January 1970

January 1, 1970 Thursday – New Year’s Day. No show aired. (ABC #4-DRK-70)
Episode 918
Worldvision Rerun 694
Tape Date: December 9, 1969 (ABC #5-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 2, 1970 Friday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

At Collinwood, David reminds Elizabeth that it’s still her duty to
take care of Julia and asks her if she has any plans for doing this.
Elizabeth replies that she has, that she plans to kill Julia.
Julia is in the drawing room reading a newspaper. She searches for
any mention of an attack or killing that looks like it could have been
committed by a werewolf, but finds none. She closes the drawing room
doors, telephones Olivia and asks her if Grant has returned. Olivia
replies that she doesn’t know. She tells Julia she’ll go check his room
and call back.
Outside the drawing room doors, Elizabeth checks a gun she has in a
bag and puts it back in the bag. She prepares to go in and kill Julia,
but the phone rings and she waits. Julia answers the phone. It is Olivia.
She tells Julia that Grant has not returned yet. When Julia hangs up,
Elizabeth comes in. They talk for a while. When Julia’s back is turned
toward her, Elizabeth takes the gun out of the bag and aims it at her.
But when she tries to pull the trigger, she finds herself unable to go
through with it and puts the gun back into the bag. When Julia turns
around, she sees that Elizabeth has a funny expression and asks what’s
wrong. Elizabeth replies that she’s just remembered she has something she
has to do and leaves.
Elizabeth tells David that she just couldn’t go through with it, that
she has so many memories of how Julia helped them she couldn’t bring
herself to kill her. David tells her that the book will tell them how
to overcome this.
Chris comes to Collinwood and tells Julia he can’t stand this any
longer and will go to Charles Delaware Tate and try to get him to help.
Julia tells him about Grant disappearing last night. Chris despairs
that if Grant is indeed Quentin and had turned into a werewolf, then
he isn’t cured either, and Jenny’s claim that he could be of help was
Grant returns to the Collinsport Inn and goes to Olivia’s room but
finds no one there. He helps himself to some drinks. His clothes are
in tatters.
Elizabeth and David consult the book. David finds what he thinks is
the reason Elizabeth could not kill Julia. The passage states that one
of the Leviathan people cannot kill a regular person, that it would be
dangerous because that would cause the spirit of the person to stay to
battle the Leviathan people, that a normal person must be killed by a
normal person. Elizabeth doubts this, saying she is certain that it was
her fond memories of Julia that prevented her from killing her, but
David insists that the book is always right.
Julia goes to Olivia’s room at the Inn and finds Grant there. She asks
him where he was last night. Slightly drunk, he angrily tells her he is
not an animal and she is not his keeper, that he doesn’t have to tell her
where he is at all times. Thinking that he is upset because he did turn
into a werewolf, she tries to console him by telling him “it’s not your
fault.” Grant, puzzled, replies that it was his fault, that he didn’t
have to hit the guy. Julia asks him what he means. Grant tells her he
went to the “High Hat Lounge” in Portland last night to see if he could
find out anything about himself and got into a fight there. (Recall that
when he was found, Grant had a matchbook for the lounge there). Julia
asks him what he learned. Grant replies that he found that he was a very
private person and that no one seemed to know anything about him, but
says that someone recognized the locker key (also in his pockets when
found) and told him where the lockers were. He goes on to say that when
he opened the locker he found out something about the “Fred Thorn” he had
mentioned while under hypnosis. He gives Julia a manila envelope, saying
it was in the locker. In it are a variety of papers, mostly ID and stuff
belonging to Fred Thorn. But also included is a picture of Olivia Corey
clipped from a newspaper.
Julia is in the drawing room at Collinwood. Chris is there too.
Julia finishes a telephone call and tells Chris that the “High Hat
Lounge” confirms that Grant was there last night and got into a fight.
Chris goes to Grant and tells him that he wants him to go with him
to see Charles Delaware Tate. Grant asks why. Chris tells him that
Tate is a recluse and refuses to see anyone, but might if he, Grant is
there. Grant asks why that should be the case since Tate doesn’t know
him. Chris replies, “Yes, but he knew Quentin..”. Grant tells him he’s
sick of so many people thinking he’s Quentin. Chris tells him it doens’t
matter whether he believes he’s Quentin or not, all he has to do is
pretend he is. Grant agrees.
David tells Elizabeth that he’s got to go and tell Barnabas what
happened regarding Julia.
Chris and Grant go to Tate’s house. The voice on the loudspeaker
tells Chris he doesn’t want to see him. Then Grant says, “Well, how
about me, Quentin Collins ?”. The door opens they go in. The voice
directs them to the room. Inside, Tate tells Grant he is lying,
that he isn’t Quentin. Grant asks him why he thinks this. Tate
replies that it’s because he’s so young. Grant replies that he,
Tate is also still young. Tate laughs and replies that that’s because
he is a talented artist. He then seems to remember something and tells
Grant he believes he IS Quentin, then lambastes him for stealing
Amanda Harris from him. He says something that upsets Grant. Grant
picks up something and hurls it at Tate, knocking him off the chair.
Grant leaves angrily. Chris goes to where Tate is lying and is surprised
to see that the head has separated from the body. It is some kind of
Episode 919/20/21
Worldvision Rerun 695
Tape Date: December 10, 1969 (ABC #6-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 5, 1970 Monday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Chris, realizing that whoever was speaking must be hiding somewhere,
starts to search the room for him. He hears a whimpering noise coming
from behind some curtains behind the desk, pulls them apart and finds
a very old man hiding behind them and pulls him out. The old man is
distraught over the destruction of the dummy, which he refers to as his
‘creation’. He demands that Chris leave, threatenting to sic his dogs on
him if he doesn’t. Chris refuses. He notices Tate creeping toward what
looks like and intercom on the wall and remarking, “What’s that for?
To call for help? To call for your dogs? “, and rips the wire
connecting the intercom. Chris tells Tate he’s not leaving until he
gives him what he wants. Tate tells Chris he has much money and jewels
and tells him he’ll give him anything he wants if he’ll leave. Chris
tells him it’s not money or jewels that he wants. Tate asks what he
wants. Chris replies that he wants him to paint a portrait of him,
that he knows how he had painted one of Quentin and cured him of the
werewolf curse. Tate gasps “Then you’re a werewolf!”. Chris tells
him he is. Tate tells him it was a long time ago when he painted
Quentin’s portrait, that he had a power then that he no longer has,
but Chris will not believe him. He forces Tate to give him the key to
the room and locks the door, telling him they’re both going to stay
in the room until he’s painted a portrait of him. Tate looks at his
‘creation’ again, becomes distraught, and refuses. Chris tells him
he’d better, because there’s going to be a full moon tonight…
At the antique shop, Carolyn is busy working when someone comes
up to her from behind and playfully covers her eyes with his hands.
Carolyn laughs and says “Alexander! Stop! I’ve got work to do”.
But the person takes his hands off and says “Alexander’s gone. I’m
Michael!”. Carolyn is puzzled. Michael explains that he’s a cousin
of the Todds, that his parents have just been killed in an accident and
he has come to live here, that the Todds had to send Alexander home
because they were too busy to take care of two kids at once. Carolyn
give him her condolences about his parents, but Michael replies
“Everything’s OK because you’re here”. Carolyn, seeing he has a
crush on her, laughs. Michael becomes upset at this, saying he hates
being treated like a little kid. Carolyn calms him down by telling
him to go sort a stack of magazines in chronological order, saying
that that proves she doesn’t think of him as a little kid since it’s
not the sort of job one would give to a little kid. Michael goes and
sorts the magazines. Underneath the pile, he finds Megan’s Naga locket.
He gives it to Carolyn, saying it’s a gift. Carolyn notes that it’s
Megan’s locket, implying that he stole it. Michael claims that Megan
gave it to him. Philip comes down the stairs. He argues with Michael
about the locket. Carolyn tries to calm them down by inviting them to
go out with her for some ice cream sodas, but Philip and Michael just
continue to glare at each other…
Grant, in the wood, runs away from Tate’s house.
At Tate’s house, Tate is painting as fast as he can, racing the
sunset and the full moon…
At the shop, Carolyn excuses herself and leaves, saying she has
something she has to go and do. Philip tells Michael that Carolyn
left because his continuous staring at her unnerved her, and tells him
it’s not time yet and asks him to take things slowly. Michael tells
Philip he doesn’t like the way he’s talking to him, that he has no right
to reprimand him like that. Philip replies that he does as long as he’s
still a child. Michael ominously retorts, “But I won’t be a child
In the woods, Grant feels himself mysteriously compelled to return
to Tate’s house.
At Tate’s house, Tate finishes the painting and tells Chris to
take it and leave. But Chris grabs his abdomen in pain and falls writhing
to the floor. Tate tries to get the key from Chris but cannot because
Chris’ arms are wrapped around his body because of the pain. Chris
turns into a werewolf…
Grant arrives at the door of Tate’s cottage. He hears a blood-curdlning
Episode 922
Worldvision Rerun 696
Tape Date: December 12, 1969 (ABC #7-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 6, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Grant goes into the house. He finds the door to the room locked and
breaks it down. Inside he sees a badly wounded old man lying on the
floor. He goes to the old man and finds that he is still alive. He
hears a growling sound and turns to see what’s causing it. He sees
the werewolf standing in the corner. The werewolf attacks him. Grant
runs. The werewolf chases him around the room. Grant grabs a
heavy metal sculpture from a table to defend himself with, but suddenly
puts it down and picks up a small silver candlestick instead. The
wolf, seeing this, runs off. Grant is surprised.
Julia, in Olivia’s room, confronts her with the handwriting samples,
informing her that an expert has said that they were identical, that
they prove that she is indeed Amanda Harris. Olivia replies that that’s
ridiculous and explains that the resemblance in handwriting can be
explained by the fact that it was her grandmother who taught her to
write. Julia gets a phone call from Grant telling her to come to Tate’s
cottage because a medical emergency has occurred.
Julia and Olivia go to the cottage. Grant, telling Olivia to stay
where she is, takes Julia into a bedroom where he has placed the old
man. Julia examines him briefly, then asks him where Quentin’s portrait
is. Tate again tells her it was destroyed. Julia tells her she knows
that that’s not true because Quentin didn’t turn into a werewolf. Tate
tells her that he’ll tell her if she gives him the one thing he wants –
life. Julia tells him that his injuries are too severe and there’s
nothing she can do. He replies that if that’s the case, he can’t give
her what she wants either. Julia tells him there’s something else he
wants that she can give him and asks Olivia to come into the room. She
does. Tate gasps “Amanda!”, then dies. Olivia starts to cry. Julia
remarks that this proves that she is Amanda, that if she were not,
she wouldn’t be crying at the death of a man she has never met. Olivia
weakly replies that she’s just crying because he painted so many pictures
of her grandmother and runs out of the house, visibly upset. Julia tells
Grant to call the police.
In the woods, the werewolf jumps off a rock starts to attack Amanda,
but suddenly stops and runs off without harming her…
Grant recounts to Julia what happened. He tells her about the strange
incident where he picked up a heavy metal sculpture to defend himself
with but for some reason he cannot explain put it down and picked up
a silver candlestick instead, and puzzling fact that the animal ran
off. Julia tells her it’s not so strange, that silver is the one thing
a werewolf is afraid of, that although he might not consciously know this,
deep inside he knows because he’s really Quentin… Grant remarks that
Chris is lucky to have apparently escaped. Julia, not wanting to tell
him that Chris is the werewolf, agrees…
Amanda, still distraught, goes to her room. Holding a locket, she
says aloud, “Oh Quentin, Tate recognized me, why don’t you ? Time is
running out…”.. She hears a noise and turns and sees that Julia is
in the room and has heard her. Julia walks up to her and grabs the
locket and finds the inscription “To A.H. from Q.C.” and says “So you
are Amanda Harris.” Amanda admits that she is. Julia asks her what
she’s doing here and how she managed to stay young. Amanda explains,
saying it started when Quentin told her in her hotel room that he
was leaving forever, that she followed him to ask why and beg him
not to. We get a flashback. In the flashback, Amanda and Quentin are
standing on a bridge. Quentin explains to Amanda that he cannot be with
her until he finds the portrait and knows that it’s safe. She tells him
that doesn’t mean they have to be apart forever, that he can come back to
her after he finds it. He tells him it might take him 20 years to find
it or more. She tells him it won’t matter that they’re both older, that
they’ll both still love each other. He tells her that SHE’LL be 20 years
older but he’ll still be the same age, and that’s why he has to leave
forever. He leaves. Amanda starts to cry. A man walks up to her and,
identifying himself as ‘Mr. Best’, tries to console her, but she suddenly
leaps off the bridge.
Amanda explains to Julia that the bridge was a ‘popular’ suicide spot,
that it was known as ‘Dead Man’s Leap’ and that no one had ever survived
jumping from it. Amanda explains that the last thing she remembers is
hitting the cold, cold water, then awakening to find herself in what
looked like some sort of hotel lobby. She tells Julia that though she
could see no one, there seemed to be the sound of voices and people
moving about. Suddenly, the man from the bridge appears. Amanda asks
him what this place is and what they’re doing here. The man explains
that it’s a sort of stopping off place, and that the sounds she hears
are the memories of people who have been here. He tells her she
doesn’t belong here, that she was destined to have a long, long life,
that’s why he tried to stop her at the bridge. She tells him she didn’t
want to live any longer and explains why. He tells her he’ll do
something for her: that he’ll send her back, that she’ll live until the
day on which she was destined to die without becoming old, that if she can
find Quentin within that time and convince him to stay with her, they’ll
both live forever without aging. Amanda asks the man who he is, how he
knows how long she will live and how he can do this for her, but he
refuses to tell her. Amanda explains to Julia that that next thing she
remembers, she was standing on the bridge again, completely dry. She tells
Julia that she had concluded that it must have been a dream, but as the
years went by and she didn’t age, she became convinced that it really
happened. She tells Julia that her time is almost up. Julia asks her how
she knows this, did the man tell her what the date was? Amanda replies
that he didn’t, but that she can feel it. Julia tells her that there’s
hope, that something happened earlier that indicated that Grant was
starting to recover his memories and leaves, saying that she has some
ideas on how to expedite the process and has to go to Collinwood.
A few seconds after Julia leaves, there’s a knock on the door.
Amanda answers. It is the man from the dream. He says, “I waited until
your guest left. Your time is up..”
Episode 923
Worldvision Rerun 697
Tape Date: December 15, 1969 (ABC #8-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 7, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Amanda shrinks from the man. He comes in. He asks why everyone is
so afraid of him. Amanda replies, “Because you’re Death!”. She tells
him she’s found Quentin, that he’s here right now in another room
in the Inn. He asks why she’s so afraid of him,then, since she knows
he’ll let her live if she’s found Quentin and made him love her again.
She explains that she’s found Quentin, but that he has amnesia and
doesn’t remember her. She asks him how much time she has left. He looks
at his watch and tells her she has four minutes, adding that he
is very punctilious, that’s why he saved her from the werewolf earlier,
because it wasn’t her time yet. Desperate, she tells him that maybe by
some miracle, Quentin will regain his memory and remember her in the
remaining minutes. She goes across the hall and knocks on Quentin’s room.
But alas, there is no answer. He’s not there…
At Collinwood, Julia is looking through an old photo album, looking
for pictures of Quentin to show Grant and try to jog his memory. All
the photos in the album have a caption written underneath. But she
finds that all the ones of Quentin (e.g. “Quentin Collins, Christmas
1895″, “Quentin at the Beach, Summer 1895”) are missing. She wonders
who could’ve taken them…
At the Inn, Mr. Best tells Amanda her time is almost up. There’s
a sound of footsteps approaching and Amanda says, “Wait! Maybe that’s
him!”. But then there is the sound of a door opening and closing,
and the footsteps stop. The person has obviously gone into another
room and is not Quentin. Amanda begs for just a little more time.
Mr. Best tells her that because she’s already gotten so far and
also because he likes her, he’ll give her exactly 7 more days..
There is a furious knocking at the front doors of Collinwood.
Carolyn answers. It is Sabrina, who has apparently escaped from
Windcliff. Sabrina points at the moon and says, “Look! The moon!
Come with me! Important!”. Perhaps to humor her, Carolyn goes
with her.
Julia goes back to the Inn and tells Amanda what happened. Amanda
in turn tells her about Mr. Best’s visit and what happened. Julia
tells her there’s still hope, that perhaps she can still find the
one thing that will restore Quentin’s memory. She leaves.
Sabrina brings Carolyn to Harrison Monroe’s house. Carolyn asks
her why she’s brought her here. Sabrina tells her that there was a
murder here, but that everyone’s gone now. Carolyn asks what this
has to do with her. Suddenly they notice that someone else has
entered the room. It’s Julia. Sabrina gets hysterical and screams
at Julia, “You know! From the very first time I met you, I could
feel that you knew! You’ve known about him and have been protecting
him!”. Carolyn takes the hysterical Sabrina away*…
Julia searches the room. In a desk, she finds a pile of form letters
asking the recipient if he either has or knows the whereabouts of
painting by Charles Delaware Tate called “A View of South Wales”.
They are all signed “Harrison Monroe”. She theorizes that the reason
Tate wanted to recover this painting so badly might be that it’s the
portrait of Quentin, that he lied to her when he claimed it was destroyed
in the fire, that he painted over it like he did the painting of Amanda
but somehow lost it.
Carolyn brings Sabrina back to Collinwood. She asks if she brought her
to that house because Chris is the murderer. Sabrina pauses, then says
“No. It wasn’t Chris” (perhaps considering Chris and the werewolf two
seperate things). Sabrina asks Carolyn if she loves Chris. Carolyn
replies that she doesn’t anymore. Sabrina replies “I do…”
Julia returns to Amanda’s room and tells her about the form letters
she found and tells her that she’s certain that the portrait of Quentin
is underneath “A View of South Wales”. She shows her a copy of a bill
from an art gallery she found in Harrison Monroe’s desk, apparently
included in a reply to one of the form letters, showing that the painting
“A View of South Wales” had been sold to a “Sky Rumson”. Julia notes
that the address given on the bill is in Little Windward Island, Maine, a
small island only 50 miles away. Amanda is puzzled and tells Julia that
Sky Rumson is a rich and famous publisher, but lives in New York. Julia
replies that she’s already checked, that the house in Maine is a summer
house, and that she’s learned he’s coming there today.
Julia goes to the Rumson residence in Little Windward Island. She
tells Rumson of her interest in a painting called “A View of South Wales”.
He shows her to the wall where it’s hanging and points it out to her. It
is a simple landscape, showing some houses on some rolling hills. Julia
thinks to herself that it’s exactly the right size, but cannot tell
if there’s anything under it just by looking at it. She lies to Rumson
that she’s organizing an exhibit of Tate’s works and would like to borrow
it. Rumson tells her that she’ll have to check with his wife about that,
that it’s her favorite painting for some reason, jokingly adding that his
wife seems to have such good taste in everything else. Julia asks if his
wife is here. He replies that she isn’t, that they usually come down in
the same plane, but that today he had to come earlier for a business
appointment. He looks at his watch and tells Julia that his wife’s plane
is scheduled to land in 7 minutes and that she should be here soon.
Julia asks to talk to his wife, but Rumson is reluctant, saying it’s
the 6 month anniversary of their marriage tonight and they’d like to
be alone. Julia promises not to take long. Rumson tells Julia he has
some business calls to make and suggests to Julia that she can occupy
herself while waiting by looking at the other paintings in the house,
“including the most beautiful of them all, one of Mrs. Rumson”. He leads
her to a small alcove, turns on a light, points to a picture and says,
“There she is”. Julia is shocked. It is the portrait of Angelique.
Rumson continues, “That’s my Angelique.”.

*How Sabrina knows about Tate’s murder is not explained.

Episode 924
Worldvision Rerun 698
Tape Date: December 16, 1969 (ABC #9-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 8, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Julia remarks that both the painting and the clothing the woman is
wearing appear rather old. Rumson explains that Angelique had it painted
that way because they first met each other at a costume party. He explains
that he first saw her picture in a magazine of his in a fashion spread
and became enamored of her. He excuses himself and leaves, saying he
has some business calls to make.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Maggie is reading something
and watching David do some lessons. David complains about the amount
of work Maggie gives him. Finally, he tells her that he’s done. Michael
comes, saying to David that he expected him to come to the antique shop
to play, and when he didn’t, he came here instead. Maggie tells him he
can’t play with David because David has a slight cold, but Michael and
David promise to just play some board games and not anything to work
up a sweat. Maggie leaves to correct David’s lessons.
Angelique arrives at the Rumson summer home. She and Skye kiss
warmly. He tells her there’s a woman who came to see her and that
she’s waiting in the sitting room. Angelique goes to the sitting
room. She is shocked to see that the woman is Julia. She closes the
doors and asks Julia what she’s doing here. Julia replies that she
didn’t expect to see her here and asks HER what SHE’s doing here.
Angelique tells her that she’s started a new life, that she’s found
a man whom she loves and who truly loves her, that she wants nothing
more to do with the Collins, that she’s even renounced her powers.
Julia, not believing this, asks what she’s doing with the portrait
of Quentin if this is all true. Angelique replies that it was a
present from Skye. She explains that when Skye asked her to marry
him, she took a long time to think about it, about a month, that one
of the things she did when she was making up her mind was to go into
a shop where she knew the painting was and look at it, remembering all
the pain and trouble caused by her relationship with the Collins, that
Skye had found out that she was coming to the shop and learned from the
owner that she spent a lot of time looking at the picture and had bought
it for her as a surprise wedding present. She begs Julia not to tell
anyone about her. Julia tells her about the Grant Douglas, that she
thinks he might be Quentin and asks to borrow the painting.
Michael cheats at the game he and David are playing, “Wall Street”
(It looks a lot like ‘Monopoly’) by stealing some money from the bank.
David gets upset and complains, but Michael tells him he can do whatever
he wants to and orders him to finish the game. Maggie comes into the
room and tells David that his handwriting is horrible, that there are
entire sentences in the essay he has written that she cannot read.
Michael arrogantly tells Maggie that she should let David continue
playing and not bother him because it is not important to have legible
handwriting, that many adults have illegible handwriting. David agrees,
citing her handwriting as an example. Maggie gets very upset at this
and tells David to come see her in his room in five minutes. After
Maggie leaves, Michael angrily tells David that after he has his
discussion with Maggie, they’re going to have fun and play a ‘game’
with her.
Julia and Angelique reach an agreement. Julia agrees that she will
keep Angelique’s presence here a secret if she lets her ‘borrow’ the
painting and return a copy.
At Collinwood, all the lights go out. David asks Michael ‘Why did
you do that?”. Michael replies “To see if she’s afraid of the dark”.
Maggie, holding a candle, goes through the house looking for David and
Michael. When she finds them, she tells asks David where the fuse box
is. David stupidly blurts out “I didn’t do it!!”. Maggie realizes that
this indicates that someone DID do it, looks at Michael and says, “So
YOU’RE responsible..”. Michael gets upset and tells Maggie that he
doesn’t like her and is going to call Philip and Megan and have them
pick him up. He runs off.
A little later, Maggie is in her room preparing for bed. She hears
a loud breathing noise and, thinking David is playing a trick on her,
searches for the source, calling, “David. I know it’s you making that
noise. Where are you?”. The secret panel opens by itself. Maggie
goes in. The panel closes, locking her in.
Episode 925
Worldvision Rerun 699
Tape Date: December 17, 1969 (ABC #10-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 9, 1970 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Maggie, still thinking that David is playing a trick on her, demands
that he let her out. There is no response, so she starts to walk around
and look for another way out.
All the clocks in the antique shop read almost 9:30. Megan looks
at one of them and sits down in frustration. The clocks strike the
half hour. Philip finally to the antique shop. Megan is furious with
him, saying that he was supposed to be back at 6:30. Philip tells her that
he was tied up doing appraisals at the Carson house. She tells him she
knows that he was lying, that she called the Carson house at 7:30 and they
told her he had already left and demands he tell her where he’s really
been. He tells her he’s just been parked in the car, looking at the sea,
thinking about what’s happened to their lives. He asks where Michael is.
Megan tells him Michael’s staying at Collinwood. Philip becomes furious,
saying she shouldn’t have let Michael do that because he has no control
of himself. They have a big argument.
Maggie, looking for another way out, finds herself where she started
and realizes that she’s been going around in circles.
Roger returns home and hear David and someone else playing a game in
the drawing room. Inside, Michael tells David to sell him 100 shares of
one of his stocks. David replies, “I don’t want to”, but Michael angrily
tells him, “You’ll sell when I tell you to sell!” Roger goes in and
finds David playing “Wall Street” with a boy he’s never seen before.
David explains that the boy is Michael and is Alexander’s cousin.
Roger remarks that they’re up early and asks where Maggie is. David
replies that he thinks she’s still in bed. After Roger leaves, Michael
becomes angry and tells David that he can tell that Roger did not like
Alexander, and does not like him either. He angrily tells David that the
game is over, and storms out of the drawing room.
Roger goes and looks for Maggie. He knocks at the door to her room
but gets no answer. He opens the door and finds that she is not there
and that the bed has not been slept in.
Maggie, continuing to look for a way out, goes into a room she finds.
She hears the breathing noise, and the door slams shut on her.
Roger comes back into the drawing room and tells David that he has
looked for Maggie in her room and found that her bed has not been slept
in. He asks David if he knows where she is. David replies that he doesn’t
know, maybe she went somewhere. Roger becomes upset at this, saying that
if that is what Maggie did, then she is being irresponsible. Michael,
who has been eavesdropping from the foyer, comes back into the room.
Roger leaves to see if Maggie is somewhere in the house.
David and Michael play cards. Roger comes in and says he’s searched
the house and not found Maggie. There’s a loud knocking at the front door.
Roger answers. It’s Philip. He tells Michael that it’s time for him to
go home. Michael arrogantly replies that he doesn’t see why he should,
that he doesn’t see why he and David can’t just keep playing since
David’s governess isn’t here to give him his lessons anyway. But
Philip refuses to listen and takes him back to the antique shop anyway.
Micheal, who doesn’t want to go, is furious and struggles the entire way.
When they get there Philip is so angry that he takes Michael over his
knees and raises his hand to spank him, but Megan stops him. Philip
angrily goes upstairs. Michael tells Megan that he thinks Philip isn’t as
dedicated to ‘their goal’ as she is and touches her face. He tells her
that Philip might be a liability to them and says that something must be
done about him. Megan replies in a robotic tone, “Something must be done
about Philip”. Michael leaves. Megan goes to a writing table, lifts
the top and takes out a revolver…
Episode 926
Worldvision Rerun 700
Tape Date: December 18, 1969 (ABC #11-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 12, 1970 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

When Philip returns to the antique shop, Megan points the gun at
him and says, “I’ve got to do this”. But Barnabas shows up and says
“No you don’t”, takes the gun from her and tells her to go upstairs.
Michael goes to Collinwood. David asks him what’s he doing back
there. Michael lies that he left a book there. David accuses him of
having something to do with Maggies’s disappearance, but Michael
denies it. Michael starts to go upstairs to ‘find his book’. David
tells him he’ll go with him, but Michael tells him he can find it
himself and orders him to stay downstairs.
Still locked in the room, Maggie hears the loud breathing sound
again. She decides that David can’t be responsible, that if he had
been playing a joke on her, he would have stopped by now. She thinks
that it’s perhaps Michael, or something else.
Barnabas tells Philip that Michael is out of control and must be
responsible for Megan’s actions. He asks where Michael is. Philip replies
that he’s not sure, but that he thinks he must be at Collinwood, that he
had spent the night there. He tells Barnabas what happened there, about
Maggie’s being missing. Barnabas tells him to go to Collinwood and
try to find out what Michael did with Maggie. After Philip leaves,
Barnabas thinks to himself that he doesn’t like what’s been happening,
what he’s been doing, that he hasn’t been himself and vows to try to
fight back and try do something to rectify the situation. The old
Barnabas seems to be coming back…
Megan comes back down and Barnabas tells her that Michael is out of
control, that his actions are endangering their plans and that they’ll
have to change their plans. He tells her this’ll have to be the
‘end for Michael’, that they’ll have to lock him up until the time for
him to emerge. Megan asks Barnabas how they’ll explain Michael’s
In the room, Maggie hears the breathing stop. It is replaced by
a voice telling her “I’m coming to get you soon…”
Philip arrives at Collinwood and asks David if he knows anything
about what Michael has done with Maggie. At first, David, fearing
Michael, lies that he knows nothing, but Philip eventually convinces
him to tell him. David tells him that the last time he saw Maggie
was when she was going into her room, just as he was going to bed.
Philip asks him to take him there.
The voice continues to taunt Maggie, telling her she’d better not
fall asleep…
In Maggie’s room, Philip asks David where his room is. David replies
that it’s right across the hall. He asks him if he heard her come out
last night after he went to bed. David replies no. Philip remarks that
if Michael had lured her out of her room, then he would have heard
something, and asks David if there’s any other way out of the room.
David tells him about the secret passage and shows him. Philip goes
In the secret passage, Michael, hiding in the shadows, sees Philip
and smiles. In the room, Maggie hears footsteps coming and grabs a
candlestick to use as a weapon. The voice continues to taunt her,
saying “I’m coming to get you NOW!”. Philip gets to the room.
He unlocks it from outside . Maggie raises the candlestick…
Episode 927
Worldvision Rerun 701
Tape Date: December 19, 1969 (ABC #12-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 13, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Philip opens the door and walks in. Maggie whacks him…
Julia is in the drawing room of Collinwood. Michael enters through the
secret door next to the fireplace. Julia asks him how he knows about the
secret passage. Michael explains that David told him about them.
Julia asks him if he knows about the one in Maggie’s room. He admits
that he does. She asks him if he knows what happened to Maggie. He
lies that he doesn’t. Suddenly, Maggie runs crying into the room.
Michael runs out. Maggie explains that she was lured into the secret
passages and locked in a room, that it was Philip who was responsible
and that she had killed him. Julia asks Maggie to take her there.
Michael, eavesdropping from the foyer, smiles…
Maggie takes Julia to the room…
Michael returns to the antique shop. Megan is there. He scolds her
for not having killed Phillp as he ordered. She replies that she could
not, that she’s loved Phillip too long. Micheal replies that that’s now
irrelevant, that ‘that traitor Philip is now dead’, that he’s had him
killed. Shocked and distraught, Megan runs out of the shop.
Megan arrives at Collinwood and cries to Julia that she must see
Philip. Julia tells her she cannot.
Michael is playing in the antique shop. A hand touches him on the
shoulder. He turns to see who it is and is shocked. It is Philip.
Philip tells her that his plan didn’t work, that Maggie wasn’t strong
enough to kill him. He grabs Michael and appears to be about to beat
him, but Megan comes rushing in and stops him. She tells Michael to
go up to her bedroom. He does. Philip, furious, tells Megan that
the boy is out of control and that something must be done about him.
Megan tells him there is a way…
In Megan’s room, Michael maliciously writes his name on the mirror
with lipstick. Megan comes in and tells him they’re going to have to
do something he won’t like…..
Maggie comes to the antique shop and apologizes to Philip for thinking
he was responsible for what happened to her and panicking and whacking
him. Philip apologizes to Maggie for Michael’s actions, explaing that
ever since his parents died in the accident, he’s been acting strangely,
angry at the world for what happened.
Megan finishes explaining to Michael what must be done. He does not
like it and screams that he doesn’t love her anymore. She responds,
“But you love Carolyn, don’t you?”. This mollifies him, and he
picks up the lipstick and writes “+ Carolyn” under his name on the
mirror, then draws a heart around it…
Maggie is still talking to Philip. Suddenly, Megan comes running
down the stairs screaming that something is seriously wrong with
Michael, that he’s unconscious, and frantically calls Julia.
Julia comes to the antique shop and examines Michael. He is conscious
but delirious. She finds that his heart is beating very strangely and
tells them he must be put in the hospital. While she is calling the
hospital, Megan goes to stroke Michael and suddenly screams that he
is dead. Julia, saying she’ll try to shock him back to life, prepares
an injection…
Episode 928
Worldvision Rerun 702
Tape Date: December 31, 1969 (ABC #13-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 14, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Julia gives Michael the injection, but it doesn’t work…
After Julia signs the death certificate, she tells the Todds that
she finds the death somewhat odd and would like to consult some experts
and have an autopsy performed, but Megan becomes upset at this, saying
it’s clear why Michael died, that after his parents died, he lost all
will to live, that both they and Mrs. Hutchins in ‘Colleaguesport’ (?),
who took care of him at first, tried their best, but to no avail.
At his house, Stokes is examining the painting Julia got from
Angelique. Julia comes. Stokes tells her he has called Professor Osmond.
He notices that she seems upset and preoccupied. He tells her he’ll get
some sherry to relax her. As he is going, she asks him where
‘Colleaguesport’ is. He tells her it’s a small town about 20 miles
away. When he gets back with the sherry, she is gone.
Julla goes to Colleaguesport and looks up Mrs. Hutchins. She
discusses Michael’s death with her for a while then, apparently
convinced that the Todd’s story of her having taken care of him for
awhile was true, leaves. Philip comes in from another room, tells Mrs.
Hutchins she did very well and gives her an envelope full of money.
She asks what this was all about, why he wanted her to lie about
having taken care of a child named Michael, but he tells her she
doesn’t need to know that. Philip leaves. He doesn’t notice that
Julia is hiding behind some bushes outside and sees him leaving.
Philip returns to the antique shop and tells Megan that they have
been successful in fooling Julia.
Julia returns to Stoke’s house. Stokes, somewhat angry, asks why
she left so abruptly. She tells him she had to check something out.
He tells her he hopes she was successful. She replies that she was.
She tells him that something very strange is happening, that she needs
his help, and starts to explain the strange occurences of Barnabas’ odd
behaviour, the Todds, and the succession of blond children at the
antique shop, each with the same birthmark.
Julia fininshes telling her story, recounting Michael’s strange
death, and what happened at Mrs. Hutchins, that she saw Philip there
and thinks the whole thing was a setup. Stokes tells her he’ll help.
He tells her she should try to question Paul while he goes and
investigates the antique shop. She replies that she’s tried, but could
not get much out of Paul because he seems confused and fearful. He tells
her to try anyway, that it would be worth it because he might know a lot.
At the antique shop, Megan is still moping about Michael. Philip
tells her she’s got to forget about Michael, and they get into an
argument about this. Stokes comes into the shop, and they stop arguing.
Stokes buys a statue, then compliments the Todds on what a nice shop they
have, saying that he’s glad to see that they have all sorts of antiques
here, not just the standard colonial New England stuff most stores in
this area have. He points to Megan’s Naga locket and remarks that that,
for example, is obviously from another part of the world. Philip wraps
his statue up and gives it to him. Stokes notices that Philip is wearing
a ring with the same design as Megan’s locket. Stokes tells them he’s got
to leave, saying that he bought the statue as a birthday gift, and he’s
got to leave for the party right now. After he leaves, Megan tells Philip
she’s got a strange feeling about Stokes. Philip agrees, and tells Megan
he’s sure Stokes noticed his ring. Megan notices that Stokes, in spite
of his claim he had to hurry to a party, is standing across the street
watching the shop, and draws the curtains. They hear the sound of
footsteps upstairs. They are shocked to see Michael walking down the
stairs. He announces, “I’ve decided not to go through with it..”
January 1, 1970 – New Year’s Day. No show taped.
Episode 929
Worldvision Rerun 703
Tape Date: December 22, 1969 (ABC #14-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 15, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

The Todds try to explain to Michael that that’s impossible now, and
tell him to go back upstairs to his room. He refuses. Philip,
exasperated, grabs him and drags him upstairs. Carolyn telephones and
tells Megan that her mother would like them to come over for dinner.
Megan goes upstairs and finds Philip outside the door to Michael’s
room. He tells her that he’s locked the door from the outside and
Michael won’t be able to get out again. She warns him that Michael is
getting stronger everyday. Philip agrees, and says he will put a
stronger bolt on the door.
At Collinwood, Paul sneaks down into the drawing room and snoops
around. He finds a gun in a drawer and puts it into the pocket of
his robe. Carolyn comes into the drawing room and asks him what he’s
doing there. He tells her he feels much better and just wanted to walk
around a bit. He asks her for a strange favor. Saying that he’s found
out that he’s allergic to the medicine they’ve been giving him but that
they won’t believe him, that he’s feeling much better because he’s
stopped taking it, he asks her to bring him some food, saying that
they’ve started putting the medicine in his food. She agrees, but after
Paul goes upstairs, she shakes her head sadly…
Paul goes back to his room and is shocked to see Barnabas in there.
He pulls the gun on him and asks him what he wants. Barnabas tells him
he wants to help him. Paul replies that he’s have to be an idiot to
believe that. Barnabas tells him to look on the bed. He does and sees
a box with an envelope on top. Barnabas explains that he knows that his
clothes were taken away after the time he escaped to town and that the box
contains clothing, that the envelope contains enough money for him to
go quite a distance. Paul replies that he won’t leave, that he has to
stay to protect Carolyn. Barnabas assures him that he’ll protect her.
Paul agrees to go. Barnabas leaves, saying he’ll go and make sure
the coast is clear. Paul thinks to himself that he’s fooled Barnabas,
that he has no intention of leaving, that he’ll stay in Collinsport and
investigate what’s going on, starting with the mysterious antique shop.
Philip finishes putting in the bolt, and the Todds prepare to go
to Collinwood.
In the drawing room, Elizabeth takes a bottle of some sort of
liquid and puts a label on it. Carolyn comes in and asks what it is.
Elizabeth replies that it’s a refill for Paul’s medicine. Carolyn
volunteers to take it up to him. Elizabeth replies that that’s not
necessary, that she’ll do it, but Carolyn tells her it would be better
if she took it up because he’s more likely to take it if she brings it.
Elizabeth tells her she didn’t think of that and gives it to her.
Philip and Megan come, and Carolyn goes upstairs with the bottle.
Barnabas returns to Paul’s room. Paul is dressed. There’s a knock
on the door. Barnabas hides behind the curtains. Paul lets Carolyn
in. She asks him why he’s dressed. He tells her he can’t stand being
cooped up for so long and wants to take a walk. She tells him he can’t,
but eventually relents and tells him she’ll let him if she can accompany
him, but tells him that he’ll have to wait for half an hour because the
Todds are here. She tells him to promise that he’ll stay here. He does.
After she goes, Barnabas tells him that everyone’s in the drawing room
and he’ll go downstairs to make sure the door is closed, that he is to
follow and leave when he sees the drawing room doors closed.
In the drawing room, Philip, Megan and Elizabeth discuss their plans.
Megan tells Elizabeth that soon, all the Leviathan people from all over
the world will eventually come to Collinsport. Barnabas comes in.
He begins to shut the door, peering out briefly to see that Paul is
coming down the stairs. Elizabeth asks what he’s doing. He lies that
he’s just seeing what time it is and closes the doors. Paul comes down
the stairs. He sees Megan’s purse on the table and steals a bunch of
keys from it.
Paul goes to the shop and, using the keys he stole from Megan’s purse,
opens the door and goes in and starts to search around.
Philip and Megan finish talking to Elizabeth and Barnabas. Elizabeth
offers to let them stay for the night, but they tell her they’d rather
go back to the shop and leave.
Paul makes his way upstairs. Outside Michael’s room, he hears the
loud breathing sound. He unbolts the door and tries the door, but finds
that it is still locked. He takes the bunch of keys and starts trying
them. He finds the right one, opens the door and goes in. He sees
something that terrifies him and screams, “NO ! NO! NO!”. It is clear
that whatever he sees is BIG, as his head is upturned and it’s clear
that he’s looking UP…
Episode 930
Worldvision Rerun 704
Tape Date: December 29, 1969 (ABC #15-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 16, 1970 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Paul tries to escape, but the thing, which is invisible to us,
closes the door and backs him into a corner.
The Todds return to the shop. Megan notices that things are out of
place and tells Philip that someone has been here. Thinking that Michael
has somehow gotten out of the room, they go upstairs to check. They
find the door unlocked and go in. They find Paul cowering in the corner.
They try to get him out, but the thing won’t let them. Megan tells
Philip there’s only one thing they can do, call Barnabas for help.
At Collinwood, Julia is trying to talk to Barnabas again, asking him
what’s happened to him, but Barnabas tells her not to get involved, that
it can get dangerous. The phone rings. Julia answers. It’s Megan,
asking for Barnabas. She gives the phone to him. Megan tells Barnabas
what’s happened and asks him to come to the shop. Barnabas tells
Julia he’s got to leave. Julia tells him she can tell something’s
happened and asks him what it is. He denies that anything has happened
and rushes out of Collinwood. Carolyn comes down and tells Julia her
father is missing.
Barnabas arrives at the shop. He tells Megan to get a cot ready in
the basement. He goes into the room and orders the thing to let Paul
go. The thing obeys, reluctantly.
Having searched the Blue Whale and the Collinsport Inn and not found
Paul, Julia and Carolyn are standing in front of the Inn. Julia asks
Carolyn if there’s anywhere else he’s been known to go. Carolyn tells
her he sometimes goes to the antique shop.
Barnabas takes Paul down the the room in the basement. Megan asks
what he plans to do with him. Barnabas replies that he doesn’t know
yet, that for the time being, they’re just going to have to keep him
here. Megan disgrees with this, saying that Paul knows too much and
should be killed. Barnabas angrily tells her that there will be no
more killing and tells her she’s getting as bloodthirsty as Michael.
The door entrance bell rings, and the Todds quickly go upstairs.
Upstairs, Julia and Carolyn tell the Todds that Paul is missing and
ask if he’s come here. They lie that he has not.
Downstairs, Paul goes crazy and starts to struggle with Barnabas.
During the struggle, Paul knocks a lamp down.
Upstairs, everyone hears the crash. Julia asks if anyone else is
in the shop. The Todds lie that there isn’t. Philip tells them he’ll
go downstairs to see what caused the noise.
Downstairs, Barnabas tells Paul to calm down, that he’s going to
help him escape, but that he’ll have to wait because he can’t do it
right now. Philip comes down and Barnabas tells him what happened.
Philip comes back up, holding the lamp. He tells them that Megan
had apparently put it too close to the edge of a crate and that it
fell down, causing the noise. Julia and Carolyn leave.
Outside, Julia tells Carolyn to drive back to Collinwood by herself.
She stays and surreptitiously watches the shop.
In the shop, Barnabas tells the Todds that the door to Michael’s room
is to be kept locked and not be opened for any reason. He leaves the
shop. Julia, from her hiding place, sees him.
Megan tells Philip that Barnabas seems to have changed, that she
doesn’t agree with his judgement anymore. After Philip is asleep, she
goes to Michael’s room and opens the door. The thing (invisible),
walks heavily down the stairs towards the room where Paul is.
In the room, Paul hears noises outside the door and smells the same
sickly sweet smell he smelled in the room upstairs. He frantically
looks for another way out of the room, but finding none, picks up
a chair and prepares to hit whatever comes in through the door.
Episode 931
Worldvision Rerun 705
Tape Date: December 23, 1969 (ABC #16-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 19, 1970 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

The thing tears the door off its hinges, comes in and knocks the
chair out of Paul’s hands and attacks him. Suddenly, a voice orders
him to stop and leave Paul alone. It is Barnabas. The thing stops.
Barnabas orders the thing to follow him. Megan, who’s been listening
to the attack from the stair landing, hears Barnabas and runs into her
room. Barnabas takes the thing upstairs and locks it back in its room.
He angrily calls for Megan. She comes out of her room. He asks her
why she didn’t do anything, that she surely must have heard the
commotion. She replies that she did, but was afraid to do anything,
that she couldn’t awaken Philip because he had taken some sleeping
pills. Barnabas accuses her of lying and having opened the door
deliberately to let the thing attack Paul.
Paul runs out of the antique shop, right into the arms of Julia.
She takes him away.
Barnabas goes downstairs and finds that Paul is gone.
Julia takes Paul to Stokes’ house. Stokes notes that Paul’s clothing
is ripped, as if by a wild animal and even stranger, smells strangely
of decay. Julia tells him she found him outside the antique shop in a
state of shock. She remarks that its the same condition Amy had been
in after being in the shop. Stokes asks what caused Amy’s shock. Julia
replies that it was seeing Grant Douglas and thinking it was Quentin,
but that that couldn’t be the case with Paul. There’s a phone call.
Stokes answers. It’s Professor Osmond. He tells Stokes that the painting
will be finished in about 3 hours. Stokes tells Julia this. Stokes
suggests that they call the police and have them investigate the shop,
but Julia begs him not to, saying that Barnabas is involved, that she
saw him there tonight and wants to keep the police out of it. She asks
if she can leave Paul there for awhile. Stokes says yes, and she leaves.
Megan, at the shop, continues to find Barnabas’ behavior suspicious.
She asks herself why Barnabas returned to the shop after he had left.
She decides to call Elizabeth and talk to her about it. She calls
Collnwood, but Olivia, who is in the foyer, answers and tells her
Elizabeth isn’t there.
Julia returns to Collinwood and finds Olivia waiting in the foyer
for her. Olivia is desperate. She tells Julia that her time is almost
up, that she saw Mr. Best sitting in the lobby of the Inn, looking
at his watch. Julia asks her how much time she has left. She tells
her “Two hours”. Julia tells her there’s still hope, that the painting
is almost finished. She tells Olivia to return to the Inn and try
to do what she can to get Grant to remember, that she’ll try to see if
she can get the painting finished faster. Olivia leaves, and Julia
calls Professor Osmond.
Olivia returns to the Inn and tries to get Grant to remember. She is
not having any success. She gets a call from Julia telling her that
Osmond has called her and told her the painting is finished and to
meet her at his house with Grant.
Stokes tries to get Paul to talk, but has no success.
Julia, Olivia and Grant meet at Osmond’s house. They go into a room,
Osmond having told them they can look at the portrait in private. In
the room is a painting covered by a blue cloth. Julia unveils the
portrait. Olivia looks at it, screams and runs out of the room…
Episode 932
Worldvision Rerun 706
Tape Date: December 30, 1969 (ABC #17-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 20, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

…for the portrait is indeed that of Quentin Collins, but it is
of an extremely old man who looks like he has been disfigured by
syphilis, face pockmarked, nose partially rotted away. Grant turns
away in horror…
Outside the house, Amanda thinks to herself, “Is that what Quentin
would look like if it weren’t for the portrait? Would I look something
like that if it weren’t for Mr. Best?”. Suddenly, she sees Mr. Best
standing there beside her. He tells her her time is up…She begs for
just a few more minutes, saying that something’s just happened and
Quentin might have regained his memory, but that she left without
finding out…
Inside, Julia asks Grant if the portrait has had any effect on his
memory. Grant replies that it has not, but has his face turned away,
not wanting to look at it. She asks him to look at it again. He
refuses. She asks him why he would have such a reaction to it if it
meant nothing to him. He looks at it again.
Outside, Mr. Best tells Olivia that her time is out and that he’s
not going to give her any more.
Inside, Grant, looking at the portrait, suddenly says to Julia,
“Aren’t you afraid to be in the same room as Quentin Collins, Julia?
Can’t you see what I really am, how everything that should have happened
to me has happened to the portrait instead, that the portrait is me as
I really am? “. He has regained his memory. Julia explains Amanda and
her situation with Mr. Best to him. Quentin runs outside, but Amanda
is gone. He finds some stuff she has dropped on the floor.
Mr. Best takes Amanda back to the ‘hotel lobby’. He tells her that
this is just a waiting area and leaves, saying he has other people
to see. She tries to open the door, but finds it locked. A bellboy
appears behind her and asks, “You want to go out?”, and gives her a
key. She tries it but finds that it doesn’t open the door. The bellboy
laughs and says, “Oh, I fool a lot of people with that one!”. He tells
her that no one gets out, and that he’ll show her to her room…
Quentin and Julia return to Amanda’s room. Quentin agonizes over
how he came so close, how he finally found Amanda but did not know who
she was and lost her again forever. He tells Julia he wants to be alone
and asks her to leave. She does. Quentin picks up a letter opener and,
saying “I WILL be with her!”, prepares to kill himself, but Mr. Best
comes in through the door and says, “Don’t. It’s not your time yet.”.
Quentin stops. The man remarks, “Quentin, Amanda’s told me a lot about
you .”. Quentin replies, “So your the one who took her!”, and raises
the knife to attack him, but Mr. Best uses his powers to force Quentin
to drop the knife without touching him. Quentin tells Mr. Best that he
loves Amanda and will do anything to be with her.
In the ‘hotel lobby’, the bellhop is entering Amanda’s name in a
ledger. The front door opens and Mr. Best enters with Quentin. The
bellboy finishes what he’s doing and leaves. Mr. Best tells Quentin
that the door through which they have entered is one way, that only
he, Mr. Best, can go out through it. Quentin tries it and finds it
locked. Mr. Best then shows Quentin to another door, this on a heavy
iron one. He tells Quentin that it is the only way out and opens it.
The sounds of wind and thunder come from outside. He tells Quentin
that it’s a difficult journey, that few have ever successfully traversed
it back to the world of the living. Quentin remarks that it looks like
a trap. Mr. Best replies that it’s many traps. Closing the door,
Mr. Best tells Quentin that he’ll let him and Amanda try the journey,
and that if they’re successful, he’ll let them live together forever.
He tells Quentin that they’ll be allowed to bring one thing with them,
the two candlesticks on the table beside the ledger. He then gives
Quentin one additional warning, that he and Amanda are not to touch
until they reach the world of the living, that if they do, she’ll
be lost to him forever. He tells Quentin he’ll go get Amanda and leaves.
Quentin picks up the candlesticks, goes to the iron door and opens it
to look over what he’s facing. As he is looking and pondering, Amanda
comes into the room, sees him and, overjoyed to see him, starts to
walk over to him, arms raised ready to hug him…
Episode 933
Worldvision Rerun 707
Tape Date: January 2, 1970 (ABC #18-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 21, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin turns around just in time, screams at Amanda not to touch
him and explains the situation to her. He finds that Mr. Best had
told her nothing, the first trap… They start their journey..
At the shop, Megan calls the sheriff about Paul…
At Stokes’ house, Stokes tries to get Paul to talk by telling
him he’s safe there, to no avail
Megan and Philip at the shop hear a huge sound coming from upstairs.
They go up to the chosen room to investigate and find the boards
covering one of the windows all broken. The thing has escaped…
Megan tell Philip it’s obviously gone after Paul…
Quentin and Amanda are making their way through the caverns leading
back to the land of the living. Amanda wanders and suddenly finds
herself trapped in a giant spiderweb. The spider starts to crawl
towards her. Quentin picks up a rock and throws it at the spider,
killing it. They decide to use Quentin’s coat to keep from becoming
seperated. He takes it off and they each take one sleeve, holding
it as a guide rope between them.
Philip tells Megan that they must get Barnabas and tell him what
happened. Megan refuses, saying that they should let the thing go
and get Paul. In fact, she ORDERS him not to get Barnabas.
Amanda slips and sprains her ankle, but tell Quentin she can still
go on.
Stokes still has no luck getting Paul to talk. He leaves the room
to get something. While he is away, Paul goes to the phone and starts
to ask the operator to call the police. Stokes comes back in, hears
him and says, “So, Mr. Stoddard, you CAN talk !”. For some reason,
Paul is afraid of him and runs from him, going into another room
and locking the door. Stokes tries to get him to come out, but he
won’t. Stokes telephones Julia.
Quentin and Amanda see a light at the end of the caverns and realize
that they are almost through. But they find a rickety rope bridge
in their way. Amanda tells Quentin she is afraid to cross it. Quentin
tells her she must, saying that they’ll have to go seperately because
it might not bear both their weights. He tells her he’ll go first, that
if it can bear his weight, then it will bear hers. He starts.
Julia comes to Stokes. She tries to get Paul to come out of the room,
but he refuses, saying that he’ll only talk to the police. Julia lies
that she’ll call the police, then. She goes to the phone and spins the
dial a few times and then pretends to talk to the police. Suddenly,
there’s a commotion in the room where Paul is. Paul screams. The door
opens and Paul comes out and falls to the floor.
Quentin finishes crossing the bridge. He calms Amanda down and
coaxes her to cross the bridge. She starts to walk across slowly.
Stokes comes out of the room where Paul was and tells Julia the
room is completely in shambles, but there’s no longer anything in
there but a strange smell. Julia tells Stokes that Paul is dead.
They decide that they must call the police.
Just as she is about to reach the end of the bridge, Amanda falls
through a hole. She just barely manages to grab hold of the top
rope of the bridge.
Episode 934
Worldvision Rerun 708
Tape Date: January 5, 1970 (ABC #19-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 22, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin instinctively reaches out, grabs her arm and pulls her
back up. They both suddenly realize they have touched. They run,
trying to reach the exit before it’s too late, but a bunch of rocks
fall on Amanda, burying her. Quentin awakens and finds himself in
the woods, knowing he has lost Amanda forever.
The sheriff arrives at Stokes. He tells them he has never seen
anything like it and tells them he’ll take Paul’s coat to a chemist
to have the strange substance on it analyzed.
At the antique shop, Megan and Philip anxiously await the thing’s
return. Philip tells Megan that he thinks it would be better if the
thing not come back here, that it would be better if it hid in the
woods because the authorities might follow it here if it returned to
the shop. They hear a noise upstairs followed by the sound of
loud breathing. They realize that the thing is back…
Julia tells the sheriff that Paul’s last words were about
“Monster! Room at top of stairs !”. The sheriff asks if she has any
idea where this room might be. She replies that she thinks it might
be at the antique shop because she found him running out of there.
The phone rings. Stokes answers it and gives it to the sheriff.
After talking on the phone, the sheriff tells them that the chemist
is baffled by the substance and will send the coat to a more advanced
laboratory in Bangor to see if they can determine what it is. Julia
asks the sheriff what they should tell the Collins. The sheriff tells
her they should keep it quiet and tells her to just say died of a heart
At the shop, Megan comes back downstairs and tells Philip that she
tried to talk to it and explain to it why it should go hide in the
woods, but that it refused. Philip tells Megan that he doesn’t
like the way things are going and suggests that they just wash their
hands of the whole thing and leave. Megan refuses. The phone rings.
Megan answers. After hanging up, she beams and tells Philip that
it was Elizabeth telling her that Paul had died of a heart attack
without saying a thing. She leaves, saying she’s going to Collinwood
to pay her ‘respects’…
At Stokes, the sheriff hangs up the phone and tells Julia
that the search warrant will be ready within an hour.
At the antique shop, Philip stands around moping. Julia and the
sheriff come. The sheriff tells him that the shop was mentioned in
a dying man’s last words, and he has a search warrant to search the
place. Philip tries to stop him with the excuse that they’ve just
had a death in the family and are in no mood for a useless search, but
the sheriff replies that he’s sorry but he has to. Reluctantly, lets
them search. At the top of the stairs, the sheriff stops at Michael’s
room and asks what’s in there. Philip begs him not to go in there,
saying it’s the room belonging to the child that just died and it
would be too painful, but the sheriff replies that the dying man
had specifically said ‘the room at the top of the stairs’, and that’s
one room he’s got to search. He pulls his gun and starts to open
the door…
Episode 935
Worldvision Rerun 709
Tape Date: January 6, 1970 (ABC #20-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 23, 1970 Friday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

The sheriff opens the door. Standing inside is a tall young man in
his mid 20’s. The sheriff asks the man what he’s doing there. The
man replies that it’s his room. The sheriff turns to Philip and remarks,
“I thought you said this was the boy’s room.” Philip is at a loss of
words. The young man chimes in “He doesn’t know anything about me.
His wife rented this room to me while he was out. “. He introduces
himself as Jabez Hawkes, Jeb for short. The sheriff leaves to search
the rest of the house. Phillip goes with him. Julia talk briefly with
Jeb. When they shake hands, Julia notices something…
Having searched the house and found nothing, the sheriff is
downstairs with Phillip. Phillip tells the sheriff that he’s gotten
an antique tea strainer like the one his wife has been asking for and
leaves the room to get it. While he is out of the room, the sheriff
finds something on the floor and puts it in his pocket.
Outside the shop, Julia tells the sheriff that in spite of the fact
that they didn’t find anything, she still believes that something is
going on here. The sheriff tells her he agrees, that he DID find some
things, that he smelled the same odor in the room as in the room
where Paul died…
Barnabas goes to the shop and reprimands Jeb for killing Paul.
Jeb tells him he’s an adult now and will no longer listen to any
orders from him. He orders Barnabas to expedite things with Carolyn..
Barnabas tells him he made a bad mistake in killing Paul, that according
to the book, it was to be Paul who gave Carolyn away at the wedding.
Jeb replies that he doesn’t care, he’s not following the book’s rules
anymore either.
Julia goes to the Inn and finds Quentin there. Quentin recounts
what happened to Amanda. Julia tells him about what’s happening
and tells him that he’s the one person who can help Barnabas and
asks him to try in spite of his pain over losing Amanda, but
Quentin, totally distraught, refuses.
The sheriff goes to the antique shop. Jeb answers the doors.
The sheriff asks for the Todds, saying he has some more things to
question them about. Jeb replies that the Todds are not here, and
the sheriff leaves, saying he’ll return later. Philip comes out
of another room and asks what the sheriff wanted. Jeb replies that
“You probably messed something up. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of
it” and leaves.
At Collinwood, Julia confronts Barnabas and tells him that the
Sheriff had found a burnt cufflink at the Todd’s and that they are
closing in. She suggests that he go to the sheriff before the
sheriff comes to him, that things might be easier for him if he
Jeb Hawkes goes to the sheriff’s office in monster form and
kills the sheriff. Moments after he does so, there is a knock at
the door. Barnabas comes in, sees the sheriff, examines him, and
finds that he is dead. When he looks up, he sees Jeb standing there.
Barnabas remarks, “I guess I don’t have to ask what you’re doing
here..”. Jeb replies, “The important question is, what are YOU
doing here ?”.
Episode 936
Worldvision Rerun 710
Tape Date: January 7, 1970 (ABC #21-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 26, 1970 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Jeb continues, “Did you come here to betray me?”. Barnabas lies
his way out of it by saying that the sheriff had found one of Paul’s
cufflinks at the shop and that he came here with a phony story to
explain it.
At Collinwood, the family is prepared for Paul’s funeral. Elizabeth
calls the Todds and asks them to come. Carolyn becomes distraught
and says that she doesn’t care what the autopsy said, that she’s
sure her father was murdered. Elizabeth takes her into the drawing room
to console her. Barnabas comes and tells Roger he’s glad they’re
haven’t left yet because he wants to go to the funeral too. He then
tells Roger that there’s been another mysterious death like Paul’s
in town, that this time it’s Sheriff Davenport.
Jeb returns to the shop and is angered to find that the Todds are
not there, angrily screaming that he told them they were not to
leave without asking him. Then he finds a note they left for him
telling him they went to Paul’s funeral…
At the funeral, unbeknownst to anyone, Jeb spies on Carolyn
from behing the gravestone of Jenny Collins…
Barnabas goes to the shop and asks Jeb why he summoned him
(psychically, presumably). Jeb again orders Barnabas to expedite
things with Carolyn. Barnabas tells him it’s not time, that it
would be difficult in her present mental state. Barnabas leaves.
Outside, he thinks to himself,”I’ll see to it that it will NEVER be
Carolyn’s time…”
Back at Collinwood, Barnabas suggest to Elizabeth that it would
be a good idea to send Carolyn away to New York for a while, that
the change of scenery would be good for her. Elizabeth finds this
a strange idea (she has no knowlege of the Leviathan’s plans for Carolyn).
Carolyn hears Barnabas and tells him she’s not going to go, that she’s
going to stay and that the first thing she’s going to do is go and
try to console Mrs. Davenport, the Sheriff’s wife.
Having visited Mrs. Davenport, Carolyn goes to the shop to thank
the Todds for coming to Paul’s funeral, but finds that they are not
there. She writes a note to them. Jeb comes down the stairs and
introduces himself.
Later, Barnabas, having learned of their meeting, goes to the shop
and tells Jeb it’s still too early and he should not have caused
Carolyn to come to the shop. Jeb replies that he didn’t cause it, she
came of her own free will because she was destined to, just as she
was destined to marry him, to walk up the stairs and join him in his
room and become one like him. He tells Barnabas he disagrees with him
about it being too early, and announces that the wedding will be on
Episode 937
Worldvision Rerun 711
Tape Date: January 8, 1970 (ABC #22-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 27, 1970 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

David is brought back to Collinwood in a wheelchair, his leg
in a cast. Maggie asks him what happened. He explains that he was
riding his bicycle down Jones Street and a tall blond man jumped out
of the bushes and caused him to fall and break his leg*.
At the antique shop, Jeb orders Barnabas to have Carolyn ready by
Friday. Barnabas tries to convince him otherwise, saying that it’s too
early, but Jeb orders him to do so. He also tells him to have a room
prepared for them at Collinwood, saying that they’ll live there after
the marriage. He tells him that certain people he doesn’t want there –
Julia, Maggie, Amy, Mrs. Johnson – will have to be eliminated. Seeing
a look of reluctance on Barnabas’ face, he threatens him by reminding
him that if he doesn’t follow orders, he’ll be turned back into a vampire
and that a terrible fate will await Josette, who’s still in Hazor’s
hands. David comes into the antique shop, sees Jeb and shouts, “YOU!
YOUR THE ONE WHO DID THIS TO ME!”. Barnabas becomes angry with Jeb,
but Jeb merely remarks that it was a necessary punishment.
Maggie and Julia are at Collinwood wondering where David went. David
returns home. Maggie tells David to go up to his room.
David goes upstairs on crutches and finds Jeb waiting for him in his
room. Jeb tells him he hopes he understands why he had to punish him.
David replies that he does. He tells David he remembers how he gave him
that radio when he was Alexander, and gives him his watch as a gift.
Maggie comes in, sees Jeb and, recoginizing him from David’s earlier
discription, screams, “You! You’re the one who caused this!”. Jeb
admits that he had, and explains that he came to apologize, saying he
snuck in because he was afraid they wouldn’t let him in because he ran
away from the accident. Maggie angrily tells him to leave and escorts
him out.
Julia, in the drawing room, hears Maggie shouting at Jeb as she’s
escorting him down. Maggie is surprised to find that Julia and Jeb
are acquainted with one another. Julia shakes hands with Jeb and sees
his birthmark, which she didn’t see before because of the watch, which
he no longer has on…
After Jeb leaves, Maggie tells Julia that she doesn’t trust Jeb, and
adds that there’s something about his eyes that reminds her of Michael.
She goes up to check on David. Julia calls Quentin and tells him she
needs his help and asks him to come over. He does. They go to the
cemetary and dig up Michael Hackett’s grave.
Maggie tries to tell David that Jeb is a suspicious man and that
he shouldn’t trust him, but David just tells her that he likes him.
At the cemetary, Julia and Quentin open Michael’s coffin..
After Maggie finishes with David, she comes downstairs and finds
Barnabas there. He tells her that it’s bad for Carolyn staying here
and tells her to try to convince her to leave for awhile. Maggie
agrees. After she leaves, Barnabas wonders whether he should have
involved her, but concludes that he had no other choice. Julia returns
and tells Barnabas she’s got to talk to him. He replies that he
doesn’t want to involve her. She replies that she’s already involved,
that she’s just had Michael’s grave opened and found it empty, that
she’s seen the birthmarks on all three and know they are one and the
same. She tells Barnabas he’d better tell her everything. He replies,
“All right, Julia. I’ll tell you everything…”

* David Henesy really did break his leg. This was written into
the storyline.

Episode 938
Worldvision Rerun 712
Tape Date: January 9, 1970 (ABC #23-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 28, 1970 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas takes Julia back to the old house to tell her everything.
He starts by recounting how he went to Tate’s cottage and finding it
burned up, how he had an argument with an angry Tate, angry because
all his things had been destroyed, how Tate admitted that he had stolen
Quentin’s portrait, how he thought he had convinced Tate to paint
another painting of Quentin but did not show up later as he had promised.
Julia interrupts and tells Barnabas that she had found Tate a few
weeks ago. Barnabas remarks that he is surprised that Tate’s been alive
all this time. Julia tells him that Tate’s no longer alive, that he was
killed, ironically, by a werewolf, Chris. Julia surprises Barnabas again
by telling him that Quentin’s portrait had not been destroyed, that she
found it and has it now. Barnabas asks who had it. Julia replies,
“Angelique”. Barnabas is stunned. Julia explains how Angelique got
married, renounced all her powers, and gave her the portrait if she
would agree to leave her alone and not get her involved with the Collins,
with whom she no longer want to have anything to do. Barnabas is
obviously interested in all this, but Julia firmly tells him that
Angelique is not important now and asks him to continue his story.
Barnabas explains how he then went to the old house where he had
left Lady Kitty Hampshire and found her being pulled into the picture
of Josette, how he grabbed hold of her and found himself pulled back
too and how he found himself back in the 18th century on the night
Josette was to die, how he managed to save her, how he arranged to
meet with her after making some arrangements to go away together
forever, how on his way back to her he found the Leviathan altar
that wasn’t there before and how Haza and Oberon made him a slave
of the Leviathan, a nearly extinct ancient race whose plan is to use
him to bring one of their kind to the future where it would marry
a human and start the Leviathan race anew, how they are keeping him
in line by keeping Josette hostage and also threatening to turn him
into a vampire again if he does not obey. He reveals to her how
he brought the essence back in the Leviathan box, how they enslaved
the Todds, how they have the power to enslave humans by dreams, how
they tried to enslave her, Julia, but how she proved to be immune,
that Elizabeth, David and Amy were not immune and are now Leviathan
s laves, which was why he had to bring her to the old house to talk,
how the essence has been growing, how it’s false human form has been
growing too, and been Joseph, Alexander, Michael and now Jeb. He tells
her that Carolyn is in particular danger, because she is the one they
plan to marry Jeb to. He explains how the thing, in the form of Jeb,
has now become uncontrollably evil, not even following the rules of the
Leviathans, how he killed Paul and Sheriff Davenport and how he has the
power to raise the dead to be slaves.
Meanwhile, in the cemetary, Sheriff Davenport (1935-1970) comes out
of his grave..
Episode 939
Worldvision Rerun 713
Tape Date: January 13, 1970 (ABC #24-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 29, 1970 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Sherriff Davenport comes out of his grave and walks away…
Carolyn is in the drawing room of Collinwood. Maggie comes into
the room. Carolyn talks to Maggie about her father Paul, saying,
“Everyone says he came back here because he was disturbed, but I
think he came back because he loved me”. Maggie asks Carolyn if
anyone knows what Paul was so disturbed about. Carolyn tells her,
“No, just that he was very frightened of something”. She vows to
find his killer. Maggie advises her to leave that to the police
and tells her she should find something to occupy her mind. Carolyn
tells her she’s thinking of going back to work at the Antique Shop.
Carolyn tells Maggie she’s going out for some fresh air. Maggie
leaves, saying she has to go over the children’s schoolwork.
Meanwhile Sheriff Davenport is lurking about outside…
Carolyn goes outside onto the terrace. She hears a noise,
and calls out, “Who’s out there?” Jeb steps out from behind some
trees and replies, “Hello! If I frightened the lady I humbly
beg forgiveness!” She angrily tells him it’s very bad taste
for him to come and try to romance her so soon after the death
of her father. He apoligizes, but then tells her that it’s fate
that they’ve met and says, “And what will happen tomorrow will be
fate”. Carolyn asks, “What happens tomorrow?” Jeb boldly announces
“We’re going to be married!”. Carolyn says, “You mean just like
that, you decide we’re going to be married??? That’s absurd”
and tells him, “If you don’t leave, I’ll have you thrown off
the property!” Jeb leaves. Davenport continues to lurk around…
Maggie is inside. Carolyn comes back in. She is visibly
upset. Maggie asks her what’s the matter, but Carolyn denies
anything is and runs upstairs. Barnabas comes in. Maggie asks
him, “Did you go by the terrace on your way in?” Barnabas replies,
“No, I took another route. Why?” Maggie replies that Carolyn
just came in from the terrace and something out there upset her.
She tells Barnabas Carolyn plans to start working at the antique
shop again. Barnabas, aghast, says, “I’ve got to get her out of
town!” Maggie asks, “Can you tell me why?” Barnabas replies,
Jeb returns to the antique shop. With him is Sheriff Davenport.
Jeb asks, “Do you know who I am?” Davenport replies, “Yes”.
Jeb asks, “Do you know why I’ve brought you back?” Davenport
replies, “No”. Jeb explains, “To serve me! You are the first
of many!” He warns Davenport, “If you don’t follow my orders,
I’ll send you back to your grave – forever!”
Some flowers arrive at Collinwood for Carolyn. She reads the
card from Jeb apoligizing for being so impetuous earlier, “My heart
and my head went in seperate directions. I followed my heart”.
It asks her to meet him for a date tomorrow night at 8 O’clock.
Barnabas comes into the room and remarks the the flowers are
lovely. Carolyn asks, “What are you doing here?” Barnabas
replies, “I just wanted to see if you were all right. I see you
have an admirer”. Carolyn replies, “Yes, but I don’t know if
I should be happy about that or not. It’s an impetous young
man named Jeb Hawkes”. After she leaves, Barnabas thinks to
himself, “If I don’t stop Jeb, there’s no hope for Carolyn!
I must kill him! Now!”
At the antique shop, Jeb is talking on the phone to Phillip,
angrily telling him, “You can stay out, OK? I’m not a little
boy anymore. You don’t have to look after me!” Barnabas comes
into the antique shop. He tells Jeb, “I’d like to come to an
understanding with you”. Jeb asks, “What kind?” Barnabas replies,
“Simply that we become friends”. Jeb asks why he’s decided to do this.
Barnabas replies, “Our discord is preventing us from reaching our
goal”. Jeb accepts his offer. Barnabas says, “I’m so glad you’ve
accepted. Let’s seal the occasion with a drink. I think the Todds
keep a bottle in the back room. I’ll look”. Barnabas goes into
the back room, gets a bottle of liquor, pours out two glasses,
then takes a small bottle out of his pockets and pours some of
it into one of the glasses. He goes back out into the front room,
gives on of the glasses to Jeb and toasts, “To our success!”.
Jeb suddenly says, “Wait a minute!” Barnabas, alarmed, asks,
“What’s the matter, Jeb?”. Jeb replies, “I want to propose a toast.
To Carolyn and her future with me!”. Barnabas repeats, “To Carolyn,
and her future with you!” They drink…

Episode 940
Worldvision Rerun 714
Tape Date: January 12, 1970 (ABC #25-DRK-70)
Air Date: January 30, 1970 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas waits for something to happen, but nothing does.
Jeb just says, “That was good! Let’s have another!”, but Barnabas
replies, “No, I only have one drink at a time”. Jeb starts to become
suspicious and asks, “What’s caused this mood change?” and asks,
“Did you put something in this drink?” Barnabas replies, “Jeb,
you can’t keep suspecting everyone of acting against you. Why do
you dislike me so much? Is it because I represent a symbol of
authority over you?” Jeb replies, “You have no authority over me!”
then continues, “Let’s go over the plan for tonight. You are to
bring Carolyn here a 8 o’clock tonight and bring her upstairs to
be prepared for the wedding”. Barnabas agrees to do so, “I’ll meet
you at 8 o’clock”.
At the old house, Julia is telling Quentin that all the children
at the antique shop were one and the same. Quentin is incredulous,
“How could he have grown from an infant to a man in just a few
weeks?” Julia replies, “He’s not human”. She tells him about the
box Barnabas brought back and how it contained an “essence”, and
how that essence has grown and taken human form. She tells him,
“The Leviathans are creatures who lived before the time of Man,
they’re evil, and plan to take over the world again”. She tells
him about their plans for Carolyn. Barnabas comes in. He tells
them that he has failed, “I put enough poison in that drink to
kill a dozen men, but it had no effect on him”. He tells them about
Jeb’s plan for Carolyn tonight and says, “We have to get Carolyn to
leave Collinsport”. Julia asks, “How can we convince her to do that?”
Barnabas notes, “By force, if necessary”. He suggests that they
enlist Angelique’s help and asks Julia where she is. Julia reminds
him that she promised not to tell, but Barnabas tells her, “Carolyn’s
life is in danger! Where is she?”
At Little Windward Island, Angelique is talking on the phone to
her husband Sky, saying, “But I haven’t seen you in a week! I miss
you! All right, if you promise to be home after the meeting”.
The doorbell rings. Angelique goes and opens to door. She exclaims,
“Barnabas! What are you doing here?” He replies, “I have an urgent
matter to discuss with you”. Angelique angrily remarks, “I don’t have
to ask you how you found out where I was? Julia must have told you!
She gave he me her word she wouldn’t! ” Barnabas replies, “I
forced her to break her word”. Angelique begs Barnabas to leave her
alone, saying she has a new life here, that she’s happy now. Barnabas
tells her he needs her help. She tells him she can’t because she’s
renounced all her powers. He tells her she won’t need to,
that Carolyn’s life is in danger if she remains at Collinwood and
she only need to let Carolyn stay at her house for a few days.
Angelique asks, “Why is Carolyn’s life in danger?” Barnabas asks,
“Have you ever heard of the Leviathans?” She replies that she has,
that they’re absolutely evil and asks what he had to do with them.
Barnabas explains…
Quentin goes to Collinwood and thanks Carolyn for helping him
regain his memory. He tells her he want to tell her something and
asks her to step into the drawing room. There, he tells her he’s
a distant relative, the great-grandson of the Quentin Collins who
lived in 1897. She asks, “Did you know that when we first met?”
He replies that he did. She asks, “Then why did you introduce
yourself as Grant Douglas?” He lies that he’s an author and that’s
one of his pseudonyms. Jeb Hawkes boldly lets himself into Collinwood,
comes into the drawing room and tells Carolyn to meet him at 8:00
tonight at the Old House for their date. She asks why the Old House.
He tells her he has to pick up some stuff for the Todd’s there.
Barnabas finishes telling Angelique about his involvement with
the Leviathans. He tells her that until recently, they had complete
control of him, but now he’s free of their influence and will fight
them. Angelique asks, “If I refuse to help, will you tell my husband
about me?” Barnabas replies, “No, I’ll leave you in peace”.
Angelique agrees to help, saying Sky will be away for a week and
Carolyn can stay during that time. She warns him that although
she has renounced the use of all her powers, she still has all of
them, that if he does anything to ruin he life, he’ll be sorry…
At Collinwood, Barnabas goes over his plan with Julia and Quentin.
They’ll lie to Carolyn that a close friend of Paul’s has arrived in
Portland and needs a ride to Collinwood, that Julia is going to go and
pick him up and they want her to come along to keep Julia company.
The car is to break down at an appointed spot… Quentin interrupts
and asks why they don’t just let him go to the antique shop and
take care of Jeb personally. Barnabas tells him that that would
be unwise, that while Jeb can turn from his real self to his human
form anywhere, he can only change from his human form into his
Leviathan form in a special room at the shop, thus it would be
foolhardy to confront him there. They look at clock in the foyer
and see that it’s 6:45. They wonder where Carolyn could be.
The phone rings. It’s Jeb, for Barnabas. He tells her that
he didn’t trust him and changed his plans for Carolyn, that
he called her and told her to come meet him at the shop at 7 o’clock.
At the antique shop, Carolyn arrives. Jeb gloats to Barnabas that
Carolyn is there and hangs up.
At the antique shop, Carolyn asks Jeb what his plans for the
night are. He tells her he has to wait awhile for the Todds to come
back. He picks up a porcelain figurine and drops it onto the floor,
letting it break. Carolyn, aghast, notes, “That’s an antique!”
He tells her that he’s a free spirit and does whatever he feels like.
He gives her a similar figurine and tells her to “liberate” herself
by letting it drop. Carolyn lets it drop… Jeb pours two drinks,
drugging one of them. They drink. Carolyn immediately loses
conciousness. Jeb picks her up says, “You’re all mine, Carolyn!
This is the start of your new life…”



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