December 1969

Episode 894/895
Worldvision Rerun 672
Tape Date: November 12, 1969 (ABC #241-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 1, 1969 Monday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Megan suddenly tells Philip that ‘he’ wants her and goes upstairs.
She comes down holding the baby and frantically tells him something
is wrong with it, that it has a terrible fever. They briefly consider
calling a doctor, but quickly decide that it will do no good, that the
only thing they can do is find the book, that it will tell them what
to do.
David goes into the drawing room and locks the doors. He he has with
him a large box, labeled ‘Jigsaw puzzle’. He opens it, and inside is the
book. Carolyn comes and finds the drawing room doors locked. The phone
rings and she answers it. It is Megan. Megan describes the book to her
and asks her if she knows what happened to it. Carolyn tells her she
doesn’t. Megan gets angry. Carolyn asks her why she’s so angry, is the
book valuable? Megan apologizes, saying she’s upset because the baby
is sick. Carolyn looks at the closed drawing room doors and, getting
the idea that David might have something to do with it, tells Megan to
take care of the baby and let her take care of the book. Carolyn knocks
at the doors and demands that David lets her in. He does. She asks him
what he’s doing in the drawing room with the doors locked. David lies
that they weren’t locked, that they were stuck. Carolyn explains that
a book is missing from the antique store and asks him if he has anything
to do with it. David replies that he doesn’t. Barnabas arrives.
Carolyn starts to walk around the room, searching. Seeing that David
is standing protectively by the curtains, she pushes him away and looks
behind the curtains. She finds the puzzle box there, but when she opens
it, she finds that it contains only puzzle pieces. David retorts that
it’s Amy’s, that he took it from her and hid it in retaliation for her
taking something of his, and complains that she blames him for
everything, saying that he had nothing to do with the book disappearing
from the antique store. Barnabas pricks up his ears in interest.
David continues, “Why, it wasn’t even in English!”. Carolyn asks him
how he would know that if he had nothing to do with it. David replies
that he saw it at the antique store. He angrily tells her that if there’s
anyone who’s suspicious, it’s that Mr. Prescott who was with her at
Collinwood, who came to the antique store, who she pretended not to
Barnabas goes to the antique store and tells the Todds that he has
decided to sell the Hitchcock chair they wanted so much and asks Philip
to come pick it up . Philip tells him he doesn’t have time to get it
right now because the baby is sick. Barnabas replies, “The only time
that matters is the time of the Leviathan people”. The Todds seem to
go into a trance for a few seconds, then come out of it, and Philip
says, “I think I’ll go get the chair”, apparently with no memory of
what Barnabas has just said.
David goes into the drawing room and opens a drawer in he desk.
Elizabeth comes and he quickly takes out a piece of paper and closes
the drawer. Elizabeth asks him what he’s doing going throught the desk.
He tells her he was just looking for some paper to draw on. She tells
him that Carolyn told him about the missing book and asks him if he
had anything to do with it. He angrily tells her he doesn’t, and in
retaliation, tells Elizabeth that Carolyn has a new boyfriend, that
he saw them kissing outside last night, that he was a much older man.
Elizabeth confronts Carolyn and tells her she know about her new
‘boyfriend’, that from what David described, she can see that they
don’t have much in common and asks her to carefully reconsider seeing
At the old house, Barnabas and Philip come downstairs, Philip
carrying the Hitchcock chair. Barnabas tells him they have one more
thing to do. He takes him to the altar, explaining that ‘Only our
people can see it’. He tells him that it is their place of sacrifice,
and punishment, and tells Philip he is to be punished….
Carolyn goes to the antique store and finds the baby sick. She
suggest that they call a doctor, but Megan refuses. Megan tells her
that she’s worried about Philip, that he left last night and hasn’t
returned. She tells Carolyn to watch the baby while she go look for him.
Carolyn starts to take the baby upstairs, saying she’s taking him
to his room, but Megan tells him not to, to leave him down here.
Megan goes to the old house and knocks on the door. Barnabas opens
the door. Megan asks him where Philip is. Barnabas tells her he doesn’t
know, that he was only with him at the old house for about 15 minutes
last night and then left. After Megan leaves, Barnabas goes back into
the living room. Sitting in a chair is Philip, looking like he’s in
some sort of trance.
Megan returns to the antique shop in a frantic state. She tells
Carolyn someone is trying to kill her, that the killer is coming
and runs upstairs. The front door opens…
Episode 896
Worldvision Rerun 673
Tape Date: November 17, 1969 (ABC #242-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 2, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

But it’s only Julia. Julia sees the box lying on a table. Carolyn
tells her somethings wrong with the baby. She starts to examine it
and notes that it has a fever. While examining it, she remarks, “That’s
a strange birthmark”. Megan rushes back downstairs and takes the baby
and refuses to let her examine it further. After Megan leaves with
the baby, Carolyn and Julia discuss Megan’s strange behavior, Carolyn
telling Julia Megan was convinced earlier that someone was trying to
kill her. Julia once again examines the box. Carolyn asks her why she’s
so interested in that box. Julia replies that she saw it in Barnabas’
house and is surprised to see it here. Carolyn tells her she shouldn’t
be because Barnabas sold a lot of things to the Todds. Julia remarks
“Yes. But I never thought he’d sell THIS…”
At Collinwood, David goes into the drawing room and takes the book
out of the desk. Amy, who, unknown to him is sitting behing the couch
playing with some dolls, comes out and asks him why he lied to Carolyn
about the book. He replies that it doesn’t matter what he told anyone
about it, that no one’s going to know he took it because he’s going
to burn it. Amy tells him he can’t do that and tries to take the book
from him. They struggle over it, and they both lose their grip. The
books falls on the desk and opens to a page where there is a picture
of the four-headed snake in blue. David looks at it and a strange
look comes over his face. He tells Amy that he has decided not to
burn it and tells her to go out into the foyer and watch for anyone
coming while he reads it. She tells him that it’s not in English
and he can’t read it. He tells her he can. She asks him to read some
of it to her and prove it. He tells her he can’t because she’s not
allowed to hear any of it and tells her to go stand watch. After Amy
goes into the foyer, David reads, “Those who have been hidden will
come, and those who are here will know that their time is over, that
it is the time of the Leviathan people..”
Megan comes back downstairs and tells Carolyn that she has given the
baby some aspirin and it is OK. There is a phone call and Carolyn
answers. The man identifies himself as the man who sent the telegram
about the Tate painting, that he is in Collinwood right now. Carolyn
explains that the shop no longer has the painting, that it has been
bought, but that she can direct him to the person who has bought it.
She explains that the buyer lives at Collinwood and that it would be
best to go there at 5:00 because that is when she is usually home.
She starts to give directions to Collinwood, but the man tells her
that’s not necessary because he already knows where it is.
At Collinwood, Julia, apparently having received a call from
Carolyn telling her the man would be there at 5:00, tells David
to deliver a note from her to Barnabas telling him about this. But
David refuses, saying he has something important to do and runs out
the door. Looking at the clock and seeing that it’s a quarter to five,
Julia leaves to go to the old house herself.
When Julia returns, it is 5:15. The drawing room doors are closed.
She hears Carolyn inside apologizing to someone, saying she told Julia
to be here at 5:00 and is surprised she isn’t because she’s usually
very prompt. Julia opens the drawing room doors and is surprised to see
that Carolyn is talking not to a man, but to a woman who looks just like
Amanda Harris. Carolyn tells Julia that she too is surprised that it
is a woman, that the call to the antique shop came from a man. The
woman, introducing herself as ‘Olivia Corey’, explains that she has found
that it expedites business transactions if she lets other party think
they are dealing with a man as long as possible. Julia tells her she
doesn’t think that she’ll be interested in the painting because it’s
not a portrait. The woman asks how she knows she’s only interested in
portraits. Julia explains that Charles Delaware Tate had painted a
number of portraits of a woman who looked just like her, and it’s
obvious that she’d be interested in them. Corey admits that this is
true and ask Julia to excuse her vanity, explaining that she is an
actress and must be preoccupied in her looks. Carolyn leaves to make
some tea. Olivia asks to look at the picture anyway. Julia tells her
it’s a landscape and shows it to her, emphasizing that it’s not for
sale. Julia remarks that she’s heard of her before but never
realized that she resembled Amanda Harris so much. Olivia replies that
that’s not strange because Amanda Harris was her grandmother. Julia
asks her who her grandfather was. Olivia, remarking that Julia seems
to have an interest in genealogy as well as art, tells her it was a man
named ‘Lofton’. Olivia asks Julia how she knew the woman in the portraits
was named Amanda Harris, saying that she’s never identified in any of
the portraits, that the only reason she knows is because she’s her
granddaughter. Julia lies that she must have read it somewhere.
Olivia looks around the drawing room and remarks that there are
many interesting portraits in the house, and asks Julia if
there are any from the late 19th century, saying that she has a
particular interest in those. Julia replies, “We have no portraits
of Quentin Collins in the house, if that’s what you want to know.”
Olivia replies, “Quentin Collins? Is there some reason I should
know who that is?”. Carolyn returns with the tea, and the verbal
feeling out between Julia and Olivia stops.
David goes to the altar and says, “I am one of you now”. The altar
opens, revealing a hole in the snake slab. David crawls into the hole.
Episode 897
Worldvision Rerun 674
Tape Date: November 13, 1969 (ABC #243-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 3, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

David finds himself in what are obviously man-made tunnels. He speaks
the “flesh and bone will be restored” speech and finds it echoing again
and again. He covers his ears from the noise and falls to the ground
Carolyn goes to Chris’s cottage and tells him about what Sabrina said,
but says that she does not believe it. He tells her she should, that he’s
some sort of dangerous monster and that she should stay away from him.
Puzzled and hurt, she leaves. Chris takes out a gun…
Carolyn goes to the old house to see Barnabas. She hears his voice
saying “There is no margin for error. Punishment is necessary..” over
and over again, but cannot see him. She finds that the sound seems to
be coming from behind the bookcase, and walks up to it to check, but
the sound has stopped. She hears Barnabas call her and turns and sees
him standing at the foot of the stairs. She asks him how he could have
just come from upstairs when she heard his voice downstairs earlier. He
tells her he was experimenting with some electrical equipment. She tells
him about her strange conversation with Chris and asks him to explain
what he meant when he, Barnabas, recommended that she stop seeing Chris.
Barnabas explains that he thinks Chris is mentally unstable and might
be dangerous, that Chris is probably right about himself and she should
listen to him. He tells her he’s certain she’ll soon find another
greater love. She asks if he’s just trying to console her, if this is
just a platitude. He tells her it is not, that he really feels that this
will happen, almost as if it were written somewhere, that it is destined
to happen.
After Carolyn leaves, Barnabas opens the bookcase and goes into the
secret room. In there is a tape recorder, silent because the tape has
run out. Philip is also in there. Barnabas tells him, “You know what
must be done.”. Philip leaves.
Chris finishes writing a suicide letter and puts it in an envelope
addressed to Carolyn. He picks up the gun and prepares to shoot himself.
But he is interrupted by the sound of a woman’s crying. He turns and
finds a woman he does not know standing there. He asks her what she
wants. She tells him he must not kill himself as long as there is still
hope, that there is a man who can help him. He asks who this man is.
She responds “Quentin Collins..” and vanishes.
David awakens, takes something from a steamy urn and goes
up the stairs.
In the antique shop, Megan, frantic that Philip has still not
returns, picks up the phone and starts to call the police, but Philip
suddenly comes throught the door and she hangs up. She asks where he’s
been all night. He tells her he ran into a man who told him he had an
entire house of antiques he wanted to sell, that the man wanted him to
come and appraise everything, that he did and lost track of time and
was there all night. She tells him she’s glad he’s back because she’s
had the strange feeling all night that someone was coming to kill her.
He dismisses this as her imagination. He asks how the baby is. She tells
him it hasn’t gotten any better. He remarks that it’s too bad she lost
the book. She asks what he means by saying SHE lost it. He tells her it’s
her fault because she’s the last one to handle it. He leaves, saying he’s
going to the store at the corner for a pack of cigarettes.
Megan nervously awaits Philip’s return. She tries to occupy herself
with various things (knitting, the ledger) but finds that every little
noise frightens her. After a loud bang from upstairs frightens her,
she calls the corner store to see what’s keeping Philip. They tell her
he hasn’t been there. Someone tries to come in through the locked
front door…
Episode 898
Worldvision Rerun 675
Tape Date: November 14, 1969 (ABC #244-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 4, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

She asks who it is. It’s Philip, who asks to be let in. She opens the
door. Philip rushes in, grabs her by the throat and starts to strangle
her, saying she must be punished for losing the book, that “There is no
margin for error. Punishment is necessary.” Suddenly, a voice calls out
“Stop! Punishment is no longer necessary !” Philip stops. They look and
see David standing on the stairs holding the baby. David tells them that
the baby is sick and must be taken care of, and gives Megan the baby and
a leather bag, saying it contains medicine which will cure it. Philip
asks him where he got it, how he knows it will cure the baby. David
replies “I just know”. Philip asks, “You’re the one who took the book,
aren’t you?”. David replies that he is. Philip asks for it back. David
says no, saying that he is now the keeper of the book, that each of them
has a job to do and that is his. Megan takes the baby and the medicine
upstairs. Paul comes in through the front door and says he has a message
to leave for Carolyn. David identifies himself and says he’ll take it
to her at Collinwood for him. Recognizing him, Paul gives him the letter
and tells him to promise to give it directly to her and not tell anyone
else about it and leaves.
Paul goes to the altar again. He wonders what it is and what compels
him to keep coming here, then leaves.
Chris goes to Collinwood and tells Julia what happened at the
cottage. They look through and old photo album to see if they can
identify the ghost. Chris identifies a picture of Jenny as the ghost, and
wonders why she would come to help him. Julia explains what happened
with Jenny in the 19th century and explains that he’s descended from
her daughter, who was left to be raised by a ‘Mrs. Fillmore’. Chris
gasps,”Why my grandmother was named Leonora Fillmore !”. Julia explains
that it was his great grandfather who was originally cursed to be a
werewolf, that the curse affected all of Quentin’s male relatives, and
that’s why he’s cursed. David comes into the room. Julia asks him if
he’d be willing to take part in a seance to help Chris, warning that
they’ll be trying to contact Quentin. David agrees.
In his room at the Collinsport Inn, Paul nervously waits for
Carolyn to either call or come, wonder why she hasn’t already, that
David must have returned to Collinwood and delivered the letter by now.
Sitting at the desk by the phone, he suddenly picks up a pen and circles
the date Thursday, December 4, 1969 on the calendar. He wonders
“Why did I do THAT ?”.
At the antique shop, Megan comes back downstairs alone. Philip asks
how the baby is. Megan replies that it’s OK, that the medicine seems
to have worked. Philip apoligizes for trying to kill her earlier. She
tells him she understands. Paul shows up and asks if David has left to
deliver the letter yet. They tell him David left a few minutes after he
did, and should have gotten back to Collinwood a long time ago. But they
tell him someone did come and leave a message for him, and give him an
envelope. Paul opens it and is shocked to find that it contains the
message “Payment Due, 4 December 1969″*. He asks who left the message.
Philip replies that it was a man. Paul asks him to describe the man, but
Philip replies that he was busy with the ledger at the time and just
took the letter without taking a good look at him. Paul then asks Megan
to describe him, but she replies that she was upstairs at the time and
didn’t see him at all.
At Collinwood, Chris, Julia and David hold the seance to contact
Quentin. David is possessed, but it is by Jamison, not Quentin.
Julia tells Jamison that they are trying to reach Quentin, not him,
and asks why he came. Jamison replies that they cannot speak to the
spirit of Quentin. Julia asks why not. Jamison replies that he doesn’t
know, all he knows is that they can’t. David then comes out of the
trance. Chris remarks to Julia that the seance has been a failure, but
Julia replies that that’s not necessarily the case, that the fact that
they could not contact Quentin’s spirit might mean that Quentin is still
Paul returns to his room. He wonders who could have left the note.
He figures that if must be someone who knows that he and Carolyn use
the antique shop to exchange messages, but who?. Suddenly, he gets
the feeling that someone is lurking outside the door. At first he is
afraid, but then decides that he must open the door and find out who
it is. As he reaches for the doorknob with his left hand, he is shocked
to see that there is a tattoo of a four-headed snake on the inside
of his wrist and gasps “The same mark that’s on the altar!” His shock
indicates that it has just appeared, that it wasn’t there before.
He rubs at it but finds that it doesn’t come off and wails, “NOOOOOOO…”

Note: This episode aired on December 4, 1969, the due date.
However, due to the unexpected preemption due to the
Apollo 12 Splashdown and Thanksgiving, it was supposed to air on
December 2 so the due date is in two episodes.

Episode 899
Worldvision Rerun 676
Tape Date: November 10, 1969 (ABC #245-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 5, 1969 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

At Collinwood, Carolyn reads the letter from Paul in which he says he
like to talk to her.
At the Collinsport Inn, Paul frantically tries to wash the tattoo off,
but finds that it will not come off. Carolyn calls, apologizing for
being so late, explaining that David had forgotten about the message
and just gave it to her. Paul tells her he’d like her to come to the
inn and see him.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth comes down into the foyer, dressed to go out,
and tells Carolyn that it’s time for them to go to the committee meeting
for the Collinsport Hospital. Carolyn tells her she has something she
has to do and can’t go. Elizabeth insists, saying it’s important that
they go to the meeting, but Carolyn says she can’t.
Carolyn goes to Paul’s room at the inn. She finds Paul in a terribly
paranoid state, convinced that someone is after him. He begs her to
get him into Collinwood where he will be safe. She promises to do this.
The door starts to open. Paul looks on fearfully. Elizabeth, who has
followed Carolyn, comes in and gasps “Paul!”. She asks Carolyn to
leave so they can speak privately. Carolyn refuses, but then Paul
asks her to leave, and she does. Paul tells Elizabeth that he’s come
back, that he’s a changed man. She replies that she doesn’t believe him
and orders him to leave Collinsport, adding that if he doesn’t, she’ll
make his stay here most unpleasant. He gasps, “So you’re responsible
for what’s been happening to me!”, but then realizes that that’s
impossible because she’s just learned that he’s here. She tells him
there’s a train leaving at 11:00 and suggests that he be on it, warning
that if he isn’t, she’ll make some telephone calls and he’ll find that
he’s suddenly not welcome in Collinsport, that for example, he’ll find
that he’s no longer welcome as a guest at the Inn.
It is past 11:00. Paul has not left. He is at the Blue Whale, drinking.
He notices a sailor staring at him and wonders if he’s one of ‘them’,
then wonders who ‘they’ are. He demands to know why the sailor is staring
at him. The sailor responds that he just noticed he was a little
depressed looking and wanted to buy him a drink. Paul shows him the
tattoo and ask “Are you one of them? Do you know what this is?”.
The sailor answers that he’s just a simple sailor, but that he’s
travelled in the east and does know what that is, that it’s a “Naga”,
a creature without a soul and tells Paul that he might be able to help,
that he might be able to tell him what to do about ‘them’.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth forbids Carolyn from seeing Paul. Carolyn
Paul returns to his room at the Inn and draws a pentagram on the
floor and puts some candles at the points. He hears a voice saying
“Payment is almost due.”. He quickly enters the pentagram and the
sits down in a chair he has placed there and voice stops. Relieved,
he mutters, “I’m safe..”. But then he hears footsteps coming down
the hall, then the doorknob starts to turn. Paul screams…
Episode 900
Worldvision Rerun 677
Tape Date: November 11, 1969 (ABC #246-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 8, 1969 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

But it’s just Carolyn. She notes that Paul’s mental state has gotten
even worse. She notices the pentagram on the floor and tells him it’s
the same as the necklace Barnabas gave her. She takes it off and gives
it to him, saying that if he really thinks the one on the floor will
protect him from whatever he thinks is after him, so will this.
At the old house, Julia tells Barnabas about Olivia Corey, saying
that she thinks Quentin is still alive and she’s working for him.
She adds that they tried to contact Quentin’s spirit in a seance but
could not, and that this is further evidence that he may still be alive.
Julia is shocked that Barnabas still shows no interest in this
whatsoever. Carolyn comes and tells Julia she’d like to talk to her
about her father. Barnabas leaves.
At the Inn, the phone in Paul’s room rings. He answers, and a
voice tells him “Payment is due..”. He asks who it is, but the voice
merely repeats “Payment is now due”. Paul hangs up and leaves the phone
off the hook, but it rings again. Terrified, Paul runs out of the room.
Carolyn returns to the Inn, but finds that Paul is not there and
the phone is off the hook.
Paul arrives at Collinwood and asks Julia, who answers the door,
to see Carolyn. Julia answers that Carolyn is not here, the she went
to see HIM. She tells him that Carolyn had told her about his mental
state, and tells him she can help him. He replies that he doesn’t need
her help, that he has something that will help him, and pulls out the
chain holding the pentagram. He is shocked to see that the pentagram
has disappeared, that the chain is empty. The phone rings. Julia answers
says “It’s for you” and hands the phone to Paul. He eagerly takes it,
thinking it’s Carolyn, but the voice says “We are watching you and are
are waiting.. Payment is now due..”. He hangs up. The phone rings again.
Paul tells Julia not to answer it and runs out the door.
Paul returns to his room at the Inn. The phone rings, and he answers.
A voice says “You have come back to pay”. Paul asks what he owes, but
the voice merely replies,”You know” and hangs up. The phone rings again,
but Paul does not answer.
At Collinwood, Carolyn hangs up the phone. She tells Julia that
she’s let the phone ring for a long time, but no one has answered,
that Paul does not appear to be at the Inn.
Paul flees to the Blue Whale. He looks at his wrist and is surprised
to see that the tattoo is gone. He sees a strange man sitting at one
of the tables. The man beckons for him to come over. When he does,
the man introduces himself as Barnabas Collins. Barnabas asks, “You
really don’t know what you owe ?”. Paul replies that he does not.
Barnabas asks him if he recall the day he left Collinsport 20 years
ago and he will know what he owes. Paul goes over the event of that
day, but can remember nothing. Barnabas guides him, and ask him if
he had gone to the Blue Whale, if anything strange happened there.
Paul recall that he did have a conversation with a strange man
and has a flashback…
Twenty years ago, Paul is at the bar drinking. A jolly man next
to him is drinking and singing. When he stops singing, he looks at
Paul and tells him he looks rather depressed. Paul replies that he
is, that he’s rather down on his luck. The man, who says, his name is
“Strack”, replies that maybe he can help, and asks what he’d be willing
to do to change his luck. Paul replies that he’d do anything to change
his luck. The man asks what he’d want. Paul replies that he’d like
success and money for the rest of his life. The man replies that a wish
like that is too much, that there has to be some limit. Paul says
“Then success and money for 20 years”. The man asks what he’d give in
return for this. Paul replies, “The most precious thing I have, payable
in 20 years”. The man says “Done !” and asks him to shake hands on it.
Paul, thinking that the man is drunk and that this is just a game, does.
He then laughs and says “You should be glad this is just a game. Otherwise,
you would have made a bad deal. Notice that I said I would give you the
most precious thing I HAVE, not what I WILL have, and right now I have
absoulutely nothing of any value at all.”. The man laughs..
Barnabas asks, “When was this?”. Paul replies, “December 1949” and
realizes that it was exactly 20 years ago. Barnabas asks how things have
gone for him in the last 20 years. Paul replies that he’s had great
success and made a lot of money. Barnabas replies that his 20 years are
up, that they’ve fufilled their part of the bargain, that he must now
fufill his, and that they arranged for him to come back and make his
payment. Paul wonders what they could possibly want, what he had 20
years ago that was of any value and asks Barnabas if they want his
soul. Barnabas replies that that’s not what they want. Paul asks what,
then?. Carolyn comes into the Blue Whale, sees her father, rushes to
him and hugs him, asking, “Is everything all right now?” Barnabas
chimes in, “Yes, now that you’re here. You’re your father’s most
precious possession, you know”. A look of shock comes onto Paul’s face…
Episode 901
Worldvision Rerun 678
Tape Date: November 20, 1969 (ABC #247-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 9, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Paul gets upset and gets up to leave. Carolyn asks, “What’s
wrong? You two seement to be having go much fun when I came in.”
Paul remarks, “That’s how it all started, with a funny conversation
in this bar..”. Roger comes in through the door and glares at Paul.
Paul and Carolyn glare back and leave. Roger goes to the table and
remonstrates Barnabas for being part of this meeting. Barnabas lies
that he just came in for a drink and happened on the meeting.
Paul and Carolyn go back to his room at the Inn. She tries to
get him to tell her what’s wrong and how she could help, but doesn’t
get much out of him exept that he seems to think someone is after him
and that he thinks she’s in trouble too and wants her to leave town
with him. She refuses, saying she thinks he’s sick and it would be
best for him to stay here.
Roger confronts Carolyn when she returns to Collinwood. He tells
her that Paul cannot be trusted. She refuses to believe him. He
tells her he’ll prove it to her and gives her a check for $5000.
(Probably worth about $30,000 in 1994 dollars). She asks, “So you’re
going to give him $5000 to leave ?”. “No”, he replies, “He’s just here
for money anyway. Give him the money and you won’t even have to ask
him to leave, there won’t be anything in the world that will keep him
Barnabas goes to the shop tho check on the baby. Megan remarks that
she wishes it could remain a baby forever, but Barnabas tells her that
she knows that that’s impossible. Carolyn comes in for work. Megan leaves,
saying that now that Caroyln’s here, she can go and run a few errands.
Carolyn apologizes to Barnabas for her father’s odd behavior at the
bar, explaining that he’s not feeling well, that he seems to think
someone’s after him and even tried to get her to leve town with him.
Paul is in his room asleep. Barnabas comes in and he awakens. Paul
tries to back out of the deal, saying he didn’t know what was involved
when he made it. Barnabas tells him that that’s impossible. He tells
him he should be happy for Carolyn, that she’s going to receive a great
honor. Paul pulls a gun from the dresser draw and pulls the trigger.
Barnabas laughs and tells him they knew all about the gun and took all
the bullets out, that he’d better not try anything because they know
everything he’s going to do even before he does it. He tells him they
know about his trying to get Carolyn to leave town and not to continue
At the shop, Megan brings the baby up to its room. The phone rings
downstairs and Carolyn answers it. It’s Philip asking for Megan.
Carolyn takes down the number and tells him she’ll go find Megan and
have her call back. She goes upstairs and hears heavy monstrous
breathing sounds coming from the baby’s room. She reaches out to open
the door…
Episode 902
Worldvision Rerun 679
Tape Date: November 19, 1969 (ABC #248-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 10, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

But before she can open it, Megan comes out and closes the door.
The sounds stop. Megan angrily asks her what’s she’s doing up here.
Carolyn tells her that Philip called. Carolyn asks what the sound was.
Megan lies that it’s the radiator…
They go back downstairs. Megan apologizes for yelling at her, saying
she was upset she had gone upstairs because the baby had just gone to
sleep and she didn’t want it disturbed. Megan calls the number but finds
it busy. They see a man looking through the shop window, but when
Carolyn walks up to the window to get a look, he quickly leaves..
At Collinwood, David is in bed asleep. Suddenly, he sits up, awake.
He looks on his desk and sees the book open by itself. He goes and looks
and finds that it has opened to a passage which he reads aloud, “And the
day will come when he must be dressed in new garb…”. There’s a knock
at the door. He quickly hides the book and opens it. It’s Elizabeth.
She tells him she thought she heard talking in here. He replies that it’s
just him reading some schoolwork. She asks if she can check it. He replies
that he’d rather not let her see it until he’s finished it. She remarks
that it seems strangely cold in here and asks if he has a window open.
Apparently wanting to get rid of her, he mentions that he’s heard that
her husband is back in town. Shocked, she asks how he knows that. “Oh,”,
he says, “I hear things..”. She angrily says, “We’ve got to see about
getting you some friends your own age” and stomps out. David goes to the
bureau, takes out his wallet and takes some money out. Seeing that there
isn’t enough, he lifts his matress and takes some more money from there.
Elizabeth gets a call from Paul. She tells him she doesn’t want to
talk to him, but he tells her she’d better come to see him at the Inn
if she doesn’t want to lose Carolyn…
Carolyn walks into the drawing room and finds David in there reading
a newspaper, an unusual act for him. She notices that he’s reading
and advertisement for Brewster’s Department store and asks him what’s
so interesting. He tells her he’s just getting some ideas for Christmas
gifts and remarks that they’re going to be open nights until then. She
asks, “I hope you’re not planning to go now, at night. I won’t let you.”
He answers, “Of course not.”. But after Carolyn leaves and goes upstairs,
he sneaks out the front door…
The mysterious man sneaks into Collinwood and looks around. He
straightens the portrait of Barnabas and then goes into the drawing
room. Carolyn comes back down and the man, hearing her, quickly hides
behind the curtains. Carolyn calls, “David?” and , receiving no answer,
assumes that he’s gone up to bed, shuts off the lights and goes back
upstairs. The man comes out from behind the curtains and leaves.
At the Inn, Paul tells Elizabeth that Carolyn’s in danger and she
must take her away from Collinwood for a long time, perhaps on
a round the world cruise, without telling anyone where they’re going.
She asks why. At first, he is reluctant to tell her, but when she makes
it clear that she thinks he’s being ridiculous and has no intention of
doing as he asks unless he can give her a good explanation, he begins
to tell her. But then the phone rings and, realizing that it’s the
Leviathans, he stops talking and just stares at it. After a few rings,
Elizabeth asks, “We’ll, aren’t you going answer “. He continues to
stare at it fearfully. Finally, Elizabeth, exasperated, says,”Well, if
you’re not going to answer it, I will”, and does. She asks who it is,
but only hears breathing, then the click of the other party hanging
up. She tells Paul, “I knew you were involved in something devious”
and leaves angrily.
As she is leaving the Inn, Elizabeth sees David going into the antique
shop carrying a box and wonders what he’s doing out this time of night.
She goes into the antique shop and, finding Megan there, asks where David
is, saying she saw him come in . Megan replies that she must be mistaken,
that David’d not here. Elizabeth notices a Brewster’s box on the table
and says that’s what she saw David carrying. Megan tells her that the
box is hers, that she bought it this afternoon. Elizabeth insists on
searching the shop for David, saying she’s sure she saw him coming in
here, that perhaps he snuck in without her seeing and is hiding somewhere.
Elizabeth starts up the stairs. Megan tries to stop her, but is
Upstairs, David is in the baby’s room. He tells the baby that he’s
gotten him what he needs. Suddenly, he hears Elizabeth outside calling,
“David ? Are you up here ?”
Episode 903
Worldvision Rerun 680
Tape Date: November 8, 1969 (ABC #249-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 11, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Outside door of the baby’s room, Elizabeth hears the loud breathing
noise and asks Megan what it is. The noise stops. Megan tells Elizbeth
that the noise is just the radiator. Eliabeth tells Megan she wants to
check inside the room to see if David is there. Megan tells her she
can’t because the baby is sleeping. Elizabeth insists, saying that it’s
very important that she find David and promises that be very quiet and
starts to open the door. Suddenly, there’s a loud crash from downstairs
and they both rush to see what it is. They find that the desk has been
pushed over. Elizabeth decides that David must have been hiding under
it and pushed it over while escaping and leaves. David comes back
downstairs. Megan tells him how relieved she is, that she didn’t know
what to do. David replies that neither did he, but that ‘someone’ had
helped them
Julia is at Olivia’s place. Olivia explains to her that she’s
interested in the Tate picture because she’s organizing a showing of
Tate’s work in New York, that she’s interested in him because he had
painted so many pictures of her grandmother. She remarks on the tragedy
of Charles Delaware Tate. Julia, puzzled, asks what tragedy she’s talking
about. Olivia replies that she finds it tragic that he was so talented
and famous at the turn of the century, but that fashions changed and
he became almost completely forgotten, so forgotten that nothing is
known of what happened to him, even if he’s still alive or not.
She explains that she’s having the exhibition to try to rekindle interest
in his work. She tells Julia that if she won’t sell the painting, then
a photograph will have to do and asks her if she’ll allow her to borrow
it to do that. Julia tells her, “I’ll have my cheuffeur bring it over
later”. After Julia leaves, a Japanese man comes into the room. Olivia,
referring to him as ‘Mr. Nakamura’, tells him everything is going
according to plan and to make the arrangements. Nakamura picks up the
phone and makes a call.
At Collinwood, Chris asks Julia why she wants him to pose as her
cheuffeur. She tells him she finds this Olivia Corey suspicious, that
she has some secret. She shows him an old letter to Quentin from
Amanda Harris and tells him she thinks Olivia is Amanda. Chris thinks
she’s being ridiculous but agrees to go along.
Julia tells Elizabeth that she’s gotten very interested in old
portraits and asks her if there are any more than what is on the the
walls. Elizabeth replies that there are. Julia asks if she’d mind if
she looks around for them. Elizabeth tells her OK.
Chris, posing as cheuffeur, takes the picture to Olivia. She tells
him to come pick it up later, but he replies that he can’t, that he
was instructed to wait here for it. Nakamura comes into the room.
Olivia explains that he’s her photographer and gives the picture to
him. Nakamura takes it to another room and closes the door. Olivia
tells Chris she’ll go make some tea. While she’s away, Chris searches
around the room, but in the limited time he has, doesn’t seem to find
what he’s looking for. Olivia returns with the tea.
David is in his room. Liz comes in and asks if he had gone to
town. He tells her he did not. She tells him she came and looked here
earlier and he wasn’t here. He replies that he was in the kitchen
getting a glass of milk.
Chris gets impatient and asks what’s taking Nakamura so long.
Olivia tries to explain that he’s an artist, not just a simple
photographer and takes a while, but Chris barges into the room where
Nakamura went and finds photographic equipment, but no Nakamura and
no painting. He angrily demands to know where Nakamura went with the
painting. Olivia replies that she doesn’t know, that she’s as puzzled
as he is. Nakamura returns, holding the painting. He explains that he
found that his camera was broken and he had to take it into town to
have it photographed. Chris apologizes for his anger and asks Olivia
for an autograph if she she’ll forgive him. She replies she’d be
glad to. He tells her what to write. As she is writing it, she
remarks that it’s rather long for an autograph. After Chris leaves,
Olivia asks Nakamura, “How long will it take ?”. He replies that he
was told it would take about an hour.
Chris returns to Collinwood and gives the autograph to Julia.
She compares it to the old letter and finds that they look like the
same handwriting, but tells Chris she’s going to take it to Professor
Stokes, who’s and expert on handwriting, to make sure.
Nakamura returns to Olivia’s place and hands her some X-rays and
tells her they show that there is another picture under the painting,
that they show that it’s clearly a portrait, but are not clear enough
to show who. Olivia tells Nakamura to go to the next step in the plan..
Episode 904
Worldvision Rerun 681
Tape Date: November 25, 1969 (ABC #250-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 12, 1969 Friday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Henry Kaplan

Elizabeth goes to the antique shop and finds Carolyn there. She tells
her she’d like to speak to Megan. Carolyn tells her the Todds aren’t
there. Elizabeth tells Carolyn that she finds this a strange place, that
she’s not sure she wants her working there anymore and explains that
she saw David coming in here last night but couldn’t find him when she
came in, that Megan claims to have been upstairs and did not see him,
but that she does not believe her because she was already down here
when she entered the shop and anyway, no one would leave so many
valuable things unattended. Carolyn explains that Megan had told her
that David had come yesterday to return the stolen book, that Megan had
probably lied to protect him. She points to an old book on a table.
After Elizabeth leaves, the unknown man comes into the shop. Carolyn
shows him the shop.
David, in his room, reads from the real book, “The enemy will be
overcome one by one”. Elizabeth comes in and tells him she knows he
went and returned the book last night. She asks him what he was doing
at Brewster’s, saying she knows he was in there because she talked to
a saleslady who said he was. David tells her he was at Brewster’s,
but it was during the afternoon, that the saleslady, well on in years,
probably just got confused. Elizabeth sees the book on the table, picks
it up and asks what it is, noting that he could’t possibly be reading
it because it isn’t in English. He replies that he just likes to look
at the pictures. She asks him where he got it. He lies that he found
it in the house somewhere but doesn’t remember exactly where. She doesn’t
believe him and takes the book, saying she’s going to take it to the
Todds to see if he stole it too, but they didn’t notice. She tells him
he’s grounded until further notice.
Barnabas goes to the antique shop. Carolyn is beaming, and reads
a love poem from an old book. Barnabas asks what’s caused her good
mood. She tells him she met a wonderful man today, that he came into
the shop to shop, and says she thinks she’s in love. She tells him
he was absolutely right that she’d find someone else soon. Barnabas
asks her if the man feels the same way about her. She replies that
she thinks he does, that he told her he’d be back at 10 oclock
tonight to pick her up.
Barnabas goes to Collinwood and finds David depressed and asks him
what’s wrong.
Later, Barnabas finds Elizabeth in the drawing room. Elizabeth shows
him the book and says she thinks David stole it. Barnabas asks her if
she knows what it is. She replies that she does not, that she doesn’t
even know what language it’s in, but that there seem to be many repeated
‘sentences’ and that she thinks it might be some sort of religious book,
that the repeated sentences might be parts of chants. She tells him she’s
going to take it to the Todds and see if David stole it from there.
Barnabas tells her she’s looking very tired and offers to take it for
her. She gladly accepts and offers him a sherry. He declines. She
starts to pour one for herself. He tells her he doesn’t think that
that’s a very good idea, that alcohol doesn’t really help you relax
and suggests that she go and lie down. She tells him she’ll try that
and goes upstairs. Barnabas, in a sinister voice, remarks “and the
enemy will be overcome, one by one..”
Elizabeth has a weird dream in which she’s at a amusement park.
David, as a barker, asks her to come into the hall of mirrors. She
asks what she’ll see in there. He tells her she’ll see all the people
that she is. She looks in the first mirror and sees just herself.
The second mirrors just shows her reflection too. But the third mirror
shows nothing. She asks David what’s going on. He tells her to look
harder. She does, and Barnabas’ reflection appears. Delighted, Elizabeth
asks how the trick is done.
A man is walking across the street to the antique shop. Suddenly,
there is the screech of brakes and a car hits him. Carolyn rushes out
to check. Barnabas runs from the car and exclaims, “He was in the
middle of the street. I couldn’t stop!”. He turns the man, who is
face down, over. Carolyn gasps, ‘Oh No! It’s the man who was coming
to meet me!”.
Episode 905
Worldvision Rerun 682
Tape Date: November 24, 1969 (ABC #251-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 15, 1969 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Carolyn goes into the antique shop and calls an ambulance.
At Collinwood, Julia hands an envelope to Chris and tells him to
deliver it to Professor Stokes, explaining that it contains the
letter written in 1897 by Amanda Harris and Olivia’s autograph.
After Chris leaves, Julia gets a call from Carolyn telling her that
there’s been an accident and asking her to come to the hospital.
Barnabas and Carolyn are at the hospital, waiting outside a
room. Carolyn tells Barnabas that the man’s name is Grant Douglas.
Julia comes. She and Carolyn go into the room to examine the man.
Julia sees him and is stunned. She asks what the man’s name is.
Carolyn tells her that his name is Grant Douglas and that his ID
said he lived in Portland, Maine. Julia asks why Barnabas is here.
Carolyn replies that it was Barnabas who hit him. Julia goes
outside and asks why he didn’t call her, that it’s obviously Quentin.
Barnabas replies that while the man resembles Quentin somewhat, it
isn’t, that her belief that it is is just a product of wishful thinking.
Megan is at the antique shop. She takes out the box from Brewsters’
which David gave her and opens it. She take out the contents, a shirt
and a pair of pants which appear to be sized for a boy of about 6.
The lights go out and she hears a voice telling her “I am coming”.
She falls asleep and has a dream in which Barnabas comes to her and tells
her that there will be a change soon and that she will have to prepare
the baby for it. She disappointedly tells him she has become quite
attached to the baby, but he replies that that can’t be helped. He tells
her to use Philip’s brother as an explanation this time. He tells her
that once again she will remember only what must be done but will not
remember that it was he who came to her.
Chris comes to the hospital to meet Julia, who has called him to
come there. She takes him into the hotel room and tells him that
that’s Quentin. Puzzled, he asks her how it can be, saying that
a man who lived 70 years ago would have to be quite old by now, but
this man is quite young. Julia tells her she can’t explain right now,
but that it is possible.
Carolyn goes to the antique shop to work and tells Megan about the
accident, explaining that she may have to leave and go back to the
hospital if Julia calls. She finds an old toy and tells Megan that maybe
they shouldn’t sell it, saying that it would be a good toy for the baby.
Megan gets very sad. Carolyn asks her what’s wrong, but Megan won’t tell
Chris asks what the man’s ID says. Julia explains that it says he’s
Grant Douglas of Portland, Maine, but that she did some checking and
found that she has reason to think that it is a false name because
she did some checking and found that although there are records of a man
named Grand Douglas living in Portland, there are no records of where
he lived before that and there are no records of his having ever held
a job anywhere (how she discovered all this is not explained.). Chris
remarks that she’s been quite thorough. Barnabas appears at the door
and remarks, almost angrily, “Yes she has, hasn’t she?” and then offers
his opinion that it isn’t Quentin and that she’s deluding herself if
she thinks it is.
Later, Julia is in the room alone with the man. The man comes out of
the coma and Julia asks him, “Quentin? That is you, isn’t it?”
Carolyn finds that Megan far happier than she was before and
remarks on it. Megan replies that it’s something far greater that
happiness that she and Philip have found, and hopes that she, Carolyn,
finds it too. While they are both working unpacking some ‘new’ antiques,
Carolyn hears a hammering sound upstairs and asks Megan what it is.
Megan replies that she doesn’t know. They continue to unpack. The
hammering sound stops. A child’s inflated toy ball, about the size of
a softball, comes bouncing down the stairs. Carolyn remarks that that’s
what must have been causing the hammering sound upstairs then, puzzled,
asks who it belongs to, that it surely couldn’t be the baby’s. A
boy who appears to be about 6 years old comes down the stairs. Megan
remarks, “There he is! There’s my little darling!”. The boy is wearing
the clothing purchased by David…
Episode 906
Worldvision Rerun 683
Tape Date: November 21, 1969 (ABC #252-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 16, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Megan explains to Carolyn that the boy’s name is Alexander and that
he’s Philip’s nephew, that her sister had returned from her vacation
and Philip had returned the baby to her and on the way went to his
brother’s house and picked up Alexander, who had wanted to see their
new shop, to stay for awhile. Carolyn tells Megan she must have known
that the hammering sound upstairs was caused by Alexander playing with
the ball and asks why she said she didn’t. Megan replies that of course
she knew, but that she wanted to surprise her. Alexander sees an African
style mask in the crate of new antiques and puts it on. Carolyn feigns
fear and runs from him. He playfully chases her. There’s a call from
Julia for Carolyn. Julia tells Carolyn that the man regained consciousness
briefly, but lapsed back into the coma without saying anything. Carolyn
excuses herself and leaves. Alexander tells Megan he likes
Carolyn very much. She replies that they knew he would. Megan tells
Alexander she has to go upstairs for a minute. He tells her that’s
OK, he’ll draw for awhile. He takes out a pad and starts to draw.
Paul comes and asks for Carolyn. The boy replies that Carolyn was here
but left, and that Megan is upstairs. Paul decides to wait for Megan to
find out where Carolyn is. While waiting, he makes small talk with the
boy and asks him what he’s doing. The boy replies that he’s drawing.
Paul asks “What are you drawing?”, and walks up to him to see, but
the Alexander slams the pad shut and refuses to let him see. Megan
comes back down and tells Paul Carolyn will be back soon. Paul replies
that he’ll wait here for her. The boy walks up to a calendar hanging on
the wall, tears off the page for December 1969 and circles the date
Thursday, January 15, 1970. Paul, obviously seeing similarities between
this and his circling of December 4, is startled and asks “Why did you
do THAT?”. Alexander replies that that’s his birthday and asks if he
wants to come, that Carolyn will be there. Paul, paranoid but with
reason, thinks to himself that the woman and the boy are in league
with Barnabas against him. Paul tells Megan he has changed his mind
about waiting here. Barnabas comes. He sees Paul and remarks that
everyting is going splendidly. Paul, terrified, brushes past him and
Paul returns to his room at the inn and finds to his shock that
the date January 15, 1970 is circled on the hotel room calender. He
recalls what Alexander said about “Carolyn will be there..”. Carolyn
comes. Paul tells her that they MUST leave Collinsport as soon as
possible. She tells him she has something that could help and gives
him the check from Edward. Seeing the signature, he tells her he knows
Edward is trying to drive a wedge between them by showing he’s only
interested in money and tears it up. Carolyn embraces him.
{ Barnabas + Julia, Carolyn ? }
Later, Paul calls Carolyn and tells her it will be on the 10:05
to Boston and tells her to get ready.
At the antique shop, Megan tells Alexander it’s time for him to go
up to bed. He tells her he doesn’t want to, that he’s afraid to go up
there. She asks why, but he tells her he doesn’t know…
Paul finishes packing. Elizabeth comes and demands to know where
Carolyn is, that she knows there’s something going on because she checked
her room and found that all her clothes are gone. Paul replies that it’s
important that they leave because he and Carolyn are in danger, that
everyone in the Collins famile is in danger because the leader of the
people who are after him are living in their midst, that it’s Barnabas.
Elizabeth replies that she thought he was crazy until he mentioned
Barnabas, that she’s noticed a marked change in Barnabas since he returned
and finds his story believable. She tells him he is welcome to take
refuge at Collinwood. He leaves to get Carolyn at the train station.
Elizabeth picks up the phone and makes a call to COLLINWOOD 6817.
At the antique shop, the phone rings and Alexander answers. He gives the
phone to Barnabas. Elizabeth tells Barnabas that she’s fixed everything
and that everything’s back on schedule…
Episode 907
Worldvision Rerun 684
Tape Date: November 26, 1969 (ABC #253-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 17, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Paul goes to the train station and tells Carolyn they’re not going
because Elizabeth is letting him stay at Collinwood. Carolyn is shocked.
Barnabas, at the hospital, reaches out to strangle the man, but he
seems to still have some conscience left and thinks to himself,”No.
You saved my life once when Edward locked me in the cell to await the
dawn. I cannot kill you. ” and stops.
Elizabeth, Carolyn and Paul return to Collinwood. Elizabeth and
Paul go into the drawing room and close the doors to talk. Paul starts
to consider what his first step will be, but Elizabeth replies that
they’re not going to do anything. She tells him she doesn’t believe his
paranoid story and that the real reason she’s letting him stay at
Collinwood is because she think he’s sick and wants to help him.
Paul, furious, insists that he’s not, that there’s some sort of
conspiracy going on, that the couple who owns the antique shop are
part of it, as well as the child living there, that Barnabas is the
leader. Julia, who’s just come into Collinwood, is outside listening
through the door. Paul, either sensing something or seeing the crack
in the door obstructed, opens the door, pulls her in, accuses her of
being part of the conspiracy. Elizabeth tells him to let her go, saying
she trusts Julia. Julia apologizes, saying she heard shouting and just
wondered what was wrong. Carolyn comes and says she wants to speak to
At the hospital, Grant regains consciousness. Barnabas remarks to
him, “Quentin Collins. I knew we’d meet again”. The man just stares
at him blankly.
Carolyn and Julia go to the hospital. Barnabas comes out of Grant’s
room. Julia asks him what he’s doing in there. Barnabas replies that
he felt bad about hitting the man. Julia asks how the man is. Barnabas
replies that he’s much better. They go in. The man is conscious. Carolyn
exclaims, “Oh Grant. I’m glad you’re better”. The man replies “Grant?
Why do you call me that?”. Julia asks if he recognizes her. He asks
why he should recognize her. She just replies that she’s the doctor who’s
been treating him.
Barnabas takes Julia outside and reprimands her for asking the man if
he recognized her, saying it would make Carolyn suspicious. Barnabas
leaves, and Julia goes back into the room. Carolyn tells the man about
their meeting at the antique shop. He tells her he doesn’t remember
anything prior to waking up in the hospital. They tell him his ID
said his name was ‘Grant Douglas’ and that he lives in Portand, Maine,
but that they know little about him beyond that. Grant asks why the
other man called him “Quentin Collins”. A strange look comes across
Carolyn’s face and the man asks him what’s wrong. Carolyn tells him
that Quentin Collins lived almost 100 years ago. The man replies,
“Well, I guess I can’t be Quentin Collns, then”.
Julia goes to Collinwood and tell Paul she believes him and asks
him what he knows.
Elizabeth tells Barnabas that something must be done about Paul.
Barnabas agrees, but tells her not to do anything, that he’ll be
arranging for someone to take care of Paul..
November 27, 1969 – Thanksgiving Day. No show taped.
Episode 908
Worldvision Rerun 685
Tape Date: November 28, 1969 (ABC #254-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 18, 1969 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Elizabeth brings Alexander to Collinwood. Paul sees Alexander,
and Elizabeth introduces them, saying Alexander has come here to play
with David today . Alexander replies that he already knows Paul
that he’s seen him at the antique shop. Elizabeth gives Alexander
directions to David’s room and tells him to go there. Alexander leaves.
Paul tells Elizabeth that she shouldn’t have let Alexander come here
because he’s part of the conspiracy. Elizabeth replies that he’s
REALLY being ridiculous now….
Upstairs in David’s room, David and Alexander are playing with
David’s slot car set. Maggie, who’s in there with them, tells them
it’s almost time for lunch and she’ll go and have some hamburgers
made for them. After Maggie leaves, David asks Alexander what he
plans to do. Alexander asks David to get some pictures of Carolyn
showing her as she was growing up. David asks him what Carolyn has
to do with all this. Alexander reprimands David for having the nerve
to question him. David apologizes and leaves to find the pictures.
Elizabeth comes in and tells Alexander to be careful because Paul
suspects him…
Paul, downstairs, sees Maggie going to the kitchen and asks her
to step into the drawing room for a minute. In the drawing room, he
tells her the boy upstairs is not a normal boy, that he’s part of a
conspiracy that also involves the Todds and Barnabas. He asks her
to help him by finding out all she can about the boy and the Todds,
and to try to keep a tab on what Barnabas does. He explains that
she can do this whereas he cannot because they don’t suspect that
she knows anything. Suddenly, Paul goes over and opens the drawing
room doors and pulls Alexander, who’s been eavesdropping, into the
room and shakes him, asking him what he’s doing. Elizabeth comes in
and forces Paul to stop. She takes a crying Alexander out into the
foyer to comfort him. Maggie tries to calm Paul down by shutting the
drawing room doors and telling him that she believes him and asking
him to go over what he wants her to do again.
Elizabeth takes the crying Alexander over to the bench next to the
stairs and comforts him. David comes down, sees this and asks if he’s
OK. Elizabeth replies that he is and says that it’s her fault, that
she should have been more careful. Alexander, seeing that David is
carrying a photo album, stops crying , takes it and starts to look
through it.
Maggie promises Paul that she’ll do everything she can. David comes
into the drawing room and tells Paul he’d like to show him some pictures
of Carolyn growing up because he wasn’t here to see her. Maggie leaves.
David shows Paul the photos of Carolyn. Paul has a strange reaction
to one of her when she was about eight. David asks her if that’s Carolyn
about the time he left. Paul pauses strangely for a long time before
saying no.
Outside, Elizabeth tells Maggie Paul is ill and is having paranoid
delusions and tells her she shouldn’t believe what he says. Maggie
replies that she found what he was saying ridiculous and was just
humoring him because she didn’t know what else to do.
Later, Roger returns to Collinwood and sees David and Alexander
in the foyer. David introduces Alexander, saying he’s come here to
play today. Roger remarks that he’s glad to be back because two days
in Bangor seems like forever. He tells David he’s got a gift for him,
the transistor radio he’s been wanting. He gives David a white
transistor radio, saying it’s the best one on the market and leaves,
saying he’s got to go to the study to look over his mail. Alexander
tells David he likes the radio and wants it and tells him to give it
to him. David obediently does, and Alexander beams, “I’m glad they sent
me you!”. David and Alexander both leave the foyer, apparently going
to the kitchen. Unbeknownst to them, Maggie sees all this from above
on the stair landing. She thinks to herself that that’s VERY unlike David
to give Alexander the radio and that maybe there is something strange
going on, that what Paul told her isn’t so ridiculous after all…
Roger comes back into the foyer and sees Maggie there. He asks her
if Elizabeth is home. Maggie replies that she is. Suddenly, Roger bellows
out “What’s HE doing here?!”. Coming down the stairs is Paul. Roger
asks Maggie to leave so they can speak in private. She does. Roger
asks Paul what he’s doing here. Paul replies that Elizabeth invited him.
Elizabeth walks into the foyer and says “Indeed I did, Roger”. Paul
leaves, saying he sees an argument coming and wants to leave them to
argue alone. He adds, “In view of past history, I know who’s going to
win, anyway” and goes upstairs.
Roger and Elizabeth argue about Paul.
Paul goes up to his room and hears a giggling sound in there. He finds
Alexander hiding behind a chair. Alexander tells him he’s playing hide
and seek with David. Saying to Paul that now he’s back, he’d better find
another hiding place and starts to run off. Paul, not believing him,
tries to grab him, but misses. Alexander runs out into the hallway and
hides behind the curtains of the window in the hallway. Paul comes out
of his room and looks for Alexander, but does not see him. Just as he
turns and is about to go back into his room, he hears loud breathing
noises coming from behind the curtain. He goes and pulls them open..
Episode 909
Worldvision Rerun 686
Tape Date: December 1, 1969 (ABC #255-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 19, 1969 Friday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

He is surprised to find not Alexander, but a little blond girl in
pigtails. He asks her who she is, but she only says “I hate you for
going away!” and runs away and down the stairs. Paul follows, but
when he gets down to the foyer, he finds only Julia there. He asks her
if she saw which way the little girl went, but Julia tells him she saw
no little girl come down the stairs. He then asks if she saw Alexander
come down. Julia tells him she doesn’t know who Alexander is, but that
no one came down the stairs. Julia asks if the little girl he’s talking
about is Amy. He says no.
Chris goes to Amanda’s room, having received a phone call from her.
She tells him she’s been trying to reach Julia, but that she never
seems to be at Collinwood. Chris explains that she’s been spending most
of her time at the hospital lately, that she’s been treating a man with
total amnesia named Grant Douglas. Amanda tells him that the reason
she wanted to reach Julia so badly is that ‘Montine’, the man who’s
organizing the exhibition is coming to town and she wants to borrow
the painting again to show him.
Julia is at the hospital, trying to help Grant regain his memory.
She empties the contents of a manila envelope onto a table, saying
that they were the contents of his pockets. Grant examines the objects:
a rent receipt for $55, a matchbook from a bar called the “High Hat
Lounge”, a key to a locker of the type found in airports, train and bus
stations and a wooden puzzle. He looks at the rent receipt and remarks
that he knows he’s not a rich playboy, then reads the blurb on the
matchbook and jokes, “It says when you go there you’ll forget all
your troubles. That’s nothing compared to what you forget when you
come to Collinsport!” However, none of the items stirs any memories.
This not having worked, Julia suggests that they try hypnosis.
Paul, having searched the house and not found the girl, stands on
landing and decides that he must have imagined the whole thing.
The girl comes in through the front doors. Paul runs down the
stairs to her, but she exclaims, “I hate you for what you did!” and
runs into the drawing room. Paul follows, but when he gets into the
drawing room, it is empty. There, he sees the photo album sitting on
the coffee table. This strikes a memory, and he opens it and sees a
picture of the blond girl. Below it is the inscription “CaroLyn, Age 8”.
Julia hypnotizes Grant and asks him who he is. He replies that
he doesn’t know, but that he does know that he must leave town. Julia
asks why. Grant Douglas replies, “Because of HIM”. Julia asks
“Who are you? Who’s the HE you must leave because of?”. He answers
cryptically, “Frederick Thorn! It’s all over! It’s finished!”. She
asks him what he means, but he gives no more answers. She awakens him
and tells him she didn’t learn anything useful.
Julia comes out of the hospital room and finds Chris outside waiting
for her. He tells her that while he was in the hospital cafeteria he
heard something very important, that two men in there were discussing
a strange incident a few days ago where a man came in and had a painting
X-rayed, that from the description of the man, it must have been Nakamura.
He adds that Olivia told him she wanted the painting again, claiming that
the man planning the exhibit wanted to see it. They suspect the obvious:
that Olivia had found something under the landscape. Chris adds that
Nakamura had had a photograph of the landscape taken, and that by now
they have probably had a copy painted and obviously want to make a
switch. They decide to find out what’s under the landscape..
In the drawing room, Paul hears a slapping sound. He looks toward
the direction from which it came and sees Carolyn age 8 picking up a
book she had dropped. The book is a copy of “Black Beauty”. He runs toward
her, but once again she cries “I hate you for what you did!” and runs into
the study and slams the door shut. Julia comes in through the front doors.
Paul tells her that the girl he was talking about is in the study. But
the study door opens and Alexander comes out. Paul looks into the study
and finds it empty. He grabs Alexander and demands “Where is she?
Where is Carolyn?”. Alexander replies that he was the only person in
the study. Julia, puzzled, asks Paul why he first asked about the little
girl, then switched to asking about Carolyn. Paul replies that the little
girl IS Carolyn at the age of eight. Julia thinks he’s crazy. Paul
leaves. Julia asks Alexander what he was doing in the study. He tells
her he was doing one of his favorite things, reading, and holds up a
copy of ‘Black Beauty’…
Julia returns to the hospital and tells Grant that she’s arranged
a place for him to live. He tells her that that’s not necessary.
Puzzled, Julia asks “Where will you stay, then?”. Olivia walks into
the room and says, “With me, Dr. Hoffman, with me..”
Episode 910
Worldvision Rerun 687
Tape Date: December 2, 1969 (ABC #256-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 22, 1969 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Grant is in with Olivia in her room at the Inn. She stares at him.
He asks why she is doing this. She asks, “Don’t you recognize me?”
He replies, “No. Should I? Have we met before?”. She answers, “Yes”.
He asks when this was. She replies ” A long, long time ago…”
At Collinwood, Elizabeth goes into the drawing room and tells Julia
that Paul’s condition seems to have worsened, that he’s in his room
claiming to have seen Carolyn at the age of eight wandering around the
house. Julia tells her the delusion is probably a manifestation of his
guilt at having abandoned her 20 years ago. Chris comes, and Elizabeth
goes upstairs. Chris opens a manila envelope and shows Julia the
X-ray he had made of the portrait. They can see that there is definitely
a portrait underneath, but can only see an outline and cannot tell
who it is. Julia calls Professor Stokes, who’s busy comparing the
handwriting samples, tells him she has a painting which appears to have
been painted over another painting, and asks him if it’s possible to
remove the top painting without damaging the covered one. Stokes replies
that it is, but that he doesn’t know how to do it. She asks if he knows
anyone who does. He replies that he has a friend named Alsman at the
university who does. Julia asks him to contact him, that it’s urgent
she have this done as quickly as possible.
Grant asks Olivia what she means. She tells him she can’t tell him
right now, that she might be wrong. He tells her that if he doesn’t
know anything about himself, perhaps it would be better if they talk
about her, and asks her about her background. She tells him, “Well,
I started out as a singer and dancer…”. He interrupts her, saying
the mention of ‘singer’ reminds him of something, a song. She asks
him to hum the song, but the memory is fleeting and tells her he
can no longer remember it. Julia comes and asks Olivia why she took
Grant. Olivia asks Grant to step into the other room, saying she wants
to speak to Julia alone.
Chris and Stokes are at Stoke’s house, waiting for Alsman. He comes.
He looks at the landscape and remarks that many Tate paintings are
valuable, but not his landscapes, which are rather inferior. He adds,
“But you have to give him credit for turning them out right up to the
end”. Chris asks, “The end?”. Alsman replies, “Yes. Charles Delaware
Tate died about 10 years ago”.
Olivia tells Julia she thought she could help him because she
thought she knew who he was, but is now not so sure. Julia complains
that she’s not qualified to help the man. Olivia derides Julia’s
belief that the man is Quentin Collins, asking, “When was Quentin
Collins born?” Julia replies, “1870”. Olivia remarks, “Now that would
make him 99 years old. Does that man look 99 years old to you?” Olivia,
possibly because of her failure to bring back his memory, agrees to a
‘truce’, deciding that it would be best for both of them to do what
they can. Olivia brings Grant back into the room. Julia tells him
she’s going to try the ‘association method’ now and will take him
somewhere for some ‘associations’.
Alsman starts to work on the painting. As he is doing this, Chris
asks Stokes if he’s reached any conclusions about the handwriting
samples. Stokes replies that they are so similar, it would be difficult
to believe that they could not have been written by the same person.
Chris asks if that’s what he wants him to tell Julia. Stokes replies,
“Not yet. Give me a couple more days to make sure”.
Julia brings Grant to Collinwood. Grant looks around and remarks
that it’s a grand place, that he wishes he were a Collins and lived
here. He does not seem to recognize anything. Julia asks him to
come upstairs. As she starts up the stairs, she realizes that Grant
is not with her, and sees that he is in the foyer staring at the portrait
of Barnabas. She goes back down and asks him if that brings back any
memories. He replies that it’s the man who visited him in the hospital,
and asks why he’s dressed in such old-fashioned clothing in the picture.
Julia explains that it’s not the man who visited him in the hospital,
that it’s an ancestor of his who resembles him greatly. They both
go upstairs.
At Stokes’, Chris is holding the picture. We do not see it. He
remarks “Julia will be surprised….”. Stokes asks why she would be
since she already knows there is a portrait underneath. Chris replies
that it’s not the fact that there’s a portrait underneath that will
surprise her, but whose portrait..”. The camera shows the painting.
Alsman is not yet finished. Only the face is visible. It is the
face of Amanda Harris…
Julia takes Grant up to Quentin’s room, which is covered with dust
and cobwebs. Grant looks around for awhile, but tells her nothing in
this room brings back any memories, that her ‘association’ idea has
been a failure and they should leave. She tells him to wait, that
there’s one more thing she wants to try, and tells him to sit down.
He does. She turns on the gramophone. It plays Quentin’s theme. She
tells him to listen…
Episode 911
Worldvision Rerun 688
Tape Date: December 4, 1969 (ABC #257-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 23, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Grant Douglas shows no reaction to the music. But in David’s room,
David suddenly awakens and exclaims “Quentin! Quentin’s back!”, gets
out of bed and leaves his room. He goes to the west wing and hears
Quentin’s music playing. Julia hears someone coming and quicky stops
the gramophone and tells Grant to hide behind the curtains. David comes
in and asks her what she’s doing there. She replies that she’s looking
for something. He tells her he heard Quentin’s music playing and has
the feeling that Quentin is back. Julia replies that she turned the
gramophone on accidently. David sees Grant’s shoes poking out from
under the curtains and runs off in fear.
Julia tells Grant they’ve got to leave, that they’ve got to be
careful about being seen. She tells him to walk a few feet behind
her, that he is to hide if she gives a signal. They get to the foyer
without being seen. Unknown to them, David is spying on them from
the partially open doors of the drawing room. David hears Julia
call the man “Mr. Douglas” and thinks to himself, “That’s the man
who visited the antique shop and was in the accident!”
Alexander is in the antique shop drawing a picture of the Naga.
Julia comes into the store and he quickly slams the pad shut.
She starts to question him about the little girl who was at
Collinwood. Alexander tells her he saw no little girl other than
Amy. Julia tells him she knows he’s lying, that he must have seen
her because Paul saw her going into the study when he was in there
and demands that he tell the truth. They are interrupted by the
arrival of Elizabeth, David and Amy. Elizabeth tells her that she’s
glad to find her here, that Mrs. Johnson has found where the paintings
are stored. She tells Julia that she brought the children here to play
and can leave them here while they return to Collinwood to look at the
pictures. As Julia is leaving, she turns and looks at Alexander. He has
a look of triumph on his face…
As they are playing, Amy notices the picture of Carolyn age 8 on a
table, picks it up and tells David. Alexander demands that she give it
back. Amy refuses, saying it doesn’t belong to him, that he stole it.
Alexander orders David to get it back. David asks Amy to give it back.
Amy still refuses, and asks why he seems to be afraid of the little boy.
At Collinwood, in a storage room in the west wing, Elizabeth and
Julia are looking at some portraits. Julia tells Elizabeth that she
doesn’t think it’s wise for her to let the children play with Alexander
and suggests that she not let them anymore. Elizabeth asks why. Julia
replies that she finds Alexander a strange kid.
At the antique shop, Amy continues to refuse to give the picture of
Carolyn back. She runs into another room. David tells Alexander he
has a plan. Noticing a book with a note saying “Return to Grant Douglas”
attached, he picks up the phone and makes a call…
At Collinwood, Julia finds a landscape that looks almost exactly like
the one she bought. Elizabeth remarks, “Oh yes. I bought that from a
shop last year, but Roger didn’t like it and had it put away here”.
Julia tells her that she can tell from the style that if must be a Tate.
but they look at the signature and find that it says “Harrison Monroe,
1968″, last year. Julia tells Elizabeth that this is puzzling, that
Charles Delaware Tate died 10 years ago, but that there’s one person
who’ll know, Professor Stokes.
David brings Amy back into the front room. He seems not to care about
the picture anymore. Grant comes in. Amy sees him and flees in terror,
running up the stairs. Grant asks David what’s wrong with her. David
replies that she’s just afraid of strangers. He gives Grant his book.
Grant leaves.
Upstairs, Amy is in front of Alexander’s room. She hears a loud breathing
sound coming from inside and, curious, opens the door. She sees something
and screams..
Episode 912
Worldvision Rerun 689
Tape Date: December 5, 1969 (ABC #258-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 24, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Barnabas comes to the antique shop. Alexander is alone in there.
He scolds Alexander about what happened to Amy. Alexander asks him
how he found out. Barnabas replies that David told him, that he’s
still out there looking for her. Alexander angrily picks up a cup
and hurls it to the floor. Barnabas tells him to pick it up. Alexander
refuses, saying he doesn’t take orders from him. Barnabas replies that
once he’s an adult, he’ll be giving the orders, but while he’s still
a child, he, Barnabas is in charge. Alexander picks up the cup.
Barnabas tells Alexander that this stunt has put the plan in severe
jeopardy and that he’ll have to take care of Amy. He picks up the
Naga box and leaves.
Amy, still terrified by what she saw, goes to Chris’s cottage.
Stokes comes to Collinwood. Julia meets him in the foyer. He shows
her the landscape she had given him. The top layer has been completely
removed, revealing a portrait of Amanda Harris. Julia tells him she
has a surprise for him, another landscape. She brings him into the
drawing room and shows it to him. He glances at it and says it’s
obviously another Tate painting, but Julia then shows him the signature
and date. Stokes is puzzled, and tells her he’ll have to ask Alsman
about this.
At Chris’ cottage, Amy hears the doorknob turning and becomes
terrified. Chris comes in and finds a terrified Amy. He asks her
what’s wrong. She tries to speak, but cannot. Chris gives her a pencil
and a piece of paper and asks her if she can write. She takes the pencil
and writes the word “SHOP”. There’s a knock on the door. Amy quicky
grabs the paper, crumples it up and throws it into the fire and grabs
Chris. Chris says “Come in”, and the knocker comes in. It is Julia.
Julia asks what’s wrong. Chris explains that Amy seems terrified of
something, but cannot seem to speak, but that she wrote the word “SHOP”
on a piece of paper. Julia explains that Amy, David and Alexander had
been playing in the antique shop and asks Chris to go ask David what
happened while she stays here and takes care of Amy. Chris leaves.
Julia talks to Amy and tries to find out what happened. Barnabas
comes. When Julia mentions the name ‘Alexander’, Amy becomes so terrified
that she turns away. Barnabas asks what’s wrong with Amy. Julia explains
that Amy seems to be sick and can’t speak. But Amy does speak, and says,
weakly, “Water..”. Julia tells Barnabas to go get some water. While
Barnabas is out of the room, Julia tells Amy that even if she can speak,
to pretend that she can’t until Barnabas leaves. Amy nods. Barnabas
returns it with a glass of water. Amy empties it in one draught.
Barnabas remarks, “She certainly is thirsty, isn’t she?”. He asks if
she has a fever. Julia says no, that in fact she seems somewhat cold.
Barnabas puts his hand on Amy’s forehead for a few seconds, and says,
“You’re right. She does seem cold.”. Julia asks him what he came here
for. He replies that he came to see Chris to apologize for the way he’s
been acting toward him, to explain that it’s just a result of his
disappointment at having spent so much time in the past and not finding
a cure. Julia replies that Chris went to get her medical bag. Barnabas
tells her he doesn’t have time to wait for him and must leave. He then
remarks on how beautiful children look when they’re sleeping. Julia looks
at Amy and notices that she’s fallen asleep on a chair. Barnabas remarks
that he’s sure she’ll be feeling better when she awakens and leaves.
Chris comes back. Amy is still asleep. Julia asks Chris what he found
out. Chris tells her that David said Grant Douglas came into the shop
and Amy, thinking he was Quentin, became frightened. Amy wakes up and
they ask her what happened. She tells them Quentin came into the shop.
They explain to her that it was only a man who looked like Quentin.
She starts to say that there was something else, too, but that she
can’t remember..
Stokes comes in and tells Julia that Alsman is certain the second
painting is a Tate too, though he can’t explain the signature and date.
He gives Julia a piece of paper, saying it’s Harrison Monroe’s address,
that maybe she’d like to ask him about it, but warns that Alsman told
him that Monroe is a recluse and usually doesn’t see anyone. Julia
asks him where “Glen Cove” is. Stokes tells her it’s a small village
near Rockport. Julia tells Chris to take care of Amy, that she’ got
to go. Chris asks her where she’s going. Julia replies, “To see Charles
Delaware Tate”. Stokes tells her not to jump to conclusions, that it
can’t be Tate, that Alsman attended Tate’s funeral ten years ago…
At Collinwood, Barnabas is in the drawing room with Alexander. The Naga
box is in there too. Barnabas tells Alexander he has been successful, that
Amy is now an intermediate, that when she comes into the room she’ll
open the box and the process will be complete.
Chris takes Amy back to Collinwood and says goodbye to her in the
foyer and leaves. The drawing room doors are closed. Suddenly, they
open. Alexander comes out, grabs Amy and pulls her into the room.
Amy sees the box and a change seems to come over her. She goes and
opens the box, and an even bigger change seems to come over her.
She obediently gives the picture of Carolyn back to Alexander.
Alexander asks, “You’ll follow orders from now on, won’t you?”.
She answers, “Yes..”. Barnabas has a look of triumph on his face..
Julia arrives at Harrison Monroe’s house and knocks on the door.
A voice says “Go away. You are not welcome”. She looks up and sees
that the voice is coming from a loudspeaker above the door. She
replies, “But I have a message for Harrison Monroe”. The voice repeats,
“Go away. You are not welcome.”. Julia continues, “The message is
from Charles Delaware Tate”. This time, the voice does not say anything.
After a few seconds, the door opens by itself, probably electronically
operated. Julia goes in. The door then closes by itself…
December 25, 1969 Thursday – Christmas. No show aired.
(ABC #259-DRK-69)
Episode 913/914
Worldvision Rerun 690
Tape Date: December 3, 1969 (ABC #260-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 26, 1969 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Julia finds herself alone in a dark room. She asks, “Where are
you? I can’t see you.”. The voice replies, “You will soon.”, and
gives her directions to go into another room. Julia goes through a
door as instructed and finds herself in another dark room. The voice
instructs her to sit in a chair. She does. A light goes on, revealing
a man sitting behind a desk. It is the spitting image of Charles
Delaware Tate. The man identifies himself as Harrison Monroe and asks
what the message is. She tells him she knows he IS Charles Delaware
Tate, that he looks just as he did in 1897. She reminds him that he
had painted a portrait of Quentin Collins back then that cured him of
lycanthropy. Tate replies that that is only a legend. She asks him where
it is. He replies that it had been destroyed in a fire. She replies that
she has reason to believe that that is not true. He retorts that if she
knows that, then she knows more about it than him, and he can be of no
use to her and tells her to leave him alone, that he took great pains to
fake his own death 10 years ago and assume the identify of Harrison
Monroe in order to have peace and solitude. She tells him that she knows
another man with the same problem as Quentin and asks him to paint a
portrait of him and cure him the same way. Tate replies that he can
no longer paint. Julia protests, “But I have a painting you did just
last year. I know you have retained your talent as well as your youth!”.
Tate laughs crazily and answers cryptically “I am my own best creation!”,
tells her he cannot do the painting for her and orders her to leave.
The lights go out and she does.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth is in the drawing room writing a letter.
Roger is in there as well. David is staring out a window. Roger goes
to him and tries to talk to him, but finds him melancholy and
uncommunicative. After David leaves the room, Roger remarks to Elizabeth
that something seems to be wrong with David, but he cannot get him
to tell him what it is.
David goes up to his room and reads the Leviathan book. He reads a
passage which says, “There will then follow a period of 10 days, and
on the night of the tenth day, there will be another manifestation,
and all who believe will come to pay homage to him…”
David goes downstairs and finds Elizabeth alone in the drawing
room. He tells her he has read another prophecy in the book and
they’re going to have to go to the antique shop. They leave.
Roger goes to David’s room and finds it empty.
Elizabeth and David arrive at the antique shop and go up to
Alexander’s room. They hear the loud breathing sound emanating from
inside. They knock on the door. It opens, and a boy of about 10 or
12 comes out. David or Elizabeth starts to say “Alexander..”, but
the boy interrupts and says, “You will call me Michael now”. He tells
them they are to tell people that Alexander has gone home to his family.
He tells Elizabeth to go home, but orders David to stay for the night.
Julia returns to Collinwood. Roger comes down the stairs and tells
her David is missing. He tells her to search the house while he goes
out and searches the grounds.
Elizabeth leaves the antique shop. Michael says to David, “You went
to Barnabas and told him about Amy, didn’t you?”. David admits that he
did, that he had to because she ran off and was missing. Michael tells
him he is very angry with him about that and will punish him for it.
David asks how. Michael tells him he is to stay in the antique shop alone
all night, that he is not to turn on any lights, that he is to stay
quiet, that he is to stay awake, and that he is not to call for help
no matter what happens. David asks where Philip and Megan are. Michael
replies that they are in their room, but have been instructed not to
come out…
Roger returns to Collinwood and tells Julia he didn’t find David.
Julia tells him she didn’t find him either. Roger starts to call the
police. Elizabeth returns, and Roger tells her, “David’s missing. I was
just about to call the police”. Elizabeth tells him not to, explaining
that she took David to stay with a friend for the night. Roger asks
Elizabeth to come into the drawing room with him to talk privately.
Inside the drawing room, Roger, furious, tells Elizabeth that David is
HIS son, and she should have consulted with him before taking David.
Elizabeth apologizes, saying she didn’t think he would object. She
explains that she found out what was wrong with David, that his friend
Alexander is going to go home tomorrow morning and took David to stay
at the antique shop for his last night here. Julia, outside, eavesdrops
through the door…
In the shop, David sits in the dark waiting for something horrible
to happen. But nothing does, and morning comes. (Apparently, it was
just a test to see if he would follow orders.) Michael comes downstairs
and tells David he’s done very well. Julia comes in and asks for Carolyn.
David replies that she doesn’t come in this early. Julia notices the
boy and asks who he is, saying to David that she thought he was coming to
spend the night with Alexander. David replies that Alexander left
earlier in the morning. Michael raises his right hand to brush some
hair away from his face. Julia sees a birthmark on his wrist and
suddenly says, “Well, I’ve got to leave now, I don’t have time to
wait for Carolyn”, and leaves. Michael tells David that even though
she didn’t say anything about it, he can tell that Julia saw the
birthmark and knew it was significant. He tells David that something
must be done about her…immediately.
Episode 915 – “Emergency Leviathan Episode”
Worldvision Rerun 691
Tape Date: December 24, 1969 (ABC #261-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 29, 1969 Monday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas goes to the antique shop, having been summoned there by
Michael. Michael tells him about Julia seeing the birthmark and
recognizing its significance and orders Barnabas to kill her. Barnabas
refuses, saying that even though he is one of them now, he cannot forget
his friendship with Julia, that she risked her life for him.
Barnabas returns to the old house. He performs a ceremony over the
box, asking for understanding about why he cannot kill Julia. After
that, he goes to sleep in a chair and has a dream in which a robed man
appears to him. Barnabas explains to him that he cannot kill Julia, that
it’s wrong for a child to order him to do something so cruel. The man
tells Barnabas that it’s he who is wrong, wrong for disobeying orders,
that they will teach him not to do so in the future. The man explains
who ‘they’ really are, that they are beings of energy who ruled the
earth before mankind. The man goes on to explain that he, Barnabas, is
not ‘naturally’ one of them, that he must continually prove himself.
He tells Barnabas that they know what he was, and will use the fact
to ensure obedience. He disappears. Barnabas hears a sound and goes
to investigate. Outside, he is attacked by a huge bat.
He awakens, terrified. There is a knock at the door. He answers.
It is Megan. She tells him Michael told her about ordering him to
kill Julia, that she is starting to become afraid of Michael. Barnabas,
still distraught from the dream, tells her he cannot talk to her right
now as forces her to leave. After she leaves, Barnabas happens to glance
in a mirror and is shocked to see that he has no reflection. He opens
his mouth and finds he has fangs again…
Barnabas goes to the docks. A prostitute focuses her attention on him
and tries to ‘sell’ herself to him. Although the has obviously come
to the docks looking for prey, he reconsiders and tries to brush her off.
But she is very insistent, and he finally weakens and attacks her.
Afterwards, he runs off, overcome by guilt.
Barnabas returns to the old house and falls asleep again. He has a
dream again. In the dream, the prostitute comes to the old house and
bares her fangs. She is now a vampire. The robed man appears again
and tells him the preceeding did not really happen, that he has not been
turned back into a vampire, that it was all a dream, a warning to him
of what they will do to him if he does not obey. He asks Barnabas how
he would like this to happen night after night again, telling him it
won’t have to happen if he is obedient. Barnabas replies that he’d
still refuse to kill Julia, that if he finds himself a vampire, he’ll
await the dawn and let himself be destroyed by it. The man waves his
hands and the vampire girl disappears. He tells Barnabas that she was
really one of “them”. The man tells Barnabas that he won’t have to kill
Julia, that they’ve decided that that’s not necessary, that they have
decided to deal with her another way. The man gives Barnabas another
reason to obey. He reminds Barnabas that when they intercepted him,
he was on his way to see Josette. He tells him they have kidnapped her
and are holding her hostage, that if he, Barnabas, does not obey, she
will die in the most horrible way imaginable. Barnabas awakens and says,
“Forgive me, Julia…”
December 25, 1969 – Christmas. No show taped.
Episode 916
Worldvision Rerun 692
Tape Date: December 8, 1969 (ABC #262-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 30, 1969 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

At Collinwood, Julia tells Elizabeth that she thinks there’s someting
suspicious about the children who keep appearing at the antique shop,
that she’s noticed that all three have had identical birthmarks in the
identical spot, that if it weren’t such a ridiculous idea, she’d almost
think they were somehow one and the same. Elizabeth agrees with her that
that’s ridiculous and tells Julia that it must be a coincidence. Julia
replies that she’s not so sure, that she thinks something is going on
at the shop and asks to speak to Paul, saying he’s the first person who
had suspicions about the shop. Elizabeth refuses to let her, saying that
Paul’s mental state has taken a turn for the worse. Julia vows to find
out what’s happening at the antique shop. Elizabeth leaves Collinwood,
saying she has something to do.
Chris comes to Collinwood and asks Julia what she found at Harrison
Monroe’s house. Julia replies that there is no Harrison Monroe, that
it’s really Charles Delaware Tate, that somehow he looks just as he
did in 1897, but that she’s not going to be much help because he seems
to be insane. Chris reminds her that there will be a full moon tonight
and they had better do something. Julia informs Chris that Tate had
told her that the portrait of Quentin had been destroyed, and that she’s
going to see if that is true by seeing if Grant, whom she suspects of
being Quentin, turns into a werewolf tonight.
Elizabeth, at the old house, tells Barnabas about Julia’s suspicions
and her vow to keep investigating until she uncovers the truth.
Barnabas tells her “Julia will have to become one of us..”. Elizabeth
tells Barnabas that Julia’s curiosity has made her curious too, and asks
what their ultimate objective is. Barnabas tells her he cannot reveal
that to her right now, only that someone they know will receive a
great honor. She asks who. He replies that he cannot tell her that
Barnabas goes to Collinwood. He finds Julia in the drawing room
reading a book. He tells her that there’s going to be a full moon
tonight and tells her he is concerned about Chris and asks what she
plans to do about him tonight. Julia coldly tells him she finds his
sudden concern odd and suspicious, but tells him she’s going put Chris
in Windcliff for the night. He lies that he has always been concerned,
that what she mistook for lack of concern was really his disappointment
that there was nothing he could do to help. He asks her what she is
reading. She tells him it’s another book on lycanthropy, that she going
to continue to try to find a cure for Chris. He tells her she looks
tired, that it looks like she’s been working too hard. He strokes her
face and suggests that she get some rest and leaves. Julia suddenly
starts to feel strange. She gets up and stumbles upstairs and goes
to bed.
At the Inn, Olivia finds Grant drunk and argumentative. She asks him
why he’s acting so strangely today. Grant replies that today is
somehow different from other days, but that he doesn’t know how.
Julia has a dream in which Barnabas, holding the box, tells her he
has decided to give it to her. Emanating from inside is the loud
breathing sound. He tells her that at one time she had tried to open
it. He tells her that now she can. She tells him she doesn’t want to
anymore and runs off. Barnabas remarks, “But the next time you see it
you will feel compelled to open it…”
In the drawing room, Barnabas tells Elizabeth that the first step
is complete, that Julia has had her dream. He puts the box on a table,
saying that when Julia sees it, she will feel compelled to open it.
He tells Elizabeth to stay in the drawing room with Julia and make sure
that it happens. Barnabas exits the drawing room and goes into the room
under the stairs.
Julia comes downstairs and into the drawing room. Elizabeth holds
up the box and tells her someone left it there for her. She suggests
that she open it and see what’s inside. Julia reaches out to do so,
but does not, appearing to be fighting the urge. There’s a knock at the
door. Julia remarks that she should go answer the door. Elizabeth tells
her that she is curious about what’s in the box, and suggests she open
the box first. But there is another knock at the door, and Julia walks
away and opens the door. It is Chris. Julia seems disoriented. He
reminds her she had told him to meet her here at 3:00. Seeming to
recover a bit, she says, “Oh yes..”. She tells Elizabeth she has
something important to do and leaves with Chris. Barnabas comes back into
the foyer. Elizabeth tells him that Julia didn’t open the box, that the
spell seems to have been broken by the Chris’ interruption. But Barnabas
says no, that normally the spell would have been too strong to have been
broken by something so trivial as a knocking at the door, that Julia must
be one of the few people who are genetically immune to being absorbed.
He tells Elizabeth another method of dealing with Julia must be found,
and that it will be up to her to find it.
Julia, apparently having left Chris at Windcliff, arrives at Olivia’s
room alone. She has with her a painting wrapped in blue paper. Olivia
remarks that she’s glad she brought the painting. Julia replies that
she’s not so sure she’ll still be interested in it when she sees what’s
happened to it. She unwraps it and reveals the portrait of Amanda
Harris, saying that it was under the landscape. She accuses Olivia
of knowing this, saying she knows she had it X-rayed. Olivia denies
this, but tells Julia she’s no longer interested in the painting because
she already has many of her grandmother. Julia replies, “Yes. You knew
there was a portrait under the landscape, but you didn’t know whose.
You’re looking for Quentin’s portraint, aren’t you?”. Olivia denies
this and reminds Julia that it’s she, Julia, who’s interested in Quentin.
Julia remarks that she thinks Grant might be interested in seeing
the portrait. Olivia replies that she doesn’t think that would be such
a good idea. Julia asks why. Olivia replies that Grant got very drunk
tonight and is in his room, probably sleeping it off. Julia insists
and goes to Grant’s room despite Olivia’s objections. She knocks on
the door, but receives no answer. She tries the door and finds it
unlocked. She opens it and finds the room in shambles.
Episode 917
Worldvision Rerun 693
Tape Date: December 11, 1969 (ABC #263-DRK-69)
Air Date: December 31, 1969 Wednesday
Writer: Violet Welles
Director: Lela Swift

Carolyn is not sure keeping Paul sedated in his room is wise and
discusses it with Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells her it’s what the
doctor ordered. Elizabeth leaves to go to a meeting of the Collinsport
Historical Society with some items.
Paul leaves his room and comes downstairs and starts toward the
front doors, but Carolyn sees him and stops him. He tells her he’s
in danger here at Collinwood, that ‘they’ are here and he’s got to
leave. Elizabeth comes back, saying she forgot to get her great grand
mother’s sugar bowl. Paul sees her and faints.
Paul regains consciousness and finds himself in bed in his room.
Elizabeth tries to give him some medicine, but her refuses, saying he
thinks the doctor is ‘one of them’ and that it’s the medicine that’s
making him weak. Elizabeth leaves. Mrs. Johnson comes in with a glass
of milk and a plate of cookies for him. Paul appears to accept them.
Mrs. Johnson leaves the room and nods to Elizabeth, who is in the
hallway. A few minutes later, they look into the room. The glass of milk
is empty and Paul is out cold. Mrs. Johnson remarks that he’ll be out
for quite a while, judging from how much medicine they put in the milk.
She asks Elizabeth if she’s sure what she’s doing is wise. Elizabeth
replies that it is, that if they don’t move him to the tower room, he’ll
try to escape again. They leave to prepare the tower room. As soon as
they leave, Paul opens his eyes. An overhead shot shows that he has
poured the milk into an empty vase on the bedside table rather than
drinking it.
Carolyn comes into Paul’s room. He again tells her he is in danger here
and must escape. He tells her to go and make sure the coast is clear.
Carolyn agrees and leaves.
Carolyn, whom it appears was just humoring him, comes back with
Elizabeth. But when they go into the room, Paul is gone…
Paul exits Collinwood through a window….
Elizabeth tells Carolyn and Mrs. Johnson to search the grounds.
Paul sees a man and collapses. The man revives him. It’s Stokes.
Paul tells Stokes that he’s in danger here and asks him to take him
to the police.
Stokes drives Paul to the police station. Paul tells his story about
being threatened by ‘them’. The sheriff asks who ‘they’ are. Paul
replies that there are many of them. The sheriff asks him to name one.
Paul tells him Elizabeth is one of them. The sheriff promises to
investigate and tells Paul to get some rest.
The sheriff awakens Paul and tells him he has a visitor and opens
the door. Paul is shocked to see that it is Elizabeth. It is clear
that the sheriff was humoring him. Elizabeth takes out the bottle of
medicine and tells Paul he must take some. Paul refuses, but the
sheriff holds him and Elizabeth gives him the medicine.

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