathically contacted by
Barnabas to bring the hand to the cave, does so. She asks,
“Why did you want me to bring it?” Barnabas replies, “You need
to ask? Your psychic powers seem to have failed you”. Magda replies,
“I brought the hand, didn’t I?” Barnabas says, “You should have
come here quicker. He could have come already to ask for it”.
Magda asks, “Someone else knows about the hand?” Barnabas replies,
“Yes. Evan Handley”. Magda exclaims, “I will bury it in the woods!
He will not find it!”, but Barnabas tells her, “No, Magda, you will
leave it here”. Magda protests, “But it is in MY keeping!” Barnabas
tells her,”We must use it on Evan Handley.” He asks, Magda, this
hand cured Charity Trask. If it can do good, can it also do evil?”
Magda repleis, “Yes”. Barnabas says, “Then we must use it to make
Evan Handley my servant”, but Magda tells him, “I cannot control it.
It is not my hand. It is the hand of Count Petofi, cut from him as
payment. It does what he wants. It is said that some nights he
calls for the hand to come back to him, but it will not do that.
That is the one thing denied to him”. Barnabas moans, “David, Chris
Jennings, and myself, our lives depend on a man we don’t know!”
Magda says some incantations over the hand, “You must help me! I
have done a terrible thing, I have put a curse on my own kin! You
must help me…” She is interrupted by Evan Handly coming into the
cave saying, “Are you talking to yourself, Magda?”, then, seeing the
box, says, “No, I can see you’re talking to something much more
interesting!” Holding a cross for protection, he turns to Barnabas
and says, “I can see you are a man of your word! Give me the hand!”
Evan prepares to open the box to examine the hand. Barnabas warns,
“Maybe you should take off the cross you’re wearing. That hand
belonged to the most evil man in the world and you’ll be in great
danger if you looked upon the hand wearing the cross”. But Evan,
suspecting that Barnabas just wants him to take off the cross so he
can attack him, tells him, “You leave the cave first”. Barnabas
does so, and Evan takes the cross off.
Judith and Gregory Trask return to Collinwood. Judith has
a wedding ring on her finger and is now Judith Collins Trask.
She exclaims, “I can’t believe it!” Trask tells her, “You will,
my dear. You will”. He looks around the drawing room and remarks,
“We must do something about this room. It has a certain frivolous
air to it. We wouldn’t want anyone thinking us frivolous, would
you?” Judith replies, “No, but so many of the things in this room
are family heirlooms”. Trask assures her, “We will not make any
changes…quickly. You are worried about your family. I can see
that”. Judith replies, “Yes”. Trask tells her, “You must let me
handle things now. You must be a proper wife”. Suddenly, Judith
screams, “AH!!” Trask asks, “What is it?” Judith points at the
window and says, “Minerva! Your wife! I see her!” Trask looks, but
there’s nothing there…
At the cave, Evan opens the box. The hand floats up and grabs
him by the face. Evan screams. Hearing the screams, Barnabas comes
rushing back into the cave, but by the time he gets there, it’s all
over. Magda moans, “He’s dead! I know he’s dead!” Barnabas looks
into the box. The hand has returned there. The he looks at the
spot on the ground where Magda is looking. Evan Handley is lying
there, his face horribly disfigured…
Episode 785
Worldvision Rerun 568
Tape Date: June 20, 1969 (ABC #130-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 27, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

It is the next day. Magda is in the old house with Evan.
She tries to talk to him, but he does not respond. He is
now apparently mindless. There is a knock at the door,
and Quentin calls to be let in. Magda quickly takes Evan
to the cellar door and tells him, “Go in there!”, but Evan
doesn’t respond. Magda remarks, “You don’t understand nothing,
eh?”, and pushes him inside, then closes and locks the door.
She lets Quentin in. Quentin asks, “Where’s Barnabas?” Magda
replies, “I don’t know. That’s the truth, Quentin. He’s moved
his coffin again”. Quentin asks, “Have you told him that there’s
going to be a full moon tonight, that if something isn’t done,
I’ll turn into that animal again??” Magda replies, “Yes, I’ve
told him”. Quentin hears a noise coming from the cellar and asks,
“What’s that?” Magda lies, “Nothing”, but Quentin insists, “No,
someone’s in there. Who have you go locked up down there, Magda?”
Evan looks through the grill and Quentin sees him. Quentin asks,
“Who is it? Tell me! What happened to him?”, apparently not
recognizing that it’s Evan Handley. Magda lies, “I don’t know”.
Quentin points out, “But he heard us talking!” Magda assures him,
“He don’t understand nothing”. Quentin says, “Then let him out!”
Magda refuses, “No!” Quentin demans, “Give me the keys!”, takes
them from her, opens the door, and lets Evan out and demands to ]
know, “What did you hear?” Evan doesn’t respond. Magda reiterates,
“He has no mind, Quentin. Let him go” Quentin does so. Evan goes
and sits down in an armchair. Quentin asks, “Why is he here?”
Magda replies, “He ain’t got nothing to do with you”, but Quentin
says, “In my experience, everything around here’s got something to
do with me. Where did he come from?” Magda lies, “I found him
walking in the woods”. Quentin asks, “Does Barnabas know?” Magda
replies, “Yes. He told me to bring him here”. Quentin asks, “Why?”
Magda replies, “I don’t know. Maybe he feels sorry for him”.
Quentin asks, “What’s wrong with him?” Magda replies, “His mind’s
been destroyed”. Quentin asks, “By what?” Magda replies, “I don’t
know!” Quentin tells her, “I’m not leaving here till I find out!”
Magda lies, “I’ve told you the truth, Quentin!” Quentin says, “All
right. No more questions. You must tell me what will happen
to me tonight”. Magda asks, “You want to know what happens tonight?
I’ll show you”, and leaves the room. Quentin goes to Evan and
asks, “Now, what happened to you? Who are you? Did she tell
the truth about you? Can’t you hear me?”, but Evan just stares
blankly. Magda returns, bearing the box. Quentin asks, “Is
that the hand? Let me see it!” Magda opens the box. Evan,
seeing this, becomes terrified and backs away. Quentin gasps,
“Magda! He’s frightened!” Magda tries to lie, “No he isn’t!”
but Quentin looks at the terrified Evan and says, “Yes he is!”.
Magda takes Evan upstairs. When she returns, Quentin asks her,
“Why was he frightened, Magda?” He holds up the hand and asks,
“Was he frightened of this? Did he see it before? God, this is
enough to frighten anyone!” Magda adds, “Or cure you”. Quentin
asks, “How?” Magda explains, “I will place it on your heart, and
it will draw the curse from you”. Quentin asks, “But there are
dangers, aren’t there?” Magda replies, “This hand is not my
servant. It possesses powers I cannot control”. Quentin asks,
“What are the dangers? I’ve got to know!” Magda replies, “Only
the ancient gods know. Quentin, you must make up your mind!”
Quentin muses, “Before all this happened, magic used to be a game
with me, to while away the long winter evenings. How I wish the
world could be as it was before!” He asks, “I have to decide by
dusk?” Magda nods. Quentin moans, “Oh God! Oh God!”
The clock in the foyer of Collinwood reads 2:35. In the
drawing room, Judith telephones the operator and says, “Operator,
I’ve been trying to reach Evan Handley’s house and office all
day. There must be something wrong with his line. Would you
please check it? Thank you.” Edward returns. Quentin comes into
the foyer a little after him. Edward remarks, “What a long face,
Quentin. Has everything been all right here?” Quentin asks, “Has
anything ver been all right here?” In the drawing room, Judith
tells the operator, who has called back and told her Evan’s line
is all right, “I don’t understand. Thank you for trying”. Edward
and Quentin come into the drawing room for some drinks. Edward
remarks, “Well, sister” Judith asks, “Happy trip?” Edward asks,
“Anything happen here while I was gone?” Judith replies, “Yes, but
I don’t know how to tell you. I wish Gregory were here” Edward
remarks, “I don’t know how he’s become so important around here.
He’s just a schoolmaster.” Judith announces, “He is more than that.
He is now also my husband.” Quentin laughs hysterically. Edward,
shocked, exclaims, “You married that man?!” Judith says, “Yesterday”.
Quentin congratulates Judith, but Edward says, “He may congratulate
you! I certainly shall not!” Judith protests, “But you said you
admired him greatly!” Edward replies, “As my son’s tutor, yes,
but not as a brother in law!” Judith complains, “You never expected
anyone to ask me to marry!” Edward replies, “He asked you to marry
him for only one reason – your money!” Judith slaps him. She tells
him she trusts Trask, that running Collinwood has been quite a
burden on her, that now she’s given the burden to Trask. Edward
complains, “Grandmother left you the money, but it goes to my son
when he reaches 21. What will happen if you should die before then?”
Judith replies, “Then Gregory will administer the estate until
Jamison comes of age. I have changed my will to that effect. It
will become official as soon as I can reach Evan Handley”. Edward
angrily storms out of the room. Judith remarks about how happy
she is now, but Quentin replies, “Let me give you a warning.
Happiness does not exist” and leaves. When Judith turns back,
she is shocked to see that her newly written will has been torn up
and is lying on the floor. She calls out, “Who is in this room?
Is someone in here?” She sees that someone has stuck the letter
opener into an open book and gasps. She examine the book and is
shocked to find that it is a Bible, and the letter opener points to
a passage that says, “The righteous have perished, but the evil
remains…” Judith cries out, “Who is doing this to me, who?”
Then she notices what looks like a child’s drawing of a woman
tacked to the wall. A caption reads, “Mrs. Trask”. Judith gasps,
“Minerva Trask!”
The clock in the study of Collinwood reads 5:00. Quentin
is staring at it. Edward tells him, “Please stop looking at
that clock!” Quentin replies, “It’s my hobby. Time is my hobby”.
Edward tells him, “We must concentrate on the problem at hand!
You know why he married her! We must go to Evan Handley and see
if there is a way to have this marriage annulled!”, but Quentin
replies. “I may be busy tonight. Don’t count on me”. Edward
tells him, “Given the importance of this matter, we must put aside
our differences and be united!” but Quentin again says, “I said,
don’t count on me!”, and leaves.
Magda comes to Collinwood. Seeing Judith, she caustically
remarks, “Oh, the happy bride”. (It is not explained how Magda
could know about this. Perhaps she really does have great psychic
powers). Judith tells her, “If you came to see Barnabas, he’s
not here”. Quentin comes into the foyer and Magda, seeing him,
says, “It is you I came to see” Judith leaves. Magda tells
Quentin, “You’d better come to a decision quickly. I have a feeling
that if we don’t do it tonight, we’ll never get another chance.
I trust my feelings”. Quentin replies, “I’ll be there at dusk”.
Edward comes into the foyer. Magda insults him by saying, “Mr.
Edward, it’s good to finally have a man in this house”, obviously
referring to Trask, and leaves. Edward asks Quentin, “What are
you doing at dusk? How can it be more important that seeing
Evan Handley?” Quentin replies, “It’s none of your business”, and
leaves. Edward goes into the drawing room. Judith is in there.
She tells him, “I will never regret what I have done” Edward
replies, “You will! I will see to it!”
Quentin, having decided to go ahead with the cure, goes to
the old house. He finds that there’s no one in the living room
except Evan, whom he still does not recognize, sitting in an
armchair. Quentin again tries to talk to him, “What are you
doing here? Who are you?” This time, Evan finally manages to
talk, in a very slurred fashion, and says, “I am Evan Handley!”
Quentin exclaims, “No! You’re not Evan Handley!” Evan repeats,
“I am Evan Handley!”. Magda has come into the room via the door
to the left of the fireplace. Quentin asks her, “Is that true?
Tell me!” Magda admits that it is true. Evan sees that Magda
is carrying the box containing the hand, cries out in terror,
and slurs, “The hand! The hand!”. Quentin, shocked, gasps,
“This? This did that to him?” Magda takes Evan upstairs.
When she comes back down, she tells Quentin, “The moon is about
to rise. You must come to a decision”. Quentin gasps, “If that
hand could change Evan so much and disfigure his face like that,
what will it do to me?!” Magda replies, “We won’t know until we
try”. Quentin says, “I don’t want to try! I don’t want to have
anything to do with it! Get it away from me!” But suddenly, he is
wracked by the wolf pains and gasps, “The pain!” Magda begs,
“Whatever the hand may do, it cannot be worse than what’s
happening to you now! Let me try!” Quentin replies, “All right,
try!” Magda mutters an incantation over the hand, “I invoke the
powers that were given to you in the forests of Oshdon that cured
the Count Petofi. Use those powers to tear the curse from this
man’s heart and remove it from his body”, and places the hand on
Quentin’s chest…
Episode 786
Worldvision Rerun 569
Tape Date: June 23, 1969 (ABC #131-DRK-69)
Air Date: June 30, 1969 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

The hand clings by itself to Quentin’s chest. Quentin
complains, “It isn’t helping! I still feel the pain! Take
the hand away!”, but Magda tells him, “I got no control over
it now!” Quentin screams, “Magda! It’s moving! It’s going
for my throat! Do something!” Magda replies, “I don’t know
what to do!”, but the hand then vanishes by itself. Magda
asks, “Quentin, do you still feel the pain?” Quentin replies,
“No, it’s stopped”. Magda exclaims, “Then the hand helped!”,
but Quentin tells her, “No, the pain always stops just before..”
Magda exclaims, “The tranformation!”, and hold up her pentagram
for protection. Quentin transforms into the werewolf and tries
to attack Magda, but flees and runs out the front door when he
sees the pentagram.
Gregory takes Charity Trask to Collinwood and announces, “Your
new home, Charity! I hope you are going to be happy here”. Charity
replies, “I’m sure I will be”. Rev. Trask says, “I know this comes
soon after the death of your mother…”, but Charity says, “Mother
never questioned your judgement, and I won’t either. But I’m worried
about the school”. Trask says, “You must understand that my marriage
to Judith has given me many responsiblities and duties. The managing
of this estate will take all my time”. Charity asks, “You mean you
will no longer have any time for Worthington Hall?” Trask replies,
“No. But we must accept the burdens that Divine Providence places
upon us. We must also not forget your mother’s wish that you become
a Collins. There is still one eligible Collins”. Charity asks,
“Quentin?” Trask replies, “Yes. He’s a bit irresponsible, but I’m
sure that under your influence, he’ll change his ways. You don’t
find him unattractive, do you?” Charity replies, “No, not at all!”
Trask happily remarks, “We’re going to be very happy here, Charity,
very happy indeed!” Magda comes in through the front doors. Trask
demands to know, “What are you doing here?” Magda replies, “I want
to see Beth”. Trask tells her, “You will not see anyone without my
permission!” Magda remarks, “I see it did not take you very long to
become the master of Collinwood, Mr. Trask”. Trask replies, “Yes,
and one of my responsiblities is to decide who is allowed here,
and who is not. I would like to speak to you in the drawing room”.
Charity tells her father, “I’m going to visit Mother’s grave”.
Trask points out, “But it’s getting late”, but Charity tells him,
“I know, but I promised to visit her every day”. She leaves.
Trask and Magda go into the drawing room. Magda asks, “Mr. Trask,
what do you and me have to talk about?” Trask replies, “Very little.
You and your husband have 24 hours to leave the estate, or I will
call the sheriff and have you forcibly removed. I can promise you
the sheriff will be interested to know you’ve been helping Barnabas
Collins”. Magda counters, “But I also have something to tell the
sheriff. I can tell him I sold Tim Shaw the deadly nightshade that
killed your wife. You gave an alibi to Tim Shaw. I don’t care why,
but I’m sure the sheriff will care. Do we understand one another
now?” Trask replies, “Yes”. Magda asks, “Then Sandor and I can
stay?” Trask replies, “Yes, for the moment”. Magda asks, “May I
speak to Beth now?” Trask angrily replies, “Speak to whomever you
want, then get out of this house!”
In the woods, Charity runs into the werewolf, screams and
At Collinwood, Trask is looking at the portrait of Barnabas
in the foyer. Magda comes out of the door under the stairs into
the foyer. Trask asks, “Have you finished?” Magda replies, “She
wasn’t in her room. Have you seen her this evening?” Trask replies,
“I have not”. Magda tells him, “When you see her, could you tell
her I wanted to talk to her?” They are interrupted by Charity
bursting through the front doors. Trask asks, “What is it?” Charity
exclaims, “The animal! I saw it in the woods!” Magda tell her,
“You’re safe now”. But Trask says, “No one’s safe as long as that
creature’s free! It must be the same creature that attacked Judith.
I’ll call the police”. Magda says, “I’ll take her up to her room”
and does so.
Up in Charity’s room, Charity is lying in bed. Magda is with
her. Charity asks, “Magda, you’ve been at Collinwood a long time,
haven’t you?” Magda replies, “A few years”. Charity asks, “Quentin
doesn’t spend much time at the house, does he?” Magda asks, “Why do
you ask?”, afraid that Charity suspects that Quentin is a werewolf.
Charity replies, “Just curious. He was married once, wasn’t he?”
Magda, relieved to find that Charity is just husban hunting, replies
“Yes”. Charity asks, “What happened to his wife?” Magda replies,
“She’s dead.” She takes out a deck of Tarot Cards and asks Charity,
“Tell me, do you know what these are?” Charity replies, “Tarot
Cards”. Magda tells her, “Yes. I can read the future with them.
Would you like me to read your future? I don’t charge you nothing”.
Charity says, “All right”. Magda starts to deal out the cards.
The first one is “La Force”. Magda explains, “This card represents
you. A good sign.. ” Then she deals out another card, La Lune.
Charity asks, “What does that mean?” Magda replies, “A bad sign!
It represents a secret that will be revealed!” Charity says, I
don’t understand”. Magda says, “Let us continue” and deals out
another card, then announces, “The Lovers. A card of marriage”.
Charity asks, “Marriage?” Magda replies, “Yes, but the card is
inverted, which means the possibility of seperation or infidelity”
She deals another card and says “The Tower of Destruction, the
(something) but both inverted.” Charity asks, “What does it all
mean?” Magda replies, “It means there will be a man in your life,
very soon, and you will be very attracted to him, but stay away
from him! He is very evil, very bad, very destructive!” Magda
is clearly trying to keep Charity away from Quentin.
Gregory Trask is with the sheriff in the woods. The sheriff
is setting a bear trap. Trask asks, “How could such a few traps
possibly do any good in such a large area?” The sheriff explains,
“We’ll try to lure the creature to what few traps there are…”
Trask returns to Collinwood just as Magda is leaving. Magda
asks, “What happened?” Trask replies, “We haven’t caught it yet.
If you’re going to go through the woods on your way back to the
old house, I suggest you be careful. The sheriff has set up a
number of bear traps”. Magda exclaims, “Bear traps?!” Trask
asks, “Do you know something about the animal you’re not saying,
as you knew about the vampire? If you would tell us what you
know about Barnabas Collins, your stay here at Collinwood would
be more comfortable!” Magda just replies, “Go upstairs. Your
daughter needs you”.
Charity has a dream in which she is in a ghostly version of
Quentin’s room. Quentin is listening to “his” music. Charity
asks, “Quentin? Is that you?” Quentin replies, “Yes, Charity,
I’ve been waiting for you”. Charity tells him, “I missed you
so much while you were away, Quentin!” Quentin replies, “I
missed you too”. Charity says, “I don’t want you to ever go
away again, Quentin! I’m so lonely here without you!” Quentin
tells her, “Our destinies are determined by a great wheel of
fortune. Did Magda ever tell you about the great wheel of fortune?”
Charity replies, “Yes, and it frightens me”. Quentin tells her,
“It frightens me too. But there are other things that frighten me.
The moon, Charity, the moon frightens me most of all”. Charity asks,
“Why?” Quentin replies, “That’s a secret no one must ever know,
Charity. But I don’t think about that when I’m here with you
listening to my music”. Charity asks, “What does that music mean
to you?” Quentin replies, “Listen carefully and you will hear”.
Charity listens and hears Quentin’s voice reciting:

“Shadows of the night, falling silently,
Echoes of the past, calling me to you,
Haunting memories, veiled in misty glow,
Phantom melodies, playing soft and low,
In the world we know, Life is ….
But somewhere in the afterglow, love lives on and on,
Dreams of long ago, meet in rendezvous,
Shadows of the night, calling me to you…”

Quentin then kisses her passionately, then repeats, “Calling me
to you…” Charity says, “That was beautiful!” Quentint tells her,
“Go up and wait for me. I’ll be there in a little while”. Charity
turns to go, but then hears a low growling noise. She asks, “Quentin,
what is that sound?”, but Quentin replies, “I hear only my music”.
Charity says, “No! It’s that animal, the one that attacked me
in the woods!”, but Quentin just replies, “Good night, Charity” .
Charity exclaims, “Quentin, it’s in this room! Quentin, please help
me!” The animal comes out from behind Quentin’s chair, but Quentin
does nothing to help Charity. The animal approaches her menacingly.
She screams, but Quentin just says, “The wheel of fortune spins,
Charity. You musn’t be frightened. Good night, my dear, good
night, good night, good night!”
Charity awakens from her dream.
In the woods, the werewolf tries to attack a policeman standing
there but is caught by a bear trap before he can get to him. The
policeman is obviously bait…

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