March 1968

Episode 440
Worldvision Rerun 228
Tape Date: February 26, 1968 (ABC #45-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 1, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas returns to the old house and tells Ben, “I want you to
go into the village for me. I dropped my cane on the docks…”
Ben asks, “What were you doing on the docks?” Barnabas replies,
“That’s none of your concern. I was with a girl. She screamed.
Someone came running. I dropped my cane”. Ben exclaims, “I warned
you! Someone’s finally seen you! What are we going to do, what?”
Barnabas continues, “She didn’t know me. She was new in town.
Her name is Maude Browning”. Ben asks, “Maudie?” Barnabas asks,
“You know her?” Ben replies, “I met her earlier this evening at the
Eagle”. Barnabas tells Ben it go look for his cane as instructed.
He tells him what he’ll be doing while he is gone, “I will make sure
Reverend Trask is occupied. The devil makes work for idle hands”.
Ben leaves. Barnabas says to himself, “My dear Reverend Trask. Have
you recovered from last night’s adventures? There will be nothing but
darkness for you!”
Trask is in his hotel room reading a book. Suddenly, the candle
he has been using for illumination goes out. Trask relights it.
There’s a knock at the door. It’s Lt. Forbes. Trask lets him in.
Nathan asks why he’s sent for him. Trask explains, “I sent for you
because I’m very concerned for you. The witch has started her
revenge. So far, she’s only come after me, but you too may be
a target”. Nathan remarks, “I think I’m safe”. Trask asks, “For
what reason?” Nathan replies, “For a very good reason. I don’t
believe in witches”. Trask exclaims, “You did not have the
visitations I had last night!” Nathan remarks, “I think your church
is a few pews empty…” Trask indignantly says, “Wait until that hand
appears to you! That hand, floating in the air, growing larger and
larger until all you see is that ring!” Nathan asks, “Ring?” Trask
describes the ring to Nathan. Nathan recognizes it as Barnabas’
ring. As they are talking, the ghostly hand suddenly appears in
front of the mantel. Nathan doesn’t see it because it’s behind him,
but Trask does. He exclaims, “Look! What do you see there?” Nathan
turns and looks, but the hand has disappeared. Nathan replies, “I
see your mantel. Trask, perhaps this trial has been a strain on you”.
A voice starts to speak, “The strain is just beginning! Now! Now!”
Trask exclaims, “That voice! Surely you heard it!”, but the voice
replies, “No! I speak to you, and to you alone!” Nathan tells Trask
he hears nothing and that it must be his imagination. Trask replies,
“Yes. It must be my imagination. The trial HAS been a strain”, but
the voice continues to speak. Trask demands, “Where? Where are you?
Show yourself! I will fight you!” He asks Nathan, “Don’t you hear
it?” Nathan replies, “No”. The voice tells Trask, “You are alone!”
Trask replies, “No! I am not alone! I have legions of believers!
I am not alone!” Nathan tells Trask, “Maybe you shouldn’t stay here
alone tonight. I’d stay with you but I promised the girl that was
attacked I’d see her”. Nathan leaves. The voice continues to speak,
“Die! Die! Die!”
Ben, not having found the cane on the docks, has gone to Maude
Browning’s room and is searching in there. There’s a knock at
the door, followed by Nathan’s voice calling, “Maude?” Ben stays
still and quiet, and finally, he hears footsteps leaving. Thinking
the coast is, he leaves, but the coast is not clear. Nathan has not
left, but is hiding in the shadows. He sees Ben leave and follows
Ben returns to the old house. Barnabas asks, “Did you find the
cane? Did you look everywhere?” Ben tells Barnabas that he has
searched both the docks and Maude’s room and couldn’t find the
cane. He tells Barnabas that he knows she couldn’t have gone to
the constable because she is at the Eagle, that she if she had gone
to the constable, he would still be questioning her. Barnabas,
worried that Maude is at the Eagle telling everyone what happened,
asks, “Has she described me?” Ben replies, “Aye, but you have nothing
to worry about. She has so much rum in her you’re an 8 foot tall
gentlemen now”. Unbeknownst to them, Nathan is eavesdropping outside
the window… Barnabas prepares to leave. Ben asks, “You aren’t
going back into town!” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Ben begs, “Leave it
to me! You’ll only make it worse!” Barnabas aks, “You say she
lives in a room over the feed shop?” Ben begs Barnabas not to do
anything and begs him, “Leave Collinsport! I’ll go with you!”, but
Barnabas replies, “I can’t leave the house where Josette and I were
to be happy. There’s one other solution!”
Nathan goes to the Eagle and takes Maude back to her room. He
warns her to lock her door, telling her, “As soon as he realizes
he doesn’t have his cane, he’ll come after you”. Maude protests,
“But I don’t have his cane!” Nathan replies, “But he’ll think you
do. I have to go, but there’s a carriage leaving tomorrow morning.
I want you to be on it! Just keep your door locked and you’ll be
safe!” and leaves. A bat appears outside the window. Maude,
unconcerned, thinking it is only a bat, starts packing. Barnabas
materializes in the room. Maude, busy packing doesn not see him.
Barnabas calls out, “Maude! Leaving Collinsport? I trust you’re
not taking my cane with you!” Maude looks up and screams, “Stay
away from me!” Barnabas replies, “I will stay away from you give
me my cane”. Maude tells him, “I don’t have it!” Barnabas asks,
“Then who does?” Maude replies, “He has it!” Barnabas asks, “Who
is he?” Maude starts screaming. Barnabas strangles her.
Trask is standing in the hallway outside his room. He thinks to
himself, “You let that witch frighten you so much you spent the night
walking the streets of this accursed village! No! Don’t give in to
it! Go into that room right now! Show her!” He opens the door and
goes inside. He lights the candle, then exclaims, “No! No!”, for on
his bed lies sprawled Maude Browning, dead…
Episode 441
Worldvision Rerun 229
Tape Date: February 27, 1968 (ABC #46-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 4, 1968 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Trask examines the body. There’s a knock at the door. Trask asks,
“Who is it?” A voice replies, “Lt. Forbes. I want to speak to you”.
Trask replies, “It’ll have to wait till morning”, but Forbes insists,
“No, this is urgent! Please open the door!” Trask says, “One
moment!”, takes a sheet and covers the body. He opens the door a
crack and asks, “Yes, Lt., what is it?” He tries to speak to Nathan
through the door, but Nathan barges in and says, “I must ask a favor
of you.” Trask begs, “No, not now, go away!”, but Nathan continues,
“I have a letter I want to give to Millicent Collins, but you know
I’m not allowed on the grounds. I’d like you to deliver it for me”.
Trask asks, “I don’t see why this can’t wait till tomorrow”. Nathan
sees Maude’s hand sticking out from under the sheet, and, thinking
Trask has a woman in his room for amorous purposes, smiles and says,
“Well, well, Reverend Trask! You’re a man after my own heart! I
never would’ve bothered you if I had known you had a guest…” Trask
exclaims, “No!” Nathan assures him, “Don’t worry! I won’t tell anyone
your little secret!” Trask blurts out, “She was here when I came in!”
Nathan laughingly replies, “I never find them waiting in my room for
ME!” Trask tells Nathan, “She’s dead! She’s been strangled!” Nathan
lifts the sheet and looks. He recognizes who it is and exclaims,
“It’s Maudie! It’s Maude Browning! I tried to warn her! I told
her to stay in her room! I told her to keep the door locked…”
Trask asks, “Forbes. Why are you looking at me like that?” Nathan
replies, “No, I don’t think you’re the strangler. I’m just wondering
why the body was put here. Your image in Collinsport may suffer a
dramatic change when the people find out the body was discovered
here”. Trask asks, “Will you help me?” Nathan replies, “I’m willing
to do whatever’s necessary. For a price”. Trask protests, “I’m not
in the position to pay you anything!” Nathan tells him, “I’m not
talking about money. First, let me know what you had in mind”.
Trask tells he’d like the body removed from his room. Nathan points
out, “But that would be against the law”. Trask says, “I’m only
doing this to protect my reputation! How soon can it be done?”
Nathan replies, “As soon as you deliver this letter to Millicent
Collins”, but Trask insists, “No, I want it done now!” Nathan tells
him, “It’s too late to do it now”. Trask complains, “That’s not the
reason. You don’t trust me, do you? You don’t believe I’ll keep my
end of the bargain”. Nathan tells him, “I don’t trust anyone”. Trask
becomes angry, hands Nathan’s letter back to him and says, “Here! You
deliver your letter! I’ll remove the body myself!” Nathan protests,
“You know I’m not allowed on Collins property!” Trask replies,
“Exactly! You don’t have much choice!” Nathan agrees to get a
friend and remove the body. Trask takes the letter, says, “I’ll be
right back”, and leaves.
Millicent is alone in the drawing room at Collinwood, playing with
a deck of Tarot Cards. She remarks, “The tower of destruction,
followed by the stars. That means the death of a feeling. See, Lt.
Forbes, the cards are right. I have suffered the death of a feeling.
But another one has taken its place. Hate. I will not rest until I
see you die! The moon, the card of evil influence, followed by the
chariot. That means news that has been hidden will be revealed. But
what news? There! The lover! Your card, Nathan, and it does not
bring you good news!” Naome comes into the room and asks, “Who are
you talking to?” Millicent replies, “Nathan”. Naomi points out, “But
Nathan isn’t here”. Millicent replies, “It is not necessary for him
to be here. He will hear me though the cards”. She explains that
Nathan’s card is surrounded by ominous cards which predict certain
destruction for him. She then points to a card at the top, saying,
“The princess. That’s me. She will not rest until she sees that
justice is not cheated! She will not rest until Nathan is dead!”
Naomi tells her, “Millicent, you can’t go on like this…” There’s
a knock at the door. Naomi goes and opens it. It’s Reverend Trask.
Naomi tells him that Joshua isn’t home, but Trask tells her, “It is
not him I came to see. I’d like to speak to Millicent Collins”.
Naomi asks, “Why?”, but Trask replies, “It’s a personal matter”.
Millicent comes out into the foyer and asks, “You came to see me,
Mr. Trask?” Trask replies, “Yes. I have been asked to deliver a
letter to you”. Naomi asks, “May I ask who from?” Trask replies,
“She will know when she reads it”. Naomi insists, “I would like to
know who it’s from”. Trask replies, “Mr. Forbes”. Naomi announces,
“In that case, I’ll take it! He’s a liar and a cheat and he’s not
allowed on Collins property, nor are his letters!” She takes the
letter and tears it up, then tells Trask, “You can tell Lt. Forbes
how little Millicent cared about his letter!” Millicent says, “I
approve completely of what my cousin has done!”, but her expression
indicates otherwise. Trask leaves. Naomie suggests to Millicent
that she go up to her room, but Millicent says, “No, I think I’ll
stay down here. Maybe I’ll go for a walk. Perhaps that’ll make me
feel better”. Noami replies, “All right. I’ll be in the study if
you need me” and leaves. Millicent takes the pieces of the letter,
which Naomi had thrown on the table near the wall, and starts to put
them together.
Trask is in bed sleeping. He starts to have a dream in which
he hears Abigail’s voice calling, “Reverend Trask! Reverend Trask!”
Trask asks, “Abigail! Is that you?” The voice continues, “Reverend
Trask! Reverend Trask! I must talk to you!” Trask asks, “Where
are you? I can’t see you!” Trask suddenly finds himself in a strange
room. Abigail’s voice continues to speak, “I know the secret! I
know the deep terrible secret, Reverend Trask, and I must tell you!”
Trask asks, “What is it, Abigail?” Abigail replies, “Come inside,
Reverend, and I’ll show you”. Trask goes up to a large door with a
ring for a knob in one wall of the room. The door slowly opens by
itself. Behind the door is the ghost of Maude Browning. Trask
screams, “No! No!” The ghost moans, “Why didn’t you let me rest?
You made them take my body away! They threw my body into the
cold, cold water! You shouldn’t have let them do that! Soon
everyone will know I was in your room! Soon, the secret will
be out!” Trask screams, “No! You believe me, don’t you Abigail? I
didn’t know she was in my room! I didn’t know! I didn’t know!”
The ghost of Abigail appears. Trask insists, “I am innocent! Someone
else killed her!” Abigail replies, “I don’t know what you’re talkig
about”. Trask asks, “You said you knew the secret!” Abigail replies,
“I have learned the deep, dark secret of the witch”. Trask says,
“But she is condemned to die!” Abigail tells him, “But the secret
will live, unless you destroy it! Only YOU can destroy it! It will
take great courage, but if you do not destroy it, it may destroy you
and others!” Trask answers, “Yes! I will destroy it!” Abigail tells
him, “Look over there and you will see where it is”. Trask looks and
sees a vision of the old house. Abigail tells him, “That is where
you must go to learn the secret of the witch! The old house! The
old house!” The hand with the onyx ring appears floating in front of
the image of the old house…
Trask awakens and says, “The old house! I must go to the old
Episode 442
Worldvision Rerun 230
Tape Date: February 28, 1968 (ABC #47-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 5, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

Nathan is with Trask in his room. Trask tells Nathan what
happened when he tried to deliver the letter. Nathan asks, “What
was Millicent’s reaction when Naomi tore up the letter?” Trask tells
him, “She became pale. It looked like she wanted to stop her, but
couldn’t”. Nathan remarks that that reaction is as good as an answer
to the letter then asks, “Are you still troubled by your dream?”
Trask replies, “Abigail gave me instructions to go to the old house”.
Nathan exclaims, “The old house?! No! It was just a dream! Abigail
would never tell you or anyone else to go there!” Trask asks why.
Nathan warns him against going to the old house, saying going there
would mean his certain destruction. Trask asks him what he means,
but Nathan is evasive, saying only that it is a dangerous place
without saying why.
At the old house, Barnabas is sitting at the desk writing
something with a quill pen. Ben asks, “What are you going to do
with Mr. Trask when he gets here?” Barnabas replies, “Reward him”.
Ben, puzzled, asks, “Reward him?” Barnabas replies, “First I’m going
to entertain him, then I’m going to reward him”. Ben asks, “Are you
going to kill him?” Barnabas replies, “You’ve got to give me credit
for more imagination than that! I’m going to give him darkness, but
not the darkness of death, not yet.” He points to a quill pen and a
piece of paper and tells Ben, “Take that paper and pen downstairs.
Trask will have need of them”
Barnabas goes outside the old house, holding a candle and says,
“Summon him to this house!” Abigail’s ghostly voice starts saying,
“Reverend Trask! Reverend Trask! Reverend Trask!”
In his hotel room, Trask hears, “Reverend Trask! Reverend Trask!
Reverend Trask! Come to the old house!” He asks, “Who is it? Who’s
there? Abigail? Is that you? Are you trying to contact me, Abigail?
Why do you call me? Why do you want me to come to the old house?
What do you expect me to see there? You want me to come to the old
house?” Abigail replies, “Yes! Come, come to the old house!” Trask
says, “Abigail, I hear your summons and will obey!” and leaves. The
candle in his room blows out mysteriously…
Trask goes into the old house and calls, “Abigail? Abigail? Are
you here? It WAS you who sent for me, wasn’t it? Abigail, why did
you send for me?” The doors suddenly slams shut by itself. Trask
tries to open it but finds that it won’t open. The chandelier starts
to shake. Trask begs, “Please, don’t torment me, I beg you! Abigail,
if you sent for me, appear!” A book lying on a table opens by itself.
Trask goes to look and finds that the book has opened to a note
sandwiched inside its pages. He takes the note and reads it aloud,
“The wind will speak his name, and the clock will strike the hour,
but ere it strike again, he will know the darkness of the tomb, and
he will beg for the darkness of death. If you wish to know the name
of the man, listen to the wind”. The wind blows through the window
and the voice says, “Trask! Trask!” Trask shouts, “No! No!”. Suddenly,
the chandelier stops shaking. Everything becomes quiet. The clock on
the mantel strikes midnight. A voice calls, “Trask! Trask! Trask!
Trask!” Trask hears the sound of a heart beating. He follows the
sound and find that it seems to be coming from the cellar. At the
cellar door, he wonders, “Why have I been summoned here?” and goes
downstairs. Down there, he is surprised to find a coffin in the
middle of the room. He asks, “Please! Whoever you are, why have I
been summoned?” Barnabas steps out the the shadows in a corner and
growls, “You have been called at last to a richly deserved reward!”
Trask exclaims, “Barnabas Collins! Why, you’re dead!*” Barnabas
replies, “Yes!” Trask says, “But you’re here! I don’t understand!
It must be a nightmare! It must be my imagination!” Barnabas
replies, “Your imagination has nothing to do with it”. Trask says,
“It must! I heard…” Barnabas interrupts, “Voices calling you to
come here?” Trask asks, “Yes. How did you know?” Barnabas asks,
“Did it sound something like this?” Barnabas fakes Abigails voice
calling, “Trask! Trask!” Trask, realizing he has been fooled,
screams, “No! No!” Barnabas asks, “Why have you tried to destroy
Victoria Winters? She’s never hurt you or anyone else!” Trask
exclaims, “She’s a witch!” Barnabas tells him, “You know nothing
about witchcraft or its evil power!” Trask insists, “She IS a
witch!” Barnabas says, “You only tried to destroy her for your own
reputation. If you had ever shown any pity to Miss Winters, I
wouldn’t do what I’m about to do, but you showed her no mercy, and
I will show you none!” He points to the niche in the wall and tells
Trask, “Look! Your tomb!” Trask begs, “No! No! You can’t!”, but
Barnabas replies, “I can, and I will!” Trask says, “I was wrong
about Miss Winters!” Barnabas asks, “Were you?” Trask replies,
“She isn’t a witch! I’ll see to it no harm comes to her!” Barnabas
asks, “So you admit you were wrong about her?” Trask replies, “Yes!”
Barnabas asks, “So you’ll write a letter confessing this?” Trask
replies, “Yes!” Barnabas gives him the pen and paper he had Ben bring
down earlier. Trask writes. Barnabas tells him, “A few words will
do. Now sign it”. Trask does so and says, “There. I’ve confessed.”
Barnabas announces, “Excellent”. Trask asks, “May I go now?”
Barnabas replies, “Soon, very soon”. Trask asks, “Why not now?”
Barnabas replies, “Because your last resting place is not yet ready”.
Trask protests, “But I signed a confession!” Barnabas replies, “You
did so voluntarily. I never said I would let you go if you did
so!” He grabs Trask and drags him towards the niche. Trask screams,
“NO!! You can’t! You can’t!”
Nathan knocks at the door of Trask’s hotel room and calls, “Trask?
Are you there? Answer me!”.
Barnabas is walling up the niche with bricks. Imprisoned inside,
his hands chained to the ring, Trask screams, “No! Please no!
Having received no response, Nathan opens the door to Trask’s room,
goes inside and asks, “Are you asleep? Trask? Trask?” He lights a
candle and says, “All right, wake up! Trask, I came here to make sure
you didn’t go to…Trask?” He shines the candle on Trask’s bed. It
is empty.
Barnabas is nearly done. One brick remains to be inserted, right
in front of Trask’s eyes. Barnbas calls, “Trask!” Trask semiconcious,
replies, “I…Where?” Barnabas says, “Where are you? In your grave!”
Trask, remembering where he is, screams, “No!” Barnabas holds a
candle up to the hole in the wall and says, “Look at the light. Look
deeply into the flame. Let it burn into your mind so you remember
what the light was like after I seal you in eternal darkness!”
Trask begs, “Please, no! No! No! No!” Barnabas puts the last brick

*Wait a minute. How does he know Barnabas is dead?
Episode 443
Worldvision Rerun 231
Tape Date: February 29, 1968 (ABC #48-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 6, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Nathan is in his room, examining Barnabas’ cane. There’s a knock
at the door. Nathan asks, “Who is it?” A voice replies, “Noah
Gifford”. Nathan lets him in. Nathan asks, “Did you get it? Did
anyone see you? Was there anyone at the old house?” Noah replies,
“No. I saw Ben as I was leaving, but he didn’t see me”. Nathan
asks, “Is something wrong?” Noah replies, “As I was coming back, I
saw a crowd forming. A fisherman had found Maude Browning’s body.
I want my payment for helping you the other night! Just give me my
$50! I’m leaving town!” Nathan tells him, “If you’ll stay here a
little longer and help me with one more thing, I’ll owe you $100. I
have something exciting planned for the Collins family”. Noah asks,
“What?” Nathan replies, “The Collinsport Strangler is going to strike
again! The strangler himself, or a reasonable facsimile of him, will
be loose again, only this time, on a private estate”. Noah warns,
“You’re going to end up drummed out of the navy with all your
plotting”, but Nathan says, “No, I’m going to end up rich and
respected!”. He asks, “Give me what I sent you for”. Noah demands,
“$50. Thirty five for helping you move the body, and fifteen for
stealing the fan”. Nathan tells him, “If you stay with me, I can pay
you $30 a month”. Noah says, “You don’t have that kind of money!”
Nathan replies, “I will after I marry one of the richest women in New
England, Millicent Collins”. Noah exclaims, “Are you kidding? The
family won’t even speak to you!” Nathan replies, “We’ll see!” He
hands over ten dollars to Noah, saying, “Here. Ten dollars. That’s
all I have.” Noah takes the money and hands over the fan. Noah notes
that the Collins family has left the old house deserted and vulnerable
and suggests they loot it, but Nathan points out that they would never
be able to sell the goods and tells him that’s why he, Noah, needs
him, Nathan, to do all the thinking. He hands writes something on the
fan, gives it to Noah and tells him, “Take this to the front door of
Collinwood. A maid will answer. Leave it for Miss Millicent Collins.”
The maid gives the fan to Millicent. Millicent asks, “A fan? Who
left it?” The messenger replies, “A messenger. Short he was”.
Millicent says, “And wrong he was. Everyone knows I don’t use fans.
Perhaps it was for Madam Josette”. The maid points out, “But Madam
Josette is dead. Perhaps it’s from a secret admirer”. Millicent looks
at the fan and remarks, “I don’t like mother of pearl. It reminds me
of oysters, and oysters make me sick”. She opens the fan. A strange
expression crosses her face. The maid asks, “Are you all right?”
Millicent replies, “Yes! Go! Please!” The maid leaves. Millicent
looks at a message written on the fan again. It reads, “Meet me
in the garden at eight. B.” Millicent looks at the portrait of
Barnabas and says, “Oh! Cousin Barnabas! You are finally ready to
defend my honor!” She goes into the drawing room, opens a drawer,
and takes out a box. She opens the box and takes out a duelling
pistol, remarking, “I will deliver the guns to you, and you will
attend to the masculine details of the duel. I will watch, of course”.
Natalie comes into the room and exclaims, “Millicent! Do put that gun
down! It might go off!” Millicent tells her, “It’s not loaded”.
Natalie tells her, “Well, give it to me anyway just in case you’re
wrong”, but Millicent replies, “No. I will give it to no one except
Cousin Barnabas”. Natalie asks, “Barnabas?” Millicent replies, “I
received a letter from him a few days ago. He said he was enjoying
London very much”. Natalie says, “Barnabas is not in England”.
Millicent asks, “You know too?” Natallie replies, “Yes. I know
Barnabas is dead”. Millicent refuses to believe this, saying, “But
I saw him!” Natalie asks, “When?” Millicent replies, “A week ago.
Perhaps two”. Natalie says, “Millicent, if you thought you saw
Barnabas, you must have been imagining it”, but Millicent insists, “No!
And he wasn’t a ghost either! Ghosts don’t write notes!” Natalile
asks, “Let me see”. Millicent hands her the fan. Natalie exclaims,
“The fan! It’s Josette’s!” Millicent asks, “Doesn’t it prove he’s
alive?” Natalie warns, “You must not meet whoever sent this!”
Millicent exclaims, “Your just like the rest of them! You’re trying
to prevent the duel!” Natalie says, “Millicent. You’re the most
proper person I’ve ever met. It would not be proper for you to meet
a man at night, not even a cousin. If he wants to see you, he should
come to you”. Millicent agrees. There’s a knock at the door. The
maid answers. Natalie hears a voice saying, “My name is Peter
Bradford. I must talk to the Countess DuPres”. She goes out into
the foyer and asks, “What do you have to say to me, young man?”
Peter replies, “I have a letter, a letter that proves Victoria
Winters is innocent!” Peter tells Natalie about the letter. Natalie
asks, “And why would I be interested in a letter from Trask?” Peter
replies, “Because it says Miss Winters is innocent!” Natalie tells
him, “Then you should show it to the proper authorities. Oh, I see
you have.” Peter admits that he has, but that they didn’t believe
in the authenticity of the letter and had to hear from Trask himself.
He adds, “They wondered why he would send me a letter instead of going
to them”, then begs Natalie, “If there is a chance Miss Winters isn’t
guilty, you must help me! Tell me about Angelique!” Natalie replies,
“I make it a practice not to talk about servants. This way, they
won’t talk about me”. Peter points out, “Ben Stokes testified that
Angelique was the witch!” Natalie counters, “He also testified that
she was dead, but she wasn’t”. Peter asks, “Then where is she?”
Natalie replies, “She’s travelling. Her position here is very
difficult”. Peter says, “I was at her grave! I opened it! It was
empty! You believe in ghosts. You know witches can return!”
Natalie warns, “Don’t tell me what I believe! That’s no way to get
my help!” Peter asks, “Answer one question! Who gained from the
witchcraft? Miss Winters? No. You? No. Any member of the
Collins family? No. But one person DID change her position as
a result of the witchcraft…” Natalie exclaims, “Angelique!
She came here as a servant and married the Collins’ only son…
Impossible!” Peter asks, “What did she know about witchcraft?”
Natalie replies, “Everyone from the islands knows a little about it”.
Peter asks, “What do you know about her?” Natalie replies, “I hired
her when she was very young. Her mother, she made potions and such.
Angelique was always very embarassed about her. Let me see that
note.” Peter gives her the note. Natalie reads it and says, “It
looks very much like his handwriting. Let me compare”. She takes
a sheet of paper on which is something Trask had written out of one
of the drawers of the desk. She compares the writing and says, “The
same. But you say he left Collinsport”. Peter replies, “He left
hurriedly, without letting the innkeeper know. He had his things sent
for, to Salem”. Natalie tells him, “Then you must go to Salem and find
Trask and find out why he wrote this letter”
It is almost 8:00 at night. The drawing room is empty. Millicent
goes in, takes out the duelling pistols, and breaking her promise
to the Natalie, goes out.
Nathan and Noah are out in the garden. Noah is dressed in clothing
much like those Barnabas wears. Noah says, “I don’t know how I let
you talk me into this!” Nathan replies, “Because you possess the
right trait. You’re greedy. Here. Here’s the mask”. Noah asks,
“Why do I need a mask? She doesn’t know me”. Nathan replies, “She
will tomorrow. You’ll be my assistant”. Noah puts on the mask.
Nathan gives Noah Barnabas’ cane and says, “Make sure she sees this”.
They hide behind some bushes. Finally, Millicent comes. She opens
the box she is carrying and takes out a duelling pistol. Noah,
alarmed, quietly tells Nathan, “She’s got a gun!”, but Nathan
commands, “Go!”. Noah comes out from hiding and attacks Millicent
from behind. He puts the cane across her throat and starts to
strangle her with it…
Episode 444
Worldvision Rerun 232
Tape Date: March 1, 1968 (ABC #49-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 7, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Nathan suddenly jumps out of the bushes and “fights” Noah.
Noah runs off. Nathan asks, “Millicent! Are you all right?”
Millicent replies, “I think so”. Nathan tells her, “You’d better
sit down”. Millicent exclaims, “He was going to kill me!” Nathan
asks, “Did you see who he was?” Millicent replies, “No, I never
saw his face. I did see his cane, though. It had a wolf’s head,
just like the one Barnabas used to carry”. Nathan asks, “You’re
not suggesting it was Barnabas! He’s out of the country!” Millicent
tells him, “No he isn’t. He sent me a note a little while ago.
But why would he want to kill me?” Millicent tells Nathan how
grateful she is he saved her. Naomi, who’s heard the screaming,
comes running and exclaims, “Millicent!” She sees Nathan and
demands, “Lt. Forbes! What are you doing here?” Millicent intercedes,
“You mustn’t be angry! Lt. Forbes just saved my life!” Nathan
explains that Millicent had been attacked by the strangler, whom he
had fought off. Naomi says to Nathan, “Thank you. But what were you
doing at Collinwood? My husband threatened to shoot you if he found
you on Collins property!” Nathan replies, “I know, but I had to
come. I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Collinsport without
seeing Millicent one last time”. Millicent asks, “You’re leaving
Collinsport?” Nathan replies, “Yes. I came to say goodbye.” He asks
Naomi for a moment alone with Millicent to say goodbye. Naomi
reluctantly agrees. She tells Millicent, “Very well. I’ll be waiting
for you over there by the path”.
Milllicent asks Nathan, “How soon are you leaving?” Nathan replies,
“There’s a carriage leaving Collinsport at daybreak. I’ll be on it”.
Millicent asks, “Tomorrow? Must you leave so soon?” Nathan replies,
“I must leave as soon as possible. Joshua has ordered me to get
transferred elsewhere”. He adds, “To remain here one more day would
be too painful. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I realize how wrong I
was and I’m sorry about that”. Millicent asks, “Where are you going?”
Nathan replies, “Boston, first, then to a new assignment. I must
leave. There’s packing to be done. But before I say goodbye,
there’s one thing I have to say to you. I love you very much.
Goodbye, Millicent”.
Millicent returns to Collinwood. In the foyer, she asks Naomi,
“Has Cousin Joshua gone to bed yet?” Naomi replies, “No, he’s in
his study. You’re not going to say anything to him about Lt. Forbes,
are you?” Millicent says, “No, I’m going to talk to him about
Barnabas. I received a note from him earlier, then he tried to
strangle me! I know it was him! I saw his cane!” Naomi exclaims, “It
couldn’t have been him! It must have been someone with a similar
cane!” Millicent says, “I must do something for Lt. Forbes! He saved
my life”. Naomi tells her, “You must forget him and start a new life”.
But Millicent does not listen to Naomi. After Naomi goes upstairs,
Millicent puts a cloak on and goes outside.
Noah Gifford is in Nathan Forbes’ hotel room. Nathan returns.
Noah remarks, “You took your sweet time, didn’t you? What did you do
out there?” Nathan replies, “I had to make sure the lady was all
right. It went better than I expected. She thought you were Barnabas.
There’s nothing to worry about” and starts packing. Noah asks, “If
there’s nothing to worry about, then why are you packing?” Nathan
replies, “It’s part of the plan. She’s got to think I’m leaving”.
Noah demands, “Give me my money. I’m leaving town!”, but Nathan
replies, “I don’t have any money”. Noah exclaims, “You don’t have
any?!” Nathan replies, “I told you, I won’t have any money until
the plan’s fully executed. Don’t worry. Everything has gone
according to plan. Everything else will go fine as well. I want
you out of my room. I’m expecting a visitor”. Noah asks, “Who?”
Nathan asks, “Who do you think?” Noah asks, “You think she’s going
to come here? You’re out of your mind!”, but Nathan confidently says,
“She’ll come” and orders, “Leave!” Noah refuses. Nathan insists,
“She’s coming!” Noah replies, “I’ll believe it when I see it!”
They wait. Nathan insists, “She’ll be here!” Noah asks, “Suppose
she doen’t come? What happens to your plan then? I won’t get my
money!” There’s a knock at the door. Nathan quickly rushes Noah
out a back door, then quickly hides Barnabas’ cane, then opens the
door and exclaims, “Millicent!” Millicent asks, “I hope you’re not
shocked at my coming here”. Nathan replies, “Shocked? It’s a
delightful surprise!” Millicent tells him, “I know I shouldn’t see
a gentleman alone, but when a gentleman has done somthing as brave
as you did tonight! I hope it does not make you unhappy I’m here”.
Nathan tells her, “It’s painful.” Millicent asks, “Is it imperative you
leave in the morning?” Nathan asks, “Are you asking me not to leave?”
Millicent tells him, “What you did tonight was good and noble. I
think perhaps I’ve not been fair to you. Perhaps I’ve misjudged you”.
Nathan replies, “No, there nothing that can absolve me for deceiving
you.” Millicent asks, “Do you really want to go away?” Nathan
replies, “I want to do whatever’s best for both of us”. Millicent says,
“I’m not sure it’s for the best. Nathan, did you mean what you said
to me earlier tonight?” Nathan replies, “Every word”. Millicent asks,
Do you really feel sorry about what happened?” Nathan replies, “Yes”.
Millicent asks, “And you really do love me?” Nathan replies, “No
matter what happens, I will always love you”. Millicent says, “I
tried to face the thought of never seeing you again, and I can’t face
it. Nathan, please stay here in Collinsport!”
Episode 445
Worldvision Rerun 233
Tape Date: March 4, 1968 (ABC #50-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 8, 1968 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

It is late in the afternoon of the next day. Millicent is in the
foyer of Collinwood putting on her cape. Naomi comes into the foyer
and asks, “Millicent, are you going somewhere?” Millicent replies,
“Yes. Into town”. Naomi asks, “Are you going shopping?” Millicent
starts to say, “Yes…”, but then says, I suppose I might as well tell
you. You’re going to find out anyway. Nathan Forbes has asked me to
be his wife. We’re going to be married!” Joshua, who’s just stepped
into the foyer, exclaims, “Millicent! Did I hear you correctly or
are my ears playing tricks on me? Surely you are joking! Are you
serious about marrying Forbes?” Millicent replies, “Yes, and even
you can’t stop me! No one can!” Naomi points out, “But you said you
never wanted to see Forbes again”. Millicent replies, “That was
before he saved my life.” Joshua remarks, “His sudden appearance
was most convenient! What was he doing on my property anyway?”
Millicent explains, “He came to say goodbye to me. And it was
lucky for me he did! The man who attacked me would’ve killed me!”
Joshua asks, “Have you forgotten how he deceived you?!” Millicent
replies, “He was afraid to tell me about his wife. They were going
to get a divorce”. Joshua notes, “He can say anything he wants now
that his wife is not here to contradict him!”, but Millicent tells him,
“I believe him”. Joshua exclaims, “You’re more gullible than I
thought! You should know he’s only interested in your money! Do
you think a man like Forbes would give you a second thought if you
were poor?” Millicent exclaims, “That’s not true! Nathan loves me
for myself! He cares nothing about my money! I will marry Lt.
Forbes! I will become his wife!” Joshua thunders, “I will never
give my permission!”, but Millicent points out, “I don’t need your
permission!” Joshua warns, “I will take steps to stop you! I will
have you declared insane!” He points out that he does have grounds
to do so, that because of all the strain on her, she has been acting
strangely lately. Millicent says, “You can’t do that to me! You
can’t!” Joshua replies, “I can and I will if I must!” There’s a
knock at the door. It’s Nathan. Joshua exclaims, “You have the
audacity to come to this house?!” Nathan says, “I must see you”,
but Joshua refuses to talk to him. Millicent tells Nathan, “Nathan!
He’s going to have me declared insane!” Nathan assures her, “Nothing
of the sort is going to happen.” Joshua tells Nathan, “You will not
marry Millicent without my permission!” Nathan replies, “You are
right. But you WILL give your permission.” He asks to speak to
him in private. Joshua refuses. Nathan asks for just two minutes.
Joshua finally agrees, saying, “I’m curious to see what you have to
Inside Joshua’s study, Joshua tells Nathan, “All right, Lieutenant.
You have two minutes. Say what you have to say and leave”. Nathan
says, “There are several reasons you should permit us to marry. First,
I love Millicent and she loves me”. Joshua interrupts, “I have never
let sentiment sway me, especially when it comes from a liar!” Nathan
continues, “It would be to your advantage if I became a member of the
family.” Joshua asks, “To my advantage?” Nathan tells him, “Every
family has its secrets.” Joshua asks, “What are you talking about?”
Nathan replies, “I know yhour secret. The secret you have been hiding
for several months. Surely I need say no more”. Joshua says, “I
want to know what you’re getting at. This is a bluff!” Nathan
replies, “I can assure you it isn’t. I know the truth about Barnabas”.
Joshua asks, “Barnabas?” Nathan replies, “I know he never left for
England”. Joshua lies, “Of course he did!” Nathan replies, “That’s
not possible. He’s here. Right here in Collinsport”. Joshua
exclaims, “Preposterous! Barnabas has been in England for weeks!”
but Nathan tells him, “I’ve seen him! I’ve seen him, and so have
several other people. Suki. When I found her at the old house,
I asked her who killed her, and she said, ‘Barnabas Collins’ just
before she died”. Joshua says, “She must have been mistaken!”, but
Nathan asks, “Have you heard of a woman named Maude Browning?”
Joshua asks, “The woman who was murdered?” Nathan replies, “Yes.
She was attacked once before, but the man ran off. The man she
described was Barnabas. I’ve seen him too”. Joshua asks, “Where?”
Nathan replies, “At the old house. I had gone to Maude’s hotel room
to warn her when I heard sounds inside. I hid and saw Ben coming out.
I followed him to he old house. I heard voices inside. I looked in
through a window and there was Barnabas”. Joshua exclaims,
“Impossible! It can’t be!” Nathan continues, “Millicent was attacked
last night. The attacker happened to drop this. It belonged to
Barnabas”. Joshua exclaims, “It did!” Nathan asks, “Now what do you
have to say?” Joshua says, “None of this makes any sense!”, but Nathan
replies, “It makes perfect sense! Barnabas has become insane! He’s
becomes some kind of madman, and you’re hiding him in the old house!
Don’t lie! I’ve seen him!” Joshua says, “He can’t be…” Nathan
remarks, “I’m starting to believe you really don’t know anything about
this.” Joshua says, “I don’t”. Nathan tells him, “It doesn’t matter.
I’m sure you wouldn’t want me going to the authorities with this.
You’ll give your permission for Millicent and me to marry. I’ll await
your decision in the drawing room” and leaves. Joshua says, “It can’t
be! Barnabas is dead! Dead!”
Nathan is waiting in the drawing room. Naomi comes into the room
and remarks, “Lt. Forbes, I thought you’d be gone by now. Where’s my
husband?” Nathan replies, “In the study deciding to whether to
consent to the marriage”. Naomi tells him, “He’ll never give his
consent! What did you say to him?” Nathan replies, “I just told him
that I loved Millicent”. Naomi remarks, “That’s all? He’ll never give
his permission on that basis!” Nathan remarks, “Mrs. Collins, you
underestimate my powers of persuasion”. Naomi tells him, “There was
a time I liked you. There was a time I would’ve been happy to see you
marry Millicent”. Nathan remarks, “I’m sorry it’s in the past tense”.
Naomi continues, “I cannot like a man who has deceived Millicent and
testified agaist Miss Winters!” Nathan says, “I’m sorry about
deceiving Millicent. I was only doing my duty in testifying”.
Naomi tells him, “Millicent is ill. Mentally. If you really loved
her, you’d wait”. Nathan refuses to wait. Naomi says, “If you’ll
excuse me, I must speak to my husband!” and leaves. Nathan pours
himself a drink.
Joshua is still in his study, thinking. He gets a pistol and
puts it inside his coat. Naomi comes into the room and says,
“I must speak to you!” Joshua replies, “I can’t speak to you now”.
Naomi insists, “You must! It’s urgent! Is Lt. Forbes telling the
truth? Are you going to give your consent to the marriage?”, but
Joshua just says, “Not now, Naomi” and leaves. Naomi pours herself a
Nathan and Milllicent are talking in the foyer. Millicent asks,
“And you actually persuaded Joshua to listen to you?” Nathan replies,
“He listened to me, all right”. Joshua comes out of his study into
the foyer. Millicent calls out, “Cousin Joshua!”, but Joshua just
tells her, “I can’t talk to you right now, Millicent” and leaves.
Millicent asks, “Where could he be going to?” Nathan replies, “Not
far. To the old house”. Millicent asks, “The old house? Why?”
Nathan replies, “To think. To make a decision. When he comes back,
he’ll have made that decision. He will decide that you and I are to
be man and wife”.
Joshua goes into the old house. Inside, he catches Ben just outside
the cellar door, just having come upstairs and asks, “Stokes! What
are you doing here?” Ben replies, “Just checking around to make sure
everything’s all right”. Joshua asks, “Who told you to do this?”
Ben replies, “No one. I did it on my own”. Joshua asks, “Where is
he? Where’s Barnabas?” Ben replies, “You know where he is. In the
mausoleum”. Joshua exclaims, “He’s in this house!” Ben says, “He’s
dead!”, but Joshua insists, “I know he’s somewhere in this house and
so do you! What were you doing down in the basement? You’re hiding
him down there, aren’t you?” Ben blurts out, “You can’t go down
there! It’s almost sunset!” Joshua asks, “What’s THAT supposed to
mean?” Ben says, “Nothing”. Joshua orders, “Get out of here!” Ben,
unable to think of anything else to say, sadly replies, “All right” and
goes outside the old house. He looks and sees the the sun is just about
to touch the horizon.
Inside, Joshua goes down into the cellar, sees what’s sitting there
and exclaims, “A coffin?!” The coffin begins to open. It is being
opened by a hand curling out from inside the coffin, a hand wearing
a distinctive onyx ring. Joshua, recognizing the ring, gasps, his
voice trembling, “Barnabas! Barnabas!”
Episode 446
Worldvision Rerun 234
Tape Date: March 5, 1968 (ABC #51-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 11, 1968 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Barnabas sits up in the coffin. Joshua gasps, “It is true! It is
true!” Barnabas asks, “What is true, father? What?” Joshua replies,
“I don’t know what is true. I was in the room with you when you died.
I listened for your heartbeat myself! I sat by your cold body until
they brought the coffin. I went with them when they carried you
the mausoleum. This is a terrible nightmare! I am imagining it!”
Barnabas assures Joshua, “No. You are not, father”. Joshua asks,
“Then, you live?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Joshua asks, “How?”
Barnabas replies, “Do not ask”, but Joshua insists, “Why? I must
know!”, then suggests, “You never died! The coma was so deep it
was a mistake! Then why didn’t you come to me? I don’t understand”.
Barnabas tells his father, “Don’t try to. Go back to your own life.
Forget you ever saw me. I never wanted you to find me”. Joshua tells
him, “I was not here by chance”. Barnabas asks, “Did someone tell you
I was here? Ben?” Joshua replies, “No, not Ben. You shall never find
out how I found out about you. There was a woman int he village, Maude
Browning. Then before that a Ruby Tate….” Barnabas interrupts, “I
know the names”. Joshua asks, “Is it true then? You did kill them!
What kind of a monster have you become? How many others have you
killed? Suki Forbes. Did you kill her?” Barnabas replies, “She was
going to tell you and mother!” Joshua sadly asks, “Did I teach you
nothing? A sense of honesty, at least?”. Barnabas replies, “You
did, Father, you did!”. Joshuas asks, ” What happened to it? If you
couldn’t think of me, at least you could think of your mother!”
Barnabas replies, “I did!” Joshua exclaims, “You thought of your
Mother, and your solution was to murder again!? You didn’t care about
the shame, the scandal?” Barnabas says, “I did!” Joshua continues,
“You even attacked your own cousin last night!” Barnabas, surprised,
asks, “My cousin? I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Joshua
continues, “Don’t lie to me. Millicent recognized your cane.” Barnabas
protests, “I did no such thing, I swear! I admitted everything else,
why should I lie about Millincent?”. Joshua gasps, “So you do admit
to all the rest!”. Barnabas explains, I admit the killings because I
am compelled to kill. I tried to stop, but I could not. I am under a
curse.” Joshua, not believing this, asks, “Who believes in curses,
who?” Barnabas sadly replies, Everyone who has to. Anyone who is under
one! I cannot help myself, Father!” Joshua tells him, “You should have
come to me!”, but Barnabas replies, “There was nothing you could do! It
was better that you thought me dead.” Joshua moans, “I would rather see
you dead than the way your are now.” Barnabas replies, “I would rather
be dead!”, then pauses and admits, “No, that is not true. There must
still be some terrible urge that makes me want to go on, even as I am.”
Joshua says, “I will take you to the authorities!”, but Barnabas says,
“No you won’t. There will be a trial. What would that do to Mother?
Can you see her face when she sees me in the witness box admit that
I am one of the living dead?” Joshua replies, “I will take care of
your mother”. He calls out, “Stokes!!”, but Barnabas tells him, “He
will not come until I call him, Father”. In a sad voice, he continues,
“If you would forget I would not have to do this!” He grabs Joshua
by the throat and starts to strangle him, but quickly stops, finding
that he cannot bear to do this. Joshua exclaims, “You would kill
even ME! You must have always had so much hate in you. No one could
be filled with it so quickly!” Barnabas tries to explain, “What I
tried to do was make sure my mother never knew. I will do anything
for you, father, if you will promise me that she will think me dead”.
Joshua asks, “Do you really mean that?” Barnabas replies, “Yes”.
Joshua tells him, “Then you know what you must do”, and places his
pistol on top of the coffin. Barnabas asks, “Aren’t you taking a
chance, Father?” Joshua replies. “Perhaps. But only one of us will
leave this room alive. Which one of us will be for you to decide!”
Barnabas says, “I cannot kill you, father, nor you me.” Joshua tells
him, If you have any sense of honor left, you will do what must be
Uptairs, Naomi comes in through the front doors of the Old House
and calls out, “Joshua, where are you?”
Down in the cellar, Barnabas tells Joshua, “Father, I cannot do what
you want.” Joshua asks, “Are you afraid?” Barnabas replies, “No, Father.
I can’t, I just cant.”
Meanwhile, upstairs, Naomi calls out, “Joshua, I know you’re here
Down in the cellar, Barnabas gasps, “Mother! She’s upstairs! You
must go up and prevent her from coming down here!”. Joshua replies,
“First, one thing. You must find the strength to do what you must do.
If not for your sake, then for ours!”
Joshua goes up to the living room. Naomi turns, sees him, and says,
“Oh, you frigtened me!” Joshua asks, “What are you doing here, Naomi?”
Joshua, instead of answering, asks, “What are YOU doing here?”. Naomi
replies, “Lt. Forbes told me you came here. Why?” Joshua replies, “I
walked to the old house. What is there to explain about that?” Naomi
replies, “You must have had a reason for coming here. Lt. Forbes said
you did”. Joshua points out, “He is a known liar!” then says, “There
is no earthly reason we cannot contiunue this conversation on the way
back to Collinwood”. Naomi asks, “Why are you in such a hurry to
leave?” Joshua lies, “I’m not. It must be your imagination”. Naomi
continues, “Why do you look so shaken? What is this all about?” Joshua
lies, “Forbes told me he had seen a light here. I came here to
investigate, that’s all.” Suddenly, there’s a banging noise. Naomi
asks, “What was that? A door? Why would a door slam in an empty house.
Joshua replies, “The wind?” Naomi says, “It sounded like a door to
me” and asks, “Is there someone here you don’t want me to know about?”
Joshua tells Naomi, “Come on, Naomi!”, and tries to pull her to the
door. Naomi says, “Joshua, I think you’re frightened!”. Joshua
lies, “I’m tired, Naomi. It has been a strenous day”. Naomi says,”
“I know how hard it has been for you. Maybe there is a way I can help
you”. Joshua replies, “There is a way you can help me.” Naomi asks,
“By letting you take me home?” Joshua replies, “Yes”. Naomi says, “All
right, Joshua. I’ve never know anyon who could take his privacy as
seriously as you”. Joshua begs, “Naomi, Please…” Naomi remarks,
“You wonder why I feel alone. You never think of me.” Joshua protests.
“I do!” Naomi asks, “When do you think of me?” Joshua replies, “I’m
thinking of you now!” and takes her away.
At Collinwood, Nathan Forbes is alone in the drawing room, enjoying
himself immensely. He hears the front doors open and close, then
the voices of Joshua and Naomi speaking. Joshua is saying, “There’s
nothing wrong. It’s your imagination!”. Naomi asks, “Where are you
going?” Joshua replies, “To the yards.” Naomi asks, “At this time of
night?” Joshua replies, “I have business to do”. Naomi asks, “Why
didn’t you do it earlier?” Joshua explains, “I didn’t think of it
earlier”. Naomi protests, “But you’re tired!” Nathan comes out into
the foyer and butts in, “One is never too tired for business!” Naomi
asks, “Lieutenant Forbes, what are you still doing here?” Forbes
replies, “I’m sorry. I promised Mr. Collins I’d wait for him. We have
some unfinished business”. He remarks on how much he enjoys the comforts
of Collinwood, then says, “I’ve taken the liberty of pouring myself a
brandy, if you don’t mind. Would you like one?” Joshua grumbles, “I
am not used to my own guests offerning me the hospitality of my own
house, sir!” Nathan replies, “I’m sorry, Sir. That was forward of me.
Have you come to a decision yet?” Naomi looks puzzled. Nathan explains
to her, “Mr. Collins is reconsidering his feelings. I’ve made it
clear to him how much Millicent and I want to get married”. He turns
to Joshua and asks, “Are you willing to give us your blessings now,
Sir?” Joshua replies, “My blessings, no. But if Millicent insists on
this marriage, I will not stand in her way”. Naomi, totally shocked,
exclaims, “Joshua!” Nathan promises, “Thank you sir, you will not regret
this.” He asks Naomi to bring Millicent down so he can tell her the
good news”. Naomi tells him, “Tomorrow will be time enough for that,
sir.”, but Nathan insists that she bring Millicent down immediately.
Naomi, insulted, exclaims, “I’m not in the habit of being ordered around
in my own house!”, but Joshua tells her, “Naomi, would you please bring
Millicent down here”. Naomi, shocked, exclaims, “Joshua!” Joshua begs,
“Please…” Naomi finally relents, “If you wish”. Nathan says, “Thank
you so much, Mrs. Collins,” but Naomi replies, “Lt. Forbes, I am doing
this because my husband asked me to, not you”. She remarks, “I trust
you will not stay unnecessarily long”. Nathan replies, “Only ask long
as Millicent wants me to”. Naomi goes upstairs to get Millincent.
Nathan asks Joshua, “How did you find your son. Is he well?” Joshua
angrily replies, “I do not intend to talk about this with you!”
Nathan remarks, “We will be seeing a lot of each other soon”. Joshua
promises, “I shall take care that does not happen!” Nathan “reminds”
him, “Mr. COllins, I distinctly remember you offering to let Millicent
and I stay in the West Wing until we found a place of our own”.
Joshua explodes, “I never made any such promise!” Nathan calmly
continues, “If you didn’t, Then it must have been an oversight.”
Joshua reiterates, “I will not have you living under the same roof!”
Nathan asks, “You did not tell Mrs. Collins who was in the old house?”
Joshua replies, “I did not, and if you do…” Nathan interrupts,
“There will be no need to tell her if everything goes as I think it
will”. He asks, “Will it?” Joshua, looking defeated, nods.
Nathan continues, “We won’t be here very long. We’ll be going
on a long voyage. I’m going to be taking Milllicent on the grand
tour. Millicent’s always wanted to see Europe”. Joshua sarcastically
remarks, “Since it’ll be her money that’ll be paying for it, that is
extremely considerate of you”, then says, “Now excuse me. I trust you
will not tell Mrs. Collins where I am going this time. Good night,
Joshua goes to the old house and goes down into the cellar. Barnabas
says to him, “I am here, father.” Joshua sadly notes, “You couldn do
it”. Barnabas relies, “I told you that”. Joshua remarks, “You were
never a coward before!”. Barnabas replies, “And I am not one now”.
Joshua reminds him, “‘By your acts you shall be known’. I taught
you that when you were a child. Have you forgotten it?” Barnabas
replies, “No, I haven’t forgotten, Father. My memory is the one thing
I still have left. The curse, Father! I can not destroy myself!
Don’t you understand?” Joshua replies, “You have given me nothing I
can understand!” Barnabas explains, “Your gun cannot kill me, is that
plain enough? It cannot!” Joshua says, “You are trying to escape!”
Barnabas replies, “Yes. Let me escape. Where is Ben. I need him.”
Joshua moans, “I am to release you, to let you murder? Why? How can
I let you do this? How?” Barnabas explains, “Because I am a vampire!
I must have blood!” Joshua moans, “More madness! There is no such
things as vampires!” Barnabas points out, “I am proof that there are!”,
but Joshua continues, “Only in books! In tales written by the ignorant
and superstitious!” Barnabas begs, “Let me escape, I have told you
everything now! I am helpless! I am compelled to do what I must do!”
Joshua moans, “My son! My son! Does nothing I taught you mean anything
to you?” Barnabas sadly replies, “No, nothing you taught me means anything
to me now. I am only aware of your pain. Let me escape. It is the
only chance any of us has. I have become an animal. Every instinct in
me now is to kill! Everything about me has changed! I am no longer
your son.” Joshua says, “Barnabas…” Barnabas replies, “Yes?” Joshua
continues, “I must do this. I must. Forgive me. Forgive me, dear son!”
He raises the pistol, aims it at Barnabas’ heart, and shoots…
Episode 447
Worldvision Rerun 235
Tape Date: March 6, 1968 (ABC #52-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 12, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

But the bullet has absolutely no effect on Barnabas. Joshua is
shocked. He gasps, “I don’t understand! I shot you in the chest!”
Barnabas replies, “Now you know why I would not destroy myself. It
cannot be done”. Joshua exclaims, “You should be dead!” Barnabas
replies, “Don’t you understand? What I have been trying to tell you
all along is that I am already dead!”. Joshua gasps, “What has happened
to you is incomprehensible! It defies all reason! You cannot go on
forever in the state you’re in!” Barnabas replies, “I have no choice
in the matter. There is no way for me to change what I have become”.
Joshua moans, “I don’t believe that! There has to be a way!”, but
Barnabas replies, “There isn’t!” Joshua reasons, “If it is possible
for one to be cursed, then it is is also possible for one to be released
from a curse”. Barnabas replies, “Even if it were, Angelique would never
let it happen”. Joshua asks, “Angelique? What does she have to do with
this?” Barnabas tells him, “She is responsible for all the evil that
has happened in our lives. She wanted me for herself, and she got me,
using all the powers at her command. Jeremiah’s death, Josette, Sarah,
she was responsible for all of it”. Joshua asks, “You mean to tell me
that Angelique is the witch?” Barnabas replies, ” Yes”. Joshua asks,
“How long have you known this?” Barnabas replies, “I found out a few
days after our marriage.” Joshua asks, “Why didn’t you tell anyone
this?” Barnabas explains, “She warned me that if I told anyone her
secret, she would destroy the whole family.” Joshua asks, “I see.
And the wrong person is being tried for Witchcraft. Miss Winters
is innocent”. Barnabas replies, “Completely”. Joshua promises, “I
will see that the girl is released.” Barnabas asks, “How?” Joshua
replies, “How? Tell the court the truth, of course!”. Barnabas
points out, “You can’t very well do that without telling them about
me!” Joshua admits he cannot do that. Barnabas again asks what
he will do. Joshua replies, “I will find someone to give you peace,
someone who can release this curse”. Barnabas asks, “Who?” Joshua
replies, “I don’t know. I will send for the Reverend Trask.” Barnabas
tells him, “The Reverend Trask is dead”. Joshua asks, “Dead?! Did
you…” Barnabas replies, “Yes”. Joshua moans, “I can’t believe
this is really happening!!! Tell me, did you also kill Abigail?”
Barnabas replies, “No, She was dead before I laid a hand on her. her
heart failed”. Joshua exclaims, “But you would have killed her! I
cannot let you go on like this. You are going with me, until I find
a way to put you to rest forever….” Barnabas asks, “Go with you?
Where?” Joshua replies, “Back to Collinwood. I will put you in the
tower room. I will keep you there until I can find some help for you”.
Barnabas growls, “I will not be confined by your or anyone else!”
Joshua tells him sternly, “I can’t let you roam the countryside kililng
like an animal! You will come with me!” Barnabas refuses, “I said no!”
Joshua tells him, “Then it will be necessary for you to kill me after
all. Because if I leave this room alive, I will not keep your secret,
Barnabas”. Barnabas asks, “Who will you tell?” Joshua replies, “Your
mother”. Barnabas gasps, “You can’t do that!” Joshua replies, “The
choice is yours, not mine. If you want to protect your mother, you
will either kill me, or you will put yourself under my charge. There
is no third way. Make up your mind, Barnabas!”
Meanwhile, back at Collinwood, young Daniel Collins comes down the
stairs into the foyer calling, “Millicent, whre are you?” From inside
the drawing room, Millicent answers, “In here, Daniel”. Daniel comes
into the drawing room. Millicent asks, “What’s wrong? You look so
frightened!” Daniel explains, “I knocked at the door to your room.
There was no answer. I thought you had gone away!”. Millicent assures
him, “Daniel, I would never go away without telling you!” Daniel
explains, “I guess I was just afraid. I had a dream that I was the only
person in the house”. Millicent tells him, “Well, you can see now you’re
not alone, can’t you?” Daniel continues, “I never used to have bad
dreams, until I came here”. There’s the sound of a large lightning bolt.
Millicent tells him, “It’s just the storm. It’s nothing to be afraid
of”, but Daniel replies, “No, it’s everything about this house, and
everything’s that’s happened to everyone who lives her”. Outside,
dogs start howlling. Daniel exclaims, “Listen!” Millicen asks, “What
is it?” Daniel asks, “Can’t you hear it?” Millicent asks, “You mean
the dogs howling?” Daniel replies, “Yes. Everytime something bad’s
going to happen, those dogs start to howl”. Millicent tells him,
“What I think you need is a change of scenery. I wasn’t going to tell
you until later, but maybe it would be best for me to tell you now.
I’m going to get married”. Daniel asks, “To Lieutenant Forbes?”
Millicent replies, “Yes. I’m going to be very happy, and I want you
to be very happy, too, Daniel.” Daniel replies, “I like Lt. Forbes.
He’s been very nice to me”. Naomi comes into the room and asks,
“Daniel, what are you doing up so late?” Millicent explains, “He
couldn’t sleep”. Daniel tells Naomi, “But I feel all right now”.
Naomi tells hin to go to bed. He leaves. Naomi asks Millicent
about her marriage, asks, “Are you sure you want to go on with
this?” Millicent replies, “I’ve never been sure of anything in
my life”. Naomi voices some doubts about Nathan, “Are you sure he
loves you, or is it your money?” Millicent replies, “I have a
way of proving his sincerety”. Naomi asks, “How?” Millicent replies,
“I am going into town tomorrow and have my attorney put every penny
in Daniel’s name”. Naomi asks, “Are you sure you should take such
a drastic step?” Millicent replies, “Nathan will be able to support
me”. Naomi asks, “Have you discussed this with him?” Millicent
replies, “No”. Naomi tells her, “I don’t like the man, but you
are getting married to him tomorrow. Don’t you think you should
tell him?” Millicent replies, “No, I already know my money makes
no difference to him. He told me a long time ago I could renounce
my fortune and he would still love me!”. The clock strikes the
hour. Millicent excuses herself and goes upstairs to bed.
Joshua comes in through the front doors and asks, “Naomi, have you
seen Ben?” Naomi replies, “Not since this afternoon”. Joshua
explains, “There’s something I need to speak to him about”.
Naomi tells him, “I think it’s more important you talk to me.
What’s wrong, Joshua?” Joshua lies, “There is nothing wrong with me”.
Naomi continues, “I am not blind, Joshua. Something’s made you change
your attitude about Lt. Forbes”. Joshua lies, “I don’t know what
you’re talking about”. Naomi explains, “When you found out they
were going to marry, you were enraged”. Joshua explains, “Millicent
is of age. She would have married with or without my approval. So
I gave them to her”. Naomi points out, “But you still could have
stopped the marriage if you had wanted to”. Joshua replies, “I don’t
want to. The marriage will take place tomorrow!”. Naomi asks, “Why
did you go to the Old House after talking to Lt. Forbes?” Joshua
lies, “I felt like taking a walk, and I happened to walk in the direction
of the old house.” Naomi asks, “Then why did you take your pistol?
Did you feel endangered? Something happened, something that almost
destroyed you, and I want to know what it is. For some strange reason,
I have the feeling it has somehting to do with Barnabas”. Joshua
says, “That is absurd!” and leaves, refusing to discuss the subject
Later, Joshua surreptitiously takes Barnabas to the tower room.
Barnabas asks, “Do you really believe I can stay here?” Joshua
replies, “You must. You have no choice”. Barnabas points out, “My
needs are different from those of ordinary humans. When the time
comes for me to feed, the impulse will be impossible to resist”.
Joshua tells him, “You must resist it with all you will!”. Barnabas
asks, “You have found Ben?” Joshua replies, “Yes. All the arrangements
have been made. You will have everthing here as it is in the Old House”.
Barnabas tells him, “I must have it by morning.” Joshua assures him
he will. Barnabas asks, “What will you do if someone happens to
discover me?” Joshua replies, “No one ever comes to the tower room”.
Barnabas replies, “I see. Has it ever occured to you the risk you
are taking by doing this? She has already prevented me from ending
curse once. She will do the same when she finds out what you are
trying to do”. Joshua asks, “You mean Angelique? You told me she was
dead!” Barnabas replies, “I told you I killed her. I never said she
was dead. She is still with us, and she will never allow the curse
to be broken”. Joshua tells him, “My first responsibility is to take
care of you. I will deal with the witch, if and when it becomes
necessary”. He leaves the tower room, closing the door behind him and
locking it.
Meanwhile, downstairs in the drawing room, Naomi has gone to
the window, opened it, and is looking out, a quizzical look on her
face. Joshua comes down, sees Naomi looking out the window and tells
her, “Naomi, it’s late. Haven’t you gone to bed?” Naomi replies,
“I couldn’t sleep” and asks, “Were you in the tower room just now?”
Joshua lies, “No, why?” Naomi replies, “Because there was light up
there”. Joshua assures her, “There couldn’t be”. Naomi insists,
“But I saw a candle in the tower!”. Joshua tells her sternly, “Well,
If you saw anything, it must have been your imagination because you
know as well as I…” Naomi tries to interrupt, “It wasn’t my
imagination!”, but Joshua states, with finality, “You know as well
as I do that no one has ever used that tower, and it was not used
tonight!” and closes the window.
Episode 448
Worldvision Rerun 236
Tape Date: March 7, 1968 (ABC #53-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 13, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

It is the morining of the wedding. Milllicent tells Joshua
that she thought she saw lights and shadows in the tower room
windows last night. Joshua lies, “I saw them too. It was a
trick of the moonlight reflecting off the glass”. They discuss
the upcoming marriage. Joshua asks, “I trust you haven’t told
him you’ve signed all your money over to Daniel yet?” Millicent
confidently says, “It will make no difference to him. This will
prove his strength of character!” Daniel comes into room and
announces that Lt. Forbes is here. Nathan comes into the room.
Naomi comes in right after him and asks why he’s here. Nathan
explains, “It’s such a nice day today after that storm we had
last night I felt like dropping by”. Naomi starts to take
Millicent away, saying the bride and groom shouldn’t see one
another before the wedding. Millicent, thinking, says to Joshua,
“There WAS a storm last night! There was NO moon! It couldn’t
have been the reflection…”, but Joshua cuts her short,”You’re
keeping Naomi waiting!”, and pushes her off. Naomi and Millicent
leave. Nathan remarks, “So, Millicent saw a light in the tower”.
Joshua angrily replies, “There was no light in the tower! She
is overimaginative!” Nathan says, “I was just curious”. Joshua
explodes, “I’m not interested in your curiosity! Is that clear?”
Nathan replies, “My curiousity is no longer aroused. It is
satisfied! We shall meet at the wedding!” and leaves.
The wedding has taken place and everyone has returned to
Collinwood, sitting in the drawing room enjoying glasses of
champagne. Naomi remarks, “Joshua, I believe it is customary
to toast the bride and groom”. Joshua replies, “Yes, it is
customary”. Nathan offers the toast, “I’d like to toast to the
woman who made me the happiest man on earth, Mrs. Nathan Forbes!”
Everyone drinks to that. Nathan thanks Joshua and Naomi, “Thank
you for letting us stay at Collinwood. I’d like to announce that
I’ve resigned from the Navy. In a few weeks, I’ll have more time
for my wife. I plan on taking her on a trip around the globe!”
Millicent starts to look worried and says, “Let’s talk about this
some other time”. Nathan remarks, “It seems that my new wife
has some ideas of her own!”. Joshua smiles evilly and says,
“Indeed it does!”. Naomi and Millicent leave. Joshua says to
Nathan, “I do not want to intrude on the prerogrative of your
wife, but you will indeed see that she has made plans of her
own!” and leaves.
Nathan remains in the drawing room sipping champagne, gloating
over how his plans have worked out so well. Daniel comes into the
room and asks, “Why is Cousin Joshua so angry? I just saw him
storming up the stairs. He has nothing to be angry about. He
couldn’t be angry about you marrying Millicent. You’re already
married. And it couldn’t be about the money”. Nathan asks,
“The money?” Daniel continues, “My sister’s money”. Nathan
lies, “I’m not interested in your sister’s money”. Daniel says,
“I know. You proved that my marrying her even though she signed
over all her money to me. She has no money now. Now no one
has any reason not to like you at all, not even Cousin Joshua.”
Nathan replies, “I’m not angry – with your cousin Joshua!” and
storms off.
Millicent is in her room crying. Daniel comes in and asks,
“Why are you crying?” Millicent replies, “Please go away!”,
but Daniel continues, “Why are you so unhappy? I thought
that people were happy on their wedding day”. Millicent
continues to cry and repeats, “Leave me alone!”. Daniel asks,
“Did the Lieutenant make you cry?” Millicent tells him, “Daniel,
that’s none of your concern! Now go away!” Daniel continues,
“Is it because he went into town?” Millicent replies, “I know
he’ll come back! I know it!” Daniel asks, “Is it because you
gave all your money to me? You can have it back if you want”.
Millicent replies, “No. I want to be left alone. Please go”.
Daniel leaves.
The clock in the foyer reads 7:05. Nathan finally returns.
Naomi confronts him. Nathan lies, “I had some errands to run in
town. I didn’t think it would take me this long”. Naomi tells
him, “You’ve been drinking! I can tell! If you plan to hurt
Millicent…” Nathan interrupts, “Mrs. Collins, that room, that
room at the top of the tower…”, but is interrupted by Daniel
coming into the room saying, “Cousin Naomi, Millicent is in her
room crying”. Naomi leaves to see Millicent. Nathan promies
Daniel that he’ll go talk to Millicent. Daniel tells him,
“I don’t want anything to happen to her mind. She still has to
handle my money for me until I’m of age. If something happens
to her, who will take care of my money?” Nathan, looking like
he’s just gotten an idea, replies, “I’m going to look after her
carefully, very very carefully!
Nathan goes up to Millicent. Millicent complains, “How could
you leave me on our wedding day?” Nathan lies, “I wanted to get
a gift for you”. Millicent complains, “You don’t love me!”
Nathan replies, “I do! What can I do to prove it to you?”
Millicent tells him, “There is a way, but I’m afraid of losing
you…” Nathan assures her, “You’re not going to lose me!”
Millicent tells him, “I went to see my lawyer. I have no money!
I’ve signed it all over to my brother Daniel!” Nathan laughs
at this. Millicent says, “I don’t understand…” Nathan tells
her, “Now neither of us will ever have to worry about the money
again! We can just love one another! Now go make yourself pretty
and we can go down to dinner!” While she is not looking, he steals
one of her earrings from a table. Millicent looks out the window
and sees the light in the tower again. She tells Nathan about it,
saying she also saw it earlier, but Joshua told her it must be
her imagaination. Nathan looks and tells her he sees no light.
Millicent tells him she does see the light and becomes hysterical,
saying she fears what might be there. Nathan gets a gleam in his
eyes. He obviously has a plan…
Episode 449
Worldvision Rerun 237
Tape Date: March 8, 1968 (ABC #54-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 14, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

(Missed. Earlier synopses follows).
Natalie comes to the Old House, Joshua having sent her a letter
asking her to come. He takes her to the old house and tells her
about Barnabas and Angelique and asks her help in lifting the
curse. She tells him she cannot, that he has greatly overestimated
her powers. She tells him the best she can do is send a telepathic
message which will cause someone who CAN lift the curse to come.
She warns that this will be dangerous, as the person who comes
may be either friend or foe. As they are about to leave, they see
the portrait of Josette above the mantel turn into Angelique and
realize she must’ve been here and heard every word they’ve said
and will try to stop them.
Having been told by Natalie that Collinwood must be completely
empty except for her and him, Joshua convinces everyone to go into
town to listen to a speech by the governor. He tells them he cannot
go because of his gout.
Nathan and Millicent, however, have not gone. Nathan tells
Millicent that she must conquer her fears. Millicent refuses,
but Nathan coerces her into going by saying their future together
depends on this. Finally, she agrees to go to the tower room.
Thinking that everyone has left, Joshua and Natalie start their
mini-seance in the drawing room. Nathan listens at the door.
He makes a noise. Joshua opens the door, finds Nathan in the foyer
and asks him what he’s doing there. Nathan replies that he cannot
find Millicent. Joshua tells him that she’s probably in the coach
with Naomi and tells him if he hurries maybe he can catch it too.
Nathan leaves. Natalie and Joshua resume their seance.
Meanwhile, Millicent goes to the tower room. She unlocks the
door and goes inside. Barnabas grabs her and she becomes hysterical.
She sees the coffin and becomes even more hysterical. Barnabas tells
her he will let her go if she promises that she will not tell anyone
she saw him. She hysterically screams that she cannot promise that.
Barnabas tells her she has left him no choice and bites her.
Natalie and Joshua sit in the drawing room, awaiting the results
of their seance. The candle goes out. They go out into the foyer.
The candles there go out too. Natalile hears footsteps. The front
doors open, revealing an old woman dressed completely in black.
She comes in and says, “YOU have sent for me. But the man you have
sent for me to see, that man is already gone.”
Episode 450
Worldvision Rerun 238
Tape Date: March 1, 1968 (ABC #55-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 15, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

(Missed. Earlier synopses follows)
The old woman tells them there is no one under a curse in the
house, but that there IS madness, and that it is a woman, not a
man locked upstairs. She sees Barnabas’ portrait and says that
she can sense that that is the man under the curse. Joshua goes
up to the tower room to investigate and finds Millicent locked
in there. He finds that she has two holes in her neck and is
totally insane. He goes back downstairs and tells the women about
Millicent. He tells Natalie to take Millicent to her room and take
care of her.
Joshua asks the old woman if she knows where Barnabas is. The
old woman replies that she does not, but tells him that she can
send him a telepathic message and summon him.
Barnabas is at the docks, about to attack a woman. Suddenly,
a ghostly light appears, and Barnabas hears the old woman’s
voice telling him he must follow the light.
Joshua and the old woman are in the tower room, awaiting
Barnabas. The old woman announces, “He is here.” The door opens.
Barnabas steps into the room. The old woman conducts a ceremony
to try to remove the curse. As she is doing so, Angelique
starts to speak through Barnabas. She tells the old woman that
she will kill her if she tries to remove the curse. Suddenly,
Barnabas, possessed by Angelique, grabs the old woman by the
throat and starts to strangle her.
Episode 451
Worldvision Rerun 239
Tape Date: March 12, 1968 (ABC #56-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 18, 1968 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

(Missed. Earlier synopses follows).

Joshua manages to pull Barnabas off the old woman. Barnabas
lapses into unconciousness. The old woman tells Joshua that she is
afraid fo Angelique’s power and refuses to continue. Barnabas
regains conciousness briefly and moans, “I see a vision of a town
gripped in terror…and I see the cause. Me!” in a very pitiful
tone, then lapses into unconciousness again. Hearing this, the
old woman decides to try again. She tells Joshua they must
go to the house of the curse, the old house. From her window
Millicent sees them going to the old house.
At the old house, before beginning the ceremony, the old woman
tells Joshua that it is imperative that she not be disturbed or
she is doomed. Joshua tells her there is no one there but them
and she need no worry. She begins the ceremony.
Back at Collinwood, Nathan and Naomi return and find Millicent
deranged. Millicent does not remember she is now married to Nathan
and babbles on about having Barnabas avenger her honor by killing
him. However, when Millicent mentions having seen the light in the
tower and finding Barnabas in the tower room and seeing Joshua
taking Barnabas to the old house, Naomi thinks there might be some
truth to what she is saying, and, over Nathan’s objections, leaves
to go there.
Naomi knocks at the door of the old house, disturbing the
ceremony. Joshua opens the door and orders her to go back to
Collinwood, promising to explain later. The ceremony disturbed,
Angelique’s power prevails over the old woman, and the old woman
goes up in flames.
Episode 452
Worldvision Rerun 240
Tape Date: March 13, 1968 (ABC #57-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 19, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: John Sedwick

The clock in the foyer reads 2:00. Joshua finally comes home.
Naomi confronts him. He asks, “Are you alone?” She replies, “Yes”
He tells her, “Good. We must have complete privacy”. Naomi asks,
“Are you going to tell me what you were doing at the old house? I
demand to know!” Joshua asks, “Why did YOU go to the old house?”
Naomi replies, “Because of something Millicent said.” She tells
Joshua what Millicent said. Naomi points out, “Millicent is not
coherent!”, but Naomi insists, “There’s something going on there.
I think you’re keeping something from me there and I think I know
what it is. Barnabas is alive!” Joshua exclaims, “Barnabas alive?!
Naomi, you saw Barnabas when he died. How can you say that?” Naomi
replies, “Because Millicent said she saw him!” Joshua protests,
“Millicent is mad!” Naomi retorts, “But I’m not. She said she saw
a light in the tower room. So did I! You were lying!” Joshua
replies, “I wasn’t lying. Perhaps I was mistaken. Perhaps one of
the servants was in there. But it is insane to think that Barnabas
is alive and in the tower just because you saw a light in there”.
Naomi says, “But I heard his voice at the old house!” Joshua tells
her, “Naomi, look at me! Barnabas is dead.” Naomi asks, “Are you
saying I’m imagining things?” Joshua replies, “You are”. Naomi
insists, “I didn’t imagine the voices! You weren’t alone at the
old house!” Joshua admits, “No, I wasn’t. I was with a woman named
Bathia Mapes”. Naomi asks, “Who?” Joshua excplains, “A woman who
claimed to have the power to remove curses.” Naomi asks, “Curses?”
Joshua explains, “I’m beginning to think that this family is under a
curse”. Naomi asks, “You believe Miss Winters is a witch and put a
curse on this family?” Joshua replies, “No, I believe the witch
is Angelique”. He explains that he believes so because of Ben’s
testimony. Naomi points out, “But you didn’t believe him before.
What’s happened to change your mind?” Joshua replies, “Nothing.
I’ve just thought about it. Bathia Mapes tried to remove the curse.
But unfortunately, her attempt failed. I must try to help Miss
Winters”. Naomi asks, “How?” Joshua replies, “I’ll talk to Judge
Hanley”. Naomi tells him, “You’d better hurry. The execution is
scheduled for dusk tomorrow evening. You seem changed. I believe
there’s a great deal you’re keeping from me”. Joshua tells her,
“I’ve told you all you need to know. It’s best for your sake as well
as for mine”.
Vicky is in her cell at the gaol. A jailer lets Peter in.
Vicky exclaims, “Peter!” Peter asks, “Are you all right?” Vicky
replies, “Yes. I thought I’d never see you again! It’s been so
long! It seems like it’s been a hundred years!” Vicky asks, “Did
you find Trask?” Peter replies, “No”. Vicky says, “But the innkeeper
said he’d returned to Salem”. Peter tells her, “But when I got to
Salem, no one there had seen him. I stopped at several inns on the
way back, and there’s no trace of him”. Vicky asks, “What could’ve
happened to him?” Peter remarks, “It’s as if he’s vanished off the
face of the earth”. Vicky asks, “What are we going to do?” Peter
replies, “We’ll have to think of something”. Vicky asks, “And if we
can’t?” Peter assures her, “Don’t worry. I’ll think of something”.
The guard unlocks the door and lets Joshua in. Vicky, surprised, asks,
“Mr. Collins?” Peter asks, “What are you doing here, Mr. Collins?”
Joshua replies, “I came to apoligize to Miss Winters”. Vicky asks,
“Apoligize?” Joshua replies, “I was wrong about you. I’ve come
to realize you are innocent of the charges against you”. Vicky
reminds him, “But you were always so certain before”. Joshua replies,
“I’ve changed my mind”. Peter asks, “Why?” Joshua replies, “I’ve
thought over Stokes’ testimony. I’m going to help Miss Winters.
Judge Handley will be here in a few minutes. I’m going to ask him
for a stay of execution and a new trial”. Vicky exclaims, “Mr.
Collins, Thank you! Thank you!” Joshua assures her, “I’ll do
whatever I can for you. I only hope it’s enough”. After Joshua
leaves, Vicky asks Peter, “Do you really think Judge Handley will
listen to him?” Peter replies, “If he’ll listen to anyone, he’ll
listen to Joshua Collins. Before he came, I thought only a miracle
could save us. This may be that miracle.”
Joshua and Peter meet Judge Handley in a conference room. Joshua
asks for a stay of execution and a new trial. Judge Handley asks,
“Why? Do you have new evidence?” Joshua replies, “No”. Judge Handley
asks, “Then why ask?” Joshua replies, “I now think Miss Winters is
innocent”. The judge asks why, but Joshua is evasive and only replies
that he’s thought about it and changed his mind. The judge points out,
“But you have no new evidence”. Peter reminds him about the note
from Trask, but the judge dismisses it, “It was a note that SEEMED
to be in Trask’s handwriting”. Joshua reminds him about Ben’s testimony
that Angelique was the witch. The judge replies that Stokes seemed
mentally unstable. Joshua asks, “What can I say to you? What can I
say to stop the execution?” The judge replies, “You must have a new
witness, someone who can testify to seeing Angelique Collins perform
acts of witchraft. Can you produce such a witness?” Joshua replies,
“No”. The judge announces, “Then I’m afraid I cannot help you. The
sentence of the court must be carried out. Victoria Winters will be
Peter and Joshua return to the cell and tell Vicky what happened.
Vicky exclaims, “He wouldn’t listen?” Peter tells her, “No”. Vicky
moans, “Oh, Peter!” Joshua sadly says, “I did all I could”. Vicky
replies, “I know”. Joshua says a sad, “Goodbye” and leaves. Peter
tells Vicky, “There’s still a few minutes. That miracle could
still happen.” The jailer tells Peter, “You’ll have to leave now”.
Peter replies, “In a minute”. The jailer orders, “Now!” Vicky tells
Peter, “Peter, you have to go”. Peter replies, “I can’t. I love you”
Vicky tells him, “You’ll only make it worse for me”. Peter tells Vicky,
“Vicky, I love you, and I’ll always love you. Remember that”. The jailer
angrily orders, “Come on!”
The jailer takes Peter outside into the front room. He turns and
writes something on a ledger. As he is writing, Peter looks at the
gun on the jailer’s belt, pauses for a second, then grabs it. The
jailer exclaims, “What are you doing? You’re not going to get away
with this!” Peter orders, “Give me those keys!” The jailer gives
them to him. Peter orders, “Take me back to that cell. If you call
for help or do anything, I’m going to kill you, understand?” The
jailer nods. They return to Vicky’s cell. Peter opens the door and
goes inside, the jailer with him, at gunpoint. Vicky exclaims,
“Peter! You can’t do this!” Peter replies, “I can’t let them hang
you! Here, take this gun while I tie and gag him. If he tries
anything, shoot him”. Vicky takes the gun, but as Peter tries to
tie the jailer up, the jailer fights with him. In the struggle, the
gun goes of. Peter finally manages to knock the jailer out. He looks
at Vicky and exclaims, “Vicky!”, noticing that she has been hit in the
left arm. He tells her, “Vicky! They must have heard us! We’ve got to
get out of here!” They leave the cell and go to the front door, Peter
helping the injured Vicky, but hear the sounds of a crowd outside.
They head for the back door instead.
Episode 453
Worldvision Rerun 241
Tape Date: March 14, 1968 (ABC #58-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 20, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Vicky and Peter are in the woods. Vicky sits down on a log.
Peter warns her, “The woods will be full of search parties any
minute!”, but Vicky replies, “I’ve got to rest”. Peter tells her,
“We’ve got to get to the old house. If we can make it there, we’ll
be safe. For a little while, at least”.
Nathan Forbes is in the drawing room at Collinwood, pouring
himself a drink. Daniel comes downstairs and into the drawing room
and says, “I’ve got to talk to you. I want you to tell me what’s
happened to my sister!” Nathan replies, “Nothing’s happened to
your sister”. Daniel asks, “Then why can’t I see her?” Nathan
replies, “Millicent isn’t feeling well”. Daniel saks, “Then why is
she locked in her room like a prisoner? I was just up there and
Riggs was guarding the door”. Nathan replies, “He’s just there in
case she needs something”. Daniel points out, “He told me he was not
to let her leave”. Nathan replies, “The doctor told us it was best
to keep her alone for a few days”. Daniel asks, “Why? I’m worried
about my sister! I want to see her!” Nathan warns him, “She might
not recognize you”. Daniel protests, “But I’m her brother!” Nathan
explains, “Something has happened to her mind. She’s no longer a
rational person. She’s getting the best therapy, but the doctor’s
not very hopeful.” Daniel asks, “Are you trying to tell me she’s
crazy? She was all right the day before yesterday! She told
me her plans! She told me we were going back to New York, where
we were happy!” Nathan replies, “I’m afraid all those plans have
changed”. Daniel asks, “We’re going to stay here?” Nathan replies,
“Yes”. Daniel tells him, “I don’t want to stay here”. Nathan replies,
“You don’t have any choice”. Daniel says, “I’ll talke to Cousin
Joshua and Cousin Naomi!”, but Nathan tells him, “No, I’m the one you
talk to! As long as Millicent is incapacitated, I’m your legal
guardian”. Daniel says, “I don’t want you to be my legal guardian”,
but Nathan tells him, “It’s not a question of what you want. It’s a
question of the law!” Daniel notes, “You’re different! You’re not
as friendly as you used to be”. Nathan says, “That’s not true”, but
Daniel insists, “It is!”. Nathan warns him, “I’m going to make all
the decisions regarding your future. If you cooperate, I can make
your life very pleasant. But if you don’t, I can make it quite
unpleasant. Understand?”
Peter brings Vicky into the old house and sits her down on a
chair. Ben’s voice calls, “Who’s there?” Peter retplies, “Peter
Bradford. Where are you?” Ben’s voice says, “Coming, coming…”
Ben comes into the room and asks, “What are you doing here?”, surprised
to see Vicky and Peter there. Peter replies, “We need your help.”
He tells Ben about how they escaped, and how Vicky had been shot.
Ben asks, “How bad?” Peter replies, “I don’t know”. Ben promises,
“I’ll take care of her”. He tells Peter to get some things he’ll
need for him. Peter leaves to do so. Ben tells Vicky, “I ain’t
a doctor, but I was wounded myself during the war and I know how
to take care of it”. Vicky tells Ben, “Peter said we wouldn’t be
able to travelled until the wound healed a bit. Until then, we need
a place to hide”. Ben tells her he has one. Peter returns with some
bandages and a basin of water. Ben tells them, “As soon as I’m
finished treating this wound, I’ll bring you some food”. Peter
protests, “You can’t hide us at the old house! It’ll be the first
place they look!” Ben replies, “I know a place where no one will
find you”. There’s a knock at the front door, followed by Daniel’s
voice calling, “Ben! Ben!” Ben quickly goes to the bookcase,
opens it, hides Peter and Vicky in the secret room, and closes the
bookcase, then goes and opens the front door and lets Daniel in.
Ben asks, “What are you doing here?” Daniel replies, “I was just
wandering around outside”. Ben tells him, “You shouldn’t be out
this time of night”. Daniel asks, “Were you tallking to someone?”
Ben lies, “No”. Daniel remarks, “I thought I heard voices”. He sees
a piece of Vicky’s dress sleeve, which Ben had cut off to treat her
wound, lying on the floor. He picks it up and asks, “What’s this?”
Ben says, “You give that to me!” and grabs it from him. Daniel
notices a trail of blood drops on the floor. He follows them to the
bookcase. He turns, gives Ben a knowing look and asks, “You’re hiding
someone here, aren’t you?” Ben, desperate, orders, “Daniel, you
go home!”, but Daniel opens the bookcase and exclaims, “Miss Winters!”
Peter and Vicky come out. Vicky tells Daniel, “Daniel, come here.
I want to talk to you”. Daniel remarks, “I thought you were in jail”.
Vicky tells him, “A lot of people are going to be looking for us.
Please don’t tell anyone you saw us”. Daniel replies, “I promise”.
Vicky tells him they’re going to have to leave. Daniel asks, “You’re
not staying here?” Vicky replies, “No. Ben’s taking us to a place
no one can find us.” Daniel tells Vicky, “I’d rather go with you.
Things have changed at Collinwood.” He tells her that things have
changed after the marriage of Millicent to Lt. Forbes. Vicky
exclaims, “Marriage?! That’s impossible!” Daniel tells her that
Lt. Forbes has changed for the worse. Vicky assures Daniel, “Don’t
worry. Everything’s going to be all right. Your cousin Naomi loves
you very much and will take care of you”. Daniel leaves. Vicky asks
Ben, “Where are we going?” Ben just replies, “You’ll see”. They
leave. But Daniel has not left. He spies on them from behind
a pillar, then follows.
Ben takes Peter and Vicky to Eagle Hill cemetary, then into the
Collins Family tomb. Peter remarks, “I’ve been here once before”.
Ben replies, “That’s right. And you almost found out the secret of
this place”. Peter asks, “What secret?” Ben replies, “You didn’t
think I was going to hide you in this room, did you? I’ll show you”.
He opens the secret room and takes them inside. He shows them how
to open the door from the inside using the knob under the stone.
Peter asks, “What is this room for?” Ben explains, “It was for
hiding guns and supplies during the war”. Meanwhile, Daniel is
spying on them from outside the gate…
Daniel returns to Collinwood. From inside the drawing room, Nathan
demands, “Daniel! Come here! Where have you been?” Daniel replies,
“Out walking”. Nathan asks, “Where?” Daniel replies, “In the woods”.
Nathan asks, “Did you meet anyone on your walk in the woods?” Daniel
replies, “No. Who would I meet in the woods?” Nathan suggests, “Miss
Winters, maybe”. Daniel says, “But she’s in jail”. Nathan replies,
“She’s escaped. The whole town’s looking for her. You saw her,
didn’t you?” Daniel lies, “No”. Nathan asks, “How did that blood
get on your sleeve? She was wounded. You brushed against her,
didn’t you?” Daniel denies it. Nathan tells Daniel, “If you know
anything about Miss Winters, it would not be in your best interests
to withold the information. Good night”. Daniel goes upstairs.
In the secret room, Peter and Vicky are sleeping. Vicky has a
dream. In the dream, a coffin lies in a room. A man whose face is
unseen opens the lid and looks in. The coffin is empty. The man
puts on a pair of white gloves, the goes to another part of the room
where Daniel is standing. The man puts his hands around Daniel’s
throat and starts choking him. The camera pans up, showing the
face of the man. It is Nathan Forbes.
Vicky awakens, screaming, “Daniel! Daniel!”
Episode 454
Worldvision Rerun 242
Tape Date: March 15, 1968 (ABC #59-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 21, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick
( The prologue mentions that Vicky is nearing the end of her
journey into the past.)

(Missed. Earlier sypnosis follows).

“A seance has been held at the great house of Collinwood. A seance which
has suspended time and space, and sent Victoria Winters on an uncertain
and frightening journey into the past, back to the year 1795. As she nears
the end of that journey, she finds herself

Vicky awakens and tells Peter about her dream. She tells him
they must prevent it from happening. Peter tells her it was just
a dream, but Vicky tells him she is convinced it is a premonition
and is adamant that they do something. She tells Peter that the
entire future of the Collins family depends on Daniel, that he
will eventually marry a girl for Collinsport and that the entire
Collins family she knows from 1968 will be descended from him.
At Collinwood, Nathan asks Daniel again if he knows where Vicky
is. Again Daniel lies that he doesn’t. Daniel tells Nathan that
he plans to asks Naomi and Joshua to adopt him.
Knowing that this will cut him off from Millicent’s money,
Nathan goes to Noah and tells him about Millicent signing all her
money over to Daniel. He tells him to kidnap Daniel while he’s
playing outside, take him out on a boat, kill him and dump his
body in the ocean.
Peter gives Vicky a gun to protect herself and leaves the secret
room to go to Collinwood and warn Naomi about the danger to Daniel.
Noah kidnaps Daniel and takes him to a waterfront shed. A gust
of wind blows a window open. As Noah is trying to close the window,
Daniel escapes out the front door. Noah chases him.
Daniel runs to the cemetary, with Noah in hot pursuit. Daniel
runs into the mausoleum and cries out for Vicky. Vicky opens the
door and lets him in. Noah runs into the mausoleum but finds no
trace of Daniel.
Episode 455
Worldvision Rerun 243
Tape Date: March 18, 1968 (ABC #60-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 22, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

(Missed. Earlier synopsis follows).
Finding nothing in the mausoleum, Noah leaves and goes to
Collinwood. He tells Nathan that Daniel has escaped from him.
He tells him he chased him to the cemetary but lost him there.
He tells him he saw Daniel run into the Collins mausoleum and
heard him cry, “Vicky!”, but found no trace of him when he went
in there.
Peter goes to Collinwood and tells Naomi about Vicky’s warning
that Daniel is in danger. Naomi tells him to bring Vicky to
Collinwood. She tells him that Joshu is in Boston but will help
them when he returns.
Back in the secret room, Daniel feels Vicky’s hand and finds
that she has a high fever. He tells her he will go to Collinwood
and get help from Naomi. In spite of her objections, he opens the
secret door and runs out of the crypt – right into the arms of
Noah, who is lurking outside. Daniel cries out for help. Hearing
Daniel’s cries, Vicky comes out and shoots Noah after he ignores
her orders to let Daniel go. Vicky and David run back into the
secret room and close the door.
Peter returns and finds Noah dead. He picks up the gun, which
Vicky had dropped. He hears a voice and looks up to find Nathan
standing there, holding a gun on him. Nathan tells him he will
take him back to jail, where he will now face the added charge
of murder.
Episode 456
Worldvision Rerun 244
Tape Date: March 19, 1968 (ABC #61-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 25, 1968 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Daniel peeks in through the drawing room window of Collinwood.
Seeing no one there, he opens the window and climbs in. Looking
around and seeing that the coast is clear, he goes to the front
doors, opens them, and lets Vicky in. He tells her, “There’s no one
here”, and takes her into the study. Vicky tells him, “Daniel, if
by any chance Mrs. Collins isn’t here, don’t tell anyone else I’m
here”. Daniel assures her, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone else”.
Vicky adds, “Especially Nathan. I don’t want you being alone with
him”. Daniel tells Vicky, “I’ll get my cousin. Lock the door.
When I come back, I’ll knock the door three times”. David exits the
study into the foyer and starts up the stairs. Halfway up, he runs
into Millicent coming down. Millicent asks, “Who has been keeping
you up this late?” Daniel replies, “No one”. Millicent tells him,
“I don’t believe you. Who was that talking with you?” Daniel lies,
“No one”. Millicent says, “I don’t believe you. I’ll find out
myself!” Daniel exclaims, “Millicent!” Millicent continues, “If you
don’t tell me who you were talking to so late, I shall find out
myself”. Daniel lies, “I was talking to myself”. Millicent still
doesn’t believe him, but they are interrupted by Naomi coming into
the foyer. Naomi exclaims, “Daniel! You’re back! You’re safe!
Where did you go?” Millicent complains, “He went somewhere and he
won’t tell me where. Everyone’s always lying to me! Barnabas is
back and no one ever told me!” and stalks off. Naomi starts to
go after her, but Daniel tells her, “Don’t go to her! Miss Winters
is here! I brought her back!” Naomi asks, “Where is she?” Daniel
replies, “In the study”. They go to the study door. Daniel knocks
three times. Vicky opens the door and lets them in. Vicky and Naomi
warmly greet each other. Vicky tells Naomi, “Mrs. Collins, I didn’t
want to come here. You’re already done so much for me”. Naomi tells
her, “I told Mr. Bradford to bring you here. Didn’t he get to you?”
Vicky replies, “No”, a worried look on her face. Naomi assures Vicky
Peter’ll get back safely and tells her, “When he gets here, I’ll hide
him too. When Mr. Collins gets back, he’ll arrange a boat for you two
to escape in”. Daniel tells Naomi about being kidnapped. They hear
the front door and Nathan’s voice calling, “Millicent!” Vicky,
frightened, says, “He mustn’t find me!” Naomi tells her, “I’ll hide
you”. Outside, Millicent complains to Nathan, “Daniel’s back, and no
one told me he was gone!” Nathan asks, “Where is he?” Millicent
replies, “In the study”. Nathan remarks, “I think I’ll have a little
chat with him”. He knocks on the study door. Naomi asks, “What do
you want, Lieutenant?” Nathan replies, “I want to speak to Daniel”
Naomi hides Vicky in a closet, then lets Nathan in. Nathan says,
“Well, Daniel, my boy. Glad to see you back. Where have you been
and what happened to you?” Naomi tells Nathan Daniel’s story about
being kidnapped. Nathan dismisses the story as being make believe.
Daniel insists, “It’s true! I got away and he chased me into the
grave yard!” Nathan asks, “Then what happened? You fought him off
and ran away? When I was young, I made up quite a few stories like
that”. Daniel describes the man who kidnapped him. Naomi exclaims,
“He’s just described a friend of yours!” Nathan asks, “A friend of
mine?” Naomi tells him that a man fitting that description came to
the house earlier asking for him. Nathan replies, “I’ll tell you how
I know Daniel is lying. That friend is dead. I went to the graveyard
looking for Daniel and I found him there shot.” Naomi remarks, “You
must go to the authorities, then”. Nathan replies, “I already have.
I’ve taken the murderer to the authorities”. Naomi asks, “Why was
he killed?” Nathan replies, “He must have discovered the witch.
I’ve taken the killer, Peter Bradford, to the police. Unless the
witch is found quickly, he’ll hang before she does”. From inside
the closet, Vicky hears this, a look of alarm on her face.
Nathan leaves the study. In the drawing room, he tells Millicent,
“Millicent, we’ve got to do something about Daniel. Cousin Naomi
seems to have taken control of him. I think we should have legal
documents drawn up saying I’m his legal guardian”. Millicent
babbles, “The witch is in this house”. Nathan asks, “What?”
Millicent replies, “I have the feeling the witch is in this house”.
Nathan asks, “Just a feeling?” Millicent replies, “Daniel let someone
in through the front door. I didn’t see who it was, but I heard them
talking. This house is full of people who are not who they seem!”
Nathan takes Millicent up to bed.
Inside the study, Vicky tells Naomi, “He lied! Lt. Forbes, his
story was a lie!” Naomi asks, “How do you know?” Vicky replies,
“I killed him!” She tells Naomi what really happened, but Naomi says,
“I won’t let you give yourself up!” Vicky counters, “And I won’t
let Peter die!” Naomi tells Vicky, “Mr. Collins will be back
tomorrow. He’ll know what to do. Tonight, you’ll sleep in my
room. You’ll be safe up there”. She checks to see that the coast
is clear, then takes Vicky upstairs.
It is the next morning. Daniel, coming down the stairs, passes
Nathan, who’s on is way up. Nathan growls, “Forgotten your manners?
You didn’t say good morning”. Daniel says, “Good morning”. Nathan
says, “You lied to me. You brought Miss Winters to this house last
night, didn’t you?” Daniel lies, “No”. They argue. Naomi comes
into the foyer and says, “I won’t have you talking to Daniel in that
tone of voice!” Daniel runs off. Nathan angrily warns Naomi,
“Miss Collins, I’M his legal guardian!” Naomi tells Nathan, “Daniel
is going to town to identify the body of the man who kidnapped him”.
Nathan says, “I told you, he made up that story”. Naomi replies, “He
didn’t. He has a witness”. Nathan asks, “Who?”, but Naomi refuses
to tell him. Nathan tells Naomi, “Your husband wouldn’t want the
authorities coming here.” Naomi asks, “Why not?” Nathan remarks, “He
hasn’t told you about Barnabas, has he? I found out the truth”.
Naomi asks, “You found out that he’s dead?” Nathan replies, “He
isn’t dead. He’s locked up in the tower room”. Naomi asks, “Why
would my husband keep this from me?” Nathan replies, “He’s a
murderer. Your son is the strangler, Mrs. Collins. Think about
that. Go to the tower room and see”.
Naomi goes to the tower room. She is surprised to find a coffin
inside. She starts to open the lid…
Episode 457
Worldvision Rerun 245
Tape Date: March 20, 1968 (ABC #62-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 26, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Dan Curtis

Naomi opens the coffin lid. Shocked at what she sees, she releases
the lid and it shuts with a slam. Ben comes into the room, sees
Naomi, and tells her, “You shouldn’t have come up here, Mrs. Collins”.
Naomi, still in a state of shock, doesn’t respond. Ben tells her,
“Mrs. Collins, you can’t stay here. Please, you’ve got to come with
me”, and gently takes her away.
In the drawing room, Naomi exclaims, “It was Barnabas! It was
Barnabas! What does it mean? Am I losing my mind? What is it?”
Ben replies, “I ain’t sure how to tell you, but you aren’t losing
your mind. There’s still hope, Mrs. Collins”. Naomi asks, “Hope
for what?” Ben tells her, “Mr. Barnabas ain’t dead”. Naomi protests,
“But I saw him die!” Ben tells her, “He’s been alive all along.
He’s under a sort of curse, a sort of sleeping sickness. He’s been
cursed by a witch”. Naomi exclaims, “I can’t believe that about Miss
Winters!” Ben tells her, “Not Miss Winters. The witch is Angelique”.
Naomi remarks, “Angelique? Then you told the truth in court. If
he’s alive, then why is he still in the coffin?” Ben replies, “It’s
part of the curse. He must be in the coffin until the curse is
lifted. Mister Joshua’s gone to Boston to try to find a way to
lift the curse.” Naomi asks, “Barnabas hasn’t left the coffin
since he died?” Ben lies, “No”. Naomi remarks, “Then Nathan
Forbes is lying.” Ben asks, “Nathan Forbes?” Naomi replies, “He
told me Barnabas was up here. He also told me Barnabas was the
strangler”. Ben exclaims, “He shouldn’t have done that!” and starts
to leave. Naomi asks, “Where are you going?” Ben replies, “To find
him and fix him good!”, but Naomi tells him, “No! I’ll take care of
Lt. Forbes. I have something else for you to do. A carriage is
coming. I want you to take Daniel to Rev. Bland. He’s not safe
here.” Ben asks, “It’ll be night soon. Can’t Riggs take him?”
Naomi asks, “Is there something you haven’t told me? Is there any
reason you can’t take him?” Ben replies, “No, ma’am. I’ll take him”.
Naomi goes up to pack Daniel’s things.
Ben is pacing around the drawing room, thinking. Nathan comes in
through the front door. Ben stares at him. Nathan asks, “What are
you staring at?” Ben replies, “You’re a lucky man, Lt.” Nathan asks,
“Lucky?” Ben replies, “Aye. To be alive”. Nathan asks, “What do you
mean by that?” Ben replies, “I thought I met some scum when I was
in prison. Thieves, blackmailers, murders, you name it. But none of
them compare to you. You dress fancy, but deep down, you’re the
foulest of the lot!” Nathan shouts, “How dare you talk to me like
that!” Ben calmly replies, “I only listen to the master of the house.
You’ll never be that!” Nathan warns him, “Don’t count on that!” Ben
taunts Nathan, “You’re after Daniel, aren’t you? Well, all your
scheming has come to naught! I’m taking him away from here tonight!
Safe from you!” Nathan, shocked, asks, “Who told you to?” Ben
replies, “Mrs. Collins”. Nathan asks, “Why tell me?” Ben replies,
“Because maybe you’ll try to stop me. Mrs. Collins prevented me from
doing what I wanted, but if you try to stop me, I’ll have to do
something, won’t I? It would give me great pleasure to kill you!”
Millicent comes into the foyer. Nathan takes her into the drawing
room and asks, “Do you have any what your cousin is doing? She’s
planning to send Daniel away!” Millicent replies, “I know. She’s
upstairs packing Daniel’s things”. Nathan protests, “She has no
legal right to do what she’s doing! Listen to me! Go upstairs and
tell Naomi Daniel is staying in this house!” Millicent refuses,
saying she thinks it’s a good idea to get Daniel out of the house.
Nathan asks, “What?!” Millicent explains, “It’s not safe in this
house as long as there’s a witch in here”. Nathan tells her, “I’m
not concerned about the witch! I’m concerned about Daniel!” Naomi
comes into the room and says, “You needn’t concern yourself with him
anymore. He’s gone”. Millicent leaves. Nathan starts to go, but
Naomi tells him, “Don’t go yet, Lt. I’d like to talk to you”.
Nathan asks, “Where did you send Daniel?” Naomi refuses to tell
him. Nathan protests, “You had no legal right to send him away!”
They argue. Nathan asks, “Have you gone up to see what’s in the
tower room?” Naomi replies, “Yes. The lie you told me is even more
vicious than the lie you told at the trial about Miss Winters. Now
I know why Mr. Collins has been acting so strangely. You’ve been
blackmailing him!”. She orders him, “Leave here! Without Millicent!”
Nathan asks, “You say you know the truth. May I ask what the truth
is?” Naomi replies, “That Barnabas is alive. But the rest you told
me is not true”. Nathan asks, “Did Barnabas tell you that?” Naomi
replies, “No, Ben Stokes told me”. She recounts what Ben told her.
Nathan tells her, “That is a lie”. Naomi insists, “It is not a lie.
I saw him lying in the coffin”. Nathan points out, “He must need a lot
of rest in the day. Every attack has occurred at night. Look again
tonight. You’ll find he’s not there. He’ll be out looking for victims”.
Naomi exclaims, “That’s a lie!” Nathan replies, “No it isn’t. I saw
him attacking someone.” He tells her about the attack on Maude Browning.
Naomi tells Nathan, “I won’t believe you! I won’t believe a word you’re
saying!” Nathan replies, “Don’t believe me. All you have to do is
go to the tower room after dark. I promise you, you won’t find
Barnabas there”.
The sun sets. Barnabas emerges from his coffin.
Downstairs, Naomi, now in the drawing room alone, looking out the
window. She notes that it has gotten dark and thinks to herself,
“I don’t want to go into that room. It can’t be true! It can’t be
Up in the tower room, Barnabas says, “I will go mad if I stay
in this room! I must go and find some one! NO! There is someone
here! Millicent, can you hear me? Millicent, come to me! Come
to me!”
Millicent, down in the foyer, is looking at Barnabas’ portrait.
She hears Barnabas’ voice calling, “Millicent! Come to me!” She
answers, “Yes, Cousin Barnabas. I will meet you! I will go wherever
you ask me to go”. Naomi sees Millicent out in the foyer, comes out
and asks, “Millicent, what are you doing? I heard you talking to
someone. Who?” Millicent replies, “No one. I was remarking to
myself what a pleasant evening it was. As a matter of fact, I think
I’ll go take a walk and enjoy the night air”. Naomi remarks, “But
you’ve always hated the night air!” Millicent replies, “I’ve changed
my mind” and goes out. Naomi, looking suspicious, puts on a cape and
goes out too.
Millicent meets Barnabas in the garden. Naomi, hiding behind
some trees, sees them. Barnabas starts to bite Millicent.
Naomi screams. Barnabas looks up and sees his mother watching him.
A look of shock comes onto his face. Naomi continues to scream…
Episode 458
Worldvision Rerun 246
Tape Date: March 21, 1968 (ABC #63-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 27, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Dan Curtis

Joshua has returned home and is in the drawing room looking through
his mail. Naomi comes bursting in through the front doors. Joshua
asks, “Naomi, what’s the matter?” Naomi exclaims, “I saw him! He’s
like an animal!” Joshua asks, “What are you talking about?” Naomi
replies, “Barnabas! Why didn’t you tell me?” Joshua asks, “Where
is he?” Naomi replies, “In the garden, with Millicent”. Joshua
exclaims, “Millicent?! My God!”
Joshua comes down the stairs and goes into the drawing room.
Naomi just sits there, silent, in shock. Joshua pours Naomi a
drink, but she uncharacteristically refuses it. Joshua tells her,
“I took her to her room. She’ll be all right”. Naomi replies, “No.
None of us will ever be all right again”. Joshua asks, “How did
you find out, Naomi?” Naomi replies, “Lt. Forbes”. Joshua angrily
exclaims, “That swine! I knew he would never keep his word!” Naomi
remarks, “I would have found out anyway”. Joshua replies, “Yes, but
I had hoped not until I had found a way to help him”. Naomi moans,
“There is no hope!” Joshua says, “Oh, Naomi!” Naomi tells him, “You
didn’t see him in the garden tonight. The look of evil on his face.
Lt. Forbes is right. He is a monster. He’s like a depraved wild animal.
Why is he like this?” Joshua replies, “I’m not sure I understand myself.
I’m not sure it would it would help if I did”. Naomi asks, “Is he in
the tower room now? He knows I saw him. I’ve got to see him”. Joshua
begs, “Please, Naomi, not till tomorrow night”. Naomi promises to wait
till tomorrow night.
Naomi is now alone in the drawing room, writing a letter. She
finishes writing the letter, folds it, seals it, and addresses
it. She then goes to the sideboard and pours a drink, then takes
out a packet of something and checks it, then goes back to the desk,
puts the letter in the main drawer, and leaves to go somewhere.
Unbeknownst to her, Nathan sees her going…
Vicky is asleep in Naomi’s room. There’s a knock at the door.
Vicky listens at the door. A voice calls, “It’s Mrs. Collins. Open
the door”. Vicky opens the door and lets Naomi in. Naomi asks, “Did you
manage to get any sleep?” Vicky replies, “Yes, a little. Mrs. Collins,
did something happen outside?” Naomi asks, “Outside?” Vicky replies,
“Yes. I heard a scream outside”. Naomi replies, “That was Millicent”.
Vicky asks, “What happened?” Naomi lies, “Nothing. She was taking
a walk and thought she saw a strange man, but it turned out to be
nothing. Joshua’s returned. You’ll be leaving sometime tomorrow.
He’s arranging a boat for you”. Vicky asks, “Did he get Peter out?”
Naomi replies, “He’s trying, but we can’t be sure he’ll be successful”.
Vicky tells Naomi, “I won’t leave without Peter, and I can’t let him
be punished for something I did!” Naomi asks, “Are you in love with
Peter Bradford?” Vicky replies, “Yes I am”. Naomi tells her, “He’s
a good person. I hope you two leave together and start a new life
far away from here. Mr. Collins is doing his best.” She turns to
leave. Vicky remarks, “Mrs. Collins, I have the feeling you’re
saying goodbye to me”. Naomi replies, “No, only good night”. Vicky
guesses correctly, “Something has happened, something that’s affected
you very deeply. You’ve got to tell me what it is!” Naomi replies,
“Nothing. Be happy. Forget everything that’s happened here at
Collinwood” and leaves. A few seconds later, there’s a knock at
the door. Thinking that it’s Naomi, that she’s forgotten something,
Vicky says, “Mrs. Collins?” and opens the door. But it isn’t Naomi.
It’s Nathan Forbes. He bursts in and grabs her, warning her, “I warn
you, don’t scream!” Vicky asks, “How did you know I was in here?”
Nathan replies, “I followed Mrs. Collins here. She wasn’t being very
careful tonight. She must have had something on her mind. I wonder
what it was. I heard part of your conversation about Peter Bradford.
Very touching”. Vicky says, “I can do without your sarcasm. What are
you going to do?” Nathan replies, “Take you into Collinsport and
turn you in to the authorities”. Vicky asks, “Could you answer me
one question? I’ve never done anything to hurt you. Why are you
doing this to me? Why did you testify against me at the trial? Why
are you doing this to me now? What do you have to gain?” Nathan
replies, “Let me put it this way. I had a great deal to lose if
I testified for you at the trial. I had lost Millicent. Trask
promised to help me get her back if I testified against you”. Vicky
points out, “You did get her back, and you married her. Why are you
doing this now?” Nathan replies, “For the money”. Vicky asks, “You
didn’t get enough from your marriage to Millicent?” Nathan replies,
“I didn’t get any. She gave it all to Daniel. I have nothing”.
Vicky exclaims, “That’s why you tried to kill Daniel! That man you
sent to kill Daniel, Peter didn’t kill him, I did!” Nathan commends
her for trying to save Peter, but tells her he doesn’t believe her.
He takes her away.
Naomi returns to the drawing room. She takes out the packet of
poison, pours it into the drink, drinks it, then goes to the desk,
takes the letter out of the drawer, and leans it against the
inkstand. It is addressed “JOSHUA”, in very large letters.
Naomi goes to the tower room. Barnabas is back. Seeing Naomi,
he tells her, “Mother…You shouldn’t have come here!” Naomi replies,
“I had to see you one more time. Barnabas. Look at me…” Barnabas
interrupts, “You saw me once already. Isn’t that enough? You saw
what I was doing earlier”. Naomi replies, “I didn’t understand what
you were doing. I still don’t, but I know whatever you were doing,
you had no choice”. Barnabas moans, “Please…” Naomi continues, “I
brought you into this world. I saw you grow to manhood. I saw you
die, but yet you’re still alive. Something has happened to you,
something that has brought you deep shame. I can’t rest until I
find out what it is…”
Downstairs, Joshua walks into the drawing room, calling, “Naomi,
where are you?” He sees the letter addressed to him on the table,
opens it, reads it, and moans, “My God! Naomi…”
Upstairs in the tower room, Barnabas finishes telling his story
to his mother, “And now you know everything that’s happened.” Naomi
remarks, “Yes, now I know everything, and I was right. You couldn’t
help it”. Barnabas remarks, “It doesn’t matter”, but Naomi insists,
“It does matter. Barnabas, let me hold you one last time”. Barnabas
asks, “One last time? What are you talking about?” Naomi, not
answering the question, continues, “Whatever happens, I still love
you…” Barnabas, recalling Angelique’s curse that anyone who loved
him would die, begs, “Mother! You mustn’t say that!” Naomi collapses
in his arms. Barnabas moans, “Mother…” Joshua comes into the room,
sees this and, thinking Barnabas has attacked her, exclaims, “Naomi!
My God! Barnabas! What have you done?!”
Episode 459
Worldvision Rerun 247
Tape Date: March 22, 1968 (ABC #64-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 28, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Dan Curtis

(Note: For the very first time, the prologue was done by a male
actor. [Thayer David]).

Barnabas is in the drawing room of Collinwood, looking very worried.
Ben comes into the room. Barnabas moans, “She can’t die! She can’t!”
Ben replies, “She might not. Nobody knows how much of that poison
she took”. Barnabas growls, “Forbes! He’s the one who told her I
was in the tower room!” He vows vengeance, then moans, “I told her
not to say she loved me! Angelique’s curse…” Ben tells him, “You
just can’t tell someone to stop loving you!” Barnabas asks, “Where
is the doctor? Why doesn’t he come?” Joshua comes into the room
and announces, “There is no longer any need for a doctor. Your mother
is dead”. Ben tries to console Barnabas, “Mr. Barnabas…”, but
Barnabas tells him, “Don’t say anything, Ben. There’s nothing more
to say”. Joshua tells Ben, “Leave us, Ben. I want to talk to my son
alone. But stay in the house. I have something for you to do later”.
Ben leaves. Joshua tells Barnabas, “If it’s any comfort to you, your
mother died peacefully”. Barnabas moans, “She died because of me,
and the curse…” Joshua says, “And because of me. She would not
have taken her own life if she felt she could come to me. She said
something to me before she died, something I didn’t know. She said
she loved me.” Barnabas asks, “You didn’t know that?” Joshua replies,
“I thought she had stopped loving me long ago. The curse must be
ended!” Barnabas replies, “It cannot be ended”, but Joshua says, “It
can, and I will be the one to end it! This nightmare must end, and I
will end it!” Barnabas asks, “By driving a stake through my heart?”
Joshua replies, “No, I couldn’t do that. There is another way.
A silver bullet fired into the heart.” Barnabas asks, “How do you
know that will work?” Joshua replies, “It will according to an
ancient book on witchcraft I found when I was in Boston. A silver
bullet through the heart will cause instantaneous destruction. I’ve
sent Riggs into town with a silver candlestick to have the silversmith
melt and fashion into bullets”. Barnabas asks, “When will he return?”
Joshua replies, “In a few hours”. Barnabas asks, “Where is Lt.
Forbes?” Before Joshua can answer, Ben comes running into the room,
exclaiming, “Miss Winters is gone! I went to take her some food, and
she’s not there!” Joshua says, “That’s impossible! Search the
grounds!” Barnabas asks, “Was there a price on her head?” Joshua
replies, “Yes…”, thinks a bit, then says, “Forbes!” Barnabas vows,
“I will kill him!” Joshua replies, “There’s been enough death! This
must end!”, but Barnabas says, “This will be my last act of
destruction, and one which will give me much pleasure!” Joshua begs,
“Don’t do it!”, but Barnabas replies, “You cannot stop me, father. No
one can!”
Nathan is at the Eagle, admiring the money he was paid for turning
Vicky in, and sweet talking a barmaid. A bat suddenly appears at the
window. The barmaid screams.
The bat has left. Nathan tries to calm the barmaid down, “But
the bat’s gone. Anyway, you always see bats down at the waterfront”.
The barmaid replies, “Yes, but there was something DIFFERENT about
this one…” She tells Nathan she’s going to go lie down, then
leeringly says, “If you want company, you know where to find me!”
and leaves. A voice calls out, “Forbes…” Nathan turns, sees
Barnabas standing in the room and exclaims, “Barnabas!” Barnabas
notes, “You look surprised to see me”. Nathan replies, “I am”.
Baranbas asks, “Why? Because you thought I had gone to England?”
Nathan lies, “Yes”. Barnabas says, “That’s not what you told my
mother. You told her I was alive and hidden in the tower room.”
Nathan replies, “I didn’t know that for certain. I suspected…”
Barnabas continues, “And you told my mother. You know what
happened? She’s dead. She committed suicide after she found out
about me, and she found out about me because of you!” Nathan says,
“I never intended any harm to come to her…” Barnabas asks, “And
Daniel? And Millicent? You lying hypocrite, you never stop until
you get what you want. My mother is dead because of you!” He angrily
smashes the glasses on the table with his cane. Realizing that
Barnabas means to kill him, Nathan decides to take the offensive.
He pulls out a pistol and announces, “I’ve caught the Collinsport
strangler!” Barnabas asks, “Is that what you think I am?” Nathan
replies, “I know it. You and I are going to pay a call on the
authorities”. Barnabas starts to walk towards Nathan menacingly.
Nathan warns, “Don’t come another step closer or I’ll shoot!”
Barnabas replies, “Go ahead. Shoot. Shoot!” and continues to
come. Nathan shoots. He is shocked to see that it has no affect on
Barnabas. Barnabas tells Nathan, “I cannot die because I am already
dead! Do I frighten you, Forbes? I do not plan to kill you, not now,
not here. Later, Forbes, after you have had time to think about
it. Nine o’clock. When the clock strikes nine, you will die!” and
vanishes into thin air, astonishing Nathan. The barmaid comes back
and asks, “What’s going on? What was that sound?” Nathan exclaims,
“He isn’t human! He isn’t human!” The barmaid asks, “What’s the
matter? Are you drunk?” Nathan panics and shouts hysterically, “I’ve
got to get out of here!” The clock on the wall reads 8:30.
The clock in the foyer of Collinwood reads 8:45. In the drawing
room, Joshua tells Ben, “When Riggs returns with the silver bullets,
have him bring them to me”. Ben asks, “Are you going to do it here?”
Joshua replies, “No”. Ben asks, “Where, then?” Joshua replies, “In
the secret room at the mausoleum. I want you and Riggs to bring his
coffin from the tower room to the secret room in the mausoleum. I’ll
do it there tomorrow at sunrise”. Nathan comes bursting in through
the front doors and comes running in to the drawing room. He exclaims,
“Mr. Collins! I’ve seen Barnabas! At the Eagle! I shot him! I
fired a bullet into his chest, but he didn’t die! He just vanished!
What IS he?” Joshua replies, “A vampire. He’s under a curse”. Nathan
exclaims, “I can’t believe any of this! It can’t be happening! He
threatened to kill me! He said when the clock struck nine, I would
die!” Joshua replies, “There’s nothing I can do about it.” Nathan
asks, “You can’t talk to him?!” Joshua replies, “I’ve already tried.
It’s almost nine now. There’s nothing I can do” and starts to walk
away. Nathan asks, “You’re not staying here with me?!” Joshua
replies, “I wouldn’t be any protection, and I don’t want to see what
happens”. and leaves. Nathan asks Ben, “Did you know about this?”
Ben replies, “Yes”. Nathan asks, “And you didn’t try to stop him?!”
Ben remarks, “He begged me to stop him once…” Nathan asks, “So
there IS a way! What is it? You’ve got to tell me!” Ben refuses
to do so. Nathan begs, “Please! My blood will be on your hands!”
Ben replies, “All right. The way to destroy him is to drive a wooden
stake through his heart. In the morning, you go to his coffin while
he’s sleeping and drive a stake through his heart.” He laughs and
adds, “Only you won’t live that long! Tomorrow morning, you’ll be
dead!” Dogs start to howl outside. Nathan asks, “What’s that?” Ben
replies, “Dogs howling. That means he’s nearby”. Nathan looks at
the clock and notes with alarm, “Four minutes to nine! Only four
minutes!” Ben tells Nathan, “I can’t stay here with you. I don’t
want to see what happens” and leaves. Nathan, desperate, says, “I’ve
got to go to Mr. Collins! Barnabas might not do anything to me in his
father’s presence. It’s my only hope!”
Nathan goes into Joshua’s study. Joshua, irritated, says, “I told
you. There’s nothing I can do”. Nathan begs, “You’ve got to stay
with me!” Joshua reiterates, “I told you, my presence won’t protect
you”. Nathan suddenly stops talking, spying an antique crossbow
hanging as a decoration on the wall. Joshua, noting Nathan’s sudden
silence, asks, “What is it?” Nathan replies, “You’re right. It’s
not fair to ask you to remain. I was being a coward. If I’ve got
to die, I don’t want to die a coward’d death”. Joshua remarks,
“You’re acting most peculiarly”. Nathan continues, “It’s almost
nine. You’d better be going”. Joshua, impressed with Forbes’ sudden
courage, remarks, “I almost wish I could do something, in spite of
everything” and leaves. Nathan quickly takes the crossbow from the
wall and loads it with one of the wooden bolts hanging next it on
the wall. He thinks to himself, “These arrows. They’re made of
wood. If it pierces his heart, it’ll destroy him”. He aims and
shoots a test shot at the door. The crossbow is in perfect working
Outside, Barnabas comes in through the front doors.
Inside Joshua’s study, Nathan, having reloaded the crossbow,
aims at the door, waiting for Barnabas to come in. He thinks to
himself, “I have to be accurate. I’ve got to aim carefully, very
carefully… The clock starts striking nine. Barnabas opens the
doors. He sees Nathan and the crossbow and screams, “NO!!!!”.
Nathan fires, hitting him in the chest. Barnabas screams,
Episode 460
Worldvision Rerun 248
Tape Date: March 25, 1968 (ABC #65-DRK-68)
Air Date: March 29, 1968 Friday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Dan Curtis

Barnabas falls to his knees, but then, to Nathan’s surprise and
horror, pulls the bolt out of his chest and stands up. Barnabas
tells the shocked Nathan, “You didn’t hit my heart! You missed!” and
starts to approach Nathan. Nathan screams. Barnabas grabs him and
strangles him.
It is later. Barnabas is waiting in the study. Joshua comes in.
Barnabas asks, “Did Ben bury him?” Joshua replies, “Yes”. Barnabas
asks, “How will you explain his disappearance?” Joshua replies, “I
will simply say he left Collinsport. Everyone knows what kind of man
he is. They will say he deserted Millicent”. Barnabas asks, “And
Millicent?” Joshua tells him that Millicent has completely lost her
mind, that, “She doesn’t remember him. She remembers that she
had a suitor named Lt. Forbes, but now he’s gone. I’ll have the marriage
annulled. As far as history is concerned, it will never have happened.”
Barnabas asks, “You’re trembling. Do you have the silver bullets?”
Joshua replies, “Yes”. Barnabas asks,”Then do it here. Now”. Joshua
exclaims, “I cannot!” Barnabas replies, “You must!” Joshua tells
him, “In the morning, when you are in your coffin. I’ve instructed
Ben and Riggs to bring your coffin back to the secret room in the
mausoleum.” Barnabas asks, “You’ll do it there in the morning?”
Joshua replies, “Yes. I don’t know what lies beyond the grave, but I
hope you’ll find some kind of peace”. Barnabas asks, “And you?” Joshua
replies, “I’ll survive”. Barnabas asks, “What about Millicent?” Joshua
replies, “I’ll take care of her as long as she lives”. Barnabas asks,
“And Daniel?” Joshua replies, “I’ll adopt him as my legal heir. No
one will ever know of the events that have transpired. There will be
no mention of Angelique or your marriage to her in the family
histories. Naomi will have died a natural death, as well as Jeremiah.
There will have been no duel. And all the world will know of you is
that you were my son, and you went to England.” Outside, a cock
crows. Barnabas says, “It’s almost dawn. I must be leaving soon.
But before I go, promise to do two things for me. The first is,
free Ben. He’s been loyal to me. The second, Miss Winters is to
hang tomorrow. Do what you can to save her”. Joshua replies, “All
right. Everything you ask will be done”. Barnabas announces, “I
must go now”. Joshua says, “Barnabas…I have never been able to
show much affection…” Barnabas cuts him short, “Don’t now. After
today, you must forget I ever existed”. Joshua exclaims, “I can’t!”
Barnabas replies, “You must! Goodbye”. Joshua replies, “Goodbye”.
Barnabas leaves. Joshua goes over to a table, opens a box, and
takes out a pistol. In his left hand, he holds some silver pistol
balls. There is a look of torment on his face.
The sun has risen. In the secret room at the mausoleum, Barnabas
is lying in his coffin. Standing above him is Joshua. Joshua
aims the pistol at Barnabas’ heart, his whole body trembling. But
he finds he cannot do it. He lowers the pistol and closes the coffin
lid. Ben comes into the secret room and asks, “Mr. Collins…” Joshua
struggles to says, “Stokes…” Ben asks, “Did you do it?” Joshua
replies, “I couldn’t!” Ben tells him, “I knew you didn’t. I didn’t
hear a shot”. Joshua exclaims, “I couldn’t! He was my son! He was
my heir! Heir to everything I’ve tried to do! I couldn’t forget
that!” Ben asks, “What are you going to do now?” Joshua replies,
“Confine him to his coffin. Keep him there forever”. Ben asks,
“There’s a way to do that?” Joshua replies, “I found out when I was
in Boston that a vampire could be immobilized by affixing a silver
crucifix to the inside of his coffin lid”. Ben starts to asks, “But
if you knew that…” Joshua interrupts, “Then why did I consider
shooting him? Because this way is more dangerous. If anyone should
open the coffin, he’ll be loose again”. Ben assures Joshua, “No one
will ever do that”. Joshua tells Ben, “You must get a silver
crucifix, and chains to bind the coffin. Let us go to the house. I
will give you the cross”
Joshua is siting in his study, thinking, “Stokes must be finished
by now. Goodbye, Barnabas. I hope you find peace. Peace of some
In the secret, Ben finishes binding the coffin with chains,
says, “Goodbye, Mr. Barnabas. Goodbye”, and leaves, shutting
the door behind him.
Ben returns to Collinwood and goes into the Joshua’s study.
He asks Joshua, “You wanted to see me, Mr. Collins?” Joshua replies,
“Yes. Sit down, Stokes. I want to talk to you”. Ben tells Joshua,
“Everything you told me to do is done”. Joshua asks, “The coffin is
chained, the mausoleum locked?” Ben replies, “Yes”. Joshua tells
Ben, “It will never be opened again until I die, then never again
thereafter”. Ben asks, “That all, Sir?” Joshua replies, “No. My
son made a request concerning you. You are to be freed. I’ll also
give you a hundred dollars” (A great amount today’s money). Ben
says, “That’s very generous, Sir!”, but Joshua replies, “No, it’s not
generous. You’ve been very loyal. You deserve it”. Riggs comes
bearing a letter. Joshua takes it, opens it and reads it. Ben,
noticing the expression on Joshua’s face, asks, “Bad news, Sir?”
Joshua replies, “Yes. I asked the governor for a stay of execution
for Miss Winters, but he’s refused”. Ben exclaims, “Then she’ll
hang!” Joshua sadly replies, “Yes. I wish I could help her, but
there’s nothing I can do”.
Vicky is in her cell. A jailer brings Peter Bradford and lets him
into the cell. Vicky exclaims, “Peter!” They embrace. Peter says,
“I thought I’d never see you again!” Vicky explains, “They asked me
if I had any last requests. I told them I wanted to see you”. Vicky
tells the jailers she’d like to be alone with Peter, and asks, “How
much time do we have?” One of the jailers replies, “Five minutes”.
Vicky gasps, “Five minutes! Peter!!!”.
Vicky tells Peter, “I can’t think about what’s going to happen”.
Peter tells her, “Don’t” Vicky tells him, “Nothing must happen to
you! You must tell them I killed Noah Griffin. I tried to tell
them, but they wouldn’t believe me!” Peter says, “There’s so little
time. There are so many things I want to know. I want to know what
you were like as a little girl. What your favorite color was. What
your favorite book was.” Vicky says, “I don’t know which question
to answer first”. Peter replies, “You don’t have to answer. It’s
so good just to see you smile”. Vicky says, “I want to know
everything about you too. We’ve had so little time to get to know
each other”. Peter says, “I love you”. Vicky replies, “I love you
too”. Peter notes, “You’ve never said that before”. Vicky replies,
“I was afraid to before”. Peter asks, “But you’re no longer afraid?”
Vicky replies, “No”. They kiss. The sound of a door is heard. Vicky
remarks, “They’re coming for me”. Peter desperately tells Vicky,
“Listen, Vicky! Somehow, you came back in time to find me. I’ll
find you! Remember that!” A jailer comes and tells Vicky, “You’ll
have to come with me now”. Vicky takes one last look at Peter and
says, “Goodbye, Peter”. Peter says, “Remember what I said! I’ll
find you! Remember that!”
Outside, the executioner tests the rope by hanging a heavy bag
full of sand from it. The rope passes the test. The executioner
takes the bag off the rope. Vicky is brought out. The gallows is
a simple affair, Collinsport apparently not rich enough to afford
a fancier one. It is merely a ladder leaning against the pole on
which the rope is tied. Vicky is placed several rungs up on the
ladder. Her hands are tied, and the noose is placed around her neck.
The executioner asks, “Do you want a mask?” Vicky nods. A black
hood is placed over her head. She hears Peter’s voice saying,
“Remember, Vicky! Remember, somehow, I’ll find you again. No matter
what happens now, I’ll find you! Remember what I’m saying! Remember!
Remember!” The jailer who brought Vicky out says, “May God have mercy
on your unrepentent soul” and nods to the executionser. The executioner
pulls the ladder out from under Vicky’s feet. The rope draws tight…

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