November 1968

Episode 615
Worldvision Rerun 402
Tape Date: October 25, 1968 (ABC #220-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 1, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Having questioned Joe and having him taken to the hospital,
Sheriff Patterson questions Mrs. Johnson about what happened.
Mrs. Johnson tells him that she had gone to the old house to
see how Barnabas was because he had been ill earlier, and found
Joe strangling him there. Julia happens to wander by and hears
Mrs. Johnson saying, “I saw Mr. Barnabas, and Joe Haskell was
standing over him. Joe had a rope around Mr. Barnabas’ neck, Joe
was pulling the rope tight, and Mr. Barnabas was choking!” Julia,
shocked, walks into the drawing room and asks about Barnabas.
The sheriff and Mrs. Johnson assure her that Barnabas is all
right. After finishing telling her story to the sheriff,
Mrs. Johnson leaves. The sheriff questions Julia, telling her
that Joe had claimed that Barnabas had been trying to kill him,
and asks Julia if Barnabas had any reason for wanting to kill
Joe. Julia replies that it would be ridiculous to believe that
Barnabas would try to kill Joe because it was Barnabas who
found Joe injured in the woods and saved his life in the first
place. The sheriff tells Julia that Joe had claimed that Barnabas
had tried to kill him with poisoned medicine. Julia, for some
reason, panic, perhaps, admits that Joe’s medicine had been
poisoned, but that Barnabas did not know it was poisoned and
that she does not know who did poison it. The sheriff vows,
“I’ll find out who did do it”, and tells Julia, “Tell Barnabas
I’ll be coming around to see him. There are many questions
to be answered…”
Julia rushes to the old house and tells Barnabas that the sheriff
will be coming soon to question him, that the sheriff knows about the
poisoned medicine. Barnabas replies that he doesn’t care because it
wasn’t him that poisoned the medicine. Barnabas tells Julia that he’s
more concerned that the police might discover that Joe had been bitten
by a vampire, that it might cause the police to investigate the
matter deeply and discover his own past. He tells her that she, as
Joe’s doctor, should be able to see Joe in the hospital. He tells
her to go and give Joe a sedative before he can say too much to the
authorities. Julia leaves to do so.
Mrs. Johnson comes to the old house and apoligizes to Barnabas
for having told what she had told about Joe’s attack. They are
interrupted by the arrival of Sherrif Patterson. Mrs. Johnson
leaves. Sheriff Patterson questions Barnabas about Joe’s suicide
attempt. He asks Barnabas why he and Julia were treating Joe at
the old house rather than taking him to the hospital, and asks
why they did not report it to the police. Barnabas lies that
Joe is a good friend of his and he did not want word of Joe’s
suicide attempt to become widely known. The sheriff remarks,
“And he repaid you by trying to strangle you”. Barnabas at
first denies that Joe had tried to strangle him. The sheriff
reminds him that Mrs. Johnson saw Joe strangling him. Barnabas
dismisses this, saying Mrs. Johnson probably just became hysterical
and mistook what she saw. The sheriff points out that Joe himself
has admitted to trying to strangle him. Barnabas finally admits
that Joe did try to strangle him, claiming once again that he
denied it to protect Joe, whom he doesn’t blame for his actions
because of his illness. The sheriff asks, “Is there any reason you
would want to kill Joe, and is there any reason he would want to
kill you?”. Barnabas replies that there isn’t. The sheriff asks,
“Is there a woman you two might be fighting over?”. Barnabas
replies that there isn’t. The sheriff says he has reason to believe
that there is. Dogs start howling outside. At Blair’s house,
Angelique awakens and calls telepathically to Barnabas. The sheriff
tells Barnabas that he seems’s to be strangely, that he seems to be
staring into the air, paying little attention to his questions.
Barnabas replies that he’s just feeling odd because of the attempted
strangulation. Patterson tells Barnabas he’ll come back later to ask
a few more questions and leaves.
Patterson runs into Julia in the woods. He notices that she
too seems apprehensive at the howling of the dogs. He tells her
how strangely Barnabas had acted when he heard the dogs howling,
that he almost seemed to go into a trance, saying, “He acted as
if those dogs howling did something to him, something that
changed him completely”.
Angelique continues to call Barnabas, but Barnabas, at the
old house, resists, saying, “I will not go to her! It is too
dangerous!” Suddenly, the room fills with laughter and Angelique
materializes out of thin air. She tells Barnabas “I can’t let you
alone, Barnabas! If you will not come to me, I will come to you”.
Barnabas explains to her that he couldn’t come to her when she
called because Sheriff Patterson had been her questioning him then.
Angelique asks, “Is dear Joe dead?”, thinking that that’s why
the sheriff was here. Barnabas tells her that Joe’s alive, that
Julia had walked in on him as he was about to give the poisoned
medicine to Joe and prevented him from doing so because it wasn’t
time for Joe’s next dose of medicine yet. Angelique tells
Barnabas, “Then you must finish him off”, but Barnabas informs
her, “We can’t. The police have him. He’s in the hospital”.
Angelique, angry that Barnabas failed and perhaps suspecting that
he failed deliberately, tells him he still has too much free will,
saying “You are still to much your own person, Barnabas, and I
will not have that! No, I will not!”. She tells him she must have
more control over him and bites him again.
Julia returns to the old house and finds Barnabas sitting in
a chair. He is delirious and tells her, “Stay away from me!”
Julia asks, “What’s the matter, Barnabas?” Barnabas replies,
“Nothing! Nothing you can do anything about!” and lapses into
unconciousness. Her suspicions aroused by what the sheriff had
told her in the woods, Julia pulls the cloth ascot that Barnabas
has tied around his neck and sees the fang bites. She exclaims,
“Barnabas! Barnabas!”
Episode 616
Worldvision Rerun 403
Tape Date: October 28, 1968 (ABC #221-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 4, 1968 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Julia frantically calls for Willie. Willie comes rushing into the
room through the door to the left of the fireplace and asks, “What’s
wrong?” Julia shows him the bite marks on Barnabas’ throat and
tells him she thinks the culprit must be the “she” Joe kept talking
about. Willie moans, “Oh, no! What are we going to do?” They discuss
what to do. Dogs starts howling outside. Willie exclaims, “Julia!
Dogs!”. Julia replies, “We’ve go to get him somewhere, somewhere
where he’s safe..” She thinks a bit, then exclaims, “Downstairs,
Willie! The cell!”. She tells Willie they must lock Barnabas in
the cell in the basement so he can’t leave when the vampire summons
him, and keep an eye on him. They take him downstairs take him into
the cell. Julia exits and locks Willie and Barnabas inside. Barnabas
regains consciousness and asks why he’s being locked in the cell.
Julia tells him she’s doing it because she saw the fang marks on his
neck and knows he’s under the control of the vampire. Barnabas moans,
“Oh, no!”. Julia tells him, “We just want to help you, Barnabas”.
Barnabas begs to be let out. Julia replies, “We can’t, Barnabas. Please
don’t make it worse”. Barnabas continues to beg, saying, “You know
what I’m suffering! Please let me go free!” Julia replies, “We’re
trying to set you free. We’re trying to help you”. Barnabas looks
over at Willie and demands, “Go away!”, but Willie replies, “I’m
going to stay, Barnabas. I’m going to stay and protect you and
keep you safe. We’re you’re friends, Barnabas. Please know that”.
Julia asks Barnabas who the vampire is, saying she knows it’s a woman.
Willie points out to her, “He can’t! You know that and I know that!
We’ve been through the same thing!” Willie is right. Barnabas refuses
to answer.
Nicholas Blair visits Maggie at the Evan’s cottage. He tells
her he notices that she seems depressed and asks if it’s because
she’s heard about Joe Haskell. Maggie replies that it is. Blair
remarks, “Joe’s death must be a great shock to you”. Maggie,
puzzled, exclaims, “His death?! Joe isn’t dead!”. Blair is shocked.
He tells Maggie he must have misunderstood someone. Maggie tells
him what happened was that Joe attacked Barnabas and tried to
strangle him, that just a little before doing so, he had told her
some ridiculous story that he had to kill Barnabas because Barnabas
was planning to kill him. Blair asks if she believes Joe’s story.
Maggie replies, “Of course not! Barnabas had just saved his life.
Why would he turn around and try to kill him?”. Blair remarks,
“You’re right. What Joe did he probably did deliriously”. Blair
tells Maggie that she talks as if she still cared for Joe. She
vehemently denies this (though her tone sounds like she really does),
and tells Blair, “Whatever happens to Joe now doesn’t concern me”.
Blair then starts to tell Maggie that it’s time for her to get on
with her life and make some important decision. He is obviously about
to ask her about marrying him again, but before he can, Maggie
interrupts him, asking, “Nicholas, could you take me to the
old house to see Barnabas, now, this very evening?” Nicholas
suggests that it may be too early to visit Barnabas after his
attack, but Maggie is insistent, saying, “I feel what happened
was partially my fault. I could have warned him about what Joe
said”. Nicholas replies, “Whatever you say, I’m your’s to command”.
Blair and Maggie go to the old house and are let in by Julia.
Maggie asks to see Barnabas, but Julia replies, “He can’t be seen
right now”. Maggie asks, “He’s all right, isn’t he?” Julia
replies, “He is”. Nicholas tries to get Maggie to leave,
“Come, Maggie, we really can’t insist…” Dogs start howling
outside, and Julia starts to get nervous.
Downstairs in the cellar cell, Willie stays with Barnabas
A cross has been placed on the outside of the door, presumably
in hopes that it will prevent the vampire from entering. Barnabas
is just staring at Willie silently. Willie begs, “Barnabas, please
don’t look at me that way. I’ve got to keep you here, keep you
safe…” Outside the house, dogs start howling. Barnabas begs
Willie, “Please, Willie, let me free, I beg you..”, but Willie
replies, “I can’t….”. Barnabas continues, “I beg, and beg…”.
Willie says, “Barnabas, please don’t…” Barnabas says, “Listen!
Listen to them howl, it tears at my blood, please, Willie…”
Upstairs in the living room, Julia tells Maggie she can’t
see Barnabas, that he isn’t home. Maggie, surprised, replies
that she finds it hard to believe Barnabas could go out in the
condition he was after Joe’s attack. Julia replies that
Barnabas is OK, that he wasn’t really hurt very badly.
Down in the cellar cell, Barnabas suddenly remembers, “There
is a way out! Maggie found it a long time ago. A loose brick!
A secret passage that leads to the sea!” He tries to get Willie
out of the cell by lying that he’s hungry and asking for food.
Willie tells him that Julia will be bringing food shortly.
Barnabas tells Willie he’s very hungry and wants food NOW.
Willie tells him that that would be impossible because Julia locked
the cell without giving him a key, so he couldn’t go out for food
whether he wanted to or not. Barnabas complains that he’s thirsty.
Willie goes to a jug in the corner to pour a glass of water,
but while his back is turned, Barnabas hits him on the head
with one of the bottles being used as a candleholder, knocking
him out. He opens the secret passage and escapes, remarking, “I
said you were my friend, and how I wish that were true, but I’ve
passed the point where friends are possible. I’m sorry, Willie”.
Unlike Maggie, he is smart enough to close the door behind him.
Julia, having gotten rid of Maggie and Blair, goes downstairs
into the cellar and finds Willie lying unconscious in the cell.
Barnabas is gone.
Episode 617
Worldvision Rerun 404
Tape Date: October 29, 1968 (ABC #222-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 5, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

In the drawing room at Collinwood, Jeff Clark tells Vicky
that he still hasn’t picked a date for their wedding, but tells
her that he’s decided that it will be next month. They embrace
and kiss. Unknown to them, spying on them from outside the
window is Eve…
Elizabeth comes into the drawing room. Peter leaves. Vicky
tells Elizabeth about Jeff’s plans for having the wedding next
month. Elizabeth starts to have thoughts of death again and tells
Vicky she wishes it were earlier since she doesn’t know if she’ll
still be alive next month. Vicky manages to drive the thoughts
of death from Elizabeth’s mind by telling her she’ll be the maid
of honor, that Roger will give her away, that the marriage will
be held at Collinwood, that she’ll come walking down the stairs
into the drawing room, where the wedding will occur.
Outside, Eve “ambushes” Jeff in the garden as he’s leaving.
Once again, she insists that he’s Peter Bradford and that they
knew each other in a previous life. Jeff denies this, and
they argue about it again. Eve tells him, “It IS true! You
just don’t remember!” She tells him, “I’ll help you remember”,
grabs him, and kisses him passionately. Jeff is too surprised
to offer any resistance. They quickly separate when they hear
a voice say, “I beg your pardon!”. It is Roger. Eve leaves.
Jeff tries to explains, “It wasn’t what it looked like. It
was a mistake…” Roger replies, “Yes, I think we’ve all been
a little mistaken about your character”. Jeff asks, “Are you
going to tell Vicky?” Roger replies, “Yes”. Jeff says, “I’ll
have to ask you not to do that”. Roger replies, “Then you’ll be
indulging in an exercise in futility”. Jeff tries to explain that
he wasn’t being unfaithful to Vicky, that the woman mistook him
for someone named Peter Bradford she once knew and kissed him.
Roger says, “I’ll tell this to Vicky and let her decide if it’s
believable”. Jeff exclaims, “NO!! That’s the last thing you can
tell Vicky!”. Roger asks why. Jeff can only say, “I can’t explain
it to you. All I can tell you is it’s for her sake”. Roger doesn’t
believe him and goes in to tell Vicky what happened. Jeff follows.
Inside the foyer, Elizabeth says goodnight to Vicky and tells
her she’s made her very happy, then goes up to bed. Jeff and Roger
come in, still arguing. Roger asks Vicky into the drawing room.
Jeff follows. Roger tells Vicky, “I have some news for you
concerning someone very near and dear to you”. Jeff begs, “Mr.
Collins! If you insist! But you’ll be destroying some of the happiest
moments of her life!” Roger pauses, then says to Vicky, “No,
it can wait. It really isn’t that important. I’ll leave you here
to talk with Jeff. It can wait for another time”. Vicky, however,
is curious and keeps pressing Roger to tell her now. Roger lies that
it’s something about Barnabas. Jeff is greatly relieved. Roger tells
Vicky that he had gone to the old house and couldn’t find Barnabas and
was worried about him. Vicky is puzzled and asks Roger how this could
be “very” important. Roger replies that he’s just being hysterical.
Vicky leaves momentarily to go upstairs to check on David. Jeff thanks
Roger for not telling Vicky what he saw. Roger replies, “I did it for
Vicky’s sake, not yours. If I EVER catch you with another woman again
or hear that you’re being unfaithful to Vicky, I will tell her!”
Vicky comes back down into the drawing room. Roger goes up to
bed. Vicky, puzzled, asks Jeff, “If it wasn’t important, then
why were you and Roger arguing about whether to tell me?”
Jeff lies, “I just didn’t want him to tell you about Barnabas
because I didn’t want you to worry”. Vicky tells Jeff about her
plans for the wedding. Once again, they do not notice Eve spying
in through the window.
Roger goes to sleep and has a dream about Vicky’s wedding.
The wedding takes place exactly as Vicky described to Elizabeth.
Roger, as surrogate father, leads Vicky down the stairs, with
Elizabeth as maid of honor in front of them. Everything seems
to be going fine, but when they get to the drawing room, Roger
turns to look at Vicky and is shocked to find she’s becomes a
Roger awakens exclaiming, “If she marries, she will die!
If she marries him, she will die!!!”
Episode 618
Worldvision Rerun 405
Tape Date: October 30, 1968 (ABC #223-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 6, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

The clock in the foyer reads 2:30 AM. Vicky, for some
reason, is alone in the drawing, still awake. Roger comes
down into the drawing room and tells Vicky, “If you marry Jeff
Clark, it will be the worst mistake of your life!” and tells
her she must cancel her plans to marry Jeff. Vicky asks why.
Roger recounts his dream and tells Vicky he’s convinced that
it’s a premonition that something terrible will happen if she
marries Jeff. Vicky, surprised, says, “That’s ridiculous!
I’m surprised that someone as level-headed as you would believe
something like this! There must be some other reason you don’t
think I should marry Jeff”. She asks why, asking if he has
anything against Jeff. Roger replies that he finds Jeff’s
behavior strange and doesn’t like the way he treated her in
the past, saying, “The way he’s treated you is something less
than the way a gentleman should treat a lady”. Vicky tells him
she’s forgiven Jeff for that. Roger remarks, “Maybe you shouldn’t
have. Maybe Jeff isn’t someone who can be trusted”. Vicky runs
from the room in anger.
Julia comes into the drawing room just as Roger is pouring
himself a drink. Roger looks at Julia and notes, “You look
very sleepy”. Julia explains that she’s worried because
Barnabas has disappeared and she can’t find him.
Angelique and Barnabas are in a room that looks like the
cellar of an old house. Barnabas asks, “Where have you brought
me?”. Angelique replies, “It’s a place by the sea where no
one will find you. I will keep you here until we can go away
together”. She bites him again. Barnabas, now in a someone
confused state, asks, “You said something about taking me away
with you?” Angelique replies, “Yes”. Barnabas remarks, “But you
hate me”. Angelique replies, “I don’t. I’ve hated some of the
things you’ve done, but I don’t hate you. The memory of that
night in Martenique has never left me. You came to me, full of
love. I knew from that moment on that no power on Earth could
prevent us from fufilling our pledge to each other”. Barnabas
denies ever having made any pledge to her, but Angelique insists
that he did, saying, “Not all pledges are made with words”. Barnabas
asks Angelique if she plans to turn him into a vampire. Angelique
replies that she is. Barnabas remarks, “Nicholas will never let you”.
Angelique replies, “Nicholas is too wrapped up in his plans to find
out what I’m doing. In a few days, we’ll be gone”. Dawn approaches.
Angelique tells Barnabas that she’ll leave him here, saying she knows
he’s too weak to escape, then vanishes into thin air.
In the morning at Collinwood, Vicky comes downstairs and finds
Julia sitting in drawing room. She asks Julia how long she’s been
there. Julia replies that she’s been sitting up all night, that
Barnabas has wandered away. She tells Vicky that Willie is
out searching for Barnabas and has orders to come to Collinwood
and tells her if he finds him. Vicky tells Julia that she should
go up and get some sleep, promising to wake her if Willie comes
with any information about Barnabas. Julia goes upstairs.
In spite of his weakness, Barnabas escapes. He wonders where
he’ll go. He thinks to himself that he cannot return to the
old house or go to Stoke’s house, as those would be the first
places Angelique would think of looking. He decides to go
to Vicky, thinking that Angelique would not look for him there,
knowing how he feels about her, that she would assume he would
not endanger Vicky by going to her.
At Collinwood, Roger comes downstairs and says good morning
to Vicky. Vicky replies, “Good morning” very coldly. Roger
asks her if she’s angry at him. Vicky replies that she is.
Roger apoligizes, saying he reacted strangely to his dream.
Vicky tells Roger it’s not his dream she’s angry about, but what
he said about Jeff. Roger apoligizes for what he said. Vicky
accepts his apology.
Barnabas, having escaped, is makng his way through the woods
slowly. Finally, too weak to move further, he grabs hold of a
tree and, in his delirum, calls for Vicky to help him.
At Collinwood, Vicky and Roger are still talking. Suddenly,
Vicky looks towards the front doors. Roger asks, “Has someone
come in?” Vicky replies, “No”, then walks out into the foyer
and stares at the portrait of Barnabas. Because of some strange
psychic bond, she has heard his calls for help. Roger comes out
into the foyer and asks Vicky what she’s doing. Vicky replies,
“I’m going to the old house. Barnabas needs me”, then leaves Roger
standing puzzled in the foyer.
On her way though the woods, Vicky finds Barnabas. Barnabas
groans, “Vicky! You’ve heard me and you’ve come to find me, but
it’s too late…” and collapses. Vicky says, “Barnabas! It can’t
be! It can’t be!:

Note that this episonde’s credits contain a blooper. Writer
Gordon Russell’s name is torn, and actually falls off.

Episode 619
Worldvision Rerun 406
Tape Date: October 31, 1968 (ABC #224-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 7, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

But Barnabas isn’t dead. He regains consciousness. Vicky tells
Barnabas she’ll take him to Collinwood or the old house, whichever
he wishes, but Barnabas tells her to hide him instead. Vicky asks,
“Why?” Barnabas replies, “I can’t tell you. Please trust me…”
Vicky at first replies that she doesn’t have anywhere she can hide
him, but then thinks of the West Wing of Collinwood and a secret
entrance in there.
Julia visits Joe at the hospital. Joe asks, “Where’s Barnabas?”
Julia replies, “Gone”. Joe asks, “Where’d he go?” Julia says,
“I hoped you could tell me”. Joe asks, “Why should I know?”
Julia replies, “Because I know you’ve been the victim of the
same vampire”. Joe exclaims, “That’s ridiculous”! and pretends
to scoff at the idea, but Julia tells him that she too was once
the victim of a vampire, that the vampire who attacked her was
Tom Jennings. Realizing that Julia knows that vampires really exist,
Joe stops pretending that it’s ridiculous. Julia asks Joe if he
knows what happened to Tom Jennings. Joe replies, “No”. Julia
tells him, “He was tracked down and destroyed. That’s what
cured me. The only way to cure you and Barnabas is to track
down and destroy the vampire who attacked you.” She asks, “Who
is it? Where is she?” Joe replies, “I can’t tell you! If you’ve
been through this before, you’d know that!”. Julia continues,
“A vampire usually has a protector. I suspect the person protecting
this vampire is Nicholas Blair”, and tells Joe she intends to go
and confront Blair. Joe begs her not to, warning her that it would
be too dangerous. Julia remarks, “You’ve already told me more
than you’ve intended. I’m going to have a showdown with
Nicholas Blair” and leaves.
Vicky takes Barnabas to a room in the West Wing. She finally
asks him why he wants to hide, but Barnabas collapses without
Julia goes to Blairs house and tells Blair, “I’m going to level
with you!”. She tells him she knows he’s behind everything, that she
knows he’s behind the second experiment, that she knows a vampire
bit both Barnabas and Joe, that she knows he’s harboring that
vampire. Blair laughs and tells Julia he accusations are crazy.
Julia tells Blair that Barnabas has disappeared, that he’s very
weak and could die at any time, that she knows that this will
be of interest to Blair because she knows that Adam is part of
some plan of his, that because of the connection between Barnabas
and Adam, if Barnabas dies, so could Adam. This seems to draw
a reaction from Blair, and Julia notices. She remarks, “I do
believe I’ve upset you. You don’t seem quite as self assured as
you were when I came here”. Blair glances out the window and
says, “Excuse me, but I have work to do”. Julia says, “Yes,
it is getting dark, isn’t it?” Blair angrily says, “Don’t
try my patience!” He asks her to leave, adding ominously,
“I really admire you for coming here”. Frightened, Julia asks,
“What do you mean by that?”. Blair replies, “You know what I
mean” and opens the door for her to leave. Julia leaves.
Julia is hiding behind some trees in the woods near Blair’s
house. She thinks to herself, “He’ll take some kine of action
when the sun goes down, but what? I’ve got to stay here and
find out!” In spite of her fear, Julia decides to hide in the
woods near Blair’s house and spy on it from there.
In the West Wing, Barnabas regains conciousness. Vicky again
asks for an explanation for why he wants her to hide him, but
Barnabas, noting that the sun is about to go down, instead of
answering Vicky’s question, asks her to go get a cross. Vicky
asks, “Why? Are you afraid you’re going to die?”. Barnabas replies,
“No”. Vicky asks, “Why, then?” Barnabas replies, “You wouldn’t
understand. Just go get one!”.
At Blair’s house, Angelique awakens and comes upstairs. She
finds Blair sitting on a couch. She tries to make some smalltalk
with him, but he just sits there without speaking, staring.
Angelique asks Blair, “Something wrong?”. Blair replies, “Do you
really want an answer?” Angelique replies, “Yes”, Blair angrily
says, “All right, I’ll give you one!” and slaps her hard. Angelique
asks, “What was that for?” Blair replies, “Don’t insult me by
asking! You know what it was for! I know you’ve been seeing and
biting Barnabas without my permission! You’ve been endangering his
life, and therefore the life of Adam, and my plan!” He tells Angelique
that he knows she has taken Barnabas somewhere, and orders her to take
him back to the old house, and to leave him alone thereafter. He tells
Angelique that he’s punished her many times before, but it seems to
have had no affect on her. He tells her if she disobeys him this time,
instead of just punishing her, he’ll destroy her. He leaves, telling
her he’s going out to see Maggie.
Outside in the woods, Julia is watching Blair’s house. She sees
Blair leave. Julia tries to decide, “Should follow Blair or search
his house while he’s gone? Barnabas might be in there?” While
she’s trying to decide, she sees a woman comes out of the house.
The woman walks on the road towards the woods where Julia is hiding.
Julia hides behinds some trees. She sees the woman as she passes
and gasps, “It’s Angelique Collins!!!”
Episode 620
Worldvision Rerun 407
Tape Date: November 1, 1968 (ABC #225-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 8, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan
Last Modified: November 8, 1999

Thinking Barnabas might be in Blair’s house, Julia sneaks in,
but runs into Adam instead. Adam, who does not like Julia, orders
her to leave, but becomes very weak and collapses into a chair.
Julia asks him if he knows where Barnabas is. Adam replies that
he doesn’t. Julia reminds Adam of the other time he was sick,
telling him that he was sick because Barnabas was sick. She tells
him that if she cannot find Barnabas and cure him in time and
Barnabas dies, he, Adam will too. Adam tells her, “Barnabas is
not in this house”, and warns her, “Stay away from this house!”
In the West Wing of Collinwood, Vicky brings Barnabas the cross
he asked her for. Vicky tells Barnabas, “You need help! I’ll go
get Julia”, but Barnabas says, “No! You’re not to tell anyone!”
Vicky protests, “But you need help!”. Barnabas, replies, “I need no
one but you, and nothing, nothing but this cross…”, then loses
conciousness again.
Angelique, not finding Barnabas where she left him, goes into the
woods calls to Barnabas telepathically. At Collinwood, Barnabas stirs
but does not go, protected by the cross. Vicky asks, “What’s wrong?”.
Barnabas lies, “Nothing…just a nightmare”.
Angelique returns to Blair’s house and uses the mirror to see
where Barnabas is, but when she sees the image of the cross on the
mirror, she screams and the mirror blacks out. Adam, hearing the
screams, comes running into the room and asks Angelique what’s the
matter. Angelique tells Adam, “Barnabas is hiding in a room in the
West Wing of Collinwood, the room you used to hide, lying in the bed
you used to sleep in. He plans to come and kill Eve!”. Adam says,
“He will NOT kill Eve!” Angelique continues, “He has a cross and
because of it, I cannot control him. Go to Collinwood and take the
cross from him!”. Adam protests, “I cannot go. I’m too weak”,
but Angelique says, “He will kill Eve! Try Please try!” Adam
says, “I will. I will get the cross!”
In the West Wing of Collinwood, Barnabas is muttering deliriously,
“Don’t let her come!” Vicky asks, “Who? Who are you so afraid of?”
Barnabas replies, “No one. All I need is the cross…the cross…”
and lapses into unconsciousness again. Vicky calls, “Barnabas?”,
but he doesn’t answer. She thinks, “I must get help. He’ll die if
I don’t get help, he will…” and decides to go get help in spite of
Barnabas’ desire that she not do so. She leaves. Adam goes into the
room and snatches the cross from Barnabas. Barnabas, regaining
conciousness, begs, “Adam! The cross! It’ll save us both!”, and
tries to stop Adam, but Adam pushes the very weak Barnabas back
onto the bed and leaves. At Blair’s house, Angelique watches
approvingly in the magic mirror. She remarks, “Now you will come
to me when I call you, Barnabas”, and begins to summon him.
Vicky goes to the old house and tells Julia, “Julia, he
didn’t want you to tell me where he is…” Julia interrupts,
“You know where Barnabas is?” Vicky replies, “Yes. He’s in the
West Wing. Do you know what’s wrong with him?” Julia stalls,
“Yes. I’ll tell you later”.
Angelique, watching Barnabas from the magic mirror, calls to
him and orders him to come to her. This time, Barnabas obeys.
Adam returns to the Blair’s house and announces “Angelique! Eve is
safe!”, and thinking she wants it, tries to give Angelique what she
sent him to get – the cross. But when she sees it, she flees in
Vicky takes Julia to the room in the West Wing she was hiding
Barnabas in, but find that Barnabas is gone.
Barnabas meets Angelique in the woods. Angelique says, “You
came!” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Angelique asks, “Why did you
leave the hut? You knew I’d find you! We will be together
forever, Barnabas! I have loved you for so long! Finally, we
will be together!” Barnabas moans, “An eternity together…
Together by night, but by day, we will both be resting in coffins…”
Angelique replies, “That’s the only way it can be”. Barnabas points
out, “Nicholas will not allow it. He will come after us with
hammer and stake. When I die, Adam will die, and his plans will
be ruined.” Angelique replies, “No, Barnabas. I am not afraid
of Nicholas anymore. Barnabas! Nicholas wants to become human!
Every day, he’s becoming more like a mortal man, and no mortal
man can stop my plans! Come! Come to me! Let us start our journey
Vicky tells Julia she will tell Roger what’s happened so Roger
can have a search party organized, but Julia tells her not to
tell anyone, saying she’ll have Willie search for Barnabas.
Vicky asks why. Julia lies, “Barnabas wanted to keep this a
secret. He must have had his reasons”.
Angelique gives Barnabas a really severe bite. Barnabas
moans, “I’m dying”. Angelique tells him, “Don’t be afraid,
Barnabas”. Barnabas moans, “Vicky! Vicky!” Angelique tells
him, “Don’t think about her”. Barnabas protests, “I love her”
Angelique replies, “But you will love me, now and forever”.
The cock crows. Angelique tells Barnabas, “It’s nearly dawn.
Do you understand me? I must leave you now, but I wll come again
at dusk. I will find your body here. Your spirit will be mine,
never to be parted from me again. We will be together forever!”
Barnabas moans, “Forever…”
Episode 621
Worldvision Rerun 408
Tape Date: November 4, 1968 (ABC #226-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 11, 1968 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Julia goes to the old house and tells Willie they must search
the woods nearby for Barnabas, saying that Vicky had found Barnabas
and hid him in the West Wing of Collinwood. She tells Willie that
Barnabas escaped, but could not have gone far in his weakened
condition and must be somewere in the woods near Collinwood. Sadly,
she tells him, “He’s dying, Willie, he’s dying!” Willie asks, “Who
would do this to him, Julis, who?” Julia replies, “Angelique!
Angelique Collins”. Willie asks, “Who’s Angelique Collins?” Julia
tells him, “Remember that portrait Vicky bought? Angelique’s the
woman in that portrait, the blond woman with the strange intense
eyes. She was married to Barnabas once”. They leave to search the
Blair returns home and finds Adam lying on the floor, very
sick, unable to move and barely able to talk. Blair realizes
that Angelique must have disobeyed his orders and bitten Barnabas
again. Blair helps Adam onto the couch and questions him
about Angelique. Adam tells him that she had come back, but left
again, that it was after she left the second time that he started
to feel very sick. It is already morning, so Blair cannot
question Angelique. He goes to use the magic mirror to see
where Barnabas is, but finds that the mirror is gone. He asks Adam,
“Do you know where the mirror is?”, but Adam’s answer is totally
incoherent. Blair vows, “She will not get away with this!”
Julia and Willie return to the old house, not having found
Barnabas. Wille tells Julia that he’s thought of another way
they could help Barnabas. He reminds her that when she was under
the spell of a vampire, Barnabas had saved her by staking Tom
Jennings, the vampire who had attacked her, and says that
if they can find and stake Angelique, Barnabas will be saved.
Julia remarks, “It was as if I had never been bitten…”
Willie says, “We’ve got to find the coffin, but where?”
Julia replies, “It’s at Nicholas Blair’s house”. She tells
Willie to go fashion a wooden stake for her while she gets
the blood plasma they have left from the experiment.
Julia goes to Blair’s house. At first, he refuses to let
her in, but changes his mind and does so when she tells him,
“I’ve come to save Adam. You’d better let me in”. Blair takes
Julia into the living room, where Adam is lying on a couch,
obviously very sick. Julia asks, “Where is the coffin?” Blair,
pretending to be puzzled, replies, “Coffin?” Julia continues,
“Where is Angelique’s coffin?” Blair, continuing to pretend
to be puzzled, replies, “You’ll have to excuse me if I look
bewildered, but that’s because I am. I don’t know what you’re
talking about. I don’t know anything about a coffin, or any
woman named Angelique”. Julia continues, “You want to save Adam?
I can. We must go to the coffin. I have the instrument that
will save Adam”. She takes a sharpened wooden stake out of
her medical bag. She tells Blair that in order to cure Adam,
they must cure Barnabas, and to cure Barnabas, they must
destroy the vampire who bit him. Blair pretends to laugh
and tells Julia, “You’ve been reading too many Gothic novels!”.
Without Blair’s cooperation, all Julia can do is give Adam
some injection of medicine. Adam gets a little better.
The clock reads 1:15.
At the same time, in the woods, Barnabas gets better too.
He regains conciousness and calls for help. Willie, who happens
to be searching nearby, hears Barnabas’ calls for help and
finds him.
At Blair’s house, Julia tells Blair the the injections she’s
given Adam will offer only temporary relief, that the only real
cure is the solution she told him about earlier. Blair says,
“You’re speaking nonsense!”. Julia turns to leave. She
glances back at the stake, which she has left on an end table,
and says, “I will leave that”. Blair jokes, “As a momento of
your visit?” Julia replies, “If you are as wise a man as I
think you are, you will use it!” and leaves.
Willie brings Barnabas back to the old house. Barnabas learns
from Willie that Julia knows the vampire is Angelique. Julia
returns. Willie tells her, “I found him in the woods”. Julia
tells Willie to get the material ready to give Barnabas a blood
transfusion, then to go to Collinwood and use the phone
in her room to call Windcliff and have them send an ambulance
to take Barnabas there. Barnabas, longing for Angelique,
moans, “Why are the days so long?” Julia exclaims, “NO! NO!
I will help you stay alive!” She tells Barnabas she intends to
put him in Windcliff, where Angelique won’t be able to find
him and where he won’t be able to escape. She warns him,
“If you stay here, Angelique will kill you!”
Blair looks at how sick Adam is and thinks to himself,
“Doctor Hoffman is right. There is only one end for Angelique!
She will kill Adam and ruin my plans, and bring down the wrath
of The Master! I have warned her. She must be punished again,
and this punishment must be her last!” He takes the stake and
goes down into Angelique’s coffin room. He begins to open the
Episode 622
Worldvision Rerun 409
Tape Date: November 5, 1968 (ABC #227-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 12, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

But when Blair lifts the coffin lid, he finds that the coffin
is empty! He goes upstairs and vows to track down and destroy
Angelique, but notes that the sun is about to go down and remarks,
“You are lucky, my dear. Night is about to fall, and the nights
are yours. But the days are mine, and I will find you, and I will
destroy you!”
Meanwhile, Angelique arises from a coffin somewhere else.
Blair tells Eve that Angelique has run off and asks her to help
him find Angelique, but Eve just replies, “I wouldn’t lift a finger
to help you!”
Angelique tries to summon Barnabas but fails. She wonders why,
then, thinking Nicholas Blair might be the cause, uses the magic mirror
which she has stolen from him to spy on him. In the mirror, she sees
Blair talking to Eve. Blair is continuing to order Eve to find
Angelique. Eve continues to refuse, and adds, “Anyway, the only
thing you need to do to find Angelique is to watch Barnabas”. Blair
tells Eve that that won’t work because Barnabas is now beyond
Angelique’s reach, having been put in far off hospital by Julia. He
remarks that there are two other men Angelique might go to for
sustenance, Joe Haskell or Jeff Clark. The idea the Angelique
might harm Jeff Clark infuriates Eve, who bellows, “Jeff Clark?!
I’ll kill her!!” Blair replies, “You might find that just a little
difficult. All I want you to do is watch him”. Eve exclaims,
“What am I supposed to do if Angelique comes? Just watch her
victimize him?” Blair replies, “YES! I don’t care about Jeff
Clark, just Angelique! Now go!” Eve tries to make a deal with Blair,
saying she wants more proof the Jeff Clark is indeed Peter
Bradford, but that such proof may exist only in the past, she asks
that Blair use his powers to send her to the past in exchange for
watching Jeff. Blair refuses. Instead, he threatens to kill her
and make another mate for Adam if she refuses. Angelique watches
in the magic mirror with a look of great satisfaction on her face.
In the garden at Collinwood, Vicky is telling Jeff how worried
she is about Barnabas, saying, “Julia wouldn’t have put him in
Windcliff if it weren’t something very serious”. Jeff tells her,
“Let Julia worry about Barnabas”, and starts to talk about their
wedding plans. He tells her, “I was thinking of moving the date
up, to this Friday afternoon”. He explains, “I’m afraid something
might happen to keep us from marrying, so I want us to marry as
soon as possible. I don’t want to let anything get between us.
I can’t really explain. Please say yes”. Vicky replies, “You’re
so insistent, I don’t know how I can say no”. Vicky remarks, “The
stars, how beautiful they are. I’d like to stay out here and
watch them all night”. Jeff sees Eve spying on them from behind
some trees and hastily tells Vicky, “But we can’t. I’ve got
to get up early tomorrow”, rushes her into the house, then comes
back out and confronts Eve. Eve accuses Jeff of moving the wedding
date ahead because of her, but Jeff claims that he moved it ahead
because he loves Vicky. He tells Eve, “Stay out of my life!”,
then goes back inside. Eve hears a woman’s voice calling her and
looks to the side. Angelique emerges from the shadows. Eve angrily
growls, “You came here to harm Jeff Clark!”. Angelique replies, “No,
I came to talk to you. I think were in the position to help one
another”. Angelique tries to make a deal with Eve. She tells Eve,
“I know you what you want. I also know that Blair will not give it
to you”. She tells Eve ,”I will send you back to the past to get
proof that Jeff Clark is Peter Bradford if you will help me instead
of helping Nicholas Blair”. Eve accepts the offer. Angelique tells Eve
that she needs something that Blair has in order to send her back in
time. She asks Eve to get Blair out of the house somehow so she can go
in and get it.
Eve returns to Blair’s house. Blair becomes angry and asks
Eve why she is not watching Jeff as he ordered. Eve replies,
“There’s no need to. I know Angelique is not going to attack
Jeff because I saw her in the woods near town, and Jeff is at
Collinwood”. Blair asks, “Why didn’t you follow her?”. Ever
replies, “I didn’t think there was any point in following
someone who can vanish at will”. Blair asks, “What part of town
did you see her?” Eve replies, “I really don’t know this town
well, but I think she was near the hospital”. Blair theorizes that
Angelique must be going to the hospital to see Joe and orders Eve
to go there, but Eve refuses, saying she’s too tired from all the
running around she’s done tonight and sarcastically remarks, “Anyway,
you wouldn’t want me to be away from my dear Adam too long, would
you?” . Blair is furious, but tells Eve he has no time to argue with
her right now and leaves, saying will take care of the matter himself
and talk to her later.
As soon as Blair leaves, Eve hears Angelique’s voice saying,
“You did that very well!”. She turns and is surprised to see Angelique
sitting on the couch. Angelique tells Eve there’s a certain medallion
she needs and goes to the desk, saying Blair usually keeps it there.
She finds it in the upper left hand drawer and uses it to send Eve
back in time, telling her she has only six hours to do what she wants
to do and must return within that time, else she will be trapped in the
past, unable to return.
Episode 623
Worldvision Rerun 410
Tape Date: November 6, 1968 (ABC #228-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 13, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

It is April 23, 1796 at the Collinsport Gaol. Eve appears
at the gaol and asks to see Peter Bradford. There are two
gaolers there, a young one and an old one. The old gaoler tells
Eve that Peter is to be hung at midnight, and remarks that Peter
seems to have a way with beautiful women, saying that Peter was
engaged to be married to a woman who was hung a few weeks ago*,
a beautiful woman named Victoria Winters, a woman they know to
be a witch because when they took the mask off her after hanging
her, they found a different woman in her place. Eve realizes that
Vicky must have travelled into the past and fallen in love with
Peter here. She goes to see Peter in his cell. Remembering
Angelique’s warning that if she does not return to the future
within 6 hours, she will be trapped in the past forever, Eve
decides that instead of getting proof that Jeff is Peter and
returning, she will help Peter escape from gaol and stay in the
past with him. She tells Peter she will help him escape, that she
will return with Ben Stokes to do so.
At Collinwood, Joshua Collins summons Ben Stokes into the
drawing room. He tells Ben sadly that the governor has rejected
Peter Bradfords’ pleas for clemency and Peter will be hung at
midnight. Ben notes sadly that Peter is innocent, that it was
Vicky who shot Noah Gifford. Joshua replies that there’s nothing
they can do to prevent Peter’s execution. He tells Ben there is
another reason he summoned him. He picks up a book. It is the
family history that Vicky brought from the future. Joshua tells
Ben he is afraid of it, that he fears it may be cursed. Ben asks
why he’s afraid of a book. Joshua replies, “I have been working
on certain untruths to put in the official family history”. Ben
asks, “Why?” Joshua replies, “I want my descendents to be able
to look back on their ancestors with pride. They will never know
the pitiful thing Barnabas became. They will think he went to
England. They will think Naomi died a natural death, and they
will never know what happened to Millicent”. He tells Ben he’s
afraid of the book because the very lies he’s made up are ALREADY
in there. He tells Ben to take it outside into the woods and burn
At the Collinsport Gaol, Peter asks the gaoler for a pen and
a piece of paper, saying he wants to write a letter to someone.
As Ben goes out the front door of Collinwood, he runs into
Eve. He remarks, “You’ve come back!” and appears to know and dislike
her. Eve says, “I’ve learned Peter Bradford is going to die!” Ben
replies, “There’s nothing anyone can do about it”. Eve replies,
“There is”, and Eve tells Ben she plans to help Peter Bradford to
escape, but needs his help. Ben reluctantly agrees to help her,
saying, “I’m doing this to help Peter, not you!”. Eve tells Ben
she needs him to get a carriage and horses and be the “getaway”
driver. She tells Ben that she will go into the gaol, drug the
gaoler, take his keys and release Peter. Ben is apprehensive
about killing an innocent gaoler, but Eve assures him that she
will not use a poison that will kill him, but a drug that will
only put him to sleep for a while. Eve tells Ben to go get the
horses and carriage immediately, but Ben protests that he has to
burn the book as Joshua ordered. Eve takes the book from Ben,
telling him, “You can do that later. The escape is more urgent!
I’ll give you the book back when we’re finished”. Ben leaves to
get the horse and carriage. Eve looks at the book and realizes
that Vicky must have brought it from the future. She is ecstatic,
thinking, “I can use this book to become very powerful!”.
Eve goes to the gaol. However, her plans start to go awry.
As she is about to drug the gaoler, the gaoler tells her that
Peter has spent the past two hours writing a letter – to her,
probably, as she has been the only person to visit him. Eve
goes to Peter and finds that he has changed his mind – that he
no longer wants to escape. He tells Eve that the letter explains
everything, that she is to read it after he is dead. Eve frantically
asks Peter how he can just let himself be hanged tonight when there
is a chance of escape. Peter answers that he’s fufilling a promise
he made to another woman that he will be with her again after he
dies, that he loves this other woman enough to believe it will
happen. The gaolers come and take Peter away. Eve goes back to
the office. The clock strikes midnight. She reads Peter’s note
to her and exclaims, “This is exactly what I need!” and places
it between the pages of the family history. The old jailer gaoler
comes in and says, “Is everything all right?” Eve replies, “Yes.
This note he gave me is exactlly what I need!”. The jailer
continues, “You don’t look well. Could I bring you a cup of tea
or perhaps a toddy?” but Eve vanishes into thin air, much to
the amazement of the gaoler.

*Assuming that the writers are using the convention that
the day and month in 1796 are equal to those in 1968,
Vicky was hanged on April 1, 1796. However, in Episode
463, Peter’s gravestone says that he was hanged on April 3, 1796,
not April 23…
Episode 624
Worldvision Rerun 411
Tape Date: November 7, 1968 (ABC #229-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 14, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

In 1968, Blair is playing a game of solitaire. The clock reads
5:55. Blair wonders where Eve could be, thinking, “Where could
she be? Could she have run off? She wouldn’t have dared!” Adam also
wonders where Eve could be and comes downstairs and asks Blair.
Blair lies that Eve couldn’t sleep and went out for a walk on the
beach. Adam says, “I’ll go out and find her”, but Blair tells him,
“No. Everyone needs some privacy. She needs some time alone”. Adam
complains, “She spends too much time alone and not enough with me.
She doesn’t love me!”. Blair assures Adam that Eve will soon love him.
Adam goes back upstairs. Blair continues to wonder where Eve could be,
thinking, “Where could she have gone? If she has run away, I’ll
track down and destroy her!”. Behind him, Eve appears in the same
chair she disappeared from. Blair turns and sees her. Surprised,
he remarks, “I didn’t see you come in”. Eve just replies, “Didn’t
you?” Blair asks, “Where have you been?” Eve lies, “Taking a long
walk”. Blair says, “Adam may be gullible enough to believe that,
but I’m not! You’ve been to see Jeff Clark, haven’t you?” Eve denies
it. Blair tells Eve that the only reason she exists is for Adam and
orders her to pretend to love Adam. Eve agrees to do so. Blair
tells Eve he finds it suspicious she is suddenly so cooperative.
He notices the book in her hand and asks to see it. She gives
it to him. Blair looks at it and sees that it’s a history of
the Collins family. He asks Eve where she got it. Eve lies
that she stole it when Adam took her to Collinwood because she’s
interested in the history of such an illustrious family.
At Collinwood, Vicky is trying on her wedding dress and talking
to Elizabeth about her marriage, which is to take place tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Eve, now alone in Blair’s living room, gloats to
herself that Jeff and Vicky’s will not take place as planned
tomorrow. In front of her is a package all wrapped and ready
for sending, addressed to Vicky. In a very satisfied tone, she
says, “My plan is going to work! That marriage is never going to
take place!”
Later, Eve, having gone somewhere, comes back in through
the front door of Blair’s house. Adam is in the entrance hall
and confronts her. He asks her why she always goes out for
walks alone. Eve replies, “I’d like to take you along, but
I’m concerned for your safety. You’re a wanted man, remember”.
She apoligizes for the way her actions must look to him,
saying she really loves him and is only acting the way she
has been because she’s having a difficult time adjusting to
being created. She kissed him passionately.
Vicky asks Elizabeth if she could borrow her car to go into
town to buy some flowers for the wedding. Elizabeth asks, “What
kind are you planning on buying?”. Vicky, not thinking, replies,
“Roses. They’re Peter’s favorite”, then becomes very upset that
she called Jeff “Peter”, but Elizabeth manages to calm her down.
Adam and Eve continue to embrace. Adam tells Eve how happy he
is she finally loves him. Eve thinks to herself, “If only Adam knew
the truth! If only he knew how much I really detested him! There’s
only one man I love, Peter Bradford, and by tomorrow, he’ll be mine!”.
Adam goes to Blair and tells him the wonderful news that Eve
loves him. He then starts to get suspicious and asks Blair if
he has anything to do with Eve’s suddenly loving him. Blair
replies that he isn’t, that he has no control over human
Later, Blair tells Eve, in private, that he’s glad that
she cooperating.
Vicky returns to Collinwood from town. Elizabeth tells her
some presents came for her. The first one Vicky opens warms
her heart. It is a necklace. She immediatedly recoginizes it
and says, “I don’t have to open the card to know who this is
from. It’s from a nurse at the foundling home, Mrs. Norris.
It’s been in her family for years. I used to admire this
necklace so much when I was at the foundling home. She used
to let me wear it on special occasions. Now she’s giving it
to me. Funny, I used to feel so alone when I was in the
foundling home”. Elizabeth tells her, “It’s obvious from the
number presents you’ve received, that’s not true. There are
many people who care for you”. Vicky remarks, “Yes, and it makes
me very happy”. Vicky then opens a second box. She is shocked to
find that it contains the Collins family history. She exclaims,
“This is the book I brought into the past! Don’t you recognize
it? Where could it have come from? Who could have sent it?”
Elizabeth opens the book and says, “There’s a card”. Vicky
opens it and reads it. Elizabeth asks, “Who is it from?”
Vicky shows her the card. On it is a single word: “PETER”.
Episode 625
Worldvision Rerun 412
Tape Date: November 8, 1968 (ABC #230-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 15, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

It is the wedding day. Elizabeth is helping Vicky get
dressed. Jeff is in the garden, dressed in a tuxedo,
pacing back and forth nervously, smoking a cigarette.
Eve walks into the garden. Jeff angrily orders her to leave,
but Eve tells him she has proof that he’s Peter Bradford.
She starts to read to him from the letter he had written
her when she went back in time. It reads something like:
“Dear Danielle,
I can hear them building the gallows right now, but I
am not afraid because I know the woman I love, Victoria
Winters, is waiting for me…”.
Jeff tells Eve he doesn’t believe her, accusing her of
writing the letter herself. Eve gives it to him, telling
him to look at it. He does and is shocked to see that it is
in his handwriting. As he is reading the letter, Eve hears
the sound of someone coming and leaves. Roger comes into
the garden and tells Jeff to come in, telling him it’s almost
time for the ceremony. Jeff thinks to himself, “I can’t go
through with it!” and asks Roger to get Vicky.
Upstairs, Vicky tells Elizabeth, “The dress is beautiful!
I’m glad you let me borrow it!”. Elizabeth tells Vicky, “It
was Naomi Collins’ wedding dress. She had it imported from
France for her wedding to Joshua Collins. I hope it will bring
you good luck”. Roger comes into the room and tells Vicky Jeff
wants to see her. Elizabeth is shocked, saying, “But the groom
isn’t supposed to see the bride before the wedding! Jeff probably
doesn’t know this. I’ll go down and explain it to him”. Vicky,
however, says, “No, if Jeff says he wants to talk to me, it must
be something important. I’ll go down and talk to him” and leaves.
Elizabeth asks Roger if he knows what Jeff wants to talk to Vicky
about. Roger replies that he doesn’t.
Vicky goes into the garden. Jeff tells Vicky that he’s decided
to postpone the wedding because there’s something he must do before
they get married. Vicky, shocked, asks, “What?”. Jeff shows her
the letter Eve gave him and says, “Recogize the handwriting?”
Vicky starts reading it, “Dear Danielle…” and asks, “Who’s
Danielle?” Jeff tells Vicky, “Look at the date! 1796! If this is
real, it proves that I lived int 1796!” Vicky asks Jeff where he
got the letter. Jeff tells Vicky that a woman named Eve gave it to
him. Vicky asks, “Tell me about her”, but Jeff replies, “I can’t.
I don’t understand it myself”. Vicky continues, “Who is this woman?
Did you love her in the past?” Peter replies, “I don’t know”. Vicky
asks, “Do you love her now?” Peter replies emphatically, “No!”.
Vicky asks, “Then why are you letting her ruin our lives?” Peter
remarks, “What am I?” and starts to go. Vicky asks, Where are you
going?” Jeff replies, “The old cemetary. There’s something I’ve
got to find out”.
Upstairs, Elizabeth and Roger wait… Elizabeth dejectedly
remarks, “Nothing ever works out for any of us, does it?” Roger
tries to be optimistic, “Oh, maybe they have solved whatever
it is”. Elizabeth asks, “Then why hasn’t she come back?”
Suddenly, she exclaims, “She needs me! I can feel it! She’s
out there all alone not knowing what to do! She needs me! I’ve
got to go to her!” Roger tries to stop her from going, “Liz!
You’ll just interrupt their talk…”, but Elizabeth leaves
anyway. Roger follows her.
Jeff goes to the grave of Peter Bradford and wonders, “What
will I find when I dig it up? Bones, or nothing at all?”
Elizabeth and Roger come down into the garden and find
Vicky forlornly standing there alone. They ask her what
happened. She tells them, and asks Roger to make up some
plausible reason to tell the guests. He promises to do so and
goes inside. Vicky tells Elizabeth, “I should’ve known the
wedding would never take place! I should’ve known someone was
trying to prevent it the moment I received that book!”.
Roger goes to the cemetary and finds Jeff Clark there.
Jeff has already dug up the coffin of Peter Bradford and
is about to open it. Roger asks, “What are you doing?!”
Jeff replies, “Answering a question, is Jeff Clark really
Peter Bradford?” Roger tells Jeff what he’s doing is illegal
and threatens to go to the police. Jeff quips, “Why? Is there
a law against opening your own coffin?” Roger exclaims, “You’re
mad! You really do believe you’re from the past!” Jeff replies,
“I don’t know, but I’m soon going to find out”, and starts to
work on opening the coffin again. Roger asks, “What will this
prove?” Jeff replies, “Whether Peter Bradford is really dead”.
He pries open the coffin. Inside is…NOTHING!
Episode 626
Worldvision Rerun 413
Tape Date: November 11, 1968 (ABC #231-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 18, 1968 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Jeff is convinced by this that he is indeed Peter Bradford.
Roger tries to convince him that the empty coffin doesn’t
prove this, suggesting that the body may have been stolen
by grave robbers. But Jeff refuses to believe this. Roger
begs Jeff not to tell Vicky about this.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth and Vicky are packing the wedding
dress away and the wedding gifts to return. Vicky tells Elizabeth,
“I wonder what’s taking them so long. Maybe I should go to the
cemetary and find out”. Elizabeth exclaims, “NO!”, and convinces
her not to. Vicky looks at the Collins family history and remarks,
“We don’t know who to return this to, do we? A mysterious woman
named Eve. This book, this book I brought back to the year 1795″.
She looks in the front cover and notes, “Here’s a notation by Rev.
Trask inside the front cover. ‘The witch swears that it’s all
true’. It’s faded with age, yet I was there when it was written”.
After Elizabeth leaves the room, Vicky has a flashback to the scene
just before she is hanged where Peter promises to find her again.
Elizabeth comes back with Roger. Vicky asks where Jeff is. Roger
tells Vicky that he suggested to Jeff it might be better if he
didn’t come to see her and Jeff agreed. Vicky tells him she must
go see Jeff.
Eve goes to Jeff’s apartment, but finds that he’s not there.
She notices a large, framed black and white photo of Vicky
sitting on a table and looks jealous. She hears footsteps outside
the door and calls, “Jeff?”. The door opens. But it is not Jeff.
It is Adam, who has followed her. Adam angrily says, “You love another
man!! This is where you come when no one can find you! Yesterday,
you made me happy! That was a lie, wasn’t it?” Eve replies, “Yes.
I can’t stand the sight of you! I’ve always hated you! Everytime
I let you touch me, I had to imagine it was someone else!” Adam
asks, “Why?!” Eve replies, “Because you’re put together from parts!
Because you’re UGLY! You’re UGLY! Do you understand that word?
UGLY! I can’t stand the sight of your face!”. Furious, Adam grabs
Eve by the throat and strangles her.
It is some time later. Jeff returns to the building he lives
and is just outside the door to his room. In his hand is a railroad
time table. He circles a section that says, “NEW YORK”, then opens
the door and goes it. He tosses the timetable onto the table where
Vicky’s picture sits, touches the picture lovingly, then takes out
a suitcase and starts to pack. There’s a knock at the door. It’s
Vicky. Jeff doesn’t want her to come in and tells her to go away,
but she refuses and he finally lets her in. She sees that Jeff is
packing and asks him where he’s going. Jeff doesn’t answer, but
Vicky’s eyes light on the railroad timetable with the words “NEW
YORK” circled. She remarks, “New York. So you think everything’s
going to be different there, do you?” Jeff remarks, “I was always
Peter Bradford to you, weren’t I?” Vicky admits, “Yes”. Jeff asks,
“And you can just accept that?” Vicky replies, “Yes, and you will
too”. She tells Jeff that she still wants to marry him. Jeff tells
her, “Vicky, I never want to see you again!”. Vicky replies,
“You can try making me angry enough to leave, but it won’t work”
Jeff continues, “Start another life with someone real”. Vicky
replies, “You’re the only real person in my life”. Jeff begs,
“Don’t, Vicky, don’t try to make the impossible seem possible”.
Vicky says, “It’s not impossible”. Jeff replies, “But it is. When
you went into the past, you stayed how long, three, six months?
Then you went back. The same could happen to me. When other people
marry, they know they have years of happiness ahead of them. How
much would we have? I could vanish at any time”. He concludes, “That’s
it. The sad case of Peter Bradford and Vicky Winters, and there’s
nothing anyone can do about it. Now go back to Collinwood”. He
continues to pack, and opens a closet door to get some more clothes.
He exclaims, “NO!!!” and closes the door immediately. Vicky asks,
“Jeff! What is it?”, but Jeff just shouts, “Vicky! Just go back to
Collinwood! Now!”. But Vicky goes and opens the closet door. Inside
is Eve, dead, her unseeing eyes wide open… Vicky screams.
Episode 627
Worldvision Rerun 414
Tape Date: November 12, 1968 (ABC #232-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 19, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Vicky asks Jeff who the dead woman is. Jeff tells her it’s
Eve, the woman who gave him the letter. Vicky asks, “Did you kill
her?”. Jeff replies, “Of course I didn’t!” Vicky asks, “Then
who did?” Jeff answers, “Maybe someone who wants to make it look
like I did”. Vicky tells Jeff he’d better call the police. Jeff
replies, “Not yet. I need time to think”, but Vicky convinces him
to call immediately, saying the he waits, the more suspicious it’ll
look. Jeff tells Vicky, “Go back to Collinwood. I don’t want you
involved”, but Vicky refuses, saying, “I’m already involved, and
I want to see you through it”. Jeff calls the police.
Adam is sitting in the woods, thinking about what he has done,
“I shouldn’t have killed her! Now I have no one, now I’m all alone.
And I cannot go back to Nicholas. He will be angry when he learns
that I have killed Eve. What am I going to do?” Angelique appears.
She tells Adam she knows what he has done and has come to help him.
She tells him that Eve’s deceiving him was Blair’s doing. Adam does
not believe this, saying, “Nicholas is my friend!”. Angelique tells
him that Nicholas is not his friend, that he is just using him for
his own purposes, that it was Nicholas’ fault Eve hated him in the
first place because Nicholas used the lifeforce of an evil woman
named Danielle Roget to animate her, that Nicholas used such an evil
woman because it suited his plans, not caring what it would mean
for Adam. She tells Adam that Blair is their common enemy, that
they must destroy him, but since neither of them is powerful
enough to do it alone, they should join forces, that maybe they
might be able to do it together. She tells Adam she has a plan
to destroy Blair, a plan that might work if he’ll help. Adam
asks what it is, but Angelique just tells him to go back to
Blair’s house and act as if nothing happened. She tells him
he is to act surprised when news of Eve’s death arrives, telling
him if he does so, Blair will believe Jeff killed Eve.
Joe is lying in his hospital bed. It is night, and a
nurse shuts the lights so he can rest and leaves. A few
moments later, a man comes in through the door and opens the
lights. The man who looks just like Tom Jennings. Joe sees him
and screams, “NO! TOM! IT CAN’T BE! YOU’RE DEAD!”. The man calms
Joe down by telling him he’s not Tom Jennings, but Chris Jennings,
Tom’s brother. He tells Joe he’s returned to Collinsport to
investigate Tom’s death and asks him what he knows about it.
Joe lies that he knows absolutely noting about Tom’s death,
that it’s a complete mystery to everyone. Chris asks Joe,
“What about those marks on his neck I’ve heard about? There
are no animals in this area that attack human beings!”.
Joe replies that that’s a complete mystery too. Chris vows to
solve the mystery. He takes out a piece of paper and tells Joe
that on it is a list of people Tom had contact with, people he
plans to question. He reads from it. Among the names on it
are, “Nicholas Blair” and “Jeff Clark”. As Chris is reading the
list, Joe interrupts him, telling him, “Your sister went to
pieces after Tom died. She’s at Windcliff Sanatarium under
psychiatric care”. Julia comes into the room and screams
when she sees Chris. Joe tells her, “That’s not Tom Jennings,
it’s his brother Chris”. Julia stops screaming. Julia
tells Chris she wants to talk to Joe. Chris tells Julia he
wants to speak to her. Julia says, “I don’t have time”.
Chris asks Julia how she got into town. Julia replies that
she came by taxi. Chris offers her a ride back, saying they
can talk in the car. He leaves the room to let Julia and Joe speak
in private. Julia and Joe discuss Chris. Julia asks why it’s taken
so long for Chris to come to Collinsport, noting that it’s been
over two months since Tom died. Joe explains that Chris
Jennings is a strange man, always on the move, always
wandering about and hard to contact, that he probaly just
learned of his brother’s death a little while ago. He explains
that Chris was pretty normal person, that he was a bright guy
who went to college to study architecture, but sometime in college,
something happened to him that caused him to drop out, that
he started to disappear into the mountains for weeks at a time,
then eventually left Collinsport altogether. Joe tells Julia that
she must convince Chris not to proceed with his investigation,
that it would prove fruitless, that he should leave town.
Unknown to them, Chris is outside the window eavesdropping.
Chris Jennings has driven Julia back to Collinwood. They
are in the foyer. Chris starts to asks Julia some questions
about Tom. He asks, “You told me you weren’t a member of the
staff of the hospital. How did you come to treat Tom?”
Julia answers, “I’m a research doctor. I was called in to
look at the bites on his neck”. Chris asks, “And what conclusion
did you come to?” Julia replies, “That they were caused by
some kind of animal”. Julia, tired about all the questions,
turns the tables on Chris by asking him some questions. She asks
him about the possibility of releasing his sister into his care.
Chris replies, “I can’t take care of her because of the kind of
life I lead”. Julia asks, “What kind of life DO you lead?” Chris
replies, “I have to move around a lot”. Julia asks, “Are you
a salesman?” Chris replies, “No”. Julia accuses him of shirking
his responsiblities to his sister, of just wanting to wander around
the country doing nothing. Chris becomes angry and leaves. Julia
goes up the stairs to go to bed. As she is halfway across the
landing, Vicky comes bursting in through the front doors. She runs
up the stairs to Julia and tells her, “I’ve got to see Roger!
It’s urgent! It’s Jeff! He’s in jail!” Julia asks, “Jail?!”
Vicky explains, “The police are holding him on suspicion for
the murder of a woman found dead in his room today, but he didn’t
do it!”. Julia asks Vicky if she knows who the woman is. Vicky
replies that it’s a woman named Eve Jeff had talked to a few
times, and says, “I’ve got to find a way to get him out of jail!”
Julia tells Vicky, “Go to Roger. I’m sure he can help. He’s in
his room”. Vicky replies, “All right”, and goes through the
door into the bedroom hallway*. Julia, shocked by the news of Eve’s
death, goes out the front door.
Angelique returns to her coffin room, thinks to herself, “If I
succeed tonight, Nicholas will be returned to darkness, and perhaps
the Master will lift this curse from me” and proceeds with her
plans to dispose of Nicholas Blair. She lights a candle
and starts to cast as spell, summoning “The Prince of Fire”.
Suddenly, Angelique finds herself surrounded by flames. She
screams, “NO! Not ME! Don’t destroy ME! I must speak to you!

*And thus exits Alexandra Moltke from Dark Shadows forever…

Episode 628
Worldvision Rerun 415
Tape Date: November 13, 1968 (ABC #233-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 20, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

The fires die down, leaving a lot of smoke. A voice asks,
“Why have you summoned me? I will bring you HERE”. Angelique
screams, “NO!!!”, but in a flash she finds herself in hell in
front of a robed figure. The robed figure asks Angelique what
she wants. Angelique starts to complain about Nicholas, saying
Nicholas is punishing her unreasonably. The robed figure repiles,
“You deserve the punishment. Stop complaining about my loyal
servant Nicholas. His plan to create an evil race loyal to me
is excellent”. Angelique tells the robed figure, “But Nicholas
has not been such a good servant to you! And his plans are
failing badly! One of his creations has just killed the other.”
The robed figure asks, “How could Nicholas have allowed this
to happen?”. Angelique replies, “Nicholas Blair has developed
a human frailty – love. He has fallen in love with a girl named
Maggie Evans. He spends quite a lot of time either being with
her, or thinking of her, leaving the creatures alone much of the
time. He was with Maggie Evans when the one creature killed the
other.” The robed figure is furious. Angelique tells the robed
figure, “I will punish Nicholas for you if you will grant me
the powers to do so”. The robed figure asks, “And what do you
want in return?”. Angelique asks that the vampire curse be
lifted from her. The robed figure agrees to do so but says,
“But first, Nicholas Blair. I will not allow myself to be
defeated by LOVE!!!”
Nicholas returns home and finds Adam in the living room. He
notices that Adam seems to be acting strangely and asks him why.
Adam replies that it’s because Eve has gone out alone again and
he’s lonely. There is a knock at the front door. Adam hides while
Blair answers the door. It is Julia. She tells Blair she wants to
talk to Adam. Blair replies that Adam is not there. Julia tells
Blair she knows he’s lying and insists on seeing Adam, saying she
has some important news for him, but Blair continues to insist that
Adam is not in house, and tells her, “Since Adam is not here, you
might as well leave since you can’t tell him your news if he isn’t”.
But Julia tells him, “The news I have affects you as well as Adam”.
Nicholas asks, “What about?” Julia replies, “Eve”. Nicholas asks,
“What about Eve?” Julia tells him, “She’s dead. She’s been murdered”
Nicholas is shocked by the news and asks, “How did it happen?” Julia
replies, “She was found dead in Jeff Clark’s room. She’d been
strangled. The police are holding Jeff on suspicion of murder,
but we both know he didn’t do it, don’t we? There’s only one
person who could have done it. Adam”. Adam suddenly comes out of
hiding, vehemently denies killing Eve, and angrily asks Julia,
“How did you come to that conclusion?!” Julia replies, “You’re
the only one who could’ve done it, and your lack of any shock
at hearing the news confirms it”. Adam maintains that he did
not kill Eve, explaining his lack of reaction by saying that
he doesn’t care that Eve is dead because she never loved him,
that she only pretended to. Blair asks Julia, “What are you
going to do now? Go to the police?” Julia replies that she
can’t because of the connection between Adam and Barnabas.
She asks to be allowed to speak to Adam alone.
Alone with Julia, Adam asks, “What do you want to say?”
Julia replies, “I wanted to tell you I’m not unhappy to see
Eve dead. She was an evil, vicious woman and I’m glad she’s
dead”. Adam asks, “Is that all you have to say?” Julia
replies, “No, there are three people who need your help.
One, Jeff Clark. You cannot let an innocent man die for what
you did”. Adam asks, “Why would I want to help Jeff Clark?”
Julia replies, “One of the things Professor Stokes taught you
is decency. I’m sure there’s at least a spark of decency left
in you”. Adam, continuing to maintain his innocence in Eve’s
murder, asks, “What do you want me to do? Go to the police
and confess to a murder I didn’t commit?” Julia answers, “No”.
Adam asks, “Then what do you want me to do?” Julia admits,
“I don’t know. All I know is that three people are in need of
help and I don’t know how to help them”. Adam asks, “Three
people?” Julia explains, “Jeff Clark, Barnabas, and you”.
Adam asks, “Why would you want to help me?” Julia replies,
“I don’t know. In spite of everything that’s happened, I don’t
want to see anything happen to you. Perhaps its because I created
you, perhaps its out of some protective instinct. I really don’t
know”. Adam tells her, “I have no friends!” and orders her to
leave. She does. Adam thinks to himself, “She almost made me like
her, but I can’t ever like anyone again, ever!”
After Julia leaves, Blair tells Adam, “You’re lying! I know
you’re lying!” Adam replies, “What if I said I did it?” Nicholas
asks, “Then you’re admitting you did it?” Adam continues, “No, but
what if I did say I did it, what would you do about it?” Nicholas
admits there’s not much he can do. There’s a knock at the door.
Nicholas says, “That’s probably the police!”, and once again, Adam
hides while Nicholas goes to answer it. But it is not the police.
It is Maggie Evans. Nicholas takes her into the living room. Maggie
acts strangely, telling Nicholas that she has no idea why she came
here, that she was getting ready for bed but came here for some
reason. Suddenly, she clutches at her throat and gasps that she can’t
breath. She collapses into a chair, gasps, “It’s getting dark!” and
starts to lose conciousness. The lights go out and the room becomes
illuminated in an eerie red glow. Maggie says, “NICHOLAS!, not in her
own voice, but in the deep masculine voice of the robed figure.
Nicholas meekly asks, “Master? You are speaking through Maggie. Why?”.
The deep voice replies, “Prepare for your judgement!”. Nicholas
asks, “Judgement?” The voice replies, “Tomorrow you will appear
before me! Be prepared!”
Episode 629
Worldvision Rerun 416
Tape Date: November 14, 1968 (ABC #234-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 21, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

The Master tells Blair, “I know your plan is failind and will
pass judgement on you for that!”. Nicholas asks the Master not to
harm the woman he’s speaking through. The Master asks, “Why not?”
Nicholas replies, “She’s innocent, she’s not involved in any way”.
The Master tells Nicholas, “I am very upset that you have become so
concerned with the welfare of the pure and innocent”. Nicholas
replies, “I have not!”. The Master asks, “Then why are you so
concerned that this woman not be harmed? Have you fallen in love
with her?” Nicholas admits that he has. The Master tells Nicholas,
“I will not harm her, but I will summon you for reckoning at
the stroke of midnight!” The lights come back on and Maggie
regains conciousness. She has no memory of what’s just happens
and remarks, “I must have fainted”.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth and Julia are talking in the drawing
room. Elizabeth tells Julia, “I talked with Barnabas on the phone.
Is exhaustion is the only reason you sent him to Windcliff or is it
really something more serious?” Julia tells her that it is only
severe exaustion. Elizabeth tells Julia that Barnabas sounded very
depressed, and suggests that if exhaustion is the only reason Barnabas
is at Windcliff, it might be better if he was brought to Collinwood
where he would be surrounded by loved ones and she, Julia, could
treat him. Julia replies that that would be impossible because
she wouldn’t be able to treat Barnabas alone without a trained
staff to help. Elizabeth tells Julia that she’d like to see Barnabas
and asks her to let her accompany her the next time she goes to
Windcliff. There’s a knock at the front doors. It’s Nicholas Blair.
He tells Julia he must speak with her. Julia replies that she doesn’t
have the time to speak to him because she has to go into town.
Blair tells her what he has to talk to her about is of vital
imporance to Barnabas. Julia agrees to talk to him. Elizabeth
leaves the drawing room to allow Blair and Julia to converse
privately. Blair tells Julia she must do the experiment again.
Julia flatly refuses. Blair tells her she won’t have to do it all
again, that they won’t have to create a body this time, that
they can just use Eve’s because it hasn’t started decomposing
again. Julia still refuses. She notes, “Something must have
happened to you. Although you’re trying to sound as arrogant
and authoritarian as you usually are, I can hear fear and
desperation in your voice”. Nicholas denies this. Julia asks,
“Why don’t you just raise Eve from the dead with your powers –
if you still have them”. Nicholas replies that he doesn’t for
the same reason he didn’t the first time – the life must be
artificially created for his plan to work. He explains his
plan to Julia – he plans to use Adam and Eve to create a
race of beings loyal to Satan. Julia gasps, “That’s monstrous!
Now that I know what you’re planning, I certainly won’t help
you!”. Nicholas replies that if she does not, he will harm
Barnabas, that if he has no Eve, his plan will be ruined and
he will have no need for Adam, and having no need for Adam,
he’ll kill him. He reminds her of Lang’s message that there was
a connection between Adam and Barnabas and says that killing Adam
would result in killing Barnabas in the process because of
the connection between Adam and Barnabas. He tells her to think
about it and leaves. Julia calls Barnabas using the phone in
the foyer. She does not notice that Elizabeth is standing on
the landing listening to her…
Blair goes home and at the stoke of midnight is pulled straight
into hell before the Master. Blair tells the Master that he knows
it must have been Angelique who told him about what was happening.
He asks him not to believe her, saying Angelique is treacherous and
cannot be trusted. The Master replies, “I do believe her. I
already have proof that you have fallen in love as she claimed
you had”. Nicholas begs for a second chance. The Master refuses,
saying, “I do not give second chances”. Nicholas tells the Master,
“But the Plan can still work! I can have a new mate created for
Adam”. The Master tells Blair, “I will give you 48 hours”. Nicholas
complains that that is not enough time, but the Master refuses to
give him more. Blair asks if he’ll be rewarded if the plan
succeeds. The Master asks, “What reward would you like?” Blair
replies that he would like to live as a mortal, stripped of all
his powers, on Earth and be with Maggie. The Master refuse this
request, but tells Blair, “I will allow you to live with Maggie
Evans. HERE!” Nicholas gasps, “But that means she’ll have to
die first!” The Master replies, “Yes. She will have to be
sacrificed on the Black Altar. A Black Mass must be performed.”
Episode 630
Worldvision Rerun 417
Tape Date: November 19, 1968 (ABC #235-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 22, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

(The Part of Victoria Winters will be played by Miss Betsy Durkin)

Barnabas, having been released from Windcliff by Julia, goes to
Blair’s house to talk about the new experiment. Barnabas asks, “Why
bother? Adam will just kill her again”. Blair replies, “He won’t
this time. I’m planning a very different Eve”. Barnabas complains
that they won’t have time to do the experiment as quickly as Blair
wants, pointing out that they do not have a girl to supply the
lifeforce yet. Blair tells Barnabas, “I’ve picked a girl to supply
the lifeforce. You and Julia are to have the body ready tomorrow
night. I’ll bring the girl”. Barnabas asks who the girl is, but
Blair refuses to tell him. Barnabas tells Blair, “I won’t do the
experiment if the girl is drugged or coerced”. Blair assures
him that he can convince the girl to participate of her own will.
Later, Maggie comes to Blair’s house for a date. After playing
a “fortune telling” game with her using an ancient Egyptian goblet,
he tells her he’ll be leaving Collinsport soon and asks her to
marry him.
Maggie goes to Collinwood and tells Vicky she’s decided to
marry Nicholas Blair. Vicky is shocked and advises her not to.
Maggie asks why, but Vicky will only say, “Nobody knows anything
about Nicholas Blair. How can you marry someone you know nothing
about?”. Maggie is hurt and angered by Vicky’s reaction and leaves.
Vicky goes to Blair’s house and tells him he cannot marry
Maggie. Blair asks, “Why not?” Vicky replies, “I know you’re
not human because Cassandra wasn’t. I travelled into the past
and know she’s a witch”. Blair tells Vicky that what she’s
saying is ridiculous. Vicky tells Blair she won’t allow him
to marry Maggie and will tell Maggie the truth to prevent it.
After Vicky leaves, Nicholas wonders, “Why didn’t I just erase
her memory? It would have been so easy! Maybe the Master is
right. Maybe I am becoming human”. He decides that he must get
rid of Vicky. He goes down into the cellar, lifts up some paving
stones, and starts to dig.
Vicky returns to Collinwood, where she runs into Barnabas.
They talk for awhile. Barnabas tells Vicky that she seems upset.
Vicky replies that she’s just tired and goes up to bed.
In his cellar, Blair has dug up a coffin. He opens it. In it
is the body of Tom Jennings. Blair pulls the stake out of Jenning’s
chest, and Tom comes back to “life”.
Vicky is in her room at Collinwood. She puts out the lights
and starts to go to sleep. Tom Jennings sneaks in through the
window. He walks over to the bed and bares his fangs. Vicky,
not quite asleep yet, sees him and screams.
Episode 631
Worldvision Rerun 418
Tape Date: November 18, 1968 (ABC #236-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 25, 1968 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Vicky gets out of bed and tries to run from Tom, but he
catches her, and she faints. Tom is about to bite Vicky when
Barnabas, who has heard Vicky’s sreams, comes running into the
room. Tom lets go of Vicky and flees out the window.
Chris Jennings goes to Blair’s house to question Nicholas
Blair. He remarks to Blair, “You were Tom’s last employer” and
asks him what he knows about what happened to Tom. Blair lies
that he knows nothing about it. While Blair and Chris are
talking, Tom spies on them through the window. Blair sees him
but says nothing. Chris contines to talk to Blair. Eventually,
he glances at the window and exclaims, “What’s that?!” Tom
quickly flees. Chris tells Blair that he thought he saw someone
looking in through the window, but didn’t get a good look
at who it was.
In Vicky’s room, Vicky tells Barnabas, “The man who attacked
me looked just like Tom Jennings! But it couldn’t have been
Tom Jennings! He’s dead!” Barnabas tells her that vampires do
exist, and Tom Jennings is one. Vicky says, “Tom Jennings worked
for Nicholas Blair. Blair must have sent him to attack me!”
She tells Barnabas about Blair’s plans to marry Maggie. She
tells him about how she went to Blair’s house and told him
she would tell Maggie the truth about him if he didn’t break
the engagement. Barnabas tells her, “That was a very dangerous
and foolish thing to do. Let me take care of Blair”.
Harry Johnson comes to the Blair’s house, having been sent
by Blair to do some spying. He tells Blair that the police
have just buried Eve, about 15 minutes ago. Blair sends him
down into the cellar to get some picks and shovels. Barnabas
comes and tells Blair that his plan to kill Vicky didn’t work.
Barnabas tells Blair, “Julia and I won’t perform the experiment
unless you agree to three terms: One, you are not to harm Vicky.
Two, you are not to marry Maggie. Three, you are to destroy Tom
Jennings”. Blair, having no choice due to the Master’s deadline,
agrees to Barnabas’ terms. Barnabas leaves. Harry returns with
the picks and shovels and asks Blair what they’re going to do.
Blair replies, “Dig Eve up”. Harry tells Blair he doesn’t want
to do this, but Blair promises, “This will be the last thing
you’ll ever have to do for me. After tonight, you’ll never see me
again”. They leave the house. Barnabas, spying on the house
from the woods, sees them leave. He sneaks into the house.
Unknown to him, Tom Jennings is also in the woods and sees
him enter the house. He goes in too.
In the cemetary, Blair and Harry Johnson find Eve’s grave
and dig her coffin up. Blair tells Harry they’re going to have to
take it to the old house.
Barnabas finds Tom’s coffin and, perhaps not trusting Blair,
decides to destroy Tom himself. He notes that it is almost dawn
and decides to go upstairs and wait for sunrise. He goes upstairs,
looks out a window and sees that the sun is just about to rise.
Suddenly, he is grabbed from behind by Tom Jennings. Barnabas
manages to struggle free and grab two candlesticks. Using the
candlesticks to form a cross, Barnabas manages to keep Tom
at bay. The sun starts to rise. Tom tries to flee, but Barnabas
blocks his way with his candlestick cross. Tom begs Barnabas to
let him go. Barnabas replies, “I know what you are and feel sorry
for you, but I cannot”. The sun rises fully, and the room fills
with sunlight. Tom dissolves into nothing.
Episode 632
Worldvision Rerun 419
Tape Date: November 15, 1968 (ABC #237-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 26, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Nicholas, at home, is wondering where Adam is. He rues the
fact that all his plans seem to be going badly. Suddenly, he
decides to go back on his word to Barnabas not to marry Maggie,
saying, “I must have her! After tonight, we’ll be together in
death”, and casts a spell summoning her. Adam returns home.
Blair tells him that he’s gotten Barnabas and Julia to remake
Eve for him. Adam says, “I don’t want Eve back!”, but Nicholas
assures him, “She’ll be different this time. She’ll be kind and
gentle because we’ll use a different kind of lifeforce to bring
her to life: Maggie Evans”. Adam is suspicious of Blair’s motives.
Maggie arrives at Blair’s house and tells him she has decided
to accept his proposal. Blair tells her that they’ll have to
be married TONIGHT, as he is leaving Collinsport soon.
Chris Jennings goes to Windcliff Sanatarium to visit his
sister Amy Jennings. While the nurse has goes to fetch Amy,
Chris picks up a newspaper lying about and reads the weather
forcast, “Cold and clear with a full moon”. This seems to upset
him. The nurse returns with his sister, a girl of about 9 or
10 years of age. Chris tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t
respond. He tries to get her to talk by giving her a gift,
but she still says nothing. Chris contines to try to get his
sister to talk. He opens the gift – a box of paints – and asks
her if she still likes to paint. She grabs the box of paints,
hurls it angrily across the room, and shouts, “Why did you wait
so long to come to me?”. Chris apoligizes and they embrace.
Amy asks him to stay in Collinsport and take care of her.
At first, Chris says he can’t, but after more pleading from
Amy, he finally agrees to.
Maggie, dressed in a wedding gown, tells Nicholas she is
nervous. Nicholas tells her he has something to calm her nerves.
He opens a bottle of champagne and pours two glasses, drugging
one of them. He gives the drugged glass to Maggie. They drink.
Maggie loses conciousness.
Chris Jennings returns to the Collinsport Inn and tells the
Innkeeper (Conrad Bains), that he’d like to change rooms.
Explaining that he is a writer and wants a room that is as
quiet as possible, a room isolated from all the other rooms.
He tells him that he noticed a iron grilled window from the outside
that appeared to be isolated from all the other windows and
asks if that room is available. The clerk replies that it is,
but that it hasn’t been used in years because it’s dark, cramped
and throughly uncomfortable. Chris replies that none of that
matters and asks to be transferred there.
The clerk takes Chris to this room. Chris tells the clerk
that he wants to be locked in tonight, that the door is not
to be opened for any reason. He also tells the innkeeper, “If
you hear any strange sounds coming from the room, ignore them.
Sometimes when I write, I act out scenes”. The clerk finds this
request strange, but agrees to do it.
At the Blair house, Blair takes the still unconcious Maggie
to a black altar surrounded by black candles and performs an
occult ceremony on her.
Night falls, and a full moon rises. Loud noises, groaning, and
shouts of “NO!!! Not again! Please, no!” can be heard coming from
Chris Jenning’s room. The clerk hears the noise and knocks on the
door, asking if anything’s wrong. The noises and grunts stop. The
clerk unlocks the door and goes in. He looks around the room and
at first does not see anything, but then hears a low growl coming
from a corner. He turns to look in that direction and screams.
Later, the bloody body of the clerk is being dragged away
by something…
Episode 633/634
Worldvision Rerun 420
Tape Date: November 20, 1968 (ABC #238-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 27, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Sean Dhu Sullivan

Julia and Barnabas are in the basement laboratory of the old
house, preparing to do the experiment. The body of Eve is lying on
one of the tables. Adam and Blair arrive. Blair tells Barnabas
and Julia that he has brought the woman to supply the lifeforce.
It is Maggie. Barnabas is shocked and tells Blair he will not
do the experiment with Maggie as the donor. Blair replies that
he’ll force him to. He puts a spell on Adam and starts to make
him die by causing his heart to beat rapidly and irregularly.
Adam clutches his chest in pain. Because of the connection,
Barnabas also clutches his chest in pain. Julia begs Blair to
stop, saying she’ll do the experiment. Blair puts a spell on
Adam putting him to sleep, then tells Barnabas and Julia that
he need say only three words to kill Adam, and with him, Barnabas.
The experiment commences. Julia tells Barnabas to monitor
the gauges and tell her if one of them reaches 10. Julia starts
the machinery. Maggie screams in pain. Suddenly, Barnabas tells
Julia that the gauge has reached 10. Julia goes to look and
exclaims, “The readings are too high!”. She frantically adjusts
some dials and asks Barnabas, “Has that helped?” Barnabas replies,
“No. The readings have gone even higher!” Maggie screams, “I’m dying!
I’m going to die!”. The body of Eve starts to stir. Barnabas screams,
“No! I can’t do this!” and goes to the main control levers on the wall
to turn off the equipment. Blair orders, “You will not move!” and
casts a spell on Barnabas to freeze his muscles. Barnbas stops in his
tracks. But suddenly, he regains his ability to move and continues
turning the equipment off. Blair screams, “No!!! My powers! Don’t
desert me now!”. The 48 hours his Master gave him, it seems, have just
expired. Angry, Blair tries to strangle Adam, but Adam awakens and
Blair flees up the stairs. Barnabas tells Julia, “I must
destroy Blair now while he has no powers!” and runs up the
stairs in pursuit. Adam looks at the body of Eve. It has
turned into a skeleton. He mourns, “Now I’ll be alone forever!”
Julia gives Maggie an injection and revives her. She finds
that Maggie has developed amnesia and doesn’t know who or
where she is. Julia takes her upstairs and shows her around the
old house, hoping to jog her memory. Down in the lab, Adam,
still mourning over the skeleton of Eve, blames Barnabas and
decides to exact his revenge. He goes upstairs and leaves.
Blair, having fled, runs to a cliff overlooking the sea and
begs the Master to give him more time. Barnabas arrives and
watches from the nearby woods. Blair contines to beg, more
fearfully and more pitiably. Suddenly, he catches fire and burns
up, screaming horribly. Barnabas smiles…
Adam sneaks into Collinwood. It is dark and everyone is asleep.
He goes upstairs heading for the bedrooms…
November 28, 1968 – Thanksgiving Day. Pre-empted by Football.
(ABC #239-DRK-68)
Episode 635
Worldvision Rerun 421
Tape Date: November 21, 1968 (ABC #240-DRK-68)
Air Date: November 29, 1968 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas returns to the old house and tells Julia what
happened to Blair. Julia is relieved and says, “Now we are
safe, finally!” Barnabas asks how Maggie is. Julia tells
him she has amnesia. Julia, not knowing Adam has left, tells
Barnabas that Adam is still downstairs by the body of Eve,
inconsolable. Barnabas tells Julia he’ll go and try to talk
to Adam. But when he goes downstairs to do so, he finds that
Adam is gone. Barnabas runs upstairs, tells Julia he thinks
Adam may have gone to Collinwood to carry out his threat, and
leaves hurriedly.
Adam, at Collinwood, thinks to himself, “I’ll kill everyone!
Starting with the woman Barnabas loves, Vicky Winters!”. At the
door to Vicky’s room, he hears Carolyn and Vicky talking inside.
He hides, and waits until Carolyn leaves, then goes into Vicky’s
room. He grabs Vicky, but she manages to struggle free and
screams. Carolyn, hearing Vicky’s screams, comes running in.
Adam slaps Vicky hard, knocking her out. Carolyn asks Adam
what has happened to make him like this and tries to talk with
him, but even she cannot control him. When she goes to the phone
and tries to call the police, Adam strangles Carolyn into
unconsciousness, takes Vicky, and leaves.
Barnabas arrives at Collinwood and goes to Vicky’s room.
He finds Carolyn unconscious there. He revives her and asks
her what happened. She tells him about Adam’s attack.
At the old house, Julia, who has been upstairs, comes down
the stairs to the ground floor and sits down in the living
room. Hearing noises coming from the cellar, she calls,
“Barnabas?”. Someone comes up from the basement. But it
is not Barnabas. It is Adam. Julia asks Adam where he’s been.
Adam lies that he’s just been walking through the woods, thinking.
Julia remarks, “You seem to be taking everything rather calmly”.
Adam replies, “There’s nothing else I can do”. Finding Adam’s
extremely calm tone susppcious, Julia walks over to the basement
door. She hears the equipment running downstairs. She is about
to go down to see what Adam has been doing down there, but
he grabs her from behind and strangles her unconscious.
Barnabas returns to the old house and finds Julia lying
on the floor unconscious. He revives her and asks her what
happened. Julia tells him that Adam attacked her when she
was about to go down into the basement to see what he had
been doing down there. Barnabas tells Julia that Adam has
kidnapped Vicky, and must be doing some harm to her down
And indeed he is. Down in the basement laboratory,
Adam has put Vicky on the table Maggie was on earlier
and hooked her up to the equipment. He turns the equipment
on. Vicky screams. Upstairs, Barnabas tries to open the
cellar door, but finds that it’s locked. Down in the lab,
Adam continues to fiddle with some knobs and watches Vicky
scream in pain. Suddenly, Barnabas and Julia appear in the room,
having come in through a secret passage. Barnabas is holding
a pistol. He orders Adam, “Stop, or I’ll shoot!”. Adam
replies, “You can’t! Remember, there’s a connection between
you and me.” Barnabas replies, “I’m willing to take the risk!”
Adam, who has listened to the whole of Lang’s taped message,
tells Barnabas and Julia, who have not, the exact nature of
the connection, that if he, Adam, dies, Barnabas will revert
to the way he was. Adam reaches for another switch. Julia
sceams, “NO!!! If you pull that switch, Vicky will be
eloctrocuted!!” Barnabas shoots Adam in the right shoulder.

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