December 1967

Episode 375
Worldvision Rerun 164
Tape Date: November 28, 1967 (ABC #240-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 1, 1967 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

The next morning, Jeremiah is in the living room of the
Old House, agonizing over how to tell Barnabas abotu what
has happened, “How can I go to Barnabas? How could I tell
him? But he should know that she isn’t as innocent as she
seems! She came to my room last night and said she wanted
me!” Angelique comes down the stairs into the living room
and, hearing Jeremiah talking to himself, asks, “I be your
pardon, Sir? Are you all right?” Jeremiah answers, “I’m
perfectly all right, Angelique. How is Josette?” Angelique
tells him, “Quite well, Sir”. Jeremiah asks, “Is she happy
here? Does the climate agree with her? Last night, she
seemed to be acting somewhat strangely to me”. Angelique
replies, “She seems normal to me. She’s exactly as she was at
home”. Jeremiah remarks, “I see”. He excuses Angelique and
she leaves. Jeremiah thinks to himself, “Then she has fooled
him completely from the beginning! I must tell him now!”.
Barnabas is in a room with Ben Stokes, teaching him how to
write. Ben is sitting at a small desk writing something with a
quill pen. Barnabas tells him, “Your p’s look like q’s”.
Ben grumbles, “I don’t know why they put them one after the other.
It makes it so difficult!”. Barnabas assures him, “It’ll be
easy once you learn them”. Ben jokes, “IF I ever learn them!
I don’t think I’ll ever need to write a word that has a q
anyway!”. Jeremiah enters the room and asks to speak to
Barnabas. Ben, happy to be given a respite in his writing
lessons, jokes, “Writing is hard! I don’t know how children
ever learn to do it!” and leaves. Barnabas asks, “Yes, Jeremiah,
is something wrong?” Jeremiah replies, “It’s Josette”. Barnabas
asks, “Josette?? What’s happened to her? Has she had an accident?”
Jeremiah quickly replies, “No!”. Barnabas remarks, “You frightened
me!”. Jeremiah asks, “You love her very much, don’t you?”
Barnabas replies, “Yes. She is very beautiful. But it isn’t
only the way she looks. Have you ever listened to her speak?
There is such respect in her. There’s only one question I
have about her. Why she chose me”. Jeremiah remarks, “Perhaps
you don’t know Josette as well as you think you do”. Barnabas
asks, “Don’t you like Josette?” Jeremiah replies, “Yes, very
much”. Barnabas asks, “And does she like you?” Jeremiah pauses,
then says, “Yes”. Barnabas, looking relieved, says, “Good. I
very much wanted you two to be friends. At first, I was afraid
she might be jealous of the influence you have over me. But
she does not know what a friend you’ve been to me. But she
will. Aren’t I lucky, Jeremiah?” Jeremiah replies, “Yes”.
Barnabas continues, “I trust her, and she trusts me. No one
will ever come between the two of us”. Jeremiah mutters,
“And no one will! Not if I can help it!”.
Ben is in Angelique’s room. Seeing that nothing has happened,
Angelique grumbles, “I’m certain that Jeremiah hasn’t told
Barnabas!” Ben asks, “Do you want him to?” Angelique replies,
“There’s no point in having Josette going to Jeremiah’s room if
he doesn’t tell Barnabas about it!” Ben explains, “He’s not like
that”. Angelique asks, “Jeremiah usually goes to bed very early,
doesn’t he?” Ben replies, “Yes, he works a hard day”. Angelique asks,
“And you usually take a toddy to him before he goes to bed, don’t
you?” Ben replies, “Aye. Sometimes, he has one downstairs with Mr.
Barnabas”. Angelique announces, “Tonight you will make certain he
drinks a very special toddy. I will give you something to put in
it.” Ben protests, “I can’t! If I’m caught, they’ll send me back
to prison!”, but Angelique tells him, “You must! Do you remember
what happened to you last time you disobeyed me?” Ben says, “I
couldn’t talk”. Angelique warns him, “The next time you disobey me,
it’ll be much worse”. Ben protests, “I can’t hurt Jeremiah!”
Angelique replies, “You won’t be hurting him. Most gentlemen men
enjoy falling in love. I felt sorry for Josette last night. Now
she knows what it feels like to love someone who does not love you.
I’ll give you the drugs to put in his drink tonight. Don’t be afraid,
Ben. You have only one person to be afraid of”. Ben remarks, “Aye,
and that’s YOU!”
Josette comes in through the front doors. Jeremiah is there.
Josette sees him and tries to “flee”, but Jeremiah says, “Please,
wait!” Josette exclaims, “I can’t talk to you!” Jeremiah insists,
“You must!”. Josette tells him, “I couldn’t sleep all night! I
got up at dawn and I’ve been walking in the forest ever since. I’ve
never done anything like that before!” Jeremiah tells her, “I hope
not. I went to Barnabas this morning to tell him, but I couldn’t.”
Josette says, “I don’t understand it. I love Barnabas”. Jeremiah
tells her, “Then you must be true to him”. Josette insists, “I am
true to him”. Jeremiah asks, “Then you have no explanation for
what happened last night?” Josette replies, “No.” Jeremiah tells
her, “You must not hurt Barnabas”. Josette replies, “I’d kill
myself before I did that!”
Later, Josette comes downstairs. Natalie is in the living room.
Natalie asks, “Where have you been?” Josette replies, “In my room”.
Natalie tells her, “Mrs. Collins was very upset you missed lunch.
These Northerners know nothing about preparing fish. They don’t use
wine. Mrs. Collins says it’s against her cook’s religion. But the
fact that the food is inedible is no excuse for you to miss lunch”.
Josette asks, “Aunt Natalie, you must do me a favor”. Natalie asks,
“What can I do for you?” Josette tells her, “I was supposed to go
into town with Barnabas today about some cabinetwork we’ve ordered.
Can you go for me?” Natalie asks, “Why?” Josette replies, “I just
don’t feel like it.” Natalie tells her, “But you’ll have to live with
that cabinetwork for the rest of your life”, but Josette just says,
“I’m sure if you like it, I sure I’ll like it”. Natalie asks, “Are
you getting afraid?” Josette asks, “Of what?” Natalie replies, “Of
getting married. Of the new family. I’d be afraid. All brides are.
Five minutes with Mr. Joshua Collins would be enough to make me get
back in the carriage and leave immediately”. Josette remarks, “He’s
not that bad”. Natalie remarks, “Jeremiah is a very nice man,
though. And quite handsome, too, don’t you think so?” Josette
exclaims, “No!” Natalie remarks, “He is. You just don’t notice
it because you have eyes only for Barnabas. Barnabas comes down
into the room and jokes, “Josette DuPres! I haven’t seen you all
day! Is this any indication of the kind of life we’re going to lead
after we’re married?” Josette runs upstairs, upset. Barnabas asks,
“What’s wrong?” Natalie replies, “She’s just nervous. All brides
are. Leave her alone”. Barnabas begs, “Go to her, talk to her!”,
but Natalie replies, “I would. If only I knew what to say…”
Natalie and Barnabas are in the living room. Barnabas, worried,
wonders out loud, “Why didn’t she come down to dinner?” Jeremiah
comes into the room. Natalie tells him, “Ah, Jeremiah. I was trying
to amuse Barnabas, with no success.”
In the hallway behind the door to the left of the fireplace,
Angelique intercepts Ben, who’s carrying a tray bearing the makings
for hot toddy. She gives him a vial and tells him, “Here it it.
Just put it in his drink”.
Ben comes into the living room with the tray and announces, “Your
toddy, Mr. Jeremiah”. Jeremiah replies, “Thank you. Don’t make it
so strong tonight”. Ben puts the tray on a table and makes the
toddy, putting Angelique’s drug in, unobserved. He gives the toddy
to Jeremiah. After Jeremiah drinks it, Ben asks, “Another one?”.
Jeremiah replies, “No, one’s fine, Ben”. Ben takes the tray and
leaves. Jeremiah excuses himself, saying he’d like to go out for
a breath of fresh air. Barnabas thanks Natalie for trying to cheer
him up and tells her, “If I loved Josette for no other reason, it
would be because you are her aunt” and excuses himself to go up to
bed. The clock on the mantel strikes 10:00.
Natalie is toying around with her Tarot cards. The clock on
the mantel strikes 11:00. Natalie is surprised to see Josette
come down the stairs and calls out, “Josette?” Josette replies,
“I couldn’t sleep.” Natalie remarks, “Come. Let’s have some herbal
tea”, but Josette replies, “No, I want to go out for a walk”.
Natalie asks, “Should you?” Josette replies, “I’m not a child,
Natalie!” and goes out the front door. Looking concerned, Natalie
puts on her cape and goes out too.
Jeremiah is in the gazebo. Josette comes. Jeremiah exclaims,
“You’ve come!” Josette replies, “I had no choice”. Jeremiah
remarks, “Neither did I. I came here not knowing why, then I knew
it was to wait for you”. Josette asks, “What’s happening to us?”
Jeremiah replies, “I don’t know, I just know that I love you”.
Josette tells him, “That’s all I want to hear”. They kiss. From
behind some bushes, Natalie watches, a look of shock on her face.
Episode 376
Worldvision Rerun 165
Tape Date: November 27, 1967 (ABC #241-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 4, 1967 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

It is the next morning. Natalie is pacing around nervously
in the gazebo. Andre DuPres comes. He tells Natalie, “I got you
message asking me to come here. I wish you hadn’t sent that
convict.” Natalie explians, “There wasn’t anyone else.” Andre
grumbles, “I hope you know I had to give up my morning ride to
see you”. Natalie tells him, “When you hear what I have to say,
you’ll be glad you didn’t go riding. Andre, we are in the midst
of a force of evil! There is someone in the Collins house, someone
evil, someone who wants to prevent the marriage of Josette and
Barnabas!” Andre asks, “Natalie, the Collins family has everything
to gain from this marriage. Why would one of them want to prevent
it?” Natalie replies, “I didn’t say it was one of the Collinses.
I said it was someone in the house”. Andre asks, “Who?” Natalie
replies, “I don’t know yet”. Andre remarks, “Your Tarot cards
weren’t specific enough, were they?” Natalie tells him, “I didn’t
get the information from the Tarot Cards”. Andre asks, “Where did
you get it?” She tells him, “I was witness to something last night”
and recounts what she saw in the gazebo last night. Andre is
shocked and exclaims, “I don’t believe it! The very thought of
it is absurd!” Natalie insists, “I saw it”. Andre suggests, “It
was dark. You probably didn’t see clearly”, but Natalie tells him,
“I did. There was a full moon. I saw it clearly”. Andre remarks,
“It just doesn’t make any sense. She just met him a few days ago”.
Natalie says, “I don’t think she knows what she’s doing. She had
been acting very strange all day, as if she had been placed in a
trance of some sort”. Andre exclaims, “You don’t seriously believe
in this mumbo jumbo of yours!” Natalie replies, “There’s no
other explanation that makes any sense”. Andre remarks, “That one
doesn’t make any sense either.” Natalie says, “It’s not like Josette
to behave like this. I tell you, someone doesn’t want the marriage
to take place!” Andre asks, “Who?” Natalie replies, “That’s what
I intend to find out!” Andre vows, “I’ll make sure what happened
last night never happens again!”
At the old house, Naomi asks Jeremiah, “Why didn’t you go
to work today?” Jeremiah replies, “I didn’t feel well when I
got up. I’m all right now”. Naomi observes, “You seem disturbed.
Do you want to talk about it?”, but Jeremiah replies, “It’s not
a problem that can be talked about. It’s something I’ve got to work
out myself”. Andre DuPres comes in and asks, “Mr. Collins, I’d like
to have a talk with you in private”. Jeremiah says, “We can go
into the study”, but Natalie says, “No, I’ll go upstairs and let
you talk here” and goes upstairs. Jeremiah asks, “What do you want
to talk to me about?” Andre replies, “About you and my daughter
Josette”. Jeremiah asks, “What about us?” Andre exclaims, “You
know what I’m referring to!” Jeremiah asks, “How did you find out?”
Andre replies, “That’s beside the point. I want a full explanation
for what happened last night!” Jeremiah answers, “I can’t give you
one. There is no explanation. I don’t know why it happened. It just
did”. Andre asks, “Were you expecting her to come? Was the meeting
pre-arranged?” Jeremiah replies, “No, that’s the strange part”.
Andre says, “You embraced and kissed. Are you telling me that before
last night, there was nothing between you?” Jeremiah replies, “No.
Are you going to talk to Josette about this?” Andre answers, “I might
not. It’s up to you. I will not let Josette get involved in a
scandal. What are you trying to do? Tear the family apart? Will
you give me your word this will never happen again?” Jeremiah replies,
“I’ll do better! I’ll promise never to be alone with Josette again!”
Natalie, outside the door of the old house, thinks to herself,
“Josette DOES love Barnabas. Yet last night, she said she loved
someone she hardly knows. Why? Because someone wants to tear
Josette away from Barnabas. But who? That’s what I have to find
out before it’s too late!”
She goes inside and finds Naomi standing in the living room
holding her deck of Tarot cards and remarks, “Ah, you’ve found my
Tarot cards. I’ve been looking all over for them”. Naomi remarks,
“You left them on the mantel”. Natalie offers to show Naomi how
they work. She deals them out onto the a table. Naomi asks, “Does
each card have a different meaning?” Natalie explains, “No, the
meaning of each card is related to the card it’s near”. Natalie
looks at the cards and suddenly gasps, “Maybe we should do this some
other time”. Naomi asks, “What’s wrong?” Natalie gasps, “I never
thought it could be this bad!” Naomi asks, “What?” Natalie replies,
“I’m afraid my interpretion of the cards won’t please you”. Naomi
presses her to tell her what they say. Finally, Natalie explains,
“This card is the lovers. It is a very strong card. But it is
inverted. This is the symbol of seperation. Next to it is the death
card. It symbolizes the end of the love between two people. And this
card is the chariot, a very powerful symbol. It indicates that there
will be a betrayal!” Naomi asks, “What kind of betrayal?”, but
Natalie refuses to go on. Naomi asks, “What else do you see?”
Natalie replies, “Mrs. Collins, there is a force of evil in this
house, someone who’s trying to destroy the natural order of things!”
Naomi says, “There’s no one evil in this house!”, but Natalie insists,
“The cards say there is”. Naomi remarks, “The cards are very
interesting. Quite entertaining. In this case, I don’t think what
they say is true”. Natalie asks, “Mrs. Collins, tell me about your
governess. I understand she came to you under strange circumstances”.
Naomi exclaims, “Well now, you couldn’t suspect her!” Natalie
replies, “I don’t suspect anyone. I was just curious about her”.
Naomi tells Natalie about Vicky’s arrival, and the “strange,
immodest” clothing she was wearing at the time. She asks Natalie
“Are you suggesting there’s someting wrong with Miss Winters?”
Natalie replies, “I’m not suggesting anything”. Naomi asks, “Then
why ask about her?” Natalie tells her, “The cards say there will
soon be a disaster here”. Naomi asks, “And you think this disaster
will be caused by Miss Winters?” Natalie replies, “No, but I think
it’s worth thinking about”.
Naomi is in bed sleeping. She has a dream. In it, Natalie’s
voice awakens her, saying, “Mrs. Collins! Mrs. Collins!” A vision
of the inverted Lovers card appears floating in the air. The voice
continues, “The cards never lie! The card of the lovers is inverted,
the symbol of separation!” The card of the lovers disappears and
is replaced by the card of death. The voice continues, “The death
card, the symbol of the end of the love between two people!”
The chariot card replaces the death card. The voice continues,
“The chariot, a very powerful card. It is the sign of a betrayal!”
Naomi gets up. The voice tells her, “Follow the card, Mrs. Collins,
follow the chariot and see who will be betrayed!” The card floats
over to the door. Naomi goes to the door and opens it. She sees
Jeremiah walking down the hall. She calls out, “Jeremiah!”, but
he doesn’t seem to hear her and just keeps walking. She calls out,
“Where are you going so late? Why aren’t you sleeping?”, but he
doesn’t seem to hear and keeps walking. Naomi follows. Jeremiah goes
downstairs into the living room. There, he meets a woman, embraces
her, and kisses her. Naomi comes down and sees this. Naomi calls
out loudly, “Jeremiah, who is that woman? Why don’t you answer me?”,
but Jeremiah doesn’t seem to hear her. The ghostly voice then tell
her, “Wait, Mrs. Collins, and you will find out who will betray”.
Naomi looks and sees a symbol written on the woman’s hand.
The voice explains, “That is the sign of the devil. The woman
is possessed by the devil. She will bring death and destruction
into this house”. Naomi demands, “Jeremiah, who is that woman?”
Jeremiah replies, “Naomi, go back to your room!”, but Naomi is
insistent, “NO! Who is that woman?” She grabs the woman’s
arm and tries to seperate them, but to her shock, the arm
comes off, bloody at the stump. She screams…
Episode 377
Worldvision Rerun 166
Tape Date: November 29, 1967 (ABC #242-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 5, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

It is the next morning. Naomi is pacing around nervously in
the living room. Angelique comes into the room. Naomi gives a
start. Angelique apologizes, “Excuse me if I startled you. The
countess left her fan here last night.” She looks around for it.
She asks Naomi, “Is something wrong?” Naomi replies, “No”.
Angelique continues to look for the fan and finds it, “Here it
is!” She shows the pictures on it to Naomi and remarks, “It’s a
particular favorite of hers. The characters are from the Tarot
Cards”. This disturbs Naomi, who asks Angelique to put the fan
away. She asks, “Angelique, have you seen Jeremiah?” Angelique
replies, “I heard him tell Mr. Collins that he would be working
at home today. Do you wish me to tell him you want to see him?”
Naomi answers, “Yes”. Angelique thinks to herself, “So, she’s
going to talk to Jeremiah about the dream. I’ve started it,
and now no one can stop it, even myself, even if I wanted to!”
Naomi is in Jeremiah’s room. She tells him about the dream,
except for the part where the arm comes off.
Nathan Forbes, Josette and Millicent are in the living room.
Nathan remarks, “Oh, how I envy Barnabas!” Josette introduces
Nathan, who’s apparently just come, to Millicent. Millicent
gushes, “I’ve never met a sailor before!” She tells him she
gets seasick easily. Nathan does not appear to take a liking
to Millicent. Naomi comes into the room. Nathan tells her, “I’ve
brought the specifications to go over with Jeremiah”. Naomi tell
him where Jeremiah is, and Nathan goes to see him. Millicent
gushes, “The lieutenant is very handsome!” Josette offers Naomi
tea. Naomi accepts, remarking that they haven’t had tea since
the revolution, Joshua considering it English and therefore
objectionable. As Josette pours a cup for Naomi, Naome notices
the pitchfork mark on her hand and gasps, “You! It’s you!”
Millicent asks Josette, “What is that on your hand?” Josette
replies, “I don’t know. I’ve never seen it before” Naomi abruptly
says, “Excuse me, I don’t feel well” and leaves.
Jeremiah and Nathan are in a study looking at some ship plans.
Jeremiah says, “If that’s the way the navy wants the keel, then
that’s the way it’ll be”. Nathan asks about Vicky. Jeremiah jokes,
“Would you take Millicent Collins as a substitute?” Nathan replies,
“No, she gets seasick”. Jeremiah remarks, “She can afford to. She
owns much property in New York”. Nathan, suddenly looking very
interested, asks, “She owns it herself?” Jeremiah replies, “Yes.
Both her parents are dead”. Naomi comes into the room looking
very agitated. Having concluded business, Nathan leaves to let
them speak in private. Naomi exclaims, “I saw the same pitchfork
I saw in my dream! On Josette’s hand!” Jeremiah replies, “It
must’ve just been a bruise, just a coincidence”, but Naomi insists,
“Dreams mean something, you know! The countess says so!” Jeremiah
begs, “You must not tell anyone! It would be very embarassing for
Barnabas if he knew about the dream!” Naomi agrees, “You’re right.
I must not mention this to anyone!”
In her room, Josette goes to a washbasin and tries to wash the
mark off, with no success. Angelique comes in and asks, “Is
something wrong?” Josette explains, “This mark on my hand, it
just appeared, and it won’t come off”. Angelique looks and says,
“I had something like that. A crescent, mine was. I got it the first
day we came here”. Josette remarks, “But yours is gone”. Angelique
tells her, “I hope you don’t mind, but I used some of this”,
pointing to a bottle. Josette says, “My rosewater!” Angelique
asks, “Shall I try some on your hand?” Josette replies, “Please do”.
Angelique moistens a handkerchief with the rosewater and proceeds
to run the mark on Josette’s hand with it. As she is doing this,
Josette remarks, “It upset Mrs. Collins as much as it did me. I’m
afraid it’s some kind of disease. Nothing must happen now that the
wedding is so near! Nothing!” Angelique announces “There!” and shows
Josette that the mark is gone. Josette exclaims, “Angelique! What
would I do without you?” Angelique replies, “Don’t worry. I’ll never
let you find out…”
Nathan and Millicent run into each other in the foyer. Millicent
is dressed to go out. Nathan remarks, “I see you’re going out” and
jokes around with her for awhile. He then says, “You are very
attractive”. Millicent exclaims, “You are very forward, sir!”
Nathan remarks, “Forward? Such an old fashioned word! I must show
you a whole new world!” Jeremiah comes into the foyer and says to
Nathan, “Let’s go!”. While he goes to get his coat, Nathan says to
Millicent, “You must decide! Do you want to see me again?” Millicent
nods. Jeremiah returns with his coat. Millicent asks him to do her a
favor. She tells him she needs to get some cough syrup for her
brother and asks him to pick some up at the apothecary’s while he’s
in town. He agrees to do so. He reaches out to take her prescription.
As he is doing so, Millicent sees a pitchfork shaped mark on his
hand and exclaims, “The same mark Josette had on her hand!”, but
Jeremiah says, “No, it’s just a bruise. I got it while tending the
fire in my room”. Nevertheless, he looks at the mark uneasily…
Josette is in her room, smiling strangely. She puts some
perfume on. There’s a knock at the door. She asks, “Who is it?”
The knocking continues. She opens it and finds that it’s Jeremiah.
He asks, “Are you alone?” Josette replies, “Yes”. Jeremiah tells
her, “I promised that I would never be alone with you again..”
Josette interrupts, “That’s foolish of you. Why?” Jeremiah explains,
“Because I must, and I will after this one time. I had to see you,
to show you this!” He shows her the mark on his hand. He tells her,
“Millicent told me you had one on your hand just like it”. Josette
says, “It’s fate, telling us not to hide what we feel!” Jeremiah
exclaims, “No!! You love Barnabas!” Josette replies, “I know who I
love!” Jeremiah insists, “You love him still!” Josette says, “I’m so
confused.” Jeremiah asks, “What am I going to do? Yours has
disappeared. How?” Josette picks up her bottle of rosewater and
explains, “Angelique used this.” She moistens a handkerchief
in it and starts to rub the mark on Jeremiah’s hand. Jeremiah says,
“It has to come off! Naomi had a dream last night. It’s the sign of
the lovers!” Josette continues to rub at the mark. Jeremiah continues
to say, “It must come off, or everyone will know!” Suddenly, he grabs
her hand and says, “So soft!” They kiss passionately, but Jeremiah
pulls away and says, “No!! Why is this happening to us?” Josette
smiles and replies, “I don’t care! I’m in your arms. I don’t want
to be in anyone elses, ever! Let everyone in the house know! I don’t
care! We must be together!” Jeremiah starts to say, “Yes…”, but
then says, “No, we cannot!” Josette begs, “Don’t leave me!”, but
Jeremiah says, “I must! I must leave this room, this house, this
town!” Josette begs, “No!”, but Jeremiah says, “I must! Tonight!”
and hastens out of the room.
Episode 378
Worldvision Rerun 167
Tape Date: December 1, 1967 (ABC #243-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 6, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Angelique is in her room, staring into the fire. She gets a
vision of the woods…
In the woods, Ben Stokes is sharpening an ax. He stops and thinks,
“She’s a witch, that Angelique. A man like me can’t fight a witch.
But I’ve got to! Mr. Barnabas, he’s the only friend I’ve got.
If only I could find a way to fight her without her knowing about
it. But she knows everything!” Suddenly, he hears Angelique’s
voice call, “Ben! Ben!” He tries to tell himself, “I’m imagining
that. It’s all in my mind!”, but the voice continues, “Where are
you, Ben? Come to me! I need your help!” Ben exclaims, “No, I
can’t…” The voice continues, “Ben!!!!” Ben looks over and sees
a ghostly head of Angelique floating in the air. It tells him, “Ben!
I need you! Come to my room, now! Don’t try to fight me! You know
what happened the last time you tried to fight me! Hurry, Ben,
hurry!!!!” The head vanishes. Ben hastens off.
Barnabas and Jeremiah are talking in the living room. Barnabas,
puzzled, asks, “A journey? So suddenly? You’re not leaving
Collinsport tonight, are you?” Jeremiah replies, “Tonight.” Barnabas
asks, “Is this a business trip for father?” Jeremiah replies, “No”
Barnabas asks, “Then why go?” Jeremiah replies, “I can’t explain. A
sudden impulse….” Ben comes in through the front doors. Jeremiah
tells him, “I’m glad you’re here. I need your help. I’m going on a
trip and I’m going to take a coach to Collinsport. I need you to
take my bags there after I’ve packed”. Ben leaves. Barnabas asks,
“Jeremiah, you’ll be back in time for the wedding, of course.”
Jeremiah stammers, “I…” Barnabas insists, “I can’t be married
without my best man!” Jeremiah says, “I don’t think I’m the right
person for best man. Perhaps you should choose someone else.”
Barnabas exclaims, “Jeremiah!” Jeremiah continues, “It’s not a role
I feel well suited for.” Barnabas begs, “You must come back
for the wedding!” Jeremiah replies, “All right. I will. I don’t
want to do anything to get in the way of your happiness and
Josette’s. If come back I must, come back I will”.
Angelique is in her room waiting for Ben, turning the spinning
wheel to pass the time. Ben comes and chides her, “You plan didn’t
work!” He tells her about Jeremiah packing for a trip. Angelique
exclaims, “He’s not going away! I must stop him! What am I to do?”
Ben begs, “Don’t hurt Mr. Jeremiah! Don’t make him suffer!”
Angelique replies, “I would if Josette could nurse him, but she
can’t. If only someone could convince him to stay…I know!
Barnabas!”, but Ben tells her, “He’s already spoken to him about
it”. Angelique tells Ben it would be useful for Barnabas to speak
to Jeremiah again, then wonders how to get him to do so, then gets
an idea, “If Josette told him to talk to him…” She laughs evilly
and continues, “Perfect! Using her fiance to keep her lover here!”
She takes the doll of Josette with the spiderweb out, looks at it,
and announces, “She’s still under the spell!” She takes the doll
over to the fireplaces and talks to it, “Look at your hand, Josette.
The mark of the pitchfork is still there, the mark you and Jeremiah
share. He’s leaving you, Josette, he’s leaving you forever! Only
Barnabas can stop him! Go to Barnabas, make Barnabas stop Jeremiah!
If you don’t, you will never see your lover again! Go to Barnabas,
Barnabas is at the desk in the living room, writing something.
Josette comes into the room. She tells him, “Oh, good. I thought
you’d gone. I was afraid you’d left for the yards”. Barnabas replies,
“I was about to”. Josette starts to say, “No, you can’t before…”,
but Barnabas notices the pitchfork mark, which has just appeared on
Josette’s hand again, and exclaims, “Josette!” Josette replies, “It’s
nothing, just a bruise, that’s all. I did not come to you about this.
It’s Jeremiah. He mustn’t go! You must stop him!” Barnabas replies, “I
have already tried. I couldn’t. He promised he would be back for the
wedding”. Josette says, “He won’t be back” Barnabas asks, “Why do
you say that?” Josette replies, “I know. I know why Jeremiah’s going
away. I am the reason.” Barnabas asks, “You? How could you be the
reason?” Josette replies, “I have to tell you. I don’t want to,
but I must. Jeremiah hates me!” Barnabas exclaims, “Jeremiah?!”
Josette continues, “He does. He despises me. He does not think I
will make you a good wife.” Barnabas protests, “No, he told me the
other morning how much he likes you. Everyone here loves you,
Josette”. Josette begs, “Hold me, Barnabas, and don’t let me go!”
Barnabas holds her and tells her, “Josette, my darling, my darling,
you know how much I love you. I’ll go to Jeremiah and tell him how
important it is to you he stays”, but Josette suddenly seems to
change her mind and tells Barnabas, “No, let Jeremiah go. Let him
go! It’s for the best!” Barnabas exclaims, “Josette! Your hands are
so cold! Are you sure you’re feeling well?” Josette replies, “I’m
sure”. Barnabas looks at Josette’s hand and exclaims, “Josette,
the bruise! It’s gone!” Josette looks at her hand and says, “Yes,
it’s gone! I’m so glad! Let Jeremiah go wherever he wants to go!
I don’t care how he feels about me, only how you feel. You are the
man I love!”
Ben is taking Jeremiah’s luggage out. Angelique comes into the
foyer, sees him, and asks, “Didn’t Barnabas stop Jeremiah from
leaving? Josette went to speak to him, didn’t she?” Ben laughs and
chides her, “I guess you didn’t put enough magic into that spell! I
saw Josette and Barnabas together. They were happy! They’re riding
into town together! Want to know the names of the horses they went
on?” They argue. Joshua comes into the room and asks Angelique, “Is
he bothering you?” He turns to Ben and demands, “What did you say to
her?” Ben remains silent. Joshua asks, “What’s the matter? Cat got
your tongue?” Ben says, “I didn’t say nothing!” Joshua demands, “I
expect the truth from you, now! Did you say something to her,
something improper?” Angelique lies, “Yes it was!” Joshua tells
Ben, “You should be punished!” Ben retorts, “Working in this house
is punishment enough! It’s worse than being in prison!” Joshua
tells Ben, “You will be working in this house until you work off
your sentence”. He turns to Angelique and tells her, “You know his
past. Stay away from him”. and asks her what she’s doing. She
replies, “Gathering wild parsley for a tea for my mistress”. Joshua
caustically remarks, “You French! I suppose tea leaves are not good
enough for you!”
After Joshua leaves, Ben complains to Angelique, “Look what you
did now! No one can stop him once he’s riled up!” This gives
Angelique an idea. She asks, “What if someone did stop him? What if
something happened to him?” Ben replies, “Jeremiah wouldn’t be able
to leave on his trip. He’d have to stay to take care of the work”.
Angelique says, “Thank you, Ben!” Ben asks, “What are you going to
do?” Angelique replies, “I don’t know yet”. Ben gleefully says,
“Something as mean and nasty as he is to me!” Angelique promsises,
“All right, Ben, what I do to him will be a present to you!” They
go upstairs.
Joshua and Jeremiah are in the study. Joshua complains, “You
are not a child!” He argues with Jeremiah about his leaving
with all the work to be done.
In Angelique’s room, Angelique asks, “What shall I do to Joshua
Collins, Ben?” Ben gleefully replies, “I know what I’d do!”
Angelique, holding a piece of soft clay, remarks,”Whatever I mold
from this piece of clay is whatever he’ll become”. Ben says, “Make
him a snake, or a spider!” Angelique protests, “But those can be
poisonous”. Ben, revenge in his eyes, says, “A jackass, then! With
that jackass, I’d clear out the north field, that jackass and me,
him pulling and me beating him!” Angelique says, “Quiet, Ben, while
I’m working” starts to mold the clay.
Downstairs, Joshua and Jeremiah continue to argue about
Jeremiah’s planned trip. Joshua brings up another reason he
thinks Jeremiah shouldn’t leave, “And Millicent? This may be
your last chance for her!”, but Jeremiah just says, “Good bye”.
Joshua asks, “What if someting should happen to me?” Jeremiah
replies, “I’ll send you my address so I can be contacted” and turns
to leave. He hears a loud “swooshing” noise and turns back and
is surprised to see that Joshua is gone from the room. He calls out,
“Joshua? Joshua?”, but receives no answer. There is no one in the
room except a black cat with a white chest sitting on a table.
In Angelique’s room, Angelique holds the lump of clay, now
molded into the form of a cat. She smiles, turns to Ben and
says, “There, Ben, there is your master!”.
Episode 379
Worldvision Rerun 168
Tape Date: November 30, 1967 (ABC #244-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 7, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Natalie is pacing around the living room looking pensive. Vicky
comes downstairs. Natalie asks her, “How is poor Mrs. Collins?”
Vicky replies, “She still won’t see anyone. She hopes you understand”.
Natalie caustically remarks, “If I were married to Joshua Collins,
I’d be inviting everyone for champagne”, then says, “Let us take the
facts about Joshua’s disappearance and re-examine them. Let’s re-enact
what happened. You be Jeremiah and I’ll be Joshua”. Vicky says, “I
don’t want to”. Natalie asks, “Are you afraid?” Vicky says, “You
have a reason for this. What is it?”, but Natalie refuse to elaborate
on her reasons. Vicky remarks, “The whole thing is so mysterious”.
Natalie agrees, “So much is. That cat, for instance. Jeremiah said
he saw a cat right after Joshua disappeared, but no one else has seen
it since.” She briefly goes over what happened, then they start to
renact the scene. Natalie, playing the part of Joshua, caustically
remarks, “I think I can make the type of pompous comments Joshua
would have made”, then proceeds, “But Jeremiah, you can’t leave…”
Vicky says, “This is absurd!”, but Natalie says, “If I am right,
that cat will come into this room again!” They continue to renact the
scene, up to the point where Jeremiah turns around and finds Joshua
gone. Natalie is shocked to see that the cat HAS come into the room.
Vicky approaches the cat, but Natalie warns, “Don’t touch that cat!
The cards are right! Why did I ever doubt them? There is evil in this
house!” Barnabas comes in through the front door. Natalie asks, “What
happened?” Barnabas replies, “We found no trace of him, not even any
footsteps in the mud”. Seeing the cat, he exclaims, “A cat! Is that
the cat Jeremiah saw?” Natalie replies, “Yes. It just came back”.
Natalie tells Vicky he’d like to talk to Barnabas in private. Vicky
leaves. Natalie asks Barnabas, “Have you ever seen that cat before?”
Barnabas replies, “No. Aunt Abigail dislikes cats, she calls them
the Devil’s pet”. Natalie announces, “Your father did not disappear.
He was taken from us – by a witch! Barnabas, you will not find your
father, not in the shipyards, not in the village! The reason I know
that is because the cat is the Devil’s pet, a sort of joke after
the fact!” Nathan comes in through the front doors and announces,
“They’ve found some footprints on Widow’s Hill. They need your
father’s boots to see if they’re the right size”. Barnabas tells
Nathan, “They’re in the study. You know where they are. Get them”.
Natalie continues, “I even know why your father disappeared. Someone
in this house does not want Jeremiah to leave.” Barnabas asks, “Why?”
Natalie replies, “I don’t know, but there IS a witch in this house.
Tell me, Barnabas, do you have trust in this Victoria Winters…”
Nathan, who has not left yet, hears this.
Nathan goes into the study and gets Joshua’s boots. Vicky
comes into the room and tells him, “Mr. Collins asked if you’d
wait here. He’ll be coming to talk to you in a minute.” She
turns to leave, but Nathan says, “Don’t go!!”, grabs her and
tries to seduce her. Vicky angrily tell him, “Mister Forbes, you
have no taste!” Nathan asks, “What are you talking about?” Vicky
replies, “When I came into this room, I was worried about thinking
of an explanation to tell Sarah about her father’s disappearance,
and you think I’m thinking of nothing but jumping into your arms!”
Nathan, angry at her rejection, tells her, “You may need friends.
You may need every friend you can get. Barnabas suspects you of being
a witch! He thinks you may have had somethilng to do with Mr. Collins’
disapperance!” Vicky, shocked, asks, “Are you making this all up?”
Nathan assures her that he isn’t, “I have one fault – women. but I’m
not a liar!”
Natalie is in a study looking over the Tarot cards. The clock
strikes 8:00. Vicky comes into the room. Seeing Natalie, she
appoligizes, “Sorry. I thought the men had returned. I thought
I heard them in this room”. Natalie replies, “No, they’re still
out at Widow’s Hill”. Vicky thinks to herself, “Widow’s Hill, where
Josette will die…” Natalie continues, “They won’t find him. The
cards say that”. Vicky turns to leave, but Natalie tells her,
“Stay. I want to know about you”. Vicky remarks, “Well, there
isn’t very much to tell”, but Natalie says, “There may be a lot,
if you’re willing to tell it. Where were you born?” Vicky replies,
“Boston”. Natalie remarks, “Boston, the Athens of America, I believe
it’s called”, then asks, “Do you believe in astrology?” Vicky replies,
“I don’t know. I always believed that a person was charge of his own
destiny”. Natalie notes, “Believed. You use the past tense. You
don’t believe this anymore?” Vicky replies, “No”. Natalie asks,
“When were you born?” Vicky starts to say, “March 4, 19…”.
Natalie interrupts, “19?? Do you mean 1719? You’d be 76 years old!”
Vicky replies, “No, I’m only 22 years old”. Natalie remarks, “That
means you were born in 1774″. Vicky corrects her, “1773”. Natalie
continues, “I would like to chart your horoscope. What hour were you
born?” Vicky replies, “I don’t know. No one’s ever told me”. The
Countess notes, “This conversation seems to make you nervous. Why?”
Vicky replies, “The supernatural always frightens me. I don’t know
much about the supernatural”. Natalie asks, “What about your
clairvoyance?” Vicky protests, “I’m not clairvoyant.” Natalie says,
“Barnabas says you are”. Vicky replies, “That’s his joke. Are you
accusing me of something? All these questions, why are you asking
them?” Natalie explains, “I ask them because something is happening
here, something that will lead to tragedy. I can’t do anything about
it unless I know what it is…” Hearing the front door, Natalie says,
“They’re back!” and leaves. Vicky thinks to herself, “If only I could
tell her, she could do something about it. But I can’t tell her
Josette will marry Jeremiah.” She looks at the tarot cards and gets
an idea, “Now, she said the Princess card represented Josette. Which
one represents Jeremiah? The magician? No, she said that represented
Barnabas. Now I remember! The knight!” She rearranges the cards so
that the Knight and the Princess are upside down and next to one
another and leaves. She does not notice that the death card is next
to the Knight card…
In the living room, Natalie tells Barnabas, “Try to get some
sleep.” She tells him a brandy will help him sleep. Barnabas asks
Vicky, who’s now come out of the study, if she’d like some. Vicky
declines, but confidently tells Barnabas, “Mr. Collins, your father
will be all right”. Barnabas thanks her for reassuring him, saying,
“The way you say that, I believe it. Thank you”. Natalie and
Barnabas leave. Vicky starts to snuff out the candles.
Natalie and Barnabas go to the study. There, Natalie pours
two glasses of brandy, remarking, “I have to admit I already
had one while you were gone”. Barnabas remarks, “I was thinking
about what you said about witchraft”. Natalie asks, “Do you accept
it?” Barnabas replies, “No, but I don’t think I can totally dismiss
the possibility.” Natalie tells him, “I won’t discuss that now.
There’s nothing else for me say on the subject.” Suddenly, she
exclaims, “Who’s been in this room??” Barnabas asks, “What’s wrong?”
Natalie exclaims, “The cards! Someone has changed the cards!”
Barnabas asks, “What do they say?” Natalie contines, “No! I was
reading them to see if they said anything about your father, then
you returned and Vicky and I left the room.” Barnabas asks, “What
do they say now?” Natalie announces, “You must marry Josette!”
Barnabas replies, “I intend to do that”, but Natalie says, “Tomorrow!”
Barnabas asks, “What?” Natalie tells him, “Unless you marry her
tomorrow, you never will! I know what the future is now!” Barnabas
asks, “What? Tell me!”, but Natalie just says, “I’ve told you all I
can. Do you love Josette?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Natalie asks
him, “If she agrees to marry you immediately, will you agree?”
Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Natalie says, “Then in 24 hours, you
will be man and wife!”
Episode 380
Worldvision Rerun 169
Tape Date: December 4, 1967 (ABC #245-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 8, 1967 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Angelique is in Josette’s room, helping Josette to dress. There’s
a knock at the door. It’s Andre and Natalie. Natalie tells Josette,
“We must speak. It’s most urgent”. Josette protests, “But I was
going to go riding with Barnabas”. Andre tells her, “We must speak
now, Josette.” Angelique says, “I’ll go tell Mr. Collins” and turns
to leave, but Natalie tells her, “No, stay. There is much you will
have to do”. Josette asks, “What is it?” Natalie tells her,
“Josette, you must marry Barnabas tonight!” Josette, puzzled, asks,
“Tonight? I don’t understand!” Natalie replies, “You don’t need to
understand. It’s imperative that the marriage ceremony be peformed
tonight, before it’s to late!!” Josette asks, “Before it’s too late?
Too late for what?” Natalie replies, “For you and Barnabas”.
Josette asks, “What do you mean?” Natalie replies, “Because
someone in this house is convinced that in time, you will marry
someone other that Barnabas”. Josette asks, “Who told you that?”
Natalie replies, “I will answer all your questions after tonight”.
Andre says, “I trust your aunt knows what to do”. Josette exclaims,
“There’s so much to do!” Natalie assures her, “Angelique and I will
help”. Josette protests, “But Mr. Collins is still missing!”
Andre replies, “Yes. How do we explain this to him when he returns?”
Natalie corrects him, “IF he returns.” Andre asks, “You think
something happened to him?” Natalie replies, “We must consider the
possibility”. Andre grumbles, “I regret ever having decided to have
the wedding in this country! I should have held in is Paris, a
civilized city! I’m thinking of taking leave of this house and
returning to Martenique!” Natalie asks, “You mean you want to cancel
the wedding?” Andre replies, “Yes”. Josette exclaims, “No! You
can’t!” Natalie says, “The only thing to do is have it tonight.”
Josette says, “I have to tell Barnabas.” Natelie tells her, “I’ve
already talked to him about it half hour ago and he agreed”. Josette
insists she talk to Barnabas about it, saying, “It’s a decision we
should be making together!” Natalie agrees, “All right. I’ll arrange
for him to be in the drawing room in half and hour. Andre, let’s
leave Josette alone now.” They leave. Angelique takes the bottle
containing Josette’s rosewater and takes it to Josette, who’s sitting
in a chair looking confused, and says to her, “You look tired, my
lady. Let me message your forehead”. Josette declines the offer,
“No, not now.” Angelique tells her, “But the rosewater will
take away your headache”. Josette replies, “I don’t have a
headache”. Angelique says, “Well, it will make you feel less tired”,
but Josette, sounding irritated, says, “No! I do not want my
forehead messaged now!”, then quickly apoligizes to Angelique for
snapping at her. Angelique says, “I just want you to feel more
comfortable when you see Mr. Collins”, but Josette replies, “Thank
you, but there’s nothing you can do”. Angelique mutters, “I’ll
think of something…”
Ben is in Angelique’s room holding an ax. Joshua the cat is
sitting on the bed. Ben holds the ax menacingly and tells the
Joshua he’s going to get even with him for all the indignities
he shown him over the years, saying “All it’ll take is one swift
chop!” and prepares to strike, but Angelique comes in and stops
him before he can harm the cat. Ben complains, “He’s a cruel man,
he’s not fit to live in any form!” Angelique promises, “When Mr.
Collins returns to normal, I’ll see to it that he treats you with
more respect. We have more important things to do right now. I must
find a new way to put Josette under the spell”. Ben asks, “Why?”
Angelique explains to him how the marriage has been moved up to
tonight. Ben laughs and chides her, “So, all your conniving has
come to naught, eh? You were so sure nothing was going to go wrong!”
Angelique replies, “And nothing will, as soon as I cast a new
spell. I want you to go into Jeremiah’s room and get something
of his, something small…” Ben protests, “I can’t do that! I’ll
be caught!”, but Angelique tells him, “No, Jeremiah’s at the
shipyards. No one will see you. Barnabas and Josette are already
in the drawing room! We have very little time! Go!”
Barnabas and Josette are in the drawing room. They talk about
the change in plans and both agree to it. Barnabas leaves to
go to Collinsport to get the minister for the wedding, which
is to be at 9:00.
Ben returns to Angelique’s room with a blue handkerchief.
Angelique takes it and says, “Yes, that will serve my purposes
very well. Thank you, Ben!” Ben asks, “What are you going to do
with it?” Angelique replies, “Make it into a flower, sprinkle
it with some of my lady’s rose water, let it dry, then pin
it to Josette’s wedding dress and tell her it will bring her
happiness and good fortune”. Ben says, “You know every trick!”
Angelique replies, “I know what I want, and I shall have it!” Ben
caustically remarks, “And everyone else can hang, eh?” Angelique
replies, “No, Ben, I only hurt those who have hurt me”. Ben asks,
“And what has Miss Josette ever done to you?”. Angelique replies,
“She has the man that I want”. Ben points out, “She loves Barnabas”.
Angelique tells him, “You think the course of true love can’t be
altered. It can be! After tonight, Barnabas will have good reason to
come to me, because she will belong to another…
Later, Josette is in her room preparing for her wedding. Natalie
is in there helping her with her wedding dress. Josette remarks,
“I’ve never been so nervous in my entire life!” Angelique comes
into the room. Natalie tells her, “Angelique, you help Josette
with her dress while I go fix the veil”. Angelique takes out a blue
flower made from Jeremiah’s handkerchief and tells Josette, “Oh,
mademoiselle, this is for you”. Josette asks, “What is it?”
Angelique replies, “A surprise. It’s an amulet. If you wear it
during the ceremony, it will bring happiness and good fortune to
your marriage.” Josette replies, “Thank you , Angelique, but it
can’t wear something like that”. Angelique asks, “Why not?”
Josette replies, “Because it would look too conspicious on this
dress.” Angelique begs, “But it will bring you happiness and good
fortune…” Josette snaps, “That’s nothing but a silly
superstition!” Angelique starts to cry. Josette asks, “Oh,
Angelique, what’s the matter? Why are you crying?” Angelique replies,
“Because you are angry with me”. Josette assures her, “I’m not angry
with you”. Angelique says, “But I have nothing to give you for your
wedding. Only something from my feelings, but you HATE it and refuse
to wear it!” Josette replies, “Only because it would look too
conspicuous on the dress”. Angelique says, “If you don’t wear it,
I’ll feel like a failure…” Josette, exasperated, turns to her aunt
and says, “Natalie, talk to her, please!” Natalie replies, “There’s
not enough time. Why don’t you wear it, Josette? It would make
Angelique so happy, and it couldn’t do any harm. Wear it as a good
luck charm. What harm could it do?” Josette turns to Angelique and
tells her, “Angelique, I will wear the flower”. Angelique beams
and says, “Thank you, mademoiselle, thank you! You’re very kind!”
and pins the flower onto Josette’s dress.
Downstairs, Minister Alton Brown is discussing the sudden
change of plans with Barnabas, asking “Something wrong?” Barnabas
replies, “Not really, just nervous”. Angelique comes into the room
bearing a tray with several bottles of champagne and some champagne
glasses. The minister asks, “Champagne, before the ceremony?” The
Countess DuPres replies, “Some people like it after, some people
like it before. I like it before”. Angelique starts to pour the
champagne. In the room are Andre DuPres, Natalie DuPres, the
minister, Barnabas and Angelique. Josette has not come down. Andre
starts to get impatient and gripes, “It’s 9:20 already!” and goes up
to get Josette. Natalie remarks, “My brother, the most prompt man in
the world! Promptness is his religion!”
Upstairs, Andre knocks at the door to Josette’s room and calls,
“Josette! Josette! It’s 20 minutes after nine! The minister is
becoming very impatient!” There is no answer. Andre calls again,
“Josette? Josette? Are you there?” Receiving no answer, he opens
the door and goes inside. He is surprised to find that the room
is empty. He calls, “Josette? Josette? Where are you?!” then opens
the foot locker and finds it empty.
Downstairs, the Countess DuPres is entertaining people with
stories about her brother’s wedding, “It was one of the biggest
weddings Paris had ever seen! Andre and Marie were married by the
Arch Bishop. But that wasn’t hard to arrange – Andre’s father
was the King’s Minister!” Suddenly, she is interrupted by Andre’s
voice calling “Josette! Josette!” She wonders out loud, “What is
Andre shouting about?” Andre comes down and asks, “Did she come
downstairs?” Natalie replies, “No. What’s wrong?” Andre exclaims,
“Natalie, I could not find her! She’s not in her room! I looked
everywhere she could be! She is gone!” He goes to the front doors,
open them, and calls, “Josette! Josette!” Almost everyone goes to
the door with him. Barnabas looks very worried. Angelique, who has
stayed behind, picks up a glass of champagne from the tray takes a
sip and smiles…
Episode 381
Worldvision Rerun 170
Tape Date: December 5, 1967 (ABC #246-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 11, 1967 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Everyone has gone fron the room but Andre, Angelique and Barnabas.
Ben comes in through the front doors and announces, “I’ve just looked
in the stables. Miss Josette’s horse is missing. Mr. Jeremiah’s
horse is gone, too!” Barnabas remarks, “I don’t understand any of
this. Was Josette afraid of going through with the ceremony? And
what’s this about Jeremiah’s horse being missing too?” Andre
explains, “I asked Ben to go out and check the stables.” He turns
to leave. Barnabas asks, “Where are you going?” Andre replies,
“Upstairs to see if Jeremiah is still somewhere in the house” and
goes up the stairs. Ben remarks, “Mr. Barnabas, I’m really sorry
about what’s happened.” Barnabas asks, “Where’s the countess?”
Angelique replies, “I took her upstairs. She said she wasn’t feeling
well”. Barnabas tells Ben and Angelique “You may both go to your
rooms now. But don’t go to bed yet. I may still need you”.
Ben and Angelique leave. Andre comes back down, “Jeremiah’s not
in his room, and all his clothes are gone. So are Josette’s”
Barnabas asks, “Are you implying that Jeremiah has something
to do with Josette’s disapperance?” Andre replies, “Maybe.” Barnabas
exclaims, “No! It’s just a coincidence! I’ll arrange for a search!”
Andre points out, “But if she took her horse, she would be far away
by now, not in the woods”. Barnabas, grasping at straws, says,
“Maybe she didn’t take it. Maybe someone else did”, and turns to go.
Andre asks, “Where are you going?” Barnabas replies, “To get my
pistol, then go out to search for her”.
Angelique is in her room. She lies down on the bed, a look of
satisfaction on her face. Suddenly, she is alarmed to see that
the doorknob is turning. The door opens… It is Ben. He comes
in and closes the door. Angelique complains, “You’re supposed to
knock before you come into a room. Do you have no manners, Ben?”
Ben contemptuously replies, “None, my lady”. Angelique asks,
“What are you doing here? I have no need of your now”. Ben tells
her, “I thought I’d come to congratulate you on your work. You’ve
got them all dancing like puppets on strings!” Angelique replies,
“I told you, I get what I want!” Ben continues, “I used to think
Mister Joshua was the meanest person in the world, but compared to
you, he’s a saint!” Angelique remarks, “Perhaps you’d like to stay
and see what else Barnabas has in store for him.” Ben says, “Josette
and Jeremiah have run off! Mr. Barnabas will find out in a few days.
What more do you want?” Angelique replies, “I want him to know
tonight! I don’t want to waste any time. I want him to turn to me,
and there’s much to do”. Ben asks, “Why don’t you just cast a
spell on him?” Angelique replies, “No, I don’t want him that way.
He must truly be mine. He must turn to me of his own free will. Now,
there’s work to be done!” Ben asks, “What kind of work?” Angelique
replies, “I need Barnabas to know tonight about his dear uncle and
Josette running off. Do you know where Barnabas is right now?” Ben
says, “He’s downstairs with Mr. DuPres”, but Angelique tells him,
“No, he’s gone off into the woods to look for Josette”. Ben exclaims,
“I’ve got to go join him! He shouldn’t be alone in the woods!”, but
Angelique tells him, “Ben, do you think I’d let dear Barnabas be out
there all alone? He has company in the woods, all the company he
Barnabas is searching the woods for Josette. He calls, “Josette!
Can you hear me, Josette!” There’s a crunching noise. He calls out,
“Josette! Is that you?”, but there’s no answer. Barnabas demands,
“Who is it, who’s there?” He raises his pistol. The sound stops.
The sound of laughter fills the air. Barnabas asks, “Who are you?
What are you doing here?” A male voice replies, “Poor Barnabas. Over
here, Barnabas!” Barnabas asks, “Where?” The voice replies, “Right
behind you!” Barnabas turns and sees a shadowy figure in an old
fashioned “Pilgrim” type hat. It is dark and he cannot see the face
clearly. Barnabas asks, “Who are you?” The voice replies, “Don’t you
recognize me? I’m your Uncle Jeremiah”. Barnabas says, “You are
not Jeremiah!” The voice continues, “Your Josette is gone, Barnabas,
because she has left you! She does not love you!” Barnabas exclaims,
“That’s not true!”, but the voice says, “It is! She loves ME! She has
left you to marry ME! She has made a fool of you, she has deceived
you! Barnabas the fool! Barnabas the fool!” Barnabas shoots at the
figure and it vanishes. Suddenly, a voice calls, “Barnabas!” Barnabas
asks, “Who is it?” The voice replies, “Andre DuPres. Where are you?”
Barnabas calls out, “Over here!” Andre DuPres comes into the clearing
and joins Barnabas. Andre tells Barnabas, “I decided you shouldn’t
be out here alone.” Barnabas replies, “I wasn’t alone. There was a
man here. I didn’t recognize his face.” Andre asks, “Why did you
shoot?” Barnabas replies, “He said he was Jeremiah, but I could tells
it wasn’t Jeremiah”. Andre suggests, “Let’s get back to the house.
It’s too dark.” Suddenly, Barnabas hears a female voice saying,
“Barnabas! Barnabas! Go to the road!” Barnabas asks, “What road?”
Andre asks, “Who are you talking to?” Barnabas asks, “Don’t you
hear it? The voice!” Andre replies, “I don’t hear a thing”. Barnabas
asks the voice, “What road?” The voice replies, “The road to
Collinsport! You will find it there!” Andre asks Barnabas, “Are
you feeling all right?” Barnabas replies, “I’m feeling fine. We’re
going to road to Collinsport”. Andre asks, “Why?” Barnabas replies,
“The voice said something would be there”
They make for the road. Andre asks, “And what is it you expect
to find here?” Barnabas replies, “I don’t know. There’s the road, but
I don’t see anything”. Andre replies, “Just as I expected. Let’s go
back to the house”. Barnabas replies, “Yes”, but then finds
something. Andre asks, “What is it?” Barnabas exclaims, “Josette’s
wedding veil!”
In Angelique’s room, Angelique announces, “He has found it!”
Ben asks, “What?” Angelique replies, “Josette’s wedding veil, torn
and spattered with mud on the road to Collinsport.” Ben asks, “How
did it get there?” Angelique asks, “How do you think?” Ben asks,
“What next?” Angelique replies, “Wait a few minutes for Andre and
Barnabas return and you’ll see how much Barnabas has changed”. Ben
remarks, “I don’t want to see”, but Angelique tells him, “You’ve
doubted me! I want you to see!” Ben says, “I don’t want to see. I
believe you can do anything, especially if it’s evil”. Angelique
orders, “You go downstairs first. I wouldn’t want Barnabas seeing
us together.” Ben asks, “Why? Afraid Mr. Barnabas will think there’s
something between us?” This angers Angelique, and she threatens to do
to him what she did to Joshua, but worse. She threatens to turn him
into a moth, which will be attracted to the fire and burn itself up…
Barnabas and Andre return to the house. Barnabas remarks, “I still
don’t don’t understand how it got out on the road. Do you suppose
Josette could have been abducted?” Andre replies, “I don’t know what
to think anymore.” Ben comes downstairs and asks, “Mr. Barnabas. Is
everything all right?” Barnabas replies, “No, Ben. Everything isn’t
all right. Where were you a while ago? I was looking for you. I
wanted you to come help me search”. Ben lies, “I hadn’t finished
my chores. I was out getting the firewood. Find anything in the
woods, Sir?” Barnabas replies, “Nothing of any importance. Good
night, Ben”. Ben leaves. Angelique comes into the room and asks,
“Monsieur Barnabas, any news of my lady?” Barnabas replies, “No,
none at all”. Andre tells Barnabas, “Barnabas, my suggestion to you
is to go to bed and get some rest”, but Barnabas replies, “I’d prefer
to stay here and wait for her”. Andre says, “As you wish.
Goodnight” and goes upstairs. Angelique tells Barnabas, “Barnabas,
you really should try to get some rest after what you’ve been
through”, but Barnabas replies, “In spite of what I’ve been through,
I still love her. No matter what has happened, no matter what will
happen, I will always love her!!” Angelique looks shocked.
Episode 382
Worldvision Rerun 171
Tape Date: December 6, 1967 (ABC #247-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 12, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Vicky comes in through the front doors of the Old House into the
foyer carrying several large packages. She thinks to herself, “How I
have dreaded this night. When I get back – if I ever get back – to my
own time, I’ll never want to know anyone’s secrets again. I must be
very careful tonight. I must not let anyone know that I know Jeremiah
and Josette have run off together.” Natalie comes into the foyer
and remarks, “You’ve been to the postal service, I see. They must
be wedding presents for Josette and Barnabas. They’ll have to be
sent back, of course. But you knew that, didn’t you?” Vicky says,
“Excuse me, I have to go attend to Sarah”, but Natalie stops her and
asks, “Wait! How long has it been since you’ve known Josette and
Jeremiah would elope?” Vicky lies, “I’ve never known”. Natalie
asks, “It was you who rearranged the cards, wasn’t it?” Vicky lies,
“No!”, but Natalie says, “It could only have been you. You were the
only other person in the room. You know the future! Admit it! When
Josette and Jeremiah return, life will not go on as before. Things
will happen, tragic things! You must tell me what you know!”, but
Vicky insists, “I know nothing!” Natalie says, “We will see if that
is true, Miss Winters!”
Naomi is in her room. She pours herself a sherry and sips it.
There’s a knock at the door, and a voice from the other side calling
“Sister!” Naomi quickly finishes the drink with a gulp, then says,
“Come in!” Abigail comes into the room. She sees Joshua the cat on
a chair and exclaims, “That cat! Scat! Scat!” The cat runs off.
Abigail exclaims, “You allow that cat in the room?!” Naomi replies,
“It seems to like it in here”. Abigail says, “It’s the Devil’s pet!
There’s a battle between good and evil going on in this house!”
Abigail notices the glass lying on the table, picks it up, sniffs it,
then says, “We can’t all withdraw from the battle as you have
done!” Naomi says, “It’s a tonic. For my nerves. I’m upset. Who
wouldn’t be? First, Joshua, then Josette and Jeremiah”. Abigail
says, “That foreign woman lured him away!”, but Naomi says, “I’m
sure there’s some reason for Josette and Jeremiah’s disapperance.”
Abigail remarks, “Desire, that’s reason, desire for each other!”
There’s a knock at the door. It’s Natalie. She apologizes, “Sorry
to interrupt, but I have the feeling something else will happen in
this house tonight if I didn’t talk to you”. Abigail says, “Tell us.
We’ll do anything”. Natalie announces, “There is a witch in this
house”. Naomi exclaims, “Nonsense!”, but Natalie continues, “You
ignored my warnings before, and see what happened?” Abigail asks,
“Who is this witch”. Natalie replies, “I’m not sure, but I think
it might be Victoria Winters. Question Miss Winters, and ask her what
she knows about the future”. Naomi protests, “She’s no more a witch
than you or I!”, but Abigail warns, “Another tragedy may happen if
you do not do what we say!”
Vicky is in her room. The cat is lying comfortably on the
bed. Vicky is leafing through the family history and thinks to
herself, “All those nights at Collinwood I used to pore over
this book. I admired Joshua so, and thought how beautiful Naomi
was, and she is beautiful. Am I really living with these people I
used to daydream about? How terrible it is to know what will
happen to them and not be able to do anything”. There’s a knock
at the door. It’s Abigail. Vicky quickly hides the family history,
then tells her to come in. Abigail asks, “What took so long?”
Vicky lies, “I was napping”. Abigail remarks, “I see you have that
cat in here”. Vicky replies, “He likes to spend quite a lot
of time in here”. Abigail remarks, “Indeed”. Vicky tells her, “I
don’t mind. I like cats”. Abigail says,”I’m sure you do! Mrs.
Collins would like to see you!” Vicky asks, “Now?” Abigail replies,
“At once!” Vicky starts to leave, but notices that Abigail isn’t
coming with her and asks, “Aren’t you coming?” Abigail replies,
“No, you go on”. Vicky protests, “Miss Collins, this is MY room!”
Abigail asks, “Is there anything in here you don’t want me to
see?” Vicky replies, “No”. Abigail says, “Then you shouldn’t
mind me staying”. Vicky protests, “I do. Would you like me staying
in YOUR room?” Abigail replies, “There’s a difference. You don’t
own this house. We do. We can go into any room and stay there
as long as we like”. Vicky asks, “Why do you hate me?” Abigail
replies, “Tell you master I know what you are, that I recognized you
and fought you the moment you stepped in this house!” Vicky says,
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Abigail orders, “Go to
Mrs. Collins!” Vicky leaves. Abigail looks at the cat and says,
“Cat, I will do what I came to do! I am not frightened you! I am
protected by my faith!” She turns away from the cat and starts to
search the room. While Abigail’s back is turned, the cat disappears
in a loud puff of smoke, leaving Joshua sitting on the bed. Abigail
turns around and exclaims, “Joshua!” and goes to him. Joshua asks,
“What am I doing in this room, and what is that stench of smoke?”
Abigail faints in his arms.
In Naomi’s room, Naomi is questioning Vicky, asking her to tell her
about her life before she came to them. Vicky replies, “I wish I
could, but I can’t remember!” Natalie asks, “Can’t or won’t? You
should ask her about her clairvoyance!” Naomi says, “She’s already
explained that that was Barnabas’ joke”. Natallie asks, “Then why
did she tell Nathan Forbes that Josette would never marry Barnabas?”
Vicky protests, “That was when I first arrived. I was confused
about names…”, but Natalie points out, “But you told Nathan that
Josette would marry Jeremiah!” Vicky denies ever having said this.
Joshua comes into the room and asks, “What’s happening here?” Naomi
exclaims, “You’re back!” Joshua says, “The funny thing is I don’t
remember having been away.” Abigail exclaims, “You were gone for 7
days!” Joshua continues, “The last thing I remember is arguing with
Jeremiah. Where is Jeremiah? Fetch him!” Abigail tells Naomi, “He
doesn’t know. I haven’t told him”. Joshua asks, “Tell me what?”
Abigail says, “Let the witch tell him what she’s done!”, but Joshua
says, “Don’t give me any of your nonsense about devils and demons,
Abigail. I want facts!” Abigail tells him, “Josette and Jeremiah
have eloped!” Naomi disagrees, “No they didn’t! They’ve disappeared
just like you did, Joshua”, but Abigail points out, “But there’s one
difference! You didn’t take your clothes, Joshua!” Joshua asks
Naomi, “You let this happen?!” Abigail exclaims, “They were
bewitched!” and accuses Vicky of doing it. Joshua dismisses everyone
except Naomi. Abigail grabs Vicky’s arm and says, “You will come with
me!”, but Naomi tells her, “She will not! She will go to cook and
tell him Joshua’s returned and needs some food”. After everyone
leaves, Joshua tells Naomi, “I am here now. We must discuss important
matters. Tell me everything that’s happened in my absence…”.
Natalie and Abigail sneak into Vicky’s room while Vicky’s
in the kitchen. Natalie remarks, “I though you said you took her
clothes from her and burned them”. Abigail explains, “Jeremiah got
them back for her. She must have bewitched him”. They search the room
and quickly find the clothes in a drawer. They look through the
clothes and find a charm bracelet. They examine it and Natalie gasps,
“All the signs of the zodiac!” Abigail exclaims, “And the devil! The
prince of evil himself! I must send for Reverend Trask! He’s very
good at dealing with witches! I will write to him tonight! He will
come from Salem immediately!”
Episode 383
Worldvision Rerun 172
Tape Date: December 7, 1967 (ABC #248-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 13, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Josette and Jeremiah are in a room at the Collinsport Inn.
Jossette remarks, “Jeremiah, I’ll never forget this room, or
this inn, or you!” They kiss passionately. Jeremiah asks, “Do
you remember?” Josette asks, “What?” He looks at her hand and
replies, “When this mark was the only think that connected us.
Now we are married. Do you regret it?” Josette replies, “Not if
the rest of our lives is as happy as the last two days!” Jeremiah
corrects her, “Last two and a half days”. Josette asks, “Oh,
Jeremiah, will we ever be able to go back?” Jeremiah reples, “If
we want to”. Josette asks, “And if we cannot?” Jeremiah replies,
“There’s a shipyard in every port on the coast”. Josette tells
Jeremiah she thinks its impossible to go back and ponders on how
great it would be if they could spend the rest of their lives in
the hotel room.
Jeremiah is lying in bed sleeping. Josette paces about the
room, unable to sleep. She sits down in front of the fire and
stares into it. Suddenly, she hears her father’s voice saying,
“Not asleep, Josette? Why have you treated us this way? I raised
you to be honest. You said you loved Barnabas so much, didn’t
you?” Barnabas’ voice chimes in, “You said you loved me!” Josette
insists, “I did!” Barnabas asks, “You didn’t, did you?” Josette
again insists, “I did!” Barnabas asks, “You loved Jeremiah too,
didn’t you?” Josette replies, “No! No!” Andre’s voice points out,
“You ran away…” Jeremiah awakens and asks, “Josette, dear, what
is it?” Josette announces, “We must go back to Collinwood!”
Jeremiah asks, “What has happened?” Josette replies, “I’ve been
so foolish, so foolish thinking I could never go back. But I’ve
been thinking of my aunt, my father…” Jeremiah tries to touch
her, but Josette exclaims, “Don’t touch me!” Jeremiah asks, “What
has happened?” Josette replies, “Nothing has happened! Take me
back!” Jeremiah tells her, “All right, I’ll take you back
tomorrow”, but Josette says, “No, not tomorrow, tonight! Go
down and get a carriage!” Jeremiah demands to know why she’s
acting this way, and suggests it’s just a mood that will disappear
tomorrow, but Josette insists, “It isn’t a mood”. Jeremiah
says, “All right, we’ll go back. But never forget our love for
each other”. He takes her hand to kiss it. Josette looks at her
hand and exclaims, “Look! It’s gone! It’s gone!” The pitchfork
shaped mark is, indeed, gone.
At the old house, Barnabas is in the study pacing around.
Andre DuPres comes into the room and announces, “I am determined
to clear the air. Now, everyone in this house seems to have
some secret thoughts. Such secret thoughts are unhealthy.
Now, what if they did run off together?” Barnabas exclaims,
“That’s impossible! Jeremiah’s my best friend!” He worries about
an alternate possiblity, “Perhaps she romanticized me, and when
she came here, found I didn’t come up to expectations”. Andre tells
him, “Nonsense. The first day here, she told me how much she
couldn’t wait to marry you”. Barnabas says, “Then something must
have happened”. A voice answers, “You are right” It is Joshua,
who has just stepped into the room. Barnabas asks Joshua, “How do
you know? Have you heard any news?” Joshua replies, “No, but I
have reached a decision. You may think me absurd, but I think this
is all the result of witchcraft”. Andre remarks, “You are right!
That’s absurd!” Joshua continues, “It has not been an easy
decision, but your sister Natalie and my sister Abigail have
convinced me of it. They have discovered what seems like
concrete evidence of this, concrete enough evidence for me
to take action”. Barnabas asks, “What evidence?” Joshua replies,
“Evidence found in Miss Winter’s room”. Barnabas exclaims,
“Impossible! I’ll vouch for her innocence! If you don’t go to
Aunt Abigail and stop this nonsense, I will!” Joshua replies,
“You will do nothing! If she is innocent, Reverend Trask will
find her innocent.” Barnabas exclaims, “Reverend Trask?! If you
don’t stop him from coming here…” Joshua says, “I can’t” Barnabas
vows, “Then I will protect Miss Winters”. Joshua tells him, “If
you do, I will consider you my enemy. I am determined to stop what’s
been happening in this house!”
In the living room of the Old House, Riggs, a servant, is cleaning
the mantel. Jeremiah comes in through the front doors and says,
“Hello, Riggs”. Riggs exclaims, “Mister Jeremiah!” Jeremiah asks,
“Where are they all?” Riggs replies, “The ladies are over at the
new house”. Jeremiah asks, “And my brother?” Riggs replies, “I don’t
know”. Jeremiah orders, “Find him for me immediately!” As Riggs
turns to leave to do so, Jeremiah asks, “Oh, Riggs. Where is Mr.
Barnabas?” Riggs replies, “At the shipyards, I believe”. Jeremiah
says, “Thank you. Hurry if you will”. Riggs leaves. Jeremiah looks
at his hand. The mark on his hand is gone too. Josette comes in
through the front doors. Jeremiah tells her, “I told you to wait
in the carriage!” Josette replies, “I couldn’t”. Jeremiah tells
her, “No one’s here. I sent for Joshua”. Josette asks, “Jeremiah,
are you frightened too? I don’t know what we’re going to say!”
Jeremiah says, “We’ll say that we’re married. That what’s done
cannot be undone. That’s all we shall say”. Josette says,
“Jeremiah, I’m so frightened. Help me!” Jeremiah tells her,
“You wanted to come back and face them. What do YOU think we
should do?” Josette remarks, “Jeremiah, you seem so cold”.
Jeremiah replies, “Am I? It must be the trip… No, it’s being
back here, in this house, in this room…” Josette says, “You feel
differently towards me. I feel no love toward you, nor you towards
me. Admit it.” Jeremiah says, “We’re both upset. It’s hard to feel
anything right now”. Andre comes into the room and exclaims,
“Josette! Whatever’s happened, we’ll get it all straightened out!”
Joshua, who’s also come into the room, sees Jeremiah and
sarcastically remarks, “Well, the prodigal has returned. Well,
brother, what have you to say for yourself?” Jeremiah announces,
“We are married”. Andre exclaims, “Josette! Is this true?” Josette
says, “It is true”. Andre turns to Jeremiah and angrily says,
“You promised me you would stay away from her!” Jeremiah starts
to say, “I tried…” Joshua, shocked, asks Andre, “You mean you
knew about this?!” Jeremiah says, “We have no explanation for what
we did. Obviously, we are unwelcome here. Understandibly. We will
be at the village Inn until we decide what to do”, but Joshua tells
him, “No, you will stay here. There will be too much gossip
otherwise”. Barnabas comes in through the front door and exclaims,
“Josette!” Joshua tells him, “They are married Barnabas”. Barnabas
exclaims, “Married?!” Jeremiah echoes, “Married”. Barnabas
screams, “No!!!” He turns to Josette and asks, “Tell me you’re
married! I will not believe it until I hear it from you! Tell me,
Josette!” Josette sadly replies, “I am married, Barnabas.” Barnabas
asks, “Why? Why did you do it? I didn’t know you! I was wrong about
you!” Josette meekly answers, “If it pleases you to think that”.
Barnabas turns to Jeremiah and asks, “And you, what do you have
to say?” Jeremiah replies, “I have no explanation. What we felt
for each other we could not fight”. Barnabas announces, “Then
you will fight me!” He slaps him and demands satisfaction. Josette
screams, “No!” and begs her father to stop it, but Andre sadly
tells her, “I cannot. It’s between men now”. Josette begs,
“Barnabas, no!”, but Barnabas replies, “Once, I would’ve
listened to you, but now, you have no right to ask me”. Josette
turns and begs Joshua to stop the duel. Joshua announces, “There
will be no duel. There has been enough tragedy in this house.
There will not be another”, but Barnabas replies, “You cannot stop
a duel by words, father. We will fight!”
Episode 384
Worldvision Rerun 173
Tape Date: December 8, 1967 (ABC #249-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 14, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Josette goes to Andre and begs, “Papa, we’ve got to talk”.
Andre sarcastically remarks, “Not a good sign for such a young
marriage”, and asks, “What can I do for you?” They are at first
alone in the room, but while they are talking Angelique comes
into the room bearing a tray of tea. Josette and Andre, almost
unaware of her, continue talking. Josette asks, “Do you know that
servant, Ben Stokes? This morning he brought a letter from Barnabas
to Jeremiah. Jeremiah just read it and left. Papa, they’re going to
fight today! You must talk to Barnabas, Papa!”, but Andre replies
“It’s a matter of honor. I cannot interfere.” Josette continues to
beg her father to try to stop the duel. Andre finally agrees, “I’ll
talk to Barnabas. As a token gesture”. Angelique exits the room.
In the hallway, she has a worried look on her face.
Barnabas is in his room examining a duelling pistol. Angelique
comes in and begs him, “Barnabas, please do not fight today! Once,
in this room, I told you I loved you. I should not care if you kill
or are killed, but I do!” Barnabas remarks, “You still believe
in love, don’t you?” Angelique replies, “Yes. You must still
believe in it too, or you will not be considering this duel”.
Barnabas replies, “I will not accept this! I must move! Act! I
must do something!” Angelique remarks, “If this were Martenique,
it would be so easy. You would just find another woman.” Barnabas
remarks, “But this is not Martenique! I want to ask you something,
Angelique. Did you know about Josette and Jeremiah?” Angelique
replies, “I suspected something”. Barnabas asks, “Why didn’t you
tell me?” Angelique asks, “Would you have believed me?” Barnabas
replies, “Yes”, but Angelique says, “No, you would’ve dismissed
it as the lies of a jealous woman. Have you ever fought a duel
before?” Barnabas replies, “No”. Angelique asks “Have you ever
killed anyone before?” Again, Barnabas replies, “No”. Angelique
continues, “But you will today. Do you think she will want to marry
you if you kill Jeremiah?” Barnabas replies, “No.” Angelique
asks, “But you will still want her”. Barnabas replies, “Yes”.
Angelique asks,. “If I cannot stop the duel, will you do something
for me?” She takes a medallion out and asks, “I want you to wear
this during the fight. It’s always brought me luck. It will keep
you away from harm. Take it! Wear it!” Barnabas takes it and says,
“Thank you, Angelique”. There’s a knock at the door. Barnabas asks,
“Who is it?” It’s Andre DuPres. Barnabas lets him in. Andre,
surprised to see Angelique in there, asks her, “What are you doing
in here?” Angelique lies, “I came to return a book Mr. Collins
left in Miss Josette’s room”. Andre tells her, “Go to her at
once. She needs you”. Angelique leaves. Andre says, “Well,
Barnabas, what shall I say?” Barnabas replies, “If you don’t know,
say nothing”. Andre says, “This duel is ridiculous.” Barnabas
replies, “There’s no point in discussing the duel with me”.
Andre begs Barnabas not to go through with the duel, saying, “I beg
you not to destroy Josette’s life just to satisfy your pride!”
Jeremiah is with Josette. Josette, exasperated, says, “I can’t
talk to you if you deny there’s going to be a duel! I followed you
this morning. I saw you go to the gun case and examine the pistols!”
She begs him to go see Barnabas and talk to him, but Jeremiah
replies, “When I see Barnabas, it will be with a gun in my hand!
He has demanded satisfaction!” Josette replies, “I know the rules,
but rules can be broken! A man cannot be brought back to life!”
Jeremiah replies, “We’ve already broken enough rules. I don’t
intend to break this one”. Josette asks, “Do you really think
you could kill Barnabas?” Jeremiah replies, “He’ll be trying to
kill me. He’s been like a brother to me, but…” Josette inerrupts,
“Until me. We didn’t really love each other…Jeremiah! No one must
die! If you do not go to Barnabas, I will!” Jeremiah says, “No!
You are my wife! I forbid it! We ran away. We knew we’d have to
pay the price sooner or later. Perhaps the time has just come
sooner than expected”. Josette accuses Jeremiah of wanting to be
punished, of wanting to die. Andre comes into the room and tells
Jeremiah, “Barnabas wants to see you”
Barnabas is in his room examining a pistol. There’s a knock
at the door. He calls out, “Come in!” Jeremiah comes in. Barnabas
tells him, “I’m glad you came”. Jeremiah replies, “I’m glad you
asked me to come…No, that’s not true, is it? I’m not glad I came,
and you’re not glad you asked me to come. Barnabas asks, “Why did
you take her from me? Why? Do you love her?” Jeremiah replies,
“I’m not sure.” Barnabas says, “Then I hate you all the more. If
you do not love her, then you have ruined all our lives for
nothing!” Jeremiah says, “I couldn’t avoid it. She came to me!”,
but Barnabas says, “I don’t believe you!” Jeremiah continues, “I
should have gone away. I should have realized what would happen.
I was going to, but then Joshua disappeared”. Barnabas asks, “Why
didn’t you come to me?” Jeremiah replies, “It was so illogical,
so mad! It was as if we were under some kind of spell!” Barnabas
says, “Father told you to say that. By talking about Witchcraft,
you can avoid telling the truth!” Jeremiah asks, “And what is that
truth? Tell me.” Barnabas says, “That you wanted her the first
time you saw her! That you seduced her and took her away from
me!” Jeremiah exclaims, “No!” Barnabas continues, “You’ve always
hated me, haven’t you?” Jeremiah replies, “I don’t know how I feel
anymore. All I know is that Josette and I wanted each other”.
Barnabas asks, “And if you could do it all over again, would you?”
Jeremiah replies, “Yes, we would have no choice”. Barnabas says,
“Then I have no choice!”
Josette is alone in her room. There’s a knock at the door.
She calls out, “Father?”, but it’s Angelique. Angelique comes in
and excitedly exclaims, “They have gone! Barnabas and your husband!
They have taken the pistols and gone! They are going to fight the
duel!” Josette screams, “No!!!” and faints. Angelique takes out a
handkerchief, moistens it with a little of Josette’s rosewater,
and rubs Josette with it, reviving her, and the spell as well.
She exclaims, “Oh, Madame, stop them before it is too late! You
must stop the duel!” Josette moans, “Jeremiah! Jeremiah! I must
go to them! He will kill him! He will kill him!”
Barnabas and Jeremiah are in a clearing outside. Barnabas
announces the rules, “Ten paces and turn, then count to three,
then fire. Is that understood?” Jeremiah replies, “Yes”. Barnabas
asks, “Are you ready?”. Jeremiah replies, “Yes”. They turn their
backs on each other, and slowly take ten paces. They turn. Barnabas
starts to count, “One…Two…”
Josette and Angelique run to the clearing, but are too late.
The sound of two shots is heard. Josette screams, “No! No!”
In the clearing, Barnabas is standing. Jeremiah is lying on
the ground, wounded. Josette runs to Jeremiah and cradles his
head in her arms and shouts, “Angelique! Run quick, get some
help!” Angelique runs off. Josette moans, “Oh, Jeremiah, my
dear, please…” She looks up at Barnabas and screams, “You
monster! You madman! You were so full of pride, you would not
let us have our happiness! See what you have done? You have
killed the only man I have ever loved! Don’t you come any closer!
I’ll take care of him! Why couldn’t you accept this? Don’t touch
him!” Barnabas protests, “He will die if he does not get help…”
Josette replies, “And you will have killed him!” Barnabas,
looking very sad, backs off, then leaves…
Episode 385
Worldvision Rerun 174
Tape Date: December 11, 1967 (ABC #250-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 15, 1967 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

(Missed 20 minutes due to oversleeping. Fill in later).
Natalie asks Trask, “How are you going to prove she’s a
a witch?” Trask replies, “I have my ways, Countess, I have my
Abigail and Natalie are in the living room, waiting. Natalie
wonders, “Where has he taken her and why is it taking so long?”
Abigail says, “You must trust in Reverend Trask!”, but Natalie
says “I don’t see why it was necessary for him to abduct the girl.”
Abigail reiterates, “You must trust the ways of Reverend Trask!”
Natalie remarks, “That was unnecessarily violent earlier”, but
Abigail says, “It was necessary. Are you having second thoughts?”
Natalie notes, “She denied being a witch so strenuously”, but
Abigail remarks, “They all do!”
Meanwhile, Trask has taken Vicky into the woods and tied her
to a tree. He tells her, “I will give you one last chance to
confess!” Vicky screams, “You’re insane!” Trask says, “You’re
making your salvation very difficult”. Vicky asks, “What are
you going to do?” Trask tells her, “You’re going to stay tied to
that tree, one of God’s living creatures, all night. If you are
indeed guilty of witchcraft, the tree will be dead by morning”.
Vicky begs, “Please take me back to the house!” Trask asks,
“You are afraid of the test, aren’t you?” Vicky replies,
“No, I’m afraid of being out here alone all night!” Trask
says, “You’re afraid of being exposed!” He prays for the “demons
to leave” Vicky’s body. Vicky screams, “Somebody please
help me! Please!!” Trask tells her, “Say the devil’s words all
you want, but there is nobody to help you, nobody but God!” and
leaves. Vicky screams, “Please don’t leave me here alone! Somebody,
please help me!!!”
Episode 386
Worldvision Rerun 175
Tape Date: December 12, 1967 (ABC #251-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 18, 1967 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Natalie is pacing about in the living room of the Old House,
looking uneasy. Angelique comes into the room and hands her her
Tarot Cards, “You wanted your Tarot Cards, My Lady?” Natalie
replies, “Thank you, Angelique. I must read them immediately. You
may go to your room now”. Angelique continues to stand there.
Natalie asks, “Well?” Angelique replies, “Excuse me, my Lady, but
you seem worried about something. Anything I could do to help?”
Natalie remarks, “Only if you could tell me where Miss Winters is”.
Angelique asks, “She’s not in the house?” Angelique replies,
“No, that’s why I’m reading the cards”. Angelique says, “Good
night, my Lady” and leaves. Barnabas and Nathan come in. Barnabas
tells Natalie, “We’d like to have a word with you. Lt. Forbes and
I are concerned about Miss Winters. We were wondering if you were
here this afternoon when Reverend Trask was questioning her”.
Natalie tells them the Vicky refused to cooperate. Nathan says,
“We must get her out of the house!” Barnabas agrees, “She’s in
danger as long as that superstitious fanatic’s in the house!”,
but Natalie tells him, “He already took her” and explains what
happened. Barnabas asks, “Do you know where?” Natalie replies,
“No.” Barnabas asks, “Did he say anything about what he was going
to do?” Natalie replies, “No, just that he had a way of proving
whether she was a witch. You must find her! I’m worried!” Barnabas
remarks, “It’s a little late for you to be worried”. Natalie begs,
“You must find her! I’m very worried about what might happen! He’s
very angry with her!” She tells him about Vicky slapping Trask and
says, “I’m afraid he might be torturing her right now!” Barnabas
says, “We must find her! You should be ashamed of yourself for
letting this happen!” Barnabas and Nathan turn to leave. Natalie
nervously says, “I hope you find her!” The Reverend Trask, who’s
just walked in through the door, asks, “Find who?” Barnabas asks
him where Vicky is. Trask replies, “That’s none of your concern!
Do not interfere in God’s fight with the Devil! The girl is
possesed! By morning I will have proof of this!” Barnabas asks,
“How?” Trask replies, “I have subjected her to a foolproof test!”
Barnabas asks, “Where?”, but Trask replies, “I won’t tell you. Why
are you defending her so strenously, after all she’s done to your
family?” Barnabas angrily replies, “Reverend Trask, in your
crusade against Witchcraft, you may have forgotten that we have
just fought a war in this country to guarantee every person certain
rights, one of which is the right of being considered innocent
until proven guilty! Nathan, let’s go!” Trask growls, “I warn you,
Mr. Collins, do not interfere!” Barnabas and Nathan leave anyway.
Trask sees the deck of Tarot cards on the table and asks
Natalie, “Are these Tarot cards yours, Countess?” Natalie
replies, “Yes”. Trask asks, “I see. Do you use them only for
entertainment?” Natalie replies, “I use them to see the future.”
Trask says, “Only God may tell what is in our future!” Natalie
angrily replies, “I’ll practice my own religion without advice
from you, thank you!” Angelique comes into the room bearing a
tray with tea things on it and says to Natalie, “I thought you
might like some tea”. Natalie thanks her, and Angelique puts the
tray down. Natalie and Trask continue talking. Natalie asks,
“Tell me, are you sure Miss Winters will not be hurt?” Trask
replies, “Yes”. Natalie asks, “This test you mentioned. How sure
are you it is foolproof?” Trask explains, “I have her tied to a
tree, a living creature of God. If she is a witch, the tree will
be dead by morning. That is my test.” The clock on the mantel
strikes midnight. Trask announces, “We shall know the result of
it in less than 6 hours”. Angelique, who has not left the room,
hears all this…
In the middle of the night, Angelique, dressed in a cloak,
sneaks out of the house.
In the woods, Vicky continues to scream, “Help! Help me!
Somebody, please help me! Please! Please!!”
Angelique is in the woods, searching for Vicky.
Barnabas and Nathan are searching through the woods for
Vicky. Unable to find her, Barnabas suggests, “We should go
back and get Ben. He knows every inch of these woods”. Nathan
asks, “How can we be sure she’s in the woods?” Barnabas points out,
“We’ve already searched all the buildings on the property, and we
know he didn’t take her into the village. That leaves only the
woods”. They hear a crying, whimpering sound. Barnabas exclaims,
“Miss Winters! Is that you? Miss Winters?”
From nearby, Angelique hears all this.
Vicky hears Barnabas’ shouts and replies, “Mr. Collins! Is
that you?” Barnabas replies, “Yes! Where are you?” Vicky shouts,
“Over here! Please help me!”
Barnabas and Nathan go in the direction of the sound and
find Vicky. Barnabas, seeing Vicky tied to the tree, exclaims,
“He must be some kind of madman!”. They untie Vicky. Barnabas
assures Vicky, “You’re going to be all right. We won’t let him
hurt you”. Vicky asks, “Where will you take me?” Barnabas
replies, “Back to your room”. Vicky exclaims, “No! I don’t want
to go back to the house! I can’t stay in the same house with him
there!” Nathan says, “I agree.” Barnabas asks, “But where can
we take her?” Nathan suggests, “To the new house”.
After Nathan and Barnabas take Vicky and leave, Angelique
comes out of hiding into the clearing. She recalls Trask’s
words, “I have her tied to a tree, a living creature of God.
If she is a witch, the tree will be dead by morning. This is
my test.” She takes out a small model of a tree, sets it down
on a nearby stump, and sets it on fire. The tree to which Vicky
had been tied catches fire too…
The sun rises. Trask goes out. Natalie follows him.
Barnabas and Nathan take Vicky to the new house. Barnabas
looks at the drawing room and remarks, “This room will do. You’ll
be safe enough in here”. They take her in there. Barnabas tells
her, “I’ll bring some food from the house”. Vicky remarks, “The
sun has come up. Reverend Trask should be on his way to the
tree just about now”. Nathan remarks, “I’d like to see the
look on his face when he sees there’s nothing there!” Vicky says,
“I never want to see his face again!” Barnabas says, “If I have my
way, he’ll be sent away from here before the day is over”.
In the woods, Trask catches Natalie following him and asks,
“Well, Countess, you’ve decided to follow me”. Natalie replies,
“I wanted to see if Miss Winters was safe.”
They get to the area where Vicky was tied. Trask gasps.
Natalie asks, “What is it?” Trask repiles, “The girl has escaped!”
Natalie asks, “Where was she?” Trask replies, “The girl has
escaped, but her guilt is proven!” Natalie asks, “What do you
mean?” Trask points to a tree and explains, “The girl was tied
to that tree. Last night, it was a vital, living creature of God.
Now look what has happened!” The tree has burned up, leaving only a
smoking stump…
Episode 387
Worldvision Rerun 176
Tape Date: December 13, 1967 (ABC #252-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 19, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Trask and Joshua, and Andre DuPres are in the living room
of the old house. Angelique is holding a tray serving them coffee
or tea. Trask tells Joshua and Andre, “She was bound securely to
that tree! Someone must have helped her!” Andre asks, “Reverend,
what are you suggesting?” Trask replies, “I’m suggesting that
whoever freed her is also in league with the devil! We are dealing
with more than one witch! We are dealing with a coven! All must be
sought out and destroyed! I will start by questioning everyone in
this house!” Angelique, who’s leaving the the tea, looks very
concerned. Joshua asks Trask, “Are you suggesting it’s someone in
this house?” Trask replies, “I’m only suggesting that at a time like
this, no one should be above suspicion. Do I have your permission
to start?” Joshua asks Trask to be discreet, saying he doesn’t want
a scandal to taint the Collins name. Trask agrees to be discrete.
Joshua gives him permission to start his investigation. Andre is
completely shocked at this and refuses to cooperate. Trask asks,
“Why do you object?” Andre replies, “Because this is all
ridiculous! I am a civilized man, I come from a civilized country
where such superstitions were cast out long ago! I refuse to be
questioned by this man!” Joshua asks, “I can’t understand
why you refuse to cooperate”. Trask remarks, “Perhaps he has
a very good reason.” Joshua asks, “Like what?” Trask replies, “To
protect himself, or perhaps to protect someone close to him”. Andre
exclaims, “That’s absurd!” Trask asks, “Then why do you refuse to
be questioned?” Andre replies, “It’s a matter of pride”. Joshua
tells him, “As the master of this house, I must insist that you
allow yourself to be questioned!” Andre reluctantly agrees,
“All right, but let the records show that I was questioned
under duress – by a complete idiot!”
Angelique catches Nathan coming out of the servant’s entrance
carrying a bundle and asks, “Why are you coming out of the
servant’s entrance? What are you doing with that bundle?”
Nathan replies, “It’s an old shirt. I’m taking it out to be
burned”. Angelique can smell that it’s not an old shirt and
remarks, “It smells too good to burn. It smells good enough
to eat”. Nathan admits, “All right, it’s food from the house”.
Angelique asks, “Why are you taking food from the house?” Nathan
replies, “I’m going on a picnic, and I was too lazy to go into
town to get food. Would you like to come with me? The company
of a beautiful woman is always welcome!” Angelique replies, “Some
other time, maybe. I have work to do. I must be going”. She turns
to leave. Nathan asks, “Angelique, this will be our little secret,
won’t it?” Angelique replies, “Yes”. Nathan leaves. Angelique
thinks to herself, “What a conceited fool you are, Lieutenant
Forbes! You did not fool me for a moment! You are taking that
food to Miss Winters!”
In the living room of the old house, Trask, who has just
questioned all the servants, asks Joshua, “All the other servants
were performing their duties when we called them. Where is this
Angelique? Why is she suddenly missing?” Joshua replies, “She is
not one of our servants. She works for the DuPres family”. Trask
asks, “The DuPres family. What sort of people are they?” Joshua
replies, “They’re the richest family in Martenique”. Trask remarks,
“If Mr. DuPres is any example, they’re also very arrogant!.”
Trask is in the room alone, Joshua having left. Angelique comes
into the room and says, “I was told you wanted to speak to me”.
Trask asks, “Where have you been?” Angelique replies, “In the
woods”. Trask asks, “Do you know who I am?” Angelique replies,
“You are the Reverend Trask”. Trask asks, “Do you know why I am
here?” Angelique replies, “To find the witch”. Trask corrects
her, “To find the witches”. Angelique asks, “You mean there are
more than one?” Trask replies, “That’s what I intend to find out.
Sit down.” Angelique obediently sits down. Trask starts his
questioning, “I was told you came with the DuPres family from
Martenique”. Angelique replies ,”Yes”. Trask asks, “Do you
believe in the Allmighty?” Angelique replies, “Yes”. Trask asks,
“Do you fear him?” Angelique replies, “Yes”. Trask asks, “Were
you baptized?” Angelique replies, “No”. Trask asks, “Why not?”
Angelique replies, “My mother and father died while I was young”.
Trask asks, “Why hasn’t the DuPres family had you baptized?”
Angelique replies, “I don’t know”. Trask says, I think you DO
know! Were you in the woods alone?” Angelique replies, “Yes”.
Trask asks, “Why? Was it to meet someone there? Perhaps the devil
himself?” Angelique exclaims, “NO! The devil has never managed to
tempt me!” Trask asks, “So he has tried?” Angelique replies, “The
devil tries to tempt everyone, but my loyalty is to my God! I go
to the woods alone because it is quiet and there. I go there
because there, I feel closer to God! Sometimes I feel very close
to God!” Suddenly, she falls on her knees and says, “I feel it now!
I feel closer to God than ever before! I see something! Reverend,
it is a revelation, and you are responsible!!!” Joshua comes back,
sees Angelique and asks, “What’s happening to the girl?” Trask
replies, “She’s having a revelation!”, then asks Angelique, “Tell
me what you see!” Angelique replies, “I see a house, a very large
house, and it’s new. No one’s there.” Trask asks Joshua, “Do you
know of such a house, Mr. Collins?” Joshua replies, “Yes.
Collinwood. It’s not yet completed”. Angelique continues, “There
SUPPOSED to be no on there, but a man and a woman are there. I hear
them speaking…” Trask asks Joshua, “Where is this house?” Joshua
replies, “On the hill overlooking the sea. It’s a 15 minute walk
from here”. Trask exclaims, “I must go there! If I am not mistaken,
the witch I have been looking for is there!” They leave. Angelique
smiles evilly…
Nathan and Vicky are in the drawing room of Collinwood. Vicky is
ravenously eating the food Nathan has brought her. Nathan says,
“I apologize! I forgot the salt!” Vicky replies, “When you’re as
hungry as I am, you don’t care!” She thanks him for putting himself
in danger by helping her. He tells her, “I’m in no danger. The only
person who saw me leave was Angelique, and she promised not to tell
anyone”. Vicky asks, “Has Barnabas talked to Mr. Collins yet?”
Nathan replies, “Yes, but Abigail had talked to him first. Trask
is staying.” Vicky remarks, “If only I could get back. But I’ve
come through space and time, and I don’t know how!” Nathan warns
her, “Miss Winters! If you keep talking like that, soon even your
friends will start to doubt you!” Vicky apologizes, “Forgive me,
Lieutenant. I was thinking out loud”. Nathan warns her, “You
had best stop. The things you’re saying make no sense whatsoever.
No wonder the Reverend Trask thinks you’re a witch”. Vicky says,
“I hope you’re not starting to think I’m a witch”. Nathan replies,
“No, but you are the most unusual person. I really don’t know what
to think of you”. Vicky says, “Please believe me when I say I’m
not a bad person”. Nathan assures her, “You can continue to count
on me.” Suddenly, they hear the front door….
Outside in the foyer, Joshua tells Trask, “The family will
be moving in when it is finished in one month”. Trask announces,
“I can feel it! There is an evil spirit in here!” Joshua asks,
“How do you go about sensing one? I’ve always wondered…” They
hear a noise. Trask points at the closed drawing room doors and
says, “It’s coming from there!” The drawing room doors open. Nathan
comes out, closing the doors behind him. Joshua demands,
“Lieutenant Forbes! What are you doing in this house?” Forbes
replies, “Barnabas has spoken to me so often about the
architecture, I came to take a look”. Joshua tells him, “It is
customary to ask the owner first!” Nathan replies, “I looked for
you, but couldn’t find you”. Joshua says, “Then you should have
waited!” Nathan replies, “I should have. I apologize”. Trask asks,
“Where is she?” Nathan replies, “I don’t know what you’re talking
about”. Trask continues, “You lied about coming here to see the
architecture. You came to see the girl!” Nathan says, “If it’s
Miss Winters you’re talking about, I don’t know what you’re talking
about. I don’t know where she is”. Trask turns to Joshua and says,
“I suggest we search this house room by room!” Joshua agrees. They
start by going into the drawing room. There is no on in there.
Trask notices that the window is open and asks Joshua, “Are your
workmen in the habit of leaving windows open?” Joshua replies,
“They are not. I shall speak to them about this.” Trask says,
“That may not be necessary. Are your workmen allowed to eat here?”
Joshua replies, “Certainly not!” Trask points out some food in the
drawing room to Joshua and says, “Well, someone has been. And it
would seem not very long ago. The food is QUITE fresh!”
Episode 388
Worldvision Rerun 177
Tape Date: December 14, 1967 (ABC #253-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 20, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

In Barnabas’s room, Angelique is messaging Barnabas’ temples.
She asks, “There, feel better now?” Barnabas replies, “Yes, my
headache is completely gone now”. Angelique asks, “Are you sorry
I came here?” Barnabas says, “I must go now. The Reverend Trask
will be back soon”. Angelique asks, “You don’t like him, do you?”
Barnabas replies, “The man’s a fanatic.” Angelique asks, “But you
will help him find Miss Winters, won’t you?” Barnabas replies, “I
don’t where she is”. Angelique asks, “But if you did, you would
tell him, wouldn’t you? You must, for your own good! Reverend Trask
is right! There IS a witch in this house! She’s capable of harming
everyone in the house, including YOU. She must be found and
destroyed!” Barnabas asks, “Why are you so certain it’s Miss
Winters?” Angelique replies, “Everyone else seems certain”, but
Barnabas says, “Not everyone. Only the Reverend Trask, Aunt
Abigail, and the Countess. And the Countess is starting to
have doubts”. Angelique says, “She must be. How else do you
explain everything that’s happened?” Barnabas remarks, “I am
certain Vicky Winters is not responsible”. Angelique says,
“You must admit, you’re not the best judge of women. Josette,
you thought she was faithful, but she deceived you, Barnabas,
deceived you with a member of your own family!” Barnabas angrily
says, “I don’t want to talk about Josette!” Angelique asks, “You
don’t love her anymore?” Barnabas answers, “No!” Angelique asks,
“Do you hate her?” Barnabas replies, “Yes!” Angelique says, “Say
it! I want to hear you say it!” Barnabas exclaims, “I HATE HER!”
Angelique, overjoyed, says, “Barnabas, let me love you. I love you
so much. I can make you happy if you give me a chance. Will you
give me a chance?” Baranabas replies, “Yes”. They kiss
passionately. Angelique tells him, “You’ll never regret your
decision”, and asks, “Will you come to my room later?” Barnabas
replies, “Yes”
At Collinwood, Trask is questioning Nathan about Vicky. Nathan
lies, “I have no idea where she is”. Trask asks, “How do you
account for the food?” Nathan replies, “I can’t”. Trask remarks,
“It’s obvious that it’s for Miss Winters”. Nathan replies, “Not
necessarily. I haven’t lain eyes on Miss Winters since she
disappeared”. Trask says, “All right, lieutentant, but one word
of caution. You’re a brilliant young man with a promising naval career
ahead of you”. Nathan asks, “What do you mean?” Trask explains,
“If there is any scandal, word might reach the navy and it could
end your career. If you know anything about where Miss Winters is,
it would be very wise of you to tell me. Very wise indeed!”
Trask is in the living room of the old house. Josette comes
in. She asks, “You wanted to see me, Reverend Trask?” Trask
replies, “Yes, Mrs. Collins, sit down”. Josette sits down. Trask
asks, “How is your husband?” Josette replies, “Not well, I’m
afraid”. Trask asks, “How well do you know Miss Winters?” Josette
replies, “I hardly know her at all”. Trask asks, “Do you know any
reason she’d want to harm you?” Josette replies, “No, we hardly
know each other at all”. Trask tells Josette, “She is a witch!”
Josette asks, “Why would she want to harm me?” Trask replies, “The
devil wants to destroy the good and pure whereever he finds it!”
He asks, “Let me see your hand!” Josette asks, “My hand?” and
reluctantly lets Trask look at her hand. He sees the mark and
announces, “Just as I thought! The brand of the Devil!” Josette
exclaims, “No! It’s only a bruise”, but Trask says, “You know
better than that and so do I”. Josette tells him, “It’s not always
there. It comes and goes”. Trask asks, “When did it first appear?”
Josette replies, “A few weeks ago”. Trask asks, “When it appears,
how do you feel?” Josette replies, “Different” Trask asks, “How?”
Josette replies, “I can’t explain”. Trask tells her, “You feel
different because you are possessed by he Devil! The only way to
free you is to catch his handmaiden!”
Barnabas is in his room. There’s a knock at the door. It’s
Nathan. Barnabas lets him in and asks him, “Have you found
where Miss Winters is hiding?” Nathan replies, “She’s in the
loft above the stables. I found her there when I went to get my
horse.” Barnabas asks, “How is she?” Nathan tells him, “She’s
frightened, but she’s all right. You’ve got to get her away from
here right away”. Barnabas replies, “She’s safe where she is.
Trask has already searched the stables. He won’t search there
again”. Nathan tells Barnabas about Trask’s threat to report
him to the Navy and says, “I can no longer help Miss Winters. If
Trask questions me again, I can’t guarantee what I’ll say. I might
have to tell him the truth”.
Josette is talking to Trask in the living room. She asks him,
“Do you really think I was bewitched?” Trask replies, “Of course.
When you are possessed by the devil, you have no will of your own.
You’re not responsible for your actions”. Josette remarks, “Not
responsible for your actions? I’d like to believe I’m not
responsible for what happened”. Trask tells her, “You weren’t”.
Josette says, “I’d like to believe it, but no, I’d be deluding
myself. I did what I wanted to do…” Trask says, “But you must
admit the possibility exists”. Josette admits, “It is possible”.
She happens to look at her hand and exclaims, “The mark, it’s
gone!” Trask asks, “Do you feel differently now that it’s gone?”
Josette replies, “I think I do”. Trask asks, “How?” Josette
replies, “I’m able to think much more clearly now.” Trask tells
her, “I must cleanse your body so evil spirits can never inhabit
it again! I must perform a ceremony exorcism!” He put his hands
on her head and starts to say some prayers. Barnabas comes into
the room, sees this and exclaims, “Reverend! What are you doing?”
Trask explains that he’s exorcising the evil sprits from Josette.
Barnabas asks, “What evil spirits?” Trask replies, “She has been
under a spell, an evil force that has caused her to act against her
will”. Barnabas turns to Josette and asks, “Do you really believe
that?” Josette replies, “I don’t know”. Barnabas asks, “What
have you done against your will?” Josette pauses, then says,
“Nothing…” Barnabas turns to Trask and tells him, “Then there’s
no sense in going on, Reverend”. He tells Trask to leave. Trask
says, “I must protect her from evil!”, but Barnabas replies, “She’s
already told you, she doesn’t need you to!” Trask says, “All
right! In time, you will change your mind. But now, I must find
the one who brought the evil into this house, I must find Miss
Winters!” and leaves. Barnabas asks Josette if she really believes
she was possessed. Josette admits she doesn’t. Barnabas tells her,
“Let’s have no more talk of magic spells, then”.
Barnabas is in his room. There’s a knock at the door. It’s
Angelique. He lets her in. Noticing the sad expression on Barnabas’
face, she asks, “Anything wrong?” He replies, “No” She reminds
him, “You promised to come to my room tonight. Why didn’t
you?” Barnabas replies, “It isn’t going to work, Angelique”.
Angelique asks, “What?” Barnabas replies, “I still love her.
I still love Josette in spite of everything that’s happened”.
Angelique asks, “Has something happened since this morning?”
Barnabas replies, “I saw her and realized I could never hate
her.” Angelique begs, “Barnabas! Look at me! I can make you so
happy! Please!!!”, but Barnabas replies, “No, I am capable of
loving only one woman. Josette”. Angelique, a look of complete
disbelief on her face, asks, “In spite of what she’s done?!?!?”
Barnabas replies, “In spite of what she’s done”. Angelique asks,
“So, you’re telling me I’m not good enough for you! You’re rather
love that conniving, scheming Jossete than me!” As she is speaking,
she notices that Saran’s doll is lying on a table. Barnabas replies,
“There’s nothing more to say. I hope it’s still possible for us
to be friends”. Angelique coldly replies, “Of course. Why not?”
She picks up Sarah’s doll and remarks, “Sarah must have left this
here. I’ll take it back to the nursery”. Barnabas says, “I hope
you understand”. Angelique replies, “I understand! I understand
perfectly!” and leaves.
Angelique is in her room, looking at Sarah’s doll. In
a very mocking voice, she quotes Barnabas, “I hope it is
still possible for us to be friends!!”, then answers herself,
“No, Barnabas, it is not possible! I’m going to make you
pay for turning away from me! But not through Josette this
time, but through someone else you love. Little Sarah, your
dear little sister. You are going to see her suffer, Barnabas,
and seeing her suffer will be the worst agony you have ever
known!” She looks at the doll evilly…
Episode 389
Worldvision Rerun 178
Tape Date: December 15, 1967 (ABC #254-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 21, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

In the nursery, Naomi is telling Sarah a story, the
story of the 12 princesses, “Once there were 12 princesses.
They were all very beautiful, and the prince didn’t know
which of them to marry, so he devised a test for them…”
Angelique, in her room, takes a pincussion out from a
drawer, and takes several pins from it. She takes one of
the pins and sticks it into the doll’s chest.
In the nursery, Sarah suddenly grabs her chest and screams
“Mother! It’s hurts! Right here! It hurts!” In her room,
Angelique sticks another pin in the doll’s chest. Sarah,
in the nursery, continues to screams, “Here! Mother! It
hurts!” Angelique sticks a third pin into the doll’s chest.
In the nursery, Sarah falls to the floor, unconscious…
Sarah is lying in her bed, unconscious. Naomi is watching
over her. Barnabas comes into the room. Naomi asks him, “What
did the doctor say? Surely he told you more than he told me!”
but Barnabas tells her the doctor had no idea what was wrong
with Sarah. He tries to reassure his mother by reminding
her that when he was ill, the doctor didn’t know was wrong
with him either, and he suddenly recovered and says “Maybe this
will happen with Sarah!” Sarah starts to regain consciousness
and moans, “Mother, what’s happening to me? Why do I feel
so funny? Why does everything hurt?” Naomi tells her, “We’ll
stay with you!” Sarah asks, “Where’s Miss Winters?” Naomi replies,
“She had to go away”. Sarah asks, “When is she coming back? Soon?”
Naomi replies, “Perhaps”. Sarah says, “I want Miss Winters!”
Barnabas asks, “Do you miss her that much?” Sarah replies, “I miss
her a lot! Go get her, Barnabas! Get her and tell her I want to see
her!” Barnabas replies, “I promise I will, but you must do what I
say. Rest!” Sarah asks, “Will Miss Winters be here when I wake
up?” Barnabas replies, “Perhaps”. Sarah goes to sleep. Naomi tells
Barnabas, “Barnabas, you shouldn’t have told her you’d find Miss
Winters! She’s going to be upset when she wakes up and finds he
isn’t here”. Barnabas replies, “I won’t break my promise”. Naomi
points out, “But no one knows where Miss Winters is”. Barnabas
replies, “I know where she is. She’s in the loft above the stables.
Lt. Forbes found her there a few hours ago.” Naomi remarks, “I’m
not sure I want her coming into this room”. Barnabas asks, “Why?
Do you think she’s a witch? I can assure you she’s not! Do you
think I would I think for a moment of bringing her here if I
thought she might harm Sarah?”
Barnabas exits Sarah’s room. In the hallway is Beh Stokes.
Looking very worried, he says to Barnabas, “I heard Miss Sarah
was sick. Is there anything I can do for her?” Barnabas sadly
replies, “There isn’t anything anyone can do for her”. After
Barnabas leaves, Ben thinks to himself, “There is something I
can do! I know who’s caused this. It’s that Angelique! She’s
gone too far this time! She’s got to make Miss Sarah well again,
or I’ll kill her!”
There’s a knock at the door of Angelique’s room. Nobody is
in the room, so there is no answer. The door opens, and Ben
comes in. He proceeds to search the room. While he is doing
so, Angelique returns. She asks, “Ben, what are you doing?
Answer me! What are you looking for!” Ben angrily replies, “You
know what I’m looking form. Don’t pretend you don’t know what’s
going on! You know about Miss Sarah!” Angelique replies, “I heard
she was ill”. Ben says, “You made it happen! You put one of your
spells on her! She’s never hurt you! Why are you doing this to
her?” Angelique replies, “To get what I want. I want Barnabas to
come to me begging me to make Sarah well”. Ben asks, “And if he
doesn’t? Are you just going to let her die?” Angelique replies,
“I might!” Ben exclaims, “You’re evil!” Angelique says, “I might
decide to let Sarah live. It’s very simple.” She takes the doll
out and shows it to Ben and explains, “If I decide to remove the
pins, Sarah will be well again. It’s as simple as that!” Ben
demands, “Do it! Now!”, but Angelique refuses, “Not yet. Not
until Barnabas comes to me!” Ben threatens her, “Do it now,
or I’ll kill you!”, but Angelique replies, “You can’t harm
me, Ben, I have too much power over you”. Ben says, “I’m not
afraid of you! Remove those pins or I’ll kill you!” He raises
his arms into a “choking position” and starts to approach her.
Angelique shouts, “Stop! Listen!” Ben stops. He hears the sound
of a heart beating. Angelique asks, “Do you know what that sound
is, Ben? It’s the sound of your own heartbeat!” The beat starts to
quicken. Angelique tells him, “Listen, Ben! It’s beating faster!
Soon, your heart will be beating so fast, it’ll burst!” Ben falls
to his knees and grabs his chest in pain. Angelique tells him,
“Only I can stop it! Will you promise me you will be obedient to
me from now on?” Ben gasps, “Yes…” His heartbeat returns to
normal. Angelique tells him, “See? I can be merciful. But next
time, I will show you no mercy! I will allow you to die!”
Barnabas brings Vicky to Sarah’s room. Sarah exclaims, “Miss
Winters!” Vicky says, “Hello, Sarah”. Sarah asks, “Is it really
you?” Vicky replies, “Of course it is”. Sarah asks, “Where have
you been?” Vicky replies, “I’d gone away for awhile, but now I’m
back”. Sarah says, “I’m glad. Tell me another story about Samantha.
But where is she?” Vicky asks, “Your doll?” Sarah replies, “I
looked all over for her this morning, but I couldn’t find her”.
Barnabas tells her, “I’ll get it” and leaves to do so. Sarah cries,
“My chest! It hurts! Why does it hurt?” and lapses into
unconsciousness again. Naomi tells Vicky, “Miss Winters, I owe
you an apology. For a moment this morning, I thought you were
a….” Vicky asks, “A witch?” Naomi replies, “Yes, but seeing
you with Sarah, I know you wouldn’t do anything to hurt her”.
Vicky says, “I wish I could do something for her”. Naomi replies,
“So do I, but there’s nothing anyone can do for her”
There’s a knock at Angelique’s door. The doll with the pins
in it is lying on a table. Angelique goes to open the door,
but just as she is about to do so, remembers the doll. She
goes back, takes the doll, hides it under her pillow, then
goes and opens the door. It is Barnabas. She exclaims, “Barnabas!”
Barnabas asks, “What did you do with the doll?” Angelique asks,
“Sarah’s doll?” Barnabas replies, “You picked it up in my room
this morning and said you were going to return it to the nursery.
I looked all through the nursery for it but couldn’t find it”.
Angelique lies, “I put it with all the other toys. I don’t know
what happened to it”. Barnabas tells her, “I’ve got to find it.
Sarah’s ill and wants it” Angelique asks, “Sarah’s ill?” Barnabas
tells her about Sarah’s sudden illness. Angelique asks, “Has a
doctor been called?” Barnabas replies, “Yes, but he said he
couldn’t do anything. If no one can help, I’m afraid she’ll die”.
Angelique tells him, “I think I can help her! I might be able to
cure her!” Barnabas, looking dubious, “YOU cure Sarah? But how,
when a doctor can do nothing for her?” Angelique replies, “Tell
me about her illness. Where does it hurt, here?”, pointing to her
chest. Barnabas replies, “Yes, but how did you know?” She replies,
“I had the same illness when I was a child. I would have died if
my mother hadn’t known what to do.” Barnabas asks, “What did she
do?” Angelique replies, “She brewed a tea of herbs”. Barnabas
asks, “Drinking the tea made you well?” Angelique replies, “Yes.
My mother taught me how to make it. Shall I brew some?” Barnabas
replies, “Yes. I’m willing to try anything!” Angelique asks, “If
I cure Sarah, will you feel endebted to me?” Barnabas asks, “What
do you mean?” Angelique replies, “I want you to make me your wife!
Should I cure Sarah, that is the price I ask! Is the price too
high?” Barnabas replies, “No price is too high for Sarah’s life”.
Angelique tells him, “Then if she lives, you will marry me. You
will make me your wife”. Barnabas replies, “I will do anything if
you cure Sarah”. Angelique tells him, “Then I will go and brew the
In Sarah’s room, Naomi remarks, “She’s so pale! I don’t think
she’ll live. She can’t die! She can’t”. Barnabas comes into
the room, carrying a teacup. He asks, “How is she?” Naomi replies,
“Worse. Much worse. What’s that?” Barnabas replies, “Some tea
Angelique brewed for Sarah. She said it had restorative powers”.
Naomi asks, “What good will that do?” Barnabas replies, “It
couldn’t do any harm. Sarah, drink some of this”. Sarah sips
the tea.
Meanwhile, in Angelique’s room, Angelique starts to remove
the pins from the doll…
In Sarah’s room, Sarah asks, “Is that you, Barnabas? The
pain…” Barnabas interrupts, “Try not to think about the
pain. I’ll tell you a story…”, but Sarah says, “They’re gone!
The pains! They’ve gone away!”
In Angelique’s room, Angelique talks to the doll, “You have
served me well, little doll. Because of you, Barnabas is
indebted to me, and I shall collect payment for that debt!
I shall be his bride!”
Episode 390/91
Worldvision Rerun 179
Tape Date: December 18, 1967 (ABC #255-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 22, 1967 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Andre and Josette are watching over the seriously injured
Jeremiah, who is lying in bed unconscious. The clock reads
11:03. Andre tells Josette, “My dear, why don’t you go rest
awile? I’ll let you know if there’s any change in his condition.”
Josette moans, “Jeremian’s dying because of me! I can’t leave
him!” Josette suddenly gives a start. Andre asks, “What is it?”
Josette asks, “Don’t you feel it? I feel so cold!” Andre replies,
“I don’t feel anything”. Josette exclaims, “I know what it is!
It’s the presence of death! Jeremiah is going to die! Tonight!”
Andre is in the living room of the Old House talking to Barnabas,
telling him, “She’s frightened, Barnabas. She keeps saying the same
thing over and over again, ‘Jeremiah’s going to die!'” Barnabas
protests, “But the doctor said he was getting better”, but Andre
tells him, “She still keeps saying he’s going to die. She feels
guilty, and if he dies, she’ll live with the guilt for the rest of
her life”. He begs Barnabas to go and tell Josette she isn’t to
blame for what happens to Jeremiah, but Barnabas replies, “You ask
too much of me”. Andre tells him, “If you ever loved her, go to her
now and tell her she’s not to blame!” Barnabas replies, “I’ll go to
her”. Angelique come into the room and says, “Monsiuer Barnabas…”
Andre excuses himself and leaves. Angelique asks, “How’s Sarah?”
Barnabas tells her, “She’s playing with her dolls and complaining
about having to stay in bed. Her fever’s gone. In a few days she’ll
forget she was ever ill. Where’s Josette? I have to talk to her”.
Angelique tells him where Josette is and asks, “Are you going to
tell her the news?” Barnabas, looking puzzled, asks, “News?”
Angelique reminds him, “That we’re going to be married”. Barnabas
exclaims, “Angelique!” Angelique continues, “It’s going to be a
great surprise to her. It’s going to be a great surprise to
everyone. Perhaps they will think me not worthy, and perhaps I’m
not, but I will do everything I can to make you a good wife”.
Barnabas exclaims, “Angelique! I’ve never spoken of marrying you!”
Angelique reminds him, “You did! This afternoon. You told me you
would marry me if I cured Sarah”. Barnabas, now remembering his
promise to her, says, “I thought Sarah was dying. I was desperate.
I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t know what I was saying. I hope you
understand that”. Angelique replies, “I understand only this. You
promised to marry if I cured Sarah. Now you’re going back on your
promise. Apparently you do not want to marry me. If you do not want
to marry me, I release you from your promise”. Barnabs starts to
say, “Angelique…”, but Angelique says, “Do not say any more!”
and starts to cry. Barnabas tells her, “Don’t cry”. Angelique
replies, “Sorry, I can’t help it. I allowed myself to believe the
impossible could happen…” Barnabas tells her, “Angelique, I want
to be fair with you. You know how I feel about Josette…” Angelique
says, “Soon, she will be a widow and you will be able to have her”,
but Barnabas replies, “No, she’s married to Jeremiah. There can
never be anything between us, but I will always love Josette.”
Angelique says, “I understand. I am only a servant. I can never
hope that you will the way you love a great lady like Josette DuPres.
I release you from your promise. You will never accept me as your
wife”. Barnabas asks, “Can you accept me, knowing how I feel about
Josette?” Angelique replies, “Yes. I love you”. Barnabas tells
her, “Then I won’t break my promise. If you will accept me as I am,
then you will be my wife”. Angelique, overjoyed, embraces him and
promises, “Barnabas, I will make you happy. I promise you I will!”
Barnabas asks, “Do me one thing. Don’t tell anyone. Let me handle
telling everyone”. Angelique replies, “Whatever you wish, I shall
do! I will make this the pattern of our marriage. I will be an
obedient and dutiful wife”. Naomi comes into the room and tells
Angelique, “Mademoiselle DuPres is asking for you”. Angelique
leaves. Naomi tells Barnabas, “I wish you would speak to Josette.
Ease her mind. Talk to her”, but Barnabas replies, “Not now. I’d
rather not face her at the present time”. Naomi protests, “But she
needs you now”. Barnabas tells her, “Mother, I have to talk to
you. I’ve decided to get married”. Naomi asks, “Married? Who?
Cousin Millicent?” Barnabas replies, “No, I’ve asked Angelique to
be my wife”. Naomi is shocked. Seeing the look on her face, Barnabas
asks, “Do you object because she is a servant girl?” Naomi replies,
“No, I don’t object. Do you love her?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”.
Naomi points out, “But a week ago you loved Josette. Barnabas, are
you sure this is what you want to do? I hope you’re not making a
mistake, a mistake you might regret the rest of your life”
Angelique is with Josette. Josette asks, “Have you seen
Barnabas?” Angelique replies, “He’s down in the drawing room”.
Josette remarks, “Father said he wanted to talk to me this evening”.
Angelique tells her, “I don’t think you can expect to see him
tonight. He’s in a strange mood”. Josette asks, “Do you know
what he wanted to say?” Angelique replies, “Yes, but he wouldn’t
want me to tell you”. Josette promises, “He’ll never know
you told me. Please tell me!” Angelique tells her, “He was going
to tell you he forgives you, you and Jeremiah”. Josette asks,
“Did father tell him to say that?” Angelique replies, “I don’t
know. They talked today, but I don’t know what they talked about”.
Josette moans, “He doesn’t really forgive me. He hates me!
And no wonder! He and Jeremiah were the greatest of friends.
Until I came to this house, and now he’s dying because of me!
I’ve brought nothing but bloodshed and tragedy to this house.
No wonder Barnabas hates me! I hate myself! I wish I were dead!”
Angelique begs, “Don’t say that!” Josette says, “Please leave me
alone!” Angelique asks, “Are you sure there’s nothing I can do
for you?” Josette again says, “Please leave me alone!” Angelique
Andre is watching over Jeremiah. Barnabas comes into the
room and asks “How is he?” Andre replies, “Very low. A moment
ago, I thought he had stopped breating. Josette may be right.
He may not live the night. Have you spoken to Josette?” Barnabas
replies, “No”. Andre asks, “Why not? You said you were going to.”
Barnabas replies, “I will. Tomorrow, perhaps”. Andre asks, “Why
not today?” Barnabas replies, “Something happened today, something
I must tell Josette, but not today.” Andre asks, “What?”, but
Barnabas replies, “I can’t tell you yet”. Andre asks, “Do you
hate her?” Barnabas replies, “I should, but I don’t”. Andre
asks, “Do you forgive her?” Barnabas repliesk, “Yes. I suppose
she couldn’t help falling in love with Jeremiah”. Andre asks,
“And Jeremiah? Do you forgive him?” Barnabas replies, “Try as I
might, I cannot forgive him”. Andre says, “But you two were the
best of friends! Please, Barnabas, forgive him”, but Barnabas
replies, “I try, but I cannot forget that he stole Josette from
me. I wish it were not so, but…” Andre suddenly interrupts,
saying, “Barnabas! I can’t hear him breathing!”
Josette is in bed sleeping. Suddenly, she awakens, bolts up
and asks, “Who is it? Who’s there?” The clock in the room strikes
2:00. Josette, not seeing anything, lies back down. A ghost
appears. Josette sits up again and sees the ghost. She asks, “Who
are you? What do you want?” The ghost does not answer. Josette
demands, “Answer me! Why don’t you answer me? What do you want?”
Suddenly, she recognizes it is Jeremiah and exclaims, “Jeremiah!
What are you doing here? Have you recovered? Why didn’t they
let me know? Jeremiah, why don’t you answer me?” Jeremiah exits
through the closed door. Josette, not noticing how strange this
is, calls after him, “Jeremiah! Jeremiah!”, gets up, goes to the
door, opens it, and goes out.
In Jeremiah’s room, Andre DuPres draws Jeremiah’s bedsheets
over his head. Josette comes running in and shouts, “Father!”
Andre asks, “What are you doing here?” Josette replies, “I just
saw Jeremiah! I saw him in my room!” Andre replies, “Josette,
you couldn’t have seen Jeremiah in your room. You must have dreamt
it.” Josette insists, “I saw him. I wasn’t dreaming!” Andre tells
her, “Josette, Jeremiah is dead. He died a few minutes ago”.
Josette insists, “But I saw him! I know it! I woke up, the clock
struck two, and I saw him standing there!” Andre asks, “You heard
the clock striking two?” Josette replies, “Yes”. Andre tells her,
“But the clock was striking two when he died. Two o’clock was the
exact time of his death!”
December 25, 1967 Monday – Christmas Day. No show aired.
(ABC #256-DRK-67)
Episode 392
Worldvision Rerun 180
Tape Date: December 19, 1967 (ABC #257-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 26, 1967 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Naomi and Joshua are in the living room. Joshua asks, “You
want everyone in the village to know your son killed his unele
in a duel?” Naomi replies, “Some people already know”. Joshua
announces, “The rest of them will think Jeremiah died in an
accident while cleaning his gun! And we will leave this house
tomorrow to live in the new house!” Naomi protests, “But it’s
not finished yet”, but Joshua says, “It’s liveable. I cannot
stand to live in this house for one more day. Too much tragedy
has happened here. Nothing else must happen!” Naome tells him,
“Something else IS going to happen”. Joshua asks, “What? Tell me!”
Naomi tells him, “Barnabas has told me he intends to marry”.
Joshua, shocked, asks, “Does this Josette have no propriety?
She buries one husband one day, and plans to marry another
the next!”, but Naomi tells him, “He’s not planning to marry
Josette. He’s planning to marry Angelique”. Joshua exclaims,
“Angelique?! Bring Barnabas down here immediately!!”
Barnabas has joined Naomi and Joshua in the Old House living room.
Barnabas says, “Sorry, father, that you had to hear about it
this way. I should have told you myself”. Joshua exclaims, “You
can’t be serious!” Barnabas replies, “I am”. Joshua, in disbelief,
exclaims, “You can’t marry this girl! It’s absurd! How well do you
know her?” Barnabas replies, “Very well”. Joshua complains, “She’s
not been here a month! I haven’t spoken to her 10 times! I hardly
know what she looks like!” Naomi tells him, “She’s very pretty”.
Joshua asks Barnabas, “Is that why you’re marrying her? You will
cancel this wedding!”, but Barnabas replies, “No, Father, I promised
her I would marry her”. Joshua bellows, “Then you will break that
promise!” Barnabas replies, “I cannot break a promise. You raised
me to be a man of honor.” Joshua says, “This is a mistake!”
Barnabas replies, “It’s not a mistake”. Joshua asks, “Do you love
her?” Barnabas pauses, then replies, “She loves me. Leave us
alone, Father. There’s nothing you can do to stop us”. Joshua
says, “We’ll see about that!!”
Josette is standing over Jeremiah’s grave. Barnabas watches
her from the trees and thinks to himself “How can I tell her?
But I must. When she comes back to the house, someone else will.
Josette must hear it from me. But not now. Not at Jeremiah’s grave.
But perhaps if I tell her now, it will help her. Perhaps it will
help her feel less remorse”. Josette puts some flowers on
Jeremiah’s grave. The headstone reads, “Here Lyes Jeremiah Collins,
Born 1763 Died 1795). Barnabas comes up to her and says, “Good
Evening”. Josette replies, “Good Evening”. Barnabas asks, “Are you
offended?” Josette, puzzled, asks, “Sir?” Barnabas explains, “That
I am here”. Josette replies, “You cared very much for Jeremiah
once. Before I came.” Barnabas tells her, “You must not blame
yourself!”, but Josette replies, “I’m afraid there’s no one else
to blame”. Barnabas reminds her, “I shot him. You did not kill
him. My temper did. Do not hate yourself. Hate me. You are young,
many pleasant things will happen to you”, but Josette replies,
“No, not after this”. Barnabas insists, “Yes. After this.
Believe me”. Josette moans, “Oh, Barnabas, what are we going
to do?” Barnabas replies, “We will both go on living again. There
will be a new life for both of us”. Josette remarks, “I don’t know
how to do that. You do?” Barnabas replies, “I think so. Josette…”,
but Josette interrupts, “Please, do not say anything you are going
to regret. You make me feel better, somehow. All that we used
to feel together, I never thought we’d feel regret.” Barnabas
starts to say, “Josette…”, but once again she interrupts him,
“Not not, not here”. Angelique comes and asks Josette if she’s
finished yet. Josette replies, “Yes, I think I’m ready to go back”.
Angelique remarks, “If Mister Barnabas wants a ride back, there’s
room in the carriage”, but Barnabas declines the invitation.
Josette leaves. Angelique, a very suspicious look on her face,
asks Barnabas, “Was I interrupting something?” Barnabas replies,
“You interrupted nothing, nothing at all!” Angelique says,
“I hope not!”
In the drawing room at the Old house, Naomi tells Joshua,
“Joshua, you must treat her tactfully!” Joshua replies, “Tact?
The word is unimportant to me when it comes talking to servants!”
Naomi begs, “Please, you may make Barnabas an enemy to us, and I
will not have that!” Angelique comes into the room. Naomi starts
to say, “Barnabas has told us…”, but Joshua interrupts, “Naomi,
I think you should go about your work”, but Naomi replies,
“That can wait”. Joshua just says, “You know best, dear.” He
turns to Angelique and asks, “I understand you wish to marry my
son”. Angelique replies, “He wishes to marry me”. Joshua
tells her, “He did not phrase it that way”. Angelique replies,
“You must have been mistaken”. Joshua tells her, “No, his
voice lacked emotion. Has this love sprung from nowhere?
You are taking gross advantage of my son! You took advantage
of him and made him promise to marry you when he thought his
sister was dying in exchange for curing her! You are nothing
but an adventuress!” Angelique, looking offended, replies, “I
am aware that I entered this house a servant, but I am also aware
that in this great democracy of yours, it is possible for one to
rise above one’s station”. Joshua tells her, “There is another
way for you to rise above your station…” Angelique interrupts,
“All I want is your good will and approval”. Joshua tells her,
“You will never have them. I offer you $10,000 in gold. You can
return to Martenique quite a lady with that. It’s a small enough
price in exchange for my son’s future”. Angelique remains silent.
Joshua asks, “You want more?” Angelique replies, “I want you to
like me”. Joshua exclaims, “Never!” Angelique warns him, “If
you’re not going to give us a chance, I’m afraid your life will be
all the more lonelier for it”. Naomi agrees, “She’s right”.
Angelique excuses herself, saying, “I have to pack for
Mademoiselle Josette”. Joshua asks, “When are you planning to
marry?” Angelique replies, “As soon as possible”. Joshua protests,
“It will cause talk in the village. If you’re so fervent about
becoming one of us, you should at least live by our standards”.
Angelique replies, “I would, if I knew what they were”. Joshua
tells her, “You should wait until a proper period of mourning
for Jeremiah has passed”. Angelique makes the accusation, “You
want the time to fight me!” Joshua admits this, “We understand
each other perfectly!” Angelique announces, “We will marry
immediately!” She thinks to herself, “You will not take Barnabas
away from me. But there is one person who can. I must see to it
that she does not!”
Josette is in her room sleeping. Suddenly, she is awakened
by a female voice saying, “Josette! Josette! Wake up, Josette!”
Josette awakens. The voice continues, “Hurry! Quickly!” Josette
asks, “Who is it?” The voice replies, “Jeremiah wants you! He
needs you! Come to Jeremiah! Come to him! Jeremiah is not dead!”
Josette replies, “He is!”, but the voice insists, “No, no, come
to his grave!” Josette asks, “Who are you?”, but the voice just
continues, “You must come to his grave! Now, Josette! He is not
Meanwhile, Angelique is somewhere holding a small replica
of a coffin in her hands. She speaks to the coffin, “He is going
to marry her, Jeremiah! The man who killed you is already causing
her to be unfaithful! Are you going to let her forget you so
quickly? Are you going to let another man have her? Hear me,
Jeremiah, hear me and arise!”
Naomi is in the living room, taking care of her problems
in her usual way, by drinking. She is surprised to see Josette
come down the stairs and asks, “Josette, what’s wrong?” Josette
replies, “I must go out”. Naomi protests, “But it’s the middle
of the night! You can’t go out all alone”. Josette replies, “I
won’t be alone for long. He’s not dead! He lives!” Naomi says,
“Josette, you must not go!”, but Josette leaves. Naomi follows her.
Angelique opens the toy coffin, revealing a toy body wrepped
in a shroud inside. She continues to speak to Josette from
a distance, “Come to him, Josette! Jeremiah is in his coffin,
waiting for you to come to him, waiting for you to bring him
back! Speak to him, Josette! All he needs is to hear your
voice! ‘Jeremiah! Jeremiah!’ That is all he needs to hear you
say! He needs to hear your voice! Wake him, Josette! Wake him!”
Josette arrives at Jeremiah’s grave, with Naomi right
behind her. The voice continues, “Wake him! Say his name!”
Josette asks Naomi, “Did you hear that? Did you hear that voice?”
Naomi replies, “I don’t hear anything but the wind”. Josette
exclaims, “Jeremiah! Jeremiah!” Naomi gently tells her,
“Josette, you know he’s dead. Come back with me. You must not
think about him”. Suddenly, the ground starts to rumble. A hand
pushes it’s way from the dirt….
Episode 393
Worldvision Rerun 181
Tape Date: December 20, 1967 (ABC #258-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 27, 1967 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Both women scream and run off in terror.
Back at the old house, Joshua is talking with Andre, telling
him, “I will not hear of your family returning to Martenique now
with such a bitter taste in your mouth!”, but Andre replies, “But
Natalie and I are worried about my daughter Josette. We’re deeply
concerned about her health”. Joshua tells him, “Jeremiah left a
surprisingly large estate, I’ve discovered. It’s Josette’s, of
course. She must stay here until the legal matters are settled”.
Their conversation is interrupted by Josette and Naomi bursting in
through the front doors. Josette is screaming. Joshua asks,
“What’s the matter?” Josette asks her father, “Are you sure
Jeremian’s dead? Were you with him when he died?” Andre replies,
“Of course he’s dead.” Josette exclaims, “I went to his grave!
He’s alive!” Naomi seconds her, “I was there with her!” Josette
recounts what happened. Andre suggests that she’s seeing things
because she’s been under a lot of stress and asks Naomi what
happened. Naomi replies, “I saw the hand too!” Joshua exclaims,
“Impossible! You just imagined it. A trick of the moonlight!
Jeremiah’s death certificate was signed by the best of doctors!”
Josette asks, “Then what did I see?” Andre suggests to Josette
that she imagined seeing what she saw because she was tired and
suggests she needs some sleep, but Josette insists, “He’s alive,
and he’s going to come and find me! What are we going to do?”
Andre assures her, “Nothing’s going to happen to you. I’ll take
care of you!” and takes her upstairs. Joshua tells Naomi they
imagined seeing what thought they saw because of “That poor child’s
nerves and your condition – a quarter of a bottle, I would say”.
Naomi retorts, “Witchcraft can make a dead man rise from his,
grave”, but Joshua picks up a decanter of sherry and replies,
“Nonsense! This is much more effective!” Natalie says, “You refuse
to believe what’s happening! Something’s happening and I just
saw it!” She looks out the window and is shocked to see Jeremiah
looking back at her. She exclaims, “Joshua, quick! Joshua,
please!” Joshua goes to the window and looks out, but Jeremiah
has left. He asks, “What did you expect me to see, Naomi? There’s
nothing there, nothing at all”.
Natalie and Naomi are in the living room. Naomi tells Natalie,
“I did not imagine that hand, or that face in the window”. Natalie
replies, “I believe you. So you believe me now that there is an
evil force in this house.” Naomi admits, “When you first told me,
I thought you were mad. Now… Whoever’s doing this evil, I’m
sure it’s not Miss Winters. It must be someone else”. Natalie
asks, “Who?” Naomi replies, “I can’t think clearly at this
moment”. Natalie starts to consider suspects, “Andre? No. He
wouldn’t follow orders from anyone, not even the Devil. Anglique?
No, I’ve known her since she was an uninteresting child. How about
your servants? How about that one with the face like a snake, or
Abigail?” Naomi exclaims, “Impossible!” Natalie excuses herself,
“I must go relieve Andre now” and leaves.
Natalie goes to Josette’s room and tells Andre, “Andre!
Go to bed! Do as I say!” She assure him she’ll come look after
Josette as soon as she, Natalie, changes. Andre, worried, asks,
“You won’t be long?” Natalie assures him, “No, I just have to
change. She’ll be all right. I’ll see to that”. They leave. A
figure appears in the room. It is the ghost of Jeremiah. He calls
to Josette, “Come with me! I need you! You are my wife! Come with
me! Don’t leave me!” Josette cries, “You’re dead! You’re dead! Help
me! Someone, help me!” Outside, hearing Josette’s screams, Natalie
shouts, “Josette! Josette!”, opens the door and comes running in
and sees Josette alone in the room. The ghost has disappeared.
It is early the next morning. The sun has just risen.
Josette awakens. Natalie tells her, “Go back to sleep. It’s
still very early”. Josette asks, “Did I dream all that?”
Natalie replies, “I don’t know what you dreamed”. Josette says,
“I must be losing my mind!” There’s a knock at the door. Angelique
comes in with a cup of coffee for Natalie. Seeing Josette, she
remarks, “Oh, Mademoiselle Josette, you’re awake. I hope you’re
feeling better”. She volunteers to stay with Josette. Natalie
says, “I could finish packing. Promise not to leave her side?”
Angelique promises, “No, countess, I won’t”. Natalie remarks,
“At least, tomorrow we’ll be in the new house.” She asks Josette,
“Sure you’ll be all right?” Josette replies, “I’m sure”. Natalie
leaves. Josette asks Angelique, “Did you hear what happened last
night?” Angelique responds, “Only that you were ill”. Josette
asks, “Wouldn’t you like to go back to Martenique this very
moment?” Angelique replies, “No.” Josette asks, “You like it
here this much?” Angelique replies, “Yes”. Josette asks, “You’ve
decided to stay here?” Angelique replies, “Yes”. Josette asks,
“All alone?” ANgelique replies, “No, not all alone”. Josette
asks, “You’ve found another employer?” Angelique replies, “If Mr.
Barnabas hasn’t told you, I don’t think it’s my place to”.
Josette says, “I demand to know, Angelique, what should Mr.
Barnabas have told me?” Angelique replies, “Mr. Barnabas has done
me the honor of asking for my hand in marriage”. Josette, shocked,
exclaims, “Marriage?! You and Barnabas?!” Angelique says, “I love
him very much”. Josette says, “I see. I hope you can make Barnabas
very happy”. Angelique says, “I’m sure I can”. Josette tells her,
“I wish that with all my heart”
Joshua moves everyone to Collinwood. Joshua and Naomi are
in the foyer. Joshua gripes, “Well, I must say, your preparations
for this move were very bad”. Naomi proests, “Joshua! I had only
18 hours notice!” Joshua continues to gripe, “Can’t someone
straighten my study? Where’s Ben?” Natalie tells him, “All the
servants are eating dinner”. Joshua asks, “Where’s Andre DuPres?”
Naomi replies, “He and his daughter have settled on rooms”. Joshua
asks, “And the countess?” Naomi replies, “She’s going to have
Jeremiah’s…the room at the top of the stairs”. Natalie and
Angelique come into the foyer, Angelique carrying Natalie’s bags.
Natalie announces, “There’s a very different feeling in here!” and
asks, “Where shall Angelique put my things? I hope you put me in a
room next to Josette as I requested”. Naomi tells her, “We had
planned to, but..” Joshua finishes her sentence for her, “The
workmen had not finished with the room yet”. Naomi assure the
countess, “You’ll be very happy with your room”. Natalie looks
around at the house and gripes, “The color! It’s fine for a visit,
but who would want to live in it?” She goes upstairs, Angelique
going up with her carrying her bags for her.
Upstairs, outside the room that is to be Natalie’s, Natalie
tries to open the door with a key, but finds she cannot open
the door. Angelique takes the key and says, “Let me try”. As
Angelique is trying to open the door, Naomi comes up and asks,
“Something the matter?” Angelique tells her, “The door won’t open”.
Naomi tells her, “I’ll get Joshua”, but before she can go, they hear
a noise inside the room. Natalie exclaims, “There’s someone in
there!” Naomi replies, “Impossible. I locked that door myself”.
Natalie tries the door again and announces, “It’s bolted from
inside! Miss Winters! This must be where she’s hiding! Open
the door! Let us in! We know you’re in there!” Suddenly, a loud
male laugh comes from inside the room. Naomi shouts, “Joshua!
Someone’s in the room!!!”
Episode 394
Worldvision Rerun 182
Tape Date: December 22, 1967 (ABC #259-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 28, 1967 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Andre comes into the hallway and finds Angelique standing
there. He asks, “Angelique, what was all that shouting about?”
Angelique tells him, “This room is supposed to be the Countess’,
but we found the door looked. Then we heard footsteps inside, then
laughter. It frightened the Countess and Mrs. Collins so much,
they’ve run to get Mr. Collins. Listen!” Andre listens, then says,
“I cannot hear a sound inside the room. You said the key wouldn’t
open the door. We must find something to force it open!” Angelique
exclaims, “Monsieur, look!” Andre looks and sees the the doorknob
is turning. The door opens. They go inside and find that there’s no
one there, that the door has somehow opened by itself. They are
shocked to see that the room (which will be David’s in a couple of
centuries) is in shambles. Andre says, “I find it difficult to
believe that something supernatural could be responsible for all
this, but what other explanation could there be?” Angelique tells
him, “Sir, this was to be Jeremiah’s room. Perhaps… ” Andre
interrupts, “Are you suggesting that Jeremiah did all this?!”
Angelique corrects him, “His ghost, Sir. Miss Josette saw him,
and Mrs. Collins saw him too”. Andre admits, “I suppose that’s
the only explanation”. Angelique remarks, “I must find someone
to straighten up this room for the Countess”. Andre tells her,
“I’m sure she won’t want it after she learns what happened in here”.
Abigail comes into the room and asks, “What has happened here?!
The Devil has followed us into his house! The Reverend Trask
warned about this!” Andre makes some snide remarks about Trask.
Abigail asks, “You don’t like Reverend Trask, do you?” Andre
replies, “The man’s an out and out fraud”. Abigail says, “Perhaps
you don’t like him because he represents a threat to your family.
I don’t think that the fact the your family arrived at almost the
exact same time Miss Winters did is a coincidence!” She accuses
the DuPres’ of having something to do with bringing witchcraft
into the house. Andre asks, “Are you saying we’re no longer
welcome here?” Abigail replies, “It’s not for me to say”.
Andre remarks, “It’s not for you to insult your brother’s guests,
either! I will complain to him!” and storms out. Angelique excuses
herself, saying, “I must find someone to straighten this room” and
turns to leave, but Abigail stops her and says, “Wait! You will
talk to me first!” Andelique asks, “What is it you want to talk
about?” Abigail tells her, “I want you to tell me about your
trickery, Miss Angelique!” Angelique, shocked, says, “Miss
Collins? I do not understand…” Abigail tells her, “I want you
to tell me how you tricked Barnabas into marrying you”. Angelique
exclaims, “I did not trick him!”, but Abigail says, “You made a
bargain with him, a devil’s bargain! My brother told me about it.
You made Barnabas promise to marry you if you cured Sarah. How
did you cure Sarah?” Angeique replies, “With a tea made of herbs”.
Abigail asks, “Where did you learn to make this tea?” Angelique
replies, “My mother taught me”. Abigail asks, “Did your mother
have other curative powers?” Angelique replies, “No. She was a
simple woman”, but Abigail says, “No she wasn’t, and neither are
you! There’s more to you than meets the eye! It’s odd that a simple
servant girl could accomplish what the best doctors could not. What
other powers do you have? If you could make her well, perhaps you
could make her sick in the first place!” She accuses Angelique of
having made Sarah sick in the first place so she could make her
well and get Barnabas to marry her. Angelique denies this, “I
wasn’t even in the room when she got sick! The only people in
the room were Sarah, her mother and….” She stops. Abigail asks,
“And who?” Angelique replies, “Miss Winters”. Abigail says,
“Either you are an ally of Miss Winters or a schemer. Either way,
you will not make Barnabas a good wife.” Angelique vows, “I will
be his wife”. Abigail replies, “Not if I have anything to say
about it!” and leaves. Angelique calls the ghost of Jeremiah.
It appears. Angelique tells him, “You cannot go back to your grave
yet, Jeremiah. There is one more thing I want you to do!”
Barnabas is in his room. There’s a knock at the door.
It’s Nathan Forbes. Barnabas lets him in. Nathan tells him,
“Barnabas, I want to talk to you as a friend. I talked to
the countess a while ago. She told me something that gave
me quite a jolt. She told me you were going to marry Angelique.
Is that true?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Nathan asks why the
sudden marriage. Barnabas replies, “It’s too long a story to
explain”. Nathan says, “I’m concerned as a friend. Are you sure
about what you’re doing?” Barnabas says, “I will marry Angelique”.
Nathan says, “I hope I’m not offending you, but if you’ve
got to marry the girl because you’ve gotten her into trouble…”
Barnabas exclaims, “I can assure you that that’s not the case!”
Nathan asks, “Do you love her?” Barnabas replies, “I love her
enough”. Nathan asks, “What about Josette? Many people were
hoping that after a suitable period, you two would ‘rediscover’
each other”. Barnabas exclaims, “That will never happen! If you
will excuse me, I am tired”. Nathan tells him, “I hope you and
Angelique will be very happy” and leaves.
After Nathan leaves, Barnabas hears a voice calling
“Barnabas! Barnabas!” He asks, “Who are you?” The voice replies,
“It is I, Jeremiah!” Barnabas asks, “Where are you?” The voice
replies, “Here, by the window”. Barnabas turns and sees the ghost
of Jeremiah standing by the window. Terrified, he turns and tries
to open the door and flee, but it will not open. The ghost tells
him, “You cannot open the door! It is locked! You must stay here
until I am finished with you!” Barnabas asks, “What do you want
of me?” The ghost replies, “I want what I did not get in life”.
Barnabas asks, “What?” The ghost replies, “Justice! You killed
me, and now you want to take Josette away from me! You want to
marry her!” Barnabas says, “No! I will marry Angelique!”, but
the ghost says, “That is what you say, but you still want Josette.
I am here to tell you, if you ever marry her, I will haunt you
both for the rest of your lives!” then fades away…
Angelique comes to Barnabas’ room. Barnabas asks, “Should you
come to my room like this? We have enough trouble as it is”.
Angelique tells him, “I have to talk to you! There’s someone
who wants to prevent our marriage”. Barnabas asks, “Who?”
Angelique replies, “Your Aunt Abigail”. Barnabas tells her, “She
has nothing to say about it”, but Angelique replies, “She says
she does. I know I entered this house as a servant, but am I to
remain silent when someone makes accusations against me? Your
Aunt Abigail accused me of making Sarah sick so I could cure her
and make you marry me!” Barnabas promises, “I’ll talk to father
about it”. Angelique asks, “There’s nothing more you can do?”
Barnabas replies, “No, nothing”, but Angelique says, “Yes there
is. You could marry me tonight!” Barnabas reminds her, “But we
promised father we would wait”, but Angelique replies, “If we
wait, we will give your Aunt time to prevent the marriage”.
Barnabas remains silent. Angelique asks, “What’s wrong? You don’t
want to go through with it, do you?” Barnabas replies, “Yes I do”.
Angelique asks, “Then what is it?” Barnabas replies, “It’s been a
trying day.” Angelique asks, “What happened?” Barnabas replies,
“You wouldn’t believe me”. Angelique asks him to tell her anyway.
Barnabas tells her about Jeremiah’s ghost appearing. Angelique
says, “Barnabas, I’m sorry. I’ve been so wrapped up in my own
problems, and here you’ve been having a more frightening time
than I”. Barnabas says, “I can’t believe it was just my
imagination. I saw him. I heard him!” Angelique says firmly,
“Barnabas, this cannot go on! I will keep being harassed by your
Aunt Abigail, and you will keep being haunted by the ghost of
Jeremiah. We must be married tonight!” Barnabas promises, “I will
speak to my father at once”. Angelique, ecstatic, says, “Thank
you, Barnabas! Thank you for being so good to me!” and hugs him.
Episode 395
Worldvision Rerun 183
Tape Date: December 21, 1967 (ABC #260-DRK-67)
Air Date: December 29, 1967 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Barnabas is pacing around nervously in the drawing room of
the new house. Joshua comes down the stairs and walks into the
drawing room, and says to Barnabas, “You wanted to see me?”
Barnabas replies, “Yes, Father, I have made an important decision.
Angelique and I are marrying tonight”. Joshua exclaims, “TONIGHT?!
Have you taken leave of your senses? This is absolutely
disgraceful!” Barnabas says, “It is already settled”, but Joshua
replies, “Yes, it is already settled! You will marry that girl
when I say the time is right, or you will not marry her at all!”
He walks out of the drawing room into the foyer, but Barnabas follows
him out there and continues the argument, “It’s no good walking out
on me! My mind’s made up! I’m going to marry the girl tonight!”
Joshua angrily tells him, “You are going back on your word!”
Barnabas says, “I know I agreed to wait a proper period of
mourning, but who is to say what that period is?” Joshua says,
“I am!” Barnabas accuses him of trying to prevent the marriage.
Joshua points out, “I have already agreed to let you two marry in
good time”. Barnabas says, “You are playing for time. You are
trying to undermine the marriage”. Joshua denies this, but
Barnabas tells him, “You have already tried once.” Joshua asks,
“Who told you that?” Barnabas replies, “That’s beside the point.
Only hours after I told you about the marriage, you talked to
Angelique and tried to buy her off”. Joshua says, “I was trying
to test her, to see if she was sincere or just a fortune hunter”.
Barnabas asks, “And what did you find out?” Joshua admits, “I
offered her $10,000. She declined it. I found she was more
interested in you than your money”. Barnabas firmly announces,
“We will marry tonight”. Joshua, equally firmly, says, “There will
be no marriage held in this house tonight. I will not permit it!”
Barnabas retorts, “The wedding will be held somewhere else, then.
I will marry Angelique tonight, with your blessing or without it”.
Joshua warns, “If you proceed with this folly, my blessing is not
the only thing you will be lacking.” Barnabas asks, “What are you
going to do?” Joshua replies, “That depends entirely on you.
If you marry that girl tonight, I’ll cut you off without a penny!
You will have no part in the family business, and you’ll be written
out of my will! In short, you will no longer be a member of the
family!”, but Barnabas firmly says, “I will marry the girl tonight!”
again. Joshua angrily says, “Very well, then you and the girl
will leave my house by nightfall, understand?” Barnabas starts
to say, “Father…”, but Joshua angrily proclaims, “I am no longer
your father, and you are no longer my son!” and goes upstairs.
Angelique is in her room, admiring what looks like a wedding
dress. She puts the dress in a drawer. There’s a knock at the
door. It’s Barnabas. He tells her, “I must see you at once!”
Angelique asks, “Is something wrong?” Barnabas replies, “Yes. I
have some rather upsetting news for you. I’ve just had an argument
with my father. He was furious when I told him we were marrying
tonight. I expected that. But I did not expect him to do what he
did”. Angelique asks, “What did he do?” Barnabas replies,
“Angelique, my father’s disinherited me. If I marry you, I’ll
be penniless”. Angelique says, “But Barnabas, your his only son.
I’m sure when he realizes what he’s done, he’ll change his mind”,
but Barnabas replies, “He will never change his mind. I’ve never
known him to make a hollow threat. If you want to back out of the
marriage now, I’ll understand”. Angelique tells him, “I do not
want your money. I want you, in sickness and in health, in
poverty or in wealth.” Barnabas says, “Very well. We must pack
our bags. Father has ordered us out of the house by nightfall”.
Angelique asks, “Where will we go?” Barnabas replies, “We’ll
stay at the Collinsport Inn for a few days, then perhaps go to
Boston”. Angelique asks, “Boston?” Barnabas explains, “I’ll
never find a job in Collinsport. My father will see to that”.
Angelique vows, “I will go with you wherever you go! I will
make you very happy! You will see!” Josette comes into the room.
She appoligizes, “Sorry, I did not mean to eavesdrop. I only came
here to get something I left here. I could not help overhearing
what was just said.” She tells Angelique, “I release you from any
further obligation to me. I hope you all the very best. I will miss
you very much. I miss you very much too, Barnabas. It could’ve been
so different! How different it could’ve been! So good, so beautiful.
Good bye, Barnabas”. Barnabas, his voice full of sadness, replies,
“Good bye, Josette”.
Barnabas and Angelique come down the stairs of Collinwood,
dressed to leave. They run into Naomi in the foyer. Barnabas
tells Naomi, “Mother, I was just coming to find you. Angelique
and I are leaving”. Naomi replies, “I know. I found out what
happened. I think what your father did is shocking! Come into the
drawing room. I have something to talk to you about before you
leave. Your father is not going to have the last word in this. I
am!” They go into the drawing room. Naomi asks, “Where are you
planning to go after you leave this house?” Barnabas replies,
“We plan to stay at the Inn for a few days”. Naomi tells him,
“That won’t be necessary. You can stay at the old house”. Barnabas
protests, “But Father would never permit that!”, but Naomi tells
him, “There is no need for him to. The deed is in my name. I’m
giving it to you as a wedding present”. Barnabas declines the
offer, “No! I know what trouble it would cause between you and
Father if I accepted!”, but Naomi insists, “It’s mine and I’ve
decided to give it to you. I know what your father will do. He’ll
rant and rave for awhile, but I’ve learned to live with that”.
Barnabas says, “I can’t!”, but Naomi replies, “Will you take
the house, for me? And for your father, as much as for me? Deep
down, he knows what he did is wrong, and one day, he’ll realize
it, and if you are too far away and he can’t apoligize to you,
it’ll kill him.” Barnabas replies, “I’ll take the old house.
For you”.
Naomi is sitting alone in the drawing room of Collinwood sipping
a drink. Joshua comes into the room and remarks, “He’s gone, and
he’s taken that girl with him”. Naomi replies, “I know. I saw them
leave”. Joshua remarks, “I expect he won’t be gone long. Where
will he go? What will he do? He can’t get a job in Collinsport.
He’ll come crawling back. He has no money, and the Collinsport Inn
won’t let him stay there on credit for long.” Natalie tells him,
“He’s not staying at the Inn. He and Angelique are living at the
old house”. Joshua explodes, “THE IMPUDENCE! He won’t get away
with this! It’s my property! I’ll order him to leave, and if he
refuses to leave, I will have the constable forcibly remove him!”
Natalie calmly tells him, “You forget. The deed to the old house
is in my name. I’ve given it to them as a wedding present”. Joshua
ME!” Naomi replies, “No, I did it because he’s our only son”.
Joshua asks, “Promise me you will never see or have anything
to do with either of them”. Naomi refuses, “I can’t promise that!”
Joshua angrily says, “I expect to be obeyed!” and storms out of
the room. Naomi pours herself another drink…
Outside the door of the old house, Angelique asks Barnabas, “Will
you be long?” Barnabas replies, “No, about an hour”. Angelique
asks, “Are you sure the minister will come at such short notice?”
Barnabas replies, “Yes, he’s an old friend of the family” and
leaves. Angelique goes back into the house. She looks around,
smiling, with an expression of great satisfaction on her face.
The clock on the mantel strikes 8:00. Angelique suddenly stops
smiling, seeming to sense something. She turns and sees the ghost
of Jeremiah standing by the window. She demands, “What are you
doing here? Why have you suddenly materialized before me? You
should not be here! Listen to me! I am through with you! Go back
to your grave! I have no further use for you, understand?” The
ghost starts to approach her. Frightened, Angelique shouts,
“Listen to me! I control you! It is I who raised you and I
who can send you back! Now, go back! Go back!” but the ghost
continues to come closer…
No show taped December 25, 1967 Christmas

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