January 1971

January 1, 1971 – New Year’s Day. No show aired. (ABC #5-DRK-71)
Episode 1181
Tape Date: December 22, 1970 (ABC #6-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 4, 1971 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Judge Vail, shocked, asks “Who did you say you were?” The woman
replies “Joanna Mills”. Barnabas whispers to Quentin, “Is it?” Quentin
replies, “I can’t believe it, but it is!” Dawson objects, saying she must
be an imposter. Barnabas replies that that will be very easy to establish,
that all they have to do is compare her to the self-portrait the Dawson
had entered as evidence. Judge Vail announces that the woman will be
allowed to testify if it can be proven she is Joanna Mills. He annouces
that court will be adjourned until 2:00 to allow the court to compare the
woman to the portrait and compare her handwriting to the signature.
At Collinwood, Gerard remarks to Samantha, “Too bad Quentin’s trial
isn’t open to the public. I’d love to watch the spectacle!” He notices
that she doesn’t respond to his “joke” and looks worried. He asks her
what’s wrong. She explains that she is still worried about Joanna’s
spirit apparently having come back. He asks why. She replies that she’s
afraid that Joanna is angry with her because she’s been forging letters
from her.
In jail, Barnabas and Quentin are discussing the trial. Joanna comes
in. Quentin asks Barnabas to let him speak to her in private and Barnabas
leaves. Quentin asks Joanna to explain everything. She tells him it’s
almost 2:00 and they don’t have time. He asks her if she’s been writing
the letters to him. She replies that she did not send them, but that she
wouldn’t know if she wrote them without seeing them. She tells him that
she had written some letters to him while she was in the asylum that were
never sent, that someone might have gotten hold of them and been sending
them to him. Quentin tells him about Daphne coming to Collinwood with
the intention of killing him. He tells Joanna that Daphne she changed her
mind and things are different now. He tells her they’ve “got to talk”,
but before they can, Barnabas comes in and announces that the Judges have
come back and court is about to reconvene.
Court reconvenes. Judge Vail announces that they are convinced that
the woman is indeed Joanna Mills and that they will allow her to testify.
She takes the stand. The court asks her explain where she’s been. Joanna
explains that after she “released herself” from the hospital, she went to
Boston where she’s been living quietly. The judge asks her, “What about
the body they found that was identified as you?” She replies that she
knows nothing about it, that they were obviously mistaken. Asked about the
letter Trask found in the tree, she explains, “I came back to visit
Collinsport about three days ago and walked by an oak tree where Quentin
and I used to meet. I found a note where we used to leave notes to each
other and took it, thinking that Quentin had somehow learned that I had
come and wanted to surprise me. I took it, wrote a reply and put it in
the tree. Barnabas asks the court that in light of this testimony Trask’s
testimony about Quentin raising the dead be stricken since it is obvious
that Joanna is not dead and it was she that Trask saw. The court agrees,
and further adds, “It also brings into doubt some other earlier
testimony.” Dawson asks for a recess. The court adjourns till 10:00
tomorrow morning.
Outside, Dawson goes to Gerard and tells him what happened. He
tells him that they’re in trouble and need some strong evidence. He
tells Gerard he thinks they might have to use the head of Judah Zachary.
Gerard is still reluctant about this, tells him he’ll think about it and
tells him he’ll tell him tomorrow. Gerard then exclaims, “Oh no! I’ve
got to go tell Samantha about Joanna!”
Joanna goes to Collinwood. Samantha answers the door. Joanna
identifies herself and asks to see her sister Daphne. Samantha tells
her Daphne is upstairs. Joanna starts up the stairs. Gerard comes in
and, seeing the look of shock on Samantha’s face, starts to ask what’s
wrong but then sees Joanna walking on the landing and realizes what it is .
He remarks, “I think you need a brandy” and goes into the drawing room
to pour her one. She follows him in there. She gasps, “But she’s dead!”
Gerard replies, “No she isn’t. It’s obvious she’s alive. They must have
made a mistake about the body”. Samantha continues to claim, “She’s dead!”
Gerard tells her, “Get a hold of yourself. Any sane person can see she’s
not dead.” Joanna blurts out,”She’s dead! I know because I killed her!”
Episode 1182
Tape Date: December 28, 1970 (ABC #7-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 5, 1971 Tuesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Gerard asks Samantha to explain, saying Joanna’s sudden appearance
badly hurt their case against Quentin and he needs to know everything
that happened to Joanna. Samantha explains that it all began with two
letters. The first was one from the asylum to Quentin telling him
Joanna had gone insane and was in there. She tells him Quentin never saw
the letter because it came while he was away at sea. She tells Gerard she
went to visit Joanna at the asylum and found that she was indeed mad
and figured she wouldn’t have to worry about her as a rival for Quentin
again. But later another letter arrived, this time from Joanna to Quentin
telling him she was well now, was going to leave the asylum soon and
wanted to see him. Samantha tells Gerard that Quentin was still at sea and
she arranged a meeting with Joanna on the grounds of the asylum. She tells
Gerard she got into an fight with her over Quentin and accidently pushed
Joanna off the cliff onto the rocks below. Gerard suggests, “Maybe there
was a high tide and she fell into the water and survived, and they found
another body and mistook it for her.” Samantha dismisses this and fearfully
tells him she thinks Joanna has come back from the dead to get revenge.
Daphne walks in through the front door into the foyer. She sees Joanna
coming down the stairs and, thinking it is Joanna’s ghost coming for her,
screams, “Help! She’s here to kill me!” and runs into the drawing room to
Gerard. Gerard explains to her that it is Joanna, but that she’s alive and
not a ghost. Joanna comes into the drawing room. Daphne touches her hand
and finds that she is indeed not a ghost. They greet each other and go
upstairs to talk.
Upstairs, Joanna apoligizes to Daphne, saying, “I didn’t know I would
be such a shock to everyone.” They talk. Daphne explains to Joanna that
she was frightened by her because the letters she’s been receiving from her
made her think she was a threat to her. Joanna, puzzled, replies that she
hasn’t been sending any letters to her. Daphne tells her that she has,
that they were signed by her and were in her handwriting. Joanna asks to
see one of these letters. Daphne shows her one. Joanna tells her, “I
didn’t write this. It isn’t in my handwriting.” She shows the letter to
Daphne and points out, “Look, these aren’t my T’s and S’s.”
Joanna comes downstairs to the drawing room, says goodbye to Gerard and
Samantha and leaves. Samantha is still terrified, convinced that Joanna
has come back from the dead to get vengeance. Gerard tells her to go
upstairs and try to relax. Samantha goes upstairs. Gerard remarks,”Joanna
will be very useful to me, both in my plans for Samantha and Daphne”. He
goes to the fire, takes out his occult charm and casts another spell on
Upstairs, Daphne has another dream in which she and Gerard lie in bed,
professing their love for one another and kissing. She awakens and goes
to the room in the dream and finds Gerard there. Seeing that she is now
ready, Gerard takes her hand and asks,”Daphne, will you marry me?”
Episode 1183
Tape Date: December 29, 1970 (ABC #8-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 6, 1971 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Daphne tells Gerard she’ll have to think about it. Samantha comes
into the room, sees them together and becomes angry. Daphne leaves.
Samantha tells Gerard she is still afraid of Joanna. She asks, “Why does
she pretend she doesn’t know me?” She tells him she is very angry that he
won’t do anything about Joanna and threatens to tell Quentin or Barnabas
about what he’s been doing. He slaps her and calms her down and reassures
her that he’ll help her with Joanna. After she leaves, he thinks to
herself “You’re the problem I’ve got to solve, not Joanna…”
Joanna visits Quentin in jail. She tells him that Daphne had shown
her one of the letters she had been receiving. She tells him she didn’t
write it. She shows him her necklace and tells him it’s the only thing
she still has to remind her of their time together. She asks, “Do you
remember the night you gave it to me? It was my birthday. You said,’By
your next birthday, you’ll be living in Collinwood, you’ll be Mrs. Quentin
Collins.” She tells him that when he gets out of jail, they’ll finally
be able to make that come true. Quentin asks, “Do you remember the night
I told you Samantha wouldn’t give me a divorce, the night seperated?
Whatever we had together died that night. We won’t be able to recapture
it. It’s over between us.” Joanna asks,”What is it, are you in love with
someone else?” Quentin replies, “I’m in love with Daphne.”
At Collinwood, Samantha asks Daphne what her sister Joanna had said
about her. Daphne replies, that she didn’t say anything about her, that
she didn’t mention her at all. She remarks, “You might be interested to
know that I showed her one of the letters I’ve been getting and she told
me it wasn’t from her.” She asks Samantha about the spirit she claimed to
have seen behind her by the window. She tells her it obviously couldn’t
have been Joanna since Joanna is alive and tells her she thinks someone’s
trying to frighten her out of the house. Samantha becomes angry and
exclaims, “And you think it’s me!” and storms out of the room. In the
foyer, she runs into Gerard and whispers to him, “She suspects me! Do
something about it!” and goes upstairs. Gerard goes into the drawing room
and tells Daphne he wants to talk to her, but she tells him, “I need to
think!” and leaves.
Gerard takes out his occult charm and starts to cast a spell on Daphne,
remarking, “This time you’ll remember…”
Daphne goes to the room she dreamed about, wonders to herself, “Why is
this the only place I feel at peace?”, lies on the bed, and falls asleep.
She has a dream in which Quentin tells Joanna, “My Joanna has come back
to me!” They kiss. Daphne awakens and exclaims, “No! Joanna! What am I
going to do?”
Later, in the drawing room, Daphne asks Joanna about her and Quentin.
Joanna tells her about what happened at the jail earlier, but tells her
she still loves Quentin. Samantha comes in and asks to speak to Joanna
alone. Daphne leaves. Samantha reminds Joanna that they had met once,
while she was going with her brother Randall, that it was one night when
he was taking her to a concert. She asks her, “Wasn’t there another time
we met?” J oanna replies that she doens’t think so. Samantha tell her she
isn’t welcome at Collinwood anymore. Joanna replies, “Very well. Next
time, I’ll arrange to meet my sister in the village.” She adds, “We’ll
meet again soon” and turns to leave. Samantha, in a frightened voice,
gasps, “What do you mean by that?” Joanna replies, “Oh, nothing. I just
mean it’s a small village and well no doubt run into each other sooner
or later”.
Daphne goes to the jail and tells Quentin, “I can’t see you anymore.
Joanna still loves you.” Quentin tries to explain to her that it’s over
between him and Joanna, but Daphne replies, “It wouldn’t be if it weren’t
for me. I can’t get between you and her.” Quentin tries to get her to
change her mind, but she tells him, “No. I don’t feel the same about you
anymore. I’m going to marry Gerard Stiles.”
Episode 1184
Tape Date: December 30, 1970 (ABC #9-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 7, 1971 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin, shocked, wonders what could have happened. He asks Daphne to
promise not to do anything until he gets out of jail. He tells her he
is confident that he’ll get out soon, that the prosecution doesn’t have
much of a case against him and that the only witness left is Mordecai
Grimes, and the only thing he’ll be able to say is that his cows died and
claim he was responsible without any proof.
At Mordecai Grime’s house, Mordecai Grimes reads a letter from Charles
Dawson aloud. In it, Dawson tells him he isn’t calling him to testify
because he doesn’t think his testimony is strong enough. Mordecai Grimes
complains to his son Jeremy, “You know what this means. It means he’s
giving up. If Charles Dawson doesn’t want me to testify, I’ll have to go
to someone higher up.” Jeremy asks him who he means. His father refuses
to tell him, remarking, “I know how you feel about this”. Jeremy, angry,
stalks out.
Jeremy and Carrie meet in the woods.
Gerard goes to the jail to talk to Quentin. They get into an argument
about Daphne. Quentin angrily tells Gerard, “Desmond and Barnabas warned
me you couldn’t be trusted. Now I believe them!” He vows to do anything
necessary to prevent him from marrying Daphne. Gerard asks him what he
means. Quentin replies that he’ll kill him if necessary. Gerard acts
shocked and remarks, “But we’re such friends! How can you say something
like that?” Quenting replies, “What hypocrisy!” Gerard tries to apoligize,
saying falling in love is not a voluntary act, that he’s guilty of nothing
but falling in love.
Jeremy takes Carrie to the door of Collinwood. He tells her that this
time, he insists on going in with her, that “it’s time they told everyone
about us.” They go inside. In the foyer, Carrie begs Jeremy to leave.
They hear a door. They turn and are shocked to see it’s Mordecai Grimes.
Mordecai, furious, exclaims to Jeremy, “Now I know where you’ve been
going nights!” He orders them to stop seeing each other and takes Jeremy
with him.
Gerard goes to Mordecai Grimes’ house. He tells Grimes that he had
heard he had come to Collinwood looking for him. Grimes shows him the
letter. Gerard tells him he agrees with it, that he doesn’t think his
testimony is strong enough as it is now. He tells him he has searched
Quentin’s lab and found some very powerful evidence that everyone’s
overlooked. He tells him the evidence is so strong that it will almost
certainly convict Quentin, but that he can’t present it himself because
he wants to maintain an appearance of neutrality. He asks Grimes to
include it as part of his testimony and claim that he, Grimes, had found
it. Grimes agrees to do so. Gerard tells him to write a letter to Dawson
telling him that he, Grimes, had found important evidence that will
convict Quentin and ask him to come here to look at it. Grimes writes the
letter. Gerard leaves, saying he’s going to Collinwood to get the evidence
to bring here. Grimes calls his son Jeremy, gives him the note and tells
him to deliver it to Charles Dawson. Jeremy takes the letter and leaves.
At Collinwood, Carrie thinks to herself that maybe if she went to
Mordecai Grimes and told him how she and Jeremy feel about each other
maybe he’ll change his mind. She leaves to do so.
Gerard returns to Collinwood and goes into the drawing room. He goes
to the fire and takes out his occult charm to cast a spell. He remarks,
“I’m sorry, Mr. Grimes, I have nothing against you, but I’m going to have
to sacrifice you to convict Quentin.” He casts a spell to send a “Shadow
of Death” to Mordecai Grimes.
At Mordcai Grimes house, the shadow, which is similar to the one
Angelique sent against Jeb Hawkes, envelops a screaming Grimes.
At Collinwood, Gerard triumphantly remarks, “Quentin Collins WILL be
found guilty!”
Carrie arrives at Mordecai Grimes’ house. She finds Grimes lying
on the floor. He is still alive, but just barely. He gasps, “Quentin
Collins did this to me!” and dies. Carrie is shocked…
Episode 1185
Tape Date: December 24, 1970 (ABC #10-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 8, 1971 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Jeremy returns from delivering the letter. He sees Carrie there and
tells her, “Carrie! You’ve got to leave before my father sees you!”.
Carrie shows Jeremy the body of his father, which he had not seen because
it was behind a table. Jeremy is griefstricken. He asks Carrie if she
knows what happened. She tells him his was still alive when she got here.
Jeremy asks, “Did he say anything before he died?” Carrie, reluctantly,
replies, “Yes. Yes he did…”
Gerard and Dawson gloat over what’s happened.
Barnabas goes to the jail and tells Quentin about the death of
Mordecai Grimes. Quentin asks how he died. Barnabas replies that they
don’t know yet, that they’re still waiting for the coroner’s report.
He warns him that the prosecution will try to say it was caused by
Witchcraft and try to pin this on him if at all possible.
Court comes to order. Charles Dawson tells the court that it was his
intention to call Mordecai Grimes to the stand today but that that is now
impossible because of Grimes’s sudden death. The court asks, “Then you
rest your case, then?”. Dawson replies, “No, I intend to call two entirely
new witnesses. I intend to prove that Quentin Collins is responsible for
Mordecai Grimes’ death, that he did so through Witchcraft!” He calls to
the stand Carrie Stokes. He tells her to tell the court what happened.
She recounts the story of how she went to Mordecai Grimes’ house and
found him near death. Dawson asks, “And Miss Stokes, did Mr. Grimes say
anything to you while he was still alive?” Carrie is reluctant to answer
and doesn’t say anything. Dawson presses her and she finally admits that
Grimes had said, “Quentin Collins did this!”
Dawson introduces as evidence the coroner’s report. It states that
Mordecai Grimes had been in excellent health and that no cause of death
could be found. Dawson concludes, “Thus, the death could only have been
caused by sorcery!”
Dawson calls Jeremy Grimes to the stand. Dawson takes a letter out
of his pocket and asks Jeremy if he recogizes it. Jeremy replies that he
does, that it’s the letter his father had written and had him deliver
to Dawson on the night of his death. Dawson reads the letter to the court
and tells it that the contents, in which Mordecai Grimes says he has found
important evidence against Quentin, give Quentin’s motive for murdering
Mordecai Grimes. Dawson closes his case.
The court tells Barnabas it is now his turn to present his case in
defense of Quentin Collins. Barnabas tells the court he has only one
witness to call, the only witness who can establish Quentin Collins’
innocence. He calls Quentin Collins to the stand. He asks Quentin,
“Is it true you argued with Mordecai Grimes?” Quentin replies, “Yes,
but so did everyone else. He was a cantankerous man.” Barnabas asks if
he ever practiced Witchcraft. Quentin replies that he didn’t.
Dawson cross-examines Quentin. He states, “It has already been
established that Desmond Collins brought the head of Judah Zachary back
from his travels. Did you ask him to find it and bring it back for you?”
Quentin replies that he did. Dawson asks why. Quentin replies, “Out of
curiosity.” Dawson pooh-poohs this and tells the court it is obvious he
brought it back for its powers, that he’s been using those powers.
Quentin angrily denies this, glares at Dawson and exclaims, “I’ll get
you for this when I get out!” The court asks Barnabas if he has any more
witnesses. Barnabas replies no and rests his case.
Dawson gives his closing statement. He recounts how Quentin was the
last person to be seen with Lorna Bell, how he was found kneeling beside
the body of Randall Drew, how the same occult symbol that appears on
Quentin’s ring was found on Lorna Bell’s forehead and drawn on a piece of
paper beside Randall Drew’s body. He reminds the court that Quentin had
been building what he claimed was a “Staircase through time”. He recounts
how Quentin had asked Desmond to bring him the head of Judah Zachary.
He states that Quentin is possessed by the spirit of Judah Zachary, that
he has just threatened vengeance against him just as Judah Zachary had
vowed vengeance against all his enemies. He closes by saying, “Finally,
I say it is obvious that Quentin Collins struck down Mordecai Grimes!”
Barnabas responds with his closing argument. He states that all the
evidence against Quentin is circumstantial, that none of the witnesses
called against him are witnesses in the true sense of the word in that
none of them actually saw him practice witchcraft.
The court recesses to deliberate.
Carrie goes to Jeremy and tells him that the court has recessed to
deliberate. Jeremy remarks, “Good. I hope he’s found guilty and is
punished.” Carrie is shocked and asks how he could say this. Jeremy
replies, “He killed my father.” Carrie tells him that that’s ridiculous.
She starts to say, “You’re starting to sound like your…” but stops.
Jeremy exclaims, “Like what? Like my father? Maybe if I had listened
to him earlier, he’d still be alive!” Carrie, upset, leaves.
The court reconvenes. Judge Vail announces, “The court has reached
a decicion. Will the witness please rise to hear the decision of the
December 25, 1970 – Christmas Day. No show taped.
Episode 1186
Tape Date: December 31, 1970 (ABC #11-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 11, 1971 Monday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Quentin stands up. Judge Vail announces, “You have been found guilty
of the crime of practicing Witchcraft and are hereby sentenced to be
taken to the town square on a date that will be decided by the court and
beheaded.” Barnabas is shocked and exclaims that he will appeal. Judge
Vail replies that there are no appeals in this kind of case. He closes
the case and adjourns the court.
Daphne visits Quentin in jail and tells him she can’t believe what
happened. Quentin sadly tells her he’ll have to make preparations for
his death and tells her to try to forget him. Barnabas comes in and tells
them he’s tried to talk to the judges, but he couldn’t get them to listen
to reason and give them an appeal. Quentin asks, “Did you try to tell them
Gerard is behind all this? ” Daphne, surprised, exclaims, “Gerard?” Quentin
explains to her how they suspect Gerard is behind all this, that he has
everything to gain from it.
At Collinwood, Gerard goes into the drawing room. Gabriel is in there.
Gabriel remarks to Gerard, “Well, why aren’t you smiling? Quentin’s been
found guilty. Isn’t that what you wanted?” Gerard lies that it isn’t.
Edith runs in and exclaims, “Gerard! Have you heard about Quentin?”.
Gabriel rolls out. Edith and Gerard talk. They decide to meet at
11 O’clock “in the usual place”. Edith remarks to Gerard that she thinks
she has something coming to her. Gerard replies that she’ll get all she
deserves. Unbeknownst to them, Gabriel is eavesdropping throught the door.
Later, Gabriel rolls into the drawing room and finds Edith in there
alone. She is sitting by the fireplace staring at the mantel clock.
Gabriel sarcastically remarks, “Waiting for your 11 O’clock meeting with
Gerard?” She pretends not to know what he’s talking about. He tells her
to stop lying, saying he heard them talking. She replies, “All right!
I AM going to meet Gerard. I like a man who always gets what he wants.
What are you going to do about it, stop me?” Gabriel replies that he is.
She laughs and tells him, “How are you going to stop me? You’re nothing
by a cripple! Why don’t you go upstairs, drink your steaming hot cocoa
and go to bed with your hot water bottle?” and leaves.
Barnabas and Daphne return to Collinwood. Daphne dejectedly remarks,
“I can’t believe what’s happened. We can’t just stand by and let Quentin
be beheaded!” B arnabas replies that he doesn’t intend to. Daphne asks,
“What do you plan to do?” Barnabas answers, “I don’t know, but we still
have a week to think of what to do”.
Having taken Daphne home, Barnabas leaves. Daphne walks up the stairs.
On the landing she pauses and thinks to herself, “It’s this house!
Strange things happen to everyone who lives here! Why did I ever come
here?” She hears some music start to play. She listens carefully and
is surprised to find that it seems to be coming from the East Wing.
She thinks to herself, “The East Wing? It can’t be, the East Wing’s been
closed for years!” She goes to investigate.
It’s 11:00. Edith goes into the drawing room and closes the doors.
She hears a noise outside and asks, “Who’s there?” She goes out to the
foyer to look. There’s no one there. The front doors blow open. She
goes and closes them. The lights suddenly go out. Frightened, Edith runs
upstairs. She goes and bangs on the door of the bedroom belonging to her
and Gabriel. There is no answer. She opens it and goes in. She sees
Gabriel’s wheelchair sitting there, empty. She turns and is shocked to
see Gabriel standing there. She gasps, “You can walk!”. He replies,
“I’ve been able to walk for years!” He goes on, “You like a man who gets
what he wants? Well, I going to get what I want. I want you dead!” He
grabs her and strangles her. After killing her, he remarks to the body,
“You’ve always loved Collinwood. I know a place you can stay forever!”
Daphne follows the sound to a room in the East Wing. It is the parallel
time room. The music stops. She opens the door and finds that the room is
empty and looks like it hasn’t been used for a long time. She thinks to
herself, “I could’ve swore it was coming from here.” She closes the doors
and turns to leave, but hears a knocking sound coming from the room.
She turns back and opens the doors again and is astounded to see that the
room is now brightly lit and sumptiously furnished. She sees a blond woman
in there. She exclaims, “Valerie!” and tries to walk in but finds her way
blocked by an invisible barrier. The knocking sound continues and the
woman goes and opens another door on the other side of the room. A man
comes in. Though the woman looks just like Valerie, the man addesses
her as Catharine. The man tells the woman he has something important to
ask her. He asks her, “I, Morgan Collins ask you, Catharine Harridge to
marry me.” She pauses and tells him she’ll need some time to think about
it. After the man leaves, another woman walks in. Daphne is shocked. It
is her. The other Daphne tells Catharine she heard what happened and says,
“I’m your sister. You can tell me the real reason you refused him.”
Catherine replies, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. The other
Daphne says, “There’s only one man you ever loved”. C atherine protests,
“But he’s been gone for five years!” The other Daphne counters, “But there
are rumors that he’s coming back.” Catherine insists that that’s all in
the past, that it’s all over between her and this unnamed man. Daphne is
shocked to see the room suddenly become dark and empty again. She walks
in and gasps, “This is impossible! I must be hallucinating!… No, it was
too real…”
Gabriel carries the body of Edith the the East Wing, remarking,
“You’re going to love it there, such solitude as you’ve never known!”.
He hears a noise and quickly hides. He sees Daphne walking through the
hallway on the way out of the East Wing.
Daphne goes to Gabriel and Edith’s bedroom looking for them, but
finds only Gabriel’s wheelchair there, empty. Gabriel, coming from the
East Wing, runs to his room to get back in his wheelchair before anyone
finds out, but sees Daphne in there and runs off before she sees him.
Daphne comes downstairs. She goes and opens the drawing room doors
gasps, “Oh my God….”
January 1, 1971 – New Year’s Day. No show taped.
Episode 1187
Tape Date: January 4, 1971 (ABC #12-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 12, 1971 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Missed due to oversleeping
Episode 1188
Tape Date: January 5, 1971 (ABC #13-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 13, 1971 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

(Missed about 5 minutes due to oversleeping)
Gabriel, having kidnapped Daphne, takes her to an old room in the unused
East Wing, ties her up, gags her and leaves her there, intending to hold
her for ransom. Daphne learns that it was he, and not Quentin who killed
Randall Drew, that he did so to get Quentin out of the way so he would
inherit the Collins fortune, but that it didn’t work out that way.
On his way out of the East Wing, Gabriel walks by the Parallel Time room.
He hears what sounds like Flora’s voice coming from behind the closed doors.
He opens the door and sees what looks like Flora talking to a young blond
woman. Surprised, he asks, “Flora! What are you doing there?”, but she
doesn’t answer. In fact, she doesn’t appear to even hear him. Gabriel tries
to walk in, but finds his way barred by some sort of invisible barrier.
Inside the room, the woman who looks like Flora, in a voice suggesting she
is reprimanding a servant, asks the young woman, “What’s the matter? Do
you have a bad memory?” The blond woman apoligizes to the woman who looks
like Flora, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Collins, but I thought I was helping.” “Flora”
asks her what she was doing out of her room after 9:00 when she had been
expessly told when she was hired that she was to remain in her room after
9:00. The blond woman explains, “I thought I heard a scream coming from
the North Tower. I thought someone was in trouble and was going to help.”
“Flora” replies, “You must have been imagining it. There was no scream.
Nothing unusual happened last night. I n any event, you were hired to be
a private secretary, not to ‘help’. In the future, regardless of what you
think you hear, you are to remain in your room after 9:00 as instructed.
Now, we have some correspondence to take care of.” She goes and closes
the door.
Gerard, looking for Daphne, walks down the stairs into the foyer.
There, he runs into Gabriel, who’s now back in he wheelchair. Gerard asks
Gabriel if he knows where Daphne is. Gabriel lies, “No. Why are you
looking for her?” Gerard replies that he thinks something has frightened
her, that when he ran into her earlier, she acted hysterical and hit him
in the head with a candlestick, knocking him out, and that she’s now
nowhere to be found. Gabriel asks him if he knows where Edith is. Gerard
replies that he doesn’t. Gabriel caustically remarks, “You should. I know
what’s been going on. You two have been secretly meeting.” Gerard
vehemently denies this and tells Gabriel he’d better stop making such
scurrilous accusations or he’ll cut his allowance. He then leaves, saying
he’s going to Rose Cottage to see if Daphne is there.
Samantha goes into the drawing room and finds Gabriel in there. SHe
asks him where Gerard is . Gabriel replies that he’s at Rose Cottage
looking for Daphne. Samantha asks, “What’s Daphne doing at Rose Cottage?”
Gabriel replies, “He doesn’t know whether she’s there or not. She missing
and he’s looking for her everywhere.” Gerard returns and tells them that
Daphne is not at Rose Cottage. Samantha asks, “What’s all this about
Daphne?” Gabriel caustically remarks, “Maybe she found out that Gerard
is having an affair with my wife” and rolls out. Gerard, furious, starts
to go after Gabriel, but Samantha grabs him and in a jealous voice demands
to know what Gabriel was talking about. Gerard tells him that it’s all
Gabriel’s imagination that he’s having an affair with Edith, that he
would never have anything to do with such a woman. They hear a knock at
the front door. They look into the foyer and see Gabriel answer the door.
They are shocked to see who is is. It is Joanna. She tells Gabriel that
she wants to see her sister. Gerard goes and tells her Daphne isn’t here
right now. Joanna tells him that it’s very important, that that’s why
she came here. She asks if she can wait at Collinwood for Daphne.
Samantha starts to say “No…”, but Gerard interrupts her and tells
Joanna she can go up to Daphne’s room and wait for her there. Joanna
remarks, “By the way, I’ve learned that when I ‘left’ the asylum, they
sent my things here. I’d like to have to have them sent to me.”
Having taken Joanna up to Daphne’s room, Gerard comes back down to the
drawing room. There, he and Samantha get into an argument about his
letting Joanna stay to wait. She tells him she is afraid Joanna will try
to do something to her. Gerard promises that he’ll protect her. This calms
her down. He tells her he’s learned she’s sent Tad away and asks why she
did this. She tells she sent Tad to stay with friends in Boston because he
was very upset about his father’s conviction. He asks, “You’re not
suspicious that I would do something to him to prevent him from getting
his inheritance at 21, do you?” She assures him that she does not.
Gabriel goes to the East Wing and to Daphne. He ungags her and tells
her “I would never have believed it, but I saw that room you were talking
about.” She asks him what he saw there. He tells her that’s not important.
He demands to know what she knows about that room. She tells her she
knows nothing aside from what she saw. He remarks, “Julia and Mr. Stokes
seemed very interested in it when they heard about it. What did they
say about it?” She replies that when she took them to it and showed it
to them, after it changed, Stokes said some things that she didn’t
understand, but that Julia explained to her that it was a doorway to
“Paralell Time”, a world much like ours, but different. She adds that
Julia had told her that if you were in that room when it changed, you
would end up in paralell Time. She suggests to him that that might be
an escape route for him. He replies, “That sounds very interesting. I
might try it. But not until after I’ve gotten what I want from Gerard…”
Gabriel opens the door connecting the East Wing to the used part of
the house and prepare to go out, but at the same time, Joanna comes out
of Daphne’s room, the door to which opens onto the same hallway*. Gabriel
sees Joanna and quickly close door before she sees him, but unfortunately,
in his haste he closes the door a little too quickly and she hears it.
She goes to the door, opens it, walks into the East Wing and asks, “Is
there anyone there?” Gabriel, meanwhile, is hiding around the corner
holding a rope in his hands in a manner suggesting that he is prepared
to strangle her…

* The door to the East Wing is at the end of the hallway, the door to
Daphne’s room, on the side.
Episode 1189
Tape Date: January 6, 1971 (ABC #14-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 14, 1971 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Joanna, luckily for her, doesn’t see anything and leaves.
The next day, Joanna goes downstairs. She runs into Gabriel in the
foyer. He remarks, “No luck in finding your sister?” She replies that
she didn’t and can’t wait any longer. She asks him why he isn’t trying
to help Quentin. He replies that he’s mourning for his wife Edith. She
asks him, “Is anyone using the East Wing? I thought I heard a noise in
there last night”. He replies,”No” and jokes that maybe she heard a ghost.
Joanna goes to the jail to visit Quentin. Quentin moans that he feels
bad about he fact that Desmond tried to help him and as a result is now
in jail too and will probably meet the same fate as him. Joanna replies,
“NO! We can take him along too!” He asks her what she means. She tells
him she has an escape route all prepared for him, that at 11:50 tonight
a ship is leaving Collinsport tonight, that she knows the captain of the
ship and has gotten him to agree to take him. She tells him he must
escape and get to the docks tonight. At first, he refuses, saying that it
would make it look like he’s guilty, and he’s worried about how that
would affect Tad, but she finally convinces him, saying he can explain to
Tad later. He tells her to go to Desmond and tell him about the escape,
and to tell Leticia too.
Joanna goes and tells Leticia about the escape. Leticia, using her
second sight, has forebodings about it, saying she gets the feeling that
it won’t work, but Joanna convinces her it must be her imagination.
Leticia tells her they’ve got to tell Daphne about this too. Joanna tells
her no one knows where Daphne is.
Leticia goes to Collinwood to look for Daphne. She finds Gabriel in
the drawing room and asks him if he knows where Daphne is. He tells her
she was acting very strangely before she disappeared, that she seemed to
be afraid of Gerard, that she even hit him with a candlestick once . He
implies that Gerard might have had something to do with her disappearance.
The clock strikes 11 o’clock. Leticia gasps,”It’s 11 o’clock!”. Gabriel
asks, “What’s the matter?”. Leticia lies, “Oh, nothing, it’s just late,
that’s all” and leaves.
At 11:00, Quentin calls for the guard and, holding his stomach as if
in great pain, gasps “Help… I’m sick… It’s the food you’ve been
giving me…” and collapses onto the bed. The guard unlocks the door,
comes in and bends down to examing Quentin. Quentin suddenly sits up and
hits the guard, knocking him out. He takes his keys and goes and lets
Desmond out of his cell. But as they pass Quentin’s cell on their way
back out, the guard regains cosnciousness and tries to stop them. In the
struggle, the guard shoots Desmond. Quentin knocks the guard out again
and takes a wounded Desmond out.
Quentin takes Desmond to a storehouse on the docks and meets Joanna
there. Leticia comes and, out of breath, says she couldn’t find Daphne,
that she thinks Gerard has her. She then sees Desmond lying wounded on a
table, gasps “Oh, no!” and goes to him. Quentin tells Joanna he cannot go.
Joanna asks, “Because of Desmond?”. “No”, he replies, “Because of Daphne.
I can’t go while she’s missing.” Leticia tell them, “I’ve got to go get
Julia. She’ll know what to do” and leaves. Quentin and Joanna leave to
tell the captain of the ship they won’t be going.
Leticia returns and tells Desmond that Julia is coming. She says to
Desmond, “Oh, why did this have to happen? We could’ve have been in
England together.” Desmond asks, “We?” and suddenly realizes that she’s
in love with him. They kiss.
Gabriel, going to the East Wing to check on Daphne, is startled to
hear what sounds like his own voice. He follows the sound and finds it’s
coming from the parallel time room. He looks in there and is shocked to
see what looks like himself in there talking to a young blond woman. The
“other Gabriel” asks the woman, whom he refers to as “Stella”, if she
knows where his mother keeps the key to the liquor cabinet. She replies
that she doesn’t know. He remarks, “You must’ve heard that your predeces-
sor was fired for telling me…” and leaves. Stella goes and starts to
close the doors through which Gabriel is looking but suddenly stops and
gasps, “What are you doing hiding behind the door?! What are you doing
with that knife?” Whoever is behind the door closes it. Stella screams.
Episode 1190
Tape Date: January 7, 1971 (ABC #15-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 15, 1971 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Gabriel exclaims, “What’s going on in there?” and opens the door, but
the room is dark and unfurnished again…
Quentin and Joanna return to the storehouse on the docks. Leticia is
there. She tells them Julia is in the next room treating Desmond. She
leaves. Quentin tells Joanna he’s got to go to Collinwood and find Daphne.
Joanna convinces him he can’t, that that’s the first place the police
would expect him to go, that they’ve probably go the grounds surrounded,
waiting for him to show up. She volunteers to go instead.
At Collinwood, Gabriel goes to check out Daphne. He stares at her and
remarks on how beautiful she is. N ervously, she tries to use flattery.
She tells him she’s never realized what an attractive man he was while
he was in a wheelchair. H e tries to kiss her, but she turns her head in
disgust, saying, “Ughhhhh!!!” He puts the gag back on her and angrily says,
“You were lying to me!” He leaves, saying, “I’ll be back!”. Daphne notices
that he has left the candle burning. She slides the chair over to the
table and start to burn the ropes tying her left hand.
Joanna goes to Collinwood and asks Gabriel about Daphne again, saying
Quentin had told her to come to him. Gabriel tells her that he suspects
that Gerard kidnapped her.
Daphne sucessfully burns through the rope binding her left hand. She
uses her free hand to untie herself. She goes and tries the door, but
finds it locked. She tries the window and finds that it won’t open
either. She desperately looks around and finds what looks like a bell
pull to summon servants. She pulls it, but it just breaks and falls down.
She sees a lever that was hidden by the bell pull . She pulls it and a
secret panel opens. She goes through it and closes it.
Joanna asks Gabriel if she thinks Gerard might harm Daphne. Gabriel
replies that he doesn’t think so, that he thinks Gerard did it just to
torment Quentin, to make he doesn’t get to see Daphne before he is
executed. Joanna asks,”Do you think he might be holding her in the East
Wing? I’m sure I heard a noise there last night.” Gabriel replies,
“No”, then suddenly remarks, “You know, maybe I was wrong about Gerard
taking her . Maybe she left of her own will.” He suggests to Joanna that
she go to Daphne’s room and look for a note or something that might
indicate that this is the case.
Daphne wanders through the secret passages. She sees a picture on the
wall and notices that she’s seen it before . She gasps, “Oh, no. I’m going
around in circles! I’m lost!”
While Joanna is looking through Daphne’s room, Gabriel rushes to move
Daphne, but finds her gone. He notices that the bell pull is down and the
lever in plain sight. He pulls the lever . The secret panel opens and he
goes inside.
Joanna, having searched Daphne’s room and found nothing, decides to
check out her hunch about the East Wing and goes there to investigate.
She goes into the room where Daphne was being held and finds the ropes
which bound her to the chair and a plate containing the remains of some
food. She thinks to herself, “She was here! She was being held in this
Daphne, still wandering through the secret passages, hears a sound
and quickly hides behind a column. She sees Gabriel walk by…
At the storehouse, Quentin remarks, “Why isn’t Joanna back yet? Maybe
Gerard’s got her! I’ve got to go and help her!”, but Leticia convinces
him to wait a little longer, saying it’s too dangerous for him to go with
the police out looking for him.
Joanna wanders through the East Wing, looking for Daphne. She hears
voices. She is startled to find the voices coming from a brightly lit,
sumtuously furnished room. She is even more startled to find what look
like Leticia and Gabriel in there. She exclaims, “Gabriel! You’re out of
your wheelchair!” but is surpised to find that he doesn’t seem to hear
her. She tries to walk into the room, but finds that she cannot. The woman
asks the man where Stella is. The man, addressing the woman as “Melanie”,
replies that he doesnt’ know, that she probably decided she didn’t like
it here and left without telling anyone. Joanna wonders why “Gabriel”
called Leticia “Melanie”.
Daphne, still wandering through the secret passages looking for a way
out, sees a flash of lightning (It’s storming outside.) She wonders where
it could be coming from and looks around. T here are more lightning flashes
and sees that they are coming from a grilled window in an iron door.
Realizing that the door must open to the outside, she quickly goes to it
and tries it. She opens it and goes outside, but only walks a short
distance before she is grabbed by Gabriel….
Episode 1191
Tape Date: January 8, 1971 (ABC #16-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 18, 1971 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Gabriel starts to strangle. The ghost of his father Daniel Collins
suddenly appears. Gabriel lets go of Daphne. She drops to the ground
unconscious. The ghost announces, “I have come for you, Gabriel, just as I
have promised! You will kill no more!” Gabriel, terrified, runs off.
Gabriel runs into Collinwood and into the drawing room. He is shocked
to find Daniel already. He runs out of the drawing room into the foyer,
but finds Daniel standing on the stairs.
Outside, Daphne regains consciousness.
Gabriel runs into the paralell time room, seeing it as a way of
escaping. He begs, “Change! Please change now!” But the room does not
change. Instead, Daniel appears and repeats his vow to kill him. Gabriel
Daphne runs into Collinwood through the front door. Joanna happens
to be coming down the stairs at the same time and exclaims, “Daphne!”.
Daphne runs to her and cries, “It was Gabriel! He can walk! We’ve got
to get out of here, he’ll kill us all!”
Gabriel runs through the house, vainly trying to escape from his
father’s ghost, but everywhere he goes, Daniel! Finally, he makes the
mistake of going out onto the parapet. Daniel’s ghost appears and causes
him to fall over.
Daphne, having calmed down somewhat, tells Joanna she’s got to go and
visit Quentin in jail. Joanna tells her Quentin is now safe, that he’s
escaped and hiding out at Indian Cove. Daphne asks, “If he’s escaped
from prison, why is he still here in Collinsport? Why hasn’t he left
town?” Joanna answers that Quentin refused to leave while she, Daphne,
was missing. Daphne feels bad about this. Julia walks in through the
front door and sees Joanna and Daphne. Daphne tells her that it was
Gabriel, and again warns that they must leave before he kills them all.
Julia tells her they needn’t worry about that, that she’s just found
Gabriel outside, that he had apparently fallen from the parapet and is
Quentin and Desmond are in the storehouse at Indian Cove. Quentin
looks out the window and sees two men approaching. He warns Desmond that
two men are coming and that they might have to fight. Desmond replies
that he won’t be much use in a fight his condition. Quentin continues to
look out the window and tells Desmond that the two men have just left,
that they must have just been fishermen. Joanna comes and tells them that
Daphne’s now safe at Collinwood. She tells them about Gabriel being behind
it all. She tells him he’s in the clear now that it’s known that Gabriel
killed Randall Drew, but Quentin points out that he isn’t, that he wasn’t
convicted of the murder of Randall Drew, but for Witchcraft. He tells
her he’s got to visit Daphne at Collinwood. She tries to argue him out
of it, saying he has to worry about not only the police, but also
Gerard and Samantha, both of whom would probably turn him in. But he
insists. Joanna tells him she’ll tell Joanna he’ll be coming. They
decide on a time and place.
Joanna returns to Collinwood and tells Daphne about Quentin coming
tonight. She then tells Daphne she has come to accept the fact that it is
she who Quentin loves, that she cannot relive the past. Julia comes in,
sees Daphne up, and tells her she must go lie down and rest. Daphne
goes upstairs to her room. Joanna mentions to Julia that this is a strange
house. She tells her about the strange room she ran across in the East
Wing, about how she saw people inside talking and tried to go in but
couldn’t. Julia explains paralell time to her and tells her that the room
is a portal to it. Julia asks exactly what she saw. Joanna tells her.
Julia goes to the paralell time room. Standing outside, she sees a
man who looks just like Desmond standing inside. A woman who looks just
like her walks into the room and demands to know what he is doing in
there. The man tells her, “My name is Kendrick Young and I’m here to look
for my sister Stella.” He tells her that he had asked the servants down-
stairs about her but they told him they didn’t know where she was and
suggested he come up here, that there might be a Collins up here who
could tell him. He asks if she is a Collins. She replies that she is.
He tells her that his sister had written him a letter inviting him to
visit her at Collinsport, that after he accepted her invitation, she wrote
him back telling him she was excited about his visit and had already
booked a room for him at the Inn in anticipation, that she would meet him
at the Inn when he came. He tells her that when he came, he waited all
day at the Inn for his sister but she never came, that he became worried
that something had happened to her because she knew the day he was coming.
“Julia” replies that she doesn’t know where Stella is, that she’s a
flighty girl who left a few days ago, saying she didn’t like it here and
wanted to find another job. Kendrick tells her he doesn’t believe that,
that that’s not the type of thing his sister would do. “Julia” replies
that she did tells him to leave. He does, vowing to find out the truth.
“Julia” then closes the door through which Julia is looking. Julia opens
the doors, but finds the room dark and empty.
Later, Quentin comes onto the Collins property and meets Joanna in the
woods outside the house. Joanna tells him that Daphne is inside waiting
for him in the East Wing. She tells him to be careful, that Gerard and
Samantha have just returned home, that he should go in through the back
entrance to avoid them.
Quentin goes into Collinwood and into the East Wing and meets Daphne
there. They embrace. Quentin looks around, then, telling Daphne they
would be safer in a room than out here in the hallway, opens a door and
pulls her in with him. Daphne looks around. Suddenly recognizing that
they’re in the parallel time room, she exclaims, “Quentin! We’ve got to
get out of here! It’s not safe in here!” Quentin asks what she means,
but before she can answer, the room changes to parallel time and suddenly
becomes well lit and furnished. Quentin, surprised, asks, “What happened?”
Daphne gasps,”Oh, no! We’re trapped in another time!”
Episode 1192
Tape Date: January 11, 1971 (ABC #17-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 19, 1971 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Quentin asks Daphne what she means. Daphne tells him what Julia and
Stokes had told her about paralell time. Quentin exclaims, “Weitzman’s
theory!” and tells her a professor named Weitzman had theorized about
paralell bands of time. T hey hear someone coming and hide. Morgan Collins
and Catharine Harridge(Lara Parker) come in. Moragn tells Catharine he
wants a decision from her before she leaves Collinwood tonight. He leaves.
There’s a knock at the door. Catharine answers. It’s Samantha. Catharine
asks where she’s been. Samantha explains that she’s been taking care of
Justin. Catharine asks how Justin is. Samantha tells her he is still
paralyzed, just as he has been since the accident, unable even to talk.
She remarks that everyone is waiting for the day when he’ll be able to
talk and tell them what happened to him. Samantha tells Catharine that
she’s heard that Morgan has asked her to marry him. She warns her, “If
you say yes, don’t let him bring you to live in this house!”. Catharine
asks why, saying she’s always dreamed of living at Collinwood. Samantha
replies, “You only see Collinwood as it appears, not as it really is.
You’d be miserable here!” Morgan returns and Samantha leaves. He asks
Catherine what she and Samantha were talking about. Catharine lies that
they were just making conversation. Morgan warns, “Don’t listen to
anything she might tell you about me. She hates me.” He complains that
he has a headache and, remarking, “I have some headache pills in here”
starts to walk right to where Quentin and Daphne are hiding. But Catharine
suddenly says, “Wait! have something that will cure your headache even
better than pills. The answer is “yes.” I will marry you!” He embraces her
joyfully. The ‘other’ Daphne comes into the room. They tell her about their
engagement and she congratulates them, hugging Catharine. Suddenly, the
room becomes dark and empty again. Daphne and Quentin wonder what happened.
Quentin theorizes that the they snapped back into their time because the
other Daphne had come into the room and both Daphne’s could not exist
toghetier in the same time and place.* They leave the room. Quentin tells
Daphne that Barnabas has exhausted all his appeals. He tells her there’s no
more hope and he’ll have to flee Collinsport. He asks her if she’ll join
him. She replies, “Yes”. Joanna comes in and tells Quentin he’d better
leave now.
Later, down in the drawing room, Daphne explains to Gerard how Gabriel
had told her while he was holding her how it was he who had tried to kill
him, Gerard. Samantha comes in. Gerard and Daphne leave. Joanna comes
in and tells Samantha, “There’s some unfinished business we’ve got to
attend to”. She tells her she knows it was she who was sending the letters
to Quentin and Daphne, that she must have at first stolen the letters
from her belongings sent from the asylum and sent them, then learned how
to forge her handwriting and started writing them herself. Samantha denies
this, but when Joanna continues to press her, she finally blurts out, “All
right! It was me!” She exclaims, “You can stop pretending now. I know
you remember our last meeting on the hill, I know you remember how I
pushed you off the cliff! I don’t know how you managed to survive, but
you won’t survive this time!” She pulls a gun from out of a drawer and
shoots her. Gerard, hearing the gunshot, comes running in and exclaims,
“What happened?!” Joanna, standing there unhurt, calmly replies, “Mrs.
Collins tried to kill me, but she missed.” Samantha hysterically shouts,
“No I didn’t, I couldn’t have. She can’t be killed because she’s already
dead!” and runs out of the room. Gerard runs after her.
Samantha and Gerard go the the cemetary and dig up Joanna’s coffin.
It is empty. Samantha tells Gerard that this proves Joanna is really
dead. Gerard is doubtful, saying there must be some other explanation.
He points out to Samantha that Joanna couldn’t have come back from the
dead, that she is young and beautiful, that if she had come back from
the dead, that she would be a “decomposed mess”.
Later, at Collinwood, Samantha finds a letter to her on the table by
the wall in the foyer. She opens it and reads it. It says,”I looked for
you in your room but couldn’t find you. I have discovered some important
information that will solve the mystery of Joanna. Please come meet me
at Widow’s hill.” She quickly leaves to go to Widow’s hill. In her haste,
she drops the letter in the foyer near the stairs.
Samantha goes to Widow’s hill and waits. She hears a sound and calls
out, “Gerard?”. But it is not Gerard. It is Joanna. Samantha gasps,
“YOU!” Joanna replies, “Yes. You’re not the only one who can forge
letters. You brought it all out into the open earlier. You admitted you
killed me. Now I shall tell you the truth. You did not fail when you t
ried to kill me, just as I shall not fail tonight.” Samantha gasps, “But
how can you look as you do if you are dead?!” Joanna answers, “I appear
to you as I choose to appear to you. Now I will appear to you as I really
look, the way you will look!” She turns into a “decomposed mess”. Samantha

* Hmmm. Julia managed not only to exist in the same room as her double,
she managed to kill her…
Episode 1193
Tape Date: January 12, 1971 (ABC #18-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 20, 1971 Wednesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

Terrified, Samantha turns and tries to run from the rotted form
of Joanna, but accidently trips and falls off the cliff. Joanna turns
back into her young, beautiful form. She looks over the edge of the
cliff with a look of great satisfaction on her face and leaves.
At Collinwood, Gerard finds the letter Samantha had dropped. He reads
it. Joanna returns. Gerard asks her where she’s been. She tells him she
just went out for a breath of air. He asks her if she’s seen Samantha.
She replies that she hasn’t. She asks, “Is anything wrong?” Gerard
replies that there is and shows her the letter. She remarks, “That’s
from you.” Gerard tells her that it isn’t, that someone forged it.
Joanna, pretending to know nothing about it, replies, “My, how curious…”
At the storehouse at Indian cove, Julia examines Desmond and tells
Quentin that Desmond will be able to travel tomorrow morning.
The next morning, Daphne walks into the drawing room and is surprised
to find Joanna in there. She asks what she is doing there so early.
Joanna replies that she stayed so late last night, she decided to wait
until morning. Daphne hears the sound of the door opening and looks
into the foyer to see who it is. She gasps, “Gerard! What happened?”
Gerard, carrying Samantha in his arms, tells them, “I found her at the
bottom of Widow’s Hill. She’s dead….”
Daphne and Joanna are alone in the drawing room. Daphne remarks,
“Edith, Gabriel, and now Samantha! Three deaths in 24 hours! What’s
going on?” Gerard returns and tells them he’s sent a servant to tell
the police. Daphne asks, “How did you find her?” Gerard shows her the
letter he found and tells her he didn’t write it, that someone must have
forged it to lure Samantha to Widow’s Hill. Daphne asks if he has any
idea who it might be. Gerard replies that he doesn’t. He remarks, “Whoever
it is, I know one thing, it’ll look bad for Quentin. She testified against
him. That gives him a motive.”
Joanna goes to the storehouse and tells Quentin that Samantha is
dead. She tells him that Gerard had said that he would probably be
blamed for it. Quentin sarcastically remarks, “I’m sure he’ll do
everything he can to make sure I am.” He tells her he’s going to have to
change his plans, that he’ll have to go to Boston to get Tad now that
Samantha’s dead. He tells her that they’re going to leave at dawn and
to go tell Daphne to come to the storehouse at 3:00 in the morning.
Julia returns to Collinwood and runs into Gerard in the foyer. Gerard
remarks, “Been out treating a patient?” Julia replies, “Yes I have.”
Gerard asks, “The patient’s name wouldn’t happen to be Desmond Collins,
would it?” Julia replies that it isn’t. Gerard tells her he doesn’t
believe her, that Desmond had been wounded during the escape and that
she’s the logical person they would’ve gone to for help. Julia replies,
“Yes. That’s why they would’ve found someone else. I’m too obvious”.
Daphne is about to go into her room, but looks at the door going to
the East Wing and, overcome by curiosity, goes to look into the paralell
time room. Inside, she sees a woman who looks like Julia looking out the
window through a pair of opera glasses. Outside, Stella’s brother is
asking someone who looks like Samantha what happened to his sister.
“Samantha” says that she doesn’t know, that Stella had just left without
telling anyone where she was going and without leaving a forwarding
address. “Samantha” comes back upstairs. “Julia” asks her why she was
talking to Stella’s brother. “Samantha” tells her that he had sent her
a note asking her to come outside and tell him about Stella. “Julia” asks
her what she told him. She replies she told him exactly what she,
“Julia”, had told her happened to Stella. “Julia” tells her to tell her
exactly what happened outside and goes and closes the doors. Daphne tries
to open them but finds that they are locked.
Joanna comes and tells Daphne the Quentin wants her to come to the
storehouse at 3:00.
It is 8:45. Julia leaves Collinwood. Unbeknownst to her, Gerard is in
drawing room spying on her through a crack in the door…
Julia arrives at the storehouse. She tells Quentin she wants to
examine Desmond one last time to make sure he’s all right. She tells him
Gerard is starting to suspect that she’s been treating Desmond. Quentin,
worried, asks, “There’s no chance he could’ve followed you, is there?”
Julia replies that she doesn’t think so, but in case he did, she came by
way of a particularly circuitous route guaranteed to lose him. There’s
a knock at the door. Quentin quickly hides. Julia answers the door. It
is Daphne. Quentin comes back out. Julia goes into the other room to
examine Desmond. Quentin asks Daphne why she came here so early, saying
it isn’t 3:00 yet. She tells him she couldn’t wait, that she realized
she and Gerard were the only ones in the house, couldn’t stand it and
left. Quentin asks her if she’ll marry her when they get to Boston. She
tells him she will. They kiss. Unknown to them, Gerard is outside
eavesdropping on them through the window…
Episode 1194
Tape Date: January 13, 1971 (ABC #19-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 21, 1971 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Daphne goes to Rose Cottage and tells Leticia that they’re leaving at
3:00. Leticia, who’s going too because she’s in love with Desmond, asks
Daphne, “Do you think I should tell Flora I’m going?” Flora unexpectedly
comes into the room and asks “Going where?” When they don’t answer, she
tells Leticia she’s known for some time that she’s been going to visit
Desmond. She tells her that she can tell from what she heard of their
conversation that something has changed, that they must be planning to
flee. She asks them to tell her where Desmond is so she can go say
goodbye to her son. Leticia tells her, “If we tell you, you must be
careful not to tell Gerard!” She tells them she won’t. They tell her
where Desmond is. Daphne tells Leticia she’ll have to go back to
Collinwood, that they’ll need some money and Quentin has given her the
combination to his safe.
Gerard returns to Collinwood and finds Charles Dawson waiting for him
in the foyer. Dawson, in a panicky voice, asks, “Why don’t you use your
powers to do something about Quentin? He escaped three days ago. He
promised vengeance against me!” Gerard replies that he’ll do something
tomorrow morning. Dawsons asks, “Why wait?” Gerard replies, “Quentin
hasn’t suffered enough yet. I have a marvelous plan, but it involves
someone else.” Dawson asks, “Who?”. The front door opens and Daphne walks
in. Gerard smiles and remarks, “My dear, why we were just talking about
you!” Daphne excuses herself and goes upstairs. Gerard tells Dawson
that he’ll need him to prepare some papers for him. He starts to tell
him his plan…
Leticia goes to Collinwood to see how Daphne is doing. She finds her
there alone. Daphne tells her that Gerard and Charles Dawson had been
here, but that they had just left. Leticia tells her to hurry up and
get the money from Quentin’s safe. Daphne leaves to do so.
Gerard returns and is surprised to find Leticia in the drawing room.
He pours a couple of glasses of champagne and tells Leticia they have
something to toast. Leticia asks what. Gerard replies, “A wedding!”
Daphne, in the East Wing, hears music again and opens the doors to
the paralell time room. Inside, she sees a woman who looks like “Flora”
talking to someone who looks just like Leticia whom she addresses as
“Melanie”. “Flora” asks Melanie, “Have you been to the West Wing?
There’s something in your expression that makes me think you have.”
Melanie, shocked, replies, “Of course not! I never go there!” Flora
tells her, “It’s good that you don’t. We found you father there last
night. We found him in the cooridor outside that room.” Melanie,
shocked, exclaims, “No! He musn’t die! We can’t let him! We can’t have
another lottery!” “Flora” tells her not to talk about the lottery, that
she doesn’t want to have to hear about it…
Having seen Desmond, Flora, at the storehouse, tells Quentin she
thinks they should wait awhile, that she doesn’t think Desmond is well
enough to travel. Quentin disagrees, saying it’s too dangerous to stay
here much longer, that Julia had pronounced Desmond fit to travel. They
argue about this.
At Collinwood, Gerard casts a spell to cause Daphne to fall asleep
and have a dream, saying, “This will be the final dream, Daphne, the
one that will convince you that we must marry!” Daphne falls asleep and
has a dream in which she is in the foyer, luggage at her feet, all
packed up and ready to go somewhere. Gerard comes in and asks her where
she’s going. She replies, “I don’t know. I don’t remember…” He tells
her to stay with him forever. She replies that she will. They kiss.
Daphne awakens and goes to Gerard. He asks her to marry him. She
tells him she will. He tells her he’ll get a minister to marry them
Leticia goes to Daphne and asks her, “We’ve got to hurry up and go!”
Dapne replies that she’s not going, that she’s changed her mind, that
she’s going to stay and marry Gerard. Leticia, shocked, runs out the
Leticia hurries to the storehouse and tells Quentin that Daphne has
decided to stay and marry Gerard. Telling her that Gerard must have cast
a spell on Daphne to cause her to do this, he rushes out of the
storehouse over Leticia’s objections that it’s too dangerous for him
to go to Collinwood.
At Collinwood, a minister is marrying Daphne and Gerard. Just as he
finishes the ceremony and says, “I now pronounce you husband and wife,”
Quentin bursts into the drawing room and exclaims, “NO!”
Episode 1195
Tape Date: January 14, 1971 (ABC #20-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 22, 1971 Friday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Henry Kaplan

The minister, shocked, excuses himself and leaves. Quentin tells
Gerard, “I know you put a spell on Daphne to make her marry you. I’m
going to take her with me, and if you try to stop me, I’ll kill you!”
Quentin is startled to hear a voice from behind him say, “Quentin
Collins, your killing days are over!” He turns and sees Lamar Trask
standing there holding a pistol. Quentin remarks, “So this was a trap!”
Gerard replies that it was. Daphne awakens from the spell. Gerard tells
Trask to take Quentin away and takes a dazed Daphne upstairs.
Upstairs, Daphne, now fully “awake” has an argument with Gerard,
telling him, “I’ll never stop loving Quentin!” She tells him she knows
he’s really Judah Zachary and not Gerard, that she’ll never love him.
He tells her he’ll give her time to think about it and leaves, locking
the door behind him.
Barnabas, having been told about the paralell time room from Julia,
goes to there to investigate. He opens the doors and finds that a woman
who looks like Angelique is talking to a woman who looks like Daphne.
However, the woman who looks like Daphne addresses the woman who looks
like Angelique as “Catharine”. “Daphne” tells Catharine that a strange
thing happened to her while she was in town today, that old Ezra
Robinson came up to her and said something strange to her, that Ezra,
who had heard that she, Catharine, was going to marry Morgan Collins,
had told her to warn her not to move into Collinwood after she married,
that it would be tragic if she did, that there’s a haunted room at
Collinwood, that the entire family lives in fear, that there’s a legend
about Collinwood. Catharine interrupts, saying “Ezra Robinson is a
muddle-headed old fool!” “Daphne” continues, saying that Ezra had said
thatthere’s a legend that once every generation, the Collins’ have a
lottery, that the person who “wins” the lottery has to spend a night in
the haunted room, that everyone who’s ever done so has ended up either
dead or crazy, that the last person who did so was Justin Collins.
Catharine pooh poohs the idea that Justin is paralyzed because he spent a
night in some haunted room, saying Justin became paralyzed as a result of
an accident. “Daphne” points out that no one will ever say what the
accident was or when it happened. Quentin comes into the room and Catharine
leaves. “Daphne” asks how much of their conversation he heard. He answers,
“Enough! Do know what I was away seven years for? Manslaughter! I had a
fight with a man who was talking the way you were and accidently killed
him. I don’t ever want you to say those things again!”
Angelique goes to Collinwood. She runs into Gerard in the foyer.
Angelique tells Gerard she’s looking for Barnabas and asks if he knows
where he is. Gerard replies that he doesn’t know. Angelique asks if it’s
OK if she waits in the drawing room. Gerard replies that it is. He
says, “Oh, by the way, I have some new for you. Quentin was re-captured
today and taken back to jail. This happened just after Daphne and I
were married.” Barnabas, who has just come out of the bedroom hall onto
the landing and is at the top of the stairs, hears this and is shocked.
Barnabas quickly goes to the jail to see Quentin. Barnabas tells him
they’ve got to do something, that there’s still time. Quentin,
despondent, tells him not to bother, that there’s nothing they can do.
Lamar Trask walks in, smiling broadly. He tells them that Judge Vail
has just decided to move the execution up to tomorrow morning…
Barnabas returns to Collinwood and tells Angelique that the execution
has been moved ahead to tomorrow morning. He begs her to use her powers
to do something to save him. She refuses, saying she’s not powerful enough
and fears the greater power of Judah Zachary. Barnabas, upset that she
won’t even try, tells her that though they may have become good friends,
they will never be anything more, that he can never love her, that she is
still a witch and will always be a witch, that she cares nothing about the
suffering of others. He tells her, “I’m afraid you’ll never change” and
Gerard goes into the room where he’s locked Daphne. She tells him she
hasn’t changed her mind and never will. Gerard tells her he came to tell
her Quentin will be executed tomorrow.
Downstairs, Angelique looks at the portrait of Barnabas and says,
“Yes, I will help Quentin, but what I do I will be doing it for your
love. If I cannot prove myself to you this way, then there is no way…”
She goes into the drawing room and starts to cast a spell by the fire.
She takes out a doll and sticks a pin in it.
Upstairs, Gerard suddenly grabs his chest in pain. He quickly runs out
of the room.
In the drawing room, Angelique takes another pin and prepares to
administer the coup de grace. Suddenly, the doors burst open. Angelique
turns around and sees that it is Gerard. Angelique, stands up, dropping
the doll, a look of terror on her face. Gerard says, “So, it is you,
Miranda! You have used your powers for the last time!”
Episode 1196
Tape Date: January 15, 1971 (ABC #21-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 25, 1971 Monday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Gerard goes to Angelique and forces her to look into his eyes. He
tells her he will take away the powers which he gave her long ago. He
says a few words saying her powers will disappear then tells her that it
is done, he has taken her powers away. Feeling no different, she tells
him she doesn’t believe he could’ve taken her powers away so easily. He
tells her he will prove it to her. He gives her back her voodoo doll and
his handkerchief and tells her to try something. She takes the hand-
kerchief, wraps it around the throat of the doll and tightens it, but
nothing happens to Gerard. He drags her away.
Barnabas goes to look into the paralell time room again. There, he
sees Melanie taking care of an old man in a wheelchair whom she adresses
as “Father”. Catharine comes running in and excitedly tells Miranda that
her wedding invitations have come. Miranda asks, “Are you going to send
one to Bramwell?” Catharine replies, “I don’t know where he is. He’s been
gone for five years”. Miranda reminds her that there are rumors that he
is coming back. Catharine says that she doesn’t know if they’re true.
Miranda asks, “If the rumors are true, will you send him one?” Catharine
replies that she’d have to talk to Morgan about that, that if Morgan says
OK, she’ll send him one. They show one of the invitations to the old man.
Upon seeing it, a look of shock comes across his face. He starts to have
an attack and grabs his chest in pain. Melanie tells Catharine to go
get his pills. Catharine leaves to do so. The old man exclaims, “NO!
She must not marry him! We can’t have any strangers in here! The room!
No one must know! Close the door! We must talk privately!” Melanie
closes the door and Barnabas sees no more.
Gerard takes Angelique to Charles Dawson’s house and tells him to
hold her prisoner there. Dawson asks he doesn’t kill her now. Gerard
replies, “I want to let her live until after Quentin’s execution, I want
her to know that I have gotten my final triumph.” He adds ominously,
“After Quentin has been beheaded, I will come back and give her my full
attention! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time…”
Leticia goes to visit Desmond in jail for the last time. Desmond gives
her a letter, saying it changes his will to give everything to her, that
he wants her to have the kind of life she would’ve had if they had
married. Leticia tells him not to lose hope, that Flora has written to
the governor complaining that they can’t execute him without a trial.
Desmond replies that there is no hope, that the judges have dug up an
old law from 1690 stating that a followers of a convicted warlock can
be executed without benefit of trial. Leticia asks him to marry her now.
Desmond refuses, saying it would be too dangerous, that it might cause
her trouble, that it might cause people to think she’s part of the coven.
Leticia tells him that if they can’t call someone to marry them, they
can at least say the vows to each other. They do, then kiss.
Barnabas visits Quentin in prison. He promises to find and free Daphne
and “take care” of Gerard. Quentin tells him he feels worse about Desmond,
that he just tried to help and now finds himself facing execution too.
He asks Barnabas to take care of Tad, to let him know his father is
innocent. Barnabas promises to. Quentin asks how much time is left.
Barnabas replies, “About 45 minutes”. Quentin remarks, “It’s strange, but
I’m not afraid at all. Tell Tad his father wasn’t afraid…”
Angelique tries to seduce Dawson. It looks like she’s succeeding, but
just as he is about to kiss her, he pulls back and says, “No. I’m more
afraid of Judah Zachary that I am attracted to you.” She tries a more
direct approach. When his back is turned, she grabs a heavy candlestick
and hits him over the head with it. She bends down to examine him and
finds that he’s dead.
Gerard is in the foyer at Collinwood, looking at the grandfather
clock. He smiles and says to himself, “Only 20 minutes left till Quentin
is beheaded!” Leticia comes in through the front doors. She exclaims,
“You’re Judah Zachary! It’s your doing that Quentin and Desmond are going
to die. Well, so are you!” She pulls out a knife and tries to stab him,
but he grabs her by the wrist and easily disarms her. He leaves.
Quentin and Desmond have now both been put in the same cell to await
execution. Quentin tells Desmond he feels bad for putting him into this
mess. Desmond replies that it wasn’t his fault and jokes that it is he
who should apoligize, that he was the best man at his wedding and
should’ve done something to prevent him from marrying Samantha. Some
guards come and take them away.
Quentin and Desmond are taken to the place of execution. Quentin sees
Gerard there. Gerard smiles and says,”I wouldn’t have missed this for
the world, Quentin!” Quentin, infuriated, tries to get to him but his
held back by the guards. He is taken to the execution block and put
into position. The masked executioner, a very muscular man, lifts the
axe and prepares to strike…
Episode 1197
Tape Date: January 18, 1971 (ABC #22-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 26, 1971 Tuesday
Writer: Gordon Russell
Director: Lela Swift

Angelique suddenly comes running in and shouts, “Stop! You have the
wrong man! It’s Gerard Stiles who’s possessed by Judah Zachary, not
Quentin Collins!” Judge Vail stops the execution, saying he wants to
hear what she has to say first. He asks her who she is. She tells him
she’s Valerie Collins. Barnabas, who’s in the audience, steps forward
and tells the judge she’s his wife. Judge Vail asks Angelique what proof
she has. She takes the cloth covering a box she has brought with her
and announces, “This! The head of Judah Zachary! I found it in Charles
Dawson’s house!” Lamar Trask, who’s also in the audience, objects, saying
it proves nothing, that she could’ve found it anywhere and said she found
it in Dawson’s house. The judge asks Angelique why she would’ve been in
Dawson’s house. She explains that she was being held prisoner there, that
she hit Dawson on the head with a heavy candlestick with the intention of
just knocking him out, but found that she had killed him, that after
doing so, she searched his house and found the head. Judge Vail asks why
she was being held prisoner. Angelique looks over at Barnabas then turns
back and decides to tell the whole truth. She tells the Judge that Dawson
was holding her prisoner on orders of Judah Zachary/Gerard because she
was one of Zachary’s original followers, that she betrayed him. The judge
finds it hard to believe that she could’ve been alive in 1692. She is
about to explain when suddenly Desmond lunges at a guard, takes the gun
from his holster and shoots Gerard in the chest. Gerard falls to the
ground. Suddenly, the head of Judah Zachary starts to glow. Barnabas sees
this and exclaims “Look!”, pointing at the head. Everyone does and sees
the head slowly become a skull. Barnabas exclaims that this proves that
it was Gerard was who was possessed by the spirit of Judah Zachary, that
when he died, so too did the head. Quentin goes to Gerard and finds that
he is still alive. Gerard tells him, “Judah Zachary is dead and I am
free! Forgive me, Quentin, for what I did. I wasn’t myself…” Quentin
tells him he understands. Gerard expires. Judge Vail proclaims Quentin
and Desmond innocent and tells them they are free. Trask points
at Angelique and demands “Wait! I demand that she, a self-proclaimed
witch, be held!” Judge Vail replies that he will do so, saying, “She has
some questions to answer…” Barnabas asks the judge to be allowed to
speak to his wife for 5 minutes. The judge agrees to lets him do so.
Barnabas goes to Angelique and thanks her for what she has just done. She
asks him, “You know why I did this, don’t you?” He replies that he does,
but, with all that has happened, doesn’t know what he feels yet. He vows
to do whatever he can to help her. The guards take her away.
Quentin, Desmond and Barnabas return to Collinwood. Desmond exclaims,
“I can’t believe it! It’s all over!” Quentin tells him to go tell Leticia
the good news while he and Barnabas look for Daphne. Desmond leaves.
Quentin tells Barnabas, “You go search the East Wing. I’ll search the
rest of the house.” They seperate to do so.
Daphne hears a noise at the door of the room where she is being held.
Someone is unlocking it. Thinking it is Gerard, she grabs a candlestick,
goes to the side of the door, and prepares to hit him when he comes in.
The door opens, but it is Quentin who comes in. She drops the candlestick
and they embrace.
Barnabas, searching the East Wing, walks by the paralell time room
and hears some sounds inside. He opens the door. Catharine is in there.
She is pacing the room, apparently thinking about something. A man comes
into the room. Barnabas is shocked. The man looks just like him. Catharine
sees the man and exclaims, “Bramwell!” The man says, “I have come back,
just as I promised 5 years ago!”. They kiss, but Catharine suddenly pulls
away and says, “No, this is insane!” Bramwell asks her what’s wrong.
She tells him she is engaged to marry Morgan Collins. Bramwell is
shocked. He tells her she can’t do this, that he thought she’d always
love him. She tells him she loves Morgan and plans to marry him. They
argue about this. Bramwell accuses Catherind of wanting a rich Collins
and not a poor one. He complains that the Collins family hates him, just
as they hated his father Barnabas. Catharine remarks, “Justin likes you”.
Barnabas replies, “Yes, he’s an exception, but he had his accident before
he could give me a fair share of the business, and now his sons are doing
everything they can to make sure I remain a poor relation.” He vows to
bring the Collins family down.
Barnabas comes downstairs. Quentin sees the strange look on his
face and asks him what’s wrong. He replies that he just saw something in
the paralell time room, something that made him realize how much he
loves someone. He leaves.
Barnabas goes to Judge Vail to talk about Angelique, but the judge
tells him he’s too late, that she left 20 minutes ago. Barnabas asks him
what he means. The judge replies that the tribunal questioned her and
decided to free her.
At Collinwood, Quentin finds a letter addressed to him from Samantha
which she never got the chance to mail. He opens it and reads it. In it,
she tells him that she wanted to let him know that she wants him to know
the truth about Tad, that it was only out of spite that she told him he
wasn’t really his son, that he is.
Barnabas returns to Collinwood and finds Quentin and Daphne in the
foyer dressed in travelling clothes. He asks them where they’re going.
Quentin replies, “We’re going to Boston to get Tad, then get married”,
then asks, “Looking for Valerie? She’s in there.” He motions toward the
drawing room with his head. Daphne and Quentin leave. Barnabas goes into
the drawing room. Lamar Trask quietly comes out of the room under the
Barnabas goes into the drawing room. He tells Angelique, “Now I
realize how I feel about you…” But just as he is about to tell her,
Trask comes into the room, pulls out a gun, shouts, “The judges
wouln’t hold you, but I’ll take care of you!” He exclaims “Die, witch!”
and shoots Angelique.
Episode 1198
Tape Date: January 19, 1971 (ABC #23-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 27, 1971 Wednesday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Barnabas rushes Trask, diarms him and chokes him. Trask falls to
the ground. He calls out, “Julia!” and goes to Angelique. He holds her
and tells her “You must not die! I love you!” but then sees she is
already dead. He dejectedly says, “She’s dead. I never had a chance to
tell her I loved her. She never knew…” He hears a moaning sound, looks
over and notices that Trask is not dead, but regaining consciousness.
Trask gets up and runs. Barnabas chases him up the stairs, screaming,
“You’re going to pay for this with your life!” Trask runs into the East
Wing. He finds a knife. When Barnabas catches up to him, Trask stabs him
in the chest, but Barnabas manages to wrestle the knife from him and
stabs him in the stomach. With the knife in his stomach, Trask runs. He
ends up in the paralell time room. Suddenly, the room changes into
paralell time. Barnabas, on the outside, sees Trask in paralell time.
Suddenly, the room changes back to normal. Barnabas exclaims, “He’s
gone! He’s trapped in that other time!”
Barnabas goes back down to the drawing room and talks lovingly to the
dead Angelique, telling her he never realized how much he loved her until
now. Julia comes in and sees them. Julia notices Barnabas is wounded and
asks what happened. Barnabas tells her. Julia tells him she’ll go get
her medical bag and leaves.
At Rose Cottage, Desmond paces around nervously and asks Flora, “It’s
been over two hours! Where could Leticia be?” Suddenly, he exclaims,
“My God! She was pretty depressed! What if she tried to do something to
herself! I’ve got to go out and look for her!”. He prepares to leave,
but Leticia comes in through the door. They are overjoyed to see each
other and embrace. Flora remarks to Leticia, “I’m going to show you what
a good mother-in-law I’m going to be. I know the first rule of being a
good mother-in-law. I’m going to leave you two alone” and leaves. Leticia
explains to Desmond that she was depressed and spent the night walking
on the beach crying, that she eventually went into town, heard about him
and Quentin there and rushed back. Desmond tells her he’s going to take
her to New York to get married.
At Collinwood, Julia and Stokes are in the drawing room. Barnabas
returns. He tells them that he has spoken to the police about Angelique
and that they accepted his story. He tells them she’ll be buried in the
family mausoleum. Stokes tells him, “We must go back to our own time now.
You’ve succeeded in changing the past. I wonder if it’s had any effect.
It’s 1971 in our time now. I wonder if it’s any different.” Desmond, who
was in the foyer, apparently having come to Collinwood to tell them about
him and Leticia going to New York to get married, comes into the drawing
room and, having overhead them talking, exclaims, “What are you talking
about??? 1971??? That’s 140 years in the future!” Julia explains to
him that they’re fromt he future, that they used Quentin’s staircase
to travel back in time. Desmond, incredulous, exclaims, “Quentin’s
staircase is a joke!”, but they manage to convince him they’re telling
the truth. He tells them, “If Valerie’s funeral is the only thing keeping
you, Leticia and I will stay a few days to take care of the arrangements.
You three can go now”. They tell him they will.
They go the the staircase through time. Barnabas tells Desmond the rest
of the story, about how there’s a room to parallel time in the East Wing,
how Trask escaped through it. He tells him that Trask might find his way
back out some time. Desmond promises to be on the lookout for him and
to “take care” of him if he does. They tell him to destroy the staircase
and after they leave.
Barnabas, Julia and Stokes go up the staircase through time and go
through the door. They find themselves in the hallway outside the
playroom. They find that they have apparently succeeded. Collinwood is
all right, that it is not in shambles. They look through the house but
are surprised to find no one around.
It is now 8:10. Barnabas, Julia and Stokes have now been back in 1971
for over two hours. They are worried, wondering where everyone is. Julia
remarks, “They’ve got to be all right. There’s fresh food in the re-
frigerator.” Finally, Elizabeth comes walking in the room. She exclaims,
good naturedly, “Your all impossible! Where have you been? You’re all
late for the opening of the Historical Center. I only came back here
because Roger forgot his speech!” Barnabas asks, “David and Hallie are
already there?” She replies that they are. Barnabas asks, “And Carolyn
and Quentin?” Elizabeth replies that they are there too. She remarks, “You
know, I was looking through the West Wing and found an old journal written
by an ancestor of mine I never knew about before, a Flora Collins. I’m
going to give it to the Historical Center.” As they all leave, Barnabas
whispers to Julia that everyone’s all right, that it appears that they’ve
succeeded, that the ghosts of Gerard and Daphne never appeared in 1970.
Back in 1840, Desmond finishes destroying the staircase with an ax.
Leticia is in the drawing room, wondering where Desmond can be. Finally,
Desmond comes out from the door under the stairs and goes into the
drawing room. Leticia exclaims, “There you are! Where have you been?
I was worried something happened!” Desmond replies, “Something has.
There’s a strange room in the East Wing. Something may be happening
there.” They go to the East Wing. On the way, Desmond tells Leticia
about the paralell time room. She is astounded. He tells her, “Wait till
I tell you the rest of the story…” At the paralell time room, they
see Trask inside, lying on the floor, the handle of a knife sticking
out of his stomach. He gasps, “Help me! Someone please help me!” He
collapses and stops moving. “Flora” comes in and finds him. “Julia”
comes in moments after. Flora gasps, “Not again! First Stella, now this
man! Someone’s certain to find out!” Julia tells her nobody will find
out, all they have to do is secretly bury the body. Saying, “We’ll have
to do this quietly, she closes the doors so no one will hear.
Having buried Trask, “Flora” and “Julia” return. Melanie comes running
into the room and exclaims, “Father’s had a second attack! He’s dying!”
“Julia” mutters, “Then the Lottery will happen again before the week is
Episode 1199
Tape Date: January 20, 1971 (ABC #24-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 28, 1971 Thursday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Henry Kaplan

Flora rushes out to see Justin. Melanie admonsishes Julia for talking
about the Lottery. She moans, “He can’t die. He’s the only one who
ever treated me like a real Collins, not like I was adopted…” Morgan
comes in and tells Melanie Justin wants her. Melanie leaves. Morgan tells
Julia he’s thinking of moving his wedding date up so that he will be
married to her before his father dies. Julia tells him, “NO! You can’t
do that! If she becomes part of the family before he dies, she’ll have
to participate in the Lottery!” Morgan replies that he’s thinking of
changing the Lottery so that only the men have to participate. Julia
warns him against tampering with tradition.
Catharine is living in a cottage. There’s a knock at the door.
Bramwell comes in and insists on talking to her. He tries to convince
her not to marry Morgan, without success. She admits that part of the
reason she wants to marry him is the lifestyle he can give her. Bramwell
tells her if it’s money she’s interested in, he has made a great deal of
money while away and already owns one ship, that as soon as this ship
finishes its current voyage, he’ll have enough money to buy another one.
She still refuses. Morgan Collins comes in and exclaims, “Bramwell!”
He orders him never to come here again. Bramwell replies, “As long as
Catherine is living here, she has the right to say who will or will not
come here. Let her decide.” Catharine tells him never to come again.
Bramwell angrily says, “You’ll be sorry you said that. You’ll change
your mind!” and storms out. Morgan asks Catharine, “You used to love him.
Do you still?” She replies, “No. You’re the only one I love.” They
kiss. Morgan tells her that they must marry tonight. She asks,”Why?
The invitations have already been printed announcing that it’s next
month.” He replies that it’s because his father is dying. Puzzled,
Catharine asks, “I would think that the last thing you would want to
do is get married while your father is dying.” She asks him to explain
why he does. He doesn’t say anything. She asks if it has anything to do
with the strange rumors about the family she has heard in town. He
orders her never to talk about those rumors again. She tells him she
won’t marry him tonight unless he tells her why.
Flora and Julia discuss the man who was killed. One of them remarks,
“You’ve got to remember Justin as he was before he went into that room.
It’s not his fault he killed that man.” They look through the wallet of
the man they buried. Flora notes that the man’s name is Trask and says,
“He must be one of the Trasks who own the bakery in town”, but then
notices that the first name is Lamar, and none of them is named Lamar.
Looking further, they find a business card that announces that Lamar
Trask owns a funeral parlor on Front Street. They are puzzled because
there is no funeral parlor on Front Street. They decide to burn the
wallet. They discuss Justin. Julia remarks, “He won’t die tonight. No
one’s seen the woman in white yet. The woman in white always appears
just before a person who’s been that room dies.
Morgan Collins goes to the old house and asks Bramwell to promise
never to see Catharine again. Bramwell angrily refuses.
Catharine goes to Collinwood to talk to Melanie. She tells her that
Morgan wanted to get married tonight but refused to tell her why. Seeing
the expression on Melanie’s face when she tells her this, she asks, “You
know, don’t. Won’t you tell me?” Melanie pauses and replies, “Yes. I
will.” But just as she is about to tell her, someone comes into the room
and tells Melanie that they want her to go and read to Justin, that
when she did so earlier, it had a good effect on him.
Morgan, returning to Collinwood, stares at it from the woods and
thinks about what a terrible place it is, about the terrible things that
have happened there. Suddenly, he sees something, and a look of horror
comes across his face. He gasps, “The Woman in White! Oh, no, Father,
it’ll be tonight!”
Episode 1200
Tape Date: January 25, 1971 (ABC #25-DRK-71)
Air Date: January 29, 1971 Friday
Writer: Sam Hall
Director: Lela Swift

Melanie, in Justin’s room looking after him, looks out the window
and sees the woman in white. Justin, seeing her shocked expression,
says, “What is it? The woman in white?” Melainie lies that it isn’t.
He asks her why she looks so frightened then. She lies that the lightning
outside frightened her. Not believing her, Justin goes to the window
and sees the woman in white too…
Downstairs in the drawing room, Gabriel, who’s not supposed to drink,
asks Morgan for the key to the liquor cabinet. In view of the
circumstances, Morgan gives it to him. Gabriel takes out a new, unopened
bottle of rum, opens it and pours himself a glass. After drinking it,
he tells Morgan he doesn’t plan to participate in the lottery, that he
plans to flee. Morgan grabs him and tells him he won’t let him. Gabriel
asks, “And how are you going to stop me?” Morgan replies that it would
do no good to flee, “that he would know where you were.” and leaves.
Bramwell comes and finds Gabriel drinking alone in the drawing room.
Bramwell asks to see Justin, but Gabriel refuses to let him, saying they
want to let Justin die in peace. He remarks to Bramwell that now he’s
back, he’ll have to participate in the lottery. Bramwell replies that
he won’t, that the Collins family had never done anything for him and
he won’t do anything for them. He tells him that the only thing he’ll
do is to grieve for Justin. He walks out of the drawing room and goes
into the door under the stairs.
Morgan and Melanie are upstairs watching over Justin, who’s sleeping.
Suddenly, he awakens and exclaims, “The room! She’s here in the room,
the woman in white!” Melanie looks around and tells him, “No she isn’t,
we’re the only ones in here”. He continues to insist that she’s in there
and starts to have another attack, but it soon stops. He orders Morgan
to leave and let him speak to Melanie alone.
Bramwell comes out of the door under the stairs. He has apparently
gone to see Quentin, who accompanies him out. Quentin thanks him for
his sympathy about Justin. They both go into the drawing room to wait
with Gabriel for the inevitable.
Justin tells Melanie, “The letter! Brutus Collins’ letter in the
safe! The lottery must happen again!” He rushes out of the room,
shouting “I must go to that room!”
Justin runs into an unused part of the house, dark and covered with
cobwebs. Just as he gets to the door of what must be “the room”, Melanie
catches up with him and stops him from going in. Justin screams at the
door, “No more! You can’t take any more of us! Am I not enough?”. He
has another attack, grasps his chest and falls to the ground.
In the drawing room, Gabriel looks at the empty rum bottle he’s
holding and says, “The bottle is empty! Who’d believe that not long ago,
it was full?” He is quite drunk. Morgan comes in and announces that
Justin is dead. Gabriel leaves to see their mother. Bramwell leaves too,
saying he wants to talk to Melanie.
Bramwell tells Melanie that he thinks it would be best if she left
Collinwood. She refuses.
It is midnight. Quentin and Gabriel are in the drawing room with
their father’s coffin. Morgan comes in holding a piece of paper. He
announces that it is Brutus Collins’ letter from 1680. He reads it to
them,”To My Children: Our family is under a terrible curse. I am now
spending the night in this room, waiting for our enemy. If I should
survive the night alive and undamaged, then the curse is over. If I
do not, then when I die, one of you will have to do what I am do now.
You must decide fairly amongst yourselves who it shall be. I would
suggest a lottery. This must be done until someone survives a night in
the room. Oh, what a legacy it is I leave you!” Signed Brutus Collins,
the 10th of March, 1680. Quentin leaves. Morgan takes a sheet of paper
out of a desk drawer, cuts it into three equal strips from it, dips a
quill pen into a bottle of ink and writes an “X” on on of them.


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