June 1968

Episode 506
Worldvision Rerun 294
Tape Date: May 31, 1968 (ABC #111-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 3, 1968 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Jack Sullivan

Barnabas and Willie are searching the rocks below Widow’s Hill
looking for Adam, but they do not find him. Willie tells Barnabas
that he has to go to Collinwood and tell Carolyn the dream because
he can’t stand it any longer. Barnabas refuses to let him. Barnabas
theorizes that maybe Adam went back to the root cellar and tells
him to go search there while he continues to search the rocks.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth and Carolyn discuss Carolyn’s kidnapping.
Carolyn tells Elizabeth that she feels sorry for the man who kidnapped
her, that he was childlike and innocent and frightened rather than
At 2:00, while Carolyn is sleeping, Willie climbs the walls of
Collinwood, sneaks into Carolyn’s room through the window and
awakens her. Frightened, she demands to know what he is doing there.
He tells her it is only to tell her a dream he has had. Carolyn
replies, “That’s ridiculous! You broke into my room in the middle
of the night to tell me a dream?!” and demands that he leave,
but he grabs her, covering her mouth with his hand so she cannot
cry out, and begins to tell her the dream. But he gets only as
far as the knock on the door when she bites his hand, causing
him to release her. She screams out and he flees.
Elizabeth, hearing Carolyn’s screams, comes running into her
room. Carolyn tells her what happened.
Episode 507
Worldvision Rerun 295
Tape Date: June 3, 1968 (ABC #112-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 4, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Jack Sullivan

Carolyn falls asleep and has the first part of the dream, but
does not answer the door. She awakens, terrified.
Stokes goes to the old house to talk to Julia. He tells her
that his calculations show that only one more person – a woman
– will have the dream before it gets to Barnabas, that the beckoner
in her dream will be Barnabas. He tells her that he can – at some risk
to himself – insert himself into the sequence, arranging it so that
he is the beckoner in the woman’s dream and the person she must tell,
to become the next person who is to have the dream instead of Barnabas,
saying that he thinks he may thereby be able to break the dream curse.
Julia tells him that the beckoner in Wiilie’s dream was Carolyn. Stokes
asks that Carolyn be brought to the old house so Willie can tell her
the dream.
Julia brings Carolyn to the old house, but when Carolyn is told
it is so that Willie can tell her his dream, she refuses, afraid
of Willie because he broke into her room last night. Julia and Stokes
eventually convince Carolyn to let Willie tell her the whole dream
by telling her the feeling of terror she’s feeling won’t go away
until she hears the rest of the dream and dreams it herself. They
tell he not to be afraid, telling her she will be having the dream
under controlled circumstances, that they will be with her.
After Willie tells Carolyn the dream, Stokes hypnotizes her and
tells her when she has the dream, he, Stokes, will be the beckoner.
He then puts her to bed. She falls asleep and has the dream. As
promised, the beckoner is Stokes. Behind her door is her own gravestone,
on which is inscribed Born Dec. 8, 1948 Died July 15, 1968. She awakens,
terrified. Stokes demands to know the dream immediately so he can have
Stokes goes downstairs and tells Julia that he will now have
the dream, that he will meet the witch in it and that he will be
able to force her to reveal herself to him by breaking all the rules
of the dream curse, that he will speak the poem himself, that he
will force the beckoner to speak, that he will refuse to open doors,
Stokes falls asleep and starts to have the dream. In it, there’s
a knock at the door…

Note: The birthdate on Carolyn’s dream headstone does not match
that written in the Family Bible shown on Episode 267, which shows
Carolyn’s birthdate as July 16, 1946.
Episode 508
Worldvision Rerun 296
Tape Date: June 4, 1968 (ABC #113-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 5, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Stokes has the dream. As promised, he gets the beckoner to speak
by refusing to open the door until he does. The man tell Stokes,
“I am someone you do not know”. When Stokes opens the door, he
finds the beckoner is a man in dark glasses he does not know.
(It is Sam Evans, whom Stokes does not know.) Stokes breaks the
other dream curse rules. He recites the poem himself. He refuses
to open any doors. Eventually, one of the doors opens by itself,
and a blond Angelique comes out. She tells Stokes, “You are Ben
Stokes, and I have power over you.” Stokes replies that he is not
Ben Stokes, that he is Prof. Elliot Stokes and that she has no
power over him. She insists that he is Ben Stokes, and asks to see
his palm, saying she knows it because she has read it many times.
When Stokes gives her his hand, she writes a sign that looks like
a trident on it and orders him to open the doors, but he still
refuses to do so. He tells her he knows that she and Cassandra are
one and the same. She tries all the spells she used to use on
Ben on him (muteness, rapid heart, etc), but none of them work and
she fades away. Another door opens by itself and from it comes
Angeliques voice shouting, “You have not won, Ben Stokes! You will
not win! You will never win!”
Stokes awakens and tells Julia he has successfully broken the
dream curse. He tells her that he has met the witch and that it is
Cassandra. He tells her he does not feel terrified and has no
desire to tell the dream to anyone. He confidently states that he’s
broken the dream curse. There’s a knock at the door. It is Joe and
Sam. Joe explains that he’s taking care of Sam while Maggie is away
in Bangor. Sam is wearing dark glasses. Sam tells Stokes, “This may
sound strange. I don’t know you, but while I was sitting around at
home, I heard a voice telling me to come down and meet you here.” Stokes
replies that it must be some sort of psychic coincidence, tellling him
that he saw him, Sam, in a dream. Sam tells Stokes, “I have the
feeling you have something you want to tell me”, but Stokes denies
that he has.
Joe and Sam leave. Outside, Sam tells Joe that he thinks something
strange is going on. Joe tells Sam that Maggie had had a strange
dream a while ago.
When they get to the Evan’s Cottage, Sam tells Joe he’d like to
be alone for awhile. Joe warns him that the madman has still not
been found and may still be alive, but Sam tells Joe not to worry
as no one could have survived that fall from Widow’s Hill. Sam
goes inside and Joe leaves.
Inside the Evan’s Cottage, Sam hears a bedroom door shut and
calls out, “Maggie?”, thinking it is her, but receives no answer.
He feels a draft, and finds that it’s coming from an open window.
He hears a noise and turns towards it. It is Adam, holding a
kitchen knife…
Thursday, June 6, 1968
Pre-empted for report on Robert Kennedy Assassination (ABC #114-DRK-68)
September 21, 1993 – II
Episode 509 (Kinescope)
Worldvision Rerun 296A*
Tape Date: June 5, 1968 (ABC #115-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 7, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Weaver

Sam asks, “Who is it?” and hears the replie, “Adam”. Adam circles
and, seeing that Sam is harmless, drops the knife. Sam tries to
talk to Adam but, receiving no replies, decides that maybe he
doesn’t speak English. Sam feels Adam’s arm, and finding that it is
wounded, goes and gets something to clean out the wound.
While Sam is cleaning out Adam’s wounds, there’s a knock at the
door. Sam goes and answers it. It is Prof. Stokes, who tells Sam
there was one other thing he wanted to talk to him about. Stokes
sees Adam and sees the knife lying on the floor. Stokes picks the
knife up. Adam, seeing this, becomes afraid and runs off. Stokes
tells Sam that the man fit the description of the maniac, but Sam
replies that he could not have been the madman, that he was gentle
and non-violent, and besides, no one could have survived a fall
from Widow’s Hill. Stokes tells Sam he came to warn him that if he
should have a dream in which a man – probably Barnabas – comes
knocking, he should call him immediately.
Cassandra goes to Tony Peterson’s office, where she casts a
spell on him and tells him he must go to Prof. Stokes. She
gives him an ankh-type cross and tells him it will arouse Stokes’
curiousity and open his door for him. She then gives him a Borgia
type ring filled with poison, telling him, “And this will close
all doors for Stokes!”
Vicky goes to Stokes’ house, having been called by him and asked
to come. Vicky tells Stokes, “If this is about buying the portrait,
I can’t help you. It’s disappeared and I don’t know where it is.”
He replies, “Very interesting”, but tells her that’s not what he
wanted to talk to her about. He tells her he knows the witch is
Angelique and tells her he now believes her story about going
into the past and asks her about it. Vicky tells her story, telling
Stokes about being accused of witchcraft by Abigail Collins. Stokes
stops her and tells her that he’s done some research into that era
and knows who the prosecutor probably was, that it was probably
a Rev. Trask. He brings out at silhouette portrait of Trask and
asks her if she recognizes it. She tells him that she does. She
is obviously very disturbed by seeing it. Stokes tells Vicky
he wants her to spy on Cassandra – whom he suspects of being
Angelique. Vicky agrees to do so, saying she too finds Cassandra
suspicious. The doorbell rings. Stokes lets Vicky out a back
door then answers the front door. It is Tony Peterson.
Peterson introduces himself as “Arthur Hailey”. He shows Stokes
the cross Cassandra had given him and tells him he found it under
the floorboards of a 1720 house he had been renovating. Stokes
examines the cross and announces that it is a “Coptic Cross” and
remarks that the previous owner of the house who put it there must
have believed in witchcraft, as the Coptic Cross is reputed to ward
off witches. Stokes asks if he may keep the cross for a few days to
see if it’s genuine. Peterson agrees to let him do so. Stokes
remarks that he was just about to have his evening sherry and asks
Peterson if he would like some. Peterson replies that he would.
Stokes pours two glasses, then asks Peterson, “Would you like some
cheese? I like cheese with my sherry. I find that cheese helps me
sleep”. Peterson replies, “Splendid!”. While Stokes is out of the
room, Peterson opens his ring and pours the poison into one of the
glasses of sherry, then walks over to Stokes’ desk and pretends to
study the cross, his back to the glasses of sherry. Stokes returns,
holding a plate of cheese and crackers which he puts on the table
next to the sherry. They both sip their sherry. Stokes starts to say,
“And now the cheese. I find that a sharp cheddar goes best with
sherry, on an absolutely unsweetened biscuit…” Suddenly, Peterson
clutches his throat and falls to the floor in pain…

* This episode was not in the syndication package for many years until a
kinescope was uncovered in the late 1980s, at that point it was added into
the syndication package as Rerun 296A.
Episode 510
Worldvision Rerun 297
Tape Date: June 2, 1968 (ABC #116-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 10, 1968 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Stokes telephones Julia and tells her he’s afraid he may have
just killed a man.
Julia arrives and treats Peterson. She tells Stokes that Peterson
will be all right, that the emetic he had given him was just the
right thing. Stokes tells her he found “Arthur Hailey ” nervous and
was suspicious of him, and when he was in the kitchen, realized
“Hailey” had an opportunity to tamper with the drinks so he switched
them when he came back. Julia tells him the man’s real name is
“Tony Peterson” and asks Stokes why Peterson would want to poison him,
saying Peterson is an ethical man who wouldn’t do such a thing.
Stokes tells her he told him his name was “Arthur Hailey” and tells
Julia he must have been under Cassandra’ control.
Stokes tells Julia that since Cassandra can use her power to
control, they must find someone she cannot control to help them,
someone who is already dead, and tells her that Rev.Trask would be
the ideal candidate, but unfortunately, he would need to know
where Trask is buried, but that Trask disappeard mysteriously
and nobody knows what happened to him. He tells her that his
ancestor Ben HAD written an account of what happened to Trask
in his memoirs, but that most of it had been destroyed. He
shows Julia what remain of the Ben’s memoirs – fragments of
paper mounted on the pages of a modern composition notebook –
and turns to the page with the account of Trask’s fate.
Something suddenly takes control of his hand. He picks up a
pencil from the desk and starts to write, IN BEN’S HANDWRITING,
the necessary missing information, that Barnabas had walled
Trask alive in the “north wall of the coffin room”. Stokes, who
assumes that the Barnbas mentioned is the “original” Barnabas,
remarks that “coffin room” is a strange name for a room, but
Julia tells him she’s heard one of the room in the old house
called by this name and tells him she knows where it is.
Peterson regains consciousness. He tries to apoligize to Stokes,
saying he has no idea he did what he did. Stokes tells him he knows
he did not attempt to murder him of his own volition and tells him
that it was Cassandra who forced him to do so. He asks if he would
like to help them battle Cassandra. Peterson replies that he would.
Stokes tells Peterson he needs a few days where Cassandra does
not disturb him. He tells Peterson to tell Cassandra that he was
successful in killing him, saying she will obviously not disturb
him if she thinks he’s dead.
Julia and Stokes go to the old house. They are joined by
Peterson, who tells them he has told Cassandra that Stokes
is dead. They go to the coffin room and hold a seance to contact
Trask. The spirit of Trask possesses Tony Peterson and, speaking
through them, asks, “What do you want?” They tells him they want
him to finish the job he started in 1795, to take care of
Angelique. Trask tells them, “I want revenge!” The bricks in the
wall start to pulsate and move.
Episode 511
Worldvision Rerun 298
Tape Date: June 9, 1968 (ABC #117-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 11, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Jack Sullivan

The bricks continue to move. The top half of the wall covering
Trask falls out, revealing Trask’s skeleton. Stokes calls out
to Trask, but receives no answer. He notices that Tony Peterson
appears catatonic and calls his name several times, but Peterson
does not answer. Stokes tells Julia he thinks the spirit of Trask
is still inhabiting Peterson’s body. Suddenly, they hear noises.
At first, they think the noises might be a manesfistation of Trask,
but then they hear the strains of “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” coming
from upstairs. Julia exclaims, “Adam!” and starts upstairs. Stokes
follows in her footsteps. Julia tells him not to follow her, but
he does not listen. When they get upstairs, they find that it is
David playing with the tape recorder. To get rid of him, Julia
tells David he can borrow the tape recorder. David leaves.
Julia tells Stokes, “I thought I told you to stay downstairs!”
Stokes replies that it was her exclamation, “Adam!” that piqued
his interest and caused him to come up, “When we were coming up,
you mentioned a very interesting name, Adam. Who is Adam? You
must tell me all about him, Doctor!” Shocked at what she had
unintentionally said, Julia lies that she didn’t say “Adam”, that
he must have misheard what she said. Stokes tells her he thinks
she’s lying and tells her that he met an Adam last night, but
tit for tat, refuses to tell her the details.
They hear Peterson shouting for them downstairs. They rush
down to the coffin room and find that Trask’s skeleton has
disappeared. Peterson tells them he didn’t see what happened to
it, saying that he dozed off for a few moments and when he woke up,
the skeleton was gone. Stokes leaves. Julia goes to Collinwood
to look for Barnabas but finds that he isn’t there.
Meanwhile, Barnbas returns to the old house. Seeing a note left
on the table for him by Julia, he picks it up and is about to
open the envelope when he hears a noise downstairs. He puts the
letter back on the table and goes down to investigate. There, he
finds Trask waiting for him. Trask angrily accuses of Barnabas walling
him up and tells him he wants revenge. Barnabas tries to lie to him
that it wasn’t he who did so, but an ancestor of his, but to no avail.
Trask attacks Barnabas and knocks him out.
Upstairs, Julia returns. Seeing the letter is still on the
table unopened, she assumes that Barnabas has not yet returned
and leaves.
Downstairs, Trask has chained an unconscious Barnabas in the
At this point in the Worldvision syndication package (Cycle III), viewers saw
Episode 771 ran out of sequence as Worldvision Rerun 299. When Episode 508
was located and added to this package, Episode 771 was moved to its proper
place in Cycle V and redesignated as Rerun 554A. Thus, there is no Rerun 299
anymore as that number was abandoned. And, in order to avoid a mass renumbering,
the surrounding episodes were left alone.
Episode 512
Worldvision Rerun 300
Tape Date: June 10, 1968 (ABC #118-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 12, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Trask vanishes, leaving Barnbas in the niche. He has not put
any of the bricks back in.
At the Evan’s cottage, Sam is teaching Adam, who has returned,
some more English when suddenly Adam grabs hiw own wrists and
exclaims, “Barnabas hurt!” At the same moment in the coffin room,
Barnabas regains consciousness, finds his wrists shackled and
struggles against his bonds.
Joes comes in through the front door of the Evan’s cottage.
Adam, seeing him, runs past him and flees, knocking Joe down
in the process. Sam tells Joe about Adam. Joe tells Sam he thinks
Adam is the madman who kidnapped Carolyn. Sam refuses to believe
that Adam can be dangerous, saying all he needs is friendship and
understanding. When Adam learns that Adam had said “Barnabas hurt!”,
he fears that he might have meant “Hurt Barnabas!” and went to harm
him. Joe goes to the old house to warn Barnabas but gets no answer
when he knocks at the door.
Down in the cellar, Barnabas calls for help, but nobody hears him.
Trask’s ghost reappears. He tells Barnabas he will give him a trial.
He summons the ghost of a dead judge from the 18th century, Ezra
Simpson. Barnabas protests, “But he was a crooked judge!” Trask then
summons all of Barnabas’ victims from 1795 and 1796 (Ruby Tate,
Maude Browning, Suki Forbes, Nathan Forbes, whom Trask says,
“was murdered at Collinwood on March 31 in the year 1796”,
etc. to be the jury). After a completely unfair trial in which
he is not even allowed to speak in his own defense, Barnabas is
found guilty and sentenced to death.
Julia returns to the old house, still searching for Barnabas.
She hears what sounds like laughter coming from downstairs and
goes down to investigate. She finds no one is down there. She
also sees that the opening in the wall has been walled up.
Episode 513
Worldvision Rerun 301
Tape Date: May 29, 1968 (ABC #119-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 13, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

Cassandra, at the fountain in the garden of Collinwood, summons
Peterson. Peterson, in his apartment, is about to go with her, but
Stokes appears outside his door just as he opens it. Peterson
tells Stokes that Cassandra has just summoned him. Stokes tells
Peterson he thinks their plan to use Trask to help them has failed,
that Julia has just called him and told him the hole in the wall
has been sealed up, probably indicating that Trask’s spirit has
returned to it’s grave and will not help them. Stokes tells
Peterson that if Cassandra has summoned him, she must have a reason.
He theorizes that she may be trying to reactivate the dream curse
He tells Peterson that in order to do so, she must cause Sam to
have the dream. Telling Peterson to resist Cassandra’s summons if
he can, Stokes leaves to go to the Evan’s Cottage to warn Sam.
Joe and Maggie are at the Evan’s Cottage. Joe tells Maggie he
looked for Barnabas everywhere but couldn’t find him. Stokes
arrives and asks for Sam, but Maggie tells him Sam, determined not
to let his blindness interfere with his social life, is out with
some friends at the Blue Whale. Maggie becomes alarmed when Stokes
tells her Sam might be in danger of having the same dream she had.
There’s a knock at the door. It’s Cassandra. She tells Maggie that
she’s heard about Sam’s condition and has brought him a little gift.
Maggie invites her in. Cassandra is shocked to see Stokes there,
alive. Maggie tells Cassandra that Sam is not home right now, but
promises to give him her gift when he returns. As Cassandra is about
to leave, Stokes tells her to tell Vicky that he is no longer
interested in the portrait of Angelique, that he’s found out it’s a
reproduction and had now acquired the original. Cassandra leaves.
While Joe and Maggie aren’t looking, Stokes steals Cassandra’s gift,
which Maggie had put on the coffee table. He tells Maggie he’ll go
to the Blue Whalt to talk to Sam and leaves.
Maggie looks around the living room for Cassandra’s gift but
cannot find it.
Cassandra successfully summons Peterson to the fountain. She tells
him she has learned he has not killed Stokes and will punish him for
lying to her. After pondering several alternatives (making him mute,
turning him into various animals, etc) she decides on a strange one.
She tells him she will make him fall in love with her. She tells him
that they will kiss, and when they have finished kissing, he will
be in love with her. They prepare to kiss when Peterson suddenly
exclaims, “We’re being watched! In the window! It’s Mrs. Stoddard!”
Angelique looks up and sees Elizabeth looking at them from an
upstairs window.
Peterson returns to his apartment and finds Stokes there waiting
for him. He tells Stokes that Cassandra summoned him again and that
he was unable resist her this time. He tells Stokes that she knows
he is not dead. Stokes replies that he already knows she knows.
He tells Peterson about intercepting Cassandra’s “gift” to Sam.
He tells him he had the “gift”, a packet of pipe tobacco, analyzed
and found that it contained a drug to make Sam dream. Stokes asks
Peterson if he smokes a pipe. When Peterson replies, “Occasionally”,
Stokes tells him it would be all right for HIM to smoke it and
leaves, leaving the tobbaco.
Elizabeth confronts Cassandra at the fountain and tells he she
will tell Roger what she saw as soon as she sees him. To prevent
her from doing this, Cassandra puts a spell on Elizabeth causing her
mind to fill with thoughts of death – particularly her own – so
that she can think of nothing else.
Episode 514
Worldvision Rerun 302
Tape Date: May 27, 1968 (ABC #120-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 14, 1968 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: John Sedwick

At the Evan’s Cottage, Joe jokes to Maggie that maybe Prof.
Stokes stole the gift. He leaves to pick Sam up at the Blue
Maggie puts on Josette’s earrings. Josette’s music starts
to play, and Maggie, looking strangely, goes out the door.
At the old house, Willie is in the coffin room, sweeping and
cleaning up. Upstairs, Maggie comes in. Willie, hearing the
door, goes upstairs to see who it is. Willie asks Maggie why she’s
come. Maggie tells Willie that she doesn’t know why. Down in the
cellar, Barnabas starts banging on the wall. Maggie asks what the
noise is, but Willie dismisses them as nothing, saying old house
make all sorts of noises. Willie, seeing that Maggie is wearing the
earrings and fearful that Barnabas might see them if she wears them
to the old house again, tells her they look very valuable and suggests
she never wear them outside her house. She takes them off. The spell
broken, Maggie, very confused, tells Willie she has to go
home, saying that Joe and her father are returning soon and will
be expecting her to be there.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth receives a call from the sheriff.
He tells her that he has received several reports of vandalism
committed by suspect fitting Adam’s descripting, impossible as
that may seem with the creature having died in the fall from
Widow’s Hill. Elizabeth goes to the old house to tell Barnabas.
Finding no one upstairs, she goes downstairs and finds Willie
there sweeping. She tells Willie she is looking for Barnabas.
Willie tells her that Barnabas isn’t home and he doesn’t know
where he is. She tells him about the reports of vandalism and
tells him to tell Barnabas when he gets back. She starts to
babble about death and dying and how her head is filled with
thoughts of death and dying when suddenly she hears a knocking
sound coming from behind a wall. She tells Willie it sounds like
someone’s behind there, but Willie doesn’t hear it and dismisses
it as her imagination.
Joe returns to the Evan’s cottage and tells Maggie that Sam
refused to come home. He tells Maggie he is worried about Sam,
telling her that Sam had asked him to put together a search party
to look for his “friend” Adam so he can help him. Maggie tells Joe
that Sam’s strange behavior is probably just due to his condition
and tells him to go back to the Blue Whale and try again to get
him to come home.
Willie, coming to see Maggie, runs right into Joe outside the
cottage. Joe angrily tells Willie he warned him never to come
around Maggie again. Willie replies, “It’s a free country. Besides,
Maggie LIKES me now. She’s even come to the old house to see me
a couple of times.” Joe tells him that he doesn’t believe him.
Willie tells him to ask Maggie if he doesn’t believe him and
accuses him of being jealous. Joe becomes enraged and punches
Willie, knocking him down.
Joe goes back into the cottage and tells Maggie what Willie
said. She replies, “I did go to the old house a couple of times,
but it wasn’t to see Willie.” Joe tells her, “You must be CRAZY
to go to the old house! Willie has already tried to kill you
twice!” Maggie replies that she now knows that Willie was not
trying to kill her, but to warn her. Joe asks her why she goes
to the old house. She replies that she doesn’t know. Joe,
exasperated, tells her he’ll give her till tomorrow to come
up with a logical explanation and leaves.
Willie, hurt, comes stumbling into the cottage. Maggie goes
to him. She sees Adam appear in the doorway and screams. Adam
comes in and growls, “Willie bad!” He grabs Maggie’s wrists. Maggie
Episode 515
Worldvision Rerun 303
Tape Date: June 1, 1968 (ABC #121-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 17, 1968 Monday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Adam, remembering Wlllie’s mistreatment of him, says, “Willie
bad! Willie hurt Adam!” and attacks him. Maggie grabs Adam from
behind and yells for him to stop. Adam turns and grabs Maggie by
the shoulders. Maggie shouts, “You’re hurting my shoulders!”. Adam
lets her go, apparently entranced by her beauty. Willie tells Maggie
to call the police, saying Adam will not stop her, that he doesn’t
know what a phone is. But Willie is wrong. When Maggie tries to call
the police, Adam becomes enraged and attacks her, but Willie manages
to distract him and get him to stop by saying, “Adam! Food!”
Sam happens to return home. Maggie shouts to him, “Pop! Don’t
come in! There’s a madman in here!”. Sam asks her to describe the
madman. She does. Sam recognizes it as his friend and tells her
not to worry. Adam sees his friend Sam and happily starts towards
him, but Maggie grabs a mallet and hits Adam on the head with it
while Adam’s back is turned to her. Adam turns toward Maggie and,
engraged, screams, “KILL!”. Sam tells Maggie to get behind him.
She does so. Sam then tries to calm Adam down and get him to say,
“Maggie is my friend”, but Adam, still enraged, says instead, “KILL
MAGGIE!” and tries to attack her. Sam tries to stop him by hitting
him with his blind man’s cane. Adam grabs the cane, snaps it in
half and, engraged, knocks Sam down with a tremendous backhand
blow. Seeing what he has done, Adam flees. In the woods, Adam is
remorseful that he has hurt Sam, saying, “Adam bad! Adam hurt friend!
Adam hurt friend!” Inside the cottage, Maggie kneels over Sam and
cries, “He’s not moving! He’s dying! I know it!”
After taking Sam to the hospital, Maggie and Willie return to
the cottage. Maggie questions Willie about Adam, telling him that
she thinks he must know more than he’s admitting, that he knew his
name and they seemed to know each other. Willie gives her the old
story about Adam having come to the old house several times begging
for food, that he gave him food the first few times he came, but
when he eventually refused him, Adam became very angry with him,
that’s that’s what he meant when he said “Willie hurt Adam!” Maggie
tells Willie she does not believe him and will ask Barnabas about it,
but Willie tells her that Barnabas has left town and no one knows
when he will return.
At the old house, Julia is in the drawing room, wondering where
Barnabas is. She hears a woman sobbing downstairs and goes down to
investigate. Downstairs, she sees a ghostly figure in a wedding
dress huddled by the north wall. It disappears.
Julia goes back upstairs. Willie returns. He tells her that Adam
is still alive and recounts what happened at the Evans’ cottage,
telling her that Sam is in the hospital and may not live. He tells her
they must hunt down and kill Adam. He tells her Adam is dangerous,
that in particular, he is a danger to them because he is rapidly
learning to speak and may soon be able to tell about them. The
sobbing noise starts again. Julia and Willie go downstairs to
investigate. As soon as they get there, the sobbing sound stops (no
ghost this time). Julia tells Willie that she knows who was sobbbing,
that she saw her earlier. She tells him it was the ghost of Josette,
and that Josette’s sobbing must have had something to do with
Barnabas. She notes that the ghost was huddled by the part of the
wall behind which Trask was bricked up. She asks Willie when he
bricked it back up. Willie replies that it wasn’t him who bricked it
back up. Julia realizes that when Trask had said, “I want revenge!”,
he may have meant against Barnabas rather than against Angelique as
she had assumed. Concluding that Trask may have bricked Barnabas up
in the niche as his revenge, that Barnabas may have been bricked up
in there for three whole days, she tells Willie to get tools and
open the wall up.
Episode 516
Worldvision Rerun 304
Tape Date: May 28, 1968 (ABC #122-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 18, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Ron Sproat
Director: Lela Swift

Willie returns with the tools and begins to unbrick the wall.
He feels an icy draft and stops, fearing it might be Trask. Julia
tells him to continue, saying, “There are always drafts down here”.
He does, but then again stops suddenly, complaining that he felt
someone touch him. Furniture suddenly starts to fly around, and the
ghost of Trask appears. He tells them he will kill them if they open
the wall. Julia manages to appeal to what good there is in him by
telling him, “A man of God does not harm innocent people! If you
must destroy someone, destroy the witch Cassandra!” Without a word,
the ghost of Trask disappears. Julia tells Willie she must have
convinced Trask, as the cold feeling is gone. Willie takes out
one brick and gasps. Barnabas is indeed behind the wall. Willie
finishes opening a hole in the wall and takes Barnabas out.
Julia examines Barnabas and finds that he is alive.
In the drawing room at Collinwood, Elizabeth asks Cassandra,
“Why are you doing this to me?” Cassandra puts her in a trance
then tells her, “Your ordeal has been mild so far. What is to
come will be much worse!” She tells Elizabeth that she (Elizabeth)
is Naomi and takes her to the Collins mausoleum.
At the old house, Barnabas regains conciousness. He tells Julia
he is still afraid that the ghost of Trask will come after him,
but Julia tells him she thinks she has convinced him to go after
Cassandra instead.
In the mausoleum, Cassandra tells “Naomi” that her family –
Joshua, Sarah and Barnabas – are all dead. “Naomi” does not
believe her so Cassandra shows her the plaques above the graves of
Joshua and Sarah then tells her, “YOU, Naomi, will die soon!” and
tells her the middle sarcophagus will be hers. She points out the
plaque over that sarcophagus to her. It is blank. Elizabeth starts
to remember and says, “I’m not Naomi. Naomi has been dead for
over a hundred years!” Cassandra replies, “If Naomi were dead,
then she would be in her coffin, wouldn’t she? Look!” Elizabeth
looks at the middle coffin. It is now without a lid, and completely
empty. Cassandra tells her, “You ARE Naomi! You will die soon and
lie in the middle coffin!” Elizabeth screams and runs out of the
mausoleum. Cassandra throws her head back and laughs in triumph.
Her laughs stop abruptly when she hears a voice shout, “WITCH!”
She turns and sees that Trask’s ghost has materialized in the
corner. He is holding a torch. Trask tells her, “I have come to
destroy you in the only way possible – by fire!!” Cassandra
commands the ghost to return to his grave, but Trask replies,
“You have no power over me, witch!” Cassandra goes up in
Episode 517
Worldvision Rerun 305
Tape Date: June 13, 1968 (ABC #123-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 19, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Cassandra puts the flames out. She is unharmed, and Trask’s
ghost is gone.
Cassandra returns to Collinwood. In the foyer, she overhears
Vicky talking to Joe Haskell on the phone in the drawing room.
Vicky tells Joe – who has not seen Maggie since his argument
with her – about Sam.
Joe goes to the hospital and finds Maggie sitting in Sam’s
hospital room. Maggie tells Joe that Sam is in a coma and that
the doctors have told her his condition is critical. While Joe
and Maggie are talking about what happened, Cassandra comes into
the room. She tells them she has heard about what happened to Sam
and come to visit him. She convinces Joe and Maggie to go get some
coffee, saying she’ll watch Sam while they are gone. While Joe
and Maggie are out getting coffee, Cassandra revives Sam and gives
him a potion to drink. While she is doing this, Sam mumbles
deliriously about Adam. Cassandra tries to find out what Sam knows
about Adam from Sam, especially what Barnabas’ relationship to
Adam is, but Sam falls asleep.. Maggie and Joe return and Cassandra
Late at night, Sam, having drunk the potion, has the dream. In
it, the beckoner is Vicky; behind his door is Maggie, dressed in
a black mourning dress, mourning over a coffin. His coffin. Sam
awakens and screams, “But I’m not dead! I’m not dead!” He
tells Maggie and Joe, who are there, that they MUST get Vicky so
he can tell the dream to her.
Joe goes to Collinwood to get Vicky. He tells her it’s urgent
she come to the Hospital.
At the hospital, Maggie calls Prof. Stokes (at Collinsport
752) and tells him what happened. Stokes is upset when he learns
that Joe is going to Collinwood to get Vicky and asks why. Maggie
explains that it was the only way they could get Sam to calm down.
At Collinwood, Cassandra gloats, thinking to herself that Vicky
is the last link in the dream curse before Barnabas.
Vicky arrives at Sam’s room. Sam begins to tell her the
Episode 518
Worldvision Rerun 306
Tape Date: June 12, 1968 (ABC #124-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 20, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Vicky arrives at Sam’s room. Sam begins to tell her the dream,
but Stokes comes rushing into the room and orders her to stop and
leave the room. She does. Stokes tells Maggie and Joe that it is
imperative that Vicky not be told the dream, that if she is, someone
could die. While speaking, Stokes happens to glance at the window
and sees Adam peering in. Seeing that Stokes has seen him, Adam
flees. Stokes asks Maggie what happened to Sam. Maggie tells him
that Adam did it.
Stokes and Maggie go outside to talk to Vicky. Stokes tells
Vicky about the dream curse. When Vicky tells Stokes that she
finds it hard to believe, he reminds her of her trip to the
past and tells her that it should have shown her the power of
witchcraft – which he tells her is responsible for the
dream curse. Maggie expresses skepticism about Witchcraft.
Stokes asks her, “Then how else do you accound for 9 people
having the same dream?” Stokes tells Vicky she must on no account
go into Sam’s room and risk hearing the dream. Stokes tells Maggie
he has a few things to talk to her about. They leave, leaving
Vicky in the waiting room.
Sam calls out for Vicky. Vicky, disregarding Stokes’ warning,
runs into Sam’s room to see what’s wrong. Maggie comes in too.
Sam starts to tell Vicky the dream, but before he can finish it,
he collapses back into bed, dead.
Stokes goes to the Evans’ cottage, hoping that Adam will return
there. He is not disappointed. Adam does return. He attacks Stokes,
but Stokes manages to convince him that he is a friend and Adam
stops. In the struggle, Stokes drops something on the floor, but
does not notice. Stokes tells Adam that he will bring him to his
house, where he will give him food and teach him to communicate.
They leave.
At the hospital, Vicky tells a devasted Maggie that she thinks
it might be best if she not go back to the cottage for a while and
asks her to come stay at Collinwood for awhile. Maggie accepts.
Episode 519
Worldvision Rerun 307
Tape Date: June 6, 1968 (ABC #125-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 21, 1968 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

Roger answers the phone at Collinwood and learns about Sam from
Vicky. He tells Vicky he is sure that Elizabeth will let Maggie
stay at Collinwood for awhile.
But when Roger asks Elizabeth about this, he gets no response
from her, finding that she can talk of nothing but death and
dying. He tells her that Sam is dead, but she she merely replies
that everyone dies sooner or later, that she too will die soon.
Concerned about her, Roger suggests she see a doctor.
Upstairs, Cassandra is preparing to cast a spell to make
Elizabeth thinks she is Naomi so that Elizabeth will die the
same way Naomi did – death by poison by her own hand. There’s
a knock at the door. Cassandra quickly hides her spell paraphanalia
and opens the door. It is Roger. He tells her about Sam’s death and
tells her that Maggie is coming to stay at Collinwood for awhile
because of it. He tells her that she must act as hostess because
Elizabeth cannot as there seems to be something wrong with her.
After Roger leaves, Cassandra completes the spell. Trask’s ghost
appears briefly and watches her, but does nothing.
Joe comes to Collinwood to see Maggie. Vicky tells him that Maggie
is under sedation and is asleep. Elizabeth comes down the stairs
and, seeing Joe, exclaims, “Nathan Forbes, you are not welcome in
this house! Get out!” Vicky shakes Elizabeth and tells her it’s Joe
Haskell. Seeming to recover, Elizabeth runs upstairs. Joe goes
upstairs to sit with Maggie, telling Vicky that he would like to
be the first person Maggie sees when she wakes up.
Cassandra comes downstairs and, lying to Vicky that David has
developed a macabre interest in last words, asks Vicky what Sam’s
were, obviously trying to learn if Sam had told her the dream.
But Vicky is too upset about Sam and Elizabeth to talk.
After Vicky leaves, Cassandra puts a box of poison in the desk
drawer for Elizabeth. The ghost of Trask materializes and kidnaps
Cassandra. He takes her into the woods and tie her to a tree, then
performs a ceremony he says, “will exorcise the evil from you!”
Apparently she is all evil. She completely disappears…
Episode 520
Worldvision Rerun 308
Tape Date: June 7, 1968 (ABC #126-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 24, 1968 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: John Sedwick

It is 9:00 in the morning. Roger tells Julia that Cassandra is
missing and that he is worried about her. He tells her that
Cassandra has not been seen since 9:00 last night and calls the
At 9:30, Barnabas comes to Collinwood. Julia tells him that
Cassandra is missing. She tells him she thinks Trask has gotten
rid of her. Barnabas is dubious, saying he can’t believe he is
finally rid of Angelique. Julia remarks that she wishes Trask
would appear to them and tell them or give them a sign in some
way that he did get rid of Angelique. Suddenly, she realizes that
Trask’s skeleton disappeared when they raised his spirit, and that
if he’s accomplished his mission and returned to his grave, it
might be back. They go to the old house and find Trask’s skeleton
back in the niche in the wall.
Later, in the drawing room at Collinwood, Roger tells Julia
that the police have no clue about Cassandra. They then start to
discuss Elizabeth’s strange behavior. Elizbeth appears in the
doorway and, addressing Roger and Julia as “Joshua” and “Countess
DuPres”, comes in. Thinking she is Naomi, she starts to babble
on about events from 1795 and eventually starts to talk about
Barnabas, whom she refers to as “one of the undead”. Julia is
stunned, and suggests to Roger that Elizabeth be put under
professional care in institution for awhile.
Julia goes to the old hluse and tells Barnabas about Elizabeth’s
condition and what she said. While they are discussing this, Julia
learns from Barnbas how Naomi died in 1795. Fearing that Elizabeth
might try to reenact this, they rush out to go to Collinwood.
At Collinwood, Elizabeth has written a note, addressed it to
“Joshua” and left it on the desk in the drawing room. She then
pours a glass of liquor, then opens a desk drawer, takes out the
box of poison Cassandra had put in there, and poisons the drink
with it. She drinks the drink and then goes up the stairs.
Julia and Barnabas get to Collinwood and find the drawing room
empty. Julia asks Barnabas to give her the details of the night
Naomi died. He tells that Naomi went to the tower room after she
poisoned herself, and that he later learned she had left a note
for Joshua on the desk in the drawing room. Julia looks on the desk
and finds the note to Joshua. They run to the tower room. Barnabas
finds Elizabeth there. She embraces him, referring to him as
her “son”. Barnabas asks what poison she took. She replies that
she doesn’t know and loses conciousness.
Episode 521
Worldvision Rerun 309
Tape Date: June 20, 1968 (ABC #127-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 25, 1968 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas and Roger are in the foyer of Collinwood. Julia is
upstairs treating Elizabeth. Barnabas and Roger discuss Elizabeth’s
delusion that she is Naomi Collins. Roger tells Barnabas that he is
puzzled that Elizabeth tried to poison herself since the family
history records that the original Naomi died a naturnal death and did
not poison herself. Barnabas starts to say “She (did)”, but catches
himself before he does. Roger remarks that it’s fortunate that he and
Julia thought to look in the tower room for Elizabeth. He tells
Barnabas that no one ever goes there because of superstitions about
the place, adding that the, “Family legend has it that someone was once
imprisoned there, but no one know who.”
Julia comes downstairs and tells Barnabas and Roger that Elizabeth
is OK, that the poison she took is an old one, a derivative of
deadly nightshade commonly used in the 18th century, one that is no
longer used, but that it is now easily treatable. She tells Roger that
Elizabeth will be OK physically, but suggests that she be sent to
Windcliff to treat her mental condition. Roger angrily refuses and
goes upstairs to see Elizabeth.
Barnabas and Julia, worried that Elizabeth’s condition may mean
that Cassandra is still around, decide to consult Stokes. Julia
telephones his house (ROCKPORT 6868, different from the one Maggie
called a few episodes ago!!). Adam picks up the phone, but does
not say anything. Fearing that something may have happened to Stokes.
Barnabas and Julia decide to go to his house.
Stokes returns home from a lecture and continues to teach Adam
not only how to speak, but to read and write by means of flash
cards as well. Barnabas and Julia arrive and knock at the door.
Stokes quickly hides Adam in another room and lets them in. They
tell him about the phone call, and explain that they were afraid
something might have happened to him. Stokes explains that it
must have been his housekeeper who picked up the phone. They
tell him about Cassandra’s disappearance and ask him if there’s
any way to be certain if she’s gone. Stokes suggests that the
portrait might give them a clue, but they suddenly realize that
they don’t know where the portrait is. They realize that she must
have taken it from Sam and suspect she may have hidden it near
her at Collinwood.
Julia and Barnabas go to Collinwood. While Julia keeps Roger
occupied in the drawing room, Barnabas sneaks upstairs to search
Cassandra’s room. Julia and Roger discuss Cassandra. After a few
minutes, Barnabas comes downstairs and signals to Julia by shaking
his head that he has not found the portrait. Roger continues to
talk about Cassandra, mentioning that she had been acting strangely
lately. He asks Julia and Barnabas if they remember the portrait
of Angelique. He produces it from behind a table and tells them
that for some strange reason, Cassandra had locked it in a closet.
The portrait is now horribly faded. Roger remarks that he has no
idea how that happened. There’s a knock at the door. Barnabas
goes to answer. The visitor, a middle aged man, introduces
himself as a “Nicholas Blair” and tells Barnabas and Roger that he
is Cassandra’s brother.
Episode 522
Worldvision Rerun 310
Tape Date: June 16, 1968 (ABC #128-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 26, 1968 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas takes Blair into the drawing room. Blair apoligizes
for not having come earlier to congratulate Roger and Cassandra,
but explains that he’s been abroad – in Martinique. Roger tells
Blair about Cassandra’s disappearance, saying she has not been
seen in over 24 hours. Blair tells him he need not hurry, then
makes the accusation that someone in the house must have been
hostile to Cassandra, saying that Cassandra has a history of
handling hostility by disappearing, but that she has always
come back. He also makes the puzzling statement, “Nothing that
has happened to her cannot be undone.” Barnabas and Julia notice
the strange statement. Roger tells Blair he will have a room
prepared for him and takes him upstairs, also taking the portrait
with him. Barnabas and Julia decide to consult Stokes again.
Upstairs, before taking Blair to his room, Roger puts the
portrait in his own room. Blair starts to discuss the portrait
with him. Roger tells Blair that he intends to take it into
town to have it restored. Blair remarks that he has done
restoration work on paintings and asks to be allowed to do it
Joe Haskell goes to the old house and confronts Willie. He
tells him that Sam is dead and, getting him in a armlock, tells
him that Maggie has told him he called Adam by name and demands
to know know what he knows about him. Willie gives him the same
old story about Adam being a beggar who had come to the old house
several times begging for food, then manages to struggle free,
grabs a rifle, and orders Joe to leave.
Blair, now alone with the portrait, remarks to it, “You’ve
really gotten yourself into a mess this time”, then asks it,
“What happened to you?” He gets a telephathic message telling
him he must start his search at the old house.
Blair goes to the old house and asks for Barnabas, but Willie
tells him that Barnabas is not there. Blair hypnotizes Willie and
learns from him that Barnabas and Julia know Cassandra was a
witch and summoned “the ghost of the man whose skeleton is
downstairs” to take care of her. Blair puts Willie to sleep,
telling him that when he awakens, he will have no memory of what
just happened.
Blair goes down into the cellar and talks to the skeleton, saying,
“Trask, you will not win!” (He apparently knows Trask, as Willie never
mentioned the name).
Episode 523
Worldvision Rerun 311
Tape Date: June 17, 1968 (ABC #129-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 27, 1968 Thursday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Blair summon’s Trask’s ghost and manages to get him to tell him
that he he had performed an exorcism on Cassandra, but is
unsuccessful in getting to tell him where.
Blair returns to Collinwood, where he finds Carolyn in the
drawing room. They talk. Blair learns that Carolyn does not
like Cassandra and asks why. Carolyn tells him about seeing
her with Tony Peterson, that she suspects them of being lovers,
that they meet together in the garden often, that Peterson does
everything Cassandra asks him to, that it’s almost as if she had
some strange power over him.
As Blair is leaving, he and Vicky, who’s coming in, brush into
each other. Carolyn tells Vicky that Blair is Cassandra’s brother.
This seems to disturb Vicky.
Blair visits Tony Peterson’s offices. He lies to Peterson that he
is a lawyer working on a negligence case against the Collins Family,
saying that he understands that he, Peterson had handled such a case
against them but lost, that he came to him to see if he had any
useful information on the Collinses. He then hypnotizes Peterson
and asks him where Cassandra is. Peterson does not know because
he wasn’t there, but because of his psychic connection to her,
he manages to get a vision of a tree with some coils of rope
around its base. However, he cannot pinpoint the exact location
of the trees. Blair makes him forget about his visit and leaves.
Jeff Clark comes to Collinwood, having been on a three week
visit to Portsmouth – where he had been found wandering on the
docks without any ID – to search for clues on his past. He tells
Vicky his search has been mostly fruitless, that the only thing
he managed to learn that “Jeff Clark” is not his real name, that
Lang had given to him while he was at the asylum, that his real
name is unknown. He tells Vicky he got a gift for her and goes
to his car to get it. While Jeff is gone, Trask’s ghost appears
and tries to warn Vicky about Blair, saying, “The Devil is in
this house! He is under the guise of…”, but does not get
to finish his warning because Vicky screams in terror.
Jeff, hearing Vicky’s screams, comes running in and shouts,
“Trask! Leave Vicky alone!” Trasks ghost disappears. Jeff puts
his fingers to his temples, appearing to be having a bad headache.
Vicky, ecstatic, tells Jeff that the fact that he recognized
Trask by name proves that he is Peter Bradford, transported to
the docks of Portsmouth when he was hanged.
Episode 524
Worldvision Rerun 312
Tape Date: June 18, 1968 (ABC #130-DRK-68)
Air Date: June 28, 1968 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Jeff removes he fingers from his temples, the pain apparently
gone, and tells Vicky, “What? I didn’t see a thing.” Vicky tells
him she is stunned that he cannot remember something that just
happened, but tells him that the importrant thing is that SHE
saw and remembers what happened. She suggests that he go to
Prof. Stokes and let him hypnotize him, that it may be a way to
find out about his past. There’s a knock at the door. Vicky answers.
It’s Joe Haskell. Joe tells Vicky he’s come to pick Maggie up and
take her back to the cottage. While Vicky is getting Maggie, Joe
finds that Jeff is acting rather coldly towards him and asks what’s
wrong. Jeff replies, “Nothing. I have a headache, that’s all.”
Vicky returns with Maggie. Joe and Maggie leaves. Jeff tells Vicky
he refuses to be hypnotized.
Joe and Maggie return to the Evan’s cottage. Finding that
furniture has been knocked over, Joe suspects that Adam has been
there again. Maggie finds a stickpin with the monogram “S” on
in and tells Joe she thinks it’s Stokes. Jeff returns to the
cottage and, seeing Joe there, apoligizes to him for having been
rude to him earlier and goes to his room. Joe tells Maggie that
he’s worried about what might have happened at the cottage while
she was at Collinwood and tells her he’s going to spend the night
on the couch to make sure she’s safe. He tells her he will see
Stokes tomorrow about the stickpin.
It is now 1:50 in the morning. Jeff has a dream. In it, it is
1796 and he is Peter Bradford, locked in a jail cell. He sees
a guard bringing Vicky back to jail and asks, “I thought you were
safe. What happened?” Vicky tells him, “Nathan Forbes kidnapped
me and turned me in for the reward”. The dream continues.
Jeff/Peter now finds himself in a tavern with Nathan Forbes.
Jeff/Peter confronts Forbes, but Forbes pulls a gun on him.
Jeff/Peter manages to wrestle the gun from Forbes and shoots him
with it, but Forbes, unharmed, tells him, “You cannot kill me.
I am already dead!” Jeff awakens, screaming. Joe, hearing the
screams, runs into the room to see what’s wrong, but Jeff,
seeing him, shouts, “FORBES!” and attacks him, grabbing him by
the throat and strangling him…


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