January 1969

Episode 658
Worldvision Rerun 443
Tape Date: December 24, 1968 (ABC #3-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 1, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Chris is at the Collinsport Inn. He receives a call from
Julia. Julia tells him, “I’m here at the jail”. Chris asks,
“Jail?” Julia explains, “I’m here with Joe. Sheriff Patterson
picked Joe up about half an hour ago. He’s hysterical. Sheriff
Patterson thinks maybe you could calm him down”. Chris asks, “Why
would he say that?” Julia replies, “Joe’s been calling your name
a lot”.
While waiting for Chris to come, Julia and the sheriff go into
Joe’s cell and try to talk to him. Joe is by now disheveled
looking, with an expression of insanity and terror in his face.
He asks, “Why am I here? I can’t stay here! I have to go! I have
to tell her!”. Julia asks, “Tell her what, Joe?” Joe continues to
babble, “He’s in his room! You have to find him! I have to go to
Collinwood and get Amy! She must never see him, understand? Do
you understand?” Julia replies, “No, we don’t”. Joe continues,
“Amy’s not the only one in danger! Everyone is! Everyone!”.
Julia asks, “What kind of danger, Joe?”, but Joe just replies,
“No one should ever know! No one should ever see it!” Julia
tries to calm Joe down, “You’re in no danger here, Joe. Do you
understand that? Look at me, Joe. Do you know who I am?” Joe
nods. Julia asks, “Are you afraid of me?” Joe shakes his head
no. Julia asks, “Then tell me what you saw”, but Joe just sits
there silent, not replying. Suddenly, he asks, “Maggie! Where’s
Maggie?” Julia replies, “At Collinwood”. Joe babbles, “Chris,
Chris, he’ll go to Collinwood and get them! I’ve got to get
Amy! I almost had her, I had her in my arms! YOU stopped me!
Why?” Julia replies, “I didn’t stop you. Amy didn’t want to
go with you”. Joe says, “She didn’t want to go with me because
she doesn’t know!” Julia asks, “Know what, Joe?”, but Joe
starts remembering the face of the werewolf and babbles, “No,
you’re not the one! You can’t fool me!”.
Chris comes and is let into the cell. Chris says, “Hey, Joe.
It’s me, Chris”. Joe reacts to him with terror, screaming,
“KEEP AWAY! Keep away from me! Don’t come any closer! I still
have the gun! I’ll kill you!” and attacks Chris and tries to
strangle him.
Chris and Sheriff Patterson hold Joe. Julia is holding a
hypodermic needle. She assures Joe, “It’s just something to
help you sleep”. Joe screams, “NO! I DON’T WANT TO SLEEP!
ME TO SLEEP! I CAN’T STAND THE DREAMS!”, but Julia injects
him anyway. The sheriff tells Chris, “Let’s go outside.
I want to ask you some questions”.
The sheriff asks Chris, “Do you know what might have happened
to him?” Chris replies, “No”. The sheriff asks, “Could you make
anything of what he was saying?” Chris asks, “What was he saying?”
The sheriff replies, “As far as we could make out, he saw something
that drove him off the deep end. For some reason, he keeps saying
the whole town’s in danger”. Chris asks, “What kind of danger?”
The sheriff replies, “I don’t know. We thought maybe you would.
He kept mentioning your name. We thought he wanted to see you”.
Chris replies, “You can see from what happened that that isn’t the
case”. The sheriff remarks, “In his condition, he probably didn’t
even recognize you. I wonder what he meant when he said, ‘I still
have the gun’. He wasn’t carrying any gun when we found him”.
Joe starts to dream. He dreams that he’s in the cell with
Chris. Chris starts to have the werewolf pains and becomes
a werewolf. Joe exclaims, “Amy! I’ve got to get her away from
here! I’ve got to get her to safety!”. He suddenly finds
himself in the foyer at Collinwood. The werewolf jumps from
the landing down into foyer and tries to attack Joe, but
Joe runs around the table avoiding him. The front door opens.
It’s Julia, holding a hypodermic needle. Joe exclaims, “Chris!
He’s trying to kill me!”. Julia asks, “Chris is trying to kill
you?” Joe clarifies, “No, the thing he becomes…”, but when
he looks back, the werewolf is gone. Joe now finds himself
at Eagle Hill cemetary. He goes into the Collins family mausoleum
and is surprised to find Chris there. He exclaims, “Chris! How
is it possible that you’re here? I saw you at Collinwood”.
Chris replies, “You must be mistaken. I wasn’t at Collinwood.
I haven’t been there in a long time”. Joe asks, “You don’t
remember me going to your room? You don’t remember sking
me to shoot you?” Chris exclaims, “Nothing like that’s ever
happened!”. Joe remarks, “My God. Maybe none of it ever happened.
Maybe it’s all just a nightmare. Maybe it started that night at
Maggie’s house when that animal attacked me. I tore a piece off
its shirt. I went to your room. It matched your shirt. You
changed and tried to attack me!” Chris assures him that it was
all a dream. Joe asks, “Why are you here at the mausoleum so late
at night?” Chris replies, “You should know that. I’m always out
late at night”. Joe remarks, “But you weren’t out last night
when I visited you in your room at the Collinsport Inn”.
Chris exclaims, “Oh, I see! It’s just a simple case of mistaken
identity! Joe, you always did have trouble telling us brothers
apart. I’m not Chris, I’m Tom”. Joe exclaims, “You can’t be!
You’re dead!”. Tom replies, “Not at night. Only during the
day”. He bares his fangs. Joe screams, “NO! NO! STAY AWAY FROM
ME! NO!”. Terrified, he runs out of the mausoleum into the
cemetary – only to find that the werewolf is outside. Joe
looks back and sees Tom the vampire come out of the mausoleum.
Both the vampire and the werewolf advance on Joe…
Chris, the sheriff and Julia are in the cell with Joe. Joe,
now restrained in a straitjacket, awakens from his dream and
screams, “NO! NO! NO! NO!”. The sheriff asks Julia, “What happened?
You said that drug would keep him out till morning”. Julia replies,
“He must have had a dream that woke him”. The sheriff asks, “What
are you going to do now?” Julia replies, “Call Windcliff. I’ll
take him there in the morning”. Chris tells her, “I’m staying here
with him till you take him away”. Julia tells him, “Don’t take it
so hard, Chris. There’s nothing you could have done”. Joe sits
there in the straitjacket, his mouth open and head lolling about
slightly in insanity.

Note: This is the last we see of Joe Haskell. Poor fellow never
does return from Windcliff in the remaining series. At
this point, Joel Crothers leaves the series. We will,
however, see him once again as Nathan Forbes when part
of one of the 1796 episodes is shown again as a flashback.

December 25, 1968 – Christmas. No show taped.
Episode 659
Worldvision Rerun 444
Tape Date: December 26, 1968 (ABC #4-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 2, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas is pacing around nervously in the foyer. The clock
strikes 10:45. Julia comes in through the front door. Barnabas
rushes over to her and asks, “Julia! Where have you been? I’ve
been looking for you all night!”. Julia explains, “I had to take
Joe Haskell to Windcliff. In a straitjacket. He had a complete
mental breakdown”. She tells him that Joe had had some sort of
traumatic experience which caused his breakdown, but was too
incoherent to say exactly what it was. She adds, “I think we’d
better tell Maggie about this”. Barnabas asks Julia into the
drawing room, telling her, Julia, “I have something to show you.
I think I’m going to have to change my plans regarding the children”.
He takes her into the drawing room and tells her, “I have reason to
think Vicky needs me”. Julia exclaims, “But Vicky’s gone!”. Barnabas
replies, “Yes, but she sent me a message from the past” and shows her
the letter. Julia reads it, but is dubious about it and says, “It
must some sort of wild practcal joke!”. Barnabas asks, “Who’d want
to do that?” Julia replies, “I don’t know, but look at that scrawl.
Does it look like Vicky’s handwriting? Does it mention her name?
It isn’t even signed!”. This convinces Barnabas that the note isn’t
genuine and he decides not to cancel the trip to Boston. He tells
Julia, “I’d better go talk to Carolyn. She’s been at the mausoleum
since morning”. Julia asks, “Her mother?” Barnabas nods.
Barnabas goes to the mausoleum. Carolyn is there. Barnabas
tells her, “Carolyn! You’re mother’s been pronounced dead!”,
but Carolyn replies, “She’s not dead! She’s still alive! And
I’ll stay here at Collinwood with her until she awakens!”.
The children are in a room playing jacks. Julia comes into the
room and asks, “Are you two packed and ready to leave yet?” The
children look surprised. Julia remarks, “You look surprised. Why?”
Amy replies, “We’re not surprised. We just thought we had more time”.
Julia tells them they don’t, that they’ll be leaving soom. After
Julia leaves, David says to Amy, “Quentin’s going to be very angry
with us!”. Amy says, “We tried!”. David says, “We’ll have to
try harder!”, but Amy tells him, “There’s not enough time. We’re
just going to have to tell Quentin we’re going and there’s nothing
we can do about it”.
Barnabas and Carolyn have returned to Collinwood. Barnabas
tries to convince Carolyn to come along on the trip to Boston,
but Carolyn refuses to leave Collinwood. David and Amy come down.
David is carrying a camera. David says, “Barnabas! Carolyn! I
have one picture left on this roll of film!” and tells them he’d
like to take a picture of them. He pauses for a moment, then adds,
“I think it’d be better if I took it outside”. They go outside
in front of the house. David remarks, “Let’s see, the sun’s
supposed to be behind me”, poses Barnabas and Julia with their
backs to the front door, and snaps the picture, saying, “Here we
go. There. Nothing to it”. Barnabas replies, “Good. May I
have a copy of the picture?” David replies, “Sure, I’ll make some
extra copies”.
Carolyn and Julia are talking in the foyer. Carolyn asks Julia,
“Have you noticed a change in David? He seems remote, like he’s
a mile away”. Julia replies, “No, if anything, he seems happier
now that Amy is living here”. Harry Johnson comes into the room.
Carolyn instructs him to go to the children’s rooms, get their
luggage and take it out to the car.
David and Amy are in David’s darkroom. which adjoins his bedroom.
David is developing his roll of film. When he starts developing the
one he took of Barnabas and Carolyn, he exclaims, “Hey! What’s that?”
Amy asks, “What’s what?” David replies, “It looks like there’s
someone else in this picture of Barnabas and Carolyn”. Amy asks,
“But how can that be? There was no one else there when you took
the picture”. David tells her, “Look for yourself”. Amy does so
and remarks, “It’s very faint. It looks like the outline of
someone. I wonder if Quentin did it”. David points out, “Quentin
can’t do things like this. If he could, he wouldn’t need our help”,
but Amy still thinks Quentin might have done it and adds, “If he did
do it, maybe there’s more he wants to tell us” and goes outside
the darkroom into David’s room (they are connected) and uses
the haunted phone to talk to Quentin, “Yes…I’m listening…I’ll
tell David”. She tells David, “Quentin is as puzzled as we are.
He said he had nothing to do with it”. Suddenly, they look up
and see that Harry Johnson has just come into the room. He asks
Amy, “Who are you talking to on the phone? Who’s Quentin?” Amy
replies, “No one. I was just pretending”. Harry asks, “If you’re
talking to no one then why do you two look so guilty?” David,
figuring that Harry wouldn’t believe it anyway, tells Harry the
truth – “This isn’t a regular telephone. This is a spirit telephone.
Amy was talking to a ghost”. David is right. Harry doesn’t believe
it. He decides that Amy must just be pretending. Harry takes the
luggage and sarcastically remarks, “Maybe you two ought to take
that phone with you to Boston. Maybe your ghost friend will want
to talk to you long distance” and leaves. Amy asks, “What are
you going to do about the photo?” David replies, “Barnabas said
he wanted a copy. Why don’t I give him one?”
The clock in the foyer reads 2:00. Carolyn is in the foyer.
Harry comes down with the luggage. Carolyn tells him to take
the bags to the car. Barnabas comes into the foyer and asks
Carolyn, “Are you sure you won’t change your mind and join us?”,
but once again Carolyn refuses to do so, saying she’d prefer to
stay at Collinwood. Barnabas warns Carolyn, “What you’re waiting
for would be a miracle”. Carolyn replies, “Perhaps so”. The
children come down into the foyer. David hands Carolyn a large
8 x 11 photograph, saying, “Here’s the picture I took of you and
Barnabas”. Carolyn tells the children, “Go to Mrs. Johnson. She
has lunch ready for you”. The children leave. Carolyn looks
at the photograph and exclaims, “Barnabas! Look at this picture!”.
Barnabas looks at it and exclaims, “Oh my God!”. Carolyn asks,
“What is it? How’d it get into the picture?” Barnabas asks,
“Where’s Julia?” Carolyn replies, “She went into the drawing
room a few minutes ago”.
Barnabas takes the picture into the drawing room and exclaims,
“Julia! Look at this! Look at the figure in the background!
There’s a woman hanging there!”. Julia looks at the photograph.
In the background, right between Barnabas and Carolyn, a few feet
in the air, is a blurry image of what looks like a woman suspended
in the air, her head at a funny angle. Julia remarks, “It’s not too
clear”, but Barnabas says, “It’s clear enough to me! It’s Vicky!
Now I’m sure Vicky needs my help and is trying to reach me!”
He calls out, “Carolyn! My plans have changed! I’m staying here
at Collinwood!”.
Episode 660
Worldvision Rerun 445
Tape Date: December 27, 1968 (ABC #5-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 3, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas tells Julia, “Julia, it IS Vicky! At the gallows!
In the past! I remember the clothing she wore! I must save her!”.
Julia asks, “If Vicky wanted to contact us, wouldn’t there be an
easier way? Why wouldn’t she just appear to us?”. Barnabas suggests,
“Perhaps she’s unable to” and again vows to save her. Julia asks,
“How?” Barnabas replies, “By going back into the past, by reliving
those days I lived when this house was new. I will conquer time
and be by Vicky’s side tonight!”. Julia points out, “Barnabas,
you can’t just will yourself back into the past”. Barnabas asks,
“How do you know that?”, and points out that the past seems very
real to him, saying, “I can see my father in this room, calling
for our servant Ben…” Julia asks, “Barnabas, what good are
you going to do? You can’t change history”, but Barnabas insists
that he can, “I’ll go back before the hangings and save them both”.
David asks to see the picture. Barnabas gives it to him. David
points at the mysterious figure and tells Amy, “I think this picture
is Vicky!”. Amy asks, “How could it be Vicky? She’s gone away”,
then asks, “Where DID she go?” Barnabas tells her, “Exactly where
Mrs. Stoddard told you she went. On a long, long trip”. David
asks about the trip to Boston. Barnabas tells the children that
he’s decided to cancel the trip to Boston. The children pretend
to be disappointed. Julia tries to ease their “disappointement”
by telling them she’ll tell Maggie to take them to the movies.
After the children leave the room, Julia begs Barnabas, “Barnabas,
please don’t go back into the past! Please, please!”.
Outside the house, David and Amy rejoice, “We aren’t going!
We aren’t going!” Amy happily says, “Now we can go to the room and
play the game all we want!”.
Julia comes down the stairs into the foyer. She tells Barnabas,
“I’ve told Maggie”, then noticing that Barnabas is preparing to
go out, asks, “Where are you going?” Barnabas remarks, “I don’t
know if I should tell you. I know you don’t sympathize with my
concerns”, then tells her, “Professor Stokes helped Peter Bradford
go into the past. Maybe he can help me too”. Vicky hasn’t much
time left. I have a feeling she’s going to be hanged tonight!”.
David and Amy are wandering around in Eagle Hill cemetary.
David tells Amy, “I know every grave here. There’s one grave that’s
from way back in 1701!”. He adds, “All the graves here are old.
They don’t bury people here any more”. Amy points to a newly dug
grave, still an unfilled hole in the ground, and asks, “Then what’s
that?” David is puzzled. He reads the headstone on the grave next
to the new one and remarks, “Peter Bradford. I think I’ve heard
Vicky mention that name before, but I don’t know who it is”. Looking
at the new grave, he wonders, “But whose grave could that be? Whose?
Who could be burying someone here? They’d need my father’s permission”.
Amy asks, “Is there a caretaker here?” David replies, “Yes, but he’s
almost as old as the cemetary. He wouldn’t be able to help”. Amy
suggests that they try anyway.
Barnabas and Julia are at Professor Stokes’ house. Barnabas has
shown Stokes the photograph and explains that he wants go to back
to the past to save Vicky and asks for help in doing so. Stokes asks,
“Mr. Collins, what do think I am? Some sort of travel agent through
time?” Barnabas reminds Stokes, “You gave Peter Bradford an herb
that took him back into time”. Stokes replies that he now has a
theory about Peter Bradford/Jeff Clark: that there actually was
a Jeff Clark in this time, that when Peter Bradford came to the
present, he “borrowed” Jeff Clark’s body, and when Peter Bradford
returned to the past, the body of Jeff Clark returned to whatever
part of the world he was from. But Barnabas insists, “Give me the
herb! Let me see what happens! Please! Please! Give me the
herb!”, but Stokes replies, “It will have no effect on you”.
Barnabas asks, “How do you know?” Stokes replies, “I took some of
it myself. Mr. Collins, unless you are from another century, the
herb will produce nothing but a mild depression”. Barnabas remarks,
“Perhaps I AM from another century!”. Julia, shocked that Barnabas
would say this, coughs to try to tell him to shut up. Stokes jokes,
“Then that would be the best kept secret in Collinsport, wouldn’t it”.
The children, unable to find the caretaker, return to the new
grave. They find that it has been filled it. David wonders who
the person who filled it up could be, noting that there are no
vehicles parked outside the gate.
Stokes tells Barnabas, “I’m sorry, Mr. Collins. There’s nothing
I can do. Mr. Bradford was pulled back into his own time”. Julia
notes, “And he pulled Vicky back”. Stokes asks, “There’s no one
to pull you back, is there, Mr. Collins? Vicky is probably unable
to do so”. Julia adds, “And Peter Bradford is probably unwilling
to do so because he’s afraid you want to take Vicky away from him”.
At the cemetary, Amy remarks, “This can’t be the wrong place!”.
David notes that it isn’t, “It’s right by Peter Bradford’s tombstone,
remember?” Amy wonders, “Could Quentin have done it?”, but David
tells her, “Quentin isn’t strong enough to leave his room”. Amy
asks, “What are we going to do?” David replies, “I think we should
go find Barnabas”.
Barnabas returns to Colllinwood. Julia apologizes to Barnabas
for impugning his motives and accusing him of really wanting to
go back in time not only to help Vicky by to take her from Peter.
The children return and tell them about the mysterious grave at
Eagle Hill cemetary. Barnabas asks, “Where at Eagle Hill cemetary?”
David replies, “Right next to the grave marked Peter Bradford”.
Barnabas tells them Mrs. Johnson has dinner ready and tells them
to go eat it. After the children go to dinner, Barnabas tells
Julia, “If Vicky were to be hung tonight, the grave WOULD be dug
today! I’m going to the graveyard!”. Julia tells him, “I’m going
with you”. Barnabas warns her, “I warn you. You may come back
Barnabas and Julia are at the cemetary. Julia tells Barnabas,
“I know where the grave of Peter Bradford is. Vicky took me
there once”. They go to grave of Peter Bradford and look at the
spot where the children said there was a new grave, but find no
trace of one. Grass grows on that spot, indicating no new grave has
been dug there for a long time. Julia notes, “Look. No sign of
freshly dug earth”. Barnabas begs, “Peter Bradford! She needs
my help! Will you let me save you both?”, but nothing happens.
Julia asks, “Barnabas, what good is this going to do? It’s up
to them to come to you. Let’s go back to the house”. Barnabas
reluctantly agrees, “Yes. Let’s go back to the house”. They turn
and walk away. Suddenly, Barnabas stops and says, “Wait!”. Julia
asks, “What is it, Barnabas?” Barnabas replies, “I don’t know”.
They hear a noise. They go back to the grave. They are shocked
to see that a gravestone has appeared above the grave to the
left of Peter Bradfords; it reads, “Victoria Winters. Hanged
as a witch in 1796″. They are shocked…
Episode 661
Worldvision Rerun 446
Tape Date: December 27, 1968 (ABC #6-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 6, 1969 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall/ Gordon Russell
Director: Dan Curtis

(Mostly a “filler” episode)
Baranbas tells Julia he is determined to return to the
night Vicky was hanged and save her. Julia asks, “What did
happen on that night?” Barnabas recounts the events of that
night to her, his mother’s suicide, his father’s promise to
destroy him, his vengeance on Nathan Forbes, his father chaining
him in his coffin. (This is a very long flashback which takes up
most of the episode. For details, see episode 458-60)
When Barnabas has finished recounting the night to Julia,
he tells her he intends to ask the spirit of Peter Bradford
to bring him back in time for that one night only so he can
do what he should have done the first time. He tells Julia
that he was too obsessed with vengeance the first time when
he killed Nathan Forbes, that this time, instead of killing
Forbes, he’ll instead take Forbes to the authorities and
force him to recant his testimony. Julia tries to warn
Barnabas against this, saying if he changes the one thing
in the past, other things may change also, perhaps resulting
in his own destruction. She warns him that things might not
occur exactly as they did the first time, that, for example,
Forbes might not miss his heart with the crossbow as he
did previously. She also reminds him he was a vampire
at that point in the past and might return as one. Barnabas
tells her he’s willing to take the risks. He tells Julia
that if he is sucessful in going into the past, she is
to come to the cemetary in 48 hours when he is to return.
Barnabas begs the spirit of Peter Bradford to pull him
back in time for that one night only so he can save Vicky.
Suddenly, Julia exclaims, “Barnabas!” Barnabas sees Julia and
the two gravestones vanish.
Episode 662
Worldvision Rerun 447
Tape Date: December 30, 1968 (ABC #7-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 7, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Dan Curtis

(Thayer David annouces during the “wave” opening:
Today the part of Victoria Winters will be played
by Carolyn Groves)

Barnabas bares his fangs, realizing he’s a vampire again.
He sees that the graves of Peter and Vicky are gone and
realizes he’s back in 1796 again. Ben Stokes sees Barnabas
and, surprised to see him, remarks, “I thought you had gone
to see Nathan Forbes”. Barnabas rambles on about how he’s
going to change history. Ben is puzzled and asks, “What are
you talking about?”, but Barnabas does not explain. He orders
Ben to lie to Joshua that Nathan Forbes has escaped to Bangor
and he, Barnabas has followed in pursuit. Ben protests, “But
when Mr. Joshua hears that, he’ll go to Bangor”. Barnabas
replies, “That’s exactly what I want”. He tells Ben, “Nathan
will come to Collinwood a little before 9:00. You are sure
Nathan finds his way to Joshua’s den”.
Barnabas again confronts Nathan Forbes at the Eagle.
Everything happens as before, except this time Barnabas,
instead of killing Nathan, tells him, “Come to Collinwood
at 9:00. If you do what I ask, I may let you live”.
Barnabas shows up at Vicky’s cell. Vicky is shocked to
see him. She tells him she thought he was dead. Barnabas
replies that he isn’t, that everyone just thinks he is, that
Angelique, who’s the real witch, put a curse on him. Vicky asks
how the curse ended, but Barnabas evades the question. He tells
her he will try to save her from hanging. Vicky tells Barnabas
the she’s in love with a young man. Barnabas replies, “Yes, I
know. Peter Bradford”. Vicky asks him how he could know.
Barnabas lies that he learned it from Ben. Vicky reminds Barnabas
that she had told him she had come from the future and tells him
that she had returned to the future, but came back into the past
to be with Peter – in death, if necessary. Barnabas tells her
that won’t be necessary because he’ll try to save them both.
Nathan rushes to Collinwood to see Joshua, as the first
time. But this time Joshua is not there. Ben tells Nathan that
Joshua has left town on a trip. Nathan tells Ben about how his
shooting Barnabas had no effect. Ben tells Nathan that Barnabas is
a vampire. The scene proceeds much as the first time, with Ben
doing Josbua’s lines. Ben goes into into Joshua’s den. Nathan
follows, continuing to beg for help. When Nathan sees the crossbow,
he asks Ben to leave him to his fate.
Nathan aims the crossbow at the door, waiting for Barnabas
to enter. But this time, Barnabas, worried that Nathan might
not miss his heart as he did the first time, does things a
little differently. The clock strikes nine, but nothing happens.
No one comes through the door. Nathan, puzzled, opens the door
and looks outside, but sees no one there. He closes the door
and locks it. Suddenly, he hears Barnabas’ voice calling,
“Nathan! Nathan Forbes!”. He looks around the room but sees
nothing and demands, “Where are you?”. Barnabas materializes
behind him…
Episode 663
Worldvision Rerun 448
Tape Date: December 31, 1968 (ABC #8-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 8, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Dan Curtis

Barnabas grabs Nathan from behind and disarms him. Nathan
asks Barnabas, “What do you want?”. Barnabas tells him, “I
want you to write a confession that you lied in your testimony
against Vicky, and that you lied about seeing Peter Bradford
kill Noah Gifford. If you don’t, I will kill you”. Nathan
refuses. Instead, he tries to strike a deal with Barnabas,
saying he thinks he threat to kill him is a hollow, that
he can’t kill him because that would seal Vicky and Peter’s
fates. Barnabas replies, “I don’t have to kill you. There’s
another way”, and bares his fangs. Nathan shrinks from him
in terror.
Barnabas summons Ben to the den and tells him, “We’ll take
Forbes to the authorities now”. Ben asks, “How can we take
him to the authorities? He knows what you are”. Barnabas
replies, “We need not worry. Forbes has no willpower left now”.
In the den, Nathan is sitting in a chair, looking dazed.
In his hand is a signed confession. Barnabas asks, “Do you
know what you are to do?”. Nathan replies, “Yes. I am to
say that I wrote and signed the confession of my own free will”.
Barnabas and Ben take Nathan out of the house. Millicent
sees them leaving and follows them.
Having taken Nathan to the authorities, Barnabas and Ben
are on the docks, discussing what’s just happened. Barnabas
tells Ben his plan has only partially worked. Peter has been
released from gaol, but Vicky is still scheduled to hang, the
judge believing that there is enough other incriminating evidence
against her to prove her guilt aside from Nathan’s testimony.
Ben notes that there are only two hours left till midnight when
Vicky is scheduled to hang and asks, “What are we going to do?”.
Spying a tart who’s just come out onto the docks, Barnabas tells
Ben, “I’ll think of something”, and orders him to go back to
Nathan is now in gaol. Millicent visits him at his cell,
telling him she saw Barnabas and Ben take him from Collinwood.
Nathan tells her, “Maybe you can help me..”
On the docks, after Ben leaves, the tart tries to seduce
Barnabas. Barnabas tries hard to resist his impulses, but the
tart tells him he looks familiar, then recogizes him, “You’re
Barnabas Collins, aren’t you?” Barnabas replies, “No!”, but
the tart continues, “Sure you are! I used to see you all the
time going to your father’s office. Wait till I tell the
girls I’ve met you!”. Barnabas growls, “You’re not going to
tell anyone!” and bares his fangs, preparing to attack her.
The tart, terrified, steps back, trying to get away, but falls
off the docks into the water.
At the gaol, Nathan tries to explain to the mentally unstable
Millicent that Barnabas is a vampire. He tries to tell her what
she must do – prepare a sharp wooden stake and hammer, go to
the tower room during the day, and drive the stake through
Barnabas’ heart.
Barnabas returns to Collinwood and babbles about having
forgotten how strong the urge is. Ben has no idea what
Barnabas is talking about. He tells Barnabas that there’s
only an hour left before midnight. Barnabas tells Ben that the
only way to save Vicky now is to break her out of jail.
Ben warns Barnabas, “That will be difficult to do. The jail
is well guarded”. Barnabas goes into Joshua’s den to think.
He is shocked to find the tart’s body there.
January 1, 1969 – New Year’s Day. No show taped.
Episode 664 (First with 1969 Copyright)
Worldvision Rerun 449
Tape Date: January 2, 1969 (ABC #9-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 9, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Dan Curtis

Barnabas goes to Ben and tells him about the body’s mysterious
appearance in the den. They go to the den to fetch the body
to get rid of it, but are surprised to find Angelique sitting
where the body was. She tells Barnabas she had been impersonating
the body, then orders Ben to leave, saying she would like to
speak to Barnabas in private. Ben leaves. Angelique tells
Barnabas that she too is from the future, that she has been
consigned permanently to this era as punishment for her actions
in 1968. She tells him she knows he is also from the future,
that he has come back in time to save Vicky from hanging.
She tells him she will use her powers to help him save Vicky
if he will agree to stay in the past and be with her. Seeing
no other way to save Vicky, Barnabas reluctantly agrees.
After Angelique leaves, Ben tells Barnabas he overheard
parts of what Angelique said and warns him not to trust her,
saying, “She’s never done anything but Evil her entire life!
You can’t trust her!”. Barnabas replies, “There’s nothing
else I can do. I must take the risk”.
It is almost time for Vicky’s hanging. Peter tries to
comfort Vicky in her cell. Barnabas arrives and tells Vicky
that there’s still a chance. He tells her, “Go to the gallows”.
Vicky exclaims, “What?!”. Barnabas continues, “You will be
safe if you do what I tell you to do. When you are asked
if you want a mask, refuse it. Then, don’t panic. Don’t be
afraid. Something unexpected my happen”. The jailer comes
and announces that time for the hanging has come. Barnabas
tells Vicky, “Remember what I said! Remember every word!”.
Peter says, “And remember I love you, and no matter what happens,
I’ll find you!”. The jailer tells Vicky, “You must come with me
now”. Peter says, “Remember, Vicky, I love you! And no matter
what happens, I’ll find you!”. The jailer takes Vicky away.
Barnabas assures Peter Vicky will be all right. Peter asks, “How?”
Barnabas tells Peter, “Angelique will save her. She will be there
when we get to the courtyard. Before they can hang Vicky, she will
fall to the ground as if dead. When we take her back to Collinwood,
she will revive”. Peter asks, “But Angelique is the witch who has
been persecuting Vicky! Why would she want to help her?” Barnabas
replies, “I don’t know, but she’s agreed to”. The sound of
the drums announcing the upcoming hanging is heard.
They go to the courtyard, but are shocked to find that
Angelique is not there. Peter asks, “Where’s Angelique?”
Barnabas replies, “I don’t know! She promised to be here!”.
The executioner prepares Vicky for the handing. Barnabas says,
“Anglelique! Angelique! Where are you, Angelique? You must
appear! You must appear!”. An official raises his hand to
signal to the executioner to do the hanging. Barnabas shouts,
“Angelique! Angelique!”. Peter screams, NO! NO!” and tries to
stop the hanging, but is held back by some jailers. He screams,
“Remember, Vicky! I love you, and I’ll find you!”. Barnabas
again screams, “Angelique! Angelique!”. The ladder is kicked
out from under Vicky’s feet. Vicky is hanged.
Vicky is cut down from the gallows. Peter gently holds her
and cradles her head. He tells the jailers, “I’m not going
to let you take her away from me. I’m going to keep her with
me”. A jailer replies, “You have the right to claim the body
and dispose of it as you wish”. Peter tells Barnabas, “You
failed me, and I trusted you…”. Barnabas sadly replies,
“I take full responsibility”.
Peter and Barnabas claim Vicky’s body and bring it back
to Collinwood. They place the body on a table. Ben tells
Barnabas, “I was afraid this would happen! You should never
have trusted the witch!”. Peter kisses Vicky on the cheek,
then leaves. Barnabas says to the body, “Vicky, I did everything
I could to save you. I failed…” Ben asks, “What about the
witch?” Barnabas angrily tells Ben that Angelique promised to
come see him at the next sunset, and says he’ll deal with Angelique
then if she shows up.
After everyone leaves the room, Angelique appears and gloats
over the body of Vicky. She says, “Victoria Winters, you’re under
my powers now, and I will never release you from my spell! If
you should live, Barnabas would love you, and he shall never have
the woman he loves!”
Episode 665
Worldvision Rerun 450
Tape Date: January 3, 1969 (ABC #10-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 10, 1969 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Dan Curtis

Angelique continues to gloat over the body of Vicky and says,
“Maybe I’ll release you after you’re buried and let you did of
premature burial! Then you will die again, you will die a death
more horrible than any other, but a fitting one for the woman
Barnabas loves!”.
Barnabas awakens in his coffin in the tower room. Ben
is there waiting for him. Barnabas asks Ben, “Are you ready
Ben?” Ben replies, “Aye, I’m ready”. Barnabas says, “Good!”.
Barnabas is now alone in the tower room, Ben having left.
Angelique comes, as promised. Barnabas remarks, “So you actually
came!”. Angelique replies, “I told you I would”. Barnabas
angrily says, “You betrayed me! You let Vicky hang!”. Anglelique
replies, “She had to undergo the hanging”. Barnabas growls, “So
you betrayed me!”. Angelique replies, “No. She was under my
spell at the time. When I release her from the spell, she will
revive”. Barnabas asks, “And when will that be?” Angelique
replies, “When we leave here together and go away”. Barnabas
asks, “You expect me to trust you?!”. Angelique replies, “If you
refuse to come with me, she will die in the most horrible way
imaginable!”, but Barnabas tells her, “No! It is you who will
face death! By fire!”. Ben comes into the room holding a
torch. Angelique screams, “No!”. Ben sets her aflame with the
torch, shouting, “Buen! Burn! Burn!”. Angelique burns up, screaming
Downstairs in the drawing room, Peter hears Angelique’s screams
coming from upstairs, then is startled to see Vicky suddenly come
back to life. He exclaims, “Vicky! Vicky, you’re alive!”. They
Upstairs, Barnabas says, “She’s gone!”. Ben echoes, “Aye, she’s
gone!”. Barnabas remarks, “It’s hard to believe we’ve finally been
able to get rid of her”, then tells Ben, “Take her ashes and
scatter them to the winds!” Ben replies, “Nothing would give me
more pleasure!”. They leave the tower room.
Natalie DuPres sees Ben and Barnabas leaving the tower room, but
they do not see her. Natalie, shocked, says to herself, “Barnabas!
But he is dead!”. She goes inside the tower room.
Down in the drawing room, Vicky asks Peter, “I was dead?”
Peter replies, “I saw you hang!”, then asks, “What’s the last
thing you remember?” Vicky replies, “Standing at the gallows.
Then the next thing I remember is being here with you”. Peter
remarks, “I don’t need an explanation. Being here with you is
good enough with me!”.
Barnabas goes down into the drawing room and is surprised
to see Vicky alive, embracing and kissing Peter. He exclaims,
Upstairs, Natalie goes into the tower room and finds the
empty coffin. She is joined by Millicent, who says, “I’ve
been looking all over the house for you”. Natalie tells Millicent,
“Barnabas! Barnabas, I’ve seen him! He’s alive!”. Millicent
replies that she’s seen him too, but everyone keeps telling her
Barnabas is dead and will not believe her. Natalie protests,
“But I saw him die!”, then theorizes, “Perhaps he didn’t really
die”, then asks, “This coffin, what’s it doing here? Perhaps
I didn’t really see Barnabas. Perhaps I only imagined seeing
him”, but Millicent tells her, “No, others have seen him too.
My husband has seen him. He said the most outrageous things”.
She tells Natalie of Nathan’s strange request to her to drive a
stake through Barnabas’ heart, and says she doesn’t understand why
Nathan would want her to do such a thing. Natalie remarks, “I think
I’m beginning to..”.
In the drawing room, Barnabas exclaims, “A miracle! I
don’t know how this could have happened!”, then says,
“Maybe Angelique did have a spell on you, and when she was
engulfed in flames, the spell was broken”. He tells Peter,
It is a little later. Peter comes down into the drawing
room and tells Barnabas, “Everything’s packed”. Barnabas
replies, “Go! Go far away!”. Peter replies, “I think it
would be best for us to go to the far west where no one
has ever heard of us”. Vicky comes down. Barnabas and Peter
go out into the foyer and join her there. Barnabas tells Peter
and Vicky, “I will never see either of you again. Be happy,
both of you”. Peter thanks Barnabas. Barnabas replies, “The fact
that Vicky is alive is thanks enough for me”. Vicky asks
Peter to let her speak to Barnabas alone. Peter replies, “Sure”
and goes out the front doors. Vicky tells Barnabas, “I just
wanted to say goodbye to you. No matter what happens, I will
always feel close to you. No matter where I am, I’ll feel
you’re somewhere close to me”. Barnabas says, “Goodbye, Vicky”.
Vicky replies, “Goodbye, Barnabas”. She kisses him warmly, then
Upstairs, Natalie tells Millicent, “It’s doesn’t seem possible,
yet it must be! There are legends of dead men who live at night
and exist on the blood of others! I should have known! Poor
Josette, before she died, how pale she was. He was trying to
make her what he is! That’s why she jumped off Widow’s Hill!
Barnabas Collins destroyed Josette! I will avenge her death!
As God is my witness, I will destroy Barnabas Collins!”.
In the foyer, Ben asks Barnaas, “Mr. Barnabas, you keep
talking about returning. Where are you returning to?” Barnabas
replies, “I told Julia I’d be returning in 48 hours”. Ben
asks, “Returning to where?” Barnabas replies, “The cemetary”.
Ben is puzzled, but Barnabas replies, “No time to explain!
I’ve got to go right now!”. They leave through the front door.
Natalie and Millicent see them leaving and follow.
At the cemetary, Barnabas tells Ben, “There it is, Ben. The
spot where Julia and I stood”. Ben wonders, “Julia?” Barnabas
tells Ben, “Whatever you see happen, accept it”, then calls
to Julia, asking her to pull him back to the future, “Julia!
Hear me! Hear my voice calling you through the centuries!
Hear me and draw me to you, foward in time! Julia, let me
return to you! Julia, hear my voice, hear me…”
Natalie and Millicent spy on them from behind some
bushes. Nothing happens, and Barnabas tells Ben, “Perhaps
I cannot return this way. Perhaps I’ll have to let time take
its course and let Julia find me the way Willie found me
the first time”. Ben has no idea what Barnabas is talking
about and wonders out loud, “Who is Willie?”.
Barnabas takes Ben to the secret room in the mausoleum.
Unknown to them, Natalie and Millicent have followed and
are spying on them. Barnabas tells Ben, “I am not returning
to Collinwood this morning. I will stay here”. Ben asks,
“Why?”, but Barnabas replies, “I cannot answer your questions”.
He tells Ben he is to get a cross and some chains and instructs
him how he is to seal him in his coffin when he returns. Ben
remarks, “I wish I could understand”. Barnabas replies, “You
could never understand, Ben. Make sure no one disturbs my
final resting place. Goodbye, Ben. You’ve been a good friend”.
Ben leaves. Barnabas goes into his coffin.
A little later, Natalie returns with Nathan Forbes, whom
she managed to get released from gaol. She has brought him
to destroy Barnabas, and has supplied him with hammer and
stake for that purpose. They go into the secret room, open
the coffin, and find Barnabas lying in it. Natalie orders,
“Destroy him!” Nathan places the stake over Barnabas’ heart,
and raises the hammer to strike. The screen goes dark, and a
loud banging sound is heard…
Episode 666
Worldvision Rerun 451
Tape Date: January 7, 1969 (ABC #11-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 13, 1969 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Dan Curtis

But the banging sound is not that of hammer hitting stake,
but of Ben, who has returned with chains and tools, dropping some
tools outside. Seeing what Forbes is about to do, Ben attacks him
and knocks him out. Natalie screams, “You can’t stop Forbes!
Do you know what Barnabas is? Do you know what he did to Josette?!”
Ben tries to convince Natalie that Barnabas wasn’t responsible for
his actions, saying, “He was the victim of a curse by the witch,
Angelique!” As he is doing so, Forbes regains conciousness, pulls
out a gun and aims it at Ben, but Ben attacks Forbes anyway, manages
to disarm him and kills him. Natalie tries to leave, but Ben tells
her he can’t let her go now because she knows too much. Natalie
tries to flee. Ben grabs her and tries to stop her, but accidently
strangles and kills her in the process.
In 1969, it is the night after the one on which Barnabas
was supposed to return. Julia tells Willie that she plans
to go to the cemetary again tonight and try to pull Barnabas back
again. Willie tells her he’ll go with her.
At the cemetary, Willie notices that the graves of Vicky
and Peter have disappeared and asks how that can be. Julia
tells him that it must mean Barnabas was successful in saving
them in the past. Julia tries to call Barnabas back, but
nothing happens.
In the past, Barnabas awakens and asks Ben why he did not
do as he had asked. Ben tells Barnabas what happened and
bemoans the fact that he is now a double murderer. Barnabas
tells Ben that he, Ben, must dispose of the bodies and then get
rid of Natalie’s clothes and things at Collinwood, that he
is to tell Joshua that Natalie returned to Paris when he returns
from Bangor, that they don’t have to come up with a story as
to what happened to Forbes because the authorities will think
he just skipped town. He tells Ben, “I cannot face living as
a vampire again. You are to chain me in my coffin tonight”.
In the present, at the old house, Julia is sitting in an armchair
looking depressed. Willie brings Julia a tray with a bowl of soup
and some crackers, telling her to eat, saying, “Come on, Julia, you’ve
been sitting there for hours!” but Julia, worried about Barnabas,
refuses. Willie suggests, “Maybe he decided to stay back there”,
but Julia doesn’t believe it, saying, “No, you know what he
is back there. Terrible! There must be something we can do”.
Willie, like Barnabas, theorizes that maybe Barnabas may have to
come to the future the way he did the first time, chained in his
coffin in the secret room. Julia dismisses this as nonsense,
but Willie decides to go check anyway.
Willie goes to the secret room and opens the coffin but
finds it empty and leaves. Moments after he leaves, chains
materialize around the coffin, and Barnabas materializes inside,
screaming for help.
Willie returns to the old house and tells Julia the coffin
was empty. Julia goes upstairs to bed. Willie hears the sound of
a woman crying. Josette’s ghost appears. Willie exclaims, “Josette!
What do you want?”, but the ghost vanishes. Willie excitedly calls
Julia down and tells her what he saw, saying, “Julia, she’s never
appeared to either of us except when Barnabas is in trouble!”.
Willie starts to hear the sound of a heart beating coming from the
portrait of Barnabas above the fireplace, the one Sam painted.
Julia asks, “Willie, what is it?” Willie asks, “Don’t you hear
it?” Julia asks, “Hear what?” Willie replies, “The heartbeat!
Coming from the portrait! Julia, that’s what I heard before,
the first time I found Barnabas! Julia, Barnabas is out there!
It means he’s in his coffin in the mausoleum, alive!”. Julia points
out to Willie that he’s already looked in the coffin in the secret
room and it was empty. Willie replies, “It was empty then, but not
He is right. Barnabas is in his coffin crying for help…
Episode 667
Worldvision Rerun 452
Tape Date: January 6, 1969 (ABC #12-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 14, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Dan Curtis

Willie and Julia go to the secret room in the mausoleum.
Willie tells Julia, “The chains weren’t here when I came
earlier. They must mean Barnabas is in there!”. Willie starts
to break the chains, but then pauses, noting, “Barnabas might
be a vampire again”. Julia tells him to continue. Willie breaks
the chains and opens the coffin. Barnabas is in there. Julia
checks Barnabas and announces, “He is alive”. She happily notes,
“It’s morning. The sunlight coming through the door have no effect
on him. He is not a vampire”.
At Collinwood, Carolyn is preparing a bouquet of flowers.
Amy asks what she’s doing. Carolyn replies that she’s preparing
some flowers to take to her mother’s grave and the graves of
some ancestors. Amy asks if she can go along. Carolyn replies,
“No. The cemetary is no place for children”, but Amy manages
to convince Carolyn to take her along.
In the secret room, Barnabas, who has regained conciousness,
tells Julia and Willie that he managed to destroy Angelique by
fire, and she is gone forever. He also tells them he managed
to save both Peter and Vicky. Willie asks, “How?”, but Barnabas
replies, “It’s a long story. I’ll tell you when we return to the
old house”. They exit the secret room, but hear Carolyn’s
voice outside coming towards the mausoleum and retreat back
into the secret room, closing the door behind them. Carolyn
and Amy come into the mausoleum. Amy catches a glimpse of
the secret door closing and tells Carolyn, who did not see it,
“The wall moved!”. Carolyn tries to convince Amy that that’s
impossible. Inside the secret room, the bag of tools Willie
had brought to release Barnabas falls off the steps onto the
ground, causing a noise, which Amy and Carolyn hear outside.
Carolyn becomes frightened. She tells Amy, “It’s nothing,
probably just a branch hitting the outside of the mausoleum”,
but her tone of voice indicates that she herself doesn’t
believe this. She hurriedly puts some flowers on the
sarcophagi and leaves, taking Amy with her.
When Carolyn and Amy return to Collinwood, Amy goes into
the drawing room. She finds David there. David reprimands
Amy for leaving the house, saying Quentin wants them to play
the game again. Amy tells David she doesn’t want to play it
right now and refuses to go up into the room with him. But
David, adamant that they play the game, says, “You’re coming
with me!”, grabs Amy’s arm, puts it in a hammerlock and starts
to drag her out of the room, but Carolyn comes into the room, is
shocked to see David treating Amy this way, scolds him for
hurting Amy and tells him to go to his room and stay there
for the rest of the day as punishment. She tells David she’ll
go and have Mrs. Johnson prepare a tray for him to eat lunch
in his room, then then leaves the room to do so. David turns to
Amy and tells her, “Now we can’t play the game and it’s all your
fault!” Amy asks, “Will Quentin be very angry?” David replies,
“You know he will be!”, then says menancingly, “I’m going to get
even with Carolyn!”. Barnabas comes into the drawing room to talk
to the children. They tell him they don’t feel like going to
Boston anymore. Barnabas tells them, “If you don’t want to go,
I’ll cancel the trip”. Carolyn returns. She tells Barnabas that
she’s grounded David to his room because he’s been bad and takes
David up to his room.
Up in David’s room, David tries to apoligize to Carolyn
for what he did, but Carolyn refuses to accept his apology,
saying, “I don’t believe a word you’ve said. You’ve gotten quite
deceptive lately. You and Amy are up to something. I think
you’ve even been taking her to the West Wing.” She tells
David she’ll get his lunch and leaves. David throws a tantrum,
throwing things around his room.
Late at night, Amy sneaks into David’s room. David is
still awake, sitting in a chair and looking ominously calm.
He tells Amy, “I’ve decided what we’re going to do”. Amy
asks, “You have?” David replies, “We’re REALLY going to play
the game this time”. Amy asks, “We are?”. David replies, “Yes.
This time, Carolyn’s going to play with us!”.
Episode 668
Worldvision Rerun 453
Tape Date: January 8, 1969 (ABC #13-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 15, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Dennis Kane

There’s a knock at the door. Amy hides. Maggie comes in.
She asks David if Amy’s in there with him. David lies
that she isn’t, but Maggie tells him she knows he’s lying
because she heard them talking through the door when she was
outside. Amy comes out of hiding. Carolyn asks Amy what she’s doing
there, saying “You know Carolyn told you two you weren’t to play
together today”. Amy lies that she had a terrible nightmare that
David was dead and was afraid, so she came to talk to David.
There’s a knock at the door. Amy hides. Maggie answers the
door. It’s Mrs. Johnson. She asks, “Is Amy in here? She isn’t
in her room”, but Maggie lies that she isn’t. Mrs. Johnson
remarks, “It’s lucky for her she’s not. Miss Carolyn gave
strict orders they were not to play with one another today”
and leaves. The children thank Maggie for not telling Mrs.
Johnson. After Maggie leaves, Amy asks David, “Are we going
to play the game with Maggie?” David replies, “No”. Amy
says, “That’s good. She’s nice. I wouldn’t want to see her
hurt”. David tells Amy, “Go to your room nad put on your
clothes. We’ll go when it’s safe. We’re going to play the
game TONIGHT”.
Chris takes Carolyn home from a dinner date. In the garden,
Carolyn offers to let him to stay in the cottage (the one
where Matthew Morgan lived, then later Laura Collins).
Chris asks, “How far is it from the house?” Carolyn replies,
“Quite far”. Chris asks, “Is it isolated?” Carolyn replies,
“Yes, why?” Chris replies, “I like privacy”. Carolyn tells
him, “If you move in there, you’ll have lots of privacy”. Chris
accepts. Carolyn remarks, “You look at me like you want to
kiss me”. Chris admits he does, “Yeah”. Carolyn asks, “But
you never do. Why not?” Chris replies, “Because I’ve come to
like you too much…” Carolyn is puzzled and asks him to explain.
Chris says, “Because you’re a Collins and I’m just a Jennings”.
Carolyn tells him that doesn’t matter. He kisses her.
Amy goes to David’s room. She is dressed in the old dress, and
David is dressed in the old boy’s suit. David tells Amy, “We’re not
going to the West Wing this time. We’re going to a room in the
deserted servant’s quarters”. They light some candles, and go
there. Amy asks David, “Why does Quentin want us to come here?”.
David replies, “I don’t know”. Amy suddenly says, “I know why
Quentin wants us to come here! I who’s room it is. It’s MINE.”
David asks, “Who are you?” Amy replies, “I’m Beth” David asks,
“And who am I?” Amy replies, “You’re Quentin”. Both Amy and David
start to talk strangely, as if they were indeed Beth and Quentin.
Amy says, “I’m afraid of them both”. David replies, “I’m not
afraid”. Amy says, “She hates you so, and so does he”. David
says, “I’m not afraid of her curses. I’m tired of them interfering.
I’m going to put an end to it”. They are interrupted when Mrs.
Johnson, who’s heard them talking, comes into the room to
investigate. She asks them, “What are you two doing? You
know Miss Carolyn said you’re not supposed to play together
today. And you’re supposed to be in bed. And those clothes!
What are you doing in those clothes?” Amy replies, “We found
them in an old trunk. We’re playing dress-up”. Mrs. Johnson
says, “But I heard you two saying some strange things!”. Amy
explains, “It’s all part of the game. We’re pretending we’re
other people”. Mrs. Johnson tells them they should go to bed.
David asks Mrs. Johnson what she’s going to do now. Mrs.
Johnson replies, “I’m going to have to tell Miss Carolyn”.
The children beg her not to, but she tells them, “Don’t
argue. Go to bed!”.
When Mrs. Johnson goes back upstairs, the runs into
Maggie in the foyer and tells her of finding the children
in a room in the basement. She tells Maggie, “Maggie, there’s
something peculiar about those children. When I came upon them,
they were saying strange things, dressed in strange clothes.
They were wearing clothes from another century. They said
they found them and were playing dress-up”. Maggie remarks,
“That’s not so strange. I used to play dress up when I was
a child”. Mrs. Johnson continues, “I don’t know. I’m
frightened of the children”. Maggie asks, “Frightened? How?”
Mrs. Johnson replies, “I don’t know. I can’t put a finger on it.
They’ve changed, particularly David. He’s somehow become sly,
In David’s room, Amy tells David, “I feel different now.
I don’t feel the same way I did downstairs. I don’t feel
like Beth”, but David insists, “YOU’RE BETH! You know the rules
of the game! When we’re wearing these clothes, you’re Beth and
I’m Quentin!”, then tells her, “We’ve got to be more careful.
We can’t get caught again”. Amy asks, “What are we going
to do now?” David replies, “Something’s going to happen to
Mrs. Johnson”. Amy asks, “What?” David replies, “You’ll see!
You’ll see!”.
Episode 669
Worldvision Rerun 454
Tape Date: January 9, 1969 (ABC #14-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 16, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Dennis Kane

It is the next day. David and Amy are playing the children’s
card game “War” with a deck of oversized cards in the drawing room.
Outside in the foyer, Mrs. Johnson comes in through the front door,
returning from grocery shopping. Maggie tells her, “Carolyn wants
you to clean up the cottage for Chris Jennings to live in.” Mrs.
Johnson remarks, “I don’t like the cottage. Nothing good ever
happened there when Matthew Morgan lived there, and nothing good
ever happened there afterwards. I think it’s cursed.” Inside the
drawing room, the children listen to Mrs. Johnson and Maggie talking
out in the foyer. They decide to use Mrs. Johnson’s fear of the
cottage in their plans against her.
Mrs. Johnson fetches her son Harry to help he and goes to the
cottage to get it ready.
The children asks Maggie if they can go out and play. Maggie
replies, “No. It’s too late in the afternoon. It’ll be getting
dark soon”. They complain that they’re bored, and finally
convince her to play hide and seek with them, with her being
“it”. Maggie goes into the room under the stairs, and slowly
counts to ten. While she is doing so, the children quietly open
the secret entrance in the drawing room and go in.
Mrs. Johnson and her son Harry are cleaning up and preparing
the cottage. Harry complains, “There must be an inch of dust
in here! How long has it been since anyone’s lived here?”
His mother replies, “Quite a while”. The find they need some
more light bulbs, and Harry leaves to get some from Collinwood.
After Harry leaves, David tampers with the door lock from the
outside. When he finishes, he tells Amy, “That’s all we have
to do. Quentin will take care of the rest”.
Inside the cottage, Quentin’s ghost appears. He is a tall
man in his mid or late 20’s with muttonchop whiskers, dressed
in clothing that was fashionable at the end of the 19th
century. Mrs. Johnson, terrified, turns and runs to the
door, but when she tries to open it, she finds it won’t
open. She fearfully turns around, but is surprised to find
that the ghost is gone.
Maggie, at Collinwood, continues to search unsuccessfully
for the children. Harry returns. Maggie tells him to search
upstairs for the children. Harry protests, “But my mother
sent me to get some light bulbs”, but Maggie tells him to
search for the childen instead, saying it’s more important
than the light bulbs. Harry goes upstairs to search as
instructed. Maggie continues to search downstairs, then
it occurs to her that the children might have gone outside.
She opens the front door and shouts for them. A reply
comes back, “Do you give up, Maggie?”. She goes to the
woods outside and finds the children there. She scolds
them for going outside after she told them not to. They
feign innocence, saying they thought it was allowed for
them to hide outside for hide and seek.
At the cottage, Quentin’s ghost appears again. Mrs.
Johnson screams. From the woods, Maggie hears Mrs. Johnson’s
screams and comes running to the cottage with the children.
They open the door, which opens easily. Mrs. Johnson screams,
“There’s a strange man in here!”, but when Maggie looks around,
she sees no one.
Everyone goes back to Collinwood. When Mrs. Johnson is
alone with Maggie, she tells her she thinks the children
had something to do with the man she saw at the cottage
because he was wearing the same sort of old fashioned clothing
she found the children wearing last night.
The door to the cottage opens. Quentin’s ghost steps
Episode 670
Worldvision Rerun 455
Tape Date: January 10, 1969 (ABC #15-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 17, 1969 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Dennis Kane

Chris and Carolyn are in the drawing room of Collinwood.
Carolyn is mixing some martinis. She asks Chris, “How do you
like the cottage?”. Chris replies that he likes it, that it’s
just as isolated as she had told him it would be. Carolyn asks
why privacy is so important to him. He replies, “I function
best that way”. They drink to celebrate Chris’ moving in to the
cottage. Chris tells Carolyn that he’ll have to leave for a few
days on a trip because something came up suddenly. Carolyn is
disappointed. She tells Chris she had something planned for them
on Sunday, that it was to be a surprise. Chris says, “Maybe next
Sunday”. Amy comes into the drawing room and sees Chris there.
Chris asks, “How are you?” Amy replies, “Better than yesterday”.
Chris asks, “Why?” Amy replies, “Because you didn’t live so
close to me yesterday”. Amy looks at Carolyn and, seeing a
red pentagram on her face, asks Carolyn, “Are you leaving?”.
Carolyn, puzzled, asks, “No. Why do you ask?”. Amy replies,
“There’s a star on your face. The only other time I saw
a star on someone’s face was on my cousin Joe, and he left”.
Chris is shocked. Carolyn goes to a mirror and looks, but sees
no star. She asks Chris, “Do you see it?”. Chris replies, “No,
of course not!”. Carolyn dismisses it as Amy’s imagination.
After Amy leaves, Chris tells Carolyn he’s got to go pack
because he’s got to leave on his trip before dark and leaves.
In Amy’s room, David tells Amy, “We’ll have to make sure
Carolyn stops interfering with us”. Amy asks, “How?” David
replies, “We’re going to play the game with her”. Amy asks,
“What are we going to do?” David replies, “I don’t know.
Just follow Quentin’s instructions”. He tells Amy that she
is to pretend she’s sick this afternoon. Amy is reluctant
to play the game, saying, “I’m afraid. I don’t want to see
Carolyn hurt”. David threatens, “I’ll tell Quentin you’re
afraid. Then we’ll play the game with YOU!”. Terrified,
Amy agrees to play. David assures her, “The game never hurt
anyone. It just scares them a little. Quentin told me
after tonight, Carolyn will never interfere with us again!”.
Amy goes down into the drawing room and asks Carolyn if
Chris is still there. Carolyn tells Amy that Chris had to leave
because he’s going on a trip for a few days.
At the cottage, Chris is packing hurriedly.
In the afternoon in Amy’s room, Maggie is giving Amy and David
their English grammar lessons. Amy pretends to feel dizzy and
pretends to faint. Maggie puts Amy on the bed and leaves to get
Carolyn. David congratulates Amy on her fine performance, telling
her, “You were great!”. Amy asks, “What do we do now?” David
replies, “Make sure Carolyn goes to the cottage to get Chris”.
Amy asks, “What does Chris have to do with all this?” David
replies, “I don’t know”. Maggie returns with Carolyn. Maggie
and Carolyn decide Chris should be told about Amy’s illness.
Carolyn tells Maggie she’ll go get Chris. She goes down into the
foyer and telephones the cottage.
At the cottage, the phone starts to ring, but Chris just ignores
it and continues packing.
Maggie wonders what’s taking Carolyn so long and leaves to
find out. Amy again asks, “What does Chris have to do with
all this?” David replies, “I don’t know”. Amy asks, “Why does
Quentin want Carolyn to go get Chris? What’s going to happen
to her?” David replies, “I don’t know. He probably just wants
to scare her on the way there so she’ll stop interfering with
us”. They hear someone coming outside. Amy lies back down to
feign illness again. But when the door opens, David is shocked to
see that it is not Maggie, whom they are expecting, but Carolyn.
Shocked, David asks, “Where’s Maggie?” Carolyn replies, “She went
to the cottage to get Chris”. David exclaims, “She shouldn’t
have done that! I thought you were going to get Chris!”. Carolyn,
puzzzled, asks, “David, does it make any difference who goes?”
At the cottage, Chris is still packing. Maggie comes
and knocks on the door. Chris asks, “Who is it?” Maggie
shouts, “Chris! Let me in! I have something to tell you about
Episode 671
Worldvision Rerun 456
Tape Date: January 13, 1969 (ABC #16-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 20, 1969 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Dennis Kane

Chris reluctantly lets Maggie in. He acts strangely, trying
to get rid of her. Maggie tells him that Amy is sick, and
Chris promises to go to Collinwood and see her in few minutes.
Maggie leaves.
Maggie returns to Collinwood and tells Carolyn about Chris’
strange behavior, but tells her that Chris also promised to
come see Amy soon. Carolyn, in turn, tells Maggie about the
children’s strange behavior, particulary when they found that
she, Maggie, was going to get Chris instead of her, Carolyn.
She tells Carolyn that Amy seems to have recovered quite
quickly from her illness, that she suspects that Amy might
have been faking it. Carolyn tells Maggie that she’s going to
visit Elizabeth at her mausoleum. Maggie warns Carolyn that
it’s getting dark, that she finds it strange that she goes
to see her mother every day. Carolyn admits that she believes
her mother’s belief that she would go into a catatonic trance
might be true.
At the cottage, Chris transforms into a werewolf. He
throws some things around, then leaves.
Carolyn goes to Elizabeth’s mausoleum and talks to the
grave. In the coffin, Elizabeth tries to warn Carolyn
that she is in danger – somehow, Elizabeth knows – but
cannot speak.
At Collinwood, Maggie questions the children about their
strange behavior. She tells Amy she suspects that she was
faking her illness. Amy denies it. When Maggie questions
them about why they seemed so shocked that she, Maggie,
went to the cottage to fetch Chris instead of Carolyn,
they answer that they know Carolyn “likes” Chris and thought
she would go to get him for that reason, and were surprised
to find she did not.
Carolyn returns to Collinwood. The clock reads 10:50 PM.
She asks Maggie if Chris has come to see Amy. Maggie tells
her he has not, and that she has sent the children to bed
because it’s getting late. Carolyn, furious that Chris
didn’t come, tells Maggie, “I’m going to the cottage to
give him a piece of my mind!”.
The werewolf is wandering around through the cemetary.
From her coffin, Elizabeth hears him and wishes she could
warn Carolyn.
Amy comes down into the drawing room, entering through
the secret panel. She goes out into the foyer, where she
is confronted by David at the door. David tells her, “I
know what you’re doing! You came down here through the West
Wing because you know I would hear you if you came down the
normal way. You didn’t want me to hear you because you
want to warn Carolyn!”. Amy admits that this is true,
saying, “I don’t want to see Carolyn hurt!”. David assures
her, “Carolyn won’t be hurt. Quentin just wants to make
it so she won’t interfere anymore”.
Carolyn arrives at the cottage and is shocked at the
mess inside. She leaves. She goes through the woods on her
way back to Collinwood. The werewolf is lurking nearby.
Carolyn hears her mother’s voice warning her that she’s
in danger.
Episode 672
Worldvision Rerun 457
Tape Date: January 16, 1969 (ABC #17-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 21, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Carolyn dismisses the voice has her imagination and
continues walking to Collinwood. The werewolf quietly
follows her. Carolyn gets to the front door of Collinwood
and the werewolf, seeing this, runs off.
Carolyn goes inside and tells Julia about the disarray
she found at the cottage, saying she’s worried about Chris.
Julia tells her not to because Chris can take care of himself.
Carolyn, picking up a picture of Elizabeth, tells Julia she
thought she heard Elizabeth’s voice when she was in the woods.
Julia tells her, “It must have been your imagination”. Carolyn
tells Julia she’s going to visit Elizabeth’s grave. Julia
warns her against going this late at night, but Carolyn goes
As Carolyn heads for the mausoleum, the werewolf starts
to stalk her again. He jumps out at her just as she gets
to the door of the mausoleum. Carolyn quickly goes into the
mausoleum and closes and locks the door behind her. The werewolf
picks up a large rock and starts hitting the lock with it.
Elizabeth, now with some extra incentive to move, manages to
move just enough to hit the button in her coffin that activate
the bells just as the werewolf breaks in and attacks Carolyn.
At Collinwood, Julia and Barnabas, who had arrived at
Collinwood in the meantime, hear the bells chiming and rush
In the crypt, Carolyn brings her hands up to protect her
face, and the werewolf, seeing a large silver bracelet on
her wrist, seems to become frightened and backs away. Barnabas
and Julia come running in and Barnabas drives the werewolf
away by hitting it with his wolf’s head walking stick. Carolyn
tells Julia it must have been her mother who rang the bells.
Julia opens the coffin and examines Elizabeth, but pronounces
her still dead.
Barnabas, Julia and Carolyn go back to Collinwood. There,
Barnabas asks Carolyn how she managed to fend off the wolf
before he and Julia got there. Carolyn replies that it seemed
to be afraid of her bracelet. Barnabas notes that the bracelet
is made of silver, just as the handle of his walking stick is.
Carolyn asks, “What could have caused the bells to ring?”
Julia replies, “It must have been just an electrical fault”.
The sound of the front door opening is heard. Everyone turns
to look. They are shocked to see Elizabeth standing in the
foyer. Julia, flabbergasted, exclaims, “But there was no sign
of heartbeat or breating when I checked earlier!”. Elizabeth
comes into the drawing room and tells them she now remembers
everything that happened. She recounts how she found Cassandra
and Tony Peterson together and threatening to tell Roger. She
tells them about Cassandra’s curse, noting that Cassandra
seemed to have strange powers. Barnabas tells Elizabeth that
she won’t have to worry about Cassandra anymore.
After Elizabeth is taken to her room, Carolyn again tells
Julia that’s she’s worried about Chris because of the disarray
at the cottage, that she fears that the animal may have attacked
Chris. Barnabas gets a rifle and says he’ll go investigate.
As he gets to the front doors of Collinwood, he turns, comes
back and gets his walking stick as well.
Barnabas is walking through the woods headed for the cottage.
Suddenly, the werewolf jumps out at him. Barnabas shoots it,
knocking it down. But the werewolf quickly gets back up,
apparently unhurt, and continues to come at Barnabas.
Episode 673
Worldvision Rerun 458
Tape Date: January 15, 1969 (ABC #18-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 22, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas raises his walking stick to defend himself. The
werewolf, seeing the silver handle, runs off.
At Collinwood, Amy comes down to the drawing room and tells
Julia she wants to go see Chris because she’s just had a
dream that something terrible was happening to him. Julia
tells her she can’t because it’s too late, and tries to convince
Amy it was just a dream, but Amy becomes frantic, and Julia
tells her she’ll go to the cottage to check on Chris.
When Julia gets to the cottage, Julia finds it in disarray,
with Chris nowhere to be found. She goes back to Collinwood
and lies to Amy that Chris is OK, but silently wonders what
could have happened to him.
In the woods, the werewolf, lying on the ground, unsconcious.
transforms back into Chris. A beautiful blond woman walks
up to the still unconscious Chris and shakes her head sadly.
When Chris awakens, the woman is gone. Chris desperately
hopes that Carolyn is all right.
The next morning, Amy asks Julia, “Is Carolyn going to
take me into town today?” Julia replies, “No. Carolyn is
sick”. Amy asks what Carolyn is sick with. At first,
Julia refuses to tell Amy what’s wrong with Carolyn, but
Amy keeps asking and finally Julia tells her that Carolyn
was attacked by some sort of wild animal last night.
Chris returns to the cottage and starts to straighten
things up. He wonders what happened last night, especially
about how the bloodstains (where the bullet hit) got on his
shirt. There’s a knock on the door. Chris, quickly taking
the shirt off and donning a bathrobe, answers it. It is
Barnabas. Barnabas tells Chris, “I’m glad to see you’re
all right”. Chris replies, “Of course I’m all right. I just
woke up. What could’ve happened to me?” Barnabas tells him
that Carolyn had been attacked by some sort of wild animal
last night but is OK, suffering only some scratches, and that
he was worried that same thing might have happened to him. After
Barnabas leaves, Chris says, “Carolyn is alive! Thank God!”.
Amy goes out into the woods and calls for a “Beth”. The
blond woman appears. Amy says, “I didn’t want Carolyn hurt.
How could you have let it happen?” The woman shakes her head and
starts to cry. Amy says, “Oh, I see! You didn’t want to see her
hurt either but couldn’t do anything about it!” The woman then
telephatically tells Amy to do something. Amy goes to the cottage.
There, she lights a fire in the fireplace.
Barnabas comes to Collinwood and tells Julia what happened,
“I shot the animal point blank, but it didn’t die! A blast from
that gun should have killed any animal, but it didn’t even faze
it!” Chris comes to Collinwood to see Carolyn. Barnabas
explains to Julia, “I told him about Carolyn”. Chris remarks, “I
wish I could’ve done something to help her, but I was sleeping
peacefully all night”. Julia starts to says, “But…”, but then
stops. Chris asks, “What?” Julia replies, “Nothing”. After Chris
goes upstairs to see Carolyn, Julia tells Barnabas, “He was lying.
He couldn’t have had a peaceful night’s sleep! I doubt if he could
have had any sleep at all last night!” Barnabas asks, “How would
you know that?” Julia replies, “I went to the cottage last night.
I was worried about Carolyn. The cottage was in shambles, but Chris
wasn’t there”. She asks, “Why would he lie?” Barnabas replies,
“I don’t know”.
At the cottage, Amy burns Chris’ bloody shirt in the fireplace
and says, “I’ve done it, Beth, just like you asked me to do”. Chris
returns and asks Amy what she’s doing at the cottage. Amy acts
strangely and leaves, saying “I’ve got to go now. She’s calling me”.
Chris is puzzled because he doesn’t hear anyone calling. Then he
sees his shirt burning in the fireplace.
Episode 674
Worldvision Rerun 459
Tape Date: January 14, 1969 (ABC #19-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 23, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Dennis Kane

In the drawing room at Collinwood, Julia continues to wonder
why Chris would lie about being asleep at the cottage all last
night. Barnabas muses, “Julia, the attacks started two months
ago, the same time Chris came back to Collinsport”. Julia protests,
“But Barnabas, the attacks were by an animal, not a man!”. Barnabas
replies, “There’s one explanation: a man who turns into an animal.”
Julia, puzzled, asks, “What are you saying?” Barnabas explains,
“There’s precedent for it, Julia. There are men who turn into
animals when the moon is full. It makes sense, Julia. It explains
why he wants to leave town. Would you want to be here if you
were responsible for everything that’s happened? That’s what
he is. A man who turns into an animal when the moon is full.
When he does so, he has superhuman strength. Almost nothing
can harm him, not even bullets. But one metal can harm him.
Silver. That’s why he was afraid of Carolyn’s silver bracelet.
That’s why I was able to drive him off with the silver head
of my cane. And silver bullets can kill him. There’s an irony
there for me…” Julia protests, “But there’s no proof of
any of this! All your evidence is circumstantial!”. Barnabas
replies, “There’s one way to find out. The moon will be full
tonight…” Julia protests, “But that’ll be dangerous!”
Barnabas replies, “I have something to protect me. My cane…”
Amy is in a study at Collinwood reading a book. Chris comes
into the room. Amy explains, “It’s about a girl who lived in
this house a long time ago, before there was any electricity.
Mrs. Stoddard says she was an ancestor of hers”. She asks, “Do
we have ancestors?” Chris replies, “Of course! We wouldn’t be
like everyone else if we didn’t!”. Amy asks, “Tell me about our
ancestors”. Chris replies, “I don’t know much about them”, then
asks Amy, “Is there something you want to tell me? You would if
there was, wouldn’t you?” They are interrupted by Carolyn coming
into the room with a young woman of about twenty or twenty five
years of age. Carolyn introduces her, “This is Donna Friedlander,
a friend of mine. She’s studying architecture, and I’m showing her
Collinwood”. Donna looks around and gasps, “I’ve never seen
anything like this house! It’s practctically a museum!”. Carolyn
remarks sadly, “Sometimes I think that’s exactly what it is”.
She notices Chris staring at Donna Friedlander’s face and asks,
“Chris, what is it?” Chris sees a pentagram on Friedlander’s face.
He lies, “Nothing, nothing’s the matter at all”. Carolyn tells
Donna, “There’s nothing much to see in this room. My uncle Roger
uses it as a study. But you’ll love the furniture in the drawing
room”, and takes her out of the study.
In the foyer outside Roger’s study, Donna gushes about Chris,
telling Carolyn, “Wow! Isn’t he something! Just my type!
Inside Roger’s study, Chris continues to ask Amy is anything’s
wrong, if there’s anything she wants to talk to him about. Amy
says, “Sorry about your shirt. If that’s what you’re mad about”.
Chris replies, “No, I’m mad about myself”. He asks, “Who was it
that called you out of the cottage?” Amy lies, “David”. Chris
says, “But you said it was a woman!”. Amy replies, “Well, I don’t
really know who it was who called me”. She adds, “Sometimes at
night I think I hear YOU calling”. Chris asks, “What?” Amy
explains, “One night I looked out the window. It was bright out,
almost as bright as day. The moon was big. I thought I heard
you crying. But it couldn’t have been you. Boys don’t cry.
Why would you be crying?” Chris remarks, “Because sometimes
life is so unhappy”. He adds, “But it won’t anything have to
do with you! I promise that!”.
Out in the foyer, Barnabas glances at the clock and sees that
it’s 5:00. Donna Friedlander, who’s looking at the portrait of
Barnabas, remarks, “I can’t believe it wasn’t you who posed for
this, Mr. Collins!”. Barnabas replies, “I didn’t. If I did,
think how old that would make me!”. Carolyn remarks on how
dark it’s gotten outside. Friedlander tells Carolyn it’s getting
late and she should go, but Carolyn suggests, “Why don’t you have
Barnabas show you the old house? He’s fixed it up exactly the
way it was 200 years ago”. Chris has come out of the study into
into the foyer. Carolyn tells Chris, “I was just suggesting
that Barnabas show the old house to Donna”. Barnabas, seeing his
chance to see if Chris remains normal during the full moon, says,
“I know! Let’s all go to the old house! I’ll have an impromptu
dinner party!” But Chris begs off, “I can’t. Maybe some other
time”. Carolyn insists, “No, Barnabas might not be in the mood
some other time!”, but Chris says, “I can’t. I’ve got to drive to
Bangor. I’m meeting someone there. I can’t reschedule it. He’s
flying off on a trip tomorrow morning”. Donna Friedlander, clearly
attracted to Chris, sees HER chance and asks Chris, “Could you
drive me to Bangor? I dread the bus ride back”. Carolyn asks,
“That’s all right, isn’t it, Chris?” Chris replies, “Why wouldn’t
it be all right? It’s just fine!”.
Outside the front door, Friedlander asks Chris, “Where’s your
car?” Chris replies, “Down by the gate. There’s nowhere to
park it by the cottage where I’m living”. Friedlander asks,
“Cottage? Is it old and interesting too like this house?” Chris
replies, “Well, it’s old”. Friedlander remarks, “I’d like to see
it sometimes…” She notices Chris acting strangely and asks,
“Is something wrong?” Chris replies, “I have a terrible headache.
Perhaps I shouldn’t go”. Friedlander suggests, “I’ll drive.
It’ll be gone by the time we get to Bangor”, but Chis replies,
“No, it won’t be. I know these headaches”. He hands her his
car keys and tells her, “Here. You take the car and go”.
Inside, Carolyn explains to Julia and Barnabas, “I really
don’t know her that well. She acts as if we’re the best of
friends, but we’re not”. After Carolyn leaves the room, Julia
puzzles, “If he’s driving her, perhaps he isn’t the animal.
Unless he deliberately wants to…”. Barnabas replies, “No,
he’s never wanted to do it deliberately. My guess is that he’s
already made some excuse and is back at the cottage”. He
adds, “When we were all looking at him, I saw his face register
panic. I rememember that used to happen to me…”
Chris is back at the cottage. There’s a knock at the door.
Chris asks, “Who is it? What do you want?” Donna Friedlander’s
voice replies, “I brought your keys back. I couldn’t take your
car. You’d have to walk all the way back into town tomorrow.
Let me in”. Chris replies, “All right. Just for a few seconds”.
He lets her in, but suddenly, the werewolf pains start and he
shouts, “You’ve got to go! Get out! Get out!”. Friedlander
says, “I’ll call a doctor” and picks up the phone, but Chris
shouts, “NO!” and grabs it from her. Friedlander complains,
“I was just going to call a doctor! I don’t know why I was
attracted to you in the first place. You’re strange!”. Chris
demands, “GO!”. Friedlander is looking at Chris. She sees
something happen that causes her to scream, “AHHHHHHHHH!”
At Collinwood, Barnabas tells Julia, “I have to go to the
cottage”. Julia protests, “But he will have changed!”. Barnabas
tells her, “I have my cane. I stopped him once, and I can do
it again”. Julia begs, “NO!”, but Barnabas tells her, “Stay
here. Do as I say”.
Donna Friedlander is running through the woods. A growling
noise can be heard coming from close behind her.
Barnabas gets to the cottage and finds it in shambles. Julia,
not following Barnabas’ order that she stay at Collinwood, shows
up seconds behind him. Seeing the disorder, she asks, “He isn’t
here, is he?” Barnabas replies, “No, he’s gone”.
In the wood, Donna Friedlander is lying on the ground, eyes
open in death. In the distance, the sound of a wolf howling
is heard…
Episode 675
Worldvision Rerun 460
Tape Date: January 17, 1969 (ABC #20-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 24, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

A body has been found in the woods near Collinwood with no
ID. It is lying on a gurney, covered by a white sheet.
Carolyn is called in to see if she can identify the body.
She can. She tells the sheriff that it is Donna Friedlander,
a friend of hers who had been at Collinwood yesterday. The
sheriff asks Carolyn about Miss Friedlander. Carolyn tells
him, “We haven’t known each other long. She’s from Bangor.
She lived with an aunt there. She doesn’t know anyone from
Collinsport except me. We met through friends. She was studying
to be an interior decorator. She wanted to see the inside of
Collinwood”. The sheriff asks who Miss Friedlander left with
last night. Carolyn tells the him that her friend left with Chris
Jennings, who had promised to drive her back to Bangor.
Chris returns to the cottage, clothes bloody. He straightens
out the disarray in the cottage. While doing so, he finds a woman’s
purse lying on the floor. He groans, “That woman Donna…” He puts
the purse on a table, then changes clothes.
The sheriff comes to the cottage to question Chris. Noticing
that he had left the purse on the table and seeing that the
sheriff has not yet noticed it, Chris puts a throws a newspaper
on the table, covering the purse. Chris tells the sheriff that yes,
he had promised to drive Miss Friedlander back to Bangor but had
to cancel when he developped a severe migraine headache and decided
to let her borrow his car instead. The sheriff points out, “But the
car’s still there” and asks, “Did you bring the girl here last
night?” Chris replies, “No”. The sheriff asks, “How did you spend
the night?” Chris replies, “I told you, I wasn’t feeling well
and spent the night here”. The sheriff asks, “Alone?” Chris
replies, “Yes”. The sheriff asks, “Did you hear any noises?” Chris
replies that he heard nothing. The sheriff asks to search the
cottage, but Chris refuses to let him without a warrant. He tells
Chris he’s going to take him in for questioning because his story
makes no sense, saying, “The girl was killed right near this
house, and from the body, it looks like she put up quite a
struggle, yet you say you heard nothing”.
At Collinwood, Barnabas and Julia read about Miss Friedlander’s
death in the newspaper, which has a headline reading “MYSTERY
MURDER”. Julia starts to feel guilty about letting Miss Friedlander
go with Chris even though they suspected Chris was the werewolf,
but Barnabas insists that Chris wouldn’t have diliberately killed
Donna, that something must have delayed Chris, and he turned into a
werewolf and killed the woman, that he couldn’t help it. Carolyn
comes into the room and tells Barnabas and Julia that Chris has been
arrested. Carolyn goes out into the foyer to call the Collins
family lawyers, Garner and Garner, to help Chris. While Carolyn
is out of the drawing room, Barnabas tells Julia, “We’ve go to go
the the cottage and search it before the police do”.
Barnabas and Julia quickly go to the cottage. Barnabas finds
Chris’ bloody clothing, and Julia finds Miss Friedlander’s purse.
Barnabas notes, “There will be another full moon tonight…” Julia
says, “And he will change, wherever he is! We’ve got to warn the
police!” but Barnabas replies, “No. I haven’t decided what to do
yet. There are so many possiblities…”
In an interrogation room at the police station, the sheriff
questions Chris. Chris claims, “I really can’t remember much about
last night because I was so sick”. The sheriff replies, “Well,
I’ll leave you here until you CAN remember” and leaves, leaving
Chris alone in the interrogation room. Chris shouts, “What time is
it?” The sheriff replies, “4:30”. Chris notes with foreboding
that it’s 4:30 almost night and says to himself, “I’ve got to get
out of here fast!”.
At the cottage, Julia tells Barnabas, “Your plan is madness!”,
but Barnabas replies, “I respect your opinion, but I’ve got to
follow my own intuition”.
Eventually, Chris panics decides to tell the sheriff the truth.
He shouts for the sheriff, but the sheriff is busy outside talking
on the phone. When he’s finished with the call, the comes back and
tells Chris he’s free to leave, explaining, “Barnabas Collins just
called and said you were at the Old House last night. He said you
got drunk, passed out and spent the whole night there”. He gives
Chris a bit of advice, “Next time before you start drinking, drink
a lot of milk first. It lines the stomach. Believe me. It works!”.
Chris returns to the cottage and is surprised to find
Barnabas sitting in a chair waiting for him. Chris tells
Barnabas, “I don’t know why you did what you did, but I thank
you. I really appreciate it, but I’d like to be alone right now”.
The clock reads 6:00. Barnabas replies, “I know you’re innocent
of murder”. Chris continues to beg Barnabas to leave, “Please,
go. I’ve got to be alone right now. You don’t understand”.
Barnabas replies, “I do understand. I know the most important
thing about you. I know that you are not only Chris Jennings,
I know that you are also the werewolf”. Chris is shocked.
Episode 676
Worldvision Rerun 461
Tape Date: January 20, 1969 (ABC #21-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 27, 1969 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas tells Chris he knows a place where he can put
him when the moon is full, a place from which he won’t be
able to escape. He takes Chris to Collins family mausoleum.
Chris takes one look at the gate and angrily tells Barnabas,
“Once the transformation takes place, this door won’t hold me!”.
Barnabas replies, “But this one will!”, and pulls the ring in the
lion’s mouth, opening the heavy secret door. They go into the
secret room. Chris asks, “What is this place?” Barnabas explains
that it was a secret room for storing munitions during the
Revolutionary War. Chris asks, “How do you know about it?” Barnabas
replies, “I’m a Collins”. Chris remarks, “Obviously, it was used
for another reason after the Revolutionary War. Who’s in that
coffin?” Barnabas replies, “No one” and lies that he knows
nothing about the coffin. Chris asks Barnabas, “Why are you helping
me?”. Barnabas replies, “Because I know you’re not responsible for
what happens or what you do when the moon is full”. He tells him he
hopes to help him find a cure for his lycanthropy. He asks Chris,
“When did the first tranformation occur?” Chris replies, “About
7 years ago. But there’s no time to talk about it right now”.
Barnabas insists there is and tells Chris, “If I am to help you,
you must tell me everything”. Chris continues, “It was just a few
days past my 21st birthday. I had just graduated from college.
I was going to be an architect. One night, shortly after sunset,
I felt great pain all over my body. It got worse. Then, suddenly,
it stopped. Then the most shocking thing happened. I looked
down and saw that my hands were starting to grow hair, all over
them. Then I looked in a mirror and saw that my face was growing
hair too. I didn’t know what was happening to me. Then I blacked
out. When I woke up in the morning, I thought it had all been a
dream. But then I looked around and saw what I would see a hundred
times. My clothing was torn, and the furniture was thrown about.
And always, the news that someone had been killed.” Barnabas
tells him, “Well, no one will be killed tonight”. Chris asks, “How
do you know this place will hold me?” Barnabas replies, “The walls
are made of solid granite”. The werewolf pains start to wrack Chris.
Chris tells Barnabas, “Get out! Close that door and pray that I
can’t get out!”. Barnabas exits the secret room, closing the door
behind him, locking Chris in.
At Collinwood, David, dressed in a boy’s sport coat and slacks
for some unexplained reason, finds Amy outside staring at the moon.
In the mausoleum, Barnabas hears loud noises, then animal-like
sounds coming from inside the secret room.
At Collinwood, the children are in the drawing room playing the
children’s card game “War” again. Mrs. Johnson comes in to do some
cleaning. The children stare at her silently, unnerving her. Mrs.
Johnson asks, “Why are you staring?” One of them replies, “We’re
not staring at you, we’re just watching you work. Go ahead, Mrs.
Johnson, you’re not bothering us”. As Mrs. Johnson tries to work,
but the staring continues to unnerve her. Amy asks, “Is there
anything wrong, Mrs. Johnson? You look so pale”. Mrs. Johnson
exclaims, “Stop it! Both of you! You’re up to something! Both
of you!”. David remarks, “You’re not really angry. You’re just
still frightened of that man you thought you saw at the cottage”.
Mrs. Johnson exclaims, “I didn’t THINK I saw that man! I DID
see him!” David says, “Neither of us saw him”. Mrs. Johnson,
now totally exasperated, shouts, “Up to bed! Now! Both of you!”.
Amy says, “Pleasant dreams!” to Mrs. Johnson. Amy and David
Barnabas returns to Collinwood. As soon as he gets inside,
he hears the sound of glass breaking coming from the drawing
room. He goes in and finds a distraught Mrs. Johnson in there,
the sound of breaking glass having come from a vase she had dropped.
He asks her, “Mrs. Johnson, what’s wrong?” She replies, “Mr.
Collins! If only you had been here a few minutes earlier! Those
two children are trying to drive me crazy!”. She tells him what
happened, then about catching the children playing dress-up, and
then tells him about the man she saw at the cottage, saying, “He
was coming right at me! I thought he was going to kill me! His
eyes, so narrow and full of evil!”. Barnabas asks her to describe
the man. Mrs. Johnson describes him, “He was very tall. He had
long sideburns, and was wearing a frock coat”. Barnabas asks, “Did
he hurt you?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “No”. Barnabas asks, “Why do
you think the children have something to do with the man?” Mrs.
Johnson replies, “When I caught them playing dress-up, they were
wearing the same sort of clothing as the man”. Barnabas asks, “Tell
me more, Mrs. Johnson”.
Upstairs, David and Amy go to Quentin’s hidden room. Apparently,
Quentin tells David something psychically, and David tells Amy,
“Quentin wants to talk to me alone”. Amy replies, “All right, I’ll
wait out in the storage room”, but David tells her, “No, Quentin
wants you to go downstairs” Amy leaves, clearly upset. David
asks, “What do you want me to do, Quentin?”
When Amy gets downstairs, Barnabas summons her into the drawing
room, saying, “I’d like to ask you about the man Mrs. Johnson saw
in the cottage. What did he look like?” Amy asks, “Didn’t Mrs.
Johnson tell you?” Barnabas lies, “No, she was too frightened to”.
Amy lies, “I didn’t see any man”. Barnabas asks, “Did David see
him?” Amy replies, “No. If he had, he would have told me”.
She asks, “Why are you so interested in the man Mrs. Johnson saw?”
Barnabas replies, “A stranger wandering around the estate could be
dangerous”. Amy suggests, “Maybe Mrs. Johnson never saw any man.
Maybe she just imagined it”.
Upstairs, David asks the ghost of Quentin, “Where’s the bottle,
Quentin?”. The ghost gestures toward an old fashioned roll top
desk. The top, which is rolled down, rolls up by itself. David
goes to the desk, finds a bottle in a drawer and asks Quentin,
“Is this it?”. The ghost nods that it is. David looks at the
label. He reads it aloud, “Strychnine”, then exclaims, “Hey!
That’s poison! I won’t do it, Quentin! Chris is Amy’s brother!
I can’t hurt him! I don’t know why you want to hurt him – he’s
never done anything to you. It’s WRONG, Quentin! I won’t do it
for you, I won’t!”, and runs from the room.
Amy is in the drawing room waiting for David, toying with
the piano. When David comes downstairs, Amy asks, “What took you
so long?” David replies, “Quentin had something very important
to tell me”. Amy asks, “Are we going to go back up to play the
game now?” David replies, “No. We’re not going to play anything
tonight”. Amy notices that David’s acting strangely and asks him
what’s wrong, but David lies, “Nothing! Nothing!”.
Upstairs, Quentin picks up the bottle of strychnine…
Episode 677
Worldvision Rerun 462
Tape Date: January 21, 1969 (ABC #22-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 28, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

In the morning, Barnabas goes to the secret room at the
mausoleum to see what happened. Inside, he finds the coffin
pushed off it’s stand, its lining ripped to shreds. He finds
Chris sleeping on the floor and awakens him. He tells Chris
that they were successful, that no one was attacked last night.
They return to the cottage. Julia is there. Chris is at first
angered that she too knows his secret, but Julia tells him that
she’s going to aid in the next part of the plan, that she’s
going to search for the cause of his illness and, hopefully,
find a cure. She tells him she’ll be needing some of his blood
for some tests soon.
A little after Barnabas and Julia leave the cottage, David
comes to see if Chris is all right, apparently afraid that
Quentin may have taken matters into his own hands. He is
relieved to find that Chris is all right. They talk for
awhile. Chris asks David if he’d like a soda. David replies
that he would. They both leave the room, going into the
kitchen to get some soda. While they’re gone, the front
door opens by itself. The stopper of a liquor decanter
lifts itself, and the bottle of strychnine seems to pour i
tself into the liquor.
David and Chris return from the kitchen with sodas, sit
back down on the couch and continue talking. Chris tells
David, “You’ll have to leave after you finish your soda.
I’m tired. I didn’t get any sleep last night and have to
take a nap”.
David returns to Collinwood. Amy again asks him what’s
wrong, but David again refuses to tell her.
At 6:00 PM, Barnabas goes to the cottage and tells
Chris they’d better be going to the mausoleum now. Chris
replies, “That won’t be necessary. I can always feel it
starting to come as soon as the sun touches the horizon.
This month’s cycle must be over because I don’t feel anything
right now”. He thanks Barnabas, telling him, “You’re a good
man” for doing what he’s doing. Barnabas leaves. Chris pours
himself a drink to celebrate the end of this month’s cycle.
He drinks it, then collapses in pain.
Barnabas returns to Collinwood and tells Julia that Chris
is safe until next month’s full moon. Julia tells Barnabas
that she’s been doing some research on lycanthropy and shows
him a book she’s found on the subject, “The Lycanthrope, by Angier”.
She tells him that according to the book, there are two ways for
someone to become a werewolf, either by being bitten by a
werewolf and survive, or by being the victim of a curse. She
tells Barnabas, “I don’t think Chris was bitten by a werewolf,
else he would have told us, so he must be the victim of a curse”.
Late at night, Julia is in bed sleeping. She is awakened
by the sound of a woman crying. She turns on the light and
finds a blond woman standing in her room. Julia asks, “Who
are you? What are you doing here?”, but the woman just goes
to the door, opens it and leaves without saying a word.
Barnabas, downstairs in the drawing room, sees a blond
woman come down the stairs, open the front door and leave.
Barnabas calls, “Carolyn?”, at first thinking that that’s
who the blond woman is, but then realizes that it isn’t
Carolyn. Julia comes downstair. Both she and Barnabas
look out the front door and see the blond woman going on the
path towards Chris’ cottage. They go out and follow her. The
woman reaches the cottage, goes in, kneels over the unconcious
Chris, and weeps.
Barnabas and Julia reach the outside of the cottage.
Julia tells Barnabas she’s sure the woman is in there,
that she’s sure she saw her go in the door. But when
they go inside the cottage, the woman is not there. They
find Chris lying on the floor and Julia rushes in to
examine him. Barnabas asks, “Is he all right?” Julia gasps,
“Barnabas! He’s dying!”.
Episode 678
Worldvision Rerun 463
Tape Date: January 22, 1969 (ABC #23-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 29, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas and Julia wonder what could’ve happened to Chris.
Barnabas notices a drinking glass on the floor, picks it up,
sniffs it and tells Julia, “I think there’s something in the
whiskey”. Julia sniffs the whiskey decanter and announces,
“It’s strychnine”, and telephones Windcliff to send some
atropine, the antidote.
Amy has a dream in which she learns that Quentin is trying
to kill Chris. Beth appears in the dream too, as does David.
David tells Amy, “I tried to stop Quentin, but I couldn’t!”.
Having administered the atropine to Chris, Julia tells
Barnabas, “He’ll be OK”. They wonder who the ghost who led
them to Chris could be, noting that her clothes appeared to
be from the 1890’s. When Chris regains conciousness, they
accuse him of trying to commit suicide, but he denies it.
When asked if anyone had been at the cottage earlier, Chris
replies, “Yes, David. But he wouldn’t have done something
like this, and besides, he was in my sight all the time he was
here”. Baranbas says he has something to do and leaves. Chris
asks Julia how they happened to come to the cottage at night
and find him. Julia tells him about the blond ghost who
led them to the cottage. Amy comes to the cottage. She tells
Chris she had to come and see how he was because she had a
dream in which something terrible happened to him. Chris tries
to lie, “I’m all right. Nothing’s happened to me”, but Amy
can tell by his weakened condition that he’s lying.
At Collinwood, Barnabas questions David.
When Amy returns to Collinwood (David is alone, Barnabas
having left), she tells David, “I know Quentin is trying to
kill Chris. I know you tried to stop him, but couldn’t.
I’m going to tell Mrs. Stoddard about the game!” David,
frigtened, says, “No! You don’t know what Quentin will do!”,
but Amy replies, “No one can stop me!” and runs downstairs.
Episode 679
Worldvision Rerun 464
Tape Date: January 23, 1969 (ABC #24-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 30, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

David runs after Amy and catches her in the foyer. He grabs her
arm and puts it in a hammerlock to prevent her from going to
Elizabeth. Elizabeth, who’s in the drawing room, hears Amy’s
screams of pain, comes out into the foyer and demands that David
release Amy. He does, then tries to lie to Elizabeth that he and
Amy were just playing a game, but Elizabeth does not believe him and
sends him up to his room.
In the drawing room, Amy starts to tell Elizabeth about the
“game”, but suddenly stops and screams, “Quentin!! He’s here!!!”
as she sees Quentin standing in the corner of the room Elizabeth’s
back is turned to. Elizabeth turns to see what frightened Amy,
but by the time she looks, Quentin is no longer there. Maggie, who
has heard Amy scream, comes into the room. Elizabeth asks Amy what
she saw. Amy lies that the game she had been talking about was a
make-believe game she had been playing with David, and she had
imagined a man standing in the corner.
Quentin appears in David’s room. Frightened, David explains
to Quentin, “I tried to stop Amy!”. Quentin telepathically
tells David that he’s already stopped her. David asks, “Quentin,
you’ll never leave us alone, will you?” Outside in the hallway,
Elizabeth hears David talking to someone, but when she opens the
door, she finds David alone in his room. She asks, “David, who
were you talking to?” David replies, “No one. You don’t see
anyone else in this room, do you? I was talking to myself”.
Elizabeth asks, “Is this the game Amy was talking about?” David
lies, “Yes. I have this friend Lars. He’s a giant. He’s being
held prisoner in a house by the sea. He talks to me on this
phone…” Elizabeth interrupts, “I don’t like the way you’ve
been playing with Amy. You’re scaring her with these imaginary
games”. David protests, “She’s just a dumb girl”. Elizabeth tells
him, “You’re going to stop treating Amy like this. You’re going to
stay in this room until you learn how to treat people properly.
You’re grounded in this room”. David asks, “For how long?”
Elizabeth replies, “Till tomorrow. At least!”
Down in the drawing room, Maggie tells Amy, “If you’re so
worried about your brother, I’ll take you down to the cottage
to see him”, but Amy declines, “No, I have something to do”.
She leaves the drawing room and runs into Elizabeth, who’s
coming down, on the stairs. Elizabeth tells her, “Don’t disturb
David. He’s to stay alone in his room for the rest of the day”.
Amy goes upstairs.
Elizabeth goes into the drawing room and tells Maggie she should
be stricter with David, saying, “He’s been living in an imaginary
world too much lately. You should try not to let David’s
imagination run wild and get him to live in the real world more.
These flights of fancy used to be amusing, but they’re frightening
Amy now. You are to use any discipline you see fit to stop them”.
Amy goes to David’s room and tells David, “I didn’t tell her,
David”. David replies, “I know”. Amy asks, “Quentin told you?”
David replies, “Yes”. Amy says, “David, we just can’t let Quentin
do the things he does”. David asks, “How are we going to stop
him?” Amy replies, “We’ve got to stop him before he hurts Chris!
You know what I think? If we could get your Aunt Elizabeth to
take us to town, we could tell her there”, but David dismisses
the idea, “No, there’d be nothing she could do about it, and
Quentin would just punish us when we got back”. Amy thinks
then says, “I think we should go to Quentin and promise we’ll keep
playing the game with him if he promises to leave Chris alone”.
David agrees that that would be a good idea but says, “I can’t go.
I’m grounded to my room”. Amy says, “I’ll do it”, but David tells
her, “No. I will. Just go downstairs and wait for me”. Amy
leaves. David tries to contact Quentin using the phone, but
to no avail. Maggie comes in and sees David talking on the
phone and asks what he’s doing. David replies, “Playing”. Maggie
asks, “Where’d you get the phone?” David lies, “I found it in
the cellar”. Maggie tells David, “You’ve got to start learning
what’s real and what’s not” and takes the phone away from him.
David shouts, “NO!”, but Maggie takes the phone and leaves anyway.
David begs, “Quentin, you’ve got to come now! I’ve got to talk
to you!”, but Quentin doesn’t appear.
Amy is in the foyer looking at the clock. It reads 6:00.
In David’s room, David also looks at his clock and sees that
it’s 6:00. He continues to call for Quentin, “Quentin, why don’t
you come? It’s important that I see you! I’ve got to talk to you
about what Amy’s offered!”, but Quentin doesn’t appear…
Finally, David decides he has no choice but to go to the West
Wing to talk to Quentin. He looks out into the hallway and,
thinking the coast is clear, sneaks out of his room and goes into
the West Wing. However, Maggie sees him going into the West Wing
and follows. She sees David go into a storage room and follows, but
when she gets into the room, David is nowhere to be seen. Startled,
she calls, “David? I know you’re in here! Don’t hide from me!”.
She looks around and, not finding David, is puzzled and says,
“David? Where did you go? David?” Inside Quentin’s hidden room
behind the wall, David hears her.
Episode 680
Worldvision Rerun 465
Tape Date: January 24, 1969 (ABC #25-DRK-69)
Air Date: January 31, 1969 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Dan Curtis

Inside Quentin’s hidden room, David turns around and sees
something which causes his eyes to open wide. It’s Quentin.
David asks, “Quentin, you’re not angry, are you? We had a close
call. Amy almost told. But she told me something…” He tells
Quentin about Amy’s deal that they will keep playing the game
if he, Quentin, promises not to harm Chris, adding, “I don’t want
to see him hurt either”. He asks, “Will you do that?” Quentin
nods yes, then tells David something telephathically. David
replies, “All right, Quentin. I will do what you want”.
Down in the foyer, Elizbeth asks Mrs. Johnson, “When will dinner
be?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “Soon”. Elizabeth tells her, “Take a
tray up to David. He won’t be eating with us tonight”. Mrs.
Johnson, looking frightened, asks, “Is he in his room alone?”
Elizabeth replies, “Yes”, and adds, “And stay in his room with
him until he’s finished eating his dinner. Otherwise, the food
will end up everywhere but in his stomach”. Mrs. Johnson tries
to beg off, “I have a lot of things to do in the kitchen. Couldn’t
someone else stay with him, Maggie maybe?” Noticing that Mrs.
Johnson is acting strangely, Elizabeth asks, “Mrs. Johnson, what’s
the matter?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “I’m afraid of the children.
They’re playing some sort of game to scare us all out of our minds”.
Elizabeth sternly tells her, “Mrs. Johnson! You’re a grown woman!
David’s 12 years old. You’re not telling me you’re afraid of a
12 year old boy, are you?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “Yes I am”.
Elizabeth tells her, “The best way for you to convince yourself
not to be is to stay with David for awhile” and tells her to
bring a tray up to him as instructed.
Maggie returns to David’s room. David is still not there.
Maggie picks up a coat she sees and examines it. Mrs. Johnson
comes in with a tray bearing David’s dinner, an anemic looking
sandwich and a large glass of milk. She is relieved to see Maggie
in the room and tells her, “I’ve brought David his food”. Maggie
replies, “He’s not in here”. Mrs. Johnson remarks, “Mrs. Stoddard
won’t be happy to hear that. She grounded him to his room…”
Maggie holds up the coat and asks Mrs. Johnson, “Have you ever seen
this before?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “Yes. David was wearing it
when I caught the children playing dress up”. Maggie asks, “Didn’t
you also say the man you saw was wearing this kind of clothes?”
Mrs. Johnson replies, “Yes”. Maggie remarks, “You described it
as old. It certainly is. Victorian!” Mrs. Johnson asks, “Should
I tell Mrs. Stoddard David isn’t in his room?” Maggie replies,
“No. Let me handle this”. Mrs. Johnson protests, “I think I should
tell her”, but Maggie tells her, “No, I’ll tell her as soon
as I find out what’s going on”. Mrs. Johnson leaves. Maggie
turns off David’s table lamp, sits down in an armchair and waits.
Mrs. Johnson returns downstairs. In the foyer, Elizabeth asks
her, “Have you been to David’s room?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “Yes”.
Elizabeth asks, “How is he?” Mrs. Johnson lies, “Fine”. Elizabeth,
noting that Mrs. Johnson is still acting strangely, asks, “Mrs.
Johnson, can I do anything for you?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “No”.
Elizabeth says, “Mrs. Johnson, I’m worried about your sudden fear
of David. You and David were always such good friends before.
Are you working too hard? Maybe you need some rest…” Mrs.
Johnson replies, “Mrs. Stoddard, it’s not rest I need. I’ve never
been healthier in my whole life” and goes into the door under the
When David returns to his room, he finds Maggie sitting in
a chair waiting for him. He nonchalently says, “Hello, Maggie”.
Maggie asks, “Is that all you have to say?” David asks, “What did
you want me to say?” Maggie replies, “You know you weren’t supposed
to leave this room without permission”. David asks, “I’d like to
know how I’m supposed to wash my hands and face without leaving
this room”. Maggie asks, “Is that all you did? You didn’t go
anywhere else?” David lies, “Yes” and holds up his clean hands to
show her and says, “See?”. Maggie asks, “What else did you do?”
David replies, “Nothing”, then noticing the look on Maggie’s
face, asks, “You don’t believe me, do you?” Maggie replies, “No.
Are you going to tell me the truth or shall I tell you? I saw
you leave the room and go to the West Wing. I saw you go into
a storage room and went in there after you, but couldn’t find
you. You’d vanished somewhere”. David, hearing this, says,
“That’s impossible. You must have imagined seeing me go into the
West Wing”. Maggie tells him she knows he’s lying and extends his
punishment, saying she’s grounding him to his room until he tells
her the truth. David complains, “You have no right to punish me!
Only my father and my aunt Elizabeth can do that!”, but Maggie
replies, “Your aunt told me I was to discipline you as I saw fit.
Anyway, if you go to her, I’ll tell her you went to the West Wing”.
David says, “I’ll tell her you lied! It’s your word against mine!”
Maggie points out, “You had a flashlight with you when you went
into the West Wing. You didn’t have it with you when you came
back. You must have left it there. It’s proof you went into
the West Wing”. David has no answer to this. As Maggie is
leaving, David, in an ominous tone of voice, vows, “I’ll get
even with you for this, Maggie. Just you wait. I’ll get even
with you for this!”
Later, as Maggie is sitting in an armchair in her room
reading a book, the table lamp goes out. Maggie gets up and
flicks the light switch, but the ceiling lights won’t come on
either. She goes out onto the landing and sees Mrs. Johnson
down in the foyer. Mrs. Johnson asks, “Is David back yet?”
Maggie replies, “Yes. The lights in my room went out. I
think the fuse blew”. Mrs. Johnson asks, “Are the lights in
the upstairs foyer still on?” Maggie replies, “Yes”. Mrs.
Johnson says, “Then it can’t be the fuse. They’re controlled
by the same one. It must be the light bulbs in your room”.
Maggie notes, “But wouldn’t it be strange for all the light bulbs
in my room to go out all at once?” Mrs. Johnson replies, “Not
as strange as some of the other things that have happened around
here” and goes to get the light bulbs.
Upstairs, David comes out of Maggie’s room, returns to his own
room, smiling evilly…
Maggie goes back to her room. The haunted telephone, which she
had taked from David, starts to ring. Maggie shouts, “David!
I know you’re making that phone ring! If you’re trying to scare
me, if this is your way of getting even with me, it isn’t working!”
She picks the phone up. It stops ringing. Maggie demands, “David!
Come out! I know you’re in here!”, but receives no reply. The window
blows open. Maggie shouts, “David! Stop it!”. The lights suddenly
come back on. Mrs. Johnson comes into the room with the lightbulbs.
Puzzled, she notes, “But the lights are on. You said they went
out”. Maggie says, “They WERE out. David’s trying to scare me.
I know he was here. The door was open when I came back. That
phone, he somehow made it ring”. Mrs. Johnson looks at the
unconnected phone and asks, “You mean you heard this old phone
rang?”. Maggie complains, “You’re looking at me like I’m crazy”.
Mrs. Johnson replies, “The way you looked at me when I said I
saw that man at the cottage?” Maggie vows to find out what’s
going on. Convinced that David is somehow responsible for all
this, Maggie goes to David’s room, and calls, “David!”, but doesn’t
find him there (David is hiding behind the bureau, and Maggie
doesn’t see him). Thinking David must have gone to the West Wing
again, she goes there and heads for the storage room she saw David
disappear into earlier. She opens the door. Quentin is standing
there. Maggie screams…

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