November 1967

Episode 353
Worldvision Rerun 143
Tape Date: October 27, 1967 (ABC #218-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 1, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Carolyn, staring at the portrait of Barnabas, thinks to herself,
“Vicky was my friend, but I am no longer able to have friends.
Except you, dear cousin Barnabas. You will claim her as your bride,
and I will help you. Vicky likes me, she listens to me. Because of
me, she will come to you willingly, and she will stay with you
Vicky comes down into the foyer. Seeing Carolyn, she asks,
“Carolyn, what are you doing?” Carolyn replies, “Just studying this
portrait. I’ve always been fascinated by it”. Vicky says, “I was
thinking about your suggestion earlier. Maybe we should go to a
movie”, but Carolyn replies, “I have another suggestion. Why don’t
you go down to the old house to see Barnabas. He volunteered to help
you with the West Wing. Why don’t you get started. It would help for
you to have a project to work on”. Vicky stutters, “I…I just
don’t want to impose on Barnabas.” Julia comes into through the front
doors. Vicky asks, “Did you have a nice walk?” Julia replies, “It’s
been a splendid day. I walked all the way to town and back”. Vicky
remarks, “I had a strange dream about you last night. I dreamed I went
walking with you, and you took me to a very old house”. Carolyn asks,
“What happened then?” Vicky replies, “Nothing. I woke up. If dreams are
supposed to mean something, I wonder what that one meant. I’d better
go see what David’s up to. Excuse me.” She leaves. Carolyn remarks to
Julia, “Strange about Vicky’s dream. You and Vicky take a walk
together, and Vicky dreams about taking a walk with you. Strange
coincidence. Then there’s something even stranger. Vicky doesn’t
remember going on a walk with you.” Julia asks, “She didn’t? It
probably slipped her mind. She’s somewhat absent-minded these days.
I think she’s thinking about Burke. Why are you looking at me that
way?” Carolyn replies, “I’m not looking at you in any specific way.”
Julia remarks, “You seem hostile”. Carolyn says, “We’re both trying
to help Barnabas, aren’t we?” Julia replies, “Yes”. Carolyn says,
“Then there’s no reason for me to be hostile” and leaves. Julia
thinks to herself, “She suspects me! I’ve got to be more careful!
If she learns what I’ve done, she’ll tell Barnabas and it’ll be the
end of everything!”
Carolyn is in the garden. The sun sets. She thinks, “Sunset! At
last! I hear you, I hear you calling to me, dear cousin Barnabas”.
She is about to go when suddenly Joe comes into the garden
and calls, “Carolyn! Hey, Carolyn!” Carolyn replies, “Joe! What do
you want?” Joe replies, “I came to see you.” Carolyn asks, “What
about?” Joe tells her, “I was thinking about that talk we had at
the Blue Whale. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe we should go check out Eagle
Hill cemetary”, but Carolyn replies, “That’s not necessary. That was
before I found out about David. Everything he’s said is imaginary.
I went to the old house. Barnabas showed me the house from top
to bottom, and there’s nothing there”. Joe points out, “But he
didn’t imagine Sarah. You said you saw her yourself”. Carolyn replies,
“I must have imagined it”. Joe is surprised by Carolyn’s change of
mind. Carolyn explains, “Because I wanted to believe it. I didn’t
want to admit that David was disturbed. You can forget everything
I said.” Joe, puzzled, says, “All right.” Carolyn starts to leave.
Joe asks, “Going someplace?” Carolyn replies, “For a walk”. Joe
asks, “Want me to go with you?” Carolyn declines and suggests, “No,
I think it’d be better if you went inside and talked to Vicky.
She’s worrying about Burke. It’d help to know she had friends at
a time like this. Thanks for coming up here.” She leaves. Joe stands
there with a puzzled look on his face.
Carolyn goes to the old house. Barnabas, sitting in a chair, says,
“I’ve been expecting you”. Carolyn explains, “I was detained by Joe
Haskell.” Barnabas asks, “What did he want?” Carolyn explains what
happened. Barnabas asks, “Have you spoken to Vicky yet?” Carolyn
replies, “Yes, I said everything you instructed me to say to
her. I suggested she come here this evening”. Barnabas asks, “And is
she coming?” Carolyn replies, “I don’t know. She didn’t say one way
or the other. She seemed reluctant to come”. Barnabas asks, “Why?”
Carolyn replies, “I don’t know”. Barnabas remarks “If she’s reluctant
to see me, there must be a reason, and I must do something about it
At Collinwood, Joe tells Vicky about Carolyn’s odd behavior.
Vicky says, “It must be your imagination”. Joe replies, “Maybe, but
she’s not acting like the Carolyn I know”. Vicky suggests, “I think
it’s because she’s worried about David”. There’s a knock at the door.
Vicky answers. It’s Barnabas. He asks, “If you have a free moment,
I’d like to speak to you about something”. Seeing Joe, he says to him,
“Hello, Haskell, how are you?” Joe replies, “Fine, and on my way out.
I have to go pick Maggie up”. He leaves.
Vicky asks Barnabas, “What was it you wanted to talk to me about?”
Barnabs replies, “I hesitate to bring up the subject…”. Vicky
guesses, “It’s about Burke”. Barnabas replies, “Yes.” Vicky tells
him, “I haven’t heard anything at all”. Barnabas tells her, “Vicky,
I have a proposition to make. I’d like to finance a private search
party”. Vicky protests, “But that would cost you a great deal of
money”. Barnabas replies, “It doesn’t matter. The only thing that
matters to me is your happiness”. Vicky declines, “I can’t accept”.
Barnabas asks, “Why not?” Vicky explains, “Well, for one thing,
the authorities are already conducting a search”. Barnabas tells
her, “I’m willing to do anything I can”. Vicky replies, “You’re the
kindest man I’ve ever met!” Barnabas tells her, “I want you to know
you can turn to me anytime” He touches her hand gently. To his shock,
she gasps and recoils from his touch. Barnabas asks,”What’s the
matter?” Vicky replies, “I don’t know”. Barnabas says, “I must have
startled you”. Vicky says, with uncertainty, “Yes, that must be it”.
Barnabas says,”I can see you want to be alone” and leaves. They both
look disturbed.
Vicky is staring out the window. Carolyn comes into the room and
asks, “I thought Barnabas was going to stop by tonight. Hasn’t he
arrived yet?” Vicky replies, “He’s already left”. Carolyn asks, “So
soon?” Vicky tells her, “Carolyn, I’m so ashamed of myself! Barnabas
offered to finance a private search party to look for Burke…”
Carolyn interrupts, “Barnabas is generous to people he cares about.
That’s nothing to be ashamed about”. Vicky says, “That’s not what I
was talking about,” and recounts what happened when Barnabas touched
her. Carolyn asks, “Why?” Vicky replies, “That’s just it! I don’t
know! There was something about his touch. His hand was so cold and
clammy. It was like the hand of a dead man! I don’t know what’s
gotten into me. I used to be so comfortable around Barnabas. I felt so
uncomfortable tonight. More than uncomfortable. I was frightened!
I don’t understand it, Carolyn, I don’t understand it at all!”
Barnabas is at the old house with Julia. Barnabas asks, “Why did
she recoil from me, why?” Julia suggests, “Perhaps she senses your
interest in her and isn’t ready to accept it”. Barnabas angrily
rejects this theory, “Nonsense!” Carolyn comes in and starts to
say, “Barnabas, I…”, but then stops when she sees Julia and says,
“You’re not alone”. Barnabas sternly remarks “I was just saying
Good Night to Dr. Hoffman. Good Night, Doctor”. Julia leaves.
Carolyn tells Barnabas, “Vicky told me what happened. She said she
was afraid of you”. Barnabas asks,”Why?” Carolyn replies, “She didn’t
know herself. She just said she was afraid of you. Know what I think?
I think Julia Hoffman is responsible for it.” Barnabas asks, “Why do
you say that?” Carolyn tells him about the walk Vicky doesn’t
remember. Barnbas asks, “Why didn’t you follow them?” Carolyn replies,
“At the time, I had no reason to be suspicious, but now, I suspect
Julia’s up to something”. Barnabas orders her, “Watch her carefully”.
Carolyn promises, “I will”. Barnabas angrily remarks,”If Dr. Hoffman
has done anything to impede my relationship with Vicky, she has
just signed her own death certificate!”
Episode 354
Worldvision Rerun 144
Tape Date: October 25, 1967 (ABC #219-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 2, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Julia walks into the drawing room. A few seconds later, Carolyn
comes walking in too. Julia, irritated, asks, “Carolyn, is it really
necessary for you to follow me around?” Carolyn asks, “I that what
I’m doing?” Julia says, “You came into the dining room when I was
having breakfast. When I was on my walk, I saw you in the distance,
you came into the study while I was in there, and now”. Carolyn claims
that it’s just a coincidence and asks, “Should I restrict myself to
parts of the house?” Julia replies, “No, but I will. I’ll be in my
room for the rest of the night if you want to know where I am”.
Julia leaves. Roger and Elizabeth come into the drawing room.
Elizabeth asks, “Roger, then it’s definitely decided?” Roger replies,
“Yes”. Carolyn asks, “What’s decided?” Roger explains, “We’re
sending David away.” Elizabeth adds, “Just to Boston temporarily
until we’ve decided what to do. We’re having Vicky accompany him,
though she doesn’t seem happy about it. She wants to stay here in
case there’s any word about Burke. But she agreed to go for David’s
sake”. Carolyn agrees that it would be good to send David away for
awhile. Elizabeth is surprised, “But you said you thought David
wasn’t imagining those things”. Carolyn replies, “I’ve changed my
mind”. Roger suggests, “I have a splendid idea. Why doesn’t Carolyn
go with David and Vicky?” Elizabeth turns to Carolyn and says, “It
might do you well to get away from Collinwood for awhile”, but Carolyn
replies, “No, I don’t want to go”. Elizabeth asks, “Why?” Carolyn
replies, “I don’t want to go, that’s all. I can’t go”. Roger asks,
“Can’t go?” Carolyn explains, “I mean, I’d rather not. I think I’ll
go find Vicky” and leaves. Roger remarks, “That’s very unlike
Carolyn. She usually jumps at the chance to go to Boston. She’s been
acting very unlike herself lately. The other day, I was looking out
the window and saw her on the terrace staring at the sunset, a
strange, vacant look in her eyes…”
Vicky is in the drawing room arranging some yellow flowers.
Julia comes in and remarks, “What lovely flowers”. Vicky explains,
“They’re a present for Barnabas”. Julia asks, “Any special occasion?”
Vicky replies, “No special occasion, I just wanted to apoligize to
him”. Julia asks, “For what?” Vicky explains about how she gasped
and recoiled from Barnabas’ touch”. Julia asks,”Why did you do that?”
Vicky replies, “That’s just it. I don’t know. I had no reason to be
frightened of him. Barnabas has always been a good friend to me.
He’s kind, and generous and I feel very close to him….” Carolyn
comes into the room and tells Vicky, “I’m going into town. I’ve got
a lot of shopping to do. I’m going to be away for a few hours.
Could you tell mother?” Vicky agrees to do so, and Carolyn walks
out into the foyer and exits through the front doors. Julia goes
and closes the drawing room doors. Seconds later, the front doors
open and Carolyn quietly comes back in. She walks up to the drawing
room doors and listens through them.
Inside the drawing room, Julia says to Vicky, “By the way, we
never made any decisions about the crystals.” She takes the chandelier
crystals out again and remarks, “The way you can tell fine crystal by
the reflection of light. See the lights?” Vicky replies, “Yes”.
Julia asks, “See the colors?” Vicky replies, “Yes”. Julia continues,
“All the colors of the spectrum. Can you find the center, the exact
center…”. Soon, Julia has Vicky hypnotized again. She tells her,
“You will be going on a journey to a place you have never been, and
as before, you won’t remember being there and won’t remember what
you saw there. Come with me.” Julia opens the drawing room doors
and takes Vicky into the foyer. She leads her to the front doors
and they leave. Seconds later, Carolyn comes out of the door under
the stairs and goes out the front doors too.
Julia takes Vicky to a storage room in the cellar of the old
house. The small room has a coffin in it. She asks, “Do you know
where you are?” Vicky replies, “Yes, in the old house”. Julia asks,
“Do you know why you’re here?” Vicky replies, “Because you have
something to show me here”. Julia says, “Yes. This room contains
something intended for you.” Vicky asks, “For me?” Julia tells her,
“Look around the room. Tell me what you see”. Vicky says, “I don’t
want to!”, but Julia points to a coffin and asks, “What’s this?”.
Vicky says, “I don’t want to look at it”, but Julia continues, “You
know what it is. What is it?” Vicky replies, “A coffin”. Julia
asks, “And you know who the coffin is intended for? You! Someone
intends it for you! You know who it is?” Vicky stutters, “I…I…”
Julia prompts her, “You know who it is. Go on. You saw him here
before. You saw him lying in his own coffin”. Vicky answers,
“Barnabas. Barnabas Collins”. Julia asks, “And why was he in his
coffin?” Vicky replies, “Because’s he’s dead”. Julia tells her,
“That’s why he wants you to die. He wants you to be his bride”.
Vicky exclaims, “I don’t want to be his bride!” Julia tells her,
“There is only one way for you to prevent this. You must resist
him. You will be frightened of him. You will recoil from his touch.
You will want to be as far away from him as possible. This is the
end of the journey. We must go back”. She takes Vicky out of the
room and they leave. From around a corner, Carolyn spies on them…
Julia and Vicky return to the drawing room of Collinwood.
Julia tells Vicky, “You will not consciously remember what you have
seen, but you will subconsciously remember…” She then snaps
her out of the trance and resumes talking about the crystals.
Vicky says, “I think we should ask….Barnabas about them.” Once
again, she has trouble saying the name “Barnabas”. Julia asks, “When
are you planning to go to the old house?” Vicky asks, “The old house?”
Julia reminds her, “You said you were going to give him these
flowers”. Vicky gets very uncomfortable and says, “I don’t think
I can go. I have to pack for my trip to Boston. Julia, could you do
me a favor? Could you take these flowers to Barnabas and tell him I
said goodbye?” Elizabeth comes into the room and tells Vicky, “It’s
all arranged. You’ll be going on the 7:10 bus from Bangor. Roger
will drive you to the station. Thanks, Vicky. I know you really
don’t want to go”. Vicky says, “You know, I do want to go. I think
I need the change of scenery as much as David”. Elizabeth, puzzled,
reminds her, “You weren’t happy about going this morning”. Vicky
explains, “I’ve changed my mind”
At the old house, Barnabas growls, “So, Hoffman brought her here!”
Carolyn says, “Yes, after she hypnotized her”. Barnabas asks, “And
what did she show to her?” Carolyn tells him, “She showed Vicky the
coffin and told her it was intended for her. She told her everything,
she told her you intend to make her your bride”. Barnabas remarks,
“So, Julia has tried to betray me. I never knew she could be so
foolish”. Carolyn tells him, “This isn’t the first time. She brought
her once before and showed you lying in your coffin”. Barnabas
exclaims, “So that’s why she’s afraid of me! It’s all due to
Hoffman!” Carolyn asks, “What are you planning to do?” Barnbas
replies, “I haven’t decided yet. First, I must find a way to repair
what Hoffman has done, then I will punish her”. Carolyn asks, “Will
you kill her?” Barnabas replies, “Perhaps. Or perhaps a worse fate,
much worse…
Episode 355
Worldvision Rerun 145
Tape Date: October 30, 1967 (ABC #220-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 3, 1967 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Barnabas just stands there. Carolyn asks, “How long are you going
to stand there?” Barnabas replies, “Patience, dear Carolyn, I’m
thinking”. Carolyn asks, “About what?” Barnabas replies, “About
everything you told me. I find it astonishing that Dr. Hoffman
could think she could get away with betraying me.” Carolyn remarks,
“I don’t think she’s betraying you. I think she’s just trying to
undermine your plans for Vicky”. Barnabas asks, “Why?” Carolyn
replies, “Jealousy”. Barnabas angrily says, “I warned her about
that before! I can’t allow her to stand in the way of me and Vicky.
Dr. Hoffman will have to be disposed of. Permanently!” Carolyn asks,
“What are you going to do?” Barnabas asks, “What do you think?”
Carolyn exclaims, “You can’t kill her!” Barnabas asks, “Why can’t I?”
Carolyn replies, “Because it’s wrong!” Barnabas says, “If she lives,
she will obstruct my plans. I have no other choice”. Carolyn asks,
“Can’t you talk to her? She might listen to you”. Barnabas replies,
“You don’t know Hoffman. No, my dear, I must dispose of Hoffman,
and I want your help”. Carolyn refuses, “I’ll help you with anything
else, but I can’t do this!” Barnabas tells her, “I’m not asking you
to destroy Hoffman. I will do that myself”. Carolyn asks, “Then
what do you want me to do?” Barnabas replies, “There’s a little
mission that must be accomplished first. Her notes must be destroyed.
They tell everything about me. Those notes must be destroyed as
soon as possible. Preferably tonight”. Carolyn protests, “But I
don’t even know where they are”. Barnabas tells her, “I do. They’re
in a safety box on top of the armoire in her room”. Carolyn asks,
“How am I going to get it?” Barnabas replies, “Simply go into her
room and get it”. Carolyn protests, “But she’s in the house tonight
and said she wasn’t planning to go anywhere”. Barnabas says, “Then
you must think of a way to get her to leave. Go to Collinwood now
and when you get the notes, bring them to me. Carolyn, don’t make
the mistake of feeling sorry for Dr. Hoffman. You’d become an
obstruction to me”. Carolyn says, “Why should I feel sorry for
Dr. Hoffman? I don’t like her. My only loyalty is to you”.
Barnabas says, “Good. I’ll be waiting for you”.
Carolyn returns to Collinwood. Mrs. Johnson, in the foyer,
sees her and says, “Carolyn! Dinner was 2 hours ago! Where have
you been?” Carolyn replies, “Out walking” Mrs. Johnson grumbles,
“It’s becoming a habit. You don’t want to make a habit of missing
meals. It’s not good for you. You look pale. Your mother remarked
on it. Are you coming down with something?” Carolyn insists she’s
all right and asks, “Do you know where Miss Hoffman is?” Mrs.
Johnson replies, “She went up to her room”. Carolyn asks, “Is she
still in there?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “I suppose so. She said she
had a lot of work to do”. Carolyn thanks her and Mrs. Johnson
leaves. There’s a knock at the door. Carolyn answers. It’s Maggie
Evans. Carolyn asks, “Hello, Maggie, what are you doing here?”
Maggie replies, “I came to see Vicky Winters. I’ve been away visiting
friends in New Hampshire. I just got back. My father told me the
news about Burke. Is there any hope he’s still alive?” Carolyn replies,
“Vicky thinks so, but I think there’s little chance. She’s in Boston
right now”. Maggie asks, “Has Burke been officially listed dead?”
Carolyn replies, “No, but I think she should be practical, that’s
all”. Maggie is shocked at Carolyn’s attitude and says, “Carolyn,
that’s not like you. Has anything happened? Are you ill or anything?”
Carolyn replies, “No”. Maggie remarks, “You just don’t seem like
yourself, and the way you keep touching that scarf reminds me
of…something”. Dogs start to howl. Maggie remarks, “Funny, when I
came up here, I felt fine, but now I’m feeling frightened.” Carolyn
says, “I see no reason for you to be frightened”. Maggie replies,
“I guess not. Tell Vicky I came when she comes back from Boston” and
leaves. Carolyn closes the doors. When she turns around, she finds
Julia has come into the foyer. Julia asks, “Carolyn, who was at the
door just right now?” Carolyn replies, “Maggie Evans.” Julia asks,
“What did she want?” Carolyn replies, “She wanted to see Vicky. I
thought you were going to spend the evening in your room”. Julia
asks, “Where did you learn that?” Carolyn replies, “Mrs. Johnson”.
Julia explains, “Well, I was in there working”. Dogs howl. Julia
remarks, “That means Barnabas is planning to do something”. Carolyn
says, “Or perhaps he’s trying to tell you something. He wants you
at the old house immediately”. Julia asks, “How do you know?”
Carolyn replies, “He told me”. Julia says, “I’d better go now”.
Carolyn agrees, “Yes, he doesn’t like to be kept waiting”. Julia
puts her coat on and leaves.
Carolyn goes into Julia’s room. She takes a chair, climbs on
it, but finds she’s still too short to reach the top of the armoire.
She steps on the bed and finds she can, but finds nothing on top of
the armoire. She thinks, “It’s not there! It must be here somewhere!
I’ve got to hurry! I’ve got to find it!”
Julia goes to the old house. Barnabas says, “Well, Doctor, what
a pleasant surprise”. Julia tells him, “I got here as soon as I
could. I came as soon as I got your message”. Barnabas asks, “Message?”
Julia replies, “Carolyn said you wanted to see me. She made it sound
urgent”. Barnabas quickly says, “Oh, yes. Of course”. Julia asks,
“Barnabas, what’s the matter?” Barnabas replies, “Nothing, nothing
at all”. Julia thinks to herself, “He really was surprised to see me.
He didn’t send any message. Carolyn lied. She wanted to get me out
of the house. What are they planning?” She tells Barnabas, “I’m in
the middle of some very important research. If it’s not that
important, I’d like to get back to it. Goodnight, Barnabas”. Barnabas
stops her and says, “Julia, please don’t go. It is very urgent.”
Julia notes, “When I came, you called me Dr. Hoffman. Now you call
me Julia. Very interesting”. Barnabas continues, “I don’t know
how to say this. It’s not easy to admit when one’s wrong. I’ve
decided to resume the treatments according to your schedule”. Julia
says, “All right. We’ll start tomorrow night”. Barnabas says, “I was
hoping we could start tonight”, but Julia tells him, “No, it’s too
late. The injection takes some time to prepare”. Barnabas says,
“Then we could discuss it”. Julia says firmly, “Barnabas, I am going
back to Collinwood immediately.” Barnabas says, “I’m afraid you can’t
do that”. Julia tells him, “I’m afraid you have no choice. Your
little helper isn’t going to find what she’s looking for, but if
anything happens to me, someone else will. Now, let me go”. Barnabas,
looking defeated, says, “Very well, you may go”. Julia leaves.
Barnabas has a very worried look on her face.
Carolyn is searching through the dresser drawers in Julia’s
room but finds nothing. She then goes to the desk and goes through
the drawers there. She finds the box in one of the desk drawers and
take it out, putting it on the desk. She takes a letter opener and
pries the box open, but is shocked to find that it is empty. She
exclaims, “Empty!” and puts the box back. As she turns to leave,
Julia opens the door and catches her in there. Julia asks, “Carolyn,
what are you doing in here?” Carolyn replies, “Nothing”. Julia says,
“You were looking for something”. Carolyn replies, “As a matter of
fact, I was. I have a headache, and we’ve run out of aspirin. Since
you’re a doctor, I thought you might have some in your room”. Julia
reminds her, “No. All my medical supplies are at the Old House.
You know that. You were looking for something else.” Carolyn insists,
“I just told you what I was looking for”, but Julia doesn’t believe her
and says, “You’d better think of a more plausible story”. Carolyn
asks, “Or what?” Julia replies, “Or I’ll tell your mother I found
you snooping around in my room”. Carolyn retorts, “And if you do,
I’ll tell her who you really are”. Julia angrily shouts, “Get out!”
Carolyn leaves. Julia checks the box and finds that it’s been opened.
She takes the notebook from her pocket and thinks, “She was lying!
She was after the notebook to give to Barnabas, which can mean only
one thing. Barnabas is planning to kill me!”
Episode 356
Worldvision Rerun 146
Tape Date: November 2, 1967 (ABC #221-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 6, 1967 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Julia is standing in the foyer, holding her red notebook, a
look of fear in her eyes. She looks at the portrait of Barnabas
and thinks to herself, “He means to kill me. That’s why he sent
Carolyn after the book. But as long as he doesn’t have it, he
can’t kill me. He can’t afford to have anyone else read what’s
in it. I can’t leave it in my room. I have to put is somewhere
else until I can take it into town and put it in a bank vault
tomorrow. Where is the last place Carolyn would look for it?”
She looks around the drawing room. Not finding anyplace suitable,
she exits the room. Outside in the foyer, the clock strikes
the quarter hour. She glances at the clock and gets an idea.
She opens the front panel of the clock, puts the book inside
and closes it, thinking to herself, “It will be safe until
tomorrow”. The clock reads 7:45.
At the old house, Barnabas asks Carolyn, “What happened?”
Carolyn replies, “I’m sorry, I don’t have the notebook. I searched
her room from top to bottom, and it wasn’t in there. I found the
strongbox, but it was empty”. Barnabas remarks, “I don’t understand.
She wouldn’t have had any reason to put it anywere else”. Carolyn
tells him, “She does now. She caught me in her room”. Barnbas asks,
“What happened?” Carolyn replies, “I told her I was looking for some
aspirin”. Barnabas remarks, “I’m sure she didn’t believe that story”.
Carolyn agrees, “Neither do I. Barnabas, what do you think she’ll do?”
Barnabas replies, “Hoffman’s no fool. If she believes her life’s in
danger, she’ll hide the notebook somewhere else, somewhere we can’t
find it. But she won’t be able to do anything till morning. Till then,
the book will be at Collinwood. Go back to Collinwood and watch her
every move”. Carolyn again asks, “Will it really be necessary to kill
her?” They again argue about this.
The grandfather clock in the foyer reads 8:10. Julia paces
around the foyer and drawing room, looking very nervous. Elizabeth
cooms into the room and says, “We haven’t discussed your work for
awhile. How’s it going?” Julia replies, “I’m almost finished. I’m
going to leave in about a week”. Carolyn, who’s just walked in,
says, “Sorry to see you go. What brought this decision on?” Elizabeth
explains, “She’s finished her work”. Carolyn remarks, “Oh, I thought
she didn’t like our hospitality”. Elizabeth, shocked at Carolyn’s
rudeness, exclaims, “Carolyn!” Julia says, “The hospitality here’s
been wonderful”. Carolyn asks, “And the hospitality at the old
house? You haven’t been down here as much lately”. Julia says,
“As a matter of fact, I’m going down there right now. I have
something to discuss with Barnabas”. She leaves. Elizabeth scolds
Carolyn for being so rude to Julia. Carolyn replies, “I can’t help
it if I don’t like the woman”. Elizabeth angrily tells her, “You are
going to apoligize to her. You are going to wait until she returns
from seeing Barnabas and apoligize to her!”
Julia goes to the old house. Barnabas greets her, “Hello, Julia.
What a pleasent surprise. I didn’t expect to see you here again
tonight”. Julia coldly replies, “Let’s dispense with the
pleasentries. You feel you have no more use for me and plan to
dispose of me. Am I correct?” Barnabas tells her, “Go on”. Julia
continues, “You can’t kill me as long as you don’t have my notes.
You can’t kill me. I’ve put them in a safe place in Collinsport”.
Barnabas remarks, “We appear to have a stalemate”. Julia asks,
“Why must we try to destroy each other?” Barnabas tells her he’s
found out about her hypnotizing Vicky, that Carolyn’s found out
and told him. Julia says, “You know why? Because persuing Vicky
is a mistake! She’s in love with someone else!” Barnabas complains,
“I trusted you and you betrayed me. Nothing can change the way I
feel about you now”. Julia asks, “Nothing can change your mind about
this?” Barnabas replies, “No. You are right about one thing. You’re
safe as long as you have the notes. But sooner or later, I will get
them, and you will die!”
Elizabeth and Carolyn continue to wait for Julia in the drawing
room, Carolyn pacing around, Elizabeth sitting in a chair reading
a book. Carolyn complains, “Mother, this is ridiculous! It might be
hours before she comes back. Couldn’t I wait in my room?” Elizabeth
replies, “If you want”. Outside, dogs howl. Carolyn says, “Never
mind. She’ll be here in a moment”. Elizabeth asks, “How do you
know?” Carolyn replies, “I just know”. Elizabeth asks, “Is something
wrong with you?” Carolyn replies, “No, I’ve just been moody lately”.
Julia comes in throught the front doors. Elizabeth calls to her,
“Miss Hoffman. Could you come in here for a moment? Carolyn has
something to say to you”. Julia comes into the drawing room. Carolyn
apoligizes to her, “I was very rude this earlier this evening. If
I said anything that offended you, I apoligize”. Julia accepts her
apology. Elizabeth thanks Julia for accepting the apology and leaves
to go to her room. Carolyn tells Julia she’d like to talk to her and
closes the drawing room doors. They argue about what’s been happening.
Finally, Carolyn demands, “Give me that notebook and leave Collinsport!”
Julia refuses and says, “I should tell your mother what’s happened to
you!” She opens the doors and goes out into the foyer. Carolyn
follows her out and, knowing Julia can’t really do what she
threatened, replies, “Go ahead!”. She looks at the clock and adds,
“Why don’t you go tell her right now? It’s 9:00. My mother’s usually
in her room reading now”. Suddenly, she notices something strange
and exclaims, “It’s not striking! The clock is running, but it didn’t
strike the hour!”
Episode 357
Worldvision Rerun 147
Tape Date: November 3, 1967 (ABC #222-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 7, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Note: This is the first episode written by Sam Hall, Grayson
Hall’s Husband.

Carolyn reaches out to open the panel of the clock. Julia
stops her momentarily, trying to change the subject, “Carolyn,
ever since I found out about Barnabas, I’ve wanted to tell
someone else…” But Julia is saved by something else. There’s a
knock at the door. Carolyn goes to answer it. It is a black haired
man of about 35. He asks for, “Mr. Collins. Mr. Roger Collins”.
Carolyn replies, “I’ll get him. Won’t you please come in?” The
man comes in and introduces himself, “My name is Peterson.
Anthony Peterson”. Carolyn goes upstairs to get Roger. Julia gestures
into the drawing room and tells Peterson, “I think you’ll be
more comfortable in there”, gesturing towards the drawing room.
Peterson goes into the drawing room. Julia goes to the clock
and reaches out to open the panel, but just as she gets her
hand on the panel, she is startled by a voice saying, “It’s
a family heirloom, Miss Hoffman.” She turns around and sees that
Roger has just come down the stairs. Roger continues, “The
original Barnabas had it made for Josette”. Julia explains, “Carolyn
said there was something wrong with it, that it didn’t strike”.
Roger remarks, “I hope something isn’w wrong with it. Old Pruitt
used to fix it, but the new people who own his shop now care more
about cheap jewelry than workmanship”. They are interrupted by Tony
Peterson, who comes out into the foyer and tells Roger, “I’m
a lawyer representing Jim Newley, a worker of yours. I’ve called
your office every day for the past week, and you haven’t bothered
to return any of my calls”. Roger tells him, “Let’s go into the
drawing room. There’s no need to bore Miss Hoffman with all this.
I’ll give you five minutes”. Roger and Peterson go into the drawing
room. Inside, behind closed doors, they argue about an accident at
the plant involving the aforementioned Mr. Newley. Roger insists,
“It was just an accident”, but Peterson counters, “No. It was caused
by the outdated, unsafe equipment you use”. They get into a heated
argument. Roger shouts, “You’re an insolent young man!” Peterson
retorts, “Growing up in your town made me that way!”
Meanwhile, outside in the foyer, Julia opens the panel of the
clock and takes her notebook out. She is startled to hear a voice
from behind says, “Making more notes, Miss Hoffman?” She turns
around and sees Carolyn standing on the stairs. Carolyn comes
down and demands, “Give me that notebook!” Julia replies, “No!”
They are interrupted by Roger and Peterson coming out of the drawing
room. Apparently, Peterson’s 5 minutes are up. Roger asks him
to leave. Peterson vows, “I’ll be at you office at 9 in the morning!”
and heads towards the front doors. Julia exclaims, “Wait! You can’t
go!” Peterson turns around. Julia picks up an overcoat lying on the
table and says, “Your coat!” Peterson takes his coat. Julia asks,
“Would you mind taking me into town?” Carolyn interrupts, “There’s
no need. I’ll drive you into town”. Julia says, “There’s no need for
that if Mr. Peterson is going anyway.” She asks Peterson, “All
right?” Peterson replies, “Sure”. Carolyn complains, “You can’t
impose on a stranger”, but Julia says, “Carolyn, it’s settled!”
and leaves with Peterson. The clock strikes 9:15. Roger, puzzled,
remarks, “Julia said it wasn’t working”. Carolyn asks, “Who’s Mr.
Peterson?” Roger replies, “A lawyer”. Carolyn asks, “Does he have
an office in town?” Roger replies, “I don’t know. I wouldn’t be
surprised if he worked out of his briefcase and car”. Carolyn asks,
“What’s wrong with that? You’ve told me often about our ancestor
who came to this country with nothing but a bible and 18 dollars”.
Roger points out, “He came with something else too, something Mr.
Peterson doesn’t have. Manners. How about a game of chess? I’ll even
let you win for once”. Carolyn replies, “No, I’ve got to go into
town. I have an errand to run for Barnabas”. Roger remarks, “He has
everyone helping him. I wish I knew what his secret is”. Carolyn
blurts out, “No you don’t!”, then quickly says, “He just needs more
help than most people, that’s all..”.
A plaque on a building says, “Anthony Peterson. Attorney at Law”.
In an office inside are Julia and Tony Peterson. Outside, dogs howl.
Julia nervously asks, “Did you hear that?” Peterson asks, “What?”
Julia replies, “The dogs”. Peterson replies, “Yes. Why?”. Julia says,
“Oh, I thought I was the only one who could hear it. You hate the
Collinses. Why?” Peterson explains, “I grew up without money. I had
to think about it every dime. The only dimes Roger Collin’s has ever
had to think about are probably rare ones. I want what they’ve got”.
Julia says, “You wouldn’t if you knew”. Peterson asks, “Knew what?”
Julia replies, “What they’ve got”. Peterson remarks, “I’d take my
chances. You never know how money’s going to affect you, how it’s
going to hit the blood”. Julia, hearing the word “blood”, moans,
“Nooooo!” Peterson coldly remarks, “Not too stable, are we?” Julia
points at a safe and asks, “That’s a safe, isn’t it?” Peterson replies,
“Yes”. Julia holds up her notebook and explains, “One man wants this
very much. He’ll kill me if he gets it tonight, and he’ll get it if
you don’t put it in that safe. If I walk out of this office with it,
he’ll kill me!” Peterson asks, “Roger Collins wants it that bad?”
Julia laughs insanely and says, “Not Roger!” Peterson asks, “Why not
go to the police if you’re in danger?” Julia explains, “I’m not in
danger as long as the man doesn’t get this book” Peterson agrees to
put the book in his safe. Julia locks the book and gives it to him,
asking him, “If I should die, will you promise to take it to the
police?” Peterson promises, “Yes”. Julia tells him gratefully,
“Thank you. I feel almost safe now.”
Julia has left the office. Peterson is sitting at his desk.
The book is lying on the desk. He goes to open the safe, but is
interrupted by Carolyn coming in. Carolyn tells him, “Your door was
unlocked. I’m Carolyn Stoddard. You know that, of course”. Peterson
replies, “Of course”. Carolyn tells him, “I came to apologize for my
Uncle Roger’s behavior. I think that scene at the house should have
been avoided”. Peterson replies, “Maybe you family should take a full
page add in the newspaper saying, ‘I APOLIGIZE’, with all your
signatures under it”. Carolyn tells him, “I’m not like the others.”
then changes the subject, “You shouldn’t have given Miss Hoffman
that ride tonight. She believes people are after her”. Carolyn tells
Peterson that Julia is unstable. As they are talking, Peterson puts
Julia’s notebook in the safe and locks it. Carolyn continues, “Know
what you can do? You can take me to the Blue Whale for a drink”.
Peterson declines, “No, I have a late date. I can only give you
10 more minutes, and do you know how we’re going to spend those 10
minutes?” Carolyn says, “Tell me”. Peterson angrily demands, “No,
YOU tell ME! You’re going to tell me what you really came here
Episode 358
Worldvision Rerun 148
Tape Date: October 31, 1967 (ABC #223-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 8, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Barnabas is at the old house, reading a book. Carolyn comes
through the front door. She exclaims, “Barnabas, I saw it! Hoffman’s
notebook! I saw it in her hand, I saw her take it from the clock!”
Barnbas asks, “You took it from her, of course”. Carolyn explains,
“No, I couldn’t. There was a lawyer there…” She explains what
happened. Barnabas, furious, exclaims, “What?! You let this happen?
You let this lawyer know about me? Who is this lawyer and where is
his office?” Carolyn tells him, “His name is Tony Peterson. He’s
just started his practice. I’m sure he doesn’t know about you.
I’m positive. I went to his office just after Julia left and saw
him with the book. It was securely locked. I lied to him about Julia.
I told him she was mad, that she thought people were after her”.
Barnabas turns to leave. Carolyn asks, “Where are you going?”
Barnabas replies, “To Peterson’s office. Do you think a little
black box can stop me?” Carolyn points out that it’s almost dawn.
Barnabas agrees that he doesn’t have enough time and tells Carolyn,
“Very well, you take care of it, then”. Carolyn asks, “How? I can’t
break into a safe!” Barnabas asks, “Is Peterson young?” Carolyn
replies, “Yes”. Barnbas asks, “And attractive?” Carolyn replies,
“Yes”. Barnabas tells her, “Then it won’t be hard for you to do
what you must do. I’ve thought of an alternative solution to
Hoffman.” Carolyn asks, “What?” Barnabas replies, “You gave me
the idea yourself. Make people think she’s imagining things.
Make her think everyone is against her, living….and dead!”
He takes out a box and opens. It contains a hypodermic needle
and a drug bottle. He tells Carolyn, “Miss Hoffman will go mad
when she sees these…”
Carolyn and Tony Peterson are sitting at a table in the Blue
Whale. Peterson asks, “Why were you just at the courtroom just now,
and why were you at my office last night? Don’t you know it’s
dangerous to follow strange guys around?” Carolyn says, “You look
at me and see only a sign saying ‘Carolyn Collins Stoddard’. Try to
look at me like any other girl. Say, you were riding on a bus, and
turned around and saw me. What would your reaction be?” Peterson
replies, “Wow!” Carolyn tells him, “I’m going to be with a cousin
till 11 tonight. Call me then. We can meet afterwards”.
The clock in the foyer of Collinwood reads 6:00. Carolyn comes
down the stairs. Julia comes in through the front door. Carolyn
asks, “Are you goin to be home for dinner?” Julia replies, “Yes.
I have to go upstairs and change”. Carolyn remarks, “You really
should have let me drive you last night. It’s no use. Barnabas will
get that notebook sooner or later.” Julia says, “Excuse me”. Carolyn
calls after her, “Cocktails are in half an hour. Don’t be late!”.
Julia goes up to her room. She goes to the armoire, opens it
and prepares to take out her dinner clothes, but suddenly notices
something lying on a table. She goes to see what it is and is
shocked to see it is a box with a syringe and an empty medicine
bottle on top of it. The syringe and medicine bottle are exactly
like those used to kill Dr. Woodard. She gasps, “NO! NO! It’s not
the same one! I burned it! I threw it into the fire myself!…
It IS the same one! But who? Dave? No, Dave Woodard is dead.
Why can’t you think clearly? There must be an explanation, a
logical one….But nothing is logical here. This has got to be
a trick to frighten me. Barnabas! He took it from the fire. He kept
it, and Carolyn put it here!!” She grabs the items and exits.
Carolyn is in the foyer talking on the phone to Tony Peterson.
Peterson says, “Look, let me say what I what I want to. I’m not
going to see you at 11. When I see you is when I ask you to. Will
you have dinner with me tomorrow night?” Julia, who’s just come
down into the foyer, asks Carolyn to talk. Carolyn replies, “Not now,
I’m talking on the phone”. Julia snatches the receiver from her and
hangs up, hard. Carolyn angrily shouts, “How dare you!” Julia replies,
“How dare YOU!! You put this in my room!”, holding up the syringe
and bottle. Carolyn denies knowing anything about them, adding,
“Doesn’t a doctor always have such things in her room? Why does
it bother you so much?” Julia moans, “Why can’t you leave me alone?
Isn’t it enough that I remember?” Carolyn remarks, “You’re starting
to lose your grip, Julia. You haven’t even changed for dinner.
While you’re living here with us, you must expect to live by our
The sun sets. Carolyn goes to the old house. There, she finds
Barnabas sitting at the desk, preoccupied with something. She asks,
“Barnabas, what are you doing?” Barnabas replies, “A ritual, you
might call it. An experiment of sorts”. Carolyn tells him, “I had
to tell you about Julia. She was so upset she didn’t even come down
for dinner”. Barnabas remarks, “She’s recovering from her shock, I
suppose. She’ll need to for what’s going to happen tonight”.
Carolyn asks, “What?” Barnabas explains how an Indian from Barbados
had taught him certain things before he, the Indian, had been
arrested and sentenced to death for witchcraft. He adds that when
the guards went to the Indians cell to get him on the day of his
execution, the cell was empty. Carolyn says, “Barnabas, really!
Nobody believes in magic!” Barnabas explains, “What the Indian
gave me was the ability to plant a germ in someone’s mind, and watch
it spread”. Barnbas stands up, holding a small bowl containing some
kind of powder. He mutters some inaudible incantations, then lights
the powder, which goes off with a flash. Suddenly, there is a
whooshing sound, and Barnbas vanishes. Shocked, Carolyn exclaims,
“Barnabas! Barnabas!”
Julia is sleeping restlessly, tossing and turning under the
blankets. Suddenly, there is a loud whooshing sound in the room.
Awakening, Julia calls out, “Who is it? Who’s there?” A dark figure
at the window asks, “Why did you kill me, Julia? We were friends,
Julia.” Julia exclaims, “I didn’t kill you!” The figure replies,
“You did,Julia”. Julia says, “HE killed you”, but the figure
insists, “It was YOU”. Julia moans, “NO! NO!” The figure continues,
“I will never let you forget! Never! Never!” Julia faints. The
shadowy figure vanishes, and a bat appears outside the window…
Episode 359
Worldvision Rerun 149
Tape Date: November 1, 1967 (ABC #224-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 9, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

It is the next morning. Julia looks around the room nervously.
She pulls a chair up to the window and steps up on it and starts to
do something to the drapes. Mrs. Johnson comes in, carrying a mop
and some other cleaning supplies with her. Seeing Julia, she
apoligizes, “Oh, excuse me. I thought you were out”. Julia tells her,
“It’s all right. I need your help”. Mrs. Johnson asks, “Is something
wrong with the drapes?” Julia explains, “I’m trying to take them
down”. Mrs. Johnson asks, “Why?” Julia replies, “It’s just that they
make the room so dark”. Mrs. Johnson remarks, “Most people prefer
bedrooms dark. You sleep better that way”, but Julia tells her, “I’d
prefer it lighter”. Mrs. Johnson tells her, “I’ll have to ask
Mrs. Stoddard first”. Julia says, “That won’t be necessary. I’m
sure she’ll say it’s all right”. Mrs. Johnson asks, “Then why can’t
I ask her?” Julia admits the real reason she wants the drapes taken
down, “I saw someone strange behind these drapes last night! Now
do you understand?” Mrs. Johnson tells her, “Miss Hoffman if you saw
someone behind those drapes last night, it’s best you tell Miss
Stoddard and Mr. Collins”. Julia admits, “I’m not certain I saw
someone there. It might have been a nightmare”. Noting that Julia
is acting very strangely, Miss Johnson remarks, “You haven’t been
yourself since Dr. Woodard died. Such a fine man…” Julia moans,
“Please, Mrs. Johnson! He stood there last night!” Mrs. Johnson,
shocked, asks, “You thought you saw Dr. Woodard?” Julia replies,
“He spoke to me so clearly! It was so real, it’s hard to believe
it was only a dream”. Suddenly, Julia hears a male voice, Woodard’s
voice, saying, “You know better. You know it was no dream!” Julia
gasps, “Did you hear that, Mrs. Johnson?” Mrs. Johnson, having heard
nothing, says, “You’re ill”. The voice continues, “Why did you do it,
Julia?” Julia shouts, “I won’t listen to you!” and collapses onto a
chair. Mrs. Johnson, sounding concerned, asks, “Miss Hoffman?” Julia
screams, “Help me! Help me!”
Carolyn and Tony Peterson are outside on the garden terrace.
Peterson remarks, “Not exactly what I had in mind to end the
evening. I expect Roger Collins to come out at any moment and order
me off his property”. Carolyn apoligizes, “Sorry, I just had the
feeling I had to come home. I enjoyed our date very much. You had
your opinion of me before you ever met me. Rich, spoiled, silly.
Have I managed to dispell that image?” Peterson tells her, “Keep on
trying, kid.” They kiss. The sound of dogs howling fills the air.
Hearing this, Carolyn suddenly stops and pulls away. Peterson,
startled, asks, “What happened?” Carolyn asks, “Are you busy
tomorrow? Could we have lunch…” Peterson asks, “Mind if we finish
tonight first?” Carolyn continues, “I’ll pick you up at your office.
Now I’d like to talk about your favorite client, Julia Hoffman. See
her lately?” Peterson replies, “No”. Carolyn tells him, “She’s been
acting strangely lately. I’m worried about her.” Peterson tells her,
“I’m worried about you. We were standing there kissing, and you
just stopped. What happened?” Carolyn replies, “I had a sudden
headache”. Peterson, frustrated with Carolyn’s odd behavior, says,
“You’re starting to sound like Julia Hoffman the night she was at
my office. It’s not good for your health living here at Collinwood.
By the way, I’m busy for lunch tomorrow” and leaves angrily.
Upstairs, Julia goes into her room. She looks very nervous.
She thinks to herself, “You’re a grown woman. Don’t be afraid
to go into your own room. You locked the door yourself. There
are no ghosts in here. Believe that! What Mrs. Johnson must have
thought! Why don’t you leave, go back to life at Windcliff and
forget Barnabas Collins?” She suddenly notices a white coat lying
on the floor in front of the armoire. She picks it up and is shocked
to find it is a doctor’s labcoat with a red Bic pen in its pocket
and bearing a label with the name “David Woodard” on it. A rat drops
out of the smock and runs around the room, squeaking. Julia drops the
smock back onto the floor and screams “Let me out! Let me out!” Miss
Johnson comes into the room. Julia screams, “A rat! I saw a rat!”
Mrs. Johnson says, “But we don’t have any rats here”. Julia insists,
“There is! It was hiding beneath that coat!” Mrs. Johnson asks,
“What coat?” Julia replies, “That white one lying on the floor near
the armoire”. She points at the spot where the coat was, but notices
that nothing’s there. Mrs. Johnson, puzzled, says, “There isn’t
any coat…” Carolyn comes into the room and asks, “Is there
anything wrong?” Mrs. Johnson explains, “Miss Hoffman thought she
saw a rat”. Julia insists, “I did! I did!” Mrs. Johnson tells her,
“There’s some rat poison downstairs. I’d better put a few pellets
here in case…” She pauses then says, “…the rat comes back”.
Julia says, “You meant to say in case I really did see a rat, didn’t
you?” Mrs. Johnson says, “I said what I meant to say” and leaves.
Julia tells Carolyn, “Tell Barnabas to stop! I can fight back! Tell
him I know his weaknesses as well as he knows mine. At this point,
I’m not going to argue with him anymore. I’m going to DO something!”
Carolyn goes to the old house and tells Barnabas about Julia’s
threat. Barnabas asks, “Do you really think she’s a threat to me?”
Carolyn points out, “You’re here alone all day with no one to guard
you” There’s a knock at the door. It’s Julia. Barnabas tells
Carolyn, “I’ll handle her alone”. Carolyn reluctantly leaves,
going into the room to the left of the fireplace, listening through
the door. Barnabas lets Julia in and says, says, “Miss Hoffman. I
didn’t expect you. What a pleasant surprise. Would you like some
port?” Julia replies, “This is not a social visit. I’ll come right
to the point. Strange things have been happening to me, upsetting
things…” Barnabas interrupts, “Stop! I have nothing to do with
them”. Julia tells him, “Don’t lie. I knew you were capable of
anything, I just underestimated your psychic powers. You’ve never
frightened anyone as much as you’ve frightened me…” Barnabas inter-
rupts, “What did frighten you? Let me guess. It was night, and a figure
appeared in your room. Very dark and indistinct, but recognizable
as Dr. Woodard”. Julia exclaims, “Then you ARE responsible! You made
it appear to frighten me!” Barnabas replies, “I did not”. Julia
asks, “Then how do you know about it?” Barnabas replies, “I saw it.
I saw it myself. It this room, in the exact spot you’re standing
right now. It appeared and accused me of killing him. I think I’m
developing a conscience, Julia. You’ve made a major change in
me, Julia, but not in the way you expected, not physically.
I’ve changed spirtually, Julia. I am no longer trying to recreate
Josette. I realize that if she had wanted to see me, her spirit
would’ve come to me by now.” Julia says, “You’re lying! You’d never
give up looking for Josette! Dr. Woodard didn’t come into this room.
I don’t believe a word of it!” Barnabas continues, “I owe you so
many apologies. You offered me the best of yourself. Will you help
me, Doctor?” Julia, softening, says, “I want to help you”. Barnabas
continues, “I care for you, Julia. I need you”. Julia starts to
say, “I came to this house to…”, but Barnabas interrupts, “Never
mind what you came to this house to do. Tomorrow night we will sort
it all out”. After Julia leaves, Carolyn comes out of hiding and
complains, “Barnabas, that was very cruel of you! She’s really in
love with you. You could’ve thought of another way!” Barnabas says,
“Carolyn, you’re tired”. Carolyn replies, “Yes I am…”
Episode 360
Worldvision Rerun 150
Tape Date: November 6, 1967 (ABC #225-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 10, 1967 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Julia goes to Peterson’s office and asks to speak to him.
Peterson, who’s busily packing up some papers, replies, “Sorry,
I don’t have the time. I’m due in court in 10 minutes”. Julia
tells him, “You’ll have to make the time. It’s a matter of life
and death! If you don’t see me, someone could die!” Peterson asks,
“Someone could die?” Julia replies, “It’s possible”. Peterson asks,
“Who?” Julia replies, “I can’t tell you that. Please see me, please!”
Peterson says, “The judge’ll murder me, but if it’s that important,
OK. What can I do for you?” Julia tells him, “I’d like to see my
notebook, just to see that it’s safe”. Peterson asks, “Do you want
to take it with you?” Julia replies, “No, I just want to see it”.
Peterson opens the safe and looks for the notebook, but can’t find
it. Julia asks, “Did YOU steal it?! ” She accuses him of being part
of the “conspiracy”, of having given the book to “him”. Peterson
finally finds the notebook under some papers. He give it to her
and angrily tells her, “Here, take it with you”. Julia, seeing that
the book is all right and hasn’t been tampered with, apoligizes to
him and begs him to keep it for her. He agrees, saying “I wish you
would tell me what kind of trouble you were in so I could help”.
Julia replies, “No one can help. Wait! There is one person! Sarah!
Why didn’t I think of that before? Sarah, she could protect me. I’ve
got to find her!”
At the Evan’s cottage, Joe is sitting on the couch. Maggie
come out of the kitchen carrying a coffee cake, which she puts on
the coffee table. Joe jokes, “Storebought?” Maggie, feignihg anger,
replies, “No! Homemade!” There’s a knock at the door. Maggie answers.
It’s Julia. Julia comes in and asks Maggie, “I’ve come to ask you
to do me a favor. I’d like to borrow the doll Sarah gave you, the
one she gave you to keep you safe”. Maggie replies, “I wish I could.
I don’t have it anymore. I tdisappeared several weeks ago”. Joe
asks, “Why do you want Sarah’s doll?” Julia replies, “I thought if
I had it, she’d appear to me” Maggie asks, “Anything wrong? You look
upset”. Julia replies, “No”. Maggie asks, “Anything I could do to
help you?” Julia replies, “You could help me by tellilng me how to
contact Sarah”. Maggie tells her, “I don’t know how. She just popped
up. She said she had a feeling when I needed her”. Julia says, “I
need her now, desperately.” Joe asks, “What’s wrong?” Julia replies,
“I can’t tell you. Only Sarah could help me now”. Maggie remarks,
“She appeared to me in my bedroom several times.” Joe adds, “And
David said she appeared to him in the woods a lot”. Julia says
“I’ve thought of a better place! Her final resting place!”
Joe asks, “Tell me something. Do you really believe Sarah’s a
ghost?” Julia replies, “Yes”. Joe asks, “And you need the help
of a ghost?” Julia replies, “Yes. I need it deeply” and leaves.
Maggie remarks to Joe, “That was strange, wasn’t it? I wonder why
she was in such a rush to find Sarah?” Joe replies, “I don’t know.
Everything about that woman strikes me as strange”. Maggie remarks,
“She seems to have been crying. She seems to be all alone, and no
one can help her”.
Julia goes to Eagle Hill cemetary and prepares to go into the
Collins Family mausoleum. She is confronted by the caretaker, who
asks, “Who are you?” Julia replies, “I’m a friend of the Collins
family and I came to pay my respects to their ancestors”. The
caretaker asks, “The ones who are buried in this mausoleum?” Julia
replies, “Yes”. The caretaker warns, “You mustn’t go in there!
This place is dangerous”. Julia replies, “I’m not afraid and I’m
not superstituous”. The caretaker tells her, “You should be. Strange,
violent things have happened here”. Julia reiterates, “I’m not
afraid. I’m looking for someone”. The caretaker asks, “Here?” Julia
replies, “Yes. A little girl plays here. She’s 9 years old and has
long brown hair. Have you seen her?” The caretaker replies, “No, but
if you find her, tell her to stay away from here. It’s not safe”.
Julia hears the sound of “London Bridge” being played on a flute and
asks the caretaker, “Do you hear it?” The caretaker replies, “I don’t
hear anything”. Julia calls out, “Sarah, you’re somewhere near!
Sarah? Sarah?” She again asks the caretaker, “Don’t you hear the
music?” The caretaker listens carefully and replies, “No, all I hear
is the wind and the rustling of the leaves”. Julia listens and tells
him, “It’s fading away now. It’s gone. I heard it. Why didn’t you?”
The caretaker suggests, “Perhaps what you heard is a warning from
the dead to stay away from this place. Go!” Julia refuses to leave,
saying, “This is a public place. You can’t make me go”. The caretaker
says, “But I can warn you. You’re in danger, danger! Heed my
advice! Go now, if you value your life!” He leaves. Julia opens
the gate and goes into the Collins Family mausoleum.
Inside, she calls, “Sarah? Sarah, please appear to me. I need
you. I must have your help. You’re the only one who could help
me. Please, please appear to me, please! Sarah!”
At the Evan’s cottage, Joe asks Maggie, “You’re trembling. How
come?” Maggie replies, “I’ve had the creeps ever since Miss Hoffman
came here.” Joe tells her, “Maggie, don’t let the strange behavior
of a stranger you hardly know get to you”. Maggie asks, “The
troubles, could they be starting again? I thought they were over
when Willie was arrested, but, now I don’t know”
In the mausoleum, Julia continues to call, “Sarah, why don’t you
appear? You appeared to Maggie and David when they needed you.
You’re not going to appear. Perhaps you can’t. Or won’t. Suddenly,
it’s so cold in here. I’m afraid. Why am I afraid?” A voice calls
out, “Hello”. Julia turns, sees Sarah standing there and says,
“Sarah!” Sarah asks, “Why did you want me to come?” Juila tells her,
“I wanted to ask you something. Sarah, can I trust Barnabas? He says
he won’t hurt me, but I’m not sure. Can I trust him?” Sarah replies,
“That’s something you’re going to have to find out yourself.” Julia
asks, “You can’t tell me?” Sarah replies, “I won’t”. Julia asks,
“Why?” Sarah replies, “I can’t tell anyone anything about Barnabas”.
Julia asks, “If he tries to harm me, will you protect me like you
did Maggie and David?” Sarah tells her, “I know who you are and what
you did to Dr. Woodard”. Julia exclaims, “No, it was Barnabas!”
Sarah continues, “You shouldn’t have done it. I liked Dr. Woodard”.
Julia insists, “He forced me to! I was forced!”. Sarah says, “I
have to go away now”. Julia, desperate, again asks, “Will you
protect me if he tries to hurt me?”, but Sarah just says “I have
to go” and vanishes. Julia calls, “Sarah? Sarah? Sarah?”
Episode 361
Worldvision Rerun 151
Tape Date: November 7, 1967 (ABC #226-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 13, 1967 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Julia continues to call out, “Sarah? Sarah?”, but Sarah does not
reappear. She goes to leave, but when she tries to open the gate,
she finds it locked. She exclaims, “I can’t be locked in here!
I can’t be! Help! Help! Help! Help! Somebody help me! Help me!”,
but no on hears. Suddenly, there’s a ghostly crying sound. Julia
calls out, “Who are you? Sarah? Is that you? Are you trying to
frighten me? Please answer me!” The crying stops. Julia wonders,
“What was it? Who was it? Maybe it was just the wind. Yes, that’s it.
Only the wind”. Suddenly, the room is filled with the sound of
ghostly laughter. Julia shouts, “Why are you doing this to me, why?
It must be Sarah doing this to me. Why, Sarah, why? Why don’t you
answer me? I’ve got to find a way out of here! I’ve got to think!”
She had brushes against the wall and she is surprised to feel a wet
feeling. She looks at her hand and is shocked to see it covered
with blood. She looks at the wall, sees that blood is leaking
from Sarah’s nameplate and screams, “Blood! Blood oozing from the
walls! I’ve got to get out of here! I’ve got to get out of here!
Let me out!” She fling herself onto the ground in frustration.
She hears a squeaking sound and looks up to find the gate has opened
by itself. She runs out.
Julia returns to Collinwood. She calls out, “Mrs. Stoddard?”
Carolyn comes out of the door under the stairs and tells her, “She
isn’t here. She drove to Bangor”. Julia asks, “And your uncle Roger?”
Carolyn replies, “He’s out too”. Julia remarks, “Then it’s only you,
me and Mrs. Johnson here tonight”. Carolyn corrects her, “No, it’s
only you and me. Tonight is Mrs. Johnson’s night off. Soon it’ll be
just you alone. I have to go somewhere”. Julia remarks, “I wish you
wouldn’t go. I don’t want to be alone”. Carolyn, bemused, asks,
“Don’t tell me you’re afraid to be by yourself. What’s wrong?”
Julia looks at her hands and says, “There was blood on my hands!
It’s not there anymore!” Carolyn suggests, “Maybe the rain washed
it off”. Julia begs, “Please don’t go!”, but Carolyn replies, “You
won’t be alone long. Uncle Roger is coming home soon”. Julia asks,
“You can’t be persuaded to change your mind?” Carolyn replies, “No.
Good night” and leaves. Julia looks at the grandfather clock. It
reads 9:05. She thinks to herself, “I wish she hadn’t gone. I’m
afraid! I’m afraid! I’ve got to think of something else. I’ve got
to find something else to concentrate on. A book… That’s it!
Play a hand of solitaire, and when I’m finished, Roger will be back!”
She sits down at the desk and takes out a deck of cards. She is
startled by an loud banging sound, then realizes, “It’s just the
shutters. Easy. Don’t be afraid. It’s only the shutters.” Suddenly,
she starts to feel a chilling cold and gasps, “It’s so cold! Why
is it suddenly so cold? Just like in the mausoleum! It’s here!
Whatever was in the mausoleum earlier is here in this room!” She
looks around, but sees nothing, decides it must be her imagination
and goes back to her cards. She deals out a hand of solitaire.
Suddenly, there’s another loud bang. Julia wonders, “What was that?
It must have been the shutters again!” She goes to the window and
secures the shutters, and returns to her game of solitaire. Suddenly,
the front doors fly open by themselves. Hearing the sound of the
front doors opening, Julia calls out, “Roger? Carolyn?” but receives
no response. She goes to the front door and finds them open, but
with no one around, concludes, “It must’ve been the wind”, closes the
doors, and returns to the drawing room to her game of solitaire.
She thinks, “The cold, that awful, penetrating cold! Why doesn’t it
go away?” She goes to the fireplace to warm herself. Suddenly, the
fire flares up strangely. She exclaism, “That was no accident!
Someone or something caused that to happen, but who? Sarah? No,
it couldn’t be Sarah. She couldn’t be that cruel. Barnabas! It
could be Barnabas. Is he trying to drive me out of my mind? It
couldn’t be you, could it, Dave?” The piano starts to play “London
Bridge” by itself. Julia slams the lid shut and it stops. She
shouts, “Whoever you are, go away! Stop trying to frighten me,
because I’m not afraid!” But she then sees a dark, shadowy figure
standing in front of the window and screams, “NO!!! NO!!!!”
Julia, terrified, runs up to her room and locks the door.
She confidently says, “Nothing, nothing can get in here, I’m safe!”
She turns on the lamp and listens, “No sound at all, except for the
storm. Maybe whaterver it was went away and I am safe. Was it you
I saw, Dave, was you returning from the grave to haunt me, Dave,
was it?” The lights go off. Julia remarks, “It must be a power
failure. I can’t stay in here. I’ve got to leave the house and get
some help!” She tries to open the door but can’t. She screams, “NO!
I can’t be locked in here, I can’t be! Help! Help! Help! Help! No
one can hear me! No one’s in the house but me and whatever’s trying
to destroy me!” She gets an idea. She goes to the phone and picks up
the receiver, but finds that there is no dial tone. She puts the
receiver back onto the cradle and tries to reassure herself,
“Roger will be home soon. He’s probably on his way now. Please
let him be on his way, please! The lights. If I only had some light,
I wouldn’t be so afraid.” She lights a candle and says, “There,
that’s better, that’s much better.” The candle blows out. Julia
gasps, “The wind! Where did it come from? The windows are shut
tight”. She looks over at the window and is shocked to see a ghostly
figure standing there. The figure is dressed in what looks like
doctor’s clothing, but it is covered, hiding the face. Julia
screams, “Who are you? What are you doing here? Is it you, Dave?
Please! Leave me alone!” The figure disappears. The phone rings.
Julia answers. She hears a voice on the other end says, “Julia!”
Julia asks, “Who…who is this?” The voice replies, “Julia, don’t
you recognize my voice?” Julia cries, “It can’t be, it’s Dave
Woodard! It can’t be! You’re dead!” The voice replies, “Yes, and
soon you’ll be dead too. Do you hear me, Julia? Soon, you will die,
soon, very, very soon, you will die!” Julia slams the receiver down.
She sees that the doorknob is turning. Something is trying to
get in. Terrified, Julia’s vision starts to blur. She screams,
Episode 362
Worldvision Rerun 152
Tape Date: November 8, 1967 (ABC #227-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 14, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Julia cries, “Who’s there?!” The door opens. It’s Barnabas.
He comes in and says, “Hello, Julia”. Julia asks, “Barnabas, what
are you doing here? How long have you been in this house?” Barnabas
replies, “I just came. Carolyn told me you were in the house all
alone and I was concerned about you. Why is it dark in here?” Julia
explains, “The power went off”, but Barnabas tells her, “But the
lights are on downstairs”. Barnabas goes over to the lamp, turns
it on and remarks, “You probably forgot to turn it on. You’re getting
absentminded, Julia”. Julia exclaims, “It won’t work!” Barnabas
asks, “What won’t work?” Julia replies, “Your plan to drive me
out of my mind”. Barnabas asks, “You saw the ghost of Dr. Woodard
again, didn’t you?” Julia replies, “Yes, because you arranged for
me to see it!” Barnabas denies this. Julia begs, “Barnabas, if you’re
doing these things, please stop! I’ll do anything. I’ll go back to
Windcliff, but please, please, stop!” Barnabas once again denies
he has anything to do with it and says, “Good night. Try to get
some sleep” and leaves.
Barnabas exits Collinwood and runs into Carolyn outside the
door. Carolyn asks, “How is she?” Barnabas replies, “Terrified
and extremely confused, as I want her to be”. Carolyn remarks,
“I feel sorry for her. You’re being very cruel to her”. Barnabas
says, “She’s been very cruel to me. She tried to turn Vicky
against me and must be punished. The eminent Dr. Hoffman will
spend the rest of her life in an asylum for the insane”. Carolyn
asks, “How long do you think it’ll be before she loses her mind?”
Barnabas replies, “Soon, but first, I must have her notebook.”
Carolyn tells him, “You’ll have it soon. I found out the combination
to Tony Peterson’s safe”. She explains how, during a lunch date, she
“broke” the clasp on a piece of jewelry, and told Peterson she was
worried she might lose it and asked him to put it in his safe. He
agreed to do so, and she had managed to see the combination when
he was opening the safe. She tells Barnabas, “You can break into his
office and get it tonight”. Barnabas replies, “I won’t get it. YOU
will. I’m sure you can get his keys without him knowing it, get into
his office, get the notebook, and put the keys back without him
noticing. That way, there will be no trace of a breakin. The notebook
will just seem to have disappeared. I want that notebook! Tonight!”
Carolyn and Peterson, after another date, enter Peterson’s
appartment. Peterson remarks, “You asked me to dinner, then
asked to come up to my appartment. Usually, it’s the man who
asks both”. Carolyn explains, “I wanted to have dinner with you,
and I wanted to see your apartment. A man’s apartment says a lot
about him”. Peterson jokes, “Mine shows that I don’t have much
money, and I don’t empty the cigarette butts out of my ashtrays”.
Carolyn asks for a drink. While Peterson is in the kitchen, Carolyn
goes into the pockets of Peterson’s overcoat, which he had taken
off and thrown on a sofa, and steals his keys. Peterson comes out
of the kitchen with the drinks. Carolyn suddenly says, “I just
remembered something. I promised my Uncle Roger I’d run an
errand for him tonight, and I forget. I’m going to have to leave,
but I’ll be back”. Peterson gets angry and says, “I don’t know what
kind of game you’re playing!” Carolyn insists, “I’m not playing any
games”. Peterson asks, “Why don’t I go with you?” Carolyn replies,
“You can’t. It’s private”. Peterson tells her, “I’ll give you 1
hour. If you’re not back before then, forget it”.
Julia is in her room, pacing nervously. She hears the front
door. She opens her door and shouts down, “Carolyn? Roger?” Roger
comes up. Julia tells him, “Glad to see you’re home”. Roger replies,
“Glad to be home. The back roads were all flooded. We have the worst
weather here! Is something wrong?” Julia asks, “Why do you ask
that?” Roger replies, “You look so pale”. Julia tells him, “It’s
nothing”. Roger asks, “Why did you call for Carolyn when you heard
the door? She didn’t go out during a storm like this? Isn’t she
home?” Julia replies, “No”. Roger sadly says, “And I know where
she probably is. She’s probably at the Blue Whale with a young
man I heartily disapprove of”. Julia asks, “Who?” Roger tells Julia
that Carolyn has been going out with Tony Peterson, that he once
answered the door, found it was Peterson and thought he had come
to see him, but found he had come to pick up Carolyn. He adds,
“She’s been out every night recently. I suppose she’s with him”.
Julia suddenly tells Roger she has a bad headache and would like
to rest. Roger leaves. Julia looks through the telephone directory
for a number, then makes a phone call. She calls Tony Peterson at
his apartment and asks, “Hello, are you alone?” Peterson replies,
“Yes, why?” Julia tells him, “I’ve got to see you tonight”. Peterson
tellsher, “You can’t. I’m expecting someone. Can’t we talk on the
phone?” Julia replies, “No. I’ll be at your door in 10 minutes”.
Peterson reiterates, “I just told you that’s impossible!”, but
finds Julia’s hung up.
Julia goes to Peterson’s office. Peterson, irritated, asks, “You
always barge in on people like this? I’ll give you 10 minutes. I’m
expecting someone”. Julia tells him, “I know who. Carolyn Stoddard.
I know why she’s seeing you. She’s not interested in you. She’s
just using you. She wants my notebook. She’d do anything to get
that notebook. Anything. You can’t trust Carolyn”. Peterson remarks,
“I’m not sure I can trust anyone in Collinsport. Including you”.
Julia asks, “Is my note book in a bank vault?” Peterson tells her, “I
was arranging to put it in a bank vault in Bangor tomorrow morning”.
Julia, alarmed, asks, “You mean it’s still in the safe in your
office?!” Peterson replies, “No, I took it home with me. It’s locked
up safely”. Julia asks, “Can I see it? I want to make sure it’s
safe”. Peterson replies, “I’ll get it” He goes through his overcoat
pockets looking for his keys, but can’t find them. He exclaims, “I’m
sure I put them in my coat pocket, but now they’re gone!”
Carolyn is in Peterson’s office. She opens the safe, then
starts rummaging inside. She looks all through the safe but finds
that the book isn’t in there and thinks, “It isn’t in here! He
must’ve put it somewhere else!” Suddenly, the main lights come on.
She turns around and sees Tony Peterson standing there!
Episode 363
Worldvision Rerun 153
Tape Date: November 9, 1967 (ABC #228-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 15, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

(This episode opens with a reprise of the last scene of the last
episode – but contains an error. Tony Peterson is wearing a hat,
which he wasn’t wearing in the last episode…)
Peterson tells Carolyn, “I guess I could’ve saved you a lot
of trouble if I had told you I only kept the book there for one
day, then moved it to a safer place”. Carolyn tries to flee, but
Peterson grabs her and says, “No, Miss Stoddard, you’re not going
anywhere! Not until you answer a few questions!” Carolyn begs,
“There’s a good reason for this! You’ve got to believe me!”
Peterson asks, “I wouldn’t believe any other thief I caught red
handed. Why should I believe you?” Carolyn insists, “There is a
reason, but I don’t think I can tell you”. Peterson says, “You
can tell the police, then”. Carolyn tells him, “If I told you,
you’d know something about the Collins family I’d rather not want
anyone to know”. Peterson tells her, “You don’t have to be afraid
to tell me anything. I have my ethics as a lawyer. I can assure
you confidentiality”. Carolyn tells him, “When my mother was first
married, her husband treated her quite badly. In desperation, she
turned to a young man who worked for the company. They became
friends. More than friends.” Peterson asks, “What happened to the
young man?” Carolyn continues, “He left before I was born. For years,
Mother thought that was the end of it. Then Julia Hoffman came. She
came to us posing as a geneologist, but the only history she was
interested in was recent history. Before she came to us, she had met
a man who said he had had an affair was a prominent woman, that she
had had his child, and that I was that child, and that he intended
to come here and blackmail the woman.” Peterson asks, “How does
Julia fit into all this?” Carolyn explains, “The man died, but
before he did, he gave his journal to Julia. He didn’t live to
blackmail my mother, but Julia did”. Peterson asks, “Your family
has plenty of money. Why don’t you just pay her off?” Carolyn asks,
“Have you ever heard of a blackmailer who was satisfied with one
payment and didn’t come back for more?” Peterson answers, “No”.
Carolyn tells him, “It hasn’t been easy for me to tell you this.
Take me to the police if you don’t believe me. Take me home if you
do”. Peterson replies, “I’ll take you home”.
Peterson take Carolyn back to Collinwood. As they are talking in
the foyer, Julia happens to come out of the door under the stairs.
Carolyn goes up to bed. Julia remarks, “Pretty child, isn’t she?”
Peterson replies, “Yes. She’s been through a lot, and so has her
mother, but you know all about that, don’t you?” Julia asks, “What
do you mean?” Peterson replies, “I’m talking about blackmail. A
major crime, and one I don’t want to be involved in! I want you
to take back your notebook as soon as possible!” Julia asks Peterson
to go to the drawing room with her to talk. They go into the drawing
room. Julia tells Peterson, “I can assure you what’s in that
notebook is not meant to blackmail anyone”. Peterson replies, “I
know what’s in that book. You’re blackmailing Elizabeth Stoddard
with it. I want you to take that book back and leave me out of it!
I’m not going to help you blackmail the Collins family!” Julia says,
“I don’t know what lie she told you, but I’m not blackmailing
anyone!” Peterson tells her the story Carolyn told him. Julia tells
him, “That’s not true!” Peterson asks, “Why couldn’t it be true?”
Julia tells him, “What’s in that book is more important than a mere
scandal”. Peterson asks, “Why would Carolyn make up a story that
scandalizes the family name to get it?” Julia replies, “Because
what’s in it is so important! My life is at stake. I’ll write a
letter allowing you to read the book should anything happen to me.
Would a blackmailer do that?” Peterson replies, “No” and agrees to
keep the book for her.
Julia is in the drawing room, alone. David comes in and says
“Hello”. Julia, surprised to see him, remarks, “David, you’re
back”. David tells her, “Yes, we came back half an hour ago.
Didn’t you hear the taxi?” Julia replies, “No, I was upstairs in
my room. Where’s Vicky?” David replies, “In the study. My Aunt
Elizabeth wanted to talk to her. Have you ever been to Boston?”
Julia answers, “Yes, I’ve been there”. David asks, “Did you like it?”
Julia replies, “Yes”. David says, “I did too”. Noticing that Julia
seems to be distracted doesn’t seem to be listening to him, asks,
“Are you all right?” Julia replies, “Yes, why do you ask?” David
replies, “Because you seem far, far away. You look like you’re
going to cry”. Julia tells him, “I’m not going to cry. I have to go
to the old house for a few minutes. I’m glad you’re back, and I’m
glad you liked Boston so much” and leaves. David goes out into the
foyer. He is startled by a voice from behind him say, “Welcome home,
David”. He turns and finds Sarah standing there. She asks, “Where
have you been?” David replies, “I had to go away. Aunt Elizabeth
thought a change would be good for me”. Sarah asks, “Where did you
go?” David lies, “China!”. He is surprised to see that Sarah doesn’t
seem impressed and asks, “You’re not impressed?” Sarah replies,
“No. My father’s friends were always going to China by boat”. David
says, “OK. I really went to Boston”. Sarah exclaims, “Boston! I went
to Boston once. It was so big, and had so many houses. It took us
2 days to get there!” David interrupts, “Don’t be ridiculous, Sarah.
It only takes 5 hours to get there”, but Sarah insists, “It took 2
days! I remember, we stopped at an Inn where we had Indian pudding”.
David tells her, “We had a wonderful time there. We went to museums,
some fancy restaurants…” He stops, noticing that Sarah seems
distracted and doesn’t appear to be listening to him. Irritated, he
asks, “Doesn’t anyone listen to me anymore?” Sarah tells him, “I have
to go! I have to go! Something is going to happen, something bad!”
David asks, “What?” Sarah replies, “I don’t know yet, but someone
needs me. I’ve got to go!” and vanishes.
Julia goes to the old house. Barnabas greets her, “Good Evening,
Julia”. Julia replies, “Good Evening. This really isn’t a social
call.” Barnabas asks, “Then why are you here?” Julia replies,
“Because of my sense of fair play, something you wouldn’t
understand”. Barnabas says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”.
Julia tells him, “You’re little helper failed”. She tells him what
happened, about Carolyn’s failure to get the notebook. She tells him,
“Your plans didn’t work. He still has the notebook and is going to
keep it”. Barnabas remarks, “I guess Carolyn isn’t as accomplihed
a criminal as you are”. Julia says, “I’m not a criminal”. Barnabas
tells her, “Murder is a criminal offense. You murdered Dr. Woodard”.
Julia exclaims, “I didn’t murder him! You did!”. Barnabas asks, “Are
you finished with what you came here to talk about?” Julia replies,
“No, I haven’t given you all the news. I spoke to someone the other
day, someone you might be interested in.” Barnabas says, “I don’t
think so. Who did you speak to?” Julia replies, “Sarah Collins. I
spoke to her. At the Mausoleum”. Barnabas, clearly upset, exclaims,
“You didn’t talk to her! You’re lying! Why would she talk to you?”
Julia taunts him, “She’s lonely. She’ll talk to anyone. Anyone but
you”. Barnabas says, “Don’t say that”. Julia repeats, “Anyone but
YOU!”. Barnabas, furious, shouts, “NO MORE WORDS, DOCTOR. I WILL
SILENCE YOU FOREVER!” He grabs her by the throat and starts to
strangle her. Suddenly, the front doors open, and the room fills
with wind. The chandeliers shake mysteriously. Barnabas looks over
at the door and sees Sarah is standing at the threshold…
Episode 364
Worldvision Rerun 154
Tape Date: November 10, 1967 (ABC #229-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 16, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Barnabas exclaims, “Sarah! My dear Sarah! You’ve come back to me!
I missed you so terribly! Sarah, why didn’t you come to me earlier?”
He approaches her. Sarah backs away. Barnabas asks, “What’s wrong?”
Sarah replies, “I’m very angry with you.” Barnabas asks, “With me?
Why?” Sarah replies, “You hurt people”. Barnabas says, “Only when
necessary”, but Sarah retorts, “That’s not true. You know it’s not
true, and I know it’s not true” Barnabas promises, “I’m all through
with that, but Sarah says, “No you’re not! Remember that rhyme
you used to teach me to write?” Barnabas says, “I don’t…”, but
Sarah tells him, “Yes you do. Say it!” Barnabas recites,

“That evil is wicked,
Is well understood.
The wicked are punished,
So you must be good.”

Sarah says, “See, Barnabas? You must be good, or you must be
punished.” Barnabas begs, “Punish me, but stay here with me!”, but
Sarah tells him, “I will go away and never come back. That will be
your punishment! I know you know good and evil, Barnabas. You taught
me, but you’ve forgotten. I’m going away until you learn again”. She
fades away. Barnabas begs her to return, to no avail. He appears
heartbroken. Julia tries to talk to him, but he tells her, “I want
to be alone”. Julia keeps trying, “I wasn’t jealous of Vicky. You
can hurt her, and she can hurt you, and Sarah will be very angry…”
Barnabas, in no mood to talk and angry at her mention of Sarah, “She
is angry with me because I have hurt people, killed people. But
sometimes it is necessary. You mean very little to me, Doctor. I
hope you understand that. Now, good night!”
At Collinwood, Elizabeth and Vicky are in the drawing room.
Vicky is telling Elizabeth about David’s behavior in Boston.
Noticing that Elizabeth seems somewhat distracted, Vicky asks,
“Now I’d like to ask you a question. Is there something you’d
like to tell me?” Elizabeth replies, “I’m afraid there is. I
should have told you this the moment you came home, but I couldn’t
bring myself to do it. Burke’s plane has been found.” Vicky asks,
“Did they find Burke?” Elizabeth replies, “All they found were 16
bodies, the 16 people that were on the plane”. Vicky exclaims,
“It must be a mistake!”, but Elizabeth sadly tells her, “It’s no
mistake, Vicky. I called Brazil and verified it myself. Sorry to
dash all your hopes like this. I should’ve called you in Boston,
but I wanted you to have him one day longer, at least until you
got home”. Vicky remarks, “Now I’m home, but I’m not going to
believe he’s dead until I see the body for myself”. Elizabeth begs,
“No, Vicky, no! The bodies were burned beyond recognition! All they
know is that there were 16 of them”. Vicky vows, “I’m going to
believe Burke is going to come back. I’m going to pray for a
miracle. That’s all I have left, isn’t it? We knew each other
for such a short time. We had so many plans. HAVE so many plans.
If I stop believing that, he’ll be gone from me forever”. Upset,
she excuses herself and leaves.
Barnabas comes to Collinwood. He tells Elizabeth, “I heard Vicky
and cousin David have returned from Boston. I’d like to welcome
Vicky back. Elizabeth tells him, “That would be impossible” and tells
him the news about Burke. Barnabas says, “I see. Have you told Vicky?”
Elizabeth replies, “Yes, she’s hoping for a miracle. I can’t let her
go through life loving a dead man…”
David is in his room, looking at a ship in a bottle. He hears
a voice say, “I came back, David”. He turns, sees Sarah standing
there and exclaims, “Sarah, nice to see you!” Sarah asks, “Are
you angry with me?” David replies, “Yes I am. Why do you always
disappear when I’m talking to you?” Sarah says, “I had to go, David”.
David reminds her, “You said you had something to do at the old
house. You said something was going to happen there”. Sarah answers,
“Yes, but it didn’t happen, so there’s no need to talk about it. But
it could happen if they stay angry”. David asks, “Who?” Saran replies,
“Those who were here before. One who has come back wants to destroy
someone in this house”. David asks, “Who?”, but Sarah just replies,
“I can’t tell you”. David asks, “Who are you talking about, who’s
come back?” Sarah replies,”The dead. They’re angry and want to destroy
someone in this house” David exclaims, “The dead?!!”, but Sarah
suddenly vanishes. David begs, “Come back, Sarah, please, come back!”
Vicky and Elizabeth come running into the room. Elizabeth asks,
“What’s wrong, David?” David replies, “Sarah, she was here! She came
to warn me! She warned me that the dead have come back and want to
destroy someone in this house!” Elizabeth tells him, “David, this
doesn’t make any sense. The dead are gone. They can’t hurt
or destroy anyone”. David insists, “Sarah said they could!” Elizabeth
tells him, “No one’s going to hurt you, so don’t be upset”, but David
insists “Sarah said someone IS going to be hurt” Julia comes into the
room and says, “I’ve been standing outside listening…” Elizabeth
asks, “Miss Hoffman, what’s wrong with him?” Julia replies, “Nothing.
There’s nothing wrong with the boy. Everything he says is true!”
Episode 365
Worldvision Rerun 155
Tape Date: November 13, 1967 (ABC #230-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 17, 1967 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Roger comes in through the front doors. It is pouring rain
outside. Seeing Elizabeth in the foyer, Roger grumbles, “Why are
the weather forecasters always wrong? Two afternoon papers said
that it would be clear and mild today!” Elizabeth, looking like
she has more important things to talk about than the weather,
says, “Roger, let’s talk about David”. Roger asks, “What is it now?”
Elizabeth replies, “He said he saw Sarah in his room”. Roger wonders,
“Why didn’t he see her in Boston? Vicky said he never mentioned
her once while he was in Boston. You would think that’s where
he be homesick and lonely and need an imaginary friend”. Elizabeth
shocks him by saying, “Maybe she’s not imaginary. Maybe she’s
real! David couldn’t have made up some of the things he’s said
she said. He said someone dead wanted to harm someone in this
house!” Roger exclaims, “Impossible!”. Elizabeth continues,
“Miss Hoffman said it wasn’t!” Roger asks, “What do you mean?”
Elizabeth answers, “I don’t know. We didn’t question her. She
looked too upset”. Roger says, “Then we must question her. Now!”
Elizabeth remarks, “Maybe the real reason we didn’t question her
is that we were afraid what we’d find out…’
Julia, Roger and Elizabeth are in the drawing room. Julia
explains, “I think David is telling the truth that Sarah isn’t
imaginary. Before coming to Collinwood, I wouldn’t have believed
in ghosts…” Roger scoffs, “Ghosts?!” Julia continues, “Yes.
Too many people have seen her. Maggie, Sam, and then I saw her!”
Roger retorts, “I’ve read about these things in books. There’s
always a logical explanation”. Julia replies, “How I wish that
were true!” She’s starts to leaf through a book. Roger grumbles,
“I wish you wouldn’t do that! I hate it when someone reads when I’m
trying to talk to them!” Julia replies, “I’m just going to show
you a picture of Sarah”. Elizabeth looks at the picture and
remarks, “Sarah Collins”. Roger reminds Julia, “I remember.
You’ve looked at that picture before. You asked me who it was”,
implying that Julia saw the picture first then imagined seeing
her. Elizabeth remarks, “Sarah DID die at about the age David
claims his friend is”. Roger, still unconvinced, says, “She
has long hair. All little girls with long hair look alike!”
Carolyn comes into the room. Roger remarks, “Sarah Collins
died almost 200 years ago. Why would she come back? There’s
no way to prove anything!”. Elizabeth replies, “There is!
a seance!”. Carolyn mocks the idea, “Yes, we can hold hands
in the dark and call out, ‘Sarah! Please come to us””. Elizabeth
reminds them, “Don’t mock the idea. We learned something from
a seance once. We must hold that seance tonight! Otherwise,
we may never learn anything about what’s troubling David!”
At the Old house, Barnabas is pacing around, thinking to himself,
“Where’s Sarah? Why did she leave me before I could explain?
What CAN I explain? My life? No. But I’m still her loving
brother. I’m not to blame for this. I didn’t choose this.
Or would she prefer that I were dead? Would she forgive me
then?” There’s a knock at the door. Barnabas answers it. It’s
Carolyn. She comes in. Barnabas tells her, “Carolyn, I’d rather
not have any visitors tonight”. Carolyn exclaims, “But you
don’t know what’s going to happen at Collinwood tonight!”
Barnabas asks, “What?” Carolyn replies, “A seance!” Barnabas
asks, “Why?” Carolyn replies, “They want to talk to the spirit
of Sarah Collins!”
Barnabas is in the study at Collinwood, arguing with Elizabeth
about the advisibility of the seance. Elizabeth, looking suprised,
asks, “Of all people, I would’ve thought you the least likely to
object”. Barnabas lies, “It’s just that I respect the privacy of
my ancestors”. Elizabeth explains, “But I have a personal interest
in this seance. David. We must do whatever we can. This seance
might be helpful”. Barnabas says, “Elizabeth, I’m as concerned
about David as you are…” Elizabeth says, “If that’s true, then
you’ll help us instead of being obstructionist”. Barnabas replies,
“I didn’t realize I was being obstructionist. I just thought I was
being be the voice of reason”. Roger and Julia come into the room.
Roger tells Elizabeth, “Whenever you’re ready”. Elizabeth tells Roger,
“Barnabas doesn’t approve”. Roger tells Barnabas, “I didn’t at first,
but something DID happend the last time we had a seance”. Barnabas,
glancing out at the heavy rain outside, jokes, “Well, I hope
our ancestors have a supply of raincoats and umbrellas!”. Roger and
Elizabeth leave to get candles, leaving Julia and Barnabas alone in
the room. Barnabas asks, “Doctor?” Julia nervously replies, “Yes?”
Barnabas asks, “What if Sarah doesn’t show up, but Dr. Woodard DOES?”.
Julia replies, “He’ll name you as his murderer, not me”. Barnabas
asks, “Are you willing to take that risk?” Julia replies, “I’m
willing to take ANY risk. I want to see this thing end!”. She
says, firmly, “Excuse me!” and leaves. Barnabas stands there,
looking very worried.
It is a short time later. Carolyn comes down the stairs into
the foyer. Barnabas comes out of the drawng room to meet her.
He still looks worried. He tells Carolyn, “I couldn’t stop it!”
Carolyn asks, “What are you going to do?” Barnabas replies, “I’ve
got to be cautious. I’ve already been accused of being ob-
structionist. I have a plan for you. Don’t worry. I’ll be right
next to you”.
They go into the drawing room, where the table and chairs have
been set up for the seance. Roger calls out, “We’re ready, Liz!”.
Elizabeth comes into the drawing room, joining Roger, Julia,
Vicky, Barnabas and Carolyn. Elizabeth, surprised, remarks,
“Barnabas, you’ve decided to join us!”. Barnabas replies, “I
wouldn’t want anyone to doubt my sincerity”. Roger announces,
“I want the album on the table. If she does appear to us,
I want to see if she is Sarah Collins”. Julia warns, “A physical
appearance isn’t likely”. Vicky opens the book to the page with
Sarah’s picture and puts in onto the table, announcing, “Here it is,
open to the page”. Roger goes and shuts the drawing room doors
and the electric lights. The room is now lit only by the candles
on the table. He sits down and announces, “Now that everything is
set, we must all concentrate on Sarah Collins”. Julia chimes in,
“We’ve all seen her picture. We must try to visualize her in our
minds. Our hands must touch in an unbroken circle”. She looks
over and “reminds” Barnabas, “Barnabas, your hand is not touching
Carolyn’s”. Barnabas apoligies, “I’m sorry” and obediently touches
his hand to Carolyn’s. Julia continues, “The circle must never
be broken. Now clear your minds of everything but Sarah”.
Roger calls out, “Sarah! Sarah Colllins! We’re calling you!
Come to us! We need you, Sarah! We need you to help David,
your friend! Make a sign if you can hear us!” Suddenly, the
sound of a flute playing “London Bridge” fills the air. Roger
begs, “Sarah! Sarah, if you’re in this room, let us see you!
If you will not let us see you, speak to us! Speak to us!”.
Suddenly, Carolyn exclaims, “No! No!” in a girlish voice. Roger
gasps, “She’s gotten through! Speak to us, Sarah! Through Carolyn!
We are your friends!” Carolyn complains, “You wake me!” Roger
begs, “Please, Sarah, tell us about David! Your friend David!”
Carolyn replies, “I have no friend named David!”. Roger points
out, “But you’ve come to David!” Carolyn replies, “No I didn’t!
I didn’t! I do not like it here! Let me go back! I have no
friend named David!”. Suddenly, Vicky, in a girlish voice,
exclaims, “No! She lies! I play with him! I am Sarah Collins!
She tells lies! David is my friend!”. Carolyn tries to interrupt,
“She’s not Sarah!”, but Vicky continues, “I AM! I will never
let any of you see me again! I came to her. She saw me. She
tells lies!”. Suddenly, Sarah/Vicky starts to babble, “Where is
my nursemaid? I drew a picture of what she is going to look
like. She’s pretty. Where is she?” Roger reminds her, “We want
to know about David. Why did you come to David?”, but Vicky/Sarah
continues to babble, “Take me to the gate! I hear her carriage!”.
Roger begs, “What about David? Please!”, but Sarah/Vicky continues
to ramble, “Barnabas, are you going to marry Josette? Can I come to
the new house?” Roger begs, “Tell us about David, tell us, please!”
Sarah/Vicky explains, “I’m telling you the story, I’m telling you
about how it began!”, then starts to babble again, “No! I won’t
go to sleep! I want to see my new nursemaid!…No! Please don’t
take the candle!” Suddenly, the candles on the table go out and
a scream fills the air. Barnabas quickly goes and turns on the
lights. Julia gasps, “Vicky!”, but then is shocked to see that
Vicky is no longer there. Sitting in her seat is another woman,
a woman with brown hair dressed in 18th century clothes. Julia
asks, “Who are you? Where’s Vicky?” Roger echoes, “Yes. Who
are you?” Julia asks, “Where did you come from?” The woman
replies, “Boston. The carriage, it overturned!” She looks around
and exclaims, “Those clothes! Where am I? I only work in
respectable houses!” Roger orders, “Sit down! We will ask YOU
the questions! What’s your name?” The woman replies, “Wick.
Phyllis Wick”. Roger asks, “Why have you come here?” The woman
replies, “The solicitor sent me here to work for Mrs. Collins”.
Elizabeth tells her, “There is no Mrs. Collins!”. The woman
asks, “Isn’t this Collinwood? I’m the new governess to a nine
year old girl named Sarah Collins”. Everyone is shocked.
Meanwhile, Vicky is shocked to find herself in the woods. She
walks out of the woods and finds herself near the old house. She
looks at the Old House and thinks to herself, “It’s the old house,
Barnabas’ house, but there’s something different about it”.
Suddenly, she exclaims, “It IS different! Where am I?”

Episode 366
Worldvision Rerun 156
Tape Date: November 14, 1967 (ABC #231-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 20, 1967 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Vicky goes to the door of the old house, which looks strangely
different to her. She remarks, “What has Barnabas done to it? It
looks almost new!” The door opens and Barnabas comes out, dressed
in 18th century clothing. Vicky exclaims, “Barnabas! I’m so glad to
see you! I don’t know what happened to me! Somehow, I got lost in
the woods!” Barnabas, looking puzzled, says, “I’m afraid I don’t know
you”. Vicky exclaims, “Are you teasing me?!” Barnabas again says,
“I’ve never met you before.” Vicky, puzzled, asks, “Are you playing some
kind of game?” Barnabas replies, “No. I’ve never met you before in
my life”. Vicky asks, “Why don’t you recognize me?!” Barnabas replies,
“Because I’ve never seen you before.” Vicky exclaims, “But you have!
Hundreds of times!” Barnabas asks, “Are you all right?” Vicky asks,
“Why are you dressed that way?” Barnabas replies, “That’s the way I
always dress. The way YOU’RE dressed is rather odd.” Vicky says,
“These are normal street clothes!” A little girl appears at the door
and complains, “Barnabas! You said you weren’t going to go out!”
Barnabas replies, “I was just going to take a short walk”. The little
girl sees Vicky and exclaims, “It’s her! It’s my new governess! May
I take her to her room?”, but Barnabas tells her, “Go inside. It’s
not your governess”. The little girl insists, “It is! I know it is!
I drew a picture of her! What’s your name?” Vicky replies, “Vicky
Winters” The girl remarks, “Vicky? That’s a funny name”. Vicky
explains, “It’s short for Victoria”. The girl remarks, “That’s a
pretty name.” Barnabas tells the girl, “Now Sarah, you’ve got
to go take your nap”. Sarah says to Vicky, “Au Revoir. That’s
French for good bye. I’m learning it for the wedding. I’m going
to be a flower girl,” and leaves. Vicky asks, “That’s Sarah Collins?”
Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Vicky asks, “She lives here?” Barnabas
replies, “She’s never lived anywhere else”. Vicky asks, “What’s
happened to me? I know you. Why do you keep pretending not to know
me?” Barnabas replies, “I’m not pretending. I don’t know you.”
Vicky exclaims, “Something happened during the seance! Something
unnatural!” Barnabas tells her, “I think you should come in and
lie down.” Vicky replies, “I don’t want to lie down! I want to know
what’s happened to me! Don’t you remember? We were all sitting in
the drawing room at Collinwood…” Barnabas, surprised, asks, “You’ve
been in this house?” Vicky replies, “No, the house on the hill”
Barnabas says, “But no one’s been in the house on the hill. It isn’t
finished yet. It’s still under construction”. Vicky protests, “But
I lived there!” Barnabas asks, “Are you a governess?” Vicky replies,
“Yes”. Barnabas tells her, “You’d better come in” and takes her
inside. Vicky looks at the inside of the old house and exclaims,
“What have you done? Everything’s all changed!” Barnabas tells her,
“Let me take you up to your room now”.
Barnabas takes Vicky to a bedroom. He asks, “Where are your bags?
You have no luggage?” Vicky replies, “No, of course not.” Barnabas
asks, “Your entire belongings consist of that one book?” Vicky
becomes aware for the first time she’s holding the Collins family
history. She moans, “I’m not sure of anything. This must be some
kind of nightmare!”. Barnabas tells her,”Rest. I’m sure your memory
will come back. I’ll have my mother come up and see you. I’m sure
she’ll know what to do” and leaves.
Vicky thinks, “I must be having a dream. Nothing else makes any
sense! The way Barnabas was dressed! The way he talked to Sarah, like
she was alive! It can’t be real! It has to be a dream!” Sarah comes
into the room. Vicky asks, “Are you really Sarah Collins?” Sarah
replies, “Of course. Who else would I be?” Vicky replies, “I don’t
know. I don’t know much of anything right now. Suddenly, everything
around me’s changed, but I’ve stayed the same!” Sarah tells Vicky,
“I knew what you’d look like! I drew a picture of you!” She shows
Vicky a picture. It does look kind of like Vicky. Suddenly, there’s a
noise from downstairs. Sarah exclaims, “I’ve got to go! Don’t tell
them I was here! I’m supposed to be taking a nap!” and runs out of
the room.
Vicky goes downstairs, and finds a man dressed in an old fashioned
naval uniform there. The man looks just like Joe Haskell. She exclaims,
“Joe! Not you too!” The man, puzzled, says, “I beg your pardon.” Vicky
continues, “Never mind, I’m just so glad to see you! Please, take me
back to Collinwood!” The man remarks, “Aren’t you a pretty one? I
don’t know who this ‘Joe’ is, but if that’s who you want me to be…”
Vicky asks, “Are you playing a joke on me? I’ve had enough of this!
It’s not funny!” The man says, “Joking? Oh, I should have introduced
myself. I’m Nathan Forbes, United States Navy. Let me guess who you
are. You’re cousin Millicent, come down for the wedding.” Vicky
asks, “Wedding?” The man remarks, “Oh, you can’t be a Collins if
you don’t know about the wedding. In one month, Barnabas Collins
is going to marry Josette DuPres.” Vicky exclaims, “Josette?!
I’m Vicky, can’t you stop this nonsense?” Forbes starts trying to
seduce Vicky. Vicky protests, “But you’re engaged to my best friend!”
Forbes remarks, “Best friend? I’ve heard them all before, but this
is a new one. What best friend?” Vicky replies, “Maggie Evans!”
Forbes remarks, “I don’t know any Maggie Evans. I knew a Maggie
Stewart once. Kind of plump, but she knew the way to a man’s heart!”
He continues to harrass her, trying to kiss her. She slaps him and
cries, “This is insane! I don’t know how I got here! If this is a
dream, why don’t I wake up? If it’s not, then what is it?!” A woman
who looks just like Elizabeth, though dressed in old fashioned
clothing, comes into the room. She says, “Good Evening. I’m Mrs.
Collins. You must be the new governess.” Vicky asks, “You’re not Mrs.
Stoddard?” The woman asks, “Who’s Mrs. Stoddard?” Vicky exclaims, “I
must be going mad!” The woman gently tells Vicky, “Sit down. I’ll have
Dr. Thornton come and see you. Was the trip difficult for you?” Vicky
asks, “Trip?” The woman asks, “You did come by carriage, didn’t you?”
Vicky replies, “I don’t know” The woman asks, “Did something happen
on your trip from Boston?” Vicky replies, “I WAS in Boston a few days
ago with David. We took the bus down and flew back.” The woman remarks
“The child must have a fever! I think we’d better call Dr. Thorton!”
Forbes tells her, “I’ve brought the invitations”. The woman asks,
“Could you read one to me? I’d like to hear how it sounds”. Forbes
reads, “Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Collins request the pleasure of your
presence on the 20th day of December, 1795…” Vicky thinks to
herself, “1795 ?! That’s impossible!” Nathan continues, “…for the
wedding of their son Barnabas Collins and Miss Josette DuPres”.
Vicky exclaims,”Barnabas and Josette? Now I know I must be dreaming!
Josette married Jeremiah, not Barnabas! That’s what it says in all
the family histories! Now let me wake up!” Mrs. Collins asks, “Child,
what’s wrong?”, then tells Forbes, “Nathan, I think we’d better get
her up to her room”. Barnabas comes in through the front doors.
Naomi Collins tells him that the invitations have arrived, but
Barnabas tells her “I’ll look at them later. There’s been a tragic
accident. The carriage taking the governess here turned over. Three
people were killed, and the governess was reported missing.” He turns
to Vicky and remarks, “That explains your confusion. Miss Winters,
why didn’t you tell me about the accident?” Naomi, puzzled, says,
Miss Winters? The name of the governess is Wick”. Barnabas says,
“But when we met earlier, she told me her name was Victoria Winters”.
Naomi turns to Vicky and says, “Young lady, I think you’d best
explain who you are and what you’re doing here!” Vicky faints…
Episode 367
Worldvision Rerun 157 (Kinescope)*
Tape Date: November 15, 1967 (ABC #232-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 21, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Vicky is lying unconcious in bed. A woman is sitting in a chair
watching over her. The woman looks just like Mrs. Johnson. Vicky
regains conciousness and, seeing her, exclaims, “Mrs. Johnson!”
The woman asks, “What?” Vicky continues, “Mrs. Johnson, it’s you!
Then it WAS just a dream!” The woman asks, “What are you saying?
I don’t understand. Who’s Mrs. Johnson?” Vicky asks, “You’re
not Mrs. Johnson?” The woman replies, “No, I’ve never heard of
a Mrs. Johnson”. Vicky asks, “Then who are you?” The woman replies,
“I’m Abigail Collins. MISS Abigail Collins”. Vicky exclaims, “No!
It can’t be true! I must be dreaming!” Abigail tells her, “I can
assure you you’re not”. Vicky looks down and sees that she’s now
wearing an old fashioned dress in place of the one she was wearing
and asks, “This dress. Why am I wearing this dress?” Abigail replies,
“It belongs to one of the servants. The one you came in was immodest,
to say the least”. Vicky asks, “May I ask you a question? It’s going
to sound like a strange question. What year is it?” Abigail,
surprised says, “You mean you don’t know? It’s 1795, of course”.
Vicky moans, “This can’t be happening to me!” Abigail asks, “Who
are you?” Vicky replies, “Vicky Winters”. Abigail, like Sarah, has
never heard of the name and asks, “Vicky?” Vicky explains, “It’s
short for Victoria.” Abigail asks, “What are you doing here,
Victoria?” Vicky doesn’t reply. Abigail says, You can’t answer me,
eh?” Vicky says, “I’m not sure”. Abigail asks, “Why were you
pretending to be the new governess?” Vicky replies, “I wasn’t
pretending, I was confused.” Abigail tells her, “Look at me and let
me look at you, deep into your eyes…Yes, I can see it! When did
it happen?” Vicky asks, “When did what happen?” Abigail replies,
“You are possessed! Possessed by the devil!” Vicky exclaims, “That’s
ridiculous!”, but Abigail says “I can feel it. I am attuned to good
and bad vibrations. What are you doing here? Why are you trying to
harm the family?” Vicky replies, “I’m not trying to harm anyone, I
love the Collins family.” Abigail asks, “How can you love us when you
don’t know any of us? A lie! One of the devil’s favorite tools, a
lie! I must think of how to deal with you! First, I must burn these
clothes!” Vicky tries to stop her from taking the clothes, but
can’t. Abigail remarks, “I must think of how to deal with you. I
can’t let you leave, or the evil will just come back in another
form” and leaves, taking Vicky’s clothes with her and locking the
door behind her. Vicky escapes out the window.
Vicky goes to Collinwood. She is shocked to find that it
is indeed, as Barnabas had said, still under construction. The
foyer is filled with sawhorses and other building paraphenalia.
A voice calls, “Who’s there?” She turns and find to her shock a
man looks like Burke Devlin, though dressed in 18th century clothing,
standing there. Overjoyed, she runs to him and embraces him, exclaims,
“Burke! You’re alive! You’re alive!” The man, looking very puzzled,
says, “I’m afraid I…” Vicky, downcast, says, “No, you’re not
Burke. Of course. You couldn’t be. I’m sorry”. The man says, “I
must resemble someone you know. Is that right?” Vicky replies,
“Yes. They told me he was dead. When I saw you, I thought he had
come back”. She starts to cry. The man comforts her, “Don’t
cry. Here. Take my handkerchief. Dry your eyes”. Vicky takes the
handkerchief and says, “You’re very kind. Who are you?” The man
replies, “Jeremiah Collins. You must be the girl who came to us
this afternoon.” Vicky replies, “Yes, I’m Victoria Winters”
Jeremiah tells her, “Everyone in the house is mystified about you.
Where did you come from?” Vicky replies, “I can’t tell you that.”
Jeremiah asks, “Why not?” Vicky replies, “You wouldn’t believe me”
Jeremiah remarks, “You’re not the governess who was originally
going to come here and take care of Sarah”. Vicky admits, “No, I
took her place. Somehow”. Jeremiah tells her, Sarah’s taken
a liking to you”. Vicky in turn tells him, “But there’s someone
else who hasn’t. Abigail Collins. She accused me of being a witch”.
She explains what happened. Jeremiah tells her, “Yes, she’s like
that. The older she gets, the worse it gets. Pay no attention to
her. None of us do. Why did you come here?”. Vicky replies, “I can’t
explain it”. Jeremiah asks, “Where are you going?” Vicky replies,”I
don’t know. I can’t go back to the house. I don’t know what I’m
going to do. I have no place to go.” Jeremiah tells her, “I’ll take
you back to the house. I’ll make sure everything’s all right.”
Vicky protests, “I’m afraid to go back there”, but Jeremiah tells her,
“Don’t be. I’ll protect you. Do you trust me?” Vicky replies, Yes”
Jeremiah tells her, “Then come along”
Vicky is back in her room at the old house. There’s a knock
at the door. She asks, “Who is it?” A voice replies, “Jeremiah”
She lets him in. He hands her her clothes and tells her, “Abigail
gave them to a servant girl and ordered her to burn them. I got
them just in time. Hide them. If Abigail finds them, she’ll take
them away from you again. Do you really need them so much?” Vicky
replies, “Yes, if I ever get back to the place I came from.”
Jeremiah asks, “You still can’t tell me where that is?” Vicky
replies, “No, you wouldn’t believe me”. Jeremiah tells her, “I’ll
accept that as an answer, but the others won’t, especially my
brother Joshua. He’s the head of the family.” Vicky asks, “What
should I do?” Jeremiah replies, “We’ll have to think of an
explanation to satisfy him, and we’ll have to think of one quickly.
He’s just come home. He’s downstairs right now”. Vicky asks, “You
want me to lie to him?” Jeremiah replies, “You must. If you don’t,
you’ll be in real trouble, even danger…”
Joshua, who looks just like Roger Collins except for the fact
that he has some muttonchop whiskers, is in the living room
with Naomi and Abigail. Abigail tells him, “I think we should
turn her over to the authorities!” Joshua asks, “Why do you say
that?” Abigail replies, “She’s possessed by evil!” Naomi interrupts,
“Everything Abigail says is utter nonsense! That girl’s no more
in league with the devil than I am! She’s just a sweet, frightened
child!” Abigail, terribly offended, demands, “Ask your wife to
apoligize to me at once!” , but Naomi firmly says, “I will not
apoligize! Sarah needs a governess, and she’s gotten quite fond of
this girl”. Jeremiah, who’s just stepped into the room, says, “I
agree.” Abigail protests, “But her strange behavior!” Jeremiah
explains Vicky’s strange behavior, saying she remember riding
on the carriage which overturned, then finding herself wandering
the woods disoriented, that she couldn’t remember her name, but
that the name “Victoria Winters” kept going through her thoughts,
so when asked her name, she said, “Victoria Winters”. Abigail
says, “Oh, the girl’s beauty has bewitched you!” Jeremiah retorts,
“Abigail, it’s made you envious” Joshua announces, “I’ll make the
decision. Everyone out of here. Tell the girl I’d like to see her
Everyone has left the room except Joshua. Vicky comes down the
stairs. She sees Joshua and stares at him, noting his resemblance
to Roger. Joshua asks, “Miss Winters?” Vicky nervously replies,
“Yes?” Joshua asks, “Why are you staring at me?” Vicky apologizes,
“Am I staring? Sorry.” Joshua continues, “Come here. I’m given to
undertand that you’ve had a rather strange arrival”. Vicky starts
to lie, “There was an accident on the way. The carriage…” Joshua
interrupts, “You needn’t explain. My younger brother’s already
explained it all to me”. He asks, “Can you read and write?”
Vicky replies, “Of course.” Joshua says, “‘Of course’? What do you
mean by that? Many people can’t read and write. What other
qualifications do you have?” Vicky tells him, “I know some history,
literature, mathematics, and a little music. I played a…” She looks
at the instrument sitting in the room and realizes that it isn’t a
piano and pauses. Joshua says, “Clavicord?” Vicky replies, “Yes”
Joshua remarks, “If what you’re telling me is the truth, you’re
very well educated. Where did you receive your education?” Vicky
replies, “I was brought up in a foundling home in…Boston” Joshua
asks her, “Would you kindly step over here into the light?” Vicky
does as instructed. Joshua looks her over and says, “You look
healthy and intelligent. You seem perfectly harmless. We need a
governess, and you’re here. I’ll give you a chance. But understand,
this is only on a trial basis. If I decide to dismiss you, you are
to leave immediately. Your wages will be $4.00 a month”. Vicky,
startled, asks, “Four dollars?” Joshua tells her, “If that’s not
satisfactory, we can hire someone else”. Vicky says, “No, that’ll
be fine”. Joshua adds, “Food and lodging will be provided, of
course. You will start tomorrow morning. Be in the nursery at 8.
Sarah will be dressed and waiting for you”. He dismisses her. She
leaves. Naomi comes down the stairs into the living room and says,
“You’ve made the right decision, Joshua. You won’t regret it.”
Joshua complains, “You’ve been eavedropping, Naomi! I’ve spoken to
you about that before!” Abigail comes into the room and announces,
“I was too! Her beauty has bewitched you! Remember what our mother
used to say? ‘When the face of evil presents itself…’. Finish it,
Joshua”. Joshua says, “When the face of evil presents itself, it
must be destroyed, it must be crushed.” Abigail warns him, “Remember
that, Joshua, remember it well!”

*This episode formerly was only in kinescope form, but MPI located the
tape master and has issued it on VHS and DVD. Sci-Fi continues to show
the kinescope that was released to syndication however.
Episode 368/69 (Kinescope)
Worldvision Rerun 158
Tape Date: November 16, 1967 (ABC #233-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 22, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas is staring out the window in the living room of the
old house. Vicky comes into the room saying, “I hope I’m not
bothering you. Sarah said her sewing basket was in here.” Barnabas
remarks that he’s uneasy, explaining, “Josette’s ship is more
than a week overdue. If anything has happened to her…” Vicky
assures him, “Nothing has happened. Your fiancee will arrive here
safely”. Barnabas asks, “How do you know? Are you clairvoyant?
I’ve always wanted to meet someone who was clairvoyant.” Vicky
answers, “No”. Barnabas asks, “Are you sure you can’t tell the
future?” Vicky replies, “I wouldn’t tell the future to you if
I could. Not to you, not to anyone. Ever”. Barnabas prods her,
“Come, you were so positive before. Give me the date of her
arrival”, but Vicky just says, “I’ve told you all I can”. Joshua
comes into the room. Seeing Vicky there, he becomes angry and tells
her, “Your job is to watch Sarah!” Vicky leaves. Joshua asks
Barnabas, “Why aren’t you at the yards?” Barnabas replies, “I’m
worried about Josette”. Joshua angrily orders, “Go to the yards!”
Barnabas replies, “I’m not going to the office today. I have a
feeling I should be here today”. Joshua tells him, “I built these
yards by going whether I felt like it or not!” They argue. There’s
a knock at the door. Barnabas, anxious about Josette, starts
for the door. Joshua tells him not to answer the door, saying
it is the job of the servants to do that, but Barnabas goes and
opens it anyway. Standing outside is an exquisitely beautiful
blond woman. She exclaims, “Monsieur Barnabas!” Barnabas greets her,
“Angelique! What are you doing here? We weren’t expecting the
countess for another week! And where is the carriage? Why did you
walk all this distance?” Angelique explains that he carriage is on
the road, stuck in the mud. Barnabas introduces the woman to his
father, explaining that she is Countess DuPres’ maid. Joshua puzzles,
“But she wrote that she would be visiting New York City until the
day before the wedding.” Angelique replies, “The city does not suit
Naomi is in another room drinking. Joshua comes in, picks
up the half empty glass she was drinking from and remarks,
“An excellent sherry, far too good for this time of day. Little
wonder the house is so inefficiently run. If I ran my business
the way you run this house…”. She starts to argue with him.
He tells her, “We have guests.” Naomi asks, “Josette?” Joshua answers,
“No, her aunt and her maid, but their rooms are not ready for them
yet”. Naomi replies, “We weren’t expecting them. I’ll see to
everything”. Joshua asks, “How? Look at yourself!” Naomi insists,
“I’m all right”. Joshua caustically remarks, “You don’t look all
right. Perhaps they’ll be kind and think you ill”.
Barnabas and the countess Natalie DuPres(Grayson Hall) are in the
living room. The Countess DuPres grumbles, “No! No! It is impossible!
Josette wrote from Paris that she would be here last week!
There must be some kind of mistake! And there was no one here
to greet us!” Barnabas tries to explain, “We didn’t expect you”.
Natalie looks around and remarks, “So, this is how you expect
Josette to live.” Barnabas explains, “This house is to be my parents
wedding gift to us. After the marriage, they will move to the new
house”. He assures the countess, “Josette will be very happy here”.
Natalie grumbles about the awful weather. Joshua comes into the room,
introduces himself to Natalie and says, “I trust your trip was easy”.
Natalie complains, “No trip through this wasteland could be easy”.
Joshua asks, “Did you enjoy your stay in New York?” Natalie replies,
“It was ghastly, the kind of place that makes you enjoy being
elsewhere”. Joshua is surprised to find that Natalie insists on
being calld “Countess”, saying “But France has had a revolution
and is a republic like us now!” Natalie replies, “That’s why I
choose to live on Martenique!” The countess is shown up to her
room. Joshua orders Barnabas, “Go to the yards!” Barnabas acquiesces,
“As you wish, father”.
Joshua is talking with Naomi. He is grumbling about the fact
that Natalie insists on being called “Countess”, “Twenty years
ago, we fought a revolution! People are all equal here now!
If this Josette is anything like her aunt, I’ll…” Naomi interrupts,
“You’ll what? Call off the wedding?” Joshua replies, “Yes!” Naomi
tells him, “This is Barnabas’ business, not yours”, but Joshua says,
“It IS my business. Josette’s father is the largest producer of
sugarcane on the islands. He’s coming here to give us an exclusive
contract.” Naomi asks, “And love? Love has nothing to do with it?”
Joshua replies, “Love? What does that have to do with it?”
Barnabas and Natalie are sitting at a table in the living
room, an array of Tarot cards spread before them. Natalie tells
Barnabas about the Tarot cards. Barnabas remarks, “I thought someone
like you would be too sophisticated to believe in something like
this”. Natalie replies, “No, it is you who are too naive to believe
in them. The cards are never wrong!” She offers to read his future.
Barnabas points to a card and asks what it means. Natalie explains,
“That is infinity”. Barnabas asks, “You mean I am going to live
forever?” Natalie looks into the cards and gives a gasp, as if
she sees something she doesn’t like. They are interrupted by Vicky
coming into the room. Barnabas introduces Vicky and the countess
to each other. Vicky exclaims, “Julia!” Natalie says, “I beg your
pardon”. Vicky explains, “I’m sorry, you look very much like someone
I know”. Barnabas remarks, “I think Miss Winters might be very
interested in the Tarot cards. Just this morning, I accused her
of being clairvoyant”. Natalie and Barnabas go back to the cards.
Natalie points out the card that represents Josette, and announces
that her ship is safe. Barnabas points to a card next to the one
representing Josette and asks, “What is this card next to Josette?”
Natalie gasps, “The wicked woman!” Barnabas asks, “And what does
that mean?” Natalie starts to say, “It means…”, but then suddenly
announces, “The game is over!” Barnabas asks, “What is it you won’t
tell me?” Natalie replies, “There is a wicked woman in this house.
She will bring grief. But the cards do not tell who she is”. Natalie
glances at Vicky…
Barnabas is in his room, reading a book. He thinks to himself,
“Why wouldn’t the countess finish reading the cards? It’s all
nonsense! Josette will come, and everything will be all right!
If there’s a wicked woman in the house, it’s the Countess!”
There’s a knock at the door. He asks, “Who is it?” There is no
response. The knocking resumes. Once again, Barnabas asks, “Who is
it?” Again, the knocking continues but there is no vocal response.
Barnabas goes and opens the door. Angelique comes into the room and
announces, “A ghost from your past! I’ve been waiting for this
moment all day! Here I am! Hold me! When you left our island, I
stayed up at nights thinking about you! Did you think about me?
Hold me tight and tell me!” Barnabas refuses, “No!” Angelique asks,
“Am I not pretty anymore?” Barnabas replies, “Yes, but it was a
mistake. I love Josette. I’m sorry. You and I…it’s impossible.
We both have different roles to play now”. Angelique asks, “And what
am I to be? Maid to Josette?” She tries to seduce him, “I am no
one’s servant but yours…”, but Barnabas exclaims, “No! Angelique!”
and pulls away from her. Angelique angrily says, “You will see!”
and leaves.
November 23, 1967 Thursday, Thanksgiving, pre-empted for Football.
(ABC #234-DRK-67)
Episode 370
Worldvision Rerun 159
Tape Date: November 20, 1967 (ABC #235-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 24, 1967 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Angelique comes out of the door to the left of the fireplace,
apparently the entrance to the servant’s quarters, into the living
room. She is holding a toy soldier identical to the one Sarah
gave David. Jeremiah comes down the stairs into the room. He
asks, “Have you seen Sarah?” Angelique replies that she hasn’t,
then hold up the doll and asks, “Mr. Collins, do you know what
this is?” Jeremiah replies, “It’s a member of the regiment!”
Angelique asks, “A member of the regiment?” Jeremiah explains,
“That’s what my nephew Barnabas called his toy soldiers when he
was a boy”. Angelique asks, “So it belonged to Barnabas?” Jeremiah
replies, “Yes, where did you find it?” Angelique tells him, “I was
cleaning my room and found it behind the chest”. Jeremiah tells
her, “I’ll put it in the playroom where it belongs”, but Angelique
says, “I’ll do it. I’d like to look at it for awhile. It’s a
fascinating toy” Jeremiah leaves. Angelique thinks to herself,
“So, it did belong to Barnabas. It’s just what I need! No one will
suspect that such an innocent plaything could cause Barnabas more
pain than he’s ever known!” She hears someone coming down the stair
and quickly puts the doll in her pocket. It’s Vicky. Angelique
asks, “You’re Sarah’s governess, aren’t you?” Vicky replies, “Yes”.
Angelique introduces herself, “I’m Angelique Bouchard”. Vicky
remarks, “We have several things in common. We’re both servants,
and this place is foreign to both of us”. Angelique asks, “You’re
not an American?” Vicky replies, “I am”. Angelique asks, “Then
what do you mean when you say this place is foreign to you?”
Vicky replies, “You wouldn’t understand”. Angelique tells Vicky,
“I’ve got to go to my room. I have something to do” and leaves.
Jeremiah comes into the room and asks Vicky if she knows where
Sarah is. Vicky replies, “She’s taking a nap”. Jeremiah remarks,
“You must be a very fine governess then. Sarah’s so full of energy,
the last governess could never get her to go to bed. Vicky Winters,
I hope you decide to stay with us for a while”. Vicky replies,
“Actually, I have very little choice in the matter. If I left, I
would have no place to go”. Jeremiah remarks, “You could go back
to the place where you came from”. Vicky says, “I still don’t
remember where I came from”. Jeremiah remarks, “You must come from
some place. Pretty girls like you don’t appear from thin air”.
Vicky says, “I hope you don’t believe your sister’s theory about
me, that I’m possessed by the devil”. Jeremiah recommends, “Pay no
attention to her”. Vicky protests, “But she seems to have quite
an influence on your brother Joshua”. Jeremiah replies, “I have
even more influence on him”. Vicky asks, “Why are you so kind to
me?” Jeremiah replies, “I find you mysterious and very charming”.
Seeing the look that comes onto her face, Jeremiah asks Vicky,
“Have I offended you?” Vicky replies, “No, it’s just that you look
so much like someone I knew” Jeremiah asks, “Was this person someone
you loved?” Vicky replies, “Someone I still love. Very much”.
Angelique is in her room in the servants quarters. She takes
the toy soldier out of her pocket and says to it, “You have an
important duty to perform, little soldier. Should I tell you what
it is? No, I’ll let you be as surprised as everyone else.” She
takes a blue handkerchief from her pocket, then continues talking
to the toy soldier, “Do you know what this is? It’s a handkerchief,
and it belongs to Barnabas. You and one handkerchief are all I need
to make Barnabas regret what he’s done to me!” There’s a knock at
the door. Angelique calls out, “Wait a minute”, puts the toy soldier
and the handkerchief in a drawer, then answers the door. It’s
Barnabas. He asks, “May I come in, Angelique?” Angelique snidely
asks, “Aren’t you worried someone might see you in the servant’s
quarters?” Barnabas comes in and replies, “I came here to apoligize
for the way I behaved last night. Can we be good friends?” Angelique
asks, “Nothing more than good friends?” Barnabas replies, “Anything
more than that is out of the question. Can’t you see that?” Angelique
embraces Barnabas and says, “I know the real reason you’re here!
You could’ve apoligized to me anywhere in the house, but you came
here!” Barnabas starts to say, “You still don’t understand…”, but
Anglelique just continues, “Our destinies were sealed those days
and nights in Martenique!” and kisses him. Barnabas at first
responds, then pulls away and says, “No! Angelique! I lost
control…” Angelique protests, “No! We did what we both wanted
to do!” but Barnabas says, “In the future, it would be best
if were never together alone. I am going to marry Josette”.
Angelique remarks, “You only THINK you love Josette”. Barnabas
insists, “I do love her”. Angelique asks, “So all the words you
said to me in Martenique meant nothing? Only an expression
for the moment and nothing more?” Barnabas tries to explain, “I
loved Josette even then, but I did not know she loved me until
later”. Angelique angrily says, “Leave the room! I want to be
alone!” Barnabas asks, “Can we still be friends?” Angelique replies,
“I’ll always be much closer to you than you think. Good day,
Barnabas!” Barnabas leaves. Angelique takes the toy soldier and
the handkerchief back out of the drawer and prepares to do something
with them, but then thinks, “No! No! It would be foolish to do it
now! I shall wait until Josette arrives! It would be wrong if she
were not here to see Barnabas suffer!”
Outside the front door, there is the sound of horse’s hooves,
then a carriage stopping. There’s a knock at the door. No one is
in the living room to hear it. The knocking continues. Finally,
the knocker, tired of waiting, opens the door himself and comes in.
Vicky, having heard the knocking, belatedly comes down to answer it
and sees the man (David Ford). The man grumbles, “At last, someone.
Has the Collins Family abandoned us? There was no one to greet us at
the docks, and now, no one to greet us at the house!” Vicky asks the
man who he is. He introduces himself, “I am Andre DuPres, and I am
here with my daughter Josette.” He calls out to the carriage,
“Josette!” Josette(Kathryn Leigh Scott) comes in. Vicky exclaims,
“You are Josette?!” and stares at her. Josette replies, “Oui. Why
are you looking at me that way?” Vicky apologizes, “Sorry”. Andre
asks Vicky, “Who are you?” Vicky replies, “Victoria Winters, Sarah’s
governess”. Andre Dupres grumbles, “Where are the members of the
Collins family? I hope this isn’t a sample of Collins hospitality!”
A voice replies, “I can assure you it isn’t!” Everyone turns
and sees that Jeremiah has entered the room. Andre grumbles, “I
expected a greeting from Joshua Collins himself! Where is he?!”
Jeremiah explains, “Your ship is two weeks overdue. If we knew
when you were coming, we’d have all been here to greet you”.
Faced with this irrefutable logic, Andre DuPres calms down and
explains, “Oh, the ship was blown off course by a storm.” Vicky,
startled by Josettes’s uncanny resemblance to Maggie, continues to
stare at her. Josette, noticing that Vicky is still staring at her,
asks, “Is something wrong? Is there some reason why you keep staring
at me?” Vicky replies, “No, sorry”. Jeremiah quickly explains,
“She’s only been with us a few days. She’s not accustomed to our
ways of speaking and acting yet”. He turns to Josette and tells her,
“Barnabas will be here any moment”. Jeremiah shows Andre DuPres up
to his room. Angelique comes into the room and sees Josette. They
greet each other effusively in French. Barnabas, who’s just come
into the room, remarks, “What a beautiful language, but not as
beautiful as you are, Josette!” Josette exclaims, “Barnabas!”
Barnabas replies, “Josette, welcome to your new home”. They embrace.
Angelique watches on, an expression of pure hate on her face. She
thinks to herself, “Mademoiselle, make the most of this moment. He
won’t be yours much longer!” Barnabas and Josette kiss. Angelique
stands there with a jealous look on her face. Finally, Barnabas and
Josette finish kissing and Josette asks Angelique, “Angelique, is my
room ready?” Angelique replies, “Oui, mademoiselle, I spent all
yesterday arranging things the way I thought you’d like them”.
Josette orders, “Put my bags in there”. Angelique replies, “Of
course.” Barnabas remarks to Josette, “It seems like 3 years since
we’ve seen each other!” Josette replies, “It’s only been three
months!” They kiss again.
Angelique is her room. She takes out the toy soldier and
the handkerchief and says to the soldier, “Wake up, toy soldier!
The time has come for duty! My mistress has arrived to prepare for
her wedding. But there isn’t going to be a wedding, is there?” She
unfurls the handkerchief and wraps it around the doll’s neck,
remarking, “There. Now everything’s ready. To start, just a little
pressure. Just enough to make him uncomfortable”.
In the living room, Barnabas and Josette are now alone. They
are kissing again. Suddenly, Barnabas stops. Josette asks,
“Barnabas, what is it?” Barnabas replies, “Nothing, my collar’s
on juat a little too tight, that’s all”. He loosens his collar,
then asks, “Tell me about your trip to Paris”, but Josette replies,
“No, first I’d like to meet your family, then see your estate”.
Barnabas tells her, “I’ll treat you to the grand tour. After one
more kiss!” They kiss again.
In her room, Angelique says to herself, “The moment has come,
Barnabas! I wish I could see the look on your face when you feel
the pain! I wish I could see the look on Josette’s face when she
sees what’s happening to you!” She pulls the handkerchief tight.
In the living room, Barnabas suddenly grabs his throat in
pain. Josette asks, “Barnabas, what is it?” Barnabas gasps, “I
don’t know, I can’t breathe! I feel as if something were choking
me! Help me, Josette! The room is getting dark, you’ve got to help
me!” He lets out a choked scream, “Ahhhhhhh!” and collapses onto
the floor. Josette screams, “Barnabas!”
Episode 371
Worldvision Rerun 160
Tape Date: November 17, 1967 (ABC #236-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 27, 1967 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Jeremian comes running downstairs. He asks, “Miss DuPres, what
happened?” Josette replies, “He said he was choking!” Jeremiah
loosens Barnabas’ collar and asks, “Is that any better?”, but
Barnabas seems unable to answer. Vicky comes running down and asks,
“What happened?” Josette recounts what happened. Jeremiah asks, “Did
he say what happened?” Josette replies, “Only that the room was
getting dark” and asks, “Mr. Collins, what’s wrong with him?! Is
he going to get well again?” Jeremiah says, “I’m taking him up to
his room. I’ve got to get a doctor!” and starts taking Barnabas
upstairs. Josette says, “I’ve got to be near him!” and goes up too.
Jeremiah takes Barnabas up to his room and puts him in his
bed. Josette and Vicky come in. Vicky asks, “Has anything like
this ever happened to him before?” Jeremiah replies, “He’s never
had a sick day in his life! I’ve got to go get a doctor!” Josette
begs, “Please hurry, Mr. Collin, please hurry!”
In her room, Anglique pulls on the ends of the handkerchief
around the toy soldier’s throat and smiles…
Jeremiah is pacing nervously in the living room. Dr. Thornton
comes down the stairs. Jeremiah asks, “Well?” Dr. Thornton replies,
“Mr. Collins, I don’t know what to tell you…” Jeremiah suggests,
“Tell me what’s wrong with him”. Dr. Thornton replies, “Nothing’s
wrong with him. Physically, he’s a sound as any man could be”.
Jeremiah asks, “Then what’s choking him?” Dr. Thornton replies,
“Nothing”. Jeremiah asks, “Are you telling me he’s NOT sick?”
The doctor replies, “No, he is sick, but I can’t find any medical
reason for it. He can’t go on like this much longer. You said it
struck suddenly. Perhaps he might recover just as suddenly.” The
doctor leaves. Vicky, who’s just come into the room, tells Jeremiah,
“Mr. Collins, no matter what that doctor just said to you, your
nephew will be all right.” Jeremiah asks, “How do you know that?”
Vicky says, “Because it didn’t…because it can’t happen! Nothing’s
going to happen to Barnabas Collins. He’s going to be all right.
There’s something that’s been puzzling me, though. The way you held
him, the way you tried to soothe his pain, you showed great affection
for him.” Jeremiah asks, “That suprises you? Why?” Vicky replies, “I
was under the impression you two weren’t very close.” Jeremiah gets
very angry, and asks Vicky how she could form such an opinion when
she hardly knows them. He tells her,”We’re as close as brothers!” He
calms down and apoligizes for his outburst, attributing it to worry
over Barnabas, adding, “There’s so much I want to do for him, but I
don’t know what to do…”
Josette is kneeling beside Barnabas’ bedside, telling him, “You
must get well again, you must…” Angelique, who’s just come into
the room, smiles, then says, “Mademoiselle, I heard that something
is wrong with Mr. Barnabas!” Josette says, “Angelique, we don’t know
what to do for him! Not even the doctor knows!” Angelique asks,
“There was nothing he could do?” Josette replies, “Nothing!”
Angelique says, “I do not understand”. Josette explains, “The
doctor examined him and said there was nothing wrong with him
physically, but even I can see he’s in pain! We’ve tried everything,
but nothing seems to help. I was praying when you came in…”
Angelique interrupts, “Mademoiselle, if you are going to pray, you
should have the medallion of St. Pierre with you!” Josette replies,
“I have it in my luggage. I’ll get it. I’ll be able to find it much
faster than you!” and leaves.
Angelique looks down on Barnabas and thinks to herself,
“Poor Barnabas, no on knows what’s wrong with you, no one but
I. You are such a foolish man. Perhaps you will learn from this,
after you have suffered enough. Perhaps you will feel differently
about me. You look so pathetic, but you have no one but yourself
to blame for that.” She asks Barnabas, “Do you have anything to
say to me, Barnabas?”, but finds that Barnabas can’t speak.
She massages his throat and asks, “Is that better? Have you anything
to say to me?” Barnabas gasps, “Help me!” Angelique sarcastically
asks, “But how can I help you? I am only a servant, and last night,
I was not even worthy of you!” Barnabas says, “I’m going to die…”
Angelique exclaims, “NO!” Barnabas continues, “There’s very little
time left. Death is all around me! Do something, help me! Help me!”
Angelique thinks to herself, “I do not want you to die! I love you,
Barnabas. If you die, I will have no one! I don’t want to lose you!”
Josette returns with the medallion of St. Pierre. Barnabas says,
“Josette, I’m going to die, very soon. I can feel it happening,
Josette.” Josette says, “No! That’s not true! You’re getting better!
Just a moment ago, you couldn’t even speak!” Angelique leaves. She
goes to her room.
In her room, Angelique tries to untie the handkerchief knotted
around the toy soldier’s throat, but finds that she cannot. She
exclaims, “What’s the matter with it? I do not remember tying it
so tight! I must get it loose, before it’s too late! A knife! Yes!”
She runs around the room, looking for a knife, but cannot find one.
She returns to the doll and frantically tries to untie the
handkerchief again. This time, she succeeds.
In Barnabas’ room, Barnabas suddenly recovers and exclaims,
“It’s gone, Josette! Whatever it was, it’s gone! I feel just as
I did before it happened!” Josette rejoices, “It’s over! It’s all
over! I’m so happy!” Jeremiah comes into the room. Josette exclaims,
“Mr. Collins, he’s recovered!” Jeremiah asks, “How did it happen?”
Barnabas replies, “I don’t know. A minute ago, it just stopped.”
Jeremiah remarks,”The doctor said it might stop suddenly”. Barnabas
remarks, “This has been the most frightening experience of my life.
I was no more than a minute from death. I could feel it close to me,
telling me my time had come…”
In Angelique’s room, Angelique talks to the toy soldier,
“How foolish of me, little soldier, how very foolish of me.
If Barnabas had died, what would I have? Nothing! I must find
some other way, a means of preventing his marriage to Josette,
while keeping him alive. Then he shall turn to me, and I shall
be his. I shall be his!”
Episode 372
Worldvision Rerun 161
Tape Date: November 21, 1967 (ABC #237-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 28, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

A man kneeling down in front of the fireplace in the living
room of the old house, cleaning it. Vicky comes into the room
and asks, “Have you seen Sarah?” The man, his back to the room
and his face unseen, replies, without turning, “She ain’t here”.
Vicky asks, “Do you know where she might be?” The man replies,
“No”. Vicky introduces herself, “We haven’t met yet. I’m Victoria
Winters” The man turns and asks, “The new governess?” Vicky is
shocked to see who it appears to be and screams, “Matthew! Matthew
Morgan!” The man (Thayer David) asks, “Why are you looking at me
like that?” Vicky screams in terror, “Please don’t come near me!
Please stay away from me! Please stay away! Please stay away!” The
man grabs Vicky and tries to quiet her down, but Vicky continues
to shout, “No, please, Matthew! Leave me alone!” Joshua, hearing
the commotion, comes into the room and shouts, “Stokes! What are
you doing? Let go of Miss Winters at once!” Stokes lets Vicky go.
Joshua looks at the man and demands, “Now I want an explanation
from you!” Stokes replies, “I didn’t do nothing. We were talking,
and she suddenly started screaming. I didn’t do nothing!” Vicky
explains, “He didn’t do anything. He just looks like someone I
knew a long time ago who frightened me”, but Joshua says, “That’s
very kind of you, Miss Winters, but Stokes must be punsished”.
Vicky asks, “Why? He didn’t do anything”. Joshua replies, “Because
I’ve told him many times before he’s not to talk to any woman in this
house”. Vicky protests, “But I started the conversation”, but Joshua
tells her, “It doesn’t matter. He must be punished”. Vicky protests,
“But that’s not fair”, but Joshua tells her, “I decide what’s fair
and what’s not fair in this house. Now Stokes. The holiday you were
to have tomorrow is now cancelled”. Stokes meekly mutters, “Yes”.
Johsua asks, “Yes, who?” Stokes replies, “Yes, Mr. Collins”. Joshua
finally tells him, “All right. You may go.” Stokes leaves. Vicky
begs, “Mr. Collins, I wish you would reconsider”, but Joshua sternly
replies, “Once I make a decision, I never reconsider”. Vicky
protests, “But it was my fault”, but Joshua tells her, “You don’t
understand. Stokes is a hardened criminal. He came from a prison
in Salem. He’s indentured here for the rest of his sentence. He’s
strong, and I need strong men to clear the property…” Vicky asks,
“What was his crime?” Joshua answers, “He broke into a farmhouse and
ransacked it. He claimed he was returning from the war and was
starving and cold”. Vicky remarks, “Maybe he was telling the truth”.
Joshua says, “You sound just like Barnabas and Jeremiah. I don’t know
where they got their sentimental streaks from…” He continues, “We’re
expecting visitors. Cousin Millicent and her brother Daniel. Please
help prepare for their arrival.” Vicky asks, “How long are they
staying?” Joshua replies, “At least till the wedding. Perhaps
longer. Ever since she and Jeremiah were children, they’ve been
intended for one another. Perhaps there will be two weddings
instead of one”. Vicky exclaims, “But Millicent never married!”
Joshua, puzzled, asks, “Why do you say that?” Vicky tries to
explain, “Oh, I was talking about a character named Millicent
I read about in a book”. Joshua remarks, “You have the habit
of saying the strangest things, Miss Winters”. Vicky excuses
herself, “I think Sarah needs me” and leaves.
Angelique is in the woods, looking around. Suddenly, she
exclaims, “Ah! There it is! I was certain it grew around here!”
She starts to pick leaves from a tree and put them into a little
basket she’s carrying. Suddenly, a voice shouts, “What are you
doing?” She turns. It’s Stokes. Angelique replies, “I was just
gathering some herbs”. Stokes asks, “What are you going to do
with this stuff?” Angelique replies, “Miss DuPres likes a special
salad made with herbs. I was going to surprise her”. Stokes asks,
“Do you know what you have there?” Angelique replies, “Bay leaves”
Stokes exclaims, “Bay leaves?! It’s deadly nightshade! Enough of
that will kill a man!” Angelique, looking shocked, dumps the
contents of her basket onto the ground, and says, “Thanks”. Stokes
warns her, “You’ve got to be careful in these woods”. He turns to
leave. Angelique asks, “Where are you going?” Stokes replies, “I have
work to do”. Anglique protests, “But I haven’t had the chance to
thank you. I’m Angelique”. Stokes remarks, “I’ve seen you around.
You’re the maid of Miss DuPres” and introduces himself, “I’m Ben
Stokes”. Angelique remarks, “I saw you out my window. You were
lifting a carraige out of a hole, all by yourself. You’re very
strong”. Ben, looking embarassed, replies, “I get by. Why do you
want to talk to me? I shouldn’t be talking to you. I’ll be punished
if anyone sees me talking to you. Whipped, probably”. Angelique asks,
“Why?” Ben replies, “Mr. Collins says I’m not to talk to any woman
in the house.” Angelique says, “That’s cruel”. Ben replies, “Mr.
Collins is more than cruel. One day…!!! I’ve got work to do”.
Angelique says, “I hope we can talk again some time.” Ben asks,
“Why? Most women just pass me by”. Angelique replies, “I like
talking to you. Don’t be embarrased!” Ben says, “I’ve got to go”.
Angelique asks, “Oh, you won’t tell anyone you saw me picking
these leaves, will you? I don’t want anyone to know what a mistake
I almost made”. Ben promises, “I won’t tell no one nothing” and
leaves. After he’s out of sight, Angelique kneels down, picks up
the leaves she had picked and puts them back into the basket…
There’s a knock at the door to Angelique. A voice calls,
“Angelique?” Angelique not being inside, there is no answer. The
door opens. Vicky comes in. She sees the toy soldier and handkerchief
lying on a table. She examines them, a puzzled look on her face.
She looks around the room. Angelique returns and says, “Oh! Miss
Winters!” Vicky apologizes, “I’m sorry if I startled you.” Angelique
replies, “It’s all right. What do you want?” Vicky tells her, “Miss
DuPres was looking for you”. Angelique explains, “It was such a
nice day, I took a walk in the woods. Thank you for delivering the
message”. Vicky picks up the toy soldier and asks, “By the way,
what is this doing here?” Angelique asks, “What is it?” Vicky
replies, “A toy soldier. It belonged to Barnabas Collins when he
was a boy. It should be on a shelf in the nursery. What’s it doing
here?” Angelique lies, “I don’t know. Perhaps Sarah left it here”.
Vicky asks, “Sarah comes here to play?” Angelique replies, “She has
several times”. Vicky picks up the handkerchief and asks, “Did she
leave this too? It’s Barnabas Collins'” Angelique asks, “How do you
know?” Vicky replies, “It has his monogram on it”. Angelique lies,
“I don’t know”. Vicky remarks, “She shouldn’t take things. I’m
going to scold her about this”. Angelique exclaims, “No! That would
be too harsh!” Vicky says, “All right, I’ll just talk to her, then”.
Angelique begs, “No, don’t do that either!” Vicky asks, “What’s your
objection?” Angelique says, “I have a confession to make. I don’t
want you to scold Sarah because she might stop coming to play here
if you did. She might think I told you. I’d be miserable”. Vicky
agrees not to talk to Sarah about the doll and the handkerchief
and leaves. Angelique thinks to herself, “That was close! Too close!
I’ve got to find someone to help me, to work for me, to keep
suspicion away from me. But who? I know!”
Kneeling in front of the fireplace in her room, Angelique
opens a series of bottles and pours various powders into a
mortar, then takes a pestle and grinds them up. She then
opens what looks like a Mason jar and pours some amber liquid
into the mortar, swirls it around, then pours the contents into
a goblet.
Vicky is walking around outside the house. She comess upon
Ben Stokes, who is sitting on the stump of a tree, holding an
ax and looking very tired. She tells him, “Ben, I was looking
for you. I want to apoligize for getting you into trouble this
morning. I didn’t mean for it to happen. I know you were looking
forward to that holiday very much”, but Ben says, “Mr. Collins
would have found another way to take it away.” Vicky starts to say,
“I know he’s strict…” Ben interrupts, “Strict?! Mean’s the word
for it! He’s so mean that some days I want to reach out for his
throat with both hands and..” He buries the ax in the tree stump
in anger.
In her room, Angelique chants, “Ben Stokes, you are going to
come to me, Ben Stokes…”
In the woods, Ben starts to act strangely. Vicky asks, “What’s
the matter?” Ben replies, “I don’t know, I’m feeling strange. You’d
better go now.” Vicky asks, “Are you all right?” Ben replies, “Yes,
I just want you to go away. If anyone catches me talking to you,
I’ll be in more trouble.” Vicky leaves. Ben suddenly hears a voice
call “Ben Stokes!” He asks, “Who’s calling me? Who’s there?” A
ghostly figure of Angelique appears and says, “Come to me, I want
you to come to me!” Ben asks, “Who are you?” The ghostly figure
replies, “Come to me! Come to me!” and fades away.
Ben goes to Angelique’s room and knocks on the door. Angelique
shouts, “Come in!” Ben opens the door and goes in. Angelique greets
him, “Hello!” Ben, looking puzzled, remarks, “I don’t know what I’m
doing here”. Angelique replies, “You are here because I wanted you
to come here. Didn’t you here me calling you?” Ben, misinterpreting
the situation and thinking Angelique wants him for amorous reasons,
tries to embrace her, but Angelique pulls away and says, “No! Later!
First, I want you to drink this!” She holds up the goblet of the
liquid she prepared earlier. Ben asks, “What’s in it?” Angelique
replies, “Never mind. Just drink it”. Ben, filled with lust, asks,
“And after that?” Angelique replies, “We shall see!” Ben gulps the
potion down and asks, “What now?” Angelique asks, “How do you feel?”
Ben replies, “Strange!” Angelique explains, “That’s because you
have no longer have any will of your own! My will is your will!
You shall do what I tell you to do! You shall be my slave!”
Episode 373
Worldvision Rerun 162
Tape Date: November 22, 1967 (ABC #238-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 29, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Angelique continues, “Yours is the hand I will use when mine
is too small, yours it the arm I will use when mine is too
weak. You know the forest near here? You must go there and
get a spider’s web from an oak tree. You must be very careful.
Not a single strand of the web can be broken.” Ben protests, “I
can’t. Mr. Collins…”, but Angelique tells him, “Mr. Collins is
not your master anymore. I am! You must hurry! I must begin my
Ben returns with a forked branch from an oak tree. In the
fork is a spider’s web. He asks, “What do you want it for?”
Angelique replies, “It will be a dress”. Ben exclaims, “I’d like
to see you walking around here in it!” Angelique, irritated,
replies, “It’s not for me!”. She takes out a headless brown doll and
explains, “This will be Josette, with her handkerchief for a dress,
and a lock of her beloved’s hair for a belt”. Ben asks, “How are
you going to get a lock of Mister Barnabas’ hair?” Angelique replies,
“Not Barnabas, Jeremiah”. Ben laughs, “HAHAHA! Josette is going
to marry Mr. Barnabas, not Mr. Jeremiah!”. Angelique says,
“I don’t think he’ll want her. What does a man most hate in
a woman? Unfaithfulness! When he sees Josette with Jeremiah,
he’ll come running to me!” Ben, shocked, says, “I can’t let you
do anything to harm Mr. Barnabas! I’ll tell!!!” Angelique warns him,
“If you do, I’ll cause you to lose your voice!” Ben exclaims, “You’re
a witch!” Angelique replies, “And you are my helper!”
Jeremiah sees Ben lugging more luggage in through the front
doors and asks, “More arrivals?” Ben answers, “Yes” Jeremiah asks,
“Who?” Ben replies, “I don’t know their names”. Ben continues to
struggle with the heavy luggage and nearly drops a suitcase. Joshua,
who’s coming down the stair, sternly warns him, “Be careful with
Millicent’s things!” Joshua comes downstairs, and Ben lugs the
luggage upstairs. Joshua hints to Jeremiah about his plans for him
to marry Millicent, noting, “Her real estate holdings in New York
have increased in value tremendously in the five years since her
parents died in that accident”. Millicent (Nancy Barrett) comes
downstairs. Joshua introduces her and Jeremiah to one another.
Jeremiah is somwhat rude to Millicent. Vicky comes downstairs.
Joshua starts to say, “Miss Winters, I’d like to introduce you
to cousin Millicent…”, but Vicky suddenly exclaims, “Carolyn!”
Millicent, puzzled, asks, “Did you say something?” Vicky replies,
“No, it’s just that you look so much like someone I knew a long
time ago, so very, very long ago”.
Jeremiah and Vicky are alone in the living room, Joshua and
Millicent having left. Jeremiah remarks, “You must be pleased.
That was very encouraging a few minutes ago” Vicky asks, “What?”
Jeremiah explains, “Your confusing Cousin Millicent with someone
you knew a few minutes ago. Your memory must be coming back”.
Vicky says, “I still don’t know why I’m here, but I think it’s
for a purpose”. Jeremiah suggests, “To educate Sarah”. Vicky
replies, “No, I think it’s something other than that. I think
I’m here to change things”. Jeremiah remarks, “We’ve only
known each other for a few days, but I’ve got the strange
feeling we’ve known each other in some other time, so other place”.
Vicky remarks that he sounds like a romantic. Jeremiah replies, “No,
I’m a realist”. He gripes about Joshua’s unrealistic plans for him
to marry Millicent, about how Joshua tries to run his life for him
all the time. He vows, “But this time, he will not get his way!”
Vicky remarks, “No, he will not. She will never marry”. Jeremiah
remarks, “Miss Winter, you say the strangest things!” Joshua comes
into the room. Seeing Vicky there, he sternly tells her, “Still
here, Miss Winters? It’s past Sarah’s bedtime. Now that Daniel is
here, your duties will include him, too. You will have very little
free time for yourself”. Vicky leaves to put Sarah to bed as ordered.
Jeremiah complains to Joshua, “You were very rude to her!” Joshua
retorts, “And you were very rude to Cousin Millicent this morning!”
They start arguing about marrying Millicent again. Joshua asks, “I
don’t know how you can let Millicent’s fortune escape us! I see we
cannot discuss this tonight!” Jeremiah adds, “Or ever!” Joshua
says, “I hope that in time you can come to view Millicent with
an open mind. Her visit will be an extended one”. Jeremiah remarks,
“You never give up, do you?”
In Angelique’s room, Angelique takes a hat out of a box, puts it
on, and admires herself in a mirror. There’s a knock at the door.
It’s Ben. She lets him in and asks, “How do you like my new hat,
Ben?” Ben remarks, “It doesn’t go with the rest of you”. Angelique
replies, “Then I’ll change the rest of me! Everything from Paris
for me!” Ben accusingly says, “You stole that hat from Miss Josette,
didn’t you?” Angelique replies, “She has lots of hats. She’ll
never miss it”. She looks at the mug Ben is holding and asks,
“That’s Jeremiah’s toddy, isn’t it?” Ben answers, “Yes”. Angelique
opens a vial and pours some kind of liquid into it. Ben asks,
“That’ll just put him to sleep, won’t it?” Angelique replies, “Yes,
it’ll just put him to sleep”. Ben asks, “It won’t taste any
different, will it? Mr. Jeremiah is mighty particular about his
toddy”. Angelique assures him, “It won’t. You know what to do after
he’s asleep”. Ben replies, “Yes. I wish YOU could do it, though”
Angelique protests, “A lady can’t do that! And I am almost a lady!
I’ve been watching Josette. My table manners are as good as hers,
and I can tell the finest silk, and not by looking at the price tag,
Ben brings Jeremiah’s toddy to his room and announces, “Your
toddy, Sir”. Jeremiah replies, “Just put it down”. Ben does so
and waits. Jeremiah asks, “Yes, Ben?” Ben replies, “Your toddy,
Sir, is it all right?” Jeremiah takes a sip and replies, “Yes,
it’s fine, thank you”.
Angelique, in her room, starts to cast a spell. She puts a
woman’s handkerchief over the doll like a dress and remarks
in a sarcastic voice, “Yes, Mademoiselle Josette, no, Mademoiselle
Josette! She thinks she orders me, and she does, but only in her
room. But in this room, I order her! She can tell me to wash her
laundry and make her bed, but I am making a life for her, a life
she’ll loathe so much, there’ll be only one thing she’ll be able
to do! I am waiting for you, Ben. Bring me what I need now!”
Jeremiah is sleeping peacefully in bed. Ben sneaks into his
room, steals a ring from his hand, then snips a lock of hair from
his head…
Angelique has the ring and the lock of Jeremiah’s hair, which
Ben has given her. She rubs the lock of hair on the inside of the
ring and remarks, “Oil from the ring, oil from his skin, will
bind his hair into a belt for the cobweb of love. The cobweb of
love will trap you, Josette, and the strength of the web will be
as iron!” She puts the cobweb over the doll, then ties it securely
with the lock of Jeremiah’s hair and announces, “There! It’s done!
Josette loves Jeremiah! Josette loves Jeremiah! Josette loves
November 23, 1967 Thanksgiving Holiday – No Taping.
Episode 374
Worldvision Rerun 163
Tape Date: November 24, 1967 (ABC #239-DRK-67)
Air Date: November 30, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Ben is cleaning the fireplace in the room which will later
become known as “Josette’s room”. Angelique comes in and asks,
“Has Miss Josette gone downstairs?”, then remarks, “What a lovely
room. She says it’s going to be theirs, her’s and Barnbas'”. Ben
replies, “It is”. Angelique announces, “It won’t be”. Ben tells
her, “She’s decided. Once a woman decides something, it happens”.
Angelique replies, “Well, I am a woman, and I have decided. They
will never be together in this room! I am fortelling the future,
just like the Countess, and I don’t even need cards to do it!”
Angelique puts someting into one of Josette’s cologne bottles.
Ben asks, “Putting something in Miss Josette’s cologne?” Angelique
replies, “Not cologne, rose water. Men have always liked Josette, but
until your Master Barnabas came along, she didn’t want any of them.
Now she will learn! This will make her love someone who doesn’t want
her, someone who will go to Barnabas and tell him!”
Jeremiah and Barnabas are at the foot of the stairs. They are
arguing vociferously about Barnabas’ being out of bed already
in spite of the doctor’s orders that he rest in bed a week more.
Barnabas insists he feels fine. They continue to argue. Josette
walks into the living room and, seeing her, Barnabas says, “But
how can I stay in my room with Josette here? Where’s our first
wedding present? I’ve heard that it’s arrived”. Jeremiah tells him,
“Open it, but but go back to bed immediately afterwards!” and
leaves. Josette tells Barnabas that she didn’t like seeing Jeremiah
ordering him about, but Barnabas explains, “He’s only doing it
because he cares for me. He’s my best friend. What do you think
of him?” Josette replies, “I’ve never thought much about him.”
Barnabas suggests, “Let’s go look at our first present”. They go
into the living room. Sitting on a table is a gift box. Barnabas
asks, “What do you think it is?” Josette playfully guesses, “A
pitcher!” Barnabas asks, “Silver or glass?” Josette replies,
“Silver!” Barnabas says, “I think you’re wrong. I think it’s a
globe. A globe of the world.” Josette opens the box and screams,
“AHHHH!” Barnabas asks, “What’s wrong?” Josette drops the box onto
the floor. A skull in a black wig rolls out. Josette asks, “Who
could’ve sent us such a thing?! Who could hate us so much?” Barnabas
vows, “I’ll find out! Someone must have brought it in here. It
couldn’t have just appeared!” Barnabas calls for Ben and asks him
who brought the box into the living room. Ben replies, “I don’t know.
It was already here when I came in the morning”. Barnabas angrily
vows to find out who sent it and asks Ben to help him. Ben asks,
“How?” Barnabas replies, “You’re the strongest man around. Someone
must really hate us to have sent us such a thing. When Josette goes
into the village, I want you to accompany her.” Ben protests, “But
Mr. Collins has things for me to do…” Barnabas replies, “Don’t
worry. I’ll talk to him. When Josette and I are married, I will ask
father to let you stay with Miss Josette and me in this house.
I don’t see why you can’t serve the rest of your sentence with
us”. Ben is overjoyed and says, “There’s something I’ve got to
tell you. You’ve been better to me than anyone. I don’t know
anything about that box, but there are other things…” Suddenly,
he stops talking and lets out a choked, “Ahhh!” Barnabas asks,
“What’s the matter, Ben?” Josette exclaims,, “He’s choking!”
Ben runs off.
Angelique is making the bed in her room. Ben comes running
in. Angelique asks, “Why, what’s wrong, Ben?” Ben doesn’t answer.
Angelique says, “So, you tried to tell Josette and Barnabas! I
warned you! I warned you about what would happen! You may be in
another room, Ben, but you can’t escape me!” Ben, angry, holds
his hands up and starts to approach Angelique, obviously intent
on strangling her, but Angelique casts a spell causing him to
become immobile and stops him in his tracks. She tells him, “You
can never harm me! I have too many powers! If I let you move, will
you promise not to harm me? If I let you speak, will you promise
never to tell anyone?” Ben nods with what little power of movement
he still has. Angelique releases him and says, “I’m waiting for
your promise, Ben.” Ben meekly says, “I promise.” Angelique asks,
“Promise what?” Ben replies, “Never to harm you, and never to
tell anyone”. Angelique sarcastically remarks, “Sweet Ben!”
Barnabas is talking with Jeremiah about the horrible present.
Jeremiah promises, “I’ll find out. It could’ve been some malcotent
at the shipyard, or someone from the village who resents Joshua’s
success.” Barnabas remarks, I don’t think so. I think it was
someone in this house.” Angelique, nearby, hears this. Jeremiah asks,
“A servant?” Angelique comes into the room and tells Barnabas
she has a message for him. Jeremiah leaves. Angelique tells
Barnabas, “Miss Josette says she’s not up to seeing the new house
today. She’ll see you at dinner”. Barnabas shows her the box and
asks, “Do you know anything about this?” Angelique asks, “What?”
Barnabas tells her, “Look inside”. Angelique does so, sees the
skull and screams, “AHHHH!” Barnabas explains, “It’s a present
from someone who does not approve of my marriage” and asks, “Was it
you?” Angelique replies, “No! I would never do such a thing! I would
never do anything to hurt you!” and runs off.
Ben returns to the living room. Barnabas says, “I don’t understand
how you lost your voice. Where did you go? What did you do?” Ben just
replies, “I’m all right now.” Barnabas sasys, “It’s important, if
you know anything about anyone who has anything against me or
Josette, tell me”. Ben replies, “It was just a feeling I had. Some
folks around here hate the Collins family. They lump you all
together. They don’t know you’re different”. Barnabas asks, “Anyone
in particular?” Ben replies, “No, just folks”. Barnabas tells Ben,
“Ben, I meant what I said about you staying here with us.” Ben
replies, “I hope it happens”. Barnabas replies, “It will as soon
as Josette and I are married. And nothing will stop that, Ben!”
Josette is in her room, lying in bed. Angelique asks her,
“Is your headache feeling better? You never had headaches in
Martenique. Let me massage your forehead. I always do this when
the Countess has a headache. She says I have magic fingers. Close
your eyes…”. Josette closes her eyes. Angelique moistens her
fingers in the rosewater she had drugged earlier, and starts to
massage Josette’s forehead. Josette asks, “Have you ever been in
love, Angelique?” Angelique replies, “Yes”. Josette asks, “Someone
in Martenique?” Angelique replies, “Someone I met in Martenique.”
Josette asks, “Are you planning to marry him?” Angelique answers,
“He does not love me. Yet”. She finishes the massage and asks,
“Headache gone?” Josette replies, “Yes. I feel different”. Angelique
tells her, “Lie there for awhile. You will be astonished at how
different you will feel!”.
Jeremiah is in his room drinking another toddy. There’s a knock
at the door. Jeremiah asks, “Who is it?”, but the person does not
answer and just continues to knock. Jeremiah goes and opens the
doors and is surprised to see who it is. He exclaims, “Josette!”
Josette comes in and says, “I had to see you!” Jeremiah asks, “Has
something happened to Barnabas? What’s wrong?” Josette replies,
“Nothing! Now that I am here, I’m sure you know why I came.”
Jeremiah replies, “I do not.” Josette tells him, “Ever since I
have been in this house, I have wanted to be alone with you!” She
grabs him and embraces him and says, “I love you!”. Jeremiah, shocked,
pushes her away and exclaims, “No you don’t! You love Barnabas!”
Josette, apparently shocked at what she’s just done, gasps, “Oh!”
covers her mouth with her hands, and runs from the room.
Josette runs back to her room. Angelique asks, “Mademoiselle,
where have you been? Mademoiselle, tell me what happened!”, but
Josette just replies, “I want to be alone! I have to be alone!”
and throws herself onto the bed face down, very distraught.
Angelique turns to leave as ordered. Just as she is going out the
door, she looks back at the distraught Josette and smiles evilly…

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