August 1969

Episode 810
Worldvision Rerun 590
Tape Date: July 24, 1969 (ABC #155-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 1, 1969 Friday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin tells Charity, “There’s no need to call the police
anymore. The woman’s dead”. Charity tells Quentin, “I’m
going to tell my father your secret!”. Quentin replies, “You’d
better not”, and shows her the confession to Minerva’s murder.
Charity says, “That’s a fake. My father was tricked into signing
it!”. Quentin replies, “You may believe that, but the police
Aristede tells Magda, “When Barnabas awakens tonight, you
are not to tell him what happened to you during the day, and
try to act normally”. Magda replies, “I’ll try, but it won’t
be easy to fool Barnabas”. Aristede remarks, “You’d better
use your gypsy wits to do so as best as you can”. Magda
replies, “You’d better be careful too. I may have my gypsy
wits to protect me, but you have NOTHING!” Aristede replies,
“But I do”, and showing her the pendant he’s wearing, explains,
“It is very powerful and has protected me from many things”.
He then tells her, “You’d better get the hand before it’s
too late”. Magda asks, “Too late for what?”, but Aristede
refuses to say. Magda tells him, “Tim Shaw has the hand”.
Aristede replies, “Then you’d better find Tim Shaw”.
Mrs. Fillmore comes to Collinwood and tells Quentin that
his daughter is in a coma, having apparently been stricken
with the same illness that struck his son.
Charity, now knowing what to do, is in the drawing room
drinking. There’s a knock at the front door. She answers
it. Magda comes in. Noticing the obvious, Magda asks,
“Have you been drinking?” Charity lies, “No”. Madga asks,
“Then why does your breath smell like brandy?” Charity
lies, “I’ve been eating some brandy-filled chocolates”.
Magda, not convinced, remarks, “It looks like man troubles.
It must be Tim Shaw’s going away that’s troubling you.
I can help you find out where he is using my powers. But
I’ll need your help to do so. Do you know anyone who might
know where he’d go?” Charity replies, “He had a good friend
named Steven Simmons while at school. I have his address”.
Magda tells her, “Go get it”. Puzzled, Charity asks, “Why
do you need all this just to use your Tarot Cards?” Magda
replies, “Don’t ask so many questions about things you
don’t understand. Just go get it”. Charity leaves to do so.
Quentin comes down and sees Magda in the drawing room.
Thinking she has come because of his daughter’s illness,
he asks her, “How did you know about my daughter?” Magda
replies, “I don’t know. What’s wrong with your daughter?”
Quentin tells her. Magda, desperate, tells Quentin about
Aristede’s protective pendant and says, “Maybe it might
be able to protect your daughter from Julianka’s curse”.
Quentin asks, “Where’s Aristede?” Magda tells him.
Quentin goes to the place Magda told him about and finds
Aristede sleeping there. Quentin tries to sneak up on him
quietly, but Aristede wakes up. Quentin demands the pendant.
Aristede refuses, saying, “I need it to protect me. It has
protected me from many things”. Quentin remarks, “It may have
protected you from spirits – let’s see how it does against
flesh and blood!” and attacks him. Aristede pulls “the
dancing lady” to protect himself. They fight. Quentin
manages to knock Aristede out and takes the pendant from
Quentin arrives at Mrs. Fillmore’s. Mrs. Fillmore and
Magda are there. Mrs. Fillmore tells Quentin, “The doctor
has come and gone. He said there was nothing he could do”.
Quentin thanks her and asks her to leave the room. She does
so. Quentin puts the pendant on his daughter, but it has no
effect. Seeing no other option, Quentin tells Magda to summon
the spirit of Julianka and beg her to remove the curse. Magda
is dubious that Julianka would do this, but Quentin asks her to
try anyway. Magda conducts a ceremony to summon Julianka’s
spirit. Suddenly, there is a bright flash of lightning outside,
and the cradle starts to rock by itself. Quentin exclaims, “It
must be Julianka! We can only hope she’s come out of pity for
the child!” A ghost materizlizes beside the cradle and says,
“No, not out of pity…”
Episode 811
Worldvision Rerun 591
Tape Date: July 21, 1969 (ABC #156-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 4, 1969 Monday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Dan Curtis

The ghost continues, “… but out of love”. For the ghost
is not that of Julianka, but Jenny. She picks the child up
and carries it for awhile, then announces, “When she awakens,
she will be well” and puts the child back in the cradle.
Quentin apologizes to Jenny for how badly their life together
turned out and says, “If I had it all to do over again, things
would be different”. Jenny replies, “Theres’s one way you
can prove your love for me. Do the right thing for the child”.
Quentin asks, “And what is the right thing?”, but Jenny merely
replies, “You know what it is…” and vanishes. Quentin tells
Magda, “I think I know what the right thing is”.
At Collinwood, Trask goes to the tower room and tries to
get Edward to sign a document making him, Trask, legal guardian
of Jamison. But Edward reads the document – in spite of Trask
trying to tell him, “You don’t need to read it…” – and says,
“This document is incorrect! I have no son.” and refuses to sign
it, saying, “I cannot sign a document containing an error”.
Quentin and Magda return to Collinwood. Quentin asks Trask,
“May I prepare a room to use as a nursery? I plan to bring my
daughter here to live”. Trask – as acting master of Collinwood –
refuses. Quentin snarls, “I know what you’re trying to do,
and I’m not going to let you do it!”
Quentin goes to the tower room and tells Edward, “I’ve come
to let you out so we can fight Trask together. You’ve got to
snap out of it! If you don’t, Trask will take over Collinwood,
and this will affect everyone, you, me, your son, Judith,
everyone!” Edward, looking puzzled, remarks, “That’s the
second time someone’s made the mistake of thinking I have
a son, but I have no son”. He tells Quentin about the first
time. Quentin, seeing that his efforts are doing no good,
tells Edward, “I’m sorry, but I can’t let you out” and
Later, Trask goes to the tower room and finds that Edward
is very depressed. He asks why. Edward replies, “Quentin was
very cruel to me. He came here, told me he was going to let
me out, said a lot of nonsense, then said he’d changed his mind
and wasn’t going to let me out”. Trask tells him, “Quentin
will never let you out. The only way you’ll be able to get out
and perform your duties as a servant is to kill Quentin”.
Quentin falls asleep in the drawing room and has a dream.
In the dream, Jenny appears to him. Quentin tells her, “I know
what the right thing to do for the child is, it’s to bring her
to live at Collinwood”, but Jenny replies, “No, that’s not it.
The right thing for you to do is put her in a safe place and
not see her anymore” then disappears. Edward then appears.
He tells Quentin, “It’s almost time for dinner. I’ve come to
help you get dressed”. He puts a coat on Quentin, then puts
a tie around Quentin’s neck and starts to tie it. Quentin
complains, “You’re tying it too tight! You’re strangling me!”,
but Edward just keeps pulling it tighter and tighter…
Quentin awakens and finds Edward is really there in the room
standing over him. Edward grabs Quentin’s throat and starts
strangling him…
Episode 812
Worldvision Rerun 592
Tape Date: July 28, 1969 (ABC #157-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 5, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Nora comes into the drawing room, sees Edward strangling
Quentin and screams. Edward lets go of Quentin. Nora calls
Edward, “Father!”. Edward is puzzled and says, “Father? I
have no children!” Trask comes into the room and asks, “What’s
going on?” Nora replies, “They were fighting!” Quentin looks
at Trask suspiciously, perhaps suspecting that Edward didn’t
“escape” from the tower room without some help, and tells Trask,
“Take Edward back to the tower room”. Trask takes Edward away.
Nora asks Quentin, “What’s wrong with my father?” Quentin
replies, “He’s sick”, but promises, “I’ll take care of him. He
won’t be like that much longer”. But he thinks to himself, “To
cure him, I’ll have to find the hand, and to find the hand, I’ll
have to find Tim Shaw”.
Meanwhile, Tim Shaw has returned to Collinsport and is staying
at the Collinsport Inn. He takes the box containing the hand out
of a trunk and puts the box into a bigger box, which he then starts
to wrap, as if wrapping a present. He is interrupted by the phone
ringing and answers it. It is a call from the front desk. Tim
tells the clerk, “Tell her to wait five minutes then come up”.
He finishes wrapping the box. There’s a knock at the door. Tim
opens it and a woman comes in. She asks, “Why did you want me
to wait five minutes before coming up?” He refuses to tell her,
saying, “It’s a secret”, then asks, “Do you understand what you
are to do?” She replies, “Yes. What are you planning to do to
this man anyway?” He refuses to tell her, fingering her necklace
and saying, “You’re being rewarded well enough not to ask questions”
He tells her, “I have one more thing for you to do”. He gives her
the wrapped box and tells her, “Hide this in your room”
The woman goes to Collinwood and introduces herself to Gregory
Trask, “My name is Amanda Harris. I’m desperate. I’ve heard good
things about you and have come to you for help.” She tells him
that an ex-boyfriend is stalking and harrassing her and has
managed to track her down wherever she goes. Trask agrees to
help and tells her, “The first thing we must do is pray”.
Quentin comes into the drawing room and finds them both on
their knees praying.
As the woman is leaving, Trask calls out after her, “Where
are you staying?” The woman replies, “The Collinsport Inn”
and leaves. Quentin asks, “What was that all about?”, but
Trask refuses to tell him.
Amanda returns to Tim’s room at the Collinsport Inn and
tells him, “Everything went just as planned. Trask believed
every word of my story”. They kiss. Bored, Amanda asks Tim
to take her out for a walk, but Tim refuses, saying, “We can’t
risk being seen together”. Amanda gets angry and complains,
“Coming to this whistle stop is bad enough, now you want me to
stay in my room! I’m going back to New York!” Tim, exasperated,
finally says, “All right, I’ll take you for a walk on the docks”.
Quentin, curious as to what Trask is doing, goes to the
Collinsport Inn to check on Amanda Harris. In the lobby, he
sees Tim and Amanda leaving (but they do not see him). Quentin
goes up to Tim’s room and starts searching for the hand.
Later, Tim and Amanda return to the Inn. As they are going
up the stairs to the room, Amanda sarcastically remarks, “I can
hardly get up these stairs after the excitement of the Collinsport
Quentin, still searching Tim’s room, hears Tim and Amanda
Tim and Amanda go into Tim’s room. Quentin is no longer
there. They find the room a mess. Tim goes to the desk and
finds a large roll of money still there. Obviously, whoever
ransacked the room was not after money. He tells Amanda, “Quickly!
Go to your room and get that box I gave you!” She leaves and
returns with it. Tim remarks, “It’s good whoever it was didn’t
have time to search your room too. We’ll have to find a better
hiding place for it”. Amanda asks, “What is it?” Tim just
replies, “Our security for the future”. He then tells her, “Give
me your necklace. I need it. I’ll give you a better one”. She
reluctantly gives it to him.
Tim goes to Collinwood and sneaks into Nora’s room. Nora says,
“I’m glad to see you. I haven’t seen you for a long time”. Tim
gives her the necklace and tells her, “It’s a present, but you must
not tell anyone about it, and don’t tell anyone I was here either.
Charity wouldn’t let me up to see you because it was past your
bedtime, but I snuck up anyway. Don’t tell anyone!” She agrees
not to tell anyone. Tim tells her, “I have a favor I’d like to
ask you to do”. He gives her the wrapped box containing the hand
and tells her, “I’d like you to hide this here for me and not
tell anyone about it”. Nora asks, “Why?” Tim replies, “I can’t
tell you. It’s a secret”. She agrees, then asks, “Is it a
present for Jamison?” Tim replies, “No”. Nora remarks, “Oh.
I thought it was because he’s been sick”.
After Tim leaves, Nora puts the box in her armoire and
gets back into bed. But almost immediately, curiousity gets
the better of her, and she gets back out of bed, gets the
box out of the armoire, and starts to open it…
Episode 813 (Kinescope)
Worldvision Rerun 592A*
Tape Date: July 29, 1969 (ABC #158-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 6, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Nora unwraps the box, and finds the smaller box inside.
She tries to open the smaller box but is unable to,
apparently not knowing how to. She puts the box back into
the larger box and wraps it back up.
Aristede and Jamison/Petofi meet in the woods. Jamison/Petofi,
looking very despondent, says, “I have only a few hours left”.
Aristede tells him, “I have good news. Tim Shaw is back in
town. I saw him at the Collinsport Inn. He brought a young
woman with him. I looked in the register and found her name
is Amanda Harris”. Jamison/Petofi remarks, “Tim Shaw wouldn’t
be so stupid as to keep the hand at the hotel”. Aristede
replies, “I’ll go ‘persuade’ Tim to tell me where it is”, but
Jamison/Petofi tells him, “Your techinques of persuasion would
work better on the woman. I’ll keep Tim occupied while you
persuade her…”
Jamison/Petofi goes to the dining room at the Inn and finds
Tim Shaw there. Jamison/Petofi lies, “I’m in town with my
father”. Tim remarks, “I’m surprised to see you. I thought you
were sick”. Jamsion/Petofi replies, “I was, but I’m better now.
How did you know I was sick?” Tim replies, “Nora mentioned it”.
He tells Jamison/Petofi, “I’m waiting for a woman, but you’re
welcome to stay and talk until she comes”.
Meanwhile, upstairs in Amanda’s room, Aristede attacks
Amanda and demands to know where the hand is. She tells him,
“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” He asks, “Have you
seen a small, ornate box?” Amanda replies, “No, but Tim did
have a large, wrapped box”. Aristede asks, “Where is it?”
Aristede comes down into the dining room, sees Tim, and
greets him, “Hello! We haven’t seen each other in quite a
while! Maybe we could get together for a drink sometimes”,
then leaves. Jamison excuse himself, saying, “I have to leave
too” and does so. Tim goes upstairs to see what’s taking
Amanda so long. He finds her lying face down on the floor.
(Note: When did Aristede and Tim ever meet before?)
Aristede and Jamison/Petofi meet in the woods again.
Aristede tells Jamison/Petofi, “I didn’t learn much from
the woman, only that Tim had a large, wrapped box – which
I suspect contains the hand – and took it to someone for
safekeeping, but she didn’t know who the person might be.
She also told me Tim took a necklace from her. He said
he needed it, and promised to replace it with a better one”.
Jamison/Petofi remarks, “That must mean the person he took it
to must be a woman. He must have taken the necklace to use
as a gift to induce the woman to hide the box for him. And
I think I know who the woman is. Tim made a mistake earlier.
He mentioned that he had spoken to Nora…”
Jamison/Petofi goes to Collinwood and goes to Nora. He fools
her into admitting that Tim had been in her room by lying that
he already knows because he saw Tim coming out of her room.
She tells him, “Tim gave me a gift!”, and shows him the necklace.
Jamison/Petofi says, “I know he gave you something else too,
a box”. Nora denies it, but Jamison/Petofi grabs her and puts
her arm in a hammerlock and forces her to tell him where the
box is. He takes the box out of the armoire, opens the box,
and finds the hand…

* This episode was intially skipped in the syndication package until a
kinescope was located and added in the late 1980s to the run.
Episode 814
Worldvision Rerun 593
Tape Date: July 30, 1969 (ABC #159-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 7, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Jamison/Petofi, carrying the hand, which is in the large
box, re-wrapped to look like a present, exits Collinwood.
But he suddenly starts to become weak, and collapses in the
At the old mill building, Aristede speaks to the prone
body of Count Petofi, who is apparently in suspended animation,
telling him, “Jamison has gone to Collinwood to get the hand.
He should be here with it any moment now”.
Quentin finds Jamison lying in the woods unconsciouse, revives
him, and asks, “What happened? What’s wrong?” Jamison lies,
“Nothing”, and tries to leave, but Quentin stops him and asks,
“What’s in the box?” Jamison lies, “It’s a gift for Nora”.
But Quentin, not believing him, takes the box, opens it, and
finds the hand.
Aristede stands over the body of Petofi and wonders, “What’s
taking Jamison so long?”
Quentin takes Jamison and the hand to the caretaker’s cottage
to Barnabas. Jamison is getting weaker and weaker. Still possessed
by Petofi, delirious and not knowing where he is, Jamison moans,
“Aristede…Where’s the hand? I’m dying. I need the hand…”
Fearing that Jamison might die if Petofi does, Barnabas asks,
“Where are you?” Jamison/Petofi replies, “The old mill building…”
Barnabas goes to the old mill building and tells Aristede,
“I have the hand now. I got it from Jamison. I also know that
Petofi is dying and needs the hand to save himself”. Aristede
asks, “How would you know this?” Barnabas replies, “Jamison
told me. I want to talk to Petofi. If he’ll promise to use
the hand to cure Quentin afterwards, I’ll bring it to him”.
Aristede replies, “You can’t speak to Petofi. He’s been
unconscious since possessing Jamison. But I’ll give you my
word that we’ll use the hand to cure Quentin if you return it
to us”.
Barnabas goes to the cottage to get the hand, telling Quentin
what happened at the mill building. Quentin tells Barnabas, “I
don’t trust Aristede. What if they just takes the hand and leave
without curing me?”, but Barnabas says, “We have no choice but to
trust them. Jamison will die if Petofi does”.
Barnabas takes the hand to Aristede. Aristede tells Barnabas,
“You cannot watch. You might affect the process”, takes the
hand, and goes into the room where Petofi is. He says a few
incantations over the hand, then places it on Petofi’s chest.
He then comes out of the room, closing the door behind him, and
tells Barnabas, “All we can do is wait now”.
At the cottage, Jamison stirs and says, “The hand! Why is it
still on my chest? Why isn’t it working?”
At the mill building, Barnabas is getting impatient and asks
Aristede, “What’s going on in there? It’s been over an hour”.
Aristede replies, “I was just instructed what to do. I wasn’t
told how long it would take”. Barnabas paces around nervously
and frets, “What if it didn’t work? What if Petofi has died and
Jamison with him?”
Later, Barnabas loses patience and telsl Aristede, “I’m
going into that room to see what’s happening whether you like
it or not!” Aristede tries to stop him. They struggle for
awhile, but suddenly stop when they hear Petofi laughing
heartily from the other room. The door opens, and Petofi
steps out, saying, “After all these years, it’s mine again!”.
He holds up his right arm. Attached to it is the hand…
Episode 815
Worldvision Rerun 594
Tape Date: July 31, 1969 (ABC #160-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 8, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas tells Petofi, “Aristede made a deal with me on
your behalf for the hand”. Count Petofi replies, “As a man
of honor, I will honor the deal”. But when Barnabas tells
Petofi the details of the details, that he is to cure Quentin
of the werewolf affliction and remove the curse from the
Collins family, Petofi goes back on his word and refuses to
do this.
Quentin, having taken Jamison to the drawing room of Collinwood,
sees that Jamison has lapsed into a coma and decides he must go
to Barnabas. He goes to the cellar of the mill building and tells
Barnabas. Barnabas tells Petofi, “You must save Jamison. You owe
it to him!” Petofi asks to speak to Barnabas alone. Quentin
leaves. Barnabas asks Petofi, “What do you want to talk about?”
Petofi is at first vague, as if nervous, then asks Barnabas, “I’d
like to talk about the future. Have you ever wondered what the
year 1969 will be like?” Barnabas at first feigns ignorance and
tells Petofi, “I have no idea what you’re talking about”, so
Petofi tells him, “I know you’re from the year 1969”. Barnabas
denies it, so Petofi shows him the Family History as proof.
Confronted with this, Barnabas admits that he is indeed from
the year 1969. Petofi tells Barnabas, “I would like to travel
to the year 1969″. Barnabas asks, “Why?” Petofi replies, “To
escape from the gypsies. They will soon be after me to get the
hand back”. Barnabas replies, “I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if
I even can back to the future, much less take you back with
me”. Petofi, not believing him, thinks of a way to get Barnabas to
divulge the secret and tells him, “Look into the cabinet. I’ll
show you a vision of your own death”. Barnabas looks into the
cabinet and sees a vision of David apparently dying. Barnabas,
shocked, exclaims, “David! Is he dead?”. Petofi is puzzled
and says, “It was supposed to be a vision of YOUR death…”,
and again asks Barnabas to tell him the secret of time travel.
Barnabas again lies that he doesn’t know it. Petofi tells him,
“I’ll give you time to think about it”. However, he puts a
spell on Barnabas and tells him to look at his hand. Barnabas
does so, and finds that a mark has appeared there. Petofi
tells him that he now no longer has the vampire power to
vanish and appear at will, and tells him to try. Barnabas
tries to dematerialize, finds that he cannot. Petofi tells
him he can now go and Barnabas leaves. It is almost dawn.
Aristede asks Petofi, “What do you plan to do?” Petofi replies,
“Lord Kitchener once said, ‘When plan A fails, one should start
plan B immediately'”.
Petofi and Aristede show up at the old house. Magda at first
tells them she won’t help them, but becomes terrified when
Petofi shows her the reattached hand. She takes them to Barnabas’
new hiding place in the West Wing of Collinwood. They open the
coffin. Barnabas is lying in there. Petofi puts a cross inside
with him and closes up the coffin.
Episode 816
Worldvision Rerun 595
Tape Date: August 4, 1969 (ABC #161-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 11, 1969 Monday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

After having taken Barnabas’ coffin back to the mill building
with them, Aristede asks Petofi, “What do you plan to do now?”
Petofi replies, using a military analogy, “I plan to catch
Barnabas in a pincher movement and increase the pressure on
him until he cracks and divulges the secret. I plan to attack
those he loves in 1969 too”. He starts to cast a spell.
At Collinwood, Nora goes into the drawing room. Jamison
awakens and asks her to call Quentin. She starts to walk out
of the room, but Jamsion tells her, “No, Amy, use the phone!”
Nora, puzzled, replies, “My name isn’t Amy. It’s Nora. And
I don’t have to telephone Quentin; he’s right in the house”.
But Jamison insists that her name is Amy, and even though
Quentin is in the house, he can only be reached by phone.
Frightened, Nora rushes out of the room. Jamison loses
consciousness. Nora returns with Quentin and tells him about
all the strange things Jamison had said to her and tells him
that Jamison had insisted that his own name was David.
Quentin mutters, “David Collins…” as if he had heard the
name before. He tells Nora to go to her room, then leaves.
Jamison/David regains consciousness briefly and speaks strangely
to Quentin. He tells Quentin, “This is exactly what I thought it
would be like”. Quentin asks, “Exactly what what would be like?”
Jamison/David replies, “Exactly as you promised – it’s exactly what
you said dying and being with you forever would be like”. He then
lapses into unconsciousness again.
Tim Shaw visits Nora in her room and asks her for the package
he had left with her. Nora stupidly says, “You mean the one
with the pretty box inside?” Tim grabs her and demands, “How
did you know about the pretty box inside?” Nora admits that
she opened the big box. Tim asks, “Did you open the pretty little
box?” Nora replies, “No, I didn’t know how?” Tim, relieved,
asks Nora to give him the box. Nora replies, “I can’t. Jamison
took it”. Tim asks, “Where’s Jamison?”. Nora tells him, “He’s
sick. He’s downstairs with Quentin”.
Furious, Tim goes down to the drawing room and asks Quentin
if he could speak to Jamison. Quentin replies, “No. Anyway,
if it’s the hand you’re after, neither Jamison nor I have it
anymore. If you want to find it, go talk to Aristede”.
Tim goe to the mill building and pulls a gun on Aristede
and demands that he give him the hand. Aristede replies, “I
can’t give it to you”. Tim threatens to shoot Aristede if
he doesn’t. Petofi comes into the room and tells Tim,
“Shooting Aristede will do no good. Aristede is telling you
the truth when he says he can’t give you the hand”. He holds
up his right arm to show Tim the reattached hand. Realizing
that he really can’t get the hand back now, Tim tells Petofi,
“I wanted to use the hand to get revenge on two men – Gregory
Trask and Evan Handley. I’ll pay you well to help me”. Petofi
replies, “I compliment you on your choice of enemies”, but
refuses to help.
Quentin takes Jamison/David to Petofi and tells him what
happened and asks him to help Jamison/David, saying, “You owe
it to him. You used him to do your dirty work for him”.
Jamison/David deliriously mutters, “Quentin…Quentin…”
Petofi points out something interesting, “Jamison is possessed
by David Collins, yet he calls your name and seems to know you.
How is it possible for someone from another time to know you?”
Episode 817
Worldvision Rerun 596
Tape Date: August 5, 1969 (ABC #162-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 12, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Quentin is puzzled by this too. Petofi concludes wrongly
that there must be another man named Quentin in 1969. He
tells Quentin, “There’s something Barnabas has that I want.
If you can convince Barnabas to give it to me, I will cure
the boy”. Quentin replies, “I don’t know where Barnabas is”
Petofi replies, “He’s in his coffin”. Quentin asks, “Why would
he be in his coffin now? It’s after dusk”. Petofi takes Quentin
to the chained coffin, unchains the coffin, and opens it. Inside
is Barnabas, immobilized by the cross. Petofi leaves to let
Quentin and Barnabas speak in private, warning Quentin not to
try to touch Barnabas or remove the cross. Barnabas is
immoblized but can talk. Quentin tells Barnabas what’s happened,
and tells him, “Petofi wants something from you as the price for
curing Jamison”. Barnabas replies, “I know what he wants. He wants
to know how to travel to the year 1969. But I can’t tell him,
I don’t know how to return myself”. Quentin tells Barnabas about
the puzzling fact, “Alhough Jamison is posssessed by David Collins
from the year 1969, he seems to know me. How is it possible for
someone from the year 1969 to know me?” Barnabas, not wanting
to tell Quentin that David recognizes him because he, Quentin,
died this very year 1897 so his ghost in 1969 looks just as he
does now, deflects the question by saying, “Quicky! Remove the
cross before Petofi comes back!” Quentin reaches out to try to
do this, but finds that his hand is blocked, as if by an
invisible force field. Petofi comes back into the room, laughs
and says, “Do you think I would have left you alone if it were
that easy?” He closes the coffin asks Quentin, “What did Barnabas
say?” Quentin replies, “Barnabas said he doesn’t know how to
return to the year 1969″. Petofi replies, “I don’t believe that.
I will keep Barnabas in his coffin until he’s in the right mood”.
He tells Quentin, “Since Barnabas didn’t tell me what I wanted
to know, I will not cure the boy”.
Quentin takes the boy back to Collinwood. Beth watches over
him in his room. The boy regains consciousness, sees Beth, and
calls her name. Beth at first thinks that that his recognizing
her must mean Jamison is back to normal and is no longer
possessed by “David”, but then he asks her a strange question:
“Beth, what is it like to die?” Beth replies, “I wouldn’t
know. I’ve never died before”. “David” replies, “But you have.
Quentin told me you took your own life”.
Petofi gloats over the coffin of Barnabas, saying, “Sooner
or later, you’re going to have to tell me the secret. There’s
no other way”. Inside the coffin, Barnabas thinks to himself,
“You’re wrong, Petofi. There is another way…”
Beth goes to Quentin and tells him what “David” had said
and asks, “What did he mean?” Quentin replies, “Don’t worry
about it. He’s just saying strange things because he’s ill”
(but the worried expression on his face seems to indicate
From inside the coffin, Barnabas starts to summon Beth
At Collinwood, Beth suddenly excuses herself and leaves.
Quentin realizes that Beth’s abrupt departure must mean that
Barnabas had summoned her.
Beth goes to the coffin in the mill building and starts to
undo the chains, but Petofi walks into the room and catches
her in the act. Beth pulls out a gun and points it at him.
Petofi tells Beth, “It would be most unwise for you to release
Barnabas. I’ll show you what he’ll do to you eventually if you
do”. He takes her out into the other room and to the cabinet.
Inside the coffin, Barnabas tries desperately to telepathically
tell Beth, “Don’t believe what he shows you! It will be a lie!”
Outside in the other room, Petofi opens the cabinet and tells
Beth to look into it. Beth does so and sees a scene of Barnabas
biting and killing her, turning her into a vampire. She
screams. Petofi tells her, “There’s only one way for you to
avoid that fate. You must turn your back and leave Barnabas
forever”. Beth does so and leaves. Petofi goes to the coffin
and gloats, “She came because you are powerful, but she left
because I am more powerful!”
August 13, 1969 Wednesday – Pre-empted for coverage of reception for
Apollo astronauts in Chicago.
(ABC #163-DRK-69)
Episode 818
Worldvision Rerun 597
Tape Date: August 6, 1969 (ABC #164-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 14, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

At what will eventually be the Evan’s cottage, Charles
Delaware Tate is putting some finishing touches on he
portrait of Quentin. Suddenly, he seems to sense something
evil about it and grabs a palette knife and raises it to
destroy it, but Petofi comes in and stops him, telling him,
“If you destroy the portrait, I will take away all your
artistic talent”.
Beth returns to Collinwood. In the foyer, she looks
fearfully at the portrait of Barnabas, then goes into the
drawing room, where she finds Quentin. Quentin tells her,
“I know Barnabas summoned you to help him. What happened?”
Beth replies, “I will have nothing more to do with Barnabas!”
She breaks down in tears and begs Quentin, “Take me away from
Collinwood, away from all this!” Quentin replies, “Sure,
I’ll take you away from all this. We can go to London,
Paris, Rome… And wherever we go, you can look up at night
and see the moon. You can see the moon from all over the
world, you know. My only hope for a cure is to stay here”.
Beth runs out into the foyer, crying. Quentin goes and
walks out the front door.
Charity sees all this from the landing and comes down
and takes Beth into the drawing room, saying she wants to
talk to her. She tells Beth, “You should stay away from
Quentin. He’s not good for you”. Beth asks, “What do you
mean?” Charity replies, “I can’t tell you, but there are
reasons”. Beth says, “You’re just jealous! I’ve seen you
looking at Quentin like a schoolgirl with a crush!” Charity
admits that she was smitten with Quentin before, but not
anymore. Beth does not believe her.
At the Evan’s cottage, Petofi tells Charles Delaware Tate
that the painting looks finished and asks to take it, but
Tate replies, “There are still a few finishing touches that
need to be done”. There’s a knock at the door. Petofi asks
Tate, “Are you expecting anyone?” Tate replies, “No”. Petofi
tells him, “Answer it”, and hides in the next room.
Tate answers the door. It is Charity. She tells him, “Because
of something I’ve learned, I know it wasn’t my imagination when
I saw the portrait turn into a wolf”. Tate asks, “What have you
learned?”, but Charity refuses to tell him, saying only, “When
the moon is full, you should stay indoors and lock the doors”.
Charity then leaves. Petofi, who’s been eavesdropping, comes
out of his hiding place. Tate, remarks, “Quentin is a werewolf,
isn’t he?” Petofi admits that this is true, then says, “Charity
Trask talks too much. As the Gods had to take care of Echo because
she talked too much, I’ll have to take care of Charity Trask”
and leaves.
Petofi arrives at Collinwood. Quentin asks, “What do you
want?” Petofi replies, “I’ve come to save you”. Quentin asks,
“Why?” Petofi replies, “It’s because I know you’re somehow
an important part of the future because David recognized you”.
Charity comes into the drawing room and sees Petofi there.
She orders him to leave, but then suddenly loses her voice.
Episode 819
Worldvision Rerun 598
Tape Date: August 7, 1969 (ABC #165-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 15, 1969 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Petofi touches Charity with the hand, and she goes into
a trance-like state. He tells Quentin, “Leave me alone with
her so I can make her forget”. Quentin leaves the drawing
room. Petofi takes Charity to the window and tells her to
look out, saying, “I will show you the errors of your ways.
I will show you what your loquaciousness will lead to – your
death!”. A vision starts to form…
In the vision, Magda is at the old house, reading some Tarot
Cards. There’s a knock at the door. Magda answers it. It is
Charity. Charity tells Magda, “Something has happened, and I
need you to read my future for me”, but Magda replies, “I cannot
right now. I’m expecting someone. Besides, it’s a bad night
to read the cards. Everything I have read in them tonight has
been tragic. I see a violent death happening soon”. Charity
asks, “Whose?” There’s a knock at the door. Magda remarks,
“That’s the man I called to warn”. She opens the door. Aristede
comes in and asks, “Why did you summon me here?” Magda starts
to say, “You’ve got to warn Petofi…”, but the lights suddenly
go out, and supernatural effects start to happen. Frightened,
Aristede runs outside – where he is attacked and strangled by
a hooded figure. After strangling Aristede, the hooded figure
picks up a sword which he had dropped and leaves… The vision
Charity screams, “The young man! He’s dead!”. Petofi, puzzled,
says, “The young man? But it was YOUR death you were supposed to
see”. Charity says, “No, it was Aristede’s. He was killed by
a hooded man”. Petofi realizes that once again the hand has
been unpredictable and has shown not Charity’s death, but
Aristede’s and perhaps his own. He tells Charity to look through
the window again and tell him what’s happening next. Charity
sees another vision:
In the vision she sees a room which she tells Petofi, “I have
never seen before” (It is the cellar of the old mill building).
In this room, Petofi is tied to a chair. The hooded figure with
the sword comes down the stairs, walks up to Petofi, raises the
sword, and cuts off Petofi’s right hand…
Charity screams. Petofi touches her again with his right
hand, telling her, “Your life is going to change in a way many
people will find hard to understand…”
Petofi comes out of the drawing room and tells Quentin, “I’ve
taken care of Charity!”, and rushes out. Quentin notices the
great fear in Petofi’s eyes. He goes into the drawing room,
but does not see Charity there and calls for her. She steps
out from behind the curtains, as if stepping out onto a stage,
and starts to sing like Pansy Faye…
Petofi returns to the mill building and tells Aristede, “I’ve
learned that our enemies are coming!” Aristede remarks, “Then we
should hurry and leave!”, but Petofi says, “No, I want to stay
to learn Barnabas’ secret to Time Travel, and besides, I have a
better idea…”
Quentin, having ascertained that Charity remembers nothing
of him being a werewolf, leaves Collinwood.
Petofi and Aristede are walking through the cemetary, looking
at headstones. Petofi finally finds one he deem suitable, one of
an Abraham Howell and tells Aristede to dig it up.
Quentin goes to the Old House and tells Magda he’d like her help
to free Barnabas. Magda replies that it wouldn’t make any sense to
try because Petofi is too powerful. Quentin tells her, “That’s
just it. Something has happened to terrify him. I saw the fear
in his eyes. Now would be the perfect time to act”. There’s
a knock at the door. Magda goes and opens it, but finds that
there’s no one there. Then she sees that there is a note
affixed to the door with a dagger. She takes it down and reads
it aloud, “Between life and death, there is not enough room for
a flea to jump”. Magda is horrifed. Quentin asks, “What does
it mean?” Magda replies, “It is the traditional warning of
the tribe of King Johnny Romano…”
Episode 820
Worldvision Rerun 599
Tape Date: August 8, 1969 (ABC #166-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 18, 1969 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Petofi goes to Charles Delaware Tate’s cottage and finds
Tate painting a picture of a beautiful woman. Petofi derisively
remarks, “Are you drawing her again? Drawing another picture
of your ideal woman?” Tate replies, “Yes”. Petofi remarks,
“It’s a waste of time, she doesn’t exist”. Tate replies, “She’s
real enough to me”. Petofi replies, “I’ll indulge you the fantasy
as you have served me so well. I have one more thing for you to
do for me”. He takes off his right glove. Tate is shocked to
see that the hand has been reattached. Petofi touches Tate with
Tate tells Petofi, “This is the most grisly thing you’ve ever
asked me to do! Perhaps an embalmer might be more suitable for
the job”, but reluctantly agrees to do it. Petofi gives him
a leather doctor-type bag and tells clark, “I’ll come for it
at 1:00″.
At the Collinsport Inn, Tim finds Amanda in her room packing.
He asks, “What are you doing?” She replies, “I’m tired of
putting up with that pompous boor Trask! I’m leaving!” Tim
tells her, “You’ve got to stay and finish the job!”, but she
refuses. He tells her, “All right, leave if you want to,
but there’s one more person I want you to see before you do”.
Amanda asks, “What’s his name?” Tim replies, “Count Petofi”.
Magda goes to the Mill building cellar and tells Petofi,
“The gypsies are coming”. Petofi replies, “I already know”.
Magda asks, “How?” Petofi replies, “I would like to say that
I used my great clairvoyant powers to find out, but I must
admit that I found out purely by accident”. Magda asks for
his help. Petofi refuses. Magda tells him, “But they’re
a danger to you too!”. Petofi replies, “No they’re not. They
came here after you. They don’t even know I’m here”. Magda
threatens, “If you don’t help me, I’ll tell them you’re here!”
He touches her with the hand and says, “You won’t be able to.
You won’t be able to speak or write my name. Try to do so”.
She tries but finds she cannot.
After Magda leaves, Amanda comes walking down the stairs.
She tells Petofi, “I’m a friend of Tim Shaw’s. I’ve came to you
for help”. She lifts her veil. Petofi is stunned. Amanda
looks exactly like Charles’s Delaware Tate’s ideal woman.
Petofi asks, “Have you ever had your portrait painted?” Amanda
replies, “No”. Petofi asks, “Have you ever met a man named
Charles Delaware Tate?” Amanda again answers, “No”. He asks
her about her past, but she will only tell him that she’s from
New York. Petofi asks her, “What do you want?” Amanda replies,
“Tim is bent on revenge on a man named Trask. I’m afraid his
obsession will get him hurt. I’ve heard you have a powerful
talisman which would help Tim accomplish his plan without as
much risk. Could I borrow it?” Petofi refuses.
Magda returns to the old house and finds that it has been
ransacked. A man walks down the stairs. Magda gasps, “King
Johnny Romano!” He demands, “Give me the hand. Magda replies,
“I don’t have it”. He asks, “Then who does?” Magda tries to
say, but finds she cannot speak the name. King Johnny growls,
“You don’t remember? I’ll help you with your memory!”, and slaps
her in the face several times. But all Magda can say is, “I don’t
have it”. King Johnny tells her, “I don’t believe you. I will
finish my search of the house” and leaves to do so.
Amanda returns to Tim at the Inn and tells him what happened
with Petofi. She begs him, “Please, leave with me! It’s too
dangerous here!”, but Tim refuses. She asks him, “Why do you
hate Trask so much anyway?” Tim replies, “He was responsible
for the deaths of two people I knew, one of whom I loved…”
He quickly adds, “…like a sister”. Unsuccessful in her attempt
to get Tim to leave, Amanda tells him, “Then I’ll stay here until
I can convince you to”. She warns him, “Stay away from this Count
Petofi. He’s the strangest, most frightening man I’ve ever met”.
She adds, “It’s also strange that he was so interested in my
past”. Tim asks, “Why should you find that so strange?” Amanda
replies, “Because I have absolutely no memories of my past. All
I can remember are the last two years. Before that, nothing”
At the old house King Johnny Romano has searched the rest of
the old house and has returned to the living room. Magda asks,
“Now are you convinced I don’t have it?” King Johnny gasps and
points towards and overturned chair, seeing something here.
He picks up the chair. Lying on the floor underneath it is
the ornate box that used to contain the hand. Recovering from
her intial shock, Magda says, “Oh, it’s just the box. The
hand’s not in there anymore”. King Johnny Romano puts the box
on a table, opens it, looks inside, then closes it again. He
tells Magda, “Look”. Magda opens the box and is shocked to
see that the hand is indeed in there…
Episode 821
Worldvision Rerun 600
Tape Date: August 11, 1969 (ABC #167-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 19, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

King Johnny Romano gloats over the hand, saying, “I am a good
King. I have gotten the hand back for my tribe”, then, turning
to Magda, says, “You, on the other hand, are a liar, a thief and
a murderer. You murdered Julianka, a fellow gypsy”. Magda
protests, “I didn’t kill Julianka…”, but finds herself unable
to say the name of the man who did. King Johnny Romano, not
believing her, tells her, “I’m going to bring you back to Boston
for a gypsy trial”, then tells her, “I’m going to perform a
ceremony of thanks over the hand for getting it back. You should
be glad I got the hand back. Your punishment would have been
much worse otherwise”. As King Johnny Romano is performing the
ceremony over the hand, Magda, seeing that all his attention is
on the hand and the ceremony, goes to the front door, trying to
escape, but when she opens the doors, she finds her way blocked
by a large, muscular black man standing outside. King Johnny
Romano and the black man take Magda away. Hiding outside,
Aristede sees them take her away…
Aristede returns to the mill building. Petofi says, “Let me
guess. They found the fake hand exactly where you put it, and
took it and Magda away”. Aristede replies, “That’s exactly what
happened”. Petofi asks Aristede to bring him the family history.
Aristede does so. Petofi reads it, saying, “It might give me
some ideas…”
Aristede is alone in his room. An invisible presence comes
into the room and starts overturning furniture and blowing out
the candles. Terrified, Aristede screams for Petofi. Petofi
comes. Aristede tells him, “There’s something in this room!”
Petofi replies, “I know who it is”, and performs a ceremony to
banish it. The spirit leaves. Petofi tells Aristede, “It was
the spirit of the man we took the hand from”.
Petofi goes and releases Barnabas from the coffin – carefully
holding a cross in front of him to keep him from escaping.
Aristede comes into the room holding two torches. Petofi tells
Barnabas, “I suspect that you came back in time to help one of
the 1969 Collinses. You must care for them. If you do not tell
me the secret to time travel, I’ll send Aristede to kill the
present day Collinses and burn down Collinwood. Then the future
Collinses you care so much about will never exist…”
King Johnny Romano, Magda and the black guard, whom King Johnny
refers to as Istvan, are camped in the woods somewhere. King
Johnny tells Istvan to go get more wood for the fire. He obediently
leaves to do so. Magda remarks, “He don’t talk much, does he?”
King Johnny replies, “He was once being held for a crime against
the tribe, but escaped while awaiting trial. Whe he was caught,
in addition to the punishment for the crime, his tongue was cut
out as punishment for escaping. YOU’D better not thing about
escaping, Magda”.
Barnabas calls Petofi’s bluff, saying, “You wouldn’t dare
carry out your threat. You would thereby destroy the future
and you wouldn’t be able to go there either”. Petofi angrily
puts Barnabas back into his coffin and immobiliizes him again.
(Huh? It would be a Collin-less future, but there would still
be a future, and since Petofi just wants to go there to escape
the gypsies, why would he care whether the Collinses exited
there or not?”)
King Johnny and Magda hear Istvan grunting urgently. They turn
and see that Istvan, who has returned with the firewood, is pointing
to their knapsacks, which have all been opened, their contents
strewn about. They wonder who could have done so so quickly and
silently that they heard nothing. Then the ghost of Abraham
Howell appears, takes the hand, and vanishes. King Johnny turns
to Magda and asks, in a very sarcastic tone of voice, “Did you
recognize that man, Magda?” Magda replies that she did not. King
Johnny angrily says, “Yes you did, Magda. That must have been the
ghost of the man whose body you cut that hand from. You’ve tried
to pull the oldest trick in the gypsy book on me, the bajoor, the
big switch!” He turns to Istvan and orders him to repack the
knapsacks, but when he turns back, Magda is gone. He tells Istvan
to go look for Magda. Istvan goes in the direction Magda must have
gone, but passes right by where she’s hiding behind some bushes
without seeing her.
Episode 822
Worldvision Rerun 601
Tape Date: August 12, 1969 (ABC #168-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 20, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Petofi goes to Charles Delaware Tate and congratulates him
on his work, on how authentic the fake hand he made looked.
Tate is busy painting what looks like a piece of jewelry on
a small piece of cardboard. Petofi looks at the picture of
Tate’s “Ideal woman” and asks, “Are you sure this isn’t someone
you’ve met before somewhere?” Tate replies, “I’m sure. It’s just
someone I dreamed up”. Petofi looks at the piece of jewelry
Tate is working on and asks, “Is that a draft of something
you’re going to put on the larger portrait?” Tate replies,
“It is”. Petofi asks, “Where did the idea for the design come
from?” Tate replies, “It came to me last night in a dream”.
Petofi remarks, “I’ve met a most remarkable girl”. Tate
sarcastically remarks, “Congratulations”. Petofi continues,
“You’ve got to see this girl. She is most remarkable!” Tate
asks, “Remarkable? How?” But Petofi coyly refuses to tell him,
saying only, “You’ve got to see her. She’s staying at the
Inn, and comes down from her room at 6:00 every evening
for dinner. If you go there at 6 tonight, you’ll be able to
see her”.
At Collinwood, Trask continues to “help” Amanda with her
problems. He asks her to come stay at Collinwood so he can
better “help” her. Amanda refuses, saying, “I don’t think
it would be proper”.
Amanda returns to the Inn and tells Tim about Trask wanting
her to stay at Collinwood. Tim tells her, “I think you should”.
Amanda is shocked and refuses, saying, “I don’t want to be so
near Trask for so long”. But he tells her his plan, “It’s
obvious that Trask has fallen in love with you. Trask has been
known to remove obstacles to get what he wants. As he removed
Minerva to get Judith, he’ll try to remove Judith to get you.
Soon, you’ll be his rich wife”. Amanda, shocked, exclaims,
“You want me to MARRY Trask?” Tim assures her, “I’ll make sure
it’ll only be a short time before you go from being a rich wife
to being a rich widow”. Amanda complains, “You’ve made promises
to me before you haven’t kept. For example, you promised to
replace that necklace you took from me with a better one”.
Tim, getting the hint, leaves.
A little later, Tim returns with a box from Ezra Braithwate’s
for Amanda.
It is 5 minutes to 6. Petofi brings Charles Delaware Tate
to the lobby of the Collinsport Inn and tells him to wait there.
Petofi leaves. Amanda and Tim come down to go to dinner. Tate
sees Amanda and is totally shocked. Not only does she look
exactly like his ideal woman, the piece of jewelry she’s wearing
around her neck looks just like the piece of jewelry he painted in
the morning.
Tate returns to the cottage, looks at the portrait of his
ideal woman, and asks, “How is this possible?!”
Episode 823/824
Worldvision Rerun 602
Tape Date: August 13, 1969 (ABC #169-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 21, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Magda flees to Collinwood and tells Quentin what happened.
Quentin asks, “Why didn’t you just tell them about Petofi?”
Magda replies, “I couldn’t…I can’t explain”. Quentin realizes
the Petofi must have put a spell on Magda so she couldn’t tell.
He tells her he has a plan to make Petofi release Barnabas.
Quentin goes to Beth’s room and tells her his plan, saying
he needs her help. She tells him she’s fearful, saying she
fears that Barnabas will be angry with her for leaving when
he last summoned her. Quentin tells her, “Don’t worry. Barnabas
will understand that Petofi made you leave”. Quentin writes
a letter and gives it to Beth. THey kiss. Unknown to them,
Charity is outside and sees them kiss through the open door.
Quentin goes to Petofi and demands that he release Barnabas
threatening, “I’ll tell the gypsies you have the hand and I’ll tell
them where you are if you don’t”. Petofi, looking unconerned,
replies, “I’ll just put a spell on you making you unable to
tell as I did with Magda”, but Quentin tells him, “That won’t
work. I’ve already written a letter with the information and
given it to someone with instructions to take it to the gypsy
caravan if I don’t return unharmed by 1:00″. The clock now
reads 11:45. Petofi, still unconcerned, replies, “I’ll just
put a spell on you to force you to tell me who this person is,
then I’ll put a spell on this person”. Quentin lies, “You
won’t have to put a spell on me to find out who the person is.
It’s Angelique, someone over whom you have no power”.
Chairity, furious with jealousy, gets a bottle of poison
and thinks to herself, “Won’t Quentin be surprised when he
comes home and finds Beth Chavez dead!” She goes to Beth’s
room and complains, “I’m bored and lonely. Would you come
up and have a drink with me?” Beth is puzzled by Charity’s
strange behavior, but goes up with her anyway.
Quentin and Petofi wait each other out. Quentin tells Petofi,
“You’d better make up your mind. There’s only 5 minutes left”.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Charity pours two drinks,
poisoning one. She gives the poisoned one to Beth. They drink.
Beth collapses…
Episode 825
Worldvision Rerun 603
Tape Date: August 14, 1969 (ABC #170-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 22, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Magda goes into the drawing room and finds Beth lying on
the floor unconscious with a glass lying beside her. She sniffs
the glass.
Quentin and Petofi continue to wait each other out. Quentin
tells Petofi, “There’s only one minute left”. Petofi recalls
the horror of having his hand cut off by the gypsies, the pain
and horror of seeing Miklos Romano standing ove him holding
his severed hand. He breaks down and tells Quentin, “I’ll
release Barnabas!”
Beth regains consciousness and awakens in her own bed.
She finds Magda there. Magda tells her she cured her with
gypsy herbs.
Quentin opens Barnabas’ coffin and takes the cross away.
As they are leaving, Petofi tells Barnabas, “We’ll meet again!”,
and vows to learn the secret of Time Travel.
Charles Delaware comes to the Mill building and asks Petofi,
“What do you know about that woman?” Petofi replies, “I know
little, save for the fact that she’s from New York and is
travelling with a man named Tim Shaw, a man who possessed my
hand for awhile and made a lot of money using it”.
Magda leaves Beth’s room and is immediately grabbed by Istvan.
Quentin and Barnabas are walking through the woods. Barnabas
tells Quentin, “I’d like to go to Collinwood to see how Jamison’s
doing. You’ll have to smuggle me in, as I can no longer
dematerialize or materialize with the mark of Petofi on my hand”.
Quentin smuggles Barnabas into Collinwood and hides him in
Beth’s room temporarily. He takes the letter back from her,
then leaves to get Magda. Beth apologizes to Barnabas for
leaving him when he summoned her to help him. Barnabas replies
that he understands that it wasn’t her fault, that Petofi
forced her.
Quentin goes through the house looking for Magda, but cannot
find her.
In the woods, Istvan is tying Magda’s hands. Magda tries
to convince him to let her go, asking, “How can you do the
bidding of those who cut out your tongue? Let me go and
we can both escape from the Romanos”. Istvan hears the sound
of leaves crunching and quickly gags Magda. Someone comes up
to them. We see only the feet (it’s a man) and the lantern
he’s holding. Magda looks at him.
Episode 826
Worldvision Rerun 604
Tape Date: August 15, 1969 (ABC #171-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 25, 1969 Monday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

It is King Johnny Romano. He tells Magda she was foolish to think she
could escape from him. They take her to Eagle Hill cemetary. She asks
why he’s taken her there. He tells her because this is where it all
started, where she and Sandor found Barnabas, and this is where it’ll
end for her. Magda asks how he could know abou Barnabas. King Johnny
merely replies that he knows many things. Magda then realizes that
he must have gotten the information from Sandor, perhaps with torture.
King Johnny admits that this is true, that it’s too bad he had to kill
Sandor, that he was a nice guy. Magda asks him what he’s going to do.
King Johnny replies that he’s going to hold her trial here.
They go into the secret room. King Johnny tells Magda this is where
they’re going to hold her trial. Magda asks where the jury is. King
Johnny mentions the names of some famous gypsies and tells Magda they’re
going to be the jury. “But they’re all dead”, Magda protests. No problem,
he replies, and summons up their spirits. King Johnny presents the case
against her, that she stole the hand, that she tried to pull the ‘bajoor’
on him, that she murdered Julianka. Magda tries to defend herself, but
cannot because of the spell put on her by Petofi. King Johnny proclaims
the trial over and asks the jury for a decision. Magda protests, “Wait !
Don’t I get to call witnesses ? “. King Johnny tells her he’ll let her
call one, and asks who she’d like. She replies, “Barnabas”. He tells her
she can’t have him as a witness because he’s not a gypsy. Magda protests
that that the only gypsies she could have called as witnesses are all
dead. He asks her who she would have called if they were alive. ‘Sandor’,
she answers. ‘No problem’, answers King Johnny, and summons his spirit.
But alas, Magda has made a bad choice. Sandor, who was away when all the
charges occured, isn’t much help. The jury finds Magda guilty and Istvan,
as foreman, gives her the ‘thumbs down’. King Johnny tells Magda she has
been sentenced to death. Magda asks how he plans to execute her.
He tells her they’ll play a ‘game of hunt the weasel’, with her as the
weasel. He tells her he’ll give her a head start, and if she can escape,
she’ll be free, but if she does not, she’ll die. He tells her to run.
She does. After awhile, King Johnny, Istvan and the jury all leave
to give chase.
In the cemetary, Magda is tracked down by one of the spirits named
‘Sergio’. She manages to cast a spell sending him back to his grave
and continues running.
She is cornered by the remaining spirits and manages to get rid of
them too. She continues running.
She runs into the ghost of Sandor, who tells her he’s come to help
her. She asks how. He tells her the only way he can – by taking her
back with him to the land of the dead. She tells him she doesn’t want
to go there and sends him away too. King Johnny an Istvan appear and
King Johnny congratulates her on having gotten rid of all the spirits,
but tells her she can’t get rid of him, and pulls a knife on her.
She looks behind, looking for a way to run, but sees only the cliff
behind her and the long drop down…
Episode 827
Worldvision Rerun 605
Tape Date: August 18, 1969 (ABC #172-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 26, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

King Johnny Romano tells Magda, “You have only two choices
– the knife or the cliff”. But Barnabas shows up and orders
King Johnny to let Magda go. King Johnny, who’s heard of
Barnabas the vampire but has never seen him, orders Istvan
to kill him. Istvan walks up to Barnabas and prepares to
strangle him, but Barnabas puts Istvan into a trance and
orders him, “Walk off the cliff”. King Johnny is amazed to
see Istvan obediently walks towards the edge of the cliff
and tries to stop him, but is unable to do so and Istvan
walks off to his death. Barnabas tells King Johnny, “If
you don’t let Magda go, I’ll do the same to you”. King
Johnny exclaims, “I know who you are now!”, and pulls out a
cross to protect himself. Barnabas tells King Johnny, “I know
who has the hand and where it is. I’ll tell you if you
release Magda”. King Johnny accepts the deal.
They go back to the old house. King Johnny asks, “Who has
the hand?” Barnabas tells him, “There’ll be one more condition.
You are to use the hand to cure Quentin Collins when you get it
back”. King Johnny is reluctant, saying he can’t use the hand
to cure a non-gypsy, but agrees when Barnabas reminds him that
Quentin married a gypsy and has a gypsy daughter, that the curse
will affect all her male descendents, and by curing Quentin, he
will indirectly cure Quentin’s gypsy descendants. Barnabas tells
King Johnny, “Count Petofi has the hand”, and tells him where
he can find Petofi. King Johnny says, “I have to make some
important preparations” and leaves.
King Johnny returns wearing a purple cape. He draws a sword
and Magda gasps, “The golden scimatar of the Romanos!” King Johnny
replies, “Yes, the very sword that cut off Count Petofi’s hand
a hundred years ago!”
King Johnny goes to the old mill building, but finds no one
there. Seeing a book lying on the table, he picks it up and
looks through it. It is the Collins Family history. Suddenly,
Count Petofi grabs King Johnny from behind and tries to strangle
him with the hand, but King Johnny struggles free easily and
identifies himself, “I am King Johnny Romano! My grandfather
came to me in a dream after he died and made me keeper of the
hand. I am therefore the one person on earth over whom the
hand has no power!” Petofi sneeringly remarks, “You’re no
real king! No real king would be wearing such a tawdry cape and
fake jewelry as you are! Only I, Count Petofi, know the real
power of this hand. Neither you nor any other gypsy knows its
full power. I will use it to make you rich, if you will let me
go”. King Johnny refuses the deal and tells Petofi, “I will
cut off your hand like a hundred years ago, and this time,
I’ll kill you as well!”
At the old house, Magda and Barnabas wait nervously, wondering
what’s taking King Johnny so long. Magda fearfully remarks,
“Perhaps Petofi wasn’t there. Perhaps he was smart enough to
have left already”. Barnabas replies, “No, if that were the
case, King Johnny would have returned already. He must have found
Petofi. Get Quentin and prepare for King Johnny’s return”.
At the mill building, Petofi is tied to a chair. King Johnny
raises the sword over his head, aims it at Petofi’s right wrist,
and prepares to strike…
Episode 828
Worldvision Rerun 606
Tape Date: August 19, 1969 (ABC #173-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 27, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Suddenly, King Johnny gasps and drops the sword. He collapses
onto the floor, a dagger sticking out of his back. Standing in
the doorway is Aristede, who has thrown the knife. With his
dying breath, King Johnny tells Petofi, “You are not safe! In
nine days, my spirit will arise and give the power to another
gypsy!” He then curses Aristede, then dies.
Quentin questions Jamison/David about how he could have
known about him in the future and learns that it was his ghost
that David saw. Angelique shows up. David sees her and calls
her “Cassandra”. Quentin realizes that she too must have been
in the future. She admits this. She offers to try to cure
Jamison and Edward with her powers if he’ll agree to marry her.
After thinking it over for a while, he agrees.
Petofi and Aristede take King Johnny’s body into the woods
and bury it. Petofi senses that someone is trying to remove his
spell on Jamison. He tells Aristede, “Go back to the mill building
and destroy the golden scimitar while I go to Collinwood and take
care of the matter”.
Petofi arrives at Collinwood. Angelique is upstairs saying
some incantations over Jamison. She feels Petofi’s presence
and rushes downstairs. He orders her to stop what she’s doing.
She refuses.
At the mill building, Aristede is frantically searching for
something. He hears a door open and Petofi’s voice boom,
“Get me the ______ Candlestick and the scroll of ______”
When Petofi gets down the stairs, Aristede tells him, “I can’t
find the scimitar. When I got back, it was gone”. Petofi tells
him to get the requested items. While Aristede is gone from the
room, Petofi wonders what could have happened to the golden
Angelique continues with her incantations over Jamison.
It appears to be working, but suddenly there’s a flash of
lightning outside and Jamison screams and loses consciousness.
Episode 829
Worldvision Rerun 607
Tape Date: August 20, 1969 (ABC #174-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 28, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Angelique vows, “Petofi! I won’t let you have the boy!”
She goes to the fireplace and starts to pray to the prince of
Darkness, saying, “If you will remove Petofi’s spell, soon,
Quentin will be yours”.
Edward is still in the tower room. Charity is wandering
around the house, singing the Pansy song. Edward hears her
and calls to her. Charity tries to open the tower room door
but finds it locked. Edward tells her, “I’m being held
prisoner in here!”. Charity promises, “I’ll get the key and
let you out”.
Angelique succeeds. Jamison awakens knowing he’s Jamison
again. Angelique asks, “What’s the last thing you remember?”
Jamison replies, “Saying goodbye to Mr. Fenn-Gibbon”.
Edward bangs on the tower room door, demanding to be let
out. He too, has returned to normal and no longer thinks he’s
a manservant. Charity returns with the key and lets him out.
Edward asks what’s wrong with her.
Quentin goes to the room where Angelique and Jamison are.
Angelique tells Quentin, “Jamison is all right now”, but suddenly
Jamison exclaims to Quentin, “Why are you trying to kill David
Collins?” Quentin asks, “Why would you ask such a strange
question”, but Jamison returns to normal again and says, “I don’t
know”. Quentin asks, “Do you know who David Collins is?”
Jamison replies, “Someone you’re trying to kill”. Edward comes
barging into the room and angrily demands to know, “Who locked
me in the tower room??” Quentin replies, “I did” Edward asks,
“Why?” Quentin replies, “For the past month, both you and
Jamison were been under the spell of Count Petofi”. Edward
remarks, “That’s preposterous!”. Quentin asks Edward, “What
date is it?” Edward replies, “July 23rd, of course”. Quentin
tells him, “It’s August the 28th today”, and shows him a
newspaper to prove it. Edward tells Quentin, “I’d like to speak
to you later, but right now, I’d like to speak to Jamison alone”.
Quentin and Angelique leave.
Edward promises Jamison that from now on, everything will
be all right.
Angelique and Quentin go to the drawing room and close the
doors. Angelique tells Quentin, “Now that I have fufilled my
part of the bargain, you must fufill yours and marry me”. Quentin
reluctant agrees to do so. Unknown to them, Charity is outside
in the foyer eavesdropping through the door…
Edward comes to the drawing room and asks to speak to Quentin
alone. Angelique leaves. Edward asks Quentin, “Who’s this Count
Petofi?” Quentin replies, “It’s the true identity of your old
houseguest Victor Fenn-Gibbon”. Edward asks, “Has Barnabas been
caught during the month I was away?” Quentin replies, “No”.
Edsward says, “We must immediately resume the hunt for him!”
Quentin replies, “There are more important things to take care
of first. There’s Count Petofi, and then there’s Gregory Trask
He’s has taken control of he house”, but Edward, seemingly
obsessed with Barnabas, vehemently disagrees and storms out
of the room vowing to hunt down and destroy Barnabas.
Charity comes into the drawing room and asks, “Are you really
going to marry Miss Moon Eyes?” Quentin replies, “Yes I am”.
Full of jealousy, Charity takes a letter opener and tries to
stab Quentin. They struggle. Edward comes back into the room
and helps Quentin disarm Charity. Edward asks, “What’s wrong
with her?” Quentin replies, “She’s been like this the past
couple of weeks” and leaves. Charity goes into a Pansy Faye
type psychic trance. She tells Edward, “I’m seeing the near
future. The date is September 10…” She narrarates the vision
the vision she sees….
In the vision, Angelique comes to Collinwood looking for
Quentin. She hears his music playing from inside the drawing
room and goes in, but he’s not there. She finds instead a
portrait of him on an easel. The painting is bleeding from
the chest, and the blood runs onto the floor. She sees that
the blood on the floor goes off in a trail, and follows it.
It leads up to the tower room, where she finds Quentin lying
on the floor dead with a terrible wound to his chest…
Charity comes out of the trance and screams, “It’s Quentin’s
death that I see!!!”
Episode 830
Worldvision Rerun 608
Tape Date: August 21, 1969 (ABC #175-DRK-69)
Air Date: August 29, 1969 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Distraught about what she’s just seen, Chairty walks through
the woods, crying. She runs into Magda. Magda asks, “What’s
wrong?” Charity replies, “I have forseen that Quentin will die
on September 10!”
Gregory Trask returns to Collinwood from the sanatarium.
Quentin gleefully tells him, “Jamison and Edward have both
recovered”. Magda brings Charity back to Collinwood. Charity
sees Quentin and grabs and hugs him. Trask scolds her for this,
and she runs off, upset. Quentin tells Trask, “You daughter
ought to be in an asylum” and leaves too. Magda tells Trask
about finding Charity in the woods, then goes to look after
Charity in her room.
Trask confronts Quentin and accuses him of leading Charity
on. Quentin denies it.
Magda comes down and tells Trask that Charity wants to see
him. Trask goes upstairs. Quentin tells Magda, “There’s a
full moon tonight. I don’t think I could stand it happening
again”. Trask comes back down; Magda and Quentin leave.
Trask is alone in the drawing room. The windows suddenly
blow open, and the doors slam shut. A voice starts talking
to Trask. At first, he thinks it’s Minerva and begs her to
stop haunting him, but then realizes that it isn’t the spirit
of Minerva talking. The spirit, apparently that of one of
Quentin’s victims, tells Trask, “The killer, the beast that
walks like a man, is in this house!” Trask asks, “Who is it?”,
but the spirit leaves without telling him.
Quentin goes to his room and sees the spirit of one of his
victims, Tessie, there. It disappears. Distraught, Quentin
sits down at his desk and writes a suicide note. Magda comes
in and asks, “What are you doing?” He tells her he’s planning
to commit suicide. She begs him not to, tellilng him, “After
tonight, we’ll have another whole month to try to find a cure”.
In Quentin’s room, Magda chains Quentin up. Quentin tells Magda
to get a gun loaded with silver bullets from his desk drawer and
asks her to promise to shoot him should he break free from the chains
during the night. Magda reluctantly promises to do so. Trask comes
bursting into the room, exclaiming, “I’ve got to speak to
Quentin!” He sees Quentin sitting there in chains, and Magda
holding the gun. He takes the gun from Magda, sees that it’s
loaded with silver bullets and says to Quentin, “I won’t
ask why Magda is holding a gun loaded with silver bullets,
or even why you’re manacled. I’ll just wait until the moon
rises and see what happens…”

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