March 1969

Episode 701
Worldvision Rerun 485
Tape Date: February 24, 1969 (ABC #46-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 3, 1969 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

It is 1897. Barnabas, having travelled back in time,
finds himself where he was in 1897, chained inside his
Living at the old house are two middle-aged gypsies,
Magda and Sandor Racosie, who look remarkably like Julia
and Professor Stokes except they have jet black hair and
funny orange-brown complexions. They are plotting to steal
the jewelry belonging to the aged Collins family matriarch,
who now lies ill and dying. Magda sees in her crystal ball
that the jewels are hidden somewhere in the drawing room
at Collinwood and sends Sandor to get them. Sandor is doubtful
of the accuracy of her vision, reminding her, “You saw them
somewhere else yesterday!”, but does as ordered and leaves
to go to Collinwood to look for them anyway.
Quentin Collins, not a ghost but a flesh and blood human
being, returns to Collinwood, apparently having been away
for a long time. He is let in by a servant, a Beth Chavez.
Quentin tells Beth that he has returned to see his dying
grandmother. Quentin and Beth start to bicker – they act
as if they’re ex-lovers who have broken up. Quentin goes upstairs
to see his grandmother. Sandor is spying through the drawing
room window.
Upstairs, Quentin talks to his grandmother. Though she
calls him “a naughty boy”, she seems to have a lot of affection
for him. She tells Quentin, “I’m only waiting for Edward to
return so I can tell him the secret. Then I can die in peace”.
Quentin asks her to tell him the secret, but she refuses, saying
she can only tell it to the eldest, Edward.
Downstairs in the drawing room, Beth puts out the lamp and
leaves. Sandor sneaks in through the window.
Quentin finishes talking to his grandmother and goes
downstairs, where he catches Sandor snooping around the
drawing room.
Sandor returns to the old house and tells Magda that
Quentin caught him searching the drawing room, but just
kicked him out and did not turn him in. He tells Magda,
“I already searched the room pretty thoroughly by the time
I was caught. I’m sure there’s no jewelry hidden there”.
Magda looks into her crystal ball again and announces,
“I see a secret room at the Collins family mausoleum.
It can be opened by pulling the ring in the lion’s mouth”.
Convinced that the jewels are hidden there, they both
prepare to go, but are interrupted by the arrival of Beth,
who tells Magda, “The old woman wants you”. Madga tells
Sandor, “You go alone”. Sandor leaves. Madga asks Beth,
“What does the old woman want?”. Beth, not appearing
to have much belief in Magda’s powers, caustically replies,
“She probably wants you to tell her she’ll live until Edward
returns, as usual”. Madga tells Beth, “I’ll bring a different
set of cards this time, older and more powerful than the
Tarot Cards”.
Sandor goes to the Collins family mausoleum. He pulls
the ring in the lion’s mouth as Madga had instructed.
The secret door opens just as Magda had said. Sandor goes
into the secret room. Inside, he finds a chained coffin.
Thinking that it must contain the Collins jewelry, he breaks
the chains and opens the coffin. A hand reaches out of the
coffin and grabs Sandor by the throat…
Episode 702
Worldvision Rerun 486
Tape Date: February 25, 1969 (ABC #47-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 4, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas gets out of his coffin. Sandor backs away, gasping,
“You’re dead! Don’t come any nearer! What are you? Stay
away!” Barnabas, once again a vampire, attacks and bites Sandor.
Madga goes to Collinwood to see the old woman Edith as
requested. As she enters the house, she runs into Quentin
in the foyer. Quentin tells Madga, “I’ll give you 10% of whatever
I get if you can convince Edith to give ME the inheritance”. Magda
refuses to do so, not because she thinks it’s unethical, but because
she doesn’t trust Quentin to pay her the promised 10%.
At the mausoleum, Sandor asks, “Who are you?” Barnabas
replies, “Forget your questions. Answer mine. Who are YOU?”
Sandor replies, “Sandor”. Barnabas asks, “Where do you live?”
Sandor replies, “At the old house”. Barnabas asks, “What year
is it?” Sandor replies, “1897”. Barnabas is shocked. He
remarks, “I wanted to contact Quentin, but not this way! I did
not expect to be transported into the past to meet him in person!”
He tells Sandor, “You must get me some clothes!” Sandor refuses.
Barnabas tells him, “You will get me what I want! You are under
my powers! You are to tell no one about me!” Sandor meekly
acquiesces. Barnabas wonders aloud, “Is this all in my mind?
I must find out about Quentin and Beth!” Sandor asks, “What do
you know about Beth? She’s a servant in the big house”. Barnabas
replies, “I learned about her in another time”. Sandor protests,
“But there is only one time!”. Barnabas tells him, “Come! We have
much to do!”. They leave.
At Collinwood, Madga, having finished talking to Edith,
comes back down into the foyer. Quentin asks, “What did you
tell her?” Magda replies, “I told her what the cards said”.
Quentin sarcastically asks, “Did you tell her to leave a sum
of money for the gypsies?” and tells her, “You’ll need a friend
around here when she’s gone. Unlike the others, I have no
prejudice against your kind. Did you talk to her about me?
What did she say to you?” Magda replies, “She said many interesting
things”. Quentin asks, “Did she tell you about the secret?”
They are interrupted by Judith Collins – Quentins’s sister, who
looks remarkably like Elizabeth – who comes down the stairs into
the foyer. Quentin, with false affection in his voice, exclaims,
“My lovely sister! I wondered how long it would take for word of
my return to reach you!” Judith, who appears to despise Madga,
orders her to leave, saying, “You’re business with grandmother is
finished! Now leave”. Magda leaves, and Judith and Quentin go
into the drawing room. There, Judith offers Quentin $1000*, a
tremendous sum in 1897, to leave Collinwood. Quentin refuses,
then asks to see Jamison, saying, “I promised him when I came back,
I’d see him. I always keep my promises to Jamison”. Judith asks,
“If Jamison asked you to leave, would you?” Quentin replies,
“Yes. I’m sure he’d never ask me to do that. I’ll gamble on
it. I’m a gambler”.
Sandor and Barnabas go to the old house. Outside the door,
Barnabas asks, “You live here?” Sandor replies, “Yes. It’s
drafty. The roof leaks. It’s about to fall down. You say
you’ve lived here?” Barnabas replies, “Yes. I’ve lived here.
Twice”. Sandor asks, “What am I going to tell Magda?” Barnabas
replies, “You will tell her nothing”. They go inside. Sandor
calls “Magda?” and, receiving no reply, tells Barnabas, “She ain’t
here”. Barnabas is looking around at the interior of the old house.
Sandor remarks, “See? I told you it wasn’t much”. Barnabas,
looking saddened by its rundown state, moans, “It was! It was!”
Judith brings Jamison down to see Quentin. Jamison is
a boy of about twelve years of age who looks remarkably like
David Collins. Quentin gives Jamison a model ship as
a gift. Jamison looks at the name of the ship and is delighted
to see what it is, “The Jamison Collins!” Judith looks at
Jamison as if she wants him to say something. Jamison exclaims,
“I won’t tell him! I won’t tell him to go away! I won’t!”
Quentin remarks, “See? I told you he’d never tell me to leave”.
Judith complains, “You didn’t come back just to get Grandmother’s
fortune. You came back to ruin Jamison too!”
Magda returns to the old house. She asks Sandor, “Sandor!
Well? What happened? Where were you? I went to the secret
room. You weren’t there. Did you find them?” Sandor, who’s
holding one hand over his neck strangely, replies, “No”. Magda
says, “But the empty coffin. I thought you found them in there…”
Barnabas appears out of the shadows and says, “Wrong, Magda!”
Magda asks Sandor, “Who is he?” But it is Barnabas who answers,
“I’m Barnabas Collins. I’m quite capable of answering for myself”.
Magda gasps, “The portrait in the foyer!”. Barnabas tells her,
“I’m not a ghost. Sandor can attest to that”. Barnabas, still
upset at the state of the house, says, “This place is in deplorable
condition!” and asks, “Where is the portrait that used to hang above
the fireplace? Have you PAWNED it? And the large bedroom upstairs,
who’s sleeping it?”. Magda replies, “I am”. Barnabas exclaims,
“I will not have it!” and orders her to stop sleeping there. Magda
retorts, “Who are you to say what you’ll have and won’t have?
Edith Collins gave us permission to live in this house! Who are
YOU to give orders to us? She never said anything to use about
you! I’m going to go talk to her about you!” Their argument is
interrupted by a knock at the door. Barnabas hides behind the
cellar door. Sandor begs Magda, “Please! Don’t say anything
about the man!” Magda opens the door and lets Quentin in. He
again tries to get Magda to tell him what Edith had said, particulary
anything she might have said about “the secret”. Magda tells him,
“I can’t talk to you right now. Get out!” Quentin asks,
“Something’s wrong. What is it?” Magda tells him, “I can’t discuss
it with you right now! I’ll talk with you tomorrow!” Quentin
remarks, “I can see you’re worried about something. I’ve never
known you to be worried before…” and leaves. Magda gestures
towards the cellar door and whispers to Sandor, “Sandor, who is
that man? Who is he? He has the mark of death about him!”. Sandor
does not answer. Magda demands to know, and happens to grab at his
arm and pulls it from his neck. Seeing the bite marks, she
exclaims, “Sandor! Those marks!”. Sandor runs off. Magda points
towards the cellar door Barnabas is hiding behind and screams,

*Accounting for inflation, worth about $50,000 today.
Episode 703
Worldvision Rerun 487
Tape Date: February 26, 1969 (ABC #48-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 5, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Magda tries to run, but Barnabas catches her. He tells her
he will not hurt her if she will agree to protect him during
the daytime. She asks him, “How can you be so trusting? You
know I would be able to destroy you while you are helpless
during the daytime”. Barnabas replies, “You wont’t because
I know the location of what you’re looking for – the Collins
family jewels”. He gives her his black onyx ring, telling
her, “There’s more to come if you will agree to protect me”.
Magda agrees to do so. Barnabas asks, “What was the secret
Quentin was so anxious to know about?” Magda explains, “Edith
Collins’ secret. Everyone’s anxious about it.” Barnabas asks,
“Why did he come to you?” Magda tells him, “I’m Mrs. Collins’
spiritual advisor”. Barnabas asks about Quentin. Magda asks,
“Why do you want to know so much about Quentin?” Barnabas
explains, “I want to know about him before I meet him tomorrow
night. The Collinses are going to meet a new cousin from
England…” He tells Magda that he plans to introduce himself
to the Collins family as a distant cousin from England tomorrow
At Collinwood, Quentin tries to see Edith, but the servants,
under orders from Judith, refuse to let him. Quentin argues
with Judith about this, accusing her of ingratiating herself with
Edith while he was away to get the inheritance. Judith argues that
she’s keeping him from seeing Edith only because Edith is too ill
to be bothered. They are interrupted by the arrival of Magda.
She tells Judith, “I’ve come to see Mrs. Collins” Judith asks,
“Why?” Magda explains, “I have a very important message to give
her”. Judith refuses, saying, “She’s too ill to see anyone”.
Quentin sarcastically remarks, “The Lion of Judah has spoken! You
will not enter the inner sanctum!” Magda insists, saying, “It’s a
serious warning! I must tell her!” Quentin tells Judith, “This
sounds interesting. I think we should listen” and tells Magda,
“Tell us, and we’ll relay the message to Edith”. Magda agrees to do
so, and says, “Let’s go into the drawing room to talk”. Magda goes
into the drawing room. Before following Magda into the drawing
room, Quentin whispers to Judith, “The problem with you is you hate
the fraudulency of these Gypsies, but I find them entertaining”.
In the drawing room, Magda gazes into her crystal ball and
tells Judith and Quentin, “I first saw it in the cards. A stranger
will come to this house tomorrow, after sunset, after darkness
has fallen over the house. I do not know his name, but he will
present himself as a friend, or perhaps a relative. But you must
not trust him! He’s mysterious and malicious! His motives
are not pure!” Quentin asks, “If you can’t tell us his name,
can you tell us what he looks like?” Magda gazes into the
crystal ball and replies, “His face is not clear, but I can see
he is a creature of death, and you will all have something to
lose by his presence, but you, Quentin, will have the most to
lose!” Meanwhile, Beth Chavez is outside in the foyer eavesdropping
through the closed drawing room doors. Magda asks Judith, “You
will tell this to Mrs. Collins?” Judith replies, “I’ll tell her
as soon as she is well enough to hear”. Magda says, “And you will
expect the stranger tomorrow night”. Judith promises, “I will”.
Magda leaves. Judith says, “What rubbish! I can’t believe
Grandmama takes her seriously!” Quentin remarks, “But she does!
Perhaps it’s the gypsies you should ingratiate yourself with!”
Quentin goes into Beth’s room in the servant’s quarters.
Beth complains, “It’s customary to knock before coming into
someone’s room”. Quentin replies, “But I’m not a customary
person. Anyway, as a Collins, I have the right to go anywhere
in this house I wish”. Beth retorts, “You’re not the master of
this house”, and tells Quentin, “Excuse me, I have to go”.
Quentin asks, “Where are you going?” Beth replies, “Into
Collinsport”. Quentin remarks, “It’s an odd time for a maidservant
to go into town”. Beth replies, “I have some personal errands to
do”. Quentin asks, “Is this your day off?” Beth replies, “No”.
Quentin asks, “Then who gave you permission to go?” Beth replies,
“Your sister Judith”. Quentin sees that Beth has wrapped a lot of
stuff into a bundle. He asks, “What in here?”, and starts to fiddle
with the bundle as if to open it, but Beth grabs it from him,
demanding, “Leave my things alone!” Quentin lets go of the bundle
and notices an envelope on the dresser. He picks it up and finds
that it contains a great deal of paper money. He starts counting
it, “One hundred, two hundred, three hundred…” Beth again
demands, “Leave my things alone!”. Quentin asks, “This is YOURS?!”
Beth replies, “Yes”. Quentin asks, “Where did you get this kind
of money?” Beth replies, “I saved it up”. Quentin says, “On
your salary? I don’t believe you!” Beth replies, “I don’t care”.
Quentin remarks, “I think you stole it”. Beth replies, “I didn’t.
What business is it of yours?” Quentin tells her, “I’m making
it my business”. Beth complains, “I’ll tell Edward about you when
he returns!” Quentin remarks, “Oh, so it was Edward who persuaded
you to stay on after your mistress left!” and accuses her of being
Edward’s mistress and getting the money that way. Beth, very
offended, slaps him.
There’s a knock at the front door of Collinwood. Judith
answers it. The man standing there tells her, “Good evening.
I’m Barnabas Collins. I’d like to speak to the master of the
house…” Judith stands there with a look of shock on her face.
Barnabas asks, “Is something wrong?” Judith replies, “No. I…
You said your name is Barnabas Collins?” Barnabas replies, “Yes.
If you’re not familiar with it, I wouldn’t be offended. I’m from
the English branch of the family”. Judith introduces herself,
“I’m Judith Collins”. Barnabas asks, “I should like to know
who the head of the house is”. Judith replies, “Actually, my
brother Edward is the acting head of the house, but he’s not
here. I’ll get my brother Quentin. Make yourself comfortable”
Judith comes down the stairs with Quentin. Quentin says,
“I can’t see why this is so important”. Judith exclaims,
“Everything the gypsy said is true! You’ll see why this is
so important when you see him!” She looks at the portrait of
Barnabas and remarks, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was
Judith takes Quentin into the drawing room to meet Barnabas.
Barnabas apoligizes to Quentin, “I’m sorry I didn’t send advance
word of my coming”. Quentin replies, “A member of the family
is always welcome”, then remarks, “You’re right, Judith. He does
bear a remarkable resemblance to the portrait in the foyer”.
Barnabas replies, “I saw it as I came in. That’s the original
Barnabas Collins. I’m a direct descendant of his”. Judith remarks,
“That’s easy to believe!”. Barnabas continues, “He left Collinsport
in, I believe, 1798, went to England and established the English
branch of the family”. Quentin asks, “Perhaps you’d like a cup
of tea”. Barnabas replies, “That would be welcome”. Quentin turns
to Judith and says, “Judith, would you tell the maid to prepare a
cup of tea?” Judith leaves to do so. Barnabas remarks, “You sister
said your brother was the acting head of the family…” Quentin
explains, “Yes. Edith Collins is the real head of the family,
but she’s over 90 and barely able to function”. He asks Barnabas,
“Tell me, what boat did you come in on?” Barnabas, who has
apparently done his homework, immediately replies, “The Pride
of Jamestown. It arrived at 4:30″. Quentin remarks, “Yes, it did”.
Barnabas, trying to act nonchalently, looks around at some of the
portraits hanging on the walls of the drawing room and remarks,
“I’m rather curious about the portraits in the room. Is the one
of Joshua Collins in the room?” Quentin replies, “No, it’s hanging
somewhere in the West Wing”. Barnabas says, “But I understand he’s
the one who built Collinwood. It seems to me…” He turns around
and is shocked to see that Quentin has taken one of the swords
hanging on the wall as decoration and is pointing it at him
menancingly. Quentin warns him, “I’d advise you not to make a move”.
Barnabas asks, “Is this some sort of practical joke?” Quentin
replies, “No, it’s no joke”. Barnabas asks, “Then what are you
doing?” Quentin replies, “It just so happens that I’ve just
returned from England myself. I spent about six months there,
ample time for me to learn that there is no English branch of
the family. I’ll give you five minutes to explain yourself,
or God help me, I’ll run you through!”
Episode 704
Worldvision Rerun 488
Tape Date: February 27, 1969 (ABC #49-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 6, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas stands there. Quentin prompts him, “I would suggest
you start talking. Five minutes can go by quickly when you’re
about to die”. Barnabas complains, “Is this how you show
hospitality to a guest?” Quentin replies, “I happen to know
you’re a fraud. You’re up to something. I want to know what
it is”. Barnabas asks, “What is it you think I’m after?”
Quentin demands, “Just explain yourself”. Barnabas replies, “There’s
nothing to explains. There IS an English branch of the family.
It’s descended from the original Barnabas Collins, the man whose
picture hangs in the foyer”. Quentin asks, “Then why didn’t I
run into any of them the entire time I was there?” Barnabas
replies, “Perhaps your reputation preceded you and they avoided
you. A man who would put a sword into a guest’s throat is hardly
someone they’d like to meet”. Judith returns with a tray of tea,
asks, “What on earth are you doing?!” and makes Quentin put the
sword away. Quentin explains he thinks Barnabas is a fraud, but
Judith says, “I believe he is who he says he is because of the
resemblance to the portrait. He’s obviously a Collins”. Barnabas
says, “Under the circumstances, I think it would be best if I
left”, but Judith insists, “No! Stay, and let us show you the
sort of hospitality we are capable of! Quentin, apoligize!”
Quentin replies, “Why? He has done nothing at all to allay my
doubts”. Barnabas tells him, “I, like the other members of
the English branch of the family, am quite wealthy. I can assure
you I haven’t come for money”. Quentin apoligizes, saying, “Sorry
I judged you in haste”. Judith asks, “How long are you staying?”
Barnabas replies, “Perhaps permanently. I’d like to invest my
money here”. Judith tells him, “You’re welcome to stay here
at Collinwood if you wish”. Barnabas replies, “Actually, I was
interested in another house on the property. The old house.
I read about it in the family histories. I was quite charmed
by it. I’d like to stay there, if it’s possible”. Judith replies,
“Unfortunately, it’s inhabited by a couple of gypsies right now”.
Barnabas feigns surprise, “Gypsies?!” Judith explains, “They’ve
ingratiated themselves with Grandmother Edith and she’s allowing
them to live in the house”. Barnabas suggests, “Perhaps I could
talk to her and cause her to alter her opinion”, but Judith tells
him, “No, she’s too ill right now. I’ll talk to her about it
when she’s better”. Barnabas says, “I’d like to look at the
inside of the old house”. Judith tells him, “You’re welcome to”.
Judith tells Quentin to see Barnabas to the door. Quentin
does so. At the door, Quentin remarks, “I hope you find the
old house interesting, Barnabas”. Barnabas replies, “I’ll come
back and tell you” and leaves.
After Barnabas leaves, Judith picks up the drawing room
telephone, which looks a lot like the one David and Amy would
find in 1968, and tells the operator, “I’d like to place a call
to Edward Collins in Boston, Massachusetts…”, but Quentin,
who’s come into the room, grabs the phone from her and tells
the operator, “I’d like to cancel that call”, and hangs up.
Judith demands to know why he did that, saying, “Grandmother told
me to try to reach Edward and tell him to come back!. Quentin
explains, “If Edward doesn’t return, perhaps she’ll tell one of
us the secret. Why tamper with fate?” Judith protests, “But what
will I tell her when she asks me why I didn’t call Edward?” Quentin
suggests, “Tell her there was a flood in Boston and and the phones
there aren’t working. If she believes what the gypsies say, she’ll
believe you, won’t she?”
Barnabas happens to run into Beth while walking through the
woods and exclaims, “Beth!” Beth asks, “Who are you? How do you
know my name? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you at Collinwood
before!” Barnabas explains, “Judith Collins was showing me a book
of photographs. I saw a picture of you with the children. I asked
who you were. I thought you were one of the Collinses”. Beth
replies, “No, just an ordinary servant”. Barnabas remarks, “Maybe
a servant, but far from ordinary!” Beth asks, “Why are you staring
at me like that?” Barnabas replies, “I’m just tired, I suppose.
I just came from England”. Beth excuses herself, “Then I suppose
I should leave you to rest, then. I’ll see you later at Collinwood”.
Barnabas remarks, “Yes. I’m anxious to meet the children, Jamison,
Nora, and…What is the name of the third child? I seem to have
forgotten it”. Beth tells him, “There is no third child, only
Nora and Jamison”. Barnabas replies, “Oh, for some reason I thought
there was. I must have been mistaken”. After Beth leaves, Barnabas
mutters, “But there must have been a third child! Perhaps it’s
dead and buried already…”
Later, in the foyer at Collinwood, Quentin runs into Beth,
He tries to get her to tell him where she went in town, but
she refuses to tell him and goes into the door under the stairs.
Barnabas, weakening and giving in to his vampire impulses,
is wandering along the docks. He finds a compact lying on
the floor. In the distance, a voice is heard saying, “I’m
going out to look for my compact. It must have dropped out of
my purse…” A woman comes along. She tells Barnabas, “Hello,
my name is Sophie Barnes. I’m looking for my compact. It
was given to me by Captain Strathmore, a VERY nice gentleman…”
Barnabas asks, “Is this your compact?”, and gave it to her.
She says it is and thanks him. Barnabas, resisting the impulse,
tries valiently to leave, but Miss Barnes, obviously a tart,
tries to get him to stay, seeing him as a potential customer,
but Barnabas makes it clear to her he isn’t interested. Miss
Barnes grumbles, “I can’t understand you. It’s such a nice
night. I’m alone, and you’re alone, and we could…”, but
Barnabas declines. Miss Barnes says, “Well, could you at least
walk me back to the Eagle?” Barnabas agrees to do so. Miss
Barnes says, “Wait. I can’t go back in there looking like this”,
opens her compact, looks in the mirror and starts fixing her
makeup. Suddenly, she exclaims, “Why don’t I see your reflection
in the mirror?! Who are you? Why are you staring at me like
that?” Barnabas bares his fangs and attacks her…
The clock in the foyer at Collinwood reads 8:00. Beth is
about to go up the stairs with a tray of food covered in a
blue cloth. Quentin asks, “Where are you going?” Beth explains,
“Taking your grandmother her food”. Quentin reaches out for
the tray and says, “Here, let me take it”, but Beth pulls it away
from him and says, “Thanks, but it’s my job”. Quentin tells her,
“I’d like to speak to you a minute…” Beth protests, “But the
food will get cold!”, but Quentin continues, “I need a favor
from you. Sister Judith has been a little too overprotective
of Grandmother. She won’t let me in to see her…” Beth asks,
“What do you want me to do about that?” Quentin replies, “Just
distract Judith long enough for me to get in to see Edith”,
but Beth refuses, saying, “I’m happy with my job here! I don’t
want to lose it!” Quentin looks at the tray, peeks under the
cloth, and and remarks, “That’s quite a lot of food. For a sick
old woman, Grandmother sure has a healthy appetite, doesn’t
she? Where did you say you were bringing that tray?”. Beth replies,
“To your grandmother”. Quentin points out, “But she couldn’t
possibly eat all that food!” Beth explains, “Most of it’s for
Judith”, and asks, “May I go now?” Quentin replies, “Yes”. Beth
goes upstairs.
Judith is with Edith. Edith asks, “Judith, did you speak to
Edward?” Judith replies, “I couldn’t reach him”. Edith says,
“He must get here in time!” She tells Judith, “You’ve been
very faithful to me. I know it, and I’ll be very grateful to
you…” There’s a knock at the door. Judith asks, “Who is it?”
Beth answers, “Beth, with your consomme”. Judith lets her in.
Beth comes in holding the tray of food. She gives Judith a
soup bowl, and whispers to her, “I must talk to you! Quentin
stopped me in the foyer and asked me who all the food was for!
I told him most of it was for you”. Judith replies, “Now that
Quentin’s back, we’ll have to be more careful. Now go, and
make sure Quentin doesn’t see you!”. Edith asks Judith,
“Taste the consomme and make sure it isn’t too hot…”
It is 11:00. Quentin, hiding around the corner in the hallway
outside Edith’s room, sees Judith leave Edith’s room. When the
coast is clear, he goes into Edith’s room. Edith asks, “Edward?”
Quentin lies, “Yes, Grandmother”, but Edith says, “No, it isn’t
Edward. Quentin, I know your voice. I not as far gone as you
think!” Quentin says, “Yes you are!” Edith asks, “What do
you mean?” Quentin replies, “I mean you’re going to die! Tonight!
But before you do, you’re going to tell me the secret, aren’t you,
Episode 705
Worldvision Rerun 489
Tape Date: February 28, 1969 (ABC #50-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 7, 1969 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Quentin grabs Edith and demands, “The secret, Grandmother,
the secret!” Edith complains, “Quentin, you’re hurting me!”
Quentin replies, “Tell me the secret and I’ll stop!” Edith
refuses, saying, “I can tell the secret to Edwand and no one
else!” Quentin replies, “If you don’t tell me, you won’t be able
to tell Edward, either!” Edith remarks, “That would be very
dangerous!” Quentin asks, “Why?”, but Edith refuses to tell him,
saying, “I’ll let you wonder about that!”. Judith returns, and
finding Quentin in the room, demands to know what he’s doing there.
Quentin replies, “Grandmother and I were just having a test of
wills” and leaves. Edith remarks, “Quentin has always been a
bully! He’ll get what’s coming to him!” She complains, “You
should never have left me alone!” Judith promises not to in
the future, then suggests, “Perhaps Edward won’t return in time.
Maybe you should tell me the secret so I could pass it on to
him”. Edith replies, “Everyone’s so anxious to know the secret.
But Edward’s the eldest, and the only one who can know. Judith,
you’re better off not knowing!” Judith asks, “What do you mean?”,
but Edith refuses to explain.
Quentin is in the drawing room. He finishes a drink, and
hurls the glass against the wall in anger, shattering it. Judith
comes into the room and, seeing this, remarks, “You shouldn’t
break things you can’t afford to pay for!”. Quentin asks, “Have
you come to talk about what happened upstairs?” Judith replies,
“Edward will hear of it when he returns!” Quentin, in a fake
childish voice, mocks her, “I’ll tell Edward!” and says, “Just
like when we were children!” Judith remarks, “You’re doing your
best to hide it, aren’t you?” Quentin asks, “Hide what?”
Judith replies, “Your fear of Edward”. Quentin says, “Pompous
old Edward? Edward couldn’t inspire fear in a mouse!”
At the Collinsport train station, Edward Collins, who looks
remarkably like Roger Collins, has gotten off his train and is
awaiting a carriage to take him to Collinwood. With him is a
beautiful young woman who looks remarkably like Maggie Evans.
Edward grumbles, “When will the carriage arrive? If I arrive at
Collinwood too late to talk to Grandmother, I will file suit
against these people!” The woman asks about her schedule.
Edward talks to her about her new duties as governess at
Collinwood and asks, “Any questions?” The woman replies, “Not
now, but I’m sure there will be tomorrow after I’ve met the
children and Mrs. Collins”. Edward says, “Mrs. Collins?!”, clearly
upset at the mention of the name. The woman asks, “Is something
wrong?” Edward replies, “No, you had no way of knowing. I should
have told you before we left Boston. There is no Mrs. Collins”.
The woman asks, “Then she is dead?” Roger replies, “Let’s just
say Mrs. Collins no longer exists and leave it at that”. The
woman asks, “What if the children should ask about her?”
Edward replies, “You’re to say she’s gone away. The children
must learn to forget her, as I have. Is that clear?” The
woman replies, “Yes”. The carriage finally arrives, and Edward
says, “Come, Rachel!”
There is a knock at the door of Collinwood. Quentin answers
the door and finds that it is Barnabas. Quentin quips, “I was
afraid the gypsies had abducted you”. Barnabas asks, “Is Judith
here? I’d like to let her know I looked at the old house and
found it satisfactory”. Quentin tells him, “Actually, it’s my
brother Edward you’ll have to talk to to make arrangements to
live there”. Barnabas says, “But your sister said she…”
Quentin interrupts, “My sister gets carried away sometimes and
overstates her authority here. She actually has very little
authority over anything”. Judith, who’s just coming down the
stairs, hears this and says, “I have enough!”. She tells Barnabas,
“I’ll talk to Grandmother about it”. Barnabas says, “I’d like
to talk to her. I have a family heirloom I’d like to give her
as a gift. It once belonged to Naomi Collins…” Quentin takes
the jewelry box Barnabas is holding, looks at the piece of jewelry
inside, and asks, “Naomi Collins lived here. How did you happen
to get it your hands on it?” Barnabas replies, “I didn’t HAPPEN to
get. It was brought to England by the first Barnabas Collins, and
handed down from generation to generation. The current head of the
family in England asked me to give it to the current head of the
family in America”. Judith tells Barnabas, “I think a visit
with Grandmother can be arranged if you’ll agree to be brief”.
Quentin complains, “You’re going to let him see her? I thought
she was too weak to see anyone!”. Judith sarcastically replies,
“Who knows, Quentin, the signt of a GENTLEMAN might do her some
good” and takes Barnabas upstairs. Quentin goes into the
drawing room and pours himself a drink. The sound of a carriage
pulling up outside is heard. The front door opens, and Edward
comes in with the new governess. Edward looks around, takes a
peek into the room under the stairs, and tells the governess,
“As usual, all the servants seem to be hiding”. Quentin comes
out of the drawing room and announces, “I’m your servant, Edward.
Your wish is my command”. A look of shock comes onto Edward’s
face. Quentin looks at the new governess and asks, “What have
we here? Don’t tell me, dear brother. Your new wife? No,
she’s too beautiful for that. The new governess? No, MUCH too
pretty for that. Don’t tell me she’s you’re new mistress,
Edward!”. Edward, his voice choked with anger, finally speaks,
“What are you doing back in this house???” Quentin replies,
“I’m living here now. How do you like that?”
Upstairs, Judith goes into Edith’s room alone. Edith asks,
“Why isn’t Edward here yet?” Judith replies, “I don’t know, but
there’s someone else here to see you, a cousin from England.
He’s brought you a present, a family heirloom. Are you well
enough to see him?” Edith complaims, “I’m tired”, but Judith
assures her, “He won’t stay long”. Edith says, “Help me. I must
sit up for company”. Judith helps her sit up.
Downstairs, Edward, shocked to hear that Quentin is living at
Collinwood, fumes silently. Quentin asks, “Edward?”, and receiving
no answer, quips, “My brother seems to have lost his voice”. The
new governess, trying to break the tension, says, “Then I suppose
I’ll have to introduce myself. I’m Rachel Drummond”. Quentin
asks, “Are you married?” Edward finally speaks, “Would it make
any difference if she was?” He tells Rachel, “Excuse me. My
brother and I have to speak”. He goes into the drawing room
and says, “Quentin! Come in here!”. Inside the drawing room,
Edward tells Quentin, “I will make this short. You were banished
from this house, and the banishment stills stands. I will give you
exactly 24 hours to pack up and leave! If you are still here at
midnight tomorrow, I swear, I will kill you, Quentin!” Quentin
replies, “That was a very pretty speech, Edward, but I will not get
out of here and you will not kill me…” Edward warns him, “I
always back up my words!”, but Quentin tells him, “You can’t this
time. I came back by invitation”. Edward asks, “Whose?” Quentin
replies, “Grandmother’s”. Edward exclaims, “I don’t believe you!”
Quentin tells him, “Go talk to her, then”. Edward remarks, “I
suppose she must have had some reason to ask you back…”
Quentin explains, “It was Jamison who persuaded her to ask me back”.
Edward shouts, “Stay away from Jamison!!!”. Quentin asks, “Shouldn’t
we be getting back to Miss Drummond? I think she’s getting lonely
out there”.
Judith brings Barnabas into Edith’s room. The room is dimly lit,
and Barnabas’ face cannot be seen. Judith apologizes to Barnabas
for the darkness, saying, “Cousin Barnabas, I apoligize for the
darkness. The light hurts Grandmother’s eyes”. Edith demands,
“The drapes, open the drapes wider!” As Judith goes to the window
to draw open the blinds to let in a little moonlight, she sees that
a carriage is parked outside and tells Edith, “There’s a carriage
outside! Edward must have returned!”. Edith excitedly tells
Judith, “Edward? I must see him immediately! Go and bring him up
here at once!” Judith leaves to do so. Edith then says to
Barnabas, who remains a dark form in the darkness, “Well, young
man, I hear you have brought me a present”. Barnabas replies,
“Yes”. Edith remarks, “That’s very thoughtful. I haven’t been
used to so much thoughfulness in this house since my husband
died 34 years ago. Judith tells me you’ve brought me a family
heirloom”. Barnabas replies, “Yes, it belonged to the first
mistress of Collinwood, Naomi Collins”. Edith asks, “What’s
your name, young man?” Barnabas replies, “Barnabas Collins”.
With a note of surprise in her voice, Edith asks, “Barnabas?”,
and asks, “Come over here, come into the light so I can see you”.
Barnabas does as requested, stepping into the circle of light cast
by Edith’s weak bedside lamp. As soon as Edith sees his face, a
look of pure shock appears on her face. Barnabas asks, “What’s
the matter, Mrs. Collins?” Edith exclaims, “OH MY GOD!!! YOU ARE
shocked, starts to come closer, but Edith shouts, “DON’T COME ANY
TAKE YOU AWAY!” There’s a knock at the door. Edith shouts, “Who
is it?” A voice replies, “Edward”. Edith shouts, “Hurry! Come
in!” Edward comes in. He is surpised to see Edith in such a
frantic state and asks, “What’s the matter?” Barnabas lies, “I
don’t know”. Edward says, “My sister told me she was all right”,
then tells Barnabas, “I must talk to Grandmother alone”, sends him
out into the hallway and closes the door, then goes to Edith and
tells her, “Grandmother! The secret! You must tell me what the
secret is!”
Out in the hallway, Barnabas eavesdrops through the door and
hears all this. He looks very nervous…
Episode 706
Worldvision Rerun 490
Tape Date: March 5, 1969 (ABC #51-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 10, 1969 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Edward begs his grandmother, “Tell me the secret, Grandmother!”,
but the old woman’s mind seems to have snapped. She tells him,
“No, it wasn’t meant to be that way. Your grandfather, where is
he?” Edward tells her, “He’s dead. You must tell me the secret!”
Edith rambles, “He’ll kill us! Your grandfather, he knew!” Edward
begs, “Tell me the secret!”. Edith replies, “The mausoleum! The
mausoleum!” Edward asks, “The mausoleum? Grandmother, what does
that mean?” Edith doesn’t answer. Edward begs, “Grandmother,
you must tell me!”. Edith mutters, “I’m weak, I’m very weak…”.
Edward begs, “Try, Grandmother, try!”. Outside the door, Barnabas
eavesdrops and hears all this.
At the old house, Magda is rearranging the furniture. Barnabas
comes in through the front doors. Magda says to him, “Back so soon?
I was arranging everything the way you wanted it, your Majesty”.
Barnabas replies, “I have no time for your sarcasm right now!
Where’s your husband?” Magda replies, again in a sarcastic voice,
“Out performing your errands”. Barnabas tells her, “You must
get him to move the coffin out of the room in the mausoleum and
bring it here! That room must look like no one’s been there in
a hundred years!”. Magda asks, “Who do you expect to go there?”,
but Barnabas tells her, “There’s no time to explain! GO!!”
Edward continues to beg, “Grandmother, the secret…”, but
Edith, seeing Edward, seems not to remember that she’s been
talking to him for awhile and says, “Is that you, Edward?
You’ve come back!”. Edward tries to remind her, “Grandmother,
you were starting to tell me the secret!” Edith rambles, “Judith
was very kind to me while you were gone. I suppose she thinks
she’s going to get the money. You were not kind to me. You should
never have left…” Edward begs, “The secret! You were saying
something about the mausoleum! You must think of that!”
Barnabas has returned to Collinwood and is sitting in a chair
in the drawing room waiting nervously. A man who looks exactly
like Willie Loomis comes out of the secret panel to the right
of the fireplace, quietly sneaks up to Barnabas, points a pistol
to his head and warns him, “Don’t move! I know who you are!
I know everything about you!” Barnabas replies, “If you know me,
then you have the advantage of me. I’ve never seen you in my
life”. The man replies, “I’ve seen you. The portrait in the
foyer”. Barnabas explains, “That was the first Barnabas Collins.
He was my great-grandfather”. The man demands, “Tell me the truth!
I’m going to count to three!” Barnabas replies, “I don’t know
what you want me to tell you”. The man starts counting, “One…
Two…” Barnabas begs, “NO! PLEASE!”, but the man finishes
counting, “THREE!” and pulls the trigger. A white flag pops
out of the barrel. The man laughs, then seeing that Barnabas isn’t
amused, apoligizes, “Sorry if you didn’t appreciate this as much
as I did”, and introduces himself, “I’m Carl Collins. Sorry if you
didn’t appreciate my joke. This can get pretty dead around here.
I felt sorry for you. You’ve come here when everyone’s worried
about who’ll get the inheritance. But I’m not going to wait like
the others. I have a way of finding out for myself!” and turns to
leave the room. Barnabas asks, “You’re going to go find out now?”
Carl replies, “Yes” and leaves the room. Barnabas goes out into
the foyer too. Carl gives the trick gun to Barnabas and suggests
to him that he go play the same joke on Judith, “Why don’t you take
this and asks Judith what her secret is? Everyone has one!”
Barnabas replies, “This is not the time”. Carl replies, “Oh,
because of my grandmother”. He tells Barnabas, “If you see Judith
or Edward, could you do me a favor? Don’t tell them you’ve seen me.
I want my return to be a surprise!”. Barnabas agrees to do so.
Carl remarks, “We’re going to be good buddies, aren’t we?”
Edward tries to get Edith to tell him the secret, but
the shock of seeing Barnabas has caused the old woman’s
mind to snap. She asks, “Did I tell you the secret yet?”
Edward replies, “Not yet”. Edith starts to say, “Why don’t
I remember?….”, but then suddenly asks Edward, “What are you
doing here?? Daniel, you’re dead!!” Edward, surprised, asks,
“Daniel?” Edith continues to ramble, “I’ve always hated you,
Daniel. You were never a father to my husband. We wanted to
live in the old house, but you wouldn’t let us. You said we were
Collinses and had to live at Collinwood. Stay away from me! If
I am to die, I don’t want to go with you! Tell them to send
someone else for me!” Edward tells her, “I’m not Daniel!”, but
Edith continues to ramble, “The secret, Daniel! You must tell me
for the family’s sake”, now thinking she’s a young woman again,
and it is Daniel who is about to tell HER the secret. Edward
tells her, “I am Edward, your grandson! You have a secret you have
not told me! Please, Grandmother, please!” Edith drones on,
“Everyone keeps asking me about the secret, even Quentin…”, then
loses consciousness. Barnabas is back in the hall outside the door
eavesdropping nervously. Edward opens the door. Barnabas
tells him, “I was wondering how she was”. Edward replies,
“She’s asleep now. Come in. I must appologize to you. I
was rather curt with you earlier. I didn’t welcome you
properly. Tell me about yourself…”
Meanwhile, Carl Collins has gone to the old house. There,
he is dickering with Magda over prices, “I said I’d pay you
next week!”. Magda replies, “I will not read your future for
you unless you pay me NOW!”. Carl asks, “Will the cards tell
me about the will?” Magda replies, “The cards tell EVERYTHING”.
Carl remarks, “You could probably help out the cards if you
wanted to”, suggesting that she knows something about Edith’s
will. Having settled on payment, Magda sits down and starts
dealing out the Tarot Cards. She turns over a card and tells
Carl, “There’s much money, more than anybody knows”. Carl is very
happy to hear this. Magda turns over another card and announces,
“The Joker”. Carl asks, “And what does that mean?” Magda replies,
“That everyone will be surprised”. Carl, hope in his voice,
optimistically suggests, “The Joker. Maybe that mean’s I’ll
get it! Grandmother always liked my jokes!” Magda turns
over another card and exclaims, “MURDER!”
At Collinwood, Edward tells Barnabas, “It will be a relief to
have someone other than those Gypsies live at the Old House”.
Suddenly, Edith says, “Edward! My heart, it’s beating so fast!
Take my hand!”. Edward goes and does so. Edith tells him,
“Listen! Ask no questions! Listen!”, her voice rapidly fading and
getting softer. Edward puts his ear close to his grandmother’s
mouth to hear what she’s going to say. Barnabas looks on with a
very worried look on his face.
At the old house, Magda turns over another card, then tells Carl,
“The money will not stay with whoever gets it…”. Carl, who seems
to have convinced himself that he The Joker will get it, exclaims,
“What do you mean? If I get it, it will certainly stay with me!”
He demands, “Hurry and turn over the next card!”. Magda turns overn
the next card, then suddenly gets up out of her chair, a strange
look on her face. Carl asks, “What is it? What did you see?
What?”, but Magda just wanders around the room, a shocked look on
her face. Carl demands, “Sit down and continue the reading! I’ve
already paid you for it!” Madga replies, “SHHH!”, continues to
walk around the room as if listening intently, then announces, “She
is gone now! Edith is dead!” Carl asks, “How do you know?” Magda
replies, “The card, then I felt her spirit. This reading is over!”
Carl asks, “Did she tell her secret?” Magda replies, “No”. Carl
moans, “She has to! Someone must know!”. Magda tells him, “Someone
DOES know”. Carl asks, “Who? You’ve got to tell me!”, but Magda
just says, “Go away and grieve for your grandmother. I will, at
At Collinwood, Edward is talking to himself, “She’s gone. But
I am going to find out that secret somehow if it’s the last thing
I do!”. Barnabas looks on nervously.
Episode 707
Worldvision Rerun 491
Tape Date: March 4, 1969 (ABC #52-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 11, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

It is the next morning. Edward comes into the drawing
room, picks up a newspaper lying on the coffee table, and
prepares to sit down and read it. But before doing so,
he decides to smoke a pipe while reading the paper and
goes over to a pipe rack on the desk and selects a pipe.
He notices a cannister on the desk. Curious, he opens
it. A spring snake pops out of the cannister, startling
him. Carl comes out from his hiding place behind the
curtains and laughs. Edward is angry that Carl is so
frivolous the morning after Edith’s death. Carl tells
Edward, “Well, I know something you don’t. Grandmother died
without telling you the secret, didn’t she? Now you think
no one knows it. But someone does knows it! Someone in this
very house!”
Edward calls a family meeting. In attendance, in addition
to Edward, are Judith, Quentin and Carl. Edward announces,
“As you all know, Grandmother died before she could tell me
the secret. But she told one of you three!” Judith exclaims,
“What?!”. Edward tells Carl, “Tell them what you told me”.
Carl recounts Magda’s claim that someone does know the secret.
Edward, interpreting this to mean that Edith must have told someone,
continues, “She would never have told anyone outside the
family, and I know she didn’t tell it to me, so it must have
been one of you three!”. Carl exclaims, “Three? But it was me
who told you about this! Why would I have told you if it was me?”
Edward replies, “Sometimes you’re crazy like a fox. Perhaps you
were afraid I’d learn from Magda that someone knew, and told me
to divert suspicion from yourself”. Quentin butts in, “It should
be plain who it is. It must be our dear sister Judith. For the past
week, she saw Grandmother more than anyone else, and she kept everyone
else away from her”. Judith vehemently denies knowing the secret and
says, “Why don’t you tell them about your last visit to Grand-
mother?” Quentin lies, “There’s nothing to tell”, but Judith
says, “Yes there is! You went into Grandmother’s room and tried
to force the secret from her!” Quentin admits, “Yes, in a moment
of weakness I did”. Edward exclaims, “So it’s you who knows the
secret! You went and terrorized her, probably threatened to kill
her if she didn’t tell you the secret…” Quentin interrupts, “Yes,
but she didn’t tell it to me. The old lady wasn’t afraid of death”.
Edward says, “All right, so all three of you deny knowing the secret.
But one of you three must be lying! None of us will leave this room
until I find out who it is!” Quentin reminds Edward, “You forget.
Judith let another Collins into this house. Barnabas is a Collins
too.” Edward tells Carl to go to the old house and get Barnabas.
Carl goes to the old house. It has been cleaned and restored to
its former splendor. Josette’s portrait is back hanging over the
fireplace. Carl calls, “Barnabas?”, but Barnabas doesn’t answer, it
being daytime. Carl sees the door to the cellar and is about to go
down to the cellar, thinking that maybe Barnabas is down there and
didn’t hear him. Suddenly, a shocked look comes onto his face.
But it is only Sandor that he sees. Sandor comes into the room
from the cellar. Carl, obviously surprised to see him there, asks,
“What are you doing here??” Sandor replies, “I live here”. Carl
asks, “You mean you live in the cellar?” Sandor asks, “What
do you want?” Carl replies, “I’m looking for Barnabas Collins”.
Sandor tells him, “He’s not here today”. Carl asks, “Where is
he, then?”. Sandor lies, “I don’t know”. Carl asks, “What are
you people doing here, anyway, now that Barnabas Collins lives
here?” Sandor replies, “He’s allowing us to stay here in exchange
for…certain services”. Carl asks, “You mean you’re his servants?”
Sandor replies, “You could say that”. Carl moans, “I can’t go
back to Collinwood without Barnabas. Edward would never believe
me if I told him he wasn’t here. Edward never trusts me”. Sandor
laughs, “HAHAHAHAHA!!! You Collinses must have Gypsy blood in you!
No one in your family trusts any of the others!!! HAHAHAHA!” Carl
says, “I know what! I could take you back to Collinwood with me
and you could tell Edward that Barnabas isn’t here!”
Rachel goes into the garden at Collinwood and sits down.
Quentin, who’s obviously attracted to her, comes out into the
garden and starts to talk to her. He offers to give her a tour
of the entire house, saying, “I know Collinwood more intimately
than any other member of the family”. He offers to take her on
the tour tomorrow, saying, “I’ll start with the main structure,
then I’ll show you the West Wing. That’s where I live”. Rachel
tells him, “I was interested in the tower. Is that part of the
main structure?” Quentin replies, “Now, that’s one part of the
house we’ll have to stay away from. There are legends about it
that a woman committed suicide there in 1796. Ever since then,
it’s been closed off. No one’s gone in there for a hundred years”.
Rachel asks, “You mean everyone thinks it’s haunted?” Quentin
replies, “Yes”. He tells her, “I like you, Rachel. You’re shy,
and you’re beautiful. And we’re going to be very good friends, you
and I!”
Carl and Sandor return to Collinwood. Edward is in the foyer.
Carl tells Sandor, “Tell him exactly what you told me”. Sandor
tells Edward, “Mr. Barnabas left early this morning. He won’t
be back till after sunset”. Edward asks, “Where would he go?
He doesn’t know anyone in Collinsport!” Sandor explains, “He
said he went on business”. Edward asks, “What business?” Sandor
replies, “I can’t say any more. He told me not to tell anyone”.
Judith comes down the stairs into the foyer, sees Sandor, takes
Sandor aside and tells him, “As you’ve probably heard, Grandmother
passed away last night. While she was alive, you and Magda became
firmly entrenched here. Things have changed here now”. Sandor
asks, “What do you mean?” Edith replies, “I think you know what
I mean. Grandmother allowed you two to live on the estate because
she was fond of you. I am not. Go back to the old house and tell
Magda you two have 24 hours to get out of here!!”.
At night, Rachel goes out for a walk. In the garden, she is
surprised to see lights in the window of the tower, which Quentin
had told her had been unused for 100 years.
Judith goes into the drawing room to talk to Edward, who’s
sitting at the desk writing some letters. She tries to talk
to him about “the matter of the tower room”. Edward asks,
“Is there anything wrong?” Judith replies, “No, Beth goes up
there three times a day, and makes a daily report to Mrs.
Fillmore”. Edward asks, “Isn’t Beth satisfied with what she’s
being paid?” Judith replies, “Yes, in fact, I think you’re
paying her too much”. Edward replies, “The excess will insure
silence. I’m not to be reminded further of this problem!”
Rachel comes rushing into the room exclaiming, “I saw a light in the
tower room!” Edward tells her,”That’s impossible!”, but Rachel
insists, “I saw it!” Judith quickly excuses herself and leaves,
going into the foyer and up the stairs. Edward asks Rachel, “It
seems to have disturbed you. Why?” Rachel replies, “I was
talking to your brother earlier…” Edward interrupts, “And
he told you about the legends?” Rachel replies, “Yes”. Edward
tells her, “The stories must have stirred your imagination”,
but Rachel insists, “No, I saw it!” Edward asks, “These lights
you say you saw, were they electric lights or candlelight?”
Rachel, “They were too bright to be candlelight, so they must
have been electric lights”. Edward tells her, “Then it must
have been your imagination. There’s no electricity in the
tower room. I’ll take you outside to see for yourself”. They
go out the front door. Judith comes back down the stairs.
Out in the garden, Edward tells Rachel, “Now look at the tower
and tell me what you see”. Rachel looks at the tower. It is
completely dark. Rachel exclaims, “That room is dark!” Edward
replies, “Yes, just as it was dark earlier, and the way it’s
been dark for a hundred years”.
Episode 708
Worldvision Rerun 492
Tape Date: March 3, 1969 (ABC #53-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 12, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

There’s a knock at the front door of Collinwood. Edward
answers. It is Barnabas, who, having been informed by Sandor
that Edward had wanted to see him, has come to Collinwood.
Barnabas says, “I came as soon as I got your message”. Edward
replies, “I knew you’d come. Come…” and takes Barnabas into
the study. From the landing, Quentin watches them.
Inside the study, Edith lies in her coffin. Edward remarks,
“How peaceful she looks…” Barnabas agrees, “Very”. Edward
continues, “But looks are deceiving. She did not die in peace.
She didn’t tell me the secret. It’s always been told to the
eldest. But it’s possible that in my absence, she could have
told someone else. YOU perhaps. I think she did tell you.
Mr. Collins, what is in the mausoleum?” Barnabas, shocked,
replies, “I have no idea why you would think Mrs. Collins
confided in me!” Edward replies, “This is not a wild accusation.
Magda said someone knew the secret”. Barnabas asks, “And you
believe that gypsy woman?” Edward repies, “Grandmother was very
fond of her. She often confided in her”. He tells Barnabas what
Carl had told him what Magda had said, and says, “I’m fairly confident
it wasn’t Carl, Quentin or Judith, so that leaves you. You resemble
the portrait in the foyer. Just before she died, Grandmother’s
mind was wandering from the present to the past. Perhaps she
thought you were the man in the portrait and told it to you
thinking you were him”. Barnabas tells Edward, “No, she didn’t
tell it to me. I’d like to help you discover the secret, but
I can’t”. Edward remarks, “Maybe she wrote it down somewhere.
But I don’t think so. My grandmother was a remarkably secretive
woman. She was even secretive about her will! She had it hidden.
She left an envelope with Judith with instructions on finding it”.
Meanwhile, there’s a knock at the front door. Quentin answers
it and lets a man in. It’s the family lawyer, a sleazy-looking man
named Evan Handley (Humbert Allen Astredo), who’s come to Collinwood
to pay his respects. Quentin remarks, “Grandmother hated you because
she know the truth about you”. Handley asks, “And what is that?”
Quentin replies, “That you’re nothing but a shyster. I’ll tell
you all about that at the next meeting”. Handley whispers, “SHHH!
Don’t talk about that here!” Quentin remarks, “If I could get hold
of the will, I could change it. I’m sure you could get someone to
imitate Grandmother’s handwriting. I’ll give you 25% of what I get”.
Handley refuses to help him tamper with the will, but Quentin
threatens him, “If you don’t, I’ll tell your secret”. Evan
replies, “That’s blackmail! Anyway, I know as much about you as
you do about me!” Quentin tells him, “Yes, but people expect me
to be bad. They think of you as a respectable person. Anyway,
you need the money. I know that. You should never have married
such an extravagant wife!” Handley asks, “How long will it take
you to get the will?” Quentin replies, “I’ll give it to you
tomorrow” and leaves. Edward and Barnabas come out from the study.
Edward, seeing Handley, takes him into the study to see Edith,
leaving Barnabas alone in the foyer. He hears a boy laugh loudly
and says, “Grandmother hated him! She said he was nothing but
a shyster!” Barnabas looks up, sees a boy who looks remarkably
like David on the landing, and remarks, “You must be Jamison”.
The boy comes down, introduces himself and remarks, “My father
says I have to go in and see her. I’m afraid to. I’ve never seen
a dead person before. I’ll go with Quentin! I’m not afraid when
I’m with Quentin!” Barnabas remarks, “You’re quite fond of Quentin,
aren’t you?” Jamison replies, “Yes. You don’t like him, do you?
You’re just like the rest of them! Well, I don’t like YOU either!”
and runs off.
At the old house, Quentin is holding Magda by the throat.
He tells her, “You could be free so easily, Magda. Just tell
me where the will is!” Magda demands, “Let go!”. Quentin replies,
“Will you tell me where the will is?” Magda gasps, “Yes…”
Quentin lets her go. Magda tells him, “For five dollars”.
Quentin exclaims, “Five dollars?! I’m amazed at how cheaply
you can be bought”. Magda sneers and replies, “It was a JOKE,
Quentin. I know you don’t have even that”. Quentin hands her
some money, saying, “Here’s $20. Now tell me where the will is”.
Magda sighs, “Why should I care? My friend is dead. Judith
will not even let me see her body. The will is in her casket.
In the lining. She wanted all of you to think of her, not the
money. She wanted you to see the body and think of her when you
went to think of the will. She knew you would all fight over
the money and not think about her. Your grandmother told me
all this. She confided much in me…” Quentin asks, “If she
confided so much in you, then maybe she told you what she left
me. What did she leave me?” Magda refuses to tell him. Quentin
picks up a letter opener, remarks, “Magda, I know you’re afraid of
knives. While I was on board ship, I got quite good at throwing
knives”. He draws his hand back and aims the knife at her.
Magda exclaims, “YOU GET NOTHING!!! She told me whatever she gave
you would be gone within a year. She told me you’d squander it
away, so she gave you nothing. She told me this the first night
you came back”. Quentin asks, “Where in the lining is the will?”
Magda replies, “By her right hand”. Quentin replies, “Thank you,
Madam” and leaves, but Magda runs up to him as he gets out the
door and demands, “Wait! I’ve told you about the will! If
you find it and change it, I want some of the money you get or
I’ll tell!”. Quentin remarks, “Amazing! Blackmail in advance!”
He tells Magda he’ll talk to her about it afterwards and leaves.
Meanwhile, Barnabas, on his way back to the old house, has seen
Magda talking with Quentin. He goes up to Magda and asks, “A
new friend?” Magda replies, “No, an old enemy”. Barnabas says,
“You’ve been talking quite a bit lately. You told Carl someone
knew the secret. What did you tell Quentin?”
Edward, Hanley, and Jamison are in the drawing room at Collinwood.
Edward tells Jamison, “Of course you must view your Great-
Grandmother!”, then turns to Evan Hanley and says, “We must prepare
for the reading of the will”. He turns back to Jamison and tells
him, “You! Prepare yourself to go into that room!”, then leaves
with Evan. Quentin comes into the drawing room and amuses Jamison
by pretending to be a beggar. Noticing that Jamison seems unhappy,
he asks, “What do you look so upset about?” Jamison replies,
“There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s about Great Grandmother.
HE says I have to go in and look at her!” Quentin tells him, “Of
course you do”. Jamison says, “I’ll go in to look at her if you
come with me”, but Quentin tells him, “No, you’ll have to go
alone. When Great Grandfather died, I went in and looked at him
by myself. Otherwise, I would never have grown up. What is it
you’re afraid of?” Jamison replies, “I’m afraid Great Grandmother
will sit up and get out of her coffin!” Quentin assures him,
“Jamison, that’s not going to happen. Tell you what. I’ll stay
outside the door and I’ll come in if I hear anything”. He adds,
“You know what I dreamt last night? I dreamt that there was a
false lining in the coffin by Grandmother’s right hand. I dreamt
she left a message there for me. The dream said you would bring
the message to me without saying a word about it to anyone”.
Edward and Evan, having obtained the envelope containing
the location of the will from Judith, come down the stairs into
the foyer. They see Quentin pacing around in the drawing room.
Inside the study, Jamison is viewing Edith’s body. He finds
a document in the lining near his Great-Grandmother’s right hand,
just as Quentin had said. He hears his father’s voice outside
saying, “I have to do this myself” and quickly hides behind a large
vase. Edward comes into the study, goes up to the coffin, and
looks inside the false lining by Edith’s right hand, but finds
Edward comes back out into the foyer and exclaims, “The will!
It’s not there! I don’t understand it!” Barnabas has just come and
is in the foyer with Quentin and Evan. Quentin suggests, “Perhaps
Grandmother never got the chance to put it here”. Evan Handley
suggests, “Or perhaps the gypsies took it!”. Quentin jokingly
suggests, “Perhaps we should make a game of it. Find Grandmother’s
will!”. Edward angrily replies, “We will NOT make a game of it!
I must go upstairs and tells Judith!”, and goes up the stairs to
do so. Evan goes with him. Quentin turns to Barnabas and remarks,
“So, the drama goes on!”. Barnabas replies, “Yes, but you could
stop it. You have the will, Quentin. Return it or I’ll have
to do something, something drastic!”
Episode 709
Worldvision Rerun 493
Tape Date: March 6, 1969 (ABC #54-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 13, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas and Judith are outside the door to the coffin room.
Judith moans, “I can’t! If you only knew her!”, but Barnabas
takes her inside. They view the body. Judith tells Barnabas,
“She raised us after our parents died. She loved us all, even
Quentin”. Barnabas tells her, “You’d feel better if you cried”,
but Judith replies, “No, she wouldn’t have wanted that” and asks,
“Do you believe in the afterlife?” Barnabas replies, “The question
is, do you?” Judith remarks, “I almost hope there isn’t one. I’d
hate to think she’s up there watching what’s happening down here.
Do you think someone take the will? Why would he take it?” Barnabas
asks, “He?” Judith replies, “He, she, anyone! Who would do such a
thing? If you know, tell me!” Barnabas replies, “I’m not even going
to speculate. But I don’t think your grandmother is the kind of
person who would say she was going to do something and then not do
it, especially if she had already gone to the trouble of putting
the false lining in the coffin”. Judith tells Barnabas she thinks
it might have been the gypsies who stole it.
Quentin is in his room, the one David and Amy would find in
1968, looking at the will and talking talking on a telephone that
looks like the one they would find in the storage room, “Evan, I’ve
got the will! I get absolutely nothing! We’ve got to hurry! We’ve
got to start tonight!” There’s a knock at the door. Quentin hangs
up, hides the will, and answers it. It’s Barnabas. He tells Quentin,
“Judith said you wanted to talk with me”. Quentin remarks, “You’re
a very odd man, Mr. Collins. It’s hard to figure out exactly what
you want in this house”. Barnabas asks, “Did you ask me here just
to tell you about myself, or would you like to know why I accused
you of stealing the will?” Barnabas notices the I-Ching rods lying
on a desk and exclaims, “The I-Ching wands! Are you interested in
these?” Quentin replies, “I picked them up while I was on a trip
to the Far East. I know nothing about them”. He asks Barnabas,
“Why did you accuse me of taking the will?” Barnabsa replies,
“Because I believe you did”. Quentin asks, “What evidence do you
have?” Barnabas, not wanting to reveal his power over the gypsies,
lies, “Very little”. Quentin asks, “Why would I take it?” Barnabas
replies, “I’m very interested in finding out. You won’t get away
with it! Your grandmother won’t let you!” Quentin points out,
“Grandmother is in heaven with all the other Collinses who have
passed on”. Barnabas says, “She isn’t. She’s still on Earth.
Where I come from, there’s theory that the spirit stays on Earth
if something in its life has been left undone. She will not rest
until the will is found”. Quentin pooh-poohs this. Barnabas
warns him, “You’ll see, Quentin”.
Judith is in the drawing room with Rachel, telling her about
the funeral arrangements for Edith. She asks her to come. Barnabas
comes into the room. Judith introduces him and Rachel to one
another. Judith then asks Barnabas to be one of the pallbearers
at the Edith’s funeral, which she tells him is to be at 2:00 in the
afternoon tomorrow. Barnabas, now again a vampire, replies, “I
don’t think I’ll be able to come. I have important business in
Bangor tomorrow that can’t be delayed”. Judith asks, “Can’t it
be delayed?” Barnabas replies, “I’ll try, but please don’t count
on me”. Judith, clearly upset at this, says, “This will upset
Edward very much. I’d better tell him at once.” and leaves.
Barnabas asks Rachel “Tell me, have you ever been to the old
house?” Rachel replies that she hasn’t. Barnabas tells her,
“There’s a portrait of a woman there who bears a striking
resemblance to you”. Rachel asks, “Was she a Collins?” Barnabas
replies, “Yes”, and tells her a cleaned-up version of the sad story
of Josette Collins and Barnabas-Josette-Jeremiah triangle,
“She came here from Martenique to marry an ancestor or mine,
Barnabas Collins. I got my name from him. But they never did
marry. She married his uncle Jeremiah instead, and for this,
Barnabas killed Jeremiah in a duel”. Rachel remarks, “What a
tragic story! Did it really happen?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”.
Rachel remarks, “I’m fascinated with the past”. Barnabas remarks,
“Are you?” Rachel says, “I should love to see the portrait
sometime!”. Barnabas replies, “Yes, you must”. Rachel babbles
on about how much of a romantic she is.
While looking for Edward, Judith runs into Quentin, who
tells her Edward isn’t in the house. She tells him about
Barnabas’ unexpected inability to be a pallbearer and asks, “Who
could we ask?” Quentin suggests, “How about Sandor the gypsy?”
Judith is shocked, “A gypsy?!” Quentin points out, “Grandmother
was very fond of the gypsies”. While talking, Judith notices a
glove on the floor and, in a shocked voice, exclaims, “Quentin!
Look! Edith’s glove! We saw that glove less than an hour ago!”
Quentin asks, “Where?” Judith replies, “On Grandmother! In
the coffin!” Quentin suggests, “It must be from another pair”,
but Judith tells him, “No! I chose them myself! This was the
only pair!”
They go down to check. Outside study where Edith’s body is
lying, Judith remarks, “I’m scared”. Quentin says, “You always
were a fraidy cat. That’s why I never liked playing with you
when we were children”. They go inside, look at Edith’s body
and see a bare right hand. The right glove is indeed missing.
Judith exclaims, “Quentin! The glove is gone!” Quentin replies,
“It’s just a trick, that’s all. Someone is trying to scare us”,
clearly suspecting that it’s Barnabas trying to frighten him into
returning the will. Judith asks, “Who?”. Quentin just replies,
“For once, you can’t accuse me!” Judith, not believing Quentin’s
theory that it was a trick, says, “It was her spirit”, but
Quentin dismisses this, “Spirits don’t wear gloves”. But Judith
continues, “She’s restless! She’s looking for the will!” Quentin
pooh-poohs all this. Judith announces, “Someone will be in this
room looking over Grandmother from now on!” Quentin replies, “Well,
it won’t be me”. Judith says, “You’re frightened, aren’t you?
You deny it, but you are!”. Quentin vehemently denies this and
leaves. Judith moans, “If she could only speak! There’s so much
she has left you could tell us!”
Quentin goes to the drawing room and finds Beth there. They
talk for awhile, civilly this time. Quentin remarks, “You know
what? We’re friends. After years of battling one another, we’re
friends again. Beth excuses herself, “Miss Judith wants me in
the coffin room”. Quentin suggests, “Maybe you could come to my
room later”.
Beth exits the drawing room and goes out into the foyer.
There, a servant (Roger Davis) asks Beth, “Well, how about our date
tonight?” Beth replies, “I’m sorry. I can’t go. They wouldn’t
let me off”. The man exclaims, “They let me when I asked them! You
didn’t ask them, did you?” Quentin comes walking out of the drawing
room. Seeing what’s happening, he remarks, “Well, backdoor suspense!
You have excellent taste, Dirk!” Dirk, a puzzled expression
on his face, asks Quentin, “What are you doing here? I thought you
were in your room”. Quentin, puzzled, says, “No, as you can see,
I’m right here”. Dirk explains, “Well, someone’s in your room
right now. When I walked by it on the way here a few minutes ago,
I heard noises in there and assumed you were in there”. Quentin
quickly leaves. Dirk continues to try to ask Beth for a date,
“Tomorrow night, then?” Beth replies, “We’ll see” in a tone of
voice that clearly says, “No”. Dirk moans, “Why are you treating
me like this, Beth, why?”
Quentin rushes up to his room and finds it in shambles.
He goes and gets Barnabas and brings him back to his room.
Barnabas looks around at the mess and remarks, “So, I’m supposed
to have done all this?” Quentin replies, “You know you did”.
Barnabas asks, “And took your Grandmother’s gloves and put it
outside your door”. Quentin replies, “Yes. You’ve made the
mistake of doing much more than a ghost could do”. Barnabas
says, “A restless ghost can do much”. Quentin says, “I think
you’re the ghost”. Barnabas denies this. Quentin asks, “If
you’re not the ghost, then who is?” Barnabas asks, “Tell me,
Quentin, did your Grandmother find the will? Is that what’s
upsetting you?” Quentin becomes angry and shouts, “GET OUT!”
Barnabas leaves. Quentin starts to pick things up and straighten
out his room. Suddenly, the lights go out in Quentin’s room, and
Quentin starts to hear a sound that sounds like a loud heartbeat.
He shouts, “Who’s in this room? Who are you?”, but there’s no
answer. He opens the door and shouts, “Dirk! Go get that oil
lamp on the table in the corner!” Dirk comes with the oil lamp.
He asks, “Why are the lights out in here? They’re not out in
any other part of the house”. Quentin asks, “Where is that
coming from?” Dirk asks, “What?” Quentin says, “That sound!”
Dirk listens, then says, “I don’t hear anything”. Apparently
only Quentin can hear the heartbeat sound. He tells Dirk, “That
sound! It’s like a heartbeat!”. Dirk asks, “Have you been
drinking?” Quentin, frightened, orders Dirk, “Go get a carriage!
I’ve got to get out of here! I’ve got to go into town! Go
tell the stableboy to prepare a carriage”, but Dirk refuses,
saying, “That’s not my job! I’m just the guardian of the grounds”.
Quentin asks, “You hear it, don’t you? Or are you in on the trick?”
Dirk again tells him, “I don’t hear anything”. Quentin exclaims,
“You’re lying!”. Dirk angrily replies, “Don’t ever call me a liar!”
and leaves. Quentin moans, “Stop it! Stop it!”
Dirk goes towards Beth’s room in the servant’s quarters and
finds Beth leaving her room. He asks, “You’re going to Quentin,
aren’t you?” She denies it, “No, I’m going to the coffin room
to relieve Judith”, but Dirk continues, “You love him, don’t
you? I can see the way you look at him!” He warns, “Stay away
from Quentin Collins!”
Puzzled and afraid, Quentin tries to find the source of
the sound. He walks in the direction from which the sound
seems to be coming, where it’s loudest. When he comes out into
the foyer, the lights there go out too, the blackout seemingly
following him. He continues to follow the sound and finally
ends up in the study, where Edith lies. He finds that the sound
is coming from Edith…
Episode 710
Worldvision Rerun 494
Tape Date: March 11, 1969 (ABC #55-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 14, 1969 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin sees that Edith’s eyes are open, and she is grinning
at him. Terrified, he flees back upstairs into his room. There,
he hears footsteps, ghostly moans, then Edith’s voice calling,
“Quentin!” The door to his room opens. It is Edith. She
demands that he return the will. Quentin strangles Edith,
then takes her outside and buries her, but Edith’s hands come
pushing out of the dirt…
Quentin awakens. It was all a dream.
Evan Handley comes to visit Quentin very early the next
morning. Evan remarks, “I thought it would be best if I
came early to conduct our ‘business’ while the rest of the
family is still asleep and doesn’t see us”. Quentin says,
“I’m not sure we should go through with it. I think someone
knows I have the will”. He tells Handley about Barnabas’
accusations, his warnings about Edith’s spirit being restless
if the will isn’t returned, and about the strange things that
have happened recently, and says, “I suspect Barnabas might
have supernatural powers”. Evan, who appears to have knowledge
of the occult, tells Quentin, “I can help you. I can summon
a ‘friend’ from the fire to help us. But I will need a child
to act as a conduit”. He suggests that they use Jamison,
promising that he won’t be hurt. Quentin agrees. Evan tells
him that they will do the ceremony in the cottage tonight.
Evan and Quentin then go to the old house. They show
Sandor a new will which Evan, using his legal knowledge,
has written leaving Edith’s entire estate to Quentin, and
asks Sandor, an accomplished forger, to make a copy in
Edith’s handwriting. Sandor agrees to do so, charging
them $500, a remarkably large sum in those days.
(Probably worth about $25000 in today’s money!).
Later, Jamison goes to Quentin’s room and tells Quentin, “Aunt
Judith told me to tell you it’s time for Great-Grandmother’s
service”, but Quentin tells Jamison, “Tell Judith I can’t go
because I’m sick”. After Jamison leaves, Evan remarks to Quentin,
“You really are afraid, aren’t you?” Quentin replies, “Yes,
and I will be until she’s buried”.
After the services, Jamison goes to Quentin’s room and finds
Quentin there alone. Quentin asks, “Did the service go all right?
Did they bury her?” Jamison replies, “Yes”. Quentin sits down
in an armchair, a look of relief on his face. Jamison asks, “Are
you all right?” Quentin replies, “I am now! I feel so good, I think
I’m going out to take a long walk!”. Jamison remarks, “I’d better
be going. It’s almost time for dinner, and my father always gets
angry if I’m late for dinner”. Quentin tells Jamison, “I have a
little surprise for you after dinner, a game. It’s a secret game,
so I’ve got to ask you to keep it a secret”. Jamison promises,
“I won’t tell anyone!” Jamison goes to dinner. Quentin goes out
for his walk.
At the cottage, Evan and Sandor are preparing for the ceremony.
Sandor remarks, “I’m most curious as to what we’re going to do”,
but Evan tells him, “Don’t be. Just do as you’re told”. Quentin
and Jamison come. Jamison looks at a funny looking table in front
of the fireplace and asks, “What’s that table doing there?” Evan
replies, “It’s not exactly a table, it’s an altar. It’s all part of
the game”. Quentin tells Jamison that the game will be a little
scary and gets him to promise not to become frightened. Evan starts
the ceremony. He holds a black goblet above Jamison’s head and
starts an incantation, “Powers of darkness, I call upon the flame
to summon you! I call upon the raven and the viper and all the
dark creatures of the earth to summon you! Rise and help us, for
there is an enemy in our midst, and he must be destroyed!” Suddenly,
Jamison becomes frightened, screams, “NO!! SHE’S GOING TO BE HERE
SOON! I CAN FEEL IT!” and runs off. Evan sends Sandor after him.
Quentin exclaims, “I think we may have gone too far!” Evan asks,
“What do you mean?” Quentin tells him, “The fire! Look into the
fire!” Evan does so. Something is taking form in there…
Episode 711
Worldvision Rerun 495
Tape Date: March 10, 1969 (ABC #56-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 17, 1969 Monday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

The form solidifies and steps out of the fire. It is a
very beautiful blond woman (Lara Parker). Evan, surprised,
remarks, “You are not what I sent for”. The woman asks, “What
time is it?”. Evan replies, “It is midnight”. The woman asks,
“Yes, but what midnight. What year is it?” Evan replies, “1897”.
The woman remarks, “It has been a very long time!”. Evan asks,
“Since what?”, but the woman doe not answer. Instead, she asks
Evan, “Who are you?” Evan replies, “Evan Handley, a lawyer”.
The woman turns to Quentin and asks, “And who are you?” Quentin
replies, “Quentin Collins”. The woman asks, “Are you a lawyer
too?” Quentin replies, “No, just a man whose expectations are
far greater than what life has hitherto offered him”. The woman
asks, “What has life not offered you?” Quentin replies, “Much.
There is an enemy who stands in my way. Barnabas…” The woman
asks, “Barnabas Collins?” Quentin replies, “Yes”. Evan, still
suspicious because the woman is not what he had intended to summon,
asks, “How do you know this?” The woman replies, “I know much”,
and tells Quentin, “We have the same enemy. I will help you”.
Quentin says, “Thank you”, but Evan, very suspicious, says, “Don’t
thank her until I ask her some questions! We don’t know anything
about her!”. The woman says, “All you have to know about me is
that I have some very interesting powers”. To demonstrate, she
causes Evan to strangle. Evan tries to talk but cannot. Quentin
asks, “What are you doing?” The woman replies, “Nothing more
than what I do when I am annoyed with a friend. I do much more
to my enemies!” Quentin says, “I suggest you release him”.
The woman replies, “All right. After all, we’re all on the same
side. MY side!” and does so. The woman looks around at the
cottage and says, “I like it. I think I’ll stay here”. Quentin
tells her, “You can’t. Someone might find you here”, but the
woman replies, “Then they’ll just think I’m one of Quentin Collins’
many women”. Quentin remarks, “You’re very beautiful, whoever
you are”. The woman replies, “My name is Angelique”. Evan, now
able to talk again, says, “Now let’s talk this over. She can’t
stay here!”, but Angelique sternly warns him, “Quiet! Or you
will be quiet for a very long time!”. Evan, frightened, shuts
up, but Quentin, who agrees with him, continues, “Yes, let’s
discuss this. I just want to avoid trouble…”, but Angelique
tells him, “It’s too late! If you wanted to avoid trouble, you
should never have sent for me!” and vanishes into thin air.
Quentin is shocked.
Sandor returns and informs Quentin and Evan that he couldn’t
get Jamison because Jamison managed to make it back to Collinwood.
He asks if the ceremony was successful. Evan lies that it wasn’t.
He tells Sandor to go work on the will. Sandor leaves, but
Evan opens the door and finds Sandor outside trying to eavesdrop,
and tells him, “And don’t try to listen! Go!”. Sandor does so.
Quentin muses, “She’s right. If someone does see her, they’ll
just think she’s one of my many women”, then suddenly wonders,
“How did she know that? How did she know about my many women?”
Evan suggests, “Quentin, I think we should fight Barnabas
without her. I think we should send her back to the dark hell
she came from”, but Quentin replies, “I don’t think we can.
I think she came here because she wanted to. She must have
had a reason. Our black hearted child, our Angelique, I think
she’s planning to stay, and I don’t think there’s anything we
can do about it”. Angelique’s laughter is heard…
Later at the old house, Sandor is sitting at a table working
on a forgery of the will. Barnabas comes in and asks, “What
are you doing?” Sandor lies, “It’s just a gypsy game”, and
crumples up the paper. Barnabas asks, “May I see it?” Sandor
replies, “It’s not worth your time” and pulls his arm back to throw
it into the fireplace, but Barnabas grabs Sandor’s wrist and takes
the paper from him before he can. Barnabas uncrumples the paper
and reads it, then remarks, “It seems to be worth your time, and
someone else’s as well”. Sandor begs Barnabas, “Please don’t
turn me in to the authorities! It will bring disgrace to my
family!” and starts crying pitifully. Barnabas tells him, “We
mustn’t have that, Sandor! I won’t go to the authorities. You
really are remarkably talented, Sandor. You just need a little
guidance as to what to do with your pen”. Sandor, getting the
hint, tells Barnabas, “Just tell me what you want me to do!”,
but Barnabas replies, “In due time, Sandor. Right now, I’ve
got to go to Collinwood”. Sandor remarks, “And I think I’ll take
a walk and enjoy the night air” and leaves. Barnabas goes to the
mantel, takes Josette’s music box and leaves too. A wind blows
through the window. Some objects drop off the mantel. Angelique
materializes in the now empty room and, speaking to an absent
Barnabas, says, “It’s been a long time, long enough for you to have
put me out of your mind, but you are still in MY thoughts!” Then,
looking at the portrait of Josette above the fireplace, says, “And
you, Josette, with your innocent eyes that seemed startled every time
they saw evil. Well, here it is again! Look at it! I am Angelique
and I hate you!” She laughs and vanishes.
Quentin and Evan, having left the cottage, arrive outside the
front doors of Collinwood. Evan tells Quentin, “Well, I’ll leave
you here, at the door of what will soon be all yours”. Quentin
adds, “IF Sandor does his job well and quickly”. Evan assures him,
“He will”. Quentin remarks, “Angelique, she doesn’t want money.
What does she want? What is it that will satisfy her, our
Angelique?” Quentin goes inside and Evan leaves.
Inside, Quentin walks into the drawing room and finds Rachel
Drummond alone in there. He tries to seduce her but is interrupted
by the arrival of Barnabas. Quentin tells Barnabas, “Judith is
asleep, and Edward isn’t home”, but Barnabas tells him, “It’s Rachel
I came to see”. Quentin leaves. Barnabas tells Rachel, “I hope it
isn’t too late. I have something I want you to have. It’s been in
the family a long time. It once belonged to Josette Collins”. He
gives her the music box and tells her, “Please do open it. I’d
like to hear it again”. Rachel opens the lid and Josette’s music
starts playing. Barnabas tells Rachel, “I love Josette very
deeply. Does that surprise you?” Rachel points out, “But you said
Josette lived a long time ago”. Barnabas replies, “She was only
here a short time, but while she was here, she loved the ancestor
who was my namesake deeply. I’ve always cherished that. I hope
you can understand that”. Rachel replies, “Yes, I think I can”.
Rachel asks, “But there’s one thing I don’t understand. You said
Josette was here for only a short time. What happened to her?”
Barnabas lies, “She died suddenly. Her death was myserious. No one
knows what happened”. Unknown to them, Angelique is spying on them
through the window.
Furious with jealousy, Angelique returns to the cottage, where
she makes a crude doll of Rachel. She speaks to the doll, “You’re
not as pretty as she is, nor do you have lovely dark hair, but you’ll
do! You’ll do to make her suffer!
At Collinwood, Rachel continues, “The original Barnabas Collins
must have been devasted!”. Barnabas replies, “He was, but he was
determined to find Josette again some day. It was the only way
he could go on living”. He asks Rachel to play the music box
At the cottage, Angelique remarks, “Such a pretty neck. Such
a pity to hurt it!”. She tightens a string around the doll’s
At Collinwood, Rachel suddenly grabs at her throat, gasps,
“I can’t breathe!”, and falls to the ground.
At the cottage, Angelique whispers something into the doll’s ear.
At Collinwood, Barnabas rushes over to Rachel and is shocked to
hear her gasp, “Widow’s Hill! No! Please don’t make it happen
again!” Barnabas gasps, “Josette! Oh no! NO!”, realizing that
perhaps Rachel is more than just a look-alike for Josette, but a
reincarnation, for how else could she know about Widow’s Hill when
he had never told her that part of the story…
Episode 712
Worldvision Rerun 496
Tape Date: March 7, 1969 (ABC #57-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 18, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

At the cottage, Angelique, talking to herself, remarks,
“Barnabas, you forget! You may love anyone you want, but
anyone who loves you will die!” She is interrupted by the
entrance of Dirk Wilkins. He asks, “Who are you? You’re
tresspassing on private property! I came to investigate
because I saw the lights on”. Angelique lies, “Quentin
told me to meet him here”. Dirk, thinking that Angelique
is just another one of the profligate Quentin’s many woman,
believes her. He asks her her name, but she refuses to tell
At Collinwood, Rachel regains the ability to breath,
Angelique having let go of the doll when Dirk walked in
on her. After giving her a glass of water and ascertaining
that Rachel is OK, Barnabas asks her, “Tell me what you meant
by what you said”. Rachel asks, “What?” Barnabas tells her,
“You were murmurring about Widow’s Hill”. Rachel, puzzled,
says, “Widow’s Hill? I’ve never heard of it”. Barnabas tells
her, “It’s a cliff not far from here”. Rachel moans, “I don’t
remember saying anything! Something must be wrong with me!
Mr. Collins, that’t the only answer!”. Barnabas tries to comfort
Rachel and hold her. Holding Rachel, he loses control and prepares
to bite her, but is interrupted by Edward, who walks into the room,
sees Barnabas holing Rachel and loudly demands, “What’s going on in
here?!” Barnabas tells him that Rachel just fainted.
At the cottage, Angelique, speaking to no one again, remarks,
“Rachel Drummond, I’m not finished with you yet! This is
to be the first of many experiences for you! Each of them will
seem mysterious to you, but not to Barnabas, for he will have
experienced each of them before, and he will soon know what is
happening!” She then casts a spell to cause Rachel to come to the
At Collinwood, Rachel abruptly announces that she needs
some fresh air, and asks to be excused so she can go for a
walk. After she leaves, Edward notices Josette’s music box
on a table and remarks, “Well, a music box!” Barnabas remarks,
“Yes, I gave it to her as a gift. Perhaps what happened to her
was my fault. I told her the history of the music box. It’s
not a very pleasant story. Perhaps it frightened her…”
Rachel is in the woods. She continues to hear Angelique’s
voice calling to her, “You can hear me and know you must obey
me. Go to the edge of the woods and follow the path to the
At Collinwood, Edward, Barnabas having told him the story
of the music box, says, “The legend hardly seems frightening
enough to frighten anyone into fainting. It must have been
something else”. Barnabas asks Edward, “What do you know about
her background?” Edward replies, “I did the usual checking on
her references. They were good. She’s very well educated, and she
impressed me very much when I interviewed her”. Barnabas asks,
“What do you know about her family and childhood?” Edward replies,
“Nothing. But I can hardly see what that would have to do with
her fainting”. Barnabas tells Edward, “There’s something I’ve been
very curious about. Is your wife dead?” Edward becomes angry and
replies, “That is a subject I would prefer not to discuss. I’m
afraid I misjudged you. I thought you were a man of enough
refinement to know what subjects to avoid”. Barnabas apoligizes,
“I’m sorry if I offended you”. Edward replies, “I’m not offended.
Just disappointed in you”. He tells Barnabas, “My wife is away,
and will stay away. I hope that closes the subject”.
Rachel arrives at the cottage. Angelique greets her, “I have
been waiting for you, Josette”. Rachel tells her, “My name is
Rachel, not Josette”, but Angelique replies, “So it is, but you will
be Josette whenever I wish you to be”. Rachel asks, “Who are you?”
Angelique replies, “Someone you will never know”. Rachel says, “I
want to return to Collinwood”, but Angelique tells her, “No, I’m
not finished with you yet”. Rachel asks, “With me? What do you want
from me?” Angelique replies, “Nothing, really. My real concern
is Barnabas”. Rachel asks, “Barnabas? But what do I have to do
with Barnabas?” Angelique replies, “You have a part in this game,
a part you do not understand”. She tells Rachel she will remember
nothing of what happens after going out for a walk…
At Collinwood, Edward asks Barnabas, “Are you sure you won’t
stay for a glass of sherry?”, but Barnabas tells him, “No, I’d
better be getting back to the old house”. As they leave the
drawing room, they encounter Dirk Wilkins in the foyer. Barnabas
introduces Dirk and Barnabas, and tells Barnabas, “If you ever need
any help, ask Mr. Wilkins. He looks over the entire property”.
Dirk tells Edward, “As I was passing the cottage on my rounds
tonight, I saw a light in the cottage. When I went to investigate,
I found a young woman in there”. Edward asks, “Who was she?” Dirk
replies, “I asked her name, but she wouldn’t tell me”. Edward
asks, “Did you ask her what she was doing there?” Dirk replies,
“Yes sir, I did. She said she was here to meet your brother”.
Edward explodes, “MY BROTHER QUENTIN?! It’s bad enough that
he’s staying here, now we have to put up with the people he’s
attracted to?!” Dirk remarks, “I’d have to say the woman looked
very respectable”. Edward asks, “What did she look like?” Dirk
describes her, “She was very pretty. She had long blond hair.
The main thing about her that struck me was her eyes. They were
very large, and very blue. I’ve never seen eyes like that before”.
Edward remarks, “She may have seemed respectable, but if she’s
involved with my brother Quentin, she can’t be very respectable”.
The description of the woman sounding frighteningly familiar to him,
Barnabas excuses himself and leaves. Edward tells Dirk, “If you
should see this woman again, you are to tell her she is not to
come onto the property again! I will speak to my brother Quentin
about this tonight!”
Barnabas goes to the cottage to investigate, but finds it dark
and empty. The cock crows. Dawn approaching, Barnabas returns to
the old house and opens his coffin. He is shocked to find Rachel
Drummond lying in it…
Episode 713
Worldvision Rerun 497
Tape Date: March 12, 1969 (ABC #58-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 19, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Rachel looks at Barnabas, exclaims, “Don’t take me with you!
You’re dead! Dead!” and faints. Barnabas exclaims, “Oh my God!
Rachel! Who could have done this? There’s only one person
who could be monstrous enough! Angelique!” He takes Rachel
upstairs into the living room, puts her in a chair and asks,
“Rachel, can you hear me?” Rachel regains conciousness and asks,
“Mr. Collins! Where am I?!” Barnabas replies, “You’re safe.
You’re in my house”. Rachel asks, “How did I get here? I
don’t remember coming here!” Barnabas asks, “What DO you
remember?” Rachel replies, “The last thing I remember was
talking to Mr. Collins and you, then going out for a walk”.
Barnabas asks, “Is that all you remember?” Rachel replies, “Yes.
What happened?” Barnabas, relieved to find that Rachel doesn’t
remember anyting, lies to her, “I found you walking through
the woods in a daze and brought you here and you fainted”.
Rachel moans, “What’s wrong with me? What’s happening to me?”
Barnabas asks, “You don’t remember anything? You don’t remember
seeing anyone in the woods?” Rachel replies, “No, who would I
see?” The clock strikes. Rachel exclaims, “I have to get back
to Collinwood!” and leaves.
Downstairs in the cellar, Magda opens Barnabas’ coffin and
is surprised to find he’s not in it. Barnabas comes down into
the cellar. Magda says, “You’re very late! Where were you?”
Barnabas tells her, “I need your help more than ever now. I’ll
pay you well”. Magda asks, “Are you in danger?” Barnabas replies,
“Yes. From an old enemy. Do you have an amulet that protects
the wearer from witchcraft?” Magda replies, “Yes, but if there’s
a witch around, I will need it to protect myself”. Barnabas tells
her, “You’re not in danger. Someone at Collinwood is”. Magda
points out, “But you said it was YOUR enemy”. Barnabas replies,
“There’s not enough time to explain. Give me the amulet! I promise
to give it back to you if you should need it”. Magda agrees to
lend the amulet to him. Barnabas tells her, “You must protect
me more carefully than ever now. My enemy has returned”.
Magda asks, “You have seen this enemy?” Barnabas replies, “No,
but I know she has returned”. Magda asks, “Who is this enemy?”
Barnabas replies, “Her name is Angelique, and her one wish is to
destroy me”. He then tells Magda, “I have something else for
you to do. You are to go to Collinwood and see Judith”. Magda
protests, “But she hates me”. Barnabas continues, “You are to
tell her you know where the will is”. Magda protests, “But I
know nothing of where the will is”. Barnabas replies, “Don’t
lie to me. You know Sandor had it. I took it from him and hid
it at Collinwood. When I rise this evening, I will tell you where
it is. You are then to go to Collinwood and tell Judith where to
find it. You are not to tell her I told you where it was, or how
it got there. You are to pretend to use the Tarot cards to find
the will..”
The clock in the foyer of Collinwood strikes 3:15. Judith tells
Rachel, “I heard about your fainting spell last night. How are
you feeling?” Rachel replies, “Fine”. Judith tells her, “Mr.
Collins is still very concerned about what happened”. Rachel
assures her, “I’m fine now”, and tells her, “Things are going
very well with the children, though Jamison does seem to daydream
often”. Judith replies, “That’s because Quentin’s back. He fills
the boy’s head with stories of romance and adventure. None of
which is probably true”. Rachel asks, “Why do you say that?”
Judith replies, “He lies to the rest of us. Why would he tell
the truth to the boy? I hope Jamison doesn’t want to grow up
to be like Quentin. That would be a disaster!” Beth comes walking
into the foyer through the front door carrying some packages and a
doll. Rachel admires the doll and asks, “Where did you get it?”
Beth replies, “At a store in the village. It had just come in from
Boston”. Rachel remarks, “Nora will love it!”. Beth seems a little
startled, then replies weakly, “Nora?” Rachel asks, “It is for Nora,
isn’t it?” Beth replies, “Yes, for Nora”. Judith tells Beth,
“Before you go up, I’d like to see you in the drawing room”.
As they turn to go into the drawing room, Rachel asks Beth, “Would
you like me to take the doll up to Nora?” Beth replies, “No, I’ll
give it to her later”. Judith takes Beth into the drawing room,
closes the doors and angrily scolds Beth, “Have you lost your mind
coming in through the front doors like that?! You must be more
careful! Anyway, you shouldn’t have bought the doll for her. You
shouldn’t be getting emotionally involved!” Beth replies, “I’m not
getting emotionally involved”, but Judith tells her, “You are. That
doll proves that!” Beth admits, “I can’t help feeling sorry for
her”. Judith tells her, “Feeling sorry for her isn’t part of your
job. You are to stop, or changes will have to be made. Is that
clear?” Beth replies, “Yes”. Unknown to them, Rachel is outside
in the foyer eavesdropping through the door…
The clock in the foyer reads 7:00. In the cellar of the old
house, Barnabas awakens…
Rachel and Beth are alone in the foyer at Collinwood. Rachel
asks Beth, “Oh, Beth. If you’re not busy, there’s something I’d
like to ask you. How long have you been here?” Beth replies,
“Three years” Rachel says, “Then you must have been here when Mrs.
Collins was here”. She asks Beth about Mrs. Collins, saying, “I
need to know about her because the children keep asking about her.
They keep asking whether she’ll be back or not”. Beth replies,
“She won’t. No one knows where she is. This is a forbidden
subject in this house. I suggest you stop asking about Mrs.
Collins. If Mr. Collins learns you’ve been asking about her,
it could mean trouble for you. I won’t tell him you asked me
about her, but don’t ask anyone about her again”. As they finish
talking, they notice that Judith is standing on the landing at the
top of the stairs. Beth quickly leaves. Judith comes down into the
foyer and tells Rachel, “That was very good advice Beth gave you.
I hope you follow it.”
There’s a knock at the front doors. Judith answers it.
It is Magda. Judith angrily tells her, “You and your husband
are no longer welcome here!” Magda replies, “We will be when you
find out why I’ve come”. Judith remarks, “I know why you’ve come.
You’ve come to ingratiate yourself with me as you did with
Grandmother”. Magda replies, “No. I came to tell you where to
find your Grandmother’s will. Now may I come in?” Judith lets
her in and says, “You have something up your sleeve. What is it?”
Magda replies, “Only what I see in the cards”. She sees the
expression on Judith’s face and asks, “You don’t believe in
the cards, do you?” Judith replies, “No”. Magda points out,
“But they forecast the stranger last time”. Judith retorts,
“That so-called stranger turned out to be a relative, Barnabas
Collins. You probably ran into him in the village earlier,
then came here and pretended to foretell his coming”. Magda,
acting insulted, says, “I saw something in the cards about your
grandmother’s will. If you don’t want to hear it, then I’ll
leave”, and turns to go, but Judith stops her and tells her,
“No, I’ll listen”. They go into the drawing room and sit
down at a table. Magda deals out the cards and pretends to read
them. She points at a card and tells Judith, “The Queen. That
represents your Grandmother. But it is inverted, so that means
she’s dead”. She points to some other cards surrounding the Queen
and continues, “The Joker, the Tower of Destruction…” Judith
complains, “None of this makes any sense to me!” Magda explains,
“The Tower of Destruction represents the room where your Grandmother
died. Hidden in the heart of the room safe from your family is
the will”. Judith asks, “What do you mean by ‘the heart of the
room’?” Magda continues, “A book, a book very important to your
Grandmother. A very old book. That is where you will find the
will”. Judith promises, “I will look in the Family History
tonight”. Magda asks, “And you will tell me if you find the
will?” Judith replies, “Don’t worry. If I find the will,
EVERYONE will find out soon enough!”
Magda leaves. Outside the front doors, Barnabas is waiting for
her. He asks, “Well, how did it go?” Magda replies, “I was
magnificent! She suspected NOTHING! She is as greedy as the
rest of them”. Barnabas tells her, “Wait for me at the Old House”.
There is a knock at the front doors of Collinwood. Rachel
answers and finds that it is Barnabas. She asks, “Can I take
your coat?” Barnabas replies, “No, I’m not staying long. I
only came to give you something”. He hold up an amulet on
a chain. Rachel asks, “What is it?” Barnabas replies, “A good
luck charm. I want you to wear it all the time”. Rachel, dubious,
asks, “You really are serious, aren’t you?” Barnabas replies,
“I’m very concerned about what happened to you last night”.
Rachel remarks, “I don’t think this will keep me from fainting
again, but I appreciate the thought”. Barnabas tells her, “I’ll
see you tomorrow night. And remember, always wear the charm!”
Rachel promises to. Barnabas leaves. Rachel goes into the
door under the stairs.
Later, Judith comes down into the drawing room with the will
in her hand and closes the doors. She thinks to herself, in a very
gloating tone, “I don’t believe it! She said she would take care
of me, but I never imagined anything like THIS!! I’m in control
now, in control of EVERYTHING, and things are going to be very
different in this house from now on!” There’s a knock at the
drawing room doors. Judith opens them. It is Rachel. She
tells Judith, “I think I said something I shouldn’t have said.
Remember that doll Beth was carrying earlier? I talked to Nora
and asked her how she like the doll, but Nora said Beth hadn’t
given her the doll and became very upset”. Judith promises,
“I’ll speak to Beth and see to it she gives Nora the doll”.
Beth, holding the doll, goes to the door of the Tower Room,
knocks and says, in a very sweet voice, “Jenny! It’s Beth!! I’m
coming in with a very nice surprise for you!”, unlocks the door
and goes in…
Episode 714
Worldvision Rerun 498
Tape Date: March 13, 1969 (ABC #59-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 20, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Judith reads and gloats over the will again. Carl comes
traipsing merrily down the stairs and says to Judith, “Rachel
said you wanted to see me”. Judith replies, “Yes. Go get your
brothers and tell them I want to see them right away”. Carl
tells her, “Don’t tell me what to do! You’re not the mistress
of Collinwood!” Judith replies, “From now on, I am! And to use
a favorite phrase of yours, don’t you forget it!”. Carl laughs
heartily and says, “I guess we have two jokers in the house!
No one’s found the will yet!” Judith says, “I have! Now go get
your brothers. I’m anxious to read each of you your obituaries!”
Carl, dubious, says, “Do you want to know what I think? I think
you’re just trying to get us worked up. You don’t have the will”.
Judith holds up the will and says, “Haven’t I?” Carl, looking
frightened, runs out into the foyer and shouts, “Edward! Edward,
where are you? Come down here! Judith’s found the will! And
she’s already read it!” Edward comes out from the bedroom
hallway to the top of the stairs and says, “Is this another one
of your jokes, Carl?”, but Judith comes out into the foyer and
tells him, “This is no joke, Edward”. Edward asks, “Where did
you find it?” Judith replies, “In Grandmother’s bedroom” and
tells him, “Find Quentin and bring him down here”. As Edward
goes up to do so, Rachel comes out of the door under the stairs
and asks Judith, “Miss Collins, have you had the chance to speak
to Beth about the doll yet?” Judith replies, in an irritated
tone of voice, “It’s only been 10 minutes since you told me
about it! I haven’t had time. I’ll speak to her about it later”.
Rachel leaves. Edward appears at the top of the stair with
Quentin. He is telling him, “It’s nothing but a monstrous lie!”
But Quentin looks down at Judith in the foyer and says, “I don’t
think so. There’s been a change in her. Look at her standing
there like Catherine of Russia”. Judith summons them into the
drawing room. Edward asks, “May I see this so called will?”
Judith replies, “No one will see it now”. She tells them she’d
prefer to wait, that the children are mentioned often in it and
she’d like them to be present, that she’d also prefer a lawyer to
be present so the reading can be done properly. Quentin asks her,
“Edward says you found it in Grandmother’s room. How did this
happen?” Judith lies, “I was looking through some books. I found
it in the family history”. Quentin says, “You’re lying! You knew
it was there!”, but Judith denies it. Finally, Edward can stand
it no longer and demands, “Judith, I refuse to wait until Evan
Handley is here! There’s nothing legal that prevents us from
reading the will now!” Judith replies, “I suppose not. Why
don’t you all sit down and let me do the honors?” They sit, and
she begins reading, “I, Edith Collins, being of sound mind and
body, do declare this to be my last will and testament…”
Judith finishes reading the will, “Signed Edith Collins, dated
the first of May, 1897″. Her brothers all look like they’re in
a state of shock. Judith finally breaks the silence, “Well, isn’t
anyone going to say anything?” Edward explodes, “Anything I have
to say I will say in court! I will not leave this uncontested!
You know very well I was in line to receive the bulk of the estate!
But while I was away, you worked on her…” Edward and Quentin accuse
Judith of caring for Edith in her last days just to ingratiate
herself with her and get the inheritance. Judith denies this, “I
cared for her because I loved her, which is more than any of you
can say! She left you all nothing! You’re all dependent on ME
now!” Edward and Quentin begin to argue. Edward tells Quentin,
“Get out of here!”, but Quentin reminds him, “Would you like
to read the part of the will about me again?” Edward says, “NO!”.
Quentin reminds him, “Grandmother may have given me the back of
her hand financially, but she did give me permission to live
here permanently”. Judith agrees, “Even I couldn’t evict him
from the house if I wanted to”. She announces, “I’m going to
have a word with the staff. There are going to be changes around
here!” and leaves. After Judith leaves, Quentin remarks to Edward,
“Don’t bother contesting the will. You wouldn’t win in court. But
there’s another way. The will stated that Jamison was next in line
to inherit after Judith, so should anything happen to her…” Edward
cuts him short, “Are you suggesting I murder my own sister??!”
Quentin says, “I was just offering one possible solution”. Edward
tells him, “One I am incapable of resorting to! But I suppose you
are!” Quentin replies, “No, I would have nothing to gain. Now
that I have permission to live her permanently, I will devote
myself to a life of pleasure”.
Rachel, apparently having finished her duties for the day, is
snooping around the near the door to the tower room. She sees Beth
coming out of the tower room (but Beth does not see Rachel, who’s
hiding behind a post). When the coast is clear, Rachel goes to the
door to the tower room and listens at it.
When Beth returns to her room, she finds Quentin there
waiting for her. He tells her, “I’ve been waiting a long time,
and so have you. Let’s stop playing this game. Stop fighting
it!” Beth replies, “I’m not fighting anything! Please leave me
alone!” Quentin says, “I’ve shown a lot of patience, but my
patience is running out!” Beth remarks, “You’re trying your best
to be disgusting, aren’t you?” Quentin continues, “I know you,
and I know what you want!” He starts to try to kiss her, but is
interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Rachel. She apoligizes,
“Sorry if I’m interrupting anything…” Quentin replies, “You
probably think you’ve interrupted some sort of tryst, but actually,
I’m just inspecting the servants’ quarters” in a joking tone of
voice that indicates that he doesn’t expect or mean for her to
really believe this, then leaves. Rachel tells Beth, “There’s
something that’s been bothering me since the night I arrived here.
I thought I saw a light in the tower room that night even though
Quentin said no one had been in there for a hundred years. Tonight,
I saw you coming out of there. Does someone live in there?” Beth
tells her, “I told you, your curiousity could get you into trouble”,
then explains, “Judith decided to start using that room as a storage
room last week. I was just taking some linen in there”. Rachel
asks, “Aren’t you afraid to go in there?” Beth asks, “Why should
I be?” Rachel replies, “I was told it was haunted”. Beth asks,
“By who?” Rachel replies, “Quentin”. Beth warns her, “Don’t
believe anything Quentin tells you. Everything he says is with
one thing in mind – he likes pretty faces. I don’t think I have
to tell you more than that”.
Edward, awakened by a servant and told that Judith wants to see
him, comes down to the drawing room. There, Judith tells him, “I
have made a decision. I have decided to move into Grandmother’s
room. I just thought I should inform you”. Edward is angered,
“You roused me from a sound sleep just to tell me that?!”
Rachel, not taking Beth’s advice, goes snooping around
the tower room and listens at the door again. She hears a
creaking sound coming from inside. Inside, we see something
Episode 715
Worldvision Rerun 499
Tape Date: March 14, 1969 (ABC #60-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 21, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Rachel calls through the door, “Who’s in there? Please answer
me! Let me come in!”, but receives no answer. Inside, a cradle
continues rocking…
Edward sees Beth carrying a large tray of food up the stairs and
tells her, “I’ve told you before, when you take food up, you are to
use the back stairs!” Beth protests, “But it’s easier this way…”
Edward replies, “I’m not concerned with your ease. When Grandmother
was alive, everyone assumed the tray was for her, but that’s not the
case anymore”. He then asks her, “Tell me, did my brother ever ask
you about what happened at Collinwood while he was away?” Beth
replies, “No”. Edward grumbles, “He doesn’t even have the grace to
care”, then tells Beth, “All right, you may be on your way now”.
Rachel goes to the old house to see Barnabas. Magda tells
her that Barnabas isn’t at home. Rachel sees the portrait
of Josette. Magda notices that Rachel is wearing the
anti-witchcraft amulet and asks, “Have you ever had your future
read?” Rachel replies, “No. Would you please read it? I’ll pay
you”. Magda replies, “And I’ll let you!”, and greedily holds
out a hand. Rachel pays her. Magda tells her to sit. Rachel
takes a seat, and Magda, looking at Rachel’s palm, tells her, “Up
till now, you have lived a lonely, loveless life. But at Collinwood,
you have met someone you think could love and could love you.”
Rachel asks, “Will he?” Magda replies, “No, because he has an
enemy who has now become your enemy”. Rachel asks, “Is this enemy
someone in the tower room? I saw lights there”. Magda replies,
“Yes! She wants you there!” Rachel asks, “Why?”, but Magda
just replies, “I don’t know, but if you don’t go to her, she will
come to you. I see a night of terror, of muffled screams from
you if you don’t go to her!” Rachel protests, “But I tried the
door. It was locked”. Magda tells her, “There’s a key to that door
on the ring of keys in the pantry with the rest of the household
keys, a key long unused and forgetten, unknown to anyone in the
house today. You will know which one it is because it is rusty”.
She again warns her, “You will not escape your enemy, you will
meet, but if the choice of time is her, the tragedy will be much
greater”. Rachel suggests that maybe Barnabas might be able to
help, but Magda tells her, “He won’t be back until tonight”.
Later, back at Collinwood, Beth goes into the tower room
again. From her bedroom window, Rachel sees the lights in the
tower room go on.
It is late at night. An ornate clock in Rachel’s room (later
Vicky’s) reads 12 midnight. Rachel is in bed sleeping peacefully.
“Something” sneaks into Edward room and sets his blankets on fire
with a candle.
Rachel is awakened by Edward’s screams.
In Edward’s room, Edward has managed to put out the flames.
He points to someone sitting in an armchair and says angrily, “YOU!
Beth, also awakened by Edward’s screams, rushes into Edward’s
room. Edward points at the armchair and says, “Look! Quivering
in that chair like an animal!” Beth looks at the person sitting
in the armchair and tells Edward, “I locked the door! I swear!”.
Edward tells her, “Something’s got to be done about this!” Rachel,
outside in the hall, hears all this. She knocks at the door and
asks, “Mister Collins! What is it?” Edward comes out, closing
the door behind him. Rachel tells him, “I heard you scream, then
I smelled smoke”. Edward tells her, “Justt a little accident,
that’s all. Everything’s all right. You can go back to your room”.
Rachel goes back to her room, which is in the same hallway as
Edward goes back into his room and tells Beth, “See what you’ve
done now? We’re all going to have to stay here now”. He turns to
the figure in the chair and says, “Yes, even you”, then continues,
“We must stay here until the governess goes to sleep. We mustn’t
take any chances”.
Later at 1:30, Rachel, in her room, still not asleep, glances
out her window at the tower. The windows are dark. She then hears
a loud bump out in the hallway, followd by Edward’s voice saying
quietly, “Come! Come!”, then Beth’s saying, “Yes, come! No trouble!
Please!”, then the sound of many footsteps. A few minutes later,
she sees the lights in the tower room window come on…
It is the next morning. Edward is in the drawing room reading
a newspaper. Beth comes in with a tray and says, “Your coffee,
sir”, then tells him, “She’s very calm today”. Edward replies
grumpily, “I didn’t ask you”. Beth replies, “I thought you’d like
to know”. Edward reiterates, “I don’t want to hear anything about
her”. Beth says, “But I thought after last night…” Edward
interrupts her, “ESPECIALLY after last night!”, then warns her,
“I’ve spoken to my sister. She’s assured me that if anything like
last night ever happens again, your job will cease”, then tells
her, “You may go now”. Rachel, returning from an early morning
walk, come in through the front doors into the foyer and overhears
Edward reprimanding Beth in the drawing room. After Beth leaves,
Edward sees Rachel and says, “Out for an early walk?” He looks
at the clock and informs Rachel that she’s late in starting the
children’s lessons. Rachel apoligizes, “I didn’t sleep well last
night”. Edward remarks, “You seem to have been on edge ever since
coming to Collinwood. Perhaps the atmosphere here doesn’t agree
with you”. It sounds like a warning.
Later, at 8:00 in the evening, Rachel finds Beth alone in
the drawing room and asks her, “Beth, you know what happened
in Mr. Collin’s room last night, don’t you?” Beth lies, “I don’t
know what you’re talking about”. Rachel continues, “But I heard
your voice in the room”. Beth lies, “You must have been mistaken.
I was in my room all evening last night”. But Rachel, undeterred,
continues her probing, “Beth, who is in the tower room? I know
someone’s in there. I saw lights in there again last night”.
Beth suggests an explanation, “They say it’s haunted”, but Rachel
replies, “I don’t believe that”. Beth asks, “You don’t believe in
ghost?” Rachel answers, “No”. Beth remarks, “You will after you’ve
lived in this house for awhile”. Rachel says, “I just thought we
could help each other”, but Beth replies, “I don’t need any help”
and leaves. There’s a knock at the front doors. Rachel answers.
Magda gives Rachel a note, telling her it’s from Barnabas. Rachel
reads it. In the note, Barnabas tells her he’ll be unable to see
her for awhile because he’ll be out of town. Rachel asks Magda,
“Do you know when Mr. Barnabas will be back?” Magda replies, “No,
but what would you expect Mr. Collins to do? If he is with you
when you meet HER, it would be much worse”. Rachel asks, “How
do you know all this?” Magda replies, “I see many things”.
Rachel says, “I’m afraid”. Magda tells her, “Don’t be. That
amulet you’re wearing will protect you”. Rachel tells her,
“I have the key you told me about. It was exactly where you said
it would be”. Magda tells her, “You must not waste any more
time”. Edward comes into the foyer, sees Magda and angrily asks,
“What are you doing here?” Magda replies, “Delivering a note
from Mr. Barnabas to Miss Drummond”. Edward curtly tells her,
“Now that you’ve done so, leave”. Rachel asks Magda, “You will
tell Mr. Collins when he gets back, won’t you?” Magda replies,
“Yes”, and leaves. Edward apoligizes to Rachel for being curt
with her earlier, saying, “I thank you for coming to my room.
It shows concern and responsiblility. I just hope you show as
much concern and responsibility for the chidren. I hope you
accept my apology”. He then tells her, “You WILL promise to forget
what happened last night, won’t you?” Rachel replies, “I read in a
book of philosophy where a philosopher said, ‘We should not look at
the hours past, but at what lies ahead of us'”. Edward remarks,
“An excellent piece of philosophy” and leaves.
Later that night, Rachel goes to the tower, puts the key into
the lock, turns it, then starts to turn the doorknob…
Episode 716
Worldvision Rerun 500
Tape Date: March 17, 1969 (ABC #61-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 24, 1969 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Rachel opens the door and goes in. The room is dark,
and she can see nothing. She hears what sounds like a
crazed woman laughing, and nervously asks, “Who’s there?”,
but there’s no answer. Suddenly, Rachel is attacked by
someone. The attacker knocks Rachel out, takes the key,
and leaves the tower room, locking Rachel in and throwing
the key down the stairwell. We do not see the face of the
woman who attacks Rachel, just that she’s wearing a very
tattered black dress.
In the drawing room, Judith tells Dirk Wilkins, “From
now on, you will be taking orders from me, not Edward”.
She tells him to be especially careful when he makes his
rounds tonight because she has the strange feeling that
something bad will happen.
While making his rounds, Dirk finds Nora standing outside
the house and brings her – against her will – into the house
to Judith. Judith asks Nora, “What were you doing outside?”
Nora replies, “I was waiting for my mother to come back”.
Judith asks, “Whatever made you think your mother’s coming
back?” Nora replies, “I had a dream tonight that she would
come back, and the night before. Jamison had a dream too. That must
mean she’s coming back!”. Judith tells Nora, “Dreams don’t mean
anything. Your mother is ill. She’s away and won’t be coming
back. It would be best for you and Jamison to forget your mother”.
Nora exclaims, “We can’t!”, and complains, “You won’t even let us
write letters to her!”. Judith replies, “But you do write to her!”
Nora retorts, “But you never send them to her! You say you do
but you don’t! I found them all in Father’s desk!” Judith
tells Nora, “You’d better go up to bed and get some sleep”.
Upstairs, the strange Woman in Black who attacked Rachel
goes into Nora’s room and picks up one of Nora’s dolls.
Hearing approaching voices and footsteps, she quickly hides
behind the curtains.
Judith brings Nora to her room. Nora notices that her door is
open and tells Judith, “I’m sure I closed it when I left. I closed
it so you wouldn’t know I went out”. Judith tells her, “You
probably didn’t latch it tightly and the wind blew it open”. She
takes Nora into the room and puts her to bed. Nora says, “Please,
please don’t leave! I’m frightened!” Judith tells her, “There’s
nothing to be afraid of!”. Nora continues to beg her to stay,
“If you leave, I won’t be able to go to sleep!”, but Judith tells
her, “I have something to attend to. I’ll be back” and leaves.
In the Tower room, Rachel awakens. She tries to open
the door and, finding herself locked in, screams for help,
“Let me out! Someone, please let me out!”
The woman in black peeks out from behind the curtains and
is about to come out, but does not when she sees Nora stir.
The woman whispers, “Nora! Nora!”
Judith comes down into the foyer. The wind blows the front
doors open. Judith shouts, “Who is it?”, then, realizing that
it is the wind, closes the doors. She looks unnerved.
Rachel goes to one of the stained glass windows in the tower
room, opens it, and shouts out for help, “Help! Please help!”
Dirk Wilkins, outside making his rounds, hears Rachel’s cries.
Rachel hears footsteps running up the stairs outside the
tower room and shouts, “Help! Someone let me out of here! Please
help!” Dirk, outside, shouts, “Who’s there?” Rachel replies,
“Rachel!” Dirk tells her, “There’s no key out here. Back away
from the door!”. Rachel does so, and Dirk breaks the door down.
He tells Rachel, “You’re not supposed to be up here!” Rachel
starts to talk, but Dirk tells her, “Better tell that to Miss
Collins. I don’t want to hear…”
In Nora’s room, the Woman In Black, seeing that Nora
is finally asleep, comes out from behind the curtains.
She sees a picture of Edward on the dresser, mutters,
“Your father! Your father!”, and seems to become angered by it.
Dirk takes Rachel to Judith. Rachel tells Judith what
happened. Judith asks, “Why did you go to the tower room?”
Rachel replies, “I saw lights in there”. Judith tells her,
“It must have been your imagination”. Rachel insists, “It
wasn’t my imagination! I saw it!”. Judith tells Dirk to leave
the room so she can talk to Rachel in private. Dirk leaves. Rachel
again insists, “I did not imagine what I saw! What I saw was quite
real!” Judith asks, “How did you get into the tower room?” Rachel
replies, “I got a key from the pantry”. Judith exclaims, “WHAT?!”
Rachel points out, “While we’re talking here, there’s a maniac loose
in the house!” Judith asks, “Did you see who attacked you?” Rachel
replies, “No”. Judith tells her, “It must have been Sandor. Gypsies
do steal”. Rachel protests, “But it was Magda who told me to go to
the tower room in the first place. Why would she have done that if
she knew Sandor would be there looking for something to steal?”
Judith replies, “Those gypsies never know what each other is doing.
It wouldn’t be the first time Sandor snuck into the house looking
for something to steal. There. The mystery is solved! Now I think
you should go to your room”.
The woman in black opens the door from inside Nora’s room, but
quickly closes it when she sees Rachel outside in the hallway. Rachel,
outside in the hallway, thinks to herself, “No, I’ve gone this far,
I’ve got to finish it! I’ve got to find out by myself what really
happened!” and leaves. The woman in black opens the door again and,
seeing that the coast is clear, goes to Nora’s bed, puts Nora’s doll
in bed with Nora, then leaves.
When Rachel exits Colliwood, she is startled to find Dirk
standing outside. Dirk explains, “Judith ordered me to stand
watch here”. Rachel asks, “Have you seen Sandor tonight?”
Dirk replies, “Yes, about half an hour ago at the old house.
I always check out there when I’m making my rounds”. Rachel
asks, “Was he there all night?” Dirk replies, “I think so”.
Rachel replies, “Thank you”. Dirk asks, “Why?”, then realizes
what it must be and asks, “Did Judith says it was Sandor who
locked you in that room?” Rachel replies, “Yes, I’ll explain
later” and leaves.
Judith is searching the house for someone. She goes into
Nora’s room and calls out, “Are you here, are you?”, but finds
only Nora bed sleeping peacefully. But when Judith goes back out
into the hallway, she sees the crazed woman in black standing there
and exclaims, “YOU!” The woman laughs maniacally and runs off.
Judith runs after her.
Rachel goes upstairs. In the bedroom hallway, Nora opens
the door and asks, “Were you just in my room?” Rachel replies,
“No”. Nora says, “I think someone was”. Rachel goes in and
puts Nora to bed. Nora tells Rachel, “Don’t disappear. Everyone
around here keeps disappearing. Please don’t disappear. I like
The woman in black runs into the tower room. Judith runs into
the tower room and shouts, “You’re in this room, aren’t you?”.
Suddenly, the door to the room shuts. Judith turns and finds that
the woman in black has closed the door and is coming towards her
holding a pair of scissors in stabbing position…
Episode 717
Worldvision Rerun 501
Tape Date: March 18, 1969 (ABC #62-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 25, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

The woman in black says, “My name is Jenny Collins! I am
your sister!” Judith tells the woman, “Jenny, give me those
scissors!”, but the woman continues, “Isn’t that what
you said when you brought me here? You said we were sisters!”
She starts to babble, then starts singing a song that starts,
“My love is like a red, red rose…”, then babbles some more, “When
I came here, she was jealous of me and hated me!” Judith tells
her, “No one hated you”, but Jenny continues, “Who was it? I
remember now! It was YOU! That’s why you locked me in here!
You’re jealous of me and you hate me!” Judith explains, “No!
I kept you here to take care of you!”, but Jenny doesn’t seem
to believe this and starts advancing menacingly, saying, “You
said we were sisters!” Judith says, “Yes I did!”, hoping this
would stop Jenny, but Jenny says, “Then why am I locked in this
room when you are free to go wherever you want? I’ve looked
out the window and seen you walking outside in MY gray dress!
It doesn’t do you any good, you still look cold, as cold as
winter!” and continues to advance. Luckily for Judith, Beth
appears at the door and shouts, “Jenny!”. Jenny stops. Beth
manages to get Jenny to put down the scissor by telling her,
“Listen! They’re crying! Go to them now, Jenny!”. Jenny puts
the scissors down, goes to a cradle and starts to rock it. Judith
flees the room. Jenny takes two dolls out of the cradle, holds
them lovingly and says, “I’m a very good mother…” Beth tells
her, “The best in the world”. Jenny continues, “No one thought
I’d be, after all, where I came from, what I did. But when the
babies came, suddenly, it all became different…” Beth says,
“Yes, Jenny, I know”. Jenny starts singing to her “babies”,
“My love is like a red, red rose…”
Down in the foyer, Rachel is about to go out the front
doors. Judith sees her and asks, “Are you going out for a
walk at this time of night?” Rachel replies, “Yes. Sometimes
the night air helps me solve my problems”. Judith asks, “Problems?”
Rachel lies, “Yes. Arithmetic problems. I’ve got a confession
to make. My arithmetic isn’t very good, and sometimes I have
to think about it before I give a lesson to the children”.
Judith tells Rachel, “Rachel, sometimes I think you see and
hear things that don’t exist”. Rachel says, “Good night, Miss
Colllins” and leaves. Beth comes down. Judith asks, “How is
she?” Beth replies, “She’s put the babies to sleep”. Judith
exclaims, “Don’t you see what’s happening to all of us?! We’re
all turning as crazy as she is! DOLLS. She has dozens of them.
She can’t even tell them apart”. She tells Beth, “Now that I
own all of this, I no longer want Jenny here”. Beth protests, “But
she has nowhere to go!”. Judith replies, “Then we’ll have to find a
place. Besides, Rachel is beginning to know too much”.
Rachel goes to the old house and is overjoyed to find
Barnabas there. She tells him what happened to her in the
tower room, finishing, “Barnabas, someone tried to kill me!
Someone grabbed me, threw me to the floor, then I was
unconscious!” Barnabas asks, “Did you see who it was?” Rachel
replies, “No, but I know that both Beth and Judith lied to me”.
and tells him that the things both Beth and Judith told her about
the tower room, both before and after the attack, were obviously
lies. She asks Barnabas, “Do you believe me?” Barnabas replies
that he does. Rachel, relieved, says, “They made me feel like
I was losing my mind!” Barnabas tells her, “The ladies seem to
be hiding a great deal. We must find out what it is. You should
have come to me earlier”. Rachel tells him about Magda’s warning
that they both have a powerful enemy at Collinwood and her suggestion
that she, Rachel, confront the enemy alone. She asks, “I’ve just
come to Collinwood. How could I have an enemy here?” Barnabas
replies cryptically, “It’s possible. Here at Collinwood, old
hatreds don’t die”, then tells Rachel, “Later, when everone is
asleep, I’ll go to the tower room and find out the secret. Don’t
tell anyone. No one must know. You can’t trust anyone here. Not
everyone is what they seem”. Rachel remarks, “Except you, Barnabas”.
Barnabas says, “Yes, of course, except me”. Barnabas takes Rachel’s
hand gently and says, “Who would want to harm someone with a hand
as lovely as this?”, then says, “Now, let’s go to Collinwood.
Judith will have retired for the night by now”.
At Collinwood, Beth is with Jenny in the tower room. Jenny
babbles, “What color is a lie?” Beth replies, “No one knows”.
Jenny continues to babble about many things, the sun, etc.
Beth exclaims, “Stop babbling! Listen to me! If you do what
you did tonight again, Miss Judith will send you away!” Jenny
replies, “She can’t do that! She can’t do anything! She’s
nobody!” Beth tells her, “That’s not true anymore! She owns
the house now! She controls everything, even her brothers now.
You’ve got to listen and understand, or she’ll send you far,
far away!” Jenny asks, “Will she let me take my babies with
me?” Beth replies, “Yes”. Jenny says, “Then that’s all that
matters!” Beth, exasperated, says, “No, that’s not all that
matters! What matters is that you be good! Will you be good?”
Jenny promises, “Yes”, then babbles, “It was hot where I used
to live. It’s cold here. I was always afraid the babies would
catch cold in this weather…”, then suddenly exclaims, “I know!
I know what color a lie is! It’s red, red like blood!”
Barnabas and Rachel arrive outside the front doors of Collinwood.
Barnabas asks Rachel, “Are you sure you’ll be all right going in
there alone?” Rachel replies, “Yes, I’ll just go get the key and
come right back out”. Barnabas compliments her, “You are very
courageous”, but Rachel averrs, “No, I’m a coward. But I’m much
braver with you here”, then impulsively kisses him. She quickly
apologizes, “I didn’t mean to do that”, but then immediately
admits, “Yes I did…” Barnabas reminds her, “The key…”
Rachel replies, “Yes, you can’t get into the tower room without it”
and goes in.
Inside, Rachel is surprised to see that Judith still up and
in the drawing room and remarks, “Oh, Miss Collins! You’re still
up! It’s past midnight!” Judith replies, “Yes, I’d like to
have a talk with you about the children”. Rachel tries to get
away, “I walked all the way to the cottage. I think I got a chill.
I’d better go up to bed”, but Judith replies, “No, you mustn’t go
up to bed with a chill. Come into the drawing room and have a
sherry with me”. Seeing no way out, Rachel goes into the drawing
room. Judith pours two glasses of sherry, remarking, “My grandfather
was a great connoisseur of sherry. I’m beginning to become one
Outside, Barnabas sees a light come on in the tower room.
Inside, Judith continues to drink and talk. She pours herself
another sherry and babbles, “One more sherry and I’ll go up to
Grandmother’s room. My room, now. Grandmother is dead, she
doesn’t need it anymore”. Rachel tries to excuse herself, “I
think I’ll go up now”, but Judith says, “No! I want to talk to
you some more”, then continues to babble, “Grandmother was fond of
singing. She liked music very much. She was very disappointed
that I couldn’t sing. Do you think the children sing very well…”
Beth appears at the door. Seeing her, Judith finally lets Rachel
go, “We’ll finish this discussion some other time. Good night”.
The tower room windows are now dark. Barnabas wonders, “Why did
the lights go out? I must find out!” He thinks, “I don’t need
the key to get into the tower room, but I must do it Rachel’s way.
Where is she? What’s taking her so long?” Rachel finally comes
out with the key*. She explains what took her so long and warns
Barnabas, “Take care of yourself! I’ve never had many friends”.
Barnabas replies, “Neither have I”.
It is 3:00 at night. Barnabas sneaks up to the the tower.
He is surprised to see Judith and Beth come out of the tower
room and hides in the shadows. Judith asks Beth, “All finished?”
Beth replies, “Yes”. Judith asks, “No slip ups?” Beth replies,
“No”. Judith says, “Good, now go to bed. No one must know”.
They both leave.
When the coast is clear, Barnabas goes into the tower room and
searchs it, but finds nothing but the head of a doll. He hears a
sound, turns and sees the doorknob turning. The door starts to

Note: How does she have the key? Jenny threw it down the
stairwell. And, Dirk broke the door down.
Episode 718
Worldvision Rerun 502
Tape Date: March 19, 1969 (ABC #63-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 26, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

The door opens, but there is no one there. It seems to
have opened by itself. Then just as mysteriously as it had
opened, the door suddenly closes by itself. Barnabas shouts,
“Where are you? I know you’re here, Angelique! Angelique,
appear to me! You don’t think I know that you’re here? I’ve
been waiting for you! Let us meet now, in this room! Are you
the strange creature who has been living here? Show yourself!”
The room fill’s with a woman’s laughter, then Angelique
materializes. She asks, “Barnabas! Aren’t you going to kiss
me?” Barnabas replies, “You know the answer to that”. Angelique
says, “Other men kiss their wives when they have not seen them
for a long time”. Barnabas replies, “I am not like other men,
and you are not like other women”. Barnabas remarks, “The last
time we were in this room was when I had Ben destroy you by fire”.
Angelique laughs and says, “Yes, burn, witch, burn! But I cannot
be destroyed that way! The Master’s powers are stronger than your
flames!” Barnabas despondently remarks, “Then there is no way you
can be destroyed…” Angelique replies, “Yes, there’s one way.
Shall I tell you what it is, Barnabas?”. Barnabas tells her, “Tell
me and I will use it against you!” Angelique continues, “Your love
would destroy what I am, it would change me”. Barnabas replies, “I
don’t mean to be ungallant, but when I look at you, all I can see
is all the pain and misery you’ve caused”. Angelique retorts,
“And what do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?
Oh, I forgot. You see nothing”. Barnabas replies, “I take no
blame for what I have done. Who put the curse on me?” Angelique
tells him, “We are both strangers in a foreign century…”
Barnabas asks, “Have you told Quentin about me?” Angelique replies,
“Quentin was curious, but I did not tell him”, and asks, “What
do you plan to do? How do you plan to discover the secret of
the werewolf curse?” Barnabas asks, “You know about that?”
Angelique continues, “How do you plan to save David Collins?”
Barnabas asks, “You know about that too?” Angelique replies,
“I care about David. You forget that I knew him too. Let us
begin again. Will you never forget the past?” Barnabas angrily
replies, “I will not!” Angelique tells him, “This time, you may
have to! You need my help. Do you think you can just go into
the past and just watch the action as if it were a play? Your
presence has already changed things here. You have changed Rachel,
the governess. You may change the future in ways you had not
intended”. Barnabas points out, “Were you here originally?
Your presence changes things too”. Angelique replies, “I can
change them to your advantage”. She gives him an example of
how she could help him, “You may never return from your adventure.
Look through the window! This is the last day of your adventure
into the past…” She looks through the window and tells him,
“I see a casket in a darkened room. The casket is closed.
Someone sleeps in the casket. Is it you? Someone comes and
opens the casket! A wedge of wood, and a mallet? What sort
of strange weapons are those?” In Angelique’s vision, the
person takes the stake and hammers it into whoever’s in the
coffin. Barnabas demands to know, “Who will it be? Who? Tell
me!”, but Angelique vanishes into thin air.
At the cottage, Quentin asks Jamison, “But where does Barnabas
Collins spend the day?” Jamison replies, “I told you, I couldn’t
find out!” Quentin announces, “Spy school is now starting!”
Jamison remarks, “You don’t know any more about spying than I do”.
Quentin replies, “I do. I was a spy once”. Jamison eagerly asks,
“Tell me about it!”, but Quentin replies, “I can’t. It’s secret”.
Jamison, underterred, asks, “Where?” Quentin replies, “Egypt. In
Alexandria”. Jamison asks, “Who were you spying for?” Quentin
replies, “The police”, but refuses to tell Jamison any more. He
starts his “spy school”, telling Jamison, in a pretentious voice,
“As Agent 916 you haven’t been getting the information required.
What does Barnabas Collins do every day?” Jamison suggests, “Perhaps
he goes into town?” Quentin remarks, “With no horse and carriage?”
Jamison suggests, “Maybe he stays at the old house”, but Quentin
points out, “But the gypsies always say he’s not there”, and asks,
“Are you willing to undertake a dangerous mission today?” Jamison
replies, “Yes!” Quentin tells him, “I must have some personal
property of Barnabas’. Maybe a watch, a ring…” Jamison protests,
“That’s stealing!”, but Quentin replies, “No, that’s evidence. Now
what shall it be? I know! Bring me Barnabas’ cane!” Jamison
protests, “Now how am I going to get that out of the house? Couldn’t
I get something smaller?”, but Quentin tells him, “No. The cane
is very important. Have you ever seen Barnabas Collins without
the cane? He never goes out without it. If the cane is still
in the house, then the gypsies must be lying about him going into
town”. Jamison asks, “Why do you hate Barnabas Collins so much?”
Quentin replies, “Because he’s put a curse on me, the cruelest curse
of all. He’s made me poor. Now, on your way!” After Jamison
leaves, Quentin takes out a crude doll made of clay and remarks
to it, “Now how can I make this look more like you, Mr. Barnabas
At the old house, Magda, shining her crystal ball, asks Jamison,
“Play? You want to play with him? What a brave boy you are!
But he has locked up his toys and gone into town like he does
every day”. Jamison asks, “What does he do there?” Magda
replies, “He does like other men do, he works”, then tells him,
“Now go! I have much to do. He has brought me something called
‘wax’ for the floors”. Jamison sees Barnabas’ cane in the room,
picks it up and remarks, “He’s forgotten his cane”. Magda
replies, “So he has”. Jamison tries to make small talk with Magda
to keep her occupied, “Have you ever put a curse on anyone?”
Magda replies, “Gypsies don’t put curses on people”. Jamison
tries to distract her, “Hear that? I thought I heard something
downstairs!”, but Magda takes the cane from him and says, “I’m
busy! Now go!” Magda leans the cane on a table near the foyer
and goes downstairs to do her work.
At the cottage, Quentin is anxiously waiting for Jamison
to return. He tells the doll, “Not yet, Barnabas, not yet.
You still have a few more moments to live!”
At the cottage, Barnabas has awakened. He is in the living
room talking to Magda, “I don’t understand. You sent Rachel
Drummond to that room?!” Magda replies, “I just told her what
I read in her palm”. Barnabas exclaims, “She was almost killed
there! You are not to do anything like this again!”, then asks,
“Do you know who lives in the tower room?” Magda replies, “No”.
Barnabas tells her, “I’m going to find out!”. Magda remarks,
“Go. Nothing can hurt you.” Barnabas looks for his cane but
cannot find it and asks, “Where is my cane?” Magda gestures
towarns the table by the foyer and says, “I put it right there”.
Barnabas points out, “But it’s not there”. Magda says, “But
it must be! I put it right there!”
Jamison has returns to the cottage and given Barnabas’ cane
to Quentin. Quentin asks Jamison, “Barnabas deserves what he
gets. I must fight him any way I can, do you understand,
Jamison?” Jamison replies, “I think so”. Quentin tells Jamison,
“Hand me that pin”. Jamison hands him what looks like a hatpin,
long and sharp. Quentin says, “Yes, yes!” and aims the pin
at the doll’s heart, but as he prepares to stick the pin into the
“Barnabas doll”, Jamison starts to have second thoughts about the
“game” they’re playing and stops him, saying, “No! That’s not
going to break the curse! That’s only going to hurt him!”
so Quentin puts Jamison into a trance with a spell, “Look at
me, Jamison! Just keep looking at me! I thought you were a
friend, Jamison. I thought you were on my side. I thought you
wanted what I wanted. Do you, Jamison?” Jamison replies, in
a monotone, “Yes”. Quentin tells him, “Remember the words I
told you before. They will give you the power to go on. ‘Baal’s
hand is my hand. Baal’s power is my power. What Baal does is good
for mankind’ You believe that, don’t you?” Jamison nods. Quentin
tells him, “You have a great gift, a great power, the power of
innocence”. He says, “Every man is different. Now where shall I
stick the pin? In the heart?” Jamison, still in a trance, replies,
“No. It must be with silver!”. Quentin picks up Barnabas’ cane
and asks, “Like this? With this silver handle?”
At the old house, Barnabas is still puzzling over the missing
cane, “But it must be here. Why would Jamison take it…”.
Suddenly, he cries, “UNGGGH!” in pain.
At the cottage, Quentin has placed the doll on the table and
is pressing on it with the handle of the cane.
At the old house, Magda asks, “What is it?” Barnabas gasps,
“I must sit down! It feels like something is pressing on my chest,
something make of metal…” Magda, looking puzzled, remarks, “You
are not the sort of man who would feel pain…unless someone know
enough to make you feel it!” Suddenly, she exclaims, “I know who
that someone is!”, and runs out the door.
At the cottage, Jamison suddenly faints. Quentin leaves the
doll to attend to him. Magda arrives at the cottage. Seeing her,
Quentin stands. Magda looks at Quentin and says, “I know what
you are doing!” Quentin asks, “What am I doing, Magda?” Magda
replies, “You are such a coward! The only way you can kill is
with dolls!” Suddenly, she gasps, “The mark of death! On your
face! You cannot run fast enough to run away from it! Soon, soon,
YOU will be the one who dies!”. On Quentin’s face, Magda sees
superimposed a green death’s head.
Episode 719
Worldvision Rerun 503
Tape Date: March 20, 1969 (ABC #64-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 27, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Having gone back to Collinwood and put Jamison to bed,
Quentin and Magda go into Quentin’s room. Quentin demands
that Magda tell him more about her prediction of his death,
but Magda tells him, “I have told you all that I have seen”.
Quentin replies, “But you can see more” and gives her money.
Magda remarks, “I can see much more clearly now!” Quentin
anxiously asks, “What do you see?” Magda replies, “I see a knife,
and a person holding it. It is a woman”.
Judith goes to see Jenny, who’s in a new room. Jenny is
rambling on, “There’s no time for tea parties now, the children
take up all my time”. Judith tells her, “I just came to
see how you’re doing. How do you like the new room we’ve
put you in?” Jenny asks, “What’s your name?” Judith tells
her, “You know that. Judith, Judith Collins”. Jenny starts
to become angry and growls, “Collins? I don’t like that name!”
In Quentin’s room, Quentin complains, “That’s all you see?
A woman is going to kill me? Really, Magda! Of course a woman
is going to kill me! What color is her hair? Can you tell me
that?” Magda has tried to see more about Quentin’s murder, but
has not been succesful. Quentin decides to take a break and turns
his gramophone on and plays “his” theme. Magda asks about the
music. Quentin tells her, “I’ve read somewhere that everyone
has a theme of music. That’s mine. Whenever I hear it, I’m
not in this house, I’m somewhere else, somewhere exciting”.
In Jenny’s new room, Jenny can hear Quentin’s gramphone,
seems to recognize the music, and seems upset by it. Judith
asks, “What’s the matter?” Jenny exclaims, “HE’S back!”
Judith asks, “Who?” Jenny replies, “You know who! That’s what
you came to tell me, isn’t it? He’s back! He’s back! Oh, you
couldn’t wait to tell me, could you? He be should be punished!
You’re going to punish him, aren’t you?” Judith, frightened,
diverts Jenny’s attention by telling her, “Your babies are
crying!”, then runs from the room.
In Quentin’s room, Magda, growing irritated by Quentin’s
music, asks, “Must you play that again?” Quentin replies, “I
like it”. Magda complains, “You’ve heard it before”. Quentin
replies, “I like to listen to it while you tell me about my
tragic future”. Magda, sounding exasperated, says, “You have no
future! I’ve told you that!” Judith comes into the room and
and complains, “Turn that music off! It drives me mad!”
Quentin replies, “That’s why I play it!” Judith angrily turns off
the gramophone herself, then noticing Magda in the room, tells
Quentin, “I don’t want her in this house!” and tells Magda to leave.
Quentin retorts, “Grandmother left the house to you, but she also
said in her will that I was to have a home at Collinwood as long
as I wished to live here. A ‘home’ implies more that just a place
to stay and bed down for the night. It implies certain freedom,
including the freedom to entertain whatever friend I wish to bring
here”. Judith leaves in a huff.
Judith finds Dirk Wilkens in the foyer, preparing to
make his nightly rounds of the estate. She asks, “How much
money do you make?” Dirk replies, “You should know that. You’re
the one paying me now”. Judith asks, “Would you like to make more?
Can you keep a secret?” Dirk replies, “I’m willing to make more
money any way I can. Just tell me how!”
Judith and Dirk arrive at Jenny’s new room. Judith has finished
telling Dirk about Jenny and tells him, “We need someone to handle
her by force if necessary. She must never leave this room again.
You must see to that!”
In Quentin’s room, Magda is trying to read Quentin’s future in
the Tarot Cards, but is having no success. She tells Quentin,
“The cards are silent”. Quentin tells her, “You’ll have to look
into your crystal ball”. Magda refuses, “No!”, but Quentin sternly
tells her, “You’re going to look into it now!” Magda takes out her
crystal ball and starts to look into it. Quentin asks, “What do
you see?” Magda, gazing into her crytal ball, replies, “The moon.
The full moon”. Quentin asks, “Is that when it’s going to happen?”
Magda replies, “Yes”. Quentin asks, “When is the next full moon?”
Magda replies, “In two days”. Quentin remarks, “Well, then I
shall make the most of them”, then asks, “Tell me, who’s going
to do this?” Magda gazes into her crystal ball and replies, “She
was once very beautiful”. Quentin complains, “That’s no help”.
Magda, continuing to gaze into the crystal ball, announces, “I can
almost see her name”. Quentin anxiously demands, “Tell me!”, but
Magda replies, “I can only see one letter clearly. The woman who
is going to kill you, her name begins with a ‘J'”. Quentin muses,
“J. What a curious bit of information. Nobody comes to mind.
Magda, are you saying my dear sister Judith is going to kill me?”
Magda replies, “I’m not saying anything”. Quentin remarks, “No,
not Judith. Under that cold, hard exterior, she really loves me.
Anyway, you said it would be a woman who would kill me. I’m not
sure anyone’s ever called Judith a ‘woman’. A prune, a dried up
old apple, yes, but not a ‘woman'”. He asks Magda, “Are you
going back to the old house now to tell Barnabas Collins that
you’ve scared Quentin Collins?”, clearly suspecting that Magda’s
warning is part of Barnabas’ continuing plan to harrass him.
Magda replies, “I’m just his charwoman. We do not confide in one
Judith is in the drawing room holding a key, presumably the
key to Jenny’s room. She goes out into the foyer. Quentin and
Magda come down. Quentin remarks to Judith, “The gypsy here has
told me some very interesting theories about you”. Quentin tells
Magda to leave. Magda bows and leaves. Quentin asks Judith,
“Shall we go into the drawing room?” They go into the drawing room.
Judith asks, “What do you want?” Quentin replies, “Judith, what
are your solutions for my life?” Judith replies, “You’re the only
one who can find the solution to your life”. Quentin continues,
“You’ve been thinking. What are you plans to get me out of this
house? You know what I would do if I were you and I had the
problem of Quentin? Murder, Judith, murder!”
Dirk brings down a tray of food to Jenny. He pours he a cup
of coffee. Jenny deliberately knocks the coffepot onto the floor.
Dirk tells her, “Now that wasn’t a very nice girl. Coffee all
over the floor, and now I have to clean it up!” As he kneels
over to wipe it up, Jenny hits him on the head with the tray,
knocking him out.
Judith, shocked, asks, “You think me capable of murder?!”
Quentin replies, “I know you are”. Judith asks, “Did the gypsy
tell you that?”, but Quentin doesn’t answer. He warns her of the
consequences of killing him, “Don’t think about murder, Judith.
I’d come back and haunt you, right until the state hangs you by
the neck. Don’t start thinking about murder, Judith, don’t!”
Jenny sneaks into Quentin’s room, which is empty at the
time. She finds a letter opener on the desk, picks it up,
holds it in a stabbing position, says, in a very angry tone,
“Quentin! Quentin! Quentin!”, punctuating each mention
of the name with a vicious stab into the air…
Episode 720
Worldvision Rerun 504
Tape Date: March 24, 1969 (ABC #65-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 28, 1969 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

The clock in the foyer reads 10:20. Dirk Wilkins is in the
drawing room, his head aching. Beth comes out from the door under
the stairs, goes into the drawing room and brings Dirk a cold
compress. Dirk remarks, “If only my head would stop pounding!”
Beth asks, “What did she hit you with?” Dirk replies, “I didn’t
see. It all happened too fast. Has Judith found her?” Beth
replies, “She searching the house for her”. Dirk remarks, “She’d
better find her before she does any more damage”. Beth replies,
“What I’m worried about is someone else discovering Jenny”.
Meanwhile, Jenny comes out of the door to the bedroom hallway
onto the landing and starts down the stairs. Beth remarks to
Dirk, “Judith should never have told you about Jenny! I can
handle her. You must keep this a secret!” Dirk assures her,
“I will. I’m being paid to”. He asks, “How long have you
known about Jenny?” Beth replies, “Ever since she had a breakdown
and Edward had her confined to the tower room” Dirk asks, “What
happened? What caused her breakdown?” Beth replies, “I don’t
know”. Dirk tells her, “I don’t believe you. You were here at
the time. You must know”. Beth denies that she does. Dirk tells
her he doesn’t believe her. They argue about this but abruptly
stop when they see Jenny go out the front door. They quickly
go to the front door. Dirk tells Beth, “I’ll go this way, you
take the path to the cottage!
Quentin goes to the old house to confront Barnabas. He tells
Barnabas, “The gypsy told me I’m marked for death. You know nothing
about this?” Barnabas replies that he doesn’t. Quentin says, “All
right, let’s lay all our cards on the table”. Barnabas asks, “What
do you mean?” Quentin replies, “Ever since you’ve come to
Collinwood, you’ve known more than you should have. You’re up
to something! You knew I took the will. I suspect you has
something to do with its return”. Barnabas denies being
up to anything and asks, “Tell me about this warning of your
death”. Quentin asks, “Why?” Barnabas replies, “I’m concerned
about you. You’re a relative of mine”. Quentin replies, “I don’t
want your concern! I want you to leave Collinwood!” Barnabas
refuses. Quentin tells him, “Then let me give you a warning.
If you continue to interfere with my affairs, you do so at
your own risk. And you can forget about the gypsy’s warning.
No one is going to kill Quentin Collins, no one!” Barnabas
replies, “Since you have given me a warning, I think I should
give you one. Don’t trust Angelique!” Quentin, shocked, asks,
“How do you know about her?” Barnabas replies, “Never mind how
I know about her. That’s not important. What is important is
that she’s a friend to no one. She would just as soon cut your
throat as help you if that’s what suited her purposes”. Quentin
says, “I still don’t know how you could know about her! You have
your share of secrets, Barnabas, and I intend to find out about
them! Perhaps that’s how I’ll get rid of you”. He leaves the
old house. From behind some bushes, Jenny sees him go.
Beth arrives at the cottage. It is dark inside. She calls
out, “Jenny! Are you here?” There’s no answer. Beth continues
to call, “It’s Beth! I want to help you, Jenny!” There is still
no answer. Beth lights a candle and looks around, but finds
the cottage empty. As she is about to leave, she sees the front
door opening. It is Quentin. Seeing Beth, he leeringly remarks,
“Well, this is more than I could have hoped for! I knew you’d
come to me voluntarily! How did you know to find me here? Or
did you just come here looking for me?” Beth replies, “No, I came
looking for…”, but suddenly stops. Quentin asks, “Who were you
looking for?” Beth lies, “No one”, then says, “I’ve got to leave”.
Quentin stops her and offers his theory of why she came to the
cottage, “I know why you came here. You finally got the courage
to come looking for me, you came here, but now you’ve got cold
feet”. Beth denies this emphatically, “NO!”, but Quentin continues,
“You know we were meant for each other”. Beth says, “NO! Not now…”
Quentin grabs her and kisses her. Beth manages to struggle free
and runs off. Quentin, arrogantly confident that Beth is infatuated
with him, remarks, “She’ll be back! And sooner than she thinks!”
and sits down in a chair to wait.
At the old house, Barnabas hears noises outside. He goes to
investigate and finds Dirk Wilkins outside. Barnabas asks “Wilkins!
What is it? What are you doing here?” Dirk lies, “One of the
children is missing from Collinwood. Everyone’s worried”. Barnabas
asks, “One of the children? Which one?” Dirk pauses, then replies,
“Uh, the little boy, amison”. Barnabas asks, “How long has he
been missing?” Dirk replies, “About two hours”. Barnabas remarks,
“Two hours? That’s not very long”. Dirk explains, “I thought
he might be around here. He likes to play around here. But I
can see he’s not here”. Barnabas points out, “You haven’t
searched inside the house yet. I didn’t see him come in,
but perhaps he came in through the back entrance”. Dirk comes
into the house. Barnabas suggests, “Perhaps I should join the
search”. Dirk replies, “No, that’s not necessary. Everyone’s
already out searching”. Barnabas asks, “Everyone? Who’s everyone?”
Dirk replies, “The family and the servants. Everyone”. Barnabas,
noticing that Dirk is acting very nervously, remarks, “You’re acting
very oddly. Is there something you haven’t told me? Is there some
reason you don’t want me to join the search?” Dirk replies, “No,
I’m just worried”, and, seeing no way out, says, “You can join the
search if you want”.
At the cottage, Quentin hears someone at the door and says
to himself, “Good girl, Beth! I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me!”
The door opens, but standing there is not Beth, but Jenny. Quentin,
shocked, exclaims, “Jenny!” Jenny comes in and exclaimss, “You!
You’re the one!” Quentin says, “I didn’t know you were still here!
No one told me!” Jenny continues, “You’re the one who found me!
I was singing that night, and you saw me, and you brought me here!”
Quentin says, “Good to see you again”. Jenny, starting to get
agitated, continues, “Then you went away! Suddenly, you went away
and left me alone!” Quentin lies, “But I came back to you, just
as I had always intended to”. Jenny continues to ramble, “Your name
is Quentin, and mine is Jenny, and I thought we were going to be
so happy together”. Quentin replies, “And we’re going to be.
You’re still my wife”. Jenny says, “Yes, your wife!”, then asks,
“Why did you leave me?” Quentin, by now aware that Jenny has become
totally crazy, suggests, “Let’s talk about this on the way back
to Collinwood”, but Jenny continues to ramble, “I knew you were
back! I heard your gramophone in that room they keep me”. Quentin
suggests, “Why don’t I take you back there?” Jenny asks, “You
know why I came here to look for you? This is where you always
brought those women!” Quentin says, “Let’s go back to Collinwood”.
Jenny asks, “Could you do something for me first? Kiss me!”
Quentin hesitates. Jenny asks, “I’m still pretty, aren’t I?”
Quentin lies, “Yes”, and kisses her, then asks, “Can we go now?”
Jenny replies, in a strange tone of voice, “Yes, it’s time to
go now!”
Having searched the rest of the old house, Dirk prepares
to go down and search the one part he hasn’t searched: the
cellar, but Barnabas tells him, “That won’t be necessary.
He couldn’t possibly have gone down there. The door is always
locked”. Dirk says, “Then I’d better get back to the search.
Coming?”, but Barnabas replies, “No, I have things to do here.
Perhaps I’ll join the search later”. Dirk leaves. From the
window, Barnabas watches Dirk go.
Beth, continuing to search for Jenny, hears a voice from
behind some bushes call to her, “Beth! Is that you?” She
looks, sees Jenny there, and exclaims, “Jenny! Where have you
been?” Jenny replies, “Visiting someone, someone you know!”
Beth asks, “WHO? I must know who has seen you!” Jenny, instead
of answering, asks, “Where are my babies?” Beth replies, “Right
where you left them. Let me take you to them”. Jenny rambles
on, “Beth, Quentin’s gone!” Not knowing that that Jenny has seen
Quentin and thinking she doesn’t know about his return to Collinwood
and assumes he’s still away, Beth tells Jenny, “Yes, Quentin is gone.
He’s been gone for a long time”. Jenny, a puzzled expression on her
face, remarks, “A long time? It doesn’t seem so long”. Beth tells
her, “Jenny, come with me”
Dirk goes to the cottage to search for Jenny. The cottage is
dark. Dirk goes in and asks, “Anyone here?”. There is no reply.
Dirk’s foot hits something on the ground. He bends down to see
what it is and finds it’s Quentin lying on the floor with a knife
sticking out of his chest. Dirk turns around and sees Barnabas
standing at the door. He tries to flee, but Barnabas grabs him
and tells him, “No, Wilkins, you’re going to stay here and answer
a lot of questions!”
Episode 721
Worldvision Rerun 505
Tape Date: March 21, 1969 (ABC #66-DRK-69)
Air Date: March 31, 1969 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Dirk exclaims, “I didn’t kill Quentin! I found him here this
way! What are you doing here?” Barnabas replies, “I found your
behavior at the old house very suspicious, so I followed you.”
Dirk notes, “Then you can prove I didn’t kill Quentin. You
can see I got here just seconds before you did and didn’t have
the time”. Baranbas replies, “Yes, it would prove your innocence,
if I were to tell it to the police. But I won’t help you unless
you help me. First, I want to know who you were REALLY searching
for. It was obviously someone you didn’t want me to know about”
At first Dirk is reluctant to tell, protesting, “It would
cost me my job at Collinwood if they knew I divulged the secret!”,
but Barnabas assures Dirk, “I won’t tell them you told me”.
Dirk tells Barnabsa, “All right, I was looking for Jenny. She’s
crazy and dangerous”. Barnabas remarks, “So, she was the one who
was locked up in the Tower Room. Just who is Jenny? Is she
Edward’s wife?” Dirk replies, “No, she’s Quentin’s wife”. Barnabas
tells Dirk to leave and tells him not to worry, saying he’ll take
care of Quentin.
Beth brings Jenny back to her room and tells her, “There they
are, your babies”. Jenny goes to the cradle with the dolls and
asks Beth, “Were they crying?” Beth replies, “Yes. You shouldn’t
have left them alone. You must promise never to leave this room
again”. Jenny starts to babble, “It reminds me of the time we
met. We were happy. But out happiness was brief. He left me.
There was no summer that year. He took it with him. He kissed
me tonight”. Beth asks, “Who are you talking about? Quentin?
Quentin saw you? Now that he knows you’re here, he’ll do anything
to get rid of you!” Jenny replies, “No! He won’t! I made him
go away!” Beth asks, “How did you make him go away, Jenny?”
Jenny replies, “I killed him! I had to kill him! He would have
taken my babies from me!”
At the cottage, Barnabas calls out, “Angelique! Wherever you
are, hear me! Angelique!”
At Collinwood, Beth asks Jenny, “Jenny, Jenny, look at me
and tell me where you saw Quentin!” Jenny replies, “You look
at me like I did something wrong! I didn’t do anything wrong.
He would have taken my babies!” Beth begs, “Please, Jenny,
think back. Tell me what happened. Where did you meet Quentin?”
Jenny asks, “Why do you want to know about Quentin?” Beth asks,
“Is he alive?” Jenny replies, “I sent him away. He’s not coming
back. You’re in love with him, aren’t you? I could see the way
you always looked at him”. Beth vehemently denies this, but
Jenny continues, “You are. I can tell. But I don’t care. I
only care about my babies now”. Beth again asks, “Where did
you see Quentin?” This time, Jenny answers: “At his love nest”.
Beth immediately leaves to go to the cottage.
At the cottage, Barnabas continues to call for Angelique,
“Anglelique! I know you can hear me! Why don’t you respond?
You must come to me! I need you! I need you!” Angelique appears,
saying, “You don’t know how gratifying it is to hear you say you
need me after all these years!” Barnabas replies, “Gloat as much
as you want, but I need your help”. Angelique looks down at the
body of Quentin and asks, “Is this your reason? Did you kill
him?” Barnabas replies, “If I had wanted to kill him, I wouldn’t
have needed to use a knife. I want him alive”. Angelique remarks,
“But I thought you hated Quentin”. Barnabas replies, “I do, but
I need him alive”. Angelique asks, “Why? Before I help you,
we need to discuss two things. Your motives and my price. There
will be a price, you know. Now why do you need Quentin alive?”
Barnabas explains, “He is not supposed to die this way. He is
supposed to die sealed in his room. I think my presence here has
changed the past. I came here to get infomation to save two lives
when I get back to the future. I can’t get that information if the
past has been changed. Now name your price”. Angelique replies,
“Not now. Later. You have rejected me so many times in the past.
This time, I will make sure you know how much you need me. I will
bring Quentin back to life, but that’s all I will do”. Barnabas
asks, “What do you mean?”, but Angelique just replies, “You’ll see”.
There’s a furious knocking at the door. Angelique vanishes.
Barnabas opens the door. It is Beth. She comes in, sees Quentin’s
body on the floor, and remarks, “He’s dead. I knew he’d be dead”.
Barnabas asks, “How did you know? Did Jenny tell you?”. Beth,
surprised, asks, “You know about Jenny? How?” Barnabas just
replies, “I know many things”. Barnabas asks Beth not to tell the
family about Quentin and let him keep the body for awhile. Beth,
finding the request bizarre, asks, “Why?” Barnabas replies, “I
can’t tell you”. Beth says, “Then maybe you’ll be able to tell
Miss Judith. She’ll be very interested in what I say!”
Later, Quentin’s body is lying in a coffin in the drawing room at
Collinwood. Beth is standing over it. Barnabas comes in and asks
Beth if she’s told Judith about his strange request. Beth replies,
“No, I’ve decided not to. I don’t want to cause any trouble
between you two”. She tells him, “You’re a very strange man. I
find you disturbing”. Barnabas remarks, “Yet you chose not to
tell Judith”. Beth replies, “Yes, and I find that even more
disturbing” and leaves. Barnabas, after a few seconds, leaves too.
Angelique appears in the drawing room and, speaking to the body
of Quentin says, “When I give the command, Quentin, you will rise
and walk again, and you will do whatever I tell you to do. My wish
will be your wish, my goal, your goal, and together, we will bring
Barnabas to his knees!”

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