April 1969

Episode 722
Worldvision Rerun 506
Tape Date: March 25, 1969 (ABC #67-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 1, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

It is the next day. Judith and Carl are in the drawing room.
Judith is talking on the phone. She finishes her call, “…you’ll
tell Edward when he arrives…”, and hangs up. She goes to Carl,
who’s viewing the body of Quentin, and explains, “Edward was
supposed to be in Bangor but he’s not there yet”. Carl asks,
“Did you tell Mr. (something) what happened?” Judith replies,
“No, I just told him Quentin had an accident. He said he wasn’t
surprised because Quentin was always a mischievous fellow”.
Carl looks down on Quentin and remarks, “His days of mischief are
over now”. Judith remonstrates him, “You shouldn’t talk about him
like that”. Carl asks, “Why? Why shouldn’t I say the things I
would have said when he was alive? They’re true. He was a bully,
a rake and a liar…” Suddenly, Carl screams, “AHHHH!”. Judiht
asks, “What is it?” Carl exclaims, “Quentin moved!!!” Judith
says, “All right, you don’t have to mourn him if you don’t want to,
but don’t make jokes at a time like this!” Carl replies, “I’m
not! I saw him move!” Judith tells him, “You must be imagining
things”. Carl reluctantly agrees. He asks Judith why the
police didn’t search Collinwood for the killer. Judith replies,
“I told them Dirk already searched the estate. I also told
them I thought the killer must have been a sailor, a transient
sailor Quentin brought here for a game of cards, a sailor who
saw a chance to make some quick money, killed Quentin, ran off,
and is probably miles away from here by now, perhaps out at sea”.
Carl then starts theorizing who might have killed Quentin, “I don’t
think he was murdered by a stranger. I think he was murdered by
someone who knew him. Now what was Barnabas doing at the cottage?
There’s something strange about that. He’s a very suspicious
individual. He wouldn’t even go to Grandmother’s funeral and be
a pallbearer”. Judith replies, “He had an explanation for that.
He had important business in Bangor”. Carl then voices a second
theory, “The knife is a favorite Gypsy weapon”. Judith asks, “Are
you suggesting Magda or Sandor killed Quentin? That’s ridiculous.
Next you’ll be accusing me”. Carl mutters “That’s who I really
think did it”. Judith exclaims, “WHAT?!” Carl lies, “No, not
you. I meant some woman named Judith Quentin knew”. Judith
says, “I think it was exactly who I told the police I thought
it was”.
Jamison, holding a toy train, goes to Rachel and asks her,
“Have you seen my other toy train?” Rachel tells Jamison,
“Jamison, I was just coming to see you. Please sit down.
This won’t be easy. Something’s happened…” Jamison asks,
“Is is about Nora?” Rachel replies, “No, it’s not about Nora”.
Jamison asks, “My father? Has something happened to my father?”
Rachel again replies, “No”. Jamison guesses, “Then something’s
happened to Quentin!” Rachel replies, “It’s much more than that”.
Jamison correctly guesses, “HE’S DEAD!” Rachel tells him, “I
know how close you two were, but you must be strong for Nora”.
Jamison turns to go. Rachel asks, “Jamison! Where are you going?!”.
but Jamison just leaves without answering.
In the drawing room, Carl and Judith are still standing over
the body of Quentin. Carl remarks, “Yes, it must have been my
imagination. How absurd I was thinking he moved. He looks so
peaceful. He always was so good looking. That’s why he was
Grandmother’s favorite…” Judith interrupts, “And your Grand-
father’s too. He always used to sit Quentin on his lap and say
he was too good looking to die by old age. He alway said Quentin
would be killed by a jealous woman”. Jamison comes into the room.
Judith remarks, “I see Rachel has told you about Quentin’s death”.
Jamison shouts, “He’s not dead!! I know he’s not dead!” and runs
from the room.
Jamison is in Quentin’s room, playing Quentin’s music loudly on
the gramophone. He says, “Please, Quentin, don’t be dead! Please
don’t leave me alone! You liked that music. It was your favorite.
I’m going to keep playing it, over and over again until you hear it.
You have to hear it!”
Quentin lies in his coffin in the drawing room. He is alone,
Judith and Carl having left. From there, the music can be heard…
In Quentin’s room, Jamison continues to call for Quentin,
“You didn’t mean to leave me, Quentin, I know you didn’t!
Please come back! I’ll do whatever you want me to do! I
promise! Please don’t leave me!”
In the drawing room, the lid to Quentin’s coffin closes
by itself…
In Quentin’s room, Jamison, exasperated, angrily announces,
“All right! You don’t want to hear the music? You don’t want
to come back? If that’s the way it is, then I don’t want to
hear anything that makes me think of you!” Quentin’s voice replies,
“You mustn’t be angry, Jamison. You and I will be as one…”
Jamison excitedly exclaims, “Oh, Quentin! You’re back!!!”
Downstairs, Carl comes out from the door under the stairs
and goes into the drawing room. Judith and Rachel come down the
stairs together. Judith is telling Rachel, “Nora will be the one
who’s most terrified. You must not leaver her alone…” Suddenly,
Carl comes running out of the drawing room exclaiming, “Judith!
Who closed the lid on Quentin’s coffin?!” Judith replies, “No
one’s been in there since you and I left”. Carl says, “But it’s
closed tight! Someone closed it! All right! I’ll find out what’s
going on here!” and goes upstairs. Judith continues giving Rachel
her instructions, “I think you should take Nora on a picnic and
get her away from all this. Not too near the cottage, though.
It would remind her of what happened. You don’t have to worry
about the killer being around. He’s probably miles away from here
by now…”
Carl goes to Quentin’s room and says to Jamison, “I don’t know
what’s going on in this house, but I don’t like it, I don’t like
it at all! Judith said I shouldn’t say anything bad about Quentin,
she said we should just remember what was good about him. She
forgets that Quentin was nothing but a conniver….” Irritated by
the loud music, he shouts, “I want that music off!” Jamison won’t
turn it off, so Carl angrily turns it off himself and tells Jamison,
“When I want you to do something, do it! I’m your uncle!” Jamison
responds, “No you’re not. I’m your brother Quentin!” This surprises
Carl greatly. Then Jamison starts saying, “Grandfather always said
I’d be killed by a jealous woman. He was right! I was killed by
someone who’s still in this house”. Carl asks, “Still free in this
house?”. Jamison replies, “In this house, but not free. A woman.
Hear me, brother?” Carl, shocked by Jamison’s strange behavior,
leaves and returns with Judith. Judith asks Jamison, “Who are
you?” Jamison replies, “Dear sister Judith, what a silly question!”
Judith repeats, “Who are you?” Jamison asks, “Who do I look like?”
Carl tells Judith, “He told me he was killed by a woman who’s
still in the house”. Jamison disagrees, “No, I was killed by
a sailor who stabbed me and took my money, just like Judith told
you in the drawing room”. Carl gasps, “How could he know that?!
He wasn’t in the room when you said that!” Judith exclaims, “The
child’s possessed!”
Late at night, Rachel has a terrible dream. In the dream, she
hears Jamison’s voice call, “Rachel, where am I? Who will ever
know?” Then Judith tells her, “Go downstairs, go into the drawing
room, and wait until you are called. And remember, the child will
only speak when spoken to!” She hears Jamison’s voice call again,
“Rachel, where am I?” She goes down into the drawing room and is
shocked to see Jamison lying in the coffin instead of Quentin and
exclaims, “Jamison!”. Jamison sits up and says, “Now you know
where I am, don’t you, Rachel?” and laughs. Rachel hears laughter
coming from behind, turns, and sees Judith and Carl there laughing
at her too.
Rachel awakens from the dream and hears a rocking sound in her
room. She looks and sees Quentin sitting in the rocking chair.
Episode 723
Worldvision Rerun 507
Tape Date: March 26, 1969 (ABC #68-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 2, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Rachel screams and runs out into the hallway. Judith
and Carl, hearing Rachel’s screams, come out of their rooms
and asks Rachel what’s wrong. Rachel tells them she saw
Quentin in the rocking chair in her room. Judith remarks, “You
must have been dreaming”. Carl goes into Rachel’s room, then
comes back out and says he doesn’t see anyone in there.
But Rachel is still not convinced, so Carl and Judith decide
to take her down to the drawing room to show her that Quentin
is in his coffin right where he should be. But when they get
down there, they are shocked to find that Quentin is not in his
coffin. Judith is aghast, and wonders, “Who could have been so
deranged to move the body around?”, and asks Carl, “How thoroughly
did you search Rachel’s room?” Caroly replies, “I only looked
in the rocker where Rachel said she saw the body. I didn’t search
the rest of the room”. Judith tells him to go back upstairs
and search Rachel’s room more thoroughly. Right after Carl
goes back upstairs, there’s a knock at the front door.
Upstairs, Carl thoroughly searches Rachel’s room, but
finds nothing. While he’s searching, he sees the shadow
of someone walking past in the hallway. He quickly goes
to the door to see who it is, but sees no one in the hallway.
Downstairs, Rachel answers the door. It’s Barnabas. Judith
tells Barnabas, “Quentin’s body is missing! Someone’s stolen
Upstairs, Carl, sure that someone walked by in the hallway,
opens all the bedroom doors opening onto the hallway, but
finds all the bedrooms empty. Carl then pulls the curtains
of the hall window back. Quentin is standing there. He attacks
Carl. Carl screams.
Downstairs, they hear Carl’s screams and run upstairs, where
they find Carl lying on the floor unconscious. They carry him
down into the drawing room, revive him and ask him what happened.
He tells them he was attacked by Quentin, whom he describes
as dead-looking, glassy-eyed and walking with a jerky, lurching
manner. Judith remarks, “That’s impossible! Quentin’s dead”.
Barnabas replies crytically, “That’s NOT impossible. I’m
going to search for Quentin. I’ll explain later”.
His search having been unsuccessful, Barnabas returns to
the drawing room and explains his strange statement, “As
a young man, I spent some time in Martenique, where I saw
a dead man come back and terrorize his village. Such a
creature is called a ‘zombie’ and is under the control of
an evil person skilled in magic. The symptoms Carl described,
glassy eyes, lurching gait, fit those of a zombie exactly”
Judith asks, “Did the people of the village ever manage to
rid themselves of the zombie?” Barnabas replies, “Yes. They
burned a mixture of frankincense and myrrh next to his empty
coffin and the zombie, lured by the incense, came back and
lay in his coffin. The villagers then reburied it, covering
the grave with a thick layer of cement to prevent him from
coming out again”. Barnabas tells Judith and Rachel, “Go
upstairs and lock yourselves in your rooms. I’ll go back
to the old house. I think Magda has the necessary herbs”.
Barnabas returns with the necessary herbs. He and Carl
burn them next to Quentin’s empty coffin. Quentin comes
walking into the room and lies back down in his coffin
as planned. Carl goes upstairs and tells Judith and Rachel
that Barnabas’ plan worked. Barnabas looks at the body of
Quentin and remarks, “I know who’s controlling you. Angelique!
But she will not win!”
Judith tells Barnabas that they must now do what the
villagers did. Barnabas, knowing that Quentin is supposed
to end up entombed in his own room and not underground,
tells Judith that he would prefer to find another solution,
but Judith is insistent on doing as the villagers did.
Barnabas and Carl take Quentin’s coffin to Eagle Hill Cemetary,
with Judith coming along. They bury the coffin, then cover
the grave with a thick layer of cement.
They return to Collinwood. Judith goes to bed. Rachel
tells Barnabas, “I’m glad I’ve gotten a chance to see you
tonight. Tomorrow night might be too late”. Barnabas,
puzzled, asks, “What do you mean?” Rachel replies, “I wanted
to say good bye to you. I’m leaving tomorrow as soon as
I can”. Barnabas is shocked and asks why. Rachel replies
with the obvious reason – that she can’t stand the strange
happenings at Collinwood any longer. Barnabas begs her to
stay, saying, “There are some good reasons that you should
stay, saying, “I want you to stay at Collinwood for several
reasons, but I can’t discuss them now. Trust me enough to stay
at least until I return”, and rushes out the front door without
a further word. Rachel shuts the lights and starts up the stairs.
When she is halfway up the stairs, she hears the front doors open
and, thinking that Barnabas has decided to come back to talk some
more, says, “I knew you couldn’t leave just like that!” and
goes down to meet him. But she finds that it is not Barnabas.
It is Quentin. Quentin lurches towards Rachel. Rachel faints.
Quentin carries her off.
Episode 724
Worldvision Rerun 508
Tape Date: March 27, 1969 (ABC #69-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 3, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Sandor and Magda are in the living room of the old house.
They are bickering, as usual. Sandor is sitting at a table
with a bowl of soup in front of him. He tastes a spoonful of
the soup and complains, “I like my soup HOT!” Magda counters,
“Then wake up earlier!” She complains, “You never talk about
going on the road anymore!”. Sandor says, “Somehow, Sandor’s
magic elixirs don’t seem so magic anymore”. Magda replies, “I
know the real reason! It’s Mr. Barnabas Collins! I’ve read it
in your palm!”. Barnabas, who’s just walked into the door at
that very moment, caustically remarks, “You read his palm too?
I thought that was just a little trick of yours to frighten
little girls”. He then tells Magda to go to Collinwood and stay
with Rachel till morning to make sure she’s all right because he
suspects that Angelique might send Quentin after Rachel tonight.
Magda asks, “And what will you give me if I do?” Barnabas replies,
“My gratitude”. Magda tells him, “I want more than your gratitude!
I want money! Sandor may be under your control, but I’m not!”. But
Sandor orders Magda to stop arguing and go. Magda goes. Barnabas
asks Sandor, “Sandor, have you ever heard the word zombie?” Sandor
gasps, “Is THAT what your enemy did to Quentin?! If it is, he’ll
be back!” Barnabas says, “Then we must find some way to break
Angelique’s control of him! You must know of some way to do this!”,
but Sandor replies that he doesn’t.
Meanwhile, Quentin has taken Rachel to his grave.
Dawn approaching, Barnabas goes down into the cellar. Sandor
accompanies him. Barnabas moans, “Of all mornings, this is the
morning I would most like to see the dawn to help Rachel!” Sandor
asks, “What if your enemy sends Quentin here?” Barnabas replies,
“She won’t. She’ll want to prolong it, to make me suffer as long
as possible. She has nothing to live for except that”. Magda
comes running down into the cellar. Barnabas angrily asks, “What
are you doing here?! I told you to stay with Rachel!!” Magda
replies, “It’s too late. When I got there, she was already gone.
She was not in her room, and her bed had not been slept in”.
Barnabas tells Sandor that Quentin has probably escaped
and abducted Rachel and is probably taking her to his grave.
Dawn nearing and unable to do anything himself, Barnabas tells
Sandor to go to Quentin’s grave and do what he can, then goes
down to his coffin. Sandor goes to Quentin’s grave and finds
Quentin there putting Rachel in the coffin. He screams to
Rachel, “Wake up!”. Rachel does. While Sandor is struggling
with Quentin, Rachel runs away. Quentin knocks Sandor out and
goes after Rachel.
Rachel makes it to the old house. The zombie, being very
slow, is far behind her. Rachel tells Magda what happened
and asks for Barnabas, but Magda lies, “He isn’t here. He went
to Bangor”. Rachel is dubious of this and says, “You’re lying!
I spoke to him only a half an hour ago, and he said nothing of
going to Bangor”. Magda replies, “Something came up”, but Rachel
says, “How could anyone have reached him? There’s no phone in
this house!”. Magda replies, “A messenger came to fetch him”.
Sandor returns. Rachel asks, “How did you know where to find
me?” Sandor replies, “Barnabas told me where to look for you”.
Rachel is puzzled, “You mean he knew and left to go to Bangor
anyway?!” She then remarks, “How can a man be dead and still
walk? All my life, I’ve believed that things happened according
to set rules! A man lived, then died. Should I believe
everything else now? Ghosts, vampires and werewolves? This is
impossible! There must be some rational explanation for this!
He isn’t really dead! He can’t be. Why is he after me? And if
he is, what am I to do?”
Later, Rachel being away somewhere, perhaps resting upstairs,
Sandor and Magda are in the living room of the old house. Sandor
peeks out the window and sees Quentin coming. He tells Magda.
They lock the front door, but it does no good. Quentin breaks
through easily. Sandor once again fights with Quentin, and
once again, Quentin knocks Sandor out. Quentin then starts
down the cellar steps for some reason, perhaps going after
Barnabas. Magda quickly closes the cellar door and locks it.
Sandor, regaining conciousness, sees this and asks Magda for
the key so he can go help Barnabas, saying, “I must help him!”
but Magda, fearing for Sandor’s safety, screams, “You cannot fight
the zombie!”. Sandor screams, “I must! Give me the key!”, but
Magda refuses to give it to him and runs off with it. Sandor
gives chase.
At dusk, Barnabas awakens. He finds Quentin there, just
sitting by the coffin. Sandor, finally having gotten the
key from Magda, comes down into the cellar and apologizes
to Barnabas for not stopping Quentin from coming down here.
Barnabas tells him, “Angelique sent him here”. Sandor asks,
“Why?” Barnabas replies, “To taunt me”. Magda comes down into
the cellar too. Barnabas seems to suddenly remember something and
tells Sandor, “There’s a trunk in the attic containing some old
letters addressed to my uncle Jeremiah Collins. I put them there
long ago. Get them. How could I have forgotten them?” Sandor
leaves. Sandor returns with the trunk. Barnabas reads the
letters, then orders that chairs be brought down. He tells Magda,
“We will arrange the chairs in a circle around Quentin. The chairs
must be at least a foot apart to let the spirit return to the body”.
Magda asks, “Whose spirit?” Barnabas replies, “Quentin’s. It’s
in the body of a little boy right now”. He explains, “I saw this
ceremony performed over a hundred years ago in Martenique. I wrote
all about it to my uncle. I was sure he would be interested in it.
There’s a point in the ceremony where either the spirit will return
to the body, or the body will die”.
Barnabas performs the ceremony to summon Quentin’s spirit
back into his body, “The heart waits! The heart waits for the
breath of life! In this circle is a man who is waiting for his
spirit to give it breath again! Quentin Collins, whose spirit
resides in another body, come to us now!”, but Quentin’s body
starts to speak, “I cannot! I cannot!” Barnabas commands, “You
can! You must!”, but Quentin’s body says, “She will not let me!
She will not let me!”,gets up, and walks away. Barnabas tells
Sandor and Magda, “There’s one last chance! There’s one more
thing I can try!” and rushes off.
Meanwhile, Quentin returns to his grave.
Episode 725
Worldvision Rerun 509
Tape Date: March 28, 1969 (ABC #70-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 4, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas goes to Collinwood and tells Judith that Quentin
has escaped from his grave and tells her he needs Jamison to
restore Quentin’s spirit to Quentin’s body. Judith is at
first reluctant to let him do this, but Barnabas tells her,
“Judith, if you let me take Jamison with me, Quentin will
live again as he was!” Judith asks, “Won’t Jamison be in
danger?” Barnabas assures her he will not. Judith finally
agrees and goes up to get Jamison.
Quentin is at his grave. Barnabas and Jamison arrive.
Jamison shouts at Quentin, “Get up! Get up now! Don’t let
her do this to you!” Barnabas turns to Jamison and starts
to say, “Jamison…”, but Jamison interrupts, “Jamison’s the
child. You know that!” Barnabas tells him, “Take his hand.
Take it in yours”. Jamison takes Quentin’s hand. He complains,
“It’s so cold!”. Barnabas tells him, “Concentrate. Concentrate
on how much Quentin wants revenge on her”. Jamison says, “I
hate her! I’ve always hated her!” Barnabas continues, “Concentrate.
Leave the body in which you have found refuge. Go back so your
heart can start beating again! Let your own mouth speak again!
Let your own eyes see again!” Quentin stands up and looks around.
Barnabas, wondering if the ceremony has worked, asks, “Quentin?”
Jamison starts to laugh. Barnabas exclaims, “Jamison!”, but
Jamison replies, “I told you not to call me Jamison any more!”
and runs off.
At Collinwood, Judith is in the drawing room. She is thinking
to herself, “What’s keeping them out there at Quentin’s grave?
What is happening to all of us? Until Barnabas came, everything
was normal. What does Barnabas have to do with all this? He
know something! I know it! He seems involved in everything,
almost as it he were at the center of it!” There’s a knock at the
front door. Judith goes and opens it. Standing outside is a
middle aged man, his hair, which includes long muttonchop sideburns,
flecked with gray(Jerry Lacy). Judith asks, “Yes?” The man replies,
“I am the reverend Gregory Trask, at your service. May I come in,
please?” Judith asks, “The Reverend Trask?”, clearly not recognizing
the name. The man remarks, “I’m sure your brother must have
mentioned me to you recently”. Judith remembers and says, “Oh
yes, the school” and lets him in. Trask continues, “I’m honored
your brother wants to send the children to our school. He wanted
me to come here personally to convince you that Worthington Hall
would be an excellent school for Jamison and Nora”. Jamison comes
in through the front doors. Judith asks, “Jamison?” Jamison
replies, “Yes, dear sister?” Judith, seeing that he is still
possessed, tells him, “Go to your room now!” Jamison replies,
“But Judith, they’re coming!” Trask remarks to Jamison, “You
are overly familiar with your elders, my boy”. He asks Judith if
he may speak to the boy now, but Judith tells him, “You can’t
right now”, then whispers to Jamison, “You say they’re coming now?”
Jamison replies, “Yes”, and goes upstairs. Judith turns to Trask
and tells him, “He cannot speak to you right now”. Trask protests,
“But I came all the way here to speak to the children. Is my trip
to have been in vain?” Judith explains, “Jamison is not well. He
would answer your questions strangely. Your interview would be
worthless”, but Trask is insistent, and Judith, not wanting Trask
to see Barnabas and Quentin return, finally relents and tells
Trask how to get to Jamison’s room, “It’s the second door on
the left up in the hallway”. As Trask starts up the stairs, Judith
warns him, “Reverend Trask. You must not believe everything he
says. He has an overactive imagination”. Trask replies,
“Imagination, properly channelled, often leads to genius” and goes
Barnabas returns with Quentin. Judith tells Barnabas, “You can’t
come in! I have a visitor Edward sent!”. Barnabas comes in anyway,
saying, “He has a small pulse beat! It wasn’t there before! He
must be near Jamison!” Judith tells him, “But Jamison is with the
visitor”. Barnabas asks, “Are you willing to see Quentin die
again?” and takes Quentin into the drawing room. Judith follows
them in there and remarks, “I can’t bear to look at him! If Trask
comes downstairs, he’ll see! Why has Quentin done this?” Barnabas
tells her, “It’s not his fault”, but Judith replies, “Then who’s
fault is it? I know the things Quentin has been doing! I’ve
seen those things in his room, those godless pamphlets, those
rods he brought back from the Orient. He’s being punished for his
godless life!”
The clock in the foyer strikes 9:00. Trask’s voice can be
heard upstairs saying, “This has been a most interesting chat!”
Downstairs, Judith warns Barnabas, “They’re coming!” Trask and
Jamison start down the stairs. Jamison remarks, “I can feel
him here…” Judith exclaims, “Jamison! Don’t talk that way!”
Jamison replies, “I’ve always talked that way, dear sister”.
Judith lies to Trask, “He’s talking that way because he doesn’t
want you to accept you into your school”, but Trask replies, “No,
he’s talking like that because he’s possessed!”, and asks, “The
boy’s been telling me the most interesting things. Tell me the
whole story! I can help! Where is the boy’s uncle?” Jamison
tells him, “He’s with Barnabas in the drawing room. I can feel
them there”. Hearing Trask’s voice, Barnabas comes out of the
drawing room and gasps, “Trask!” Trask, surprised, asks Barnabas,
“Do we know each other, sir? How do you know my name?” Judith
explains, “I must have mentioned it to him”. She turns to Barnabas
and says, “We must tell him the whole story. Maybe he can help”.
She takes Trask into the drawing room, shows him Quentin and
tells him about him. Trask exclaims, “This is beyond belief!
I must begin at once!”. Barnabas asks, “Begin what?” Trask
replies, “To solve the problem”. Barnabas asks, “Solve the
problem? How?” Trask replies, “By using the power of prayer”.
Noting the dubious look on Barnabas’ face, he asks, “Are you
doubtful of the power of prayer?” Barnabas doesn’t answer. Judith
tells Barnabas, “We must give him a chance! After all, you were
willing to take other chances”. Trask remarks suspiciously,
“Perhaps he knows of other ways”. Barnabas replies, “I do not”.
Trask asks, “Then why do you object?” Judith echoes, “Yes, why?
The Reverend Trask deserves an answer!” Barnabas replies, “I don’t
have an answer”. Trask asks that he be left alone in the room with
Jamison and Quentin. Barnabas says, “I’d prefer to stay”, but Trask
replies, “No. I feel a spirit in you that is alien to my cause”.
Judith asks, “What are you going to do?” Trask replies, “I am going
to restore things to the way they were! The boy will once again be
the handsome little boy he was. You have nothing to fear!”
Barnabas and Judith go out into the foyer. Trask closes the
drawing room doors. Barnabas asks Judith, “What do you know
about that man?” Judith replies, “He has a school. You saw
the way he was with children”. Barnabas remarks, “I don’t
trust him!”
Inside, Trask orders Jamison, “Kneel!” Jamison doesn’t.
Trask shouts, “KNEEL!!!” Jamison now kneels. Trask starts to
pray, “This poor lost lamb beseeches your help, a small frail
body possessed by a giant evil force. Hear me! Hear me! The
devil has been in this house! He has invaded two bodies! He
must be vanquished and driven from them before he can be driven
from this house! He has taken two bodies against their wills!
Hear me! Hear me! Hear me!!” Jamison starts to groan.
Outside, Barnabas is staring at his portrait. Judith asks,
“Why are you staring at that portrait?” Barnabas replies, “I
was thinking of my ancestor, and the times he lived in”. Judith
remarks, “All I can think of is what’s happening in the drawing
room. What if he doesn’t succeed? What if they stay like that
forever?” Suddenly, they hear Jamison let out a bloodcurdling
scream inside the drawing room. Trask opens the drawing room
doors a little, sticks his head out, tells Judith and Barnabas,
“Do not come in! You would only be aiding the Devil’s work if
you do!”, retracts his head, and closes the doors again. From
inside, Jamison lets out another bloodcurdling scream. Barnabas,
disregarding Trask’s orders, opens the door and looks in…
Episode 726
Worldvision Rerun 510
Tape Date: March 31, 1969 (ABC #71-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 7, 1969 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

But Judith pulls Barnabas back and closes the door, demanding
that he let Trask do his work, saying, “We must do as he says!
We must give the Reverend Trask a chance!”. Barnabas argues with
Judith, saying, “The so-called Reverend Trask! I’m sure if you
did some investigating on him, you’d find that he didn’t get
his ordination from any reputable church! He’s nothing but a fraud!”
They argue about this.
Inside the drawing room, Trask tells Jamison, “Take his hand!
Place his hand in yours!”. Jamison obediently takes Quentin’s
hand. Trask orders, “The spirit will go from your body to his!”
Jamison faints. Trask prays to God, “You must help me! I cannot
do it alone! Give this poor lost lamb the strength to purge
Outside, Barnabas, seeing that nothing has happened, remarks
caustically, “Well, have we given the Reverend Trask enough time?”
Judith becomes angry and they argue again. As they argue, Trask
opens the door. Barnabas asks, “Well, Trask, have you failed?”
Trask replies, “You may come in now”. Barnabas and Judith go into
the drawing room. Jamison appears back to normal. Judith asks,
“Jamison! Are you all right?” Jamison replies, “Of course I
am”. Quentin, however, lies on the couch, still unconscious.
Judith asks Trask, “And Quentin?” Jamison remarks, “I think Uncle
Quentin’s had a little too much to drink”. Barnabas sarcastically
remarks to Trask, “Let me congratulate you on a job half done”,
but Quentin suddenly groans and regains consciousness. Trask
tells Barnabas, “I hope you have more faith in the power of prayer
now”. Quentin looks at Trask and asks Judith, “Who’s this? Another
flunkie of yours?” Trask introduces himself, “I am the Reverend
Trask”. Quentin asks, “Reverend? Didn’t anyone send for a doctor?!
I’ve been stabbed!”. Barnabas tells him, “You’ll find that some
time has passed since that happened”. Quentin protests, “But it
just happened”, unaware of the passage of time. Trask says, “Perhaps
we should not discuss things like stabbings in front of the child”.
Jamison, curious, asks Quentin, “Who stabbed you?” Trask insists
that they not discuss this in front of Jamison. Barnabas takes
Quentin to his room. Trask asks to speak to Judith alone. Judith
sends Jamison out into the foyer and closes the drawing room
doors. Judith tells Trask, “Reverend Trask, I am most grateful
to you”. Trask replies, “It was not I who was responsible, Miss
Collins. It was Him. I will give you thanks to Him.” Judith
insists, “I saw a miracle!” Trask replies, “I saw a house in need
of one. May I speak frankly? I can see why your brother wants the
children out of the house with all that’s happening here.
Possession! Stabbings! If you will let me take the boy to
Worhington Hall, you will see a most remarkable change in him.
May I take the children away tonight? I think it would be best
to get them away from this house as soon as possible”. Jamison,
who has been eavesdropping through the door outside, bursts in
and shouts, “I’M NOT GOING AWAY TO YOUR SCHOOL!” Trask calmly
replies, “Not if you don’t want to go. At Worthington Hall, we
never force children to do anything they don’t want to do.
We always discuss things first”. He asks Jamison, “May we go
to your room and discuss this?” Jamison replies, “I guess so”.
As Trask and Jamison are leaving the drawing room, Trask remarks,
“What a nice little chat we are going to have!”
In Quentin’s room, Quentin asks Barnabas, “That man, Reverend
Trask, he was my savior?” Barnabas replies, “I didn’t say that”.
Quentin replies, “And I don’t think you believe it. Who do you
think REALLY saved me?” Barnabas replies, “I know you’ve dabbled
in many things. Perhaps one of your ‘interests’ saved you”.
He then changes the subject and asks Quentin, “Tell me about your
wife”. Quentin replies, “I married young. My wife was a girl
of unknown origin, as Edward would say”, but refuses to say
anything more about her. Barnabas says, “I’m only trying to
help you. Please don’t consider me an enemy”, but Quentin replies,
“I’ve been suspicious of your motives ever since you came here.
I don’t trust you”.
In Jamison’s room, Trask is talking to Jamison. He asks, “So
you say you’d miss your pony, and that’s why you don’t want to
go to Worthington Hall. Well, you may bring him with you! What’s
his name?”, but Jamison replies, “I don’t want to tell you!”, and
still refuses to go to the school. Trask says, “Let us pray, and
hope the Lord will get you to change your mind”. Jamison announces,
“I don’t like you!” Trask asks, “Do you want to grow up to be
a disappointment to your father? Your father is very worried
about your soul! Do you want to be saved?” Jamison replies, “Yes”.
Trask says, “Then I can help you!”
Quentin goes to the drawing room and grabs Judith by the throat.
He asks, “Now, dear sister, where is my wife Jenny? Where are you
keeping her?” Judith demands, “Let me go!” Quentin sarcastically
remarks, “So, your sisterly love for me was so great that you
wouldn’t tell me because you were afraid I would be disconsolate
when I found out Jenny was mad. Tell me where she is right now,
or I’ll…” Judith tells him, “If you touch me, I’ll scream!
Reverend Trask is with Jamison upstairs right now and he’ll
hear!”. Quentin lets Judith go and vows, “I’ll find her myself,
In Jamison’s room, Jamison tells Trask, “I don’t want to go!”
Trask remarks, “Stubborness can be a sin!”, and commands, “Come
here!” He tells Jamison, “I give each of my boys one chance!
Now tell me what you are going to tell your aunt!”. Jamison remains
silent. Trask angrily shouts, “Come on! We just went over it!”
Jamison reluctantly says, “I’m going to tell her that I want to go
to your school and I want to leave tonight”.
Quentin and Judith are still arguing in the drawing room.
Trask comes in and asks, “Am I interrupting something?” Quentin
leaves. Trask tells Judith, “I’m afraid if the boy does not
leave this house immediately, he is in danger of losing his mind!”
Outside in the foyer, Jamison begs Quentin, “Quentin! You’ve
got to help me! I don’t want to go to his school!” Trask comes
out of the drawing room and says to Jamison, “Your aunt wants to
hear what you have to say to her”. Quentin winks at Jamison.
Trask takes Jamison into the drawing room. The clock in the
foyer reads 9:00.
Inside the drawing room, Trask tells Jamison, “Now tell your
aunt what you told me upstairs”, but Jamison shouts, “I won’t!
He threatened me! He tried to make me lie! He tried to make
me tell you I wanted to go to his school!” Trask denies this,
saying, “I don’t know why the boy should dislike me so to make up
such a lie”, and, appearing crestfallen, turns to leave, saying
sadly, “If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it is to have a boy
dislike me. You’ll have to find another school for the children”,
but Judith announces, “No! He will go to Worthington Hall! He’s
becoming more and more like his uncle Quentin, and that’s something
I will not have! Be back here in an hour and I’ll have him ready!”
Trask leaves.
The clock in the foyer now reads 10:00. Barnabas is arguing
with Judith in the foyer, “You’d rather believe that fraud Trask
than Jamison?!” Judith replies, “Yes. Jamison is getting to be
too much like Quentin. I believe he’d lie. And Reverend Trask is
not a fraud. You are to treat him with as much respect as I do!”.
Trask returns to get Jamison. Judith goes upstairs to get him.
While she is upstairs, Barnabas remarks to Trask, “A curious thought
occured to me when I first saw you. I’ve been studying the Collins
family history, and I was looking at some ink drawing of some of
the people who lived here 100 years ago. It seems there was a
witchcraft trial here then. Who’d have believed there could have
been a witchcraft trial at that late date. I saw a picture of
a man connected with it who greatly resembled you. You wouldn’t
by any chance be from Salem, would you?” Trask replies, “Yes”.
Barnabas remarks, “That explains it, then. One of our family
brought in a Reverend Trask from Salem. He resembled you greatly.
Could he have been one of your ancestors?” Trask replies, “Yes.
He was my Great-great grandfather. A most illustrious man. He
disappeared mysterously shortly after leaving Collinsport. No one
knows what happened to him”. Barnabas remarks cryptically, “Yes,
and here we are again!”. Trask, puzzled, asks, “Again? What do you
mean?”, but before Barnabas can answer, Judith comes running
downstairs and shouts, “Jamison! Jamison’s gone!”. Trask calmy
says, “I’m sure we’ll find him, tonight!”
Episode 727
Worldvision Rerun 511
Tape Date: April 1, 1969 (ABC #72-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 8, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Trask is alone in the drawing room, on his knees praying, “I
beseech your help in finding this poor lost lamb. The devil
must be vanquished! The lamb must be cleansed!…” Barnabas
comes in through the front doors into the foyer and hears Trask
praying. He goes into the drawing room and remarks to Trask,
“Perhaps I should have prayed with you”. Trask asks, “You
didn’t find him in the woods?” Barnabas replies, “If I had, I
wouldn’t have brought him to you!” Trask asks, “You have been
against me since I came to this house. Why?” Barnabas replies,
“I don’t trust you”. Trask warns, “Don’t interfere, Mr. Collins.
I will get the boy tonight! Tomorrow night, at the latest! I
know that!” Barnabas asks, “What are you going to do with
Jamison when you get him?” Trask replies, “I’m going to get him
to see the error of his ways!” Quentin comes into the room and
tells Trask, “Judith told me to tell you that both rooms are
ready”. Trask tells Quentin and Barnabas, “When my daughter
Charity comes, have her brought directly to me. She’s a shy
child who’s extremely ill at ease with strangers. I will now
go to my room and meditate” and leaves. Quentin quips, “If
Worthington Hall is as pleasant as its master, then Nora and
Jamison are in for a joyous winter!” Barnabas remarks to Quentin,
in a suspicious tone of voice, “You appear to be remarkably calm for
someone whose only nephew is missing”. Quentin just smiles and says,
“It’s because we Collinses are a remarkably calm lot”. Barnabas
remarks, “Or maybe it’s because you hid him”. Quentin smiles again
and says, “You said that, not me!”. Barnabas replies, “I’m just
glad the boy is safe. Had he come to me, I would have done the same
thing. He must not be sent to that school!” Quentin jokes, “We
mustn’t make a habit of agreeing with one another, Barnabas!”
After Barnabas leaves, Rachel happens to come into the drawing
room. Shocked to see Quentin, she exclaims, “NO!!!!!”. Quentin
responds strangely, laughing, “HAHAHAHAHAHAH! When Barnabas
told me I had carried you off, I said, ‘I told you I had good
taste!'”. Rachel complains, “How can you joke about this?”
Quentin suddenly becomes somber and says, “I was afraid that
every time you looked at me from now on, you would be afraid
of me”. Rachel says, “I don’t understand…” Quentin replies,
“No one does. I was under a spell. Rachel, I’m sorry”. Rachel
tells him, “You weren’t responsible, obviously. You said you were
under a spell. Are you serious?” Quentin replies, “Yes. It was
a spell”. Rachel asks, “Who would put a spell on you? I want to
know!”. Quentin asks, “Why?” Rachel replies, “So many strange
things have been happening to me lately. I think I have an enemy
here. It started the very first night I was here. You told me
no one had been in the tower room for a hundred years, but I saw
lights there. Later, I went there to investigate, and someone
attacked me there”. Quentin suddenly turns to leave. Rachel
asks, “Where are you going?” Quentin replies, “Perhaps the person
I’m looking for is there!” and leaves, obviously thinking that
that is where Judith is hiding Jenny.
As soon as Quentin leaves, there’s a knock on the front door.
Rachel answers it, and a look of pure shock comes onto her
face. A petite, pretty blond woman (Nancy Barrett) is standing
outside, a look of surprise on her face. She exclaims, “Rachel
Drummond!!!” Rachel asks, “Charity! What are you doing here?!”
Charity replies, “More to the point, what are YOU doing here?”
She asks, “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”, then comes in
anyway when Rachel doesn’t say anything. Charity remarks, “I see
you still haven’t conquered that bad habit of not answering
questions promptly. You still haven’t answered my question. What
are you doing here?”, then remarks, “My father will be very
interested to know I’ve found you!” Rachel replies, “I don’t care
what your father thinks. I’m working for the Collinses now!”.
Charity asks, “You haven’t told the Collinses about your past
yet, have you?”, then says, “No, I can see from the expression on
your face you haven’t”. She asks Rachel, “Well, are you going to
take me to my father or not?” Rachel exclaims, “He’s here?!?!
Why?” Charity replies, “He’s here to take the children away
to the school. Something has to be done with them”. At that
moment, Barnabas happens to come down the stairs into the foyer
and, seeing Charity, takes her upstais to Trask as instructed.
Rachel goes into the drawing room, looks out the window, and
thinks to herself, “I can’t just run from here! Not again! If
they’re here, I must face them! But how am I to do that?”
Quentin comes back down and tells Rachel, “Well, no one was
in the tower room. All I found there was a doll’s head with one
eye missing. Whoever was in there has been moved, and I’m going
to find out where to!”
Up in Trask’s room, Charity has told her father that she has
seen Rachel. Trask says, “The lost lamb has been found! You saw
Rachel Drummond in Collinsport?” Charity replies, “No, not in
Collinsport”. Trask asks, “Where, then? Do you know where she
lives?” Rachel replies, “Rachel Drummond is a governess in this
house”. Trask gasps, “In this very house?! We must pray! Rachel
Drummond has been delivered to us!” He and Charity kneel and pray
in thanks to the Lord for delivering Rachel to them.
Barnabas comes back downstairs and finds Rachel in the drawing
room alone. He tells her, “I can tell from your expression that
something is terribly wrong. What is it?” Rachel replies, “You
can’t let Judith send the children to Trask’s school! I went there!
I was about Nora’s age when I was sent there. I had a foster Aunt
who sent me there. It’s a horrible place where children are terribly
mistreated! The Trasks keep the children in constant fear, and keep
them apart from one another to keep them alone and afraid. But I
managed to form a close friendship with a boy named Tim Shaw. But the
Trasks found out about this, and they had Tim locked in a cupboard for
30 days as punishment, and I was beaten and starved, and told never to
speak with Tim again. I was there for another 12 years, and so was
Tim, but the entire time, we didn’t dare to even look at one another”.
Barnabas, incredulous, remarks, “It couldn’t be THAT bad! After
all, it is a successful school, and it couldn’t be as successful
as it is if it were that bad”. Rachel replies, “It is! I know!
I even taught there!”. Barnabas, puzzled, asks, “You taught there
even knowing that it was such a horrible place?” Rachel explains,
“My foster aunt had passed away leaving money to be paid, so Rev.
Trask force me to work as a teacher at the school to work it off”.
Barnabas asks, “They intimidated you that much?” Rachel replies,
“Yes. Until one day Tim Shaw and I…” She pauses, then says,
“escaped. But we left all those poor children there. We couldn’t
help them”. Barnabas says, “You must tell Miss Judith all this!”
Rachel cries. Reverend Trask comes into the drawing room. Seeing
Rachel, he asks, “Tears? Perhaps they are tears of repentance!”
He tells Barnabas, “I’d like to talk to Miss Drummond alone”.
Barnabas replies, “Anything you want to say to her, you can say
with me here”. Trask turns to Rachel and asks, “Are you sure you
want Mr. Collins to hear what I have to say to you?” Rachel
turns to Barnabas and tells him, “I think it would be best if
you left”. Barnabas tells her, “All right. I’ll be in the study
if you need me” and leaves, closing the drawing room doors behind
him. Trask orders Rachel, “Come to me!” Rachel just stands there.
Trask repeats angrily, “COME TO ME!”. Rachel goes to Trask, a
look of terror on her face. Trask remarks, “What beautiful hair
you have! That is what I always remember about you so well!
Whenever I am about to think badly of you, I think of how you
looked that last day I saw you in my office”. He then says,
“You stole money from me!” Rachel retorts, “You owed me that
money! I worked for it!”. Trask replies, “You were not working
for that money. You were working off your debt”. Rachel says,
“I had already worked it off, but you made me sign a paper saying
I owed you more money that I actually did!” Trask growls, “And
that paper will stand in any court!” Rachel vows, “I won’t let
you take the children away!”. Trask tells her, “That man you ran
away with. He’s back at the school working off his debt”. Rachel
exclaims, “I can’t believe that!” Trask says, “I will be in my
room when you change your mind” and leaves.
Upstairs, Trask tells his daughter Charity, “You need not worry.
The lamb. She will return to us! She will return!
After Trask leaves, Barnabas returns and says to Rachel, “There
must be something I could do to help you!” Rachel replies, “You
can do nothing”. Barnabas suggests, “Perhaps when Edward comes
back tomorrow, we could talk to him about this”. Rachel replies,
“I can’t talk to him about it!” Barnabas asks, “Why not?”, but
Rachel just exclaims, “I can’t!”, and runs off crying.
Barnabas goes outside the house, looks up at the bedroom
windows, then turns into a bat and flies up into Charity
Trask’s bedroom, where he turns back into a vampire. Charity
awakens, sees Barnabas and is about to scream, but he bites her.
Episode 728
Worldvision Rerun 512
Tape Date: April 2, 1969 (ABC #73-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 9, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Charity has been bitten. Barnabas asks her, “Are you aware of
what has happened to you?” Charity replies, “Yes”. Barnabas
asks, “Do you have the urge to run from me?” Charity replies,
“No. I feel like I belong to you”. Barnabas tells her, “So you
do. But you will come to me only when I summon you, and you will
tell no one about me”. Charity promises, “I will not fail you”.
Barnabas tells her, “Good night” and leaves.
It is the next morning. Nora is sitting on the fireplace guard,
looking into the fire. Hearing the front door open, she turns to
look and is overjoyed to see that her father Edward has returned.
She rushes out into the foyer to him and exclaims, “I’m so glad
you’ve come back! We were afraid you weren’t going to come back
in time!” Edward asks, “What do you mean?” Nora replies, “Aunt
Judith wants to send us to some school in Rockport! Please stop
her!” Edward tells Nora, “It wasn’t your Aunt Judith’s idea to
send you to that school. It was MY idea. I thought it would be
a good idea to send you away from Collinwood”. Nora asks, “Don’t
you want us here?” Edward replies, “Of course. But Collinwood
is a world of adults. I thought it would be better for you to
be around other children”. Nora protests, “But we like it here
at Collinwood! We like being taught by Rachel! If you send us
away, we’ll both die!” Edward replies, “Don’t be so melodramatic.
Of course you won’t die. We’ll discuss this at dinner with
Jamison”. Nora tells him, “We can’t. Jamison’s run away because
Trask was cruel to him”. Edward remarks, “I had no idea you two
would react like this! I must think about how to find Jamison!
Now you run along and play!”. Nora leaves. Edward goes into
the drawing room and pours himself a drink. After drinking it,
he goes back out into the foyer, where he runs into Charity Trask,
who’s just coming down the stairs. Edward asks her, “Could you tell
me where your father is?” Charity replies, “He’s gone back to the
school. There are some things he has to attend to there”. She
remarks, “You must be worried about Jamison”. Edward replies,
“Not really. I don’t think he’s really run away. He’s probably
just hiding somewhere on the estate”. Charity remarks, “He’s
a strong willed boy. Too strong willed. I’m sure Worthington Hall
would do him some good!” Edward notices that Charity is acting
rather strangely and asks, “Is something the matter?” Charity
replies, “No, it’s just that the light is rather bright in here
and bothers my eyes”. Edward, looking puzzled, remarks, “Bright?
It’s not bright in here; in fact, it’s rather dark”, then tells
Charity, “I’m going into the study to phone your father”, and
leaves. Charity goes outside, where the sunlight bothers her
even more.
Edward goes into his study and finds Quentin going through his
personal papers. Quentin looks up, sees Edward, and says very
nonchalantly, “Oh, Edward, you’re back”. Edward angrily remarks,
“I would have thought you would be out searching for your only
nephew, not in here going through my personal papers!” Quentin
replies, “I’m not worried about Jamison. I’m sure he’ll come
back when you abandon this ridiculous idea of sending him away
to that school”. Edward asks, “What are you looking for in my
papers?” Quentin replies, “Information. But since you’ve returned,
you can tell me the information yourself. Where are you keeping
Jenny?” Edward, shocked that Quentin knows about Jenny, asks, “Who
told you about her?” Quentin replies, “No one”. Edward asks,
“Then how do you know about her?” Quentin tells him, “A lot has
happened since you left!”, and tells him about running into Jenny
at the cottage and being stabbed by her. Edward, looking dubious,
remarks, “I see you’ve made a miraculous recovery”. Quentin
replies, “Yes, miraculous is exactly the word for it. Do you
know that at one point I was declared dead?” Edward exclaims,
“Dead?!”, but Quentin does not explain further, saying, “I’ll
spare you the morbid details. Just tell me where Jenny is so
I can make sure it doesn’t happen again!”, saying he wants to kill
Jenny. Edward refuses to tell Quentin where Jenny is, saying, “I
can’t! Now that you’re no longer married to her, I’ve sworn to
give her my protection! I swear she will never come near you again!”
He refuses to say anymore, saying, “I consider this subject closed!”
Quentin, angry, decides to retaliate by bring up a subject he knows
will hurt Edward and replies, “All right, if you won’t talk about
my wife, let’s talk about yours. Since I’ve come back, you’ve never
asked about her”. Edward angrily replies, “That’s because I don’t
care”. Quentin asks, “Don’t you want to know what we did after she
followed me out of this house and halfway around the world? The
last time I saw her was in Alexandria, Egypt…” Edward reiterates,
“I DON’T CARE! To me, she no longer exists! I don’t want you to
ever mention her again!” Nora comes into the room and asks Edward,
“May I use your desk? I want to draw a picture”. Edward, glaring
at Quentin, replies, “Of course. I was just leaving” and leaves.
Edward is in the drawing room talking on the phone, “I see.
Will you ask him to call Edward Collins as soon as he returns?”,
apparently leaving a message after trying unsucessfully to reach
Trask. Quentin comes into the room and tries to make a bargain
with Edward, “Edward, suppose you and I strike up a bargain.
You tell me where I can find Jenny, and I’ll tell you where you
can find Jamison”. Edward exclaims, “You know where he is?!”
Quentin replies, “Yes. I hid him to keep Judith from sending him
to that school”. Edward exclaims, “HID HIM?!” Quentin says, “Yes,
hid him. You hid Jenny from me”. Edward replies, “It’s not the
same! If you don’t bring Jamison back within the hour, or I’ll call
the authorities and have you charged with kidnapping!” Quentin
says, “All right. You don’t have to tell me where Jenny is.
I’ll find her myself, and when I do, I’m going to kill her!”
After night falls, Barnabas comes to Collinwood and goes
to Edward’s study to look for him, but finds Nora there instead.
He says to Nora, “Good Evening, Nora. I’m looking for your father.
Do you know where he is?” Nora replies, “He was here in this
afternoon”. Barnabas asks, “And you haven’t seen him since
then?” Nora replies, “No, I’ve been sitting here drawing”.
Curious, Barnabas asks, “Since the afternoon? What kind of drawing
could have taken you several hours to draw?” Nora asks, “Would
you like to see it?” Barnabas replies that he would. Nora hands
it to him. Barnabas looks at the picture. It is a picture of a
pyramid with hieroglyphic writing beneath it. Nora asks, “Do you
like it?” Barnabas, looking puzzled, replies, “Yes, but these
symbols here seem to be Egyptian Hieroglyphics”. Nora asks,
“What?” Barnabas explains, “An ancient form of Egyptian writing.
Did you copy them from a book?” Nora replies, “No, they just
came into my head”. Barnabas wonders aloud, “I wonder what they
mean”. Nora replies, “OH! I know what they mean! Would you
like me to tell you? It says my mother is coming back!” Barnabas
says, “Now Nora, you’re playing a joke on me. You couldn’t possibly
know what they mean. This kind of writing is thousands of years
old, older than the pyramids”. Nora insists, “But I do know what
they mean. They mean my mother’s coming back”. Barnabas asks,
“How could you know that?” Nora replies, “I don’t know. I just
do!” She points to some of the symbols and explains, “This one
means mother, and this one means house. It means my mother’s
coming back!” Barnabas asks, “You must miss your mother very much,
don’t you? How long has it been since she left?” Nora replies,
“About a year. But I know she’ll be back!” Barnabas looks up and
sees Edward standing at the door with a furious look on his face.
Edward sends Nora away, then tells Barnabas, “I heard you
asking Nora questions about her mother. I though I had made it
clear to you that you were never to bring up the subject of my
wife!” Barnabas replies, “It was Nora who brought up the subject
of her mother. She showed me this drawing she had made, a drawing
I find curious to say the least…
Nora goes back into the drawing room, sits down by the fireplace,
and stares into the fire again.
Barnabas, having told Edward about what Nora had said about
the drawing, asks, “Does it mean anything to you?” Edward
replies, “Of course not!” Barnabas asks, “But how could the
child know what it says?” Edward replies, “She doesn’t! It’s
just some of the nonsense Quentin’s been filling the children’s
heads with! That’s the reason I wanted to send them away to
school!” Barnabas says, “I wish you’d reconsider sending them
to that school”. Edward tells him, “Jamison’s come out of hiding.
I just had a long talk with him in his room and promised him I’d
think about it for a few days”.
Nora is still looking into the fire in the drawing room. What
sounds like a voice reciting something in some foreign language
seems to start coming from the fire.
Edward and Barnabas come into the foyer. Barnabas says, “I
hope you reconsider your decision about the school carefully”.
Edward asks, “Are you staying for dinner?” Barnabas replies,
“No, I have to see someone in town”, says goodbye, and leaves.
Edward starts up the stairs when suddenly he hears Nora screams,
“NO! NO! PLEASE!” and comes running out of the drawing room into
the foyer. Edward asks, “Nora, what’s the matter?” Nora replies,
“It’s the fire! Something’s inside it! I can hear it! I can
hear it trying to reach me!” Edward tells her, “It’s just an
ordinary fire. You’ve seen it hundreds of times”. Nora screams,
“NO!! PUT IT OUT!” Edward tells her, “You’re just imagining
things. We’ll go in there and I’ll prove it to you. Come in
and look at the fire, and you’ll see it’s nothing but a fire”.
He takes Nora inside. Nora looks into the fire and screams,
“AHHH!” Edward asks, “What is it, Nora?” Nora replies, “In
the fire! I see my mother’s face in the fire!” Floating in the
flames is the image of a woman’s face…
Episode 729
Worldvision Rerun 513
Tape Date: April 3, 1969 (ABC #74-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 10, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

The face disappears. Edward, who’s apparently seen nothing,
asks, “What are you talking about?” Nora replies, “My mother!
I saw her!”. Edward dismisses this as her imagination, “You didn’t
see anyone or anything in that fire!” Nora insists, “I saw her!
I did! What does it mean?” Edward replies, “It means nothing.
Now I want to know why you’re carrying on like this about your
mother. Has Quentin been talking to you about her?” Nora replies,
“No. It’s just a feeling I have that she’s coming back!” Edward
firmly says, “She’s not ever coming back, and I don’t want to hear
any more talk about her! I should have sent you and Jamison to
that school last night!” Nora begs, “No! Please don’t send us
to that school! I promise never to talk about mother again!”
Edward replies, “We’ll see”. Beth appears at the door and says,
“I’m going into town”, and reminds Edward, “You said were goiing to
give me a note to deliver to Mrs. Fillmore”. Edward gives her an
envelope, which she puts into her purse, then leaves, telling Beth,
“Put Nora to bed before you go”.
As Beth takes Nora out of the drawing room, they run into
Quentin. Quentin tells Beth, “I’ve got to talk to you. It’s
urgent”. Beth replies, “I don’t have the time right now. I’ve
got to put Nora to bed, then I have to go into town”. Nora
interrupts, “It’s all right. I can go up to bed myself” and goes
upstairs. Quentin and Beth go into the drawing room. Quentin
remarks, “You amaze me! Nothing ruffles you, even the sight of
someone you thought dead!” Beth explains, “Your sister explained
everything to me”. Quentin tells Beth, “And I also know something
I didn’t know earlier. I know why you’re still here at Collinwood.
Jenny’s still here! Someone should have gotten rid of her long
ago! And I’m going to do it, right after you tell me where she
Nora, walking through the bedroom hallway on her way to her
room, is startled to see a fire suddenly appear in the middle of
floor the hallway. She screams.
Hearing Nora’s screams, Beth comes running out of the drawing
room. Edward comes running out of the study into the foyer.
Both Edward and Beth start running up the stair, but only get
halfway up when Nora comes running out onto the landing screaming,
“Father! There’s a fire upstairs! Outside my room! The whole
hallway’s on fire!!!” Edward exclaims, “GOOD LORD!”
Alone in the drawing room, Quentin notices that Beth has left
her purse on the table with the corner of an envelope sticking out
of it. He takes the envelope out and smiles…
Edward, who has apparently gone up and found no fire, takes
Nora and Beth up into the bedroom hallway and asks Nora, “Now
where is that great fire you were talking about? I suppose one
day you’ll tell me the sky is falling”. Nora insists, “But there
was a fire here!”. Edward points out, “There’s not even the trace
of a fire”, and says, “You must have imagined it”. Beth says, “I’ll
take her to bed”, but Edward tells her, “No, I’ll take her to bed.
You have an errand to run”.
Downstairs, Quentin opens the envelope and finds it is full
of money. He smiles.
Beth returns downstairs and goes into the drawing room to
get her purse. Quentin again demands that she tell him where
Jenny is, but Beth refuses, says, “If you’ll excuse me,
I must go into town”, and takes her purse from the table.
But when she looks inside, she sees that the envelope that
Edward had given her is missing and demands, “Give it to me!”.
Quentin, feigning innocence, asks, “Give you what?” Beth
replies, “The envelope that was in my purse. Don’t play games
with me! I know you took it! Give it to me or I’ll tell your
brother!” Quentin gives the envelope back to her and remarks,
“You were also carrying a lot of money the last time you went
into town. What do you do with it?”. Beth replies, “None of
your business. Now, I’ve got to go into town”, but Quentin
insists, “No, let’s continue our discussion about Jenny”. He
tells Beth, “When I find her, I intend to kill her for trying to
kill me!” Beth, horrified, exclaims, “You can’t! She’s not
responsible for her actions! She’s insane!” She begs Quentin not
to harm Jenny, promising, “I promise you she’ll never get close to
you again!”. Quentin tells Beth, “I’ll promise to stop looking
for Jenny on one condition”. Beth asks, “And what’s that?”
Quentin kisses her and replies, “I want you back, Beth!”
Edward is still with Nora. He asks her, “You’re getting sleepy,
aren’t you?” Nora replies that she is. Edward remarks, “I’m not
surprised. You’ve had more than enough excitement for one day”.
Nora says, “Thank you for sitting up with me”. Edward says,
“Goodnight” and leaves.
The clock in the foyer reads 12 midnight.
Nora is lying in bed asleep. She has a dream. In it, she is
awakened by a knocking at the front doors. She gets up and goes
down into the foyer. There, she sees her father Edward opening
the front door. Standing there is her mother, dressed in a hooded
cloak. Edward angrily shouts at the woman, “YOU! HOW DARE YOU
Nora says to herself, “He sent her away! I’ve go to go and get
her back!” She shouts, “Mother! Come back!” Inside the
drawing room, Edward shouts, “She’s never coming back!” He
laughs maniacally, “HAHAHAHAHAH!”, and starts to tear a newspaper
up. Nora insists, “She will!” Edward continues to tear up the
newspaper. Nora runs out in pursuit of her mother. She finally
catches up with her in the woods and exclaims, “You are here!
You didn’t go away again!” At first, the cloaked figure just
stands there, silent, but then suddenly the cloak becomes
empty and falls to the ground. Back at Collinwood, Edward,
who has by now torn the newspaper into very small pieces,
shouts, “She’s gone forever! She’s never coming back! Never!”
He throws the pieces of newspaper into the air and laughs
maniacally again.
Nora wakes up screaming. Beth comes into the room and asks,
“Nora, what’s wrong?”. Nora exclaims, “She came back, and he
sent her away!” Beth asks, “What are you talking about?”
Nora replies, “My mother! She came back and knocked on the door,
but my father sent her away!” Beth calms her down, telling her,
“No one’s come to the house all night. You were just dreaming”.
Nora insists, “No! It was more than just a dream! It means
she’s coming back! I know it!”. Beth tells Nora, “Lie back
down. You must get some sleep!” Nora lies back down, saying,
“All right, Beth. Good night”.
Quentin goes into the drawing room and tells Edward, “I’d like
to talk to you”. Edward grumpily replies, “All right, but you’d
better make it brief. I’m tired”. Quentin tells Edward, “I wanted
to let you know you can stop worrying about me wanting to harm Jenny.
I’ve decided to stop looking for her. Just make sure she stays away
from me”. Edward asks, “Just what made you change your mind?”
Quentin replies, “I just thought it over and decided not to do
anyting drastic”. Edward looks dubious. Quentin, seeing the
expression on Edward’s face, remarks, “You look cynical”. Edward
says, “It’s just that I know you too well to know you never do
anything without an ulterior motive! I’d like to know what it is!”.
Quentin suggests, “Let’s have a drink”.
Nora, upstairs sleeping in bed, is awakened by a loud knocking
sound. She gets up and leaves her room.
In the drawing room, Quentin and Edward have finished their drinks
and continue talking. Quentin asks, “You still want a full expla-
nation?” Edward replies, “Yes”. Quentin tells him, “Then you’re
going to be disappointed. I’ve told you everything there is to
tell. Think about it. If I hurt Jenny, I’d be in a lot of
trouble”. Edward remarks, “If that’s the truth, then you’ve made
a wise decision for once”. Quentin says, “Thank you”. Edward
remarks, “I just like to give credit where credit is due”. Deep
in conversation, Edward and Quettin do not notice Nora come down
the stairs into the foyer, nor do they seem to notice the loud
knocking at the front door, which only Nora seems to hear. Nora
opens the door and leaves the house. She goes to the spot in the
woods where she caught up with her mother in her dream and calls,
“Mother? Mother, are you here?”. There is no one there. Dis-
appointed, Nora moans, “And I was so sure the dream was going to
come true!” Then she notices the cloak lying exactly where it was
in the dream. She kneels down to get a better look. Suddenly, a
woman’s hand in a black glove touches Nora on the shoulder. Nora
looks up to see who it is. A look of surprise comes onto Nora’s
Episode 730
Worldvision Rerun 514
Tape Date: April 4, 1969 (ABC #75-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 11, 1969 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Nora exclaims, “Mother! I knew you’d be coming back!
I had a dream you would!” Her mother Laura (Diana Millay)
replies, “I had a dream too! I had a dream that you’d be
here!”. Nora remarks, “Maybe now you’re back Father won’t
send us to that awful school in Rockport”. Laura tells
her, “You won’t have to. Go to Collinwood and fetch
Jamison and we three will go away together”, but Nora
refuses to do so, saying, “I don’t want it that way. I
want you to come back to Collinwood so we can live like
a family again”. Laura tells her, “I can’t go back to
Collinwood just yet. There’s something I have to do.
Could you do me a favor? Don’t tell anyone except Jamison
that you saw me. I want my return to be a surprise!”
She gives a piece of jewelry, a scarab, to Nora, saying,
“It’s a good luck charm I got from a land from far, far away”.
Nora takes it and, examining it, finds hieroglyphic writing on
it, and remarks, “It’s just like the writing my father thought
Quentin taught me”. Laura is surprised to learn that Quentin
has returned to Collinwood.
Edward telephones Trask from the phone in the drawing room
and tells him, “I’ve come to a decision. I’ve decided to send
the children to school. You may come pick them up next Monday”.
Jamison, out in the foyer, overhears this and runs up to
Quentin’s room, tells him what he overheard, and begs him
to help him. Quentin tells him, “Since we won’t be able
to change your father’s mind, what we’ll have to do is
to make sure Trask can’t come to pick you up. We’ll play
the ‘game’ with him like we did with Barnabas”. Jamison
reminds him, “But we need something of Trask’s to play the
game”. Quentin tells him, “Trask left a book here last
time he came here”. There’s a knock at the door. It’s
Nora, saying she came looking for Jamison. Quentin tells
Jamison, “I’ll go get everything ready. Meet me at the
cottage in an hour” and leaves.
Nora tells Jamison about seeing Laura. Jamison doesn’t
believe her, saying, “You were probably just dreaming about
her like you always do” and leaves. Nora follows him, trying
to convince him she did see Laura. They end up in the
drawing room. Nora shows Jamison the scarab Laura had
given her to try to prove that she saw her mother. Edward
appears at the doorway, and, hearing his children talking
about their mother – a forbidden subject – becomes angry
and tells them that they’re both confined to their rooms for
the rest of the day as punishment. Jamison protests, “But
I’m going hiking with Quentin in an hour!”, lying about his
plans with Quentin. Edward replies, “That’s too bad. You
won’t be able to go, then”.
Nora and Jamison go upstairs, but Jamison, instead of
going to his room as ordered, goes to Quentin’s room instead.
Nora follows him and begs him, “Please go to your room, or
Father will become angry!”, but Jamison refuses, saying, “I
have to talk to Quentin”. Quentin returns and tells Jamison,
“Glad to see you’re here. I’m ready to play the game now,
but Nora can’t come. The game is for men only”. Jamison
replies, “I won’t be able to play either. Edward has grounded
us”. Quentin notices that Nora is toying with the piece of
jewelry that Laura had give her. Appearing shocked to see it,
he grabs it from her and demands, “Where did you get this from?”
Nora lies, “I found it in the woods”. Quentin goes to his desk,
gets a book, and starts to leaf frantically through it.
Downstairs, there’s a knock at the front door. Edward
answers it and is shocked to find Laura standing there.
He tells her, “I have only one thing to say to you: GOODBYE!
Please leave. You’re not welcome here”, but Laura comes in
anyway. She begs, “I came back to ask you to forgive me
and take me back. I’ve had a miserable time since leaving
you”. Edward replies, “There is no way on Earth I’ll take
you back. If you’re miserable, I’ll give you a sum of
money to let you live less miserably” and leaves to get it.
Quentin asks Nora, “Did you really find scarab? Or did
someone give it to you?” Nora continues to insist, “I found
it”. Quentin rushed down the stair, calling, “Edward!”
He goes into the drawing room, but instead of finding
Edward there, he sees Laura standing there. A look of
complete shock comes onto Quentin’s face, and he exclaims,
“But you’re dead! I saw you die!”
Episode 731
Worldvision Rerun 515
Tape Date: April 7, 1969 (ABC #76-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 14, 1969 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Laura replies, “That’s ridiculous. It’s obvious that I’m
not dead”. Quentin insists, “You’re dead! I saw you die!
In Egypt, burned on a pyre as a sacrifice!” Laura replies,
“It’s obvious I haven’t been burned. Do you see any burn
scars? You were so immersed in the occult then you must
have imagined it”. Edward returns and becomes furious
when he sees Laura and Quentin together, making the
accusation, “You two planned this together!” Quentin denies
this, telling Edward, “There’s nothing I’d like to see more
than for you to send her away”. Edward replies, “That’s
precisely what I’m going to do!”. He gives Laura an envelope
stuffed with money and tells her to leave. Laura gives the
money back to Edward and says, “I am going to stay”. Edward
angrily tells her, “I will allow you to stay! I’ll force you
to leave whether you take the money or not!” Laura remarks,
“That wouldn’t be such a wise thing to do”, and asks Edward,
“May I speak to you in private?”
Edward takes Laura to his study to talk in private. Laura
tells Edward, “If you force me to leave, I’ll make sure you
become the laughingstock of Collinsport”. Edward asks, “What
do you mean?” Laura replies, “I’m sure you didn’t let it
become known that your wife ran off with your own brother.
I’m sure you concocted some story to explain my absence. That I
was recuperating from a serious illness, possibly. If you don’t
allow me to stay, I’ll go back to the Collinsport where I’m
staying and start telling everyone the true story!”. Looking
defeated, Edward tells Laura, “All right. I’ll let you stay –
on one condition. You are to stay in the caretaker’s cottage
and not the main house”. Laura agrees to this condition, and
Edward tells her to go get her luggage at the Collinsport
Inn. Laura leaves to do so. Edward then telephones Trask
and tells him, “I’ve decided not to wait until Monday. I
want you to have the children picked up and taken to the
school immediately!”.
Rachel walks into the drawing room and finds Quentin there.
Seeing that he appears to be upset about something, she asks,
“What’s wrong?” Quentin tells her, “Edward’s wife has returned”.
Rachel asks, “Why should that upset you?” Quentin replies,
“Maybe someday I can tell you about Laura Collins, but right
now, I can’t” and leaves the room.
There’s a knock at the front door. Rachel answers it and
exclaims, “Tim!”, in a very surprised voice. She tells him,
“Trask told me you had returned to the school, but I didn’t
believe him”. Tim (Don Briscoe) replies, “I’m afraid it’s
true. I came to fetch the children”. Rachel, shocked, asks,
“How could you EVER go back to that school?!” Tim replies,
“Trask tracked me down and gave me choice of either going
back to the school or to the police”. Rachel, puzzled, asks,
“The police? What do you mean?” Tim replies, “There’s one
thing I’ve never told you about our escape. When I went into
Trask’s office to steal the money he owed us, Trask’s brother
in law caught me. We fought, and I knocked him out, took
the money, and left. Or so I thought. But when Trask tracked
me down, he told me that his brother-in-law had died from
his injuries, so if he had taken me to the police, it would
have been for murder”.
Quentin is in the cottage, drinking himself half blind.
He continously calls for Angelique to come and help him,
but she doesn’t.
Tim is waiting in the foyer. Rachel comes back from
outside through the front doors and tells him, “I’ve put
the children and the luggage in the carriage. Thanks for
letting me say goodbye to them alone”.
Quentin, in the cottage, continues to drink and call for
Angelique, “I helped you, so you must help me, hear?” He hears
a noise, turns towards the door, and sees a blond woman standing
there. But it is not Angelique. It is Laura. Quentin asks,
“What are you doing here?” Laura replies, “Edward is letting
me stay here”. Quentin goes to her and tells her again, “You’re
dead! I saw you die in Alexandria!!”. Laura again replies, “That’s
ridiculous!” Quentin grabs her by the throat. Laura complains,
“You’re hurting me!” Quentin replies, “I’m going to do much more
then just hurt you! If you’re not dead, you going to be very
soon!” and starts to strangle her.
Episode 732
Worldvision Rerun 516
Tape Date: April 8, 1969 (ABC #77-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 15, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Suddenly, Quentin starts to glow with an eerie light.
In great pain, he releases Laura from his grasp and
asks, “What are you doing to me?!” Laura asks, “What do
you mean?” Quentin shouts, “There’s pain shooting through my
body as if it were on fire!” Laura insists, “I’m not doing
anything!” Quentin says, “You’re doing something! Help me!”
Laura asks, “How do you suggest I help you?” Quentin repeats,
“Stop doing what you’re doing to me!” Laura replies, “I’m
not doing anything! It’s probably gout! You’re probably
reaping the rewards of too rich a life”. Quentin begs, “Please
stop it! I don’t want to die!” Laura angrily replies, “Do you
think I wanted to when the priests dragged me screaming to the
sacrificial altar? ‘Quentin!!”, I cried. ‘Why are you calling
to Quentin for help?’, the priests said, ‘Who do you think
betrayed you in the first place?'” Quentin says, “I had to,
or they would have killed me!” Laura angrily replies, “Well,
the death you ran away from has finally caught up with you
at Collinwood! Goodbye!” and leaves. Quentin collapses to the
floor, unconscious.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Rachel is talking on
the telephone to Trask, “You know that’s not true!…No, Reverend
Trask, please, I don’t want you to talk to Mr. Collins or anyone
else! I just need more time to work things out in my mind!”
Barnabas happens by, and, seeing how Rachel is upset by the
conversation she’s having on the phone, grabs the receiver from
her and hangs up. Rachel moans, “Oh no! Trask will be furious that
I hung up on him!” Barnabas says, “You didn’t hang up on him.
I did. If he upsets you so much, why talk to him?” Rachel
explains, “He’s accusing me of being a thief!” She tells him
how horribly the Trasks treated the children at the school,
how when she was forced to be a teacher there she treated the
children kindly and was reprimanded by the Trasks for being
indulgent, and how she finally could stand it no longer and
ran away, taking some back wages she was owed. She tells him
“But Trask claims the money I took him wasn’t back wages, that he
didn’t owe me any back wages . He’s demanding that I return to
the school, and has added 5 more years to the time he says I
already owe him for the money. I can’t prove he owed me back
wages…” She asks, “Do you think I have any chance against them?”
While Rachel is talking, Barnabas appears to be distracted
by something and has to ask, “What did you say?” Rachel
repeats her last sentence. Barnabas replies, “You’ll never
have to fear them again”. Rachel asks, “Are you all right? You
seem so far away.” Barnabas, still seeming distracted, tells Rachel,
“I have a lot to talk to you about, but I’ll have to talk to
you about it later. Sorry, I must go” and abruptly leaves.
Barnabas goes to the cottage, and finds Anglique, who has
summoned him psychically, there. Angelique complains, “You certainly
took long enough to come”. Barnabas sees Quentin lying on
the floor unconscious and asks, “Is he dead?” Angelique replies,
“He’s very close, Barnabas”. Barnabas protests, “But he’s
not supposed to die this way!” Angelique replies, “He will
die any way I wish. Stop fighting me! You and I belong
with one another! You belong with no other woman, not Rachel
Drummond or anyone else. I want you so much I will kill to
have you!” Barnabas snarls, “You’re always talking about hurting
and killing people! How can I love someone like that?” Angelique
replies, “I’ll be sweet and gentle if that’s how you want your
wife to be. I’ll make a deal with you. Quentin Collins will
not die now, he will continue to live his sordid, scandalous
life if you’ll let me assume my rightful place by your side
as Mrs. Barnabas Collins”. Barnabas asks, “You can make him
well?” Angelique replies, “I did it before”. Barnabas asks,
“Before?” Angelique explains, “That ridiculous Reverend Trask,
it wasn’t his prayers who cured Quentin”. Barnabas asks, “It
was you? Why?” Angelique replies, “It was my way of getting
your attention”, and warns him, “Do you want David Collins to
die? If the possessor dies, the possessed will as well. If
Quentin Collins dies, David Collins will die”. Barnabas
reluctantly says, “So be it. Make Quentin live”, but Angelique
says, “Right now? NO! So you do not go back on your word, you
must first take me to Collinwood and introduce me as your fiancee”.
At Collinwood, Rachel walks into the drawing room and
meets Laura for the first time. She remarks, “I’ve wanted to
meet you for a long time! Too bad it has to be under these
circumstances. The children…” Laura interrupts, “The children?
What about the children? They’re upstairs…” Rachel tells
her, “They’re NOT upstairs! Edward had them taken away to
school! Mrs. Collins, you must get them out of that school!
It’s a horrible place!” Laura angrily shouts, “Edward must must
have done this to prevent me from seeing them!”, becomes furious
and appears to faint into a chair. She prays silently to some
ancient Egyptian god, “Great God Ra, bringer of life, fill my
veins with fire! Without you I cannot live!” An urn with fire
in it appears in Laura’s thoughts.
There’s a knock at the door and Rachel answers. It is
Barnabas, accompanied by Angelique. Rachel exclaims, “Barnabas!
I’ve been waiting to talk to you!”, but then sees Angelique and asks
“Barnabas, aren’t you going to introduce me?” Barnabas tells
Angelique, “Angelique, this is Rachel Drummond”. Angelique looks
around the foyer as if she were seeing it for the first time and
remarks, “In a setting as exquisite as this, things must be done
formally! Please introduce me, Barnabas!” Barnabas, sounding
very reluctant, says, “Rachel, this is Angelique”. Angelique
complains, “She does not know who ‘Angelique’ is. Tell her
who I am!” Barnabas tells Rachel, “Angelique is my fiancee”.
Rachel is shocked. Angelique remarks, “Such a beautiful house”,
and says to Rachel, “Perhaps you could show me around”. Rachel,
devastated, replies, “No, that’s not possible right now. There’s
something I’ve got to do”, excuses herself and leaves. Barnabas
turns to Angelique and says, “Now, Quentin Collins!” Angelique
remarks, “Of course. I almost forgot!”. Barnabas demands,
“Make Quentin Collins rise!” Angelique replies, “I will! I will!”
and leaves.
Barnabas goes out into the garden and finds Rachel sitting
there. She gives a little start. Barnabas asks, “Did I surprise
you?” Rachel replies, “Barnabas, you’re full of surprises. I feel
so foolish thinking we were more than just friends”. Barnabas
replies, “We are more than just friends”. Rachel remarks, “I don’t
think a man who’s just brought his fiancee here should talk like
that”. Barnabas starts to say, “She’s here for a reason…”
Rachel interrupts, “The reason is obvious. You want to marry
her”. Barnabas replies, “Things are not always what they
seem. Just as Trask is always talking about good but is evil.
That is the case here. I wish I could explain, but I can’t
right now. I wish you’d trust me. Do you still trust me?”.
Rachel replies, “I don’t know, Barnabas, I don’t know”.
Angelique returns to the cottage and starts in incantation
over Quentin, “Quentin Collins, return from the borders of death,
return to the land of the living! Return, Quentin, return!”
Quentin regains consciousness and gets up, and exclaims, “She did
it to me!” Angelique asks, “Who?” Quentin replies, “Laura
Collins!” Angelique tells him, “No, I did it!” Quentin asks,
“Why?” Angelique replies, “I was forced to do it by my feelings
for Barnabas”. Quentin asks, “Barnabas Collins? What do you
have to do with Barnabas Collins?” Angelique replies, “I’m
his fiancee. I’m engaged to him”. Quentin remarks, “Aren’t
you a rather strange choice for him?” Angelique, offended,
turns to leave. Quentin shouts, “Wait!”, and grabs her by the
arm. Angelique turns and growls, “Never do that again, or you’ll
find yourself much further that just at the borders of death!”
Quentin tells Angelique, “I need one last favor from you. I want
you to kill Laura Collins for me”. Angelique replies, “You can
easily do that yourself. You have no need of my powers to
do that”, but Quentin tells her, “Laura seems to be more than just
an ordinary human being”. Angelique looks into the air for a
moment, then says, “Yes. No ordinary person could have survived
that fire at Alexandria”. Quentin begs, “Please, Angelique,
help me find the answer!” Angelique stares into the fire and sees
the image of an urn. She tells Quentin, “I see an urn. Inside
the urn is a flame. The flame is life, her life. When the fire
is extinguished, her life will end. Nothing will be left except
darkness, the darkness of death”. Quentin asks, “Where is it?
Tell me!”, but Angelique replies, “You asked for one last favor.
I have just given it to you. That is all I will do. You must
find the urn yourself and extinguish the flame, then you’ll
be rid of Laura Collins”. Quentin gleefully adds, “Forever!”
Episode 733
Worldvision Rerun 517
Tape Date: April 9, 1969 (ABC #78-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 16, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Quentin returns to Collinwood. He sees Laura sitting in the
drawing room, but she does not see him. Quentin quietly sneaks
up the stairs. Laura, in the drawing room, stares into the
fire. A voice appears to come from the fire and speak to her
in a foreign language.
Quentin searches the temporary room where Laura is staying at
Collinwood until the cottage is ready. Laura comes in and
asks, “What do you think you’re doing here?” Quentin, shocked,
does not answer. Laura repeats, “I’m waiting for an answer,
Quentin, what are you doing here?” Quentin lies, “I want those
letters!” Laura asks, “What letters?” Quentin says, “Don’t
try to look innocent, the way you used to when you kissed Edward
good night then came to me. You know what letters. The letters
I sent to you, the letters without a return address, sent..”
Laura interrupts, “…to a post office box in Collinsport. I
don’t have them anymore. I’ve thrown them away. Do you think I’d
keep love letters from YOU?! HAHAHAHAHA!”. Judith, hearing voices
inside Laura’s room, comes in and is furious when she sees Quentin
and Laura together in the room and orders Quentin to leave. Quentin
protests, “But I had family business to conduct with Laura”. Judith
replies, “Any business you have with her can be conducted in the
drawing room!” Quentin leaves. Laura remarks, “Pretty little
Judith, once grandmother’s handmaid, now mistress of Collinwood,
taking charge of everyone, even MY children!” She vows to get
Nora and Jamison back. Judith says, “I didn’t come here to talk
about the children. I came to see how you were feeling”. Laura
replies, “I’m fine. How’s Jenny? I haven’t seen her since I came
back” Judith remarks, “I didn’t think you’d be concerned about her
health”, the lies, “She’s no longer living here. She left shortly
after you did. There was no reason for her to stay here after you
ran off with her husband”. After Judith leaves, Laura opens a part
of the desk and finds the urn there, safe and sound, just as she
had left it.
Quentin goes to the old house and tells Magda, “Laura will
need help moving into the cottage. Offer to help her, and
keep your eyes open for an Egyptian urn among her belongings”.
Quentin returns to Collinwood and runs into Judith in the foyer.
She tells him, “I was not happy to find you in Laura’s room!
I don’t want you to have anything to do with her!” Quentin
replies, “I don’t want to have anything to do with her. As I’ve
already told you, I had family business with her”. Judith,
skeptical, asks, “What kind of family business?” Quentin
replies, “I was trying to get Laura to return some letters I had
written to her that she could use to cause a scandal for Edward”.
Judith asks, “Why would you want to help Edward? You two…have
never gotten along”. Quentin remarks, “Dear sister Judith,
always so proper, always so careful to choose the right words.
‘Never gotten along?’ You mean we hate each other’s guts! Yes,
I hate Edward, but I hate Laura even more!”.
Rachel goes to Laura and asks, “Feeling better?” Laura replies,
“Yes”. Rachel continues, “May I talk to you about something?
You must try to convince your husband not to send the children to
that school! I went there! It’s a horrible place where children
are cruelly mistreated!”, but is surpriseed to fined that Laura
doesn’t seem concerned at all. Laura says, “Excuse me, but I
have a lot of packing to do before moving to the cottage”. Rachel,
shocked at Laura’s lack of concern, says, “Didn’t you hear what
I said? You must get them away from that school! ANYTHING could
happen to them there! They could even die there!” Laura replies,
“Die there?! What an interesting imagination you have!” Rachel,
angered by Laura’s lack of concern about the children, leaves.
There’s a knock at the front door. Rachel answers it. It is
Minerva Trask (Clarice Blackburn), Gregory Trask’s wife. Mrs.
Trask asks Rachel, “Are you ready, Rachel?” Rachel asks, “Ready
for what?” Mrs. Trask replies, “For me to take you back to the
school, of course! The reverend would have come himself to get you,
but he’s not feeling well, the poor man, so he sent me to get
you instead”. Rachel tells Mrs. Trask, “I’m not going back,
so if that’s why you came, your trip was wasted!”. Mrs. Trask
remarks, “Such a pretty girl you are, Rachel. The reverend
always says the pretty are the devil’s playground. We tried to
teach you the best we could, but you turned to thievery…”
Rachel protests, “That money was back wages you owed me!”, but
Mrs. Trask insists, “It was not! A thief! And a murderess as
well!” Rachel, shocked, exclaims, “A murderess? What do you mean?!”
Mrs. Trask tells her, “Let us find a place to talk”.
Magda goes to Laura’s room and offers to help her move.
Downstairs, in the drawing room, Minerva remarks, “That day
you and Tim Shaw ran off, that was the most tragic day Reverend
Trask ever experienced!” Rachel asks, “Why did you call me a
murderess?” Minerva Trask replies, “I consider you an accomplice
in the murder of my brother. Come back with me! Would you rather
come back and spend a few years with people you know, or a great
many years in jail among strangers? Or perhaps even the gallows!
Oh, how that would break Reverend Trask’s heart – as well as your
neck!” Judith comes into the foyer and, seeing Minerva there,
asks her, “How are the children doing?” Minerva replies,
“They’re fine”, and adds, “I’ve come here to hire our most valuable
teacher back”. Judith congratulates Rachel, “How lucky you are
to have found a job so quickly now that you’re services are no
longer needed here with the children gone!” She explains to Mrs.
Trask, “We were only keeping her here for a little while just in
case the children didn’t adjust to the school, but now that it
appears they are, she’s no longer needed here”. Minerva tells
Rachel, “Go up and pack”, adding, “You are returning to the school
at a fortunate time. You will be just in time to see the wedding of
Tim Shaw and my daughter Charity”. REALLY upset now, Rachel goes
up to pack.
When Rachel gets upstairs, she runs into Magda, who’s
coming out of Laura’s room. Magda asks, “Why are you in such
a hurry? What’s the matter?” Rachel replies, “I’ve got to run
away!” Magda jokes, “From what? The police?” Rachel replies,
“YES! They’re accusing me of taking money”. Magda remarks,
“That’s what money is for, jumping from pocket to pocket”. Rachel
explains, “They’re accusing me of being a thief, even of murder!”
Magda asks, “There’s no one to help you?” Rachel replies, “No!
I have no friends here, Barnabas is engaged, and Tim Shaw is
marrying Charity Trask…” Magda takes Rachel’s hand, reads her
palm and says, “The enemy I told you about is now much closer”.
She offers to help, saying, “I know a place where you can hide”.
She asks Rachel, “Are you brave?” Rachel replies, “Not very”.
Magda tells her, “You must be, or you will die!”
Laura goes downstairs and meets Judith and Minerva there.
Judith tells Minerva, “I wonder what’s taking Rachel so long”,
and goes upstairs to see. To make conversation, Minerva tells
Laura, “My daughter is to be married soon. I’m so happy. Isn’t
that every mother’s dream for her daughter?” Laura remarks
cryptically, “Not mine. My dreams for my daughter are somewhat
different”. Judith comes back down and tells Minerva that Rachel
has disappeared.
Magda has taken Rachel to Eagle Hill cemetary. There, she
tells Rachel, “I know a man who has a carriage, but I’ll need money
to arrange transportation for you out of Collinsport”. Rachel
replies, “I don’t have much. Only a few dollars”. Magda looks
at the brooch Rachel is wearing and asks, “Those garnets, are
they real?” Rachel starts to say, “Yes…”, but then exclaims,
“No! I couldn’t do that! It’s the only thing I have that belonged
to my mother!” Magda tells Rachel, “You must! It is the only way!
I cannot arrange transportation for you without money! I could get
20 to 30 dollars for that brooch. That would be enough”. Rachel
reluctantly gives Magda the brooch. Magda then takes Rachel
into the Collins Family Mausoleum. Rachel exclaims, “Here?!
This is the hiding place you were talking about?” Magda replies,
“No, there is a secret room. Only Sandor and I know about it”.
Rachel protests, “I don’t think I can stay here!” Magda replies,
“It will only be for one night! If you don’t, then Trask will
catch you, and you will spend many more nights with him that
are much worse!”. She opens the secret door.
Episode 734
Worldvision Rerun 518
Tape Date: April 10, 1969 (ABC #79-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 15, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Magda and Rachel go into the secret room. Magda tells
Rachel, “I will bring food and water. You will not be comfortable
here, but you will be safe”. Rachel asks, “Bring a lamp, too.”
She wonders aloud, “Who would build a room like this?” Magda
asks, “Would you like me to tell Mr. Barnabas about this?”
Rachel replies, “No. He’s engaged to another woman now”.
Magdsa remarks, “You’ve seen his fiancee, eh? I don’t trust
her either. You are well to be rid of Mr. Barnabas Collins”.
Rachel moans, “Things were so different just a week ago!
The children were safe at Collinwood, Trask hadn’t found me,
and I knew nothing about Barnabas’ fiancee…”
At the school, Tim Shaw is alone in a classroom with Jamison.
He asks Jamison, “Now why did you turn in a blank sheet of paper?
I know you knew some of the spelling words, and the arithmetic
problems weren’t that hard. You must have known some of them!”
Jamison replies, “I don’t like it here, and I don’t like you!
I liked being taught by Rachel at Collinwood!” Trask comes into
the room, sees Tim and Jamison there, and asks Jamison, “Why are
you being kept after class?” Jamison doesn’t answer. Trask
warns him, “If you won’t tell me, Tim will!” Tim lies, “We were
just talking”. Trask sends Jamison away, then says to Tim, “I
hope you have not been lenient with him. You must not be lenient
with children! Children are like animals, but with one important
difference: they can be taught – if you are not lenient with them”.
He then tells Tim Shaw about Rachel’s disappearance and orders him
to go find her. Tim refuses, “Reverend Trask, I will have nothing
to do with bringing Rachel back!”, but Trask continues, “There is
a Mr. Barnabas Collins on the estate. He is a friend of Rachel’s
aned might know where she is. He knows you are a friend of
Rachel’s. If he knows where she is, he might tell you”. Tim
groans, “Isn’t it enough that I’ve agreeed to marry your daughter?”
Trask replies, “She chose to love you”. He reminds Tim, “My
brother-in-law was murdered! Would you like to face a jury for
that murder?” Tim is silent. Trask remarks, “Good. You will
go to Barnabas Collins and tell him you have some money for
Rachel. If he knows where she is, he will then tell you”.
As Trask opens the door to leave the room, he finds Jamison
standing outside the door and angrily says, “You were eavesdropping!
Do you know what we do to eavesdroppers here?” Jamison denies
that he was eavesdropping, saying, “I just came back to the
classroom to get a pen I left here”, but Trask says, “You’re
lying! You were eavesdropping!”. Tim points out, “Sir, his pen
IS on the desk”. Trask angrily tells Tim, “Mind your own business
and do as I ordered you to do!” Tim leaves. Trask tells Jamison,
“Sit down”. Jamison does so. Trask continues, “You know what
I have been doing, Collins? I have been beseeching the maker for
help, for help to know how to teach you. You have never had to
live by rules, have you?” Jamison replies, “No”. Trask continues,
“That is not your fault. But you will have to begin to learn.
I am telling you this to help you understand what I am going to
do”. Jamison, frightened, asks, “What are you going to do?!”
Trask asks, “Have any of the boys told you about how I punish
them?” Jamison replies, “Yes”. Trask continues, “A man needs
time to be alone and contemplate. Do you understand?” Jamison
replies, “I think so”. Trask says, “Good”. He goes to a closet
door, opens in and tells Jamison, “This is the closet the boys
told you about. Go in.”. Jamison shouts, “No! I don’t want to go
in there!” Trask warns him, “There are far worse punishments
than this!” Jamison, frightened, replies, “I’ll go in there”
and goes in. Trask close the door and locks it. Jamison asks,
“How long do I have to stay in here?” Trask replies, “Until
you learn to follow rules!” and leaves the classroom. Jamison
begs for mercy, but Trask is not there to hear him.
Tim arrives outside the door of the old house and knocks.
Magda, inside, shouts through the door, “Who is it?” Tim replies,
“I’d like to speak to Mr. Barnabas Colllin”. Magda, who will not
open the door, replies, “He’s not here!” Tim asks, “Do you know
when he’ll be back?” Magda replies, “He does not tell me where he
goes or when he will be back. Come back tomorrow night”. Tim
asks, “Could he be at Collinwood? I must speak to him about Rachel
Drummond!” At the mention of Rachel’s name, Magda quickly opens
the door and lets Tim in. She asks, “You know Rachel?” Tim
replies, “We taught at school together”. Magda becomes suspicious
upon hearing this and asks, “Did Trask send you?” Tim replies,
“No, I’m a friend of Rachel’s”. Magda, not convinced, tells Tim,
“Mr. Barnabas Collins is no longer a friend of Rachel’s. He does
not know where she is”. Tim says, “You’re not telling the truth!
There must be more than you’re telling me! You let me into the
house as soon as I mentioned the name Rachel Drummond…” He
spies Rachel’s brooch on a table recognizes it, and tells Magda,
“I know you’re lying. That’s Rachel’s. I’ll go to the police
and have you arrested for theft if you don’t tell me the truth”.
Magda, frightened, admits to Tim that she knows where Rachel is,
and explains to him that Rachel gave her the brooch to sell to get
money to arrange for transportation. Tim tells Magda, “You don’t
have to sell the brooch. I came here to help Rachel. I have $50
I can give her, but I’ll have to go back to the school to get it”.
Magda, not knowing anything about Tim, tells him, “You do that.
Meanwhile, I’ll go talk to Rachel to see whethaer I can trust you”.
In the closet at Trask’s school, Jamison thinks to himself,
“I can’t stay in here any longer, I can’t!” He takes a chair
and tries to break the lock with it, but can’t. He then notices a
key hanging on the wall in plain sight and thinks to himself,
“A key! Why would there be a key in here? Why didn’t anyone
else find it? Maybe it’s not to this door”. He takes it, puts
it in the door lock and finds, to his vast surprise, that it does
open the door. He walks out, but his freedom is brief. Trask
immediately grabs him and says, “Now you are going to learn an
important lesson, Collins, a lesson in honor!” Jamison protests,
“I found that key in there!”. Trask replies, “Of course! I put
it in there to test you! You have failed the test and now I must
really punish you!” Luckily for Jamison, at that moment, Tim Shaw
returns and Trask, eager to hear what Tim has learned about Rafhel,
just tells Jamison, “Go to your room! You punishment will begin
tonight. I must meditate to find what form that punishment will
take”. He walks Jamison to the door. As Jamison is about to walk
out, Trask says, “Collins! You did not say good night!”. Jamison
obediently says, “Good night, sir”, and leaves.
Trask goes back to Tim and asks, “Well?” Tim tells Trask,
“Barnabas and Rachel are no longer friends, and he doesn’t know
where she is”. Trask asks, “Who told you that? Mr. Collins?”
Tim replies, “No, the gypsy woman told me”. Trask exclaims,
“You believed her?! And you expect me to believe you? Sit down,
and tell me what happened. The truth!”
Magda goes to the secret room in the mausoleum and tells Rachel
about Tim and asks, “Do you trust him?” Rachel replies, “I did,
but he’s changed so much. I don’t know. But he’s offering money.
That must mean he wants to help me. Yes. Tell him. No one could
have changed that much, no matter what Trask may have done to him.
Tell him, Magda!”
When Tim returns to the old house, Magda takes him to
the mausoleum and tells him how to get into the secret room,
“Turn the knob in the lion’s mouth”. She gives him the brooch,
telling him, “Give it to her. It’s hers” and leaves to arrange
Tim opens the secret door. Rachel, overjoyed to see him,
exclaims, “OH! TIM!”, runs out and hugs him. But then she
hears the mausoleum gate open and looks. It is Trask… He
smiles and says, “Good evening, Miss Drummond!”, his voice
full of menace…
Episode 735
Worldvision Rerun 519
Tape Date: April 11, 1969 (ABC #80-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 18, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Dan Curtis

Trask tells Tim, “Leave us now and go back to the school.
I need to be alone with Rachel so I can come to terms with
her”. Tim reluctantly leaves. Rachel cries. Trask tells
her, “Now, my dear, tears will not move me, only reason will,
calm reason!” He starts praying. Rachel asks, “What are you
going to do with me?” Trask explains, “I am asking the Devine
Being for help, and I think I see my duty now. Oh, Rachel,
you have so much fear of me, but I feel only compassion for
you!” Rachel says, “Then you will let me go back to Collinwood!”
Trask replies, “The children at the school need you. I have
always believed you belonged at Worthington Hall”. Rachel
refuses to go back. Trask remarks, “It is useless to try to
talk to you tonight! You are not rational! The devil has you
in his grasp! We will go now!” Rachel asks, “Where?” Trask
replies, “You have two choices: Worthington Hall, or the police!”
He tells her that Tim has told him that she too was involved in
the murder of his brother-in-law. Trask asks, “Which will it be,
Worthington Hall or the police?”
In her room, Laura lights some candles magically just by
pointing at them. She then calls telepathically to Nora, who’s
at Worthington Hall, “Nora, Nora, you must come to me! I am so
lonely without you and Jamison!”
At Worthington School, Nora hears Laura calling her. Following
the sound of her mother’s voice, she exits her bedroom and goes
downstairs into a room where there is a large fireplace. Laura
tells her, “Look into the fire and you’ll see my face”. Nora
looks into the fire but says, “I can’t see anything”. Laura
tells her, “You’ll have to get closer”. At first, Nora is
frightened and refuses to get closer to the fire, but Laura
eventually manages to convince her to do so. When Nora steps
closer to the fire, she DOES see her mother’s face in it.
Laura tells her, “Come to me, keep walking into the fire…”
Nora, now appearing to be in some sort of trance, starts
to walk into the fire…
But Tim, who’s just walked into the room, sees Nora, grabs
her and pulls her back. He shakes her and she comes out of
the trance.
At Collinwood, the spell now broken, Laura’s candles all
go out.
At Worthington Hall, Nora, puzzled, remarks, “I remember coming
in here, Mr. Shaw, but what was I doing?” Tim replies, “You must
have been sleepwalking”. Nora says, “I saw my mommy!”, but Tim
dismisses it as a dream. They are interrupted by Trask coming into
the room with Rachel. Rachel exclaims, “Nora!” Nora and Rachel,
overjoyed to see one another, hug. Trask looks at Tim and remarks,
“You have something to do, I presume?” Tim leaves. Nora asks Rachel,
“We’re going home, aren’t we? My mother sent you here to take us
back, didn’t she?” Rachel asks to be left alone with Nora. Trask
leaves. Nora again asks, “Didn’t my mother send you here?”
Rachel replies, “In a way”. Nora asks, “What do you mean? Either
she did or she didn’t”. Rachel lies, “Your mother knew I was
coming back to the school to teach. She knew I would take good
care of you and was very happy. She wanted me to tell you that”.
Trask comes back into the room and tells Rachel, “All right, you’ve
had enough time. I will take her up to her room now”. Rachel tells
Trask, “That won’t be necessary. I’ll take Nora up to her room”.
Trask angrily remarks, “I didn’t hear you say ‘Sir'”. Rachel
says, “I’ll take her up to her room, Sir”, but Trask replies,
“No, that would be favoritism, and we do not allow favoritism
here at Worthington Hall! I’ll take her up to her room!” He takes
Nora. When he opens the door, he notices Tim standing outside
and remarks sarcastically to Rachel, “Besides, Tim is here to offer
you his apologies. He’s full of shame!”, then leaves with Nora.
Tim comes into the room. Rachel tells him, “Don’t ever talk to
me again!”, but Tim tries to apologize to her betraying her and
explains why he did it, “Trask was threatening to accuse us both
of the murder. You could have run, but he would have caught you
sooner or later…”
Trask goes into his office, opens a book with a label on the
front cover with the handwritten title, “Punishment Book” and
prepares to write in it when he is interrupted by a knock at the
door. He anwers it. It is Laura Collins. Trask asks, “Who are
you? ” Laura tells him, “I’m Laura Collins, and I’ve come for my
children Jamison and Nora”. She remarks, “And you are the Reverend
Trask, I presume”. She sees the “Punishment Book” lying on the
desk, leafs through it, and says, “Yes, you’re the Reverend Trask,
no doubt of that”. Trask replies, “But you could be anyone! I
have no proof of who you are!” Laura insists she is who she says
she is, but Trask says, “As far as I know, Mrs. Collins is away.
My wife was at Collinwood yesterday afternoon, and she made no
mention of Mrs. Collins coming back”. Laura, exasperated, asks,
“Will you give me the children, or won’t you?” Trask replies,
“I will call Collinwood first and ask Mr. Edward Collins or
Miss Judith Collins to verify your identity”. But when he picks
up the telephone receiver, he immediately drops it, exclaiming,
“It burned me!” But when he picks it up again, he is surprised to
find that it is cool. However, he does not call Collinwood.
Instead, he tells Laura, “What a ridiculous idea! Call Edward
Collins! I have changed my mind. I will not call Collinwood. We
have rules here at Worthington Hall on how things are done! I cannot
let you take the children”. Laura warns him, “That’s not a wise
decision, not wise at all!”, and vows, “My children will not spend
one more night at this school!” and leaves angrily.
Rachel is in the classroom. Nora comes in and excitedly
tells Rachel, “She’s coming for us! My mother is here!” Rachel
asks, “How do you know she’s here? Did you see her through the
window?” Nora replies, “No, I can felt it! Find her for me,
please!” Rachel doesn’t believe her, but to calm Nora down, tells
her, “I’ll go down and check” and leaves. Nora goes to the fire
and says, “Mommy, why can’t I see your face? I you’ve come for
us, let me see you!”
Rachel goes to Trask’s office and asks, “Has Mrs. Collins been
here?” Suspicious, Trask asks, “Mrs. Collins? Must I tell you
everyone I’ve seen? Why do you want to know if she’s been here?”
Rachel re[lies, “Nora thought she was here”. Trask, not believing
her, says, “You’re lying! Have you forgotten everything we taught
you here at Worthington Hall?” Suddenly, Rachel sees smoke coming
from under the door and exclaims, “FIRE!! THE CHILDREN!!!”
In the classroon, Nora is surrounded by flames. She screams,
“Mother! Help me!”
Episode 736
Worldvision Rerun 520
Tape Date: April 14, 1969 (ABC #81-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 21, 1969 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Dan Curtis

Nora notices that her mother Laura is standing in one corner
of the classroom. Laura tells Nora, “I’ve come to take you and
Jamison with me! Come to me, Nora!”, but Nora, terrified of the
flames, says, “I can’t! The flames! Come to me, mommy! Mommy!
Mommy! Help me!” Tim comes running into the room. Covering
himself with a blanket to protect himself from the flames, he
goes and rescues Nora and takes both Nora and Laura out.
Outside, Tim, Laura and Nora watch the entire school become
engulfed in flames. Laura screams, “Jamison! What about Jamison!”
Tim tells her, “He’s all right. Miss Drummond and Trask got all the
children out safely”.
Magda and Quentin are in the drawing room of Collinwood. Magda
tells Quentin, “The urn, it wasn’t in her room”. Quentin replies,
“Then we’ve got to find out where she keeps it!” Magda asks, “If
it’s a personal possession of hers, why wouldn’t she keep it in
her room?” Quentin replies, “Perhaps it’s too valuable for her to
keep in her room”. Magda complains, “Too valuable?! You didn’t
tell me it was valuable!” Quentin tells her, “I wasn’t talking
about monetary value”, and asks, “Have you seen where she goes?”
Magda replies, “She’s only been out twice, once to see the children,
and once to the garden”. Quentin remarks, “She’s different from
the way she used to be”. Magda says, “She seems the same to me”.
Quentin insists, “She’s different”. Magda asks, “How?” Quentin
replies, “You wouldn’t believe me”. Magda asks Quentin about the
urn, but Quentin refuses to tell her anything about it, saying,
“I’m paying you to find the urn, not ask questions about it”,
but Magda asks, “What does the urn contain”. Quentin replies,
“Laura’s very life depends on that urn”. Magda tells Quentin,
“If you intend to hurt her, I won’t help!” Quentin replies, “I
assure you, I only want the urn. I won’t touch a hair on Laura’s
head. I give you my word”. Magda remarks, “Your word is not
always good”. They are interrupted by Tim, Laura and Nora bursting
in through the front doors. Quentin and Madga go out into the
foyer to see what’s wrong. Laura exclaims, “The school burned
down! Trask is staying with the rest of the children in Rockport,
but I insisted on bringing Nora here”. Tim takes Nora upstairs.
Laura goes into the drawing room and asks Magda to bring her
a cup of tea. Magda exits the drawing room. Laura notices
Quentin out in the foyer looking at her, and says, “Would you
mind closing the door as well, Magda?” Magda does so. Quentin
tells Magda, “I don’t want you to let her out of your sight
tonight, Magda! She’s going to go to the urn!” Magda asks,
“How do you know?” Quentin replies, “I told you, Magda! Her
very life depends on that urn!”
Inside the drawing room, Laura goes to the fire and appears
to be starting some sort of ritual, but stops when she hears
noises at the door. She goes to the doors, opens them, and
finds Quentin there, apparently eavesdropping. She demands to
know, “What do you want?” Quentin comes in and replies, “I just
wanted to make sure you were all right. May I offer you a brandy?”
Laura replies, “No, but I appreciate your concern”. Quentin remarks,
“So, Trask’s little schoolhouse burned to the ground”. Laura
replies, “Yes. It was a terrible sight!”. Quentin remarks, “A
rather drastic way to get the children out of the school”. Laura
asks, “What do you mean by that? Are you accusing ME of starting
the fire? That’s ridiculous! The children could have been hurt!”
Quentin replies, “Perhaps you didn’t start the fire, but you must
admit, fire has played a very large part in your life”. Magda
returns with a cup of tea for Laura. Quentin leaves. Magda
recommends to Laura, “You should go to bed and get some rest”.
Laura replies, “I’m all right. I just feel the need for some fresh
air”. Magda asks, “You’re going out at this time of night?” Laura
replies, “Only for a little while, then I’ll retire for the night”.
Tim comes into the room and asks Laura, “May I speak to you for a
minute?”. Laura turns to Magda and asks, “Magda, would you please
excuse us?” Magda leaves. Laura asks Tim, “What do you want to
talk to me about, Tim?” Tim replies, “Something’s been puzzling
me since the fire. How did you get into that room with Nora?
There’s only one way in there, and I should have seen you go pass
the room I was in”. Laura replies, “You must not have noticed me
go by in all that smoke and confusion”, then says, “I’d like to
tell the Reverend Trask about your bravery. When you get back
to Rockport, you must tell him to call me! Goodnight!”. Tim
replies, “Goodnight, Mrs. Collins”, and leaves.
Laura leaves through the front doors. Nora, seeing her,
cries, “MOMMY!”, and follows. Magda, spying from the room under
the stairs, sees them both leaving, comes out into the foyer,
and watches from the front doors. Quentin walks into the foyer,
notices Magda standing at the door, and asks, “What are you
doing?” Magda tells him, “Laura left the house a little while
ago”. Quentin exclaims, “Then why aren’t you following her?!”
Magda replies, “The little girl followed her”. Quentin, not
seeing what this has to do with anything, exclaims, “I’ll go after
them!”, but Magda tells him, “No! If Laura wants to be alone like
you said, then she’ll send the little girl back, then all we have
to do is ask her where her mother went, yes?” Quentin sees her
point and replies, “Yes!”.
Laura goes to the gazebo and lifts a decorative sphere from
its pedestal and takes out the urn, which is hidden in the
pedestal. In the process, she loses a bracelet but doesn’t
notices. Nora arrives and exclaims, “Mommy!”. Laura exclaims,
“Nora!” Nora says, “I waited for you in my room, but you didn’t
come. What are you doing out here?” Laura replies, “I’m looking
for something, something I hid here”. Nora, noticing that Laura
seems to be hiding something behind her back, asks, “Is that what
you’re hiding behind your back?” Laura replies, “Yes”, and shows
it to her. Nora remarks, “But that’s just an urn. Why are you
hiding it?” Laura replies, “That’s a secret”. Nora says, “I like
secrets!” Laura replies, “Tell you what. You go back to your
room, and I’ll tell you the secret later”. Nora asks, “Later? Why
not now?” Laura replies, “There’s something I have to do. I can’t
explain right now. I’ll tell you about it later. Remember, don’t
tell anyone about the urn! It’s a secret!”. Nora says, “I’ll
be waiting for you”, and leaves. Laura opens the urn. Burning
inside is a flame. Laura starts to chant, “Oh, Master, giver of
life, give me the energy I must have to live…”
At the front doors of Collinwood, Magda announces, “The little
girl’s returning!”. Quentin asks, “Is Laura with her?” Magda
replies, “No, she’s alone”. She tells Quentin, “Go into the
drawing room and let me handle this”. Quentin goes into the
drawing room.
Nora arrives back at Collinwood. Magda, feigning anger, remarks,
“Nora! Your mother will be very upset to find out you’ve left
the house!” Nora replies, “No she won’t. I just saw her”. Magda
asks, “Where?” Nora, with childlike innocence, tells Magda exactly
where Laura is, “In the garden. She said she wanted to be alone,
so I came back here…”, Laura having told her not to say anything
about the urn but not having said anything about not telling anyone
where she is. Magda takes Nora upstairs.
Magda and Quentin go to the gazebo. By the time they get
there, Laura has gone. Magda asks, “What if it isn’t here.
What if she took it with her?”, but Quentin confidently replies,
“No, she left it here. All we have to do is find it”. Magda
complains, “It’s a very big place! We could be here all night!”
Quentin asks, “Where did Nora say she saw her mother?” Magda
points over to the celestial sphere and replies, “Over there”.
Quentin goes over to the spot and finds Laura’s bracelet lying on
the ground next to the celestial sphere and picks the bracelet up.
Magda asks, “What did you find?” Quentin replies, “I don’t know
yet”. He checks the celestial sphere. Noticing that it is is loose
and firmly attached to the pillar, he lifts the sphere up, finds
the urn and takes it out. Magda asks, “Is that it?” Quentin replies,
“Yes”. Magda sneers and remarks, “A worthless piece of junk!”
Quentin replies, “No, it’s not a worthless piece of junk. This is
a very valuable thing I have here, Magda. It contains a flame,
but no ordinary flame. This flame is capable of granting life.
But if the flame were snuffed… I wonder how it will happen.
Like this…” He snaps his fingers, “…quickly, or will the
life slowly drain out of her? Well, we’ll see”. He lifts the lid
of the urn, picks up a handful of sand, and starts to put the
flame in the urn out with it, announcing, “Goodbye, Laura”.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Laura screams, “NO!!!

Note: This episode was originally the last episode in Worldvision syndcation
cycle IV, but was moved to the first in cycle V when missing episode 683
was located and added to that package.
Episode 737
Worldvision Rerun 521
Tape Date: April 15, 1969 (ABC #82-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 22, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Dan Curtis

At Collinwood, Judith, hearing Laura’s screams, comes running
into the drawing room. She finds Laura there. Laura appears
to be very, very sick. Judith exclaims, “You need a doctor!”
Laura replies, “I don’t need a doctor!” Judith insists, “But
you must have medical attention!” Laura asks, “Can I have something
hot, some tea?” Judith replies, “I’ll have Beth make you some”
and leaves. Right after Judith leaves, Laura exits the drawing
room and goes out the front door. Judith comes back and is surprised
to find that Laura is gone. Quentin comes into the room. Judith
asks, “Have you seen Laura?” Quentin replies, “No”. Judith tells
him, “Then go out and look for her! She’s ill! She fainted
earlier!” Quentin asks, “If she’s so ill, then how did she
leave?” Judith asks, “How can you be so callous?” Quentin replies,
“Because she’s not ill. I saw her earlier, and she was fine”.
Judith, exasperated, asks, “Are you going to go out and look for
her or not?” Quentin replies, “No. May I ask why you’re so
conerned about her? You always hated her”. Judith replies, “Whatever
her faults may be, she’s still a human being. She did something
you’d never do. She ran into a burning building to save a child.
You’d never do that, coward that you are”, then goes to the phone
and starts calling the doctor. Quentin mutters to himself, “It’s
too late for a doctor. What she needs is an undertaker!”
Laura rushes to the gazebo and lifts the celestial sphere.
She finds that her urn is no longer in the pedestal. Dirk
Wilkins appears. He asks Laura, “Mrs. Collins, are you ill?”
Laura asks, “Who is it?” Dirk replies, “Dirk Wilkins”. He tells
Laura, “I was on my way back to the house and I saw you stumbling
around. You look ill”. Laura asks Dirk to come closer. He does
so, takes a closer look at her, and announces, “You are ill!”
Laura complains, “I’m so cold, so very cold!” Dirk tells her,
“You’ve got to let me take you back to the house!” Laura grabs
Dirk and tells him, “You don’t know it yet, but you’re a very
lucky man to have found me! You’re going to help me!” Dirk
replies, “Mrs. Collins, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
You’d better let me take you back to Collinwood”.
In the drawing room of Collinwood, Judith is talking on the
telephone, apparently to Trask, “Yes, I can imagine how terrifying
it must have been. Thank God all the children are safe!” After
she finishes and hangs up, Quentin asks, “I take it the school
was totally gutted?” Judith replies, “Yes, it burned to the
ground”. Quentin asks, “Does anyone have any idea how the fire
started?” They are interrupted by Dirk returning with Laura.
Quentin starts to act as if he were concerned about Laura.
Judith calls him a hypocrite, but Quentin insists he’s just making
up for his callous behavior earlier and takes Laura up to her room.
Judith asks Dirk, “Where did you find her?” Dirk replies, “I found
her walking in the garden. At first I thought she was drunk, but
then it became clear she was ill”. Judith asks, “What was she
doing in the garden?” Dirk replies, “I don’t think she knew
herself. Mrs. Collins appeared to be delirious when I found her.
She was speaking nonsense”. Judith thanks Dirk for bringing
Laura back.
Quentin puts Laura into her bed and tells her, “Lie there and
rest, Laura. The doctor will be here to take care of you very
soon. How are you feeling?” Laura doesn’t answer. Quentin
asks, “Too ill to talk? I’d like you to tell me what’s happened
to you”. Laura angrily replies, “You know very well what’s wrong!”
Quentin, continuing to feign innocence, says, “I beg your pardon?”
Laura continues, “You’re acting too concerned, Quentin, much too
concerned! YOU did this to me, Quentin!” Quentin replies, “Laura,
I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Laura exclaims, “You’re
trying to kill me!” Quentin replies, “That’s a very serious
allegation. Do you have any proof of that?” Laura vows, “I’ll
find proof! I’ll make you pay for this!” Quentin asks, “How?
You have no energy left. Poor Laura, I pity you!” Laura growls,
“I don’t need your pity!” Quentin replies, “And you won’t get
it! I remember an incident at the cottage. I asked for your
help. You refused. You left me there to die. Now, I do believe
one bad turn deserves another”. He kisses her, says, “Your
lips are ice cold! Goodbye, Laura” and leaves.
As Dirks is about to go out on his rounds of the estate,
Judith tells him, “The doctor has examined Laura and has no idea
what’s wrong with her”.
Laura prays to the fire in the fireplace in her room. She
prays, “Take possession of the young man and save me!”
When Dirk finishes his rounds and comes back into Collinwood,
he finds himself strangely drawn to the fire in the drawing
Upstairs, Laura tells whatever it is she’s praying to,
“He’s by the fireplace now, spellbound by your flames! Take
possession of him!”. She orders Dirk, “Come to me now! Please
come to me!” Downstairs, Dirk starts to speak in Egyptian,
mentioning “Amon Ra”. Upstairs, Laura responds in Egyptian,
then says, “Come to me! I don’t want to die!” Dirk starts up
the stairs.
Dirk goes up into Laura’s room. He finds Laura semi-concious
by the fireplace and takes her to her bed. Laura exclaims, “You
heard my pleas! You’re here!” Looking very puzzled, Dirk says,
“I don’t understand…I don’t know what I’m doing here….”
Laura tells him, “Come closer to me!”, but Dirk, still puzzled,
continues, “I don’t understand. I’ve been saying things in a
foreign language, things I don’t understand…Laura, I shouldn’t
be here”. Laura asks, “Do you want to leave?” Dirk replies,
“No, I want to stay. I want to help you, but I don’t know why”.
Laura announces, “I’m going to die!”. Dirk vehemently insists,
“No! You’re not going to die!” Laura tells him, “You have the
power to save me!” Dirk says, “I don’t know what you’re talking
about! I have no power!” Laura says, “Yes you do! Look deeply
into your soul! Hurry, there’s not much time!” Dirk repeats,
“I don’t know what to do!” Laura repeats, “Look into your soul!
You will see!”, and lapses into unconsciousness. Dirk suddenly
says something in Egyptian over Laura. She regains conciousness
and says, “See! Only you have the power! Only you can save me!”
Dirk says, “No, it’s not possible!” Laura insists, “It IS possible!
Look deeply into your soul! You have the flame of eternal life!
Use your powers! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!”
Episode 738
Worldvision Rerun 522
Tape Date: April 16, 1969 (ABC #83-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 23, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Laura loses consciousness. Dirk puts his hands on her and
says something in Egyptian. Laura regains consciousness and
exclaims, “SEE! YOU DO HAVE THE POWER!”, and tells him to
The clock in the foyer reads 3:00. Quentin, in the foyer,
hears a knock at the front door and answers it. It is Charity
Trask with Jamison. Quentin exuberantly exclaims, “Jamison!”
He then notices that Jamison seems agitated and asks, “Hey, what’s
wrong with you? You’re shaking like a leaf! There’s nothing here
that can hurt you”. Jamison says, “I’ve got to go see my mother!”
Quentin replies, “You can’t”. Jamison asks, “Why not?” Quentin
replies, “Because she’s asleep”, but Jamison insists, “I’ve got
to go see my mother! I’ve got to see that she’s not like she was
in my dream! In my dream, she was dead!”. Charity explains, “He
woke up screaming and insisted I bring him here”. Quentin tells
Jamison, “All right, you’ll be able to see her – later. But first,
go into the kitchen and warm yourself up with a cup of tea”.
Jamison goes into the door under the stairs. After Jamison leaves,
Quentin tells Charity, “There’s something I’ve got to tell you.
Sometimes dreams DO tell us things. The boy’s mother is ill,
very ill”. Charity asks, “Is there anything I can do?” Quentin
replies, “I want you to help prepare Jamison for the sad news.
I want you to help me show him that there are people here who
love him very much”. Charity remarks, “Jamison’s a fortunate
boy to have an uncle who loves him so much”. Quentin replies,
“No, it’s me who’s fortunate to have a nephew who loves me so
much. You see, I’ve done all the things you’ve probably heard
I’ve done. I’ve committed all the sins you’ve just read about.
Jamison is giving me a second chance to be a better person”.
Charity remarks, “You can’t be as bad as you say the way you show
so much concern for Jamison and that poor lady”. Quentin tells
her, “That poor lady is probably dead by now”. But Quentin is quickly
proven wrong. Laura, standing on the landing at the top of the
stairs, announces, “That poor lady is feeling better than ever!”
and laughs. Quentin is puzzled. Charity says, “I don’t understand!”
Laura asks, “What don’t you understand?” Charity replies, “Quentin
said you were very ill”. Laura replies, “There’s nothing wrong
with me!”. Jamison returns from the kitchen and is overjoyed to
see his mother. Laura asks, “What are you doing here?” Jamison
replies, “I had a terrible dream, about you, but Quentin told me
you were all right”. They go into the drawing room to talk. Quentin
angrily says to Charity, “Miss Trask! Why don’t you mind your own
business and let me mind mine?”, then quickly apoligizes for shouting
at her, saying the stress of the situation is causing him to be
rude, but notices that Charity is staring at Barnabas’ portrait.
Quentin remarks, “You seem to be staring at that portrait of my
ancestor. I said I was sorry”. Charity replies, “For what?”,
and leaves out the front door, apparently having been so engrossed
with Barnabas’ portrait that she hadn’t heard a word Quentin said.
In the drawing room, Jamison asks, “I want you to stay with me
at Collinwood forever!”, but Laura replies, “I’d like to, but
I can’t. There’s someone here at Collinwood who hates me”. Jamison
tells her, “Someday, I’ll be master of Collinwood and I’ll be able
to help you”. Laura replies, “But that won’t be for a long time”.
Jamison innocently tells her, “Don’t worry. I’ll get Quentin to help
you”, not knowing she’s talking about Quentin. Laura tells him,
“Go up and get dressed in your nightshirt, then come to my room
later. There’s a great deal I’ve got to talk to you about”.
Barnabas is at a desk in the living room of the old house
writing a letter with an old fashioned dip pen which he dips into
an inkwell periodically. There’s a knock at the front door.
Barnabas answers it. It’s Charity Trask. She tells him, “I hope
you don’t mind me coming here”. Barnabas replies, “Mind you
coming here? Of course not!”. Charity continues, “I’m so ashamed
of myself, but I had to come! There was a fire at the school
tonight. No one was hurt, but the building was completely
destroyed. My father’s life work was totally destroyed. But I
don’t care. It gave me an excuse to come here. You’ve made me
see the world as a beautiful place. Do you have a mirror?”
Barnabas asks, “Why?” Charity replies, “Because in your world,
perhaps I’m beautiful too”. Barnabas tells her, “You need no
mirror. Just look into my eyes”.
Laura takes Dirk to her room. Dirk tells her, “I’ll do anything
for you!” Laura replies, “Then you will ask Ra for the scarab!”.
Dirk asks, “Who’s Ra?” Laura replies, “Our master”. Dirk says,
“I don’t know how to help you”. Laura again tells him, “You will”
and takes him to the fireplace. Laura is right. Dirk once again
somehow knows what to do, chanting into the fire, “Great God Ra,
give us the scarab which will help us fight our enemies!”. A scarab
magically appears. Dirk says, “Thank you, Great Ra, thank you for
sending the scarab”. There’s a knock at the door. Laura asks, “Who
is it?” A voice replies, “Jamison!”. Laura lets him in. Jamison
sees Dirk and remarks to Laura, “I thought you’d be alone”. Laura
replies, “It’s all right. He was just helping me look for something”.
Jamison turns to Dirk and tells him in a rather stern voice, “You
may leave now, Dirk!”. Dirk leaves. Laura, shocked, asks, “How
could you speak to Dirk that way?!” Jamison replies, “Father’s
always telling us how the servants must always be put in their
proper place”. Jamison again tells Laura, “I’ll get Quentin to
help you”, but this time Laura tells him, “Quentin’s the one who’s
trying to hurt me!” Jamison exclaims, “I can’t believe that!”,
but Laura tells him, “The dream you had tonight, that was no dream,
that was a vision!”
At the old house, Barnabas tells Charity, “I’d better take you
back to Collinwood”, but Charity says, “I thought I loved Tim, but
this is so different! It’s like I had no will of my own! Barnabas,
make me happy!”. Barnabas replies, “I will!” and bites her…
At Collinwood, Jamison comes down the stairs into the drawing
room. He remarks to Quentin, who’s there, “Some day, this house
will be mine, and everyone will have to do everything I say, isn’t
that right, Quentin?” Quentin replies, “You’re absolutely right”.
Jamison continues, “You know what I want YOU to do, Quentin?”
Quentin asks, “What?” Jamison replies, “Get out of my sight and
stay out of my sight!” Quentin, shocked, asks, “Why?” Jamison
replies, “Because I hate you!!” Quentin says, “Jamison! You
don’t believe that! You can’t hate me! You couldn’t hate me!”.
Jamison insists, “I do!” Quentin asks, “At least tell me why”.
Jamison replies, “Because you tried to hurt my mother!” Quentin
says, “Did she tell you that? It’s not true!” Jamison insists,
“It is!” Quentin lies, “It isn’t. Sometimes when people are sick,
they say some very strange things, sometimes they accuse people who
are trying to take care of them of trying to hurt them”. Jamison
asks, “What do you mean?” Quentin continues, “You know, like how
you become angry with someone when they try to get you to go to
sleep on time or try to give you some bitter medicine”. Laura comes
down the stairs and tells Jamison to go to bed. Jamison, still
not trusting Quentin, protest, “But he might hurt you!”. Laura
assures him, “I’ll be safe”, and Jamison goes upstairs. Quentin
sarcastically remarks, “What a disgrace, the way you’re trying to
convince him you’re a good mother”. Laura retorts, “And you,
pretending to be a good uncle!”. They get into a heated argument.
Dirk shows up and comes between them. He tells Quentin to leave
Laura alone. Quentin remarks derisively to Laura, “So, this is
what you’ve come down to. One of the servants! You surprise me,
Laura. You’ve always pretended to be such a lady” and leaves.
There’s a knock at the door. Dirk answers it. It is Barnabas
and Charity. Dirk lets them into the foyer and, seeing Charity,
goes upstairs to make a bed ready for her. Laura comes out into
the foyer and says to Barnabas, “So, you’re Barnabas Collins.
I’m Laura Collins”. Barnabas seems rather surprised to see Laura,
so surprised that he doesn’t reply. Laura repeats, “I said, I’m
Laura Collins”. Seeing the surprised look on his face, Laura
asks, “Is something the matter?” Barnabas replies, “No. It’s
just that Edward never told me you were as young and beautiful
as you are” and kisses her hand. Laura says, “Edward wouldn’t.
It’s nice to see that someone’s a gentleman around here. It’s
very late. Good night”, and goes upstairs. Barnabas stands there
with a look of shock on his face. Charity asks, “Barnabas, what’s
the matter?” Barnabas replies, “It can’t be!” Charity asks, “What
can’t be?” Barnabas replies, “That woman! I saw her, I heard her
voice, I touched her hand! But that woman has been dead for over
a hundred years!”
Episode 739
Worldvision Rerun 523
Tape Date: April 17, 1969 (ABC #84-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 24, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas takes Charity into the drawing room and closes the doors
for privacy. Charity exclaims, “Dead?! How could she be? You must
be mistaken!” Barnabas replies, “I’m not mistaken. I can feel that
she is much more than she seems. Help me, Charity, help me find out
the answer to the question ‘Who is Laura Collins'”. Charity tells
Barnabas, “I’m frightened”. Barnabas assures her, “With me here,
you never need to be afraid, ever”. Barnabas opens the drawing room
doors and finds Angelique standing there. Barnabas tries to act
nonchalently, “Oh, there you are, Angelique”. Angelique sees
Charity and says, “Hello, Charity”. Charity asks, “How did you know
my name? We’ve never met”, Angelique replies, “I know the names
of all of Barnabas’ friends. I make a point of that, considering who
I am”. Charity asks, “Who are you?” Angelique replies, “I’m his
fiancee”. Charity, hurt, exclaims, “I feel so ashamed!” and
runs off. Angelique warns Barnabas, “Leave Charity Trask alone!”
Barnabas remarks, “Odd words from the one who made me what I am!”
Angelique continues, “Trask can be a deadly enemy. You should
satisfy yourself with girls at the docks, girls with no names,
and above all, no fathers”. Barnabas replies, “I can handle Trask”.
Angelique tells him, “You’re purpose here is not to handle Trask!
You should not involve yourself with the Trasks. They are not your
affair. Your only reason for coming back to the year 1897 is to
find out what you can about Quentin to help David Collins. You
should stay out of anything not concerned with that. It is very
dangerous to interfere with things in a time not your own”.
Charity has a nightmare. In it, she sees Angelique and asks
her, “What are you doing here?” Angelique replies, “This is a
very special day. It’s your wedding day! I’m here to help you
get dressed, to help you get ready for HIM!” She holds up a veil.
Charity complains, “But it’s BLACK! A wedding veil must not be
black!” Angelique replies, “It must be, when you are marrying the
undead!” The Reverend Trask appears in the dream. He asks, “Who
will give the bride away?” Angelique cheerfully replies, “I will!”.
The Reverend Trask begins the ceremony, “Ashes to ashes, dust to
dust, I hereby consign to the earth from which she came…”
Charity protests, “That’s the wrong ceremony! I’m being married,
not buried!” Trask tells her, “No, you’re being buried”. Charity
insists, “I’m being married! You know that! I’m your daughter!”
Trask replies, “I had a daughter once, but she’s dead”. Charity
exclaims, “I’m not dead!”. Angelique tells her, “You are dead!”
Charity protests, “I’m not dead! I’m alive, and I’m marrying HIM!”.
Angelique asks, “Who? Him?” Barnabas appears. He opens his
mouth, baring his fangs. Angelique laughs. Charity awakens
Charity Trask is sitting up in bed. There’s a knock at the
door. Charity Trask quickly lies back down and pretends to be
asleep. The door opens. Judith comes into the room. She
remarks, “Charity, it’s 4:00 in the afternoon!”, then goes and
pulls the drapes open. Charity shouts, “Don’t do that!!”
Judith says, “You’re awake. How do you feel?” Charity replies,
“The light hurts my eyes, aside from that, I’m all right”. She
tries to get up out of bed, but finds she can’t, collapsing back
into bed. Judith asks, “What is it?” Charity replies, “I’m too
tired, that’s all”. Judith remarks, “No wonder! You shouldn’t
have brought Jamison here! It was too much of a strain after the
fire at the school! I think you should stay in bed until your
father comes!” Charity asks, “My father is coming?” Judith
replies, “Yes”. Judith offers Charity a blanket to cover herself
with, but Charity, seeing that it is black and looks like the
veil from her dream, shrinks from it. Judith is puzzled.
Gregory Trask comes to Collinwood. Angelique opens the door
for him, lets him in, and greets him, “Good Evening, Reverend
Trask”. Trask asks, “Do you know me?” Angelique replies, “By
reputation. I’m Angelique, Barnabas Collins’ fiancee. I’m honored
to finally meet the famous Reverend Trask!” Trask asks, “Are you
and Barnabas Collins to be married soon? There will be a wedding
in my family soon”. Angelique replies, “Yes, I know, your daughter
and one of the teachers at your school”. Trask remarks, “You seem
to know much about us”. Angelique replies, “Yes. And I would
advise you to have the wedding as quickly as possible”. Trask
protests, “But the fire at the school means the wedding will
have to be delayed!” Angelique remarks, “There are many kinds
of fire burning here. I would advise you to watch your daughter.
Excuse me”, and leaves. Judith comes down into the foyer and
takes Trask into the drawing room. She remarks, “The fire must have
been a terrible experience!” Trask replies, “It was, but I will
rebuild!” Judith tells him, “And I will help!” Trask asks, “Help?
How?” Judith replies, “I will allow you to use a small house on
the property as a temporary school, and I will give you money to
build a new one”. Trask exclaims, “That’s too generous!”, but
Judith replies, “Giving money is not too much when you have it to
give”. Trask thanks Judith effusively.
The clock in the foyer reads 7:10. At the old house, Barnabas
awakens and summons Charity, “I need you, Charity! Come! There
is much to be done! Hurry, Charity, hurry!”
At Collinwood, Trask asks for his daughter. Judith tells him
Charity is still in bed. Trask angrily remarks, “Still in bed?!
She knows how I feel about sloth!”, but Judith tells Trask his
daughter Charity seems to be sick. Trask remarks, “That’s strange.
My wife seems to be sick, too, and seems to be getting sicker”.
They go up to see Charity. Outside Charity’s room, Judith tells
Trask, “She seem pale and lethargic, but I’m sure she’ll feel
better when she sees you”, but when they open the door and go
in, they find Charity’s bed empty.
At the old house, Charity goes down into the cellar and
finds Barnabas there rummaging through an old trunk. Barnabas
asks, “How do you feel?” Charity replies, “Fine, I was just
upset to see your fiancee. But I feel elated now, as if something
is going to happen”. Barnabas replies, “Something is about to
happen. We are on the brink of a discovery. I had this old trunk
brought down from the attic. It belonged to Jeremiah Collins.
It’s over 100 years old. Some of the contents have crumbled
away”. He takes out a portrait and continues, “But this has not
crumbled away. It is a portrait of Jeremiah Collins’ first wife,
Laura Stockbridge”. He tells Charity, “Look at it, Charity”.
Charity does so. It looks exactly like Laura Collins. Charity
exclaims, “It’s her! It’s Laura Collins!” Barnabas continues,
“Yes. When I first saw her, she was wearing a bright orange
riding habit. On anyone else, it would have looked garish, but
it suited her. I was ten years old. I thought she was the most
beautiful woman in the world. She looked like a flame riding
towards us. How ironic she would die by fire later”. Charity
exclaims, “A woman who dies by fire, yet shows no scars and lives?!”
and becomes extremently frightened by this, but Barnabas manages to
calm her down, then tells her, “There is a great deal to be done.
We must find out whether Laura Collins is the same person as Laura
Stockbridge, a dead woman”.
In the foyer at Collinwood, Trask fumes, wondering where
Charity is. Judith remarks, “She’s been under a great deal
of stress”, but Trask says, “That would be the easy thing to
believe, but I don’t believe that! Each of us has evil in
us, waiting to be let out. That’s why I am so relentless in
my persuit of evil. Angelique said a curious thing to me
earlier. She said I should watch my daughter. Perhaps all
these years, evil has been lurking inside her!” Judith
tells Trask, “Perhaps she just went for a walk”. Trask replies,
“No, she knew I’d be coming”. Judith tells Trask, “I’ll have
Dirk go look for her”. Trask replies, “There’s no need. There
she is”. Judith looks and sees that Charity has just come in
through the front doors. Trask asks his daughter, “Where have
been and what have you been doing? You’d better have a good
explanation!” Charity starts to say, “I…”, but then loses
conciousness and collapses onto the floor. Trask sees the
bite marks on her throat…
Episode 740
Worldvision Rerun 524
Tape Date: April 18, 1969 (ABC #85-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 25, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

It is the next day. Dusk is about to fall. Magda is packing
around nervously in the living room of the old house. Finally,
Barnabas arises and comes up from the cellar. Magda remarks,
“You took my Sandor from me! I should let them come and find
you!”. Barnabas, puzzled, asks, “What are you talking about?”
Magda replies, “You should have satisfied yourself with those
girls on the docks! But Charity Trask! They have found the
marks on her neck, YOUR marks!” Barnabas asks, “Who has found
them?” Magda replies, “Her father!” Barnabas asks, “What did
they do?” Magda replies, “They sent for a doctor”. Barnabas
asks, “And what did the doctor say?” Magda tells him, “He said
she was attacked by a wild animal”. Barnabas remarks, “Then
we have nothing to worry about”, but Magda warns him, “They do not
believe that. They will question her!”. Barnabas confidently
assures Magda, “She will say nothing”. Magda says, “But what if
she does? They will come here for you! And we have been helping
you!” Barnabas points out, “And you’re being paid for it!”.
Magda complains, “Not enough! You took my Sandor!” Barnabas
promises Magda that they’ll be well rewarded for their services.
Magda again warns Barnabas, “They will come for you”. Barnabas
replies, “Yes. We must hurry. Go to Laura and keep her occupied”.
He shows Magda the portrait of Laura Stockbridge. Magda asks
“When did she have that painted?”. Barnabas explains to Magda
that the portrait is of Laura Stockbridge, who died over a hundred
years ago. I used to talk to her in this very room!” Sandor comes.
Barnabas orders Magda to go. She remarks caustically to Sandor,
“Your master has something for you to do!”, and leaves. Sandor
asks Barnabas, “What do you want me to do?” Barnabas tells him,
“I want you to go to the cemetary and look for a gravestone
marked ‘Laura Stockbridge Collins, died 1785″. He thinks for a
bit, then says, “No! I remember now! She was buried in a crypt
near the old meeting house. Look there! I must find the truth
about Laura Collins! I have the feeling she will obstruct me
unless I find out!”
Edward happens to run into Laura on the stairs at Collinwood
and angrily asks, “Why are you still here?”. Laura remarks,
“Doesn’t it take a great deal of energy to keep hating me? Perhaps
it’s to keep yourself from feeling something else for me. Love…”
Edward vehemently denies this and reminds her, “You agreed to
a stipulation if I allowed you to live here at Collinwood. You
agreed to move into the cottage. Why are you still here? I want
you to move into the cottage immediately!” There is a knock at
the front door. Edward answers it. It is Magda. Edward says,
“Good! You are to help Mrs. Collins move into the cottage
tonight. There! That’s settled!”
Sandor finds a placque in the tomb bearing the inscription
“Laura Stockbridge Collins who died in 1785”.
Magda cleans the cottage for Laura as Laura looks on. Laura
remarks, “Quentin is going to be hate me being here as much as I
do! He’s going to have to find another place for his rendezvous”.
She tells Magda, “Magda, I want you to get everything that belongs
to Quentin, put them in a box, and return them to him. I don’t want
anything here that reminds me of him!” She remarks, “I wonder who
he’s romancing now. That pretty governess? Beth?” Magda, gathering
up Quentin’s things as instructed, happens to find a deck of Tarot
Cards in a desk drawer. Laura asks, “Did you teach him to read
those? No one but me know how obsessed with the occult he is!”
Magda next pulls a knitted doll out of the drawer. Laura remarks,
“A doll without pins! How odd!” Magda remarks, “Perhaps it is of
you”. Laura replies, “No, he’s already done everything to me that
he can. Soon, I will return the favor!” She asks Magda to read
the Tarot Cards for her, saying, “All I want is a sign that the
children will come with me!” Magda asks, “Will Quentin be going
with you?” Laura replies, “No, I have other plans for Quentin.
Read the cards and tell me if I’ll be successful!” Magda deals
the cards. The death card is prominent. Not liking this, Laura
complains, “You must not have shuffled the cards enough!” Magda
shuffles the cards very thoroughly several times and asks rhetoric-
ally, “Is that enough?”, then deals the cards again. Again,
the death card is at the center of the array. Laura says, “Death
again! It can’t be!”, but then thinks about it, smiles and
says, “Yes! A death in this house! How appropriate that it
happen here, right here in his sanctuary! Tell me when this death
will occur!”, obviously thinking that the cards refer to Quentin’s
death. Magda deals a few more cards and says, “The death has already
occured”. Laura angrily, tells Magda, “That’s ridiculous! You’ve
obviously lost your touch, Magda. You have no second sight left!
Put away those cards and clean the cottage!”
Edward goes to the old house to see Barnabas. He seems
very nervous. He tells Barnabas, “I came here to ask a favor
from you. Judith has asked Reverend Trask to move his school
onto the property. I’d rather she not do this. I want to keep
the children as far away from Laura as possible”. Barnabas asks,
“How much do you know about Laura?” Edward remarks, “You found
her beautiful and charming, I suppose”. Barnabas replies, “Yes,
but I’m far too old to be affected by first impressions”. Edward
tells Barnabas the truth about Laura, “Laura ran off with Quentin”.
Barnabas remarks, “Quentin can be very charming”. Edward replies,
“Only if you don’t look too much beneath the surface”. Barnabas
again asks, “What do you know about Laura’s past?” Edward replies,
“Not much. She never liked to talk about her family”. Barnabas,
surprised, asks, “Surely you must at least know where she was born!”
Edward replies, “She says she was born in New York and attended a
certain eastern college”. Noting the expression on Edward’s face,
Barnabas remarks, “But you don’t believe her”. Edward replies,
“No. She had also mentioned that she had an aunt who lived somewhere
in the midwest. After Laura had run off with Quentin, for reasons of
my own, I had wanted to contact this aunt. I thought perhaps the
college Laura had said she had attended might have this aunt’s address
among Laura’s records, but when I called them, they said they had no
record of a Laura Murdoch having ever attended there”. He asks for
Barnabas’ help in persuading Judith not to let Trask use Collins
property as his school, saying, “She respects you. Tell her
you don’t think it would be a good idea to have the school here”.
Barnabas promises to try. Sandor returns, looking very excited.
Barnabas tells him, “I’ll see you later”. Edward tells Barnabas,
“I dreaded coming here. I thought it would all be so embarrassing,
but it hasn’t. Thank you, Barnabas”, and leaves. Sandor tells
Barnabas, “I’ve found it!”, and is anxious to take him there, but
Barnabas picks up the portrait of Laura Stockbridge and says,
“That can wait. I must pay a visit to an old friend first!”
Barnabas goes to the cottage and gives Laura Collins a
portrait wrapped in a light-blue cloth (as all portraits
on DS seem to be!). He tells Laura, “I heard you’d be here,
so I brought you a gift”, and gives her the covered portrait.
Laura exclaims, “A painting! These walls could certainly use
some decorating!” Barnabas continues, “I found it at the old house.
I’m sure you’ll find it interesting”. Laura opens it and is
surprised to find what looks like a portrait of herself. She
exclaims, “Magda! Look at this! I could have sat for it myself!”
Barnabas remarks, “Yes, but it’s over 100 years old. I found it in
an old trunk”. He adds, “You must have had a relative living here
at Collinwood at that time”. Laura tries to pretend that she thinks
it doesn’t look that much like her, “The more I look at it, the
less I think it looks like me. Look at that chin. My chin isn’t
that pointed”. But Madga disagrees, “It looks just like you to me”.
Laura tries to dismiss the whole thing by joking, “Next, you’ll
be saying she and I are the same person!” Barnabas leaves.
Barnabas and Sandor are in a crypt, opening Laura Stockbridge’s
tomb. The crypt is filled with the sound of Sandor’s hammering.
At the cottage, Laura can psychically hear the hammering
sound, but doesn’t know what’s causing it and thinks it’s
Magda hammering something. But Magda comes out of the
bedroom and tells her, “It’s ready”. Laura asks, “What are
you doing in there?” Magda replies, “Just making the bed”.
Laura asks, “What’s causing that hammering sound, then?”
Magda replies, “I hear no hammering sound”. Laura says,
“You must! It’s quite loud. It sounds like a hammer chipping
stone”. Laura listens intently to the sound for a little while,
gets a horrified look on her face and screams, “Oh no!”. Magda
asks, “What’s the matter?”, but Laura just screams, “Leave me
alone!”, and runs out the door.
Barnabas and Sandor finally get Laura Stockbridge’s coffin out
of the wall. They start to open it…
Episode 741
Worldvision Rerun 525
Tape Date: April 21, 1969 (ABC #86-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 28, 1969 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

At the cottage, Quentin comes and asks Magda where Laura
is, “Where is the mysterious Laura, Magda? Is she with Dirk?”
Magda replies, “No”. Quentin remarks, “I wonder what would
make her leave the night she moved in. When did she leave?”
Magda tells him, “About half an hour ago. She just ran out
Barnabas and Sandor open the coffin. It is empty. Laura,
who has arrived, is spying on them from around the corner.
Barnabas feels her presence and says to Sandor, “Be quiet!
Someone’s here!” Hearing this, Laura flees. Barnabas tells
Sandor, “I don’t feel her presence anymore”. Sandor tries
to offer some plausible explanations for the empty coffin,
suggesting graverobbing. But Barnabas replies, “No, the
reason it’s empty is that the woman who was buried here is
now at Collinwood”. Sandor protests, “But Laura Collins is
no ghost! I’ve seen ghosts. They don’t breathe, they don’t
eat!” Barnabas reminds him, “But I’ve already told you this
woman lived when I was a boy!”. Sandor suggests, “Perhaps
this woman is her descendent”, but Barnabas tells him, “Laura
Stockbridge Collins never had any children”. Barnabas pauses
for a moment, then remarks, “Strange. I don’t remember how she
died”. He looks through some crypt records and finds the entry,
“Laura Stockbridge Collins, died January 25, 1785. Cause of death,
fire”. He wonders, “Fire! How could I have forgotten THAT?”,
then wonders aloud, “How can I discover the truth? I know!
Quentin can tell me! He can tell me what happened when they
went away together!” Sandor asks, “You mean to Alexandria?”
Barnabas asks, “How do you know they went to Alexandria?”
Sandor explains, “Jamison once asked me if I had ever been to
Alexandria. He said his uncle Quentin had been there”.
Laura returns to the cottage. Magda asks, “Anything you want
me to do before I leave?” Laura replies, “Get that portrait and
put it in the fire!” Magda says, “If you don’t want it, I will
bring it to the old house. It might be valuable”, but Laura
insists, “No! Burn it!” Magda asks, “What if Barnabas asks
about it?” Laura replies, “If he does, I’ll just say I misplaced
it. Understand?” Magda replies, “No, I do not”, but Laura
orders her, “Burn it!”. Magda does as instructed, and Laura seems
to feel energized and exhilarated as it burns, saying over and
over again, “It’s been so long! It’s been so long!”
Barnabas returns to Collinwood. The clock in the foyer shows
5:30 AM (!!). Barnabas sees a cabled message on the foyer table
and notices that it addressed to Quentin. He sees where it is
from and exclaims, “Alexandria!” Quentin comes walking into the
drawing room. Barnabas asks, “What do you know about Laura Collins?
What did you two do in Alexandria?” Quentin denies ever having been
in Alexandria. Barnabas shows him the cable and says, “Here is a
cable for you from Alexandria. Perhaps it will refresh your memory”.
Quentin looks at the cable, remains silent for a long time, then
finally explains, “Well, you know, two and two do not always add
up to four. This is from an old friend. He’s rich enough to
devote his life to travel. Right now, he’s in Egypt”. Barnabas
remarks, “What a coincidence”, in a tone of voice that indicates
he doesn’t believe this explanation. Quentin asks, “Why are you
so interested in Laura Collins anyway?” Barnabas replies, “I’m
interested in everyone I know”. The clock strikes. Irritated by
Barnabas’ prying, Quentin decides turns the tables on him and asks
Barnabas about HIS mysterious life, “What if I decided to find out
everything about YOU? I don’t know anything about you. I don’t
even know what business you’re in”. Barnabas replies, “I am in
investment”. Quentin asks, “Is that why go to Bangor every day?”.
Barnabas replies, “Yes. I have some investments there”. Quentin
asks, “Are you going there today? It just so happens that I have
to go to Bangor today. Why don’t we ride up together?” Barnabas
replies, “I don’t have to go today”. Quentin asks, “Let’s have
have breakfast together, then. Cook will prepare us a marvelous
breakfast”. Barnabas replies, “I never eat breakfast”. Quentin,
not to be denied, asks, “If you’re not going to Bangor today,
let’s have lunch, then. You do eat lunch, don’t you?” Dawn
rapidly approaching, Barnabas starts to get agitated. Quentin,
noticing this, asks, “What’s the matter? Why are you so anxious
to leave?”
Magda and Sandor arrive outside the doors of Collinwood.
Magda complains to Sandor, “You worry more about him that you do
about me!”. Sandor says, “It’s almost dawn! He should have been
back by now! Something must have happened, I know it!” They go
inside and find Quentin delaying Barnabas. Sandor tells Barnabas,
“A messenger has just arrived at the old house with an urgent message
for you. You must return to the old house immediately”. Barnabas
takes Magda aside and tells her, “Keep Quentin occupied and make
sure he does not follow”. Barnabas and Quentin leave while Magda
talks with Quentin. Inside the drawing room, Magda tells Quentin,
“Laura has returned to the cottage”. Quentin remarks, “You’re
playing us off one another, aren’t you? You’re just like me,
but you play for pennies. I play for the whole thing”. He opens
the cable, reads it, and exclaims, “I knew it! I knew I was right!
I knew it!”. Magda asks, “What are you talking about?”, but Quentin,
too excited to answer, just keeps talking to himself, “I knew it!
But what am I going to do about it now?” Magda again asks, “What
is it, Quentin?” Quentin lies, “Nothing, nothing”, then asks
Magda, “Has Laura changed from the way she was when she was here
before?” Magda replies, “She still likes to order me around”.
Quentin asks, “But has she changed?” Magda replies, “She’s more
anxious about the children. She never cared about them before”.
Quentin says, “You’ve got to be honest with me, Magda. Does
Laura have any powers?” Magda replies, “She possesses a certain
sensitivity, but she has no powers”. Quentin asks, “Are you
positive?” Magda replies, “Yes. She asked me to read the cards
for her. She would not have asked me to do that if she has any
powers. She has no powers. Don’t worry, Quentin. You are safe.
You can safely do whatever you are planning to do”.
Quentin goes to the cottage. He finds Laura sitting by the
fire and remarks, “My, what a pretty picture”. Laura complains,
“It’s very late, Quentin”. Quentin replies, “We’ve been here
much later before”, and asks, “Laura, why have you come back here?”
Laura replies, “I came back for the children. I need the children,
Quentin”. Quentin asks, “What would you take in their place?
Money?” Laura laughs, knowing Quentin has no money. Quentin,
irritated, says, “I’m serious! I’ll steal the money if I have
to!”, but Laura tells him, “All I want is the children. Is that
so very difficult for you to accept?” Quentin asks, “Why do you
want them?” Laura replies, “I know what would happen to them
if they stayed here. Jamison’s the heir. You’d ruin him, you’d
do anything to get his money”. Quentin remarks, “At least he’d
be alive if he stayed here”. Laura, looking very irritated,
says, “You’re not starting that again, are you, Quentin?”, and mocks
him, ‘Laura Collins died in a fire…'” Quentin replies, “I have
proof this time! I have this paper from Alexandria. It’s a
cable from the police there”. He reads it aloud, “In reply to
your inquiry of April 27. Police records confirm that Laura
Murdoch Collins died by fire on March 7, 1896. Death certificate
Episode 742
Worldvision Rerun 526
Tape Date: April 22, 1969 (ABC #87-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 29, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Nancy Barrett:
“The influence and the effects of supernatural forces have been felt
by all who live in and near the great house of Collinwood. Two men,
Quentin Collins and Barnabas Collins, have been trying to solve the
mysterious past of a woman recently returned to the estate.
Each man knows there is a connection between Laura Collins and a
frightening supernatural power.”

Quentin tells Laura, “So you see, I know! I know all about you
and I have the proof right here!” Laura asks, “Proof of what?”
Quentin replies, “Proof that you’re dead!”. Laura laughs and
says, “I’m seeing a side of you I’ve never seen before! This
sheer persistance, just to prove…” She pauses, then says,
“just how stupid you are! Go ahead! Show your cable to anyone
you want!” Quentin insists, “It’s proof that what I said happened
in Alexandria happened!” Laura retorts, “I’m all the proof I
need to show anyone that I’m obviously alive! Now please leave!”
Quentin vows, “I’ll find out the truth if it’s the last thing
I do!”. Dirk Wilkins comes in and warns Quentin to stop harassing
Laura. Quentin leaves, mockingly referring to Dirk as, “Laura’s
lov… I mean servant”. Dirk asks, “He was threatening you,
wasn’t he?” Laura replies, “His threats are all hollow”. Dirk
insists, “He’s a dangerous man. What if I hadn’t come”. Laura
tells Dirk, “You’re here because I sent for you”. Dirk remarks,
“I like being here. I’ve never felt this way before. I want
to stay here with you”. Laura replies, “But you have your duties
to perform at Collinwood. We’ll see each other tonight”.
Charity Trask is in the foyer at Collinwood, ready to go into
town. Dirk comes into the foyer and tells her, “I have the
carriage down by the gate”. Charity thanks him, “It’s very kind
of you to give me a ride into town”.
At the Old House, Barnabas awakens and summons Charity, “Charity!
Charity! you will hear my voice, you will leave Collinwood now
and you will come to me! Now, Charity, I need you now!”
At Collinwood, Charity and Dirk are outside the front door.
Charity hears Barnabas calling her, “Come to me, Charity, come
to me!”. Dirk, noticing that Charity seems to be acting strangely,
asks, “Miss Trask, are you all right?” Charity replies, “Yes”.
Dirk tells her, “We’d better get going, then”, but Charity replies,
“No, I forgot a book I wanted to bring with me. Could you get it
for me? It’s inside, on the table near the stairs”. Dirk goes
back inside to do as instructed. Finding no book there, he
goes back outside and starts to say, “Miss Trask, there’s no book
there…”, but finds that Charity is gone…
Charity arrives at the old house. Barnabas welcomes her,
“Come in, my dear”, but Charity tells him, “No, I musn’t be here
tonight”. Barnabas orders, “Come in, Charity!” Charity comes
in as instructed, but explains, “My father is waiting for me in
town. He’ll be expecting me”. Barnabas tells her, “I need you
more than he does tonight. There’s something I need your help
with”. Charity begs, “Please let me go! I don’t want to be
here tonight! I want to go into town!”, but Barnabas replies,
“You must stay”, and bites her.
Barnabas asks Charity, “What would you like to do now, Charity?”
Charity replies, “Stay here with you, Barnabas”. Barnabas remarks,
“Good”. Charity asks, “What is it you want me to do?” Barnabas
asks, “Do you believe in spirits?” Charity replies, “Father says
there are evil spirits that influence people”. Barnabas remarks,
“For once, your father and I agree on something”, then asks,
“Remember the portrait I showed you the other night of Laura
Stockbridge Collins? We opened her grave. She’s not there.
Somewhere, Laura Stockbridge Collins is at large, and tonight,
I’m going to try to contact her”. Charity asks, “Why do you need
me?” Barnabas replies, “I have a plan to solve the mystery of the
Laura Collins at Collinwood. I need you as a witness”. Charity
asks, “What are you planning?” Barnabas replies, “I need to get
something from Collinwood first. You will wait for me here” and
In Quentin’s room at Collinwood, Quentin and Beth are making
out. Beth tells Quentin, “I’d better go. I’ve been here too
long. There might be questions if I’m away too long”. Quentin
asks, “And if there are? Why don’t you just tell them we’re
in love?” Beth replies, “It can be nothing more than a very
superficial love as long as you’re still married to Jenny”.
Quentin protests, “But Jenny’s mad”. Beth replies, “But you’re
still married to her”. Quentin promises, “I’ll have the marriage
annulled”. Beth asks, “Is that possible?” Quentin replies, “With
Collins money, everything’s possible. But we must approach Judith
at just the right time. Let’s let her see us together. Let her
suspect. Then when her suspicions are confirmed, she’ll feel a
great sense of triumph. She’s always easier to deal with then”.
They leave. Unknown to them, Barnabas, in the form of a bat, has
been fluttering outside the window watching them. As soon as
Beth and Quentin leave, Barnabas materializes in the room.
Beth and Quentin have been wandering around the house trying
to “accidently” run into Judith, but have not been able to find
her. In the foyer, Quentin complains, “When you’re trying to
attract Judith’s suspicion, you can’t”, then tells Beth, “I’m
going out for a walk”, and leaves. They have, however, managed
to catch someone else’s attention. Beth notices that Dirk has
been watching. She asks, “Is it time for another of your lectures
on how I shouldn’t be seeing Quentin?” Dirk replies, “No. It’s
your life. You can throw it away any way you choose”.
Beth goes back up to Quentin’s room and catches Barnabas there
looking through a book. She asks, “Mr. Collins! What are you doing
in here?” Barnabas lies, “I came to see Cousin Quentin”. Beth
tells him, “He’s not in the house at the moment”. Barnabas tells
Beth, “I was fascinated by this old and rare volume. I’d like
to borrow it. I’m sure Quentin won’t mind. I’ll leave a note,
of course”. Beth replies, “That won’t be neccessary. I’ll tell
Quentin ALL ABOUT your visit”.
When Quentin returns, Beth tells him about Barnabas’ visit.
He asks her, “Do you know what book he took?” Beth replies,
“No, I only saw one word of the title – ‘Dead'”. Quentin asks,
“Was Barnabas by the bookcase or by my desk?” Beth answers,
“The desk”. Quentin mutters, “The Egyptian Book of the Dead.
I wonder why he would want that”. He turns to leave. Beth asks,
“Where are you going?” Quentin replies, “To the old house to
visit Cousin Barnabas!”
At the old house, Barnabas locks the doors, explaining to
Charity, “Quentin might come, and I don’t want to be disturbed
by him”. He then shows her the book he took from Quentin’s room
and tells her, “I had to go to Collinwood to get this from Quentin’s
room. It’s the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I believe there’s a
curious connection between Quentin, Laura and the Egyptian occult”.
Charity asks, “Why?” Barnabas explains, “Just before Laura
returned, one of the children had drawn a picture of a pyramid
with Egyptian writing below it which she claimed said her mother
would be coming back. Quentin and Laura have spent a lot of time
in Egypt. And Quentin had this book in his room. These are
suspicious coincidences, and I intend to find out the truth”.
Charity asks, “What are you going to do?” Barnabas replies, “I’m
going to perform one of the rituals from the book”. Charity tells
him, “I’m frightened!”, but Barnabas assures her, “You needn’t be.
If anyone’s in danger, I am. Now, just sit in the setee and watch
the ceremony”. Putting all the candles in the room out but one,
Barnabas starts to perform a ritual from the book, “Amon Ra!
Prince of light and radience! Creator of all that was created
when the Earth came into being! I summon she who worships thee!…”
At the cottage, Dirk is with Laura. Laura suddenly starts to
act strangely. Dirk asks, “What’s the matter?” Laura replies,
“I don’t know. I suddenly feel as if my strength were ebbing
At the old house, Barnabas continues the ceremony, “Let the
way be open to her! Let the corridors of time and space be
open to her!…”
At the cottage, Dirk, looking very worried, asks, “Laura, tell
me what’s happening!” Laura replies, “I need the scarab! I can’t
move! Get me the scarab!” Dirk asks, “Where is it?” Laura replies,
“Over there, in that drawer”. Dirk goes to an end table, opens
a drawer and starts to look for the scarab. As he is searching
for it, he remarks, “I know it’s Quentin who’s doing this to you!
You’re not going to be safe until Quentin’s dead!” Finally,
he finds the scarab. But as he turns around and says, “Here it
is, Laura”, he is shocked to see Laura vanish into thin air.
At the old house, Barnabas drones on, “Let the way be open
to her, Amon Ra!” Laura magically materializes in front of
him, complaining, “You have disturbed me!” Barnabas asks, “Who
are you?” Laura replies, “Laura Stockbridge Collins”. Barnabas
asks, “Are you the same Laura Collins who is here now?”, but
Laura just replies, “I am Laura Stockbridge Collins”. Barnabas
asks, “What have you returned to Collinwood?” Laura replies,
“I want my children. The children will be mine!”. Charity panics,
runs to the front door, unlocks and opens it, and runs from the
house. Barnabas asks the apparition, “Tell me why you must have
the children!”, but before she can answer, Quentin comes running
into the house, sees a ghostly Laura standing there, and screams,
“OH MY GOD!!!” Laura screams and vanishes.
Episode 743
Worldvision Rerun 527
Tape Date: April 23, 1969 (ABC #88-DRK-69)
Air Date: April 30, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Roger Davis:
“The year is 1897. Intrigue and suspicion pervade the great house
of Collinwood. Mysteries have begun here in the past which will
affect the lives of all who live in the present. Terror appears
with the sudden return of Laura Collins. The motive behind her
return and the dark secrets of her past represent a threat to the
entire Collins family. On this night, Barnabas Collins makes a
secret effort to expose her–and finds he has a dangerous witness.”

Quentin exclaims, “That was Laura Collins!!!” Barnabas tells
Quentin, “You shouldn’t have come here! I would suggest you leave”.
Quentin protests, “But you started the evening by stealing a book
from my room!”. Barnabas replies, “I borrowed the book!”. Quentin
says, “All right, then. So you borrowed the book. It’s your
subsequent activities that interest me. Can I light some candles?
We don’t need to be in the dark, do we?” Barnabas replies that the
don’t, and Quentin lights some candles. As he is doing so, he remarks
to Barnabas, “You’re a very interesting man. Young woman all seem
attracted to you. First, it was Rachel Drummond, now Charity Trask”.
Barnabas lies, “Charity Trask and I are just good friends”. Quentin
asks, “Do you often send your friends running off screaming with
occult ceremonies? I think Edward and Judith would be very interested
to know that you’ve been practicing Black Magic!”. Barnabas calmly
replies, “Go ahead. Tell them both. I would simply deny everything”.
He points out, “You’re repuation being what it is, they would believe
me and not you”. Quentin, looking defeated, says, “All right. Just
give me back my book”. Barnabas tells Quentin, “We should be allies
and not enemies. I know there is something strange about Laura
Collins”. Quentin asks, “Why are you so interested in Laura Collin?
What were you doing when I came in here?” Barnabas replies, “First,
you will answer my question. Why did you lie to me? You said you
had never been to Alexandria, but I know you and Laura spent some
time together there. Something happened there that made you and
Laura permanent enemies. What? Why don’t you want to tell me?”
“It’s not that I didn’t want you to know we were in Alexandria,
I was afraid you wouldn’t believe what happened there. Laura
Collins was consumed by fire in Alexandria. She’s dead. The
cable I received confirms it. You think me mad, don’t you?”
Quentin is surprised to find that Barnabas believes him. Barnabas
explains, “When you came in here, you saw an apparition you took to
be Laura Collins. But did you notice she was dressed in 18th
century clothes? A few days ago, I found a portrait of a woman
woman named Laura Stockbridge who looked just like Laura Collins.
I thought it was too much to be a coincidence. So I borrowed your
Egyptian Book of the Dead to perform a ceremony to see if she
were the same woman”. Quentin asks, “And what did you find out?”
Barnabas replies, “You came in and interrupted the ceremony before
I could find out. But she did say she came for the children”.
Quentin exclaims, “That’s exactly what Laura told me!” He asks,
“Tell me, why are you so interested in Laura Collins?” Barnabas
replies, “Let’s just say I’m interested in the future of the Collins
Family”. He tells Quentin, “Now, we must go to the cottage! If
Laura is the same woman as Laura Stockbridge, the ceremony will
have had a great effect on her. It would have been a great shock
on her. She’d still be ill”. They leave the old house.
Laura reappears at the cottage and is indeed sick, falling
to the ground unconcious as soon as she “solidfies”, but when
Dirk embraces her, his healing powers once again heal her.
Laura still appearing shaken, says, “He summoned me! A strange
dark ceremony! There were questions asked about my past, about
the children! Someone is trying to destroy me!”. Dirk exclaims,
“Quentin! I knew he’d try to do someting to you!”, but Laura
replies, “No, someone at the old house”. Dirk asks, “The gypsies?”
Laura replies, “No, it’s Barnabas Collins”. Dirk, puzzled, asks,
“Barnabas Collins? Why would he want to help Quentin? They hate
one another”. Laura tells him, “They’re both against me!”.
Dirk remarks, “Then we must destroy them both”. He remarks,
“But Quentin seems to live a charmed life. Jenny put a knife
in his chest a little before you came back. It should have
killed him, but somehow he survived”. Laura, who had been told
by Judith that Jenny had left, exclaims, “Jenny’s still at
Collinwood?! Tell me more! Why did Judith lie to me that Jenny
had left?” Dirk explains, “Because Jenny went insane after Quentin
left. She’s being kept in a cell in the cellar. Hardly anyone
knows about her”. Laura says, “So that’s why Judith got so touchy
when I brought up the subject!” Dirk remarks, “I don’t see why
you’re so concerned about Jenny when it’s Quentin you should be
worried about”. Laura replies, “We won’t have to do anything
about Quentin. We can just let Jenny take care of him!” Dirk
points out, “But Jenny thinks Quentin’s dead”. Laura replies,
“I’ll take care of that”. They are interrupted by a knock at the
door. Laura exclaims, “It must be Barnabas and Quentin! I’ve been
expecting them! They must be very interested in the state of my
health tonight”. She answers the door. As she had predicted, it’s
Barnabas and Quentin. Quentin asks, “Are we bothering you?” Laura
replies, “No, I just had Dirk over here to help me re-arrange the
furniture”. Quentin asks, “You two have been here all night?” Laura
replies, “All night”. Quentin points out, “But the furniture seems
the same as it’s always been”. Laura explains, “Oh, we’ve spent most
of the time chatting”. Quentin remarks, “Living here seems to suit
you. You seem to be in a chipper mood”. Laura replies, “I’ve been
like that all night”. Barnabas and Quentin are disappointed to find
that Laura seems so well. Laura asks, “And what brings you two here
tonight?” To explain their visit, Barnabas lies to Laura, “Quentin
wanted to see that portrait I brought you”. Laura in turn lies,
“You can’t see it right now. It’s in town being reframed”, then
asks, “Would you two like to stay for a drink?” Barnabas replies,
“No, it’s getting late, and I promised Quentin I’d show some rare
photographs I have”. Barnabas and Quentin leave. Laura remarks,
“Good! They’re going to the old house. Jenny will want to know
that”. Dirk asks, “What are you going to do now?” Laura replies,
“Prepare Jenny for what she must do”.
Jenny is in her cell talking to her dolls, “You must be brave!
Don’t cry! We’ll be going to the funeral soon. You must be
respectful of the dead!” Dirk comes in and asks, “Jenny, what’s
wrong?” Jenny asks, “Don’t you know they’ll be burying Quentin
today? I’ve got to get the children ready for the funeral!”
Barnabas and Quentin return to the old house. Quentin remarks,
“She could have been telling the truth. Maybe she was at the
cottage all night”, but Barnabas disagrees, “No. Perhaps you were
wondering about her exuberance. It’s probably because we couldn’t
prove she hadn’t been at the cottage all night. We must try again!
You’re well versed in the way of raising spirits. We must do
something about her before she does something about us!”.
In the cell, Jenny asks Dirk, “Is the carriage ready?” Dirk
asks, “Carriage?” Jenny replies, “To take us to the funeral!
Have you forgotten already?! I don’t want to be left behind!”
Dirk assures her, “Don’t worry, Jenny. You won’t be”. Dirk
checks his watch nervously. Jenny asks, “Why do you keep looking
at your watch?” Dirk lies, “No reason”, then tells Jenny, “Look,
Jenny, why don’t you have a nice meal while I go check on the
carriage?” and leaves.
Laura, at the cottage starts to cast a spell to contact Jenny
telepathically, “Let my voice be carried by the flames, picked
up by the wind, and tranmitted to one who is confined at Collinwood!
Jenny, you will hear my voice!”
Meanwhile, Jenny is in her cell spooning some soup up from
a bowl. Suddenly, she hears Laura’s voice calling, “Jenny! Jenny!”
Jenny at first is puzzled at hearing a voice but not seeing
any speaker, asks, “Who is it? Who’s calling me?” Laura asks,
“Don’t you recognize my voice?” Jenny exclaims, “Laura!” Laura
says, “Yes, Laura”. Jenny shouts, “Where are you? Let me see you!”
Laura asks, “You seem angry. Why?” Jenny exclaims, “You took
Quentin away from me!” Laura replies, “Because he didn’t love you,
Jenny. He loved me!” Jenny, really angry now, shouts, “Don’t
say that!” Laura asks, “Why not? It’s true!” Jenny asks, “I
know why you’re here! You want to take him away from me again,
don’t you? But you can’t! You want me to tell you why? Because
he’s dead! Dead!” Laura replies, “No, Jenny, he’s not dead!
He’s hiding!” Jenny shouts, “No! He’s not hiding! He’s dead!
I know he’s dead! I killed him!” Laura continues, “No, Jenny.
He’s alive! He’s alive! He’s at the old house! Barnabas
Collins is protecting him! Go see for yourself!” The door to
the cell opens. Laura continues, “Go, Jenny! The old house!
The old house! Barnabas Collins is hiding Quentin there! Kill
Quentin! Kill him!” Jenny exits the cell and goes up the stairs.
Dirk, who has opened the cell door, sees her.

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