September 1969

Episode 831
Worldvision Rerun 609
Tape Date: August 22, 1969 (ABC #176-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 1, 1969 Monday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Trask orders Magda to leave. She does. He then unshackles
Quentin and tells him, “I’m taking you to the police so they
can see the tranformation too”. Quentin replies, “That wouldn’t
be such a good idea. I have the confession you and Evan Handley
signed to the murder of your wife Minerva. If you take me to
the police, I’ll give it to them”. Trask points the gun at
Quentin’s head and demands, “Where is it?”, but Quentin refuses
to tell him. Trask pistol whips Quentin and knocks him out, then
searches the room for the confession, but does not find it.
Finally, he looks inside Quentin’s coat pocket and finds it there.
Magda is downstairs, not knowing what to do. Angelique walks
in through the front door. Magda tells her what happened.
Trask takes Quentin down into the cellar and locks him there.
(Why there’s a jail cell down in the cellar is not explained).
He tells Quenitn, “Due to the delay caused by my having to find
the confession, there isn’t time to take you to the police, so
I’m locking you in here. I’ll watch the transformation, then
get the police so they can watch you tranform back in the morning”.
Angelique and Magda go up to Quentin’s room, but find no one
there. Angelique tells Magda to go and get something belonging to
Trask. Angelique uses a magic locket to see where Trask and Quentin
are. Magda returns with Trask’s reading glasses. Angelique tells
Magda, “I’ve found where Trask and Quentin are. They’re in the
jail cell in the cellar”. She then uses the locket and the reading
glasses to cast a spell on Trask to causing him to hear her voice in
his head giving him orders.
Trask is in the cellar with Quentin. Suddenly, Trask stiffens,
going into a trance where he hears Angelique’s voice in his head
giving him orders. She orders him, “Go up to the drawing room”.
He obediently goes up to the drawing room and sits down at the
desk. Continuing to follow Angelique’s orders, he takes out a
sheet of paper and writes a note confessing to being the
werewolf and saying suicide is the only answer.
Count Petofi comes in through the front door, bearing the
finished portrait of Quentin. Hearing Petofi coming, Trasks
hides the pistol with which he was going to commit suicide.
Petofi goes into the drawing room and realizes what’s happening.
He rushes out into the foyer. Magda comes out from the stair
under the stairs and, seeing Petofi, lets out a gasp of horror
and tries to flee, but he grabs her and demands to know where
Angelique is. She lies, “I don’t know”, but Petofi replies,
“I know you’re lying!”, and starts to strangle her. Magda
tells him, “She’s in Quentin’s room!”
Angelique continues to give Trask orders, telling him, “Raise
the gun to your head!”. He does so. She then tells him, “On
the count of three, you will shoot yourself”, then starts
counting, “One…Two…”, but suddenly, Petofi bursts into the
room and stops her.
Downstairs, the spell broken, Trask comes out of the trance.
He reads the note he has written, horrified at what it says,
crumples it up and throws it into the fire.
Magda is down in the cellar. She takes the keys to the
cell from the wall and prepares to release Quentin, but Trask
comes back down holding the gun and orders her to leave. She
does so. Trask, thinking it was Quentin who had put the
spell on him, tells him, “Whatever it was you tried to do to me,
it didn’t work, then looks at his watch and remarks, “In one
minute, the moon will rise and I’ll see you tranform”.
Episode 832
Worldvision Rerun 610
Tape Date: August 25, 1969 (ABC #177-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 2, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin starts to feel the werewolf pains, but suddenly,
they stop, and nothing happens. Quentin tells Trask, “You
were wrong about me being a werewolf”. Trask, certain that
he was not wrong, replies, “My watch must be wrong. I go
outside to see if the moon is out yet”, and goes upstairs.
A few minutes later, Trask returns and dejectedly says,
“The full moon has already risen. I must have been wrong
about you” and lets Quentin out of the cell.
At the Collinsport Inn, Amanda again tells Tim that she
wants to leave Collinsport.
Trask goes out into the wood and buries “his” confession
to having murdered Minerva.
At Collinwood, Quentin comes back upstairs and runs into
Petofi. Quentin remarks, “You don’t seem to be very surprised
to see me”. Petofi replies, “You live in this house. Why should
I be surprised to see you here?”. Quentin exlcaim, “Even on a
night with a full moon? What happened tonight? What do you have
to do with it?” Petofi coyly replies, “Maybe I had something to
do with it, maybe I don’t. Perhaps you’ll be getting the bill
At the Inn, Tim manages to convince Amanda to live at
Amanda goes to Collinwood and tells Trask that she has
decided to accept his offer and live there. Trask asks who
the man who’s been stalking her is. She replies, “I’ll never
tell you. If I did, you might be tempted to confront him,
and I’d never forgive myself if you did and he harmed you”.
Trask tells her, “I’ll tell the housekeeper to get a room
ready for you” and leaves. While he is gone, Amanda telephones
Tim and tells him, “I’ve changed my mind. I can’t go through
with it. I can’t stand being so close to Trask”. Tim starts
to argue with her, but Amanda hears someone coming and quickly
hangs up. But it is Quentin and not Trask who comes into the
room. They make small talk. It is apparent that they have
become smitten with one another. After Quentin leaves the
room, Amanda telephones Tim again and tells her that she’s
changed her mind again and asks him to have her luggage
sent over to Collinwood. Trask returns and sees Amanda on
the phone. He asks her what she’s doing. Amanda replies
that she’s just calling the Collinsport Inn to tell them
to send her luggage over.
Quentin is walking back up to his room. He thinks to
himself, “I shouldn’t have let myself weaken and fall in love
with that woman. If this had been an ordinary night with
the full moon out, I would have been a werewolf and would have
killed her”. When he gets to his room, he finds an easel
there with a painting on it, the painting covered with a cloth.
He reads the nameplate, which is visible on the bottom:
“Quentin Collins, 1897”. He lifts the cloth covering the
painting and is shocked to see that it is a portrait of
a werewolf wearing a suit…
Episode 833
Worldvision Rerun 611
Tape Date: August 26, 1969 (ABC #178-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 3, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin barges into Charles Delaware Tate’s studio and
angrily asks, “Why did you paint a portrait of me with a
wolf’s head?” Tate replies, “I have no idea what you’re
talking about”. He shows Quentin some prelimary sketches
of the portrait he had painted and says, “This is what I
painted”. All the sketches are of Quentin as a man. Quentin
asks, “Is that what the painting looked like when you put it
in my room?” Tate replies, “I didn’t put it in your room.
Petofi did”. Quentin tells Tate, “Come with me and take a look
at it!”
At Collinwood, Charity Trask walks down the stairs into
the foyer. Hearing Quentin’s music coming from behind the
closed drawing room doors and thinking he’s inside, she primps
in front of the mirror then goes into the drawing room. But
instead of Quentin, she finds Amanda Harris in there. Charity
becomes angry and accuses Amanda of trying to steal Quentin
from her. She asks Amanda, “What are you doing here, anyway?”
Amanda replies, “I live here now”. Charity is shocked and asks,
“And who’s letting you live here?” Amanda replies, “Your father”.
Charity, shocked, shouts for her father. Gregory Trask comes.
Charity asks, “Are you letting her live here?” Trask replies,
“I am”, and, seeing that Charity obviously doesn’t like the
idea, adds, “It’s none of your business. Go to your room”.
Charity refuses to do so, so Trask drags her upstairs to
her room.
Quentin takes Charles Delaware Tate up to his room and
shows him the portrait. Tate is shocked. It is, as Quentin
had said, the portrait of a werewolf. Tate, puzzled, tells
Quentin, “I have no idea how this happened” and leaves.
Gregory Trask is in the drawing room talking to Amanda.
Seeing Charles Delaware Tate coming down the stairs, he
excuses himself and goes out into the foyer, closing the
drawing room doors behind him. He asks Tate, “What are you
doing here?” Tate lies, “I was upstairs looking for you to
see about that painting of your daughter you wanted to have
done”. Trask replies, “It’s not a good time for that right
now. Charity is not well”. He thinks for a moment then tells
Tate, “But there is someone I would like a portrait of”, and
takes him into the drawing room. Tate is shocked to see
Amanda standing in there. Trask introduces them to one another
and leaves, saying, “I’ll leave you two to discuss the arrangements”
Tate tells Amanda, “I have the strange feeling that we’ve met
before”, and asks, “Do you have the same feeling?” Amanda replies,
“It’s strange, but Count Petofi also asked me if I had ever met
you. At the time, I couldn’t be sure if I had ever met a Charles
Delaware Tate, but now that I see you, I’m certain that I haven’t”
Tate asks her about her past, where she was born, etc, but Amanda
replies, “I’d prefer not to discuss that. It might seem strange,
but it’s a subject I’d prefer not to discuss”.
Trask goes up to Charity’s room. He and Charity have a furious
argument about Amanda living at Collinwood. Charity angrily tells
Trask, “If she’s going to live here, I’m moving out of Collinwood!”
Charles Delaware Tate finally manages to convince Amanda to
talk about her past. She tells him, “It’s strange, but I can’t
remember much about my past. The first memory I have is of
walking down a street, fully grown. It was March 11, 1895.
I remember the date because I found a newpaper with the date
on it”. This seems to stike a chord with Tate. He tells
Amanda, “I’ve got to check something out”, abruptly excuses
himself and leaves.
Charity comes down into foyer, packed to leave. Seeing
Amanda in the foyer, she says, “You may have won the battle,
but you haven’t won the war!”, then happily tells her, “You’ll
find your stay at Collinwood a horrible experience!” and storms
out the front doors.
Charles Delaware Tate goes back to his studio and searches
furiously through his sketches, looking for the first sketch he
had ever made of his “ideal woman”. He finds it, and sees that
it is dated March 11, 1895. He finds this too incredible to
believe and convinces himself that it must be a coincidence.
He tells himself, “I’ve got to take my mind off of this. I’ll
sketch something, anything”.
Quentin walks into the drawing room and finds Amanda there.
He turns on his music, and they dance. Eventually, they end up
kissing. Trask walks into the room and exclaims, “Miss Harris!”
Quentin and Amanda quickly separate. Trask angrily orders
Quentin to leave. Quentin does so. Trask angrily tells Amanda,
“I will help you fight your attraction to unsuitable men. From
now on, I will see to it that you and Quentin are never alone
in the same room again!”
Charles Delaware Tate finishes his sketch, a still life of
some objects he has placed on a table – a potted fern, a bowl
of fruit, and some loose fruit lying about on the table. He
looks at the sketch, decides, “It doesn’t look quite complete”,
sketches in a vase from his imagination, and says to himself,
“That looks much better”. But when he looks up at the table,
he finds that the vase he had made up is now actually sitting
there. He goes to the table and picks it up. It isn’t his
imagination. It is real…
Episode 834
Worldvision Rerun 612
Tape Date: August 27, 1969 (ABC #179-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 4, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Petofi comes to Tate’s studio and finds Tate there holding
a vase with a strange expression on his face. Petofi remarks,
“Nice vase. Where did you get it?” Tate lies, “I don’t know
where it came from. It came with the studio furnishings”.
Petofi takes it, examines it, and says, “Odd. No maker’s mark”.
Tate asks Petofi, “Why are you here?” Petofi replies, “I’m
expecting a guest here. I wrote a letter to him using your
name and address asking him to come here”. Tate asks, “Why
did you do THAT?”. Petofi replies, “I need to talk to this
person, but he would not come if he knew it was I who was
waiting here for him”.
Barnabas and Magda go to Quentin’s room. Magda tells Barnabas
about the surprising fact that Quentin did not tranform into
a werewolf the last night of the full moon. She also tells him
that she has learned the date of Quentin’s death, that Charity,
possessed by the spirit of Pansy Faye, had predicted that
Quentin would die on September 10 and be found dead in the
tower room. Barnabas tells Magda, “I must go to the future
to learn from Quentin’s ghost what killed him!”. He tells
her that the rods which he used to travel to the past were
found in Quentin’s room in 1969 so must be there now. They
start searching for them.
Petofi’s mystery guest arrives at Tate’s studio. It is
Edward Collins. Petofi asks Tate to leave so he can talk
with Edward in private. Tate does so. But Edward angrily
tells Petofi, “I don’t want to talk to someone who’s cursed
my family, who came to me under an assumed name!” Petofi
lies, “I have nothing to do with the curse, and I only came
to you under an assumed name because the gypsies had something
valuable of mine I came to retrieve, and it would have put them
on alert had I used my real name”. Edward replies, “I don’t
believe you”, but Petofi continues, “I asked you here because
I want to join forces with you against a common enemy – Barnabas
Collins”. Edward pretends not to know what Petofi is talking
about and says, “Why should I consider Barnabas Collins an
enemy of mine?” Petofi replies, “Because he’s a vampire”.
Edward, shocked, asks, “How did you find out?” Petofi replies,
“It’s not important how I found out, what’s important is that
I want to help you hunt him down. Trust me. I could easily
have gone to the police with this information, but I did not.
Since you did not go to the police yourself, I assumed that
you wanted to keep this a family secret. I respect that wish”.
Edward, impressed with the logic of this, decides to trust
Petofi, but when Petofi suggests they go question Magda,
Edward declines his offer of help, saying, “I will go to
the old house and question her alone. This is something
I must do myself”. Petofi warns Edward to be careful and
gives him a gun loaded with silver bullets to protect himself.
While searching for the I-Ching rods, Magda and Barnabas
find Quentin’s portrait sitting covered on an armchair. They
uncover it and are shocked to see that it is a portrait of
a werewolf in a suit. They examine the portrait and find
that the nameplate says, “Quentin Collins, 1897” and the
portrait is signed “Charles Delaware Tate”. Barnabas tells
Magda, “I’m certain Tate doesn’t know Quentin’s secret” and
theorizes that Petofi is behind this for some nefarious
reason. They continue seaching the room and finally find
the rods on the top shelf of the armoire. Barnabast tells
Magda, “I think it would be best if I used them in the same
place I did in 1969, the cellar of the old house”.
Barnabas and Magda go to the cellar of the old house.
Barnabas tells Magda what will happen when he uses the rods,
that his body will remain here while his spirit travels into
the future. He tells her that while he does this, she is to
go to Collinwood and warn Quentin to leave Collinwood and
not return until after September 10. Magda leaves to do so.
Barnabas concentrates on the rods. After a while, his
spirit leaves his body. He sees the door and starts going
towards it…
Episode 835
Worldvision Rerun 613
Tape Date: August 28, 1969 (ABC #180-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 5, 1969 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Edward goes to the old house to find Magda. Not finding
her upstairs, he goes down into the old house, where he finds
Barnabas sitting at a table. Meanwhile, Barnabas’s spirit
gets to the door, and it opens by itself for him. Edward,
seeing the rods and realizing that they’re some sort of
occult paraphanalia, angrily sweeps them off the table onto
the floor. The door slams shut on Barnabas’ spirit just as
he is about to go through.
In 1969, Barnabas’ body suddenly comes to life, then gasps
and vanishes. Professor tells a stunned Julia, “This can only
mean that Barnabas has died in 1897″.
In 1897, Barnabas regains consciousness and finds himself
locked in a cell in the cellar of the old house. Edward
tells Barnabas, “I couldn’t bring myself to shoot you, so
I have decided to let nature take its course. I will keep
you in this cell and let the sunlight destroy you” and leaves.
Barnabas looks around and notices that the writing desk in the
cell with him is the desk he had Willie move up to the living
room when they renovated the old house in 1967. He writes
a letter to Julia in which he tells her his plan has failed
and summarizes what happened, telling her that he’s learned
that Quentin is to die in 5 days on September 10, 1897, that
he was trying to go to the future using the rods to find out
from Quentin’s ghost what killed him, but that Edward had
learned his secret and locked him in a cell in the cellar of
the old house. He hides the letter in a secret compartment
in the desk.
In 1969, Amy is playing in the living room of the old house.
She plays around the desk, finds the secret compartment and
the letter.
Julia, devastated by Barnabas’ presumed death, comes upstairs.
She sees the letter Amy found. It is addressed to her, Julia
Hoffman and is dated September 5, 1897. She reads it and
rushes down into the cellar to show it to Professor Stokes.
He reads it, then asks Julia, “Do you know something about
Barnabas you’re not telling me?” Julia asks, “What do you
mean?” Stokes replies, “I’m puzzled by a passage in the
letter in which Barnabas writes, ‘Edward has become an implacable
enemy since learning my secret’. What secret is Barnabas talking
about?” Julia lies, “I would assume it’s the fact that he’s
from the year 1969″. Stokes, not completely convinced, remarks,
“But I don’t see why that would make Edward an implacable enemy”.
Julia tells Stokes, “I plan to do what Barnabas had planned to
do, learn from Quentin’s ghost what killed him, then travel into
the past myself to help Barnabas”. She tells Stokes, “I’m going
to take Amy with me to Collinwood to contact Quentin’s ghost.
Amy is in no danger. It’s David the ghost really wants”.
Julia goes upstairs and manages to convince a very reluctant
Amy to go to Collinwood with her to contact Quentin by saying,
“It’s the only way we’ll be able to help David”. They go to
Collinwood. In the foyer, Amy calls for Quentin’s ghost to
appear. Quentin’s music starts playing. Amy, frightened,
runs out of the house, leaving Julia alone in the foyer.
Episode 836
Worldvision Rerun 614
Tape Date: August 29, 1969 (ABC #181-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 8, 1969 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Julia calls for Quentin to show himself, but nothing happens.
The music stops. Julia wanders through the house shouting,
“Quentin! I have something important to discuss with you!”
Eventually, she goes into the tower room. There, Beth’s ghost
appears to her and tells her that Quentin’s ghost will not
appear to her, only to David. Julia asks why Quentin is so
fixated on David. Beth replies that it’s because Quentin is
convinced that David is a reincarnation of Jamison, someone
who had loved him in the past but eventually rejected him.
Julia tells Beth, “I can go back into the past and change
things, but I’ll need to know how Quentin died and who killed
him”. Beth tells her the story in the following flashback:
Beth learns from Angelique that Quentin is planning to
marry Angelique. Devasted by the news, Beth goes to her
room, gets a bottle of poison, and prepares to commit suicide
by pouring it into a glass of water and drinking it. She is
interrupted when Jamison comes running excitedly into the room
telling her, “I’ve finally finished the puzzle you gave me!”
Jamison sees the poison and the glass of water Beth had planned
to put it in. He realizes that Beth was about to commit suicide
and asks why she would want to do so. Beth breaks down in tears
and tells him that Quentin is going to marry Angelique instead of
her. Jamison leaves, taking the poison with him to prevent
Beth from killing herself with it. Beth goes to the bureau,
takes a revolver out of a drawer, and looks at it.
Jamison goes to the drawing room and finds Quentin there.
He tells Quentin, “I know you’re planning to marry Angelique
instead of Beth. She almost killed herself because of it!”.
Quentin is shocked. Jamison announces, “I hate you!” and
runs from the room.
Beth leaves her room and goes to the drawing room. Quentin
tries to explain his actions to her, but she pulls out the
gun and shoots him. Wounded, Quentin runs from the room
and starts up the stairs. Beth follows him. They end up
in the tower room. There, Beth shoots Quentin two more times,
killing him.
After hearing Beth’s story, Julia goes back down into the
drawing room. There she finds David – up an conscious – with
Quentin’s ghost. She shouts to David, “Get away from Quentin!
He wants you to die!” David screams, “I don’t want to die!”,
and runs to Julia, then collapses. Julia feels his pulse and
is relieved to find that he’s alive. There is the sound of
someone coming in through the front doors, and Quentin’s ghost
vanishes. It is Stokes who has come. He asks Julia, “What
happened?”. Julia tells him that Quentin’s ghost was here with
David. Stokes asks, “Is the boy all right?” Julia replies,
“Yes”, but then, feeling for David’s pulse to make sure,
exclaims, “Oh no! He’s dead!”
Episode 837
Worldvision Rerun 615
Tape Date: September 1, 1969 (ABC #182-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 9, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Julia uses the rods. Her spirit leaves her body. She
sees the door and goes through it. Inside, she sees another
door with a circular pattern on it. She goes in this door
and finds another door, this one with a rectangular pattern
on it. She goes in this door and finds herself in a room.
Suddenly, she hears a beeping sound and the room starts to
swirl around her. She cries to Barnabas for help. Barnabas,
in the cell, hears this but cannot identify the voice. Julia
loses consciousness and collapses. Just as she collapses,
the room stops swirling, and she is outside the front doors
of Collinwood.
Inside Collinwood, Edward walks into the drawing room. He
asks Charity, “Why are you here?” Charity replies, “Midnight has
just passed. It’s now September 10. I have to warn Quentin
about my vision that he’s going to be killed today”. Edward,
thinking it all a lot of nonsense, tells Charity, “Quentin
probably won’t be returning home tonight” and asks her to leave,
promising to tell Quentin she was here when he returns.
She tells Edward, “You can tell him I’ll be at the Blue Whale”,
and goes into the foyer, headed for the front door. She opens
the front doors, sees Julia lying there, and shouts, “There’s
a strange woman out here!” Edward comes rushing out to see.
Charity looks at Julia and wonders, “I wonder where she came
from”, then remarks, “Her clothes are hardly decent!”. Edward
picks Julia up and is about to take her into Collinwood when
Charity suddenly exclaims, “Don’t! I can see in her face that
she’s the one who’s going to kill Quentin!”, but Edward,
continuing to think Charity’s psychic powers a lot of nonsense,
disregards her warning and takes Julia into the drawing room
and places her on the couch. He tells Charity to leave, then
closes the drawing room doors. He revives Julia and asks her,
“Who are you? Where did you come from?”, but Julia, appearing
very disoriented, just replies, “Shapes, swirling all around me!”
Quentin comes into the drawing room and finds Edward tending
to Julia. Edward tells Quentin, “She was found outside the
door. She appears to be in a state of shock. Watch over her
while I go and call Dr. Brooks” and leaves the room to do so.
(Why not use the phone in the drawing room? Perhaps he has to
look up the number in the study) While Edward is gone, Quentin
tries to talk to Julia, but she doesn’t respond. He goes through
her pockets to see if she has any identification and finds the
letter. He is puzzled by the fact that the letter appears
extremely aged, but has a recent date on it. He reads it and
learns three things from it that shock him:
1) It is from Barnabas.
2) Barnabas says in the letter that he has been locked in
a cell in the cellar of the old house by Edward
3) He, Quentin is to die today, September 10, 1897.
Quentin hears Edward coming back and quickly pockets the
letter. He tells Edward, “I have something important to do”
and leaves.
Quentin goes to the cellar of the old house and finds
Barnabas locked in a cell, just as the letter had said.
Barnabas exclaims, “Hurry and let me out before Edward comes
back!”. Quentin replies, “Don’t worry about Edward. He’s
occupied with something right now”. He gives Baranbas the
letter and asks him to explain it. Barnabas, shocked, asks,
“Where did you get this?” Quentin replies, “I found it in
the possesson of a strange woman who was found at Collinwood
in a state of shock”. Quentin describes the woman. Barnabas
recognizes it as Julia and tells Quentin, “It’s Julia Hoffman.
She’s a friend of mine, a woman from my time”. Quentin asks,
“What does this letter mean when it says I’m going to die today?”
Barnabas tells him that Charity had predicted it. Quentin laughs
and dismisses the warning, thinking, like Edward, that Charity’s
supposed powers are a lot of fakery. He lets Barnabas
out of the cell. Barnabas tells Quentin, “I’m going to the
rectory. You must find a way to bring Julia to me”.
At Collinwood, Edward continues to try to talk to Julia,
saying, “The doctor found nothing wrong with you”, but Julia,
still in a state of shock, does not reply. Quentin returns.
Edward tells him, “Watch over the woman. I have business
to attend to” and leaves.
Edward goes to the cellar of the old house and finds the
cell empty.
Quentin takes Julia to a deserted rectory. Barnabas remarks,
“She must have something important for me” and tries to talk to Julia,
but finds that she’s in a state of shock and doesn’t reply.
Dawn approaching, Barnabas tells Quentin, “I must go now..”
Episode 838
Worldvision Rerun 616
Tape Date: September 2, 1969 (ABC #183-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 10, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Quentin, in spite of the fact that he thinks little of
Charity’s clairvoyant abilities, has decided to play it safe
and stay in his room until September 10th ends, just in case.
Unfortunately, Jamison comes to the room and has a talk with
Quentin. This talk raises Quentin’s spirits so much he decides
to forget all the clairvoyant nonsense and leave his room.
What Beth’s ghost told Julia happened starts to happen…
But just as Beth is about to shoot Quentin in the drawing
room, Count Petofi comes in and stops her. He tells Quentin
to go to his room. Quentin leaves. Petofi advises Beth to
leave Collinwood.
Petofi goes up to Quentin’s room and tells Quentin, “There’s
a price both for saving your life just now, and for curing you
of the werewolf affliction”. Quentin is dubious that Petofi
had anything to do with curing him of the werewolf affliction.
Petofi asks, “Have you seen the portrait I had painted of you?”
Quentin replies, “Yes, but it was the portrait of a werewolf,
not me”. Petofi tells him, “Look at it again”. Quentin removes
the cloth from the covered portrait. He is shocked to see that
it is now a portrait of him, not a werewolf. Petofi tells Quentin,
“From now on, it will be the portrait that will turn into a wolf
when the moon is full instead of you. Now my price. I want you
to learn the secret of time travel from Barnabas”
Episode 839
Worldvision Rerun 617
Tape Date: September 3, 1969 (ABC #184-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 11, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin is in the woods, pondering whether he can betray
Barnabas. He concludes that he must if he is to avoid Petofi
turning him back into a werewolf.
At the rectory, Julia is lying in a bed. Barnabas is trying
to talk to her and snap her out of her state of shock, with
no success. Quentin comes walking in. Barnabas tells him,
“I’m glad to see you’re still alive”. The clock reads 1:00 AM.
It is now September 11, 1897. Quentin tells Barnabs, “But
something DID happen. Beth tried to kill me, but Petofi
intervened and saved my life”. Barnabas warns Quentin, “Be
careful. Petofi never does anything for anyone without an
ulterior motive. He must want something from you…”
Julia starts to talk deliriously, mentioning, “Carolyn,
Elizabeth and poor Roger”. Barnabas realizes that she must
be trapped between the past and the future and must be
seeing some scene from the future and asks her what she sees.
She describes the following scene:
Roger comes through a door on which there is a funeral
wreath. Inside the room he walks into David Collins is
lying on a table surrounded by flowers and candles. Roger
mourns over his son. Suddenly, David opens his eyes, sits
up and says, “They’re gone! Quentin and Beth are gone!”
Having heard Julia’s description of this future event,
Quentin asks, “What did she mean when she said Quentin is
gone?” Julia snaps out of her state of shock and stares at
Quentin. Barnabas tells her, “You’re now in the year 1897.
That’s the real Quentin you’re looking at, not his ghost”.
Julia notes, “He looks just like his ghost except there’s
no look of evil on his face”. Barnabas explains to Quentin
about his ghost in the future, and tells him that David’s
comment that his ghost was no longer there must have meant
it disappeared once the past had changed and Petofi had stopped
Beth from murdering him. Quentin, puzzled, says, “But 1969 is
72 years away. Even if Beth didn’t kill me, I’m certain I’ll
have died before then and still be a ghost”. Barnabas and
Julia have no explanation for this. Barnabas tells Quentin,
“You must have had a falling out with Jamison as predicted”.
Quentin admits that this is true. Barnabas tells him that
his ghost had an obsession with possessing David, whom he
saw as a reincarnation of David, because he never had a chance
to reconcile with Jamison due to the fact he was killed, that
now he has a chance to patch things up with Jamison, his
future obsession with David will never occur. Quentin asks,
“And why would Beth’s ghost be haunting the future?” Julia
explains, “Beth’s ghost told me she committed suicide shortly
after killing you”.
After Quentin leaves, Julia tells Barnabas, “We can leave
now that David is saved and our job is done”, but Barnabas
refuses to do so. He tells her, “We must stay to help
Chris Jennings. I’m sure he’s a descendant of Quentin Collins
from his daughter”. He tells her that by removing the curse
from Quentin, they will save all his male descendents, including
Quentin, and also stop whatever nefarious plan Petofi may have.
Julia tells Barnabas about his body disappearing from 1969.
Barnabas asks, “When did this happen?” Julia replies, “Just
before I found your letter”. Barnabas theorizes that it must
have happened when Edward upset the rods. Julia tells Barnabas
that she’s afraid he won’t be able to get back to the future
now. Barnabas asks Julia to help him to be able to function
more efficiently by using her medical knowledge to remove the
vampire curse from him again and allow him to move about in
the daylight. He gives her an 1897 dress and tells her to go
to Evan Handley – whom he tells her practices the occult – and
lie that she is a member of the New York Coven and thus get him
to help procure the necessary medical supplies.
At Collinwood, Edward goes to Quentin’s to complain that
he’s playing his music too loudly. He finds Quentin drunk and
remonstrates him. Quentin replies, “I’m drunk for a good
reason. I’ve developed a conscience and I’m sorry for something
I’ve done”.
Julia returns to the rectory, mixes some medicine and injects
Barnabas with it. She complains, “I couldn’t get all the
necessary ingredients and had to make some substitutions,
so I’m not sure it’ll work”. Barnabas tells her he has to go
see Quentin. Julia tells him, “You can’t. There’s a second
injection I have to give you. I can’t give it to you just
yet because there’s a waiting period between the two injections.
You’ll have to wait”, but Barnabas replies, “I’ll be back for
the second injection. It’s urgent that I see Quentin now”.
Barnabas goes to Quentin and says, “I noticed you were acting
very strangely earlier. Is there something going on between
you and Petofi you haven’t told me about?” Quentin denies that
there is. Barnbas is dubious and notes that the portrait has now
changed from werewolf to Quentin and tells Quentin, “I’m sure
Petofi has something to do with your not turning into a wolf
during the last full moon”, but Quentin denies it.
Barnabas returns to the rectory. There appears to have been
a struggle there. Julia is gone.
Episode 840
Worldvision Rerun 618
Tape Date: September 4, 1969 (ABC #185-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 12, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Julia is being held prisoner in the cellar of the mill building,
having been kidnapped and brought there by Aristede. Petofi tells
Julia, “I know all about you, how you were found unconscious in
front of Collinwood wearing strange clothing. I know that you
are a friend of Barnabas Collins’ from the future”. He reveals
that it was Quentin Collins who told him all this. He tells her,
“I kidnapped you for one and only one reason: to learn the secret
of time travel you and Barnabas used”. Hearing someone coming,
he touches her throat with the hand to make her mute and locks
her in the other room. Charles Delaware Tate comes down the
stairs into the room. Tate wonders to himself, “I wonder if
Petofi knows anything about my strange powers to create things
by painting them”. Apparently not wanting Petofi to know about
this power if he doesn’t know already, he asks Petofi in cryptic
terms, “What exactly did you do to me? When you gave me the
talent to paint, did you give me any other powers?” Petofi
laughs, “No! Isn’t one talent enough?”
At Collinwood, Quentin finds Amanda in the drawing room
and warns her against living with Trask. He tells her, “It’s
not wise to speak about it here”, and makes an appointment
to meet with her later. Charles Delaware Tate barges in to
see Amanda. Quentin leaves. Tate tells Amanda, “I’ll tell
you why you don’t remember anytihing from before March 10, 1895.
I created you by painting you that day”. He tells her about the
drawing he’s been making of her. Amanda replies, “You
must be crazy!!!” He tells her, “I’ll prove it to you”, then
recounts what happened when he drew the still life and added
the vase, and tells her he’ll do the same thing here. Sweeping
everything off a small table, he tells her, “I’ll sketch the
table with a small goblet on it, and a goblet will appear on
the empty table top”. He quickly sketches a goblet on a
tabletop, but nothing appears.
Charles Delaware Tate having left the mill building, Petofi
uses the hand to restore Julia’s voice. He demands to know
the method she and Barnabas used to travel through time. She
remains silent, refusing to tell him. Petofi threatens to use
the hand to turn her face into something hideous. Julia breaks
down and tells him about the rods.
Petofi goes to Quentin and asks for the rods. Quentin tells
him, “Barnabas took them. They must still be in the cellar of
the old house”. Quentin tells Petofi, “I really feel bad about
having betrayed a friend like Barnabas. I consider my debt to
you paid!”, but Petofi replies, “No, you haven’t finished paying
it yet. In fact, you’ve hardly begun to pay it…”
Petofi returns to the mill building with the rods. He asks
Julia how to use them. She tells him. Sitting in front of the
rods, Petofi concentrates and sees the door. The door opens
and he goes through. Suddenly, a man holding a scimitar
appears in front of him…
Episode 841
Worldvision Rerun 619
Tape Date: September 5, 1969 (ABC #186-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 15, 1969 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Petofi uses his powers and orders the scimitar-armed figure
to disappear. It does.
Seeing that Petofi is in a deep trance, Julia tries to
run upstairs and escape, but is stopped by Aristede, who brings
her back down into the cellar. Seeing Petofi in the trance,
he asks, “What’s happened to him?” Julia explains.
Petofi now finds himself in a sumptiously furnished room.
He hears strange singing in a foreign tongue. Petofi exclaims,
“Oh no, it’s the Etotsi council, and they’ve found me!” He tries
to flee, but when he opens a door, he sees a giant face of
Barnabas staring at him, fangs bared. He closes the door and
opens another but finds flames. He closes that door too.
Suddenly, he finds that he’s lost control of the hand. It grabs
his throat and starts to strangle him.
In the cellar, the body of Petofi grabs its own throat and
starts to strangle himself. Aristede tries to remove the hand
from Petofi’s throat. After a great struggle, he finally
manages to do so. Petofi collapses.
Beth meets Barnabas in the woods, apparently having been
summoned by him. He tells her, “I need your help. I want
you to go to the old mill building and see what’s happening
there. I cannot go there myself as Petofi has powers over me”.
Petofi regains consciousness. He angrily tells Julia, “You’d
better stop playing games with me! You either lied to me and
these rods are not for travelling through time, or they are and
you deliberately mis-istructed me in their use! I found myself
in a room awaiting an Etotsi council. The Etotsi are the most
vicious of the gypsy tribes”. He continues, “I don’t really
need a servant. Do you know why I employ Aristede? It’s
because I abhor all forms of violence. Aristede, on the other
hand, revels in violence. He is quite skilled in all forms
of torture and violence. He does all the violent work for me.
I’ll ask you one more time: Tell me the truth!” Julia tells
him, “I’ve already told you the truth. No one has control of
where the rods will take you”. Not liking this answer, Petofi
tells Aristede, “She is yours to do with as you please” and
Aristede takes Julia into the other room and ties her to
a chair. Beth sneaks quietly down the stairs and hears Aristede
in the other room telling Julia, “I’m going to kill you!” Aristede
comes out and gets a small pistol and a roll of cord from a bureau.
From her hiding place around a corner, Beth can see Julia in the
other room tied to a chair. After Aristede goes back into the
other room and closes the doors, Beth rushes to Barnabas and tells
him she saw Aristede holding Julia prisoner in the mill building,
but that Petofi wasn’t there. She tells him, “You’d better hurry.
I heard Aristede say he was going to kill Julia”.
At the mill building, Aristede has tied the small pistol to
a chair on the opposite side of the table from Julia. Julia is
at the side of the table furthest from the door, the chair with
the gun on the closest side. The gun is pointed squarely at
Julia’s chest. Aristede tells Julia, “I have a devilish plan!
I know Barnabas is smart enough to know that it was Count Petofi
who kidnapped you, and will either come and try to rescue you,
or send somone else to do so. I’m setting a trap so that the
one who tries to rescue you – hopefully, it will be Barnabas –
will be the one who pulls the trigger and kills you”. After
gagging Julia, he takes on end of a long length of cord and
ties it to the trigger of the pistol. He takes the other end
and exits the room, closing the door, which opens outward,
behind him, then ties the other end to the doorknob outside.
Barnabas comes downstairs and sees Aristede. He tells
Aristede, “I know you have Julia down here. Where is she?”
Aristede denies that he’s holding Julia. Barnabas hears a
sound coming from the other room. He tells Aristede, “If
Julia isn’t here, then you won’t mind if I take a look in
the other room”. Aristede replies, “Go ahead”. Barnabas
opens the door, causing the cord to tighten and the gun to
Episode 842
Worldvision Rerun 620
Tape Date: September 8, 1969 (ABC #187-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 16, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas hears Aristede running up the stairs and screams
after him, “You’re a dead man, Aristede! I’ll get you for this!”
He goes to Julia and shakes her. She regains consciousness.
Barnbas asks her, “Is there any pain?” Julia replies, “No,
none at all”. They are both surprised to find that there’s no
sign of either blood or a bullet wound. Barnabas remarks, “I
wonder how bullet could possibly have missed”. Julia replies,
“It didn’t. I felt it hit me”. Barnabas untiles Julia. When
Julia gets up out of the chair, Barnabas points to it and
exclaims, “LOOK!” In the back of the chair is a bullet hole…
Petofi goes to Angelique and suggests that they join forces
and work together. Angelique refuses.
Back at the mill building, Julia theorizes, “Maybe the bullet
went though me without doing any harm because my real body is
back in 1969 and this one is somehow a false one without any real
substance”. Barnabas asks, “Then how can I be harmed, as has been
demonstrated?”. Julia suggests, “Because in your case, you were
here in 1897 so had a body to go transfer to, so your case is
different”. Barnabas asks, “Why did you feel the bullet and lose
consciousness, then?” Julia replies, “It was probably psychological.
I felt the bullet because I expected to, then lost consciousness
due to fear”. Barnabas tells Julia that they need Angelique’s
help and tells her to get her, telling her where Angelique can
be found. Julia is surprised to learn that Angelique is here
in the past too.
Petofi returns to the cellar of the mill building and finds
Charles Delaware Tate there. Petofi asks, “Where’s Aristede?”
Tate replies, “I don’t know. No one was here when I got here”.
Petofi looks around and finds the gun and cords in the other
room and realizes that Barnabas must have successfully rescued
Julia goes to Angelique to ask for her help. Angelique is
surprised to see Julia in the year 1897.
Petofi shows Charles Delaware Tate the I Ching rods and
says, “Before you came under my tutelage, you had many friends
who were interested in the occult. What can you tell me about
these?” Tate replies, “I only saw them used once. Their use is
unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. The one time I saw them
used, the woman using them went insane as a result”. Petofi
decides that Julia must have been telling the truth.
Angelique agrees to help with a plan Julia has apparently
told her. Julia asks, “How do you plan to carry out your part?”
Angelique replies, “You’ll see” and leaves.
Charles Delaware Tate returns to his studio and finds Amanda
Harris there looking at one of the pictures he had drawn of
his “ideal woman”. He asks, “Do you believe me now?” She
replies, “Of course not. I just came here to see these
pictures. They do indeed look like me, but that’s nothing but
a coincidence”. Tate tells her, “I’ll prove it to you, then”,
and gets a sketchpad and begins to draw. He tells her, “I’m
going to create a man by drawing one”. She watches him draw.
As soon as he is finished, she screams and runs out of the
cottage. Standing in the room is the man Tate has just drawn…
Episode 843
Worldvision Rerun 621
Tape Date: September 9, 1969 (ABC #188-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 17, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Charles Delaware Tate attempts to destroy his creation by
tearing up the picture he drew, but the man does not disappear…
Amanda returns to the Collinsport Inn and tells Tim about
the strange incident at the cottage. Tim is very intrigued.
He gets a gun and tells Amanda, “We’re going to go and investigate
At the Tate Studio, Tate tries to get the man to speak, with
no success. There’s a knock at the door. Tate quickly puts
the man in to a closet and locks the door, then anwers the
front door, letting Tim and Amanda in. Tim tells Tate, “Amanda
has told me what happened in here” and demands to see the man.
Tate replies, “That’s ridiculous! Perhaps Amanda needs psychiatric
help”. Suddenly, Amanda exclaims, “LOOK!”, and points to a
closet door. The doorknob is turning. Tim goes to try to open
the door but finds it locked. He pulls out a pistol, points
at Tate, and demands to have the key. Tate gives it to him.
Tim opens the door with it and lets the man out. Amanda screams,
“That’s the man! That’s the man who was created like I was created!”
and collapses in despair on the couch, the realization that she
is not a “natural” person having sunk in. Tim asks Tate, “Could
you create someone for me?” Tate refuses, saying, “I’m not
going to do this anymore”. Holding the gun on Tate, Tim says,
“In that case, I’ll take this one”, and leaves, taking the
man with him.
Beth, apparently still angry at Quentin for his apparent
rejection of her in favor of Angelique, goes to Petofi and
tells him, “I want to work for you now”. Petofi replies,
“Yes, but once you agree to work for me, you’ll have to
do everything I ask, though some things might be dangerous,
and there’ll be no backing out”. Beth agrees to his conditions.
Charles Delaware Tate proposes to Amanda, but she refuses,
saying, “Now that I know what I am, I can neither love anyone
nor allow anyone to love me”. She tells him, “However, I CAN
hate, and I hate you for creating me, and for revealing to me
what I am…”
Petofi tells Beth that her first duty will be to help him
experiment with the rods. He has her shake them, then arranges
them in the middle of the table for her. He tells her, “Concentrate
and tell me exactly what you see”. Beth describes seeing the
door, and going through it. Suddenly, she screams, grabs a
letter opener lying on the table, gets up and tries to stab
Petofi. He manages to disarm her and demands to know what she
saw. She replies, “Shadows!” Petofi asks, “Shadows of people?”
Beth replies, “No, just shadows!!”.
Tim is with the created man in his room at the Collinsport
Inn. He tries to get the man to talk, saying, “I’m sure you
can talk, but you’re afraid to”. Just as he appears about to
succeed and the man opens his mouth, Charles Delaware Tate
comes bursting into the room holding a pistol and exclaiming
that he intends to destroy his creation. A look of horror
comes onto the created man’s face.
Episode 844
Worldvision Rerun 622
Tape Date: September 10, 1969 (ABC #189-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 18, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Charles Delaware shoots and kills the poor man, then becomes
distraught over what he’s done. Tim gives Tate a drink and
finds Tate in a talkative mood and gets him to tell him about,
among other things, Petofi.
Petofi goes to Quentin’s room and demands that Quentin find
out what Barnabas and Julia’s plans are. He also demands
that Quentin kill Barnabas, thus causing Julia to return to
the future, revealing the secret of time travel as she does
so. Quentin refuses to kill Barnabas. Petofi remarks, “You
seem to have forgotten my powers”, shatters a drinking glass
and cuts Quentin in the face with a shard. Quentin screams
and covers his face with his hands, but Petofi orders, “Take
your hands from your face”. Quentin does. There no wound,
no mark at all. Petofi takes the cover off the portrait.
The face in the portrait is bleeding profusely exactly where
Petofi had slashed Quentin…
Charles Delaware Tate and Tim Shaw continue to talk.
In the foyer at Collinwood, Petofi, as he is about to leave,
notices that the portrait of Barnabas is gone, replaced by a
mirror. He asks Quentin, “What happened to the portrait of
Barnabas?” Quentin replies, “Edward had it taken down”.
Tim goes to Petofi and offers him a business deal, asking
Petofi, “Would you like to learn how to create an immense
army?” Petofi replies that he would and asks how. Tim tells
him about Charles Delaware Tate’s newly discovered powers.

(Scene with Barnabas and Quentin I don’t remember)

A woman (Kathryn Leigh Scott) comes to the door of Collinwood.
She takes a deep breath and thinks to herself, “Well, here I am,
at Collinwood”, and knocks at the door. Quentin answers. The
woman introduces herself as a “Lady Kathryn Hampshire”, a friend of
Edward’s, and asks to see him. Quentin tells her that Edward
is away for a few days, but offers to let her stay at Collinwood
to wait his return.
Petofi goes to Quentin’s room and learns that Quentin didn’t
managed to learn anything from Barnabas. Petofi is angered.
As Petofi is leaving, Lady Hampshire comes out of the drawing
room into the foyer and runs into him. Each seems to know and
be surprised to see the other. Petofi remarks, “It’s too bad
you husband died”. Lady Hampshire replies, “You left him little
choice between death and public humiliation”, then says “It’s
stuffy in here” and storms out the front doors.
Lady Hampshire gets lost in the woods. Eventually, she runs
into Barnabas and asks him for directions back to Collinwood.
He gives them to her. As she is walking away, Barnabas thinks to
himself, “I’ve found my Josette again!”
Lady Hampshire makes it back to Collinwood and stares at
the new mirror in the foyer. Quentin walks into the foyer.
Lady Hampshire says to him in a very different tone of voice,
“Where’s the portrait of Barnabas?” Quentin, surprised, asks,
“You’ve never been in this house before. How could you know about
the portrait of Barnabas that used to hang there?” Lady Hampshire
seems to snap out of it and asks, “Barnabas? Who’s Barnabas?”
Quentin, puzzled, says, “But you just asked about his portrait
a few seconds ago”. Lady Hampshire replies, “No I didn’t.
I’ve never heard of anyone named Barnabas”. But as she mentions
the name, Barnabas’ face flashes through her mind…
Episode 845
Worldvision Rerun 623
Tape Date: September 11, 1969 (ABC #190-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 19, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

In his room, Quentin agonizes over Petofi’s demand that he
kill Barnabas. Selfishly thinking about how awful it would
be to become a werewolf again, he decides to do so.
Barnabas returns to the rectory and tells Julia, “I’ve just
found Josette’s reincarnation. We’ll have to put aside our
plans for Petofi for awhile”. Julia tries to argue against this,
but with no success (She seems to be jealous…)
Barnabas goes to Quentin and tells him, “Your new houseguest
is the reincarnation of my one true love”. Quentin tells
Barnabas about the strange incident at the mirror. Barnabas
replies, “Of course she knew about the portrait. It was hanging
there when she lived in this house 100 years ago as Josette”.
He tells Quentin to arrange a meeting for him with Lady Hampshire,
and to come to him at sunset to tell him about it. Quentin –
not wanting to know Barnabas’ hiding place becaue of Petofi’s
order that he kill Barnabas – tells Barnabas, “I don’t want to
do that. I’ll relay the information to Julia instead”, but
Barnabas tells him, “No, I don’t want Julia to know about this.
My hiding place is in the cave below Widow’s Hill”.
Julia goes to Collinwood and tells Quentin that she’s been
through Barnabas’ obsession with women he thinks are recarnations
of Josette before, and that it always ends badly, and tries to
enlist his aid in stopping the current obsession. Quentin
tells her he’ll try to convince Lady Hampshire to leave
Collinsport if possible.
Quentin is in the drawing room, drinking and agonizing over
the fact that he has to kill Barnabas. Charity comes into the
room and asks, “Why haven’t you come to the Blue Whale to see
me perform recently?” The conversation eventually turns to
the vampire, and Charity remarks, “I’d really like to see it
destroyed”. Thinking he can perhaps get her to do the dirty
work for him, he asks her, “If you knew where he was, do you
think you could personally destroy it?” Charity replies, “Yes”.
She tells him she senses that he knows something and asks him
what he knows about the vampire’s hiding place. Deciding against
his idea, Quentin lies, “Nothing. I was only speaking
Quentin goes to Barnabas’ lair, armed with hammer and stake.
He opens Barnabas’ coffin, places the stake over Barnabas’ heart,
raises the hammer, and prepares to strike, but then flings the
hammer and stake on the ground, unable to go through with it.
He closes the coffin and runs off.
Charity – apparently having followed Quentin or read his
mind – comes into the cave. She picks up the hammer and stake,
opens Barnabas, places the stake over Barnabas heart, and
hammers it in…
Episode 846
Worldvision Rerun 624
Tape Date: September 12, 1969 (ABC #191-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 22, 1969 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Charity goes to the Blue Whale, looking for a drink. Tim Shaw,
who’s there also, notices that Charity is acting very strangly
and asks her, “What’s the matter?” She replies, “I’ve destroyed
the vampire! I’ve killed Barnabas Collins!” Tim, looking dubious
of her claim, asks, “How did you manage to find his hiding place
when the Collins family and everyone else has failed?” She tells
him about following Quentin, seeing him come back out of the cave,
finding Quentin’s hammer and stake in the cave – Quentin apparently
having been unable to go through with it- and staking Barnabas
with it. Tim suggests, “Maybe you can get a reward from the
Collinses”, but Charity replies, “I don’t want a reward”.
Edward returns to Collinwood and is delighted to find Kitty
Hampshire there. He asks her, “How’s your husband George?”
Kitty replies that he’s dead. Edward asks, “How did it happen?”
Kitty replies, “I’ve lied to everyone else that it was a heart
attack, but since you and George were such good friends, I’ll
tell you the truth. It was suicide”. She gives Edward a
pair of her late husbands cufflinks, saying, “I know how much
you always admired them. He would have wanted you to have them”
Edward comes down into the drawing room and finds Tim and
Charity there. He asks, “What do you want?” Tim replies, “We
have some news that will interest you. Barnabas is dead”
Edward is doubtful. Tim tells him, “Come to the cave with me
and see for yourself”. Edward leaves with Tim.
Kitty comes downstairs into the foyer and meets Charity there.
After some small talk, Charity tells Kitty, “Come down to the
Blue Whale and see my act if this house ever becomes too much
for you. I can sing, dance, and I have some clairvoyant powers.
Here. I’ll demonstate by telling you what I know about you”.
She concentrates and tells Kitty, “I hear music” Kitty replies,
“I don’t hear anything”. Charity hums the music she hears –
it’s Josette’s music. Kitty remarks, “I don’t recognize it”.
Charity continues, “Now I see a music box, a very old music
box”. Kitty remarks, “I don’t own a music box. I never have”.
Charity warns her, “You will, and you must destroy it or it
will cause your death”. Kitty is, needless to say, dubious…
In the cave below Widow’s Hill, Edward opens the coffin and
finds Barnabas staked in there. He tells Tim, “I’m going to
have this coffin chained and this cave sealed forever!”.
Edward and Tim return to Collinwood. They find Charity in
the foyer pestering Kitty about the music box. Charity sees
Edward and asks, “Did you see it?” Edward replies, “Yes”.
Tim takes Charity into the drawing room. Edward apologizes
to Kitty about Charity, saying, “She’s sick. She needs help”.
Edward goes into the drawing room to discuss Barnabas.
Edward asks Charity, “Is what Tim told me true? Did you follow
Quentin to that cave? Did you find the hammer and stake there
with Barnabas unharmed, Quentin apparently having gone there to
destroy Barnbas but finding himself unable to do it?” Charity
replies, “Yes”. Edward wonders, “I wonder why Quentin didn’t
come to me”. He offers to get Charity help, but Charity refuses
it, saying, “I like myself the way I am”. Tim tells Edward,
“I’ll keep this quiet. For a price…” Edward asks what the
price is. Tim replies, “Oh, not much. Just a favor now and
Upstairs in her room, Kitty is writing a letter to her
mother in which she says, “Things are going just as I had
planned at Collinwood. Things are looking up…” She goes into
suitcase to get a stamp. When she returns to the writing
desk, she notices a music box there. She picks it up and
recalls Charity’s warning about a music box. She lifts
the lid of the music box and is shocked to hear that it plays
the very tune Charity had hummed…
Episode 847
Worldvision Rerun 625
Tape Date: September 16, 1969 (ABC #192-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 23, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

To curry favor with Petofi, Tim Shaw goes to him and tells
him about Barnabas. Petofi nonchalantly says, “My condolences
to the family”. Tim is surprised by Petofi’s lack of reaction
and accuses him of having something to do with Barnabas’
destruction and already knowing about it. Petofi denies it.
Tim tells Petofi that it was Charity who destroyed Barnabas.
Petofi, seemingly genuinely surprised at this, says, “I’ll have
to send her some flowers” and leaves. Tim remarks to Beth,
who’s also there, “You seem saddened by news of Barnabas’
death”. Beth denies it.
Petofi goes to the rectory and tells Julia, “Barnabas is
dead”. He adds, “I had nothing to do with it. Charity Trask
did it”. He tells her, “You are now alone in an alien world
and will soon have to return to your own time. I will be
accompanying you…”
At Collinwood, Amanda goes into the drawing room and tells
Quentin that maybe it isn’t such a good idea for them to
be seeing each other behind everyone’s back and maybe they
should stop. Quentin says no, and, overcome by passion, they
kiss. They are interrupted when Petofi comes into the room
and compliments Quentin on his choice of women. Petofi tells
Quentin he’d like to speak to him in private, and Amanda leaves.
Petofi asks Quentin about Amanda. Quentin tells Petofi that
he plans to marry her. Petofi asks, “What about your engagement
to Angelique?” Quentin replies, “I intend to break it”. Petofi
remarks, “You like to live dangerously! I compliment you on
your courage. I’d like to see Angelique’s fury when you tell her”.
He then congratulates Quentin on his resourcefulness in having
Charity Trask kill Barnabas. Quentin replies, “I had nothing to
do with that”, but Petofi doesn’t believe him, thinkling Quentin
is just trying to ease his conscience. He tells him, “I now
have another assignment for you…” Quentin refuses, saying,
“I not going to do anything more for you”. Petofi “gently”
reminds Quentin, “You COULD revert to becoming a werewolf
again, and if you do, pretty little Amanda might become one
of your victims”. Quentin reluctantly agrees to follow
orders. Petofi tells Quentin that his next assignment is
to watch Julia day and night. After Petofi leaves, Amanda
tells Quentin, “I’ve seen that man before. I find him
frightening”. Quentin remarks, “You have good reason to”.
Amanda asks, “What did he want?” Quentin angrily slaps
the window frame and replies, “More than I’m willing to
give him!”, and tells her he plans to leave Collinsport,
and asks her to go with him and marry him.
Tim goes to Petofi again. Petofi tells Tim that he knows he
came this morning to curry favor with him, but it’ll take more
than just telling him that Barnabas is dead to do that. He
tells him, “There is a way win my favor, however”. He tells Tim
about the rods and tells him he needs someone to help him experiment
with them. Tim appears willing, and Petofi leaves the room
to get the rods.
Julia goes to Collinwood and asks Quentin if he’s heard about
Barnabas. Quentin replies that he has, and suggets that they
both leave now to get away from the danger Petofi poses. He
tells her, “I’m planning to do just that – leave Collinwood.
Perhaps it would be best for you to return to your own time”.
Julia refuses, saying, “I want to finish Barnbas’ work here.
Petofi won’t harm me. He wants to follow me back into the
At the mill building, Petofi places the rods on a table
and instructs Tim on their use. Tim concentrates on the
rods and sees the door. The door opens, and Tim sees Amanda
in the drawing room of Collinwood. Suddenly, a hooded figure
comes into the room and starts to strangle her. Amanda manages
to pull the hood back, revealing a masked figure. The figures
lets Amanda go briefly to remove the mask, then resumes
strangling her. It is Quentin…
Episode 848
Worldvision Rerun 626
Tape Date: September 15, 1969 (ABC #193-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 24, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Tim goes to Collinwood and sneaks into Amanda’s room. He tells
her to leave Collinwood because she’s in danger there, that if she
stays, Quentin will kill her. She asks, “How do you know this?”
He replies, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Just do as
I say and leave!”. She refuses. Noting the strking contrast
between her reluctance to leave Collinwood now with her reluctance
to come to Collinwood before, he accuses her of having fallen
in love with Quentin. She admits that this is true. He tells her,
“You shouldn’t have. Quentin doesn’t know what you are, he doesn’t
know that you could vanish at any time”. She asks, “What do
you mean?” Tim replies, “Charles Delaware shot and killed the
man he created. After it died, it vanished into nothing…”

(Scene with Amanda and Quentin I can’t remember)

Charles Delaware Tate comes and says he wants to talk to
Amanda. Quentin tells him, “Amanda’s not in the mood to talk
right now”. Tate is insistent. Amanda comes out of the drawing
into the foyer and tells Tate, “Quentin is right. I’m in no
mood to talk to youright now” and runs upstairs. Tate tells
Quentin about his strange power to create things by drawing them,
and tells him Amanda is one of his creations. Quentin does not
believe this. Tate reminds Quentin about the portrait he had
painted of him, saying, “The curse was tranferred from you to it”,
citing it as proof of his powers, and adds, “Should it ever be
destroyed, the werewolf curse will return to you”. Quentin does
not believe Tate is responsible for removing the curse from him,
saying, “That’s Petofi’s doing”.
Tate sneaks upstairs into Amanda’s room and tells her, “I’ve
told Quentin about you”. After Tate leaves, Amanda takes out
a suitcase and begins to pack. Quentin comes in and asks,
“Why are you packing?” She replies, “I’m leaving because Tate
told me he told you about his creating me”. Quentin replies,
“Yes he did, but I didn’t believe a word of that ridiculous
claim”. He asks her again to go away with him. She replies
that she will. He tells her they will leave on the 6:00 train
tomorrow, and suggests that to be safe, she leave Collinwood
now and hide at the old rectory till then.
Tate, jealous, sneaks into Quentin’s room and steals the
portrait, thinking to himself, “If this were destroyed, Quentin
would become a werewolf again!”
Episode 849
Worldvision Rerun 627
Tape Date: September 14, 1969 (ABC #194-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 25, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Kitty goes to the mill building and accuses Petofi of staging
what happened at Collinwood, Charity’s clairvoyant reading, the
music box, everything. She tells him, “I know your methods!
They won’t work! You won’t be able to frighten me away from
Collinwood!” She takes out the music box and puts it on a table.
Petofi picks it up, plays it, and replies, “I’m not behind any of
this. I’ve never seen this music box before”. At first she
doesn’t believe him, citing a similar ploy he used on a woman
at Hampshire Hall, her old home, but Petofi eventually manages
to convince her he had nothing to do with the music box, that
perhaps it was given to her by a secret admirer at Collinwood,
perhaps Quentin. She picks up the music box, and once again ???
Quentin goes to the rectory and asks if Amanda could stay
there for one day. He tells Julia, “We’re planning to leave
Collinsport on the 6:00 train tomorrow.” He again suggests
to Julia that she leave too and return to her own time.
Again, Julia refuses, saying she wants to stay and finish
Barnabas’ work.
Beth, at the mill building, hears a noise downstairs. She
goes to investigate and finds that Aristede has returned.
Kitty shows Quentin the music box and asks him if he gave it
to her. He replies that he didn’t. She tells him, “I can tell
from the look on your face that you recognize it”. Quentin replies,
“It looks like one I’ve seen before, but it couldn’t be the same
one”. Kitty asks, “Where did you see it?” Quentin replies, “It
was owned by someone who used to live at the old house”. Kitty
says, “You mean Barnabas Collins, the vampire?”, totally shocking
Quentin. Quentin asks, “How did you know about that?” Kitty
replies, “I overheard you talking about it”. He remarks, “It
doesn’t matter that you know now he’s dead”. Kitty remarks,
“I think I met him the first night I was here”.
Petofi returns to the mill building. Seeing Aristede there,
he slaps him and remonstrates him for being away for so long.
Aristede apologizes, saying he was frightened because of Barnabas’
vow to kill him. Petofi adds, “I’m also angry because you bungled
your last assignment – to kill Julia”. Aristede protests, “But I
didn’t!”. Petofi asks, “Then you saw her die?” Aristede replies,
“No, but she must have”. He explains what he did, and says, “I
saw Barnabas open the door, and I heard the gun fire. The gun
was aimed right at her heart. It couldn’t have missed!” He takes
Petofi into the other room to show him how he had things set up.
He sees the bullet hole in the chair Julia had been tied to and
exclaims, “LOOK!”. Petofi rushes out, realizing that something
important occured.
In the rectory, Julial is preparing an injection (why? Barnabas
is dead!). There’s a knock on the door, and Julia quickly hides
it. She answers the door. Petofi comes in. He remarks, “It’s
very cold tonight. Would you mind if I poured myself a drink?”
Julia replies, “Be my guest”. Petofi pours two drinks – poisoning
one – and gives the poisoned one to Julia. They drink. Petofi
then tells Julia, “You’ve just drunk enough poison to kill ten
women”. But nothing happens. Julia tells Petofi, “Nothing
can happen to me here because my real body is in 1969. This
is just some sort of projection”.
Petofi returns to the mill building and tells Beth about
Julia. Beth asks, “How was it possible for Barnabas to be
destroyed, then?” Petofi compliments her, “You’re very
perceptive”, then explains to her, “Barnabas was born in the
1700’s, so had a body to come back to in 1897. When I go to
the future, I will have one to go to too”. He opens the cabinet
and asks her to look into the future for him. She sees – and
describes to him – a vision of the drawing room at Collinwood,
furnished differently than it is now, lit by “strange” lights.
Quentin, dressed in strange clothing, steps into the room,
carrying a gun, “different from ours” (an automatic). She
remarks that Quentin seems very angry.
After the vision stops, Petofi passes his hand over her face
and causes her to forget everything that’s just happened.
Episode 850
Worldvision Rerun 628
Tape Date: September 18, 1969 (ABC #195-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 26, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Trask returns to Collinwood and finds that Amanda is missing.
He asks Quentin where she is, accusing him of having something
to do with her disappearance. Quentin denies this and says
he doesn’t know where Amanda is.
Charles Delaware Tate gloats over the portrait of Quentin,
thinking to himself, “I now have control over Quentin!”. But
then a worrisome thought crosses his mind – what will Quentin
do when he finds the portrait missing?
Nora goes to Quentin’s room and finds him packing to leave.
She asks, “How long will you be gone?” Quentin replies, “I don’t
know”. He goes to get the portrait, but finds that it’s missing.
He writes a letter to Amanda telling her that’s there’s been
a delay, that they won’t be able to leave on the 6:00 train
and asks her to wait at the rectory for him. He seals it and
asks Nora to deliver it for him.
Trask catches Nora as she is about to exit Collinwood, and
asks her, “Where are you going in this weather? It’s rainng”.
She tells him some sort of lie. They get into an argument and
Nora runs out the door.
Quentin goes to Charles Delaware Tate and tells him, “Someone
has stolen the portrait. It could only have been one of two
people who did it – you or Petofi. I’ve already gone to see
Petofi and he doesn’t have it, so it must be you!” Quentin
starts to search the studio for the portrait. Tate tries
to stop him. A furious fight ensues. Quentin eventually
manages to grab a bottle and hits Tate over the head with it,
knocking him out, then continues searching the studio.
Trask, who’s run out after Nora, finally catches her in
the woods. He sees the letter she’s carrying and takes it
from her.
Amanda is all packed up. There’s a knock at the door.
It’s Trask. He tells her, I know all about her plans to
run off with Quentin”. He warns her against doing so, saying,
“You’re giving in to your weakness for the wrong men, just as
you did before”. Amanda replies, “There was no before! It
was all part of a plan!” Trask, knowing from the note that
Quentin will not be meeting Amanda at the train station at
6:00 but that Amanda does not know it, not having seen the note,
he lies to her, “Quentin is toying with you! When I left
Collinwood, I saw him with Angelique laughing about you”.
Quentin, unable to find the portrait, leaves Tate’s studio
and goes to the rectory. He fidns Nora there. She tells him
about Trask taking the letter from her. Quentin leaves for
the station.
Amanda is waiting on the train platform. The 6:00 train
Episode 851
Worldvision Rerun 629
Tape Date: September 17, 1969 (ABC #196-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 29, 1969 Monday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin rushes to the train station. He sees a woman
who looks like Amanda standing on the platform and grabs her
by the shoulder. But it is not Amanda. Quentin asks, “Has
the 6:00 train for New York left yet?” The woman replies,
“Yes. That’s was the train I got off of”.
Petofi goes to Charles Delaware Tate and asks, “Did Quentin
find the painting?” At first, Tate feigns ignorance and pretends
not to know what Petofi is talking about, but Petofi tells him,
“I know it was you who stole the painting”, and eventually Tate
admits this. He shows Petofi where he’s hidden it – right on
the easel, facing backwards with another canvas wedged into
the back, which visible, so that it looks like it’s an empty
canvas waiting to be worked on on the easel. Petofi tells
Tate that he intends to punish him for stealing the portrait,
then remarks, “I understand how it must feel to have your ideal
woman run off with another man. I too have an ideal woman”.
He asks Tate to draw her for him. Not knowing that Petofi
knows about his strange power, Tate tries to beg off, saying,
“I can’t read minds, and I can’t tell what your ideal woman looks
like just from a description”. But Petofi insists that he try,
and Tate, seeing no way out, draws, from Petofi’s description,
a picture of a “raven-haired woman with cat-like eyes”. Tate
nervously waits for something to happen, but nothing does.
Petofi remarks, “It’s so beautiful that I am almost persuaded
not to punish you”. He grasps both of Tate’s hands, then takes
the picture of the woman and leaves. Tate wonders, “What did
he do to me?” and tries to paint something, but finds that he
Tim returns to Collinwood and shows Quentin a note left
by Amanda saying she’s leaving, and tells him that she returned
the brooch he, Tim, gave her. He asks Quentin about Amanda’s
whereabouts and finds that he doesn’t know where she is either.
Quentin asks Tim for information about Amanda’s past in New
York, saying it might help him find her, but Tim refuses to
tell him, so Quentin, a much larger man physically, pushes
Tim around and physically intimidates him to force the
information out of him. Tim finally tells Quentin that he knows
little about Amanda’s past in New York, only that she had lived
at the Huntington Hotel there. Quentin opens the door and throws
Tim out (literally). Angelique, who’s just come into the foyer,
asks, “Why are you treating Tim so roughly?” Quentin replies,
“I’m interested in his plans”. Angelique asks, “What plans?”
Quentin replies, “They would be of no interest to you”.
Angelique disagrees, “All your plans are of interest to me.
Especially your marriage plans”, and asks him to set a date.
Quentin replies, “I can’t right now. I have to go to Boston
on to take care of some business matters. I’ll set a date when
I return”. Angelique asks, “Since when have you become so interested
in business?” Quentin replies, “Ever since I saw how much money Tim
Shaw made in business. That was what we were arguing about. Tim
gave me some business information I believe to be false, and
I’m going to Boston to check it out”. He then excuses himself,
saying he has to go pack, and goes upstairs.
Petofi goes to Tim Shaw and tells him what happened when
Tate drew the woman – absolutely nothing. He tells Tim, “You
must have been mistaken”. Tim tells Petofi about Amanda leaving.
Petofi promises to take care of the matter for him.
Petofi goes to Collinwood. He happens to run into Angelique
there and maliciously tells her about Quentin and Amanda’s plans.
Furious, Angelique storms out. When Quentin comes down the
stairs into the foyer, all packed and ready to leave, he runs
into Petofi. Petofi tells him, “I know where you’re going. You
may go, with my blessings”, then adds, “Distance won’t make any
difference to my plans regarding you…”
At the trains station, the New York train arrives. Quentin
is about to get on it when he hears Angelique’s voice behind
him say, “You told me you were going to Boston. That’s the
train for New York”. She then tells him, “I know all about
you and Amanda, and your plans to go away together”, then
warns him, “You’d better not get on that train!”. Quentin
replies, “I’m not frightened by your threats. I don’t care
what happens to me anymore. I’ll get on that train even if
you threaten to kill me”. Angelique replies, “Don’t worry.
I would never do anything to harm you”. She then pulls out
a doll and Amanda’s brooch, which she must have gotten from
Tim, and tells him, “But if you get on that train, I’ll thrust
the pin from this brooch into this doll and kill Amanda!”
Episode 852
Worldvision Rerun 630
Tape Date: September 19, 1969 (ABC #197-DRK-69)
Air Date: September 30, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin remarks, “I guess I have no choice”, and doesn’t
get on the train.
At Collinwood, Kitty goes into the drawing room and asks
Edward if he would like to take a walk with her. He replies,
“I’d like to, but I can’t. I’m waiting for an important phone
Kitty goes out on her walk alone. While walking in the
woods, she hears the crunching of footsteps nearby and calls
out, “Who is it?” Receiving no answer, she becomes frightened
and runs back to Collinwood and tells Edward someone was stalking
her in the woods. Quentin and Angelique come in through the
front doors. Edward remarks, “Oh, you two haven’t met yet”,
but just as he is about to introduce Kitty and Angelique to
one another, Kitty looks at Angelique and exclaims, “You’re
the own who was stalking me! You’ve always been after me!”,
grabs Angelique by the throat and starts strangling her. Edward
manages to tear Kitty away from Angelique. Kitty snaps out of
it and, sounding very confuses, asks, “What happened?” When
told, she apologizes for her odd behavior, saying she doesn’t
know what came over her. Edward takes her upstairs. Quentin and
Angelique go into the drawing room. Angelique demands that Quentin
set a time for their wedding, demanding that it be sometime this week.
Quentin says, “I’ll delay it as long as possible!” and tells her
it’ll be a week from tonight.
Edward and Kitty talk about what happened downstairs. Edward
tries to assure Kitty that her odd behavior is nothing more than
the effects of stress caused by her husband’s death. He gently
tells her, “I’ll do whatever I can to help you”. After Edward
leaves, a strange smile appears on Kitty’s face…
Edward goes down into the drawing room. Angelique gleefully
tells Edward, “Quentin and I have decided to marry in a week!”
Edward congratulates them, then asks to speak to Quentin alone.
Angelique leaves. Edward, noticing Quentin’s coldness to Angelique,
tells Quentin, “I notice you’ve been rather brusque and rude to
Angelique”, and remonstrates him for the way he’s been treating his
fiancee. Quentin replies, “That’s none of your business”. Edward
asks, “I know you found Barnabas with the intention of destroying
him. Why didn’t you?” Quentin replies, “For the same reason you
didn’t shoot him with silver bullets when you found him and decided
instead to let the sun destroy him instead, thus giving him the chance
to escape – I couldn’t bring myself to do it”. Edward remarks, “I’m
a fairly good judge of character. I’m not sure I believe your
answer. It’s not like you”. Quentin retorts, “You’re probably
not as good a judge of character as you think you are, judging
by the way you’ve misjudged Kitty”. Edward asks, “What do you
mean by that?”, but Quentin refuses to tell him, saying, “I’ll
just let you find out by yourself”.
Kitty has a dream in which Angelique appears to her as her
servant, calling her, “Mademoiselle”. Angelique gives her
a nosegay and a book, saying, “He gave these to you so you
wouldn’t forget him”. Kitty replies, “Oh, but I would never
forget him!”, then takes the gifts. She looks at the book and
finds that it’s “Poems and Songs by Robert Burns”. She notices
that there’s a bookmark in it and opens it to the marked page.
She remarks, “How did you know that was my favorite?”, and
starts to read it.
Kitty awakens, puzzled by the dream. Then she sees that the
nosegay and the book are lying on the table…

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