March 1970

Episode 961
Worldvision Rerun 735
Tape Date: February 9, 1970 (ABC #46-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 2, 1970 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

The sheriff prepares to shoot the werewolf when suddenly he
hears Bruno’s voice shout, “STOP!”. He looks and sees that Bruno
has returned. He protests, “You told me to do it!” Bruno replies,
“Plans have changed”. The sheriff asks, “Why?” Bruno replies,
“That’s my business”. He looks at the werewolf and says, “Well,
my suspicions have been confired. My, Mr. Jennings, how you have
changed! Does my tone of voice anger you? Good! I want you to
become good and mad, mad enough to rip a man to shreds! You should
be grateful that I saved your life. I want you to show your gratitude.
I have new plans for you, very important plans!”
Barnabas is staring out a window at the Old House calling Megan,
“I need you! Come to me! Come to me! You must!”
Megan is at the Carriage House with Jeb. Jeb is pacing around
nervously. Megan remarks, “I’m surprised you’re not with Carolyn.
What’s wrong?” Jeb replies, “Nothing’s wrong!” Megan recites the
Even the man who is pure of heart
And says his prayers by night,
Can become a werewolf when the Wolfbane blooms
And the moon is full and bright.

Jeb shouts, “Shut up!” Megan asks, “Why? You taught that to
me”. Jeb says, “That thing is in the woods, looking for me and
Bruno has to find it and kill it!” Megan hears a voice saying,
“Megan, come to me! I need you! I need you!” Jeb, noticing
something strange, asks, “What’s the matter with you?” Megan
replies, “I just remembered something I’ve got to do at Collinwood”.
In the crypt, the Sheriff asks Bruno, “What are you going to
do to him?” Bruno replies, “The first thing I’m going to do is to
get him in the right frame of mind”. The sheriff says, “I don’t
understand”. Bruno tells him, “You will, in a minute”. He takes
a whip hanging on the wall and starts to tease the werewolf
with the silver handle, “Ah, does the shiny metal bother you?
Look at it! Go ahead and look at it!” The werewolf is infuriated.
The Sheriff warns, “He’ll get loose!” Bruno replies, “Go outside
and wait. I’ll handle this”. The sheriff leaves. Bruno says
to the werewolf, “I want you mad, mad enough to rip a man to
shreds, because that’s what you’re going to do tonight! The man’s
name is Jeb Hawkes, and you’re going to kill him for me!” He
starts to viciously whip the werewolf, saying, “Go ahead! Get
yourself good and wild! That’s what I want!”
Megan arrives at the Old House. Barnabas tells her, “I need your
help. There’s something I want you to do for me. I received a note
from Julia Hoffman. It says that Chris Jennings has been missing
from his cottage since last night. He had agreed to go to Windcliff
whenever the moon is full, but he’s not there. Jeb must have him”.
Megan tells him, “Judging from his behavior tonight, he can’t know
anything about it”. Barnabas continues, “Chris wouldn’t have gone
off by himself without telling Julia or Sabrina. What about Bruno?”
Megan replies, “He hasn’t been at the Carriage House”. Barnabas
asks, “Since when?” Megan gasps, “Since last night!!!” Barnabas
orders her, “You must go back to the Carriage House and find out
what you can. Jeb must know where Bruno is”. Megan refuses, “I
I don’t want to go back to Jeb”. Barnabas insists, “This is
very important”. Megan still refuses, “I just don’t want to go.
I want to stay here with you”. Barnabas says, “Megan, don’t make
me force you. I don’t want to do that”. Megan replies, “Go on!
I want you to!” Barnabas bites her.
In the crypt, Bruno is panting with exertion from whipping
the werewolf, who is now barely conscious. Bruno draws his arm
back one more time and says, “One more for good measure!” and
whips him once more. The werewolf loses conciousness. Bruno
calls the sheriff back in and tells him, “Loosen the chains”.
The sheriff asks, “Why do you want to do that?” Bruno replies,
“I have my reasons”. The sheriff seems reluctant and asks,
“Is that what Jeb wants?” Bruno lies, “Yes, that’s what Jeb
wants, and we want whatever Jeb wants, don’t we?” The sheriff
replies, “Yes”, and starts to unshackle the werewolf. Bruno
interrupts, “Wait. Wait until I’m outside. Then you loosen
the chains and come out”. Bruno leaves…and locks the door.
The sheriff unshackles the unconscious werewolf and goes to
open the door, only to find it locked. He hears a growl,
looks back and sees that the werewolf has regained conciousness.
Quickly, he rushes to get the whip, which Bruno has left on
the floor, but he is not fast enough. The werewolf attacks
him and rips him to shreds.
Jeb is still pacing around nervously at the Carriage House.
Bruno returns. Jeb anxiously asks, “Well?” Bruno lies, “No
sign of the animal”. Jeb complains, “If you don’t kill that
animal tonight, well have to wait another whole month!” Bruno
points out, “If I can’t find it, I can’t kill it”. Jeb thinks
a bit and says, “You know, I don’t think that animal’s in the
woods. Every other time, I heard howling, and I don’t hear
anything tonight”. Bruno agrees, “You know, now that you mention
it, neither have I. He tells Jeb he’ll still hunt for it in case
it’s out there. Jeb, however, is sure that it’s not and announces,
“I’m going over to see Carolyn. Call me if you find anything”.
After Jeb leaves, Jeb mutters, Yes, Jeb, I’ll do that”.
Megan comes to the Carriage House. Bruno asks, “What do you
want?” Megan replies, “I came to talk to Jeb”. Bruno tells her,
“He’s over at Collinwood with Carolyn”. Megan sneers, “As usual”
then asks, “You haven’t found the werewolf yet, I take it?”
Bruno replies that he hasn’t. Megan asks, “And you haven’t found
out who it is?” Bruno replies, “Is there any reason to think that
I have?” Megan replies, “No, just asking”. Suddenly, she starts
to wobble. Bruno asks, “Are you all right? You look a little pale?”
Megan replies, “Yes”, but then collapses. Bruno quickly loosens the
scarf around her neck to let her breathe more easily, sees the
bite marks and gasps, “The mark of the vampire!!! So that’s her
problem!” He thinks to himself, “You don’t have to worry about me
telling Jeb about this, Megan. I won’t tell him. It’s going to be
our secret. You may be able to help me in the unlikely case my plan
fails. You may give me the protection I need”. He ties the scarf
back on her throat, then goes over to a table where a gun is lying.
He takes the gun unloads it of its 6 silver bullets, then reloads
it with six ordinary lead bullets, smiling and saying, “Without
the silver bullets in the gun, Jeb won’t stand a chance! That
animal will rip him to pieces!”
Megan regains consciousness and asks, “What happened?” Bruno
tells her, “You passed out”. Bruno tells her that Jeb will be
very concerned about her. She begs him not to tell Jeb and worry
him, saying it’s only fatigue, that she hasn’t slept well lately
with her husband in prison and everything else going on. Bruno tells
her, “I won’t – under one condition, that you go back to Collinwood
and get the rest that you need”. Megan agrees to do so and leaves.
As soon as Megan leaves, Bruno calls Collinwood and asks for Jeb.
He tells Jeb, “Jeb! Your worries are over! I’ve captured the
werewolf!…Yes, captured! I’ve got him locked up in the crypt
at Eagle Hill Cemetary. How soon can you get there?…Yes, I’ll
be waiting!”
Megan goes to the Old House. Barnabas asks, “Did you find out
anything?” Megan replies, “Bruno hasn’t found out anything about
the werewolf”. Barnabas worries, “I have a feeling that something
terrible has happened to Chris”.
Jeb arrives at the crypt and asks Bruno, “Is he still in there?”
Bruno assures him that it is, “Do you think I’d let him escape after
all the trouble I’ve gone through to capture him, do you?” Jeb
muses, “I almost feel like letting him change back so we can see
who it is”. Bruno points out, “But you will, he’ll change back
as soon as he dies”. Jeb orders, “Good, you go in there and kill him”.
Bruno asks, “Me? I thought you were going to do it. After all,
he’s after you, and I thought you should be the one to kill your
principal enemy. Jeb, the honor is yours. Now if you would step
inside…” He holds out the gun to Jeb and remarks, “Unless you
want me to do it for you”. Jeb, irritated by the implication
of cowardice, snaps, “No, I’ll do it!” and takes the gun. Bruno opens
the door and Jeb steps in. Bruno closes the door, saying, “I’ll
close the door to make sure it doesn’t escape”. Inside, the werewolf
looks at Jeb. Jeb shoots it but is surprised to find that the werewolf
just flinches slightly and starts coming towards him. Jeb fires two more
shots, but each time, the werewolf just flinches slightly and continues
coming. Jeb screams in terror, “Bruno! It’s not working! Bruno!
Help!”, but Bruno stands outside not moving a muscle, just smiling…
Episode 962
Worldvision Rerun 736
Tape Date: February 12, 1970 (ABC #47-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 3, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Jeb fires once more at the werewolf. This time, he hits it right
in the heart. Though this doesn’t kill it, it seems to have some
effect as the werewolf howls in pain and falls to his knees. But
he gets right back up. Jeb, however, has in the meantime noticed
the silver handled whip lying on the floor. He picks it up and uses
it to hold the werewolf at bay.
At Collinwood, Carolyn comes down the stairs into the foyer.
Quentin comes in through the front doors. Quentin remarks, “What a
nice surprise to see you alone. You’re not usually alone these
days”. Carolyn remarks, “Jeb’s just left. He’ll be back soon”.
Quentin tells her, “I wish he’s never come back”. Carolyn asks,
“Why do you, Barnabas and Julia dislike Jeb so much?” Quentin
replies, “Because he’s no good for you”. Carolyn angrily says,
“I’ll be the judge of that. I think he’s very good for me.
In fact, the longer I know him, the more I feel I love him”.
Quentin says, “Please don’t say that!”. Carolyn continues, “If
you or any of the others say anything more against Jeb, I’ll have
to find some new friends!”
Megan is at the Carriage House. Bruno comes in. Humming happily,
he pours himself a brandy. Megan notes, “You’re in a good mood”.
Bruno asks, “Why shouldn’t I be?” Megan replies, “I think you
should stay sober while there’s a full moon”. Bruno tells her,
“The werewolf is Jeb’s problem. I’ll let him handle it. I’ll
handle Barnabas Collins”. Megan asks, “What do you mean?” Bruno
replies, “You’ll never believe me, but he’s a vampire!”. Megan
gasps, “That’s impossible!”, feigning shock. Bruno continues,
“It’s true! This is where we can show Jeb how useful we can be
to him”. Megan asks, “What do you mean?” Bruno replies, “A vampire
must return to his coffin during the day to rest. If we can find
his coffin, we can destroy him during the day. This is where you
can help. You and Barnabas are friends”. Megan tries to lie,
“That’s where you’re wrong. Barnabas Collins and I are no longer
friends”, but Bruno continues, “He’s still fond of you. You could
get him to tell yo where his coffin is if you put your mind to it,
couldn’t you?”
Quentin is walking around in the woods. He finds the wounded
werewolf and tries to talk to it, “Chris, I want to help you! I
really do! Somehow, I’ve got to make you understand what I’m saying!”
The werewolf suddenly collapse. Quentin looks up and notes, “The
dawn! The night is over!”
Bruno is happily sipping a brandy. He is shocked to see Jeb
come into the cottage. Jeb growls, “Thought I was dead, didn’t
you? I got away! You won’t Bruno, you won’t!” Bruno feigns
ignorance, “Jeb, what are you talking about? What happened?”
Jeb replies, “I was betrayed by a rat!” Bruno asks, “Who?”
Jeb replies, “You know! Why didn’t you stay? You took the
silver bullets out of the gun and left me there to die! But
you didn’t know a silver handled whip was in there.” Bruno denies
this, saying he was so certain Jeb would kill the werewolf easily
he saw no point in staying and went to the Blue Whale. Jeb doesn’t
believe him. Bruno tells him, “I can prove I’m loyal. I found
something about Megan, something I was going to tell you about when
you came in.” Jeb tells him, “You’d better talk fast!”. Bruno
continues, “Megan has been bitten by a vampire!”. He explains how
he saw the bite marks when she fainted. Jeb gasps, “Barnabas must
have gotten to her!” Bruno continues, “And she’s a danger to us
now. She must have changed those silver bullets!” Jeb says,
“I won’t believe it until I see it”. Bruno says, “I’ll show
you tomorrow”, but Jeb is impatient, “No, tomorrow, TONIGHT!
I want to see it!”.
In her room at Collinwood, Megan is sleeping. She moans,
“Come to me, wherever you are! Come to me, Barnabas!” Unknown to
her, Jeb and Bruno have snuck into the room and have heard every
word she’s said. Jeb says, “Poor Megan!”. Bruno, surprised,
says, “Poor Megan!? She set you up to be killed!”, but Jeb replies,
“Barnabas made her do it”. Bruno says, “Well, Barnabas isn’t going
to be able to make her do anything anymore! We’ve got to destroy
her!”, but Jeb blames himself, “I made the mistake. I made Barnabas
into a vampire, and he did this to her. I’m not going to make
any more mistakes! I’m going to take care of Barnabas, Quentin
Collins, Willie Loomis and Julia Hoffman for good!” Bruno asks,
“What do you mean?” Jeb replies, “You’ll find out! You’ll find
Jeb and Bruno go down to the foyer. There, Jeb instructs Bruno
to stay with Megan and see that nothing happens to her and that
she never leaves her room. Bruno protests, “But that means I won’t
be able to help you”. Jeb tells him that in spite of his explanation
for why he left, he doesn’t completely trust him anymore. He tells
him, “If anything happens to Megan, I’d hate to see what happens to
Quentin is in the woods with Chris, who’s tranformed back from
the werewolf. Quentin is sympathetic, “I know how you feel. I know
what it is to awaken covered with blood and want to die, but I
survived…” Chris points out, “But you didn’t have an enemy who
knew your secret!” He asks, “I just want you to go ahead and kill
me. Let’s not pretend there’s any hope for me. Nothing’s worked.
The portrait didn’t, and neither did Sabrina’s Moon Poppy. Quentin,
I am what I am because of you! I want you to kill me right now!”
Quentin refuses, and wonders, “I wonder why Bruno didn’t. Maybe
he has other plans for you. Maybe YOU killed HIM. What do you
remember?” Chris replies that the last thing he remembers being
guarded by the Sheriff and can’t remember anything after the
tranformation. Quentin tells him, “Go back to the cottage and
get cleaned up. We’ve got to find out what happened!”
Carolyn is at Paul Stoddard’s grave. Jeb shows up. Carolyn
asks, “How did you know I’d be here?” Jeb replies, “Mrs. Stoddard
told me. Why are you here?” Carolyn explains, “This was where my
father was buried. This is my way of letting him know I’m always
thinking about him”. She starts to cry. Jeb hugs her to comfort her.
Carolyn moans, “I feel so all alone!” Jeb replies, “You’re not alone.
I’m here”. Carolyn asks, “But for how long? When I was a little
girl, my father went away. He came back, but I’ve lost him again!
I feel I’m always going to lose everyone”. Jeb assures her, “You’re
not going to lose me!” They talk about whether Paul’s killer will
ever be found briefly. Jeb then notes, “Something else is bothering
you”. Carolyn replies, “I had a quarrel with Quentin. I’ve been
thinking about it all day. He says that I shouldn’t see you”. Jeb
asks, “What else did he say?” Carolyn replies, “Nothing. I wouldn’t
let him say anything against you. I told him if he did, he and I
wouldn’t be friends anymore”. Jeb growls, “He had no right to
upset you like that!”
Megan comes down the stairs and sneaks out the front door, but
is intercepted by Bruno. He asks, “Where are you going?” Megan
replies, “Just out for a walk”. Bruno points out, “But there’s a
storm coming up”. Megan starts to say, “I couldn’t sleep”, but
Bruno pulls her scarf off and says, “We know what you are! We
know all about you! Now Jeb wants you inside, and that’s where
you’re going to go!” and forces her back into Collinwood.
Quentin and Chris go to the crypt. Quentin goes in, looks
around, sees the remains of the sheriff and says, “At least we
know you didn’t kill Bruno”. Chris asks, “Then what did I kill.
Quentin replies, “You put a dead man back where he belongs. At
least he won’t be walking around anymore”.
Jeb Hawkes is standing in the cemetary besides four graves that look
relatively new,

Demery Amos Ross John Hart Thomas Finley
Pace 1930-1970 1932 1927-1970
1935 1970

Jeb chants, “Will you rise from your graves? Will you follow me?
Oh God of the underworld, hear me, your servant, give me these
dead, and I will give you five new souls for all eternity! Make
them my servants! Now!” A hand starts coming through the soil of
each grave.
Episode 963
Worldvision Rerun 737
Tape Date: February 11, 1970 (ABC #48-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 4, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Eventually, each of the corpses digs out of its grave and
stands at attention behind its gravestone. Jeb announces, “I
am your leader! There is something to be done! Five new souls
will join you in the underworld, Barnabas Collins, Quentin Collins,
Roger Collins, Willie Loomis and Julia Hoffman!” New graves must
be dug tonight, they will be in them tomorrow!”
At the Old House, Julia is giving Barnabas his anti-vampirism
injection. She notices a look on his face and asks him, Barnabas,
what’s wrong?” Barnabas replies, “I have a strange feeling, a
premonition that Jeb is planning something.” He remarks that maybe
they could use Megan to find out what. Julia, puzzled, asks why
Megan would help them. Barnabas stammers, “Well, they’ve framed
her husband for murder”, but Julia says, “Megan’s loyal to them.
She doesn’t care”. Barnabas quickly changes the subject, “These
injections, they don’t seem to be working. I feel no difference,
no change the way I felt before…” Neither notice that Jeb
is watching outside spying on them through the window. He thinks
to himself, “How stupid of me not to have guessed! Dr. Hoffman!
A doctor with a very strange practice!”
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Megan thinks to herself,
“It’s dark again. Why doesn’t he call for me? Doesn’t he know
how much I need him?”
Jeb goes into the foyer of Collinwood and finds Elizabeth there.
He orders her to watch Megan all night, and make sure she’s never
alone. Elizabeth asks, “What’s happening?”, but Jeb just replies,
“If Barnabas Collins comes, make sure she’s not left alone with
After Jeb leaves, Elizabeth goes into the drawing room and
turns on the lights. Megan complains, “The lights! They’re bothering
me!” and complains that she’s cold. Elizabeth puts a blanket on
At the Old House, Barnabas is thinking to himself, “I shouldn’t
have told Julia as much as I did about Megan. She suspects something.
Why do I feel this sense of doom tonight? What is happening to
me? Why do I feel this way? Blood! I must have blood! I’ve never
felt the need so strong before! Megan!”
At Collinwood, Megan suddenly says, “I thought I heard someone
call me!”
At the old house, Barnabas continues to says, “Megan! Megan!”,
but suddenly stops and says, “I cannot! She’ll die! Where is
Julia? She can help me, surely!”
At Collinwood, Elizabeth tells Megan, “It’s your imagination”.
Megan replies, “Yes it was”. She tries to tell Megan to go up
to her room, but Megan refuses. Elizabeth asks, “Is there anything
I can do for you?” Megan replies, “Could you bring me a glass of
water? My throat’s dry”. When Elizabeth leaves to get the water,
Megan sneaks out through the front door.
At the Old House, Barnabas decides he can’t kill Megan but
thinks to himself, “I must leave this house and find someone
else. I must find blood! I must!” But before he can leaves,
Megan comes in and asks, “Barnabas, why didn’t you summon me?
You need me! You need me so!” Barnabas tells her, “Go back
to Collinwood, for you own sake”, but Megan replies, “I do nothing
for my own sake now! You don’t know how much it pleases me that
you need me so”. She starts to approach him. Barnabas orders,
“Megan! Don’t come any closer!”, but she continues to approach…
Julia returns to Collinwood. Elizabeth asks Julia if she happened
to see Megan outside. Julia replies that she hasn’t and asks why she
wants to know. Elizabeth explains that Megan seemed very sick at
first, but left. Julia asks, “What’s wrong with her?” Elizabeth
replies, “I don’t know. All I know is that she complained it was
cold and that the light bothered her eyes”. Julia, knowing what
this means, quickly turns and leaves.
At the Old House, Barnabas weakens and bites Megan. Julia comes
into the room and exclaims, “Barnabas!” Barnabas lets go of
Megan and puts her in a chair. While Julia examine her, Barnabas
moans, “I didn’t want to her come here! She knew something was
wrong with me! Don’t look at me like that, Julia! I didn’t choose
to do this!” Julia replies, “I know you didn’t, Barnabas”. Barnabas
asks, “Is she going to be all right?” Julia replies, “She’s dead”.
Barnabas moans, “Oh no!” Julia tries to tell him, “If you hadn’t
killed her, she’d still be fighting against us”, but Barnabas
says, “I wanted to kill all of Jeb’s followers, but not in this
way”. Barnabas reminds her that Megan will rise as a vampire if
they don’t stake her. Julia says, “Barnabas! We must! We must
do it before the sun rises!” Barnabas agrees, saying he doesn’t
want her to have to go through what he’s going through. He muses,
“We must do to her what my enemies have been trying to do to me.
The hammer and the stake. We go downstairs and prepare the stake”.
They both go downstairs.
At Collinwood, Jeb is yelling at Elizabeth, “You are stupid!
How could you let her get out? Go to your room?” Elizabeth
asks, “What happens now?” Jeb replies, “You don’t deserve to
know! To your room!” Elizabeth complains, “This is still my
house!”, but Jeb replies, “Do you really think so, Mrs. Stoddard?
GO!” Elizabeth goes upstairs. Jeb turns out the lights and
Barnabas and Julia come back up with the hammer and stake.
Barnabas tells Julia to go back downstairs to avoid seeing what
must happen, but Julia refuses to. They look at the chair and
are shocked to see that Megan is gone…
Outside Collinwood, Jeb is telling the four dead, “You know
what to do. I won’t be with you. I have something to do to
prevent one of my people from becoming like you. You know your
orders! Carry the out!” The zombies enter Collinwood. Three of
them go upstairs, while one of them hides in the shadows in the
Barnabas and Julia go to Collinwood and pause outside the
front doors. Julia tells Barnabas, “You look for Megan and come
tell me when you’ve found her. I’ll be up in my room trying to find
out what’s wrong with the serum”. Barnabas leaves.
Julia goes in and goes up the stairs, not seeing the zombie
hiding in the shadows of the foyer. Julia goes into her room,
turns on the lights, then sits down at the writing desk.
She takes out a vial of the serum and a test tube, and starts
to pour some of the serum into the tube. She hears a sound
out in the hall and goes to see what it is. She opens to
door only to find a zombie standing there. She quickly slams
the door shut, but two other zombies come out from hiding
behind the curtains in the room and one of the grabs her as
the third bursts in through the door. Julia screams, “NO!!!”,
but one of the zombies slaps her unconcious. The zombies
leave, one of them carrying Julia in his arms…
Episode 964
Worldvision Rerun 738
Tape Date: February 16, 1970 (ABC #49-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 5, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Roger comes home and comes into the foyer. He sees the the zombies
carrying Julia down the stairs and exclaims, “My God!” He shouts,
“Put her down!”, but one of the zombies grabs and holds him while
another hits him and knocks him out could. The zombies leave with
Julia, leaving Roger lying unconscious on the floor.
Julia awakens and finds herself alone in room in the Carriage
House. She thinks to herself, “The Carriage House! Why have they
left me alone?” She goes and opens the front door, only to find a
zombie outside guarding it. She quickly closes the door. She hears
a noise and turns and sees that Sky Rumson has entered the room
by another door. She asks, “Why have I been brought here?” Sky
replies, “No questions. You are here and alive. Just enjoy it”.
Julia gasps, “The men who brought me here, they’re dead! Who has
the power to bring back the dead? Nicholas? Or Jeb?”. Sky once
again says, “No questions”, but Julia continues, “Yes, questions.
Why have I been brought here and where is Jeb Hawkes?” Sky
replies, “Don’t worry. Jeb is here”. Julia looks at a door and
asks, “Is that his room now?” Sky replies, “Yes”. Julia asks,
“Why am I being told all this? Are you going to kill me?”
Sky replies, “Not if you do as I ask”. Julia asks, “And what is
that?”, but Sky just replies, “You’ll know soon enough”.
At Collinwood, Quentin returns and finds Roger unconscious on
the floor. He revives him and Roger, still groggy, stutters,
“Dead men! Help me! Dead men! They’ve got Julia!”
At the Carriage House, Sky is trying to sound friendly, “Want some
sherry?” Julia replies, “No thanks”. She warns him, “I will not
tell you where Barnabas Collins’ coffin is, if that’s what you want
to know.” She suddenly hears a breathing noise coming from Jeb’s
room and gasps, “He’s in there, in his other form!” Sky asks, “Would
you like to see what he looks like?” Julia emphatically replies,
“NO! I saw what he did to Paul Stoddard!” Sky tells her, “You are
going to go into that room!” Julia screams, “NO!!!”, Sky drags her
to the door, opens the door, throws her in and closes the door.
Julia begs, “Let me out! Let me out! Please! Please help me!
Let me out!” She turns and sees Jeb in his “other form” and screams,
“Don’t touch me! AHHHHHH! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!”
Suddenly, Jeb transforms back into his human self and asks a shocked
Julia, “You thought I was going to kill you, didn’t you, Doctor?
Well, I still might. That depends on you, that depends entirely
on you”.
At Collinwood, Roger and Quentin are discussing where Jeb might
have taken Julia. They dismiss the Carriage House as too obvious,
saying Jeb is too smart to take her there. Quentin suggests the
crypt in the cemetary, saying the Leviathans have used that before.
At the Carriage House, Jeb orders Sky, “Go to Collinwood and see
if Megan has returned”. Sky leaves. Julia asks Jeb, “Why have you
brought me here?” Jeb replies, “I know what you’re doing for
Barnabas. You’re curing him. You did it once before. If you
can help him, you can help me”. Julia asks, “Help you?” Jeb replies,
“Yes, help me. You saw me in there! Do you think I like it?”
Julia asks, “You have no control over it?” Jeb replies, “I can stall
it or a few minutes, but then it happens. I used to accept it, but
I never want to be like that again, ever since I saw the look in
someone’s eyes when she saw me like that”. Julia asks, “They make
you go into that room?” Jeb replies, “Yes”. Julia asks, “And you
want me to make you like us?” Jeb replies, “I want you to make
me human! Will you help me?” Julia replies, “I can’t. I don’t
anything about what happens to you to change you into that other
form”. Jeb points out, “You didn’t know anything about vampires
when you started helping Barnabas, did you?” Julia gives in,
“There may be some experiments I could do”. Jeb asks, “Just tell
me you’d be willing to try!” Julia tells him, “On one condition.
You must promise me you will leave Barnabas Collins alone”.
Jeb agrees, “All right. I’ll leave Barnabas alone”. Julia tells him,
“Send someone to Collinwood for my medical kit. I have to draw some
blood and make some tests. I’ll set up a table and work here”.
At Collinwood, Roger and Quentin are discussing what to do.
Quentin is chomping at the bit to do something, whereas Roger
suggests some restraint, “But Quentin, we have no plan!” Quentin
replies, “I don’t care! I’m going to the crypt!” Roger protests,
“But that would be suicide!” Their argument is interrupted by
a knock at the front door. Rogers it. The caller announces, “My
name is Sky Rumson. I came to see Mrs. Stoddard. She’s expecting
me”. Quentin suddenly calls loudly from the drawing room, “Yes she
is, Roger! Send him in!” and rushes to the foyer to welcome him in.
He tells Sky, “She said you were to wait for her in the drawing room.
She’ll be down soon”. They all go into the drawing room. In there,
Quentins suggests, “Why don’t you look at some of the paintings we
have in here. You have an interest in art, according to what
Angelique told me”. As Sky looks at the paintings, Quentin quietly
maneuvers himself over to a coupld of scabbarded swords hanging
crossed ornamentally on the wall and remarks, “Do you also collect
weapons?” Sky, starting to become impatients, says, “Look, I didn’t
come to look at art, I came to see Mrs. Stoddard…” Suddenly,
Quentin pulls one of the swords from its scabbard, points it inches
from Sky’s throat and says, “There’s someone we’d like to see too.
Julia Hoffman. Where is she?” Sky replies, “I don’t know”.
Quentin says, “You’re a bad liar! Where is she?” Sky again
says, “I don’t know anything!” Quentin threatens, “Mr. Rumson,
maybe a long scar in your throat will help you remember!” and
inches the sword closer. Sky, frightened, blabs, “She’s at the
Carriage House! He’s there! I saw her! He brought her there!”
Quentin asks, “And the dead men?” Sky replies, “There are four
of them, one guarding each door”. Quentin asks, “And is there
any password?” Sky replies, “Live”. Quentin hands the sword
to Roger and tells him, “Watch him. I’m going to get Julia!”
and leaves. Roger holds the sword on Sky. Suddenly, he is distacted
by someone looking in through the window. It’s Megan. Sky takes
advantage of this by knocking the sword out of Roger’s hand, and
running out of the drawing room, closing the doors behind him.
Roger tries to open the doors but finds that Sky has locked him in.
Sky is outside with Megan. He tells her, “You can’t go back to
Collinwood, Megan. Roger Collins is on to us. And you can’t go
back to Jeb either. For some reason, he’s angry with you.” Megan
assures him, “I’ll be all right”. Sky says, “I must be getting back”,
but Megan orders, “Look at me!” Sky looks at her and suddenly
announces, “You’re beautiful!”. He seems to be in a trance. Megan
grabs him and bites him.
Jeb alone in the front room of the Carriage House fretting, “Time!
All I need is time!”. Suddenly, the front door bursts open and Quentin
steps in. He demands, “Where is she, Hawkes?” Jeb claps and says,
“A most sensational entrance, Mr. Collins! I didn’t dare hope you’d
show up. I have a surprise for you!”. Quentin growls, “Did you kill
her?” and attacks Jeb, but the dead come bursting in and grab Quentin.
Quentin tries to say something, but Jeb says, “I’ve heard about enough
from you!” and gives a command to the dead, whereupon one of them slugs
Quentin and knocks him out.
Jeb orders the dead to take Quentin into his “changing” room.
In there for some reason is an empty coffin. Jeb orders the dead
to put Quentin into the coffin. As they are doing so, Jeb remarks,
Now do not grieve, Gentlemen, for he is an old, old man, far older
than any of you!”
Jeb and the dead go to the cemetary and put Quentin in a grave.
As the zombies shovel dirt over him, Jeb muses, “May he rest in peace.
Soon he will awaken and find himself in a coffin, with the air he’s
breathing becoming less and less until there is none! I told you I had
a surprise for you, Quentin, and I always keep my promises!”
Episode 965
Worldvision Rerun 739
Tape Date: February 17, 1970 (ABC #50-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 6, 1970 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

When the zombies have buried Quentin, Jeb tells him, “You can leave
now”. He muses, “The only thing, Quentin Collins, is that I can’t
see your face when you open your eyes and see what’s happened. Bye,
old man!”
Quentin awakens, sees where he is and gasps, “Oh my God! He’s
buried me alive! And there’s no way out! No way out!”
Nicholas Blair enters the Carriage House and takes off his gloves.
Hearing a tinkling sound, he opens the door to Jeb’s room and finds
Julia in there. Julia puts her body between Blair and the table so
he doesn’t see her medical stuff. He remarks, “Well, well, well!
Dr. Hoffman, I presume!” Julia remarks, “I was told you were
back, Mr. Blair”. Blair asks, “By whom?”, but then before she can
answer, says, “Never mind. I can guess it was Barnabas. What have we
here? Have you switched sides from Barnabas Collins to Jeb Hawkes?”
Julia doesn’t answer. Blair prompts her, “Well speak up, Doctor. I’ve
never known you to be at a loss for words before”. Julia still doesn’t
answer. Blair says, “All right, you leave me to my own powers of
deduction”. He grabs her arms and pulls her away from the table and
sees her medical equipment. He remarks, “Well, aren’t you the busy
one. What exactly are you doing?” Julia refuses to tell him, “I
can’t tell you. He’d kill me”. Blair asks, “Who? Jeb? Maybe he
didn’t tell you . I give the orders”. Julia still doesn’t tell him,
but Blair guesses that Jeb wants to be human. I don’t know who’s
the bigger fool, Jeb or you. Did you really think you could succeed?”
He sends all her test tubes crashing to the floor by swiping them
off the table with his cane and announces, “Your experiments are over!”
There is a knock at the door of the Old House. Barnabas answers the
door and is surprised to find that it’s Maggie. He asks, “What are youd
doing here?” Maggie exclaims, “Barnabas! I had to see you!” Barnabas
tells her, “You should have stayed at Windcliff! It’s not safe for
you here!” Maggie explains, “I was sitting in my room, and I just
kept thinking about Quentin. I kept thinking he was in danger!”
Barnabas dismisses this, “It’s just your imagination”, but Maggie
replies, “It’s not my imagination! I’ve never felt this way before.
When did you last see Quentin?” Barnabas replies, “Last night. I’m
sure he’s all right. What do you think happened to him?” Maggie
says, “I don’t know, all I know is something did, and he doesn’t
have much time left, maybe only an hour!”
In the coffin, Quentin is thinking, “The air’s running out!
In a little while, there’ll be none left! Maggie, please hear
my thoughts! I love you, Maggie!”
Barnabas tells Maggie, “You shouldn’t have come here. You should
have sent someone”. Maggie exclaims, “Quentin is counting on me,
and I’m going to find him!” and runs out the door. Barnabas goes
running after her.
In the front room of the Carriage House, Julia asks Blair, “What do
you plan to do with me?” Blair replies, “You can calm your nerves. I
have no further plans for you. In fact, I’ll let you go free on one
condition – that you stay away from us. And you can impart that
to Barnabas Collins”. Jeb comes into the room. Not seeing Nicholas
in the corner, he asks Julia, “Are you leaving so soon, Doctor? You
and I had an agreement!” Nicholas interrupts, “Your agreement has
been cancelled, Jeb! Now step out of the way and let the lady go!”
Jeb does so and Julia leaves. Jeb growls, “I’m getting tired of
you ordering me around, Nicholas!” Blair tells Jeb he knows he
wants to become human. They argue about this. Blair warns Jeb
about trying to get rid of his other self, saying, “That’s all you
are. Destroy that and you will cease to exist!”, but Jeb remarks,
“How do you know?”, apparently not believing him. Blair announces,
“If I go on letting you make the decisions, our plan will fail!
The ceremony will take place TONIGHT!” Jeb protests, “But I’m
not ready”, but Blair orders, “Call Carolyn with some excuse to
get her to come here tonight. She will be taken to the shrine
and the ceremony performed! IS THAT CLEAR?” Jeb meekly replies,
“Yes, that’s clear”.
Maggie is walking around Eagle Hill Cemetary. Barnabas is walking
with her. Maggie senses something. Barnabas asks, “Maggie, what is
it?” Maggie replies, “Quentin, he’s somewhere nearby. I can feel
his presence”. She goes to a mound of dirt and exclaims, “Barnabas!
Come here!” Barnabas goes over and remarks, “The ground here has
just been dug!” Maggie adds, “And there’s no tombstone!” Barnabas asks,
“What are you saying?” Maggie exclaims, “Quentin is buried here!
He’s buried alive!” They both start digging frantically.
Carolyn is with Jeb at the Carriage House snuggling together
in front of the fire. Carolyn asks, “Tell me what’s wrong, Jeb”.
Jeb replies, “What makes you think anything’s wrong?” Carolyn
says, “You sounded so urgent on the phone when you asked me here”.
Jeb stutters, “Carolyn, I asked you here because….I’m not very
good at saying how I feel”. Carolynn telks him, “Try”. Jeb continues,
“I’ve never met anyone like you. When you look at me or touch me,
I feel like this was how I was meant to be”. Carolyn says, “I don’t
understand”. Jeb tries to explains, “I’m not what I seem. There’s
another me, one I don’t want you to see”. Carolyn says, “I don’t
know what you’re trying to say”. Jeb says, “I love you, and I always
want it to be this way no matter what happens” Carolyn assures him,
“Nothing’s going to happen! We’re going to be together. I love you
very much and nothing’s going to change that”.
Barnabas and Maggie have dug up the coffin. Maggie exhorts, “Hurry,
Barnabas! Hurry!” Barnabas opens the coffin. Quentin is indeed
in there. Maggie gasps, “Oh, Quentin! Quentin, are you all right?”
Quentin replies, “I knew you’d come!” Barnabas and Maggie help him
out of the coffin. Quentin assures them, “I’m all right. My legs
are still a little shaky, that’s all”. Maggie asks, “Who did this to
you?” Quentin replies, “Jeb Hawkes. He said he had a something
special planned for me. Whatever he is, he’s a man of his word”.
At the Carriage House, Jeb and Carolyn are kissing passionately.
Carolyn pulls away and asks, “Jeb, you’re still disturbed about
something, aren’t you?” Jeb replies that he is. Carolyn asks,
“Can’t you tell me what it is?”, but Jeb says, “I can’t. Carolyn,
I’ve got to go do something, something very important. I want you
to wait here until I come back”. Carolyn asks, “What?” Jeb replies,
“I can’t tell you right now. Please trust me”. They kiss again, then
Jeb leaves.
Barnabas and Maggie bring Quentin back to the Old House. Julia
asks, “What happened?” Maggie replies, “Jeb tried to kill him!”
Barnabas tells Julia to wait down here, saying he wants to talk to
her, then helps Maggie take Quentin upstairs. The front door opens.
Julia looks and is shocked to see that Jeb has come into the room.
Julia asks, “What do you want?” Jeb replies, “You’ve got to find
a way to help me – tonight!” Julia refuses, saying she knows he
tried to kill Quentin. Jeb promises, “A great many things will
change if I change, including living and letting live. Something
has happened to make me see things differently.” Julia tells him,
“Jeb, even if it were possible…”, but Jeb interrupts, “It’s got
to be possible! And it’s got to happen tonight!” Julia asks,
“Why tonight?” Jeb explains, “If not tonight, it’ll be too late!”
Julia asks, “Too late for what?” Jeb says, “Just too late”. They
both suddenly notice that Barnabas is on the stairs watching them
with an angry look on his face.
At the Carriage House, Nicholas Blair comes into room and says
Hello to Carolyn. She is very cold towards him, and he muses on
why she doesn’t like him, then says, “But relationships have a way
of changing!”. He takes out a shiny cigarette case and shines it
in her face, saying, “See if you can find the center of the light.
Deeper…deeper…” Soon he has her hypnotized. He opens he
front door and one of the dead come in. Blair orders it, “Take
her to the shrine and wait for me there”.
Maggie comes downs into the living room of the Old House and
looks for Barnabas. Quentin comes down too. Maggie asks, “What are
you doing down here?” He replies, “I couldn’t help it. I saw this
mark on my hand”. He shows her that the trident mark has reappeared
on his hand. Maggie holds up her and and says, “Mine too. That must
be how I was able to find you. What’s happening to us?” Quentin
replies, “I don’t know, but I don’t want to fight it. I love you”.
Maggie replies, “I love you” and they kiss.
Blair is at one end of the Leviathan shrine, and Jeb is standing
with Carolyn at the other. He is holding the Leviathan box. Blair
tells him, “Put the box on the altar, and take your place nex to
her”. Jeb does as ordered. Nicholas, waving a scepter about, starts
to chant, “Prince of Darkness! I call upon you to witness this
ceremony! I call upon you to bless the union of these two creatures!
I call upon all the dark creatures of the night to summon
you here! You must be a witness to this ceremony! I call upon the
Seven Plagues, and the charred, dark stars that reigned at the
beginning, to bring you here to witness the vows that will be given
here tonight…” When he finishes, he gives the sceptre to Jeb and
orders, “Begin the vows”. Jeb suddenly shouts, “Barnabas! NOW!”
Barnabas comes running out from the trees, grabs Carolyn, and drags
her away. Blair shouts, “STOP IT!”. Jeb raises the scepter and smashes
the Leviathan box. Nicholas exclaims, “YOU FOOL! DO YOU KNOW WHAT
and drags Jeb away. The altar starts to glow brightly, then explodes
into a thousand pieces. Suddenly, Jeb grabs his abdomen, groans in
pain and collapses onto the ground and lies there twitching…
Episode 966
Worldvision Rerun 740
Tape Date: February 18, 1970 (ABC #51-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 9, 1970 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Nicholas growls, “It’s all over now, thanks to you! The Leviathan
cause is dead! And this will cause all those we control to be released.
Does this please you?” Jeb gets up off the floor and, seemingly all
right and pain free, replies, “I warned you I want to remain as
I am now.” Nicholas counters, “You’ve succeeded only in destroying
yourself!” Jeb, puzzled, asks, “What do you mean?” Nicholas explains,
“You cannot change into your true self. What else is there left?”
Jeb replies, “Me!”, but Nicholas says emphatically, “NO! You are
merely a shell, a manisfestation. You exist only through sheer force
of mind. When the shrine exploded, you should have been destroyed!”
Jeb points out, “I’m here, alive and breathing”, but Nicholas warns
him, “Only through the force of your will! How long do you think
you can keep it up? Not long, I assure you! Your time is running
Bruno is in the front room of the carriage house sitting at a
table holding a knife and a red delicious apple. Across the room in
a chair is one of the walking Dead. Bruno cuts a piece from the apple
and is about to eat it when he smells smoke. He goes to investigate
and when he opens the door the Jeb’s room he sees that it’s on fire
inside. He goes to the Dead and orders, “There’s a hose outside. Go
get it”, but is surprised to see the dead suddenly disintegerate into
a skeleton. Bruno gasps, “What’s happening here? I’ve got to go get
Barnabas brings Carolyn back to Collinwood. They run into
Elizabeth in the foyer. She gasps, “Carolyn! What’s the matter?”
Barnabas tells her, “She can’t hear you. She’s been put into a
trance. Help me bring her upstairs, I’ll explain there, but first,
we’ve got to get her up to her room”.
Bruno encounters another one of the walking Dead in the woods.
Like the other one, this one has become a skeleton. Bruno sees
Nicholas standing there and says, “Nicholas! All our dead have
become skeletons! You’ve got to come back to the cottage! There’s
a fire there!” Nicholas says, “I know. In the bedroom”. Bruno
asks, “How did you know?” Nicholas replies, “It’s all over for
us. Jeb has destroyed it all”. Bruno asks, “What are you talking
about?” Nicholas promises, “I’ll tell you all about it on the way
back to the cottage”.
Barnabas and Elizabeth are in Carolyn’s room. Carolyn has been
put in bed. Barnabas starts to explain to Elizabeth, “The conspiracy
we’ve been involved in…” but is surprised to find that Elizabeth
has absolutely no memory of the Leviathans or anything that’s
happened. She does remember who Jeb is, but only that he’s a nice
young man Carolyn is fond of. Barnabas remarks, “What Jeb did
caused everyone to be released from he spell!” Elizabeth asks for
an explanation. Barnabas promises to tell her later, saying, “The
only important thing now is that Carolyn is safe”. Carolyn awakens
and moans, “Jeb! Jeb!”
Jeb is outside Collinwood looking up at Carolyn’s room thinking,
“Carolyn, I must see you! You are the only one who can save me!”
Barnabas questions Carolyn about what she remembers. Carolyn
replies that the last thing she remembered was waiting alone in
the cottage for Jeb to return, then Nicholas Blair showing up.
Elizabeth asks, “Nicholas Blair?? Is he involved in this?” Barnabas
replies, “Yes. The reason you don’t remember anything after that is
because he hypnotized you”. Carolyn asks, “Why?” Barnabas lies,
“I don’t know”. After Barnabas leaves, Carolyn tells Elizabeth,
“I’ve got to call Jeb!”, picks up the telephone receiver and starts
to dial.
Downstairs, Jeb comes into Collinwood. Hearing a noise on the
stairs, he quickly hides in a dark corner of the foyer. Barnabas
goes out through the front doors. Jeb comes out of hiding and
goes up the stairs.
Carolyn hangs up and tell Elizabeth, “There’s no answer”. There’s
a knock at the door. Carolyn asks, “Who’s there?” Jeb opens the
door. Elizabeth angrily asks, “Who gave you permission to roam around
the house?” Jeb explains, “I let myself in”. Elizabeth tells him, ‘
“Well you can let yourself out! You act as if you owned the place!”
Jeb mumbles, “They’re back to normal, just as Nicholas said they’d
be!” He begs, “Please, Mrs. Stoddard, I’ve got to talk to Carolyn,
just for a few minutes”. Elizabeth replies, “All right, but make
it brief” and leaves. Jeb tells Carolyn, “I’ll have to be brief.
I don’t have much time. If I stay here any longer, my life will
end! We’ve got to go away, Carolyn, we’ve got to go far away!”
Carolyn remarks, “I don’t understand why we have to go away”.
Jeb begs, “I’m not asking you to understand, I’m asking you to
go away with me! We’ll go to Collinsport and get married, then
go away!” Carolyn doen’t answer. Jeb prompts her, “What’s the
matter?” Carolyn replies, “Nothing”. Jeb says, “Then answer!”
Carolyn tells him, “There can only be one answer. If I can’t get
you to stay here with me, I’ll go with you”. Jeb says, “Oh,
Bruno and Nicholas are back in the Carriage House. Bruno looks
into Jeb’s room and is astonished to find no trace of a fire.
He gasps, “I don’t understand it! The whole room was on fire!
How did it put itself out?” Nicholas replies, “That was no ordinary
fire. When Jeb destroyed that shrine, the Time of the Leviathans
ended, and everything pertaining to it was destroyed!” Bruno asks,
“What about Jeb? What’s going to happen to him?” Nicholas replies,
“He should have been destroyed when the shrine exploded!” Bruno
points out, “But he isn’t dead”. Nicholas explains that he’s
existing by sheer willpower. Bruno grumbles, “He deserves to be
dead for what he’s done”. Nicholas assures him, “Don’t worry,
Bruno. He’ll soon be dead. I’ll take care of that!”
Carolyn is alone in her room, reading over a letter she’s
just written,

“Dear Mother,
I think this may shock you, but Jeb has asked me to
marry him tomorrow, and I have accepted. I hope you give
your blessings, for I love him very much.

Love, Carolyn”

She lies down on her bed with a thoughtful expression on her face
and falls asleep. She starts to dream…

Carolyn is walking down the stairs of Collinwood dressed in a wedding
gown. The drawing room doors open and Jeb, dressed in a tuxedo, comes
out to meet her in the foyer. Carolyn happily remarks, “In a minute,
I’ll be Mrs. Jeb Hawkes!” Jeb takes her into the drawing room. Standing
inside is Nicholas Blair holding a sceptre. Carolyn gasps, “Nicholas
Blair! What’s HE doing here?” Jeb replies, “He’s going to perform
the ceremony”. Carolyn protests, “No! He frightens me!” Jeb assures
her, “There’s nothing to be afraid of. No one’s going to hurt you”.
Nicholas says, “Good Evening, Carolyn. You look beautiful! If you’re
both ready, we can begin”. Carolyn protests, “We can’t begin yet!
My parents aren’t here! We can’t begin without them!” Jeb tells her,
“Carolyn, you’re mother doesn’t approve. She won’t be here”. Carolyn
asks, “What about my father?” Jeb reminds her, “Carolyn, your father
is dead!” Carolyn gasps, “That can’t be true!” Jeb tells her,
“It is true. Don’t you remember?” Carolyn admits, “Yes, I remember”.
Jeb says, “Let us begin. You and I will soon be togther. Very soon!”
Carolyn echoes, “Yes, very soon”. Jeb and Carolyn take their places.
Nicholas begins the ceremony, the same words he spoke at the Leviathan
altar, “I call upon the Prince of Darkness. I call upon…” Carolyn
interrupts, “What is he saying??? That’s not any marriage ceremony
I’ve ever heard!” Jeb shushes her, “Carolyn, you must be silent!”
Nicholas continues, “I call upon the blackened and charred stars
that reigned at my beginning!…” Again Carolyn interrupts, “I’m
too afraid!” Jeb tells her, “Let him finish, Carolyn, let him
finish”. Suddenly, the lights go out. Carolyn asks, “Jeb, what is
it?” Jeb replies, “I don’t know!”, sounding frightened. The drawing
room doors open, revealing shadowy figure standing there. Carolyn
gasps, “It’s my father! I knew he’d come!” But the figures walks
forward into the candlelight. It is not her father. Carolyn exclaims,
“It’s Cousin Barnabas! It’s Cousin Barnabas!” Barnabas asks, “Have
you told Carolyn?” Jeb replies, “Told Carolyn what?” Barnabas replies,
“You can’t marry her until you’ve told her everything”. Once again
Jeb says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Barnabas continues,
“Tell you you know who killed her father”. Jeb lies, “I do not!”
Barnabas says, “Yes you do! YOU killed Paul Stoddard!”. Carolyn moans,
“NO! I can’t believe that!” Barnabas orders, “Tell her the truth!
Tell her the truth, Jeb!”. Carolyn looks at Jeb, but Jeb just stands
there. She moans, “Oh God! It IS true!” Jeb growls, “We’re going to
be together, Carolyn, no matter what happens!” and comes at her.
Carolyn screams, “Don’t touch me!!! Don’t touch me! AHHHHHH!!!”,
but Jeb grabs her by the throat and starts to strangle her.
Carolyn awakens, very disturbed…
Jeb is at the Carriage House. There is a knock at the door.
He answers it. It’s Carolyn. She tells Jeb, “I’ve got to talk to
you. I’ve changed my mind”. Jeb exclaims, “YOU WHAT?” Carolyn
replies, “I can’t go away with you”. Jeb asks, “What do yo mean?”
Carolyn replies, “Something happened”. Jeb asks, “What?” Carolyn
says, “It’s hard to explain, Jeb”, but Jeb insists, “You’ve got
to try! You’ve got to say something, you just can’t come here and
tell me you’re not going! You can’t do that! I won’t let you!”
He comes towards her and holding his hands in front of him.
Carolyn screams, “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! AHHHHH!”
Episode 967
Worldvision Rerun 741
Tape Date: February 19, 1970 (ABC #52-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 10, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Carolyn screams, “AHHHHH!” Jeb grabs her…and kisses her passionately.
He tells her, “Don’t you know it’s too late?” Carolyn asks, “What’s too
late?” Jeb replies, “You love me, no matter what Barnabas or the others
say. Carolyn tells him, “I didn’t come here because of other people.
I came here because of my father”. Jeb asks, “What do you mean?”
Carolyn tells him, “I had a dream about you again last night”. Jeb
says, “I don’t want to hear it!”, but Carolyn tells him, “You’ve got
to!” She tells him the dream, finishing, “And you grabbed me and tried
to destroy me, just as you did now!” Jeb points out, “But in real life
I grabbed you to hold and comfort you, didn’t I, honey? It was just a
dream! Everyone has nightmares, but you don’t run your life by them!”.
Carolyn says, “But it was so vivid! So real!” Jeb replies, “Darling, if
you love me, just forget all the dreams like that”. Carolyn says, “I
love you”. They kiss. Carolyn continues, “But I need more time…”
Jeb asks, “Why? So those people can work on you longer?”, but
Carolyn says, “Just to think”. Jeb tells her, “OK, I’ll give you
two hours”. Carolyh warns him, “I’m not promising you anything”,
but Jeb confidently predicts, “You’ll go!” They kiss. He repeats,
“You’ll go”. Carolyn leaves to go to Collinwood to think things over.
Jeb, now alone, thinks to himself, “We love each other. That’s
all that matters. Nothing else that’s happens matters, not anymore.
Suddenly, the front doors open. Jeb calls out, “Carolyn?”, thinking
she’s come back. Receiving no answer, he goes and looks out
the door. Seeing no one, he assumes that it was the wind and closes
the door. The lights suddenly go out. Jeb calls out, “All right.
Who is it? I know! It’s YOU, Paul Stoddard, isn’t it? And you’re angry
because she wouldn’t listen to you! There’s nothing you can do!
It’s too late! She loves me! She loves me!” A voice answers,
“As much as Victoria Winters loved me?” A glowing vision dressed
in 18th century clothing with a noose around its neck appears.
It is definitely not Paul Stoddard. Jeb gasps, “You! It can’t be
you! It can’t be!” The ghost replies, “I’m flattered you remember
me, Jebez Hawkes. It’s been a long, long time, but you have reason
to remember Peter Bradford, don’t you?” Jeb exclaims, “Now I understand!
It was you who appeared when I tried to kill Maggie!” The ghost
says, “Yes, and when you tried to kill Willie Loomis, and Julia
Hoffman. I was the one who burned the book, and the one who put the
noose around Bruno’s neck. I could easily put one around yours, but
that wouldn’t work with you, would it? There’s only one way to kill
you, I did it in 1796, and I was hanged for it!” Jeb points out,
“You were a live man then!
You’re only an illusion. It wasn’t my fault Victoria Winters died!”
Peter’s ghost replies, “It was! You sent her off that cliff, and I
pushed you over, and I’m going to do the same thing tonight!”
Jeb says, “You can’t. You have no flesh, no blood…” Peter replies,
“It may not be my hand, but someone will do it, and you will die the
only way you can, by drowning!” Jeb says, “You’ll never get me near
Widow’s Hill!”, but the ghost confidently says, “I did it in 1796, and
I’ll do it again! I was in love with Vicky. You ended to it. I’m
going to end it with you and Carolyn!” Jeb angrily shouts, “YOU LEAVE
CAROLYN ALONE!” Peter’s ghost retorts, “Why? Did you leave Vicky
alone? I’be beein waiting for this, I’ve been waiting a long, long
time, and nothing’s going to keep me from killing you!” Jeb growls,
“I won’t let you harm Carolyn! If you do anything to her, I swear,
I’ll…”, but Peter’s ghost vanishes before he can finish the
sentence. The lights come back on. Jeb quickly telephones Carolyn
at Collinwood and tells her, “Carolyn! Listen! This is very important!
Don’t go anywhere until I come for you. Carolyh, you can’t go out!
Don’t go out whatever what happens, even if something strange and
terrible happens!” Carolyn asks, “What do you mean?” Jeb replies,
“I can’t tell you right now. I’ll be there in two hours. Let’s
synchronize our watches!” The foyer clocks strikes the half hour.
Carolyn says, “It’s exactly 1:30”. Jeb tells her, “I’ll be there
at 3:30 exactly!” He looks at a carriage clock on the mantel.
It reads 1:30.
Megan has just gotten out of her coffin. With her is a forlorn
looking Sky Rumson. Sky asks, “Where are you going?” Megan
replies, “What difference does it make to you?” Sky tells her,
“I don’t want to be alone here”. Megan replies, “I have something
to do. Don’t you have something to do?” Sky replies that he
hasn’t. Megan says, “I can’t believe that, a man as important
as you! I’ll call you when I need you”. Sky asks, “When?”
Megan reiterates, “When I need you. Between times, do as you
please as long as you keep my secret”. Sky begs, “Megan, please!”,
but Megan says firmly, “NO! There’s someone I must talk to!” and
Philip is in his jail cell sleeping. Megan appears in his cell.
Philip awakens and is surprised to see her, “Megan! I must be
dreaming!” Megan replies, “No, you’re not dreaming. I’m here”.
Philip asks, “How did you get in here at this hour?” Megan explains,
“I made an ‘arrangement’ with the guard”. Philip says, “I need you
desperately!” Megan tells him, “I know”. She explains why she hasn’t
visited him by saying, “I’ve been ill lately, but I’m better now.
Let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you”. Philip, not
not remembering anything that’s happened with the Leviathan spell
broken, says, “I don’t understand! They say I killed three men!
They even showed me a signed confession!” Megan tells him, “I’m
here to get you out”. Phillip thankfully says, “Megan, if only
you could get them to believe me!” Megan bares her fangs. Phillip
screams, “NO! Megan, NO! Please, no!”, but Megan bites him.
Jeb Hawkes looks at the clock in the Carriage House. It reads
2:30. Jeb thinks, “One hour until I get Carolyn”, but he hears
Peter’s disembodied voice reply, “Until you die at Widow’s Hill
as you did before!” Jeb growls, “You can’t reach me, Peter! There’s
nothing you can do!”
Philip awakens from the bite without any memory of what’s happened.
He is surprised to see a man with a noose around his neck in his cell
with him. Philip remarks, “You’re not real!”. The ghost of Peter
Bradford replies, “I was. My name was Peter Bradford”. Phillip asks,
“What do you want from me?” Peter replies, “You live and I am dead.
Centuries seperate us, but we both have one thing in common. Both
of us were in love with a woman destroyed by the same man”. Phillip
growls, “Barnabas destroyed Megan! He deserves to die! I’ll get him!”
The ghost tries to tell him he doesn’t mean Barnabas, but Phiilip won’t
listen. Finally, the ghost tells him, “If you do as I say, I’ll unlock
that door and you can have your revenge on whoever you want!”
Jeb telephones Carolyn again. He tells her, “Carolyn! I’m coming
right over!”. Carolyn looks at the clock and remarks, “But it isn’t
even three o’clock yet. What’s the matter?” Jeb replies, “Nothing, but
something might be if we stay. I know I haven’t given you enough time…”
Carolyn interrupts, “I’ve made up my mind. I’m ready”.
After Jeb hangs up, he starts to feel dizzy. He mutters, “What’s
happening? I feel so strange! I’ve got to sit down!” He sits down
at a chair and immediately falls asleep. The ghost of Peter Bradford
appears and says, “You have very little time left, Jeb, very little
time, even less time than you imagine – but there is enough, just
enough!” He goes to the mantel clock and sets it back to 2:00.
The clock in the foyer now reads 3:30. Carolyn wonders, “It shouldn’t
take him this long to get here. It couldn’t!” She telephones the
Carriage House, but Jeb, fast asleep, doesn’t answer. She recalls
Jeb’s words, “I’m coming right over!…Something might be he matter
if we don’t leave…I’m coming right over!” She puts on her coat and
prepares to go look for Jeb, but then recalls his other words, “Don’t
go out! Wait till I come for you! Don’t leave the house, no matter
what happens!” Not knowing what to do, she sits down in a chair
beneath the portrait of Barnabas.
Jeb finally awakens and exclaims, “What happened? Carolyn! I’ve
got to call Carolyn!” He looks at the clock and sees that it’s only
2:00 and thinks, “No need to hurry. I do have time. It’s only
2:00. I’ve only been out for a few minutes. I can still get there
in plenty of time”. He puts on his coat and opens the door – only
to find Peter Bradford’s ghost standing there. The ghost tells him,
“There’s no need to go!” Jeb asks, “What are you talking about?”
The ghost replies, “Carolyn’s not at Collinwood”. Jeb asks, “Where
is she?” The ghost replies, “Where was Vicky Winters when she died?”
Jeb exclaims, “I’m not falling for that! I’m not going to Widow’s
Hill! I’m going to Collinwood! Get out of my way!”, and pushes
past the ghost and leaves.
At Collinwood, Carolyn looks at the clock and sees that it’s 4:00.
She calls the Carriage House again. Again she receives no answer.
She thinks of going to find him again, but again recalls his words,
“Don’t leave the house! You must not! You must not!” Carolyn cries,
“I must, Jeb! I care for you!”, but then she recalls him saying,
“Something strange and frightening, strange and frightening, strange
and frightening…” but decides to go anyway. She thinks, “I’ll take
the back path. That way, if someone is waiting for me, I’ll get by
them. It’ll be all right! It’s got to be!” She goes into the
door under the stairs to go out the back. Right after she does,
Jeb comes bursting in through the front door. He calls out,
“Carolyn! Where are you?”, but receiving no answer, goes upstairs
to look for her.
Carolyn arrives at the Carriage House and finds it deserted.
Jeb comes running back down into the foyer. He thinks, “Where
is she?” Then he recalls Peter’s words, “Where was Vicky Winters
when she died?” and rushes out the front door.
Jeb arrives at Widow’s Hill and calls out, “Carolyn! Carolyn,
answer me!” Receiving no answer, he exclaims, “She’s not here!”
A voice answers, “But I am! I’ve been waiting for you”. Jeb
turns and sees Philip Todd standing there. Jeb asks, “How did you
know I’d be here?” Philip replies, “He told me you’d be here when
he let me out of jail”. Jeb says, “I’ve got to go find Carolyn!”,
but Philip blocks his way, telling him, “You’re not going anywhere
tonight! You can’t run, Jeb! Tonight, you’re staying here!”
He rushes Jeb and tries to push him off of the cliff, but is unable
to. They wrestle. Finally, Philip wrestles Jeb to the ground, Jeb’s
head hanging over the cliff, and announces, “Tonight, you’re going to
Episode 968
Worldvision Rerun 742
Tape Date: February 20, 1970 (ABC #53-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 11, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Jeb struggles and manages to throw Phillip off. Jeb gets up.
Philip asks fearfully, “What are you going to do to me?” Jeb
replies, “I’m going to let you go”. Phillip asks, “Why? You’ve
always wanted to kill me”. Jeb replies, “There’s already been
enough killing. Now get out of here!”. Phillip turns and leaves,
but as Jeb starts to turn to look over the cliff, Phillip sneaks
back. Jeb hears a noise and turns just in time to see Phillip
making a mad rush at him and steps aside. Phillip, unable to
stop his momentum, goes careening over Widow’s Hill and falls.
Jeb shouts, “Phillip! Phillip!” and moans, “Why did it have to
happen this way?” The Ghost of Peter Bradford appears and says,
“It doesn’t matter. You’re not going to escape!” Jeb exclaims,
“What do you mean it doesn’t matter?! A man just died!” Bradford
replies, “The only thing that matters is that I kill you, Jeb
Hawkes!” Jeb says, “It won’t happen!” and leaves. Peter says to
himself, “I can lure you to water without you knowing it and destroy
you!” A voice replies, “No, Peter Bradford, I will not let you
destroy him! He belongs to me!” The Ghost turns and sees Angelique
standing there. He asks, “Who are you?” Angelique replies, “I am
no ordinary woman. I will destroy Jeb Hawkes! I had a wonderful marriage,
home and life, and he ruined it. For this, he will pay dearly!” Peter
points out, “The only way to destroy him is to drown him”, but Angelique
replies, “That’s the only way YOU can destroy him. I have other ways”.
Peter protests, “But he’s no ordinary man. If you fail, he’ll marry
Carolyn”. Angelique assures him, “But I am no ordinary woman. I will
not fail! I will search for Jeb Hawkes as soon as I get rid of YOU!”
Peter, not seeming to trust Angelique’s powers, says, “He’ll get away!”,
but Angelique assures him, “I’ll make sure he doesn’t get away. Jeb
Hawkes has a very short future”. She tells him, “Go back to where you
belong! You will be avenged!” then says an incantation that sends
the Ghost away.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth is reading the letter from Carolyn.
Carolyn, unable to find Jeb, has returned to Collinwood and walks
into the room. Elizabeth exclaims, “You can’t do it!” Carolyn
replies, “You can’t change my mind, Mother, so don’t try”.
She tells her, “I went to the Carriage House and he wasn’t there.
I can’t imagine what happened”. Elizabeth suggests hopefully,
“Maybe HE changed HIS mind”. Carolyn dismisses this, saying,
“He was afraid something terrible was going to happen”. Elizabeth
asks, “What?” Carolyn replies, “He wouldn’t say”. The telephone
rings. Carolyn, thinking it might be Jeb, rushes to answer it,
but it isn’t Jeb. Carolyn speaks to the caller, “Mrs. Todd?
No, she isn’t here. What’s wrong?…Oh no!….Of course I’ll
phone you if he comes here” and hangs up. Elizabeth asks, “What
is it?” Carolyn replies, “Phillip Todd escaped from jail tonight.
No one knows where he is or even where to begin to look for him”.
A voice says, “Tell them to look in the waters below Widow’s Hill”.
They turn and see it’s Jeb.
Jeb is on the phone, telling someone how Phillip tried to
kill him but ended up falling off Widow’s Hill himself. He ends
the conversation saying, “Yes, I’ll come and make an official
statement, but it’ll have to be today. After today, I don’t know
where I’ll be”. After he hangs up, he tells Carolyn and Elizabeth,
“I answered all their questions, and they answered mine. Earlier
this evening Phillip Todd had a nervous breakdown and escaped.
They think he has these periods of madness only when he feels
the need to kill”. Carolyn moans, “But this time, he tried to
kill YOU”. Jeb tells her, “But I’m all right”. He notes, “But
something’s still bothering you. What?” Carolyn replies, “I just
heard you say on the phone that you were going away!” Jeb replies,
“I am! We’re going to get married and go away together, remember?”
Carolyn says, “I was afraid you had changed your mind!”. Jeb assures
him that he hasn’t. Elizabeth says, “I can’t say I approve of the
marriage, but I can see that Carolyn loves you”. She begs them
to stay at Collinwood, but Jeb refuses. She asks them to at least
have the wedding at Collinwood. Jeb asks to speak to Carolyn alone.
Elizabeth leaves. Jeb tells Carolyn, “I don’t want a big wedding.
I know she’ll want to invite half the State of Maine”. Carolyn
assures him she won’t, that it’ll be just the family, but Jeb
doesn’t even want that, “No family. Just us.”
Some time later, Elizabeth is having coffee or tea with Angelique
in the drawing room. Elizabeth remarks, “I’m so happy I ran into
you in town”. She tells her she’s sorry her marriage to Sky didn’t
work out. Jeb comes into the room. Elizabeth asks, “Have you taken
care of that matter at the Police Station?” Jeb replies that he has.
Elizabeth says, “Good. I’ve got the marriage licence”. Elizabeth
introduces Jeb and Angelique to one another, saying, “The Rumsons live
on Little Windward Island”. Angelique remarks, “Yes, he’s been there”.
Jeb denies this. Angelique continues, “But you must have! You and
Sky were such good friends!” Jeb lies, “Not really. We just met a few
times. I took a few pictures for him for his magazine”. He excuses
himself, saying he’s got to get ready. Angelique remarks, “So I hear
you’re getting married to Carolyn”. Jeb replies, “Yes”. She asks,
“When?” Jeb replies, “Today”. Angelique says, “Well, I’ll quote
and old Irish saying, ‘May you have all the luck you need!'”.
Jeb returns to the Carriage House to get ready. He is surpised
to find Angelique there waiting for him. He asks, “What are you
doing here?” Angelique replies, “Waiting for you”. While she’s
talking, she’s also busy cutting some black paper. She continues,
“Tell me, Jeb, what do you know about me?” Jeb replies, “Not much.
Only that you’re beautiful and you’re married to Sky Rumson”.
Angelique tells him, “I, on the other hand, know much about you.
I know you should have been destroyed when the cairn was destroyed.
I know you have a great will to live, but that will not be enough
against me! I know too much about you! I know how Peter Bradford
tried to kill you by drowning!” Jeb tells her, “No one’s going to
get me near water!” Angelique replies, “I have no need of water.
I have the means to destroy you right here!”
At Collinwood, Elizabeth is helping Carolyn get ready for the
wedding. She gives her an antique pin, saying, “It belonged to
your Great-great-great-great Grandmother”. Carolyn quips, “That
certainly takes care of the ‘old'”, referring to the “Something
old, something new…” tradition. Elizabeth gives her her handkerchief
as the “something borrowed”. She sighs, “I always wanted you to
have a big wedding”. Carolyn replies that so did she, but she’s
happy with anything as long as it’s with Jeb.
At the Carriage House, Jeb is arguing with Angelique, “I didn’t
destroy your marriage to Sky, he did it himself with his selfish
greed!” He excuses himself saying , “I don’t have time to argue. I
have to go to Carolyn”. Angelique suddenly places the thing she’s
been cutting out of the black paper, a black cutout of a cartoonish
ghost figure with its arms stretches out (it looks like one of
Casper’s friends) onto Jeb’s chest and says, “Go! Go to Carolyn,
and let this follow you until it consumes you!” Jeb asks, “What
is THAT?” Angelique tells him, “Come the fire, come to the fire
and I’ll show you what’s going to happen”. Jeb goes to the fire.
Angelique continues, “Now look into the fire and tell me what you
see!” Jeb looks into the fire. He sees a vision of himself
lying on a bed asleep….

Jeb, in the vision, awakens. Suddenly, a shadow that looks just
like the cutout, but much bigger, appears on the wall. It wiggles,
then floats into the air and towards Jeb. Jeb screams “AHHHHH!!!!”
as it engulfs him, then becomes quiet as he dies.

Angelique asks, “What do you see, Jeb? What do you see?”
Jeb gasps, “That shape! The same as this”, pointing to the cutout,
“But it was horrible and deadly! All right! You’ve shown me you have
powers! You can make me scream and die in your visions, but you can’t
make it happen! Only water can destroy me!” Angelique replies,”No,
Jeb! I will prove to you that death is around every corner, not just
at Widow’s Hill!
Elizabeth gives Carolyn a piece of jewelry with a sapphire stone,
fufilling “something blue part”.
Jeb has returned to Collinwood and is in the foyer alone. He
admires himself in the mirror and says, “You look GOOD! You look
FINE! And everthing will be fine!” Suddenly, he sees in the mirror,
on the opposite wall, a shadow that looks just like the one in the
dream, only this one is smaller, about the size of a human hand. At
first he is frightened, but then he assures himself, “It’s only a
shadow! Shadows can’t hurt you!” He goes over to the opposite
wall, turns on a lamp on the table there, and the shadow disappears.
Jeb is relieved, “It’s just an ordinary shadow!”. Carolyn and
Elizabeth come down. Carolyn sees Jeb and asks, “What are you
doing?” Jeb replies, “The light bulb had gone out. I was just
seeing if it had been replaced yet”. Seeing Jeb doing something
so “domestic”, Carolyn quips, “I can see you’re going to be a
great husband”, and leaves to join Elizabeth in welcoming the
minister. Jeb looks on the wall and is shocked to see that despite
the light, the shadow has returned….
Episode 969
Worldvision Rerun 743
Tape Date: February 23, 1970 (ABC #54-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 12, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Jeb and Carolyn are in the drawing room. They kiss. Carolyn notes,
“Jeb, you’re so nervous!” Jeb replies, “It’s just that I’ve never been
married before. I haven’t changed my mind, have you, Carolyn?” Carolyn
replies, “I always imagined that I would have a big wedding with lots
of guests and flower girls, but now the only thing I want is to marry
you”. Elizabeth and the reverend come into the room. Elizabeth asks,
“Reverend Brand wants to know if you two are ready or not”. They reply
that they are. Elizabeth sadly notes, “This is all so impromptu!”
Carolyn reminds her, “We wanted it this way”. Elizabeth says, “I know”.
The Reverend tells them to take their places. Jeb suddenly remembers
that he’s forgotten something, goes out into the foyer, and comes back
with some flowers for Carolyn. Reverend Brand starts the standard
wedding vows, “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the
sight of God and of the company gathered here to join this man and this
woman…” The reverend tells Jeb to put the ring on Carolyn. Jeb puts
a wedding on Carolyn. The Reverend announces, “I now pronounce you man
and wife!” Carolyn and Jeb kiss. Elizabeth cries. Carolyn and Elizabeth
hug one another. The Reverend congratulates Jeb. The Reverend is about
to leave, but Elizabeth asks him to stay for a glass of celebratory
champagne. Elizabeth asks Jeb, “Where are you going?” Jeb replies,
“Far, far away!” Carolyn quips, “He’s even keeping a secret from me!
I married a man of mystery!” Jeb tells Elizabeth, “Now that I’m your
son-in-law, I’d better tell you I’m not someone who believes in
timetables and plans. We’re going to get into the car, decide where
we’re going to go, go there, then when we start getting uptight about
being there, come home”. He makes a toast, “May we have much time
together!” He notices Julia standing in the foyer and calls, “Dr.
Hoffman! Come in!” Julia is told that Jeb and Carolyn have just
been married. Julia congratulates them, hugs Carolyn, and says,
“Jeb, take good care of her!” Jeb promises that he will. Carolyn
offers another toast, “My husband, may we always feel the way we
feel tonight!”
Barnabas arises from his coffin in the cellar of the Old House,
comes up into the living room and lights some candles. He notices
a man standing there – it’s Sky Rumson. Barnabas asks, “What are
you doing here?” Rumson replies, “Do you know how much I hate you?
For many reasons…” Barnabas interrupts, “Including Angelique”.
Rumson says, “Yes, Angelique. Where is she?” Barnabas replies,
“I don’t know. We are not friends”. Rumson says, “You are closer
than friends. You are enemies. You two never miss a chance to
torture one another. You must know where she is. You’ve got to
get me her help! She must help! You are responsible for what’s
happened to me!” Barnabas says, “Nothing’s happening to you since
Jeb’s destroyed that box.” Rumson replies, “That’s not what I’m
talking about. I was introduced to that by a Mr. Strack, not you.
I’m talking about THIS”. He shows Barnabas the bite marks on his
throat. Barnabas gasps, “Megan!” Rumson says, “Yes! Megan!”
At Collinwood, Reverend Brand and Julia have left. Jeb and
Carolyn are in the drawing room with Elizabeth, who’s gathering up
the champagne glasses and putting them on a tray. Carolyn tells
Jeb, “I’ve got to and change”. Elizabeth goes with her. Jeb is
now alone in the drawing room. He thinks to himself, “Married! Yes,
married! No one stopped us! When the reverend said, ‘If anyone
should know any reason why these two should not be married, let him
speak now or forever hold his peace’, no one came and said anything.
Even Angelique didn’t do anything. She was just trying to scare me!
Nothing has happened!” Suddenly, he notices that the shadow has
appeared on the wall, only this time much bigger, the size of a
small child. He screams, “No! No! No! That shadow! Angelique
said it would kill me! Carolyn, we’ve got to get out of here!!!”
At the Old House, Rumson is telling Barnabas, “Yes, I am here
as the result of her as she is the result of you. What happened
to her will not happen to me! I’m tired of hearing her voice in
my head calling me! Only Angelique can help! Where is she?”
Barnabas replies, “I don’t know. Where is Megan’s coffin?” Sky
replies, “Tonight she was in a crypt, but she’s moved it somewhere
else”. Barnabas says, “I need to know where it is if I am to help”.
Sky points out, “How can you help? In the daytime when she’s in her
coffin, you’ll be in yours”. Barnabas replies, “I have a friend who
can help. Where did Megan move her coffin?” Sky replies, “To the
East Wing of Collinwood. I don’t know which room”. Julia comes in.
Barnabas tells Sky, “If you find Megan, send a message to Julia.
She’ll tell you what to do”. Sky remarks on how ironic they’re
on the same side now and leaves. Julia tells Barnabas, “I don’t know
what that was all about, Barnabas, but I have something to tell you.
Jeb and Carolyn are married!” Barnabas is shocked.
At Collinwood, the clock in the foyer reads 7:55. Jeb and Carolyn
are in the foyer, packed and about to leave. Carolyn hugs Elizabeth
goodbye and promises, “Mother, as soon as we stop somewhere, I promise
to call you”. Jeb thinks hopefully, “The shadow! It won’t follow us!
It can’t! We’ll escape it! We’ve got to! It’s not going to ruin
things, it’s not!” Jeb says his goodbyes to Elizabeth then he and
Carolyn leave. Elizabeth picks a box up from the foyer table and
notes, “The rice! We forgot to throw the rice!”
The foyer clock now reads 10:00. Elizabeth is sitting in the
drawing room, looking thoughtful. Barnabas and Julia come in through
the front doors. Seeing them, Elizabeth comes out into the foyer and
asks, “Barnabas, has Julia told you?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”.
Elizabeth continues, “I miss her so. I must so something to keep
my mind occupied”. She tells them that Jeb and Carolyn have decided
to live in the Carriage House rather than the main house when they
return, so she’ll go look at the Carriage House to see about having
it redecorated. Julia volunteers to go with her. As Elizabeth goes
to get her coat, Barnabas whispers to Julia, “You’re very clever,
Julia! This gives me a chance to search the East Wing!” Julia
replies, “That’s not the only reason. I felt so sorry for her.
Jeb can’t turn into his true form anymore, can he?” Barnabas assures
her that he cannot.
Jeb and Carolyn arrive at a hotel room somewhere. Carolyn is about to
step inside when Jeb says, “Wait!” He picks her up and carries her
over the threshhold. Once inside, he puts her down and looks around
for the shadow. Carolyn asks, “What are you looking for, Jeb?”
Jeb lies, “Nothing. Here we are! Here we are in a strange hotel
room. No one knows we’re here, no one in the whole world. No one’s
going to come knocking on the door bothering us!” Carolyn chimes in,
“We have the whold world and we have each other! No one’s alive
but the two of us! We love each other and nothing’s going to change
that! Nothing!” They kiss.
At Collinwood, Barnabas is telling Julia, “You’re right, Julia. We
must offer to give Megan the injections….” Elizabeth comes back,
apoligizing, “Sorry I took so long. I had to talk to Mrs. Johnson.
She was very upset she wasn’t invited to the ceremony. I wanted to,
but Jeb was so intent on keeping it a secret”. She and Julia leave.
Barnabas thinks to himself, “The East Wing! I must find her coffin!”
Jeb and Carolyn are in bed asleep. Jeb awakens and gets out of
bed, dressed only in pajama bottoms. He looks around. Suddenly,
the shadow appears. Jeb shouts, “Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!”, and
goes and wakes Carolyn up. Carolyn asks, “What’s wrong?” Jeb
replies, “We’ve got to get going! I can’t explain! We’ve got to
drive on!”
Barnabas is searching through the East Wing, opening door after
door and searching through unused room after unused room. He thinks
to himself, “So many places to hide! No one’s been down these halls
in years!” He opens another door and finds to his astonishment that
this room is different from all the others, it’s brightly lit,
cheerfully and colorfully furnished. He tries to go in, but finds
his way blocked by some invisible force. He exclaims, “Why? Why?”
He looks and exclaims, “Quentin, husband?!” On a table is a photograph
of Quentin with Tad, with the handwritten inscription, “Your loving
husband Quentin”. Barnabas is even more astonished to see Elizabeth
enter the room through another door. He calls out, “Elizabeth!”, but
she acts as if she doesn’t hear him. Barnabas calls out, “Can’t you
hear me?”, but she doesn’t respond. She goes to an armoire, opens
the door, and starts to take out the dresses hanging inside. She
is startled by a voice asking, “What are you doing?” She turns
and sees that Julia has come into the room. This surprises Barnabas
as well. He exclaims, “Julia!”, but she too acts as if she cannot
hear him. Elizabeth replies to Julia, “Cleaning out her closet”.
Julia orders, “You will not touch her clothes!” Elizabeth counters,
“He will want this room opened. It will be their room”, but Julia
sneers, “It will not! It belongs to HER, it will always belong to
HER!”. Elizbeth protests, “But she’s dead!” Julia replies, “She
will be back! No one else will ever live here! She’ll be back!”
Elizabeth says, “Quiet! Do you want the children to hear?” and
quickly goes and closes the door Barnabas is at. Barnabas gasps,
“Julia! Elizabeth! What is happening? They can’t be in there!
But it WASN’T my imagination!” The doors fly open by themselves.
Barnabas looks inside and is surprised to find that the room is
now no longer brightly lit and cheerfully furnished, but dark and
empty of furniture. He goes in – he is able to this time – and
exclaims, “Empty! It’s wasn’t a dream! It was here! But what
was it?”
Julia and Elizabeth return just as Barnabas is coming down
the stairs to the foyer. Surprised to see them down here after
just seeing them upstairs, gasps, “Elizabeth! Julia!” He asks,
“You’ve been at the Carriage House?” Elizabeth replies, “Yes”
Barnabas asks, “You’ve been no where else?” Elizabeth replies,
“No”. She remarks on how the Carriage House will need more work
than she thought, then invites Julia to come into the study to
look at some family chests (?). After Elizabeth goes to the
study, Julia asks Barnabas, “Tell me, did you find her hiding
place?” Barnabas replies, “No, but I found something else! I
know it sounds ridiculous, but I just saw you and Elizabeth!”
Julia asks, “Where?” Barnbas replies, “In a room in the East
Episode 970
Worldvision Rerun 744
Tape Date: February 24, 1970 (ABC #55-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 13, 1970 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Julia points out, “I’ve never been in the East Wing”. Barnabas
replies, “I know that, but you were there! You looked much like
you do now, but you were dressed differently”. Julia insists,
“I was at the Carriage House”. Barnabas continues, “But you were
there too! It sounds insane, but I’m not mad!” Julia asks, “How
can that be?” Barnabas says, “I don’t know, but you must believe
me! I was searching through the East Wing…” He tells her how he
searched empty room after empty room, how he came upon one that was
brightly lit, how he couldn’t go in, how there was a portrait of
Quentin with the inscription, “Your loving husband, Quentin”.
Julia asks, “Was it modern?” Barnabas replies, “Yes. Then Elizabeth
came into the room. She went to the closet and started taking out
some clothes, then you came in and stopped her”. He describes the
argument between the two women. Julia gasps, “Barnabas, that’s
frightening!” They are interrupted by Elizabeth coming in with
some material for the couch. She asks what Julia to look at them
and tell her what she thinks of them, then sits down at the desk
saying she has to write some announcements telling friends and
relatives of Carolyn’s marriage. Barnabas says, “I’ll say good night
now. Oh, Julia, I didn’t find that book I was looking for”. Julia
replies, “Oh, sorry, it’s in my room”. They pretend to leave to
get it and go up the stairs.
Roger comes in through the front door looking furious. He marches
into the drawing room and shouts, “Elizabeth! I can’t believe it!
If I hadn’t run into Reverend Brand in town, I wouldn’t even know
about it!” Elizabeth replies, “I couldn’t stop them”. Roger asks,
“Then why didn’t you phone me? I would have flown back and done
something! When I left, everything seemed back to normal, now
this! Carolyn, married to this Jeb fellow!” Elizabeth says, “He
isn’t the sort of man I would have picked for Carolyn, but we have to
accept it. After all, I married someone the family didn’t approve of”.
Roger snidely remarks, “And with disastrous results!” Elizabeth
angrily replies, “That was uncalled for, Roger!” Roger continues,
“Something must be done!” Elizabeth asks, “What?” Roger explains,
“Marriages can be annulled!”, but Elizabeth says, “Leave them alone!
Carolyn’s in love with Jeb.” Roger growls, “I don’t know how you
can leave it at that. I certainly won’t!” and storms out of the room.
Barnabas and Julia arrive outside the strange room in the East Wing.
The doors are closed. Barnabas says, “Here it is” and opens the door.
The room is empty. They go inside. Barnabas points to a spot and says,
“The portrait of Quentin was on this table here…” He is interrupted
by a banging noise. They investigate and find that the window is
open and is banging on the frame, blown by the wind. Julia muses,
“How many lives have been led here, how many moments of ecstasy,
anger…” Barnabas points out, “In the past, Julia, but what
puzzles me most is that you and Elizabeth were wearing modern clothes.
What happened here didn’t happen in the past, it happened now”.
Julia muses, “I was at Elliot Stokes’ house one night last spring.
We were having brandies after dinner. Elliot had been reading about
a theory that sounded insane to me, the theory of paralell time.”
Barnabas asks, “Paralell time?” Julia continues, “Yes. We live in
this time in 1970. Suppose time is like a road, and paralell to it
is another road, another band of time, and on this band we live the
lives we know, but on the other band we live different lives because
we made different choices. For example, in college I might have made
the decision to marry and have children instead of becoming a doctor”.
They are interrupted by a bumping noise coming from outside.
They go outside. Barnabas opens a closet. They shine a flashlight
inside and find Megan hiding there. Megan, her eyes sensitive to the
light, begs, “Put it down! Please put it down!” They drag her into
the paralell time room. Julia asks, “Megan, have you ever been in
this room before?” Megan replies, “No.” Barnabas asks, “Have you
ever any voices coming from this room?” Megan starts to panic and
says, “Someone else comes here? Tell me who it is!” Barnabas lies,
“No, Megan, we just imagined we heard voices. You don’t know how I
feel when I look at you, knowing I was responsible for ending your
life…” Megan replies that she hardly even remebers her old life,
and anyway, she wasn’t very happy with Phillip dead and all that
happened. Julia says, “Megan, please, we can help”. They tell
her about Julia’s anti-vampirism serum, but Megan refuses to be
cured, saying, “No! I don’t want to be any different from the way
I am!” Barnabas and Julia are shocked. Megan continues, “You just
don’t know! I won’t let you change me! There’s nothing for me to
go back to. Phillip’s dead. Let me be!” Barnabas says, “I cannot!
Every time I see you, I must blame myself. Your weakness is making
you feel this way. You can find nothing but horror and death the
way you are…” Suddenly, he and Julia notice that Megan is gone.
Roger is at the old house bothering Willie, “Where is Barnabas?
Surely he told you!” Willie replies, “Mr. Collins, Barnabas doesn’t
confide in me”. Roger tells him, “Tell him I must see him tonight!
It’s about Carolyn”. Willie asks, “Has something happened to Carolyn?”
Roger replies, “You’re one of the few people in this town who doesn’t
know! Delight in your ignorance, Loomis!” and leaves. Willie mutters,
“Boy, you sure don’t improve with time, Mr. Collins, you sure don’t!”
Roger is walking through the woods. He hears a noise and looks
back, but sees no one and continues walking. Then he hears the sound
again. He looks back and this time sees Megan. He calls out, “Oh,
Mrs. Todd! Did I frighten you? What are you doing out this timeof
night?” Megan doesn’t answer. Roger continues, “Reverand Brand told
me the sad news about your husband. Oh, Mrs. Todd, If I’ve upset you,
I’m sorry”. She hugs him, as if for comforting, but then bares her
The clock in the foyer reads 11:40. Julia and Barnabas are in
the drawing room. Julia is saying to Barnabas, “I know how upsetting
this evening has been for you, but you must not feel personally about
Megan Todd”. Barnabas asks, “How else am I to feel?” They are
interrupted by Roger coming into the room. He has a funny expression
on his face, seeming to squint his eyes. Speaking in a slurred,
disoriented manner, he says, “Barnabas, I was looking for you, and
you too, Julia. But I can’t quite remember why…” Julia asks,
“Roger, are you all right?” Roger replies, “Yes, why shouldn’t I
be? But the light is so bright!” then holds his temples as if they
hurt. He continues, “Elizabeth, I must find Elizabeth. I just ran
into Megan Todd. Terrible about he husband”. Barnabas and Julia
look at each other knowingly. Julia says, “Roger, let me give you
something for your headache”, but Roger says, “No, I can take care
of myself. Goodnight” and leaves. Julia exclaims, “Barnabas! We’ve
got to help him!” Barnabas sadly replies, “How can we, Julia? He’s
under her spell. And one by one, we’ll see everyone around here
fall under her spell”. Julia says, “She needs those injections!”, but
Barnabas says, “You know what we must do, Julia. We must find her
coffin in the daylight, and you must stop her in the only way she
can be stopped, with a stake and a hammer”.
Julia and Barnabas have returned to the Old House. A very agitated
Willie is saying, “ME?? Why are you picking on me, Barnabas?” Barnabas
replies, “I’m not picking on you”, but Willie continues, “Yes you are!
You want me to go find that woman in the East Wing and put a stake
through her heart!” Barnbas remarks, “It’s not a pleasant task for
anyone, but it must be done”. Julia assures Willie, “I’ll be going with
you”. Willie asks, “Why can’t she do it?” Barnabas replies, “Julia
doesn’t have the strength”. Willie complains, “You’re asking me to risk
my life and my future wife’s happiness.” Barnabas assures him, “You’ll
be in no danger, Willie. It’ll be in the daytime. Tomorrow, Sky Rumson
will try to find where the coffin is..” Willie interrupts, “Why can’t
he do it?” Barnabas replies, “I can’t trust him. He’s under her spell.
Look, Willlie, it would be more dangerous for you if we did nothing
and left her to roam the woods”. Willie continues to complain,
“I’m not going to sleep much tonight, and tomorrow Roxanne’s going
to ask me why I’m so nervous. I wish I could tell her everything.
She’s going to start to think I’m weird or something…” Julia
tells him, “I’ll call you when everything’s ready”. Willie replies,
“All right” and leaves. Barnabas tells Julia, “Sky Rumson will
be getting in touch with you tomorrow morning. It’ll all be over
by dusk”. Julia, with sadness in her voice, echoes, “Yes it will”.
Julia leaves. Barnabas thinks to himself, “That room! I saw Julia
and Elizabeth in there! What were they talking about? Who’s dead?
How is this possible?”
Julia is talking with Elizabeth in the drawing room. Elizabeth is
saying, “When was I last in the East Wing? It must be at least six
months ago”. Julia asks, “Does Mrs. Johnson or anyone else ever go
there?” Elizabeth replies, “Well, it’s cleaned every spring, and
repairs are made occasionally, why do you ask?” Julia lies, “I thought
I saw a light in one of the windows”. Elizabeth says, “Then we must
check it out”, but Julia assures her, “I’m sure it was just a
reflection of the lightning. I was afraid the children might have
seen it and thought the East Wing was haunted”. Elizabeth replies,
“There are no legends about that part of the house”. Julia continues,
“Tell me, what do you know about the East Wing?” Elizabeth replies,
“You should ask Roger. He knows much more about it than I do. Why
are you so interested in the East Wing all of a sudden?” Julia replies,
“It’s just that this is a fascinating old house and I’ve just realized
how very little I know about it”. While they are talking, they do not
see Barnabas come in and sneak up the stairs.
Barnabas goes to the paralell time room again. He opens the door
and finds it brightly lit and furnished again. He sees Elizabeth in
there and calls, “Elizabeth!”, but again she doesn’t respond. She
picks up a stool and goes up to the fireplace, steps up on the stool
and is about to take down a portrait covered with a light blue cloth
hanging above the fireplace when Julia comes into the room and demands,
“What are you doing?” Elizbeth replies, “Taking this down. It should
not be hanging here now”. Julia growls, “She did not even want you in
her room! I will not let you take it down!” Elizabeth replies, “He is
coming. He will not want it in here!” Julia says, “Then he will tell
us when he comes. Until then, you will let it hang!” She starts to
walk towards the fireplace, saying, “Let everyone in the house see
it! It has remained covered long enough!” She pulls the cloth off. It
is a portrait of Angelique. Barnabas is shocked. Elizabeth gasps, “No one
must see it!”, but Julia counters, “Everyone must see it! Everyone must
remember her!” Elizabeth, in a very sarcastic tone, says, “How could
anyone forget her?” Elizabeth goes to close the door. Barnabas shouts,
“No, Elizabeth! Don’t close the door!”, but she cannot hear him and
closes the door. Barnabas bangs on the door, shouting, “Let me in!
Let me in!”
Episode 971
Worldvision Rerun 745
Tape Date: February 25, 1970 (ABC #56-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 16, 1970 Monday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

In the drawing room, Elizabeth is telling Julia, “There are no
records of anything strange ever happening in the East Wing. The
East Wing is remarkably free of secrets”.
Barnabas is in the room thinking, “There’s no trace of that other
existence! Julia and Elizabeth, so different! And what about
Angelique? Will I ever find out about her?” He hears a noise
and peeks outside and sees Roger in the hallway. Roger does not
see him. Barnabas thinks to himself, “He can be here for only
one reason, to see one person!” He quietly follows him, thinking,
“He will lead me to her, and if all goes well, by tomorrow this
ordeal will be over for him – and Megan!” Roger goes to the room
where Megan is hiding. Megan tells him, “I have been waiting for
you!” and bites him. Barnabas, in hiding, sees this and flees,
horrified by the sight. When Megan finishes feeding, she tells
Roger, You will remain here guarding my coffin, understand?”
Roger replies, “Yes, I understand”. Megan smiles, showing her
Down in the drawing room, Elizabeth tells Julia, “Thank you”
Julia asks, “For what?” Elizabeth replies, “For the conversation.
Talking about the East Wing took my mind off of Jeb and Carolyn.
Such an impestuous young man. Do you think he will be good for
Carolyn?” Julia replies, “I’m sure he will”. Elizabeth asks,
“I’m going up. Are you going up too?” Julia sees Barnabas in
the foyer shaking his head and replies, “Not just yet”. Barnabas
hides, and Elizabeth goes out. Barnabas joins Julia in the
drawing room. Julia asks, “You were in the East Wing?” Barnabas
replies, “Yes”. Julia asks, “Did you see anything?” Barnabas
recounts what happened, about seeing the portrait of Angelique.
Julia exclaims, “Angelique! She’s part of this too?” Barnabas
tells her that once gain he tried to enter, but found his
way barred by some invisible force. Julia remarks, “I can’t say
I’m sorry about that”. Barnabas asks, “Why?” Julia replies, “We
don’t know enough about this. It could be very dangerous. We’ve
got to talk to Stokes as soon as we can”. Barnabas tells her, “Yes,
but there’s someting else we must do first. Megan is in the East
Wing. Roger is guarding her”. He starts to say, in a very shaky
voice, “I saw…Julia, it was dreadful!” The cock crows. They
Megan asks Roger, “Are you sure no one saw you come here?”
Roger replies that he is. Megan remarks, “I have a strange feeling
someone did”. Roger growls, “Whoever did will pay for it with his
life!” Megan tells him, “After dark, we’ll move to a safer place”
and goes into her coffin.
At the Old House, Julia is telling Willie, “And that’s what you
must do. Understand?” Willie replies, “I understand, but I don’t
like it!” Julia reminds him, “It must be done – for all of us,
Megan, Roger and most of all, Barnabas!” Willie looks at the
hammer and stake Julia with a look of anguish in his face and says,
“There must be some other way”, but Julia replies, “There is no
other way”. She explains the plan to him: She will go back to
Collinwood, and he is to go there a short time later and say he’s
looking for a book for Barnabas. Julia will pretend to go up with
him to find it, and they will destroy Megan. Willie moans, “Roxanne!
There’s a whole side of my life that she knows nothing about!”
Julia returns to Collinwood. Elizabeth, who’s pacing around,
asks, “Julia, have you seen Megan?” Julia lies, “No, why?”
Elizabeth replies, “She hasn’t been seen since Phillip’s death.
She hasn’t been in her room. Where is she? Maybe I should call
the police”. Julia, alarmed, replies, “No! Don’t do that. She’s
probably off by herself thinking things over”. She is relieved to
hear Elizabeth reply, “You’re probably right”. There’s a knock on
the front doors. Elizabeth answers. It’s Willie. He tells her,
“Dr. Hoffman said I could come and get some books for Barnabas”.
Julia tells him, “They’re upstairs, Willie”. Willie goes up. Elizabeth
asks Julia to find out what she can about Megan and tell her. Julia
agrees to do so, then goes up the stairs.
In Megan’s hiding room, Roger is asleep on the job. Outside, Julia
is telling the very anguished Willie, “You must not think of her as
a person. She is a creature, an evil thing”. They go in. Roger
awakens and growls, “Get out of here!” Julia tries to explain,
“It’s the best thing for her. It’s the only way she’ll have peace
and rest, and you too, Roger”, but Roger repeats, “I said Get out
of here! Leave her alone!” and attacks Willie. They fight. Roger
seems stronger, and manages to wrestle Willie out of the room. Finally,
Willie struggles out of Roger’s grasp, and lands a hard left hook to
the body. Roger doubles over in pain, and Willie grabs a bottle and
cracks it over Roger’s head, knocking him out. Willie goes back into
the room and tells Julia, “You’d better go look at him”. Julia starts
to say, “Don’t you want…”, but Willie says, “No, if I’m going to do
it, I’d rather do it alone”. Julia goes out to check on Roger.
Willie opens the coffin, carefully positions the stake over Megan’s
heart, and hammers it in. Megan screams horribly .
Outside, Roger awakens and sees Julia stooping over him. He asks,
“Julia, what are you doing here?” She lies, “Elizabeth said I could
inspect the architecture in the East Wing. It’s very interesting”.
Roger exclaims, “The East Wing?? Did you say the East Wing? What am
I doing here?” Julia replies, “Oh, you must have had some reason.
You’ve had a bad hit on the head”. Roger continues, “I can think
of no reason for being here in the East Wing!” Julia replies,
“Well, you must have had one. Being hit on the head can make one
forget things”. Roger hears a noise coming from the now closed doors
of the coffin room and wants to investigate, but Julia manages to
drag him away, saying, “No, we’d better get you treated right way.
You can check it out later”.
Later in the living room of the Old House Willie is moaning,
“I did it, Barnabas, I did it, but I don’t think I can forget that
look on her face even if I live to be a hundred”. Barnabas replies,
“Remember, Willie, it had to be done. Now you will take Megan and
bury her in an unmarked grave. Julia will get rid of all her clothes”.
He then turns to Julia and asks, “And you know what to do?” Julia
replies, “Yes, tell Elizabeth that I saw Megan and she told me she
was leaving Collinwood forever”. After Willie leaves, Barnabas
asks Julia, “You were in the East Wing. Did you see anything in
there?” Julia replies, “No, and I don’t think you should go there.
It might be dangerous”, but Barnabas says, “I’ll take the chance.
Something draws me there”. Julia replies, “Whatever’s drawing you
there, I hope it doesn’t harm you”.
Barnabas goes and again opens the door to the room in the East
Wing. He exclaims “Willie!”, for inside is Willie Loomis. Willie,
however, looks subtly different than usual. He’s dressed in a
snappy blue blazer and nice shirt and pants, and looks more refined
and sophisticated than he usually is”. Barnabas shouts, “Willie!”,
but Willie doesn’t respond. He is busy searching the room for
something, looking through drawers and at books. Julia comes in
and growls, “Those are HER things!” Willie retorts, “Wherever
Angelique is now, she won’t be needing them”. Julia angrily
says, “Don’t talk about her like that!” Willie says, “All I can
says it she’s dead, and that’s the truth!”. Julia shouts, “Get out
of here!”, but Willie replies, “Not until get what I came for.
She borrowed it. I need it!” Julia tells him, “When I find it,
I’ll give it to you, now go!”, but Willie refuses, saying, “I
need it now! And I will have it!” He looks through some more
books near the window and finds it. Julia grabs the book from it,
sneers at it and says, “What if she were still alive today? Do
you think she would want your book? Take your book and get out
of here!” and contemptuously throws it out the door. Somehow,
it manages to make it through to Barnabas’ side. Barnabas instinctively
turns and bends over to pick up the book. When he looks up again,
the room has become dark and empty again. Barnabas gasps, “The
room’s empty! The twist of time closed it again!” He looks at the book
and gasps, “But the twist of time opened long enough to let this
through!” He slowly reads the title,

The Life and Death
William Hollingshead Loomis.

He slowly repeats, “The Life… and DEATH?! of Barnabas Collins????”
Episode 972
Worldvision Rerun 746
Tape Date: February 26, 1970 (ABC #57-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 17, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas is at the Old House, slowly flipping through the pages of
the book. Willie returns, saying, “I did it, Barnabas. Every bit of it,
just as you said. Anyone looking for Megan will have to look
good and hard to find her”. Noticing that there’s a funny look on
Barnabas’ face, he asks, “What’s wrong, Barnabas? Why are you looking
at me like that?” Barnabas replies, “Maybe it’s best you don’t know”.
Willie says, “I gotta know, Barnabas! Why are you looking at me like
you’ve never seen me before?”, gestures at the book Barnabas is holding
and asks, “Does it have anything to do with that?” Barnabas asks,
“Why do you ask that?” Willie replies, “I don’t know. Just a funny
feeling I’ve got”. Willie looks closer at the title and exclaims,
“‘The Life and Death Of Barnabas Collins’? What’s that? Who wrote that,
Barnabas?” Barnabas replies, “YOU did!” Willie, puzzled, asks, “What
are you talking about?” Barnabas says, “See for yourself” and hands
him the book. Willie reads the front cover, “‘The Life and Death Of
Barnabas Collins’ by William Hollingshead Loomis'” and exclaims, “Hey!
Nobody knows my middle name! I didn’t write this! It must have been
some other Willie Loomis”. But as he is handing the book back to
Barnabas, he notices the a picture of himself on the back cover and
exclaims, “Huh? What?!” He reads the blurb on the back cover:

“Mr. Loomis has written three best-selling novels, ‘Pride of Lions’,
‘Gold Hearted Lover’, and ‘Beyond the Door’, all of which have been
made into major motion pictures…”

Willie exclaims, “Those are LIES, Barnabas, LIES! Look at those
clothes! I’ve never owned clothes like that! Where did you get this
book?” Barnabas replies, “In the East Wing of Collinwood”. Willie
looks through the book and says, “Barnabas, I don’t understand this.
This is in my handwriting, but I never wrote it!” Barnabas reads
the inscription Willie found, “To the Cleo that inspired”. Willie
remarks, “I don’t know anyone named Cleo!” Barnabas explains, “Cleo
is the must of History, Willie”. Willie continues, “There’s nothing
in the book but LIES, Barnabas! It says here that you died. But
you never died, Barnabas”. Barnabas replies, “Not in this time band,
maybe, but in the other”. He explains the theory of Parallel Time
to Willie, finishing, “and in one band of time, you are a well known
author, just as I was born into a wealthy family in the 18th century
and died in 1830, mourned by all my descendents and especially my
wife Josette”. He pauses a moment, looking wistful about this, then
says, “I’ve got to see Professor Stokes about this”. Willie tells
Barnabas, “He’s coming to dinner at Collinwood tomorrow night”. Barnabas
replies, “Good. That’ll give me time to read this”. Willie remarks,
“I don’t think that’s a very good idea. If I were you, I’d burn it!”,
but Barnabas replies, “I want to understand it”. Willie remarks, “
“Well, I warned you” and leaves. Barnabas again reads, in a sad
tone of voice, “Barnabas Collins was born in the 18th century, heir
to lands…” He skips to the end of the book and reads, “and he died
in 1830, grieved by his descendents and most particulary by his wife
Josette”. He mutters “Josette…” in a very sad voice.
At Collinwood, Professor Stokes is talking to Elizabeth in the
drawing room. Stokes remarks, “Good to see that everything is all
right again”. Elizabeth replies, “Everything is not all right again.
Carolyn has married Jeb”. Stokes asks, “And you couldn’t stop them?”
Elizabeth replies, “I didn’t have the heart to try. Carolyn’s so
much in love with him, but I’m worried. Carolyn promised to call
me when they got to their destination, but she hasn’t. She could
be anywhere. I’m afraid for my daughther, terribly afraid!”
Jeb opens the door to yet another hotel room. He turns on the
lights and sees the shadow on the wall. It is now man sized.
Jeb gasps, “The shadow! It’s in here! I knew it would be here
waiting for me! I’ve got to get away from it somehow!” and turns
off the lights. Jebs jumps when Carolyn playfully sneaks up
behind him and puts her hands over his eyes. She starts to talk
about dinner, saying, “The manager says there’s a wonderful seafood
restaurant…” but Jeb interrupts her saying, “We’ve got ot get out
of here! We’ve got to leave this place right now!” But Carolyn
refuses, saying, “We’re not going anywhere! Not until we have
a talk!” She is about to turn on the lights but Jeb stops her,
saying, “Keep them off! Please!” Carolyn asks, “Why?” Jeb lies,
“I’ve been driving with the sun in my eyes all day and they hurt”.
Carolyn says, “Why do we have to go?”, but Jeb only replies, “We’ve
got to get out of here!” Carolyn asks, “What are you running from?”
Jeb asks, “What makes you think I’m running from anything?” Carolyn
replies, “The way you’re acting. There must be an explanation.
Whatever it is, I’ll understand”, but Jeb replies, “I can’t! The
honeymoon’s over!” and drags her away.
Stokes is in the drawing room of Collinwood sipping sherry
with Elizabeth. They continue to talk about Carolyn. Barnabas
comes into the room and says he’d like to talk to Stokes.
Elizabeth leaves. Stokes asks, “What is it you’d like to talk
to me about?” Barnabas replies, “About the theory of parallel
time you discussed with Julia one night, the theory that there
may be more than one time band”. Stokes replies, “Yes, the
theory that in some other time band we live different lives because
we’ve made different choices. Perhaps in some other time band
I married my high school sweetheart. I would have a totally
different life, perhaps with several children. There may be
many Elliot Stokes in many time bands leading many different lives.
An interesting theory, but just a theory”. Barnabas replies, “Maybe
it’s more than just a theory”.
Barnabas has told Stokes what he saw in the East Wing. Stokes
is saying to Barnabas, “You saw all that?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”.
Stokes wonders if there’s a way to reach the other time band. Barnabas
shows Stokes the book, saying, “There has to be, for this has
reached me”. Stokes examines the book and asks, “What is this?”
Barnabas replis, “A book about the life of the other Barnabas,
born in 18th century, married Josette DuPres, and died in 1830.
Of course, the original Barnabas in our time band went to England
in 1779 (!), never to return”. Stokes remarks, “I wonder what I’m
like in that other time band, or even if I exist. When I was ten
years old, I almost drowned. Perhaps in that time band I did.”
He asks, “And you, do you ever wonder what your life might have
been?” Barnabas replies sadly, “Yes I do”.
Barnabas and Stokes go to the East Wing room. It is dark
and empty. Barnabas says, “I wished you could have seen it.
I don’t understand why it’s here sometimes and sometimes it isn’t”
Stokes replies, “My guess is the time band is always here, but it
can only be seen when there is a warp in time”. He points out a
small tear in one of his jacket sleeves and says, “You can only see
this if the angle and lighting are just right. Otherwise, you can’t
see it and it doesn’t exist for you”. Barnabas asks, “You mean
everyone can see it if they’re here at just the right time?”
Stokes replies, “Yes, and I wish I could see it. This is a very
important discovery, proof of what has been until now only a very
interesting theory!” Barnabas remarks, “It would be even more
important if I could find a way to be here when it changes and
cross over”. Stokes warns againsst this, “No! It’s far too
dangerous! We know far too little about this! You might be trapped!
Don’t do anything to destroy yourself!”
Jeb and Carolyn arrive back at the Carriage House. As Jeb is
opening the door, Carolyn asks, “Shouldn’t we go to Collinwood
and tell Mother we’re back first?” Jeb replies coldly, “Go ahead.
I’m not stopping you”. Carolyn asks, “Aren’t you coming?” Jeb
replies, “No”. Carolyn says, “You hardly said a word on the drive
back. Are you angry about something? Please tell me”. Jeb replies,
“There’s nothing to tell. Go to Collinwood”. They go into the
cottage. Carolyn asks, “What are you going to do?” Jeb replies,
“Unpack”. Carolyn remarks, “It would help considerably if you
would turn on the lights” and turns a lamp on. Jeb sees the shadow
on a wall, and quickly grabs Carolyn so she doesn’t see it. Carolyn
asks, “Jeb, what’s wrong?” Jeb yells at her, “If you’re going to
go, go! Go to Collinwood! Go away and stay away!” Carolyn whines,
“Jeb, I don’t understand…” Jeb yells, “I don’t want you anymore!
I made a big mistake”. Carolyn shouts back, “Maybe both of us made
a big mistake” and runs out the door in tears. Jeb turns off the
lights and sits fearfully…
Carolyn runs to Collinwood. Elizabeth greets her ecstatically,
“Carolyn! Dear!” They embrace. Elizabeth asks, “Are you all
right?” Carolyn lies, “Yes”. Elizabeth asks, “Where’s Jeb?”
Carolyn replies, “He’s staying at the Carriage House”. Elizabetha
asks, “He? What about you?” Carolyn replies, “I’m staying here”.
Elizabeth remarks, “Carolyn, I don’t understand”. Carolyn replies,
“I don’t want to talk about it!” and runs up the stairs.
Barnabas returns to the Old House. Willie asks him, “Barnabas,
did you get to talk to Professor Stokes?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”.
Willie says, “I’ve been thinking about that book”. Barnabas replies,
“So have I, and the life where I won and loved Josette”. Willie
warns him, “You died in that life, Barnabas. Don’t you forget
Carolyn has thinks things over, “Why did he force us to quarrel?
Why did he force me to go? I don’t understand! But I’ve got to!”
She decides to go back to the Carriage House to talk to Jeb. But
when she gets there, she finds the lights out and door locked. She
worries, “Did he go? Did he leave me?” She takes out a key, unlocks
the door and goes in. She finds that Jeb has not left. He is sitting
fearfully in the dark. Jeb growls, “I said, leave me alone! Go away
and stay away!” Carolyn replies, “No! Jeb, you’ve got to tell me
what’s wrong, you can’t just sit here in the dark”. She turns on a
lamp, sees the shadow on the wall and screams, “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!”.
Jeb immediately embraces her and tells her, “I didn’t want you to
know! I didn’t want you to ever see it! I didn’t want it to hurt
you!”. Carolyn replies, “But it is going to hurt you, isn’t it.
It’s going to kill you, isn’t it?” Jeb turns off the lights, saying,
“At least this way I won’t have to see it happen”. Carolyn
grabs him and drags him off, saying, “I don’t want it to kill you!
We’ve got to get away!” Jeb protests, “There’s nowhere to go!”,
but Carolyn replies, “There has to be!” and drags him out the door.
Episode 973
Worldvision Rerun 747
Tape Date: February 27, 1970 (ABC #58-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 18, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Jeb and Carolyn are in the drawing room at Collinwood. Jeb is
showing Carolyn the black paper cutout Angelique had made. Carolyn
asks, “And it began with this?” Jeb replies, “And every night it
gets larger and larger, and is able to reach out farther and farther”.
He moans, “Carolyn, I didn’t want you to know, but you had to know,
didn’t you?” Carolyn remarks, “Now we both can fight it”. Jeb
moans, “It’s impossible to fight it. It’s going to kill me, just
like it did in that vision!” Carolyn asks, “What vision?” Jeb recounts
the vision to her. Carolyn asks, “Who showed this to you? Who did
this to you?”, but Jeb refuses to tell her, saying only, “I have
enemies”. Carolyn asks, “Who?”, but Jeb still refuses to tell her.
Jeb reminds her, “You promised to accept me the way I am. I’ve told
you too much already”. Carolyn remarks, “The shadow isn’t here during
the day, only at night, right?” Jeb replies, “Right”. Carolyn says,
“Whovever did this can free you of it”, but Jeb replies that the
person who did it has no intention of doing so. Carolyn asks, “Was
it Nicholas Blair?” Jeb asks, “Why do you say that?” Carolyn replies,
“Because he’s full of evil”. Carolyn says, “Jeb, maybe if I go to
him..”., but Jeb says, “NO! I’ll do whatever has to be done!”
Carolyn reminds him, “You’ve got to do something soon! The shadow’s
growing larger!” Jeb replies, “I will do something!”. Carolyn asks,
“What?” Jeb replies, “The less you know, the better!”. Carolyn asks,
“But there’s one thing I’ve got to know. Do you still love me?”
Jeb embraces her and says, “I love you! I’ll love you no matter
what happens!”
Quentin is with Sabrina in a room somewhere. Sabrina is telling
Quentin, “I don’t know what to do. Tomorrow night’s the full moon.
I know it, and Chris knows it, but he refuses to talk about it.”
Quentin asks, “What do you expect him to say?” Sabrina replies,
“I expect him to say he trusts me. To let me help him deal with this”.
Quentin remarks, “No one can help him with this, Sabrina”, but
Sabrina replies, “I want to try. I want to help him. If Chris
won’t do anything, I will. I’ve thought of a way”. Quentin
asks, “What way?” Sabrina replies, “This time is different from
all the others because Bruno knows”. Quentin asks, “What are you
going to do?” Sabrina replies, “I have some money. Maybe if I
go and give it to him, he’ll go away”. Quentin asks, “You would
do all this for Chris?” Sabrina replies, “I’d do anything. I
want to marry him!” Quentin says, “No! You can’t think of marriage
until this is cured!”. He agrees to accompany her to see Bruno.
Bruno is in a room somewhere, once again cutting and eating
pieces from a red delicious apple with a dagger. Jeb comes.
Bruno asks, “What do you want?” Jeb doesn’t answer. Bruno
points the knife at Jeb and growls, “I asked you a question!
Now answer me! Things between us aren’t the way they used to
be! When I ask you a question, you’ll answer it!”. Jeb looks
down at the knife and says, “That knife can’t hurt me!” Bruno
realizes the truth of this and puts the knife down on the table
and says, “That knife doesn’t need to kill you. You’re already
dead. Nicholas said when you destroyed that box, you destroyed
yourself. It’s only a matter of time, now. Why are you here?”
Jeb says, “You’ve got to speak to Nicholas for me!” Bruno
exclaims, “You’ve got to be kidding!”. Jeb continues, “Angelique
Rumson, Skyler Rumson’s wife, put something on me. It’s going
to kill me! It’s a shadow that gets larger and larger, and it’s
going to destroy me! Nicholas has powers! He’s got to help me!”
Bruno replies, “You don’t know how much you hurt Nicholas and
all of us.” Jeb tries to explain, “Because I loved Carolyn!
We’re married now!”. Bruno quips, “Does she realize she’s going
to be a very young widow? Maybe after you’re out of the way,
I’ll make a play for her myself. She’s young, beautiful and
rich, and she’ll need company…” Jeb growls, “Why you…” and
starts to attack Bruno, but stops when Bruno says, “Easy! Maybe
I will go to Nicholas and tell him what Angelique is doing to
you. But it won’t do any good. Even if he can do something
about it, it doesn’t matter. Minute by minute, you have less
time to live. You’ll be gone eventually, so how does it matter
how you die?” Jeb replies, “If I can beat this shadow, I can
beat anything! I’ll find a way. I’ve got to, for Carolyn!”
Carolyn is in the drawing room at Collinwood pouring herself
a drink. Maggie comes in and says, “Welcome home!” Noticing
that Carolyn doesn’t seem herself, Maggie asks, “Are you all
right?” Carolyn lies, “Yes. Why do you ask?” Maggie replies,
“It’s just that I’m not used to seeing you drink so early”.
Carolyn says, “You missed the wedding ceremony. Why don’t you
have a drink with me?”, but Maggie declines, saying, “I’m
seeing Barnabas for dinner”. Jeb comes and Maggie leaves.
Carolyn asks, “Did you see Nicholas?” Jeb replies, “No, I
saw Bruno, and he wouldn’t lift a finger to help”. He moans,
“Oh, Carolyn, you’re going to be a young widow!” Carolyn
says, “Don’t say that! Please!” Jeb notes with trepidation,
“It’s begining to get dark…”
Maggie is coming down the stairs. She suddenly notices the
trident mark on her hand and thinks, “Quentin! Quentin, where
are you?”
At Sabrina’s, the clock reads 7:30. Outside, Quentin is
about to knock on the door when suddenly he notices the trident
mark on his hand and says, “I don’t want to be here! I want
to be with Maggie!” and leaves.
The clock now reads 8:00. Sabrina wonders, “Why isn’t he
here? Did he change his mind? Well, he has every right to.
Even a good friend can only be expected to do so much, not
more. But I must do more. Bruno must be dealt with, else
Chris will be in danger. I will deal with him, alone if
necessary. No, I’m not going to be alone!” She goes to
the bureau, opens a drawer, takes out a silver, snub nosed revolver
and says, “This is going with me!”
The clock now reads 8:00. Sabrina notes, “He’s over an hour
late! He has changed his mind!”. She holds a large roll of money
in one hand and the revolver in the other and remarks, “Which will
it be, Bruno? The decision will be yours!” Then she thinks to
herself, “My God! What am I doing with my brother’s gun? I was
really going to…But I must! For Chris’ sake, I must!”
Maggie and Quentin are in the garden outside Collinwood kissing.
Maggie says, “I have to go see Barnabas”. Quentin tells her,
“Barnabas is unimportant”. Maggie agrees, “He doen’t matter”.
Quentin says, “No one matters except us”. Maggie echoes, “No one
exists except the two of us, we are the only twe people in the
entire world”. They continue kissing…
Jeb and Carolyn are still in the drawing room. The shadow
appears on the wall. They quickly turn the lights off. Carolyn
tells Jeb, “There’s so little time left! You’ve got to do something!”
She suggests, “Go to Barnabas, he knows a lot of things!”, but
Jeb vetoes the idea. She then suggests, “Professor Stokes, then”,
but Jeb just says, “He won’t be able to do anything”. Carolyn,
exasperated, says, “Forget Nicholas Blair, forget Barnabas, forget
Professor Stokes, are you ready to forget me too?” They embrace.
Sabrina shows up at Bruno’s place just as he is putting on his
fur coat and is about to go out. She offers him the money
to leave Collinsport and forget all about Chris, but he says,
“it’s not enough”. She tells him, “I’ve got more”, but he says
he’s not interested, “Chris Jennings is more valuable than a whole
pile of money”. Sabrina asks, “How?” Bruno explains, “Chris is
a source of power, and I will figure out how to use that power”.
He turns to leave, saying, “Now I reallly must go”. Sabrina
says, “Wait!”. Bruno replies, “There’s nothing more you can say”.
Sabrina pulls the gun out of her purse and says, “Then I’ll let this
speak for me!” Bruno stammers, “What are you going to do?” Sabrina
replies, “I love Chris, and I’m not going to let anyone hurt
him. I’m going to kill you!”
Episode 974
Worldvision Rerun 748
Tape Date: March 10, 1970 (ABC #59-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 19, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Bruno’s eye bug out in fear. Suddenly, a door opens and Sky
Rumson comes into the room. Sabrina is distracted momentarily,
and Bruno knocks the gun out of her hands. Sabrina tries to flee,
but is grabbed by Rumson. Bruno picks the gun up and points it
at a frightened Sabrina. Bruno assures her, “I’m not going to
kill you. On the contrary, I admire you. I’m very greatful to
you”. Sabrina asks, “For what?” Bruno replies, “You showed me how
much you love Chris. If his love for you is as deep, you may be
of use to me”. Sabrina asks, “What do you mean?” Bruno replies,
“You’ll find out later”. He orders Rumson, “Take her into the back
room”. Rumson complains, “Why are you giving orders all of a sudden?”
They get into an argument about who’s boss. Rumson threatens to
complain to Nicholas about Bruno’s behavior. Bruno warns him, “If
you question Nicholas about my authority, Nicholas will back me!
Now take her into that back room!”. Sky, clearly unhappy, does
so. In the back room, Sabrina asks, “What is he going to do?”
Sky replies, “Call Nicholas”. Sabrina asks, “Who’s Nicholas?”
Sky replies, “You’ll find out”.
Bruno is looking impatiently at the mantel clock. It reads
3:50. Nicholas finally arrives. He asks, “What is this all about?”
Bruno replies, “There’s something in the back room I want you to
see.” Sky comes out and says, “Nicholas, we’ve got talk…”
Bruno interrupts, “Well, you’ll have to wait”. Sky snaps, “I’M
talking to Nicholas!”, but Nicholas tells him, “Give us a few minutes,
Sky”. Bruno takes Nicholas into the back room. Nicholas asks,
“Who’s she?” Bruno explains, “Her name is Sabrina Stuart. She’s
the fiance of Chris Jennings”. Nicholas asks, “What pray tell
does Chris Jennings have with me?” Bruno coyly answers, “Even
a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night…”
Nicholas raises his eyebrows in interest and remarks, “Werewolf!
How interesting!” Bruno asks, “That pleases you?” Nicholas
replies, “I thing I have found a way to redeem myself. There’s
a full moon tomorrow night, and if we can get Mr. Jennings here
I think I can put him to good use”. Bruno asks, “How?” Nicholas
explains, “Have you wondered how Jeb is staying alive?” Bruno
remarks, “He’s not going to stay living long. Angelique will
see to that”. Nicholas replies, “I don’t want Angelique to see
to that! I must destroy him! Now I believe his marriage to
Carolyn is keeping him alive, giving him the will to live. If
anything should happen to Carolyn, Jeb would lose his will to live.
My mission here has been a failure, but if I can destroy Jeb, I will
redeem myself to some extent. If Angelique gets him first, I am
doomed, Bruno!”
Jeb is sitting in the drawing room of Collinwood, looking into the
fire. There’s a knock at the front doors. Jeb answers. It’s Chris
Jennings. They introduce themselves to one another, as they have
never met before. Chris asks, “Is Sabrina Stuart here?” Jeb
replies that she isn’t. Chris says, “Maybe Carolyn knows where she
is”, but Jeb replies, “Carolyn left with her mother about an hour
ago”. Chris thanks him and leaves.
Sky is inside the back room guarding Sabrina. After a while,
he remarks, “I think Nicholas is finished talking with Bruno.
I have something to discuss with him!” and goes out into the
front room. He is surprised to find that Nicholas is not there-
but Angelique is. She remarks, “From tycoon to lackey! My, how
the mighty are fallen! Tell me, how does it feel to be a has
been? All your businesses have failed. A lackey is all you are
now!” Sky protests, “That’s not true! I am important to Nicholas!”,
but Angelique retorts, “Don’t be silly. Look what he has you doing
now, guarding that girl. He won’t even tell you what his plans are”.
Sky shouts, “Get off my back!” Angelique continues, “Do you want me
to tell you what’s going to happen in the end? Nicholas will find
some way to do himself in, as he usually does, and tyou’ll be all
alone. Then someone will put you out of your misery. Maybe it’ll
be me!” and leaves.
Nicholas goes to Collinwood to visit Jeb. Jeb asks, “Why are you
here?” Nicholas replies, “I got your message from Bruno. I thought
you deserved a reply”. Jeb asks, “You’re going to help me!?” Nicholas
replies, “No. You must accept one fact. You’re doomed now. No one
can help you”. Jeb begs, “Please! Angelique will destroy me!”, but
Nicholas says, “I sincerely hope not! I hope to have the pleasure
myself! All I can say, Jeb, is one of us is going to destroy you.
I hope it’s me! Good night, Jeb”, and leaves.
In the cottage, Chris is talking on the phone, “I looked everywhere.
I know tomorrow night’s the full moon…Quentin, I don’t care about
Windcliff. Sabrina’s missing, and I’m not going anywhere until I
find her”. There’s a knock at the door. Chris answers. It’s Sky
Rumson, whom he doesn’t know. Sky tells Chris, “You’re looking for
Sabrina Stuart. I know where she is and how to get her out. She’s
being held in a house at the edge of town by a man named Bruno.
Do you know him?” Chris replies, “Yes”. Sky continues, “You’ve got
to get her out of there”. Chris points out, “I don’t know you. How
can I trust you?” Sky explains, “I’ve been guarding Sabrina for them,
but I don’t like the way they hurt people. I just want to get out from
under them”. Chris asks, “How do I know they didn’t send you here to
trap me?” Sky replies, “You don’t, but you’ll have to take that
chance.” He gives a key to Chris and tells him to be at the house
at 12:00 sharp, saying, “I’ll take care of Bruno and you’ll take
Jeb is sitting in the drawing room at Collinwood. He turns on
the lights briefly, sees the shadow, gasps, “Oh God! It’s even
bigger now!” and quickly turns the lights off and calls, “Angelique!
Angelique! You’ve got to come to me! You’ve got to let me talk
to you!”
Sky returns to the house at the edge of town. Sabrina asks,
“Did you see Chris?” Sky replies, “Yes. We made the plans. If
all goes well you’ll be out at midnight”. Unknown to them, Bruno
is listening outside the door…
At Colliwood, Jeb is sitting fearfully in the dark again.
He hears a voice say, “You can’t hide from it, Jeb, no matter
how hard you try!” Jeb calls out, “Who is it?” Angelique steps
out of the shadows, says, “You kept asking for me to appear. Here
I am” and turns on the lights. Jeb says, “DON’T!”, but Angelique
assures him, “You’re safe. The Shadow won’t appear while I’m
here”. Jeb begs, “Angelique! You’ve got to take it off me!”
Angelique replies, “I can’t think of a single reason why I should”.
Jeb explains, “I’m a changed man! Look, I’m married to Carolyn
now! I love her very much!” Angelique retorts, “The way I loved
Sky Rumson very much?” Jeb replies, “I wasn’t responsible for
that! I hardly knew him! I had nothing to do with him becoming
a Leviathan!” Angelique says, “But the whole conspiracy revolved
around YOU, therefore I hold you responsible, but not only you.
I intend to settle Nicholas as well!” Jeb moans, “Don’t you
have any feelings at all?” Angelique replies, “I once did, but
they all died when I found out about Sky”. Jeb begs, “Please,
if not for my sake, then Carolyn’s!” Angelique replies, “I know
how she must feel, but you don’t have much time to wait. In a
short time, the shadow will grow to full size, and that’ll be
the end of you. And I’ll be there, Jeb. I wouldn’t want to miss
it!” and vanishes. Jeb defiantly, “There’ll be nothing for
you to see! I’m going to beat it!”
It is exactly midnight. Chris, using the key Sky had given
him, sneaks into the house at the edge of town. No one is in
the front room. Sky opens a door – only to find Sky tied up
in there. Sky moans weakly, “Help me! Help me!”. As Chris
is about to untie him, he hears a voice behind him saying,
“Good Evening, Mr. Jennings. Sabrina and I have been waiting
for you!”. He turns and sees Bruno standing there holding at
gun at him…
Episode 975
Worldvision Rerun 749
Tape Date: March 2, 1970 (ABC #60-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 20, 1970 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Sabrina is locked in the back room. Bruno and Chris are in the
front room. Bruno, who has put the gun away, is saying, “Sabrina,
Sabrina’s the one you want. Would you like to see her? Looking
for a way for the two of you to get out? I can read minds! I
know what you’re thinking! Now you’re wondering who else is in
this house. Are we alone here?…” As he is talking, he paces
and turns his back on Chris. Chris takes advantage of the opportunity
to try to rush him, but it’s a trap – Bruno quickly wheels around,
catches Chris with an uppercut to the stomach, then one to the
jaw, knocking him down. He then pulls out a dagger and says,
“THIS is the way I fight! Not with my fists!” He lets Chris get
up and tells him to sit in a chair. Chris says, “I know you have
her here”. He goes to the door and calls to Sabrina, telling
her he’ll open the door so she and Chris can see one another,
but she is not to come out. Bruno opens the doors. Sabrina
tells Chris, “Get out of here! Get out of here any way you
can! I’ll be all right!” Bruno sneers, “How touching!” Sabrina
tries to go to Chris, but Bruno pushes her back into the room and
closes the doors. Chris asks, “You’d kill her, wouldn’t you?”
Bruno likes, “I wouldn’t want to. And I won’t, if you do as
you’re told. Tomorrow night, the moon will be full.” Chris
asks, “What do you want from me?” Bruno explains, “The pleasure
of your company, the rest of tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow
night. You and I will spend the day together, and when the
moon rises. I have an enemy, a man who shouldn’t be alive,
but he is because he’s in love, and it makes his will to live
very strong. You and I, we will destroy the person who’s keeping
him alive”.
Barnabas is once again in the paralell time room. It is
dark and empty. He thinks to himself, “What does the mystery
of this room mean? I can’t forget seeing my friends leading
such different lives! Could Stokes and Julia be right? Is
there another time band? Do we all live in a timeband where
we live different lives because we made different decisions?
I must find out!”
Roger is comforting Carolyn. He tries to find out what’s
troubling her, but she won’t tell him. Finally, he tells her,
“Go get some sleep”. Carolyn replies, “Good Night, Uncle Roger”.
Roger remarks, “Carolyn, whatever it is, it can be changed”.
Carolyn replies, “I wish I knew how” and leaves. Roger pours
himself a stiff drink. He hears a noise and goes out into
the foyer to see what it is and finds that it’s Barnabas
coming down the stairs into the foyer. Roger asks, “Barnabas,
what are you doing here this time of night?” Barnabas replies,
“I know this is a strange hour to be roaming Collinwood, but I
need to talk to you. I need your advice, your help. You see,
Roger, there’s this room in the East Wing I must tell you about…”
At the house at the edge of town, Bruno is having fun tormenting
Chris by looking out the window and remarking, “I can look at the
moon and see how beautiful it is. But you, how does it feel
knowing it will be even more beautiful, and more full tomorrow
night? Are you going to help me?” Chris replies, “I’d never
help you!” Bruno says, “Do you love Sabrina? If you do, you’ll
help me. I’m going to let you two together for awhile. Perhaps
it’ll remind you how much you mean to one another”. He opens
the door and lets Chris in with Sabrina. They embrace. Sabrina
moans, “Oh, Chris! There’s no way out!” Chris replie, “There’s
got to be a way out, somehow!” Sabrina asks, “How?” Chris
replies, “I don’t know, but we will!”, but Sabrina says, “There
is no way, Chris! Oh, Chris, hold me!” He does.
At Collinwood, Barnabas has finished tellling Roger about the
parallel time room. Roger exclaims, “Willie Loomis writing a book?!
Julia giving orders to Elizabeth!? A room lived in one moment and
not the next? It all seems so incredible! I’d like to see this
room!”. Barnabas points out , “It may be empty right now”. Roger
asks, “How can it be empty one moment and not the next? Let’s go look
at it”. Barnabas replies, “All right, but I’d like you to keep this a
secret. I don’t want to alarm Elizabeth and the others”. Roger
agrees, saying, “The house is unsettled enough as it is”.
They go to hall outside the room. Roger asks, “How did you happen
to find this room?” Barnabas lies, “I was outside, saw a light in here,
and came to investigate”. Barnabas opens the doors. The room is dark
and empty. Barnabas sadly remarks, “You don’t believe me, do you?”
Roger replies, “A year ago I wouldn’t have. But now, with all that’s
happened, I do believe you, Barnabas, but I don’t understand it.
I don’t understand it!” There being apparently nothing to see, they
close the door. Roger tells Barnabas he’s leaving and asks, “Coming
with me?” Barnabas replies, “I’ll leave through another door that
leads to the path to the old House”. Roger leaves. A few seconds
later, Barnabas hears Roger say, “Here I am again!”. He looksa
around but sees no one. He hears the voice again, “Your favorite
wine! I even have two glasses. How absurd I am!’. This time
Barnabas notices that the voice is coming from inside the parallel
time room. He opens the door and is shocked to find Roger in there.
Roger is pouring and drinking some red wine. He toasts the portrait
of Angelique, “Cheers, darling!” and continues to talk to the
portrait, “If only you were really here. I live for these moments
here with you. Sometimes I imagine you coming through those doors
there….” Carolyn comes into the room and remarks, “Talking to
yourself?” Roger growls, “What are you doing here? She wouldn’t
want you here!”. Carolyn replies, “You’re worse that she is, treating
this place like shrine!” and starts looking through the room for
something. Roger asks, “What are you doing?” Carolyn replies, “Looking
for my husband’s book”. Barnabas gasps, “Willie married to Carolyn?!”
Carolyn explains, “She threw it out the door and Willie couldn’t
find it”. Roger sneers, “The Life and Death of Barnabas Collins.
What would anyone possibly want with that?” Carolyn explains,
“A history magazine wants to reprint a chapter, and this is the
only copy we have”. Roger remarks, “Oh, so your famous husband has
sunk to that, eh.” Carolyn replies, “Well, it’s money!” Roger sneers,
“You’re going defile her memory and take her book for what, a mere
two, three hundred dollars?” Carolyn counters, “Quentin doesn’t
keep us the way he keeps you!”. Roger, angered, shouts, “Get out!”.
Carolyn refuses, “I have s much right to be here as you do!” As they
argue, Carolyn closes the double doors. When Barnabas opens them again,
the room is dark and empty. Barnabas thinks to himself, “Willie married
to Carolyn? Roger in love with Angelique? Quentin Collins, Master of
Collinwood? What manner of world have I discovered, what?”
It is 5:00 in the afternoon of the next day. Bruno is toying
with his dagger. He opens the door to the back room and orders
Chris and Sabrina to come out. Bruno asks Chris, “Mr. Jennings,
now that you’ve had time to discuss matters, are you ready to
be reasonable?” Chris rushes Bruno and shouts, “Sabrina, run!”,
but Bruno manages to knock Chris down again. Sabrina stays
put. Bruno says to Chris, “You’ve just answered my question”.
He tells Chris, “You’re going to have a guest. There’s going to
be a certain person here at the proper housr. Get back in that room
until it’s time”. Chris asks, “Will Sabrina be all right?” Bruno
replies, “She will be if you do your part”. He closes the door and
locks Chris in the room then tells Sabrina, “Now, my dear, I’ll find
you a different place to rest. Come!”.
The clock in the foyer at Collinwood reads 6:00. The phone rings.
Carolyn answers. It’s Bruno. She asks, “What do you want?” Bruno
replies, “To see you, Carolyn”. Carolyn asks, “Why?” Bruno replies,
“Didn’t Jeb tell you? He came to me about his problem, the shadow”.
Carolyn excitedly asks, “You’ve found a way to help him?” Bruno replies,
“Not a way, a person. You’ve got to come down right away”. Carolyn
replies, “We’ll be there right away”, but Bruno tells her, “Not Jeb,
only you”. Carolyn asks, “Why?” Bruno replies, “This person doesn’t
like Jeb. He doesn’t care what happens to Jeb. You’ve got to make
him care”. Carolyn tells him, “I’ll be right there”. She rushes
to put on her coat. Roger, who happens to be coming down the stairs,
asks, “Where are you going?”. Carolyn just tells him, “Something’s
happened!” and rushes out.
At the house at the edge of town, Bruno shouts through the door
to Chris, “Jennings! Sabrina is safe right now, but if you want
her to stay that way, you’ll remain quiet, even when the pains
come. Not a sound from you! If you scream, Sabrina will be the
one to pay!” There’s a knock at the door. Bruno lets Carolyn
in. He remarks, “You’re early. That’s good”. He glances out the
window and remarks, “It gets dark so early these days. The moon will
be out soon”. Carolyn asks, “Where is he? I want to talk to him! Is
it Nicholas Blair?” Bruno replies, “No, Nicholas wouldn’t help.
It’s someone else.” He tells her, “He’s in there”, opens the back room
door and lets her in, then quickly closes and locks the door after her.
Chris, now lying on the floor in the throes of the tranformation pains
is shocked to see that Bruno’s intended victim is Carolyn and shouts,
“Carolyn! Get out! Get out!”. Outside, Bruno remarks, “Jeb will have
no reason to live now!” and laughs maniacally, “HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Episode 976
Worldvision Rerun 750
Tape Date: March 9, 1970 (ABC #61-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 23, 1970 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Carolyn tries to open the door but finds it locked. She goes
back to Chris, but Chris tells her, “Oh, Carolyn! You’ve got to
get out of here!”. Carolyn replies, “I’ve got to do something to
help you!”, but Chris tells her, “There’s nothing you can do. Get
out!” Carolyn goes and bangs on the door, shouting, “Bruno!
Open this door!”. There is no reply. Carolyn shouts, “Bruno,
are you still out there?” Bruno doesn’t reply, muttering, “You
won’t be shouting much longer, my dear!” Roger come in through
the front doors. Bruno asks, “What are you doing here?” Roger
replies, “I saw Carolyn come in here. Where is she?” Bruno lies,
“You must be mistaken”. Suddenly, Roger hears a male voice from
behind a door moan, “Oh no! AHHHH!!!!”, followed by Carolyn’s
voice saying, “What’s wrong, Chris?” Roger asks Bruno, “What’s
Carolyn doing in that room?” Bruno tells him, “I’ll have to ask
you to leave, Mr. Collins”. Roger refuses, “I’m not leaving
without Carolyn”, and goes to unlock the door. Bruno grabs Roger
by the shoulders and pulls him away from the door and pushes
him across the room, the goes to make sure the door is still
locked. While he is looking at the lock, Roger picks up a heavy
lead candlestick and hits him over the head with it, knocking him
out. Roger quickly unlocks the door and goes into the back room
and finds Carolyn kneeling over a prostrate Chris. Carolyn tells
him, “He’s in pain!” Roger goes to examine Chris, but Chris begs,
“Mr. Collins! You’ve got to get her out of here and lock the
door!”. Roger takes Carolyn back out into the other room and
locks the door. Carolyn says, “We’ve got to get a doctor!”
Roger, gesturing at the unconscious Bruno, tells her, “Watch this
one, I’ll call Julia Hoffman”. Inside the room, Chris looks at
his left hand and finds that it has turned into a hairy paw.
Outside, Roger is grumbling, “Why doesn’t someone answer this
telephone?” when suddenly a loud crash comes from the other room.
He and Carolyn go in and find that the window is broken and Chris
is gone. Carolyn asks, “Where did he go?” Roger replies, “I don’t
know, but I’m going to get you out of here right away!” They leave.
A few moments later, Bruno regains conciousness and goes into the
back room.
Roger and Carolyn arrive back at Collinwood. Roger says, “All
right. I think you’d better start explaining”. Carolyn replies,
“Not now, Uncle Roger!” Roger says, “I’d better have a talk with
Jeb. That man is a friend of his!”, but Carolyn tells him, “I don’t
want Jeb or mother to know what happened tonight!” Roger asks, “For
Heaven’s sake, why not?”, but Carolyn just replies, “I can’t tell you
right now”. Roger says, “I’d better call the police”, but Carolyn begs
him not to. Roger says, “I don’t understand your attitude! That man
might have killed you! And what did he do to poor Chris Jenninngs?”
Carolyn begs, “Please, Uncle Roger, if someone must tell Jeb, I will”.
Roger reluctantly agrees, “Well, I would suggest you do it as soon
as possible”.
At the house at the edge of the sea, Bruno is looking at the
broken window, musing, “Your respite is only temporary, Carolyn,
only temporary!”
Outside, the werewolf is prowling around in the woods.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth is in the drawing room, pacing around
looking unhappy. She sits down at the fireplace. Roger comes into
the room and remarks, “Are you as concerned as you look?” Elizabeth
just replies weakly, “Hello, Roger”. Roger says, “I asked you a
question!” Elizabeth asks, “Concerned about what?” Roger replies,
“About Carolyn and her marriage to that strange man”. Elizabeth
complains, “Roger, we’ve been through all this!”, but Roger continues,
“Yes, when we first discussed this, you pretended to approve, but
I could see that you were as concerned as I was. Both of us have
made such mistakes in our lives. We’ve prayed that it would work
out differently for our children…” Elizabeth asks, “But what
can we do?” Roger replies, “We can start by investigating this
Jeb Hawke’s background, for one”, but Elizabeth tells him, “That won’t
do any good. Whatever we found out wouldn’t make any difference to
Carolyn. She’s in love with him. She loves him in spite of his odd
behavior recently”. Roger asks, “Odd behavior?” Elizabeth explains,
“Someone or something seems to be frightening him, but neither he nor
Carolyn will say anything about it”. Just at that moment, Carolyn
enters the room and asks, “Were you two are talking about me”. Roger
says, “As a matter of fact, we are”. Carolyn says, “Whatever problems
there are between Jeb and me we can work out ourselves.” Roger says,
“So, you admit there are problems between you and Jeb”, but Carolyn
replies, “I don’t want to talk about it!” She turns to Elizabeth and
asks, “Have you seen Jeb?” Elizabeth replies, “He’s gone back to the
Carriage House”. Carolyn tells them she’s going to go talk to Jeb,
saying, “I’ll be back in a little while” and leaves.
Carolyn is walking in the woods when she suddenly finds her
way blocked by Bruno. He says, “Did I frighten you, Carolyn?
I’m sorry if I did”. Carolyn tells him, “I’m going to see Jeb
and tell him about what happened at the house tonight. You’ll
have some explaining to do the next time he sees you!” Bruno
replies, “But he’s not going to see me, and you’re not going to
see him!” Carolyn asks, “What do you mean?” Bruno replies, “Nicholas
and I have decided to get back at Jeb, and we’ve decided that the
best way to get to him is through YOU. Without you, Jeb will have
no will to live”. Carolyn says, “I don’t understand”. Bruno
replies, “You don’t need to understand, because I’m going to
kill you!” Carolyn cries, “You’re insane!” Bruno replies, “I
don’t like doing it, Carolyn, but it must be done! Jeb must
be punished!”, grabs her by the throat and starts to strangle
her. Suddenly, the werewolf comes running out from the woods,
grabs Carolyn and pulls her away from Bruno. Bruno punches the
werewolf. The werewolf strikes Bruno, knocking him down. Bruno
screams, “No! No! Don’t come near me!” The werewolf pounces…
The clock in the foyer reads 10:50. Carolyn comes bursting
in through the front doors screaming, “Mother! Uncle Roger!
In the woods! Bruno’s being attacked by that animal! It’s
going to kill him!”. Roger rushes out the front door. Elizabeth
shouts, “Roger! Be careful”, then takes Carolyn into the drawing
room, saying, “Better sit down. Everything’s going to be all right”.
Bruno is lying in the woods, bloodied but still breathing.
Roger finds him and tells him, “I’ll get you a doctor”, but
Bruno replies, “No…It’s too late…that animal…”. Roger asks,
“What kind of animal?”. Bruno replies, “a were…a were…”, but
expires before he can finish the word.
In the drawing room, Roger has just finished telling Elizabeth
about Bruno. Elizabeth remarks, “It must be the same animal I
saw a while ago! It’s not an ordinary animal, it wears human clothes
and walks like a man. It was terrible”. Roger says, “The police
must be notified! The grounds must be searched! How’s Carolyn?”
Elizabeth replies, “She’s been put in bed. Julia’s given her a
sedative. You should go to bed yourself. You look tired”. Roger
replies, “I am, but first there’s something I must do before going
to bed”. Elizabeth asks, “What?” Roger replies, “Oh, just something
I promised Barnabas”.
Roger goes to the East Wing. He opens the doors and is
surprised to find that the room is brightly lit and furnished,
just as Barnabas said it would be. He tries to go in but is
stopped by some invisible force. Suddenly, he sees Bruno enter
the room and gasps, “Good Lord! It’s impossible! I just saw
him die!” He calls out, “Bruno!”, but Bruno doesn’t seem to hear
him. Bruno looks at the portrait of Angelique and remarks, “You’re
still as beautiful as ever. I remember the day that portrait was
painted. You were listening to the music I composed for you,
music that will keep the memory of you alive forever”. Elizabeth
enters the room and asks, “What are you doing in here?” Bruno
replies, “My dear Elizabeth, you have a way of showing up at the
most inopportune times”. Elizabeth asks him, “What are you doing
here?”. Bruno replies, “I belong here”. Elizabeth counters, “You’re
the only one who thinks so”, but Bruno says, “No, she thought so”.
Elizabeth warns him, “Quentin will be coming back soon. Do you
really think he’ll want you here?” Bruno remarks, “He’s returning
married, I hear. Is he in for a surprise! Do any of you think
she’ll ever let another woman in here?” Elizabeth grumbles, “You
talk of her as if she were still alive. It’s frightening!”. Bruno
replies, “Nothing about her was frightening! You’re all just envious
of he because she was the most brilliant thing ever to grace the
face of the earth!” Elizabeth tells him, “I think you’d better leave
now”. Bruno replies, “Fortunately for you I’m not in the mood to
argue. Be seeing you, dear Elizabeth” and leaves. Outside, Roger
gasps, “Barnabas was right! There are people like us living lives
different from ours here in this room! Barnabas wasn’t imagining
things! I must find Barnabas and tell him” and turns to leave.
Suddenly, he hears a VERY familiar voice saying, “Was that Bruno
the terrible tempered boy wonder I just saw leaving?” He turns
and is shocked to see himself standing in the parallel time room
talking to Elizabeth. Elizabeth replies to parallel Roger, “Yes.
He’s come back”. Paralell Roger asks, “Why? To compose more of that
morbid music of his? To tell more of his memories of her? Well, we’ll
see the look on Quentin’s face with he finds sees him, won’t we?” and
laughs uproariously. Real time Roger stands outside, speechless…
Episode 977
Worldvision Rerun 751
Tape Date: March 3, 1970 (ABC #62-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 24, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Roger has gone and is bringing Barnabas back with him. Roger tells
Barnabas, “I just couldn’t believe it! You just don’t know what it’s
like to see yourself!” They get to the room and look inside…
Inside the room, PT Roger is still laughing. Finally,
stops and says, “It’s too much! It’s really too much! Oh,
I needed that laugh! It’ll help me get through the rest of the
day!” Elizabeth grumbles, “I don’t find it the least bit amusing”.
Roger replies, “Oh, don’t you? The idea of them being met by Bruno!
Perhaps he will ‘entertain’ her when Quentin is busy”. Elizabeth
angrily growls, “I don’t find THAT amusing either!”. Roger says,
“I just mean that Bruno is a brilliant pianist. Maybe that’s why
Angelique sent for him”. Elizabeth replies, “Angelique is dead!
She can’t send for anyone!”. Chris walks into the room and says
to Elizabeth, “You sent for me?” Elizabeth replies, “Yes. Bruno is
back.” Chris replies, “Yes, I’ve heard”. Elizabeth continues,
“You manage the estate. There must be some way of preventing Bruno
from moving into the cottage?”. Chris remarks, “I thought he was just
coming through”. Elizabeth replies, “No, he plans to stay in the
cottage. He says he belongs here”. Chris growls, “He’s never belonged
here!” Elizabeth says, “Then you mus do something to stop him from
moving into the cottage”. Chris replies, “Of course!” Roger again
laughs, saying, “It’s amusing seeing you two plotting to protect
Quentin from Big Bad Bruno and the others! It’s all so useless!”
Chris says, “Quentin is bring the new Mrs. Collins back with him”.
Roger sneers, “New Mrs. Collins!”. He looks at the portrait and
says, “Don’t you know that Mrs. Collins never left? Not for a
minute! Now if you’ll excuse me!”. Our-time Roger and Barnabas
look on in shock as PT-Roger starts walking towards them, obviously to
come out that door. Our-time Roger exclaims, “MY GOD!” as PT Roger
approaches, but PT Roger and parallel time suddenly vanish just
as PT Roger gets to the door. Out time Roger gasps, “I’ve just
had the most incredible experience in my life! Can you imagine what
it’s like seeing a stranger with your face and your voice and yet
be so different?” Barnabas reminds him, “In that other different
life”. Roger agrees, “Yes, in parallel time”. Barnabas remarks,
“Stokes said it was only a theory”. Roger points out the obvious,
“This proves it’s more than just a theory. We’re all in it,
me, Elizabeth, Bruno, Carolyn, Willie, Chris, Julia, Quentin”.
Barnabas remarks, “No, Roger, now quite all of us”. Roger agrees,
“You’ve never seen yourself in it, have you?” Barnabas replies,
“No. The original Barnabas, the one who died in 1830 is obviously
part of that time, but not the Barnabas you know”. He pauses for
a long time. Roger asks, “Barnabas, what’s the matter? You seem
so far away” Barnabas replies, “Somehow I feel drawn to this room,
as if it were waiting for me.” Roger points out, “You can’t expect
to get in. The barrier…”, but Barnabas says, “Barriers have a
way of being broken!” Roger warns him, “Whatever you plan to do,
be careful. Think carefully”. Barnabas says, “Someone wants
me in this time band. I must go. Are you going?” Roger replies,
“Not yet”. Barnabas leaves. Roger thinks, “Somewhere, there’s
another Roger Collins, living and loving, doing things I know
nothing about!”
Later at the old house, Julia is giving an anti-vampire
injection to Barnabas. She tells him, “Barnabas, there’s something
I’ve got to tell you. You became immune to the original formula,
so I’ve been giving you a new one, but this is the last injection
I can give you. You’ve reached the saturation point. Even one
more injection may kill you”. Barnabas asks, “You mean I can’t
be cured?” Julia replies, “We won’t know till dawn. That’ll
be in 16 minutes”. Suddenly, Barnabas doubles over in pain.
Julia asks, “Barnabas! What’s wrong?” Barnabas replies, “I
don’t know! But something’s very wrong!”
A few minutes later, Julia asks, “How do you feel now?” Barnabas
replies, “I can’t describe it. I’ve never felt this way before in
my life. I’m not cured, that I can tell you. Help me downstairs”.
Julia helps a weak looking Barnabas down into his coffin.
Sabrina is waiting at the cottage. Chris finally returns.
Chris exclaims, “Sabrina! You’re free! You’re all right!”.
Sabrina replies, “I’m all right, but Bruno’s dead”. Chris starts
to asks, “How did it happen?”, but then interrupts himself, “No,
you don’t have to tell me. Now I know whose blood this is all
over my clothes”. Sabrina tries to tell him not to feel guilty,
that if he had not killed Bruno, Bruno would have continued
plotting against them and perhaps killed her. She tells him,
“After Bruno died, the police came to the house and found Sky
Rumson and me. They asked me what happened, but I just lied
that Bruno was insane”. She continues, “Now that Bruno’s no
longer a threat, we can start planning again”. Chris moans,
“Plans are for people with futures! We don’t”. Sabrina
points out, “We do have a future. Bruno’s dead. We don’t have
anything to worry about”. Chris replies, “Except each other”
and leaves, looking angry that she’s broached the subject again.
There’s a knock at the door. It’s Roger Collins. He asks,
“Is Chris here?” Sabrina replies that he is. Roger asks, “Is
he all right?” Sabrina replies, “He had a bad night”. Chris
comes back out. Roger tells him he’d like to speak to him alone.
Sabrina leaves. Roger remarks, “You look much better. How
do you feel?” Chris replies, “All right”. Roger continues,
“I feel guilty about not getting you some medical attention,
but somehow you had gotten up and left”. He asks Chris if he
remember what happened, but Chris replies that he doesn’t remember
a thing. He asks, “Do you know why Carolyn happened to be there?”
Once again Chris lies that he doesn’t, “I can’t help you there,
and Bruno can’t say anything”. Roger remarks, “So you’ve heard
what’s happened to Bruno? He’s was killed by an animal, an unnatural
animal”. Chris replies, “Yes. Sabrina told me”. Roger remarks,
“You know, I have the feeling I’m going to get to the bottom of
all this, perplexing as it may seem.” After Roger leaves, Sabrina
returns. Chris says to Sabrina, “That man knows something!”, but
Sabrina assures that that can’t be the case, that if Roger did know
something, he’d evict him from Collinwood. Chris dejectedly continues,
“Eventually someone will find out, someone who will go to the police”.
Sabrina again broaches the subject of marriage, saying she would be
able to protect him, “When the moon is full, we could have a room
where keep you chained”. Chris laughs, “Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jennings,
happily living in their vine-covered jail! No, Sabrina, marriage
is out of the question.”
It is dusk. At the Old House, Julia is worried about Barnabas,
“What happened go Barnabas after that last injection? Will he be
all right when he rises? Will he rise at all, or have I done
something to destroy him?” She hears the cellar door open.
Barnabas comes into the room. Julia asks him, “How are you feeling
now?” Barnbas replies, “I’ve never felt the need for blood so much
in my life! Julia, I’m afraid I’ll be out of control! You must
do something at once! I’ve never felt so much a creature of the
night before! I may end up destroying, or being destroyed!”
Julia and Roger are in the parallel time room. Roger is saying,
“I must admit I didn’t believe Barnabas at first, but now I have no
choice but to believe. You can’t imagine what it’s like to see
yourself in another time band!” He notices that Julia doesn’t seem
to be listening to him and asks her what’s wrong, but before she
and answer, they are interrupted by Elizabeth, suddenly coming into
the room and saying, “What are you two doing here? I could hardly
believe my eyes when I saw the light in the East Wing.” Roger replies,
rather weakly, “Oh, we were just looking around”. Elizabeth protests,
“But there’s nothing interesting to see here, or is there? Suddenly,
everyone is so interested in the East Wing, and I want to know what
the reason is!”. Roger replies, “I’ll tell you, Liz, but before I do,
I think I should warn you that this is going to stun you as it did
Barnabas is pacing around at the Old House in vampire agony.
He thinks to himself, “I can’t stay here! I must do something!
I must go to the docks, or anywhere!” There’s a knock at the
front door. Barnabas peeks out the window and sees that it’s
Sabrina. He gasps, “I can’t let her in! If she doesn’t see me,
maybe she’ll go away”, but Sabrina continues to knock and call
out, “Barnabas! Barnabas!”, then opens the door and comes in.
She calls out, “Barnabas, where are you?”, then remarks, “I’m
sure I saw him at that window”. Meanwhile, Barnabas is hiding
behind the door to the left of the fireplace. Finally, he can
stand it no longer and comes out. Sabrina says, “Oh, you
startled me! I want to talk to you about Chris. You’re the
only one I can talk to about this. Barnabas, I want to marry
Chris. I love Chris the way he is, no matter what he is, no matter
how he has to live…” Barnabas thinks to himself, “No matter what
he is… no matter what I am, I must do what I must..” bares his
fangs and bites her…
Later, a dazed looking Sabrina returns to the cottage. Chris
asks, “Sabrina, I’ve been worried about you!” Sabrina replies, “I went
for a walk. I wanted to think…”, then collapses in his arms.
Chris sits her down in a chair, then gasps, “Oh My God!” as he
sees two puncture marks on her throat…
Episode 978
Worldvision Rerun 752
Tape Date: March 11, 1970 (ABC #63-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 25, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Chris asks, “Sabrina, what happened?” But Sabrina can only answer
weakly, “Get Julia Hoffman…She’ll know what to do”. Chris telephones
Collinwood. Quentin answers the phone in the drawing room. Chris
asks, “Is Dr. Hoffman there?” Quentin replies, “No, she went into
town a few minuts ago. Is something wrong?” Chris replies, “Something’s
happened to Sabrina”. Quentin tells him, “I’ll be right down!”
Barnabas is looking out the front door of the Old House, looking
very sad and guilty, thinking to himself, “Will I ever be able to
erase this night from my mind? I must get a hold of myself! I must
not leave this house tonight, not until this insane urge ends! He
goes back into the front room and is about to light a candle when
suddenly a voice calls out, “Don’t light it! Please! Don’t make
me see it!”. Barnabas looks and sees Jeb Hawkes sitting in a chair.
He asks, “See what?” Jeb replies, “It keeps growing and growing!
That shadow on the wall!” and looks over towards a wall. Barnabas
looks and is astonished to see the large shadow by the light of the
match. Jeb continues, “It’s going to kill me, just like she said
it would!” Barnabas asks, “Who said it would?”, but Jeb, nearly
hysterical, just continues, “She made a paper cut out and put it
on my heart!”. Barnabas again tries, “Who did this to you?”, but
Jeb just keeps prattling on, “Carolyn said to come to you. She
doesn’t know what I did to you. You’ve got to help me, Barnabas,
you’ve got to!”
Angelique shows up at Nicholas’ house, wearing a sexy black
sleeveless dress. Nicholas remarks, “Black becomes you, my dear”.
Angelique replies, “I thought it would suit the occasion. You
are in mourning for Bruno, aren’t you? And Phillip, and Megan
Todd. I wonder what your master thinks of your complete failure
this time”. Nicholas, irked, replies, “I haven’t failed completely
as long as I have one follower, and I do. I have someone who’s
completely loyal to me – your husband Sky”. Nicholas happily
notices by the look on her eyes that he managed to hurt her.
He taunts her, saying she’s been following the same pattern
ever since making Barnabas into a vampire. She counters that
he too, follows a pattern, that his plans always fail and he
is consigned back to hell until he can think of another plan
to amuse his master. He counters that she’s gotten nowhere
in the last 200 years, that she’s still where she was then,
loving and being rejected by Barnabas. Seeing the anger in
her eyes, he remarks, “You have such hard eyes!”
Quentin arrives at the cottage. Chris is explaining to
him, “I don’t know what happened. She must have been attacked
in the woods by some kind of animal. She’s very weak”. He
shows Quentin the marks on Sabrina’s neck. Seeing the strange
expression on Quentin’s face, Chris asks, “You know what made
them, don’t you? You know what happened to her, don’t you?”
Quentin lies, “How would I know what did that?” Chris replies,
“When you saw them, your whole attitude changed, as if you
knew what they meant”. Quentin denies that he does. He tells
Chris, “You stay here and watch over her. Keep trying to contact
Julia. I’ll go to Collinwood and warn them to stay out of the woods”.
Chris points out, “I haven’t called the police yet”. Quentin tells
him, “Keep trying to find Julia. I’ll all the police” and leaves.
At the Old House, Jeb is still pleading with Barnabas, “I know
I don’t mean much to you, but I love Carolyn and she loves me.
Please, Barnabas, speak to Angelique!”. Barnabas replies, “Angelique
does not give favors”. Jeb begs, “Please, try going to her!”. They
are interrupted by Quentin coming into the front doors. He tells
Barnabas, “I’ve got to talk to you!”. Barnabas tells Jeb, “Excuse
us, please. I’ll see Angelique tonight”. Jeb says, “Thank You,
Barnabas! Thank You!” and leaves. Barnabas explains to Quentin
that Angelique has put a curse on Jeb that will kill him and
has asked him to intercede with Angelique. Quentin is not ver
sympathetic. He the tells Barnabas, “I’ve seen Sabrina”. Barnabas
turns in shame and says, “And you don’t think I hate myself for
doing it?” Quentin continues, “You’re Chris’ friend. One minute
you’re helping him, then the next you…” Barnabas whines, “Don’t
make me hate myself more! She came here! I couldn’t help myself!”
Quentin tells him, “You’ve got to leave her alone.” Barnabas tells
him, “Those injections Julia’s been giving me, they’ve failed. I’m
worse than I’ve ever been before. If I had a gun with silver bullets
I’d give it to you and force you to use it”. Quentin says, “Julia
must be able to do something!”. Barnabas replies sadly, “No”.
Quentin starts to feel bad and says, “I’m sorry. I know what it
is to be under power of a force you can’t control. Forgive me”.
Barnabas replies, “Quentin, you’re right. I must stop this.”
He asks Quentin to stay with him all night to prevent him from
finding any more victims. Quentin agrees to do so. Barnabas
tells him, “Now I must contact Angelique”. Quentin, in disbelief,
asks, “You’re not going to help him, are you?!” Barnabas replies,
“He saved Carolyn. I must help him”. Quentin remarks, “I’d never
thought we’d end up helping Jeb Hawkes”. Barnabas starts calling
to Angelique, “Angelique! Come to me this night! Come to me!”
Chris is still making phone calls trying to find Julia with
no luck. He tells Sabrina, “I’ll call another doctor”, but Sabrina
says, “No!” Chris asks, “Why not?” Sabrina replies, “Julia’s a
friend.” Chris asks, “Do you love me?” Sabrina replies, “Yes”.
Chris then says, “If you do, then tell me, what happened to you?”
Angelique is now at the Old House saying, “Help Carolyn? Why
should I help Carolyn? Why should SHE have love?” Barnabas replies,
“Jeb’s not responsible for Sky Rumson”. Angelique asks, “Then who
is?” Barnabas replies, “Nicholas Blair. From the depths of hell,
he planned this. You owe an apology to Jeb. He’s the one who told
you about Sky. If he hadn’t told you, you wouldn’t have known the
truth until it was too late”. Angelique announces, “I will see
Jeb Hawkes. Here, alone. What happens depends on him. Bring him
Having brought Jeb to the Old House and left him there alone
with Angelique as she instructed, Barnabas and Quentin pass the
time by going to Collinwood. Barnabas takes Quentin to the
East Wing. Quentin gripes, “Why come here? I could’ve had
a couple of drinks downstairs by now while we wait for Jeb and
Angelique”. They arrive outside the Paralell Time room. Barnabas
tells Quentin, “I have something to show you. Do you have any
idea what lies beyond those doors?” Quentin quips, “An empty
room?” Barnabas tells him, “Open the doors, Quentin”. Quentin
does so. The room is brightly lit and furnished. Quentin gasps,
“Someone lives here!” Barnabas gestures inside and says, “Look,
Quentin”. Quentin sees the photograph and remarks, “A picture of
me and David”. He tries to go in but cannot. Barnabas explains,
“You can’t go in”. Quentin asks, “WHAT is it?” Just then, inside
the room, an man enters by another door. It looks like Jeb Hawkes,
but he’s wearing a suit and tie, has wire rimmed glasses on and
is strangely meek looking. Quentin gasps, “But Jeb’s at the Old
House!”. He calls out, “Jeb!”, but the man does not respond.
The man searches around the room for something. Finally, he finds
what he’s looking for, an address book in a drawer in the nightstand.
He starts leafing through it. Chris Jennings comes into the room
and asks, “Looking for something, Doctor?” “Jeb”, in an uncharistically
meek voice, stutters, “Actually, I…I…found it”. Chris remarks,
“Her address book”. “Jeb” tries to explain, “You see, just before
she died, she gave me the address of a chemist in Boston.” Chris
says, “You should have written it down”. Jeb stutters, “I..did,
but I misplace the paper”. Chris growls, “Surely you don’t expect
me to believe that!” Jeb continues, “I’m not lying. It’s important
I get in touch with this chemist.” Chris, dubious, asks, “Why?
Does he have some chemicals you can’t get in Bangor? I have
instructions nothing is to be removed from this room from Julia
Collins!” “Jeb” meekly replies, “Well, I guess I’ll have to do
without, then. Sorry to have bothered you” and leaves. Chris
puts the address book back into the nightstand drawer, then goes
and closes the doors in Barnabas and Quentin’s faces. Quentin
gasps, “Now what was that?” Barnabas says, “Look, Quentin” and
opens the doors. The room is now dark and empty. Quentin exclaims,
“That’s incredible!” Barnabas explains, “Yes, Quentin, you have
just seen paralell time”.
Angelique and Jeb are at the Old House the darkened front room,
with only the feeble light of the fire. Angelique quips, “Isn’t
it pleasant, just the two of us, here in the dark, just as if we
were lovers?” Jeb replies, “Yes, but it’s waiting for me, waiting
for the least bit of light!” Angelique remarks, “Barnbas says you’re
in love with Carolyn. I’m a great believer in love.” Jeb begs,
“Please! Take this shadow off me!”, but Angelique replies, “I can’t.
It must kill”. Jeb whines, “You must be able to do something!”.
Angelique replies, “No, I can’t. But YOU can – if you’re willing.
Do you still have that paper cutout I put on your heart?” Jeb replies,
“Yes”. Angelique explains, “All you have to do is place it on the
heart of another”. Jeb moans, “I can’t kill anyone anymore!”.
Angelque remarks, “My, how you’ve changed. Don’t you have any
enemies at all? I have one. Nicholas Blair. He knows about the
shadow, all about it. Shall I tell you what to do?” Jeb replies,
“Yes, tell me! Tell me!”.
Chris is talking on the telephone. He has finally found someone
at the hospital who knows where Julia is and is saying, “I don’t
care if she’s in consultation! This is important!”, but the person
refuses to interrupt Julia. Chris dejectedly leaves a message for
Julia to call back. Chris suggestst to Sabrina that he take her
to the hospital, but she refuses. Chris decides to go to the
hospital to get Julia himself.
At the Old House, Barnabas is alone battling his vampire urges.
(What happened to Quentin, who promised to stay with him all night,
is not explained). Barnabas looks at the mantel clock and notes,
“Four hours till dawn. I must not go out! I must stay here!
I must think of other things! Jeb, Angelique! Will she really
help?” Sabrina comes in and calls, “Barnabas!”. Barnabas, shocked
to see her, shouts, “Get out!”, but Sabrina says, “You need me!”
and comes towards him. Barnabas counters, “I don’t!”, but Sabrina
insists, “Yes you do! Don’t lie!” and keeps approaching. Barnabas
shouts, “No!”, but Sabrina goes up to him and says, “You want me,
Barnabas, that’s all I want! You need me!”. Barnabas can no longer
resist and bites her…
Nicholas is pouring himself a sherry. He grumbles to himself,
“If I had all my powers, there would be no Angelique now! She
came her to taunt me, yes, taunt me!” Outside, Jeb takes the
cutout out of his pocket, checks it, then puts it back in his
pocket. He knocks. Nicholas asks, “Who is it?” Jeb replies, “Jeb”,
and goes in. Jeb remarks, “Never thought we’d meet again, huh?”
Nicholas replies, “I had hoped that would be true”. Jeb says,
“Too much has been left undone. We must talk, maybe for the last
Episode 979
Worldvision Rerun 753
Tape Date: March 12, 1970 (ABC #64-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 26, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Nicholas says, “For the last time? That sounds ominous”. Jeb
replies, “I didn’t mean it to be. Nicholas, I was wrong to do what
I did, destroy the cairn”. Nicholas agrees, “You could have had
the world! Why did you come here?” Jeb replies, “To see if you
could help me. Could you do something about the Shadow?” Nicholas
replies, “Why? And let you live the life of a country gentleman?”
Jeb replies, “I’ll live any kind of life you want me to”. Nicholas
remarks, “I trusted you once, I’m not going to trust you again”.
Jeb insists, “You can trust me now”. Nicholas asks, “Can I?”
Jeb continues, “I know we can’t go back to what we were before,
but you’ve got to have some use for me”. Nicholas replies, “Very
possibly I do! Yes! Perhaps you CAN do something, something to
my advantage. Will you do anything I ask you to?” Jeb asks,
“Can you make the shadow disappear?” Nicholas replies, “The only
way is to turn it on someone else, and there is someone, someone
who’s interfered with my plans constantly. He says they are
allies again, and pours two drinks to celebrate, toasing, “To new
and better projects!” After they drink, Nicholas asks, “Now, do
you still have the paper cutour Angelique placed on your heart?”
Jeb lies, “Yes, it’s at Collinwood”. Nicholas continues, “It
must be turned against her. It will be a difficult thing to do”.
He takes out a shiny cigarette case and shine it in Jeb’s eyes.
Jeb asks, “What are you doing to me?” Nicholas replies,
“I thought you were more clever than you are. Did you really
think you could come back? You will see your death, and Carolyn’s!
You came here to kill me, but I am going to kill you!”. Suddenly,
Jeb pulls the cutout out of his pocket and slaps it on Nicholas’
chest. Nicholas screams, “NO!!!!!”. Jeb runs out the door.
Sky Rumson comes into the room to see what’s happening, just in
time to see the shadow appear on the wall, engulf and kill
In the drawing room of Collinwood, Roger once again tries to
get Carolyn to tell him what’s wrong, but she just tells him
that whatever the problem is, it’s for her and Jeb to solve.
Then, she despairingly hugs Roger and moans, “But how? How?”
Jeb goes back into the room to see what happened. Sky
growls, “You had to make sure he was dead, didn’t you? He is,
but you won’t get away with it! He’s not human! He’ll be
back!”. Jeb leaves, satisfied. Sky sees Nicholas’ ghost
rise from his body and stand up. The ghost tells him, “You
are alone, now, Sky, all alone. But I will help you! You must
avenge this! Jeb Hawkes must die!” Sky nods and replies, “I’ll
do anything you want”. The Ghost of Nicholas continues, “You are
the only one left. It’s up to you”. He tells Sky he will help
him, “I still have some powers! I will use them!”
Jeb returns to Collinwood. He turns on the lights in the foyer
and looks around carefully, a nervous look on his face. He then
goes into the drawing room, turns on the lights and looks around in
there. Satisfied that the shadow has indeed gone, he goes out into
the foyer and exuberantly calls, “Carolyn! Carolyn! Carolyn!”
Carolyn comes running down the stair into the foyer asking, “What’s
wrong?” Jeb replies, “It’s all over! It’s all over!”, embraces her,
then says, “It’s all over!” again. He tells her, “We’re free!”
Carolyn asks, “What happened?” Jeb replies, “I had to turn it on
Nicholas Blair.” Carolyn asks, “He’s dead?” Jeb replies, “I had
to do it. He was trying to hypnotize me, he was going to kill me,
so I took the shadow out and placed it on his heart. He screamed,
and I ran off. I didn’t even see the shadow. It’s over! It’s
all over!” He apoligizes to Carolyn for all the trouble he’s put
her through, and promises to make her happy. He tells her, “We’ve
got to go away for awhile. Right away”. Carolyn asks, “Right
away? Where?” Jeb replies, “Any place, just away from here”.
Carolyn worries, “Will we find a place? Is there anyone else who
hates you as much as Nicholas Blair?” Jeb assures her there isn’t.
Carolyn wonders, “Why did Nicholas Blair hate you so much anyway?”
Jeb replies, “That’s all in the past. Let’s not talk about it.
Let’s go away tonight.” Carolyn asks, “Tonight? We can’t. I’ve
got to talk to Mother”. Jeb reluctantly says, “All right, tomorrow
morning then”. Carolyn goes to tell Elizabeth. Jeb thinks to
himself, “Nothing must happen now, nothing!” He goes into the
drawing room and sits in an armchair. Suddenly, he hears a voice
saying, “You will never leave here, Jeb, never! The dead will not
let you!” David comes into the room and asks, “Is my father here?”
Jeb replies, “No”, and starts for the front doors. David asks,
“Where are you going?” Jeb replies, “To the Carriage House to get
some camera equipment”. David asks, “Why don’t you wait till morning?”
Jeb replies, “Carolyn and I are leaving on a trip tonight!” and leaves.
Roger is outside paralell time room pondering what it all means,
“Somehow we must discover the secret of this room. Is Barnabas right?
Is there a paralell time? Do we all live different lives in another
time band?” He opens the doors and sees David standing there and
exclaims, “David!”, but David doesn’t hear. David is looking at
the portrait of Angelique and saying, “Why did you go away? It’s
been so long. Please come back. You said, ‘Whatever happens, Daniel,
I’ll be be back'”. Carolyn comes into the room and says, “So, this is
where you’ve been hiding. If I were Quentin, I’d keep this room
locked up”. Daniel replies, “My father would neve do that! She’ll
be back!”. Carolyn tells him, “The dead don’t come back. When your
father returns, you’re going to have a new mother”. Daniel shouts,
“Don’t say that! Don’t ever say that! I won’t have another mother!
I won’t”. Carolyn reprimands him, “Quiet! Do you want the servants
to hear?”, and goes and closes the doors. When Roger opens the
doors again, he finds the room dark and empty. He gasps, “He’s
exactly like my son, except he’s called Daniel and he’s the son
of Quentin and Angelique! When will we know what this means, when?”
David is playing solitaire at the desk in the drawing room.
Carolyn comes into the room and asks, “Where’s Jeb?” David replies,
“He went to get some camera equipment. He said you were leaving
tonight”. Carolyn asks, “Tonight? You must have heard wrong”.
David tells her, “I wish you wouldn’t go away, Carolyn. I hope
you’re not going to be gone forever”. Carolyn replies, “No, this
will always be my home”. David remarks, “When I grow up, I’m going
to where the action is!”. Roger, who’s just stepped into the room,
says, “I’ll tell you where the action should be – in your room!
It’s way past your bedtime”. David tells him, “Carolyn’s going
away”. Carolyn tells Roger, “Everything’s all right now. It’s
all over”. David asks, “What’s all over?”, but Carolyn doesn’t say.
David hugs her and says, “I’m afraid I’ll never see you again”.
Carolyn assures him that that’s not the case and says, “I bet I’m
still here tomorrow morning”. After Roger and David leave, Carolyn
goes and sits in a chair. The foyer clock reads 10:05.
The foyer clock now reads 11:39. Carolyn starts to dream…

In the dream, she hears a voice laughing softly, “He he he…
He he he…Carolyn! Carolyn Hawkes! The former Carolyn Stoddard!
Mrs. Jeb Hawkes! Widow’s Hill! That is where it will end, Carolyn,
Widow’s Hill! Would you like to see how it will happen?…”
Carolyn gets a vision of Jeb at Widow’s Hill calling, “Carolyn!
Carolyn! Carolyn!” He hears the rustle of leaves and looks back.
It’s Sky Rumson. Rumson says, “You killed Nicholas Blair!” Jeb
replies, “You’re as free of him as I am. You can go back to your
old life now”. Sky starts advancing on him. Jeb shouts, “I’m
not your enemy, Sky!” Sky attacks him. They struggle. Sky
throws Jeb off the cliff. Jeb falls to his death, screaming all
the way.

Carolyn awakens, calling, “Jeb!”. David, who’s back, says,
“Carolyn! What’s the matter?” Carolyn replies, “Go back to bed”.
She heads for door under the stairs. David asks, “Where are you
going?” Carolyn replies, “Widow’s Hill!”. David asks, “Why are you
going the back way?” Carolyn replies, “Faster!” and leaves.
Jeb returns to Collinwood with his photographic equipment. He is
surprised to find David sitting on the stair and asks, “What are you
doing here?” David replies, “Waiting for you.” Jeb asks, “Where’s
Carolyn?” David replies, “She went to Widow’s Hill”. Jeb is shocked.
Carolyn arrives at Widow’s Hill and calls, “Jeb! Jeb!”, but finds
that Jeb is not there. She thinks to herself, “How silly I am! It
was just a dream. Jeb’s not here!”. She hears a sound and turns
around. It’s Sky Rumson. He tells her, “Yes, I’m here even if
Jeb isn’t. You see, Nicholas didn’t show you everything in your
dream. He spared you feelings. He didn’t want you to see your
own death”. Carolyn tries to flee, but Sky grabs her, says, “Mrs.
Hawkes, there is no escape!” and starts to strangle her…
Episode 980
Worldvision Rerun 754
Tape Date: March 4, 1970 (ABC #65-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 27, 1970 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Sky is strangling Carolyn. Suddenly, Jeb shows up and shouts,
“Let her go!”. Sky lets Carolyn go, grabs Jeb and throws him off
the cliff. Carolyn screams, “What have you done??? What have you
In the drawing room of Collinwood, Barnabas is pacing around,
looking very nervous. Finally, Julia comes in through the front
doors carrying her medical bag. She comes into the drawing room and
tells Barnabas, “I’ve just been to the cottage. I’ve seen Sabrina.
She’s very weak, Barnabas”. Barnabas says, “I’m sorry, Julia”.
Julia asks, “Barnabas, why did you do it? Quentin told me you gave
him your word that you wouldn’t go out”. Barnabas replies, “I didn’t.
I stayed at the Old House fighting the urge, but she came”. Julia
interrupts, “And you couldn’t help yourself”. Barnabas asks, “Do
you think I did this by choice?” Julia blames herself, “It must be
the new injections. Until the effects wear off, you’re in danger of
exposure.” Barnabas notes, “And you’re afraid I’ll kill Sabrina before
the effects wear off”. Julia remarks, “There must be something I can
do to control the urges”. Barnabas tells her, “For the last hour, I’ve
been thinking of that room in the East Wing”. Julia asks, “Why?”
Barnabas replies, “If only I could transcend the time warp and get
to the other time band”. Julia asks, “How would that help?” Barnabas
replies, “It might be a way of saving Sabrina. It’s just possible
that in that time band I would be quite normal, not as I am now”. Julia
again warns him, “Trascending the time warp could be dangerous!
You could be trapped there!”. Barnabas replies, “And who’s to say
that might not be a good thing?” Julia tells him, “You belong with us
here in this time band!”. Suddenly, Carolyn comes bursting in
through the front doors screaming, “There was nothing I could do!
It all happened so quickly!” Barnabas and Julia rush out to her.
Julia asks, “What happened so quickly?” Elizabeth comes running into
the foyer. Carolyn embraces her and wails, “Jeb is dead! He’s dead!”
They take Carolyn into the drawing room and put her on the sofa.
Elizabeth asks, “Carolyn, please tell us what happened”. Carolyn
starts babbling incoherently. Julia says, “I’d better give her
a sedative”. Carolyn shouts, “I don’t want a sedative, I want
Jeb!”. She recounts what happened, how she had the dream and went
to Widow’s Hill only to find not Jeb, but Sky there waiting for
her, how Sky tried to kill her, how Jeb came and saved her, only
to be thrown off the cliff by Sky. Barnabas, an angry look on his
face, quietly walks away. Carolyn finishes her story, “Jeb is gone!
He’s gone!”, then falls asleep. Elizabeth remarks, “I don’t understand
any of it. Why would Sky Rumson want to kill Jeb?” Julia lies, “I
don’t know”, then adds, “But Carolyn did see him kill Jeb, and she’ll
be in danger as long as he’s free”. Elizabeth, alarmed, says, “I’d
better call the police” and goes out to the phone in the foyer to do
so. Julia comes out and asks, “Elizabeth, did you see Barnabas leave?”
Elizabeth replies, “No, I didn’t”. Julia remarks, “I didn’t either.
I wonder where he could have gone?’
At Nicholas Blair’s house, Sky Rumson closes and locks the door,
then nervously checks out the window. He then quickly throws a
few things in a suitcase, closes it, then turns to leave – only
to find Barnabas there blocking his way. Shocked, he asks, “How
did you get into this house?” Barnabas replies, “I can do many
things ordinary people can’t do. They didn’t tell you about me,
did they? Well, they never did confide in you”. Sky tries to
go past, saying, “Look, I’ve got to get going”. Barnabas asks,
“What’s the hurry, Mr. Rumson?” Sky replies, “I have important
business in Boston”. Barnabas tells him, “I have only one question.
Surely you have time for that”. Sky replies, “All right.” Barnabas
asks, “Did you kill Jeb Hawkes?” Sky just stands there. Barnabas
says, “Well, answer me, Mr. Rumson!” Finally, Sky asks, “Why do
you care about Jeb Hawkes?” Barnabas replies, “I care about Carolyn,
and I see what his death did to her”. Sky says, “He would have
died anyway! He should have died the moment he destroyed the box and
the shrine”. Barnabas points out, “But he didn’t, and he married
Carolyn, and made her very happy. You’re not going to leave this
room…” Sky tries to explain, “Nicholas! Nicholas Blair made me
do it! He said it was my duty!”. Barnabas replies, “And what I am
about to do is MY duty. You’re not going to leave this room alive!”
and starts to approach him. Sky backs up and shouts, “Stay away
from me!” Barnabas remarks, “Don’t let me frighten you. You wouldn’t
have gotten away even if I hadn’t come. There’s someone else who has
a score to settle with you, Angelique! I’m almost sorry I didn’t give
her the pleasure of killing you”. Sky shouts, “Nicholas! You promised
to help me! You’ve go to help me!”, but nothing happens. Barnabas
tells him, “Even if Nicholas did come, he has not power over me!”
Sky makes a break for it and rushes over to a bureau, opens the top
drawer, and pulls out a silver plated revolver. With a tone of
triumph in his voice, he tells Barnabas, “I’m going to leave and
you’re not going to stop me!”…but Barnabas starts walking towards
him. Sky orders, “Stop! Or I’ll shoot!”, but Barnabas keeps coming.
Sky shoots him twice. Barnabas is unfazed. Sky gasps, “What?!
What?!” Barnabas asks, “Why has no one ever told you about me?”
He remarks, “I’m glad you have that pistol. It will save me from
having to kill you myself”. He grabs Sky’s gun hand and starts to
turn it back to Sky. Sky begs, “Barnabas, please!”, but Barnabas
just replies, “There will be pain, but it will all be over in
a moment”, turns the gun to point at Sky’s chest, then pushes on
his trigger finger. The gun fires and Sky collapses to the floor,
Later, Elizabeth is answering a telephone call at Collinwood.
Barnabas and Julia are with her. When Elizabeth finishes the call,
she tells them, “The police couldn’t find Jeb’s body. They’ve
searched the entire area below Widow’s Hill and didn’t find anything.”
Julia asks, “Couldn’t the body have washed out to sea?” Elizabeth
replies, “That’s the conclusion they came to”. She continues,
“They did find Sky Rumson. He was found dead with a pistol in his
hand. They’re listing it as a possible suicide”. Barnabas asks,
“Possible suicide?” Elizabeth explains, “The sheriff said there
was one thing that puzzled him. Sky was killed with a single
gunshot, yet three bullets had been fired from the gun. I don’t
understand it”. Barnabas replies, “Maybe we shouldn’t try. The
man was insane”. Elizabeth remarks, “I’m not concerned about that,
I’m more concerned about Carolyn” and leaves. Julia asks Barnabas,
“You never did where you were going earlier. You went to find
Sky Rumson, didn’t you, and you found him”. Barnabas is evasive,
“I’m sure the police will list this in time as a definite suicide”.
Julia starts to say, “I’m not condemning you, Barnabas…” when
she suddenly notices a change in his expression. She asks, “What’s
wrong?” Barnabas replies, “You’d better go to Elizabeth and Carolyn”.
Julia asks, “Is it’s starting again?” Barnabas replies, “Yes, the
urge is overwhelming. I can’t control it. I can’t stay here!
The room in the East Wing, maybe that’s the answer, maybe that’s
a means of escape!” and starts running up the stairs. Julia shouts,
“Barnabas! Wait! Wait!” and runs up after him.
Carolyn is asleep on the couch. Elizabeth lovingly puts a blanket
over her. Carolyn starts to dream…

Carolyn is at Widow’s Hill. She hears Jeb’s voice calling,
“Carolyn! Where are you? I must see you one more time!”.
Jeb appears in front of her. Carolyn exclaims, “You’ve come
back!” Jeb replies, “To tell you something. Then I must go”.
Carolyn starts to approach him, but he tells her to stop, saying,
“Don’t come closer. I’m not real”. He tells her, “Listen to
me, Carolyn, I want you to know how much I love you. I couldn’t
die without telling you. Someday we’re going to meet again.
You’ll know it and I’ll know it, and it will be different. I
must go now. We will meet again!”, and throws himself off the

Carolyn, still asleep, calls out, “Jeb! Jeb!”. Elizabeth
watches over her, looking very concerned.
Barnabas arrives in the paralell time room. He asks himself,
“Why do I feel I belong in that other time?” He takes the Loomis
book out from under his cloak and continues, “Could it be this, because
my life was so different there?” He hears Julia shouting, “Barnabas,
please! I’ve got to talk to you!”. Barnabas puts his hand over his
eyes and sighs, “Julia! She shouldn’t have followed me”. He takes
his hand away and starts to says, “Julia, go back!” when he suddenly
notices that the room is brightly lit and furnished. He is in
paralell time. He calls out, “It’s happened! It’s happened! Julia,
can you hear me?” Outside the room, Julia replies, “Yes, Barnabas!”,
but Barnabas keeps on calling, “Julia, can you hear me?” Julia
says, “He can’t hear me! He’s in that room and he can’t hear me!
He may be trapped in there forever!”. Barnabas, who cannot neither
see or hear Julia, asks himself, “How did it happen? How did this
room appear? What am i going to do now?” Suddenly, he hears a stern
voice behind him say, “Who are you?” He turns and sees that it is
paralell time Carolyn. She asks, “And what are you doing here?”
Episode 981
Worldvision Rerun 755
Tape Date: March 5, 1970 (ABC #66-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 30, 1970 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas exclaims, “Carolyn!” Carolyn asks, “How do you know my
name?” Barnabas replies, “I’m Barnabas Collins”. Carolyn says,
“Then you’ve been dead for 200 years”. Barnabas lies, “I’m his
descendent. There’s a portrait of him in the great hall”. Carolyn
replies, “There’s no portrait of anyone in the great hall”. Barnabas
tries a different tactic. He shows her the book and says, “I found
this in the hallway. There’s a sketch of him in this book”. Carolyn
asks, “Does Julia Hoffman know you’re here?” Barnabas replies, “No
one knows I’m here”. Carolyn says, “Soon, everyone will!” Barnabas
begs, “Look at this book!”, but Carolyn shouts, “Stay away! I don’t
trust you!”. Barnabas, his attempts to convince Carolyn he’s a
descendent of the “original” Barnabas having failed, bites her…
Down in the drawing room, Elizabeth is going through her mail
looking for something. Not finding it, she gripes to Julia, “There’s
still no check. How embarassing. When Quentin was here, Roger and I
always got our checks on time. Chris knows our position. Is he
trying to insult us?” Julia promises, “I’ll talk to Chris”.
Elizabeth sadly remarks, “I’ve never liked handling money, even when
I had it. I suppose that’s why I let Roger manage it, now our side
of the family has no more”. There’s a telephone call. Julia answers
it. It’s Quentin. He tells Julia, “We’ll be returning to Collinwood
tonight”. Julia asks, “Will you be here in time for dinner?” Quentin
replies, “No, but we’ll be there for supper. Make it for two. We’ll
see you at around eleven”. Elizabeth remarks, “Everything is going
to be so different. Sam was a only a painter. He moved away from town
years ago. He had two daughters. Who would have thought one of them
would come back as Quentin’s wife?” She worries about how happy
Quentin will be with his new wife. Julia says, “He was happy when
he married Angelique. He had everything!”. Elizabeth asks, “Did he
tell you which room he’s decided on?” Julia replies, “I’ll take care
of it”.
In Angelique’s room, Barnabas is telling Carolyn, “I will need your
help. I will need a hiding place and a coffin. Do you live here?”
Carolyn replies, “No, we live at the Old House. We call it the
Loomis House”. Barnabas asks her, “Is your husband very inquisitive?”
Carolyn replies, “Yes, but I’ll tell him you’re renting a room at
Loomis House. We’re not rich like the others”. There’s a noise
outside the door. Barnabas quickly hides behind the curtains to
the bedroom. Julia comes in and asks, “Do you have someone here
with you this time?” Carolyn lies that she doesn’t. Julia continues,
“I heard voices, Mrs. Loomis! Who is in here with you?” Carolyn
again lies, “You couldn’t have heard voices. I’m here all alone”.
Julia asks, “Why are you here?” Carolyn replies, “I came to find
the book”. She holds up the book and says, “And this time I found
it. You don’t know how important this is to us.” She pretends
to suddenly feel faint and sits in a chair. Hoffman tries to
get her to leave, but Carolyn complains, “Even when she was alive,
we were allowed to sit in this room”. Julia leaves, saying, “I’ve
got to open up the suite down the hall. Mr. Collins called and
said he’s coming home tonight”. Barnabas comes back out. He takes
the book and rips out the page with Willie’s inscription, saying that
way no one will know it’s the same copy. He then asks, “Tell me, who
is Quentin Collins married to?” Carolyn replies, “A girl none of us
knows. She used to live in the village as a child. Her name is
Maggie Evans”. Barnabas is shocked.
Quentin and Maggie are in a hotel room in Boston. Quentin is
sitting sipping a drink and brooding. Maggie asks, “What’s wrong?”
Quentin replies, “Maybe I’ve made a mistake. Maybe we should’ve
stayed away longer”. Maggie asks, “Why do you want to stay away
from Collinwood? Is it because of Angelique?” Quentin gets angry
at the mention of the name and goes out onto the balcony. Maggie asks,
“It’s me, isn’t it?” She tells him not wo worry, saying she’ll
be very good at managing the house, if that’s what he’s worried
about. Quentin replies, “You needn’t worry about that. Miss
Hoffman’s very good at that”. She asks, “What’s wrong?”, but
he just says, “I love you. Never forget that” and kisses her.
She suggests, “Maybe we should stay here in Boston tonight”,
but he replies, “No, we leave tonight!”
Barnabas takes Carolyn down into the room in the basement in the
old house where he usually kept his coffin in the other time band.
Carolyn exclaims, “I never knew about this room before!” Barnabas
replies, “Good. Then chances are that you’re husband doesn’t know
about it either.” Carolyn starts to ask, “How do you…” Barnabas
finishes he sentence for her, “…know so much about this house?” He
tells her about parallel time, saying, “You see, I came to this time
band trying to escape what I am, but as you can see, I failed.” Carolyn
asks what she’s like in his time band. He replies, “You are an heiress
there”. Carolyn remarks, “Oh, I’d like it over there!” Barnabas
tells her, “You wouldn’t. Your husband was just killed there”. Carolyn
says, “Willie? Maybe I wouldn’t mind so much”. Barnabas tells her,
“Not Willie. In the other time you were married to a man named
Jeb Hawkes”. Carolyn tells him, “I don’t know anyone named Jeb
Hawkes”. Barnabas says, “In the other time Julia Hoffman was a doctor.
How did she happen to come to Collinwood here?” Carolyn replies, “She
came with Angelique. It was hard to tell who was in charge of whom”.
He asks about Angelique. Carolyn tells him, “She always wanted to
marry Quentin, even when she lived here as a child”. Barnabas asks,
“She lived here as a child?” Carolyn replies, “Yes, with her father,
Timothy Stokes”. Barnabas gasps, “Everything so familiar, yet so
different!”. He asks, “Did you like Angelique?” Carolyn becomes
angry and growls, “You don’t need to know everything!”. Barnabas
remarks, “You’ve just answered my question” and tells her they must
get a coffin and prepare it.
Julia is in Angelique’s room talking to the portrait, “So he came
back, and HER with him. Even he must learn that there can be only one
mistress of Collinwood!”
Quentin and Maggie arrive outside the front doors of Collinwood.
Maggie says, “Quentin! You don’t know how much I’ve always wanted
to be in this house!” He replies, “It’s all yours now!” She
gushes, “Oh, Quentin!”
Julia is light some candles on a small table on which she has
set dinner for two in front of the fireplace in the drawing room.
Elizabeth asks, “Did you have to serve them supper here?” Julia
replies, “He always liked it here.” Elizabeth corrects her, “You mean
SHE did”. She lifts the cover off a serving bowl and asks, “Did you
prepare ALL her favorites?” Julia replies, “Mr. Collins left the
choice to me”.
Quentin opens the front doors and goes into the foyer. From outside,
Maggie complains, “Didn’t you forget something? Why do I always have
to remember the traditional things? You’re supposed to sweep me off
my feet and carry me over the threshhold!”. Quentin does so. They
find Elizabeth and Julia in the foyer. Elizabeth greets Quentin
warmly. Quentin introduces Elizabeth and Maggie to one another,
then he introduces Julia to Maggie saying, “She’ll take care of you
a hundred ways each day!”. Julia asks, “Would you like to have supper
now or go to your room first?” Quentin replies that they would like
to eat first and starts towards the door under the stairs to go to
the dining room, but Julia tells him, “I thought you’d like to eat
by the fire”. Quentin, suddenly very angry, shouts, “Why the devil
did you do that?” Julia replies, “I thought Mrs. Collins would enjoy
it”. Quentin continues to glare at Julia. Maggie asks, “What’s
wrong?” Quentin replies, “Nothing – this time!”. Elizabeth excuses
herself to go upstairs to write some letters. Quentin and Maggie go
into the drawing room. Maggie gushes over the drawing room, “Oh, it’s
even more than I imagined it to be! Quentin, you can’t imagine how
happy I am!” She goes up to the dining table, lifts the cover off
a serving dish and exclaims, “Oh, crabmeat! I adore crabmeat”.
She look over and adds, “And champagne!”. Quentin, now furious,
shouts at Julia, “Did you do this deliberately?!?!” Julia feigns
ignorance, “Have I done somthing wrong?” Quentin continues, “How dare
you, woman!” Julia says , “I don’t understand”, but Quentin yells,
“Oh yes you do!” and storm out the front doors.
Maggie is now waiting alone in the drawing room for Quentin.
Someone pushes a note under the closed doors. Maggie sees it.
She opens the note, written in a large handwriting with lots
of flourishes, and reads it,

You are not wanted here. Now, or ever.


Maggie exclaims, “It can’t be! She’s dead!”

Episode 982
Worldvision Rerun 756
Tape Date: March 6, 1970 (ABC #67-DRK-70)
Air Date: March 31, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Maggie thinks, “Angelique is dead! She couldn’t have written this!
It must be someone’s idea of a joke!”. She is interrupted by Julia
coming into the room and asking, “Mr. Collins hasn’t come back yet?”
Maggie replies, “No he hasn’t”. Julia asks, “Would you like to go up
to your room?” Maggie replies, “Yes”. Julia tells her, “I had the
liberty of taking your luggage up to your room. You’ll be very
comfortable there. It looks out onto the sea”. Maggie asks, “Did
hers? Did Angelique’s?” Julia replies, “No. Come with me”. She
apologizes for what happened, “I’m sorry if I did anything wrong.
I just made the usual arrangements. Mr. Collins has never been
upset with them before”.
Barnabas and Carolyn are at the Old House. Barnabas asks, “You’re
husband’s not back yet?” Carolyn replies, “He’s probably at the Eagle”.
Barnabas asks, “The Eagle?” Carolyn replies, “A bar in town”. Willie
comes in through the front doors. He sees Barnabas and orders, “Turn
around!” Barnabas turns. When he gets to the point where Willie
can see his profile, Willie orders, “STOP!” Willie looks at Barnabas
and says, “Carolyn, look! The silhouette in my book! It’s him!”
Barnabas explains, “I am a descendant about the Barnabas you wrote
so brilliantly about in your book”. Willie asks, “You’ve read my
book?” Barnabas replies, “Yes, and I’ve come on a pilgramage to see
you”. Willie says, “This calls for a drink!” He sees the copy
of the book and says, “Look here! You’ve brought a copy!” He
opens the book, sees that a page has been torn out and grumbles,
“Oh! The way some people treat books! A page has been torn out!”
Carolyn tells Willie that Barnabas is renting a room in the Old House.
They get into an argument about this, Willie saying, “I’d never rent
a room to a relative, never!”, but Barnasbas insists on paying, saying,
“It will be a pleasure to stay in the house my ancestor loved so well”.
Willie tells him, “But there’s one thing. I’ll need my privacy. I’m
writing another book”. Carolyn laughs derisively. Willie, sounding
defensive, says, “Well I am! I’m starting this week, for sure!”
Barnabas assures Willie he’ll have his privacy.
Maggie and Quentin are in their room. Quentin, who’s just come
back, says to Maggie, “I don’t want you being angry”. Maggie replies,
“I just want to know why you ran from the room. Did it have anything
to do with mre?” Quentin replies, “Not you, me”. She asks him what
he means, but he again becomes angry, “Stop it! Just stop it!”
Maggie dejectedly says, “All right, Quentin, let’s just go to bed”.
Barnabas and Carolyn have gotten a coffin ready in the basement room
of the Old House. Barnabas worries, “What if Willie realizes it’s the
same book?” Carolyn assures him, “He was so drunk he’s probably already
forgetten about it”. Barnabas tells her, “Guard me carefully. I’m in
particular danger because I know little of this time band”.
In the drawing room of Collinwood, Maggie is writing a letter, starting
“My dear Sister”. Julia comes into the room. She tells Maggie, “Cook
and I have prepared the menu for this week. Would you like to look
it over?” She asks, “Did you find the room confortable?” Maggie replies,
“Yes, Miss Hoffman”. Julia asks, “And your husband?” Maggie replies,
“I think so”. Maggie asks, “Miss Hoffman, where is Angelique’s room?”
Julia replies, “In the East Wing. Anything else I can tell you?”
Maggie replies, “Yes, where is Daniel Collins? With a young boy around,
I should be able to hear him”. Julia replies, “Daniel is not well
today”. Quentin comes into the room. He tells Maggie, “I have to
go to the cannery”. He suggests she spend the day exploring the house,
the tells Julia, “I’d like to speak to you privately for minute.
Quentin and Julia go to the foyer and close the doors talk about
Daniel’s disapproval of the new marriage. Inside the drawing room,
Maggie eavesdrops and wonders, “Why hasn’t anyone told me Daniel
resents me?”
At the old house, Willie comes into the living room. Carolyn
asks, “Where have you been?” Willie replies, “I just got up”.
Carolyn snidely adds, “With a hangover, I assume”. Willie asks,
“Where’s Barnabas?” Carolyn lies, “He got up and left early”
Willie points out, “But I looked in his room and the bed hasn’t
been slept in”. Carolyn lies, “I’ve already made the bed”. Willie
continues, “You know, I think Barnabas has been here longer than he
says. That book, it’s the same book. I could smell Angelique’s
perfume on it”. Carolyn tells him, “You’re imagining things”
To avoid answering any more questions about Barnabas, Carolyn pretends
to have a migraine headache. Willie tells her, “I’m going to Collinwood.
Coming?” Carolyn declines. Willie adds, “When I see Barnabas, I’m
going to have a chat with him!”. Carolyn warns him, “Don’t say
anything to offend him. We need that money! Don’t you forget that!”
Maggie is sitting at the desk in the drawing room, looking through
the drawers thinking, “I only I could find something Angelique wrote,
then I could see if this is in her handwriting”. She is interrupted
by Julia coming into the room with a tea service. Julia tells her,
“I don’t who’s coming here today. Are you going to continue the
tradition? At tea time, anyone is allowed to drop by”. Willie
comes in. Maggie pours a cup of tea and offers it to him. Willie
looks at the tea with a look of dismay on his face and stammers,
“Oh, uh, no! You see, that stuff is bad for you. I never touch
it. The tannic acid’s bad for you.” Julia pours him a brandy,
which he accepts, excuses herself and leaves. Willie whispers in
Maggie’s ear, “I’m glad you’re all alone. Don’t trust anyone here!
Don’t trust anyone at all! It’s a nest of hornets! Watch your
step carefully!” Maggie remarks, “I’ve met Mrs. Stoddard. She
seems nice”. Willie replies, “She’ll smile in you face. Your
husband pays her bills”. Maggie tells him, “Mr. Loomis, I have
a letter here I’d like you to look at”. She shows Willie the
letter. Willie, a look of shock on her face, exclaims, “I never
thought I’d see her handwriting again!” Maggie says, “But it can’t
be. She’s dead, and I don’t believe in ghosts”. Willie replies,
“This is the house for them”.
At the old house, Barnabas awakens and comes out of his coffin.
He thinks to himself, “I don’t want to hurt anyone, despite the
failure to change what I am”. Carolyn comes into the room. She
tells him, “I’ve been waiting all day for you, Barnabas. You need
me, don’t you?” Barnabas replies, “No, Carolyn”, but Carolyn insists,
“You can’t just start this and then stop! I won’t let you! I’ll
tell Willie about you! I’ll tell everyone!”. Barnabas bites
Maggie is wandering around the East Wing, thinking, “Her room.
I must find her room!” Finally, she finds a door to a room she
hears Hoffman’s voice saying, “You should have seen her! She
poured a cup of tea for Willie! You should have seen the look on
his face!”. She is about to go in when Hoffman comes out. Maggie
remarks, “I heard voices in there”. Julia lies, “I was just talking
to one of the servants. You shouldn’t be in this part of the house.
We haven’t cleaned it for you yet” and ushers her away.
Willie is talking to Carolyn at the Old House. Suddenly, Carolyn
collapses. Willie examines her and finds the bite marks on her
It is dawn. Barnabas returns to the basement room and is about
to open his coffin when he hears a voice call out, “Wait! Not yet,
Mr. Collins!” He looks up and sees Willie Loomis holding a flashlight
and a cross. He covers his face. Willie remarks, “So, the legends
are true!”. He asks Barnabas, “Where did you come from?” Barnabas
replies, “Another band of time”. Willie asks, “You exist in another
time?” Barnabas replies, “Yes. There, I am the first Barnabas Collins
that you wrote about, the son of Joshua Collins.” Willie gleefully
exclaims, “Oh, a book! A book at at last! I need you, Mr. Collins!
You’re going to make me very famous! I’m going to write a book…”
Barnabas opens his coffin and screams. Attached to the lid is a cross.
Willie tells him, “I’m taking no chances, Mr. Collins. Get in there,
please. You’re my hope, my salvation! Yes, my salvation!” Barnabas
gets into the coffin. Willie closes the lid, then proceeds to chain
the coffin…

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